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... to dominance anyway; I was like my dad.

I continued to read every thing that I could about dominance and submission, S&M ... you. I know I can trust you to get me to wherever it is you want me to be. So from now on I will do what ever you wish." ... ... Continue»
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The name's Jack Wayne. I'm a private detective. It all began on a
sweltering Friday in June. I was sitting behind my desk thumbing
through a paperback of "9 & 1/2 Weeks" and sipping a glass of
bourbon when my secretary stuck her head into the office.

"Hey, Jack." she said in an annoying tone. "Jack, put the book
down for a minute!"

"What is it with you?" I growled. "You always butt in right when
I'm getting to the best page, Betty!"

"Excuse me for interrupting your reading hour!" she replied,
tossing a handful of her long jet-black hair over her shoulder.
"But I thought you'd like to know that there's a lady out here
to see you."

I sat up and quickly tossed back the whiskey.

"Send her in." I said as I shoved the glass, the bottle and the
book into the desk drawer. A moment later an elegantly-dressed
woman walked into my office. Her light brown hair, which was
pulled back into a bun, was highlighted by streaks of silver.
This wasn't the kind of clientele I was used to. She was classy,
like a linen napkin or a glass of single-malt scotch. She was
smooth and relaxed as she introduced herself.

"Olivia T. Kendrich." she said, offering me a gloved hand.
I didn't know whether I should shake her hand or kiss it.
I reached out and gave it a polite squeeze. She smiled and
squeezed back. "You come highly recommended, Mr. Wayne.
An acquaintance of mine, Miss Stephanie O'Hara, said that you
were quite effective. Do you remember her by any chance?"

Stephanie O'Hara was a cute little red-haired debutante from the
right side of the tracks who'd hired me to tail her fiancee'.
She suspected him of two-timing her. I shadowed the guy for a month
and it was clear he wasn't up to any hanky-panky. When I went to
her father's house to tell her so, she accused me of covering for
him and demanded her retainer fee back. When I told her no dice,
she started getting physical. She kicked my shin a real good one,
then started slapping my face. I tried to stay cool, but she'd
smacked me until I didn't have a cheek left to turn. So, I grabbed
her by the arm, threw my foot onto the nearest chair and tossed her
over my leg. She twisted like a demon. Apparently, she'd figured
out what was coming next. It was all I could do just to hold her
in place. Then I started slapping her fanny like it was going out
of style. She had a thick wool skirt on, but I didn't let that
stop me. I just laid it on all the harder. The way she kicked and
screamed, you'd of thought I was killing her. It's too bad her
rich daddy never gave her that kind of attention, but I figured
it's never too late to learn. When I was done spanking the brat,
I pushed her onto the floor and walked out. I remember looking back
as I was heading out the door. She was lying there, in tears,
rubbing her ass and demanding at the top of her lungs that I come
back, but I just kept moving.

"She mentioned what a worthy adversary were."

Ms. Kendrich continued.

"Oh, is that what she said?"

"Yes, she did. I'm to understand that you two had a little

"Well, there was a bit of a scuffle. Is she still sore
about that?"

"She was... for quite a while."

"It wasn't that big a deal. She ought to put it behind her."

"She hardly had a choice." Olivia smirked.

"Yes." I agreed. "But certainly you didn't come here to talk
about Miss O'Hara."

"No. What I want to talk to you about is this." She took a dark
pink envelope from her purse and slid it across the desk. I picked
it up and opened it. Inside was a type-written note which read:

"Go down a red road and find a three. Then add a three. Now do
it again. When you hear the bell, turn to your left and you'll
see me just above the earth. Take me in hand and turn me over.
You'll know what to do next."

"It came in the mail, yesterday." Olivia told me. "I have no
idea what it means."

I examined the envelope carefully. There was no return address and
no postmark.

"This was delivered by hand." I stated.

"Some of the best things are." she replied. I turned the note
over in my hand and tried to think of what the words could
possibly mean.

"It's a riddle all right." I muttered to myself.

Olivia took a checkbook and a pen from her purse.

"How much is your retainer?"

She seemed ready to write down any number I chose. I reached across
the desk and put my hand over hers, closing the checkbook.

"I couldn't take a dime from you Ms. Kendrich- not for something
like this." I said, softly. I left my hand on top of hers as long
as I dared then slowly pulled away. "Like I said, it's some kind
of riddle, so it's got to be some kind of joke- probably not worth
looking into." She nodded in agreement, but I could see a lot of
disappointment in those lovely, blue-green eyes. You could have
written Tootsie-Pop right on my forehead- I was such a sucker.
"But I'll tell you what- I'll work on this for a day or two and,
if I come up with anything, I'll let you know."

She smiled sweetly as she put her things back in her purse and
stood to leave.

"That sounds fine." She handed me a card with her phone number
and address. "Come over for dinner when you have it figured out.
I want to hear all about it. How does poached salmon, steamed
turnips and raspberry sorbet sound to you?" Once again she offered
her hand. This time I leaned down and pressed my lips to the silk
knuckles of her glove.

"I can almost taste it." I said.

She blushed warmly as she walked to the door.

"Good luck, Mr. Wayne. Now please remember, I'm expecting a
blow-by-blow account."

With that, she was gone. I walked over to the window and watched
as she got into her white Mercedes and drove away. Her perfume
drifted faintly in the air like a ghost. An old song began to
play in my head.

"What was that all about?!" Betty's voice cut through the music
like a chain-saw. I slapped my hands together and pointed at her.

"Go make me a big pot of coffee, honeybuns! I've got a mystery to
solve and it may take all night."

"Good!" she said, picking my paperback up off the desk as though
it were a soiled diaper. "I guess that means I can throw this
piece of trash away?"

"When did you become a literary critic? Do you even read books?"

"I'll have you know that I'm just starting a book! It's all
about sl**ping Beauty and how she gets-"

"I don't have time to hear about your fairytale stories!
I've got to get to the bottom of this Kendrich case."

"I bet that's not all you're trying to get to the bottom of."

"One of these days, Betty!" I waved a threatening hand at her.

"Promises, promises!" she pouted, tossing her hair as she left
the room.

I spent the rest of the night kicking that riddle around my office.
The road and the numbers- those were the keys. Then, at about
midnight, it hit me. The red road was a street and the numbers were
an address! When I took a three and added another and did it again,
I came up with 369. I checked a city street map for something with
red in it and found Scarlet Lane. I dialed information and found
that 369 Scarlet Lane was the address of Grayson's Pawn Shop.
I caught a little shut-eye on my office couch and headed over
there the next morning.

Grayson's was a run down little joint, but it possessed a kind of
dusty charm. As I'd expected, a bell rang as I came through the
front door. I turned to my left. There were several shelves of
used junk lining the walls, but only one thing caught my eye-
a huge globe circa 1955 sitting right at eye level and above that
was a wooden paddle hanging by a leather strap. It was about a
foot and a half long and maybe four inches wide. I heard a woman's
voice behind me say.

"Checking out the old board of education, eh?" she asked in a
friendly manner. "Hi, my name's Lucy Grayson."

She was a nice looking lady. I'd say medium in most respects,
average in height and weight. Her auburn hair was shoulder length.
Maybe she was a bit plump and her voice was a little rough,
but she had a nice smile and that goes a long way with me.

"Nice to meet you, Lucy. I'm Jack Wayne."

"So, what's your interest in the fanny-whacker? Is the little
woman getting out of line?"

We both laughed.

"It looks like a classic piece of workmanship."

"Yeah, it's a real tear jerker. I bet that one kept a few ladies
on their toes!" she replied with a wink.

"Really? Do think that's an adult toy?"

"Yep!" Lucy said as she reached up and brought the paddle down.
"See these little hearts carved into the corners? This was a
romantic gift between two grown-ups, not something a school
principal would use. My folks had something like this. I found it
under their bed once when I was a k**. You never know what people
get up to behind closed doors."

It was heavier than I'd expected- smoother too. I ran my hand
along it's flat surface and let it fall into my palm a few times.
I flipped it over to find some writing etched into the wood.

"It's time to get personal with June. Maybe some time in the
corner is needed. Want some candy? Just remember that the hand
moves faster than the eye. Now, get cracking!"

That afternoon found me back in my office, mulling over those
cryptic words. Was June a woman's name? What did time in the
corner refer to? The rest of it made even less sense.

Betty brought me some coffee and a few doughnuts. She noticed
the words from the paddle which I had scrawled onto some paper
in front of me.

"What's this?" she asked.

"Damned if I know!" I said and took a bite from the old-fashioned
with strawberry icing.

"Is this part of that Kendrich case?"

"Yeah, and I've got to say, it's beginning to get the best
of me!"

"Well, don't get slap-happy over it, especially if she's not
paying you!"

"Wait. How do you know I'm doing this for free?"

Betty started to get a little flustered.

"I- uh... Well, I mean-"

"Have you been listening at the door again?" I said as I got up
and walked toward her. Betty was forever listening in on my private
conversations and I'd finally had enough of it. She backed out of
the room and tried to make for the front door, but I cornered her.

"Now hold on, Jack. You've got it all wrong!"

I picked up a newspaper from her desk and started to fold
it lengthwise.

"Betty, your bottom has a date with the classified section!"
Her hands instinctively covered her backside as she attempted to
out-maneuver me. She faked towards the door and then made a break
for my office. I lunged forward and grabbed hold of her wrist
before she could slam my own door on me. Then it was just a matter
of dragging her over to the couch and pinning her over my lap.
Betty made a lot of noise, but didn't put up much of a fight.
In fact, for a second there, I could swear I caught her starting
to giggle.

"She won't be laughing long!" I thought as I lifted the paper.
And that's when I saw it out of the corner of my eye. It was right
there on the paper. Just below "Help Wanted" and "For Sale"
was the word, "Personals".

"This is it! The personal ads!"

"The what?" Betty gasped.

"The clue on the paddle said to `get personal'. That's where
I'll find the answer." I sat Betty up and got off the couch.
She tried to regain her composure, not to mention her breath
as I grabbed my jacket and headed out the door.

"Where are you going?!" she said, almost sounding disappointed.

"To a dirty book shop, sweetcheeks. I'll just have to toast your
buns some other time."

I was outside and getting into my car when Betty stuck her head
out the office window.

"You're a real jerk, you know that?!" she shouted. Then she
addressed her comments to the entire block. "Jack Wayne is a
big jerk and he doesn't know how to finish what he's started!"

"What are you mad at me for?! I didn't lay a hand on you!"
I shouted back. That just seemed to tick her off even more.

"Oh! You make me furious!" she screamed and slammed the
window closed.

"Women!" I thought to myself as I hopped into the driver's seat.
"Will I ever figure them out?"

Pinky's Adult Books was a neon covered joint in the red light
district. They had every girlie mag and erotic novelty item anyone
could ever want. Never mind how I knew about it. I walked in and
headed right for the spanking literature. A minute of browsing
and there it was- the June issue of "Corner Time Magazine",
a publication dedicated to the fun side of corporal punishment.
I flipped through the pages and stopped at the personal ads.
There were several of them, so I decided to buy the issue to study
back at the office. When I got there, Betty was gone. There was a
note on her desk. As I picked it up, I could see that the ink had
been smudged by her tears.

"Dear Jack, I really thought we had something special, but I
stand corrected. You've always had the upper hand in our
relationship, why couldn't you take advantage of it? The bottom
line is, I'm leaving. It's not like me to turn tail and run away,
but what else can I do? Good-bye. Love, Betty Storm"

Strictly speaking, I don't go in for office romances, but I have
to admit that Betty always did have a special place in my heart.
I stood there for a while, staring out the window with her letter
in my hand. I thought about calling, but I'd never thought to ask
for her home number. She was right, I was a jerk. But there wasn't
much I could do about it, so I decided to get back to the business
at hand.

I scanned through Corner Time magazine checking ad after ad as
the night wore on. There must have been a thousand naughty ladies
looking for some firm-handed guy to adjust their attitude,
but nothing caught my attention. It wasn't until I'd reached
the next to the last page that I finally struck pay-dirt.
It was an ad next to a picture of a gorgeous blonde that read:

"I've been a bad, bad girl and need some serious behavior
modification from a man who's hand moves faster than his eye.
So get cracking and call Candy Maxwell!"

Beneath the ad was a phone number for an answering service.
I called it and left my office number. Five minutes later,
my phone rang.

"Jack Wayne's office."

"Mr. Wayne?" a soft feminine voice asked.

"Yes it is."

"Hi, I'm Candy. I'm so glad you called. I was on the edge of
my seat waiting!"

"Do we know each other, Ms. Maxwell?"

"No, but we have a mutual acquaintance."

"And who would that be, Candy?"

"I'm not comfortable talking about it over the phone. You should
come over to my place so we can meet in private."

"Is this for real?"

"Why don't you head on over here and find out for yourself?"

Within a half-hour, I was pulling up to Candy Maxwell's house.
It was a big Victorian place with an iron gate up front.
I walked up to it and pushed the buzzer on the intercom.

"Hello?" Candy's voice crooned through the speaker.

"It's me, Jack."

"Great! Come around to the backside of the house. I'm having
a swim."


The large gate slowly swung open and I walked across the driveway
past a pink BMW with red leather interior. It looked to be brand
spanking new. As I came around the side of the house, I noticed
a small structure in the backyard, it was a woodshed from the
old days when people used such things to stay warm. I could hear
splashing as I rounded the corner and when the pool came into view,
I was overcome by a vision. There, swimming naked before me, was
the most beautiful woman I've ever almost dropped dead from seeing.
She stopped swimming for a moment and waved to me.

"Care to cool off?" she asked.

Sliding naked down a glacier wouldn't have cooled me off.

"No thanks." I said, trying to keep my eyes in their sockets.
She paddled around in the water as though it was nothing to swim
nude in front of a stranger.

"I'll be right out." she said, heading for the stairs at the
shallow end. I needed a distraction to keep from losing my cool.
I fumbled around in my pockets for some cigarettes or a lighter
before remembering that I don't smoke. Then, like Venus rising
from the sea, Candy stepped out of the pool and stood before me
shaking the water from her long, golden hair.

I was harder than Chinese arithmetic.

"You're quite striking." I commented.

"I hear the same about you." She walked over and took me by
the lapels. "Isn't it a little hot for this?" Our lips almost
met as she slid my jacket over my shoulders, down my arms and
casually tossed it onto a nearby deck chair. She placed her hands
on my chest and gave me a little shove. I fell back onto a
chaise lounge. Just as I sat up, she climbed over my lap and
arched her bottom at an angle that would tempt anyone to slap it.
I couldn't help but notice how pink her cheeks were- the shade
of bubble gum.

"You have an incredible back porch." I said.

"It could use a man's touch, though. Care to take a whack at it?
Or maybe several?

"Looks like someone's already done that today."

"Yes. I got a little cheeky with a friend of mine, so he bent me
over and showed me the error of my ways. But that was hours ago."

"Does it still sting?" I asked, giving one of her cheeks
a squeeze.

"Marvelously!" she moaned. I let my hand roam across her perfect
pink ass. Candy rolled her shoulders in anticipation. I lifted
my hand and was poised to give this minx a spanking she'd
never forget. Unfortunately, the moment was shattered by the
sound of an angry voice.

"What the hell's going on out here?!" it said.

I turned to see a large powerful looking man in a business suit
approaching us.

"Who are you?!" he demanded.

"Jack Wayne. I'm a private detective." I stood, pulling Candy
to her feet as I did.

"Well, I'm Melvyn Maxwell and the woman you had bent over your
knee is my wife!"

"Melvyn, you're making a scene!" Candy said.

"Me?!" The man grabbed Candy by the arm and took her to his side.
"Where are your clothes?"

I handed her my jacket which she wrapped around her shoulders.

"Thank you. I'm glad to see there are still some gentlemen left in
this town!" She sneered at Melvyn who paid no attention to the dig.

"Get in the house and put something on!"

As Candy went off to the house in a huff, Maxwell and I stood
there for a few awkward moments.

"I suppose you answered one of those ads." he asked in a
semi-polite manner.

"Yes, but it wasn't as simple as that. You see, I'm working on
a case-"

"Oh, so it's part of your job to spank beautiful naked women?"

"If only that were the deal!" I chuckled.

"Look pal, I don't blame you for wanting to spank my wife. I do
it two or three times a day myself! But her ass isn't public
property, okay?!"

Candy came back out of the house with my jacket over one arm.
She was wearing a white blouse, a plaid skirt, ankle socks and
black patent leather shoes. The ensemble was fetching, but it
sort of looked like a school girl's uniform.

"Here, Jack." she said, handing me my jacket. "I'm sorry
things didn't work out. Mel can be a real wet blanket!"

"That's enough out of you, Miss!" Melvyn replied. "Now, go
march yourself into that woodshed and wait for me!"

"But I don't want another trip to the woodshed!" she cried.

"I'm going to count to three!"

That's all Melvyn had to say. Before he could even start counting,
the beautiful young woman walked away with arms angrily folded
and her lower lip sticking out.

"I'm sorry about all this, Mr. Wayne. It looks like you've been
set up."

I put my jacket back on and we both walked toward the front of
the house. I went straight for the driveway and he veered off
toward the woodshed.

"Don't be too harsh with Candy." I said.

"You k**ding?" Maxwell laughed. "She's in there eating this up
with a big spoon! Let me tell you, if I didn't keep her fanny as
hot as a pepper at least eight hours a day, she'd drop me like
a bad habit! Good luck, Mr. Wayne."


On the way out I could here the fireworks show starting up in
that old shed. The sounds of Melvyn's hand making solid contact
and Candy's squealing followed me all the way to my car.

By the time I was nearing my office, the sun was touching the
horizon and the distant hills were bathed in a rosy glow.
I reached for my sunglasses but found something else in the
breast pocket of my jacket. It was a hotel room key with the
number 303 on it. Candy must have slipped it in there when she
was changing. It wasn't from some cheap, flea-bag inn, either.
This key was the property of the Baton Rouge- the ritziest
hotel in town. I drove to the Baton Rouge's parking lot and sat
there in my car for a while, wondering if I should go up or not.
The whole thing smacked of conspiracy. Finally, I resolved to see
this thing through to the end. I took an elevator that was only
slightly smaller than my apartment to room 303. I slid the key
in and opened the door to find four women on the other side.
Olivia Kendrich, Stephanie O'Hara Lucy Grayson and Candy Maxwell
were all in silk nighties in various shades of pink and all
looked as if they were expecting me. Olivia and Lucy were playing
cards at a glass-top table. Stephanie and Candy were lounging on
an enormous red velvety couch. Candy was stroking Stephanie's
strawberry locks with a large wooden hairbrush.

"Nice of you to drop in, Mr. Wayne." Ms. Kendrich said, rising and
pouring a glass of pink champagne from a bottle chilling nearby.
Then she handed me the glass. "I suppose you're wondering why we
lured you here tonight."

"Okay, I'll bite. What's this all about?"

"Remember that afternoon in my father's study?" Stephanie asked.
"I was being such a brat that day! Do you remember how I yelled
at you and kicked you and all? A lot of guys would have folded in
a situation like that, but not you. You put me in my place.
And you did it so swiftly, so..."

"Soundly?" I interrupted.

"Yes." Stephanie agreed. She smiled and closed her eyes for a
moment as if she was remembering her first taste of chocolate.
"Ever since that experience, I've been looking for some way to
relive the moment. But first, I had to find somebody to confide in.
I needed to share my strange little story with someone."

"Why didn't you just give me a ring." I asked.

"You don't understand. As enthralled as I was by the way you took
me in hand, I was still furious. I'm a proud woman, Mr. Wayne.
Having a man spank me like a c***d was very confusing. It was
frightening, embarrassing and yet it awakened me in ways I'd
never expected."

"Yes." Lucy joined in. "When a woman realizes she really likes
to be spanked, there are lots of issues to deal with. She wants to
be punished and humiliated in her fantasy life without losing
anyone's respect in the real world. It's hard for most people
to understand that."

"Not to mention trying to explain that there's a big difference
between a playful spanking and hardcore S & M." Candy added.

"I did try to contact you. I came to your office two months ago."
Stephanie continued. I'd finally worked up the courage to tell you
about my feelings, but your secretary told me you were on a case
out of town and wouldn't be back for days. I sort of broke down
there in your waiting room. I couldn't stop crying, but your
secretary, Betty, was so nice. She brought me a box of tissues
and listened to my whole story. I told her everything."

"What? Betty knows about all of this?" I gasped.

"Oh, yes! It seemed she was very familiar with my situation.
She got right on the phone with Olivia and started arranging
this whole charade."

"Betty and I have been plotting this for weeks." Olivia said.
"You see, we've both been spanking aficionados since we went to
college together. We were in a sorority that took paddling its
pledges very seriously." Olivia's hands went to her ass cheeks as
if she could still feel the sting. "Many is the night we smeared
cold cream on each other's sore little bottoms after a brutal
session with the paddle. We looked around, but we never found a man
that could swing a paddle quite like our senior sorority s****r."

My eyes went to Lucy, who's smile seemed quite conspicuous.

"And that s****r would be you, Ms. Grayson?"

"Excellent! You see, you are a good detective. Yes, I was Betty
and Olivia's senior s****r and I took every opportunity to lay
wood to their delicate young fannies. It seemed as though Olivia
here spent most of her freshman year bent over in front of me,
dancing to the crack of my paddle. But it never gave me the
satisfaction I'd felt being on the other end of it when I was
a freshman. And it was nothing compared to the rapture of being
taken over a man's knee for a good spanking. After college, the
girls and I stayed in touch. We came to realize that we didn't
have a passing fancy for spanking, it was a life-long devotion.
So we formed a club. We call ourselves, `The Sore Subjects'.
Candy joined us about a month ago."

"I met Stephanie at a bookstore." Candy chimed in. "She saw
me browsing through 'The Art of Discipline' and we struck up
a conversation. The next thing you know, I was in the club.
You can imagine what the initiation was like! I couldn't sit
comfortably for a week!"

The women all laughed.

I was still confused.

"So, you ladies meet here once a month and spank each other?"

They all laughed again.

"Not exactly, Jack." Olivia explained. "You see, we always get
some authoritative male to be our `master of ceremonies'.
Last month it was Melvyn."

"Melvyn Maxwell? Your husband?" I asked Candy.

"He's not really my husband. His real name is Melvyn McLintock.
He's just a friend of ours who was helping us out."

"It's all part of our complicated little plot to get you here."
Olivia added.

"I understand, but how did you come to choose me?"

"Well, why don't you ask the other member of our little group?"
Olivia walked to the bedroom door and opened it. When I looked
into the next room my jaw fell down to the lobby. It was my
runaway secretary, Betty, sitting on the edge of the bed
in a French maid's outfit.

"Hi, Jack." she said, standing up. "I hope you're not angry."

"I'm just glad to see you!" I told her. "I've been worried
about you, honey. I didn't know what to do."

Betty stared at the floor, biting her lower lip.

"I know, but it was the only way I could think of to introduce you
to our little group. Still, it was thoughtless and mean of me to
let you worry like that! You know what I think?" she said, looking
right into my eyes. "I think I need to be taught a lesson."

"And I think these two need some time alone." Olivia said with a
knowing grin. "But don't wear yourself out." she added as she
left the room with the other ladies filing out behind her.
"Now remember, you've got four naughty accomplices in the next
room waiting for their just deserts."

Stephanie, the last to exit, gave Betty and me a wink as she
closed the door.

"Alone at last." Betty said, embracing me.

"What's the deal with the little maid get-up?"

"It's just one of my fantasy costumes. You don't like it?"

"No, I like it all right! I just think it would look better d****d
over a chair." I said, kissing her neck.

"And how do you think I'd look d****d over a chair?"
she whispered huskily into my ear.

"I feel like a dope." I told her. "For years I've been trying
to figure out your mysterious motives and all you wanted
me to do was smack that cute little backside of yours!
Some detective I am!"

"You're a great detective. It's just, sometimes you can't see
the forest for the trees."

She put her hands on my face, kissing me softly.

I wrapped my arms around Betty's slim frame.

"You're going over my knee, young lady!"

"It's about time!" she said as I sat down on the edge of
the bed.

A quick yank on her left arm and she was over my lap. I lifted
the back of that little black skirt to reveal the sweetest sight
these eyes have ever seen. It was no shock she wasn't wearing
panties, but I wasn't prepared for the absolute perfection of
Betty's bottom. I'd seen it swishing around the office a thousand
times under a cotton skirt or nicely packed into a pair of slacks,
but I never could have imagined how lovely those two alabaster
moons really were. My hand shook as a ran it across the smooth
rounded surface of her ass. I lifted my hand and brought it down
hard across Betty's sweet white cheeks. She jumped and gasped
a little. The next few swats were much more powerful and got an
even better response. Betty ground herself against my leg and then
lifted her bottom in anticipation of more. I started swatting
harder and faster until my hand was a blur. I slapped those round
little cheeks until they turned carnation pink and when that shade
didn't suit me, I smacked them until they were rose red.
She kicked and cried like a k** who'd lost her bike, but I just
kept on spanking. Then, when Betty's ass was so red it looked as
if it might glow in the dark, I stopped swatting and just ran my
hand across her hot, crimson flesh. She arched her back and moaned
with pleasure as I massaged her swollen buns.

"Don't ever leave me again, Betty." I sighed.

"Or else, what?" she said, looking over her shoulder with a big
grin on her tear-stained face.

Once again I lifted my hand into the air. I knew I wouldn't have
to answer that smart-ass question with words.

THE END... Continue»
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sandi's world of fashion


For quite some time, I'd yearned to try my hand at modeling, but every shoot I checked into wanted someone younger than my twenty-two years or taller than my five-seven or thinner than I'd ever been in my life.

In the meantime, I had to work, or move back home and accept the negative comments from my folks, something I was not about to do.

I took jobs that were way below my skill level for a while but one Saturday, while having lunch with a friend, she remembered a classified ad she'd saved for me.

"Take a look at this, Sandi. As soon as I saw the ad, I thought of you. It's exactly what you said you dreamed of," she said. "You have an amazing fashion sense, and you've had some experience in retail. You should go for it."

The more I read, the more excited I got.

"Oh my god, Traci,it's perfect; maybe too perfect, but I'm going to apply anyway. If I don't get it, I'll know I did my best. Working at Malken & Drake would be so sweet."

Malken & Drake is where every fashion conscious sales person in the world wants to work. They are one of the hottest fashion stores in the country, and most of all, the absolute best path to meet all of my goals. Their "Intimate Moments" department is famous for its exclusive selections of intimate apparel and sl**pwear, designed and created just for them. Of course, they also featured the top designers and offer the highest level of service anywhere. Of course, you pay for that level of commitment so they cater to the nouveau riche as well as the more sedate 'old money' individuals

Since I wasn't scheduled to work until two that Monday, I got up early, showered, and slipped into the designer business suit that I'd bought at a resale shop for less than fifty dollars. I looked good. I mean I looked really good. Very professional to say the least.

Pausing outside the offices on the fifth floor, I took a deep breath and focused on being mentally prepared to present my best executive look and attitude.

There were quite a few women waiting but I was determined to make the best effort possible. After all, numbers mean nothing. I picked up the application and moved to one side where there I found some chairs with writing surfaces. As I filled out the app, I occasionally glanced around the room at the other women. Over half of them were not going to get past the first door because they didn't dress for the job.

I slipped the app in the folder where I had my resume and cover letter outlining my goals. When I leaned over to give my papers back to the receptionist, I whispered to her. "Have there been a lot of applicants?"

She nodded but spread out eight fingers and twisted her hand back and forth to indicate they were pretty much so-so. I gave her a questioning look and she smiled as she bent three fingers of her right hand to let me know that there were just two that made any impression on her. After about fifteen minutes my name was called and I was ushered into another office

The woman doing the interviews was in her thirties, rather attractive and dressed in a very expensive business suit. She looked up and smiled and I felt a lot of tension flow from my body. She stood and held out her hand.

"Hello, Sandi, I'm Debra Hastings, the Human Relations Director at Malken & Drake. Please relax and give me a second to review your application."

I sat and watched her face as she read it. Occasionally, she would make a little sound or gesture that looked like she was pleased by what she saw.

"So, Sandi, why Malken and Drake?" she finally asked.

"I have my goals set rather high, Ms. Hastings. I intend to be in top level management within five years and if you don't want to team up with the best there is, why bother?"

"I like that," she said. "So you know about our company then."

"Yes ma'am," I said. I then proceeded to give her an encapsulated version of the history of the company and the prestigious rankings the fashion world gave it.

"Well done, Sandi. You've done your homework."

"Ms.Hastings, I've lived and breathed fashion most of my life. I even considered modeling but found that my body type didn't fit the mold."

"Have you considered designing?" she asked.

"I have," I replied, "but I'd have to get a lot more education and experience to pursuit it. I have a small portfolio of a few of my designs if you'd care to see them."

"I'd like that very much," she said.

I passed her the portfolio and studied her reaction.

"You're quite talented," she said. "I notice that your interest seems to lie in the intimate apparel and swim wear fields."

"Yes ma'am," I said. "It's what I do best."

"There's nothing wrong with that," she said. "Of course, it is one of the most competitive areas in fashion design"

"Yes ma'am," I said. "That only means that if I am successful at it, I've beaten the best there is."

She smiled. "I like your attitude Sandi. How soon could you be available?"

"Immediately," I said.

"If I call you by two, could you come in for a second interview it that becomes necessary?"

"Of course," I said.

I can't explain it, but I left there with a very positive attitude.

She called me at one to ask if I could be there by two. Of course, I could, since I was at a café less than two blocks from the store.

When I got there one other girl was there and another was coming out of Mrs. Hastings office, I was the last to go in.

"Come in, Sandi," she said. "Please," she said, motioning to the chair in front of her desk. She went to stand right behind her desk. "Sandi, the job we advertised is in our "Intimate Moments" department as assistant manager. While you lack some in actual retail experience, you excel in natural ability. You handled yourself quite well in the initial interview and your knowledge of the company impressed me. The thing that tipped the scale in your favor is your extensive knowledge of fabrics and design as well as a natural sense of color."

There was a soft knock on the door to which she smiled and invited someone named Sharon in.

The woman that came into the room was about the same age as Mrs. Hastings, but tall, slender, and drop dead gorgeous.

"Sandi, this is Sharon Cottell. Sharon is in charge of our training and development team. Go with her, and she'll walk you through the rest of the paperwork and get you scheduled for training. Let me be the first to welcome you to the Malken & Drake organization. I'm sure we'll be hearing great things about you."

I thanked her and walked from the room, maintaining my professional attitude on the outside, while my heart was doing handstands. I'd found my dream job and now I was hired.

"You can scream now if you wish," she said, as we headed down the hall. "I can see the excitement in your eyes."

"Is it that obvious?" I asked.

She smiled and nodded. "Let me guess, this is just what you wanted."

"I've been waiting for this for years, and to get this opportunity with Malken & Drake is way beyond my wildest dreams."

"No one else ever had a chance," she said. "Mrs. Hasting was absolutely thrilled when she saw your application. We are very selective of the people we hire, which is one of the reasons we don't lose our personnel to the competition. We hire the best and make sure we keep them. The girl who had the job you are taking over has been promoted to middle management due to the retirement of Mrs. Gage, who was with the company for thirty-one years. "

"Oh wow, that's a long time," I said.

"It is indeed," she said, "but not at all unusual here. Did she discuss wages and benefits with you?"

"Not yet," I said, "but the company has an excellent reputation for paying fair and competitive wages and the benefit package is rated as number one in the industry."

"Yes it is," she said. "I can let you have a peek at your starting wage package if you wish to see it."

I nodded and she passed me a slip of paper.

"Oh my god, Sharon, you're k**ding. That's a lot of money."

She grinned and nodded. "Of course that's a salary so you'll work a lot of hours to earn it, but they take good care of us here. There are ways to make even more but that will be explained to you as opportunities arise. We also have an excellent bonus program as well."

By the time everything was done, it was past lunch time so Sharon took me to get a sandwich and a salad in the executive dining room. Boy, those people know how to eat.

When I left the store, I walked slowly down the street, stopping to check out the window displays, until I got to the next block. Then I raced to stop at the same café, ordered a latte' and took a deep breath. Once I got control of my heart, I called my friend Tracy. She was at work so I had to sound real important when I asked to speak to Ms. Tracy Caruthers.

"Tracy Caruthers, how can I help you," she asked.

"Act real cool and sound like we're talking business," I said, not wanting to get her in any trouble.

"Yes, Mrs. White, how are you?"

"Mrs. White is a piece of shit," I said, "but Sandi is floating above the clouds."

"I take it that you are pleased with the package then, Mrs. White?"

"I got the job, Tracy. I got the freaking job."

"And were you pleased with the pricing, ma'am?"

I told her what my starting wage was and I thought she was going to scream. She choked for a few seconds and regained her composure.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. White, but I had trouble catching my breath for a minute. Is there anything else I can do for you?"

"Yeah, you can hurry up and meet me at Dillinger's after work. I'm taking the day off and then I'm quitting. I'm buying, so whatever you want, even that shit you drink that's seven bucks a pop. My treat."

"I'll take care of that, ma'am and thank you for allowing us to serve you."

I spent the next hour on the phone, making reservations at Dillinger's, and quitting my job which came as no surprise to my boss, who was ecstatic for me.

- 2 -

My first day at Malken & Drake was mostly spent with the operations manager, a thirtyish redhead with an awesome body, showing me around the stock rooms and offices and introducing me to various supervisors and individuals I would be working with.

By the end of the day, my legs ached and my mind was spinning. The last woman I met with was Desire' the assistant manager of the sports fitness department. She handled exercise clothing, swim suits, and athletic wear such as a gymnast wears. As I headed for the exit, she offered me dinner at Danner's, a local grill famous for their salads.

"The first week is the worst," she said. "You won't get a check for two weeks so money gets tight, and it can be so confusing. There's so much to learn and so many people to remember."

"I just discovered that," I said." I feel like I ran a marathon. I can't wait to get into that hot shower."

"Each day gets easier," she said. "I've been there just over a year so I'm still a work in progress, but it isn't as stressful as it was."

I told her of my desire to do some modeling.

"You'll get chances to do that at Malken & Drake with your body. I do it about eight or ten times a year now.

There are other opportunities too."

"Such as..." I said.

"Make up a portfolio and be sure the advertising and promotions department gets a couple of copies. Give them to Jeanine and she'll make sure they get to the right people."

"Thanks, I'll do that."

When I started feeling the weight of the day, she paid the bill and I headed for home and the shower I'd been thinking about for hours.

She was right about one thing. Each day got easier and everyone in the department was so kind and supportive of my efforts that I began to look forward to getting to the store each morning. I got my final check from the previous job that Friday and sat down at lunch to figure out how to make it go as far as possible. I'd had a conversation with the condo manager and he was willing to work with me so I wrote a check for a little over half of my rent, which left me enough to survive with a reasonable cushion.

I invited Desire' to dinner at Danner's and insisted on paying over her objections.

"I'm not in bad shape right now," I said, "but I maxed out my credit card to get the clothes I needed and I only bought three outfits."

"Didn't you say you were having car trouble?" she asked.

"I don't want to think about it," I replied. "I think something else goes out every week. This morning I heard a grinding sound coming from the brakes, and I've had a vibration in the motor for months that sounds louder every day. I'm trying to get another few months out of it but I think I'm going to have to find something else while I still have some trade-in value. My dad wants me to get a new one and even offered to help with the financing but I really don't want to turn to them right now. They're trying to get ready for his retirement and that might just screw things up for them for a few years."

"Been there, done that," she said. "Mine took a dump about a month after I started here."

"Did you buy a new one?" I asked.

"Yeah, I did," she said. "I got a really great deal on a Toyota SUV. They gave me a good deal on my trade and I gave them a couple grand down. It's a dream to drive."

"I wish I had two grand for a down payment," I said. "I'd start looking tomorrow."

She seemed a bit pensive for a few minutes so I asked her what was on her mind.

"Oh, sorry, "she said. "I was just thinking of how I got the two grand. Man, I can't believe it's been over a year now."

"You're talking in riddles, Desire', I said.

"I'm sorry," she said. "I do some modeling on the side, and just realized that I've been there over a year."

"Oh," I said. "I didn't know. I never even thought about outside modeling, but you have a much better body for that than I do."

She smiled and looked down at the table. "These people aren't all that fussy, Sandi. We call them skin shows."

"Are you talking about strip clubs?" I asked.

"No," she said, "Some of the smaller stores have fashion shows of their own and they hire girls as needed. Some of them are run by crude or downright nasty managers if things aren't going just right so you have to swallow your pride and bite your lip but if you're strong enough, the pay is good and they pay cash the next day. You can get tips from the customers and a bonus if your items sell well."

"What type of garments?" I asked.

"It's almost all bikinis, bras, panties, Victoria Secrets type stuff."

"Oh I see." I said. "Do they call you often?"

"About once or twice a month, but I don't always accept. It depends on my finances at the moment. "

"What's the most you ever made off one show?" I asked.

"Oh, about six hundred or so."

"What?" I said in amazement.

"Of course I got mauled pretty good and had to put up with a lot of shit from some of the customers but I paid my rent the next day and had enough left for a good meal."

"What does Malken & Drake think about you working part time for a competitor?"

"You don't work for the store," she said. "You work for an independent contractor. They just rent the space for the shows. The store gets their money by charging outrageous prices for the merchandise and VIP tickets. It's totally a win- win situation for everyone."

"Can you recommend any to me? "

She seemed to hesitate for a minute.

"It's not easy work and it's not pretty, Sandi. Nothing high class about it at all. I'm not sure you'd have the stomach for it. "

"I might not have a choice though, Des," I said. "If the car goes, I'm screwed."

"Well, the one I work the most is at Sanderson's but it's not your usual fashion show. They call it Club Sanderson's and it's run by a group of women with a penchant for young women in their underwear or less. It's usually one night a month, but sometimes they have two a month. The clothes all come from Sanderson's intimate apparel department or from sports wear for the swim suits. Its all quality merchandise but not Malken & Drake quality. I make the most money there but I earn it too."

All that night I considered the information she'd given me, trying to balance my need for immediate cash with the description she'd given me about the shows. I'd done a quick calculation and if I were to dress well at Malken & Drake, my initial cash outlay could be as much as two thousand dollars. I also had to consider the fact that my car badly needed some maintenance. I did have some left on my credit card but the interest rate was outrageous. I could borrow from my Mom, but she was juggling funds too,. Of course, there was no guarantee I would be accepted or when the next showing would be.

Two days later, Desire' told me there was going to be a showing at 'Club Sanderson' if I was interested. I took down the name and number of the woman in charge and put it in my purse.

"Hey Des, I've got a question for you?"

"Sure, what do want to know?"

"You said something about 'if I had the stomach for it 'and 'if I was strong enough'. What did you mean by that?"

"Well, for one thing, you have to be able to take a lot of shit out of some weird women on a power trip. Most of them are all right but they aren't the warm fuzzy type we deal with at Malken & Drake," she said.

'Is that it?" I asked.

"It varies from show to show," she said. 'At Club Sanderson's, the customers are allowed to touch the models whenever they feel the urge. It's something you have to get used to."

By 'touch' are you saying in an intimate way?"

"Oh yeah," she said. "That's why you get the big tips, Sandi. It's a bunch of wealthy older women that get their jollies that way. Makes them feel young again, I guess."

"Oh," I said, trying to sound calm and collected while I was anything but.

"You get used to it, "she said. " A couple hours of touchy-feelie , a little one on one and you walk out with a few c-notes tucked in your bra, if you have one."

"That doesn't sound like anything I'm interested in," I said.

"I wasn't either but I needed rent money and I got that and more."

"Well, thanks for letting me know," I said. "I'll probably try to borrow from my mother."

"Okay, that's cool," she said, "but remember that you'll have to pay her back. The second show I did, qt Sanderson's I made enough to buy four suits from the bargain store and pay cash for them, About three grand worth of high fashion for less than seven hundred and I didn't have to charge anything but a silk blouse."

"I don't know," I said. "I do really need some cash right away, but that sounds incredibly gross."

"It's not that bad, Sandi, and you get used to it after while."

I paced the floor for over an hour that night, trying to imagine some old women pawing at me. Could I stand there and pretend it didn't bother me? Did I need cash that badly?

The honest answer was either I call Mom or try the shows. I picked up the phone to call my mother, but never dialed her number. Eventually I talked myself into trying it one time, but that would be the end of it.

At lunch the next day, I called the number she'd given me.

"Have you modeled for us before?" the woman asked.

"No "Ma'am," I said. "Desire Watkins gave me your number."

'Oh yes, I know Desire' "she said. "I'm not sure if she's working this show or not. Well, if you think you've got what it takes, come by my office at six and we'll do a quick interview."

She told me who to ask for when I got there, and where to park and told me to be on time or don't show up.... Continue»
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sandi's world of fashion pt 6

"Just trust me," I said "I'll show you a new Edie that you'll be proud to show off to your friends."

"I do trust you, Sandi," she said.

I kissed her softly and held her to me. "I won't lead you wrong," I whispered to her.

"Oh my," she said, "I must get home. He'll be having a fit."

"Call him and tell him you met an old friend from out of town and lost track of time. I'll take you back to your car. or I can take you home and pick you up tomorrow. Your car is safe right where it is."

"It's in Sanderson's garage so I don't worry about it. You can just take me home if you don't mind."

"Not at all," I said.

She made her call and I could tell he wasn't happy with her.

"Did I cause you to get in trouble?" I asked.

She smiled and made an almost obscene motion to the phone. "He'll survive. He's upset because I wasn't there to serve cocktails to some friends that I never knew were coming. He actually had to do something for himself for a change."

"I can see the change already," I said.

We were still laughing about it as we got into my car. I backed out of the lot and followed the directions into a high class neighborhood not too far from Katherine's.

I started to pull in her drive but she directed me past her house and into a small area of park like appearance at the end of a cul-de-sac.

"Pull over here," she said.

I pulled over and she asked me to turn off my headlights. As I did so, she reached over to me. We slid as close as we could get and kissed as passionately as possible under the circumstances.

"I couldn't have done that just a few hours ago, Sandi. Now, I want to kiss you over and over. I can't wait to see what's hiding in this body now. No matter where our lives take us, I want you to know that you will always hold a spot in my heart and mind."

Now it was my turn to tear up. When I tried to reply, she held up her hand.

"Don't say anything," she said, "or I'll start crying. Just know that I'll be thinking of you as I go to sl**p tonight. Oh, and be sure to pick me up tomorrow."

"I will," I said. "I'll call you when I know what my day looks like."

We kissed again and I took her home.

The next day, as soon as I got to work, I cornered Desire'

"I'm in trouble," I said.

"So I heard," she said. "Mrs. Kling was threatening to suit but they calmed her down. I heard you quit."

"You heard right. Someone should have warned me about her because I would never given a private showing to someone like that."

"It won't happen again," she said.

"Damned right it won't," I said, "because I meant it when I said I quit. I was only there to help out a friend as it was. Now I'm even further behind than before and I can't work on it tonight."

"Why not?"

"I can't explain right now," I said, "but now I either have to go to the office and beg for some more time or call off tomorrow."

"Call off," she said. "They won't give you extra time otherwise. When you call in, tell them you'll have the report on their desk first thing Saturday. Tell them you tripped and fell or something but don't make it anything that they can require you to see a doctor for. I'm sure they'll know you're stalling but it will help them cover their asses."

"Can you come over tomorrow if I still need help?"

"Yeah, but you'd better have some damned good wine for me."

"I've got just the stuff," I said, "and thanks."

Normally, I hang around until late but not that night. I called 'Edie' and let her know I was picking her up in an hour if that was all right. She said she'd be ready.

I was pleasantly surprised to see her in a sunny yellow blouse with a knee length brown skirt. She looked absolutely stunning.

She smiled as she got in and was just glowing as we pulled away.

"I bought these this morning,' she said. "Katherine and I went to Blackwell's to pick up something she ordered and I saw this. Isn't it darling?"

"It's amazing," I said. "You look at least ten years younger."

"I need to do something about my hair though," she said.

"That's our first stop," I said. "I got an appointment at Dirksen's for you but we have to hurry."

"How did you do that? I usually have to make my appointment weeks in advance."

:"Somebody owed me a favor...a big one." I said. "I even got Stephan to make some time, but he didn't like it."

"I'm sure he didn't but he's the best one there. What did you tell him you wanted?"

I laughed as I remembered his exact words.

"I told him who you were and what I was looking for and he said, "Well, thank god someone got through to her."

"Am I going to shock my husband?" she asked.

"I'll guarantee he'll be surprised to say the least. I take it he hasn't seen the outfit yet."

"No, I bought it after he left. I can't wait to see his expression."

While she was with Stephan, I picked up the wine for that night and another box of the chocolates Edith was so fond of. As I started to leave the store, I saw something that I just had to buy. It was a cheesy thing, but I knew that the new 'Edie' would love it.

I got back to the salon just as Stephan was finishing up. Her shoulder length auburn locks were now cut into a medium length bob that framed her lovely face to a tee.

While he had been working, the makeup team had given her a new look, highlighting those beautiful eyes, and softening the look of her skin. Gone were the signs of a woman starting to show the signs of age. My heart warmed at the look on her face. It was priceless. Pure royalty is how she looked.

We got back in the car to get some dinner. As I sat across from her, I just wanted to take her in my arms and hug her forever.

"I feel so alive," she said.

"You look absolutely incredibly delicious," I said. "I knew you'd be a new woman but I am absolutely amazed. Where have you been hiding this woman?"

"I don't know," she said "but she doesn't exist any more. I've decided to tell John that the friend I met talked me into having it done."

"I can't wait to hear how he reacted. You'd better pick up something sexy for later."

"Not yet," she said. "I want to see how this goes over. I may be sorry I did it."

"Stop it," I said. "Don't you dare let that happen. I wish you could have seen the glow on your face when you saw your reflection at Dirksen's."

"I know," she said. "I couldn't believe it. They're worth every penny of that disgusting price aren't they?"

"They're the best and they know it. They also know that whatever they charge, women will find a way to come up with the money to get that level of expertise."

"I won't tell him how much I spent on makeup today. He'll go crazy. Especially when he sees how small the bag is that it came in."

"You didn't need much Edie, just the right products and the knowledge to make it all work together."

We left there to go to my place for wine and conversation, and whatever else happened.

I took my packages into the bedroom and took the opportunity to change one thing I was wearing. She was pouring the wine when I returned, which we carried into the living room.

'So much has changed since I met you," she said.

"All for the better, I hope,"

"Absolutely for the better," she said.

"I'm glad. I knew I wasn't seeing the real you," I said. "By the way, I have something for you, but you'll have to close your eyes first."

She closed her eyes and covered her face with a small pillow. As soon as she'd done it, I slipped off my skirt.

"Ok, you can look," I said

"Oh my god, Sandi, when did you get those?"

"While you were having your hair done." I said.

I was wearing a pair of white boy cut panties that had the words "Edie's Toy Box" written on them in bold red letters.

"Can I take them off of you?" she asked.

"I don't know, can you?"

She started pulling them down but then she ran a finger through my slit before she took them the rest of the way off.

I stepped out of them and watched her put them to her face.

"You know," she said, "You've made love to me and you've watched me masturbate, but I've never made love to you. I couldn't do it before when I was still Edith, but I can now."

"I was hoping you would," I said.

We finished undressing in the bedroom and I got comfortable on the bed. For a long time, she made love to my breasts, telling me how beautiful they were and how much she'd been wanting to make love to them. She was a bit tentative when it came to using her teeth, but I finally convinced her that she wouldn't really hurt me. Once she accepted that, she even tugged both nipples back and forth while I held on to the bed, trying not to have an orgasm just yet.

She was so funny when she got between my legs for the first time. I pulled my knees up and spread my legs to give her good access and for what seemed to be forever, she just looked at my pussy, spreading me open to examine my clit. She licked her finger and touched it, and I sucked in some air.

"Kiss it," I said.

She kissed it like it was a fragile petal or something.

"No, really kiss it, I said.

She kissed it and I reached down to push her face into it. She jerked back in surprise.

"Are you going to just drive me crazy waiting?" I asked.

She looked up at me and smiled.

"Just remember what I did for you. Do the same thing and don't be afraid to try something different."

Well, once she got her tongue into me and got a good taste, she never stopped. I had to get her to leave my clit alone for a second or it would have become too sensitive so I had her concentrating on my pussy and using her fingers. She got a thrill when I showed her how to find my g spot and went off like a space shot when she found it. That was the first time she'd given me an orgasm. She went back to my clit and soon had me bouncing off the bed before covering her face with cum.

Then we moved into a sixty-nine and it was time to show her some new pleasures. I licked over her perineum to rim her little anus.

"Oh, don't," she said, but by the third lick, she was pushing into my face and moaning.

The harder I licked it the better she liked it, and when my fingertip slid into her, she yelped.

'Oh god yes,."

I pushed into her just as she bit my clit, sending me over the top. I stopped for a few seconds to let my body recover but then I got back to fingering deep into her ass while I ate her sweet pussy. I felt her tense, watched her back arch, and got my face covered when she came harder than I'd ever seen her do.

It was quite a while before either of us was calm enough to talk sensibly.

"You did fine," I said. "that was an awesome orgasm."

"You keep showing me new things," she said.

"Well, there is one more thing before you graduate," I told her, "but let's catch our breath first."

We rested for about a half hour, just enjoying each other but then I got up and went to my closet where I had another surprise for her. She opened the package to find a box about the size of a shoe box. It was just a plain, unmarked box, but when she opened it, she smiled. In the box was an assortment of toys. A slim dildo, a basic vibrator, a vibrator with bunny whiskers and a slim anal probe.

"I'll have to hide these but I'll try them all and pick out my favorite," she said.

"There is another one but I'll have to demonstrate how powerful that one is and I'll show you one of my favorites too."

"I can't wait," she said.

I put a little lube on the smaller of the two vibrators and worked it into her, moving in long, slow strokes to bring her close to orgasm but then I stopped.

"Hang on, Edit," I warned, then I touched the tip of my bone rattler pocket toy to her clit.

"Oh fuck," she screamed, as rammed her body into my hand. I let her come down but then did it again, holding it there for a few seconds. She twisted, she arched her back, she squealed and she cursed. I stopped and pumped the bigger toy into her far a few seconds, then went over her clit again. Like a freight train out of control, she raised up, grabbed a handful of bedding and humped wildly into the air as cum bubbled from her pussy. Her thigh muscles and stomach muscles rippled with spasms and when she began to come down, her body shook with a series of convulsive shudders.

I got her a cool cloth to wipe away the sweat that poured from her face and forehead, then bathed her chest and stomach. I knew she'd be very sensitive for a while so I just laid the damp towel over her vulva and left it there.

A few minutes later, she was cleaning herself up a little.

"That thing could do some serious damage if I'm not careful," she said.

"Just use it carefully until you're used to it, Edie," I said. "Be sure you're alone though because those screams will tell everyone what you're doing."

