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Nicol Gets an Education

... with your <ddd>education</ddd>. You will be allowed, no, encouraged to do all that is necessary to get the best <ddd>education</ddd> that you ... his offer to provide my <ddd>education</ddd> right
now I would probably still stay with him, although that <ddd>education</ddd>
is very important to me ... ... Continue»
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Mom's sex education

... doing a good deed. Is this her new approach in sex <ddd>education</ddd>, because she was frustrated with getting through with me?

She ... ." But Eric showed me a paper saying "Parental Consent For Sex <ddd>Education</ddd>". Eric and Jan laughed as i looked on, then i began to ... ... Continue»
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An Education in Cuckoldry

... wife's activities since she joined this special adult <ddd>education</ddd> project eight months ago. Am I right?"

"H-How did ... he was offered a high administrative position in the State <ddd>Education</ddd> Department. Sara became his executive assistant.

Her husband ... ... Continue»
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Paying the price for an education

... Watanabe had made it clear that she thought continuing her <ddd>education</ddd> a distant memory; somebody else's ambition. Sayuri wore her skirt ... have a better place in Japan. But for people without <ddd>education</ddd>? Well, the fate's the same. Do you understand?"

Both ... ... Continue»
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Higher Education

... to follow up with asking him for details about his "<ddd>education</ddd>" to get the conversation moving away from my non- ... I had f***ed myself to take weight training for my physical <ddd>education</ddd> requirement my senior year at high school. I'd always been a little ... ... Continue»
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... to see how a diaphragm is inserted as part of your
<ddd>education</ddd>." She then prepared the diaphragm for insertion. She then sat ... her bathroom.

I thought I had made a very bad mistake. But my <ddd>education</ddd> continued the
next day.

The Next Day

When I got up ... ... Continue»
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Sex Education From Mom

... just my mommy, until I was half way through my sex <ddd>education</ddd> class when I start to look at my mother in a different ... your mother to have sex with you as part your <ddd>education</ddd>?” Then she continued, “As far as I am concerned, I have already ... ... Continue»
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Adult Education


"Yeah, I think it's an important part of a woman's sexual <ddd>education</ddd>."

"I see. And what else is important?" she asked archly.

... I said.

"What insolence, lecturing a love goddess like me about <ddd>education</ddd>. However, I'll let you get away with it, ... ... Continue»
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The Joy of Momdom Part Three: The Education of a

... are under 18.

The Joy of Momdom Part Three: The <ddd>Education</ddd> of a Goddess.

My strap-on dildo wasn't any bigger than ... ... Continue»
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Carla 's education

... that only a mother can answer and what about the normal <ddd>education</ddd> of becoming a woman. I knew someday I would be asked a lot of ... ... Continue»
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Angel's Education

... Angel's <ddd>Education</ddd>: The Epiphany, The Video, Her Emerging Fetish, And The Vice- ... ... Continue»
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Earning My Education

... Earning My <ddd>Education</ddd> - The Party

I hated coming here but I needed the money. I always ... ... Continue»
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My Education: Brother

... ever get any
better than this?

I found out that my <ddd>education</ddd> was just beginning.

Nick also introduced me to anal sex ... ... Continue»
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"A Cottaging Education" Mm, first time

... Cottaging <ddd>Education</ddd>”

(M, m, first gay).

As a teenager in the UK ... ... Continue»
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Cruel Step-Mother

... .

“Barbie, honey, you are overdue for your next sex <ddd>education</ddd> lesson, which is especially important for teenage girls. I hope ... am…sorry….Please help me to endure my sex <ddd>education</ddd>!”

“All right, while I’m preparing the “little helpers,” I want you ... ... Continue»
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Slaves of the Amethyst (Part Four.)

... sweetheart. Let’s start with your <ddd>education</ddd>. Now you might think that you’ve had a pretty good <ddd>education</ddd> up until now but ... is expected to be possessed of a full, rounded, polymathic <ddd>education</ddd>. This will extend even into your university studies Jenny. ... ... Continue»
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Nancy Friday My Secret Garden Women’s Sexual

... ’s zest for anything new, I would imagine that the
"<ddd>education</ddd>" Sally refers to would include some fascinating new
... whether a woman’s sexual fantasies
reflect her background. Doesn’t her <ddd>education</ddd> or economic
class determine the nature of her fantasy ... ... Continue»
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... her and I then mentioned my <ddd>education</ddd>. That immediately grabbed
her attention.

"Sex <ddd>education</ddd>?" she queried, "Did that mean a ... ate a pleasant
lunch while discussing <ddd>education</ddd> in general. No-one mentioned sex
<ddd>education</ddd>, although they must by now ... ... Continue»
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... low-lifers” and “low-enders,” we have no jobs, little <ddd>education</ddd>, and receive absolutely no rights or DNA adjustments whatsoever.

... on their behalf when he’d proposed providing at least <ddd>education</ddd> and genetic provisions to everyone a few months back.
And ... ... Continue»
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The Berkeley Coeds Assault

... mind and <ddd>education</ddd> but often ill-adapted to fit in society with people of their own age let alone <ddd>education</ddd>, Kate and ... should be a pretty sociable event with close enough similar ages, <ddd>education</ddd> and interests.

Most of the men, of course were clustered ... ... Continue»
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