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Discovering white wine

Black Man's White Pussyboy

... get them some <ddd>wine</ddd> and went into the f****y room to sit and
chat. I filled two <ddd>wine</ddd> goblets with a nice <ddd>white</ddd> <ddd>wine</ddd> and delivered ... of <ddd>white</ddd> <ddd>wine</ddd>." The waitress returned with the <ddd>wine</ddd> and told us
that our food would be ready shortly. Pat poured the <ddd>wine</ddd>, ... ... Continue»
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... bedroom where I found my blond goddess, Sylvia, laying there in <ddd>white</ddd> stockings, garter belt and strappy high heels. Each of her ... smelled from some cheap <ddd>white</ddd> <ddd>wine</ddd> we had for dinner. Oh, NO! Wait, they were going to give me a <ddd>WINE</ddd> ENEMA to get ... ... Continue»
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Swinger lifestyle

... is OK for tea," he said as he poured some <ddd>white</ddd> <ddd>wine</ddd>.

"Dan, that's really nice of you," I answered. "It's just perfect ... to create an erotic atmosphere that simply overwhelmed me.

I was <ddd>discovering</ddd> a new me. So far this holiday I'd been showing off ... ... Continue»
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My Aunt, My Mistress

... meal and opened a bottle of sweet, <ddd>white</ddd> <ddd>wine</ddd> to go with it. I
was not used to drinking <ddd>wine</ddd>, as my parents thought I was ... , Aunt Susan. I'm.. confused....
- Of course you are! Your body is <ddd>discovering</ddd> some totally new things, isn't
it? Such as how nice ... ... Continue»
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A Loving f****y Part Two

... and <ddd>white</ddd> <ddd>wine</ddd>, the <ddd>white</ddd> already chilled

from the cold counter of the hypermarché. Corks were drawn and <ddd>wine</ddd> poured, ... feelings and emotions, the sheer excitement and

exuberance of <ddd>discovering</ddd> teenage life were damped down by her grief. ... ... Continue»
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... you like a glass of <ddd>wine</ddd>?" I had never had <ddd>wine</ddd> before but I wasn't going to let him know that "<ddd>White</ddd> <ddd>wine</ddd> please!" I said with as ... get fucked theres a kinky side to me that I was rapidly <ddd>discovering</ddd> and I liked it!

At school the next day I found Randy ... ... Continue»
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... the kitchen, where he opened a bottle and poured <ddd>white</ddd> <ddd>wine</ddd> into two glasses.

"<ddd>Wine</ddd> good for you and Michelle too?" he asked.

" ... she had read of Michelle's exploits and she knew from <ddd>discovering</ddd> her father's online activity that he must have thought ... ... Continue»
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The Italian Job 23

... the world to rights, he offered us a drink,
I opted for <ddd>white</ddd> <ddd>wine</ddd> and Maria likewise, when the glass came back I noticed a slight ... to my head as he walked in the room supposedly <ddd>discovering</ddd> us fucking and a load of well-rehearsed dialogue followed with ... ... Continue»
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Roomates May Surprise You

... you have?"

"Name it, we probably have it," Kyle laughs.

"<ddd>White</ddd> <ddd>wine</ddd>?" you inquire.

"We can do that. How about you, Jay ... your ass cheeks. He slides a finger down to your asshole, <ddd>discovering</ddd> you are relaxed and ready for his attention there. He ... ... Continue»
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Separate Lives (Chapter 2)

... locating the corporation's necessary resources.

We talked about our lives, <ddd>discovering</ddd> we both had a love for Tom Clancy novels, music ... On top of that, she wouldn't have anything but a little <ddd>white</ddd> <ddd>wine</ddd> when she went with us and only a couple of glasses ... ... Continue»
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A Loving f****y

... revealing my submissive offering. His fingers slid along my slit <ddd>discovering</ddd> my wetness. He grinned down at me "Well, who’s a ... small green salad waited in the ‘fridge. A chilled, light French <ddd>white</ddd> <ddd>wine</ddd>, stoppered and ready to pour. Cool fresh sheets were ... ... Continue»
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Discovering Patricia

... being my si**t er. That was sick. I had just started <ddd>discovering</ddd> the beginning of masturbation. I would take a bath and when I ... pushed it into her elastic running shorts and under her <ddd>white</ddd> cotton panties. The bastard actually got to experience something ... ... Continue»
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Date Night (femdom classic)

... get them some <ddd>wine</ddd> and went into the f****y room to sit and
chat. I filled two <ddd>wine</ddd> goblets with a nice <ddd>white</ddd> <ddd>wine</ddd> and delivered ... of <ddd>white</ddd> <ddd>wine</ddd>." The waitress returned with the <ddd>wine</ddd> and told us
that our food would be ready shortly. Pat poured the <ddd>wine</ddd>, ... ... Continue»
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“I’m pregnant, you know

... He added two

bottles of a chilled <ddd>white</ddd> <ddd>wine</ddd>. I carried the lunches, Jen toted the <ddd>wine</ddd> cooler and a

little beach bag ... escargot appetizer and the first

bottle of <ddd>wine</ddd>, Chef had chosen an Alsatian <ddd>white</ddd>, Pinot Gris "Reserve Personnelle," it

... ... Continue»
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... room.

Inside, he offered me my choice of <ddd>white</ddd> <ddd>wine</ddd>, beer or bourbon. "The <ddd>wine</ddd> would be lovely," I said. He seemed to fumble ... . Not right now, I decided. Tomorrow maybe.

Kurt had a glass of <ddd>white</ddd> <ddd>wine</ddd> ready for me. He looked beat. He had a shot of ... ... Continue»
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Lisa, Mum & Me

... intoxicating liquors.

"<ddd>White</ddd> please," my mum declared, "if there is some."

In the kitchen I found a bottle of Californian <ddd>white</ddd> <ddd>wine</ddd>. I ... the bathroom.

My mum just poured herself some more <ddd>white</ddd> <ddd>wine</ddd> and guzzled some down. I sat there, as naked ... ... Continue»
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How My Life Changed

... me a glass of <ddd>wine</ddd> too Carla." I went to the refrigerator and got
both the beer and a glass of chilled <ddd>white</ddd> <ddd>wine</ddd>.

When I ... took the
glass of <ddd>white</ddd> <ddd>wine</ddd> I handed her. "Thanks Carla, I had a rough day.",
she said. She sipped her <ddd>wine</ddd> and tried to ... ... Continue»
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A Modern Love Story

... .

Linda had put on a short skimpy <ddd>white</ddd> summer dress made
of fine cotton. The <ddd>white</ddd> straps attached to the bodice
were no ... she tried to
maintain her modesty. There was a bottle of <ddd>white</ddd> <ddd>wine</ddd>
in the ice bucket. Next to it were two additional ... ... Continue»
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A Lesbian Love Affair - Chapters 2 and 3 of 7

... or <ddd>white</ddd>?” Peg asked.

“I like <ddd>white</ddd>,” I said, “but will have whatever you have available.”

Peg busied herself with opening a bottle of <ddd>wine</ddd> ... fill the room.

Peg walked over with the glass of <ddd>white</ddd> <ddd>wine</ddd> and after handing it to me, clinked her glass ... ... Continue»
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Chocolate and Stockings

... so. "Ooh ", she said glancing at the ice bucket, "chilled <ddd>white</ddd> <ddd>wine</ddd>! We should not be mixing our g****s. "I know ", I replied "but I am ... bottle of <ddd>white</ddd>, may I ask?''.

''Well do you want me to tell you or just find out?'' I replied. ''but I think <ddd>wine</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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