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Dominant Female Teacher Makes Crossdresser Student


... school always complained about the girdles
that were mandatory attire for female students over ... . To make a long story short, my step-mother
decided that she preferred to have a daughter instead ... . Locke a
few times when I had to get report cards signed, and knew her to
be a dominant woman whose... Continue»
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Culture Shock 8/23

... studied Gary's face, she also wondered how the female Dominants fitted in. There was nothing Fifties ... is male submission to female dominance. Interesting, don't you think?"

"Yes. And it brings up ... was gathering his thoughts. It gave her a moment to make a decision. She'd walk taller after tonight. She... Continue»
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Kenpachi Zaracki's Training

... ... Their teacher towered over the class at 202cm, making her one of the tallest men she'd ever seen, but he ... of the class, the largely female student body pouring out slowly in a low hum-drum of anxious and excited ... other teacher in the world right now! This Kenpachi man... Something wasn't right about him... Well... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #9: Learning Curves #6

... his cum, seemed to make him feel at peace.

"I want more." She pleaded up at him seeing his cock ... up at him.

"I guess I can make you squirm a little more my little whore."

"Whore?" She ... , making no offer to help her from her knees as he stepped past her and into the classroom which had... Continue»
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... to regarding
making her change to female complete. Patty and I had much in common
then, and in the future ... as a woman. Margo lived now as a female, and could
pass anywhere. I complimented "her" on it, and "she" said ...
admonished. "A 'real girl' is not that big! If you want to look
natural, do it subtly. Don't make... Continue»
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We Will Do Your Mom First

... weeks we're up there are going to make or break us."

"We have all summer to get ready, to find ... someone to teach us," he protested.

"So where do we start then? Who on your list do you think you'll ... , that is, our cocks started to grow. And spurt.

The two best students in our school, already pre... Continue»
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My first time dressed as a girl (A True Story) The

... was a bar near campus, favored by college students and locals alike. I reminded her that my fake ID ... maybe we could pull it off.
I had dabbled in crossdressing a few years before, sometimes stealing ... , so the prospect of dressing up as a girl and going out in public did make me a bit nervous. But I... Continue»
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The Bad Girls of History

... still alive that makes it into this gallery but I’ve included her for a special reason and in any case ... ended her life in poverty in Calais.
Ching Shih: 1775-1844.
This little beauty would make ... it to dominate and terrorise all the seas between Macao and Canton. She was no ordinary pirate... Continue»
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Teaching T and her girls a lesson.

... protest was loud but not loud enough for the other students to take notice. I looked around to make ... thinks to himself. "What a great idea to teach those girls a lesson on cheating by making them have group ... and got to the door. It wasn't Stephanie or was Ms. Semen...the female GYM teacher.

She... Continue»
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Katie's Pain Lesson

... and every one of them do something to me? Did all the female staff submit? Was it entirely male dominance ... . Males dominate, while females are the submissive. Naturally she would be the one delegated that task ... to speak. The men in my f****y are more or less trained from birth to be domineering with females... Continue»
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The Slut Wife Chronicle

... teacher of mathematics at Gooralong High School.

With their permission I have used the audio ... to go out and shag the women I was interested in.

“Does that even make sense to you? I wanted ... in for the macho dominant types. She seems to really like the arty farty or the down and out types... Continue»
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The Sucking Professor Part 2 (True Story)

... was the only one who knew, she did not even know she was sucking the cock, of her student, and the k ... instantly told me that she was there to help me and all that stuff teachers say to cheer you up ... to the point and asked me about my female problems I told her it was nothing I not really one... Continue»
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How I Spent My Vacation Ch. 01

... was much gentler now, like a young
teacher explaining something to a primary school student ... the shrill, overly enthusiastic of the young
female co-ordinator. She was only in her early ... .

Sophie looked around for someone to make eye contact with, but already the
girls... Continue»
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Katie’s Roommate

... suck. Make lots of spit too, guys like lots of spit when you blow them.” Ash informed her student ... half the bills she would be able to make it, and the house was big enough. There was a second bedroom ... she was making do so she put the idea on the back burner until now. Something had to be done... Continue»
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Black Cat the Teeanage Years

... Black Cat Teenage Years

By lilguy

Black Cat dominate Mary Jane and Gwen ... school and she decided it was time to make a move. She was in the bathroom brushing her blond hair ... had blond hair and girl next door looks

“Well Well if isn’t the big Blond nerd” A female voice... Continue»
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just story telling hope yall like it

... *
"Ok. Lets see. I'm in class 2-A."
*Finds it and walks in*

"Students. Today we have ... work and thinking - "This is japanese class work and it's hard as hell." *

*A female student ... with long raven black hair and acid green eyes looks the new k** over*

Female Student:
"Hey? You... Continue»
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Culture Shock 7/23

... making sure Elaine is still playing the game," Kendra said, winking in Chelsea's direction.

"You ... of students heading in the opposite direction going to class. She'd be joining them in the afternoon ... . Probably more likely to be in advertising or something. Maybe a music teacher...

She smiled... Continue»
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BB 4 final

... to practice, she couldn’t look at her coaches or her fellow female students. That is when we came ... was being done to her, she was being dominated and it was a horrible fate and surely all her fans ... this to herself, to make sure she never thought that she didn’t want this, that this was all her... Continue»
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Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 1)

... to
be no females there with good looks, good taste, and intelligence in
the entire city of St. Louis ... Madonnawannabes, and a few aborted dates, he overheard a
conversation between his chemistry teacher and Mandy ... ;easy'. Considering how she domineered her peer group, he thought it
more likely that she only... Continue»
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How we began swinging.

... off. Neither ever spoke to her again.

Being an English teacher in the making, Sharon was a lover ... , "That dirty teacher - student liaison."

"Do you now," Caz said and pulled his pants down around his ... ,” he said defensively, “I’m not into dominance or dirty play.”

“What then?”

“Making movies... Continue»
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