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Daughter teaches Mother a lesson 3

Daughter Teaches Mom a Lesson

... the massauger into the extention cord and plugged it into the wall I then woke my mother up.
"wakey ... there"
"Oh shes in her room masturbating, Im her daughter Jordan"
"Oh. um high Jordan, Its linda ... doors open, just come in"
"Okay, are you sure your mother wont mind"
"Oh no were nudist, were... Continue»
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Parents teach their daughter part 3


At 1:00 PM Sunday afternoon, Roger arrived, and it was time for the next lesson ... quickly on the bed.

Sam looked up, and with a twinkle in her eye, said,"Mom, can you teach ... sure I do it right."

I smiled and said, "I'll be glad to teach you sweetheart... Continue»
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Naughty mother, even naughtier daughter story 3


A wee while after the incident where I reckon Pam’s daughter stole her mothers cum soaked panties ... and lacy ones just caught everything.

Her daughter on the other hand, wow, hers were the most ... that living with Pam and her daughter was weird. Pam tried to please us both and poor thing was always... Continue»
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Teaching the Taboo – Lesson 3 : Catfish

... she’s probably thinking that I’m in there to fuck her until she sl**ps.

My mother’s asl**p ... me her secrets and problems. I kept this a secret from April. In the middle of January, my mother... Continue»
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Parents teach their daughter part 12

... up my lips.

"Before we do that, how about if you and I have some special mother/daughter ... enough to fill Misty's 3 holes. That would make Daddy by default the one to fill her mouth ... , she has turned into a pussy licker par excellance, just like my sexy daughter!" I said, giving... Continue»
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We Will Do Your Mom First

... on the horrid state of my clothes.

3 - My Mother

Ashley had inherited her beauty from my mom. Laura ... , with mom, a mother-daughter camp," she replied sweetly. "And then in August I'll be at Caitlyn's cottage ... , disappeared from the screen and was replaced by a picture of Kevin's mother.

Both of us had been... Continue»
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A Professor Is Blackmailed

... was in the third year of teaching physics and fit in very nicely even though most of the others in her ... department were males. Physics was not the usual subject for a woman to teach, but Kerri seemed to have ... an aptitude for teaching the difficult subject.

The students, many of them male, liked Kerri... Continue»
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After School Whore

... before the last bell to go home. I had just moved in my Grand Mothers basement about a week ago. She ... . She has been out to get me since my freshman year. I turned down her daughter to go out ... such a model student in my class. You do make it a joy to come in every morning to teach." she said... Continue»
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Just a Pair of Sheets

... have credit”, cap's included, not to mention those Menacing Mothers. I'm 40, with a few grey hairs, I ... under her shoulders, bent and put the other under her legs and lifted.
I'm 6' 3 and well built ... normal", more writing, and, she bent forward. Her mother should have told her that the outer clothing... Continue»
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Watching Tne Detectives

... and began to realise it
wasn't the end of the world to have a daughter instead of a son. It took ... was going out with Alan into the field and I
think he enjoyed teaching me the tricks of the trade. I ... way to see his newly acquired palace at Hampton Court, and
his daughter Elizabeth must surely have... Continue»
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Peter's ordeals

... what she had to teach him. Not that she was that experienced, but 3 boyfriends had taught her ... inside and straightened, it was most likely Heidi's father or mother, and then things wouldn' ... the elastic band. For the first time in more than 3 years Peter felt a hand on his cock... Continue»
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The Romance of Lust - A classic Victorian erotic n

... The Romance of Lust - A classic Victorian erotic novel
Author: Anonymous

Vol 3

The castle ... , or sat on it when tired. His mother, with provisions under her petticoats, would saunter in the garden ... uncontrollable.

His mother, who had married at fifteen, was now a fine ripe woman in her thirty... Continue»
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A Special Girl - Birth of a Special Girl

... . Then had Mummy dolly giving Daughter dolly the same lessons I had received earlier. At some point Mummy ... , then you are a boy.”

“Oh, that’s just silliness,” She scoffed at him. “I know of at least 3 ... on the cusp of sl**p and wakefulness. I Heard the door open as my mother entered the room. I heard her walk... Continue»
Posted by AlhanaCD 4 years ago  |  Categories: Taboo, Shemales  |  
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Earning Some Extra Money - An Adult Story

... before the last bell to go home. I had just moved in my Grand Mothers basement about a week ago. She ... been out to get me since my freshman year. I turned down her daughter to go out with another girl ... such a model student in my class. You do make it a joy to come in every morning to teach." she said. I smiled... Continue»
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... , but Daddy needs to teach you a lesson. “ “Annie raised her ass a bit, and gave me another surprise ... here, and sit it on this now. It’s time to teach you a lesson.” Annie bit her bottom lip and straddled ... like to blackmail people with your videos. Maybe we can teach this bitch a lesson, and make her more... Continue»
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... ?”

“Hell, no I don’t Kristy and if you were my daughter I’d teach you never to wear that thing again ... for a sucker again and I’ve got to teach her a lesson. “Stand up,” I ordered her.

She complied ... . No wonder that their daughter is such a brat, she has been and will always be on her own to grow up... Continue»
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... this will teach you a lesson."

John grabbed his cock and pumped. The first explosion of cum splattered ... Chapter 1 - The Gift

Beth's mother looked at the box neatly wrapped in gold foil on the table ... for Thanksgiving. It was so sweet of her daughter's fiancé to make such a nice gesture. She thought... Continue»
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Stepmother's Bed

... . "Jesus, is everybody in the world after everybody else's
body--sons, daughters, mothers, fathers ... beloved daughter and son on board for their return to San
Francisco and their mother."

He ... with their mother and stepfather toward the
entrance of the Boeing 737 jet. The c***dren held hands, their palms... Continue»
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The MacDougal chronicles: The Beginning

... had thought that Jennifer was against gays and decided to teach her a lesson. Jennifer had fought ... . And not with her fists; with her ass. Could she train her daughter at a young age like her mother before her ... . This was not the case for Connie MacDougal. Her mother had kept her out to teach her the rules on how... Continue»
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Jimmy's Girls Part 2

... Chapter 3

Tiffany was a very proud girl tonight! Though new to
the area, she was at a party ...
decided that this was another thing that was going to
happen. Tiffany was going to teach her to smoke ... you." She kinda
chuckled. Didn't all mothers wish their boys would look
for that girl-next-door... Continue»
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