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Daughter teaches Mother a lesson 3

Daughter Teaches Mom a Lesson

... Karen there"
"Oh shes in her room masturbating, Im her <ddd>daughter</ddd> Jordan"
"Oh. um high Jordan, Its linda, can you tell ... hold... Tell me Jordan how long have you dominated your <ddd>mother</ddd>"
"All night"
"Well I guess your going to step down from ... ... Continue»
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Woman's Daughter Teaches Her Dog a New Trick

... Woman's <ddd>Daughter</ddd> <ddd>Teaches</ddd> Her Dog a New Trick" by Katherine Walker.

Prelude: A sexy skinny ... dog. The <ddd>daughter</ddd>'s <ddd>mother</ddd> does not object because she enjoys watching the giant Great Dane dog fuck her.

This is the <ddd>mother</ddd>'s story ... ... Continue»
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... like s****rs, or friends, than <ddd>mother</ddd> and <ddd>daughter</ddd>.

Olivia was nearly as attractive as her <ddd>daughter</ddd>. She was taller, about ... was like <ddd>daughter</ddd>/like <ddd>mother</ddd>.

My wife was very orgasmic. She came easily, quickly and often. Apparently, her <ddd>mother</ddd> did, too ... ... Continue»
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Daughter Like Mother - Great way to learn

<ddd>Daughter</ddd> like <ddd>Mother</ddd> – Great way to learn

I will never forget the first time I ... front o f her <ddd>mother</ddd> . I once again pulled up my shorts and enjoyed a nother hour of cuddling and kissing both <ddd>mother</ddd> and <ddd>daughter</ddd> .
To my ... ... Continue»
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Parents teach their daughter part 9

... I prepared to get back to the <ddd>lesson</ddd>, I growled at her, "And, my little redheaded sexy <ddd>daughter</ddd>, I'm going to teach you how to ... suck out all the cum.

"Now, my darling redheaded <ddd>daughter</ddd>, here's another <ddd>lesson</ddd>, about the best way to clean up our messy ... ... Continue»
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Daughter becomes a Cumslave pt.2

... cunt
<ddd>daughter</ddd>." Her <ddd>mother</ddd> said with a wicked laugh as she left her prone <ddd>daughter</ddd>.
Lucy remained still until her <ddd>mother</ddd> ... <ddd>daughter</ddd>'s face. Lucy's <ddd>mother</ddd> got off of the bed and walked to her bound
<ddd>daughter</ddd>'s head. She grabbed a handful of her <ddd>daughter</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Daughter becomes a Cumslave pt.4

... she planted her lips to her <ddd>daughter</ddd>'s.
<ddd>Mother</ddd> and <ddd>daughter</ddd> both moaned as Lucy's <ddd>mother</ddd> pushed the cream into her mouth
... Fuck my
<ddd>daughter</ddd>'s mouth!" Lucy's <ddd>mother</ddd> said with a laugh as she pulled Damion to stand
over her <ddd>daughter</ddd>'s head. Lucy's <ddd>mother</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Daughter becomes a Cumslave pt.5

... how much Mommy loves to see her
little whore-<ddd>daughter</ddd> getting ****d!" Lucy's <ddd>mother</ddd> said with a smirk as she
pushed her toward the ... her <ddd>mother</ddd> holding her head and men laughed at the
gagging girl. Lucy's <ddd>mother</ddd> put her foot on the back of her <ddd>daughter</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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The daughter, her mother, and her boyfriend and hi

... her <ddd>mother</ddd> in the kitchen, and walked down the hall. Paula was filling the kettle, and turned and smiled at her <ddd>daughter</ddd> ... , like <ddd>mother</ddd> like <ddd>daughter</ddd>. Well, he thought, time to see if the <ddd>daughter</ddd> likes it up the arse as much as the <ddd>mother</ddd>. Too ... ... Continue»
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... Whore 2
The Great <ddd>Mother</ddd> <ddd>Daughter</ddd> Swap

My Aunt Dana and my <ddd>mother</ddd> have always been very close. My <ddd>mother</ddd>’s younger s****r ... Special <ddd>mother</ddd> <ddd>daughter</ddd> time, what dose that mean?” Tory asked

“Well Tory dear Aunt Sadie and I want to do a <ddd>mother</ddd> <ddd>daughter</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Mother and daughter abused.

