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Dancer Chapter 2

... Goddess of the Moon.” I had a date with a different Goddess.

Chapter Three Bliss and Pain, Pain and Bliss

You have ... song called Limelight. I would consider this a serious challenge for a dancer because music is a different pace most of the time ... ... Continue»
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Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter XI

Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter XI

“Provocation Part I (or When She Made Him Her Almost Pet)”, with Roberta (based on a Playboy cartoon) and Randolf (based on an old erotic art)

Randolf (the man, obviously...):[/user]

At least about women, Randolf wasn’t a man who worried about them. He was a ladies guy, an appreciator of all things that dealt with seducing and loving lustful females. Randolf never ditched an opportunity to approach a girl who he liked and offer her all his charms to get her on his bed.

No woman was safe of Randolf’s seducing abilities. Race, wealth, looks, style, skills or even those little problems were able to stop that man on achieving his goal to sl**p with the lady of his choice. And no woman denied that, on the mattress, he was major league kind.

He had lots of conquests during his life so far, but one of them was, surely, one that teased him the best and messed up with his dirty mind: Roberta.

Roberta was a showgirl that happened to move to the house next to Randolf’s. From the very first moment he took an eye at the girl, he noticed she was his to be. But, as well, he knew she could give him the best and the hardest of times at his task.

It didn’t take much longer for him to make his first approach on her, but there was an initial rebuttal of him. Roberta didn’t seem to give attention to her neighbor at first place, flaming even more his will to have her at his arms and bed, starting a crazy and sexy seduction showdown between the two parts.

Randolf loved to watch her dress up after she woke up every morning, her window being right at his sight and pretty much open only to cause teasing to him. His cock couldn’t resist and felt hard while she picked up her clothes and put them on her body, and he didn’t had other choice but wank himself after the special show.

Roberta noticed the man watching her change and decided to play a little game with him. She teased Randolf with making moves suggestive to clothes changing and then, when going to get naked, she closed the window, only to make him a little bit upset. On other days, when she was up to, she let the man watch the show entirely. Sometimes, she even tried on clothes on purpose, only to make his curiosity arise and bring him close to the window.

“That woman… I need her… I want her!”

Somehow, they ended up getting to form a bond and then, the seduction games got to a new chapter. Now, Roberta wanted to make her neighbor lust for her, but her methods were as much as nasty as the window one.

She took him to the club she worked as a dancer, dressed all in leather dress and cop-like hat. Every weekend, the man watched Roberta dance herself off at the pole and the dancefloor exhibitions and thought the dirtiest fantasies about her. Randolf wished to have her all by himself, at the dancefloor, rubbing her leather dress against his body, touching and feeling his cock getting aroused by the beat of the music and by her luscious moves on him, and then doing her right there on the dancefloor.

Well, that rubbing had to happen in the ‘physical world’ and it did, as other stuff happened as well. She took Randolf to her place to make him watch her prove lingerie and sexy dresses, where she could see his reactions through his pants and his face eager to see more than that.

Roberta did all the tricks she knew to make Randolf feel as horny as he could be. She brought erotic movies to his place and they watched together like they were seeing any ordinary movie. And she even paused the scenes that she likes to make him watch more than once, with her whispered in his ears telling her boyfriend that she would like to do all those stuff with him, but not yet. The porn movie wasn’t the only thing she did to instigate lust on him. Anything that she knew that could make him drooling on her was needed to it.

“Why you do this to me? I want you, Roberta! Want you right now!”

“Do you think that I am easy like the other women you did? I am more than that, sweetheart”

She was indeed more than that and made her best to make Randolf crazy, thinking if that girl could let him fuck her or was just playing with his feelings. Within weeks, Robert felt she needed to give her boyfriend something else for being together with her for so long.

“Now, I’ll do a treat for you, but it’s not what you are thinking about”

One day, the dancer took Randolf to the backstage and took his dick out of his pants and gave him a well-needed masturbation. The man loved to see finally his girlfriend have her way with him, stroking his manmeat and giving him good place. However, that came with a price.

“I’ll masturbate you Randolf, but you ain’t cumming”

“What? Are you insane? I need to cum, dammit! I need it! I want to cum all over you!”

“To stay with me, you will need something more to get into my panties”

Roberta did indeed stop jerking Randolf off when she saw he was approaching the climax. Almost every day, she took him to a place where they could not be seen and she jerked him off there or even gave him a blowjob. And the ritual of not letting her boyfriend cum continued for weeks, putting Randolf at the edge of insanity.

And he couldn’t resort to his favorite ‘weapons’. His love for Roberta was so strong that Randolf wasn’t interested to cheat her with other women. He wanted to go until the end to see where or what she was able to do with him, and he hoped the end of the story was with him nailing the hot dancer.

That day finally came when Roberta whispered at his ear after they left the movie theater in a date.

“Today, you will get what you’re looking for”

Randolf couldn’t hide how happy he was as his girlfriend announced the upcoming event of the night. At his place, Robert wore her leather suit and ordered her man to be fully naked.

“Why you don’t take your clothes as well, Roberta?”

“Give time to time, Randolf…”

Not even on their first ‘real’ night, the teasing was over. She started with a dance routine at the club, rubbing her body against Randolf’s and feeling his cock getting hard already. She quickly kissed him before he laid on the bed and another ritual of masturbation and oral sex went on.

“I love your face when I do that to you, Randolf honey…”

Soon, her breasts were off the dress and she gave him them for a suck. Finally able to taste a female body again, he just gave in and sucked it like someone hungry for a meal.

“Ohhh… yeah… that’s it” So good, baby! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Roberta let her boyfriend to enjoy her boobs for a while before finally he could have access to her lascivious mound. When her suit was fully away from her skin, Randolf finally knew that night was the night!

“Honey, it’s time!”

Roberta then sit on Randolf’s, slowly making his cock disappear inside her pussy. She let Randolf give the first calls and soon she started to plow his thing inside the exotic dancer. The wait was over; he was finally doing the girl he wanted to.

“The fuck! Roberta! Ahhhhh!”

“Come on, big bear! Come on! Do me! Do me, my stallion!”

He didn’t have any excuse to go deep on her as he got used to the playground. The famous humping noises were heard inside that bedroom, as he pumped himself inside Roberta’s pussy. With the prize finally achieved, it was time to enjoy it.

They tried so many positions that day and Roberta made sure her boyfriend knew how much she enjoyed his skills on bed with moans and other kinds of pleasure noises. When he finally came… oh, he came!

