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Date Coach from sissifyourself

Date Coach from sissifyourself

Chapter 1

“So what brings you here today?”
Daniel looked at the date coach. He wasn’t sure ... ?”
“Yes,” Daniel spoke, barely audible.
“Ok, well first things first. I’m your date coach right? You ... I’m your date coach. It doesn’t matter what you think, because nothing’s working for you... Continue»
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The New Sexual Awakening: Part 3

... proceeded to his car.

Trevor purposely chose a College four states away from home, even among his own ... was a Highschool Wrestling Coach, Mom a former Cross Country Skier who took Silver in the Salt Lake City ... . Pulling a shirt from his closet he spotted his reflection in his full length dressing mirror... Continue»
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Lesson Plans

... .

“Baby,” you call conspiratorially from behind. I face you with a heady look, biting my lip ... is starting to unnerve me. I’m determined to best you.

“Makin’ me want to fuck the date and get ... switch on the warm incandescent lights. I raise my eyebrows in appraisal; from the lovely chaise... Continue»
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Dick in Jane 2

... the sexiest girl I have known compared to my dates or have even heard of from my friends". All she ... *****rs coached her to take her time. Jane descended the shaft slower this time while sucking and licking ... to stop from gagging. Slowly the gag reflex faded and the feel of his pulsing cock made her pussy... Continue»
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Slaves of the Amethyst (Part Six)

... was returning now from the interior of the pub bearing drinks.
“Sorry I was so long pet! There was a bit ... in turn. “Why that’s very kind of you Miss ‘Awthorne. Me an’ Dan ‘ere ‘ave ‘eard a lot about you from ... the arrival of Jet on the square. Rebecca and Robin emerged from the car and strode across. Julie... Continue»
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A Foreign Affair

... When I first started dating Yolanda in high-school, it made me a minor celebrity. I had always been ... had dated no one, joining in on group outings, but keeping all suitors at bay.

It was a small ... up s**ttering to the winds afterwards." Brenda was the girl I had dated. She had been a senior when... Continue»
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College life spring semester 7

... before he headed inside to dry out. My things were soaking
wet from the snow. Every place in our ... it. Not to outdone, a snowman had to be built near our dorm. We had
great help from the others ... and was
standing tall.

We heard our first comment from a passing student and ignored him. We
stopped by my... Continue»
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Session 1-3 with Miss Andrea (not my story, but I

... that area of body. It was then
as he started to draw some pleasure from her ministrations that he ... . And we're far from done here." She said as she pushed her
hand forward with a jerk which pushed ... balls
were a deep red color from the beating she had given them. She smiled as
she brought her... Continue»
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Loren Housesitting Adventures

... fidgeting" Mr. Smits, my Volleyball coach and US History teacher called out to me, bringing me back from my ... guess you have. I gave him a treat and spread my knees just a little as I said "sorry coach, I'm just ... really excited to get off from school". If you think that I am conceited to think that he... Continue»
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... was, just hours ago. She could feel and remember the fierce passion that she felt last night. From his fiery ... Jonathan. As the ceremony preceded, Megan coached herself through through each memont of it, behind ... from Darrion but didn't get then. As this train of thought began to fill her head, it began easier... Continue»
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Fucking Our Virgin Roomate

... , this time it seemed to come from behind me. Of course he never heard that, his panting was loud enough ... it wouldn't take too long. I had been teasing him all night at the bar, he was close to cumming from ... boyfriend was out of town again, and our roomate Rob was supposed to be on a hot date. I walked back... Continue»
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Elaine's Hubby Learns To Suck

... I had been dating Elaine for several months. She was married so she and I would usually go ... would go over to him and stick my erection up to his mouth and tell him to suck it...still slick from ... and puffy...well that may be from my riding it like a pony...LOL". "I was slipping and sliding up... Continue»
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Moms Secret Chapter ONE

... and monotonous life. I wasn't doing anything too different from everyone else. I was 23 years old, trying ... matter. As my mom came from a broken f****y, she never really considered separation and divorce ... . But my mom said that she wanted to take a 'short break' from home. With the prospect that the property... Continue»
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First time with a girl

... Friday and Saturday night and most of the time would sit out in her date’s car at the end of our ... into the car with my binoculars, but not from lack of trying. Debbie, or Deb as we all called her was in her ... and build. It was all I could do to keep my friends away from her. I once walked into the bathroom to my... Continue»
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The Student House

... at the sex clubs and on dates with guys from the websites and at the University. She told Louise how ... a week earlier when Claire had finally tied Louise to a date to meet. They'd been in daily contact ... and support worker because she was the only one of their circle who had already separated from their partner... Continue»
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my brother in law

... her from dating Paco. She said
she wanted to have a future with me. I was really smart she said ...
problem. My s****r recently became engaged to an older doctorate student
from her school, after ... dating for about a year or so.

Although my father knows that my s****r is sexually active, he has... Continue»
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Arrest Powers

... don't know that creating DHS caused more inefficiency from
bureaucratic confusion and duplication than ... any benefit from coordinating
different agencies.
We were very much in demand since we'd ... captured Ibn-el-Saud while
he was trying to enter the U. S. from Mexico a couple of months ago... Continue»
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My s****r Dena and her Friend Kim

... coach I need to be excused from
the second session because of a f****y matter. He lets me go ... kicked in the second round. Regardless, I had advanced further than
any other wrestler had from my ... uncomfortable around them. I still
had twelve-year-old Judy next door and eight-year-old Kayley from down... Continue»
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Freshman Confidential

... and looked in his direction, and
Keith took a step back from Justin. Coach Kramer looked
at them each ... work
down from his navel to his crotch, where she took his
four inches of boyish erection ... by a squeal of pleasure from his s****r, and he
knew that they, too, had reached their orgasms... Continue»
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]Aunt Karen and Her Niece Andy

... of the
materials from which women's garments were manufactured. In an effort
to fully understand how ... . She was constantly being
asked for dates, but refused all requests. Auntie had been badly hurt ... from
the catalogs against some of the actual items. I learned how bras
could be adjusted... Continue»
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