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Daughter Teaches Mom a Lesson

Daughter Teaches Mom a Lesson

... Karen there"
"Oh shes in her room masturbating, Im her <ddd>daughter</ddd> Jordan"
"Oh. um high Jordan, Its linda, can you ... girl"
"Thank you, are ready to see my <ddd>mom</ddd>"
"OOOOOHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK" <ddd>mom</ddd> screamed out
"Yes i am"
I started to guide linda ... ... Continue»
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Woman's Daughter Teaches Her Dog a New Trick

... Woman's <ddd>Daughter</ddd> <ddd>Teaches</ddd> Her Dog a New Trick" by Katherine Walker.

Prelude: A sexy skinny ... Amy starts screaming for help. She yells "<ddd>Mom</ddd>! <ddd>Mom</ddd>! Damien is ra*ping me! Help me <ddd>Mom</ddd>!"

Personally, I think she is a cock teasing ... ... Continue»
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... in the living room.

"Today, we won't start any <ddd>lesson</ddd> but get our agreements signed."

"Okay, Mr.Cockin."

"I'm Cockrin ... Angel? I hope you are not angry with <ddd>mom</ddd>," said Sarah to her <ddd>daughter</ddd>.

"No <ddd>mom</ddd>, I'm not angry... I understand... I'll be fine ... ... Continue»
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Parents teach their daughter part 9

... Misty came home, and with them holding hands, Samantha asked, "<ddd>Mom</ddd>, Dad, Misty would like the personal lessons in sex ... suck out all the cum.

"Now, my darling redheaded <ddd>daughter</ddd>, here's another <ddd>lesson</ddd>, about the best way to clean up our messy ... ... Continue»
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... her <ddd>daughter</ddd>.

"Shhhhhhh, <ddd>Mom</ddd>," Lisa comforted, her thumb brushing a tear from under <ddd>Mom</ddd>'s eye.

<ddd>Mom</ddd>'s eyes opened and gazed at her <ddd>daughter</ddd> who's ... I'd fit into her tiny butt but that was another <ddd>lesson</ddd> learned. The fisting waned after that in favor of ... ... Continue»
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Mom's Best Friend Part 3

... pussy?"
"Yes," her <ddd>daughter</ddd> replied and blushed.
"Then let's go to the bedroom for a little <ddd>lesson</ddd>. You're going to ... excitingly, the size of them delighting her wildly aroused <ddd>daughter</ddd>.
"Honest, <ddd>Mom</ddd>, I'm not queer or anything," Sharon panted as she ... ... Continue»
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The lesson

... body and we will make a good <ddd>mom</ddd> and <ddd>daughter</ddd> 3some." <ddd>Mom</ddd> then played with my pussy and ... and when he did <ddd>mom</ddd> told him it was time her <ddd>daughter</ddd> was taught to be a slut and he needed to teach her what the men will want from her. <ddd>Mom</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Mom asked me to teach s*s this is made up

... giving me a weak smile. I stood, “Dad wants to give <ddd>mom</ddd> a <ddd>lesson</ddd>.”

Dad and <ddd>mom</ddd> both laughed and Kim grinned as she stood. I embraced ... me get her pregnant again. By then <ddd>mom</ddd> was almost ready to have our second <ddd>daughter</ddd>. Dad didn’t seem to mind and ... ... Continue»
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Picked up in Bar - Fucked By Mom & Daughter -

... to her <ddd>daughter</ddd> on the bed. They quickly got into a sixty nine positron. I watched as <ddd>Daughter</ddd> ate <ddd>Mom</ddd> hairy pussy and <ddd>Mom</ddd> ate <ddd>daughter</ddd> ... my cock while her <ddd>Mom</ddd> kept fucking her <ddd>daughter</ddd> ass. I watched as Gina big juggs flopped around on her <ddd>daughter</ddd> ass and ... ... Continue»
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A new friend and her daughter Part 2

