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Dirty, erotic chat

Chat girl made us horny

... girlfriend Emmi was alone at home watching <ddd>erotic</ddd> <ddd>chat</ddd> and she was logged at Angie's <ddd>chat</ddd> room in my account. I came home from ... kissed long and passionated. We both feel so horny... In <ddd>chat</ddd> room Angie was showing her ass and pussy in doggystyle ... ... Continue»
Posted by nexus2011 2 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, Hardcore, Masturbation  |  Views: 613  |  
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sibling chat room

... chatrooms were academic or serious, while others were...of a more <ddd>erotic</ddd> nature. I also found out that there were lots of people ... so? You don't think it's weird and <ddd>dirty</ddd>?

Well, this is a sex <ddd>chat</ddd>. Weird and <ddd>dirty</ddd> is kind of the idea, right?

Right ... ... Continue»
Posted by jefffinn 9 months ago  |  Categories: Taboo  |  Views: 4941  |  
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Dear Dirty Diary - part 5

... <ddd>Dirty</ddd> Diary,

The next Monday, after Doug went to ... to find the one that gave the most <ddd>erotic</ddd> stimulation. A slow shuffle laced with hip humps like I’d ... until I met up with her. I'm wondering if there's a <ddd>chat</ddd> room on the Internet for fallen women. Oh ... ... Continue»
Posted by AdorableLaura 3 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Masturbation, Mature  |  Views: 415  |  
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My first ever story about my dirty milf Gemma

... thinned out a bit and I started to <ddd>chat</ddd> with Josh. I couldn’t resist sharing Gemma ... She responded instantly with a passionate kiss. '<ddd>Dirty</ddd> bitch, you turn me on so much' I ... full cups meant that they took a beautifully <ddd>erotic</ddd> shape for me. The view only ... ... Continue»
Posted by madmackem61 11 months ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Masturbation, Voyeur  |  Views: 1583  |  
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Browsing Pleasure (a Gargoyles Erotic Story)

... the profiles” Dominique answered
“I quit browsing the profiles. I prefer the <ddd>chat</ddd> room, it’s better and more suitable to find anyone” ... that Dominique and Alicia talked at the <ddd>chat</ddd> room were. It was really a good <ddd>chat</ddd>, but they were eager to enjoy more ... ... Continue»
Posted by Victor2K 11 months ago  |  Categories: Celebrities, Group Sex, Hardcore  |  Views: 567  |  

A teachers erotic adventure pt2

... AM on Monday feeling smelly and <ddd>dirty</ddd>. Although she was freshly bathed, ... Week had begun.

Monday Evening's <ddd>Erotic</ddd> Discussion

"Oh, Randy," Jennie said ... really wild <ddd>erotic</ddd> evening, Peggy and I are willing to go along with any <ddd>erotic</ddd> ... ... Continue»
Posted by motherof2 4 years ago  |  Categories: Lesbian Sex  |  Views: 482  |  
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Hidden Erotic Desires

... only met me two hours ago. You must be a very <ddd>dirty</ddd> girl, you must want me very badly”

“I do”

They ended ...

“So what are you guys doing tomorrow night?”

Enjoy your <ddd>erotic</ddd> desire with this:
... Continue»
Posted by TWervas39 1 year ago  |  Categories: Celebrities, Fetish, First Time  |  Views: 245  |  
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Dear Dirty Diary - part 3

... Dear <ddd>Dirty</ddd> Diary,

Three weeks passed and it was Sunday morning. The ... and that would have been a terrible waste of my building <ddd>erotic</ddd> notions.

I toweled roughly to set my skin aglow, then blew ... ... Continue»
Posted by AdorableLaura 3 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Lesbian Sex, Sex Humor  |  Views: 329  |  
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Wie ein Internet-Chat mein Leben veränderte..

... dazu führte, dass Frauen sich sehr schnell wieder aus dem <ddd>Chat</ddd> verabschiedeten.
Dies war der Beginn eines wirklich interessanten Gesprä ... du mir versaute Sachen sagst“, bat ich ihn.
„Du meinst „<ddd>Dirty</ddd> Talk“?“, raunte er?
„Ja“, stöhnte ich, „sag mir, dass ... ... Continue»
Posted by Sean_thebest 2 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Masturbation, Voyeur  |  Views: 3507  |  
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Four’s A Charm (erotic fiction)

... to our house for the evening; first having a drink and a <ddd>chat</ddd>, playing some music and getting to know each other. Then ... her or all over her. I love it when Tara gets <ddd>dirty</ddd>; she likes me to pull her hair tight and come ... ... Continue»
Posted by odbsguy02 1 year ago  |  Categories: Hardcore  |  Views: 207  |  