We both reeked of sex so we took a shower together. When we were done, I told her to follow me. I put her on her knees and got my double ended dildo from under the bed. We went butt to butt, with the dildo completely buried inside and drove into each other until we couldn't keep going. We cleaned up the toys and I put them in a shopping bag.

"I want you to enjoy them but toys are meant to be shared so surprise someone with the new you. Just choose the right partner and make sure she can be very discrete."

"Are you telling me we won't be together again," she asked.

"No," I said. "I most certainly am not but you shouldn't limit yourself. Besides, I may go weeks without any spare time, and I've already made some promises to Katherine and some of the others. I'm not working the shows anymore but I may do a couple birthday parties or something like that, since I already promised the women I'd consider it. I look forward to spending an evening with you or more but I can't promise when it will be."

"I understand," she said. "I guess I just overreacted."

I wrapped her in my arms and kissed her. "I'll always want to be with you. After all, I created Edie, didn't I?"

"Yes, and Edie is eternally grateful," she said. "Edith only exists in our home. I'm not going back to being that old woman again.

"I'm so proud of what you've done," I said. "It took a great deal of courage."

"Actually, it just took a friend who cares. A wonderful friend who will always be close to my heart."

"Oh, I almost forgot," I said, giving her the package I'd been hiding..

When she opened the box, she found a pair of panties that said, "I graduated with honors." Another wrapped item was the six pair of panties that I'd set aside for her.

"My graduates don't wear granny panties," I said. "Don't lose that business card in the bottom."

She looked at it, confused.

"Who is Mrs. Janice Walker?" she wondered.

"One of the services we provide at Malken & Drake is a group of fashion consultants called 'dressing to change." They provide counseling and guidance to women who desire to change their image, such as you're doing. I've talked with her quite a bit about you and she said they would love to work with you to complete your new image. She'll explain the different fabrics, including the new ones I haven't seen yet. They'll work with you on color pallets, and blending designs, color and texture, and when you're done, you'll know exactly how to show the world that Edie has arrived. Because I recommended you to the group, you will also receive a complete outfit from the skin out before you leave. "

"Oh my god, Sandi, I can't believe you went to all this trouble for me."

"It wasn't trouble at all, Edie. It was a real pleasure, I assure you."

She almost knocked me down when she flew into my arms.

I had to take her home then because Desire' would be there shortly to help me get caught up. We finally called it quits at just after eleven and I got to bed just before midnight, I was sound asl**p when my phone rang. I glanced over at the clock to see that it was nearly two.

When I answered the phone, I could hear someone but no one replied.

"I'm sorry," I said, "but I can't understand you."


"Edie, is that you? Are you all right?"

"I'm sorry," she said, "I shouldn't have bothered you. I'll talk to you later."

"No, wait," I said. "Where are you?"

"In the parking lot,"

"My parking lot? Why?" Oh my god, Edie you're crying. I'll be right there. You get in here"

I ran outside to take her into my arms. Her face was streaked from long periods of crying. Her blouse was wet and her hair was a mess.

"Come on," I said. "Let's get inside."

She went into the bathroom to wash her face and brush her hair. When she came out, I had coffee brewing and the bottle of Kahlua waiting. I held her for a few minutes, then led her over to the couch.

"What in the world happened?" I asked.

"He's such a bastard," she said. "I tried so hard to make him proud of me and show him I could be beautiful again."

"What did he say?"

"He told me I was being foolish. He said it was "Unbecoming" of a woman of my age and I needed to take everything back and stop acting like a c***d. He said there was no shame in admitting your age and told me he could never take me to the club dressed like that. Then he turned his back on me and refused to discuss it."

"Oh." I said. "Men can be such ass holes sometimes. Maybe he'll change his mind in the morning."

She shook her head. "He said some very cruel things, Sandi. He wanted to know who put those silly notions in my head. He told me he'd be staying at the club until I went back to the way I was and agreed that I would "conform" to the accepted standards of dress and conduct."

"What are you going to do?" I asked.

"I can't do what he asks," she said. "I'm going to my s****r's tomorrow until I can decide what to do. If he doesn't care enough to accept me as I am, I may have to file for divorce. I won't live like that again."

"Surely you aren't the only woman at the club that dresses like that."

"Quite a few of them do, but they're younger or at least they seem to be, and they don't really associate with our group of old money fuddie duddies. David and his friends say that they don't belong there. Sandi, what hurts is that I wanted him to be proud of me. I wanted to try to be desirable to him but he's ashamed of me. I just can't stand it. Can you imagine that? He's ashamed of his wife for wanting to be beautiful and I did it for him as much as for myself. I just wanted to be more desirable but he's ashamed of me."

"I'm sorry, Edie," I said.

"The son-of-a-bitch is ashamed of me," she screamed, then collapsed into a sobbing bundle of flesh.

"It's after three," I said, "and you're a basket case. We're both too tired to cope with this tonight. Let's get some sl**p and we'll talk in the morning.

Both naked, we went to bed, where I held her until she cried herself to sl**p. I wanted to rip his balls off for what he did to her but knew it was not my place to tell him what he was giving up to maintain his ancient 'standards.'

We went to bed naked, but not aroused. I think she was asl**p before I was, cuddled into my back.

In the morning, I held her and talked to her. "Make sure you make the right decision, Edie," I said, "but please don't give up what you've accomplished."

"I won't, Sandi, I promise, " she said.

We showered and dressed, then went to Carlson's for breakfast.

"Are you still going away?" I asked.

"I think it's for the best," she said. "It will give us both some time to think things through. Don't worry about me, Sandi. I'm stronger now than I've ever been and I don't have to worry about money. I'll call you when I get to my s****r's and I'll keep you up to date. I have to go see Katherine before I leave but that's all. I can be packed and on my way by noon. I'll leave him a note but the rest of it is up to him."

"Edie, I have to ask this. Am I in any way responsible for what's happened?"... Continue»
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Krystal quivered nervously while you sat in the waiting room. You'd never tried to do anything like this before. You were only just 22 years old, but had answered the ad of the local sex clinic partially because all of your girlfriends were having happy sex lives except for you. They even teased you because you didn't have any sexual history even though you'd been popular in high school. But with high school behind you, you were starting to think that there might be something wrong with you. The truth was that you didn't EVER feel sexual or sexually excited. Neither men nor women, boys or girls excited you. You'd been kissed a couple of times in high school, but never got that warm, squishy feeling that your girls boasted about. So, when the local sex clinic advertised for a few volunteers to be tested for their 'Sexual I.Q.', you took a deep breath & answered the ad.

Just then the door opened & the clinic nurse, a forty-something brunette with large round glasses, came through the doorway. "Krystal?" She said with a low, smokey voice.

"Yes?" you said.

"The Doctor will see you now."

"O.K." you said with a slight gulp at the end of the sentence. You got up & followed the nurse into the next room.

As the door closed behind you, there was a brief moment of darkness. You heard a somewhat loud click & a spotlight shine down on a chair in the center of the room. It seemed to be covered by black leather & almost resembled the type of chair that you would find in a dentist's office. However, it was designed with some unusual attachments that you didn't recognize. Plus it seemed to be designed for comfort.

A second click turned on all the lights in the room, revealing Doctor Mike to you.

"Hello Krystal, I said. I smiled sweetly at you, as I walked up to you & extended My hand to you. My low baritone voice seemed soothing somehow to listen to. You shook My hand as I continued, "It was very kind & very brave of you to answer the ad. Not many people are able to face their sexual life or the problems within it without seeking some expert advise or help."

You just nodded. I led you over to the chair & gestured for you to sit.

As you sat, I continued, "Now I need for you to trust Me & Nurse Shelley. We're going to help you explore the areas that you feel that you need attention to. We'll start with a quiz & some casual examining. If you ever feel uncomfortable in any way, we'll stop. Does that sound O.K. to you?"

"Yes, Doctor Mike," you said.

Now lie back in the chair & we'll do an initial scan of your erotic centers. Nothing will touch you & you shouldn't feel any discomfort. In fact, most patients find the sensations to be quite pleasant. Are you nervous?

"A little. What do you mean by erotic centers, Doctor Mike?"

I smiled knowingly & explained, "All humans have certain parts of their bodies that respond to sexual or erotic stimulation. By understanding these areas better, we can draw many conclusions about your sexual or erotic mindset."

You nodded & swallowed hard while trying to lean back in the chair. I nodded to the nurse who flipped off the main lights in the room. She then took a place across from the chair where there seemed to be banks of computer monitors that were the only other sources of light other than the overhead spot light.

At this moment, I pulled a large metallic arm from the base of the chair & positioned it about one foot above your head.

"Are you ready?" I asked.

"You nodded."

"O.K., now just close your eyes & relax. I think you'll find this experience to be quite pleasant."

You closed your eyes & nodded again. After a moment, you said in a soft voice, "O.K."

"Relax & enjoy, I said, flipping a switch on the arm."

You seemed to hear a soft whirling sound & then saw a bluish light emanating from the end of the arm. The blue light shown down on your face & head. You felt your body relaxing involuntarily. Soon your face showed no strain. There even seemed to be a slight grin coming over your full pink lips.

I walked over to the bank of monitors. I turned back to ask, "Does that feel all right, Krystal?"

"It feels fine," you voice trailing off.

"Oh, you'll find it hard to speak for a while. If I give you permission to speak, then you'll respond, it that clear?"

"At first, you started to try to speak, but a grin came over your face stopping you & then you just nodded."

"Good girl," I continued. "You're My good girl now, aren't you?" You may respond.

"Yes Doctor Mike. I'm your good girl," you smiled & fell silent.

"Doctor," exclaimed the nurse. "Look at this," she said, motioning to areas on the computer monitors. "Her heterosexual & homosexual centers are both huge!"

"WOW!" I said & both seemingly right on top of one another. No wonder she has been in conflict. Usually they're quite separate & distinct. She'll make a wonderful subject.

Also Doctor, there was a positive erotic spite when she said, "I'm your good girl."

"Splendid," I continued, she probably has a Daddy complex. As I looked back at My new subject, a sly, knowing smile came across My lips.

And mommy complex, too, she continued while starting to unbutton the first couple of buttons to her white, silk blouse.

I took one last look at the computer screen before turning back to My subject & walking over to the side of the chair.

Your mind was awash with erotic images. Naked men & women. Couples copulating, you saw large penises & swollen nipples. You saw strong muscled arms & thrusting vagina's. You saw beautiful men & women dancing erotically as if just for you, you'd never thought that nude people could look so sexy. You heard My voice.

"You'll concentrate on My voice, I said, flipping a different switch on the arm that was suspended just above your head. The light now glowed red & the sexual imagery in your mind stopped. In fact, your mind was a blank with no thoughts. You'll answer My questions as I ask them. Do you understand?"

"Yes Doctor Mike."

"Good girl. You're going to do anything & everything I tell you to do. Is that O.K.?"

"Yes Doctor Mike."

"Good girl. Now I want you to tell Me your first sexual experience."

"I'm still a virgin, Doctor Mike."

"That's O.K. Tell Me when was the first time that you noticed your breasts & nipples were growing? How old were you?"

"Eleven or Twelve, Doctor."

"O.K. I want you to pretend today that you're twelve years old. Can you do that for Me?"

"Yes Doctor Mike," you agreed while your voice rose to a slightly higher pitch.

"Good girl. You're going to be Daddy's little girl today, aren't you? WIll you do anything that Daddy tells you to do? Do you want to please Daddy?"

"Oh, yes Doctor."

"You'll no longer call Me Doctor. I'm your Daddy now. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Daddy, oh yes." The now little girl exclaimed as your mannerisms transformed into that of the 12 year old girl.

"You want to please Daddy in every possible way, don't you?"

"Yes, Daddy, I do."

"Good, you're Daddy's good little girl, aren't you?"

"Yes, Daddy. I'm your good little girl."

"Good, that pleases Daddy very much. You'll do anything Daddy tells you to do to please Me, won't you?"

"Oh, yes Daddy, how may I please you?"

At that moment, I moved the arm above your breast area & flipped a switch that now shine a green light on your chest.

"How does that feel? Do you feel anything?"

"Yes Daddy, it...kinda tingles..."

"Good. Now lean upward & open your eyes."

"Yes Daddy," you said obediently following My orders. I moved the arm so that it still shine directly onto your chest area.

"Now, you'll tell Daddy about discovering your boobies today."

"Yes Daddy, my boobies & nipples are getting bigger."

"How do you feel about that?"

"I guess I like it. Many of the other girls have seen their titties growing for a few years now. I guess mine are supposed to."

"Yes, little Krystal, they are supposed to grow so that you can become a woman. Will you please show Daddy your titties?"

"Oh, yes Daddy," you said dutifully starting to unbutton the buttons on your blouse. They're not like mommy's yet, though. They feel funny today. They feel different somehow...all tingly."

With that, I turned a dial on the arm that increased the intensity of the green light.

You may take your blouse completely off for Daddy. Do you like the idea of showing Daddy your boobies, even as they tingle?

"Oh, yes Daddy," you replied, as you completed taking off your blouse. The nurse walked up & took it from you, which didn't seem to bother you at all. You were wearing a fairly modest white bra that latched in the front.

"Do like nurse Shelley? She has a woman's body, doesn't she?"

"Oh yes Daddy, her boobs & hips are much bigger than mine." I... you stopped suddenly.

"You what?" I questioned.

"I think she's a pretty lady, that's all."

"Would you like to see her take her top off too?"

"Well...I....I....., that's so naughty of me to think that...., you said, your voice trailing off..."

"That's O.K., My dear, Daddy's going to teach you all about naughty sex today. Does that thought excite you?"

"Oh yes Daddy, I feel so strange..." You stopped talking, as your hands reached up to squeeze both your boobs through your bra. You stopped again & blushed while putting your hands down by your sides.

"That's O.K. little girl, I reassured. Soon all you'll be able to think about is the sensations that are coursing through your veins. You want Daddy to help you understand these feelings, don't you, little girl?"

"Yes Daddy pleeeaassee," you exclaimed, almost begging.

"Good girl, I said smiling. Now Daddy's going to tell you about your pretty titties. Do you want Daddy to see them naked?"

"Oh yes, Daddy, please," you blurted out as you thrust your chest toward Me.

"You know that it is very naughty for you to desire to show Daddy your cute boobies, don't you?"

"Oh, yes Daddy, it's very naughty..."

"But you want to be very naughty today for Daddy, don't you?"

"Oh, yes, Daddy, so very naughty..." You voiced trailed off again. You were struggling to keep your hands by your side. You so wanted to play with your boobs & pull on your own excited nipples.

"Good girl," I said, sitting on the side of the chair. I then reached over & unbuckled the clasp holding your bra together & opened it, allowing your firm, well shaped 38DD breasts to cascade forward. "You have very pretty boobies, My dear. They need for Daddy to touch them, don't they?"

"Oh, yes Daddy, pleeeaassee."

With that, I turned you sideways so that your legs dangled off the opposite side of the chair. I leaned you back against My chest. As I reached around to start feeling your breasts, I whispered in your ear. You love Daddy touching your little girl titties, don't you?"

"Oh, yes Daddy," you agreed without hesitation.

You started to moan softly, as I continued to run My fingers up & down your boob flesh. I then paused. You let out a disappointed yelp.

"Oh, Daddy, please don't stop."

"But it's so naughty for you to want Daddy to play with your little girl titties."

"Daddy, please make me be naughty with you, please," you pleaded.

"O.K., My dear," & with that, I grabbed both of your large bumpy pink nipples, simultaneously & started pulling on them expertly.

"Oh, Daddy, yeeesssssssss."

So wrapped up now with your sexual encounter that you found it hard to speak or express...just moan approval.

"OOOOOHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh yyyyeeeesssssssss."

Your nipples continued to harden & enlarge as I pulled & moved them back & forth between My thumb & My forefinger. All you could do was watch your Master's caresses in fascination. You'd never seen your nipple so excited & large before. In fact, you felt that your nipples were at least an inch or two larger than just a few minutes before. In fact, you felt your boobs were growing with every heaving sighed breath you were taking. But how was that possible?

"Now, what does My naughty little girl want Daddy to do to her boobies?"


"That's a good, naughty girl. I turned you back onto the chair. Let Me give your boobies a little special treatment first," I said pushing the green lighted arm to within a few inches of your heaving chest. I flipped another switch, which brought the intensity of the light up as it started to pulsate. I look at My watch as if to time this segment of the treatment. You looked down, astounded to find your boobs swelling in size & your pink nipples elongating to be 4 or 5 inches across & 3 to 4 inches sticking straight outward. Suddenly, your pelvis began to twitch back & forth, thrusting hard against the leather-ed chair.

"Ooooooohhhhhhhh, what are you doing to me, Daddy?" "OoooHHHHHHH."

"You feel it down there, don't you?" I said with a knowing smile on My face.

"Oh, yes Daddy, ssssssssooooooo ggggooooooooodddddddd."

With that, I flipped off the lighted arm & pulled the not-so-little-girl upward. I started again to play with your now magnificent 38DD breasts & reaching downward for the first time, I drew close enough to start kissing & licking them.

"You want Daddy to kiss & lick your nipples, don't you?" By this point, you were so far gone, that you could only moan your approval as you nodded up & down.

I then grabbed your right boob & started to gently lick the massive pink nipple that adorned it.


I drew your nipple into My well trained mouth & started to tongue the now huge aureole inside of My mouth as if it were another giant tongue. All you could do was continue to moan while pulling My head closer to the rest of your breast.

"Oh, Yes Daddy, sssssssssooooooo ggggooooooooooooddddddddd."

In the darken background, nurse Shelley could no longer stand it herself. She was so turned on by watching Me Sensual Seduction of you. She unbuttoned her blouse completely & unhooked & removed her bra. Next she slid her panties downward, revealing a very wet, pink elongated labia. Her full breasts were tipped with very large pink nipples that just ached for attention. Her right hand reached up to start playing with her very excited right nipple while her other hand moved downward to her swollen clit......

"Good girl," I continued. "Now Daddy needs to do various things to you so I won't be able to always be sucking on your excited girlie nipples."

"Mmmm," you let out what sounded like a disappointed yelp to Me.

"Yes, I know," I said, as I stood up & reached down to what appeared to be a utility drawer that was housed at the base of the chair. Just above the drawer was a control panel. I flicked two switches & you could hear a new set of sounds coming from behind the chair. You would find out later that they were a series of air compressors. From the drawer, I lifted up what seemed to you like two large clear cylinders that were almost one foot long each. Both cylinders had what appeared to be connected to something below the chair by small clear tubing.

"These are what we call vacuum tubes," I explained. "Have you ever seen anything like them before?"

Struggling to talk, you said, "Not....really...Daddy... What do they do?" You managed to blurt out.

I smiled & said, "They're very useful in keeping your boobies aroused, My dear. Now, do us both a favor & lick the end of the vacuum tube one."

At that moment, I placed the opened end of the first cylinder at your young mouth. "Use lots of saliva & lick the very top inside walls of the tube," I instructed.

You tentatively started to lick the inside as ordered.

"Spit on it," I commended. "Make it wet."

You tried to obey, but was very awkward.

"Your trying, at least," I said. "Stop for a moment & try this instead." I placed My left hand behind your head while taking two fingers from My right hand & putting them close to your mouth. "Stick Daddy's fingers into your mouth & suck on them."

You hungrily obeyed & started to suck on My fingers.

"Make My finger's very wet," I continued, "That's right. Soon you'll be able to suck Daddy's huge black cock like this, won't you, My naughty girl?"

"Oh....YES....YES, Daddy!" You were able to say while still licking My fingers.

I then took & wet the top inside of the tube number one using My fingers, which I would dip into your willing mouth.

"Now, that should do," I said, while grabbing your right breast & placing it into the first cylinder. "Little Krystal," thought the sensation was a little weird at first. Your breast was almost sticking straight up now. I flicked another switch on the chair. With that, you could feel your whole nipple being sucked on. Your nipple was being pulled & pulled now toward the end of the tube. You'd never felt anything quite like it.

"How does that feel, little girl?"

"'s so good, Daddy... Can we do the other one?"

I smiled & nodded at you. This time I only needed to place Tube #2 in your hands for you to dutifully lubricate the inside of the tube's walls with your spit. After a while, I said, "That should do it," & took the cylinder away from you while grabbing your other breast & placing it into the tube. You loved the sensations of the two vacuum tubes sucking on your hungry pink nipples & boob flesh. Both of your breasts were sticking straight up now while the tubes sucked them higher & higher into the air.

"Do you like that, little girl?" I said, again smiling knowingly at you.

"Oh, yes Daddy. My boobies are so big now & ohhhhhhhhhhh....soooooo.....gooooodddddddd.....mmmmmmmmmm," you said, as you seemed to get lost in the sensations that the vacuums were making on you.

With that, I reached behind the back of the chair & pushed a button that brought the back of the chair upward, so that you were sitting straight up, your boobs still jutting straight out from your chest.

"Nurse?" I asked.

"Oh, yes, Doctor please," nurse Shelley replied to her Doctor/Master.

"Please join us now."

"Oh, yes, Doctor, yes," she said while obviously stopping her impassioned masturbation session which had been going on silently in the background.

The nurse did nothing, however, to cover up her exposed breasts while joining Me at the side of the chair.

"Little Krystal is being a very good girl today," I said.

"I can see that," the nurse said with a sweet smile crossing her lips.

I turned toward My young subject, who continued to moan softly while your luscious boobs were being administered to by the vacuum tubes.

I continued, "Krystal, you're Daddy's little girl, aren't you?" You nodded as you continued to stare at your breasts being sucked upon. "You'll do absolutely anything Daddy desires, won't you?"

"Yes....mmmmmmmmm....Daddy....ohhhhhhh...yyyeeesssssss," you replied.

"Good. You're such a good girl for Daddy. Now, you've been such a good girl that I've asked your mommy to join us in your sex lesson. You'll refer to nurse Shelley from now on as 'Mommy', do you understand?"

"Oh, yesssssssss.......she's my Mommy now....mmmmmm....."

"Good girl. You love your mommy, don't you?"

"Oh, yesssssssss.....Love my mommyyyyyyyyy.....ohhhhhhh...."

"Good girl, you make Daddy very happy when you obey Me."

I nodded to the nurse & we both helped to turn your legs once more so that they dangled off the side of the chair. It was obvious that you were losing all voluntary movement. The vacuum tubes continued to suck at your now swollen, puckered, distended pink nipples, providing you with continued pleasure. The nurse gingerly straddled you, placing her knees on the chair on either side of your smallish hips. She then pulled on the vacuum tubes slightly so that she could place her upper torso in between them. From this position, her full, large-nippled breasts were only a few inches from your mouth. Aroused Krystal's gaze riveted onto the older woman's breasts. You couldn't stop staring at them. THey were so full & round & her pink nipples were very large & very attractive. I positioned Myself right behind the nurse, so that My legs were on either side of your closed legs. I reached up from behind the well-endowed nurse & grabbed her right breast, cupping it with three fingers & My thumb while My index finger slowly moved back & forth at the bottom of the large, pink nipple. Krystal could see the nipple start to turn bumpy with excitement.

"Do you like Mommy's breasts?" I asked.

In a very soft & lowered voice, you replied, "Oh, yessssss," & stopped abruptly, as if hypnotized by the older lady's boobs.

"Good girl. Now you'll follow Mommy's instructions. She's going to teach you how to suck her titties. You want to suck on them don't you?"

I pushed backward from the two women & walked back to the monitoring station.

You nodded as the nurse started your lesson.

"Now, my dear, you can start by using both hands to cup Mommy's boob," instructed the older woman.

You did so.

"That's right. That's my good little girl. Now bring your head up."

With that, the nurse moved her right hand behind your head & pulled you up to her waiting right breast nipple.

"You love Mommy's boobies, don't you? You love Mommy's nipples, little girl?"

The no longer timid girl nodded & continued to stare at the large right nipple that loomed right in front of you.

"What do you want to do to it, my little darling?"

"I want to suck on Mommy's boobies," you blurted out. It seemed to both, Me & the nurse, that you blushed just then.

"Yes, my sweet girl, you want to suck & lick & kiss Mommy's boobies. Let me tell you how to please Mommy's breast."

"Oh, yess, please Mommy...."

"That's right. You have a beautiful little mouth for your Mommy's pleasure. First you'll kiss my nipple like it was a hungry tongue."

With that, you embarked on your first experience. You tentatively kissed the right nipple. You pecked at it. Your tentative approached elicited an immediate response from the nurse.

"Oh, my darling girl, you really do need Mommy to teach you, don't you?" Said the nurturing nurse.

"Little Krystal," stopped & gazed up with an angelic & innocent look.

"Lean backward slightly, please," she continued.

You did so without hesitation. With that, the brunette nurse abruptly pulled off the vacuum tube from your left breast. The now engorged nipple was more swollen than the nurse had ever seen before. You let out a small yelp of disappointment.

"Oh, don't be too disappointed, my dear. Mommy will take care of you. Just relax & enjoy while you learn," the nurse said. The nurse bent slightly downward & cupped your willing left boob, lifting it to her mouth.

"First you can start by flicking the nipple with your fingers to make it excited." The older woman then took her right hand & placed her thumb & middle finger right next to your nipple. She then proceeded to flick the already excited nipple with her fingers.

"Oh!" you exclaimed.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxTo Be Continued xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx... Continue»
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Sex With Hubby's Friend


All credit to manu
another one of my favourites

Sex With Hubby's Friend
By: Manu

Randip had been known to my husband for years before our marriage, in fact when I came as a newly wed bride, he had welcomed us and had helped me set up home in the building where we all lived. He was in the habit of dropping in some evenings and staying over for dinner as he was divorced and lived as a bachelor.

This closeness through the days between us had been on a very innocent level and Randip has always been a gentleman. Once in a while I would catch him staring at my breasts or legs, but I always felt that was normal behavior for a man. And I had also cum to know that he had some affairs with few married ladies. I was friendly with girl who told me that her best friend had a hot affair with Randip and she used to swear by Randip that he was the best man ever she had ever slept with.

In this recent days however something had changed a bit. Our relationship had subtly changed. Maybe I was giving out some king of signal as my sex life wasn't quite what I would like. My husband and I had good sex, but over the months it had gotten a bit stale and I never enjoyed sex with him. He was also not been caring at times when it came to my needs, occasionally leaving me high and dry after his orgasm. How ever my husband Sameer had a strange habit of making me expose in front other and show off my beauty and good figure. He used to get a thrill out of it and had bought me so many cloths which exposed my body. He bought me sexy saree’s with deep back and low neck blouses which did not cover much of my boobs.

In fact I really had a beautiful pairs of tits. (34 d). I remember on our honey moon in goa he made me sl**p in just a bra and a panty when the waiter came to deliver us tea. And on one occasion I was topless on a beach with a young boy passed by. This also continued in Delhi when moved to this place. After showing off my body to other in parties and other places he used to get exited and that night he used to have a wild sex which I also liked.

Now coming back to Randip, over the last few weeks, Randip and I had been flirting a bit – there were some innocent hugs and pecks on the cheeks but nothing more. We had seen each other a lot at the lakeside boat house in bathing suits and a couple of times accidentally partially nude. Once he caught me changing and I was in my bra & panties and once I caught him in his briefs, with his back turned. Along with this we had seen each other many times in pj's so we were quite comfortable with each other.

One night we met for drinks. That day Sameer told me to wear something very sexy. I understood that he wanted me to show off my body to others so I selected a very sexy dress which he had purchased for me. It was with a very deep back and it had to be worn without a bra. There were cups in front to hold the boobs. I was really looking very sexy in that. It was supposed to be a bunch of friend's but instead because of schedules it ended up just us three. It was a Delhi club full of young crowd. We sat and stood at the bar and talked and at some point the conversation turned to sex.

Whether it was my comfort levels with him or the drinks I had consumed, the conversation became very open and honest. We talked about a bunch of very personal things that surprised my husband. Things like whether we liked oral sex, whether I swallowed, even whether I had vaginal orgasms. We talked about sexy lingerie, and then the killer when I said my "husband and I don't have nearly enough sex!" this was said luckily when he went to the bathroom otherwise he would have felt very bad.

The night continued and we even danced a bit. Our conversation had taken its toll on us as Randip and I were much more touchier then normal. Whether it was just standing a little too close in the crowded bar knowing my butt was up against him or dancing it seemed we were always touching lightly.

During one dance he had practically placed his hand on my butt and latter shifted on my nude back. He used to hold me tight when ever Sameer was not watching or was out of the room. He used to pull me close to him and at times I could feel his crouch with a little bulge on my stomach and my boobs used to get pressed against his chest. The night ended and we parted as friends due with a warm hug.

Both of us however from that point on seemed to join a tighter bond with each other and there was a sexual tension that had never been there before. Whether it was the innocent touches or the frank sexual discussion I didn't know.

A few weeks later we accidentally met at the mall, one of gurgaon’s largest malls. I had gone to pick up some clothes after work and he was also shopping. I was enjoying the quiet cup of coffee at the coffee outlet when I saw Randip. He sat down got coffee and we chatted. After some innocent chatter I mentioned I needed to shop, he offered to walk with me since he also had to shop. As we walked we chatted a bit but nothing sexual.

Then we entered a the Nike store as I needed to get some sneakers. As I sat down, I didn't realize it at the time but Randip was sitting directly across from me. As I tried on a couple of pairs I realized he was gazing at my legs as they parted. Now I was feeling a little horny and I decided to lead him on a bit. His view wasn't probably all that good as the skirt I was wearing wasn't that short but I made sure my legs spread apart each time I tried on a pair and flashed him a few times before settling on a pair.

We left the store and walked around looking for another store. As we walked I thought about teasing him a little more it felt pretty comfortable teasing him in a place like this where there were lot of people waking around and no one knew us.

The next store was Westside, I was looking for some track suits to wear to the gym and he was looking for jeans. We picked out a few sizes each and headed towards the changing rooms. The salesgirl gave us two rooms next to each other and as I went in, I told Randip that I wanted his opinion on what I was buying.

I started by removing my skirt and putting on a pair of the tracks, I then came out of room and knocked on his door. He opened it a bit and to my surprise he was standing in just his briefs. He was yet to put on his jeans. Although it caught me a little off guard, I did not react as I had seen him a couple of times before in his underwear. Of course, I could not help staring at his crotch – it looked like a mild erection was in progress and it looked big.

I asked if the track suit fit nicely and he said they were nice but maybe I should get a smaller size which would do justice to my figure. As he was talking, he pulled on his jeans with his ass towards me and facing the mirror. He turned and I told him they looked good but he too should try on the smaller size. I then jokingly said that maybe we should both try the other clothes together to save the effort of going between rooms to show our stuff to each other. That was enough for him, he just picked up his stuff and we both squeezed into my cubicle. I could see the salesgirl smirk!

I was feeling very naughty by now and proceeded to slip off the track pant. I also removed my shirt and stood there checking out myself in the mirror. He looked at me of course but also acted quite matter of fact about it. I told him that his briefs looked great and then he commented that I look very sexy in the black bra and panties. I then pulled on the smaller pants and turned around to see in the mirror.

These were white as well as being too tight in the crotch and realized with a shock that my panties were wet and it showed through the pants. He said these were better, now its my turn to put on the show. He pulled down his jeans but as he had not removed the top button, it ended up in his briefs coming down too and the start of his cock could be seen. He made no attempt to pull up his briefs and instead nonchalantly pulled on the jeans.

Finally after a couple of more trials, we both got dressed, paid for our items and left the store. By now I was feeling very horny, not that I was going to do anything about it but it had turned out to be a very nice shopping experience.

Then as we walked and commented about the conversation we had in the bar, one thing we had chatted about was a thong. He had said how sexy they were and I had mentioned that I didn't have any since my husband didn't seem to like them. So then he dragged me into Victoria secrets and started to look through the panties. I am not shy but was a little embarrassed as he went through picking out different ones, finally I agreed to two of them.

He paid for them and handed me the bag, with a naughty smile he said that for buying them some day I should let him see how they looked, he even mentioned that he should get to see them before my husband did. I laughed and said not here, he of course answered maybe some day when I had the chance. My quick response of not here had pretty much implied that I would somewhere else. This hadn't really been my intention but it was too late.

We left the mall and he e****ted me to my car, a warm hug and peck as always followed but I thought his lips had slightly opened as I felt a wetness on my lips but I wasn't totally sure. I drove off feeling incredibly sexy.

A couple of days later we were all sitting around in our den. It was a Saturday night and the three of us were chilling out over some beer. Randip was staying the night as his house was being fumigated it had been a terrible rainy weekend and none of the regular friends and f****y were over . So there we sat after a rainy day, we had consumed a fair amount of whisky and wine. The k**s were asl**p and we just hung out talking and watching a stupid movie.

The first thing sexy thing that had happened earlier between us that day is that Randip had k**ded me about my thong so when I showered that evening I had put them on. So later in the evening when my husband was in the bathroom and we were alone he asked to see them. We traded some shy comments, I kept saying I can't here, he of course said it was safe for a quick flash and anyway he had already seen me in my panty at the shop.

It was a little cool so I had put on some long pj pants from Victoria secrets and a tee. Randip had noticed the thong through the pj's in the light. He insisted that all he wanted was a quick peek and I could easily pull my pants down for a second, well it was pretty scary but also very sexy so I did it. I pulled down my pj's and showed him the front of the tiny thong and then turned quickly and showed the back.

He told me I looked amazing and I pulled them right up. I was so hot showing off for him like that I cant describe, the thong was so small that it covered little, plus the thought that my husband hadn't even seen them yet also made it that much more naughty.

So there we were few hours later in the den with some more whisky and wine under our belts. Now my husband for the past few months has liked when guys look at me in bathing suits and stuff so what was about to happen wasn't that crazy even though he could also at other times be very jealous. He talked about playing strip poker and of course Randip approved. I don't like being dared so I went along and I think my husband thought I wouldn't have gone along, or he figured I would play down to my underwear and quit.

But he hadn't realized how little my underwear was and he also underestimated my competitiveness. He also had no idea of this building sexual tension between Randip and I who made the thought of some nudity sound quite hot to me.

So we sat down and played. The first few hands were pretty uneventful. We all lost a few hands and lost our socks and jewelry. We were down to real stuff now, everybody had on a tee shirt, I had on pj’s and the guys had shorts, and all had underwear.

The next to lose was my husband; he took off his tee, which exposed his chest. Then Randip lost and also took off his shirt. He had very good body and hairy chest which I really liked. I admired his chest and gave a naughty smile and he also smiled back. Again Randip lost and took off his shorts. He was wearing briefs instead of the boxers I had seen him in a few times before and he seemed semi hard as his bulge was looking big. .

I was enjoying looking at him and his semi hard cock for the first time. Then I lost, I had a hard decision, if I took off my shirt I will be left in a bra, or I could do my pants and expose my thong. As I thought my husband commented that I was quitting, I gave him a look and stood and stepped out of my pants. Wow he said noticing I was wearing a thong; I took a little spin saying you like.

Then I winked at Randip as my husband's reaction had just confirmed that Randip was the first to see my thong. I felt so naughty sitting their knowing Randip had not only seen them first but also picked them out and paid for them.

The next round Sameer lost and took off his shorts. I giggled a bit as he sat back down cause even he had a hard on but his bulge was looking smaller then Randips’s. Now my husband said that the game was over, Randip said we should play till one winner, my husband started saying no he was tired etc so I chimed in saying, look who was quitting now. I was dying now to continue and see where this game will take us. I did not even mind getting naked in front of Randip and I was about to say I would keep playing when he decided to continue. However he said that we will not strip any further but the loser will have to what the winners say. The next loss was mine; so both the men were what to make me do.

Randip gave an idea that I should have a close dance with then with only the dim lights on. Sameer also agreed so I got up and Sameer came to first and Randip played a cd with real slow numbers. My husband caught me and took me in tight hug and danced for few minutes and kept kissing me and I could fell his hard on and knew he wanted me badly. Then it was the turn of Randip to dance with me. He came close to me and slowly took me in his arms while Sameer watched with eyes fixed on me and he gave me a naughty smile. Randip pilled me closer and we started to slow dance. I could also feel his hard on which more looked then what my husband had. Then Sameer said that he is going to the bathroom and will be back in few minutes.

This was enough for Randip to pull me close to him and was a little scared that Sameer may come in the room any time but he was just not willing to listen to me my breast were pressed against his hairy chest and his hard cock was pressing my stomach. I was getting wet in my panties and was on the verge of dripping. I could feel his hot breath on my face, neck and ears. His hands were all over my back and he slowly moved them to my naked butt as my thong hardly covered anything. I slowly whispered to Randip that Sameer may come anytime. He also understood and released his grip and just then Sameer walked in and we finished our dance.

After that my husband decided that we will have a last game and then call it a day. So it was decided that anyone who loses now will remove his one garment while the light were totally dim and we call it a day. As luck would have it I lost and I hard to remove one garment out of the two I was wearing. I decided to open my bra and as I took my hands behind my back to unhook my bra my husband switched all the lights with little light coming out from the kitchen and the bedroom.

I unhooked my bra and lowly let it fall to the ground and exposed my breasts and my rock hard nipples. Even in the dim light my boobs were visible to both of them. My husband seemed quiet while Randip made a gentlemanly comment about how nice they are or I looked. I was only left in panties which really did not cover much. He was looking hard at my tits and then winked at me.

My husband quickly declared himself and Randip the winners and suggested we turn in. I knew he was getting jealous about Randip looking at my half naked body but I wanted to enjoy the moment. I sat there finishing my wine and making small talk about what to do in the morning all naked except the panty and making no effort to cover myself. Randip followed my lead chatting with me with his raging hard on at attention.

We continued this for about 15 minutes while my husband nervously fidgeted and picked up cards and stuff before we finally started on and went to bed. Before going I went and hugged Randip as we used to it every day and this time as we hugged my bare breasts were pressed against his bare chest. I said good night and as I was moving away from him my erect nipples brushed against his hairy chest and it was great feeling, after that I left for my room.

We went to bed and I was horny and so was my husband so we started having sex, it was hotter then it had been for quite a while. I had a very intense orgasm as did my husband but then with the wine he drifted off to sl**p and I was wide-awake. I didn't know it at the time but Randip had hung out by the bedroom door and tried to listen to some of our love sounds. He would confess this later.

I was still wide-awake and decided to walk down to kitchen, I was naked so I threw on my short robe figuring that Randip was also sl**ping. I was surprised to find Randip, sitting on a chair drinking a cup of tea. He also thought he would be alone and had only his briefs on. His hard was still on and I could still notice a bulge. We exchanged hellos and I poured myself a cup of coffee. He asked where my husband was and I told him he was sl**ping, he knew we had sex but he was probably hoping that once had not been enough for me that night and he was right.

I went to sit and noticed he was now hard; I couldn't help comment about it still being that way. He of course reminded me that he was a bachelor and that the game had been pretty arousing. He also let on that based on what he could hear in his room I had gotten pretty aroused from the game also. I blushed knowing I had moaned pretty well in the bedroom.

Then we had a short conversation about how arousing it had been to be half naked and dance that way in front of each other. What followed was a surprising discussion about masturbation. He admitted that he had planned to when he got back to his room and I kind of admitted that I too might. What happened next is hard to explain but somehow after a few shy playful comments the possibility of masturbating together came up. I would have love to do something crazy yet safe like that with him but was too scared so I said no way, he said okay like a hurt puppy dog and I then said something I shouldn't have,

I said I would be willing to help him but he had to promise not to try anything. He looked pretty surprised, I took a walk to check on my hubby and make sure he was asl**p. On my return I took him to the laundry room, I figured if my husband came down he could stay there and I would come out like I was doing late night laundry. So there we were, in the dark laundry room, Randip slipped down his briefs and told me to go ahead and help him to cum. I told him to wait as I had to put some lotion on my hands which I had picked up while coming back after checking out my husband.

When I was done I took my hand forward to grip his hand but could not find his cock in the dark and I also found that my hand was shaking with excitement. Then Randip caught my hand and lowly guided my hand to his cock. As my hand touched his cock I was shocked to feel what I felt. His cock was very large and much thicker then my husband. I could not grip it fully in my small hand. I slowly moved my hand up still shocked, to find out the complete length and ended at the top of his cock where a huge knob was there. It must have been around 8 to 9 inches long. I just held it for some time to get used to the length and the thickness of this monster that I was holding. Randip said what are u waiting for go ahead and make me cum. Then I slowly started to jerk him off, what a rush I felt. It was so hot having a man's cock in my hand that wasn't my husbands made in supper hot, as I slowly stroked and gently played with it.

Looking at him, asking him if it felt good. I jerked him slowly as I wanted the moment to last a bit and I could tell the night had taken its toll and he would cum quickly. He was enjoying it starting to moan a little as he leaned back against the dryer. I continued jerking him for a while and then started doing it harder, I had to apply some more lotion on my hand and his cock as the one I had applied earlier was not enough. I was on fire myself and he realized it. I am not sure if he undid my robe or it just happened but at one point I realized I was naked with my robe open.

He whispered in my ear "just a little feel " as his fingers started to play with my nipples. I started jerking really hard as I didn't have the will power to stop his advances and figured once he came he would calm down. Well it did, he moaned and groaned and let out a hot stream of sperm all over my belly and pubic hair. In the process he cupped my one breast and I also moaned with pleasure jerked him until his was done and stepped back. He had cum all over my stomach, hands and pubic. I had never seen my husband cum so much like a spray I cleaned up with some paper towel and gave him a peck goodnight and ran back to my bedroom.

That night I kept thinking of Randips’s cock. I still could not believe that a man could have such a thick and long cock like his and how a girl could take it in. Thinking of that I went off to sl**p. Next day morning I got up early and made tea for all of us. I was still thinking of what I and Randip did last night and was a little shy of facing him in the morning. I went to my bedroom with tea and woke up Sameer. He asked me if I had given tea to Randip and I said no. He told me to go and give him tea. I was a little shy and also a bit exited to meet him as the memories of last night were still fresh in my mind.

I knocked and went in. He was awake and smile on seeing me, I also smiled back and said good morning. I put the cup of tea on the side table. He pulled me close and he kissed me on the cheeks, I also kissed him back and told him that Sameer must be waiting for me and ran out. My face had turned red. After that evening with Randip where I had helped him to jack off, whatever barriers were there between us crumbled. We had seen each other half naked though we had not seen each other in full light and only seen in dim light or felt each other and we had shared some more secrets including touching each others parts. It was like we were walking down a path of no return.

That day ended when Sameer and Randip went off to office and before going I hugged Randip as we used to do it earlier. For the next few weeks we did not get a chance to meet in private other then normal visits to out house, which ended in just hugs and kisses on cheeks. After a month later, my husband was chosen by the company to go for training to USA for a month.

The day he was to go Randip came over to pick him up and drop him at the airport. That way I was wearing a very sexy nightly which did not cover much. I did not wear a bra under that as Sameer always wanted to see me like that. So my boobs and the nipples were visible through the night dress. Randip hugged me very tightly as my husband was not there and I also did not mind that at all. He looked down at my tits after we broke the hug and smiled, I also blushed and went to the room. I came out with Sameer and this I wore a gown on top.

I hugged Sameer and wished him luck and as he was going out Randip winked at me and I knew that we will have a nice time till my husband was away and maybe be having more secrets of ours. When my hubby went out Randip again came in to collect his car keys which he left on table and as he was going out he gave me a packet and told me that it is for me, winked at me and went out. When I opened the packet I found a very sexy lacy pair of red bra and panties in it.

As soon as sameer’s flight took off Randip rang me up and told me that Sameer has taken off. I said yaa now I will get bored at home alone. He did not waste this opportunity and asked me to join him for lunch. I did not want him to say something and I don’t know what happened to me and I asked where and when should I come.

He told me to come to his house and from there we could go out for lunch. I agreed and the time to reach his house was fixed at 11 am so I started getting ready fast as there was not much time left. I chose a very sexy saree with a very sexy blouse which really did not cover much as I was planning to tease Randip today. He was delighted to see me and more so in that sexy saree that I was wearing. We hugged each other and he kissed me on my cheeks and held me tightly for more time then normally he used to.

My body was pressed against his and I felt current going through my body. He then took me to sitting room holding me by my nude waist. We sat on the sofa close to each other. He asked me as to what will I like to have and we decided on Bacardi and made two drinks and we started sipping the same. The atmosphere in the room was a little quite as we both we a little shy to start any topic. Then Randip only started by saying that I am looking very sexy in this saree.

As I bend forward to keep the glass on the my pallu slipped and fell down and my breasts were popping out. He looked at them and commented that my tits are the best he had ever seen. I blushed and tried to cover them but he caught my hand said that if I wear such a sexy blouse then what is the need of covering it with my saree and told me leave it like that. I smiled at him and asked him if his attention were clear. He also laughed and said that yes they are as clear as yours and we both laughed to this.

Randip then asked me as to how do I like the gift he gave me in the morning. I said told him that it was really very good and fitted me very well. I then asked him that how did you know my size, he smiled and told that he had a good feel of my boobs that night when I helped him to cum at our house. I smiled and told him that was a very nice time we had and our secret will remain a secret. I told Randip that I was wearing the bra and panty that he gave me and it is very comfortable.

Randip then told me that he wanted to see the fitting of the bra and panty. I was a little shy and a little scared to show him that because I was at his house and thought some one may come there and finding me in that state may lead to some problems and also told him that. He assured me that no one will come there and this will also remain our secret as the previous ones. I thought for some time and asked him that I hope it is just seeing me in that bra and panty and nothing more then that.

Randip smiled at me and said that from his side its just that and if I say so it can be more then that too. I also smiled and said please give me another drink so that I can gather some courage to open my cloths. He poured two drinks for both of us and I started sipping my drink. When it half finished he again told me to go ahead. I smiled at him and said ok wait let me finish then drink. He got up and put on some soft English music and in the mean time I also finished my drink and now I felt quite relaxed about the whole thing , & decided to play along a little bit. I slowly pulled my saree paloo down onto my waist & sat there, my blouse had a low neckline cut as I told earlier & my cleavage was pretty prominent & my breasts were sort of seductively visible. I sat like that for a few minutes & tried as if to show my bra shoulder strap. I glanced at Randip and he was watching transfixed with a very focused look, I slowly pulled out the strap of my bra and showed it to him.

He then said not to show my bra in that manner. I got the message & then hesitated a bit & then thought , might as well & with him watching I slowly got up send stood a little distance from him and began to unbutton my blouse, halfway through I spread open the blouse to show him the red bra and Randip, in a hoarse & choked voice asked me to open it further. I slightly hesitated thinking if some one comes over then what will I do but then thought, might as well do it only once & started opening the rest of the hooks of the blouse slowly and totally unhooked my blouse & spread it open for him to get a good view of my breasts in the sexy bra. It was actually a " loveable " bra with a good provocative cut and Randip said in a soft and emotion filled voice " they are really beautiful" and I actually blushed at this and felt quite proud then .

I let him stare at my bra and breasts , slowly feeling a thrill about it myself. He did not budge from his seat and as he promised he was content on just watching me. My saree paloo was on the ground and my blouse was fully open and I held it open for him to see my bra and the tits in them.

Then he told me that why don’t u remove the blouse and keep it aside other wise your hands will get tired holding it. And becoming a little bolder now and also the effect of the drinks was there on me, I slowly removed my blouse and pulling it off my shoulders I dropped it on the seat next to me. I felt awkward and also thrilled at my so willingly exposing myself to a man who was also my husband’s best friend. This was the first time I had ever exposed to a man like this in full light my tits trapped in a bra were now exposed to a Randip who was looking at the, with his mouth dry.

By then I never felt threatened or pressurized with him and walked around the room without my blouse on . He asked to see my panty now and instead of trying to remove my saree , I then simply pulled it up to sort of mid thigh to show my fair panty to him and felt a thrill about it. He asked me to repeat it and I again pulled up my saree, this time a little higher and when every time his request was repeated , I would oblige , pulling my saree further up till he could see the red panty presented by him as well . By then I was feeling very comfortable about the whole thing.

Then he told me that why don’t you remove your saree so that I don’t have to lift my saree every time I had to show him panty. I was also getting bolder by now and was much more relaxed then I was when I first removed my blouse and slowly removed my saree and kept it on the sofa where I had kept my blouse and then after a little while and on his persistent requests of " please remove your petticoat " I actually pulled the string of the petticoat and let it drop on the flood and stepped out of it and showed my fair, slim and shapely legs. Now was in a red bra and lacy panty. I also felt that I was getting wet in between my legs. I went to the table where I had left my glass and told that I am going to refill my glass and he told me to make a drink for him also.

I went close to him and picked up his glass too, he was just staring at my boobs. I turned my back to him and moved to the bar to make a drink for both of us. Took my time thinking that he must be looking at my back and wanted to tease him more. After some time and heard standing behind and to my surprise I felt his body touching my back and I was surprised to feel that he had removed his cloths and I could feel his nude chest and legs touching mine. A shiver ran down my spine as his body touched mine.

Then he moved his hands in front to help me fix the drinks and in doing so he brushed his hands on my breasts, I also let him do it as it was really very arousing. Then he moved more closed pretending to fix a drink and now I could also feel his half erect cock against my hips. I was really getting turned on and then the effect of the drinks was also having its effects. I was as good as being in his arms. When the drinks were made he moved back and then I noticed that he was wearing his under wear and rest was totally nude.

He smiled at me and told that how could he be in cloths when I was in just a bra and panties. I too smiled and said hope your intentions are clear. He smiled and said that they were as clear as yours.

Then he told me that he will be blessed if I could remove my bra and showed him my beautiful breasts and that he was sure that he had never seen any thing like this in his whole life. I felt a pride in what he said and than decided to open my bra. But before that I told him to switch of some lights as I was feeling shy of opening my bra as I had not done it in front of any one till date. He agreed and switched few lights but the light was enough to my tits clearly.

I stood in front of him and slowly took my hands behind my back to unhook the bra. His eyes were fixed on my bra and was waiting desperately for the bra to open he was transfixed with a very focused look. I unhooked the bra and very slowly left the straps as the straps got released my boobs came to full size as they were caged in the bra but were still covered by the bra from the front and were not visible to
Randip. His mouth half opened in anticipation of seeing my boobs I was really getting very exited at what I could do to a man.

Then he told me to please remove the bra fully so that he could se my beautiful boobs. I slowly took my hands to the straps on my shoulders and pulled then down on the side of arms thereby slowly exposing my lovely and shapely boobs to Randip. I let the bra drop to the floor and my boobs were in his full view with my nipples erect. I just stood there like that and he just kept staring at my tits as if he had never seen any tits in his life. I felt a proud of my body. I become a little more bolder and slowly walked topless in my red panties to him .