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

This is the end of the story? Fortunately not! After their first night, Roberta and Randolf engaged on their relationship and she decided to keep her little ‘torture’ on, but not, adding a few odd things to the relationship.

She took him to the oddest places ever only to have sex with him. Sometimes it was just masturbation or even an oral, but she did like to see if Randolf could like to take it until the end. It was at first weird for him, but it wasn’t something that was foreign to him.

The teasing masturbation was still on table as well, as she did it when she wanted to give him ‘a lesson’ while watching her change or something. She also let him enjoy her body at the backstage of the club, in all ways possible. Randolf loved to feel his body rub against the leather suit as he fucked her ass with Roberta’s body against the wall.

They did it in a lot of places and attempting lots of positions, from bathrooms to parks, from gardens to their backyard. Now, there wasn’t anywhere that the couple wouldn’t find a way for them to make sweet sexy love as they finally deserved.

And Roberta made him do lots of stuff to make the things go spicier. She even asked him to fuck her wearing her lingerie once, not for any crossdressing fantasy she had, but because she felt it could be fun to be nailed by a man wearing women’s underwear. He did resisted at start, but he was finally convinced to.

“I don’t know if that is right, Roberta? Me, in lingerie!”

“Just once, please! I just want to see how it is”

In fact, Randolf didn’t bothered so much with being in lingerie, as he could put it aside while doing his date like that. In truth, he even attempted to do her wearing a dress! But only because he felt Roberta could be happy with that!

I could go on and talk about the many things they did together, but I want to keep them to a next chapter… if that happen…

THE END (of this chapter)... Continue»
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Impossible Virgins Chapter 7 Through The Wringer -

Chapter 7: Through The Wringer - Jordan Fucks Toppsy

"I want you to fuck me, Jordan!" Toppsy shouted, loud enough for everyone in the auditorium to plainly hear.
"You don't know how long I've been waiting to hear those words," replied Jordan. "Well, you're gonna get your wish. Just remember, you practically begged for this."
Jordan's body seemed to know what was happening, without being told. Her prick flexed and wiggled so hard that Toppsy had a hard time holding onto it. Jordan's prick was roughly the same size as Tiffany's; still it was as long as Toppsy's arm and just as thick. Fuck-lube oozed out of her pisshole and Toppsy caught the slippery stuff, rubbing it on the head and shaft of Jordan's twitching cock. Jordan moaned as Toppsy greased her colossal cock.
"Stick that piece of meat in her deep, Jordan," Lulu said. She got comfortable and began fingering her pussy, and playing with her heavy tits as she watched.
Tiffany was stroking her own cock, and had to remind herself to stay composed. "C'mon Jordan," she sighed. "Fuck Toppsy long and hard and deep for everybody."
"Oh please, shove it in me!" Toppsy groaned. Toppsy was lying on her back on the mattress now. She'd reached down to her thighs and was holding her cunt wide open. The fuck juices were running out of her pussy like syrup.
Jordan stepped forward, her long thick cock throbbing for a hot hole. She playfully jab-bed her prick anxiously at Toppsy's twisting body.
"I'm so hot!" Toppsy squealed. "So fucking hot, I can't stand it!" She lifted her ass and rolled her hips. "Stick your cock in me, Jordan!"
Toppsy aimed Jordan's cock at her open cunt and Jordan thrust. Her prickhead ground against Toppsy's crotch, fucking inside. It disappeared inside her like a purple fist.
Toppsy stiffened, gasping. "It's so fucking big! I've never felt anything like this!"
"Fuck her good, Jordan!" one of the amazons in the auditorium shouted at Jordan.

Jordan didn't wait. She lunged hard, the fat head of her cock finding Toppsy's pussy. Jordan moaned as the sizzling heat of Toppsy's cunt gobbled up her cock. She jabbed again, fucking her prick deeper into Toppsy's buttery pussy. Jordan thrust again, this time ramming another eight inches of her cock up Toppsy's crotch.
"Oh, fuck!" Toppsy writhed as if she'd been impaled on a spear.
Now Jordan started to hump, fucking her huge prick in and out of the gasping dancer.
"Look at Jordan pound her pussy!" one of the amazons said in a voice full of awe and admiration.
Lulu sat back on her heels, watching the incredible sight at close range. Toppsy's pussy-lips were stretched to near tearing around Jordan's baseball-bat cock. As the huge cock fucked in and out, Toppsy's hands clawed the mattress. Hot pussy juice continued to trickle out of her cunt.
"Uh, uh, uh!" Toppsy groaned, squirming as if she were being tortured. As she gasped from Jordan's fuck-thrusts, she played with her own massive tits.
Toppsy jerked spasmodically, and her eyes rolled back in their sockets, as she whined, her body shuddering. Toppsy writhed, looking completely delirious, gasping repeatedly as Jordan's cock fucked her spasming cunt. In no time at all, Jordan had succeeded in burying the full length of her prick in Toppsy's pussy.
For a moment, Toppsy thought that Jordan's long cock was going to come out her mouth. She thought her loins had exploded. Toppsy whined, writhing and gasping, out of her mind with frantic shock. It was as if an arm had been rammed up her pussy. Without looking, Toppsy was sure that the full two feet of Jordan's shemale cock had been rammed up her cunt.
What was surprising to Toppsy, was that she felt little pain. The stretching sensations in her womb made her mouth gape and her body tense, but the unbearable pain she'd expected to feel wasn't there.
Jordan moaned repeatedly, thrusting with a quick rhythm, fucking Toppsy's cunt with long, powerful strokes. Toppsy felt that she was going to lose her mind if this went on much longer. Her nipples and toes tingled as if they were being stabbed with millions of microscopic needles. Toppsy was going to cum any time now.
Several of the amazons in the audience couldn't hold back any longer, and were openly stroking their erections in their seats as they watched the action. The skin of their cockheads was pulled back tautly, and their piss holes looked big enough to insert fingertips in. Toppsy wanted cum, and wanted it in the worst way.
After ten minutes of intense humping, Jordan exploded into Toppsy's pussy. It was like taking a load of buckshot up her cunt. Jordan's cum gushed into her like lava exploding from a volcano. Toppsy cried out in shock, then shuddered from head to toe as her loins went into spasms.
"Holy shit!" Lulu gasped and pulled away her hand from her clit. "She's buried herself to the balls in your cunt, Toppsy!"
"I know!" Toppsy squealed as Jordan stuffed her pussy to the limit. "I've never felt anything like it before in my life."
"I'm glad that I made such an impression on you," panted Jordan, as she caught her breath. "But I'm not through with you yet, girl. Not by a long shot."
Toppsy gazed at Jordan with amazement.

