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Dark Places ch. 01-02

... "Oh Baji" Zahid said hugging her harder "Don't make a wet, dark day more depressing with 'old fashioned thinking'. You are too ... Baji," He moaned softly and Nargis knew he meant it.

Dark Places Ch. 02

Nargis woke up with Zahid on top of her. They ... ... Continue»
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Defending s*s CH. 01-02

by jessy19

I heard my mother and twin s****r Natalie talking in the living room that Friday afternoon. She was getting ready for her big date with Keith Reynolds, the captain of the wrestling team. At that time my s****r and I had just turned 18 and were both seniors in high school. She was a cheerleader and very popular. I on the other hand was more into the academics but still had a good amount of friends.

"Oh sweetie you look beautiful. That Keith guy is going to drool when he sees you," I heard my mother tell Natalie.

She giggled. "Oh Mom I'm so nervous! It's my first date with him and I hope everything goes well."

I laughed. "Just be sure he treats you good s*s and keeps his lips to himself," I added playfully.

She stuck her tongue out at me. "Whatever it's not like you and Crystal don't kiss."

I scoffed and went back to reading my literature book. Crystal was my girlfriend at the time and she and I had been dating just a few months. It was almost close to prom time so all she would really talk about was the dress she was going to buy and where we were going for dinner just going on and on which I hated and tried to avoid. I was only going to the prom because she wanted to go. School dances and such were not really my thing.

"Doesn't she look pretty?" My mom asked me.

I turned and my jaw almost hit the floor. Natalie looked gorgeous with her silky brown hair in curls and her green eyes glowing. She wore a spaghetti strap red and black dress, which wasn't too short and black strap sandals. She looked really stunning I had to admit. The way she looked kind of made me worry more about her. I knew it wasn't really my business to know if my s****r was having sex or not after all I already had sex with Crystal and two other ex-girlfriends so who was I to judge?

Keith picked Natalie up around seven that night. Supposedly they were just going to a dinner and movie and Natalie was ordered to come home by midnight.

That entire weekend I mainly spent it at the library and with Crystal. We'd gone out to see a movie and hung out at her house since her parents were almost always out of town. We'd had sex and of course she talked about the prom almost all that weekend. I never had a chance to hear how Natalie's date had gone but I'm sure she'd tell me all about it on Monday.

I heard my little s****r come home crying that Monday after school. I heard her running up the stairs while I was watching some TV in the living room. I turned off the TV and rushed up to see what was bothering my s****r. I knocked on her door but there was no answer although I could hear her sobbing.

"Natalie? Are you OK?" I asked.

She didn't respond.

I knocked again. "Natalie? Please just answer me."

"Go away Ryan. I don't want to talk to anyone right now," She responded as she gasped for air.

"Ok but if you need to talk let me know."

She didn't respond once again and I went to my room to study for my Calculus test. It was hard to concentrate since I knew my Natalie was really upset about something. At dinner she was very quiet, which was unusual for her. She was always so cheerful and telling us about her friends and teachers. I looked over to her but she just kept her face down barely eating as my parents shared small talk.

* * *

The next day at school I noticed people looking at me funny and whispering things. I was puzzled but tried not to pay attention. In class I heard snickering and more whispers. What in the hell was going on? I kept trying to avoid it but all day it was the same thing going on.

It wasn't until after gym class in the boys' locker room that I heard what was going on. I heard Keith bragging about how supposedly my s****r had giving him head and he'd gotten to fuck her. I didn't know if it was true or not but the fact that he was talking about a private moment you share with someone was pissing me off. And that fact that is was my own s****r he was talking about really made me furious. I walked over to where he was and there he stood so shameless telling all the details to a bunch of wrestlers.

Keith was a few inches taller than me and a lot more muscular. I didn't seem to care though. At that point I wanted to just rearrange his face for talking about my s****r that way. Without even thinking of all the consequences, I went up to him and pushed him hard against the lockers.

"Hey looks its the slut's b*****r!" Keith said laughing.

I felt my heart pounding with anger. I wanted to beat the shit out of this asshole.

"Fuck you! Quit talking about my s****r like that you fuckin' prick!"

His eyes narrowed and all the other guys watched in suspense to see what was going to happen next. He pushed me back too and I almost fell back. I took a hard swing at him and hit him right on the nose.

"Ahhhh fuck!" He yelled out covering his bl**dy nose.

I knew I was in deep shit once I'd done that. I saw him take a huge swing at me and punch my eye out after that all I could remember was the coach coming to break up the fight. I was in the nurses' office with an icepack for my swollen eye. I looked in the mirror and my eye was completely blue and puffy. I knew I would never hear the end of it from Crystal.

Our school was pretty strict about fighting and therefore suspended me and Keith from school for three days and banned us from going to the prom. Not going to the prom was like a big relief for me but I'm sure Keith was pissed off. I didn't care. He shouldn't have been talking that way about my s****r. I just had to find a way to explain it to Crystal.

* * *

I got home that day and the entire house was quiet since my parents were still at work but had been notified. I knew Natalie had heard about the fight since the word was all over school. I was in my room with another icepack trying to calm down my swelling eye when I heard Natalie knocking in my room.

"Ryan? Ryan, are you OK?" She asked. I got up to open the door and put the ice pack down so she could see my eye.

"Oh my god! Ryan I'm sorry! I didn't mean to get you into this mess," She apologized.

I shrugged. "Ah don't worry about it. That asshole was saying really nasty things about you. He deserves his bl**dy nose I gave him."

She gasped. "You gave him a bl**dy nose? Oh wow! I would have loved to seen that!"

Her eyes were filled with concern for me and she reached up to touch my swollen eye.

"Oww don't touch it. It really hurts."

She sighed sadly. "I'm sorry you not going to get to go to prom."

I laughed. "Ah it's ok. I didn't want to go to be honest. I just have to tell Crystal and she's going to be really pissed off. She probably already knows about it and is waiting for me to call her so she can tell me off."

Natalie frowned. "Well if she hurts your feelings let me know so I can give her a bl**dy nose."

I smiled and put my arms around my s****r. I nuzzled my head on her soft hair smelling the sweet scent of apples. She put her skinny arms around me and whispered. "I love you b*o."

I looked into her eyes and up until this day don't know what made me do it, but I leaned down and kissed her as if it was the most natural thing to do. Her lips felt so good and soft. I slid my hands down and wrapped my arms around her tiny waist. Our kiss intensified with our tongue slowly caressing together and I felt her put her arms around my neck as she tiptoed. I had to stop kissing her or I'd cum right in my pants!

"I'm sorry Natalie. I'm so sorry." I apologized pulling myself away from her.

Her green eyes searched mine but I felt so embarrass to look at her. I stepped back but she walked closer and closed the door behind her. We stood there in my room in silence until she finally spoke.

"Ryan, that was a really nice kiss," She said sweetly.

I looked at her finally and I couldn't agree more. I wanted to kiss her again and I knew she wanted me to kiss her too.

"It was nice. But we can't kiss anymore."

She looked away and tossed her long hair back. I couldn't help but look at her body. Her little blue jean skirt was so short and sexy letting me have an eyeful of her long legs. Her tight black top was very low cut showing the small cleavage she had.


She wouldn't look at me.

"Hey come one please look at me. I really loved that kiss but we are b*****r and s****r. It's not right."

She finally looked at me with tears forming in her emerald eyes. "But it did feel so right. It felt so good too."

I put my arms around her and felt her hold me tight. Our bodies pressed together with our heartbeats beating in unison. "I love you Natalie." I finally said the words I've wanted to say and meant them as more than a b*****rly love kind of way.

She smiled and I saw a tear roll down her pretty face. I wiped her tear way and cupped her face. She reached up and planted a soft sweet kiss on my lips. I wanted to stop I really did, but I deep down I wanted my little s****r more than anything!

We kissed more with passion and I found my hands wandering her little body, exploring every curve she had. Her buttocks felt so firm. I heard her gasp when I gently squeezed them almost not being able to control myself.

"Oh Crystal is one lucky girl to have a guy like you kissing her like this and touching her the way you're touching me right now," She cooed.

"I was so jealous when I heard that Keith had sex with you. I was more jealous than just pissed off." I took turns giving her small pecks on her lips and her face.

"You know I didn't sl**p with him. I couldn't. I don't love him." She said softly looking into my eyes.

"I kissed her forehead. "Yes I know. I didn't believe it but just the thought of it got me so angry."

She pulled back away from me and took of her slip on sandals. I stood there and watched as she slowly started to get naked for me. She removed her black top first and stood there with her black lacey bra and smiling at me.

"You wanna help me unhook this?" She asked with her chest out.

I nodded and walked close to her putting my arms around her reaching to unhook her bra. I felt it come undone and started to kiss her shoulders and neck before I got a glimpse of her breasts. She took my breath away as she let her bra drop to the floor and showed me her gorgeous b-cup sized breasts!

Her nipples were a dark pink color and her areolas were large and a soft brown shade. I wanted to touch them and suck on her nipples, but she pushed my hand away.

"No. Not yet. I want to get completely naked for you first," She said in a sexy little voice.

She then moved on to remove her little blue jean skirt. It quickly fell down her long legs and left her in nothing but black lacey panties that had matched her bra. I gulped hard and couldn't take my eyes off her. She removed her panties slowly and seductively. Finally she stood there showing me her pussy. It was almost completely shaved except for one tiny strip of light brown hair.

"You look absolutely gorgeous s*s!" I said starting to walk to her.

She put her hand out. "No stay back where you were. Now you get naked for me."

I felt so nervous. I'd been naked around Crystal and other girls I'd dated, but for some reason Natalie made me so nervous. Maybe it was because I loved her so much that I didn't want to disappoint her since I knew I wasn't the worlds most buff guy.

I started with my t-shirt and saw her stare at my bare chest. I didn't know if she liked what she saw or not but I continued to strip. I was barefoot so just preceded to remove my sweatpants I had on. She bit her lower lip as she saw me standing in my green cotton boxers. I knew I was already hard and got so turned on as she touched her nipples softy while waiting for me to take my boxers off.

"You've seen a guys cock?" I asked.

She nodded never taking her eyes off from below my waist. "N-no. Well only in movies and the Internet but that's it."

I took a deep breath and slid my boxers off finally standing there naked in front of my s****r. She gasped and looked at my cock and then at me then back at my cock.

"Oh b*o! You're so big! Can I touch it?"

I reached my arms out to her. "Come here."

She walked towards me and put her arms around me. We held each other for a while just feeling our naked bodies touch. Her breasts were pressed on my chest and I loved the way that felt. I put my hands on her buttocks once again rubbing them up and down slowly enjoying the feel of her beautiful body.

"Ryan I love you so much," She whispered.

I stroked her hair and kissed her head. "I love you too Natalie. I love you so much."

We began to kiss and my hands went down to touch her breasts. I heard her moan in our kiss letting me know she liked my touch. My fingers lightly pinched her nipples and her hand quickly found my cock. She grabbed it in her hand and touched exploring a males' cock for the first time.

"Mmmmm oh that feels good! Keep touching it," I moaned.

I dove my head down and started to suck on her nipples. Her nipples stayed hard in my mouth as I flicked them with my tongue and sucked on them. I took turns on each breast and hear her moaning softly turning me on so much.

"Ooooh Ryan! Oh my god! That feels soooo good!"

Her hand gripped my cock and started to stroke it. I grabbed her hand and took it off my cock. She looked at me almost shocked.

"I don't want to cum yet s*s. I want to wait until later," I explained.

"When you're inside of me?" She asked curiously.

I didn't know how to respond. "Y-yes. If you want me to be inside of you?"

She smiled. "Yes I do. I want you to be my first. Is that so bad?"

"No. Not at all. I mean we can't tell anyone we did this because it's not accepted in the real world. It'll be our secret."

She giggled. "Yes our own little secret. Such a beautiful secret."

I managed to pick her up in my arms and heard her squeal. We laughed and I carried her to my bed. I was so ready to just touch her and explore her. I was on top of her kissing her chest and moving down to her tummy. She ran her fingers through my hair and moaned so softly and innocently. My head was now between her legs and I could already smell her.

She looked at me with curious eyes and bit her lip. "I'm going to taste you s*s," I said looking into her eyes. She raised herself up on her elbows to watch.

I spread her legs more with my hands and her lips were tightly closed together not letting me see her clit. I slowly spread her lips until finally her little pink clit poked out. She looked so sexy and wet. I started to lick her clit slowly and immediately felt her shudder.

"Mmmmggghhhh! Oooh Ryan! Oooh it f-feels good!" She wailed.

My tongue started to flick faster and faster feeling her squirming on the bed and seeing her touch her own nipples.

"Oh yesss! More! Lick me Ryan! Oh lick me b*o!" She panted.

Our eyes were locked as we shared this sexy moment. Her juices were warm and she tasted so sweet! I took her clit between my lips and sucked on it and felt her body start to shake. I knew she was going to cum. She was going to cum in my mouth and let her big b*****r drink her honey.

"Ryan! Ahhhh I'm c-cuming! It feels so good b*o! Ohhhhh ooooohhhmmmmmgggh!" She screamed as she came on my tongue. I was lapping her juices drinking her up. Her thighs squeezed my head and I didn't mind one bit.

Her little body quivered and her eyes closed and fluttered as she climaxed. That memory never fades from my mind.

I got up and moved towards her kissing her and letting her have a taste of her sweet honey. She put her arms tightly around me and gasped for air.

"Oh that was so good! Oh that felt so wonderful!" She finally managed to say.

"Natalie I'm so horny. I mean I-I-"

She laughed. "Mmmm my b*****r is horny for me?"

I blushed.

"Tell me. Tell me how bad you want to fuck your s****r."

I stroked her face and had a serious look. "No. I don't want to fuck my s****r. I want to make love to her. Natalie I want to make love to you."

She sighed. "I love you!"

We shared a soft wet kiss as I reached over to my nightstand to pull out a condom. She looked at me unwrapping it. I nervously fumbled with the wrapper and finally managed to put it on.

"Ok tell me if it hurts. I don't want to hurt you."

She shook her head and closed her eyes as she felt my cock trying to enter her tight pussy. "Hmmmggghghhh keep going," She said softly.

I felt only the head of my cock going in. She felt so tight and warm. I knew I was going to blow my load really fast. Little by little every inch of my cock was slowly sliding in my s****r's pussy. I saw her eyes closed tightly trying to get adjusted to my cock.

I started to move in and out of her at a steady pace. She opened her eyes and we looked at each other not just with lust, but true love. I was falling deeply in love with my s****r and knew it would be a love like no other.

"You feel so good! Oh so good! So tight!"

She began to moan now and moved her little body beneath me. She was starting to enjoy sex. I felt my balls starting to swell up ready to spurt my cum out. I only wish I could have came inside of my s****r. To let her have my seed in her belly but we were so young and couldn't do that. I was ramming my cock in and out of her now with determination to cum. The fact that I'd taken my s****r's virginity was the most beautiful thing. I wondered to myself if other guys in my class had beautiful s****rs that they shared something like this with or was I the only lucky guy?

I threw my head back and felt a hard rush of cum just shoot out of my cock. I groaned loudly as my s****r watched me cum inside of her.

"Arrrggghhhhh yeah! Oh fuck! I'm cumming s*s! I'm cumming!"

She looked at me and moaned. "Mmm yes! Cum for me b*o. Oooh b*o you're my first! My first love! I love you!"

I leaned down to kiss her as I finished cumming. I had never felt so much love or passion for any of my girlfriends as I did with my s****r. I stayed inside of her until I was soft and pulled out my cock slipping off the condom. I lay my head on her chest while she stroked my hair.

"When can I get to taste you?" She whispered.

I looked at her and she was blushing. "You would taste me?"

She nodded. "Oh yes!"

I was about to speak when we heard our parents come home from work. We got up quickly putting our clothes back on and trying to get back to "normal."

She put her bra and panties and carried her clothes running to her room. I quickly got dressed and heard my parents coming up the stairs. They knocked on my door and I saw the condom laying out on the nightstand. I grabbed it and tossed it in the trash can praying my parents wouldn't see it.

"Come in," I said nervously.

My parents walked in with stern looks on their faces. "Young man what is going on that you have to get into fights?"

My mother sat next to me and grabbed the icepack placing it back on my eye. "Well, this jerk was going around saying Natalie had sex with him and giving her a bad name."

My mother looked at me with adoration. "That is very sweet of you hun, but couldn't you have just told someone like the principal?"

"Yes I could have, but I was just so upset."

My father shook his head. "Well now for playing Mr. Hero you are suspended from school and prom. What do you have to say about that?"

I smiled. "Honestly? Well school I can always catch up on. And prom? I don't really care about prom."

My mother eyed me curiously. "What about Crystal?"

I shrugged. "Crystal is a very pretty girl who can get another date easily. I don't want to date her anymore anyway."

My father laughed. "Yeah right. Next thing I know you'll be begging her for forgiveness."

I nodded. "No Dad I won't. Besides, I already like someone else."

"Is that so? Who?" My mother asked curiously.

"Just someone really special. I'll let you meet her once I'm ready to introduce you to her. But you know her already."

"Ah it must be the Gellar girl from next door huh? Oh she's really pretty." My mother said playfully.

I didn't answer. I knew who my girl was and when it was time, we would admit our love for each other to our parents.

Natalie came in the room all dressed and smiled at me. "Hey mom, hey dad," she said cheerfully.

"Natalie, you're b*****r must really love you to have gotten in trouble for standing up for you, " My father said to her.

She just looked at me and I looked at her. For a moment it felt as we were alone once again in my room. "Yes he does love me and I love him. He's a wonderful b*****r."

The End

Defending s*s...Again

Ryan was busy chugging his big glass of orange juice when he felt a soft touch on his back. He turned and saw his little s****r Natalie smiling up at him. She looked around cautiously and when she realized no one was in sight, she threw her arms around her b*****r and gave him a long wet kiss.

Their lips touched gently at first. Their mouths parted and their tongues caressed one another so erotically. Ryan didn't want to break the kiss, but feared his parents were to talk into the kitchen anytime.

"Watch it baby, mom and dad could walk in and catch us committing i****t," Ryan warned his s****r with a sweet smile.

Natalie kissed his cheek and then his swollen black eye. She blushed and backed away. She was wearing a black sweater and a blue and white plaid skirt with knee high black boots. "I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself. I'm so in love with you."

Ryan's heart pounded. He had to admit that with just that one kiss, his s****r had managed to give him a hard on. "I love you too Natalie."

Just then the siblings parents walked in. Natalie quickly walked over to the fridge to get some orange juice and Ryan smiled nervously at his parents.

"You two are up early," mom said.

"Well, I have to clean my room a bit. Since I'm suspended from school, I figured why should I sl**p in? After all this is a punishment not a treat right?"

Dad raised a brow. "Hmm well now that's good to know I've raised such a well mannered young man."

Natalie giggled. "He's well mannered and so much more."

Ryan turned red. "I wouldn't go that far s*s."

While Mom and Dad drank their coffee and read the morning paper, Natalie put her arms around her father and kissed his cheek. Dad nodded and smiled. "Ok now when you do that, I know my princess wants something."

"No way dad! I'd never be that sneaky."

Dad laughed. "What do you want sweetie?"

Natalie smiled and looked over at her b*****r. "Well, I know Ryan's suspended from school and all, but I could really use a ride to school. I'm getting tired of riding the bus, especially since Keith Reynolds's s****r, Carrie, rides the bus too and she hates me."

"Why would she hate you?" Mom asked.

"Because she thinks I'm some kind of floozie or something. She thinks I led her b*****r on."

Ryan listened. He knew that Carrie didn't bother Natalie at all. Carrie Reynolds was a quiet and honor roll student. She was so smart. Ryan knew Natalie wanted to be alone with him.

"Well, I suppose it's ok. As long as your b*****r doesn't object," Mom replied looking over at Ryan.

Ryan held a devious grin on his handsome face. "Well s*s you don't want to be late now do you? Come on."

Natalie rushed to get her book bag and the siblings walked out the house without their parents knowing they were now lovers.

* * *

Once out on the road, Ryan held his s****r's hand as he drove. Natalie couldn't take her eyes off her b*****r.

"So, Carrie doesn't really bother you does she?" Ryan finally spoke.

"That's right. I just wanted to be alone with you before I began another day of school," Natalie whispered.

"Fine with me. I don't mind taking you to school."

"Stop the car Ryan," Natalie ordered in a sexy voice.

Ryan looked around and pulled over to the side of the woods. He put the car on park and sensed his s****r was extremely horny. Natalie's eyes glowed. She moved closer to her b*****r and they began to kiss. Ryan couldn't help himself and put his hands on his s****r's chest gently rubbing her breasts over her top. Natalie grabbed his hands and put them underneath her sweater and pushed her breasts out of her bra. Ryan's cock got hard fast. He could feel her nipples harden as he touched her breasts.

"Oooh god!" Natalie cooed in between kisses. Her breathing was heavy.

"s*s, we have to stop. I don't want you to be late for school." Ryan said but deep down he didn't want to stop. He wanted to make love to her, to be with her.

"I can't stop! Fuck school, I need you!" Natalie moaned.

Ryan backed away slightly touching his s****r's beautiful face. "I want to be with you too baby, but I really don't want you to get in trouble."

Natalie sighed. "I guess so. God you left me all wet!"

"I'm sorry, I promise I'll make it up to you after school."

Natalie smiled and put her hand over his. "Is that a promise?"

"Yes it is."

Natalie had a mysterious grin on her face. She moved her hand that was over his hand down to his cock. She placed her hand on his cock rubbing it slowly over his sweat pants. Ryan moaned at her touch.

"Stop it!" He hissed.

"You know you're right. I don't want to be late for school. You better go ahead and keep driving."

Ryan nodded but realized his s****r's hand was still on his cock. "Ahem, you should really take your hand off my cock if you expect me to concentrate on the road."

Natalie giggled. "Just drive. I know what I'm doing."

Ryan nervously turned the car back on and began to drive slowly. He kept his eyes on the road but could feel his s****r massaging his hard on. Her hand slowly crept into his sweat pants and pulled out his throbbing dick.

"Mmm I can't believe it was just yesterday that I lost my virginity to this nice cock," Natalie whispered.

Ryan scoffed nervously trying to keep his eyes on the road.

He felt his s****r grab his cock in her hand and that was it. He sighed, relieved that she wasn't going to blow him and cause him to crash. Boy was he wrong! The next thing he knew, he felt Natalie's lips wrap around his aching cock. Ryan almost hit the brakes but he knew he had to keep driving so she wouldn't be late for school.

"Mmm," he could hear her moaning into his cock as she began to suck on it.

"Oh g-god!" Ryan groaned.

Natalie slid her lips up and down her b*****r's cock. She'd seen a few porno movies and had an idea of how to suck a dick. She could taste his precum as it trickled on her tongue. She reached into his pants and pulled out his heavy balls gently massaging them while she continued to suck his cock.

"s*s! Oh fuck!" Ryan could barely concentrate on the road. The cars passed him since he was driving the speed limit.

"You taste so good. I want you to cum in my mouth," Natalie said looking up at him.

"I can't cum. Please Natalie don't make me cum. I might crash!"

"Please cum for me," Natalie said and began to suck her b*****r's cock again.

"N-no! Oh my god!" Ryan cried out.

He feared he might not cum before they got to school. He picked up the speed slightly and once he hit the school zone he had to slow down. Natalie continued to blow him and a huge 18-wheeler truck was driving on the road next to them. The gentleman in the truck looked and saw what was going on. He gave Ryan a thumbs up. Ryan turned beet red and sped up to pass the truck driver.

Natalie could feel her b*****r's cock twitching in her mouth. It was the saw way he had twitched when he was inside of her, right before he came.

He's going to cum! I'm going to taste him!

"We're almost t-there. Natalie you have to stop!" Ryan urged.

Natalie didn't listen and continued to please her b*****r. She tightened her lips around his cock and placed her hand on his balls feeling them pulse. Suddenly she tasted a hot creamy fluid being shot into her mouth.

"Oooooh ahhhhhhgggghhhh! I'm cumming!" Ryan moaned as he shot his sperm into his s****r's mouth.

Natalie felt each rope of cum hitting her tongue and sliding down her throat. It was a lot of cum and she struggled to swallow it all, but managed to do so nicely. Ryan was panting and pulled up to the school parking lot where all the students hung out. He parked far away hoping no one had seen his own s****r make him cum.

Natalie lifted her head up and wiped her mouth. She closed her eyes and smiled. "That was absolutely delicious!"

Ryan sighed and leaned his head back on his seat putting his cock back into his pants. "Jesus! Don't you know that you could have caused an accident pulling that stunt?" Ryan said laughing.

Natalie tossed her hair back and nodded. "I did, but you enjoyed it didn't you?"

"How could I not?"

She giggled and kissed his cheek. "Now I'm going to be able to have your taste all day in my mouth."

"Uh oh! I've created a monster."

She laughed. "No you didn't. You just brought out the monster I had within me."

"I love you so much," Ryan said in a serious tone.

"I love you too. Yikes! I better go, don't want to be late for class."

"Alright then. I'll pick you up after school then."

She touched his face and got out the car. "See you then."

Ryan watched his s****r until she was finally inside the building. He watched her little body sashay so sexy as she walked.

"Damn, I'm one lucky bastard," he said to himself.

"Hey! Where have you been? I've been trying to call you!"

Ryan almost jumped out of his seat. It was Crystal, his girlfriend. He'd been so wrapped up in Natalie, that he almost forgot about Crystal. She stood looking at him, narrowing her green eyes at him.

"C-Crystal?" Ryan stammered.

"Now tell me where have you been? The word is out that because you and Keith Reynolds got in a fight that you are banned from going to prom?"

Ryan nodded. "Yes that's correct."

"Ugh! Damnit Ryan why did you have to fuck this up?"

"Excuse me?"

"You know how much I wanted to go to prom! Well don't worry, Michael Ramirez asked me and I said yes!"

Ryan smiled. "Really? That's good."

Crystal's eyes widened. "What? You mean you're happy about that?"

"You want to go to prom, I'm glad Michael was a gentleman and asked you. He's a good guy."

Crystal's lower lip quivered. She looked so angry. "I hate you Ryan! Go to hell! I never want to see you again!"

"Fine with me. Have a nice life Crystal," Ryan replied calmly as he began to drive away.

"Uhhhh!" Crystal whined and stomped away.

Ryan sighed. "Damn that was easy."

* * *

Back at Keith Reynold's house, Keith paced his room. He stopped for a moment to stare into the mirror and got even angrier. "That damn punk! I can't believe he gave me a bl**dy nose! Me! The guy that's on the wrestling team, and him, the nerd! I'm so embarrassed. Now I'm banned from prom and Leanne is sure going to hate my guts for it!"

He threw himself on his bed and began to think of a game plan. He couldn't pass up his senior year without going to prom. He had to go!

"Come on Keith, think, think! There's gotta be a way to go to prom."

Lost in his own thoughts, he began to fall asl**p and didn't wake up until noon.

* * *

Natalie sat in class lost in her own thoughts. She smiled remembering that morning. She couldn't believe she'd been so bold to give her b*****r head. She could still taste him in her mouth, so tangy. She licked her lips and found herself getting so wet.

Natalie raised her hand. "May I go to the bathroom?"

Mrs. Coleman, her art teacher nodded handing her the bathroom pass. Natalie grabbed it and rushed to the bathroom. Once inside, she sighed.

"Oh god I'm so horny!" She said to herself.

She made sure no one was around and went into one stall. She put one leg up on the wall and leaned back. Her hand ran down between her legs lifting up her skirt over her waist. She placed her hand on her pussy and felt it dripping wet. Her fingers slid up and down her wet slit over her panties.

"I wish you were here Ryan," Natalie murmured.

She moved her panties to the side and slipped one finger into her drenched pussy. Moving it in and out she leaned her head back and closed her eyes. She had never been so excited before, until she had sex with her b*****r.

"Oooh I can still taste you!" Natalie whispered.

She then inserted another finger inside of her pussy. Biting on her lower lip, to keep herself from moaning she shut her eyes tightly panting heavily. With her free hand, she lifted up her sweater and let her breasts fall out of her bra. She pinched on her nipples as her fingers continued to bring her pleasure.

"Mmmggghh!" She tried to keep her moans quiet.

Natalie was finger fucking her pussy hard and fast desperately wanting to cum. If she didn't cum, she'd explode. Her fingers were buried so deep inside of her warm and tight opening. She shoved them in deeper suddenly feeling something wonderful. Her body went numb and she began to climax. It was difficult staying quiet but Natalie pulled it off nicely. Her entire body was shaking until she finally finished.

"Mmm that was so good!" She said to herself and let her fingers slowly slide out of her. She put her two fingers in her mouth, tasting her own pussy. She licked them clean and gathered herself together, ready to go back to class, satisfied.

* * *

Ryan went to pick Natalie up from school that afternoon. The siblings' parents wouldn't get home until after five so Ryan and Natalie had a few hours to play. As soon as they got home, Natalie practically attacked her b*****r. They were up in his room on his bed. Natalie was on top of him kissing him passionately. Ryan's cock was hard as his s****r rubbed her body on his.

"You don't know how bad I wanted to skip school and come home to you!" Natalie shrieked.

Ryan groaned and pulled up her top. He took it off easily and unhooked her bra. Natalie let her bra fall off her and her breasts came to full view for her b*****r to see. Ryan reached up and touched her breasts pinching on her nipples.

"Yes! Touch me! Touch my entire body!" Natalie purred.

Ryan moaned letting his hands slip down from her breasts to her flat tummy. He reached around running his hands up and down her back and down to grab her buttocks slowly lifting up her skirt.

"I need you inside of me! Please Ryan! In need to make love to you."

Ryan flipped her over gently letting her fall to her back. She stared up at him, eyes full of lust. He picked up her legs taking off her boots and her panties. He wanted her to leave her skirt on, since it looked so sexy on her. Ryan proceeded to take off his own clothes, until he was fully naked. He climbed on the bed and kissed his s****r.

Natalie had her arms wrapped around him and moaned into his kiss. Ryan lifted her skirt up and moved his body down. He got between her legs. His eyes widened when he saw her pussy was dripping wet.

"Hmm you were ready weren't you s*s?"

"Uh huh!" Natalie answered softly.

His tongue slowly licked up and down her long slit tasting her sweet, warm juices. "I think I'm going to drown in your honey."

She giggled. "Just taste me! Please! I want to cum in your mouth like you came in my mouth this morning."

"Well, I did make you a promise that I'd make it up to you so…yeah I'm going to taste your sweet pussy, baby."

"Ooh!" Natalie cooed.

Ryan spread her pussy lips opened and began furiously licking her swollen pink clit. Natalie was squirming all over the bed, moaning loudly. Her legs were spread wide open giving her b*****r full access to her pussy.

"Lick me! Harder! Faster! Suck my pussy!" She cried out.

Ryan stopped licking her clit and wrapped his lips around it sucking on it hard. Natalie's body quivered and within less than a minute she began to cum. Shocked, Ryan continued to suck his s****r's pussy feeling her juices wet his entire face.

"Oh my god! I'm c-cumming! I'm cumming s-so h-hard!" Natalie screamed feeling her own juices ooze out of her.

Ryan kept his lips wrapped around her clit until he felt her calm down. Her warm honey covered his mouth and down to his chin. He wiped his face and rushed up to kiss his lovely s****r. They shared her taste in their kiss while they made out like lovers.

Ryan broke the kiss and laughed softly. "Man that was quick!"

"I'm sorry," Natalie said timidly.

"There's nothing to be sorry about baby, I am just surprised you came so quickly."

"I hope that's not a bad thing. You don't know how much I wanted you today."

"I can take a guess," Ryan teased.

Natalie chuckled. She got up slowly and pushed Ryan down on his back. Ryan gasped never thinking his tiny petite s****r would have the strength to move him. She climbed on top of him grabbing his cock and was about to put it in her, but Ryan stopped her.

"Wait. Grab a condom from my nightstand, the first drawer."

Natalie leaned over and searched for a condom. She looked through several colors and picked out a blue condom.

"Here, I want to use this one because it's my favorite color," Natalie said showing him a blue condom.

Ryan laughed. "By all means baby."

Natalie opened up the package and held the rubber in her hand, almost clueless of what to do. Ryan grabbed the condom and demonstrated to her how to put it on.

"Thanks for showing me, now I know," Natalie giggled.

"That was you know because I have a feeling I'm going to be running out of condoms really quick."

"No need to worry about that. Mom said she wants to put me on the pill."

Ryan's cock twitched. "Really?"

Natalie winked. "Yup. That way we won't need rubbers. You could cum inside of me. Would you want that?"

"Oh god yes!" Ryan wailed.

Natalie let her pussy slid on Ryan's cock. She got it all inside and moved her hips slowly. "Is this the way I fuck your cock?" She asked.

"Y-yeah, for now. In a while you can start moving your pussy up and down on it."

"Mmm this feels so good! I can't wait until I get to feel you cum inside of me. I loved it when you came in my mouth this morning. I could taste you all day."

Ryan held on to her waist feeling her move her body. "You sucked me off so good! I came very hard."

"I know you did. I almost choked on your cum," Natalie said playfully.

Ryan moaned. She felt so tight, wet and ready. "Ok baby move your pussy on my cock."

Natalie's little body shifted up and down slowly. Ryan had to admit that she looked beautiful riding him. He reached up to cup her breasts in his hands.

"Oh god! Go a little faster s*s," Ryan begged.

Natalie moved faster making Ryan's cock twitch inside of her. "I can tell you like this. I like it too," she purred.

Ryan moved his hands down to her waist grabbing it and helping her move on his cock. His cock throbbed each time she slid up and down. Her juices were drowning him. "I'm so in love with you s*s," Ryan said in a shaky voice.

Natalie leaned down and the siblings shared another long wet kiss. Ryan cupped Natalie's buttocks feeling her move up and down. His body began to tense up and he knew it was time to explode.

They continued to kiss until Ryan felt his cum being released. He moaned into his s****r's kiss gripping on to her butt and keeping her body still until he was finished. He couldn't move at first. He was completely winded and his heart was racing.

Natalie slowly moved. His cock grew soft inside of her. She slid off him and laid her head on his chest. Ryan was speechless trying to find the right words to say at that beautiful moment. After what seemed to be forever Natalie was the one who spoke.

"Oh wow! That was so hot!"

"Mmm yes baby," Ryan agreed.

"I love you Ryan. I want to be the only one for you."

Ryan held her tight. "You are. You know after I dropped you off at school this morning, I bumped into Crystal."

"Uh oh."

"Yeah, but we are finished."

"Oh my god I almost forgot you had a girlfriend," Natalie giggled.

"Me too. See what you do to me!" Ryan teased.

Natalie closed her eyes and soon enough both siblings fell fast asl**p.

* * *

Carrie Reynolds walked upstairs quietly and saw her twin b*****r Keith run downstairs. She rolled her eyes knowing Keith was late for yet another date with Leanne.

"Don't say hi or anything," Carrie said sarcastically as Keith passed her by.

Keith stopped and stared into his s****r's eyes. "Hi."

Carrie scoffed. "Hurry along now to your girlfriend."

Keith ignored her and ran off.

Carrie walked upstairs to her room and threw her book bag on her bed. She turned on her radio and closed her bedroom door. She went to her window and saw Keith drive away. She began to remember the time when she and her b*****r used to be close. It wasn't until Keith joined the wrestling team his sophomore year that they became distant. He made different friends and didn't talk much to Carrie anymore.

"I miss you b*o," Carrie whispered sadly.

Her eyes got watery and she quickly looked away from the window. She'd study, even though she didn't need to. She just needed something to get her mind off Keith.

* * *

Ryan woke up, startled. He looked at the clock and it read 5:30pm.

"Shit! Hey Natalie?" He said tapping his s****r's shoulder.

"W-what?" Natalie groaned.

"Wake up baby, mom and dad should be home-"

His words cut off as he heard their parents cars pull up. "They're home now!"

Natalie gasped and quickly threw her sweater on. She gathered her boots and bra getting ready to run out of her b*****r's room. "I'll see you at dinner," she said sweetly and kissed his lips.

"Ok baby."

Ryan put on his pants and t-shirt. It had been such a close call!

"Ryan! Natalie!" Mom called out.

"H-hey mom," Ryan answered nervously.

"Hi sweetheart. Where is your s****r?"

He shrugged. "I don't know I think she's in her room studying or something."

Mom looked at Ryan puzzled. "What's that?" She asked.

The blue condom lay on the floor. Ryan's face turned beet red. "Uh nothing."

"Nothing? It looks like a condom to me. Did you have Crystal up in this house while we were gone?"

Ryan nodded. "Uh no."

"Well then, who did you use it on?"

Ryan went blank. He saw his mother's stern look and didn't want to tell her that he had just made love to his sexy s****r. "On me."

Mom raised a brow. "On you?"

"Yes. I-I masturbated and didn't want to leave a mess so I used a condom."

Mom's eyes widened. "Ok, that's a little too much information. I get it."

She walked out leaving Ryan feeling embarrassed. Ryan then got up and when he moved, he realized Natalie had left behind her white lacey panties. He grabbed them and held them in his hand. They were still wet from his s****r's juices. He was going to go give them back to her, but as he walked out to the hallway his father stood there glaring at him.

"What is the deal with telling your mother that you masturbate?"

Ryan turned red again. "Well she wanted an explanation about the condom she found on the floor and I had to tell her the truth. I know it was embarrassing."

Dad laughed. "You have guts son. I would have never told my mother that I masturbate."

Ryan smiled weakly. He held his s****r's panties in his hand behind his back.

"What do you have there?" Dad asked.

Ryan shrugged. "Nothing."

"You have something. Let me see."

Ryan sighed. "Ok. I have my boxers which are dirty is that what you want to see?"

Dad cringed. "Uh no. Sorry I asked. Dinner should be ready in half and hour so tell your s****r."

With that, he walked downstairs and Ryan headed over to Natalie's room. He knocked on the door and she quickly answered. She was fully dressed in comfortable sweat pants and matching top. Her hair was in a ponytail and she held a beautiful smile on her pretty face.

"What happened?" She whispered.

"Nothing, just that mom knows I masturbate."

Natalie giggled. "Uh oh did I get you in trouble?"

"No. I just didn't know how else to explain the condom that we left thrown on the floor."


"Yeah and here," Ryan handed her panties. "You forgot these too."

She smiled. "I know I did that on purpose."

Ryan grinned wickedly. "You little devil."

* * *

The next day, Natalie was at the library searching for a good poetry book for her English paper. She went from shelf to shelf but couldn't find anything. As she walked, she found someone staring at her. It was Carrie Reynolds. Natalie tried to avoid her but there was way around it. Carrie's stare was icy.

Natalie walked over to Carrie's table and set her poetry book down. "What?" She asked Carrie.

Carrie looked down. She seemed so shy. "Nothing. I was just wondering if the rumors were true about you and my b*****r."

Natalie put her hands on her hips and narrowed her eyes at Carrie. "What do you think? I bet you think I'm a slut huh?"

Carrie looked up and nodded. "No. I believe you. I'm sorry my b*****r can be a jerk sometimes."

"Sometimes? I should have known better than to go out with him."

Carrie's eyes looked sad. "I'm sorry Natalie."

Natalie sighed and took a seat with Carrie. "Hey, it's ok. I guess you're nothing like your b*****r huh?"

Carrie nodded. "He wasn't always like this you know. He used be sweet, like your b*****r."

Natalie blushed. "Yeah Ryan is very sweet. He's like a best friend to me."

"I used to be that way with Keith, but I don't know why he changed. He's really pissed about not going to prom you know."

"Yeah I imagine. Ryan's cool with it. He says prom is not a big deal."

Carrie smiled shyly. "Your b*****r is a real hottie."

Natalie giggled. "Carrie! I can't believe you just said that. Here I was thinking you were so innocent."

Carrie blushed. "I am only human."

"Your b*****r is a real hottie too, but his attitude needs to change."

"Yeah tell me about it."

Natalie smiled. "I'm sorry I have never really talked to you before. I always just thought you were this meek nerdy girl."

Carrie laughed. "I always thought you were a stuck up cheerleader."

"Well, we were both wrong huh?" Natalie asked.


* * *

"She's really sweet Ryan!" Natalie told her b*****r later on that day as they were in her room talking.

"I knew she was nice. She's very smart too."

Natalie giggled. "She said you were a hottie."

Ryan blushed. "What did you say?"

"Well, I was going to tell her to keep away because you're mine, but I had to stop myself."

Ryan pulled his s****r close and placed a long wet kiss on her lips. "I love you Natalie."

"I love you too. How will we ever keep being secret lovers?"

"Until we can no longer hide our secret."

"I can't hide it anymore! I want to tell everyone that you and I are together."

Ryan sighed. "I know, me too but let's just try to stay quiet for a while. It's for the best."

Natalie suddenly began to cry. She pulled away from her b*****r and sat down on her bed sobbing. Ryan's heart broke. He went over to comfort his s****r. He put his arms around her and stroked her hair. "What's wrong baby?"

"It just dawned on me that you're going away to college soon. I won't see you anymore for a while. I should have studied harder to go away to college with you. I know mom and dad can't afford to send me until I've done 2 years of community college."

"Hey, it's ok. I'll try to be home almost every weekend and on holidays."

"I know. It'll just be so hard without you here."

"I'll miss you so much s*s."

"I guess it's part of life huh? I bet you never expected to fall in love with your own s****r."

Ryan laughed softly. He stroked her soft hair. "No, I never planned on it. It just happened so naturally. I mean I've always loved you because you are f****y, but I never thought I'd love you like a girlfriend."

Natalie put her head on his shoulder. "This is just so wild. You know most girls dream of their wedding day and things like that, and you know what?"

Ryan kissed the top of her head. "What baby?"

"I still dream of it. Even though you and I could never get married, I still do think about you and I living as husband and wife. Silly huh?"

Ryan cupped her face making her stare up at him. "Not at all. I think about it too. You're the girl of my dreams s*s."

Natalie looked into his eyes. "I am?"

"Yes you are. You're perfect in every way, and I'm not saying that just because you're my s****r ok?"

She giggled. "Ok. I love you Ryan."

"I love you too." Ryan kissed her softly. They got a chance to make love just before mom and dad got home.

* * *

"I can't believe it Keith. You're always doing this macho act and now you and I can't go to prom!"

Carrie listened as Keith argued with Leanne, a girl he was supposed to take to the prom. They were talking outside by the school parking lot. Carrie was waiting for the baseball team to get ready to take their pictures for the yearbook. She watched as Leanne put her hands on her hips and eyed Keith.

"What do you expect? That fuckin' asshole had it coming! Come on now, I can find a way to get us to go to prom."

Leanne nodded. "No way. You might start another fight with someone else. Face it Keith, you are not going to be able to go to prom and I'm already working on a date."

Keith's eyes saddened. "You are?"

"Yes! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get going."

With that, Leanne walked past him and took off in her car. Keith stood there for a moment and then looked down. Carrie felt so bad for her b*****r. She walked over to where he was and reached up to put her hand on his shoulder.

"Keith?" She whispered.

Keith almost jumped up. "Carrie? Oh shit you scared me."


"What are you doing here? Did you just listen to my whole conversation with Leanne?'

"Yes. I'm sorry she was so mean to you."

"Carrie, just butt out of my business ok?"

Keith groaned and walked away. Carrie felt tears swell in her eyes. She only wished she could be close to her b*****r again.

* * *

"Wow, you took all these?" Natalie asked Carrie as she looked over some pictures. They were hanging out at the library during study hall.

"Yup, guilty."

"They are great! You want to be a photographer huh?"

"It's my dream, but it's a very competitive field. i'm going to an art school in New York, something my parents are still upset about because they dream of me being a lawyer instead of a photographer."

"Well, I'm sure you can do it. I still don't know what I want to do yet. I'll be stuck in community college since I don't have your brains. But I believe you can do anything you want once you set your mind to it."

"You're very confident, but then again you can be anything since you're so pretty."

Natalie blushed. "You're pretty too, you know. You just need to let your hair down more often and put a little make up on. You don't need too much since you got great skin, but some mascara and lip gloss wouldn't be so bad."

Carrie smiled shyly. "I guess. I mean I've never had a boyfriend to be honest."

Natalie gasped. "Are you serious? Oh my goodness. You have too much to learn."

"Yeah I know. I don't know much about guys."

"Well, all I can tell you is that guys like girls to be a little feminine every now and then. I mean it's cool to wear your jeans and t-shirts, but every now and then try wearing a pretty dress or skirt. Believe me, guys will notice."

"I don't own any dresses," Carrie stated.

Natalie smiled. "You know why don't you come to my house after school? Let me fix you up and then you'll really be noticed."

Carrie blushed. "Sure."

* * *

Ryan noticed female voices coming from Natalie's room. He wanted to go be with his s****r before mom and dad got home, but figured Natalie had a friend over. He knocked on the door hoping to at least be able to see his beautiful s****r.

Natalie answered the door. She wore a huge grin on her face. "Hey b*o," she said shyly.

"Hey," Ryan replied and didn't dare call her a loving name knowing someone was in the room.

"Ryan, have you met Carrie Reynolds?" Natalie asked letting the door open wider.

Ryan almost chocked when she saw Carrie standing in front of him wearing one of Natalie's spaghetti strap summer dresses. She had her hair down and parted in the middle. She finally had make up on as well but with a very natural look.

"Hi," Ryan said trying not to eye Carrie.

"Hello," Carrie replied giggling nervously.

"Wow! You look really nice. I've never seen you in a dress," Ryan said.

Natalie smiled. She felt proud. Carrie could finally feel confident and snatch herself a guy. Not Ryan of course but any other guy.

"See, even my b*****r thinks you're hot stuff."

Ryan saw Carrie blush. "Thanks. I appreciate it Natalie."

* * *

Keith was angrily changing the channels to the TV. His parents were out for the night and he was surprised Carrie wasn't home yet. He'd ask her to make him some dinner when she got home. Not that Keith hated to cook, but he knew Carrie always cooked so good.

He heard the door opening and he quickly got up. Once he took a look at her, everything changed. Carrie stood in front of Keith letting him take a good look at her. Keith looked speechless.

"Carrie?" He finally spoke.

Carrie nodded. "Yes, it's me."

"You look…different."

"Well, Natalie helped me fix myself up."

Keith frowned. "Natalie? That slut?"

Carrie narrowed her eyes at her b*****r. "She's not a slut. She's a very nice person and I suggest you quit spreading rumors about her and apologize to her."

Keith laughed. "I will not!"

"Keith, you are my b*****r, and I love you, but you are an asshole sometimes. I can't believe you would treat girls this way." Carrie felt tears streaming down her face. She didn't say anything else. Instead, she ran upstairs to her room.

* * *

Keith went over to the local burger joint to get some dinner. After having heard his own s****r call him an asshole, he didn't want to deal with her that night. He was hungry though so as he ordered his burger, something caught his eye. It looked like Ryan, but it couldn't be Ryan because the girl he was kissing looked just like Natalie! They were parked in a dark secluded area and making out like teenage lovers would.

"That can't be Natalie. It must be a girl that looks like her," Keith said. He squinted his eyes to make sure he wasn't hallucinating. The girl looked too much like Natalie. Keith got off his truck and walked slowly towards Ryan's car. He knocked on the window and Natalie gasped and quickly covered her naked breasts.

Ryan almost jumped out of the car, startled by Keith. Keith's eyes widened more. Ryan rolled down the window. "Keith?"

Keith backed away and nodded. "So your s****r is a slut huh? She's messing around with her own b*****r? That's sick! Oh man wait until the school hears about this!"

Keith ran away and got back in his truck. Ryan and Natalie knew they were doomed.

* * *

"Oh my god! Carrie! Carrie!" Keith called out as he ran upstairs.

He knocked on Carrie's door. She opened the door and her eyes were so red. It seemed as if she had been crying the entire time he was gone. "What now Keith?"

"I told you Natalie was a slut! You won't believe what I just saw!"

Carrie crossed her arms. "What did you see?"

"She was making out with Ryan! Her own b*****r! Not only that, but she was practically topless!"

Carrie sighed. "I can't believe you would make up something that…crass. I mean Natalie is a gorgeous girl, why would she want her own b*****r?"

"She's a slut I tell you!"

"Stop it Keith! I don't want o hear it! Just leave Natalie and her b*****r alone. They have never done anything to you!"

Keith scoffed. "You don't believe me? Oh man! I'm going to make sure everyone at school knows about this!"

"No you're not! I will make sure you don't!" Carrie snapped.

Keith raised a brow. "Oh? And how are YOU going to stop me?"

Carrie knew she wouldn't have the guts to do it, but this would be the only way to truly show her b*****r how much she was crazy about him. "Because if you do, then you'll just have to tell them about us."

Keith looked confused. "About us? What the hell do you mean?"

Carrie took a deep breath. "I mean about this…" She reached up and placed her lips on her b*****rs.

Keith was shocked! Carrie was actually kissing him? Why was she doing that? Why wasn't he stopping her? He found himself letting his tongue slide into his s****r's mouth and kiss her like he would kiss a girlfriend. Carrie felt her heart pounding. She couldn't believe she had actually had the courage to kiss her b*****r, like she always fantasized.

He was an incredible kisser, she had to admit. He placed his hands on her waist and she wrapped her arms around his waist. They began to make out passionately forgetting they were siblings. Keith found himself numb not being able to stop the kiss. He knew it was wrong but why did his s****r's body feel so good pressed against his?

Carrie wondered what Keith would say after the kiss. Would he want her more or would he just freak? She didn't want him to get scared. She only wanted to show him how much she loved him.

Keith found it almost hard to breathe. He was the one to break the kiss and pulled himself away from Carrie. His cock was rock hard and yet he felt an ounce of anger. He had liked that kiss a little too much.

Both stood looking at each other. Carrie was trying to catch her own breath. Her entire body was on fire. Keith looked away feeling slight shame for having a hard cock. He didn't say anything else. He just slowly walked away and locked himself in his room.

* * *

Ryan looked over his yearbook. He glanced through the pages filled with so many memories. He knew high school would be over soon, not to mention seeing his beautiful s****r every day as well. Natalie walked into his room since he had the door opened. Ryan flipped over on his back and smiled at his s****r.

"Hey beautiful. What's up?"

She looked down. "I'm scared that Keith will start rumors about us. It's bad enough that you got suspended from school, but now this might ruin your chances to go to college."

Ryan laughed. "A guy spreading rumors about me is not going to ruin anything. All we have to do is deny it. Keith needs to grow up."

Natalie went and sat next to her b*****r. "I know. I'm scared he's also going to tell Carrie and she will not want to be friends with me anymore."

"I don't think Carrie will believe him. I mean would you believe it if someone told you that Keith and Carrie were lovers?"

Natalie smiled weakly. "I guess not. You're right. No one will believe Keith." Natalie then looked at his yearbook. She lay next to him and put her head on his shoulder. Ryan moved closer and softly kissed his s****r on the lips. It was a beautiful gentle kiss. Both siblings had no idea they had left the door wide open and that mom and dad were standing at the door.

"Ahem!" Mom said clearing her throat.

Natalie quickly jumped out of the bed and Ryan closed his yearbook and sat up. "M-mom!" He said nervously.

"What's going on?" Dad asked.

Natalie had to think fast. "We were just looking at his yearbook."

"No you were not. You were kissing your b*****r," Mom shot back.

Ryan laughed. "Yeah, so what? Can't b*****r and s****r kiss?"

Dad raised a brow. "Yes but not like that. What's going on?"

"I kissed him like that because I will miss him when he goes away to college. He's my best friend you know," Natalie replied sadly.

Mom looked apologetic. "Aww sweetheart." She walked over to Natalie and hugged her. "I know I'll miss Ryan too."

"We all will," Dad added.

"See? So there is no need to fret over our kiss. It was just a nice b*****r and s****r kiss," Ryan said.

Dad laughed. "Alright anyway, we both came up to see if you two were asl**p.

"I'm on my way to bed dad," Natalie said hurrying out of the room.

Dad followed her.

Ryan got up and took off his shoes. Mom stood for a moment and smiled at her son. "I know how Natalie feels. You are so wonderful Ryan. I'm really going to miss you."

Ryan smiled and gave his mom a hug. "I'll miss you too mom. You're the best."

Ryan was about to pull away when mom pulled him close again and kissed his lips. It was just a normal peck that soon enough grew into a wet kiss. Ryan was shocked his own mom was kissing him like Natalie would. She was an awesome kisser, kissing him very seductively. Her tongue searched his and Ryan felt weak having no other choice than to kiss his mom back. She pressed her petite body against his making it hard not to get a boner. After a long wet kiss, mom pulled back and blushed.

"Sorry, I guess I got carried away like your s****r did huh?"

Ryan was speechless. "Uh huh."

"Sorry. Well, go to bed now. You go back to school tomorrow."

With that, she walked away happily humming and swaying her hips, making Ryan drool.

* * *

"Keith? Keith?" Carrie knocked on her b*****r's door a few minutes later.

Keith paced his room. He wanted to open the door but was afraid he might want to kiss his s****r again. But her sweet soft voice was breaking his heart. He waited a few seconds before answering the door. Carrie stood there wearing the sexy spaghetti strap dress and barefoot. Her hair was down and looked so ready to be stroked.

"Yeah?" Keith asked avoiding looking into her eyes.

"Keith, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you away. I just…I don't know I did something stupid. Forgive me."

Keith frowned and looked at his s****r. "You think kissing me was…stupid?"

Carrie shrugged. "Well…"

"I didn't think it was. I just freaked that's all. I mean you are my s****r, you know."

"Yes I know."

"Look, it was a one time thing ok? Let's just not bring it up anymore. Just to be on the safe side you know."

Carrie nodded. She looked down and turned to go back to her room. Suddenly, she felt Keith's hand grab her arm and pull her back into his room. Carrie gasped and watched him lock his door. His eyes were filled with lust. He moved closer to her and put his arms tightly around her body. Soon enough they were kissing again. This time it the kiss was hotter and wetter.

"Mmm!" Carrie moaned into the kiss.

Keith picked her up and went to lay her on his bed. Carrie stared up at him as he peeled off his t-shirt. His body was incredible from all those years of being in wrestling. He laid on top of her being very careful not to hurt her. His lips trailed kisses down her neck softly sucking on it.

"I love you Keith," Carrie blurted out softly.

He stared into her eyes and brushed her hair away from her face. "I love you too. You're so beautiful."

Carrie's heart fluttered. "You really think I'm beautiful?"

"I always have. I always will."

"I'm so in love with you. You're the one I've always wanted."

Keith kissed her lips softly. "I want to be with you tonight. Have you had sex yet?"

"If I say I have?" Carrie teased.

Keith smirked. "I'll have to find out with who and kick his ass."

Carrie giggled. "I haven't."

"Do you want to? I mean with me? Tonight?"

"Yes. More than anything."

Keith placed his head on her chest hearing her heartbeat. He'd never been this excited around any other girl. Carrie was everything he could ever want. She was caring, smart, beautiful, and his own lovely s****r. What else could a guy ask for?

Carrie stroked her b*****r's hair. "Be with me Keith."

Keith looked up. "I am. I was just enjoying you for a second. I never though we'd be like this."

"Neither did I. I'm glad I kissed you tonight."

"So am I. I guess Ryan is not a bad guy after all and neither is Natalie huh?"

Carrie chucked. "No, they are both very nice. Did you really see them kiss tonight or was it just something you wanted to spread around?"

"I saw them kiss. I honestly did."

"Ooh!" Carrie purred.

"You liked that?"

"Yessss! Imagining them kissing is making me…hot."

Keith blushed. "Watching them kissing kinda made me hot and a bit jealous that I hadn't done that with you."

"Mmm!" Carrie moaned.

Keith slowly pulled down the straps of her dress revealing her perky b-cup breasts. He stared, mesmerized by their beauty.

"I know I'm probably flatter than most girls you date."

"Fuck those other girls. You're the one I love. You have very nice breasts s*s." He said squeezing on them. His thumbs rubbed on her nipples slowly making them hard.

"That f-feels good," Carrie whispered.

"How about this?" Keith asked before diving in and taking one of her nipples into his mouth.

"Oh my god!" Carrie gasped.

Keith took turns going from one breast to the other. Her body was so delicious. He couldn't wait to see his s****r completely naked. He wanted to be able to touch every part of her body. He pulled her dress down more letting her flat tummy be exposed. He placed kisses on it and licked own past her belly button. He placed on hand on her lower back to raise her up slightly and let the dress fall off her body.

Carrie let her b*****r take control of her. He knew what he was doing. She was going to let him take away her virginity and love him. He stood up again and this time began to take off his pants. Carrie stared, almost unable to move. His pants came off quickly and then his boxers. He stood in front of her with his big hard cock ready to deflower her.

"Wow!" Carrie sighed as she stared at her b*****r's cock.

"I hope you don't think I'm small," Keith said playfully.

"Oh no! You are just right. I hope this doesn't hurt too much."

"I promise not to make it hurt. I will never hurt you."

Carrie smiled. Keith climbed back on the bed with her and pulled her panties down. He was shocked that she shaved her pussy. Her feminine scent excited him.

"I'm going to please you first," he rasped.

Before Carrie could respond she felt his mouth on her pussy. It was so warm. His hot breath between her legs and his tongue flicking on her clit was all she needed. Carrie moaned loudly and spread her legs more.

"Keith Oh Keith!" She cried out. "I love you b*****r of mine."

Keith was drowning in her juices. He'd never been with a girl that got so wet so fast. He looked up and watched his s****r's face fill with pleasure. He couldn't wait to make her cum on his tongue. He dipped his tongue inside of her feeling her tightness. She was definitely a virgin.

"Get your tongue in me! P-please!" Carried urged.

Keith dipped it in more sliding it in and out.

"Oh my god!" Carrie shouted. "I'm going to c-cum!"

Keith was shocked his s****r was ready to orgasm. He left his tongue inside of her and let her explode all over his tongue. Her juices oozed out quickly almost making him choke. He got up and raced to kiss her. They kissed sharing her taste.

"I'm sorry I came so quickly. That was just so…oh wow!"

Keith smiled proudly. "I'm glad I could please you."

"Make love to me Keith. Pop my cherry," Carrie implored.

Keith's cock twitched. "You sure you ready for this?"

"More than I'll ever be. I want you to make me a woman. Your woman."

Keith didn't hesitate any longer. He grabbed a condom from his nightstand and quickly put it on. He positioned himself between his s****r's legs and slowly began to slide his cock inside making sure not to hurt her. Carrie closed her eyes trying to avoid the slight discomfort. Keith was amazed how easily his cock was sliding in because of how wet Carrie was.

"I'm in all the way now Carrie. Are you ok?" Keith asked.

Carrie opened her eyes. She smiled. "Yes. Now make love to me."

Keith slid in and out of his s****r slowly at first. She felt so incredible underneath him. Her legs wrapped around his waist pulling him closer to her. They kissed fervently as they made love.

* * *

The next day, Ryan and Natalie went to school together. Natalie was glad her b*****r was back but feared the Keith would start rumors about her and Ryan. They walked down the hallways finding it so hard not to hold hands. Natalie went on to her classroom and Ryan was at his locker taking out his morning class books. He felt someone tap his shoulder. He looked around and realized the hallway was almost empty. Then he saw Keith.

"What now?" Ryan asked in an angry tone.

Keith stood back. "Hey, no need to get defensive here. I just wanted to apologize for last night. What I saw will be a secret."

Ryan raised a brow. "How come I don't believe you?"

Keith shrugged. "I don't know, maybe because I'm an asshole."

Ryan laughed. "No need to be so hard on yourself."

"I still think you're a geek though," Keith said playfully.

Ryan held out his hand. "Thanks."

Keith shook his hand. "No, thank you."

Ryan looked confused. "For what?"

"Uh nothing just thank you," Keith said. He couldn't stop from smiling remembering the previous night when he took his s****r's virginity.

* * *

"Well, our b*****rs are back in school. I hope they don't fight," Natalie said to Carrie as they had lunch together outside.

"I don't think they will," Carrie said smiling to herself.

"Listen, if Keith says anything that involves me and my b*****r…just know that …it's a lie," Natalie said feeling awful for denying her love for her b*****r.

"I think he mentioned something last night but I know it's not true, or is it?" Carrie asked curiously.

Natalie almost choked on her diet coke. "W-what did he say?"

"That you and your b*****r were making out."

Natalie was about to deny everything but she knew sooner or later everyone would find out that she and Ryan were in love. "It is true," Natalie said looking down in shame.

"Really? Because Keith and I…well, we made love last night."

Natalie was speechless. "A-are you serious?"

Carrie turned red. "Yes."

"My goodness Carrie Reynolds! I'm really shocked now!"

Carrie scoffed. "Why are you shocked, sweetheart you are just as guilty as I am."

Natalie giggled. "I know."

"Hey s*s, you ready to go home?" Ryan asked Natalie after school.

Natalie was walking with Carrie. She had a wicked grin to her pretty face. "I am ready."

"Carrie! Carrie did you need a ride?" Keith called out from the other side of the parking lot.

Carrie nodded and waved goodbye to Natalie and Ryan. Afterwards Natalie giggled. Ryan was confused.

"What are you laughing about?"

"I know something you don't know."

"Oh yeah? Well? Are you going to tell me or am I going to have to tickle you until you do?"

Natalie narrowed her eyes at her b*****r. "Don't you dare tickle me. You know I hate that!"

Ryan laughed. "Ok then, tell me."

"Carrie and Keith are lovers just like you and I are!"

Ryan gasped. "No way!"


"What a week this is turning out to be. First you and I become more sexually active than I have ever been with any other girl. Then mom makes out with me, and now Keith and Carrie are lovers?"

Natalie was laughing but stopped. "Wait a minute! Mom made out with you?"

Ryan turned red. "Well, not really she just gave me this really long kiss."

Natalie frowned. "How dare she hit on my man. Now I'm really jealous."

Ryan put his arm around her. "Don't be. You know I love you."

"Yeah but mom is like so pretty!"

"Yes, but YOU'RE mine."

Natalie sighed. "Good to know. I was beginning to think I was going to have to compete with mom."

Ryan laughed. "Let's get home. It's been quite a day."

* * *

"Well, I guess it's time to say goodbye huh?" Natalie asked Ryan.

He was finishing up packing his bags to go away to college. He nodded sadly. "I'm afraid so but not for long. I'll be here not this weekend but the next. I promise."

"I know I'll just miss you so much," Natalie pouted.

Ryan held her and kissed her softly. "I'll miss you too baby."

Just then mom and dad walked in. "Ok you two time for Ryan to go. My baby boy must leave his home," mom said sadly.

Natalie smiled deviously. "Dad, let's take these bags down to the car so mom and son can say their goodbye's."

Ryan's eyes widened. Dad and Natalie left. Mom turned to Ryan and hugged him tightly. "I will miss you and call me every night if you can."

"I will mom," Ryan said sweetly looking into his mother's eyes which reminded him so much of Natalie's.

She reached up and kissed him again. They shared another long wet kiss, which made Ryan's toes curl.

* * *

After dropping Ryan off at school, Natalie stayed with him for a little while to say her goodbyes.

"You sneaky girl, you knew mom was going to kiss me again didn't you?"

Natalie giggled. "You liked it too I bet."

Ryan blushed. "Come here!" He pulled his s****r close to him. He kissed her tenderly. Just then, the door opened and Ryan and Natalie quickly broke their kiss. Ryan knew it would be his roommate, but he never imagined it would be…Keith!

"Hey!" Keith yelled.

Carrie stood behind him. "I guess you two are going to be roommates. Should make it more interesting to visit our b*****rs huh Natalie?"

Natalie smiled. "This IS going to be fun!"

Keith and Ryan high fived each other. Soon enough they four would have fun filled i****t weekends to look forward to.

The End... Continue»
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Vivian 01 + 02

Vivian - Teil 1

Viv war verzweifelt. So verzweifelt, wie man mit 22 eben sein kann. Wenn man soeben aus dem Studium gefallen ist. Soeben seinen Job verloren hat. Sich am Tag zuvor mit den Eltern zerworfen und noch zwei Tage vorher vom Freund getrennt hat. Und am Montag dieser Wunderwoche, weil damals noch alles so toll ausgesehen hatte, den Vertrag für den Kauf eines New Beetle Cabrios unterzeichnet hatte.
Ach ja, die Miete war auch noch fällig, aber dafür sollte es noch reichen. Vivian (nenn? sie bitte nie so, sie hasst die Langform des Namens) schätzte ihre monetären Guthaben und Vorräte für ca. 2 Wochen ausreichend ein. Nicht allzuviel, aber immerhin. Zeit, sich jetzt einen Job zu suchen, hatte sie ja. Das mit dem Studium nervte sie am meisten. Sie hatte es bis dahin mit beispielhaftem Minimalismus geschafft und beinahe wäre es wieder gegangen. Aber im Schnitt fehlte eine einzige beschissene 100stel Note, so dass Ihr Zwischenprüfungs¬ergebnis auf ein ungenügend abgerundet wurde. Und sie war vor einem Jahr schon mal durch die selbe Prüfung gefallen. Autsch. An dieser Uni hiess dies: Raus.
Also... sie nahm die Stellenanzeigen aus der Zeitung raus (immerhin war das Abo bezahlt) und begann sich durch die Spalten zu durchforsten. Diverse Restaurants suchten Bedienungen ? toll, als Studentin war sie da ja fast schon gebucht! Dann gab es da noch einige Telefonistinnen-Stellen (naja, eigentlich nicht, denn das hiess ja Call-Center-Operator!) und sonstige odd-jobs. Sie wollte schon zum Telefon greifen, um bei einer ersten Bar anzufragen, als ihr eine Anzeige ganz am Rand, rechts unten ins Auge stach:
?Junge, kultivierte und gebildete Frauen gesucht.
Unsere Agentur bietet solventen Kunden Begleitservice auf höchstem Niveau an. Sowohl was Erscheinungsbild als auch was das Konversationstalent betrifft, verlangen wir von unseren Hostessen das höchste Niveau. Wir bieten dafür auch hohe Bezahlung, hervorragende Kundschaft und eine extrem Interessante und abwechlungsreiche Tätigkeit. Sollten Sie interessiert sein, vereinbaren sie mit unserer Frau Gruber ein unverbindliches Vorstellungsgespräch: Classcort Agency, Tel..."
Viv las das Inserat nochmals durch: ?Hohe Bezahlung...? war die Sache, die sie am meisten anzog. Ein normaler Job würde nie und nimmer den versiegten elterlichen Geldhahn ersetzen. Sie war aber auch kein Depp: Es war ihr klar, dass da mehr, als nur Konversation erwartet würde. Ganz klar. Sie hatte noch nie Mühe mit Sex gehabt. Aber gerade so...?
Sie legte die Zeitung weg, nahm sie wieder, begann zu wählen, hängte wieder auf.
Sie schaute den Stapel Rechnungen an, der auch noch der Zahlung harrte, dann wieder auf das Inserat. Sie wählte die Nummer.
Anonymes Bürohaus, grosses, hässliches Entrée mit Hydrokulturpflanzen und Kunststeinplatten auf dem Weg zum Lift.
?Na, igitt.? Viv hatte sich in ihren sexiest Fummel Geschmissen: Ein Schwarzes Minikleid mit halb-transparentem Décoltée. Dazu ein String-Tanga, Seidenstrümpfe an Strapsen, die schwarzen High-Heels und keinen BH. Ihr Busen war gerade so zu erahnen und die gierigen Blicke, die sie im Tram geerntet hatte, waren für Sie Bestätigung gewesen, dass sie Wirkung hatte. Das Begehren hatte sie sogar etwas feucht werden lassen und sie hatte, als sie von der Tram zum Haus gegangen war, den kühlen Zug an ihren unteren Lippen gespürt. Der Schauder hatte Ihre Nippel erstarren lassen die sich jetzt am chiffonartigen Stoff rieben. Der Tag versprach sexy zu werden. Seit sie mit der Gruber gesprochen hatte, waren zwei Tage vergangen. Die Frau hatte ihr den Termin gegeben und die Anweisung, sich so freizügig, wie sie sich zeigen könnte, zu kleiden. Dies sei ein guter Indikator für die Job-Eignung.
Um ihre Nervosität abzubauen, hatte sich Viv am Morgen schon einmal unter der Dusche befriedigt. Doch anstatt sie wie sonst in eine entspannte Ruhe zu entlassen, war sie danach noch angespannter und im speziellen auch geiler gewesen. Doch daran hatten sicher auch die gierigen Blicke im Tram Einfluss. Und die Tatsache, dass sie sich absolut unwiderstehlich sexy fand.
Vielleicht würde ihr genau dies die Stelle bringen. Sie trat aus dem Lift direkt in das Vorzimmer von Classcort. Eine sehr junge, hübsche Sekretärin nahm Vivians Lebenslauf entgegen und bat sie, schon in das Büro von Frau Gruber zu gehen. Diese komme in einigen Minuten nach.
Sie trat durch die massive Holztüre ein und setzte sich auf den Ledersessel, den ihr die Sekretärin zuwies. Sie lehnte sich zurück und wollte sich umschauen. Dazu kam sie aber nicht. Ihr Blick fiel auf die drei Vibratoren, die auf dem Tisch lagen. Ein kurzer, recht dicker mit einem Saugnapf dran, scheinbar um auf einem Stuhl zu befestigen und sich draufsetzen zu können (Viv stellte sich vor, ihn in einem Restaurant zu benützen, während des Essens und sich mit den anderen am Tisch zu unterhalten, während sie einen kleinen Orgasmus nach dem anderen haben würde), daneben lag ein massiver, schwarzer, fast bedrohlicher Vibrator, der beinahe schon wie eine Waffe aussah, glatt und technisch, sozusagen ein Interkontinental-Vibrator und als drittes ein dunkelblaues Teil, dass sie am meisten interessierte. Es war ein Doppelvibrator mit einem dickeren und dünneren Schwanz, der eine für die Muschi, der andere für das Arschloch. So einen bräuchte sie auch, irgendwann... sie nahm ihn und schaute ihn genauer an. Mit Ausnahme der Farbe sahen die Schwänze sehr echt aus, mit Adern und allem. Sie berührte sie mit der Fingerspitze und stellte fest, dass auch das Gefühl erschreckend echt war. Sie stellte sich vor, wie es wäre, von diesen beiden Schwänzen gefüllt zu werden als Frau Gruber eintrat.
Viv war es sehr peinlich, mit dem Vibrator erwischt zu werden und stellte ihn wieder auf den Pult. Sie spürte, wie sie rot wurde. Doch die Gruber lächelte nur. Sie war eine gross gewachsene Mitdreissigerin. Blond, mit straff nach hinten gebundenen Haaren hatte sie etwas Strenges an sich. Die Figur war beeindruckend, wirklich fast schon klischeehaft... sie erinnerte Viv an eine jener Lehrerinnen aus diesen albernen Deutschen Sex-Filmchen... genau, eine Deutsche Schulmeisterin.
?Schauen Sie sich die Dinger nur genau an. Sie werden noch näher Kontakt mit Ihnen machen, wenn Sie hier arbeiten,? sie setzte sich auf der anderen Seite des Schreibtisches hin, ?aber jetzt stehen Sie mal als erstes auf!?
Viv tat wie ihr geheissen.
?Drehen! Los, zeigen Sie sich mir!? Viv begann zu posieren, reckte erst den Busen hinaus dann den Arsch. Es war irgendwie albern aber es turnte sie trotzdem an.
?Ziehen Sie sich aus!? Das war jetzt doch etwas viel. Sie zögerte einen Moment.
?Jetzt machen Sie schon, wenn Sie das nicht einfach so können, können Sie den Job glatt vergessen.?
OK, dachte sich nun Viv... aber wenn schon, denn schon und begann einen Striptease.
Sie schälte sich als erstes so katzenhaft wie möglich aus ihrem Minikleid, versteckte aber noch die Brüste hinter ihren Händen, drehte sich um ihre eigene Achse und präsentierte dann Ihren Busen. Danach entledigte sich Ihrer Schuhe und Strümpfe. Sie war nun nackt, bis auf den Tanga, stand direkt vor dem Pult und kreiste mit den Hüften, sehr eindeutig fordernd. Die Gruber schaute sie nicht mehr so gleichgültig an wie am Anfang. Ihre Augen zeigten Gier auf das was sie sahen. Viv wurde dadurch erst richtig angemacht. Sie zog den String hinauf, so dass das bisschen Stoff zwischen Ihre rasierten Schamlippen rutschte, die feucht und geschwollen hervortraten, und an Ihrem Kitzler rieb. Sie war nun heiss und nahm den grossen, schwarzen Dildo vom Pult, und begann den Schwarzen Monsterschwanz abzulecken. Als das Ding nass genug war, schob Viv den String zur Seite und begann das Ding in sich hinein zu arbeiten, immer etwas rein und ein wenig mehr hinaus... immer so weiter. Schliesslich hatte Sie das Ding bis zum Anschlag drin, und begann sich damit selbstvergessen zu ficken. Als sie ihre Augen ein wenig öffnete, sah sie die Gruber, wie diese sich in Ihrem Stuhl zurückgelehnt hatte und masturbierte. Viv setzte sich, den Dildo immer noch in sich drin, auf die Tischplatte, drehte sich zu der Gruber hin um, spreizte die Beine und fickte sich weiter mit dem Riesending. Schliesslich bellte die Gruber einen Befehl:
?Auf die Knie! Zeig mir deinen Arsch!?
Viv gehorchte nur zu gerne. Sie kniete sich hin und spreizte wieder Ihre Beine, so dass Sie Muschi und Arsch voll geöffnet präsentierte. Sie spürte, wie die Gruber den Schwarzen Schwanz herausnahm und dann begann, Ihre Hand in Viv?s Pussy hinein zu arbeiten, während sie das Arschloch leckte. Viv spürte erst mit Schrecken, dann mit ungeheurer Lust, dass die ganze Faust in Ihr Platz gefunden hatte. Dazu die Zunge an Ihrer Rosette... Sie fühlte sich sooo geil und voll und sexy. Plötzlich zog die Gruber die Hand wieder heraus und Viv wollte schon enttäuscht aufstöhnen, als sie an beiden ihren Eingängen Druck spürte. Der Doppelvibrator! Und tatsächlich begannen die beiden Schwänze in ihr drin wie wild zu tanzen. Viv schrie auf und ihre Arme gaben nach, so dass sie mit dem Oberkörper heruntersackte und nur den Hintern in die Höhe hielt. Sie spürte eine Hand an Ihrer Wange und öffnete die Augen wieder. Die Gruber stand nun vor ihr, nackt und unmittelbar vor Viv?s Gesicht war die glattrasierte Möse, die feucht glänzte. Viv hatte noch nie etwas mit einer Frau gehabt, aber der heutige Tag schien einige neuen Dinge zu bringen. Sie wusste genau, was die Gruber wollte, und begann, den Nektar aus der ihr gebotenen Blüte zu saugen und zu schlecken und stellte mit Erstaunen fest, dass die Frau nach Aprikosen schmeckte: Ein wenig süss-säuerlich und definitiv nach mehr. Schliesslich spürte sie Ihren Orgasmus kommen begann in ihrer Ekstase noch wilder an der Möse zu saugen und lecken als zuvor. Mit Wirkung: Auch die Gruber begann laut zu stöhnen und drückte Viv?s Kopf noch tiefer in ihre Vagina hinein.
Viv tastete nach dem Schalter des Vibrators und knipste das Ding aus, während die Gruber immer noch auf dem Boden lag, wo sie nach dem Orgasmus hinunter gesunken war. Vivian genoss immer noch die Vollheit der beiden Schwänze in sich drin. Aber es war jetzt nicht mehr so völlig geil, sondern ein viel mehr wohlig- warmes Gefühl in dem sie sich jetzt noch räkeln wollte und konnte. Schliesslich stand die Gruber wieder auf und ging um den Pult herum, auf dem Viv immer noch kniete. Sie zog ihr den Doppelvibrator raus, was von Viv ein enttäuschtes ?Oooh? zeitigte.
?Ziehen Sie sich an, ich glaube wir haben noch ein paar Details zu Ihrem Job zu besprechen.?
Nach einer weiteren Stunde hatten Sie den Vertrag unter Dach und Fach. Ausserdem erhielt sie einen portablen Terminal für die Kreditkartenabrechnung, ein Handy, die drei Vibratoren, 50 Kondome, eine kleine Reitpeitsche und Fesseln, eine Gesichtsmaske und eine Flasche Spezialgleitmittel. All das wurde in einem kleinen Aluaktenkoffer verstaut, dessen Schaumgummieinlage genau die richtigen Ausschnitte hatte, um jeden Gegenstand am richtigen Ort zu verstauen. Ein Ausschnitt ? scheinbar für zwei Kugeln bestimmt ? blieb aber leer.
?Da fehlt noch was...?
?Ja, aber die musst Du praktisch nie in den Koffer stecken ? da gibt es einen viel besseren Platz dazu...?
Die Gruber, die übrigens Petra zum Vornamen hiess, zog zwei rote mit einer Schnur verbundenen Kugeln hervor, und begann, diese abzulecken, während sie um das Pult herum zu Vivian ging.
?Spreiz die Beine!? Vivian gehorchte sofort und Petra kniete neben ihr hin. Dann spreizte sie mit der linken Hand Viv?s Schamlippen und führte zuerst die erste, dann die zweite Kugel ein, so dass nur mehr ein kleines Schnürchen hervorlugte an dem man die Kugeln wieder herausziehen könnte.
?Und jetzt gehe ein wenig im Büro herum!?
Viv stand auf und schon bei den ersten Schritten spürte sie diese Vibrationen und Erschütterungen in Ihrer Muschi und sie fühlte, wie sie sofort wieder klatschnass wurde.
Wenn du diese trägst, bist Du praktisch immer geil und heiss und feucht. Und das ist nie schlecht, in diesem Beruf. Und ich weiss, das ist nicht nur dein Beruf, das ist deine Berufung!?
Mit diesen Worten verabschiedete sich. Viv würde diese Woche den ersten Auftrag haben.
Und der kam früher als erwartet. Schon nach einer halben Stunde hatte sie eine Textmeldung mit einer Adresse am Stadtrand, im Villenviertel auf dem Handy. Sie machte sich auf den Weg, und die Liebeskugeln in ihr drin machten jeden Schritt zu Ihrem ersten Auftrag zum Vergnügen.

Vivian - Teil 2

Der Taxifahrer wunderte sich wahrscheinlich, warum im Viv so viel Trinkgeld gegeben hatte. Aber sie war sicher, dass er den feuchten Fleck auf dem Polster würde reinigen lassen müssen. Die Kugeln taten Ihren Dienst. Sie vibrierte innerlich und als sie an der Eingangspforte der Villa auf den Knopf der Gegensprechanlage drückte, hoffte sie, möglichst schnell gefickt zu werden, oder wenigstens Zeit zu haben, sich eins runter zu holen.
?Was wünschen Sie?? fragte eine blechern tönende Stimme aus dem Lautsprecher unter dem Messingsc***d mit dem Namen Kofler. Sie hatte nur die Adresse gekriegt gehabt und der Name rang irgend eine Glocke in ihr. Sie wusste nur nicht welche.
?Ich bin Viv von Classcort! Auftrag...? sie schaute kurz auf die Notiz, die Sie sich gemacht hatte, ?...1497.?
Die beiden Gusseisentore schoben sich zur Seite.
?Kommen Sie zum Haupteingang hinauf, sie werden schon erwartet.?
Der Herbstabend begann langsam zu dämmern und die gekieste Auffahrt wurde durch in den Bäumen montierte Scheinwerfer beleuchtet. Viv fühlte sich wie auf einem Laufsteg und begann auch entsprechend zu gehen. Durch den nun bewusst gegebenen Hüftschwung arbeiteten die Kugeln in Ihr drin noch stärker und sie spürte, wie ihre Muschi nun nicht mehr nur feucht war, sondern ihr Nektar die Oberschenkel hinunter rann. Sie hatte sich selten zuvor im Leben so geil gefühlt und egal was kommen würde, sie war bereit.
Am Eingang der Jugendstilvilla wurde sie von einem süssen Ding von Dienstmädchen empfangen. Dass es so was noch gab. Es war eine Asiatin, sah Japanisch aus und sehr sexy, wie sie Viv?s schwarzes Bolerojäckchen entgegennahm (sie hatte gerade noch Gelegenheit gehabt, zu Hause die Jacke zu greifen, denn am Nachmittag wurde es schon recht kühl), und sie dann, gekleidet in Ihrer Dienstmädchenuniform in den Salon geleitete, wo sie Viv bat, Platz zu nehmen, und noch einen Moment zu warten. Mit diesen Worten, und Ihren Knackarsch schwenkend, verliess sie sie und liess sie allein in dem grossen Raum zurück. Das einzige Geräusch neben den sich entfernenden Schritten war das Ticken der Standuhr. Viv sass auf einem grossen Ledersessel, in den Sie sich zurücksinken liess. Vor den grossen, scheinbar neu eingebauten Panoramafenstern, war soeben die Sonne untergegangen und der Himmel verfärbte sich nun blutrot bis lila. Sie bewunderte das Farbenspiel und machte an Ihrem Kitzler herum. Sie streichelte den kleinen Knopf und begann dann, ihn schnell mit dem Zeigefinger zu bearbeiten.
Mmmm.... jaaaa.... das war gut. Und dafür bezahlt werden? Sie hatte Ihren Lebensjob gefunden.
?Wünschen Mademoiselle etwas zu trinken??
Viv wäre fast vom Hocker gefallen. Aus dem nichts war neben Ihr ein schwarzer livrierter Butler aufgetaucht. Ein Riesenteil von einem Mann. Seine Stimme war so dunkel wie seine Haut. Und er war dezent. Obwohl er gesehen haben musste, dass sie mit sich spielte, tat er nicht dergleichen.
?Ich schlage einen gut gekühlten Grünen Veltliner, vor, halbtrocken... ausgezeichnet als Aperitif. Madame lässt sich entschuldigen, sie sei in wenigen Minuten hier.?
Und tatsächlich erschien Madame nach ein paar Minuten... sie war ende dreissig, sehr attraktiv und Viv wusste nun sofort wer Kofler war. Ein Baulöwe, der ein ehemaliges Supermodell geheiratet hatte und, obwohl dies schon 16 Jahre her war, immer noch häufig in der Yellow-Press auftauchte. Anna, wie sie einfach hiess, hatte nach der Geburt der Zwillinge als Model weiter gearbeitet und war bis zum Ihrem Rücktritt vor 4 Jahren a Photographers Darling gewesen. Und es war auch jetzt noch klar, warum. Die südländisch wirkende Schönheit war auch jetzt noch simply stunning.
Anna hob Ihr Glas, offenbar auch mit Weisswein gefüllt, zum Gruss und kam zu Viv hinübergeschwebt... einen anderen Ausdruck gab es nicht dafür.
?Guten Abend, Viv, ich bin Anna... falls sie es noch nicht gewusst haben. Willkommen zu einem exquisiten Abend. Mein Mann hat soeben angerufen. Er wird in 5 Minuten hier sein und mit uns das Diner einnehmen, sobald er sich frisch gemacht hat. Kommen sie doch mit in das Esszimmer!
Viv wollte den Koffer mitnehmen aber Anna winkte ab.
?Den brauchen Sie hier nicht, Kindchen... wir haben hier alles, glauben sie mir, alles!?
?Äh, dann... habe ich noch etwas, dass ich in den Koffer legen sollte...? sie spürte, wie sie bis unter die Haarwurzeln rot wurde... sie flüsterte nur noch weiter ?...die Liebeskugeln sind noch in, äh, mir drin.?
Viv wusste auch nicht, warum es ihr so peinlich war, sie war schliesslich hierher gekommen, um gefickt und dafür bezahlt zu werden.
Und Anna schien es auch nicht das geringste Auszumachen. Im Gegenteil, sie strahlte auf.
?Na, dann wollen wir die Schlingel mal herausnehmen!?
Sie kniete sich vor Viv hin und spreizte deren Beine, so dass sie über die Lehnen des Stuhles hingen. Dann schob sie das bisschen Tanga zur Seite und streichelte die nasse Spalte.
?Schönes Möschen, hast Du da....?
Ihr Finger streichelte noch zwei, drei mal der Spalte entlang, bevor sie die Schnur, die heraushing griff. Ohne die Schamlippen zu spreizen, begann sie an der Schnur leicht zu ziehen. Viv zog scharf Luft ein. Von Innen Druck an der Muschi zu spüren, war ein ganz neues Gefühl. Anna liess ein weniger locker und zog dann wieder, wiederholte dieses Spiel einige Male. Viv begann schwer zu atmen. Dann zog Anna stärker und die erste Kugel ploppte heraus. Viv kam beinahe. Anna wiederholte das Spiel mit der zweiten Kugel, aber noch viel länger, begann dann auch noch, am Kitzler von Viv zu spielen. Sie sah an den Muskelzuckungen genau, wann die Junge Frau kommen würde und zog mitten im Orgasmus von Viv die zweite Kugel heraus. Viv schrie auf und presste sich in das Leder des Sessels zurück. Ihr ganzer Körper zitterte.
Als sie wieder die Augen öffnete, liess Anna die beiden Kugeln vor Ihren Augen einen Moment baumeln. Die Kugeln waren mit Ihrem Saft bedeckt, und ein Tropfen rann von der oberen zur unteren der Schnur nach hinunter.
?Ich glaube, die müssen geputzt werden.? Anna lächelte, öffnete Ihren Mund und steckte die Kugeln hinein. Sie begann sie abzulecken, vor Genuss stöhnend. Als sie sie wieder zum Mund herauszog lächelte sie ein sehr geiles Lächeln, das Viv noch nie auf einem von Annas Fotos gesehen hatte.
?Du schmeckst guuut, Liebling, wir werden viel Spass haben.?
Damit verstaute Sie die Kugeln in Viv?s Koffer und klappte diesen wieder zu.
?Zeit zu essen!?
Das Esszimmer war modern eingerichtet und die drei sassen zusammen an einem grossen Holztisch, der, wie Kofler erklärte, aus dem Holz des Hauses gemacht worden war, indem seine Grosseltern gewohnt hatten und das einer Lawine zum Opfer gefallen war. Wie dieses drehten sich auch die anderen Gespräche beim Essen nicht um Sex und Viv wusste, warum es so wichtig war, in diesem Job kultiviert und gebildet zu sein. Sie sprachen über Ballet, Theater, Filme, Politik, gesellschaftliche Probleme und neue Autos, während Peters, der Butler und Angela, das japanische Hausmädchen Amuse Bouche, Vorspeise, Suppe, Salat, Fischgang, Fleischgang und schliesslich die Käseplatte auftrugen. Kofler war ein robuster Mit-Fünfziger und erinnerte Viv irgendwie an Mario Adorf. Dann kam das Dessert. Viv wusste sofort, dass jetzt etwas passieren müsste, denn Ihr Kaffeeeis, wurde auf einem Servierwägelchen gebracht und neben dem Tisch parkiert. Angela bückte sich danach über die nicht besetzte Seite des Tisches, zog ihr Höschen hinunter und spreizte die Beine. Nun trat Peters in den Raum. Er hatte einen Kristallkelch dabei, den er neben Angela auf den Tisch stellte. Dann stellte er sich hinter die junge Japanerin (Viv nahm es mal an...), knöpfte sich die Hose auf. Viv zog laut Luft ein, als Sie sah, wie Peters seinen schwarzen Penis aus der Hose holte. Das Ding war 25 Zentimeter lang und dicker als Vivs Handgelenk. Viv?s Augen quollen hervor, als sie sah, wie er das Ding langsam in die Muschi der zierlichen Frau hinein arbeitete.
Anna stupste sie unter dem Tisch mit dem Fuss an.
?Geh nur hin, wenn Du es genau sehen willst. Es ist ein lohnender Anblick!?
Viv stand sofort auf und ging zu dem Paar hinüber, gerade als Peters sein Teil bis zum Anschlag in der Möse versenkt hatte und es nun langsam wieder herauszog. Es schimmerte schwarz wie poliertes Holz von der Flüssigkeit, die jetzt darauf verteilt war. Nun begann er, ernsthaft zu ficken, und knallte seinen Schwanz bis zum Anschlag hinein um ihn fast ganz wieder herauszuziehen. Die Möse gab ein obszön schlürfendes Geräusch von sich. Angela hatte die Augen fest geschlossen und stöhnte bei jedem Stoss lustvoll auf. Dann begann Sie zu sprechen.
?Fick ? mich ? ja- tie-fer ? oh ? ich ? kom-me ? ja ? ja ? spritz ? ab ? in ? mich ? ooh ? ooooh...
Der Rest war nur noch orgiastisches schreien, mit dem Sie sogar Peters übertönte, der jetzt auch kam. Er machte jetzt nur noch kurze Stösse, seine Augen quollen hervor.
?Da, nimm, du Schlampe, du verdorbenes, geiles, schwanzversessenes Luder!?
Schliesslich kolabierte er auf Ihrem Rücken, erhob sich dann aber recht schnell wieder. Er hob Angela wie eine Feder auf, drehte sie um Ihre Achse und setzte Sie auf den Tisch, auf dessen Rand sie nun ihre Füsse stellte und sich so ganz öffnete. Viv sah einen Spermatropfen aus der rasierten Muschi hervortreten. Peters nahm nun den Kristallkelch und hielt ihn vor Angelas Möse hin. Diese spreizte nun Ihre Schamlippen und ein Schwall Ihres Saftes, vermischt mit dem Sperma von Peters lief in den Kristallkelch. Danach begann sie in Ihre Muschi reinzugreifen, um auch noch den Rest der Flüssigkeit hervorzubringen. Als sie mit dieser Sache fertig war, befand sich mehr als ein Deziliter trüber, weisser Sperma-Vaginalsaft-Mischung in dem Kelch.
Viv war wie benommen wieder zu ihrem Platz zurückgekehrt. Es war klar, dass dies der Startschuss gewesen war. Doch zuerst gab es das Eis. Peters trug die Schalen mit dem Kaffeeeis zu Angela hinüber, die mit einem silbernen Löffelchen den Saft auf den Portionen gleichmässig verteilte. Als sie dies getan hatte, begann sie, während Peters den Nachtisch vor die drei hinstellte, den Kelch lustvoll stöhnend auszulecken. Dann gingen die beiden Bediensteten ab.
Der Saft war auf den Eiskugeln zu einer Art Glasur gefroren und fast nicht zu schmecken. Aber das Wissen, woher diese Glasur kam, machte jeden Löffel zum sinnlichen Overkill.
Viv hatte soeben den letzten Löffel gegessen, als Anna sie zu sich rüberwinkte. Viv fragte sich, ob Kofler vielleicht nur zuschauen würde. Sie hoffte nicht. Sie brauchte heute einen Schwanz in sich. Dringend.
Doch als erstes setzte sie sich auf Annas Schoss und begann, diese zu küssen. Anna war eine sehr gute Küsserin und Viv?s Säfte waren innert kürzester Zeit wieder am Laufen, Schwanz hin, Fotze her.
Anna unterbrach den Kuss kurz.
?Ich will dass Du mich fickst!?
?Und wie??
Anna deutete auf den Tisch. Ohne dass sie es bemerkt hatte, hatte jemand einen Umschnalldildo gebracht. Viv hatte noch nie einen getragen, aber das Prinzip war ja wohl klar. Als sie ihn aufnahm, sah sie, dass es kein normaler Umschnaller war, denn auch innen am Geschirr ragte ein Dildo hervor, schwarz, etwa 15 Zentimeter lang. Direkt am Geschirr war ein Polster um den inneren Penis angebracht, dass sich zusammendrücken liess. So würde sich der Penis auch in der Fickerin um einige Zentimeter bewegen, wenn Sie den grösseren, etwa 25 Zentimeter langen Aussenschwanz in die Gefickte hineinrammte. Viv berührte den Inneren Penis, den sie in sich hineinstossen würde und bemerkte, dass der ganz feucht war. Sie leckte neugierig den Finger ab. Er schmeckte frisch, etwas säuerlich... ein bisschen wie frisch gemähtes Gras. Es musste Angela gewesen sein. Aber das war auch gut. Viv steckte sich den Schwanz in ihren hungrigen, unteren Mund und stellte sich vor, wie sich kurz zuvor die andere Frau damit gefickt hatte. Jaaa, die wohlige Völle und der Gedanke an die gelbe Pussy, mit der sie diesen Schwanz jetzt teilte, liess sie einen Moment lang aufstöhnen.
Sie wendete sich Anna zu, als sich plötzlich Kofler zu Wort meldete.
?Nimm die Schlampe, aber nimm keine Rücksicht. Fick sie und behandle sie wie es eine solche Dreckschlampe verdient! Und wenn Sie sich wehrt, schlag? sie!?
?Viv sah, wie sich Anna umdrehte und sie anschaute. Ihre Augen strahlten ungebremste Geilheit aus, obwohl sie jetzt bettelte, ?bitte nicht in den Arsch, bitte nicht!?
Viv gab ihr eine Ohrfeige.
?Halt?s Maul, bück? Dich nach vorne und präsentier mir Dein Arschloch!?
?Ja, Meisterin.? Sie bückte sich nach vorn, und hielt sich an der Lehne des Stuhles fest.
Viv lernte schnell, und das Rollenspiel war leicht zu Durchschauen. Anna wollte wie ein Tier gefickt und auch so behandelt werden. Das sollte sie kriegen. Viv leckte Ihre Finger ab und steckte zwei in Annas Anus, der sich ohne weiteres Dehnen liess. Sie steckte noch einen dritten hinein und begann ihren Hintereingang mit den Fingern zu ficken.
Unterdessen war Kofler aufgestanden und hatte seine Hose heruntergelassen. Sein Schwanz hatte eine nette Grösse, so etwa 16, 18 cm lang, ganz durchschnittlich und sehr hart im Moment. Viv befeuchtete Ihren Aussenschwanz in Annas Möse, der sie drei, vier Stösse gab. Dann zog sie das Teil heraus und begann das schwarze Monster in den Arsch von Anna zu schieben. Diese riss ? ob vor Lust oder Schmerz ? Ihren Mund auf, der aber nicht lange leer blieb. Kofler stand nun vor Ihr und Fickte sie dort hinein. Sie bekam nun eine beidseitige Behandlung. Und Viv genoss es. Mit jedem Stoss fickte sie sich selber, und sie begann an den Brüsten Annas zu ziehen, wenn sie jeweils Ihren Schwanz in sie hineinstiess. Sie kniff dabei die Brustwarzen hart und ohne Rücksicht auf die schwanz-gedämpften Schreie und zog an ihnen ohne Gnade. Dann kam Anna. Sie begann zu zittern und zu stöhnen und Ihre Knie gaben unter ihr nach. Sie sank auf die Knie auf den Teppich hinunter. Aber Viv liess nicht locker. Sie lag nun auf Anna und fickte deren Arsch weiter. Sie wollte auch noch kommen, und...
In diesem Moment spürte sie einen Schwanz an Ihrem eigenen Arsch. Ja, das war es, endlich! Kofler, der Anna nicht auf den Boden gefolgt war, hatte sich nun hinter Viv postiert und klopfte mit seiner Latte am Hintereingang an, wo er nur zu willkommen war. Kofler drang mit seinem speichelnassen Schwanz schnell und tief in Viv?s Arsch ein und aus dem Tier mit den zwei Rücken war nun eines mit dreien geworden.
Dann passierte das unglaubliche: Die drei kamen alle miteinander schreiend und schwitzend.
Nach einigen Minuten war es wieder Anna, die sich als erstes erholt hatte.
?Ich Glaube es ist Zeit, dass wir uns ins Schlafzimmer zurückziehen.?
Das Schlafzimmer hatte ein riesiges Doppelbett in der Mitte, Spiegel darüber, und an den Bettpfosten, die bis zur Decke hinauf reichten, waren Stricke angebracht, Fixierungsringe und wenn sie recht sah, war da sogar ein Flaschenzug... doch es waren alle zu müde für athletischen Bondage-Sex. Stattdessen liebten sich die drei zeitlupenmässig gelassen. So lagen Sie denn in einem Dreieck auf dem Bett, Anna leckte Vivs Muschi, während Viv den Schwanz von Kofler tief in Ihrem Mund hatte und der wiederum seine Frau ausleckte... Viv genoss es, den Schwanz in ihrem Mund zu spüren und zwischen ihrem Saugen und Lecken, liess sie Ihn auch ihren Hals ficken. Sie musste an den alten Film Deep Throat denken, wo eine Frau Blow Jobs gibt, weil sie eine Klitoris im Hals hinten hat... eine attraktive Idee. Viv wurde bei dem Gedanken, beim Blasen einen Orgasmus wie vom gegessen werden zu bekommen, noch geiler als sie ohnehin schon war und verstärkte Ihre Anstrengungen sofort. Das Resultat liess nicht lange auf sich warten. Kofler begann, in die Muschi von Anna hinein zu schreien wie ein Stier und Viv kam es, als Sie spürte, wie der Penis in ihrem Mund drin zu zucken begann. Sie liess die Eichel aus Ihrem Hals herausrutschen und begann zu saugen. Sie wollte jeden Tropfen Sperma in ihrem Mund haben und wurde nicht enttäuscht. Obwohl er erst vor einer Stunde in Ihren Arsch gekommen war, pumpte er nochmals einen guten Mundvoll in sie hinein. Sie liess den Penis aus ihrem Mund gleiten, sorgsam das Sperma an Ihren Lippen abstreifend, so dass sie die ganze Ladung bei sich behalten würde. Sie rollte genüsslich den weissen Saft auf Ihrer Zunge hin und her, als sie bemerkte, wie Anna ihre Pussy verliess, zu Ihr hinauf kam und Viv?s Lippen mit den Ihren berührte. Viv öffnete Ihren Mund, den Anna sofort mit Ihrem bedeckte. Die beiden begannen einen wilden, spermagewürzten Kuss. Die Zungen spielten wild miteinander und wenn sich die Lippen für einen Moment von einander trennten, spannten sich dicke Fäden zwischen Ihnen. Die beiden Frauen fassten sich nun gegenseitig an die Muschis und begannen den Kuss mit einem wilden Fingerfick zu begleiten. Viv schaffte es, Ihre Hand so zu verdrehen, dass sie mit dem Daumen den Kitzler von Anna bearbeitete, drei Finger in deren Muschi drinhatte und den kleinen Finger noch im Anus hatte, während sie mit der anderen wie wild am linken Nippel Annas zog. Die hingegen hatte es geschafft, ihre ganze linke Hand in Vivs Muschi zu versenken und schlug mit der anderen abwecheselnd die vollen Brüste von Viv. Der Atem von beiden wurde immer schwerer und schliesslich schrien sie sich Ihre Orgasmen gegenseitig in den Mund, um dann zurückzusinken, die Hände aber noch immer tief in der anderen Frau drin. Viv wollte eigentlich nur schlafen (so, wie es Kofler schon tat), aber Anna hatte eine andere Idee. Sie stand auf und holte einen grossen Doppeldildo.
?Knie Dich hin, auf alle viere, Arsch zu mir!?
Viv tat, wie ihr geheissen. Als erstes spürte sie Annas Zunge an Ihrem Arschloch und wie sie drei Finger in sie unter ständigem Lecken hineinarbeitete. Viv wurde schon wieder geil und sie wusste, was kommen würde. Gerade als sie es richtig zu geniessen begann, zog Anna die Finger raus, nahm den Doppeldildo, fickte sich selbst drei, vier mal in die Pussy und begann dann, das Teil in Vivs Arsch hineinzuschieben, so dass die andere Hälfte herausstand. Viv war nun völlig Geil. Sie fühlte sich absolut heiss. Im Spiegel neben Ihr sah sie nun, wie Anna nun auch mit dem Arschloch den Rest des Schwanzes ansteuerte und ihn in sich ? und natürlich auch weiter in Viv hineinschob. Was danach kam, war der hypnostischste Arschfick, den Viv je erlebt hatte. Die beiden Ärsche fickten sich gegenseitig und Viv kam weniger von den Empfindungen als vom Anblick im Spiegel an der Wand... schliesslich sanken beide Frauen Arsch an Arsch zusammen und Viv wäre beinahe eingeschlafen, wenn nicht Angela plötzlich am Bett gestanden hätte. Sie hatte nun wieder Ihre Dienstmädchenuniform an, aber auf dem Gesicht klebten einige Spermaspritzer... scheinbar hatte auch Peters noch mehr als den einen Schuss zu bieten gehabt.
?Sie haben ein eigenes Zimmer für Ihre Übernachtung, Mademoiselle. Bitte folgen sie mir.?
Sie wollte sich noch duschen und ging darum in das Badezimmer auf der anderen Seite des Flurs. Als erstes setzte sie sich hin und liess ihre Pisse in die Schüssel strömen. Sie schaute sich gerne beim pissen zu, es war irgendwie sinnlich. Als sie aufblickte, stand ein Junge von etwa 16, 17 Jahren vor Ihr, einen steifen Penis in der Hand. Ein schöner Penis.
?Wer bist denn Du??
?Jan Kofler, und ich wohne hier!?
?Ich bin einfach Viv und heute fickte ich hier.?
Die beiden schauten sich einen Moment an.
?Verteilen Sie auch Extras?? er fragte dies sehr matter-of-factly.
?Nein, aber ich ficke auch in der Freizeit...?
Er strahlte wie eine 100 Watt Halogen-Lampe... ?aber ich muss erst noch pissen, in Ordnung??
?Sicher,? sie trat von der Schüssel weg und schaute zu wie sich seine Pisse mit der Ihren in der Schüssel vermischte. Sie atmete unwillkürlich schwerer und griff sich zwischen die Beine um ihre wieder feuchte Muschi zu reiben.
?Gehen wir in Ihr Zimmer ? bei mir ist das Bett kleiner.?
Sie ging voraus, legte sich auf das Bett und begann vor dem Jungen zu masturbieren, der vor dem Bett stehen blieb und ihr fasziniert zuschaute.
?Worauf wartest Du? Komm und ficke mich! Ich bin heiss und feucht und dein junger Schwanz sieht genau wie das aus, was meine Pussy heute nacht noch braucht!?
Er liess sich nicht zwei mal bitten, streifte seine Unterhosen ab und warf sich zu Ihr aufs Bett. Erst noch etwas nervös aber dann mit immer grösserer Sicherheit begann er Ihre Fotze umzupflügen.
Sie spürte gerade den ersten Orgasmus in sich aufsteigen, als eine Mädchenstimme ziemlich empört eine Frage stellte.
?Jan, was fällt Dir eigentlich ein einfach ohne mich zu ihr vögeln zu gehen???
Viv erschrak aber Jan liess sich nicht einen Moment aus dem Rhythmus bringen.
?Sei ruhig, komm her und setzt Dich auf Ihr Gesicht. Wenn Sie von Mutti das blaue Zimmer bekommen hat, isst sie sicher gerne Pussy, nicht wahr??
Ein auch etwa 16jähriges, attraktives Mädchen, trat neben das Kopfende des Bettes hin, stieg dann auf das Bett rauf und setzte sich praktisch auf Viv?s Gesicht.
?Gestatten,? sagte sie, als sie sich niederliess, ?Svenja Mejers, Jans Freundin... und jetzt iss mich, Du Nutte!?
Viv begann sofort, die süssen jungen Lippen zu lecken, während Ihre Pussy noch immer einen sehr enthusiastischen Fick erhielt. Der Junge hielt aber für einen Moment inne, packte Viv?s Beine an den Knöcheln und schob sie in Richtung seiner Schwester, so dass sie in die Höhe zeigten und sowohl Ihre Muschi als auch Ihren Arsch bestens präsentierten.
?Sveni, nimm Ihre Beine unter die Arme!?
Das Mädchen, tat, wie Ihr geheissen, während Viv Ihrer Fotze und Arschloch ein ausgiebiges Zungenbad verpasste. Sie begann gerade, Ihre Zunge in den heissen Hintereingang von Svenja zu bohren, als sie den Schwanz von Jan am eigenen spürte. Ohne lange herumzumachen rammte er ihn einfach hinein. Viv überlegte kurz und kam darauf, dass Ihr Arschloch noch nie soviel Action an einem Tag gesehen hatte. Svenja bückte sich nun nach vorne runter, und begann Viv?s Möse zu lecken, während Viv begann, Svenja mit den Fingern in beide Löcher zu ficken. Es dauerte nicht lange, als das ganze Knäuel in einem riesigen Orgasmus explodierte. Viv spürte, wie der junge Schwanz Sperma in Ihre Arschloch pumpte, während in ihrem Mund eine Pussy regelrecht explodierte und in Ihrem Kopf eine Art Supernova hochging.
Fünf Minuten später waren die beiden k**s schon wieder draussen, während Viv ermattet auf dem Bett lag. Sie war zu müde, um noch zu duschen und dämmerte langsam weg. Bevor sie einschlief, steckte sie Ihren Finger noch einmal schnell in Ihr Hinterteil und holte einen Finger des Spermas, der langsam aus diesem Loch heraustropfte und nuckelte am Finger, während sie wegdämmerte.
Als sie am aufwachte, war es schon fast Mittag. Sie fühlte sich klebrig und verschwitzt und brauchte dringend eine Dusche. Sie genoss das heisse Wasser und die Seife und als sie sich abtrocknete fühlte sie sich richtig wohl. Und der Druck in der Blase war nur noch ein Detail. Sie wollte sich gerade auf die Kloschüssel setzen, als die Türe aufging. Es stand Angela dort, gesenkten Hauptes.
?Bitte Sie, noch nicht Wasser zu lassen, und mir in Ihr Zimmer zu folgen.?
Die zierliche Japanerin trug nicht die Uniform von gestern, sondern nur Strapsstrümpfe, schwarze Lack-High-Heels und ihr Häubchen. Sie ging Viv, die sich fragte, was wohl los war, voraus. In Ihrem Zimmer übergab sie Viv einen versiegelten Umschlag.
?Madame und Monsieur sind am Morgen geschäftlich verreist, aber ich habe Anweisung, Ihnen dies hier zu übergeben und den Inhalt mir vorzulesen.?
Viv riss den Umschlag auf und begann den Zettel zu lesen.
?Geschätze Viv
Als erstes vielen Dank für den wunderbaren Abend. Sie haben unsere Erwartungen noch übertroffen. Nun zu der kleinen Japanischen Schlampe, die gestern die Frechheit hatte, sie mit einem sperma-verspritzten Gesicht in ihr Zimmer zu geleiten.?
Angelas Blick war, als wäre sie von schlechtem Gewissen gepeinigt, zu Boden gesenkt.
?Da wir schon früh geschäftlich abreisen mussten, obliegt die Bestrafung des Luders Ihnen. Wir bitten Sie, mindestens die unten aufgezählten Strafen auszuführen. Die benötigten Instrumente hat Angela selber mitgebracht. Die Bestrafung wird zur Kontrolle der schwanzgeilen Sau auf Video aufgenommen.?
Angela deutete auf eine in der Zimmerecke aufgebaute Videokamera, deren Rec-Anzeigelicht schon rot leuchtete.
?Als erstes je fünf Schläge mit dem Gurt auf Rücken und die beiden Hinterbacken. Schlagen sie hart genug!?
Tatsächlich lagen auf dem Bett einige Instrumente ausgebreitet. Ganz links ein Gurt. Sie nahm den Gurt und drehte sich zu Angela um, die sich bereits mit dem Rücken und gespreizten Beinen zu Ihr umgedreht hatte und sich an den Bettpfosten klammerte.
Viv liess ? zögerlich ? den Gurt ein erstes Mal über den Rücken Angelas klatschen. Die schien nicht beeindruckt zu sein und zischte zwischen den Zähnen, ?stärker!? hervor.
OK, konnte sie haben. Viv holte nun mehr aus und der nächste Schlag hallte durch den Raum. Angela stiess einen heiseren Schrei aus und sagte dann, wieder zwischen den Zähnen durch, ?genau so!?
Ein Striemen bildete sich auf dem Rücken, doch Viv zögerte nicht mehr.
?sstrapp!? ? ?Aahh? ? ?sstrapp!? ? ?Aahh? ? ?sstrapp!? ? ?Aahh? ? ?sstrapp!? ? ?Aahh? ? ?sstrapp!? ? ?Aahh?.
Der Rücken leuchtete nun rot. Dann kamen die Arschbacken dran. Angelas Beine zitterten, Schweiss lief an Ihren Flanken herunter und Ihr Atem ging immer schwerer.
Als nach weiteren zehn Schlägen auch der vorher bleiche Arsch knallrot war, ging Viv zu Ihr hin und griff ihr zwischen die Beine. Sie war klatschnass.
Sie nahm den Brief wieder auf.
?Als nächstes die Brüste: Je drei Schläge mit der Dreigurt-Peitsche. Bestimmen sie die Stärke selbst!?
Angela drehte sich nun um und präsentierte Ihre schönen, festen Brüste. Die Nippel standen schon jetzt steinhart hervor. Viv nahm die genannte Peitsche und wog sie in Ihrer Hand, schätzte, wie stark die Schläge wohl gerade noch zu ertragen wären.
Und schlug dann zu. Die linke Brust erzitterte unter dem Schlag, Angela zog hart Luft ein, zuckte aber kein bisschen zurück. Viv schlug nun auf die rechte Brust, wieder die gleiche Reaktion. Doch die Nippel standen nun noch stärker ab. Ein wenig stärker noch. Wieder links, wieder rechts. Ein kleines Zucken auf dem Gesicht, Schweiss auf der Stirne. Und zwischen den Beinen lief der Saft hinunter, die Schamlippen waren nun sichtbar angeschwollen.
Viv schlug noch eine Doppelkombination und Angela blieb wieder stehen, bewegte sich auch nach dem zweiten Schlag nicht weg, obwohl sie ja die drei Schläge bekommen hatte. Sie wollte scheinbar mehr Schläge, obwohl nun auch die Brüste rot leuchteten.
?Für Deine gestrige Frechheit bekommst Du noch je zwei Schläge mehr auf Deine Titten.?
Und damit klatschte sie noch je zwei Mal auf die missbrauchten Brüste. Angela schien hart am Orgasmus vorbeigeschrammt zu sein.
Viv las im Brief weiter.
?Als nächstes bestrafen Sie sie an der Möse. Vier Schläge mit der weichen Klatsche.?
Viv nahm dass Ding auf, das am ehesten wie eine weiche Klatsche aussah. Die kleine Japanerin hatte sich jetzt auf das Bett gelegt, die Beine gespreizt, die Schamlippen, geschwollen und feucht, willig präsentierend.
Viv zögerte nicht. Schon der erste Schlag war eigentlich genug gewesen. In dem Moment, als das schwarze Leder den Kitzler berührte, ging die Frau los wie eine Furie. Viv vermutete, dass sie die anderen drei Schläge gar nicht mehr spürte.
Sie nahm den Brief wieder in die Hand, und las die letzte Zeile auf dem Zettel.
?Pissen sie ihr nun ins Gesicht und lassen Sie sie danach auf dem Bett liegen!?
Sie kniete nun auf das Bett über das Zimmermädchen hin, die sie orgasmusselig anlächelte. Mein Gott, war die Frau süss! Viv konnte es nicht glauben, dass eine so engelhaft unschuldig aussehende Gestalt so absolut sexversessen war... naja ? gestern hätte sie es am morgen noch nicht glauben können, aber heute...
Mit diesem Gedanken liess sie Ihren Urinstrahl los. Das Mädchen unter Ihr öffnete den Mund weit und Viv zielte sorgfältig, so dass auch die volle Ladung ankommen würde. Zum schlucken musste sie natürlich den Mund schliessen, aber abgesehen davon, ging kein Tropfen verloren.
Dann stand Viv auf und zog sich an. Angela war scheinbar selig, blieb liegen, wo sie war und schaute Viv träge beim Ankleiden zu. Viv nahm die Kugeln aus dem Koffer, führte sie sich ein und wollte schon gehen. Aber dann blieb sie stehen, drehte sich um und ging zu der verpissten und ausgepeitschten Angela hinüber, nahm den pissefeuchten Kopf zwischen Ihre Hände und küsste Sie zärtlich und leidenschaftlich. Ihr Kuss wurde sofort erwidert und als Viv eine Stunde später das Haus verliess, hatten Madame und Monsieur von Angela noch weit mehr als nur eine Auspeitschung auf dem Band...