He just sat on the sofa in front of me and did not budged from his seat & was very content just watching me . Now I was just in my panties & totally topless & in spite of myself enjoying , what I was doing . Also, with him being a passive watcher, I was quite comfortable as I could have been undressing at home, for that matter. When I glanced at Randip

I was surprised to note that he had opened his underwear and had withdrawn his cock & was slowly stroking his erection . I was taken aback because this was the first time I was seeing a cock in real life other then sameer’s though I had held his cock but that was in darkness. He seemed to be in such a heavenly trance , stroking his erect cock , that I did not say anything or show some discomfort , though it was a new & unexpected dimension, in fact I slyly looked at his cock quite closely and was impressed with it's size which did appear pretty large then what I had seen of my husband and in some of the blue films I had seen. I was now enjoying myself, sort of posing for him. I was still topless & on an impulse, to just stand in front of him, sort of naked, with just my red skimpy panty on.

I turned around for him to see my buttocks etc and sort of just walked around the place , with just my high heels on & my red panty, Randip was quietly and intently watching me doing all this and still stroking his erect monster of a cock. This sort of gave me a sense of satisfaction . I was enjoying my bout of exhibitionism. He indicated me to pull my panty off and I for the first time really felt shy and avoided doing so. He pleaded again and I then turned around to show my buttocks and pulled my panty down and displayed my fair and soft buttocks to him and then pulled my panty back up.

I heard Randip sighing loudly , and I looked at him . He was stroking his cock furiously now and I watched him fascinated and when he slightly leaned forward , his eyes staring at me like in a trance. He once again told me to pull down my panties and remove it. I was totally exited and wanted do the dare so I slowly pulled down my panty and it fell down on the floor and I slowly stepped out of it. I was totally nude now and there were so many ohhhh’s and ahhhh; coming from Randips’s mouth which really exited me more.

He slowly got up and let his underwear drop on the floor and he too was totally nude and now his cock was looking even bigger. He slowly came near me and took me in his arms. He held my face in both his hands and turned it up towards his face. I closed my eyes as my lips parted and my hands came to rest on his hips as Randip bent down and kissed my honey sweet lips. My hands soon grabbed him from behind in tight embrace. Randip lifted his head and looked at me. I quickly hid my face on his shoulder, my eyes evading his every glance. Randip held me from my back and tightened his grip on me, crushing my beautiful firm breasts hard on his chest.

A soft sigh escaped from my mouth. Randip said that why are you still hiding your face from me as I was feeling shy and my face looked red as it was when I saw my husband nude and he took me in his arms. Randip asked me as to why are you feeling shy of me and hiding your face from me. I said that you are the first man other then my husband who has ever taken me in his arms and kissed me and I love my husband like anything.

Randip stroked my hair for a few moments; quite aware of the delicate situation that I was in. Then Randip moved me away from him and again placed his lips on mine. This time it was a real passionate one. I could now feel his tongue go in side my mouth for which I opened my mouth a little more and after some time even I put my tongue in his mouth and it looked a perfect French kiss. My hands slowly rising from his back to his head, my fingers running through his hairs. Randip was moving his hands all over my back. His hands moved down to my waists and as he grabbed my buttocks, my grip tightened on his back.

Randip slowly moved his hand upwards sliding through my hips, up my belly and then cupped my breast. I was now going weak in my legs. And Randip supported me from my back as he began squashing my sexy, firm and full breast. I broke free of his lips and began to push him away from me. I said Randip I think we are crossing the limits and Randip said that its ok and we are just keeping each other happy. I said that we just started with flirting with each other and look where we have reached now. Randip said that the way you used to dress up in at home and show your beautiful tits to me in front of your husband turned me on and when we had that few minutes in that washing room where you helped me to cum that day changed every thing and we both had the desire to have each other. So don’t feel guilty and lets enjoy life as you live only once.

Then Randip quickly held my hand and pulled me towards him, grabbing me and kissing me fervently. I too submitted myself completely to Randip and again held him firmly. Things began to cool down a bit as he let my lips go. I stood there, my eyes gazing at him lustfully . The desire was no longer a mystery to the both of us.

Randip again gently began to stroke my hairs and kissed me softly, pecking occasionally on my lips. His hands moved down on to my breasts, rubbing them softly. Randip enjoyed my breasts for a few moments and then I could see fell that I began to tremble as he bent down to kiss my breast then sat on his knees and kissed my triangle. When he kissed me there I said ohh god ahh. He then got up and took me in his arms and my big and firm boobs were pressed against his naked and hairy chest.

His hands were moving on my back till my butt and I also took him in my arms and my hands were also moving up and down. He admired my boobs and put his hand on it and started pressing it, then he kissed me on my lips his tongue in my mouth and I sucked it and then his tongue rolled down my neck, onto my breasts grabbing my one nipple in his mouth. He began to suck it slowly at first and then gently increasing it as my sexuality began to rise at my peak. He sucked it hard until it was swollen red. I was now like a bitch on heat, my pelvic thrusting on his dick.

As he sucked me hard his hand freed her pressed the other breast and began to maul me. I arched backwards enjoying every moment of his licking and caressing of my breasts. He was enjoying me with as much vigor as he could. Then a moan escaped my mouth and I said ohhhhh god you suck them so hard it feels sooooo good. They have never been sucked so hard I love it. My breasts were fully exposed to him tugged, I closed my eyes put my hands on Randips’s head and pulled him to my boobs and he once again started sucking both my boobs turn by turn. I kept on moaning now a little louder.

He left my boobs and took me in his arms my breasts were now crushed to his naked chest. I was sure he could feel the contour of my well-shaped breasts as well as the soft touch of my erect nipples. His hand went straight through my hairs as we again cuddled each other in a feverish kiss. I had become so exited that my pelvic were once again thrusting on his dick which I could feel it on my stomach and it was very hard and hot, the pre cum was oozing from the tip of his cock and I could feel the wetness in my stomach. His hand began to grope my breast for a moment and then it began to slide down over my belly. He found my navel and teased her there for some time.

He then slithered down to the most sensitive part of a girl. Barely had his fingers been on my triangle that my hand came flying out of nowhere and grabbed his hand. "No." I said in my soft and sensual voice. He said why not and I said I don’t know but I am feeling guilty.

He took me in his arms and said please don’t worry its ok and we both us are enjoying this and I will not come in between you and you husband and we also love each other, so if we love each other then there is nothing wrong. Saying this he started kissing me and I also responded by taking him in my arms and her hands were all over his back and his head. My pelvic again thrusting on his cock and his cock was looking bigger now.

I could feel that I was melting now. And Randip was not the one to miss this opportunity and so his hand began to slide down. This time I held his hand but soon let go of his hand as I too could not hold it for any longer. Randips’s hand reached my triangle and as he further moved down he could feel my soft and well shaved area, which he played for some time and then as his fingers went further down a shudder ran through me and I shivered as his fingers ran over her wet clits.

A subtle groan came through within me as he inserted his finger into my cunt. It was dripping wet. I jerked my body and began to moan like an a****l. He said to me that you are very tight. I again blushed. Randip took my hand and placed it on his on top of his cock. It was by now hard as a rock. I grabbed it in my delicate hand, my soft fingers encircling it from the center. Randips’s finger was moving in my cunt now as I was groaning louder.

Then he took my hand and told me to move it up and down the shaft of his dick. As I moved my hand up and down I said ohh my god! It's so big and thick." and I blushed. Randip said "then quench its fire with your nectar of love." he replied cunningly. "Oh, god! No. Please! No." I pleaded and buried my head in his chest. His lightly pressed my clitoris and then I was at it again. His hand and finger were doing wonders, that I started groaning again. I slowly began to move his dick back and forth my thumb caressing the tip of his penis' head.

We fondled each other for quite sometime and then he told me to take his cock in my mouth. I repulsed and said that its so big and I can never take it in my mouth, it will never fit in my mouth and I said that I has never done it to any one else other then her husband. He made me sit on the sofa and he was standing in front

Facing me. Now I could see his cock which was still in my hand clearly as it was just inches away from my face. I was surprised to see its size. It was really very big cock. My husband’s size was less then 6 inch and very thin but Randips’s cock

Was very thick and big. Must have been 8 inch plus. His cock was right in front of my mouth and he again told to take it in my mouth. I once again said no please no I cant its so big. It had a big purple knob which was double the size of my husband and then the shaft of his cock was even thicker. I was just wondering that how could a girl take in such a big cock. But after coxing a few times I went down on my knees. I pulled his cock down in front of my face and then released it, it sprang up like an angry lion to its full length and jumped in front of me. I grabbed it in my delicate hand, my soft fingers encircling it. I examined it thoroughly from all angles and said appreciatively, “you are endowed with a real monster, big and thick.

My lips parted as I moved forward to take his penis in my mouth. My tongue wriggling his cock. And I slowly started licking the complete shaft up and down. I now began to enjoy it. And opened my mouth wide and put his cock head in my mouth and sucked him in. I was very good at giving blow jobs and really turned Sameer on when I did it to him. I started by stroking his member gently, to and fro and my mouth was filling with saliva, which started dripping down my chin and on to my boobs. I sucked hard and sometimes a slurping sound escaped from my mouth, which was strangely very erotic.

I moved my head back and forth and began to suck at the same time. My tongue was licking every part of Randips’s huge cock. I was now sucking his juices right out of his body then Randip took out his penis from my mouth before he could ejaculate.

Randip pushed me back on the sofa and said that I want to lick you down there. I did not say anything and threw my head back on the sofa and closed my eyes. Randip took this hint as yes, he came and sat in front of me he held me from my waist and tried to pull me towards him so that he could lick me.

To my amazement as well to Randips’s I actually helped him get my self closer him by lifting my hips and moving to the edge of the sofa. He folded my naked legs and spread them. My both legs were now on the arm rest of the sofa and cunt wide open. His hand soon grabbed my knee of the raised foot and began to slide down. My pussy now lay bared to him, cradled in the nest of my well shaved pubic hairs. Lying there waiting for Randip to discover it. Randip kissed me on my thighs and his tongue soon began to explore the clandestine parts of me. Am sure Randip could now smell my feminist odor. His tongue then began to graze on my clits.

I grabbed him by his hair and began to push him, deep inside me. His tongue ravaged the insides of my pussy and he began to taste hungrily at my juices. "Shittt!" I exclaimed as both my legs began to curl up in position.

I pushed him more inside and he almost suffocated. His mouth was inside me, his tongue dwelling inside tasting my fluid and stroking what was my g-spot. I was dying as I had never been licked down there by my husband for a very long time and more over Sameer never licked me as Randip was doing. I was nearing a climax and started moaning like a a****l. When I had cum I let go a loud scream which could have woken up the neighbors. He pushed himself up on my belly and his tongue began to play with my navel. I had her hands over his back imploring him to get back to my wet orifice. Randip did as I wanted and started licking again as I wanted another orgasm. He kept on doing this till the time I started moaning loudly and my body was shivering.

My head started tossing form right to left and I griped the arm rest of the sofa tightly and my moans were getting louder and breath harder again. Then suddenly I thrust my hips up in the air and this gave Randip a chance to put his tongue deep inside my cunt. It was darting in and out of my cunt very fast. I knew I was is going to come any time now. And then I let out another loud scream, threw my head back and my chest came up, my breast up in the air like two peaks.

My body stiffened for some time then a loud ahhhh escaped my mouth and I came down to the sofa. A smile on my face said every thing and I said you are too good Randip, I never enjoyed it so much.

Then Randip said lets go to the room and make love and you will enjoy it even more there. I said "you really don't mean to put that thing into me, do you?" I asked rather coyly. Randip said "yes honey, and you and me are going to enjoy every bit of it.". "Jesus!!! Save me." I moaned and closed my eyes and then said “Randip I cant do it, I can never take that monster inside me. Please Randip no I cant do it’.

Randip got up lifted me in his arms and moved towards his room, which was his bedroom when he as carrying me in his arms to the room I was protesting to radip. I was still saying that I cant take it in Randip please don’t do it. Randip was in no mood to listen to me now as he was getting a female after a very long time.

As we reached the room he put me on the bed. Randip said to me "don't worry sweet heart it will be pleasurable." he assured me. Gently running his fingers through my hair. Then he went to the dressing table and got a tube of key jelly and started applying it on his huge cock and then he put a lot of it on my cunt and massaged it there.

Randip then came to the bed near me and slowly spread my legs and as he was doing it I felt a shiver run down my spine as I was still scared of that cock of his but heart in heart I want to have in my tight cunt. He came in between my legs and positioned himself on top of me in between my legs and his cock was close to my wet and lubricated pussy and he was ready to fuck me tight cunt. All this time he was gently stroking my hair to pacify. I bit my lip as his huge cock touched my clits and parted them and my hands came over his hips as he slowly entered me.

"Ohhh!!! You are so tight." he said as he gave a bit more f***e . My body arched and I threw back my head lifting up my chest. He took my nipples in his mouth and started sucking them hard. Randip then slowly pushed his hips and his huge purple head of his cock was almost inside my cunt. "Unnnhh!!! Nooo." I yelled and said please Randip take it out its too painful and I cant take it in.

Randip said that I have never had pussy so tight as yours and I can feel my dick burn as my head of cock entered you. I said that even I never thought that a cock could be so big as yours and my husbands cock is not even half your size. Randip said that that’s why your cunt is so tight cause he has not fucked you enough.

The head was now fully inside her. He kept on stroking my hair and interchanged my nipples and sucked them and occasionally kept kissing me. I began to wriggle like a snake trying desperately to escape from the eagle's claws. I said please enough don’t put in more I cant take it. But Randip was in no mood to listen to me. Randip made a strong move and f***ed his huge cock deep inside me and half of his cock was now inside my tight cunt. I yelled and screamed and said no, please Randip its hurting me. I began to plead. My pleading only made him hornier as he began to again thrust his cock deep into me.

I began to shout and moan in pain and another loud aahhhhh nooooooooooo escaped my mouth. He placed his hands on under my shoulder and grabbed me tightly so that I could not move at all and also put his complete weight on my body. Randips’s mouth went over mine and he took out his cock till the tip of his cock and again thrust his cock into my cunt with a very hard push. This time I threw my head back and yelped. "Aaaaagggh!" and Randips’s cock was now fully inside my cunt. I once again screamed loudly this time. But there was no once to hear my screams in his house with just me and Randip alone in the house. My screams echoed through the house.

My vaginal lips were stretched to its limit, now he was forcing the inner walls of my vaginal canal to stretch to accommodate him. I dug my nails in his back and tried my best to push him off but he was very strong and did not move off me. I was babbling incoherently and moaning loudly at the same time. My face was all sweated and in almost agony. Randip held me like that for some time kept kissing me and I said Randip you almost killed me. Its so painful. You have bust my cunt and made me fell like a virgin again.

Randip grabbed my mouth with his and kept mauling my breasts. My hands came over his back and I was now nailing his back and biting his lips. He entered me deep inside as my paws encircled his back, guiding him inside me. Randip said that you are very tight. I said that now I will not be tight any more. Randip ’s prick began to thrust inside me, back and forth, first slowly and then vigorously. I too began to move my hips along with him. I was having an orgasm.

Randip licked me face, my ears and my nipples and then I could feel a storm brewing inside me. In his excitement, Randips’s cock slid out completely from my cunt. It looked even bigger now with his huge purple knob at the tip. His penis shining with both from the key jelly and with my juices. Now that he was out of me he again applied some key jelly over his shaft and pulled a pillow beneath my hips. He again opened my thighs apart and I didn’t resist anyway, as he again mounted me. He came over me and impatiently began prodding my loins with his penis. He was taking a long time to center because my cunt was still very tight and my hand emerged in between our groins, held his penis and guided it over to my wet vagina.

Slowly he again gained entry into my cunt. Once fully inside, he again started humping me, slowly at first and then furiously. I was calling out his name and pulling at his chest hair, I was wild. In a short while he began thrusting inside me rapidly and after some time I moaned loudly and there were a lots of ahhhhhh and uuuuhhhhhhhh from me as I was coming and when I did come, loud scream came out of my mouth and followed by a loud aaaaaaaaaahhhhh. My body went stiff under Randip for a while, my eyes rolled back and I gave a deep, satisfied sigh. We both held each other tight and Randip increased his speed as he made his final f***e inside my pussy.

Moments latter he ejaculated inside me and erupted his hot load deep into my cunt. I felt his thick warm cum shooting deep into my cunt. Wads and wads of thick warm cum shot into my vagina. He collapsed on my breasts with his penis buried in my cunt, his cum dribbling out from my vagina running down my thighs. He was perspiring and hugged me tight. I kissed him hard…tears in my eyes… what a fuck I had. I liked him lying on me…his huge penis buried deep in my cunt and filling it up and his cum never seemed to be stopping.. His cum continued to be pumped into my vagina.

Like a possessed woman I kissed him with wanton lust. After some time I felt his penis swelling and getting hard inside my cunt. My god….it was amazing. His penis becoming hard within few minute. He smiled at me. “Again?” He questioned me 'now baby…it will be my way' he said. He told me to get into doggy position and I quickly turned over and got on fours on the bed and thrust my bottoms out presenting my pussy to him. Needing no instructions, Randip grabbed my hips and held me by my waist. He positioned his huge cock head near my cunt lips and rubbed his cock head along the slit up and down. It was such a good feeling when he rubbed his cock on my slit that I was moaning with pleasure and as I could not hold any longer I yelled to him and said ohh Randip fuck me, fuck me like a bitch.

With a powerful lunge he thrust his penis into my cunt. I moaned out loudly in extreme pain and erotic pleasure as I felt his thick long penis forcing its way into my cunt. I went silent and then started panting wildly as he held my hips and was fucking me steadily long slow powerful thrusts.

He had complete control of my entire body now and was fucking steadily. His arms were now around my back and his hands were squeezing my nipples gently. I let out little moans as the fucking became more and more furious. My moans became screams, louder and louder. I was the only one in the world and didn't care about anything but the monstrous penis I was being impaled by. My tits bounced up and down with every up-thrust of his dick. 'Oh my god! It's sooo big!! Fuck me, fuck me!!!' Randip then pushed me forward! On my huge heaving breasts, propped my ass on top of a pillow and began to go to fuck me earnestly..

He was like a man possessed. He shoved the entire length of his cock into me time and again. Thrusting in and out non-stop. This must have gone on for at least five minutes. All the time I screamed for more. He was squeezing my nipples and the pain of the nipples coupled with the pain of my stretched cunt made me buck into his thrusts.. 'Aaaaaaagg ggggggg ggghhhhhhhh' I moaned out in pleasure.

I was on the verge of cuming and I started shouting and screaming. He got the hint that I was about to cum and he took his one hand to my clits and started rubbing that fast. I said, yaaa fuck me Randip fuck me hard aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I was coming fuck me aaaahhhhhhhhh and I climaxed.

I clamped down my cunt onto his penis and collapsed onto the bed. I felt Randip pulling my legs down the bed and pushing me on my face down to the bed. His rock hard cock was still standing like a pole. He then began kissing my back and was gently massaging and squeezing my labial lips with his hands. I glanced over my shoulder and noticed that the huge penis head was swelling up to it's enormous proportions. I felt Randip push the top of my back forward and spread my legs as he prepared to mount me the third time with his big dick. I grabbed the bed and anticipated the monster. 'Oooooh!' I moaned as he shoved it in me once again. His hands grasped my hips and worked it in and out of my tender little pussy.

My vagina was aching and paining. I don't think you can ever get used to something that big entering you. He started to fuck me harder and harder as I was being pushed against the bed. My body lay limp as Randip thrust his giant cock into me.

He grabbed me by my waist and started pounding his love machine deep into me .I came about three times during Randips’s this intrusion. It took him longer, but when he finally climaxed, he came as f***efully as he had earlier. He kept pumping his warm cum in me. My god, it never seemed to stop. When he pulled out of my pussy, the thickness of his manhood caused it to remain gaping open for a time; the mixture of his cum and my juices trickled out and puddle atop the silken sheets. Lowering my legs, he collapsed on the bed and pulled my back in against him; wrapping my in his arms.

Several minutes passed before either of us spoke; both preferring to savor the post-coital moment. I said, taking his hand in mine and kissing it. "I’ve wanted to do this since that first day I saw you as a newly wed bride also knew that Sameer was not fucking you very well ," replied Randip.

They both of us went to the bathroom. We both had bath together and came out. Randip lifted me and put me on the bed. I just rolled over with my hips up and relaxed. Randip said sweetheart will you have another drink I said why not. He made drinks for both of us and also ordered lunch for both of us. When came to the bed I turned to face him and I saw his half limp cock dangling between his legs and it still looked very big..

As he came to me I took him in my arms and we started having Bacardi from the same glass. I kissed him and said that this is the best sex I have ever had in my life. Randip said that I am very tight and I blushed and said I that you are too big and I could never think that your cock could enter me. We kept having Bacardi and then I told him that did you not stop when I was crying and screaming, he said that my screams made him even more hornier and to top it I had not seen or had a cunt so tight so I could not control myself. I told Randip that you cum so many that I could not believe that a man can cum so much. Randip said I wish you had tasted my cum. I told him that I have already tasted it when I had helped you masturbate that night as you had cum on my hand. After that I went to the bathroom and licked every drop on my hand and it tasted very nice.

He took me in his arms and we both started kissing each other. After some time he started getting a hard on and I took the lead this time and took his cock in her mouth and started sucking him hungrily till the time it was fully erect. Then he went down on me and started licking me till I got a climax. Then we did 69 position and I was finally ready to get fucked. This time again he used key jelly to lubricate me and his cock so that it was not painful for me. And when he entered me, I let out a loud ahhh again and said its still painful. So Randip put his cock in slowly till I could get used to it. I had 3 climax this time and finally Randip came inside me.

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Ashley & Derek have fun after a night at the b

Ashley and her friend Derek were at the bar having some drinks after work and had been playing pool for a while now.

Ashley was shooting and she only had to sink the 8-ball. Bending over the table she lined up her cue. Derek stared at her ass, her tight jeans showing it off. She struck the white ball. It smoothly rolled to the 8-ball and tapped it into the corner pocket.

"YES! I win again!" Ashley said with a huge grin.

"You just got lucky." Derek smugly replied.

"Oh yeah? We should have another game then."

"We should make this one interesting then." Derek had a sly look on his face.

"What did you have in mind?" Ashley asked.

"Well, to be blunt Ash, I was thinking a rather steep bet." A curious look spread across Ashley's face.


"Well," Derek put an arm around Ashley and whispered into her ear. "If I win, I get to use you however I want."

Ashley looked at him. "However you want?"

His hand moved down her back and he squeezed her ass. "However I want."

"What do I get if I win?"

"What do you want?"

Ashley thought for a minute.

"You become my slave for next weekend." Ashley grinned.

"Really? What kind of slave?" Derek asked with a grin.

"I'm helping my friend Rachel garden next weekend and we could use a big strong man for heavy lifting." She started laughing.


Ashley's left eyebrow raised a bit. "You're serious?"

"Of course I am." He stared into her eyes.

Ashley thought for a minute. "Alright, we've got a bet, but I break."

"Alright." Derek went to the far end of the table and set up the balls. Ashley chalked the end of her cue, she aimed her cue.

"It's not too late to back out." Derek teased.

"You should be more worried about yourself." She struck the ball sending it into the rest of them, s**ttering them along the table.

Derek moved around the table to line up his shot. "You're in trouble now Ash." He lined up and shot and sunk the 1-ball.

"Whoopie, you sunk one. Just you wait til I shoot again." Derek lined up again and sunk two balls.

"Stop being so lucky Derek." Ashley teased. Derek smiled and sunk another ball.

Ashley was starting to get worried, he wasn't missing a shot. She watched him lined up again, another ball sunk. He only needed to get the four and the six then he could sink the 8-ball.

Derek lined up another shot and sunk the four, then the six. Ashley swallowed hard. Derek began to line up his last shot. Ashley bit her lip.

Derek took his shot and the 8-ball went into the side pocket.

Ashley couldn't believe it. She only got to shoot once.

"You hustled me!" Ashley spat at him.

Derek smiled "Yeah... Yeah I did."

Ashley was stunned.

"Ash... if you don't wanna go through with the bet that's fine." Ashley looked at Derek. She did think he was cute, and loved his shaggy hair.

"I'll do it, a bet's a bet." They both smiled.

"Alright, let's get out of here." Derek paid for their drinks and they went outside.

"So what now, 'Master?'" Ashley giggled.

Derek looked into her eyes. "I think the first thing we're going to do is walk over to that small park down the street, and you're going suck me off."

"Are you serious?"

"Don't question me." Derek sternly said. He put his arm around her and they walked down the street and into the park.

"Let's head over to that tree." Derek pointed at dark tree and they started walking towards it.

"Take your shirt off, I wanna see your tits." Ashley brought her hands to the bottom of her shirt and slowly took it off. He looked at her breasts in her black bra. He reached his hands out and grabbed her breasts, squeezing them in his hands.

"You have some nice titties." Derek started kissing her cleavage and brought his hands to her back, searching for the clasp.

"It's in the front." Ashley giggled.

"Oh." Derek's hands came back to her breasts and gave them another squeeze, then did her bra. The cups fell away exposing her breasts to the cool night air, hardening her nipples.

Derek leaned over and began sucking on her tits again; he sucked on her nipples and lightly bit them. Ashley moaned in pleasure. Derek straightened up.

"Well, that's enough of that. Now get on your knees." Ashley did as she was told and got onto her knees. She noticed the bulge in his pants and licked her lips.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Derek asked. "Pull out my cock and start sucking it." Ashley began to undo his pants and she pulled them and his boxers down his legs, his cock bounding free of its constraints.

She took his cock in her hand and slowly started stroking it. She teased the tip of it with her tongue. She could feel herself getting wet.

Derek looked down at her. "Take my dick into your mouth." She looked up at him, then opened her mouth wide and moved her mouth down his cock.

She moved her head up and down his cock and a steady speed. She came off it and then licked down the underside of his cock until she reached his balls. She teased them with her tongue while she stroked him off. She sucked one of his balls into her mouth and then began to alternate between them.

She slid a hand down the front of her jeans and started to rub her wet pussy.

"Fucking hell Ash, you've gotta be a dirty slut if you can use your mouth that good, are you a dirty slut?" He asked her with a smile.

She released his balls from her mouth. "I'm a dirty slut." She then licked her way back up his cock and went back to sucking on it. She started to move a finger in and out of her pussy.

Derek grabbed Ashley's long brown hair and began to fuck her face. He brought her head down on his cock far enough to hit the back of her throat, causing her to gag.

"I'm almost ready to blow." Derek stared at Ashley while he f***ed her up and down his cock.

"Oh yeah slut, swallow my cum." Derek started to cum in Ashley's mouth. She tried to swallow as much as she could, but a little dribbled out of the side of her mouth. She brought her mouth off his cock and slid a finger up the trail of cum that dripped down her face and sucked the cum off it.

"Good girl." Ashley smiled wide. "Put your shirt back on, we're going back to my place." He then noticed that she was playing with herself and scolded her. "Take your hand out of there; I didn't say you could do that." Ashley slid her hand out of her pants. Derek pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and called for a cab while she dressed herself.

Ashley was antsy in the cab. Derek wasn't paying any attention to her. All she could think about was how wet she was, how much she wanted him to fuck her.

When they got to Derek's building they casually walked in and went up to his apartment. Derek opened the door and followed Ashley through it. He shut the door.

"Alright slut, strip." Ashley automatically began to take off all her clothes. She quickly took her shirt and bra off. Then slowly undid her pants and slid them down her legs. She then pulled off her black thong. She stood in front of him.

Derek picked her up and walked into the living room, he dropped her on his couch. Spreading her legs he started to kiss her pussy lips. Ashley let out a little moan.

"Goddamn you're a wet little slut aren't you?" He slid a finger into her pussy and started to suck on her clit. Ashley began to moan some more, she could feel herself getting close to cumming.

Derek stopped eating her out and took off his shirt revealing his flat stomach. Then pulled his pants off, showing off his hard cock.

He climbed on top of her and moved his cock to her pussy. He rubbed the tip along her wet slit teasing her.

"Do you want this cock?" He asked her looking into her lust filled eyes.


He smiled and slid his cock into her. He built a steady rhythm. Ashley was moaning in delight, she could feel herself on the edge of orgasm.

Finally it was too much for her. She tilted her head back and let out a loud groan. Derek stopped fucking her and climbed off.

"How was that?" he asked her. She just smiled.

"Do you want some more."


"I'll be right back." He stood up and walked off into his bedroom. He quickly returned with something in his hand. She looked at it and realized it was a tube of lube.

"What are you planning on doing with that?" She asked curiously.

"Well Ash, have you ever taken it up the ass?" He asked bluntly.

"No." She quickly responded.

"Well, I guess it's time for you to learn what it's like." He twisted the cap off.

"I don't think I wanna do that." Ashley said.

"Ash, you lost the bet, now you have to live with that."

"But I didn't realize you were going to do something to my ass."

"Well, you did agree to be used however I want, and I want your little asshole." Ashley bit her lip, she agreed to that.


"Good, now get on all fours. On the floor over here." She got off the couch and moved over to where he pointed, getting on her hands and knees.

He moved behind her and spread her cheeks. Taking the lube he squeezed some out down the crack of her ass, and then used his fingers to spread it over her asshole.

"How does that feel?" He asked her.


He smiled, then slowly he started to penetrate her hole with his finger. Ashley gasped and tightened her hole.

"You've gotta relax, it'll feel good." She tried to relax and he slowly slid farther in. He nearly pushed his whole finger in when he started to pull it out.

Ashley was starting to enjoy getting her ass fingered and let out a small sigh.

"Are you starting to like it?" Derek asked her.

"Your finger feels so good up my ass." Derek smiled and slid another finger into her ass. Ashley clenched her teeth.

After a couple minutes Derek pulled his fingers out of her ass.

"I think you're ready for the main event now slut." He spanked her.

"Yeah, please fuck me in the ass. I want to feel your hard cock up it." She knew she needed it; her pussy and ass were on fire.

Derek got behind her and began to rub his cock up and down her hole. Slowly he pushed inside. Ashley gasped and groaned with this new sensation; she could feel him slowly move inside her. He got all the way inside and began to pull out. He did this a couple more times so she could get used to it.

He started to speed up. She steadied her upper body with one hand and moved the other down to her throbbing pussy. She jammed two of her fingers into herself and moaned loudly.

Derek smiled. "Enjoying yourself?"

"Fuck yeah." She panted. Derek smiled and started to move faster, thrusting in and out of her. He started grunting and could feel himself getting ready to cum.

Lust had taken over Ashley's mind. She was on fire. All she wanted to do was cum and she was getting close.

Ashley screamed out. "OH FUCK! I'M CUMMING!" Her orgasm took over. Her asshole clenched down on Derek's cock, the new pressure was too much for him.

He started shooting his cumdeep in her ass.

Ashley could feel her ass being filled by Derek's cum and she loved it so much.

"How was that you little slut?" Derek asked.

"That was great."

"I knew you'd like it." Derek got up off the floor. "Do you want me to call you a cab?"

"Yeah." She answered while she stood up. "Where's your bathroom?"

"Through there." He pointed to a door with the phone as he dialed.

Ashley picked up her clothes and walked into the bathroom and cleaned herself up.

Before she left she asked if they could do it again some time.

"Yes I think we can bitch " Derek replied

And Every day from then they would be together fucking each other all day and after the first week Asley ended up moving in with Derek.... Continue»
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Ashley & Derek have fun after a night at the b

Ashley and her friend Derek were at the bar having some drinks after work and had been playing pool for a while now.

Ashley was shooting and she only had to sink the 8-ball. Bending over the table she lined up her cue. Derek stared at her ass, her tight jeans showing it off. She struck the white ball. It smoothly rolled to the 8-ball and tapped it into the corner pocket.

"YES! I win again!" Ashley said with a huge grin.

"You just got lucky." Derek smugly replied.

"Oh yeah? We should have another game then."

"We should make this one interesting then." Derek had a sly look on his face.

"What did you have in mind?" Ashley asked.

"Well, to be blunt Ash, I was thinking a rather steep bet." A curious look spread across Ashley's face.


"Well," Derek put an arm around Ashley and whispered into her ear. "If I win, I get to use you however I want."

Ashley looked at him. "However you want?"

His hand moved down her back and he squeezed her ass. "However I want."

"What do I get if I win?"

"What do you want?"

Ashley thought for a minute.

"You become my slave for next weekend." Ashley grinned.

"Really? What kind of slave?" Derek asked with a grin.

"I'm helping my friend Rachel garden next weekend and we could use a big strong man for heavy lifting." She started laughing.


Ashley's left eyebrow raised a bit. "You're serious?"

"Of course I am." He stared into her eyes.

Ashley thought for a minute. "Alright, we've got a bet, but I break."

"Alright." Derek went to the far end of the table and set up the balls. Ashley chalked the end of her cue, she aimed her cue.

"It's not too late to back out." Derek teased.

"You should be more worried about yourself." She struck the ball sending it into the rest of them, s**ttering them along the table.

Derek moved around the table to line up his shot. "You're in trouble now Ash." He lined up and shot and sunk the 1-ball.

"Whoopie, you sunk one. Just you wait til I shoot again." Derek lined up again and sunk two balls.

"Stop being so lucky Derek." Ashley teased. Derek smiled and sunk another ball.

Ashley was starting to get worried, he wasn't missing a shot. She watched him lined up again, another ball sunk. He only needed to get the four and the six then he could sink the 8-ball.

Derek lined up another shot and sunk the four, then the six. Ashley swallowed hard. Derek began to line up his last shot. Ashley bit her lip.

Derek took his shot and the 8-ball went into the side pocket.

Ashley couldn't believe it. She only got to shoot once.

"You hustled me!" Ashley spat at him.

Derek smiled "Yeah... Yeah I did."

Ashley was stunned.

"Ash... if you don't wanna go through with the bet that's fine." Ashley looked at Derek. She did think he was cute, and loved his shaggy hair.

"I'll do it, a bet's a bet." They both smiled.

"Alright, let's get out of here." Derek paid for their drinks and they went outside.

"So what now, 'Master?'" Ashley giggled.

Derek looked into her eyes. "I think the first thing we're going to do is walk over to that small park down the street, and you're going suck me off."

"Are you serious?"

"Don't question me." Derek sternly said. He put his arm around her and they walked down the street and into the park.

"Let's head over to that tree." Derek pointed at dark tree and they started walking towards it.

"Take your shirt off, I wanna see your tits." Ashley brought her hands to the bottom of her shirt and slowly took it off. He looked at her breasts in her black bra. He reached his hands out and grabbed her breasts, squeezing them in his hands.

"You have some nice titties." Derek started kissing her cleavage and brought his hands to her back, searching for the clasp.

"It's in the front." Ashley giggled.

"Oh." Derek's hands came back to her breasts and gave them another squeeze, then did her bra. The cups fell away exposing her breasts to the cool night air, hardening her nipples.

Derek leaned over and began sucking on her tits again; he sucked on her nipples and lightly bit them. Ashley moaned in pleasure. Derek straightened up.

"Well, that's enough of that. Now get on your knees." Ashley did as she was told and got onto her knees. She noticed the bulge in his pants and licked her lips.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Derek asked. "Pull out my cock and start sucking it." Ashley began to undo his pants and she pulled them and his boxers down his legs, his cock bounding free of its constraints.

She took his cock in her hand and slowly started stroking it. She teased the tip of it with her tongue. She could feel herself getting wet.

Derek looked down at her. "Take my dick into your mouth." She looked up at him, then opened her mouth wide and moved her mouth down his cock.

She moved her head up and down his cock and a steady speed. She came off it and then licked down the underside of his cock until she reached his balls. She teased them with her tongue while she stroked him off. She sucked one of his balls into her mouth and then began to alternate between them.

She slid a hand down the front of her jeans and started to rub her wet pussy.

"Fucking hell Ash, you've gotta be a dirty slut if you can use your mouth that good, are you a dirty slut?" He asked her with a smile.

She released his balls from her mouth. "I'm a dirty slut." She then licked her way back up his cock and went back to sucking on it. She started to move a finger in and out of her pussy.

Derek grabbed Ashley's long brown hair and began to fuck her face. He brought her head down on his cock far enough to hit the back of her throat, causing her to gag.

"I'm almost ready to blow." Derek stared at Ashley while he f***ed her up and down his cock.

"Oh yeah slut, swallow my cum." Derek started to cum in Ashley's mouth. She tried to swallow as much as she could, but a little dribbled out of the side of her mouth. She brought her mouth off his cock and slid a finger up the trail of cum that dripped down her face and sucked the cum off it.

"Good girl." Ashley smiled wide. "Put your shirt back on, we're going back to my place." He then noticed that she was playing with herself and scolded her. "Take your hand out of there; I didn't say you could do that." Ashley slid her hand out of her pants. Derek pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and called for a cab while she dressed herself.

Ashley was antsy in the cab. Derek wasn't paying any attention to her. All she could think about was how wet she was, how much she wanted him to fuck her.

When they got to Derek's building they casually walked in and went up to his apartment. Derek opened the door and followed Ashley through it. He shut the door.

"Alright slut, strip." Ashley automatically began to take off all her clothes. She quickly took her shirt and bra off. Then slowly undid her pants and slid them down her legs. She then pulled off her black thong. She stood in front of him.

Derek picked her up and walked into the living room, he dropped her on his couch. Spreading her legs he started to kiss her pussy lips. Ashley let out a little moan.

"Goddamn you're a wet little slut aren't you?" He slid a finger into her pussy and started to suck on her clit. Ashley began to moan some more, she could feel herself getting close to cumming.

Derek stopped eating her out and took off his shirt revealing his flat stomach. Then pulled his pants off, showing off his hard cock.

He climbed on top of her and moved his cock to her pussy. He rubbed the tip along her wet slit teasing her.

"Do you want this cock?" He asked her looking into her lust filled eyes.


He smiled and slid his cock into her. He built a steady rhythm. Ashley was moaning in delight, she could feel herself on the edge of orgasm.

Finally it was too much for her. She tilted her head back and let out a loud groan. Derek stopped fucking her and climbed off.

"How was that?" he asked her. She just smiled.

"Do you want some more."


"I'll be right back." He stood up and walked off into his bedroom. He quickly returned with something in his hand. She looked at it and realized it was a tube of lube.

"What are you planning on doing with that?" She asked curiously.

"Well Ash, have you ever taken it up the ass?" He asked bluntly.

"No." She quickly responded.

"Well, I guess it's time for you to learn what it's like." He twisted the cap off.

"I don't think I wanna do that." Ashley said.

"Ash, you lost the bet, now you have to live with that."

"But I didn't realize you were going to do something to my ass."

"Well, you did agree to be used however I want, and I want your little asshole." Ashley bit her lip, she agreed to that.


"Good, now get on all fours. On the floor over here." She got off the couch and moved over to where he pointed, getting on her hands and knees.

He moved behind her and spread her cheeks. Taking the lube he squeezed some out down the crack of her ass, and then used his fingers to spread it over her asshole.

"How does that feel?" He asked her.


He smiled, then slowly he started to penetrate her hole with his finger. Ashley gasped and tightened her hole.

"You've gotta relax, it'll feel good." She tried to relax and he slowly slid farther in. He nearly pushed his whole finger in when he started to pull it out.

Ashley was starting to enjoy getting her ass fingered and let out a small sigh.

"Are you starting to like it?" Derek asked her.

"Your finger feels so good up my ass." Derek smiled and slid another finger into her ass. Ashley clenched her teeth.

After a couple minutes Derek pulled his fingers out of her ass.

"I think you're ready for the main event now slut." He spanked her.

"Yeah, please fuck me in the ass. I want to feel your hard cock up it." She knew she needed it; her pussy and ass were on fire.

Derek got behind her and began to rub his cock up and down her hole. Slowly he pushed inside. Ashley gasped and groaned with this new sensation; she could feel him slowly move inside her. He got all the way inside and began to pull out. He did this a couple more times so she could get used to it.

He started to speed up. She steadied her upper body with one hand and moved the other down to her throbbing pussy. She jammed two of her fingers into herself and moaned loudly.

Derek smiled. "Enjoying yourself?"

"Fuck yeah." She panted. Derek smiled and started to move faster, thrusting in and out of her. He started grunting and could feel himself getting ready to cum.

Lust had taken over Ashley's mind. She was on fire. All she wanted to do was cum and she was getting close.

Ashley screamed out. "OH FUCK! I'M CUMMING!" Her orgasm took over. Her asshole clenched down on Derek's cock, the new pressure was too much for him and he filled her ass with his cum.

"How was that you little slut?" Derek asked.

"That was great."

"I knew you'd like it." Derek got up off the floor. "Do you want me to call you a cab?"

"Yeah." She answered while she stood up. "Where's your bathroom?"

"Through there." He pointed to a door with the phone as he dialed.

Ashley picked up her clothes and walked into the bathroom and cleaned herself up.

From this day they would see each other every day so fun and games and she always took his cum in her ass and pussy.... Continue»
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Fraudsters Punished 1832

