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Deer Hunting with Daddy

Deer Hunting with Daddy

... into the mountains every fall for the yearly deer hunt. I had been going since I ... the same time, working his own daddy over with his lips and tongue. Meanwhile, my ... , my uncle took the younger cousins hunting while the naughtiness continued in the grownup ... ... Continue»
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Dicked by Daddy and Duke

... like to spend the next ten days deer hunting with Your Old Man and Duke? Now,before ... his. "That feels Great!" He exclaimed rincing off with the hot water. "Your turn!"

"Wh-What?!" ... put up)and then spend the day hunting. At twilight,We would come back, ... ... Continue»
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Red Nixy (Shower time with Daddy)

Shower time with Daddy

I want to be your Daddy's girl that you love more than anyone else in the ... where I am splitting my legs wide open with my pussy out for Daddy's pleasure. Daddy can’t help but touch his sweet baby while ... ... Continue»
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My Special Night with Daddy part 2

... and poking him in the back. I could feel daddy smile with a shiver from him.

When daddy finally found the ballgame, he turned around ... the next morning, I was on the edge of the bed with daddy spooning Mark and Mark was spooning me. It didn't take ... ... Continue»
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Scotty fucking with daddy's girlfriend

... . Louise had kinda moved in and is with daddy all the time. The man never has any ... from her cunt, he slit his dick in with daddy's. She didn't flinch as he worked his ... she will be game to have a gangbang with daddy and his friends. Frank will rip her ass ... ... Continue»
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Fucking with Daddy

... were going to the drive-in with some of their friends. So I guess that leaves me with daddy.

I told Brian what I was going ... to do to daddy. I could tell by the sound of ... ... Continue»
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My Special night with Daddy

... 'd like to clean up his cum from my pussy.

Daddy came over with cum dripping from his cock, bent over me and ... sex in the shower. Knowing that I would have ass sex with daddy this weekend, Brian wanted to make sure I would be stretched ... ... Continue»
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Role play with Daddy's Little Girl

... and I told her "Daddy is so horny to fill My Little Girl's mouth with Daddy cum. She yellled "Yes Daddy fuck your little gurls ... mouth, I want my Daddy's cum in my mouth ... ... Continue»
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Mating ritual with Daddy and me

... willing to pleasure Daddy anywhere anytime. This means if you are with Daddy in the malls ... front of my crazy yet irresistible silver Daddy behind a tree near the playground and ... and looking up with my face bright red like a tomato. Daddy came inside of me ... ... Continue»
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On-line with daddy, and what happened next

... it down my thigh, and it brushed against daddy's cock, my motion stopped with daddy's cock resting on my fingers, and I looked ... and warmth spill onto my nude thigh, I knew, with a sense of pride, daddy was cumming and I was making it happen.

[image ... ... Continue»
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Dad & Son time at Cabin

... old man asked me if I wanted to go deer hunting with him in november for a long weekend. I was ... deeper son you got it, suck daddy's cock all the way. Daddy loves the way your suck his ... it in his ass. He said now lick daddy's ass and get that tongue all over it ... ... Continue»
Posted by bjon 3 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Gay Male, Taboo  |  Views: 3720  |  
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Dan & b*****r & Son Hunting trip Part 1

... that time again for our annual deer hunting dad and son bonding time at ... same trough style. a few guys already standing with there dicks out pissing away, I was between dad ... like dad, I'm so fucking horny, and with that he plunged his dick head thru my ass ... ... Continue»
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Daddy Watches Lacey's Phonefucking

... counter, I went to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of Deer Park (best damn water on earth) then stepped to his ... .

Already tingling from thinking about playing with men online, my pussy started to really ache with Daddy's hand on my ass. Normally I'd ... ... Continue»
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... . I slowed down my hips until I was finally still. I lay there with daddy on top of me and me still holding tight to ... 's arms.

I woke up at about 9pm that night. Daddy was gone so I went hunting him. I found him looking at a video on his ... ... Continue»
Posted by sexaddict66 2 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo  |  Views: 5660  |  
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Daddy's Plan 3

... many times as you can for your Daddy". This little deer in the head lights pantied with stuttered breaths.

He kissed-licked down ... women. Because of its power you can only use it with Daddy. When not in use it'll remain locked in a metal ... ... Continue»
Posted by robd1 1 year ago  |  Categories: Taboo  |  Views: 2087  |  
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Play with my titties, Joe

... headlights something appears in the road. My first thought

was, deer, but, no, this seems to be an apparition, ghostly in ... you baby?”

“Well, I guess so but it wasn’t nothing like with daddy, Momma, he made me feel so

good, he licked me ... ... Continue»
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Trapped In Paradise (With My Mom)

... Dad was never there.He was too busy with his business and with his hunting and booze parties.My Mom always had a special ... me,and my Mom returned the smile.

"I was earlier mad with Daddy,Mommy...!!!But now I feel that it was the best thing ... ... Continue»
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Caught with Master

... the moment.  My husband and son were deer hunting, and Barbara had gone to a friend's, ...  I knew that you were completely obsessed with her, and in my darkest moments, had ... she began to lick you lazily, and, unlike with me, you didn't rush her.  Finally, she ... ... Continue»
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... my prayers were answer that first night with daddy.

Daddy entered my little fuck hole with rapped speed, stretching my pussy to the ... it suddenly dawn on me that daddy Would be taking the day off as well. With daddy being a construction worker, I knew ... ... Continue»
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Daddy's Fetish pt.2

... of toast.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” he said with a smile. “How’s daddy’s little princess today?”

He hadn’t called me his ... time,” he said.

“You’re welcome to it,” daddy agreed.

With daddy’s engorged cock against my ass and his hands cupping ... ... Continue»
Posted by pornofiend 3 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, First Time, Hardcore  |  Views: 833  |  
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