... Continue»
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van een
Naakte Jongen

1985 / 1986 Op een Amsterdamse gracht zit een al wat oudere lange blonde vrouw achter een raam die mij wel binnen wil laten, even later lig ik naakt naast haar en verwent zij mijn stijve paal tot ik kom terwijl ik haar spleet lig te likken, mmm, dat smaakt naar meer…

08-06-2011 Hoewel ik al vanaf mijn dertiende heel regelmatig masturbeerde duurde het tot mijn vijfentwintigste tot ik eindelijk sex had met een ander, aan een gracht in Amsterdam… maar vanaf die dag was er geen houden meer aan en ik had heel wat hoogtepunten bij vrouwen en na een paar jaar ook bij mannen, en eind 1995 begon ik mijn avontuurtjes op te schrijven, eerst onregelmatig en kort, maar als snel uitgebreider, en vanaf eind 1998 bevat mijn dagboek alles wat ik heb meegemaakt, daarbij heb ik af en toe een naam veranderd, maar verder is dit dagboek wat het is, een verslag van al mijn avonturen op sexueel gebied: mijn sex-dagboek; veel plezier ermee en oh ja, als je ook eens af wilt spreken…

16-11-1995 Barbara, 22, 1.73m, donker, gewillig, slank, pijpt en tongt niet.

22-11-1995 Samantha, 34, 1.84m, ongeveer evenveel ponden, schrijft gedichten, pijpt en tongt.

12-12-1995 Sabrina, 1.68m, 58kg, Marokkaans, doet het 'nog maar pas', leuk, beetje verlegen, buikdanseres geweest, pijpt wel, tongt niet, heerlijke benen.

21-03-1996 En het is lente! Ingrid, 19, 1.50m, 50+kg, half Hindoestaans, half Nederlands, doet het '2 weken', tongt niet, kust leuk, geen pijpen, hoeft ook niet, babbelkous.

06-07-1996 Melissa (denk maar aan Etheridge), jong en blank, blond, tegen de dertig, grote rode, dunne mond, geen zoenen, wel pijpen en na de wip lekker kletsen, over broertje en autootjes en zo, gezellig, slank.

30-10-1996 Suzanne (Londonderry), tussen 20 en 25, rood met sproeten, tongt als je ervoor betaald en gretig, neem haar van achteren maar let niet op de lakens, neefjes, nichtjes, coke en house, wordt nat en heeft haar ogen dicht.

17-11-1996 1.56u: een Surinaamse uit Overschie wiens naam ik niet uit kan spreken en al weer vergeten kan, tongt niet, doet het 'pas', lekker lichaam maar kletst niet, huis in, wippie, huis uit.

21-12-1996 Winter in Europa, Robin vond het gezellig, Robin: Indiaans Surinaams met een tikje Chinees, omvangrijk en gezellig en gretig al bij binnenkomst, maar zo schrijf je niet over Robin, Robin is ogen dicht en zachtjes kreunen, en dan harder en wild, en nat worden en komen met een hele hand tussen haar dijen in haar vagina, Robin is pijpen, likken, zuigen, een tong die met mijn eikel speelt, Robin is een meisje van 34, vrijgezel en ziet op tegen de dagen, en als het Januari is wil ik haar zien want sommige beloftes breek je niet, en van Robin zou je kunnen houden, hoer of niet, en dan denk je aan die kleine, slanke.., maar Robin lijkt me steviger en Robin drinkt haar glaasje leeg, het is een heel net meisje.

05-02-1997 01.00u, en dat was kleine, slanke, donkere Lisa, Lisa houdt van slapen en tongen en lekker lang voor f 150,- en niet meer wakker te krijgen, maar leuk en kletsen en echt lekker echt gewipt, langzaam, snel, langzaam, lekker, Lisa.

04-10-1997 Suzanne (zie 30-10-1996), komt ook als je blond besteld, als haar haar de juiste kleur heeft, kan ook boven op je, lekkere kleine tietjes, lekkere babbel, leuke meid, kleine professional, maar tongt niet meer.

05-12-1997 Wat zit er nu weer in mijn schoentje? Ene Angela, 23, Maashaven, blond, pijpen, pijpen tot je spuit, wel eerst dat zaaddodende glijmiddel afwassen leest S.F, ook nog.

05-02-1998 Fina, donker blond met krullen, bijna 50kg en klein, met borstjes die heel grappig een beetje hangen en haar vriend zit in het gevang, haar kutje is nauw maar wordt al gauw lekker nat en als ik eenmaal het knopje gevonden heb gaat het van oh, oh, oh, dan wil ze in haar hals worden gekust, ook nog even bij haar binnen geweest, lekker, lekker, klein vlekje tussen de lakens, ja, ja, dat komt er van.

14-03-1998 Fina, 24, moet ik verdorrie weer geld halen, maar ja, toch weer meisje klaargemaakt, daar leek het tenminste wel op, lekker stevig vasthouden en haar halsje kussen, en in haar ogen kijken en Fina maar lachen en haar ogen ook, en haar kleine borsten en haar lekkere billen, zie 05-02-1998 voor meer details, ik ga douchen, het is zo weer tijd voor de boodschappen.

16-04-1998 Mary, blond, tikkie dik, kan lekker pijpen, redelijk faken (denk ik), getrouwd, ging net effe te lang door, drinkt wel netjes haar glaasje leeg, aardige meid, vast wel, maar niet voor mij.

18-07-1998 Saskia met haar benen om me heen.

19-07-1998 Fietsen door Delft, tot achter station Zuid, kwam daar een oudere heer voorbij, maar er wilde niets gebeuren.

20-07-1998 Me in het donker laten knijpen, in m'n tepels, een ander nog gesjord totdat het spoot en even meester voor een slaaf geweest, maar zijn zuigen wilde niet goed lukken, thuis in bed dat grondig nabehandeld.

23-07-1998 Weer in het donker maar niet geknepen, even gesjoord en er was ook een meisje daar en des nachts voor het slapen:

24-07-1998 Fina is alweer op weg naar huis, moet vroeg op, 4 uur, en het is al na tweeën, werkt in een bejaardentehuis 's morgens, in de keuken, 's middags maffen, s'avonds blow jobs; heerlijk, eerst naast me, dan op m'n benen en tenslotte op m'n buik met haar billen naar me toe; en maar zuigen, lachebekje Fina: woensdag komt haar vriend vrij, fijn voor d'r, minder fijn: ik moet da'lijk ook gewoon 6.25 uur op, maar ja, Truus is ook nog op, rare meiden allemaal.

25-07-1998 Saskia denkt aan zonder jasje, nu nog niet maar het zal niet lang meer duren, in ieder geval was het weer van oh ah oh.

22-09-1998 Ik geloof dat ze Diana heette en ze komt uit Polen en ik had haar al eerder op de Dordtselaan en ze kan zo gretig kijken en ze masseerde m'n rug, ook nog, maar ik kwam te snel, zo mooi is ze!

23-09-1998 Ene Henk, een oude heer, gaf mij z'n telefoonnummer in Rexane maar tot veel leidde het verder niet, wel 's avonds, alleen, op bed.

27-09-1998 Ene Henk, een oude heer gaf mij zijn telefoonnummer nadat we een minuut of tien in een hokje in Rexane hadden doorgebracht en hij me zowat leeg gezogen had.

01-10-1998 00.40 uur, Chantal, Surinaams meisje, kwam iets voor twaalven binnen, iets langer dan beloofd en tikkie dik maar met een spleet zo breed, daar gaat een hele hand in en nou maar hopen dat de buren niets gehoord hebben want tjonge jonge wat kan ze kreunen ook al is ze nog zo droog en toch nog die hele hand er in en dat niet alleen, lekker wel, voor een keer.

03-10-1998 Saskia twee maal vlak achter elkaar klaar gelikt en toen mocht ik ook nog!

10-11-1998 Hij wel komen en ik niet, ik vind dat toch zo gemeen!

13-11-1998 00.50 uur, daag Moniek, kleine slanke blonde zenuwpees van 24 met een grote neus die tongt en pijpt en dan lekker op z'n hondjes en dan duurt het nog wel even voor ze weer is omgekleed, allemaal kleine dwangneuroses maar ze vond Roddy Doyle wel interessant en wou Gorby even zien en nu rijdt ze weg met een hond in de auto, morgen weer werken maar eerst nog even gluren, Truus ligt te bakken onder de hoogtezon.

06-12-1998 Het begin van de maand wordt vertraagd gevierd bij Vanessa, oud maar zacht en kan pijpen en masseren en is lekker dichtbij.

19-12-1998 Peter kijkt niet naar de meisjes om, Peter vind de meisjes dom, ja zo is Peter, Peter kijkt veel liever naar een man die maakt rond loopt in zijn flat terwijl Peter zelf aangekleed blijft, een man die zich bukt om alle CD's te bekijken, een man die op de grond en op de bank gaat liggen, op zijn buik, een man die bij Peter op schoot gaat zitten, een man die het wel lekker vindt als Peter aan zijn penis zit terwijl Peter zelf nog steeds al zijn kleren aan heeft, een man die gestreeld wil worden, ah dat vindt Peter lekker een blonde man met een jong godenlichaam helemaal alleen voor dikke brildragende Peter, maar wel even een handdoek natuurlijk als die man het niet meer houden kan en kreunend bij Peter op schoot zijn sperma de kamer inspuit, heerlijk toch?

23-12-1998 Een meisje uit de Dominicaanse republiek dat Ellenora heet en stiekem misschien eigenlijk best wel zin heeft in een blanke jongeman om mee te knuffelen en over het bed te rollen, wel even zijn nagels controleren als hij aan haar spleetje zit maar dan weer zoenen mond op mond en maar lachen en pijpen ook en dan pakt hij haar benen en slingert zich om haar heen en spuit het kapotje vol.

24-12-1998 Ilsa (?) neemt de tijd voor haar sigaretten en het aan en uitkleden en als je dan ook nog drie condooms nodig hebt ja, dan wil je je eau de cologne en je oogschaduw wel vergeten, verder slank blond meisje, lang haar, bovenop en als je dan om de beurt wat moeite doet dan kost dat een extra condoom en moet je het uiteindelijk zelf doen en wordt het ondanks de beperkte tijd zo half twee.

25-12-1998 Saskia is Saskia maar, niet meer.

03-02-1999 Ene Frank, had met mij afgesproken in de Cosmo, kwam opdagen maar liet me toch mooi zitten, of liggen, gelijk geen trek meer.

07-02-1999 Saskia, eindelijk weer eens.

14-02-1999 Brigit, op de Dordtselaan, Oostenrijkse met lang blond haar en grote tatoeages, neemt de tijd voor mijn massage, komt zelfs op de tafel zitten tussen mijn benen in, daarna op bed wat extra geld gefourneerd om de tijd voor haar teentjes te kunnen nemen, eenmaal in haar zo klaar maar dat krijg je met zo'n jonge slank lichaam met van die kleine borsten.

21-02-1999 Saskia, en zonder douchen vooraf.

24-02-1999 Mijn favoriete bioscoop heeft van die hokjes die je af kan grendelen. daar heb ik eerst in mijn eentje, en daarna ook in gezelschap, heel aardig van geprofiteerd, ik hou wel van op schoot, zeker met een leeftijdverschil.

27-02-1999 Uit oogpunt van volledigheid: Saskia vond de douche te lauw.

06-03-1999 Saskia.

13-03-1999 Saskia, en ik helemaal over haar heen gebogen.

17-03-1999 Een meisje uit Nijmegen in den Haag, een oude kennis bijna en druk, druk, druk met al haar klanten.

20-03-1999 Saskia, en lekker.

21-03-1999 Leuke jongen z.k.m. nette heer: hallo, ik ben een jonge knul, blond, slank, blauwe ogen, één meter tachtig, bijna zeventig kilo, ik ben op zoek naar een oudere man om lekker mee te knuffelen en te strelen, in bed te liggen en dan vrijen en likken en zoenen, als je dat wat lijkt en je woont in de omgeving van Rotterdam spreek dan je telefoonnummer in op mijn box, dan bel ik je zo snel mogelijk terug om een afspraakje te maken.. enne, oh ja: beetje gesnikt toen ik helemaal alleen kwam maar het is al weer over: wie heeft er nou wat aan een jongen die alleen maar naar zijn eigen gulp hoeft te wijzen om klaar te komen?

22-03-1999 Het was de eerste advertentie die Bram, 58, gezet had, zei hij, en meteen succes ook nog, een blonde, slanke, geile knul die het heerlijk vindt om naakt te zijn, gestreeld te worden en dan gepijpt, in de woonkamer op een stoel en op de vloer, met tussen hen en de overkant alleen wat vitrage.

04-04-1999 Cynthia, denk ik, Hollands meisje in Den Haag, niet te lang met kort donker haar, dat het wachten waard is; Cynthia gaat rustig liggen en laat mij mijn gang gaan in haar hals en haar navel en overal rond haar benen en haar tepels en met mijn vinger tussen haar lippen en dan na bijna een eeuwigheid laat ze haar lippen hun gang gaan, lieve Cynthia met je mooie vrolijke ogen, als ik weer eens in de buurt ben hoop ik dat jij dat ook bent.

11-04-1999 Gesjord tot het spoot in het Oeverbos maar niet helemaal ongehavend uit de strijd, ook nog afspraak gemaakt voor morgen met nette heer van tachtig jaren, laten we hopen dat ik niet teveel ben voor hem.

12-04-1999 Voor niets naar zuid geweest, toch teveel?

24-04-1999 Saskia lekker gelikt en toen heel even zonder rubbertje, dat toch maar weer snel aangedaan.

28-04-1999 Diverse heren gelukkig weten te maken in de bioscoop, zelfs in de filmzaal, stripteasemeisje bij de billen gepakt en zelf ook zeer bevredigd.

01-05-1999 Saskia likken bevalt ons allebei.

04-05-1999 Avontuurtje in mijn eentje in het donker in mijn blootje op een landweg.

16-05-1999 Gezogen door de stofzuiger, supersafe en zeer bevredigend.

04-06-1999 Langs de Cosmo, misschien wel vijf heren bevredigt in de Dark Room, was een aardige kluwen, zelf ook behoorlijk aan mijn trekken gekomen, lekker liggen knuffelen ook.

05-06-1999 Een dij van Saskia.

21-06-1999 Rexane, twee heren die me strelen terwijl een derde me leegzuigt en daarvoor nog een aardige vrijpartij gehad.

07-07-1999 Even in de zon gelegen in de Delftse Hout, daar waren ook heren daar die dat machtig interessant vonden, eentje liet dat duidelijk merken, die heb ik laten sjorren tot het spoot op mijn buik, volgende keer wat toiletpapier mee.

05-08-1999 Met zijn vieren in het Oeverbos.

07-08-1999 Saskia, eindelijk weer eens.

08-08-1999 Spaanse schone op de Dordtselaan wil vooral pijpen, en doet dat terwijl ze in mijn schoot ligt en ik haar borsten streel, en dan komt ze bij me liggen en lacht naar me met haar mooie bruine ogen en dan neemt ze me weer in haar mond maar ik maak me los en werp me rond haar benen en laat het komen.

10-08-1999 Stoeipartijtje met schaars geklede Saskia bij Saskia thuis maar komen doet het er niet van.

14-08-1999 Saskia.

17-08-1999 Aantal heren geholpen in Rexane, maar mij hielp het niet.

18-08-1999 Slaolie en elastiek in een zaaltje voor twee met de grendel er op in Rexane, heel bevredigend, allemaal.

21-08-1999 Saskia.

28-08-1999 Saskia.

04-09-1999 Saskia, en twee maal nog wel.

11-09-1999 Saskia, met mijn tong.

13-09-1999 Stom geweest op de Hogebanweg, maar je leert er wel van.

18-09-1999 Saskia.

19-09-1999 Twee voor de prijs van één in den Haag.

26-09-1999 Saskia, bij Saskia thuis, heel vroeg in de ochtend, voor het slapen gaan.

02-10-1999 Saskia.

06-10-1999 Saskia, heel vroeg in de ochtend.

31-10-1999 Leeggezogen in een halfdonker hoekje in de 1e Middellandstraat.

03-11-1999 Nathasja is jong maar lijkt ouder, lang haar met blonde krullen en een brilletje en wat gezet maar vooral gezellig en mooie ogen dus lekker liggen kussen bijna tongen met mijn vinger tussen haar dijen en lekker kreunen lekker wild en dan nog wat zoenen op haar neus en haar kin en haar lippen en dan een condoom met bananensmaak en pijpen, pijpen tot ik kom.

14-11-1999 Diep in de nacht staand in een klein hokje in de Cosmo en daarvoor in de darkroom gepijpt en gepijpt en zo.

28-11-1999 Hossen, hossen, sjorren in het Oeverbos.

05-12-1999 In de Rexane misschien net te diep in het gaatje gezeten.

08-12-1999 Slanke blonde jonge best wel lange Tanya netjes bedankt voor de bewezen diensten, tongen wilde ze, op de bank en in bed en als eerst mijn tong en dan mijn vinger haar kutje vindt wijst ze de weg naar haar klitje en maakt dan zichzelf klaar terwijl ik haar tepels masseer en tong en tong en tong en dan komt ze op me zitten, schuift ze me bij haar naar binnen en is het eigenlijk zo bekeken maar daarna blijft ze nog even lekker liggen om te strelen en te kussen en dan trekt ze haar slipje aan en belt ze dat ze klaar is hangend op de bankleuning met haar jonge slanke bijna naakte lijf, wat een plaatje, spasiba Tanya!

11-12-1999 Saskia met twee glaasjes op is helemaal nat van binnen wat lekker glijdt en dan nog even met mijn vinger ook.

18-12-1999 Tjonge jonge, wat kan die Saskia kronkelen zeg!

20-12-1999 Diverse heren, waarvan een in het bijzonder in een kleine afgesloten ruimte, aan mijn lijf laten komen in Rexane en mezelf ook niet onbetuigd gelaten, wel een knoopje van mijn overhemd, ik ben ook veel te wild af en toe!

24-12-1999 Nathasja (zie 03-11-1999) wilde gaan dansen maar toen werd er gebeld en nu heeft ze nog niet gedouched maar dat is geen probleem natuurlijk en nadat we weer schoon en droog zijn nemen we de tijd voor een flinke knuffelpartij maar net als ze echt aan het werk wil, en het puntje van haar tong bij paaltje komt, gaat de wekker van haar mobieltje en moet ze me alweer verlaten dus moet ik zelf nog maar even nabehandelen.

25-12-1999 Na drie glazen wijn en het bodempje heeft Saskia er best wel zin in en het kost enige moeite maar toch gaat ze even later weer aardig tekeer en daarna mag ik ook nog even boven op haar zitten.

05-01-2000 De darkroom in Rexane opnieuw verkend, Patricia eens lekker beet gepakt en daarna mezelf eens lekker laten pakken in mijn favoriete hokje door een heer die van pijpen houdt.

16-01-2000 Na het eten wilde Saskia nog een kopje koffie, en een kusje, en meer dan één, en toen zijn we er maar even bij gaan liggen, en het deed haar wel een beetje pijn, maar ze vond het toch wel lekker.

23-01-2000 Een uur lang met Rob in mijn favoriete hokje in Rexane, Rob misschien wel 70 met alleen zijn schoenen aan en ik helemaal naakt en pijpen dat hij kan, het deed er bijna pijn van!

06-02-2000 Wat een dag, wat een zondag, om te beginnen na het schaatsen naakt naar bed gegaan en tot 11.31 uur blijven liggen, na Sliders naar Rexane, daar eerst in mijn eentje naakt in het kamertje boven, daarna in de filmzaal beneden aangeschoven bij een heer die pijpen wou en met hem na een tijdje naar het kamertje boven gegaan, weer naakt, op het zeil, met z’n tweeën, hij kwam eerst en ik zocht even later het kamertje beneden op, daar kwam een heer bij die kickte op mijn onderbroek en mijn hemdje, voelen en trekken en tenslotte kon ik niet anders dan spuiten, onderweg naar huis eerst een kaartje gepost voor mijn overbuurman en daarna een tussenstop bij de patatboer, liep ook Peter rond, maar we herkenden elkaar niet.

20-02-2000 Claudia, niet veel ouder dan 18, voor de snelle wip, even pijpen, even wippen: zij liggen, ik zitten en stoten en klaar, lekker, zo'n jong kutje...

27-02-2000 Met Frans meer dan een half uur in het kamertje boven in Rexane en likken en strelen en kussen en pijpen en gepijpt worden, maar waarom hield hij zijn sokken aan?

08-03-2000 Plasjes gepleegd in de Cosmo, op plekken waar dat echt niet hoort, en toen nog even aangeschoven maar ik kwam veel te snel.

12-03-2000 Marja is lang en blond en heeft een stevige kont en een vriendje, werkt op de Dordtselaan en pijpt beter dan ze neukt, kan goed masseren, lekker lang tongen en professioneel kronkelen.

25-03-2000 Saskia, met glijmiddel en zo heftig dat het rubbertje het niet hield, maar veel kon het haar niet schelen.

26-03-2000 Met Aad in Rexane eerst in de filmzaal en toen een half uur naar boven waarna een kleine pauze waarin er gebefd werd in de filmzaal en toen wij weer even en daarna in mijn favoriete kamertje ook weer een half uur of zo en afgesproken dat ik eens een dag of nachtje langskom.

12-04-2000 Triootje in de Cosmo, één heer gepijpt en zijn vingers in mijn kontje en klaar gemaakt en toen was ik aan de beurt maar was het al sluitingstijd.

28-04-2000 Goede Vrijdag in het Oeverbos, eerst een heer een beetje geholpen, daarna een eindje gefietst en bij terugkomst een triootje sjorren tot het spoot.

30-04-2000 Mijn Zuid-Amerikaanse koninginnetje van vandaag heet Claudia, ze helpt met uikleden, laat zich likken en kussen en gaat dan bovenop me zitten.

03-05-2000 In mijn ondergoed in mijn favoriete hokje in Rexane gewacht tot ik met een begerige heer alleen was, de eerste wilde niet veel maar de tweede des te meer: likken, zuigen en spuiten.

15-05-2000 In de laatste stralen van de zon in het Oeverbos in mijn onderbroek, kwam daar een oude bekende bij me zitten die dat maar niets vond dus heb ik hem maar uitgetrokken en zijn we er eens lekker voor gaan liggen en toen kwam er nog een knul bijzitten en toen duurde het niet lang meer of ik hield het niet meer.

28-05-2000 Vroeg in de morgen, diep in de nacht, nadat Saskia bij wijze van voorproefje al wat heeft zitten sjorren, laat ik me helemaal leegzuigen in de Cosmo.

15-06-2000 Mannetje in het Oeverbos liep de struiken in en ik er achteraan; dus dat werd sjorren.

18-06-2000 Fina, 25 inmiddels, herkende mij wel maar ik haar niet, pas toen ze na gedane zaken haar naam noemde ging er weer een lampje branden, was ook zo lang geleden (zie 02,03 en 07 1998), maar haar borstjes zijn nog steeds even klein en slank is ze ook nog en lachen doet ze ook nog steeds en lekker leuk vrijen en kwebbelen en zo.

21-06-2000 Vroeg in de ochtend wakker geworden met een natte droom potdorie, 's middags toch maar drie heren in het Oeverbos geholpen met sjorren en bij de derde was ik ook weer aardig geholpen.

25-06-2000 Soms hoef je elkaars naam niet eens te weten om samen in Rexane naar boven te gaan, je hoeft je alleen maar uit te kleden en te gaan liggen en dan kruip je even later op schoot en is het spuiten geblazen.

01-07-2000 Saskia.

05-07-2000 Even de tel kwijt in Rexane, één in zo'n klein filmzaaltje, toen na de striptease twee na elkaar in mijn favoriete hokje waarvan één bevredigd en toen de eerste weer zijn gang laten gaan in de grote zaal totdat ik spoot op mijn buik en mijn dijen.

16-07-2000 Eerst een tweetal heren in het kleinste kamertje van Rexane, toen met Frans op zijn frans in de grote kamer boven, lang en lekker en helemaal leeggezogen.

02-08-2000 Birgit, tikje te oud rubenstype in de Wevershoekstraat, net iets te enthousiast.

09-08-2000 Op Koos zijn handdoek in een afgeschut hoekje in het Oeverbos in de zon en even later gespoten op Koos zijn buik.

16-08-2000 Jeanine, slanke donkere meid, lag heel verleidelijk te liggen op haar smalle bed in een Haags steegje, toen ik eenmaal binnen was kronkelde ze zich ook heel verleidelijk tegen me aan, op haar verzoek even haar kutje gesabbeld en gezogen en toen ook nog daarbinnen geweest en lekker gespoten.

28-08-2000 Eerst boven oudere heer klaar gemaakt, daarna gepijpt door Indonesische heer en door een Turkse heer in een lekker grote groep klaargesjord in een donker hoekje in Rexane.

01-09-2000 Eerst in de filmzaal van Rexane met een heer zitten sjorren en pijpen; toen in mijn favoriete hokje met een echt oudere heer gepijpt en gerukt; beetje geen betast in een donker gangetje en daarna op golven van inmense geilheid gepijpt door hindoestaans type in de darkroom en gelijkertijd door andere heer betast tot ik hangend aan een balk waanzinnig klaarkwam.

06-09-2000 Ontmoeting met Sylvia, kleine Spaanse masseuse op de Dordtselaan; neemt de tijd voor haar werk dus heb ik ook maar even de tijd voor haar gave lichaam met kleine borstjes genomen: strelen, tasten, likken en toen klaargekomen in haar warme kutje en nog heel even blijven liggen.

13-09-2000 Diverse heren in Rexane waaronder een oudere gewillige hoer; me uiteindelijk in een donker hoekje af laten rukken.

23-09-2000 Saskia, dus niet.

26-09-2000 Direct na het werk een half uur een tukje in een donker hokje in Rexane en na wat geilen in de grote zaal met een oudere heer in het hokje boven gelikt en gezogen en gesjord tot het kwam.

30-09-2000 Direct na de grote overtocht op de zaterdagavond naar de meisjes in Rexane, daar zijn er bij die lusten er wel pap van en zelfs was er eentje die na betalen liet zien dat ze meer dan een meisje is, dat werd dus sjorren en spuiten geblazen.

08-10-2000 Vroeg in de morgen, diep in de nacht, een te handtastelijk mannetje laten zitten in de Cosmo maar niet nadat er op verschillende plaatsen gepijpt en gestreeld was en later, 's avonds, in Rexane me lekker op laten geilen door heren en een dame maar uiteindelijk een beetje uit zicht gelegen op de grond van de grote zaal in mijn eentje gesjord tot het spoot.

25-10-2000 Gepijpt en heerlijk van achteren gepakt in Rexane en daarna in een donker hokje me uitgekleed voor een mannetje dat alleen maar trekken wou waardoor ik veel te snel kwam.

29-10-2000 Mary (zie 16-04-1998) is nog steeds volslank en houdt niet van praten, wel van snel zaken doen en daarna snel aan het werk: pijpen en vrijen en komen en dan snel weer naar huis.

15-11-2000 In de Cosmo in de filmzaal gepijpt tot de heer in kwestie kwam in mijn mond, daarna twee maal gevreeën met andere heer, de tweede maal op zolder tot ik spoot.

19-11-2000 Heerlijke massage en daarna intiem met kleine Zuid Amerikaanse op de Dordtselaan.

25-11-2000 Vroeg in de morgen, diep in de nacht wat rondgehangen in de Cosmo, maar behalve een iets te gretige jonge Turk viel er niets te beleven, dus heb ik mezelf maar, in een hokje met een spiegel, geholpen.

03-12-2000 In Rexane twee maal gevreeën met Aad (zie 26-03-2000), en tussendoor nog met een andere heer, maar Aad liet me komen dus heb ik zijn telefoonnummer maar weer genoteerd.

03-01-2001 In het Oeverbos drie heren met mijn plassertje laten spelen, zelf van de plasser van de derde heer geproefd en daarna hem laten sjorren tot ik spoot.

10-01-2001 Me laten pijpen door een klein donker vrouwtje in den Haag, daarna lekker haar billen beet gepakt en tegen haar been gereden tot ik kwam.

14-01-2001 Drie heren klaar gepijpt in de Cosmo, maar zelf bij sluitingstijd nog even geil als toen ik binnenkwam, lekker toch?

19-01-2001 Na het werk eerst met een heer in een donker hoekje en daarna boven apart in de Rexane gevreeën en gepijpt tot nadat hij kwam, daarna tweede heer op zelfde wijze gepijpt in klein zaaltje met mannenfilms en even later daar met derde heer kennisgemaakt en die in een donker hokje ook klaar gezogen, daarna met hulp van drietal andere heren zelf ook gekomen en de wijn in Rexane is best lekker en de meisjes zijn lekker schaars gekleed en doen fijne stripteases, zeker met z'n tweeën.

21-01-2001 Helena, struise, blonde, Russische op de Dordtselaan; kan goed masseren maar alleen de rug; wordt graag gebeft en heeft heerlijke benen waartussen het goed strelen, kussen en spuiten is.

26-01-2001 Drie heren in het kleinste zaaltje van Rexane gepijpt maar zonder veel resultaat, daarna in het smalste gangetje me door drie heren laten strelen en sjorren tot ik spoot.

11-02-2001 Kort dik blond meisje van de Dordtselaan heet Wendy in het weekend, masseert net iets te stevig, heeft stevige borsten, pijpt lekker en laat zich lekker lang wippen.

14-02-2001 Get this: vanaf een uur of één in Rexane eerst twee heren gepijpt en geslikt daarna met nummer drie eerst een uurtje in klein donker hokje, waarna heel kort drie andere heren en toen nummer drie weer, die Piet heet; eerst weer een uur of langer in dat kleine hokje en toen noemde ik de Cosmo, en dat leek hem ook wel aardig dus hebben we eerst een kopje koffie gedaan in de Rexane en daarna een patatje met op zijn kosten en vervolgens naar de Cosmo, het parkeergeld voor zijn auto verdeeld en de toegang voor zijn rekening en daarna van zes tot negen in de Cosmo en get this: daarna vanwege de hitte en het vele langdurige vrijen weer op huis aan zonder een druppel gespoten te hebben en ik wilde mijn mobiele nummer nog geven maar dat hoefde ook al niet.

18-02-2001 Slank, donker en niet te lang meisje in Den Haag kust en pijpt en laat zich neuken.

04-03-2001 Claudia, zie 30-04-2000, Zuid Amerikaanse op de Dordtselaan, nog steeds even gretig, masseert op bed, neemt lekker de tijd voor lekker kussen en na even lekker pijpen, met haar lichaam tussen mijn benen, gaat ze er even lekker voor liggen, en na het komen gaat ze nog even lekker door.

07-03-2001 Met twee heren staan te sjorren in het Oeverbos en met de tweede ook nog bijna naakt, allebei, en toen spoten we ook nog, allebei.

14-03-2001 Eerst met acht heren gestoeid in de Rexane, waarvan één leeggezogen, ook de kracht in Shirley's benen bewonderd terwijl ze over het podium slingert; met de negende heer geheel naakt in het kleinste hokje en terwijl hij me nam mezelf gesjord tot ik kwam en omdat ik nog wat tijd had nog even blijven hangen en me wild laten maken door een tiende heer maar komen kwam het er niet meer van.

18-03-2001 Hoe ze heette ben ik niet eens vergeten wel dat ze klein is en slank en Surinaams en zich en mij al uitkleed op de bank in het zicht van de buren en zacht en strelen en kussen, beetje pijpen en likken en maar lachen en dan ik naar binnen en best wel lang en dan weer terug de woonkamer in om zich aan te kleden.

25-03-2001 Claudia, zie 04-03-2001 bijvoorbeeld, herhaalt zichzelf maar wel lekker en na het lekker nog even lekker liggen kletsen over haar grote billen en haar benen zijn van elastiek.

31-03-2001 Zeven heren in Rexane, waarvan twee gepijpt en daarvan weer één gezogen, twee in een triootje en één liet me komen, naast zich in het kleinste kamertje.

07-04-2001 Geschuild voor de regen bij een kleine donkere in witte BH in den Haag, ging die BH uit, begon ze me te kussen, zie 18-02-2001, en te zuigen en toen mocht ik wippen en spoot ik me leeg.

15-04-2001 Diep in de nacht een lekker triootje in de Cosmo en daarna met een derde heer nog zoiets, maar komen deed het er niet van.

18-04-2001 Tasten en graaien en sjorren en pijpen met een viertal heren in Rexane en met de vierde naar boven en zowat helemaal naakt me laten trekken tot ik spoot.

21-04-2001 Ruby, meisje uit Equador op de Dordtselaan, masseert lekker lang en daarna nog lekker lang vrijen en likken en wippen tot ik kom.

27-04-2001 Kleine Colombiaanse in Den Haag, pijpt zonder condoom en daarna is het wippen en spuiten geblazen.

28-04-2001 Vijf heren in Rexane: de eerste effe vlug, de tweede en derde lekker lang, hoewel de tweede net te, met de vierde en de vijfde in een triootje tot de vierde kwam en me daarna met de vijfde leeggesjord.

05-05-2001 Met één heer tot drie maal toe gevreeën in de Cosmo, na de tweede keer, waarbij hij kwam, nog een tweede heer helemaal leeg gezogen, en bij de derde keer spoot ik zelf en toen hebben we nog een half uur liggen likken en kussen en zo.

19-05-2001 Met twee oude bekenden bijna naakt staan te rotzooien in het Oeverbos tot ik spoot.

24-05-2001 Hemelvaart met twee heren na elkaar in Rexane, tussendoor ook nog even Patricia bijna naakt op schoot gehad, de tweede heer laten sjorren tot ik spoot.

29-05-2001 Niet eens zo heel klein slank Zuid-Amerikaanse meisje in Den Haag bezocht en lekker liggen wippen.

04-06-2001 Pinksteren in Rexane: één heer leeg gezogen en toen met tweede heer (zie 14-02-2001) uur boven liggen vrijen en net toen hij even wilde pauzeren wilde ik spuiten en dat kon en daarna trok Patricia nog even haar bustehouder voor me uit.

10-06-2001 Weer dat slanke kleine donkere meisje (zie 07-04--2001, bijvoorbeeld) dat kust en zo, maar deze keer heeft ze me eerst nog even gemasseerd terwijl ze op mijn billen zat en na het kussen en pijpen hebben we heerlijk traag liggen wippen.

24-06-2001 In het Oeverbos tussen de muggen me laten sjorren tot ik kwam.

27-06-2001 Sylvia, kleine blanke blonde Spaanse op de Dordtselaan (zie 06-09-2000) die masseert en vrijt en pijpt en zich laat likken en dan op haar rug gaat liggen.

06-07-2001 Drie maal liggen vrijen in de Cosmo waarvan één heer van achteren maar niemand kwam.

14-07-2001 Vijf heren in de Rexane waaronder Frans met wie ik boven weer eens ouderwets lekker de tijd heb genomen.

25-07-2001 Tien heren in Rexane aan mijn plassertje laten zitten, zelf twee plassertjes leeg gezogen en ook Patricia nog even lekker beet gepakt en me uiteindelijk leeg laten sjorren in een donker hoekje.

28-07-2001 Meeting met Katja op de Dordtselaan: klein, slank, blond en jong, jong, jong en Oekraïnse, schuchter eerst maar masseert zo teder en komt dan lekker naast me liggen zodat ik haar kan strelen en in haar bruine ogen kan kijken die eerst zo heen en weer schieten en zich sluiten als mijn hand haar lippen zoekt en mijn tong haar tepels en dan is het bijna tijd dus doen we er nog iets bij en dan plotseling mag ik ook haar mond kussen en tussen haar dijen likken en zodra ik een condoom om heb pijpt ze me zacht en voorzichtig en dan brengt ze me in haar en daarna is het (zo warm!) tijd voor bad en spetter de spat en kan ik alleen nog maar dromen van nog veel langer met Katja in bad...

05-08-2001 Met vijf heren liggen rollen in de Cosmo maar het leidde tot niets dus daarna dat thuis met flink wat nivea nog wat nabehandeld.

08-08-2001 Met vijf heren staan en zitten sjorren in de Rexane, waarvan met Guillaume (zie 18-08-1999) wel drie maal met olie en zo wat uiteindelijk leidde tot zijn telefoonnummer in het notitieblokje van die leuke knul van wel 29 en behoorlijk spuiten van mijn kant.

15-08-2001 Lekker liggen sjorren in een duinkom in Hoek van Holland met uitzicht op de toppen en vandaar op mij en één toeschouwer vond dat zo vermakelijk dat hij mij ook even kwam vermaken tot ik spoot op mijn buik en in het zand.

18-08-2001 Na het straatfestival in Rotterdam nog even op en neer naar en in Den Haag geweest met een kleine Zuid-Amerikaanse die ik na het pijpen nog eens lekker lang heb liggen wippen.

27-08-2001 Twee heren in het Oeverbos laten spuiten waarvan 1 bij de parkeerplaats en bij de tweede heer spoot ik ook.

01-09-2001 Met Patricia en zeven en een halve heer gespeeld in Rexane, waarvan twee maal in groepjes van drie (dus vier) en bij de tweede keer ging een heer bij mij er achter in terwijl een tweede me van voren stond te sjorren en de derde heb ik toen maar leeggezogen en toen was er nog een heer in strakke jurk die helemaal opgewonden werd van mijn kussen in zijn hals en uiteindelijk ging ik toch nog vol maar niet echt onbevredigd weer naar huis.

02-09-2001 Vijf strippenkaart gekocht in Rexane en daarna met zes heren gespeeld, waaronder 1 triootje en een lekker gretige jonge donkere knul en uiteindelijk in een donker nisje een heer laten komen die mij daarna ook nog eens klaarsjorde.

04-09-2001 Kleine Spaanse (zie 27-06-2001) op de Dordtselaan masseert op bed, lekker likken, vrijen, pijpen en eerst heel langzaam maar dan steeds sneller stoten tot ik kom.

05-09-2001 Terwijl de bezoekers langs slenteren en de caissière haar zaakjes regelt stout geweest in het toilet annex rommelhok van het museum Het Oude Raadhuis in Leerdam.

26-09-2001 Twee heren bevredigd in het Oeverbos waarvan de eerste in zijn auto en de tweede ook mij leeg sjorde.

30-09-2001 Met drie heren gespeeld in de Cosmo, daarvan er één helemaal leeggezogen en de derde deed hetzelfde bij mij.

17-10-2001 Lekker leeg getrokken door oud heertje in het Oeverbos.

20-10-2001 Met drie heren liggen vrijen in de Cosmo en door de laatste geheel leeg getrokken met zijn vingers tussen mijn billen.

21-10-2001 Was ik toch geheel en al de naam van Diana uit Nijmegen in Den Haag vergeten, zie bijvoorbeeld 17-03-1999, foei, foei, foei en ze had al zo weinig klanten en mijn handen waren ook al koud maar dat heb ik allemaal goed gemaakt en goed gelikt en daarna goed gewipt ook.

24-10-2001 Met Jenny (?) klein Spaanse donkere best wel slanke op de Dordtselaan eerst intiem en dat lekker en lekker lang en tongen en zo en bijna ongemerkt ook nog aan het wippen geraakt en pas daarna ook nog een massage en nog wat na liggen kroelen tot ons uurtje op was.

27-10-2001 De tel beetje kwijt in Rexane maar hou het op 10 heren minstens waaronder Aad en met hem twee keer, eerst staande en daarna liggend in het enige hokje dat nog over is en hij mij lekker leeggestort.

04-11-2001 Bij Guillaume (zie 08-08-2001) op bezoek geweest en wel een uur of drie lekker liggen kussen en likken en vrijen in de huiskamer met olie en zo.

10-11-2001 Tussen de bedrijven door even een heer leeggezogen in de Cosmo.

14-11-2001 Petra, konijntje dat het doet met haar klanten, met haar vriendje, zelfs in handstand, met haar buurman en met mij en Petra is blond en lang en Gronings en doet het lekker lang en kietelt na het komen nog lekker even door.

18-11-2001 Na vruchteloos de Cosmo op de 16e de 17e in Rexane met Piet (zie 14-02-2001) in het kleine hokje en daarna met Piet naar zijn huis, eerst in de TV-kamer en toen rond een uur of elf naar bed en uiteindelijk nog net niet geslapen tot half vier en toen weer wat liggen vrijen en gespoten en toen toch iets gedommeld tot half acht en toen weer wat vrijen en weer gespoten en toen netjes naar het Zuidplein gebracht en net iets voor tienen was ik thuis.

25-11-2001 Russische Julia op de Dordtselaan geeft eerst massage en kent dan een truukje met een condoom tussen haar lippen, daarna lekker vrijen en omdat er nog wat tijd over is nog maar eens een beetje massage.

05-12-2001 Uurtje in Den Haag met al wat oudere Clarissa uit Brazilië lekker gestoeid en gevreeën en al die tijd geen condoom gezien en op het eind haar lippen rond mijn geslachtsdeel tot ik oh dank u sinterklaasje kom en keurig spuit op mijn buik, lekker ding!

09-12-2001 Laten we zeggen zeven heren aan mijn lichaam laten zitten in Rexane en ook nog een dame zien vrijen in de Dark Room en één heer zo opgewonden dat ik hem helemaal leeg zuigen kon en twee maal met Aad en de tweede maal in dat kleine hokje heeft die mijn kutje gelikt en mijn teentjes gekust en mij daarmee zo opgewonden dat ik helemaal kwam.

16-12-2001 Laten we maar zes zeggen in Rexane en één daarvan een hele dikke heer die zich midden in de bioscoopzaal voor me uitkleedde, en ook zo'n drie heren gepijpt maar er kwam er geen een en uiteindelijk in een donkere nis me laten betasten en grijpen en mezelf gesjord tot ik kwam en die dame heb ik ook nog een halve tel aangeraakt maar dat wilde ze niet, ben ik soms niet geil genoeg?

21-12-2001 Tweehonderd is vijftig meer voor bijna hetzelfde als de vorige keer (zie 05-12-2001) met neuken erbij maar gutte gut wat een lekker vrouwtje toch dat kust en likt en knabbelt en wat een billen en wat een snoetje en wat een lijf en een uur is een uur is een heerlijk uur.

24-12-2001 Met drie heren staan en zitten rommelen in de Rexane, één daarvan kwam binnen een halve minuut nadat ik me bijna naakt tegen hem aanvleide al klaar en de derde, de derde bood mijn zijn hete achterkant om in te stoten en te spuiten.

03-01-2002 Natasha, Oost-Europese in Den Haag, geeft zich een half uur voor vijftig Euro, is klein, slank, blond met krulletjes en blijft eerst even zitten om wat te knuffelen en te strelen en als we dan eenmaal liggen begint ze voorzichtig te pijpen, komt op me zitten en begint heerlijk langzaam op en neer te gaan en met haar bekken tegen me aan te schuiven tot ik spuit en dan blijven we nog even rustig liggen en gaan weer zitten tot het tijd wordt om te wassen.

05-01-2002 Met vier en een halve heer zitten en staan rotzooien op de nieuwjaarsreceptie bij Rexane en twee maal Patricia zich uit zien kleden en een van die heren wilde mijn slaaf zijn en die halve heer wilde geld om met me te spelen maar daar had ik geen zin in en net voor de tram van negen over twaalf door twee van die heren in eendrachtige samenwerking leeg gesjord in een klein hokje.

08-01-2002 Na de nieuwjaarsreceptie op kantoor uit liggen buiken in de Cosmo en na een uur of twee een kwartiertje met één heer liggen vrijen, lekker op en onder elkaar en zo tot we allebei kwamen.

18-01-2002 Met drie heren gerotzooid in Rexane, en gelijk de eerste daarvan, een heer van ver over de zeventig, betaalde drie van mijn vier borrels omdat hij mij zo'n lekker ding vond en ik hem in de filmzaal en boven, achter op de bank, lekker lang met mijn mooie rechte paal liet spelen, en bij de derde, in een nis in het donker, spoot ik mij tenslotte helemaal leeg.

19-01-2002 Ondanks Patricia is elke avond in de Rexane weer anders, zoals die ene eerste heer in dat kleine hokje die sjorde tot ik spoot, maar na het zien van al die films, met bijvoorbeeld het leek wel Turkse meisjes, die zich lekker lagen te vingeren, was één keer niet genoeg dus betaalde ik zo'n jongen die een meisje wil zijn 20 euro om me te pijpen en te sjorren in het toilet en me vast te houden terwijl ik mezelf sjorde tot ik nog eens kwam.

02-02-2002 Jonge meid uit Litouwen met donker haar op de Dordtselaan laat zich gewillig strelen en kussen over heel haar lichaam waaronder haar beide benen maar nadat ze op me heeft gezeten en ik ben klaargekomen en ze een sigaretje heeft gepakt heeft ze duidelijk geen zin meer om mijn prinsesje te zijn.

03-02-2002 Het lijkt wel lente in het Oeverbos: drie heren die wat van me willen en twee daarvan in een heerlijke sandwich met ikke als beleg daartussen tot ik kom.

07-02-2002 Roddel en achterklap in het Haagse: was er eerst zo'n slank blond meisje maar dat wilde niet langer dan een kwartier, dus nog wat rond gesjokt en toen was er zo'n laten we zeggen Zuid-Amerikaanse die wel wilde en na wat pijpen en behoorlijk stevig wippen spoot dat lekker weg maar onder het aankleden werd er op de deur geklopt: bleek die slanke blonde die kwam controleren omdat het allemaal wat langer dan een kwartier duurde, dus.

10-02-2002 Na binnenkomst in Rexane snel mijn favoriete kleine hokje in en daar eerst met Aad zitten vrijen en daarna een triootje waarvan één heer klaar gemaakt en toen met vierde heer zitten en liggen vrijen tot we zo'n beetje tegelijk kwamen.

16-02-2002 Met zeven heren in Rexane zitten rommelen, twee daarvan leeg gezogen, één in de grote bioscoopzaal en één in mijn favoriete hokje en daar uiteindelijk ook nog met twee heren in soort triootje staan sjorren tot ik spoot, en ik niet alleen.

22-02-2002 Zo'n 35 minuten in Den Haag met meisje van 28 uit Dominicaanse Republiek zitten en liggen vrijen, strelen en sabbelen en zij zelfs met een vinger in condoom in mijn kontje zitten rommelen en na wat pijpen kwam ze op me zitten om me eens lekker te wippen tot ik kwam.

23-02-2002 Na even wachten in de Cosmo triootje met grote blonde vent op zijn rug en klein slank Indisch type, duurde niet lang voor sandwich met ik in het midden met mijn pik in die grote vent en die kleine bij mij er in wat me allemaal veel te snel deed komen.

27-02-2002 In de zaal en in mijn eigen hokje en in nog wat nissen iets verderop met welgeteld twaalf heren in Rexane zitten, staan en zo'n beetje liggen rommelen en één daarvan klaar gemaakt en de laatste maakte mij weer klaar.

02-03-2002 Was er een Zuid Amerikaans meisje in Den Haag en dat wilde nadat ik haar 50 Euro betaalde dat ik mijn overhemd aanhield, neuken vond ze maar lastig en met pijpen en sjorren kwam ze ook niet ver dus werd ze bedankt en toen was er een ander Zuid Amerikaans meisje, slank en lang en die had maar 30 Euro nodig om me eerst met haar borsten te strelen en toen mijn tepels te likken en me te pijpen tot ik bijna kwam en toen ging ze op haar slanke rug liggen en spoot ik zo in haar leeg.

08-03-2002 Vier piemels in mijn mond gehad in Rexane waarvan twee tegelijk, twee piemels leeggezogen en dan nog met twee heren gespeeld waarvan er één kwam maar zelf heb ik alles bewaard voor Patricia, of Petra (lang en blond en bloot), of morgen, of zo.

09-03-2002 Alweer met zes (of waren het er stiekem vijf) heren in Rexane gespeeld, daarvan twee maal met Aad maar die wil eigenlijk alleen maar in mijn kontje zitten, twee heren gepijpt waarvan één leeggezogen en als laatste bijna naakt in grote zaal door oudere dikke heer leeg gesjord.

27-03-2002 Met een heer in het Oeverbos, long Jane no see, gesjord tot ik kwam en kwam en kwam.

01-04-2002 Tweede paasdag: veel te warm met mijn trui aan in Rexane en Aad was ook daar en nog elf heren die allen wilden grijpen en graaien tot ik het niet meer hield, uiteindelijk.

03-04-2002 Klein slank Zuid-Amerikaans meisje in Den Haag pijpt en berijdt me en laat zich dan nemen op z'n hondjes en op haar rug, bijt m'n tepels en sjort me tenslotte tot ik spuit.

10-04-2002 Nederlands meisje op de Dordtselaan masseert en kust en vrijt en pijpt en wipt en rookt dan na afloop een sigaretje om daarna nog lekker wat te liggen kletsen en knuffelen.

17-04-2002 Niet lang na binnenkomst in Rexane mijn vingers moeten wassen omdat ze diep, daarna met andere kerel tepels gezogen en weerzien met Piet, half uurtje voor genomen en toen met tweede heer boven in de filmzaal lekker vrijpostig bezig geweest, kwam overigens nog een heer bij, tenslotte weer met Piet beneden tot ik spoot op zijn buik.

21-04-2002 Patricia is ouder dan Patricia, heeft een kamertje in Den Haag en komt uit een ver land, streelt me met haar borsten, kust me en begint dan te pijpen, en als ik kom gaat ze nog even door en streelt dan zachtjes mijn benen.

28-04-2002 Slanke lange Lisa op de Dordtselaan heeft blond haar en komt uit Polen, praat weinig, masseert op bed, pijpt en laat zich gretig vingeren, komt daarna boven op me zitten en gaat even later op haar rug, schenkt als ik klaar ben een glaasje cola en masseert me dan nog een keertje na.

30-04-2002 Van kwart over drie tot kwart voor negen in Rexane: drie heren gepijpt en gerukt en klaar gesjord door de derde heer en toen ik wegging kwamen net de meiden binnen en verstuikte ik mijn enkel als straf voor het plassen in alle donkere hoekjes: leve de koningin!

09-05-2002 Hemelvaart in de Delftse Hout en daar waren meerdere heren die aardig opgewonden raakten toen ik me helemaal uitkleedde en in een afgeschermd hoekje ging liggen en me eens lekker begon te sjorren en één van die heren hielp nog wat tot hij kwam en een tweede heer spoot zich ook lekker leeg maar ik hield me in.

10-05-2002 Van alle gretige heren die mijn gewillig gesjor met mijn broek een beetje naar beneden in het Oeverbos zagen was er maar één die het niet houden kon en me liet helpen tot hij kwam en ik hield het droog.

11-05-2002 Kort en heftig pijp en sjor triootje in de Cosmo en raad eens wie er als eerste spoot en de rest verder hun gang liet gaan?

17-05-2002 Eenmaal in het Oeverbos eerst mijn korte broek uitgetrokken tussen de muggen en toen op een rustig plekje wat staan te sjorren tot twee heren mij kwamen helpen tot één van hen spoot en daarna met een derde heer, beiden vrijwel uitgekleed, staan sjorren tot ik kwam.

20-05-2002 Lange slanke donkere Zuid Amerikaanse meid in Den Haag laat zich vingeren en neuken met condoom op een mooie pinksterdag totdat ik stotend klaar kom.

29-05-2002 Een woensdagmiddag in de darkroom van de Cosmo met vier heren in wisselende samenstelling tot een kwartet aan toe en uiteindelijk na veel vrijen in de eerste en laatste heer gekomen.

31-05-2002 Zie 21-04-2002 voor lekker lang kussen, in mijn hals ook en mijn oren en gestreeld worden door haar borsten en na wat pijpen op me gaan zitten en dan op haar rug gaan liggen en mij laten stoten tot ik kom, alleen jammer van die telefoon er steeds tussendoor.

02-06-2002 Rob (zie 15-05-2000) houdt nog steeds een plekje voor me vrij op zijn handdoek in het Oeverbos en een paar slokken bier mag ik ook nog als ik maar wil pijpen tot hij spuit en daarna wil hij best doorgaan met strelen en sjorren in de zon tot ik ook kom.

15-06-2002 Met een heer in een donkere nis in de Rexane en al snel verhuisd naar de bioscoopzaal, daar kwam een oude bekende bij voor een bijna naakt trio met vier gretige handen die me zo streelden en opwonden dat ik even een pauze nodig had, bijvoorbeeld met een heer in het kleinste zaaltje en met een jonge dame die dat niet was en alleen op de bank helemaal voorin in de grote zaal en daarna weer met de tweede heer in een nis en daar kwam ook nog een derde, dus vijfde bij, en toen met de tweede heer naar boven om op de bank weer bijna naakt en uiteindelijk met hem naar mijn favoriete kamertje en daar was nog een heer en die mocht blijven voor een intens naakt trio met weer vier handen die me streelden en opwonden tot ik het niet meer hield en spoot.

23-06-2002 Vier heren in Rexane waarvan de eerste in het kleinste hokje een beetje sado, beetje pijn, Aad als tweede, dan een oud ventje even laten sjorren en andere oude bekende als vierde om me klaar te laten sjorren.

02-07-2002 Rose, grote bruine vrouw in Den Haag, is niet helemaal uitgekleed maar dat geeft niet, lekker lang liggen knuffelen en sabbelen en dan lekker gepijpt worden terwijl haar borsten me strelen en uiteindelijk tussen haar dijen waar het ruim is en warm en ik langzaam stotend kom.

06-07-2002 De lange blonde barjuffrouw met bril van Rexane naakt in een lesbische show met Patricia en daarvoor en daarna ikke met heertje van misschien wel 80 of ouder liggen, zitten en staan rommelen: eerst in het kleinste hokje en dan ook even boven en als laatste in de grote zaal bijna naakt met mijn broek op mijn enkels, met publiek, stotend in zijn pijpende mond tot ik kom en daarna nog even lekker geknuffeld.

17-07-2002 Vijf heren in het Oeverbos waarvan twee triootjes waarvan het tweede na vijf en half uur bakken zo rond half zes op een vrijwel leeg groot veld: eerst door één heer gestreeld en getrokken en toen kwam daar een blonde knul bij van misschien net 18 die daar behoorlijk geil van werd met een heerlijk grote lul in zijn Calvin Klein onderbroek die ik mocht pijpen en strelen tot eerst ik en toen ook hij kwam.

20-07-2002 Lili uit Litouwen op de Dordtselaan masseert eerst, pijpt dan en laat zich lekker opvrijen waardoor het stoten daarna snel tot komen leidt met dan nog wat kletsen, masseren en knuffelen als toetje.

27-07-2002 Staan vrijen in het Oeverbos, me door een heer van over de 50 laten betasten en bestrelen met niets dan mijn schoenen aan en me ook nog eens voorovergebogen zodat eerst zijn vinger en later meer maar uiteindelijk sjorde hij zich klaar en ging ik nog vol maar toch bevredigd weer naar huis.

02-08-2002 Me voor de storm uit door twee mannen laten sjorren in het Oeverbos maar van niets kwam niets en dan was daar ook nog een luchtig geklede dame die heel wat van plan leek maar ja, die storm hé?

03-08-2002 Met 12 heren liggen, zitten en staan rotzooien op diverse plekjes in Rexane waarbij enige oude bekenden en de eerste was ook de laatste en die knuffelde me zo in de grote zaal dat ik het sjorren niet laten kon en spoot.

05-08-2002 Na een tochtje door de Geleensestraat een oude kennis in het Haagse (zie bijvoorbeeld 21-12-2001) eerst voor een uur knuffelen, kussen, vrijen en likken en dan nog wat erbij omdat het niet ophoudt tot 69 aan toe en uiteindelijk weten haar gulzige lippen me tot haar gespeelde verbazing zonder condoom klaar te krijgen wat ze netjes schoonlikt ook nog.

07-08-2002 Onder een boom geschuild voor de regen in de Delftse Hout met alleen mijn schoenen aan en onderwijl een beetje met mijn plasser gespeeld tot vermaak van de heren die daar stonden en later een rustig plekje in de zon uitgezocht en ook daar kwamen meerdere heren voorbij en twee haalden hun speeltje uit de broek en een daarvan vond me lief en knuffelde en sjorde me tot ik spoot.

10-08-2002 Marie José‚ en Patricia hebben hun lesbische act verder uitgebouwd met likken en 69 en zo en ik heb met, nou, 10 man zitten en vooral staan rotzooien in Rexane met twee cola jenever en één heel korte penetratie en uiteindelijk sjorwerk in een kwartet in een donkere nis tot ik spoot op de grond en dat alles zonder sokken aan.

14-08-2002 Tot niets leidend knuffelpartijtje met oude heer in het Oeverbos thuis met mijzelf en mijzelf nabehandeld.

17-08-2002 Met twee heren gespeeld in de Cosmo, met eentje kort en met de ander zo mogelijk nog korter en dat in mijn eentje nabehandeld in de kelder van de Cosmo-bar die ik na de derde colajenever ontdekte.

21-08-2002 Heen en weer en op en neer geweest in Rotterdam met zes heren op de woensdagmiddag in Rexane, een heer gepijpt en geslikt en nog een ander klaar gekregen nadat hij eerst mij leeg gezogen had en daarna nog lekker blijven hangen voor Patricia en nog wat geknuffeld en uiteindelijk een tweede maal leeggezogen in de grote zaal.

24-08-2002 Eerst vier heren in Rexane in een kwintet op een kluitje, daarna Patricia en Marie José‚ en net voor de tram zo'n meisje dat geen meisje is in het toilet tot ik kom.

31-08-2002 Geen namen nodig bij zo'n klein slank lichtdonker poppetje in Den Haag dat tepels kust en pijpt en na wat afdingen voor nog wat meer zich klaar laat likken en daarna gaat ze op haar rug liggen en is het eigenlijk zo bekeken.

04-09-2002 Storing in het kleinste zaaltje van Rexane maar toch nog twee maal daar met dezelfde heer en daartussen nog vier andere heren maar die eerste die de laatste was wilde dat ik op hem spoot dus uiteindelijk ben ik op hem klaar gekomen.

09-11-2002 Eindelijk, na ook nog bijna zo'n klein oud vrouwtje in een doodlopend gangetje in het Haags Gemeentemuseum halfnaakt te hebben laten schrikken, en dat na wat gerommel in diverse toiletten, eindelijk weer eens een klein, slank, halfdonker vrouwtje (zie 31-08-2002) gestreeld en geknuffeld en gekust en me laten strelen en knuffelen en kussen en pijpen en daarna nog lekker gewipt en gespoten ook.

17-11-2002 Sandra uit Den Haag is groot en blond en Hollands en na twee glazen wijn in Delft kost het best nog wel wat knuffelen en kussen en likken en pijpen tot ik uiteindelijk in haar kom.

24-11-2002 In de ochtend een heer op de parkeerplaats van het Oeverbos klaar gemaakt: hij in zijn auto, ik tegen het portier geleund met de broek op de knieën en zijn hand op mijn billen; 's avonds met de metro naar Capelse brug, daar opgepikt door 62 jarige Frits, met hem naar zijn flat gereden waar wij ons na wat inleidend kroelen beiden uitkleden en eerst op de bank en daarna in bed elkaar betastten en streelden en kusten en likten en pijpten en uiteindelijk schoof Frits zich tussen mijn dijen, pakte mijn ballen in één hand en trok me af met de ander tot ik spoot, daarna hebben we nog wat gevreeën in de huiskamer en rond half elf bracht hij mij weer terug naar de metro.

07-12-2002 Met een tussenstop in de Bijenkorf naar Frits om van ongeveer half zeven tot negen uur te vrijen, kroelen, likken, zoenen, strelen, pijpen en twee keer te komen met Frits.

12-12-2002 Kleine, blonde, Spaanse Sylvia op de Dordtselaan (zie 04-09-2001) masseert een beetje, vrijt en pijpt dan een beetje terwijl ik aan haar ronde borsten mag zitten en dan mag ik haar neuken tot ik in haar kom.

18-12-2002 Na me verslapen te hebben op de bank rond acht uur op de 17e door Frits van het busstation gehaald, en dan eerst op de bank en dan naar bed en na één keer komen wat drinken met bitterballen en dan weer terug naar bed en kroelen en vrijen en zo tot we bijna tegelijk komen en dan nog wat slapen ook en de volgende ochtend zo rond half negen nog eens wat kussen en trekken tot ik voor de derde keer kom en dan een ontbijtje met sinaasappelsap en warme zoete broodjes.

21-12-2002 Het is al weer donker op de kortste dag als ik Isabella uit Italië in den Haag verlaat, Isabella is klein, slank en donker en een jaar of 40 en heeft een zoontje en hoewel ik maar een beetje betaal mag ik haar niet alleen strelen en kussen maar ook tongzoenen en likt ze heerlijk bij het pijpen dus betaal ik nog iets minder bij zodat we nog wat langer kunnen kroelen en ik haar ook kan likken tot ze trilt en steunt en ah roept en dan schuift ze me in haar en beweeg ik heen en weer in haar kutje tot ik spuit.

24-12-2002 Belinda, grote, blonde professional in Amsterdam doet ook SM maar niet per s‚ dus ook kroelen en knuffelen en likken en zoenen en pijpen en nat worden als ik haar vinger en nog eens pijpen en dan op haar rug en haar heupen bewegen mee met het stoten en na het komen blijft ze nog even lekker liggen voor een laatste knuffel voor ik ga.

29-12-2002 Diana op de Pieter de Hoochstraat in Rotterdam noemt zich Carla in haar advertentie maar vergeet dat over de telefoon, Diana is groot, dik, blond en 40 (misschien wel 50) plus, Diana doet even strelen, even knuffelen en dan vlug er in en vlug er weer uit en dan vlug nog even trekken tot ik spuit.

03-01-2003 Gisteren rond 19.00 uur naar Metro en vandaar met Frits naar zijn huis, koffie met appelflap, oliebol en veel gekroel, daarna naar bed en na de eerste maal komen rond 22.00 uur er weer even uit voor twee maal cola jenever, daarna beetje gedut en beetje gevreeën en om ongeveer 02.00 uur nog eens gespoten, nauwelijks geslapen en om 08.00 uur was het voor de derde maal raak, daarna gedouched, ontbeten met kerststol en weer richting Metro.

18-01-2003 Me een half uurtje door Patricia uit Den Haag (zie bijvoorbeeld 31-05-2002) laten kussen en knuffelen en nog meer kussen en knuffelen en dan pijpen en zij op haar rug met glijmiddel tussen haar dijen zodat ik lekker lang kan stoten en nadat ik kom mag ik op mijn buik gaan liggen zodat zij me nog even lekker kan masseren.

22-01-2003 Na het stemmen en de boodschappen en zo rond elf uur naar Frits en daar meteen het bed in, en na de lunch met bitterballen nog eens een keer dus twee keer klaar gekomen voor Frits me rond een uur of half vijf weer naar Metro bracht.

26-01-2003 Julia uit Polen op de Dordtselaan is blond, niet zo lang en niet echt slank, maar zeker ook niet mollig of zo, gaat meteen op bed zitten en als ik er bij kom schuift ze lekker tegen me aan, eerst wat kroelen en dat lieve gezichtje kussen, daarna pijpt ze en komt ze bovenop me zitten, dan gaat ze op haar rug liggen en als ik eenmaal gekomen ben is het tijd voor de massage en daar neemt Julia ruim de tijd voor en als laatste gaat ze nog eens lekker tegen me aan liggen zodat we elkaar zachtjes kunnen strelen en bijna in slaap vallen.

01-02-2003 Ik was nog geen kwartier bij hem of één, twee, drie Frits zijn ballen gelikt tot hij kwam en daarna ik ook vrij snel en later na de thee op de bank kwam ik nog een keer.

08-02-2003 Carmelia uit Den Haag, jong, slank, klein en lichtdonker getint met een lief lachend smoeltje gaat eerst zitten om zachtjes te strelen, laat zich tussen de benen voelen maar niet voor ik mijn handen gewassen heb, pijpt dan en gaat boven op me zitten en doet daarbij al het werk en uiteindelijk gaat ze op haar rug liggen en kan ik stotend in haar komen.

12-02-2003 Twee keer gekomen op een middag bij Frits en dat zonder zijn speeltjes.

16-02-2003 Lange, slanke, blonde, Poolse Lisa op de Dordtslaan (zie 28-04-2002) masseert me zachtjes op een zondagmiddag en laat zich dan strelen en likken vooral en 69 ook en dan gaat ze op haar rug liggen en als ik gekomen ben geeft ze nog wat massage en alles bij elkaar ook 2 glazen cola, een hand vol kaartjes en een rubbertje voor thuis.

21-02-2003 Donderdagavond de 20e rond half tien richting Frits vertrokken en om kwart voor elf hadden Frits en ik elkaar in de gang al aardig uitgekleed en twee colajenever en wat stukken kaas later lagen we in bed en nadat ik gekomen was vielen we nog in slaap ook om zo rond half twee in de nacht nog wat te kroelen en 's ochtends tegen achten nog eens waardoor ik kwart voor negen weer kwam en toen waren er ook nog warme net gebakken broodjes en bracht Frits me naar de metro.

26-02-2003 Van 18.55 uur tot 21.15 uur op en neer in Den Haag geweest waar klein slank lichtdonker vrouwtje (zie bijvoorbeeld 09-11-2002) me kust en streelt en met zich spelen laat en zich klaar laat vingeren voor wat extra's en daarna ga ik tussen haar benen liggen, schuif in haar en stoot me langzaam klaar.

01-03-2003 'S middags wat rondgekeken bij het Oeverbos maar het was er koud en kaal en er reden wel auto's maar niemand had interesse, na het eten met bus en trein naar Lombardijen NS, daar opgepikt door Kees die me meenam naar zijn woning waar hij in het halletje al in mijn broek en overhemd begon te graaien, na koffie en het bekijken van de foto's van zijn kleinkinderen naar boven, ons uitgekleed en lekker op bed gaan liggen om te kroelen en te vrijen en te likken en tegen elkaar aan te rijden waarbij hij bovenop me ging en me reed tot ik kwam, daarna heb ik zijn lekker dikke pik gezogen en zijn ballen gelikt tot hij spoot en natuurlijk bracht hij me daarna weer keurig terug naar het station.

19-03-2003 Dinsdagavond de 18e na het acht uur journaal langzaam richting metro vertrokken en om tien uur lagen Frits en ik in bed om na een halfuurtje wat te drinken met een kroket en klaar te komen op de bank, daarna terug naar bed en nog wat gevreeën en Frits geneukt en klaar gemaakt, wat liggen dommelen en ook nog wat geslapen tot een uur of zeven in de ochtend en daarna weer liggen vrijen en neuken en klaar gemaakt en om een uur of negen opgestaan en ontbeten.

28-03-2003 Naamloos klein slank donker jong meisje in Den Haag spreekt Spaans, geen Engels of Nederlands maar weet wat rustig is en doet het dus ook rustig aan met strelen en het likken van mijn tepels en pijpen en dan bovenop me en tenslotte op haar rug waarbij ik na best nog wel lang en diep stoten in haar kom.

30-03-2003 Na 6 maanden vrijwel niets veranderd in Rexane, eerst een heer in het kleine hokje klaar gepijpt, dan met één in een ander donker hokje staan rommelen en met hem ook even in de bioscoop, in de nis met meerdere heren waarvan ik er drie tegelijk op mijn knieën mocht pijpen en dan nog eens zelf gepijpt in de grote darkroom en tenslotte door één, maakt zeven, schuchtere heer lekker langzaam klaar getrokken in het kleinste hokje.

05-04-2003 Rond 18.00 uur naar Frits, 19.15 uur bij hem, eerst op bed hem klaar gemaakt, dan hij mij op de bank na de koffie, weer naar bed en wat getukt en toen weer wat gedronken en hij mij nog eens klaar gemaakt op de bank, nog wat gedronken, wat gebabbeld en daarna iets na tienen weer naar Metro gebracht.

12-04-2003 Jennifer, donker, slank, klein, Italiaans meisje op de Dordtselaan (zie 24-10-2001?) spreekt vloeiend Nederlands, masseert, vrijt, pijpt, laat zich overal kussen en dan vingeren, gaat ruggelings op me zitten en even later liggen op haar rug, laat zich tongen terwijl ik stoot, pakt na het komen een sigaretje, komt lekker tegen me aan liggen en kletst en streelt dan het uur vol.

15-04-2003 Met vier heren staan, zitten en liggen vrijen in Rexane, waaronder boven in een lege zaal waar ik eerst in mijn eentje naakt op de bank achterin lag en vervolgens met mijn tweede flesje bier en met twee heren waarvan er één zo opgewonden van mijn lichaam werd dat hij in mijn gezicht en op mijn lippen klaar wilde komen waar ik geen probleem mee had want zo kon ik zijn heerlijke sperma proeven en slikken en daarna heb ik in de grote zaal beneden nog naakt op het nieuwe kunstleren matras gelegen en getrokken maar niemand was geïnteresseerd dus toen heb ik toen het laat werd en bijna iedereen al weg was de hele boel nat geplast: in de zaal, in de nissen en in de darkroom en daar ben ik tenslotte op de grond gaan liggen en heb mezelf afgerukt omdat ik het niet meer hield.

19-04-2003 Jeanine is een lange, lenige, slanke, blonde, jonge meid die danst in de Rexane en dat heeft ze geleerd, volgens het barmeisje, van Patricia die zich tegenwoordig ook laat beffen door een heer uit het publiek terwijl een tweede heer haar tepel likt en beiden haar dragen en zij dus zo'n beetje hoog op hun schouders achterover ligt zodat iedereen het goed kan zien en ik heb mezelf alles aangeleerd, in de nissen en hokken en zalen waar ik deze avond met acht heren heb staan, liggen en zitten strelen, en trekken en pijpen vooral en twee heren heb ik helemaal klaar en leeg gekregen en één van die heren vond dat ik veel beter pijpte dan het meisje op het TV-scherm zoals ik met mijn tong en mijn lippen zijn eikel glimmend nat hield en zijn stijve paal gulzig in mijn mond hield tot hij hem volspoot met zijn warme romige sperma en een ander vond mijn lichaam ook zo geil en toen ik zelf uiteindelijk kwam, na ook nog eens drie biertjes, was het de achtste heer die mijn eikel schoon likte in de darkroom.

22-04-2003 Gisteren na het acht uur journaal richting Frits, om tien uur kwam ik voor het eerst klaar bij Frits in bed, om elf uur na een cola jenever en drie bitterballen maakte Frits me klaar op de bank en daarna werd het tijd om te tukken maar echt slapen lukte niet en rond twee uur in de nacht wist Frits me nog eens klaar te krijgen waarna er toch nog wat gedommeld werd tot een uur of zeven in de ochtend en na nog wat vrijen wat tot niets leidde wist ik mezelf in de douche in mijn eentje nog eens klaar te krijgen om een uur of half tien.

30-04-2003 Oranje en ik boven op Chantal, lange blonde Nederlandse meid op de Hunsestraat in Den Haag die net haar krullen zet en pijpt en zich neuken laat, een beetje kletst en verder niets.

03-05-2003 Zeven heren op een zaterdagmiddag in de Rexane konden niet van me afblijven en ik niet van hen, met één van hen, zeer oud, heb ik twee keer in het kleinste hokje lekker de tijd genomen, daartussen heb ik mij boven, bijna geheel naakt, leeg laten trekken en daarna ben ik nog wat blijven hangen voor een biertje en een striptease en als laatste heb ik me in het kleinste hokje nog eens helemaal laten verwennen door een niet zo oude bekende (zie 30-03-2003) tot ik nog eens kwam.

10-05-2003 Frits met vakantie en ik met drie biertjes en Jeanine en Patricia in Rexane waar minstens eenentwintig heren mij betasten en begraaien en sjorren en kussen en likken en pijpen waarvan op twee na allen in die ene nis, jong, oud, groot en klein en een van hen een oudere heer die ik nog heb laten zitten maar voor wie ik me wel bijna helemaal heb uitgekleed in mijn favoriete hokje en waarmee ik nog wel eens een keertje het bed wil delen en vijf of zes van die heren heb ik gepijpt en twee of drie van hen heb ik klaargemaakt en uiteindelijk heb ik na het nodige trek en duwwerk mezelf ook leeg gespoten.

14-05-2003 Stipt elf uur 's ochtends bij Rexane en als een van de eersten naar binnen, me boven eerst een beetje, toen helemaal uitgekleed maar er was niet veel interesse, daarna beneden in de zaal, in de nis en toen toch weer boven, met in totaal zeven heren getrokken, geduwd en gesjord, en dat zelfs in het toilet boven, en me uiteindelijk rond kwart voor twee zittend op het podium in de grote zaal met de broek naar beneden laten leegsjorren.

18-05-2003 Na Delft naar Den Haag waar Antonia, best wel lange, donkere, jonge meid achter het raam zit op de Geleensestraat, waar steeds meer ramen dicht geJanmerd worden, volgens Antonia is alles over twee maanden weg, maar nu likt ze nog mijn tepels en mijn penis en gaat op me zitten en even later op haar rug liggen waarna ik in haar glij en stotend in haar kom.

25-05-2003 Na Dunya nog even naar Frits geweest: vijf voor negen bij metro, vijf over bij Frits, eerst in bed gekomen, Frits klaar gemaakt en tenslotte ik nog een keer op de bank bij twee cola jenever en een pornofilmpje en kwart voor elf stond ik weer bij Metro.

30-05-2003 Na een paar uur fietsen een half uurtje gerust in het Oeverbos en wat met mijn plassertje gespeeld, was daar een oude kennis die me daar best even mee wilde helpen zodat ik even later kwam.

07-06-2003 In de Delftse Hout na een paar uur liggen een plekje uit de wind gezocht, was daar een heer die zich helemaal leeg liet zuigen en later een tweede die mij lekker klaar sjorde.

08-06-2003 Op een mooie pinksterdag op de Dordtselaan met lange blonde Monika (Lisa? zie 16-02-2003) die vrijt en pijpt en zich lekker laat likken en me in haar wil hebben tot ik kom en daarna een massage en dan wil ze het nog eens een keer proberen maar zo snel een tweede keer wil niet lukken.

11-06-2003 De tel een beetje kwijt geraakt in Rexane maar tien heren waren het zeker en enkele daarvan wilden gepijpt worden waarvan twee tegelijk, alleen de twee meisjes die mijn favoriete hokje bezet hielden waren een beetje teleurgesteld dat ik niet geïnteresseerd was maar ja, ik liet me veel liever helemaal leeg pijpen door de tiende heer, staande en kreunend en bijna naakt achterin de nis.

25-06-2003 Na een paar uur bakken in een afgezonderd hoekje in de Delftse Hout bleek één heer wel even bij me te willen liggen om even te sjorren en gepijpt te worden maar dat ook echt maar even dus later dat nog even nabehandeld op een bankje in een plantsoen achter de Mozartlaan in Delft.

02-07-2003 Erg rustig in de verbouwde Cosmo maar laten de vier man die boven rondhangen nu op een gegeven moment met zijn allen in één klein donker hokje belanden en bij twee van hen smaakt dat zo naar meer dat zij zich even later door mij leeg willen laten zuigen en bij één van hen lukt dat nog ook.

12-07-2003 Monika's striptease en Marie José's dildoshow op Deep Purple hebben de hoofdrol in Rexane vanavond samen met al die meisjes die zo graag een meisje zouden willen zijn en dat alles zeker na vier bier waarvan drie op kosten van Ben, over de 70, maar nog steeds (zie 18-01-2002) lekker geil op mijn mooie paal, en dan zijn er nog zes heren die mij korter of langer raken en kussen en strelen en sjorren en een van hen maakt mij uiteindelijk klaar in een heel donker hokje.

15-07-2003 Was één fietsende, donkere heer in het Oeverbos die wel even bij die naakte jongen wilde komen zitten die daar zo alleen lag te trekken en een beetje helpen wilde hij ook wel, en nadat hij zelf een condoom omdeed wilde hij leeg getrokken worden.

16-07-2003 Acht heren op de warmste dag van het jaar die in een aangenaam gekoelde Rexane een soms op zijn schoenen na naakte knul willen raken en sjorren en kussen en zo en drie daarvan komen daar helemaal klaar van en één van hen in mijn mond en bij de achtste, boven, op de bank en allebei vrijwel naakt, kom ik ook.

19-07-2003 Gevreeën, gekust en gepijpt met acht heren in Rexane waaronder en een heer die ik ook al eens eerder en dan ook nog twee meisjes die geen meisje zijn en na wat zoeken naar een ander meisje dat een beetje lijkt op iemand en dat ik wellicht een volgende keer, heb ik één van die twee, een leuk klein donker ding, betaald wat ik nog had, om mij uiteindelijk, na de lesbische show van Marie José‚ en Monika, en twee biertjes, klaar te laten komen.

20-07-2003 Even een herentriootje in het Oeverbos, maar het leidde tot niets.

26-07-2003 Victoria, meisje op de Dordtselaan (?, zie 26-01-2-003 voor Julia uit Polen) is in een kroelbui: eerst een beetje vrijen, dan wat pijpen en nog eens wat knuffelen, tot ik op haar ga liggen en vrij snel in haar kom, dan is het tijd voor een massage en daarna is er nog tijd genoeg om even lekker bij elkaar te liggen.

30-07-2003 Vanessa, jong slank Nederlands meisje op de Hunsestraat in Den Haag pijpt, neukt, laat zich neuken en geeft nog netjes twee keer een hand ook.

02-08-2003 Bij elkaar acht heren in Rexane die zich met mij vermaakten waaronder één vrijwel naakt in de grote filmzaal, en dat alles ondanks dat mijn favoriete hokje voor het grootste deel van de avond werd bezet door een jonge meid die daar naakt rondhing en wel pap lustte van heren, maar aan dat feestje heb ik niet meegedaan, wel heb ik me uiteindelijk rond kwart voor twaalf, na drie biertjes, in een donkere nis in een sandwich, weer vrijwel naakt, klaar laten sjorren.

07-08-2003 In de hittegolf toch even langs het Oeverbos gefietst, daar een half uurtje liggen dommelen in de schaduw en toen wat met mijn plassertje liggen spelen en van de vier mannen die dat wel leuk vonden was er één die, eenmaal tussen de bosjes, wel een handje wilde helpen tot ik kwam.

25-08-2003 Trio met twee oude bekenden in het Oeverbos die niet van me af konden blijven en me streelden en sjorden tot ik kwam.

26-08-2003 Jill op de Hunsestraat in Den Haag is klein, lichtdonker, slank, amper twintig, heeft haar eigen e****tbureau, kleine, mooie borsten en vrijt en pijpt en laat zich neuken tot ik in haar kom.

30-08-2003 Er waren laten we zeggen 10 heren in de Rexane die me raakten, streelden, kusten, pijpten en sjorden, twee daarvan heb ik klaar gekregen en één van hen spoot zich helemaal leeg in mijn mond, ook was er een heer die een dame wilde zijn en van lekker lang vrijen in een afgesloten hokje bleek te houden en dan was er nog een nieuwe donkere stripteasedanseres die mij een tepel aanbood om even lekker aan te sabbelen en tenslotte was er de vertrouwde donkere nis waar twee of drie man tegelijk me streelden en raakten en ik mezelf klaar sjorde.

03-09-2003 Niet alleen dat mijn favoriete hokje in Rexane even bezet was door een meid die er zin in had: even later liet ze zich ook nog eens uitgebreid betasten in de dark room waarbij ik ook nog even een borst in mijn hand kreeg en rond een uur of half elf lag ze op het podium bij de bar boven om zich eens lekker door meerdere mannen te laten pakken en terwijl dat alles zich afspeelde waren er zeven heren (waaronder één die eigenlijk een meisje wilde zijn) die mij raakten en betasten en zo, in de nis leidde dat een keer tot een triootje en na elven en vier biertjes belandde ik zelfs op de stoel achter in de nis, vrijwel geheel naakt twee mannen tegelijk pijpend terwijl een derde zich er zo af en toe ook tussen drong en één van hen heb ik nog helemaal leeg gezogen en dat alles heb ik tenslotte met een beetje hulp in het kleine kamertje van me af gesjord tot ik kwam.

07-09-2003 Na een genoeglijk etentje nog een retourtje HS gekocht, vervolgens in Den Haag op de Geleensestraat een beetje gezet Zuid-Amerikaans meisje gestreeld en gekust en me ook laten strelen en kussen en pijpen waarna ze op me ging zitten en tenslotte op haar rug ging liggen zodat ik al stotend in haar kon komen.

13-09-2003 Tussen vier biertjes en drie stripteases door twee keer klaar gekomen in Rexane: me door elf man laten betasten, kussen, sjorren en pijpen waarbij ik zelf ook aardig bezig ben geweest zowel met een lekkere vrijpartij met een oudere heer in mijn favoriete hokje als met een lange pijpsessie met drie of vier man op een stoel achterin de nis in de darkroom waarbij ik rond een uur of negen het niet meer hield en spoot, en rond elf uur tegen betaling met een jongen die eigenlijk een meisje wil zijn, en wel wat wegheeft van een oud collegaatje, in het toilet boven nog even lekker staan te kussen en stoten en sjorren tot ik nog eens kwam.

17-09-2003 Op een rustige dinsdagavond in Rexane toch nog drie heren die in mijn favoriete hokje niet op me uitgekeken raken, twee van hen krijg ik klaar en één komt zelfs in mijn mond en zelf kom ik na drie biertjes even later ook, eerst in dat hokje waarbij ik me nog helemaal geil aan mijn eigen sperma tegoed doe en direct daarna in de grote zaal waar ik me sjor tot de laatste druppel.

20-09-2003 Leunend tegen de muur van de bovenzaal in Rexane met een biertje in de hand kijkend naar een meisje dat weet hoe ze de paal moet gebruiken in haar stripteaseact en daarvoor en daarna zijn er acht heren die raken en strelen en gepijpt willen worden al is het dwars door een muur en ook is er een al wat oudere heer die naast me wil zitten en me wil strelen en trekken en dat zo goed doet dat ik hem twee keer zijn gang laat gaan en de tweede keer in de kinky zijzaal laat ik hem sjorren tot ik spuitend kom.

27-09-2003 De mannen die overdag naar Rexane komen, komen maar voor één ding, en bij acht van die mannen vandaag heb ik daar mooi van kunnen profiteren: gelijk bij binnenkomst al met een oud baasje dat niet van me af kon blijven en later in de nis in een kwartet en ook in mijn favoriete hokje waar ik tenslotte heel wat tijd met een onderdanige heer heb doorgebracht bij wie ik mij uiteindelijk helemaal naakt helemaal leeg spoot.

28-09-2003 Stonden twee Hollandse meisjes achter een raam op de Hunsestraat en voor eerst 60 maar liever 100 afgerond 110 werd uiteindelijk 135 Euro wilden ze me wel met z'n tweetjes strelen en elkaar tongen en me met z'n tweeën tegelijk pijpen en omstebeurt op me zitten terwijl ik met de tepels van de ander speelde en tenslotte ging de krullenbol van de twee voor me zitten zodat ik van achteren in haar kon stoten terwijl die ander mijn ballen streelde tot ik spoot.

01-10-2003 Me in mijn eentje klaar staan sjorren in een donkere installatie van Nico Varsellani in Witte de With.

04-10-2003 De geruchten dat Rexane sluit aan het einde van het jaar worden steeds sterker maar vanavond hebben we nog talentenjacht met twee mannelijke strippers en daar tussen door lange, slanke, blonde Jeanine en Marie José twee maal met een dildo tussen haar dijen en daar weer tussendoor hang ik een keer of vier rond in donkere nissen en kamers beneden om totaal zo'n 14 mannen de kans te geven mijn lichaam te strelen en kussen en me te gebruiken en dat soms met zijn drieën tegelijk en twee keer gaat dat allemaal zo gretig dat ik het niet meer houd en spuit.

09-10-2003 Vier heren, twee al wat ouder, twee nog aardig jong, in de Cosmo in de darkroom naast en op elkaar en likken, strelen en zuigen en daaraan vooraf al een uur met één van die oudere heren in een nis een verdieping lager liggen stoeien en vrijen en zowel boven als beneden kwam ik uiteindelijk.

11-10-2003 Dat kleine blonde ding in Rexane in die witte trui heeft geen piemel en echte borsten en kan dus echt geneukt worden, in mijn favoriete kamertje bijvoorbeeld voor 40 euro (25 eigenlijk, maar ik was in een gulle bui) en verder waren er nog vier heren die tasten en streelden en gepijpt wilden, maar lozen deed ik bij haar, die blonde Zuid-Amerikaanse...

18-10-2003 Acht heren in Rexane waarvan drie redelijk extreem, daarna Piet maar daarvoor, nu ik eenmaal wist dat dat ene meisje echt een meisje is en haar vriendin een verassing in haar onderbroek heeft wilde ik wel eens wat met allebei tegelijk en dat lukte uiteindelijk maar niet voor ik Piet vroeg ons even alleen te laten in mijn favoriete hokje maar dat heb ik dus later en vrijwel naakt weer helemaal goed gemaakt.

22-10-2003 Cynthia (Sylvia?), kleine blonde Spaanse op de Dordtselaan (zie 06-09-2000 en 27-06-2001 en 09-09-2001 en 12-12-2002) masseert rug en benen, pijpt, gaat lang en heftig boven op me zitten, gaat dan op haar rug liggen zodat ik ook lang en heftig en uiteindelijk, na het spuiten en wassen en een glaasje cola, masseert ze me nog even lekker na.

25-10-2003 De tel bijna kwijt geraakt in Rexane maar tussen drie biertjes en drie stripteases door waren er elf heren, minstens, die mij raakten, streelden, kusten en sjorden, namen en zich lieten nemen en twee maal lieten ze me spuiten waarvan de tweede maal in een triootje in mijn favoriete hokje net voor half twaalf.

28-10-2003 Cor is 61, een beetje gezet en woont op een half uurtje fietsen en Cor reageert niet vaak op advertenties maar deze klonk wel leuk en Cor is dol op pijpen dus heeft hij me op zijn bank en in zijn bed helemaal klaar gepijpt en getrokken.

29-10-2003 Tessa op de Geleenstraat in Den Haag is 19 en Nederlands en slank en best wel lang en pijpt en doet het op zijn hondjes en boven op me en op haar rug en als dat niet werkt maakt ze me klaar met haar handen.

07-11-2003 Cor wil stiekem eigenlijk een panty aan tijdens het vrijen en dat is voor mij natuurlijk geen probleem als ik deze vrije vrijdagmiddag maar lekker gepijpt en leeg getrokken wordt en lekker was het!

15-11-2003 Acht heren in Rexane waarvan de laatste tegen betaling die mij raken en kussen en sjorren en pijpen en zich laten pijpen en de laatste heer was de mooiste vrouw die ik ooit in Rexane gezien heb en bij haar kwam ik klaar.

19-11-2003 Vijf heren in Spartacus op de 's Gravendijkwal waaronder ene Gerard van ver over de zestig met wie ik alles bij elkaar, met een kleine pauze voor een glaasje whiskey en daarna nog een cola van Gerard en één van de barman, wel een uur of twee heb liggen vrijen en knuffelen en likken en sjorren in de darkroom tussen de andere heren en met wie ik twee maal gekomen ben.

23-11-2003 Celestine, klein, slank, donker, knap Argentijns meisje op de Dordtselaan vindt een uur misschien eigenlijk net te lang om te vrijen, te strelen, te kussen, op me te zitten om geneukt te worden tot ik kom en dan nog wat te masseren, dus daarna lijkt het haar wel wat om samen een klein tukkie te doen en och, ze is slank en knap en kan leuk lachen en heeft mooie donkere ogen ook als ze gesloten zijn...

25-11-2003 Vier heren gepijpt in Rexane, door twee van hen zelf gepijpt en één van hen heeft mij aan het einde van de avond helemaal leeg gezogen.

03-12-2003 Donkerblonde, lachende, lange, stevige, Nederlandse Rafaella op de Geleenstraat in Den Haag wil niet gekust worden maar vindt het lekker om gelikt te worden en pijpen kan ze ook en als ze dan echt helemaal nat is mag ik bij haar naar binnen en stoten, stoten tot ik kom.

07-12-2003 Twee maal met Piet liggen vrijen in Rexane, eerst in mijn favoriete hokje en later boven op de bank, eerst gekleed en dan steeds naakter terwijl steeds meer mannen hun hoofd om de hoek staken om even te kijken maar slechts één van hen mij even betastte, en uiteindelijk, nadat ik boven op Piet was gaan liggen, kwam ik na heel wat stoten klaar op zijn buik.

12-12-2003 Rafaella (zie 03-12-2003) wil best gekust worden, maar niet op haar mond en eigenlijk ook niet in haar nek maar dat laatste vindt ze wel lekker, net als likken, en knuffelen met haar lekker zachte lichaam is ook lekker en haar laten pijpen en haar boven op me laten zitten is heerlijk en als ze eenmaal op haar rug ligt is het stoten ook o zo lekker, en het komen ook.

24-12-2003 Kopje thee bij Jill (zie 26-08-2003) in Den Haag en daarbij ook nog wat gevreeën, gepijpt geworden, gelikt en gestoten tot ik in haar kwam.

27-12-2003 In totaal elf heren in Rexane die mij raakten, streelden, pijpten en sjorden waarvan op één moment wel vier tegelijk en dat ook nog tijdens een stroomstoring en één van hen, een al wat oudere heer, kan heel aardig tongen maar wilde mijn mobiele nummer niet hebben en de elfde was dat kleine, donkere, slanke meisje dat nog niet helemaal een meisje is maar daardoor kon ik haar mooi wel pijpen en zij mij ook trouwens en tongen doet ze ook en vrijen vindt ze vast ook lekker en uiteindelijk liet ze me, in het allerkleinste hokje, sjorren tot ik kreunend kwam.

29-12-2003 Na me lelijk geschramd te hebben aan de blootliggende veer van de bank in mijn favoriete hokje in Rexane toch nog met vijf gestreeld en gesjord en zo en voor drie daarvan heb ik me boven op de bank achter in de zaal vrijwel geheel uitgekleed zodat ik op hun schoot kon liggen en één van hen me lekker makkelijk kon pijpen, pijpen tot ik tenslotte kreunend spoot in zijn mond hij me helemaal leeg kon zuigen.

30-12-2003 Amber uit Rotterdam op de Hunsestraat in Den Haag heeft kort donker haar, grote ogen, is lang en heel erg slank met borsten die daar eigenlijk niet bij passen maar Amber pijpt me en gaat boven op me zitten en dan op haar rug liggen en laat me lekker lang stoten tot ik in haar kom.

03-01-2004 Door negen heren waarvan 1 meisje gelikt, gestreeld, gepijpt en getrokken in Rexane en toch niet gekomen maar wel aan Aad beloofd dat ik een keer langs kom en dit keer meen ik het want Aad kan vrijen en daarna ook nog mijn telefoonnummer gegeven aan een heer die gepijpt wilde worden maar zijn neefje op bezoek had anders was ik met hem mee gereden voor de nacht maar dat maken we een keer lekker goed als het aan mij ligt.

06-01-2004 Zeven heren in Spartacus waarvan de zevende een full blown homo die me geen blow job wilde geven maar wel wilde neuken wat ik niet wilde maar toch zeven heren die gepijpt wilden worden toch op de zesde dag van het nieuwe jaar nog niet gekomen maar wel gedouched met mijn horloge nog om en verder een boerenomelet met patat en sla en vier biertjes in Spartacus dat alles uiteindelijk maar thuis in mijn van binnen afgesloten kelder nabehandeld.

10-01-2004 Na de film op zuid toch nog door vier heren gestreeld en gesjord in Rexane waarvan de vierde die kleine donkere meid die ook heel lekker tepel likken kan en daarna voorover buigt zodat ik in haar stoten kan tot ik kom.