May 27th 1832. Percy and Dilly married in Pennydelset church.
Chapter27. Sheila a*****ed and abused
"What have you been up to Jeremy?" Margaret called, "The police have arrived." They’d been together for two years and the west end of the old workhouse was converted into three spacious flats, two occupied by middle aged couples and one by a single lady of about Margaret’s age. Margaret and Jeremy decided to keep the entire east end of the house in as near original condition as possible in keeping with modern living requirements. These included the kitchen, workroom, punishment room, scullery and eight bedrooms for themselves and to offer ‘workhouse B&B accommodation’ and link it with women’s craft courses. For over a year, conflicts between architects, planning authorities and English Heritage who wanted the whole building kept more or less as it was, caused them major headaches. Then it was the builder’s turn to reek havoc with their peaceful life style. Finally it was all over and the Workhouse had taken on a new lease of life as a residential, upmarket home for seven people. Jeremy and Margaret kept the part they originally lived in, including the over large kitchen with its solid fuel cooker, the punishment room and the bedrooms and workrooms. All except the punishment room, were tastefully redecorated. At times when things were fraught with the house renovation problems and the tensions strained the relationship between the pair but Jeremy insisted they never go to bed angry with each other. When things were at their worst, sometimes they sat late trying to resolve their differences verbally and by cuddling and sexuality. Now, with the worst over, they could indulge themselves and go away for days at a time.
Margaret greeted the constable but it was the WPC with him that spoke. "Margaret Smith?" When Margaret acknowledged she went on, "I’m WPC Rachael Hanson and my colleague is PC John Miller. Sorry miss, but we have some bad news for you. Your father committed suicide this morning."
The news did indeed shock her but she couldn’t bring herself to mourn her brutal father’s death. "Why? How?" was all she could utter.
"He hung himself. We were about to charge him with a*****ion and grievous bodily harm and other offences against a young girl."
"How bad is the girl?" asked Jeremy, his arm around his partner.
"Badly beaten Sir. She’s had a traumatic time but won’t talk about it much."
Margaret shivered, "I can guess, I can guess. She was held prisoner, tied and whipped all over and ****d."
"You sound as if you have first hand experience of him." Rachael phrased it as a statement but anticipated an answer.
"Only for twenty-five years. But he’s dead now so don’t expect details."
Margaret had to formally identify the body and attend an inquest. The girl, a Sheila Johnson, was absent, still too shocked to talk and the counsellors made little headway. She’d left hospital and was again living with her mother. "Sheila," Margaret wrote, "You won’t know me but you may know of me. You may know too how I was made to suffer as you were but it was many years before I escaped. I know how you are suffering for I have suffered too. From c***dhood I was abused and mistreated and know only too well your feelings at this moment. Feelings you can’t share with anyone because of the shame and horror. Anyone that is, that has not been through it all. I went through the hell and have come out and have a life back again. Maybe I can help you. I needed someone to talk to. Someone who understood. By luck I found that person. Now I am offering to do the same for you. If you feel I can help by talking over our experiences, then ring me at the number above and perhaps we can meet somewhere, your place or mine, or someplace in town."
It was actually Sheila’s mother that rang inviting her over and who greeted her on arrival. "Sheila only half agreed to see you Margaret. She’s very worried but she knows more about you than she’s telling me. That I am sure of. I don’t know how she came to be mixed up with him. She s*******n and he’s well over fifty, or was."
The first meeting with Sheila was more a session of crying for both of them although Margaret, by listing some of the things her father had done to her as a c***d, did learn a little of what had been done to Sheila too. For a long time the girl just lay cradled in Margaret’s arms, sobbing quietly. Unfortunately each time she managed to get Sheila to talk a few words, so her mother popped in to see if everything was all right or to offer them tea. However, they did establish a rapport and Sheila agreed to come to the Workhouse for Sunday lunch. Mrs. Johnson wanted to come too but Margaret was adamant that she was not too. "I will get her to call you immediately after lunch and before I hope to start talking with her and again about four o’clock. Please don’t phone between those times. In any case I will get Jeremy to answer. If and when she starts talking, we will not want to be interrupted." Claire Johnson was a little put out by Margaret’s tone but agreed with reservations. Claire was after all, the girl’s mother and should be the one her daughter talked to, whereas Margaret was the daughter of the person who caused the problem. However, none of Claire’s cajoling or demanding had any effect on Sheila. She remained withdrawn and silent over what happened.
Lunch was a little strained. Sheila kept eying Jeremy with suspicion and only pecked at her food and the conversation was short and brief sentences. Afterwards Margaret packed Jeremy off into his study while she and Sheila sat on the couch. She put a match to the wood fire, not because it was cold but added a cheery glow and watching the flames has a hypnotic soothing effect on the mind.
When they were nicely settled with a second glass of wine, Margaret gave the girl a hug and started to relate a little of her own story particularly of her treatment as a c***d and early teenager. In doing so she hoped to gain Sheila’s confidence and get her to speak of her own experience. It took more than an hour and another glass of wine before the girl started to open up. When she did there was no holding her back.
"I went to a disco with a another girl and on the way suggested to her that I might go away with my boyfriend. My mother always seems so overbearing and even now I am s*******n, she wants to home by eleven. When I left that evening I shouted back at her, saying I would be home when I got home, and that would be sometime in the early hours of the morning. I saw my mother at the door shouting back as I got into my friend’s car.
At first the disco was great but then Dan, my boyfriend started dancing with one of his ex-girlfriends and left me out. I saw them leave together and followed and we had a big row. He left with her and I started walking home at about 2 a.m. The girl who brought me had already left as she thought I was with Dan.
About a mile from the village a car pulled up and your father, although I didn’t know it was him, jumped out and punched me in the stomach. Next thing I knew I was tied and gagged in the boot of his car. At his house he carried me into the bedroom, took of my jeans and knickers and threw me face down on the bed. I struggled, I really did, but he grabbed an ankle and fastened it to the bottom of one bedpost and then did the same with the other. He undid my wrists and although I tried to hit him, with my ankles held, he was far too strong and took off my little jacket, blouse and bra until I was completely naked. My wrists were then tied to a rope that goes under the bed so I was helplessly bent over the end of the bed."
"I know exactly the position," muttered Margaret, "I’ve spent many, many hours like that while he thrashed and ****d me."
"Now little girl," your father said, "I think you can guess a little of what is going to happen to you. But only a little." Then he grinned and I felt his hands feeling my crotch. "First though you are going to tell me who you are and why you’re out so late at night." I kept silent which I soon found was a mistake. There was a swish THWACK!! A few seconds later another swish THWACK!! I screamed at the pain. I screamed and screamed but he said no one would hear me. The old house had thick walls and was away from the others. I guessed which house it was although I didn’t know your father.
When I calmed a little he showed me the white plastic cane he used and told me how and where he would use it if I didn’t cooperate. I told him what he wanted to know and unfortunately related I had planned to go away with my boyfriend. He undressed while I was telling him. I saw his stomach and cock were all sort of scarred and he’d no hair around it but it was hard. It was grotesque."
"I thought the scalding would have put paid to that but no doubt the surgeons did a better job than they should have," Margaret commented.
"Take a good look Girlie. A woman did that but you won’t get the chance. I’m going to get my own back and you are going to suffer like I suffered. He then asked if I was a virgin. I wasn’t but hadn’t had much experience. "I’ll soon change that," he said, "I’ll train you like I did my Margaret. You can call me Daddy and by the time I’m ready to dump you in the river, you’ll be more experienced than the whores that parade along the quayside in town."
I pleaded with him but he hit me across the shoulders with the cane. "Listen Girlie," he growled, "I shall fuck you in every hole and do anything else I want with you. Object as much as you like but in the end this little cane, or the whip or the strap will make you do it. I’ll enjoy thrashing you too. Now let’s see what your cunt feels like around my cock." He ****d me and..."
"And he mauled and hurt your breasts at the same time." Margaret added for her, "And he utterly humiliated you by calling you a whore and a cunt and others things like that. All to make you feel dirty."
Crying Sheila nodded and then went on. "When he finished inside me, I was ordered to suck his cock clean. The scars looked worse when it was shrivelled up. I shook my head and refused so he gave my bum another four with the cane and told me to do it again. I did it but felt disgusted with myself that first time but after a few days of having to do that and worse I lost all sense of guilt.
My wrists and legs were released from the bed but I was spread-eagled under the bed and re-tied to each leg. He also gagged me so my moans didn’t disturb his sl**p. I didn’t sl**p at all but about nine o’clock he got out of bed and dragged me to the loo. He brought a strap with him. "Piss and shit," he said, "It may be your last chance for a while." All the while he stood in front of me with his hard cock almost touching my nose. I thought he’d want me to suck it again but it was worse than that. "Now Girlie, it time for drinkies. My piss goes into the loo via your body." I hardly comprehended what he said until he ordered me to open my mouth. It hardly went in before it gushed causing me to cough and splutter. A lot of it went over him, which made him very angry.
Hitting my face he shouted, "I told you to drink it bitch, not spew it all over me!" Grabbing my hair he dragged me to that pipe that goes above the doorway to the utility room. There was already a rope looped over it so I guessed it had been used before." Margaret nodded, remembering the times she’d been beaten in that doorway. "With the rope he pulled my arms above my head and then my feet were tied to rings each side of the door sill. I was completely helpless so I started screaming but that annoyed him too so he put one of his old socks in my mouth and bound it in with the other. "Time to tickle those titties of yours Girlie," he laughed as he swung the strap.
I thought the first blow would have burst my breasts like a balloon but all it did was flatten them. The pain was terrible. I thought I would pass out. I wanted to but didn’t. Again and again he hit them until I did fall u*********s. When I came too I was fastened over the end of the bed. He’d removed my gag and I cried and yelled into the blanket. The strap fell across my bottom and he ordered me to be quiet or he would strip the skin from my arse. I tried but the pain in my breasts was so awful it was difficult not to yell.
"Time to take your arsehole virginity Girlie," he crowed. I felt his thumbs push my bottom cheeks apart and then his cock was at my hole. "It’s going in one way or the other Girlie so either relax your arse and let it go in easy or I’ll ram it in hard and split you open. Pretend you are having a shit." I did and it did go in but oh God, how it did hurt."
"I know my love," Margaret soothed the crying girl, "I know only too well and I expected you were f***ed to clean him afterwards." Sheila nodded. "Go, on finish your tale. Get it off your chest."
"For three days, he used me in every way and every day some part of me was strapped or caned. On the Tuesday, I heard the police call making house to house enquiries but at the time I was fastened and gagged under the bed and they didn’t come in. Just asked routine questions as to his whereabouts on Saturday night and if he’d seen or heard anything untoward at that time. Your father of course lied and they left. Wednesday night was the first night I slept in his bed. I was tied of course but it made a change from the hard floor under the bed. I did sl**p better and your father too seemed in a little better mood. I had to submit to him as usual and had to drink his pee but he even gave me some breakfast. I ate it all as he’d given me little enough on the previous days.
Soon after he had a call on his mobile that pleased him. "I’ll be right over," I heard him say, "About half an hour." I was taken upstairs and told to get under the bed. He pushed me and I went face down whereas before I was always pulled under face up. It didn’t matter to him particularly as he was anxious to get away but it did mean my tender tits were against the hard floor. Once he’d left I noticed my right wrist wasn’t tied as tight as it usually was and by a bit of fiddling I found I could easily slide the loop up and down the bed leg. The bulbous knob thing at the bottom prevented it going right to the bottom though. Eventually, with much tugging and pulling and tightening the bit around my wrist, I got the loop to the floor. After many attempts, I was able to ignore the pain from the welts across my back and to use it to lift the bed just enough to slip the loop under the leg and free that hand. With the one hand free, even in the confined space I undid the left hand and then my legs. All of this must have taken several hours and I was very afraid he might return and catch me.
I’d not seen my clothes since I arrived so I wrapped my body in a blanket from the bed and fled from the house. I was almost too late. As I ran to the road a woman who I knew drove by and I flagged her down. I collapsed in her car. "Police Station Moira," I sobbed out. Hardly had I shut the door when his car turned the corner. He must have seen me as he followed us for a bit. Moira gave me her phone and said to dial 999, which I did. When your father saw me phoning, he turned back. Later he was found hanging in the woods. I think you know the rest of the story from the inquest and things."
Sheila snuggled sobbing quietly into Margaret’s chest. Distantly they heard the doorbell and moments later, Claire, Sheila’s mother burst into the room. "Is she alright? What have you done with her? What has she told you? Come here Sheila."
Sheila hugged Margaret tighter. "Sit down please, Mrs. Johnson. Jeremy’s voice in officer mode, cut through. "I’m sure Sheila will tell you if and when she feels the need. I’ll bring in some tea and then we can all have a quiet chat."
"Has she told YOU what happened?" Claire directed her attention to Margaret.
"Speaking levelly and quietly, Margaret responded, "Yes, she has. And before you ask, it is very confidential. Only if Sheila wishes you to know, will you be told. Now that she has told someone, she should start to get over it, but it is a slow process and it will need a lot of understanding on your part or whoever looks after her."
"Come here Sheila." Sheila shook her head and clung more tightly to Margaret. "It’s your fault Mrs. Saunders-Smythe. If you’d reported your father earlier this wouldn’t have happened."
"I’m Miss Margaret Smith. Yes, perhaps that is true, but also consider why your daughter wanted a weekend away from home with a boyfriend. It wasn’t just for sex."
"It was for freedom," Sheila spoke bitterly. "Freedom from orders. Freedom to do what I wanted with my life. If you really want me back, it will be with fewer restrictions. For the moment I want to stay and talk with my new friends and maybe learn how to get over the horror. I need someone to talk to, someone who won’t condemn me. Please mother let me stay and spend the evening here. I’m sure they will see me home later."
Disgruntled, Claire left with a parting shot. "Don’t be too late bringing her back."
In the next few weeks Sheila spent a lot of time at the Workhouse but gradually the visits became less frequent as the effects of her trauma lessened. In the following September she obtained a place in college and moved away and visited only in term time breaks.
"How would you like to become Mrs. Saunders-Smythe?" Jeremy asked when everyone had gone.
"Is that a proposal, Colonel Jeremy Saunders-Smythe?"
"It is. Although I hadn’t planned on asking you in an off hand way like this. I’ve been wanting to ask you for some time now but we seemed happy enough as we are."
"Well Colonel Jeremy Saunders-Smythe. I accept your proposal."
Henry Smith died intestate, and as Margaret was his only next of kin, the house, its contents and the car came to her. They were all sold. After the taxes were settled, Jeremy insisted she keep the money in an account of her own and they set up a joint account for household things. "For your peace of mind," he said, "If circumstances change, you’ll never need to be a bag lady again."
Chapter28. The Countess
"Read us one of the stories from your Journal Margaret please," Theresa begged. Theresa Harris and her husband Jim had bought the ground floor flat and were the neighbours they were most friendly with. Theresa and Margaret had hit it off immediately they met to discuss the renting of the flat and since moving in, they often went to town together or popped in to each other’s place for morning coffee. Jim and Jeremy also enjoyed each other’s company although they were from somewhat different backgrounds. For most of his adult life Jim had worked as a steward on cruise ships and it was on a cruise he’d met Theresa. "You wouldn’t believe how many women go on cruises just to get some extra cock," Jim told Jeremy when they were chatting one morning.
The relationship between the two couples might have stayed platonic had not three unrelated events occurred within the space of a month. When the rural post van arrived in the mornings Margaret or Jeremy would go out and greet him and often Jim or Theresa would collect theirs at the same time. Mail for the other two flats was delivered to the rear entrance. This particular morning there were two identical packages one for each. Nothing was said as both men took their package but each knew they belonged to the same adult book club. Later Jim asked, "Which book did you get Jeremy?"
"Lisa’s Life on the Plantation. And you?"
"Sent to Morocco." After a short discussion on the books during which each learned the books were read in bed with their wives, they agreed to swap books they had read. It was the first indication each couple had of the other’s sexual activity.
Later the same week, Theresa was in Margaret’s kitchen for morning coffee. "I hope Jeremy gets back soon, I wanted him to help turn the mattress and then I can finish making the bed." Margaret remarked.
"I can help with that, Margaret. It doesn’t take muscle. It’s just an awkward job to do on your own." The phone rang just as the pair entered the bedroom and Margaret returned downstairs to answer it. On the nightstand Theresa spotted the copy of Josiah’s Journal. Intrigued she picked it up and started to read and was engrossed when Margaret returned. Embarrassed at having been caught, she stuttered, "Sorry Margaret I shouldn’t have... It’s ruder than those books the men buy." Margaret laughed and agreed and the pair got on with the mattress and the incident passed over.
Late one evening a fortnight later, Jeremy was warming Margaret’s bottom with a strap as she lay naked along the bar in the punishment room when there was a knock at the door. It was Stephanie from the top floor flat. Fortunately he had his pyjamas on and his dressing gown was handy. "I’m sorry to disturb you Jeremy but I don’t have any power. When I came in and went to put the lights on, there was nothing. There’s light’s on downstairs."
I’ll get a torch and come and have a look. Probably the trip switch." He turned and called back to Margaret, "I’ll only be a few minutes." It was but every time he pushed the switch so it cut out again. "There’s a short somewhere," he told the woman. It turned out to be a loose connection in a table lamp she had bought but it took nearly half an hour to find and correct the problem.
Meanwhile Theresa and Jim returned home from an evening out, saw the door to Jeremy’s kitchen ajar, knocked and walked in. Margaret groaned in her gag, the pain from the bar was getting to be more than she wanted. Theresa and Jim walked through and were amazed and shocked at the sight. Removing the gag Margaret begged them to release her, which they did. Margaret, now in her robe, blushingly tried to explain. "It’s not what you might think. You might as well know. We sometimes do this before we go to bed and you know... Jeremy got called away."
"It’s alright Margaret," Theresa soothed, "Jim sometimes spanks me before we do it. I suppose the two boys are kindred spirits seeing they belong to the same book club."
Jeremy arrived back and seeing everyone in the kitchen stated, "Well I guess you know our little secret now. You can either shun us or continue as our friends."
"We’re still your friends Jeremy," Theresa said, "We do it too only we don’t have the facilities you have. Perhaps we should talk about our interests another evening because I’m sure Margaret needs some urgent attention." So it was they got together and not only discussed sexual matters but experienced them in a practical way. Both couple used the punishment room and the girl’s witnessed each other being strapped or caned and ‘****d’ afterwards by their partner. So far they hadn’t swapped but they all knew it wouldn’t be long before they did. Theresa had brought up the journal in the first discussion session and Margaret read the first ‘chapter’ to them. Subsequently she was asked to read more of it to put them in the mood at their little get togethers.
"Do read us one of the stories from your Journal Margaret please," Theresa repeated.
January 15th 1832
It was William Forsdyke who brought me two more women a little over a month ago now. They had come ashore from a ship that sailed from Latvia and, although well dressed, were penniless. The elder, a woman of thirty-two claimed to be a countess and to be travelling with her maid to set up residence in London. Their money had been stolen while on board ship and she accused the captain of the crime. However, the captain and the crew all claimed she had come aboard with barely enough money for the fare and at this stage no one could prove otherwise. At the docks the pair were set on the quayside with just their belongings and the captain rather maliciously suggested they ask for work at the Sailor’s Tavern, he knowing very well, it is really more of a brothel than a drinking house. One of William’s stevedores unloading the ship, reported the altercation to his employer and he persuaded them to come to the Workhouse.
"I am Countess Natasha Romeinikov and this is my maid..." She spoke a name which was almost unpronounceable to me but which sounded like a longer version of Myrna so we call her that. The Countess spoke quite reasonable english but her phrasing and accent were unmistakably foreign. Her voice was imperious and demanding and she began treating me as her servant. I took an instant dislike to her attitude and decided that having her flesh bared over the bar in the punishment room and warmed with the birch would soon inform her of her new status. Myrna spoke only a few words in our language although she seemed to understand a little. Both women were attractive, nineteen year old Myrna especially. Her figure was fresh and plump and my cock started to rise at the sight of her.
Despite my thoughts, I took them into the parlour and asked the Countess to explain her position. For once, it seemed she preferred to talk directly to me rather than Alice. Perhaps having witnessed Alice laying the strap across Charlotte’s bum before the four of us sat down to talk, may have had something to do with that. Still she treated me as a menial and very condescendingly told me a little of her background.
The gist of it was, she was the daughter of a merchant in Russia and he arranged a marriage for her to Count Romeinikov when she was fifteen and moved to his estate in Latvia. After five years she still hadn’t produced any c***dren for him so he banished her to a country home on the estate and took a mistress. He gave her sufficient allowance to run the house and its servants. She took a lover but when the Count heard of this he arranged for the lover to be killed and gave Natasha a week to leave his estate. She took all the money she had and Myrna and bought a passage to England. On the boat, her purse containing many gold pieces was stolen so when she arrived she had no money. "You will allow me to write to my father and he will repay you for your services to me here, my good man. Now perhaps you will get this woman of yours to provide me with some refreshment. My servant will know my likes although she is uneducated in your language." she ended. Both Alice and I bristled with anger.
"Countess," I said as levelly as I could, "You seem very mistaken as to your position here. I will of course allow you to write to your father but until we receive a reply and reimbursement, you will be treated in the same way as all the other ladies here. This is a workhouse and you will be expected to work. You will also conform to our workhouse rules. Punishment for infringements or laziness is dealt with either by Alice or myself."
"You don’t expect a woman of my breeding to work surely, my man. That is too preposterous."
"Firstly woman, you will call me Sir or Master. Secondly, yes you will be made to work and thirdly you will be punished and most probably from your manner, it will be very soon and naked and in front of the other ladies."
"You can’t mean..." she interrupted.
"Natasha, if you interrupt me again Alice will stripe your arse. From the little you have told us, you will have little useful skills, far less so than Myrna and so your working position will be underneath her."
"You can’t mean I will have to take orders from her! She’s only a...."
"Alice, ask Jack to come in please."
"Sir, you will please to show me to my room. It must be on the ground floor for I do not wish to climb stairs. I have listened to enough of your nonsense." I made no move and she rebuked me in front of Jack and Alice who had just returned.
"Jack, take this woman to the punishment room," I ordered, "Alice assemble everyone there." I was furious at the arrogance of the so-called countess. At first she just looked horrified but soon she started screaming at me half in her own tongue. That didn’t bother Jack at all. He scooped the woman up and threw her over his shoulder. "I’m sure you’ll soon have something more to scream about lady," he laughed at her. I took Myrna’s hand and led her behind her ex mistress. Natasha, I refused to call her countess because of her behaviour, was still looped over Jack’s shoulder and still struggling when all the ladies were assembled and watching. I could tell from their faces that they were expecting to see a harsher punishment than normal for a mid-week evening.
"Put her down Jack." He promptly dumped her on the floor. "Undress," I ordered Natasha.
"No! I will not undress in front of you and all these people."
I had to admire her spirit but went to the wall and took down a horsewhip and cracked it close to her body. "Either you undress yourself or Jack rips them from you. Either way you are going to be naked and everyone is going to witness you being thrashed." Again she hesitated and Jack caught hold of the front opening of her dress but before he tore it she said she would do it. However, her fingers couldn’t manage the buttons at the back.
"I help." It was Myrna who spoke almost for the first time. "She no ever undress her own." I smiled at the choice of words but allowed her to help until Natasha was down to her under garments. These I made her take off herself. Seeing she was likely to refuse, Alice laid her strap hard across the woman’s shoulders knocking her forward. "Everything off, Natasha. The ladies and I wish to see everything." Eventually she was naked and I had Jack fasten her wrists to the ceiling beam so she was all exposed and had him gag her to stop the abuse the flowed like a torrent from her mouth. Most of it we couldn’t understand anyway.
Turning to Myrna I instructed her to undress too. She shook fearfully but started to take her clothes off. "You’re not to be punished Mryna," I said slowly, "But everyone gets a look and feel you." There were gasps from everyone when Myrna’s dress came off to reveal a back criss-crossed with welts obviously made by a whip some weeks ago. Touched the marks I asked, "Who did this?"
"I no please mistress," was her only reply.
I gave Myrna a hug and held her hand. "While you are here she is not your mistress. I am your master and Alice is mistress." I then gave my usual little speech of welcome. "Ladies, we have a tradition here that every newcomer shows her whole body to everyone present so she has nothing to hide and doesn’t feel superior to the others. May I present Myrna who is a servant girl from Latvia." I took her around the group starting with Jack and Alice and introduced her to each and all the ladies curtsied and shook her hand, then felt her breasts and between her legs, before giving her a kiss. Myrna seemed bewildered by it all but accepted it as part of her new life.
"Ladies, this is Natasha. She calls herself a countess but here she has no rank. No status. In fact she has been very abusive to us and, as you can see, she is about to get what is probably the first thrashing of her life. I have no doubt though, and I am sure you haven’t any doubts either after seeing Myrna’s back, she has given or ordered many others to be severely punished. Unfortunately Myrna’s command of our language is not sufficient yet to tell us. Please come forward and introduce yourselves ladies but there is no need to curtsy before her or to be gentle when you feel the smoothness of her skin. It will not be that way for long." Each lady in turn came forward, spoke her name and welcomed Natasha and felt her breasts and cunnie much harder than they had Myrna. Natasha blushed as her body was felt in the most intimate of her places. She even tried kicking but then her weight fell on to her wrists causing pain in her shoulders, shoulders not strengthened by having done any manual work.
Myrna stood to one side but I pushed her in front of her mistress. "Say Hello to Natasha." She said something in her own language and I put her hands on Natasha’s bosoms and squeezed.
"I know titties on her very good," Myrna said slowly, "I know coozie good too." From this I guessed she’d been f***ed to have a sexual relationship with her.
"Spread her on the bar, belly up," I instructed when Myrna and the ladies had all introduced themselves. "Now Natasha, you’ve been introduced to Alice but not her strap. It has a fiery kiss. Alice is head of the household and is allowed to use it as she thinks fit on any of the maids. She will use it on you anytime she thinks you are not working or are abusive or for any other reason. For tonight’s little show she’s going to give you a full frontal warming so you’ll be ready for when I warm your arse." Natasha’s eyes were now wide with fear and tears were rolling around her ears. "Remove her gag, Alice, then we can hear what a countess squeals like when she is warmed."
As she had done on occasions before, Alice unstrapped the woman’s ankles and gave them to Jack to hold together at waist level. She started lashing the strap across Natasha’s thighs a little above the knees and worked her way up. Her victim was now screaming but Alice was in no mood to stop although I noticed she was holding back with the f***e she applied. She undoubtedly realised the countess wouldn’t stand as much punishment as a working woman. When she reached the crotch, she ordered Jack to spread the woman and then planted two stinging lashes on her cunnie. Seeing Jack’s cock bulging in his breeches, she asked Charlotte to release it for him and then she carried on along the woman’s stomach and finished by bouncing her ample titties with the strap. Natasha’s cries had now become little more than hoarse groans.
"Give her some water," I ordered and seeing Jack look at me I gave him the go ahead to use her.
"She won’t have any sponge in, Sir." Alice remarked.
"Her husband couldn’t make her pregnant in five years so I think we’ll forget about protecting her. That way we’ll find out if the fault lies with her or her husband." Jack held himself back and ravished her for a long while until his seed was f***ed out of him and filled her womb. Alice suggested a break for some ale and I prescribed a tankard for everyone. Natasha was sat in a chair and Myrna held the tankard to her lips but she screwed her face up and drank little. No doubt she wanted wine or vodka.
Half an hour later and we were all in a jolly mood to continue. All that is except Natasha. She kicked and protested as she was strapped down to the bar again, this time with very sore flesh making contact with the bar. I thought it wouldn’t be long before she passed out so I resolved to lay the birch on smartly to cover the widest area. I started at the low buttocks and lashed hard and quickly until her arse was raw and then worked from her shoulders down. She didn’t pass out but it was close. We revived her with a little more ale. "Take her to one of the top floor rooms, Jack. Alice will come up to attend to her in a few minutes and then you can have her as often as you like."
I took Myrna still naked to my room and when I undressed and she saw my hard prick she knew what was going to happen to her. However, I waited and just played and fondled her until Alice returned and fitted a sponge inside her. I didn’t want this little beauty pregnant.
"Jack was rogering her again when I left," Alice remarked as I ploughed into Myrna. The girl didn’t seem to mind and was soon thrusting back to me. "I think Jack will sl**p with her tonight so she’ll be well fucked by morning. Perhaps we should keep her next real punishment for our Saturday session her which is only ten days away." I agreed.
Alice showed Myrna how I liked to be cleaned and then cleaned the girl herself. Myrna then surprised us by saying to Alice, "Now you like I coosie you." When Alice smiled not really knowing what the girl meant, Myrna set too and very skilfully suckled her breasts and continued down to her cunnie. Alice writhed in pleasure. Myrna had obviously done this many times before.
When were all resting again, ready for sl**p Alice asked, "You have to do coosie to Natasha?"
"Yah. I no good, get whip." I would have liked to have pursued that further but her English wasn’t good enough and we were all tired.
"How was she Jack?" I asked next morning.
"Quite tight Sir. I don’t think she’s had a man for some years and never up the arse. I think I’ll open her up there today - unless you want to do that Sir?" I told he could do it but to let me know so I could watch. "She wasn’t very responsive, but maybe she was too sore for that."
Natasha was much subdued when Jack brought to still naked to breakfast. Her body was well coloured and she walked painfully. She would remember her first night here for the rest of her life. I asked Katherine to find her a simple dress and one for Myrna. Countess finery would not be suitable for working here especially as Alice set her to cleaning stoves and Myrna’s dress could be kept for Sunday best. I assigned Charlotte as Natasha’s mentor as I knew she wouldn’t stand for any nonsense and asked her to walk both girls around the house and grounds to familiarise them with the place. Alice took Myrna as part of the kitchen staff.
Later that afternoon, Charlotte came to me and in her forthright way said, "If you please Sir, Jack sent me to say he’s ready to fuck Nat’s arse." I said I would be right there and asked how Natasha had worked that morning. "Well Sir, of course she’s sore but even so she’s not keen on getting her hands dirty and mutters a lot in that lingo of hers."
"Well if there’s no improvement tomorrow, I’ll give you the authority to spank her for minor disobedience. Anything worse and Alice or I will deal with. You may have to be careful though, she likes playing with women." I knew Charlotte wasn’t adverse to woman sex either.
When we arrived, Natasha was bent over the end of the bed and Jack was applying dripping to her virgin bum hole. She cried out every time he inserted his finger and tried to move off the bed. "Shall I sit on her Sir?" Charlotte asked. I nodded. "Thank you. Now I’ll get the best view," Charlotte laughed. As well as getting a good view Charlotte pulled the woman’s bottom cheeks apart and guided Jack’s cock. We all heard her muffled cries as Jack f***ed his way in and eventually gained full depth. Thereafter he used long steady strokes, forcing his cock in until his balls slapped against her cunnie and withdrawing until the head almost popped out. He took his time and her cries seemed to die down, but in the end Jack shot his load into her bowels. Charlotte moved off Natasha so she could clean Jack’s cock and when it seemed she might refuse, Charlotte squeezed her still tender breasts, causing her to scream and open her mouth. Jack slipped his prick in.
"She wasn’t very willing to clean me in the night," Jack remarked but I guess with enough encouragement she’ll do it well enough before she leaves.
Watching Jack had given me a hard-on too so I bade Charlotte hold her still again. This time the hussy didn’t sit on Natasha’s back but lifted her skirt and slid along the bed until Natasha’s face was in her crotch. "Get your tongue right in there Nat." she ordered and when she didn’t comply again squeezed her titties. "Having big titties might make you attractive to men but they also are good handles," Charlotte laughed as she flipped her skirt back down, covering the woman’s head.
I pushed my prick in quite easily after Jack had not only opened her with his large pole but had lubricated her with his seed. Still she was nice and tight around my shaft and I enjoyed a good long fuck. Part way through my performance Charlotte pulled her skirt up again and once more tightened her grip on Natasha’s titties. "Get that tongue working Nat. I need to come before Sir finishes." I did finish a little before Charlotte but held myself within her bottom until Natasha’s mouth was free.
I saw Myrna was looking shocked at our performance and I took her hand and asked if she had had it in her bottom. When she shook her head, I said we would try it tonight. She looked afraid but Alice assured her it wouldn’t hurt much.’
"That’s the end of that little section," Margaret stated, "Sex in this institution seems to have been a very public affair and perhaps still is."
"Have you had it in your bottom Margaret?" Jim enquired," I’ve never seen Jeremy do it to you.
"Many times. What about you Theresa?"
"No. I have always resisted it. Seems dirty somehow."
"Well, it isn’t really and it did hurt a bit at first especially as my father f***ed it in. Jeremy is more considerate. Actually if it is done right it is pleasurable. Perhaps we should make you play the countess and let both boys **** your bottom."
"I’ll think about it but the story has made me horny and the boys are hard so perhaps we can use your bedroom? And would you mind if I tried out Jeremy?"... Continue»
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Chapter One.

I checked the cameras one last time and opened a fresh pack
of videotape. Glancing around the room, I satisfied myself
that all the lights were in position, the powerful lamps
casting a wave of heat over the set. The tapes of three
completed sessions were safely packed away in an airtight
box and I was well on my way to completing another red hot
production of the popular porno series 'Pussy Heat'.
However, I still felt dissatisfied with my life. I wanted
to make my own films. Amateur porno had grown into a
major sub-category of the porno film industry over recent
years. Despite having low budgets, no sets and no music
scores, they had proved surprisingly popular, making their
'hosts' into minor celebrities. Soon, everyone wanted to
get into the act, each series introducing it's own gimmick
or twist. Some have resident starlets, some specialise in
anal sex or oral sex or female ejaculators. One
enterprising series even features naked vomiting women. By
the time that I had decided to enter the market, just about
every possible niche had been taken, used and re-used to
the point of nausea. However, there was one area of amateur
porno that was not very well covered which was, and still
is, films dealing with sadism.

At this point, all my friends smugly reminded me of the
piles of 'fetish' films that line every adult video store.
BDSM, rubber, enema, S&M, FemDom, s**t and a million other
fetishes stretch as far as the jaded eye can see. Equally
smugly, I point out that these are either faked, very mild
or feature masochists who are actually having a good time.
The closest things to 'pure' sadism are the 'English' style
films that depict corporal punishment. Fortunately for me,
CP films concentrate primarily on girls' buttocks. A nice
rounded bottom is a thing of beauty, but on the other side
is something with which almost all red bl**ded men have an
absolute obsession. That's right, Pussy! In a flash of pure
genius (as compared to my usual level of thought) I
realised that by combining amateurs, CP style sadism
and a focus on pussy shots, I had a potential winner in the
porno fetish market.

After I had stopped dancing around the room in my
underwear, I spotted the flaw in my master plan. One major
reason why real CP films are comparatively rare is the
shortage of good looking amateurs who are willing to
perform for less than stellar fees. The solution naturally,
was creative advertising. I needed to make performing in my
videos attractive to the would be 'stars' as well as the

There is a healthy traffic in Eastern European porno
actresses. Streams of young attractive ladies are being
hired by the porn masters of the West and groomed into
short lived stars who blaze brightly on our TV screens and
then are quickly replaced by the next wave of newcomers.
After making the rounds and buying enough drinks to cater a
wedding reception, I finally got in touch with a producer
who had a list of new talent waiting for their turn at
stardom. I did not have too many qualms about explaining my
concept to him as his studio did not produce fetish films.
I offered to pay the travel costs of any girl who agreed to
feature in my first video on the strict understanding that
I would only release my film one month after the girl's
mainstream porno video release. This actually made
commercial sense for me, as I would then be able to claim
that a number of the girls who had made their 'amateur'
debuts in my video had gone on to join a major studio. This
would be my selling point to the girls.

To my amazement, this convoluted scheme actually worked,
and my first release was moderately successful. Although I
made a small loss in terms of financial profit, I was
established as a 'real' producer. I even received a
few calls from other studios inviting me to introduce
suitable 'talent' to them.

My meager working capital was rapidly becoming depleted so
I had to make my next video a commercial success, which
meant finding true amateurs to work for me. I called up
every talent agency that I could find, placed ads in
various magazines and even printed pamphlets which I paid
runners to distribute at the local College and anywhere
else that had a likely population of young women who might
possibly want to get into the porno industry. Then I

Chapter Two.

Letters, email and calls started to come in response to my
ads. Most of them quickly lost interest when I described
the kind of film that I intended to make. Some were willing
but were too ugly, too old, too high on something, too
tattooed or all of the above. A few were young and
attractive but were also heavy duty masochists with enough
scars and piercings to frighten a biker gang. Finally,
after six weeks, I managed to find four girls who met all
my requirements. I was fairly sure that I could get enough
quality footage from them to make up the bulk of a video
release. Unfortunately I still did not have my hook. I
needed a face, body and personality that would sell my

The girls would not wait around forever, so I started
filming even though I was missing my leading lady. A
donation to the favorite charity of a real-estate agent
friend of mine gained me the temporary use of a fully
furnished mansion on the outskirts of town. With the
assistance of my partner Jessie, I set up my equipment in
the living room.

Jessie had completed one year of a degree course in
cinematography before she had dropped out due to a lack of
funds. We had met outside of Adam's office, one of my porno
producer friends. He had invited me to stop by for a drink
in celebration of my first successful video and when I
arrived, I saw Jessie sitting dejectedly in the lobby. I
said 'Hi', she smiled back, and we had started talking.

When she realised that I was a real live film maker, Jessie
looked ready to burst with excitement. It turned out that
she still wanted to get into the movie making business and
had hoped that Adam would hire her as an assistant camera
person. Despite how it may look, filming porno is a
specialised skill and Adam had no time for enthusiastic
beginners. Jessie complained indignantly that Adam had
added insult to injury by offering her a bit part in one of
his films on the condition that she had a boob job done.

Jessie is a tall blonde with small, well formed breasts,
a nice curvy figure and a cheerful grin. She is cute rather
than fashion model beautiful which I found a refreshing
change from the standardised silicone beauties that lined
the hallways of every agency. At the time however, I barely
noticed how she looked as I was more interested in her
other abilities. I needed a second cameraman, but I could
not afford to pay for a pro. Jessie possessed the right
training, and the fact that she was a woman was a bonus, as
it would help to put the girls at ease. At first she was
wary when I offered her a partnership, especially when I
described the kind of films that I made. However after I
assured her that all my 'actresses' performed of their own
free will and showed her a sample of my previous tape, she
agreed to sign on. By the time we had finished interviewing
the applicants and finalised the outline 'script' I had
come to regard her as a friend.

Chapter Three.

We started the first day shooting interviews of each of the
girls. These would serve as the introduction to each of
their segments as well as giving them a chance to get used
being in front of the cameras. I always enjoy this part of
the filming. Chatting with a pretty young woman about the
way her body looks and her sexual tastes always turns me

As a standard setup we use three cameras, with one set up
for a full body shot, one zoomed in on the girl's face and
one more hand-held by Jessie. The room had a small bar with
tall leather and chrome stools. I moved all but one of the
stools away from the bar and placed the remaining seat in
the centre. This gave us a suitable backdrop for the

The first girl was Debbie. Small and slim with short dark
brown hair, she was dressed in a pleated skirt and white
blouse which gave her a school girlish look. Debbie stared
into the camera with a serious expression, as if she were
about to take her exams, her hands neatly folded in her

'This is Debbie. Say hello Debbie' I said, waving at her
from behind the cameras.

'Hello' she said, giving me a small, uncertain smile.

'You look really young Debbie. Just so that we don't end up
in jail, tell the viewers your age' I said, only half
joking. The way she was dressed she looked about fifteen.

'I'm twenty, but everyone always thinks that I'm a k**' she
replied, grimacing.

The view up her skirt from where I was standing was almost
enough to make me a convert to pedophilia and Jessie waved
at me from across the room when I paused for too long,
distracted by the scenery.

'Ahem. Er, yes. Well, you are certainly a very pretty girl.
Have you ever done any thing like this before?'

'Nope' said Debbie.

'And you do know what kind of video we are making don't
you?' I asked. I was interested to hear what her answer
would be. The girls in my last film had spoken very little
English and so the dialogue had, of necessity, been very

'Yes' said Debbie, nodding.

I made stretching motions with my hands and mouthed the
words 'Go on'. I saw Jessie moving around to get a shot of
Debbie's face from the side.

Debbie frowned for a moment and then she realised what it
was that I wanted. 'Oh. Ah, yes I know that you make sort
of spanking stuff'.

'And have you ever been spanked?' I prompted.

'Never' she replied. 'No one has ever laid a hand on me'.

'But you agreed to do this video knowing that you might be
spanked or even tortured' I said, pressing her.

'This is different' said Debbie, tossing her hair
nervously. 'I want to act in adult films'

'So as long as it is acting you don't mind a little
punishment?' I asked.

Debbie shrugged and smiled. 'Whatever it takes'.

'How about the cane? If we want to sell to the UK they will
expect to see some good cane marks'. Actually I was pretty
sure that they would lap up just about anything, but it was
fun to see what it would take to scare Debbie. We could
always edit the tape if she panicked.

'Do they?' said Debbie innocently. 'I guess having my
bottom caned is ok'

'I like your attitude Debbie' I said, smiling at her in
approval. Then I put on a worried frown. 'The trouble is,
caned bottoms vids are everywhere. I really want to help
you make a splash in the business' I said, looking at
Debbie pleadingly as if searching for inspiration.

After a moment of deep thought, Debbie suddenly brightened.
'Hey, I know! Why don't you cane me somewhere else' she
said happily.

Jessie grinned behind her camera and stuck her tongue out
at me.

'Well, I suppose that might work,' I said reluctantly 'but
where else could we cane you that would look really
impressive?' I held my breath as I waited for Debbie to say
the right thing.

'My tits!' squealed Debbie.

'Yes you have nice tits. What about them?' I asked, acting

'You could cane my tits, silly' declared Debbie.

'Are you sure?'

Debbie nodded enthusiastically.

'O.K.' I said and put on my TV announcer voice. 'For the
first time anywhere, a world exclusive video feature.
Beautiful video virgin Debbie will have her breasts caned
right in front of your eyes. Stay tuned' I waved my hand in
a chopping motion and Jessie stopped filming. 'Great work

'Did I do good?' asked Debbie anxiously.

'You are going to be a star' I declared reassuringly.

Just then, my mobile phone vibrated in my pocket. I pulled
it out and held it to my ear, ignoring the deadly
microwaves that were frying my brain cells.

It was Eddie, an agent who knew that I was still looking
for a girl. He said that he had found just the person for
me, a girl named Paula. New, young, pretty and smart. She
was willing to do heavy s&m work and best of all, she was
available immediately. I grinned and showed Jessie a
thumbs-up. We were in business.

After Eddie hung up I called the printers and told them to
expect a portfolio shot of Paula from Eddie. We did not
have the time to do a proper stills shoot for the video
jacket so I had to trust in Eddie's judgement. I told the
printers to go ahead and start making the covers. Then I
called the video studios to book duplication time. Finally
I called Mac, my personal 'venture capitalist'. He would
advance me the money to pay for the video covers, tape
reproduction, advertising and distribution in exchange for
a hefty fee and a cut of the earnings. Once I started
everything in motion, we had two days to wind up the actual
filming and to deliver the finished goods.

Chapter Four.

With everything in place, I went on to do the other
interviews. One of the girls turned out to have a terrible
camera presence, looking dull and vague during the
interview. I sent her home with two hundred dollars for her
time. This left me with Angela and Mary, who were nineteen
and eighteen respectively, and blonde haired in a typical
cheerleader kind of way. Both possessed firm, nicely
rounded bottoms, so I decided to do a double caning scene
with them as a warm up for the video, followed by Debbie
and climaxing (heh!) with Paula.

Jessie and I spent an hour moving the gear up to the
bedroom and setting up the lighting again, while the three
girls had a late lunch in the kitchen. Since Paula would
not arrive until late in the evening, I decided to do
her interview in the bedroom.

With everything set up, I asked Angela and Mary to come up
to the bedroom, leaving Debbie to watch television
downstairs until it was her turn.

I sat the girls on the edge of the bed and signaled Jessie
to start filming. Jessie had wanted to do the 'Action!' and
'Cut!' thing, but since there were only the two of us and
we were using video and not film, I told her that I felt
silly doing the clapboard routine and that regular English
would serve.

'Here we are again with Angela and Mary. Wave to the folks
girls'. The two of them dutifully waved. I made faces at
them from behind the cameras and got them to grin and
giggle. In a scene where there was no real script or even
lines to read, the first moments were always the most
awkward before the conversation and action built up a
momentum of their own.

Both girls were dressed in jeans and T-shirts. Angela's
shirt was pink with a picture of a small Teddy bear wearing
a diaper. Mary's shirt was green and covered with 'Save the
Earth' messages.

'Are you ready for some action?' I asked.

Nods from both girls. I picked up the cane and tossed it to
Angela. It was about the length of my arm and the springy
tan coloured wood gleamed under the lights. Mary giggled
and rubbed the seat of her jeans as Angela swished the cane
through the air, making a threatening sound.

'Well girls, what do you think of that?'

'Its a big one' replied Mary suggestively.

'I bet it hurts' said Angela, her blue eyes wide.

I waited a moment for Jessie to get into position and then
turned back to the girls. 'All right. Why don't you both
get undressed and let everyone have a look at your bodies.
Mary, you go first' I said.

Mary nodded, blew a kiss at Jessie's camera and then
started pulling her T-shirt up over her head. Neither of
the girls were wearing a bra, so Mary's breasts quickly
bounced into view, her nipples already stiff and quivering.

'Mmm, those look very nice Mary. Are they real?' I asked
just to keep the soundtrack going.

'Yup' said Mary as she tossed her shirt aside. She cupped
her breasts in her palms and bounced the fleshy globes
proudly. 'All natural with no added preservatives'.

I motioned for Angela to start undressing while I continued
talking to Mary. 'Play with your nipples Mary. Lets see if
you can get them even harder'.

Mary crossed her arms across her chest and brushed the
palms of her hands over the points of her breasts in slow
circular motions. I could see her aureoles crinkle up
around her nipples in reaction to her touch. I motioned
Jessie to zoom in on Mary's hands while I turned my
attention to Angela, who was now also naked from the waist

Stretching out my hand, I gently brushed Angela's tits with
my fingers. Her breasts were slightly smaller than Mary's.
When combined with her trim athletic figure, her smaller
bust made her look like a teenager. I made a 'Wow' motion
with my lips and showed her a thumbs up. She smiled and
stuck out her tongue at my obvious flattery. I grinned back
and indicated that she should remove the rest of her
clothes. Her jeans and panties slid to the floor as I
directed a camera towards her. Placing my eye to the
viewfinder, I panned the camera up and down her naked body,
lingering over her breasts and her pubic triangle.

'Do a twirl Angela. Lets see the rest of that fabulous
body. Slowly, that's right' I said, zooming out to a three
quarter shot from head to knees. As I worked I could hear
Jessie getting Mary undressed. We made a good team.

'Hold it right there Angela. Good, let me get a look at
that lovely bum' I said. Zooming in on her buttocks, I
locked the tripod and moved forward to run my hand over the
firm, lightly furred cheeks that she thrust out at me. I
drew a line across both cheeks with my finger and I felt
her quiver slightly in anticipation of the burning kiss of
the rod. After another few seconds, I stopped shooting and
turned the camera towards Mary to repeat the visual
examination that I had just given her companion.

I signaled a halt and we shut down the cameras and
repositioned the girls and the lights for the next scene. A
few minutes later, we were shooting again with the girls
standing to either side of a tall wooden stool.

'Hello everybody,' I said, speaking to the invisible
audience 'as you can see, the girls are back and ready for
some real butt whacking action. Right girls?'

The girls waggled their hips and blew kisses at the camera.

'Right, this is what we are going to do. You are going to
cane each other in turns, three strokes each time. The er,
recipient will bend over with her forearms resting on the
stool, legs straight and apart. I want to see those bums
thrust up high and tight'. I paused for a moment and then
threw in the twist. 'Just to make things interesting, if
the girl being caned jumps up or otherwise fails to hold
still for the full three strokes, she will have to take one
of the other girl's three strokes each time she moves'

Mary and Angela glanced thoughtfully at each other,
realising that I had just given them an incentive to really
hit each other hard.

'One last thing' I added. 'I want to see nice red weals on
those bums. If I or Jessie think that a stroke is just a
love tap, I will give both of you an additional stroke'.

The girls groaned dramatically and tossed a coin to see who
would go first. The coin came up tails and Angela wiped
pretend tears from her eyes as she d****d her slim body
over the stool. Jessie went down on her knees with her
camera as Angela spread her legs apart, catching the bulge
of her pussy as it swung into view.

Mary stood at the left of the upthrust buttocks and swung
the long flexible rod through the air, testing it's heft.
After a quick glance to ensure that all the cameras were
running, I waved at Mary to begin.

Mary tapped the cane against Angela's bottom taking careful
aim. Under the harsh video lighting I saw a faint sheen of
sweat break out across the curving expanse of Angela's
tautly stretched skin. Mary's wrist bent back a final time
and with a faint 'whoosh' the cane swept back in a blurred
brown arc to impact against its target with a sharp
'smack'. Later, the during the editing of the video I
slowed and extended that moment so that the viewer would
see Angela's flesh ripple away from the impact and the cane
bounce off of her skin accompanied by a mist-fine spray of

'Ahh' gasped Angela as the burning sting of the cane
radiated throughout her body, forcing her to toss her head
and curl her toes. Jessie zoomed in tighter, and in the
monitor I could see the trademark parallel red lines of a
caning start to form, rising into angry crimson ridges
across Angela's ass. The close-in view let me see her
muscles of her buttocks and thighs tighten into quivering
tension as she fought the pain. Even the puffy pink lips of
her pussy and the small brownish rose of her asshole
visibly contracted, as if trying to hide from the deadly
kiss of the rod.

I signaled Mary to pause and for Jessie to keep her camera
zoomed in on Angela's ass.

'Are you all right Angela?' I asked.

'I'm O.K.' she replied.

'Did that hurt?' I said, deliberately asking a stupid

'Fuck yes, that hurt' replied Angela vehemently. 'It feels
like my ass has been cut in half with a blunt knife' she
groaned. 'I hope you guys are enjoying this'

I nodded at Mary, who grinned and slashed the cane down
again without warning. It was obvious that she hoped to
catch Angela by surprise and to make her jump. A second set
of red bars blossomed into being as the impact rocked
Angela forward over her hands.

The moist, fleshy sound of wood striking flesh filled the
room as Mary struck for the third time in quick succession.

Angela threw back her head, her teeth bared in a rictus of
agony, her panting breath loud and quick. Her hips writhed
like an exotic dancer, weaving a pattern of sex and pain in
front of our eyes. Even Jessie seemed fascinated by the
scene as she ran the electronic eye of her camera over and
around Angela's body in an attempt to capture the intense
and heady mixture of feelings being expressed by the
punished girl.

I stopped the cameras at that point in order to give Angela
a chance to rub her bum and to express herself.

'Fuck! Ow! Shit that hurts..." muttered Angela as she
applied some body lotion to her bright red posterior. While
she was thus occupied, I retrieved the cane from Mary and
instructed her to get into position for her scene.

I took a moment to consult with Jessie and to review the
footage that we had just captured. Watching the caning on
the monitor we both agreed that it had gone very well so
far. Jessie decided to adjust some of the lighting in
order to make the weals and ridges show up more clearly on
the video.

Angela finally finished consoling her wounded bottom and
came back to the set, taking the cane from my hand with a
determined look in her eyes.

'Are you ready Mary?' I asked.

'Go ahead' Mary replied, giving her bottom a rub of her

I signaled Jessie and triggered the rest of the cameras.

'And here we are again, this time with the lovely Mary in
the hot spot' I announced. I reached out with my hand and
ran a finger up and down the crevice between her plump
cheeks. 'Doesn't that just look good enough to eat? In
fact, after we get done with the filming...'

'In your dreams' shouted Mary, her voice muffled, coming
from the other side of her bum.

Just then, Angela whipped the cane across Mary's buttocks,
barely missing my hand. Evidently she had decided to repay
Mary for the attempt to catch her by surprise.

'Yeow!' screeched Mary, flapping her elbows like a startled
sea gull. I winced at the solid "thunk" of the cane as it
sunk into Mary's flesh. Despite her shock, Mary managed to
keep her buttocks upthrust and taut, although she planted
her feet flat on the ground as if bracing against a gale.
She turned her head to glare at Angela, who smiled sweetly
before sending the cane whizzing through the air again to
paint a second fluorescent red line an inch away from the
first. This time Mary absorbed the blow stoically, with
only the flicker of her eyelids to indicate the terrible
pain she was feeling.

Angela cocked her head to one side and the tip of her
tongue stuck out from the corner of her mouth as she took
aim. The cane cut through the air once more with terrific
speed and I almost expected to see the wood burst into
flames from the friction. Her aim was deadly accurate,
cutting diagonally across the first two marks to form a
ragged 'Z'. Tiny spots of bl**d formed almost immediately
where the tip of the cane met the topmost welt.

Mary screeched and jerked upright, her hands reaching back
to cup her buttocks protectively. Angela grinned
triumphantly as she pointed her finger at the other girl.

'And Mary earns herself the honour of taking one of
Angela's strokes. So it's four for Mary and two for Angela'
I declared in my best sports announcer voice.

Angela did a little victory dance while Mary glumly rubbed
cream into her bum. I did not stop recording this time as
the sight of Angela's tits bouncing up and down as she
danced was too good to miss.

Angela meekly thrust her behind out for her final two
strokes. Despite the fact that Mary was obviously trying to
make two blows do the work of three, her victim managed to
infuriate her by taking both heavy cuts without so much as
a twitch. She straightened up gracefully and took the cane
from Mary's hand without a single rub of her swelling ass

Since there was nothing to be gained by being stoic, Mary
yelled, wriggled and cursed her way through her final four
strokes. This actually worked out quite well, as her antics
were more entertaining than if she had just stayed still,
especially as she turned out to have an amazing vocabulary
of four letter words for someone her age.

I closed the scene with a side-by-side shot of their
glowing red bottoms twitching under my hand as I felt the
hot ridges of their cane marks.

Chapter Five.

It was Debbie's turn next and I decided to start with her
sitting on floor at the end of the bed. This necessitated
more adjustments to the lights. Mary and Angela wandered
off to soak their swollen behinds in the bathroom while
Jessie went downstairs to fetch Debbie.

I took the opportunity to call Eddie, who confirmed that
Paula was in her car and on her way to my location.
Comforted by this news, I put away the phone and tidied up
the bed. The light was starting to fade outside, so I drew
the curtains. The last thing I needed was for some Peeping
Tom of a neighbour to report our activities to the police.

The sound of footsteps on the stairs announced the arrival
of my next performer and I turned to the door with a
welcoming smile on my face hoping that Debbie had not been
frightened by the sounds that must have drifted downstairs.

Jessie tossed me a packet of juice and then guided Debbie
into position in front of the cameras. She had already
inserted a straw into the carton, so when I grabbed it I
received a stream of yellow liquid up my nose which made me
stagger backwards, flinging the offending container back
out into the hallway. Since this made Debbie laugh I
decided not to throw Jessie out of the window in revenge
for half choking me to death. I wiped the sticky concoction
off of my face with as much dignity as I could muster, not
helped at all by the sniggers of the two women. Mentally
promising my rebellious partner a fiendish fate worthy of
Fu Manchu, I made a final check of the lights and cameras
before turning my attention to Debbie.

'All right you disrespectful lot, back to work' I ordered
sternly. Jessie stuck out her tongue at me before picking
up her camera and taking her place. Debbie sat cross legged
on the end of the bed and looked at me expectantly.

'Ready?' I asked.

Debbie nodded and bounced on the mattress. I signaled to
Jessie and started my own cameras.

'Here we have the Delicious Debbie. Isn't she nice?' I
said. Jessie moved her camera up and down in a nodding

'Today we are going to do nasty things with Debbie's
titties' I said, trying to sound like the presenter in one
of those shows that the television people seem to think
appeal to c***dren.

'Very nathty' lisped Debbie in a little girl voice. My
opinion of her acting ability went up several notches,
which boded well for the marketability of the final
product. I decided to let Debbie ad lib for a bit.

'Debbie has been naughty and needs to be punished doesn't
she?' I prompted.

'I've been baaad' said Debbie, playing with the ends of her
hair. 'Naughty girls get spanked on their bottoms. But
baaad girls get extra special punishment' she said with
wide eyed seriousness.

'That's right' I said approvingly. 'Really naughty girls
get their titties punished'. I pointed at the buttons of
Debbie's blouse and Jessie zoomed in on Debbie's hands as
the girl started to undo the pearl coloured fasteners. As
if by magic, the front of the blouse parted under the
ministrations of Debbie's slim, delicate fingers revealing
the shallow valley of her cleavage. When she reached the
waistband of her skirt I held up my hand.

'Stop right there Debbie. That will do for now' I said.
'Now spread the sides of your blouse apart and show us your

Debbie brushed the translucent white fabric aside, sliding
it across the pale mounds of her breasts. Like the
unveiling of a cream coloured marble statue the curtains
parted to reveal the smooth firm curves of her youthful
tits. Then suddenly two stiff, rose coloured nipples
blazed in my viewfinder, a shocking contrast to the
alabaster background of her bosom. Jennifer zoomed in on
the miniature monoliths. Glancing at the monitor I was
startled to see a pink and white landscape of valleys and
hills capped by twin russet towers, glistening with the
occasional golden stalks of grass.

Booting my artistic muse firmly into the little store room
in the back of my mind, I turned my attention back to the
work at hand.

'My, those are really pretty nipples you have Debbie' I

'Thank you' replied Debbie. She moistened a fingertip by
sliding it into her mouth and then circled it over her
aureoles, making her nipples rise into even greater

'But they need to punished, don't they?' I prompted.

'Uh huh' agreed Debbie, slowly licking her lips. Bending
her index fingers and thumbs into pincers she took a firm
grip on both nipples. The smooth glossy finish of her
nail polish gave her fingers a mechanical gleam and on the
screen it looked as if her teats had been trapped by
plastic coated clamps.

'Now squeeze. Pinch those nipples as hard as you can' I

Debbie obediently crushed her trapped nipples, her knuckles
whitening with the f***e of her grip. As the pain grew her
lips opened in a silent gasp but she did not waver and
continued to squeeze until her nipples were almost flat.

'That's it, now lets see a real titty twister'

Her hands swivelled at my command, twisting her flesh into
taut reddened spirals before releasing them with an almost
audible 'snap'. Debbie winced and silently mouthed an
'ouch' at the camera.

It was time to get serious and to give the viewers what
they had (hopefully) bought the video to see. Rummaging in
my kit bag I found my special whip. It was a true work of
art and had cost me a bundle. The business end consisted of
five supple black leather strands each of which were twelve
inches in length with a square cross-section, mounted on a
mahogany handle. The handle was inlaid with silver wire and
capped at the end with a sterling silver fitting made up of
sharp edged ridges that flowed together to form a slightly
rounded point. None of this actually made the whip any more
efficient or painful, but it looked very impressive in the
close-up shots and I hoped to make it into a kind of trade
mark for my future videos.

I handed the whip to Debbie, who slowly and sensuously ran
her fingers over the instrument of her punishment as if it
were a pet or her lover's body. I was pleased to see that
Jessie had moved in to capture the sight of Debbie's slim
fingers sliding over the polished wood and through the
leather strands.

Debbie brought the whip to her mouth and kissed the handle
with full, pouting lips before whispering 'Whip me. Whip my
breasts hard'. Watching her face tightly framed in the
monitor as she said her lines made my crotch tingle.

I took the whip back and stepped aside, allowing Jessie to
take over the main cameras. Placing myself in front of
Debbie and to her right, I made several swinging motions
with my arm as well as with the whip while Jessie watched
on the monitor. This allowed us to determine the range of
motion available to me while still not bringing my face
into the shot or blocking the cameras with my body. I stuck
a piece of masking tape on the floor to mark the spot and
then sat down on the bed next to Debbie.

'Are you ready for this?' I asked, putting my arm around
her shoulder.

Debbie turned her head to meet my eyes. 'Don't worry' she
replied. 'I know that I am not terrifically beautiful and I
am never going to be a great actress, but I really want to
make it in this business and I'll do whatever it takes to
get there. There are loads of girls who will let you fuck
them in the ass and then suck your dick afterwards or drink
cum from another girl's pussy. Unless they are really
gorgeous or get chosen for star treatment by a producer,
they just do one fuck scene after another until every one
gets bored and then they kinda fade away'.

I nodded encouragingly and waited for her to continue.

'Most of the good looking actresses who do s&m videos will
only accept the light stuff. You know, big floppy whips,
lots of leather gear and fake screaming' said Debbie,
looking down at her lap.

'Yeah, I know what you mean' I said 'but I think that you
are wrong about one thing'.

'What's that?'

'You are as pretty as any of the other girls around' I

Debbie grinned 'Gee, thanks Mister' she said in her little
girl voice. Switching back to her normal voice she
continued 'Anyway, I figure that if I do the real stuff and
if I can find a real film maker and not some wacko doing a
home movie, I can get myself noticed'.

'I'm not sure whether I qualify as a "real" film maker, but
I can promise that as long as you do your part, Jessie and
I will try to make you look as good as we can in this
video' I said.