Conversations 1

... love to do <ddd>erotic</ddd> <ddd>chat</ddd>. One of the other users here and I have vivid imaginations. ... . Would you like me to pull your hair or talk <ddd>dirty</ddd> to you while we fuck?
Her mmmmmmmmmmm
defhendrix34 I want to ... ... Continue»
Posted by defhendrix34 9 months ago  |  Categories: Masturbation  |  Views: 67  |  

{Non-Fiction, Quite True: . . . Hospital Erotic M

... <ddd>Erotic</ddd> Menstrual Encounter

(MF, rom, romantic, <ddd>erotic</ddd> menstrual play, hospital setting)

{the following is a memoir of a completely true <ddd>erotic</ddd> ... but I'll tell
you the longer version in <ddd>chat</ddd> another time.

Linda had 2-3 serious medical conditions, ... ... Continue»
Posted by EleventhSon 7 months ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Hardcore, Taboo  |  Views: 740  |  

Part 4, 1st meeting after months of chat

... tops and bottoms of her little globes. It was so <ddd>erotic</ddd> to see them that way. Her nipples sticking out so ... wet slit and smelled it saying, “my oh my, such a <ddd>dirty</ddd> little slut, making your cunt drip for me” . She just ... ... Continue»
Posted by RUintrigued2 2 months ago  |  Categories: BDSM, First Time, Hardcore  |  Views: 216  |  

Erotic Comic Orgy Series - Chapter III

... <ddd>Erotic</ddd> Comic Orgy Series – Chapter III

“Lesbian Scene Number One”, with ... night worth the moment they first met and engaged to <ddd>chat</ddd>. The model finally enjoyed a moment to realize a fantasy and the ... ... Continue»
Posted by Victor2K 1 year ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Lesbian Sex  |  Views: 192

Erotic Comic Orgy Series - Chapter XIV

... <ddd>Erotic</ddd> Comic Orgy Series – Chapter XIV

“The Tranny who Banged (With) ... to the bedroom, where they were supposed to share a nice <ddd>chat</ddd> before getting to the ‘real deal’.

“It’s been what… seven ... ... Continue»
Posted by Victor2K 1 month ago  |  Categories: Anal, Shemales  |  Views: 438  |  

Talking Dirty To Your Woman in Bed

... <ddd>dirty</ddd> nothings can be anything and everything from <ddd>dirty</ddd> kiss to <ddd>dirty</ddd> dos that you can create such as "<ddd>dirty</ddd> do me all over" or "<ddd>dirty</ddd> ... feel. The <ddd>dirty</ddd> look must be her best <ddd>erotic</ddd> and sensual gaze ... ... Continue»
Posted by samera 2 months ago  |  Categories: First Time, Hardcore  |  Views: 565  |  

Dear Dirty Diary - part 1

... have as long as I am able.


Dear <ddd>Dirty</ddd> Diary,

Brassy trumpets, thumping drums and crashing ... , to show him how much I enjoyed the <ddd>erotic</ddd> irritation of the wet nylon pushing through ... ... Continue»
Posted by AdorableLaura 3 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Lesbian Sex, Masturbation  |  Views: 1537  |  
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Dear Dirty Diary - part 2

... skin of the vibrator sleeve. I told him I felt delightfully <ddd>dirty</ddd> and evil when crammed full with that thing on ... some videotapes, a few glossy lesbian bondage magazines and a number of <ddd>erotic</ddd> paperbacks. I rummaged through the toy drawer and fished out ... ... Continue»
Posted by AdorableLaura 3 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Lesbian Sex  |  Views: 445  |  
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Erotic Comic Orgy Series - The First Chapter

... women that make you burn when you read an <ddd>erotic</ddd> comic or check <ddd>erotic</ddd> art on the Internet.

And now they are ... it’s not a bad time to start saying that!”

Pleasure screams, <ddd>dirty</ddd> words, almost everything could be heard inside that suite as ... ... Continue»
Posted by Victor2K 1 year ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Hardcore  |  Views: 240  |  

Erotic Theatre

... <ddd>Erotic</ddd> Theatre

It was my first night as a ... flight cases and a few coats.
We have a glass and <ddd>chat</ddd> about the evening’s performance and how it went.
There’s ... in my mouth to taste umm so good.

The <ddd>erotic</ddd> sensation of it all drives me wilder for her, ... ... Continue»
Posted by sensualadventurer 2 years ago  |  Categories: Hardcore, Masturbation, Voyeur  |  Views: 914  |  
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