14-01-2004 Yvonne op de Hunsestraat in Den Haag is lang, donkerblond en best wel stevig en masseert heel aardig en pijpt heel lekker en gaat lekker boven op me zitten en doet dan al het werk en als ze gaat liggen neem ik een van haar stevige benen tussen mijn dijen en rij er heerlijk tegen aan tot ik kom.

17-01-2004 Twee heren in de Cosmo in de vroege avond waarvan ik de eerste, een jongeman die zich Paul noemt, helemaal leeggezogen en gelikt heb in de dark room met publiek en de tweede, een heel wat oudere heer, sjorde mij even later helemaal leeg in een nisje voor twee.

21-01-2004 Marie José met een boel badschuim, een biertje en vijf heren op de woensdagmiddag in Rexane waarvan de derde een oude bekende die lekker tongen en trekken kan en de vijfde Frans die nog steeds lekker pijpen en kussen en vrijen kan en die ik dus mijn mobiele nummer maar gegeven heb zodat hij op één van zijn fietstochtjes eens langs kan komen als ik durf.

24-01-2004 Zeven heren in Rexane waarvan eigenlijk goed beschouwd niet één echt intens heerlijk, wel een Belgische gaststripper om te demonstreren dat je dus ja wel zeker ook op K3 en die ook nog even wilde vrijen in de filmzaal met één van haar vriendjes en ook was er nog een blonde dame die maar steeds richting darkroom wilde en op het laatst in haar bh door de filmzaal dwaalde wat nogal opwond dus na vier biertjes voor 9 euro, want één van de gasten had zijn dagkaart verloren, toch maar die Zuid Amerikaanse meid die een beetje op W. lijkt gevraagd me gezelschap te houden in mijn favoriete hokje waar ze best wel wilde neuken en zo en meer voor meer, maar uiteindelijk heeft ze me toch gewoon klaar gesjord om iets over twaalven en toen ik even later op de tram stond te wachten ging er nog een paar naar binnen dus had ik even het idee het pand verlaten te hebben voor het feest echt begon.

28-01-2004 Stout geweest in het Chabotmuseum en dat thuis nog eens nabehandeld met een foldertje van de Hema.

31-01-2004 Toen ik zo rond 22.40 uur bij Rexane naar buiten stapte reed net de taxi met Jeanine voor, maar ja, ik had Marie José al gezien en me leeg gespoten op de borsten van dat kleine donkere ding, dat geen condoom bij zich had, en daarvoor, in Spartacus, had ik al twee heren leeg gezogen na een behoorlijke vrijpartij en was ik door nog een derde heer gestreeld zo vlak voor mijn twee tongfilets en frites en zo en daarbij vandaag twee glaasjes rode wijn in het museum, twee tapjes in Spartacus en twee pilsjes in Rexane, dus wat wil je nog meer.

01-02-2004 Emily, klein, slank, lichtdonker meisje op de Dordtselaan kan kussen en kroelen en pijpen en masseren en zingen ook nog maar hoewel ze op me gaat zitten en op haar rug gaat liggen gebeurt er weinig tot ze mijn condoom weer afdoet en ik haar eens lekker beetpak en mezelf leeg sjor op de handdoek op het bed.

07-02-2004 Vier biertjes en acht heren in Rexane waarvan de laatste twee in een donkere nis me helemaal klaar sjorden en daarna dat vierde biertje en Marie José en nog wat nagenieten en dan weer zo rond 22.40 uur naar huis.

25-02-2004 In ieder geval tenminste acht heren in Spartacus in soms één grote kluwen in de darkroom, van die acht er één helemaal leeggezogen en door een ander zelf van hetzelfde terwijl nog weer een ander mijn tenen en mijn billen kuste en bij dat alles heel netjes gedouched toen ik binnenkwam en toen ik weer wegging.

28-02-2004 Angelique, jonge slanke kleine Brabantse op de Geleensestraat met mooi lang donkerblond haar en een lieve lach, vindt strelen en knuffelen en zo maar liggen wel lekker maar pijpen kan ze ook en als ik haar spleetje streel wordt het lekker nat en als ik uiteindelijk op haar ga liggen en langzaam stoot lijkt dat ook wel te bevallen zodat ik lekker langzaam doorga tot ik in haar kom.

06-03-2004 Door negen heren in Rexane geraakt en gestreeld en door twee van hen gepijpt en één van hen, een oude bekende wil wel een weekje met me op vakantie maar wil me niet mee naar huis nemen en dan was er ook nog striptease in Rexane en één bijna blote meid die zomaar ronddanste bij de bar maar toch leidde dat alles niet tot spuiten van mijn kant en omdat ik iets moest lopen naar de tram nog even overwogen te blijven hangen en een nachtbus te pakken maar uiteindelijk toch om kwart voor twaalf weg naar de tram van vijf over iets verderop maar in ieder geval blijft Rexane nog dit jaar open op deze plek en daarna verhuist het feest naar de 's Gravendijkwal.

10-03-2004 Met Piet in Rexane eerst even boven, dan in de grote zaal en tenslotte in het kleine kamertje eerst nog met een andere heer erbij voor een naakt triootje maar daarna snel met z'n tweeën en uiteindelijk, toen Piet weg was, nog even blijven liggen en me door een derde heer klaar laten sjorren.

13-03-2004 Twee oudere heren in Rexane die me, terwijl ik vrijwel naakt ben, in de grote zaal helemaal leeg sjorren en strelen en daarvoor nog vier heren die me raakten en streelden waaronder een bekende heer en ook nog Marie José en twee bier en vroeg naar huis.

14-03-2004 Saskia op de Geleenestraat is jong en blond en kan pijpen en neuken en trekken maar houdt daarbij haar laarzen aan en wellicht dat het daardoor niet wil lukken dus door naar Sophie op de Hunsestraat, ook blond, ook best wel slank maar wat ouder en ook wat gretiger zoals ze boven op komt zitten om te pijpen en mijn penis tussen haar borsten te nemen en als ze dan gaat liggen schuif ik in haar en ga lekker op haar liggen en stoot en stoot tot ik in haar kom.

31-03-2004 Eén allochtoon in de Cosmo kan het opbrengen even mijn tepels te strelen, verder twee uur daar naakt rondgehangen zonder dat er iets gebeurde.

03-04-2004 Zes man en vier bier maakt Jeanine en Maria op het podium in Rexane en van die zes heb ik er twee klaar gekregen en bij één van hen ben ik zelf, voor het eerst in lange tijd, van achteren gekomen en Maria kreeg nog een kusje van me maar ik heb haar niet in badpak gezien want dat was rond half twaalf en toen was ik al weg naar de tram die pas vijf voor twaalf kwam maar al met al was ik toch voor de bui binnen.

10-04-2004 Emily op de Dordtselaan (zie 01-02-2004) knuffelt en laat zich likken en gaat dan boven op me zitten en rijdt me en gaat dan liggen totdat ik stotend in haar kom waarna er nog tijd is voor een massage en nog even lekker knuffelen tot slot.

12-04-2004 Na omzwervingen door Delft, Schipluiden, Maasland en Maassluis in het Oeverbos bij Vlaardingen beland en daar waren enkele heren die helemaal naakt rondliepen en in het gras lagen en weldra deed ik dat ook en toen was er een jonge knul die tegenover me ging liggen, zijn broek naar beneden deed en begon te sjorren en toen kon ik natuurlijk niet achterblijven maar toen ik even later naar hem toe liep stond hij op en kleedde zich haastig weer aan en dat wond mij zo op dat ik even later kwam in het gras.

14-04-2004 Vijf heren in Rexane die om de een of andere reden niet van me afkonden blijven en twee daarvan, twee oude oude bekenden, deden dat in mijn favoriete hokje met twee van ons zo'n beetje helemaal naakt en ik over hun schoten ged****erd en zij maar strelen en sjorren en zelfs tegelijk aan mijn tepels zuigen en knabbelen en ik aan de hunne en toen een van hen een pauze nam gingen we met zijn tweeën lekker naakt door tot ik mocht komen op zijn buik met zijn warme lichaam tussen mijn dijen.

17-04-2004 Tien heren in Rexane waarvan de eerste die lieverd in dat kleine hokje in de darkroom, de achtste dat kleine donkere meisje dat me zo rond kwart voor tien klaar maakte in mijn favoriete hokje en een uurtje later de tiende in de nis in de darkroom die me nog eens helemaal leeg zoog, daarna nog mijn vierde biertje en klokslag twaalf was ik weer.

24-04-2004 Vijf heren, waarvan twee maal een oude bekende, en drie biertjes in Rexane en door de vijfde heer klaar gesjord in de nis van de darkroom en iets over elven stond ik al weer op de tram te wachten en vijf voor half twaalf stond ik er nog.

29-04-2004 Vijf heren, weer, in Rexane die niet van mijn plassertje af kunnen blijven, en één van hen heb ik helemaal leeg gekregen en een andere, een heel oude oude bekende, heeft mij lekker gepijpt terwijl ik in de grote zaal tussen hem en een andere gretige vriend zat, maar van komen is het ondanks dat alles niet gekomen.

29-05-2004 Op het einde van een dagje zonnen in de Delftse Hout was er één heer die niet van me af kon blijven en me helemaal leeg sjorde.

02-06-2004 Drie heren in de Cosmo die niet van mijn naakte lichaam konden blijven en de derde nam ik mee naar de dark room boven en daar zoog hij me helemaal leeg.

14-06-2004 Omgeleid naar een ander adres op de Dordtselaan omdat mijn eigen adresje vanwege verbouwing tot september gesloten is, gevreeën met kleine, gezette Indo Chinese Millay van tegen de 50 die het condoom met haar lippen omdoet en dan pijpt en op haar rug gaat liggen waarna ik stoot en stoot tot ik kom.

20-06-2004 Alles bij elkaar zes heren in Rexane op vaderdag in iets minder dan twee uur die vooral niet van mijn plasser af kunnen blijven en sommigen van hen hebben zelf ook best een lekkere en uiteindelijk is het Piet die me boven op de bank, beiden vrijwel naakt, eerst zowat leeg zuigt en me dan laat komen tegen zijn zalig lichaam.

03-07-2004 Eerst was er een oude bekende en daarna nog een heer en met hem heb ik lang liggen en zitten vrijen, eerst in mijn favoriete hokje in Rexane en toen boven in de drukte op de bank, beiden vrijwel naakt met heel wat omstanders terwijl Marie José op het podium met haar act bezig was en tenslotte in de grote zaal beneden tot hij kwam, ook weer vrijwel naakt terwijl die vrijpostige blonde glimlachend toekeek en terwijl mijn nieuwe vriend naar zijn vrouwtje thuis ging vond ik een derde heer voorovergebogen in de donkere nis en terwijl ik hem streelde heb ik mezelf klaar gesjord.

21-07-2004 Lange, blonde meid op de Geleensestraat die niet wil kussen maar wel pijpen kan en dan boven op me gaat zitten en net als ik een ander standje wil ben ik er al en ik mag nog wel even blijven maar ja dat zal voor een volgende keer zijn want ik ben nog vol van het eten en een halve liter Lambrusco en nog een glaasje en morgen weer half zeven op.

24-07-2004 Tussen het zonnebaden door gespeeld met vijf heren in het Oeverbos waaronder een triootje met 2 oude bekenden en als laatste een heel jonge knul met een hele grote die zich lekker stond te sjorren en die ik een beetje geholpen heb door zijn strakke billen te strelen en mezelf ook helemaal klaar te trekken.

28-07-2004 Triootje met twee oudere heren in het Oeverbos waarvan één oude bekende en de ander had ik net een uurtje daarvoor ook al uitgebreid leren kennen.

04-08-2004 Dewi is Nederlands, donkerblond, niet te slank, werkt op de Geleensestraat, pijpt met het tipje van haar tong waarna ik haar boven op me laat zitten zodat ik haar tepels kan kussen onder het wippen en dan vraag ik haar te gaan liggen zodat ik in haar kan stoten en stoten tot ik kom.

07-08-2004 Een ouder echtpaar dacht 's avonds nog wat te zonnen in het Oeverbos en mij leek dat ook wel wat dus kleedden wij ons uit en gingen liggen maar toen kwam die lange kale knul op zijn scooter die met zijn grote stijve paal naar dat paar ging staan kijken zodat die vertrokken maar die paal wond mij wel op zodat ik nog even bleef totdat die knul bij me kwam zitten en ik hem toch al gauw een kwartier of zo heb liggen pijpen, beiden zowat naakt op het grote naaktveld van het Oeverbos tot iets na negenen maar we kwamen geen van beiden en nadat hij weg ging bleef ik nog even liggen maar de heren die toen nog passeerden hadden geen interesse.

11-08-2004 Twee triootjes met totaal dus vier gretige heren in het Oeverbos, het tweede met twee oude bekenden die mij nog klaar kregen ook en omdat ik dat een van de eerdere heren ook al beloofd had mocht hij me nog geen drie kwartier later helemaal leeg sjorren.

18-08-2004 Slanke, blonde, Poolse Lisa (zie bijv. 16-02-2003) zit nu op de Dordtselaan 185 en maakt er ondanks het ontbreken van verlichting een gezellige boel van met knuffelen en pijpen en gaat dan boven op me zitten in het donker en even later op haar rug liggen zodat ik kan stoten tot ik kom en dan is er nog wat tijd voor massage en komt ook één van haar collega's nog even kijken.

28-08-2004 Na een uurtje zonnen op een smalle reep groen in het Oeverbos nog even liggen trekken en er was één geheel geklede heer die dat zo geil vond dat hij best wel even bij me wilde liggen om me lekker leeg te sjorren.

02-09-2004 Op een lekker rustig plekje in de bosjes bij het Oeverbos samen met een andere heer op een boomstam gezeten en me door hem helemaal leeg laten sjorren en oh ja, een uurtje daarvoor was er ook al een heer die even met mijn plassertje wilde spelen.

22-09-2004 Gedouched in de Cosmo en daar was een man die er eens lekker voor ging liggen dus die heb ik helemaal genomen tot ik leeg gespoten was.

25-09-2004 Mary, klein slank negermeisje met grote bruine ogen op de Geleensestraat masseert en pijpt en laat zich likken en van achteren nemen tot ik spuit en dan streelt en masseert ze door en pijpt tot ik weer bijna kom maar een tweede keer van achteren wil toch niet lukken.

26-09-2004 Wat rondgehangen in de Delftsehout, bijna naakt in de zon en er waren meerdere heren daar die dat graag zagen, één van hen pijpte me en sjorde zichzelf tot hij klaar kwam en toen waren daar een fietser en een heel jonge knul die wel in waren voor een triootje sjorren tot eerst ik spuitend kwam en toen ook dat jochie met zijn lekker grote paal.

01-10-2004 Op één maal drie strippen heen en weer naar Gerard die nog geen dertig is, haar op zijn borst heeft en een lekker lange smalle pik die ik lekker heb liggen likken op zijn éénpersoonsbed waarna ik op hem mocht gaan zitten om te sjorren en op zijn gezicht klaar te komen.

13-10-2004 In het Oeverbos kennis gemaakt met gepensioneerde getrouwde André die nu twee telefoonnummers van me heeft maar komen kwam er niet van en daar was nog een man bijna naakt maar die wilde alleen zijn tepels laten strelen door een derde tot hij spoot.

16-10-2004 Zo'n zes man die op en aan me zaten in de Spartacus en daarvan een vrij lange tijd eerst in de darkroom en toen in een kamertje apart gevreeën met Gerard (zie 19-11-2003) tot hij kwam en daarna zelf in de darkroom helemaal leeg gezogen en toen nog wat rondgehangen, een boerenomelet gegeten, 3 pilsjes gedronken, Kopspijkers gekeken, op het Internet gesurfd en voor tienen weer naar huis waar ik André (zie 13-10-2004) op mijn nummermelder en de voice-mail van mijn mobiel vond.

20-10-2004 Na het ontbijt terug naar bed en liggen wachten op André (zie 13 10 2004) die iets na tien uur opbelde en even later aanbelde, zich uitkleedde en lekker bij me kroop voor een half uurtje vrijen totdat ik boven op hem tussen zijn benen en billen kwam.

24-10-2004 Meisje op de Geleensestraat is blond en best wel een beetje slank en Nederlands en pijpt en gaat boven op me zitten en dan op haar rug liggen en eerst wil dat nog niet zo lukken maar als ik even haar buik en haar borstjes en haar navel kus spuit ik alsnog tussen haar dijen.

25-10-2004 André had om half acht afgesproken maar belde al net na kwart over zeven aan voor de zegelring die hij de vorige keer had laten liggen en die ik netjes voor hem bewaard had en hij kon nog even blijven om te vrijen zodat ik even later boven op hem gezeten bijna kwam waarna ik mezelf leeg spoot op mijn eigen buik en André weer ging want zijn vrouw kwam kwart over acht thuis.

30-10-2004 Met drie heren in een nis in Rexane staan rotzooien tot ik met één van hen overbleef die me helemaal leeg zoog, daarna drie flesjes bier en een striptease en toen in het kleine hokje met dat meisje dat beslist een meisje is liggen zuigen en wippen en trekken tot ik nog een keer kwam.

11-11-2004 Kwart over acht, André is net weg, kwam tien voor half acht aanzetten voor een lekker partijtje knuffelen en stoeien en vrijen en André vindt het lekker als ik hem tussen zijn benen neuk en toen ik het vriendelijk vroeg wilde hij zelfs nog wel wat foto's van me maken, dus moet dit rolletje maar op CD Rom, en daarna mocht ik spuiten op zijn buik en gaf André mij een briefje met zijn naam en adres en telefoonnummers.

13-11-2004 Dominique op de Geleensestraat is klein, blank, Nederlands, niet te slank, lacht leuk en heeft lang donker haar dat mijn dijen streelt terwijl ze me lekker lang pijpt en daarna mag ik haar strelen en knuffelen en tenslotte gaat ze liggen en stoot ik in haar tot ik kom om daarna nog even op haar buik uit te liggen hijgen terwijl ze mijn nek streelt en krabbelt.

20-11-2004 Vijf heren in Spartacus die uitgebreid de tijd namen voor mijn slanke, geile lichaam, twee daarvan wat ouder, één die mij uitgebreid pijpte en twee omvangrijke heren die ik allebei leeg mocht zuigen en bij de laatste mocht ik daarna op zijn dikke buik rijden tot ik spoot.

27-11-2004 Kiana komt uit Utrecht, staat net een weekje op de Geleensestraat, is Nederlands, lang, slank, met lang donker haar en gaat tussen mijn benen zitten om te pijpen en dan op haar rug liggen zodat ik minuten lang stoten kan tot ik kom.

01-12-2004 Rond twee uur, dus kwart voor, afgesproken bij Bas, Bas blijkt heer van in de zeventig, slank met een slanke lange paal en een heerlijk zacht tweepersoons bed waar ik op hem en hij op mij tot ik eerst hem leegzuig en dan hij mij sjort tot ik kom en dan 's avonds net voor acht uur is daar André en na een vrij heftige vrijpartij met hij op mij en ik op hem kom ik weer eens boven op André en is het half negen en is André op weg naar huis en kan Feijenoord - Schalke 04 beginnen tot het scherm zwart wordt voor een extra NOS journaal.

08-12-2004 Melissa, klein, donker, niet te slank meisje op mijn oude adres op de Dordtselaan lacht en heeft mooie bruine ogen en mooie tepels en lang donker haar en lekker dikke dijen en wil ook best wel lekker kroelen en kan mijn rug en mijn buik en mijn benen goed masseren en kan heerlijk pijpen en likken en laat mij dan lekker stoten tot ik kom en neemt daarna nog de tijd om lekker te kletsen.

11-12-2004 Al direct na het uitkleden in de Spartacus met Gerard in de darkroom beland en daarna in een kamertje met zijn tweeën tot we allebei kwamen, dan een colaatje op zijn rekening met jenever van de kok en daarna weer naar dat kamertje, en toen Gerard even wat ging eten kon ik daar mooi een tukkie doen waarna ik bij een andere heer in de darkroom ging liggen en dat werd al gauw een triootje met Gerard er bij en even later lagen we weer met zijn tweeën en nadat ik nog een keer kwam ben ik nog even blijven liggen zodat Gerard nog wat met me kon spelen.

19-12-2004 Senna op de Geleensestraat is slank, blank en Nederlands, heeft lang, blond, krullend haar en best wel lange slanke benen in een strakke spijkerbroek en gaat eenmaal uitgekleed eens goed voor het pijpen zitten en begint daarbij lekker te wippen zodat ik haar benen goed kan strelen, waardoor ik, als ze eenmaal op haar rug gaat liggen, zo kom.

22-12-2004 Dominique op de Geleensestraat (zie 13-11-2004) kan nog steeds heerlijk kroelen en vrijen en wordt nat tussen haar dijen als ik haar benen streel en tussen haar lippen vinger en dan wil ze pijpen, lekker lang, en dan weer wat kroelen en op haar rug liggen en als het stoten dan niet helemaal wil lukken mag ik één van haar benen tussen de mijne nemen en rijden tot ik kom.

24-12-2004 Helemaal per ongeluk beland in de laatste dag dat Rexane open is, ever, en na eerst wat naakt op de bank boven gelegen te hebben, beneden met een oud mannetje staan sjorren en even later boven weer, en toen beneden in de darkroom werd ik gegrepen door een tweede oude heer die wel met mij het kleinste kamertje in wilde om een kwartiertje te spelen met mijn borsten en met zijn stijve paal tussen mijn dijen te rijden en daarna wilde Gerrit ook mijn telefoonnummer wel hebben, en daarna in mijn favoriete hok een laatste heerlijk naakt / bijna naakt trio met Piet en Jan tot die twee mij samen heerlijk klaar maakten.

28-12-2004 Vanwege de kerst veel jonge knullen in Spartacus, toch waren er vijf heren die me wilden raken en strelen en sjorren en de vijfde had een heerlijk stijve paal die ik lekker heb liggen pijpen net zolang totdat hij dat ook bij mij begon te doen en dat hield hij vol tot ik kwam in zijn mond.

04-01-2005 Na de nieuwjaarsreceptie en 4 glazen wijn naar Spartacus waar twaalf heren en knullen me willen raken, strelen, sjorren en pijpen en geraakt, gestreeld, gesjord, gepijpt en geneukt willen worden en toch ga ik op het einde van de avond zonder te komen maar sufgerukt naar huis.

15-01-2005 Helen is een blond gezet oost europees meisje op de Dordtselaan dat eenmaal uitgekleed gaat liggen en mij mijn gang laat gaan, eerst met haar tepels, dan haar navel en ook nog haar benen en daar neem ik graag de tijd voor, om ze te kussen en strelen en kneden en op ze te rijden en daarvoor gaat Helen zelfs op haar buik liggen en uiteindelijk kruip ik weer naast haar en doet ze me een condoom om en gaat op haar rug liggen en nadat ik me dan stijf heb gesjord ga ik in haar en kom in twee tellen klaar en dan is er nog tijd voor vijf minuten massage en zelfs zonder olie doet Helen dat heerlijk.

19-01-2005 Vijf voor half negen en André is al weer op weg naar huis na een uur vrijen, zodat hij eerder thuis is dan zijn vrouw, en tjonge wat was André geil en ik ook en wat reed hij tegen me op en wat kreunde hij en toen heb ik hem gepijpt tot hij kwam zonder te spuiten en daarna heeft hij mij heerlijk klaar gesjord.

29-01-2005 Om twee uur afgesproken in de Spartacus met Piet en daar een flink aantal uren aangenaam met hem gevreeën in een klein kamertje en bij de TV en op de gang en daarbij zelfs nog even een triootje gehad met Gerard erbij en toen daar ook maar wat gegeten en daarna bovenop Piet gekomen in zo'n lekker klein hokje en hem tenslotte, eenmaal weer buiten, mijn vaste telefoonnummer gegeven voor over een week of drie of zo.

03-02-2005 André kwam iets voor achten binnen en ik was al helemaal uitgekleed om hem te ontvangen op mijn bed en toen hij ook naakt was kroop hij naast me en op me en tegen me aan en kuste en streelde me en dat zo lekker dat ik zelfs wat glijmiddel pakte en tenslotte ben ik boven op hem gaan zitten en heb mezelf klaar gesjord waarna André klokslag negen uur weer de deur uit ging.

05-02-2005 Gina (of Senna, zie 19-12-2004) op de Geleensestraat is klein en slank en blond en draagt (nog steeds) een strakke spijkerbroek tot net onder haar billen maar die trekt ze uit als ik me uitkleed en dan sjort en streelt ze me en gaat eens lekker goed voor het pijpen zitten en gaat dan op haar rug liggen zodat ik best wel lang en langzaam stoten kan tot ik kom.

12-02-2005 Een uurtje liggen vrijen met Gerard in Spartacus en Gerard kuste en likte en streelde me, streelde mijn rug en mijn dijen en mijn billen en uiteindelijk streelde hij mijn penis zo lang dat ik kreunend en spuitend kwam.

16-02-2005 Heel stout geweest in een bijna lege trein tussen Amsterdam en Haarlem, hoewel er even verderop nog een meisje zat kon ik het niet laten, haalde mijn plasser uit mijn broek en sjorde tot ik spoot.

19-02-2005 Helen op de Dordtselaan (zie 15-01-2005) is ook voor een uurtje heel gewillig maar laat zich het liefst likken tussen haar dijen, en vingeren, en dan als ze goed nat is glij ik zo naar binnen en stoot en stoot zachtjes tot ik kom en dan is het jammer dat er geen olie is dus liggen we nog wat en wassen ons dan.

08-03-2005 Drie pilsjes en een boerenomelet op een dinsdagavond in Spartacus en Piet die me in de filmzaal overal pakte en kuste en me likte en ik hem ook en toen hij naar huis ging was er even later een andere oudere heer die me eerst staande in de darkroom en toen in één van die kleine hokjes werkelijk helemaal volledig en totaal leeg zoog.

12-03-2005 Nicole uit Arnhem rijdt iedere week vijf maal in haar kleine autootje naar de Geleensestraat in Den Haag en Nicole is lang en blond en slank en één van de mooiste vrouwen die ik ooit en gaat tussen mijn benen zitten om me te pijpen en gaat dan wijdbeens over me heen staan zodat ik alles goed kan zien en komt dan bij me liggen zodat ik haar kan strelen en kussen en als ik dan op mijn buik ga liggen masseert ze me eerst en streelt me dan tussen mijn dijen en daarna gaat ze op haar rug liggen waarna ik stotend in haar kom.

25-03-2005 Dominique op de Geleensestraat (zie 22-12-2004) knuffelt en streelt en masseert mijn nek en mijn rug en mijn benen en alles met haar kousen aan en ze pijpt me tot ik zo geil wordt dat ik haar vraag te stoppen en dan doet ze haar kousen naar beneden zodat ik haar benen tussen mijn dijen kan nemen en dan gaat ze op haar rug liggen en al die tijd lachen haar bruine ogen en haar lippen me toe en kus ik haar wangen en haar hals en haar neus en haar voorhoofd en heel snel haar mond en dan ga ik in haar en stoot en stoot tot ik kom en blijf dan nog even in haar voor een laatste knuffel.

26-03-2005 Twintig jaar na dato lag daar een naakte man met zijn grote stijve paal te spelen in het eerste lentezonnetje in de bosjes van het Oeverbos op paaszaterdag en even mocht ik hem strelen en met mijn vinger het topje van zijn eikel beroeren maar hij had geen zin om lekker gepijpt te worden dus liet ik hem verder met rust.

28-03-2005 Vijf heren in de Spartacus die me wilden raken en strelen en kussen en één daarvan, een forse oudere heer, nam daar uitgebreid de tijd voor, eerst in de darkroom en toen in een kamertje apart, en dat ging zo lekker dat hij me uiteindelijk helemaal leeg mocht pijpen.

13-04-2005 Na een hele ochtend slapen vanaf tien over één in de Spartacus waar negen heren mijn naakte lichaam wilden strelen en likken en pijpen en dat tot twee maal toe in de darkroom met tot vier heren tegelijk waarbij ik er zelfs in slaagde twee heren tegelijk te tongen en al vrij vroeg wond me dat zo op dat ik kwam en later, na twee biertjes, was er een heer die in een apart hokje helemaal lekker de tijd voor me nam en me zoog en zoog tot ik kreunde en snikte van genot maar komen kwam het er niet van en nog weer later, na het eten en nog eens twee biertjes, was er nog een heer die met me een hokje in wilde maar toen kreeg ik hem al niet meer stijf, dus nu is het tien voor half negen en sta ik voor een gesloten Rexane op de tram te wachten...

17-04-2005 Na een middagje plezier met maaltijd en vier wijn nog even naar de Geleensestraat geweest, was daar een klein blond gratenbaaltje dat best wel wilde pijpen en neuken maar omdat hij niet echt stijf werd wilde ik nog wat bij betalen om er de tijd voor te nemen maar toen dat meisje een blik wiep op de handtekening op mijn tweede biljet was die vals volgens haar en ook volgens één van haar collega's dus heb ik me weer aangekleed en ben zo'n vijf deuren verder op de Hunsestraat bij slanke donkere Nina naar binnen gegaan en die keek niet eens naar die handtekening en wilde ook wel pijpen en neuken en dat ging een stuk beter zodat ik even later kwam en nog steeds op tijd was voor de trein van negen uur.

01-05-2005 Vijf heren die me wilden raken en sjorren op de eerste warme dag van het jaar in het Oeverbos en daar kwamen er zelf twee van zo'n beetje na elkaar in een lekker kwartet en uiteindelijk was het een kleine Indonesische oude bekende die me tegen mijn favoriete boomstronk tongde en klaar sjorde.

03-05-2005 Na de tandarts en de Kunsthal een avond in Spartacus met Piet en omdat we om zes uur hadden afgesproken, en ik een paar uur eerder was, was er nog een heer in de gelegenheid mij te strelen en sjorren en zo maar uiteindelijk was het Piet natuurlijk, na de maaltijd en drie pilsjes, op wie ik me in de filmzaal klaar mocht rijden.

07-05-2005 Even op en neer naar Dominique geweest maar ik mag haar tepels niet kussen en niet aan haar spleetje komen dus hoewel ze heerlijk masseert en dan haar kousen naar beneden doet en lekker lang kan pijpen wil het stoten vandaag niet lukken dus ga ik er lekker bij liggen en sjort ze me tot ik kom.

21-05-2005 Lag ik nog geen twee tellen te zonnen op het gras in het Oeverbos, werd het weer bewolkt en had ik me net aangekleed kwam er een lekker oud mannetje aangelopen dus die ben ik maar achterna gelopen de bosjes in en hij wilde best wel sjorren en pijpen en toen heb ik mijn jas en mijn hemd en overhemd toch maar weer uitgetrokken zodat hij beter bij mijn tepels kon en me lekker kon strelen onder het pijpen en even later sjorde hij me helemaal klaar.

28-05-2005 Tussen de bosjes in de Delftse Hout was er een heer die nog dieper met me de bosjes in wilde om even te sjorren en even later mocht ik zelfs even bij hem komen liggen zodat hij me helemaal klaar kon trekken en pas een dag later merkte ik dat de bosjes me aardig geschramd hadden.

11-06-2005 Na een behoorlijke tijd liggen in de Cosmo was daar een lange slanke heer die me wel wilde strelen en kussen en zo en na een kleine pauze wilde hij zelfs mee naar de darkroom maar toen ik eens lekker met hem wilde vrijen kwam hij meteen dus heb ik nog maar wat rondgehangen tot er weer een kerel in de darkroom lag die gestreeld en gesjord en gepijpt wilde worden maar eigenlijk maar voor even dus toen ben ik hem maar achterna gegaan naar het bubbelbad en toen hij ging douchen had ik het bad voor mezelf zodat ik heerlijk kon sjorren totdat ik kwam in het bruisende water.

15-06-2005 Peter is gezet en 56 en woont samen met zijn vriendin en Peter voelt toch ook wel wat voor jongens ook al krijgt hij hem niet meer omhoog, daarom had hij een advertentie gezet op de datinglijn dus belde ik tegen 13.00 uur bij hem aan en na wat kletsen trokken we onze kleren uit, liet Peter het bad volstromen en gingen we op zijn brede bed liggen en na wat vrijen en strelen en pijpen zijn we in bad gegaan en heeft Peter, terwijl ik zo'n beetje rechtop voor hem zat en hij zijn handen op mijn billen hield, mij leeggezogen, waarna Peter bleef liggen en ik ook hem in het warme sop klaar pijpte en iets na half twee kleedden we ons weer aan.

25-06-2005 Een oudere heer streelde en sjorde me in de bosjes van het Oeverbos terwijl ik bijna naakt op de bagagedrager van mij fiets zat en even later vond een tweede heer dat ik een mooie lul heb en hij deed hetzelfde als de eerste heer terwijl ik tegen mijn favoriete boomstronk geleund stond maar komen kwam er niet van.

06-07-2005 Na Boymans weer eens langs Spartacus geweest en daar zes heren gestreeld en gekust en gesjord maar vooral gepijpt en mezelf ook laten strelen en pijpen en zo tot ik met mijn hoofd op de borst van de zesde kerel heerlijk klaar werd gesjord.

09-07-2005 Langs de Maasoever bij Maassluis ligt een braak landje net achter waar die grote stalen pijpen liggen en op dat landje kwam ik een oude bekende tegen dus heb ik mijn shirt en mijn broek en mijn slipje maar even uitgetrokken zodat hij er beter bij kon terwijl ik in de zon lag maar komen kwam er niet van, dat kwam pas later helemaal alleen tussen de berenklauw op mijn favoriet paadje in de Broekpolder op het einde van de motregen na een tochtje met het veer en eenmaal thuis vond ik nog een bericht op mijn mobiele voice mail van Peter die weer eens af wilde spreken omdat hij het zo lekker vond met me.

15-07-2005 Een oude bekende wilde me wel sjorren op het gras bij het Oeverbos maar echt van harte ging het pas even later in de bosjes met een tweede oude bekende erbij en dat triootje ging zo lekker dat ik er van spuiten moest.

23-07-2005 Kim op de Hunsestraat in Den Haag is een wat oudere en donkerblonde forse Amsterdamse die lekker bij me komt liggen om te vrijen en haar tepels te laten zuigen waar ze lekker nat van wordt en dan gaat ze tussen mijn benen zitten om te pijpen en te likken zodat het bij mij ook lekker nat wordt en als ik het vraag gaat ze op haar rug liggen zodat ik lekker lang kan stoten en nadat ik gekomen ben is er nog tijd zat voor een heerlijk lange massage waarbij ze haar knie tussen mijn dijen duwt en regelmatig tussen mijn benen grijpt.

27-07-2005 Met Piet afgesproken in Spartacus en daar eerst in de filmzaal en toen in de darkroom liggen vrijen en daar waren meer heren daar zodat het een kwartetje werd en toen ik één van hen klaar had gekregen werd het een triootje en die knul bleef me maar pijpen en toen Piet ook nog eens lekker dicht tegen me aan ging liggen hield ik het niet meer en sjorde mijn leeggezogen piemel zelf klaar waarna het tijd werd voor een drankje en nog wat vrijen en om zes uur ging Piet naar huis en ik een hapje sojaburgers eten.

03-08-2005 Drie heren in Spartacus konden niet van me afblijven en de eerste, een jonge knul, had me al eens eerder gepijpt en getongd en kan daar maar moeilijk mee stoppen en de derde, een wat oudere forse heer, ging zelfs voor me op zijn buik liggen en daar heb ik behoorlijk gebruik van gemaakt.

07-08-2005 Een forse blonde meid op de zondagochtend op de Hunsestraat in Den Haag wiens naam ik al weer vergeten ben wilde me, terwijl ik op mijn rug lag, wel masseren met haar tieten en begon een beetje nat te worden toen ik haar tussen haar benen streelde en haar tepels likte en toen ze wat later op haar rug ging liggen kon ik best lang stoten voor ik uiteindelijk in haar spoot en toen wilde ze, hoewel ik al betaald had, nog een euro van me hebben voor op de vloer omdat ik haar eerste klant was vandaag.

17-08-2005 Vanaf half twaalf in de ochtend bij Peter op bed, op zijn rug en in bad en toen we allebei bevredigd waren ging ik weer op pad om eerst wat poffertjes met ananas te eten en daarna op het dakterras van de Cosmo wat in de zon te liggen en me ook nog in een donkere nis lekker te laten pijpen door een jonge knul wat ik daarna wel zelf nog nabehandeld heb zodat ik tegen vier uur weer leeg en tevreden naar huis kon.

20-08-2005 Gena, een klein blond niet al te slank Nederlands meisje op de Hunsestraat met grote borsten, pijpt eerst mijn plasser stijf en gaat er dan bovenop zitten om heerlijk te keer te gaan en als ik merk dat ze daar een beetje moe van wordt mag ze op haar rug gaan liggen zodat ik soepel stotend in haar komen kan.

03-09-2005 Rond 14.00 uur in Spartacus voor twee triootjes met totaal dus vier heren, bij de eerste een heer leeggezogen en bij het tweede lag ik zo lekker in het midden dat ik na wat pijpen en strelen en trekken kreunend klaar kwam zodat ik me rond 15.00 uur al weer aan kon kleden en tijd genoeg had om nog een cdtje te kopen op de Oude Binnenweg.

10-09-2005 Twee heren die stonden te sjorren in het Oeverbos een handje geholpen tot een van hen kwam en daarna nog al sjorrend maar zonder te raken met een derde heer liggen kletsen in het gras maar komen kwam er dus niet van.

15-09-2005 Acht heren in Spartacus die me streelden en likten en kusten en pijpten en ik hen ook waaronder een aantal in een triootje of twee en een kwartet ook nog en twee van hen kwamen daarbij en uiteindelijk kwam ik ook.

17-09-2005 Een blonde Nederlandse meid van normale proporties op de Hunsestraat wiens naam ik niet uit kan spreken kroop gelijk lekker dicht tegen me aan zodat ik haar dijen tussen mijn benen kon schuiven en haar heerlijk kon knuffelen en na een tijdje ging ze andersom liggen zodat ze me kon pijpen en likken terwijl ik haar goed kon bekijken en haar natte spleetje kon strelen waarna ze op haar rug ging liggen zodat ik lekker lang stotend in haar komen kon.

03-10-2005 In het Oeverbos werden twee heren behoorlijk opgewonden van me en wilden me wel sjorren en de tweede, een oude oude bekende wilde ook pijpen en tongen en mijn tepel likken tot ik kwam.

05-10-2005 Leila op de Geleensestraat houdt haar BH aan en dat leidt natuurlijk tot niets anders dan zonder resultaat wat pijpen, op me zitten en onder me liggen maar gelukkig is Soerya op de Hunsestraat daar wat makkelijker in en ze pijpt ook beter met haar tong en zo en als ze gaat liggen glij ik zo bij haar naar binnen en stoot en stoot en stoot tot ik in haar kom.

07-10-2005 Alweer waren er twee heren in het Oeverbos die wel met mijn plasser wilden spelen waarschijnlijk omdat ik behalve mijn schoenen niets aan had in de warme oktoberzon en een van hen wilde wel genomen worden en had zelfs condooms bij zich en de ander wilde daar ook best nog wel een beetje bij helpen dus heb ik enige tijd onder aardig wat belangstelling tegen hem aan staan te rijden maar komen kwam er niet van.

09-10-2005 Een heer in Spartacus wilde best lekker lang met me vrijen, pijpen, likken en strelen en twee maal kwam daar ook nog een tweede heer bij en de tweede daarvan begon zo heerlijk mijn been te strelen en er tegen aan te rijden dat ik na wat zachtjes sjorren heerlijk tussen die twee in kwam.

12-10-2005 Oost Europese Elena op de Hunsestraat is niet te lang, niet te slank, heeft lang donker haar en drukt zich al kirrend tegen me aan als ik nog gekleed ben en eenmaal naakt gaat ze nog eens tegen me aan staan en blijft staan terwijl ik op het bed ga zitten zodat ik goed bij haar navel kan en als ik ga liggen komt ze bij me zitten om met haar borsten mijn buik en mijn plasser te strelen en me haar spleetje aan te bieden zodat ik die lekker kan vingeren en ondertussen heeft ze een condoom gepakt en dat zit nog maar net op het topje van mijn eikel of haar tong is er al bij terwijl ik blijf vingeren en dan gaat ze overeind zitten en laat me haar tepels likken en kussen en sabbelen waarna ze gaat liggen en ik in haar glij om eerst half zittend en dan liggend te stoten en als ik eenmaal lig stoot haar bekken mee zodat we heerlijk tegen elkaar aan rijden tot ik uiteindelijk zalig spuitend kom waarna ik nog even lekker haar tepels en haar navel kussen mag.

22-10-2005 Melissa op de Dordtselaan is een forse Zuid Amerikaanse dame die mijn rug, mijn nek en mijn benen stevig masseert en daarna zelf op haar rug gaat liggen en mij lekker met mijn vingers en mijn tong met haar natte kutje en dan ook nog met haar benen laat spelen waarna ik in haar glij en me snel stotend leegspuit waarna ze nog even lekker doorgaat met masseren en strelen en zo.

30-10-2005 In de bosjes van de Delftse Hout was er één heer op deze warme oktoberdag die wel bij een naakte knul op zijn honcho wilde komen liggen om me te strelen en te sjorren tot mijn paal zo stijf werd dat hij spoot.

09-11-2005 Acht heren in de dark room van Spartacus die me willen raken en kussen en likken, alleen of met zijn tweeën of drieën en één van hen kan heel goed tongen en pijpen ook vooral, net zo lang tot ik het niet meer hou en onder redelijke belangstelling kreunend mijn pik uit zijn mond neem om mezelf in een paar rukken klaar te trekken.

16-11-2005 Jill (zie 26-8 en 24-12-2003) op de Hunsestraat is heel gewillig als je de tijd voor haar neemt, laat haar benen en billen strelen en gaat daar zelfs voor op haar buik liggen en neemt dan wat olie om lekker lang mijn penis te masseren zodat hij echt goed hard wordt en dan doet ze hem een condoom om en laat haar lippen er omheen glijden en bewerkt hem met haar tong en ook met haar vingers en uiteindelijk is dat zo lekker dat ik kom net als ze vraagt of ik neuken wil.

23-11-2005 Lekker actief triootje in Spartacus met pijpen en likken en zo waardoor ik na een uur al weer helemaal bevredigd buiten sta.

27-11-2005 Met elf heren in de Spartacus gevreeën en zo en vijf daarvan leeg gezogen dat komt de zevende heer vond het wel lekker om mij te zien pijpen dus verleidde hij vier kerels die ik, sletje dat ik ben, vervolgens leeg mocht zuigen en na de vierde zijn we met zijn tweeën in de filmzaal gaan liggen en heeft hij me heerlijk gestreeld totdat ik met een beetje sjorren zelf ook eindelijk kwam.

02-12-2005 Donkerblonde, kleine, volslanke Hollandse op de Hunsestraat buigt zich over me heen om me eens lekker te pijpen en gaat daarna op haar rug liggen zodat ik lekker lang en diep stoten kan tot ik in haar spuit.

12-12-2005 Zaterdagmiddag 10 december had ik een afspraakje met een knul op de grens, maar die zag het toch niet zitten en zondagavond 11 december had ik een afspraakje met een stel net aan de andere kant van de grens waarvan hij het eerst niet zag zitten en ik hem eigenlijk ook niet en zij mij in ieder geval nu nog niet (maar ik haar, donkerblonde, goedlachse, niet te slanke, mooie ogen altijd wel natuurlijk) dus toog ik naar de Spartacus waar zes heren mij streelden en kusten en sjorden en zo en met één van hen, ene Gerard, een oudere heer, heb ik behoorlijk lang gevreeën en gepijpt tot hij rond half twee in de ochtend van maandag 12 december naar huis wilde waarop wij ons nog even klaar sjorden waarna ik nog wat pilsjes pakte, wat staatsgeheimen aanhoorde, wat rondhing en een tukje deed tot het zo'n half zes werd en ik mezelf nog eens klaar sjorde in de sauna waarna ik me aankleedde zodat ik om zes uur op de eerste tram kon stappen en om tien over half zeven in bed lag.

18-12-2005 Oosteuropees meisje op de Hunsestraat (zie 12-10-2005) blijft even enthousiast en wil zelfs lekker knuffelen en vindt het niet erg om op haar mond gezoend te worden maar blijft er wel droog bij tussen haar benen maar als ze eenmaal wat glijmiddel op mijn condoom heeft gedaan en op haar rug gaat liggen kan ik toch lekker lang en vooral lekker langzaam stoten en als zij met haar heupen aangeeft dat het best wat sneller mag stoot ik nog even lekker door tot ik uiteindelijk in haar kom.

21-12-2005 Om tien voor twee op de kortste dag van het jaar stapte Piet binnen en na een glaasje bitter lemon en wat vrijen op de bank heb ik hem uitgebreid kennis laten maken met mijn slaapkamer om te kussen en te likken en te pijpen en in zijn tepels te bijten en heerlijk tegen elkaar aan te rijden van voren en van achteren tot ik uiteindelijk kwam en hij even later ook en met de belofte dat we nog eens bellen voor een woensdag of een weekend of een avond, het is tenslotte maar een uurtje rijden, was Piet om tien over half vier weer weg.

04-01-2006 Amanda op de Dordtselaan is nog geen 30, blank, niet al te slank, vrij kort, heeft rood haar en gaat eens lekker voor het pijpen zitten en als ik het vraag gaat ze op haar rug liggen om zich uitgebreid te laten vingeren en likken waarbij ik haar benen kan strelen en tussen mijn dijen vouwen en daarna mag zij weer even pijpen en trekken waarna ik in haar mag en lekker lang kan stoten tot ik spuit waarna er nog tijd is voor een massage, alles bij elkaar een lekkere misschien wel laatste keer op de Dordtselaan, dus nu de advertenties van de Wevershoekstraat en de Rochussenstraat goed in de gaten houden.

08-01-2006 Met zes man tegelijk liggen pijpen en likken en vrijen en sjorren in de darkroom van Spartacus en daarvoor nog met een heer alleen, maar die kan er daarna ook weer bij zijn geweest, en één van de andere heren was wat ouder en daarmee had ik daarvoor ook al liggen vrijen en daar kwam nog een jonge knul bij voor een triootje en dat werden er dus zeven en uiteindelijk bleef het triootje weer over om heerlijk met zijn tweeën een lul te pijpen en elkaar daarbij af en toe te tongen en kussen en zo en uiteindelijk zat die knul tegen me aan zodat ik hem goed pijpen kon en zijn benen kon strelen en die oudere heer sjorde me ondertussen zo heerlijk dat ik kreunend kwam.

11-01-2006 Eerst één heer in de darkroom en in een separaat hokje in Spartacus, ene Wim, een kleine grijs bebaarde heer, daarna een staand triootje en tenslotte een kwintet in een kluwen in de darkroom en dat maakt samen zeven heren en dat alles voor alles dat lekker is en waar ik tenslotte kreunend tussen meerdere heren bij kwam.

25-01-2006 Om 14.00 uur lag ik op mijn eigen bed met Piet voor een vrijpartij die tot 16.00 uur duurde met veel tongen en strelen en pijpen en likken en nadat ik kwam zijn we zelfs even in slaap gevallen waarna Piet ook nog behoorlijk kwam en ik eigenlijk nog aardig geil achterbleef.

27-01-2006 Mijn overwerk ingehaald bij Elena op de Hunsestraat (zie o.a. 18-12-2005) en als je haar een tientje meer betaald omdat je niet gepast heb mag je haar op haar mond kussen en kust ze jou in je oor en gaat ze bovenop je zitten én achterover liggen zodat je lekker met je tong en een volle vinger in haar kutje kan en daarna pijpt ze je en gaat bovenop je zitten om geneukt te worden waarna ze ook nog met haar kontje naar je toe gaat zitten zodat je haar van achteren stoten kunt en tenslotte gaat ze op haar rug liggen zodat je heerlijk kunt komen en daarna nog even lekker kan blijven liggen en strelen en zo.

18-02-2006 In Spartacus waren er vijf heren die me raken en strelen en likken en kussen en pijpen wilden en ik hen ook en één van hen, een donkere heer, lag heel onhandig dwars in de darkroom dus uiteindelijk ben ik maar boven op hem gaan liggen zodat ik kwam in laten we zeggen zijn bilnaad waarna ik naar huis.

22-02-2006 Na Boymans plasje gedaan op allerlei plaatsen in de Cosmo waar dat eigenlijk niet mag, waaronder in het warme bubbelbad, verder was er weinig te beleven en de bovenverdieping was gesloten, toch nog één heer een beetje gesjord en op een tweede heer gelegen en mezelf daarna klaar gesjord.

26-02-2006 Bart(zie 08-01-2006) bidt niet maar kan wel likken en tongen en strelen en zuigen en kussen en vrijen en dat eerst in de darkroom van de Spartacus waar nog zo'n drie heren me raken en strelen en zo en na een beetje douchen ook nog in een hokje met z'n tweeën apart en dat doet hij allemaal zo lekker dat ik hem zijn gang laat gaan tot ik uiteindelijk kreunend kom.

04-03-2006 Ik lag gewoon een beetje te sjorren op een winterse middag in de observatiehut in de broekpolder toen daar een hondje aan kwam en ik kon nog net mijn jas dicht ritsen en mijn fototoestel pakken toen het vrouwtje, met grijswit haar en bril, de bocht achter de struiken om kwam en zij had ook haar fototoestel bij zich dus schoten we wat plaatjes waaronder haar op haar rug en wisselden wat woorden en toen ging ze weer, mij een plezierige voortzetting wensend, dus deed ik dat maar, liggend op de planken met mijn broek naar beneden tot ik kwam.

08-03-2006 Alles bij elkaar zestien heren in de darkroom van Spartacus die me streelden en kusten en likten en pijpten en sjorden en ik hen ook en een van hen kwam zelfs in mijn mond en een van hen met een vriend thuis vond het geil dat ik het ook met vrouwen en die sjorde zichzelf terwijl hij toekeek hoe ik anderen pijpte en dat alles tot ik, weer eens, door drie kerels tegelijk waaronder die ene gestreeld en gesjord werd zodat ik kwam en het tijd werd om te douchen en de regen in te gaan op weg naar Bram Ladage op het Kruisplein.

11-03-2006 Vanessa op de Geleensestraat is lang en blond en jong en Nederlandse en had ik al eerder maar wanneer ook weer (30-07-2003 of Tessa of zo...) en weet niet wie Slobodan Milosovich was maar kust me wel lekker in mijn nek en laat zich overal strelen en kussen waarbij ze zelfs boven op me gaat liggen zodat ik goed haar benen strelen kan en ook laat ze zich likken tussen haar dijen en kan ze lekker lang pijpen en heerlijk op haar rug liggen zodat ik kan stoten en stoten tot ik kom en dan mag ik nog lekker even boven op haar buik blijven liggen.

29-03-2006 In totaal vijf heren in Spartacus die met me wilden vrijen en likken en zoenen en pijpen en zo en de eerste, wat oudere heer, kwam ik al op de trap naar boven tegen maar die haakte, na een kwartiertje met zijn tweeën in een apart hokje doorgebracht te hebben, enigszins teleurgesteld af toen ik in de sauna en daarna in de darkroom ook andere heren hun gang liet gaan, en uiteindelijk zoog een wat jongere, volslanke knul me helemaal leeg.

01-04-2006 Na de boodschappen om kwart over tien in de ochtend ene Peter die ik ken van de datinglijn gebeld en die had best zin om af te spreken dus ging ik iets na half elf op weg naar het Zuidplein om daar even rond te lopen en een boterham met zalm en een flesje sap te kopen bij de sandwichbar en daar zat al een heer achter een bakje koffie dus toen zijn we samen het Zuidplein doorgelopen naar de achteringang van de parkeergarage en daar reden we iets na twaalven weg om iets voor enen de garage in te rijden waar Peter boven woont en waar we na een kopje koffie onder het oog van de foto's van zijn kleinkinderen naar zijn slaapkamer gingen voor een stevig uur lekker vrijen en likken en kussen en pijpen enzovoort en Peter wilde me ook nog vingeren met wat olie maar meer dan één vinger ging er niet in en tenslotte sjorde hij eerst mij en toen zichzelf klaar waarna ik me douchte, we nog wat dronken en Peter me iets na tweeën keurig terug naar huis bracht zodat ik kwart over drie het theewater op kon zetten.

05-04-2006 Lange blonde Vanessa op de Geleensetraat (zie o.m. 11-03-2006) neemt net iets minder de tijd als de vorige keer maar toch is het lekker hoe ze haar kousen uittrekt en me kust in mijn hals en tegen me aan gaat staan en liggen en me pijpt terwijl ze zich likken laat en me dan lekker langzaam laat stoten totdat ik in haar kom.

17-04-2006 Die slanke donkere Elena op de Hunsestraat (zie bijvoorbeeld 27-01-2006) noemt mij niet alleen lieverd: ik noem haar ook schatje en zo, en niet omdat het Pasen is maar omdat ze echt lief is zoals ze mij kust en mijn ballen streelt en tegen me aan ligt en zich likken laat tussen haar dijen waarna ze zich weer op haar mond laat kussen en omdat ze zo heerlijk zachtjes pijpen en likken kan en zo wild te keer gaat als ik haar heel diep vinger en nog wilder als ze eenmaal boven op me zit en over me heen gegleden is en op me stoot en stoot tot ik zalig in haar spuit.

18-04-2006 Vier heren in de Spartacus die me raakten en streelden en twee daarvan, al wat ouder, waren zeer geïnteresseerd in mijn kontje, die eerste zelfs zoveel dat hij er alleen maar naar hoefde te kijken in een hokje apart om klaar te komen en de tweede wilde eerst in de darkroom en later ook in een hokje apart met zijn vingers maar vooral ook met zijn tong mijn kontje in en uiteindelijk ging hij er zo lekker met zijn vingers in heen en weer dat ik mezelf wel klaar moest sjorren.

26-04-2006 Na drie biertjes naar de Spartacus waar één knul me al snel begon te pijpen en een tweede heer erg veel belangstelling voor mijn voeten had en omdat dat pijpen zo lekker ging kwam ik al snel zodat ik na nog een biertje en een tukje in een hokje apart om half negen al weer naar huis ging.

05-05-2006 Drie oudere heren in de bosjes van het Oeverbos die me wilden raken en sjorren waarvan twee oude bekenden en daar was trouwens ook nog een jonge knul maar die tel ik niet mee want hij wilde niet maar iedereen wilde hem en daar werd ik heus niet jaloers van zoals hij zat te pijpen maar gelukkig wilde één van mijn heren ook gepijpt en dat ging zo lekker dat ik mezelf erbij klaar sjorde.

16-05-2006 Zes heren in de Spartacus die me wilden raken en strelen en sjorren en pijpen en tongen en met twee van hen had ik een heerlijk triootje waarna ik met één van die twee, 75 jarige Emil, in een kamertje apart verder ging tot ik hem helemaal leeg gezogen had waarna hij mij een biertje en zijn mobiele nummer aanbood dus heb ik hem die van mij ook maar gegeven en eenmaal terug in de darkroom was daar die andere, jonge, knul van het triootje die me heerlijk klaar sjorde en pijpte.

21-05-2006 Sandra op de Geleensestraat is slank, niet al te klein, donker van haar, huid en ogen en Nederlandse en nadat ze het condoom heeft omgedaan begint ze meteen te pijpen en mag ik haar tepels kussen en dan gaat ze op haar rug liggen zodat ik lekker lang kan stoten waarbij ik eerst haar benen en dan haar billen vast pak zodat ik even later extra geil in haar kom.

27-05-2006 Tenminste vier heren in Spartacus wilden me strelen en kussen en pijpen en sjorren en zo en drie daarvan wilden dat tegelijk waarbij ik op één van hen lag en de andere twee mij heerlijk likten en streelden ook tussen mijn billen totdat ik kwam waarna ik maar even alleen ben gaan liggen en wat gedronken heb en toen was er nog een heer die me wilde sjorren zodat ik even later een tweede keer spoot.

05-06-2006 Iets na 20.00 uur van huis om klokslag 21.00 uur bij Maashaven aan te komen, vandaar met Piet in iets meer dan een half uur naar zijn huis waar we na een bakje koffie eerst een kleine slaapkamer indoken maar na ongeveer een uurtje Piets bed opzochten en nadat we rond 00.30 uur allebei klaar waren gekomen probeerden we wat te slapen om zo rond 05.20 uur weer verder te gaan maar dat duurde maar even en rond 07.45 uur pakten we de draad weer op waarna ik mezelf klaar sjorde, daarna douchten we samen, aten wat en iets voor 9 uur gingen we weer richting Maashaven en vandaar met de metro naar Beurs waar we rond half tien afscheid van elkaar namen.

23-06-2006 Mijn favoriete meisje op de Hunsestraat (zie 17-04-2006 en zo) wil ook mijn tepels likken en wordt lekker vochtig tussen haar dijen als ik met mijn vinger haar lippen streel en ze ligt op me en ik op haar en we kussen elkaar op de mond en in de hals en in de oren en na het pijpen gaat ze op me zitten en heerlijk op en neer en daarna gaat ze op haar rug liggen en kan ik heerlijk heftig en lang in haar stoten tot ik kom.

24-06-2006 Eerst toegekeken en een beetje geholpen terwijl het gewilligste kontje van het Oeverbos genomen werd en toen bleek dat betreffende heer nog een condoom bij zich had heb ik daarna zelf ook even lekker in die gleuf vol glijmiddel staan stoten tot ik kwam.

01-07-2006 Na ongeveer een uurtje in de Delftse Hout naar de geweldige beetje gezette naakte lijnen van vrouw van mijn leeftijd gekeken te hebben verkaste ik naar een afgelegen bosje waar twee heren zeer in mij geïnteresseerd bleken en één daarvan, een oude bekende, kwam even later bij me zitten en terwijl ik mijn benen om hem heen sloeg maakte hij me helemaal klaar.

08-07-2006 Daar waren in het Oeverbos drie heren, allen oude bekenden, die op een drafje op me af kwamen toen ik in de bosjes bijna helemaal naakt tegen mijn favoriete boomstronk leunde en twee van hen bleven even later bij me om me samen klaar te maken zodat mijn sperma over mijn nieuwe schoenen spoot en later op de middag was er nog een heer die me op het gras met mijn plasser zag spelen en achter me aanliep toen ik weer de bosjes inging maar die wilde dat ik mijn piemel zonder rubbertje in zijn kontje deed en daar had ik geen zin in.

09-07-2006 Daar was op het gras van het Oeverbos allereerst een stel waarvan hij nadat hij haar ondanks de bewolking had ingesmeerd nog lang met zijn vingers tussen haar dijen bezig bleef en ook was er een heer op een afgelegen plekje die eerst zijn wandelstok en toen een flesje in zijn kontje propte en ik mocht daarbij toekijken en zijn tepels zuigen en mezelf sjorren tot ik kwam.

22-07-2006 In de bosjes van het Oeverbos zag ik eerst de boswachter en toen twee geklede heren die met elkaar bezig waren en daar schoof ik even bij aan voor wat sjor en streelwerk maar komen kwam er niet van.

23-07-2006 Ik lag net ingesmeerd en wel op mijn handdoek op het gras in het Oeverbos toen er een heer voorbij fietste die een praatje wilde en op mijn vraag of hij misschien mijn rug in wilde smeren kwam hij lekker bij me zitten en smeerde niet alleen mijn rug maar ook mijn benen en mijn billen in en toen ik mezelf een beetje ophief streelde hij ook mijn ballen en mijn plasser waarop ik me omdraaide zodat hij er beter bij kon waarbij hij zijn broek open deed en bij me kwam liggen voor een korte vrijpartij waarbij hij me sjorde tot ik spoot in de zon.

26-05-2006 Gisteren rond 22.45 uur op de fiets gestapt richting Delftse Hout waar weinig te beleven was zodat ik met alleen mijn sportbroek en open schoenen aan door fietste door Delft langs Tanthof via de Vlaardingervaart naar de Broekpolder en door naar het Oeverbos waarbij ik een groot deel van het rondje Broekpolder heb gefietst zonder sportbroek aan en ook nog een flink aantal keren me helemaal heb uitgekleed om even naakt in de nacht op een fietspad te liggen en een beetje met mezelf te spelen en eenmaal in het Oeverbos waren daar twee heren met auto's bij de maasoever die allebei besloten een eindje te gaan lopen dus ben ik even met ze mee gefietst voor een triootje iets verderop alleen ging één van die heren met zijn harde piemel in mijn kontje en daar houd ik niet zo van dus nadat de andere heer gekomen was ging ik weer eens maar verder was er bijna niemand om iets na half vier in de ochtend dus heb ik mezelf onder het fietsen klaar gesjord en ben naar huis gegaan.

29-07-2006 Twee heren in het Oeverbos wilden wel met me spelen, de eerste wat kort, de tweede, een oude bekende inmiddels (zie 23-07-2006) die in de bosjes lekker tegen me aan kwam staan en me sjorde tot ik spoot, was zo lekker dat ik hem mijn mobiele nummer en mijn adres heb gegeven, dus wie weet..

02-08-2006 Van de vier heren in Spartacus die me wilden strelen en kussen en likken en zo en dat zelf ook lekker vonden had de eerste een broek aan die toch rap uitging en toen kwam hij ook nog en de vierde die ook al met de derde met me bezig was wilde in een hokje apart en mijn ballen likken en pakte er een vibrator bij om er mijn ballen en mijn kontje mee te strelen en dat vond hij zo geil dat hij zelf kwam voor hij mij ook helemaal klaar trilde.

09-08-2006 Eerst een uur in Spartacus in de darkroom gelegen waar totaal zo'n zes heren me kusten en streelden en pijpten en ik hen ook en één van hen spoot in mijn mond en uiteindelijk lag ik met drie heren rond en op me waarvan er één met mijn linkerbeen vrijde en daar helemaal opgewonden van raakte en een andere mij kuste en mijn linker tepel likte terwijl de derde me pijpte en sjorde tot ik spoot waarna ik een biertje nam en even in een hokje alleen ben gaan liggen maar uiteindelijk ben ik toch weer terug gegaan naar de darkroom waar ik nog een heer klaar pijpte terwijl twee andere heren mij streelden en met één van hen, een oude bekende, ben ik tenslotte in een hokje apart beland waar ik mezelf na wat knuffelen en pijpen en zo met hem liggend tussen mijn benen nog een keer klaar sjorde.

19-08-2006 SMSje voor de dokter in Groningen: "ben net terug uit de verpleegers-flat, heb daar een geile kennis zitten...", ene Ton, via de box, zegt dat hij 48 is, rookt en wacht me iets na 01.00 uur beneden in de hal in zijn ochtendjas op en ik heb ook mijn makkelijke schoenen en een t-shirt aan en 8 hoog op zijn kleine kamertje ligt het matras op de grond en knuffelen we eerst wat op de bank maar dan ben ik snel uitgekleed en wordt het kussen en likken en strelen en pijpen wat Ton heerlijk vindt en ik zijn stijve paal ook en dan doet hij me een condoom om en gaat eerst op me zitten en dan op zijn buik liggen waarna ik in hem stoot tot ik kom en dan sjort hij zichzelf klaar en rij ik rond 02.00 uur weg.

28-08-2006 Drie heren in Spartacus tussen 13.00 en 15.30 uur die me kussen en strelen en zo en de eerste weet ik in de filmzaal klaar te maken en de derde sjort me daar zo lekker dat ik hem zijn gang laat gaan tot ik kom.

31-08-2006 Donkerblonde stevige lange Nederlandse meid (Yvonne? Zie 14-01-2004...) op de Hunsestraat was wel in voor een luie kroelpartij met lekker lang pijpen en dan lekker langzaam stoten tot ik in haar kwam.

14-09-2006 Koud terug van vakantie of eigenlijk warm, zeg maar heet, zijn er vijf heren in het Oeverbos die mij wel willen kussen en strelen en likken en sjorren, twee daarvan oude bekenden en vier met mij op een kluitje waarbij één van hen me sjort tot ik kom.

23-09-2006 Van de vijf heren in Spartacus die met me willen vrijen en kroelen weet ik er drie klaar te krijgen en één daarvan, ene Freek (of Peter) komt zelfs in mijn mond en betaald dat met een biertje (nummer vier) waarna ik met hem even later nog even in een hokje apart ga waar hij mij ook klaar maakt en daarna prikken we nog een vorkje (ik tongrolletjes gevuld met zalm) voor ik weer vertrek.

30-09-2006 Er waren twee mannen in de bosjes van het Oeverbos die mij wel wilden sjorren maar uiteindelijk bleef ik toch liever op het gras in de warme herfstzon liggen en daar was gelukkig een derde heer die me wel een handje of twee wilde helpen tot ik helemaal leeg en klaar was.

04-10-2006 Lange, slanke, blonde, Nederlandse meid staat 1 hoog op de Hunsestraat voor het raam en haar naam ben ik al weer vergeten maar dat komt nog wel een andere keer want als ik boven ben blijkt dat ze zalig en zalig lang kan pijpen en zich ook heerlijk lang laat neuken zodat ik spuitend in haar kom.

08-10-2006 Na zaterdag, nee eigenlijk zondagochtend, tot half twee naakt op de bank aan de telefoon te hebben gehangen zondagmiddag naar het Oeverbos gefietst om me door een oudere heer leeg te laten sjorren terwijl hij me van achteren pakte.

18-10-2006 In ieder geval vijf heren die me zuigen en likken en strelen en kussen in Spartacus en één van hen heb ik helemaal leeg gezogen en een andere, al wat oudere heer wou wel even apart in een hokje waar hij me uiteindelijk helemaal leeg sjorde.

26-10-2006 Gisteren na het werk eerst naar de Mac op de Oude Binnenweg, vandaar over de Erasmusbrug naar metrostation Wilhelminahaven gelopen en even naakt geweest in het toilet, dan met de metro naar Maashaven waar Piet al om 18.55 aan kwam rijden zodat we om 19.30 bij hem waren waar we eerst koffie dronken en het 8 uur journaal keken om dan bij de oliekachel uit de kleren te gaan waarna we een half uurtje later naar bed gingen om te vrijen, likken, pijpen enzovoort om daarna nog lang wakker te liggen maar blijkbaar ook wat te slapen want na nog een vrijpartij met een tweede keer komen waarvoor ik Piet zo'n beetje wakker neukte was het zomaar 7.30 en een uur later waren we al weer onderweg zodat ik iets na 9 uur bij de kapper was.

02-11-2006 Twee heren, waarvan één oude bekende, die aan mijn piemel zaten in het Oeverbos en de tweede heb ik ook gepijpt maar komen deed het er allemaal niet van en de derde wilde neuken maar dat doe ik niet en oh ja die oude bekende heb ik mijn nummer gegeven en gevraagd of hij eens wil bellen om langs te komen.

08-11-2006 Net de eerste keer binnen in Filmhuis Cano op de hoek van de Provenierssingel en de Molenwaterstraat en ik zit al in een hoekje met een oudere heer met mijn broek omlaag wederzijds te pijpen en na mijn eerste pilsje onder het oog van een nog jonge helemaal blote Madonna zit ik ook al helemaal naakt in één van de filmzalen en na mijn tweede pilsje met ook nog een dame aan de bar is er een vrijwel naakte heer bij het toilet waar ik me weer helemaal voor uitkleed en dus trekt hij ook zijn schoenen uit en terwijl af en toe wat andere allemaal oudere heren toekijken pijpen en likken en tongen en kussen we tot eerst ik en dan ook hij komt en na een derde pilsje loop ik naar CS voor een kroket en de tram en wat zijn alle meisjes mooi!

11-11-2006 Vijf voor half twaalf halte Tiendplein weer eens en de tram komt er meteen aan en het casino is nog open maar eerst vanmiddag zo half vijf van huis gegaan voor een vegetarische mediterrane schotel met een witte wijn bij Engels en dan naar Cano maar daar viel niet veel te beleven behalve een stel aan de bar en een oude Turk die mijn piemel in zijn kutje wilde dus rond half negen na twee pilsjes naar de 's Gravendijkwal 92 waar wat oude bekenden uit Rexane aan de bar en na nog een pilsje naar de speelzaal boven waar allemaal hokjes en Tv's en banken en matrassen voor he ho en bi maar gebeuren deed er niet veel behalve dat er nog een stel opdook maar uiteindelijk in de soort van dark room (met lichtknopje) was er toch een meisje met een mannelijk pluspunt dat vrijen wilde en toen waren er nog twee mannen ook dus dat maakte vier maar komen deed het er allemaal niet van, vandaag.

12-11-2006 Langs geweest bij twee slanke blonde Nederlandse meisjes op de Geleensestraat waarvan de eerste, Jennifer, begon met te zeggen dat ze last van migraine had en hoewel ze jong was en na het wassen heerlijk pijpte lukte het me niet bij haar dus door naar Marcella die al wat ouder is, meteen ging liggen en lekker wilde kroelen en zich liet vingeren en likken en die me daarna ook nog even pijpte en toen bovenop me ging zitten en ook nog voor me op haar rug ging liggen en toen het weer niet wilde deed ze het condoom weer af, ging tegen me aan liggen en sjorde me heerlijk leeg.

18-11-2006 Toch weer vijf heren die niet van me af kunnen blijven in de darkroom van Spartacus en de vierde is een slanke lange die heerlijk tongt terwijl de vijfde me van achter zachtjes sjort en dan ga ik op mijn rug liggen en laat de vierde me pijpen tot ik kom in zijn mond.

22-11-2006 Een nog steeds heel jonge oude bekende op de Hunsestraat (zie 31-08-2006 en zo) is nog steeds dol op kroelen en vindt het helemaal niet erg als ik even de tijd neem voor haar benen als ze eenmaal haar kousen af heeft en pijpen doet ze ook heerlijk en lang en als ze uiteindelijk op haar rug gaat liggen mag ik stoten tot ik in haar spuit.

02-12-2006 In nog geen twee uur in de Spartacus acht heren om mee te pijpen en te zoenen en te likken en te strelen en te zuigen aan het begin van de avond en de achtste wilde ook wel even apart liggen en ik lag zo lekker bij deze forse oudere man dat ik me door hem helemaal leeg heb laten sjorren en daarna nog even bleef liggen zodat hij nog even lekker met me spelen kon.

10-12-2006 Al met al zes heren in de Spartacus om mee te vrijen en te likken en te pijpen en te liggen en één van hen wilde me zelfs in een hokje apart niet klaar maken omdat hij daar de tijd voor wilde nemen dus heb ik hem zijn adres en telefoonnummer ontfutselt en heb daarna de derde heer zijn langzame gang laten gaan tot ik uiteindelijk kreunend spoot in de darkroom.

24-12-2006 Bertus (10-12-2006) zit op de achtste verdieping van een bejaardentehuis en daar ben je met de tram in anderhalf uur en zodra ik bij Bertus binnenstap valt hij me om de nek en pakt me bij mijn billen dus kleden we ons eenmaal op de bank snel uit, knuffelen eerst wat en gaan dan naar de slaapkamer waar we liggen te vrijen op zijn eenpersoonsbed tot Bertus me zo lekker sjort terwijl hij tegen me aanligt dat ik kom.

27-12-2006 Sandra op het grote hofje van de Geleensestraat is slank, blank, Nederlands (?), heeft donker haar en een bril die ze ophoudt want ze ziet echt slecht en Sandra vindt liggen en knuffelen ook lekker en vooral op haar rug zodat ik bij haar spleetje kan en dat kan vingeren en likken en daar wordt ze zo nat en glad van dat ik er met drie vingers in kan en tegelijk met mijn tong haar klitje kan likken en Sandra zegt dat ze daar twee keer van klaar kwam en uiteindelijk ga ik ook maar eens op mijn rug liggen zodat ze me eerst kan pijpen en dan boven op me kan zitten om lekker op en neer te gaan waarbij ze zo'n beetje op me komt liggen met haar wang tegen de mijne waarbij ik stoot en stoot tot ik kom en daarna laat ik hem er nog lekker even in zitten om haar nog even zachtjes te kussen en te strelen.

10-01-2007 Liggen vrijen met Gerard in een hokje apart in Spartacus en Gerard streelde mijn billen en mijn plasser en ik die van hem en toen had Gerard ook nog glijmiddel en kon ik zo met twee vingers bij hem naar binnen en hij met één bij mij maar het bleef netjes bij vingeren en toen gleden we heerlijk tegen elkaar aan tot ik kreunend kwam.

24-01-2007 Nicole op de Geleensestraat is een klein, gezet, donker meisje uit Colombia dat graag en vaak lacht en heerlijk pijpt en haar laarzen aan houdt maar haar bovenbenen laat ze kussen en strelen en als ze eenmaal gaat liggen is het heerlijk stoten in Nicole eerst met haar benen omhoog en dan om die van mij tot ik spuit en me op haar borsten te rusten leg.

27-01-2007 Zeven heren in Spartacus om mee te strelen en te kussen en te likken en te pijpen en meer, en één was er die me in zijn mond liet neuken net nadat een ander boven me gekomen was terwijl een derde me streelde en nummer zeven was groot en dik en zo zacht en deed ook alles tot ik het niet meer hield en me klaar sjorde in zijn armen.

03-02-2007 Debby, klein gezet chocolade meisje op de Hunsestraat met lang zwart krullend haar en een lieve glimlach op haar lippen de hele tijd staat eerst tegen me aan te vrijen en dan ook met haar borsten als we eenmaal liggen en laat me haar billen kussen terwijl ze me pijpt en dan gaat ze boven op me zitten en op een neer en weer op haar knieën zodat ik achter haar kan gaan zitten en dan gaat ze op haar rug liggen zodat ik kan stoten tot ik kom en op haar buik nog even uit mag rusten terwijl ze mijn hals streelt.

07-03-2007 Laten we maar zeggen vier heren in Spartacus die gestreeld en gelikt en geknuffeld wilden en daarbij Gerard (zie bijvoorbeeld 10-01-2007) die natuurlijk wel apart wilde en dat nog wel een uur of zo ook maar toen moest hij even opfrissen maar Gerard was het hokje nog maar net uit en toen was er die andere oudere heer met wie ik met Gerard in de darkroom al een triootje had gedaan en dus bleef ik maar in mijn hokje zodat hij het van Gerard over kon nemen waarbij hij na veel pijpen spuitend kwam en toen waren er nog twee heren in de darkroom ook maar zelf komen kwam het er daarbij vandaag niet van.

14-03-2007 Een oude oude bekende in de bosjes van het Oeverbos wilde wel even helpen met sjorren door mijn dijen en billen te strelen tot ik spoot.

15-04-2007 Twee heren in de bosjes van het Oeverbos die wel wilden helpen met sjorren en bij de tweede spoot ik bijna naakt in de zon bij 24 graden.

21-04-2007 Er was één heer in het Oeverbos die me wilde sjorren tot ik spoot.

25-04-2007 Eén kerel in de bosjes bij de Delftsehout wilde mijn rug wel insmeren en nog wel meer ook zodat hij lekker soepel naar binnen kon maar spuiten kwam het er bij hem niet van en bij mij ook niet.

28-04-2007 Er was één oudere heer in de Delftsehout die mijn rug wel in wilde smeren dus die heb ik lekker leeg gezogen en toen was er een tweede oudere heer die ook leeggezogen wilde en toen dat was gebeurd wilde hij mij ook nog wel sjorren tot ik spoot in de zon en dat alles heb ik lekker naar Frans gesmst.

09-05-2007 Vijf heren in nr. 92 op de 's Gravendijkwal die gestreeld en gesjord en in vier gevallen gepijpt wilden worden door deze slanke jongen die in alleen zijn onderbroekje en soms nog minder letterlijk rondhing op de tweede verdieping en drie van hen kwamen in mijn mond waarvan één met condoom en heer nummer 5 was naakt en knap en sjorde mij tot ik spoot op één van de banken en ging nog mee naar de wastafel om te wassen en nog wat te knuffelen ook, alleen bij het weggaan probeerde de barjongen me geld af te troggelen voor een kop koffie die ik niet gedronken had dus voortaan toch maar weer naar Spartacus.

17-05-2007 Op Hemelvaartsdag mijn mobiele nummer gegeven aan ene Peter, zo'n zestig jaar, lang en grijs en één van drie heren waarmee ik heb liggen vrijen in Spartacus en Peter kan strelen en tongen en pijpen en sjorren maar vooral likken, overal maar vooral rond mijn penis en ook daar achter en bij mijn billen en rond mijn gaatje en erin en uiteindelijk (na een bitterlemon op zijn kosten) likte en zoog hij me helemaal leeg.

30-05-2007 Drie heren in de bosjes van het Oeverbos die wel wat met me wilden waarvan de eerste zo'n beetje meteen toen ik aankwam me in mijn kruis greep en even later zelf kwam toen ik hem in zijn nek kuste, waarna ik maar even in de zon ben gaan liggen op het gras omdat ik geen handdoek bij had en even later trok ik alleen mijn sokken en stoute schoenen maar weer aan en daar waren twee heren die me best wel samen wilden strelen en zachtjes sjorren en mijn tepels likken tot ik zuchtend en steunend spoot tussen hen in.

01-07-2007 In 25 minuten naar Ruyven gefietst, daar wandelden meerdere heren op de paden in het gras langs de bosjes en één wat oudere heer liep de bosjes in en toen ik achter hem aan ging en mijn bovenkleren uittrok wilde hij mijn tepels wel likken en mijn spijkerbroek naar beneden doen en ik had geen onderbroek aan dus dat werd voelen en strelen en sjorren en tongen en uiteindelijk zelfs lekker leegzuigen waarna ik na 25 minuten helemaal bevredigd weer wegfietste en een half uur later weer thuis was.

11-07-2007 Ik ontvang heren / in mijn stille slaapkamer / zuigen zij me leeg: klokslag 13.00 uur belde Peter (zie 17-05-2007) aan in mijn donkere flatje en deed ik naakt de deur voor hem open en liet hem eerst mijn woonkamer zien waar ik bij hem op schoot op de bank ging zitten om te kussen en te vrijen waarbij hij me meteen begon te likken en na een tijdje nam ik hem mee naar mijn slaapkamer en daar hebben we getongt en gepijpt en gelikt en zo tot eerst ik en toen ook hij heerlijk kwam en even na half drie was Peter weer op weg naar huis.

19-07-2007 Twee oudere heren, waarvan één oude bekende, in het Oeverbos die onder het kletsen best wel wat willen strelen en aan mijn tepels en plasser willen zitten maar komen komt er niet van.

04-08-2007 Twee heren na elkaar in het Oeverbos die mij wel wilden strelen en sjorren en de tweede, die oude bekende, ging door tot ik er van kwam.

11-08-2007 Alle paden en bosjes van Ruyven eens goed verkend en daar was op de groenstrook met zicht op het industrieterrein een inmiddels al bijna oude bekende (zie 01-07-2007) die met zijn hand in mijn broek wilde maar dat ging me niet ver genoeg dus heb ik die broek en mijn t-shirt en onderbroek en schoenen maar uitgetrokken en ben ik lekker naakt in het gras gaan liggen zodat hij er goed bij kon om me te pijpen en even later te tongen en te strelen en te sjorren tot ik spoot in de zon.

13-08-2007 Tien over half drie: Peter is net een uur binnen geweest, genoeg voor een lekker partijtje vrijen en likken en zuigen en zo in mijn slaapkamer waarbij hij mij weer helemaal klaar maakte maar ik hem niet, deze keer.

27-08-2007 Mijn broek en onderbroek uit laten trekken door een oudere heer die aan de oostrand van Ruyven in het gras lag, maar na wat sjorren ging hij er vandoor omdat we niet echt alleen waren en hoewel ik hem nog een ander stil plekje voorstelde kwam het er verder niet meer van.

28-08-2007 Twee heren die wel geïnteresseerd waren in een jongen in onderbroek op een bankje een beetje achteraf tegen de bosjes bij Ruyven en één van die heren kwam zelfs naast me zitten zodat ik ook die onderbroek maar uittrok en zo'n beetje bij hem op schoot ben gaan liggen en hem heb laten sjorren tot ik kwam.

06-09-2007 Op mijn nu al wel favoriete bankje in de Ruyven liggen zonnen in mijn onderbroek en even later verderop was er een heer die me meenam de bosjes in en vond dat ik me uit moest kleden en bukken en billenkoek verdiende en in mijn billen bijten vond hij ook lekker en toen hij eenmaal met zijn paal tussen mijn dijen gekomen was wilde ik best nog wel wat tikken van hem krijgen terwijl ik mezelf sjorde tot ik spoot.

19-09-2007 Lag een naakte heer helemaal alleen op het grasveld van het nu met houten hekken kleiner gemaakte naaktrecreatieterrein van het Oeverbos en hij had nog wel plek op zijn handdoek dus heb ik mijn bovenkleding maar uitgetrokken en mijn broek en onderbroek omlaag gedaan en toen we eenmaal lekker bezig waren kwam er nog een heer bij staan die me wel even wilde strelen maar niet meer durfde dus zijn we met z'n tweeën verder gegaan en even later sjorde mijn zalige vriend zichzelf klaar en spoot zijn warme spul in mijn keel en gelukkig was hij niet te beroerd om mij daarna ook klaar te sjorren en oh ja, ik vond nog een onderbroek in de bosjes ook.

23-09-2007 Voor de afwisseling eens de rechterkant van Ruyven tegenover het wegrestaurant verkent, is daar een strookje groen aan het water waar wel meer dan tien mannen op handdoeken in de zon liggen in alleen een onderbroek of minder en ik was er nog maar net en daar kwam een oudere grijze heer aangelopen die ik aan zijn tas herkende als Frans want de kleur van die tas had hij juist vanochtend gesmst, dus wij een plekje opgezocht, ik mijn honcho en Frans twee oude lakens uitgespreid, wij ons uitgekleed, waarbij Frans mijn nieuwe gisteren gevonden blauwe onderbroek uit mocht trekken en toen zijn we eens lekker kennis gaan maken dus was het kroelen en knuffelen geblazen en daar kwam een knul bij ons staan die wel mee wilde doen maar die leek mij te jong en zijn plasser te groot maar even later waren er twee oudere heren die even wilden kijken en helpen en dat was dan wel weer lekker dat er drie heren tegelijk aan mijn plasser zaten en ik Frans tongde terwijl hij gepijpt en in zijn kontje gepakt werd maar uiteindelijk wist ik er één klaar te krijgen en liet de ander ons even met rust zodat we wat in de zon konden liggen en toen die ene even later terug kwam waren Frans en ik het er heel assertief over eens dat we liever even met z'n tweeën bleven waarop ik weer op Frans kroop en hij mijn rug streelde en me even later begon te kussen en te pijpen en toen kreeg ik een echt harde stijve en ben ik bovenop Frans gaan zitten en heb hem laten sjorren tot ik op zijn tepels spoot waarna we nog even rustig bleven liggen want Frans hoefde niet klaar gemaakt en tenslotte ben ik me iets voor half vier weer aan gaan kleden maar bleef Frans nog even liggen wan die "had nog een appeltje", nou ja, die zal zich daar verder niet verveeld hebben...

07-10-2007 Van half twee tot drie naakt uit de wind in de zon gelegen bij Ruyven en daar kwam maar één heer voorbij die even mijn piemel en mijn dijen aan wou raken en meer kwam er niet van: morgen weer?

13-10-2007 Vanochtend bij het boodschappen doen een nieuw sportbroekje gevonden, vanmiddag in het Oeverbos eerst een man zo lekker aan zijn piemel gesabbeld dat hij kwam in mijn mond en daarna was er een echt oud heertje dat wel met mij naar een rustig plekje wilde en toen hij vroeg of ik kan ontvangen en omdat hij zo lekker zacht en tongen en zo heb ik hem mijn adres en allebei mijn telefoonnummers gegeven en daarna heb ik hem nog even gepijpt en even daarna sjorde hij zijn best wel lekker stijve paal helemaal leeg maar zelf ben ik bij dat alles niet gekomen hoe druk het ook was in de bosjes, dus ik ben nog lekker geil.

15-10-2007 Eén heer bij Ruyven die op het meest westelijke deel wel even rustig met me op een bankje wil zitten en dan even naar achteren wil om me te sjorren en zijn plasser uit zijn broek te halen om mij te laten zuigen tot hij komt in mijn mond maar verder komt het er niet van.

16-10-2007 Loop ik naar buiten om een eindje te gaan fietsen staat Kees (zie 13-10-2007) op zijn fiets te zoeken naar mijn adres dus ben ik maar weer, met Kees, naar boven gegaan en al in de woonkamer begon hij zich uit te kleden waarop ik hem naar mijn stille slaapkamer dirigeerde waar ik snel naakt op bed ging liggen en Kees met grote gretige ogen boven op me kwam liggen en even later naast me en me lekker begon te sjorren en ik hem even later ook en toen hij gepijpt wilde worden kon ik natuurlijk niet weigeren om zijn stijve best wel lekkere paal tussen mijn lippen te nemen waarop hij even later in mijn mond kwam maar daarna wilde hij gelijk weg dus weer niet gekomen maar ons weer aangekleed en beiden op de fiets gestapt.

31-10-2007 Kwam een oude bekende (zie bijvoorbeeld 11-08-2007) tegen bij Ruyven die me wel even wilde sjorren en pijpen tot ik eindelijk weer eens spoot maar mijn telefoonnummer om eens bij me langs te komen hoefde hij jammer genoeg niet.

03-11-2007 Eenmaal in de darkroom van Spartacus was er maar één heer die even aan zijn lul gesabbeld wilde worden maar even later bij de TV was er een oudere heer die wel met me het donker in wilde en daar kwam nog een tweede vette jongere knul bij die heel erg gepijpt wilde worden waardoor ik binnen de kortste keren leeg gesjord was door die tweede heer dus toen ben ik nog maar even door gegaan met pijpen, even maar...

14-11-2007 Cosmo een uurtje tegen Spartacus dertig minuten: 0-7, en dat in twee kluwen in de darkroom waarbij ik één oudere heer leeg zoog, en terwijl twee ook oudere heren me streelden sjorde een derde me tot ik kwam zodat ik even moest pauzeren met een spekkie, een cola, twee pepermuntjes en een tukkie in een hokje alleen en toen ik daar weer uit kwam stond daar Hans die een blik op mijn plasser wierp en zijn hand er op legde dus ben ik meteen maar weer terug dat hokje in gegaan om Hans te pijpen en te tongen en te strelen en te sjorren tot hij misschien wel veertig minuten later spoot in mijn mond en toen was ik weer aan de beurt en kwam in zijn armen nog een keer.

15-11-2007 Dacht dat er gebeld werd zo rond een uur of twee, werd er ook, was Kees (zie 16-10-2007 en eerder), was gisteren ook al langs geweest maar toen was ik er niet (..), nu wel dus, dus hebben we ons maar even uitgekleed maar na vijf minuten naast elkaar op bed kwam Kees al en wilde hij niet meer, en ik hoefde ook niet zo nodig, nou ja, Kees belt wel weer, hij heeft nu namelijk eindelijk mijn goede nummer, dus dat komt helemaal goed.

05-12-2007 Peter (zie 13-08-2007 en eerder) ontmoet in Spartacus en drie maal met hem gevreeën waarbij twee maal in een triootje en de eerste keer pijpte hij me klaar en de derde keer ik hem zo'n beetje waarna ik mezelf ook nog maar weer even heb klaargesjord.

22-12-2007 In de ochtend Saskia aan de telefoon net voor ik haar een SMS wilde sturen, 's middags negen heren in Spartacus waaronder ene Wim, waarmee ik in twee trio’s (was één daarvan nou eigenlijk kwartet?) en met zijn tweeën, alles heb gedaan wat lekker is, en dan ook alles en echt lekker, zodat ik hem uiteindelijk twee van mijn telefoonnummers gegeven heb, en daarna waren er nog wat heren waaronder een heel enthousiaste in de darkroom die me helemaal leeg sjorde.

29-12-2007 Rond half drie Kees op bezoek, als gebruikelijk onaangekondigd, maar nog voor ik open deed stond ik al in mijn onderbroek en even later lag Kees op zijn buik op bed en ik boven op hem waarop Kees kwam maar netjes bleef liggen zodat ik in hem kon komen waarna Kees rond 15.00 uur al weer weg was.

09-01-2008 Keurig net voor half twee belde Wim (zie 22-12-2007) aan en omdat ik alles dicht had en een badlaken op de bank kon Wim zich direct uitkleden en omdat ik mijn twee-persoonsmatrasje had opgepompt konden we even later heerlijk tekeer gaan in mijn slaapkamer tot wel een uur of drie met Wim op me en ik op Wim en Wim in me ook en toen we eenmaal allebei dor Wims sjorren gekomen waren hebben we nog een kopje thee gedronken was Wim rond half vier weer weg maar toen duurde het nog tot half vijf voor ik het matras weer leeg en opgevouwen had...

16-01-2008 Kwart over twaalf stond Wim voor de deur met een kadootje, nou dat vraag natuurlijk om een beloning en daar hebben we tot kwart over drie ruim de tijd voor genomen, met nog een theepauze erbij en verder veel als vorige week en even lekker.

06-02-2008 Met zijn tweeën met de broek naar beneden in het Oeverbos en me met zijn ene hand op mijn billen me door de andere heerlijk klaar laten sjorren.

11-02-2008 Tien voor half vier belt Kees aan, hij heeft een condoom en glijmiddel mee genomen want hij wil dat ik hem van achteren maar dat lukt natuurlijk niet dus nadat hij is klaargekomen blijft hij netjes liggen en sjorren tot ik kom om daarna onder het aankleden nog even lekker door te zeuren over Spartacus.

13-02-2008 Rond 12.30 uur stapt Wim binnen, begint terwijl we nog in de hal staan me af te zuigen, kleed zich dan snel uit en de volgende twee uur liggen we heerlijk te strelen, zoenen, tongen, pijpen en neuken en nadat Wim eerst mij klaar pijpt en daarna zichzelf klaar sjort zet ik thee waarna Wim rond 15.15 uur richting huis gaat.

01-03-2008 Rond 13.05 uur stapt Wim binnen, om 15.05 uur weer weg te gaan en daartussen hebben we eigenlijk alleen op mijn luchtbed gelegen en gevreeën en gekletst, nou ja, Wim voornamelijk, ik luister meer en streel nog eens wat.

26-04-2008 Jurkje en slipje buit gemaakt in de Ruyven en een stiekeme foto, verder links en rechts van mij wel gelik en gepijp maar ik niet, alleen een agent die komt vertellen dat naakt hier eigenlijk niet mag maar van hem geen probleem omdat ik beschut en als ik me maar bedek als er een gezin met kinderen (?) voorbij komt en er is geklaagd zegt hij maar wat bedoeld hij nou of vindt hij me gewoon lekker en heeft hij zin in meer dan een praatje?

04-05-2008 Waren vijf heren in Ruyven die wel een beetje wilden helpen of geholpen wilden worden en twee daarvan wist ik klaar te maken waarvan één met mijn mond en de laatste sjorde mij klaar terwijl ik heerlijk in de zon lag te bakken.

11-05-2008 Twee heren in het Oeverbos die op pinkstermoederdag wel een beetje willen sjorren en de eerste wil ook mijn tepels nog wel likken maar de tweede sjort tot bloedens toe dus ben ik er maar weer mee gestopt.

13-05-2008 Twee heren bij Ruyven die wel even wilden sjorren en de eerste ook tongen en zo tot hij klaar kwam in mijn mond en de tweede sjorde me helemaal leeg terwijl ik naakt in de zon lag.

07-06-2008 Op Ruyven zuid was niets te doen onder de wolken maar na een kwartier bijna naakt op een bankje gezeten te hebben in noord kwam ik iets verderop een oude bekende tegen die wel gepijpt wilde en mij ook wilde pijpen en daarna ook nog lekker leeg sjorde.

25-06-2008 Die oude kennis nu eens tegengekomen aan de zuidkant van Ruyven en dus mijn onderbroek en schoenen voor hem uitgetrokken maar daar raakte ik te opgewonden van en duizelig zelfs maar hem toch laten begaan tot ik kwam en heelhuids naar huis gefietst maar morgen tandarts en behoorlijk geschrokken, nu.

02-07-2008 Zijn de aardappels bijna aan de kook belt Kees aan, nou ja, is al weer zo lang geleden dat ik die piepers maar uit heb gezet, en eenmaal uitgekleed ging Kees direct op zijn buik liggen en of ik geen boter had dus de nivea er maar bij gepakt maar echt lukken deed het niet dus heeft Kees eerst mij en daarna ik hem klaar gesjord en nu staan de piepers en het gehakt al weer op het vuur.

02-08-2008 Drie heren die onder een bewolkte lucht in Ruyven wel gepijpt willen worden door een naakte knul op een handdoek, de tweede en de derde zelfs tot ze komen in mijn mond en de derde laat ik mij daarna leeg rukken want ik houd het niet meer.

06-08-2008 Fiets ik weg bij Ruyven komt er net een oude bekende aangelopen, helaas, ik heb me al door vier heren laten verwennen: eentje gepijpt terwijl hij mij sjorde, eentje die mij eens pijpte, eentje een beetje wederzijds gesjord in de bosjes en een die me eerst op mijn dekentje en later in de bosjes in mijn gaatje voelde en me pijpte en toen weer zijn vingers in mijn gaatje duwde en me mezelf liet sjorren tot ik heerlijk spoot en oh ja: bij het wegfietsen kwam er ook nog een heer met een klein donker vrouwtje aanlopen, die twee wil ik nog wel eens tegen komen…

13-08-2008 Kees vroeg of ik bij de sociale werkplaats werk, me maar een beetje van de domme gehouden, tenslotte heeft Kees mij eerst terwijl ik lekker op mijn eigen bed lag gepijpt waarna ik tussen zijn billen mocht spuiten en daarna heb ik Kees nog klaargesjord waarna Kees weer, tegen de wind in, in de regen naar huis kon.

17-08-2008 Er lagen, moi inclusief, drie heren naakt of vrijwel naakt bij Ruyven en één van hen wilde wel dat ik met mijn kleedje naast hem kwam liggen zodat ik hem kon pijpen en hij mij sjorren tot ik spoot.

30-08-2008 Half twee rijdt Frans voor, eigenlijk om me op te pikken om naar Ruyven te gaan maar na wat geknuffel op de bank belanden we op bed waar we tot na half vier blijven liggen en Frans me twee maal helemaal leeg pijpt, daarna een kopje thee en toch even via Zestienhoven naar Ruyven en via Delft weer terug zodat Frans nu weet hoe hij op de ventweg komt en eenmaal weer terug halen we nog even wat bij de chinees en kwart over zes rijdt Frans al weer richting huis en misschien dat ik na de afwas nog een rondje fiets.

04-10-2008 Kees vroeg of ik nog meer klanten heb terwijl mijn hart tekeer ging en ik naakt lag te wachten tot hij zich had uitgekleed maar betalen ho maar, nou ja het is best wel lekker dicht tegen elkaar aan te liggen en gepijpt te worden en Kees komt al bij een beetje wrijven en sjort mij dan ook nog lekker klaar terwijl ik hem al die tijd bijna overal streel en knuffel en zo en dat alles bij elkaar in een half uurtje en dan is Kees al weer op weg naar huis.

16-11-2008 Zondagmiddag net terug van een eindje fietsen staat Kees voor het portiek en hij wilde net weg gaan omdat hij dacht dat ik niet thuis was maar hij ging toch maar even mee naar boven en hij had glijmiddel bij zich en een roze damesslipje aan en ik een gevonden boxershort en toen we die eenmaal bij elkaar hadden uitgetrokken hebben we lekker liggen knuffelen en kussen en uiteindelijk heb ik Kees helemaal leeg gepijpt en zijn sperma geslikt en even voor drie uur was Kees weer weg en oh ja, zelf ben ik niet gekomen dus nog steeds lekker geil.

17-12-2008 Zeg maar 13 heren in Spartacus die gepijpt en gelikt wilden worden en dat in de darkroom, in de filmzaal en in hokjes apart en de eerste die aan mijn plasser zat was Peter en een van de anderen wilde ook mijn telefoonnummer wel hebben en bij een oudere heer heb ik ook nog lekker op schoot gezeten in een stoel in de filmzaal en nummer 13 sjorde me uiteindelijk helemaal leeg.

07-01-2009 Iets voor half één 's nachts, Ron, grijzend, 54 maar lijkt jonger, ken hem ergens van, gaat weer op huis aan: was hier half twaalf, ik deed uiteraard naakt open en hij ging ook gelijk uit de kleren in mijn slaapkamer, uurtje lekker liggen vrijen en elkaar uiteindelijk klaar gesjord, toen nog even liggen kletsen, viel niet tegen, Rotterdam nog even op zijn plaats hangen en dan kan ik naar bed.

09-01-2009 Half drie 's middags werd er aangebeld, Kees natuurlijk, komt lekker bij me liggen, lekker knuffelen, laat zich leeg pijpen en mij mezelf dan klaar sjorren en tien voor drie is die lieverd al weer weg en kan het EK schaatsen aan.

18-01-2009 De rollen maar eens omgedraaid toen Kees aanbelde: nadat ik vruchteloos bij hem van achteren geprobeerd heb, hem mij klaar laten maken en daarna aangegeven dat ik geen fut meer had zodat ik even later nog een staartje WK sprint mee kon pikken.

18-03-2009 Eindelijk Kees eens op afspraak en nu weet ik ook zijn telefoonnummer en adres en klokslag 15.00 uur belde hij aan dus kon ik naakt open doen en lag het bed al klaar en nadat Kees was uitgekleed hebben we lekker liggen kroelen en toen heb ik Kees helemaal leeggezogen terwijl hij met mijn kontje bezig was en toen wilde ik nog wel verder maar Kees kon natuurlijk niet meer dus kleedde hij zich weer aan waarbij ik lekker naakt bleef liggen en kletsen en 15.25 uur was Kees al weer op weg naar huis.

03-04-2009 Voor het eerst dit jaar naakt in de Ruyven was daar een oudere heer die me wel wilde pijpen en gepijpt wilde worden tot hij kwam en daarna bleef hij nog even zitten voor een praatje en toen kwam een jong stel voorbij dat even verderop ging liggen en na een half uurtje of zo ging die knul een eindje lopen en hoorde ik hem tot zijn vriendin zeggen: "kijken wie het eerste beet heeft", was zij natuurlijk, er kwam al snel een oudere heer bij haar zitten dus dat wilde ik wel van dichtbij bekijken, dat kleine, slanke, donkere, meisje van circa 24 jaar met kleine borsten, een glad kutje, gladde huid, mooie donkere tepels en een lange vlecht in haar haar, zij pijpte hem terwijl hij haar streelde en toen hij klaar was draaide zij zich om en vroeg de drie heren die daar stonden: "wie is de volgende?", ja, dat liet ik me geen twee keer vragen natuurlijk dus begon ze mij te sjorren terwijl ik haar rug en haar tieten en haar bolle billen streelde en in haar gleufje voelde en toen pakte ze een condoom en begon me te pijpen terwijl haar vlecht de binnenkant van mijn dijen streelde en na een tijdje ging ze bovenop me zitten en liet haar schaamlipjes over mijn eikel glijden en begon langzaam en ritmisch op en neer te bewegen en toen dat even duurde pijpte ze eerst de oudere heer klaar die ik ook al had gehad en inmiddels was haar vriendje terug gekomen en terwijl hij haar van achteren nam begon ze mij weer te pijpen en te sjorren en ondertussen had ik ook haar vriendje nog even gesjord terwijl hij de derde heer pijpte en toen haalde zij de condoom weer van mijn lul en sjorde door tot ik een enorme hoeveelheid sperma op mijn buik en haar hand spoot waarna zij mijn buik met haar handdoek schoon veegde en toen was het voor hen al weer tijd om te vertrekken maar ik bleef nog een kwartiertje liggen om bij te komen van mijn eerste vrouw in meer dan twee jaar en de eerste sinds Saskia die er geen geld voor vroeg en van die oudere heer, die zo zijn adres gaf maar te snel om op te schrijven, dus dat moet nog een volgende keer want hij ontvangt mannen en vrouwen thuis en dat adres op 20 minuten fietsen van de Ruyven gaf hij niet voor niets want ze bestaan dus, mannen en meisjes die er zo van houden dat ze niet te houden zijn, en ik weet niet hoe dat meisje heet en waar ze woont en wat al niet maar wat kan het me schelen als deze mensen er zijn, in de zon, in de lente en in de zomer die komt en weer komt en weer, jippee!

15-04-2009 In alleen mijn open schoenen leunend tegen een boom in de bosjes bij Ruyven was er een geklede heer die mijn paal wel even wilde sjorren en pijpen en gepijpt wilde worden en lekker was het maar komen hoefden we geen van beiden.

24-04-2009 Er was één oudere heer die mij wel wilde pijpen en gepijpt wilde worden in de Ruyven maar alleen met condoom en zonder publiek dus uiteindelijk kwam daar niets van maar hij heeft nu wel mijn telefoonnummer en daarna was er een heer die wel wilde toekijken hoe ik mezelf aftrok maar daarbij deed hij me pijn dus dat heb ik ook maar laten gaan, dan was er nog een heer wiens plasser ik even aan mocht raken maar echt geïnteresseerd was hij niet en tenslotte was er één die ik, ook weer met condoom, in een paar tellen klaar wist te pijpen waarna hij me nog lekker sjorde maar hij had helaas niet het geduld om mij klaar te laten komen.

14-05-2009 Er waren twee heren bij Ruyven die mijn penis wel even wilden sjorren en die ook gesjord en gepijpt wilden worden maar komen deed het er niet van ook niet bij de derde die alleen maar wilde geilen en kletsen over thuis op bed pijpen en zo, heb ik veel aan...

24-05-2009 Triootje in de bosjes bij Ruyven waarvan één een Engels sprekende oude bekende die zo graag met zijn vinger in mijn gaatje wil en met wie ik uiteindelijk alleen achterbleef waarop ik naakt als ik was op het gras in de bosjes ging liggen zodat hij er goed bij kon en me helemaal leeg sjorde.