Debbie took a deep breath, let it go with a sigh and said
'O.K then, lets do it'.

I repositioned Debbie so that her legs hung off the end of
the bed with her knees spread wide. This would give the
camera a nice peek of her pink panties as well as help her
to balance. I nodded to Jessie who started filming.

'Debbie, I want you to pull your blouse off of your
shoulders and then put your hands on top of your head' I
said for the soundtrack. 'That's it, good. Now pull your
shoulders back a little and stick out your breasts a bit
more. Perfect'.

Debbie's tits did in fact look good enough to eat in that
position. I gave the camera a moment more to capture her
tits in their unmarked condition and then I started using
the whip.

The first strokes fell across both breasts and were no more
than gentle slaps, producing more noise than impact. They
made her tits visibly jiggle and bounce, showing the
viewers that I was really hitting her. I knew that these
slower strokes would in fact look more impressive on tape
than the faster, harder ones where the whip would be moving
too fast to clearly see. During editing I would have to add
in some slow motion bits to increase the visual impact.
Debbie began to sway her body in rhythm to the steady slaps
of the whip and I had to warn her to stay still.

Her smooth delicate skin began to flush a gentle pink as it
heated under the firm smacking of the leather strands.

'Enough of that' I said, dropping the whip to hang at my
side. 'You want to see some real whip marks, right?' I
asked my electronic audience rhetorically. 'Of course you

'Yes. Stop being a wimp, really whip my tits. Put some
stripes on them. Punish them.' said Debbie arching her back

Taking a careful grip on the whip, I swing it back and
forth a few times to correct my aim. Then I swept it
forward in a smooth horizontal arc, for the first time
putting some real f***e into my wrist action.

The leather lashes struck home with a much sharper sound
this time and I could feel the impact of the whip as it met
Debbie's skin. Debbie gasped out loud, her whole body
stiffening with the shock. The first five crimson ridges
started to form, rising out of the reddened skin.

'That's better' I exclaimed heartily. 'Just look at those
marks'. Jessie's eye was glued to her viewfinder and I knew
that she was carefully recording the puffy red swellings
that streaked Debbie's breasts. Like the spraying cum of
regular porno films, these whip marks were the 'money
shots' of an S&M film, proof that the blows were not faked.

I now concentrated on one breast at a time, whipping first
the left and then the right breast. The sound of the whip
and the strained hissing of Debbie's breath seemed to form
a kind of musical rhythm as her breasts were painfully
covered with horizontal streaks of red. The contrast
between the cool white of her blouse and the glowing heat
of her swelling breasts was shocking.

Debbie was moaning steadily, going 'Oh' and 'Ow' in
counterpoint to the snap of the whip and shaking her head
from side to side as if to deny the stinging pain in her
breasts. By the time I counted forty strokes, her arms were
quivering with the strain and there were damp strands of
hair plastered to her forehead. I decided that it was time
to finish the scene as I did not want to whip Debbie beyond

'All right Debbie, big finish now. I want you to put your
hands on the bed behind your back and arch you back. Stick
those tits right up in the air and get your face well
clear. I am going to give you one more across each nipple,
but really hard this time'

Debbie glanced at me with panic and desperation in her
eyes. I realised that she was on the verge of breaking. Her
whole body quivered as she struggled with the fear and
pain. Suddenly she flung her hands down and arched her
back. 'Do it!' she cried, her fingers digging into the
bedding like claws.

I folded four strands of the whip back, gripping them under
my fingers, leaving a single leather thong. Flipping the
whip over Debbie's upthrust breasts I measured the distance
carefully. I wanted to hit her nipples with the tip of the
whip on each stroke for maximum effect.

I raised my hand over my shoulder and brought the whip down
hard, the leather hissing through the air like a striking
snake. I snapped my wrist upwards just as the tip of the
whip reached Debbie's left nipple and the leather struck
the swollen, quivering bud with a sharp 'crack'. Debbie
shrieked in agony as tiny flecks of bl**d welled up from
the torn skin of her areola. Her screams continued as I
quickly drew back my arm, took aim and let fly with another
hard stroke, this time striking her right nipple with
similar results.

Tears welled up out of Debbie's eyes as her screams faded
into agonised sobs. Slowly and stiffly, she straightened up
and wiped the tears away with the back of her hand.
Gingerly, she ran her hands over her bruised and battered
breasts. Lifting her gaze to look directly into the camera
lens, Debbie gave a tight smile.

'Was that good for you?' she said huskily. 'There's lots
more of me to whip and torture, so come back and see me
again soon'. Cupping her breasts in her hands, she blew a
kiss at the camera.

I swept my hand across my throat, signaling Jessie to stop

I bent over Debbie and kissed her on the forehead. 'That
was fantastic' I said. 'You'll have them knocking down your
door with offers'.

'I fucking hope so' replied Debbie with a grin 'but not
right away' she said, looking down ruefully at her breasts.

Chapter Six.

The sun had set while we were filming. Jessie went off to
the bathroom to help Debbie apply soothing salve on her
breasts while I carefully unloaded the day's tapes, which
we would edit and duplicate over the next few days.

I heard some movement downstairs and then Angela's voice
shouting 'Paula's here'.

This was great news and I shouted back 'Tell her to come on
up'. Since the equipment was still set up I decided to
shoot a few minutes of tape with Paula just to get a feel
of how she looked and acted.

I heard footsteps and then a woman's voice say 'Hello?'.

'Over here in the master bedroom' I called.

Suddenly, I heard a scream and a series of muffled thumps.
Jessie ran out of the bathroom and I joined her at the head
of the stairs. Half way down the stairs lay the crumpled
form of Paula. She appeared to be out cold. At our feet was
the flattened juice carton that I had flung away earlier.
Paula must have stepped on it, slipped and fallen back down
the stairs. Jessie ran off to call an ambulance while I
went down to render any first aid that I could.

I got in my car and followed the ambulance to the hospital.
Fortunately, Paula had not broken any bones, but had a
twisted ankle and a badly bruised face.

As I drove back to the house with the immediate concerns
about Paula's condition behind me, I was able to consider
the more serious problem that I now faced. I had just lost
the star of my video unless I was willing to wait several
weeks for Paula to recover. Unfortunately, I had already
committed myself to the printers, video distributors and
advertisers. I could re-schedule all of them, but they
would expect to be paid for any lost time and revenue. This
brought me to my main problem, Mac. It was his money that I
had spent, and his 'financial institution' did not re-
schedule loans. With all the extra cost and delay, my video
would be a loss maker unless it sold like the latest
Hollywood blockbuster. I had expected to repay Mac with the
proceeds of the first month's sales. Mac would be
disappointed. Mac would express his disappointment in very
unpleasant ways. Maybe even fatal ways.

When I reached the house I explained the problem to Jessie.
She suggested we call Eddie to see if we could get a
replacement for Paula.

When I told Eddie about my difficulties he laughed and said
'If you wanted one of the BDSM crowd or an S&M vid regular,
no problem. But a "virgin" and good looking too? You don't
need Eddie, you need a miracle. Sorry.". I could almost see
him shaking his head as he hung up. He was right. Once Mac
heard about this fiasco I would need a priest.

I put down the phone and turned to Jessie. 'Look' I said
'this whole deal was my idea and Mac will be satisfied with
me, so you better go home, pack up and get out of town for
a while. It should be safe to come back in a couple of

Jessie shook her head and tried to argue.

I stopped her and said 'There is nothing that you could do
here to help, so you might as well get clear of ground

Suddenly Jessie grabbed my arm. 'You're wrong. You do have
a solution. You have me' she said, striking a pose.

'No' I said firmly.

'Yes' she replied equally firmly. 'I don't run out on my
friends. Besides, I threw that juice packet at you. If I
had not been fooling around none of this would have

I tried my best to talk her out of it, but I must admit
that in the end, the thought of Mac's wrath made me less
noble than I should have been.

Chapter Seven.

My conscience would not let me sl**p and I spent the night
making plans to get Jessie and myself out of town. I
figured that in the light of the morning I could convince
her to do the sensible thing and run away.

I tried the sneaky approach and discussed Paula's scene
with Jessie over breakfast. I hoped that the combination of
greasy eggs and a detailed description of the scene might
put her off. Unfortunately Jessie only seemed to get more
involved in the technicalities of the day's proposed shoot.

'Give it up' said Jessie.

'What do you mean' I asked innocently.

'I know what you are up to, and it won't work' she replied.

'But you will have to suck me off' I protested.

'Fine' said Jessie, biting savagely into a sausage.

I winced and added 'And swallow'.

'Yummy' retorted Jessie, slurping up her runny eggs.

I gave it one last try. 'It will hurt really bad'.

'I've made up my mind' Jessie said stubbornly. 'I am not
going to let you get trashed by Mac's goons and I am not
running away. Anyway, I have always wanted to try S&M'.

I held up my hands in surrender. 'O.K. I give up'

I took a sip of cold coffee. 'Jessie' I said.



'What are partners for' said Jessie with a grin.

I called the hospital to check up on Paula, who was now
sporting a cast on her ankle after the x-rays had revealed
a hairline fracture. She seemed in good spirits and did not
seem inclined to sue me for her mishap. I told her to take
care and to call me if she needed anything.

Unable to think of any more excuses for delay, I went up
the stairs to join Jessie who had set up the equipment and
was putting on her makeup.

One of the rooms on this level had been set up as a study
and had contained a pair of those high tech adjustable
chairs, all black leather and chrome, which we had decided
would make an ideal prop for Paula's scene. I kicked at the
power cables that festooned the bedroom floor and then
dragged one of the chairs into the bedroom, placing it in
the centre of the space that Jessie had surrounded with the
lights and cameras. Once again I drew the curtains over all
the windows, both for privacy and to darken the room as I
wanted the focus of the scene to be the chair and it's
occupant. In the background was a mirror and dressing table
with a few empty cosmetic bottles on it's surface. With the
right lighting they would glisten and gleam mysteriously in
the darkened room.

Finally all was ready and I waited for my star with a
mixture of reluctance and anticipation. I stood in the
darkness surrounding the island of light, staring at the
image of the set in the monitor and listening to the faint
sounds of movement coming from the bathroom.

Then the latch clicked and the bathroom door swung open,
emitting a faint cloud of steam. Jessie stood in the
doorway, her figure a dramatic silhouette outlined by the
bright light of the bathroom. It was all so cinematic that
I expected to hear an orchestra start playing 'Blue
Velvet'. Her naked form was wrapped in a dark blue towel,
and her short golden hair clung in damp strands around her
face. I had never allowed myself to admit any sexual
interest in Jessie for fear that it would interfere with
our comfortable working relationship. Now I felt those
mental walls coming down and a definite stirring in my

'Well, do you think the punters will pay to see this?' she
said, holding her out her arms. Despite her casual tone, I
could hear the uncertainty in her voice.

'Jessie, you look terrific. If I took some stills right now
I know that I could sell them to half a dozen mags in a
minute' I said. Suddenly I remembered that we would need a
new cover shot for the packaging. I told Jessie to stay
where she was and reached for my trusty Nikon. Slapping a
heavy diffuser on the flash I ran off a roll of film. With
a little luck at least one of the shots would be suitable
for the box cover and posters.

Threading her way carefully through the forest of light
stands and tripods, Jessie made her way to the waiting
chair. Perching herself on one of the arms of the chair
with her legs crossed at the ankles, she waited for me to
start. This time I would only be using the static cameras.
This would necessitate more stopping and positioning than
normal as I was lacking an assistant cameraman.

I took a final glance at the monitor to check the lighting
and then counted down from three with my fingers for
Jessie's benefit.

'Hello, hello. And who are you, lovely lady?' I said in a
suggestive voice.

'Hi. My name is Jessie' she replied.

I was surprised that she had given her real name and I
raised an eyebrow at her, my hand poised to stop filming.
She gave a smile that indicated that she knew what she had
done and that it was deliberate.

'It looks like you are naked under that towel' I commented.

'Absolutely nothing' said Jessie, sliding her hand slowly
up and down her thigh.

'So if that towel were to slip we would see everything' I
said, zooming in on the creamy skin of her thigh.

'Almost everything' said Jessie teasingly.


Jessie uncrossed her legs and spread her knees wide apart,
pushing the towel down between her thighs modestly. 'I
would have to do something like this if you wanted to see
everything' she replied, her voice falling low and husky as
she said the word 'everything'.

'That sounds good' I said. 'Why don't you take that towel
off then'

Jessie brought her legs together and stood up. Standing on
the balls of her feet and one leg slightly behind the
other, she loosened the knot that held the towel around her
chest. Holding on to one corner Jessie let the towel fall.
The fabric flowed around her body like a torrent of water
moving in slow motion, sliding across her back, down her
buttocks and over her thighs. Her breasts now stood proudly
revealed, two shining hemispheres of white surmounting the
giant blue exclamation mark formed by the hanging towel.
She held the pose for a long, frozen moment. Then suddenly
time re-started again and the towel fell to the ground,
unveiling her naked body. The golden curls of her pubic
hair shone like polished metal under the harsh studio

Jessie spent a lot of her time in the gym and although she
was not anorexically slim, all of that effort had given her
a superbly sleek figure with just the right amount of
softness where it mattered the most. Holding her hands
slightly away from her sides she slowly turned on the spot,
showing off the firm opposing curves of her breasts and her
buttocks, the swooping slopes of her shoulders and back,
then her profile again, before squarely facing the cameras
once more.

'Boy oh boy, that is a sight to behold' I said. I had never
before seen Jessie in anything more revealing than tight
jeans and I had kept a careful rein on my fantasies as far
as she was concerned. The admiration must have come through
in my voice and Jessie gave a little smile of satisfaction
at my sincere and horny reaction.

'The best is yet to come' said Jessie teasingly as she slid
into the waiting leather clad embrace of the chair. Bracing
herself with both hands flat on the seat between her
thighs, she lifted her legs slowly up into the air, spread
them apart in a 'V' and finally d****d her bent knees over
the armrests in the classic pose of the pornographic model.

'Show me your pussy' I rasped, my throat suddenly growing

'You mean you want to see my cunt?' said Jessie, being
deliberately crude.

'Yes, flash that cunt' I said, playing along.

Keeping one hand on top of the other, Jessie slid then
upwards like theater curtains rising to reveal the cast.
The fleshy pink petals of her inner labia flared apart as
she slid one fingertip upwards along the fold of her sex.

I signaled Jessie to freeze as I adjusted one camera for a
close up of the area between her legs. Several seconds
later I gave her the go-ahead to continue.

'Can you see it?' said Jessie as she stroked her sex with
the tip of her finger. 'Do you like to watch me make my
pussy lips wet and my clit stand up?'. She carefully drew
her lips apart, spreading her cunt wide and taut. The mouth
of her vagina gaped in welcome, and as she continued to
play with herself I saw the pearly drops of her excitement
start to well up from the depths of her passage.

'Put some fingers in your hole' I said.

'How many?' she asked, sliding one finger into her clinging
flesh. She moved the finger in and out slowly, liberally
coating the digit with her sex juices. She lifted her
finger to her face and sniffed daintily as if sampling a
fine wine.

'Nothing smells quite like hot wet pussy' declared Jessie,
holding out her finger toward the cameras. Suddenly she
brought her outstretched hand down sharply and slapped
herself squarely on her spread pussy with a loud wet

'Ow,' exclaimed Jessie with an exaggerated pout. 'Now
that's what everyone is waiting for isn't it?' she said.

I made some appreciative sounds and said 'That's right
Jessie. Some real, shocking pussy torture is what we are

Jessie took hold of her labia and spread them wide. 'My
pussy is all yours. Hit me, hurt me, do anything you want'

'Lets have a look at the inside of your hole' I said.
'Stick some fingers in and open it out wide'

Obediently Jessie placed the tips of her index fingers at
the mouth of her vagina and worked them into the tight
slippery opening. She pushed them deep, worked them around
and then slid them out again. Adding two more fingers she
pushed them in again, all the way up to her knuckles.
Keeping her fingers straight and rigid, she pulled her
hands apart, stretching her passage out until the camera
was able to peer right inside her body.

'Harder,' I said 'until it hurts'

Fighting against the strength of her own pussy muscles,
Jessie applied more f***e, dilating her vaginal so wide
that her hand would almost have fit into the opening.

'That's as far as it will go' said Jessie.

'Are you sure?' I asked. Reaching out with my arm I hooked
a finger into her widespread pussy at the point just above
her asshole and tugged downwards hard.

'Ow, that hurts' exclaimed Jessie in surprise. I kept
pulling until the circle of skin around her opening felt as
taut as a violin string and almost ready to tear under the
pressure. With my other hand I reached into the container
that I had brought from the kitchen and produced my little
surprise, a large piece of ice which I had hacked from a
block that I had made the previous day.

The ice was roughly rectangular and about a foot long and
three inches wide. I had made no attempt to smooth it out
and despite some degree of melting it was still a jagged
and almost spiky object.

'Say ahh' I said, pressing the tip of the miniature iceberg
into Jessie's wide stretched pussy.

Jessie gasped as I f***ed the jagged icicle into her cunt.
The sharp corners and points that studded it's surface
ripped at her shrinking flesh, and the natural reaction of
her muscles to resist the intrusion by contracting only
made the pain worse. However, unlike a wooden or metal
dildo, the ice melted sufficiently on contact with the
warmth of her flesh to provide a small amount of
lubrication, saving the insides of her cunt from being cut
and ripped.

Jessie moaned as I shoved the ice dildo deeper,burying it
firmly inside her body. Her vagina began to adjust to the
size of the icy intruder as it ground it's way into the
depths of her sex and I felt Jessie push her hips upwards
against the frigid shaft, eager to escape the pain by
completing her impalement. Finally I felt the shaft touch
bottom, grinding against her cervix.

Jessie sighed with relief as her pussy wrapped itself
around the glistening spike. She soon realised that her
relief was premature. As I twisted and thrust the frozen
phallus into her cunt the sub-zero temperature of the ice
began to bite into the delicate nerve lined walls of her
vagina. Sharp fangs of pain dug deep into the flesh of her
groin as the lining of her cunt started to freeze.

In the monitor I could see Jessie's body visibly quiver and
tremble from the throbbing ache that bit at her cunt. Her
moans grew louder as the pain steadily increased. Of
course, I had no intention of allowing her flesh to
actually freeze or get frost bitten, so I kindly pulled the
icicle out with one quick twisting motion, duplicating the
ripping inward journey, only in reverse. For a long moment
the opening of Jessie's cunt remained wide open, with an
icy mixture of water and vaginal secretions dripping out
onto the shiny leather of the seat.

'God that hurt!' groaned Jessie, glaring at her dripping
r****t as I dumped it back into its container. From another
container I extracted a hand towel which I had immersed in
boiling water. The water had cooled enough for me to touch
and I wrung out the hot towel and folded it into a pad
which I pressed between Jessie's legs. This soaked up most
of the water and helped to relieve the numbness in her
flesh that had been inflicted by the ice.

In order to give Jessie some time to recover from the ice
****, I started whipping her thighs and pussy with my
special whip, striking only hard enough to redden her skin
without cutting or bruising her. Jessie played up to the
whip with great skill and flair, exaggerating her reactions
to the whip just enough to make them clearly visible to the
cameras, but without appearing to be acting.

After about twenty strokes she looked sufficiently
recovered, so I proceeded to the final act. I produced a
thick white candle from my bag of tricks and lit it with a
match. Using a lighter would have been easier but I thought
that the match added a touch of style. I held the candle
and burning match in front of the closest camera filling
the monitor with the flickering blue and gold of the
flames. When I was sure that the wick was burning steadily,
I carefully inserted the other end of the candle into
Jessie's pussy. The candle was made of a firm, hard wax
which melted at a fairly high temperature, unlike the soft,
almost creamy wax normally used in 'wax play' videos. The
drops from this candle were hot enough to do more that just
sting. This also meant that the drops formed more slowly
and would not rapidly coat the victim's skin with a
dramatic but protective layer of wax.

Having made sure that the candle was seated deeply enough
not to pop out when Jessie's vaginal muscles contracted, I
moved over to stand beside her head.

'Suck my cock' I said, taking a grip on Jessie's hair.

Jessie unzipped my pants and carefully extracted my cock
from the tangle of my underpants, shirt tails and fly. I
had done this routine numerous times with professional
actresses as well as amateurs, but this time I felt oddly
embarrassed. Jessie must have realised the reason for my
hesitation and gave me a wink before taking the head of my
dick between her lips. She began sucking and licking with
gusto, spurred on by the burning drops of wax trickling
down the shaft of the candle to scald the sensitive skin of
her pussy and perineum. The bobbing motion of her head also
served to jiggle the candle, causing some of the drops of
molten wax to splatter her inner thighs, buttocks and even
her asshole.

I used my grip on Jessie's hair to guide her head as I
roughly fucked her mouth, driving my cock deep into her
throat. I pumped my cock rapidly in and out of her mouth,
making her gag and almost choking her. The desperate
motions of her throat felt like a gripping hand around my
shaft and I felt my orgasm approaching. I warned Jessie by
patting the back of her head with my fingers and then
withdrew my cock from her mouth.

Pumping my dick with my right hand I said 'Stick out your
clit. Pull your pussy lips back. Spread it wide, that's it'

Jessie's clit rested on the top side of the candle's shaft
but had been spared the sting of the molten wax. With my
free hand I prepared for the finale. Jessie continued to
kiss and lick at the head of my cock as I masturbated.

I continued to jerk my hand up and down the shaft of my
cock as I leaned over to pluck the candle from its fleshy
socket. As the first tremors of my climax began I flipped
the candle over and jammed the flaming tip against Jessie's

Jessie's clitoris was bathed in flame for only a split
second before it was snuffed out by her flesh, but the tiny
puddle of boiling wax at the base of the wick was almost as
hot. Jessie screamed in pain as her sensitive clit was
seared by the wax, her mouth opening wide. With perfect
timing my cum spurted out in a creamy jet, spraying into
Jessie's waiting mouth. Grabbing her head with both hands I
f***ed her to endure the agony of her singed clit while I
plunged my throbbing organ back into the depths of her
throat. Pulling back slightly, I milked the last few drops
of sperm onto her lips and face. Sobbing in pain, Jessie
managed to lick my cock clean and to give it a final kiss
before I pulled away. I hopped across to the camera and
zoomed in on her clit, filling the screen with the sight of
her sore and reddened bud as I faded the image to

'Done!' I cried, reaching for the ice bucket. I soaked the
hand towel with the icy water that filled the container and
gently pressed it over Jessie's pussy. Wiping a drop of cum
from the tip of her nose, I gently kissed her lips.

'You were fantastic' I said.

'I know' replied Jessie w... Continue»
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House Of Debauchery Part 1

Alternate Title: How my Mother Became A Prostitute - Another story
I haven't proofread this one yet.


I can hear the rythmic creaking of the bed in next room. The moans of obvious pleasure and dirty talk between a man and a woman leaves no doubt that they are having sex. The woman is Gina, my girlfriend. The man is her customer.

I met Gina about an year back. Actually I saw her ad to provide "guilty pleasure and full relaxation" to men. I was 17 with raging hormones and nice long dick. Gina, was 42. She had a soft face and lines of age had already made their mark on her face, especially under her big green eyes. When I saw her the first time, Gina had her dark hair pulled behind in a bun. She looked quite pretty with lipstick on her full lips and mascara and eye shadow to accentuate her already beautiful eyes. She had big round breasts that must have been the dream of every man but the angels of youth had left her body and her boobs sagged so far down that her long black pierced nipples touched her belly. Once could see ripples of baby fat and love handles on her sides. It was clear that no matter how hard she tried to keep in shape, the slowing metabolism of 42 year old body made it difficult to have a flat belly. What was amazing was the how her waist flared into 2 magnificient hips. Big, wide and oh so soft they were the wet dream of every boy and man who liked big butts. They were not grossly over fatty but just enough to give her the hourglass figure that any prostitute needs to lure young guys like me.

When i first saw her, she was actually sitting on her "service" bed and had a robe on but even then I could tell how sexy her matronly hips were.

I loved Gina from the first time I saw her. She was an independent provider and worked out of her home. She was gentle, funny and warm.

She had a body and mannerisms that makes one feel happy and comfortable. Most of her clients, she told me came back for more and she always welcomed them with open arms and open legs.

However, when I first met Gina, she refused to sl**p with me.

"I can't. You are too young." she said looking at my face.

"But I setup an appointment." I replied taking my shoes off. I knew that prostitutes always wanted to get more and maybe this was her way of raising the price.

"No. I mean how do I know that you don't work for law enf***ement." she said and smiled revealing her perfect white teeth.

By now I was turned on beyond self control. She was the sexiest woman I had ever seen and she was sitting 2 feet away from me, half dressed and ready to be taken. I wouldn't have stopped even if she asked for more money. The funny part was that she didn't.

"I want to see some ID and I want you to tell me if you are Police." she sounded genuinely concerned. "I can go to jail if you are u******e hun." all through the conversation I had been stripping and by now I was down to my underpants. I was frustrated with her and it showed as an 8" hard on through my boxer shorts. But Gina didn't move. She still had her robe on, a gentle smile as if she understood what I was going through but she sat on her bed cross legged, waiting for me to show her the ID.

I realized that she will not let me touch her unless I do show her the proof of age. I fished out my wallet from the levi's on floor and fumbled through it to find the my license. I gave it to her. She looked the picture and then back at me and then she looked at the date of birth.

She stood up and stepped closer to me, carefully avoiding my hard cock jutting through my shorts. She ran her fingers through my hair and as I leaned forward to kiss her, she grabbed my hair.

"Oh honey! I am sorry but I can't provide any service to you. You are still 17 and frankly I am too old to land up in jail now." I tried to kiss her again.

"Please." she turned her face away. "Just come back in a few months and I will give you everything that you want. But you must leave now." I stood in the middle of the room while Gina sat on her bed. I was dejected, my arms falling down to my sides. My cock was already soft.

I looked at Gina once more and realized that she wouldn't entertain me. I made one last ditch effort , "Are you sure?" "I am sorry" she said. I could see she was genuinely unhappy, almost sad that she was turning away a client. I let my head fall back and closed my eyes. My cock peeked its head through my underwear and then I looked back at her and smiled.

"But when you come back, I will give you a free one hun." she said smiling.

In that moment I realized that she didn't care about the money. She was really sad she couldn't take care of my needs. This feeling sent a chill through my spine. Within few seconds my cock was hard again. It sprung forth so suddenly that it caught Gina by surprise.

She fell back half way and this sudden movement caused her robe to open. I saw her large, sagging breasts and dark aereols. Her pierced nipples almost touched her naval. She still had her legs crossed so i couldn't get a view of her cunt but she had really, nice and smooth thigs and hips. Before she could pull her robe back, I was on top of her. She tried to push me aways but i held her arms and started kissing her lips muttering "I love you. God! I love you".

I realized she wasn't struggling very hard. After a few seconds I didn't even have to hold her hands and in a minute of so she had her arms around me as i kissed her and mashed her tits with my chest.

"What are you doing?" she whispered and ran her fingers through my hair.

"I want you" I said looking into her eyes.

"I know." She replied and opened her legs.

We didn't speak a word after that. She scooted back on bed, took off her robe and opened her legs wider. I kneeled between them and then as we kissed and embraced, we fell back on her bed. She guided my cock into her vagina and i was surprised to feel how loose it was.

"Ofcourse" I thought "A 45 year old whore like her can't have a tight, 18y/o pussy".

Gina now had both her hands on my naked hips and pulled me in with every thrust.

She had her eyes open and looked into my eyes encouraging me.

"Oh Yeah. That's it. Fuck me, suck me, make me yours." she whispered in my ears.

I kissed her while massaging her large tits. In a minute of so I came.

I came a lot in her. I could feel jets after jets of cum shooting out of my cock and into her wet and loose, oversized pussy with large, dark labia. Gina felt it too. She grabbed my hips with both hands and pulled me in hard as if she didn't want to let me go ever.

As I came she muttered "Yes! That's it! Cum in me baby. cum in my pussy."

I felt spent in a few seconds I could feel Gina's loose but surprisingly agile cunt squeezing the remaining cum out of my cock. I smiled. She was a whore but she liked what she did. She was really good at it.

My cock lost its erection very rapidly and in a few more seconds it plopped out of the slimy cunt of this 45 year old prostitute even though i still lay on top of her, Gina held my face in her hands and started kissing me all over. "My little baby. My darling. My man. You came so much. I can feel your cum soaking every part of my pussy." I smiled.

"Did you like it honey?" she asked stroking my hair gently.

"I loved it." I said still panting.

"Maybe we should do it again." she suggested playfully.

"I just got 60 bucks." I confessed. Now that i had cum, I didn't care. I wanted to leave.

"Oh!" She looked disappointed. "Come to me next time when you have money." I lifted myself from the bed. Gina made no attempt to move. She was lying on her back, her legs opened. Her large breasts flopped on either side of her chest and her freshly fucked pussy red and raw. She was smiling as I pulled my jeans back up.

That was about 3 months back. Since then I visited Gina, every week, sometimes a couple of times a week depending upon how much cash I had.

We were now getting comfortable with each other. Gina knew what I liked and provided me exactly that.

Then a few week back she asked me out. It started very casually when I visited her at about 9 PM on my way back home from library. After sex she suggested we go out to eat. I was hungry but broke. I had just given her my last 50 bucks. She smiled and told me the dinner was on her. For some reason, going out for dinner with an older prostitute was exciting.

Gina drove us to a nice Italian restaurant a few miles from her place. While we waited outside she held my hand and kissed me several times while people watched. I knew it was pretty weird for all those people to see a young teenager with a 45 year old whore dressed in a micro mini, pink pantyhose and pumps, bare midriff showing her belly hanging out on top of her skirt. A small black blouse with no bra made her look more of a whore than if she were completely naked.

I enjoyed the thrill of depravity and let her grab my butt as she kissed me on my neck and lips.

Once we were seated, Gina ordered the wine and the food and we made out in our booth. She paid close to $75 for the dinner that night.

After that I started visiting her whenever I could. Sometimes I showed up in the morning and sometimes on my way back. We had sex almost every single time I was there. I loved cumming her in big pussy and off late Gina had been encouraging me to ask her out more often.

She often called me on friday and saturday night and after sex suggested we go out for a movie or dinner, even arcades. Needless to say I didn't mind. Heck, why should I? She paid for the evening while I loved showing off my slutty, older girlfriend to all those horny teenagers out there. Did I say girlfriend? Yes, that's how it started.

I showed up at around 6 in the evening at Gina's place. She wanted me to take her to a movie.

I reached her house and knocked as I alwasy did but she didn't open the door. I waited for a few minutes and then as I started walking towards the back door, I heard the door open. I saw a man in jeans and white t-shirt coming out of the house. He looked around sheepishly and walked hurriedly towards a car parked some distance away on the street. I knew he was one of Gina's clients. I don't know why but I felt a sudden pang of jealousy but before I could think further my cell phone rang. It was Gina and she was asking me when I will come to pick her up.

"I am here. " I said knocking on the door. I heard her hurried steps coming towards the door and then she asked, "Is it you honey." " Yes" was all I could manage.

She opened the door halfway, staying out of sight but giving me enough room to enter. This is how she always opened the door, even the first time when I came to see her.

I entered the house and found her in a sheer red robe and nothing underneath. The living room was dark but her smooth, naked body was glowing in the faint light coming from her service room. She kissed me lightly on the lips.

"Just give me 20 minutes. I will freshen up. Do you want to eat something honey?" she asked me walking back inside the house, to the bathroom I figured.

"No." I was short.

"What's wrong baby?" she asked me from the bathroom.

"Nothing" I said. After a minute of silence I asked "Who was that man?" " Oh My God!" she exclaimed. "You are jealous!" I could see the excitement in her voice.

I looked away but she squatted in front of me and held my face in her arms. We looked into each other's eyes and then she said " Baby! I love you but you know what I do. This is how we met." I couldn't say anything. She was right.

"We have been seeing each other for 3 months." she continued. "I know that you like me but you are more than just a client to me." "Look at me", she said, "You don't even pay for sex half the time and you've been asking me out almost every weekend." That wasn't true. The bitch made me ask her out. But I kept quiet and let her talk.

"I know a man doesn't like to see his girlfriend doing other guys but this is my job. I like it and this the only way I know how to make money. If you love me, you will have to accept me for who I am." "A whore", I muttered.

"Yes, a whore. A prostitute. A woman who sells her body to make money" she spoke rather firmly.

"I like you" I said.

"That's all?" she prodded me then looking me straight in the eyes she said "That's not good enough for me Dave. I am looking for a man. A man who will stand tall and say I am his girlfriend, his lover. I love you darling but I can't go on with you just liking me." I looked away.

"When I met you, I thought you were mature beyond your years. Maybe I was wrong" she said to me raising her voice.

That was it. No man can hear that he is not a man enough and I was no different.

"I love you" I blurted out before I knew what was happening. That fucking bitch knew how to manipulate men both through her cunt and her mouth! I was trapped but I felt a sudden calm.

"Oh honey!" she squealed, "I love you too". With that she helped me with my underwear and took my flaccid cock in her mouth. For next few minutes my girlfriend sucked my cock like a whore that she really was.

I could see the top of her head bobbing up and down on my now erect penis while her loose tits flopped side to side.

From there on I never paid Gina and she never asked for the money either.

A few weeks passed in a bliss where I was always satisfied. I would show up at her place unannounced and use the spare key to enter her house. More often than not I found her with client. As I waited in the bedroom I could always hear her having sex in service room with one of her johns. She would often come to the bedroom right after the men left and told me how much she loved me even when her body would be covered with bite marks left by her clients. I was under no illusion.

I knew Gina liked to have sex but I also knew that she really cared for me.

My mother by now was not clueless either. She knew I had a new girlfriend and she knew the name but nothing else. She often teased me about her saying things like most women lost their little boys after he moves away to live with his girlfriend but she had lost me the day I met Gina. She was a good sport about it though and always asked me to bring Gina home someday.

I think it was summer and I was relaxing at Gina's place. She was in her service room with 2 clients having a threesome and I could hear all of them panting and encouraging each other to fuck and cum.

Finally, after almost an hour the men left. I didn't hear Gina closing the door after them so I got up and walked out in the living room. The door was still open. I kicked it shut and then walked into the service room. Gina was lying on her back. Her knees folded and open. Her tits were hanging on either side while her large loose cunt had been fucked open. Her body was covered in sweat and she had a smile on her lips .

I could tell she had a good time. A few 20s on the side table was her payment from this session.

"Do you need a drink?" I asked her. This didn't bother me anymore "Sure" she said smiling. "And by the way, your mom called. She wants me to come over for dinner on Sat night." "What?" I stopped and wheeled around.

"Yeah! It was not easy talking to her. I had a man in my ass and another in my cunt and she wanted to talk." Gina said grinning. "I had to signal the men to be quiet and told her I was in the middle of something and will call her back soon." "She must have found your number in my pocket." I said.

"So?" She looked at me and asked "are you gonna take me to see your mom or not?" "I have to, don't I?" I said smiling weakly. "After all you are my girlfriend".

Gina got up and walked on her knees coming closer to me. She kissed me lightly on the lips and said "Don't worry honey. I will be a good girl. She is going to love me."

My mother hated her! She threw a fit when she saw a 45 year old whore dressed in red vinyl micro mini and red latex thigh high boots, a sheer white blouse with no bra and of course no panties! This is how Gina had decided to dress up for her first meeting with her 18 year old boyfriend's mom.

"Who the fuck is this?" mom yelled. "What the fuck are you thinking Dave?" "Oh for Christ's sake. Calm down Carol" Gina suggested taking a bite out of ginger bread mom had made for us.She was sitting at the dinner table almost amused at my mom's temper.

"Shut the fuck up you bitch" mom snapped at her. "I am talking to my son who has obviously lost his mind." She turned towards me "What is wrong with you? Can't you see this woman is all wrong for you? She is as old as me!" mom had tears in her eyes by now.

She grabbed my shirt and shook me as if trying to wake me up. "What the hell were you thinking bringing this old whore into my house?" "Mom" I said " Calm down. Gina is a nice girl and we love each other." "Yeah! Listen to your son Carol." Gina chimed in knowing well that mom will flip out. "For once let him be the man that he really is." "He is my baby and you stay out of this you fucking bitch" mom roared. I held her arm to stop her from pouncing upon Gina and shredding her to pieces.

"Mom! Please." I pleaded. "You are making a scene" "Are you mad?" mom couldn't believe her ears. "Can't you see what this slut has done to you? You don't love her and I know she doesn't love you. She just wants sex from a young boy and I bet it doesn't matter if she gets it from you or your friend Carl." "I don't like Carl that much." Gina butted in again "But Mike, now there's a fine young man with a dick a woman can suck all day" she said licking her lips.

Mom stood in the room speechless, while Gina kept sipping her.water.

"What's the matter Carol?" she said " Didn't your son tell you what I do for living?" Mom turned to me, her mouth open and her breath coming in short, quick gasps. I saw her large breasts rising and falling as she breathed heavily as if she had just run a mile.

"What the fuck is this bitch talking about?" she asked almost whispering.

"Mom, Gina is in service industry. She gives men sensual massages" "SHE IS A WHORE" mom lost her self control and ran towards Gina. "I will kill you you fucking bitch. I am gonna tear you apart." She grabbed Gina who was still sitting on a chair by her hair and pulled her down. "Get the fuck out of my house you fucking slut." mom was yelling hysterically.

I had to rescue my girlfriend. I grabbed mom's arms and pulled her away. "Let her go mom. Please!" My mother started sobbing and then collapsed in my arms. She was hurt, she was wounded and I knew it will be a while before she regains consiousness.

I looked at Gina and said " you could have been gentle with her" "Your mom has the right to know about us Dave. She cares for you and I can't lie to her." Mom was on the floor and I had her head in my lap and I caressed her forehead.

Gina stood up and was straightening her hair "I think it is much better that I told her the truth now." "What if she doesn't accept you?" my doubts resurfaced.

"Don't tell me you can't leave mama. You are a grown up man. Please don't tell me you need mommy." Gina said sarcastically.

"Bitch" I muttered.

In a few minutes mom regained her consiousness. I helped her sit on a chair and gave her some coffee.

Gina was sitting across the table facing mom. Both women stared at each other for quite sometime before my mother spoke.

"I want you out of my son's life. He is too young for you and anyway you can have hundreds of other men you sl**p with." "I will not leave Dave. I love him" Gina said firmly Mom looked at me and then back at Gina and said "I have given Dave everything he needed and I can die for him Gina." "Yes. you can die for him." Gina said. "But can you send him to college? Can you buy him the new car that he wants? No Carol. You can't. So what good is your dying? I love your son and I can give him all that he wants. I may be a prostitute but I love your son and that is all that matters. Look Carol you have a choice. Either we can all live happily together or Dave will move in with me." Mom looked at me again and I looked away.

"Do you really love this woman Dave?" she asked me.

"Yes mom. Gina is the first woman I have ever felt comfortable with.

She didn't ask me for sex, I asked her and has given me everything that I need." "It is settled then." Mom said with a tone of finality. "You can move in with your girlfriend" "REally mom!" I said. I felt like someone had lifted the load off my chest " I love you mom." "And I love you too dear. I can see that Gina can give you much more than what I will be able to and you two are obviously in love so why should I stand in your way." Gina looked at me and then said "actually, Dave has already told me how much he loves you Carol and I think he really needs you around." I had no idea what Gina had in mind but I liked the fact that she was acknowledging me in front of my mother.

Mom was confused too.

"Dave and I want to be together but we would love to have you with us." Gina said.

"Are you asking me to move n with you guys?" mom said looking at Gina and then at me.

"My work keeps my quite busy and I can't work around the house that much. Also even though Dave is a grown up man, he needs adult supervision. Your supervision. I am worried that he may not be putting enough effort in his studies." Mom looked at me and grinned and said "Yeah. I alwasy had to keep a check on this little monstor. Otherwise he spends more time masturbating than studying." "You said it!" Gina said. "I caught him jacking off right after we had sex. Twice!" Both women looked at me and started laughing loudly even as my face became red with embarassment.

" Gina" my mother said "We have a big house here. We got a few rooms.

How about you move in with us?" In 2 days Gina came to live with us. She didn't have much stuff. Mom gave her the room below that Gina could use as her service room.

Of 2 rooms above, 1 was set aside as my study room. While 3rd became our bedroom. In the beginning mom suggested she will sl**p in Gina's service room but often Gina would have clients late night while mom wanted to sl**p early as her shift started at 6 AM on certain days of the week.

Finally we all agreed that mom could sl**p with us in our bedroom - the bed was large enough for 3 of us. Gina and I used her service room to have sex but sometimes during the night if we were both horny and didn't want to go down, we would just have sex in the bed with mom sl**ping right next to her. Gina was alwasys loud during sex - with me and with her clients and she didn't care if mom was in bed with us.

But my mother was a lovely woman. She would just turn around and try to sl**p even when her son and his girlfriend were fucking each other like a****ls in heat. At times she would actually ask us if she should go downstairs but unless we were trying something crazy like a little role play or s&m, we let mom stay.

In a few weeks even that stopped. Gina didn't wear anything but her sheer robes in the house and soon mom got used to seeing her naked.

Now she didn't even turn around while Gina and I had sex and after a few weeks she even started encouraging us to fuck more and give her the grandc***d.

One evening as I entered the house, I heard Gina and mom giggling in her service room. I peaked inside. Gina had only a thong on. She was sitting on the bed and her large naked breasts were flat on her chest and belly. Mom was sitting across her. She was topless but had a robe and panties on. Her rather large breasts were exposed and Gina was rubbing them.

I couldn't understand what my naked girlfriend was doing to my half naked mother but I hoped they were not getting ready to have sex.

Thankfully they were not.

As they heard me come in, both women turned to look at me. Mom blushed but Gina smiled and stood up on the bed and then started walking towards me, her tits flopping side to side.

"Hi Honey. You are home early" she said kissing me , almost oblivious to her nakedness.

"What are you doing?" I asked looking at mom.

"Oh that! Not what you think!" Gina shrieked "You got a dirty little mind hun but I am not having sex with my boyfriend's mom." "Then what?" I asked still ooking at mom.

"I am helping your mother to pump her breasts." Gina said going back to the bed. I saw a few bottles filled with white liquid.

As I stared blankly Gina continued her explanation. "Your mom told me how she breast fed you till you were 13. No wonder you like women with big boobs." "Anyway, she is still lactating and if her breasts are not pumped properly it causes lot of discomfort and pain. I am helping her get the milk out. Look how much came from just one breast" she held up a bottle with the white liquid.

Then I watched Gina take my mother's right breast in her hand. She caressed it and then pinched the nipple. Streams of white milk shot forth and sprayed Gina's breasts and belly. Both women giggled.

"Help me here hun" Gina said. "Please hold the bottle while I milk your mom" Mesmerized I did what she asked. I knew we were just helping mom with her chronic pain. I watched Gina milk my mother's large breasts for next few minutes, till the bottle filled up. Mom just looked at her breasts or at me and Gina and smiled weakly.

"I think that's enough for today" Gina said. "How do you feel Carol." "Great!" mom sighed. "It really feels good. I haven't felt this satisfied since I last fed Dave" "Oh good" Gina said. " May be you should let Dave breast feed again.

I tell you, he still loves it!" Both women started laughing their breasts and belly jiggling.

I had other things on my mind.

"What happens to the milk?" I asked rather seriously.

This sent the women in fresh gales of laughter and mom even fell back.

Then Gina picked up a bottle and thrust it between my lips. I tasted the fresh, sweet milk of my mother. It brought back lot of memories but above all I felt happy and safe. I started suckling at the plastic nipple and emptied the bottle in a few minutes. Both Gina and my mother watched me with amusement but then mom ran her fingers through my hair and called me her baby.

That night Gina nad I had wild sex while mom watched. Gina was on her back , her legs pinned behind her ears while i pounded her cunt.

We both reached our climax in a few minutes and my cum filled Gina's cunt and then started dripping on her thighs.

"I am glad Dave is with you Gina." mom said as both Gina and I caught our breaths. I was still on top of her, my cock buried in her cunt.

"There's so much he can learn from you that a girl his age wouldn't know." Gina nad I kissed passionately and then we both kissed mom goodnight.

Next few days were uneventful. I often found Gina pumping my mother's milk laden breasts in her service room while they talked.

After both the bottles were full, the women offered me the sweet nectar. This satisfied my hunger but gave me a terrible hardon that Gina would suck till I climaxed in her mouth. Sometimes mom would watch and encourage us and sometimes she just left us alone.

One night I woke up in the middle of the night. I was alone in the bed. Both Gina and mom were downstairs, watching TV.

I got up and walked out of the room. I looked down and saw both the women sitting and tlaking in the faint light of TV. They were naked.

"And have you noticed how much my breasts have grown?" mom said to Gina.

"That's just the milk Carol. I think you should start nursing Dave again. It is obvious you want to." Gina replied.

"But he is a big boy now. I like the fact that he likes my milk but I don't want him to suck on my tits. I don't want him to turn into a mama's boy." "Well, that's your choice. But if you want to feed your son, I don't mind" Gina said. "By the way, I think my ass is spreading faster than before." "Really" mom said Gina got up and turned around, thrusting her large, fleshy ass out at my mother.

"Well. It used to be size 38 when I met Dave. I think it is 42 now. I don't know what to do Carol. My clients like my ass but I don't want it to grow too much." Gina said looking over her shoulder at mom Mom touched the large, white globes of my girlfriend's magnificient behind with both hands and then started massaging them.

"Well I think your hips look beautiful Gina. I have seen how much Dave likes them. He can't seem to get enough of your ass." "Frankly, I wish I looked like you." Gina complained. "You have a perfect body Carol. Your tits are large, your nipples are long, you are lactating and your ass is perfectly round and still firm." "Oh stop!" mom giggled.

"I am serious." Gina said turning around and facing mom. "So many of my clients are ogling you when they are fucking me. Some even tried talking to me about you while they were in my pussy!" Mom continued to giggle and laugh. It was obvious she was very flattered.

Gina bent over and cupped mom's breasts. She then lifted them as if she were weighing the melons in a grocery store.

"Have you ever considered working with me?" Gina asked.

Mom was astonished. "What? I am not a whore. You know that I work" "As a clerk. Yeah I know. How much do you make Carol? 20 bucks an hour? 25? I can make over 400 a day with just a couple of hours of work." "I can't do what you do?" mom said looking away.

"Why not Carol? You think you are better than me?" Mom didn't say anything.

"Look at me." Gina commanded my mother. "We need more money and I want to spend more time with Dave. I want you to take a client tomorrow and help me." I walked back into the room.

A few minutes later, Gina and mom returned and lay on either side of me. They were both excited. Gina grabbed my flaccid cock and shook it hard to get an erection. When that didn't work, she grabbed my balls and took the head in her mouth.

In a few minutes she was on top of me, inserting my cock in her cunt.

"Open your legs you motherfucker." she cursed loudly.

Both mom and I squirmend but she didn't care. "Give me your cock you fucking son of a bitch. I know you are not sl**ping you asshole." Suddenly i saw mom turning around to face us.

She put her hand on my arm and smiled gently. "Do what she says honey" My cock was now buried in Gina's cunt and she started bobbing up and down fucking herself.

"Now tell him" Gina said "Dave. Honey." my mother said haltingly . "I will start working with Gina from tomorrow. Together we can make lot of money quickly." "Sure mom" I said smiling.

This happened about a month back.

I return home to find my mother or my girlfriend fucking strange men everyday. Sometimes they are both doing the clients and sometimes they are both resting after servicing a few clients.

Together they are making up 20 grand a month, most of which is being put into property, stocks and other assets.

Just like Gina, mom loves being a prostitute and because she has a fresher body, she is able to charge a lot more than Gina.

Gina and I got marred last week. We held the ceremony in our backyard.

Gina wore a red vinyl skirt and little stars on her nipples and nothing else.

My mother decided to wear an expensive silky, white dress with no underwear. The dress was so sheer it showed her large nipples and cunt lips clearly.

The women invited their regular clients for the wedding. A few black and Mexican men.

Before the wedding, the black guys fucked Gina and filled her ass and cunt with fresh, hot cum. My mother then brought the bride out where I waited.

The priest married us in a few minutes and my bride kissed me deeply.

We went into the service room and had group sex. The mexican men fucked my wife while i watched. Then i fucked her cum filled cunt while mom took the men out for drinks and lunch. Gina reminded me that I have to share her with other men all my life by making me lick her cum filled cunt.

When we came out, we found mom in the center of the lawn. She had lifted her dress around her waist, exposing her large white ass to the group of men who surrounded her. Loud music played and we all watched my mother performing a cabaret where she rubbed her privates on the bodies of our guests.

Later that night the3 of us left for our honeymoon to Hawaii.

The women worked out of the hotel room in the morning and we all went out during the day.

It has been a good life for me so far. Gina is still milking my mother's breasts every morning and I get to drink the milk.

We are saving a lot too and both women hope to retire in a couple of years.... Continue»
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Me & Alisha

Okay so I had such fun writing the other story about my young crush, the lusty and sultry vixen Ashley, that I wanted to write another story. This one details a time with my so-called “best” female friend, and me snuggling with her in her bed late one night. We were both horny as fuck since we were sex addicts, but we were best friends and didn't want to ruin our close friendship so neither of us made a move on one another. Well, after we supposedly both dozed off, she had her ass pressed against my crotch pretty tightly, cuddling up against me body-to-body, and I was holding her, only my cock was hard feeling her ass against me, and, finally, one thing led to another…


I met Alisha back in high school. My high school had a separate campus for freshman located just on the outskirts of town, and some k**s caught an early bus before the bell rang to travel into town to take classes over at the “senior” campus in the morning, and then come back to the freshman campus for the rest of the day. I was one of those k**s. I believe I was taking French 1. Well, anyways, a fellow goofball classmate who smoked pot and listened to rap like me introduced me to his circle of older friends over at the senior campus. I think he was taking Wellness 1, which is a Health course. I didn’t know anybody older over there, so I hung out with them that year. They were pretty much social outcasts, I mean some of them played in the school band and the others weren’t at all popular. These people were totally not my kind of people, I mean, I didn’t hang with the jocks and cheerleaders but I knew a few. I was more the class clown who everyone made fun of in good spirit, never got his homework done, and you could catch me in stoner circles literally right down the block from school on breaks and lunch, always getting busted for being off-campus. So I knew everybody because at least one of your friends, no matter what kind of high school clique you were from, would secretly smoke weed on the down-low every now and then, and they would all get it from somewhere… Chicks and dudes, I knew someone from every type of circle. So I was cool with everyone and they were cool with me, or they heard about me from their friends and they knew I was cool.