"Now you're gonna get your ass fucked, Toppsy."
Toppsy's eyes shot open in shock and disbelief. But she knew the position that she was in, and that there weren't any alternatives besides sucking it in and taking Jordan. If her pussy and mouth had survived Jordan's battering ram, her ass would have to also, she told herself.
Toppsy sucked up her courage. "All right. Take your cock out and stick it in my ass."
Jordan looked over at Lulu. "You do it. Show your s****r that you really care about her."
Lulu crawled over. Jordan slowly backed her prick out from Toppsy's cunt. Lulu grabbed Jordan's hulking cock shaft. It was hot and throbbing, like trying to hold a baseball bat dipped in motor oil. Sweat and pussy juices coated Jordan's prick and dripped from her cock tip. Lulu aimed it at Toppsy's twitching asshole.
"Here she comes, s*s," Lulu warned.
"Yes!" Toppsy wailed. She shuddered. With her pussy empty, she became hysterical. "Help her, Lulu. Put that thing inside me, and wreck my ass, Jordan. Fuck me!"
Jordan grunted. Having lost the heat of Toppsy's tight wet cunt, she fucked hard through Lulu's gripping fingers. Her rump twitched and Jordan jabbed, anxious to bury her prick back inside the screaming dancer's body.
"Do it to me!" Toppsy squealed as her young body spasmed. "Do it!"
Toppsy squiggled back as Jordan jabbed her prick at her ass.
Lulu aimed the fat head of Jordan's cock at Toppsy's puckered ass. "You got it, s*s."
Jordan jerked forward. The bloated head of her prick found the mark. Jordan whined and jabbed, fucking her prick through the tight ring of Toppsy's asshole. She jabbed again as Toppsy's tight ass muscles gripped her cock.
Toppsy screeched as Jordan fucked into her ass. "It hurts, but I love it," she squawked. Pain and pleasure swept through her at the same time, and she wiggled her hips, fucking on Jordan's hard cock that was stuffing her ass. "I love it!"
"You haven't even got it all inside you yet," Lulu reminded her. She slapped Jordan on her rump. "Fuck her, Jordan! Deep and hard!"
Jordan exerted her strength, and lunged forward as Lulu helped hold Toppsy steady on the mattress. In one plunge after the cockhead had been absorbed, Jordan now had just over a foot of her meat rammed into Toppsy's anus.
Lulu squirmed close, her eyes wide as she watched Jordan's cock stretch the puckered ring of Toppsy's asshole. "Good fucking grief," she whimpered softly. "How does it feel, s*s?" Her own asshole twitched, and for a moment she wished it were her own ass being ravaged by Jordan.
"Wonderful," Toppsy moaned d***kenly. "It takes a few minutes to get used to her being inside me." She slammed back, meeting Jordan's lunging fuck-thrusts as more of her hard cock entered the narrow canal of her gripping asshole. "But after that, it's fucking wonderful!"
Lulu was entranced. "You've got a lot more to go," she warned as Jordan fucked her cock into Toppsy's ass. Lulu skimmed her fingers around the base of Jordan's cock. "She's just over halfway in."
"Ooh ... fuck," Toppsy gasped. "I don't believe it!" She thrashed wildly on the mattress. "I want it all, Jordan! I want every fucking inch you've got!"

Toppsy twisted her hips and her tits flopped back and forth as she lay on the mattress. Moans came from her trembling mouth as she slammed her ass back at Jordan.
"Fuck me, Jordan. Give me your cock!" Toppsy twisted on the mattress as Jordan fucked her ass harder and deeper in response.
After five more minutes of humping and thrusting, Jordan finally succeeded in burying the length of her prick in Toppsy's rump. A loud, satisfying smack echoed in the auditorium as Jordan's balls landed against Toppsy's ass cheeks.
Jordan lunged forward as Toppsy jerked back. Jordan stuffed her asshole to the limit as her balls slapped against her ass flesh. Deep fuck-thrusts buried her cock inside the tight gripping hole of Toppsy's poop chute. Jordan howled triumphantly as she tossed her head high and swished her hair.
"You've got it all now," Lulu rasped. "Every fucking inch."
Toppsy twisted her neck. She stared at Jordan and Lulu, her dark eyes glowing. "I got it!" she said deliriously. "I got her cock." She bucked wildly, reveling in the pleasure of her first anal fuck on the Island. "I got it all!" Her head plopped to the mattress with a thud as the pleasure of Jordan's ass-splitting dick filled her with joy.
"Fuck the hell out of her, Jordan," Lulu urged. She skimmed her hand along the top of Jordan's swinging shaft and finger-fucked Toppsy's pussy. "Your pussy's on fire, s*s."
"So's my asshole!" Toppsy screamed. She swiveled her hips and shrieked as her flushed exited face twisted with lust. "She's fucking the shit out of me!" She jammed back, her asshole gobbling on Jordan's plowing prick. "I'm in heaven, Lulu. You gotta try it."
Lulu nodded. "I will," she said as if in a trance. "I know I will."
Jordan moaned wildly, her nostrils flared. Lips trembling, she kicked at the floor as she fucked her prick into Toppsy's tight gripping asshole. Jordan plunged hard, her body visibly shuddering as she used longer strokes to fuck her prick deeper and deeper into Toppsy's rectum.
"Fuck her," Lulu urged, as she spanked Jordan's butt. "Ream her ass, Jordan!" She pulled her fingers from Toppsy's cunt and grabbed Jordan's swinging balls. "Holy shit, they're even bigger than when she nailed you the first time, s*s. She's gonna drown your asshole in cum."
"I can't wait," Toppsy shrieked as she writhed maniacally on the mattress. Toppsy managed to lift her head and stare at Jordan for a moment.
"I'm gonna drain your fuckin' balls, Jordan!" She slammed her lower body back at Jordan, absorbing her punching cock stabs as she stared at her entranced s****r. "It feels like she's all the way inside my stomach! It's like a frigging enema!" Toppsy was out of her skull as the rough ass fucking pushed her to new heights of pleasure.
Jordan was knocking the screaming dancer along the mattress. Jordan fucked deep into Toppsy's ass and groaned as the muscles in her asshole milked her cock. Head bobbing and lips drooling, Jordan continued to fuck Toppsy as Lulu mauled her balls and slapped her rump.
Tiffany was almost mute as she watched the frenzied ass fucking. She rocked on her haunches, her eyes glued to Jordan pounding Toppsy's ass. "Fuck her, Jordan," she cried out as her own asshole contracted around an imaginary prick. "Fuck her!"
"She is fuckin' me!" Toppsy screamed hysterically. "It feels so good!" She slammed her ass back at Jordan, meeting her cock stabs.
"More, fucker. Rip my ass open!" Toppsy jerked her hips as Lulu reached up and ground her clit against her fingers. "Fuck me harder!"
Jordan fucked the blonde dancer's ass with quick stabs. Her balls, being massaged by Lulu, ached, their heavy load of jism rumbling to be free. Jordan lunged forward, pushing Toppsy along the mattress as her cock stretched her anus and fucked up into her bowels.
Toppsy struggled, battling Jordan as she filled her asshole again and again with her giant prick. She grabbed the mattress to keep from toppling off. Toppsy worked her hips frantically as her ass cheeks quivered and her body spasmed.
Lulu squeezed Jordan's cum-filled balls. She saw the muscles of Toppsy's asshole twitch around Jordan's jabbing cock shaft. "She's gonna cream you soon," she moaned. "Milk her prick, Toppsy."

