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“What’s up?” he asked
“Oh...nothing really - Just the delivery area of these two.”
“I thought that’s where you liked ... see what happens. When he’s away, I order something for delivery; pizza, Chinese, maybe make sure a package gets delivered. You ... ... Continue»
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There are moments in one's life when time seems to stand still. The air around you prickles with intensity, electric shocks course through your stock still body and you literally feel your breath catch in your throat, unable to release your pant up emotion. That is exactly what happened to me a few days ago, and I can't help but continue to dwell on it. Somehow, it may seem absurd, but I have never felt like that before and I'm not sure if I'll ever get the privilege of experiencing it again.

I was lounging around house, doing nothing in particular, nothing productive, that is, when the doorbell rang. The rest of the f****y was s**ttered around the house and since I am the youngest, or so they keep telling me, I was sent to open the door. I knew there was a reason I kept doing what I was told...from that moment on, I swore that I will forever be the one to open the door, in the pathetic hope that she will be standing there.

It's the holiday season and people keep sending all sorts of crap to show their appreciation. I bet you all know what I'm talking about; flowers, chocolates, fruit baskets, lingerie...oh, I guess that one's just me. Never mind. Anyhow, as I was opening the door I was immediately faced with a huge bouquet of flowers. Underneath, I spied a pair of very shapely legs attached to a cute torso leading to a pair of straining arms. I looked on appreciatively when I was caught staring. The face of the mystery person revealed itself to me when she glanced to the side, albeit with much difficulty, and glared. Her eyes were a beautiful shade of green, I managed to note.

My mom's voice, screaming from the other room, asking 'who was at the door' woke me from my stupor. I shook my head and gained my senses, relieving the poor straining girl of her burden. Taking the flowers inside the house, I placed them quickly on the kitchen counter, screamed back to my mom, telling her it was a flower delivery, and then sprinted back to the open door. Looking much relieved with a heartwarming smile on her face, the delivery girl froze for a moment, staring at me as I had done earlier. Smiling sheepishly I looked down at myself. With an appraising and critical eye I cringed at my apparel. When the doorbell rang, I was about to workout for a bit and that is the reason why this beautiful girl standing in my doorway found me dressed in a pair of baggy pink trousers and a tight white t-shirt that left nothing to the imagination. Yes, I'm aware of the fact that I said I was lounging around, doing nothing in particular, but I was just about to start working out...honestly.

After what seemed like a lifetime, okay, so it seemed to me like a lifetime because as she was busy appraising me, I was indulging in a little more ogling on my part. The next thing I know, she smiles at me. That brilliant, pearly white smile struck me like the sun on a bright spring morning. I was yet again stunned mute, looking quite retarded with my pink pants and widely hanging mouth. Giving myself a hard shake and a strong mental slap, I answered her smile with one of my own and said charmingly, "Hi." A university graduate and that was the smartest thing I could come up with.

She looked down shyly for a moment and answered my greeting. Immediately, as if something magical had transpired, as though the sun dimmed and the moon changed its shape and color, the skies shifted and I resumed my cocky façade. Usually, when I was out and about, I had quite the reputation, being known as a player, a seducer, a charmer, and many more descriptive nouns I'll refrain from repeating. But, since those other nouns have come from the evilly spewing mouths of those scorned, yes, by me, I shall neglect to take any notice of them.

Back to the present, I had this beautiful woman at the ready, looking quite interested and flushed on my doorstep and she still had her pants on. Something must have been wrong with me...perhaps I was coming down with something. My self reflective state taking a backseat to my libido, I stepped forward and said, "Hi."

The girl smiled and chuckled, her flushed features becoming a bit more manageable. "Happy holiday." She said in a soft, sweet voice.

Finally able to get my bearings and find my lost vocabulary, I said, "Thanks, to you too." And without a second glance I rushed back inside, leaving a stunned delivery girl at my door, wondering if she'd reached an insane asylum veiled by the façade of a normal household. She might have been right, I'll agree. Running into my room, I took my wallet out, grabbing a bill or two to give her as a tip. When I got back to the door, she was fortunately still there, but was just about to turn and leave. "Wait," I screamed like a maniac.

She stopped and turned back, looking a bit worried now. I had to stop my crazy act or I would lose this chance forever, and I didn't intend on letting her leave without having tasted those sweet looking lips, to say the least.

I chuckled as I got my breath under control, "I'm sorry, I must seem completely crazy, huh?"

She nodded silently, but a small smile was forming at the corner of her lips.

"Yeah well, I'm a little flustered, you see." Yey, I got my vocabulary back, I congratulated myself with enthusiasm. "It's not every day that I get to open the door and have such a lovely sight greet my eyes." I high-fived myself; the charm was back in full as well.

Her cheeks blushed crimson yet again, the shyness creeping back into her gaze, trying to make room alongside the barely restrained desire. Or was it just my wishful thinking?

"I'm glad you like the flowers. Thanks for the tip." She said while pushing the bills into her jean pocket.

"I did like them, but not half as much as I do you. Their beauty pales in comparison to yours."

Did I just witness a movement in those that was pushing the shyness away, allowing the lustful look more room to roam?

"Do you know how to get to the highway, or would you like some directions?" I asked; a knowing, confident smirk firmly in place.

"Directions would be...helpful." She finally said.

Grinning with satisfaction, I yelled into the back of the house, for the rest of the f****y and the rest of the neighborhood to hear, that I was going to show the girl something and would be back in a little while. Now, indeed I was about to show the girl something, but it was going to take a bit more than a little while.

Closing the door behind me, I walked her to the elevator and pressed the call button. As we were waiting for the lift to come up, smiles passed between us. What was about to take place was quite obvious to us both. The elevator door opened and I let her go in first. When the doors shut closed, I pressed the stop button and felt the car shudder as it pulled to a stop mid-floor. Biting my lip in thought, I looked at her questioningly, still playing a game of tag, "So, what do you think we should do? We could call for help, or take the time to get to know each other a bit better in this conveniently private space."

That mischievous gaze returned to her green eyes, "I think it would be nice to get to know each other."

"My thoughts exactly," I said and mauled her, pushing her against the wall and kissing her lips hungrily. She was small so I had to be careful how I handled her, but I knew she could take a bit of rough treatment, and even excitedly so. Licking, nipping and tasting her sweet lips in hard, unrelenting kisses, I pushed my tongue through her pursed lips, exploring her depths. My hands couldn't sit still as they mapped her torso, caressing her waist, then moving over to her tight little stomach, and then finally cupping her breasts in both hands. They were perfectly sized and felt so right in my hands as I kneaded them softly, pulling on her hard nipples, making them harder still.

She felt so good against me that I couldn't help a soft moan when her tongue thrust back into my mouth, allowing me to suckle it and capture it between my teeth. It was by far one of the sexiest, hottest kisses I've experienced in my life. Her hips began thrusting against me, and I knew it was time to relive her of them. I had no idea how they managed to stay on her for so long. Pushing slightly away, I gazed at her face which was flushed and starting to dampen with sweat of desire. She was breathing heavily and looking at me with eyes ready to devour. I smiled cockily, shaking my head. "Not yet, baby."

Unbuttoning her jeans, I hurriedly pushed them down to her thighs and unceremoniously pushed my hand inside, all the way down to her soaking panties. She looked so amazingly sexy undulating against me, pressed in between me and the wall. When I finally entered her she gasped loudly, rocking harder against my hand. The sounds in the elevator were getting louder and I had to stop for a moment, for fear that we would be discovered. I covered her mouth with my other hand and whispered to her as I continued thrusting deeply inside, " don't want to give us away, do you?"

When she shook her head in the negative, I smiled and said, "Good, then be quiet, baby." I kept my hand over her mouth but when my thrusts got a little more enthusiastic, almost raising her off her feet, she couldn't stop the harsh squeak that escaped. I shook my head, took my hand away and pushed my tongue inside her gaping mouth, swallowing the rest of her sounds, as I continued to bring her to the edge of her pleasure. Finally, she allowed her body to succumb to the great torrents of release, whimpering against my mouth as her body shuddered and trembled. She was so soft and it felt so sweet to hold her when the last contractions left her body helplessly drained.

Caressing the blonde hair out of her closed eyes, I placed a soft kiss on her forehead. She opened her eyes and looked at me. "You were so amazing. I can't believe we did this, but it was one of the best experiences I've had...of this kind, I mean." She was going shy on me again. After all we've been through, she still averted her eyes when she spoke to me. She was absolutely, painfully adorable and I knew there was no way I could possibly let go.

Composing herself, rearranging her disheveled clothes and hair, I finally released the stuck elevator. People were starting to get annoyed, pounding on the doors, asking questions that were getting a little too hard to ignore. When we reached the bottom floor, I held the door open as she got out, still trying to ignore the growing anger of my impatient neighbors. Sheesh, you would think that people could use the stairs in a three story building.

When the delivery girl was busily writing something on a piece of paper I suddenly realized; I had no idea what her name was. I kept calling her 'the delivery girl' in my mind and her name simply didn't seem important a minute ago. Yes, I'm aware I might be classified as a pig and I'll even admit that what I did wasn't a model of good manners, but hey, I had slept with the girl and I was still interested in knowing her name...I think that completely redeems me, don't you?

Snapping me out of my musings, the girl thrust a piece of paper into my hand and turned around to leave, saying, "I gotta go, I have a few more deliveries to make. Call me."

I looked at the piece of paper and smiled; 'Emma', it somehow suited her. "Hey Emma!" I tried out the name on my lips.

She smiled and looked back, "Yes?"

"I'm Jamie. And I hope those other deliveries aren't of the same kind..." I tried to convey my interest in the only way I knew socially challenged as it seems.

Emma simply smiled, shaking her head and repeating slyly, "Call me," before she left.

I sighed with a smile on my lips that even the pissed off appearance of my neighbors didn't manage to wipe. I guess they finally found the stairs.... Continue»
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Special Delivery

Back in September '08 we were moving from our apartment into our new house about 45 mintues away. I had always enjoyed showing off, taking pics, dressing sexy and the occasional flashing in public. One thing hubby and I talked about was showing off for a delivery guy, maintenance man or something along those lines. After discussing it with John, we decided since we were moving soon, now would be as good a time as ever. I could do something tame or extreme and it wouldn't matter, since we'd be gone in a week. He proceeded to order something online that would be delivered in 3 business days. The time leading up to it was torture...I kept wondering what to wear and what I was going to do. Our apartment was situated inside a large home on the first floor and our door had a peep hole that looked into the common hallway. In the hallway was the main door to the house and behind that, the stairs leading up the other apartments. John figured he'd watch me answer the door through the peep hole so the delivery guy wouldn't feel funny or any hesitation about staring at his wife.
After much discussion, I decided to wear black heels with a short black mini skirt and no panties underneath. This particular skirt is short enough that the bottom of my ass sticks out. It's one of John's favorite's to take me out to bars in. As for the top, I decided to wear a very tight and thin white tank top that showed off my stomach. The material is so thin you can pretty much see everything.
Anyway the day finally arrives when the package was to be delivered. I was tracking it online so I knew exactly when it would be at our place. I made sure to leave work early so I'd have time to get home and change into my outfit. I walked around the apartment in anticipation and wondering what would happen once he saw me. My pussy was tingling and getting wetter by the minute...
Finally the FedEx truck pulls up and I walk out into the hallway and wait for him to come to the door. My heart was racing and he came up the stairs and I got ready to open to door. My hubby John gave me a pat on the ass and closed our door so he could watch. The delivery guy, who is in his mid to late 30's, wore the usual FedEx uniform...polo shirt and shorts. As I opened the door, his eyes practically popped out of his head as his eyes went directly to my hard nipples that were clearly visible through the paper thin material of my tank top.
"Um hi, I have a delivery for Jenna, are you her?" he asks.
"yes that's me" I reply.
"ok you just have to sign here please" he tells me. His eyes still haven't left my tits as he reaches for a pen in his pocket.
As he hands me the pen, I decide to "accidentally" drop it so I have to bend down to pick it up. I fumble with the pen and it falls on the floor next to the staircase behind me.
"oops, my bad" I say as I slowly turn around and bend all the way over, giving me a full view of my long legs and freshly shaved pussy lips that are poking out in between my thighs. I linger for a few seconds before turning me head and see his eyes are glued to my ass.
"like what you see?" I ask

"um, well, yea of course it's very nice" he replies.
Now I stand up and turn around and see that there is a large buldge in his shorts.

"looks like you really are enjoying me" I say, motioning to his crotch.

''yes you are a beautiful woman and your tits are, well..." before he could finish I ask if he'd like a better look at them.
"of course" he says.
I then remove my tank top, exposing my rock hard nipples to him.
"go ahead and have a feel" I tell him. He reaches out and grabs my left breast in his soft hand and begins massaging my pink nipple. At the same time I reach down and rub his very hard cock through his navy shorts. He begins to moan softly and I tell him I love having my nipples sucked on. He leans forward and puts one in his mouth, circling it with his tongue and gently sucking on it. At this point I'm so incredibly horny doing this and knowing John is behind the door, most likely with his hard cock out and jerking off.
I reach for the delivery guys zipper and pull his cock out from his boxer shorts. He has a nice thick cock with a large mushroom head...just how I like it. As I begin to stroke his throbing cock, he continues to suck my nipples while reaching his hand up my skirt to my soaking wet pussy.
"excited much?" he says as his fingers are instantly wet from my clit.
I nod my head yes and continue running my hand up and down his shaft. With all the excitement, it only takes about 30 seconds of his fingers on my swollen clit for me to cum. Knowing that the people upstairs are at work, I don't hold back and let out load moans as his fingers work my pussy into an orgasm.
"mmm that felt great" I say to him as I move back and kneel on the stairs behind me. I grab his shorts and unbutton them so they fall to his ankles. I then reach with one hand and start stroking his cock again, which is now dripping precum. With my other hand, I work his smooth balls at the same time. He starts moaning more and tells me he's going to cum soon.
"oh yes, you feel so good..oohh" he says right before he cums. I quickly sit up more and position his cock right in front of my tits. He explodes all over both of my tits with a huge warm load of cum. I keep stroking to get every drop out all over my pink nipples as his legs give out. As he's done cumming, I rub his cock in the cum and spread it over my tits. I stand up and slide my skirt down to give him the full view before he goes.
"not sure what to say except thanks, never would have expected that to happen. I've delivered here before and always found you sexy" he says as he pulls up his shorts and adjusts himself.
"well I'm glad I could help make a boring day more exciting for you and you helped me fulfill a little fantasy of mine." I admit to him.
I tell him I should head back inside and ask if he could give me a few goodbye spankings before he leaves. He nods yes and I turn around and get a few hard slaps on my bare ass. We say goodbye and I walk back into my apartment to find John with his cock out and dripping. He had cum while watching me jerk the deliver guy off. I show him my ass and the red marks the FedEx guy left from spanking me.
"that was so fucking hot, I was going crazy watching" John says.
I notice his cock is still dripping cum so I lean down and suck the remainder from his cock and tell him to follow me into the bathroom. I turn the shower on and tell him he needs to fuck me ASAP...
... Continue»
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Mom Takes A Delivery

Sex Journal of a Mom,

I guess dad should be the guy writing this but he not have a clue. He is a good guy and everything but according to mom's sex journal. he is about as exciting as watching paint drying in bed.

