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Deer Hunting with Daddy

... into the mountains every fall for the yearly deer hunt. I had been going since I ... the same time, working his own daddy over with his lips and tongue. Meanwhile, my ... , my uncle took the younger cousins hunting while the naughtiness continued in the grownup ... ... Continue»
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Dicked by Daddy and Duke

I had literally walked through the front door Friday afternoon,when my Dad asked me "Son,how would like to spend the next ten days deer hunting with Your Old Man and Duke? Now,before You answer,I want you to think about it. It will be just the three of us,there's no running water and our sources of entertainment are a radio,an old greasy deck of cards and some magazines. Well? What do you say?"

"Are You serious?" I replied,stopping in my tracks. My hand was still on the doorknob and my bookbag slammed into the backs my legs. "Man o Man! That sounds fantastic!" I laughed. "When do we leave?" Just the thought of spending all that time without listening to my Mother's or S ister's voice bitching and nagging,was enough for me to say "Yes!".

Duke,looking like a lumberjack,walked out from the kitchen holding a beer can and tightened his belt. "We leave as soon as you shower,change into some jeans and park your scrawney ass in the truck! Everything's packed and waiting on You!" he said coming over to me and squashing me in a one armed hug. "Now get a move on!" he growled and slapped me on my backside.

I couldn't believe my luck! Why the sudden change in my Dad? Every year I begged to go along with Him and Duke,and every year I got the same answers "No, You'll hate it. You're not a hunter. Hell,Boy! You cry every time You watch Bambi! and, Maybe when you grow a pair!"

That thought kept popping into my head as I showered. "Maybe when You grow a pair." Had Dad Finally noticed that puberty was setting in? I didn't know,was this idea about taking me along His or Dukes? Dad knew that Duke was my favorite friend of his. I mean,Duke would take me bowling,fishing,or wherever I wanted to go and He teased me all the time like I was His own. So,maybe it was Duke's idea after all. If it was,I couldn't be more thrilled.

I was sitting in the back seat of the truck,smiling my fool head off just a few minutes later. And altho I was excited and didn't think I would,I fell asl eep a couple of hours into the trip. When I awoke,the truck was at our camp. It was pitch black outside and I could hear them talking as they unpacked.

"That boy can sl**p through almost anything!" Duke was laughing. "Hay! Fuzzy Nuts! Wake up and help,will Ya?!" Duke bellowed in the window as he knocked loudly on the door with his knuckles. When He opened the door,I fell out at his feet. Reaching down,Duke grabbed me by my belt,picked me up and then carried me up the cabin steps. Setting me on my feet,He told me what needed to be done and in almost no time, we were finished and in our rooms settling down for the night.


That first day was spent cleaning,stocking the pantry shelves and loading up the refrigerator. Dad had a generator he locked up when we weren't there. "It gets cold this time of year and My Old Bone likes to stay warm and snuggly!" He said as he pointed to a space heater. We also used the generator for the refrigerator and freezer, to keep any fish or game we may get from spoiling.

That afternoon, as I was bringing in some firewood,I watched as Duke was taking a piss on a tree not too far away from me. Oh My God! His dick was enormous! I had never seen it before and I was seriously impressed! He caught me looking at him and gave me a wink as he slowly shook,then pulled on his cock. I had to hurry inside,because for some reason I was getting a hard-on and I didn't want him to think I was queer or something.

A few minutes later my Dad walked past me,rifle in hand and said "I'm going out to set up the tree stands. Stay here and hold down the fort with Duke. I'll be gone quite a while so get dinner started,will Ya? And don't let him tease You too much." He ruffled my hair and left. I listened to the four wheeler as he drove away and for some reason,I began to get butterflies in my stomach.

Duke's tall,lean form came in and stood in the doorway. He had an armload of wood and wanted me to help unload it. I couldn't help myself. I couldn't stop thinking about his dick and how big it was,and I felt my own dick getting hard again as I stared at his buldging crotch! I walked over and took a couple of the logs ,I was bending over,placing them in the woodbox,when I heard him walk up behind me. I turned around to see him looking down at me smiling. I smiled back and moved off to the side,holding my hands in front of my groin,so he wouldn't see my stiffy. "Don't You go too far." He said. "I'm going to need some more help. Bring in some water and set it to heating by the fire. I'll start dinner. No offense,Buddy,but I've tasted your cooking." He chuckled.

I did as I was told and heard him in the kitchen,banging pots and pans around a few minutes later. After a half hour of playing Solitary,Duke said "Done! How's the water?". "It's hot!" I replied and almost fell out of the chair as I watched Him come walking out of the kitchen stark naked! He had a towel over his shoulder and he carried an old aluminum bathtub. Duke placed it on the floor and without saying a word,he stood in the tub and washed his face,armpits,the crack of his ass and that huge,dangling,now semi-hard cock of his. "That feels Great!" He exclaimed rincing off with the hot water. "Your turn!"

"Wh-What?!" I stammered. "You heard me. "Your Turn!" Now get to it!" he laughed.
I once again did as I was told. I stripped down and did my best to hide my erection while washing.

"Well,well now,Fuzzy Nuts. That's not too bad for a boy your age! What're You sporting there? About five inches?" He asked,looking at my dick. He still stood there naked,but now he was drinking a beer. As he drank,I noticed that his dick was getting even fatter and longer and starting to rise! "I-I d-don't really know. I never m-measured it." I said looking at the floor. "Well let's find out,shall We?" Duke asked as he stepped closer and patted my shoulder. Then He took my dick into the palm of his hand.

Duke set the beer can on the floor,after draining it,and knelt in front of me. Using two of his fingers,He gently squeezd my aching dick,just behind the head. Then taking his free hand,he cupped my balls and pressed them up against my crotch. My head and vision swam! I heard my heart pounding in my ears! "Yep! I'd say that's at Least five inches! How ya doin'?" He asked calmly,like nothing special had just happened! I couldn't talk. I tried to,but I couldn't! My throat was dry and I was having a hard time breathing! Letting go of my dick,Duke stood up. When He did,his cock stuck up hard and curved. The head of it came to rest at least four inches above his navel! Duke then pulled me into a hug and I felt his manhood,hot,massive and pulsing,pressing against the top of my naked stomach and into my chest!

He stood there holding me as I circled my arms around his waist and pushed my face into his chest. Duke leaned forward and I felt his hands move down along my wet back,coming to rest on my buttox. His big,rough hands began to kneed my butt cheeks and spread them apart little by little. He removed his right hand and sucked on his middle finger then returned it,placing the tip against the pucker of my asshole. He continued applying pressure,then easing off,over and over again. He kept this motion up until the tip of his finger finally slipped past the ring of my asshole. I squeeked and gave a little jump,then I pushed back against his probing digit. For the next fifteen minutes he slowly finger fucked my ass! I had never felt anything like that before and I was in love with the sensation! I begged Him for more! My dick was dancing around with each of his finger's strokes,and when he went full finger deep and pressed it forward against the wall of my lower stomach,I pushed down even harder and began to grind myself on it! I was seeing stars!

By the time Duke broke our embrace,He had been able to work three fingers up into my gaping,virgin asshole,all because I kept begging him to "Add One More! Please! Just One More!" until he did. Removing his fingers and giving me another big smile,He slapped me hard across the ass with a loud,stinging "Crack"!

I looked up at him lovingly. "Why? Why did you stop?!" I whined "Please! Do it some more! You can do anything to me! Anything at all that you want to!" I was almost in tears. "Because Your Dad is comiing back. You can't hear that?" He said,pointing out the open window where the four wheeler could barely be heard coming down the trail. "Get dressed. And don't touch your cock! You hear me? I don't want you jerking off!" I walked naked to my room and stood in the doorway,pointing my dick at him I said "Don't worry. I haven't done that yet. I don't really know how to do that!"


For the next two days it was business as usual. We would wake,eat,wash(in a curtained camp shower Dad put up)and then spend the day hunting. At twilight,We would come back,have dinner and play card games while listening to the radio till it was bed time. Every so often,if Dad wasn't in the room,Duke would look at me and wink. My dick was almost constantly hard and I was trying my best to hide it from Dad.

That Monday,as I was getting ready to climb down from my tree stand,a big Buck walked right in front of me and stood there. I looked over at my Dad in his tree stand and then I looked over at Duke. They were watching me,not moving at all! I knew what I had to do and did it. Alto,I will admit I closed my eyes at the last moment. The Buck dropped right where it had been standing. I helped load it on the four wheeler and bring it back to the cabin. I didn't cry when they made me help clean it,but I did almost got sick. And I even helped hang it in the shed!

I drank my first beer that night! My Dad had been celebrating since we got back to the cabin. In fact,by the time he left the shed,Dad was Pretty Well Lit! He kept hugging me and shouting out into the woods how proud he was of his "Little Warrior!". Duke kept a steady supply of beer flowing to all of us. I was standing in the kitchen,lost,when I heard a loud thud and Dad laughing. I stumbled back to the living room and Dad was laying on the floor naked. The camp shower's curtain was laying next to him in a heap.

"At leass Igot th soap ovuv me nutsss!" he laughed "Gmmea dowel ana peer! Oy! I-Igodda pizz! Hep me upand out!" he continued laughing as he crawled to the door. It took Duke and I both,to stand him up and get him to the porch rail. It had been years since I had seen my Dad's dick and I was shocked! It filled his entire hand and hung out a good four or five inches from that! He was almost as big as Duke! Dad swung his cock back and forth while he pissed. "Jusstink Boy! Mebby You'll hava dick thiss big in a few yearz!" He said when he finished. He then began reaching out behind him for a chair to sit down in. I stood there staring at my Dad's big,limp cock hanging down between his legs,dripping piss. He reached up and patted my cheek,closed his eyes and fell asl**p.

I had turned to go get Dad a blanket when Duke tossed one from the porch swing over him. "Come on! Let's go get cleaned up." Duke said,resting my hands on my shoulders and walking behind me as we went into the cabin. I stood there,shaking,as he undid my belt and opened the front of my jeans. "Well. Are You going to help?" he asked,looking amused. I pulled the shirt up and over my head as he pulled off my pants and underwear. Stepping out of them,I giggled as he began touching my dick with his fingertips. He ran them along the sides of the length of my shaft to it's base,and then stroked the underside till he was touching just under the tip of my cock,which he then tickled. Without saying a word,He leaned forward and sucked the head of my cock into his mouth french kissing it! My hands flew to the sides of his face holding him there! I thought I was going to piss in his mouth!

Duke stood up then and with fumbling fingers I helped get him undressed. Stepping into the tub we began to wash each others bodies. He knelt down and held me in his arms,exploring my body with soapy hands. His face rested on the top of my head and his long brown hair d****d over me,covering my head and shoulders. My dick hurt! God did it hurt! It was so hard! Harder than ever before in my life! I wanted him to touch me more ,but I was aching so badly, whenever my dick brushed against the hair on his chest,I couldn't stand it or the pressure of his caress! We rinced off and stayed there looking at each other in the fire light. When Duke finally stood back up,the shadow of his enormous cock was grossly distorted against the cabin wall. He was clenching his asscheeks together,f orcing more b lood into it and making his cock bounce about,as I watched and laughed. Then he did something that I didn't think was possible. His cock got even bigger and harder! It began to swell in girth and length! Suddenly His cock head swelled up till it looked like a large,dark red peach!

Duke lifted me up and stood me in front of the fire place. Telling me to stay put,he went to the kitchen and came back with a six pack of beer,handing me one of them. "Drink Up!" he said and walked down the hall to his room. As he walked back to me,all I could do was stare at his cock! It was the biggest dick I had ever seen in my life! It was way bigger than any of the guys dicks in the porno mags I found that morning,hidden under my bed in the cabin! And His Balls! They looked like two fat pill bottles hanging down in a brown plastic bag,almost six inches between his thighs! I couldn't wait to feel the weight of them in my hands! Or to see if I could suck on them,like I had seen this one blond bitch doing in a Hustler.

His cock wasn't as big as it had been,when he returned to me. He was carying a bottle of clear lotion and something else that was hidden in his hand. I mentioned it and he told me not to worry. As I took his dick in both of my hands and lifted it,licking all around his cocks head,he said "It'll get at least that big again! See? I sure hope You can take it,Little Buddy! God,I have wanted to fuck You for such a long time and now I finally have the chance!" He moaned and lifted me up giving me another hug and kissing me deeply.

It was my first time being french kissed,and I didn't want it to end! I clawed at him,pulling him deerer and harder against me. When we broke apart I said "I sure wish You had said something before now!" and I was slapping at his hand as he tried to touch my dick. "I would have let You,You know! We've been alone tons of times! Why didn't You show me Your cock years ago? You know all you have to do is ask and I always do whatever You want!"


We went out to the porch then,with beers in our hands and checked on Dad. He was still sl**ping. Duke laughed when I knelt in front of Dad,lifted the blanket up and took his limp dick in my hands. The cold didn't seem to bother him! Despite what he said! I gazed up at Duke and made a big show by pointing Dad's cock at my face and I began licking the underside of it's head. I was doing the same things I had seen those girls doing in the magazines. I started slapping my fathers cock all over my face and open mouth. I grabbed it at the base with my left hand and began jerking my right hand up and down,fast,while resting the swelling head o fhis dick on my tongue. I opened my mouth as far as I could,looked Duke in the eyes and sucked as much of Dad's dick as I could get,into me!

Dad moaned out and called my Mother's name. That made me even bolder! I began sucking on the tip of his cock and jerked him off into my mouth. I backed up and raised his spit covered dick,leaning forward till I could kiss his low hanging balls. I couldn't resist. I sucked one of his nuts into my mouth and swirlled it around. I began popping it in and out,between my lips! Then I heard Dad say "Oh Yeah! Missy! You're gonna get it! I'm gonna fuck You! You dirty fuckin' Whore!"

I felt Duke rub something into my asshole. Whatever it was made it go numb almost instantly! He leaned against the rail watching as my father lurched to his feet and grabbed me by the hair. He was pushing his cock into my face till I took him once again into my mouth. I kept sucking on his big cock till it was rigid and stuck straight out from his skinny body. He wasn't as big as Duke,but Damn! He was Big! The weird thing was,the head of his cock was smaller than the shaft!

"Don't be fooled by that Torpedo,Boy!" Duke told me "That fucker's going to swell up! Big Time! Get ready!" and he laughed.

Dad swayed on his feet. His eyes were closed as he reached out blindly for me. "C'mere,Missy! Back that snatch up! Now!" He demanded. I felt Duke's hands on me turning me around and pushing me down till I was on all fours. He then stood behind Dad and guided him forward till Dad could grip my hips. This was not what I expected. Neither was what happened next. My eyes flew opened as my father shoved his dick into me! The opening of my asshole mightn't not have felt it,but Man did the rest of me! My dick stood out hard and with every stroke he made,I thought I would split open. I felt a wetness dripping out of the head of my dick and I looked down between my legs just as I started to piss all over the porch!

My hands slapped onto the floor of the porch as my father's big dick plunged repeatedly into me! He was shoving into me! Instinctivly plowing away! He was madly humping my asshole! Dad then started grinding deeply into my ass and moving from side to side! He kept calling me by my Mom's name! "Take it Missy! Whoz stuffing your tight cunt,Missy? That's right! I am!" He grunted. "Not long now,Slut! Not Long Nowww! Ugh! You fucking Slut! I'm Cuming! I'm Cuming,Missy! Take My Cum,You Cunt!" He yelled into the darkness.

I felt hot liquid erupt inside of me! Time after time He unloaded deep within my bowels! I could feel his pelvic bone digging into my ass as he came and came! He held my hips tight against him as his cock slowly began to shrink. Then I burst into tears when He said "Take this Bitch!" and My Father emptied his bladder into me! It was the four ce of his piss filling me that hurt so much. I felt my stomach swelling as he filled me full of his amber discharge and it mixed with his cum!

"Don't you dare shit on me,you Bitch! Don't You do it! Hold it in till You can get to the bathroom!" Dad was so out of it,He didn't even know He had just fucked his Son's virgin ass! Or that He was with Duke at the cabin!
As He pulled his dick from my ass,He pinched my asscheeks together,keeping me from shooting everything inside of me out! With that said,He fell back into the chair and began snoring again!


Duke helped me crawl to the edge of the steps without incident. I turned around and shot a stream of,"I don't want to think about it",from my sore asshole,into the weeds! I emptied myself time and again. I clenched my stomach muscles together till nothing more that air would issue forth!

He then carried me into the livingroom. My head spun and My body felt like a punching bag. Duke asked me to kneel down on all fours again in front of the fire,and I did so. I will do anything for Him! He took a hot,soapy washcloth and cleaned me up. Then he warned me about what was to come next.

I felt a pressure against the pucker of my hole. He inserterd a tube,gently and I felt bliss as warm water slowly began to fill me. He lifted me up into a squating position and let me relieve myself in a bucket. We did this four times,until he told me everything was clean and clear. I snuggled into his arms as we went to bed.


Right before we went to bed,Duke gave some pills and I slept like a baby. I awoke with no headache,altho my stomach was still a tad sore. I opened my eyes and was amazed to find my asshole felt almost normal!

I left Duke in bed,after I kissed his massive hard-on,and went to check on Dad. Dad was laying on the porch,wrapped in the balnket,passed out and still snoring. I was laughing as I went back to snuggle into Dukes arms. But when I got to Duke's room, He was gone! I was frantic! I ran through the cabin looking for him! When I finally found him,He was on the back porch drinking a cup of coffee and taking a piss. I stood there watching him,licking my lips!

"Little Buddy,I've already been up twice! Hell,Boy! I made us coffe and breakfast and all You did was sl**p! Ya hungry?" He said to me winking holding his cock in his hand as he started to walk naked into the kitchen. "Hell Fucking Yeah,I'm Hungry!" I exclaimed and stood blocking his way inside. I reached out and took his long flacid cock,stuffing as much of it into my mouth as I could fit!

I began sucking greedily upon the head of his cock. It began swelling,as I hoped it would. I continued to lather the head of his cock with my spit,teasing it with my lips as it became engorged with Bl ood. My jaw began acheing as Duke's cock became too large for my mouth! I sc****d my teeth across his sensitive dickhead as I took it out. Then I stroked my hands along it's shaft in a wanton fashion and looked up at Him.

"Duke? I know that Dad already fucked me. But will You Please take my Virginity?" I panted. "Please? Would you Fuck me? Please?! I wanted You to be the first and You gave me to Him! But I want You to Forget about my Dad and FUCK ME!"

Duke knelt in front of me. Just like he had the night before,and He gripped my asscheeks in his hands. He looked up at me and smiled as He took my stiff little cock into his mouth and began giving me a proper blow job! Moments later,as tears streamed down from my eyes,I clenched my ass cheeks together,and felt total extasy as I emptied my balls! I shot my first orgasm into Dukes waiting mouth! He continued sucking my cock! He drank every last drop as I stood writhing back and forth,my dick dancing in his mouth! I couldn't help myself as I slapped the top of his head!

He kept sucking my dick until I fell over his shoulder,exhausted as He carried me to his bed!


Duke's cock had grown even bigger than I had ever seen it before! Once again he had fo rced bl ood into His Monster Cock,making it swell beyond belief! He then had Me stretch a rubber cock-ring over the shaft and secure it to it's base! My God! That Thing Was Enormous! If I thought the head of his cock had looked like a large red peach before,it now resembled a Navel Orange! His cock was thicker than my wrist and I actually wept thinking about him fucking me!

Duke laid me on my back and kissed me. Hard. My legs were lifted and rested against his shoulders as I felt the knob of his engorged manhood pressing against my asshole. There was no other way,He Had To Shove that Monster past the tight ring of my ass-pussy!

I felt like I was shitting fire! The head of Dukes cock entered me and I think I passed out as He began feeding me every inch,by turgid inch of his hard,Horse sized cock that He could,into me!

I came to screaming "Fuck Me,Duke!" His fat,long,hard cock was barely in me! I bucked against him trying to take every inch of His cock I possibly could! I ground my ass into Him!

"Pleae! Duke! Please Fuck Me! Cum IN Me! Fuh.." and I passed out again! I don't know how many times I lost consciousness while He fucked me,but I awoke to Duke holding his cock to my lips! "Open Up! Bitch!" He told me as I parted my lips and He came in my mouth!

I wrapped my lips around the very tip of His cock and I sucked! I took every spurt of cum he shot into my mouth! And when He was done? I begged Him to stick his cock back up my asshole and hold me close. He did it too!

Dad woke us by knocking on Duke's bedroom door and saying "Hay,Duke?! You seen the Boy?"... Continue»
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Red Nixy (Shower time with Daddy)

Shower time with Daddy

I want to be your Daddy's girl that you love more than anyone else in the world. I want to walk around the house in short cheerleading shorts with a tight small undershirt on with no bra on. I am sitting Indian style on the floor of the living room texting friends on my phone but when you get up and walk by to go to your room I will pull the fabric covering my pretty pink pussy to the side and show daddy a little bit of his naughty girl. I am so excited that my Daddy saw my pussy that my nipples begin to poke out of my shirt. I wait for my Daddy to come back down stairs but it was taking him so long, why? I want to spread my legs and show Daddy my pussy again but he was still in his room. I get up to go upstairs and as I walk towards the bedroom, I hear something. AAAawwwwww AAAWWwwww Nixy......Baby girl......AWwww. I could hear that Daddy was in the shower. I peak my head around the corner and saw my Daddy in his shower with his hand touching his penis. When I saw this I licked my lips because all I could think about was sneaking in and kissing on my Daddy's dick slowly over and over and over. I love my Daddy so much, he is so smart. He knows everything. Daddy and I have always had a special relationship with one another. I have always kept it a secret though. Daddy is still moaning and stroking his big dick. Daddy looks so good to his baby girl. As I peek at my Daddy masturbating to the thought of peeping between my legs in the living room, I begin to touch my pussy from outside of my little shorts. I put my finger in my mouth and wish it was my Daddy's dick. As I tried to move into a more comfortable position I push the door closed. Oh No! Now Daddy knows I was out here watching him. He knows how dirty of a little girl I am but he is always running away to masturbate, resisting me. Daddy calls me into the bathroom while he is standing in the shower with a rock hard dick watching my body as I slowly come into the steamy room. I will never forget what my Daddy said to me in the most soothing yet aggressive tone while I was standing there with a soaked pussy wet through my shorts in front of his shower. "Little girl, get over here and learn how to suck your Daddy's dick."

My face turns Red. This is what I have been waiting for. I touch myself every night thinking about sucking on my Daddy's dick. Daddy watches me as I slowly take off my shirt and turn facing him. I grab my breasts and softly fondle them in front of Daddy. I know that this is what Daddy wants me to do, so like a good little girl, I do it. Daddy grabs his dick again and begins to watch me, gazing into my eyes seeing all of the nasty things that I am about to do to him. Daddy knows he shouldn't be doing this to his little girl. But since she was little she had done things to entice Daddy. Smiling at him, sitting on his lap close to his dick, whispering sweet things in his ear like "I love you Daddy", "I’m proud of you Daddy," and "I’m scared Daddy please hold me close tonight."

Daddy would let his baby kiss on his neck while she was sitting on his lap wondering what was hard in Daddy's pants. Daddy enjoys watching her grow and loves that when they are alone, his baby girl will give him a soft sweet kiss right on his lips. But now that I am a little older Daddy will come in the room and watch me. Sometimes I don't even know. But I do not mind, my Daddy can do whatever he wants to do. After cheer practice I get home at about 8pm. When Daddy hears me coming in the door he runs to get into my closet so that he might watch me get undressed. I go to my room to get in the shower and begin to take off my clothes, I catch Daddy's reflection in the mirror and I can see that he is in the closet. I can't tell what he is doing though. But I know that he is watching me. This makes me wet when Daddy does these things. I love the way he watches me all the time and cannot be without me. I can't find my lotion so I get on my knees next to the bed to look under it, I bend over right in front of the closet door and my phat pussy opens up from behind.

Moments after I hear my Daddy shout, "Shit! Fuck! AWww baby girl". I felt drops from the closet hit my face and my mouth. I remained on my knees and turned to look inside of the crack in the closet door where my Daddy was watching me from, I looked straight into his eyes and licked the speck of cum from my soft lips. Daddy and I did things like that for a while. I was thinking about all of these times that Daddy and I played around while I was standing in his bathroom about to get into the shower with him. I open the door and step in. I go over to my Daddy and give him a big hug putting my arms around his neck and giving him those soft secret kisses we share.

Daddy's dick was hitting my stomach because he was so excited to be this close to his little girl in the shower with the house to themselves. Daddy takes his finger and softly slides it between his baby’s soft young lips. When Daddy feels how wet I am he snatches his hand back. What’s wrong Daddy? I whisper to him looking into his eyes with my pouty lips and big brown baby eyes. Daddy tells me that he can't touch me there right now because it would make him too excited and he had to save his load for me. I take Daddy's dick in my hand and begin to do what I saw him doing to it. I watch Daddy's face as I stroke his throbbing dick. Daddy loves looking into my eyes while I touch him. I love the feeling of having so much power literally in my hands. Daddy is so vulnerable with his dick in his baby girl’s hands. I can control him with every stroke and my Daddy knows it. Daddy knows that his baby girl can get anything she wants out of him while they are in this position. Daddy grabs my head and starts to kiss me all over my face, neck and chest. Daddy's getting very excited. He started stroking and grinding his dick in my hand while biting on my neck and breasts. The water was so hot and Daddy was ready to begin teaching his girl how to please her Daddy. Daddy puts his hands on my shoulders and pushes me down to my knees. The water is getting all over me but Daddy likes the way I look on my knees in the shower with my hair wet and my young body dripping. I look up at my Daddy and told him how much I love and care about him, and that I would do anything to make him happy. I kiss Daddy's penis and watch it jump. I laugh and Daddy looks down at me and smiles calling me silly and telling me to continue to be a good little girl and take care of my Daddy. I kiss Daddy's dick some more and lick it too.

Daddy really likes it but I can tell he needs more. Mommy doesn’t do these things for Daddy. Daddy is a very sexual and active man and needs attention. All mommy does is nag Daddy about everything! That's why Daddy loves his filthy little girl, because she doesn't stress him out or bother him. She treats her Daddy like a man. Baby girl cooks, cleans up after Daddy and pleases him in secrets ways. I put Daddy's dick inside of my mouth and let Daddy slowly grind my face. "That's right little girl", Daddy moans. Daddy's dick is so big in my mouth. I want to choke because Daddy is going so far down my throat but I will do my best to be a good little girl and let Daddy use me the way he wants to. Daddy has been so good to me. Giving me everything I needed throughout my life, sl**ping with me on cold nights, teaching me how to use tampons, taking me to buy a vibrator while telling the clerk that I was his girlfriend (that made Daddy's dick so hard for someone to think that his very young daughter was his girlfriend). Daddy keeps digging his dick into my throat and I love it. It's big but it fits perfectly into my small tight mouth. I am able to tear my head from Daddy's grasp so I can breathe. Daddy gasps loudly as if he were just about to reach climax. I catch my breath and smile at my Daddy as I slide his dick back into my mouth giving Daddy's head special attention with my lips and tongue. I know what my Daddy wants and I know how he likes it. Daddy softly tugs on my ponytail and stares into my eyes looking up at him as I suck him off like a good girl is supposed to do to her Daddy when she loves him more than anyone. Daddy couldn't believe that his girl was on her knees in front of him being so bad licking, kissing and sucking him in his private place. As I suck on Daddy's dick I look up at him and tell him that I have a secret to tell him. I know I am not supposed to, but I think about you coming into my room and opening up my legs while no one is at home. I want you to take pictures of my pussy Daddy and keep them on your phone so you can look at them whenever you need to be with me.

I think about you softly kissing me between my legs like a Daddy is supposed to kiss his princess. "Am I a bad girl because I want you to do those things to me Daddy?" I asked innocently. "Yes baby you are a bad girl for wanting your Daddy to take pictures of you and kiss you between your legs. But as long as we keep it secret I can do those things to you baby girl, ok?" Daddy says looking down at me as he softly brushes my hair from my face. "Ok Daddy," I said and smiled. I went back to sucking my Daddy's dick and he came right away. All over my face and titties. I licked it from his dick and stomach, I love the way my Daddy taste. "Daddy", I said looking up at my big strong Father, "I want to drink your cum next time like milk from a bottle. Can you keep making it cum out of your dick Daddy so I can drink it? Please Daddy it is really good." Daddy tells me he will try and cum as many times as he can. I step out of the shower and left it on and grab a towel.

Daddy snatches the towel away from me and tells me to go lay down on his bed. I walk to Daddy's big bed and lay down on my stomach. Daddy climbs right on top of me and I can feel his dick hard again poking my butt. "Daddy" I moan softly as I notice that he began licking the water drops from my young, tight, sexy, smooth body. Daddy makes me turn over on my back and tells me how pretty I am and how I make him feel so good and he loves doing these things to me. Daddy licks the water from every inch and heads down to my legs. Daddy takes his hand and spreads my legs exposing his little girl’s perfect pink pussy. Daddy loves exposing his daughter this way because it let her know that Daddy was in charge. Daddy wanted to make sure his baby girl knew that even though he loved her and wanted to give her everything, he was still in charge and could do whatever he wanted to do to his little girl.

Daddy reached over and grabbed his cell phone. Daddy poses me in different ways all exposing my pink in one way or another. Daddy takes pictures of me with one finger in my mouth and one in my pussy, another photo where I am splitting my legs wide open with my pussy out for Daddy's pleasure. Daddy can’t help but touch his sweet baby while he is taking these pictures. Daddy loves his baby girl so much. She is so sweet for letting him take pictures of her nasty places. Daddy is already thinking about the way he will use these pictures. Daddy can use them in the office, in the car, in the basement, bathroom, lots of places. When Daddy is done taking pictures he gets on his knees at the edge of the bed and spreads my legs again. Daddy puts his head between my legs and smells my pussy. Daddy tells me that he loves the way I smell. I smell sweet and pretty.

He smells me some more and softly kisses my dirty girl lips between my legs. It feels really good. I let my body relax and give myself to my Daddy. I can tell by the way he is touching me that he knows how to please his dirty girl. Daddy slides his nasty tongue over my clit again and again. Daddy's tongue felt so good. "Kiss my pussy Daddy," I tell him. Daddy is very happy and is enjoying his little girl when we heard someone running up stairs. Daddy takes his last smell and taste of my little pussy and runs into the bathroom into the shower. I made it out of the room and into my room before Mommy knew anything. At least I think so...

... Continue»
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My Special Night with Daddy part 2

Once daddy and I got to our suite, I was shocked to see that he had packed a bag for me. I was getting ready to change my clothes when daddy asked me to stay in that dress, but to take my panties off. He wants to know that he could touch my pussy whenever and not have to feel anything but my baby soft skin and the hot moisture that will be dripping from my slit. I got a huge smile with his nasty thoughts.

I went to the bathroom to freshen up and to use the toilet. I then took my dress off to remove my bra also. If I'm going commando I might as well be 100% commando underneath. When I came to living room where daddy was messing with the stereo, I cleared my throat for him to turn around. He wouldn't turn, so I went up behind him and hugged him. My nipples were hard and poking him in the back. I could feel daddy smile with a shiver from him.

When daddy finally found the ballgame, he turned around with a nice hard on. I couldn't resist, but to squat down and begin to suck on him. I licked and sucked him as he moaned, telling me I was doing a great job. Daddy held my head and was pulling and pushing my head on his dick. I told daddy that I'm getting wet, as I fingered my pussy. Not with just one finger, but with 3. When I pulled them out, I stood to let daddy lick my cum.

Daddy sucked each finger as he led me to the back of the couch. He lifted me to sit, then spread my legs for him to lick me to a frenzy. And did he ever, OMG I screamed as he finger fucked me as he sucked on my nub. I began to shake with a hard cum, lifting my legs to wrap around daddy's neck. I squeezed him so tight, that I was choking him. Once daddy had enough of me choking him, he pulled me down to turn me around, then slid his rock hard dick in my wet pussy.

Daddy fucked me from behind lifting me off the ground and carrying me to the bed. Daddy lifted my dress to take it off. He did tell me to keep my heels on, he loves the way it makes me look. I like the same thought, it is so hot. Plus, the feeling of looking like a slut is exciting. Daddy fucked me 'til I came again, then lifted to my face for me to suck my cum from his shaft. MMM I love my cum. Daddy moaned some more as he put himself in me again and pounded 'til he came deep inside me. Daddy collapsed on top of me for a few minutes, before he went back down on me to clean his cum from me.

We got dressed again and headed downstairs for dinner before we went to gamble. Dinner went nicely. Dessert was a teasing festival for me to do to daddy. First with strawberries; I sucked on them before putting them just inside my lips, then I spread some of the juice on my lips for daddy to kiss/lick it off. Then the same with the peach slices. I had asked the waiter if I could have some fresh peach slices and strawberries sent to our room, along with some fresh whipped cream. He looked at me with a twinkle in his eye.

Daddy and I gambled for about an hour, then went to one of the lounges for some dancing. We order a couple of drinks and headed to the dance floor. A slow song was on, so we were able to hold each other close. Daddy had pulled me very tight to him and reached up to rub my nipples and make them harder than they already were. I could feel daddy's hard dick rub against my belly. We kissed and made each other more horny.

One of my favorite songs came on, which I like to bump and grind to. Daddy was shocked to see how nasty I was dancing with him and this other guy. I was grinding my ass on both their dicks, then while I was grinding on daddy's dick, the other guy came to my front and began to grind his dick on me. Oh this made me soo much more hornier than before. Daddy left to use the restroom and told me to dance with this guy. This guy was bumping and grinding into my ass as he held my waist. Some of the other girls on the floor were watching us get into the music.

When daddy came back out, he stood and watched me dance. He licked his lips when I squatted down with my legs spread just enough for expose my bare pussy, for who ever wanted to take a peek. Then daddy came to the floor to grind on my front side. When the song was over, I thanked the guy for the dance and walked off the floor. Daddy was holding my hand as we began to head to the elevator.

We were lucky that we got the elevator car to ourselves, because we couldn't keep our hands off each other. We got to our floor, I had to pull my dress back down and daddy had to zip his zipper. We did this just in time before the doors opened to an older couple. We laughed as we headed to our room. I called room service and the waiter that had the twinkle in his eye, brought up the fruit that I had asked for, along with a complimentary bottle of champagne. Daddy gave him a tip and said for him to call us when he got off duty, if he'd like to come join us later.

Daddy wheeled the cart into the room, then asked me why I wanted the fruit. I told him I have some nasty things in my head that I want to do with it. I was filling the Jacuzzi with hot water, when I walked into the bedroom with one of the neon nighties that daddy had packed for me. Of course I kept my heels on, so daddy could fuck his little slut. Daddy was in the living room fiddling around with the stereo again, this time looking for some good tunes to fuck to.

When daddy turned around his eyes were full of lust. I walked towards him with a slutty stroll. Daddy whistled and said that he wished I could go down to the dance floor with this outfit on. I would drive the guys crazy with my firm tits and ass, and the gals would all be jealous. I laughed and told him he's a nasty man. Daddy took his clothes off quickly, while I was rubbing myself through the lace. Daddy picked me up and held me in his arms as he walked towards the Jacuzzi.

We sat in the hot bubbles drinking a glass of champagne. Then turned to kiss and touch each other. I felt daddy's dick grow stiff before I straddled him and began to fuck him. Daddy poured his glass on my tits and sucked each nipple til they were rock hard. I told daddy that I love how I'm able to fuck both of my so called dad's and not have any guilt. He said that my real dad is no where to be found, that's why Jim adopted me. Mom told him that my real father up and left her right after I was born. He had left her alone in the hospital and was never seen or heard of again.

I had tears in my eyes as he told me that. Daddy heard me cry and asked if I was ok. I said yes, but why would a man want to leave his wife and c***d. Daddy said they weren't married and he was a low life piece of shit. Only men who leave after a c***d is born, doesn't deserve to have a life. Then daddy kissed me and said that's why I was so close to him and Jim. I smiled and said I guess I'm lucky to have daddy's I can fuck and be happy with it. Not too many girls can say that.

We got out of the Jacuzzi and went to bed. Daddy let me suck his dick for a bit, before he came up to kiss me and make love to me. The love making was soft and gentle. No hard banging, no letting me lick my own cum, no ass fucking, just good old fashion love. The only thing different was daddy couldn't let his cum go to waste, he had to clean me up. I just love how he licks and sucks my clean.

I had fallen asl**p shortly after wards, just for a short time. When I woke up, daddy and the waiter were in the living room watching porn on pay per view. I put on the nightie that I had on before and house robe, then stood in the doorway watching them enjoy the gang bang. I walked towards them and sat down between them. Daddy gave me a kiss and introduced me to Mark. I turned to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek, as I touched his crotch. He already had a semi hard on from the movie.

Daddy turned to me and told me to take off the robe. I did with pleasure in my eyes, I know what's going to happen now. I know that we will have a three-some and I'm going to enjoy it. MMM two dicks how exciting. I hope Mark likes to do DP. I so would like to have this tonight. Mark then asked me to turn towards him, so he could see what daddy was telling him about. I twisted around as Mark reached out to my chest. My nipples were hard and was poking through the lace and I could feel my pussy twitch as he was running his hand up my legs.

I bent over to give Mark a deep kiss. Daddy got up behind me and rubbed my ass and pussy. Mark asked if I liked to suck dick. Daddy replied that I give great head and that I swallow every bit. I smiled and said for him to take his pants off. Daddy was in his boxers and removed them for his hardness to be free. When Mark was completely naked, I bent over to suck on his dick. That gave daddy access to my ass. When I first put his head in my mouth, a huge sigh came from Mark.

I sucked on him for about five minutes and he came. He apologized as I swallowed his cum. I told him it was alright and that he will be hard again for some pure pleasure. He watched daddy fuck me, 'til he was ready to cum, then pulled from me to let me suck him dry. Mark was impressed on how I didn't make a mess with any of the cum. I walked off to the bathroom as the guys watched more of the porn.

I sat back down between them and said that I want them to double fuck my pussy. I want both of them in me. mark looked like he had fallen off a cliff when I said that. Daddy smiled and said that will be arranged. Mark was getting another hard on as I stroked and played with his head and his balls. Daddy fingered my pussy, until I had got on my knees to suck on Mark again. Daddy took matters in his own hands and slipped a finger in my tight ass. I moaned with delight when he put another finger in and pumped me. I bucked on his hand and he knew that I wanted his dick.

Daddy got up, went to the bedroom and got the lube. He lubed his dick, then lubed my ass. He slid his head in slowly, then pushed his way all the way in. I sucked on Mark, 'til he was ready to cum again. I pulled from him and said not this time. Daddy pulled from my ass and went to the bed and laid on his back. I squatted sliding my ass on his dick as I faced Mark. Mark took his clue and fingered my pussy, before sliding his dick in. I moaned loudly and told Mark how nice and thick his dick felt inside me. He pumped me full of his dick. Daddy told him to lay on his back. Mark did as told, I squatted on his dick with my pussy dripping of my cum. Mark pulled me towards him and sucked on my tits as daddy was fucking my ass.

Daddy was close to cumming, so he pulled from my ass and slid his dick in my already taken pussy. It took a bit for both of them to be in me, but I came again and daddy had no problem. This was a great way to end the night. As I began to quiver again, Daddy and Mark were ready to explode. I told them I want both of their cum in my throat. Daddy pulled out, then I got off of Mark. I laid on my back as both of them stroked their cum filled dicks. I opened my mouth, just like the girls on film as they had spooned their hot liquid on my face and in my throat.

Daddy told Mark, I normally don't like facials, but I was really horny and don't mind it for this treatment. The guys got up and went to clean up. I took a shower and put the robe back on, but not tied tight. My tits were easily exposed for their pleasure. Mark sat on one of the chairs across the room from us. We sat and chatted about his life. Mark said he has a girlfriend, but she was still in college. He had graduated last spring and was working on getting a management job here at the casino/hotel.

I asked him if he had any other couples ask him for his services, like daddy did. He chuckled and said no, but he'd love to own and operate his own no tell motel with private garages and a swimming pool. Mark said he worked at this road side motel, that always had couples coming in to fuck, then would leave after their fun. He said that he would make sure the rooms were always nice and clean, he would make sure that their was plenty of condoms, lube and plenty of free porn. Daddy and I smiled and said that would be nice and fun.

As Mark told us about his stay at that hotel, I began to finger my pussy. He was telling us about this lady that was on a business trip and had sex with the motel owner every morning. Then in the evening she had sex with a few of the other guests at the pool. Mark said he did get a blow job from her and he ate her pussy, before she left for home. He got her number, but never called her. His girlfriend would have a fit. That's why he wants to open up a motel that would offer privacy and fun.

The more I fingered myself, I could see Mark getting excited again. His dick grew straight up and he began to stroke it.
Daddy watched me get up and walk over to Mark. I sat on his lap and stroked his cock for him. I kissed Mark as he groped my tits and began to finger my pussy til I came. I turned around to face daddy as I sat on Mark's dick. I started to ride him hard as daddy stroked his own dick. Mark held on my tits as I was pumping him with my wet pussy. I came hard enough that my cum was dripping off his balls. Daddy came over to us and got on his knees to lick my cum from Mark's balls.

Mark was shocked at first, but daddy then began to lick my pussy as he stroked on Mark's balls. Mark slid down in his chair, so daddy could spread my legs enough for him to slide into me. I shook for another hard orgasm and both the guys had cum inside of me. Daddy pulled out and licked their cum from me. Mark stood their and stroked his dick and watched with aww. I lifted my leg on the arm rest of the chair and let daddy lick me clean. Mark then came closer to me and kissed me again.

Daddy turned to Mark's dick and sucked him clean. I think Mark liked it so much, that he grew hard enough for daddy to give him a blow job. I told the guys I was going to turn in for the night and that they both could join me, if they wanted. When I woke the next morning, I was on the edge of the bed with daddy spooning Mark and Mark was spooning me. It didn't take long until Mark was working his hard dick in my pussy. We tried not to wake daddy, but daddy was trying to slide his dick in Mark's ass. Here in or suite was the three of us spooning and fucking.

It was close to check out time when we finished. Mark said the housekeeper will have fun smelling the sex and will know that someone had a bunch of fun last night. I had got Mark's number and gave him mine, so we can meet up again. Daddy and I had left in a different direction than Mark, so he wouldn't get caught.

After we got home, Brian and Scotty were waiting for us. They had a good time fishing all night and couldn't wait to hear how our night went. We told them everything. Scotty was upset that he didn't get to tape us. I told him, next time he will be invited to tape us in a foursome. That would excite me a bunch. Brian took me downstairs to help me get ready to go out on the town with him, tonight. I told him no extra people fucking with us tonight. Brian laughed and said that was cool with him. Scotty said the video camera will be ready to tape when we get home.... Continue»
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Scotty fucking with daddy's girlfriend

Scotty came into the shop yesterday to tell me about his newest fuck fest. I laughed when I seen his eyes glistened with the huge smile on his face. He told me about daddy's newest girlfriend, Louise. Nice big tits 46DDD's, brown hair that was shoulder length, a little on the plump side, about the same heighth as me, a few tattoo's one being on her lower torso headed towards her waxed pussy.

