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Early awakenings-my mother


... morning comes.
I leave my beauty to her dreams early. I buy a horse and ride to the nearest port ... away and my cock still hasn't awaken fully, but it is definitely reacting to her.
Carefully she ... , the poor, the wise and the foolish. It’s been said they were all blessed by Mother Gaia. The usual... Continue»
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A Si ster’s Lust chapter 6

... was
laid-out so she could tell their mother. At least she looked as if she were eating right,
so far ... comfortable.”
“Mother asked me what you wanted for Christmas before I left,” Gail smiled. “Shall I ...
unpack if you want to.”
“My Goodness!” Gail exclaimed, examining the clothes in the closet. “Your... Continue»
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The prepper

... was hired by her mother for a very specific purpose based on word of mouth reputation. His hands stroked ... more like early 40's. It had done this to him. Exploring in the back hills of his ancestral home he ... that her mother had told her to put on as a layer between her and his clothed legs. "Do you want me... Continue»
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Learning about sex as I develope

... me all confused, and I wondered if uncle Joe's early influence on my sexual awakening ... , as he had been baby sitting me as my mother and her s****r, his wife, had gone out on a night in town ... for my own sex, I love women, but I declare I am not a Lesbian, so I suck cock and swallow semen, all... Continue»
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Karma, my Dominant Neighbor

... /7 (okay, maybe 16/5) and I was always horny.

I was staying at my mother's apartment until I ... , NOBODY shaved their pussies back in the Early '70's. But I knew what she meant... and it was my dream ... strange reason, I put my thumb in my mouth. I was thinking, "Mommy" but MY mother didn't appeal to me. I... Continue»
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some fun

... , misty rainhad been falling since early morning. Bill informed Mrs. Hamiltonthat they would return ... ?".

"I'm Theresa Hamilton, Terri to my friends. Now, who are YOUand what are you doing here?"

"I'm ... Bill Powers, the landscaping supervisor. We heft atractor behind this morning and your mother... Continue»
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The Wedding Dress

... would bring.

She was awakened early by her Aunt and instructed to clean herself up and make ... never been naked in front of anyone others than her mother and her friend. She could not believe ... ?”

“Yes sir,” Sarah replied.

“I see my job is to get you married as soon as possible. You... Continue»
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Uncle Gregg

... night, after about three weeks of settling in, I was awakened. My bedroom door opened. From a small ... tired anyhow so she went downstairs and I went to my bedroom. Early the next morning I heard some ... a knock-out body, stood Trixie's mother, Mae, my youngest s****r. She said simply, "If you're gonna... Continue»
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A Mom's Sexauilty Is Awaken Chapter 9

... mother’s head and shoved her head all the way down his cock until she had her bottom lips touching his ... . From San Antonio, Texas, Josh said, we have James G. James wants you to give my cock 33 deep sucks ... and sliding down my cock so he can see you licking up all the leaked cum like a cat licking up milk. James... Continue»
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A present and a deal for the son pt 8

... ways to place to minimize your opponents score.
I read until the early hours of the morning and my ... :30 before I was awakened by the feeling of a hand wrapping around my dick.
I opened my eyes ... for another moment, my hips starting to buck, almost involuntarily, against my mother's hand. I... Continue»
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Virginity Lost

... to just leave. With no response, I turned to go when I caught a glimpse of Fred's mother, Barbara through ... and shoulder-length, dirty blonde hair gave away that she was in her early-forties, her figure ... .

Barbara was every inch a milf and I had often fantasised about her. As did all my friends who knew her... Continue»
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3 Short Sex Stories, that make me Wet.

... .

He stood beside my mother and watched as I lifted my skirt to expose all my legs to him, my ... of a fuck', he said to my mother, who was also looking down at my undergarment, so exposed and open ... salaciously, mother smiled, and I could feel my cunt and my anus tighten, his cock was bulging, as I... Continue»
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Nancy Afloat

... mother - pouted a little and I had the broad arse of a well fucked c***d bearer. Not very tall but my ... early I was siting in the cockpit enjoying my morning tea when Lars showed up. Ian was still asl**p ... CHAPTER 1

As I’ve always explained, my stories here are all experiences I’ve had or had shared... Continue»
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Sex with Mom and Her Friend

... sprayed so early, but also overcome with my orgasm. Mom turned and like the caregiver she was, licked my ... into her. I started fucking her pussy and she groaned. I couldn't believe I was fucking my own mother ... ready itself for immediate launch into my mother's womb. "I can feel you coming!" Mom groaned as I... Continue»
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The Retrieval. Chapter One

... on that particular topic of debate.

Atwood just sat there and looked at her.

"I...uh...I mean, in my defense ... ."

"Wow," Jules was shocked. "I haven't even reported for duty yet and I already have my first ... sigh of frustration as the young mother tried to console the crying baby on her hip. The c***d... Continue»
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A nude vacation in France

... , or dream, of an early morning erection. To my delight, it wasn't a dream. Michelle had told her best ... I just completed four years of college, attending Yale University on an academic scholarship. To my ... surprise, my parents awarded my efforts with a trip to the French Riviera for an entire week... Continue»
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The Cat - Revealed

... by a woman 30 years my senior, I have appreciated and fully enjoyed the talents of those older girls ... two people could legally enjoy. She is a libertine in the purest sense – she is also a devoted mother ... tale of a very taboo subject which is probably i*****l but very right and loving of a mother.
Cat... Continue»
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Daddy's Virgin

... . And with this storm being so big and moving so slowly, it would be a long sustaining assault by Mother ... daughter should turn in early.

It was the start of the summer break, and Jennifer was spending ... inches shorter than he did. And at 5'10, she wore her 180lbs extremely well. Like her mother, Jennifer... Continue»
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Calebs Education

... would love to be awakened in the
morning...a nice tongue up my asshole! But we still have a problem ... with his tongue
buried up Andre's asshole! "Come on, White Trash, get that mother fucking
tongue up my ...
seemed way out of control.

"Oh, but I insist. With my pants on, you can't get your tongue down... Continue»
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Niece's Tight Cunt Needs It Bad

... . Fuck, she had to get up early because the relatives were starting to arrive tomorrow morning. First ... , and indeed Mom woke Heather for early church services -- and including the 45 minute ride to the church ... , made worse by the weather, it started the day far, far too early for the sl**py, horny college... Continue»
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