25-05-2009 Met een onderbroek in mijn fietstas naar Ruyven en daar was eerst een jongeheer die zijn jongeheer wilde sjorren terwijl hij over mij heen gebogen stond en meer dan mijn tepels aanraken deed hij daar niet bij maar even later was er een oudere man die me wel even lekker sjorde maar komen deed het er bij hem ook niet van maar door dat alles wel weer goed geil geraakt na gisteren.

30-05-2009 Kom ik terug van een fietstocht zonder onderbroek heeft Kees al drie keer geprobeerd te bellen dus de telefoon maar mee genomen naar het balkon en ja hoor, tien voor half vier belde hij weer en kwart voor vier deed ik naakt de deur voor hem open, hij kon even want zijn vrouw is "een paar dagen weg maar morgen is ze er weer", maar ik met Kees mee voor een lekker avondje bij hem thuis wilde hij toch maar niet, zullen zijn buren wel zijn, enfin, zijn roze onderbroek uitgetrokken, lekker liggen knuffelen, me even laten pijpen, zittend op het bed, Kees daarna helemaal leeg gezogen en om kwart over vier was Kees weer op weg naar huis en kon ik weer lekker geil in alleen mijn sportbroekje op het balkon gaan zitten.

08-06-2009 De eerste die ik klaar sjor in Spartacus lijkt verdacht veel op Kees, die ook direct vertrok en ik heb geen idee of hij me herkende, nou ja, daarna waren er nog drie heren waarvan ene Henk wel in een hokje apart wilde en daar lekker mijn strakke kontje enzovoort wilde bekijken en strelen en ook gestreeld wilde worden en zo en uiteindelijk kwam hij klaar op mijn borst en daarna ben ik nog even blijven hangen maar veel werd het niet meer dus ben ik zonder te komen weer naar huis gegaan.

11-06-2009 kost 100,- voor een half uurtje, is vast zo'n 24, blond en blank en slank en wil ook thuis ontvangen maar nu nog op de Hunsestraat in Den Haag en houdt ook van lekker langzaam knuffelen en van masseren en wist niet dat het zo lekker is om je knieholtes te laten likken en kan best wel pijpen ook en op haar rug liggen en als ik dan maar hard en snel stoot roept ze van lekker, ja, ja, en spuit ik me ook nog eens helemaal leeg en uren later ruik ik nog naar haar massage-olie en naar haar...

26-06-2009 Meteen bij aankomst op Ruyven was er die oude kennis en hij hielp me niet alleen met insmeren maar hield me ook nog even lekker gezelschap met zijn vingers overal en mijn rechterbeen tussen zijn dijen terwijl ik op mijn buik lag te genieten tot ik het een beetje moe werd en wel even gewoon wilde liggen op mijn favoriete plekje in de schaduw en zo rond 12 uur wilde ik net een boterham en toen was daar een heer die gesjord wilde worden dus die heb ik even laten spuiten en even na de boterhammetjes was er een oudere heer in de bosjes die mijn penis lekker glad maakte met olie en helemaal leeg sjorde waarna ik nog even wat gelezen heb om bij te komen voor ik met een kleine omweg weer naar huis fietste.

02-07-2009 In de vijf uur dat ik er lag waren er twee heren bij Ruyven die zo'n beetje rondhingen maar niet durfden waaronder een jonge knul wiens grote paal ik vorige keer ook al zag, ook was er een engels sprekende oude bekende die wel wat wilde sjorren maar niet meer dan dat maar uiteindelijk was er een derde rondhangende heer die na wat sjorren in de bosjes wel mee wilde naar mijn eigen favoriete plekje en zich uitkleedde en leeg liet zuigen en mij toen ook nog heerlijk klaar maakte en oh ja, ik heb ook nog twee maal heel stiekem op andermans handdoek gelegen, op mijn rug en op mijn buik.

16-07-2009 Gelijk bij aankomst in Ruyven waren er twee heren die wel wat in me zagen dus eerst apart maar eens kennis gemaakt en daarna een triootje, ook op mijn laken, tot een van hen spoot op mijn buik en laat dat nou Ton zijn en van hem heb ik nu een visitekaartje en adres en hij mijn telefoonnummer, enfin, in de middag brutaal aangeschoven bij de tweede heer die twee andere heren stond te sjorren dus die heb ik allebei een beetje gepijpt en een van hen kwam, maar helaas niet in mijn mondje, en de tweede heer wilde me wel klaar maken maar het was pas twee uur, dus heb ik nog even gewacht tot een uur later en ben toen naar hem toe gelopen en gevraagd of hij me even klaar wilde maken en daar zei hij geen nee tegen dus ben ik heerlijk leeg gesjord.

28-07-2009 De Cosmo is niet meer maar in Spartacus is er Henk (70+) die in een hokje alleen ligt en ik ben brutaal genoeg om daar bij te gaan liggen en dat vindt Henk wel lekker zeker als hij zijn vingers tot vier tegelijk in mijn kontje mag stoppen nadat hij wat glijmiddel heeft gehaald en ook nog het eerste biertje voor mij in twee en een half jaar terwijl ik stiekem een snuifje van zijn poppers neem en natuurlijk mag hij dan ook mijn kontje likken tot hij komt en direct daarna is er nog een heer in een ander hokje die ook al zo geil is en daar komt zelfs een derde bij dus maken we eerst samen de tweede heer klaar waarna ik de derde helemaal leeg zuig en alles inslik en hij is zo nat dat ik tegen hem aan blijf glijden waarop hij mij ook nog helemaal leeg sjort.

04-08-2009 Ton had geen zin in me vandaag maar naast me in de Ruyven lag een oudere heer die na veel wandelen door de struiken tegen twaalven wel zin had om helemaal leeg gezogen te worden en daarna waren er nog twee heren die gepijpt wilden worden maar dan heel even maar en zelf kwam ik er daardoor ook niet van.

19-08-2009 Die oude kennis stond me al op te wachten bij Ruyven maar hij had zich vanmorgen al afgetrokken voor de spiegel terwijl zijn vrouw nog in bed lag, toch had hij nog fut genoeg om me te pijpen en gepijpt te worden, met condooms, en om met zijn vingers in mijn kontje te zitten en het publiek vond dat ook reuze interessant en toen gingen we staan en heeft hij me al voor elf uur helemaal leeg gesjord waarna hij nog een paar takken plukte voor in een vaasje en weer op huis aan ging.

24-08-2009 Die oude kennis noemt zich Henk en was wat later bij Ruyven vandaag, zo rond kwart voor twaalf, maar ja, toen wilde ik net wat gaan eten dus heb ik eerst alleen zijn rug ingesmeerd en even mijn piemel in zijn onderbroek gedaan en na het eten heb ik hem mijn rug in laten smeren en ben ik even bij hem gaan liggen maar komen kwam er niet van misschien ook door die tractor die het gras maaide rond de bosjes en zich toen vast reed in een greppel waardoor allerlei hulptroepen en veel bekijks en Henk zei dat hij weer ging en nam ook zijn spullen mee maar bleek even later gewoon ergens anders te zitten, misschien omdat ik geen zin meer had?

08-09-2009 Kwam twee oude bekenden tegen in het Oeverbos, even triootje staan doen en later in de bosjes nog even alleen met Koos en komen kwam het er niet van maar ik weet nu wel waar Koos woont en ik heb zijn telefoonnummer en hij dat van mij en Koos is slank en tongen en strelen en zo en lekker, vooral.

19-09-2009 Gisteren kort telefoonsex met Emil, vandaag kwam ik Kees tegen op het fietspad en terwijl ik richting Oeverbos fietste heeft Kees me drie keer gebeld en ook in het Oeverbos waren er diverse heren die die naakte kerel die in de zon met zijn plasser lag te spelen wel lekker vonden maar er was er maar één bij wiens dikke gladde lul ik even mocht rukken en toen hij even elders was heb ik stiekem wat van zijn glijmiddel gebruikt maar komen kwam het er niet van.

21-09-2009 Vanochtend richting winkels, loop ik net de Bruna uit komt Kees binnen die gelijk een arm op mijn arm legt en mij zijn adres en telefoonnummer en naam geeft en of ik bij hem langs wil komen, morgen, ochtend, dinsdag, gezegd dat dat niet lukt maar ik bel nog wel (Yes!), Broekpolder in gefietst, rondje Wokkel - oude brug, kom ik bij de T-splitsing, ga even zitten om wat te drinken, staat heer met fiets, kijkt mij begeerig aan, gaat ook zitten en legt zijn hand op zijn gulp, even gewacht en toen mijn hand in mijn broek gestoken, of hij hier een plekje wist, nee, nou, ik wel, dus hij achter mij aan naar stil paadje in bos, daar pet af, jas uit en twee tellen later T-shirt uit en broek en onderbroek naar beneden en mannetje heeft het niet meer, pik uit zijn broek, maar durft niet meer maar ik ben lekker en geil, dus toch maar wel en dan ga ik ook nog liggen dus hij me sjorren en strelen maar bang maar ik dring aan dus sjort hij me toch maar heerlijk leeg tussen de eerste herfstbladeren en dan fietst hij snel weg, ik neem nog een slokje water en wil ook terug als er uit die richting een hond aan komt sjokken en zijn vrouwtje waren we daarnet al voorbij gefietst dus ik de andere kant op en via alle houten bruggetjes naar de uitgang bij de sportvelden; maar is dit nou toeval of willen al die oude mannetjes die me wel eens toelachen in de Broekpolder echt allemaal hetzelfde?

28-09-2009 Kwart voor één Kees gebeld, die was thuis en ik kon langs komen, dus zo'n vijf over één was ik bij hem en niet veel later stond ik eerst in mijn onderbroek in zijn woonkamer en even later lag ik naakt op bed en Kees ook en na wat geknuffel en gepijp begon Kees me heerlijk langzaam te sjorren tot ik kreunend spoot en daarna wilde Kees dat ik nog even douchte waarna ik nog even bloot op zijn banken in de huiskamer ben gaan liggen zonder dat hij het zag en rond twee uur zat ik al weer op de fiets.

10-10-2009 Half twee vertrokken richting Koos, daar was ik tien over twee en Koos deed in badjas open, dus dat werd uitkleden, tongen op de bank, op zijn logeerbedje, weer op de bank omdat Koos even wilde roken zodat ik lekker op hem kon zitten en hij mijn tepels likken en toen verder op zijn tweepersoonsbed waar Koos mijn kontje met vet insmeerde en me heerlijk verwende tot ik kwam waarna ik Koos nog lekker klaar pijpte terwijl ik met zijn tepels speelde en rond half vier ging ik weer op huis aan.

18-10-2009 Om twee uur bij Kees afgesproken maar ik was er al zo'n kwart over één en tien over half twee fietste ik al weer weg nadat Kees me lekker klaar had gesjord onder het knuffelen en ik Kees ook nog even gepijpt had, maar zonder resultaat.

08-11-2009 Woensdag Kees gebeld maar die kon niet, gisteren, zaterdag, heeft Kees mij zeven keer gebeld maar het regende en ik had geen puf, vanmorgen om 9.35u belde Kees al weer dus heb ik Kees half één gebeld, maar hij was niet thuis, dus ben ik gaan fietsen en weer geen gehoor op mijn mobiel maar 20m verder kwam ik Kees tegen op weg naar huis dus ben ik maar mee gefietst en na een eerste knuffel in de lift heb ik Kees weer eens heerlijk leeg gezogen waarna hij mij weer lekker langzaam heeft klaar gesjord waarna ik iets over half twee weer buiten stond, tijd zat om nog een uurtje te fietsen.

14-11-2009 Kwartiertje bij Kees binnen geweest, lang genoeg voor Kees om me te pijpen terwijl ik tegen zijn bank stond geleund en me daarna heerlijk af te trekken op zijn bed.

29-11-2009 Aan het einde van mijn fietstochtje Kees even gebeld, die had wel trek in me, dus even langs geweest om Kees helemaal leeg te zuigen en me daarna heerlijk klaar te laten sjorren.

13-12-2009 Zo'n 20 minuten bij Kees geweest en met Kees gevreeën tegen zijn bank, op de andere bank en ook nog op bed en Kees leeggezogen en tenslotte heeft Kees me lekker klaar gesjord.

23-12-2009 Na een kort ritje door de sneeuw Kees even gebeld en die had wel zin dus maar even langs geweest om eerst hem leeg te zuigen en me daarna lekker echt heel lang te laten trekken en dan uiteindelijk mezelf leeg gesjord op Kees zijn buik op de bank in zijn warme woonkamer.

17-01-2010 Me met zes heren vermaakt in Spartacus: de eerste een lekker dikke knuffelbeer, de derde een pijpmeester die met zijn vingers in mijn kontje me helemaal leeg woonde maar me niet klaar liet komen, dus heb ik even gerust en hem daarna weer zijn zalige gang laten gaan tot hij een ander in het vizier kreeg en die ander wilde mij ook wel even zuigen tot ik het niet meer hield en mezelf leeg sjorde boven zijn gezicht.

27-01-2010 Kees is 91 en klaagt over artrose in zijn knieën maar wil best nog wel leeggezogen worden op de bank in zijn warme woonkamer en neemt daarna nog de tijd om mij ook helemaal leeg te sjorren.

14-03-2010 Net drie minuten binnen in de bios of daar komt nog een heer binnen en even later lig ik naakt, naakt!, op mijn nieuwe favoriete plekje in de kleine darkroom achter de homo filmzaal en laat me strelen en pijpen en strelen en pijpen en als hij genoeg heeft is er een tweede oudere heer in de homo filmzaal die ook mee naar achter wil en dan komt de eerste heer terug met een derde die mij ook al even en dus een soort van kwartet en daarna naar de heterozaal en ook helemaal naakt en dan is er de vierde heer die mij wil pijpen en even gepijpt wil worden en tenslotte uiteindelijk is er de vijfde jonge negerknul die zijn grote lul in de mond van de vierde heer laat glijden en daar ga ik dan maar bij staan, naakt op de rand van de kleine darkroom en de homozaal om zijn tepel te zuigen en zachtjes te bijten en na een tijdje hou ik het niet meer en kom ik klaar rond half vier voor het eerst in zes en halve week en nu is het bijna kwart over vier, tijd voor de aardappels.

24-03-2010 Na een week van telefoontjes vanmiddag naar Kees en daar het gebruikelijke kussen en knuffelen en strelen waarbij Kees al vrij snel komt in mijn mond als we eenmaal op bed liggen en dan duurt het best nog wel even voor hij mij ook leeggezogen heeft maar iets voor half twee zit ik al weer op de fiets en vind nog een pasfoto van een lieve jongen en een paar geile pornobladen ook, onderweg.

05-04-2010 Tweede paasdag en morgen en woensdag vrij dus toen Kees me belde om 13.35u, 15.58u, 16.51u, 17.30u en 18.10u nadat ik hem om 13.05u had gebeld en hij “niet kon” heb ik hem 18.45u maar gebeld en ik kon 19.45u komen dus ging ik 19.20u weg en ik denk dat ik na een wandeling van een half uur, bij hem was, of wellicht eerder, want 20.00u was ik klaar na wat gefoezel op de bank en een douche waarbij Kees niet mee wou doen, die wou alleen maar trekken dus heb ik hem lekker laten trekken tot ik spoot en daarna vlug aankleden en 20.25u thuis dus 20 minuten terug lopen, max, en helemaal niet gehaast vanwege die twee types in de lift bij Kees met fiets er bij die mopperden toen de lift omhoog kwam omdat er iemand in de lift had geplast, wie doet dat nou, zal wel een hond zijn, echt aso zoiets, maar goed, ik ben ruim op tijd thuis voor Harry Potter, in ieder geval.

18-04-2010 Net vijf minuten bij Ruyven,zit daar een oude bekende die tussen twee sigaretten door en de sudoku van NRC-weekblad wel even zijn deken met me wil delen dus kleed ik me uit en begin aan zijn tepels te likken en hem te pijpen, en hij mij ook terwijl het Yin Yang hangertje om zijn hals bungelt maar echt stijf wordt hij niet en ik heb geen zin om klaar te komen dus even later sjok ik ongekleed en wel met mijn fietsbanden onder de modder door en veel meer naar de A13, ligt daar een andere oudere heer waar ik ook even bij mag liggen en mag spelen (ik heb zelf niets bij me, had niet door dat het noordenwind en Ruyven op het zuiden) en uiteindelijk mag ik hem pijpen tot hij komt in mijn mond dus ook nog wat te eten en die heer heeft mijn telefoonnummer nu, en dan sjok ik weer naar de andere kant voorbij het parkeerterrein over een wankel bruggetje dat wat planken mist vanwege niet meer door de modder en dat gaat, na wat aarzeling, en dan helemaal achter het parkeerterrein om de hoek nog ligt weer een heer met alleen een onderbroek aan, maar nee, die wacht op iemand, maar ja, Niek komt ook niet op dagen dus slof en fiets ik naar mijn favoriete bankje en daar zit al een stevige kerel maar daar pas ik nog wel bij (jawel, ben ik nou zo assertief geworden, of gewoon geil?) en dan gaat eerst mijn bovenkleding uit en dan mijn broek en sokken en als die kerel toch opstapt ga ik lekker op de bank liggen en doe uiteindelijk ook de onderbroek uit die ik vrijdag langs het fietspad vond en op 95 graden heb gewassen maar niemand lijkt geïnteresseerd dus fiets ik nog een eindje, vind wat opgedroogde papieren zakdoeken waarmee ik mijn wielen schoon maak en fiets dan naar huis en oh ja, er kwam ook nog een Engelse oude bekende langs toen ik op dat bankje lag maar die wilde de bosjes met me in maar ik wilde juist in de zon blijven liggen, en daarbij: “I want audience, spectators”, en dat meende ik, ik zou meer mannen tegelijk willen daar op dat bankje of op een kleed ervoor met een sportbroekje aan.

25-04-2010 Onder de wolken in kniebroek en spijkeroverhemd naar Ruyven, bankje is bezet dus alleen me even uitgekleed tot op mijn onderbroek en me ingesmeerd met zonnebrand en er is een heer die wel wat wil dus naar het strookje achter de kassen, ligt daar een stuk karton en ik heb geen laken bij me dus die heer, ouder maar veel te net gekleed, komt even bij me zitten om mijn tepels en mijn dijen en mijn billen en zo te strelen en hij wil wel meer maar nu en dan loopt er iemand langs… dus fiets ik terug naar het bankje en daar zitten er nu twee dus even rondgehangen en gelegen en door de struiken en toen weer terug naar die strook en gaan liggen op dat karton maar iets verderop en toen kwam daar een oude bekende langs en die dook de bosjes in dus ik trek mijn onderbroek aan (ik fiets al een half uur in mijn als een jurk zo wijde onderbroek rond) en ook de bosjes in en likken, tongen en zo en toen kwam er nog een heer bij en in dat triootje met twee handen op mijn billen en lippen op mijn tepels en twee handen beurtelings om mijn pik hield ik het niet meer en spoot.

28-04-2010 Op de strook achter de kassen bij Ruyven me heerlijk in de bek laten neuken door een shaggie tiep met pet en rode scooter en trainingsbroek, tot hij spoot en ik slikte en een half uurtje later is er een heer met stropdas die even zijn lul uit zijn gulp haalt en me even keurend sjort maar dan toch doorloopt dus pak ik m’n boeltje en mijn fiets en loop naar mijn favoriete bankje, dat bezet is, dus even er naast gaan zitten om mijn sportbroek uit te trekken en me weer in te smeren, dan in de bosjes achter het bankje op het gras of mos maar niemand vindt die naakte knul interessant maar gelukkig zit er dan al een half naakte kerel op het bankje en als ik op mijn kleedje voor het bankje ga liggen trekt hij zijn broek uit en kan ik het niet laten om op hem te gaan liggen, op het bankje, dus even later komt hij bij me liggen in het gras en nog wat later spuit ook hij zich leeg in mijn mond en sjort hij mij nog even heerlijk maar komen doe ik niet dus kletsen we nog wat, waarbij ik en passent op 38 wordt geschat, wat nu eens aangenaam is, dat kletsen ook, en als hij weg is is er die oude bekende van zondag maar die durft alleen in de bosjes maar op het bankje verderop zit nog iemand dus daar fiets ik naakt naar toe en ik ken die lul, kort maar dik met een enorme eikel en massage olie van het Kruidvat, van het Oeverbos dus, maar behalve wat sjorren wordt het niets dus tegen vieren fiets ik richting huis…

13-05-2010 Na op deze Hemelvaartsdag eerst vruchteloos bij de bios langs te zijn geweest vijf heren in Spartacus wederzijds gepijpt en de eerste was heerlijk uitgebreid in de filmzaal, daarna ook nog een triootje in de darkroom en nummer 5 is Piet die bij me kwam liggen in mijn hokje en Piet is een lekker grote beer met wie het fijn knuffelen en pijpen is en even wilde ik hem laten neuken maar daar is Piet niet zo van, wat geeft het ook, uiteindelijk heeft hij me heerlijk klaar gesjord en onder de douche ook nog even geholpen en toen kwam hij me nog even bedanken toen ik al aangekleed was dus heb ik hem m’n 06 nummer gegeven en hij mij zijn vaste nummer.

30-05-2010 Op een zondagochtend even bij Kees langs geweest: Kees wou van achteren dus na flink wat glijmiddel kwam ik in hem maar zat mijn eikel onder zijn stront dus me maar even goed gedouched en daarna Kees nog klaar gesjord en gevraagd of hij de volgende keer eerst zijn kutje wil wassen maar liefst maak ik hem klaar zonder zelf te komen: heb ik ook nog wat aan de middag…

04-06-2010 Sletje om 19.00u naar Ruyven vertrokken, op een open plek in het hoge gras in zuid was er één heer die zijn stijve paal wel door sletje leeg wilde laten zuigen, verder was Henk er en die wilde natuurlijk niets en in noord eerst wat rond gefietst, was heer, wilde niet, ook alle andere heren niet, hoewel sletje van iets voor 21.00u tot 21.45u of zo bloot in het bos heeft gestaan en toen had sletje gelukkig een trui bij zodat niet te koud op weg naar huis en nog gegroet door rare heer in houten huisje net na brug lang Schie, maar zat binnen met vrouw of moeder, volgende keer toch eens stoppen wellicht want het is een leuke droom om fiets achterom en lekker even uit de kleren op breed bed met grote kerel, en volgende keer wat zoutjes mee?

05-6-2010 Er was een oude bekende die sletje achter de kassen bij Ruyven wel wilde aftrekken maar ik wilde niet meteen komen en maar goed ook want even later was er een nog oudere bekende die zelfs bij me kwam liggen en ik op hem en zo terwijl hij al zijn kleren aanhield en daarbij stonden er twee te kijken en een daarvan kwam er na wat aandringen van mij ook bij liggen zodat hij me kon tongen terwijl die oude bekende me pijpte tot ik spoot in zijn mond en daarna bleef die derde heer nog even bij me liggen om lekker bij te komen onder het tongen waarna ik nog een rondje Schie – Vaart heb gemaakt bij 26 graden en een koel briesje.

06-06-2010 Gisteren na de patat blijkt Kees gebeld te hebben en vanmorgen weer dus onder het fietsen vanmorgen hem een paar keer gebeld en thuis ook al weer maar hij was er niet, maar hij belde mij daarna iets voor tweeën, dus even later zat ik op de fiets en laten we zeggen half drie was ik weer leeg maar Kees niet, helaas, dus na in de regen heen in korte broek met regenjas op dezelfde manier terug en nu thee met aardbeienvlaai en de krant maar dus wel drie maal sex in drie zomerse dagen…

16-06-2010 Toch weer die oude bekende die me heerlijk tongde en pijpte en leegsjorde in de zon op mijn kleedje achter de kassen bij Ruyven en daarvoor was er ook al een andere heer die in was voor wederzijds pijpen, well, two out of ten ain’t bad…

25-06-2010 Drie heren die me wel wilden sjorren in de avondzon in Ruyven en één van hen wilde ook wel gepijpt worden, even, en dat was het zo’n beetje: en oh ja, geen kleedje mee maar er wel één gevonden, een bruine, redelijk nieuw lijkt het…

26-06-2010 Na lekkere sms en telefoonsex vannacht en na Ruyven gisteren vanmiddag weer Ruyven en daar was een dorsmachine en één heer die me wel wilde pijpen en met zijn hand in me wou zodat ik me toch weer helemaal leeg sjorde en toen nog over had voor een rondje fietsen.

28-06-2010 Kees leeggezogen en daarna door Kees lekker langzaam leeg gesjord en ook nog naakt op zijn balkon gestaan.

02-07-2010 Ruyven op vrijdagavond: één man die twee tellen mijn tepels beroert.

03-7-2010 Die oude bekende in Ruyven plus nog een heer met scootmobiel maakt even een triootje sjorren, even maar, en daarna de regen!

10-07-2010 Even bij Kees langs geweest om leeg gesjord te worden.

18-07-2010 Twee heren in Ruyven die gepijpt wilden worden maar zelf niets deden en ook niet kwamen, dus er was niet veel aan eigenlijk.

20-07-2010 Heertje van mijn leeftijd in de avond gepijpt op het gras en in de bosjes bij het Oeverbos maar er waren vervelende jongeren op brommers dus hoewel spannend kwamen we niet maar hij lijkt me aardig en had geen trouwring dus nu heeft hij mijn mobiele nummer.

21-07-2010 In een bewolkt Ruyven was er maar één heer die me even wilde strelen en zachtjes sjorren en een tweede heer wilde wel gesjord en wellicht meer maar bleef passief, en dat ben ik eigenlijk ook, passief, dus ben ik lekker blijven liggen en wachten of er nog iemand was die mij wilde pakken maar toen begon het te druppelen…

26-07-2010 De tel kwijt geraakt in Spartacus maar moeten toch wel minstens acht heren geweest zijn en twee daarvan klaar gemaakt en nummer acht een ouder heel geil heertje dat ik al eerder (denk ook op een maandag), heeft mij zowat leeg gezogen en dat terwijl wij tweeën nog ook een andere heer terwijl een vierde mij streelde enfin bij dat pijpen mezelf uiteindelijk helemaal leeg gesjord.

02-08-2010 Achter de start- en landingsbaan van Zestienhoven ligt nog een baan en daar was eerst een heer die mij wel de weg wilde wijzen en gepijpt wilde worden tot hij spoot en daarna was er een tweede heer die wel met mij op een bankje wilde zitten en me wilde sjorren en bij mijn billen pakken tot ik kwam maar bij hem heb ik niks gedaan want hij droop nogal.

06-08-2010 Eén oudere heer bij Ruyven die me heel even wilde aanraken, is al meer dan vorige week vrijdag…

10-08-2010 Hoe ze heette ben ik al weer vergeten maar ik ben Erik en zij was in Den Haag en slank en donker en Midden Europees und sprach Deutch en wilde voor 100 Euro eerst wel masseren, beetje, dan pijpen en dan “erotische massage”, dat wil zeggen sjorren met handschoen en olie maar zonder condoom waarbij ik haar tepels kan kussen en strelen en haar dijen en zo tot ik spoot op mijn buik en ook nu nog ruik ik naar de olie en dat alles na een tevergeefse dag Ruyven gisteren.

14-08-2010 Ruyven: één jonge knul wilde geneukt worden maar daar ben ik niet van, een tweede werd gepijpt en gelikt maar (snot) ikke niet, er was maar één oudere heer voor de eerste keer die wel wilde sjorren maar dan ook heel even maar…

21-08-2010 Bij Zestienhoven fietste dezelfde kerel rond die ik daar de vorige keer leeg pijpte dus die heb ik maar weer even bijna leeg gezogen, het aftappen wilde hij zelf en helaas, vind hij, want hij niet alleen, maar hij heeft nu wel mijn telefoonnummer.

22-08-2008 Eerst één knul even gepijpt in de bios en net toen ik weg wilde kwam die Surinaamse of Antilliaanse knul van vorige keer binnen en dit keer heb ik hem gepijpt op mijn knieën en op de bank en hij mij gesjord en ik hem weer gepijpt tot diep in mijn keel en hij mij gestreeld en gesjord tot ik spoot.

29-08-2010 Mijn ogen waren nog niet aan de darkroom van Spartacus gewend toen iemand mijn plassertje pakte en even later werd ik al behoorlijk gepijpt en na een tijdje kwam daar nog iemand bij en toen de eerste heer even genoeg had was er een andere met wie ik lekker lang heb liggen kroelen terwijl steeds andere heren bij aanschoven en uiteindelijk wilde de negende heer in een hokje alleen en daar zeg ik geen nee tegen dus ik pijpen maar hij was al gekomen dus het ging niet meer dus na een glas thee en snoep en koekjes terug naar de darkroom en daar was heer nummer tien en die begreep wat ik wilde: hij sjorde me lekker helemaal leeg zodat ik even later om kwart over drie weer buiten stond.

08-09-2010 Kees kan weer aardig uit de voeten en omdat het toch een regenachtige dag is ben ik maar zo’n beetje meteen na de lunch naar hem toe gegaan nadat hij belde om eerst hem leeg te zuigen waarna hij mij heerlijk sjorde tot ik spoot en ondertussen lag hij ook nog naar adresjes van mannen en vrouwen te hengelen, nota bene, heeft hij aan mij niet genoeg dan?

10-10-2010 In mijn onderbroekje op mijn favoriete bankje in Ruyven en daarna twee heren geholpen met spuiten waarbij de tweede jonge knul mij ook heel aardig streelde en kuste en zo zodat ik zelf ook kwam.

15-10-2010 Kees leeg gezogen en me daarna lekker langzaam leeg laten trekken.

06-11-2010 Na Harry’s herdenking naar Kees gefietst en me alweer lekker langzaam helemaal leeg laten sjorren en ook nog stiekem vijf foto’s gemaakt, als herinnering,voor later, of zo.

28-11-2010 Raak in Spartacus tegenwoordig na de tien altijd de tel kwijt maar laten we zeggen veertien man of dertien en één lekkere jongen die me raakten of die ik geraakt heb en twee daarvan zijn in mijn mond gekomen en één heeft me twee keer geneukt en de laatste heeft me heerlijk klaar gesjord en dat moest ook wel nodig ook.

12-12-2010 Een kwartiertje bij Kees waarbij ik niets bereikte maar die mij wel weer heerlijk langzaam leeg kreeg en oh ja, Kees vond dat ik te laat was, een kwartiertje geloof ik, ben ik zijn hondje soms?

27-12-2010 Is een heer van de gaychat op de brommer onderweg naar hier en de slaapkamer is al warm en donker en hij wil dat ik hem uitkleed, en hij is getrouwd en net zo geil als ik en als hij eenmaal binnen is, is er eerst nog wat aarzeling maar dan mag ik hem uitkleden en hij is heerlijk fors en behaard met een lekker grote lul die ik mag pijpen terwijl hij voor me staat eerst op de vloer en dan op bed en dan wil hij komen en spuit op mijn buik, een beetje maar want hij heeft gisteravond nog bij z’n vrouw, en terwijl hij in de wc zijn piemel afdoet lik ik mijn vingers af van mijn buik en daarna schrijf ik nog 2 nummers en mijn gmail adres voor hem op en is hij al weer weg rond 13.40 uur dus kan ik nog even naar buiten of verder zoeken op de chat.

26-01-2011 Kees wou met glijmiddel in z’n kutje maar dat ging natuurlijk niet dus Kees leeggezogen en me daarna lekker lang en langzaam door Kees leeg laten sjorren.

30-01-2011 Patrick van is half vier bij me, wil een glaasje water en dan naar mijn slaapkamer om zich uit te kleden terwijl ik mijn badjas op de grond laat glijden en daarna is het wederzijds pijpen en ga ik op hem zitten zodat ik zijn smalle niet te lange stijve in mijn kutje kan laten glijden en hij me kan neuken tot ik bijna kom en dan sjort hij zichzelf klaar, lik ik een druppel van zijn behaarde borst en krijgt hij een doekje en na nog een slok water gaat Patrick al weer en ben ik nog steeds geil, zou wat wezen, nu nog een man op bezoek, of dat buurman mee luisterde alsjeblieft… maar is dus nu al by the way de perfecte zondag: vanmorgen PC met Tao op OCR en chatten inclusief een minuut video, vanmiddag gewoon eerst rondje fietsen, dan thee en daarna lekker met Patrick en om 16.15 uur de aardappelen schillen en nu 16.37 uur en oh, voel nog steeds Patricks stijve in mijn kontje, heerlijke herinnering…

20-02-2011 Tegen Kees aangereden voor de spiegel in zijn woonkamer en daarna kon Kees het in zijn koude slaapkamer maar net opbrengen mij helemaal leeg te sjorren.

16-03-2011 John is kort, stevig, rossig, getrouwd, heeft en zoon van 35, was toevallig in de buurt en had blijkbaar een laptop bij zich, keek even op de gaychat en daar was Erik en Erik is altijd geil natuurlijk en had ook wel even tijd want fiets bij de fietsenmaker dus was John al na een kwartiertje bij me en terwijl ik hem pijpte begon hij me te sjorren en toen hij eenmaal lag ging dat zo lekker dat ik binnen een paar tellen kwam en toen hij ook, dat heb je er nou van…

19-03-2011 Patrick zou 21.00 uur bij me zijn maar had pech met zijn auto dus dat werd 23.20 uur, nou ja, het werd in ieder geval toch pijpen en sjorren met een vinger in Patricks kutje, hij met zijn sokken aan en kussen wilde hij ook niet maar geneukt heeft hij me wel en dan nog eens sjorren, hij op mij, tot we allebei zo’n beetje tegelijk kwamen en nu is het 23.55 uur en ga ik naar bed.

02-04-2011 Eén grote modderboel bij Ruyven maar toch een plekje op de zuidstrook gevonden waar ik een uur of twee in de wind naakt in de zon kon liggen maar daarna toch verkast naar een warm plekje met minder wind aan de westkant met heel wat actie om me heen en daar kwam ook een oude bekende langs die me wel even wilde trekken en mijn spleetje strelen zodat ik even later heerlijk spoot waarna ik nog een half uurtje ben blijven zonnen onder het jonge groen.

24-04-11 Eerste Paasdag bij 25 graden een triootje in het gras bij Ruyven en één daarvan klaar gezogen en de tweede, Peter, zie 28-04-2010, hij herkende mij wel, ik hem niet, sjorde mij uiteindelijk leeg terwijl ik naakt op mijn rug in het gras lag en daarna heb ik hem mijn adres en 06 gegeven want hij woont in Delft zuid en kan het aanfietsen, maar voor, net voor ik naar Ruyven ging, belde Roest, en begon te hijgen en hing weer op, dus bel ik hem terug, en zijn het er twee, mannetjes, lekker, dus die ook in Ruyven ge-smst, en gebeld, en nog een keertje, zonder vervolg, maar daar maar eens langs dus want twee mannetjes hebben een breed bed natuurlijk.

27-04-2011 John was net iets voor drieën bij me, wilde vanachter genomen worden maar toen maar weer niet, heeft mij na wat heerlijk kroelen helemaal leeg gesjord, maar nadat hij eerst bijna kwam kreeg ik hem niet leeg gezogen, nou ja, volgende keer beter, nou nog ff handen wassen, het is net kwart over drie…

07-05-2011 Oude bekende van al wat jaar geleden pakt en bijt mijn tepels in de bosjes bij Ruyven en slaat zelfs op mijn billen terwijl hij mij mezelf laat sjorren maar dan bijt hij in mijn billen en dat is toch wel lekker dus spuit ik me weer eens leeg tussen de struiken.

14-05-2011 Ik was maar net, om half twee, binnen bij Spartacus, of daar waren al heren die belangstelling hadden voor mijn slanke jongensachtige lijf, dus met de eerste vrijwel meteen maar in een hokje om wederzijds te pijpen en me wat te laten neuken, de tweede wilde vooral tepels en de derde heeft me helemaal doorgeneukt waarna de vierde, jonger dan de eerste drie, me pijpte en pijpte in de darkroom tot hij me helemaal leeg gezogen had, dus daarna maar een colaatje en wat spekkies en om kwart voor drie gedouched en nog even de stad in gewandeld naar het Doelenplein en van daar met de tram weer terug naar huis.

23-05-2011 Om 21.33:40 MSN-de Sjaak “Ben er” en Sjaak is fors en lang en top, van 1969 en heeft een vriendin en een kindje en wilde me neuken en dat vind ik lekker dus ben ik uiteindelijk na wat proberen op mijn knieën voor het bed gaan zitten en daarna heb ik Sjaak gepijpt tot zijn heerlijk romige spul in mijn mond spoot een 22.05:45 MSN-de ik “Was lekker schat, doen we nog eens een keer…”, enne, oh ja, zelf niet gekomen nee, dus als Patrick morgen online is…

25-05-2011 Peter, van Ruyven, zie 24-04-2011, sprak 14.48 uur mijn voice-mail in, dus maar even gebeld rond 15.00 uur en 15.30 was hij bij me en kon ik hem pijpen tot hij spoot waarna we nog lekker bleven liggen en hij me streelde en zo en me uiteindelijk ook nog helemaal leeg sjorde maar omdat hij pas 17.30 uur thuis hoefde te zijn bleef hij tot 17.00 uur plakken en dat alles in mijn donkere slaapkamer terwijl de zon op mijn balkon stond, nou ja, lekker was het wel, en ik had sla, dus niet echt tijd verloren, maar volgende keer toch maar weer Ruyven, of een keer bij jou, Peter?

02-06-2011 Hemelvaart in Ruyven: na eerst een tijdje in het gemaaide gras een plekje in de schaduw tussen de struiken gezocht, daar de andere heer van dat triootje van 24-04-2011 weer leeggezogen maar hij had maar weinig want was al klaar gekomen, daarna was er een aangeklede heer die mij zalig teder langzaam sjorde tot ik een beetje kwam maar inhield want morgen weer een dag dus daarna mijn boek uitgelezen en nog een eindje gefietst.

03-06-2011 Weer twee heren bij Ruyven op hetzelfde plekje tussen de struiken als gisteren waarvan de eerste me alleen wat wilde opgeilen door mijn kutje te strelen en de tweede een oude bekende die wel wilde sjorren en gesjord worden tot hij zijn spul op mijn honcho spoot, maar ik hoefde verder niet want Patrick had wel zin voor vanavond, dus, not.

04-06-2011 Je hebt drie soorten mannetjes: hetero, die zie je niet zoveel bij Ruyven, homo, daar zijn er in Ruyven een heleboel van en bi, en de bi mannetjes werden vandaag zo rond half vier een heel klein beetje nerveus en ik kende dat meisje, denk ik, van een jaar of twee terug, maar vandaag hield ze haar kleren aan en was ze in een half uur al weer weg, en toen ben ik maar weer even gaan liggen op hetzelfde lekkere plekje als de afgelopen dagen en merkte toen dat het oude mannetje naast me het wel leuk vond dat ik lag te sjorren dus ben ik even bij hem gaan staan en even laten zijn we even bij mij gaan liggen en heb ik hem aardig gepijpt maar het lukte niet dus heeft hij mij maar even heerlijk leeg gesjord en toen ik thuis kwam had Kees gebeld, dat is lang geleden!

08-06-2011 Voor het eerst in maanden weer eens bij Kees langs geweest, lekker tussen zijn billen gelegen en hem helemaal leeggezogen, daarna heeft hij mij nog gesjord maar komen kwam er niet van, ik bewaar dat liever nog even…

06-07-2011 In de ochtend ene Bas voor de webcam leeg laten spuiten, ’s middags na een eindje fietsen werd er aangebeld: was Peter, had ik net zin in, dus lekker liggen kroelen en hem gepijpt tot hij kwam, daarna hem laten sjorren tot ik ook spoot en iets voor half vijf zat Peter weer op de fiets.

24-07-2011 Eén uurtje in Spartacus me met zeven heren vermaakt, waarvan zes in de darkroom en één in de filmzaal, strelen, pijpen, tongen en de zevende heer, een oude bekende, pakte me staande in de darkroom en had ook wel zin in een kamertje apart om lekker te vrijen en een heerlijk standje 69 te doen waarbij ik pijpte en hij rimde en hij me daarna sjorde en likte tot ik spoot.

30-09-2011 Licht verkouden en met suizende oren me bij 25 graden in de volle zon door de modder bij Ruyven geworsteld, daar eerst op zuid in de bosjes met een heer staan knuffelen en sjorren en pijpen en daarna op het strookje bij de kassen op noord een triootje waarbij ik en een lekker dikke vent naakt op en naast elkaar lagen om te tongen en sjorren en de tweede heer te pijpen terwijl ik gepijpt werd en sjorren weer tot mijn witte spul op mijn buik spoot en eenmaal thuis heb ik eerst moeten douchen om de modder van mijn benen te borstelen voor ik weer het balkon op kon en dat allemaal omdat ik vanochtend Kees weer eens belde en hij zei dat hij niet meer wilde.

29-10-2011 Jaap van is 60 jaar en had zijn horloge al een uur verzet dus had niet door dat hij ver na tien uur ’s avonds op msn nog vroeg of hij langs kon komen en ik twijfelde even maar zijn foto’s waren heel overtuigend dus iets na elf uur was Jaap hier en vloog me gelijk in de armen en even later lagen we op bed en trok ik zijn sokken uit en werd het knuffelen en kussen en heel veel pijpen en Jaap had glijmiddel bij zich en wilde neuken maar ik voelde al bij zijn vingers in mijn spleetje dat dat geen goed plan was maar Jaap drong verder niet aan dus heb ik die lieverd lekker in mijn mond laten komen waarna hij mij nog heerlijk leeg sjorde en nu is het twaalf voor één op de 30e en is Jaap al weer op weg naar zijn vrouw en oh ja, vanmiddag stond Kees ook weer eens op de nummermelder dus die even later twee keer gebeld maar hij nam niet op, pech voor hem, want zo dadelijk zal ik er waarschijnlijk niet veel meer voor voelen, Jaap heeft me echt helemaal leeg gehaald, maar nu eerst maar eens naar bed, een uur extra vannacht, kan ik wel gebruiken ook.

05-11-2011 Even bij Kees langs geweest, hem gepijpt tot hij zei dat hij kwam maar het was maar weinig, daarna heeft hij mij nog wel helemaal lekker langzaam leeg getrokken.

26-11-2011 Standje 69 bij Kees, ik hem leeg gezogen, hij mij leeg gesjord en veel gekust en gestreeld en zo.

06-12-2011 Rond kwart over negen ’s avonds wordt er onverwacht aangebeld, en nog eens, en weer, en het is niet de post of iemand die verkeerd is maar Jaap die dacht laat ik eens kijken of Erik thuis is en ja en geil ook dus dat word zoenen en strelen en vrijen en tegen elkaar aanrijden tot ik kom en daarna nog naast elkaar liggen en strelen en Jaap pijpen en trekken tot hij ook komt, en dan nog een glaasje en zo tien voor tien gaat Jaap weer op huis aan.

14-12-2011 Eerst Kees leeggezogen, daarna me lekker leeg laten trekken en een kerskaart achtergelaten voor die lieverd.

31-12-2011 Mijn rechteroor nog aan het tuiten van het rotje dat de buurman zo´n beetje naast me neergooide terwijl z´n dochter van amper drie naast hem liep, ja, ja, maar wel een pen en een appelflap en één van de beste oliebollen van Nederland gescoord bij Spartacus en nog thee en appelsap ook en drie heren gepijpt en met een vierde wat zitten foezelen maar spuiten kwam er allemaal niet van want druk was het niet en die er waren wilden geneukt worden of mij neuken en daar heb ik geen zin in en oh ja, voor Spartacus ook nog naar het museum geweest waar een oudere heer rondliep waar ik eigenlijk wel wat voor voelde maar hoe leg je dat aan, tja, vandaar, Spartacus, dus, een drukke dag gehad zo vlak voor een lekkere lange rustige avond.

01-02-2012 Kees leeggezogen en daarna hem laten sjorren tot ik spoot.

07-02-2012 Van vijf over acht tot tien over tien liggen vrijen, likken, tongen, pijpen, sjorren, knuffelen, zoenen, en kreunen, dus gewoon genieten, met Jaap, met Jaap zijn billen, zijn grote paal en zijn tong in mijn mond en om mijn eikel en zijn vingers tussen mijn billen waarbij eerst hij in mijn mond kwam en ik, een uurtje later of zo, in die van hem.

28-02-2012 Half tien kwam Jaap aanzetten, ik had mijn nieuwe onderbroek aan en verder niets, dus meteen op de bank gedoken om te vrijen en te tongen en te pijpen en dat alles nog gefilmd ook en toen naar bed en daar verder gegaan tot Jaap me zo pijpte dat ik wel komen moest maar Jaap lukte het niet want hij had zich al afgetrokken voor hij naar me toe kwam en hij zegt nog wel dat hij van me houdt en dat ik een weekendje bij hem mag in de caravan op de camping…

13-03-2012 Jaap kwam iets voor acht uur aan, ik was net met Brandon aan het chatten en die heeft weer een werkende cam dus kon hij niet alleen zien hoe Jaap me pijpte maar konden wij ook zien hoe zich aftrok en zijn onderbroek uitdeed en ik mijn cadeautje van Jaap ook, daarna snel met de laptop naar de woonkamer voor standje 69 en toen Brandon uitlogde lekker op de bank gebleven en elkaar heerlijk en netjes zonder kliederen leeggezogen en toen nog wat gekletst en filmpjes gekeken en weer wat liggen spelen totdat Jaap iets voor tien uur weer richting echtgenote ging.

18-03-2012 Na een uurtje fietsen Kees even leeg gezogen en hij mij daarna weer lekker langzaam leeg getrokken.

27-03-2012 Jaap pijpen, Jaap likken, Jaap kussen, Jaap strelen, Jaap helemaal leegzuigen en hij mij ook heerlijk lang gepijpt totdat ik helemaal tot in de hemel kreunde terwijl hij met zijn vingers tussen mijn billen en zijn tong om mijn eikel maar komen deed ik uiteindelijk niet, dus wie weet als morgen aardig weer, en oh ja, voor Jaap kwam nog even met Brandon gechat, dat lekkere jong was de vorige keer dus klaargekomen terwijl hij ons bezig zag.

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Ch 2 - BBW Wife is mine for 24hrs

Chapter 2 darkorse102284's BBW Wife is mine for 24hrs

Chapter 1 (Incorrectly named) :

Fetishes/Kinks: Submission, f***ed Sex, Gloryhole, Public Sex, Humiliation. Blowjobs, Sex with strangers, High Heels, Cum Stains, Sloppy Seconds, BBW, Young vs Old, Cumplay

I originally was going to go to bed when he messaged me again, but decided to go ahead and go through with the second chapter. It wasn't my original plan from the start to have a series, but I had some other ideas of what I'd do to his wife, and it started from a simple fantasy and turned into a sort of light RP session. Since I didn't get all my ideas out, I decided Chapter 2 should be made.

Chapter 2 wasn't actually part of my "original plan", but I brought up the idea of gloryholes after watching some hot glory hole videos like the one linked in the story below and though his wife would be perfect for the same sort of scenario. I thought it would be a good way to transition into my last chapter. It ended up a bit longer than expected (then again, I didn't have a freaking outline)

Chat Log
11:28:05 AM pr0n_glutton: think i can do ch2 before i hit the bed

11:28:23 AM darkorse102284: Sounds good.

11:28:31 AM pr0n_glutton: did you tell her about the story

11:28:39 AM pr0n_glutton: or i suppose that is weird

11:28:52 AM darkorse102284: She knows. ;)

11:29:47 AM pr0n_glutton: remember that next time you're fucking her - think about her being used by me before she got back to you, heh

11:31:15 AM pr0n_glutton: she ever been to a gloryhole?

11:31:47 AM darkorse102284: Nice... and no.

11:33:35 AM pr0n_glutton: I take the clothespins off her nipples and see they are a bit red

11:34:07 AM pr0n_glutton: I suck and bite on them a bit to mess with her

11:34:15 AM pr0n_glutton: she has no choice to let me do what i please

11:34:32 AM darkorse102284: Nice, get her!

11:35:09 AM pr0n_glutton: I get her to put on a slightly too small shirt, people are going to see her tits bulging out

11:35:22 AM pr0n_glutton: I put a blindfold on her and throw her into my car

11:35:31 AM darkorse102284: Oh god... yes.

11:36:02 AM pr0n_glutton: I drive around in the hood slowly, noticing old street friends checking out this blindfolded big tit white girl

11:36:33 AM pr0n_glutton: I continue on, driving to the local book store, as people around the neighborhood look confused

11:36:34 AM darkorse102284: Oh dear, as a white man, I get

11:36:40 AM pr0n_glutton: lmao

11:37:09 AM pr0n_glutton: nah, this street is fine though. it's not ghetto...other parts of the area though...

11:37:42 AM darkorse102284: Okay

11:37:51 AM pr0n_glutton: I take her down to the local adult book store

11:38:20 AM pr0n_glutton: blindfold still on, tight tshirt with big tits and puffed nipples poking out

11:38:45 AM pr0n_glutton: we spend a few minutes browsing the store. she has no idea where we are

11:39:05 AM darkorse102284: Oh yes!

11:39:06 AM pr0n_glutton: but people noticed a busty blindfolded girl walking into the store and took notice

11:39:33 AM darkorse102284: Oh yeah, I know I would.

11:39:50 AM pr0n_glutton: store is getting more crowded than usual, random guys walking in pretending to check out videos, but peeking at the girl

11:40:06 AM darkorse102284: Sweet!

11:40:07 AM pr0n_glutton: store gets a good crowd and we buy a ticket for the back room

11:40:25 AM darkorse102284: Awwwww shit....

11:40:28 AM pr0n_glutton: all the guys take notice, they know where this is headed: the arcade

11:41:06 AM pr0n_glutton: we go to the furthest end of the arcade, so not to block the front door and let a line get setup

11:41:30 AM pr0n_glutton: we get into a booth

11:41:52 AM pr0n_glutton: I tell her to take her shoes, pants and undies off

11:42:02 AM darkorse102284: Keep her heels on.

11:42:09 AM darkorse102284: :D

11:42:18 AM pr0n_glutton: i got a plan for those actually

11:42:46 AM pr0n_glutton: but i know what your thinking, fucking love heels

11:42:47 AM darkorse102284: Oh okay, as u were

11:42:53 AM darkorse102284: Yeah man.

11:43:17 AM pr0n_glutton: she's finally all nude, and I tell her to kneel

11:43:30 AM darkorse102284: Oooooooh....

11:43:32 AM pr0n_glutton: her face is now facing a strange hole in the wall

11:43:40 AM pr0n_glutton: no point in the blindfold, so i take that of her

11:44:03 AM pr0n_glutton: it takes her a min to realize shes at a gloryhole

11:44:28 AM pr0n_glutton: I turn on my phone light and tell her to look at the floor

11:45:02 AM darkorse102284: Uh oh...

11:45:03 AM pr0n_glutton: pointing the light at the floor, she see all these....spots

11:45:03 AM pr0n_glutton: crusty

11:45:04 AM pr0n_glutton: white

11:45:07 AM pr0n_glutton: jizz

11:45:08 AM pr0n_glutton: stains

11:45:20 AM darkorse102284: Oh yeah!

11:45:41 AM pr0n_glutton: girl is naked with her skin touching the grimy, nasty, semen crusted floor

11:45:53 AM darkorse102284: Oh god yes.

11:45:58 AM pr0n_glutton: "Oh no, you're going to make me lick that aren't you"

11:46:07 AM pr0n_glutton: Well shit babe, I wasn't even thinking about that

11:46:12 AM pr0n_glutton: but now that you mention

11:46:25 AM pr0n_glutton: "Me and my big mouth..."

11:46:29 AM pr0n_glutton: I'll spare you this time

11:46:48 AM pr0n_glutton: Suddenly, a click

11:46:53 AM pr0n_glutton: booth door closing

11:47:07 AM pr0n_glutton: pants unzipping

11:47:25 AM pr0n_glutton: some knocking from the other side of the booth

11:47:38 AM pr0n_glutton: I say "Stick it, she's ready"

11:47:52 AM darkorse102284: Oh god...yes!

11:48:14 AM pr0n_glutton: Out comes a 6.5 in white cock middle aged. you can tell because of the greyish hair

11:48:22 AM pr0n_glutton: Suck it

11:49:20 AM pr0n_glutton: middle aged white guy is mostly flaccid, but slightly aroused at the though of this girl not many girls come to this hole

11:49:43 AM pr0n_glutton: she starts licking up and down the top of the flaccid shaft

11:50:01 AM pr0n_glutton: she rolls back down and gets to the underside

11:50:16 AM pr0n_glutton: she starts sucking furiously

11:50:34 AM pr0n_glutton: Hey, slow down bitch, i want you to savor that old man's cock

11:50:47 AM darkorse102284: Oh yes.

11:51:08 AM pr0n_glutton: she obey and starts sucking slowly

11:51:26 AM pr0n_glutton: she pulls back, drop a precum oozes slowly

11:51:39 AM pr0n_glutton: eat that precum

11:51:45 AM pr0n_glutton: I want to see you swallow

11:51:53 AM darkorse102284: Oh yes. Make her swallow that old nut.

11:51:59 AM pr0n_glutton: remember, you're on camera

11:52:20 AM pr0n_glutton: she licks the old precum while staring at the lens, just realizing she's being recorded

11:52:48 AM pr0n_glutton: guy is rock stiff now

11:52:56 AM pr0n_glutton: I tell her to finish him off

11:53:17 AM darkorse102284: Yes! Yes! Yes!

11:53:17 AM pr0n_glutton: she starts to stroke it quickly

11:53:28 AM pr0n_glutton: PG: Lick his hairy balls for a sec

11:53:39 AM pr0n_glutton: she goes down, licking his saggy grey balls

11:53:54 AM pr0n_glutton: his nuts get all swollen and moist

11:54:08 AM pr0n_glutton: PG: alright, get back to stroking

11:54:28 AM pr0n_glutton: She strokes and strokes until he finally busts

11:54:35 AM pr0n_glutton: spewing on her face

11:54:47 AM darkorse102284: Oh yeah!!!!!!

11:54:47 AM pr0n_glutton: PG: Lick it up

11:54:59 AM pr0n_glutton: PG: Hear that dude, this bitch is eating your cum!

11:55:09 AM pr0n_glutton: John 1: oh yeah!

11:55:18 AM darkorse102284: Making her swallow his nut?!

11:55:22 AM pr0n_glutton: John 1: swallow my cum bitch

11:55:29 AM pr0n_glutton: you damn right I am

11:55:37 AM darkorse102284: Love it

11:56:03 AM pr0n_glutton: i just happened to put up a sign on the booth saying "Cum dumpster inside" before we went in

11:56:15 AM pr0n_glutton: guy zips up and we wait for the next patron

11:56:15 AM darkorse102284: She's not a swallower, in real life... she puked the last time she swallowed mine.

11:56:52 AM pr0n_glutton: she coughs up a bit of cum, getting some on her tits

11:57:25 AM pr0n_glutton: PG: Well, we ain't got no cloths, so you can either wipe in on your shirt or leave it there

11:57:41 AM pr0n_glutton: She decides to leave the old perv's cum sliding down her cleavage

11:57:53 AM pr0n_glutton: another guy walks in

11:58:07 AM pr0n_glutton: while he's getting ready, i take a look at her heels she took off

11:58:08 AM darkorse102284: Oh yeah

11:58:27 AM pr0n_glutton: I take them, give the inside a good sniff

11:58:38 AM pr0n_glutton: the booth also has a window, which opens up

11:58:59 AM pr0n_glutton: 2: I love me some platforms!

11:59:34 AM pr0n_glutton: John 2: is black male, average build, smaller than average cock.

11:59:41 AM pr0n_glutton: he's smiling looking at the heels

11:59:46 AM pr0n_glutton: PG: They're your's dude.

11:59:52 AM pr0n_glutton: Slut: WHAT?!

11:59:57 AM pr0n_glutton: I Throw over the heels to him

12:00:23 PM darkorse102284: Accept that pic. Ull love doing it. *He sends me a pic of her super high heel platform lying on its side*

12:00:26 PM pr0n_glutton: PG: Do as you please with them when you get home, but for now, stick your cock through the hole

12:01:09 PM pr0n_glutton: damn, those are high

12:01:22 PM darkorse102284: She loves them.

12:01:30 PM pr0n_glutton: well not anymore, lol

12:02:16 PM pr0n_glutton: The slut realizes that she will have to walk and stand on the spunky floors on the way out, which disgusts her a bit.

12:02:40 PM pr0n_glutton: John 2 puts his cock through the hole, around 6 inches with moderate girth

12:02:56 PM pr0n_glutton: PG: Alright slut, you know what to do

12:03:12 PM pr0n_glutton: PG: actually

12:03:21 PM darkorse102284: :D

12:03:24 PM pr0n_glutton: PG: Start sucking his dangling balls

12:03:47 PM pr0n_glutton: she lifts the cock and starts sucking the strangers shaved, dangling nuts

12:03:58 PM pr0n_glutton: while stroking it

12:04:16 PM pr0n_glutton: his balls are real wet

12:04:21 PM darkorse102284: Oh nice.

12:04:50 PM pr0n_glutton: she keeps stroking, mean while, you can her some clogging and sniffing in the next booth. guys is playing with those heels

12:05:08 PM darkorse102284: Hahaha

12:05:23 PM pr0n_glutton: the stranger starts moaning "I'm gonna nut!"

12:05:32 PM pr0n_glutton: PG: Suck him, NOW! HURRY!

12:05:32 PM darkorse102284: Oh yes.

12:05:45 PM pr0n_glutton: she stop jerking and bobs her head up and down

12:05:48 PM pr0n_glutton: sucking

12:05:50 PM pr0n_glutton: slurping

12:06:02 PM pr0n_glutton: John 2: OHHHH, OHHH , OHH

12:06:25 PM pr0n_glutton: her mouth stands still as the 2nd john's cock twitches and pulses, shooting a load into her mouth

12:06:44 PM pr0n_glutton: again, she's on her knees, blowing a complete stranger

12:07:01 PM pr0n_glutton: with some random ass perv just nutting her mouth

12:07:08 PM darkorse102284: And I love it.

12:07:09 PM pr0n_glutton: admittedly, she's kind of turned on

12:07:42 PM pr0n_glutton: her mouth is full of spunk as the cock limps out and slowly retreats

12:07:54 PM pr0n_glutton: a little bit oozes out of her mouth

12:08:14 PM pr0n_glutton: PG: Close your mouth, Don't swallow either, Savor his nut

12:08:51 PM pr0n_glutton: The slut can believe that she's not being f***ed to leave cum on her or to swallow, but that she has to leave that slimy, salty spunk in her mouth for a while

12:09:10 PM pr0n_glutton: PG: rub the spilt spunk on your tits

12:09:23 PM pr0n_glutton: her tits get all sticky from the remainder cum

12:09:42 PM pr0n_glutton: it take a moment for the final guy to cum in

12:10:05 PM pr0n_glutton: Slut" Cuh uh swa wa?"

12:10:08 PM pr0n_glutton: PG: What?

12:10:19 PM pr0n_glutton: Slut: "swa wa?"

12:10:23 PM pr0n_glutton: PG: Huh?

12:10:37 PM pr0n_glutton: *she motions the cum going down her throat*

12:10:48 PM pr0n_glutton: PG: No, keep it in your mouth

12:11:32 PM pr0n_glutton: PG: I still want you to taste it, to know what his spunk taste like. get familiar with it. Get used to the flavor of cum in your mouth and not swallowing so fast

12:11:42 PM pr0n_glutton: PG: Nastier that way

12:13:04 PM pr0n_glutton: suddenly, a 11" black cock comes slithering out the hole

12:13:15 PM pr0n_glutton: PG: Alright, time to suck on that

12:13:42 PM pr0n_glutton: the slut points to her mouth, still filled with cum

12:13:46 PM darkorse102284: Oh damn!

12:13:49 PM pr0n_glutton: PG: What are you waiting for bitch, suck!

12:13:59 PM pr0n_glutton: John 3: yeah, suck on this shit

12:14:23 PM pr0n_glutton: The slut shrugs and starts blowing the stranger with the second guys cum

12:14:38 PM pr0n_glutton: stings of creamy white jizz lining the big black cock

12:14:56 PM pr0n_glutton: the 3rd john has no idea the sucking mouth is filled with cum, he just knows he's getting one of the best blowjobs ever

12:15:07 PM darkorse102284: Oooooohhhh kinky.

12:15:18 PM pr0n_glutton: 3: Daaaamn gurl, this is the sloppiest, warmest suck I had!

12:15:37 PM darkorse102284: Lol

12:15:47 PM pr0n_glutton: tries to go deep, but can't

12:16:07 PM darkorse102284: She would Def gag.

12:18:12 PM pr0n_glutton: skip to 2:22 right now, that's your wife, mouth covered in spunk

12:19:13 PM pr0n_glutton: supplimental imagery,trust me, it's worth it

12:19:24 PM darkorse102284: Oh my god.

12:21:28 PM pr0n_glutton: she keeps sucking the cum covered chocolate rod

12:21:57 PM pr0n_glutton: jizz strings bobbing back and forth off her chin as she sucks

12:22:03 PM darkorse102284: Oh this story is just as good if not better than 1!

12:22:45 PM pr0n_glutton: she keeps her mouth on the head an strokes the bottom half

12:22:56 PM pr0n_glutton: John 3: UUUUUUUUUUH

12:23:03 PM pr0n_glutton: His balls twitch and quiver

12:23:14 PM pr0n_glutton: his cock pumps and get vieny

*guy sends me a pic of wife sitting on floor facing camera. Her face is cropped off but you can see her lips abit, which is kinda small and cute. She's wearing the sequin pumps from Chapter 1, and between the gap in her ankles, you can ALMOST see her pussy, but just thigh meat*

12:24:20 PM pr0n_glutton: oh fuck

12:24:28 PM darkorse102284: Like?

12:24:32 PM pr0n_glutton: yeah

12:24:45 PM pr0n_glutton: curvy bodies and heels, im all about that
*He sends me some more pics since I really don't have enough IMO*

12:28:57 PM pr0n_glutton: her mouth is filled with two mixed loads of black stranger cum

12:29:09 PM pr0n_glutton: PG: Hmm, that mouth looks real good

12:29:09 PM darkorse102284: Oh kinky...

12:29:24 PM pr0n_glutton: Slut smiles and winks. She knows what's up

12:29:47 PM pr0n_glutton: she unizips me in the booth as the last guy walks out and starts blowing me with her sloppy mouth

12:29:59 PM darkorse102284: Nice

12:30:20 PM pr0n_glutton: her spunky face is slowly sliding up and down my cock

12:30:28 PM pr0n_glutton: leaving drops of cum on my cock

12:31:00 PM darkorse102284: Oh kinky

12:31:05 PM pr0n_glutton: i pull out and wipe my dick all over her slimy face, scooping the spunk with my cock

12:31:18 PM pr0n_glutton: my cock is throbbing hard with another man's spunk and her spit

12:31:27 PM darkorse102284: Nice

12:31:32 PM pr0n_glutton: PG: Clean it, swallow.

12:31:53 PM pr0n_glutton: she goes down on me, swallowing the remaining nut off my dick

12:33:26 PM pr0n_glutton: she finally keeps sucking me, mouth still slightly cummy and then i cum in her mouth

12:33:35 PM darkorse102284: Oh yeah!

12:34:03 PM pr0n_glutton: PG: Keep slurping like a hoover, make sure every sperm cell is in your whore mouth

12:34:26 PM pr0n_glutton: my finished cock starts to limp in front of her

12:34:31 PM pr0n_glutton: PG: Swallow it

12:34:39 PM darkorse102284: Oh god yes!

12:34:42 PM pr0n_glutton: Slut hesitantly swallows the thick load

12:34:46 PM pr0n_glutton: It's tough for her

12:35:01 PM darkorse102284: Why?!? *I said this because he said she can't swallow big loads*

12:35:04 PM pr0n_glutton: she retches a bit and accidentally pukes it back out on my cock

12:35:18 PM darkorse102284: Ooooh kinky

12:35:22 PM pr0n_glutton: Slut: I'm sorry, I'm not used to swallowing

12:35:37 PM pr0n_glutton: PG: You will get used to it, now clean this back up

12:35:44 PM pr0n_glutton: PG: Baby steps

12:35:55 PM darkorse102284: ....yummy

12:36:13 PM pr0n_glutton: The slut licks small portions of regurgitated cum and spit off my cock before its finally clean

12:36:59 PM pr0n_glutton: i wipe any remainder of jizz from my cock, her mouth, and the floor with the dark shirt she worn in the way in, leaving cumstains

12:37:21 PM pr0n_glutton: alright, that's a glory hole fun for now. I got one more thing to do you

12:37:43 PM pr0n_glutton: The slut hesitantly smiles, scared and anxious about where to go. End of Ch2

12:38:38 PM pr0n_glutton: that next to last line was me telling her she has another destination before her day ends

*End of Chapter 2*

It is here where we sort of talk about what will happen in the next chapter. I ask what kinda stuff he's into and not into, to make sure no lines are crossed in the next chapter. I mentioned he should check out and repost his wife there, since people will love it and maybe chat with him about it. He wants me to share this so he can save them for later, since he no longer has the chat history.

There will probably be a longer lapse between the next chapter due to schedule issues. I think it might worth it, it will get messy!

Chapter 3 has not been made yet, but hopefully it will be relatively soon. It might be a week or two though.
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Moms Secret Chapter THREE

Notes: This chapter, written in the POV (point of view) of the mother will retell the events found in Ch.01 and Ch.02. However, she will also describe an event that happens to her afterward, which isn't found in either of the above chapters.

*Ch. 03 does not have i****t. Ch. 04 WILL have i****t.


Angie's Perspective

My name is Angela and I have been married to my husband, Daniel for close to 25 years. It has been a long marriage, but it was not a happy one. It wasn't the worst marriage ever in the history of mankind, though. For starters, I was never physically or sexually abused by him. However, he always tried to control me, usually through the use of put-downs. I stayed with him because of my k**s. I didn't want them to have a broken home. Yes, I have made my own mistakes, but I don't regret staying for them. I've sometimes regretted marrying the man but I've never regretted having the k**s that I love so much.

My husband started cheating when our son was just two years old. When I first confronted him on it, he told me that he was just having fun and he wouldn't do it again. When I caught him a second time, he said that he was still young and didn't want to waste the time. The women meant nothing to him, apparently.

I began to believe that his cheating might have been because of me. Because he had always been insecure about himself, he wanted to prove to others that he was someone important. He enjoyed putting this façade to everyone because of the 'respect' he was given. I didn't respect him though. There were times when he tried so hard to impress me, but it couldn't be done and he hated me for that. It wasn't that I didn't support him - I did - but he wanted me to worship him. I couldn't do it, so he must have given up on me. He even told me one time during an argument that I could go find another man to sl**p with, just as long as he doesn't find out about it! I was never a cheater and I wasn't going to start! I told him that.

Still, I wasn't ready to break the f****y up yet. I naively hoped that he'd eventually change, but he never would. In fact, he even became cockier as he met more women and made more money.

Eventually, it got to the point that I told him that I wanted a divorce but he accused me of marrying him for immigration purposes and 'trying to break up a happy home'. I was hurt, but I was also guilty.

It was true that I really needed to stay in the country because my student visa was about to expire. I couldn't risk applying for another visa and have them reject me. I had sacrificed everything to come over here and I didn't want to go back to my home country empty handed. Back home, we were very poor, barely able to make ends meet. Our living space was a joke. It was basically the size of a small apartment and since we shared it together with my siblings, as much as four people were there. When we came over here, the money was surprisingly able to work harder for us. Marriage would have been a convenient excuse to stay here.

That being said, I married him because I wanted to start a f****y of my own. I came from a broken f****y myself and I wanted to break that cycle. Most importantly, he seemed to be the most suitable of the men that I met over here. Though he was short and not the best looking, we really got along. He was a great conversationalist. And while he wasn't rich or wealthy by any means, he was still willing to be generous. I wasn't looking to leech off him though. I just needed him to help start a f****y with me. In addition, he seemed to love his mom very much because he lived with her when he could've moved out like his other b*****rs. I figured that he couldn't be a bad choice.

After marriage, I had my siblings come over here too, so that they could avoid the poor living conditions. The good news was that they were able to adapt to their new life fairly well. The bad news was that after they had their own families, there was a large, complicated feud which seriously damaged our f****y's cohesion. One terrible trait of my f****y was their stubbornness. Unlike my husband's f****y, this was the opposite. Any feud was resolved promptly.

Since I didn't want this f****y to break up like mine did, I had to fight to keep it together. I had to prove him wrong. I wasn't marrying him for reasons other than love. In addition, our c***dren were young and I'd struggle as a single mom. I was scared to see the world like this. Ironically, as I later found out, staying together with him resulted in me raising our two k**s alone, for the most part because he never wanted to bond with any of us. He primarily kept his money so that he could go out and party with his friends.

Time after time, I wondered if his cheating had to do with me. Maybe I pushed him away. Maybe I didn't support him enough. There was also the time when I really wanted a second c***d, preferably a son this time, but he didn't. I believed wrongly that he could change his mind. So, I lied about being on birth control.

After I became pregnant again, he didn't take the whole situation too well initially, but he never once demanded for an abortion of some sort. I thought we reconciled our differences; however, after my son was born, I discovered that he was cheating! The first hint was that he always seemed too tired to have sex. The confirmation was when I accidentally overheard his voicemail messages from another woman. Regardless, I learned my lesson. I had a tubectomy shortly afterward, so there would be no more 'unexpected' k**s.

I've tried a lot to get him to treat me better. Talking to him many times about it didn't work and I've tried pretending that he wasn't cheating. No matter what I did, it didn't seem to work. There was even a short period of time when I openly accepted (but not approved) that he was cheating and I still had sex with him, whenever he wasn't tired or whenever it was convenient. Regarding convenience, sometimes, the k**s being in the house played a factor as to why we couldn't have sex, even if we both wanted to. If he went out, he could get it without the worry. Make no mistake, I never once blamed the k**s for any reason. I knew that my problem was with the other women and I wanted my husband back.

I read sex columns and looked at porn sites to draw some ideas on what I could do to impress him, though I almost never adopted any of the tips or techniques because they were outside my comfort zone. Unfortunately, as time went on, my sex mood became lower and lower because of the knowledge that he was still constantly cheating - and not just with one woman. It seemed hopeless for me to keep trying. So, instead, I focused on being a better mom and bread-winner, just so that he didn't have to worry about the f****y. It was the bare minimum that I could do at least. In a blink of an eye, years went by without too much incident.

The day that Daniel got fired from his job was a true test for us as a f****y. If I still wanted us together, I had to be the one to keep it afloat. My best friend at the time told me to maintain my work ethic because the f****y was counting on me. That was when I felt that this was my opportunity to be a better wife. I needed to treat him better. Whenever he needed something, I wanted to be the one he could turn to.

Oddly enough, we had frequent sex during this time, as our grown k**s were more likely to be out of the house with their friends and he was at home much more often too. While I rarely did anything too crazy with him, I became more willing to give him blow-jobs than our first few years. It wasn't something that I liked doing. It seemed degrading to me, which was another reason why I hated taking facials. I'd rather swallow instead, though I'd usually avoid that too, if I could help it. But it was time for me to change things up.

The one particular time when I did something crazy was when he had me sucking him at the men's washroom in the mall! I chose to swallow, for obvious reasons. But I warned him that we weren't going to do anything like that again. That turned out not to be true; we did the same thing once more, only that we were interrupted by a couple of the men that were waiting to use the booth! There wouldn't be any plausible reason for why I was inside there with him, so we ran out awkwardly. I was so embarrassed with the way they looked at me. After that, I refused to do anything like that again.

His luck would change, for better or for worse. He managed to meet a bunch of wealthy friends that helped him start a business. He spent most of his time networking with people that he usually was too busy to come home. I feared that he would cheat again. And he did. I found out through a friend this time that he was with another woman, hand-in-hand.

I was stumped. With two k**s, I never once thought that there would be another man who could love me or my k**s. If I divorced, that would be it; the f****y would be done. Of course, there were plenty of good men out there, but they were almost always taken. I was too scared to get rejected and I didn't want my k**s to be without a father figure, so I had no choice but to keep going. In addition, if we divorced, our social circle would be awkward, since we knew numerous mutual friends. I know a lot of this might seem silly.

Despite our marital problems, we often went out together and everyone would be fooled. We were social. We knew how to be a part of the party. However, at the end of the night, at more formal parties, there would be some ballroom dancing and he was terrible at it; he'd always step on my feet and he'd never learn how to break the habit. On the other hand, I learned how to do dance and I avoided doing it with him. Furthermore, I preferred dancing with a taller man. I was fortunate to get these opportunities whenever they'd ask, but I didn't want to lead them on, nor would I want a bad reputation of dancing with other people's husbands. Anyhow, I just couldn't get used to a shorter man, especially someone who has two left feet on the floor. I was far from being a perfect person and I wasn't proud of it.

There were plenty of times when my mind and heart would wander, but I'd usually keep myself grounded. I've gone to bars in the past, though never regularly, and I'd usually get attention from them, but I never purposefully led them on. As years went by, I was more likely to be at home than not. Meanwhile, he kept going out, as normal and cheating.

After saving enough money, I finally decided to move out. I didn't want to alarm him or anything. I justified it as a real estate investment and not anything else, though it was located significantly farther away from him. He was against the idea at first, but I made some pretty valid opinions about the housing market. I promised that I'd still visit often and I didn't lie.

Despite our separation, I still cared about him. Usually I'd end up helping him to clean the place or so after his constant neglect to take care of it. Once in a while, we'd even still have sex, though it wasn't quite the same as before. Still, about two years ago or so, before his birthday, I surprised him with my new breast implants, being at 34D. It wasn't entirely for him though. I was always insecure about my own size, which was at 34C, though I've always been told that a woman's natural size was often the best. The good part was that he loved it and I was happy that he did too. We did have sex that night and I let him fuck my new tits. Yet, it felt like a hook-up. The romance was gone. I didn't want that anymore.

During this period, both my son and daughter were old enough to find some work, but both managed to leave the city. My son had always been the only one that made more regular visits and I always looked forward to them. Despite that, I was usually alone.

More recently, I've gone onto sites like Craigslist to look at the relationship ads - both the platonic and personal ones. I was not there to date or cheat, but I wanted to see what was out there. Primarily, I wanted to look for friendship, as well as anyone who could give marital advice without being judgmental. I was open to meeting men and women of all ages and backgrounds. Regardless of the gender, I was not intending to meet anyone else beyond friendship.

For the personal ads, I always had a good laugh at them because the men usually came across to me as desperate. Also, it was a well-known fact to me that women on Craigslist gave us all a bad name, making dating difficult for both sides.

But there was a day when I ran into a personal ad that caught my eye. There was a post that promised to give advice for free that would improve a marriage. I clicked on it and read the ad. The writer promised that he or she would listen and give feedback without being judgmental. I felt that I had nothing to lose and started writing up a short message that illustrated my interest. Consequently, it was a man named Jimmy that replied within an hour using his mobile device. That marked a start of the exchange of email messages between each other. We exchanged our details soon enough.

He told me that construction was his main line of work and that marriage and sex counselling was something that he did on the side, as a hobby. He seemed passionate about bringing couples together. Similar to me, he came from a broken f****y and he said that he tries hard to get them together or advise them to break apart if it really doesn't work out.

Then he showed me a picture of himself and he was in great shape. After I complimented him, I was expecting that he wanted my picture too and I figured that there was no harm. Afterward, he complimented me on how classy I looked. It was definitely one of my better pictures and I was proud of it.

It was flattering for a man like him to compliment me. It's not that I wasn't used to compliments on how I looked, but it's always nice to get re-assured on something, especially when there's some effort made. I always tried to match my makeup with how I dressed, for example. I preferred a clean, professional look. It was something of a relic from when I was working.

We continued our conversation. Though my initial goal in talking to him was to look for answers, I found that he was not only a charming person but he was very supportive of me. He thought that I was a good mom. I was happy to hear that. Soon, after a few more friendly emails, I felt that I could trust him. And that was when I decided to take a stab and ask him about how to improve my sex life with my husband.

His response was that my marriage was at risk due to sexual disinterest and he felt that his one-on-one coaching sessions could help and they wouldn't cost a thing. In his experience, he's seen women like me before and he's had success with them. In these sessions, he'd provide a male's perspective on what women should do to please a man. He'd also provide all the teaching materials. It certainly sounded "hands-on", no matter how he spun it, so I had difficulty accepting it at first glance. I didn't want it to seem like I was cheating or something.

But he had a point. Since our move away, the sex was almost non-existent and stale. Naturally, I hated knowing that there were women around him doing what I was supposed to be doing as a wife! A part of me wanted to know what I could do to salvage it, yet the other side of me gave up.

Jimmy was really sympathetic with me. He said that he hated the fact that I was treated so poorly and that I deserved much better. He even said that if I wasn't married, he would've definitely tried to ask me out. I was flattered and surprised by his advance.

After thinking about what he said about his coaching sessions, I decided against the idea, at least for the time being, because I wanted to talk to my husband first.

So, one day, I tried to ask him about the direction of our marriage - or what was left of it. I told him how much I hated that he was going out with other women. But he thought that I had accepted him cheating all this time, which wasn't true. I never approved of him cheating! He knew better but he just didn't want to change.

To add salt to the wound, he added that the women that he was seeing were all more successful than I was. They had their own business and were making lots of money. On top of that, they understood him and satisfied his needs, something that I apparently never did! He never appreciated me all along! The stress was too much and I left, crying.

Out of frustration, I wrote to Jimmy to vent about what happened. He said that he'd be willing to talk to me in person at a local pub about how he could help. I didn't see any harm so I agreed. It was going to be my first time to meet him in person.

I met with him at the said location and then I had realized that he had brought along his friend, Cyrus, who also coached couples to success. Despite his credentials, I felt that I was misled. But I didn't care at the time - I just needed someone to be with me. So, I bawled to them about my story with my husband and, fortunately, both were very patient with me. The men gave their thoughts on the matter - and both of them agreed that he was in the wrong. That was a good sign.

Out of desperation, I asked the men for help on what I should do. Should I leave him and take the k**s with me? Or could this marriage be salvaged? Jimmy thought that I could still stay with him - but Cyrus thought that I should leave. It was really interesting that they were disagreeing with each other and I liked that because each had his own perspective on it.

Regardless, the men suggested that I should re-consider using sex in order to seduce him. I wasn't entirely against the idea but I admitted that I wasn't sexually experienced at all. I only had a long-term boyfriend before marriage, after all. So, they told a few tips here and there and I was really nervous that people would hear us. Jimmy agreed that the pub was no longer a good place to talk anymore. He suggested that we should stop by his place. I agreed to it, though I said that I wouldn't be able to stay for too long. He said that it wouldn't take long.

The truth was, I wanted to be cheered up and he was doing just that. I enjoyed his presence, strangely. He talked me into trying out one of his lessons, with no obligation. He wasn't pushy but there was a way about him that I couldn't say no. The result was that I ended up staying a lot longer than I wanted!

They had me slowly taking off my clothes and he examined me quite thoroughly, which I was scared of. What made it worse was the camera too. I wanted it to go away but he said it was to be used for instruction and I'd be given a copy to review it later.

Jimmy licked and played with my vagina as a form of warm-up! This wasn't something that Daniel had ever done with me. The more he did it, the more it tingled. He really knew what he was doing and I hate to admit it, he had me wet really quickly! He then started making out with me and I didn't push him away. I was under his spell.

I mindlessly watched him going through the motions of taking out his penis. Although I deliberately looked away, I never stopped to ask why he was doing it. He told me to look in his direction and I reluctantly peeked to see a limp but fat penis. He told me that I was supposed to use it to demonstrate how I'd normally please my husband!

I couldn't do this! I reminded him that I was a married woman, yet, he wanted me to do it because he'd give me tips on how to please my husband! I asked if this would be okay to do, because I wasn't a cheater and wasn't planning to start. However, he promised that all of this wouldn't be considered cheating because I was merely learning.

So, I did it. I touched his cock for the first time and stroked it repetitively. I was mentally comparing his penis with Daniel's until he interrupted me, telling me that I was doing it too slowly! As a result, I went faster! I noticed his cock vibrating in my hand, growing in size! He was a lot bigger and thicker than I had expected!

Then, he wanted to use my mouth! I wasn't initially sure that I could do this, but he somehow talked me into doing it! He just told me to let it come naturally. I needed to do this so that he could gauge my abilities.

So, I pleasured his cock as how I'd normally do it, but he basically said that I wasn't doing it well enough. It was certainly humiliating to hear that, but I felt an urge to prove myself. I did it faster and harder, which seemed much more preferable compared to before! This somehow caused me to feel turned on. I liked hearing that I was making him feel good.

I kept up this pace until he called me a slut, which caused me to stop completely. I was really upset with him. I even asked him if he was just using me all this time to be his 'sex toy'. However, he told me that there was nothing wrong with being that for my husband. In fact, he told me being that being 'sluttier' would please my husband. I didn't agree with him but Jimmy mentioned that he has changed wives like me before, for the better. It made me consider the possibility that I wasn't pleasing Daniel in the way that I could.

Because I'd stopped jerking Jimmy during this time, it caused him to go limp. He blamed me for it and I somehow felt guilty about it. After all, he was the one that made me wet in the first place! So, I apologized and desperately stroked him to back to life. When I had him ready to go, he told me to be a 'proud cock-sucking slut'. I decided to put aside my fears and doubts. This was my chance to make it right. This would be the way that I'd do it if 'he' were here.

I sucked his cock while telling myself that I was a 'proud cock-sucking slut'. I tried to copy what I had seen other women do during porn videos. I even licked him too! Anyhow, all seemed well for a while, especially when he caressed his hands through my hair, out of appreciation. It felt good.

Then, he unexpectedly pushed me deeper, causing me to gag. At first, I panicked for air, but after he released me, I was able to recover. He wanted me to keep trying, so I gathered myself up and tried again. However, after several attempts, I really didn't think I'd ever be good at this. I knew that the goal was to take in as much cock as possible, but I was only about half way. I was unsure if I did anything wrong. I must have because he promised that he'd teach me how to deep-throat later. At this moment, he was content with me keeping him hard with my hand-jobs.

As I did it, he made me divulge my most embarrassing moment with my husband. It was the time when I reluctantly agreed to give him a blow-job in the mall washrooms, which I later told him never to f***e me to do again. I didn't tell him about our failed second time. Jimmy basically told me that incident showed that I lacked devotion towards him. I needed to make him feel special and that I needed to offer anything and everything that I could give. He told me my breasts were beautiful, which then led to him quizzing me on what I could do with them. I suggested nervously that my tits could be used.

So, I let Jimmy fuck them as I pushed them together, which unintentionally made me feel intimate with him at this point. I started to feel more relaxed. After he pulled on my nipples with just the right amount of strength, it turned me on!

I didn't argue when they wanted me showing off my wet pussy. I was pretty horny and they had seen everything anyway, though that didn't stop me from feeling shy and embarrassed. When they told me to masturbate, I did it. Each rub made me feel better about myself!

Jimmy took this opportunity to try and put his cock in me! I shrieked at him, asking what he was doing! He claimed that he was going to boost my sex drive. The reasoning was that if I was constantly horny, I'd rely on my husband all the time. It surely was a flimsy excuse but, at the same time, I was secretly curious as to how Jimmy would feel inside me. I was quite horny after all.

Instead of rejecting him outright, I told him that if he was to do it, I'd want him to use a condom. I hoped that the sex would seem less personal; it would serve as a barrier between him and me. Yet, he rejected my wish. He said that the condom would ruin the experience. I guess I just had to take it as it was.

I remember how conflicted I was. There was the anticipation of his entry and there was the guilt. Despite knowing that were supposed to be 'lessons', I inexplicably longed for him in me. I worried that he'd turn me into some kind of a sex addict after tonight.

Soon, he entered me and it was electrifyingly pleasurable! I couldn't believe how amazing it felt! As he started thumping me, I grunted! I just knew he had me. Very soon, I was screaming for more, on my own. There was a certain way as to how he moved inside me. It seemed to reach places which triggered different sensations. Not long after, I became completely honest about how he felt inside me. I had never felt this good before!

Everything came to a pause when Jimmy pointed out that Cyrus wanted my mouth too! He never told me that these lessons involved him too! He claimed that he was teaching me to submissive. If I could do this here, I could do anything and everything that my husband would want me to do. He warned me that if I chose not to do it, I'd be a disappointment. Looking back, I admitted that I must have disappointed my husband somehow, so I was going to end that here.

I opened my mouth and boldly sucked Cyrus! As I did this, I recalled a memory of how my husband, at one time, wanted me to help close a business deal by 'entertaining' his wealthy client. Though I was a real estate agent, I wasn't actually part of the land development project in which my husband was in charge of marketing. I doubted that he would've needed another real estate agent to advise him, which would've been a conflict of interest on my part. Therefore, my role, most certainly, would've involved sex of some sort. As a result, I refused to participate! I didn't want to be used like that; I had dignity and self-respect. However, the consequences of my decision must have resulted in the transaction failing to go through.

My emotions started to run wilder in me. Jimmy banged me harder and harder, which felt incredibly amazing! When I wasn't sucking Cyrus, I screamed some very wild things, making me admit how much I was really enjoying this. I didn't even say those things with Daniel!

I basically let them do whatever they wanted with me. I didn't even mind that Cyrus had a chance with me too! Even when they called me degrading names, I accepted it, as long as they were happy.

Jimmy took advantage of my helpless state. He talked me into giving up my anus, though it wasn't like I agreed to it right away! After all, I didn't even let Daniel use it! Anyhow, I regretted it right away as soon as his cock head poked through! He was so big! Despite the fact that he lubricated beforehand, every inch that he gave me made me wish that it'd be done soon. Finally, he managed to fit his entire dick inside me. It was so deep and so wide! He slid in and out of me for what seemed like forever.

After he pulled away, Cyrus wanted his try. I actually begged him to fuck my pussy instead because my butt was so sore. Neither of the men took up that offer though. Jimmy said that the more I'd do it, the less sore it'd be. In addition, there was a remedy available to help ease the discomfort. If I rubbed my own pussy, it would help a lot.

It was true. As Cyrus fucked my anus, I felt better while rubbing my clit and pussy. His cock felt tight in me, especially when he rubbed against my walls. It was a good sensation that I had never felt before! Soon, I found myself telling him to fuck me harder! I never felt like a bigger slut than that in my life!

The end was fast approaching after they pulled away from me and were about to cum. I got down to my knees then Cyrus told me to open my mouth, so I fully expected his cum there. Instead, his first few bursts missed and splattered my eyes instead. I was fortunate to close them just in time, but I hated taking facials! This seemed to give me another reason for hating them. Nevertheless, his follow-up bursts did go into my mouth, in which I pushed it back out with my tongue. The taste was disgusting! He was still cumming and I squirmed away in disgust of his overwhelming amount of loads. However, he unexpectedly yelled at me to turn my 'fucking face' back, which startled me into obedience. I reluctantly let more and more of his hot cum splatter onto me! I just couldn't believe how much he had saved up within him! I was actually impressed, despite being peeved.

After he was done, I started wiping the cum that was on my eyelids and at the corners of my eyes. I commented with some enthusiasm that it was a lot. Jimmy told me that instead of rejecting the cum that went into my mouth, I should've just swallowed it. Afterward, he told me to try it again. I knew what to do.

This time, Jimmy's cum streams went into my mouth and onto my tongue. The warm sensation of it, mixed with the bitter taste and rancid smell nearly made me puke. He, too, came quite a bit, as I held my mouth open to catch everything. By the time everything was done, I was told to show off the load to them and the camera, which I was sure they were impressed with. After being told to swallow, I gulped it down, but the aftertaste remained. I couldn't hide my facial expressions to that. He told me that I'd have to learn to enjoy the taste of it because the disgusted look I gave off would look bad on me. For practice, he told me to clean up the cum that was all over my face using my fingers. Then I had to tell them how good it tasted, even if it didn't! Each scoop that I placed into my mouth, I lied about how good it was! I was either a good liar or they simply didn't care, just as long as I said it.

They examined my holes. Both were looser than I ever had them. Though there were more lessons to go, they would give me a couple of days rest first. During this time, I wasn't allowed to interact with my husband in any way, until the lessons were done. Since I wasn't seeing him that often anyway, it would be easy. Just before they left, they gave me a sex toy to play with. It was small and purple. I never had used one of these before. While I was very interested about what other lessons they had planned for me, I was uncertain if I should be doing this anymore. I was very distraught with emotions.

For the whole day and night, my holes were sore. The soreness was a bit of a welcomed feeling since it never let me forget about what happened. Incidentally, it also helped me forget that I had cried over my husband earlier. I had flashbacks of the sex and hearing the groaning of the men. It was wrong and I knew it. Ironically, at the end of the night, I slept very well - far better than most other nights.

The next morning, I woke up feeling wet and I knew why. It was at this time that I was ashamed. How could I get wet so easily? Even when I had this free day off to do other chores, I kept thinking about the sex! I was looking forward to what they'd make me do next - it was crazy! So, I played with myself, trying to re-live the events, which made me cum. Only then was I freed, which allowed me to have a normal day.

The next morning, I wasn't wet, like the previous morning. I felt a sense of relief that it was just my body's reaction to what happened and it was adjusting itself normally. Furthermore, my holes weren't loose anymore. Then I got a call - it was Jimmy and he was heading over here, as in my place, in two hours!

Truthfully, I had always hated having guests over. It was always tough to accommodate them because I hated making fake small talk. However, this time, I was excited that they were coming over - and so was my body! I couldn't believe how I was acting this way!

When they came over, they brought over Simon who seemed to be just working the camera, instead of either Jimmy or Cyrus doing it. Next, they told me to take my clothes off, which I did, without even questioning them. Next, we set up ourselves in the f****y room. They had me walk over to the couch to start. I saw that they were taking off their clothes too, but weren't joining me, at least not immediately. A few questions were asked about last time and I answered them honestly. They asked about the toy which I never used. Predictably, they came to join me by sitting on both sides of me. I got them hard with my hands, as I wet-kissed Jimmy while Cyrus rubbed my clit. It really felt good.

Jimmy nudged me in his direction to suck him. Even though it was physically uncomfortable with the way I was sitting, I did it anyway. I bobbled up and down on him, knowing that it would lead to something more. I did the same thing with Cyrus. However, Jimmy asked me to invite Simon in too!

Simon was a tall, athletic black man. He wasn't a stereotypical gangster looking guy at all, from how he was dressed. Regardless, I had never dated anyone from his race before, yet I was about to suck him in my f****y room! Before I actually did, Cyrus ordered me to bend over so that I could take his cock too. Soon, everything came flooding back - all the pleasure and memories of the first day. Jimmy was next in line and I let it happen. I felt so good that if there was another cock coming, I would've wanted it!

Simon wanted me to ride him and I was more than delighted. I was going to fuck my first black cock and I told him that! I never thought I'd ever get to do it. Simon said that it probably wouldn't be last one either. He was probably right.

His cock filled me up! I grunted loudly with each hop. I wanted more and more! The way that he grabbed onto my hips also satisfied me. His hands seemed to slam me down with greater f***e, even though he was giving me his best thrusts. He fucked the hell out of me!

Jimmy was about to fuck my anus. But before doing that, he lubricated himself and my hole. I imagined how it might feel with two cocks inside me, as Jimmy applied the lube. I had seen this being done in porn but again, it wasn't something that I'd ever get to do. I didn't even protest against it, though I was a little scared.

Before I knew it, I felt both of them rubbing inside me! It was a mixture of discomfort and pleasure! I felt so stretched out and full! Simon loved how my pussy snuggled him, though I didn't really know how to control it! After I sucked Cyrus, three men were in me at once! Eventually, all of them switched around and tried out my holes. I had my moments of pleasure, though towards the end of it, I was very sore.

Then, Jimmy had me on the couch and started finger-fucking my pussy! His fingers moved in a beckoning motion, which made all points of contact, with an emphasis on the G-spot. It was very pleasurable, although there were times when I felt like I had to pee! I knew that this was the precursor for squirting, but the feeling felt so foreign to me and I held back. Yet, he never gave up on me and kept telling me to relax. His pulsating techniques were so rapid and precise that it actually made me want to squirt! The build-up was amazing, but the release was even more so! I ended up squirting so much that I made everything wet! Although I'd need to clean my couch and the floors later on, I regretted nothing.

Cyrus ordered me to jerk him off, which I was more than happy to do. I took pleasure in hearing him groan as my hand encouraged him to go further. I made him blast his loads all over my face! The culmination of being slapped with his hot loads, feeling his trembling cock in my hand and hearing his orgasmic grunting, made me feel inexplicably satisfied!

Next, Jimmy told me to drain him dry but not swallow right away. So, I agreed and blew him enthusiastically. Within seconds, I felt his vibrating cock and his hot loads! Although I didn't think his taste was noticeably better than before, I somehow felt content that it came from him! After he pulled away, I showed off the big salty load until being told to swallow. I gulped it and stuck out my tongue to show that it was all gone! He was proud of me and that made me happy.

Finally, I thought Simon was going to cum right away, but he didn't. Instead, he asked to fuck my tits. Jimmy offered lube for this and I rubbed it everywhere on my tits. The moment that he slipped between me, I loved that feeling of having him so close to me. I knew then that I'd be offering to do more of this later on! After a few minutes of this, he surprised me by pushing me on my back to be fucked in the missionary style!

Even after all that sex, my cheating pussy still welcomed him! Each thrust f***ed a moan out of me! I wanted more and I wanted him closer. I drew my legs around him. Once more, he wanted my vagina to clamp down on him like earlier, so I did the best I could. Just then, I had the urge to have him cum inside me! Finally, when he did, I felt him twitching! I felt a blanket of warmth cover me, like it was another orgasm! I secretly wished that he could do that to me again, even though I barely even knew him!

They examined my loosened holes and commented how 'sexy' it looked. The cum from my pussy was coming out slowly until they dug it out. I felt the rush of lukewarm fluids going down my backside. I was getting hooked and that scared me.

They stayed for a little bit to explore my house. After Jimmy asked me where my toy was, I took it out from my drawer. He told me to use it in front of them, so I shoved it inside my cum-filled vagina and fucked myself with it! I found a place on my bed to continue doing it. I did it because I liked the idea of him telling me what to do. I even faked some moans too just to add some entertainment, though I was bringing myself some pleasure anyway, but I wasn't close to cumming. After a while, they told me to suck off the dildo! The smell of it, as well as the sight of the white cum stains drew my attention. Still, I slurped out everything, as they cheered me on!

Before they left, they told me to rest for a couple of days again, but I didn't need that much time. My soreness went away after half a day and my pussy became tight again. The only thing that didn't change was my sex drive, which was much higher than before! During the waiting time, I played with myself a lot, including using the toy that they brought me because they had specifically mentioned about it before. I started making myself cum a lot more frequently because I started understanding my body more, though I didn't necessarily 'squirt' all the time! Regardless, the feelings were incredible. I was ready for a cock, if there was one around.

On the morning of the third day, I received a call from Simon that he was going to pick me up. He was told to tell me that I just needed to wear something fancy, minus bra or panties! Although I only had a handful of business suits and a few pairs of high heels that were left over from my working days, I was still pleased with my collection. I had myself dressed up and prepared, ensuring that I paid attention to the finest details, including buffing up my short, manicured nails, as if I was going out to a social gathering.

His dark blue SUV arrived. I went out in my soft pink business skirt suit with white closed-toe pump heels. I peered around the neighborhood to see if anyone was watching me. It was like a sense of guilt, especially looking the best that I could and about to do something nasty!

I saw that Simon was the only one in the vehicle, who motioned for me to sit in the passenger seat. After he complimented me on how I looked, he started driving. Before I could ask where we were going, he started undoing his zipper. I didn't even have my seatbelt on yet!

"Angie, would you mind using your pretty mouth on me a little? I'm really fuckin' horny!"

I whined, "You're k**ding! What if people see us?"

"No one's going to see us. Most of my windows are pretty well tinted. Please don't leave me waiting!"

Sucking cock in a vehicle was one of many acts that were way beyond my comfort zone, yet I swooped in on him. The conditions of the roads were not always the best and I felt the bumpiness directly, especially during the times when I went deep on him. And whenever we stopped, I was always nervous that we were being watched. A couple of times, he even joked that a trucker was looking, which caused me to panic! I don't even know why I continued to please that jerk. Maybe I craved to hear him groaning, which he frequently did up to this point. Then he pulled off to the side of the road, urging me to finish him off.

"Oh! Oh! Yes! You're gonna make me cum! AWWW I'M CUMMING! OHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHH!"

I felt him trembling as he launched his hot cum into my mouth, similar to that of a volcanic eruption! He held me down while groaning noisily as I gulped three distinct loads. After I was allowed to pull away, I wiped the corners of my mouth and sat back up. My mouth had a strong taste to it but I didn't say a word about it. He resumed driving again by turning back into traffic.

"That was so good, Angie! I've been dying for someone to do that for me. Thank you."

"Well, I'm glad you liked it. Can you tell me what I'm supposed to be doing today?"

He hesitated, "I'm actually not supposed to say, since it's supposed to be a surprise. We're almost here though."

I wondered what kind of surprise it was. It dawned on me that we were in the big city, at an upscale hotel! Simon carried his large athletic bag with him, before he e****ted me out like a gentleman. It was like I needed to be protected. From there, I thought that I had dressed perfectly for this environment. The lobby was exquisite and full of guests who were undoubtedly very wealthy. I saw no one that I could recognize.

The front desk handed us the keys and we walked together, seemingly as a couple, to the elevator.

I asked with concern, "This place is expensive! How are we going to afford this place?"

He smiled, "Don't worry. We've got that covered. You're going to have a great night!"

After arriving to our room, it felt extremely cozy that it felt like home, even though I had never stayed at a room this luxurious before. It was large and quaint. There was one king bed and even a jacuzzi!

Simon cleared off a wooden table and moved it to the middle of the room. After that, he gently put a blindfold on me, which still caught me by surprise, but I tried not to resist. I kept telling myself that I trusted him.

I playfully asked, "A blindfold, hmm?"

"Oh yes, it's going to be lots of fun."

He wasn't done though. He grabbed some rope and tied my hands behind me.

"...What are you going to be doing with me?"

"Don't worry, Angie! Jimmy really wanted to try this out with you! He's coming soon."

From there, he flattened me forward onto a cold table. I felt as he started tying my feet to the table legs! Soon, I was practically immobile!

"...How long am I going to be like this?"

He chuckled, "I am interested to see how long you'd last! You're going to be challenged, but I don't want to hear you complain or whine! Do your best to make a good impression of yourself and I'm going to help you out as much as possible to get you through this!"

He caressed my vulnerable clit gently at first. As he rubbed it harder, the pleasure started to swirl. It felt good, so I moaned.

He whispered encouragingly, "That's it, Angie."

Next, he went to finger me a couple of times gently, which drew more excitement from me. I was getting more wet with each passing moment. His touch felt good, but the anticipation made it feel even better!

I found that the blindfold - and the fact that my hands were tied - seemed to enhance the experience! I could only imagine what would happen later.

Then, I heard a buzzing sound. It was then directed at my vagina which at first overwhelmed me with sensitivity! The way that it moved reminded me of a hand-held massage machine that I had at home! In fact, after they left, they must have stolen it from me! I had it out on my dresser, but I hadn't used it recently. Regardless, I didn't say anything as he rolled it up and down my slit, which brought me a rush of pleasure! I couldn't control myself.

"Be a good slut like you have been - whatever happens, just do it! This is the goal of the exercise."

Shortly later, the door from behind us opened and I heard Jimmy's voice, though there were other men in the background murmuring!

"Everyone, this is 'Angie'. She is a loving mom of two and a good wife. Isn't that right, Angie?"

I stuttered, "...Yes."

I was very ashamed and humiliated to be reminded of who I was, but I couldn't turn back now. I was all tied up and my clit was still being stimulated!

He continued, "She's been waiting for you all - just look at that wet pussy! Use her as you see fit, boys! Don't forget to use lots of lube if you're going to use her ass! She likes it there too!"

The men sounded extremely giddy and there was a lot of movement in the room. I was very uneasy but I braced myself for what was to come.

One cock smacked on my lips and I let him through. Soon, my mouth brought him to hardness. He had me deep-throating him later and I did my best not to choke.

The massager was no longer on my clit anymore. Instead, a cock had rocketed into me! My scream was muffled, but it wasn't out of pain! I heard the man laughing at me because of it!

"You're looking to close a business deal, you slut? You deserve the sale!"

I couldn't respond because I was gargling from being mouth-fucked, but, strangely, I didn't mind him role-playing with me. In fact, I was feeling amazing from that cock drilling into me, despite being squished by the strange men. It relieved the sexual tension that I somehow had! I quickly lost track of the men using me as they switched over every once in a while. All of them usually said something humiliating before they entered. They laughed about what my husband would think if he were to find out that I was doing this!

The whole room was very rowdy. It was full of cheer that I was being used like this! When I unexpectedly felt a rush running through me, I relaxed so much that I almost forgot that I had a cock in my mouth! I gagged on it, but recovered quickly.

One difference between a woman and a man is that a single orgasm wouldn't be enough to satisfy a woman! That was something I learned from reading women's experiences with their orgasms!

Strangely, at this time, someone else was stretching out my anus with his fingers! The cold lubricant that was jammed inside turned warm, as it was being evenly distributed by his fat fingers. He repeated this process a few times, which gradually made my anus ring more pliable. After his fingers were out, a dildo was rammed through all the way! It was used extensively while my pussy was being pounded mercilessly! There were times when they left it buried in me and I forgot about it until it was used again or until it was pulled out of me.

A couple of the men surprised me by ejaculating early. One of them came all over my tied up hands! It was so sticky! The other sprayed his loads over my lower back before spreading it around. It was early because the other men periodically rotated to use my holes at different times. Any of the cocks that lingered around my mouth were sucked to the best of my abilities. Every now and then, the men were considerate enough to artificially lubricate either of my holes, which prevented friction and dryness. For my ass-hole, I felt so stretched out and sexually prepared that I could really appreciate the sensations involved with it! Due to how I was tied up to the table, my cunt and ass-hole were never fucked at the same time.