I asked Scotty how he knew all of this, knowing that I was in for a hot steamy story. Scotty said he had just left the hardware store, where him and daddy both worked. Scotty said that daddy had to close and then get things ready for inventory, which meant he wouldn't be home til well after midnight.

When Scotty came through the screendoor, he heard Louise on the couch. She was moaning loudly. As he got closer to the back of the couch, Louise had threw her left leg up and had continued with her playing. Scotty watched Louise, finger her clit as she pumped her dildo deep into her pussy. When she was about ready to cum, Louise pulled the dildo out and sucked on it, then slid it back in slowly. Louise cried out as she came .

Scotty said he couldn't resist but to help her with the dildo. He leaned over the back of the couch and took over on fucking her wet pussy. Louise began to grind the dildo and Scotty's hand. Scotty stopped with the toy and rubbed her clit, making sure to pay special attention to her swollen nub. Louise pulled the toy from within, then had Scotty slide his fingers deep.

Scotty felt his dick getting harder on the back side of the couch. He adjusted his dick with his free hand. Louis looked up to Scotty and asked him if she would pay some attention to her hunger. Scotty said he smiled at her and told her to follow him to his bedroom. Louis stood up and followed closely behind. Scotty said she stood just inside the bedroom door, with the perkiest nipples.

It didn't take very long, before Scotty was sucking and fondling her nipples. Louise began to remove Scotty's pants and shirt. I asked Scotty if he liked sucking her nipples. Dumb question, because Scotty smiled big and said to me, "What would you do?" I laughed. He said she groped his dick and stroked him a few times, before she went to her knees and began to suck him wildly.

Scotty said she looked like one of the porn stars sucking his dick. She had so much spit on him, that when she pulled away, she had trails fo saliva from the head of his dick to her lips. She took him into her throat again. Scotty said he had enough of her lips, that he needed some of her pussy. He lifted her to her feet, then grabbed her right leg and slid his dick into her sweet cunt.

Louise let out a loud cry as his rock hard head found it's way into her swollen pussy. Scotty said his curved dick made her squirm as he began to fill her with his length. Scotty sucked her nipples and fucked her while against the wall. Scotty said he sounded and looked like a ravished man who hasn't fucked in many years.

I asked Scotty when was the last time he had fucked anybody. He said it's been more than a month. He said Linda would come over once in a while just to fuck, then she would leave shortly after, then Cindy would come over to suck his dick once in a while, but that's been a month ago. He said his hand was getting tired of all the jerking he'd been doing.

That's when I told him, he should've went to daddy and fucked him in the shower. Scotty said that Louise stayed at the house all the time. Louise had kinda moved in and is with daddy all the time. The man never has any freedom. So Scotty got back to his story of him fucking Louise. He continued with his dick still begin in her, but he had walked her to the desk. She sat on the corner, while he fucked her tight hole. Scotty said he had spread her legs so far apart that he could see how big her wet cunt was.

When he pulled from her, her lips sagged and her cunto hole was opened wide. Scotty said he plugged her with four fingers and pumped them in and out of her. The woman came and filled his cupped hand with her cum. He then said he took a couple of fingers and slid them into her wanting ass. Louise smiled and said to him, that she's aching to have her butt plugged with his thick dick.

Scotty fucked her pussy for some lube, then slid himself into her puckered opening. The woman didn't make much sound as he filled her canal with his dick. She just lifted her legs higher and spread them wider for him to get a comfy fit. Scotty pumped into her multiple times, until he was ready to cum. She said it was ok to fill her with his cum. Scotty did just so. When he filled her canal, the then filled her pussy again.

The phone rang until the answering maching picked up. Daddy said he was on his way home and for his beautiful woman to get ready for him. Scotty pulled his semi limp dick from her pussy and looked at her with exhausted eyes. She said thank you for fucking her and now she had to take a shower. She rose to her feet, kissed Scotty on the lips , then headed for daddy's bathroom. Scotty said he follwed her up to the point when she got into the shower.

He told me how she took every bit of him into her throat. Scotty said he understood why daddy said she is never leaving his side. I can see why daddy said that, too. I told Scotty it takes a special kind of woman to take all of his manhood in all her holes. Then I smiled at him, with the way of saying I can handle you anytime.

Daddy came home in time to see Scotty cleaning up the f****y room. He had nothing but his boxers on and was folding up the quilt that lay on the back of the couch. Scotty told daddy she was in the shower. Daddy ran up the stairs to greet her with his dick hanging out of his pants. Scotty said under his breathe, that she may be a bit worn out, because she was just filled with him.

As Scotty walked to his room, he heard Louise tell daddy that she's glad he's home. Louise said that she was very hungry and wanted to have daddy's cum in her throat. Daddy called for Scotty to bring him his soda from the table. Scotty jumped up and took the soda up the steps. In the bathroom, he saw her on her knees again sucking daddy off. Scotty rubbed his dick and turned to go back downstairs.

The house smelled of sex, fresh sex that daddy didn't smell when he entered. Scotty said to himself that he wished he could capture that smell and bottle it. As Scotty sat on his bed jerking his dick he could hear daddy and Louise fucking upstairs. Daddy was banging her so hard, that the headboard of his bed was banging on the wall. Scotty went upstairs to watch.

Louise was fucking daddy with a strap-on. Daddy was begging for more. Scotty looked at them and began to laugh and to stroke his dick. Louise turned to see him in the doorway. Daddy was bucking his ass into Louise's dick wanting more, when Louise told Scotty to come join them.

Daddy turned his head to see Scotty getting undressed, then having Scotty stand in front of Daddy for him to suck his dick. Louise turned bright red as daddy sucked Scotty's dick. Daddy pulled away from Scotty's dick, and said it's time for her to get a good f****y fucking. Scotty unbuckled the strap-on to remove it from her. Daddy laid on the bed and had Louise sit on him facing Scotty. Her pussy slid over his dick with a smooth even movement. She rode his dick as she had her first orgasm.

Scotty stroked his dick faster, wanting to be inside her again. Louise lifted herself from Daddy's dick and repositioned herself to sit on his dick with her ass. While daddy fucked her ass, Scotty walked over for her to suck him. The woman then opened herself up for both huge cocks to be in her.

Scotty filled her pussy with his dick and the two men fucked her to another orgasm. The woman screamed with delight as she came all over Scotty's dick. When Scotty was slick from her cunt, he slit his dick in with daddy's. She didn't flinch as he worked his enormous dick in as daddy continued fucking her ass. Actually Louise begged for them to both be in her ass. Scotty said when he looked into her eyes, she winked at him and blew him a kiss.

Scotty had a great view of her used pussy, that her lips were hanging and her cunt hole was wide open. He stuck a couple of fingers and slid them deep in her. She moaned and asked for more fingers. Scotyy had all five of his fingers just barely from fisting her. She told daddy that she loves this kind of fucking. Scotty pumped his fingers in and out until she came again, then with a quick motion he shoved his hand into her.

Daddy asked Scotty if this was being recorded? Scotty said yes and that he has the remote to zoom in on his fisting her. Louise looked at Scotty with the question of being taped. Daddy and Scotty laughed at her as daddy told her, that Scotty tapes everyone's sex sessions. Scotty told her, that one day he will be a famous porn director. She was scared that daddy would find out that the two of them fucked before he came home.

Scotty pulled his hand from her orgasmic pussy. She grabbed his hand for her to lick him clean. Scotty and daddy both were ready to cum. Scotty pulled from her first, stroked his shaft as he came on her face. Daddy filled her ass with his cum. Scotty grabbed his belongings and headed for his shower.

Once he was done getting himself cooled of and washed, daddy came in just as Scotty was drying off. Daddy took matters into his own hands and licked Scotty dry. Daddy looked up to Scotty and said he has missed his dick in his mouth and in his ass. Then he said that when louise goes to her moms house, they will have an all night fucking. Scotty smiled and said he couldn't wait.

Daddy said thanks for helping with the fuck session, that Louise was thrilled to be fucked and fisted at the same time. Scotty asked daddy if he had finished getting ready for inventory or if he needed help. Daddy told him he really needed to come get fucked, then he needed to go back to the store. Scotty said he would meet him to help finish up. that's when he stopped to see me.

Scotty's thoughts were thinking of how daddy always finds the slutty women, that loves to have multiple men fuck her at once. Some day hopefully, she will be game to have a gangbang with daddy and his friends. Frank will rip her ass up and George and himself will fuck her pussy raw. ... Continue»
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Fucking with Daddy

I was helping mom with the dishes, with us chatting about the fun we have been having, sexually. She loves how I have hooked her up with one of daddy's friends. His wife is enjoying the fact, that someone has been fulfilling his sexual needs, that she hasn't been able to do.

Mom told me, that daddy has been going along to tape their sex sessions. I know that daddy enjoys to watch. Mom told me that at one point, while daddy was taping her and Fred, fred's wife came over and sucked his cock. She told mom that his sperm was good.

Mom asked how work was going for me. I told her it's not as exciting as it was in the beginning, but she meets new people every day. I told her like it when the gays come in. They are fun to watch while they shop. But, I also like the niave girls, as their boyfriends shop for them. The girls are always full of questions. I answer them the best I can, I'd love to show them how to use things, but sometimes I just don't have the extra help to man the counter.

My favorite to show anyone is the sex swing. Mom said Fred and his wife have one and she loves to fuck in it. Mom shocked me, when she told me, she loves to be tied and fucked like an a****l. I guess some of the movies I've shown mom have paid off.

Mom emptied the water, wiped her hands on her shirt and went upstairs for a shower. She said she had a date with Fred anda friend of hers. I asked if daddy knew she was doing this. She said yes, but doesn't know who whose house they will be at. I told mom to be careful and to call if she needed backup.

I went to my room to call Brian. He said he had to work late. I told him I was in a very horny mood and I need to be fucked by him badly. Brian told me, he would rather be fucking me, then to be training a bunch of new k**s. I then told him, I was going to see if Scotty would be available to fuck tonight.
Brian said that Scotty and his new girlfriend Linda were going to the drive-in with some of their friends. So I guess that leaves me with daddy.

I told Brian what I was going to do to daddy. I could tell by the sound of Brian's voice, that he had a huge smile oo his face and him telling me, he wishes it was him. I told him I will surprise him with that another day. I hung up with Brian, went and took a hot shower, put my hair up in a bun, put on a tight white button down shirt. Tied it just under my tits, put on a pair of sheer black thigh hi hose, a itty bitty skirt and my spiked red heels.

I made sure my makeup was just so, a spritz of cologne just to make me feel pretty. As I walked pass the full length mirror, I looked at myself, thought that I looked like the perfect whore. I grabbed my toy bag and went upstairs. My heals are clicking on the kitchen floor, when daddy asked if that was me. I walked in the f****y room and said yes. Daddy looks at me in awwwe.

I look at him with my fuck me eyes. As I walk over to him, he lays the newspaper over his growing cock. I stand next to him,daddy rubs his hand up my leg, then back down. I pull away from daddy and see him frown. As I pull away, I take his paper from his lap. daddy's cock is very hard, pushing against his zipper.

I bend down, so daddy can see my tits thru my shirt opening. I unzip his pants and pull his cock out, to stroke it a bit. I bend down further, to kiss his head and then to give daddy a big "I want you to fuck me" kiss. I slipp daddy my tongue and stroke his cock a bit more. Daddy has grabbed my tits, and was tugging on my nipples. They grew harder as he played.

I stood up, then put my foot on the arm of his chair, so daddy had a full view of my wet pussy. I had started to cum some, when he was tugging hard on my nips. My cum had started to drip down my thighs. Daddy reached over to touch my pussy lips. I spread my legs a bit more from him. I grabbed his head and pulled him closer to my snatch. I told him to lick my wet pussy. Daddy did as told. licking and nibbling my pussy lips, makes me cum again.

I reach down to get a scoop of my cum, then place my fingers in my mouth. I suck each finger as watches me. He starts to main at my reaction of my licking my fingers. I tell Daddy to stand up and get undressed. First his shirt comes off, then his pants and boxer shorts. His cock is jumping at the freedom. I have him sit in his chair again. This time, i straddle over his cock, facing him and slide his cock deep in my wet pussy.

I pump his cock, while holding onto his shoulders for leverage. Daddy said he can feel my cum dripping down his shaft. I fuck him harder. I slow down enuf, to fuck him while sitting backwards. Daddy puts his hands on my waist and shifts his pelvic in and out of me. I spread my legs, to feel my clit and rub out another orgasm. rub harder as daddy sees what I'm doing.

I pull off of daddy, stand up in the chair and straddle daddy's face again and let him suck my pussy juice. I'm standing there, untying my shirt, for my tits to flop in the wind. I rub them, to hardness again. I tell daddy that I want him to fuck me from behind again. I walk over to the kitchen table, I bend over, daddy lifts my very short skirt, bares my ass and slips a finger in my pussy hole. He fingers me a few times, then slides his hard cock deep and hard in me.

I jump as he does just so, then he fingers my ass with 2 fingers. OOh daddy I say to him, I want you to fuck my ass, now. Daddy pulls from my pussy, spits in my ass and lubes his cock before entering my hole. One swift shove and he's in me. My hole tingled with pain, til with enuf stroking in and out, i'm relaxed. It doesn't take daddy very long before he's ready to shoot his hot cum in my ass.

cum is now dripping from my asshole, down my legs. Daddy goes to sit dwon again, when i straddle him and sit on his cock again. I kiss daddy and let him suck my tits. Scotty and Linda walk in the front door and sees me sitting on daddy. Linda comes in, smiles and says they will have to join us sometime. Daddy said they could tonight, if they wanted.

The two of them walked to Scotty's room and did their own fuck session. We could here them giggle and moan loudly. Daddy begins to finger my pussy again, I lean back, laying on daddy's legs as he fingers me til I cum again. I'm begging daddy to fuck me again. He lifts me up, takes me to the kitchen table, lays me down and spreads my pussy wide as he licks me dry. His tongue goes in my pussy hole, then licks down to y ass, then back up again.

I lift my ass as daddy licks his cum from me. I finger my pussy, until daddy makes me suck my cum. Daddy is so wxcited from me moaning, that his cock is in me again. Hard thrusts fills my pussy. His balls are slapping my ass, while my legs are up high around his neck. I tell Daddy to fuck his whore, fuck me daddy, I love to be your whore. Daddy then rams me harder and harder til we both cum together.

As daddy pulls out of me, his cum lands on the table. I get up, let the rest of his cum drip on the floor. Daddy walks off to the bathroon, to get cleaned up. I follow him. We wipe the sweat off of each other and get dressed again. When we came back to the kitchen to clean our mess, Scotty is licking up daddy's cum. He came in to get a couple of bottled water for him and Linda. He seen our cum and wanted it to himself.

He finished and walked back to his room with no clothes on. I slapped his ass with the corner of the towel. Scotty turned around and smirked at me. I got the dish rag and wiped the table and floor clean, then sat in the f****y room to watch a movie with daddy.
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My Special night with Daddy

Daddy called me at work, yesterday. He said that he made arrangements with Brian, that him and I will have an evening to catch up with each other. Daddy said that Brian was cool with that and that he was going to see if Scotty and some of the other guys wanted to going camping and fishing for the weekend. I got a huge smile on my face, when he said that we were going to have this weekend together.

I told daddy to come to the store on Friday, to show him what I was getting ready to open. When Friday came around the corner, Brian woke me up by sucking on my tits and fingering my wet pussy. I smiled at him as he was kissing his way south. Brian was acting like a ravishing monster that hadn't eaten for days.

Brian spread my legs wide and licked all around my pussy, started licking my nub, then hard sucking of my nub. His fingers were spreading my folds wide open as he licked and sucked on me. A couple of finger were inserted as he continued sucking on me. I began to squirt my love juices as Brian fingered me harder. I grabbed my nipples and tugged at them harder as i screamed Brian's name. I begged for another finger as he made me cum again. Brian didn't seem to mind licking up all my cum, knowing that he wasn't getting of me until Sunday.

Brian lifted me as he sat on our bed. I straddled him as I sat on his cock. We held each other close, kissed passionately as we made love to each other. Brian had stooped forward to suck my breasts, while I had my head leaning back and enjoying his kisses. I lifted my head to see daddy watching us. As he stood in the doorway, he quietly dropped his pajama pants and began to stroke his hard cock. I smiled at him and licked my lips, to show him that I'd love to be sucking on him and for him to join us.

Daddy started to walk towards us, when Brian turned his head. Brian said good morning and told him he must wait his turn. So, daddy just stood there and jerked his cock. Daddy reminds me of Scotty, they like to watch as much as they like to fuck.
Brian and I continued making love, ignoring that daddy was in the corner. Brian laid back as I was still on top of him. I rode his cock, pulling off of him, then setting back down. I love the feel of his big head pushing it's way into me.

Brian pulled me to his chest, kissing me and telling me how much he loves me and how much he loves to make love to me. I told him the same as I came again for him. With me laying on his chest, Brian grabbed my ass cheeks and pumped his cock hard in me and began to moan louder as he was ready to fill me with his cum. Daddy let out a loud sigh as he came, too. Brian asked daddy if he'd like to clean up his cum from my pussy.

Daddy came over with cum dripping from his cock, bent over me and began to lick me clean. I thought I seen Brian go to the bathroom, but really he had stooped below daddy and sucked the remaining cum from daddy's cock. When daddy and Brian were through cleaning us up, daddy went upstairs and Brian and I took a hot shower. Of course we had to have ass sex in the shower. Knowing that I would have ass sex with daddy this weekend, Brian wanted to make sure I would be stretched a bit for him. LOL

Brian finished packing and watched me get dressed in my lacy bra and matching crotchless panties. Brian had pulled out my bright blue dress that fit very snug. He said that I need to impress the owner of the company. I pulled out my black 4" heels and slipped them on, before heading up the steps. Brian was following me and watching my ass with each step I took. When we reached the landing, he turned me around and said that he can't wait to come back home and have his way with me. When I looked down at his shorts, Brian had another hard on.

I made us both a glass of juice as Brian went to Scotty's room. When he opened the door, Brian found Scotty jacking off to the previous love making of me and Brian. Scotty smiled as Brian pulled his shorts down, to release his hard cock. Scotty had reached out for Brian as he walked towards him. Scotty pulled Brian's cock to his mouth and sucked him as he jerked himself off. Scotty got himself off, then put all his attention on Brian's cock. Sucking and tugging on Brian's cock til you could hear Brian scream out that he was cumming again.

Daddy and I walked by the room and seen Scotty sucking and slurping at Brian's dick. They both turned and seen me and daddy clapping at their performance. They both were blushing and finished packing Scotty's stuff, before coming into the kitchen. Daddy kissed me on the forehead and headed out the door and said he will see me about 6pm. Me and the boys left about the same time, I gave Brian a deep kiss before I pulled from the driveway.

After I got to work, I took my shoes off to finish cleaning off the counter and finish doing little things before the owner came in. I was in the backroom setting the radio to some good dance hits, when the back doorbell rang. I answered the door when Mr Lorny came in with his new assistant. I was introduced to Jack McKay. We shook hands, then I shown them around the storage area of the back room. Mr Lorny said he liked how I had things organized and labeled. I led them into the shop itself and found my shoes to slip on. I grew by four inches and that made Mr Mckay raise his eyebrows.

The men looked around commenting and taking notes of a few things. When they approached me, Mr Mckay had pointed out how he liked my displays of the different sex toys, the posters and the video setups. Then Mr Lorny began to point out the things he wasn't impressed by. Which really turned out to be very minor and I fixed them right away. Mr Lorny's phone rang and he excused himself to the backroom. Mr Mckay helped me with one of the displays that needed to be rearranged. I bent down to the bottom shelf with my ass very close to Mr Mckay. I rubbed against his arm as I stood back up.

Mr McKay told me, that I was very hot and that he sees why Mike (Mr Lorny) said I will bring them lots of money. I smirked at him as I bent over again. I told him, that Diana had been impressed with the cliental that I brought into her store and that's why she said I should have my own store. I noticed that Mr McKay had quit helping me and just watched me.
I walked over to the video wall and climbed the ladder, to adjust a poster and to fix a few of the videos that looked like they were going to fall.

Mr McKay had put his hand on my lower leg and began to work his way up as far as he could reach. I didn't say anything, knowing that it could hurt me in the long run. When Mr Lorny came from the back, Mr McKay pulled his hand away and held the ladder as i climbed back down. Mr McKay told me things looked great and he insists that we go out for lunch. I grabbed my purse and keys as we headed out the backdoor. I set the alarm and Mr McKay opened the front door of Mr Lorny's suv. He watched me as i scooted into the seat, then closed the door. He then got in the backseat right behind me.

We went to this little French Bistro on the next block over. When we walked in, the host said welcome to Mr Lorny and shown us the way to our table in the back of the room. No one was back there but us and another table of business men arguing over some business deal gone wrong. Mr Lorny had ordered us a bottle of wine and began to ask me about my employees. I told him about my friend Julie and this other girl I had hired a few days ago.

Her name is Shelly Long, she was a very pretty red head, tall and very friendly. I told them that she had once worked at another "sex shop" that was in the malls. Mr McKay seemed impressed and asked about Julie. I said how I've known Julie from years ago and she was liking the thought of selling products of this nature to horny people. She was in sales at the mall's biggest retailer and was ready for a change. I told her she will be having a major change in her life, working for this company.

Our food came and we chatted while we ate and drank. I excused myself when my phone rang, it was Brian asking how things were going. I told him we were at lunch and I think it's all going to be ok. Then Brian said he loved me and said for me to call him before daddy meets me. I walked to the restroom to freshen up before going back to the table. When I got back, the two men were in heavy discussion about me and my store.

Mr Lorny asked me how I felt about having a live model to display merchandise. I lifted my eyebrows and smiled, saying that would be cool. Then he asked who would model? I told him that Shelly would be a good choice; then Mr McKay said that he thinks I would be a great model. I giggled and said I could try it. Mr McKay said he wants me to model a few things when we get back to the store. I was blushing when he said such things.

Mr Lorny had ordered us some fresh fruit for dessert and had them box it up for us. We walked out after Mr Lorny paid our bill. Mr McKay had his hand in the small of my back as he led me out of the bistro. We stood out front as the men looked at some of the other stores in the area. I told Mr Lorny how this store next to the hardware store was simuliar to mine, but it was geared more to the homosexuals. Mr Mckay wanted to go inside and inspect/spy on their set ups.

When we walked in, we saw a few gay men looking at some toys and videos. I walked up to the cashier (Timmy) and kissed him on the cheek as I said hi. I told him that I was with the owner of the company and his assistant. Timmy says to me that he'd like to get a hold of the tall dark haired man. I said that was Mr McKay and that he had been touching my legs every chance he could. Timmy smirked and asked if I'd do him. I looked back at him and said in an instant. I told Timmy that he had a cute smile and he smelled good. His cologne was making me horny.

Mr Lorny came up to me and I introduced him to Timmy, the store owner. Mr Lorny was impressed that we knew each other and asked how we met. Timmy told him, that he came to one of my parties and had some fun, if he knew what he was meaning. Mr Lorny said yes he did. Timmy asked Mr Lorny if he liked what he saw in his store and if he was interested in anything, besides him. We laughed together as Mr Lorny grabbed Timmy's ass. When I walked towards Mr McKay, I saw him talking with some of the local gays. Mr McKay introduced me to them. I told them they need to come to my Grand Opening next week, it will be a hoot.

As I excused myself to find the restroom, Timmy and Mr Lorny were deep in conversation, The two gays began to make gestures to Mr McKay as they were trying to show him how they like to play with the toys. Mr McKay excused himself and followed me to the restrooms. Someone was in the ladies room, so I head for the men's room. Mr McKay was already in there and was shocked to see me headed for the stall. I told Mr McKay that this was the cleanest men's room on this block. He laughed and asked how did I know this. I told him I have a habit of visited shops and using their bathrooms.

I like to see some of the decor other stores had, to compare to my restrooms. My door didn't lock, which didn't bother me much. Mr McKay stood outside the door and watched over the top. I know Mr McKay must of stood at least 6'5 or taller, which impressed me to no end. With my heels on, I came up to the middle of his chest. Perfectly being able to suck his dick without my shoes on. As I wiped myself and began to straighten my dress, Mr McKay said he liked my lace panties and would love to see me in them with nothing but them on.

I walked over to the sink to wash my hands and dry them. I looked around to see if anyone else was in the room, then turned to lock the door. I turned around and pulled off my dress to show him my lace panties. Mr McKay approached me and cupped my pussy as he lifted me to sit on the sink counter. He bent over to touch my breasts as I was undoing the front clasp. Mr McKay kissed each breast and held my pussy in the other hand. I spread my legs for an easier access for his fingers to feel my wetness, that he has made in me.

I reached up to kiss Mr McKay, but he pulled away and said no. He then said that he has heard about my horniness and he wants to try me out. I then said that he could wait, til another time. Mr McKay didn't like my answer so he planted his lips on me and kissed me, in hopes of getting me to fuck him. I tried to push him away, but he pushed my hand to feel his erection. I felt his hard dick and his length that went down his leg. I kissed him back as he was undoing his pants. I pulled his pants down and saw him standing in his boxers with his dick head poking out of his left leg opening.

I spread my legs for his fingers to explore again, then he leaned over to suck my tits again. His large finger was pumping in and out of my pussy as I lifted my foot to give him a better entry. I freed his dick from his shorts and stroked his very thick dick. Mr McKay had me stand on the counter for him to lick my wet pussy. He removed my shoes and had me lift my right foot and placed it on his shoulder. My pussy twitched as he blew on me, then barely touched my nub and rubbed it. He rubbed my nub and blew some more til I was ready to cum again. He told me to cum hard and to squirt my pussy juice in his face.

The more he blew a cool breeze from his mouth and rubbed my nub with his thumb I could feel my legs wanting to give out from weakness. I couldn't stand it any longer and began to cum, his thumb pressed harder until I was squirting my juices in his face. McKay lapped and sucked up my juices as he had helped me put my left foot on his shoulder, so this way I was straddling his face for his ease of licking me. I've never had this way before and I'm really liking the feeling. I moaned loud as he continued tongue fucking my slit.

I then said that I'd like to suck his huge dick, that is if I could get him in my mouth. Mr McKay had lifted me, turned me around so my pussy was still in his face and my head was by his dick. I was sucking the best as I could being in the position. I love the way this feels with my pussy being in the air and me sucking him. When I was moaning about ready to cum again, Mr McKay set me back on the counter and approached my pussy to slide his way in.

I didn't fight him, for I was sitting on the counter as he tried to slide his big head in my opening. Mr McKay spit on his dick and worked his way in me, I let out a loud cry as he made his way in. Once he was in me, he lifted me up, I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. He pumped his manhood in and out of me making me gasp for air as his thickness stretched my pussy. It didn't take him long, before he pulled from me. I instantly got on my knees and let him stroke himself into my mouth. I swallowed his never ending cum down my wanting throat. I couldn't put much of his cock in my mouth, but I was able to massage his head with my tongue.

We got dressed and came out to the crowd in the store. A few of the guys were sucking and stroking each other, Mr Lorny and Timmy were kissing and stroking each other. There were a few lesbians fingering each other and a m,m,f trio going at it in a corner by the tv. Mr McKay and I looked at each other and clapped in unison to all the sexual acts going on around us. Timmy stopped kissing and asked if we enjoyed ourselves before going back to make out with Mr Lorny.

I told Mr Lorny and McKay that I needed to get back to my store to give instruction to Julie and Shelly before we open the doors next Monday. Mr McKay walked me back to the store, as I let myself in the front door, Julie and Stewart were making out on the bench back by the videos. She had my favorite gang bang movie playing. We heard Julie tell Stewart that she wants to try a huge group of well hung men, fucking her.

I told Julie that could happen next Friday night if she really wants it to happen. Stewart smiled at me and asked how. I said our Grand Opening is next Friday and after hours will be a big party with a selection of guys and girls. A sexy mix of people, straight, bi, gay and newbies. I told them about my first party I had at the other store I worked at. I told Julie I'm inviting a bunch of the same guys who love to gang bang. They were gentle with me, knowing it was my first time and I can make sure they do the same for her. Stewart said to her, that her wish will come true.

The clock chimed at 5 o'clock. I went to the bathroom to clean myself up again. I made sure when the plumber was here, that he put in a one man shower stall. I clipped my hair and got undressed for the shower. I stepped in to lather my sweaty body and to clean my pussy, making sure everything was shaved for daddy. I wrapped myself in a towel, and stepped out to hear daddy and Stewart laughing. Julie came in to use the mirror and make sure her makeup was good to go. She watched me dry off and get dressed. I fixed my eyeliner and lip gloss as I walked to the front of the store.

Julie and Stewart left for the weekend. I locked the front door and pulled the shade down to block out the rays of the sun. Daddy walked around and looked at the toys and lube. I finished some paper work, when daddy came to the counter with a handful of goodies. Flavored condoms and lubes. A new humming pussy hole for his lonely days alone. An elephant g-string and a sexy little nightie for me to wear this weekend. I took note of everything, so I can pay for it when the store opens. Daddy handed me a hundred bucks and told me to keep the change.

I walked daddy to the backdoor and turned to him. I put my arms around his neck and kissed him. I told him I have a surprise for him when we get home. That's when daddy said we weren't going home tonight. He said when he saw how I was dressed this morning, he booked a suite at the casino hotel for us. Our evening together will be unforgettable. We both drove to the hotel, I wasn't leaving my new Mazda behind my store to get trashed or stolen. The parking garage was a secure place. Daddy and I walked in after the parking attendants took our cars. The receptionist greeted us and handed us our key cards.

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Role play with Daddy's Little Girl

Belinda was a really good friend and almost as naughty as me. We decided that we would play Daddy's little girl. She said that she always had a fantasy of being a little girl wanting to seduce her Daddy. One day the little girl thought of a really sneaky way to seduce her Daddy.

She told me that we would start with me coming home from work to find my little girl on the couch very upset and crying, then we would lve tit play out.
I came home from work and my Little Girl was laying on the couch and I sat on the edge of the couch and began to rub her back. I asked her how her day was at school. She started to cry a little and told me that some thing has been happening at school that is upsetting her very much. She began crying a little more, as I had to wipe the tears from her eyes and cheeks. She began to tell me what was bothering her. Since she had started her first year in college and being the youngest girl, she had just turned 18 just before starting she was trying to fit in with a certain group of girls but although they were friendly to her, they would pick on her during the shower after training for the Volleyball team.

I asked her "what would they picked on her about during the shower"? She went on to tell me about how they picked on her because she had such a big bush on her privates, she then said "Oh Dadyd, we never minced words before and I am not going to start now. They say my pussy is to hairy to be friends with them". She went on to say, "This after noon, one girl even went so far as to grab me by the bush and pulled on and when I yelped, she said that is why it was too bushy, anyon ecould grab it". "Then they all laughed at me".

I asked her, "why she don't you just shave it if it botheres you so much"? She told me "I tried a couple of times and cut my self. I don't know what to do". Then she said "I have seen moms before and hers is smooth and has no hairs on hers. Do you know how she shaves it"? I knd of had to laugh and then told her, "Mom has me shave it for her". We had a little small talk about that and then she said she had something to ask me. I told her "You never held back asking me any thing so go ahead". My Little Girl took a deep breath and told me "I want to fit in with these girls very bad. Daddy, would you shave mine so it will look as nice as moms does?" We talked about it a little more and told her that it there would be kind of a touchy thing to do with my little girl because there is a lot of touching and that I she would be very exposed. I thought that she might be uncomfortable with that. She told me that she would be very naked and exposed and that maybe it would make her feel more comfortable if I was naked too. After a little bit I became more comfortable with the idea (and I have to admit a little turned on about shaving my Little Girls pussy. I told her we will do it right here on the couch. I told her to get ready while I gathered every thing needed. She told me too get ready too. I went to the bathroom and striped off all my clothes and felt my cock getting firm just thinking about what was going to happen. I put that all out of my mind so that I would not walk out there with a full blown hard on.

I went back to the living room and there was My Little Girl naked on the couch. I kneeled down in front of her and spread her legs and pulled her to the edge of the couch. I spread a towel underneath her to catch the hair as it fell. I started the battery powered shears with a little guard on it that would remove the long hair until only stubble remained. I told her that it is best to trim it first so that I can see were I am shaving. I began moving the shear from outside of her hair line toward her pussy and from her ass towards the top of her hair line. As the shear began to touch her pussy lips she kind of wiggled and said "Daddy that kind of tickles." I laughed and said it probably does but this is a step that can't be missed." I could tell she was being bothered by this and asked her a couple of times if she was okay and she kept saying yes, it is nice. I just could not help my self as I moved the shears up the indie of her pussy lips to brush her clit witht he side of the gaurd. "OH my Daddy that really tickles mmmmm she moaned. The hair that was coming off of the shear was begining to stcik to her by now wet little pussy crack. I told her " I can tell it is tickliing but that cannot be helped, sorry. As I was slowly now, going up the sides of her pussy I would push in agianst her pussy lips putting pressure on her that would elicit a soft moan from her. A couple of times as I was going from the top of her pussy to the top of her puic hair line I would hold the gaurd over her clit and let it just rest there for a second or two. I thought it was so funny how wet my Little Girls Pussy was getting as little drops of pussy dew were forming on her inner pussy lips.

Finally I finished up with the trimming of My Little Girls pubic hair and laughingly she said "I need a drink of water after that. Would you get me one"? I kind of wondered how I was going to do that and her not see the raging hard on I had going on. When I came back to the couch My Little Girl commented that at least she wasn't the only one that was getting a little bothered. I laughed and knealt down in front of her again, I could not help my self when I had to say "Just wait until the next part, you will probably be squirming in the set." She giggle when she said "I sure hope so". We both laughted. Once agian I spread her legs but now with all of the long hair off I had a very nice view of her pussy lips and I commented that everything was looking pretty good. She laughted and said "I hope you are enjoying the view of your Little Girls pussy" I said " I am, thank you very much. I had hair conditioner to soften her hair for shaving and using my fingr tips I began to spread the conditioner all over her pussy, the closer I got to the crack in her pussy the firmer I pressed. I told her that this needed to be rubbed in real good and continued rubbing her pussy lips, every once in while I would let my finger tips rub in-between her slit and listen to her moan. She said "Wait a second" I stopped and she said, "Stand up a second". As I was standing up she reached ofr the condioner and spread some on her fingers, she reached out anmd stroked some on my hard cock and she said "See how unfair that is, my God you are dirivn gm e nuts". I knealt back in front of her and begans shaving her pussy. I woul dtake her pussy lips and pull on them so shave the hair close, by this time her pussy was literly dripping wet. As I was pulling a couple of times I could bot help my self and I would have to press my finger between her wet lips, I told her that she was feeling very smooth. She giggled ans said "It is always smooth in the middle, damn You Daddy you are making your Little Girl so horny". I wiped off all the left over conditioner and hair. I was admiring my handy-work and she saw me looking and asked me how her pussy looked now. I just blurted out that her pussy looked licking good. She was moaned as she said "Ohy Daddy, lick your Litle girls pussy, I need to cum so bad. I could not help myself as I leaned forward and tasted My Little Girls Pussy for the first time. What sweet necter she had as I began licking her wet pussy. My little girl grabbed her Daddy's head ns pulled me into her pussy and I felt My little Girl pushing her pussy against my lips and my tongue as I heared her moaning "Oh Daddy, make your Little Girl cum. I began beating her clit with my tongue as I felt my Little Girls pussy bucking against my mouth. My face was soaked with My Little Girls pussy juice. I stood up and grabbed my Little girl by the back of the head and I told her "Daddy is so horny to fill My Little Girl's mouth with Daddy cum. She yellled "Yes Daddy fuck your little gurls mouth, I want my Daddy's cum in my mouth. I flet my cock sliding deep in My Little Girls mouth until I could feel it sliding down her throat as she took Her Daddy's cock all the way until her nose was against my stomach. My Little Girl came again as I began filling her troat with her Daddy's cum and she was gagging and sucking more and more as Daddy shot load after load of hot cum down Daddy's Little Girls throat.
We collapsed on the couch and held each other tight. We both fell asl**p for a short while. If you would like to hear about when Daddy and His Little girl woke up, message me abck and I will tell you. ... Continue»
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Mating ritual with Daddy and me

CREAMPIED Often and Always do what your Daddy says No Matter What:

Here's my philosophy behind real men and their actions, how to enjoy the process by embracing the moment (dick in front of you), and a story of one of my favorite partners I have EVER had. This guy is just a stud. Old like a Silver Daddy should be (55), but has the MUSCLES (still stocky and slight chubby from drinking beers every day) OF a young teenager with test levels through the roof. He is 5 ft 9 inches 220 lbs thick meaty physique bald and bear beard that screams MAN. He really tested my ability to keep servicing him while under the microscope or repulsed people. In fact I get more turned on now when angry people catch me in public doing faggot things. I try even harder to please my partner when this happens. Remember always do what Daddy says. It's the man's job to lead and you are the dumb slutty bimbo. DADDY ALWAYS KNOWS WHAT'S BEST FOR YOU!!! Enjoy the post.

A real man will never ask permission to fuck you raw. He just does it because he's entitled to that ass pussy. Your ass is for his pleasure. He can fuck you anyway he wants and can cum as much as he wants in any hole on your whorey twink body.

Men shove their cocks up my asshole without asking if I would rather use a condom. I've especially noticed this with black men. This is a major turn on. You put yourself at the risk of std's doing this, but hey somebody has to please the real men. It's my job. It's also a major thrill when he creampies inside your pussy. I love feeling cum dripping out of my asshole and down my leg after sex as I'm doing something else.

I get happy just unzipping a man's pants and pulling out his cock. Letting it bounce around and hit my face several times. I smell it put my face up against his balls shake from side to side, kiss the head, lick it and wala his dick is finally in my mouth and I'm in heaven.

Im a true faggot. I signed up for this 365 days a year. There is no off days. Being a slut is a lifestyle. That means if I get a text from Daddy I must drop whatever Im doing and head over to my man to give him hours of passion. Also, you must be willing to pleasure Daddy anywhere anytime. This means if you are with Daddy in the malls and he says blow me NOW, we find a place behind a wall, behind a trash can, or a restroom stall so that I can take care of my Daddy's needs.I dated the old man from above for a little while. He had a fat cock and a crazy sex drive. He would take me out to the park near his apartment. He made me get down on my knees behind trees, the playground, or anywhere else where there were a lot of people. A group of parents picking their k**s up from soccer practice saw me getting railed doggy style standing up in front of my crazy yet irresistible silver Daddy behind a tree near the playground and called the police. I loved every minute of it from being yelled at by the parents (daddy just smiled and kept on going even harder giving the crowd a show who were in shock) and looking up with my face bright red like a tomato. Daddy came inside of me and we left in his car right as the cops were pulling into the park.

Come to think of it I'm still talking with this man. We don't see each other as much because he's in Charlotte, NC, but I think I will drive up one weekend to see him and enjoy some public fucking. What a high!!! It's even more amazing that he has one of the thickest cocks I've ever been with. I mean this thing is not quite a beer can but close (measured it next to a beer can once).I haven't had anything that thick in a while so it will be fun trying to fit him inside my tiny hole in public, while staying quiet so people don't catch us. This man is a bad boy and supplements with testosterone so he has higher testosterone levels than even me and he's about 55. He is the stereotypical asshole that gets that always gets the girl (in this case boy) and makes me feel so excited to be with him because I never know what he's going to do. When I was living near him and was seeing him regularly he fucked me 4-5 times a day. Most I've ever had sex was during that time period. Easily top 3 best sex I've ever had. HE DOESN'T EVER USE CONDOMS!!! ALWAYS FUCKS HIS BOYS RAW LIKE A REAL MAN SHOULD.

His number one pleasure in life is turning out "straight boys". He's very good at it. He has flipped over many boys in his life and enjoys young boys way more than girls (even though he's had many women).I was full on gay when I met him so he did not have to flip me. I also love his dirty talking. I want to get caught in public again with him behind my ass talking dirty to me while people watch in shock of the sin being committed in broad daylight.

Wow, did this post f***e me to take a stroll down memory lane. I'm so turned on right now I can't think straight (no pun intended lol). I need to call him and plan a drive up and sl**p over at his place in Charlotte hopefully for this coming weekend!!!

I got to go call him right now so see you guys later. Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. Remember everything I write about is true and never made up. It should motivate you closet queers and sissys to seek out older dominant men just like me. I'm only a year and a half into the submissive/queer/sissy lifestyle so I'm still new. I will be recording my sexual encounters with black men and dominant daddies in the upcoming months and posting them on my profile. I will usually write a story about every movie I put up so stay tuned! I one day want to do cross dressing or t-girl porn for money. Not, just for the money but because I truly love gay taboo CD sex with men, I have a passion and duty to service superior older daddies and BBC's.

Ps: Im always looking for older men and/or BBC's in the DC, MD, or Virginia area. So if anyone reading this knows an experienced top that can meet up with a true sissy gay boy then message me his details.
... Continue»
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On-line with daddy, and what happened next

There are times when you object mockingly, whilst deep down you are thrilled to bits.

My name is Sara and I am s*******n.

Three years back I came home from school and walked in on my father, sitting in his underpants in front of our computer, chatting.

I was surprised and curious, as I immediately thought the obvious, he was in a chat room and relieving himself.

My father was split from mother, as she had taken off with a 'Toy-Boy', leaving daddy bitter and angry.

As it was only us, as mother did not want me in her life, I got used to daddy's nights of release, he did jack-off a few times a week, he was unaware I could hear him doing so, the wall separating our bedrooms was paper thin.

'Hey dad, what are you doing', I asked inquisitively, my eyes dropping to his bare legs under the table, thinking I would see him, assuming I was right in what he was doing.

'Hey Sara', he replied with a nervous edge to his voice, 'just chatting love'.

I put my bag on the chair nearest me and took off my jacket, dad watched me as I did so, and my approach up towards him.

I bent down and gave him a daughterly peck on his stubbly cheek, my eyes scanning the display on the computer, my feminine instinct rising to the fore, as my eyes shifted to his exposed front, to see if I was right.

'These are just men dad', I suggested quietly, as I slid onto his lap, my legs sliding between his and pushing my bared thigh into his crotch.

Dad responded by laughing and letting his hand cradle my bottom, and give it a gentle rub, I never objected as caressing my bottom, was something he had always done, we were close that way in our shows of affection.

I was reading back and saw my name to a question, 'Do you have a daughter'?

Dad had said yes, and gave my name and age.

My head was resting on is shoulder when my finger traced that part of the conversation, and the flood of comments, including the word 'Fuck'.

'Are you being my Pimp dad'?

'Would you like me too baby', he turned his head and gave me a peck on my forehead?