Tiffany, in a trance, crawled around and watched the frantic fucking from behind Jordan. Tiffany stared between her legs then ran her hands up over Jordan's twitching rump. Toppsy's screams of pleasure echoed in her skull. She reached the crack of Jordan's ass. Without thinking, she plunged her several of her fingers into Jordan's butt. Jordan's eyes shot open in surprise for a moment, and then she realized what had just happened.
"Oh fuck, yes!" moaned Jordan. "Do it to me harder, Tiffany!"
Jordan responded by fucking Toppsy's asshole with harder jabs. Her rump jerked and her buttocks clenched. Tiffany's fingers prodding her asshole drove her into a wild frenzy.
Toppsy screamed as Jordan's lunging cock stabs became quicker. Her head dropped back to the mattress with a thud. Toppsy's tongue lolled from her mouth as Jordan's frantic humping drove her insane.
With her asshole being reamed and her balls being mauled, Jordan went crazy. She pounded Toppsy violently, her cock fucking through her tight ass ring as her powerful thrusts dragged the shrieking dancer back and forth across the mattress.
"She's fuckin' me to death!" Toppsy screamed. "It feels like she's ripping me apart!"
Head bobbing, Jordan speared Toppsy's ass with punishing jabs. Her swished across her neck, and she fucked harder, her balls aching as Lulu tortured them. Jordan's own asshole twitched around Tiffany's stabbing fingers. She cried out and pierced Toppsy's asshole repeatedly as the girl screeched with joy.
Toppsy's breath whooshed out as Jordan fucked her asshole. Her tits flopped wildly back and forth. Her nipples burned and her clit pulsed. Lulu's fingers were ravaging her sensitive clit.
"More!" Toppsy screamed. "Fuck me! Fuck me!" Her hips jerked wildly and the cheeks of her cock-stuffed asshole jiggled as Jordan fucked her into a state of bliss.
Toppsy went berserk as Jordan's powerful cock brought her closer to cumming. She wiggled her ass and moaned as she took each jab of her cock. She pounded the mattress with her fists as the fabric brushed against her skin.
"I'm going out of my mind!" Toppsy screamed. "Gimme more! Gimme more!"
Jordan kept fucking Toppsy's ass. Her buttocks heaved as her balls swelled to the bursting point. Her prick throbbed inside Toppsy's ass. Jordan groaned and jerked forward, driving Toppsy down the mattress.
"I can feel her nuts throbbin'!" Lulu shrieked.
"Her cock's gonna explode. I know it!" Toppsy went crazy as she anticipated Jordan's cum squirting into her asshole.
Toppsy lunged back, devouring Jordan's ass-splitting prick. She shuddered, her own body racing toward an orgasm. "I'm gettin' close!" she screamed. "Any second now!"
Jordan jabbed viciously. Her powerful fuck-thrusts almost knocked Toppsy off the mattress. Her head swayed and her hair swished across her neck. Jordan jerked her rump as Tiffany continued to torment her rump with her stabbing fingers.
"I'm gonna cum!" Toppsy screamed. "Squeeze her balls, Lulu, and make her cum!" She jerked her ass from side to side then slammed back. "Bring her off, Lulu! I want her cum!"
Lulu squeezed Jordan's balls even harder. "She's gettin' there," she said. "Milk her cock, s*s! She'll cum!"
"This is it, Jordan!" Tiffany panted. She brought her other hand to Jordan's ass cheek and gripped it tightly. Without warning, Tiffany plunged her entire first almost up to the wrist into her butt. "I've got my whole fist in you!" She gouged at the walls of Jordan's ass, driving her into a frenzy. "Cream her, girl! Cream her!"

