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Dessert after a night out

Dessert after a night out

... as I'm sliding in and out. I speed up a lil my cock going deeper. I grap ur hands in my ... and pull ur arms above ur head. Ur body streached out our hips working in motion. Ur backs arches as u cun ... pulling all the way out and slaming my cock all the way in. Its too much for both of us. U scratch a path... Continue»
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Vivian - Teil 4 - A night out

Nicht von uns, Netzfund

Vivian - Teil 4: A night out
von edge(Verfasser)

Vivian - Teil ... 4 - A night out

Vivian hatte sich mit dem Business-Lunch Event nach Meinung von Petra den Rest... Continue»
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After a night out before and after

... Linda was getting ready for a girls night out and as usual she was running late. Her hair had taken ... a little worse for wear after her night on the town as she asked if I was awake. I said I was just ... naughty wife out' she purred, 'I've been waiting all night to have you eat me out.'

I could feel... Continue»
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After a Rough Night Out

... quick that they were in and out in two strokes. After have serviced as many as thirty guys, I ... decided, on Friday, to go into the huge park and see how many cocks I could take in a night.

Once I ... and no underwear, as soon as I stepped out of my shorts he bent me over and slid his cock across my anal opening... Continue»
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After a night out

... as he got out, and drove away as soon as the door shut.

He checked his watch…8 a.m.

Walking ... night?”
“A fuck lot worse than I ever imagined” she said. He nodded in agreement.

The rules ... . It read “anything worn home after your evening away, that you didn’t bring with you, is to be removed... Continue»
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After the holiday.....a night out

... been Sue’s idea; she had heard about it and thought it would be a good night out especially ... hand back and forth. After all the attention Tom couldn’t hold out any longer, Debs sensed his balls ... Debs slammed the front door shut as she stepped out. Another day, another argument. It had been... Continue»
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Her arrival after night out

... It wasn't even a weekend night this time. It was a Tuesday and Linda had just gone out for a drink ... excuses, I've had a great night she says. I ask with work? Linda says that she only went out with them ... or two after work with some of her work friends.

When she finally arrived home there was alot... Continue»
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Wife comes home after night out with girls

... on a hen night to see some male strippers. So, with her out of the way for a ‘Girls Night Out’, I’d ...

My wife, Sarah, had gone out clothes shopping with some friends and then they were all off ... answered it there stood a man who said he had my wife in his cab and could I’d have to get her out... Continue»
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The morning after my night out with my s****r

... still in from the night before.

I relax and enjoy the feeling of nails through the black lace ... the movements before squeezing my nipples, insitictively I let out a gently groan.

My hands ... slowly brush over her stomach, finding her thong that is still damp from the night before. My fingers... Continue»
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A night out

... Meine erste Geschichte, ich hoffe sie gefällt :)

Er wusste nicht mehr, wo er war, wie er in diesen Club gekommen war. Das einzige was er wusste ist, dass er seine Kumpels schon seid langer, langer... Continue»
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Romantic Trial

... had set out to get what she deserved in her desire and she readied for a great mountain to climb ... meal a feast and thought the supper was always celebrated in the f****y this dinner night was even ... to a meal they had long ago invited his presence welcome.
He had trapped them in a life with out... Continue»
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From J. Joyce

... much still I made him
spend once with my foot the night after Goodwins botchup of a concert so ... was after
when I put on my gloves and hat at the window to show I was going out not a
notion what I ... after just to see
there was a woman after coming out of it too some filthy prostitute then he
goes... Continue»
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Member "Services"

... of the association is located, I stop by and say "hi." Today was no exception.

After conducting business, one ... had planned for the night. I said, "No plans except for the hot tub at my hotel! What do YOU have ... at her seriousness. Upon my departure from the office, I shouted out "See you all later!" I drove away... Continue»
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jamie and silas, a night in the woods

... spurts and jamie smiled down at me. “im going to eat you out after this.”jamie smiled and started ... I grew up in the dessert, sand, rock, dust, tumble weeds. I was used to the dry heats that spiked ... then jumped out of bed. she grabbed a couple of towles and a blanket and took my hand. “are you on d**gs?” I... Continue»
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Fun in the Snow

... and slide out of me, sucking my breasts, as you do. But the night is still young and we haven’t even used the dessert toppings on me yet. Hmmmm.
... bring the snowmobile to a stop. The woods seem incredibly quiet after the almost deafening noise ... bench that looks out over a frozen pond. You see an inscription on the seat of the bench, and you read... Continue»
Posted by crazyhats 9 months ago  |  Categories: Fetish  |  

That Wheeling Feeling!

... infection soon.

Now I was totally worn out for the night. My whole body ached but I was happy ... night I was there I found that there was a small bar just past the motel. When I came from work I ... and found out that we were in the same motel. He ordered another round. As we drank I told him what... Continue»
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... .

As we'd finished our entrees, and ordered dessert (I ordered it only to prolong our time), our ... a girl next door, sweet and innocent c***d. That certainly was MY vision. After her question, though, I ... enjoying this meal with you. It would be a shame to leave without dessert!" Now, remember - I'd... Continue»
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Juicey Lucy

... nights shower scene. Finished, we dressed and I ran Lucy home and arranged to pick her up after work ... It was a cold, wet Friday night in the east end of Glasgow.
bugger, lost as usual, I thought ... breasts as they rose and fell, the only thing stopping them from falling out her top was two very... Continue»
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One Hot Night Ch. 03

... out towards the car. Jake walks through the sliding glass doors and walks outside. The night air ... Jake then runs over. He grabs two robes out of the bathroom and goes over to Katie. He helps put ... down and scoops Katie up into his arms. He steps over Kevin and walks out of the door. He carries... Continue»
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Giada’s Weekend Getaway (Erotic Fiction)

... with a curious look on my face.

“There was a huge blizzard last night and all flights out of DC are cancelled ... . The nature of my work for the Pentagon allowed me to throw myself into work after my marriage failed, working ... to find out I had won.

Hard to believe I saw her on the Today Show just this morning and now here she... Continue»
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