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Dark Places ch. 01-02

Dark Places ch. 01-02

... .

"I love you Baji," He moaned softly and Nargis knew he meant it.

Dark Places Ch. 02 ... , with dark eyes and short black hair. He wore a small moustache, the type that teenage boys grow ... hugging her harder "Don't make a wet, dark day more depressing with 'old fashioned thinking'. You... Continue»
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Defending s*s CH. 01-02

... nipples were a dark pink color and her areolas were large and a soft brown shade. I wanted to touch ... to get into fights?"

My mother sat next to me and grabbed the icepack placing it back on my eye ... grin on her face. She moved her hand that was over his hand down to his cock. She placed her hand... Continue»
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Ch.01: Everyone In America Does It

Yumi Shibata was a professional martial artist who'd ... to!"


Ch.02: Never Have Ice Cream Before Dinner

Yumi covered her breasts with her right arm and put ... , having never ventured out of his tiny village.

Training took place outside Yumi's house, in her... Continue»
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Moms Secret Chapter THREE

... in Ch.01 and Ch.02. However, she will also describe an event that happens to her afterward, which ... isn't found in either of the above chapters.

*Ch. 03 does not have i****t. Ch. 04 WILL have i****t ... to clean the place or so after his constant neglect to take care of it. Once in a while, we'd even... Continue»
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Reina's Story

... . One last look at the door and I place the blind fold over my eyes. Total darkness surrounds me ... harder.


I now know I can do this and I increase my ... now weak as they are still cuffed behind my back!


With my... Continue»
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Andrew Loses It

... without underwear on the night you became a slut.”
Andrew Loses It Ch. 02
Disclaimer ... to be fucked by the biggest cock in Manhattan!”

With that, she stretched on the bed, placing her head ... pulled his cock from between Andrew’s thighs and placed it at the opening of Andrew ass. The tiny... Continue»
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Undercover Angel Ch. 01

... Undercover Angel Ch. 01 - Mike goes undercover as a transvestite to escape crime boss.

When Mike ... , nylon or satin slips, full cut or boy-leg nylon, satin or lace panties, heavy makeup and dark bobs ... applied her eyeliner, then a combination of pale blue and dark pink eye-shadow, and then lashings... Continue»
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Caught by Neighbor

... on my pants and sweatshirt, and made my way home.

Ch. 02

- 1 -

The next day I ... until it was dark, sneaking carefully out and making as little sound as I could.

I went to bed ... said. "Now come over to my place."

"What?!" I said.

"Come on over. I don't care how you get... Continue»
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... to that person, that place, that moment. Your cock is stiffening

I admit I've always been ... selected a number of these. I have changed all the names, people and
places, though I imagine my ... . ... They have the courage to face the
dark mysteries and alternatives Eros offers us all. Why should our... Continue»
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... the edge into the abyss of obsession.

Chapter 01:

It was after hours when Melanie had come ... always doted on the boy. He did have his father's better features, unruly dark hair and eyes ... to be surprisingly hot, which she hadn't really expected. The dark haired young pizza delivery boy the redhead... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #9: Learning Curves #11

... remembered exactly why he fell for the blonde in the first place. "As for Tori… it's not really that simple ... that the first place his mind went to when it came to blame was Jade. His ex-girlfriend had done everything ... no doubt driving them.

Carly had offered her place for Jade to stay since it would be her first... Continue»
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Couples Life Altering Cruise

... evening.

Couples' Life Altering Cruise Ch. 02
by ytreeman©

Generally afternoon naps can ... , ages and descriptions walking the shoreline. All had dark sunglasses that served dual purposes ... all was good. Because we had chosen the second dinner sitting, we had no place to go or anything... Continue»
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Stacy ch. 2

... i****t/TabooStacy Ch. 02
Stacy Ch. 02
"Jack, climb out of your pit and give me ... the place possessed.

Of its own accord, an image of Stacy trying on some sexy lingerie suddenly popped ... on a plate. Her beautiful face broke into a dazzling smile as she placed the breakfast before me... Continue»
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f***ed feminisation

... look around and the blindfold was in place. Next came the ball gag which i hoped would not stay ... of his chair he was setting in holding me in place. All i could do was stay there on my knees ... began to finally slow down...

"Exactly what do you have in mind boi?" He asked.


"i... Continue»
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Slut is Born Ch. 02*****

... Slut is Born Ch. 02*****

The week went by slowly as I digested what Jim had done to me last ... and it looked like it was all muscle. His skin was dark black and his smile showed a row of teeth ... released and placed on Stan and Charlie’s cocks. Charlie’s was huge. I pulled my mouth away and turned... Continue»
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Husband Encourages Wife


Husband Encourages Wife Ch. 02
"You haven't touched your lunch," Tina said after she ... was inside her. Then they traded places, and she felt so naughty tasting herself."

"Did they make ... take his place."

"Oh god!" Michael groaned as he came in his wife. Jen came too, her toes... Continue»
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Shadow Dancer vs Nightwing - Simone Part 2

... to stretch you out onto the frame.
[21:01] Nightwing Simone: OH NO can´t fight this
[21:02] Shadow ... ] Shadow Dancer: Smirks as i create darkness... making the area go black.... the area going very cold ...
[20:52] Nightwing Simone: Darkness is not only your friend
[20:52] Nightwing Simone: fires a shadow... Continue»
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Fiery Heat Chapter 2

... FIERY HEAT Ch 02

Tristan entered his father’s office after a quick dash to the bathroom ... to

decline as he had intended to in the first place.

He simply sat and listened to everything ...

placed himself between his… Tristan groaned again, still aching.

He couldn’t go on like this. He... Continue»
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My Dad is a Doctor & I am a Voyeur Ch. 02

... My Dad is a Doctor & I am a Voyeur Ch. 02

In my previous story, I told of how I had installed ... was able to see all. 

After placing her white purse on the chair provided, Miss Pretty slowly slipped ... placed it neatly on the chair. Miss Pretty stood there looking so cute in her little pink bra and a pink... Continue»
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The f****y Business

... their marriage,

their daughter returns home to new discoveries.

Chapter 01 – Homecoming

Olivia ... hips and licking his chops.

Chapter 02 - A Welcoming Return

Olivia pushes her door shut ... notices the extended

cock as Cronus places his paws on her shoulders in greeting. She grabs... Continue»
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