I do not really have anything to do with what happened to get my mom all knocked-up again other then I found her sex journal and thought it might make an interesting story if I put it all together. I guess some people are going to think I am a creep for airing the f****y's dirty laundry but I figure that things are going to be pretty obvious around here in four months anyhow, when mom delivers, so.

I guess it looks like mom first went black as a special holiday treat this past Christmas. I guess she did seem to have a bit of a spring in her step, but I had no idea at the time that it was put there by anyone other then my father.

Her sex journal reads and I quote 'I saw Jamal today. I am practically old enough to be his mother. I know what he wants when he looks at me and I want it too. Boys are so horny at nineteen. I guess I am only thirty-seven. I could still even get pregnant. Wouldn't that just kill Dwayne. *S*!

Dwayne is my father. I can only imagine what will happen when mom goes in the stirups and pops out a little curly-headed, half-breed bastard to 'color' the f****y name. Hell, he might just take it. I mean his first reaction to even finding out that mom was pregnant was to suggest an abortion.

I guess it might be insightful to share the 'history.' According to mom's diary, she kept herself pure for dad right up to the walk down the aisle. She really had nothing for comparison for the consummation fuck and was still a little disappointed. She thought it was her fault. The only good thing is she must be like the most fertile woman in the world as she conceived immediately and I entered the world as a honeymoon baby.

Dad was having performance issues almost from day one according to mom's diary, and she finally booked him into a visit to the clinic. Dad must have felt figuratively castrated when he was told his sperm count was so fucking low that it was a miracle he had delivered into mom even once. I am sure that the doctor used more kinder words, but mom never in her diary.

I actually felt sorry for dad and kind of thought mom was a bitch when I got my first read of things in April. Mom sent me up to do some spring cleaning in the attic and the box was open with the diaries on top and the sex journal right there too so who knows just what sick game she is playing. I half suspect it will wet her panties if she sees that I am putting all this up on the Internet.

It has not even been all that hard of a choice to make. Mom made herself a sex object to me a long time ago. I mean nothing sick, but she certainly has never been that shy about false modesty around the house. The best time was when I caught her with Nigel. That is the name I have given her f******n inch big, black, lifelike, pretend cock that she keeps in her panty drawer.

I never placed any special significance on the fact that 'Nigel' was black, but then I never thought mom would be the type of girl to suffer from jungle fever either.

Mom actually had always struck me as a bit of a racist. Dad might as well wear the sheets at Halloween because he pretty much lives in them around the year. I guess 'niggers' can be blamed for all the problems of the world according to him. It is funny I never grew up with that attitude, but the success of the ball teams at school rest on the powerful shoulders of many 'niggers' so the way I always figured it was that people are people but maybe blacks were even better then guys like my dad.

Ironic since it turns out what mom has gone and done. Maybe I am influenced in this train of thought by her sex journal anyhow. I mean I was never a racist. not really, but to see the way mom described things. ouch. poor dad *S*!

So to get into some of the action. Jamal. he was the first to be able to pin mom's panties to his trophy wall. His folks live just down the street, but he is hardly ever around anymore. I want to say he is off at university or something but it is more likely that he is dealing.

He was a pretty good k** growing up. Dad freaked when the f****y moved in. Said property prices would suffer. I wonder now if maybe Dad had bigger fears about the safety of the women of our block.

Mrs.. Jones was the first to breed. now that was just a rumor, and I thought just with us k**s at the playground, but mom thought the same thing in her diary. Mrs. Jones decided on an abortion, unfortunately and her wimp husband kept her so who knows. I guess it was just a surprise her condition was ever made public.

Mom's diary blamed Jamal. She said that she caught him a couple times watching her through the bedroom window. It shocked her but she never felt so alive as she gave the boy the eyeful that he wanted.. Mom just stripped the first time but she actually performed a solo for him on his second visit to the tree outside her window.

Mom was so amused that he thought he was getting away with spying. With her window open, it was easy to hear the branches rustling. Mom had half a mind to confront the no-good peeping k**, but she just summed it up that 'can't blame a boy for looking' and 'makes me feel young.'

I guess giving the state of her relationship with dad, a little attention, even from someone like Jamal was flattering to mom. I don't know if it was saving herself for dad, or the disappointments he delivered, but mom's diaries had a few references to wanting to be bad.

She let a guy take her out on a date once and even went back to his hotel room. He was an oil man and wanted to drill her, she wrote. She got into some heavy petting and even gave him a hand job, but nothing really inappropriate happened. I guess the guy never did it for mom because he was white only.

Most of mom's naughty references in her diary were colored. It turned out she really had a thing for the boy we hired to mow the lawn two years ago. The k** was younger then me for gods sake, but I guess he got himself a couple eyefuls too. Seems like a washing machine repairman came by the house one day too when mom was home all alone with no one to make her behave. She writes in her diary that she threw herself at the idiot but he didn't take her??? *S*!

Ouch. He must have been gay or something. Jamal certainly never had that reaction when mom finally gathered the nerve for black cock hunt II.

I had just made my first attempt at moving into an apartment with a couple friends and I guess dad was over for a visit leaving mom home all alone to get her stocking's stuffed. Jamal had come over with his folks for a little holiday cheer the previous night and mom must have given the green light with her bedroom eyes, because the cocky little fucker made his move as soon as dad was out the door.

The journal reads 'I did it. Jamal was wonderful. Better then my fantasies. It is so true about how big they are. SIZE DOES MATTER. Wow!!!'

I guess he just rang the door's bell and then he rang my mom's. She is a little lite on the seduction descriptions but has a few pages in what a little slut she was for his big black cock.

It is interesting that dad does not like oral sex. He told mom that only whores suck cock. *S*!

I guess that might be why mom has always had a thing for popsicle. She actually wrote that she finally got to suck on a 'spermsicle'. Pretty sick. but pretty funny too.

Mom just has no guilt in her sex journal. The pages are filled with racial slurs and humiliating observations as to what a piece of white trash she was. Fantasy and reality seem to merge and blur without any attempt to keep the two apart. Obviously, mom had jungle fever bad, and was consumed by her dark desires.

I can't really translate mom's sex journal without making this all politically incorrect but lets just say mom sucked cock. took it in the ass. and even took a fuck in the pussy. all while dad tried to help me and a roommate put up a Christmas tree.

The only thing that could have made mom's Christmas eve fling more naughty is if she had not used her diaphragm. She actually says that Jamal asked her not to and she joked with him about breeding another white bitch. But she held to her common sense.

I guess she gave the thing a kiss when Jamal was done sperming in it and left it uncleaned in her drawer for Christmas day. *S*! Her journal entry read that she got a mild case of food poisoning and actually was happy that her diaphragm had failed. *S*!

Anyhow, maybe Jamal had rocked mom's world, but she must have just been another piece of white ass to the black Don Juan, as he gets no further mention in her journal. For all I know he could be in some jail somewhere as I have yet to see the bastard since he bagged my mother. I don't rightly know if I will shake his hand or punch his face. I guess since I have chosen to be aroused by my mom's unfaithfulness, then I can't really take it out on the guys either.

So that brings us to the day mom took her special delivery. [yeah it was that type of delivery, but it started with a special order of a new bed.]

Mom actually wanted to have it all happened and the slut allowed a video tape of the action so let me set the stage and do some play-by-play.

I guess it starts according to her journal when a friend buys a bed and finds out that the store has three young black dudes doing the work. Mom is over at Lori's when the delivery takes place and the two chicks do some flirting. Mom is so hot. She had never been so open about it before and she thinks the guys were into her too.

So, mom puts the screws to dad on getting some new action for her bedroom. The unsuspecting fool gives in, not realizing that the bed would be getting moved in more ways then one. Mom arranges to take delivery on March 9 which is not only her 38 birthday, but also her peek fertility and a day when dad is out of town on business.

The guys show up to make the innocent little delivery and mom is waiting in slut apparel. She plays it up with the guys as to whether the bed is any good and they all agree to let her take it for a test fuck. So its mom with three studs. And the diaphragm stays safely in her panty drawer.

Mom tells the guys she needs a videotape of the action and that is where I can pick up the play-by play.

So mom comes on to the screen and looks really hot as the tape starts up. She is looking like she is in heat and ready for anything. I guess the guys had a thing about not wanting their faces filmed or maybe they were just bad camera men.

Mom is already in just panties so she gets down to business and drops to her knees to be a whore. Dad must be a real idiot because mom is like born to suck cock. She is way more into it then either of the bitches I have put in their places.

Mom has great technique. Especially if all the practice she gets comes from 'Nigel' and the occasional unsuspecting cucumber or sausage. The guys were all typically hung and yet mom wet from one to the other doing her girlie duty in getting them 'up' for action. and she managed deep-throat at each station. Makes me wish I had the 'balls' to be standing over top of my mom as she kneeled at my feet. I guess balls is intended as a bit of a pun as I have thought of blackmailing her but since I can not 'black-male' her. I don't have the nerve to act. [ouch. Two bad ones in the same paragraph. *S*!]

So mom got the guys to full mast, which was not all that difficult since they were digging doing the married women anyhow. One of them asked the obligatory question if she was protected and mom's voice almost failed her as she said she wanted to be dangerous.

One of the guys was not into that but the other two were very into it and told her that she would breed for them. Mom said that was what she wanted and the action went to the new bed.

I wonder if she can ever lay in it now without thinking about day one. The two guys into breeding my mother did choices and the one dude won so he told mom to spread her legs. The look on her face said it all but he wanted some verbal encouragement.

Mom let the n-bomb slip and the guys just took it from there and suddenly ever other word was this and that. Mom was looking into the camera and saying she wanted to breed and get her belly big and all the other corn ball stuff you might expect in a story from this site. I can't really get into the specifics without getting the PC cops on me though so lets just say mom was very into the concept of coloring our f****y and leave it at that.

She even came on the dudes baby-maker just as he was seeding her with his potent offering into her fertile womb. BABY TIME *S*!

I guess it could have been fucker number two. He was actually even bigger and blacker then fucker number one. Mom gasped as he shoved what appeared to be in excess of ten inches of black fuck-stick into her unfaithful slut-wife cunt. She stated the ridiculous that it was the biggest she ever had and the bastard was better then her husband.

The guy wanted her to tell him that she loved him and made her kiss while she 'loved him.' He told her that 'ho's will fuck but they won't kiss as a distinction between just sex and real love. Mom said she really loved nig. black cock and the unfaithful slut got all kissy as she took her second sperming in that cunt of hers.

The third guy would not donate for the baby raffle, but he said he wanted a piece of mom's ass. She agreed but asked for an oreo sandwiching. Don't know if that is a copyright infringement but it just sounds so damn vivid.

So the guys must have seen the same Swedish porno movies as me because dude number three gets down first and mom sits her ass down so she is like speared in the butt and still able to take it face to face from fucker number one as she sucks him to readiness.

Fucker number two then is operating the camera and moves in to secure use of mom's mouth at which point the camera work just turns to crap. He does just manage to get a few seconds that show all three penetrations in the same view, but the focus and angle are totally whacked. Mom really needs a better camera man next time. [Hmm. people say I have an eye for art. *S*!]

So mom gets her Oreo sandwich and the fucking bed breaks. SHIT. It is just too fucking funny. They end up finishing without even stopping.

Mom says in her diary that she was freaked and had to order a second bed frame. She had to use her mad money. I was actually home when the guys brought it over as a special rush job, so nothing new happened. But I could never have guessed that they had already seeded mom or that she spent that whole evening in bed with those swimmers making the trip to conquer one of her eggs.

Mom broke the news to dad on his birthday in April. She was not showing yet, so dad was shocked to say the least. Maybe he knows deep down but he can't possibly suspect the tan the k** is going to have or I am sure he would have f***ed the abortion on mom.

She has been such a slut and flaunts her pregnant belly around the house. I actually saw her in just a pair of panties the other day as she 'carelessly' left her bedroom door open for me. She rights in her journal that she is interested in my reaction too when the baby pops out.

I wonder what she is looking for. I mean I might consider doing some mother- fucking as she is still a real babe but.

I wish women came with instructions. I can't help but feel that she let me find her sex stash on purpose. I think I am going to leave this document on the computer for her.

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Delivery Man Diaries

The story your about to read is a true story, It's about ME. A young, black delivery man from Brooklyn, NYC who works in Manhattan. I live a double life. On one side I'm know on the party scene as a big promoter who only dates models and cheerleader types. But I have this obsession for Mature BBW or Thick women. I can't help it. As a delivery man, I've had my fair share of mature women. The stories I will share are true except for a few name changes. I hope you guys enjoy because I have more to cum!

Her name was Jade. Everyday I walked into her office, she'd sit there and stare at me from behind the desk with those big green eyes. Good morning I said as I gave her the package and required her signature. The beauty of my job as a delivery man was that I met a lot of beautiful women. Buildings apart, and worlds away. Some white, some black, some Spanish and some Asian my favorites were the thick older women like Jade. Jade was a sexy 37 year old BBW, White, married Blond with a small waist and a Huge ass. Her tits were about a Triple D. From a previous conversation Jade reminded me that we had a lunch date the next day. I smiled and told her to call me later on tonight.So what are we going to have for lunch she asked as we stepped on the elevator. I said whatever you want to eat Jade. In the back of my mind, I'm saying I'd like to stick my cock in your fat pussy for lunch,I smiled as the thought ran across my mind.