Anyways, enough about me in high school, that’s not really what this is about. So one of the chicks in this group of outcasts, her name was Alisha, and she was a sophomore, taking Wellness with my friend that year. Well I got the impression that my friend liked her, so that was cool with me because I was into other things, like leaving their hangout in the cafeteria before school to go down the street and get baked with the stoners in my French class, which of course made that class much more difficult! Well, the next year when I crossed over to the senior campus as a sophomore, I felt like a loner. Like I said, I didn’t know anybody older, and all my friends had their own unique circles, I was just the funny dude in their class they came to when they wanted to smoke out. Well I’m walking down the hall one day minding my own business, heading to class, and I hear my name being shouted down the intersecting hall by two females. I look over at the other hallway and I see Alisha from last year and her friend who I really didn’t like all that much. I was kinda happy to see Alisha, since she was a familiar face and someone who I could get along with, but her friend was dorky and chubby and that’s the last thing you want to be seen with around your high school. Not to be mean, I mean she was also very annoying. I told Alisha what’s up, let’s meet up on lunch break, and went to attend my classes. Basically I got to know her better that year, and the rest of the time throughout high school, she started liking me a helluva lot. She was very flirtatious with me, and I was more the friend type, because she came from a troubled home where her dad was an alcoholic and I think he beat her sometimes, so I felt sorry for her and always gave her hugs, showed love that way.

Well my story picks up years later, as of which we were both moved out of our parents houses, I was living in a shared one-bedroom apartment with my girlfriend, B. I was 17 and she was 16 and we were fucking like jackrabbits anytime we got a chance (sometimes all night!), while we also held jobs and I went to school at the community college part time. I know that’s pretty young to be living together, but her parents kicked her out while we were dating so she crashed with my parents in the living room for a month before I got a low income apartment, and she paid her way working at Burger King. So as I went to go get my checkup on food stamps one day (I couldn’t afford food for the both of us, and she didn’t make a whole lot off minimum wage), I ran in to my old pal Alisha. It was such a small world! I told her that I was living with my girl and what apartments, and she said, whoa that’s crazy I’m moving in those same ones, this apt #. I was like, say what? After I thought about which apartment number she had said, I realized that that is right to the left of me in the building facing my kitchen. I was living in an upstairs one-bedroom apartment, which was a one story square box. She was going to move into the two-bedroom two story apartment currently vacant, one of the upstairs bedroom windows directly facing my kitchen window. I was shocked, and surprisingly didn’t think any dirty thoughts about our facing windows.

Well we had some fun times living next to each other, and my girlfriend surprisingly liked her, too. My girlfriend B was a borderline bisexual, but I never put that into play really, I guess because B was with me. So we’d go down to her apartment, which if we walked out of our apartment and down the stairs, we’d swing a left and walk down the pathway a few feet and there was her back sliding glass door. Easy access. We would all get d***k and laugh and smoke cigarettes outside, sometimes BBQ, just have good old times. I guess she actually came into her bedroom naked after getting out of the shower one time, and looked out her window and I was in the kitchen making something to eat! I never saw her though, much to my dismay. One day B came up with a scheme. She wanted to seduce Alisha in her apartment, and then have me come down after and we’d all have sex. Sounds like a sweet deal. You, your girl, and your female friend? Not YOUR GIRL’S female friend either – YOUR female friend. It would totally be different for me. We planned it out, and for the occasion I had a friend pick up some liquor for me, I think we made screwdrivers, with two kinds of juice, orange juice and g**** juice. Well we went down there together, B and I, and the OJ was getting to my stomach so I switched to the g**** ones, that was a hell of a lot better. We were all sitting on the couch sipping on our plastic cups and watching the end of some lame-ass movie. I wasn’t getting d***k at all, and I had two cups already, the second one my girl refilled for me. At least, I didn’t THINK I was getting d***k. Then I asked if they wanted another refill, they both said hell yeah, and I went to stand up off the couch. I kept going. I was so dizzy when I stood up that I couldn’t stop my momentum and ran right into her TV stand, which split my shin open but I couldn’t even feel it. I grabbed their cups and walked into the kitchen to refill. By the third cup I was pretty woozy, but still in control of my actions. I could fuck the shit out of both of them right then and do all sorts of crazy stuff if I wanted to. But someone had to break the ice first, and so far all we had been doing was pretending to watch this lame movie and really thinking about fucking each other.

We decided that B and I were going to spend the night, and we ended up all helping Alisha to take the cushions off the couch and pulling out the hide-a-bed. Once we were on that, we relaxed way more. I started getting more friendly, and so did B, to the point where Alisha stood up, stated that it was hot in herre, and asked if it would be okay if she took her top off. B said fuck yeah and I said go for it girl, and she did. It was the first time I had seen her boobs in the three years I had known her, although I sensed B had seen them the day before… Her titties were a little heavy but still firm, and her areolas were small but egg shaped around her nipples, and dark red just like her lips, which meant that her pussy lips had to be dark red, too. Her nipples were poking straight out. She let my girlfriend grope them, and as B was sitting between us, I had to wait my turn. Finally B was done caressing her breast, and I was able to reach over B and squeeze Alisha’s firm titty. I groped it softly, and her nipple became so erect, then I looked up at her and she was just looking at me, head somewhat down, staring straight into my eyes and smiling at me. It’s that look you get from a girl when they want to fuck you. I think B saw it too, and she threw her arms up between us, so that my hand flew off my friend’s tit and back into my space. B said something along the lines of she didn’t want to do this anymore and the party’s over. She was uncomfortable with it all of a sudden, when it was her idea in the first place. B knew that Alisha and I went back and were really close friends, and I think that it intimidated her a little, she wanted to have sex with her but she didn’t want me to. I don’t know why, but she thought I loved her or something, she probably felt like if I had sex with her, I’d keep doing it when she wasn’t there, or I’d leave B for her. So being the gentleman I am, I said that’s fine, but I think Alisha was a little disappointed, but tried not to show it. We stayed the night anyway, and all slept right there next to each other, I think hoping that it would still happen. Alisha had later told me that B’s hands were wrapped around her tits the whole night. In the morning, B got dressed for work and got pissed when I didn’t follow her up the stairs to go sl**p in our own bed while she went off for work. Honestly, I wasn’t even thinking like that. I mean it was like 7:00 in the morning and I was a lousy d***k, she woke me up but I just closed my eyes and instantly fell back asl**p. Alisha continued to lay there topless. Basically I was so hungover that even if I wanted to roll over right then and start kissing her and slip my dick in her and pound the shit out of her pussy while my girl was away at work, I would probably have not been the best fuck at that moment. So I didn’t say anything and a few hours later I went home.

Well me and B finally got evicted from that place, I guess we got three noise complaints and that’s enough to evict. They said they never heard me except one time when I opened my windows on a sunny day and played some music. It was due to her cuz she was a loud mouthed 16 year old who yelled whenever we would argue or have a fight. So I broke it off cuz she had to move back home 15 miles away, and moved out the day after the pink slip was on our door. I stayed at the apartment for the last month, drinking beers going through tough times, and visited Alisha downstairs quite frequently. She was my best friend in high school, and we were always there for each other. I had been with B for a year, it didn’t get to me that much cuz she was a bitch a lot of the times and had secretly gotten into hardcore d**gs the last few months we were together, lying and everything. Anyways when I had to leave that place I begged my parents to take me back in, and the deal was I could stay in the RV trailer but had to pay a small rent. Well that never quite worked out, I would be in between jobs every few months, but I always gave my mom like $100.00 in grocery money whenever she’d go shopping, cuz I still had my food stamps. So longer story short, my dad got pissed at me for being 18, almost 19 and not holding down a steady job and kicked me out after shortly under a year when my last job opportunity didn’t come through.

Since I had nowhere to go, I packed my shit and went to Alisha’s. She was still living there in that apartment, and said I could crash for a few weeks. That 2-3 weeks was when I really got to know her well. She would always make a point to tell me that she didn’t wear underwear, this I already knew being her best friend who was a guy, and wore dresses to entice me. One day she told me don’t look and bent over her coffee table to tie her shoe while her ass was pointed at my face. Yeah, right. I looked. Her pussy was peeking out the bottom of her dress, and suddenly my dick got hard inside my pants and bulged alongside the crotch area of my jeans. I just stared at her pussy for as long as she was turned with her back to me, and when I sensed that she was done tying her shoe, I turned my head away like I hadn’t been looking. Of course, she was playing sexual head games with me and I was liking it. I would sl**p in her bed with her, as I had done many times before, and we would either cuddle or she would sl**p alone as she had to be up early for work. I could tell that she was horny and so was I, problem was we were so horny for each other, just none of us had made the right move yet. We had been sexually frustrated for the whole time I stayed there with her, that we had both been masturbating secretly when the other wasn’t there. I came back one time and she took off for work, only for me to go into her room for something after she left, it smelled a little musty, and right there on her messy bed was her baby blue vibrator with the covers all sprawled about, and the sheet had a wet spot in one area. I don't think she left that there for me to see purposely, she had been running late for work so she had left in a hurry. Yeah, too busy playing with her pussy, had made her late for her job. We still hadn’t had sex yet, but our loins were aching for each other. I guess we both were too afraid to make that first move on our best friend. The next night she had a party and her young high school s****r came over with a bunch of friends who stayed the night on the floor, and I slept with her in her bed as usual. But during the party everyone was drinking and having a good time...and then she put one of her newly bought pornos on at the conversation of the matter. We were sitting down, and as we all watched the guy on the porno DVD fuck the shit out of this shaved slut, I slighty turned my head and looked over at Alisha. I sensed that she could see me looking at her through her peripheral line of vision, but she didn't glance back. She just kept staring straight at the television, like playing a game with me like she didn't know I was staring at her in lust. I looked her body up and down for a few seconds, then I turned my head back away. She didn’t come upstairs to her bed until I was fast asl**p, or at least she thought I was asl**p, cuz soon after she undressed down to her nightwear and climbed in bed, I silently woke but made her think I was still sl**ping, I wanted to see what she would do. She wrapped her arm around me and moved her body in close, her head was near my neck, like a couple cuddling. I wanted to kiss her and show her that I loved her with my lips and my body, but I continued to pretend to be asl**p. She stayed there like that for a while, and I actually did doze off, but suspiciously I thought I felt her hand exploring down below as I nodded off…

The next night was when the payoff happened. We had an eventful day as usual, laughing and being close friends and going out to eat, etc. Well that night, I climbed into her bed as she went to go take a shower. Her panties were on the floor so I decided I’d pick them up and see if I could be able to smell her pussy off them. I could smell a slight scent, but not much as she really didn’t wear undies, but enough that it made my dick hard. When I slept with her, I only wore boxer shorts to bed. So my dick was protruding through the hole in my boxers, and I started rubbing it thinking about her in the shower naked and faintly having just smelled her pussy scent. Well all this pent up sexual energy and not having fucked her, I was horny as hell. I laid on her bed and got my dick real big and hard as I stroked it loud and fast. I heard her get out of the shower, so I stopped and put it back inside the hole in my boxers, and got under the covers to hide my massive erection.

She came out of the bathroom ready for bed, her night gear on, having changed in the bathroom since she wasn’t comfortable yet changing or being completely naked in front of me. Her night wear consisted of a regular shirt and very small shorts, from what I could tell during the nights nothing underneath. She crawled in bed and didn’t press her body to mine, but laid next to me. I still secretly had a hard-on underneath the covers, and we were both laying on our sides and I was facing her back. Her fresh and clean aroma after showering wasn’t helping matters much. I tried like hell to will it down, but like I said, pent up sexual energy. So after about 20 minutes, I don’t know why, but I moved in close to her body and pressed my cock against her. I started slowly thrusting my hard stiff cock up against her booty. At first I felt no response and thought that she must have fallen asl**p, but then all of a sudden, just slightly, I felt her ass grind back against my cock. I kept grinding her ass and she kept moving her ass with it, obviously feeling how big it was. It was getting harder now, too, us simulating the act of fucking like that. She didn’t move her head at all or turn her body in my direction or say anything, she just laid there like she had been with her ass slowly moving with my rhythm.

I put my hand on her hip and pushed it against her ass slow and hard. Then I reached around her and groped her titty. Her nip was poking through her t-shirt like crazy, I cupped her titty and started to squeeze ever so gently, and I could feel her hard nipple poking against my palm. All of a sudden my hard dick fell out of my boxers through the hole, and I noticed, but just kept on grinding it into her ass pretty hard, and continued squeezing her breast over her shirt. I silently heard her whisper, “yeah…” and that was it. I brought my hand back around and with my other hand I yanked down her shorts just below her ass. I gripped my big dick and poking beneath her ass, I searched for the entrance to her vagina. I found it easily, given how wet she was underneath, her hole was soaking wet! I pushed it in deep, and her head went up and back, and she let out a silent “oh, god” and I held her hips as I pushed it in and out of her pussy for the first time ever, then went to town thrusting it deep inside her as I really tried to ram her pussy nice and hard. She began moaning very sexy with each thrust, whispering quietly the whole time. “Oh, oh…oh, oh, oh…yeah…oh, oh, oh, oh, oh…”

This was turning me on a great deal. I always fantasized about Alisha and seeing her naked, wanting so badly to see her pussy between her legs, wondering if she shaved or trimmed a landing strip, and I always wanted her to see my big hard dick, but I never thought my dreams would ever come true. I just always masturbated when I imagined in my mind what her pussy looks like, and it made my dick incredibly long and so fucking hard. And now here I was, sticking my big dick in my best friend who had an incredibly wet pussy for me, after touching her titty for less than a minute, and she was obviously enjoying my dick inside her insatiably. I could cum at any minute for simply having my dreams come true and having my raging hard-on inside Alisha, my best friend for three years who was really a close and good friend. I kept pushing my dick in and out of her smooth tunnel, and as I did, my belly was slapping against her ass, making a loud smacking noise as I fucked her. “Oh, yeah…oh, oh, oh…” She was still whispering cute little moans. I had to stop for a second cuz I was incredibly turned on listening to her pleasure and feeling her mushy wet pussy on my dick, and after jacking off earlier for five minutes while she was in the shower, my cum rose easily. As I stopped, I pulled out of her and she pulled her shorts all the way off, then I climbed on top of her as she turned around to face me and now we were in missionary position. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me softly on my lips, and I kissed her back. After our first kiss, which was long, gentle and so sweet, she told me to go get a condom from her bathroom medicine cabinet, which I did.

I opened the Lifestyles condom and put it on in the bathroom, taking my boxers off so I was completely naked. Thankfully it was a Magnum. I returned to find her taking her top off and throwing it on the floor, also completely naked, then covering back up inside the covers. I slid in underneath them too as I climbed back in bed, and laid back on top of her, and we were suddenly kissing again, this time full-fledged making out and playing with each other’s tongues. It was getting pretty hot and heavy with the kissing, and I started exploring more of her body with my hands while we Frenched each other. I groped her right breast and felt up her nipple. She was loving it. “Mmmrphh,” she would exclaim while her tongue was in my mouth. I took my hand and moved her hair out of the way and held her face as I kissed her one final time. Then I retracted my lips and put my hand tightly around my still hard dick. “Do it,” she said. I plunged it so hard into her wet dripping vagina, she tilted her head back but said nothing. I then proceeded to fuck her slippery hole non-stop as I grabbed her ass underneath us and she squirmed and groaned in delight.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes…fuck…oh, fuck…don’t stop, don’t stop…oh.” I was having a hard time listening to her and feeling how good my dick felt in her slippery wet pussy. It felt SOOO GOOD. It just glided in and out so easily, her wetness enveloped me. I took it out and she begged me to keep giving it to her, but I came up on my knees and proceeded to bring her up, too. She got the drift and did what I wished as I turned her around on her hands and knees as the covers slipped off us. I looked at her naked ass and pussy and I immediately jammed it back into her dripping lips. Thinking about the time I caught her vibrator and wet sheets after she had just masturbated, I violently thrusted my 9 incher into her, and she began to moan loudly. “Take it,” I said. “Take this dick, Alisha...oh yeah...” “I’m taking it,” she muttered, in the middle of her sexy moans. Her pussy was making very loud squishy sounds as I fucked her hard. “You like it, don’t you?” I asked her, as I pushed it deeper into her vulva. “I love it!” she exclaimed. "Fuck me...keep fucking me." I slapped her on the ass as I held her hips and fucked her at a nice steady rhythm. “Faster,” she said, “oh, yeah...oh...oh, yes...Harder!” I pulled her hips into my dick as I furiously thrust my huge throbbing dick all the way in, fucked her pussy so fucking deep, and smacked her on the ass again. “You horny fucking dirty girl,” I scolded her as I slapped her ass cheek again, then slapped it another time, “give me your pussy like I've always wanted!” I think that really turned her on more when I said that. I rammed her pussy rough and hard. “Oh, yeah! Take me! Yeah! Oh, gawd, don’t stop! Oh, my god…,” she cried in moans of pleasure. She then began gasping in high pitches and cried out to me, “Give it to me…oh, yeah…” I continued to ram it into her wet, squishy, soft mushy hole as the bed rocked back and forth loudly. The neighbors on that side of the wall I bet could definitely hear us, we were being so loud and it was like 2:00 in the morning. But I just kept fucking the shit out of her. My belly kept slapping her ass making that smacking sound as I fucked her really fast and my balls kept hitting her clit. “Keep taking this big fucking dick in your pussy!” I told her. “Just bend over and feel this fucking huge cock inside you!” “OH, yeah, yeah, yeah…Oh, God!...oh, oh, oh, oh, oh…OH, OH, OH!” Another smack on her ass. “Yeah, don’t stop, don’t stop, oh…my…god…oh…oh…oh, oh, oh, yes, I’m gonna cum!” She was being really loud now, like almost yelling instead of moaning. But I loved every minute of it. My dick was pulsating inside her, and my cum had risen almost to the point of no return. I fucked her so hard and so fast now, her wet walls were all liquidey from her pussy juice just overflowing my dick. I pumped it inside her really fast as I held her thighs bent over her. I whispered in her ear, “You sexy horney bitch! I always masturbate thinking about you, and you've always made my dick... so... fucking... BIG!!!” Well I guess she liked hearing that, combined with me fucking her pussy just how she liked it, cuz she started cumming right after I confessed that to her. “Oh, my God! YES, I’M CUMMING, OHHH YES, OH... OH GOD I’M CUMMING ALL OVER YOUR DICK! Oh, Fuck yeah...” Her pussy juices flooded my big, almost-10-inch dick and her walls started raining liquids. I felt the pressure of that against my super-sensitive dick, along with the insides of her pussy contracting and retracting as she orgasmed and released her cum, and combined with her loud shouting when she came, and all of a sudden I was cumming with her. I thrust my hard-on into her deep as fuck as my dick exploded and ejected my cum, shooting into the condom I was wearing. She felt my dick twitch and pulse as I spurted my hot cum out, and she grinded into it as I came hard inside her. It was so sensually erotic and the room smelled like sex because of our powerful orgasms and all the cum we both released, hers leaking out her vulva and dripping onto the bed, leaving wet spots on the sheets. We both collapsed onto each other and just breathed real deep and tried to recover from our hot, sweaty sex with each other for the first time. We had just taken our closeness with each other and friendship to a whole 'nother level.

After a few minutes, we kissed each other gently and lay naked next to each other the whole night through. We fucked many more times during the time that I stayed there with her, but we only kissed when we fucked and we never showed any public displays of affection other than hugging and things like that. We were friends first and foremost, best friends, and I guess we never talked about it, but we just acted like that. Best friends during the day, fucking each other like crazy during the night. We both loved each other, though, and we had always wanted to jump each other's bones, but when we finally did it was a secret thing, friends with benefits. Which made us cum so much harder when we did fuck. I learned that she was sexually uninhibited, she had been shy at first but once we had sex that first night, she slowly started getting more comfortable with her sexuality around me. She liked being on top and riding my dick up and down like a cowgirl, and she liked it when I fucked her hard and rough from behind, and liked me smacking her ass and telling her what a dirty, horny, nasty girl she was for taking my dick like a slut. I also learned that her pussy squirted a little when she came, and is why she flooded my cock that night when she orgasmed. After I moved on, we would sometimes send naked photo messages to each other on our cell phones. Seeing her naked pussy on my phone always tempted me to find the nearest restroom and bust out my hard dick and stroke away so fast while I stared at the pic of her wet, beautiful pussy. Then while I masturbated, I would take a picture of my huge throbbing dick and send it to her. Staring at her pussy, I always came a whole lot, and so hard. We always kissed and made out like we were in love when we’d have sex, but we just never became boyfriend/girlfriend. I think she always wanted to remain there on the side, like fuck buddy friends we could always go to if we needed a booty call. Sadly, we lost touch a few years ago and I haven’t heard from her since.... Continue»
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It didn't start that first night, as much as you had wanted it to. I'd just sat on your bed talking to you. My touch was light on your arm, but it felt scalding to you & you wanted Me to touch you more. "How much do you know about what your Mother & I have been doing," I asked & when you hesitated, My fingers tightened just slightly & you fought back the immediate, almost unbearable need to moan. Not looking at Me, you whispered, "I know you're hurting her when you have sex, I can hear it." I was thoughtful for a moment & replied, "Do you know why I hurt her like that Krystal." By now you knew very well why & remained silent. "She needs that to feel whole, does that surprise you. I know that you've been going to sites on the internet, she told Me everything about what you two talked about. She said you know now what a submissive is & naturally you're curious."

Completely unthinking, your head nodded slightly & again My fingers tightened until your eyes rose to Mine. My look was calm, but piercing & you felt I could look right inside you & see your thoughts, your deepest hidden secrets. Without another word, I slowly drew down the sheet & touched you. Your face immediately flamed, you were so embarrassed it was difficult to breathe, but I seemed to be matter of fact about it. The thought of trying to stop Me never entered your mind. My words had seen to that. What had he meant, "She needs that to feel whole." You knew your panties were drenched & it only added to your humiliation, but the excitement was overwhelming & momentarily the thought flashed through you. "He's going to masturbate me." You were torn between the gnawing, desperate desire for Me to continue touching you & the need to ask. Abruptly, I rose & you could see My huge erect manhood through My robe. Now the moan you desperately tried to suppress escaped you, as I spoke. "I'm going to your Mother now Krystal. She's waiting for Me, but one night I'll come & I won't be leaving. You know that, don't you?" You sat silently stunned. I left your door open as I left & your hand touched the slick silk almost before I was out of your sight.

You could hear us talking much clearer, but you still couldn't make out the words. You realized that I'd left our door open as well & you were almost breathless as you waited. You were afraid to touch yourself for fear of losing control, the thoughts torturing & inflaming you. Your mind could see Me dropping My robe, standing at your Mother's side with My huge black flesh jutting from Me. Maybe just lazily masturbating as I thought about what I was going to do to your Mother. You'd never wanted anything to begin so badly in all your life & the first sound jolted you like an electrical current had run through your body. Your Mother's guttural groan caused your pussy to freshly weep & now you couldn't bear not to touch it. The thoughts of My soft words, My fingers & what you were hearing was too much for you & your hips lurched. The blossoming sweetness shocked you in it's intensity, but instead of slaking her, you felt the hunger continue.

Quickly stripping your now sodden scrap of cloth, you settled back & listened. You knew we wouldn't mind if you were to go to outside the door, but somehow this was better. Hearing it & imagining what I was doing, had you on fire. Your Mother was reduced to grunting each time you heard the meaty blows now & you couldn't help thinking of what that would feel like on your own white flesh. Feverishly wondered if it could possibly make you any more excited that you already were. You didn't have any conscious thought to what your fingers were doing, but they sped as the grunts quickened & the sound increased. Your hips elevated just as you heard a flurry of blows & you came again. Panting & glorious as the silence changed to the rhythmic sounds that you knew heralded My complete Mastery of your Mother. Replete, you lay quietly & listened to us fuck. When you finally drifted, it was to the slapping sounds of flesh meeting flesh & your Mother's groaning, happy acceptance.

The next morning when you came downstairs, I'd already left & your eyes searching made your Mother smile. "He left early, get you something," she said. "Just coffee," settling into the small breakfast nook & watching your Mother. She was wearing a housecoat & you watched the way she moved. You were a perceptive girl & knew your Mother's moods. She was humming under her breath as she brought two cups & sat across from you. "He talked to you last night, didn't he," she said & you nodded. "He told me that he was going to & I was a little worried. I told Him everything we talked about yesterday & He just said, "I'll talk to her." I didn't know how you'd take it."

Her eyes searching for any sign & continued, "I guess you know by now that I can't refuse Him. No, I should be more honest with you. I don't want to refuse Him & I won't." You giggled saying, "Sounded like you didn't do any refusing last night," watching your Mother color. "Now that I know you're listening, I know I should be more embarrassed, but to tell you the truth, it's more exciting to me," she said. "I'm learning so much about myself, things I wouldn't have dreamed before I met Mr. Mike. I never understood addiction before, just thought people were weak if they couldn't stop smoking cigarettes or doing d**gs. I understand now. I can't give Him up, no matter what He wants." Seeing an opening, you hurried to speak. "What if He said, He wanted me, Mom, could you allow Him something like that, let Him do to me what he's doing to you."

Your Mother stared at you & finally moaned. "Oh God, God help me." "You WOULD, wouldn't you Mom. You WOULD!!!" Krystal accused & felt your own excitement rising. "What if I told you it's what I want, what I've wanted ever since I first understood." Your Mother refused to meet your eyes as she spoke. "Honey, I know how you must feel. If you feel the weakness that I do when I'm around Him, then I know. He told me something last night. Something I don't know if I should tell you." "MOM!!!" You implored. "He...he said, he told you that he was coming for you, told me that he was going to make me watch." You felt your excitement peak & began to make you tremble, wished you could touch yourself. Knew that you'd have to, if you wasn't to go mad.

"What did you tell Him, Mom, TELL ME!!!" You insisted. You could see how your Mother was struggling with the answer. "He said it to me when I was...when I was cumming," I just kept saying, "Yes, yes, yes," over & over. I don't know if it was because he made me so crazy or whether I meant that it was alright with me. I still don't know. I don't know how I'll feel when I see Him with you, but I can't say 'No,' can you ever possibly understand that." You looked into your Mother's tear filled eyes & replied softly, "Yes Mom, yes I can. I want to feel what you do, I want Him to do those things to me." The two of you sat staring at each other for moments & finally your Mother's head nodded once as she rose.

"I'll be going crazy all day thinking of that, you know that don't you!!" You laughed & jumped up. "I'll be late but there's something I have to do before I leave." As you ran up the stairs, you already saw in your mind what you'd be concentrating on in a minute. You saw yourself bound to the bed, gagged with your Mother sitting beside you, stroking your hair as I hurt you. Hurt your pink nipples as your gaze went between them. You didn't even bother to pull your panties down as you threw yourself on your bed. Brought your orgasm swiftly & sighed. "I'll have to get more panties, you thought, rising & taking a fresh pair to the bathroom. When you returned downstairs, grabbed your books & headed for the door, your Mother reminded you, "He'll be here for dinner tonight, I'm going to make something special, so if you go somewhere after school, be here in time." "I will Mom, I will," you grinned as you closed the door behind you already wondering how many classes you could stand before you'd have to ask to be excused.

All day your thoughts mostly ran to how it would start. You was a virgin, but you'd lost your hymen two years before to a boy that had been all too energetic with you in the back seat of his parent's car. He'd been finger fucking you & there had been a quick sharp pain & then some bl**d. You both been frightened out of your minds & you thought your Mother would know, just by looking at you. Of course, she didn't, but you realized that your hymen was gone. You made it as far as third period before your thoughts just made it too much to bear. It was a class you detested anyway & your mind raced as you almost ran to the ladies room. You tried to visualize what that huge hardness you'd seen in My robe would look like. How it would feel. You hurried to a stall, locking the door behind you & quickly sat, pulling down your panties. You hadn't brought any & didn't want to sit all day, in them soaked. Your juices were already oozing as you began. Now you imagined Me taking your hand & closing your fingers around My huge black cock. Krystal had never touched a man like that except for the boy in the car & that was through his jeans. You'd read enough descriptions to know what it must feel like, but worried that you wouldn't know how to please Me if I did that. You also knew that putting it in your mouth was in your future. Your mind saw you with My huge black cock in your mouth for the first time & My hands holding your head & f***efully moving it as you'd seen on the internet. As you visualized My smiling eyes, you shuddered & moaning softly & came.

The rest of the day went by in a crawl & you couldn't wait for that bell in your last class. Out of your seat in a shot as it did, you raced for your locker as a couple of friends asked if you were stopping with them at the mall. "No, my Mom has some important things for me to do," you quickly replied & the girls looked curiously at you, as you laughed almost hysterically & hurriedly left. Rushing breathless into the kitchen, you saw your Mother at the counter obviously getting things ready. "Want me to help, Mom," you inquired & your Mother shook her head. "No, I'm almost finished up, why don't you just have a quick shower & do something with your hair." You turned to go & then hesitated. "Mom, do you think it'll be tonight."

Your Mother looked at you & replied in a low voice, "I don't know honey, he does things in His own time. I never ask Him & I don't suggest you start, now get a move on, he'll be home in less than an hour." Throwing your things on your bed, you went to take your shower. When you'd finished, you sat naked on your bed & tried to decide what to wear. Mischievously, you looked in the bottom of your lingerie drawer & found what you were looking for. A pair of plain white panties with a pink Winnie the Pooh motif. You'd struggled to get them on, but grinned at the thought of how I'd look if I took them off. Looking at your bras, you decided against wearing one & pulled a tight T-shirt over your head. Finished off with some cut off jeans shorts, which your Mother had complained were much too tight in the crotch. She could see the outline of your lips plain in the faded denim cloth. Returning downstairs, you said, "I'll set the table" & your Mother told you to put candles on it. That in itself was indication of a special dinner & you felt your eagerness growing.

You heard Me come in & call that I was home. Said I was going to freshen up & change before dinner. Going to the kitchen, you saw your Mother look you over & compress her lips in what could only have been disapproval. Looking down, you could see your pink nipples plainly in the T-shirt & they were erect. Your nipples were very sensitive & just the cloth against them always affected you that way. Thinking better of whatever she'd been going to say, she indicated the dishes on the counter & you hastened to take them into the dining room to the table.

When you returned there were two bottles of opened red wine & three glasses waiting. Another delicate indication of your Mother's mood & the two women shared a secret smile as you took those in as well. I came into the kitchen & ignoring you completely, crossed to your Mother & nuzzled her neck, asking her how her day had been. It was some minutes before I turned to you & spoke. "I'm glad you're joining us for dinner," was all I said & you watched My eyes as they took in your brazen look. "Every thing's ready, let's eat before everything gets cold," your Mother said & you inwardly grinned. As far as you were concerned, nothing was going to be cold at that table tonight. We went to the dining room & I seated your Mother & then Myself. You took your own seat slightly disappointed at My lack of courtesy towards you. As I poured wine for the both of you, you could see I was staring at your pink nipples. Was somewhat surprised when I stood & crossed to you. "Krystal, I know your Mother has told you repeatedly not to run around the house dressed like that."

You turned your head to reply & I reached with both hands quickly pulling the T-shirt up over your head & threw it on the floor. "If you enjoy displaying yourself, do it right. Now you have your dinner, JUST LIKE THAT!!!" You sat stunned, looked at your Mother who was looking at her plate & pointedly ignoring your predicament. I returned to My seat & began eating as if nothing had taken place.

Your pink nipples were now almost painfully erect & you slumped slightly forward in embarrassment & humiliation. Taking a sip of My wine, I nodded. "You're quite lovely Krystal, perhaps we should have dinner together like this more often." You face flamed & you had no reply as I continued. Told then both what I'd been doing at work & a few funny anecdotes. You looked at the food on your plate & couldn't think of eating a bite. Noticing that, I remarked, "The food's really excellent Krystal, you should eat. You'll need to keep up your strength, more wine." My soft words were like hammer blows to you & you wondered if I knew how badly you were trembling. Your Mother made few comments, drinking her wine & the tension at the table was almost tormenting. Finishing My meal, I thanked your Mother profusely & said it was the best meal I'd had in months. My eyes were almost burning your flesh as I stared at your 38DD *Y* breasts. "Maybe you have some homework Krystal," I asked & you looked at Me inquiringly. "Why don't you just go & get that done. Your Mother & I will be along shortly."

Krystal lay quietly, but your nerves were screaming. You listened for every sound with the intensity of a condemned man waiting for a football. You'd hurried to your room when you left the table, stripped & lay on top of your comforter. Then your mind struggled & you sighed, jumping from your bed & putting on your sl**p T-shirt, no bra, no panties. You tried to keep from touching yourself, but you kept seeing the things at the table & hearing My words over & over. Your pink nipples had remained erect & you thought you could touch them, just a little. They almost ached & you pinched, rolling them.

That caused hot sparks to singe your nerves anew & your clit was demanding to be touched. You'd just slid your hand between your thighs when you heard us coming up the stairs. You thought we were coming to you, but you heard Me plainly as I spoke. "Let her wait, My pet, I want you dressed properly for her." That set off a fresh, frenzied neuron overload for you. What did he mean. What did properly mean. You had a sudden urge to go to our room, watch her dress, but you lay back & tried to be patient. Your thighs were wet & you felt embarrassment, thinking I'd be touching you & I'd know what you'd been thinking & doing. You realized now that embarrassment excited you. Perhaps the first lesson I'd caused you to learn.

I didn't knock, just opened the door & came into your room. I had the box in one hand, a leash in the other & as I came closer, you could see your Mother crawling behind Me on all fours, the leash attached to a collar around her neck. I stepped to your bed & sat at your side, wearing the same short black robe I'd been wearing the night before. Your Mother was dressed in black lingerie, hose & heels. The bra was a frame bra with no cups & you could see that your Mother's nipples were clipped, hard & puckered with a delicate gold chain connecting them. The bikini cut panties were over the garter belt & you knew what that meant. They'd be removed & she'd still be hosed & helled for whatever happened to her.

Your Mother had placed her hands in front of her on the floor & was resting her forehead on them. "Krystal," I spoke in that slow, measured, soft tone. "They say that seeing is believing. I'm going to teach you tonight just how submissive your Mother is to Me, what she'll bear & do for Me. I want you to think very seriously about what you're about to see, because I intend to do the same to you. You'll have the opportunity to say 'No' if you don't want it."

You shivered as I opened the box & took a white plastic cone from it. You knew it was an anal plug & watched as I slowly coated it with lubricant, then reaching & slapping your Mother's buttock sharply. Your Mother gasped & shifted quickly. You could see now that her panties were crotchless & her hands had come to spread her ass cheeks, so the small pink rose was presented & the lips of her pussy gaped, glistening. "It was difficult for her at first," I said. "Your Mother had never been anally trained. Only a couple of fumbling attempts at fucking her tight asshole had ever been made. That's all different now, ISN'T it My PET," I implored & your Mother whimpered, nodding her head. "You didn't know that she has an enema most everyday now, did you Krystal" & you shook your head. "She's learned to keep herself very clean & ready for anything I might want."

As I was talking, you watched Me begin to ease the shining plastic into your Mother. Your Mother moaned slightly as the pressure increased & you could see that I wasn't forcing it, but allowing the flesh to surrender. It was up to the large center section & I let her rest as I continued. "We had to start with small wands & plugs until I'd trained her to take this. It hurts much less that way." I twisted the plug & you watched the large section swallowed & her rose close behind it. "Good, My pet!" I murmured & the rest of the plug slid easily into her to the squared end that was flush with her ass cheeks. "Sometimes I call her from work & have her prepare herself so there's no waste of time when I get home. We've done that quite a few times when we knew you wouldn't be coming home straight from school." You watched your Mother's color & I said, "You're going to hear & see everything Krystal. I don't want secrets here any longer." You wondered if your Mother was as excited by the embarrassment as you'd found yourself lately.

You could see that her pussy was wet & a single, small pearl threatened to spill. Patting your Mother affectionately, I opened My robe & you looked at My huge rampant black cock for the first time. Your mind had seen it every time you'd listened to Me fucking your Mother, but this was so different. You'd looked at men on the internet & fantasized incessantly whether I looked like this one or that one. You thought it was beautiful. Gracefully straight, long & very THICK. The head scarlet, as I softly masturbated Myself. I'd raised your Mother to her knees in front of Me as I turned smiling to you. "She didn't know much about pleasing Me orally either, did you, My pet. Just thought that sucking was enough. Shall we show Krystal how you were trained." Your Mother groaned, but obediently opened her mouth for My two fingers I presented. You watched her gather saliva, let it run on My fingers & then paint it around them. She took about an inch in her mouth & you watched her cheeks hollow. Then she took My fingers deeply & quickly pulled back.

"Your Mother was all suction & speed when we started. Skinned Me with her teeth. I broke her of that & she's really very good now. Your Mother was mewling & acting like she was sucking on a real cock now. Her tongue was laving & flicking at the underside of My fingers as she sucked. I reached My hand into her hair & pulled My fingers out of her mouth. "Now show your young daughter how good you've become My sweet pet." Your Mother placed her hands flat on My thighs & let Me guide My flesh to her lips. Krystal's eyes wide was watching your Mother suck this black man & your own pussy was on fire. I flipped up the hem of your T-shirt & touched you as I'd done that first time. Finding you the same, I smiled & said, "I want you to masturbate Krystal. I want you to masturbate as you watch your Mother. Isn't she beautiful like that?"

You felt the usual embarrassment, but your fingers began to obey Me. The sounds of your Mother's mouth on Me & her groaning was driving you slightly mad. "You're not to cum," I said. "You're to obey Me & I'll decide if you're to be allowed." You didn't know if you could obey Me or not, but you only knew that you wanted to, wanted to more than anything you'd ever wanted.

"Pl...Please...." You whimpered. "I don't think I can stop." I reached & tore your fingers from you, raising them & offering them to you. "You'd tasted yourself before, but this was so much more erotic. I was ordering you silently to do it & your heart thrilled in your obedience. I'd begun to slap your Mother's *Y* breasts, softly at first & they swayed with it. Then I struck harder, dislodging one of the clips. Your Mother's *Y* breasts were turning red & I was slapping & backhanding them. Still she sucked & laved. "See how well your Mother bears for Me, Krystal," I was softly panting now. You continuing to suck your fingers, nodded once & I struck backhanded, viciously. Your Mother couldn't help but cry out & her cried were exciting you to almost fever pitch.

My hand wrapped in her hair, I f***efully fed My huge black 8b cock to her & your Mother tried valiantly to accept the offering. I'd reached & My hand was stroking your thigh as I pulled your Mother's head away & pulled her up, throwing her torso on your bed, her head resting on your other thigh. Quickly pulling the plug from her, I positioned My huge black cock at her now fully prepared asshole. As Krystal watched it begin to enter, your Mother groaned & you felt Me touch you. You stiffened & immediately f***ed yourself to relax, as I began to masturbate you. I didn't penetrate you, but rather slid My fingers through your lips & around your clit, not touching it. You wanted to scream & didn't know what you needed to say. My words showed you the way.

"I'll want you to cum Krystal, but I want you to cum as I do. As I cum in your Mother." I was pressed tightly against your Mother now & you knew I was completely buried in her, watching My huge black cock withdraw & slide in again. You felt it start, felt fear that you were going to disobey Me & struggled as you'd never done before. You'd never consciously tried to stop your orgasm, just hurried joyously to it. I was rubbing on the side of your clit now & you moaned. There was no way you could control this. Your Mother's moans matched your own as I quickened. "Alright Krystal...NOW, I want you to cum!!!"

I was hammering your Mother's asshole & her young daughter was beside yourself. "Oh GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD!!!" You moaned. "I'm CUMMMMING, I'm...I'm CUMMING!!!" Your body stiffened until your muscles were as rigid as steel & your hips lurched uncontrollably. "OH GOD MR. MIKE," was all you could manage, all thoughts of your Mother gone & your pussy still clenching. My fingers slipped down, you felt Me massage your virgin asshole & you lurched again, beginning to feel the heat anew. I stopped & you groaned this time in frustration as I pulled MY huge black cock from your Mother. I was still somewhat hard & your Mother lay panting.

"She's done well, don't you think Krystal. I'm going to take her to our room now & attend to her. I think she deserves a special treat. I want you to think about this & I'll expect an answer tomorrow before you leave for school." I rose & when your Mother began to rise, I stared at her & she sank to her knees following Me from your room on all fours without a backward glance or word to her daughter. You lay there, your only thought...I could answer you NOW Mr. Mike, NOW!!!... Continue»
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Draft Photogenic

Alyson looked at her watch. Damn 4:30 she thought, I am never going to get a photo today. She dashed into the camera shop praying there was someone there who could do a passport photo.

"Hi," she smiled brightly to the young girl behind the counter. "Is it too late in the day to get a passport photo done. I'm in a bit of a jam."

"Oh yes no problem we are here for another half hour. Only takes five minutes."

She led Alyson around the counter to the back of the shop where the processing lab was.

"Shane this lady needs a passport photo done."

A voice answered from behind a wall.

"Yeah sure, let me set up the camera. There's a mirror there if you want to fix your hair."

Pulling a brush out of her purse Alyson tamed her flame red mane, and took a second to powder her nose. Minimal make up the form had said. Fine by her.


Alyson turned around and came face to face with what was easily the most beautiful man she had ever laid eyes on. He stood maybe 5'8" or 5'9" but his presence filled the space. He had broad shoulders and a swimmers build. His skin was the colour of coffee with good cream. He kept his head shaven and a wore a neat goatee, but it was his eyes that mesmerized her. They were a luminous brown, the exact colour of cognac, serious but with a hint of mischief. By far his best feature she thought

"I am. Where would you like me?", Alyson turned around.

In my bed was Shane's immediate thought, but no show of emotion betrayed his stray thought. He appraised her quickly. She was a beautiful girl. Long red hair that flowed down her back. Her eyes were that impossible shade that hovered between blue and green depending on her mood. Her lips were full and inviting as she smiled at him. She stood 5'4" and though she was heavier than the average woman she carried it well with curves in all the right places; ample hips round breasts and an ass that could make a man lose his religion.

"See the X on the floor," Shane pointed. "Stand there, back straight, look right into the lens and no smiling please."

Alyson looked seriously into the lens and waited for the flash. There was none.


"Is there a problem?" Alyson asked.

"My flash died, Shane sighed. "I'm afraid I don't have a replacement here either. I won't be able to take your picture today."

"That is a bugger. I needed that for tomorrow morning." Alyson ran her hand through her hair. "Any idea where I could get one done at this hour?"

"Well... if you can wait until we close at five, I have another passport camera at my studio a couple of blocks away. I could do it for you there." He slid a business card out of his wallet and handed it to her. "The address is there."

She thought about it for a minute and realised she didn't have much choice. "Are you sure? That sounds like a lot of trouble for you."

"Oh no trouble. I was going there anyway. Go get yourself a coffee and I will meet you there."

Alyson got into her car and drove the couple of blocks over and parked outside the building. Not long after five she spotted Shane approaching the building. She opened her car door and got out.

"Oh hey you showed up,' he smiled. "C'mon in"

Alyson followed Shane inside. It was a plain room but the photos on the wall were magnificent. "Your work?" Alyson asked.

"Yep, best advertisement for a studio right? I'll just be a second." Shane disappeared through another door. He returned quickly with another passport camera in hand.

"Right through here... um your name? "

"Oh uh Alyson... and you are Shane." Alyson held up the business card.

"Clever girl. Ok if you could stand over there this will just take a few minutes"

Alyson stood in front of the blank wall as Shane positioned the camera.

"And we're good. It takes about two minutes to process."

"Thank you so much. You don't know how much I appreciate this. What do I owe you?"

"Not a thing. It was my fault the flash wasn't replaced. Consider it an act of kindness." Shane smiled.

"No really you don't have to do that. I can pay. Please" Alyson opened her purse.

"No no. It was my pleasure. Really. But um ...oh nevermind."


"Well I had an ulterior motive for asking you here... no no I'm not weird, but I am working on a portfolio. I need a few more shots. You'd be perfect."

"Me? Oh no no I don't think ...I'm not really what you consider photogenic, " Alyson blushed as she spoke. Shane cut her off.

"Perfect. That's what I said. Game?" he flashed her another smile, almost a challenge.

Alyson looked at that smile and thought what the hell. She had her passport photo, and nothing else to do tonight.


Taking her arm he led her through the door where he'd come from with the passport camera. Alyson looked around mildly shocked. The outer waiting room gave no hint to the room that laid beyond. There were four different sets, if that's what you could call them, arranged with what appeared to be themes. One was a french bordello type scene like something out of Moulin Rouge. Another was what appeared to be school lockers. One was an old fashioned claw foot tub and all the trappings for a leisurly bath. The other was some kind of gothic dungeon scene. Alyson looked at Shane with a cocked eyebrow.

"Just what kind of photoshoot had you planned here? You said you weren't weird."

"Oh this ... no no... this is my cash cow. You wouldn't believe what wives will pay for a calander for hubby's 50th birthday. It pays well enough for me to help keep the camera shop afloat and pursue my own interests. Let me get set up"

Alyson relaxed. She watched as Shane readied his camera and equipment.. He went to the stereo on the wall and slipped in a CD. Classical music floated out.

"Chopin? Nice touch."

"Photography is all about mood. I'm setting the mood." Alyson walked around the room as Shane continued to prep. He placed a bench in front of a screen. "Ok up you go"

"I'm not exactly prepared for a photoshoot to be honest...I mean what I am wearing isn't exactly glamourous. Plain skirt, plain blouse." Alyson bit her lip her old shyness creeping up on her.

"Nonsense Alyson. You look lovely. Besides it's all head and shoulder shots. You okay with that? You'd really be helping me out, besides, he grinned, "you owe me."

Alyson took a deep breath. Nothing like spontenaiety. "Let's do it."

Shane came over to position her just so on the bench. "Back straight, shoulders back," he said walking backwards away from her, "tilt your like that... ok hold that." He started clicking away.

"So tell me about your cash cow. Women really come here for these boudoir calenders?" Alyson was intrigued.

"Oh yeah... you should see them, they LOVE it. The thought of exposing their naughty sides, although I assure you everything I do is tasteful, it gets them all excited. They tip quite well," Shane chuckled.

"So how does it work? How do you do it?" Curiosity was killing the cat.

"Turn your head, look over my shoulder... good. Oh we make appoinments, find out what kind of calendar she'd like to make for her husband. I've got four sets, you can use one or all four. There's a room full of costumes all shapes and sizes, although we do stipulate you provide your own fetish wear. Ok now look down... and be serious for this one... think of something sad."

Fetish wear? Look sad? How the hell was she supposed to do that. She started to giggle.

"I'm sorry. Now you have me picturing 50 year old women in PVC gear with whips and handcuffs. How can anyone be serious after that?"

Shane laughed. "Yeah well 50 is the new 40. Some of these women are hot.... and some are not. A customer is a customer tho."

"Do you have gift certificates?' Alyson giggled again "Maybe I will get one for my Mom"

Shane put the camera down. "Althought I'm sure your Mum is lovely, I think I'd much rather see you in a costume." Clearly another challenge was being issued.

"Oh yeah? My choice?" Alyson was issuing a challenge of her own.

"Absolutely. You want to have a look?"

Alyson slid off the stool. "Show me the way."

Shane led her to the wardrobe room. He was right; the place was full of costumes all shapes and sizes to fit his scenes. "Any requests?," Alyson smiled.

"Surprise me." Shane walked out closing the door.

Alyson strolled through the room glancing over the fabrics. Everything was organized and clean and well labeled. Alyson fingered a tartan skirt. Hmmm she thought, this could be interesting. She found a short tartan skirt in her size easily enough, as well as a matching blazer. She kept on her own blouse and stockings. Her own sensible shoes suited the uniform to a tee. Reaching for her purse Alyson extracted her brush and a hair elastic. She found her glasses and put those on as well. Voila instant school girl. She looked at herself in the mirror. What am I getting myself into she thought with an evil smile.

Alyson opened the door and walked back into the room. Shane turned around jaw dropping. "That's not what I expected."

"What? You expected me to sashay out in a feather boa & corsettes singing 'Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?'"


"I know." Alyson walked over to the locker set. "OK tell me what to do"

Shane retreived the camera again. "OK smile for me school girl"

Alyson smiled and the camera snapped away. There were actual books in the locker so she took them out and pretended to be pouring over them studiously. She dropped a book and bent over provocatively to pick it up. She eyed Shane over the edge of her glasses. "It's warm in here." She took off her blazer.

"Mmmm ok be a little more daring for me... why don't you unbutton a couple of those buttons. Maybe you've been called to the dean's office and you are in trouble. Maybe you have to get yourself out of trouble, the best way you know how."

Alyson suddenly felt self-conscious again. "Uh... I don't know." She blushed a little.

Shane put down the camera. He walked over to where she was standing. "Do you even realise how gorgeous you are?"

"Um I don't even know you ad I don't know what I am doing here. Perhaps I should just leave."

"Perhaps, but we both know you want to stay." Shane reached out and pulled her into him. Taking her face in his hands he traced her bottom lip with his thumb and tugged it down. Shane leaned into Alyson annd kissed her, softly at first, guaging her reaction. She didn't pull away. He kissed her again, more thoroughly sliding his tongue over hers tasting, teasing drawing back out breaking the kiss ad looking at her.

"Shall I stop Alyson?"

Alyson let out a shuddering sigh. It had been a long time since she reacted like this to a man. "Please go on." Pulling her into his embrace he began kissing her with more passion. Alyson arched into him aching to be touched.He trailed kisses down her neck and gently nibbled the delicate skin there. She moaned and her breath caught in her throat. "Please don't stop."

Shane leaned back and began unbuttoning her blouse. He trailed kisses down her chest as he deftly reached around and unclasped her bra. he pushed off the blouse the bra and let them drop to the floor. Taking her hand he led her to the bed in the bordello scene. He laid her down on the bed and admired her for a few moments. Her breasts were milky white as was the rest of her exposed skin. Her nipples were a rosey tan colour pert and begging to be sucked. He obliged by leaning over and suckling one of her breasts while he massaged the other breast with his hand. A low moan escaped Alyson's lips and she arched up into Shane again. "Harder" she whispered. "please!"

Shane tugged at the nipple in his mouth with his teeth while he pinched the other between his forefinger and thumb. His cock was beginning to throb. Pulling her up onto her knees he slid his hands down her waist and over her buttocks squeezing them enjoying the roughness of the tweed skirt against her skin. He undid the button and pulled down the zipper and pushed it down over her hips. He then realised then she was wearing gartered stockings and no panties. His cock throbbed for real now and he ached to have her. As the skirt fell away he dug his fingers into the soft flesh of her thighs, caressing. Alyson leaned into his chest letting her breasts rub against his chest. He ran his hands over her buttocks and gently spread her cheeks sliding his finger down the length of her seeing how wet she was. Alyson whimpered a little, and d**g her nails down the length of his back. Shane shivered.

"You sir have far too much clothing on." Alyson tugged his shirt over Shane's head, and threw it on the floor. Her shaking hand tugged at his belt and she eventually got that off. Standing at the edge of the bed Shane allowed Alyson to undress him completly. She slid off the bed and onto her knees in front on him. She kissed her way down to his rock hard cock. Looking up at him she asked "Can I suck your cock Shane... please?"