I could feel his body language change as he squeezed me slightly, and his hand on my bottom, caressed me a little more intimately, I could feel his finger trace my space between my cheeks.

'Take a look for yourself love', and as he spoke, he started to get up from the chair, and I could see he was indeed sexually aroused, 'Scroll back up the chat and tell me what you think'.

Dad left the room and I immediately started doing as he suggested, and as I did, men had sent in photographs, where all the chatters, including daddy, had made comments of a sexual nature, as they looked at them, but I could see some of the girls were as young as I am, and men were talking about wanting to fuck us.

When dad came back into the room I got up from the seat to let him sit down again, he hesitated, but eventually sat down and I resumed my position on his lap, this time though, I could feel he was hard and pressing against my thigh.

'What do you think darling', he asked me?

'Some of these men are pretty desperate', and as I spoke candidly, I studied looked daddy's face, 'They need a good fuck'.

I could feel daddy's cock twitch against my thigh, as he said, 'What does my daughter know about fucking'?

He did not return my gaze, he just stared ahead onto the screen, he was having a very adult conversation, and it was having an effect on me, I was engaging in an adult conversation with my father, and it made me feel different, slightly uncomfortable, as you might expect, I was marginally caught out, but my response threw us both off kilter.

My left hand was resting on my left thigh, and I just slid it down my thigh, and it brushed against daddy's cock, my motion stopped with daddy's cock resting on my fingers, and I looked down, turned my hand and took hold of it, I started to jack him off.

Neither of us spoke, I just turned my head back into the nape of his neck and pulled on his cock, occasionally reaching up to whisper into his ear, that I loved him and encouraged him to cum, as I was OK about it.

Within five minutes I wanted to do more, released him and stood up, without speaking and took my clothes off, pushed the computer back and reached down to hold daddy again and started rubbing him against myself.

I could feel his cock jerk, his body shudder and warmth spill onto my nude thigh, I knew, with a sense of pride, daddy was cumming and I was making it happen.

When he went limp I looked down and his semen was everywhere, especially over my vagina and down the backs of my legs.

This was the beginning of my sexual awareness, as daddy renewed his interest in full sex, even with me, and I had no qualms, as I was enjoying something in my own house, acting as my mothers replacement, and soon I could look forward to more of this as seen below.

Shocking as it may seen to the uninitiated this is a scene in many homes up and down the length of the country, get used to it, 'Charity begins at Home', when it does not, you will find us in chat rooms.

... Continue»
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Dad & Son time at Cabin

First time writing here guys. But hope you enjoy my experience here as well.

Well it started out when my old man asked me if I wanted to go deer hunting with him in november for a long weekend. I was like hell yes, I wanted to get a chance to get my first deer and also shoot the 30 odd 6 I had for the kill. He said that the cabin he was using was his friends, and he had told him we could use it for the weekend until he came up the following monday. Dad said it was very very rustic. I mean like a 2 room cabin, no furnace, only a fireplace and potbelly stove to heat water on. Thats right no running water either, the old out house as well. So I was ready for some dad n son time alone to the man hunt of my life. We started out on the highway late friday afterwork, as expected tons of traffic on the highway, but once we got past the city area, it thined out some for us. Dad n I talked the usual small talk,. then he asked how it was going with my girl friend and if I was getting any. Told him she broke up with me and no one yet back on. He said give it time. Your a good looking k**, they will be throwing themselves at you. I was thinking yea right. How come I am jerking off so much instead of getting a piece of ass.

We finally arrived at the cabin after a 4 hour drive up the interstate. Long drive and my balls were aching to pee, Tons of snow already up there. like 2 feet and looked like no one had been down this deserted road for years. tons of brush and overgrown. Lucky the truck made it thru this snow I said. I got out and went by a tree quickly to pee, pulled out my cock and was like shit the cold air hit and snow was falling as I took a piss by a tree. Dad started up packing the tons of food and stuff we brought up. He told me to get some firewood by the side of the cabin that had been cut. Brought in what seemed like a cord of wood. But it would be burning all nite and day to heat this thin wood cabin while we stayed there. We finally got everything unpacked and got the fireplace roaring along with the pot belly stove. Dad said lets drive into town and grab a bite to eat. We hit the local bar, which was filled with hunters, dads and sons. All with men. I was like dam never seen so many rugged guys like this. Dad ordered a rum & coke and a coke for me. We ate dinner and he must of had about 5 drinks along with. He even got a few extra and thru me a rum & coke even though I was u******e to drink. I thought dam, doing the manly thing here with dad. I had to take a piss, went into the john and it had this huge long ass trough to piss in. guys where coming in and out. My cock was pissing, and in walked my old man. He stood next to me and pissing as well. I couldnt resist and looked down to check out his cock and size. He was nice and thick, he caught my eye checking him out. I quickly looked away, but I knew he saw me. He shaked his cock and said lets get out of here. I zipped out and he paid the bill and we headed back to the cabin,

Back at the cabin, he tells me to get a big bucket and fill it with melt for wash water. So get out side near the door and fill it up. he said bring in extra since it will melt down. Will need it to warm water up to wash up. I was like what the fuck. We are hunting, dont need to wash up. I threw a few more logs on the fire to kick it up and really get it roaring now. Then I noticed dad starting to strip down his clothes. Like I wasnt even there. He is naked now and he cock is just hanging low and his huge balls are even lower now. First time I seen him this close fully naked. He got some soap and went by the pot belly stove and started washing up with the water and rinsed with another pot. I was sitting down in awe over his body. How large his chest was and muscular, and his ass seemed so tight and firm. No jiggle in that trunk. He then started to wash his cock and balls as well. Soaping them up real good. I was getting a fucking hard on just watching but acting like I wasnt. He kept checking me out no and then to see if I was watching him., he was starting to get a semi on his cock when he was rinsing off the soap. Finished up and grab a towel and walked over to the fireplace to dry off, all the time totally nude like it was the most natural thing. He never walked around nude at home with mom around. I was in awe looking at my dad in his glory and was like a model of some hunter from greek times. He then said ok son your turn. I was like what, He said yea, get undressed and wash up before we hit the bed. I was a bit nervouse as you can imagine, Since my cock was so fucking hard it could cut diamonds as they say. So I slowly stripped down to my tighty whities. and was stalling, He was still standing by the fire warming up and acting like not to watch me. So finally I took off my underware, my cock sprang straight up. I was like trying to cover it up. I was like my dad wasnt hard, but I was, what the fuck, Dad looked at me and said , son its cool. dont worry about it, at your age your always got a hard on. I was like yea, 24-7 it seemed, but didnt make it easier now. So I started washing up and cleaning my arms and face, then chest, and dad said dont forget that cock and ass as well. I was like really, you had to say that now. Really, So started soaping up my cock, and balls, my cock was aching to be stroked off so badly now. Hard not to shoot this dick off. Washed my ass as well. felt like at highschool with the gym coach watching us guys shower to make sure we were cleaned up. Rinsed off and dad said come over by the fire and warm up. I walked over with the towel in front of me to cover my hard on. Dad stood looking at me and gulping another drink he had in the cabin. He asked If I wanted another drink now, since its just us guys, He wouldnt tell mom that I was drinking. I said cool so he poored me another shot straight this time. He stood there and commented on how good I had grown up and liked that I took care of my body and he wished his abs were as nice and hard. I was getting embarrased a little but enjoying the attention of dad as well.

Dad came back by the fireplace and brought his drink and another shot for me, I gulped it down, and feeling no pain now. Dad looked deep into my eyes for what seemed like the longest time. And then I felt his hand grab my hard on thru the towel. I jerked back at first, but stood there in like a deer in head lites. I froze and he grab my cock now from under the towel and held it real tight. With his other hand released the towel and let it fall to the floor. I was like I cant believe this is really happening, but I knew I really always wanted it to. Dad didnt say a word, just started stroking me ever so slowly. but still looking deep in my eyes. Never taking his eyes off me. I looked down to see his large hands stroke me and then stopped to squeeze me to tightly. I noticed his cock now growning and is sticking straight out. It was thick and meaty, I wanted to touch him so badly but was afraid to make a move. He must of knew it. He said go ahead you can touch it, I didnt move, He said its ok son, and grabbed my hand and moved it on his cock. It was the first time i had touched my dad's cock let alone stroke one. He said son that feels so good. Stroke it slowly for me now. All the while he is stroking me in a slow stroking motion as well. So I started to move my hand back and forth. My hand couldnt fit around the whole thing , he was so thick, about 7" long, compared to my 6" of length, I commented finally and said I wish mine was as large as yours dad. It was like the first words that came out of my mouth. Dad said son, you aint done growing yet. It still might thicken up a bit. Dad was moaning now and his legs were buckling a bit now. He said son that feels so fucking good. He started to speed up his stroke on my cock now. I was like fucking ready to shoot my load. He must of noticed because he stopped. and turned back towards the fire. He gave me a good look at his backside and ass and then said you ready for some more. I was like sure, He turned back around and told me to sit down on the chair. I pulled the chair up and sat down. He then walked in front of me and put his cock in my face, and was holding it like a sword ready to fight. He said suck on it now son. and see how it taste. I was like I'm not gonna suck on your cock, he said dont stop now I know you want to taste it and see how it feels in your throat son. You been eyeing me all nite at the bar and I noticed how much you like looking at my cock boy, so now time to taste test this cock. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed his cock to my lips. I opened my mouth slightly to taste the head. But he shoved his cock all the way in, I started chocking on it, He said ok we will take it inch by inch, but you will suck on this cock. So I licked thehead some and then on 2nd try put my mouth over his head, and pushed down on his cock more, He started to moan and said thats it son, now you got it, he said didnt your girl friend blow you any, I said no, he said well keep going you will learn this weekend. I was sucking him and going up and down pretty good now. he was fucking my face pretty good now and just yelling for me to keep sucking him, more son, suck daddy more, thats it deeper son you got it, suck daddy's cock all the way. Daddy loves the way your suck his cock. Now he pulled out and said now lick daddy's balls son, He then lifted his one leg and put it up on the table to give me a good view of his balls and they were huge and hanging low. Low hangers not like mine I said. He said suck those balls, He was going crazy at this time. He then grabbed my face and shoved it in his ass. He said now lick daddy's ass and get that tongue all over it. I hesitated and then pushed my tongue out to his ass, He jumpped at first and grab my head to keep it there. I felt like I was an a****l now. He turned around and bent over to give me a full shot of his pussy hole to lick and rim. I was tongue fucking his ass what seemed like an hour when he turned around again and told me to stand up. I got up and he grabbed my cock and started to stroke me again, but i was fucking to horny and was gonna shoot. Dad woouldnt stop or slow down he kept stroking and pounding my balls hard, I was being jerked off by my old man and was getting ready to shoot my first load that day. My legs buckeled and dad kept going, I was like dad stop I can hold off anymore, He said shoot it off son, let it fly and enjoy. As soon as he said that I shot this huge load of ropes of cum and more cum all over his legs and belly, shot after shot, of cum, he held my cock firmly as the last load came out. I was like exhausted already from this. He had me sat down and said now lick your cum off my belly, You gotta know what your own cum taste like. I didnt even hesitate this time and lick the cum dripping down his belly now. He said enjoy it son, Now its my turn, He told me then to start sucking his cock now. And I just went and took him all the way down, And was sucking him for only a few moments when I could tell he was about ready to blow his load, I tried to pull off of him since I didnt want him cumming in my mouth, But he held on to the back of my head so tightly and face fucked me good and I could feel his cock get even thicker now and then a huge hit of cum hit the back of my throat. I didnt even stop now, he just kept fucking my face and cumming load after load. I couldnt swallow it all and it started dripping out of my mouth. Dad pulled his cock out, and looked down and smiled, and said thanks son, that was fucking awesome and gave me a kiss and tasted his cum from my mouth and face. I was like speachless and didnt say a word. He grabbed a towel and said lets clean up and get to bed we have a early morning tomorrow to head out. I was like there was only 1 bed and a couch. He said we will sl**p in the large bed , now get some rest. I went over to the bed and threw the covers over, it seemed so much colder now. Dad threw some more firewood on to heat up the place for nite, and came into bed, I felt his naked body next to mine as I slept on my side not facing him. I was like I cant believe this just happened tonight. My dad and I sucking and stroking each other. Dam, more to come, from this trip.... Continue»
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Daddy Watches Lacey's Phonefucking

"Hey Daddy -- I'm gonna just go up and fuck on the computer for a while, okay?"

My father, whom I still call "Daddy" but whom everyone else calls Robert, looked embroiled in a pile of spreadsheets and thick contract papers on the kitchen table. He usually brings work home from the office, so that he and I can have dinner together and, you know, spend our quality time together and stuff. Now usually he doesn't get to his work until well after dinner, because he and I usually can't stop from getting it on at least once before or during dinner. But tonight I was getting home later than normal, because I went to the mall with my pals Cherrie and Dominic, so I guess he just dove into his work early.

Daddy smiled at me through his glasses and gave me a friendly wink. "Lacey, I'd offer to take care of your needs," he muttered in a low, anguished tone, "but I promised the client I'd call him with the answer to a question, and I haven't figured it out yet." Never changing, as he spoke he didn't look in my face but instead was staring straight at the curves of my perky B-cup titties in my tight short sweater. You'd think that a man that gets to fuck me nearly every night of the week would grow tired of staring at my tits. But I still hadn't found the limit for his lust for me (bless his heart).

Putting my shopping bag and purse on the kitchen counter, I went to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of Deer Park (best damn water on earth) then stepped to his side to look over his shoulder. I didn't exactly try to figure it all out. "Looks pretty complicated, Daddy, I'd offer to help, but I doubt I could."

He swung his head around his shoulder and gave me a toothy grin. "Thanks, baby. It'll be about an hour or so. I'll order in a pizza for us, if you want, or did you eat already?"

"I'm not really hungry," I shrugged, opening the water and taking a swig. "But if you want I can make you something."

My daddy shook his head. "Don't go to the trouble, I'm fine myself -- and I guess you're probably horny and would rather go upstairs to get off?"

"You got that fucking right." I kissed my 45-year-old father on his temple, putting my hand on his shoulder. Instantly I felt his hand slide up my low-rise jeans and rest on my asscheek, his fingers gently curving around my butt and grope it. "I kind of promised this guy I met online last night that he could have phone sex with me this afternoon, but I don't know if he'll still be there or not."

Daddy hardly blinked at my explanation; he was used to things like that about me. I mean, he's eaten other guys' cum out of my cunt when I've gotten home from dates, and he's watched home-made DVDs I had other guys make of me fucking them. So my doing phone sex was practically boring to Daddy. "Well, have fun, if he's not there, I'm sure you won't have trouble finding a cock to get off." For emphasis his hand squeezed my butt again, then it caressed across my small ass to my other side and groped the other firm little cheek too.

Already tingling from thinking about playing with men online, my pussy started to really ache with Daddy's hand on my ass. Normally I'd probably just strip and get to fucking him on the spot, but I had to be good and let him do his work. Undoubtedly he'd bang me at bedtime -- we sl**p together, usually without a stitch of clothing -- so the intelligent decision was to let him be alone for a while.

I kissed his temple again and turned to leave the kitchen, but Daddy slipped his fingers into the pocket on my ass and prevented me from getting too far away. As I shrieked with a laugh and turned to him, he gave me a big fake pout. "Well I might be busy with work right now," he frowned, trying to look deprived of joy, "but give me something to look forward to -- I mean, if you're going to fuck online or on the phone, you do have to be naked, don't you?" His eyes went from my face to my chest then my crotch in my tight jeans, and I saw him lick his lips quickly.

I stepped back and out of his grasp, giving him a scolding look. "Now, Daddy, don't you have work to do? Here, I promise." I leaned forward, my hands on my knees as I stood a couple of feet away, with a very large smile on my lips. "I promise that, if you do your work good, Daddy, your baby will give you the biggest cocksucking of your life tonight, including some tongue up your hairy ass, how's that for incentive?"

Daddy giggled and pretended to think it over. "Well, alright," came his delayed, slow response, "but still, the least you could do for your old man is let me strip you before you go upstairs."

"Geesh, really now." Actually, I was thinking myself of letting him get my festivities started, but I didn't want to do something that would lead to something else, and something else, and so on. But since he offered, I wasn't going to say no. "You are such a perv, Daddy. Fine."

I lifted one foot and put my boot on the front edge of his chair, right between his thighs. Daddy smiled warmly, looking down my thin skinny legs at my light-brown suade boot going halfway up my calf. He put one hand on the back of the boot and used his other hand to unzip the boot's zipper, then he held the heel in both hands so I could pull my foot out of it. Since the floor was kind of cold from the wintery weather outside, I left my sock on. I went to put my other foot on his chair but, to be playful, I lifted my foot even higher and pressed the ball of my foot against Daddy's crotch. I could tell he had a pretty good hard-on inside his pants. Daddy pretended not to notice as he unzipped this other boot for me, then removed it from my small sock-clad foot.

Stepping in front of Daddy now, I put my hands over my head, pulling up some of my long, curly blonde hair. "Do the honors now, Daddy," I giggled. He reached out both hands and took my soft sweater at its bottom edge on my sides, even with about my belly-button, and pulled it straight up over my raised arms. My wavy hair flew around my face then dropped down in a disheveled mess. I quickly ran fingers of both hands through my hair to straighten it out, and Daddy was already working on my low-rise jeans. I stood quietly watching him unzip my jeans then unbutton them, and I put my hand on his shoulder to steady myself as my father stripped off my jeans. I carefully stepped out of them, leaving me in a white bra and black lacy thongs (plus the small ankle-high white socks).

Without a word I spun around, showing my father my almost-nude ass, lifting my hair to let him unfasten my bra. He expertly unsnapped it in a hurry, then brushed the straps off my side so I was topless. Turning to face him now just in my thong and socks, I stepped forward one last time and kissed his forehead. "Thank you, Daddy."

"What," he pouted again, "don't you want the thong off too?"

"You silly!" I shook my head with a grin. "That might come off later -- depends if the guy is hot or not!"

He sat back and threw his hands up. "Can't blame a father for trying. Now go up there and leave me alone, and have some good cums."

In a high pitch I blurted out one last, "Thanks, Daddy!" as I turned and grabbed my water bottle again. I made sure to put a swing in my step, so my small heart-shaped ass shook side to side, as I left the room. I couldn't resist turning to look back at him, to make sure he was staring at my virtually nude butt outlined in my skimpy thong, and of course his eyes were turned right towards it.

"I'm fuckin' that ass later, count on it," he grinned from across the hallway at me.

"Oh, okay," I said with a big voice, circling my finger and thumb for the "OK" symbol. Then I proceeded up the stairs to my bedroom.

To be clear, I don't sl**p in my bedroom. It's "my" room -- it's got all my clothing in it, my old stuffed a****ls from c***dhood I never threw out, my CD, all my stuff. Well, most of my stuff; my makeup was in the master bedroom, on what used to be my mother's vanity. It was entirely my vanity now; any bitch that leaves her f****y when I was only 8 doesn't exist any more, as far as I'm fucking concerned. Anyway, I keep my own room just so that, if we have regular visitors over, it's not weird or anything that the 19 year old daughter doesn't have her own room. But about the only thing "my" bed is used for is fucking -- phonesex, or Daddy and me wanting to get it on in a different room, or sometimes if I bring a date home. (Daddy sometimes likes to watch from the closet.)

My computer is in my room, which is the main reason I'm ever in the room in the first place. Snapping it on, I pulled up my computer chair and sat in it cross-legged, sitting on my ankles. I felt the strap of my thong dig into my asscrack as I crossed my legs under me. My nipples were hard, but mostly from the cool air of the house, and my thong's front panel was damp from juices starting to leak from my pussy. My Daddy got me a very new computer that turns on and gets everything ready to go in like 10 seconds, it's the fastest one I've ever seen. So within a couple of minutes I was logged into my emails and getting ready to go into a chatroom.

Not a lot of email traffic today, just four new emails. (On a "good" day, I might have 10 or more.) A couple of the emails were from guys I'd screwed online or on the phone in the past, and I wasn't interested in reading them, neither really turned me on enough for a repeat. One email was from my buddy Ligner, he's someone I knew at school last year and he was just checking in on me. I hadn't seen him in forever, although we trade emails all the time. The really funny thing is, he's a doll and very smart, but he's just a good friend, not a fuck buddy or anything. Most guys who are my friends don't have my "sexy" email address, I just give them my "boring" email address. Ligner actually found one of my ads in a local website, however, that my Dad put there for me, and although the ad doesn't have my name or face pic, Ligner actually figured out it was me. (I think the ad said something about my fetish for Greek food, which along with the picture of my tits, he was able to deduce it was me.) He teased me about being a slut for older men, and I teased him about needing a girlfriend by looking online, but we've basically just corresponded through my sexy email address. I figure that, like most guys, he probably would fuck me if he had the chance, but he's never really asked. I don't know, maybe he was being good to his girlfriend or something stupid like that. Me, I mean, live a little, huh?

The fourth email was a new name, it was a response to another one of my online ads. From some guy named Charlie, he said he saw my ad looking for hung married men in our area. "I have what you want," he wrote, "it's 7 inches, extremely thick, married, lasts a long time, and loves to fuck college girls like you." What really caught my eye was that he actually followed the directions in my online ad -- he included his cellphone number (with times of when it's good to call), plus a face pic (handsome!), plus a nude pic of him from his knees up to his face. And, ohhh mercy yes, he had one BIG erection. My already-tingling pussy creamed at the sight of the picture. I instantly clicked on the link to his profile on the website, and saw a different picture, a close-up of his sexy penis (huge head, I might add), plus his scant bio. This man wasn't a lot for words. The bio did tell me he lived in a town I'd heard of, but didn't know where it was around us, so I figured he was probably 30 to 60 minutes away.

Mmm, yes, I'm going to fuck this man for sure. Nice big cock. I'm very bad; I love helping married men cheat. The sex is so nasty and fun, and they tend to be both experienced plus sexually frustrated -- plus, the guys aren't exactly trying to worm into every aspect of my life. I have my Daddy for that!

I looked at Charlie's email again, which said I could call him 10 am to 2 pm any work day. Since it was nearly 6 pm, I wasn't going to call of course. Iinstead, I wrote him something that I thought would get his attention:

"Charlie -- your cock is a dream. How many girls have you stuck it in lately? I'm so happy you emailed me. I'm not really into dating or going out, but if you want to get together and fuck, I would love to. How far away do you live? I have a car but am still learning my way around, I've only been driving 3 years. I can pretty much meet you any time you want, I don't go to school anymore, and I don't have to work. Will you make me your little slut for a few hours? I do anything! xXx oOo xXx oOo Lacey"

That last line -- about being a little slut and doing anything -- I put in most of my emails to men. Daddy taught me that's what men want to hear, and he's right. Plus, the line is true. It's not like, I'd say I'll do anything, then during sex I'd have to say, "No, I don't do that," so it wouldn't be anything, would it? I've said "yes" to guys tying me up tight, putting just about anything in my pussy and asshole, deep-throating, even one guy wanted me to dress up like his daughter and call me her name. So that's basically anything, in my book.

For good measure, I attached to the email four pictures of me: me nude, lying on a bed with my legs spread, a full-body picture with my face; me licking off a penis that had just cum all over my face (it was Daddy's penis, but I wasn't about to tell anyone else that); me in a thong bikini at the beach, with one of my bikini top's triangles pulled to the side to expose my nipple; and finally, me in a big snow bunny costure I wore a couple years ago in a high school play. I like this set of four pictures, it shows my fun self, plus you can tell they're real, I mean, no one could get four like this from an online porn site. (Who has pictures of girls in bunny costumes?)

Off went the email. I knew I'd be hearing back from him!

My vagina was pretty anxious now, thinking about getting a cock like Charlie's, so I logged into one of my chat accounts on my favorite chat room. The chat website had rooms for many different locations around the country, so by picking my home state, I could always find people who lived nearby. I'd only met, I think, two of the guys for actual sex, but I liked the idea of chatting with guys who actually live around me, it makes the chat so much more edgy and sexy. If I chat with a guy from across the country, it's like he isn't real, you know? That's what the fucking phone is for, of course.

Pretty quickly after logging online, I started getting bombarded with whispers (IMs, or PMs, or bubbles, or whatever you want to call them). My screen name, 19yearoldslut, pretty much gets attention. I ignore most of them. But one of them was from a name I recognized, "Buckitz," it was the guy I was supposed to have phonesex with today.

My creamy pussy shot a bolt of electricity through me, I just get all excited knowing a hot man is looking out for me. I minimized my other whispers and read his; it was a boring "Howareya, remember me?" I giggled to myself and grinned as I proved my memory. "Yeah, you're name is Paul, you're married, you don't have k**s but your wife is pregnant, and you sent me a picture of your big dick last night."

I don't know if I impressed him, but he wrote back with an attitude: "And you're Lacey, you're 19, have very hot tits, and you promised that you'd send me a picture of your butt, which you never did!"

"True," I typed quickly, "I forgot, but here it is...." I opened a box to attach a picture, and I selected one of me naked on my fours, with my knees parted, the camera showing my asshole and clean-shaven pussy from behind. I always get complements from that photo.

"FUCK!" he wrote in his immediate response, with a really big font. I guess he liked it too. Then he typed, "That is one fuckable ass and pussy you have, if that's really you!"

I was liking his attitude, it's better than guys who pretend to hang on every word I write, like they are getting on my good side. I prefer a guy who doesn't give it up quite so easy, you know? And I can't blame him, the only pictures I'd showed Paul so far were on the verge of being porn, which anyone can get from websites these days. "Oh it's me," I wrote back, "here, see for yourself." Now I attached a bunch of other pictures, basically throwing some randomly from the My Pictures folder. Me in the bunny costume, me with my Daddy at a fancy ball, me pouting in the passenger seat of the car refusing to get out of it (long story there), me when I was 15 years old at a Christmas party wearing antlers on my head. Then, the sexy ones: me nude spreading, fingering my vagina; me with cum on my tits (Daddy's); me on my fours getting fucked from behind, with my head turned to look up at the camera (that was Daddy too); me nude riding a guy's fat cock (not Daddy; the guy took the picture with his cellphone).

It must have taken a while for the photos to get across to the guy, but after a delay (during which I lightly rubbed my nipples) he wrote, "Lacey, you are incredibly beautiful! Thank you so much for the fabulous pictures, would you mind if I save them?"

"Don't send them to anyone," I answered, which drew an immediate agreement from him.

"I won't," his words said on my computer screen, "I just want to be able to open them and see what a ridiculously hot girl you are -- and I'll probably grab my dick and jerk it off."

I giggled at his obvious comment. "You better!" I typed for a laugh. My vagina was thinking about the picture of his cock from yesterday. "Is your cock hard Paul?"

"You better believe it!" he quickly responded. "I'm naked stroking it looking at your pictures."

My throbbing clitoris pulsed harder at those words, I was visualizing his penis in his hand. I love seeing males stroking their dicks; it's just that, in person, I rarely stay away from them just to watch. But I wanted to be sure fun with Paul wouldn't be interrupted. "Are you home alone?"

"Yes," he wrote, "my wife has a late OBGYN appointment after her work, she won't be home for about three hours at least."

I smirked at the news that the pregnant wife was at her doctor's for an appointment, while the woman's cheating husband was at home nude stroking his cock trying to get off with other girls. This was exactly the sort of jerk I loved to fuck; I wouldn't in a million years want to marry a guy like this, or even date one, but these jerks are really fun in bed.

One of my standard questions came to mind. I wrote, "Is your wife pretty," not sure if I asked him that yesterday.

His response took time, but it was because he attached a picture. It was him and his wife smiling for the camera at what looked to be a restaurant, maybe a wedding reception. She had short blonde hair, kind of a squared-off face, nice big eyes, she was attractive without being hot. He wrote with it, "Here she is, she's okay-looking I guess, but she's not sizzling hot like you!"

See? What a jerk; it was making my pussy so fucking wet. I wasn't touching myself there, and my thighs weren't even closed. I like getting really horny and building the need to touch it. Instead, I stroked one hard nipple with two fingers, all the way along the fingers, until then I used my flattened palm to caress the hard nub. Then I typed again, sure to play to his ego. "Awww you're so sweet!!!!" My arousal was more than doubling or tripling, having seen the picture of the woman he was actually cheating on. Knowing what she looked like made his infidelity so much hotter to me. "So Paul how long has it been since you cheated on her?"

"You mean for real?"

He had a good point, I mean, most wives would think cybersex or phonesex is cheating, which is hot to me; but what's really hot, of course, is that married guys actually sneak around sticking their dicks in other women. "Yeah for real?"

Paul's response was entirely evasive and defensive. "Well you have to remember she's pregnant, she has gotten pretty big and she is worried about hurting the baby, so she and I don't fuck now."
Mmm, an active cheater! Frankly, I liked that; I have always feared, although it hasn't actually happened, that a guy might weird out on me if I was the first girl he cheated with. I laughed at what he wanted me to infer from his response. "So that means you are fucking other girls?"

I was right. He admitted, "Oh yeah, I am, with a girl from work, and a woman I met through a web site."

Now, I don't always believe guys when they talk about girls they are screwing, not that it really matters. But, on the chance he had something that would make me hot, I asked, "Do you have pictures of either of the girls?" My vagina was really starting to ache for attention; I slipped my feet off of the chair, putting them on the floor, so I could stretch my legs out and arch my back. Between my thighs, my mound was really making my thong damp.

"Not Vicky, but probably for Diane yes," he wrote. I had to resist the temptation to touch my pussy while waiting for his next email, which I hoped would be something sexy. I got a picture, but maybe not what I expected; it was the cropped photo of a smiling blonde woman in her early 30s, maybe, with her arm around a guy standing next to her but his image was wiped out. She had dirty-blonde hair in pigtails, if you can believe that, and she looked sort of diminutive like me, not much more than 5 foot 2 or something, with a smaller chest than me in her plain sundress.

"Who is she?" I asked, staring at her smiling face, visualizing her mouth wrapped around Paul's big penis.

"Diane, I met her on a dating website, she's married."

Ooh, two people cheating together, I liked that thought! Mmm, I was going to have to touch my kitty pretty soon. "How many times have you fucked her."

"Twice, oral sex just once, and fucked last time," he answered, then added quickly, "and we have a date Saturday morning."

I found myself jealous that she was going to get fucked by him; it was just sort of an instinctive reaction, it wasn't like I felt competitive with her. "Are you going to fuck her Saturday morning, Paul?" Ok, I gave in, my hand on my breast slid down my flat tummy to my thong. I stiffened one finger and pushed it over my clit, just grinding down on it, giving it some relief. Mmm, that felt good.

"We are meeting at my office," came his playful answer, "it'll be empty, she and I fucked there last time and I am sure we'll do it again." Then, without giving me a chance to write something, he asked me a question now. "Do you have any more pictures of you fucking?"

I laughed, because I have a ton. Daddy is very capable with a camera in his hand while his cock is in me. Plus, he made screen captures of two of the DVDs I've made of me fucking other men. But, sending dirty photos of myself is not particularly fun for me; I just sit there waiting for the computer to load, and I'm not really getting anything out of it. I love making men hard, but if they pop off and log off, I'm just left sitting in my pool of juice. Men are kind of assholes that way. "I might have a couple, but it would take me a while to find the disk."

He bought my excuse, I guess with a hard cock in his hand he didn't want to wait. "Would you send them to me later?" he typed instead.

"Sure," I wrote. I didn't really have an intention to do that. I was getting pretty uncomfortable now, my thong was sopping wet on my pussy that really wanted to come out and play. So I wrote Paul, "Do you have your big dick in your hand baby?" I was visualizing his penis erect and hot, with his fingers wrapped around it, stroking it up and down.

"No, I like it just pointing up," he explained. "Are you naked Lacey?"

I thought about telling him I have a webcam, and could show him what I was doing, but we'd have start up completely separate Yahoo IMs, and I have this standard that if a guy doesn't have his own cam, I'm not really going to give anyone a free show. Again, not a lot for me in it, is there? Have your own fucking webcam, go spend $100 why don't you. So, instead, I wrote him another idea. "I am not quite nude, Paul, I have my thong on -- want to listen to me take it off?"

His response came through the computer lines at the speed of light. "Fuck yes, can I call you?"

Now, here again is one of my standards. Daddy lets me give out my private phone number, it's the second line to the house, and we know whoever is calling it is probably some guy who wants my pussy. I only use the number for my sex fun. My friends call my cellphone, and I never give out Daddy's phone number. I don't give out my cellphone number to guys on the internet, I mean, I don't want to be bothered by horny men I found boring. If I really like a guy, he'll get my number eventually.

"I'll give you my number," I typed, my fingers anxious to get off the computer so I could go lay on "my" bed, "but you have to promise me not to hang up when you cum."

I liked his response. "Do guys really do that to you?"

"You won't believe how many," I answered truthfully.

"I can talk a couple of hours," he explained to my satisfaction, "so the sooner I get your number the longer we can talk."

I really wanted to get off, so his plan was sweet music. "Call me at ..." and I typed out my phone number. Then I added, "I don't have to log off, call right now."

I instantly looked at my wireless phone, currently sitting on its base right next to my computer. I kind of expected it to ring instantly, but about a minute passed and nothing happened. Paul wasn't typing anything either. Disappointment suddenly hit, hoping that he wasn't one of those guys who gets a phone number for phonesex then never dials it. I can't explain that phenomenon, but it's happened a few times to me. Like guys chicken out or something. What's the point of that?


I smiled and stood up, pushing my computer chair backwards with the backs of my knees as my legs straightened. Then I grabbed the phone, my other hand tugging at the straps of my thong on my hips to smooth it out. It was really wet on my pussylips. "Hello?" I answered, assuming it would be him.

It was. "Hi Lacey, it's me, Paul," came a very smooth, deep, confident voice. It really turned me on; I could hear maturity, lust, and manliness in just those few words.

"Hi there, Paul," I giggled back, "I'm glad you could call."

He let out a deep breath, then he asked in a low tone, "Oh, why's that?"

"Mmm," I purred, biting my lip, wondering how truthful I should be. I leaned my almost-nude butt backwards, resting it against the front edge of my desk. "Because I'm really wet for you, Paul."

"Oh, are you now?" He didn't sound cocky, nor surprised, his voice was steady and smooth. "My prick is really hard for you, Lacey, you are really gorgeous and sexy."

"Thanks," meekly came my response, I was weakened from my arousal and trying not to be too anxious about getting right into it. I liked the tension to build a little. "Tell me all about your cock, Paul."

As the words were coming out of my mouth, I looked up and saw Daddy coming through my door. It wasn't closed, just cracked, and he quietly pushed it open to walk into my room. He heard every word of that sentence, and as soon as he did, he grinned at me with a silent smile. Daddy was fully dressed, a huge tent sticking out of his crotch. His dick, which I know so well, was fully erect inside those pants. He stood there in the middle of my room, watching me approvingly.

I turned my attention to the phone. Paul answered my question about his tool. "You saw the picture, right, it's very, very thick, girls are always saying it's so thick."

"Oh fuck," I moaned, squeezing my thighs together, one hand grabbing the desk as I held the phone to my ear tightly. I could sense Daddy watching me, but I wasn't looking at him. "I love thick cocks, Paul, I love how they--"

He almost cut me off with a question. "How many do you -- no, tell me Lacey, what do they do?"

"They stretch my pussy," I moaned anxiously, now looking at Daddy. His face didn't change, he was smiling at me. I didn't wink or smile at him, but I looked at him while I talked to Paul. "I love a guy to just fucking stretch my legs open, and like, shove your really fat dick into my pussy so it hurts when you go in, I love that."

Paul's breath was audible, and you could tell he was jerking his meat. "Ooh, Lacey, I bet you have a really tight pussy, don't you?"

"Tight bald 19 year old pussy," I whined at the top of my high-pitched voice, "tight for big manly cocks like yours." I was still looking at my father, and him back at me, but we weren't communicating in any way. He was just enjoying being a voyeur with me, and I loved how he found my sexuality entertaining. "Paul, have you fucked a 19 year old lately?"

He chuckled on the phone. "No, the youngest I've fucked since I got married is a girl in her 20s. Tell me Lacey, have you fucked any men in their 30s or older?"

"Oh yeah!" I knew Daddy couldn't hear Paul's voice, so I decided to repeat the questions a bit, so Daddy could follow along. "I've fucked a lot of guys in their 30s or older; I love older men, I don't usually fuck boys my age or anything."

"You are perfect for me then," Paul soothed, "how many men have you fucked?"

I giggled, shy, even looking down a moment, then looking againt at my father sheepishly. "Ummm," I hesitated for Paul, not sure how honest I should be. "Well, how many men have I fucked? Don't, like, be, like, judgmental, okay?" I knew he wouldn't be, and of course he immediately said he wouldn't be, so I told him the truth. "I've fucked probably about 12 men, most of them older, most of them married, not all."

"My, my," Paul admired on the phone, his voice not the least bit disappointed, "you are a fun date, aren't you? Are all these men you met online?"

"Most," I said truthfully, "not all."

"You have a boyfriend?" asked the stranger on the phone, still stroking his penis talking to me.

For this question, I smiled at my father's eyes as I answered it. "Do I have a boyfriend? Um, yeah, I do -- he's 42, he's very, very sexy, and he gives me the longest, hottest fucks." My dad knew I was talking about him, and he winked, but otherwise he didn't smile or do or say anything. He was making sure I had my fun on the phone, and so he didn't ruin it by letting Paul know he was in the room.

"Is that your boyfriend's cock in the pictures?" asked Paul, the beating of his meat still clearly discernable.

I nodded, as I started making my way to my bed. This talk was fun, but I needed to fuck. "Yeah, most of them it's him"

"What's his name?" As Paul asked that, I put one knee on the bed, my other foot remaining on the floor. I reached one hand behind myself on my bed, propping me up, my back arching and my B-cup titties pointing straight ahead. My father admired my nudity from his distance, still not moving. To answer Paul, I flicked my long golden hair away from my ear with the phone. "His name is Robert," I answered, not looking at my father this time, "and he's my boyfriend not just because he fucks me so good, but because I love him so much, and he cares for me like no one else."

"Mmm, more than your own father even?" asked the ignorant man on the phone, who was definitely not going to learn the truth, ever. "Lucky guy, Robert, getting to fuck you, you are sensationally sexy, Lacey, your body is fucking perfect."

"But he's not here!" I lied, whining as I said it. "He's left me alone, Paul, and my pussy is aching for you, I wish you were here baby."

"And if I were there," he said very deliberately and slowly, "what would you want me to do? Tell me, exactly."

I sighed, my twat dying to come out from my drenched thong. "Well, before I do that," I giggled at him, "do you want me to take off my thong, Paul?"

I heard him breathing and stroking his dick a few seconds before he answered. "Maybe not yet, Lacey, how wet is it?"

Oh the tease! But I was willing to do what he wanted, it was a fun part of the game. "Paul, it's drenched, I want to cum so bad, I'm streaming for your big cock baby. Please, Paul, please, let me take off my thong, I wish you were here so bad!" I leaned back more, now sitting on my ass with my elbow behind me propping up my top, my knees spread. Daddy was eyeing the shape of my wet thong on my shaved cuntlips.

The man responded confidently, "Not yet, Lacey. Before you take it off, I want to tell you about something first, okay."

I was on one level mad at him, I just wanted to cum so bad, but of course I didn't say anything like that. Every guy has his own way of doing phonesex; that was part of the fun of it, it was like how different guys fuck differently in bed. The point of the game was always the same, but the rules changed you know. "Tell me what, Paul?"

His tone was more subdued and quiet, but still firm and confident. "Picture this, Lacey. The girl in my office I'm fucking? She's our events coordinator. Her name is Vicky, she's this very foxy 29 year old with long black hair. Two weeks ago we were setting up a convention booth in Vegas, and I lied to my wife that I needed to go out a day early to help set up. It was bullshit, the contractor set us up. Lacey was in my hotel room the entire day with me, we fucked all day, I mean, we didn't leave for almost 14 hours. And," he added with a smirk I could hear over the phone, "during the day I was on the phone with my wife, telling her I loved her and missed her, while Vicky was sucking my dick or fucking me, and I had Vicky's pussy juice all over my face and everything."

"Holy fuck!" Air burst out of my lungs hearing the story, I flopped onto my back and pulled my knees open, feeling my thong stretch and twist on my cuntlips. He was pushing my buttons, he somehow knew that story would really turn me on. "Oh fuck, Paul, that's so hot -- that's so hot -- oh I want you so bad, Paul!" I needed to put my fingers on my pussy, but I resisted. I glanced up, and Daddy was pulling my computer chair quietly into the middle of the floor, sitting on it backwards while he faced me. He wasn't taking off his clothing or touching himself or anything. I liked how he just wanted to watch me have phonesex, I guess just like how he'd hide in my closet watching me fuck other guys. He's been in there over 3 hours while I screwed and slept on "my" bed with other men, so this was nothing out of the ordinary for him.

"I knew you'd like that," Paul snickered, a bit of his ego coming out now, "I can tell since you like fucking married men, you get off on it, don't you, Lacey?"

"Yes!" I blurted it out anxiously, hoping to get to the point he'd let me fuck myself. "I love it, that's so hot. Oh fuck Paul!" I had to close my eyes and bite my lip, my clitoris was literally burning in my thong, it was hurting for real.

Paul snickered again. "Does it make you really wet hearing about it?"

I hated him for tormenting me like this, I loved it. "Yes!"

My reaction only encouraged his playfulness. "The first time I cheated, Lacey, was the day after I got back from my honeymoon. My wife had to go into work to catch up, I had the day free, and an ex-girlfriend sent me an email. She didn't know I was married. So I went to her place for lunch, and she met me at the door wearing just a robe, nothing else. Pretty much we just made out as soon as I got in her place and we started fucking and doing everything." He laughed and asked, "And want to know what happened?"

"Please!" All I was aware of was the intense pressure inside my vagina, wanting to be filled with something, and how my clitoris begged to be plucked and played. My nipples also ached, pointing so hard. I f***ed myself to remain still, listening to Paul's stories working me up. Daddy, of course, couldn't hear the stories, he was just watching my body as I listened, and the pained look on my face.

"Well, my ex, Kristi, after the fucking asked if we could get back together, so I told her I was just married you know? And she said she didn't care, she said, 'I don't fucking care about that,' so for about three months I fucked Kristi about as much as I fucked my wife."

This guy was truly a creep; even if the stories weren't true, the fact that he liked telling the stories made him scum. But my heart was hoping they were true. I was picturing his wife, her smiling innocent face, not having a clue, thinking she's bagged this hot guy with a massive cock, and he's all hers. Meanwhile from the outset he's been banging other pussies and lying to her while he stuffs tons of horny women. My body ached to be one of those women, I knew he lived far away to the West, I wished he lived close.

"Paul," I squealed, "you're so sexy, I'd love to be one of your sluts, I wish you lived close so you could fuck me so good."

"You do, huh?" His confidence was growing, and he certainly was enjoying plucking my strings. "I like hearing it, tell me again you'd be my slut?"