Jordan groaned loudly and jerked. She was being tortured. She fucked Toppsy relent-lessly, her powerful cock-thrusts driving the blonde dancer insane. Jordan whimpered, her shrill cries drowning out Toppsy's shrieks of pleasure.
Toppsy's head started to spin. Her asshole was stretched and her ass cheeks jiggled. Toppsy ground her ass back and milked Jordan's stabbing prick with her greedy ass muscles.
"I'm there!" Toppsy's head snapped up. "I'm there! I'm gonna cum! Make her cum first!"
Lulu twisted Jordan's balls. "Cream, you bastard! Cream her!"
Jordan cried out as her eyes bulged. Her balls were ready to explode. She fucked hard, taking Toppsy into her orgasm first.
"I'm cumming!" Toppsy screamed hysterically.
Hot pussy cum gushed from the pulsing walls of Toppsy's empty pussy. The milky cum flowed from her cunt hole onto Jordan's prick, and then down to soak the mattress. Toppsy's cunt muscles contracted wildly and milked an imaginary cock.
The tightness of Toppsy's asshole coaxed the cum in Jordan's balls to erupt. Jordan was moaning and tossing her head, and a thick gooey stream of jism burst from her balls and shot through her stabbing prick. The thick river of cum shot from her pisser and splashed deep into Toppsy's ass. Jordan shrieked and lunged hard as another blast of cum spewed from her pisser and squirted up into Toppsy's ass.
"She's cumming!" Toppsy wailed as the hot cum shooting into her ass drove her mad. "She's cumming in my ass!"
Toppsy went totally insane as her body contorted violently on the mattress. She lunged back at Jordan, her own orgasms whipping through her pussy like bolts of lightning. The sticky jism from Jordan's balls greased Toppsy's asshole. She picked up speed, her cock slicing through her cum-filled sphincter as her balls erupted again.
"Holy cow," Tiffany gasped as she continued fucking her fist into Jordan's twitching ass. "Cream her!" She gouged at the gripping walls of Jordan's ass and felt her own pussy spasm.
Jordan lunged hard. Her muscles tensed as she speared Toppsy's ass. Cum gushed from her pisser. She grunted, fucking the screaming dancer with hard demanding cock jabs as her cum filled balls continued to explode.
"She's creamin' you," Lulu rasped huskily as she felt Jordan's balls contract in her hand. "Drown her, Jordan. Drown her fuckin' ass." Lulu pulled on Jordan's balls as her own body shuddered with excitement.
Toppsy felt each squirting wad of cum as it poured into her ass. "I love it! It feels like she's squirtin' her jism all the way into my belly!" She used her ass muscles and milked Jordan's fucking cock as another explosive orgasm tore through her cunt.
"I'm cumming again!" Toppsy screeched as Jordan's hot cum triggered another orgasm. She twisted on the mattress as one orgasm after another caromed through her pussy. "I'm creamin', Lulu!"
While Toppsy screeched and climaxed, Jordan kept fucking her asshole. Her balls erupted again. Thick stringy lumps of jism spurted from Jordan's pisser and flooded the narrow canal of Toppsy's asshole. She grunted, fucking her twisting body as Lulu squeezed her balls and Tiffany tortured her asshole.
By now, each jab of Jordan's cock caused more cum to squirt from Toppsy's ass. She moaned as the spattering jism drenched her balls and Lulu's massaging fingers. Jordan raised her head and cried out as her balls continued to erupt.
Toppsy shrieked and twisted on Jordan's cum-squirting cock. She slammed back at Jordan and howled as Lulu mashed her clit with her fingers. "She's drowning me!" she cried. "She's still cumming! And so am I!" Toppsy was delirious as her body thrashed and convulsed on the mattress.
Cum gushed from her pussy. Jism gushed from her ass. Cum flowed down her ass crack as it spattered her thighs and drenched the cheeks of her ass.
"More! More!" Toppsy shouted, as her clit became raw. "More!" Orgasms ripped through Toppsy's body. Her legs kicked wildly as Jordan took her halfway off the mattress. "I can't stop cumming!" Her eyes rolled in their sockets as her massive tits jiggled wildly.

Jordan lunged with all her might. She nearly knocked Toppsy completely off the mattress. Groans came from her lips and every muscle in her body tensed then quivered as the gripping muscles in Toppsy's ass continued to coax the cum from her swinging balls.
With Jordan nearly out of control, Tiffany jerked her fist from her ass. She stumbled back, her eyes glued to Jordan. "Fuck her hard, Jordan! Fuck her!"
Lulu released Jordan's balls and settled back to watch. "Drain her balls, Toppsy!"
Toppsy, her ass impaled on Jordan's prick, screamed. "I'm trapped on her cock! Help me!" She jerked her ass and swooned as her body convulsed sporadically.
Jordan plowed Toppsy's ass with punching fuck-thrusts as her balls began to drain. She lurched forward, her cock spearing Toppsy's ass as the last wad of jism oozed from her pisser.
Toppsy twitched. Her head was reeling and everything turned fuzzy. She went limp, her body absorbing the last punching jabs of Jordan's mighty cock.
Jordan pulled back and her prick popped from Toppsy's asshole. The massive shaft landed loudly on Toppsy's stomach, as Jordan panted for breath. The head of her cock reached the incredible cleavage of Toppsy's breasts, and still managed to discharge a few spurts of jism on the bottom of them.

Toppsy lay on her back, twitching erratically as Jordan's cum oozed from her asshole. "Somebody suck her cum from my ass," she moaned weakly.
Lulu crawled over between her s****r's legs and stared at her cum-filled asshole. She moaned, and then spread the cheeks of Toppsy's ass. The next second, she had her mouth fused to Toppsy's asshole.
"Ooh, yes," Toppsy sighed as Taffy licked Jordan's cum from her ass. "Suck my asshole, s*s!" She pushed back, jamming her ass into Lulu's face.
Lulu sucked wildly, drawing into her mouth thick lumps of Jordan's jism. She swallowed the cum eagerly then sucked again.
Jordan smiled down at Lulu. "Clean her out good," she said, ogling Toppsy's ass.
"I didn't forget about you," Tiffany said to Toppsy. "My hand is practically sopping with Jordan's juices. It's all yours."
Toppsy reached out and brought Tiffany's hand to her mouth. She greedily began licking every digit spotlessly clean.
Down below, Lulu fucked her tongue into Toppsy's ass and lugged out all of Jordan's juice. Lulu was amazed at how long the job took, and how much Toppsy's bowels had absorb-ed. But she swallowed all of Jordan's cum, then sat back on her haunches, licking her lips.
"Don't forget to use that tongue of yours on my nuts," said Jordan. "They need some cleaning too."
Lulu eagerly went to work on the massive orbs that were Jordan's balls. After a few moments, she had licked them spotlessly clean.
"That's more like it," said Jordan, as she admired Lulu's work. "You know, there just may be hope for you two yet."
"I have to admit it," panted Lulu. "This has been a fantastic day."
"You can say that again, s*s," added Toppsy. "I never thought that anything could feel as wild as that did, once I got used to how big Tiffany and Jordan are."
"You two have done pretty good for yourselves," said Tiffany. "But just remember this. This was only your first day here, and you've only had two of us. And we always take it easy on someone on their first time out."
"There's at least fifty other amazons who are just dying to meet you," added Jordan.
"You two have definitely got a big day ahead of you tomorrow!" said Tiffany.
... Continue»
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Auntie’s Naughty Boys chapter 5