He wrapped his hand in her hair and guided her head over the length of his throbbing shaft. Like a good girl she didn't stop until the whole shaft was in her throat up to his balls. He pulled her head back and drew out his cock. Taking it in his hand he pressed it against her cheek and lightly slapped her with it. She smiled playfully and stuck her tongue out to flick the head with is. Once again he f***ed his cock into her mouth. She moaned around it. Looking up at him she begged "Please fuck my mouth Shane." He groaned and it was he could do not to cum right there. He gritted his teeth and held back. Slowly he fucked her mouth as her eager tongue danced over his cock.

"I want to see if you are ready for me? Can I?" he asked. "Yes... please," she replied simply.

He laid her on the bed again and spread her legs. He began to explore her wet pussy. She was so wet, that the insides of her thighs were slick with her own juices. Shane drew a finger up the length of her and pressed it into her mouth. Alyson eagerly sucked her own wetness off his finger. He rubber he swollen clit with one hand as he delved one finger than two inside her. She was very tight he was pleased to feel the walls of her pussy contract around his finger. His cock strained but he needed to hear her say what she wanted next. He needed her to want it as much as he did.

"Alyson what do you want me to do next?"

"Oh Shane, I want you to fuck me... I want you to fuck my ass... please fuck my ass, Alyson begged with a sob in her voice.

"Such a bad girl, I may need to punish you."

Shane turned her over on all fours pulling her towards him. He spread more of her wetness over her ass and slowly inserted his finger to relax her. With his other hand he carressed her and lightly spanked her. Soon she was relaxed enough to accept the head of his cock. Slow, slow he pressed the tip of his rigid cock into Alyson's eargerly waiting ass. He groaned loudly and she arched her back into him. He slid his cock carefully all the way into her ass all the way up to his balls. She cried out and moaned. As he gently fucked her ass he massaged her throbbing clit. She cried out again and begged him to rub her clit faster. "Oh God I want to cum." He obliged her knowing like most women this would only make her want more. He pulled out of her ass and continued to rub her clit as she crested and came all over his hand.

"What a bad little girl you are," Shane chuckled. "what shall we do next?"

"Please Shane I need you to fuck my pussy. Hard. Please" Her eyes pleaded with him. He rolled her back onto her back putting a pillow ner her ass for better suport. He grasped her hips and entered her pussy. Lifting her legs and pushing them back towards her chest he began fucking her slowly, deeply filling her hot tight pussy with his throbbing cock. The both groaned in sync. Each downward stroke Shane made Alyson clenched her kegal muscles and he could feel her grip his cock. It was more than her could bare. He grasped her hips and began to slam his cock into her showing no mercy.

"OH GOD YES Shane FUCK ME FUCK ME HARD," Alyson screamed. "I'M GOING TO CUM"

Shane slammed his cock deep into Alyson's pussy as her whole body arched contracted and pulled him into her. He too groaned and suddenly his hot cum was gushing into her. He continued to fuck her as she rode wave after wave of pleasure.

"Such a naughty girl. A naughty naughty girl," Shane murmered into her ear.

"Ah but I am your naughty girl." She kissed him thoroughly. "What shall I make us for supper?"

Shane pulled her into him. "Let me just hold you ... we'll discuss supper later love"... Continue»
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sandi's world of fashion pt 4

I have no idea how many times I came, but she never let up, biting and tugging at my clit while her fingers tried to get deeper in my ass. Eventually, she fought to escape my pussy to breathe, dropping to the floor. I dropped down next to her and fed her my cum one finger at a time.

She fought to get on top, but I pulled away and lifted her to her feet. I led her to the bed, where I put her on her back, lifting her legs high head. She held them there while I got my toys from the drawer where I hid them. I attacked her with a fire in my depths that threatened to devour us both. I buried my face in her wet pussy and proceeded to eat her through a fine orgasm, allowed her to calm and went after her ass with a nine inch slim anal probe which I buried in her clear up to my fingers. With the dildo in her ass, I went after her clit and ass, nibbling at her clit while driving the dildo into her in hard, fast strokes that had her hips whipping into my fingers. She came again and slumped to the bed, dropping her legs down over my shoulders. I wasn't done yet though. I palmed my new mini pocket rocket and went after her clit with it. She screamed so loud she hurt my ears and came in a torrent of creamy white cum that seemed to go on and on. I licked and sucked her sweet juice, then crawled up to feed her cum to her off my tongue and fingers.

We collapsed into each other's arms and rolled back and forth on the bed with our lips locked together.

A few minutes later, we got up and headed for the shower. They would be waiting for us and I only hoped that I could walk without leaking cum all over the carpet. With a final kiss, she dressed and I put my robe on to go to the brunch.

"I've never had orgasms like that," she said

""Have you been with many women?" I asked. She flushed and shook her head.

"No one ever made me come like that though."

"You have a beautiful body, Lisa. It was impossible not to keep going."

We walked out onto the veranda to an enthusiastic welcome. As I ate, Katherine pulled me to one side.

"You must have given her quite a ride," she said. "She was awfully giddy when you came out."

I looked over to where she was talking to the other women. They kept looking over at me and I knew Lisa was having a great time sharing our experience together.

"I gave what I got," I said. "I think she'll remember this birthday for a long time."

I went in to make my next change, a one piece that was little more than a pair of fabric strips that criss-crossed over my torso, pushing my nipples out I had to be very agile to avoid being thrown down and ****d, but I managed to get through it. When I got to the final change, which consisted of three tiny patches of fabric and almost invisible threads, I teased at several of the women and dove into the pool as planned, but then I surprised everyone when I stripped off the suit and threw it high over their heads. It was a perfect throw, arching up with streams of water trailing behind, then dropping into the group. There was a mad scramble for the suit, which was won by a slender woman in her late thirties. I waited till they settled down then climbed from the pool nude. I got some loud applause and some rather graphic invitations but I headed for the suite to wait for the winner of the final drawing.

= Kelli =

She was probably near fifty, but at about five-two or three, she looked to be about thirty five. She was quite petite, opposite of most of the women there. Her dark brown hair was cut in an impish bob style, short and sassy, which added to the youthful look. Dark brown eyes sparkled with excitement and perhaps lust. ;

"Hi," she said. "My name is Kelli; Kelli Winslow".

"Well hello, Kelli Winslow. You certainly are a pleasant surprise."

She laughed, more like a giggle, I guess. It was quite delightful.

"They call me the group dwarf," she said.

"Well, Kelli, the dwarf, you are just gorgeous." I said.

"I was just thinking the same about you" she said.

I went over to take her in my arms. We kissed and I started to undress her.

"Sandi," she said. "I'm fairly new to the group so I've never really done this before. I mean I've been with one woman but well, let's just say the experience was not one I want to remember."

"Then let me make this a beautiful experience for both of us." I said.

I was enchanted by her breasts. Though quite small in comparison to mine, she had some delicious looking nipples that I could barely wait to taste. I stripped her skirt off to find a surprise. Unlike most women her age, who favor the 'granny' panties, she wore white boy short style panties. I turned her around to caress her tight ass, which she pushed into my hand.

"It's one of my best features," she said.

"I won't argue that, Kelli, but certainly not the only one I admire."

Another surprise was that she was nearly clean shaven, with just a tiny patch of dark brown hair, trimmed short.

"You just continue to surprise me," I said.

"I just did that yesterday," she said. "My daughter decided at the last minute to be waxed and she talked me into it."

"I love your daughter already," I said.

"I think you might," she said. "she's about your age, a bit taller than me, but with the same build."

"I won't say what I'm thinking," I said.

She laughed. "You don't have to, Sandi, I think I can read your mind."

I wasn't sure if her nipples were sensitive or not but her reaction to my tongue was instant and strong.

"Oh my god," she cried. "grabbing my head to hold me to her.

When I began to nibble at them, she almost came off the bed. It was all I could do to hold her down.

When I started to move down her body, she spread her legs wide. She was burning up with the need to have an orgasm and I couldn't wait to give her one.

Her pussy was small, of course, with thin labia that guarded the best surprise of all.

I spread her out and licked at her from top to bottom, not really working over her clit at that time. My tongue slid from that brown patch of hair, through her slit and down over her perineum. I stopped short of her anus because I didn't want to risk offending her at that time.

Sucking at her little clit was a thrill because she pushed into my face every time I did it. It might be small, but it was very sensitive. When I pushed a finger into her, I learned that she had a very tight pussy as well, and her g-spot was incredibly easy to access, almost too easy. I'd have to be careful not to get her too sensitive there but at the right time, it could be the trigger for a powerful orgasm.

She didn't scream when she came, she squealed and her legs clamped down on my head. She thrust her hips into me so hard and so fast, that I had to fight to keep in contact with her. Her first orgasm was followed shortly by two more when she held up her hand to get me to stop.

"Can't breathe," she said.

I crawled over body to straddle her, looking down into those beautiful eyes, now cloudy from three hard orgasms.

I kissed her face and chest to let her calm, then her lips, again and again.

"Did you know your eyes turn green when you come?" I asked.

"Really? She asked "I thought I had them closed."

"You did," I said, "but right when your orgasm peaks, they opened wide and green, and it was beautiful, but when you came the last time, they rolled up in your head and I thought you were going to pass out."

"I nearly did," she said. "Do we have enough time left for me to try to give you some orgasms of your own.?"

I kissed her and bent next to her head to whisper, "I'm yours for as long as we wish. You're on my time now."

Still straddling her, I moved up to put my pussy over her face. She was quite good for someone without a lot of experience. I showed her where my most sensitive spots were and she learned quickly. Without using her fingers once, she brought me to orgasm and drank away my cum. When she pushed her finger into me, they were so slender I had her use three and guided her to my g-spot, warning her of over-use.

With tongue and fingers, she brought me to a second, even more powerful orgasm but I could tell that she was tiring.

"Let's rest a bit," I said. "We have lots of time and I have so much I want to do with you"

We continued to caress each other, kiss each other and rub into each other's bodies. Neither of us was even close to being satisfied.

I showed her my toy collection in the drawer, immediately eliminating my larger toys due to the tightness of her tiny pussy. When she picked up the eight inch anal probe, she looked at me with obvious concern.

"Is this what I think it is?"

"Yes, but it looks more dangerous than it is," I said, "and we don't have to use it if you choose not to. You can use it on me if you wish. You'll find that used right, it can give you some incredible orgasms.

She chose a multifunction vibrator with beads and a twisting action that was a little slimmer than most of them and cautioned me to be gentle with her. I assured her that I would be very gentle. I showed her my little pocket rockets and she chose the one that had given Katherine such a strong orgasm. When she saw my newest one that looks like a bottle of nail polish, she absolutely went wild for it because while it is very, very slim, it is very, very effective. Unlike most vibes that depend on vibration to stimulate your clit, the tip of this one acts almost like a wild whisker. It is difficult to describe its actions. You'd have to feel what it does for you. Absolutely amazing. It was perfect for her petite body.

She wanted me to use the nail polish bottle on her first. I put her on her knees with her head down and began licking her to get her good and wet, then I turned it on low to start moving it over her thighs and her perineum before allowing it to approach her clit, since I knew that she was gong go wild when it happened. Also, one of the downsides of that toy is that it can overly irritate a sensitive clit, making the experience one of pain rather than pleasure. I alternated between licking and sucking and moving the vibe closer and closer to her. Once I was sure she was getting close, I allowed the tip to move quickly over her clit. She yelped and twisted away from it at first but when she got used to the extreme level of vibrations, she whipped her body into it. Just before she began to come, I turned it up to send her squealing off the edge. I stopped right away but kept licking her through the orgasm. When she dropped down on me, I pulled my head from under her and moved up to hold her through the seemingly endless shudders.

I spread my legs to straddle her again, but in a sixty-nine position, my head on her legs. She watched as I pushed my big vibe into me, fucking myself with it. I knew it wouldn't be long before she took control and it wasn't. She brought me to one decent orgasm and I told her to go faster and harder until she was beginning to tire. Then she left it in while I showed her how to work the anal probe into me. She used the anal probe and I used the vibe to bring me to an explosive orgasm that left us both drained.

We wanted more but had to accept the fact that we were, as they say, "fucked out."

We held to each other as we fell asl**p. We were still there when Katherine brought us coffee and scones in the morning.

"It would appear that our final winner won the best prize." She said.

I smiled at Kelli. "I think I was the big winner," I said.

She smiled and told us that breakfast was being served on the veranda.

I kissed Kelli and held her against me, whispering to her. "I'd like to see you again," I said," but don't you dare even mention money."

"I'd like that too," she said.

We showered, and dressed. I gave her my phone numbers and the nail polish vibrator.

"Bring that with you," I said.

Katherine was grinning when we got to the table. "Well ladies, how did you like the birthday party?"

"Oh," I said, "was there a birthday party here? Damn, Kelli, I think we missed it."

"How about you, Kelli, how was your evening.?"

"Incredibly memorable," she said, looking over at me. "Unfortunately, it was also too short, but we're working on that."

"Sandi, you were sensational," she said. "the girls were absolutely raving about you. and Lisa will never be the same."

"I've learned so much about myself, thanks to Sandi." Kelli said.

"School isn't out," I said, "its just recess time for both of you."

Kelli had to leave, but not before we kissed each other almost to the point of no return.

"Call me," I whispered in her ear as we held tight." Soon."

"I will," she said.

When I returned to the library, Katherine said she was envious.

"She wore me out," I admitted.

We talked for few minutes but I needed to leave.

"I hope I gave you what you were looking for," I said.

"Honey, you were magnificent. You even had the straight girls wetting their panties. How do you feel about private showings now?"

"It was fun," I admitted, "but I'm not sure I'd want to do it very often. If you want to do something like this again though, you can call me."

"Thank you so much," she said, as she came to e****t me to the door. "The women will be talking about this birthday party for a long time."

At the door, she pressed a bulky envelope into my hand.

"I know how you feel about this," she said, "but please don't hesitate to take it. You earned every bit of this and more. I'll be the hit of the group from now on."

I didn't look in the envelope. That would be the epitome of rudeness. Instead, I kissed her and thanked her for her hospitality.

"Will I be seeing you at the show again soon?" she asked.

"I'm not sure," I said, "but I'll let you know if I do"

= =

I invited Desire' to dinner that night to tell her what happened.

I told her about my pool trick and how the women had applauded me. I didn't supply much detail about Lisa or Kelli though.

"It sounds like your tips would be good."

I threw the envelope on the table. She started counting and by the time she was done, she leaned back in her chair.

"Holy fucking shit," she said."You hit the mother lode, girl."

"Well, that's not all tips," I said. She paid me four hundred for the private show and an extra hundred for the strip at the pool. The rest of it is tips."

"What did Lisa tip you?"

"I don't know. She didn't tell me who did what and it doesn't matter. That was just awesome sex."

"Are you going to be doing more private shows now?" she asked.

"I'm not sure." I said. "Mrs. Long asked me and I told her I'd do it for her again, but I don't think I'd take any others unless there were some understandings ahead of time. I got to thinking later that it could be dangerous."

"What about the outside shows?"

"I don't know, Des," I said. "I might, but only for Sanderson's where I did the first one. The one I did at Blackwell's was just bull shit. No tips, low pay, more like a cattle show."

"The bunch at Sanderson's is pretty careful," she said. "You might have some rough sex once in a while, but nothing too extreme."

I told her I needed to think about it before I went back, if I did it at all. When she left, I put the money in a safe place and sat down to rework my budget.

I dreamt of Kelli that night and woke up with a wet bed and my fingers coated with cum. It was all I could do to get ready for work, but as it turned out, it was a good day to be there, since I received a raise and a promotion to senior assistant manager since one of the older women had accepted a promotion into management.. One of the perks of the job was an extra fifteen percent discount.

That afternoon, as I was fronting some stock in intimate apparel, Jeanine, the associate in the department brought over a case of panties from one of our top designers. The only way I can describe his line is to call it the ultimate Victoria's Secret sensuality. One style of panties caught my eye so I went to get a closer look at them.

"Aren't those precious?" Jeanine said. "I've got my heart set on a pair of yellow ones and the ones in that new color they call moonbeam."

"I have some in that color from Choiffant's in New York, but they call it pearlescent. I just love it. They go with everything."

Cut in a daring hip hugger boy short design, they were open at each hip with a delicate heart sewn about half way to the waist band. Another heart was about halfway up the front of the panty with a dainty ribbon going up to each hip. There was an almost transparent sheer panel above that. They didn't really cover much but it was enough to tease your lover for sure.

"I'm going to buy some for a new friend," I said.

"Are you sure of her size?" she asked.

I smiled and nodded, picturing a pair of those on Kelli's petite body and me taking them off.

Several of my fellow workers stopped by to congratulate me and just before quitting time, I got an envelope with only my name on it.

I stepped behind a display where I could have some privacy and opened it.

"Congratulations," it said. "I just got a call from a friend about your promotion. I couldn't be more proud or happier for you. Dinner is on me when you're free." In the envelope I found a Malken & "Drake gift card for a hundred dollars and a dainty handkerchief with lip prints on it. There was no name, Just a lovely KL. I put the note in my bra and headed for the office to pick up the panties I'd sent there. They cost me most of my first month's raise, but it was going to be worth it when Kelli saw them.

Several weeks went by without anything out of the ordinary happening. I turned down an offer to work the Sanderson's show just because I was too tired from the extra hours the new job required. Desire told me the next day that it had been a great show and Katherine asked if I was all right.

I called to assure her that I was just struggling to adjust to the new job.

"All the ladies are asking about you," she said. "I can't tell you how often they brought up the birthday party."

"It was an experience I'll never forget," I said.

"Let me tell you, Lisa and Kelli won't forget either. They want me to have another party, even if they have to fake a birthday to get it."

"It might be fun," I said.

"Can we get together to talk about it?" she asked.

"Of course," I said. "Just give me a call, preferably for a Friday night or Sunday. I get all the Saturdays for a while since I'm the newest manager."

"Why don't we just set it up for two weeks from Sunday?" she asked. "We can go out to dinner or whatever you want to do. Give it some thought and let me know. I just marked it on my calendar so we just need to fill in the particulars."

I penciled it in on the big calendar on my fridge and headed off to bed. I knew that what she really was hoping for was another planning session like the last one. Oh well, if that's the way it turned out, I wouldn't say no.

= =

The following Wednesday evening, I was pouring over some sales figures for one of my departments while I ate. When the phone rang, I let the machine pick it up, but had the phone in my hand if it turned out to be anyone I wanted to talk to.

I listened as the message played, then smiled as Desire's voice came over loud and clear.

"God damn fucking machines. Sandi, pick up damn it, I'm going nuts here."

"And exactly where is "here," I asked.

"I'm at Sanderson's and we have a real cluster fuck here. We're supposed to have eight girls here and we've only got five and one of those is a new girl. Everyone else called off."

"Honey , I don't have time," I said.

"Then make time, damn it. Please honey, I'm running out of options. They've got a new line called Sweet Sensualities and this is the intro show. Nice stuff, honey. "

"You're not listening, Des," I said. "I've got reports due Friday and I'm up to my ass in alligators trying to get it done."... Continue»
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Susan & the Black Farm Labourers Ch. 04

Susan was in the kitchen pouring a mug of coffee, decked out in the white sundress of the day before, her pert body startlingly obvious through the shear material. Her eyes were red, she moved slowly, but had a secretive smile on her face that told plenty.

I poured a cup of the steaming brew and sat at the table across from her while she filled me in on the events I'd missed.

They had dosed off for several hours after I left the carriage house, waking eventually to the sound of rain on the roof (I slept through it). They were soon fucking for a fourth time and William blew another load deep into her. They lay there with his cock still inside her, neither of them saying a word. She used her experienced pussy muscles to squeeze him hard again but before they began fucking again decided to go inside where they made a snack and took it up to the bedroom.

There they talked for half an hour about William's hope that she would be willing to service all eight Black cocks for the next two or three months. She had agreed without hesitation and with hardly any limitations. Of course if we had company fucking wouldn't be possible, and when she was on her period, or if she became too sore to accommodate them. She agreed that occasional visits to the farmhouse might be necessary if we did have company.

She also had no problem going out on 'dates' with them one at a time. What that might involve, none of us really knew at the time although later I'll write about one evening when she and Jonah visited Halifax.

As she poured a second cup of coffee, her back turned towards where I was sitting, she casually asked if our agreement was still in effect. My cock was rock hard and all I wanted to do was ram it into her swollen cunt and splash a hot load of jism into her like William had no doubt done an hour earlier.

If the agreement stood, that wouldn't be possible.

I hesitated. She added milk to the coffee. "Well," she asked. "You're going to keep the agreement, right?"

I stubbed out a cigarette on a saucer, not even realizing I had lit one in the house. She sat down and as I looked up she caught me in her powerful gaze so I couldn't look away.

"Yes," I muttered. "It stands."

For some reason, knowing that eight Black men would have the freedom to do whatever they wanted to my wife for literally months and I wouldn't be allowed to so much as touch her, made my cock as hard as rock.

"Good," she smiled. "Just making sure."

The agreement, in effect for many years, was that if she was fucking somebody regularly she was off limits to me until the 'affair' was over. If a week went by that she and he didn't fuck, the agreement was over. The deal was in effect twice before - the first time for only a month, but the second time for almost a year. The agreement didn't cover the many one-nighters or numerous threesome arrangements. Just what she defined as serious 'affairs.'

Every morning Susan would supervise me as I jerked off, and after every fuck session with the guy, I would jerk off as well. The masturbation was to ensure I could control my urges to fuck her.

She sat down on a chair facing me around the corner of the table. The white dress fell between her legs but she spread her thighs slowly and began pulling the material up towards her belly.

"Wanna see," she asked mischieviously as the cloth almost reached her cunt. Already I saw the redness of her inner thighs and could easily picture what was to follow further up.

I swallowed and sort of murmured my assent and nodded at the same time. She became serious and lifted the dress up the rest of the way.

She had taken a shower before she came downstairs, but the evidence of the night before was obvious. Her pussy was swollen and red, her clit was still engourged and stood out, and her cunt lips were long and distended. Her entire pussy mound was red from the poundings it had taken. There were teeth marks and hickies on her inner thighs and lower belly.

She continued pulling the dress up until her hands were over her head and her tits were visible. Bite marks and red splotches covered her twin orbs and her nipples were hard and swollen.

"Imagine after a week," she said, referring to the condition of her body as she began lowering the dress. "Or after a month. I think you better start getting your hand in practice and we might as well bring a few pillows and blankets downstairs this afternoon. I don't expect you'll be sl**ping in the bedroom for the next three months."

I nodded agreement and asked when all this was going to start. Susan looked at her watched, considered.

"About six o'clock, so that's about seven and a half hours from now," she said. "I guess William is bringing one of the others over, you know, one of the two guys who couldn't make it yesterday. William thinks I'll be very pleased."

As she said the last words she spread her legs and let the thin white dress material fall between them. Her hand slid down and she cupped her swollen mound through the dress, gently caressing it and moaning.

Then she stopped and smiled broadly.

"This is going to be so much fun," she enthused. "I think maybe you should fuck me one more time before the agreement goes into effect."

I never heard sweeter words and she was pulling the dress up over her used body as I knelt between her legs.

"Five minutes is all you can have though," she said. "Just fuck me and cum."

She stood up, brushing me away and headed for the livingroom where she lay back and spread, waited for me to drop my jeans, and helped me slide my stiff cock into her cunt.

She didn't have to put a time limit on it. I came in about two minutes and the instant she sensed the last spert had been shot, she gently pushed me off.

"There. I hope that does for the next 90 days or so," she said as she stood in the doorway, cum dripping out of her. "As of now I'm off limits. You can watch if they let you, but no touching."

She didn't dress right away - just walked around dripping sperm and smiling. That afternoon she did shower, slipped on a really short sundress, and sat outside reading.

I cooked supper and we had hardly cleared the table when William arrived with Mike, a big, muscular Black man with no smile, and a look that would break rocks.

The newcomer gave my wife the once-over, nodded, and informed everyone that he would go first.

William winked at me, Susan was dumbfounded, and Mike took Susan by the arm and propelled her in front of him towards the stairs. I started to follow but William shook his head and held out his hand in a halting gesture.

"No mon, not with Michael," he said. "He likes his privacy. He's big and rough and he'll fuck her hard for all he's worth but he won't really hurt her, mon. No bruises except maybe from his cock."

I still hesitate but William gave me a look that convinced me and he suggested we wash the dishes and clean up from supper.

We no sooner had the sink full when I heard Susan exclaim loudly. Then a few more yells followed by some muffled noises, like he put his hand over her mouth or pushed her face into a pillow.

We heard the bed creaking and more muffled cries, then nothing for a few minutes, then she was moaning and yelping alternately as the bed sounded like it was going to come apart.

William calmly washed dishes and explained that Mike was very well hung and it didn't matter if a woman could take it all, she would anyway. It wasn't so much that his Black cock was long (it was about 10 inches) but thick.

"Thicker than a beer bottle, mon," William said. "You better be findin' another woman if he decides to fuck her ass."

We finished the dishes, made coffee, drank it and smoked, poured more coffee and had more cigarettes. After more than an hour the noises subsided for a few minutes and William reflected that he must have cum in her.

The silence last about 15 minutes and then the noise began again though less intense. For half an hour the bed creaked, the moans echoed down the stairs, and Mike's grunts punctuated particularly satisfying thrusts for the big Black stud fucking my wife.

Finally there was silence again and after a few minutes Mike rumbled down the stairs and into the kitchen, the ghost of a smile on his stern face.

"She'll do mon," he said gruffly. "A real white whore if I ever saw one mon."

With that he strode across the room and out the door without even glancing in my direction.

William caught my eye and smile, flashing his white teeth.

"I'll go take a look," he said, although I knew he would do more than look.

He went for the stairs and I was right behind him. At the top he stopped and caught me by the shoulder.

"Susan told me of the agreement, mon," he said, a note of warning in his voice and an edge of steel in his eyes. "She's not yours anymore, mon."

I nodded dumbly and we went to the bedroom where Susan was laid out where he'd left her. Her gaping cunt was stretched beyond comprehension, but what was so unbelieveable was the amount of cum inside it (I could actually see way up inside her) and the cupful that was soaking into the sheets. Her thighs were smeared with jism and her mound was covered with globs of the sperm-laden goo.

She appeared to be asl**p and as we got closer I saw more hickies on her neck, red splotches on her tits and belly, and when William coaxed her onto her side, I saw her ass was red with slaps of Mike's big hands.

She opened her eyes and smiled.

"That was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced," she said with awe. "I didn't know it could be like that. Honest, I never dreamed it could be so good."

Now her hands were between her legs and her fingers stroked through the cum and deep into her. I didn't know if she was trying to f***e a Black man's cum deeper into her or coat her fingers so she could lick it off.

Eventually her fingers pulled out and dripped cum on her belly and tits as she raised them to her lips.

I was mesmerized and it wasn't until she said "go ahead" that I snapped out of it and tried to figure out what she meant.

"You have your cock in your hand," she said to me. "Go ahead and jerk off."

I was amazed to find she was right. I was actually stroking my cock and didn't even remember getting it out.

And William was naked and hard and crawling between her legs, slipping his massive rod in with ease. And I jerked off as he greedily took her and pumped his potent seed into her white body.

Susan, fucked to orgasm countless times already, was soon crying with pleasure as William's sizable tool worked on her slick and slippery hole. In half an hour I counted five climaxes before the big Black cock spewed into her. When she recovered and became aware of her surroundings once more, she saw me and asked in annoyance if I'd washed the dishes. I nodded and she said I was supposed to take the dogs for a walk down the trail.

"They need the exercise," she said. "You're supposed to do it once a day. Or one of us is and as you can see, I'm a little busy. I'd say to walk all three, one at a time, it's gonna take you almost a couple of hours."

I nodded as I zippered up my jeans.

"And don't forget, you said you'd fix that chair. That shouldn't take more than an hour out in the Carriage House. I'll come take a look when you're done - say in three hours."

William was smiling the whole time, lying half on his side with his long Black cock still half inside my wife's cunt. Susan saw his amusement and gave him a quick grin before turning back to me and asking me to put a pot of coffee on.

I shuffled down stairs and got the coffee going, found the leash and hooked up the first dog. By the time I had walked them all two hours was just about up and after a coffee and s smoke, I took the broken chair out to the shop.

The whole time I could picture what was happening up in our bedroom and I knew it was happening time after time. They had stopped for coffee, but other than that I doubt if there was more than a moment or two his cock wasn't inside one of her holes.

It had been far longer than three hours when Susan pushed open the door, poked her head in, and asked how I was doing.

"Just about done," I said, wiping glue from my hands. "I had to take it apart a couple of times."

"Your mind not on your work," she asked with a laugh.

"How about you? Are you done for a while," I asked. "I was just thinking of coming back in for a coffee."

She slid her body around the door so I could see most of her sexy form. She was d****d in a short bathrobe but in the dim light where she stood I couldn't see much, but I caught a look of indecision on her face.

"Well, I suppose we could put on another pot," she said. "I'll see if William wants to come down or if he's in bed for the night."

I gulped at that remark. I had sort of wondered if he was staying and I had my answer. I'd be sl**ping downstairs and she was making sure I knew it.

I put the chair up on the workbench, threw some tools on a shelf, and turned out the lights. Susan was already gone so I made my way back to the kitchen door alone.

She was putting on the coffee and asked me to go check on William.

"See if he wants coffee or if there's anything he needs," she said offhand is if my serving her Black lover was a ordinary as sliced bread. "See if he wants you to run a bath for us now. We were thinking of taking one later."

William was half asl**p with just a corner of sheet over his mid-section. The rest of the bed clothes were a tangle on the floor and the bottom sheet was taken right off the bed and lay in a damp heap in the clothes hamper.

"You want coffee or a bath," I asked, almost rudely.

He opened an eye and his lips curled into a smile showing white teeth.

"Hey mon, yeh. Start the bath and bring us up coffee mon," he said. "Me and her is gonna clean up a bit. Susan said you'd find some clean sheets and stuff to make up the bed again. Said you'd love to do it."

Back down in the kitchen the coffee was ready so I filled two cups while Susan sat, legs spread, at the table waiting. The bathrobe had dropped open and her swollen, red pussy with distended lips and engorged clit was prominent and purposely (I suspected) pointed in my direction. She idly ran her fingers down through the swollen lips, spreading her cunt briefly, and innocently lifting her fingers to her tongue and licking them.

"Ummmmm!" she murmured as her tongue lapped at her juicy fingers. "That's real man cum."

She slowly sauntered to the stairs and I followed her up with the coffee, catching glimpses of her popular pussy. I had started the water for their bath and after setting the coffee on a small book shelf that served as a night stand, I went to the bathroom and checked the water.

When I looked out, Susan and William were sitting up with their backs and heads on pillows against the headboard drinking their coffee. She said Indian style with widely splayed cunt and William had his long legs stretched out and semi-limp cock hanging over his left leg.

"William doesn't have quite enough sugar, Hon, can you fix it," Susan asked. "And make sure the water is still warm. We'll be in in about five minutes."

Her rope was fully open and her tits hung firmly, jutting out between the two sides of the garment. Her nipples were hard and they were still red blotches and teeth marks from previous sessions.

I did their bidding and had to run back down for a lighter and ashtray. Then they made sure I had laid out towels, washcloths, soap, and shampoo before they went in and closed the bathroom door.

"You should probably head down stairs for the night Hon," she said. "I don't think there's anything else we need, but if there is we'll call."

I'm guessing she rode him for 20 minutes and maybe sucked him for a while. I finally heard them open the door close to half an hour after I went down stairs.

"Sorry Hon," Susan called down. "Could you clean up the tub and the floor? We're heading to bed. Oh, and when you're down, don't forget to set an alarm for 6:30 a.m. You'll have to get some breakfast ready for William and then drive him to work. The alarm clock's just outside the bedroom door."

I did as I was told. They hadn't even pulled the plug and it only took a quick glance to see strands of cum floating in the water. And the floor was soaked - from splashing I guessed. The whole time I cleaned up, I could hear muffled talking and giggling from the bedroom.

I took the clock, set it, and tried to sl**p. It was past midnight and I was so horny I knew I'd cum with just a few strokes of my hand. I grabbed some Kleenex and jerked off. But it did little good. I imagined what had happened the day before, and that night and began jerking off again. Finally I relieved myself sufficiently and fell into a fitful sl**p filled with visions of giant Black cocks and Susan spread for them. In one sequence, she was on her hands and knees with a giant cock sliding deep into her. Behind the big Black man fucking her was a line of similar men stretching back as far as the eye could see. A bucket was placed between her legs to catch whatever dripped out of her - and it was half full of white jism.

Another scene had her on her back with another line of men waiting their turns. Her face was a study in a****l lust as cock after cock brought her to climax in an almost continuous string of orgasms.

Finally the scene faded and was replaced with a flash of William's grinning face. The next thing I knew I was listening to a weather forecast and the sun was up.

I did breakfast, took it up and had to wake them and watch as they untangled their legs and moved their groins apart. William's limp Black cock slipped out of her gaping hole. They sat up and accepted the tray of food.

Half an hour later William was dressed and we were heading out the door. Susan was still in bed but before I left she explained that two of the other guys would be dropping by in the afternoon.

"Just so you know, I'll be a bit busy when you get home so you might think about getting some supper ready," Susan said. "Dinner for four, but I expect you'll want to eat out in the carriage house."

Work did take my mind off things, but by mid-afternoon I knew that back at home my wife was no doubt locked in a humping embrace with a Black stranger. By 4 p.m. I was ready to get up and head home. By 5 p.m. I left the office.

That evening was pretty much a repeat of the night before. This time it was James and Jonah and they had apparently spent a few hours double-teaming before I got home. I served supper at 6 p.m. and by the time I finished my supper and came back inside James and Susan were upstairs and Jonah was sprawled in my armchair watching TV.

Neither of them had to work the next day so both stayed at our place, and I could only guess that Susan spent the night between them in our room. I didn't bother with breakfast because I knew they'd sl**p in.

It was the same with work that day - by lunchtime I was picturing what was happening at home. Turns out they got up, ate, watched some TV and then took turns with her until I got home.

That's how the week continued. I can remember who was there on what day or who stayed the night and who didn't. I know Thursday night nobody stayed over past 1 a.m. and Susan said I could sl**p with her as long as I didn't touch her. That night she lay spread and naked describing all the things done to her and all the things she had done with those Black cocks. I jerked off three times laying there listening to her and watching her play with her cunt.

Finally, after I was spent, she dropped a bombshell.

"I'm spending the weekend at the farm house, Hon," she said. "Some of the guys work in the daytime but there'll be plenty of Black cocks most of the time. William is renting a digital video camera and James, apparently, is pretty good with electronic equipment and computers. They think it will be a hoot."

My cock was rock-hard again but she gave me a quick smile, leaned over, and click off the lamp.

I don't know what happened at the farm house that weekend. Hours and hours of video was recorded and from what I've heard it is 'amazing' porn that has made its way in edited form to several porn companies. Susan won't tell me what companies and she claims she doesn't have any copies of the five full-length tapes that eventually came out of that weekend.

When she arrived home Monday afternoon, she went right to bed and slept until Eugene arrived at about 7 p.m.... Continue»
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"Knock! Knock!" - An Adult Story

“Knock! Knock!” “Craig you got that?” I yelled from the couch. “Buck! I’m upstairs dude. Can you get the door?” said Craig. I shook my head as I got off the black leather couch in the living room. I could hear someone knocking on the door leading to the garage. We had moved in about two weeks ago. Craig was a good roommate. We split all the bills down the middle. He works as a manager for an upscale shoe store. I work from home. I help people with IT problems. I also set up new web sites for clients.

We live in a good neighborhood. Were the last town house on the street. We share a garage, laundry room with our neighbors. There town house connects to the other side of the garage. I don’t think we have met the other people, from next door.

“Knock! Knock!” “Coming! “ I yelled. I reached down to open the door leading into the garage. “Hello!” said a soft female voice. I smiled. “Hi…” was all I could say. My mouth was wide open. I looked down. There was a very voluptuous blonde standing in front of me. She was in her late twenties. About 5ft 2. She was wearing a very long black skirt that covered her feet. She had a tight white blouse that showed off her huge chest. I then noticed her wedding ring on her finger. Just my luck.

“Hello young man. I’m Mrs. Candy Grove. I live next door. Just over there.” She said. She pointed across the garage. “I’m Buck. Nice to meet you. Did we do something wrong? Did we have the music to loud?” I said. She smiled. “No! No! You did nothing wrong.” she said. “That’s good.” I said. My eyes were fixed on her bodacious curves. “Normally I ask my husband for help. But he is away on business. He is in Africa looking for gold.” She said. “What do you need help with?” I said. “My computer won’t turn on. It was running really slow. Then this morning. It just crashed.” She said.

“I would be more than happy to help. I know a few things about computers.” I said. “That would be great.” Said Mrs. Grove. “Dude.. Who’s at the door?” said Craig. I turned my head. “Mrs. Grove! I like you to meet my room mate, Craig. If you like, we can walk over and I can unplug your computer and bring it back here. I have a few programs I might be able to turn on your computer. I can have it up and running in no time.” I said. I saw Craig mouth wide open. He was checking out Mrs. Grove. We both like the same kind of women. The more curves, the better. “Any chance you can have it back by tomorrow?” she said. “I’m pretty sure I can have it running by tomorrow.” I said.

We both followed behind Mrs. Grove. As she walked through the small 2 car garage. She left the side door open, as she showed us around. She had a few f****y pictures on the wall. They were just her and her husband. He was a short skinny guy, with a bad toupee on. Craig laughed as we both pointed at him behind his Wife back. Mrs. Grove finally took us to her living room. She had a big computer, next to her entertainment system. She had lots of book around her house. I bent over to unplug her computer. I then handed her PC tower to Craig.

“Here’s my cell phone number. In case you can’t fix it. Please call. I’m at work all day tomorrow. I’m the assistant to the mayor of our lovely town. She is a great boss. I’m sure I can run home and pick it up. There a computer store not to far from here. They might be able to fix it, if you can’t. It’s just really important I get it fixed.” Said Mrs. Grove. “No problem. Buck is a computer genius. He will have this puppy up and working in no time. “ said Craig. “Thank you so much.” Said Mrs. Grove.

We both walked back to our town house. I shut the door behind us. I heard Mrs. Grove door close next. “Buck! She is so hot.” Said Craig. “Yeah! She is smoking hot. I hope I can fix her computer now.” I said. We both smiled as I hooked up her computer in my room. “I’m going downstairs to watch some TV.” Said Craig. “Later man.” I said.

I turned my attention back at Mrs. Grove computer. I plugged my program in the back of the computer. A few minutes passed before I got her computer running again. I slipped past her easy password on the computer. (password, password) I then looked on her desk top next. I saw a few folders in the right corner. I clicked on the first one. Just some f****y photos. Her computer was running slow. I then ran another program from my computer. I had to figure out why her computer was so slow.

It took a few minutes before my computer told me why Mrs. Grove computer was running slow. She had a lot of movies and videos downloaded on her computer. I then looked for the largest file. I quickly found the folder it was hiding in. I clicked on the folder marked (Only for Candy).. I almost fell off my chair. I started to click on the movies in the folder. My mouth dropped open. They were all showing Mrs. Grove in different sex positions. The first one she was masturbating with a huge blue vibrator. The next she was on all fours getting fucked from behind. I could see the woman’s hands on her hips and she was yelling at Mrs. Grove. I could feel my cock get hard under my computer desk.

I quickly started to copy all her files onto a zip drive. I had to see these movies again when I gave Mrs. Grove back her computer. I then reached for my phone. I texted Craig to get up here. A few minutes passed before he opened my bedroom door. ‘What’s up??” he said. He then got quite as he looked at Mrs. Grove computer screen. I was still watching the woman fuck her from behind. Her huge tits were being tugged by the women. “Are you k**ding me? Wow! I can’t believe Mrs. Grove in to this stuff.” Said Craig. I just shook my head.

We spent the next 4 hours copying everything on her computer. My cock was rock hard. I knew Craig was hurting to. He kept adjusting himself on the chair next to me. Mrs. Grove loved to be dominated. All the movies were either her or another female. Some photos we found, were just her. Not a single one showed her with another man. Her husband must not like other men playing with his wife. “Damn! Buck! I need to get up early tomorrow.” Said Craig. I looked at my watch. It was closed to midnight. “I’m going to look around some more and then add some more memory to her computer. That should help her computer run faster. Night dude.” I said. “Later.” Said Craig.

I lost track of what time I went to bed. My cell phone rang. I rolled over on my erect cock. Damn! I was still thinking about Mrs. Grove. “Hello!” I said. “Buck! You still got the neighbors computer?” said Craig. “Yeah! Why do you ask?” I said. “I was thinking…long pause..” said Craig. “I’m a step head of you. We should try and take advantage of this situation.” I said. “Exactly what I was thinking. I got to work this morning. I pulled up our town’s website. I found out who enjoy’s Mrs. Grove, as much as we do. The Mayor, her fucking boss. She is just as big, if not bigger than Mrs. Grove.” Said Craig. “That’s good to know. Take off the rest of the day. Make sure you bring home some heels you want Mrs. Grove to be in tonight. If we have to. We can find something in her closet to make her look like a hot MILF. See you soon.” I said.

I hung up my phone as I dialed Mrs. Grove. “Ring! Ring! Hello Mayor’s office. This is Candy.” Said Mrs. Grove. “Hi! Candy.. It’s Buck. Your new neighbor.” I said. “Hi! Buck…I was just thinking about you. How my computer?” she said. I smiled. “It’s all fixed. It’s as good as new.” I said. “Oh! That is great. I really appreciate it. My husband will be happy. I’m suppose to Skype him later.” Said Candy. “Sounds fun.” I said. “I left my door open next door. Can you be a doll and hook my computer back up. I’ll be by later to say thank you.” She said. She then hung up the phone.

My mind was racing as I took a quick shower. I heard Craig come home as I was putting on some clothes. I slipped on some white cargo shorts. Then a black t-shirt. I left my underwear in my top drawer. I put on some cologne. I heard Craig changing out of his Suit as we met in the living room.

“Your not going to believe this. She left her house unlocked. She wants us to put her computer back. She going to Skype with her husband tonight on her computer. What she doesn’t know? Will be watching her from my computer.” I said. Craig had a big smile on his face. “This should be fun.” He said. “I also started to print out some of the images with her and the mayor. I figured we take them over to Mrs. Grove.” I said. We both laughed.

It took us about an hour to set up Mrs. Grove computer. We then went upstairs to her bedroom. Craig was looking through her heels in the closet. I was checking out her bras and panties in her dresser. We then both smiled as her bra’s were huge. We then walked down the hall to another room. There was sign on the door to keep out. Craig pulled out a card and shimmed open the door. We both almost fainted. It was her slave room. There were huge straps, whips, chains around the room. There were adult toys everywhere. There were chairs and a big four post bed. We found a tri pod and some camera equipment. We both smiled as we walked back to our side of the town house.

It was close to 6pm when we heard the garage door open. My cock got instantly hard. Craig started to breath heavier. We both rushed to my room. My computer was already on. About twenty minutes passed before we got a glimpse of Mrs. Grove on the screen. She was wearing a black see through robe. Her huge breast were encased inside a tight black bra. Her huge breast spilled out the top. She was wearing a matching black thong, that barely covered her huge camel toe. I could tell her pussy was completely shaved. She had a huge purple vibrator in her left hand. She smiled at the screen.

A second later we heard her husband. “Candy! You’ve been a naughty wife. Put down that toy. This will make 4 weeks since I’ve been gone. I forbid you from playing with your pussy. Obey your master.” He said. She nodded her head “Yes!”. Both Craig and I looked at each other. Our mouths dropped open. “You will need to wait another 6 months or longer until I get home. I will be staying in Africa a little longer than planned. I am close to finding gold again. I also found a skinny servant to help me get over your fat body. Have you been dieting like I asked?” he said. “Yes! Master! I have not eaten anything for two days. I’m so weak.” She said. “That a good wife. Tomorrow wire me your paycheck. I need money. I need to get off this computer. Your disgusting.” He said. The computer screen then went blank.

“Dude go get some food downstairs. Don’t forget her heels, from your work. I’ll grab the pictures of Candy and the Mayor. Meet me at the door.” I said. I heard Craig run down the stairs to the kitchen. I grabbed the yellow envelope off my computer table. I smiled as I walked down the stairs to the side door in the house. A minute later Craig showed up with a bag full of tacos and a bottle of white wine. He had stopped at Taco Bell before coming home. He also had a small black gift bag with the heels from his work inside. We both smiled as we walked through the garage to Mrs. Grove side door.

“Knock! Knock!” Craig knocked on the side door inside the garage. We both walked over in our bare feet. We waited for the door open. My heart was racing. I could hear Craig breathing faster. A few minutes passed before the brass door knob turned on the small wooden door. “Hi! Neighbors.” Said Mrs. Grove. “Hey!” we both said at the same time. “How’s the computer?” I said. “It works great. Would you both like to come in? I’m sorry, I just got out of the shower and through this on.” She said. ‘You look great.” Said Craig. We both were staring at her big ass, thru the see through black robe. She had a white terry cloth robe over her see through black outfit. The problem was the back of her white robe was on her lower back. It was hung up on her big ass. We both smiled.

I heard Craig shut the door behind us. I was walking directly behind Mrs. Grove. We followed her into her living room. She had turned off her computer. I quickly looked around the room. “We brought you some food.” Said Craig. He handed her the bag of tacos. She quickly open the bag releasing the smell of tacos in the room. I could see her lick her fiery red lips. She had teased up her short blonde hair. She was looking so hot in her black see through robe. I wondered if she knew how turned on we were.

We both watched Mrs. Grove eat two tacos. “I feel like such a pig. I’ve been so busy at work and home. I forgot the last time I ate something.” She said. Craig and I looked at each other. We both knew two days ago. I wish her husband could see her eat the other two tacos in the bag. So much for her diet. She had the perfect figure. She could add a few more pounds. Neither one of us would have cared. “We also brought some wine.” I said. “Mmmm… Wine and tacos. You both now how to spoil a girl. Craig reached into his black gift bag. I smiled as he handed her a large wine glass. I leaned over to pour her some white wine. She took a few sips. “You both can take a seat on the couch.” She said. She pointed to her big black leather couch.

We both walked around her wooden coffee table. I sat on the right side. Craig sat on the left. We kept the middle seat cushion open. I looked back up. Mrs. Grove was licking her fingers clean. She than gulped half of her white wine. “Please excuse me. I’ll be right back.” She said. We watched as she walked toward her kitchen. She tossed out the empty taco bag. She washed her hands. She then slowly walked back into her living room. She had sipped almost the rest of her wine.

She then looked over her wine glass. “What else did you young men bring me?” said Mrs. Grove. She pointed to my right hand. I slowly raised my right hand. She then took the yellow envelope from my hand. Craig and I looked at each other. We both smiled. “Oh my word. What??? What??? Where did you get these??” said Mrs. Grove. “I found them on your computer last night. I figured out what was slowing down your computer.” I said. “We also made copies.” Said Craig. “There a disk at the bottom of the envelope.” I said. Mrs. Grove put her small hand inside the yellow envelope. She pulled out the DVD. She slowly read the title on the DVD. “Best of Candy Vol I”

We both watched Mrs. Grove eyes get big. She finished off her glass of wine. She then look at both of us on the couch. “Have you shown this to anybody?” she said. “No! The photos and the DVD’s are just for us.” I said. “Oh! That’s good, because you would just be hurting me and my husband.” She said. “So the Mayor, would not care if the photos and video got out?” said Craig. “Yeah! Maybe she would not care. I see she is running for reelection next month.” I said. Candy’s mouth dropped open. ‘I’m in so much trouble. My life is ruined. I’m going to loose my job. I should have never brought my computer to you, Buck.” She said.

“Your lucky you brought your computer to me and not someone else. We don’t want to see you get fired or your boss lose the election, over a big scandal.” I said. We both could see Mrs. Grove was about ready to cry. “My….My husband made me do it. Everything you saw on my computer. He made me do. He knew the Mayor liked me. He secretly filmed us. Now she wants me all the time. But I can’t have her come over to my house. My husband has banned her from coming to her house, until he comes home from Africa. I’m such a bad wife. He now hates my body. He treats me like his slave.” Whispered Mrs. Grove.

“Fuck! You look hot to us.” Blurted out Craig. “Stop teasing me. That’s not nice.” Said Mrs. Grove. “You are very sexy.” I said. “Just stop. I’ve had enough for one night. Tell me….. What do I have to do to get those pictures and videos destroyed. I want everything deleted on my computer. I want no evidence that any thing has taken place.” Said Mrs. Grove.

“When does your husband come back from Africa?” I said. “In six months.” She said. “For the next six months or until your husband comes home. We will come visit you every day. You will do what ever we say. No questions asked. I’m glad you nodded your head..”Yes!” Now slowly take off that white robe, then the black see through robe.” I said. Mrs. Grove dropped both her robes on the carpet in her living room. I motion for Craig to give her his heels from work. “Take off those old black flat. Put these on. I will dress your feet from now on. You will wear what I pick out..” Said Craig.

Mrs. Grove reached into the small black gift bag. Her eyes grew bigger as she pulled out a pair of black 6inch stilettos. “They are 6inch Multi Strap Peep Toe Pump’s with a two inch platform at the front.” Said Craig. “How do I put them on? I never worn anything taller than 2 inches.” Said Mrs. Grove. “Sit on the end of the coffee table.” Said Craig. I could feel my cock growing inside my cargo shorts.

I watched Mrs. Grove sit down on the edge of her coffee table. Her small black thong was wedged between her ass cheeks. Her amazing ass expanded out the sides of the small coffee table. Her huge black bra strained under the weight of her large breast. Craig was kneeling in front of her. Her large breast almost touched her thighs as she watched Craig toss her flats across her living room. I heard them bounce off the far wall. Craig then reached down to grab her left foot. He was massaging her ankles and sexy calves. Her then began to rub under her foot. He leaned down to put her small big toe in his mouth. He bite down, then sucked each of her toes. He then did the same thing with her right foot.

Mrs. Grove let out a soft moan. Her head fell back as she was enjoying her expert foot massage from Craig. He then started to lick the bottom of her feet. He was running his tongue all over her feet, ankles, calves. She was moving her head back and forth. Craig reached up to touch her huge bra. I could hear the thin black material rub against the palm of his hand. Mrs. Grove let out a louder moan. Craig then took off his shirt. He placed Mrs. Grove left foot on his chest. She then pinched his hard nipple with her toes.

Craig rotated her feet between his hungry mouth and his hard chest. After twenty minutes I heard Craig unzip his cargo shorts. I watched as Mrs. Grove opened her eyes. She froze for a second as she looked down between her feet. Craig was using her feet, to jack his erect cock. He then pushed on her chest. She slowly laid on her back. I watched her huge breast almost fall out the sides of her tight bra. Craig was on his knees. He placed Mrs. Grove feet together around his cock. He then proceed to fuck her sexy feet.