I gladly obliged. "Paul, I want to fuck you so bad! My cunt is so wet for your big dick Paul. I'd be your slut every day, I'd fucking wait at home alone at night hoping you sneak away from your wife to come fuck me!" I loved him hearing it; and I loved my Daddy hearing it too, right in front of me. I wasn't really lying, either; right now, I was fucking Paul, and he was the only man I wanted at the moment. If my wish came true, I probably would hate myself forever, but when I was desperate for Paul's dick in me, my wish was brutally honest at that point in time.

"Mmm, you are a hot slut, aren't you Lacey?" Paul's manhandling of his penis was getting louder, he was whacking it rhythmically.

I pictured his hand on his penis and I loved it. I could imagine his precum leaking out. "I'm a slut, Paul, I would be your slut, I want your big cock so bad. Paul, baby, let me take off my thong, I want to fuck you so bad!"

My words were fuel on his fire, which in turn gave him the ability to tease me even worse. "I'll let you take off that thong and fuck yourself, Lacey, but first you have to tell me, um, when was the last time -- who was the last married guy you cheated with?"

Fuck him, now I had to tell a story! My vagina and clit were about to pack their bags and leave, they wanted my attention so bad. Just put your hand down there, Lacey, rub it, I told myself. But I didn't move, not yet, intensifying the need to fuck. "Um, well, it was a few weeks ago, maybe a month. But," I said, thinking of facts I could easily remember in my state of arousal, "even today, I got an email from a handsome married guy who lives around here, he wants to fuck me, and I told him I want to fuck him too." I glanced up, and my stoic Daddy looked at me without changing his countenance, but I know he heard the words.

"Did you?" Paul sighed deeply, like he was letting my words roll around inside his head. "Did you talk to him yet? Or you just emailed him?"

Minor details, who cares? "I emailed him," I said tersely.

Paul was way ahead of me, the tease. "Very sexy, you are pretty slutty," he admired, "so I'll let you take off the thong, but you have to do ONE more thing for me, alright? Okay?"

I would have done virtually anything to get my thong off. "Yes," I said in a hushed voice.

"Go to your computer again," Paul said, "if it's still on, and if it is, I want you to forward to me right now, right now, the email you sent to this guy, okay?"

"Okay." I was too aroused to think of the implications; I just wanted to get off. "Hurry, Paul, I want to fuck so badly!"

"Ahh, my little slut," Paul cackled over the phone, "it's all up to you, just go to your computer and forward the email to me, so I can see what a little slut you are -- tell me when you're ready to type in my email address, okay?"

"Alright." I sucked in some air, forcing myself to sit upright on the bed. Daddy looked at me funny, but I had to ignore him. I stood up, arching my stiff legs, and stepped to my desk. I didn't have the computer chair now, so I just leaned over, my almost-naked ass literally within a foot of my father. He didn't touch it. I held the phone to my ear while my other hand used the mouse to call up my online emails, and I opened up my response email to Charlie. I hit "Forward," and a clean screen came up. "Okay," I spat into the phone, "what's your email baby?"
Paul told it to me, repeating it two times, then he had me read it back to him two times character for character. I had an error, he correctly guessed; don't trust a 19 year old to type something when she's horny. Or ever, for that matter. "Now hit send, Lacey," he ordered, and I did exactly as he said.

It suddenly occurred to me, as soon as the email was sent, that I forwarded not just my email to Charlie, with my pictures (who cares about that), but also Charlie's email to me, with HIS pictures, and HIS cellphone. That probably was not smart; on the other hand, I didn't see Paul calling up Charlie asking for phonesex.

From around my ass, I noticed behind me my father leaning over to read the emails between Charlie and me. Sometimes we read my emails together, and he's even composed them for me, and a few times he's even responded to other men without my knowing, always pretending to be me. It's fun, Daddy loves me hooking up!

I stood up, pushing my long hair off of my face. "Did you get it, baby?" I asked anxiously, hoping for approval to go strip.

"Wait, wait," Paul cautioned, giving me goosebumps as I waited like he said. Finally he chuckled, and I could hear him reading to himself the text of Charlie's email, then mine. "Well, well, Lacey, you little slut, you'll put out for a man just because he has a big dick and sends you his phone number, huh?"

My hand was in the proverbial cookie jar. Of course, no one says I'll actually agree to fuck Charlie; I was just getting his attention to email me back. But, in truth, Charlie was probably the hottest man and cock who's emailed me from our local area, so if I had my way, Charlie's penis would be inside my mouth and vagina by the end of the week. "Like I said," I giggled for Paul to explain myself, "I love big married cocks." I looked at Daddy, who continued to stare blankly back at me.

"That's good, Lacey, because I have a big married cock -- you'd fuck me, wouldn't you?"

"Yes!" I quickly raced back to my bed, sitting on the edge in front of my father, my feet on the floor and thighs parted a little. "Seriously, Paul, would you ever visit here -- I love your big cock, you could fuck me all night if you did."

"Maybe," Paul answered thoughtfully. "I'm thinking, there is the stupid Max America trade show, it's early next year. We never go to it, but I bet I could make a bullshit reason to go." He laughed at something. "But Lacey, if we go, Vicky would be there too, and she'd want my cock all day -- would you let me fuck you with another hot brunette?"

I've never done the girl/girl thing, but Daddy keeps asking me to do it; the closest time was when I watched Daddy fuck his birthday present this summer, my friend Antoinette. Toni isn't gay either, so Daddy's fantasy wasn't about to cum true. Still, I have fantasized about eating a woman, and I've gotten off to porn movies with my father watching hot lesbians fuck each other. Maybe eating the pussy of one of my best friends wasn't the right time for my first girl/girl thing; a hot girl I never met before and would never meet again probably would be the right situation. So, for Paul's request, I couldn't rule it out, but I didn't see myself sharing a hot cock like Paul's. "We'll see," I answered with as much affirmation as I could allow, "but Paul, I want to fuck your big cock right now, please, please!"

I smiled at my Daddy in the chair in front of me, pulling my legs open as I leaned back. I wanted Daddy to see how wet I was for this man on the phone. Daddy's eyes landed right on my twat in my thong.

"Describe your thong to me, honey?" Paul was going to make this torturous.

"Fuck, Paul, it's so wet!" I lifted my head to look at my crotch, seeing the bulge of my pussylips in the saturated black lacy thong. "It's black, with lacey frills around the edges, and a little lace on the panel, and it has these thin strings going over my hips and down my ass."

Paul moaned, hearing it. I was getting to him now, a little. "You want to take it off, Lacey?"

"Fuck yes, Paul, please, let me take it off!" I was almost screaming into the phone.

"And," he teased, "if you take it off, what will you do?"

I took a deep breath, almost laughing at how painful my vagina was right now. "Anything, anything you want, I want to--"

"What do you want to do?" He was reading my mind.

"I want to fuck it, I want to put my fingers in it." I let the words sink into him, then I blurted out excitedly, "I wish you were here so you could put your huge penis in me, and fuck me, like your little hot slut!"

Paul groaned now, a loud deep gutteral noise. "Ooh yeah, baby, ooh yeah. My dick is so big for you, if you were here I would shove it into your mouth so you could suck it hard."

"Paul!" I will admit I was begging. "Please, Paul, let me take my thong off, I'm so fucking hot to fuck you honey!" Then, grinning with an idea, I tossed my head back to send hair out of my eyes, and I said to him callously, "Paul, you know you want me, I'm so much hotter than your pregnant wife, you want my tight 19 year old cunt, don't you?"

He laughed, because he couldn't disagree. "You know it, Lacey, I'd do you over her any time."

"She doesn't turn you on at all, does she?" I've talked to married men before, I knew what they are like. Not all men are this way; but the ones that fuck around usually are. "I'm what you want, I'm a slut, I fuck men as much as you love fucking other women, we were made to fuck each other, Paul. You want my shaved little cunt, you want to stick your fat dick in my tight ass. You want to see me suck your big penis down my throat as I look at you and you cum in my stomach." I don't know about him, but I was getting so close to orgasm just saying it, and thinking it.

Paul didn't let on, if he was as aroused as I was. "Is that what you want, Lacey, to fuck me like that?"

I moaned and almost put my hand on my pained clit, it was going to erupt and I'd need hospitalization if I didn't touch it. "Fuck, yes, Paul, spread me and use me, fuck my fucking slutty brains out Paul, make me your fucking cockwhore!" I opened my eyes to stare at Daddy's face, and he stared back at me, listening to my words. He was so hot hearing me talk like this, I know him so well. I can't imagine how he doesn't want to get up, grab the phone and hang up, take out his penis, and bang my cunt all night himself. Honestly, if he did, I wouldn't care at all, it would be beautiful, Paul could go fuck himself.

My partner on the phone mulled over my words, then he finally said what I wanted to hear. "Lacey, take your thong off, tell me when it's in your hand."

"Fuck yes!" I put the phone on the bed next to me, reaching down with both hands to my hips. I lay flat on my back and simultaneously ripped the thong off my hips, peeling it away from my soaking vagina. Pulling my legs over me, I slid the panties off my legs and feet. Then, with it in my hand as he asked, I picked up the phone. "Ok, Paul, it's off."

"Good -- are you nude, Lacey?"

"Yeah!" I described, then realized as I looked at my feet, "well, I have little socks on."

"Hot," he muttered, "I love fucking a girl when she still has her socks and shoes on. So is the thong in your hand?"

I looked at the wadded-up flimsy, black wet fabric in my hand. "Yeah, it is baby." Then I looked at my Daddy, who was staring at my exposed naked cunt. I spread wide for him to get a better look.

Paul's next question was out of sequence for me. "Lacey, do you like the flavor of your own juices?"

"Uh, yeah, I do." I had to think about it, weirdly enough. "I lick my fingers all the time."

"Nice. Now, Lacey, I want you to put the thong in your mouth, so I hear you sucking it, you know, sucking the juices out of it." He paused at the weird request, then he said, "Your email said you'd do anything, remember?"

I laughed, and I looked at my Daddy so I knew I had this attention. He shifted his eyes from my vagina to my face, as I said to Paul, "You want me to suck my juices out of my wet thong baby?" I didn't ask for Paul, I asked so Daddy could hear it. Daddy's face didn't change, however, he just stared at me.

"Do it, you slut," Paul commanded, expecting me to resist.

I wasn't about to; it sounded sexy. I mean, licking underwear is kind of sick, right, but hey, I've licked men's assholes, and licked cocks right after they've been in my butt too. I love the flavor of my cunt, which right now was saturated in this thong. So, barely hesitating, I put the phone near my mouth and twirled the thong around until the soaking front panel dropped down. I guided the thong over my face as I laid back flat on my bed, dropping the wet panel to my mouth. I could smell myself in it. The wet fabric touched my tongue; I quickly stuffed the rest of the panel in my mouth and closed my lips on it. Oh, god, it stunk of my sex. I closed my tongue on it too, and I could literally feel juices squishing out of it, filling my mouth. This was so fucking sexy! I'd probably do this myself in the future when I masturbate. I washed the thong's panel around my mouth a little, making sure to taste every drop of sweet cream in it, while I moaned and sucked loudly for Paul to hear on the phone. Daddy too was staring at me, seeing something new in me, which I fucking loved.

Paul's groan over the phone was long and deep, and I thought he'd just orgasmed. But he said instead, "Lacey, oh fuck, how does it taste?"

I answered with my mouth full. "Awesome!" I had to suck it a few more seconds, making sure I had a lot of the juices. Then I pulled it out, panted for air, and put the phone to my mouth again. "I'm so sweet, you should eat my cunt Paul, I'd cum so hard in your mouth!"

He ignored me. "Lacey, look down at your pussy now, tell me what you see, describe it to me?"

I've done this for men all the time, and describing myself to them is a total turn-on. "It's wet and bald, my pink lips are glowing and all wet, and you can see my clitty peaking out of my little hood." I glanced up and Daddy was admiring my vagina too.

"That's hot," he muttered, stroking himself again noisily, "Does your pussy want something in it?"

"Mmm!" Oh how to answer that question. "Paul, baby, my pussy wants your dick so bad, I wish you were here to fuck me so hard baby!" I looked at Daddy again, and I saw how he loved hearing me talk like a slut to other men.

"But," Paul moaned playfully, "I'm not there to fuck it, am I? So Lacey, what are you going to do?"

I wanted to cum so bad, but I wasn't comfortable. I had my feet dangling off my bed, my body pointed at my Daddy; lying back flat, I felt bent backwards. Not good for cumming. So I quickly turned 90 degrees, putting my head on my pillow, and lying back. I spread my legs and put the one nearest my Daddy flat on the bed, to expose myself to my father. Then I couldn't resist any longer, my fingers on my free hand slipped down to my crotch and lightly, gently, touched my aching clitoris. "Ohh fuuuck Paul -- it's sooo fuuucking wet!" My fingertips were sopping in juices from just a little touch.

"What are you going to do to your vagina, Lacey, don't touch it yet," Paul ordered again, breathlessly.

I described exactly what I intended to do. "I'm going to shove my fingers into it, two of them. I'm going to cum so hard so fast, Paul, you have me so turned on!"

"Don't do it yet," came my commands over the phone from afar, "just wait, first, tell me how you'd want me to fuck you the first time we meet?"

Breathing was getting hard, I just wanted to cum. I moaned and whined, sounding like a little schoolgirl whose favorite blankey had just been taken away. "Paul, baby, I have to cum, I'm so fucking horny!"

I glanced up at my Daddy; he was standing up. I seriously thought he'd heard enough of Paul making me wait, and he'd jump on me and do me like I wanted. It wasn't happening, though. Instead, still fully dressed, Daddy quietly walked around to the foot of my bed then climbed into it. I watched passively while Daddy slipped between the wall of my bed and my nude body, laying so that his head was even with my pelvis. He laid on one side, propping his head up with a bent elbow under it, so he could stare down at my vagina. Daddy's eyes were like only 12 inches or so from my pussy; I could feel his hot breaths on me, and I know he could smell me.

Daddy was going to watch me fuck myself, I loved it.

Paul was panting hard too, so I had to beg for his mercy. "Paul, honey, let me touch myself! I'm so fucking hot for you, I wish you could fuck me!" The noises on the phone were growing intense; he was jerking faster and about to cum, I knew it. I forgot for a few moments about my desperation to orgasm, and I put all my effort into his. "Oh baby, I'm spread for you on my back, if you were here, you could lie on me and rub the fat head of your dick on my juicy cunny! Then you could put it against my hole and shove it in me! It's so tight and you'd stretch me open! I'd be squeezing it with my muscles and feeling you fuck me so deep Paul! I'm so much tighter than your wife, I'd be screaming how I love your big dick, I bet she doesn't do that, does she? She doesn't worship your huge penis like sluts like me, I'd be fucking it so --"

Paul screamed, as only a man can do, it was more of a groan mixed with an explosion of air from his body. You could hear him straining as his entire body tensed and that huge tube in his hands pumped sperm up into the air and all over himself. I loved hearing a man cum, it's why I do phonesex. I was making him cum, just li'l ol' me.

Next to me, my father continued to stare at my nude vagina. I had one finger loitering on my clitty while I talked Paul through his climax, not trying to provoke myself. I could see my Daddy's eyes spinning as he watched my little fingertip twirl in circles over my triangular pink hood and rubbing the blunt end of my throbbing clitty.

"Fuck Lacey!" my lover spat over the phone. "Jesus, you bitch, you made me cum so fucking hard!"

"Oh fuck Paul!" It was my turn, I didn't wait a moment, I stiffened my index finger, pushed my hand down, and shoved my finger into myself. I was sopping wet and easily squeezed with minimal effort my entire finger to the knuckles of my hand. "Oh Paul I'm fucking myself!" I winced, pumping my hand in and out, feeling my tightness around my finger. As I pulled my legs backwards to spread open, my one leg came to rest on my father's hips, so we were in contact while I fucked myself. "Paul I have a finger in me, I'm so tight and wet, I wish your dick was in here!"

Paul continued to pant after his cum, but he was a stand-up man, he wasn't hanging up, he was going to take care of me now too. "Fuck yourself you slut, if I were there, I'd put you on your knees and bone you from behind like a cheap whore should be fucked." He gulped, his mouth dry from his energetic cum I guess, before picking up the story. "I'd slam your face into the bed and pull that sexy blonde hair. My cock would be in your stupid cunt and you'd be screaming at me to fuck you. I'd pound you so hard."

"Yes fuck me Paul! Fuck my cunt! I'm your slut!" I couldn't stand it, I slipped a second finger, my middle finger, into my twat with my first finger. Juices were now all over my palm and other fingers, and I felt my drips running over my asscheeks to wet my bedsheets. "Fuck me baby, fuck me Paul you gorgeous cuntfucker! Ohhh fuck YESSS!"

My first orgasm was, well, about a thousand different cums. It hurt, I mean, after all that time and anticipation, my vagina and clitoris were literally sore even as my fingers were still pumping through my cum. Every muscle in my body tensed and felt like it was burning on fire. I had butterflies in my stomach that bordered on nausea. My eyes rolled and jaw dropped. Electricity shot through my limbs and made my nipples small and hard as bullets. I think I screamed, I'm not sure, it was just an unbearable, divine orgasm.

"Uh Paul! Oh fucking shit! Oh fuck!" I was crying now, drawing out the end of my cum, my fingers slowing down. When I cum by myself, I can't help it, I put my other hand on my clit and push a thumb or two fingers into it, it always helps my cum when I do that. I don't do that when a man is in me, but I guess a guy is slamming his body against my clit anyway. I pushed hard on my sizzling hot clitty until the last thrusts and spasms shook through my body, leaving me in a daze. I felt sweat all over my nude body. "Jesus Paul, I came so hard!"

He wasn't saying much for a few seconds, then he laughed. "Lacey you are incredible, are you all wet now?"

"I'm a fucking mess!" I laughed back, and pulled my head up a little to look down at myself. I saw my Daddy admiring my orgasm just as much as I was; I had liquid all over my pussy and thighs, and hand. "I came so much, baby, just think how wet I'll be if you come fuck me for real!"

"Shit, Lacey," he groaned, "I'm stroking my dick again, you've got me hard already, you're amazing. I bet you'd be the best fuck I ever had."

Of that, I didn't really question my abilities. "Oh I bet yeah, Paul, I'd put you on your back and ride your bone all night until you didn't have a drip of cum left for me!"

"Shit, we need to do that sometime." He sniffed, made some ruffling noises, and exhaled. "Fuck, I'm covered in sperm, you bitch. And I'm hard as a horse. Are you still touching your cunt?"

I pulled my knee up so far, it was going to block Daddy's view of my pussy. So, instead, I changed position now, kind of rolling onto my side to face Daddy while I scooted my body up to almost sit on my pillow. This way, as I spread my legs, Daddy was staring at my vagina again, and I could pull my legs as far up as I wanted. My aching hole needed to be stretched as much as possible, and opening my legs wide seemed to help sooth the aching. "Paul, I'm so sore, I want a cock in me so badly, you have no idea, you have no idea baby." I was panting and almost crying, completely ignoring the fact that Daddy's penis was right there on my bed with me. "Fuck Paul, I'm so fucking horny, fuck my brains out baby!"

Daddy shifted wait, sort of lying on his tummy a bit, with his arms folded under his chest to prop up his head. He stared at my cunt, maybe 2 feet in front of him. I found myself gazing at my father's face, his eyes riveted on my fingers inside my pussy. I pulled my legs back even farther for his benefit.

"Do it," spat Paul with an evil tone, "pump those fingers in your slutty cunt you whore, admit it, you're a fucking whore aren't you?"

I smiled, closing my eyes so I wouldn't see my Daddy as I answered. "I'd love to be your whore, Paul, but I'm too horny to be a whore, you could fuck me anytime without paying me!"

He jerked his hardened penis a few times before asking another question. "How many fingers do you have inside yourself baby?"

"Two!" I was thinking about adding a third, but it makes my hand sore; I save that near my orgasms. "I'm still so wet Paul!"

"You horny slut, you horny fucking slut, stuff those fingers in your cunt!" Paul was pumping away himself, panting, I could hear the beating of his strokes, I could visualize him doing himself. I was so wet knowing it. "Put your fingers in your mouth, let me hear you taste your cum you slut!"

Now that was an idea. "Fuck yes!" I quickly removed my two fingers from myself, and stuffed them in my mouth. The phone was touching my hand as I did it. I lapped off the thick juices on my fingers, one by one, making "Mmmmm" sounds as I sucked each one clean. Then I flattened my palm and lapped off the juices pooled on it. I was fucking delicious, my hand was saturated. "Mmm, Paul, it tastes so good!" Between my spread thighs, my smiling father watched quietly as I cleaned my hand off of myself.

"Say Lacey," thought the man on the phone, "do you like getting ass-fucked?"
"Uh huh," I winked at Daddy as I answered my new friend, "I love being fucked up the ass, you'd make me fucking scream!"

"Mmm, good! Now, Lacey, I want you to put your finger in your asshole -- do that for me, okay?"

I've done this before, and it's not particularly the hottest thing, but it's really nasty, isn't it? "Fuck, okay, baby!" I know how to do this. I reached my hand underneath myself, under my butt, my hand popping out over my asshole. I stared at my father, whose eyes of course were turned to the sight of my fingertip over my anus. There was a ton of liquid on my asshole, drained from my vagina, so I didn't need any more lubrication. I swirled my finger on my sensitive butt, my legs twitching, as I reported, "Oh fuck Paul, I'm touching my ass, I'm touching the outside."

"Put your finger in, slut," he hoarsely ordered.

"Yes!" I turned my finger, careful so my long fingernail would not rip my skin around my hole, and I carefully plunged my finger inside my ultra-tight butthole. "Paul I'm fucking my ass!" It was indeed tight, and my buttcheeks tensed from the sudden invasion; but I watched my father's reaction, his eyes were glued to the sight. "Paul I have a finger in my ass, fuck it's so tight!"

"Fuck your butt honey, fuck it for me." Paul was wanking rapidly. "That's my cock up there, fucking your tight teenage butt!"

"Oh Paul!" I had to close my eyes and lean back, so I could reach my hand down farther, my arm was hurting. I felt my finger entering the soft, squishy hole, stretching my butt a bit. "My finger is in my ass, honey, I'm fucking my ass for you!"

My man on the phone was panting deleriously now, grunting as his fist flew up and down his shaft. "You horny bitch, fuck your hot little ass for me!"

His words put ideas in my head. "Paul, I'm fingering my ass, you love my ass don't you? My ass is so much hotter than your wife's! You'd put your tongue in my ass wouldn't you, Paul, you want to tongefuck my tight little ass!" He didn't respond intelligibly, he just grunted more and I heard him breathing hard while his hand stroked his meat, so I spread my legs farther back, stretched my arm down more, and tried to push more finger into my ass. Daddy's face hadn't moved, watching this. "Fuck it, Paul, fuck my ass, put your big dick in my tight ass baby!"

Paul was screaming in the phone now. "Whoa, fuck!" I heard rustling, then his grunting and wincing, and he was jerking his cock incredibly fast, using extreme f***e. I mean, I thought I heard him ripping his dick off of himself. "You are such a fucking slut you bitch! Spread those asscheeks for me and let me fuck that tight hot ass!"

"Yeah, fuck my ass honey!" In my closed eyes, I pictured myself on my fours, with Paul's hands spreading open my cheeks, and the feeling of his thick erection drilling into my loosened butthole. I loved the feeling after a good ass-fucking by a big dick, when my ass is still all loose and opened. "Make my asshole big for your cock Paul, fuck me and cum in my ass!"

His masculine voice had turned into a young boy's, eager and submissive. "Ooh baby I'm so hard for you, you make me so fucking hard, fuck that tight ass!"

I wanted to cum again, my vagina was on fire, so I pulled my finger out of my ass and put it to my face. "Paul," I announced, my finger stiffened by the phone, "I'm going to suck my finger clean!" And I did, plunging my finger into my mouth, sucking it hard, tasting the unique flavors of my butthole, mixed with my pussyjuice. I sucked my finger clean to the sounds of Paul's moaning, and the admiration of my staring father. Then I put my fingers down to my cunt and said, "Oh fuck Paul, I have to cum again, I have to cum."

I saw the lust in my father's eyes, staring at my pussy and ass, and I thought it was so sweet of him to let me play with this man on the phone while he sat there and ached. So, without any warning, I just bolted upright on my bed and spun around, then lowered myself onto my back in the opposite direction on my bed. My back came to rest on my father's raised hips, his legs to one side of me, his torso and head on the other side, as he lay on his side behind me. He didn't move but let me get comfortable; I leaned back into him, put the phone to my ear on the side of Daddy's legs, and I spread my legs open again. Daddy now could watch me touch my vagina but also feel my motions as I leaned against him.

I drilled two fingers into my waiting wet twat, and I screamed in pleasure. "Oh fucking shit Paul! I'm fucking myself! Fuck me with your big dick baby!" My hand was immediately pumping hard, ramming those fingers deep into me, pulling out only to ram back in furiously again. My thumb passed near my clit which I stroked as I could, each thrust trying to bust farther into my tightened, aching pussy. I thrust my pelvis up to meet my hand, fucking myself, making my arm hurt from the intense pressure I was generating. "I'm fucking cumming Paul! Your little slut is coming!"

It didn't take much after ass-fucking myself now to cum hard. The second orgasm wasn't the erotic adventure of the first, but it was delicious; it felt like a fire enveloping me, wrapping me, and turning me over and over. My pussy muscles spasmed and squeezed my fingers hard, while my head fell back on my father's hips and my hair spilled all around him and me. I felt liquid seeping out and covering my hand again, cascading over my soft little buttocks. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Ohhhh fuuuck yessss!" My words slurred as the orgasm drained out of me, bit by precious bit.

Behind me, on my spine, I felt it. Daddy's IT. He wasn't really moving, but my motions had carried my back to his dick. It was as hard as I'd ever felt it, even with layers of his clothing covering it.

"Fuck me Paul!" I was screaming to the man on the phone, but I was fucking my Daddy now. I spun again, turning 90 degrees, my feet up towards my father's face. I laid on my side now, my back to my Daddy. I was positioned so that my naked ass was right over my father's hard crotch; the swollen shape of his penis slipped easily into my soft little buttcrack. As I laid back, Daddy's leg was under my neck and head, a hard little pillow. I spread wide open so Daddy could look down and see his daughter's wet cummy vagina and butthole, while I was still working on it.

Now I was masturbating my Daddy while I did myself too; I gyrated my butt in circles over his penis,rubbing it into him, with my fingers stuffed into my pussy to make myself cum more. "Paul, I'm picturing your naked body over mine, I'm holding you while you pound your big dick into my tight twat! Fuck me so hard Paul! I'd want you to cum in me!"

"Yeah?" Paul sounded genuinely surprised, but his words were strained, he was working his dick so hard. "You like men to cum in your pussy huh?"

I know it sounded slutty; it all depends, you know. Married man who don't cheat alot, I figure, aren't going to be diseased; another advantage of helping men cheat on their wives. "Yeah, make me your slut, cum up my pussy you stud! Fill me with your cream! Fuck me with that big hard dick Paul!"

My fingers pushed as deep into my vagina as I could reach, stretching my hole so wide. I wanted it all; I shoved a third finger into myself, with my Daddy proudly watching. But instantly that wasn't enough. I pulled my hand out and squeezed all four fingers together; then, with them pointed like a cone, I shoved them in. Daddy watched as his darling little princess took her own four fingers into her vagina. I wanted it all, I wanted my fist and arm inside myself. I'd never fisted myself, but I've seen pictures, you know. I pushed harder, and harder, and I was only about two-knuckles deep. I mean, I was too tight for my fist I guess. But I screamed to Paul: "Paul baby, I have four fingers in me, I'm trying to put them all in, I want them all!"

He snorted while fucking himself. "Fuck, you slut! Fist yourself! That's as thick as my dick, pretend that's my dick fucking you!"

I was in heaven, lying back, trying to push my whole hand into my vagina, while under my ass Daddy's cock pressed into me upside-down. I mean, I felt his soft balls against the top of my ass. I loved that feeling, ramming back into him while I humped my hand. I was screaming into the phone at the top of my lungs. "Fuck me Paul, I want you to fuck me! Fuck me, make me your slut!"

"Oh shit you slut!" Paul almost gulped in the words, I could hear him cumming again.

Knowing he was having his second orgasm on the phone with me brought out yet another of my cums too; we climaxed together, both of us screaming while our bodies exploded with energy. And, sticking four fingers into my vagina, I felt a warm and tension in my pussy I hadn't had in a while. My instinct was to press my hand against it, try to feed the monster, make my fingers fill me as much as possible. I didn't realize it, but I was doing it. My hole hand was fucking slipping inside myself! I suddenly felt my knuckles lining the back of my hand against my pussylips; and my whole arm ached like someone chopped it off. "Fuck Paul!" I was just screaming for the sake of it. I had my four fingers entirely in me, fucking shit! Daddy was getting a perfect view of it, while his cock rubbed under my ass. I winced from incredible pain, never realizing this pressure inside my pussy before. But I didn't stop, I just pushed my hand in farther, and farther, and what the fuck --

I had my hand in my cunt up to my wrist! MY WRIST!

"Oh fuck Paul! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" I couldn't move my hand; it was just jammed in there. Tight wasn't the right word; surgically implanted would be more like it. I had this fleeting image I'd never be able to get it out, they'd have to amputate it or something. My body was bent in half, my entire pelvis ached, I thought maybe I'd forever altered the shape of my body or something, like passing a baby you know. And under my ass, I felt Daddy's cock cumming; he was squirting his semen into his underwear, having an orgasm in his pants. I was making Daddy cum in his clothing.

Orgasms were now bursting out of my pussy. Little mini-cums, ones that make me light-headed, one after another. My hand still wasn't moving, just shoved in there so deep. Juices were flowing down to my elbow. My elbow! "Fuuuck Paulll, fuuuck meee!" The words were just coming out on automatic. I was falling into an endlessly orgasmic state from this self-fisting job. "I'm cumming, oh Paul, I'm cumming again, oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck I'm so fucking horny for you!"

I wasn't sure what I heard on the phone; whether he was even still really listening I don't know. I smelled Daddy's orgasm, that hot manly smell, and his cock's motions under my ass slowed. I had my fist in me probably, I don't know, five minutes? Maybe? It seemed like a long fucking time. It got to the point where I was fearful of pulling it out; and when I tried, it didn't really move. "Oh fuck Paul!" I was screaming in horror now, but just once. I yanked back with my elbow, and POP -- holy fucking shit -- my hand just squirted out of my vagina.

I ached, I mean, my vagina was like, FUCK, don't touch me. Ever again.

I fell back on the bed, the phone somewhere maybe near my head, gasping for air, my nose stuffy with mucus, my mouth dry, my legs sore, my arm feeling broken. My hand was just, well, drenched is a word. My pussy hurt, oh I said that. It hurt. "Fuck, oh jesus, oh fuck!" I tried to get my breathing down first, then I snorted the mucus in my nose back into my head, and I cleared my throat out. I was sweating in buckets, from under every pore. My pelvis was a soppy mess, like the bedsheet under me.

Picking up the phone, I held it to my ear. Dial tone. I don't know if I disconnected the jerk, or if he hung up. I didn't care.

Lying back limp and lifeless on my bed, suddenly a presence was above me. Daddy, crawling over me. I felt his warmth, smelled his cologne, and his shadow covered my eyes. His hands brushed my matted hair out of my face, stroking me, and his warm soft lips touched my perspiry forehead. "Darling, baby," he soothed warmly, kissing around my face, my nose and chin, "you're incredible."

"Oh Daddy!" I tried to reach up to him, but my arm wasn't moving; so I just curled into his comforting presence. His arms encircled me, wrapping me in his love, and I even began to cry in his chest. I have no idea why, I just did. I felt like it; female perogative, okay?

Maybe ten or fifteen minutes later, the swelling feeling in my vagina had turned into the normal post-sex glowing, and I even regained feeling in my hand. "Daddy, that was fucking fun," were my first words, along with a chuckle.

My loving sexy father grinned down at me, then pulled himself off of me. I watched silently as he stood on my floor, and he removed his clothing. All of it, socks to shirt and everything in between. His penis was still hard, but covered in his messy sperm. Then Daddy reached to the floor, retrieving his underwear, which he showed me. "You made me cum in my pants, darling," he giggled, "and I hear you like the flavor of cummy underwear?"

I couldn't believe it, but Daddy was sticking his messy wet underwear to my mouth. I also couldn't believe I stuck my tongue out, tasting his familiar sperm, licking it from the wet fabric. As I licked I smiled up at him, and he back at me.

"How sore are you?" he asked warmly.

I shrugged, then noticed his penis. Shit, I love my Daddy's penis. I love to love it; and it loves me too. It fills me and feeds me, I always give into my Daddy's dick. As many men as I fuck, I always return home to fuck it. I'm my Daddy's lover, and I spread dutifully for him anytime he's home and hard. I've missed dates to fuck him. I've skipped school (last year) to fuck him. We fucked at a f****y reunion with my grandparents and cousins downstairs. I even begged my best friend to fuck him, just to make him happy; I told you about that. (Not that Antoinette needed all that much encouragement, and for the record, I know she liked it because since that first time with me there, she has spent nights at my house with Daddy when I was on overnight dates myself.)

So, staring at Daddy's hard erection, I rolled flat on my back and pulled up my sore, aching legs. "Daddy, cum fuck me, please," I moaned, exposing my vagina to him. "Give me what I really want."

He crawled onto "my" bed, his penis pointing right at me. "So Lacey, what about this new guy Charlie, going to make a date and fuck him on it?"

I giggled, nodding as I reached down to Daddy's dick. Guiding it towards my pussy, I purred softly for my father, "Daddy, I would love to meet him and let him stick his big penis into me -- but I promise when I get home you can fuck me too!"

And, as my father's cock penetrated my sore pussy for the first time of many times that night, I blurted out my most honest feelings of all. "Daddy I love you so much -- fuck me hard Daddy!"
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Dan & b*****r & Son Hunting trip Part 1

It was that time again for our annual deer hunting dad and son bonding time at the cabin up north. Dad had told me we would be up a full week this time. And that his b*****r would be joining us as well. thinking how much fun we had last time I couldnt wait to get in the truck and hit the road.

Dad got off of work early that friday and we loaded the truck up and heading for the cabin. It was a long drive of 4 hours to get up there and it would be dark when we arrived. We stopped in town for a quick bite to eat and dad had a few shot & a beers before we had to get to the cabin. on our way out we hit the john's to take a piss, aahhh the same trough style. a few guys already standing with there dicks out pissing away, I was between dad and another guy,. My cock already was starting to grow. the guy next to me noticed and said, its alright son, I looked at dad and he smiled back at me and the guy. he shooked his off and few times and left. Dad was just finishing up when I was doing my last few shakes as well.

We arrrived at the cabin, unloaded the truck and started getting the fire going in the cabin. Just then Uncle pulled up in his truck. But this time, he brought in a few bottles of liquior as well as this little brown bottle. didnt know what that was until later that nite. Dad started pouring the shots out, and said son you can have one as well to get warmed up. Dad went by his b*****r and gave a hard squeeze to his cock already growing in his pants, Uncle unzipped and whipped out his hairy thick cock. Dad said well looks like this needs some attention. Dad motioned for me to come over. and pushed my head down to start sucking on my uncles cock. It started growning so fast now. could barely fit it in my mouth. Uncle grabbed the brown bottle and opened it up, he took a whif and also gave it to my dad which he also took a whif with his nose. He said k** you want to try, Dad said go ahead and see if you like it. He called it poppers. I took a whif and they held my nose on one side and then did the other side. I was like holy shit what the fuck, and my head was so fucking hot.

Uncle said now try sucking on that cock. I went down on it and devoured his cock now. I was like an a****l going after his meat and then my dad stood next to me and pulled his cock out for me to suck both of them. They were kissing each other and rubbing there chest and pushing my head back and forth and trying to get both cocks in my mouth. Finally dad said we need to flip him over and fuck this boys tight ass. They laid me on the table and dad said take another hit of poppers, He lubed up my ass with his tonque and while I was sucking my uncle. I was like dad, I'm so fucking horny, and with that he plunged his dick head thru my ass and buried it deep inside. I was like fuck ya dad fuck me, fuck me harder. while uncle was fucking my face. Dad took another hit off the bottle and pounded my ass to fast it was like a piston going in and out. He started to jerk my cock off at the same time. I was gonna shoot my load, He jerked off 2 ropes of cum from me, when he pulled out and shot his load across my chest as well. Then my uncle said I'm cumming and pulled out and shot over my face and neck. Dad rubbed it over and in my mouth. Then uncle kissed me and licked me up tasting his cum and me at the same time. That was one hell of a first nite at the cabin.

More to cum thru the rest of the week.... Continue»
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It was about 2 o'clock on a Saturday morning. I had just gotten home from a date with a guy in my class. My parents figured since I was 18, and it was not a school night. I could stay out late, but I knew if I stayed out all night, I would hear about it the next day.

I didn't feel tired so I logged on the computer in my room. I was chatting with a guy who was completely boring me, so I figured I would go to the adult chat rooms. I had never been there but now that I was 18, why not see what it was all about? I found one for nudist and thought that looked interesting. I got in and was immediately hit with a bunch of bots. I deleted them and was left with three guys to chat with. One right away invited me to see his webcam. I accepted and the window for his cam came up. It was dark in the room except for the light shining on him. He was naked and I could see him from the chest down. He had a nice hard on and he was a good 7 inches long and nicely thick.

The other two guys asked me about my age, what I liked to do, was I a nudist and I asked them what they liked, but it was the nude guy who interested me.

horny4u: You like what you see?

pinkpanties: It looks good enough to eat.

horny4u: It's all yours if you want it. How old are u?

pinkpanties: 18

horny4u: nice and legal. I am kinda old for you. 42

pinkpanties: That's not to old. I think older guys are cool.

Honry4u: yeah? You ever been with a guy my age? Or maybe you're a virgin?

pinkpanties: I am not a virgin and the oldest guy I was ever with was a neighbor who was about 30.

Honry4u: cool. What you wearing?

pinkpanties: I Just got home from a date. Still in my jeans and t shirt"

Honry4u: why don't you start up your cam and let me see you get undressed?

pinkpanties: I guess I have to get undressed for bed anyway. Ok

I turned on my webcam and invited him. I could see him on the cam as he stopped to get a good look at me. I then stood up in front of my cam and started to strip tease for him. He didn't say anything at all, as I took off my top and dropped it to the floor. My bra quickly followed. I jiggled my bare breast close up to the camera.

horny4u: very nice. What's your name?

Pinkpanties: Kim

horny4u: can I see more Kim?

I watched as he began to jack himself off slowly. I then teased my zipper down, unbuttoned my pants and let them slide down to reveal my thong panties. Slipping my fingers into the waist ban, I pushed them down to my ankles and stepped out of them.

I sat back down and adjusted the cam so it showed me from my head to my shaved pussy. Horny was jacking off still. It was apparent by his hard cock, he enjoyed what he saw.

Honry4u: you are so hot. Your panties looked wet.

pinkpanties: Ty they were probably wet because my date and I fucked over at his place. We were in bed a couple of hours together. It felt good.

Honry4u: I am jealous. I would love to be lying between your legs.

It was at that point I noticed something. His wedding ring had a line of diamonds on it. I just sat there as I remembered that my daddy had a ring just like it. I laughed to myself as I realized daddy was in bed and this couldn't be him. Could it? I thought how to find out. If it was him, he could see my face and apparently, he didn't mind seeing his daughter's naked body.

pinkpanties: I have never been with a guy your age. It would be like fucking my own daddy.

horny4u: yeah I guess it would. Would you fuck your own daddy?

"Ok that didn't prove it was him or not." I thought frantically how to answer and find out who he was.

pinkpanties: I don't think my daddy would want to fuck me. He is after all my daddy.

Honry4u: Daddies have desires also. You're a sexy looking girl. I am sure your daddy has had some thoughts about you. Do you ever think about him?

pinkpanties: I hadn't but now I wonder what it would be like.

horny4u: I think you would probably enjoy it.

I started to get scared. It sounded like something a father might say if he wanted to his daughter. I was not sure what to say. How to get out of this. I felt so naked now that I thought it could be my daddy on the other side.

pinkpanties: I gotta go. Its past my bedtime and I'm tired.

Honry4u: ok well I really enjoyed chatting with you. And thanks for letting me see you on cam. Can I add u?

pinkpanties: yeah sure. Nite

I accepted him as a friend and logged out as quickly as I could. I sat there wondering if it could be him. I kept thinking about the things he had said and what he looked like. How could I know for sure? The only things I saw where him and the edge of his desk. If it was him would he be looking for me now? He had to know I was up in my room naked. No, I don't think he would come up here. He doesn't want me to know it is him. He must have been downstairs in the basement.

I then jumped out of my chair and went to the door. No one was out in the hall. I sneaked out and went downstairs to the basement. I found the computer in the f****y room but no one was there. He could have gotten back to his bedroom in the time I had jus sat there to stunned to move. I then thought that if he ever did chat with him again I wanted to be sure if it was daddy or not. I went to the desk and using a permanent marker, put a little black square on the edge of the desk. I then went to bed, thinking how it probably was not him, and I might never chat with this guy ever again.

Nothing seemed to be different that week. I thought daddy might be looking my body over a couple of times, but I was sure it had to be my imagination. I didn't get online to chat again until about midnight Friday night after I came home from visiting a girlfriend of mine. I went to my room and was about to get undressed for bed when I looked at my computer. Would he be on?

I sat down and logged into chat. It showed that he was on. I felt cold fear run through my body. I was about to close chat when a window came up.

horny4u: Hello. How r u?

I hesitated before answering,

pinkpanties: "I'm good.

horny4u: you been on a date?

pinkpanties: No, I was just visiting a girlfriend of mine.

Honry4u you play with her also?

pinkpanties: No, I am st8 I like guys is all.

Honry4u want to c2c?

I bit my lip. I realized at that point that I was not sure what I wanted to find out. If he was not daddy than we could just enjoy chatting and playing with ourselves for the other person to see. If it was daddy than what? He liked seeing me. He said he even would like to fuck me. How did I feel about that? I was not sure yet.

pinkpanties: ok

I turned on my cam and accepted his cam. I watched anxiously as his cam window opened up. I looked and didn't see any little black square. I smiled with relief. He was already naked and his cock was semi hard. I reached up, pulled my t-shirt off, and undid my bra. My breast came free and bounced a little for his enjoyment. My pants and panties quickly followed.

Horny4u: I love your body. You have perfect tits and your pussy looks so sweet and edible.

pinkpanties: I love your cock. It would be a nice mouthful.

Then I noticed it. He had moved his mouse, and it uncovered a small square spot on the edge of his desk. It was daddy. It really was him. I sat there staring at the square in shock. What now? What does a daughter say to her naked daddy online?

horny4u: I love your pussy. I bet my cock would fit nicely in it.

