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Day Off pt. 3

Day Off pt. 3

... .

Nacho had turned around for a moment, still trying to hold off shooting his wad, giving Rocco ... , and was throbbing gently as it filled with bl**d, causing it to steadily rise off of his stomach and flop ... about getting off. He squeezed the shaft in his right hand and tenatively licked the top of Rocco's... Continue»
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Day Off Pt. 2

... against Rocco, but he could wait.

It was a day off, so Rocco and Nacho had all the time in the world. ... seemed to be. After working together in porn for years and even fucking girls together off set, he'd ... arms under Rocco's hamstrings and rolled to his left, taking the pair off the couch and onto... Continue»
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Day Off Pt. 1

... so that he could jerk off.

As Nacho's mind wandered to the girls he'd seen out last night ... .

Rocco started talking about the fun he'd had off set, but he quickly found himself distracted by his ... friend's cock was too much for Nacho. He tried to doze off, and nearly succeeded before he was startled... Continue»
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Fathers Day - Pt. 3

... with me, but I woke up a couple of times literally dripping with sweat.

I pulled the covers off me ... , trying to make sure dad still stayed covered up but not succeeding, with the covers now off us I ... sweating hand off my boob and ran it down onto my stomach and pressed.

He felt my stomach... Continue»
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the day i fucked my daddy pt 3

... as he was pushing his hand in to me i was groaning louder in pain. it felt massiwe in my tight pussy but i started to luv it.-who's a naughty little slut daughter?-he asked harsh. - me - i moaned... Continue»
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51 Penny and rick pt d

... 51 Penny and rick pt d
Dawn broke grey and windy, a tired Penny having passed a sl**pless night ... the place on this late autumn day. The task started, he waited for the kindling to catch, before ... the room you will get stripped off” she told him, “naked you will fit my wrist and ankle restraints... Continue»
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Desert Heat - Pt 5

... Desert Heat – Pt 5
Saturday, was cold inside and hot outside as usual. Ginger got dressed quickly ... off and worked with me in her bikini. I asked her if she knew what she was going to do and she said ... but it also scared the dickens out of her. I suggested she take her halter top off now just to see... Continue»
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My Wife from Straight-laced to Cum Slut pt. 3

The next day Jan went shopping and return home with several bags of new clothes and I asked ... he liked my new attire "
We laughed.
For next next few days jan continued to prance ... it was harmless enough I guess .
Two days later it happened ... bam heart attack after that by-pass... Continue»
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Baby Sitting The Niece Pt. 3

... Baby Sitting The Niece Pt. 3
Thrill rides of life.

It's been years since me and my s****r ... . Now she's with one. I hate the guy. It's almost been 3 years since they've been together. The f****y ... was.
The second day on the trip they wanted to do a bunch of relaxed activities. Riding k**die rides... Continue»
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Fucking my sexy mom

... together

after Airborne school and before leaving on our 3 day journey back home.

After my ... at least 3 days alone with my

beautiful mother to make sure I fulfilled her every desire.

But that is for another story…. Hope you all like this one.
... really starts

….. Graduation Day……. We all looked sharp in our class a uniforms, standing... Continue»
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Happy teen campers (pt2)

... cock.
The storm outside was in full flow so we stayed in our new friends sex smelling tent for the night . (pt 3) coming soon ! ... other girls in the ass before . Jo said that simon had fucked her ass sore a couple of days ago ... with a couple of beers to enjoy the show ! Before long the girls were setting each others orgasms off and we... Continue»
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My mom porn actress

... one day i was surfing some porn sites looking for something to jerk off...went to some porn ... ...she was working in some big company for almost half the day which left me a lot of free time at home ... blog a**** my fav these days was milfs and mom categories..i found some nice looking movie... Continue»
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Aunt Mary Part 2!

... Okay so here it goes.
I'm just assuming, you guys read Pt 1 already, so I dont have to do ... sloowly pulled away her cover to see her body, of course i couldn't take off her clothes without her ... finish..
i fell asl**p pretty soon.

next day, no important events, im gonna skip to the night... Continue»
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Milf vs Nerd Guy

... back online in 3 days. My boss was really happy and he gave me this Friday and the weekend off.

I ... in the doorway. "Hello Buck, nice to meet you. You came on your day off. Thank you young man." I smiled ... set up for the shoot. Your off for the rest of the day. You can dip in the pool if you like... Continue»
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... as the years of servicing had slowed down his recovery time. 3 times a day in stead of anytime he felt. Marcus ... long, 2-3 inches around. The balls/hangers are heading towards golf ball size.
The stallions ... are chosen for their size and stamina. Cock length 12 inches or longer and 3 inches or bigger around... Continue»
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45. Penny and rick pt A

... 45. Penny and rick pt A
My heroine is named Penny, she at the time was 45 ish ... .
The bungalow they shared was shall we say a little off the road, and isolated, so contact with others ... to secrecy having told him it was games adults play and passed off the marks as part of the game though... Continue»
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6.THE PA. pt A

... imagination she knew one day the day would come.
The PA pt 2
Things changed a little ... had used her birthday dates, the third day of May, so numbers 3 and number 5, she counted along ... 6.THE PA. pt A
She sat mouth agape, she knew the offer was genuine and that he was not in any... Continue»
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Tgirl Hooker pt4

... All my stories are based on my experiences.

For those who may not have read pt 1 to 3, Emma ... and pt 3 she told me I was no longer a client but a fuck buddy....

So after that night when ... is a Eastern European Tgirl hooker who I found online, Pt 1 & 2 are about my first experiences with Emma... Continue»
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Kim the CUM-CHUGGER gives a Meta-Physical BLOWJOB

... face was beaming! She now had another mission.

. . .

Pt. 3 “Derek”

Halfway across ...
Pt. 1 “Kim’s obsession”

Kim had always had an unnatural obsession for devouring ... .
She was a girl on a Mission.

…then Kim grew up…

Pt.2 –“boys”

Kim grew up, and she found... Continue»
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The Choir Director Pt 3

... The Choir Director Pt 3
The next day Janet and I were having coffee , my husband was gone playing ... may know. I called Joshua and voiced our concerns he said to give him a couple of days to think ... of a suitable place.
So for the next three days Janet and I waited until we got the call from Joshua... Continue»
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