I had a number of orgasmic contractions that I couldn't keep track of either! There must have been something about me being completely helpless that stimulated the senses. Even when they teased me with back-handed, degrading compliments, like calling me a hot MILF or a slutty mom, I somehow felt very turned on from that!

Whenever my mouth wasn't being used, they'd get me to say something that they wanted to hear, which included telling a man that he was a better fuck than my husband. I also got into role-playing with them too. Regardless of what my role was, whether I was a business woman needing to make a sale or being a housewife being pawned off to pay a debt, I participated willingly and had some fun with it. For instance, I begged a man to fuck me harder so that he wouldn't hurt my husband!

A man who was about to cum told me to open my mouth and I swallowed his warm, bitter load. Some of the men called me a good girl.

Jimmy agreed that I was, in fact, behaving well, so he cut the rope that was around my ankles, but kept my hands tied and my blindfold on. Someone took me somewhere in the room where my shirt was unbuttoned, but not taken off. They exposed my breasts by opening the shirt as much as possible. I was groped and sucked on by them briefly.

They lowered me till I felt a dick pointing vertically into my cunt. Once my cunt took him in, my hips were met with his hands. The overall feeling was glorious and I began hopping on him energetically. At the same time, I moaned at the top of my lungs!


For some reason, he felt particularly good in me. Maybe it had to do with how I sat on him. I could feel my pussy clamping down on him, like it had decided that it was this cock that it wanted!

However, I was interrupted because the man from behind pushed me slightly forward. I knew that he was going to use my ass-hole, so I kept myself as still as possible to allow him a smoother, easier entrance. Then, I acknowledged his entrance with a grunt. The man below me bear-hugged me, which made feel intimate. As they shuffled in out of me, it felt tingly! Their cocks scrubbed on my walls, causing me to pant loudly. It was only when a cock was plugged into my mouth that I mumbled instead.

The man fucking my pussy hinted through his body language that he was going to cum soon. I was excited for it and so were the men, as they cheered him on to give me the cream-pie! Then with one thrust involving his entire length, he groaned! Coincidentally, I felt a rush going through me as well! I had cum too! It was such a mind-blowing experience that I didn't realize that the other men, except the one on the bottom, had pulled out of me.

I was helped off the cock. Someone played with my sore clit and I felt the fluids pouring out of me! One of the men fed me the cum from there into my mouth. The men laughed.

One man said, "I wanna fill her up on the balcony! Maybe we can take her blindfold off, so that she can see the nice views from here!"

"Oh I mean... it quickly!"

"Oh, don't worry, Angie-slut, you'll love it!"

I wasn't thrilled about this at all. I let them cart me towards the balcony because I still couldn't see with the blindfold that was kept on. As soon as I stepped out, I felt a chill. The wind blew in our direction as I heard the busy city noise below. I was bent over slightly, being supported by the cold metallic railing in front of me. My tits were out in the open! At the same time when my blindfold was removed, the man shoved himself into my aching anus!

He fucked me as quickly and as hard as possible. Although I could see the scenery in front of me, I couldn't fully appreciate it.

"Please... hurry... cum in me now..."

"Tighten that ass for me, you whore! Show me that you really want the cum!"

I did what he told me to do, as best as I could.

"Hurry! I don't want to be seen here!"

"Aww yeah! Since you want it that badly... here... I come!"

I felt his explosion of warmth inside! He groaned so loudly that I was sure that everyone else knew what we were doing. He stayed inside briefly before pulling out and letting me run back inside. My heels rapidly clattered on the way. I could feel the cum rushing out of me.

Once I was back inside, I was stopped by the crowd. The men were of different shapes and sizes - and not just their body type. In addition, they were a mosaic of different races, including two Asians. I didn't know any of these men!

I saw Jimmy and Simon as part of the crowd, but they either took part with me earlier or they weren't even involved, seeing how they weren't naked like the others, though they were operating a camera. Cyrus, on the other hand, was nowhere to be found.

Jimmy asked, "Where are you going? You still have three more dicks to finish off!"

Then the last three men converged on me. One of them easily drove me back onto my knees and fucked my face. He was somewhat limp and wearing a condom. Then, the other men impatiently slapped their cocks on my face, rudely letting me know that they were waiting. The scene was a lot rougher than before, but I stuck with it. I knew it was going to end soon.

Jimmy went around and cut off the rope around my hands. Once I was freed, I automatically stroked the other guys with my hands, until they each had their turn with my mouth.

The man I was sucking on decided to pull out. Though I angled myself towards him and my mouth was wide open, he insisted on shooting his cum all over my face!

I was led up to my feet and ordered to go to the bed. Before I was able to go though, they took off my shirt and skirt that had remained on me. One jerk used my shirt to wipe the cum off! Regardless, both were thrown carelessly around the room. Then, I was specifically told to go on my side. When I did, the guy with the condom took my pussy. Meanwhile, I sucked the other guy simultaneously. Identical to what I was thinking about on the balcony, I hoped to have these men satisfied so that it would all be done with. I was very sore.

The guy in my mouth pulled out and ejaculated his watery jizz onto my face and hair. I acted like I was happy about it.

As for the last guy, he came inside me. After he pulled out, he took off the condom and showed me how full it was, before showing everyone else!

"I want you to drink out of this!"

So, I took the condom, brought it to my mouth and flipped it upside down while squeezing out the contents! Surprisingly, it didn't taste all that bad this time and gulped it down with a smile.

In a flash, most of the men vacated the room with their clothing and personal belongings, but irresponsibly left behind a handful of used condoms and its packaging everywhere. Despite being very sore everywhere, I started to pick some of them up, but yelled at the remaining men to help. Everyone didn't, except Jimmy and Simon.

Jimmy asked quietly, "Did you have fun?"

I angrily replied, "That was fucked up! How many men did I end up fucking?"

Simon replied, "Seven, I think."

"Seven?! Have they even been checked for diseases?"

Jimmy said, "Relax. They're our buddies and we do check-ups all the time. Now, I want you to take your cut for tonight."

Before I could even ask what he was talking about, he handed me a large stack of bills after he had finished counting them.

"Here's $1500."

"You're not serious, right? I'm not a prostitute!"

"You're right - you're better than that. You're a star!"

"No! A porn-star?"

Simon asked, "Would you like to be? You could be making a lot of money!"

"I don't need the money. I'm retired for a reason. Also, my son takes care of me if I need anything."

Jimmy sneered, "So you really don't want the 1500 then? I could use the cash!"

I snatched it from him right away. I counted it again to confirm the amount.

He added, "You deserve every bit of that, honey. Just imagine yourself getting paid for doing what you love. You love your cream-pies, don't you? Those arguably make the most money!"

I looked at the money blankly.

"...So you're telling me that I'd be getting paid to... have sex?"

"Absolutely. The demand for healthy, beautiful and mature women like you is very high right now."

"How often would this involve? I... this... can't happen all the time, right? It's... very exhausting!"

"No no... there will be plenty of rest periods, like the one you'll be getting after tonight. Besides, you can do other things during your time of rest, like being a fluffer and still get paid, although not quite as much."

"A fluffer?"

Simon responded, "Basically, you'll just be helping to keep the men hard with your hands and mouth, so they can be ready for action for someone else - that's it!"

Jimmy said, "You could also work at home too, if you liked. You can do some webcam shows in the safety of your own home."

I said, "This is all going too fast and too much for me. I'm going to have to get back to you on this."

Jimmy said, "Hey! You can come back to us on this - or anything else in particular at any time. Please do not hesitate. We are always willing to help!"

Despite what they put me through, I wasn't mad at them. I was tired though and needed the rest. After I was properly dressed and cleaned up, Simon drove me back. I took a very hot and long shower, making sure to wash out my filthy and much loosened holes. I saw cum wash out into the drain. I was so dirty!

I slept very well that night - and the next few nights after that. The soreness lasted for that long! Also, for the first time in recent memory, I was sexually satisfied! It was wrong, but it was so right.

I took some time to consider Jimmy's offer. Having an extra income might be a good thing, but it also meant paying for more taxes. Therefore, as enticing as the money was, I didn't want the extra hassle. On the other hand, the sex was unquestionably incredible. I felt rejuvenated as a woman, but I was still married.

Later that week, I found an excuse to drop by to Daniel's place, in the hopes that I'd show him what I could offer to him now. However, I was turned off after discovering what a mess that he has been living in! I almost couldn't resist cleaning the place, except I realized that he'd just end up wrecking it later. He has been the same irresponsible person that I've known him for. He wasn't going to ever change.

I left his place without doing anything. I went over to a pharmacy store to pick up a few things. I needed to get some body lotion and facial wash. As I walked around, I noticed that a bottle of lubrication was on sale, which I picked up. Then, I saw one medium-sized box of condoms left on the shelf - also on sale. I blushed as I picked them up also.

When I arrived home, I fantasized about how instantly I'd make him cum with my mouth! Then I'd show him the load and swallow it! At the end of it, I'd tell him how ashamed he should be for not appreciating me. It was fun to think about it.

I checked my email and found Jimmy sending me a link of the two videos that we made. I decided that I'd contact him for a porn try-out...maybe I'd try the webcam thing or being a fluffer first...

TO BE CONTINUED...... Continue»
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Erstes RS

Das ist mein erstes RS über Skype mit Atur1996
Es sind sehr viele Rechtschreibfehler drin. sorry
also ich bin Hannah.

viel Spaß

Alle Rechte sind bei mir.

wie wärs wenn wir so sielen das wir im bad sind und denn halt so weiter du meine bete freundin ??
[24.02.2012 23:53:24] Hannah: ja ist gut
[24.02.2012 23:53:59] kaikai123302: ok wir sind in de umkleide ziehn uns um und gehn zum bad
[24.02.2012 23:54:05] kaikai123302: also ich sprech
[24.02.2012 23:54:07] kaikai123302: kommst du ?ß
[24.02.2012 23:55:51] Hannah: ja klar
[24.02.2012 23:56:21] kaikai123302: ich spring ins wasser
[24.02.2012 23:56:48] Hannah: ich epspring dir hinterher und versuch dich unter wasser zu drücken
[24.02.2012 23:58:01] kaikai123302: ich lass mich runter drücken und umfaasse dann deine taile und zieh doch runter
[24.02.2012 23:58:38] Hannah: ich versuche mcih zu befreien und kitzel dazu an deiner hüfte
[24.02.2012 23:59:39] kaikai123302: ich lass los und rag ob wir est mal ne runde schwimmen sollen
[25.02.2012 00:00:36] Hannah: ja gerne
[25.02.2012 00:01:34] kaikai123302: du schwimmst vor und ich zieh mein taucher brille an und schwimm hinter dir um dich anzu schauen
[25.02.2012 00:02:00] Hannah: ich bemerke das und frage doof stimmt was nicht
[25.02.2012 00:03:08] kaikai123302: nein was meinst du ?
[25.02.2012 00:03:35] Hannah: weil du mich so anguckst
[25.02.2012 00:03:59] kaikai123302: nein ich schwimm dir doch nur hinter her
[25.02.2012 00:04:23] Hannah: okeii dann ist ja gut, dann lass uns weiter schwimmen
[25.02.2012 00:06:12] kaikai123302: ok
[25.02.2012 00:06:31] kaikai123302: wir schwimmen ein paar runden und ich bekomme immer mehr einen szänder
[25.02.2012 00:07:13 | Bearbeitet 00:07:14] Hannah: ok, grinse und sage, macht dich die oma da hinten so geil?
[25.02.2012 00:08:33] kaikai123302: ich sage ganz peinlich nein
[25.02.2012 00:08:51 | Bearbeitet 00:08:54] Hannah: asoo, musst dich doch nicht schämen
[25.02.2012 00:09:03] Hannah: ist was ganz normales ;p
[25.02.2012 00:10:10] kaikai123302: mmmh jaa
[25.02.2012 00:10:36] Hannah: jaa willst noch weiter schwimmen?
[25.02.2012 00:11:21] kaikai123302: nein geh wir duschen
[25.02.2012 00:11:28] kaikai123302: pennis ist zurück gegengen
[25.02.2012 00:11:33] Hannah: okeii
[25.02.2012 00:12:16] Hannah: bin mich dann duschen bis nachher
[25.02.2012 00:12:54] kaikai123302: ok
[25.02.2012 00:12:59] Hannah: treffen wir uns vor den umkleiden dann?
[25.02.2012 00:13:53] kaikai123302: jaa ich dusch mich mach mich ferit gund warte vor den umkleiden
[25.02.2012 00:14:10] Hannah: okei
[25.02.2012 00:14:33] Hannah: ich auch
[25.02.2012 00:15:22] kaikai123302: sowas machen wir gehn wir zu dir undschauen einen fim
[25.02.2012 00:15:58] Hannah: ja klar gerne
[25.02.2012 00:16:39] Hannah: sind angekommen so welchen film willst schauen?
[25.02.2012 00:17:41] kaikai123302: was romantisches ?ß
[25.02.2012 00:18:11] Hannah: können wir
[25.02.2012 00:18:43] Hannah: willst dich schon mal aufs bett chillen? ich tu dvd rein und hol chips?
[25.02.2012 00:19:14] kaikai123302: ja gerne
[25.02.2012 00:19:39] Hannah: okeii
[25.02.2012 00:19:55] Hannah: ich hab film reingetan und komm mit chips und setzt mich zu dich aufs bett
[25.02.2012 00:21:37] kaikai123302: film fängt an und wir chauen ihn gemütlich
[25.02.2012 00:22:01] kaikai123302: sind deine eltern da ?
[25.02.2012 00:22:11] Hannah: ne sind essen gegangen
[25.02.2012 00:23:26] kaikai123302: ah cool
[25.02.2012 00:23:33] Hannah: ja, sturmfrei
[25.02.2012 00:23:35] kaikai123302: film geht weiter
[25.02.2012 00:23:52] Hannah: ja ich kuschel mich an dich an und gucke weiter dne film
[25.02.2012 00:24:48] kaikai123302: wir kreifen beide in die chips tüte und unsere hände berühren sich
[25.02.2012 00:24:57] kaikai123302: ich schau dich an
[25.02.2012 00:25:11] Hannah: ich dich auch und schaue dir tief in deine augen
[25.02.2012 00:25:37] Hannah: unsere gesichter nähern sich
[25.02.2012 00:26:42] kaikai123302: immer näher und wir küssen uns
[25.02.2012 00:27:35] Hannah: wir lösen und wieder und ich guck schüchtern auf den boden
[25.02.2012 00:28:08] Hannah: dann guck ich dich wieder an und küss dich nochmal
[25.02.2012 00:29:30] kaikai123302: immer intwensiver mit zunge
[25.02.2012 00:29:46] kaikai123302: ich geh vin deinem mund weg zum hals
[25.02.2012 00:30:16] Hannah: ich strecke meine kopf nach hinten und genieße es
[25.02.2012 00:32:26] kaikai123302: ich künpf dir die bluse auf
[25.02.2012 00:33:13] Hannah: ich ziehe die bluse ganz aus und küsse dich
[25.02.2012 00:34:22] kaikai123302: ich gehe zurücjkund frag dich ob wir das wirklich machen solen
[25.02.2012 00:35:01] Hannah: ich weiß es nicht, hättest du denn was dagegen?
[25.02.2012 00:35:17] Hannah: hauptsache wir bleiben weiterhin so gute freunde
[25.02.2012 00:36:35] kaikai123302: ok machen wirs ok ?
[25.02.2012 00:36:43] Hannah: ok
[25.02.2012 00:37:02] kaikai123302: ich zieh mir mien tshirt aus
[25.02.2012 00:37:34] Hannah: ich küsse dich und streichel dir über deine brust
[25.02.2012 00:39:31] kaikai123302: ich mach deinen bh auf
[25.02.2012 00:39:52] Hannah: ich zieh ihn ganz aus
wo ware wir ?ß
[25.02.2012 22:40:28] Hannah: ääähmm auf dem bett und wir waren beide oben ohne
[25.02.2012 22:41:29] kaikai123302: ok wir küssen uns weiter und ich greif an deinen arsch
[25.02.2012 22:42:32] Hannah: ich küsse dich weiter und genieße dein getatsche am arsch
[25.02.2012 22:43:15] kaikai123302: mein hände wander von deinem arsch zu deiner möse
[25.02.2012 22:44:13] kaikai123302: und ich mach deinen hosne knopf auf
[25.02.2012 22:44:47] Hannah: ich frage soll ich sie ausziehen und grinse
[25.02.2012 22:45:54] kaikai123302: ich mach des schon
[25.02.2012 22:46:00] kaikai123302: und grins
[25.02.2012 22:46:11] kaikai123302: ich leg dich hin und zieh dir die hose aus
[25.02.2012 22:47:30] kaikai123302: ich geh wieder hoch und küss dich weiter
[25.02.2012 22:48:19] Hannah: ich erwidere deine küsse und streichel deinen bauch
[25.02.2012 22:49:51] kaikai123302: ich fass an deine brüste und geh mit meine mund immer tiefer
[25.02.2012 22:50:43] Hannah: icch spüre deine hand an meinen brüsten und streichel weiter and deinem bauch und fahre über deine brust
[25.02.2012 22:52:13] kaikai123302: ich küsse dein brüst und mit der hand geh ich zu deiner unterhose und strechekl sie
[25.02.2012 22:53:33] Hannah: ich genieße deine berührungen
[25.02.2012 22:55:15] kaikai123302: ich küss jetzt deinen bauch und ziehe deine unterhose aus
[25.02.2012 22:55:40] Hannah: ich grinse und gucke dir dabei zu
[25.02.2012 22:57:03] kaikai123302: ich küsse dein bauchnabel und g3eh immer tiefer bis ich an gekommen bin
[25.02.2012 22:59:06] Hannah: ich find es schön und genieße es
[25.02.2012 22:59:33] kaikai123302: ich küss deine deine oberschenke und kreis dann zur mitte hin
[25.02.2012 22:59:56] kaikai123302: ich lecke dein möse sinnlich
[25.02.2012 23:01:43] Hannah: ohja ich genieße es sehr und finde es sehr geil
[25.02.2012 23:02:37] kaikai123302: ich leck immer weiter
[25.02.2012 23:02:49] Hannah: ich fang an leise zu stöhnen
[25.02.2012 23:04:18] kaikai123302: ich grab mit meiner zunge in deine möse
[25.02.2012 23:04:29] Hannah: ohjaa
[25.02.2012 23:06:16] kaikai123302: ich nimm eine hand und streichel damit deiner kitzler
[25.02.2012 23:07:00] Hannah: ohjaa ich genieße es sehr
[25.02.2012 23:07:13] Hannah: und fang an etwas lauter zu stöhnen
[25.02.2012 23:07:56] kaikai123302: mit der anderen hand knette ich dein brüste
[25.02.2012 23:08:29] Hannah: ohja du bist so geil
[25.02.2012 23:09:43] kaikai123302: ich höre auf geh hoch zu dir und frage dich ob wir das wirklich tun sollen
[25.02.2012 23:10:30] Hannah: ich bin grad schon geil, ich weiß nciht genau, ändert sich danach vllt. was zwischen uns? das wär nämlich scheiße
[25.02.2012 23:12:04] kaikai123302: also von meiner seite aus nicht und bei dir
[25.02.2012 23:12:17] Hannah: von meiner seite auch nciht
[25.02.2012 23:13:06] kaikai123302: bist du noch jungfrau ??
[25.02.2012 23:15:34] Hannah: ehm ja und du?
[25.02.2012 23:16:26] kaikai123302: auch
[25.02.2012 23:16:50] kaikai123302: ich küsse dich mit einem intensiven zungenkuss
[25.02.2012 23:17:20] Hannah: ich erwidere deinen kuss und massiere deinen po durch die hose
[25.02.2012 23:19:08] kaikai123302: ich küsse dich noch kurz weiter und mache werendesssen meine hose auf
[25.02.2012 23:19:46] Hannah: ich zieh dir die hose aus und streichel dann deine oberschnkel und küsse deinen bauch
[25.02.2012 23:20:48] kaikai123302: ich geniese es und streichel dir über die haare
[25.02.2012 23:21:33] Hannah: ich zieh dir deine shorts auch und streichel weiter und gehe immer weiter in die mitte
[25.02.2012 23:22:42] kaikai123302: mein pennis wird steifer
[25.02.2012 23:23:04] Hannah: ich gucke dich an grinse und fange an langsam an ihm zu rubbeln
[25.02.2012 23:24:54] kaikai123302: ich mach die augen zu und stön leise
[25.02.2012 23:25:50] Hannah: ich rubbel schneller und frage ob es dir gefällt
[25.02.2012 23:26:39] kaikai123302: jaaa sehr
[25.02.2012 23:26:46] kaikai123302: stön ich
[25.02.2012 23:27:21] Hannah: ich fang an an ihm zu lutschen und frage nach kurzer zeit ob es dir gefällt und ob ich weiter machen soll
[25.02.2012 23:28:45] kaikai123302: (zwischen frage soll ich dir in den mud spritzen =)
[25.02.2012 23:28:50] kaikai123302: ?
[25.02.2012 23:30:34] Hannah: nicht so gerne
[25.02.2012 23:30:57] kaikai123302: ok weiter
[25.02.2012 23:31:06] kaikai123302: ich genies es und stön immer lauter
[25.02.2012 23:31:58] Hannah: ich lutsche weiter und schnellr
[25.02.2012 23:33:05] kaikai123302: ich halte mich zurück um nicht zu kommen
[25.02.2012 23:33:12] kaikai123302: ich zucke schon
[25.02.2012 23:33:57] Hannah: ich nehme ihn aus den mund und rubbel weiter an ihm
[25.02.2012 23:34:18] kaikai123302: (soll ich jetzt kommen ? )
[25.02.2012 23:34:25] Hannah: wenn du willst
[25.02.2012 23:35:29] kaikai123302: ok
[25.02.2012 23:35:44] kaikai123302: ich zuck immer heftiger
[25.02.2012 23:35:54] Hannah: ich grinse
[25.02.2012 23:36:03] kaikai123302: und lass es dann über dein gesicht kommen
[25.02.2012 23:36:28] Hannah: meinst in mein gesicht? xD
[25.02.2012 23:37:10] kaikai123302: ja gesicht sorry
[25.02.2012 23:37:54] Hannah: okeii
[25.02.2012 23:38:08] Hannah: hmm ich guck dumm und frage ob du es mir weg machst
[25.02.2012 23:39:04] kaikai123302: ohh ja entschuldigung ich holl ein tuch und mache es weg
[25.02.2012 23:39:23] Hannah: schon ok, das ist gut
[25.02.2012 23:40:32] kaikai123302: ich hold ich hoch und küss dich
[25.02.2012 23:41:32] Hannah: ich erwidere deinen kuss
[25.02.2012 23:41:40] kaikai123302: steck meine zunge in deinen mund
[25.02.2012 23:42:32 | Bearbeitet 23:42:46] Hannah: ich züngel deine zunge mit meiner zunge
[25.02.2012 23:43:33] kaikai123302: ich muss fasse deinen arsch und wir legnen us aufs bett
[25.02.2012 23:45:03] Hannah: ich spüre deine hand an meinem arsch und küsse dich weiter
[25.02.2012 23:46:56] kaikai123302: mein hand wandert an deine brüste
[25.02.2012 23:48:19] Hannah: ich grinse und küsse dcih weiter
[25.02.2012 23:48:54] kaikai123302: ich streichle über deinen bauch
[25.02.2012 23:49:17] Hannah: ich mag es und wuschel durch deine haare
[25.02.2012 23:50:00] kaikai123302: ich fahr weiter über deinen rassierten körper bisch zu deiner muschi
[25.02.2012 23:50:15] kaikai123302: und streichl sie ein bisschen
[25.02.2012 23:51:23] Hannah: mir gefäällt es und ich entspanne mich
[25.02.2012 23:51:53] kaikai123302: ich fühle wie deine muschi immer feuchter wird
[25.02.2012 23:53:10] Hannah: ich genieße es und spreize meine beine noch weiter auseinander
[25.02.2012 23:54:21] kaikai123302: ich mach weiter und frag dich leise ob du ein kondom hast
[25.02.2012 23:57:28] Hannah: müsste noch welche in der schublade haben ;p
[25.02.2012 23:57:59] kaikai123302: was machen wir wenn nicht ?ß
[25.02.2012 23:58:53] Hannah: dann lieber kein sex
[25.02.2012 23:59:05] kaikai123302: ok ich schua mal leiber schnelll
[25.02.2012 23:59:36] kaikai123302: husch rüber und sag ich hab welche und grins danz stolz sorgar 10er pack und lache
[00:00:08] Hannah: ja und lach auch
[00:01:06] kaikai123302: ich geh wieder zu dir uins bet und küsse dich weiter und fummel an dir rumm
[00:01:56] Hannah: ich erwidere deine küsse und streichel an deinem po
[00:06:29] Hannah: ich streichel deine bauch und lecke über ihn
[00:11:50] kaikai123302: ich frag dich ob du mir das kondon anzieh will
[00:13:16] Hannah: ja klar ich nehm ein kondom und ziehe es dir über
[00:14:15] kaikai123302: ich grinse und streichel dein muschi
[00:14:31] kaikai123302: steck mein zunge so tief wie möglich rein
[00:15:04] Hannah: ja geil ich genieße es sehr
[00:15:57] kaikai123302: ich spüre wie feucht du bist und leg dich auf den rücken und spreiz dein beine und bück mich über dih
[00:16:32] kaikai123302: ich küss dich intensiv und frag dich ob wir dass wirklich tun sollen
[00:17:07] Hannah: ich gucke dir tief in die augen und sage ich hätte ncihts dagegen und was meinst du?
[00:17:45] kaikai123302: du bist so hüpsch nätürlich nicht
[00:18:29 | Entfernt 00:18:42] Hannah: Diese Nachricht wurde entfernt
[00:18:36] Hannah: aso okei
[00:18:47] Hannah: also sollen wir es tun?
[00:19:13] kaikai123302: isch schau deinen nackten körper an und sage jaa
[00:20:15] Hannah: oke (: du bist schon sehr sexy und lache
[00:20:45] kaikai123302: ich lach auch und küss dich
[00:20:55] kaikai123302: so intensiv wie noch nie
[00:21:12] Hannah: ich genieße diesen kuss sehr und küsse dich zurück
[00:23:35] kaikai123302: ich büg mich über dich und berühre mit meinem schwanz deine schamippen
[00:24:12] Hannah: ich spreize meine beine noch weiter auseinander und führe in langsam ein
[00:24:58] kaikai123302: ich spür nun dein jungfern heutchen und halte deine hand und sag wenn ich aufhörensoll sag es
[00:25:35] Hannah: oke mach ich und küsse dich
[00:26:08] kaikai123302: ich durstoss es es ganz langsam
[00:26:41] Hannah: ich guck kurz komisch aber dann genieß ich es
[00:27:05] kaikai123302: ich werde langsam immer schneller
[00:27:28] Hannah: ich stöhne und genieße es sehr
[00:27:48] kaikai123302: ich werde immer scheller und schneller
[00:28:20] Hannah: ich stöhne immer lauter und fasse dir an den arsch
[00:28:45] kaikai123302: ich dreh uns umund du liegst jetzt oben
[00:29:56] Hannah: ich bewege meine talie schon nach vorne und nach hinten
[00:30:26] kaikai123302: ich fasse dir mit einer hand an den arsch und mit der anderen an die titten
[00:30:45] Hannah: ohja geil ich stöhne noch lauter und werde immer schneller
[00:31:27] kaikai123302: ich beweg mich mit
[00:31:45] kaikai123302: und geh mit einem finger in deiner arsch
[00:32:05] Hannah: ohjaa stöhn ich und flüster in dein ohr : du bist soo geil
[00:33:34] kaikai123302: ich flüste r zurück nackt bist du viel geiler wie angezogen
[00:34:04] Hannah: ich lache und und bewege mich weiter nach vorne und hinten
[00:35:33] kaikai123302: ich frage dich ob wir vieleicht auch mal anal versuchen wollen
[00:36:56 | Bearbeitet 00:37:41] Hannah: ich sage: nicht so gerne und werde rot
[00:38:06] kaikai123302: schade hätte es gerne ma aus prbiert aber naja und lache und mach weiter
[00:38:34] Hannah: sorry und küss dich schnell
[00:39:46] kaikai123302: ich erwieder diesen küss und stönne währendessen sehr
[00:40:22] kaikai123302: ich setz dich und mich auf die bett kante und fick ganz schnell
[00:41:06 | Bearbeitet 00:41:09] Hannah: ich bewege mcih schnell vor un zurück und stöhne dabei
[00:43:04] kaikai123302: ich umarm dich und küss dich und werde immer schneller
[00:43:33] Hannah: ich muss immer lauter stöhnen
[00:43:48] Hannah: und erwidere deinen kuss und küss dich mit zunge
[00:45:02] kaikai123302: ich steh auf und fick dich imm stehn
[00:45:11] kaikai123302: und stön dabei laut
[00:45:49] Hannah: ich bewege meine hüfte schnell nach vorne und nach hinten und stöhn immmer lauter
[00:47:00] Hannah: ich flüster dir ins ohr du bist sehr geil
[00:47:46] kaikai123302: ich stoss fester zu und stöhne dbei laut
[00:49:59] kaikai123302: ich küsse dich und wirf dich dann aufs bett
[00:50:22] Hannah: ich erwidere deinen kuss und zieh dich auf mich
[00:51:24] kaikai123302: ich bleid lieber kurz steh
[00:51:58] kaikai123302: und schaue mit sehr erregtem glleid deinen nackten traum körper an und kann mein augen kaum lösen
[00:52:11] Hannah: ich grinse und sage guck nicht so
[00:52:57] kaikai123302: ich grins zurück und frag warum denn bei dso einem körper
[00:53:32 | Bearbeitet 00:53:57] Hannah: haha deiner ist viel heißer , komm lieber her und küss mich
[00:54:05] kaikai123302: ich leg mich ins bett und küss dich
[00:54:16] kaikai123302: wärendessen für ich meine pennis wieder ein
[00:54:36] Hannah: ich grinse und frage willst etwa noch einmal?
[00:55:19] kaikai123302: ich war noch garnicht fertig und grins du ?ß
[00:55:28] kaikai123302: oder hast du gedacht das war ales
[00:55:57] Hannah: etwas schon aber wir können sehr gerne weitermachen
[00:56:49] kaikai123302: gerne ich leg mich wieder über dich und dring in dich ein
[00:57:27] Hannah: ich grinse und grapsche an deinen arsch und bewege meine hüfte langsam nach vorn und nach hinten
[00:58:21] kaikai123302: wow du weis wie mans macht und grins
[00:58:48] Hannah: ich lache und frage soll ich dir auch mein finger in den po stecken?
[01:00:08] kaikai123302: jaa mal schauen wie des so ist und icj grins
[01:00:32] Hannah: okee ich steck meinen zeigefinger vorsichtig in deinen po
[01:00:42] Hannah: nach kurzer zeit frage ich ob es so ok ist und es dir gefällt
[01:01:34] kaikai123302: ich stöhn und grins ein bisschen und saja ist gut
[01:01:46] kaikai123302: un dstoß heftiger
[01:02:15] Hannah: ich schieben meinen finger rein und raus und bewege meine talie nach vorne und hinten und stöhne lauter
[01:03:04] kaikai123302: ich leg deine beine auf meine schultern damit du enger wirst
[01:03:39] Hannah: ich grinse und stöhne lauter
[01:04:42] Hannah: [machst es dir eig. grade?]
[01:04:51] kaikai123302: nun steck ich dir auch einen finger in den po und frag ib das ok ist
[01:05:08] Hannah: ja gefällt mir und stöhne noch lauter
[01:05:34] kaikai123302: (ja :) ein bisschen und du ?)
[01:05:45] Hannah: [ja auch (:]
[01:05:47] kaikai123302: gut kann ich auch einen zweiten dazu nehemen
[01:05:57] Hannah: ja gerne
[01:07:01] kaikai123302: ich mach steckt jetzt zwei finger rein und beweg sie immer rein und raus und stöhn auch lauter
[01:07:28] Hannah: ich sage das es so gut ist und stöhne noch lauter
[01:07:38] Hannah: ( ich bin um 15 nach off)
[01:08:13] kaikai123302: (ok )
[01:08:32] kaikai123302: willst du es wirklich nicht mal anal verscuhen ?ß
[01:08:43] kaikai123302: und steck meinwefinger rein und rasu
[01:09:13] Hannah: ne sorry
[01:09:26] kaikai123302: ok
[01:09:39] kaikai123302: und leg dich wieder normal hin
[01:09:58] Hannah: okeii
[01:10:04] kaikai123302: ich werde immer schneller und schneller
[01:10:16] kaikai123302: und stöhn immer lauter und stoß fester
[01:11:22] Hannah: ich stöhne immer lauter
[01:11:45] Hannah: ( sorry bin jetzt schon off bis morgen oder so schlaf nachher gut)
[01:11:50] kaikai123302: ich greif an deine brüst hebe sie fest und küsse dich
[01:11:56] kaikai123302: nur 2 min
[01:12:20] Hannah: okeii
[01:12:37] Hannah: ich erwidere deinen kuss
[01:12:47] kaikai123302: und wärhrend dessen komm ich in deinen perfeten körper
[01:13:01] kaikai123302: ich küss dich immer weiter
[01:13:08] kaikai123302: mein pennis zuckt noch
[01:13:45] Hannah: ich spür ewie dein penis zuckt und stöhne laur´t und erwidere deine ksüsse
[01:14:23] kaikai123302: ich stoß noch ein mal kurz und steckt meine zunge tiefen und deinen mund und geh aUS DEINER MUSCHI RAUS
[01:15:02] Hannah: ich berühre mit meiner zunge deine zunge
[01:15:56] kaikai123302: wich drin noch mal in dich ein und küss die so sinlich und wir bleiben s o liegen bis zum nächsten morgen
[01:16:56] Hannah: als ich am nächsten morgen wach werde seh ich dich an und grinse
[01:17:46] kaikai123302: ich grins zurück und bemerk das ich immernoch in dir steck und küsse dich innig
[01:18:24] Hannah: ich küsse dich zurück und frage ob du nicht mal raus willst und lache
[01:19:16] kaikai123302: ich steckte ihn raus zog da kondom ab und fragte was wir jetzt machen sollen und lachte
[01:19:45 | Bearbeitet 01:20:35] Hannah: ich sagte wie wärs mit anziehen und grinste
[01:20:59] kaikai123302: ich schaute deinen nackten körper an und sate ungern aber jaa und lacht und küsste dich
[01:21:31] Hannah: ich erwiederte deinen kuss und stand auf und zog mich an
[01:22:40] kaikai123302: ich schaute dir zu nachdem du feritg wars tand ich auch auf und zog mich auch an küsste dich ein letzes mal und ging dann
[01:23:12 | Bearbeitet 01:23:14] Hannah: ich sagte tschüss und grinste
[01:23:55] Hannah: ich geh dann jetzt mal schlafen bis morgen oder so ;) und du bist echt gut in sowas ;p
[01:23:55] kaikai123302: ich sagt auch tschüss und grinste
[01:24:11] kaikai123302: xD danke du aber auch nit dein estes mal oder
[01:24:14] kaikai123302: ;P
[01:24:20] Hannah: ok, ne
[01:24:38] kaikai123302: xD naja schlaf gut ;)
[01:24:44] Hannah: danke du auch (:

wenn es euch gefallen hat macht doch bitte ein Kommentar
und wenn ihr mehr wollt und eine Frau seit einfach anschreiben.

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Wahrheit oder Pflicht Rsp

Also ich bin Hannah, Viel Spaß beim lesen und sorry wegen den vielen Rechtschreibfehlern.

ok wir sind auf ner party und haben uns noch nie gesehn oder wir geh nim wald joggen
[01.03.2012 21:39:19] kaikai123302: was gefällt dir besser
[01.03.2012 21:39:33] Hannah: okeii party
[01.03.2012 21:41:55] kaikai123302: ok ich kommer erst rein und begrüß erst mal ein paar leute und hole mir was zu trinekn
[01.03.2012 21:42:58] Hannah: ich guck dich an und seh das du mich auch anguckst und ich lächel dich an
[01.03.2012 21:43:19] kaikai123302: ich kächekl zurück nimm noch einen schluck und geh zu dir hin
[01.03.2012 21:43:25] kaikai123302: hey
[01.03.2012 21:43:35] kaikai123302: wie heißt du
[01.03.2012 21:43:55] Hannah: okeey Hey Hannah und du?
[01.03.2012 21:44:38] kaikai123302: kai
[01.03.2012 21:44:43] kaikai123302: willst was trinken ??
[01.03.2012 21:46:00] Hannah: ja gerne (: nein v+ lemon wär cool
[01.03.2012 21:46:54] kaikai123302: ok ich geh kurz rüber und hole uns zwei
[01.03.2012 21:47:20] Hannah: okeii danke (:
[01.03.2012 21:47:27] Hannah: sehr nett von dir
[01.03.2012 21:48:26] kaikai123302: kennst du hier denn jm ??
[01.03.2012 21:49:25] Hannah: nur meine freundin aber die ist beschäftigt und du?
[01.03.2012 21:50:04] kaikai123302: bin zwar allein hier aber kenn eig alle
[01.03.2012 21:50:24] kaikai123302: soll ich dich mal bekennt machen
[01.03.2012 21:50:59] Hannah: okeii ja gerne
[01.03.2012 21:55:27] kaikai123302: ok das ist fabian und julian
[01.03.2012 21:58:22] kaikai123302: ok das ist isabelle
[01.03.2012 21:58:33] Hannah: okee (: Hallo ihr drei schön euch kennen zu lernen
[01.03.2012 22:00:37] kaikai123302: sie sagen alle hallo das ist hanna
[01.03.2012 22:00:42] kaikai123302: h
[01.03.2012 22:01:19] Hannah: ich grinse und gucke verlegen auf den boden
[01.03.2012 22:01:44] kaikai123302: sie begrüßen dich alle
[01.03.2012 22:02:37] kaikai123302: wollen wir wieder an die bar
[01.03.2012 22:02:51] Hannah: können wir
[01.03.2012 22:03:43] kaikai123302: okund du gehst vor und ich schau dir a auf den arsch
[01.03.2012 22:04:07] Hannah: ich bemerke es nciht und lauf weiter
[01.03.2012 22:06:40] kaikai123302: die waren doch nett oder ?ß
[01.03.2012 22:07:06] Hannah: ja waren sie (: aber du bist netter
[01.03.2012 22:07:27] kaikai123302: ohh danke du aucch
[01.03.2012 22:07:39] kaikai123302: kommst du kurz mit eine rauchen ==
[01.03.2012 22:07:39] kaikai123302: ?
[01.03.2012 22:07:56] Hannah: ja ok, cih rauche aber nciht
[01.03.2012 22:09:22] kaikai123302: ich geh näher zu dir und flüster dir ins ohr ich doch auch nich aber ich möcht mal ungestört mit dir reden und lächel
[01.03.2012 22:10:05] Hannah: okeii ich grinse und geh raus
[01.03.2012 22:11:15] kaikai123302: wir geh raus ich geh vor
[01.03.2012 22:12:06] Hannah: ich frage dich wie es dir so geht
[01.03.2012 22:12:12] Hannah: und ob du heute abend noch viel vor hast
[01.03.2012 22:13:30] kaikai123302: mir gehts sehr gut und dir nein nicht so viel bin heut allein baheim mach halt noch so sachen und geh dann penne und lach laut
[01.03.2012 22:14:43] kaikai123302: und deu ==
[01.03.2012 22:14:45] kaikai123302: ??
[01.03.2012 22:16:08] Hannah: asoo.. ne auch nciht viel mir auch
[01.03.2012 22:16:35] kaikai123302: ok
[01.03.2012 22:16:49] kaikai123302: und hast du eine freund?? oder vieleicht ne freundin ?? und lach
[01.03.2012 22:17:03] Hannah: ne und du freundin oder freund?
[01.03.2012 22:17:35] kaikai123302: nein leider auch nicht
[01.03.2012 22:18:02] Hannah: asoo
[01.03.2012 22:18:16] kaikai123302: wie siehts denn aus du bist solo ich bin solo warum gehn wir nicht zu mir und trinken noch etwas ??
[01.03.2012 22:18:58] Hannah: ja klar gerne
[01.03.2012 22:20:22] kaikai123302: ich geh nur noch kurz rein und verabschiede mich von allen
[01.03.2012 22:20:43] Hannah: okeii (: soll ich warten oder mitkommen
[01.03.2012 22:21:31] kaikai123302: [Donnerstag, 1. März 2012 22:20] kaikai123302:

<<< annsch kurz mitkommen
ich geh zu isabelle und fabian und julian und sag allen tschül
[01.03.2012 22:21:51] Hannah: okeii ich sag danna uch tschau
[01.03.2012 22:22:25] kaikai123302: ich geh beide vor und sie schauen uns schon so komisch an ich lächel nur
[01.03.2012 22:23:00] Hannah: ich sag tschau und verabscheide mcih
[01.03.2012 22:24:00] kaikai123302: ich sag auch tüsch und umarm isabelle und geh dann auch
[01.03.2012 22:25:02] Hannah: ich grinse
[01.03.2012 22:25:26] kaikai123302: was ist ??
[01.03.2012 22:25:32 | Bearbeitet 22:25:34] Hannah: nix nix
[01.03.2012 22:26:28] Hannah: und jetzt?
[01.03.2012 22:26:50] kaikai123302: geh wir zu mir und trinek noch was und dann mal sehn
[01.03.2012 22:26:57] kaikai123302: und wir geh los
[01.03.2012 22:27:08] Hannah: okee
[01.03.2012 22:27:17] Hannah: ich lauf dir einfach hinterher
[01.03.2012 22:27:59] kaikai123302: ich leg einen arim um dich
[01.03.2012 22:29:07] Hannah: ich guck dich und u lege auch einen arm um dich
[01.03.2012 22:29:36] kaikai123302: wir laufen weiter und ein arm geht tiefer
[01.03.2012 22:30:56] Hannah: ich lasse es zu und lauf weiter
[01.03.2012 22:31:18] kaikai123302: er geht immer tiefer bis ich an deine am arsch bin und etwas rum grappsch
[01.03.2012 22:32:36] Hannah: ich grinse und laufe weiter
[01.03.2012 22:32:51] kaikai123302: wir kommen an mein haus
[01.03.2012 22:33:04] kaikai123302: hoff ich hab den schlüssel noch
[01.03.2012 22:33:35] Hannah: ich lach und sage hoffentlich
[01.03.2012 22:34:53] kaikai123302: ich greigfan meine hose und sag ohh zum glück und lach und mach edie türe auf
[01.03.2012 22:36:07] Hannah: ich sag zum glück und lauf dir hinterher
[01.03.2012 22:36:38] kaikai123302: ich geh und die küche und sage wir haben leider kein bier mehr glaub ich trinkst du auch wisky?
[01.03.2012 22:37:03] Hannah: ja ok aber nciht sooo viel
[01.03.2012 22:38:17] kaikai123302: ich hollen eine flasche ausen kellen und schenkund beiden einen schluck aus
[01.03.2012 22:38:24] kaikai123302: wir prosten an
[01.03.2012 22:39:00] Hannah: ich grinse und trink einen schluck
[01.03.2012 22:39:52] kaikai123302: ich grins zurück
[01.03.2012 22:40:33] Hannah: in trink noch einen schluck
[01.03.2012 22:41:03] kaikai123302: ich trinks ler
[01.03.2012 22:41:49] Hannah: ich trink auch leer und stell das glas auf den tisch
[01.03.2012 22:42:51] kaikai123302: noch einen und lach xD
[01.03.2012 22:43:14] Hannah: ne reicht
[01.03.2012 22:45:33] kaikai123302: ich weis xD
[01.03.2012 22:45:42] kaikai123302: aso was machen wir jetzt ?ß
[01.03.2012 22:45:52] Hannah: oke, weiß nicht schlag du was vor ;p
[01.03.2012 22:45:52] kaikai123302: und komm näher auf dich zu
[01.03.2012 22:46:05] kaikai123302: wahrheit oder plicht ??
[01.03.2012 22:46:18] Hannah: hmm ok
[01.03.2012 22:46:39] kaikai123302: gehn wir ins wohnzimmer
[01.03.2012 22:46:46] kaikai123302: ?
[01.03.2012 22:47:17] Hannah: ja
[01.03.2012 22:47:36] kaikai123302: ok ich geh vor und nimm ne leer flacsh mti
[01.03.2012 22:48:13] Hannah: ich lauf dir hinterher
[01.03.2012 22:49:17] Hannah: dann setzt ich mit aufs sofa
[01.03.2012 22:50:19] kaikai123302: ICH DREH DIE FLASCHE
[01.03.2012 22:50:48 | Bearbeitet 22:50:51] Hannah: ich guck dich an und seh das sie auf mich zeigt
[01.03.2012 22:52:40] kaikai123302: ok wahrheit oder plicht ?
[01.03.2012 22:52:54] Hannah: ähm pflicht
[01.03.2012 22:53:16 | Bearbeitet 22:53:18] Hannah: oder ne wahrheit xD
[01.03.2012 22:55:25] kaikai123302: ich lach ok
[01.03.2012 22:55:32] kaikai123302: schon mal sex gehabt
[01.03.2012 22:55:41] kaikai123302: ihrgentwie ist die flasche unlogisch
[01.03.2012 22:55:42] kaikai123302: oder ?
[01.03.2012 22:55:46] kaikai123302: undlache
[01.03.2012 22:56:08] Hannah: ja eig. schon sind a nur 2 und ne hab ich ehrlich gesagt noch nicht
[01.03.2012 22:56:13] Hannah: und werde ganz rot
[01.03.2012 22:57:21] kaikai123302: das ist doch nicht schimm du bist doch shcon, wie alt bist du eig ??
[01.03.2012 22:57:57] Hannah: okee erst 14 und du?
[01.03.2012 22:59:02] kaikai123302: ohh und lach 16
[01.03.2012 22:59:10] kaikai123302: ok
[01.03.2012 22:59:22] Hannah: oh zu jung soll ich lieber gehen?
[01.03.2012 22:59:42] kaikai123302: nein bloß nicht :)
[01.03.2012 22:59:50] Hannah: okii dachte
[01.03.2012 23:00:03] kaikai123302: lache
[01.03.2012 23:00:08] kaikai123302: ok ich nimm auch wahrheit
[01.03.2012 23:01:06] Hannah: jetzt bist du wahrheit oder pflicht
[01.03.2012 23:04:12] Hannah: [sorry internet war weg]
[01.03.2012 23:04:27] Hannah: oke
[01.03.2012 23:04:52] Hannah: hast schon oft mädels abgeschleppt und auch mit denen geschlafen?
[01.03.2012 23:06:51] kaikai123302: ne ehrlich gesagt nicht und werde auch rot du bist da die erste
[01.03.2012 23:08:00] Hannah: asoo okee und grinse
[01.03.2012 23:08:11] kaikai123302: ok wahrheit oder pflicht
[01.03.2012 23:08:18] Hannah: hm jetzt pflicht
[01.03.2012 23:09:25] kaikai123302: ok lauf mal ganz langsam in die küche und iweder zurück
[01.03.2012 23:09:43] Hannah: haha ok
[01.03.2012 23:09:58] Hannah: ich lauf ganz ganz langsam zur küche
[01.03.2012 23:10:12] Hannah: und dann wieder zurück
[01.03.2012 23:10:51] kaikai123302: ich schau dich die ganze zeit mit nem grinsen an
[01.03.2012 23:10:56] kaikai123302: ok
[01.03.2012 23:11:13] Hannah: ich frage ob irgend was ist weil du mich die ganze zeit so angrinst
[01.03.2012 23:12:20] kaikai123302: bei so nem schönen hintern
[01.03.2012 23:12:26] kaikai123302: mus man grinsen
[01.03.2012 23:13:30] Hannah: haha danke und setz mich wieder hin
[01.03.2012 23:13:41] kaikai123302: ok
[01.03.2012 23:13:56] Hannah: und du jetzt wahrheit oder pflicht?
[01.03.2012 23:14:40] kaikai123302: mmh plicht
[01.03.2012 23:15:52] Hannah: okee würdest du mir einmal deinen durchtrainierten oberkörper zeigen oder möchtest das ehr nicht?
[01.03.2012 23:16:31] kaikai123302: doch und steh auf und hebe mein tshirt hoch
[01.03.2012 23:17:57] Hannah: ich schau genau auf deinen oberkörper grins dich an und sage sehr sexy
[01.03.2012 23:19:30] kaikai123302: ich setz mich wieder und sag danke
[01.03.2012 23:20:29] kaikai123302: wahrheit oder pflicht
[01.03.2012 23:22:01] Hannah: hihi ähm wahrheit
[01.03.2012 23:23:36] kaikai123302: ok schon mal mit nem jungen rum gemacht ??
[01.03.2012 23:23:58] Hannah: ähm nicht wirklich und werde ganz rot und schäme mich
[01.03.2012 23:25:19] Hannah: ich sage ist mir sehr peinlich aber so ist es halt und gucke auf den boden
[01.03.2012 23:27:40] Hannah: [machst grad noch mit anderen sowas wie wir? ;p]
[01.03.2012 23:28:03] kaikai123302: das muss dir nicht peilich sein
[01.03.2012 23:28:07] kaikai123302: auf kein efal
[01.03.2012 23:28:27] kaikai123302: ne musst meim bruder grad was am pc machen
[01.03.2012 23:28:57 | Bearbeitet 23:29:02] Hannah: okee (aso)
[01.03.2012 23:29:15] kaikai123302: auch wahrhiet
[01.03.2012 23:29:49] Hannah: hattest du schon sex?
[01.03.2012 23:31:15] kaikai123302: ne9in auch nicht und werde bisschen rot
[01.03.2012 23:31:53] Hannah: aso musst doch nicht rot werden und lache
[01.03.2012 23:32:28] kaikai123302: ich lach nicht
[01.03.2012 23:32:29] kaikai123302: ok
[01.03.2012 23:33:03] Hannah: ok
[01.03.2012 23:33:25] Hannah: ( ich bin totsl müde können wir vllt. morgen weiter machen? ;oo )
[01.03.2012 23:35:28] kaikai123302: ok gerne xD
[01.03.2012 23:35:32] kaikai123302: gute nacht
[01.03.2012 23:35:36] kaikai123302: eine frage noch
[01.03.2012 23:35:41] Hannah: oke dir auch ja?
[01.03.2012 23:35:43] kaikai123302: hast dus dir gemacht ?
[01.03.2012 23:35:54] Hannah: ne du dir?
[01.03.2012 23:36:36] kaikai123302: konnt nit aber er ging ein bisschen in die höhe
[01.03.2012 23:36:38] kaikai123302: xD
[01.03.2012 23:36:56] Hannah: asoo xD naja dann bis Morgen schlaf nachher gut ;P
[02.03.2012 17:41:14] kaikai123302: Hey
[02.03.2012 17:42:13] Hannah: Hei
[02.03.2012 17:45:45] Hannah: sry aber ich bin eben so 30 min. weg bis nachher ok?
[02.03.2012 18:21:05] Hannah: wieder da xD aber du bist wohl nicht da
[02.03.2012 22:12:06] Hannah: Hey
[02.03.2012 22:12:23] kaikai123302: Hey
[02.03.2012 22:16:00] Hannah: wie gehts?
[02.03.2012 23:10:34] Hannah: lässt dein pc auch immer laufen wenn nciht da bist? xD
[02.03.2012 23:33:33] kaikai123302: Hey
[03.03.2012 12:14:15] kaikai123302: Hey
[03.03.2012 12:14:31] Hannah: Hi
[03.03.2012 12:16:27] kaikai123302: Sorry das ich gestern erst so spät da war
[03.03.2012 12:16:41 | Bearbeitet 12:16:43] Hannah: schon ok
[03.03.2012 12:16:48] Hannah: kein problem ;p
[03.03.2012 12:17:14] kaikai123302: Hasch grad noch Zeit ?? :)
[03.03.2012 12:17:31] Hannah: ja
[03.03.2012 12:17:45] kaikai123302: Ok wo waren wir
[03.03.2012 12:19:08] kaikai123302: ?
[03.03.2012 12:19:22] Hannah: bei wahrheit oder pflicht und ich hab gefragt ob du schon ex hattest und dann hast du mich gefargt ob ich schon hatte
[03.03.2012 12:20:06] kaikai123302: Ok mir ist das peinlich und ich frag Wahrheit oder Pflicht
[03.03.2012 12:20:41] Hannah: ich antowrte pflicht
[03.03.2012 12:21:08] kaikai123302: Steh auf und bück dich mal
[03.03.2012 12:21:21] Hannah: ich steh auf und bück mich
[03.03.2012 12:21:39] Hannah: nach einiger zeit frag ich was das für ein sinn hat
[03.03.2012 12:21:56] kaikai123302: Ich schau dir auf den Arsch und kann nicht änderst und lang ihn an
[03.03.2012 12:22:06] kaikai123302: Keinen und lach
[03.03.2012 12:22:19] kaikai123302: Deinen schönen Arsch
[03.03.2012 12:22:24] Hannah: ok, danke
[03.03.2012 12:22:26] Hannah: und lach
[03.03.2012 12:22:51] Hannah: und du jetzt wahrheit oder pflicht?
[03.03.2012 12:23:00] kaikai123302: Pflicht
[03.03.2012 12:24:49] Hannah: ähm ich sag das ich nocch eben überlegen muss und werd rot
[03.03.2012 12:25:26] kaikai123302: Kein Ding
[03.03.2012 12:25:30] kaikai123302: Und lach
[03.03.2012 12:26:21] Hannah: stell dich hin und dreh dich um
[03.03.2012 12:27:37] kaikai123302: Ich stell mich hin und Dreh mich im
[03.03.2012 12:29:01] Hannah: ich starr deinen po und und grapsch ind an und sag sehr knackig und lach
[03.03.2012 12:29:44] kaikai123302: Vielen dank und lach
[03.03.2012 12:30:05] kaikai123302: Ok Wahrheit oder Pflicht
[03.03.2012 12:30:16] Hannah: wahrheit
[03.03.2012 12:31:11] kaikai123302: Ok mmh hattest du schon mal lesbische Gedanken
[03.03.2012 12:31:37] kaikai123302: ?
[03.03.2012 12:31:38] Hannah: ehr nicht so
[03.03.2012 12:31:45] kaikai123302: Ok
[03.03.2012 12:31:59] Hannah: ja wahrheit oder pflicht
[03.03.2012 12:32:07] kaikai123302: Wahrheit
[03.03.2012 12:32:33 | Bearbeitet 12:32:35] Hannah: hast du es dir mit einem kumpel schon mal zusammen gemacht?
[03.03.2012 12:32:52] kaikai123302: Jaa
[03.03.2012 12:32:56] Hannah: aso ok
[03.03.2012 12:33:28] kaikai123302: Wahrheit oder Pflicht
[03.03.2012 12:33:48] Hannah: pflicht
[03.03.2012 12:33:54] kaikai123302: Ok
[03.03.2012 12:34:39] kaikai123302: Steh mal auf mit Gesicht zu mir
[03.03.2012 12:34:50] Hannah: ok ich steh auf
[03.03.2012 12:36:13] kaikai123302: Ich stehe auch auf schau dir in die augen und komm immer näher auf dein Gesicht zu und küss dich
[03.03.2012 12:36:53] Hannah: ich guck dich an und grinse und kuss dich zurück
[03.03.2012 12:37:17] kaikai123302: Ich Steck meine Zunge in deinen Mund
[03.03.2012 12:37:35] Hannah: ich berühre mit meiner zungenspitze deine zunge
[03.03.2012 12:37:53] kaikai123302: Ich beweg sie hin und her
[03.03.2012 12:38:07] Hannah: ich spiel mit deiner zunge
[03.03.2012 12:38:26] kaikai123302: Ich Genies es
[03.03.2012 12:38:37 | Bearbeitet 12:38:57] Hannah: ich leg meine hände und deine hüfte
[03.03.2012 12:39:36] kaikai123302: Ich meine auf deinen Arsch und mit dem Kopf weg und frag dich wie war dein erster Kuss und lach
[03.03.2012 12:40:03] Hannah: gut und lach
[03.03.2012 12:40:20] kaikai123302: Ich setzt mich wieder
[03.03.2012 12:40:38] Hannah: ich setzt mich zu dir und guck auf den boden
[03.03.2012 12:40:56] kaikai123302: Warum so schüchtern
[03.03.2012 12:41:52] Hannah: weiß nicht, guck dich an und küss dich einfach
[03.03.2012 12:42:44] kaikai123302: Ich küss kurz zurück und sag dann das macht dir jetzt Spaß oder
[03.03.2012 12:43:04] Hannah: ähm ja und lach
[03.03.2012 12:43:29] kaikai123302: Ich denn nimm ich auch mal Pflicht
[03.03.2012 12:44:05] Hannah: ok
[03.03.2012 12:44:43] Hannah: zieh dein oberteil aus
[03.03.2012 12:45:10] kaikai123302: Ohh ok lach und zieh mein t Shirt aus
[03.03.2012 12:45:46] kaikai123302: Ok wahrheit oder Pflicht
[03.03.2012 12:46:37] Hannah: wahrheit
[03.03.2012 12:48:05] kaikai123302: Was war deine schutzigste Sex Fantasie
[03.03.2012 12:48:29] Hannah: das ich es in einer umkleide treibe und du?
[03.03.2012 12:49:06] kaikai123302: Ehhmm ok ja auch und lach leise
[03.03.2012 12:49:12] Hannah: aso
[03.03.2012 12:49:17] Hannah: hihi
[03.03.2012 12:49:25] kaikai123302: lach noch mal
[03.03.2012 12:49:31] Hannah: wahrheit oder pflicht
[03.03.2012 12:49:35] Hannah: ich frag was so lustig?
[03.03.2012 12:49:51] kaikai123302: Egal wahr heit
[03.03.2012 12:50:22] Hannah: ok wo hast du es dir shcon überall gemacht
[03.03.2012 12:51:23] kaikai123302: ohh unter derdusche im Zimmer von ner Freundin
[03.03.2012 12:51:34] kaikai123302: Im Wald
[03.03.2012 12:52:05] kaikai123302: Du
[03.03.2012 12:52:24] Hannah: aso, nur in der dusche, mein zimmer
[03.03.2012 12:52:33] kaikai123302: Ok
[03.03.2012 12:52:44] Hannah: ja ehr lw
[03.03.2012 12:53:03] kaikai123302: Probiere mal im Wald und lach
[03.03.2012 12:53:14] Hannah: mal gucken und lach
[03.03.2012 12:53:16] kaikai123302: Also Wahrheit oder Pflicht
[03.03.2012 12:53:28] Hannah: pflicht
[03.03.2012 12:53:43] kaikai123302: Zieh dein Top aus
[03.03.2012 12:54:36] Hannah: ok zieh es aus
[03.03.2012 12:55:00] kaikai123302: Ich schau dir auf deine süßen Brüste
[03.03.2012 12:55:19] Hannah: ich grinse und sag guck doch nciht so dahin und lach
[03.03.2012 12:55:38] kaikai123302: Isch doch nicht so schlimm
[03.03.2012 12:55:41] Hannah: ok
[03.03.2012 12:56:59] kaikai123302: ?
[03.03.2012 12:57:06] Hannah: wahrheit oder pflicht
[03.03.2012 12:57:18] kaikai123302: Pflicht
[03.03.2012 12:58:51] Hannah: gib mir ein kuss auf mein dekoltee und lach
[03.03.2012 12:59:42] kaikai123302: Ich. Geh zu rir rüber und küss dich zwischen deinem dekolte
[03.03.2012 13:00:25] Hannah: ich lach und werd rot
[03.03.2012 13:00:46] kaikai123302: Ich lach auch und frag Wahrheit oder Pflicht
[03.03.2012 13:01:35 | Bearbeitet 13:01:39] Hannah: pflicht
[03.03.2012 13:02:08] kaikai123302: Ok zieh deine Hose aus
[03.03.2012 13:02:15] kaikai123302: Aber langsam
[03.03.2012 13:02:43 | Bearbeitet 13:02:55] Hannah: lch zieh mir die hose aus
[03.03.2012 13:02:58] Hannah: sehrlangsam
[03.03.2012 13:03:24] Hannah: (ich muss essen :( bis nachher)
[03.03.2012 13:03:50] kaikai123302: Ich komm zu dir mach sie auf und zieh sie runter und küss deinen Oberschenkel
[03.03.2012 13:03:58] kaikai123302: (ok )
[03.03.2012 13:15:41] Hannah: (wd)
[03.03.2012 13:16:02] Hannah: ich lehne mich entspannt hzurück und genieße es
[03.03.2012 14:19:45] kaikai123302: Sorry ich Muss gehen
[03.03.2012 14:21:20] Hannah: ohh okeii
[03.03.2012 14:24:48] kaikai123302: Sorry vielleicht heut Abend
[03.03.2012 14:26:26] Hannah: ist ok, ja heut abend ist gut
[03.03.2012 20:20:11] kaikai123302: Hey
[03.03.2012 20:20:26] Hannah: hiii
[03.03.2012 20:20:53] kaikai123302: Wie geht's so
[03.03.2012 20:21:14] Hannah: gut und dir
[03.03.2012 20:33:03] Hannah: wie machst du das eig. immer? sitzt 3 min. am pc und rennst dann schnell weg oder was?
[03.03.2012 20:35:38] kaikai123302: Ne sorry ich mach's nächstes mal ab
[03.03.2012 20:36:11] kaikai123302: Hasch noch Lust bisschen weiter zu machen ?
[03.03.2012 20:36:14] Hannah: asoo.. ja
[03.03.2012 20:38:03] kaikai123302: Wo Ware ma
[03.03.2012 20:38:28] Hannah: das du mir die hose ausgezogen hast und meinen oberschenkel küsst
[03.03.2012 20:39:36] kaikai123302: Ok ich küss immer tiefer richtung füse an ihnen angekommen zieh ich dir die Socken aus und küss deine schönen füse
[03.03.2012 20:40:51] Hannah: ich genieße es und lehne mich zurück
[03.03.2012 20:41:45] kaikai123302: Ich leck an deinem Zeh
[03.03.2012 20:42:12] kaikai123302: Und Greif an deinen Oberschenkel
[03.03.2012 20:42:33] Hannah: ich spüre deine hand an meinem oberschenkel
[03.03.2012 20:43:50] kaikai123302: Ich setzt Mur wiederhin und lach
[03.03.2012 20:44:21] Hannah: ich lach und sag war echt sehr gut
[03.03.2012 20:44:51] kaikai123302: Fand ich auch
[03.03.2012 20:44:58] Hannah: das ist gut
[03.03.2012 20:45:13] kaikai123302: Ich nimm pflicht
[03.03.2012 20:45:36] Hannah: zieh auch deine Hose aus
[03.03.2012 20:46:05] kaikai123302: Ich steh auf und zieh sie aus mein pennies steht schon etwas
[03.03.2012 20:46:18] Hannah: ich guck voll auf ihn und grinse
[03.03.2012 20:47:02] kaikai123302: Was ist ??
[03.03.2012 20:47:27] Hannah: ich glaub dien kleiner freund freut sich grad bisschen und lach
[03.03.2012 20:47:56] kaikai123302: Ohh und werde rot
[03.03.2012 20:49:32] Hannah: hihi
[03.03.2012 20:49:39] Hannah: musst dihc doch nciht schämen
[03.03.2012 20:50:01] kaikai123302: Ok ich setz mich hin und Wahrheit oder Pflicht
[03.03.2012 20:50:35] Hannah: wahrheit
[03.03.2012 20:51:36] kaikai123302: Ok mmh wie weit bisch du mit nem Jugend gekommen ?
[03.03.2012 20:52:20] Hannah: nciht weit hihi und werde rot du denn?
[03.03.2012 20:52:32] kaikai123302: Junge ?
[03.03.2012 20:52:46] kaikai123302: Mädchen
[03.03.2012 20:52:55] Hannah: junge
[03.03.2012 20:53:17] kaikai123302: Nur mal geküsst
[03.03.2012 20:53:28] kaikai123302: Und werde ganz rot
[03.03.2012 20:53:40] Hannah: asoo.. musst nicht rot werden
[03.03.2012 20:54:11] kaikai123302: Mmmh
[03.03.2012 20:54:30] Hannah: wahrheit oder pflicht?
[03.03.2012 20:54:53] kaikai123302: Wahrheit
[03.03.2012 20:55:24 | Bearbeitet 20:55:26] Hannah: was hast schon alles mit nem mädel gemacht?
[03.03.2012 20:55:52] kaikai123302: Im Wald mit jm rumgeknutscht
[03.03.2012 20:56:13] Hannah: asoo
[03.03.2012 20:56:24] kaikai123302: Mehr auch nit
[03.03.2012 20:56:28] Hannah: aso
[03.03.2012 20:57:20] kaikai123302: Wahrheit oder pflicht
[03.03.2012 20:57:33] Hannah: pflicht
[03.03.2012 20:57:51] kaikai123302: Ok
[03.03.2012 20:58:18] kaikai123302: Zieh meine Unterhose aus
[03.03.2012 20:58:46] Hannah: okee
[03.03.2012 20:58:49] kaikai123302: Lach
[03.03.2012 20:58:54] Hannah: ich komm zu dir und zieh sie dir langsam aus
[03.03.2012 20:59:16] kaikai123302: Er steh wie ne Eins
[03.03.2012 20:59:50] Hannah: ich grinse und saghe er ist wohl sehr erregt und lach
[03.03.2012 21:00:22] kaikai123302: Ja bei dir kein Wunder
[03.03.2012 21:00:55] Hannah: oke danke
[03.03.2012 21:01:48] kaikai123302: Ok Wahrheit oder blicht
[03.03.2012 21:02:07] Hannah: pflicht
[03.03.2012 21:02:44] kaikai123302: Ne wart ich muss
[03.03.2012 21:03:08] kaikai123302: Pflicht
[03.03.2012 21:03:27] Hannah: ja xD ok
[03.03.2012 21:04:04] Hannah: zieh mir meinen bh aus
[03.03.2012 21:04:30] kaikai123302: Ok gerne
[03.03.2012 21:05:17] Hannah: ja
[03.03.2012 21:06:21] kaikai123302: Ich geh zu dir Küsse dich und mach deinen bh auf ich geh wieder weg und zieh ihn dir aus
[03.03.2012 21:07:32] kaikai123302: Ich Küsse deine Nippel
[03.03.2012 21:08:33] Hannah: oh geil
[03.03.2012 21:09:38] kaikai123302: Ich sauge an ihnen
[03.03.2012 21:09:47] Hannah: geil ich lehne mich zurück7
[03.03.2012 21:10:47] kaikai123302: Ich geh Tiefer und küss deinen Bauchnabel
[03.03.2012 21:11:32] Hannah: ich genieße es
[03.03.2012 21:12:39] kaikai123302: Ich geh tiefer kurz vor deinen Slip
[03.03.2012 21:12:58] Hannah: ich frage willst du ihn mir ausziehen und grinse
[03.03.2012 21:14:08] kaikai123302: Ich sag nix sondern zieh mit meinen Zähnen deinen süßen Slip aus
[03.03.2012 21:14:28] Hannah: ich grinse
[03.03.2012 21:16:01] kaikai123302: Ich nimm deinen Slip in denn Mund und geh auf dich zu
[03.03.2012 21:16:27] Hannah: ich sage du kannst ihn ruhig fallen lassen
[03.03.2012 21:16:33] kaikai123302: Kurz vor deinem Gesicht spuck ich ihn raus und Küsse dich
[03.03.2012 21:17:05] Hannah: ich küsse dich zurück und steck dir meine zunge in den mund
[03.03.2012 21:17:35] kaikai123302: Ich Spiel mit ihr
[03.03.2012 21:19:19] kaikai123302: Ich Versuch meine immer tiefer in dich zu stecken
[03.03.2012 21:23:13] kaikai123302: Nd
[03.03.2012 21:23:23] kaikai123302: Beschäftigt ?
[03.03.2012 21:23:30] Hannah: oh geil
[03.03.2012 21:23:32] Hannah: ne sorry
[03.03.2012 21:24:09] kaikai123302: Ich geh wieder aus deinem Münster
[03.03.2012 21:24:40] kaikai123302: Mund
[03.03.2012 21:25:15] kaikai123302: Und geht tiefer Richtung Titten
[03.03.2012 21:25:53] kaikai123302: Ich Saug an deinem Hals
[03.03.2012 21:25:56] Hannah: ohjaa geil
[03.03.2012 21:26:02] Hannah: ich genieße deine lippen an meinem körper
[03.03.2012 21:26:18] kaikai123302: Ich leck deinen hals
[03.03.2012 21:26:59] Hannah: oh geil
[03.03.2012 21:27:19] kaikai123302: Und geh runter und Saug an deinen Titten
[03.03.2012 21:27:56] Hannah: ohja geil
[03.03.2012 21:28:18] kaikai123302: Und züngel mit deinen Nippeln
[03.03.2012 21:28:32] Hannah: oh geil
[03.03.2012 21:28:35] Hannah: sie werden ganz hart
[03.03.2012 21:28:52] kaikai123302: Ich Saug an ihnen
[03.03.2012 21:29:02] Hannah: geil
[03.03.2012 21:29:58] kaikai123302: Sie werden rot
[03.03.2012 21:30:43] kaikai123302: Und ich geh tiefer bis zu deinen Bauch Nabel
[03.03.2012 21:30:54] Hannah: ich lege mich weiter nach hinten
[03.03.2012 21:31:42] kaikai123302: Ich finde deinen Bauchnabel so sexy
[03.03.2012 21:32:00] Hannah: oh danke
[03.03.2012 21:32:31] kaikai123302: Ich Steck meine Zunge in ihn
[03.03.2012 21:33:12] Hannah: sehr geil
[03.03.2012 21:33:51] kaikai123302: Ich Saug an ihm bis es ein knutschfleck wird
[03.03.2012 21:34:20] Hannah: ich grinse und sag jetzt bist du verewigt
[03.03.2012 21:34:46] kaikai123302: Jaa und lach
[03.03.2012 21:35:26] kaikai123302: Ich geh tiefer
[03.03.2012 21:36:04] Hannah: ich gieße es
[03.03.2012 21:36:37] kaikai123302: Ich leck deine frisch rassierte muschi
[03.03.2012 21:36:51] Hannah: oh geil
[03.03.2012 21:37:33] kaikai123302: Ich lass meine Zunge in dich gleiten
[03.03.2012 21:37:43] Hannah: oh ich werd geil und genieße es sehr
[03.03.2012 21:39:34] kaikai123302: Sorry ih muss ne Stunde weg
[03.03.2012 21:40:07] Hannah: hm okeii
[03.03.2012 21:44:33] kaikai123302: Sorry
[03.03.2012 21:44:47] Hannah: np
[03.03.2012 23:48:44] kaikai123302: Wd sorry
[03.03.2012 23:48:51] kaikai123302: Wollen wir weiter machen
[03.03.2012 23:49:27] Hannah: okee gerne
[03.03.2012 23:49:45] kaikai123302: Wo waten wir
[03.03.2012 23:50:18] Hannah: das du deine zunge in mich gleiten lässt
[03.03.2012 23:50:29] kaikai123302: xD
[03.03.2012 23:51:13] kaikai123302: Ich ich gehe raus und leck über deinen Oberschenkel
[03.03.2012 23:51:23] Hannah: ohja geil
[03.03.2012 23:53:06] kaikai123302: Ich leck an deinen Zehen
[03.03.2012 23:53:50] Hannah: och grinse und muss lachen das es etwas kitzelig ist
[03.03.2012 23:54:43] kaikai123302: Ich leck deinen fuss
[03.03.2012 23:55:01] Hannah: ich genieße es
[03.03.2012 23:56:03] kaikai123302: Ich leck wieder aufwärts biss ich dich wieder Küsse
[03.03.2012 23:58:15] Hannah: ohja geil
[03.03.2012 23:58:58] kaikai123302: Steck meine Zunge tief rein
[03.03.2012 23:59:18] kaikai123302: Und meine hand geht zu deiner muschi
[04.03.2012 00:00:28] Hannah: ohjaa soo geil
[04.03.2012 00:03:38] kaikai123302: Sollen wir noch weist spielen oder hoch gehen ?
[04.03.2012 00:03:41] kaikai123302: Und lach
[04.03.2012 00:04:22] Hannah: gerne hoch gehen
[04.03.2012 00:04:45] kaikai123302: Geh doch vor einfach die Treppe hoch und die zweite Links
[04.03.2012 00:04:57] Hannah: hmm ok
[04.03.2012 00:05:10] kaikai123302: Ich glotz dir total auf den Arsch
[04.03.2012 00:05:16] Hannah: ich geh die treppe hoch dann die 2. links und leg mich aufs bett
[04.03.2012 00:10:37] kaikai123302: Ich steh vir den Bett und hol ein Kondom
[04.03.2012 00:12:24] Hannah: ich grinse und lege mcih entspannt hin
[04.03.2012 00:13:24] kaikai123302: Bläst du mir einn ?
[04.03.2012 00:13:56] Hannah: gerne
[04.03.2012 00:15:05] kaikai123302: Jetzt Leg ich mich hin
[04.03.2012 00:19:36] kaikai123302: Und mein steifer pennis ragt in die Luft
[04.03.2012 00:19:59] Hannah: okeii wow heiß
[04.03.2012 00:20:21] kaikai123302: Danke
[04.03.2012 00:20:36] kaikai123302: Und lach
[04.03.2012 00:22:51] Hannah: hihi
[04.03.2012 00:23:02] Hannah: soll ich dir jetzt einen blasen?
[04.03.2012 00:24:32] kaikai123302: Wenn du willst und lach
[04.03.2012 00:25:13] Hannah: ja
[04.03.2012 00:25:35] Hannah: ich näher mich deinem bauch küsse ihn ab und gehe weiter runter zu deinem ding
[04.03.2012 00:26:35] Hannah: ich nehm ihn in den mund und lutsch an ihm
[04.03.2012 00:27:02] kaikai123302: Ich stöhn leise und Greif an deinen kopf
[04.03.2012 00:29:57] Hannah: ich lutsche weiter und streichel dabei an deinen eiern
[04.03.2012 00:30:30] kaikai123302: Ich weidet lauter
[04.03.2012 00:31:20] kaikai123302: Werde
[04.03.2012 00:31:40] kaikai123302: Und bewege mein Becken hoch und runter
[04.03.2012 00:34:03] Hannah: oh geil
[04.03.2012 00:34:24] Hannah: ich sage sag wenn du kommst dann nehm ich ihn vorher raus ok?
[04.03.2012 00:34:42] Hannah: dann lutsche ich weiter
[04.03.2012 00:34:54] kaikai123302: Ok wohin soll ich denn
[04.03.2012 00:35:16] Hannah: ka kaanst auch mein bauch
[04.03.2012 00:38:42] kaikai123302: Ok ich stöne scheeler und Lauer
[04.03.2012 00:39:02] Hannah: ich lutsche noch schneller an ihm
[04.03.2012 00:39:49] kaikai123302: Ich kramf ein bisschen
[04.03.2012 00:43:10] kaikai123302: Und schuck dich auf die seite und spitz die ganze Ladung auf deinen Bauch es sammelt sich in deinem Bauchnarbel
[04.03.2012 00:44:58] Hannah: ich grinse und frage war es schön
[04.03.2012 00:45:53] kaikai123302: Also für den Anblick jetzt schon und grins
[04.03.2012 00:47:23] Hannah: haha kannst vllt. ein tuch holen um es wegzuwischen?
[04.03.2012 00:47:35] kaikai123302: Mmh ne xD
[04.03.2012 00:47:41] kaikai123302: War Witz
[04.03.2012 00:47:56] kaikai123302: Ich geh kurz Aus dem Zimmer
[04.03.2012 00:48:05] Hannah: oke
[04.03.2012 00:48:48] kaikai123302: Ich komm wieder mit nem tuch
[04.03.2012 00:50:52] kaikai123302: Lehn mich über dich un Wisch es weg
[04.03.2012 00:50:53] Hannah: ich grinse
[04.03.2012 00:51:09] kaikai123302: Was grinst so
[04.03.2012 00:51:33] Hannah: was du für eine sauerrei anrichtest und lache
[04.03.2012 00:54:06] kaikai123302: Verständlich bei so einer wichsvorlage
[04.03.2012 00:54:31] kaikai123302: Ist Alles weg ?
[04.03.2012 00:55:17] Hannah: hehe ja eig. schon
[04.03.2012 00:56:15] kaikai123302: Ok ich fahr mit der hand über deinen Körper wollen wir zum Haupt Teil kommen ?
[04.03.2012 00:56:35] Hannah: sehr gerne und grinse
[04.03.2012 00:57:13] kaikai123302: Sicher ??
[04.03.2012 00:57:22] kaikai123302: Erstes mal
[04.03.2012 00:57:27] Hannah: ja bei dir?
[04.03.2012 00:57:43] kaikai123302: Ja auch cool
[04.03.2012 00:57:50] Hannah: ok
[04.03.2012 00:57:57] Hannah: willst du den?n
[04.03.2012 00:58:30] kaikai123302: Jaaa auf jeden Fall am liebsten die ganze Naccht
[04.03.2012 00:58:38] Hannah: okeee
[04.03.2012 00:58:57] kaikai123302: Willst du mir das Kondom an ziehen ?
[04.03.2012 00:59:23] Hannah: ja ich nehm das kondom und zieh es dir über
[04.03.2012 01:00:21] kaikai123302: Ich wirf dich aufs Bett und schau dir in die augen und dring ganz langsam in dich ein bis ich eine wiederstand spür
[04.03.2012 01:00:56] kaikai123302: Soll ich
[04.03.2012 01:01:05] Hannah: ich guck dir auch tief in die augen und entspanne mich
[04.03.2012 01:01:06] Hannah: ja
[04.03.2012 01:01:46] kaikai123302: Ich mach ganz langsam und spür wie es reist
[04.03.2012 01:02:00] kaikai123302: Alkes ok
[04.03.2012 01:02:10] Hannah: es tut kurz weh und ich verzieh mien gesicht aber dann kann ich es auch genießen
[04.03.2012 01:02:15] Hannah: ja ist alles ok
[04.03.2012 01:02:51] kaikai123302: Ich geh wieder raus und geh dann mit zunehmender geschindichkeit wieder rein
[04.03.2012 01:03:14] Hannah: ich fang an zu stöhnen
[04.03.2012 01:03:36] kaikai123302: Ich werde schneller
[04.03.2012 01:04:24] kaikai123302: Und tiefer
[04.03.2012 01:07:30] Hannah: ohja
[04.03.2012 01:07:41] Hannah: ich stöhne immer lauter
[04.03.2012 01:08:56] kaikai123302: Ich Dreh uns um und du liegst oben
[04.03.2012 01:09:29] Hannah: ich bewege meine becken langsam nach vorne und nach hinten
[04.03.2012 01:11:49] kaikai123302: Ich meins hoch und runter
[04.03.2012 01:12:06 | Bearbeitet 01:12:10] Hannah: ich stöhne noch lauter
[04.03.2012 01:12:14] kaikai123302: Und Streichel deine Brüste
[04.03.2012 01:12:19] Hannah: ohja
[04.03.2012 01:12:30] kaikai123302: Ich knete sie
[04.03.2012 01:12:43] Hannah: ich genieße es sehr
[04.03.2012 01:13:21] kaikai123302: Ich Pack dich neh dich hoch und fick dich im stehen
[04.03.2012 01:13:27] kaikai123302: Sehr Schell
[04.03.2012 01:14:44] Hannah: ohja
[04.03.2012 01:15:05] kaikai123302: Ich Lehn dich gegen die Tür
[04.03.2012 01:15:25] Hannah: ich bewege mein becke vor und zurück
[04.03.2012 01:15:50] kaikai123302: Ich küss dich und züngel mit dir
[04.03.2012 01:16:06] Hannah: ich züngel dich zurück
[04.03.2012 01:16:46] kaikai123302: Ich werd schneller und spür wie du in meinem mund stöhnst
[04.03.2012 01:18:15] kaikai123302: (was machsch du ?)
[04.03.2012 01:19:56] Hannah: ohjaa
[04.03.2012 01:20:02] Hannah: (finger mcih grad und du?)
[04.03.2012 01:21:34] kaikai123302: Cool fast das selbe)
[04.03.2012 01:21:39] Hannah: asoo
[04.03.2012 01:21:51] Hannah: ich geh jetzt gleich schlafen okß
[04.03.2012 01:22:06] kaikai123302: Bin eh bald fertig
[04.03.2012 01:22:16] kaikai123302: 15 min
[04.03.2012 01:22:17] Hannah: okeii ich auch
[04.03.2012 01:22:19] kaikai123302: Ok
[04.03.2012 01:22:29] kaikai123302: Ok
[04.03.2012 01:22:30] Hannah: ja
[04.03.2012 01:23:04] kaikai123302: Ich Steck dir nen finger in den Po
[04.03.2012 01:23:14] Hannah: ohja geil
[04.03.2012 01:23:28] kaikai123302: Ich zieh ihn rein und raus
[04.03.2012 01:23:43] Hannah: ohjaa ich stöhne noch lauter
[04.03.2012 01:24:17] kaikai123302: Ich wirf dich aufs Bett und Spritz deine beine so weit es geht
[04.03.2012 01:24:36] Hannah: ohjaa
[04.03.2012 01:24:38] kaikai123302: Und komm dann aufs Bett
[04.03.2012 01:24:52] kaikai123302: Ich drin ich in dich rein
[04.03.2012 01:25:05] Hannah: ich bin so geil auf dich
[04.03.2012 01:25:27] kaikai123302: Leg mich auf dich und küss dich
[04.03.2012 01:25:27] Hannah: ich spüre ihn wieder in mir
[04.03.2012 01:25:39] Hannah: ich erwidere deinen kuss und steck dir meine zunge in den mund
[04.03.2012 01:25:48] kaikai123302: Ich werder immer schneller
[04.03.2012 01:25:56] kaikai123302: Schneller
[04.03.2012 01:26:00] Hannah: ohja
[04.03.2012 01:26:35] kaikai123302: Und schneller und Beis bis bisschen auf die Zunge und komm dann in die
[04.03.2012 01:26:38] kaikai123302: Dir
[04.03.2012 01:27:11] Hannah: ohjaa
[04.03.2012 01:27:37] kaikai123302: Ich küss dich weiter
[04.03.2012 01:28:06] Hannah: ich erwidere deine küsse
[04.03.2012 01:28:53] kaikai123302: Ich geh aus dir raus und wird das Kondom in den Müll
[04.03.2012 01:29:25] Hannah: ich grinse und sage das es sehr schön war
[04.03.2012 01:30:00] kaikai123302: Ja fand ich auch wollen wir noch dusch bevor wir schlafen gehen ?
[04.03.2012 01:30:19] Hannah: ja gerne
[04.03.2012 01:30:57] kaikai123302: Ich geh vor ins Bad und lass Wasser warm laufen
[04.03.2012 01:31:30] Hannah: ich komm hinter dir her
[04.03.2012 01:32:02] kaikai123302: Wasser ist warm und wir gehen rein
[04.03.2012 01:32:17] kaikai123302: Mein Schwanz steht wieder
[04.03.2012 01:32:37] Hannah: ich grinse und frage war es etwa noch nciht genug?
[04.03.2012 01:32:53] kaikai123302: Doch aber du ..,
[04.03.2012 01:32:59] Hannah: ja?
[04.03.2012 01:33:17] kaikai123302: Bist so hübsch
[04.03.2012 01:33:30 | Bearbeitet 01:33:34] Hannah: okeii
[04.03.2012 01:33:34] kaikai123302: Ich massier dich
[04.03.2012 01:33:49] Hannah: ohja schön so
[04.03.2012 01:33:55] kaikai123302: Seif dfich und mich ein
[04.03.2012 01:34:15] kaikai123302: Und Wasch uns ab
[04.03.2012 01:34:17] Hannah: ja
[04.03.2012 01:35:08] kaikai123302: Ich geh raus trockne mich ab
[04.03.2012 01:35:22] Hannah: ich frag ob ich auch ien handtuch kriege
[04.03.2012 01:35:55] kaikai123302: Ja ich holl dir kurz eins
[04.03.2012 01:36:00] Hannah: ok danke
[04.03.2012 01:36:19] kaikai123302: Ich komm wieder Mut einem Handtuch
[04.03.2012 01:36:32] kaikai123302: So gehen wir schlafen ?
[04.03.2012 01:36:39] Hannah: ich trockne mich an und antworte ja
[04.03.2012 01:37:10] kaikai123302: Ok und leg mich ins Bett
[04.03.2012 01:37:18] Hannah: ok soll ich neben dir schlafen?
[04.03.2012 01:38:00] kaikai123302: Ja warum nicht
[04.03.2012 01:38:03] Hannah: ok
[04.03.2012 01:38:28] kaikai123302: Warum denn nicht er beist nicht und lach
[04.03.2012 01:38:29] Hannah: (ich geh jetzt schlafen bis dann schalaf gut)
[04.03.2012 01:38:37] Hannah: haha ja kann ja sein
[04.03.2012 01:38:43] kaikai123302: Danke du auch
[04.03.2012 01:38:52] Hannah: danke
[04.03.2012 01:38:59] kaikai123302: Ich küss dich und wir schlafen ein
[04.03.2012 01:39:07] Hannah: hihi ende
[04.03.2012 01:39:17] Hannah: hat spaß gemacht mit dir also rs
Hannah... Continue»
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Ch.01: Everyone In America Does It

Yumi Shibata was a professional martial artist who'd retired after giving birth to her son, Akira. She had no contact with the boy's father – himself a champion fighter – choosing to raise him on her own. When her son came of age, she trained him to fulfil his potential in her self-styled Shibata karate. Her and her son lived in the countryside, in a little stone-cottage house on Yakushima Island, just the two of them. Normal as this all may seem, there is a little supernatural side note to consider: since birth, Akira has had a powerful demon slumbering inside him. Akira is not aware of this demon, though his mother is...

To make some extra money, martial arts expert Yumi agreed to teach the son of a local U.S diplomat. His name was Mike. Mike joined Akira in his lessons, which Mike enjoyed greatly. The secrets of Shibata-style karate did interest him – but not as much as Yumi Shibata did. An alien kind of beauty, the first hot Asian woman he'd ever seen, Yumi's toned, gorgeous figure, unique oriental look, and of course, her large breasts had him coming back for more and more, despite all the punishment he took sparing with demon c***d Akira. Though a fierce fighter, Akira was, for the most part, subdued, innocent and quite naïve, having never ventured out of his tiny village.

Training took place outside Yumi's house, in her garden, in front of her two students. Yumi's combat attire did much for Mike; all she wore was a white headband, a matching white sports bra with white shorts. During a training session, while Yumi demonstrated her windmill kick on a dummy, Mike noticed that Akira too didn't have all his focus on the fighting demonstration.

Yumi got the dummy on the ground, wiped the sweat of her brow and said: "Ok boys; watch what I do with his arm.

Yumi's heaving breasts had drawn Akira's attention. If his demon-trigger worked, he would've had those tatas toasted.

"Akira, your face is so red, are you ok?" she asked.

"I'm ok, I'm ok."

Though they spoke in Japanese, Mike had picked-up on Akira's behaviour. Every now and then, Mike would spot Akira's gaze shifting towards his mother's T&A, he knew for certain that Akira was checking out his very own hot mother.

"Okay, that enough for today," said Yumi, "Well done, both of you."

Mike bowed. "Thank you, Miss Shibata."

She nodded and went back inside her house. Once she was gone, Mike dashed towards Akira.

"Hey, your mom is pretty cool."

"Ah, umm, yes," replied Akira with his rudimentary usage of the English language. He grabbed his broom and swept the garden.

"Hey, how old is she?"

"Ah, umm, thirty, thirties, I think."

"Oh, ok...she's in, you know, pretty good shape."

Akira nodded. "Yes, she, umm," he raised his arms up-and-down, "she exercise a lot. Yes."

"Very, very good shape...yeah."

Akira smiled and nodded.

"What kind of clothes does she wear when she exercises?"

Akira scratched his head. "Umm, clothes like that."

"Wow, and do you join her?"

"Hmm, yes, yes, sometimes."

", you're so lucky."


"Yeah, dude, your mom is hot!"

Akira laughed. "Hahaha, sorry, sorry, my English not great. Hot"

"No, no, hot like in, you know, sexy, good-looking."

More nervous laughter from Akira. "Ok, ok, hahaha, no talk like that about my mother, ok? Or we may, you know," he shrugged, "have to fight."

Mike backed away, waving his arms. "No, no, no! No fight! No fight, I don't want to fight, we're friends, we're just talking like friends. It's ok for friends to talk like this."

"Ok, ok, but please, don't say, umm, not nice things about my mother."

"Oh of course, of course, and I'm not saying dirty things about her, oh no, I think she's great, she's awesome, I just...admire her, you know?"

"I think so, yes I think I understand."

Mike stepped forward, looked around and lowered his voice: "Hey, just between us two, just between friends, be honest with me: Do you admire her, too?"

"Oh, me? No, no, so wrong, no, no."

"Come on, I saw you checking her out, come on, be honest."

Akira's cheeks turned bright red. "No, no I don't." he looked down at the ground.

Mike put his hand on his friend's shoulder. "Come on, it's ok to admit it. Where I come from, all the guys openly talk about their good looking mothers'"


"Yeah, all the time, all the time, they have like meetings, clubs and everything, so come on, it's cool to admit it if you think she's hot."

He pondered while looking at the ground, formulating his response. "Umm...i-i-i...admire her like you do, yes, yes."

Mike was a little stunned; he didn't think Akira would actually admit it: "Cool, yeah cool...So, come on, you gotta tell me how she looks naked!"

Akira shot him a look which got Mike's very soul to shiver.

"Or m-m-maybe not."

"I, umm, not see her naked, but she should be in shower now."

"Oh! Ever peeked?"

"No, I thought about it...but no, too shame, too shame to peek."

"Right...So what'd you mean when you 'thought about it?'"

"There no lock, easy to get in."

"Really? God damn, let's do it now! Come on, let's do it!"

"No, no, no."

Mike was holding Akira's arm and trying to drag him inside the house. Despite being older and taller, Mike couldn't get Akira to budge. "Come on! She's naked! I wanna see! I wanna see!"

Akira finally relented. "...Ok we look. But if we get caught: you get blame."


The boys' tip-toed back in the house, making sure to take their shoes off. Once inside, the teens got more fired up, the hissing of the shower hinting at the wonders inside that bathroom. Akira grabbed the boiling hot knob, turned it and opened the door as quietly as he could. The shower sounds got louder when they crawled inside. Akira led Mike behind a nearby cabinet, still neither teen lifting their head to take a look.

"What now?" asked Mike.

"I, umm..."

"You don't know? Come on! How do we get a look?"

"Umm, raise head very, very slowly."


Both guys got on their knees and lifted their heads to take a look. They gasped, as what they saw drove their young minds mad with lust.

Her round breasts, wet nipples, soap running down her gorgeous milky skin, it was all so much to take in – especially for Akira. When she grabbed her razor, getting it wet for some vaginal grooming, right then she felt it: her son's aura. She turned her head, gasped, held her tits and said, "Son! What are you doing!?"

Akira stood still, panicking, everything happening so fast: Admitting his mother was hot, seeing her naked, her catching him. Like a windmill kick, he looked for the nearest target.

He pointed at Mike. "Him! He f***ed me to!"


Ch.02: Never Have Ice Cream Before Dinner

Yumi covered her breasts with her right arm and put her left hand over her bushy vagina.

"Boys! Explain yourselves!"

"He made me do it, Mother," replied Akira. "He made me!"

Now when your son has the power of a demon inside him, it's pretty unlikely that a spindly little human boy can convince him to do anything he doesn't want to do.

"Akira, I know you're lying! You should be so ashamed of yourself, I'm your mother!"

Akira bowed his head. "Sorry Mother, sorry."

"Both of you, out, now!"

Akira ran out of the room while Mike took his time admiring Yumi's impeccable, gorgeous wet body.

"Now!" she said to the perverted American p*****n.

Mike rushed out and shut the door behind him. Akira, still despondent, sulked in the corner.

"Hey, come on man," Mike patted his pal on the back, "She'll understand that you were just curious, that you've never seen a naked woman before. Hell, you can't help it that your mom has the best body in this whole damn forest! There you go, that's your excuse, be cool, she won't mind when you explain, everything's going to be fine! Come on, relax, ha-ha."

Young Akira remained gloomy. "But she so mad...Mike, I not happy with you."

Mike – quaking in his boots at the prospect of facing a lightning uppercut – tried further to pacify the situation.

"Hey, come on! This is what guys our age do, everyone in America does this."


"Yeah, sure, all the time, guys peek at their moms, like, everyday, you know, it's like a tradition. I did it all the time, my friends peeked at my mom, I peeked at their moms, it's normal teen behaviour! Akira, come on, a mom like her? Pssh! How can she not expect you to be peeking at your age? You gotta stand up for yourself, you should, yeah. I say this as your friend, you'll be fine, come on, relax."

"Relax, yes, thank you."

The teens stood quietly while waiting for Yumi to come out of the shower. Whilst she got dressed, Mike asked Akira his own burning question.

"Akira, hey, as friends, you can tell me this and it will be just between us: What'd you think of your mom's naked body?"

Akira smiled sheepishly. "Umm, ahh, very good, very good."

"Aren't her tits just the greatest?"

Akira's English was rusty; he didn't exactly get what 'tits' meant, so he just nodded.

Finally, Yumi emerged from the bathroom, a towel wrapped around her dripping wet body.

"Do you want to try explaining yourself?" she said to Akira.

Akira replied confidently: "Mother, I was just doing what all the guys in America do. I wanted to see how a woman's body is and I did. You look nice, I liked what I saw, your body is nice, very nice!" he grinned, pleased with his response. He looked to his friend and then looked at his mother. "Ok, Mothe –"

With a mighty whack of lighting, Yumi slapped her disobedient son across the room. Mike fell on his ass when he felt her powerful fighting aura released, the air around her crackling, sparks flying through the air.

"Akira: that is nonsense!"

Yumi stood steaming for a little while, then took a deep breath, held her towel and went to her son. She kneeled down and caressed his cheek, her heavenly powers healing him in an instant.

"It's very rude to spy on naked women, very rude!"

Akira nodded. "Yes, Mother."

Yumi stood up and walked over to Mike.

"I'm so, so sorry Miss Shibata!

"Stand up!"

"Yes Ma'am." Mike got to his feet.

"Akira, come here, now."

Akira stood across from Mike, Yumi between the two teens. She adjusted her towel and spoke: "Now, you know what you did was very, very wrong, yes?"

"Yes," they said in unison.

"Good, you should know it very bad to peek at women, very bad, rude, disgusting and dirty."


"But...because of this I have learned something new about the two of you."

Both teens were confused by that statement.

"Akira, you got really aroused when you saw my body; your power was so immense when I felt you looking at honest, tell me how you felt when you saw my naked body?"

"Umm...excited, happy, tingly."

", to feel like that again, you want that?"

"Yes, Mother."

"Hmm," Yumi pondered for a moment, "How about, perhaps, if you knew you'd feel like that after you a won a fight, do you think that would make you a better fighter?"

Akira nodded vigorously. "Yes, yes, I know it would."

Mike – who had no clue what Akira and Yumi were talking about as he didn't understand Japanese – cut into their conversation and asked, "Umm, Miss Shibata, will I be punished? Please don't tell my dad!"

Yumi shook her head. "Don't worry Mike, I won't tell your father. Consider what you saw as training, ok?"

"Ok, yeah! Cool!"

Yumi addressed both teens: "Ok, you two go outside and have a training battle."

Mike didn't like the sound of that. "Oh, Ma'am, I don't think I could fight, I'm sore and tired –"

"The winner gets to suck on one of my tits."

Suddenly, a surge of courage entered Mike's body, his chest so tight that he could barely breathe. He wiped the sweat of his brow, said, "Yes! Yes!" and rushed outside.

Akira, not knowing what exactly 'sucking' and 'tit' meant, looked dumbfounded.

Yumi got her fingers under her left breast and gave it a little jiggle. "Akira, if you beat Mike, you get to suck on my breast."

"Really Mother? Wow! I'll try my best!"

"Now don't go easy on Mike, he may not look that strong but he's taller, older and must've been in many real fights while in America. Give it your all, Son."

Akira took his shirt off. "Osu!" He then rushed outside for battle.

Outside in the breezy light wind, with the summer sun sweltering under them, the teens got ready for the fight for the teat! Mike knew he was outmatched, but to him the promise of ripe Japanese melon sizzling in his mouth was a massive motivator. Akira was, of course, also eager to win.

Yumi acted as the official. "Ready? Fight!"

Akira crouched down, dashed and hit Mike with a bone-crunching fist to the stomach. Mike felt it before he saw it, his innards blasted, everything going bright, then dark, so dark. He fell down on the ground, knocked u*********s. 'K.O!' This wasn't going to Round Two.

Akira looked down at his fallen friend.

"Oh he's ok, he's ok. Akira, you want your reward now?"

Yumi peeled down her towel to reveal her glistening breast. Round, bouncy and creamy-coated, with the prime piece in the middle: an erect pink nipple.

Akira stood eye-level with his prize.

"Go on, hold it."

He got steady his small, clammy hand, slowly arched his hand forward, a jolt ringing through his body when his tips got to the soft cushiony surface.

"Go on Son, all the way."

He clamped the tit with his whole hand, digging his fingers into the supple core, the feel of it setting off his trigger. A bright purple aura hovered around him, a finite amount, yet still quiet potent. Yumi put her free hand on her son's cheek and soothed his raging demon, the aura evaporating.

"Put your mouth around it, go on."

Yumi led her son's face towards herself, pushing him closer, closer, his hot breath getting warmer, warmer, till she felt his lips suckling.

"Hmmm!" Yumi arched her head back in pleasure. "Akira, Akira, lick it like an ice cream cone."

On went his tongue, licking the nipple of his mother with thunderous power behind each up-down-movement. Yumi felt a strong degree of ecstasy, her legs struggling to stay balanced, while for Akira it was a sensation so alien yet wonderfully desirable. Though as much pleasure as she knew was being given and received, Yumi knew she had a job to do. She stepped back and released her soaked breast from her son's waggling mouth.

"That will be all."

"Aw, can I have some more, please, Mother?"

"You will earn more of that!"

Akira nodded with a fierce look of determination in his eyes. "Yes!"

Yumi Shibata had found a great way to motivate her champion son – and she was going to use her newfound motivation technique to lead her son all the way to the top.


Ch.03: Bubbles

The next day, afternoon, another sunny day in Yakushima...

Yumi, wearing a bra-less white tank top and white combat slacks with her trademark white headband, was walking around her house as normal, as if nothing had happened. Akira sat on the floor and watched.



"Can I suck your breast again?"

"No," she said while she continued to sweep the floor, "You know you're not to speak of that unless I say so, also you're not to tell anyone about our little arrangement – not a soul."

"Yes, Mother."

Just then, a huge thud could be heard from the door. Akira peeked out the window and saw a suit-clad, dark haired, tall, middle-aged white man repeatedly slamming his fist onto the door.

"Come on out now dammit!" he hit the wood with fiery rage. "Open this door, now! Your son broke my son's sternum!"

Yumi calmly removed her pants, placed them on the couch, then rubbed the inner parts of her legs, giving her thighs a sweaty warm glow.

"What're you doing, Mother?"

"Just you watch, Son."

Yumi opened the door. Right then, in a flash, the rage flowing from this man was evaporated as he gazed upon this gorgeous angelic Japanese beauty.

"Is something...wrong?" she asked while tactfully tugging on her tank top, her glistening breasts shinning under the red-hot sun.

"Ahh! Yes, yeah, yes Miss Shoebata"

"What matter, Sir?"

As she spoke she had placed her left hand by her thigh, breezing her fingers past her scarcely visible camel-toe, tapping, grazing, taking the wheel and driving his imagination to a cherry blossom filled with vestiges of delight.

"Well, Ma'am, your son and my son had a little fight and your son went a little too far and hurt my k**."

She let out a light giggle. "Sorry, English not great. Fight like?" she started showing off her jab, letting her breasts jiggle with each motion. "That fight?" Yumi was deliberately concealing her true grasp of the English language, thinking – and rightfully so – that playing the cute, endearing engrish speaking Asian woman would appeal to his western sensibilities.

He nodded while rubbing his handkerchief over his forehead. "Yes, just like that, just like that."

"Oh I so sorry, so sorry. Akira, come here."

Akira rushed to the doorway.

"Akira, say you sorry."

He looked the man right in the eyes. "Sorry," he said with a straight face.

"That's fine, yeah, it's ok, nothing to fret over, guys will be guys, haha, you know."

She nodded. "Thank you, Sir."

"No, please, call me David."

"Thank you, Day-vid," she giggled, "Sorry, I say name right?"

"Perfect, perfect. Hey, let me pay you for that last session you had with my son."

"Oh no, no! Your son hurt, no it ok, you no pay."

"Please, please, let me," he dug into his expensive trouser pockets, produced a large roll of cash notes and flicked through it, literally flashing the cash. "Let me see, hmm, ok this covers the session and a little extra for any trouble I may have caused. I'm so sorry if I caused you any distress."

Yumi took the money and gave him a big smile. "Thank you very much."

"It's not a problem, not at all," while putting the cash back in his pocket, his business card slipped; caught by the wind, it landed on Yumi's foot.

She picked it up and gasped. "Oh my! Vice-President of Rochefort Enterprises, really?"

David Rochefort stood up straight, living up to his title. "Yes, yes I am. I've come to Yakushima to examine some possible oil fields."

She grabbed his hand. "Please, please David, come in."