I just sat there. I was not sure what to say. I was so stunned by it that I couldn't do or feel anything for a few moments.

horny4u: have you thought about what we talked about last time? How would you feel about having sex with your father? I bet he would like it.

horny4u: Hello? Kim?

I looked at the words, unsure what to say. Finally, I leaned over my keyboard.

pinkpanties: "If my daddy wanted to take it slowly I would be willing to try it. Why don't you come up to my room daddy, and we will see?

This time it was quiet on his side. I could see him sitting there not moving a muscle. After what seemed a long time he wrote back.

horny4u: I love you Kim. I apologize if I hurt you in anyway. I Didn't know it was you at first and then when I saw you, I couldn't stop enjoying seeing your beautiful body.

pinkpanties: Its ok daddy. Come up to my room.

His cam went off and I turned mine off as well. I know he had seen me on cam naked but seeing him in person was different. I quickly pulled on my panties and t-shirt. I heard a light knock and opened the door for him. Daddy came in rather sheepishly. He was in his jeans and no shirt.

"Hi darling." He said with a hopeful grin.

I hugged him. "Hi daddy. It's ok I am not mad or anything. I'm just not sure how I feel about this. I mean I really love you and the thought of you seeing me naked did turn me on."

He chuckled "Yeah well, seeing you naked really turned me on also. I never dreamed I would see you like that."

I asked, "Do you get on cam a lot with girls?"

He shrugged. "Well, I do some. Look, I love your mother, but she has no interest in sex. That cam is pretty much my sex life."

I felt sorry for him. I didn't know that he and mom didn't fuck anymore. I guess I just figured that they had a great sex life.

"I'm sorry daddy." I said as I reached out to give his hand a squeeze. "I didn't know. That's gotta be rough."

He shrugged. "Oh I survive. Your mother knows I get on cam. I guess she figured I need something to relieve my sexual frustrations."

I chuckled, "Bet she doesn't know I was on it with you though."

He laughed quietly." She would kill us both if she knew that."

Our laughter subsided and we looked at each other, not sure what to say. Finally, he asked what I knew would eventually be coming.

"Darling, would you mind if we kissed?"

I gave him a small smile and shook my head. "No I wouldn't mind at all."

Daddy stepped closer to put his arms around me. He looked into my face and smiled. "I love you Kim baby."

He softly kissed me. I thought it would feel really weird to be kissing my daddy like this, but it really was not bad at all. I did feel somewhat different but the idea of kissing my daddy like a man and woman instead of father and daughter had a kind of thrill to it. We kissed again and this time I tried to relax more and enjoy it. He must have felt my being more receptive to his kiss and lightly touched my lips with his tongue. I opened up and he slid his tongue into my mouth. He ran it over my lips and teeth. Then I touched his tongue with my own, and we rubbed and explored each other's tongues.

We kissed like that for a few minutes, and I let my hands rub slowly up and down his bare back. It was not long before his hand slid under the back of my shirt and up my bare back. We continued to kiss for about 15 minutes before he pulled a way for a moment.

"Oh Kim baby, I should probably go."

"Now?" I asked. "But why?"

He stepped back shaking his head. "If I don't go now I may not be able to leave later. You're too delicious not to want more of."

I took his hand in mine. "Daddy, before you came up here I was not sure how I felt about our seeing each other naked on cam or what you said about wanting me. Now I know. I do enjoy kissing you. I think you're sexy and I would like to kiss you some more."

He looked at me and I could see a battle raging behind his eyes. "You sure?"

I nodded. "Yeah daddy, I am sure."

I gave him a kiss, and we embraced again. He looked into my eyes. "If I do anything you don't like, you will tell me, right?"

I nodded, knowing that there was almost no chance of me telling him to stop. I was just too horny right then. We kissed again and this time as we started to kiss, he ran his hand under the front of my t-shirt to the bare flesh of my 34b breast. I am not big but my breast or very firm and round. He massaged them and rubbed my nipples. I decided my t-shirt was unnecessary and pulled it over my head and dropped it on the floor. He looked at my naked breast and admired them as he cupped them in his hands. He kissed my neck and slowly worked his way down my chest to my round breast. His tongue teased my nipples, sending a shiver of pleasure through me. He sucked, licked and then gave my nipples a small bite. I moaned softly as I held his head to my bare flesh.

As he was working my breast, I noticed he ran his hand down my body to my panties. He rubbed my pussy through my panties. "Oh daddy. Ohh that feels good."

That little encouragement must have caused him to want more. He pushed my panties down and felt the bare flesh of my hairless vulva. I gasped as I felt him touching me. Reaching over I undid his pants and when they fell daddy's hard cock sprang out free and hard. I grabbed it, rubbing it with my hands.

Daddy started to kiss me again, but this time with a great hunger and passion. His right hand was on my left breast, and his left was rubbing my pussy. I spread my leg some, so he could get in better, but I couldn't spread far enough for him. He led me to my bed and pulled me down onto it with him. We lay naked with our bodies pressed together. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my pussy. He moved his cock up and down so it rubbed against the outside of my vulva.

I was now moaning constantly. He lifted up my leg, and I felt his hand go between my legs. I was soaking wet. He found the entrance to my pussy and was able to easily slide a finger into me. He slowly finger fucked me as I squirmed and moaned with each movement.

"Oh baby." He whispered in my ear. "You feel so good and so tight. I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you so bad it hurts."

"Mmmm." I moaned back into his ear. "Do it daddy. Fuck me. Fuck your little girl. I want to feel your cock inside me. I want you to fill my pussy with your hot cum."

"Oh yeah baby." He said as he pulled out his finger and took a hold of his cock. "I'm going to fuck you until your overflowing with your daddy's cum."

I felt him line his cock up with my pussy and the head of his cock nudged the wet opening. He pushed gently and I felt him slowly entering me. I dug my fingers into his back as I bit my lip, so I didn't cry out. He went in further and further until finally he was totally embedded within my body. I could feel his balls hanging down and pressed against me. I wrapped my legs around his waist, holding him in as deep as I could get him. He just lay there on top of me with his cock totally inside my hot pussy.

"Baby girl, your daddy is fucking you. My cock is inside you now. What do you think about that?"

I smiled at him as I tried to think about my own daddy fucking me but found it hard to think about anything except how much I wanted to be fucked. "I love it daddy. Now fuck me. Fuck your little girl and don't stop."

He smiled as he began to slowly move his hips up and down. I could feel his cock sliding in and out of my tight, wet pussy. I gave his cock a squeeze with my pussy and held on tight. He moaned and started to go a little faster. I dug my fingers into his back harder. His body pressed down on my naked body, but I didn't even notice the weight. The only thing I noticed was how good it felt having him fucking me. I could feel his cock sliding deep into my body. I could feel him inside me pushing and rubbing within my pussy. It was pure pleasure as each inch of his cock dove repeatedly into my body.

I could feel myself going higher and higher into ecstasy. I was trying not to moan too loudly with mom in the house, so I put my mouth on daddy's shoulder and bit him. He didn't seem to mind as he just went harder and faster. My world seemed to narrow down to a haze which centered around my daddy's cock moving like a piston in and out of my pussy. My hips were gyrating with him, trying to get his cock deeper into me. I could hear him moaning words, which included my name, but I didn't care what he said. I only cared about his cock filling my pussy.

Then I hit my climax. My world was rocked with pleasure as I arched my back and screamed in pleasure. I didn't care if anyone heard me or not. The only thing that mattered was my daddy was fucking me, and I was cumming. I felt wave after wave of scintillating pleasure hit me again and again. I concentrated all my thoughts on how good his cock felt inside me. Then I felt him slam his cock into me hard and just hold it. I felt his cock spasm within me as it sent streams of white cum into me. His cum seemed to flow out more and more, and I loved thinking about every ounce of his i****tuous cum being inside my little pussy. I squeezed his cock hard as I tried to hold it all inside me. I didn't want any of it to escape.

Daddy then started to relax, but he left his cock buried inside me. He looked into my face and smiled. "Baby, that was the most awesome sex I have ever had."

I kissed him. "I can't believe we did it. I can't believe I made love to my own daddy. I loved it. I don't want to stop making love to you, ever."

He returned my kiss. "I don't want it to end either."

Then I remembered how I had cried out so loudly. "Daddy, what about mom? She might have heard me."

He shook his head. "She sl**ps pretty soundly. You know that. It would take a lot more than you crying out to wake her."

I relaxed a little but was still unsure. "Can we go see? Just to make sure?"

He sighed and rolled off me. His cock freeing itself of my hold on it. "Ok, I guess we can do that. I am kind of hungry anyway. Want to grab some of that pie with me?"

I jumped up. "Sure. That was some of the best apple pie mom has ever made."

Daddy walked over to the door still naked. I was about to grab some clothes but then figured I would just go nude as well. We went to dad and mom's room. Dad peeked in and I saw through the crack that mom was still sound asl**p. He shut the door. "She won't wake until morning."

We went to the kitchen, and I grabbed the forks while daddy got the plates. I then went to the refrigerator and looked for the pie. I was bent over looking in the bottom shelf when daddy came up behind me and rubbed his cock up against my butt.

"I like what I see." He told me happily.

I found the pie and stood up. "Maybe later you can have what you see."

We sat down at the table to eat. We talked about how much we had enjoyed our making love. We both agreed that we would do it often and not tell anyone else. As we talked, dad looked at a bowl of fruit on the table. He took a banana out of the bowl and grinned. "I want to try something. You game?"

I shrugged, "Sure. I guess."

"Ok sit on the table in front of me."

I did as he said and sat on the table in front of him as he sat in his chair. He spread my legs and after peeling the banana, he slid it into my pussy. He pushed it in until it almost disappeared. I looked at him wondering what he was up to.

Leaning forward he put his mouth on my pussy and licked it. He had found my clit and was teasing it. It felt good and I reached out to hold his head to my pussy. As he licked me, I felt him starting to suck on that banana. He sucked it out just a little way, bit the tip off, and ate it. He kept licking me and sucking the banana out of my pussy until the banana was all eaten, but he was not done yet. He still had my pussy to eat. His tongue knew how to pleasure my pussy. He would run it up and down my pussy lips, but always he returned to licking my clit. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed. He licked until I was breathing heavy and moaning. Then he stood up and shoved his cock into my pussy again. It was not long at all before I was cumming I hugged him to me as he shoved his cock in and out and just kept going. I came but he was just starting. He kept fucking me so that after I had cum I didn't descend far from the heights of pleasure before I was going right back up on the mountaintop of ecstasy. I don't know how many times I came before he finally pulled his cock out and shot streams of cum on my body. My body was covered with his sticky white cum.

en he helped me off the table saying, "Now it's my turn. Suck my cock baby."

I got down on my knees before him and looked at his semi soft cock. It was still wet with my juices. I reached out and took it into my mouth. The taste excited me. I sucked his cock into my mouth and pressed my tongue up against his cock as it glided over it. I moved my head up and down him as he held onto my head. He urged me on. "Yeah baby. Suck you daddy's cock baby. Oh yeah suck me. Mmmmm you're doing great baby. Oh yeah I love fucking your mouth."

He was moving his hard cock in and out of my mouth now. I tried to take him deep and gagged a couple of times. I sucked harder and then I heard him say, "I'm gonna cum baby."

I felt him tighten up and just as a stream of cum started to explode from him; he pulled his cock out and shot it on my face. I opened my mouth and streams of cum flowed from his cock. Some landed in my mouth but most of it was on my face. A large glob landed right in my eye so that everything was a big blur in that eye.

He finally stopped shooting out cum and I stood up. I opened my mouth to show him all his cum I had caught. He looked at me and smiled big. I then glanced over at the mirror on the kitchen wall and had to laugh. My face had cum covering my eye, dripping down my nose and some leaking out of my mouth. The rest of my faced has splatters all over it.

Daddy came up behind me as I was looking at myself and wrapped me up in his arms. He looked over my shoulder at my image. "You are the most beautiful girl in the world. You can't believe how happy you have made me. If I made love to every girl in the world I can't believe there would be one that could make me as happy as you have right now."

I turned to look into his eyes. Opening my mouth I showed him his cum again as I swirled it around with my tongue and then swallowing it. I smiled at him. "I am glad daddy. Next week we will have to see if we can do it even better. Next week mommy goes to Aunt Cindy's for the weekend. "

Kim carried her mother's suitcase to the car where her father took it and loaded it into the trunk. Mom had been telling them where everything is and what needed to be done while she was gone to her s****r's place for the weekend.

"Mom," Kim said as she gave her mother a hug. "Daddy and I will be fine. I promise I will take such good care of him that the only thing he will be missing is your apple pie."

"I made one last night. You will find it on the counter in the kitchen."

Dad walked up mom and gave her a kiss. "Than I guess I won't be lacking anything will I? You just go and have fun dear. Kim and I will be just fine."

She smiled at us. "Yes, I know you will. I guess I am just a natural born worrier. Good bye and if you need anything just call."

We waved as mom drove down the driveway and down the road. After he car was out of sight I looked at daddy and smiled. "I have been looking forward to our weekend together I thought it would never get here."

Daddy took my hand and winked at me. "I have had a hard on for a week thinking about it."

Daddy and I had just had our first sex together last Saturday and it had been so good. I hadn't even thought about letting daddy fuck me until a week before that when I accidentally met him online and we had gotten naked on webcams together. I didn't see his face but he did see mine. He never said anything but I figured it out what it was him. When I confronted him, we ended up having sex. We had snuck around some last week and had sex every night after mom was asl**p. Now we didn't have to sneak around. This weekend we would do what we wanted, when we wanted. I knew we would both have a lot of fun.

Daddy led me into the house where he closed the door and immediately kissed me. His tongue slipped into my mouth and I hungrily sucked it as deep into my mouth as I could. He than smiled at me. "No clothes allowed this weekend. We stay naked until Sunday night just before you mother gets home. "

He began to unbutton my shirt and I unbuttoned his. We helped each other get out of your shirts and he worked on unsnapping my bra. It fell quickly to the floor and my breast were freed to bounce and give my daddy the enjoyment of seeing and feeling them. We kissed a little and my breast pressed against his strong chest. I rubbed them back and forth against him. He reached down to unsnap my jeans and pulled the zipper down. I pushed my jeans and panties down together to the floor and stepped out of them. Daddy admired my naked body and before I could begin to undo his pants, he quickly unzipped and removed them. His 7-inch cock was now free and it stood out straight and proud. With us both naked, we embraced. My soft but firm body pressed against his naked body. I could easily feel his cock pressed against my flesh. His arms wrapped around me holding me to him. We kissed and I enjoyed his loving me like this.

"Daddy," I whispered into his ear. "I am yours to do with as you want. I don't want to hold anything back from you. My body is yours to take and love however you want. I just want to make you happy. I want you to fuck me all weekend. Fill me with your love and with your cum. Fill me until I am overflowing and than fuck me some more."

He kissed me and then looked into my eyes. "Baby, I am going to put my cock in your tight pussy and by the time this weekend if over, it will be so soaked in your wet juices that it will be all wrinkled, like after you soaked in the hot tub to long. Baby, I don't want to remember what it is like to not have my cock inside your pussy."

I grinned, "Than maybe we should get started?"

He smiled at me and picked me up. We left our clothes on the floor by the front door as he carried me to his bed. He lay me down on the bed and then crawled in with me. He half lay on top of me as we kissed. I felt his hand move down to my pussy. I spread my legs to welcome his touch. He found my pussy already wet and ready for him. I had been getting wet just thinking about this when my mother was getting packed to go.

I felt him rubbing my pussy. His touch sending a thrill through me. He knew just how to excite my clit. He lightly touched and rubbed it. I moaned into his mouth as my body quivered. I loved him so much. I wanted him so badly. I wanted to make him so happy and give him more pleasure then he had ever had.

I pushed against his chest and f***ed him onto his back. I crawled up on top of him and straddled his hips. I looked into his face as he expectantly looked back into mine. I grinned. Reaching down I took a hold of his cock and placed it at the entrance to my pussy. I could feel it seated there with the tip of his cock ready to penetrate me. I looked down at his cock and slowly I pushed down. I felt and saw it slowly disappearing into my body. My pussy stretched around his cock. It felt so good. I could feel it moving deeper inside me. His hard cock was burying itself deeper and deeper in me. I felt him rubbing along the inside of my pussy walls as he went in. My tight, wet pussy welcomed him in with a warm embrace.

Daddy watched with me as he disappeared inside me. His cock sunk deeper and deeper into me. I could even see my skinny tummy bulge a little as his cock filled it up inside. I slid down his cock until finally I was sitting down as far as I could go. I sat on him with his cock totally disappearing inside me. I was amazed how so much cock could go into my little pussy.

I lay down on top of him and we kissed. I was so hungry for him. I began to move my hips up and down. I felt his cock moving in and out and it was wonderful. Daddy then grabbed my butt and stopped from moving. He whispered into my ear. "Just wait baby. I just want to enjoy the feel of your body and mine together like this. I find the sensations of having you laying here on top of me with my cock inside you so amazing. To have my little girl's pussy wrapped around my cock is mind blowing."

I giggled. "Daddy, I am not a little girl any more. I am 18 and a woman."

He looked at me and smiled. "Oh yeah Your definitely a woman. A very beautiful and sexy woman."

I lay there and examined his face. It had a glow about it that I had never seen before. He was so happy and content. I had never seen him like this. He had always had worries about work or stress about bills. Even when he was having fun it was like the world was just pushed into the background and it would soon be back to fight him again. Now it was like all that was gone. There was only now. There was only him and me. Our love was the only thing in the world that mattered and even if everything else went wrong, there was still only him making love to me.

I kissed him as he held my body against his. I enjoyed the feel of our flesh together. We were truly one together in body. We were locked in a lover's embrace that I didn't ever want to end. We kept kissing and his hands massage my back and down my butt. He rubbed a finger down my asshole and felt where his cock had disappeared into my pussy. Than I felt him push his finger into my asshole a little ways. He pushed harder and he went in further. He got his finger in as far as he could and I felt him rubbing the inside of my asshole. I softly moaned with pleasure.

We lay there kissing, touching and loving each other. He fingering me, played with my nipples, deep kissed and just enjoyed each other's bodies for about half an hour. I was so hot and horny. I wanted to have him fuck me but I never said anything because I wanted to do it his way. I wanted to give him all the pleasure I could. He began to move his cock in and out and I moaned loudly with pleasure and with relief that he was finally fucking me like I wanted.

His cock felt so good as it slide slowly in and out of my pussy. I was moaning as soon as he started to move within me. "Oh! Oh yeah, Daddy! Oh, that feels good. Yes, Daddy! Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck your little girl."

"Baby, I am going to fuck you and not stop until Sunday."

I could only answer with a soft moan and by grinding my pussy down onto his cock. I moved my hips up and down as he thrust his cock up into me. I squeezed his cock hard with my pussy and sat down hard on his cock, jamming it deep into my body. I had been laying on top of him for so long that my juices had flowed over his cock and balls. His cock slid in and out with almost no resistance at all. My pussy moved up and down his shaft and I closed my eyes as I enjoyed the sensations of him filling my body with his cock. I was so hot and horny that it took almost no time at all for me to begin cumming. I started to whimper with a pleasure that I was helpless to do anything but enjoy. I moved up and down him and the sensations of his cock moving in and out of me sent me into a climax that sent an electric shock through my body. My body not only quivered and shook with ecstasy, but I felt like someone had hooked me up to an electric outlet and had turned it on. I only remember crying out really loud. It was like pain and pleasure was all mixed up. I couldn't tell one from the other. My cumming was painful and so amazingly pleasurable at the same time. I yelled at the top of my voice. "AH! DADDY! DADDY! DADDY!"

He just kept fucking me. He kept his hard cock pumping in and out of me while tears of pleasure flowed from my eyes and I cried. He kept fucking me while my body lost control and just shook and quivered on top of his cock. His cock sent me so high I thought I would literally die. I was sure I was dying and I didn't care. I could only think about how so much pleasure was flowing through me. My daddy was fucking me so perfectly, I didn't care if I lived or died. As I was hitting that height of pleasure and I was sure I would never be able to come down. I just stayed there and kept cumming and cumming.

The next thing I knew, I was on my back opening my eyes. Daddy was lying on top of me smiling. "Baby? You ok?"

"Um, yeah." I said a little confused. "Oh, daddy, I never felt so good before."

He laughed, "You fainted baby. You went so high you passed out on me."

"I did?" I lay there realizing that I felt confused because there was a gap in my memory. I must have fainted like daddy said from an overload of sexual pleasure. "Well, I hope I can do it again. It was amazing."

He laughed at me and gave me a kiss. I then realized that he still had his cock in me and it still felt so wonderful there.

"Baby, I hope you do too. I am going to try sending you over that edge every time we fuck."

I wrapped my legs around his waist and hugged him to me. "Did you cum yet daddy?"

He nodded and kissed me. "Oh yeah. I came a couple of times. I don't think you were too worried about my cumming while you were off in sexual heaven."

I held on tight to him and enjoyed the feel of his body against mine. I sighed with satisfaction and tenderly kissed his neck, ear, cheek and than his lips. His wonderful warm lips. Mmmmm. I couldn't help but moan as we kissed. He started to slowly pump inside me. I loved the feel of his cock moving within me. He filled me with his flesh and I embraced the pleasure it bestowed on me. I rubbed my pussy up and down his cock as he moved in and out of me. My hips were working slowly with him and together we were moaning from the delightful sensations. I could feel his cock moving so deep inside me. Moving and rubbing me. Sending a cacophony of bliss through my body.

He began to go faster and I welcomed it. I was hungry for his cum to fill me. I moved with him. We slammed our bodies together in heedless abandonment. His wonderful cock sank deep into my body time after time. I could feel him pulling his cock almost totally out and than pound into me again. The slapping of our now wet sweaty bodies filled the room. I dug my fingers into his back. I was coming close to cumming but daddy beat me to it. He threw his head back and moaned. His hips thrust hard into me and he held his pulsing cock deep inside my pussy. The feel of him sending his i****tuous seed into my womb so excited me that I came as well. I cried out as my hips jerked up and down, sending his cock in and out of my soaking wet cunt. I couldn't help myself as I clawed at his back, scratching it with my fingernails. I was a wild a****l being fucked into a state of feral lust. The only thing I cared about was being fucked. I had to be fucked. I would almost have killed to get that intoxicating high. I couldn't speak. I could only moan, whimper and growl as I came. I hung on tight to daddy's body, pumping on his cock. Sending it as deep into me possible.

Slowly, oh so slowly, I began to descend. I slowed down my hips until I was finally still. I lay there with daddy on top of me and me still holding tight to him. I didn't say a word. He looked at me and shook his head in wonder. "You are the most amazingly sexy woman. You fuck like your life depended on it."

I smiled back at him but I still couldn't speak. My mind was so full of the pleasure I had just experienced that I wanted only to savor it. I hung onto him tightly and closed my eyes. We just lay there for about five minutes. Daddy stirred and gave me a kiss. "Baby, you hungry?"

I grinned, "For you."

He laughed. "Baby, as much as I like that, how would you like some eat some food? I could make us some hamburgers."

I cocked my head to the side and grinned. "And how you going to do that with your daughter stuck on your cock?"

He chuckled. "That would make it difficult, but if you really want to stay thrust up on my cock I could throw a pizza in the oven for us."

I thought it sounded fun to have him cooking and still have his cock buried in me. "I would love to see you cooking with me on you."

He laughed and holding on tight to me, he rolled on his back, swung his legs over the edge of the bed and sat up, with me facing him. He stood up and I held on tight to him with my legs wrapped around his waist. He walked into the kitchen, pulled a pizza from the freezer and threw it into the microwave. He got us some glasses of soda and then pulled out the hot pizza.

Carrying the pizza and I held the glasses at the same time I held onto him, we went into the TV room. He set down the pizza, took the glasses from me, and set them down as well. With his cock still in me he sat on a chair and helped me swivel around on his lap so I was now sitting facing the same way as him. He than took the remote and started up the TV and a DVD.

"I have a porn movie for us to watch. I thought you might enjoy seeing it."

I took a slice of pizza as I asked, "What's it called?"

"Daddies Do Their Daughters."

I watched the movie as I ate the pizza. It was interesting. They had a man and his daughter at an interview. Someone off camera asked them questions about their f****y, how long they have been having sex, how they feel about i****t with each other and other interesting things about them and their history. Then the interview stopped and the two began to make out. The daughter sucked her daddy's cock and he ate her pussy. I was already so wet but watching this made me even wetter. Than her daddy mounted her and fucked her hard. They fucked in a few different positions and the camera caught great shots of his cock thrusting in and out of his daughter.

Too quickly it was over and I was about to ask daddy to play it again when another couple were shown. They were a father daughter also and they also were interviewed. They told how they lived alone together since the man's wife had run off with another guy. His daughter took his wife place in his bed almost right away and they now lived as if they man and wife. No one in the neighborhood where they had moved to knew anything different. He was a manager who made good money and people just thought she was his trophy wife. They undressed each other and fucked on camera. It was really cool.

There were half a dozen couples of fathers with their daughters on the DVD. I really enjoyed it and when it was done, I was so hot and lusted after my daddy so much that if it had been necessary I would have ****d him.

"Daddy, I want to fuck."

He had been feeling my breast and rubbing my pussy while the DVD played. Now with it off he pulled me back into his chest and slid a finger down my pussy to my clit. He rubbed it and I moaned happily.

"Baby, I want to fuck you too." He whispered into my ear.

He moved his cock in and out of me while he massaged my clit. I lay back into him and just relaxed. "Mmmm oh daddy. I love you. I love your cock. I love you fucking me. Fuck your little girl daddy. Fuck me and make me happy."

He than moved forward and I had to reach back to try to hold myself safely on his cock. I needn't have worried. He had a firm hold of me as he pushed me down on my hands and knees. I knelt on the floor as he pumped his cock in me. He played with my breast with one hand and my pussy with the other. His cock had the best task of fucking my soaking wet pussy. He fucked me while I pushed back into him with my butt. I shoved back as he thrust forward. His wet balls slapped against me every time his cock plunged deep inside me. I didn't care what I did or said anymore. I might go wild again. I might faint. I might do anything, but as long as my daddy fucked me, I was happy and I was sure my daddy was happy as well.

He took hold of my hair and pulled my head back some. I moaned, "Daddy. Fuck me Daddy. Fill me with your cum. I want your cum daddy."

He fucked me harder and faster. I was moving my ass back into him as fast as I could. We were fucking full speed and it was not long before he was cumming. He shot another load of cum into me. I could feel him filling me with his potent seed. I groaned with the thought of all that hot cum filling my body with his love. Daddy rubbed my clit as he stopped thrusting his cock into me. He wanted to make sure I came even if he had already cum and would be getting soft now. He was big enough when soft that he wouldn't fall out but his finger had to finish the job of getting me to cum. It didn't have to work long before I obeyed the call of his ministering finger and came hard. I let my head collapse to the floor with my butt up in the air. I moaned as my body reveled in sexual ecstasy. I lay there enjoying the after glow of our lovemaking. I looked up at him and smiled. "Mmmm I think I may have peed myself."

He laughed. "Thankfully it's a hardwood floor. We better clean it up."

Under my protest, he pulled his cock out of my pussy. He had been in there for six hours but that was not long enough for me. We went and got some clothes to wipe my pee off the floor. When we were done, he kissed me and suggested, "You want to wash my back in the shower?"

"I want to wash all of you in the shower and you better wash all of me as well."

Daddy put his arm around my waist as he led me to the bathroom. We got the shower running and stepped in under the warm flow of water. My sweaty, cum filled body felt good as the water flowed over my flesh. Daddy took the soap and started to wash my arms. As he washed me he told me how beautiful each part of my body was as he washed it. He said how special it was and how sexy my flesh felt as he touched it.

He moved from my arms to my back, my shoulders and my face (which he kissed for about five minutes before going on.) He than lathered up my breast and rubbed his soapy hands over my nipples. They got immediately hard as little pebbles. He rinsed them off and proceeded to lick and suck on them for a couple of minutes. He washed my flat tummy and than instead of washing my pussy, he got on his knees and washed my feet, ankles, legs and thigh. As he washed my thigh, I watched him look lovely at my hairless pussy. He turned me around and washed my butt. He even washed the inside of my asshole with a soapy finger. Still on his knees, he turned me around and again faced my pussy. He took the soap and slowly washed it. Pushing one leg to the side, he washed down into the inner lips of my pussy and slid a couple of fingers into my pussy. He rinsed my pussy off and than leaned forward to run his tongue down the crack of my vulva and then lick deeper into my clit and inner lips. I just stood there on one leg with the other held up high. I had to hold on to him with one hand and the showerhead with the other, so I did not fall. As he licked me, he slipped a finger into my pussy. His finger probed inside me feeling, rubbing and pushing against my inner walls. I gasped as he touched my G spot. He than moved his finger, rubbing that spot, encouraging me towards cumming. I softly whispered, "Daddy, yes Daddy. I like that. Oh, that feels good. Yes, right there. Mmm Oh yes Daddy."

I came and as I did I slipped, but daddy caught me and helped me to sit on the shower floor. He went back to fingering and licking me, and I was almost immediately back to cumming. It was not the universe-exploding climax from before but I still felt so good as I moaned out my pleasure in ecstasy. Once I was done, I looked at him and said, "Now I get to wash you."

I ignored his body. I just took the soap and proceeded to immediately wash his cock. It was already hard and, as I washed him, it got even harder. I didn't waste too much time with the soap. I rinsed him off and than took his cock in my mouth. I swallowed his cock in as deep as I could. I gagged but I kept sucking and swallowing his cock. I sucked is cock up to the roof of my mouth and pressed my tongue up against it. I squeezed his cock in as tight as I could with my mouth and made sure my tongue rubbed against the underside of his cock head. I sucked and licked him enjoying every inch of his tasty meat.

He held my head to his cock and began to thrust in and out of my mouth, fucking my face. I knew it couldn't be long before he came. I gave his balls a squeeze with my hands and sucked harder on his cock. I than felt his cock pulsing and his warm cum filled the back of my mouth. I took his load and held it in until every drop was milked out of him. His cock went soft and I released him from my mouth. Standing up I opened my mouth and swirled his cum around in my mouth for him to see and than I swallowed it all down. The aftertaste of his cum filled my mouth and I knew it would be there for hours. I love the taste of cum.

I than washed his body and once we were all clean we kissed under the shower of water. I could feel his hard cock pressed against me. He rubbed my breast and than moved his hand down to my pussy. He was rubbing me when I bit his earlobe and whispered. "Fuck me daddy. Do it here."

I than turned around and leaning against the shower wall I pushed my butt towards him. He took hold of my ass and rubbed his cock up and down my ass crack. "You want it in the ass?"

"No daddy. I want it in my pussy again. It hurts in my ass."

He didn't argue but putting his cock to my pussy, he shoved it in. It felt so good and so right to have him back inside me again. He was plunging his cock in and out of me while he fingered my pussy. I pushed back into him and we fucked like that for a long time. We had both cum so much that it now was taking far longer before we could cum. In the end, we just decided to stop and get back to it later. Still we both did enjoy the feel of it a lot.

We dried each other off and than went to his bed where we lay in each other's arms and just talked. Our conversation slowed and soon we were both asl**p in each other's arms.

I woke up at about 9pm that night. Daddy was gone so I went hunting him. I found him looking at a video on his computer. Video of him and me in his bed fucking. He looked up and saw me. Waving me over he smiled. "I set up my computer to video any action in my bed. It's really hot. I can delete it if you want."

I looked at the video and felt my pussy itching with desire. It was a hot video. You plainly see Daddy's cock buried inside me. "Oh daddy, I think it's hot. I love it."

We watched for a while before daddy suggested we get something to eat. We had some salad and than we went to bed for the night. Getting in bed, we cuddled, kissed and touched. Daddy got on top of me and shoved his cock into me again. I felt like I could never get enough of his cock. He fucked me for a while before he turned over onto his back and I was on top. I sat up straight as I moved up and down his cock as fast and as furious as I could manage. I looked lustfully down into his face. I stared into his eyes as we fucked. His hands were on my breast pinching and massaging my nipples. I could see he was trying to stop himself from cumming and make it last longer but that was a lost cause. He came and filled my pussy with more of his sticky white cream. I smiled down at him. About a minute later, I followed him and came. My body jerked hard and his now semi soft cock fell out. I then collapsed on top of him and just lay there exhausted. My breathing slowly returned to normal.

After I had gotten my breath I asked, "Daddy, you know those people on the DVD?"

"Yes?" he answered.

"Do you think we could be like them and go someplace to start all over. I could be your wife and you could be my husband. We have the same last name. No one would know the difference."

"I would love that baby but I am married to your mother."

"Divorce her." I found myself saying. I loved her but I wanted daddy so badly I was willing to lose her in order to have daddy all to myself.

"I don't know sweetie. We would have to think about that. For one thing, she could get custody of you."

"I am 18 and I can go where I want to. Even if the judge said, I should go with her I would just leave and go live with you. I am considered an adult."

"Well we will have to think about it."

I smiled and knew that soon Daddy and I would be living together as husband and wife. He would be all mine. I knew his weakness and I planed to use it to get my way. He wanted me as much as I wanted him. Besides, I had not been taking my birth control pills for the last week and I would be very fertile right now. My daddy would be the daddy of my little baby who would be born in 9 months. How could he not live with the mother of his c***d?

... Continue»
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Daddy's Plan 3

On her fifteen birthday Daddy showered his princess with presents. Having lived so many years with so little, Jessi hadn't become so jaded that she took his generosity for granted. After a restaurant dinner he took her dancing. She saw the envious eyes of both men and women as they slow danced. With their odd combination of ages Jessi was sure no one new that they were Father and Daughter.

These thoughts made her very horny so she whispered in his ear that they needed to head home for some "kissing lessons". Daddy chucked and gave her butt a light pat. After they got home Jessi went to her room changing into the sexy Victoria Secret underwear he had surprised her with. Included were garters and shear stockings. The only other thing she wore were her new black fuck me pumps.

She made quite an entrance as she walked with hips twitching to a beat only a horny woman knows. Daddy was in his usual chair wearing his robe with likely nothing else underneath. She saw his robe rise and pulse mimicking the rhythm of her hips.

When she stopped Jessi said "Daddy, I think you bought me the wrong underwear. You can almost see right through them." With he Father's eyes glued to her body she made a slow turn. "Daddy, I like the garter and stockings but the bra and panties are just too naughty. I'll have to take them off."

Jessi had blossomed into a little sex pot. She proceeded to rub up and down her body revelling in his intense gaze. His focus and the touch of her own hands teased her libido to a boil. She slowly stripped off her bra and flung it in Daddy's direction then rolled and pulled her nipples into a pair of erect erasers.

She turned her back then did a slow sensuous, hip to toes bend pulling her panties down. For some reason she seemed to feel shaking her ass was needed to extradite the panties which were stuck inside her slit.

When Jessi arose she covered her breast as if shy but moved her feet apart. The man almost passed out when she used just the tip of her tongue to wet her lips. It took a second for Jessi's words to sink in "Daddy, I need a birthday kiss."

Without a response she started a sexy approach while discarding her high heals. Just as she got to the chair Daddy stood, untied and threw off his robe. Jessi looked down to see what was pointing her way. Daddy took Jessi by surprise when he turned them both around and pushed her to fall back onto chair.

He immediately moved to his knees, took hold of her legs and hooked them over the arms of the chair. In shock she looked at her Father. He smiled and flicked his tongue in the air like a snake. The realization of what Daddy was about to do hit Jessi's libido like a Mac truck. In moments she was leaking juices down her taint in between her cheeks to dribble on the cushion.

Daddy took her hands and moved them to the back of her knees saying "Jessi, if you remove your hands the night will be over and you'll be sent to bed." A wide eyed Jessi just nodded acknowledgeing the grave consequences of disobedience.

Daddy leaned forward brushing his lips on her open mouth lightly teased her tongue. Like her wiggle walk his tongue hinting of things to come. He moved off to whisper in her ear "Sexy woman, come as many times as you can for your Daddy". This little deer in the head lights pantied with stuttered breaths.

He kissed-licked down her chest over her breasts, past her navel, to the top of her mons. She was in such an aroused state she almost removed her hands. Daddy gave her a stern look of rebuke and she quickly spread wide again.

Fingers dragged lightly from knees to the center of her sexual soul. Jessi was becoming frantic wanting to come for Daddy, but he continued to traced his fingers on an inner thigh while kissing down the other. Finally she could feel his warm breath on her hot box.

His first lick was barely on her pussy as it traced the place where thigh end and cunny begins. That made her plead "Daddy, I can't take much more!" She knew that was a mistake as he stopped looked up and started kissing up the opposite thigh.

Jessi soon had tears of frustration tricking down her cheeks. Once his lips got to her knee he looked into her eyes and said "Happy birthday my love." His head dipped, hands held her knees wide and lips pursed around and pulling at her clitoral hood.

She screamed out a climax so loud that a man walking his dog heard and looked off into the woods thinking that an a****l was in pain. Jessi squirted onto Daddy's neck down his chest and all over the cushions.

As her eyes were still rolled back in her head he began to lick freely tasting his daughter while teasing her body towards another orgasm. As the fog lifted from her first oral climax she became aware of the next wave rapidly approaching. She panted "Daddy" so often that she made it sound like a chant.

Unknown to Jessi, Daddy had bought himself a cunny lingus instructional video and was appling all he'd learned to his birthday girl's pussy. He took her to a new razor's edge then made her come by adding a wiggling index finger intruding into her soaked love canal.

After he lapped up some more of his girl's precious secretions, he leaned back and waited until she opened her eyes. He asked "Can my precious princess come one more time for Daddy?" She could only nodded her head as speech was still impossible.

From his discarded robe he pulled his second to last present. Her Father held up a lipstick shaped object with rubber stubs on one end. Jessi gave him a puzzled look. Daddy explained "Jessi, this present is consider a magic wand by most women. Because of its power you can only use it with Daddy. When not in use it'll remain locked in a metal box on my dresser." Jessi did not quite understand but for some reason Daddy's forbidden tone aroused more than just her curiosity.

He leaned down and began a series of long slow taint to clit licks making Jessi purr like the happy sex kitten she was. Her eyes closed as she relaxed into her familiar erogenous zone where time and space are irrelevant. Just as Daddy's tongue started to wiggle into her little love box she heard a buzzing sound reminiscent of an angry bee.

He touched the vibrator lightly just above her slit and slowly move it downwards. Jessi's clit began overloading her mind with messages of "mmmooorrreee". She began to shake as her body realized the man had found yet another way to make her come.

In anticipation she began to tense with the vibrations tickling her nervous nub. When Daddy had all but touched her clit and she took a deep breath to scream out her next climatic pronouncement but he moved the vibrator back to the top of her slit.

Instead of that climatic scream she shouted a plea of "Nooooooooooo!" Right then he started moving the wonder wand back towards its ultimate goal. Her trusting mind knew Daddy would let her come this time but she was wrong. Three times while tongue fucking his tasty treat of a daughter he had moved every so close to her little nubbin but failed to seal the deal.

By the fourth slow descent her mind had all but given up anticipating when Daddy would let her come. When Jessi's new toy reached the previous stopping point, he linger there for a moment then moved and held it directly on her clit.

Days later her stomach muscles were still sore and any thoughts of that last come would make her feel a bit dizzy. ... Continue»
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Daddy's Plan 3

On her eighteen birthday Daddy showered his princess with presents. Having lived so many years with so little, Jessi hadn't become so jaded that she took his generosity for granted. After a restaurant dinner he took her dancing. She saw the envious eyes of both men and women as they slow danced. With their odd combination of ages Jessi was sure no one new that they were Father and Daughter.

These thoughts made her very horny so she whispered in his ear that they needed to head home for some "kissing lessons". Daddy chucked and gave her butt a light pat. After they got home Jessi went to her room changing into the sexy Victoria Secret underwear he had surprised her with. Included were garters and shear stockings. The only other thing she wore were her new black fuck me pumps.

She made quite an entrance as she walked with hips twitching to a beat only a horny woman knows. Daddy was in his usual chair wearing his robe with likely nothing else underneath. She saw his robe rise and pulse mimicking the rhythm of her hips.

When she stopped Jessi said "Daddy, I think you bought me the wrong underwear. You can almost see right through them." With he Father's eyes glued to her body she made a slow turn. "Daddy, I like the garter and stockings but the bra and panties are just too naughty. I'll have to take them off."

Jessi had blossomed into a little sex pot. She proceeded to rub up and down her body revelling in his intense gaze. His focus and the touch of her own hands teased her libido to a boil. She slowly stripped off her bra and flung it in Daddy's direction then rolled and pulled her nipples into a pair of erect erasers.

She turned her back then did a slow sensuous, hip to toes bend pulling her panties down. For some reason she seemed to feel shaking her ass was needed to extradite the panties which were stuck inside her slit.

When Jessi arose she covered her breast as if shy but moved her feet apart. The man almost passed out when she used just the tip of her tongue to wet her lips. It took a second for Jessi's words to sink in "Daddy, I need a birthday kiss."

Without a response she started a sexy approach while discarding her high heals. Just as she got to the chair Daddy stood, untied and threw off his robe. Jessi looked down to see what was pointing her way. Daddy took Jessi by surprise when he turned them both around and pushed her to fall back onto chair.

He immediately moved to his knees, took hold of her legs and hooked them over the arms of the chair. In shock she looked at her Father. He smiled and flicked his tongue in the air like a snake. The realization of what Daddy was about to do hit Jessi's libido like a Mac truck. In moments she was leaking juices down her taint in between her cheeks to dribble on the cushion.

Daddy took her hands and moved them to the back of her knees saying "Jessi, if you remove your hands the night will be over and you'll be sent to bed." A wide eyed Jessi just nodded acknowledgeing the grave consequences of disobedience.

Daddy leaned forward brushing his lips on her open mouth lightly teased her tongue. Like her wiggle walk his tongue hinting of things to come. He moved off to whisper in her ear "Sexy woman, come as many times as you can for your Daddy". This little deer in the head lights pantied with stuttered breaths.

He kissed-licked down her chest over her breasts, past her navel, to the top of her mons. She was in such an aroused state she almost removed her hands. Daddy gave her a stern look of rebuke and she quickly spread wide again.

Fingers dragged lightly from knees to the center of her sexual soul. Jessi was becoming frantic wanting to come for Daddy, but he continued to traced his fingers on an inner thigh while kissing down the other. Finally she could feel his warm breath on her hot box.

His first lick was barely on her pussy as it traced the place where thigh end and cunny begins. That made her plead "Daddy, I can't take much more!" She knew that was a mistake as he stopped looked up and started kissing up the opposite thigh.

Jessi soon had tears of frustration tricking down her cheeks. Once his lips got to her knee he looked into her eyes and said "Happy birthday my love." His head dipped, hands held her knees wide and lips pursed around and pulling at her clitoral hood.

