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Eighteent Century Justice

Eighteent Century Justice

Eighteenth <ddd>Century</ddd> <ddd>Justice</ddd>

Chapter 1. Annette is hired as a servant

Annette is sixteen years ... takes up an applause that increases when most people think <ddd>justice</ddd> has been done in a proper way. Still, some probably applaud ... ... Continue»
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Miss Justice, my sexy BBW

... looking for a man that could appreciate a woman like herself. Miss <ddd>Justice</ddd> had the body of a Goddess, she was 5’4 with the ... chatted about how good the other looked while masturbating, I told <ddd>Justice</ddd> that I wanted to make love to her a.s.a.p., she just ... ... Continue»
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Mediaeval Justice.

... neither womanhood, youth or

beauty can influence my feeling for <ddd>justice</ddd> So they are warned".

The count looked very serious ... had not missed a single moment went home satsisfied. This

was <ddd>justice</ddd> done. The count smiled. He still felt a bit sorry ... ... Continue»
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An Early 21st Century Love Affair

An Early 21st <ddd>Century</ddd> Love Affair

This story was written and dedicated to my ... ... Continue»
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Punishment Dress

... emphasize rather than hide them.

Any reading of nineteenth <ddd>century</ddd> descriptions of punishment dress suggests a cynical hypocrisy rather than ... protection. It is a challenge to them! Their sense of <ddd>justice</ddd> demands that these dutiful fellows cut down with ... ... Continue»
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The Bad Girls of History

... It mattered not. In 1949, determined to bring her to <ddd>justice</ddd>, American authorities charged her with eight acts of treason. ... ... Wu’s wife!
Aspasia:ca470-ca400 BC.
Aspasia was a 5th <ddd>century</ddd> courtesan and mistress. Courtesans were known as heterae in ... ... Continue»
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Delilah and the Deep Blue Sea. (part four)

... window. This man was a polymath in the great nineteenth <ddd>century</ddd> tradition; a man who turned his restlessly enquiring mind ... hermaphroditic!” I pointed out.
Dr Theodorakis nodded to acknowledge the <ddd>justice</ddd> of my observation. “You are right Miss Delmonte... ... ... Continue»
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Duel for Her Love

... 4th, to post it. Enjoy.

It was the late 18th <ddd>Century</ddd>; Horatio was a very successful and prosperous farmer. He was in ... a gasp, and the seconds run to their respective shooter. The <ddd>Justice</ddd> of the Peace, a veteran of many duels, senses immediately the ... ... Continue»
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Slingshot Bill-part two

... still lived, but that

wouldn’t be for long. Texas <ddd>justice</ddd> is swift <ddd>justice</ddd>.

Well, purdy soon after the shooting stopped, people ... have the advantage as they grow up in this new

<ddd>century</ddd> we are entering, Mr. Tinker,” she said. I wuzn’t convinced ... ... Continue»
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A gift From Bangkok

... in the English language
that can come close to doing <ddd>justice</ddd> to her.

A rhapsody in the flesh which, coupled with her ... wants to know what hotel you are
staying at?"

"The <ddd>Century</ddd> Park on Ratpa- something or other - road."

"Room numbers?"

"710 ... ... Continue»
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Slaves of the Amethyst (Part Six)

... but the atmosphere around the dinner table did not do <ddd>justice</ddd> to the setting of the room or the excellent ... A fascinating book Miss! Pre Han dynasty China around the fourth <ddd>century</ddd> B.C if my memory serves me correctly.”
“I don’t know Sebastian. I know ... ... Continue»
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Sally's Secret Lover

... her time was coming! She still had a
simple faith that <ddd>justice</ddd> would be done.

They entered the exquisitely decorated master ... of more modern Quiggville
couples who had adopted a 20th <ddd>century</ddd> attitude toward sex and
particularly group sex. At the ... ... Continue»
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Lusts of the Flesh

... knew best. They were talking about Christ's teaching on social <ddd>justice</ddd>, on the role of the church in removing Third World ... exquisite, guilty pleasure. 'Welcome to sex in the twenty-first <ddd>century</ddd>,' Rhianna said in fierce delight. She gripped Hailey's hair and ... ... Continue»
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Some Corner of a Foreign Field

... industrial town of Accrington in East Lancashire. Until the 19th <ddd>century</ddd> Accrington had been little more than a sl**py village. The ... you were going to a pic-nic!”
Gerald grimaced at the <ddd>justice</ddd> of the observation. “And I have the... er honour of addressing ... ... Continue»
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St Monicas School

... whole day was
dedicated to teaching the girls about the <ddd>justice</ddd> system, but she wondered
if this was really necessary. "Can ... -storied buildings had been built near
the turn of the <ddd>century</ddd> and had run their course of usefulness. Nowadays,
mostly vagrants ... ... Continue»
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Romantic Trial

... land of sl**p measuring the tick and the tock the <ddd>century</ddd> and millennia the week and the month and the year ... were at fault and both were so ready to pass <ddd>justice</ddd> off as owned by them to the client buying.
For ... ... Continue»
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Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss: Tantri

... similar treatises like the ninth-<ddd>century</ddd> Chandamaharosana Tantra
or the Great Moon Elixir, the sixteenth-<ddd>century</ddd> Ananga-Ranga or ... to a
woman's "water flowing." Shunga art in 16th <ddd>century</ddd> Japan celebrates it in graphic detail.
Western historical ... ... Continue»
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Marriage Bonding

... photo he sent me doesn't even begin to do you <ddd>justice</ddd>."

"Hello Mrs. Jackson, happy to..."

Mother cut Judy off.

"Mother ... had at one time been used in a turn-of-the-<ddd>century</ddd> state reform school for wayward teens.

The heavy oak table ... ... Continue»
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Catlebridge Hall Conspiracies (Part Four)

... Victoria had to concede that there was a certain poetic <ddd>justice</ddd> in Tracy Ponting’s plight. Victoria was still concerned however. ... of the house. It dates back to the 16th <ddd>century</ddd> when persecuted clandestine Catholic families still conducted outlawed masses. ... ... Continue»
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Date Night (femdom classic)

... on my head saying,"This old wig
doesn't do you <ddd>justice</ddd>, we'll need to get you a new one." Obviously
she ... those large rooms associated with mansions of the
late nineteenth <ddd>century</ddd>. Sitting on the couches and fine leather chairs
were two ... ... Continue»
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