Eager David kicked off his shoes and came right inside their quaint little house.

Once inside, Yumi bent down and gave the money to Akira; a totally transparent way to let David get a look at her round succulent behind. David stepped back, feeling a sharp, rising pain in his pelvis region.

While David admired, Yumi plotted. She whispered into her son's ear: "Akira, take this money, go into town, buy some sweets, toys, have fun and don't come back till dinner time."

Akira, confused but obedient, nodded and agreed, "Ok, Mother."

He headed for the door. The last thing he saw before departing was his mother slipping of David's jacket.


It was early-evening; Akira was sitting on a grassy field, thinking about his mom. She'd never allowed him to go into town on his own, let alone letting him spend an exorbitant amount of time by himself. He couldn't think of any reasons why she'd send him away, though he did picture his mother in her tank top and panties, her bare legs, sexy large breasts and dig-your-face-in ass, all stuck in his memory. The thoughts got him so wound up that he had to have a long 'relieving' session in the woods.

Eventually, having run out of things to do (like most demonically-possessed teenagers, Akira didn't care much for sweets and toys) he took his pocketful of money and made the journey home. It was earlier than his mother had told him to come, but he didn't think she'd mind.

Upon returning home via the mountain path, Akira noticed a moderate amount of steam coming from behind his home. Intrigued, he decided to take a look. Akira got close to the house and sneak-walked his way towards the steam.

"What could make that kind of mist?" he asked himself. "Hmm..." as he got closer to the source, he figured out the solution: "Oh: the bathtub!"

He took a look at his backyard and saw the rarely-used traditional Japanese bathtub – with David sitting inside it.

"Why is David having a bath at my house?" he thought. He didn't have too much time to think as what he saw next got his knees trembling.

Akira's mouth dropped when he saw her: his stark-naked mother walking to the tub. Her full breasts, prickly shaved vagina, all making their debuts into Akira's teenage life. Yumi was holding two cups of sake, handing one to David and drinking one for herself. She then circled around the wooden square box tub, stood on the step and entered inside.

Then, Akira saw something he'd never seen before: a lip-to-lip kiss. Yumi kissed her American lover with her wet puckered lips, the sounds reverberating deep into Akira's soul.

"No, no, like this," David caressed his hand on her cheek and gave Yumi an American-style open mouth kiss.

A scandalous display of mutually beneficial enjoyment, David, the American, groping Yumi's Japanese body, fondling her, squeezing the same breast that Akira had placed his mouth in just a mere few hours ago. Though he was swelling with jealousy, Akira instinctively began stroking himself, undoubtedly turned-on by the fact that his own mother was showing deep, joyful signs of pleasure.

During their exchange of salvia, David paused and winced. Yumi let out a sly smile. Then, the water and the tub started shaking, gently at first, then rumbling and tumbling, water flying, David oh-ing and ah-ing, clutched the edge of the tub till his hands turned bl**d red. Akira didn't know about the art of the handjob, but he could see the immense amount of joy that his mother was giving David, and he wanted it too – more badly than anything else.

Yumi felt a tingle go through her body; she looked behind her and saw her pants-less son. She knew she had to end this fast, deciding to finish the raging purple demon she had in her hand, so the one behind her would calm down. Yumi accelerated her pace, her dynamite grip in equal parts pleasuring and punishing, faster, faster, lighting sparks coming from the surface, she went harder, faster, till she felt it coming, coming strong and...loud.

"OHHH YEAHHH!" David's scream-gasm drove the brides flying out the trees, the roar hitting Akira's eardrums and tumbling down the mountain. "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!!!"

Yumi exited the tub. "Please, I go see my son. Be back."

"Yes, yes that's fine," he closed his eyes and leaned back, his body quivering from that electric handjob.

Yumi stormed towards her son, dripping wet and nude. Akira, with his hand around his package, pants around his ankles, made no attempt at hiding what he'd done, nor could he as he was entranced by his mother's naked figure.

"Hello Mothe –"

Yumi slapped her son with a thunderous jolt, throwing him halfway across the field. Akira knew that was coming, and he knew he deserved it, but also felt that it was well worth it

David's eyes grew wide, stunned at the power of the meek woman's hand, the same hand that was around his cock just a few seconds ago. He felt very fortunate.

Yumi dashed towards her son, got on her knees and cradled him close to her breasts.

"What did I say before? No peeking!"

"Yes, Mother," he said while his eyes were trailed directly at her tits.

She stood up, then, ordered her son to get up.

"Do you want to say something to Mr. Rochefort?"

Akira bowed his head. "Sorry, Sir."

"Hey, it's ok, I don't m-m-mind," he replied in a jittery tone.

Yumi looked at her son with her arms crossed. "Akira, I know you were confused and maybe a little curious, but it's not ok to watch me naked or making love."

"Yes, Mother."

"Good, good."



He looked at her with fire burning in his eyes: "What do I need to do to get a naked bath with you?"

Yumi smiled. "Don't worry, Akira: you'll get your turn when you earn it."


Ch.04: Hardcore Bonking

"All the way there for a fighting tournament?" asked the boxers-clad David, who after his electrifying bathtime-funtime was eating dinner with the Shibatas.

"Yes," replied the comfy robe-wearing Yumi, "Akira, ahh, good at fight, but he need real fight, real fight, yes?"

Akira, sitting next to his mother, grunted in agreement.

"Hmm," pondered David, "I don't know...You're saying you want to go to the Monaco Fight Junior Grand Prix? Why not in Japan? I'm sure there's far more of those here than there is in Monaco –"

"No!" Yumi replied. "Oh, umm, ha-ha, sorry, it just, umm, we can't be...seen in public in Japan. We, umm, like to keep Akira's talent private, yes? You work for a Monaco oil company, yes? You can help?"

The light bulb suddenly went on for David. "Ohh! I get it now! You want your son fighting in these minor league fights, so that when he fights in Japan he'd be experienced, ready and good to go."

Yumi went with it. "Yes, yes...yes!"

"Hmm, ok, but asking me to fly you on my jet, all the way to Monaco in just a week's time, hmm, I don't know if I'll be able to swing that."

Yumi nodded, "I sorry, but this just so good for my son...he really good at fighting."

"I agree, I do, it's just, hmm..."

Yumi then parted the side of her robe. "Oh, have nowhere to stay tonight?"

He started sweating. "Ahh, umm, yes, umm, yes, I got nowhere to go tonight."

"Stay with bed, ok?"

"Oh, oh yes!" with that confirmation David's special executive privileges were added to Yumi's movelist. All she needed to do was seal the deal.

"I clean dishes; you go my bed, yes?"

"Yes, yes, of course," he stood up, his grin unmoving, looking at her the whole way as he went into her bedroom.

Yumi stood up, went to the sink and turned the tap on.

"Akira, here."

Akira grabbed the plates and handed them to his mother.

"Akira, some noises will come from the bedroom...from me and him."

Akira was confused. "Are you two going to be fighting?"

"Umm, no, no, we will not be fighting, though it will sound like I am in pain and agony, but Akira please know that I am not going to be in any trouble. It may be strange to you but what goes on in that bedroom will be very... fun for me."

From this, he constructed that his mother and David were going to be roughhousing in the bedroom like a couple of old pals. "Ok, Mother."

"Now I don't want to tell you this again, but do not peek at me!"

"I won't Mother, promise."

"Good, good." Yumi gave her son a light bonk on the head.

"Ow, Mother, I didn't do anything."

"You will, and when you do, remember that."

"...Yes, Mother," he replied while rubbing his head.

"Good, now go to your room."

Akira went to his room, stripped all his clothes off and fell on his bed. After a few minutes, the sounds started filtering in...

First came the kissing noises, this Akira did recognize. After this, he heard groping, the rubbing together of two naked bodies. A little later, the sounds of the bed smacking against the wall, then, a loud groan from his mother followed by a couple more as David inserted his cock inside Yumi. Though her main intention was to use him for her own means, the pleasure Yumi got from inserting his diamond-hard, long length cock was very, very real – and long overdue. Deciding to put-on a more feminine front, she gently rode her white American lover, her hands on his chest as she rocked-back-and-forth.

Akira could hear hushed, whispered groans of pleasure coming from his mother. Though not fully understanding what they were, he was very much aroused; he started beating off. In addition, the thought that his mother was using her sex appeal for him – her son – got him very, very excited.

As David got more and more comfortable, he had some surprises of his own to share. Whilst riding, he lifted his hands and took a great, big, hard feel of Yumi's succulent juicy ass. Yumi's first reaction was to strike back, but she didn't, and went with it, and much to her surprise, enjoyed having him grope and slap her on the butt. These butt slaps confused Akira, he thought that things turned physical between them, but then remembered the sounds his mother made when she spanked him: that memory got Akira back in the right thought zone. Indeed, this was going well for all involved.

Letting him take control, David rolled Yumi over and began thrusting himself into her. Un-concealing her moans, Yumi let out all her orgasmic sensations.

"Ohhh yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes – ohhhh! Yes!"

He carried on, harder thrusts, more sweat, more fire, the heat reaching its max, the two becoming a united being: a sweat-filled, lusting, interracial proponent giving their all to each other.

"Ohhh! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, oh, yes, yes, yes! Yes! Yes!" warrior woman Yumi allowed herself to be a humble, meek Asian mistress, her white master on top, filling her with pleasure.

Akira could feel it, could feel his mother's pleasure centre's going feral, flowing every which way, even through the walls. This was intense, exciting – but different for Akira as that purple, eerie feeling was not there, replaced instead by a warm angelic glow. No longer on the fence, Akira now took delight in his mother giving and receiving sexual pleasure...even if he was a tad jealous.

As the sex went on and as the heat reached skin-boiling temperatures, David went harder and faster, the flimsy rubber instrument of his breaking apart inside her. Yumi sensed this, so she pushed David out with her feet, grabbed his cock and got to work finishing him off.

"Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby! Oh baby!" he groaned. Hands this soft and delicate, yet powerful and ferociously fast was something he knew he could never get anywhere else, the pleasure was far beyond anything he'd ever received before: his heart went to a speed that bordered a serious line between unbridled thrills and the sudden and irreversible.

They caught a glimpse of each other during their climatic moment. David, overcome with pleasure, grabbed Yumi by the back of her head and gave her a long deep kiss. She responded with a twist and a release, the results splashing on her breasts, an arctic chill surging within him upon completion.

Right after his discharge, almost as if she was in slow-motion, David saw Yumi look down at her chest, poke, prod the thick amount of cum, then proceed to rub it on her chest – then darkness. Slam. David passed out, hitting his face on the warm cushiony surface. Yumi smirked, grabbed the nearby duvet and put it over him, letting him think he simply got tired and fell asl**p after climaxing.

The deal was struck: David was her man from that point on. The kind of electric sex she delivered could not be replicated. He was all hers.

Akira finished too, and in a similar way to David, fell asl**p soon after. In the space of two days, two Shibatas had sent two Rocheforts to sl**p – albeit in dramatically different ways.


A week later...

"My DAD had SEX with YOUR...MOM!"

Mike said it again so Akira could fully absorb that statement: "My DAD had SEXUAL INTERCOURSE with YOUR...MOTHER!"

"Yes," Akira said with a blank expression.

"Akira: As my friend, no, as my b*****r, I fully forgive you," he paused to wince, "It's all in the past, it's all been done and we're both sorry for how things went down, bygones be bygones, come on, what do you say?"


"Yeah, you know, it's all good now after, you know, my father had sex with your mother, hmmm, feels good. My dad is single, you know, and he really likes your mom, like really, really likes, so I guess she could mother too!"

Akira just shrugged. "I do not know."

"She even let you, her very own son, suck her tit!"


"What? Come on! She was k**ding about that? Wow, that sucks, man. As your b*****r I think that's very uncool."

Akira shrugged.

Yumi came out from her house, hauling her backpack, wearing a white dress shirt and white slacks.

"You ready?" she asked all the assembled males.

"Yes Ma'am!" said Mike.

"The plane's all ready, babe," said David.

"Yes, Mother," said Akira

Yumi kneeled down and whispered in her son's ear: "Akira, if you win this, you get what you want: Me, you, in a bath, together...naked."

Akira clenched his fists. "I WILL win, Mother!"


Ch.05: Drip, Drip; Feel, Feel

The early summer months saw Yakushima Island reach temperatures of 22°C, a fairly warm, breezy, serene place to live. Monaco on the other hand, was hitting the high 30's, the climate scorching hot, very humid and very, very dense. The town was full of super-rich, affluent residents and visitors, different in every way from the place where Akira had grown up. Soon after landing the assorted Shibatas and Rocheforts went to the local beach.

Akira and Mike remained silent as they walked alongside Yumi, her in a white bikini top, matching sarong, large sunhat, bag and sunglasses. Their eyes were trailing her bouncing, neatly-packed breasts.

David put his arm around Yumi's back, occasionally waving to passers-by.

"You popular?" said Yumi.

"Yes, our company's headquarters is right here. Though I'm sponsoring your son independent of the company, since the boss hates fighting."

"Ah, I see."

David's hand slipped below Yumi's sarong. Tactfully he began to untie it. Yumi, sensing his intention, went along with it and proceeded to untie it herself. Underneath the fine fabric was something spectacular, a head turning spectacle: Yumi in a white thong, her bare cheeks face- level with the teens. They gawped in wonderment at her perfectly sculpted derrière.

David looked on with immense joy: his well-earned reward for years of toil. He slid his fingertips to her butt and walked with great pride as his hand lay on her ass.

After a few more minutes of walking, they found an empty set of deckchairs. All four sat down, Yumi seated between her son and her lover. Yumi reached into her bag and produced a bottle of suntan lotion.

She took her sunglasses off, turned herself over, then looked at David while holding the bottle. "My back, please?"

"With pleasure." David squeezed hard, lathered his hands and rubbed her soft sexy skin. Starting on her back, undoing her bikini top, he diligently worked his way down to the most savoury areas of her body. Eventually he reached there, the area his hands wanted to clasp, the warm oils hardening his senses.

"May I?" he asked at the tip of her butt.


Without a second's hesitation he rubbed, groped and fondled her cheeks. Akira watched as this man, who'd only entered his f****y's life a mere week ago, had his hands all over his half-naked mother. A part of Akira was jealous, aggravated at the brazen acts of this stranger, feeling he was unworthy to touch his angelic mother in that type of way, but, the other half enjoyed this spectacle, took pleasure in seeing his mother have pleasure, knowing this was all of her own consent – something she wanted and enjoyed. Quickly, the negative thoughts evaporated, all washing away like the Larvotto's calm ocean tide. This was because Akira knew that he could receive the same level of satisfaction from his mother – if he earned it. His resolve was set: no matter who was in his way, he was going to get that naked bath time with his momma and touch her boobies and butt!

David finished by lathering Yumi's legs and feet. His fingers did get close to her vaginal region, but he wisely chose to not publicly finger his Japanese girlfriend as he was a high-ranking businessman who had to keep some level of decorum.

A little later in the evening...

The sun was setting on Larvotto beach. Mike had wandered off, entranced by a group of thong-clad nubile teens, while his father David was trapped in a round of small talk with local business folk. Yumi spotted her son, sitting with his knees to his chest, looking out to the ocean.


"Yes, Mother?"

"David, umm, he missed a spot." She pointed to her oiled-up behind

Akira stood right up. "Yes?"

"Could you just rub your fingers over there? Spread the oil around?"

He took a big gulp while looking down; her well-lathered butt cheeks glistening brightly. She didn't seem to have any 'missing spots' – and that's because she didn't; Yumi, ever the giver, decided to let her son have a freebie feel. Akira cracked his fingers, hovered his hands around the pleasure sector, till he finally reached his fingertips down onto the surface. Upon touchdown, an immediate rush of electricity, a huge voltage, set off inside him. Rubbery, soft, slippery and addictive: all these words and more encompassed the feelings Akira felt throughout his being as he slid his hands around his mother's butt. A few tentative sweeps were followed by short, probing feels. Akira then gathered up his courage and took a fingers-in caress – and just like that his time was up.

"Ok, Son, I think you got it."

Akira pulled out. "Yes, Mother."

"Good, good."

Akira sat back down, trembling with excitement.

A little while later, David came back.

"Come on Yumi, Akira, we better get going before anyone else wants to talk dividends and synergy. Hey, where's Mike?"

Just then, Mike trudged down the beach, looking despondent.

"Hey Son, how it go with those girls?"

"You know, Dad, nothing new, yeah. I touched one of them on the butt and she slapped me, yeah, cool, you know how it is, just being me is all I can be."

David didn't even hear half of what his son said; he had his arm around Yumi, his mind already gone to the bedroom. "Umm, yeah, good work, Son. Go get em. Yumi, I got us the luxury suite, just the two of us, all you can ever want inside."

"And my son?"

"Oh, umm, yeah I got the guys a nice room too. So come on, let's get going."


"You know, I say this as your b*****r, so don't get mad, but my dad is totally hammering your mom right now!"


"Yeah, umm," Mike opened the palm of his hand and smacked his fist into it. "Just, hard, like super-hard sex!"

"Ah, yes, yes I understand."

Akira and Mike were sharing a modest, 2nd floor two-bed hotel room while their respective parents were up in the luxury suite. Mike lay on his bed, thinking about what the grown-ups were getting up to whereas Akira practised his karate form.

"What do you think they're doing up there?"

Akira shrugged. "Do not know."

"If I know my dad, and I do, I'd say, hmm... on the ass, for sure on the ass. Akira, you think your mom has a great ass?"

"Don't know."

"Oh come on! I saw you drooling all over it! Hey, it's ok: all the guys in America would do the same if they had a mom like that...If I had a mom like that, hmm, Yumi as my mom. Think I can start calling her mom? Or mama-san?"

"I do not...know! Yah!" Akira went from a one-two punch combo to an up-kick.

Sensing that Akira was getting annoyed – and not wanting another injury – Mike changed the subject.

"Those look pretty cool," Mike commented on Akira's flame design combat pants.

Akira nodded.

"So, umm, yeah, this tournament will be a breeze for you, I bet, yeah, you got this b*o."

He shook his head. "No, no. Tough, tough fighters."

"Yeah, but come on, they're, like, guys our age, and you're the son of a martial arts master – plus you broke my freaking chest! You can easily whip guys your age, piece of cake."

Akira solemnly shook his head. "No, I no think like that. Tough fighters in front of me, I must win – I must!"

That night Akira fell soundly asl**p, well aware the time to prove himself was finally near.


Ch.06: Pussycat

Finally the day had come.

Yumi and David were in the registration line, while Akira and Mike stood around in the lobby. While waiting their turn, David took a glance at Yumi's filled out form (both on paper and body).

David noticed an immediate discrepancy in the paperwork: "Babe, isn't Akira too light to be in that weight bracket?"

"Akira strong," she replied, "for challenge he need boys a little bigger."

"Oh yes, I agree, but will he be allright?"

"He fine, he fine, no worry," Yumi held his hand and looked up at him.

"Well...ok, if you say so," David took his hand out of her grasp and tapped her on the butt. "Still sore from last night? Think you'll be able to sit down?"

Yumi smiled. "I fine, I recover...quick."

Mike spotted his dad and Yumi's less than subtle body language.

"Look, b*o, look: My dad is touching-up your mom! Wow! He has his hands on her ass, wow, my dad is the man!"

Akira looked and said nothing.

"Damn, my dad must've done some super hot stuff to her! Yeah, come on, he had to, no way he didn't. Yeah, oh yeah..."

Akira looked away and kept his mind focused on his prize. After a little wait, their parents came back.

"Akira, you ready?" asked his mother. "Your first qualifying match is in fifteen minutes."

"I'm ready, Mother."

"Oh, wait, hold on." Yumi dug into her bag and produced a mask familiar to many. The mane, the fur, the jaguar design: Yumi put a King mask on her son's head.

"Wear this; don't take it off, even during a fight. Oh and remember your name is 'JayKay.'"

Akira nodded. "Yes, Mother."

"Good, good," Yumi put her hand out, Akira clasped it. "Let's go."

The four entered into the small hall arena. There were multiple rings set up, no crowds, just warriors testing each others mettles. Akira was shriving with excitement, stimulated by the reward that was within his grasp.

His opponent, a singlet-wearing, brown haired teen, taller in height than Akira, was waiting eagerly.

"Come on," he shouted, "I don't have all day, let me whoop this pussycat already."

Akira stepped onto the stage; he put his fists in front of his face, then by his side.


"Ready?" asked the official. "...Fight!"

With one, two, three lighting fast steps, Akira dashed towards his opponent and struck him once in the stomach. The sound reverberated around the room; bone-crunching, hollow and full of hurt. Mike winced, he'd felt that power before – but believed that this time Akira was even more amped, more vicious. Stronger.

Akira's opponent fell on the ground, his eyes rolling into his head.


The whole room of fighters stopped what they were doing and looked. They were shell-shocked, all feeling the same crushing, overpowering aura emanating from the source and reaching into their veins: They could see the venomous energy coming out from this shirtless, short, surprisingly muscular teen in the lion mask.

Yumi quickly grabbed her son's hand and got him off the stage. Going down those ring steps with his mother, brushing his face across her tender breasts, Akira would've gone through a whole sidescrollers worth of henchmen to get within reach of that sweet, sweet touch.

Yumi held him by the shoulders, kneeled down and looked right at him. "Good, but please, not so hard. You have to know your strength."

"Yes, Mother," he said solemnly

"Now him," Yumi turned her head to look at the u*********s teen on the floor, then looked back at her son, "He'll be fine, nothing to worry about, but please don't hurt anyone too badly. It's about winning, not hurting anyone."

"Yes, I am sorry."

"Good," she patted him on the head, then stood up, addressing Mike and David in English. "Good fight, yes?"

"Oh ye-ye-yeah!" said a jittery David, "He...did good. Let's go wait in the lounge eh? These other guys looking at us is making me nervous."

"Ok," replied Yumi.

Mike walked beside Akira. "Man, b*o, whoa, but come on! You could've just hit him with a ring-out, yeah?"

Akira looked at him with a stern expression. "No, wrong game."


To qualify for the main eight-man tournament which took place in front of an audience, the participants had to win three preliminary bouts. After his first victory, Akira had two prelim fights to go – and both his opponents forfeited. All Akira had to do was prepare for the finals.

While his mom, David and Mike went to have lunch, Akira stayed in the arena and had a workout in the mini-gym area. He was alone in there, no other fighter daring to come near him after his aggressive display. While Akira was in the middle of deciding his combos, the door opened and in walked a red shirt and blue jeans wearing blond teen.

"Hello there," he said in an American accent. "You the guy everyone's afraid to fight?"

Akira sized him up right away; his figure was slender, around Akira's height yet clearly older. Though from first glance this teen didn't seem like much, Akira knew right away this was a formidable fighter.

"Robert Richards...America champion."

"Ah you know me?" replied Robert, "Sweet! I never heard of you, are you, like, related to King or something?" he said while referring to Akira's mask.

Akira was confused. "No. I not. You fight in show?"

"Yeah, I am. I thought it was going to be an easy deal, quick cash and all, but with you here, everything changes."

Before Akira could respond, a tall statuesque woman came from out of the hallway and slapped Robert upside his head.

"Bobby, stop fraternising with your enemy!"

Even stoic Akira was at awe at this bodacious American woman: At 6'1, blue-eyes, full blond hair, long slender legs, a perfect hourglass figure and big in-your-face breasts, this was like no other woman he'd ever seen before. She was wearing a white tank top with beige shorts.

"Ow, Mom, don't embarrass me in front of my competition."

"Your competition nothing! Don't be friendly with boys you going to be beating."

Robert sighed. "Yes, Mother...I'll see you in the final round, JayKay."

Akira could hear Robert and his mother speaking as they left.

"Mom, oh Mom, I won so I get my –"

"Clamp down, boy! We ain't wanting people to know about that, sheesh! Come on; let's get it over with quick."

Akira, intrigued for an unknown reason, discreetly followed Robert and his mother.

"Come ere!" she grabbed her son by the arm and threw him in a vacant locker room.

As he got closer, Akira heard an odd sound, almost like g****s being squashed. He then heard groaning, panting, muttered voices. Akira got to the room, looked inside and gasped.

Robert's mother was on her knees, her son's cock fully enclosed in her full pink lips. Like a hoover without an off switch, she held her mouth on it with an unclosing grip, saliva dripping out her mouth, hitting the floor with a sizzle. Robert arched his head back, shaking, his spasms rocking all the pictures off the wall.

Akira watched with intent silence, observing the mother-son interplay.

After a few deep strokes, Robert's mom took her son's cock out of her mouth, ripped her shirt open, and stuck his member between her breasts.

"Ohhh, ohhhh!" screamed Robert.

She lowered her head and licked the tip of his foreskin. "Like it? Huh? Huh!?" she asked while simultaneously tit-fucking her son.

"Yes, yes Mom! Ohhh! God, yeah!"

"You know our deal: this is your reward for making it this far, but you gets lots more if you win it all, ya hear?"

"Yeah, yeah!"

"Now, I'm gonna finish you off, no complaining, this is all you get!" While holstering his cock between her breasts, Robert's mom licked, kissed and stroked his red member to completion.

"Ohhh I feel it, Mom! Oh! Oh! Oh!"

Robert's mother moved her son's cock away from her face, pointed it to the floor and let it all sputter out.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Oh Mom, ohhhh, ohhhh, oh, oh, oh....Mom, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm going to kick his and everyone's ass! Yeah! Yeah! Bring it!"

"Good Son, keep that attitude," she said while wiping her lips with a tissue. "Whoop all them boys and you get the full experience, you hear? You get nothing for second place! Nothing!"

"Yeah, Mom, I'm ready! Yeah!"

Akira could see the fire burning from within Robert, seeing him draw from the same energy source that he had found his inspiration from. Akira rushed back to the gym and worked out harder than he'd ever had in his entire life. For him, there was only one desired outcome: total complete victory.


Ch.07: Sweep The Leg

Evening time, inside a full 10,000 seat arena, the spectators having packed themselves into the hot sweltering building for the purpose of viewing the final rounds of the Monaco Fight Junior Grand Prix. Due to being the f****y of one of the competitors, Yumi, David and Mike got primo seats in the front row. Yumi watched anxiously, scouting the combatants. From the bunch, she saw only one real threat: American Champion Robert Richards.

David looked around nervously. "Hmm, you know, my C.E.O doesn't like fighting, so I shouldn't really be here."

Yumi feigned concern: "Oh? I sorry, you be in trouble?"

"Oh no, no, no, maybe just a telling off, I mean, he can't hate fighting too much, his daughter's a very good fighter after all."

"Good, I glad."

Mike then nudged his dad and said in a hushed voice: "Worth it for her, huh? Do it all for the, you know, the sex, come on, she's so hot."

David smacked his son on the chest: "Shut it, Son! Don't speak about her like that!"

"Oh, okay, Dad."

After two listless quarterfinal matches, it was Akira's time to hit the stage.

"Coming all the way from Japan, it's the mysterious JayKay!"

The crowd clapped, their collective slaps like a huge tidal wave of noise, pouring down right to the centre. The massive number of people watching didn't faze Akira at all; his focus was honed to perfection. He didn't hear the fighter introduction; all he saw in front of him was a shirtless, mocha-skinned, dark haired warrior.

"Ready? Fight!"

Akira dashed, going for the quick K.O. To his surprise, Akira's blow to the stomach was countered by a block. This competitor thought he had this all in the bag, but his glee was to be his downfall. Akira swept the leg and knocked him out cold with a soft blow to the jaw.

"K.O! Winner: JayKay!"

The crowd leapt out of their seats, cheering for the winner. Akira politely bowed to the fans and went back to the waiting area. While walking through the tunnel, he saw Robert.

"Good job," said Robert while wearing his tight red shorts. "Whoever organised this tournament was really smart: The only way we'll meet is in the final."

"I see you there," replied Akira.

"Looking forward to it."

Before walking away, Akira paused and said: "Your mother is good-looking, very."

"Hey, what's that supposed to mean!?"

Akira was surprised; he thought all the teens in America complimented each other on their good-looking mothers. Turns out that Mike wasn't being truthful to Akira about this aspect of American life.

"I, umm, ah...nevermind."

"Yeah, yeah," Robert punched his fists together, "No one talks about my mom like that! I'm coming for you!"

Akira walked away, finally figuring out that most of what Mike told him was total B.S


Akira's semi-final foe used a different tactic. He, the regional champion of Monaco, dove right for Akira's legs and took him down. The crowd gasped: Akira had finally shown vulnerability.

"I got you now!" said the young French teen.

It wasn't a long advantage: Akira kicked the teen, sent him flying, stood up and hit him with a scorching uppercut. Akira was on to the final.

"All right, here we are: the two best competitors in this competition face off – against each other!"

Robert was bouncing on his feet, eager to fight. Akira, finally within distance of his so sought after hot bubbly prize, was in a state of calm, waiting for the match to begin.

"Ready? Fight!"

Akira dashed forward, as did Robert. Akira went for his now-trademark blow to the stomach, but was stopped by something he'd never truly felt before: a crushing, hot, burning feeling that made his bones rattle: this feeling was pain. Robert had countered Akira's dash with a devastating knee to the face.

Akira rolled back, grabbed the floor and stood himself back up. This first real taste of pain may have made some lesser fighters doubt themselves and ready to quit– but not Akira. He looked into the crowd and saw his mother, her beautiful elegant face filling him with a warm glow, her delicious breasts packed so tight into that white dress, melting away the hurt. That glance drove his energy bar right back to green, back into the fight.

The two competitors swayed around each other, each waiting for the other to make the next move. Changing tactics, Akira swayed side-to-side, inching forward in a slow, deliberate manner. Robert threw punches and jabs towards Akira, using his long, limber frame to keep Akira at bay. While stuck in this stalemate, Akira studied his foe, looking for an opening. The answer came to him when he avoided one of Robert's kicks: Akira noticed that his opponent's arms and legs were thinner than his own, plus. while Robert was taller and older, he also looked to weigh less than Akira. He had his solution.

Akira dove towards Robert, taking one of his blows right to the face. Akira stood his ground, grabbed onto his rival's midsection and took him down to the ground. From there, Akira got the mount position and started throwing hard blows to Robert's face.

"Oh, it looks like America's champion is on the receiving end of a brutal beatdown! If he doesn't find a way out soon, this will all be over."

Robert wasn't concerned: "Pfft? This? This is nothing!" he bucked his hips up, hit Akira with a palm strike and sent him flying away. Akira managed to get on his feet, but not before getting hit with a jab, jab, jab, spinning kick combo.

Akira was beaten, bruised, battered, yet standing. David and Mike were genuinely worried for his wellbeing, seeing the taller teen as just too much for little Akira. His mother expressed concern, but not full-on worry, oh no, because she had faith.

Akira stood his ground, waiting for his enemy's move. Robert came dashing towards him, ready to hit the winning spin kick. Akira clenched his fist, putting all his power in one final blow. Time slowed down: Akira knew he had only one chance to hit this move. Right when Robert turned, Akira saw his opening: he ducked under, spun, dodged the kick, raised his fist and hit Robert right on the jaw. Sparks flew out, small fizzy jolts of light around the two warriors. Robert swayed, swayed, then fell like a tree: timber went the lanky American. Boom.

"K.O! Winner: JayKay!"

Confetti shot out around the arena, giving everyone a startle. The operatic victory music played. Akira had become the champion!

David and Mike stood and cheered for the victor.

"Oh my god, that was amazing!" shouted David. "How did we win? How!? Wow!"

"That's my b*o right there," said Mike to random spectators, "My dad is dating his mom, he's my b*o, I trained with him, you know, helped him out with some stuff, basically taught him all those moves."

Yumi smiled, proud of her son – and now fully justified in giving her reward.

Tired, battered, yet humble, Akira put his hand out to Robert and helped him up.

Robert smiled. "Man, first loss, wow, wow...I can't believe it."

"Good fight, good fight," said Akira, "You real fighter."

"Thanks, "Robert shook hands with Akira, then turned his back and whispered to himself, "I can't believe I lost, damn it, damn it! I won't get any from Mom now, damn! Man, that k** is strong, big too...Maybe I need to get bigger."

The tournament organiser came on stage, holding a trophy and large novelty check.

"Here you go, you earned it!"

Akira took the trophy, but handed the big check back to the man. Akira then handed a piece of paper to the organiser and said, "Charity."

The man looked at the paper: written on it was the name of a nature preservation organisation.

"You want to give all the money away?"


The man was stunned. "...Unbelievable...," he got on the microphone and addressed the crowd: "This young man is giving all his prize money to charity! Well, we should expect such generosity from someone wearing this King mask. Let's give it up for this great, great competitor!"

The crowd applauded him, Akira bowed in response. Akira was not especially charitable; he was just going by his mother's orders. Besides, it was not the money that motivated him to this championship, it was something else and, finally, that wish was about to be fulfilled.


Final Chapter: Payoff

It was night. Akira was in a five-star hotel bathroom, naked, sitting on the edge of a bathtub. The water was running, the room was steaming up and getting very, very warm. He'd won the tournament, was able to avoid the media brouhaha and, now, was waiting for his wish to be fulfilled: naked bath time with his super sexy mother. His bare feet rubbed against the damp marble floor, battle wounds still raw, his instrument a shade of red just from the thoughts of what was coming.

After a five minute wait, which to Akira felt more like hours, she came in, fully nude, not a stitch of clothing on her body. While walking through the steam, her creamy smooth skin, delectable full breasts, and trim, smooth, moist vagina, all came into view, progressively sharper and detailed with each footstep.

She adjusted her neatly tied bun, then, smiled at her son. He looked up and gazed at his mother's sublime being.

"Are you feeling better?" she asked.

His mouth would not open, he simply nodded.

Yumi then put her hands on the edge of the tub, giving her son a great look at his mother's round behind. She put her hand inside the tub and swayed her arm in the water, performing some kind of purification ceremony. Once she was done, the water gave off a soft golden glow.

"I'll go in first." Yumi stepped inside the bathtub.

Akira waited while his mother stretched herself out in the tub. He could feel his heartbeat, his body trembling with nervous excitement.

"Come on in," she spread her legs apart, "Sit in the tub with me; put your back to my front."

He calmed his nerves, put his foot in the water, then his other foot and sat down. In that snug little tub, he felt his back squish against his mother's soft breasts, her legs cradling his, a feeling of warmth, heat and hot, hot pleasure.

Yumi rubbed her son's cheek with her delicate fingers, her mouth just behind his ear. She spoke softly, "You feeling good, Akira?"

"So good, Mother, so good, nothing hurting at all," the water seemed to have healed him of all battle wounds and scars.

"Good, good, you earned this." she grabbed the soap, lathered her hands and rubbed it on his arms. That feeling of her hands over his skin sent a shiver through him.

"Ahh, ahhh, ahh, Mother."

Yumi pressed her hands on his chest, reading his beat, able to feel the bl**d rushing around. She sensed that he was ready. The water was just right and his member was raging a tornado inside the water. It was time. Yumi slowly slid her right hand down his thigh, wrapping her hand around his cock, one finger at a time. At first her grip was loose, to let her son get used to the feeling, but when she felt him stiffen, harden, she knew her son was ready for more: With a rock-squashing squeeze, she started tugging.

Victory is what it felt like, like a glorious heavenly prize going through his veins. Now, finally, after all the hardships he had to endure, Akira finally felt that emotion he'd so sought after: that unchained furore of sexual energy bursting out from within, his mother steering him with her expert handling.

"Take it all, Son. Slowly, slowly, remember to breath."

"Hmm, hmm! Yes, Mother. Hmmm!"

Short, fast strokes is how she eased him in, then, to increase the pleasure, she twirled her thumb around his foreskin. Furthermore, feeling her son really earned this treat, she tickled his inner thigh with her free hand.

"Hmmm!" He kicked his feet in the tub, his hands digging into his mother's supple legs.

"Good, Son?"

"Yes! Yes!"

She went faster, harder, squeezing her son tighter within her grasp.

"Oh, Mother! Hmmm! Mhmmhm!"

The water itself was bubbling, boiling the i****tual combo. Akira was filling the tub with his sweat, while Yumi, as the conductor, remained calm and composed, leading her son to a high crescendo of bliss.

Sensing the climax, she kissed his shoulder, and asked, "Akira, do you feel like you're going to finish?"

He bit his lower lip. "N-n-no."

She kissed his shoulder again, her wet lips sending a multitude of shockwaves through her son's body. "Are you sure, Akira?"

"Yes, yes, yes!"

Akira had been through a brutal fight, endured hard, gruelling training, in his future he was to face even tougher foes, go against hundreds at once, but all that was coming and gone did not compare to the intensity it took within him to not prematurely climax.

"Hmmmm. Yes! Yes! Mother, yes!"

Akira's body was turning a light shade of red, his prolonged pleasure f***efully driving him to his limits. Why did he go so far you may ask? Because his mother's pleasure was a sensation, a feeling, so great that he was to try his damndest to keep it going forever. And ever. And ever. And ever. And – oh, there it was. He felt it, the release coming, the trigger set, no more holding back, it was ready to come out.

The surface of the water went from a golden hue to a bl**d red haze, boiling from the centre, bubbling, hot, hot, hot. Yumi held her son close, stroked faster, faster, faster, till it came rushing out of him with a bang! Boom! An explosion set off by a mother's caring hands. The water went flying, spreading out all over the room. Yumi's immaculate black hair and soft skin was soaked in her son's powerful after-effects. Even she was surprised at the true furore of her son's climax.

Akira took in heavy, heavy, deep, deep breaths. Drained and empty, he felt it difficult to stay awake, the completion having taken everything out of him. Yumi held her son's cheeks, turned his face towards hers and gave him a light, gentle kiss on the lips.

"You liked that?" she asked.

He smiled, nodded, then fell right to sl**p on his mother's breasts. Many, many hardships were coming Akira's way, but on that night all he felt was an overwhelming feeling of unfiltered bliss.

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Abends im Hotel 3

Geile Leser und noch geilere Freunde,meine Herrschaft hat mir erlaubt einiger Chats hier zu Veröffentlichen.

Real und so passiert in dieses Jahr im Urlaub mit meiner Stiefschwester Sarah (17)

siebidomersad: was machen wir jetzt mit dem angebrochenen abend ?
Annabell Schneider: etwas spielen
siebidomersad: wie alt wart ihr als ihr euch kennengelernt habt?
Annabell Schneider: da war ich 14 und sarah 12,5
siebidomersad: süß , aber wart ihr da noch unschuldig ?
Annabell Schneider: nicht ganz
Annabell Schneider: ich auf keinen fall
siebidomersad: und du sarah ?
Annabell Schneider: ich wurde mit 13,5 entjungfert
Annabell Schneider: habe es mir aber da schon gemacht
siebidomersad: und wann habt ihr euch das erste mal gegenseitig befriedigt ?
Annabell Schneider: vor einem jahr ca

Annabell Schneider: was machst du
siebidomersad: zuviel auf einmal
siebidomersad: geschafft
Annabell Schneider: cool
siebidomersad: deine herrin mit einer sklavin - leider schon älter das bild
Annabell Schneider: A sarah ist total unruhig
siebidomersad: so so
siebidomersad: fehlt ihr was - grins
Annabell Schneider: Ihre nippel stehen voll
siebidomersad: dann nimm sie mal zwischen die finger und press sie
Annabell Schneider: A es gefällt ihr
siebidomersad: lächel
siebidomersad: sag ihr sie darf um DEINEN gebrauchten slip bitten um ihn sich in den mund zu stopfen ...bevor sie zu laut wird
siebidomersad: und dann press ihre nippel bis sie um den slip bettelt
Annabell Schneider: sie will ihn
Annabell Schneider: ist im mund
siebidomersad: dan gib ihn ihr mit der eingesauten fläche auf die zunge
siebidomersad: und dann alles in die mundfotze
Annabell Schneider: ist drin herr
siebidomersad: dann press ihre nippel stärker
siebidomersad: der knebel soll sich ja lohnen
Annabell Schneider: sie stöhnt
Annabell Schneider: sie stöhnt
siebidomersad: dreh die nippel beim pressen
Annabell Schneider: oh das ist hart für sie sie hat tränen in den augen
Annabell Schneider: hält aber durch
siebidomersad: sie wollte werden wie du
Annabell Schneider: jaaaaa
siebidomersad: gut gib ihr eine pause
siebidomersad: aber den slip behält sie
Annabell Schneider: ja herr
siebidomersad: wo ist denn ihr slip?
Annabell Schneider: nippel sind ganz weiß
Annabell Schneider: liegt hier
siebidomersad: grins gleich kommt das blut zurück in die nippel
Annabell Schneider: sie ist total nass
siebidomersad: ich denke einen gebrauchten slip sollte man nicht rumliegen lassen , oder anna ?
siebidomersad: weist du einen guten platz für den slip ?
Annabell Schneider: noch dazu
siebidomersad: stopf ihn in ihre votze
Annabell Schneider: soll da lieber meine hand rein
siebidomersad: damit er sich schön vollsaugt
siebidomersad: gedult anna gedult
Annabell Schneider: sie soll aber nicht trocken werden
siebidomersad: und jetzt nimmst DU den slip raus
siebidomersad: gibst ihn ihr zu deinem
siebidomersad: wisch ihr ruhig ein bisschen übers gesicht
Annabell Schneider: ja herr
siebidomersad: ist sie jetzt leiser ?
Annabell Schneider: total kommt nichts mehr
siebidomersad: test noch mal an den nippeln
Annabell Schneider: ja
Annabell Schneider: nichts hör nichts
siebidomersad: gut , dann schau mal wie tief du mit 3 fingern kommst in ihr vötzchen
Annabell Schneider: kommt kein ton
Annabell Schneider: oh ja
Annabell Schneider: 2 kein problem
siebidomersad: leg dich so das du dabei ihre augen sehen kannst
Annabell Schneider: man ist die nass
Annabell Schneider: 3 drin geht gut
siebidomersad: dann mehr finger
Annabell Schneider: nummer 4 fast drin
Annabell Schneider: 4 drin
Annabell Schneider: sie stöhnt ganz dumf
Annabell Schneider: sie kommt
siebidomersad: tztz zu schnell
Annabell Schneider: verdreht die augen
siebidomersad: mach weiter
Annabell Schneider: ja die 4 gehen
siebidomersad: sag ihr du willst tränen sehen
siebidomersad: und du machst weiter bis es so weit ist
siebidomersad: egal wie oft sie kommt
Annabell Schneider: wird weiter
siebidomersad: sehr gut
Annabell Schneider: gleich kommt sie wieder
siebidomersad: geilsau die kleine
Annabell Schneider: der daumen versuche es
siebidomersad: mach kleine pausen und gib der votze zeit sich zu dehnen
Annabell Schneider: ja herr
Annabell Schneider: so weiter
siebidomersad: flüster ihr ins ohr das die hände der Herrschaft nicht so klein sind wie deine
Annabell Schneider: grins sie zittert
siebidomersad: und auch nicht so sanft
siebidomersad: gut so
siebidomersad: wie weit bist du drin
Annabell Schneider: daumen ist mit drin sie ist angespannt
siebidomersad: kurz halten und wenn du merkst sie entspannt sich wieder weiter machen
Annabell Schneider: ja herr
Annabell Schneider: geht wieder
siebidomersad: und wenn sie einen fick will ... das geht erst wenn die hand ganz drin ist
Annabell Schneider: tränen
Annabell Schneider: ich drücke
siebidomersad: sehr gut
Annabell Schneider: noch etwas das ist sie drin
siebidomersad: sag ihr das
Annabell Schneider: sie will
Annabell Schneider: gott sie schreit
Annabell Schneider: nur man hört es nicht
siebidomersad: sehr sehr gut
Annabell Schneider: drinnnnnnn
Annabell Schneider: geil
siebidomersad: dann hat erstmal still
siebidomersad: kommt sie mit einer hand an deine votze
siebidomersad: ?
Annabell Schneider: nein
Annabell Schneider: jetzt ficke ich sie
Annabell Schneider: ist das geil
siebidomersad: lächel nun weist du warum es ihr so spaß gemacht hat gestern
Annabell Schneider: sie kommt
siebidomersad: aber lass ihren muttermund in ruhe
Annabell Schneider: lach
siebidomersad: gut so
Annabell Schneider: kann ihn fassen
siebidomersad: dann halt stil und lass sie erstmal etwas runterkommen
Annabell Schneider: ich fand das geil ihr die bilder ihrer mam zu zeigen
Annabell Schneider: so weiter
siebidomersad: grins
siebidomersad: schau das ihr knebel noch sitzt
siebidomersad: und sie genug luft bekommt
Annabell Schneider: alles gut
siebidomersad: liegt sie auf dem bauch oder dem rücken
Annabell Schneider: rücken
siebidomersad: da geht die hand eh schwerer rein und du hast weniger platz in ihr
siebidomersad: ich würd sagen einmal darf sie noch kommen
Annabell Schneider: soll sie sich knien
siebidomersad: grins - wenn ihr das riskieren könnt , lass aber die hand drin
Annabell Schneider: sie macht es
Annabell Schneider: ja ist besser
siebidomersad: mehr platz für die finger
Annabell Schneider: sie kommt
Annabell Schneider: ja
siebidomersad: lol schon wieder viel zu schnell
Annabell Schneider: ist doch geil
Annabell Schneider: habe den muttermund in den fingern
Annabell Schneider: fühlt sich geil an
siebidomersad: spiel vorsichtig damit
Annabell Schneider: ja
Annabell Schneider: sie zuckt total
siebidomersad: wenn ihr mom und dein dad euch so erwischen
Annabell Schneider: gott
siebidomersad: also übertreib es nicht
Annabell Schneider: ich werde sie jtzt hart ficken
siebidomersad: gut sie hatte mit dir ja auch keine gnade
Annabell Schneider: gott ist sie nass
siebidomersad: so wie du gestern
Annabell Schneider: sie hält voll dagegen
siebidomersad: dieses fickstück
Annabell Schneider: sie kommt gleich wieder
siebidomersad: Nr.7 oder 8
Annabell Schneider: 7
Annabell Schneider: oh scheisssssse
siebidomersad: was?
Annabell Schneider: sie hat gepisst
Annabell Schneider: aber wie
siebidomersad: LOL
Annabell Schneider: ich bin nass und alles
Annabell Schneider: ist vorn über gesungen
siebidomersad: ist das geil
siebidomersad: ok dann hat sie genug
Annabell Schneider: hande ist raus
Annabell Schneider: man ihr loch ist voll offen
siebidomersad: gut - kissen unter die beine
siebidomersad: kopf ohne kissen
siebidomersad: und auf den rücken legen
Annabell Schneider: ok
siebidomersad: halt was zu trinken bereit
siebidomersad: und nimm sie sanft aber fest in die arme
Annabell Schneider: ja herr
Annabell Schneider: war das geil
siebidomersad: und den knebel raus
Annabell Schneider: ihre fotze ist voll dick
Annabell Schneider: ist schon
Annabell Schneider: sie wimmert
siebidomersad: steichel sie
siebidomersad: klar ,die geilheit lässt nach ,jetzt spürt sie die dehnung
siebidomersad: bin gespannt ob sie sich auch so schnell erholt wie du
siebidomersad: oder ob sie nacher probleme beim gehen hat
Annabell Schneider: grins sieht bestimmt gut aus
siebidomersad: wie ging es dir Morgends?
Annabell Schneider: gut
siebidomersad: sie hat sich ja auch um dich gekümmert
siebidomersad: aber du brauchst schon mehr , gelle ?
Annabell Schneider: ja
Annabell Schneider: ich will den schwarzen
siebidomersad: er ist ja bald in reichweite
Annabell Schneider: darauf sitzen ohne die füße auf dem boden
siebidomersad: ich bau dir schon das richtige gestell
Annabell Schneider: sie schläft
siebidomersad: und wenn diene nippel richtig verheilt sind werden die nach oben gezogen
siebidomersad: dann deck sie zu
Annabell Schneider: geil herr
siebidomersad: und je tiefer du auf den schwarzen draufrutschst desto mehr zieht es an deien nippeln
Annabell Schneider: oh geil
siebidomersad: hast du eine flasche in der nähe ,dein fickloch braucht eine füllung
siebidomersad: darfst dich auch mit den slips selber knebeln
Annabell Schneider: darf ich auch schlafen herr
siebidomersad: lächel - wenn du das kannst mit einer flasche in der fotze
Annabell Schneider: bitte herr
siebidomersad: ok sollst den urlaub ja nicht verschlafen
Annabell Schneider: danke herr
siebidomersad: schau aber nochmal nach sarah
siebidomersad: und dann schlaf gut ,und denk an die bilder die ihr machen sollt
Annabell Schneider: ja herr alles gut
siebidomersad: gut dann bis spätestens heute abend
Annabell Schneider: ja
siebidomersad: und einen klaps auf den arsch nur für dich
Annabell Schneider: danke

Ich hoffe es hat euch gefallen und erwarte demütig eure Kommentare.

das Copyright liegt bei Herrn Stefan von SiebiedomErsad
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A Week to Remember Ch. 02

(Nightclub, temptress, missed chance, mutual happiness)


I didn't have to get up for work the next day. I'd secured a good job through my industrial placement last year, and would start working in Leeds City centre the following Monday. I had the rest of the week to myself and was glad about it; it gave me time to get my head together and to chill out and relax. I had a lie in and it was 10.30 by the time I got up. I stumbled into the bathroom on my floor and showered, the hot water waking me up and making me feel better. This would be the first day of the next chapter in my life, I told myself. Young, free, single and hopefully going places - I managing my first non-bitter smile for many hours. I opened the window a little wider to let out the warm air and clear the mirror, then shaved and rinsed the bristles down the sink.

As I stepped onto landing, wearing my jogging bottoms with toiletry bag in hand and with wet towel slung over my shoulder, I heard a door open as Sheila came out from her room, wearing an off the shoulder t-shirt and shorts. She briefly took in the fact I was only half dressed and then smiled.

"How did your weekend with Sam go? Did you have fun?" To my amazement, I felt myself filling up and was concerned I'd start to bawl! As I felt my throat tighten I swallowed and managed

"Not really, She. Long story." Which it wasn't, but I wanted to get away and compose myself. "If you're in later, I'll tell you all about it." I looked down at myself and back up at her again, managing a smile. "After I've got dressed?" Sheila frowned slightly; looking concerned at the tone of my voice I guess. Then she brightened and lifted her hand to waggle several envelopes at me.

"I'm off to the post office and then to the corner shop. I'll be back in half an hour. I'll give you a knock then. D' you want anything fetching?" I thanked her and said I didn't.

Sheila trotted off downstairs to the front door. I went back into my room and got dressed, making a coffee and pouring a glass of orange juice, wondering what I ought to do next. You see, it was like this. Sheila and I got on well together. Really well. She'd a boyfriend of sorts up until recently. Last week in fact. He was called Stuart and they'd met on the bus Sheila caught to work. They'd got to know each other a little and had started dating. I thought Stuart was alright, but he didn't seem to have too much by way of a personality. Sheila had grumbled to me that he wasn't making any real moves on her and that she wanted him to make the first one. I suggested that if she knew what she wanted Sheila should take the bull by the horns and make the move for him. It was really sexy when a girl made the move for you.

I also thought that if I had Sheila wanting to have sex with me, then I'd be making moves bl**dy quickly. But then again, perhaps I did have that and wouldn't (couldn't?) do anything about it because I'd been seeing Sam. Agh, see what I mean? The fact Sam had been stringing me along the past few months had meant I'd missed out on any chance of having something with Sheila. We flirted gently and I'd been tempted to make a move many times, but hadn't. I had been dating Sam then and if there's one thing I don't do; I don't cheat on girlfriends.

Anyway, Sheila had seemed to decide to take my advice, as last week Stuart was still in her room when I turned out the lights and hit the sack. He'd usually been gone by about 10.30 on his previous visits and now it was past midnight. My bed was on the opposite side of the same wall as Sheila's, if the wall wasn't there, we could have reached over and touched each other. I could've rearranged the room if I wanted to move my bed elsewhere, but there was something about sl**ping that close to Sheila that turned me on. Sheila knew full well about how close together our beds were, having been in my room many times, but never commented on it and hadn't moved her bed away from the wall either. Interesting, perhaps?

Less than ten minutes after I'd gone to bed, I could just hear the faint creak of bedsprings as Sheila got into hers. And then another one as Stu joined her. They were both talking quietly, Sheila more so than Stuart. I felt a low burst of envy and strained my ears to listen to what happened, eager to discover if Sheila moaned loudly or sighed softly during sex. Their whispers died down. It seemed to have gone quiet. I soon heard Stuart saying

"Oh, your hair's so soft. Your hair's so soft." over and over. Sheila seemed silent. There were no gasps or creaking bedsprings. I idly wondered if she was giving him a blowjob, her small mouth wrapped around his meat, head rocking back and forth as his fingers ran through her short dark hair and her blue eyes fixed intently on his.

The thought gave me a boner and I actually pressed my ear to the wall to listen (and don't tell me you've never eavesdropped on someone having sex, c'mon, we've all done. Haven't we?). I heard nothing else though. No sound from Stu that he was being pleasured. Then I could just make out Sheila saying something quietly. And that was it. After another minute of silence I lay back on my pillow, still listening. There didn't seem to be any sounds of passion going on, unless they were both being really quiet about it. I fell asl**p wondering how far Stu had got.

I didn't ask anything the next day. Stu was gone by the time I got up and Sheila was out too. When I saw her that evening, she didn't seem to be in the best of moods and I guessed the previous evening hadn't gone down too well (pun intended). Sheila confided in Ruth, who then naturally told Adele, who went on to tell me; that Stu was useless in bed, didn't know what to do and hadn't even fondled Sheila's boobs. All he could do was run his fingers through her hair and repeat himself. Unsatisfied, Sheila had pretty much rolled over to go to sl**p, said 'good night' and that was that. She had no intention of seeing him again. I thought it was a little harsh. If she'd really wanted him to do stuff, she could've told him what to do, given him some encouragement. But I don't know, it sounded like Sheila liked a man who took charge in bed and perhaps Stu was just a hopeless case. A small and mean part of me felt glad that they hadn't got it on. Sounds nasty, I know; but in my wildest dreams it left a possibility of my getting closer to her.

So, being faithful to my 'girlfriend' had backfired on me. I'd had several chances to get close to some girl at a club or pub over the past months and hadn't taken them, much to my friend's (especially Adele's) near exasperation. I'd only known Sheila and Adele for three months, but we'd regularly go out together and have a good time. Adele and I took great pleasure in comparing notes on the girls we fancied in whatever venue we were in. It was fun to letch over a girl with another girl and interesting to see what we both liked in a woman. Adele knew I liked Sheila and was sure she liked me too; encouraging me on more than one occasion to 'go for it.' I liked Adele a lot. We had a lot in common in our tastes - music, comedy, books and women! We had a relaxed friendship and Adele had commented more than once that it was nice to be with a bloke who didn't seem intimidated or act awkwardly around her.

By the time I came out of this reverie, I'd finished my coffee and juice. I refilled the kettle, waiting for Sheila to return. There was a knock on my door and I swiftly opened it. Sheila stood there smiling prettily. I noticed she'd changed into her cut-off denim shorts. Now she knew I thought they looked sexy (I'd commented once during a good flirt) but then again, it was a hot day. Soon, the two of us had a steaming mug of coffee each and were sat chatting on my sofa. In broad strokes I told Sheila what had happened yesterday and she pulled a face saying she thought Sam was bonkers and calling her a 'dumb bitch', before turning pink and apologising. I laughed it off and said not to worry. As far as I was concerned, Sam and I were over.

Sheila and I talked some more about her new job and where she was moving to, as I stole furtive looks at her sexy, bare legs. The clock made it to noon and we agreed to go out and get some lunch together. I held the front door open and watched Sheila trot down the stairs, full of life with breasts jiggling wildly under her t-shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples strained against the flimsy cotton. I marvelled at how Stu could have failed to respond so badly when invited into her bed. Just watching her coming downstairs started to give me a hard-on. If only I could have such a chance. At the caf?, Sheila insisted on paying to help 'cheer me up' and I began to wonder more about what might happen tonight.

All five of us living at number 23 were going out round town and then to a club to give Sheila a farewell 'do'. She wasn't leaving until Wednesday, but wanted to allow a full day between going out and moving to make sure she'd recovered enough to finish packing properly and sorting things out. But Sheila leaned in so close at the caf? when we chatted, her eyes bright and shining. I was so sure she was interested in me but did I want to risk our friendship in what little time was left? Or was that the exact reason I should make a move, before she was gone? I resolved to see how tonight went and if the opportunity presented itself to try and get closer to her.

Sheila spent some time that afternoon packing whilst I had a wander around town and treated myself to a new shirt ready for going out that night. The afternoon gave way to early evening and at half past seven, Adele, Neil, Ruth and Sheila all met up in my room. Sheila was wearing a tight fitting and backless L.B.D with black tights (or stockings?) and high heels. Her breasts were pushed together into an impressive cleavage and with her naked upper back and arms I thought she looked mouth watering. I looked at the zipper on her dress and marvelled how she'd only be wearing her heels, knickers and nylons if I undid the zip and slid the dress down from her shoulders. We all trooped out, with me fantasising about undressing Sheila and running my hands all over her nubile, naked body.

The night went well. We got on fine as a group, even Ruth and I could be pleasant to each other when there were more than just the two of us about. She looked good tonight with her dirty blonde hair fixed up and wearing a tight red dress. We were in Yates's; a popular place to visit just before moving on to the clubs. It was packed in there. Neil was chatting animatedly with Adele who was looking great in tight black trousers, boots and a low-cut sparkly top that showed off her big boobs. Ruth was with her boyfriend (who'd joined us about an hour ago) and Sheila with several of her friends who'd come out with us. We were all several drinks worse for wear and ready to move on for a good dance. The prices in the club were so high that it was wise to have most of the alcohol you wanted to drink before you got there, or you could end up paying almost double the usual going rate.

I was at the bar talking with one of Sheila's friends, Belinda. I'd only met her once or twice before, but I'd sure as hell remembered her! Belle was almost as tall as me, standing six foot easily, with dark, dark skin and long, tightly braided hair. Belle had a fantastic figure with large breasts, a shapely bum and long, well toned legs and arms. Just think Destiny's c***d and you'll have the right picture, because looks wise, she would fit right in with Beyonce and co. Belle was wearing a black satin jacket, terracotta-coloured mini skirt and vest top, with fishnet tights and boots. She seemed to be just a little fed up that night and I tried to cheer her up by cracking jokes and making a bit of an arse of myself. More than one guy gave me dirty looks, thinking that the two of us were a couple and I managed to make her laugh and smile before we rejoined the others. Sheila gave me a warm smile as I handed her a drink and I decided then (the Dutch courage no doubt helping) that I would make a move at the club. Really, what did I have to lose? And to be honest, after the amount we were drinking that night, all our inhibitions would be lowered.

We all stayed in Yates's for another twenty minutes or so, downing a last round of oddly flavoured vodka (I had a gorgeous shot of pear drop flavour, Adele had mint choc, Sheila Dime Bar flavour and Neil black pepper!!) and then met outside to walk as a group to the club. The air was quite cool and most of the girls pulled their coats tight to them. I was happy with my new shirt, but was beginning to wish I'd brought my leather jacket with me. Still, at least I wouldn't have to pay to stash it in the cloakroom at the club. All told there were about a dozen of us by then and Sheila had had a text to say another of her friends was going to meet us at the club. I was glad she was having a good last night out on the town.

We got to the club and joined the queue. It looked like we'd be in before eleven and so not have to pay full entrance fee. A group of lads passing by looked over at Sheila, Belle and their girlfriends and wolf whistled; with a bit of playful catcalling. I didn't quite catch what they said due to chatting with Neil. Then we were at the front of the queue and paying to go in. We agreed to all meet up by the bar on the upper dance floor and separated to go to the cloakroom, toilet and bar. Ruth and Sheila chatted happily on their way to the toilets, Belle was slow to make a move towards anywhere and I thought she looked a little down again. However ten minutes later we were all piled up at the bat chatting and waiting to be served. Sheila was a bit giggly already and I pondered when to try and make a move on her, deciding the dancefloor would be my best bet.

For just over an hour or so, everyone was having a good time. It had gone midnight and I was thinking I'd try and get closer to Sheila around one o'clock. I'd been to the toilet downstairs and as I came out, I saw Belle stood just outside the 'Ladies'. She had that vague look of unhappiness again. Curious to see if she was alright and eager to practise my flirting on her at the same time; I went over. As she saw me Belle gave a weak smile and said 'Hi.' I said I thought she looked a bit glum, and asked was everything alright? Belle sucked in a breath; (my eyes flicked down to her cleavage as her bust swelled so much I thought her top might give under the strain) blew it out through her mouth and said.

"Yes and no. Aw, it doesn't matter; you'll think I'm daft." Before I'd thought about what I was going to say in reply I'd said

"Well, maybe, but I also think you look gorgeous tonight, so if there's something bothering you, why don't you give me a try. Problem shared, problem halved and all that." With another weak smile, Belle said

"I'm just a bit weary about getting wolf whistles and smart-arse comments about how I look all the time. Some guys tonight just seem to be real jerks." I remembered the catcalling outside the club earlier and replied

"Yes, but if you can, see it as a compliment. You're good looking and ..." I glanced up and down, to take in her height and figure, and then returned my eyes to look at hers

"Well, you're a big girl. You're going to be noticed." Oh no. what had I said wrong? Belle's eyelids brimmed slightly.

"That's the problem!" she blurted. I was a little confused and worried about what I'd said to upset her.

"Hey, hey I'm sorry." I moved right up to her and put a hand on her shoulder.

"C'mon over here." We moved away from the female traffic by the toilets and to the other side of an archway away from the lower dancefloor and opposite the main entrance. A couple were snogging in the opposite corner, but the area was otherwise empty. Belle dabbed at her eyes with a tissue from her handbag, saying she was sorry. I told her not to be and asked her what was wrong.

"I'm big." She blurted out. I frowned back at her.

"Belle, you're tall. You've got a big chest, a curvy figure. You're nicely toned. You look great. You're not big as in overweight. I don't think there's an ounce of fat on you!" Belle managed another smile.

"I know, but I'm going to go to fat. It's a worry for black girls. I mean, my mum's fat, my older s****r's piled on weight over the last five years and I'm much taller than either of them, so what's going to happen to me as I get older? I wish I were more petite, I wouldn't get so much attention from idiots and could stop worrying about my weight." she paused for a moment, looked intently at me, then blurted

"I worry about it so much I've thought about stopping eating for a while or even making myself sick." she stopped at what must have been the look of dismay on my face.

"No, no, don't worry. I haven't. I know that'd mean an eating disorder and that I had real problems, but I just worry so much. Aw, God, why am I troubling you with all this now?" her eyes started to brim with tears.

My mind raced. Talk about bitter irony. Sheila and Adele had separately said to me that they wished they were both taller than they were, Sheila specifically mentioned Belle more than once, saying she wished she had her figure and stature. And here was Belle worrying so much and wishing for a body more like Sheila's. But that's been the way with a lot of girls I've known. If they've got long, straight hair; they wish it had more volume and body. Girls with long hair full of body wish it was straighter. The 'grass is always greener...' I guess. I decided to try and cheer Belle up enough to get back with the others. And besides, I thought what I'd decided to say was the truth.

"Belle, really; you're worrying too much. Look, I know girls who wish they had a body like yours. And even if you were more petite, I reckon you'd still be getting a lot of attention. It's not just your height, or the size of your boobs. You're pretty. You've got nice hair. Big brown eyes. Lovely smile. You've a nice personality, you're easy to talk to - you'd still be attracting attention. But yeah, you are tall. You can't change that. You've got a fabulous body and as long as you eat sensibly and get your exercise in, there's no good reason why you can't keep it. I mean, all this is in the future. You're in the here and now, with friends on a night out. And. You. Look. Great. It's a sad fact of life that as many idiots as decent guys are gonna find you attractive, but, to worry so much when you're looking so good..." I trailed off, smiling at her and shaking my head slightly.

Belle was looking at me slightly oddly. I hoped I hadn't said anything else that'd upset her and was aware I'd been away from Sheila for about fifteen minutes now. What if someone else was making a move on her? She did look great and was well up to party tonight. I was surprised as Belle suddenly leaned forwards and planted a kiss on my cheek.

"Sorry." she mumbled, blowing her nose on the tissue." That was really sweet and yes, I guess you're right." I smiled back at her.

"Hey, don't be sorry." Sheila was suddenly just a little less in my thoughts than a few seconds ago, but I still wanted to get back to her. I pointed upstairs. "C'mon then, we should go and join the others. I'll buy you a drink. Let's dance your worries away, huh?" Belle gave another smile and nodded.

"I'll just go and sort myself out a bit. Go on back upstairs and I'll be up in a mo'."

"You're sure, now?"

"Yeah. Go on."

Belle went into the toilets and I headed back upstairs, wondering about that kiss. Was it just possible I looking in the wrong place tonight? No. Sheila would be gone in two days; this could be my last chance. My only chance. I decided to buy Belle that drink I'd promised her and then try and get her onto the dance floor with the others and focus my attentions on Sheila. Reaching the bar I saw Adele placing an order and nipped over to ask her to get a drink in for Belle and I too. I gave her a tenner and as the bar staff set about pulling various bottles from the fridges behind the bar she turned to me, nodding in the direction of the dancefloor.

"Looks like you might've missed your chance, Steve." I followed her gaze to where Sheila was dancing with several of her friends. A group of three guys had come over and were dancing with them. One was talking to Sheila with his hand on her back, between her naked shoulder blades. She was laughing and smiling. My heart sank. Oh, no. I'd built up my hopes up of getting closer to Sheila, even knowing I was on the rebound. But now what? I could still muscle in, but it'd seem awkward and f***ed. Damn it!

The bar staff brought the order and as Adele paid, I saw Sheila glance across at the bar. She seemed to be looking for Adele and seeing her and me stood alongside, she gave a small smile and a wave. I felt quite gutted and only managed a feeble smile back. She returned this and then the guy she was dancing with moved in closer to talk into her ear again, blocking her from my sight. I took a bottle of lager from the several Adele was gathering onto a tray and as an after thought, picked up one for Belle. I heard Adele say

"We're sat over there by the fire exit." and was vaguely aware of her giving me a quick glance as she walked past in the direction I thought she'd indicated. Then she was gone and another group of people surged onto the dancefloor as a new track began, blending in from the old one. I totally lost sight of Sheila in the press of bodies.

I took a long swig from the bottle, the cold lager chilling the back of my throat. I was wondering what to do next when someone said

"Is that for me?" and I looked to my left to see Belle, smiling and looking a lot happier.

"It is." I handed her the bottle, condensation sliding down the cold, green glass.

"C'mon, I think the others are over there." I gestured towards where Adele had gone and where I could see the green glow of the fire exit sign in the far corner. I started to move away, but halted as I realised Belle wasn't following.

"I'm still feeling a bit, well, y'know, awkward about making a fool of myself back there." I started to say that she hadn't but Belle spoke over me.

"No. I feel I did. I'd rather not join up with the others just yet. I'd rather just chat for a while, if you don't mind." She looked oddly hopeful and took a long drink from her bottle with a nervous movement. I wasn't quite sure what to make of this but said

"No, of course not." moving aside as three or four young looking lads barrelled over to the bar, almost knocking me to one side and leering openly at Belle's body. I shrugged to her and motioned with my head over to the far end of the bar, where it was a little quieter and there was some empty seating. I was still feeling quite gutted about Sheila; perhaps chatting with Belle would take my mind off things, unless she was still feeling upset. Ah, hell, the night had started out so well...

We sat and drank from our bottles, making light and easy small talk about this and that. Belle had cheered up considerably and my fears of being a shoulder to cry on all night quickly evaporated. Plus, to be honest, there was no hardship in spending time looking at Belle, especially not the way she was dressed tonight! I had to keep being careful to maintain eye contact when talking, resisting the urge to examine the fabulous swell of her breasts. I felt a glimmer of hope for the night; I could always try and get Belle up on the dancefloor. I was just about to suggest we go and rejoin the rest of the group when Belle took a long swig from her bottle, which like mine, was now nearly empty.

"I think I'm going to head off after this drink." She announced. I felt slightly taken back and glanced at my watch, which told me it was about 12.35am.

I thought about Sheila. By my rough timetable I should be getting ready to make a move in twenty minutes or so. But was there any point now? I don't know if the drink was starting to make me feel dejected (I'm a bit of a depressive d***k, y'see) or if I had more hope that I'd consciously realised of something happening between Belle and myself; but I decided no, there probably wasn't any point. I may as well walk Belle home. She lived within half an hour's walk of West Street, just a bit further out of town. I could at least flirt with her a bit more.

"You sure you don't want to dance?" I asked. Belle took another long drink, finishing her beer.

"Nah. I think some fresh air would be nice."

On that, I had to agree. The warm summer temperatures added to the massed body heat from the clubbers made for sticky temperatures even with the air con. I finished my own drink and thought it was only fair to let the others know I was going.

"Okay, I'm just going to find Adele and let her know that I'm off." Belle raised an eyebrow.

"I'll walk you back." I explained. "Some fresh air would be good." Belle smiled.

"Cheers. The company'll be nice. I'll just find Sheila and let her know I'm going." I felt a little miserable at the mention of Sheila's name, but smiled back.

"Okay. Meet you by the front door in five then?"

"Okay." With that, we went our separate ways.

I headed towards the distant glow of the fire exit sign, not looking at the dancefloor. I didn't want to risk seeing someone all over Sheila. I searched instead for Ruth, Neil and Adele. As another new track started playing, more people got up to go onto the dancefloor. I saw Neil and Adele leaving a booth just ahead of me. I managed to catch up with Adele just as she was about to step onto the dancefloor. She smiled when she saw me.

"Coming to dance?"

"No, I'm going to head off." Adele looked surprised.

"What? But what about -"

I pulled a face and flapped a hand at the dancefloor, making a negative noise. Adele looked like she was trying to find the words to persuade me to stay, but I didn't want my nose rubbing in the fact I'd missed my chance with Sheila for the next two hours.

"Go on Adele. Your Prince Charming awaits you." I pointed beyond her towards Neil. As she turned to look, I stepped away and hurried off. I didn't want to cause a fuss and I knew Adele would try and talk me into staying. I was soon at the club entrance and couldn't see Belle, but in less than a minute she arrived, pulling on her satin jacket and fastening the buttons up.

"Good to go?" I asked.

"Yes." She grinned, the first proper smile I'd seen for over an hour. We walked out past the two dark long-coat clad bouncers and out into the early morning air. It was considerably cooler outside, with a gentle breeze. We had soon cleared the edge of the city centre and were in the student area chatting easily about this and that. I idly wondered if I might get invited in for a coffee when we got to Belle's. Soon, we were ten minutes walk away from West Street and coming to where we needed to take a route away from there and towards Belle's digs, which were still some twenty-five minutes away. I figured at the earliest I'd be back home by 2.15am, but wasn't concerned. It wasn't like I had to get up for work the next day.

Belle had been talking again about feeling down recently, but without getting upset like before. As we came to where we needed to divert towards hers, she paused. I looked at her questioningly. Belle hesitated a moment and then said

"I don't really want to go back to my place just yet. My housemates'll still be up. They've got friends over and won't hit the sack before three at the earliest." I considered this statement briefly.

"Well...where'd you like to go? D'you know which pubs are open 'til two?" Belle looked down and briefly hesitated again, looking up and saying

"Well, everyone'll be out for a while longer yet, so I wondered if I could come back to yours for a bit?" This took a second to sink in. Well, I couldn't say no to that now, could I? The only place we could go when we got there was my room. I decided to play a bluff.

"Well, sure. Come on in and have a drink, we can talk some more and then I can ring for a taxi for you when you want to go." Did I see a flicker pass over her face?

"That'd be great. Are you sure you don't mind?" Blimey, who was she k**ding?

"Of course not."

With that, we started walking again, taking the route back to West Street. We were there in about ten minutes. Unlocking the front door and letting Belle go in first, I stepped in, turned on the hall light and closed and locked the door.

"You know we've got no communal living room here? I'm afraid you'll have to put up with my room." Belle smiled again.

"I know, I've been 'round before to visit Sheila. Her room's nice. It'll be interesting to see what yours is like."

Well, Belle soon found out. As we went in she stood and had a look around.

"It's nice to meet a guy that doesn't live in a pigsty. Most guys' rooms, yurrghh..." I laughed.

"Yeah, I know. You don't want to see Neil's room. D'you want a drink? There's tea, coffee, juice or I've some beers and spirits in. "

"Coffee'd be nice, thanks. Milk and no sugar please." Before I could stop myself I'd said

"Yep, you're sweet enough." And mentally kicked myself for coming out with anything so cheesy.

"Make yourself at home. Have a seat." I put my wallet and keys on the table in the corner and went through into the kitchen to make the drinks. As the kettle was boiling and I spooned Nescafe into two mugs, I wondered where all this was going to lead? In a couple of minutes I came back through to my living room with two steaming mugs of coffee and was surprised to see Belle sat on the end of my bed. She was still wearing her satin jacket. This gave me mixed feelings. Interesting that she was sat on the bed, but if she wasn't planning on staying long enough to take her coat off... oh well, at least spending some time alone with her beat watching someone else pawing Sheila on the dance floor. I felt a little disappointed that Sheila hadn't waited for me to make a move before responding to another guy so quickly. She'd seemed quite keen earlier. Then again, what did I expect her to be; psychic? I hadn't come out and said 'You look great, want to dance?' or done anything else direct. I'd left it all too late, just as usual.

Now here was Belle in my room, sitting on my bed. I handed her a mug and joined her on the bed.

"Nice room. I like your taste in music." She pointed to my CD collection on a shelf and we passed some time discussing what bands we liked and taking the piss out of Pop Idol. When that conversation finished I asked about what was going on at hers tonight. Belle told me about the party and that it involved some of her housemate's friends that she didn't really like too much. I was surprised when she said

"One of them's this guy; Darryl. He's an arrogant bastard, it's 'bitch' this and 'bitch' that. That's one of the reasons I don't really like dating many other black guys, a lot of them have just got a shitty attitude towards women." I told Belle that if I'd just said anything like that I'd be open to cries of 'racist' and that it sounded like more than a bit of a sweeping statement. She chuckled and replied

"I know what you mean. But sadly, it's true in my experience. There aren't many guys who'd have been as nice to me as you were back in the club."

Interesting! I felt a small thrill of anticipation and decided to shift the subject slightly to see if Belle would return to it.

"Well, I just don't like seeing anybody upset, especially when there's no good reason for them to be. How about parties in general? You like 'em?"

"Oh, yeah! In fact, we had one two months back that Sheila came to." I remembered Sheila saying she was going to a bash at Belle's. "I usually love parties and this one was for my birthday." (Belle was twenty-one in case you're wondering) "So I was in full hostess mode, opening the door and getting people drinks and everything." She mimed opening a door and smiled dazzlingly. "After a few drinks though I was, like 'Hi, I'm your hostess with the mostest." She threw her shoulders back, pushing out her chest. Her satin jacket swelled as her large breasts pushed against it. I tried my best not to goggle at her boobs and wasn't sure if I succeeded or not. "They're the same size as Pamela Anderson's, you know. Only mine are real." Belle said this with the utmost simplicity. I took another mouthful of coffee and with some effort, looked her in the eyes again. The best I could manage was

"I thought they looked big." I mentally kicked myself again. Belle laughed and drank more of her coffee, putting the empty mug on the floor, then, to my surprise, lying on her side and curling up on the bed, knees tucked into chest and eyes closed.

"I feel a bit sl**py."

Anticipation mounting, I decided to call her bluff. I had to know if this was going to go where I now seriously thought it might; so I asked

"Do you want me to ring for a taxi to get you home, then?" Belle smiled dreamily, eyes still closed.

"No, I like it here. It's cosy." Well hallelujah! Okay, I'd messed up with Sheila tonight, but unexpectedly pulled Belle! Then one of those interminable moments of self-analysis kicked in. It suddenly struck me that if I slept with one of her close friends, it would almost certainly mean there was no chance of anything between Sheila and I, not that there was much time left. That said, perhaps she wasn't that interested in me after all, given the events of tonight. And there was no way I was going to turn down an opportunity of being with Belle. I saw now that she'd wanted to come back to mine since saying she was going to leave the club. I didn't know if her upset before was genuine. It certainly seemed to be. So either it was and my response had made me seem appealing, or it was all a ploy to get me closer to her and knowing my 'nice guy' nature, she hoped that I'd offer to walk her home. Oh, hell. I told myself to stop analysing. I could always ask her later. Possibly over breakfast.

"I'm glad you like it here." I said. Belle opened her eyes and made an affirming 'm'mmm' sound, then lifted herself up on one arm and sat on one thigh; legs tucked side by side, her face less than a foot away from mine. I felt my heart start to beat more quickly.

"Is that your girlfriend?" Her eyes looked down and to the right. It suddenly struck me that I still had a small framed photo of Sam on my bedside unit. She was sat on a bed, wearing only an old t-shirt and a radiant smile. Her crossed legs hid her pussy. I'd taken it about a month after we'd started going out and we'd fucked like bunnies afterwards, enjoying our first mutual orgasm. The picture had been there for so long I was no longer conscious of it.

"She's pretty."

"Yeah, but she's also a cheating ex-girlfriend." I said, more bitterly than intended, reaching over to place the frame face down. Looking back towards Belle I noticed something small and the colour of burnt orange, folded on the seat of the chair under the desk at the foot of my bed. Then Belle spoke, and I looked at her again.

"She hurt you, huh?"

"Yeah. More than a little." Belle's right hand reached up to brush against her tightly braided hair. As it dropped down to her lap again I felt it just graze against my groin, almost as if by accident. Something down there began to stir.

I looked into Belle's eyes. They were fixed on mine. My heart felt to beat even harder in my chest, my cock beginning to swell in my pants. Was this it?

"Sounds like we've both been pretty fed up recently, huh?" she stated.

"It does." I felt her hand came to rest on my thigh.

"Did you mean what you said tonight? Do you think I look gorgeous? Great?" I threw caution to the wind and placed a hand on the side of her face feeling the hard braids in her hair against my fingertips. She didn't flinch away, her eyes never leaving mine. Touch taboos broken. This was it.

"I wasn't trying to impress you or anything, Belle. I meant what I said." Then I went for broke, hoping I wasn't going to be wrong.

"Belle, if that's your vest top folded up under my desk, what have you got on underneath that jacket?" Belle smiled, looking happy and surprised at the same time, her eyes flicking down to the bed before looking back up at me with a cool air of confidence.

"Well, why don't you have a look?"

Arms dropping to her sides, shoulders back, Belle pushed her chest out at me. I took my hand away from her face and put it onto the zip of her satin jacket. Using my other hand to steady the material at her neck, I slowly pulled it down. I could feel the pulse in my throat and worried it might be making my body shake with each beat. With a drawn out 'zzzzzzz' a widening 'V' of dark skin came into view, opening up as the zip travelled downwards into the swell of her naked breasts. I marvelled at the fact Belle had not only taken off her vest, but her bra too. She could only have done this whilst I was making the coffee, only minutes after arriving. Talk about decisive action! Then the zip was undone and her jacket hung open. The magnificent orbs of her breasts were barely covered by the black satin, nipples just hidden from view. Belle had a gold bar through her belly button which contrasted against her wonderfully rich, dark skin. My pulse pounded as my cock became uncomfortably trapped in my pants. I looked up into her eyes again. Belle was smiling expectantly.

"Same size as Pamela Anderson, huh?" I asked, not doubting it for a moment.

"But real." She whispered, her smile broadening into a wicked grin. With tremendous effort, I resisted the urge to touch and squeeze her breasts, instead putting a hand on either side of her face. Belle's lips parted, her breathing quickened, starting to come from both her nose and mouth.

"Let's make each other happy." she breathed and we moved closer together and kissed.

Her large, soft lips pressed against my own and the thrill of what we were about to share made my head feel light. All thoughts of Sheila were gone from my mind as I reached up and slipped Belle's jacket from her shoulders and down her arms. Reaching up to her glorious breasts I felt their weight in my hands; their softness filling my palms. Belle quickly unbuttoned my shirt and we stood, lips still smacking together. Her hands moved down to my belt, whipping it undone and tugging down my trousers. I didn't try and remove her miniskirt, instead reaching around and up under it. Her buttocks felt pleasantly firm under the rough texture of her fishnet tights and I could feel the slippery material of a thong. I ran a finger along its edge, from between her inner thighs, up to buttocks, over one hip and down to the heat of her mound. I shuffled back a step or two, quickly removing my shoes and socks. Straightening, I removed my wristwatch and gently tossed it so it landed cushioned by my trousers. Wearing only my bulging white Calvin Kleins, I looked up into Belle's face.

Nodding twice almost imperceptibly, Belle undid her skirt and stepped out of it as it fell. I took in her body. She was amazing. I mean really. Amazonian sounds so corny, but by God, that's what she was. Toned all over, but still with a feminine softness about her. Her legs were shapely and strong, not thin sticks like most tall girls and her hourglass figure was enough to make a man drool. Belle reached to the sloping plane of her bum and began to tug her fishnets down. Once at her thighs, she sat on the bed, undid her boots and threw them off. The tights followed. Now wearing only her thong, she lay back. I joined her and Belle's arms wrapped around me. Her hands toyed with my hair, her parted legs allowing my cock to press against her groin. We kissed and kissed, breathing hard, our tongues darting together. Her large breasts cushioned my chest and our groins pressed together, thrusting and pushing. I raised myself to lick and suck at her swollen nipples. Belle gasped and simply moaned.

"Make love to me."

I wasn't short of condoms. I'd stocked up with my last free supply from the University health centre before I'd left and I'd hardly used any with Sam. I swiftly grabbed one from the drawer of my bedside unit and tugged my pants down to my thighs. My cock sprang free and Belle ran her soft pale palm up its length making me twitch as I opened a foil packet. As I secured the condom in place, Belle wriggled free of her thong and parted her legs for me, repeating

"Oh, make love to me." I wanted to, I was going to, but I wanted to make sure Belle was ready for me first. I hate awkward thrusting and pushing, not quite being able to get your cock in and having to go back for more foreplay 'cos you haven't got a girl wet enough yet. Fortunately I also love pussy and so rarely have that problem! I knelt in front of Belle's groin and looked at the tight curls of hair and dark labia there. Rubbing against her pussy in a circular motion with the flat underbelly of my fingers, I felt the delicate skin move and part. Belle gasped and pressed against my hand. As I circled in the other direction her labia parted with a moist sound. I was struck by how pink she was inside! The contrast was startling and emphasised her femininity even more.

Using my first and second fingers I opened her pussy wide and bent forward to lap at her clitoris. I felt Belle stiffen as my tongue rasped against her fleshy nub. She cried out quietly and arched her back. I lapped up and down with long strokes, tasting her excitement, and then stuck my tongue out as far as I could and sank it into her body. I circled and worked back and forth, saliva spilling and mingling with her juices, uncaring of the loud slurps and wet smacking noises as Belle writhed in pleasure under my attention. After a minute or so, she gasped out a long low moan. I felt her pussy twitch around me and withdrew my tongue, lapping with quick, short strokes at her clitoris.

Belle writhed so much I had to press down on her hips to hold her steady enough to continue licking and nuzzling her.

"Oh God!" she whispered. "Please, don't stop, please-"her voice grew louder, more urgent "don't stop, please don't stop, please, don', no, pleeeeehh-HaHH!!" Her thighs sprang together, only my forearms stopping my head from being trapped between them. Belle trembled all over as she came, making urgent, inarticulate noises. I waited until her orgasm seemed to have passed and softly kissed her pussy before wiping at my lips and chin with the back of my hand. Belle opened her eyes dreamily.

"That felt... so good. Steve, I want you. I want you inside me!" I wanted the same thing; my cock was throbbing, bursting. I burned with a desire that could only be quenched inside her body. I needed to be inside her. Belle lifted her head as I positioned myself above her and guided my cock to her entrance with the flat of her hand. We locked eyes as I pushed forwards.

My attentions had the desired effect. I slipped into Belle easily, her pussy slick with excitement. We both gasped and moaned as her pussy parted to take me fully. Eyes closed, Belle caressed her breasts, circling the nipples with fingertips. I took a moment to savour the incredible feeling of being inside her body, before breaking into a slow, steady rhythm. Belle matched me and I instinctively knew neither one of us wanted to go hell for leather just yet. This felt so good and we wanted it to last. Belle pushed back against me by circling her hips in an odd but effective way. I watched her breasts bounce and move as we worked, but Belle was looking down to our crotches and following her gaze I saw my length appearing and vanishing, coated with her juices.

We stayed like this for some time, Belle laying back and circling her hips, panting constantly. When their motion suddenly stopped, so did I. Looking down at her, Belle said

"It's about time you got something more from this." and pulled her groin away from mine so I slipped from her body. "Get on your back." I was happy to oblige and watched, enchanted by her stunning body, as Belle straddled me and took hold of my cock. Head back and eyes closed, she lowered her hips slowly. The dark and engorged head of my cock butted against her brightly pink pussy before starting to sink slowly into it. Belle removed her hand and ever so slowly impaled herself on my length. It must have taken ten seconds before her pubic hair tickled my balls. I was so turned on I now wanted to thrust hard and fast; to fuck. I tried to thrust up with my groin but Belle's weight held me down. I only succeeded in rocking her upwards slightly, making her breasts sway.

With a precise movement, Belle pushed backwards with her hips; arching her back so her crotch pressed hard against mine. I pulled on her shapely hips and reached with both hands to cup her swinging breasts but Belle's fingers intercepted mine. Firmly, she lent forwards more and more, pushing my arms up and back until they were bent flat on the bed either side of my head. Her breasts were resting heavily on my chest now and with a soft grunt, Belle rested her full body weight on me, pinning my arms and upper body to the bed. I was briefly impressed by the suppleness of her hips, before her luscious lips found my own and she softly and gently began to kiss me. With each kiss, she gently rocked her hips, riding me incredibly slowly. She kissed my face, my neck, pressing down all the time so she was in complete control. I could probably have thrown her off if I really tried, but I'm not 100% sure and besides; why the hell would I want to?

The only sounds were the soft smack of Belle's lips against my skin, the tick-tock of the wind up alarm clock on the bedside unit, the gentle squeak of the bedsprings and the odd moan and gasp from me. This was heaven, but this was torture too. I wanted to thrust in and out quickly but couldn't do so, with Belle only making one slow thrust for every two 'tick-tocks' of the clock. I felt hot under her body, our combined body-heat making us both perspire. Our chests became increasingly slippery and Belle's breasts moved more and more, sk**ding on my chest as her hips worked. I don't know for how long Belle rode me like this, but it seemed like an eternity and yet she never once altered the slow speed with which she moved.

As her hips rose yet again, I felt my orgasm suddenly begin. I panted through my nose and tried to kiss her more quickly. But Belle lifted her head back from mine and the last thing I saw were her large brown eyes looking lovingly at my face before my eyes screwed shut as my orgasm hit. My hips jerked and thrust upwards spasmodically and I cried out as my orgasm ripped through me, making me tremble all over. As it passed, Belle gently kissed my face, blinking slowly and whispering into my ear

"That's for being such a good friend tonight. And because you looked so good yourself." I couldn't reply and instead took long, deep breaths, getting my wind back. As I recovered, Belle slipped herself off me and released my arms. Cool air wafted over my chest and I opened my eyes to see her shiny breasts sway as Belle pulled the condom from my softening cock, wrapped it in a tissue from the box by the bed and then pulled another one out which she used to wipe me clean. She lay down alongside me and we kissed and cuddled.

I thought now was a good time to make an offer.

"Belle, you're welcome to stay, y'know. For the night."

"I'd hoped so. I don't want to go anywhere else. This is cosy." With the main light off now and the only illumination coming from the bedside lamp, wrapped in each others' arms, warm bodies flooded with chemical rewards for our activities; I had to agree with her. But it wasn't time to get too cosy just yet. We cuddled for a short while, whispering to each other and kissing. Then our hands gradually began to wander, exploring erogenous zones and slowly arousing each other. Our kisses became more urgent. My cock hardened and with nearly imperceptible motions in time with my heartbeat, stood erect once more. This time Belle snapped a condom into place and grinned at me.

"You've noticed how we're pretty much the same height?" I had and what Belle appeared to be thinking of had crossed my mind too. I smiled and giving her a kiss, stood up. Belle stood too.

We clasped ourselves to each other, kissing and rubbing together. Belle's feet were a shoulder width apart and I lowered my weight down so my cock nudged between her legs. Belle mumbled something happily and her hands again guided me against wet, soft flesh. I clasped her bum with one hand and her upper back to me with the other and straightened to stand more upright again. My cock slipped up and into her pussy and we both cried out.

"Oh! Ohh, that feels good." She gasped.

"Oh, yeah." Belle squirmed against me, pulling me tightly to her. The standing position felt unexpectedly intense. I was just a touch taller than Belle and had to stoop slightly to thrust in and out, which wasn't too comfortable for my lower back, but the sensations around my cock more than made up for this. And from Belle's expression and moans, it felt good for her too. Better than either position before.

There was just the two of us, standing there and sharing our bodies. I realised I hadn't heard her gasps, the clock, or anything else for a short while, I was so lost in how good this felt. As we continued, Belle's pussy became more and more slick with lubrication, making the motion easier and easier. I began to thrust harder and at one point, Belle lost her balance slightly and stumbled backwards a step or two. Somehow I managed to move with and stay inside of her. We looked at each other and grinned, then looking at where we were stood I slipped from her and taking her shoulders, pushed her gently back against the wall. I took hold of the inside of each leg and lifted her thighs up and out, supporting them with the palm of my hand. Belle leaned against the wall for extra balance and gasped as I penetrated her again. I wasn't sure how long I could support her weight like this, but before I could muse about it too much, words spilled from Belle in a rush.

"Oh God, that feels good!" Her hands came up to my shoulders to take some of her weight and by supporting her bum with one hand and her back with the other, I felt more comfortable.

With her pussy more exposed and the wall to press against, I could move in and out of her more confidently and so broke into a faster rhythm. Belle gasped and muttered sweet nothings, then with her breasts pressing against my chest, each of my short, hard thrusts knocked the breath out of her a little. Soon, Belle had to stop kissing me in order to breathe through her mouth. She took in gasps of air and then frowned suddenly. Her eyes stayed shut as she began a quiet litany of ecstasy that grew in speed and volume until she was gently crying out, lost in pleasure

"Yes! Oh, yes! Yes! Yes!" Then her face contorted and her body stiffened. "Ohhhrrghh!!" her pussy squeezed and relaxed over and over as her orgasm hit. I stopped thrusting and enjoyed the feeling of her pussy pulsing around me. After she'd stopped gasping and relaxed a little I carried on thrusting more slowly and gently into her and then stopped as Belle's face looked pained. "No, don't stop, I'm okay. Carry on. I want to feel you cum in me again." I squeezed her bum and eased her back down onto the floor.

"On the bed then." I said and pulled out of her. Belle stepped forward and turned to sit on the end of the bed. I took her hand and squeezed it. "On your front please." Belle grinned and settled down onto all fours

I knelt behind her and taking hold of her bum, found her pussy by touch; slipping my cock into her again. Soon I was slapping against her buttocks, watching her large chest bounce and sway. Belle groaned happily, laughing as I took hold of her long hair and pulled her head back. The penetration was so deep, her toned body felt so tight, I knew I wouldn't last for long. I soon let go of her hair and held on to her hips with both hands, thrusting faster and harder.

"Oh, Belle."

The impact of my groin slapping against her buttocks made small waves visible in her flesh. Belle gasped loudly as I moaned again. Then we were groaning in unison.



The sensations grew more and more intense. Her rich, dark skin felt hot under my hands, her pussy even hotter around my cock. Her shoulders hunched up, head down, fingers clenched, grabbing hold of the sheets in each fist. Her pussy rubbed and rubbed along my length, the friction delicious. The rubbing sensation seemed to sink into my cock, a warm glow spreading inwards towards its centre. Belle gasped

"Ohh, Steeeve..."

The heat filled my length; it flowed through it, surging and exploded from the tip. With a groan I thrust hard into her body, shaking and feeling light headed as cum fired from my convulsing cock. Belle cried out and shook too; we locked together in exquisite mutual pleasure, gasping and panting, then relaxing and breathing more regularly as the ecstasy drained away, leaving us filled with a warm afterglow.

We snuggled down on the bed, which creaked now in quiet protest under our weight. After cuddling for a while, my cock had softened and the condom was coming off. I reached for the tissues and handed some to Belle. We took it in turns to clean each other up a little and then lay on our sides, facing each other. I felt a little sl**py now, body awash with sexual afterglow. Belle seemed to feel the same, but as we quietly talked and I ran a hand over her thighs and bum, back, shoulders and hair, I was still excited by her body and turned on by her big eyes and bright smile. I slipped my hand onto her breast and gently stroked it as we whispered to each other. Belle's hand found my balls, and gently tickled them. I winced in pleasure and her hand moved to my flaccid cock, gently taking hold of it. As we continued to whisper, her hand gently worked my cock, tugging and squeezing, circling around. It lolled about limply in her grasp. As she worked and we talked, I gasped in pleasure as it began to harden again and the sensations of her hand moving against me became stronger. I brushed her nipple with my thumb and Belle closed her eyes dreamily.

"Seems like you're ready to make me even happier." She whispered. My cock stood erect and Belle's hand squeezed and relaxed around it. I kissed her and rolled over on top, reaching for a condom and replying

"Well, I know I'm going to have a smile on my face for days after tonight." Belle giggled as I knelt back, put on the condom and then raised myself above her. "You're fantastic Belle."

"'re not half bad yourself." She replied with a grin.

We went slowly, with luxurious long, steady movements, savouring each other's bodies. I couldn't believe I'd got it up again and that we were still at it. Still, I didn't think there was any cum left in me and thoroughly enjoyed feeling confidence and an odd sense of power; feeling like I could just go on and on. We stayed that way - gently rocking back and forth, kissing and resting our heads side by side, moaning and gasping lazily, sometimes urgently, holding each other as we shared ourselves. When I knelt upright to take a good long look at Belle beneath me, to fix the moment in my mind forever; the change in position made her gasp and she lifted both knees up, thrusting back at me with renewed vigour. We'd been enjoying each other for over ten minutes and the warm night was taking its toll. I felt hot and tired and looking at Belle, her dark skin shone all over with fine perspiration, which ran in small trickles over her curves.

Belle's breath suddenly came in sharp gasps, her face twisted, mouth open and eyebrows arching upwards. With a shudder and cry she came again. Still feeling hard and not ready to cum again yet, I carried on thrusting into her with more tenderness, but less than a minute after her orgasm Belle kissed me, pressing her lips against mine for several seconds and then putting her hands on either side of my face.

"Steve I'm sorry, but I'm feeling sore now. It's felt great but," she smiled apologetically "I'm shattered. You've worn me out." I was tired too, and felt thoroughly satiated. I had no problem with calling it a night.

"Ready for bed then?" Belle smiled and nodded. I kissed her and slipped my cock free. Getting up I collecting the tissues from the floor and chucked them in the bin. Removing the condom I passed some tissues to Belle and she dabbed at her pussy whilst I cleaned myself up too. Shortly we snuggled down, pressed together nicely in the single bed. It was too hot for even a thin sheet so I tossed it back to the foot of the bed. Belle told me she'd booked tomorrow (well, today) off work to allow for a hangover from the night out and as she was off, her Mum was coming over to visit. Looking at the clock it was 4.15am and we agreed to set the alarm for 10.00am, so she could have some breakfast and still be home and ready for her Mum arriving at noon. Belle snuggled against my shoulder as I turned the lamp off and gently stroked her hair. We both fell asl**p with a smile on our faces.

(To be continued...) ... Continue»
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Turned into a Slut Ch. 02 (Timmy learns about cock

I woke in the morning to Jennifer sucking my cock. She had pulled the sheets off the bed and was kneeling between my legs, licking up and down the shaft. Every few passes she would let it slide into her mouth and wash the head with her tongue. Her other hand was busy teasing at my anus, sliding a little in to massage my prostate. I sighed in pleasure and Jennifer lifted her mouth off my dick.

"Good, you're finally awake. It's almost noon and we have lots to do today."

"What about the blowjob?" I asked gesturing towards my hard dick that she had left.

"Oh don't worry about that, there will be plenty of that later, we have to get going now. I have everything ready in the bathroom for you so get up and get in there," she said, pulling on my hands, struggling to get me out of bed. I reluctantly rolled out and stumbled sl**pily after her.

"Here babe, sit down on the toilet. If you are gonna pretend to be a girl you might as well start peeing like one too," she teased, smiled as I flushed red with embarrassment.

"Look Jennifer, I know we had fun last night but I don't really think we should, you know, continue with this," I stammered. Sure last night had thrilled me and I'm pretty sure it was the biggest orgasm of my life but I wasn't at all sure I wanted to be a girl for her.

"Ahh, is Tiffany having second thoughts?" she taunted. "Well I took care of that for you already. If you didn't notice last night I recorded everything we did on video and uploaded it to my computer this morning while you were still sl**ping. So, unless you want your friends to see you spreading your ass for me and loving every second of it, you better do as I say. Besides, I was there too and I know you had the biggest orgasm of your life. I did too after all!" she patted my face as I sat there in stunned silence, my mouth hanging open. I was shocked that she would use anything like blackmail to get what she wanted. Especially from me, her boyfriend!

"That's, that's... blackmail!" I squeaked out at her.

"Hmm, I guess technically it is, but it's not like I'm forcing you to do anything you don't want to do baby," she said, as if that made it all right. I suppose in her mind it probably did. "Now quit your complaining and spread this cream over your legs. It's a hair removal cream and will make you slick and smooth like girls should be.

"Fine," I said, defeated.

"I think you meant to say, "Yes Mistress"," she scolded me. "Or would you like me to squeeze these?" Her hand was cradling my balls. I winced as I remembered the little squeeze she had given me last night.

"Yes Mistress," I said, looking dejectedly down at the floor. Jennifer's eyes were filled with laughter as she watched my humiliation.

She helped me spread the cream over my legs, getting all the places I missed. Then she made me bend over as she spread it around my asshole and butt. Lastly, she used a pair of scissors to trim my pubic hair down before spreading a little bit of the cream around my dick and balls. I sat on the toilet as instructed and waited for the tingling sensation she assured me would come.

"We are gonna have so much fun today," she said excitedly. "Let's hit up the department store at the mall first. Well, I'm kinda hungry so I guess lunch, then we get to shop for some clothes." She glanced at her watch. "Three minutes left."

"Jennifer, can we..." I started to say.



"You said Jennifer, not Mistress. You will address me as Mistress when we are in private from now on or I will punish you," she spoke matter-of-factly.

I paused for a second, considering what she said. "Mistress, we can eat at the food court in the mall if you would like.

"Sure!" Jennifer said. "Oh, also, after the department store, I have a surprise for you!" she giggled excitedly, hopping up and down.

"Mistress, my body is all tingling now."

"Alright, wait another minute."

After a minute had past I jumped into the shower and sat under the spray, watching all the hair on my body wash down the drain. Then Jennifer handed me a bottle of shaving cream and a razor and told me to shave my armpits and face. When I was done I got out of the shower and dried off. I went back to her bedroom where I found her lying some clothes out on the bed.

"Since this is your first time, I think we will go a little easy on you. I got some stylish sneakers for you so you won't be wearing heels yet. Also, I bought you a nice pair of tight jeans. I know you secretly want to wear skirts but I think it's a little too cold out there right now for that. Here, put these panties on." She handed me a pair of pink panties.

I was shocked at how they felt as I pulled them up my smooth legs. They clung tightly to my butt and encased my dick in their soft, smooth fabric. I was embarrassed to find myself rock hard already.

"Hmm, we can't have that now, can we? Let me see if I can do something to help you," Jennifer said as she knelt in front of me. She pulled my panties down and licked the tip of my cock teasingly. Then, before I knew what was happening, she wrapped her hand around my balls, squeezing them slightly while holding a bag of freezing cold ice up to my crotch. I admit I let out a most unmanly screech as she did this but I guess it was in keeping with character now.

With her grip around my balls I couldn't do much more than whimper as she held the ice to my dick. When my dick was as soft and limp as it was gonna get, Jennifer pulled out a plastic device I had never seen before. It was shaped like a limp penis and structured like a cage. "This is a chastity device, my sweet Tiffany. I got it for you because I know that little sluts can't be trusted to keep from touching themselves every moment they can," she said as she slipped it over my limp penis, adjusted the rings so it was tight behind my balls and locked the cage with a little lock. "There, now we won't have any unsightly bumps showing up in your jeans and you won't get all hard whenever you see cute guys walking by."

She stood up and kissed me on the mouth. "Mistress, I don't get hard when I see guys," I protested. "This is hurting me, do I really need to have this on?" I asked her.

She stroked my face lovingly. "Yes Tiffany, we need to keep your little dicklet safe in there. Plus we wouldn't want anyone accidentally mistaking you for a man," she laughed as she said the last part.

"Jennifer, I don't like you calling my dick a dicklet or clit, it really hurts my feelings," I told her. I was still that thinking this was all just a game and I didn't want her to know I secretly got a thrill every time she belittled me like that.


I whimpered in pain, shocked that she had just slapped me. "MISTRESS," she yelled. "Next time it will be your balls and don't forget about the video." For a second I thought should was going to do it anyways but she suddenly seemed to relax. She smiled and I felt as if she had forgiven me and all was right in the world.

"Baby, if I didn't care about your feelings I wouldn't have put you in my panties with a cock cage on! Now, if you want to ever have any pleasure from that little thing you call a cock again you better be on your best behavior from now on, I have the only key after all!" She giggled, gesturing to a key that was dangling on a chain around her neck.

My pulse raced and my dick lurched, sending a wave of pain through me as it pushed against its confining cage, as I looked at the shining key nestled between the gentle swell of her breasts. I gazed down at the floor as she turned away and walked over to the bed. The last wall of resistance had fallen and I was now her slave. She picked up the jeans and threw them to me. I caught them and put them on, wiggling a bit to get them over my hips. They were very tight and really made my ass pop out. I looked down and sure enough, the chastity belt kept my cock from showing more than a slight bump.