She screamed out a climax so loud that a man walking his dog heard and looked off into the woods thinking that an a****l was in pain. Jessi squirted onto Daddy's neck down his chest and all over the cushions.

As her eyes were still rolled back in her head he began to lick freely tasting his daughter while teasing her body towards another orgasm. As the fog lifted from her first oral climax she became aware of the next wave rapidly approaching. She panted "Daddy" so often that she made it sound like a chant.

Unknown to Jessi, Daddy had bought himself a cunny lingus instructional video and was appling all he'd learned to his birthday girl's pussy. He took her to a new razor's edge then made her come by adding a wiggling index finger intruding into her soaked love canal.

After he lapped up some more of his girl's precious secretions, he leaned back and waited until she opened her eyes. He asked "Can my precious princess come one more time for Daddy?" She could only nodded her head as speech was still impossible.

From his discarded robe he pulled his second to last present. Her Father held up a lipstick shaped object with rubber stubs on one end. Jessi gave him a puzzled look. Daddy explained "Jessi, this present is consider a magic wand by most women. Because of its power you can only use it with Daddy. When not in use it'll remain locked in a metal box on my dresser." Jessi did not quite understand but for some reason Daddy's forbidden tone aroused more than just her curiosity.

He leaned down and began a series of long slow taint to clit licks making Jessi purr like the happy sex kitten she was. Her eyes closed as she relaxed into her familiar erogenous zone where time and space are irrelevant. Just as Daddy's tongue started to wiggle into her little love box she heard a buzzing sound reminiscent of an angry bee.

He touched the vibrator lightly just above her slit and slowly move it downwards. Jessi's clit began overloading her mind with messages of "mmmooorrreee". She began to shake as her body realized the man had found yet another way to make her come.

In anticipation she began to tense with the vibrations tickling her nervous nub. When Daddy had all but touched her clit and she took a deep breath to scream out her next climatic pronouncement but he moved the vibrator back to the top of her slit.

Instead of that climatic scream she shouted a plea of "Nooooooooooo!" Right then he started moving the wonder wand back towards its ultimate goal. Her trusting mind knew Daddy would let her come this time but she was wrong. Three times while tongue fucking his tasty treat of a daughter he had moved every so close to her little nubbin but failed to seal the deal.

By the fourth slow descent her mind had all but given up anticipating when Daddy would let her come. When Jessi's new toy reached the previous stopping point, he linger there for a moment then moved and held it directly on her clit.

Days later her stomach muscles were still sore and any thoughts of that last come would make her feel a bit dizzy. ... Continue»
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Play with my titties, Joe

Introduction: Just toolin' along hummin' a song

Country roads take me home; I’m humming the John Denver song, the radio’s off, I’m

making my own music like I do a lot of the time when I’m driving. When I take off on a

journey it’s always Willie and On the road again, sometimes, when I’m cruising during

the day I’m with Tim McGraw going Everywhere, but at night, on a lonely country road

it’s always Denver.

And I am on a country road, two lanes of mcadam, a single white line down the middle

but it’s not taking me home, I’m in the west part of Missouri really not heading

anywhere in particular, I had a vague notion of turning north in Kansas, wandering

through the Dakotas, but maybe not.

I like the backroads of America, the interstate system is great if you want to get from

point A to point B the fastest but they’re homogenized. Florida to California, Perkins

Pancake houses, McDonalds, Denny’s, the same everywhere but I’m not in a hurry to

get anything but a story, my names Will Forester but my nom de plume’s Joe On the

Road, I’m a freelance writer looking for human interest tales. Country towns, mom and

pop restaurants with Blue Plate specials, two chair barber shops, road side diners,

two eggs, sausage and home fries for $2.95, that’s where I get my inspirations.

So Mutt and I are rolling along, I haven’t seen another car in over twenty minutes when,

at the furthest reach of my headlights something appears in the road. My first thought

was, deer, but, no, this seems to be an apparition, ghostly in white. I slow, no, no ghost

either, it’s a girl and she’s running toward me, waving me to a stop.

“Help me Mister, you gotta help me,” she pleads as she throws open the passenger

door. She stops and screams, she’s just met my traveling companion, Mutt.

Mutt’s a mongrel with a lot of pit bull in him; he’s wandered onto my land and into my

life five or so years ago. He was still a pup, someone had probably dumped him. I fed

him and he adopted me; now he’s my constant companion, he’s my buddy and my

protector, I trained him; the command “Go” unleashes sixty-five pounds of unrestrained

fanged fury.

“Mutt, stay…you, jump in back,” both obeyed.

“Go Mister, just go,” she begs.

“Whoa, gal, what’s the matter,” I ask.

“They shot my daddy now they’re after me, just go.”

Through the open window I hear the distinct grumble, Harley Davidson’s, firing up.

“That’s them, that’s them, go, please they’ll kill me.”

I went; I figured I could get the whole story later but her fear was real, washing off her in


Turn here Mister, turn right here. It was a gravel road; I turned, drove a mile or so and

pulled over.

“Mutt, in back, you come up here, let’s hear what happened.”

After dog and girl switched I asked, “Ok, talk to me.”

“They shot my daddy now they wanta shoot me.”

She stopped, I waited for her to continue, she was mute.

I reached over and patted her on the back, “You’re safe now.”

“No I’m not, not half.”

It poured out, “My daddy cooked meth and sold it to a biker gang, when they came; I

was in the bedroom, I couldn’t see but I could hear. They had a hellava argument,

accused daddy of shorting them; daddy musta reached for his gun ‘cause I heard one

of them scream at him, put the Goddamned gun down then there was two shots. I was

climbin’ out the window, one of they said, fuck, he’s dead, let’s get out of here. They

came out the front door, I was almost to the woods when one of ‘em seen me, he took

a shot at me then come runnin’ but I got away.”

Everything had happened so fast I really hadn’t gotten a good look at her before, now I

did. She was a teen, maybe f******n or fifteen, she was wearing a long night gown,

there were scratched on her arms and face and her bare feet were bl**dy.

“Let’s get you cleaned up a little,” I said as I reached back and got my first aid kit, then

I’ll make a call, we need to find a sheriff’s deputy.”

“Oh God no Mister you can’t call the law, they’s a whole gang of them, the rest of them

will get me for sure.”

She was going back into panic mode.

“Ok, just settle down honey, let’s get you cleaned up then we’ll decide what to do.”

As I swabbed her cuts with sterile antiseptic wipes I asked, “You got a name?”

“Unhuh, I’m Kari, how about you.”

“Joe, just call me Joe.”

“Take these, Kari,” I said as I handed her two ibuprofen and a water bottle, she wasn’t

feeling it yet; adrenalin, but her feet would hurt in a little while.

“Now where do you want to go?”

“We gotta go back to the house.”

“Girl, are you nuts, why the hell would we do that?”

“My Momma’s back there, we gotta get her.”

“Huh?” My intelligent reply.

“She was in the outhouse when them guys came, they never knowed she was there.”

So, a right turn then another and another, gravel roads, country roads ‘til we hit the

mcadam again.

“Here, turn here,” she directed me.

It was a shack, tumble down porch, unpainted, dead flowers in pots, uninviting

desolation, Kari got out and ran to the porch.

“Momma, you in there, Momma, Momma,” she yelled.

A voice answered, “I’m out here Kari, in the barn.”

Kari ran that way, Mutt and I followed.

“Momma, this is Joe, he’s gonna help us.”

We were standing at the entrance of the barn, even in the dim light of the moon I could

see she was terrorized, she had a club in her hand though, she’d fight if it came to that.

I could smell the chemicals, too; his lab was in the barn.

Mutt heard it first, the low rumble of a single motorcycle engine, oh shit I thought, they’

re coming back.

“In the barn, everybody in the barn, give me that and hide,” I whispered.

I took her club, it was an axe handle, no blade damnit, but good solid hickory, I called

Mutt to my side and put him on alert.

He got off his scooter, “Yoohoo, Cassie, come out come out where ever you are,” just

like in Ollie Ollie oxen free but this was no game, he had a gun in his hand.

He checked the house first, I hoped he’d give up but, no such luck, he headed for the


He was a step inside, “Go,” I turned Mutt loose, he hit him low, all sixty-five pounds of

bad attitude, I swung the axe handle. Damn, just like in Little League with my Louisville

Slugger, I caught him flush in the face and followed with a chopping stroke; he toppled

to the ground, I called Mutt off.

I checked him, his pants were ripped, his legs bleeding, his nose was flattened,

splayed across his cheek but worst of all was his bashed in skull, there was no way

he’d survive. I picked up his gun, I noted it was a .357 Colt Python, and stuck it in my


“Gals run in the house and get some things but make it quick, we need to move it.”

I jumped in the Cherokee, Mutt took the front passenger’s seat, his perch and we

I had to give it to them, they were quicker than any woman in my experience, they ran

out in under two minutes. Cassie, I now knew her name was Cassie, had her purse

with some clothes stuffed in it, Kari had hers in her hands, shorts a top and tennis

shoes. They climbed in the back seat and I headed back the way I’d come, I’d seen a

little roadside motel back around twenty miles, I figured we’d get a room then decide

what we were gonna do next.

I had to ring a bell; it was after midnight so it took a little time for the old guy that ran the

place to open the door.

“I want a room for one night,” I said.

He looked over my shoulder, saw my red Jeep and saw the two women in it.

“Thirty-five dollars, cash,” he said as he handed me a key, “Take four, down there,” he


I pulled up in front of the room, gave Cassie the key and told them to go in; I wanted to

park around in back so my vehicle couldn’t be seen from the road.

I took the first aid kit with me, Kari’s feet might need tending then me and Mutt rapped

on the door, Kari opened it a crack.

“It’s me,” I started to say but Mutt had already f***ed his way in.

Cassie was sitting on the bed, Kari sat beside her, “Ok ladies, what now, where can I

take you?”

Kari answered, “Away from here Joe, we ain’t got nowhere to go and we damned sure

can’t stay around here. They’s a pretty big gang, them bikers, they’ll find us sure.”

I glanced over to Cassie.

“She’s right Joe, we can’t stay around here, Kari and me both saw ‘em, they’ll not want

to leave no witnesses.”

Ah hell, I though, I can’t abandon them and I didn’t want to read some news on the

internet about two dead gals being found out in Missouri; tomorrow, first light we’d

head down to my place in Florida.

“Let’s get some sl**p; you two take the bed,” I stole one of the pillows and laid down

on the floor, Mutt curled up beside me, and I’m glad he did.

‘Bout three maybe three-thirty he woke me with his low growl, he’d heard something.

I sat up and listened, now I could hear it, the throaty rumble of idling motorcycles, I

peeked out the Venetian blind.

There were four of them, one guy was off his, was walking to the office door, the other

three were still astride. I figured it would take a few minutes to get the old guy up,

maybe with a little bit of luck we’d get away; I knew for sure the old man wouldn’t lie to

those rough bastards to protect us.

I shook the gals awake.

“Quiet, grab your things, we gotta go out the window, they’re out there.”

They heard the motors, too.

I stuck the .357 in my belt; I’d slept in my jeans; opened the window and used the

remote to unlock the Cherokee.

“Get in the back and don’t slam the door,” I said as I boosted Kari over the sill. Cute

butt, I thought, I had my hand on it.

“Come on Cassie,” hers was too bony.

Mutt followed, then I climbed out, the dog was waiting at the passenger door but I

didn’t want unnecessary noise. I let him jump in my side, slid in and fired up the engine;

I hoped that they wouldn’t hear it over their own.

I had the .357 but I damned sure didn’t want a gunfight, there was four of them, no

doubt all armed. Now I’m a pretty good shot but, at night, with a pistol I’d be lucky to

get three of them even from ambush, probably only two; then there’d be five more

dead bodies for the coroner to deal with and me and the girls would be three of them, I

idled along behind the dumpster and hit the highway.

The full moon provided enough illumination; I kept the headlights off ‘til we were a mile


“Ok ladies, you can shut the doors now,” I said as I slammed mine and switched on the


I picked up US 65 and headed south, through Branson, Missouri and down to Little

Rock where we went through a McDonald’s drive thru for breakfast.

I wanted a lot of miles between us and Missouri, we took US 65, out of Arkansas south

into Louisiana. I’d seen it before but the girls got a kick out of it, there’s a town and it’s

got a water tower like lotsa small towns but not many are painted with the picture of a

vampire bat, yeah, the little Louisiana burg of Transylvania. We continued down to

Vidalia then crossed the Mississippi at Natchez, hit US 61 down to I-10 and headed


Now I like country roads but like I said from point A to point B the Interstate’s the way to

go. So, with a tip of the cap to Adolph Hitler, yeah, that’s what I said, Hitler, we were

streaking east.

I guess I should clarify about the Hitler remark; our interstate system, although almost

no body knows it is officially the Dwight D. Eisenhower National System of Interstate

and Defense Highways, Ike saw the autobahn in Germany and thought it was a fine

idea. Hitler had ordered its construction as a way to move troops rapidly, Dwight

championed it here. We were on our way from point A to point B at seventy miles per

hour; the cruise control was set.

I’ve got a little place on a creek off the Ocklawaha River, about a mile upstream on a

little blackwater creek at the end of a sand road, I don’t think I was ever so glad to see


“Come on ladies, welcome to my humble abode,” announced as I walked to the door,

“This is gonna be home while we try to sort things out.

My dad had been a successful surgeon. I had two older siblings, Alfred, my b*****r

was also a surgeon, Megan, my s****r was an English prof at FSU, I was a black

sheep; I think I was also an oops baby, my b*****r and s****r were both over ten years

older than I was.

My home had been dad’s fishing shack, just a weekend getaway place. When he sold

his practice and retired to Naples he fixed me up with a little trust fund and gave me

the deed, so it was mine, he didn’t fish anymore, it was golf, golf, and more golf.

I loved the place, four rooms, two bedrooms, a living / dining area and a bathroom,

yeah, I had facilities, even a shower and tub. There was electricity, not always

dependable at the end of the line but electricity and a phone line. I used the phone line

as a dedicated line for my computer, for conversation I had my cell phone; I cooked,

warmed the place in the winter and powered the water heater with bottled gas. I had

an underground tank that I refilled each year.

I showed them around.

“Y’all can share the guest room or, if you want to Kari, you can sl**p up there.” I

pointed, there was a loft, there was a bed up there, just a single but mostly I used the

area for storage.

She followed my finger, “Too cool, I want to go up there.”

There’s no formal staircase, just a kinda fancy ladder, I let her lead the way, she

climbed, I followed; I thought again, cute ass, then I thought, easy Joe, she’s f******n.

I had to move a few things around, make room for her, but she was tickled, her own

private area, we made up the bed and went back down.

I got us all Cokes and sat we all sat at the table, “I’m sorry to say, I can’t feed us

tonight, all that’s here is dry stuff, coffee, flour, that kinda things.”

I clean out the refrigerator when I go on the road, like I said the electricity can be kinda

iffy, I don’t want to come to the smell of spoiled food.

“We’ll go to town in the morning, get some food and some more clothes for y’all, ok,”

but I’m gonna turn in now, I’m whipped.

I was out like a light in twenty seconds.

Groggily, I came awake the following morning to the aroma of fresh brewed coffee and

the unmistakable scent of biscuits baking, Kari heard me stirring.

“Joe, you up, Momma’s got breakfast about ready.”

“Yeah honey, I’m up,” I answered as I stumbled to the bathroom.

I was scratching my balls, not paying attention when I entered the bath; I was attacked,

being strangled, hell I fought.

I’d been clotheslined by a clothesline, someone’d hung a damned rope across my

bathroom, there was two pairs of panties hanging on it.

“Casssssie, what in the hell is this,” I yelled.

She came runnin’, “Joe we gotta have a place to dry our unmentionables,” she

seemed almost fearful.

I thought, she said that, she really said, their unmentionables, I hadn’t heard that word

since my great-granny’d passed on.

“Now I understand the need for dry unmentionables,” I answered, “But this dog won’t

hunt, you’re gonna have to use the clothesline out back.

“You go ‘head on and fix breakfast, Kari, come on, I’ll show you where the line is.”

She got the panties, I took down the rope and we went out back.

I’m safe now, my obit won’t read, “Joe on the Road” dies with rope around neck and

suffocated by panties, I breathe a sigh of relief.

“Wow Joe, this place is beautiful.”

I think so, too, like I said, I’m on a creek, there’s Federal land on the other side of the

stream and state forest beside me. I’ve got two acres, around four hundred and fifteen

feet of creek frontage and a dock with my sixteen foot john boat tied to it. Except for

my lawn and my little garden my plot is mostly pine and palmetto but there is a copse

of water oaks along side the creek about three hundred feet up stream. It’s one of my

favorite places, sometimes I just tie up the boat, and sit in the little glen, thinking about

story lines or thinking about nothing but the catfish I’m gonna catch, my dinner.

“Yeah, I think so, too,” I answer.

“Let’s eat Kari.”

I finally got a look at the house, it was spotless, they’d cleaned and mopped, dusted

and shook the rugs, I didn’t hardly recognize it as mine, and there was breakfast on the


Cassie’s done good, with not too much to work with, she found my bacon grease in

the fridge, heated it, stirred in some flour to make a roux and used a can of condensed

milk to make white gravy, served over the fresh baked biscuits they make a fine

breakfast. Even ol’ Mutt’s happy; she put some in his feed bowl.

Kari cleaned up and washed the dished then we headed to town. I call it town, it ain’t,

it’s a Super Wal-Mart ‘bout ten or twelve miles down the road but it’s got everything a

town would, groceries, d**gs, clothes, you name it.

I pushed the cart, the gals did the shopping, fresh meat and vegetables from

groceries, then lady’s wear. Cassie picked out a sun dress, shorts and a three t-tops,

Kari got shorts and tops, too.

“Joe, can we swim in the creek?” Kari asked.

“Sure,” I answered.

They both got swimming suits, two piece for each of them then it was on to the lingerie


A half dozen pairs of panties each, two brassieres apiece and we moved on.

Cassie was shy about what she wanted, “Joe we gotta go over to the d**g store part,


I wheeled the cart, she led.

I hadn’t lived with women in a long time, I’d forgotten about their stuff.

They picked out lipsticks and lotions, hair brushes, tooth brushes, cologne and curlers,

deodorant and the piece de resistance, an economy sized box of Tampax, I blushed, I

ain’t never had Tampax in my cart before.

Back home we put the purchases away, I went to my bedroom / office and started

transcribing my notes, it was time to start writing, writing about biker gangs,

methamphetamines and murder. I was hardly an expert but I had two crackerjack

witnesses to interview.

When I took a break I grabbed a Bud and went out on the porch, kicked back in my

chair and thought about how things were going.

I’d finally got a good look at Cassie; I’d have guessed her to be just shy of forty. I

learned she’d had Kari when she was only fifteen. She was twenty-nine, twenty-nine,

rode hard and put away wet, but I could see she’d been a pretty girl.

She had high cheek bones, regular features with a light spray of freckles across her

nose and her strawberry blonde hair, after she’d combed it glistened, her breasts or

best I could tell lookin’ at her braless in a T-shirt were small and sagged a bit and truth

be told, she was skinny. I thought, if she’d get some meat on her bones she’d look

pretty good.

Now Cassie, she didn’t need no meat on her, she was made just about right. Like her

mom she was a strawberry blonde, freckles and all but she had a nice trim figure and

a cute bubble butt. She had small titties, I guessed around a 34A but she’d grow, after

all she was only f******n.

I’d start my interview with them after dinner; Cassie was fixin’ a pot roast.

My Christ that woman could cook, we had roast with potatoes, carrots and onions,

yeast rolls and some okra and tomatoes, she had a peach cobbler for dessert and

sweet tea to wash it all down ‘sept the cobbler, she poured us coffee with that.

Kari was cleaning up, I got a beer and asked Cassie what she’d like, I wanted to talk

to her, she said, “A beer’d be nice.”

I got one for her, “Glass,” I asked.

“No Joe, I’m a bottle baby,” in a voice I’d not heard from her, she was a little breathy, a

little flirtatious.

I told Kari we’d be down on the dock, to get a drink and join us when she’d finished.

I started with general chit chat, loosening her tongue, softening her up for the questions

I had, I wanted to know what life was like for a meth cooker and his f****y.

She handled my general questions, no problem but when I asked about Denny, her

husband’s name had been Denny all she’d say was that he was an evil man, vile and

hateful, truly Beelzebub of the Bible. She shut off and started to sob.

I stood and rubbed her back, “You’re safe here Cassie, nobody’s gonna hurt you.”

She stood and hugged me, burying her face in my chest, “You saved our lives Joe,

thank you.”

When Kari got there I was still holding Cassie, “Momma, what’s wrong?” She asked.

“I’m ok baby,” Cassie answered, she’d regained control of her emotions, we all sat.

But I’d seen it, felt it, she was in pain, pain for the loss of her husband, pain for the loss

of the way of life she’d known, I didn’t have that answer but she was hurting. I kept the

conversation light, talked about life on the creek, the fish and a****ls they’d see,

things like that, we talked ‘til it was time for bed.

Must have been around eleven, I was drowsing, not quite asl**p sure not awake, she

crawled under my sheet, “Hi Joe,” she said.

“Cassie, you don’t have to do anything for me, you don’t owe me that,” I said.

“Joe that’s not why I’m here, I’m here ‘cause I wanta be,” she whispered as she took

John Henry in hand. That’s my pet name for him, John Henry.

“You’re a big boy aren’t you Joe,” as she engulfed me with her mouth.

Now they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, au contraire, tell him

he’s got a big dick, that’ll get ‘em every time.

I ain’t sure which swelled faster, my ego or John Henry; I’d guess ego took the lead but

John Henry caught up quick.

My God Cassie may have been a skinny little waif of a thing but she had one talented

mouth. I’ve had more than my share of blow jobs but as a fellatrix she was beyond

compare. I know, fellatrix, a damned big word for a country boy like me. I’ve got a

degree in creative writing from the University of Miami but, hey Joe on the Road’s a

country boy; I try to stay in character.

But back to John Henry and her sweet lips, Cassie deep throated me, no mean feat,

John’s nine inches long and ‘bout 3 ¾ inches around, more than a mouthful for most

ladies, Cassie let him slide down her throat then did some little humming thing, her soft

lips, her slow up and down motion, that buzz she was doing, John started to swell, I

was damn near there; and she stopped.

I looked at her, I didn’t say anything, I just looked.

“Joe, I’ll swallow the next time but I want the first one in me,” she said as she lifted her

gown above her hips and straddled me.

Like a knife though warm butter I cleaved her labia and slid in, she was hot and wet,

liquid velvet, she took all of me then paused, taking my hands she raised them to her

gown covered breasts, “Play with my titties, Joe, play with me,” as she started to slowly

post on my post.

I kneaded her breasts, they were soft with some sag, I tweaked her nipples and

tugged them a little. Cassie picked up speed.

“Oh yeah Joe, oh yeah,” she panted as she pounded on me.

I kept one hand on her breasts but slid the other under her, fondling her clitoris, letting

her ride my fingers.

My balls were about to explode, I arched my back pushing into her as she crushed

down on me. I roared, my cum jetted from me, pulse after pulse of my semen, flooding

her; she wailed her own climax, tremors rocked her body, her vagina contracted,

squeezing John in a python grip then released then grabbed as her contractions

came, one after another.

We both were spent; still she stayed on me, contracting her vaginal muscles, milking

the last drops.

She leaned forward, gave me a kiss and dismounted, “Good night Joe,” as she left the


The girls had been with me for about three weeks, I hadn’t thought it’d work, I’d lived

alone, just me and Mutt, for a long time, I’d been wrong.

Oh, it was different; I had some things I had to get used to, like the bathroom.

There used to be a razor, Gillette Foamy, Speed Stick and a bottle of Old Spice on my

vanity, now it was covered, now I had Lady this and Lady that, creams, lotions I don’t

know what all and, of course under the sink that big old box of Tampax and it smelled

odd, I don’t know if it was their potions, their pee or their pussies but the air in there

was almost enough to give me a hard-on.

Kari kept the house spotless and Cassie cooked, damn that woman could cook. I’ll not

get too deeply into the sex, but I’d never had better and she came to me every night.

Me, John Henry and Mutt were happy boys and the gals were relaxed, smiling,

pleased to share our space.

I decided I wanted to do a little fishing; I dug some worms and got one of the bags of

chopped liver I kept in the freezer, the worms for pan fish the liver to bottom fish for

cats. I asked Kari and Cassie to go with me.

Cassie took a pass, she’d already started dinner but it was gonna take a while, navy

beans with a ham hock, fried pork chops, collards from my garden and corn bread

were on the menu, she’d also picked some of my cherry tomatoes, cut them in half and

was marinating them in vinegar and oil with some sliced onions for our salad.

Kari grabbed my cooler, filled it with ice, fixed a couple of sandwiches and put in some

Cokes and beers; she met me at the boat.

I had a couple of rods and the bait already loaded.

“Is Mutt gonna come,” She asked.

“’Course he’s commin’, Get in here Mutt.”

I fired up my fifteen horse Evinrude and we chugged upstream, I wanted to show Kari

my glen and I wanted to fish there.

I tied off to a tree and we went ashore.

Hooks baited, I tossed our lines in, Mutt took off into the woods after squirrels to

chase, Kari and I sat side by side on the bank.

Now, I got to tell you, not much shocks old Joe, I did a hitch in the Marines, I rode

America’s back roads, been in bar fights, thought I’d seen the elephant and heard it

all, I was grossly mistaken.

Outta the mouths of babes, “Joe, how come you ain’t fucked me, don’t you think I’m

pretty enough?”

I was slack jawed, just staring at her.

“Well Joe, why not?”

I sputtered, “Christ Kari, you’re f******n, what do you know about fuckin’?”

“More’en I should Joe, that’s for sure.”

And I finally got most of the sordid story of life with Denny.

“You know anything about meth users?” She asked.

I was doing research for my article, I thought I might have an idea where this was going

but I just nodded no and let her talk, she’d started, I wasn’t inclined to interrupt.

“Joe, it makes a man horney as hell, I mean I think they’d fuck a snake, shit, they’d fuck

a wood pile if they thought there was a snake in it.

I was home, I don’t know for sure where Momma was but she weren’t there, daddy

came in and he was flyin’, he looked for Momma but like I said, she weren’t there. He

was gonna fuck someone and there I was.

I had on a little sun dress, he throwed me on the couch, flipped it up, tore off my

panties and he ****d me. He fucked me hard, he tore me, I was screamin’, he put his

hand over my mouth and kept on ‘til he cum. Joe, I was ten years old.”

I tried to stop her, I didn’t want to know anymore but she kept on, she wasn’t looking at

me, she wasn’t looking at anything at all, just a far off gaze, looking at the past.

“Joe once he’d fucked me, well, after that it was easy for him; if Mamma wasn’t around

he took me. I recon in the last four years I’ve been fucked ‘bout a hundred times. It got

so bad he done it when Momma was there, she tried to stop him but it didn’t do no


He wrecked me when I was twelve, knocked me up then got some old woman to do an

abortion, she botched it, I bled bad

I may be f******n but my pussy’s got to be around twenty-one as much wear as he

gave it.

I asked her about that, why her mother could let it continue. Her reply was, “Joe this is

my story, you gotta ask Momma ‘bout that.”

“Joe, you still ain’t answered; don’t you think I’m pretty enough to fuck?”

I stuck to my guns; no way I was having sex with a f******n year old.

“Kari, you’re real pretty, damned cute but you’re f******n, I can’t do that.”

“Why not, I know you and Momma’s doin’ it, I seen her go in your room most every

night and I hear the two of you, damnit, Joe, I’m jealous, I want you to fuck me, too.”

I shook my head no.

She pouted, pulled away and stood up.

“Screw you Joe, I’m goin’ swimmin’.”

She pulled her T-shirt over her head, no bra, shimmied out of her shorts then slowly

rolled her panties off, over her hips, down her legs, they pooled at her feet; she kicked

them at me.

For just a moment she stood facing me, hands on hips, displaying herself in all her

radiant glory and she was glorious, her small breasts were high and proud, capped

with dusky rose areolas and tan nipples, her tummy was taut, she was already

developing a flare to her narrow hips and she was a natural strawberry blonde, I’d

testify to that on a stack of Bibles, her mons veneris was adorned by light reddish

blonde curls. Not even a single Bible had a place in my mind at that moment let alone

that stack I’d mentioned, she was perfect, she was desirable.

John Henry jumped and so did she, with a parting, “Just screw you Joe, she leapt into

the water.”

When she surfaced I called to her, “I don’t know what the bottoms like here, don’t go

that deep.”

The only thing I was certain that rested on the bottom was that .357 mag, I thought

about keeping it but it was a biker’s gun, God only knows what it’d been used for, I

deep sixed it the day after we’d got back.

Now I did know there was gators in the creek but I’d never seen one here, didn’t mean

there weren’t none, just meant I hadn’t seen none. Besides, I did have my .22 revolver,

first shot was rat shot for snakes then five hollow points; I might couldn’t kill a gator but

I’d give him a damned severe headache.

I reeled in the lines, I was fishing for catfish, I didn’t want to hook a water sprite.

That’s what I saw, a nymph frolicking in the creek, she swam and then dived, her cute

bottom above the water, her tight cheeks then her slit, as she disappeared below the

surface, then up and again like a river otter, gamboling before me. She was giving me

a private show, I knew it and she knew I knew it.

I climbed back in the boat, at the rear was a padded bench I sat on to steer, I lifted the

seat, there was storage there; spare tackle, rain gear, towels and a blanket.

Back ashore I spread the blanket, sat on it and laid the towel aside; watching her

caper for my viewing pleasure. I watched.

When she got out she sprawled on the blanket beside me and grinned at me. I tossed

her the towel.

“Dry me Joe,” she asked.

I picked up the towel, to hell with my earlier reservations to the contrary, I wanted to put

my hands on her.

I dried her back, slowly, lightly, from her feet to her shoulders I rubbed her, she turned

over, “Fuck me Joe,” her eyes begged me, her voice was low and raspy, both of us

totally aroused.

“I can’t do that honey,” I said, “Your daddy fucked you but I want to make love to you,”

as I took her into my arms.

I kissed her, the sensuous kiss of a lover, then down to her breasts, her nipples were

hard as pebbles, I sucked one while I kneaded her other, tugging on one with my lips,

tweaking with my hand, I paid the each homage then moved lower, trailing kisses over

her, over her tummy, at her belly button, a little innie, I paused to tickle her with the tip of

my tongue, she gave a little shiver, I moved on down.

She was unshaven, untrimmed, just delectable strawberry blonde curls; I tugged at

them with my lips then further. The tip of my tongue parted her labia, I could see her clit,

red, engorged with the bl**d of arousal, its pearly tip glistened in the sunlight, I passed

over it but I’d be back.

Like a serpent, my tongue snaked along her vulva, tasting her youthful freshness, she

had a light acidic citrus taste, reminiscent of tangerines, her scent was light. At her

vagina I slowed to pump my tongue in and out several times then continued, her vulva

ended, I didn’t; I licked her perineum and rimmed her tight pink rosebud, she shivered

again, I started back.

My route was a bit different; I slicked my tongue between her inner and outer labia,

nibbling at her with my lips, alternating sides ‘til I was back.

With a finger I pushed the hood of her clit back and took it between my lips, I sucked

on her, her gem was in my mouth, my tongue flicked her tip, exciting it, exciting her.

Her body began to tremble under my attention, her tummy muscles rippled like a wash

board as her orgasm flowed down, she encircled my head with her legs, pulling me

toward her, burying my face in her, she wailed,

“Aaaaaah, Joe, fuck Joe, ooooooooh, Joe, stop, please stop, aaaaaah.”

I took my lips from her clitoris and licked her, her vagina was flowing, I licked catching

her juices, drinking from her Holy chalice, I sucked, I wanted all of her, she lay back,

limp, drained.”

I lay beside her and gave her a kiss; she tasted herself, maybe for the first time.

Her voice was quivery, “Joe, is that making love? Wow, I thought I’d died and gone to

heaven, maybe even higher, wow Joe.”

She clung to me; she now knew the difference, the difference between a r****t and

sex with someone who cares.

She spread her thighs in invitation, “Now Joe, please now.”

I rolled over, lifted her legs to my shoulders and entered her, she was right, she was

open but as I worked in she groaned, “Unnnnngh,” I was bigger than her daddy.

It wasn’t severe pain but I was stretching her, it felt fantastic, she was opening to me,

she was tight, so very, very tight, John Henry was feeding on a taut young vagina, I

wasn’t going to last too long, the friction was tremendous, fabulous but tight.

Finally I was all the way in, I stopped for a moment, her eyes were closed, there was a

pained smile on her face, I slipped a hand down, touching her and began to stroke.

“You beautiful girl, you oh so beautiful girl,” I crooned.

I was filling her, touching places that’d never been touched, It wasn’t an abyss,

bottomless, I’d found bottom, I touched her cervix, she winced then I slipped under, a

vagina stretches to accommodate, Kari’s sweet rose blossom was opening for me, I

stroked; slow, long languorous strokes, riding her high, touching her clit with every

penetration; I wanted her to cum again

I hadn’t yet but I was ready, my fingers, she rode them hard, she couldn’t last, I rammed

into her then just held her, stream after stream of my ejaculate filled this young girl, my

young girl, my new lover; she came with a whimper, several small orgasms. One after

the other then she lay still.

“Joe, can you hold me, please just hold me.” it was almost a mournful plea.

I lay beside her and swept her into my arms, she was softly sobbing as she buried her

face on my chest.

“It’s ok baby girl, it’s ok, Ol’ Joe’ll take care of you,” as I squeezed her tighter.

She was kinda snively, “Joe, I know you will, heck, you already have, you risked your

life to get Momma and me here, we’ll do anything for you, we both love you; Joe, do

you love us, can we be your women?”

She was lying with her head in my lap, kinda out nowhere she asked, “Joe, how’d you

become a writer?”

There was a little story there, there truly was.

“Baby, My daddy didn’t think I’d amount to much, he figured that spending the money

on me at a good four year school would be pissin’ money away; now, understand, he

had the money but he never figured I’d finish. He was mostly right. I didn’t have no idea

what I wanted to study, well, truth be told, I knew what I wanted to study, the campus

hotties but there was no degree to be had there.

“Will, I’m going to pay the tuition for Miami Dade Community College. It was an

inexpensive two year school. If you finish there and get your AA I’ll pay at Uof M, fair


“Yeah, Joe, so what happened,” she was lying with her head in my lap just listening to

my history.

“Baby, I didn’t have anywhere I wanted to go, anything I wanted to do, I took the crap I

had to take but then I signed up for a course in creative writing. The prick I had for a

prof failed me, Jeff Philips was his name or something like that; anyhow he failed me, I

had to repeat the course but he goosed the bug. I wanted to write. I took the course

again and passed, he even gave me some encouraging words; said he saw some

talent, if I applied myself I might could go somewhere. I guess he saw something I’d

never seen, I don’t write like him, I do human interest and some wildlife things but if it

hadn’t been for him there wouldn’t be no Joe on the Road.

From my fine MDCC education, if I remember the quote correctly, George Bernard

Shaw wrote, He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches. It’s in "Maxims for

Revolutionists" from Man and Superman: but he was wrong, honey, Jeff can write,

mostly short stories and poems. Hell sugar, he’s got ‘bout a dozen books listed on

Amazon right now.

Anyhow, I got through the two years and daddy picked up the tab for the next two at the

University of Miami, I got my degree in English Lit but Mr. Philips’ why I write.

We’d both shared, she, well she what had happened; and me, well me why I was Joe

on the Road.

We packed up, I called Mutt and motored back, no fish but a lotta sharin’ between us.

“Kari, don’t tell your Momma what we done, ok,” I cautioned.

“”Course Joe, I ain’t gonna say nothing.”

I’m naïve, I’m male, I think only the guys talk about their conquests, I was one dumb

sombitch. They cloistered themselves in Cassie’s bedroom, I could hear them

whisperin’ back and forth but I couldn’t hear the words.

“Momma, he finally done it,” Kari whispered.

“He fucked you baby?”

“Well, I guess so but it wasn’t nothing like with daddy, Momma, he made me feel so

good, he licked me down there, Momma, I cummed like you wouldn’t believe, he made

me see moons and stars and meteorites, I thought he’d killed me, that I’d died and

gone off to heaven then, I had to damn near beg him, but he put it in me. Momma, he’s

pretty big, have you tried him?”

“Yeah, he does have a nice cock but, are you tellin’ me he ate your pussy?”

“Well, iffen that’s what you call it but it’s still down there so, no, he didn’t eat it but, wow

you wouldn’t believe what he can do with that tongue.”

“Ain’t no man never let me feel his tongue, they all want me to suck then swallow their

jizz but not one ever tasted me.”

“Momma, work on Joe, he’ll do it, he likes you and me.”

After we’d had that great Southern dinner, pork chops, beans, greens and corn bread,

we went down to the dock, it was a pretty night, not near as hot as it’d get in a couple

of weeks.

We were all just sippin’ on beers yeah Kari, too, I said, “lets sing,” figured we’d do a

couplea country songs, no, Kari started out with “In Your Arms” by Phoebe something

or another, I didn’t know the song, fact of the matter, I didn’t much care for it but then

Cassie joined in.

I just listened; the gals had pretty voices even if I didn’t like the song. When they’d

finished Cassie came over and whispered, “Joe, I wanta be in your arms, take me

fishin’ tomorrow afternoon, will ya?”

The skeeters came out, we went in. We watched a little TV then hit the hay.

Cassie was already in the kitchen when I got up; breakfast was sausages, fried eggs,

grits with red eye gravy, them great biscuits and coffee. After we ate I went in and

worked on my story, it was coming along pretty well but I still wanted Cassie to open

up, I had a daughter’s perspective, I wanted the wife’s.

When I finally took a break, Cassie was out in the garden hoeing around the cherry

tomato plants; I grabbed a shovel and joined her.

“Gotta get us some worms if we’re gonna go fishin’,” I said.

Cassie pointed, “Why don’t you spade over there? I’ll put a little winter garden in, some

mustard, kale and maybe some turnips.”

I spaded where she’d indicated but I thought; we’re makin’ some long term plans here,

thinkin’ ‘bout winter gardens and all. Strangely, I didn’t mind a’tall, I found the idea


Cassie packed a little picnic basket, sandwiches and chips; I filled the cooler, got the

rods and loaded the boat. I was leavin’ Mutt behind today; company for Kari.

We motored up to the same spot, under the water oaks and got out.

I baited up and tossed the lines out. Cassie had changed clothes, she had on a sun

dress with thin spaghetti straps along with white sandals, she sat beside me.

“So, Joe, we gonna have a catfish dinner tonight?” She asked.

“We’re sure gonna try.”

We didn’t have long to wait, there was a tuggin’ on Cassie’s line.

“Grab the pole and catch him,” I coached.

She set the hook and reeled, it was a nice white catfish, around a pound or so.

She was getting’ ready to take him off the hook.

“Careful, don’t let him barb you,” I cautioned, so, of course he got her in the palm of her


“Let me,” I said, I unhooked the fish and put him on our stringer.

“Cassie, let me see your hand.”

Fortunately she wasn’t gored deep, more like a slice, still it would hurt.

“I wanta take care of that for you,” I said as I got the first aid kit from the storage under

the seat. I picked up the blanket, too.

I swabbed her palm with a sterile wipe and painted it with merthiolate, I couldn’t put a

Band Aid on so I just gave it a kiss, “All better now,” I grinned at her.

I got the next two fish, two yellow bullheads, around a pound and a half each.

“Well I recon we’re gonna have that fish dinner, I’ll fry up some potatoes and onions,

stew some okra and make a mess of hush puppies,” Cassie said.

Cassie spread the blanket on the grass, “You ready for lunch Joe?”

I got the drinks; Cassie unpacked the sandwiches and chips.

After we’d eaten Cassie gave me a big hug, “You’re a good man Joe, a real good


Then she sat on my lap, clinging to me like she was fearful.

I rubbed her back, “You wanta talk about it Cassie? I asked.

“Not yet Joe, not yet, just hold me for a little while.”

I sat silently for about five minutes, letting her find solace in my arms; she raised her

face to mine and kissed me, a deep passionate kiss as she eased me down to the


Cassie laid on me and continued the kiss, our pelvises met, she ground against my

groin and John Henry woke up.

I slid the spaghetti straps off her shoulders and pulled her dress down to her waist,

exposing her breasts. She’d filled out, put on a little weight, they were inviting, I took a

nipple into my mouth.

Cassie’s breath caught in her throat, “Oh Joe, make love to me, please make love to

me,” her words, almost a desperate plea, a plea to be loved and cared for.

I’d developed true affection for Cassie, love? Perhaps too strong a word; at least yet,

but I wanted her happiness and I wanted her, I worked her dress over her hips and

rolled her onto her back.

My mouth was still at her breast, they were swollen with desire, her nipples like

marbles, I sucked first one then the other, her skin was flushed, dampened by

perspiration, I licked the saltiness from beneath each then kissed down her torso.

She still had her panties on; through the fabric I rubbed her clitoris, light feathery

touches, heightening her arousal.

“Jo, please, I need you in me.”

I rolled her panties off; I was going to be in her but not yet.

I’d never really seen Cassie’s body, she’d always come to me at night, in the dark,

now I could admire her.

Her mound was covered by a strawberry blonde bush, untrimmed, curly, the hair was

fine, soft, I tugged gently with my lips, teasing her, keeping her waiting.

“Joe damnit,” she moaned, she was trying to push me lower.

I skipped her clit entirely, parting her labia with my fingers, I opened her like the petals

of a rose, her coloration was deep coral, her scent rich, the aroma of an adult female

at the height of her arousal, I tasted her, slightly salty peaches, I laved her vulva down

to her tight rosebud, I pressed with the tip of my tongue, entering about a quarter of an

inch then pumped; Cassie quivered under me.

“Jooooe,”she breathed out my name.

I licked back up. The tip of her clit protruded from under her hood, glistening mother of

pearl, I flicked it with the tip of my tongue, licked down her love button then sucked it in.

I nursed on her like I was on a nipple, suckling her shaft while the tip of my tongue

feathered the tip.

“Joooooooooe, Jooooooooe, Oh, oh, oh,” she wailed then panted.

Her orgasm was spectacular to feel and behold, her face formed a rictus, stretched

into a tight open mouthed grin then the tremors shook her, her tummy flexed, her

vagina pulsed, contracting, spewing her nectar as I drank her in, her luscious essence.

Cassie lay limp, drained, she thought he’d sucked her very soul from her, never, ever

had she experienced such pleasure, higher than the heavens; she had to rest.

She felt Joe lift her legs, over his shoulders, he pushed her thighs back toward her

chest and took her, deep, all the way in on the first thrust, smooth, liquid velvet, he

stroked, filling her sweet vagina, pumping her pussy, giving pleasure, taking pleasure,

God the sensations he was getting, he pumped harder, faster, urgently, he was ready,

“Oh God Cassie,” he roared as he exploded into her, jet after jet, pulse after pulse, his

scalding seed flooded her, slowly he stroked ‘til he was empty, he softened and fell to

the blanket beside her.