... minutes at which time I told the two, <ddd>Mom</ddd> and her <ddd>daughter</ddd> to assume the position. <ddd>Mom</ddd> went to her knees in front of ... a few minutes ago, as both <ddd>Mom</ddd> and <ddd>daughter</ddd> were fucking turned on.
I moved in front of <ddd>Mom</ddd> and stripped my cock bare and ... ... Continue»
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Big Tits his wife and daughter

... hit the door to go!My <ddd>daughter</ddd>, the Lao Zhu were startled, my <ddd>daughter</ddd> cried: "<ddd>Mom</ddd> ... <ddd>Mom</ddd>, bad uncle ...... bully what! Him ... Bo and quickly fill the pressure in my <ddd>daughter</ddd>, my <ddd>daughter</ddd> is urgent: "<ddd>Mom</ddd> ... <ddd>Mom</ddd> ... he he ... bad people, bad uncle ...... ... ... Continue»
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Mom shares her Daughter

... couch watching and masturbating as I fucked her sixteen year old <ddd>daughter</ddd>.
I slowly thrust balls deep in her fat bare pussy as ... I put Becky’s head in Sky’s lap again and the <ddd>daughter</ddd> brushed <ddd>Mom</ddd>’s hair off her face as I put her legs in the ... ... Continue»
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Fun with mom and s*s in Italy

... <ddd>mom</ddd> said. "What, I can't be upset now? Maybe you should tell John about dads adventures with the neighbors Steve and Cathys <ddd>daughter</ddd> yesterday?". <ddd>Mom</ddd> looked up and said quiet in a sad tone. ... ... Continue»
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Daughter discovers mom's dildo

... waste a beautiful day like today sl**ping all morning"

"Aw <ddd>mom</ddd> It's Sunday"

"I'm going to church and then do some ... later on. Don't go back to sl**p"

"I won't, Bye <ddd>mom</ddd>"

Sandy's <ddd>mom</ddd> went downstairs leaving the bedroom door open. Sandy got up ... ... Continue»
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Mom Teaches Her Mall Slut Daughter

... her lovely <ddd>daughter</ddd> was about to break into tears. Melissa wrapped her sweet <ddd>daughter</ddd> in a close hug. She hugged her <ddd>mom</ddd> back hard ... that I do everything I can to make sure no one else <ddd>teaches</ddd> you what I can teach you. Do you understand?"

Tatum wasn ... ... Continue»
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Mother Teaches

... <ddd>mom</ddd> and <ddd>daughter</ddd>. He had three fingers in the <ddd>mom</ddd>'s cunt fucking her as he was ready to cum and her <ddd>mom</ddd> ... <ddd>mom</ddd> then put her hand between Lisa's legs and told her "You did good baby. Your first <ddd>lesson</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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... a little louder. “I’m sorry baby, but Daddy needs to teach you a <ddd>lesson</ddd>. “ “Annie raised her ass a bit, and gave me another ... exposing her naked cunt to her eagerly awaiting <ddd>Mom</ddd>. Mary stared at her <ddd>daughter</ddd>’s naked slit, and marveled at the smoothness. “ ... ... Continue»
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Tori's Awakening Part3

... her. “Mommy, she’s your <ddd>Mom</ddd>…Oh wow!” Carleigh moan as she watched, Tori reach around her <ddd>daughter</ddd>, for the swelling of ... She'd never felt so mortified in her life!

"I hope this <ddd>teaches</ddd> you a <ddd>lesson</ddd>, Cassie! "
Then, all at once, Cassie realized that ... ... Continue»
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Daddy teaches

... . She was like a female sex machine.

Her <ddd>mom</ddd> was gone for awhile taking care of ... her to undress and get naked for this <ddd>lesson</ddd>. She pulled her t-shirt over her head ... between his teeth and pulled on it. The <ddd>daughter</ddd> arched her back loving his mouth on her ... ... Continue»
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Owning my friends MOM

... date other boys. Stacey's <ddd>mom</ddd> was like a second <ddd>mom</ddd> for Greg, and she welcomed ... Please, nobody must know. This will destroy my <ddd>daughter</ddd>."

"Very well. But understand this. If ... need to be taught a <ddd>lesson</ddd>, and I intend to teach that <ddd>lesson</ddd> now," he said with ... ... Continue»
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