So we got outside, we decided upon a small sandwich store across the street from her building. As we finished our order Jade said I'd like to have that to go, I shot her a look like "go where"? She said let's eat in your delivery truck, but she said it with a little slick smile, I complied. I opened the back of the truck, she hopped in first then I followed. Locked the truck. She sat her huge ass on one of the boxes.

She looked at me and said did you really think I wanted to come back here just to eat, she looked at me and said come fuck my brains out. We immediately began kissing as we kissed her hands were hungrily releasing my belt, she pulled my fat black dick out and began stroking it, I had my tongue down her throat, her pussy was on fire.

She got on her knees and gave me the greatest blow job of my life. I shot a mean load down her throat, this bitch was a fucking freak, she drinks cum like its her morning coffee. I commanded her to get on all fours. She complied. I began to lick her asshole, I stuck my tongue deep in that huge ass of hers. Boy did she go off. She began squirming and moaning.

Telling me that she needs to be fucked like the whore she is and that she's a slave for my black dick. She couldn't take it anymore. She begged to be fucked. I reached for my magnum in my pocket, she says what the hell are you doing? Fuck me raw, I want u to cum in my fat pussy, I looked at her and said bitch I protect my dick at all times, she begged and pleaded. Her final plea was, I'm a 37 year old bbw from long island who's been with one man for 20 years, he doesn't fuck me, I'm clean...for some reason I believed her. Before she could finish, my dick was assaulting her fat pussy. She screamed like a banshee. "Fuck my big white ass" "fuck me with your big black dick" I fucked her, pulled her hair, slapped her ass. "Fuck my big white ass" "fuck me with ur big black dick" I fucked her, pulled her hair, slapped her ass...she began to cum on my dick, as she came she squealed and screamed. She begged for me to fill her fat white pussy with black cum.

"Fill me with your hot black seed" her wish was my command. I bust a fat ass nut in her pussy.We began to get cleaned up and get dressed .As we got dressed she stared at my dick and said dear god, what have I done? Why the fuck did you wait so long to fuck me? We both laughed. She said let me get back to my office. Call me later,

I might need some of that dick in my asshole later.... Continue»
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Confessions of Pizza Delivery Guy

I hated delivering to motels. Every motel delivery we made was a guaranteed nut case, and usually didn't tip. I hated going to the Motel 6, because the seediest people always stayed there. If they weren't crack dealers, they were prostitutes. If they weren't prostitutes, they were living in because of some terrible heroin habit. I remember I made one delivery, and this woman opened the door wearing all this black leather, and had a whip in her hand. She invited me in, and on the inside of the room there was this guy hanging from the ceiling in this S&M contraption. Needless to say, I was freaked out. I wonder if that poor dude ever made it out of there alive.

One Thursday, I got a call to make another delivery at the Motel 6...woo hoo. The order was for an extra large pan with pepperoni, meatballs, and extra sausage. Anyway, I put the pizza in the heat sleeve, and got in my car. put on some Ween, and hauled ass toward the Motel 6.

It was pretty far out, and why we delivered there, I have no idea, because there was a Fast Eddie's right across the street. Anyway, I had this pizza with extra sausage, pepperoni, and meatballs that was supposed to go to room 207. I parked, and began walking up the rusty staircase, listening into the rooms. Every now and then, you would hear moaning, or smell the sweet potency of marijuana, or that bad crack smell. Most of the time it was moaning, because Motel 6 was notorious for cheating husbands and wives.

I climbed the stair to room 207, and the 2 was upside down. I heard moaning, and a few giggles. Great, I thought, one of these. I knocked and held my breath hoping a decent looking half naked lady would answer the door. Instead, this ugly old dude answered the door buck naked. The first thing my eyes focused on, of course was his big wet limp dick swinging in the breeze. I was a bit grossed out, to say the least. I looked away and asked if they had ordered the pizza. "Come on in," the guy said, and turned to get his wallet, leaving me with a plain view of his pale ass. Ugh...I thought, this is disgusting. I turned to see this hot blonde milf laying in the bed, pulling the covers over herself. I caught a glimpse of her tits, which had to at least be double D's. "Hi there," she said. I smirked at her, waving, but not saying anything. The guy was still looking for his wallet, and the milf sat up to get a better look at me. Her tits fell and bounced what seemed like forever. They were huge, and the first thought that came to my mind was putting my hard cock between them. "He's cute!" she announced to her boyfriend, who she was clearly using for his dick. I can't lie, it was huge. She was rolling a joint, which kinda turned me on. The dude was still looking for his wallet, and asked me "What do you think? Want to fuck her?" I laughed lightly, and nodded my head yes. My eyes got wide as the slutty milf stood up, letting the covers fall to the floor, revealing her neatly trimmed cougar pussy. She walked over to me and grabbed my cock through my pants, telling me how bad she wanted to suck the delivery man. "What's you're name champ?" she asked. Uhh...John. "I'll call you Poppa John, would you like that?"

I asked for a minute so that I could make a phone call. I went outside and called Jerry, the manager. "What do you want?" he asked, he knew it was me. "My car just broke down, I said, trying to be convincing." "Bullshit," Jerry barked back. After getting my ass chewed and cussed out, I was finally able to convice Jerry my car had overheated and promised him I would get it fixed and be back as soon as possible. I went back inside, and the milf was sitting on the edge of the bed, sucking the guy's dick. She had an amazing tan, and I knew it was fake, because it was the dead of winter. Fucking Italian broads! It made her look great though, because there wasn't one tan line on her body. She was really working his dick, jerking it and milking it just right. It was weird watching another dude get his dick sucked, but kinda fucking hot. I just figured my turn was coming, so what the hell. I took my shirt off, and walked over toward her. "Mmm...Poppa John," she moaned in a sexy milf voice. "I want your sausage." It was a lame line, but I was about to get laid, it was better than delivering pizzas.

She unbuttoned my jeans, and reached it to grab my cock. " feels so thick and warm." She pulled it out and started jerking it slow, gripping my cock tightly. I thrusted toward her, and she got the hint, licking around the tip of my dick. She took it in her mouth, and her mouth was so wet, instantly my cock was soaked in milf spit. She gave such sloppy head, slobbering and spitting all over my crotch, sucking on my balls. I could feel her spit dripping from my nuts. She bobbed her head up and down, and for a second I took it into my own hands, face fucking her. I started slow, driving my dick into her cheek, then harder, burying my cock into her throat. She gagged hard, and grunted. Maybe I should stop, I thought, until she looked up at me, and buried her face into my dick. I could feel the back of her throat opening up, and thought Man, she must have the loosest cunt ever. I felt her swallow the head of my dick, and drove as deep as I could until she couldn't take it anymore. She was kind of looking a little familiar to me, "What's your name baby?" "Oh right, that." "I'm Tony and this here is my wife Lisa." "Holy fuck, I thought, without trying to show shock i realised that these were my friend Scotty Dorenzoni's parents. They hadn't seen me since middle school. That fucker tried to fuck my girlfriend when she had passed out at a party i threw. He ran before I had a chance to beat him down. Then the f****y moved and I had vowed to get him back one day. This got me so hot.

My dick was dripping by this point...literally, and I didn't really want any of it to end to tell the truth. Tony had been whacking off the whole time, and when he saw the look on my face, he asked, "How about giving me a try?" I looked at him with the most disgusting look ever. Dude I'm not a fag, I said, ready to punch him in the nuts. "What, we're the only ones here, and no one would find out, and I guarantee I'll do a better job than this bitch." She looked at him angrily, and I thought what the fuck, I'll take a few pictures with my cell phone and send them to his friends on facebook. I have nothing to lose. I wasn't gay, but this felt right, and getting head from his parents would be better revenge than anything else i could imagine. I took my dick away from his mom, and she pouted, going back to masturbating with a thick black dildo. Tony grabbed my cocked, and I cringed at first, because I was like what the fuck, I'm about to get head from a guy. Then he put my dick in his mouth. I don't know what it was, or why, but his mouth felt so amazing. It was literally just the right sucction, and he was slobbering all over my dick. He was really talented, licking the shaft from bottom to top, and slowly taking it in, circling with his tongue while my cock was in his mouth. "You've had practice I see." He took it deep in his throat, and I felt his tongue licking my balls. He pulled up, sucking the head, and jerking my cock at the same time. I closed my eyes and pretended Cameron Diaz was sucking me off. I guess our Homo Rainblow show turned Lisa on, because she started moaning like a cat in heat.

"Fuck me Poppa John," she said, and then guiding my dick into her dripping wet pussy. It was so loose, and I could hear my cock sloshing around inside her meaty snatch. I fucked her harder and harder, driving deep inside of her, sucking on her huge tits. I took my dick out, and put it between her tits, just like I had thought about when I first got there. They were so soft, and she shook them all over my dick. I was going crazy. "Stuff my ass," she demanded. She laid back and hoisted her ass in the air for direct entry, and I did exactly as she told me to. I was assuming the dude had already been here, because it slid right in. Her ass was pretty tight, and I shoved two, then three fingers in her hungry twat. She moaned and squirmed, and I pounded her, watching her tits bounce. She turned over, and I started ramming her ass from behind, smacking her jiggly jello ass. "Cum in my mouth," she begged, then grabbing my dick while I was fucking her ass. I felt myself about to blow, and put my dick into the chicks mouth. She clamped her mouth on my dick, and jerked me hard and fast until I began dumping a huge load in her mouth. She sucked, trying to drain every last drop, I tried to shoot on her face but she swallowed it all.

The whole drive back, I kept thinking Scotty's parents are freaks. I invited them for a repeat performance but was going to invite some friends to come join.
I called up all the guys I knew from school who remembered Scotty, plus i offered them up on craigslist for a price.
I just found gold in Scotty's parents They both sucked dick, and everyone will get to fuck Scotty's mom. Today was a good day and it looks like my fortune is just going to get better.

... Continue»
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Pizza Delivery Man

I got home after a long day of shopping and I did not feel like cooking. I decided to order a pizza and have it delivered. I quickly took a shower and I got dressed in my red nightie. A while later, my door bell rang I put my robe on and went to the door to answer. As I opened the door there was the delivery man standing there with a nice smile on his soft face. He said 'good evening’ and I replied 'good evening' and I gave him money to pay for the pizza. He said as he left 'Enjoy your pizza' and he left. I went to serve myself pizza and just before I sat down the door bell rang once again. Since I wasn't expecting anyone, I went to the door and looked through the peep hole and I was surprised to see the pizza delivery man there. I opened the door and he said 'I’m sorry to bother you, but my car is not working and my cell phone has no charge left. Can I use your phone to call my employer and triple A? I replied 'Yes, please come in’ He thanked me and I showed him where the phone is.

I normally wouldn't let strangers in my place, but he seemed like a gentleman and he was very professional too. I ate my pizza even though it got cold but it was very good. I'd never ordered from this pizza place before. I was already impressed plus I thought not only was this guy polite and professional but very handsome indeed. After a few minutes, he got off the phone and he thanked me. He continued on to say that triple A will be coming by in 30 to 45 minutes. He again thanked me for letting him use my phone and he also apologized about my pizza getting cold. I told him its okay and he went outside to wait in his car for the repair service to come.

I sat down and had some more cold pizza and listened to some music that was on the radio. I like to relax this way before I head to bed. I washed the plate and a few dishes and I went to turn out the lights and checked to make sure that the door was locked. As I was checking the door I noticed through the peep hole that the delivery man was still in the driveway. I slipped into my shoes and stepped outside and I waved at him and he came out of his car. He said ‘I’m sorry for still being here. I guess they are busy or maybe forgot about me’ I asked him if he wanted to come inside and use the phone again to see where they are at. He asked if he could and that he would really appreciate it. He came in again and he used my phone. I could tell that he was upset about this and I asked him after he got off the phone if he wanted to wait inside my place instead of his car. ‘If that is alright with you, I’d appreciate it’

I offered him some coffee/tea or soft drink and he said that a cup of tea would be nice. I offered him some cold pizza and he said ‘Thank you but I’m fine. I’m sorry to have inconvenienced you tonight with my car and the cold pizza’ I told him it’s not an inconvenience at all and things do happen and that I was happy to help.

I poured him his tea and we sat down in the living room. I said ‘My name is Linda’ and he said ‘My name is John’ We chatted for a while and then I got up to clear our cups and then my tie on my robe came loose and my red nightie was in plain view of John. I quickly tied my robe back on and I could feel my face getting red from embarrassment. Being a SSBBW I wasn’t sure how he would react to seeing my large body. I said to John, ‘Sorry about that’ and John looked at me and said, ‘You have a lovely body if you don’t mind me saying’ I said nervously ‘Oh thanks John’ He continued and said “Linda, please don’t be embarrassed. I truly find you attractive and I am attracted to larger ladies’ I was flattered and a bit relieved. I looked in John’s face and I could tell he was being very sincere. Just then the door bell rang and we both got up and went to the door and it was triple A. John thanked me for letting him in and he said that he enjoyed our conversation and that he enjoyed seeing my red nightie. I blushed again but I enjoyed his compliment. We said good night. I later went to bed for the night. Yes I did think if John and his reaction to seeing my nightie and my body shape. It really got me aroused and I pleasured myself fantasizing John. Oh well I thought and I drifted off to sl**p.

A month went by and I was out for a stroll downtown in a quaint village of coffee shops, boutiques and art shops. I stopped at my local favorite coffee shop for an iced latte. I was enjoying the sunshine with a light breeze, not too hot but just right for me. I bought a book about the worlds most beautiful and natural places and I soaked it in dreaming of being there. A little while later I heard a familiar voice, ‘Hi Linda, nice to see you again.’ I looked up to see John. I was surprised to see him. I said ‘Well hello John, nice to see you as well.’ I was smiling and so was he. I asked him if he would like to join me for coffee and he said he would love too.