She rolled to him, he held her, gently stroking her back and down, her buttocks then

back up. Giving her his attention, making her feel loved and desirable, endorsing her

femininity, she was woman, she was wonderful.

“Joe, let’s jump in the creek, wash off, ok?”

In the water, they played, feeling each other, tickling, hugging, kissing, she washed

him, slowly stroking his cock, his hand was under her, fingering her, teasing her clit as

they kissed.

Back on the bank he dried her, she dried him, they returned to the blanket, she

stepped in front of him and, for the first time he saw her secret, her entire back

stippled with a criss cross of scars, thin scars like the lash of a whip.

She’d let him see.

Without turning she said, “That’s the story I wouldn’t tell you Joe. He beat me, whipped

me with an electrical cord. If I was disobedient or argumentive, he’d whip me ‘til I was

bl**dy. Joe, I know about you and Kari, she told me and she told me the things you

asked her about me. Yes, I kept my mouth shut ‘bout what he was doin’ with her, I tried

to talk to him, he beat me but I didn’t give up, I threatened him with the law, he said if I

ever did that he’d kill me and Kari, too; I believed him, but he beat me again just for

good measure. Come on, let’s sit down, I’ll tell you the rest of my story.”

It spilled out, all the abuse, the sadistic infliction of pain, his meth binges, everything.

When she’d finished talking she was exhausted, she lay down on my lap, across me.

“Rub my back for me, touch me, take some of my painful memories with your hands.”

I rubbed her, light circles up and down her back, touching her scars, “My poor beautiful

woman, my sweet baby,” I crooned.

She relaxed, cooing contentedly.

I let my hand wander lower, she’d filled out nicely, twin melons, perfect and ripe, I

kneaded her cheeks, she wriggled a little on my lap. I slid a finger, splitting her melons

and circled, she was tense, I felt her tighten. I used the tip of my finger, just the pad and

pressed, firm constant pressure, not trying to pierce her, asking her to let me in.

I was still caressing her back and sides with my other hand, “Relax Cassie, just let go

sweetheart, let it go, your gonna be alright.”

With a large sigh she did, the tension left her, her sphincter muscle opened to my

pressure, I slipped the finger into her, it was unlubricated, I only probed her to my

second knuckle, I just held her.

In a raspy voice Cassie quietly whispered, “You want me there don’t you Joe?”

“Sweetheart, I’m just playing.”

“Joe, I ain’t never done that but you can if you want to.”

“Cassie I don’t want to do anything with you that you don’t want done.”

“Joe, I think I want to, I want you to, it’s just I ain’t done it before and I’m a little scared.”

“We can just lay here Cassie, we’ve had a good day together, we can lie here and

enjoy each others company, each others touches.”

She reached out and picked up the first aid kit, she’d seen the small jar of Vaseline I

kept in it, she handed it to me, “Get me ready Joe.”

I did, with some of the Vaseline on my finger, I probed her back passage, she’d

tightened up again, I spoke softly encouraging her, encouraging her to relax, I added

more lubricant, stuffing her and she was ready.

I rolled her off my lap onto her back; I wanted to see her face.

I didn’t have a pillow to put under her, I rested her on my thighs, guided John Henry to

her pore, I pressed, firmly but slowly, her outer ring parted, there was resistance from

her inner ring, I kept the constant firm pressure, willing her to relax, slowly, ever so

slowly she opened, I pressed through.

“Unnnnh,” she murmured, as I entered her.

Half an inch at a time, gradually I eased deeper.

“Joe, I can feel you up in me, it doesn’t hurt, it’s just a fullness, way different than when

you’re in my pussy, you’re stretching me, I’m closer to you than I’ve ever been, giving

you something no one else has ever had, I love you, you know, I do.”

I spoke words that I hadn’t said to any woman but my mother, “I love you, too Cassie, I

really do.” I realized I meant those words, I did love her.

And with that realization other thoughts flooded my brain.

An odd time and place for a conversation, eight or nine inches of cock buried in my

woman but I needed to know.

“Cassie, can you have k**s?”

“Why you asking that Joe?”

“I might want a k**, you know, you and me.”

“Yeah Joe I can have k**s, I’m on the pill, why, are you proposin’ to me?”

“Cassie you can cook like a chef, clean like a demon, you even hoe my garden and

catch me dinner, to top it all off, you may have the world’s tightest ass, hell yes I’m

proposin’, you gonna say yes.”

“Oh I guess so,” she grinned at me.

I gave her a little thrust.

“Ugh,” settle down there John Henry, no need to get rambunctious; I said yes.”

Now that we’d gotten that little detail dealt with I got down to the business at hand, I

pumped her a little faster, a little harder.

Taking her hand I guided it down ‘til she was touching herself. I got her fingers moving,

“You gonna cum for me baby?”

“Unhuh, I’m gonna cum.”

When she started tremblin’ I started firin’, her pussy was pourin’ all over me and I was

fillin’ her back up.

When I’d softened and pulled out we lay arm in arm.

“So we’re gonna get married, huh Joe.”

“How about Kari and how ‘bout we get hitched next week.”

“You mean about you and Kari, Joe, I ain’t got a problem with that, she likes it, you like,

I ain’t gonna bitch, it ain’t like when Denny was doin’ her.”

“You’re serious about marryin’ me aren’t you?” She asked.

“Yup and I want to hang around here, get a lotta lovin’ from you, make that youngen, get

the garden started, catch some catfish, live the good life.”

“Guess Joe on the Road’s gonna have to become Joe on Blackwater Creek, an’ I’ll

work on that “Great American Novel.”
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Trapped In Paradise (With My Mom)

"Honey,are you coming home this Christmas...???”my Mom asked at the other end.

I looked reluctantly at the phone in my hand.I had no intentions of going home.There could be no better way to ruin a holiday than to go to my hometown,a remote little hill town far off in the north.People say it's a beautiful place,maybe.But in this season,the end of December,when the whole town will be covered under tons of snow and with its sub-zero temperature;it does not look like a dream holiday to me.Further,our own house was miles away from town,making it even more remote.I tried to remember the winters,the thunderous snowstorms and the numerous occasions when our whole f****y was trapped in our house for days before the roads were cleared and we could get a chance to get out of the house and to visit the town.I could never figure out why my parents decided to build their house at such a remote place.Throughout my c***dhood,I dreamt of the day when I would leave that place,never to returned.And when I got admission to a college at a far off city,I was the happiest man in the whole universe.

Now my Mom was asking me to spend my Christmas holiday with her.The place I left about one and half years ago.No way,I can't go there;I had already made my decisions.

"Honey,are you still there...???”my Mom was anxious.I came out of my reverie.

"I would love to,but...!!!”I did not want to hurt mom so I lied.

"You see Mommy,I've already fixed my program with Carla and I can't say no to her now...!!!”I then lied to my Mom.

My Mom knew that Carla was my girlfriend.She had met her during her last visit some about 6 months ago.What she did not know that we had already parted our ways and I've been living alone for the last month.

"I know,you must be having your own engagements,Honey...!!!But can't you come for one day only...???You know,your Daddy is also away and he'll not be here for the next 2 weeks...!!!I am all alone this Christmas...!!!Why don't you let me talk to Carla,Honey...???I'm sure she'll agree for you to visit me for one day...!!!”my Mom seemed desperated.

"She is not here right now,but I know she will not like the idea,Mommy...!!!You know her nature,Mommy...!!!I am sorry Mommy,I will not be able to come this time...!!!Perhaps next year,Mommy...!!!”I then lied again to my Mom.

"Do you remember,last year you promised me to visited me this Christmas,Honey...???Anyway,if you don't want to be with your Mommy,it's OK,I can't f***e you,Honey...!!!”my Mom's voice was hoarse,perhaps she was crying.

I put the receiver back,but I was not happy.I loved my Mom very deeply,and I wanted to be with her.The only difficulty was that I didn't wanted to go to that place which I detested so much.I knew that asking my Mom to come to me wouldn't worked,as she would never leave her home during the holidays.She firmly believed in celebrating the holidays at home with f****y and friends.I felt pity for her.

I tried to concentrated on my works,but my mind was not into it.I was still thinking about my Mom,her sad voices still reverberating in my ears.My Mom was the only one that mattered to me in my entire f****y.Ours was a small f****y – my Mom,my Dad,my older s****r Carolyn and myself.My s****r Carolyn was about 2 years older than me,and she was now in England with her husband.Though I had very good relationship with my s****r Carolyn,I never felt attached to her the way I felt to my Mom.

While growing up in that small hilly town it was my Mom who was always with me.In my every moments of triumph,every moments of sorrow it was my Mom who cheered me up and consoled me.She was there when I had my first heartbreak.She was the one who encouraged me to be a good athlete,an equally good student,she was the one who initially sponsored my admission to college and supported me financially till I was self-sufficient.My Dad was never there.He was too busy with his business and with his hunting and booze parties.My Mom always had a special place in my life,and it was unbearable for me to see her hurt.I knew she was...!!!

I put down my pen and paper.I realized I couldn't sticked to my earlier decisions.It might not be a bad idea to celebrates Christmas with my Mom.After all,I was alone here and it would be much better to be with my Mom rather than staying in my big city apartment with no friends around.College was closed for Christmas and most of the students were already gone home.I could very well be back in 3 days,and then I would be free to celebrates New Year.

Finally,I dialed my Mom’s number.She responded immediately as if she were still near the phone.

"Mommy,it's me,Zack...!!!I have talked with Carla, and she has agreed...!!!I am coming home on Christmas Eve,Mommy...!!!”I then said to my Mom.I had to lied again to my Mom.

"Are you,Honey...???”my Mom was thrilled,her voices resonating with excitements.

"Yeah,Mommy...!!!But I'll be there for only one day and in any circumstance I'll return on the 26th...!!!”I then said again to my Mom.

"I am more than happy,Honey...!!!I promise that I won't ask for anything else,Honey...!!!I'll make arrangement for your journey,Honey...!!!”my Mom's voices was beaming with delight.

"Don't worry Mommy,I have sufficient money...!!!I'll reach home by Christmas Eve,Mommy...!!!”I smiled at her impatience.

"I am looking forward for your visit,Honey...!!!I have a nice little surprise for you,Honey...!!!”my Mom then replied to me.

"I'd love to see it,Mommy...!!!OK Mommy,bye...!!!”I then said to my Mom.

"Bye Honey,I love you so much...!!!”my Mom then said to me before finished.

"I love you so much too,Mommy...!!!”I then replied to my Mom,and then I cut the phone.


When I reached my hometown on Christmas Eve,it was already snowing.Patches of snowflakes were falling,and I had a gut feeling that the weather would not improve in coming days.The snowfall appeared to be heavy this year,as the whole town seemed to be covered with a thick blanket of snow.I was afraid if the weather deteriorated further,I might not be in a position to returned on my planned date.

I got off the bus and took a cab to my house.On the way there,everything was covered with heavy snow.The only exception was the roads that were cleaned regularly,but I knew that in case of a very heavy snowfall or an ice storm it would be very difficult to maintain the roads in clean conditions,especially roads leading to remote areas away from the town,which are not frequented by many drivers.My house was located in such an area,and it had happened in the past when it had taken more than 48 hours before the roads were cleared again.Again,I had a hunch that this year would be the same.

The cab was approaching my house and even from a distance I could see the darkened silhouette of our house against the snowy backdrop,light was coming from its windows.The whole house,the roof and the whole front yard seemed to be buried in a thick fur of snow.

The cab stopped at our driveway.I then took my bag,paid the driver and went over to the front door.Before I could pushed the doorbell,the door flung open.My Mom was standing at the door beaming with delight and with her old infectious smile,her eyes wet with happiness.But,there was something else,my Mom appeared to be completely changed.She was thinner,much thinner since I last saw her and she looked much younger and prettier.

"Ooohhh,Honey...!!!Can't say how happy I am today,Honey...!!!You had made my day,Honey...!!!”my Mom then said to me,and then my Mom hugged me and kissed my forehead.

"Mommy,you look so thin,so young...!!!I really really can’t believe it,Mommy...!!!”I then said back to my Mom.I couldn't hide my surprise.

"That's the little surprise that I was talking about on the phone,Honey...!!!I've lost almost 30 pounds in the last 6 months,Honey...!!!”my Mom then said to me again,then smiled with a bit of pride.

"That's great,Mommy...!!!You really look very thin and,I must admit,very beautiful...!!!Daddy must be paying special attention to you nowadays,Mommy...!!!”I then replied to my Mom.

"Thanks,Honey...!!!Now lets go inside,Honey...!!!I am freezing here,Honey...!!!”my Mom then said again to me.There was a mild change in her stare,but she immediately controlled herself.

My Mom then took me inside and locked the main door.The temperature inside the lounge was very comforting and after such a long journey in extreme cold it felt wonderful.My Mom then led me near the fireplace and asked me to sit on the sofa.I then removed my jacket and gloves and sat near the fireplace trying to warm up my frozen limbs.

"It's very cold outside,Honey...!!!Why don't you relax and I will make a cup of coffee for you,Honey...!!!That’s going to make you fine,Honey...!!!”my Mom then said again to me.She walked towards kitchen.

I then looked at my Mom’s swaying buns,tightly clenched in her jeans.I then scanned down my Mom’s curvy petite body,hardly disguised by her winter clothing.The first thought strucked me was how beautiful my Mom has become since I last saw her.My Mom must have been very beautiful in her younger days.She is only 5’2” quite in contrast to my Dad who stood beyond 6’1”.My Dad has a very bulky body so she always looked like a tiny sparrow in the shadow of a big bull.

As far as I could remember,my Mom always stayed thin and always had a great body,beautiful curves,thin waists,beautiful slim legs and tight tiny hips.My Mom was a natural blonde,her hair straight and slightly longer than shoulder length.My Mom always kept it twisted into a beautiful bun,giving her an eternal youthful look.My Mom has hazel eyes,sharp nose and a full-lipped mouth.Armed with an infectious smile,my Mom is a warm,friendly,but somewhat shy and introvert person.During the last few years my Mom had put on some weight,but now she was back to her younger self.My Mom is 41 years-old,but now she appeared not more than a woman in her early 30s.

I then went to the kitchen,standing at the door again I looked at my beautiful Mom.My Mom was busy making coffee,lightly humming a song.My Mom was not a singer but always loved to humed.Again,I stole a look at her tight rump enclosed in her jeans.I then felt a mild stirring between my loins.I tried to recalled the various summers when my s****r Carolyn and I went for picnic or for swimming with our parents and when mom was in her bikini,I always tried to steal a look of her beautiful body.Every times,after returning home,I felt ashamed of my actions,but the next time the same acts was repeated again.The stirring between my thighs was suddenly more vigorous.I felt embarrassed from my immodest thoughts.Trying to concealed my hard-on on my hard cock,I then went in the kitchen and sat at the dining table.

My Mom then heard the sounds.My Mom then turned around to watched me sitting on the chair.Coffee was ready,and my Mom then presented me the steaming mug with her contagious smile.I then thanked my Mom and sipped the coffee.It was delicious.I still couldn't get over the awe-inspiring beauty of my Mom,and I had to f***e myself not to stare at her constantly.On occasions,I felt as if my Mom became aware of my excessive interest in her,as sometimes she appeared a to blushed a little and embarrassed.

"You look very handsome,Honey...!!!I hope you are still attending a gym regularly,Honey...!!!”my Mom then finally broke the ice.

"Thanks Mommy,ooohhh yes,but I think the workouts are showing more effect on you...!!!You really have changed a lot...You look much prettier,Mommy...!!!”I then blurted out my emotions.

"Thanks,Honey...!!!”my Mom then replied to me,was embarrassed as if she had read my thoughts.But,then she changed the topic and we started talking about my c***dhood,about the things we had shared together,the time we had spent together,about my s****r Carolyn,and about my Dad.Whenever I mentioned my Dad,I could feel a sense of uneasiness descending upon her as if she were not willing to talk about her husband.Her smile faded slightly.Sensing her reluctances,I too did not press it.Finally,I put my empty mug on the table.

"Mommy,I am tired...!!!I think I should go early to bed,Mommy...!!!”I then said to my Mom.I had traveled almost 600 miles and was feeling dead tired.

"I understand,Honey...!!!Dinner is almost ready,Honey...!!!Go and take a warm shower and change your clothes,Honey...!!!By the time you finish your dinner,I'll have your room ready,Honey...!!!”my Mom then said to me.She was considerated.

While going to my room,I just looked outside a window.The weather had gone from bad to worse.The gentle snowfall had turned into a blizzard.Nothing was visible outside,only the sound of snowstorm echoing through the walls of our house.I again feared that if the snowstorm continued for long it would be virtually impossible for me to return to college as planned.I had seen such bad weather often during my c***dhood and knew very well what it meant.But,it was now beyond my control and fretting about it wouldn't solve my problem.So I just tried to forget about the weather and went to my room.

I then took my shower and changed my clothes.When I went to the kitchen,dinner was already served.It was the most appetizing dinner since I had left my hometown.My Mom was a very good cook,and I always missed her mouth-watering recipes in college.During dinner,our talks were again mostly about my c***dhood.My Mom again deliberately avoided mentioning my Dad.

"That was great,Mommy...!!!You don't know how much I miss your cooking in college,Mommy...!!!”I then told her after dinner.

"Thanks Honey,I can understand that...!!!Your room is ready,Honey...!!!But,if you don't have any problem,we can have a cup of hot chocolate in my bedroom before you go to sl**p,Honey...!!!”my Mom was sympathetic,but she knew that she couldn't help me there.

"Sure Mommy,I would love to...!!!I'll come to your room in a while,Mommy...!!!”I then replied to my Mom.I then lifted the empty dishes from the table and put them into sink.

My room was warm and comforting.My Mom has kept my room in tidy condition.I knew the biggest thing my Mom hated was untidiness.I still rememberred her numerous lectures on cleanliness to my s****r Carolyn and me,instructions that we never followed.I brushed my teeth and washed my face.Coming back to the room,I was about to retired to my bed when I realized my Mom would be waiting for me.

I then went to my parents' bedroom upstairs.The door was closed so I knocked lightly.

"It's open,Honey...!!!You can come inside now,Honey...!!!”my Mom then said to me.

I then opened the door and went inside.The room was dimly lit.My Mom’s room was her private possession;she had taken great pains to decorated it the way she liked it.I had never found her room in disorderly condition.My Mom was sitting on her king-sized bed.Many a time,while I was growing,I had tried to imagined my Mom making love with my Dad on that bed.My Dad's big bulk could not be accommodated into a smaller size bed.

My Mom had also changed her clothes,and now she was in her white nightgown.My Mom looked like an angel from where I was standing.I tried to acted normally,but there was nothing I could do to concealed the fact I was immensely enjoying her company.

My Mom then poured chocolate from a thermos and handed it to me.I then sat beside her at the edge of the bed.We both then talked about our earlier days,about my friends,relatives and whole lot of things.My Mom then suggested that I might like to visited some of my old friends.I told her that I might but only if could managed to squeezed some times tomorrow and as I'd come here to visited her,I would rather be with her during my complete stays.My Mom was pleased to heard that.We both talked for about 30 minutes,and during that period I continuously felt that my Mom is consciously avoiding talking about my Dad.Under her warm facade of happiness,there was clearly a streak of sadness.

Next time,when my Mom tried to changed the subject after mentioning my Dad,I could not controlled my suspicion.

"Mommy,why aren't you talking about Daddy...???Is everything all right between you two,Mommy...???”I then asked my Mom.

My Mom's face was suddenly pale as if someone has sucked the bl**d out of it,and she started crying.I then put my arm around her.My Mom just kept her face on my shoulder and continued crying.

"Please tell me,Mommy...!!!What's the matter,Mommy...???Why don't you tell me,Mommy...???”I then asked my Mom again.I let her cry for some time.My Mom then finally turned to me; her eyes wet with tears.

"I didn't know how to tell you,Honey...!!!Your Daddy has a girlfriend,Honey...!!!”my Mom then replied to me suddenly.

"What...???A girlfriend...???”I then replied back to my Mom with questions.I couldn't believe what my Mom was saying.

"Yes Honey,your Daddy is spending the holidays with his girlfriend in Jamaica...!!!And you know who is his girlfriend,Honey...???His own secretary,a girl who is even younger than you,Honey...!!!To me he said that he was going to France as his supplier wanted him there to discuss business,Honey...!!!”my Mom then said to me in replies.My Mom appeared somewhat relieved after telling the truth.

"Are you sure,Mommy...???You might have got it wrong,Mommy...!!!”I then said to my Mom.

"No Honey,everyone in town knows it...!!!He went to Jamaica with his young whore,Honey...!!!I was perhaps the last person to know about it,Honey...!!!Their relationship has been going on for almost a year,Honey...!!!”my Mom then said to me in a bitter tone;she must've been badly hurt,as I had never heard her using words like this before.

I didn't know what to said to my Mom or how to consoled her.I had seen things like that happening to other families,but I could never imagined that such a thing could take place in my f****y also.I tried to imagined my Dad touring Jamaica and sl**ping with a girl too young to be his daughter.I didn't know how to reacted to the informations.I never had a feeling for my Dad.My girlfriend Carla also left me for a man twice her age,but had the just right qualification,a lot of money,which I didn't.I knew how it feels to be ditched from someone you love.I felt very bad for my Mom,and I really wanted to comforted her.

"Mommy,I don't know what Daddy thinks about you,but I just want to tell you that for me,you are the most wonderful and the most beautiful woman in the world and I am lucky that you're my Mommy...!!!”I then finally said to my Mom.

My Mom then smiled sadly to me;her eyes still filled with tears.She was sobbing lightly,but she paid attention to what I said to her.She looked intently into my eyes.She raised her face to me,her soft quivering lips inches away from my lips,her hot breath burning my lower lip.

I didn't know what came over me as I lowered my head and kissed her full on the lips.I was expecting an immediate repulsions from my Mom but nothing of that sort happened.My Mom didn't pulled her face back,instead she put her arms around my shoulder and pulled my lips into hers making it a complete kisses.I moved my arms around her and grabbed her waists,pulling her closer to me.I then moved my tongue between her lips,and she let it in and started sucking it.The effect was maddening;I could feel my hard cock hardening within the confines of my underwear.

Encouraged,I then moved one hand to my Mom’s legs and lightly stroked it.My Mom was too engrossed in our kisses to noticed that my hands was slowly moving under her nightgown towards her thighs.My palm then felt her legs,her calf and her knee.I then stopped my hand at her naked thighs and felt its warmth.I was expecting that anytime now my Mom would break the kisses and removed my hands from her naked thighs.But,there was no such responses,either she was too ignoranted or she also wanted me to continued.

Taking it as a positive signs,I then gently f***ed my hands between her thighs,softly putting my wildly trembling hand over her mound of Venus hidden beneath her soft cotton panties.My heart was pounding violently in my chest,and my mind was whirling with excitement.Passionately I felt the supple mound,the slit between the soft fold.My hard cock was out of control,trying to break the barriers of my briefs.My mouth was dry.My Mom,oblivious of everything,was still clinging to me,sucking my tongue ardently.I slipped my hand further inside her panties and cupped her hot pussy hole,my palm feeling her soft bush,my fingers slowly probing her moist hot pussy hole opening.

I then ran my index finger along the length of her moist slit for a few times,enjoying the soft emanating warmth,and then slowly,I inserted it inside her hot pussy hole.I felt a gentle reaction from her body and I could comprehend that my Mom was not oblivious of my movements.Her hot pussy hole clung around my poking finger.I then inserted another finger inside her hot pussy hole and started moving them in-and-out of her heavenly hot pussy hole opening.Her hot pussy hole was responding positively,and every stroke of my fingers was making her hot pussy hole wetter and wetter.I don't know how long our kisses continued as my fingers kept moving in-and-out of her hot pussy hole.Finally,we broke the kisses,but I didn't let her go out of my arms.

"Ooohhh Mommy,you're just so beautiful, very beautiful...!!!”I then moaned to my Mom.I was breathing heavily.I then put my mouth on hers,forcing my tongue inside her warm mouth and sort of lifted her small frame above the bed;my hand slowly pulling her panties away from her waists and down thighs,finally pulling it out of her legs.I then put my fingers back inside her hot pussy hole.I then looked into my Mom's eyes,they were still wet from tears;otherwise she appeared calm.But,I could feel that her coldness was a false pretence and underneath her serene composure a wild fire was burning.

I was now positive that my Mom was enjoying what we were doing,and she wanted more.f***efully,I had to restrained my hard cock from shooting loads of my hot sperms (hot cum juices) inside my underwear.My Mom wanted my hard cock deep inside her hot pussy hole and she was ready for me.I knew she was...!!!

I then leisurely broke the kisses again.The time was ripe.My Mom was ready for a nice fucked.I then helped her laid down on the bed and gradually moved her nightgown towards her belly.Little-by-little her soft flesh was exposed to my hungry eyes and gradually her beautiful hot pussy hole was opened before my eyes,a little hot pussy hole between those creamy thighs,thickly covered with blonde fur.I then lustfully gazed at my Mom's beautiful hot pussy hole,its soft thick lips,its soft dense curly blonde hair and its soft moist hot pussy hole opening,looking at me in a most tempting manner.

I then looked at my Mom,her eyes were closed and she seemed to be dazed.I didn't know what my Mom was expecting next.But,I wasn't interested in any preliminaries,no licking,and no sucking...!!!I just wanted my hard cock to be deep inside that sweet looking hot pussy hole.I just wanted to feel the soft muscles of my Mom's hot pussy hole squeezing and sucking my solid hard cock shaft.

Without further delay I then removed my shorts and underwear.Once free from the restraints of my briefs,my rigid hard cock then sprang to life.Jetting from my thick,curly pubic hair,my hard cock was hungrily gazing at my Mom's delicious hot pussy hole,ready to explored those divine depths hidden behind a mask of thick blonde hair.

I then grabbed my hard cock in my hand and guided its mushroomed head to her lascivious hot pussy hole opening for the 1st time.As my hard cock head touched my Mom’s outer hot pussy lips,I became aware of a gentle twitching in those rose petals opening up slowly to accepted my invading hard cock.My hard cock was throbbing furiously,as it pressed against that most treasured hot pussy hole of my entire sex life.Gradually,I eased my hard cock head deep inside my Mom's hot pussy hole for the 1st time.

My Mom’s hot pussy hole was tight,very tight;it could have been caused by lack of foreplay or her lack of practice for long.Very gently,I then pushed my hard cock deeper and deeper into that soft,narrow,clinging passage of my Mom’s hot pussy hole.My hard cock could feel my Mom’s slippery hot pussy hole wetness while moving inside those warm depths.Soon,the complete length of my hard cock was buried deep inside my Mom’s hot pussy hole and my balls were pressed against the crack of her ass.My black curls were interlocked with her soft blonde ones.

It was euphoric to feel my fortunate hard cock being hugged in a most delightful manner by my own Mom's tight hot pussy hole.I then slowly eased myself comfortably between my Mom’s open thighs and started a rhythmic in-and-out motions.I then leaned over my Mom’s body and put my hot lips back to her parted moist lips;again inserting my tongue inside her hot mouth.My Mom then started sucking keenly,then raised her lower abdomen slightly up to meet my approaching hard cock.My Mom was slowly beginning to responded to my hard cock thrusting.I then began to fucked my Mom’s hot pussy hole in a more rhythmic way;pulling my throbbing hard cock out of her tight hot pussy hole and then slowly sliding it back in.

My Mom's responses were more avid now.My Mom’s hot pussy hole became wetter and better lubricated as I fucked.My Mom was moaning lightly with my every of my hard cock plunges indicating her state of extreme physical and emotional pleasures.My Mom was now lifting her hips with my every down hard cock thrusts to helped me reached her innermost depths.She was trying to meet my rhythmic hard cock humping in most adept manner,lifting her ass with my down hard cock strokes and then lowering her ass with my out moving cock.Suddenly,my Mom put her legs across my back,clutching my ass.Our bodies were one now moving up-and-down together.My Mom's hot pussy hole wetness was now overflowing out of her hot pussy hole wetting our pubic hairs.

Soon my Mom started moving her ass harder and faster urging me to speed up the pace.I then obliged my Mom by increasing my tempo,pumping harder and faster into her dripping hot pussy hole.My hard cock was on fire,savoring every inch of delightful hot pussy hole that it was pounding.I was sure that my Mom was rapidly reaching her sexual orgasms.Her belly began humping harder;her vocal chords now emitting non stop muffled groans.My peak was not far either and with every thrust I too was grunting hard.I could heard the snowstorm raging outside our house and could feel another storm building right inside my balls.

At last,my Mom gave a short screamed,and her body stiffened up completely,her back arched and her hips in the air,her legs clutching my back tightly.My Mom was trembling violently,and I could feel her hot pussy hole muscles shuddering and involuntarily releasing and gripping my hard cock.I could no longer controlled the tremendous pressures building within my balls.I then plunged forward,ramming my hard cock deep into her quivering hot pussy hole and then I released spurts after spurts loads of my hot sperms (hot cum juices) into my Mom’s receptive hot pussy hole depths for the 1st time.

Finally my balls were empty.I had never cummed in such abundance,my hot sperms (hot cum juices) filled my Mom’s hot pussy hole depths for the 1st time and the overflow was slowly moving through our mating bushes and to the bed down below.The storm was still raging outside,but the storm inside us had subsided,though temporarily.Finally,I collapsed over my Mom’s body.

I was feeling very tired,perhaps due to the combined effect of the long journey and then the rigorous love session with my Mom.I then closed my eyes and rested my head at my Mom’s side,my hard cock still buried deep inside my Mom’s hot pussy hole.I didn't rememberred when I fell asl**p and was only able to recalled that my Mom was trying to moved my body away from her and a mild ‘plop’ sound as my flaccid hard cock moved out of my Mom’s hot pussy hole...

Next day,when I woke up it was already well past 9:00 AM.I had slept well.I found myself properly tucked in the quilt,which had kept me warm.Soon,the reality descended upon me and I realized I was still in my Mom's bed.Whatever happened last night with my Mom felt like a dream,but the fact that I was in my Mom's bed,I was completely naked and above all the dried stains on the bedsheets,which were soaked with our spending,made me believe that I did fucked my Mom last night.Just thinking about the events of last night drove my sl**ping hard cock to full erection.

I then left the bed,then I went to the window and tried to see outside.The snowstorm had subsided,but now it was raining lightly.I looked at the enormous wilderness of white snow spread in front of me.Everything covered with a thick coat of snow.I knew it would be trickier to clear the roads,as the rain will convert the soft snow into hard heavy ice making it difficult to handle.I could guess it would not be possible for me to returned tomorrow,and I was trapped here.

But I rather felt elated.I knew,although it was Christmas,nobody would be able to visited us today,no friends,no relatives and that meant I was all alone with my beautiful Mom to celebrates Christmas.Just thinking about the wonderful time ahead f***ed my bl**d to rushed through my loins.Absentmindedly,I then gripped my hard cock and lightly ran my fist along its length.It was again raring to go.

Trying to controlled my sexual urges,I then came out of my room.My Mom was nowhere to be seen;perhaps she was in the kitchen preparing breakfast.

I then took a long hot bath and when I came out of the shower I was fully rejuvenated.I then put on my clothes and as I was very hungry,I then went to the kitchen.

As I had guessed,my Mom was in the kitchen sitting at dining chair,sipping her coffee.My Mom had already prepared breakfast and perhaps was waiting for me.Hearing my footsteps,my Mom then looked at me.

"Morning,Mommy...!!!”I then greeting my MJom.I could not suppress my grin.Last night's events came back to me,and I felt a strong rousing in my underwear.I then pulled a chair and sat in front of my Mom.

"Morning,Honey...!!!Please have your breakfast now,coffee is ready,Honey...!!!"my Mom then said to me.

Something odd struck me.My Mom did not look directly into my face.She was avoiding my gaze.She seemed to be absorbed into her thoughts.Something was wrong;my Mom didn't appears happy.My smile then faded.Reluctantly,I then pulled my plate and started eating.I wanted to talked to my Mom about last night,wanted to take her into my arms right away after finishing my breakfast and to take her back to bed,but seeing her moods I just kept mum and continued nibbling my food.

Suddenly,my Mom then stirred as if she has realized my presences for the first time.My Mom then poured me coffee from the kettle.I then took the mug from her silently and started sipping.

"Honey,I think we must talk about the incident between us last night...!!!”suddenly my Mom broke the ice.

"Yes,Mommy...???”I looked at her questioningly.

"What happened last night was not right,Honey...!!!It just happened in the heat of the moment,Honey...!!!We never wanted to do it,Honey...!!!Isn't it,Honey...???”my Mom then said to me,then my Mom was looking at her nails,still trying to avoid eye contact with me.I just remained silent,looking at my Mom.

"What I mean to say is,what happened last night was a mistake and it should never happen again,Honey....!!!”my Mom then said again to me,her voice was trembling with emotions.

"Mommy,I don't think what we did was wrong...!!!I don't regret what I did,in fact I enjoyed it and I would love to do it again,Mommy...!!!Why can't we do it again,Mommy...???Whatever happened,we can't reverse that,we've already make love with each other and have sex together and enjoyed it thoroughly,so why not enjoy it again,Mommy...???”I then replied to my Mom finally.

"Are you,Honey...???”my Mom then started to spoke,but I then stopped her.

"No Mommy,I don't see this as a mistake,because I always loved you and I always want you to be happy...!!!You can see for yourself that Daddy is screwing a girl much younger than his own daughter,Mommy...!!!He's not even bothered about your feelings...He didn't even bother to stay home during Christmas,Mommy...!!!So what did you do wrong,Mommy...???”I then said to my Mom.

"At least he is not sl**ping with his own daughter,Honey...!!!” my Mom then meekly tried to defended her husband.

No,Honey...!!!We both should never do it again,Honey...!!!Please try to understand,Honey...!!!It's a sin,Honey...!!!What would people think if they come to know about it,Honey...???”my Mom then continued said to me,she started crying.

"I don't a give a shit about people or Daddy,all I know is that I really really really love you,Mommy...!!!OK,we will never do it again...I really really really love you, and I will always respect your decisions,Mommy...!!!I still don't think what we did was wrong or if it were a sin at all,I would love to do it again and again,Mommy...!!!You are my Mommy but before that you are a woman too,who has some sexual needs,and I don't see any wrong in helping you in fulfilling your sexual needs,Mommy...!!!However,I would respect your decisions,Mommy...!!!”I then replied to my Mom,but then I surrendered as I did not want her to start crying again.

My Mom then looked at me gratefully,her eyes were still wet but she was not crying now.I was not feeling great.All my ideas,all plans for the day,were ruined in just one moment.I somehow finished my breakfast and left the kitchen.I then went to the lounge and tried to watch TV,but it didn't help.I was feeling restless,and I immediately wanted to go back.I looked out of a window.The rain had stopped,but the weather was not clear yet.I wished that next day the weather would be fine so that I might be able to leave for college.I smiled ruefully at the irony;in the morning I was delighted that the weather is not good and I would not have to make excuses for staying for few more days with my Mom.But,now I was feeling suffocated.I was feeling trapped and wanted to returns immediately.However,I knew that it was not the right time to talked about my returns plans,my Mom would certainly feel bad,so I tried to comforted myself.

I then put some warm clothes on and since the rain had stopped,I then took a shovel and went out to clear the driveway.Because of the rain,the snow had become hard,and it took me hours before I could finished cleaning the driveway.There were no signs of the roads getting cleared,and I had a premonition that the snowstorm would coming back.When I finished cleaning the driveway,lunch was ready.Unwillingly,I ate lunch.I had nothing else to do,so I simply watched TV though I was not enjoying it.

The snowstorm returned in the evening.I could heard strong wind roaring past our house depositing thick layers of snow in our driveway and everywhere with its every sweep.My premonition turned out right.I would not be going back tomorrow.

Though,I was not in high spirits,I helped my Mom in decorating the Christmas tree and in other household chores.We avoided talking to each other.Sometimes my Mom tried to talked with me but when she found that I was not willing,she then gave up.So we worked silently.It was clear from the weather that nobody would be visiting us today,and my Mom and I would be celebrating Christmas alone.

Finally,after evening coffee,my Mom told me that she was going to changed and I should also go and changed.I didn't see any need for changing clothes,because we were not expecting any guests tonight.But,I knew that my Mom was very particular about all these things,so I didn't argue and went to my room and changed my clothes.

When I came down,my Mom was already there.My Mom had changed to a black evening gown,beautifully adhering to her petite body.I didn't see any logic for wearing such clothing when the temperature outside was hovering below zero.But,I must admitted she looked gorgeous.Every curvature of her tiny constitution was greatly heightened within the confine of her black dress.My Mom’s blonde hair was loosely s**ttered around her neck and shoulder.She had worn a light make-up,and her beautiful face was glowing.

I then looked at my Mom,admiring her perfect body on display through the confine of her dress.I didn't hide my lustful gaze from her protruding swell of boobs (breasts) and the small mound between the joints of her thighs.My eyes were drawn to my Mom’s crotch,where I could almost saw her mound pressing against the material.My Mom then noticed my attentions,and she blushed slightly,but again regained her composure.I purposefully avoided commenting about her dress,and I could feel that my Mom was slightly disappointed.

To me,the celebrations was only a ritual now.We both said merry Christmas to each other.My Mom then gave me a gift wrapped in a silvery foil,I then thanked my Mom and said ‘sorry’ for not being able to purchase a gift for her.I promised her that I would send her gift after returning to my college.After some time we both then had dinner together,it was tasty but I was so occupied with my thoughts that I could not enjoy the feast.After dinner there was nothing else to do.My Mom then brought me hot chocolate,and we both then settled down to watch TV.

For almost an hour or so we watched TV,not even talking for a single time.Around 10:00 PM,my Mom then decided to called it a night.My Mom then told me that she was feeling sl**py and was going to her room.I then bade my Mom ‘goodnight’ but told her that I would be watching TV for some time.My Mom then finally retired to her room.

After my Mom was gone,I then turned off all the lights in the lounge.Now,only the occasional flickering of TV and the glow of fire in the fireplace were illuminating the room.

I just sat silently in the lounge near the fireplace watching TV.My mind was still occupied with the terrific experience,which I had with my Mom last night.I really wanted to go to my Mom’s room and fucked her furiously.I was longing to feel my Mom’s beautiful hot pussy hole again pulsating around my rigid hard cock.At times,I felt like going to my Mom’s room and r****g her.But,I realized that I didn't have that much courage,and further,I didn't wanted to hurt my Mom.I felt like a coward and wanted to run away from home.

Suddenly,I heard the faint sound of footsteps on the stairs.Someone was coming down.My heart almost stopped in anticipations.In the dim light of the room,I could saw my Mom’s silhouette slowly coming toward me.I was dumbfounded.I didn't know why my Mom was coming but certainly expecting it to be good.I didn't moved from my place,slowly my Mom’s diminutive figure was in front of me,her face shimmering in the light from the fireplace.

I looked into my Mom’s eyes;my Mom didn't said anything but it was all written there.Without hesitations,I then got up from my place and put my arms around my Mom,eagerly pulling my Mom’s willing body to mine.Breathing heavily,I then brought down my hot lips to hers and then I kissed my Mom intently.My Mom then responded positively pressing her mouth to mine and inserting her tongue inside my mouth.

Ooohhh God,we both were onto it again.Delightfully, I then grabbed my Mom’s asscheeks.My hard cock was rock hard,and my hard cock hardness was probing into my Mom’s pubic region.Slowly moving my abdomen,I then rubbed my hard cock hardness against my Mom’s pubic area.Again,I then grabbed my Mom and began kissing her wildly.After a while we both then broke the kisses.My Mom hadn't changed yet,and she was still in her black evening gown.

Without wasting any time,I then unzipped my Mom from the back and slowly lowered the gown to the carpeted floor.My Mom was standing in front me wearing only her black cotton bra and panties.I then unhooked the bra and removed it.Free from the confines of her bra,my Mom’s boobs (breasts) then swayed gently.My Mom's tits were not big,but they were perfectly suited for her small figure.My Mom’s dark aureoles were an absolutely perfect match to the size and shape of those gorgeous tits.I then lightly gripped those mounds of pleasure and squeezed them.My Mom then moaned softly.

My hands then moved down to my Mom’s thighs,and slowly I lowered her panties down her waist towards her ankles and in a moment they were lying on the floor.My Mom was standing in front of me gleaming in her naked glory.

I then looked closely at my Mom’s beautiful body.Last night I didn't see all of my Mom’s beautiful body.My Mom’s small boobs (breasts) were now firmly jutting out of her chest.I then watched my Mom’s small boobs (breasts) gently swayed in slow motion,her dark stiff nipples looking at me invitingly.

I then gazed down between my Mom’s thighs at her muff.My Mom’s thick blonde muff was shining like gold under the yellow light radiating from the fireplace,like a little hot radiator trimmed with gold.I then put my hand over my Mom’s hot pussy hole and groped at her hot pussy hole,running my finger along her wet,delicious crack.I then kissed my Mom again,while my probing finger slowly made its way towards the opening in her slit and entered it.My Mom then moaned loudly this time,indicating her state of rapture.

"Pull your pants off now,Honey...!!!”my Mom then said to me suddenly,almost demanding.

I was shocked first,but I felt happy over my Mom’s audacity.It was a welcome change.I then led my Mom near the fireplace and slowly helped her to sit there.With electric speed,I then removed my clothes and within a moment I was standing near my Mom,completely naked,my hard cock hardness jetting from my black pubic hair,slightly pointing upwards.My Mom then looked at my hard cock lovingly,and slowly she took hold of it.My Mom then felt the hardness of my hard cock,now harder than it had ever been before,and then my Mom started to stroked it lightly.

"Honey,you have got a masterpiece...!!!It's so big,Honey...!!!Did I really take your hard cock deep inside my hot pussy hole completely,Honey...???”my Mom then said to me.My Mom was slowly moving my hard cock up-and-down.

"Yes Mommy,but your hot pussy hole was so tight...!!!I had to make extra effort to insert my hard cock deep inside your hot pussy hole completely,Mommy...!!!”I then replied to my Mom.I was flattered by my Mom’s praises.

My Mom then continued petting my hard cock,and then she bent forward and began to kissed the bulbous head of my raging hard cock rod.Tenderly,my Mom then licked the drop of pre-cum off its head and began licking all over.I was so excited that soon I felt like shooting off in my Mom’s mouth.I didn't wanted that so immediately I f***ed my Mom’s head away from my crotch.My Mom could understand,and reluctantly she pulled her head away.

My Mom then bent backward and eased herself on the carpeted floor beside the fireplace,her body supported on her elbows,her legs wide open allowing me the lustrous view of her blonde thatch and wet hot pussy hole.I then looked greedily at my Mom’s nude body glowing from the deep golden color radiating from the fireplace,her flawless creamy thighs and the golden thatch gleaming in between in a mouth-watering temptations.