Julie, wearing a low-cut, tight dress, without panties or bra underneath, pressed the
buzzer under the card reading: Abigail Murgatroyd. She nervously shifted her weight
from foot to foot while she waited for the answering buzzer to sound so that she
could open the entrance door of the swank apartment house and go up to see the
woman who only this afternoon had been so hot for her girlish body. That had been
this afternoon. At seven o'clock, when Abigail Murgatroyd's chauffeur had come for
Julie, she had not bothered to answer the door. Sex with the old bulldyke had not
been as appealing then as the idea of making Aunt Dee pay for spanking her on the
bare bottom like a little girl, and in front of that Herbie to boot! But Julie had not been
able to get Aunt Dee off, and that jerk Herbie had come bursting in and had spoiled
all that.
Abigail Murgatroyd had sounded cold and distant when Julie had phoned her at nine
o'clock. But she had said that it would be all right for Julie to come up. Julie was
nervous, because she did not know whether Abigail Murgatroyd remembered that
she had promised her a car in exchange for her ass, cunt, and tits. The pretty,
blonde teenager breathed a sigh of relief as the buzzer sounded, and she went in.
The Murgatroyd woman lived on the sixth floor, and Julie took the elevator, feeling
uneasy and unhappy with herself. At the age of sixteen, she already had had sex
with over a hundred persons-men and woman. But with all the sex she had had,
Julie felt compelled to have even more, and with new people, and although she had
no trouble getting off, she had never felt completely fulfilled after a fucking or cuntsucking
Now, as she rang the doorbell of Abigail Murgatroyd's luxury apartment, Julie felt
confident that she knew all there possibly was about pleasing another woman. She
would get the old biddy to pop her ovaries a couple of times, and end up with a car to
take her away from this place and Aunt Dee who was too prissy to let herself go. She
wondered how Herbie had made out with Aunt Dee. Probably had had his little ass
tanned by her again. Anyway, with a car, Julie knew that she could make out. There
was a whole world out there of people dying to fuck and suck or to be fucked and
sucked, and a girl who was good at both could always get herself a meal and a bed
to park her ass.
Abigail Murgatroyd opened the door, and gave Julie a cool, appraising look. The
brittle, black eyes were hard, and the left eyebrow arched up in the angular face. The
mouth curled in a sneer beneath the slight mustache. "Well, so you decided to honor
me with your presence, girl?" The harsh-faced woman glanced at her large
wristwatch. "About three hours late, but I guess you'll make it up to me, eh?" The
woman held the door open, and Julie went inside.
The apartment was super-deluxe, with art objects, plush decor and indirect lighting.
Julie glanced over at the woman's dumpy body and felt scared. Something was not
altogether right here. There were two glasses on a low coffee table. Julie decided to
play innocent. She looked around the lush living room with wide eyes and gave the
Murgatroyd woman a winsome smile.
The biddy seemed to mellow at that and, putting a hand on the girl's upper arm,
steered her over toward a wide, low couch. "What a super-neat place you've got-uh-
Abigail," Julie said.
"Don't can me Abigail," the woman said, her face hard again.
"What do you want me to call you?" the girl asked and slowly licked her full upper lip.
"Mrs. Murgatroyd," the woman said.
Julie shrugged. "Okay then, Mrs. Murgatroyd," she said and sat primly on the couch.
"Well, well, well," Mrs. Murgatroyd said and put her hand on Julie's thigh.
"Oooh, Mrs. Murgatroyd," Julie cooed and kept her legs pressed together tightly.
The woman leaned over and kissed the teenage girl on the mouth. Julie struggled in
her strong arms.
"Oooh, Mrs. Murgatroyd," she said, "you shouldn't. It makes me feel all tingly insidein
my tummy."
The woman kissed the girl again and put a hand on her left tit. Julie made a pretense
of trying to push her hand away, but then gave up and let the biddy feel her up until
the woman was breathing hard. When she saw that the woman's face was flushed
with lust, Julie freed herself from the stifling embrace.
"When can I have my car?" she asked and smiled sweetly.
Mrs. Murgatroyd, her eyes gleaming with desire for the girl, stiffened. "Why you little
bitch!" she spat out between clenched teeth. "So you want a car do you?"
"You promised," Julie said in a little-girl manner.
"And you promised to be here shortly after seven," Mrs. Murgatroyd said. "I don't like
to be kept waiting. I don't like to be disappointed."
"I'm sorry," Julie said and pouted. "I'll try and make it up to you, Mrs. Murgatroyd."
"You're damned right you will," the woman said, "if you really want that car, that is."
"Ooh, I do, Mrs. Murgatroyd, I really do," Julie said.
Mrs. Murgatroyd reached for a wall switch and flicked on a bright spotlight on the
ceiling across the room from the couch. "Get over there and stand under that light,"
she told the girl. She herself put a light, straight-backed chair just outside of the
periphery of the spotlight and sat down. Julie obediently stood in the bright light and
gave Mrs. Murgatroyd an engaging smile.
"All right, let's see your cunt," the woman said.
Julie had not expected her to be this crass, and a slight frown appeared between her
"Don't you frown at me, you little bitch," the woman said. "Pull up your dress, turn
your back to me, bend over, and spread your ass. And be quick about it!"
The blonde sixteen-year-old girl raised her dress, showing that she wasn't wearing
any pants. Her dark-blonde bush pouted out at the woman.
Mrs. Murgatroyd snapped her fingers and made a turning motion with the index
finger of her right hand. The teenage girl turned her back, showing the woman a
softly rounded, pale ass above suntanned thighs. Then she bent forward. The
woman studied the girl's naked bottom, noting the golden down that grew up high on
her thighs, becoming slightly denser near the asshole.
"Stick it out," Mrs. Murgatroyd ordered, "way out."
The sixteen-year-old girl arched her back so that her naked ass cracked open,
revealing the shadowy crevice and the cunt, pouched like a ripe and hairy fruit, split
open and exposing some of the reddish meat.
"Spread your legs wide," the woman ordered the teenage girl, "and pull your cheeks
Julie spread herself wide open until her inner cunt lips opened like dark-pink, fleshy
The woman's brittle, black eyes glittered, and sweat beaded under the fine hairs of
her mustache. She leaned forward and sniffed the girl's cunt.
"Humph, at least you're clean," she said, raised her nose a few inches and smelled
the teenaged girl's ass hole. "All rinsed out, perfumed and powdered, I see," the
woman said. "I bet you're not the coy little neophyte you pretend to be. Well, we'll
soon see. Stay just like that," she admonished the girl who had let her ass-cheeks
snap back together. "Keep showing your wares. Oh Alice!" the woman yodeled,
"come see what we have here!!
Julie, bending over, her ass-cheeks spread wide, wondered who Alice could be. She
peeked back over her shoulder as a door opened and a gaunt red-headed woman
with violent makeup sailed into the room.
"Ahh, dee-licious!" the newcomer exclaimed, her eyes on the pretty, blonde teenage
girl's exposed cunt and asshole. "Nice, fresh, young meat, I see, Murgatroyd." The
red-head, whose hair stood out around her narrow, peaked face in a wild halo, took a
large, round magnifying glass off a shelf and went up to the stooping, spread-open
high-school girl. She leaned forward, and with the magnifying glass examined the
pretty, young blonde's pouting cunt "Beautiful," she raved. "Such delicate texture, but
not wet enough yet, Murgatroyd." She stuck a bony finger into the girl's open quim,
reamed the delicate young flesh with it, then pulled it out and smelled it. "She's not
lubricating properly, Murgatroyd," the red-head sang out. "Think you can do anything