We chatted for hours. He was on his day off of work and he said he lived near by. It was getting closer to dinner and I mentioned if he like to join me for dinner. John said,’ I would like to invite you to my place for dinner of you like.’ I accepted his invitation. We walked to a near by grocery store and picked up a few things for dinner and a nice bottle of wine. I helped him prepare dinner. We were having, grilled chicken breast, grilled asparagus and baby potatoes. We both enjoyed our meal and then I helped John clean the kitchen. We poured more wine and we went to his living room to relax. John asked if I liked jazz music and I said that I do. He played a selection of jazz music even David Brubeck.

John sat down near me and again mentioned how attractive he thought I was and I could feel my face blush and I thanked him. I told him that I find him a handsome and quite the gentleman. I looked at him and in his eyes and I couldn’t look away. He put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me gently close to him. He leaned in to kiss me and it was soft and gentle. I looked at him and I leaned in for another kiss. This time our kisses were more intense and he started to kiss my neck and it felt heavenly. I took his hand to my breast and he started to caress my breast through my blouse. I wanted to rip my blouse off but I stared to unbutton and John stopped me from doing so, he said ‘Let me sweet’ So let John unbutton my blouse and I lead forward and he unfasten the hooks in the back and my breasts fell free. John moaned and said that I’m so beautiful and my breasts were lovely. He took my nipple his mouth and gently sucked on it. I moaned in pleasure and I could feel my nipples both getting hard. John stopped and he started to pull of his shirt and I guided my hand to his slacks and I could feel his bulge getting bigger. He pulled his zipper down and I reached in to release his hard cock. I was amazed at his size and thickness. John was shorter than me but he made up for his size in other ways.

He got up off the couch and he grabbed my hand and then I got up. We continued to kiss one another to his bedroom. He helped me take my shirt off and there I stood before him only wearing my panties. He pulled his pants and boxers off and I loved his body and they way he touched me. He pulled down my panties and there we were both standing naked together. John wrapped his arms around my thick waist and we kissed and hugged with so much passion. We both laid beside one another kissing and he said ‘Linda, you’re so beautiful, I want to pleasure you tonight’ He kissed my neck down to my breasts and he sucked and kissed them, I was getting so aroused I reached down to play with my clit but he stopped me and said ‘that’s for me to do’. John massaged my pussy gently and with him sucking my nipple and my pussy wanting more it was making me go wild. His finger slipped between my pussy lips and he found my clit and started to lightly rub it. My legs started to twitch and he continued to finger my clit then he got down between my legs and spread my wet pussy lips apart and I felt his eager tongue lick my clit. I was getting wet and he inserted his fingers in my pussy and I could feel that I was going to climax. John fingers in my pussy was heavenly and I couldn’t wait to feel him enter my pussy with his large hard cock. This thought brought me to climax and my body was in pleasureable spasms. He got up and laid beside me and I could see his fingers wet from my juices and I took his hand and licked his fingers.

We were laying so close together kissing and caressing one another. I reached my hand down to stroke his cock which was twitching and I love seeing that. I asked John if he would like to titty fuck me and he said that he would love to. I sat on the edge of the bed and John was standing in front of me. I started to lick and kiss his amazing cock and I could see pre-cum oozing out of the head of his cock. I rubbed some of his pre-cum between my breasts and he placed his cock between my breasts. He started to slowly fuck my titties and I squeezed my breasts together around his hard cock. John moaned and said ‘oh god this feels so good’ and I started to stroke my breasts a bit faster against his cock. His breathing increased and then suddenly his cock exploded with cum hitting my chest and breasts. I felt his hot cum hit my neck and after he cummed we both looked down and saw my breast, neck covered with his cum. I rubbed his cum all over my chest area. We layed back down in bed exhausted after pleasuring one another. We fell asl**p in each others arms.

We woke up about an hour later. We kissed and caressed each other. We stared in each others eyes and smiled. John said ‘Linda I want to be inside you’ and I said to him that I wanted him too. My pussy was aching for his cock. He asked me to get on my knees and he entered me from behind, as it is easier to penetrate and get deep inside. I felt his cock enter my pussy. His cock was only inside a few inches but my pussy loved the feel of his cock. I wanted him to fuck me so badly but John wanted to take it slow. He started to fuck me slowly and then faster. His cock was fucking my pussy harder and I was moaning and wanting him not to stop. I could feel my pussy tightly grip his cock as to not let him go. I loved to hear his balls slapped against my ass. John grabbed my hips and he was pounding me harder and deeper and my pussy couldn’t get enough. We both were breathing heavy. John cock exploded and his hot cum filled up my pussy. John rested on top of me. His rapid breathing was slowing down. I caressed his wet hair I loved the feel of his sweaty hair. We kissed and both our tongues probing each others mouths. I wrapped my arms around John and I turned to my side to let him rest in my arms in bed. I told John that I was glad I ordered pizza that night and that I’d be ordering again soon. John said he would make sure that I’d be the last delivery on his shift. We both smiled and continued kissing.

The End


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Delivery guy

FYI this is purely fictional, this is someone elses idea put in my words. It never happened and these two people never met.

I was watching her arrive from the parking lot, no one ever quetions a pizza delivery guy. She was the corporate executive type.
Tall stylish blonde hair cut which probably cost a few hundred, sleek form fitting business skirt and blouse , and the high heels
to show off her ass and legs. Seeing how she is only carrying a small bag she doesnt plan to stay long, probably expecting someone.
Giving her a few minutes I get my mps player and turn my hat forward pulling it down to my eyes, finally grabbing the pizza box.
I walk briskly up to her door knock loudly saying pizza and turn to face the parking lot. Who would ever expect this special delivery
she opens the door saying " I didnt order pizza." she starts to say. Turning and forcing my way into the room, shoving the pizza box
at her. "What wait, is all she gets out before im behind her hand over her mouth other arm wrapped around her waist. Kicking the
door shut with my foot, i do a quick assessment. She is wearing a black almost see threw nightie, perfumed and soap i smell,
and then i see a wedding ring rock has to be least 5 carats. "do as i say and you will get to go home to your husband" i whisper into
her ear. "You may nod and this will be over with less pain and bruising. As i expected she tries to scream and run as soon as i
loosen my grip. Shoving her forward i reach back grabbing duct tape from behind me, one over her mouth and another around
her wrists. "Ok you choose the hard way" i grin rubbingmy hard on . WHISTLING i walk around in front of her so she can see
whats coming, grabbing her nightie i shred it in one pull and toss it in the corner. "Damn baby your hot probable a milf, she nods
yes eyes wide. 'Oh and is your husband hung like this? " i pull out my cock . Her eyes almost roll back in her head as she nods
no vigoriously. She is panting and i see drool coming down from tne tape. So the sexy milf likes "Big Black Cock" i wave it in
front of her.She is defintly drooling as she nods empathetically. i inch closer and thrust my cock at her taped mouth , she is
practically trying to gag her self on my tool. Making circles in the air with my thick throbbing member was a distraction
as the tape is ripped off her mouth envelops my cock right down my sac.Hungrily she sucks and licks my cock like its her last meal
or the best she has ever had. Loud slurping and tongue action like only a few have experienced, " damn your really loving this BBC
aren't you milf? " I state enjoying every second of this blissful blowjob. Her head actually bobs up and down on me and she nods
enthuastically. When i start to feel like my sperm is getting close i pull out or her mouth with a loud and wet pop. "Please let me
suck you off" she begging now up on her knees, " my husband is the only man i have ever been with and if you fuck me with
your huge black cock it will surely stretch me out." "As sexy as your fine ass is baby i plan to fill your pussy full of black cum
then continue fucking you in your nice curvy ass." I say reaching out faster then she expected and pull her around on the bed to
face away from me and looking at that lovely herat shapped ass with not one blemish. "Hmmm hmmmm i smack her ass with
my fully erect 13 thick quivering member." But butt butt" her words trail off into moans of pleasure as i tease her lips,crack and
clit. When i do finally come to rest poised to thrust into her she is nudging her self back at my dick, she is dripping wet with
pussy juices. Slowly i probe her hot wet box with a dick way bigger then she is used to , her pussy is taking it all in slowly encircling
my hard on. Inch by inch Thrust in slowly a little more and wait for her to adjust to it, im not even in her half way and she had
3 or 4 orgasms shaking her whole body. Getting impatient i cut her tape away from her wrists and tell her " grab the bed this is
going in to the hilt now. I pull almost the whole way out leaving my tip inside her and shove all of my chocolate cock balls deep
into her tight white pussy. "OH MY FUCKING GOD" she yells into the bed still loud enough for me to hear her, "Fuck your going to
split me in half with that". "Good then ill make sure to cum deep in your pussy so your man can spent time sucking it out", I say
sawing into her picking up pace. Each time she cums again they get more f***eful and violent and i get faster and deeper strokes.
"God mother fucking damn i have never felt this much cock inside me and uuuuggmmmmmmm", she cant finish as she cums again
squirting all over me and the bed this time. Getting close i grab her lovely wide hips and slam into her all out, giving her nut
slapping fucking so f***eful she slides across the bed. "Fuck me, Fuck me", she pants harshkly as i gain dpeth and speed geting closer
to my own orgasm. One final thrust and i cum spraying her insides full of my hot black seed. Staying deep inside her till i stop
spurting out, i pull out and walk back in front of her. She quickly suck and licks my cock and nut sack clean, " can i call you to get a repeat?"
I say walking out getting my pant back on, "my number is on my card in the pizza box i knew your sexy milf ass would want more."
Getting in my car i look at my phone hmm got 3 more messages wonder whats next delivery i have to make.

Bishop 2011... Continue»
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A Quick Surprise Flash for the Delivery Driver

This is my first submission and I hope you enjoy the story as much I enjoyed being involved in it.

We have been together for 14 years and I am very lucky in the fact that during this time she has become more beautiful and sexy every year,she is over 10 years younger than me and looks younger than 36. about 5'6. long black hair. slim with long slim legs and fantastic DD's makes her a real head turner.

Like most couples we have had our good times and our share of bad times but our love for each other has always stayed strong and although we are not always singing from the same song sheet we understand and compromise with our different needs and wants.

I have always been a voyeur and she is a bit of exhibitionist and we have had a few adventures that I may tell in the future depending on how this one is received.

We have been working hard and it had been a while since we have had time to really surprise each other and create a memory to look back on and get each other off.

Anyway I'LL get to the good bit.
I had been working away for a couple of days and this always makes us hornier than usual, we had been teasing each other by text with pics and I was gaging to get off.
We had planed to skype and have some fun with a video call so I made some time this morning to go to my hotel room and have a bit of a video session.I sent a text so that she could get herself ready.
I set my laptop up and then realised that I had no internet connection in my room, I tried to call her on the phone but had no answer.

After about 5 min or so my mobile rang and she was very exited as she started to tell me what had just happened,
she had received my text, gone into the bedroom, tacked of all her clothe lay on the bed and set up her laptop ready to have our video call when there was a knock at the door.She grabbed her robe and went to answer the door, as she opened the door the delivery man that stood in front of her looked flustered as she took the parcel, turned around and placed it on the floor then turned back signed for it and closed the door knowing that he had seen everything as she bent down in her short robe.

She called me straight away to tell me about it and was clearly very exited, as she told me how turned on it had made her she had started to play with herself, I was also very exited and I had got hold of my cock and played as she told me about it.
Then she noticed the delivery van was still outside and the man was sitting in the cab on the phone, he could see straight into our living room were she was looking out of the window.
At this point I decided to dare her to undo her robe and let him see a bit more, thinking she would say NO, but instead she told me that she would pretend to clean the window and as she did she placed the phone down put it on speaker so I could hear her and she could hear me, she proceeded to tell me what she was doing.

She began by adjusting the blinds to get the attention of the delivery man, I could hear the familiar sound of the blinds move, telling me that he was now watching her. Then as she wipped the window she let her robe slip open to allow her beautiful nipples to become viable.
At this point I was getting very exited and she could hear me breathing heavily and the sound of me pulling on my cock.
Now the man was watching and she saw him quickly looked around to cheque no one ells was around and she watched as he put his hands down his trousers,
she was getting very hot and that made me hotter,
I could hear her breathing harder with the sexual tension between the 3 of us getting higher and higher,at this point she allowed her robe to fall completely open and started playing with her tits openly in front of him and telling me as she did.
I was now getting close to coming and I could tell she was getting closer, The driver was moving his hand quicker and she put one foot up onto the side of a chair and opened her legs so he could see her pushing her fingers in and out of her pussy faster and faster ,I could hear everything the sounds of her masturbating as she was telling me what was happening.
I was going crazy, she was going crazy and the driver was going crazy.
As I heard her orgasm I also came,and she picked the phone up and quickly left the room as we laughed.

This was extremely erotic and has sexually charged our relationship again,Sometimes something out of the blue and spontaneous can be the most erotic thing.

I hope you liked this true story and although it maybe short and may not be as hard core as some story's I feel very privileged to have a partner that I can share things like this with and I love her.

Please comment and let us know what you think.

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The delivery girl- Submission from a friend

I was so broke I took a job as a pizza delivery girl. That was a long time ago. One of my first nights I was assigned to deliver a pizza to a hotel room. No problem. I go the hotel and found the room. I knocked on the door and shouted “Pizza delivery”. When the door opened a woman, quite a bit older than me, told me to come in. The room was a typical motel room; two twin beds, a small table, a dresser and a TV. The woman was dressed in what I can only describe as biker clothing. Leather boots, leather skirt, leather vest, and she even had a leather hat on.

When I entered the room, she directed me to put the pizza on the table. I immediately noticed something was not right. On one of the beds, the blankets were pulled up and it looked like something large was under the blanket. The other bed looked freshly made up though. Once I got inside the room and the door closed three more women rushed out of the bathroom. Within a second they were on me, throwing me to the floor. One woman clamped her hand over my mouth silencing me. I kicked and fought but with four against one, I had no chance.

My shirt was ripped off me and my arms were tied behind my back. Someone stuffed a rag in my mouth and wrapped tape around my head, securing the gag in my mouth. More rope was wrapped around my bare torso, pinning my arms tightly to my body. My pants were pulled off me and more rope was wrapped around my legs near my ankles and my knees. I was then thrown onto the made up bed, completely nude, securely bound and gagged.