My Mom then saw my stares as she blushed slightly but opened her thighs little more giving me a better view of her sopping hot pussy hole.My Mom's muff was so thick that it was completely covering her slit and her clitoris.I then stretched out opposite to my Mom,my head facing her hot pussy hole and my hard cock near her face.I then began kissing my Mom’s legs,sucking and licking her toes,then leisurely working my way up her creamy white thighs.At last,my nose was nuzzling into my Mom’s soft curly bush that covered her prominent mound abundantly.I then rested my head over my Mom’s thighs and touched her slit with the tip of my tongue.

As my tongue touched my Mom’s outer hot pussy lips,my Mom then wriggled in ecstasies,producing a loud moaned of extreme sexual pleasures.I then breathed the musky smell radiating from my Mom's hot pussy hole;it was mind-boggling.I then gently spreaded my Mom’s puffy hot pussy lips and ran my tongue over her inner folds tasting her salty wetness.It was delectable.For a moment I ran my tongue in a slow flickering motion enjoying the salty muskiness,then I started lapping my Mom’s hot pussy hole feverishly.I then thrusted my hungry tongue deep inside my Mom’s hot pussy hole and tried to inserted it as far as it would go.Soon,my face was covered with my Mom’s delicious nectar,which was gushing profusely,with every strokes of my tongue.

Meanwhile,my Mom had lost her all inhibitions and with every caress of my tongue she was howling unashamedly.I was surprised at the amazing changes in my Mom.Within few hours,my Mom seemed to have converted into a nymph from a simple straight housewife.

My Mom then grabbed my rigid hard cock with her fingers and was pulling it feverishly,sometimes even causing pain.I was about to reminded my mom not to cause any harm in the heat of the moment.But,as a welcome relieved,suddenly my Mom bent her head forward and took my hard cock shaft between her eager lips.My Mom was licking my hard cock head as if she were eating an ice cream cone.My Mom then completely turned towards me and lowered her mouth further on my hard cock shaft taking more length of my rigid hard cock inside her hot mouth.

After gulping a larger portion of my hard cock pole,my Mom then slowly began running her lips up-and-down along its length,imitating a hot pussy hole.My Mom then held the base of my hard cock with one hand and her other hand started fondling my hairy sack.My Mom then stiffened her lips to created more frictions and began to moved them faster and harder.In my excitements,I could feels a thundering climaxs starting to developed inside my balls.This time I didn't wanted my Mom to stopped.

Unsuccessfully,I tried to prolong it,but the pressures had gone beyond my control.My face then buried in my Mom's moist hot pussy hole,I then grabbed her parted thighs tightly as I reached my zenith and my hard cock began spurting its hot sperms (hot cum juices) into my Mom's eagerly sucking mouth for the 1st time.My Mom didn't flinched a bit and continued sucking my hard cock.Large gobs of my hot sperms (hot cum juices) filled my Mom’s hungry mouth,and she gulped them effortlessly.Some of my hot sperms (hot cum juices) came flowing out of the corners of my Mom’s lips and trickled down towards her chin and neck.But,my Mom was so busy guzzling down my hot sperms (hot cum juices) that she didn't seem to noticed it and kept on sucking my hard cock.Finally,my hard cock stopped shooting but my Mom continued her endeavor till she had sucked my hard cock completely dry.Finishing with my hard cock,my Mom then took care of my hot sperms (hot cum juices) that oozed out of her lips and licked them clean using her tongue and fingers.

My sexual climaxs was so powerful that for a while I forgot that I too was sucking my Mom's hot pussy hole.My Mom was still going strong and much works was left for my tongue to accomplished.I then pulled my tongue out of my Mom’s drenched slit and touched her little protruding clitoris.My Mom's body gave a sudden jerked.I then attacked my Mom’s clit licking,fondling,caressing,my every movements and efforts to hastened her towards a sexual climax.My tongue was fluttering with so much alacrity that my Mom couldn't controlled her emotions and was moaning loudly.My Mom still had my flaccid hard cock inside her mouth and was sucking it fervently.I just kept working on my Mom’s clit,driving her into a frenzy of sexual delights.My Mom then began gyrating her ass,pressing her burning hot pussy hole into my face.With one hand,my Mom then grabbed my head pulling my face deeper into her crotch and my tongue and lips onto her hot pussy hole and clit.I too,grabbed my Mom’s asscheeks,pulling them apart,pushing my finger inside her anal cavity,and sucking her swollen clit more fiercely.

Suddenly,my Mom went totally stiff;her body was shaking and shuddering violently,her hot pussy hole muscles vibrating uncontrollably around my tongue,releasing a bounty of her hot pussy hole juices into my mouth.My Mom was having a terrific sexual orgasms.I then thrusted my tongue deeply into my Mom’s hot pussy hole,covering her hot pussy hole opening with my lips,gulping down every drop of her sweet juices released from her hot pussy hole.I then drank hungrily the salty fluid flowing down my throat,enjoying every drop of the sweet nectar.Slowly the trembling in my Mom’s hot pussy hole subsided,and her rigid body then relaxed.I then licked every remaining trace of my Mom’s ‘honey’ and then pulled my tongue out of her hot pussy hole.

Delicately,I then licked the wetness off my Mom’s blonde fur and the area between her hot pussy hole and hot asshole,tracing any drop of her love juices that might have escaped my tongue.Completing my tasks,I then rested my head on my Mom’s thighs and tried to catched my breath.

My Mom's lips were still playing with my hard cock, awakening it again.I could again feels the bl**d rushing to my hard cock and slowly bringing it back to its fully erected state.I then pulled my hard cock out of my Mom's mouth and changed my position,my face facing my Mom's face and my growing hard cock hovering over my Mom’s willing hot pussy hole.I then kissed my Mom full on her lips,and we both enjoyed the taste of our own juices glued to our lips.Tenderly,I then pulled my Mom's tits,pinching her dark nipples between my fingers.My Mom then responded with a deep moaned.I then lowered my mouth and started sucking my Mom’s nipples.I then pulled my Mom’s nipples into my mouth,rubbing my tongue between and around them,gently teasing them with my teeth.My Mom was chanting frantically.I then continued nibbling my Mom’s nipples till my hard cock was completely ready for a new session of furious fucking.My hands again traveled to my Mom’s pubic region and felt her dripping hot pussy hole.My Mom then reciprocated by widening her thighs,indicating that she was also prepared for her lustful journey with her son.

I tried to pull my Mom near,but then she stopped me.My Mom then gripped my hard cock and lightly pulled it near her moist hot pussy hole opening.My Mom then ran my bloated hard cock head up-and-down the lips of her steaming hot pussy hole.Then my Mom suddenly got up and sat besides me.My Mom then f***ed me to laid down and throwing one leg over me,sat over my abdomen.Again,gripping my rampant hard cock my Mom then ran it across her slit.I realized that my Mom wanted to lead this time so I left myself at her mercy and enjoyed my position.

My Mom then continued rubbing her clit with my hard cock head and was constantly groaning with delights.After a while my Mom then guided the tip of my hard cock at the opening in her crotch and then my Mom lowered her body.I could feel my hard cock spreading my Mom’s tight sheath,slowly moving into those worm depths.My Mom then moved her hips further down,sinking onto my hard cock boner till her hot pussy hole had swallowed its entire length;my Mom’s hot pussy hole gripped my hard cock tightly,her blonde muff mating with my thick pubic hair.I then put my hands on my Mom’s asscheeks and pulled her onto my hard cock with ferocity forcing my hard cock to reached the deepest region deep inside my Mom's hot pussy hole for the 1st time on that day (2nd times in overall).

Settling on my hard cock,my Mom then started moving her ass up-and-down.I lovingly looked between my Mom’s thighs,watching her hairy hot pussy hole moves up-and-down on my hard cock.So far I was lying silently allowing my Mom to have all the controls,but then I started gyrating my hips thrusting my hard cock up inside her hot pussy hole during her down strokes.

My Mom then began to fucked my hard cock faster.My Mom was riding my hard cock with great velocity,her hot furry pussy hole moving eagerly over the length of my hard cock.With every plunges,my Mom was wailing with ecstasies.Then my Mom bent her body putting her hands over my shoulders;my Mom then increased her pumping.My Mom's hot pussy hole was dripping profusely as I could feel her juices flowing down my hard cock shaft.I just watched intently my hot pussy hole’s tight sheath opening and closing onto my hard cock shaft with each strokes.My Mom was on 7th heaven,constantly moaning and crying as she moved her hot pussy hole along the length of my hard cock.

"Fuck me,Mommyyy...!!!Fuck me,Mommyyyyy...!!!”I then gasped in a hoarse voice moving my hips upward to meet my Mom’s thrusts,trying to drived my rigid hard cock deep inside her sopping hot pussy hole.I could feel another summit approaching.

"Harder Mommy,harderrrrr...!!!Make me cum deep inside your hairy hot pussy hole,Mommyyyyy...!!!”I was panting.

"Ooohhh yesssss...!!!!Please cum deep inside your Mommy’s hot pussy hole,Honeyyyyy...!!!”my Mom slammed her hairy slit down onto my cock,crying in fury.

I knew I could no longer controlled my ejaculations.I then buried my fingers into my Mom’s hot asshole fiercely to pulled her hot pussy hole completely over my hard cock and started plunging her hot pussy hole furiously.My Mom then gave a wild shrieks,her whole body shaking with her sexual orgasms building up.

Suddenly,I pulled my Mom onto my chest,lifted my hips to drived my hard cock fully deep inside into her ravished hot pussy hole and then I ejaculated loads of my hot sperms (hot cum juices) deep inside my Mom’s hot pussy hole for the 1st time on that day (2nd times in overall).My thick hot sperms (hot cum juices) then splashed against my Mom’s soft hot pussy hole muscles;my Mom’s hairy hot pussy hole then squeezing my hard cock f***efully,trying to sucked every drop of my hot sperms (hot cum juices) out of it.My Mom then gave a sharp cried as her sexual orgasms shot through her body,her hot pussy hole convulsing involuntarily around my spitting hard cock.I could feels our mutual spending moving down my hard cock shaft and slowly accumulating in my pubic hair.

Once the trembling in my Mom’s hot pussy hole stopped,my Mom then slumped forward putting her face over my chest.My Mom then licked my hairy chest,which was showing little beads of perspiration.My Mom’s hot pussy hole was still gripping my hard cock and was mildly twitching around it.My Mom then wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me tightly.

Once we both were in controls of our breathing,my Mom then lifted her head and resting her chin over my chest,she looked at me.I then took my Mom’s face into my hands and kissed her fully on the lips.

"Ooohhh Mommy,you are the best fuck I ever had...!!!I think that I am the luckiest man on earth right now,ooohhh Mommy...!!!”I told said to my Mom,and I was not lying.

"Thank you,Honey...!!!Thanks for making me happy,Honey...!!!Since your Daddy started fooling around with that horny bitch,he had almost stopped sl**ping with me and I virtually forgot how if felt to be fucked with a nice cock,Honey...!!!”my Mom then replied to me,and my Mom returned the smile.

"I was earlier mad with Daddy,Mommy...!!!But now I feel that it was the best thing that could have happened to us,Mommy...!!!Otherwise,I would not have gotten a chance to fucks you,Mommy...!!!”I then replied to my Mom with a cunning smile.

"Yes,Honey...!!!My little lover is much better than my Hubby,and I am happy about it,Honey...!!!Last night you slept,but I couldn't,Honey...!!!I was feeling so guilty for doing such a thing with my own son,Honey...!!!Deep in my heart,I knew that I had enjoyed our fuck very much and my hot pussy hole was begging for more,Honey...!!!It was that guilts feeling that f***ed me to say what I said to you this morning...But,when I went to my bedroom tonight on the pretext of sl**ping,I realized almost immediately that I desperately needed this massive hard cock of yours deep inside my hot pussy hole,Honey...!!!And I am very happy that I gave in,I don't feel any guilts now and I really love your big hard cock that had gave me so much pleasure and made me feel so good,Honey...!!!”my then said to me,her Mom eyes too were sparkling.My Mom then touched my limp hard cock and squeezed it lightly.I then caressed my Mom’s hairy mound,wet with our spending,running my fingers along its cum-filled wetness.

I just listened to my Mom coolly.My Mom was telling the truths.I didn't know whether I would be able to love any other women as I loved my Mom now.My Mom meant everything to me.I then removed my cum-filled fingers from my Mom’s hot pussy hole and rubbed it over my lips and looked at my Mom’s.Without hesitation,my Mom then bent her body and started sucking my lips,licking the traces of cum out off my lips.I was surprised that my hard cock was again getting hard which was not a very common thing.My Mom had really driven me wild with sexual lusts for her.Otherwise,it would not be possible for my hard cock to regained hardness thrice in quick successions.

Suddenly,my Mom then shivered.I realized that we both were still in the lounge near the fireplace,which was slowly losing its glow and warmth.The snowstorm outside our house was still reverberating with maddening rage.The lounge was getting little colder now.

"Honey,it won’t be wise to get sick just lying here...!!!We’ve got to make for every seconds you are here,Honey...!!!Let’s go to my room,and it’ll be much better there,Honey...!!!”my Mom then said to me,she shivered again.

"Sure,Mommy...!!!”I then replied to my Mom.

I then lifted my naked Mom in my hands and walked towards the staircase.My Mom put her arms around my neck,running her lips along my cheeks and lips.We both didn't bothered to collects our clothes.I climbed the staircase,opened my Mom's room door and entered it.The room was much warmer than the lounge.I then took my Mom to her bed and hopped beside her.We both then pulled the quilt and properly tucked ourselves.I then pulled my Mom's little body into me.My Mom then cuddled into my arms,her back touching my chest and her tight tiny ass rubbing against my hard cock,which had regained most of its lost hardness and my hands then fondling my Mom's erected nipples from behind.

I then ran my tongue over my Mom's neck,slowly nibbling at her ears.My Mom then responded by moving her hand down to my thighs and touching my hard cock,which was teasing at her asscracks.My hands then again moved to my Mom’s pubic region cupping her cum-filled hot pussy hole and lightly playing with her clit.My Mom then took hold of my hard cock and ran it across her asscracks.I enjoyed the feeling for a while.Slowly my Mom then put my hard cock head against her anal opening and rubbed it roughly with its swollen head.

Taking the hint,I then moved my hands from my Mom’s hot pussy hole to her hot asshole.Leaving her gripped from my hard cock,my Mom then took my hands in her hands and guided it to her puckered hole.I then probed my Mom’s hot asshole with my fingers,feeling its wrinkled mouth and strands of sparse soft hair around it.Slowly,I poked my index finger deep inside my Mom’s puckered hole and my Mom then responded with a muffled cries.My Mom’s hot asshole muscles were very tight,but I kept on pushing my fingers inside it till it was buried up to the knuckle.I then slowly started moving my finger in-and-out of my Mom’s hot asshole.It was clear from my Mom's reactions that she was enjoying my finger inside her tight hot asshole.

I didn't know whether my Mom had any anal intercourse beforehand or not,but anal sex was an unknown thing to me.Carla was strictly against it,and she never allowed me to licked her ass or ever inserted my finger inside it.I didn't have any clue about the taste of a woman's hot asshole and with time it had become a sort of repulsive idea to me also.But,when my Mom guided my hands towards her hot asshole,I realized it was not revolting and I found myself very eager to taste my Mom’s hot asshole.I really wanted to sticked my tongue up her hot asshole and tasted its flavor.

I then pulled out my fingers,brought it near my lips,inhaled the pungent aroma emanating from it and slowly touched it with my tongue.I didn't feel anything repulsive about it,so I put the entire finger inside my mouth and sucked it earnestly.I looked at my Mom who had turned around and been looking at me intently.After sucking for a moment,I then pulled the finger out of my mouth.With my lips and widened eyes,I then articulated to my Mom that it was very yummy and then I offered it to my Mom bringing it near her face.My Mom then sniffed the smell of her own hot asshole on my fingers and without any hesitations she took it completely inside her mouth and started sucking it vigorously.

There was nothing to says,nothing to explains.My Mom knew what I wanted,and it was her wish also.Within a second,the quilt was thrown revealing our naked bodies.My Mom then laid down on her stomach.I then took a pillow and put it below her stomach elevating her rump towards me.I then looked at those fine globes of tight muscles and the beautiful crack between them.With my hands,I then spreaded her tight asscheeks and had the first vision of my Mom's puckered hole.I then looked at the soft wrinkled hot asshole surrounded by tiny strands of blonde hairs and tried to think about the delicious depth lying below it.My Mom’s dark brown hot asshole opening was looking at me invitingly,welcoming me to explores it,to tastes it and to ravishes it.

I then bent my head and ran my tongue across the length of my Mom’s hot asscracks.I then chewed lightly my Mom’s spongy asscheeks sending waves of pleasure through my Mom's body.I then licked the valley between my Mom’s hot pussy hole and her hot asshole.I could hears my Mom moaning lightly.Finally,my tongue traveled to my Mom’s puckered hole.I wetted my tongue and slowly touched my Mom’s hot asshole.My Mom’s pungent intoxicating smell filled my nostrils.Skillfully,I then licked my Mom’s hot asshole getting my first taste of a real woman's hot asshole.I was happy that it belonged to my Mom.The mild acrid taste was mind boggling,and I knew that in future I would never let go an opportunities to enjoyed the taste of a beautiful hot asshole.

My Mom was earnestly enjoying the musics,which my adepted tongue was playing with her hot asshole,and she was dancing to its tune.My Mom was thrusting her hot asshole high up in the air giving a better access to my exploring tongue.Leaving away her all inhibitions,my Mom was again howling unashamedly,uttering all those nasty words which I had never expected to heard from her.I then brought my hands to my Mom’s hot pussy hole;my fingers then entering my Mom’s hot pussy hole filled with my hot sperms (hot cum juices).I then collected a scoop with my fingers,and bringing them back I glued that thick fluid over my Mom's hot asshole.My tongue was now enjoying a delicious recipe made of our fuck fluids and the natural ingredients of my Mom's hot asshole.My Mom’s rear hole was wet with my saliva.

After eating my Mom's hot asshole for a long period,I then finally withdrew my tongue.My hard cock was fully erected now,ready to delved into the darker depths of my Mom's hot asshole.I then took my hard cock into my hand and put its bulging head at my Mom’s puckered hole.Suddenly my Mom then turned to me.

"Honey,please make it easy...!!!This is my first time,Honey...!!!”my Mom then said to me.

Bingo...!!!I jumped with joy.My Mom’s hot asshole was a virgin.I would be the man to take her anal maidenhood.My hard cock then sprang with delights,and suddenly it seemed to be puffier.

"Don't worry Mommy,I'll be careful...!!!”I then said to my Mom.Tthough I had no intentions,but I tried to calmed my Mom.

"If you feel any discomfort,please tell me,Mommy...!!!I'll stop immediately,Mommy...!!!”I then said again to my Mom to tried to calmed her.

My Mom looked relaxed.I was sure she would not asked me to stopped;still,for her satisfaction I then got off the bed and went to her dressing table.I then tried to searched for some lubricant.My Mom told me that a box of Johnson & Johnson’s KY Jelly was in the drawers.I then took the box and returned to my original position.I then scooped a large amount of jelly and smeared it across my Mom’s hot asshole,even adding some quantity inside her hot asshole by inserting my fingers.I then added some jelly to my hard cock also.

My Mom then lifted herself up off the bed as I kneeled behind her.Again,pointing my hard cock head against her puckered hole I drove forward,trying to open her tight little virgin hot asshole for the 1st time.Because of the lubrication,my Mom’s tightly closed hot asshole gave up slowly allowing passage to my impaling hard cock.But,sudden stretching of taut anal muscles must have caused my Mom’s pain as she gasped,but she didn't tried to moved away or complained.

I then pulled my hard cock slightly out to ease some of my Mom’s pain and again pushed inside lightly.This time the responses was better.I then inserted my complete hard cock head deep inside my Mom’s hot asshole for the 1st time and let it be there for a moment so that my Mom could accommodated to the feeling of the first hard cock deep inside her hot asshole.I then worked my hard cock in-and-out slowly,driving it deeper into my Mom’s rectum.I could feels my Mom’s tight hot asshole muscles gripping my hard cock,and it was quite different from the way my Mom’s hot pussy hole had clutched my hard cock in our earlier session.I continued my slow,steady penetrations of my Mom’s hot asshole till the complete length of my hard cock was buried inside.

When my cock was fully buried deep inside my Mom's hot asshole for the 1st time,I felt her muscles relaxing a bit indicating that she was now enjoying her virgin hot asshole being fucked by her own son's hard cock.I then slowly started moving in-and-out.I cherished the tight feels of my Mom’s anus around my hard cock as it moved back-and-forth within her hot asshole.I loved the sight of my hard cock disappearing into my Mom’s stretched hot asshole.If my penetrations was still hurting my Mom,she didn't show any signs other than a meek grunted when I pushed my hard cock deeper into her hot asshole and those grunts also were slowly converting to moans of deep and fervent passions.

I then increased my fucking and my Mom responded with lifting her hot asshole more in air to accommodated my hard cock thrusts,her hot asshole muscles squeezing around my hard cock as it moved in-and-out.My thighs were continuously bumping my Mom's delicated back in a ferocious manner,and my balls hitting her hot pussy lips with every down strokes.

My Mom's body was no more supported on the pillow;it was rather high in air.The extreme frictions offered by my Mom’s anal cavity was finally starting to take its toll as I was feeling another summit approaching.I then increased my tempo and at last it reached to a crescendo as I ejaculated with a sharp cried,spraying loads of my hot sperms (hot cum juices) deep inside into my Mom’s anal passage for the 1st time.Without a whimper my Mom’s hot asshole then drank it all,sucking my hard cock deep inside her hot asshole.

I then grabbed my Mom in my arms,driving my hard cock far into her hot asshole,forcing her down on her stomach,squashing her tits into the bed beneath her.My Mom then cried out in pain as if my fat hard cock tore into her guts.Slowly the jerking in my hard cock subsided.My Mom's hot asshole then continued milking my hard cock till it was devoided of the last drop of my hot sperms (hot cum juices).

After completely drenching my Mom’s hot asshole,my hard cock then started softening.I then pulled my hard cock out of my Mom’s hot asshole,still wet with my oozing hot sperms (hot cum juices) and the lubrications.I then looked down at my Mom,lying spread-eagled on her belly.My Mom’s hot asshole was wide open,slowly contracting back to its original puckered state and a white gluey fluid dribbling down her crack and slowly moving towards the narrow valley between her crack and her pubic region.

I then slumped beside my Mom,trying to catched my breaths.My Mom was still lying in the same position,her head resting on the bed.I then closed my eyes and stayed there for a very long period.I then got back to my senses when I heard my Mom moving.I then opened my eyes.My Mom was getting off the bed.She smiled at me;her eyes still filled with sexual lusts.I then smiled back at my Mom,and rounding my lips and without uttering any sound I told her that she was a great fuck.She read my lips and smiled again and then went to the bathroom.

Lying down there,I then took stock of the events happened in last 2 days.I came here very reluctant and only for one day,very eager to finished my Christmas celebrations with my Mom and then to returned immediately.Now I didn't wanted to returned at all.Earlier I was unhappy that the weather was miserable,trapping me here,and now I was happy that the bad weather is continuing and that meant I had more and more time alone with my Mom.I eagerly waited for my Mom to tell her that there is no Carla waiting for me at the college,and now I shall be spending my whole vacation in her arms,fucking and sucking her sweet hot pussy hole as well as her delicious hot asshole.

I heard the door of bathroom opening;standing there was my Mom displaying all her naked charms to her only son.I then looked at my Mom and she came back to my welcoming arms.I then pulled my Mom into my arms and planted a deep kiss on her lips.My Mom then cuddled into my embraces,her head resting over my arms.I then put my leg over her thighs,my flaccid hard cock resting against her bush.I wished myself good luck.I thanked God for the bad weather,for getting me trapped in my home,alone with my horny Mom.I was happy that I was stuck here;I was trapped in paradise........................ Continue»
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Caught with Master

   I've wanted you since the first day I heard your voice.  We've both tried to walk away, but I can't forget you, and you can't forget my daughter.  Even though we had long ago decided that we wouldn't see each other anymore, a perfect opportunity came up, and we seized the moment.  My husband and son were deer hunting, and Barbara had gone to a friend's, so I invited you over.  My goal was to feel one last time your absolute dominance over me, but of course your goal was to prowl through my daughter's things.  I knew that you were completely obsessed with her, and in my darkest moments, had to admit that it turned me on.
   My house was clean, for once, and the first thing you wanted was a complete tour, but of course we ended up in her room.  I knew what you would want, so I left a few pairs of her panties in her hamper, and you wasted no time in bringing them to your nose, breathing deeply of her scent.  I perched on her bed, watching you, but you didn't leave me alone for long.  While remaining fully clothed yourself, you instructed me to strip completely, and kneel at your feet.  Waiting until I was completely naked, and in place, you finally unzipped your pants, freed your cock, and smugly told me to "get to work."  I whimpered, hating the cold, emotionless tone of your voice, but you immediately grabbed a handful of my hair, and brought my head to your crotch.  Having little other choice, and unable to deny my lust any longer, I obediently opened my mouth, and began to lick your engorged head, but you weren't having any of it, and pushed your way further in, until you touched the back of my throat.  "Oh, Barbara, suck me good" you murmured, knowing how I hate it when you call me by her name.  I tried to pull away, but you are so much stronger than me that my attempts to assert myself were a joke.  You calmly asked me if I was capable of cooperating, or if I needed to be punished.  Just the word scares me now, because I've been on the receiving end too many times, and know how much you can and will hurt me.  I tried again to back away, but your response was to take off your belt, and order me to bend over Barbara's bed.  Tears started rolling down my face, but I knew that once your mind was made up, nothing I could say would change it, so I did as I was told.
   I lost track of how many times your belt cracked across my bare ass.  The whole time you were spanking me, you were calling me Barbara, and stopping from time to time to caress my red bottom, and run your fingers between my legs, stroking my swollen pussy.  Finally when I didn't think I could stand anymore, you pulled me up from the floor, positioned me on my hands and knees on top of her bed, and begin to slide the head of your dick around my wet outer lips.  I was desperate to have you inside me, and arched my back, and begged to be fucked like a bitch in heat.  Finally you held me still, and slowly but surely worked your way in to my tight wet pussy.  I was lost in the pleasure, but not so far gone that I didn't hear a gasp behind me.  Maybe I had secretly hoped for it all along, but Barbara was home early.
   "Oh my God, what are you doing?" was her outraged cry, and my first instinct was to jump up and cover my nakedness, but you had one hand on my hips, and my hair wrapped around your other hand, so I was f***ed to remain there, mortified and speechless.  "Barbara, welcome to the party" you purred, "come on in!  As you can see, I'm a little busy with your mother right now, but you're next."  If I had thought she would run screaming from the room, I was sorely disappointed.  She stood mesmerized, staring at your naked body, and your huge erect cock, slowly sliding in and out of me.  She saw the belt lying beside me, and the welts all over my ass.  Even in my shame, I was unable to hold still as you pumped in and out of my pussy, and then, to my horror, you wet your finger with my juices, and began to finger my asshole.  You know what that does to me, and I began to cum almost immediately, bucking against you, and moaning loudly.  
   While you plundered my insides, my daughter sank into her desk chair, watching the entire show, spellbound.  After my noisy orgasm, you pulled out of me, dick still completely erect, and glistening with my cum.  I collapsed on the bed, too weak to do anything but watch you, knowing full well that nothing I could say or do would stop you from your obsession.  I expected My daughter to share my fear, but if anything, she was eager, and before I could say a word, her hands were on your cock, squeezing, exploring.  "Want to taste it, even knowing where it's been?  Probably wouldn't be your first taste of pussy, now would it?" you asked her, and she smiled knowingly.  You kissed her slowly, but then put your hands on her shoulders, pushing her to her knees.  As I watched, she began to lick you lazily, and, unlike with me, you didn't rush her.  Finally, she was taking more of you into her mouth that I would have ever thought possible, and you pulled her roughly to her feet, and started to undress her.
   Once she was completely naked, you gestured for her to get on the bed beside me, and ordered me back on to my knees.  "Now we'll see which one of you is the bigger whore."  Barbara was eager, and did exactly as she was told, but I refused, until you finally picked up your belt again, and threatened to whip the both of us at the same time.  My sore ass couldn't stand anymore, so, resigned to my fate, I knelt beside my daughter, cheek to cheek.  Your fingers gently massaged my still tender clit, and I was sickened to find myself ready again, even though I realized that your other hand was performing similar maneuvers to my daughter's pussy.  "Which one should I fuck first?  Already had the one, so I guess I should try the other.  Mom, guess you'll have to make do with my fingers this time." 
   It is difficult for me to take all of you, so of course with her, it was even more of a struggle.  She started trying to get away, but you took your fingers out of my pussy long enough to grab her by the waist, and hold on tightly, as you f***ed yourself into her tight young pussy, inch by inch.  At first she struggled, and cried out, but it didn't take long for her cries of pain to turn into moans of ecstasy.  I was beginning to feel quite left out when your fingers found me again, two for my pussy, with your thumb in my ass.  You timed your strokes so that the two of us were basically being fucked simultaneously, and we began to moan almost in unison.   We came together, both racked by intense orgasms, nearly screaming in our pleasure.  The pressure of that tight young cunt on your cock had you ready to cum as well, but you pulled out just in time, and came on the crack of her ass.  
   She and I had both collapsed on the bed, but I had one last chore to perform.  "Whore, clean it off" you ordered.  "Let me get a tissue" I mumbled, but your reply was immediate.  "That's not what I meant, and you damned well know it!  Lick it off, right now!"  I just stared at you, but the look in your eyes, and your tone of voice told me that you meant business, and I promptly began to lick my master's load off of my daughter's ass.  "Next time, I'll bring my sons, and it will be a real party."  Somehow I knew that you weren't k**ding, and it would be a night even more incredible than this one...  ... Continue»
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Being Naughty for Daddy,

H my name is Christy and I love telling stories, especially ones where my daddy and I are fucking the hell out of each other. Its just so happens that I have one of these naughty little tale that I wound love to share with you tonight.

You see a little over a week ago daddy and I had one of the best fuck sessions, I can not remember the last time we had sex like that. I knew that mother had stopped giving up the pussy years ago, I guess that is why he turned to me right after I returned home from college.

To tell you the truth I was a little nervous the first time daddy came to me and said that he wanted to sl**p with me. I thought he was just k**ding around until he push me down of the sofa and ran his hands up my skirt. I could still see the look on he face when he discovered that I was not wearing any panties. I told him that I didn’t wear panties, that for some reason I just did not like how they seem to confine my pussy. He just looked at me and laugh, and said that he knew that I was more like him, then my mom.

I really did not understand what he was talking about, until he told that he was a sex addicted. It was kind of sweet that daddy did not have any trouble telling me that pussy was his d**g of chose. As I laid there while my dad pushed my skirt up over my hips, I could tell that the sight of my hairless pussy nearly drove him insane.

I could tell by look in his eyes that he hadn’t had any in quite awhile. Looking back I always thought that it was kind of odd that I wasn’t scared, as I laid on the sofa watching daddy as he removed his pants and climbed between my open legs, the thought that we might have been doing something wrong never entered my mind.

If I am being honest this was not my first time. I had my share of lovers while away at college. I know to some people the thought of having sex with a f****y member would be out of bounds. However for me in that moments there was nothing more important to me then to put a smile on my dad’s face, and there was only one way for that to happen.

I must say that out of all my lovers that it was my dad that gave me the kind of pleasure that I graved. When daddy was inside me I could feel his big strong cock as he bent my pussy to his will, not submitting was not an option. As I felt his dick fill my love hole, I remembered long hot summer nights with my fingers rammed up my tight pussy, just praying for a big strong dick to come my way. I guest my prayers were answer that first night with daddy.

Daddy entered my little fuck hole with rapped speed, stretching my pussy to the max. I can not tell you how good it felt as daddy’s cock sink deeper and deeper inside me. I felt a strong jolt as daddy’s cock hit the back wall of my pussy. “OHHHH DADDY!!” I let out a scream as daddy started to pump my pussy hard and fast.

I started to respond as daddy pounded my pussy for close to an hour. I rotate my hips, keeping rhythm to daddy’s love making. I could tell that this really turned him on. He started pounded harder, making my body submit to his ever command.

I am proud to say that I helped release the sex b**st that had been pinned up for years inside my dad. Daddy loved me like no other that first night. I was his, body, soul and sprit, all became his that night.

That was a night of many first for me, the first time that daddy and I made love, the first time that I felt like a complete woman, and it was the first time daddy showed how a real woman keeps her man in her bed.

Flipping me over on my stomach and spreading my ass checks , daddy told me to relaxes. as he eased his big cock towards my ass hole. After grabbing a tub of YK lubricant. He applied a small amount to the head of his cock, and daddy eased his way up the crack of my ass.

For what ever reason I still was not afraid, I knew that daddy would take good care of me. As daddy tried to enter me again, it became very painfully clear that I was too small for daddy’s cock. He tried several times, but with no luck. Daddy was almost ready to give up, when I came up with the idea that I should get on top and work his cock into my asshole.

I could tell daddy loved the thought of me being on top. I stood up over daddy, with my back towards him. Stretching my hole I gently lowered myself onto his stiff hard dick. Rotating my hips in a counter clock wise fashion, I could tell that daddy was really enjoying the fact that I had taking the lead in this way. My asshole almost stretched to its limit, soon daddy was plowing my asshole with speeds and accuracies. My first anal fuck prove to be very pleasurable for both daddy and me.

Now on with what happen last week. Last Friday morning I woke up to daddy enjoying his favorite breakfast, my pussy. I love waking to daddy’s head between my legs and feeling his mouth as it ravages my pussy.


I never got a response from him, except to slap my little kitty and keep eating. After about a half hour of this my dad had his fill, or so I thought. When I got up I discovered that it was raining out, as I showered, and was getting dressed for work, my boss called and said that the water pips had broken in our office and that he was given the staff the day off.

As I looked out my window it suddenly dawn on me that daddy Would be taking the day off as well. With daddy being a construction worker, I knew that he would be giving his men the day off. I was right, because as I started to turn around I felt daddy’s big arms wrap me up in a warn loving bear hug.

I smiled as we stood in front of our big bay window in the living room, and watched the rain come down. Daddy kissed my hair, as his hands slowly roamed my eager body.

“You know we have the house to ourselves?” he whispered in my ear he said as he drew me back against his hardness.

“Yes I know, mom has already left for work and I know she will be gone all day.” I said. I could feel his dick getting harder and harder as daddy found the buttons on my jeans. One by one he unbutton my jeans, slipping his big hand inside, he felt the eagerness of my body come alive.

“I didn’t have time to finished what I started this morning, but I sure intent to finish it now.” Dad said as he pushed me back onto the couch.

I watched as daddy removed my jeans and plagued his finger deep inside me. While giving me one of the best finger fucked known to man or woman, I laid there while daddy had his way with me.

I can not remember sex being that good with any of my other lovers. Daddy always had a way of making sure that I knew that I was loved, and not just being used for sex. Daddy always knew that I really got turned on whenever he went down on me.

Leaving trails of kisses down my naked body, daddy soon found the opening to ecstasy. I love the feel of man’s tongue inside me. There is nothing on this earth better then man’s tongue in my pussy, daddy chewed on my clit for almost an hour.

“Oh that feels so good daddy, oh fuck, my pussy feel good daddy

Daddy, never let up on giving me the best fuck session that day. He took his time and gave my pussy one of the best work out it had ever had. After he ate my pussy he spreads my legs wide and plugged his nearly nine inch pleasure tool in me.

On that long cold rainy day I truly realized what it meant to become someone’s sex toy. As I stated before while I was away at college my mother cut my dad off from all physical contact. I had no idea that they had not shared a bed for well over two years. My father had begun to see other women, women my age. However on the first night we made love daddy told me that he had sexual feelings towards me every since I was a teenager.

He told me how he use to watch me get undress, and then he would jack off whenever we were alone in the house. I didn’t know at the time that mom had took another female lover. Dad knew that he could not compete with another woman for my mother’s love, so in his mind dad turn to the next best thing, me.

I love the feel of my daddy’s big hands as they caress my soft tender body. As the cold rain poured down outside, daddy laid me down in front of the fire place where he had lit a beautiful fire. I laid naked under him, while daddy lit a burning passion in me that only he could control.

“Oh my god daddy, please don’t stop, don’t ever stop.”

Hour after hour daddy pounded my little fuck hole. My pussy felt so alive that day. After daddy was done fucking me daddy pulled me up to my knees, and told me to open my mouth. I was scared at first, but daddy ask me to trust him, he assured me that he would never do anything to hurt me.

I was always like clay in the hands of a master lovers when it came to daddy. Just one look into those deep soulful brown eyes, and I was a goner.

Closing my eyes and opening my mouth I felt his head trace my lips. My eyes flew up just in time to see daddy shove his fat cock a little farther in my mouth.

“Hush daughter don’t be scared, this is just something that daddy wants his baby girl to do for him and only him.”

From the first time he put his dick in my mouth, dad said that he knew I had talent. It might have been the fact that my tongue slit so smoothly up and down the shaft, or the fact that I was able to take almost all nine inches down my throat on my very first try. Daddy’s cock tasted so good on that cold wet day, it was almost like comfort food as I slurped up all his good juice.

After a while daddy would treat me, fucking me, and then pulling out and feeding me his dick with my pussy juice on it. I started to really love the taste of our fuck juice mix together.

Daddy is a wonderful lover, so strong and gentle at the same time. I could never understand why my mother could never get with the program. Every time I saw my father it seemed that my pussy craved his dick.
I was soon on my back again, with my legs spread taking another pounding,


Daddy had my pussy feeling so dam good as I bucked my hips upwards to get more of daddy’s cock inside me. I could not get enough of daddy that day. It was almost four o’clock before daddy and I took our first brake.

I decided to take a shower while daddy went downstairs to gather up some much needed food, we had worked up quite an appetite. While I was in the shower I started thinking what could I do to add a bit more excitement to the day. I suddenly remembered daddy being taking with one of my old friends from high school. Her name was Lily.

Lily and I ran together all during high school, I knew even back then she had a bit of a wild streak. I knew she loved a good fuck just as much as me. I remembered one day she telling me how sexy and handsome she thought daddy was. As I stepped out of the shower I grabbed my towel and my cell phone and gave my old friend a call.

Lily just so happened to be free that day, and as I was telling her what I had in mind I could tell that she was really getting turn on at my ideas, and so we agreed on a time for her to come over.

When I went downstairs daddy had a plate of cheese and crackers and a battle of my favorite wine waiting. We sat in front of the fireplace wrapped in each others arms. He told me that he had called mom at her job and told her not to come home, that he wanted to be alone with me. This was certainly fine with mom. She knew that daddy had took me as his lover, a fact that never seemed to bother her.

As we sat there cuddling by the fire it seemed impossible for daddy to keep his hands off me, watch was just fine with me. Just as daddy had untied my robe and had slit between my opened legs for another round of good fucking, the door bell rang. It took some fast talking on my part to get daddy to agree to go answer the door.

I can not describe the look of shock as daddy opened the door and saw a lovely Lily standing there wearing an open over coat, a pair of red thigh high boots and nothing else. Lily strolled passed daddy looking like a four alarm fire. Lily is half African-American and Asian, she has a small frame and a beautiful tight body. I knew daddy would be shocked, however. once the shock wore off I knew he would not have any objection with Lily spending the evening with us.

Lily walked passed daddy, letting her overcoat fall to the floor. Daddy closed the door as Lily sat down beside me. I kissed Lily softly on the lips, as daddy joint us in front of the fire.

“Chris baby, what’s going on here?” Daddy asked with a touch of concern in his voice.

“Oh daddy don’t worry about Lily, she knows all about what we have been doing, I trust her not to tell anyone about our little secret.”

I could tell that daddy was a bit concern about Lily exposing the details of our relationship, however all the doubts soon melted away when Lily flashed him a shy little sexy smile, as she ran her hand between her legs and started playing with her pussy.

Daddy took his place between Lily and I, while I explain to him why Lily was there. I told daddy that I wanted to reward him for the afternoon of pleasure that he had giving me. I told him I called lily because when I told her about us, she said that she wished that her own father would love her that way, but she knew that he would never take her to his bed, no matter how many times she offered herself to him.

Lily looked down in shame, as she had so wanted to be able to show her father how much she loved him, just as I had been able to show my daddy how much I loved him.

Daddy’s beautiful kind eyes swept over Lily small frame, as he smoothed her long dark hair with his large size hands. He kissed me lightly on my forehead, and then laid Lily down in front of the fireplace.

Daddy took a few minutes to admire her beauty, and beautiful she is. She stands no more then five feet tall, and weights no more then one-hundred pounds. Her soft lightly tan skin is perfectly mix with her dark hair and midnight eyes. For the life of him my dad could never understand how any man could turn down a rare fine such as Lily.

Spreading her legs daddy began to let his hand roam freely over her body. The look in Lily’s eyes showed a young girl standing on the edge of her womanhood. “Are you pure sweetheart?” daddy asked.

I saw the glee in his eyes come alive, as Lily comforted that she was indeed pure. “There there my sweet girl, there’s no need for tears. Daddy is here, and he is going to make sure his sweet baby girl know that she is loved.

Daddy told Lily just to relaxes as he covered her in kisses. He started at her forehead, working his way down her eager young body, daddy’s hands found the opening to ecstasy. His gentle strokes her sweet young body, as he prepared her for entrance, sending Lily close to the edge of bliss.

I curled up on the sofa and watched as my dad take my best friend’s innocents. Lily braced herself as daddy’s big cock slid down flat tummy. I could tell by the look on both their faces that they were both ready. For Lily is was the feeling of more then just a big dick coursing through her body, but it was the feeling of a father’s love that drove her, even if it was not her own.

For daddy, well he was getting his high, his fix. As I said earlier pussy was dad’s d**g of choose. Wanting her first fuck to be just as pure as she was, and assuring her that he would pull out before he came inside her, daddy choose not to use a condom.

“OH OH MY GOD.” I heard Lily scream, as she began to take on my dad’s big dick.

She kept paces with his rhythm. She rotated her hips, moving them up and down, and around. “OH GOOD LORD THIS PUSSY IS GOOD. MMMM, he let out a sigh of ecstasy as daddy and Lily became one.

Daddy was just about to pull out when he felt her pussy tighten around his manhood. “No daddy please don’t pull out. I Want you to cum inside me. I want to feel you inside me daddy, please, please daddy.”

He could not resist her cries of pleasure as he unloaded his seed deep inside her. At one point daddy offered to fuck us both, however I turn him down. I was content in watching my daddy turn my best friend into a slut.

It was close to dawn when Lily left our house. Daddy had me again on my back eating me out when the sun was coming up. When daddy left for work that morning, I kissed him good bye, and I could not help thinking how much I enjoyed being naughty for daddy.... Continue»
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