A few minutes passed before Craig slowed down fucking her feet. He then quickly leaned down to put her sexy black 6inch stilettos on her feet. He motion for Mrs. Grove to stand up. He held her hand as she got off the coffee table. He then laid on his back and motion for Mrs. Grove to put her heels next to his ears. She started to rub her heels all over his face. He reached down to jack his hard cock. A few minutes later. “Fuck! Arrggghhhh!” yelled Craig. He shot a big wad of cum in the air. “Oh my!” whispered Mrs. Grove. She watched as Craig finished cumming all over her living room.

“Come here Candy.” I said. She turned her head. I had quickly took off my clothes as she watched Craig shoot his load. I was sitting there naked on her big black couch. My 9 ¾ inch cock was sticking straight up. She strutted over in her new heels between my legs. I reached up to pull her wet black thong over her wide hips and long curvy legs. She put her hand on my broad shoulders was I tossed her thong onto the coffee table. Her bald pussy glisten with her own juices. She tried to cover her bald pussy in front of two young men.

“You’re the first man to see my bottom half, beside my husband,” she said. “Turn around, let me see that big ass.” I said with a loud voice. She turned her naked ass into my view. I started to slap her big ass with my open hand. She started to moan again. I could see her pussy getting more wet. I leaned my face into her big ass. I started to slide my wide tongue into her ass cheeks. I then placed my hands on her hips. Forcing my tongue in deeper. I was in heaven. She let out a bigger moan when I placed my middle finger between her big warm thighs.

Her knees buckled as I slid my index finger inside her very hot pussy. She was so wet. “Grab your ankles. That a good girl.” I said. I then moved my mouth from her ass to her wet pussy. I started to bite her large cunt lips. I slipped in one finger, followed my another. “I’m cumming!!! Your making me orgasm so hard. I never felt like this before.” She screamed.

“Get on your knees in front of me. Say Ah!” I said. Mrs. Grove opened her mouth. “Your so much bigger than my husband. I don’t know….Mmmmppph” She started to gag from my cock in her mouth. “Rub my balls with your long red nails. That is better. Swirl your tongue around my cock. Were going to make you a better cock sucker before your husband gets home. He will thank us after we teach his wife how to be a whore. Now rub my cock all over your face. Make some loud sucking noises.” I said. I watched as Mrs. Grove sucked, licked and rubbed my wet cock all over her face. Her eyes were getting bigger as I reached down to slap her big breast.I brought her to another loud orgasm, before she got on her knees.

“God damn… I need to see those now. Who makes these bra’s?” I said. I leaned down to unhook the massive straps on the back of her huge bra. A second after her bra flew off. Her massive breast fell into the cold air of her living room. I heard Craig moan again. He was sitting in a chair across from the couch. “Those are nice…” said Craig. “There so big and fucking round.” I yelled. Mrs. Grove moaned as I man handled her huge breast. I was running my greedy hands all around her huge breast. I started to tug and pull on her large nipples. She had 6inch dark pink aerloes.

“Now look at Craig sitting over there. Rub your pussy. Show him how much you like him. Now crawl over here and sit on my cock. That a good wife. Hold up your amazing breast for me to enjoy.” I said. Candy was holding her breast for me to enjoy. She had her knees on the couch. Her pussy was all the way down on my cock. I could feel her wetness on my balls. She was dripping wet. I had my hands on her hips, making her bounce up and down on my cock. My mouth was glues to her left nipple. Then her right nipple. She was thrashing her head from side to side. I could feel her whole body exploded on my cock. I then tensed up and shot a huge load, deep inside her.

I then flipped her over on her back. I still had my hard cock buried in her pussy. She was a total mess. Her pussy over flowed from my cum and her orgasm. I grabbed her ankles around my neck. She looked down to see between her legs. My cock was sliding in and out of her wet sloppy pussy. I reached down to slap her big wet breast. I then started to tug and pinch them for the next thirty minutes. She was screaming again as I plunged my hard cock all the way in before I exploded again.

I slowly stood up. I watched Craig walk toward Mrs. Grove, on the couch. He had her lay on the couch, with her head on one cushion and her feet on the far cushion. He then put his balls on her face, as he began to fuck her huge tits. “Lick my balls…Mrs. Grove. Slap my ass. That a good wife. Your breast our amazing.” He said. I walked into the kitchen. I found some beer in the fridge. I then walked back to the living room. Craig was still sliding his cock between Mrs. Grove big chest. A few minutes passed before he stood up. He then reversed his position on Mrs. Grove. He was fucking her big breast, and rubbing his cock on her red lips. “Yes!!!!” yelled Craig. I heard Mrs. Grove gag. He was shooting a big load into her greedy mouth. He then collapsed onto the floor.

I took Mrs. Grove right hand and Craig took her left hand. We walked her upstairs to her master bathroom. We took turns cleaning her up. Then we both fucked her again in the shower. It was close to 2am before we all fell asl**p in her bed.

I could hear Mrs. Grove alarm cock going off. “Beep Beep!!!” I also felt the bed move. I could her Craig grunting. I rolled over to see Mrs. Grove on top of him. She was riding his hard cock. “I need to go to work. I can’t be late.” Said Mrs. Grove. I then felt the bed stop. Craig was pumping another load inside our sexy neighbor. “We better stop and let Candy get to work. Go take a shower and Craig will be right in to make you look extra sexy today. I am going to go pick out your outfit for today. Your going to tease the Mayor all day. At the end of the day. Your going to invite her back to your house.” I said. Craig smiled. Candy mouth fell wide open. She then went to take a shower.

It took us about an hour to get Candy ready for work. Craig found some 4inch wooden heels for her to wear. I picked out a small tan mini skirt that barely covered her big ass and thick thighs. I then had her put on a white button down shirt over a small red corset. Her huge breast overflowed the top of the tight corset. I unbutton her white shirt half way down the front. My cock was rock hard again as Craig and I walked her to her car. We stood there naked in our garage as we waved to Mrs. Grove.

“Go to work. Get some heels for the Mayor and Candy to wear later. I am going to my room to send Candy an email to her computer at work. Then we can watch her at work. See if the Mayor makes any advances on her. Talk to you later,” I said. Craig went inside our townhouse. I walked back into Candy’s. I spent an hour cleaning up before I went back to my room. I quickly sent Candy, the email. A minute later I saw Candy sitting at her desk. In front of the camera on her computer. She smiled when she saw the camera move.

After awhile I could hear all the people around Candy’s desk. I could see a few guys and girls checking her out. She was so hot in her small outfit. I then heard the Mayor come in the room. “Mrs. Grove! Please come to my office.” Said the Mayor.

It was an hour later before Candy came back to her desk. I picked up my cell phone. “Ring! Ring!” Candy looked down at her purse. She pulled out her cell phone. “Hello! This is Candy..” she said. “Hi! Mrs. Grove. How did your meeting with the Mayor go?” I said. “It was so hard. She wanted me to take off my clothes in her office. She licked her kips the whole time I was in there.” Said Candy. “Did you resist her?” I said. “Yes! Now what should I do?” she said. “Slowly take off your panties. Then play with yourself.” I said. I hung up my cell.

I watched Mrs. Grove play with herself for about an hour. I then ordered her some Chinese for lunch. She sat at her desk. Eating each bite in front of the camera. I heard Craig come home down stairs. He sat and watched Mrs. Grove as I finally took a shower.

It was close to 5pm when we noticed everyone beginning to leave Candy’s office. I quickly picked up my cell and called Candy. “Stay in your chair. Wait for the Mayor to come to your desk. We can see her. Smile. That a good wife. Now invite her to your house. Tell her your husband out of town and you could use some company.” I said.

Craig mouth was wide open as we watched the Mayor walk in front of the computer. “Hi! Candy.. You have been making me wet all day. I saw what you were doing earlier.” Said the Mayor. “My husband is out of town. Would you like to come over tonight? “ said Candy. The Mayor smiled. She had a wicked grin on her face. “I have to pick up my husband from his work. Then I can drop him off at home. I was suppose to make a f****y dinner tonight, for him and the k**s. They will be Ok. I’ll order them pizza. How’s 8pm sound?” she said. Candy nodded her head “Yes!”

A half hour later. Candy opened the door to her town house. She walked into her living room. She smiled at Craig and I. We were both sitting on her couch. We both had on a matching black silk robe and nothing underneath. We both smiled. “Welcome home. You did good today Mrs. Grove.” I said. “Now we need you to be ready for when the Mayor comes over tonight. Let’s go upstairs and get you ready.” Said Craig. He jumped off the couch and took Candy upstairs. A few minutes passed before I heard them having sex upstairs.

“Ding Dong!” It was close to 730pm. I had a feeling the Mayor could not resist Mrs. Grove. Craig slapped Candy big ass. He motion for her to get the door. We both watched from the black leather couch. Candy slowed opened the door. The Mayor stepped in. She was in her mid thirties. She was wearing 4inch black stiletto heels. She was about 5ft 8inches tall. With long curly brown hair, passed her shoulders. She had blonde streaks through out her curls. She was wearing tight faded blue jeans and a big bulky white sweater. She had fiery red crimson lips to match her fiery red finger nails.

“Oh my god!! Candy! What are you wearing?” said the Mayor. Mrs. Grove was wearing just a tight gold corset. Her large breast almost spilled out the top. She was wearing no bra or thong under her corset. She was wearing no heels. Her boss was towering over her. We both watched the Mayor reached up to pull on the dog leach between Mrs Grove huge cleavage. Craig had put a gold dog collar around Candy’s neck before she answered the door. It said property of C & B (Craig & Buck) on the front. He then hooked the gold dog leach in the collar and set it between her breast.

“Please come in.” said Candy. The Mayor could not stop staring at Candy’s half naked voluptuous body. She then followed Candy into the living room. “Mayor! I like you to meet my two new neighbors. Buck and Craig.” She said. The Mayor turned her lustful eyes to both of us on the couch. She smiled.

“Hi!” said Craig. “Good evening Mayor..” I said. Her mouth dropped opened as Candy walked toward Craig on the couch. He reached up to put his hand on Candy’s dog leash. “”Candy!! Who are these guys? Does your husband know about them?” said the Mayor. “They live next door. There my new masters.” Said Mrs. Grove. Craig and I smiled on the couch.

Craig pulled on Candy dog leach. She quickly got on her knees in front of him on the couch. He opened his black robe. Candy quickly put her hands on his growing cock. She then started to lick and suck his hard cock. I then turned my attention to the Mayor. Her mouth was still wide open. She was at a lost for words. She had her hands on her wide hips. She could not stop staring at Candy and Craig on the couch.

I slowly got off the couch and stood next to the Mayor. “You’re a little over dressed Mrs. Mayor. Let me help.” I said. The Mayor turned her head to see me standing next to her. I reached down to unbuckle her small belt around her waist. I then unzipped her faded blue jeans. I gently pushed them down around her knees. She did not say a word. I then reached up to pull her big bulky sweater over her head. She was not wearing any underwear or bra under her clothes. I let out a soft moan. Her huge breast and round ass were bigger than Mrs. Grove.

“Pull off your jeans. Leave on your heels. Put this around your neck.” I said. The Mayor quickly took off her last piece of clothing. She then put a black studded dog collar around her neck. I then clipped a black dog leach on the dog collar. I then dropped my silk robe. I pulled her leach, leading her to the other side of the couch next to Craig and Candy on her knees in front of him. They both turned to watch me sit on the couch and pull the Mayor on my lap.

Craig pulled Candy up off the floor in front of him. Candy quickly got on his lap and guided his hard cock into her pussy. The Mayor looked down and guided my hard cock into her wet pussy. I could feel her warm cunt lips ride down my shaft. I breathed in as I reached up to tug on her huge breast. Then the girls started to fuck us both. They went slow, up and down at first. Then after a few minutes, they started to fuck us faster. Almost like they were trying to fuck faster than the other one. Craig turned his head to look at me. We both gave each other a big thumbs up.

It did not take long before each girl orgasm from our cocks. We then switched positions and started to fuck them on the couch. After a few minutes we both exploded deep inside them. We both pulled out and laid on the floor. Then we had each girl suck our cocks back to full erection. Then we had them ride our cock as we pulled on there leaches between there breast. I started to whip the Mayor breast with the end of the leach. Then Craig did the same with Candy. Then we each tugged and smacked there hard nipples before we exploded deep inside them again.

We spent the next couple of days swapping the girls between us. We let them go back to work the following Monday. I fixed the Mayor computer so we could watch them at work. Candy moved into the Mayor office. She quickly became the deputy Mayor. We had the Mayor fire all the male employees and skinny chicks. She then hired a whole new voluptuous staff. There all suppose to be coming tonight to Mrs. Grove house.

I’m sitting on the couch naked. I can hear the Mayor, Mrs. Grove and there entire new staff coming in the front door to Candy’s town house. Craig left a note on the door. They all have to take off there shoes before coming into the living room. Craig laying on the carpet in the middle of the living room. I see Candy putting her feet in his mouth. The Mayor stepping on his hard cock. The other new arrivals are putting there feet on his body.

It’s good to be Craig and I



... Continue»
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Last Boy On Earth

I woke up in a blur.............count see much, just a collaboration of images and words, I suppose that’s the thing people are talking about when your life flashes before your eyes before something horrible happens to you. I heard voices very faint hard to make out whom it was, or let alone what it was. It was a woman a beautiful women, then i realized where i was, in a hospital bed.

"Take it easy k**" that’s what the nurse said, or doctor i wasn’t sure at the time. I was more worried about my body; i mean was I fucked up missing a limb? I could never go to the army if that happened. It was rather strange; as i looked around I noticed that all the staff was female.

" where am I? is this Mercy hospital? Could i see my doctor? His name is Doctor. Franks?" I said.

Unknown Nurse: "His name?"

"Yeah that’s right his name" i said reassuringly.

Unknown Nurse: She giggled "There’s no male doctors around here"

I gave her a funny look.

"What do you mean?"

Unknown Nurse: "You’re the first male, we have seen in 6 years."

"Um you have a phone I can use?"

Unknown Nurse: "Yeah, right next to your bed, Hit 9 first, you know before you dial the number."


I tried calling my dad’s cell, my mom’s work, my home phone, even my own cell phone, nothing all i get was busy signals or this number was not in service.
I was awed that no one was worried, my mom was a nurse this would be the first place she would check was the hospital, and then i realized maybe I wasn’t in Ferndale anymore. I called the nurse.

"Excuse me i may have hit my head a little too hard where am I?"

Unknown nurse: "You’re in St. Teresa Hospital"

"I mean like state?"

Unknown Nurse: "California, anyways I’ll be right back i think someone a little higher up should know about this."

Higher up? i thought to myself? What the fucks going on? California, why in the hell would someone take me to California from Ferndale, Michigan because of a car accident? don’t they need to inform my parents? I waited about 20 minutes for her return. I grew tired and took a nap.

Unknown Nurse: "Hey wake up k**, there’s someone here to see you"

I was blurry again I looked up saw a sharply dressed women in work suite her hair out with a badge in her side & a Glock; i couldn’t make out the text on the badge.

Sharply Dressed Women: “Could you excuse us for a minutes nurse?"

Unknown Nurse: " Yes sorry"

Sharply Dressed Women:" This is so exciting, I’m Agent Starling."

"Names Damien"

Sharply Dressed Women: "You got a last name k**?"

"Evans, you got a first name agent?"

Agent Starling: "Names Jesse."

Agent Starling: "Well Damien, not really any other way to put this, you’re the first male eve seen in 6 years?"

"What? The nurse said the same thing? What’s up with that?"

Agent Starling:" In 2012 there was a virus that killed and attached to the male Genome by the end of 2012 95% of the male population on earth was either dead or dying."

"What the fuck? What year is it?"

Agent Starling: "June. 10 2016"

"Holy Shit!"

I panicked i thought she was fucking with me I wanted proof.

"Turn on the TV."

Agent Starling:" You don’t believe me" she laughed

A series of commercials came on all containing women’s products, women advertisement and all female news anchors.

"You’re not k**ding are you?"

Agent Starling: "No I’m not."

"Well this doesn’t make any sense? According to your story then I should be dead?"

Agent Starling: "You’re sitting here aren’t you?"

"Wow, ok i need to get some fresh air"

Agent Starling: Well they found you lying outside on the road, with some clothes there a bit torn but, because finding male clothes is a bit impossible we had em patched up and washed, there on that shelve. Go ahead and get ready Ill drive you to get some food & coffee.

"Is my wallet here?"

Agent Starling: "I believe so?"

"You still use the same money?"

Agent Starling: she giggles “Yes we still use American dollars."

"I’ll buy"

Agent Starling:" No we will go Dutch"


I get up grab my clothes

"There a bathroom i can change in?"

Agent Starling: "Just change in here"

I look at her funny?

"Can you like go for a second?"

She gets a little red, and smiles

Agent Starling: “Sure sweetie"

I quickly changed, but there was no shirt.

I opened the door Agent Starling was waiting outside the door

"Uh....there’s no shirt?"

Agent Starling was staring at me, bit her lip for a second.

I looked at her funny.

Agent Starling: “Oh sorry, yeah its being Ironed just a second.”

Another nurse hands me my shirt also stares at my bare chest for a min. I quickly shut the door, put the shirt on, I mummed to myself. Last dude on earth? Fuck Ima like this.

Agent Starling: "you ready k**?"

"Yeah, I’m ready"

Agent Starling and i walk down the hall to an elevator, i realized this defiantly wasn’t Ferndale’s hospital. All the staff and a few patients were giving me funny looks. We finally reached the main door. Outside was Beautiful i mean beautiful palm trees, down the left a few blocks was the beach RIGHT THERE? a hospital right by the ocean that is either fucking beautiful or a serious tsunami risk.

"This place is beautiful!"

Agent Starling:" It is"

We came to a really nice Black Dodge Charger, I’m not sure how care producing was anymore all the men gone, i suppose women just picked everything up because the world kept going just fine, but just no men.

We got in the car and she started driving.

"So where we heading?"

Agent Starling: “There’s a place more in town i like"


"Quick question?"

Agent Starling: “Shoot"

"How’s like everything keep going? I mean like since people can’t know reproduce? Populations got to be low."

Agent Starling: “Why do you think they sent me?"

"What like for protection?"

Agent Starling: “Think about it, you the only male left in the entire world as far as we know, you like are only hope for the human race we could die off if you died and 2 hours ago we accepted that, but now your here."

"Well I’m flattered but the same time worried"

Agent Starling: “I think there’s enough of you to go around; at your age you produce more sperm than a full grown male!"

"Oh god...."

Agent Starling:" Giggles lets Go eat!"

Turns up music and we continue driving.

We come up to a close together store block at the corner is a Cafe. She parks on the side and we walk in.

Unknown Black Women:" Hey, Jesse how you doing girl?

Agent Starling:" Hey Monica! This is my friend Damien"

Monica drops coffees sever.

Monica: Oh my god! Is that a man? Oh shit girl, he ait bad looking either....mmmmmhmmmm

Agent Starling: “Laughing"

Monica: What can i get for ya`ll?

Agent Starling:" I get a coffee & the usually he will have a coffee & a menu, he probably don’t know what he wants.

Monica: You want cream in your coffee baby?

"Sure lol?"

Monica mumbles from the back of the kitchen, I want his cream in ma coffee.....

Agent Starling: “So you know what you want"

I looked at her, finally got a good look at her face, she was simply put beautiful a dead blue with a mix of green eyes, dark black hair, a little scar on her check that only made her more beautiful.

"You have beautiful eyes."

Agent Starling: “Thank you." She blushed.

"That looks good"

Agent Starling:" What?"

"The menu, I’ll have that"

Agent Starling:" Oh ok thought you were talking about something else."

I smiled so did she?

Monica came out brought a coffee refilled Jesses and got our food.

We talked as we ate.

"So what exactly am i supposed to do?, I mean back...where....still not sure how this is possible, but I was going to join the army, I’m guessing that there isn’t one anymore."

Agent Starling:" You’re right not really anymore, once all the main threats were eliminated there was no reason to have war anymore, were all in good standings I mean all the countries found new females leaders, if not wife to the successor. So the army kind of died it’s more of just communications now, all the bombs and weapons and vehicles are all just like history pieces now."

"Amazing, Stalin once said Death is the solution to all problems. No man - no problem. This is a little more literal then he thought."

Agent Starling: “Indeed”
“So what am I supposed to do just go out and get a minimum wage job and try and live I mean the army was going to be my life?”

Agent Starling: “No, you can’t be by yourself to dangerous”

“Hey, as you can see I’m not a small man? I’m a pretty big dude I can handle myself”

Agent Starling: “It not about that, damn now I remember why we hate men, your egos, listen k**, you big but there are women out there who haven’t seen a man let alone felt or slept with a man in ages, there’s women out there who will put a gun to your head just to fuck you. And you think I’m k**ding. As soon as were done eating I’m instructed to take you to the HQ.”

“Oh shit”

Agent Starling: “Alright Monica thanks for the bite.”

Monica: Oh you mean you guys are leaving already, can I say goodbye to the boy?

Agent Starling:” No we need to get going”

Monica: Damn I wanted to say goodbye in my native tongue, I’ll be seeing you again boy believe that.

I smiled, blushed, happy and slightly scared at the same time, I walked out with Agent Starling to the car.

We sat in She looked at me and giggled.

“What’s so funny?”

She bit her lip, and then started to drive.
We got to a parking of a large builidng lot she stopped looked at me for second.

Agent Starling: “Are you a……….a virgin?”


Agent Starling: “That’s good”

“Are you?”

Agent Starling: “no………I um had a boyfriend before the virus, but I left him after I caught him cheating.”

“Oh, I’m sorry”

Agent Starling:” Don’t be.”

I glanced at her legs for a minute; I looked back up at her.

“You know, you’re beautiful, all women deserve to here that, I’m sorry he cheating on you, I wouldn’t have if I had you.”

She stared at me, bit her lip again, she slid her Glock & Badge off. I reached over to kiss her she backed off a bit.

Agent Starling: “Are you sure you want to do this, I won’t stop you if you do.”

“Only if you want to?”

Agent Starling then launched at me we kissed passionately, she was the more aggressive one, I didn’t really know what I was doing. She grabbed my dick started rubbing it through my jeans, She with her other hand slid her panties off. She f***ed my hand on to her pussy.

Agent Starling: “I haven’t been with a man in years”

“Oh my god you’re fucking sexy”

She unzipped my jeans searched for my erect cock; she pulled out spit on her hand beat me off faster than I ever could as we still kissed passionately.

Agent Starling:” This isn’t a good place, let’s go to my office”

I put my stuff away; she slid her Glock and badge back on, but not her panties.
We walked into the main building I was more concentrated on her but the place was fucking huge. We walked to the elevator, Like in the hospital I got all kinds of weird looks from similarly dressed women as Agent Starling. In the elevator she kept looking at me biting her lip. The elevator finally stopped. She grabbed my hand and rushed me to the end of the hall with a large Mahogany wooden door, she rushed me in The back side was all glass, I didn’t realize how high up we were, she jump on me threw me down against the black leather couch that smelled of armor-all. She got on her knees unzipped my pants found my cock again, this time she started sucking, it felt amazing it was my first time here beautiful eyes that little scar it was perfect. She sucked without making a sound she finally said “Lets Fuck” she took of my shirt, pulled off my pants and boxers, she started striping down herself till she was completely naked with nothing but a small 38. Special strapped on her leg, she slowly pulled it off.

“I think I fucking love you!”

She moaned and jumped on top of me. She grabbed my cock, spit on her hand and stroked it to get it wet, she slid it in her pussy we fucked reverse cowgirl style, she moaned with one of the cutest moans you can possibly imagine. She grabbed on to my biceps turned around and kissed passionately at the same time. We fucked for more than 3 hours it felt like, the sun was setting down and the beautiful room glowed gold. She started to have an orgasm, I couldn’t control myself and I was going to as well.

I whispered: “Jesse………….oh god Jesse! I’m going to!”

She said in the sexiest voice in the world

“Do it baby!”

I came one of the biggest loads I ever shot in my life in her sweet pussy.
And this ladies and gentleman is my story as the Last Boy on Earth.

-Written By Damien Lacambra AkA (Crazydrummer)
Btw Agent Starling is Megan Fox.... Continue»
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I have a specially prepared room just for you.

I have a specially prepared room just for you.

I have loops in the floor and ceiling where I lead you to and show you what I intend to do.

I ***** you naked and stand you in the middle of the room.

Using silk scarves, I tie your ankle to the floor loops and your wrists to the ceiling loops.

You are completely vulnerable but are comfortable as you stand naked and spread eagle in the middle of my room. I can walk around you 360 degrees and can inspect and enjoy your body from any angle. You look fabulous.

I ***** off in front of you and show you how much I enjoy the look of your sexy form. You cannot help to notice as my **** has grown already and it is hard in no time, me thinking about the fun we are going to have.......

I take another silk scarf and place it over your eyes so that your other senses become more fully aroused.

Stroking you from your soft neck, down over your shoulders, round to the front and over your breasts, along your smooth flat stomach, and stopping just short of your pubic mound, I give you little goose bumps all over. You smile as I move closer and trace my finger's route with just my soft breath.
Where my fingers went, I now blow gently and your nipples strain further as your senses are wanting more.
You start to moan as you feel your body wanting more.

Kneeling in front of you, I can smell your sex. Your ***** is starting to blossom and show me the inner delights as your juices start to flow. I move off and all you can hear are the sounds of a box being opened, movement inside the box gives you the idea I am searching for something. Your mind goes into overdrive wondering what it is I am going to use from the box.

Slowly, silently, I return to your side.

You move your head trying to locate me but I am standing so still you don't know where I am.

Slap! You feel a gently tingle as I use my / your toy on you for the first time.

Mmm you try to think what it is that has played across your buttocks. Lots of little strips of leather? String? Rubber? You cannot decide. "Again" you request.
"Wait" is my stern reply.
Instead of slapping you, I just stroke your butt with the toy.
I move it so that you can smell the materiel used. You were right the first time, soft leather thongs with small tight knots on the ends.
I stroke you all over, and every now and then, give you a strike. Your **** especially like the feel as your nipples get even bigger and redden under the feel of the thongs.
I bite your nipples to heighten the feelings and strike you again. Your breasts heave as you enjoy the intense feelings being rendered on them. Slap! I smack your stomach gently as I start to move down your body.

I d**** the whip across your shoulder and let it slide down your back to your beautiful round bottom, which you push out for me, making it obvious you want to be spanked more across your buttocks.

I return to my box of tricks and return to give you a new experience. I strike you gently and you wince in pain as I stroke away the feeling of the rose thorns across your butt. Again I strike you. Just hard enough for you to feel the thorns but not too hard as to tear the flesh of your perfect globes. Again, as I remove the rose, I stroke away the feeling, making you settle again, comfortable.

I walk around to the front of you and use the rose flower to stroke your *****. I place the rose gently between your legs and stroke forward along the smooth lips of your *****, coating the rose in your juice.

I bring it up to your nose so that you can for the first time smell your sex, mingled with the scent of the flower.
I stroke your nipples with the rose and coat your breasts with your juice, which I take no time at all in licking off. You writhe beneath the feel of my tongue on your breasts. Kneeling slowly in front of you I move my nose closer to your sex and smell how good your scent is and how wet you are. I flick my tongue out and for a split second it touches your **** making you jump. I move round behind you and lick your butt all over lapping at your gorgeous mounds of flesh. Spreading your butt cheeks, I make you stick it out towards me, giving me easy access to your arse. I start to lick around your ring, ******* you expertly as you start to move your hips, pushing back towards me as much as you can. Moving further under you, I lick along the open glistening lips of your *****, spreading your juices back towards your bum hole. Before long your entire ***** and bum area are slippery and glistening with juice. I move off again, very, very slowly so as not to make a sound. Standing a little way from you, I see you are quivering with excitement, not knowing what will happen next. Returning to your side, I whisper in yor ear, "relax and enjoy". You groan with expectation but still don't know what is going to happen. Before long, you can feel what I have in mind. You can feel pressure against your bum hole. With your lubrication, I push gently and ease a ***** into your butt. That's not all, almost immediately you feel pressure on your ***** and I push the other end of a double ***** into your warm willing *****. With both holes filled you start to writhe and moan with pleasure. I reach under you and move the ***** back and forth so as it moves out of your arse, it moves into your *****. I sit between your legs and as I play with your *****, I lick and suck your ****. Your little button ias grown so big that I can almost give you head. As I play with your insides and your ****, you quickly build up a huge ******. I can feel it coming as your holes get tighter, gripping on the *****, making it harder for me to move in and out. Licking frantically, I bring you to the very brink of your ******. I STOP THERE. remove the ***** and move away. Straining against the silk, you writhe and scream for me to continue. Standing on front of you I can see the beginnings of sex sweat budding on your breasts and ***** mound. You are sooooo close to *******. I move close to you and hold you right as I move your nips towards mine. My throbbing ****, which has been waiting for action for so long, enters you with easy. I **** you hard and fast. Because I have been so turned on by my own actions I don't last too ling, Just long enough to bring you off and we join in unison of a massive ******. I come out of you and scoop my *** from inside you. "Let me eat it" you ask. I am more than happy to let you eat my *** from my fingers as I slowly, gently stroke yur **** and *****, spreading the rest of our mixed juices around you as you come down.

(The following has been inspired and suggested by New Chrissy)

But you’re not ready for me to let you down! You’re in the perfect position for me to raise a double ***** seat underneath you that takes the weight off your wrists and lets you lift yourself up & down with your arms without being able to get off the seat while I whip you to keep you wiggling around on the large up-right ******!

As your arms & legs tire the bumpy ****** are going deeper & deeper and their strokes are getting longer & longer inside your ***** & my ***! The whipping I am giving you all over your body is making you move up & down on them faster!! But the two ****** are getting thicker as you get nearer their base and suddenly you feel hard rubber spikes stimulating your labia which cause you to jerk back off them quickly!!!

You cannot let yourself sit all the way down but soon you'll have to! Because now I am attaching a powerful vibrator to the front of the seat so your swollen & protruding **** is pressing & rubbing against it as you squirm & bounce more & more wildly up & down!! You know that when you *** your arm & leg muscles will momentarily lose their strength and your body will settle fully onto the ****** and your weight will press your labia down into the spiked seat!!!

You’re exhausted and still riding on the spiked ***** seat with the vibrator relentlessly assaulting your over-sensitive ****! Am I going to help you down or just untie your wrists so you have to stay seated on it even longer? As you collapse, I catch you in my arms and carry to my bedroom.

I run the en suite bath, and carry you in, lie you in the water and tenderly wash you all over, concentrating on your breasts and around your *****.

Rinsing you off, I again, pick you up, lay you on the bed and use my fluffiest towel to dry your tender body.

Laying beside you I can feel how warm you are. I cover us both in silk sheets as you turn on your side, place one arm over my chest and fall gently to sl**p.... Continue»
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s****r seduces b*****r

As c***dren we lived near "The Colorado Railroad Museum" on West 44th Street just outside Golden, Colorado at the base of North Table Top Mountain. Is quaint building was built to look like an old fashioned train depot. Behind and along the side of the building they had collected a large collection of actual steam era locomotives and freight and passenger cars.

The neighborhood k**s hung out there because of the soda machine and candy counter. It was the only business within two miles. The director tolerated us sneaking in and climbing all over the collection of cabooses, engines and other prize items outside as we also gave him a lot of snack business to help support the museum.

Among the many locomotives was D&RGW's Old number 346. It was the museum's pride and joy as they had it in good working order. Several times a year they would fire it up and run it in a small semi-circle around the property. A lot of stories developed among the k**s and frequent visitors about the legend of 346.

For example if a man rang the train's bell it meant that he had sex the night before. But, more importantly by acknowledging to the world that he had gotten lucky he would be guaranteed even better sex for a second night in a row. If a guy rang the bell and hadn't actually had sex the night before he was doomed to only masturbation for the next 346 nights.

My favorite though was concerning women. No woman was allowed on the firemen's seat unless she was either having her cunt eaten or being fucked. When she came she had to proclaim her orgasm by wildly ringing the bell. If she failed to ring the bell the opposite of whatever she wanted would occur; if she wanted to become pregnant it wouldn't happen and if she didn't want a baby she would have one in nine months.

Those were the simple days of the late 1960's. Twenty years later my younger s****r and I would return and remember the good old days. We chatted for hours about everything in the neighborhood. The two mile walk past the St Bernard Kennel on the hill and the world famous brewery to downtown Golden.

But, most of all we remembered the railroad museum. We walked around looking at the displays. Some of them hadn't changed since we were k**s as they were classics. We went out into the yard and most of it looked familiar. Then it caught our eyes; there she was good old engine 346. The engine had been very well maintained as it looked the same as it had when we were young and had played various games in and around it.

Jenny ran for the massive locomotive right past it's big steam boiler and grabbing the railing climbed the steep steps. She turned to face me with a broad smile on her face and waved me up to join her. Then she twirled around like a little k** between the firebox and tender. Taking it easy I smiled back and walked over and admired both her and the train.

Here it was August of 1986 and Jenny was 30 and I was 33 it had been twenty years since we had moved away. In that moment of nostalgia I got a good look at my little s****r's body and an erection took shape in my underwear. For some reason, she suddenly struck me not as a s****r but one hell of a sexy lady.

She stands right at five feet four inches tall with long red hair and green eyes. My s****r has a slender waist that is in the middle of a perfect hour glass topped by 36C titties. I had always known that she had no problem attracting guys but now a flash was going through my head and I found myself to be just one of the guys.

I tried to shake these thoughts out of my head as I climbed the steps. As I reached the top step Jenny ran to the fireman's compartment. It was a very narrow area with room enough for his seat and the bell chord hanging above the side and front window openings measuring maybe 2 feet wide by five feet long. Just like she did when she was a little girl she reached up and rang the bell pulling on the chord wildly.

"Remember this Mark; it is just like when we were k**s." She was absolutely bubbling over. Getting beside her I snatched her hand from the bell chord and a confused look came to her face.

"But, Jenny, we aren't k**s anymore. Don't you remember what it means when an adult woman rings the bell on this train?" Suddenly a look of horror and shame came to her face. She turned bright red as she slumped down in the seat. Quickly I began ringing the bell making sure that I was the only one visible in the window. One of the staff members walked by and gave me an exuberant thumbs up. After he passed I looked around and saw that there was no one around and told her that the coast was clear.

"Thank you big b*****r, I am so embarrassed, but that means that you won't have sex for nearly a year, I am sorry." She actually seemed deeply troubled about that possibility. The legend appeared to mean something to her. Standing up in the cramped quarters she gave me a not so platonic hug ingratitude.

We enjoyed the rest of the day looking around the area and planned to return to the museum the next two days to walk around and reminisce. Besides, we found out that on the second day they were going to steam up 346 and run her and two passenger cars back and forth on their little semi-circle. We both were feeling pretty contented as we walked to the little hotel down the block from the museum, but it seemed Jenny had something on her mind as she was a little quieter than normal.

At first, I thought maybe she was missing her f****y as she came out to attend to some business in nearby Denver and didn't have the finances to bring everyone with her. I had tagged along so that we could visit our neighborhood haunts including the museum Lookout Mountain, the brewery, and Fairmount Elementary School.

As it turned out I was way off base. After changing we climbed into our rental car and headed east down 44th street about two miles to see if the A& W Root Beer restaurant was still there. Like so many other things it was gone. I was so disappointed that I didn't even notice what had taken its place.

We turned around and headed into downtown Golden. There just around the corner from Foss d**gs we found a quaint restaurant. In the dim lighting of the restaurant her boobs seemed to shimmer in beauty. For the second time in just a few hours I felt an erection coming on over my own flesh and bl**d.

In spite of my feelings our dinner conversation was tame and natural. We talked about what had stayed the same and especially about what was gone or had changed. Then this sweet demure conservative business woman, housewife, and mother of two who was also my s****r changed the subject rather abruptly. Quietly she shifted gears, "Thanks again for ringing the bell for me this afternoon."

"Jenny, it was nothing, nothing at all. I just didn't want people looking at you funny thinking that you had done some sex act on the train."

"Oh yes Mark it was so sweet. Judging from the lump I saw in your pants as you rang the bell there is no way you should have to miss out on 346 nights of fucking." I hadn't heard her say the word fuck since she was a teenager. I thought it was weird that she had any concern for my sex life.

"Oh Jenny, it will be ok. That is just an old legend. Hell, it was probably made up by some of the k**s in the neighborhood before we came along. Besides you know my wife she won't let me go more than a few days without a good fuck." I was enjoying the conversation now and liked the idea of provocative talk with Jenny, and was curious how provocative she would get.

"But, suppose it is true, I hate the thought of my big b*****r having to play with himself that long. It might be too late to break the spell by the time you get back home. The sooner your pecker gets inside a woman the better so the curse can't take effect," she smiled broadly as she said this. My cock was hard as could be now.

"What am I supposed to do fly my wife out here to fuck me or hire a hooker?" I posed this question half laughing knowing either option was not going to happen and not believing in the legend in the first place.

"No, of course not, but I do have an idea," she was cooing as she put a hand on my knee.

"Ok, little s****r let's hear your idea about my sex life," I asked nervously. Part of me was really hoping that the nasty thoughts running through my head were on target. But, another part of me was urging me to behave myself with my s****r no matter what she was about to say. Of course, my cock was now so hard that I was in pain due to the confinement it was in.

"Well, big b*****r, we could pay our check and hurry back to the hotel and fuck like rabbits. Before you say anything, I have wanted you for years and that is the reason I wanted you to come along. When I was ringing that bell today I was wishing that I was sitting on your lap and that I was fucking that huge bulge I was looking at in your pants."

"But, Jenny, what about our spouses? We can't fuck I am your damn b*****r." As much as I wanted to take her up on her offer I knew I would have regretted it if I didn't at least protest to give her the chance to back out.

"Mark, what happens in Colorado stays in Colorado. And if we fuck when we get back home it stays between us I want you fucking and sucking me right now. I need that big cock of yours inside of me." I was shocked at this blunt display of lust from my own s****r. She also was talking a little loud as I swear we got a couple of strange looks from couples sitting nearby.

"Oh God, you are so sexy, any guy would be a fool not to want to kiss those great tits of yours or climb between those long legs of yours But damn girl, I am your b*****r. Are you really sure that you want me because once you say yes and I have touched you sexually there will be no turning back?"

"Damn it yes, I am in heat for you. My panties are soaked. Shit, b*****r, does this answer your question?" She moved the hand that had been on my knee up to my groin and gave my cock a hard squeeze. Looking me in the eyes she gave me the sultriest smile I had ever seen.

"Not here, my God someone will see," I panicked as I removed her hand.

"Ok, then let's get the fuck out of here," she urged flagging down the server. By the time the waiter got to us she already had out her credit card. In less than three minutes we were out in the cool Rocky Mountain evening air. Jenny was dragging me to the car anxious to get down to business.

She managed to keep her hands to herself on the short drive back to the motel. Simultaneously we both said we had to use the restroom. When we got to her door she turned to face me and told me she would knock on the door between our adjoining rooms when she was finished freshening up for what laid ahead. Then very sensually she ran an index finger up and down the outline of my cock through my pants. Suddenly she swirled around and disappeared into her room.

Stammering the five feet to my room I somehow managed to get the door open. Quickly, I took care of business and decided to relieve myself of shoes and socks. Suddenly it felt very hot in the room so I unbuttoned the top two buttons of my shirt. Just as I was beginning to wonder what was taking so long there came a gentle knock at the door that went into Jenny's room.

"Oh my fucking God, you are the sexiest vision I've ever seen in my fucking life," I gasped as I opened the door. There was my little s****r in the sexiest nightie I have ever seen in my life. I won't describe it here as I will let everyone imagine their own version of a sexy nightie as I will never forget the actual cock hardening sight. Wrapping her arms around my body like a vice she gave me a very erotic kiss.

"Markie this is the real reason I wanted you to come along and I left my f****y at home. I've wanted your cock for years and years and now it is mine I am going to make love to every inch of your body and fuck your cock raw!" She was pushing me back toward the bed.

The next thing I know I am laying down and she is straddling me and unbuttoning my shirt the rest of the way. Jenny is rubbing her body all over mine as she sticks her tongue in my ear and begins her slow trip down my face to my neck. When she reaches my nipples she sucks and nibbles on them like a man might do to a woman; it feels fantastic.

She squeezes and pinches them as she sucks my tits into her voracious mouth. Then, sliding forward slightly my s****r wraps her hands around my head and smothers my face in her silky boobs. As I lick and suck on her sweet jugs through the nightie she rants, "Mark, damn it kiss my boobies oh mother fucking son of a bitch."

Suddenly she drops my head and reaches up and grabbing the sides of her nightie where it covers her breasts rips the front of the gown in two revealing her luscious melons in their full glory to my bugged out eyes. Instantly, she has her now nude boobies in my face and I resume attacking them with my mouth.

My s****r is absolutely going crazy as her crotch is being rubbed up and down on my stomach. Our breathing is getting ragged as she slips back down and unzips my trousers. Then she pulls out my manhood while positioning my cock against her twat through her panties and rhythmically begins grinding her hips up and down rubbing my cock against her clit. I yell, "Oh shit this is fantastic!"

"Come on you son of a bitch fuck my panties. Spray that fucking cum of yours all over our tummies. Oh damn my clit feels so good! Oh yes, squeeze sissy's boobies," she urged as she placed my hands on her boobs. Throwing her head back Jenny continues sliding her cloth covered clit up and down along the length of my member. I tore off her nightie the rest of the way as she quite literally fucked me with her clit; harder and faster.

Her fingers delicately played with the under side of my cock head as I was getting closer to the inevitable explosion. Letting go of her beautiful melons I cupped my hands firmly on to her wide hips holding on for dear life. Of course, this had the effect of allowing her tits to bounce wildly. That was it, I covered my stomach and some of hers with a large deposit of sperm, "Oh Jenny, you are fucking unbelievable."

"Oh Mark my dear, we have only just begun. You haven't seen anything yet." my s****r turned a****listic nymphomaniac purred. Licking my cum off of her hand she got up and yanked my pants and under wear off of me.

"Oh I haven't, huh," was my semi-intelligent reply. Facing away from me she pulled down her panties. Then she backed up and looking over her shoulder wiggled her ass at my face.

"So, what do you think of Sissy's ass?" As she asked this she pulled her cheeks wide apart giving me a full appreciation for her ass crack.

"It looks absolutely edible." It was easy to tell that I was drooling now. Jenny climbed up on the bed on her knees right beside me legs slightly apart. I couldn't breathe as I was so in awe of her full red haired bush, it was gorgeous.

"What about this little pussy of mine?" She didn't give me a chance to answer as before I knew it her ass was in my face as she sat on me facing my feet. Instantly, she began grinding her ass and cunt in my face. I licked and sucked any part of her I could catch. All of it tasted so wonderful it didn't matter that she was so excited that I only got a second or so at each spot before she moved it away. I didn't care as soon I would revisit each kissable millimeter of her rump and cunny.

Finally, I grabbed her butt cheeks in my hands and she settled in a bit. Her honey pot was dripping from the clit fucking. Eagerly I scooped her sweet nectar into my mouth. Since she was now fingering her clit I moved back to her tight anal opening and voraciously kissed and sucked that sexy asshole. She moaned, "Oh fuck yes, God damn it this is fucking wonderful eat me up, Oh God yes!"

I really wanted to tell her how great her butt and cunt tasted but my mouth was full and I thought I might drown in the juices flowing from my sexy s****r. My cock was once again at full attention as she continued to squirm on my face. Lightly she caressed my member as she arched her back letting the orgasms roll over her. Huskily she growled, "No one has ever eaten me up so good before. Shit, right now I need this big cock in my tunnel, oh God big b*****r fuck me!"

Slipping off of my face and climbing onto her hands and knees. Jenny was dripping her juices as she got into position beside me. I hadn't been this anxious to get my prick into a woman's pussy since my wedding night. Springing up behind her glorious ass I breathlessly chimed in, "That is the best fucking caboose I have ever seen. Do you want me to drive my golden spike into your Continental Divide, s*s?"

"Oh yes, full steam ahead, full throttle; fuck me hard and strong!" I sunk my full cock all the way into her cunt. It was slick with her honey but I felt like the skin was being ripped off of it as her tunnel was so tight. She squealed as I withdrew and slammed full f***e once again back into her. My hands held onto her fanny for support as we continued.

Over and over again I rammed myself hard into my s****r's twat. Her hips came up to meet mine. Sweat poured from my brow as my balls slapped her thighs. I swear that I could feel my cock turning red from the friction of this terrific fuck as her juices ran down my nuts. Begging I pleaded with her, "Let me cum inside of you sweet slut, I want to fill you up with my cream; please let me cum!"

"Oh yes bastard fill me up with your seed; plant your seeds in my garden; oh God yes!" The room echoed with the sound of skin slapping on skin. My hands were now digging into her hips.

"Shit, bitch, I'm going to spray my juicy stuff all over your fucking garden. I'm going to shoot all of my cum in your fucking twat!"

"Oh yes, use your spray nozzle to fertilize my garden. Come on Mark fertilize me. Oh holy fuck I need to be fertilized by you; I'm fucking cumming!" Just then I let out a torrent of my sticky cream deep into her pussy as she growled having obviously cum herself. I was so turned on that my prick showed no sign of growing limp. Jenny, for her part, was still hot and ready for more action.

She pulled away and rolled onto her back spreading her legs far apart. This hot vixen was now waving her cunt at me as she motioned for me to mount her missionary style. Out of breath and a little sore I could not let her down. My motto had always been never to stop pleasuring a woman until she called it quits and my s****r certainly was entitled to the same treatment even if it killed me.

Within seconds my cock was back in that wonderful cunt. Her legs were wrapped around me and she was scratching her fingernails into my spine. Whenever our mouth's got close enough together we nipped and kissed at each other like a couple of a****ls in heat. She yelled, "God damn it, give me every fucking drop of that fucking sperm; I need every fucking bit of it! Don't stop until my cunt is full of it!"

"Jenny, you want it you've got it. Come on swallow me up; take all of me!" I shot off another load of my spunk. It wasn't near as big as the one had been a couple of minutes earlier but it sure felt fantastic. Suddenly, Jenny fell limp and I knew she was fully satisfied. Grabbing one of her big boobies in my hand I snuggled in beside her and we slept together the whole night through.

The phone rang with the wake up call just as the sun was coming up. Jenny explained she wanted to get an early start to the day besides she had a surprise for me. We kissed passionately and Jenny successfully thwarted my advances explaining there would be plenty of time later. Besides, she reasoned, if we fucked now there wouldn't be very many of my sperm built up to fill up her hot little cunt. Reluctantly I gave up on her.

After a quick continental breakfast we got our day started. My s****r wanted to tour the brewery because our parents had never taken us as k**s. But, before we did that she wanted to climb aboard Old 346 one more time before they got it ready to run the next day. Casually we walked to the museum getting there just as they unlocked the door.

We showed our membership card and walked straight through the front of the museum and out to the locomotive. As Jenny climbed up the steps I looked up her skirt hoping to see what kind of panties she was wearing. My eyes popped out of their sockets. I was greeted by the sexiest pair of nude pillowy ass cheeks in the entire State of Colorado. Without thinking I ran my finger up the deep crevice.

Ignoring me she went straight for the fireman's compartment. She turned around as I walked in and gave me the same devilish look that she had given me when we were k**s that always resulted in me getting in trouble for listening to her. She cooed, "Mark, come over and ring the bell. After all you did fuck last night."

"Ok s*s, I guess I can if it will make you happy." Looking around I was ecstatic that there was no one else around yet this Friday morning. She patted my ass as I squeezed by her soft body. Jenny pushed on my shoulders to get me to sit down on the seat. Reaching above my head I began pulling on the bell chord ringing out my pride of getting a fantastic fuck the previous night.

Smiling up at Jenny with pride in what we had done I watched as she looked all around our surroundings. Suddenly she lifted up her shirt and showed me her large orbs. Moving quickly into position she pulled her shirt over me covering my head smothering my face into her soft chest. Quietly she barked out her order, "I want to ring the bell, too. Bite my boobies while you pull out that big fucking prick of yours. Then I am going to fuck the hell out of you. I've dreamed of this moment for over ten years; oh shit yes!"

Ravenously I sucked and nipped at her ripe melons as I fumbled with my pants trying to free my cock. It took nearly a minute but I eventually got the stiff pole free. Seeing my cock pointing toward the morning sun Jenny slowly moved down to capture it. As she did her shirt popped off of my head as it got too tight. Her cunt swallowed up my manhood sucking it right in like the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner.

"Someone might catch us, Jenny; oh God, you feel fabulous, oh fuck," I groaned in appreciation. Even as I protested I settled in to fuck her digging my hands into her butt cheeks. She arched her back as she began moving up and down my length. She was oblivious to the world around us as her movements intensified while fucking me faster.

"Markie, don't fucking stop; I want you to cum in my hot tunnel!" Her hips were pounding against my lap as her thrusts got more furious on her road to orgasm. My head was in a vice like grip as she pulled it toward her chest while she arched her back further and further back. I thought she might pull us off of the small chair.

Looking up I saw her biting her lip trying to keep from making any loud noises that might give us away before we came. Not able to hold it back any longer (and not really wanting too for fear of being found out) I let loose a large torrent of spunk in her fiery cunt. Her face was flushed as she was also in the midst of her own release.

Jenny suddenly reached up and frantically began ringing the old engine's bell. Clang, clang, clang the bell rang out telling the entire neighborhood that I had filled up my s****r's twat with a massive load of jism. A broad smile filled up her face as she was obviously delighted with her accomplishment. I started to reach up to stop her just as she let go and slid off of my lap.

Looking down I saw a small ring of Jenny's honey on my trousers. Jenny giggled when she noticed it. Always prepared she took a rag out of her handbag and wiped me off. Then, she dug a pair of panties out of the bag and slipped them on. Calmly we exited the engine getting curious looks from the half a dozen people who now populated the grounds since Jenny had mounted me.

We walked back to the hotel and Jenny got a little better dressed before we toured the brewery making sure she had a bra on and a little longer skirt. We spent the next two days as lovers getting to know each other better in that very special way. On Saturday, our last day, we returned to the museum for the August steam up taking several rides in the old fashioned passenger cars as 346 took us for a ride almost as fun as those of the previous days.

It would be 19 years until Jenny and I made it back to the train museum when we met there on December 1 of 2005 to stay over for the annual Santa Claus steam up the following Saturday. This occasion would be even more special than our sexual discovery of 19 years earlier.

Our lives returned to normal when we got home except we would meet and fuck every chance we got. About a month after we got back Jenny told me that she was pregnant and that the baby was mine as she had made sure her husband had wore condoms all summer long. She was very excited and I was very worried. That is when she revealed that it had been her intention to have a baby of mine the whole time. It took a little getting used to but finally I accepted the facts and we resumed our love life.... Continue»
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