I was terrified about what was going to happen to me. What did these women want? I wasn’t carrying much money. I could just imagine being gang ****d by these lesbian bikers. Suddenly the blanket was pulled off the other bed. There was nude girl, bound and gagged, tied spread eagle on the bed. She had about a hundred clothes pins clamped on the tits, her arm, hers legs, her toes, and her pussy. There was some sort of a device inserted in her pussy with wires coming out of it. Her body was covered with welts that were shaped like stripes. I thought immediately they could only have come from a cane or something similar. All the biker girls were laughing and cheering. The lead biker girl looked at me and said, “You know who this is?” pointing to the other girl. “She is last week’s pizza girl!” she said, laughing at me.

I looked closer at the other girl. Her wrists and ankles were red and marked from the ropes binding her. It appeared she had been tied like that for a long time. All the clothes pins were had strings tying them together. One on the biker girls stood on the other bed and gathered up all the strings attached to the clothes pins and turned to me and said, “Watch this sweetie.” With one smooth pull, she yanked all the clothes pins off the bound girl. Her muffled screams filled the room. I could hear her crying and sobbing through her gag. The biker girl who had pulled the clothes pins off then looked at me and said, “Your turn next, if you don’t cooperate bitch.”

The lead biker girl then grabbed my head and f***ed me to look at her. “I’m gonna explain this to once, so listen up. My friends and I need a pussy eatin’ bitch to service us whenever we want. Miss goody-two shoes over there didn’t want to lick our pussies so we are training her. Do you want the same kind of training? Or are you gonna be our bitch?”

I had seen the way they trained someone who resisted so I decided until I could come up with an escape plan, I’d be their bitch, as they called it. So when she took they gag off me, I said “I’ll do whatever you say, just don’t hurt me. Please don’t hurt me. I’ll be good. I’ll do whatever you say.”

“Good answer, bitch. Hey girls, we have a winner! You can start with me.” She pulled her panties off and pulled me to the floor. She sat on the bed and positioned me so my face was in her pussy. I licked her pussy like there was no tomorrow. She wrapped her booted legs around my head and squeezed me tight. I could feel her boot heels on my bare back as I licked her as best I could, still being bound hand and foot. I had to figure out a way to get them to untie me, so I said, “I think I could do a better job if I could use my hands to rub your tits.”

“Nice try sweetie, I wasn’t born yesterday. Just keep eatin’. You’ve got three more of my s****rs to take care of when you’re finished with me”.

So went the next 8 hours. Me eating pussy, and getting whipped with a belt every now and then, and me trying to think of a way out of this mess. Finally around daylight all four of the bikers had fallen asl**p or passed out. I kept trying to wiggle my way out of the ropes. I managed to get loose and grabbed a blanket to cover my nudity and ran out the door and called the cops.

The police arrived in about 30 minutes. There must be a doughnut shop nearby. Anyway, when they got there everybody was gone; even their other hostage. I explained what had happened to the men in blue, but I may as well have been talking to the moon. They didn’t believe anything I said and even threatened to file charges against me if I kept telling them my ‘ridiculous’ story.

The cops took me downtown to the police station for questioning. I was still clinging to the blanket, which was my only covering. I asked for something to cover my nudity, but they were not very sympathetic. Finally one of the lady cops held up an orange jump suit. She said, “You can wear this after I do a full body search”.

I stood up and opened my blanket showing her I was completely naked. The cop was putting on a latex glove. “I need to do a cavity search bitch.”

I said, “Never mind then, I don’t need the jumpsuit that bad”.

“You don’t understand” she said, “I need to do a cavity search, bend over”.

She stuck a finger in my pussy and spent her sweet time probing for who knows what. Next she lubed up her finger and stuck it in my butt hole. She spent even more time probing around inside me. I have never been so humiliated! She then threw the jumpsuit at me and ordered me to put it on. I was then taken to a jail cell. I screamed that I came here to report a crime and that I did nothing wrong. The cops just said, “Right, you're innocent of everything, just like everybody in here”. She then pushed me in the cell and slammed the door. CLANK. The sound of that door slamming shut was devastating to my morale.

So here I am, stuck in a jail cell with a bunch or women prisoners, no money, no phone, and no clothes except for the orange jump suit they gave me. I am being accused of filing a false report of a crime. I tried to tell my guard that there is a girl being held captive and tortured by these biker girls but nobody would listen to me.

After a while four of the women prisoners surrounded me and held me down while another prisoner roughly fondled my breasts and pussy. I was screaming for help when the guard threw something into the cell. What the hell is that?!! A strap-on dildo, make that a huge strap-on dildo. I was just about to be gang ****d I thought when another guard came in and told my guard that I was cleared to go. My pizza boss came down to the station and straightened things out. My boss took me home. He told me I owed him big time for helping me out of my jam. Great, now he wants to use me too! It was at that very second I decided I would rather be broke than go through another night like this. My pizza delivery career was now over. “I quit!”
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Not Your Average Delivery Boy Story

An unusual cold snap brought an even more unusual snowfall to our small beach town. We decided to have an evening in, making some poor delivery boy drive through the snow, while we lay curled up in each others arms on our bedroom floor in a cascade of pillows and blankets.
Headlights streaked across the walls through small slits in the blinds. “Food’s here,” he said excitedly.
“Thank you for calling it in and getting up to answer the door, you’re so sweet.” He added affectionately.
“Aww,” I said, grinning from ear to ear, “You’re welcome, honey.”
“I just want to make sure that you know how much I appreciate all that you do. I could give you a proper thanking, if you’d like.” He said, raising an eyebrow, with a look that I knew and loved.
“Bring that naughty bottom over here.” He motioned over his outstretched legs.
We heard a car door slam, so I quickly crawled over his legs, staying on all fours though, so I could easily jump up for the door.
He didn’t hesitate or hold back. SMACK. He brought his hand down full f***e on my right butt cheek. The crack rang out loudly and the impact radiated deeply, and he didn’t stop. He struck the same spot again and again with firm stinging swats. I briefly thought of the delivery person, walking past our bedroom, and up the long walk to the front door. SMACK. I breathed in sharply as another shocking swat landed over the dying embers of the last one.
SMACK. ‘Oh, he has to be hearing this.’ I thought. SMACK. I flushed as I wondered if he knew what we were doing by the sound alone, or if the idea would ever occur to him. I wondered how many other couples were tucked away tonight, warm and toasty, enjoying unspeakable acts of passion and pleasure.
SMACK. I struggled to hold back the yelps and squeals that desperately fought to escape my tightly closed lips. I didn’t want to make it any more obvious that someone was spanking my ass for the pure fun of it.
“Oh!” His hand fell again and again, the deep burning approached intolerable.
“Aaaah!” I couldn’t hold back anymore. “Oooww!” The heavy swats came faster, quickly increasing the sweet, but searing pain, leaving me squirming and weak and aching for more. Wave after wave of pleasure surged through my abdomen and down my legs, relaxing my body and drawing my entire being into the sensations of his firm hand on my burning bottom.
I held my breath waiting for the doorbell to ring, sinking my bottom lower and lower away from his hand. I quickly pushed back into position, surrendering to him, trusting him, and knowing I could take even more, wanting him to push me past that point. The pain felt wonderful, powerful, and raw. It pulled me down into the experience of the moment, a meditation, an all-encompassing silence of the mind.
The knock at the door made me jump. I was slightly relieved as I was dangling over the edge of pleasure to pain. I quickly leapt up, almost, but not quite fast enough. He flicked his hand one last time, with greater f***e still, managing to land directly on target once again, despite the distance I had gained in that solitary moment. I let out a final yelp as I practically danced to the door, feeling sexy and silly and satisfied, wearing a wicked grin and absolutely savoring the blazing red patch on my bottom. I tried to slow my bl**d, taking light careful steps, but my ass prickled and pulsed with each and every one. I slid back the dead-bolt and turned the knob, delighting in a raw throb of pain that squeezed around well-spanked flesh. A great ripple of pleasure rushed through my body, followed by a fit of laughter as I realized I was about to open the door to some poor delivery boy who had no possible idea of the fun that goes on in our house, not even an inkling.
I stood tall and flung open the door, laughing uncontrollably as I signed my name and took our food. It was one of the most exhilarating and erotic spankings of my life. So far, that is. :) ... Continue»
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Delivery Man

Summer was here. This would be my last free summer most likely. I was in
between my junior and senior years at the university. I was a double major.
Kinesiology and biology and trying to decide if I wanted to go the
Physical Therapy or Med School route. Brains and body that's me. So many
people always picture the typical science major as the geeky glasses and
pocket protector. Not the case here.

I'm 21. I have blond hair. It's a little on the long side. Not too long
but just long enough to be curly and stick out from under my ball cap. I've
got bright blue eyes. I work out and run and play a variety of sports to
keep in shape (thus the kinesiology major). I'm 6' and 180 pounds with the
majority of that being pure muscle. I have a nice firm chest and a six pack
you could scrub laundry on. Basically, most of my muscle groups are pretty
well defined. I'm not some hulking mass of a meat head or anything, but I
am in good shape. Don't want to sound like I'm bragging. I'm actually a
very modest guy. Just trying to give you an idea of who you're reading
about. And did I mention my tan? Not one of those
tanned-leather-too-much-time-in-the-tanning-bed kind of things, but a nice
golden tan thanks to several years working as a lifeguard. Not such a bad
smile either. The braces during high school have definitely paid off.

Anyway, back to my summer. I was still doing the lifeguarding thing.
However, a couple of good friends own a bike and sporting goods shop just
off the square in one of the cooler sections of the city. Very trendy area.
This summer I was gonna sit in and work at their place for a few weeks while
they were out of town on a backpacking trek across Europe.

I had been meeting with them on and off for a few weeks to get filled in on
everything I was supposed to do and to watch for. How hard could this be?

Tuesday was my first day. It went off without a hitch. No problems. A
steady flow of customers. No problems.

Wednesday started a little earlier. Wednesday was the usual delivery day.
I am not much of a morning person so I wasn't really looking forward to
this. I couldn't believe it when my alarm went off. Who on earth gets up
this early except roosters on farms?

I dragged myself out of bed and into the shower. I perked up a little bit
in the shower (very little), and managed to throw on a pair of khaki shorts,
a snug navy blue t-shirt, my tennis shoes, and I was ready to head to the

I was halfway through my coffee and grumbling about the ungodly early hour
when I heard a knock at the back door of the store. Grumbling under my
breath all the way to the door, I walked back to let the delivery guy in.

My grumbling came to an abrupt halt when I saw what was on the other side of
that door. Wow. This was one gorgeous man. I recognized him, too. We
worked out in the same gym. He always had on black shorts and an "Army"
t-shirt that hugged his upper torso nicely. I had admired him from across
the gym on several occasions. I doubt he knew who I was.

He was my height and basically my build. Just a little thinner, but very
toned. He looked like he would be an awesome cyclist or marathon runner.
Not skinny, but thin and toned. Nice build. He had blond hair cut in a
military style crew cut. I had never been so close to see his eyes, but I
could tell from where I was standing now that they were deep green. And,
like myself, he had a nice tan and a great smile.

He looked a little startled when I opened the door.

"Hey. I was expecting Todd or Mike to be here. Sort of threw me off for a
second," he said flashing that bright white smile.

"Yeah, those guys are carrying backpacks across Italy right about now. I'm
covering for them until they get back."

"Very nice. I'm jealous."

"That makes two of us."

"I'm Harrison by the way."

So the good looking delivery man from my gym had a name... Harrison. I was
a little lost in thought (and fantasy). It took me a second to flash back
into reality.

"Oh... um... I'm Peyton."

"Nice... like the quarterback. Cool. Nice to meet you Peyton."

"Same to you, Harrison."

There was an odd silence hanging in the air between us for a few seconds.
We just sort of kept looking in each others eyes. It felt like it lasted
for hours.

Harrison broke the silence. "Well, um, I guess I should start getting this
stuff inside. There's not much coming in today for you. Guess the guys
tried to order light to make your life a little easier."

Harrison starting bringing in stacks of boxes on the dolly. I just stood
there and watched him... trying to make small talk and trying not to drool.
The more he came in and out with boxers the more I could feel a tingling,
expanding sensation growing in my boxers. I tried to stand in such a way
that the growing tent in my shorts wouldn't be too noticeable. It was
getting harder to hide by the minute.

"Looks like this is the last of it," Harrison announced rolling in two
large boxes of soccer balls.

Crap. He's leaving.

He looked over at me and caught me staring. I blinked and muttered an

He smiled. "Don't you work out over at the athletic club?"

"I do. Just about every day."

"I thought that was you. Cool." He had a little smirk on his lips.

"Oh crap," I blurted out. That managed to break any mood that might have
been going on. "I forgot the papers for you. They're up in the front of
the store behind the counter. Let me run and get them really quick."

"No problem, I'll walk up there with you."

This guy was so hot, and with the way I was acting he had to think I was a
total flake.

I shuffled through some papers and found the ones I was looking for. Why
was I so nervous and jumpy? This was not like me usually. I turned around
to hand him the papers and managed to clip the side of a mug holding the
pens on top of the counter which naturally threw about a dozen pens into the

Could I look more like a spaz in front of this guy???

I just laughed. "I am so not a morning person."

"Hahaha. I know the feeling. It took me awhile to get used to being up
this early. Here let me help you with that."

I knelt down to pick up the pens and Harrison followed behind me. In the
course of picking up the s**ttered pens his hand ran across the top of mine.
It sent shivers down my spine and put goosebumps on my skin.

There was only one pen left, and we reached for it at the same time. Our
fingers clashed and intertwined slightly in an effort to get the pen. We
sat there for what seemed like another eternity. Both of us looking at the
ground where our hands were touching.

Slowly I raised my head up to catch the gaze of those emerald green eyes.
Harrison was smiling at me as if he knew exactly what I was thinking.

We both leaned in at the same time and our lips met in the middle. He had
soft, full lips. Seconds later his tongue entered my mouth and began to
massage and glide my own tongue. I reached around and gripped the back of
his head to pull him all the way into me. I wanted his tongue buried in my
mouth as deep as it would go. We just sat there, kneeling on the floor,
locked in a passionate hot kiss for several minutes.