... continuing story of Paula and her <ddd>daughter</ddd> Lorraine. <ddd>Mother</ddd> and <ddd>daughter</ddd> love to fuck each other, and anyone else that will ... He noted the f****y resemblance. They were, he finally believed <ddd>mother</ddd> and <ddd>daughter</ddd>. He hadn’t thought Hans would try to deceive him. ... ... Continue»
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... my pussy very wet. However all this is another story (<ddd>Mother</ddd> and <ddd>Daughter</ddd> fantasy). Anyway yesterday I had a goal and the warm ... actually with us in bed at the time (See <ddd>Mother</ddd> and <ddd>Daughter</ddd> fantasy + <ddd>Mother</ddd> in law games).

Well last weekend we took our ... ... Continue»
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like daughter like mother

... a pervert aren’t you? What were you jacking off to, my <ddd>daughter</ddd> or me? Oh, and if you lie, I’ll walk straight ... . Damn, like <ddd>mother</ddd> like <ddd>daughter</ddd>—two beautiful little milfs and two beautiful little cock suckers. With any luck, my <ddd>mother</ddd> in law will ... ... Continue»
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Like daughter, like mother

... beautiful <ddd>mother</ddd> of two was a genuine fuck b**st. I was amazed and counted my lucky stars that not only was I banging her <ddd>daughter</ddd> ... okay with what had just happened. I told her that her <ddd>daughter</ddd> was a special girl. Donna assured me that Maggie would never ... ... Continue»
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20 and 52 daughter and mother

... i will.

on the wednesday her <ddd>daughter</ddd> came through as she said, but she was not like her <ddd>mother</ddd> she was a big girl ... ,, i will do that.

what to do i thought!! mam or <ddd>daughter</ddd>. i rang the <ddd>daughter</ddd> first and we met up on the morning and ... ... Continue»
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Parents teach their daughter part 7

... and around the rim, just about driving me crazy.

"Like <ddd>daughter</ddd> like <ddd>mother</ddd>," Sam giggled, "pull your cheeks apart for me ... of our <ddd>daughter</ddd>'s sexy cunt, fuck, it was so hot to watch Darrin's rampant cock fucking our <ddd>daughter</ddd>.

"Yes, yes, ... ... Continue»
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Hearing My Daughter by mother may

... and sounded like talking. I quickly realized that my f******n-year-old <ddd>daughter</ddd> must not be alone in her room.

Now we ... pictures on his phone that this camera actually took. My <ddd>daughter</ddd> was spread eagle fingering herself but these pictures couldn’t have ... ... Continue»
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Parents teach their daughter part 14

... a casual remark about Darrin being away until Saturday morning. My <ddd>daughter</ddd> gave me a look, and I wondered about what that look was ... working over my clit. And I thought of maybe like <ddd>daughter</ddd>, like <ddd>mother</ddd>? And now, I'll bet your just itching to lick my ... ... Continue»
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Preachers Wife Chapter 3 from Preadhers Daughter

... out, Pam asked if this is what I did to her <ddd>daughter</ddd>, did I embarrass and humiliate her like this earlier this week ... down and finger her. Damn, she was getting wet. Again, <ddd>daughter</ddd> and <ddd>mother</ddd> alike! So, I fingered and worked her clit as she ... ... Continue»
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Daughter and Mother and Bill Make Three

... weeks later he stopped by to pick up mom and <ddd>daughter</ddd> for his new adventure. As he watched Rachael come down ... he didn't remember her tits being that large. Maybe <ddd>mother</ddd> nature was filling them with milk! We drove down Jeff ... ... Continue»
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