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Daughter teaches Mother a lesson

Daughter Teaches Mom a Lesson

... Karen there"
"Oh shes in her room masturbating, Im her daughter Jordan"
"Oh. um high Jordan, Its linda, can you tell ... hold... Tell me Jordan how long have you dominated your mother"
"All night"
"Well I guess your going to step down from ... ... Continue»
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... like s****rs, or friends, than mother and daughter.

Olivia was nearly as attractive as her daughter. She was taller, about ... was like daughter/like mother.

My wife was very orgasmic. She came easily, quickly and often. Apparently, her mother did, too ... ... Continue»
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Daughter Like Mother - Great way to learn

Daughter like Mother – Great way to learn

I will never forget the first time I ... front o f her mother . I once again pulled up my shorts and enjoyed a nother hour of cuddling and kissing both mother and daughter .
To my ... ... Continue»
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Sex tutoring mother and daughter

... went on fastening her hooks. In the meantime I took one lesson and told her to do the homework. Only when I see ... . I was fucking the daughter in the morning hour and the mother in the next hour. Both the daughter and mother sucked my cock and ... ... Continue»
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Parents teach their daughter part 9

... I prepared to get back to the lesson, I growled at her, "And, my little redheaded sexy daughter, I'm going to teach you how to ... suck out all the cum.

"Now, my darling redheaded daughter, here's another lesson, about the best way to clean up our messy ... ... Continue»
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Daughter becomes a Cumslave pt.2

... cunt
daughter." Her mother said with a wicked laugh as she left her prone daughter.
Lucy remained still until her mother ... daughter's face. Lucy's mother got off of the bed and walked to her bound
daughter's head. She grabbed a handful of her daughter ... ... Continue»
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Daughter becomes a Cumslave pt.4

... she planted her lips to her daughter's.
Mother and daughter both moaned as Lucy's mother pushed the cream into her mouth
... Fuck my
daughter's mouth!" Lucy's mother said with a laugh as she pulled Damion to stand
over her daughter's head. Lucy's mother ... ... Continue»
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Daughter becomes a Cumslave pt.5

... how much Mommy loves to see her
little whore-daughter getting ****d!" Lucy's mother said with a smirk as she
pushed her toward the ... her mother holding her head and men laughed at the
gagging girl. Lucy's mother put her foot on the back of her daughter ... ... Continue»
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The daughter, her mother, and her boyfriend and hi

... her mother in the kitchen, and walked down the hall. Paula was filling the kettle, and turned and smiled at her daughter ... , like mother like daughter. Well, he thought, time to see if the daughter likes it up the arse as much as the mother. Too ... ... Continue»
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... Whore 2
The Great Mother Daughter Swap

My Aunt Dana and my mother have always been very close. My mother’s younger s****r ... Special mother daughter time, what dose that mean?” Tory asked

“Well Tory dear Aunt Sadie and I want to do a mother daughter ... ... Continue»
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Mother and daughter abused.

... continuing story of Paula and her daughter Lorraine. Mother and daughter love to fuck each other, and anyone else that will ... He noted the f****y resemblance. They were, he finally believed mother and daughter. He hadn’t thought Hans would try to deceive him. ... ... Continue»
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... my pussy very wet. However all this is another story (Mother and Daughter fantasy). Anyway yesterday I had a goal and the warm ... actually with us in bed at the time (See Mother and Daughter fantasy + Mother in law games).

Well last weekend we took our ... ... Continue»
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like daughter like mother

... a pervert aren’t you? What were you jacking off to, my daughter or me? Oh, and if you lie, I’ll walk straight ... . Damn, like mother like daughter—two beautiful little milfs and two beautiful little cock suckers. With any luck, my mother in law will ... ... Continue»
Posted by robd1 1 year ago  |  Categories: Taboo  |  Views: 3816  |  
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Like daughter, like mother

... beautiful mother of two was a genuine fuck b**st. I was amazed and counted my lucky stars that not only was I banging her daughter ... okay with what had just happened. I told her that her daughter was a special girl. Donna assured me that Maggie would never ... ... Continue»
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20 and 52 daughter and mother

... i will.

on the wednesday her daughter came through as she said, but she was not like her mother she was a big girl ... ,, i will do that.

what to do i thought!! mam or daughter. i rang the daughter first and we met up on the morning and ... ... Continue»
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Parents teach their daughter part 7

... and around the rim, just about driving me crazy.

"Like daughter like mother," Sam giggled, "pull your cheeks apart for me ... of our daughter's sexy cunt, fuck, it was so hot to watch Darrin's rampant cock fucking our daughter.

"Yes, yes, ... ... Continue»
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Hearing My Daughter by mother may

... and sounded like talking. I quickly realized that my f******n-year-old daughter must not be alone in her room.

Now we ... pictures on his phone that this camera actually took. My daughter was spread eagle fingering herself but these pictures couldn’t have ... ... Continue»
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Parents teach their daughter part 14

... a casual remark about Darrin being away until Saturday morning. My daughter gave me a look, and I wondered about what that look was ... working over my clit. And I thought of maybe like daughter, like mother? And now, I'll bet your just itching to lick my ... ... Continue»
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Preachers Wife Chapter 3 from Preadhers Daughter

... out, Pam asked if this is what I did to her daughter, did I embarrass and humiliate her like this earlier this week ... down and finger her. Damn, she was getting wet. Again, daughter and mother alike! So, I fingered and worked her clit as she ... ... Continue»
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Daughter and Mother and Bill Make Three

... weeks later he stopped by to pick up mom and daughter for his new adventure. As he watched Rachael come down ... he didn't remember her tits being that large. Maybe mother nature was filling them with milk! We drove down Jeff ... ... Continue»
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