With one hand behind his head, my other hand went to his chest. I massaged
his left pec and began to slide my hand down over his abs until I was
between his legs. I could feel the mound through the fabric of his uniform
shorts. A moan escaped his lips as I began to massage his bulge.

Without our tongues ever leaving the kiss, we both stood up. I ran my hand
from the back of his head, down his back between his shoulder blades until
it rested on the firm roundness of his tight little bubble ass. One firm
squeeze and I got another moan and gasp out of him.

Harrison's hands had made there way from massaging my erect nipples down to
my waist where his fingers were gliding under my shirt and raising it up
over my head. I could feel the warm moisture of his breath on my smooth
chest as he leaned down and took my right nipple in his mouth. His tongue
began flicking quickly back and forth across the nipple. I was in heaven.
I love when a guy plays with and sucks my nipples.

"Oh, man... that feels so good," I replied in answer to his actions.

He worked his way from the right over to the left nipple. From the left
nipple he trailed his tongue up into my left arm pit. This was amazing.

By this time I had managed to get his shirt off of him, and had unzipped his
shorts. All that lay between me and that bulging piece of meat was a thin
layer of boxer briefs.

His tongue slid up from my arm pit and was now sucking and nibbling on my
ear and the side of my neck. I took this opportunity to slide his shorts
down over the mounds of his butt and down his legs. I could hear the sound
of change hitting the floor as his shorts fell to the ground. In another
minute, his hands were in the front of my shorts. I could feel his fingers
working to get the button open and the zipper down. In this process, his
fingers occasionally grazed the tip of my mushroom at the end of my fully
erect 8" rod. A moment later the shorts and boxers were down around my
ankles. We both stood there completely naked with our hands racing across
the other's body trying to explore every curve and crevice with our fingers
and tongues.

I leaned in and took his left nipple in my mouth. I began sucking on it and
nibbling lightly on it between my front teeth. I could hear his quickened
breathing and feel his body squirm a little. After a few minutes on the
left, I turned my attention to the right.

I began to slide my tongue down between his pecs and around his belly button
and down just to one side of his meat. I allowed my tongue to rest at the
base of his sac. I ran my tongue along the midline of his sac, between his
balls, and up his 7" thick throbbing rod. I circled the edge of his red
mushroom. I could hear the moans and sighs escaping his lips as I engulfed
his cock head inside my mouth.

I allowed only the head to enter and began applying gentle sucking. Slowly
I began to inch my way down his shaft. I could feel inch upon inch of this
hot man's meat filling my mouth and back into my throat. Finally, I had all
of him inside me. My nose was tickled by his blond pubic hair. I massaged
my tongue around the entirety of his rod while I held it in the warmth
moisture of my mouth. I began to withdraw until once again only the head
was resting in my mouth. This time, rather than slowly work my way back
down, I plunged down completely in one rapid movement. Harrison threw his
head back and shouted. His fingers were running through my blond curls. I
began a back and forth rhythm on his dick. This rhythm was aided by
Harrison's hands as they pulled me into his cock. He had also began to
thrust his pelvis into my face. We both wanted to make sure that his meat
was as deep inside my throat as possible.

As Harrison continued to face fuck me, I rested my right hand on his sweaty
pec and began tweaking at his nipple. My left hand ran up the inner side of
his thigh until I reached his puckered hole. I could feel his sphincter
tighten at the presence of my index finger. I massaged around the hole,
gently gliding my fingertip across it.

Harrison's moaning was becoming louder and more frequent. His body was
covered in a thin layer of sweat as was mine. This was so freakin' hot. I
could feel his muscles beginning to tense. I knew he was getting close to

"Oh God. Oh God. I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum." Each
phrase was separated by a gasp for air.

I reached around and grabbed the globes of his ass and pulled his pelvis
firmly into my face. I plunged so deep on his rod that my nose slammed into
the skin of his lower belly. All I could smell was the musky scent of his

That final plunge down his pulsing rod was all it took. With a loud scream,
Harrison unleashed a deluge of creamy sweet juice into my mouth and down my
throat. Burst after burst. It was so much that I couldn't contain it all.
It began to drip out of the corners of my mouth, down my chin and onto the
hard floor of the store.

His body finally stopped twitching and I could feel his cock begin to soften
in my mouth. He took a step backward and withdrew his meat. He reached
down and gripped me firmly under each arm and raised me up. We stood eye to
eye. He kissed me. It was firm and deep and tender all at the same time.
His strong toned arms were wrapped firmly around me as mine were around him.

The kiss eventually came to an end. His forearms were resting on my
shoulder as his fingers were running through some of my blond curls. My
fingers were intertwined resting on his lower back.

Harrison looked into my blue eyes. "There's something else I want you to do
for me."

"Anything. What is it?" was my reply.

"I want you inside me. I want to feel you fill up my ass."

I smiled.

"With pleasure."

===== To Be Continued =====
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I was hurting for cash so I decided to put an ad on the Internet to make some home deliveries of item that people don’t want to drive out to get. I received an email that a guy wanted me to pick up a bottle of lube and some condoms for him. I got all the info from him and went to the store and bought them. We set a time for the delivery also.

When I arrived, I knocked at his door and I heard him tell me to come in. When i entered, he yelled for me to close the door and he will be out in a minute. When he walked around the corner, he wasn’t wearing anything but a towel like he just got out of the shower. I couldn’t help but stare. I even think he noticed me staring. He looked like he was in his upper 20s or early 30s. He had dirty blond hair and blue eyes.

He told me to put the stuff down and he was saying he had a date with this whore that he was planning on using tonight but she called and cancelled. I asked him if I could use his bathroom to take a piss and he pointed the direction. While I was pissing, I noticed his pants were on the floor. I picked them up and he had a 20-dollar bill in them, so I took it and put it in my pocket.

When I came out of the bathroom he asked me how much he owes me for the stuff and I told him. He then went into the bathroom to get the money. He came out fast and looked at me. I knew at that point that he knew I took it. He asked me where is 20 was and I told him I didn’t know.

He then grabbed me and pushed me to the floor. I got scared and I told him okay, I got it, now let me go and I will give it back. He let me up and I gave him the 20. He then asked what else I stole from him and I told him that’s all I took. He told me he did believe me and he reached into my pockets and pulled out my car keys. He then pushed me away from him. I told him to give me back my keys and he said why should he. I told him to give me back the keys and he wont have to pay for the delivery stuff.

He then told me to shut the fuck up and that I owe him for trying to steal from him. He told me to take my clothes off and I told him no. He then told me he was going to call the cops on me. I begged him not to call the cops and he told me to get naked then. I slowly took off my shirt shoes and socks. He then said the pants also. I told him no cause I am not wearing any underwear.

He told me he doesn’t give a shit less now strip! I removed my pants and was standing there naked in front of this straight guy. He told me that the date cancelled on him and he needed a whore to use today to get him off and I was going to be and act like a whore otherwise he would call the cops. I didn’t know what to do so I told him I would jerk him off only and he told me I am the whore and I will take whatever comes.

I agreed as long as he went slowly and easy with me, besides what choice did I have? He then without warning spit in my face. He told me to get on my knees in front of him. I dropped down and he said he knew I would enjoy this. He then told me to beg him to see his cock. I started to beg him and he told me to remove his towel. He then rubbed his cock on my face and then he put it in my mouth. He told me to suck and lick like a whore that I am.

He then spit on me again and said I am not acting like a good whore. I told him I am trying. He told me he wants his whore to want his cock, beg for it and make love to it. He wanted me to act like a whore. I started to really beg for it, I was licking and sucking his cock. He then reached down and slapped my ass and called me a slut. I don’t know why, but it turned me on.

I then asked him to spank his little whore. He then reached down and started to feel my asshole. I started to move my ass like it was begging to get fucked. He then told me to beg for it, you slut! I started telling him I wanted him to fuck me. He then stood in front of me, and aimed his cock at my face, I started to move forward to get it in my mouth, but instead, he told me he had a surprise for me. He then got some restraints and tied my hands behind my back, and then he got a blindfold and covered my eyes.

I was kneeling in front of him and he told me to kiss his cock. I kissed it and then tried to put it in my mouth but he slapped me and said to just kiss it. He had his hand on the back of my head so I couldn’t move away so I puckered up and was kissing it and all of a sudden, he started pissing on me. I tried to pull back, but he held me there and pissed all over my face. He then pushed me on the floor and started to rub my asshole. He grabbed the lube and told me he wanted to play with his whore’s pussy.

He told me he liked his whores to be wet and loose. That’s when he started to finger my ass nice and slow. He then slapped my ass and I asked him what that was for and he told me it was because I am not acting like a horny whore that begs for it. I then stared to move my ass around while begging him to put another finger in. He kept teasing my hole for at least an hour. My hole had so much lube in it and was well stretched, that it must have looked and felt like a pussy. He then put a pillow under me and said he is ready to fuck his whore. He got behind me and was rubbing his dick against my hole and started to enter but then pulled out.

He kept doing this for a while and I was begging him to fuck me. He then put his dick in and started pushing and that's when I woke up. I wish I never woke up. ANYONE NEED A DELIVERY???
... Continue»
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Special Delivery

I was home alone doing my usual chores, getting ready for a week long trip out of town. I had my music playing in my own little world when I heard a knock at the door. I was in no hurry to check it cause I was not excepting anyone. I
went to the door and there stood this man. I was not sure who he was, but he was very attractive. He had on a black baseball cap, sunglasses, a black shirt and blue jeans. I asked him how could I help him? He turned and looked at with this big ass grin on his face, I can think of many ways to help you, but right now I have a package for you... What kind of package? There is a package in my van that was suppose to be delivered three days ago and It has been in our office. So, I just remembered and I thought I would drop it off now. How do I now your not a killer just trying to get in my house? He gave me this shit eatting grin. Look lady, call my boss and she will tell you I'm telling you the truth. Against, my good judgement I told him to go it. He came back with this huge box. He put it on the counter and reached in his back pocket and pulled out his work badge. See, I told you I was telling you the truth, I looked at his tag. Jesse. Well, Jesse I thank you for delivery must I have things I need to do. Like what? he said. Cleaning my house, I replied. So, you always clean house dressed like that? he asked. I had totally forgot I was half naked. At that point I was embrassed and asked him to leave. Sure, but I need you sign this please. I dont have a pen.Do you have one? I turned my back to get a pen out of the drawer. When I turned around he was there in front of me. My I help you? I asked. Yes you can, what? What do you need Jesse, by the time I could get it out my mouth he kissed, I could not control it , I found myself getting aroused by this complete stranger...........

I could feel his hands starting to roam. There I was standing in the middle of my kitchen, tank top and shorts. No bra no panties kissing a stranger. But he was a good looking stranger, I took off my shirt and he started to suck my breast, his hands where smooth and soft. He sucked them hard, biting them a little. I back away from him, he gives me a confused look. Whats wrong? he asks nothing i replied. I just cant fuck you in my kitchen. Follow me, I lead him down the hall to a bedroom. He has half naked when we walked into the room. I finished undressing. And sat on the bed, he was standing in front of staring at me with these dark mysterious eyes. He never said a word but gave this smile and drop to his knees. He pushed me back on the bed and started to man handle me. He kissed my thighs with these sweet sensual kisses, barely touching me just enough to make me squirm. He part my legs and ran his tongue up on the inside of my thighs. I started to moan with delight, his tongue felt like silk running up my thighs. He push my thighs farther apart and i felt his finger enter my pussy. Damn, your so wet.......

He started to finger my pussy. He worked his fingers slowly as if he was teasing me. Everytime I would get to the point of organsm he would stop. He inserted another finger, mover faster but still teasing. He had his fingers so deep inside my pussy he was rubbing my G-spot. He went faster and faster. Into my pussy, I'm going to cum! I said to him. I can't hear you he said. I'm going to cum!, I cant hear you so I screamed I'm going to cum!. Yes, cum baby he said , cum for me. I could feel my body starting to shake, I was in heaven. I cam so hard, I couldnt even move. I opened my eyes to see him standing over me butt ass naked. Are you okay? Yes, that was awesome. Well, I'm glad cause I'm not finished. Neither am I replied. I stood up and pushed him onto the bed and dropped to my knees. Taking his dick into my mouth, slowly running my tongue across his thick head of his dick. He started to moan, I took all of him into my mouth. He said yes. The faster I went the more he begged, his breathing got faster. He grabbed me by my hair and pushed my head deeper onto his cock. He was thrusting his self into my mouth. I could taste his pre cum in my mouth. He was so excited I could feel his body starting to tense up. But I want him to cum in my pussy, so I stopped. He looked at me as if I was crazy. What are you doing? He said. I'll show you, I straddle that hard dick, taking him inside of me. Oh, my God......