Next Jennifer brought over a bra for me. It was a pink push-up bra with little black polka dots all over and a little black bow in the center. I put it on over my flat chest, struggling to do the clasp in the back. Jennifer giggled at my attempt before helping me out.

She brought over two objects next. They were flesh colored and sort of cone shaped. I realized they were breast forms when she pulled my bra out and slipped them inside. "These should give you a nice little slut rack you can tease all the boys with."

After a few adjustments she stepped back and I looked down at my chest. The forms gave me nice B-cup sized breasts. I was oddly aroused at the sight of them even though I knew they were fake.

I knew Jennifer was still in control of my whole life from now on and I was starting to feel better about my predicament now. Though I still had my private reservations about dressing as a woman, I had to admit that the clothes did feel great on me. Jennifer handed me a shirt to put on.

"This shirt will go great with your jeans and really make your boobs stick out! What do you think?"

It was a black shirt with a sparkly rose decal on the front in a very Goth/Punk Hot Topic style. The back of the shirt had slits cut horizontally down it and I knew anyone walking behind me would be able to see the straps of the bra I was wearing and my smooth back all the way down to the pink panties peeking out above my jeans.

"It looks hot Mistress," I smiled shyly.

Last, Jennifer brought out a long black wig. She dabbed a little adhesive on my head and settled the wig into place, letting the bangs d**** over my forehead and combed out the back so it fell smoothly down past my shoulders. The adhesive, she told me, was very strong but would dissolve when washed with a special shampoo, though sweat would not affect it at all. I reached up and tucked the sides behind my ears and flipped a few strands over my shoulder.

"You're a natural at this!" she teased as she helped me brush the hair into place. I blushed at her praise. "Alright, last thing we need to do is put some light makeup on you." She sat me down in front of her vanity and began pulling out the items she would need.

First, she applied a foundation that gave my skin an even tone. Next, she grabbed some eye shadow and began deftly applying a dark purple shade over my eyes with a black frame on the edges. She grabbed an eye lining pencil and sketched it on, highlighting my eyes, making the stunning blue pop out.

"God you have the longest eyelashes," she said as she brushed on some mascara. "Any girl would kill to have eyes like yours." I could tell she was jealous of my eyelashes and I'm not ashamed to admit the knowledge made me happy.

She gave my lips a dark reddish purple color with a lipstick that made my lips swell up slightly. Last, she used some tweezers to even out the bushy eyebrows I had, forming them into delicate arches that gave me a permanent, girlish look of surprise.

"There," she said as she let me look at the finished product in the mirror. I was shocked to see the face of a beautiful young seductress looking back at me. My eyes had a hypnotizing look to them and my lips looked like they were dying to wrap themselves around a nice hard cock. "I think we are ready to go now!" she squealed and pulled me up into a hug. My cock strained in its cage when I felt our breasts bump into each other. "Here is your purse," she handed me a small pink and black purse that tucked up under my arm. Your socks and shoes are over there. I'm gonna pop into the bathroom and when I come out we're gonna be off!"

While she was gone I slipped on the ankle socks and sneakers. For the first time I realized that I had the perfect body for this. My slender built looked very feminine in these tight clothes. All I needed was curves in the right places, which the breasts forms helped with, and I totally looked like a smoking hot sexpot. I was suddenly very eager for our shopping trip to the mall.

On the way to the mall Jennifer let the car's top down. I was glad for the adhesive used to hold my wig in place because the wind was blowing my hair around like crazy. Jennifer was laughing and joking the whole time, teasing me about my looks and occasionally running her hand up my legs. It must have looked to anyone driving by that we were simply two girlfriends out for a good time.

We pulled into the mall close to two o'clock. We were both very hungry by this time and our first stop was the food court. I started to head over to the burger stand but Jennifer grabbed my hand and guided me to the salad stand instead.

"Nope, sexy ladies like us don't get to eat greasy burgers. We're gonna have some salads!" she smirked at me. I was thankful that she let me have chicken slices on my salad because otherwise I would have been starving after lunch too.

The whole time we were there, Jennifer kept coaching me on how to act like a woman. She told me to eat slowly, keep my tits pushed out and my shoulder thrown back. I felt like a soldier marching along but for the sexy hip sway she encouraged me to try by placing my feet one in front of the other when I walked.

I was feeling very sexy by now and shocked myself when I would smile and wink at some of the cute guys that were checking me out as they walked by. I took secret thrill in winking at the cute girls too. Jennifer noticed this after the 3rd or 4th time I did it.

"You little tease!" she scolded me. "You have no intention of getting any of these guys or girls off, yet you still flirt back with them! You are such a little slut." I tried to protest but she ignored everything I said.

Jennifer took us to our first destination, a department store, and guided me back to the women's section. We tried on shoes first and after putting on what seemed like a million heels I fell in love with a pair of 3 inch black ones with an opening for the toes to peek out. I knew that with a little red nail polish I could pull off a stunning look. We browsed through the lingerie section after that. I picked up a dozen panties and a few cute bras too.

Next we looked at skirts. Jennifer had me try on a few and model them for her. We settled on a short, blue plaid miniskirt that just barely covered my butt and let my panties peek out whenever I bent over. She took great delight in making me strut around where people could chance by with my chastity belt just barely covered.

As we were browsing through the clothes, Jennifer grabbed a young man who was walking by and asked him for his opinion on my outfit. He told me he thought I looked pretty fucking hot. I batted my eyelashes shyly at him.

Jennifer told him he should take a closer look when he turned to go. He paused, looked at me with a questioningly. I looked at Jennifer, scared, but the look in her eyes told me I should go along with it. I shrugged my shoulders slightly in invitation to the man. He walked closer and started to look me up and down. I could feel his breath on my neck as he walked around me, lightly running his hands up and down my sides.

I could tell that Jennifer was getting turned on by the way she was biting her lip. She looked around, noticed that no one was around, and then pushed us both back into one of the changing rooms. She knelt in front of the man, pulling me down with her.

"Ever wanted to get your dick sucked in a changing room?" she asked him. He just nodded, a stunned look on his face.

When she started to undo his pants I knew I was about to get my first lesson in cocksucking. I began to freak out but Jennifer was expecting this and started rubbing my back, whispering reassuring things into my ear.

"Don't worry baby doll, you're gonna love his cock. Just take it into your mouth like you've always wanted to. All you gotta do is worship it with you lips and tongue," she told me. By now she had his cock out and it was already half hard. It was much bigger than mine. My caged cock throbbed harder at the sight and I knew my jaw was gonna hurt after this. Jennifer brought my hand up to the man's dick. She showed me how to hold it and stroke it up and down.

"Don't forget the balls honey, men love to have their balls played with. Gently massage them to coax that cum out. Make sure you are playing with the shaft at the same time though," Jennifer instructed between mouthfuls of cock. The man was groaning the whole time and precum had already started to ooze out of the head. "Here baby, it's your turn to give it a try," she said, gently pushed my head towards the cock.

I tentatively opened my mouth and swallowed the head of the dick. It was soft and warm and I marveled out how it felt on my tongue. I ran my tongue all around the head, keeping my lips sealed and tight on the shaft. At the same time I stroked up and down, slowly squeezing the shaft, marveling at how hard it was, yet how it was covered in the softest of skin.

After I had got used to the feel of the head in my mouth, I slowly let my lips slide down the shaft. At first I could only take a few inches in my mouth but with the man's hand behind my head and Jennifer pushing on the back of my throat I was able to stuff a few more inches in. My gag reflex kicked in and I coughed, gasped for breath.

"Are you ok in there?" someone outside asked.

We all froze for a moment before Jennifer called out, "Ya, I just had something in the back of my throat." The man snickered at her pun and I blushed.

"OK," the voice said uncertainly and we heard footsteps hurrying away. We all breathed a sigh of relief. Jennifer quickly push me back towards the cock.

"Hurry up and finish sucking him off, she probably went to tell a manager or something."

I renewed my efforts to bring him off, rapidly jerking the shaft as I pumped my mouth up and down. I loved the feeling of his cock in my mouth. It felt wonderful and I didn't want to stop making love to it. I could feel him starting to cum when his balls tightened up.

"Take it all, swallow his cum you little sissy faggot!" Jennifer whispered in my ear, her hands stroking my ass. The man and I both groaned together as he shot his load in my mouth. I gulped down his cum as it splashed jet after jet into the back of my throat. "That's the cum of a real man you are swallowing sissy." Jennifer said to me. I could only groan in agreement. Hastily the man pulled up his pants, tucked his shirt in and hurried off. Jennifer helped me rearrange my clothes, telling me the whole time how I was a natural cocksucker and how I looked so hot sucking that dick. She made me kneel between her legs and lick her clit until she came less than a minute later. I asked her to let me out of the cage so I could cum too but she just giggled.

"I'll let you cum later little cocksucker. I got something special planned for you now." We quickly gathered our stuff and left the changing room.... Continue»
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The Unaffordable Vacation Ch. 02

by newbie2008

The Unaffordable Vacation Continues...


You know? Wanting your wife to go along with your fantasy is one thing, but hearing her come around to it, actually explain that she's now okay with it, even enjoying it, is a pill you'll have to swallow if you roll down this path.

I suppose a man feels more in control when she is reluctant about it. After hearing her utterly going along with the wildest things I could throw out, I began to seriously backtrack in absolute fear that she actually meant it, even enjoyed it.

In my disbelief, I asked, "You really would, fuck Henry, and then go down to the beach and take those other guys?"

She quickly looked shocked and replied "Yes. I would. Oh my God, can you imagine that many guys having me, doing me in front of you?"

I was without a doubt crushed, saying nothing at all when she giggled saying, "Oh my God, you're so easy. Of course, I wouldn't do that."

She then got a very mischievous look and said jokingly "We'd at least have to get a good nights sl**p tonight before I'd even consider it. You'd also have to make damn sure you wanted it."

Just as I was about to speak, she again said chuckling, "Your face, oh my God, I'm k**ding, Baby. I'd never do such a thing."

I chuckled in deep relief as she continued "You do realize though I'm not sure any longer whether you're serious or k**ding when you say such things. I mean let's not forget. I had intercourse with another man, and it's something you, yes you, really wanted. If you would be okay with one man fucking me, I sometimes think, you'd love to see others? So when you say you'd like to watch multiple men fuck me, I'm, well, kind of thinking you're serious."

I then replied "Honey. I'm sorry. Yes, I did want you to fuck Henry, and you did it for me, but strangely enough, I was worried that you would fuck him or something without me being there, and I know it sounds fucked up given what's already happened, but it bothered me."

Just when I thought she would say, "What's the difference you fucking ass hole?"

She then replied "Listen. I had intercourse with him because I love you, if that makes any sense. As insane as I originally thought it to be, I realized that, if it made you happy, if it aroused you, satisfied you, or whatever, I wanted to do it. I love you Baby, you need to know that, and because I love you so much, No, I wouldn't fuck him without you knowing or wanting me to."

I had a deep sense of calm come over me as we spoke, and I realized she did too. Once she knew I had my limits, I could see the relief on her face, but I began to understand that she really had no idea where the roller coaster fantasy would end.

A few minutes before this conversation, I had visions of her taking every guy within ten miles, but knew now she was only doing it for me.

Chapter VIII: Fantasy Out of Control

We eventually sat on the boardwalk steps and held hands as she leaned into me. I was so assured at this moment. We just sat there for a few minutes and began to passionately kiss, when to my surprise, she held my face in her hands and looked into my eyes saying, "I'll do whatever makes you happy Baby."

Just when I was of the mindset that I'd be okay if the sexual experimenting ceased, She gave a slight grin and whispered in my ear "I still want to make you happy if you know what I mean."

I quickly replied "I know Honey. I heard you."

She then got a look of almost shyness saying, "No. I mean I really want to make you happy, tonight."

I nervously asked, "Yes, but what, like what?"

She just bit her lip smiling and said, "You know, all that stuff you said a few minutes ago... it sounded, I don't know, like you might have been a tiny bit, serious?"

I then knew full well what she meant. I asked cautiously "Okay, like what? I don't want to make you do something you don't want to do."

She paused for about ten seconds, leaning down on her knees with her hands over her face, when she slowly rose and began shaking her head saying, "I only want to if you want me to, and I think you want me to. We've talked about it so much, now I really, really want to. Oh my God, Baby, that sounded so bad. I'm sorry."

She then paused with a grin continuing "I don't know, what's the right answer? I could, maybe try something new and put a guy in my mouth. I thought perhaps you'd be, turned on, if I had a guy's penis in my mouth, and I don't know. It might turn you on if he came?"

I then reminded her "My God that sounds amazing, but remember one thing. You don't like the semen in the mouth thing."

She cut me off saying, "I know. I know, but this would be for you. I think I could do it for you. It's just semen, and well... Its safer in my mouth and stomach than other places I can think of."

As I began to reply she cut me off again grinning and nervously bouncing her knees, as she said, "I didn't say I craved come in my mouth, I just want to make you happy Baby. I would do it if you wanted me to. Would it excite you to see a man finish in my mouth?"

Once again, she had me wanting to test her fidelity. I began with "Oh Dam that would be amazing. You'd let a guy shoot his semen in your mouth?"

She rolled her eyes replying "Um let's see, if I'd let Henry ejaculate in my vagina. I think I could f***e myself to let a guy squirt sperm in my mouth. I'm not sure, but I'd guess it would be less wild for me to take a guy's sperm in my throat than in my vagina. You can't even accidentally get my throat pregnant, silly."

By this time, I went from curious, regarding fidelity, to uncontrollably wanting her to show me what she meant. Now, Janet was a tester and a teaser too. I realized that earlier when she was totally going with the wildest thing I could muster. So, I really didn't know where the test ended, and where her seriousness began, I truly leaned toward her testing me.

The reason I did was because I had only ever once ejaculated I her mouth and it wasn't all the way to finish. She always said, "Not in my mouth, It's salty, slimy, and the after taste is horrid."

I then curiously asked, "Okay, so you'll do a guy orally, won't it be salty and slimy?"

She giggled replying "Probably." I then continued "So you'll swallow?"

She then paused, looked at the ground, and replied "I can do it. If you want me to."

She again paused and asked, "Do you want me to? I can take him from my mouth and let him come on my chest... or inside my vagina?"

I didn't reply. I just leaned and kissed her. As we kissed, a million things were running through my head, when without thinking I leaned to her ear and said, "Oh my God, I want to see it... If you decide you, um, can take it, I mean in your... in your mouth, that would be incredible."

She then very seriously said, "I will do a guy orally, and you can say while it's happening if you're okay with it... or would want him to come elsewhere."

I was incredibly worked up by this point. I replied stuttering "I doubt I'd want a guy to fuck you if you were doing him orally. It's a bit different with the whole Henry thing, I guess. That was what I'd call, um, well, that was... okay listen, we can still be adventurous without rolling the dice. I just, I don't know. I quite frankly get turned on by seeing a guy sexually aroused with you, period. And yes, just imagining a guy blowing a half a billion sperm deep in your pussy drives me sexually nuts. But we just don't know a thing about those guys on the beach. Seriously, who knows what those nineteen or twenty-year-old guys down at the beach could have, and besides, the over the counter spermicidal is not one-hundred percent."

She looked at me out of the corner of her eyes and stated, "That's the second time you've mentioned the guys down on the beach. It just sounds like you're wanting something you're not saying. Listen, whatever we are doing. We need to just do it. Henry will wonder why we are gone, and you're supposed to be already at the boat or on your way back. God knows where he thinks I am."

I then asked her to go back to the hotel room and tell Henry we wanted to have some alone time on the boat, that I hadn't even left yet. Henry, I believe, felt that we were rather out of our element in Mexico, and worried about us somewhat, so the last thing I wanted was for him to come looking for us and possibly see Janet with a guy's cock in her mouth.

She quickly agreed and off she went. After about five minutes, she returned saying, "He said it didn't matter how long we were out, that we just needed to make sure we put the dingy back and give them this, it will make sure the dingy is safe, and to be careful."

As she said it, she handed me a twenty-dollar bill. I took it and stuffed it in my pocket. I then hugged her and asked, "You are sure you're okay with this? I honestly don't want you to do something you hate, just to please me. I want you to want to for more reason than to simply please me."

She then smiled and replied "I don't hate it. It actually makes me a little horny thinking about it. I'm human too."

I then asked, "Okay. You're sure?"

She then gave me a quick kiss, paused saying, "Close your eyes."

I did, but as I couldn't wait for her to give me the green light to open them, a second later I looked up as she was beginning to hold up a small aerosol bottle of spermicidal foam with applicator. Thinking my eyes were still closed, she shot it half full. I quickly shut my eyes again, as she leaned in to kiss me. As we kissed, I could feel her lower it between her legs and insert the applicator inside her vagina I then felt her hand and wrist plunge the contents inside her pussy.

I then asked, "I thought we were simply talking about oral sex?"

She replied "I know, but I'm sure you'll want me to do something about the way it makes you feel afterward, something involving a guys unprotected penis inside my vagina. Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. Besides, the way this makes you feel, us feel, we could get careless and let a guy or guys, ejaculate inside me unprotected."

When she was done with it, she threw it on the side of the boardwalk and grinned nervously saying, "Just a precaution, not for their sperm, yours."

As she said it, I asked, "Is this all about me? I'd be ten times more turned on if I knew you were enjoying it too."

She then paused and said, "I don't know, Baby, what do I say? Okay, yes, if a man's penis is moving in my hand, my mouth, or somewhere else, yes it kind of turns me on. When Henry pushed himself inside me, it felt wrong at first because it wasn't you, my husband, but as I watched you masturbate as he fucked me, I knew for a fact you wanted what was happening. So, I began to really, really feel okay with it, and it aroused me, a lot."

She continued "I even felt guilty about how it was sexually stimulating me, how I began to feel dirty, and, well, how I liked that feeling. The look on your face when he ejaculated inside me though, Oh my God, that's what actually made me want him to come inside me more. I mean your expression was, well, intense. Just before he came, I knew you could tell he was going to. I felt his penis stretch deep inside me, and then when his hips jerked, a gush of his semen exploded as the head of his penis smashed against my cervix? I knew it was driving you crazy, knowing he was coming inside me. I also think the size of his penis turned you on too, seeing it inside me, especially without a condom. It was as nasty and taboo as your fantasy can get."

Half way through her explanation, I began slowly pulling her towards the beach. Her explanation had me shaking with excitement, and she knew it. I didn't have a clue what or if anything would happen.

I mean the four or five guys down there making their living guarding rich folk's dinghy's, might just think we were insanely d***k and point us back towards the hotel.

As we walked, and I looked upon Janet's beautiful legs and feet and knew there was no way, something wouldn't happen, it almost had to.

Upon arriving at the dark dimly lit beach launch, the nineteen year-old guy who seemed in command of things asked in somewhat practiced English "Are we ready to go back to the boat?"

I replied "Not yet. We wanted to hang out with you guys for a while."

He seemed quite confused speaking in fairly decent English "Are you sure? We love company, but no one wants to spend time here with us here. This is the ugliest part of the beach. Can we launch your boat?"

I said, "No, we just wanted to come down and hang out with you gentlemen."

He instantly said, "Gracias, we never get company. You are with the grandee forty to fifty foot lady offshore? You must be so proud of that boat. I think about it daily, how Beautiful she is. She is the best vessel in the harbor."

I soon told him that Henry owned it, and before I could get it out of my mouth, he said, "Oh yes, that I know. Henry is a nice man. He has been here before."

It was hard to tell how many times Henry had been here, but that made me feel a bit safer about us being down there on the beach at this hour, at least they knew of him. Two of the five guys began lighting a fire, and eventually got it roaring.

They turned out to be some unique individuals. The lead man, a nineteen or twenty-year-old guy, had been guarding rich peoples boats, since he had been twelve. Since there were many more boats than he could possibly look after, he employed four other guys, who made, as it were, their living with the standard twenty dollar per trip unspoken fee. I could understand why people paid it.

As we hung out, three of the guys continued building a bonfire larger than I would have ever imagined., another guy pitched two tents with a speed and efficiency that would have rivaled any career military man. I'm sure he did the same thing every night for who knows how long, and as it seemed, was a tent erecting professional.

Now don't get any of this wrong, we both came down there on a mission, but it wasn't in either of us to kick off anything sexual regardless of how much we crowed about it alone. In fact, the longer we were there, the more I felt as though we'd just sit and have a good relaxing time.

As we found out all but one of the guys was twenty, the odd ball being eighteen and the younger b*****r of one of them. After about a half-hour of sitting around asking everything we could about Mexico, etc., the leader of the group said in what I could decipher from Spanish "Get the tequila," to the guy closest to the tents.

A few minutes later he emerged from the darkness with a bottle of tequila. As he came out, I thought "We could just leave now, the entire situation was utterly innocent."

Up to this point, you'd have never thought we'd have discussed anything out of the ordinary. In fact, it turned into just a calm social gathering. As the younger of the guys returned, the older, leader, said "Let our guests drink first."

He instantly handed the bottle to me, and I turned it up immediately, mostly on politeness. I only took a small swig as straight tequila was more than I could fathom most times. Afterward, I handed it to Miguel, the leader of this group, when he said, "Oh no, the lady first, please."

With still a tequila face I'm sure. I handed the bottle to Janet. She instantly waved it away, when all five guys began heckling her to take a drink. Janet was already buzzed from the drinks we had earlier in the night, so I wasn't sure she'd drink or not.

It continued on for a minute or so when she turned it up. I watched when surprisingly, a few gurgle bubbles funnel through the neck of the bottle. As she brought it down, she had a priceless face. She immediately said gasping for air "Oh my God... Why... do people drink that stuff?"

We all laughed, with some of the replies being "Very good. You did well, better than your husband!"

It went around several times the exact same way, with everyone partaking. It was actually quite amazing to see a full bottle of tequila, go empty so quickly. As it turns out though, they had several others. Besides food, I'm sure they spent much of their earned cash on tequila, as they drank it like water.

After about an hour of being there, all of us now quite d***k, Janet said she had to pee. She rose up and asked, "Where's the closest place to pee?"

Miguel quickly said, "Just behind the tents, in the small ravine, or back at the hotel?"

Janet then rose up and stumbled a bit walking towards the ravine. It was more than obvious she had d***k way too much. I quickly got up and walked with her, steadying her as she stumbled on the loose sand.

As we walked, she said, "I'm so tired, we need to go, or are we still?"

I then replied "No. We should go, who knows what could happen now. We've d***k way too much. We'll just get ready to leave."

As she finished peeing, we walked back towards the tents, and she abruptly walked off my arm saying, "I need to lie down for a minutes before we leave. Let me know when we're leaving, I just need to lie down for a few minutes."

To my surprise, she ducked into a tent, and I watched as she dove onto a folded out sl**ping bag. We all chuckled as Miguel said, "She's fine. We'll sl**p outside if we have to, or in the other tent. Come back, we have more to drink."

Almost instantly she said in an incredibly d***ken state "I'm okay, just let me sl**p right here."

I left her there and went back out with the guys, and drank, more and more. It must have been 30 minutes later when I said I had to go take a leak in the same ravine. Upon making it to the ravine, I strongly began fantasize about one of them fucking her, or at the very least feeling her body.

Now as much as I fantasized, I wasn't a guy who wanted to watch someone fuck her or even kiss her being completely passed out. I knew it had to be either with her knowledge or not at all. As I pissed into the gully, I thought perhaps I would go into the tent, they would have to see it, and I would begin to kiss her in an attempt to wake her.

After pissing, I walked back towards the fire, and immediately took a left turn, slowly ducked into the tent, and knelt down. All the guys were sitting not more than ten feet away.

could hear a few saying things in English and Spanish like "Oh, he's going to get that," or "Look, Look."

Once inside the tent, I got my bearings, and saw that Janet was lying on her left side with her knees curled up to her chest, arms around her legs, and her panties completely showing.

I slowly grabbed her right knee and pulled her leg up and to the left in an attempt to roll her onto her back. In a very groggy state, she rolled onto her back, as she mumbled something that resembled my name. Once fully on her back, I put my hands under the back of both knees and slowly spread her legs.

As I did, my cock became so very erect. It was pressing very f***efully against the leg of my shorts. By the light of the fire, I looked down and the sight of her spread eagle, with her panties showing, tightly stretched over her pussy was breathtaking.

I continuously heard one or two of the guys as they watched say things, mostly in Spanish, like "He's going to fuck her."

It was obvious they were watching every move. Just as I took a second to ponder the moment, I decided that if nothing else, I would be incredibly erotic to fuck Janet in front of them. At only ten feet away, right in the open door of the tent, I slowly reached with both hands up under the back of her skirt, and very nervously began to pull her panties under her ass.

As I brought her legs together, I began removing her panties to her knees, and then slowly from one foot at a time. Once removed, I tossed her panties outside the tent. Expecting to hear something big time from these guy's, I heard nothing, but knew they were watching.I then d***kenly turned and found them all standing within two feet of the door, not wanting to rush in or anything, but seemingly to get a better view of what was happening. In hind sight, I realize what they must have seen and thought when I was removing her panties. I mean I made it overly obvious that I was undressing her and had no problem with who saw it.

I turned back and acted as if I didn't even acknowledge them. I then began to unbutton my shorts. Once unbuttoned and pushed to my knees, I slowly spread her legs and leaned down between them. Without entering her, I slowly began to kiss her.

It took five seconds or more before she began to waken even slightly, barely kissing back. As she did, she was still speaking gibberish, when I leaned up on my left elbow, and positioned myself to enter her. Once I spread her vaginal opening, I positioned the head of my cock inside her and pushed.

Just as I did, she arched her back, spread her legs in the most erotic way imaginable, and put her beautiful feet on my ass. I took it very slowly with one or two-inch thrusts, but within a few seconds or so, I was thrusting fully inside her.

I very nervously fucked her for about two minutes more, occasionally just looking down at my cock inside her. When I turned and seen all of them knelt down staring right at us.

Now in knew that the spermicidal she injected inside her vagina earlier was long since gone with regard to effectiveness, but I was utterly blinded with alcohol and even more blinded with erotic thoughts. I was so worked up by fucking her and fantasizing about her being touched by another man.

I sharply withdrew, and moved further into the tent. In my insanity, I then moved to the left side of her and carefully began putting the head of my cock to her mouth. As I did, she slowly turned her head toward me and opened her mouth taking the head of my cock in her mouth.

Looking down seeing all of them staring at her completely exposed, spread eagle, and freshly fucked pussy drove me nuts. At that point, she slowly opened her mouth wider and thrust her neck towards me taking about four inches of me in her mouth and throat.

I then began carefully thrusting inside her mouth. As I looked down between her legs, feeling her mouth and tongue on my cock, I looked up and motioned, pointing between her legs.

I wasn't pointing to anyone, in particular. As I did, I actually expected Miguel, the older of the bunch, to jump at the chance, but it turned out to be the eighteen year-old guy who dropped his shorts, and slowly crawled in the door of the tent between Janet's legs.

As he did, I watched him nervously fumble with his cock and free his nuts from his underwear. He then leaned down to his knees and positioned himself between Janet's spread legs. I could see that his cock was very dark and thick. He was about the same size as me and had a large set of dangling nuts. The head of his cock was slightly wet with pre-come, so it was no secret he had been thinking about something before this moment.

Not to sound racial, but he was a very dark Latin young man, who could have been mistaken for a black male. As I watched him awkwardly fumble between her legs for a few seconds, it was as if time slowed.

I stared down between my wife's spread legs, seeing the swollen head of this mans cock an inch from her vaginal opening when I had a moment of pause. For a split second, I though I could still stop it, and we could return to the hotel with what had already become the most erotic thing we had ever even thought about, or at least I had thought about.

Before I could even come to terms with my internal debate, he leaned in, and I watched the head of his cock spread her vaginal opening, and f***efully enter her completely. He was not being gentile what so ever, he was pushing with all he had, but I said nothing. I knew his only goal was to shoot his seed.

Janet sharply exhaled with my cock in her mouth, but also said nothing. In my intoxication and erotic trance, all I could do was watch as he bowed up his back and uncontrollably bounced his ass up and down between her legs.

Not more than thirty seconds after slamming inside her completely, with her vaginal lubricant covering all of his cock, he began with very loud moans and wincing his face tightly, when suddenly he let out an extremely loud "AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... AAAHHHHHHHHHHH.... MMMMMAAHHHHHHH... UM, AAAHHHHHHHHHHH."

The way he had tensed up and gritted his teeth, I could tell he was delivering his seed deep inside her. I think the instant Janet felt his semen shoot inside her was when she softly exhaled on my cock with "Umm, Ahhumm."

He continued shooting his seed inside her for about a full minute, jerking his hips occasionally as if to put the last drip of his sperm inside her, when suddenly he relaxed for a second and sharply withdrew.

I desperately had to stay motionless in my wife's mouth, or I would have been unloaded. Uncontrollably, I had to feel what had just happened. I reached down between her legs, and effortlessly inserted two fingers inside her.

I withdrew my fingers slightly, and could feel a glob of semen about run down her ass. I took both fingers and scooped it to her vaginal opening and inserted my fingers back inside her. By this time, I had his come all over the outside of her crotch.

The incredibly strong smell of this young mans semen took over the tent. Just as I was enthralled with the feelings I was having, another of the guys had already got to his knees and leaned in, with his erect cock inches from her pussy.

I quickly withdrew my fingers and for a split second rubbed semen all over her crotch. Just as I withdrew my hand, he slowly positioned himself with one hand and pushed completely inside her up to his nuts with one slow, fluid, inward thrust.

The light of the fire was shining between her legs plainly allowing me to see sticky threads of semen sticking between her pussy and his pubic hair. It finally began to hit me that this was utterly unprotected, and that anything that happened after this point was complete insanity, still I allowed it to continue.

This guy like the first, began picking up the pace and having that look on his face when I said for reasons unknown to me "Not inside her, not inside her."

As I finished saying it, the guy arched his back and thrust with all his might, letting out a roaring "OOOOHHHHHHH, MMMM, AAAAAHHHHHHHH, AHH, AHHMMMMMYYYYGGGGAAAHHH."

He was pushing so deeply that his body shook violently. It was obvious he had no idea what I was asking him to do when I earlier said, "Not inside her."

He just kept on trembling as he held his f***eful inward thrust. It was as if he didn't want to move the head of his cock even a quarter of an inch from her unprotected uterus, almost as if he wanted to ensure every strong shot of his sperm thoroughly flooded her fertile uterine chamber.

The instinctual way he held that thrust in some way made it obvious that, if she was ovulating, he wanted to be the one to fertilize her. The alcohol on his breath, the smell of semen, and feeling him shake so hard against Janet, was mind blowing erotic. It was apparent to me that this had become the single biggest gamble we could have ever undertaken, because it had become wildly out of control.

All the drinking with Henry earlier in the night was just to the point of having a great buzz, but this time we were d***k in every sense. Sane thought, if there ever was any, went out the tent door.

After shooting every drop of his DNA inside Janet, he slowly withdrew. As he did, another of the guys was leaning down simultaneously with his shorts off.

In my d***ken state, I reasoned that it now wouldn't make any difference whether she had one mans sperm inside her or a blended cocktail of everyone sperm. Before the third guy entered her, I softly asked her "Do you want to keep going?"

She just murmured "Do you want me to keep going?"

I had no choice in my mind it almost seemed when I said, "Yes, I want them all inside you."

They all took their turn with her, and all had fully emptied themselves inside her unprotected vagina. As the last guy, Miguel withdrew from her, I instantly moved between her legs and couldn't believe what I saw. By the fire light, she had a stream of semen leaking from her slightly gaped vaginal opening.

The thick white semen that filled the small gaped opening flowed down her ass cheeks to a thick clumpy puddle where ass met the sl**ping bags. It was a sight like nothing you could ever imagine in the wildest porn video.

The sheer volume of semen was beyond words. It didn't look right, or like I would have imagined it. It was more like thirty guys came in a glass and it was simply poured and rubbed all over her pussy and crotch. Every time she would even slightly move it pushed a thick glob out of her pussy and down her inner ass cheeks.

I have no idea why, other than my erotic moment of insanity, but found myself scooping it towards her ass with several fingers, sliding my fingers back up her ass and crotch, and sinking them deep inside her.

Just as I uncontrollably went to position myself between her legs, to my utter surprise, she slowly rose to her elbows and said in a groggy voice "Oh my God, I can't believe a simple blow job turned into me being gang fucked?"

She then continued "We need therapy, married people don't do this."

I didn't utter a word, unbelievably I had several things now going through my mind, first of which was "Thank God. She was coherent to know what had happened," second was "Holy crap, my wife just willingly let five guys fuck and blow their loads deep inside her," last thing was "Please don't let her get pregnant."

As I was thinking this over the course of only a second or so, she slowly pulled me to her, and we began to kiss. She then softly said, "Please make love to me. Don't just fuck me. I don't want you to just fuck me. I want you to make love to me. I love you so much. You probably don't even want me anymore. Are you able to make love to me with that many men inseminating me?"

As she said it, I slowly rose to one arm and positioned myself with the other. I was probably harder than I ever had been I my life, and was so close to ejaculating, and slight breeze could have set me off.

I then very slowly pushed into the thick white stream of seed leaking from her vagina. As I felt the warm slick sloppy flesh of her vagina consume my cock, I leaned slowly and effortlessly all the way inside her as we slowly kissed. I barely felt my cock inside her ordinarily tight pussy, knowing that her matrimonially sacred uterus was flooded with the competing seed of five guys.

Surprisingly, we fucked for nearly five minutes with me stopping frequently to avoid coming. She was so slick. Again, could barely feel her. Just as I felt the urge to empty myself, I believe she too sensed it, when she began exhaling quickly, grabbed my ass, and erotically spread her legs.

I was trying to last a few more seconds knowing a deep sense of regret would take over after I shot my load, when I glanced between her legs and saw come all over the base of my cock. That along with the strong aroma of semen was all I could take. My whole body began to orgasm. The pumping from my cock was so strong it almost hurt. It was as if mentally I wanted my sperm to get to the head of the pack, in case she was ovulating.

I came for several minutes it seemed. She didn't want me to withdraw at all. She slowly grabbed my ass and encouraged me to stay inside her. I just lie there catching my breath and feeling intense regret.

Occasionally, I could feel her tighten and flex her vaginal muscles and softly exhale. I had no idea. What could be going through her mind knowing she was carrying so many guy's sperm inside her?

Eventually, I rolled to her left side as my half erected and soaked cock slipped from her. Again, I put my hand between her legs and was amazed at how she felt. She was sloppier than I had ever felt. I was effortlessly running three fingers through her pussy lips and slightly inside her.

Even in my deep regret, I began rubbing it from her ass to her stomach. The scent of come was over powering. I can't even remember when, but I fell asl**p, or more accurately passed out.

What's worse, I have no idea how long I had been asl**p, but woke suddenly. To my horror and I had no idea how much time had passed, Janet was no longer lying right beside me, in fact she wasn't in the tent at all.

I was an instant wreck. I quickly but quietly jumped up and exited the tent, and could hear a guy moaning rhythmically in the other tent. I know it sounds insane given what all had taken place this night, but I was hoping she wasn't being fucked.

I very slowly walked on the sand to the next tent, and my worst fear materialized. She was spread eagle with a guy between her legs. He was smashing himself inside her with his huge nuts on her ass.

I could see that she had a pillow over her mouth and was screaming in a muffled way every time he slammed against her. I'm not sure how long I watched, but eventually I realized this wasn't one of the guys who had been here all along. All the other guys were probably not much taller than five feet eight inches tall, but this guy had to be six feet plus.

This was a very large, either extremely dark Hispanic guy or a black guy. As he fucked her, I noticed that he began to shove as hard as he could inside her letting out a strained roar.

To my utter shock as I rubbed my eyes, I watched as Janet took her hands from the pillow and put them on his ass as she raised her legs off the tent floor. I could hear her gasping in a low voice "Oh God yes! Yes! Oh God Yes! AAAHHH, God Yes, I'm so close. I'm so close. I'm so fucking close! Don't stop, Don't stop, Please don't ssstttaaaAAAhhhh ..................... AAAAAAAHHHHHHHGGGGGOD!"

She then curled her toes and dug her heel into the back of his upper thighs, as she simultaneously pulled with her hands with her fingernails dug into his ass. It almost appeared that she had stopped breathing when after a few seconds, she let out a pent up explosive "OHHHHH MY GGGGOODD! OHHHHH MY GGGGOODD! OHHHHH MY GGGGOODD!"

All the while, this guy was grunting and jerking his lower body with his nuts smashed against her ass. He was smacking his lower body against hers and flexing his ass as if to shoot seed in her chest.

Every time he exhaled, moaned, or flexed his muscular ass, I knew an explosion of his seed was busting into her now orgasmic, well fertilized uterus. I could only visualize her dilated cervix, sexually engorged uterus, and vaginal muscles convulsing in a primal and breeding way as it sucked up as much sperm as it could. I figured if anything signaled her body to ovulate, it would be this.

It was clear that yes all the other guys fucked her, but this guy thoroughly bread her. It took nearly five minutes it seemed for him to finish completely, and at least two more minutes for her to finish. It was the most erotic, sexual, impregnation embrace, I could even fathom.

I was cationic as I watched her beautiful hands tightly squeeze his ass, and saw her polished semen glistening fingernails as she at times ran her fingers to her pussy, with his cock between her index and middle finger.

To my fear, this was one of those times when a woman says, "I remember the exact time I became pregnant."

In all the turmoil, I had removed my shorts, and waited for the guy to leave the tent. I was right on the side and could hear them gasping for words. It drove me nuts hearing her speak with him after that. She began saying, "Oh my God, I didn't think it was possible to orgasm like that. Could you feel my orgasm? My insides tightened so intensely I thought I'd pass out if it continued. I can't believe that just happened to me."

He just kept panting occasionally chuckling quietly. However, Janet kept on and on about it. I thought she would fuck him again because I could hear her softly moaning and could detect the sounds of them kissing, but finally, he told her he'd be back that he had to go to work for now.

Once he finally put his shorts back on and left, I waited for a minute or two and eventually sneaked in the tent, where I found Janet rolled to her stomach. I didn't even identify myself. She had no idea it was me. I pulled her hips off the floor and raised her to her knees and shoved so effortlessly inside her as my body smacked against her ass.

For some reason, it was an enormous erotic turn on that she didn't know it was me. As I fucked her, I reached around her waist and felt the mess of semen between her legs, and on my cock as I thrust inside her.

I began rubbing the semen on her breast and began putting my finger in her mouth. It was so absolutely a****listic. For reasons, I still can't believe, It further turned me on that, I knew she could hardly feel me. She was barely and softly exhaling as I thrust inside her, she wasn't fucking back or anything.

It was almost as if she wanted it to end. The guy who just nailed her must have had a huge cock. I had never felt her loose like this. It didn't even feel like my wife. It didn't take very long before I shot my load, and knew I wasn't shooting much, as I had shot most of my semen the last time I fucked her.

That bothered me somewhat too, knowing the guy who just finished with her no doubt shot thunderous jets of seed into her orgasmic and convulsing uterus, but what bothered me the most was that she not only fucked a guy without me knowing, she had a true orgasm with him, and now I was fucking her, and she had no idea it was even me.

What was obvious too, was that I wasn't satisfying her at all? When I was done, I rolled her to her back, and asked, "How did you end up in this tent."

As soon as it left my mouth, she snapped up to her elbows and looked as if she had seen a ghost, saying "Oh my God, Baby, Oh my God. When? Where did? I, you... wait...Don't act like you didn't know? Please don't act as if you don't know."

I was at a loss because if she was trying to throw smoke at the confusion, she was doing a great job. I then asked, "How would I have known what? I woke up, and you weren't there."

I then asked, "Who was that guy who just fucked your brains out and gave you an orgasm? You know the one like you've never had before?"

She paused and replied "Baby, stop this, stop right now, you know who it was, as well as I did, which is to say that neither of us actually knew him. As he was waking me in the other tent, you woke up too and said, even begged, that you wanted me to have sex with him because he, as you so eloquently put it, had a huge cock. You told me you wanted me to touch it, and I did. You then plainly kept repeating Fuck him Baby, Fuck him."

She continued "The guy then said we were going to the other tent, and you wholeheartedly replied, yes perfect, so please don't act like you didn't know and make me feel like more of a whore than I already do. I hope we are both happy. I'm supposed to get my period in a few days, and well, what are the odds of that after all this? I've fucked more guys tonight that I have in my life, how do you think that makes me feel? Oh, and fucked them all in front of my husband without a condom or any birth control? Boy, that's just smart, very intelligent. Oh and God knows what we could both now have in the way of STD's."

The entire time she was saying it, I realized I must have been in a twilight sl**p and simply speaking when it was all going on. I remembered bits and pieces of what she was saying as she was saying it, but would have sworn I dreamt it all.

I quickly began in a backtracking manner "Listen. I'm sorry. I'm sure I said it, I just didn't remember it all. I'm sorry. You're right. This was stupid. Let's stop and not think about doing it any more. If we get through this without you being pregnant, or us catching something, we'll never even think about it again."Still bothered by it all, I went out on a limb and asked, "Was it just with that guy after you got over to this tent?"

I must have taken it a bit over the edge with that, as she was already brimming with regret when she replied sarcastically "I'm not sure, okay? I don't know. There could have been someone else, oh and let's not forget about you sneaking up behind me and getting yours, was that even you?

She continued fuming "Does it make you happy that I could barely feel my husband inside me because of how many times I've been BANGED? What would it matter at this point, after you excitedly watched those first guys take turns gang fucking me, did it really matter, did it? For fuck sakes, I've been used by practically a baseball team in front of my you, and now you want to know if the bat boy got some?"

She then reached between her legs and inserted her fingers inside her. As she pulled her fingers out, she held them up in front of me. She then began pulling her fingers apart as the semen stretched between her fingers saying, "Oh look, see? Hum, I can't tell how many men this is, apparently their sperm wasn't wearing name tags. Next time we'll make them wear name tags."

Again, I began to apologize saying "Okay, I get it. I really get it. I'm sorry, dumb question. Let's just go back to the hotel and shower this whole night off of us and never do it again."

She didn't really reply. She just fumbled and reached for her panties and put them quickly over her feet and scooted into them. As she stumbled to get up, I could see come all over the outside of her navy blue panties.

As we got back to the other tent, we quickly gathered and fumbled for the rest of our clothes, and exited the tent. I noticed the sun, still not quite up, but making the horizon beautifully orange. The fresh ocean air was like a truck hitting me after having smelled only semen for as long as this had taken place in the tent.

Half the guys were laying by the fire with sheets pulled over them as they slept, the other half, I had no idea where they made it to. I didn't even want them to see us, I just wanted to leave.

For some odd reason, It all seemed okay once we got out of the tent and stepped into the slightly cold sand. As we turned to walk back to the hotel, we ran into Miguel the leader of this bunch quickly replied "It's okay. It didn't even happen."

He also pointed at the rest of the guys, and said, "And the same goes for them, don't worry."

Janet sarcastically said, "Whose worried, it was fucking, don't all husbands bring their wives down here every night to screw?"

She then turned and walked off carrying her shoes. He just silently said nothing and but waved for me not to worry, and off he walked to the tents. Janet and I stumbled across the sand back to the boardwalk, not saying a word to one another.

Once we got to the boardwalk, Janet stood for a second and slipped her shoes onto her feet and adjusted the crotch of her panties. When she did, she wiped her fingers on her skirt and let out a quick regretful exhale saying, "I can't, I just can't believe us, all of this, and it's all surreal. Surely, it's a bad dream, and we'll wake up soon."

We finally made it back to the room, and noticed that Henry was already up on the back-porch sipping on a cup of coffee and reading a USA Today. He quickly smiled saying, "Oh, there they are, how's the boat?"

I quickly replied "Oh it's fine. It's all good."

He then said, "Wow, you two look rough, must have been a wild night."

I glanced at Janet, and she really did have her hair all over the place, and my shirt was half tucked in and rumple up. I'm quite sure we did look rough. I then pulled up a chair opposite Henry, and tugged at Janet's arm to sit with me.

Janet was still in quite rare form as she replied "A whole night of fucking can make a person look rough."

As soon as she said it Henry covered his ears and jokingly said, "Okay, I've already heard enough, glad you had a good time."

I got a sinking feeling not wanting her to go completely off the handle and spill everything that happened. I then jumped in saying, "Honey, just go take a shower. It'll make you feel better."

Janet paused for a second when she finally replied looking right at me "That's probably the best idea I've heard out of you in three weeks."

Henry sensed something was wrong as she walked into the sliding back doors of the room, when he quietly uttered "Is she mad at me, for some reason? Are you two okay? What's wrong?"

I didn't go into any great detail, I simply stated, "Janet and I played a bit more than we probably should have. I think we've unleashed a monster in us. We're taking too many risks."

It was almost as if Henry sensed what I was eluding to when he replied "Listen, by lunch time today we'll sail out of here, and you can forget about it. Don't be too hard on yourselves. I'm as much to fault as you. We all kind of let our inhibitions go, and they've spiraled a bit out of control."

Henry always had that way of making anything seem okay. A person could rob a bank and ten minutes later Henry would have them forgiving themselves."

Janet eventually came out of the bathroom and walked out back to sit with us. As soon as she did, the subject matter changed immediately. We began mapping out our way back home and speaking about another port south of us, we could hit before leaving. It was like a new beginning.

Everything spoke about it seemed to erase our guilt, regret, or any other negative feeling we were having at the time. As they continued speaking, I made my way to the shower. I couldn't wait to get clean.

I didn't have a sexual thought in my head, until I entered the bathroom. Upon entering, I noticed Janet's clothes in a small pile under the towel she had used. I can't explain why, but I desperately wanted to look at her panties.

I locked the door behind me and slowly began lifting the towel off her clothes. After a few seconds of searching, I saw her panties tucked inside the dress. I slowly pulled them out, and the site was unreal. They were still saturated with semen.

Some of it had started to dry around the edges of the deposit, but right at the crotch and about two inches in either direction, there was still a slick, soaked, creamy-white load of all their seed.

The intense smell of come was overpowering even though they were two feet from my face. I would like to say that we learned our lesson from all our risky events, but it didn't take much for me to fall right back into the mode of wanting to watch her fuck. *... Continue»
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f***ed feminisation

It all started as just a game. i logged into a f***ed feminization chat room and portrayed myself as a slave being punished by my Mistress. Saying She had instructed me to enter this room for 5 minutes and obey any command given to me. It seemed harmless and exciting. How stupid could i have been. Instantly i began getting messages for me to strip and show my ass and my face in various poses. There was one in particular who led the show. He f***ed me to put on lots of makeup and lingerie and pose myself as a sissy slut begging for cocks to serve. Everything was done on cam. i was naked spreading my ass and on display. After the 5 minutes were up, i left the room still getting messages from everyone who participated im my degradation. It seemed harmless and fun to portray myself and get so much attention. Then, It happened!

My E-mail popped up with a new message. i opened it and was stunned at what i saw! There were several attachments. Each one was a pic of me during the whole session and they were all clear as a bell! i had no idea you could take snap-shots like that. My face, my ass, everything i did! What the fuck! How in the hell? The message body contained the following message. "Log back on right now, and report to me BITCH!, Or else you will be more popular on the web than Pamela Anderson!" Quickly i logged in and saw Him waiting. i immediately messaged Him and asked what he wanted.

i panicked which was a major mistake! If i had only known! By the time it was over he had me back in makeup and lingerie, shave my pubs completely and lick up a load of cum. All on cam! There was nothing i could do! he threatened to spread me all over the net with the pictures he already had! Signing off he told me i was his gay fag bitch slave now and that I was to purchase a dildo and a collar by this time tomorrow night and report back to Him.

That night i could hardly sl**p. Was this really happening? i kicked myself in the ass for panicking, i should have just ignored him with the pictures He first had. But at first i was afraid. Now He has even more! This was all just suppose to be a fantasy! Now, it was coming true and there was nothing i could do to stop it! Or was there? i thoroughly considered how much He had on me and where this was all going! i had to stop it. How bad could it be i thought? So i decided right then to roll the dice and ignore Him. Little did i know how wrong i was!

For the next couple of weeks i was on pins and needles and i continually surfed checking for any traces. i even went back to the chat room under a different name to see if anything was happening. After a while i figured it was over and i counted myself lucky.

The next day at work i logged on to our LAN at work to check for my normal daily info. And there it was...An E-mail from a Master!!! i froze in my seat while my heart pounded like an earthquake. He knows my real name, my work E-mail address and where i worked! i thought this couldn't get any worse til i opened it! In giant bold letters it read "AS MY GIFT TO ALL OF YOU, PLEASE ALLOW ME THE PRIVILEGE OF SUCKING EVERYONE OF YOUR COCKS. A SMILE AND A MOUTHFUL OF CUM FOR ME TO SWALLOW WILL BE MY ONLY CHARGE!"

It was sent with stationary in the background that was a collage of what appeared to be every picture He had of me!..........i went numb!.........but that wasn't all! It also had an imprint made up of our companies E-mail listing of every single person in the company! My hands went to my head and i knew now i was royally fucked. What the fuck was i to do! OH MY GOD!!!! How can i explain!!! i wasn't gay! i would be ruined. i scrolled down to see all the pictures. It was extremely long. At the very bottom in very small lettering there was a message for me which read.

"This is just a preview E-mail which is set on a 24 hour timer on my computer. It starts upon receiving a read receipt once opened. I expect you to spend this time to reflect back on the consequences for not obeying me. Have a nice life..MLC"

Oh Fuck! i was trembling! What have i done? i never thought it would come this far...OH GOD!!!! i looked at the clock which showed 10 after 7 and realized 10 minutes had passed already since i had activated the countdown to my own destruction.!

my mind was a whirlwind thinking what to do!

At first i thought, maybe if there was a power outage tomorrow morning the e-mail would fail! But then He would receive notification of the failure and just resend. Shit shit shit!!!!! my life was over!

It was then i had only one choice. i had to convince him not to do it..but how?

i had to contact i immediately told my supervisor i had to go take care of some important business and i took the day off.

Driving home my mind was racing..i knew He was a gay master and i new of course what appealed to Him. It was the only shot i had! Arriving home i quickly logged on but His user id showed He was off line...Fuck!...

10:22 AM

My whole mind was in a constant state of nervousness. i had to concentrate..i had to figure a way out!

Was He really off line or had He shut me off completely from seeing Him..looking at the time i thought he must be a least i hoped that was only the case.

So i set there and stared at His user id for hours just shaking in plain terror as the clock ticked on and on and on...As i sat there i tried to figure out just what i was gonna say or do...i don't have any money and never expected any in the near future...Shit...The only thing i had to offer was myself! Most importantly i needed time! Once i realized that, i stripped down naked in front of my own cam with it turned on hoping this would work. NO DICE!

i sat there still waiting and praying.

By noon time still nothing.

Then just before 1:00PM Messenger gave me the all familiar knock!

There He was! Thank God!

i was thrilled to see Him as my heart leapt in my throat! What the fuck was going on with me!

i messaged Him begging Him to stop the timer.

No answer.

Suddenly i saw He was now viewing my cam. At least i felt this was a good sign. i moved back so He could see me from head to toe. i knelt on my hands and knees as if worshiping Him. And begging. i turned around and around and made lewd gestures with my mouth and my ass. Anything i could think of! i messaged him and offered him money. i even told him i would be his personal bitch. Anything He wanted. Anything to not ruin my career! Finally i fell to my face still on my knees with hands out to the side sweating like a pig!

i was startled back to reality by an alert that went off on my computer screen above me. i looked.

It was a message from Master that read.."I prefer my bitches to beg in person." The message also contained the city He was in and a cell phone number.

Then He logged off and i was left with a decision with the clock still ticking. It was obvious He was in control and He was letting me know the way it was gonna be. If i was to get out of this it would be in person and on His terms!

Next thing i new i was setting on the plane staring out across the horizon.

The earliest flight i could get would put me in at 3 AM in the morning. That gave me about 4 hours once the plane landed.

As soon as it touched down i answer!

i called again...nothing.

Looking at my watch it was goin on 4 am and i was still at the airport with nothing but a fucking number with no answer! i have never been so fucking helpless in my whole life. Here i was goin through all this begging a gay Master to let me be his bitch!!! How could i have fucked up so much! Again i was helpless. i was totally His! He had full control..i felt like his little pawn..his little toy..his little bitch! And considering the situation..i was!

At nearly 5 O'clock He finally picked up.

"Took you long enough bitch."

"i am hear Master.." i replied

i had to play for him as much as possible to figure this thing out. i started talking and He simply talked over me with an address and hung up..Shit.

After taking a cab clear across town i finally arrived at the address just before 5. The front door had a note taped to it which read "BITCHES USE THE BACK DOOR."

i quickly ran around to the back to find another note. "STRIP, AND PREPARE TO MEET YOUR NEW OWNER! YOUR OLD CLOTHES AND BELONGINGS GO IN THE LOCK BOX!"

He couldn't be serious! i stood there looking around thinking of what to do as the clock still ticked away. i knew this was only temporary. He wouldn't really throw away my clothes would He? Hopefully i could serve him well and get them back before i go home.

On the porch in front of the door was a blindfold, a ball gag and handcuffs. You've got to be fucking crazy! Staring at it there was no choice! i knew what i had to do. Shit!

Even though i knew i was not gay.the whole control thing just totally started to blow my mind. My cock started to rise as i took off my clothes and locked them inside the box beside the door. i must be fucking insane i thought to myself. i still had no choice though! my cock was now hard as a rock. i couldn't control it...there was nothing i could do. i couldn't risk disappointing Him in any way until i somehow talked Him into canceling the E-mail. One last look around and the blindfold was in place. Next came the ball gag which i hoped would not stay on for long! i wondered if i should knock before putting on the cuffs. i had to let him know i was there. i was quickly running out of time.

i knocked and put the cuffs on behind my back. With each click as it ratcheted shut i trembled. Then i knelt there and waited for my so called "New Owner"!

i thought hard about everything that had just transpired. With in a 24 hour period i went from a hard working respected business man to a but naked and bound and gagged slave on my knees at a complete strangers back door hoping and waiting to get the opportunity to beg Him to make me His fag bitch fuck toy! And to make things worse my cock was rock hard and leaking precum on His back porch!

i waited and waited. my mind was going crazy. my whole future lied in His hands now. my wrists squirmed in the cuffs reminding me of my condition and my cock embarrassingly stood out like a flag pole!

Finally i heard the door open.

i knelt there awaiting His command but not a sound was made.

Chills went up my spine as my heart was beating like crazy. i heard the flash of a camera. i pulled tightly against my cuffs and protested as my cock was fully erect bouncing and leaking cum! What a picture that must be! i was nothing but a poor slave hoping to be used by my Master! i could feel his eyes all over my body!

His plan had worked brilliantly. i was His to do with as He pleased!

Still not a sound.

Suddenly i felt a collar being locked around my neck and a chain attached. i felt the tug of a leash. i tried to keep up on my knees as i was lead inside for quite a ways. i could feel the carpet under my knees and i heard the creek of a chair as he sat down. Still not a sound. Just the TV was all that could be heard.

i heard the typing of a key board and then His zipper. i knew what was coming and tried to get away but the chain had apparently been been connected to front of his chair he was setting in holding me in place. All i could do was stay there on my knees and tremble!

"Now you can start convincing me boi...You've got about half an hour left to try and make me cum ...if not...well lets just say you'll have plenty of practice coming up bitch!" He laughed.

A sharp tug on my leash brought me forward. i struggled against it..

"Don't waste time boi..if i so much as hear a peep of anything but slurping and moaning on my cock..I will manually send this shit you understand?"

i knew i had no choice in the matter! i had to do it!......i just thought to one will ever know.just get it over with...there is not much time! my cock was still rock hard! Why!....was this really turning me on!....No no..He obviously was getting all the wrong signs from my body.and there was nothing i could do about it.

The gag and blindfold was unbuckled and instantly replaced with His cock before i could even wet my lips or stretch my mouth.

i quickly leaned in and hungrily wrapped my lips around His glistening shaft and went to work! He had to cum and cum quickly!

God i was so ashamed and embarrassed!

With as much porn as i've seen i tried to duplicate what they do. i had to make him cum and cum fast! i moaned and moved from side to side portraying a true obsession for my task at hand. Deep...around..around...i built up enough saliva to slurp loudly on the up stroke. Twist from side to side.Moaning my enjoyment. It was the best act i could do for something that disgusted me so much. It really took total concentration. i almost could not believe it was me..the better the quicker...cmon..hurry up!

( link opens in new window )

"Not too bad for a beginner sure this is your first cock?

With a plop i with drew my drooling lips taking deep breaths "Yes Master.." my neck and mouth was beginning to get sore. i hungrily moaned as i sank back to my task. With my lips hard at work i glanced over at the screen.only 20 minutes remained! i sped up faster and faster. i could not believe He was showing no sign at all of pleasure...this would make me blow my load a long time ago!

i kept total suction and went as fast as my neck would allow!! The sweat began to poor. i labored long and moans and squeals were no longer fake.i couldn't think of anything more to do! Finally i began to see a twinge in His face...YES..i was getting somewhere.finally!!! i could barely make out the counter on the screen..i believe it was 12 minutes or so..i didn't dare stop though..i had Him on the ropes! Surely it wouldn't be much longer..

Faster...Faster..and Faster..sucking harder and harder! i couldn't picture my fist doing a better job. my tongue pressed under His shaft...i was moaning loudly..tightly...

i felt His hands grab hold of my head as He suddenly buckled and rammed His cock straight down my throat! i felt his body spasm as streams flooded my throat. my arms flew up and back pulling tightly against my cuffs. A loud moan came from His mouth as my sweaty face and hair soaked His crotch. He held me there as i could not breath at all with His cock blocking my airway. i panicked and felt weak and about to pass out. Then my head was yanked back as He was still shooting stream after stream of cum all over my face! It didn't matter to me..i was trying desperately to catch my breath back. Finally His erupting geyser subsided as i realized i had finally accomplished my first task! The counter read 00:03:21. i had only 3 minutes left. i tried to talk but i couldn't hardly make a sound. Damnit..i kept trying to slow my gasping as i incoherently began to beg!

Ma.Ma.s..ter..(gasping)..p.p..please..d..d..don't..send..i.i.will do ...(gasp)...

Any..thing..j..just d..don't do breathing began to finally slow down...

"Exactly what do you have in mind boi?" He asked.


"i need...time..(big breath)..Master." i answered

"Time for what bitch?

i thought of anything i could to get him to stop the timer..

"Time to prepare.."

"For what?"

"For becoming yours Master, please stop it..please"

From the looks of it I would say you already are bitch!" He replied.


i stared at the few fleeting seconds left of my old life as the cum dripped from my face and landed on my lap and ran to the floor below. It was obvious He was correct. It was my last straw..

"But..I can offer you something more Master.." i said

"Oh yea, like what?"

00:01: 02

It was the only thing i could think of that could possibly buy me more time.

"my retirement Master..i have only 3 years left..(taking a breath)..then my pay will start the day after, every month for the rest of my life.."

Without thinking i was instinctively licking the outside of my mouth as it continued to drop from my face..

" much we talking about here boi?" He asked

At last a small glimmer of hope came with His very question showing He was actually interested.


i looked back from Him to the timer..then back..

"After taxes it would be at least a thousand a month." i said as the timer kept goin..

He smiled.." So my new bitch comes with benefits...hmmm...let me think about it."

Staring back from Him to the screen..i stammered "M..M..Master.the have to stop it or i will loose my career and it will all be over.please!!"

"Shut up bitch.I'm thinking.." He shoved the gag back in place and buckled it tight. "one more word and I'll send it shut the fuck up!"

i didn't dare make a sound.

And there it last plea..I watched the numbers click down..20.19..18.17..

There was nothing I could do but wait..hope.and pray he would take it.








I couldn't believe it was about to happen..i strained againse my cuffs and screamed through my gag...mmmmmpHHHHHHHH!!"




Everything stood still as the timer stopped.


He yanked up on my chain with a smile on His face.."your lucky boi...I didn't really send it yet..but I will if you fail to convince me your worthy of serving me.if you don't I kick your ass out and send it to every account on the fucking web!. We will talk about your proposition afterward. Now, get your ass in the shower and shave every hair on that body from the neck've got 15 minutes!"

i crawled down the hall to get busy shaving. i was helpless! i still had to play my part..i couldn't figure out how to get the edge. He had me cornered!

i quickly shaved as best i could when i came out i found a bright pink nightie , handcuffs and 5 inch heels along with a cosmetic case. There was a note which read "if you intend to serve then you'll do it right..". The thought really turned me on, but the idea if being in the presence of a gay Master doing this scared the shit out of me! But it was too late now..i had no choice. i had to play this right if i was to ever get a chance to get out of this!

Looking down i watched as my fuck me pumps incased feet made their way, one in front of the other. Carrying me to hopefully find approval from my new Master! my hands cuffed behind my back after doing the best job i could in applying my thick eyeliner and mascara along with the fullest luscious most bright red lips i could do. i was the perfect vision of a twisted shemale pornstar. i could feel His eyes on me as i strode across the living room swaying from side to side. Lips parted and breathing heavily as if driven by an urge from below. With his legs parted in His chair and His cock on the rise, i knelt between them peering up to Him through my best wanton eyes.

"Your wish is my command Master!" i said.

He reached down with his hand along the side my face and guided my now crimson lips to his leaking shaft. i parted and took him fully. i had to impress him as much as i could.

"Slow and easy must learn to keep it hard while worshipping it for hours and hours..this is your first lesson." he responded.

i slowed and began to seductively massage His throbbing member as best i could as He continued to direct me further.

"Look at me bitch..I want you to know the face of the very Master who's cock your worshipping, and know it well."

i stared up at him with my puppy eyes. Staring into His..looking as helpless as i my hand cuffs ...on my knees...playing my part..submissiveness was my main concern. i have to appear as submissive as i could!

His precum kept coming and it began to drool out from between my perched lips. i slurped loudly with every stroke. Feeling the pulse of His member. As it increased i slowed and withdrew until it decreased then began again..i began to under stand where He was and what to do.i milked Him as much as i could ..i knew better than to make Him cum until told to do so..with my femme side coming out as i was dressed, i was really able to play the part..

i went on and on and on.for what seemed like hours..taking breaks only to retrieve Him a beer from the fridge while He watched TV and enjoyed personalized pleasure. Walking to and fro seductively with my chin now dripping with His seed....keeping Him on edge!

"Ok slut..there is only one thing left He pulled me back and began to lead me by the collar downstairs.

i did my best not to stumble bent over at the waste walking in the heels with his cum dripping from my chin. I watched as His rock hard cock bounced with every step as it dripped a mixture of my saliva and His cum with every step. my virgin ass followed close behind like a sheep being taken to the slaughter. i was lost in the moment but it seamed so right. Oh God.What was happening to me! As we descended into the dark eyes could not be deceiving me! The dim light gave way to walls covered with many devices and whips and chains and cuffs. It was fucking S&M central! i was led to some sort of pillar waste high and pushed over it. One by one thick heavy leather straps were pulled over my silk covered back and I was cinched into place. Then He began to wrap my cuffed arms with something which pulled them so tightly together that my elbows touched. The rattle of chain was heard as it was attached to my cuffs and pulled upward. The only thing mobile was my head and my legs..but not for long! Cuffs were attached to my ankles and connected to chains which were ratcheted apart. And stopped allowing them from moving anywhere but forward and apart. but not together. With the flick of a switch a bright light lit up my face. In front of me were mirrors in three different angles. i could see the video camera behind me mounted to the ceiling and angled directly in to the mirror at my face! He was going to record my deflowering! i struggled but could hardly move an inch.

"Calm down new this was cumming!...." He said as he smacked my ass hard reminding me of my current condition. Strapped down tightly in a pink nightie and heels makeup and what's left of my lipstick still drooling and dripping from my chin with his cum...i no longer felt like person..but a toy...a FUCK TOY!

"I've decided to accept your offer and allow you the opportunity to try and become my bitch..You better work hard though..i have no time for games.So far you've shown some potential to eventually become a decent cock sucker. Now we will see how well you fuck!"

My ass hole twitched as I new it was about to be speared by a hugely erect and hard cock for the first time...I couldn't move an inch!

"Here is your final choice. Either you pussy out and decide to live the rest of your miserable life in shame as you will be known from cost to cost as a cock sucking fag or you have a chance to convince me your worth keeping by begging me to fuck your tight little ass!"

i felt His finger jam into my ass as he lubed me up for his throbbing member! My whole body felt weak and defenseless as there was entirely nothing i could do but start begging him to fuck me like the cheap whore i had become!

He laid his massive tool over the back of my ass and asked me one last time..

"So tell me slut..what is it you want me to do?......"

In final desperation i lowered my head and closed my beautiful painted eyes and pulled against my restraints knowing all to well i had reached the pinnacle of my own debauchery.there would be no turning back after this...i thought long and hard as His cock pulsed laying on my ass ready to make me his new bitch! i raised my head and stared straight into my own eyes through the mirror and uttered the very words that would forever change my life..i took one last breath and then..

"Master..please i beg you to take this whore and make me your own..fuck me long and hard..Master.and teach me to serve you..i offer you this my virgin ass to do with as you please Master..i am yours"

The next thing i remember was closing my eyes and my entire body going stiff as i felt his grip on my hips as his cock slid down and with one hard and long thrust split my anus wide open as i screamed in pain..

Now setting here in the passenger seat of this 747 i can barely move as my ass is still on fire from its brutal assault. Master decided to take my offer of allowing me to finish up and tie up all loose ends back home and finish my career for him to receive all benefits of my retirement. i still had to find a way to dissolve my marriage and make sure my f****y was taken care of before relocating after my job was over. There was to be no ties and no trace of me in any way shape or form. He told me He would reveal my online training plan as soon as i arrived back home and E-mailed him to let him know I was there. My imagination went wild with what he had in store for me. But enough about my future..i still had to find away to get home unseen from the airport wearing my flip flops, bright pink daisy duke cut off shorts and a pink spaghetti tie tank top which read simply "TAKEN".... Continue»
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Part 1

It all started as just a game. i logged into a f***ed feminization chat room and portrayed myself as a slave being punished by my Mistress. Saying She had instructed me to enter this room for 5 minutes and obey any command given to me. It seemed harmless and exciting. How stupid could i have been. Instantly i began getting messages for me to strip and show my ass and my face in various poses. There was one in particular who led the show. He f***ed me to put on lots of makeup and lingerie and pose myself as a sissy slut begging for cocks to serve. Everything was done on cam. i was naked spreading my ass and on display. After the 5 minutes were up, i left the room still getting messages from everyone who participated im my degradation. It seemed harmless and fun to portray myself and get so much attention. Then, It happened!

My E-mail popped up with a new message. i opened it and was stunned at what i saw! There were several attachments. Each one was a pic of me during the whole session and they were all clear as a bell! i had no idea you could take snap-shots like that. My face, my ass, everything i did! What the fuck! How in the hell? The message body contained the following message. "Log back on right now, and report to me BITCH!, Or else you will be more popular on the web than Pamela Anderson!" Quickly i logged in and saw Him waiting. i immediately messaged Him and asked what he wanted.

i panicked which was a major mistake! If i had only known! By the time it was over he had me back in makeup and lingerie, shave my pubs completely and lick up a load of cum. All on cam! There was nothing i could do! he threatened to spread me all over the net with the pictures he already had! Signing off he told me i was his gay fag bitch slave now and that I was to purchase a dildo and a collar by this time tomorrow night and report back to Him.

That night i could hardly sl**p. Was this really happening? i kicked myself in the ass for panicking, i should have just ignored him with the pictures He first had. But at first i was afraid. Now He has even more! This was all just suppose to be a fantasy! Now, it was coming true and there was nothing i could do to stop it! Or was there? i thoroughly considered how much He had on me and where this was all going! i had to stop it. How bad could it be i thought? So i decided right then to roll the dice and ignore Him. Little did i know how wrong i was!

For the next couple of weeks i was on pins and needles and i continually surfed checking for any traces. i even went back to the chat room under a different name to see if anything was happening. After a while i figured it was over and i counted myself lucky.

The next day at work i logged on to our LAN at work to check for my normal daily info. And there it was...An E-mail from a Master!!! i froze in my seat while my heart pounded like an earthquake. He knows my real name, my work E-mail address and where i worked! i thought this couldn't get any worse til i opened it! In giant bold letters it read "AS MY GIFT TO ALL OF YOU, PLEASE ALLOW ME THE PRIVILEGE OF SUCKING EVERYONE OF YOUR COCKS. A SMILE AND A MOUTHFUL OF CUM FOR ME TO SWALLOW WILL BE MY ONLY CHARGE!"

It was sent with stationary in the background that was a collage of what appeared to be every picture He had of me!..........i went numb!.........but that wasn't all! It also had an imprint made up of our companies E-mail listing of every single person in the company! My hands went to my head and i knew now i was royally fucked. What the fuck was i to do! OH MY GOD!!!! How can i explain!!! i wasn't gay! i would be ruined. i scrolled down to see all the pictures. It was extremely long. At the very bottom in very small lettering there was a message for me which read.

"This is just a preview E-mail which is set on a 24 hour timer on my computer. It starts upon receiving a read receipt once opened. I expect you to spend this time to reflect back on the consequences for not obeying me. Have a nice life..MLC"

Oh Fuck! i was trembling! What have i done? i never thought it would come this far...OH GOD!!!! i looked at the clock which showed 10 after 7 and realized 10 minutes had passed already since i had activated the countdown to my own destruction.!

my mind was a whirlwind thinking what to do!

At first i thought, maybe if there was a power outage tomorrow morning the e-mail would fail! But then He would receive notification of the failure and just resend. Shit shit shit!!!!! my life was over!

It was then i had only one choice. i had to convince him not to do it..but how?

i had to contact i immediately told my supervisor i had to go take care of some important business and i took the day off.

Driving home my mind was racing..i knew He was a gay master and i new of course what appealed to Him. It was the only shot i had! Arriving home i quickly logged on but His user id showed He was off line...Fuck!...

10:22 AM

My whole mind was in a constant state of nervousness. i had to concentrate..i had to figure a way out!

Was He really off line or had He shut me off completely from seeing Him..looking at the time i thought he must be a least i hoped that was only the case.

So i set there and stared at His user id for hours just shaking in plain terror as the clock ticked on and on and on...As i sat there i tried to figure out just what i was gonna say or do...i don't have any money and never expected any in the near future...Shit...The only thing i had to offer was myself! Most importantly i needed time! Once i realized that, i stripped down naked in front of my own cam with it turned on hoping this would work. NO DICE!

i sat there still waiting and praying.

By noon time still nothing.

Then just before 1:00PM Messenger gave me the all familiar knock!

There He was! Thank God!

i was thrilled to see Him as my heart leapt in my throat! What the fuck was going on with me!

i messaged Him begging Him to stop the timer.

No answer.

Suddenly i saw He was now viewing my cam. At least i felt this was a good sign. i moved back so He could see me from head to toe. i knelt on my hands and knees as if worshiping Him. And begging. i turned around and around and made lewd gestures with my mouth and my ass. Anything i could think of! i messaged him and offered him money. i even told him i would be his personal bitch. Anything He wanted. Anything to not ruin my career! Finally i fell to my face still on my knees with hands out to the side sweating like a pig!

i was startled back to reality by an alert that went off on my computer screen above me. i looked.

It was a message from Master that read.."I prefer my bitches to beg in person." The message also contained the city He was in and a cell phone number.

Then He logged off and i was left with a decision with the clock still ticking. It was obvious He was in control and He was letting me know the way it was gonna be. If i was to get out of this it would be in person and on His terms!

Next thing i new i was setting on the plane staring out across the horizon.

The earliest flight i could get would put me in at 3 AM in the morning. That gave me about 4 hours once the plane landed.

As soon as it touched down i answer!

i called again...nothing.

Looking at my watch it was goin on 4 am and i was still at the airport with nothing but a fucking number with no answer! i have never been so fucking helpless in my whole life. Here i was goin through all this begging a gay Master to let me be his bitch!!! How could i have fucked up so much! Again i was helpless. i was totally His! He had full control..i felt like his little pawn..his little toy..his little bitch! And considering the situation..i was!

At nearly 5 O'clock He finally picked up.

"Took you long enough bitch."

"i am hear Master.." i replied

i had to play for him as much as possible to figure this thing out. i started talking and He simply talked over me with an address and hung up..Shit.

After taking a cab clear across town i finally arrived at the address just before 5. The front door had a note taped to it which read "BITCHES USE THE BACK DOOR."

i quickly ran around to the back to find another note. "STRIP, AND PREPARE TO MEET YOUR NEW OWNER! YOUR OLD CLOTHES AND BELONGINGS GO IN THE LOCK BOX!"

He couldn't be serious! i stood there looking around thinking of what to do as the clock still ticked away. i knew this was only temporary. He wouldn't really throw away my clothes would He? Hopefully i could serve him well and get them back before i go home.

On the porch in front of the door was a blindfold, a ball gag and handcuffs. You've got to be fucking crazy! Staring at it there was no choice! i knew what i had to do. Shit!

Even though i knew i was not gay.the whole control thing just totally started to blow my mind. My cock started to rise as i took off my clothes and locked them inside the box beside the door. i must be fucking insane i thought to myself. i still had no choice though! my cock was now hard as a rock. i couldn't control it...there was nothing i could do. i couldn't risk disappointing Him in any way until i somehow talked Him into canceling the E-mail. One last look around and the blindfold was in place. Next came the ball gag which i hoped would not stay on for long! i wondered if i should knock before putting on the cuffs. i had to let him know i was there. i was quickly running out of time.

i knocked and put the cuffs on behind my back. With each click as it ratcheted shut i trembled. Then i knelt there and waited for my so called "New Owner"!

i thought hard about everything that had just transpired. With in a 24 hour period i went from a hard working respected business man to a but naked and bound and gagged slave on my knees at a complete strangers back door hoping and waiting to get the opportunity to beg Him to make me His fag bitch fuck toy! And to make things worse my cock was rock hard and leaking precum on His back porch!

i waited and waited. my mind was going crazy. my whole future lied in His hands now. my wrists squirmed in the cuffs reminding me of my condition and my cock embarrassingly stood out like a flag pole!

Finally i heard the door open.

i knelt there awaiting His command but not a sound was made.

Chills went up my spine as my heart was beating like crazy. i heard the flash of a camera. i pulled tightly against my cuffs and protested as my cock was fully erect bouncing and leaking cum! What a picture that must be! i was nothing but a poor slave hoping to be used by my Master! i could feel his eyes all over my body!

His plan had worked brilliantly. i was His to do with as He pleased!

Still not a sound.

Suddenly i felt a collar being locked around my neck and a chain attached. i felt the tug of a leash. i tried to keep up on my knees as i was lead inside for quite a ways. i could feel the carpet under my knees and i heard the creek of a chair as he sat down. Still not a sound. Just the TV was all that could be heard.

i heard the typing of a key board and then His zipper. i knew what was coming and tried to get away but the chain had apparently been been connected to front of his chair he was setting in holding me in place. All i could do was stay there on my knees and tremble!

"Now you can start convincing me boi...You've got about half an hour left to try and make me cum ...if not...well lets just say you'll have plenty of practice coming up bitch!" He laughed.

A sharp tug on my leash brought me forward. i struggled against it..

"Don't waste time boi..if i so much as hear a peep of anything but slurping and moaning on my cock..I will manually send this shit you understand?"

i knew i had no choice in the matter! i had to do it!......i just thought to one will ever know.just get it over with...there is not much time! my cock was still rock hard! Why!....was this really turning me on!....No no..He obviously was getting all the wrong signs from my body.and there was nothing i could do about it.

The gag and blindfold was unbuckled and instantly replaced with His cock before i could even wet my lips or stretch my mouth.

i quickly leaned in and hungrily wrapped my lips around His glistening shaft and went to work! He had to cum and cum quickly!

God i was so ashamed and embarrassed!

With as much porn as i've seen i tried to duplicate what they do. i had to make him cum and cum fast! i moaned and moved from side to side portraying a true obsession for my task at hand. Deep...around..around...i built up enough saliva to slurp loudly on the up stroke. Twist from side to side.Moaning my enjoyment. It was the best act i could do for something that disgusted me so much. It really took total concentration. i almost could not believe it was me..the better the quicker...cmon..hurry up!

"Not too bad for a beginner sure this is your first cock?

With a plop i with drew my drooling lips taking deep breaths "Yes Master.." my neck and mouth was beginning to get sore. i hungrily moaned as i sank back to my task. With my lips hard at work i glanced over at the screen.only 20 minutes remained! i sped up faster and faster. i could not believe He was showing no sign at all of pleasure...this would make me blow my load a long time ago!

i kept total suction and went as fast as my neck would allow!! The sweat began to poor. i labored long and moans and squeals were no longer fake.i couldn't think of anything more to do! Finally i began to see a twinge in His face...YES..i was getting somewhere.finally!!! i could barely make out the counter on the screen..i believe it was 12 minutes or so..i didn't dare stop though..i had Him on the ropes! Surely it wouldn't be much longer..

Faster...Faster..and Faster..sucking harder and harder! i couldn't picture my fist doing a better job. my tongue pressed under His shaft...i was moaning loudly..tightly...

i felt His hands grab hold of my head as He suddenly buckled and rammed His cock straight down my throat! i felt his body spasm as streams flooded my throat. my arms flew up and back pulling tightly against my cuffs. A loud moan came from His mouth as my sweaty face and hair soaked His crotch. He held me there as i could not breath at all with His cock blocking my airway. i panicked and felt weak and about to pass out. Then my head was yanked back as He was still shooting stream after stream of cum all over my face! It didn't matter to me..i was trying desperately to catch my breath back. Finally His erupting geyser subsided as i realized i had finally accomplished my first task! The counter read 00:03:21. i had only 3 minutes left. i tried to talk but i couldn't hardly make a sound. Damnit..i kept trying to slow my gasping as i incoherently began to beg!

Ma.Ma.s..ter..(gasping)..p.p..please..d..d..don't..send..i.i.will do ...(gasp)...

Any..thing..j..just d..don't do breathing began to finally slow down...

"Exactly what do you have in mind boi?" He asked.


"i need...time..(big breath)..Master." i answered

"Time for what bitch?

i thought of anything i could to get him to stop the timer..

"Time to prepare.."

"For what?"

"For becoming yours Master, please stop it..please"

From the looks of it I would say you already are bitch!" He replied.


i stared at the few fleeting seconds left of my old life as the cum dripped from my face and landed on my lap and ran to the floor below. It was obvious He was correct. It was my last straw..

"But..I can offer you something more Master.." i said

"Oh yea, like what?"

00:01: 02

It was the only thing i could think of that could possibly buy me more time.

"my retirement Master..i have only 3 years left..(taking a breath)..then my pay will start the day after, every month for the rest of my life.."

Without thinking i was instinctively licking the outside of my mouth as it continued to drop from my face..

" much we talking about here boi?" He asked

At last a small glimmer of hope came with His very question showing He was actually interested.


i looked back from Him to the timer..then back..

"After taxes it would be at least a thousand a month." i said as the timer kept goin..

He smiled.." So my new bitch comes with benefits...hmmm...let me think about it."

Staring back from Him to the screen..i stammered "M..M..Master.the have to stop it or i will loose my career and it will all be over.please!!"

"Shut up bitch.I'm thinking.." He shoved the gag back in place and buckled it tight. "one more word and I'll send it shut the fuck up!"

i didn't dare make a sound.

And there it last plea..I watched the numbers click down..20.19..18.17..

There was nothing I could do but wait..hope.and pray he would take it.








I couldn't believe it was about to happen..i strained againse my cuffs and screamed through my gag...mmmmmpHHHHHHHH!!"




Everything stood still as the timer stopped.


He yanked up on my chain with a smile on His face.."your lucky boi...I didn't really send it yet..but I will if you fail to convince me your worthy of serving me.if you don't I kick your ass out and send it to every account on the fucking web!. We will talk about your proposition afterward. Now, get your ass in the shower and shave every hair on that body from the neck've got 15 minutes!"

i crawled down the hall to get busy shaving. i was helpless! i still had to play my part..i couldn't figure out how to get the edge. He had me cornered!

i quickly shaved as best i could when i came out i found a bright pink nightie , handcuffs and 5 inch heels along with a cosmetic case. There was a note which read "if you intend to serve then you'll do it right..". The thought really turned me on, but the idea if being in the presence of a gay Master doing this scared the shit out of me! But it was too late now..i had no choice. i had to play this right if i was to ever get a chance to get out of this!

Looking down i watched as my fuck me pumps incased feet made their way, one in front of the other. Carrying me to hopefully find approval from my new Master! my hands cuffed behind my back after doing the best job i could in applying my thick eyeliner and mascara along with the fullest luscious most bright red lips i could do. i was the perfect vision of a twisted shemale pornstar. i could feel His eyes on me as i strode across the living room swaying from side to side. Lips parted and breathing heavily as if driven by an urge from below. With his legs parted in His chair and His cock on the rise, i knelt between them peering up to Him through my best wanton eyes.

"Your wish is my command Master!" i said.

He reached down with his hand along the side my face and guided my now crimson lips to his leaking shaft. i parted and took him fully. i had to impress him as much as i could.

"Slow and easy must learn to keep it hard while worshipping it for hours and hours..this is your first lesson." he responded.

i slowed and began to seductively massage His throbbing member as best i could as He continued to direct me further.

"Look at me bitch..I want you to know the face of the very Master who's cock your worshipping, and know it well."

i stared up at him with my puppy eyes. Staring into His..looking as helpless as i my hand cuffs ...on my knees...playing my part..submissiveness was my main concern. i have to appear as submissive as i could!

His precum kept coming and it began to drool out from between my perched lips. i slurped loudly with every stroke. Feeling the pulse of His member. As it increased i slowed and withdrew until it decreased then began again..i began to under stand where He was and what to do.i milked Him as much as i could ..i knew better than to make Him cum until told to do so..with my femme side coming out as i was dressed, i was really able to play the part..

i went on and on and on.for what seemed like hours..taking breaks only to retrieve Him a beer from the fridge while He watched TV and enjoyed personalized pleasure. Walking to and fro seductively with my chin now dripping with His seed....keeping Him on edge!

"Ok slut..there is only one thing left He pulled me back and began to lead me by the collar downstairs.

i did my best not to stumble bent over at the waste walking in the heels with his cum dripping from my chin. I watched as His rock hard cock bounced with every step as it dripped a mixture of my saliva and His cum with every step. my virgin ass followed close behind like a sheep being taken to the slaughter. i was lost in the moment but it seamed so right. Oh God.What was happening to me! As we descended into the dark eyes could not be deceiving me! The dim light gave way to walls covered with many devices and whips and chains and cuffs. It was fucking S&M central! i was led to some sort of pillar waste high and pushed over it. One by one thick heavy leather straps were pulled over my silk covered back and I was cinched into place. Then He began to wrap my cuffed arms with something which pulled them so tightly together that my elbows touched. The rattle of chain was heard as it was attached to my cuffs and pulled upward. The only thing mobile was my head and my legs..but not for long! Cuffs were attached to my ankles and connected to chains which were ratcheted apart. And stopped allowing them from moving anywhere but forward and apart. but not together. With the flick of a switch a bright light lit up my face. In front of me were mirrors in three different angles. i could see the video camera behind me mounted to the ceiling and angled directly in to the mirror at my face! He was going to record my deflowering! i struggled but could hardly move an inch.

"Calm down new this was cumming!...." He said as he smacked my ass hard reminding me of my current condition. Strapped down tightly in a pink nightie and heels makeup and what's left of my lipstick still drooling and dripping from my chin with his cum...i no longer felt like person..but a toy...a FUCK TOY!

"I've decided to accept your offer and allow you the opportunity to try and become my bitch..You better work hard though..i have no time for games.So far you've shown some potential to eventually become a decent cock sucker. Now we will see how well you fuck!"

My ass hole twitched as I new it was about to be speared by a hugely erect and hard cock for the first time...I couldn't move an inch!

"Here is your final choice. Either you pussy out and decide to live the rest of your miserable life in shame as you will be known from cost to cost as a cock sucking fag or you have a chance to convince me your worth keeping by begging me to fuck your tight little ass!"

i felt His finger jam into my ass as he lubed me up for his throbbing member! My whole body felt weak and defenseless as there was entirely nothing i could do but start begging him to fuck me like the cheap whore i had become!

He laid his massive tool over the back of my ass and asked me one last time..

"So tell me slut..what is it you want me to do?......"

In final desperation i lowered my head and closed my beautiful painted eyes and pulled against my restraints knowing all to well i had reached the pinnacle of my own debauchery.there would be no turning back after this...i thought long and hard as His cock pulsed laying on my ass ready to make me his new bitch! i raised my head and stared straight into my own eyes through the mirror and uttered the very words that would forever change my life..i took one last breath and then..

"Master..please i beg you to take this whore and make me your own..fuck me long and hard..Master.and teach me to serve you..i offer you this my virgin ass to do with as you please Master..i am yours"

The next thing i remember was closing my eyes and my entire body going stiff as i felt his grip on my hips as his cock slid down and with one hard and long thrust split my anus wide open as i screamed in pain..

Now setting here in the passenger seat of this 747 i can barely move as my ass is still on fire from its brutal assault. Master decided to take my offer of allowing me to finish up and tie up all loose ends back home and finish my career for him to receive all benefits of my retirement. i still had to find a way to dissolve my marriage and make sure my f****y was taken care of before relocating after my job was over. There was to be no ties and no trace of me in any way shape or form. He told me He would reveal my online training plan as soon as i arrived back home and E-mailed him to let him know I was there. My imagination went wild with what he had in store for me. But enough about my future..i still had to find away to get home unseen from the airport wearing my flip flops, bright pink daisy duke cut off shorts and a pink spaghetti tie tank top which read simply "TAKEN".... Continue»
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Susan & the Black Farm Labourers Ch. 02

Susan wore the dress. It was a bright, sunny day and the thin material was like gauze against her body. Her firm, pert tits pushed the material out and her dark, inch-long nipples jutted through the cloth practically begging to be sucked. The dress was slightly gathered at the waist, causing an accentuation of her hips as it flowed over them and down to brush against her mound which was clearly visible through the thin cotton.

Certainly she would have caused a riot in public, but in the partially secluded back yard, I figured she was safe. Nobody but our guests would be close enough to appreciate the visual feast she offered. And appreciation was evident the moment her new friends arrived.

William led a troop of six, tall Black men down the sidewalk and up the drive. They were all clad in loose-fitting Nike shorts, white T-shirts, and had a variety of hair styles ranging from almost shaved to full dreds. Susan was inside preparing same last-minute stuff in the kitchen as William stopped at the bottom of the verandah steps and said "Hello, mon. I be William and him beside me be my good friend James."

As the other four crowded behind him, William introduced Jonah, Ryan, Robert, and Eugene. It was a blur of names and faces, but in the coming months I would get to know those faces very well -- and their sexual desires, positions, stamina, and length of cock.

I said I was Lawrence and was pleased to finally meet them.

He made a joke that they named the town after me, and I laughed even though I'd heard that same line many times before.

"Susan has told me all about you," I said to William, and pointing at his feet said:"Are those the new shoes?"

He smiled and laughed. "Ya mon. Susan she help me with my wardrobe and I tell her she looks mighty fine in the white dress. Mighty fine!"

He looked beyond me to the kitchen window, checking I knew, to catch a glimse of my sexy wife.

"Ah, there she is mon," William beamed. "And she be wearin' the dress like she said she would."

The others behind him stood on tiptoe and craned their necks as they looked beyond me into the kitchen. I turned just as Susan leaned over to picked up the salt and pepper shakers from the table. It was a cock-hardening sight as her firm tits hung like ripe friut just barely inside the confines of the skimpy material.

She looked up and catching sight of the six Black studs, smiled broadly and made for the door. In a few seconds she was down the verandah steps and they were crowded around her and very politely greeted her, thanked her, and generally drooled at what they saw and what she was obviously offering for their later use.

She later told me she became instantly horny and wet and the tingling in her pussy was an immediate sensation that only intensified as the late afternoon wore into early evening. Several times she and I ended up alone in the kitchen fetching food or drinks, and twice her fingers buried themselves in her drenched pussy for me to lick and suck off. And the smell of her sex was everywhere. Even outside I knew we could all smell her, like dogs picking up the scent of a bitch in heat.

Besides looking, nothing really happened for the first several hours. Then at the round, umbrella-covered tabled, she squeazed in between William and Jonah to eat her salad. She had a second vodka cooler and the guys were on their third beer.

The disappearance of William's left hand co-incided exactly with a small moan from Susan. A minute later her breathling was slightly more rapid and there was a flush on her face -- even through her tan. A few minutes after that William's right hand surupticiously clutched a napkin and eventually disappeared beneath the table. Then both hands appeared and in a while Susan was back to normal.

None of what happened was lost on the other five Black men. Soon Jonah's right hand was out of sight, and suddenly Susan shifted position, rising slightly on her feet and then settling back down. She later told me Jonah had been spreading her legs and pulling the dress out from under her -- and he did it all while taking a bite out of a hamburger and then a sip of beer.

Susan was rapidly losing interest in her salad and took several large drinks of her cooler, all the while looking more glassy-eyed and flushed. Conversation was continuing all around her and she even tried to make a comment about brands of beer but she stuttered on her words and never finished her sentence.

Listen Hon," I said. "You want me to get you another drink? That one's just about gone."

She nodded, and then as an after-thought, asked if I'd make a few more burgers and check to make sure the rest of the beer was put in the fridge.

"You shouldn't be gone for more than 10 minutes," she said, looking at me meaningfully.

I knew exactly what she meant. This was the point where I leave to give them time to make their play and actually get the gangbang going. Susan and I had discussed this point that morning and had even made preparation in the old carriage house that jutted out from the back of the house, right beside the stone patio where we were barbecuing.

I had set up an old antique bed with high oak headboard, cleaned and swept the building, and replaced a half dozen old 40-watt light bulbs for new 100-watt ones. The bed was made with white sheets and a cream-coloured douvet and rustic wood crates made for tables. There was an old stuffed armchair, a lumpy sofa, and a small bar fridge. On an old table were ashtrays, a small bag of grass, and some rolling papers. The bed was pointed right at the swing-out double doors and about four feet inside the entrance.

It was a cozy, warm atmosphere and the insulated walls made it relatively sound-proof. That would turn out to be a good thing.

I got up from the table, grabbed a few empty plates, tilted the top of the umbrella slightly away from the house, and headed around the carriage house to the verandah. I looked at my watch as I went and noted the time was 6:04 p.m. I'd give her 10 minutes but I'd go upstairs and be able to look down through our son's old bedroom window.

I did put the beer in the fridge, but I was up the satirs in a shot and soon standing back from the window looking down. Tipping the umbrella had given me just enough of a view to see Susan as she still sat at the table. William was leaned over her, hands cupping her breasts and his mouth on her neck (that always drives her crazy). Jonah was half off his seat under the table and I could see Susan's dress was bunched up around her waist and her legs were wide apart. I couldn't see Jonah's right hand, but Susan's hips were moving and his shoulder was in perfect rhythm.

I couldn't hear her, and I couldn't see her face as they played with her. After 45 seconds of this, William scooped her off the chair, swung it around, and sat down on it facing the house. Susan came to rest with her legs on each side of him and though her back was to me, I could tell she was pulling at his shorts. I couldn't see the result, but in a few seconds he was lifting her up and she was slowly lowering herself down.

She went slowly, and her hands clenched William's shoulders and his big hands held her waist as she inched her wet, eager pussy around what I could only imagine was a large, hard Black cock. She rose slightly and sank down even further. She repeated the motion several times and finally threw her head back and I could see the unbridled lust in her face as she began a slow up and down motion.

The dress, of course, hid everything -- cock, cunt, slick juices that I knew were forming on William's shaft.

His hands found the hem of the dress and he slid the material up to expose her tits to him and then his head moved forward and he buried himself in her breasts.

The motion caused her dress to rise slightly in the back, but not enough to see the junction of his glistening jet black body and her small, white form.

I looked at my watch and it said 6:15 p.m. But I could hardly tear myself away. I watched as Jonah slid in behind William and lowering his shorts produced a massive, hard Black shaft that was just at the height of Susan's face. Though I couldn't see her mouth, I knew it was being filled, like her cunt, for the first time ever, with Black cock.

The other four had left their places and stood side by side forming a barrier against prying eyes from the only unprotected direction. Their hands were rubbing ominously large bulges and they couldn't take their eyes off Susan.

William at one point threw his head back and I could tell he was moaning, or groaning. He pulled the straps of the dress off her shoulder and let the garmet fall to her pumping hips. I could just see the edge of one flopping tit but Williams face quickly move forward and Susan raised her arms to place her hands on his head, pushing him against her.

Meantime Jonah's cock was pumping a slow rhythm in and out of her mouth, and his hand held her neck to keep her mouth in position. All the time she was sliding up and down and the others had moved a few steps forward. James said something and pointed to Susan's hips and William drew back, nodded and Jonah pulled his big Black cock out of her mouth. William then took the dress and Susan raised her hands in the air as he pulled it up and over her head.

What I saw from my vantage point wasn't much, but it was amazing just the same. Just the contrast of Black and white was enough to make me harder than I'd ever been. I checked my watch again. It was 6:21 p.m. and I decided it was time to take a closer look.

I slipped down the stairs, into the kitchen, and through a side door into the carriage house. I switched on the lights, strode across to the big double doors and lifting several gate hooks swung them open -- just in time to get a clear view of Susan lifting up on William's long and massive cock. Her juices gleamed on the hard shaft and formed a white ring at the base where I could just see the beginning of a large sac and two large testicles.

Heads swung in my direction -- everyone's but Susan's and William's who were in the throes of extasy and issuing moans and gutteral sounds that told me my wife was on the verge of climax and William wasn't far behind.

All eyes spotted me and several of the men (hands on bulges) cast their heads down or looked aside like dogs caught doing something wrong. When they looked back, it was the bed they saw and smiles cracked their faces and the sun glinted off rows of white teeth.

Susan slammed down on William's huge Black pole, forcing it for the hundredth time almost a dozen inches inside her white body. William was beyond the point of return and grabbing her shoulders f***ed her tightly onto his groin as I knew molten gobs of his plentiful cum was splashing deep inside her. He held himself ridged for what seemed like ever and his screwed up face revealed the pleasure he was experiencing inside my wife. Finally he began to relax and then slumped back in the chair with Susan flopping her contrastingly white body against him, her face passing just inches from Jonah's forgotten ebony rod.

Nobody moved until James finally took two steps, slid an arm around Susan's waist, and gently but firmly pulled her away from the panting William and lifted her slowly up and off William's sagging cock. As it left her well-fucked cunt their was a "plop' we could all hear, and several thick strings of William's jism dangled from her now-gaping twat -- one still connected to the slit in William's massive cockhead. We watched, alomst in slow motion, as the sticky strand of jism stretch, became thinner and finally snapped and disappeared inside my wife.

James, the only one who didn't witness the scene, slid his other arm around Susan's ass and carried her like a toy doll to the bed and lay her down gently with her legs spread facing the door. She was still recovering from her last climax and her hand slid down to her abused pussy, rubbed her swollen-beyond-recognition clit and down inside her cock hole.

I turned as I heard William approaching and he shakily walked into the room, pulling the doors closed behind him. I turned back in time to see Susan's cum-laden fingers disappear into her mouth.

Jonah, it seemed, had been on the verge of exploding in my wife's mouth several times, and was anxious to shoot his load in the very near future. But as he crawled onto the bed, his big Black cock bobbing in full erection, it wasn't her mouth he went for. He was between her legs and rammed into her before she knew what was happening -- she didn't mind. Her face was contorted in pleasure and just before she closed her eyes I saw that vacant, glazed look that Susan always displayed when she had devolved into her pure a****l-lust state.

William had ditched his shorts and the others were now doing the same. Cocks ranging from nine to maybe 12 inches sprang into view and the guys all began slow stroking motions as they watched Jonah's cock appear and disappear inside my wife in a steady pistoning motion that already had her close to orgasm to. William's cum began to appear on Jonah's shaft, and with each thrust more of the spent jism coated the stretch lips of Susan's cunt and dribbled down to her ass and the sheets.

The rapid in and out of his cock was accompanied by a slurping, sucking sound and the slap-slap of his huge balls against her cum-slick ass. Her moans and yelps were constant and in rhythm with her thrusting and bucking hips. Her knees were bent and her spread legs were drawn up against her tits offering the deepest possible penetration, which with Jonah was a good four inches deeper than my cock had ever been.

Jonah was reaching toward climax and within seconds I knew he would spurt his hot load deep inside her milking, eager cunt to join William's considerable cum. I could see his face working and the sweat dripped from his nose and chin to land in little splats on my wife's tits as he began to tremble in his "push-up" position on top of her. He tensed, drove in deep one last time, and let go a growl as his hips jerked several times to grind against Susan's groin. I knew his Blackman's sperm was jetting through his long dark shaft spurting against her bruised cervix and back up around his pulsating cock-head.

The sensation and grinding brought my wife to another body-wrenching orgasm and she threw back her head, clenched her fist around a pillow and heled it to her face to stifle an intense a****l scream.

Jonah must have spurted into her a dozen times before his arms gave out and Black body collapsed on top of her just as she began to go limp and lower her open legs to the bed.

Around me the others were slowly stroking, and James moved the few steps to the side of the bed as Jonah summoned his remaining strength to ease himself up and out of my wife's swollen, sticky cunt. I knew what he was feeling when he was to the point where his large purpleish-black head was just inside her pussy. It was the hardest part, pulling out that last inch or so, and Jonah hesitated for a good 30 seconds, allowing us all the amazing sight of her cum soaked inner thighs, the globs of William's jism that now matted her trimmed pubic mound, and the rush of cum that accompanied Jonah's final extrication.

He rolled from between her legs and off the bed, just as James moved forward. He simply slid his cock into her and pumped 20 or 30 times and came in a loud groan. Susan didn't even have time to recover from Jonah before James was finished.

I can't remember who went next, but halfway through he flipped my wife over and did her doggy-style for two or three minutes. I can still see the cum from the previous three Black men dripping down her white thighs, and even little globs of it splatting on the sheets all around them as it flew from her body. Then there was another groan, another cock spurting into her, and Susan's face turning red and contorted just as she buried it in the pillow to stifle the howls she couldn't hold back

Then she collapsed like a rag doll onto the bed, the spent ebony cock sliding out to hang at halfmast above her ass, a single drip of cum hanging by a thin strand. We all watched it in suspense as it lengthened and finally snapped to fall squarely on the wet and pucked orfice of her ass.

The Black body moved back and off the bed and we just stood there and watched her laying there on her stomach, face still buried in the pillow and her still-pulsating cunt a small river of four Black men's cum dripping from her clit to the large wet circle of fuck juice on the bed.

It was a good two or three minutes before she moved, and that was simply a small thrust of her ass several inches into the air. Somebody had spotted the grass and was rolling a joint. I opened the doors and went inside for beer, forgetting there was a stocked fridge in the carriage house. William had donned his shorts and followed me inside where I handed him a beer, opened one for myself, and lit a cigarette.

We were both slightly stunned by what we had seen. In the first place, it didn't seem possible that a woman five feet tall could take a foot-long cock -- to the hilt. And take three more of almost egual proportions within the next 45 minutes. It was exactly 7:04 when I opened my beer.

William was grinning again and praising Susan and her body, and her cunt, and was asking me permission to continue fucking her while he was in Canada. I nodded and smiled, took a drink and told him they were all free to do as they pleased, when they pleased, as often as they pleased.... Continue»
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Dominant Black Tales and Submissive Ch. 02

It had been two weeks since Bryan's adventure and he hadn't been able to keep his mind off the events of that memorable night. During meetings at work, he would drift off in fantasy to the words that Desire last said. "Know that tonight was c***d's play compared to what you will experience again" He had flashbacks. Was it possible that he did the unspeakable things his mind's eye recalled? Eating black pussy, sucking big, black cocks . . . real and unreal, begging to get fucked and craving humiliation and abuse. At times, he could pretend that it was all a dream, that it hadn't really happened at all, but the desperation he felt to experience it again, the emptiness he felt inside, the longing to submit to his divine Black queen and do whatever she demanded haunted his every thought and desire. In his mind, it played out like a movie. He could see himself in the action. He could see the way he swallowed Mistress Desire's Strapon like a slut. He could see Master Derrick's huge cock as it invaded the deepest part of his bowels and gave him indescribable and forbidden pleasure. He could see his transformation from mild mannered, unassuming white man to submissive white bitchboi slut, with an insatiable need to be used and humiliated by Blacks. His mediocre life almost had reason while he patiently waited for the next email or instant message from Mistress Desire to let him know where his next adventure into dark passion would take him.

One side effect the experience had on him was a boost to his libido. His previously boring and dull sex life with his wife had been resurrected. His love making become nothing less than inspired and she was never more satisfied in their entire eight-year marriage. His mind would fill of images from that night. His erection would become like steel and he would practically fight to keep from blurting out that he was submissive to Blacks to the blonde mother-of-two that lay beneath him. He was inspired by the intense desire to shock his card carrying, Junior League, PTA white bread wife with the revelation that he had eaten the hairy, black cunt of a sexy, Ebony mistress and he loved every second of it. He would pound away at his wife, making her moan for the first time in years, thinking of the look of horror she would have on her face knowing that he had begged like a dirty whore to get fucked savagely by a black stud. He would imagine that Desire would be whispering in his ear that his cock was pathetic and could never satisfy a woman the way Derrick's massive ebony weapon had satisfied his slutty pussy as he humped up and down on the unsuspecting woman white women that had ceased arousing him years ago. Fantasizing about hearing Desire's melodic voice in his mind, feeling her sensuous touch, and inspired by the beauty of her smooth chocolate skin, Bryan could resign himself to the life he was sentenced to live and make due with the cards he had been dealt.

