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Danni the Door Dolly:-Jordans Surprise part 2

Danni the Door Dolly:-Jordans Surprise part 2

... door shut behind them Jordan threw her bag on the king-sized bed and pointed Danni towards the bar ... Danni's ear to her lips and hissed "Let's take this to the bed now slut!"

End Of Part 2 ... in the curves of that latex clad ass. Turning, Jordan smiled at the guilty look on Danni's face... Continue»
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Danni the Door Dolly:-Jordans Surprise part 1 ( A

... ?" wondered Danni "She's only been in there for 2 hours. Then she realised that Jordan was heading straight ... answered the door to her flat wrapped in a blanket looking like death warmed up.

"Oh Danni I'm ... was on the glorious vision in pink. With the inspection finished Danni watched as Jordan strode towards... Continue»
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Milking Time B2 Chapter 2 Ebony & Jordan Part

... Chapter 2: Ebony & Jordan Part 1

Jordan stopped by briefly at her quarters to change ... figure nicely.
Jordan then went to the gym where Ebony held her conditioning class, and took part ... gushed into Jordan's mouth, causing her cheeks to swell, and Jordan was surprised she didn't gag... Continue»
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2 Holiday surprise part 1

... , but with a figure that gave dolly Parton competition. The younger man had his arm around her and the older chap ... on Trevor and his mother.
Yesterday I had missed the first part of young Trevor’s routine having gone off ... that seemed “normal”, however even that was to be a surprise to me when the master... Continue»
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Michelle's Big surprise part 2

... Michelle's Big Surprise part 2

We then laid back down and he put ... put on my perfume Calvin Klein Obsession. The door bell rang at 10 am. I looked through ... following behind. I opened the door and we all entered. Claudia removed her dress and had... Continue»
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Michelle's Big Surprise Part 2 (repost)

... Michelle's Big Surprise part 2

We then laid back down and he put ... . I put on my perfume Calvin Klein Obsession. The door bell rang at 10 am. I looked through ... following behind. I opened the door and we all entered. Claudia removed her dress and had... Continue»
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A surprise welcome home part 2

... see you at dinner tonight" Sarah shouted as she headed out the door. Johnny was preparing a big ... of time alone together in Johnnys room with the door closed. As she had been passing the room one ... night, the door was open slightly. The music was on loud so Johnny and Sarah never heard Barbara... Continue»
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Life is full of little surprises (part 2)

... (continued from part 1)

The door swung open, I saw a petite pretty woman looking quizzically ... replied “I'm Sonya”. She pulled me towards a closed door further down the hall, when we reached ... it she turned the handle and pushed open the door “Daddy, I have Sonya with me”.

We walked into her... Continue»
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Next Door Neighbor Watches Us Fucking PART 2

... Next Door Neighbor Watches Us Fucking part 1 scroll down for part 2

My girlfriend Alison ... it as much as we.


The next day we couldn't wait for it to get dark and do another show ... the building next door was quiet close maybe 20 feet and at right angle to us. There were like small... Continue»
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Tranny Surprise Part 2

... hear a knock at the door. I answer and its Dani and shes crying "whats wrong? come in" I said ... Things were off to a good start with Dani. We have been texting each other throughout the week just ... !

"Wow Dani you look really pretty in that sun dress." I said. "Thank you" she replied with a big smile... Continue»
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Girl Next Door Part 2

... dressed and made my way back home next door, a little guilty maybe, unsure what the outcome was going ... the fence at the neighbours side of the garden when I heard the door open and out popped Andrea ... to lust.
After about a mile there was a quiet layby, it was part of the old road before the route... Continue»
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My Door is Open part 2

... and are laying in the bed making out when the door opens and 2 young white guys enter. The one guy ... While sitting and relaxing with a cocktail, there's another rap at the door. I go over ... to leave. Tim is walking ut the door and says that he will be back before the night is over.

Mark... Continue»
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Unexpected Surprise part 2

... Note: if you did not read part one, then this will not make any sense but it will make you wet ... arrived at the house and rung the doorbell. The door opens and its Rebecca’s cousin.

“Oh, you must ... stood there for a minute before knocking on the door. She turned and before I said anything, Rebecca... Continue»
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Out Door MOM part 2

... , to her surprise, was showing the same thing. But she knew neither of them had never gone farther ... fingers through her pussy hair, parting it to show the pink wetness of her cunt. It was like the way ... , surprised to see what their mother had done. She had wanted to grab hold of her b*****r's cock before... Continue»
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This story is based on the fantasies of ahrnycpl4u at xham ... . Printed with her permission.

Remember, we left off from Part 1 with…
Deb twisted her head... Continue»
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Next Door Is Very Handy....Part 2

... , and saw she was sound asl**p. I dressed and quietly wnet next door. I crashed on my bed until about 7:00 ... of surprise.

"Oh my gosh, startled me," she said, "Are you jacking off with my panty?" She ... ."

I dressed, we kissed, and I walked back next door totally spent. The last thing I recalled... Continue»
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Through a Crack in the Lounge Door Part 2

... shaking orgasm. Unknown to both of them Andy was watching through a crack in the lounge door and has just ... .

She returned a few minutes later – with nearly 2 inches of slip showing all round. Maybe therefore ... to leave the girls alone again.

He went out, closed the door and which he made a point of closing... Continue»
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Traci's Weekend (Part 2 of "A Surprise f

... at the door. I went to the door and opened it to find Traci standing there in a very short pair ... was not surprised to find most of the patrons to be black. As Traci and I walked in, many crude comments ... the car with James kissing her and Randy kissing her neck. I was also not surprised when I looked down... Continue»
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Sissies New Years Surprise – Part 2 –

... Chapter 2

Sissies Opportunity Blown

Sissy was dead tired. It had been a long and tiring day ... bouncing around in her head she hears the door creek open. In walks Mistress in a stunning black satin... Continue»
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Granny Surprise Part 2

... a truck with gardening equipment was driving off. I rang the doorbell and she came to the door in her... Continue»
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