Was all I could say. His dick felt so good inside of me. He laid there as if he was in heaven as I rode his dick. He stared to moan and telling me to go faster. He held my hips and started to thrust me from underenth. God, oh God was all I could say. You feel so good Jesse, I'm going to cum. I said between breathes. Cum then he said, cum all over my dick. Yes,yes, yes. And I collasped on top of him. Are you okay yes. Your shaking he said sweetly. Yes, I know. He was softly running his fingers across my face. Thats when it came to me that his dick is still hard as a rock in my pussy. By the look he was not finished with me. We start to kiss I could feel his hands go around my waist and he slowly starts to move his hips. I slowly start to move to meet his thurst. We both go faster to meet the others thrust. I feel his breath on my neck. I whispered to him you feel so good inside my pussy, baby. He answered with a moan. We rollover he is on top of me. His dick is deep inside my pussy, I feel as if I'm about to explode. He is laying flat on me pentrarting deep. His back is all sweaty. God baby you feel so good, he says. Do I baby? Yes. Well, fuck me like you mean then. I could feel his dick get even harder inside of me. He was pounding me so hard, I was starting to shake. Cum he said, cum all over my dick. He was pounding me so good I couldn't even speech. I could feel all my tention building up and I was about to cum. He looks at me with those dark eyes, cum with me baby. And he pounded me harder. He mumbles I'm going cum, me too. He pounds me harder. I feel all his warm sweet juices flowing inside me. He collaspese on me. There is nothing but silence.... and then he says this is the best delivery I have ever made......... ~VR... Continue»
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My wife and the delivery boys

I got off work early on friday i wanted to surprise my wife with flowers that day, so i stoped at the supermarket and bought her a vase with spring flowers. So i pulled in to the drive way i noticed the delivery guys for our refrigerator had arrived i was excited because our refrigerator had broken but we had to special order it because of the size. So i pulled in to the garage and proceeeded to walk in the house but i didnt see no one in the kitchen, iwas concerned because my wifes car was in the drive way and so was the delivery truck so i walked to other side of the house, a one level house can be big, non theless i started o hear soft voices coming from the bedroom, so i walked over there and i couldnt believe my eyes of what was going on my wife was being fucked by two black dudes one was under her fucking her asshole stretching her out he must of benn 10 inches or so and the other on top of her they were fucking her tight asshole and her tight pussy at the same time, i couldnt believe what i saw but at the same time my cock started to swell right about the same time i was about to say what the fuck is going on in here, i imeediately started to grab my cock in hand and and started to pstroke it back and forth , it felt so good hearing my wife moaning geting fuckd in her two little tight holes, i was ready to cum when my wife saw me on the corner of her eye she said o shit and tried to stop but i couldnt believe what i said next no dont stop keep going, so they did my wifes big ass was so huge that it bounced up and down and her tits were bouncing up and down i was a site to see so i thought to my self let me fuck her mouth do all her little holes would be filled with cum, so i did she gave me the best blow job ive ever had ina while this bitch was gettting fucked in all holes we started to cum inside her one after the other, man was it good after we were all done she had cum dripping from her mouth pussy and asshole it was a good site to see she was so happy i thanked the boys for a job well done, ... Continue»
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The delivery boy

Everything was wrong for Mistress Bella today!
Her slave has fainted for the third time this afternoon! We have to say that he was hanged by his balls since 3 hours and the whipping session was too hard for him! Since 3 hours he was naked, cuffed, hanged up by his balls and whipped! He was only a pain doll! She looked at him! His bl**dy body was hanged like a piece of meat! She took her crop and struck the blue balls of her slave! He woke up and started to scream but the hood had a gag ball, so only a growl goes out his mouth and he fainted again!
She was a perfect mistress, dreaded and highly wanted! With her german accent, she was even more desirable and directive! But she was very hard to please and many slaves have suffer in her hands !
The bell ring, there is somebody at the door! “What’s the fuck” she said! Her housekeeper wasn’t here to open! “What a bad journey”!
She open the door! A man was here! It was a delivery boy with a parcel for her! When he saw Bella, he had a lump in his throat. She was fantastic! Blonde with a great body, she was wearing leather outfit with a black rivet miniskirt, her long legs on black stockings, over kneel boots and a leather jacket, opened on her big tits! She looked like a goddess!
“Come in please, I have to see if all it’s all right” She close the door behind him and he follows her, until her “special room”. There the slave was still hanged by his balls! “Don’t be afraid”, she said, “this bitch is u*********s ! »
Phil, the delivery boy didn’t believe his eyes ! “What’s wrong, with you?”, she said! “It’s the first time you come in a dungeon?
- Hhhhhhhhh! Yes Madam!
- There is no madam here, you have to call me Mistress!
- Oh! Yes M-m-mistress!
- So we have to see if my command is all right! “

She open the parcel and she took a monstrous strapon! The size was from a horse!
- “Oh my God, what’s this? Said Phil!
- It’s my new toy! I’m sure you want to see it on me!
- Oh god yes mada…HHH, Mistress!
She left her skirt and fixed the strapon between her legs!
“So! Now it’s on place, you have to try it! Go on! I want you naked! Quick!”
Phil was stunned! He left his clothes down, but one time naked, his cock was hard and ready to work!
“Look at this! – said Bella- You think it is a cock? No! THIS is a cock!” And she took the strapon on her hand!
“First we have to knot these balls!”
She took a ball stretcher and she put on Phil’s balls! She squeeze them tight!
“Don’t worry, slave, your ball will turn red, then blue, like this worm’s one! Oh god, I’ve forgotten him”!
The slave was always hanged, like a piece of meat! She took down the slave, he was still u*********s!
“Wake up, lazy bitch! We have visitors”
She slapped his face and the slave woke up moaning!
“Shut up and stay on all four! Don’t move”
The she spoke to Phil: “Come on bitch, be on all four too and lick my boots! NOW!”
Phil Kneel on Bella’s feet! He stated to lick her boots, he kissed her ankles, then her knees, the he went to her beautiful legs! She was sitting in front of him, she opened her legs and he came to her pussy! It was so soft, so warm and wet! He started to lick Bella’s pussy!
“Yes –she said- carry on bitch! Lick Mistress pussy as a good dog must do!”
He opened the pink fruit and put his tongue on Bella’s clit! She was so wet, she was moaning! She took Phil by his head to fuck his face as well!
“Come on, lick me, faster, faster! Go deeper with your tongue, deeper, deeper!”
Her pleasure was coming! She squirts all over his face! Phil was drinking Bella at her spring! It was fantastic!
A few seconds later, Bella took her spirits!
“So! You make me cum, but it’s only the beginning! So now, suck my strapon wide! You have to lube it before i’ll take your ass!”
The horse strapon was so big!
“Please Mistress –said Phil- the strapon is too big for me! I can’t take it in my ass! Please, I beg you, you’ll kill me if you fuck me with this!
Oh shut up bitch! On the bench! Quick!”
Bella tied Phil on the bench, the she commands the slave to come!
“Come here you slave, prepare my new boy toy! Lick it”
The slave started to lick Phil’s ass. It was the first time for Phil to be touched by a man! He was spiting on his ass, licking him wide while Bella was standing in front of Phil! She put the horse strapon on his mouth!
“Suck it bitch, lube it, I’ll take you with it soon”
Phil was terrified. This strapon was so big!
“Slave! Open his ass!”
The slave took his cock and put it right in Phil’s ass! Phil was crying like a c***d! It was the first time he was fucked by a man!
“No! Please! I beg you! Don’t do this!
- Shut up, bitch! Get the cock and open your ass!
- Mistress please! Oh my god! He’s cuming! No please!
- What have you done slave! You cum on his ass?
Bella took her crop and started to slap the slave’s face!
- Come on bitch it’s your time!
- No please I beg you! Noooo!
Bella was behind Phil’s ass! She put the strapon’s head on Phil’s asshole and she started to push! The slave’s cum was gliding the horse strapon in Phil’s ass! He was impaled. He cried but something was new in his mind! Bella was fucking him rough, taking him by the hips! His ass was wide open! His cock was so hard!
“It’s not possible! I can’t take my pleasure like this”
Phil was so surprised! His cock was hard and dripping! Suddenly the cum ran out his cock! He took his pleasure and he had stars on his eyes!
“So little bitch, you have cumed! I see you take your pleasure, but I’ve not finished with you! “
Bella started to fuck Phil rough! He will take every inches of horsecock strapon! His ass was smashed in, wide open! Mistress Bella was insulting him on her german language! She spanked his ass, while fucking him like a fuckdoll!
After a long time of fucking, Phil’s ass was burning! He was moaning linke a virgin! So Mistress Bella decides to stop it! She took the strapon out Phil and said
“Ok Bitch! It’s time for you to go now! Your training is over! Stand up, take your clothes and go away!”
Phil was untied by the slave, his ass was hurting so bad, it was wide open! He took his clothes wears them, then thanks his Mistress, kissing her hand in submission and go away!
On the door, Bella said:” Don’t forget to turn back next week, slut, we have much work to do, to make you a perfect sissy slave”!
Then she look at him, he went away, walking like a duck!
... Continue»
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Signed delivery service.

I had just started my new job and after trainning it seemed a dodle, I got my delivery list and set off. I was just about halfway round when I came across a huge house with entrance security gates, I got out and pressed the buzzer and waited, I pressed the buzzer again and a young girl asked who it was, I told her I had a parcel for her she pressed the buzzer and let me in.

I drove along a huge drive to a huge house, I knocked on the door and a young girl in a bathrobe answerered, she appoligised for keeping me waiting but was in the shower, she asked me to come in whilst she checked the parcel, I stepped into the hallway it was massive I made small chat saying how nice it looked she said it ok was only home, she turned round to give me my signed sheet and her gown opened to reveal a body that made me stare her tits where perfect and a totaly shaved pussy, my cock went rock hard.

She tried to cover up but i said why bother now i've seen all she appoligised, as I walked up to her and helped her out of her gown as I kissed her she rubbed my lump in my shorts as I said get it out she slowly unzipped me and pulled my cock out rubbing it slowly, I licked her nipples as she rubbed my cock, I led her into the living room and laid her on the sofa and slid my cock right into her wet slit, I moved slowly as she begged to be fucked grabbing my firm ass, as I drove my cock into her she groaned as I fucked her hard and fast, she shook and cum as I emptied my load.

I got up and got dressed as she said well that was a special delivery and i said my goodbyes, as I drove off i went about my day as I got back to the depot the boss called me in to the office, he said I deivered a parcel to a house i reconised the address according to the women I had left something at her gaff and wanted me to pick it up, the only thing I remeber leaving was a load in her pussy, the boss said he was pleased with the report as it made the company look good, i was given her number and told to make arrangements to pick up what ever i had left.

I clocked off and left for home on the way, I called her and asked what it was I left she said a pussy that needed a good cock in her again and asked me to go and see her I said i would pop by tomorrow sometime she said ok and hung up. the following day I made my route so I passed by I called in to the house, a lady answered the intercom but it wasnt the same voice I explained i had delivered there yesterday and was asked to call again today, she opened the gate and I drove in.

As I reached the door a slender older lady was waiting it had to be her mother, she asked me to come in and shut the door. as i stood in the doorway she said so you fucked my little girl yesterday I looked in amazement that she had told her mum, i appoligised for doing it but couldnt help it as i found her gorgous, she said well you need to fuck me to see if your as good as she says and undone her dress.

She stood there naked a perfect shaped body nice tits and a pussy that begged to be fucked, she led me into the living-room and sat facing me, she unzipped my trousers and pulled out my cock and started to suck it, she said I hope your good I'm hard to satisfy, I pushed her back and knelt down licking her pussy drawing her clit into my mouth flicking it with my tounge, she groaned as she held my head in that postition as i feasted on a pussy that tasted as sweet as sugar.

I pushed 2 fingers in and quickly pushed them in and out making her cum, she begged me to fuck her I told her all in good time and I would totaly satisfy her pussy, I slowly worked my fingers in and out as I licked her clit every so often rubbing her clit fast bringing her close then stop. I told her to get on her knees she was now in my control, as I pushed my cock into her ass teasing her ring driving her totaly crazy as she begged me to fuck her.

I slowly pushed my cock into her pussy and drawing it out and sliding it back in this was making her crazy and soaking wet as cum again and again, I stopped and then rammed my cock in like a rocket banging her pussy as she screamed me to fuck her harder, she shook as she cum her jucies hitting my cock as I rammed in exploding in her pussy like mad.

She collapsed over the sofa gasping for breath my cock slipped out as i noticed a creampie filled pussy with a bit of filling seeping out. she said she had a few lovers but never one like that and said I had past the test to date her daughter, I demmanded she suck my cock to clean it like a good whore and pay me for my service, she was totaly at my command as she drew my cock into her mouth sucking it dry, I told her I would call soon for good fuck from both of them when I needed it she agreed and I drove off.

That evening the boss called me in again with a huge smile on his face he told me a Mrs blith-smith thomas her husband owned a printing company and she said her husband wanted to sign a contract so we would deliver their stuff as she was very pleased with the service she had got from me as well as her daughter, I thanked the boss and went home.

About 2 weeks later I phoned Mrs blith-smith thomas and told her to arrange it so I could fucked them both in the same bed that weekend and to make sure her husband wasnt around as I wanted it all weekend. That weekend arrived and as soon as I walked in the door, I demanded the daughter to suck my cock whilst the mother watched I then demanded that she played with her pussy until she cum, I then went to the bedroom and was totaly pleased. ... Continue»
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Pizza Delivery Guy Pounds Femboi Customer

Martavious James checked his phone after hearing it notify him that he had a new text message. He replied and tossed it back aside. The eighteen year old full-time community college student and part-time pizza delivery driver turned his tricked out shiny metallic blue 2000 Honda Civic SI into the parking of the complex where he had his final customer of the evening. He hopped out of his vehicle and grabbed the carrying case containing the pie. He knocked on the door and waited. He grew impatient as he was ready to go home and chill. He knocked again and decided to call the number on the ticket.

“Hello,” a sweet voice answered.
“Hey, I’m at your door with an order Luigi’s,” he said dryly.
“Oh my bad! Gimme just a sec. I was just drying off,” she added.
“No problem,” he smiled.

The five-foot-eight-inch, one-hundred-seventy-pound young man hoped he would get a glimpse of a beautiful woman, but figured it would be some ugly broad instead. When the door opened, he was greeted by a long legged vixen. She towered over him and wore a lush pink robe with matching slippers.

“I’m so sorry, sir,” she apologized.
“You straight,” he forgave her. “Just sign here,” he handed her the pizza and the receipt.
“Okay,” she scribbled her name. “Hang on. Let me get you a tip.”

Martavious watched her walk away with slender hips swaying and taut booty shaking. He felt a rise in his pants. She returned and handed him a five dollar bill.

“Thank you, ma’am,” he grinned.
“Sir,” she said.
“Yes, ma’am,” he inquired.
“No sir. I was saying I’m a ‘sir’ – not a ‘ma’am’.”
“For real,” he laughed. “My bad.”

“No worries. I get it all the time. Have a good night.”
“You too. You got company comin’ over?”
“Not tonight. I’m just here all by my lonesome.”
“You want some company,” he piped up.
“What are you trying to say,” she pressed.
Martavious cleared his throat, “I’m sayin’ I wanna come chill with you.”

“You heard me say I’m a dude, right,” she reminded him.
“Yeah, but you look as good as a girl. So, I wanna chill.”
“How old are you?”
“I’m eighteen. What do it matter?”
“I’m thirty-one.”
“Well, you’re awfully young.”
“Age ain’t nothin’ but a number and I been fuckin’ boipussy for a while.”