Those fantasies came to a crashing halt the second he walked through the door one day after work. The envelope sat plainly on the kitchen table when he arrived home. It was so ornate, so elaborate, it was difficult to miss. He initially assumed it was for his wife but was compelled to inspect it. The hand calligraphy clearly spelled out his name and the expensive bronze envelope with sealing wax looked like it could have been an exclusive invitation to Prince William's coronation or something. Bryan held the envelope in his hand and panicked. He knew the origin of the envelope even without a return address. It wasn't postmarked so he had to assume it had been hand delivered. His wife surely put it there so there was no way he could conceal it from her. Perspiration formed under his arms and he began to hyperventilate. He could hear his wife moving about upstairs and he knew from routine that she would be done momentarily to greet him.

"Honey, I'll be back, I forgot my briefcase at the gym . . . I'll be . . . be right back," he yelled up the staircase as he clutched the envelope tightly.

"Wait, tell me what's in the envelope before you . . . leave," the last word barely audible over the slam of the carport door. He sat in his car motionless for a second. Maybe he would just drive away and never come back. No, he needed to get revenge on that bitch for trying to destroy his life. She would pay for this and pay dearly. He backed out of the driveway not sure if he would even have the nerve to return home. He had nothing but the clothes on his back.

Why had he been so thoughtless, so stupid? He jeopardized his marriage for a night of lust. At the time, it seemed so imperative to him to fulfill his fantasy. The thoughts of his submission to Black women had been growing for years. Everything about Black women seemed to reek of sensuality. He had long since stopped looking at porn sites with white women. Actually, his fascination began when he stroked his cock looking at videos of white women getting fucked by huge black cocks, usually in the ass, at the numerous black on blonde sites. At first, he just wanted to see if the myth was true. Assured that it was, he became mesmerized with black sexuality. Somehow, some way, he would get confused. Sometimes, he would imagine that the white whore on the screen was his wife. Scared by that thought, he somehow began to imagine himself as the white slut. He would see those white women on the screen, screaming and moaning and begging for more black cock as they were being gangbanged and he would wonder what it felt like to be the object of such intense sexual pleasure. His mind couldn't handle the confusion he experienced so he went searching the World Wide Web for images of Black women. He found true love.

Black women were his obsession. Their skin, their asses, their pure, unbridled passion seemed to be the epitome of sexuality. At first, any Ebony site would do but he quickly learned that most adult sites with Black women were low quality and showed Black women in the worse possible way. He was only interested in sites that portrayed Black women as the goddesses he knew them to be. AfroerotiK was his absolute favorite; he could look on with awe and inspiration at the gorgeous images of Black sexuality. He then began using various chat rooms and online communities to find Black women with whom he could converse. He was interested in Black women that were at least of his educational level and not just trying to get paid for fucking. He was willing to pay, he felt it was his obligation to lavish a Black woman with gifts but wanted to do it as a tribute, not as an exchange of goods and services. Bottom line, he didn't want a hooker, he wanted a mistress.

That's how he found Mistress Desire. She was a member of a yahoo group called love_ebony_women. He sent her an instant message and she returned his message with pleasant conversation. Not only was she his intellectual equal, she was his superior. She was a biologist specializing in stem cell research and most of her job description went over his head. For weeks they had developed a rapport and she had initiated him into a world of dominance and submission from which he could not return. She was masterful in her control of him and he found himself doing things he hadn't ever contemplated before. She never raised her voice; she never made outrageous and unreasonable demands on him. She would get inside his head, anticipate his every thought and desire, and push him to maniacal heights of arousal. He craved her humiliation most of all. He would get a perverse thrill knowing that she looked down on him with disgust and contempt.

His cell phone rang and it jolted him out of his memories. The caller ID said it was his wife and he let the call go to voicemail. He glanced at the envelope sitting on the front seat. It looked like it had an aura of its own. "What the hell am I so afraid of? What if it's not even from her? This is crazy. I'm not afraid of her. I'm not going to let her control my life. Whatever is in there I can handle it," he thought.

He drove out of conditioning to his job. It was still relatively early in the evening so a few people were still lingering about, finishing up projects and waiting for the evening traffic to dissipate before they made their journey to the outer burbs. He moved through the office in a fog, the envelope held firmly in his grasp. He closed the door to his office and loosened his tie. He felt lightheaded. He broke the seal of the envelope and the gilt tissue paper floated gracefully to the floor. He unfolded the envelope to find a hand written note.

"Bryan, I do so hope you have a wonderful evening when we met. I warned you that if you wanted to play again, the stakes would be higher. What say you, Bryan? Interested in seeing how far you will be willing to go to get your pathetic little prick off again Bryan?"

Bryan blinked hard. With all that was at stake, with all that he stood to lose, he found himself getting erect. He could hear the sweet timber of her voice and he knew all to well that she knew how to push his buttons.

He continued to read. "You belong to me completely, Bryan, that means that anything that you have belongs to me as well. I want your wife Bryan. I want to see your wife getting fucked like a slut by Derrick's beautiful black cock. I want to see the look on her face as you kiss my feet, lick my pussy, as you drink my piss and tell me that you love me and you'll do anything to please me. I want her to watch in horror as she sees her dutiful husband slobber and drool over Derrick's black cock and beg to get fucked like a useless faggot. Chez Henri -- Friday night -- Be there at 8:00, bring your wife, and we'll be waiting for you."

Bryan's mouth was dry. More than that, his cock was hard. He went to lock the door of his office and he fell wearily against the frame as he freed his raging hard cock and stroked it, thinking of the things Desire had described. He pushed his pants to his knees and spread his thighs as much as his khakis would allow. He placed his finger in his mouth and sucked it, imagining a more delectable treat. Sufficiently lubricated, he reached past his balls to his asshole and pushed it in. Ever since Derrick had fucked him in the ass, his asshole had become desperate to be fucked. Sometimes, it itched and throbbed in need of a big, black invader. He shot a load all over the carpet as he fantasized about his wife being a slut for black cock, and how Mistress Desire had manipulated him so completely.

Invigorated, Bryan regained his composure and he began concocting lies and explanations to tell his wife. He checked his voicemail to get a measure of his wife's demeanor. All seemed well. She was curious but she didn't seem to suspect anything at all. He felt a tinge of guilt for the betrayal he was displaying but his lust and fantasies, and the fear that if he didn't comply with Desire's wishes she might actually do something malicious to him, his marriage or his job kept him focused.

He ran to his computer and used Publisher to create an elaborate looking document that looked like a gift certificate, complete with a fake authorization code and a line for a fake signature. He called Chez Henri for reservations on Friday night and they were booked solid. He asked the maitre d if there were reservations for a Desiree' Jenkins and he confirmed that she had reservations for two at 8:00. He called the corporate concierge for his firm and promised him a hundred bucks if he could get him reservations at the exclusive, five star restaurant on Friday evening. He got a confirmation after only a minute of being on hold. He held his breath as he dialed the number for his wife.

"You won't believe this," he blurted out before giving her a chance to ask any questions," I entered this drawing at work about a month ago and I won . . . we won a dinner for two at Chez Henri on Friday night. Isn't that fabulous?"

She started to ask all sorts of questions about the strange demeanor of the man who had delivered the envelope and why he had run out so quickly be he easily distracted her by telling her that she should go to Nordstrom's and buy something extra sexy and that he even thought that she should take the day off an make an appointment for Spa Moulin on Friday afternoon as well. "Make a day of it baby, I want this to be a special night for both of us. We deserve to let our hair down."

When he hung up, reality hit him squarely in the chest. What on earth was he thinking? How could he subject himself to such a dangerous plan? As much as he fantasized about having a wife that was a slut for Black cock and submitting himself to the machinations of an Ebony Domme, this was too much. He formed a plan that would simply beat Desire at her own game. He was going to show her that he was no pawn to be played with.

He avoided Rebecca the majority of the day on Friday, opting to get his hair cut, go work out at the gym and go buy some Clinique toiletries so that he would feel his most attractive for his . . . masters, no longer able to say mistress solely. His passion was rising and his slutty nature was coming out. He wanted Desire and Derrick to take him places that he had never even dreamt of going. The fact that his wife might be there to watch didn't register in his consciousness. For so many years she wasn't even a part of his sexual fantasies that he was able to disassociate her from his desires. Yeah, he would fantasize occasionally about a white slut wife that would keep him cuckold and submissive to Blacks, but he never thought that it would be the conservative, practically frigid woman that he had only recently begun to enjoy sex with, no thanks to her. In his fantasies it was some other white woman, not the mother of his c***dren.

Rebecca was like a school girl on Friday, giggling and talkative all day long. She was invigorated by the concept of romance in their otherwise loveless marriage. She got a Brazilian wax at the spa, removing every trace of hair on her pussy and leaving her baby smooth. She had decided to go for a sultrier look than usual, empowered by the intense sex she and Bryan had been having as of late. She made an appointment at the hairdresser, had highlights put in her hair and got the full makeover at the cosmetic counter at Mac. Bryan, already aroused at what he knew was potentially going to happen, practically threw her on the bed when he saw the low-cut, clingy red dress that Rebecca wore, the strappy high heels and the knockout woman that stood before him.

"Your table is ready sir," the host said as they made their way through the labyrinth of tables with Waterford crystal sparkling in the candlelight. Bryan nervously glanced around, practically sick he had allowed his fantasies to control his better judgment yet again. The waiter introduced himself and described specials but he was completely distracted. He saw Desire from across the room, watching their every move, and something deep within him told him that he shouldn't make the first move. She was torturing him and she loved every second of it. At times, she would laugh and draw attention to herself, highlighting the fact that she and Derrick were the only people of color in the entire place. It was an act of confidence rather than uncouth, proving that she was undaunted by the historical implications that suggested that she didn't even belong there, let alone command such confidence and ease.

Dinner was seamless, save the raging hard-on Bryan sported all night, and the sorbet course was about to be served. He thought that perhaps that this was to be his only test, to see if he could follow orders. His true desires betrayed him as he felt slightly disappointed that the evening would transpire without the things the Desire had described in her note. The waiter approached and discreetly said, "Ms Jenkins would like it very much if you and your wife would join her and her companion for an aperitif."

Her back towards the couple all evening, Rebecca turned in her seat to glance towards Desire and Derrick. "Bryan, who is she? Do you know her?" She seemed to immediately get uncomfortable.

Bryan swallowed hard. "Hmmmmmmm, Oh, yes. I think I do. She is the head of the lab at that research facility where my company updated their network interface a few months back . . . I think," trying to sound unsure of himself and proud that he was capable of thinking on his feet so well.

"I'm not so sure about that, Bryan. Maybe we should decline the offer." Rebecca seemed nervous and figidity.

"Nonsense, what could it hurt," Bryan said, as he wondered inwardly why he hadn't taken the opportunity to take his wife up on her offer? Adrenaline was pumping in his veins.

Desire stood to greet him with an air of familiarity. She leaned in close and tilted her head back for Bryan to kiss her neck. Bryan laid a tentative and juvenile kiss on her neck and Rebecca turned a deeper shade of red as she witnessed the act of intimacy right before her eyes.

Derrick stood to greet her. "Rebecca, you look particularly lovely this evening." He kissed her on the mouth and ran his dark hands down her back and rested them on her ass. This time, it was Bryan's turn to show his displeasure. It was a kiss of lovers.

Desire interrupted the embrace and introduced herself. "We've not met, I'm Desiree' Jenkins. You must be Rebecca. Derrick has told me so much about you. It's a pleasure to finally meet the woman behind all those steamy stories." With that, she leaned in close and gave Rebecca a sensuous kiss that was more appropriate for a porn movie than a high-class establishment like Chez Henri.

"What the fuck is . . .," Bryan blurted out, drawing more attention that the silent kiss had done.

"Bryan, sit! And for God's sake don't make such a scene." Desires' words caused more arousal than calm; the irony of her comments was not lost on the interracial foursome. He was hypnotized by her command and presence.

They all sat as Rebecca and Bryan were shame faced and solemn. Desire broke the ice. "Shall we drop the pretenses everyone? Bryan, while you've been my cyber slut online for all these weeks, your wife has been entertaining a virtual lover as well."

Rebecca looked nauseous as Desire continued with her tale. "You see, Becky here doesn't know the identity of her cyber lover, she's only seen him from the waist down on web cam. But she does know Derrick here. They met when he was kind enough to hand deliver the note I sent you earlier this week. Derrick and your cyber lover are one and the same, Becky. I'm afraid we played a bit of a trick on you sweetie by not revealing Derrick's identity to you when you met the other day but you didn't seem to care. You were so hot for Black cock that you were practically throwing yourself at him." Desire continued with her story causing Bryan rage and outrage at the betrayal from both women. "I guess her lust for black men had been fueled by her cyber lover so much that when Derrick showed up at the door, she invited him in, offered him some Iced Red tea and was practically drooling all over him. The k**s were in the back yard playing the whole time if I heard the story correctly. Bent right over the kitchen sink and took all 10 inches without missing a beat."

Bryan's heart sank. He knew the story was true. His wife had been on this whole "antioxidant kick" recently and was addicted to a new kind of South African red rooibos tea. Rebecca grabbed her purse and Bryan's arm and stood to leave.

"Sit down bitch!" Desire's words sounded so sweet and sexy they effectively controlled the blonde housewife with ease. Bryan's face was burning with anger. Damn his cock for being hard at a time like this. He grabbed Rebecca's arm f***efully enough to leave marks. "Is what she's saying true?"

Rebecca pried his fingers from her arm. With tears in her eyes, she choked out, "I guess it is, apparently you know her very well. I wasn't the only one cheating online."

Desire interrupted. "Oh no, Bryan's infidelities were far more extensive than mere cybersex." She turned to Bryan. "Would you like to divulge the juicy details of our threesome or would you prefer me to do that? Better yet, let's go to the video tape, shall we?"

"You didn't tell me anything about a videotape," Bryan was outraged. He had been caught so off guard that he had completely forgotten his counterplans for revenge on this Black manipulatrix. He never saw the shocker coming that his wife would somehow be involved in her scheme. The white couple sat there in a state of shock, not believing that their marriage was falling apart in the most expensive restaurant in town.

"What video tape, Bryan?" Rebecca whispered the words softly, the wind taken out of her sails.

Bryan sunk into a feeling of calm. He had no control so he just relinquished all of his anger into determination to not let this woman defeat him. Casually, at just above a whisper, he recounted to his wife the short version of what had happened. " . . . . wanted to know if it was true . . . once you go black . . . AfroerotiK . . . shaved. . . dance . . . and for the first time in my life Rebecca, I felt alive." He finished his monologue as he fought back the tears. He was now truly free.

"Becky, your hubby left out a few key details," the familiar way she called her name dripping with condescension. Not waiting for Bryan to fill in the details, she said, "Do you remember how good you felt when Derrick's hard, black cock was ramming your tight white pussy? Well, you and Bryan have that in common. He's all too familiar with that sensation as well. And if memory serves me correctly, he was begging and screaming for more. Isn't that right, Derrick?"

Derrick spoke up for the first time since the foursome sat at the table. He was more than just a lackey; he was an equally competent and capable dominator. The effects of his work outs showed beneath the tailored suit that d****d his body like it was custom made for him, and obviously it was. Derrick was professing how tight, slutty, and horny fucking Bryan was and comparing notes to determine which partner had been the better lay. Bryan couldn't hear any of his comments, he felt like he was about to pass out.

Derrick signaled for the check and the waiter promptly brought it to the table. "Would the gentleman like for our limousine to take you to your usual suite at The Ritz this evening?" Derrick threw six crisp $100 bills on the table and said, "That would be fine, and make sure that our guests here have their bill covered as well. That should take care of everything, correct?"

"Yes sir," the waiter said. Bryan was not sure if he could detect a hint of submissive gleam in the waiter's eyes when he bowed graciously and left to signal for the driver.

"Come Becky, let's powder our noses while the boys catch up." Desire stood and extended her hand to Rebecca. Bryan had to stand to let her out of the booth and they two ladies trotted off arm in arm, Rebecca looking back like an a*****ed c***d stolen from her father's loving embrace.

Bryan stared at the cleared table, unable to look Derrick in the eye. Five minutes passed and he grew more and more uncomfortable with each passing second. He could tell Derrick was staring at him the entire time. "She's eating Desiree's pussy right now, you realize that don't you?"

Bryan looked up in shock, his eyes wide with wonder. "There's no way, Rebecca isn't . . . she wouldn't. . . ' His voice trailed off, reminded of the things he's been convinced to do and enjoy and Desires command.

Just then, the two ladies returned to the table. Rebecca moved with a casual elegance about her, a certain lightness. She certainly wasn't the same woman that left the table minutes ago. She walked up to Bryan and slid in next to him. She leaned over and kissed Bryan full on the mouth. There was no denying the taste of pussy on her mouth. He had tasted that sweet nectar before and remembered it all too well. She tasted different, slightly saltier somehow but Bryan was intoxicated by the taste. He was lost in his own lustful desires to taste that pussy when he reached for Rebecca's waist and felt her dress was damp.

He backed away and looked Rebecca in the eye. She didn't look away. He glanced at Desire with a confused look on his face. It wasn't possible. There was no fucking way in hell that it was possible. That taste . . . the damp dress. Desire laughed, "I've had so much champagne this evening, sometimes I get a little confused. The toilet is white; Becky's mouth is white . . ."


"Rebecca didn't bother to answer. She took Bryan's hand and discreetly shoved it between her pantiless thighs. She was soaking wet. Bryan looked at his wife and she was no longer the conservative woman that made meatloaf every Thursday and sold raffle tickets for the PTA. She was a hot, desirable, lustful woman that looked incredible. "I'm horny, hornier than I've ever been in my life. I want to do this Bryan. Let's take a chance. If we let go of this opportunity, we may never get it again." She hesitated a moment and added,"Bryan, we are both sluts for black cock and for black pussy, why are we trying to deny it?"

With that simple declaration, everything in Bryan's world changed. There was no turning back. His wife of eight years had spoken the words that would alter their realties forever. They were sluts for black cock and black pussy. Bryan closed his eyes and opened them to a new reality. He wanted to be baptized with the golden nectar of Mistress Desire; he wanted to be used by Derrick any way he saw fit. He wanted to eat Rebecca's pussy when her belly was swollen and full with Derrick's baby. It was as if in an instant he was a new person.

"Your car is ready," the waiter announced as he held Desire's chair out. Desire held her arm out for Bryan to take and he did so willingly. Derrick slid around and took Rebecca's arm and the foursome walked out arm in arm much differently than they had entered.

The limo was waiting for them at the curb. The driver held the door while they piled in. There was a full bar and TV and all the trappings of a limo but there was a case of openly displayed sex toys there as well. Bryan tried not to stare and act nonchalant about it. Rebecca was seated in between Desire and Derrick and Bryan sat across from them. The car sat motionless as Desire said, "Bryan pull down your pants and bend over, I want to get put a butt plug in you to get you ready for tonight.

Bryan froze for a second. It was the exact same feeling he had in the bar. He was angry and defiant but intoxicated with the power this Black women held over him. She owned him and he did what she requested with pride, wanting to show his wife that he had no shame in being such a slut. He slid his pants down to his knees and followed instructions by kneeling on the floor of the limo.

"Becky, I want you to put it in, which one of these lovelies would you like to see in him . . . that one? Why not that one? Yes, I think he would like that one much better." Bryan arched his back. He wanted to take the biggest one there was with ease, to show that he could handle anything they dished out.

His wife inquired about lube and Derrick said, "Damn, we forgot the lube, you'll have to lick his asshole to get it wet or stick it in dry." Bryan froze. He feared that his wife would take out her anger at his infidelities on his unlubed asshole. His fears didn't last long as he felt the soft touch of his wife's tongue on his rear hole. In their entire time together, she had never done anything like that. It felt damn good. She was licking his ass and moaning. Bryan glanced around to see that Desire was fingering Rebecca's pussy at the same time. The pleasure he felt was quickly changed when he felt the tip of a gigantic butt plug about to penetrate him. He pushed out, like he was taking a shit, to accommodate the mammoth toy. It felt heavenly, finally filled where he had felt so empty since Derrick has last been there.

"Pull up your pants," Derrick said. He tapped on the window and the driver opened the door. Everyone looked at Bryan and he knew he was expected to get out. He froze. The driver extended his hand and Bryan emerged out into the night and turned back to see his wife and her two black lovers fondling her openly. The driver closed the door and opened the passenger side door for Bryan. He felt relieved momentarily, until he sat and felt the butt plug in his ass and moaned in discomfort. The driver, a white man that looked to be in his late forties, put the partition up between the front and back seat and pulled his cock out. It was already erect and Bryan stared at him, wondering how many times he had done this sort of ritual with Derrick and Desire. The driver seemed happy to just stroke his cock occasionally, keeping it erect as he drove about the city.

The heavily tinted windows shielded them from the rest of the world. Bryan was mesmerized by the events of the night. Within the last hour and a half, he had found out that his wife had been having a secret cyber affair with a Black man, that that same black man had fucked her in their very house, he revealed to his wife that he had become submissive to a Black dominatrix and enjoyed taking her lover's black cock in his ass. He had tasted the evidence of his wife drinking Desire's piss and he now had a huge butt plug in his ass sitting next to a man that was jerking off casually while his wife was in the back seat between two Dominant Black people. Bryan rested his head on the partition and pulled his own cock out for some stimulation.

He was enjoying the night scenery, the pressure in his ass and the public jerk off he and the driver were sharing when he heard moans coming from the back seat. They were the unmistakable moans of his wife, in the throws of ecstasy. He listened intently. She was screaming now, loudly, without censor. His wife was a slut, begging to get fucked.

Desire turned on the intercom so he didn't have to strain to hear. Every sound was as clear as a bell. "Yes Becky, suck that big, Black cock. It's so much better than your hubby's pathetic little one, isn't it?" Rebecca moaned her affirmation with a mouth full of meat. "You love that THICK, LONG, BLACK DICK fucking your slutty mouth, don't you?" Her punctuation of every word like a knife in Bryan's gut. There was more moaning and slobbering. Bryan was embarrassed but more aroused than ever. He wanted to hear his wife say that his cock couldn't satisfy her. He wanted her to say that only a big, Black cock could please her. He stroked harder and harder waiting to hear more.

He heard Derrick say, "Look you white bitch, if you are going to suck it, suck my fucking cock you whore," and he heard the sounds of his wife choking. He knew Derrick had his strong black fingers grasping the blonde hair of his wife and was forcing her down on his stiff erection. He heard the sounds of Mistress Desire slapping her ass and finally Rebecca gasping for air.

"More, give me more of that superior Black cock," she was screaming and coughing like a wounded a****l. Every time he heard the staccato sound of her ass being slapped, her voice went down an octave like she was being transformed into a wild b**st.

"Come here you cunt, eat my pussy and you better make me cum." Bryan had tears in his eyes; he was grinding in the seat and humping that butt plug deeper and deeper in his ass. He ached to see the action. "Yeah you white cunt, eat my sweet, hairy black cunt, show Mommy what a good little girl you are." The words rang in Bryan's ears. He visualized his pristine wife of eight years lapping at the silky folds of flesh between the thighs of a Dominant Black woman. He heard her dress rip and he gasped for air. What was happening back there?

"Oh yes, fuck me Daddy. Mommy, make me eat your sweet, juicy pussy. Mommy, I've been such a bad girl, Tell Daddy to spank me hard while he rams that gorgeous fuck stick in and out of my slutty pussy. I'm a bad girl, aren't I Mommy. Only Bad girls like to get fucked like whores by big black cocks and like to eat pussy, don't they Mommy?"

If he hadn't heard that voice every day for the past 10 years of his life, Bryan would have sworn it was someone else saying those words. He spit on his hand and stroked his cock even harder. Not ashamed any more, he lowered his pants, removed them and placed his feet on the dashboard. He grabbed the base of the butt plug and tried to push it deeper in while he kept listening to the sounds of his wife getting fucked.

"Want some more piss, slut? Want some more of Mommy's sweet pee?" All he heard were moans. It was barely a second before he heard the unmistakable sounds of hot urine filling a mouth and swallowing, followed by coughing and sputtering. "You bitch, how dare you spill a drop of my precious golden wine."

"I'm sorry Mommy, but, agraahhhhhhhhhh, Daddy was ramming my white useless twat so hard I couldn't help myself. Let me make it up for you by licking your sexy asshole Mistress. Please, I would love to stick my tongue up your gorgeous shithole. That's what nasty little white sluts like me do, right Mommy?"

The cum in Bryan's nuts was about to shoot out of his cock. He was stroking so hard, so fast, moaning louder than his wife. If he could just see what was happening. He heard Desire moaning in sensual delight and the sounds of licking and the unmistakable sounds of hardcore fucking.

Bryan heard the sounds of Desire on the verge of orgasm. He had heard those melodic sounds before and they were music to his ears. Derrick was lost in his own pleasure as well, yelling out, "Take my cock, bitch, and take every fucking inch. If you're lucky, I'll cum in your used hole and let lover boy up there lick it out.

There was no turning back. Bryan was out of control. His heart was aching. He needed to see the action. The words poured through the intercom, a mélange of voices and cries," Fuck me, eat my pussy, take this black cock bitch, it hurts, that feels good, more, don't stop, fucking slut, use me . . ." it was a cacophony of erotic words made into a soundtrack of lust and pure, hedonistic desire.

Bryan was sure that all four of them came at the same time. Bryan captured his cum in his hand and licked it like a greedy slut, careful not to make a mess for the driver to have to clean up. The driver, erect and still stroking himself, concentrated on the road, surely hired for his services for his discretion and his safety.

The car pulled into the driveway of the Ritz. After a moment to pull himself together, the driver opened the passenger side door and Bryan stepped out into the night. He opened the door to the back and Derrick and Desire emerged impeccably. Rebecca had the obvious signs of being fucked. Her hair was matted and sweaty, her dress slightly torn, her lipstick smears across and her face was glistening with the telltale signs of cum. At that moment, Bryan was sure he had never seen his wife look more beautiful. The doorman held the door for them.

"I'm pleased you'll be staying with us this weekend. If there is anything you'll require, be sure to let me know."

Derrick tipped him what looked to be a one hundred dollar bill and slapped him on the back. 'We're expecting six of our friends to show up in a couple of hours. Be sure to show them directly to our room." ... Continue»
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Sweet Summer Ch. 02

Anya's gorgeous cousins fuck her senseless.
[The first chapter was mostly scene-setting. This one is longer, and has much more action. Again, all characters involved in sex are over 18]


When she said she wanted it, Anya had half-expected Nina to take her right away; she'd been wet and ready to be deflowered there on the lawn. But instead her cousin had gently kissed her cheek and said, "sl**p off the wine, Anni, and be fresh and ready in the morning. I'll wait for you in the summerhouse."

So here she was now, beside Nina on the little bed. The air in the summerhouse was cool, cool enough to raise goosebumps on her skin. Or maybe that was just nerves. She wanted this so badly; she'd been wanting it, in all honesty, since she arrived. Why was she so apprehensive?

Gently, but firmly, Nina pulled Anya close. She was lean and strong, like all her f****y; her embrace was both comforting and enticing. Nina pressed her lips briefly against Anya's, then pushed Anya down onto the bed for a longer, lustier kiss. Their legs became entwined, rumpling the bedsheets. Anya could feel her cousin's tongue probing inside her mouth, and was startled to find herself responding in kind. Her few fumbling experiences with boys had never come close to this - she could never have imagined such a sweet, gentle yet passionate kiss. Hesitantly, she reached out her hands, feeling the smooth lines of the older girl's face as the kiss deepened. Meanwhile, Nina's hands, quick and deft, stroked Anya's chin, her cheek, her neck, her collarbone...

Abruptly, Nina pulled away, straddling Anya's waist on the bed linen, and smiled down at her. "I didn't know you were such a good kisser, little cousin," she said huskily, stroking Anya's face with one finger. "You said you were a virgin."

"I am," Anya said, still breathless from the kiss.

"I'm a lucky girl, then. I get to be your first."

Nina reached for the shoulder-straps of Anya's dress and slowly eased them down Anya's arms. Anya blushed and looked away as her small, pale breasts were exposed. Her nipples, neat and so light-pink they almost blended with the surrounding skin, felt cool and hard and a little sore. Nina leaned forward and kissed them both, running her tongue lovingly around the areolae. Anya stifled a gasp at the sensation.

Nina looked up and caught Anya's shy gaze. As if reading her mind, she grinned and said, "They're lovely, Anni. You should show them off more."

Anya searched for words as Nina's hands kneaded her breasts. "Can...can I..."

"See mine? Of course, sweet," the older girl said, sounding amused. "Though you must be pretty used to seeing them by now." She kept one hand on Nina's right breast while her other hand pulled up the hem of her blouse. Her breasts were full, tanned, and wonderfully pert, with large dark red nipples. Nina worked her blouse over her head and tossed it aside, then leant forward until her naked breasts were just inches from Anya's face. "Do you like them?"

"Yes," Anya said, mesmerised.

"Kiss them, Anni," Nina said. Anya frowned momentarily at the tone of her voice - Nina suddenly sounded impatient, when before she'd been all encouragement. But she complied, taking Nina's left nipple in her mouth and briefly suckling on it, then moving to kiss and suckle the other, while her hands caressed both of Nina's breasts. They were delightfully warm, silky smooth to the touch, and perfectly firm. Anya blushed again as she thought how small and girlish her own breasts were by comparison; Nina was still gently squeezing and stroking them. Then she heard Nina sigh contentedly under her kisses, and felt instead a quiet pride at being able to please her. Nina's strong thighs moved against Anya's, and Anya could feel a strange, joyous heat rising in her belly. There was a growing wetness between her legs.

They lay there entwined, alternating between long breathless kisses and fondling each other's breasts, for some time. The door of the summerhouse was still open and the cool garden breeze blew against their naked skin. Anya worried that the others might return and discover them together; Sam might be fine with it, but his mother likely wouldn't be. Nina didn't seem worried at all, though, so Anya thought better of mentioning it.

At last, with a darting suddenness, Nina broke off from a lusty kiss to slip her hand under Anya's dress. Her cool fingertips stroked up the inside of the younger girl's thigh. She looked down at Anya and tilted her head quizzically, as if asking her permission. Anya just stared back, her heartbeat quick with anticipation. Nina smiled and gave her a long kiss, then slowly removed Anya's underwear, until they dangled from one ankle. After that, standing bare-breasted over the trembling girl, she pushed the hem of Anya's dress up to expose her pussy.

Anya shivered despite herself as the cool air touched her labia. She didn't take her eyes off her cousin, who was now kneeling on the floor by the edge of the bed, gazing between Anya's splayed legs. One of Nina's hands caressed Anya's thigh, while the other tousled the neat dark strip of pubic hair above her otherwise hairless vagina. "Such a pretty little cunt," Nina said with a hint of laughter. Anya nearly flinched at the expletive, which sounded so coarse in Nina's lovely mouth. Then she began gasping in astonishment as Nina's fingers stroked her clitoris. She had never imagined such a feeling, like a pleasurable jolt of electricity at every touch. She'd seldom even touched herself down there, and never so skilfully.

Nina's skilled and supple fingers played over Anya's clit and stroked the lips of her vagina. First one finger, then two, slipped easily inside her; she was soaking wet, her inner thighs already glistening. Anya bit her lip to keep from crying out. She clutched at the bedsheets, a long low moan of pleasure escaping her lips as Nina's fingers slid deeper.

Suddenly, Nina withdrew her fingers and glanced up from between Anya's legs. "My turn, Anya." Her voice was once again strangely commanding. Anya could do nothing but lie there, her chest heaving, her body alive with arousal, as Nina stood up and stepped easily out of her skirt. Silhouetted by the sunlit doorway, the lawn and trees a vivid green behind her, Nina looked radiant, a naked nymph out of a classical painting. Her vulva was perfectly hairless, her labia prominent and beautifully pink. No doubt Nina kept her pussy so neatly shaved to please Sam.

Nina got onto the bed and straddled Anya's waist once more. She placed one hand on Anya's left breast, and the other - still dripping wet - reached down momentarily to stroke around the younger girl's mouth. Anya tasted something strange and wet on her lips, and realised with shock that it was the taste of her own vagina. She looked up at her beautiful cousin, and knew what was expected of her. Wordlessly, she reached up from the bed and ran her fingers over the lips of Nina's cunt. Nina shivered and clutched Anya's breast tightly. Anya could feel her cousin's warm wetness on her fingers as she slid them tentatively inside. The walls of Nina's vagina were tight against her fingers, tighter than she'd expected. "That's it, Anni, that's good," Nina gasped, her expression rapturous, as Anya's other hand at last found her clitoris and gently tweaked it. "Oh, fuck, that's good."

Anya felt a growing confidence as she stroked and fingered Nina. The older girl was gasping and whimpering with pleasure above her, her cunt sopping wet. Nina's strong thighs pressed against Anya's hips in an urgent rhythm. She was caressing Anya's breasts with one hand, and playing restlessly with her own nipples with the other. "Yes, yes," Nina sighed, over and over again, like a mantra. Anya's fingers glistened as she thrust them deeper into that perfect cunt.

Then suddenly Nina grabbed Anya's wrists, squeezing them almost painfully, and made her stop. Anya looked up at her cousin in shame and terror. She could feel tears welling in the corners of her eyes. What had she done wrong? Had she hurt Nina with her clumsy fingers? Why did she have to be so useless, so c***dish, so virginal?

But Nina was smiling that same enthralling smile she always wore. The look in her dazzling green eyes wasn't anger, but equal parts love, lust and amusement. When she spoke, she was a little out of breath, but her voice was warm like summer sunshine.

"You're wonderful, Anni. I always knew you were beautiful, but I didn't realise you were so talented. We should have done this long ago."

"Nina, I love you," Anya blurted. She immediately felt like an idiot, and blushed even brighter. She opened her mouth to apologise. Nina leant forward and kissed her long and hard.

"I've always loved you, sweet," Nina whispered when the kiss ended. "Now I want to prove it to you. I want to make you come."

Once again, Nina climbed off Anya and knelt on the floor, her head between Anya's parted legs. Anya lay there, gazing up at the carved wooden ceiling, as Nina's hands moved sensuously over her thighs, stroking at the lips of her vagina once more. She sighed and shivered with joy as Nina's fingers slipped inside her once again. Suddenly, she felt something soft and warm play delicately over her clit, then tease her labia. She felt aflame with pleasure, her hips rocking and her legs flexing on the sweat-damp sheets. She realised, through the wonderful haze of sensation, that Nina was kissing and licking her cunt.

Nina's tongue darted in and out of Anya, stroking the tender lips of her virgin pussy, flicking up and down, side to side. Somehow it felt even better than being fingered. The bedsheets were soaked now, and not just with sweat. Anya lost all self-control; she gasped, squealed, and had to bite her tongue hard to keep from screaming at the top of her lungs. The older girl continued silently, barely stopping for breath. Her fingers massaged Anya's clit as her tongue lapped at the walls of her vagina. Anya felt her pleasure rising to a fierce crescendo.

She cried out in ecstasy as she came, her juices drenching the bed. A wave of pleasure unlike anything she'd ever known rushed through her. She thrashed her legs, arched her back and clutched at the sheets and pillows with trembling hands. Nina kept kissing and tonguing her through the orgasm. At last, her mind and body spent, Anya relaxed on the bed and lay there, panting for breath. The breeze from the garden felt blissfully cool on her aching breasts and tender pussy as Nina came to lie next to her.

"Was that nice for you, sweet?" Nina asked nonchalantly, as if she'd just given Anya an ice cream, instead of a mind-blowing orgasm.

"Yes. Oh God, yes," Anya said. "Nina, I love you, I love you so much."

Nina laughed and stroked Anya's unkempt hair away from her forehead. "I aim to please." She planted a dozen tiny kisses on Anya's neck, then kissed along the curve of her breasts before running her tongue delicately around each nipple. She kissed and fondled Anya's breasts for a while longer, much more gently than before, as if knowing how tender and sore her cousin was. Then she said, "If you want to sl**p now, Anni, I'll leave you in peace."

"No, don't go," Anya said desperately. At that moment, she wouldn't have left Nina's side for the world.

"Ah, but if you want me to stay, love, you need to do something for me." That old mischievous look was in Nina's eyes again, a glint that was both wicked and endearing.


"I want you to do the same for me, as I just did for you." She got on top of Anya, and knelt with her legs astride the younger girl's shoulders. Anya gazed sl**pily up at the smooth hairless mound of Nina's vulva. The engorged pink lips were glistening wet, just inches from her mouth. It seemed so surreal, almost dreamlike, except that she could smell Nina's ripe sweetness, could feel tiny beads of moisture falling on her skin. She reached up with one hand, only for Nina to grab her wrist again. "Not with your fingers this time, sweet," Nina said, using her mildly commanding tone again. "With your tongue." She pushed herself forward until her labia stroked warm and wet against Anya's mouth.

Anya breathed in Nina's scent as she kissed the older girl's vulva. The skin was slick and fiercely warm to the touch, and the taste - sour and sweet and vital all at once - played across her tongue. Her saliva mixed with Nina's juices as she nervously tongued the labia. Nina moaned above her. "That's right, Anni, keep doing that," she said, running her fingers through Anya's hair and stroking her cheek. Anya plucked up her courage and jabbed her small sharp tongue between the wet folds of her cousin's cunt. Nina whimpered and shuddered in response.

Anya tended to Nina with growing enthusiasm - she tried a few darting strokes with her tongue inside the vagina, then left quick eager kisses on the pubic mound. She found Nina's clit once again and kissed it as lightly as she could. Nina trembled and sighed. Her words of encouragement grew increasingly breathless, and became interspersed with little squeals of astonished joy as Anya's tongue played over her clit and ran between the lips of her vagina. "Oh fuck, you're so good, Anya, don't stop, please, oh God, keep going..."

Then Nina stopped talking and just moaned and shivered and shuddered. Her hands darted down between her legs, her nails briefly grazing Anya's nose as she stroked and fingered herself. Anya knew what was about to happen. She sped up, teasing Nina's clit mercilessly, before giving her cousin's beautiful cunt a long drawn-out kiss.

Nina's wetness drenched Anya's face as she came screaming. Anya had thought her own cry had been loud, but Nina could surely be heard clear across the bay. It seemed to last forever, and Anya earnestly wished that it would. She was flushed with exertion and her whole body tingled; she felt pride and shame and love and lust all together in a surge of emotion. Right then, it would have taken barely a kiss between her thighs to make her come too.

Above her, Nina at last relaxed and sank back down onto the bed. Anya wiped her wet face dry with one of the pillows, and turned to look at her cousin. The two girls were lying almost nose to nose, and Anya found herself mirroring Nina's contented smile.

"Anya, that was incredible," Nina breathed. "You're a complete natural. I wish my first time had been half as good."


"Really. You're a proper virtuouso with that tongue of yours." She kissed Anya once more on the lips, then got up, stretching her back in a catlike fashion. "Now, I don't know about you, but I need a piss and a shower. Don't want to be all messy for our big date tonight."

"A date? With who?"

"With Sam, silly girl," Nina laughed. "Trust me, you and I are going to get the fucking of our lives when he hears about this. Now come have a shower with me."


Anya felt like she was living in a dreamworld. Everything was surreal, too perfect to be true. In the shower, as Nina pressed her wet naked body against Anya's and sensuously soaped her breasts and thighs, Anya thought she was going to swoon. Even as they crossed the lawn back to the house naked, revelling in the warm sunshine and the green grass underfoot, Anya feared that any moment she might wake up and find it had all been a beautiful dream.

As they stepped into the cool shade of the verandah, Nina turned to Anya and said, "We're in luck today, sweet. Mama is off to some bitch socialite's place for dinner, and Karl and Valerie have rented a boat for the evening - probably so they can fuck each other till they pass out. You and Sam and I have the place to ourselves, and he's going to be home in an hour or two."

"So is he going to..."

"Fuck us senseless? Me, definitely. You, if you still want it."

"I do," Anya said decisively. She didn't want to give herself the option of backing out, now that she'd gone so far.

Nina grinned her lovely grin. "Then let's give Sam the best surprise he's ever had."

The two of them lounged around the house, still nude, as they waited for Sam to return. Nina rustled up a light lunch, bread and salad and sliced meat washed down with fresh orange juice. Anya went to the living room and watched TV for a bit, flicking through the channels and streaming half a movie from the internet, but she couldn't really concentrate, not with Nina walking around gloriously naked right in front of her. She still couldn't believe she'd fucked her, kissed and caressed and tasted that fantastic body. At one point, Nina sat down next to her on the couch, and Anya tried eagerly to kiss her. Nina stopped her, giggling at the younger girl's confusion. "Not yet, sweet. Save it for Sam."

Anya nearly went crazy with impatience, but at last she heard a car heading up the driveway. Nina looked out the window and smiled broadly. "That's his car, Anni. Let's go to the hall, and give him his surprise." Anya followed her cousin out of the living room, her heart pounding nervously and her pussy wet once more.

"Ready, sweet?" Nina asked as they stood together in the hall. Anya nodded, and Nina pulled her close for a kiss.

Sam unlocked the front door and walked in, dressed in loose cotton trousers, a checked shirt and sandals. He was swinging his car keys around one finger and whistling a merry tune. But he stopped whistling and froze stock-still in the doorway when he saw his s****r and cousin standing totally naked in the hall. The girls were French-kissing like crazy, with their breasts pushed together and their fingers in each other's pussies. Sam's jaw dropped and his eyes grew comically wide. Nina and Anya kept kissing, making theatrical sighs and moans as they stroked and fondled each other.

"Nina, what the fuck?" Sam said. There was shock in his voice, but as he walked towards the two of them a delighted smile formed on his face. When he spoke again, he just sounded impressed. "s*s, you mean you actually got Anya to..."

Nina suddenly broke away from Anya and embraced her b*****r. Anya watched her cousins kiss - not the polite little kisses they usually shared in front of f****y, but a long, deep, intense lovers' kiss. Then Nina began whispering excitedly in her b*****r's ear.

Anya couldn't make out all of Nina's words, but a few scandalous snatches reached her ears. "Had her in the fucking hot...gorgeous tight...tongue's amazing...made me come like crazy...gonna love her..." Anya blushed as Nina and Sam kept glancing eagerly at her. Sam was smiling ever more broadly as Nina spoke. Evidently Nina was advertising her quite well.

The siblings came over to Anya, and Sam looked her up and down with obvious glee. Without further ado, he grabbed her and pulled her into a lusty kiss. She was too surprised to resist, and then found herself responding quite eagerly. Sam's tongue probed her mouth. She could smell his aftershave, and beneath it, a virile musk that made her heart flutter excitedly. One of Sam's big strong hands reached up and touched her breasts, giving each one a playful squeeze. His other hand made its way around her thigh to clutch her small firm buttocks. Anya gasped and giggled, then resumed the kiss. Sam's crotch was pressed against her, and she could feel a growing hard bulge behind the trouser fabric.

"God, Anya, you are fucking gorgeous," Sam said when he finally pulled away. "I mean, I always knew you were hot, Did you really do what Nina said you did?"

Anya nodded, delighted at the way Sam's eyes widened in response. She flashed him what she hoped was a seductive smile.

Sam immediately tried to kiss her again, his hand going for her crotch this time. Nina giggled and snatched his wrist. "Naughty," she said mock-scoldingly. "Not in the hallway, big b*****r. You and I are going to fuck this girl till she hollers, but we're going to do it in her room."
Neither Anya nor Sam argued as Nina led them upstairs. On the way along the corridor, Sam kicked off his sandals and pulled off his shirt. Anya could see an enormous bulge in his trousers, and smiled shyly in anticipation. When they got to the guest bedroom, Nina guided Anya to the big double bed, while Sam stood in the doorway, eyeing the two naked girls lustfully.

"We've wanted you for a long time, Anya," Nina said, grinning, as she and Anya got onto the bed. "When we heard you were coming here for the summer, we knew we had to get you into bed. You know, Sam thought I wasn't up to seducing you alone."

Sam laughed. "I swear I'll never doubt you again, s*s."

The look Nina gave him in response was pure lechery. "I'll forgive you, Sam, if you show us that big pretty cock of yours," she said huskily.

Sam obligingly unbuckled his belt and let his trousers slide down his legs. He wasn't wearing boxers, and his semi-erect penis hung free between his toned legs. Anya stared at it in astonishment. She'd had a vague glimpse of it the other night, and had seen its outline in Sam's swimming trunks many times, but she'd never realised just how big it was. As Anya watched, the thick foreskin was pulling back from the head, which was bulging out, bright red and glistening with a bead of pre-come. The shaft thickened and lengthened, veins standing out on the smooth skin. Anya had seen a few penises before, although she'd never done anything much with them, and none of them had been anywhere near as big as Sam's. She felt a mixture of delight and trepidation as she imagined it sliding into her. How would it even fit? Almost involuntarily, she reached one hand down between her legs and started restlessly stroking her already-wet pussy lips.

Sam noticed. "Like what you see, babe?" he asked cheerfully.

Anya stammered a reply, dry-mouthed. "Yes,'s so big."

"He knows what he's doing with it, too," Nina put in. "You're going to love it, Anni, I promise." She was eyeing her b*****r eagerly and excitedly massaging her own pussy.

Sam stepped out of his trousers and approached the bed, naked. His cock was now massively erect, easily nine or ten inches long. Abruptly, Nina leant forward and grabbed it, her small hands barely managing to encircle the thick shaft. Sam grunted in surprise, his cock throbbing in Nina's grip. "Nina, love, I thought you wanted me to fuck Anya first," he said, although he didn't sound particularly annoyed as Nina squeezed his erection harder.

"Not before I've had a little taste," Nina answered, with a profoundly naughty smile. She knelt before her b*****r and began stroking quickly up and down his cock with one hand. Her other hand cupped his heavy balls and started playing with them. Anya watched, frustrated but fascinated, as Nina kissed the wet tip of Sam's cock and licked the head, first delicately, then hungrily. Her fingers stroked down the shaft to tousle his pubic hair. Sam wore a blissful smile as his s****r took the thick head of his cock in her mouth and began sucking hard on it.

Anya was amazed that Nina could fit something that big in her dainty mouth, but Nina didn't stop there. As Sam's right hand grasped the top of her head, she moved forward to swallow even more of his cock, until nearly half of its shaft was down her throat. She pulled back again, leaving the shaft wet and glistening, then started going forward and back, forward and back, working Sam's cock with her fingers and tongue all the while. Despite her frustrated, horny impatience, Anya marvelled at Nina's stamina as she kept up the blowjob. Sam groaned contentedly, his eyes closed as if in meditation. "Fuck, Nina, you're the best," he muttered.

At last, Sam shuddered and gave a harsh grunt of ecstasy, his strong fingers digging into Nina's long ash-blonde hair as he ejaculated in her mouth. Nina pulled back, letting her b*****r's cock swing free as another impressive spurt of semen splattered onto her breasts. Nina glanced back at Anya; more come gleamed on her lips. Then she swallowed theatrically, breathed deep and grinned. "That was a hell of a load, big b*****r," she said wryly, her pert breasts covered in rivulets of white.

"And that was one fuck of a warm-up," Sam smiled back. His dripping cock was still erect, albeit slightly wilted. "Gonna be a minute or two before I can go again. Poor little Anya has to wait now."

Nina shook her head and fixed her b*****r with a commanding look as she settled back on the bed. "Oh no, you aren't getting out of this that easy, Sam. Time for you to make us ready. Me first." She spread her legs wide, and Anya could see her cunt lips gleaming pink and wet. Anya's own pussy was sopping wet, her clit engorged, as Sam approached the two girls and sank to his knees, his huge cock swinging pendulously. His powerful hands gripped Nina's thighs, and without further ado he began kissing her vulva. Nina's breath came in short gasps and hisses as Sam went down on her with enthusiasm. She arched her back and grabbed the bedspread, calling out, "God, that's so good, that's perfect, fuck, that's perfect..."

Sam kept lapping at his s****r's cunt, holding her legs still as she twisted around in wild pleasure. Anya watched, enthralled. She was desperately stroking and fingering her own vagina, biting her lip to stay quiet. Suddenly, Nina reached out with one strong tanned arm and grabbed Anya's breast, clutching at it so hard it hurt. Anya whimpered in pleasure and pain. Then, as Sam tongued her labia and kissed her clit, Nina slid her hand down Anya's pale flat belly and slid two fingers roughly into the younger girl's cunt. Without looking, still thrashing around in her own world of pleasure, Nina started fingering and tweaking Anya, who responded with cries of surprised joy. She didn't know how Nina could be so skilful even in the midst of orgasm. She also didn't care.

Nina finally came, crying out her b*****r's name. She stopped fingering Anya and brought her hands to her own crotch. Sam held her legs and kissed her pussy until the orgasm abated. Then Sam looked up from between his s****r's legs and smiled at both girls, his mouth and chin wet with Nina's juices. "Still a squirter, huh, little s*s?"

"Oh, fuck, Sam, you can play me like a fucking violin," Nina replied, panting for breath. "Don't stop now. Do it to Anya, do it to Anya."

Anya had thought that her first orgasm with Nina was the greatest pleasure possible. She had been wrong. As Sam put his lips to her cunt and began licking her with incredible speed, she felt a surge of hot pleasure so intense she could barely breathe. Sam's hands held her thighs in an iron grip, stopping her from breaking away, as his tongue tended to her clitoris with masterful strokes.

Anya shrieked and swore at the top of her lungs; eyes shut, she tried to reach out and fondle Nina as Nina had fondled her, but found she couldn't do anything but clumsily brush one breast. Nina, who was watching with gleaming eyes, helpfully seized her wrist and guided her hand between her legs. Anya fingered Nina as best she could, eliciting happy sighs and moans, but as her orgasm reached the point of no return, she gave up and just clutched at herself.

"Oh fuck, Sam, I'm coming, I-" Anya's words trailed away into a scream of pure joy.

She didn't have much time to enjoy the afterglow, however. Sam stood up and wiped his mouth, grinning down lustfully at Anya. Nina, wearing an identical grin, sat up on her haunches and said to the younger girl, "Are you ready, sweet?"

Anya swallowed, breathless and trembling, as Sam gripped her hips and pulled her effortlessly to the edge of the bed, so that her slender legs dangled over the side. She could see that Sam's cock was fully erect again. She stared at it, at once fearful and impatient. Sam placed his strong hands on her thighs, and gently stroked her pale skin. He tilted his head questioningly, just as Nina had in the summerhouse.

"I..." Anya licked her dry lips, and took a deep breath. "Yes. I'm ready."

"Good girl," Nina said. She kissed Anya softly on the cheek, then nodded to Sam.

Slowly, so slowly, Sam eased the thick glistening head of his erection between the wet lips of Anya's vagina. Anya gasped as she felt herself stretch to accomodate her cousin's huge cock. She felt a rush of pleasure and pain as the walls of her pussy clenched tight around the shaft. Her hymen had broken long ago from exercise, but it still hurt to have something so big inside her virgin cunt. Sam's smile was gentle and encouraging as he went deeper into her. Nina kissed her and stroked her hair all the while. "That's right, love, just relax," she said.

Sam slid his cock in until most of the shaft was deep between Anya's wet pink folds. Anya whimpered in pain - her pussy felt like it was stretched to its limit - but didn't take her eyes off Sam. He reached out to take hold of her left breast, squeezing it and rubbing the erect nipple. Then he began to move in and out of her in a slow, steady rhythm, and Anya felt her pleasure mount. Her breath came in quick gasps and her hips rocked as Sam kept up his smooth motion. He leaned down over her and kissed her breasts, then pressed his lips against hers, still thrusting his cock up inside her. They kissed deeply, tongues locking together, and then Sam began to speed up.

Anya's small pale arms reached around Sam's muscular back, trying to pull him closer against her as he fucked her. The pleasure was unbelievable, somehow heightened by the pain. Sam wasn't even sliding in the full length of his cock, and it still hurt like crazy. Anya cried her cousin's name as the fierce thrusts got ever faster. "Sam, please, it hurts, oh God, Sam, it's so big." Even as she said it, the feeling was so good she couldn't bear for him to stop; she dug her nails into his back and kissed him as hard as she could.

Sam kept going, kissing Anya and fondling her heaving breasts with impossibly strong fingers. Nina was sitting back and watching with a huge smile on her face. She was playing with her pussy and moaning in pleasure, her beautiful green eyes fixed on the couple. Meanwhile, Anya's cries and gasps of pain and pleasure were growing louder and louder as the glorious minutes wore past. Her small neat fingers clawed long red scratches down Sam's straining back and shoulders. "Jesus, Anya, you're so tight, you're wonderful," Sam said, his voice thick with lust and exertion.

Once again, Anya could feel the fiery sensation inside her rising to a crescendo. Every nerve felt alive with ecstasy. Her legs kicked at the air on either side of Sam as he pressed deep into her. "I love you," she gasped at him and Nina. "Fuck, I love you so much." Then she came yet again, and briefly she wondered if it was possible to die of pleasure.

As Anya shrieked and writhed through her orgasm, Sam's thrusts reached a fever pitch. He leaned back, grunting and breathing hard, his hands gripping Anya's thighs painfully hard. His expression was rapturous. "Anya, babe, I love you," he cried out. "Fuck, you're so good. I love you." He thrust into her once more, and then a mighty shudder went through him as he came in torrents inside her.

Shock and delight filled Anya's mind in equal measure as she felt the hot rush of her cousin's semen in her vagina. Still wracked by her own ecstasy, she felt Sam seize her arms and pull her up against him. He kissed her almost f***efully as his cock kept spurting hot come into her. Finally, he pulled out of her and stood back, panting, his penis finally going flaccid. He regarded her sprawled naked body with a look of sl**py-eyed adoration. A thick white string of semen still stretched between his cock and Anya's vulva.

They were silent for a few moments, catching their breath. Then Nina said, her voice mirthful as ever, "How was that for you, Anni?"

"So good," Anya breathed. She was so happy and sore and exhausted that there were tears in her eyes. "Oh God, so, so good. Sam, I love you."

"Yeah, I think we established that already, babe," Sam grinned wickedly at her. Drops of sweat glinted on his broad muscled chest. Then his smile softened, and he climbed onto the bed to recline next to her. "I love you, too, Anya. Always have," he said, kissing her cheek and stroking her long, tangled hair.

"And so do I," said Nina, moving across to give Anya a happy kiss. Sam leaned over Anya and kissed his s****r, then started kissing and gently caressing both girls. Anya was too exhausted to respond. She just lay there, eyes half-closed, as her cousins kissed and touched her. Her breasts and thighs were so sore she whimpered whenever Nina and Sam stroked them. Her pussy felt terribly tender, and it was still full of the thick wet warmth of Sam's come. Vaguely, Anya realised that she might now get pregnant. She couldn't have cared less.

It was a few sweet minutes before anyone spoke again. Nina broke off from kissing Anya's right breast to ask, "Did she live up to your expectations, big b*****r?"

"Jesus, did she ever. I could get fucking addicted to that pussy. I can't believe that was your first time, Anni," Sam said. Then he noticed Nina's mischievously raised eyebrow. "Well, your first time with a guy, anyway," he added, chuckling.

"I can see we're going to have to spend a lot more time with you this holiday, Anya," Nina smiled. "We only have you for a month, and I for one don't want to waste a second of it."

Anya finally found the energy to speak. "I wish I could stay forever. I love you both. I love you so much." Despite everything, she still felt foolish for saying it.

Nina kissed her again on the lips, and abruptly scooted off the bed. "I think it's time for a little rite of passage for you, sweet," she said cheerfully as she knelt on the carpet between Anya's outstretched legs. "Only thing I like better than the taste of Sam's come is the taste of his come in another girl's pussy. I've done this with pretty much all his girlfriends now. It's like an initiation."

Sam sat up on the bed and watched his s****r with an eager smile. His penis was visibly stiffening again. "If you ask me, Nina, some of those girls come here more for your tongue than for my dick," he laughed.

Lying spreadeagled on the bed, Anya was so spent she didn't think she could manage another orgasm. "No, don't, Nina," she pleaded weakly. "Please. I can't take any more, I-" Anya stopped talking and started moaning in helpless pleasure as Nina lapped at her tender pussy lips. The older girl teased Anya's clit with her tongue and fingertips, before licking and sucking away the thick white semen that coated Anya's vulva. It took Nina a little longer than usual to bring her thoroughly exhausted cousin to orgasm, but as ever, she managed it. Sam kissed Anya's forehead and held her gently against his chest as she came.

Nina wiped her mouth and climbed back onto the bed. "You look like you need a break, sweet," she observed with a hint of laughter, idly tapping one of Anya's pale pink nipples with her forefinger. Then she gazed hungrily at Sam and rolled onto her back, legs spread wide. "And I need a good hard fuck."

Sam didn't need to be told twice. He clambered over Anya and moved on top of Nina, easing his way between her legs. His cock was massively erect, somehow looking even bigger than before. Anya reluctantly moved aside to let her cousins have more space. Despite her exhaustion, she found herself getting wet with arousal yet again.

Nina and Sam started kissing with desperate fervour, their hands stroking over each other's hair and shoulders as they made out. Nina broke the kiss to whisper, fiercely, "Watching you fuck her made me jealous as hell, Sam. You better fuck me twice as hard, you hear me?"

"Yes, ma'am," Sam grinned. He seized his s****r's upper arms and pushed her down hard into the bedspread, kissing her hungrily. Then, still kissing her, he roughly thrust his cock into her.

Anya already knew Nina was noisy in bed, but now, with nobody else in the house to disturb, the older girl lost any hint of self-control. Nina cried out Sam's name, she swore, she shrieked, she moaned long passionate moans. Sam was still going slowly, moving in long, provocative strokes, but his s****r was already half-mad with pleasure. Her strong tanned hips moved in tandem with each thrust. Anya watched entranced as the two of them gradually sped up, fucking harder and faster. Nina's cries and gasps intensified.

Sam kept his promise - he fucked Nina much harder and longer than he had Anya. Anya realised, with a mixture of gratitude and disappointment, that he'd deliberately made it quick and relatively gentle for her. If he wanted, he could have fucked her into u*********sness. Even that brief experience had been more intense than anything she'd ever felt; she could hardly imagine what it was like for Nina right now.

Nina suddenly screamed that she was coming, and shook and shuddered underneath her b*****r, but Sam just kept going. A minute or so later, Nina came again, and then again. Anya stared in sheer amazement. She found herself forgetting her tiredness as her pussy became soaking wet; her fingers stole down between her legs to play with her labia.

As Nina reached her fourth orgasm, she began cursing Sam furiously. "Fuck you, Sam, you fucking bastard, I can't take any more, you fucking...Oh, God, yes..." She moaned in ecstasy, and her slender fingers dug deep into the skin of her b*****r's back, adding more red scratches to the growing tally. Anya wasn't sure whether to envy Nina or feel sorry for her as the marathon fuck continued.

After what seemed like an age, Sam finally came, groaning and holding his s****r tight against his chest as his semen surged into her. He rolled off Nina, lying between the two girls with his cock still half-erect and dripping come. Nina was flushed and gasping for breath. Her blonde hair was wildly unkempt. Her vulva was visibly overflowing with Sam's come. She looked to be on the verge of tears, and Anya was momentarily worried that Sam had really hurt her. Then Nina curled up against Sam and kissed him more passionately than ever.

"Oh my fucking God, Sam," Nina said when the kiss ended. "I thought I was going to go mad. How'd you keep going so long?"

"Practice, love," Sam replied with a tired smile. He turned to Anya. "Did you like the show, Anni?"

"I can't believe you guys," Anya said, grinning shyly. "That was incredible. So fucking hot."

Sam's gaze was lecherous. "I went easy on you the first time, Anni, but from now on we're going to be doing it properly. I'm going to fuck you like I fuck Nina. Because I know it makes her jealous."

All three of them laughed at that. Sam stretched out his muscular arms and looped them around the waists of the two girls. He drew them close to him, and they all curled up together, relaxing happily in the afterglow. "Don't fall asl**p, guys," Nina mumbled, her eyes half-closed. "Still got a long day ahead of us."


If Anya's first encounter with Nina had been dreamlike, then the afternoon and evening of that glorious day were positively magical. After recovering from their first bout of lovemaking, the three of them moved from room to room, giggling and gasping as they fucked in beds, on couches, on the floor, up against walls. Anya let Sam fuck her long and hard, and was surprised to find herself keeping up with him, although she still couldn't take it as well as Nina. When they got to Karl and Valerie's room, their passion made the bedsprings creak, and Anya laughed out loud as she remembered how annoyed she'd been at Karl and Valerie's noisy sex.

They took breaks occasionally, when they needed to urinate or get a drink, but most of their time was spent in intense, wordless passion. As the afternoon wore on, the two girls went down on Sam, and then on each other, over and over again. Anya had trouble fitting Sam's cock into her mouth, but contented herself with licking and sucking the tip. When he came in her mouth, she was astounded to find how much she liked the taste. At one point the three of them lay in a circle on the living room floor, with Nina sucking Sam's cock as he licked out Anya's cunt, and Anya in turn running her tongue over Nina's vulva. They all enjoyed this so much that they kept it up for ages, changing places periodically.
At last, when all three of them were thoroughly exhausted, very sore and blissfully happy, they wandered naked to the summerhouse, and lay together on the little bed to cuddle. Anya could smell their mingled sweat and the faint residual aroma of Nina's perfume. She twined her slender legs with her cousins' longer, stronger ones, and smiled sl**pily as they both put their arms around her. Outside, the sun was setting gloriously over the bay, and the warm air was full of evening birdsong. Heaven, Anya thought.

"I wish we could all get married," she said, after they had been lazing there a while. It was a stupid, c***dish thing to say, but at that moment she meant it with absolute sincerity.

"God, me too, sweet," Nina mumbled, planting a tiny kiss on Anya's neck. "Although I get the feeling the local church wouldn't exactly jump at the chance to hold a triple marriage between a b*****r, s****r and cousin. Maybe in America?"

Sam laughed ruefully at the joke. "Don't get your hopes up, s*s. Sad to say, but we're going to have to keep this secret, unless we want our parents to disown us. I think we've got it covered so far. "

"As long as one of your girls doesn't go telling tales," Nina said.

"They might," Sam admitted. "It's the risk we take. But if we were ever found out, I'd forget the house and the f****y, and run away with you. Both of you."

"My parents wouldn't like that," Anya muttered. As the sheer joy of the past day faded into memory, she felt sad, and increasingly frightened. She'd let love and lust take control of her, and hadn't given any thought to consequence. What if someone caught them? What if her parents found out? What if she got pregnant with Sam's c***d?

The silence grew uncomfortable. Then Nina said, in a sharp fierce tone that Anya had never heard her use before, "Maybe someone will find out. Maybe our families will disown us. Maybe we'll have to run away. But Sam's right. I'd happily live naked in the woods, as long as I was with you two."

"That's my girl," said Sam. He kissed Nina's hair. "Now, we should probably head inside and clean up. Karl and Valerie might be a bit suspicious if they find their bed looking like three people fucked in it."

"How would they notice?" Anya said, and was surprised to find her cousins crack up laughing at her joke.

They went back across the garden, and spent the rest of the evening tidying the house, changing the sheets, rearranging furniture. Every little detail brought back wonderful memories, and Anya found herself grinning ear to ear despite her tiredness. That rumpled duvet - that was where she'd lain as Nina licked yet another helping of Sam's come from her vulva. That leather couch - that was where Nina had rode Sam's cock while Anya touched herself. Those cushions strewn on the floor - that was where they'd had their three-way sixty-nine...

The house was perfectly tidy, and the three of them were showered and dressed, when Anya's aunt returned from her dinner, dressed in an elegant blue gown. She found them all in the big wood-pannelled kitchen, cooking dinner and chatting innocently. She greeted them with kisses, sat down in a padded chair, and immediately started her usual cheery monologue.

"Sorry I was away for so long, my loves. That ghastly woman talked me half to death, and the wine was absolutely awful, I mean, God in heaven, what does she spend all that money on? And her husband's a complete bore, and a pervert, he was staring at my tits the whole evening! And the guests...pah! Such non-entities! I remember when there was a better class of people in this town, it's all gone to the dogs lately..."

Nina, Sam and Anya kept trading amused glances as they pretended to listen. Anya wondered how her aunt would react if she knew that, in the very same chair she was sitting on, her son and daughter and niece had taken turns performing intense oral sex on each other.

At last, Anya's aunt finished decrying the appalling standard of the local social scene, and asked the three of them, "So, anyway, my loves, how was your day?"

"Uneventful," Nina said.

"Bit boring, really," Sam added.

"We spent most of it lying down," said Anya, truthfully.


The rest of the holiday passed in an exhausting, wonderful blur. The days were spent as they always had been - swimming in the bay, sunbathing in the garden, wandering the sun-kissed streets of the beautiful old harbour. She drank fine wine and ate at restaurants, then headed to the bars to make obscene small-talk with her cousins' beguilingly attractive friends. She went on a sightseeing trip across the bay with the whole f****y, pretending not to notice when Karl and Valerie sneaked away to have sex. She phoned her parents' hotel in South America and talked with them as if everything was normal.

At night, though, she belonged to Nina and Sam. When the sun went down, the three of them would sneak out, naked and laughing, to fuck each other senseless in the summerhouse. Often they didn't even get that far; they simply tumbled onto the soft grass and made love as soon as they were out of sight of the house. Sometimes Nina let Sam have Anya to himself, content to sit and watch their passion; other times she made sure to have her way with the younger girl before letting her b*****r indulge himself with her. After they brought Anya to orgasm, Nina and Sam would go for each other, fucking with an intensity that was almost frightening. Then they all took turns pleasuring one another in every way they could. When they were too tired and sore to continue, they lay together on the lawn and watched the sun rise. Those pre-dawn moments, resting on the grass with her body aching, Sam's come still warm inside her and her cousins pressing their gorgeous nude bodies against her, were perhaps the happiest of Anya's young life.

When at last the time came for her to leave, the parting was almost unbearable. The last night with Nina and Sam was the most intense and passionate of all. Anya came half a dozen times, gasping and moaning as Sam thrust into her and Nina kissed and caressed every inch of her body. But it was bittersweet, because they knew she was going. "I love you, I love you," she kept telling them, suddenly madly afraid that they'd forget her.

In the morning, Anya sat through breakfast trying her damnedest not to cry. When the taxi arrived to take her to the airport, she couldn't take it any more, and burst into tears as the cousins hugged her. "Don't cry, Anni, you can always phone us if you want to talk," said her aunt, which just made her cry harder. As if a phone call could provide the connection she wanted; as if it could bring her close to the two people she loved most in the world!

Nina and Sam kissed her goodbye - chaste pecks on the cheek, not the long passionate kisses she was so used to by now - and helped her get her luggage into the taxi. They waved at her, smiling calmly but sadly, as the car started down the hill. Anya watched their beautiful faces recede through the rear window until they vanished from sight. Her eyes still full of tears, she settled in for the drive, barely seeing the glorious countryside rush past outside.

The taxi was halfway to the airport when Anya heard her smartphone buzz. She reached into her handbag to retrieve it, and when she saw Nina's message on the screen, she smiled through her tears.


... Continue»
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Stacy ch. 2

i****t/TabooStacy Ch. 02
Stacy Ch. 02
"Jack, climb out of your pit and give me a lift to work, will you?"

Mum's voice penetrated my hard-achieved slumber and I groaned as the morning light burned my eyes. Rubbing my face, I blinked the ceiling into focus and stared at it while my mind assailed me with lurid images. Had last night really happened? Could I have been so stupid that I did not realise the young, teen pussy I was thrusting eagerly into did not belong to my s****r's gymnastic team-mate, but to my little s****r, herself?

How could I possibly reconcile the fact that the most wonderful and arousing sex I had ever had was an i****tuous coupling with my eighteen year old s****r? More to the point, how could I ever face the brat again, after what I had done to her?

Then a thought struck me with such a blinding revelation that I bolted upright and my jaw dropped open. Stacy knew what was happening almost right from the start! Admittedly I had finger-fucked her in her sl**p, but the moment she awoke I had said, "It's Jack."

When I then asked, "Do you want me to stop," she had shaken her head and opened her legs further. That was quickly followed by my question, "Do you want me?" and once more, she had signalled yes.

My mind spun as I tried to understand those implications. The brat and I had never really got along at all, so why would she eagerly allow me to fuck her? Did she know that I thought she was Kimberley and deliberately deceived me, or did she mistakenly think that I had wanted to have sex with her all along?

"Jack, are you awake? Come and have your breakfast and then we can leave," mum shouted up the stairs.

"Alright! I'm coming," I grumbled as I put on my boxer shorts and shambled to the bathroom.

Just as I reached it, the door swung open and a cloud of steam billowed out, followed by the brat. She was wrapped in a towel that was too small even for her c***d-like body and it barely reached from her tiny breasts to just below her crotch. The way her skin glistened with youth and vitality under its sheen of moisture made my heart pound.

With her head tilted to one side as she rubbed her long, wet, blonde hair briskly with another towel, she did not see me until she bounced off my broad chest. Instinct took over and my hands shot out to grab her narrow waist to stop her from falling backward. At that contact, time seemed to freeze. Because she is only four foot eleven tall, the top of her head was almost in line with my nipples. It seemed to take forever for her gaze to track up my chest to my face. Then I was staring down into her innocent, baby-blue eyes as her cheeks slowly flushed a deep pink and her lips parted to say something.

The door to my parent's bedroom opened and Dad walked out, straightening his tie. That broke the spell, and the brat's face wrinkled into a sulky pout of disgust.

"Eeww!" she whined, slapping my chest to make me move aside, "You stink of stale beer! Even a caveman knew more about personal hygiene than you do! I know we share most of our DNA with apes, but do I have to share a house with one, too?”

I could only stare as her small frame disappeared into her bedroom and shut the door. Dad patted my shoulder as he passed by, "Don't take it to heart, son. You were just as stroppy when you were a teenager."

When he had descended the first step on the stairs, he twisted to smile at me over his shoulder, "Pumpkin has a point about your stale beer cologne. A shower might figure in your near future, perhaps."

When he had gone, I lifted my arm and sniffed. Wrinkling my nose, I ventured into the steam-filled bathroom and hoped the brat had not used all the hot water.


Fresh and aromatic, I slipped into my chair at the breakfast table and breathed in deep the delicious smells of frying bacon and sausages. As my mother slid the food onto a plate, I glanced across the table to the brat. She had her head down and was chasing a slice of banana around her bowl of muesli with a spoon.

Today, she no longer looked like the stroppy k** I had suffered all these years, because I saw her with different eyes. It was probably the first time I realised that she was a growing woman and not just my little s****r. I was actually surprise to see that she was very beautiful. How could I not have noticed that before?

Her glossy golden hair was bound back into a ponytail that hung down to the centre of her back and she was wearing a white T-shirt that read, "Gymnasts do it with apparatus."

Stacy loved her T-shirts. She had dozens and was always either spending her allowance on new ones, or more often, playing the Daddy's girl to get my father to buy them for her. The poor sap would be dragged to the mall on Saturday's and spend hours following mum and the brat as they attempted to try on every article of clothing the place possessed.

Of its own accord, an image of Stacy trying on some sexy lingerie suddenly popped into my head. I could clearly see her boyish frame in bright red fishnet stockings and matching lacy bra. The panties were crimson silk with high cut sides and clung to her young pussy so tightly that her puffy lips were clearly visible. She twirled slowly so that I could get a good look at her small, firm buttocks before she faced me once more and gracefully lifted one leg so that it pressed against her side, her foot pointing straight up above her head.

"Want to fuck me like this, Jack?" she whispered, seductively.

"Jack?" she asked again, but this time with my mother's voice.

"Hunh?" I managed when the daydream shattered and I realised that mum was standing beside me with my food on a plate. Her beautiful face broke into a dazzling smile as she placed the breakfast before me.

"I guess somebody hasn't woken up yet. I said, do you want some fresh orange juice, Jack?" She ruffled my hair, which she always did even though she knew I hated it, and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"Sure," I replied as I picked up my knife and fork.

While she poured my drink, Dad finished reading his paper and folded it neatly before placing it on the table beside his plate. Some morning rituals never changed. He straightened his tie and smiled across at the brat, "Want a lift to Kimberley's house to see how the new baby is doing?"

Without looking up, she shook her head, "No, that's okay, Daddy. Jack can drive me over when he's had his breakfast."

The kitchen descended into silence. Dad exchanged an incredulous look with mom and then they both stared at their daughter who was still half-heartedly playing with her cereal. It was unheard of for Stacy not to leap at every chance to spend time with Dad and even rarer for her to seek my company. Usually she would rather have her teeth pulled than occupy the same room as me.

"Well, if my little Pumpkin is sure," Dad said, hesitantly.

"Dadeee!" the brat complained with a girlish whine as she rolled her eyes. It was another f****y ritual for him to affectionately call her the pet name and for her to complain about it.

Slipping into the final spare chair as she placed my glass before me, mum shook her head, "Jack can't drive you over to Kimmy's. My car is in the shop and I need him to take me to work." Waggling a pointing finger at my plate, she grinned, "So, if you'll just this once ignore my advice to chew your food carefully and wolf it down like you usually do, I'd appreciate it."

Her emerald green eyes sparkled with playfulness as she pinched a strip of bacon off the side of my plate.

"Hey!" I protested.

"Then I guess I win and get the pleasure of your company, Pumpkin," Dad teased.

The brat just flashed me a quick ambiguous glance from under her honey-coloured fringe and shrugged at him. Instantly, she turned on the Stacy-wants-something-charm.


"Yes, Peanut?"

"You are still going away with Mummy this week-end, aren't you?"

After a sip of coffee, he answered with caution in his voice, "Yeeeessss. Why?"

"Well, I know that it's your anniversary and I saw just the most perfect present for you two in the store."

"So?" he said with a tone that suggested he already knew where this was going.

Her chair made a scrapping noise as she slid it backward and walked to his side. She flung her arms around him and hugged his head against her cheek, "Well I really wanted to buy it for you, but there's this dress that I really want also. It will cost me all my savings to get it and if I don't then it might not still be there when I can next afford it. And it's such a pretty dress, Daddy. I'll put it on and show it to you when you get home tonight, if you'd like."

I washed a mouthful of sausages down with my orange juice and knew he was going to fall for it. He always did. The brat could twist both of our parents around her little finger and it made me seethe. As predicted, he fished out his wallet and opened it saying, "And how much is my anniversary present going to cost me, then?"

Like the little cow she could be, Stacy slipped several notes from its folds and gave him a loving peck on his cheek.

"You’re the bestest Daddy a girl could have!"

My retching noises were cut short when my mother lightly cuffed the back of my head.

"But you know she's not going to spend all that on a present!" I objected.

Dad slipped his arm around the brat's waist and hugged her to him, "If there's some left over, I don't mind my little Pumpkin treating herself."

I glared as Stacy poked her tongue out at me and then disappeared into the living room. Mum stood up and smoothed her cream pencil-skirt down her thighs, "Finish up quickly, darling. I really am running a bit late."

Shovelling the last of the food into my mouth, I wondered what it was about my f****y that could have me acting and feeling like a jealous teenager after only being home for a week.


Driving home after dropping mum off, my thoughts were full of Stacy. I just could not figure anything out. My own feelings about what had happened between us were all jumbled and confused, so how could hers be any different?

She had acted almost as if last night had never happened, except for that brief moment when she said she wanted me to drive her to Kimberley's. Did that mean she was okay with what we had done? Was I?

Deep down I knew all the arguments against i****t and until last night, I would probably have agreed with most of them, but today everything was different. I could not forget just how sensational the sex had been. No other girl had left me with such a satisfied feeling. But how much of that was down to the pleasure that came from realising with hindsight that it was my s****r which so wantonly thrust back to meet my rampant cock?

Just the memory of how sweet her kisses tasted or how her little pussy squished with juice when I fingered it, made my manhood swell. I could still feel the pressure in the centre of my palm caused by her taut nipples as I clutched her peach sized breast. The heavenly scent of her hair seemed to linger in my nostrils and I fixed my eyes onto the middle finger of my left hand that, barely seven hours ago, had been knuckle deep in the willing cunt of my little s****r. I could almost feel her sticky nectar coating it.

A blaring car horn made me snap out of the daydream and I quickly steered the car away from the middle of the road, back to the centre of my lane. That was close!


I was surprised when I got home to find Stacy knelt on the sofa, leaning over its back and peering out of the window through the lace curtains.

"I thought you were going with Dad?" I asked as I tossed the car keys onto the coffee table.

Her black mule shoes waved back and forth as she wiggled her buttocks in time to some music she was humming. She frowned, but did not answer.

"Stacy?" I asked again, as I flopped down into an armchair by the fireplace. The little brat ignored me as she looked up and down the street. I was getting the silent treatment, typical.

From my seated position in the chair, I could now see something that made my pulse hammer. She was wearing knee-length white socks that made my eyes begin to travel up to her thighs, which were as slim as a young girl's, but had a beautiful golden tan. However, it was what was just above them that fixed my gaze like a magnet. She was wearing a plaid mini-skirt that was so short that with her leaning forward I could see a small patch of her white panties. They were tight across her butt and I could just make out the shadowed slope where her thighs rose gracefully into her slim girlish buttocks. The elastic rim of her panties caused a slight indent in her smooth skin.

As my eyes feasted on the display the young nymph was giving me, my cock grew as hard as steel. I shivered with delight when she leant further forward and her tiny skirt rode higher. More of her white cotton clad backside exposed itself to me, making me unable to move for fear of disturbing her and ending the show.

After several glorious minutes, she sprang off the sofa and picked up her tiny pink backpack. Slipping a small bottle of mineral water and her purse into it, which was about all it was big enough to hold, she zipped it shut and threaded her arms through its straps.

"Kim's here. Her mom's driving us to see Jody and then we're going to the mall. Daddy said I could stay at her house for tea, so I won't be home till late."

As she began to leave, I called, "But Stace, we need to talk!"

She froze with her back to me and paused for a second.

"No we don't," she said with a cross tone, hitching her shoulder strap up and hurried out the front door. I sat and stared at her departed form for a few moments before the ringing of the telephone made me jump.

"Hello?" I asked, a little sharply.

"Yo, one-shot, it's Cooper. We're gonna 'ave a barbecue and thought you may wanna come and pig out."

It could be just the thing to take my mind off my i****tuous thoughts so I smiled, "Sure, Coop. Got enough food?"

"Loads mate! We've got a few crates of beer as well, but Tank-boy say's that's only enough for 'im, so if you want any you'd better bring reinf***ements!"


Miranda squealed when Mitch dive-bombed into the pool, causing a backlash of water that soaked her as she sat on the edge paddling her feet. She was his girl, now, but had been mine for a while before that. There were no hard feelings about it though, because we were still friends, just not lovers anymore.

I snapped another can open and lay back on the sunlounger. On my left, Tank-boy was sprawled on his back on the patio as his girlfriend Emma stepped over him to reclaim her sunbathing spot on the next lounger. I had not met Emma before today, but had to admit that Liam had done well for himself. She was a stunning brunette that apparently came from a very wealthy f****y.

"How's it goin' livin' back with your folks?" Coop asked around a mouthful of hamburger.

"Oh, you know. They drive me crazy and get me acting like a teenager, again."

"Is there any other way?" asked Tank-boy as he lifted his head and squinted because of the sun.

Emma stretched out a shapely leg and tapped him back down with a gentle push of her foot, "You will not grow up until you have c***dren of your own, Liam honey."

"Now there's a scary thought," shot Coop. "I don't think the world could handle any more pollution of the gene pool. One Tank-boy is quite enough."

"You and the horse you rode in on, Coop!"

Grinning, Cooper chomped another bite from his burger and then glanced back my way, "So what about the brat? Is she still a snobby little bitch?"

The last time my friends had seen Stacy she was about fifteen and had told Cooper not to fall asl**p on the beach in case Greenpeace came along and tried to re-float him. Only Tank-boy could get away with teasing him about how large he was. Even Mitch and I tended to stay away from that subject.

"Hmm," I mumbled, non-committedly. "How's your s*s?"

Before he could answer, Liam lifted his head, again, "Bet she's still under a college boy, somewhere!"

"Fuck you, needle dick," spat our angry friend. "If it weren't for Emma's pity, you'd never get laid!"

"Oh, I don't know about that. I could always fuck your s****r."

"Yeah? Who told you she'd let you?"


A half eaten hamburger bounced off his forehead and skipped into the pool. These two could keep this up for hours, so I raised my voice, "Yo, Mitch, the lovers are at it again!"

Bobbing in the water between Miranda's legs, he turned and scowled at the pair, "Knock it off, that's an order!"

"Ooo, I love it when you get all masterful," Miranda purred and slipped into the water with him. I knew that look from her. The lucky guy would be getting a fantastic cock sucking later on.

"So, returning to your earlier question, before we were so rudely interrupted," said Cooper to me in a mock posh accent. "Cindy is fine. Grounded until she's sixty, but fine."

"Oh? What did she do?"

"Dad caught her getting her kitty licked on the backseat of his car."

That image filled me with sorrow for the guy that was with her. Cooper's dad was an ex-marine who thought his daughter should be as pure as the driven snow and he would knock Hell out of anyone who claimed different. He had broken the nose of one guy who had called her a slut.

"Ouch!" I winced. "What did he do to the lad?"

"It weren't a lad. It was her music teacher, Miss Blake, who was nose deep in her pussy."

"No Way!" I gasped. I had a vague memory of a forty-something woman with her hair in a bun. I think I met her once at Coop's cousin's wedding.

"Did your Dad fire her?"

"Not really, but there was no point her staying on afterwards. She wasn't able to teach Cindy the piano, anymore."

"Why not?" I asked. Not even Coop's dad would hit a woman, surely?

"Pop took an axe to the piano."

Ah. That was more like it. I took a swig of beer and lay back trying to figure out how to ask Cooper what was weighing on my mind. Did he ever think sexual thoughts about his s****r? It was hard not to with Cindy. She had gained the nickname "Ferrari" from the lads at her college because she was fast and a good ride. I prayed that Coop's dad never found out that it was me that had taken her cherry.

Perhaps other b*****rs sometimes felt urges toward their s****rs. It is only natural for guys to lust after any nearby females, anyway. Maybe I'm not so different. The beer I had consumed gave me a little bit of false courage, so I decided to try something.

"Coop, is Cindy still as hot as ever?"

He took a long gulp from his can and then burped, "I suppose so. What can I say, she's my s****r."

"You don't know if she's hot or not?"

"Why ya askin'?"

"No reason. I just wondered if you thought she was sexy."

"Urgh, dude! I know you poked her, but come off it! There's no way I'd ever think she's sexy; she's my s****r!"

"Oh," I mumbled. "Of course you wouldn't."

Tank-boy sat up and hooked an arm around Emma's leg, "What about the brat? Is she sexy now she's grown up a bit?"

Trying to look casual, I shrugged. "Can't tell."

A glint of suspicion seemed to shine in Emma's eye as she looked at me for a second, and then she leant forward to push Liam away by his forehead. My bl**d ran cold as I panicked that my guilty secret must be so obvious that anyone would be able to see it. Like a neon sign on my head, perhaps. I was certain that Emma had realised something, but did not dare to even look her way.

A giggle of pleasure came from the pool and Coop threw up his arms in exasperation, "Hey, guys! No fuckin' in the pool! Take it inside if you must; my neighbours are prudes."


When I got home, it was after midnight and the house was in darkness. I quietly used the bathroom and then slipped into my room. No matter what I did, thoughts of last night kept rearing their head. The more I dwelled upon it, the more I began to realise that there was more than just sibling love in me for Stacy. I wondered what it would be like to just go into her room and make love to her as I would with a normal girlfriend.
In anger, I tossed my shirt across the room when I realised that it just could not happen. She is my s****r and that's that!

Half an hour later, I was lying in the darkness still trying to talk myself into going to her room. After all, she had accepted me last night, why should tonight be any different? Because tonight you would know that it is your s****r that you are making love to, that voice in my head chimed.

The door to my room creaked open and I saw a small dark shape slip inside.

"Jack?" she whispered. "Are you still awake?"


The edge of my bed dipped as she sat on it, "Can we talk?"

"I thought you didn't want to."

There was a pause and then I heard her sigh. Light flooded the room when I flicked on my little bedside lamp. There was my little s****r, sat on the side of my bed with one leg folded beneath her. Her long blonde hair cascaded about her shoulders like a golden waterfall and her crystal-blue eyes were fixed on me with a nervous apprehension.

"I didn't know what to say," she started, absently plucking at the hem of the T-Shirt she wore. It was several sizes too big for her and the picture of Winnie-the-Pooh with his head stuck in a honey-pot wrapped around the sides of her little frame. "It's just that what you did..."

I felt a surge of shameful guilt. I should have known that her enjoyment of it was all in my head. There must be something wrong with me to feel sexual things for her.

"I'm so sorry, Stacy. I know I can't make it up to you for the horrible thing that I did, but..."

Her face shot up to look at mine, "I never said it was horrible." Her cheeks flushed a bright pink, "It's just that it was not the way I planned it for my first time."

I hadn't thought I could feel any worse, but that hit me like a hammer blow. It had never even occurred to me that it would have been a first for her! Oh, God what had I done! She had been a virgin and now she had lost that to her pig of a b*****r!

I covered my eyes and let my head crash down onto the pillows, "Oh, I'm so sorry, sweetheart! I never meant to hurt you!"

"You didn't."

Puzzled by the caring I could hear in her voice, I took my hands away and looked up at her. She had a strange sort of expression that seemed half-sad and half-happy. Before I could say anything else, she shivered and rubbed her arms vigorously.

"Brrrrr, it's cold. Can I get under the covers?" After a moments pause, she added, "Just for a minute, of course."

Seeing goose bumps covering her thin arms, I lifted the blanket and she slipped inside. It was only when her cold arm nudged along my chest that I remembered I was naked. Shuffling away a little bit, I let her sink down on the warmest patch of the bed. She slid across it and snuggled up tight against me. With no room left to manoeuvre, I gave in and put my arm around her small shoulders as she rested her cheek on my chest.

"Better?" I enquired.


We lay like that for a moment, before she twisted and turned off the lamp.

"What are you doing?"

"You know what Daddy's like. If he goes to the bathroom and sees the light on, he'll think you have fallen asl**p without switching it off and come in to do it himself."

That was true. I had not thought of that. In the darkness, she snuggled back against me. The sweet scents of her hair filled my senses. I was very conscious of the small lump of her breast pressing into my side. Her soft hair felt glorious against my naked skin and her breath seemed to tingle across my nipple. Already I could feel my shaft beginning to stir as I was getting aroused.

"About last night," she whispered.

"It was wrong and I am so sorry." I did not think that I believed it, but I thought it was what she wanted to hear.

"Yes," she said, finally. "It was very wrong. It was i****t." Even though I could not see her, I could feel her face lift to look at mine when she added, "You do know that, don't you."

"Yeah," I sighed with regret as all my day’s fantasies came crashing to a halt.

"It's something that we should never have done."

"Don't blame yourself, Stacy. It was all my fault. I am the one who sneaked into your bed and slipped my fingers into you while you were asl**p. I got you all horny and it's hard to stop something once it has gone that far."

"I know," she answered in a little voice. Guilt stabbed through me. I felt her rest her head back on my chest and slip an arm across me.

"You didn't realise what we were doing, Stace. I more or less f***ed myself on you."

"No you didn't!" she said, sharply. "You asked me, remember?"

"Yeah, but I'm your b*****r. That means it was wrong."


She shifted against me as if she were uncomfortable. The movement made her arm across my chest slip lower until it crossed my hips. There, the side of her forearm bumped into my semi-hard cock. She froze in place, immediately. Neither of us spoke for nearly a minute before she broke the silence.

"Did I do that?"


"So you do find me attractive, then?"


"You know. I don't make you feel sick or anything?"

"Of course you don't make me feel sick. What are you talking about?"

"Well, you said it yourself. I have a body like a f******n year old girl. No man would be interested in me."

"Don't talk daft. You are beautiful. And sexy. I haven't been able to get the thoughts of you out of my head all day!"

"Really?" her voice quavered with wonder. I had forgotten just how low her self esteem was because of her underdeveloped body.

"Yes really. I nearly had a car crash coming home from taking mum to work because I was daydreaming about the feel of your tits in my hand."

Her chest lurched against my side and she let out a little sob. "You’re just making that up to make me feel better!"

"No, I'm not! Stacy, you are lovely. I love your small tits. Yes, they are small, but that is not a bad thing. In my book, it's a very good thing. I adore small tits and you have the nicest I have ever held."

There was silence for a while and we just lay together in a cosy embrace. The warmth of her little body seemed to seep into my right-hand side and pour straight down to my groin. I was getting really turned on!

"I better go back to my room," she whispered.

Every fibre in me was screaming No! But I just murmured, "Okay. If you want."

I could feel her nod, but she did not move. More long minutes passed. Just lying there in the darkness, with my arm around her tiny body was delightful torture. I had to fight the urge to roll above her and take her. If she had been any other woman but my s****r, I would be halfway through ravishing her by now.

But she wasn't any other woman. She was my s****r. My precocious brat of a little s****r that could get under my skin and make me crazy with anger with just a few words. My teenaged s****r that I had spent the last eighteen years fighting with and resenting. My darling s****r that I had made love to last night and I was now trembling just from cuddling her. As I thought about her, warmth seemed to spread in my chest. It was a strange feeling that I had not felt before. It spread in waves from underneath my left breast until it filled me completely.

Suddenly, I felt her plant a brief kiss on my chest.



"I thought you were going back to your own bed?"

"I am," she said with a reluctant sigh. She still made no effort to get up.

Finally, she raised her head, "Jack?"


"I'm going now. Goodnight."

With that, she slid a little way up the bed and her lips brushed mine. It was the softest kiss that I have ever felt. Her lips fluttered against me for just a second and then withdrew. She stayed motionless beside me for what felt like forever before her mouth descended back to mine and pressed with a hungry passion.

The sweet taste of her saliva mingled with that cherry lip-balm as we kissed each other with a forbidden desire. Her body was twisted against my side and the hand that I had put around her shoulders now was hooked over them and rested in the small of her back. I drew circles there as we kissed each other.

The fiery desire gave way to a tenderness that surprised me with the way it generated even stronger feelings of lust. I kissed my little s****r in a way that I had never kissed any other woman before. With love.

Her small hand pressed down on my muscular chest and she pushed her mouth away from mine.

"Oh, Jack! This is so wrong!"

"I know," I replied with hoarseness in my voice.

Once more, her lips descended to mine. This time they parted and her tongue slid into my mouth and flicked at my own with the gentlest of caresses. Her silky hair framed our faces as she gave in to her desires and kissed me with a growing neediness.

Giving a little whimper, she tore her mouth from mine and dropped her face to rest it in the crook of my neck. Her hot breath billowed against my throat as she gasped for air. Through the cotton of her T-shirt, I could feel two hard points pressed into my chest. It was then that I also realised she was gently grinding her groin against the side of my hips. The T-shirt must have rucked up because I could feel her hot flesh against mine and the puffy slickness of her pussy as she rubbed it on me.

"Oh, Jack, this is wrong. You're my big b*****r. My older b*****r. And I'm your little s****r. This is wrong. It's bad. It's naughty. It's i****t."

Her whispers were getting husky with excitement as her hips moved against me with a rhythmic grind. Her upper thigh slipped further across my crotch as she widened her legs to get more of my hip against her groin. I could now feel a wet patch on my skin where her cunt was smearing its honey.

Her lips brushed onto my throat in butterfly kisses as she stretched one arm across my chest to hug herself tighter against me.

"Oh, Jack, yessss. This is nice. I like this."

I was rocking slightly as she humped her pussy against me. Her intermittent kisses on my throat felt so sensual and loving as she let her own passions build. The whole act was making my cock throb painfully as my own lust soared. I had to reach down and stroke my shaft to ease it.

In my darkened bedroom, my little s****r used my hip to masturbate herself with as she suckled at my throat. I had one hand stroking my rigid shaft and the other caressing her back as it rocked and heaved.

"Kiss me, b*****r," she whispered in a lusty tone.

I eagerly tilted my face down to her raised one and mashed our lips together. Slick sticky wetness was coating my hip and running down its side as her pussy writhed against me. I had to wank my cock with a harder and firmer rhythm as my desire for this young girl mounted.

Then, I felt the most delightful thing. Her small fingers closed around my slick shaft, below my own and she began to pump up and down with me. I let go and her hand moved higher as she stroked me faster. Her mouth dropped away from mine and she shivered as she buried her face in my neck. Her lips lay near my ear and she whispered continually into it.

"I'm holding my b*****r's cock! I have my b*****r's hard cock in my hand! I'm wanking my older b*****r!"

It was the words that seemed to excite her more and more. The very taboo act, when uttered aloud made this little teenager cream all the more. I smiled as I decided to help.

"That's it, little s****r. Wank my hard cock in your hand. Feel your b*****r’s shaft sliding between your fingertips. Can you feel the way my juice is sliding down and making my s****r's hand wet? Fuck me with your hand, little s****r. Fuck your b*****r!"

"OOhhh," she moaned, shuddering against me and thrusting her hips with renewed intensity.

Her hand was causing me such delight that I closed my eyes and lost myself to the feelings. She brought me back with a thrill when her tongue curled into my ear.

"Tell me," she breathed. "I want to hear it. Tell me how your s****r is making you want to cum."

"Yes, my angel, you are. You are making your b*****r's cum boil in anticipation. I want to spurt my seed over you in creamy i****tuous waves, little s****r. My dearest, darling little s****r. I love you. Pump you tiny cunt against your b*****r. Let me feel your sticky honey gush out. Fuck your pussy against your b*****r."

I slid the hand that had been stroking the small of her back lower until I felt it slide off her T-shirt and onto the small thrusting mounds of her buttocks. The flesh was hot and slippery beneath my fingers. I stroked patterns in the sweat that covered them. Gingerly, I slipped my fingers into the crease and stroked up and down its whole length.

"Can you feel your b*****r's fingers on your ass, s****r? Can you feel me touching you?"

"Yes!" she gasped, humping her sensitive clit against my hipbone with frenzy.

"You belong to me, don't you, s*s?"


"I can do anything I want to you, can't I?"

"Oh, yes!"

I traced my thick finger down to the lower part of her butt crease and felt her little rosebud pass beneath my fingertip. Her body lurched as I touched that secret spot. It was not my goal for tonight, though. I let my finger follow the remaining inch of flesh before sinking it in one smooth movement all the way into her young cunt.

Hot, slippery, rippled flesh slithered about my questing digit as she continued to buck her hips in passion. Her cunt juice bathed me in its sticky nectar and squelched to her movements. Her soft buttocks clenched and relaxed around my wrist as I slotted my finger back and forth in her moist sheath. Slick strands of sticky girl cream stretched from her puffy flesh to my knuckles as they bounced apart, to slowly drip like glistening ropes onto her thighs.

"Is your pussy juicy for your b*****r, s*s? Is your little cunt all wet for your big b*****r?"

"Yes," she whispered in a quavering voice.

For a few minutes, all we could do was gasp as we were consumed by the delirious pleasure of our taboo act. Then she began to shake and shiver like she had last night. Mewls of delight gushed from her lips as she clung to me in helplessness as her orgasm broke. My plunging fingers were squeezed in a satin vice as her pussy writhed in i****tuous rapture. She mashed her clit against me and ground it in a circle as hard as she could while ripples shook her c***d-like frame.

That was enough for me and my cum burst out in a torrential spray. It drenched the inside of the blanket above my groin and spattered up my belly. Her small hand pumped up and down to draw the last of my creamy tribute from its well. The final squirts just oozed out and ran in thick salty rivulets over her tiny fingers.

Finally, she lay panting in my arms. Her little chest rose and fell in great gasps that squashed her peach like breasts against my hard muscles. My own chest rose and fell with such f***e that it lifted her up and down.

She gave a dreamy little-girl giggle as her fingers drew swirls in the cum on my belly, "My b*****r's spunk! My hands are covered in my big b*****r's spunk. It's so lovely warm and sticky. I love the feel of my b*****r's cum."

As the last word left her lips, she jerked as if electrocuted. I could hear her intake of breath as a loud hiss.

"Oh, no. What have we done! This is wrong!" Her voice trembled as she dissolved into tears, leapt from my bed and fled the room...... Continue»
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Aus meinen Erinnerungen 02

Aus meinen Erinnerungen 02
Diese Episode setzt „Erinnerungen 01“ fort.

Inzwischen hatte ich bei der Bank eine Ein-Mann-Zweigstelle übernommen. Mein Auftreten wurde deutlich selbstsicherer und lockerer. Gelegenheit meinen neuen Offensivgeist umzusetzen.

Und das zeigte Erfolg, vor Allem bei einer jungen Blondine. Meike war eine attraktive Erscheinung, schlank mit Rundungen an den richtigen Stellen, lange blonde Mähne, stand sie, als wir uns kennen lernten, kurz vor ihrem 18. Geburtstag.

Sie war gerade dabei neben ihrer Ausbildung zur Zahnarzthelferin ihren Führerschein zu machen, weshalb sie relativ regelmäßig vorbei kam um die Rechnungen ihrer Fahrstunden zu überweisen. Dies nutzte ich, um mit ihr ins Gespräch zu kommen. Wir verstanden uns super und begannen uns zu verabreden.

Innerhalb kürzester Zeit sind wir zusammen im Bett gelandet, was wirklich super war. Trotz ihres relativ jungen Alters hatte sie offensichtlich schon einige Erfahrung gesammelt und wusste ziemlich genau was sie tat und was ihr gefiel.

Ihre Zeit war zunächst durch miese Arbeitszeiten und Fahrstunden eingeschränkt. Auch als sie ihren Führerschein bestanden hatte, nahm die Ausbildung sie ziemlich in Anspruch. Aber ich war total verknallt und versuchte Alles so gut wie möglich zu händeln. Wir versuchten jede kleine Gelegenheit zu nutzen uns zu sehen und wenigstens ein wenig Zeit miteinander zu verbringen, was in der Regel auch zu Sex führte, womit ich ja auch ziemlich zufrieden war.

Eine Begebenheit ist mir besonders in Erinnerung geblieben. Wiedermal hatte sie nur wenig Zeit, also verabredeten wir uns für ein kurzes Treffen in einer Grünanlage auf halber Strecke zwischen uns, um sich wenigstens zu sehen und ein paar Schritte miteinander zu gehen. Mir stand der Sinn zwar nach mehr, aber wie gesagt, ich war verknallt und mit jeder Kleinigkeit zufrieden.

Ich war zeitig da und bin schon um den Parkplatz getigert als sie in ihrem Auto angefahren kam. Wie ich das bei mehreren Frauen kennengelernt habe, liebte sie ihr Auto abgöttisch. In ihm Sex zu haben lehnte sie übrigens ab. „Mein Auto bleibt Jungfrau“ war ihre Einstellung ;).

Die Dämmerung war schon herein gebrochen und wir begaben uns auf einen kleinen Spaziergang. Als wir zu einem kleinen Spielplatz kamen, war es fast schon Nacht. Wie kleine Kinder tollten wir herum, probierten die Schaukeln, Wippe und als wir uns zu zweit auf das Federpferd zwängten sind wir natürlich runter gekippt und im Sand gelandet.

Wie wir so im Sand lagen, stand mir der Sinn nach ganz anderen Sachen als spazieren. Meike ging es wohl ähnlich und so begann eine wilde Knutscherei. Auch das meine Hand unter ihr T-Shirt wanderte war ihr nicht unrecht. Erst als ich begann ihre Jeans auf zu knöpfen, kam ein halbherziger Protest „Du, hinter den Bäumen sind Häuser.“ „Ja, ich find’s auch gut, dass da Bäume dazwischen sind“ ließ ich mich nicht beirren. Inzwischen war es dunkel und ich wurde immer spitzer.

Durch ihr Höschen rieb ich ihr Fötzchen und ihre Bedenken schmolzen dahin. Merklich aufgegeilt begann sie nun ihrerseits sich an meiner Jeans zu schaffen zu machen. Sie befreite meinen Halbsteifen und wichste ihn zärtlich.

Nach einer kleinen Weile unterbrach sie die Knutscherei, orientierte sich zu meiner Körpermitte und begann mir meinen Schwanz zu blasen. Das war schon mal richtig geil und ich genoss die Behandlung eine Zeit lang, aber mir war nach mehr. Also zog ich sie wieder herauf und rollte sie auf den Rücken und zog ihr schnell Jeans und Höschen aus, natürlich auch die störenden Sneakers.

Ein kurzer Kontrollgriff zwischen ihre Beine zeigte ihre Erregung, schön feucht und warm. Nicht mehr lang rumgemacht, legte ich mich zwischen ihre Schenkel und drang problemlos in sie ein. Ohne falsche Zurückhaltung fing ich an sie heftig zu ficken.

Nach einiger Zeit zeigte sie mir ihren Wunsch nach Stellungswechsel an und so rollte ich auf den Rücken, so dass sie auf mir zu sitzen kam und sie legte los mich zu reiten. Das war ihre Lieblingsposition, sie bestimmte das Tempo, was in dieser Situation ein wildes war. Ziemlich in dem Moment als meine Eier begannen sich zusammen zu ziehen wurden ihre Bewegungen unkontrollierter. Ich drückte ihren Po gegen meinen Unterleib und mit harten Stößen entlud ich mich in ihr. Sie hatte ihren Oberkörper auf meinen sinken lassen und lag nun schwer atmend auf mir.

So blieben wir ein Weilchen zufrieden liegen, bis wir uns langsam erhoben, uns unsere Klamotten wieder richtig anzogen und zurück zu den Autos gingen.

„Das war geil“ sagte ich, als wir uns zum Abschied küssten. „Ja, aber jetzt muss ich mir Zuhause erstmal den Sand aus der Kimme spülen!“ Wir verabschiedeten uns mit einem Lächeln.

Die Geschichte mit Meike ging irgendwann zu Ende, und das nicht auf eine schöne Weise. Daran hatte ich eine Zeit lang zu kauen und lenkte meine Energie zunächst Mal auf andere Bereiche. Dazu mehr, wenn’s weitergeht…
... Continue»
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