about that?"
"You stay as you are, girl," Mrs. Murgatroyd admonished Julie, whose fingers were
getting tired from holding her ass-cheeks apart for so long. The bulldyke unbuttoned
the neck of the teenager's dress and pulled the two sides apart so that Julie's
breasts dropped out and hung pendulously, "Lovely tits," Murgatroyd said, pursed
her lips and whistled. She started rolling the sixteen-year-old girl's nipples between
the fingers of both her hands.
"She's beginning to juice!" red-headed Alice shouted from Julie's backside. She
again felt inside of the teenager's cunt and this time pulled out a finger that glistened
with quim juice. "Here, Murgatroyd, let me relieve you," red-headed Alice said and
took over from the dumpy dyke. Her bony fingers did wonders with the teenager's
nipples, the quick, rolling strokes were milking the soft, swollen nubs, until Julie felt
herself getting hotter by the second, despite the awkward and uncomfortable position
she had been f***ed to assume.
"All right, baby, time for your next exercise," Alice said and raised her diaphanous
robes, revealing a bright-red, dyed pussy patch, surprisingly well-shaped ivory
thighs, and an almost flat belly.
"Not bad for an old crow, eh?" the red-headed woman asked Julie. "I used to be a
dancer, sweetie." she pirouetted and exposed her well-defined, tight buttocks for the
young girl's inspection. "See, not an ounce of surplus fat," she said. "Just enough to
cover the muscle and make it soft and feminine."
"Alice, you do have a superb ass," Mrs. Murgatroyd agreed.
The red-head pulled the ivory cheeks apart, exposing a dusky-tan bum-hole. "Well
here it is, sweetie," she said to the stooping girl. "That's what I want tongue-fucked."
She knelt down in front of Julie, her superb ass toward the girl.
"Kneel!" Mrs. Murgatroyd commanded the teenager and slapped her across the
naked butt.
Julie dropped to her knees. "You don't have to hit me," she complained. Her ass
stung from the blow.
"On all fours, bitch," Mrs. Murgatroyd said to her. "You can let go of your cheeks."
Alice raised her beautifully shaped rear and thrust it back until the cheeks opened
wide enough to expose her asshole.
"Keep your tongue stiff, sweetie," Alice warned the teenage girl, "or mama spank."
"Start on her!" Mrs. Murgatroyd said and gave Julie another stinging slap across her
bare ass to emphasize the command.
"Hey! That hurt!" the pretty, blonde teenager protested and rubbed her ass-cheeks
that bore the red imprint of the woman's palm.
"That's for missing our rendezvous," Mrs. Murgatroyd said. "Now start tonguefucking."
The suntanned, blonde teenage girl knelt on all fours, her dress up above her waist,
exposing her bare bottom, and stuck her rigid tongue into the red-headed woman's
asshole. The high-school girl found that in order to get her tongue to penetrate the
ex-dancer's bung, she had to actually press her lips against the tender, elastic ring of
muscle, the sphincter that surrounded the woman's butt-hole. Only by kissing the
little quivering hole was Julie able to stick her tongue a few inches into the redhead's
rectum. The girl found that the exquisitely shaped woman tasted surprisingly sweet
there, and the girl began thrusting her stiff tongue into the little hole with gusto.
Somewhere beneath her face, the red-head was rapidly frigging her own clit.
Suddenly, Julie felt Mrs. Murgatroyd's hands on her pendulous tits, milking them with
expert fingers until the teenager's cunt began oozing with sex-juice. Then, as the girl
kept her stiff tongue going in and out of the ex-dancer's asshole, the bulldyke started
to eat teenage pussy.
Under the bright spotlight, an attractive, blonde girl a sinuous redhead in her forties,
and dumpy, hardfaced bulldyke knelt on all fours, two of them with their noses buried
in another female's rear end, while the third frigged herself vigorously, her face
grimacing with the intensity of her lust. In the center of the group, crouched the
teenage girl, healthy, tanned, her naked ass tight, pale-cheeked, while between her
thighs, her cunt-mound swelled out backwards, darker than the smooth ass-skin and
furry with dark-golden hairs. This tender pouch was being expertly sucked by an
experienced, middle-aged dyke, whose skilful tongue licked every nook and cranny,
thoroughly sucked out every wrinkle and fold of the lust-flushed, wet, young cuntmeat.
The dancer was frigging herself with two bony, sinuous fingers, whipping the pink,
pearly nub at the top of her sex-slit until it glowed red and inflamed. To complete the
sensation, the sexy dancer was feeling in her vaginal area, a teenage girl's tongue
stiffly moving in and out of her spread-open asshole. But with all the self-frigging and
asshole tonguing, the red-head was unable to get herself off.
Furious at her failure, flushed with desire, she impatiently rose to her feet, leaving
the blonde's tongue flicking in mid-air, and threw off her long and diaphanous gown.
Stark naked, the red-head flaunted her exquisite body, the tits surprisingly firm, full,
and high-set.
"Murgatroyd!" the dancer shrieked, "for god-sakes get me off!"
The bulldyke stopped eating the teenager's pussy, and her chin glistening with the
young blonde's love juice, puffed as she got to her feet and began to undress.
"You!" she screamed at the teenager, "get naked, quick!"
Julie hastily shed her dress and kicked off her shoes, while the dumpy, hard-faced
dyke stripped down to a black corset that left her hairy crotch and large, limp boobs
The dyke waddled over to the. livid dancer, and, roughly grabbing her by the cheeks
of her lovely, ivory ass, thrust two fingers into the redhead's cunt, while her thumb
massaged the sinuous woman's clit. "You! Girl!" she yelled at Julie, "Jam three
fingers up her asshole, and be quick about it."
The teenage girl jumped at the old dyke's command, came to stand behind the
writhing redhead and slid three fingers up her bung, feeling the little hole stretch and
hearing the dancer's shriek of pain.
But at that moment, the red-head started to come. Her asshole contracted against
Julie's three fingers, and Mrs. Murgatroyd vigorously finger-fucked her cunt and
shouted at Julie to use her free hand for squeezing the dancer's boobs. Julie
reached around the wilting woman and pinched her nipples alternately, now and then
squeezing the surprisingly firm breast-flesh. With one last gasp of pleasure, the
dancer collapsed.
"Lie down flat on your back, girl," Mrs. Murgatroyd ordered Julie. Then leaving the
red-headed dancer quivering on the carpet, the dumpy woman approached the
young girl, her massive thighs and enormous buttocks quaking, their skin like crepe.
The woman squatted directly over the attractive teenage blonde's face, Julie nearly
gagged as the smell from the woman's cunt hit her. It was a vile odor, sharp and
rancid. Just before she set her rubbery cunt lips over Julie's mouth and her asshole
directly on the pretty teenager's nose, Mrs. Murgatroyd, still puffing from the exertion
of going down into a full squat, said, "Now you can start earning that car you want,
my sweet."
Julie's protest was muffled in the folds of aging cunt lips.
"Start licking me clean," the bulldyke ordered and rubbed her enormous ass back
and forth on the struggling, smothering girl's face. When Julie's tongue still did not
give her the cunt-reaming she demanded, Mrs. Murgatroyd leaned heavily forward,
and with rapid fingers searched the girl's pubic hair and cunt furrow until she held the
teenager's naked, pink clit between the powerful thumb and forefinger of her right
hand. "Lick!" she commanded a second time and moved her ass back and forth.
Then she viciously -pinched the pretty, blonde high-school girl's bare clit.
Julie's scream was silent, drowned out by oozing cunt-juice and rubbery folds of
intimate female flesh which she sucked into her mouth and frantically began to
tongue.... Continue»
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Impossible Virgins Chapter 4 Through The Wringer -