“Excuse me,” she hissed.
“Ease up, sexy. I know what time it is. I just wanna spend some time.”
“You’re a handsome li’l fellow,” the six-foot-one-inch-tall customer summed him up.
“Yeah. Thanks! But, I got a big dick.”
“And how do you know I want it,” she smirked.
“If you thirty-one, why you playin’ games. Can I chill or not?”
“Bet. Lemme run back to work and clock out. I’ll be back in twenty.”

Lenny Gooden set the oven to warm, threw the pizza inside, and headed back to his bathroom. He brushed his teeth, rinsed his mouth, and rubbed lavender scented baby lotion all over his body. Then, he put on a yellow lace-trimmed tank top and a pair of black nylon & spandex mix boyshorts that had ‘NAUGHTY’ written across the butt in gold block letters. He added a pair of white footies then grabbed a seat on the couch in the living room. He hit play on the DVR and went back to watching the last episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door. Lenny got up to verify that it was in fact the delivery guy. He opened the door and said, “Come on in.”

“Thanks,” he acknowledged.
“Have a seat,” she waved her arm towards the sofa. “Would like some pizza and something to drink?”
“Yeah, boo, if you don’t mind,” he replied taking up a spot on the comfortable piece of furniture.
“What do you want to drink?”
“Whatcha got?”
“Water, milk, lemonade, vodka, bourbon, sprite,” she rattled off.

“Can I get some vodka?”
“Aren’t you too young to drink?”
“No,” he shot back matter-of-factly.
“I don’t need to be contributing to the delinquency of a minor.”
“I ain’t gonna tell nobody.”
“Okay,” Lenny relented.

Lenny returned with the pizza, two plates, and two glasses. He ran back into the kitchen and brought the liquor along with lemonade. Lenny told him to help himself. He poured straight vodka and grab a couple of slices. Lenny mixed his with lemonade selected a piece.

“So, I’m Lenny. What’s your name,” the host inquired.
“Martavious,” he said stuffing his mouth. “What kinda pizza is this?”
“I ain’t never had pizza with no meat. Not bad.”
“Yeah. It’s my favorite.”
“That’s wassup,” he continued munching.

“So, I have a question,” Lenny started.
“Yeah,” he grunted grabbing another slice.
“You said you been fucking boipussy for a long time, but you’re only eighteen. How old were you when you started.”
“f******n,” he responded.
“Young. How did it happen?”

Martavious took a long sip of the vodka and cleared his throat. Then he began, “When I was twelve my mom went to prison and my dad was already locked up. My grandma got custody of me. Anyway, about the time I fucked the first dude, I had been actin’ out, skipping school, and shit. So my grandma put me on lockdown and every time she left the house, she took me with her – even to the beauty shop.”

Martavious continued, “One day after school, she had to get her hair done. So we was at the beauty shop. She realized she didn’t have her checkbook so she needed to run home. She was the last customer and I was doin’ homework and she asked the hairdresser if she could just run home and leave me there to finish my work. He said yep. She left. Being f******n, you know yo’ dick stay hard and shit. Anyway, he saw my outline and asked if I was okay.”

“I said, ‘What you mean?’”
“He said, “Looks like something got you excited down.’”
“I said, ‘Huh?’”
“He said, ‘Your jimmy is bulging.’”
“I said, ‘It do that a lot.’”

“Then he asked how I usually take care of it,” Martavious kept going. “I asked him why he need to know. He said he was just wondering cause it looked so big and was wondering if I was having sex with girls yet. I told him I was till my grandma grounded my ass. Then, he asked if I liked it being sucked. I told him yeah. He asked if I wanted it sucked right then. I asked him by who and he said he’d be willing. By then he was touching it and I was like go for it. He sucked the hell outta my dick and then I bent his big ass over and busted in them guts.”

“Wow,” Lenny remarked in awe. “How old was the beautician?”
“Twenty-one. We fucked nearly every day till I moved up here with my uncle.”
“Your grandmother didn’t catch on.”
“Naw. After we finished he told me to start sweeping up when we heard her car outside. He asked her if I could work for him a couple of hours in the evening cleaning up before he closed.”
“And she said yes?”
“Yep. I rode my bike to his shop at about 7:00 every evening. And he drove me back home by 9:30. I wasn’t gon’ tell cause he kept me up and shit.”

“Why’d you leave,” Lenny prodded
“She passed away,” Martavious revealed. “So I came up here. Just stayed after I graduated.”
“I’m sorry.”
“You good.”

“So you like what you see,” Lenny asked.
“Hell yeah! Let me see that ass.”

Lenny stood and showed off his petite booty. Martavious gave it a slap for good measure. He grabbed his crotch and inquired, “You think you can handle all this?” Lenny knelt down to feel it. Martavious had not been lying. His dick was around nine-and-a-half inches and really thick. Lenny just looked knowingly in his eyes and shook his head in the affirmative. “Well, shit. Let’s make it happen,” Martavious stated.

Lenny extended her hand and Martavious stood. Lenny led the guest to his bedroom where an orange vanilla scented candle was burning. Lenny hopped on the bed and began unbuckle Martavious’ belt. Lenny pulled the monster from his boxers and began slurping. He kissed, jerked, licked, and swallowed the shaft like a hungry babe nursing on a bottle. Lenny slapped the lengthy tool against his left cheek and called out, “You got a big fat dick!”

“I’ma put this big fat ass dick in that tight ass,” Martavious retorted pulling Lenny’s head back towards him. “I’ma tear that boipussy up.” Lenny sucked for a few more minutes. It was completely sloppy job which Martavious loved. “Aiight, now bend lay yo’ ass down on yo’ stomach,” he commanded taking into account Lenny was a good bit taller and this position would negate the challenge of regular doggy-style action.

Martavious bent down and buried his tongue in Lenny’s light brown hole. He spanked each of his light caramel colored cheeks. The anus felt like a sauna to his mouth and tasted like strawberries – flavored lube he thought. Martavious grabbed a pillow and slid it under Lenny’s waist. He mounted the soft bottom and spat on his dick. He started working it in. Lenny squirmed as the head popped in. Martavious held him down revealing his strength and scolded him, “Be still and take this dick.”

Martavious pressed both of Lenny’s arms into the bed and thrust his cock in and out. The hole began to loosen and Lenny stated to moan. “Mmmm,” he cooed. Martavious loved how Lenny clenched his walls around his dick. Soon, Lenny was farting and Martavious was fucking him wildly.

“You got some good ass boipussy,” Martavious confessed.
“Mmm. Thank you! You got some good dick,” Lenny wailed.
“You like this big fat dick in that faggot ass?”
“Ooh yes sir!”

That comment was enough to make Martavious cum. But, he pulled out in effort to avoid ejaculation before he was entirely ready. “Roll over,” he ordered. Lenny flipped on his back and Martavious put his legs over his shoulders. Martavious angled up and went about hammering Lenny’s sissy pussy in the missionary position. Lenny fondled his defined, but not over muscular, chest.

“Kiss me,” Lenny whined.
“Hell yeah,” Martavious grunted as he leaned down.

The tongue wrestled while Martavious cupped each of Lenny’s butt cheeks and slammed his dick repeatedly in Lenny’s cookie jar.

“Fuck, bae,” Martavious huffed. “I’ma cum. I’ma cum. Oh shit, I’m cumming!!!”

Martavious shot his load deep inside. He collapsed on top of Lenny. He was sweaty and spent. Lenny licked his ear and whispered, “We gotta do this again, sexy.”
... Continue»
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My GF and the delivery guy

"You really want me to answer the door like this?" my girlfriend Jill said with a little smile.

I sized her up. "Well, I suppose your top could be a little wetter."

She shook her head. She said she wanted to do anything, any fantasy of mine for my birthday. I don't think she expected this. But I knew her well enough to know when she liked something. And shy though she was, she was also little excited by this.

She opened her mouth and let a good amount of spittle drool down onto her left tit. Then she rubbed it around, making her nipple more visible. Then she did it again for her right tit.

She took a deep breath. I could tell she was preparing herself. The pizza boy was going to arrive any second now.

The money was set out on the table next to her. And I backed off, out of sight, but I could still see his thanks to a strategically placed mirror next to them in the front hallway.

The doorbell rang.

Jill gave me a nervous but excited look. It would be easy enough. Open the door, let the delivery boy see you. Act like it's no big deal. Pay and that's it.

So she did. She opened the door.

Standing there in the uniform of the pizza place was a high-school aged black k**. Immediately his mouth dropped and his eyes jetted up and down Jill's body, eventually stopping on her tits.

I wondered if the excitement of being seen like this had made them a bit excited. Then the two looked at each other and regarded each other.

"Hey." The boy said.

"Hey." Jill said, as if she knew him.

I wondered. How could Jill know this black k**? I couldn't be sure but the most logical answer was: Jill worked at the African Art department of the local college. Occasionally high school k**s would come in and volunteer. That seemed like the most logical explanation.

Still I hadn't expected the delivery boy to be someone she knew (provided I was reading the signs right, and they did in fact know each other). So that was my surprise.

And this was Jill's surprise:

The boy gave her the price. "Umm.." he tried to squeak it out. "Twenty two dollars." He said.

So Jill, trying not to be awkward, grabbed the money I'd left on the table and counted it. Twenty two exactly.

No tip.

She glanced back in my direction for a second. But I was out of sight. Still, I could see in her eyes, that she was realizing what she had to do, or deciding the best way to go about it.

"Come in here for a second Toby." She said. She knew his name. Then I was sure she knew who he was.

Gladly he stepped into the front hall, closing the door behind him.

Her lips curled into a dirty smile. "Do you like what you see?" She said.

And Toby looked her up and down again. He nodded.

I wondered if he'd ever been with a woman before, or even seen one like this.

"Instead of a tip, how would you like…" She stopped for a moment to think, maybe to wonder if I'd orchestrated the whole thing, or maybe to anticipate what was about to happen. But there was no going back now. "How would you like me to suck your dick?"

And his answer was, well, surprising.

"Not really" he said, nervously, with a mouth full of marbles.

Jill turned back again to look in my direction. Perhaps in part to wonder what now, or to just show me how her face was awash in disappointment.

I was shocked myself. Shocked that the boy had said no, and shocked at just how disappointed Jill seemed to be.

Then he spoke again. "But I'd like to fuck your ass."

The evening just kept getting more and more shocking.

I flashed on a conversation I'd had with Jill years ago. Years and years ago when we started dating and started sl**ping together. "Are you interested in trying anal?" I'd asked her once, innocently enough.

She'd declined "I've never been curious to try it." She'd said. "It's just a little to slutty for me."

So, like a good boyfriend I'd never brought it up again.

Now I wondered exactly how she was going to politely turn down Toby.

And as I wondered, I watched as my girlfriend got down on all fours in the hall, presenting her ass.

Well, I thought, that answers that.

Jill's face now pointed at me, a slight smile curled on her lips. Excitement. Anticipation. Anxiety.

She couldn't see Toby pull down his pants and take out a pretty good sized cock for a guy his age.

And she bit her lip as he kneeled down behind her and grabbed her hips, slowly rolling her panties down her thighs to her knees.

Then she gasped as she felt him spread her ass cheeks and spit down onto her anus. She squeaked a bit as he rubbed the spittle on her with a thick thumb.

"You want this?" He asked confidently.

"Do it hard" She said breathlessly.

And her mouth dropped, her eyes rolled back as his manhood penetrated her asshole. As he thrust into her over and over, the sound of flesh smacking against flesh filling the room, the scent of thick sex filling the room, she began to squeak, loud, high pitched, pleasure-filled squeaks of joy. Her fingers curled on the tile floor.

It took me a second to realize that her squeaks were actually words. She was trying, in all her passion to say "fuck… my… ass…" over and over

and this was fueling Toby's boldness. "Yes!" he said "you like that slut?"

and in turn Jill squeaked out "Yes… I am."

And it felt a little bit like she was crossing a line she wouldn't be able to go back on.

Of course I very badly wanted to run out into the hall and join them, and thrust my cock into Jill's mouth. But I didn't want to scare Toby.

Besides, I thought, there'd be plenty of time for group sex later. This new slutty side of Jill wasn't going anywhere.

Finally Toby said "Where do you want my cum?"

And I saw Jill genuinely think about it, as if she weighed several different options and had to come up with the dirtiest.

What options she decided against I couldn't know. Her tits perhaps, maybe her ass, or even the pizza. But she settled on:

"My face" She said, quickly sliding off his black, messy cock, flipping around and opening her mouth, eagerly taking his jizz all over herself, her mouth, her hair, her eye. Just a load of jizz.

And as she laid there panting, Toby got up, pulled up his pants and left.

I walked out toward her and looked down at her.

"You should cum on my face too." She said.

So I did, jerking my already hard cock off, adding to the mess Toby had already made, as she fingered herself furiously.

Then I plopped down on the floor next to her. She looked amazing, covered in sweat and cum. She was beautiful. "Now what?" I asked.

She shrugged. "Well… the pizza's probably cold. Maybe we should just order another." ... Continue»
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Late Night Eggroll Delivery

I'm feeling pretty good today. An old friend of mine stopped by last night and we slept together. Susan is a gorgeous 38 year old redhead with a luscious body and a pair of really big breasts. When she gets excited, which is pretty much all the time, her nipples swell hugely. I swear that they become an inch long and they're very thick too. I just love to suck on them. Her clitoris swells hugely too and it is heaven to suck it into your mouth.

Susan and I didn't get to bed (sl**p) until pretty early this morning because we were in this 69 for two or three hours last night. I don't know how many orgasms we had but it was probably around 10-12 a piece. I love it when Susan swallows my orgasmic flow every time I cum.

Finally hungry for some food (instead of one another), we had eggrolls delivered at 1:30 AM and Susan met the delivery guy nude at the front door. I stood naked in the middle of the living room, my legs apart and spreading my labia with my fingers and rubbing my swollen and protruding clit. Susan kept fucking around with the poor guy, giving him large bills that he couldn't make change for. I could see the bulge growing in his pants as he fumbled around for change. He'd look at her great big breasts, inches from his face and then he'd look around her at me, masturbating for him with my legs spread wide open. I thought the poor little guy was going to have a heart attack! I think that he pissed himself before he got off the front porch.......... Continue»
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