Chapter 4: Through The Wringer - Lulu Sucks Tiffany

"Look at her cock, Lulu," Jordan said as she knelt down and caressed Tiffany's buttocks. Lulu's eyes widened as she stared at Tiffany's giant prick. She gasped as her breath caught in her throat. Lulu gulped back her pounding heart and realized that her pussy was pulsing for Tiffany's prick.
On her knees, Jordan continued caressing Tiffany's rump and ogling her prick. Jordan gently stroked Tiffany's prick, pulling the skin forward so that it partially covered the huge cockhead. The tip of Tiffany's hulking prick poked from beneath the foreskin like an a****l. The cocktip was seeping and her balls rumbled with lust as Tiffany imagined herself fucking Lulu.
"It looks so big!" Lulu exclaimed. She squirmed closer. "It's so big and beautiful."
Lulu stared longingly at Tiffany's giant cock. She licked her lips, the anticipation of the taste of her jism nearly making her spasm. Lulu reached out and caressed her prick and balls, working up the courage to put her prick in her mouth.
"She's got tons of delicious cum in these," said Jordan. "And, it's all for you."
"Put my cock in your mouth," Tiffany urged. "Use your lips, honey. Not your fingers." Lulu kept her eyes riveted on Tiffany's raging hard-on. "The time for action is now girl," Tiffany commanded. "Eat my cock."
Lulu brought her eager lips to Tiffany's thick cockshaft. She glided her lips along the length of her prick as it throbbed. She quivered, and then licked over her giant balls. Tiffany's rump twitched and her balls swelled under the wet heat of Lulu's sloshing tongue. She jerked slightly as Lulu's mouth slithered up and down the length of her prick.
Next, Lulu brought her trembling lips to the tip of her cockhead. Pre-cum seeped out and she smeared it over her lips and the head of Tiffany's cock. Lulu moaned softly, her fingers now constantly caressing her prick and balls.
"C'mon, Lulu," Tiffany urged softly. "Put my cock in your mouth. Give me a nice sucking. Give me a nice suck-off, and I'll fuck your pussy like it's never been done to you before."
As Lulu gained more courage, Tiffany moaned. Her lips trembled and her balls ached as Lulu's anxious hands caressed them. Her head lifted and she twitched as her body quivered and tensed. No matter who did it to her, Tiffany never failed to be aroused when someone fondled her huge cock, and brought her to the peak of excitement.
Lulu's pussy was creaming as she sampled every inch of Tiffany's giant prick. She licked the cocktip and a spasm of joy swept through her. She kissed Tiffany's cock and a trickle of hot pussy cream flowed from her cunthole.

"Suck her, Lulu," Jordan said. "Don't tease her too much."
Lulu squirmed on the mattress, her eyes glued to Tiffany's cock. "You heard her," Tiffany said in a commanding voice. "Suck me!"
Lulu licked her balls again and swooned. She slithered her tongue up the length of her throbbing cockshaft as she reached out and hefted Tiffany's cum-filled balls. They were fat and heavy, and her throat contracted, as she anticipated Tiffany's shaft filling her mouth.
Lulu gripped Tiffany's shaft and then brought her lips to her cockhead again. Her cunt spasmed and pussy cream churned inside her cunt. She swirled her tongue over Tiffany's prick, then gasped as the highly aroused amazon pushed the head of her cock against her mouth.
Agitated, her balls sore, Tiffany twitched as Lulu teased her cock with her tongue and wet lips. Now Lulu became bolder. She parted her lips and slowly brought the fat head of Tiffany's cock into her mouth. Lulu sucked and a burst of Tiffany's juices oozed from her pisser and trickled over her tongue. Lulu sucked again, allowing the slimy cum to ooze down her throat.
Off to the side, Toppsy's eyes widened in disbelief as she saw the massive end of Tiffany's organ disappear into her s****r's mouth. Toppsy reached her hands down below her heaving breasts, and began fondling her clit.
Jordan let out a gasp. Seeing Lulu suck on the head of Tiffany's cock made her dizzy. Her own hot cunt felt like it was on fire. She stroked Tiffany's balls, and then shuddered with anticipation. Once Tiffany got her cock sucked, then she would show Lulu what it was really like to be fucked. She turned her attention back to Lulu.
"Go on, Lulu. You can get more of Tiffany's cock in your mouth."
Lulu was in no hurry. She was still a little frightened. She had absorbed Tiffany's cockhead in her mouth, but it felt like there wasn't room for anything else. She sloshed her spit over Tiffany's cock then sucked. More jism seeped over her tongue, making her quiver.
Tiffany to remain as calm as possible. She understood the difficulty of sucking off a cock like hers for the first time. "Take your time, Lulu," she said, concealing her impatience. "Get used to it."

Lulu whimpered. She held Tiffany's thick cockshaft and shifted her fist up and down the length of it. A moan slipped from her wet drooling lips as she inched more of the shaft of Tiffany's cock into her mouth. She felt the cockhead brush along the roof of her mouth. Lulu moaned, her cock flattening her tongue as she inched it closer to her gullet.
Suddenly, it seemed to Lulu as if her mouth, throat and jaws were made of rubber. Quicker and easier than she would have thought possible, six inches of Tiffany's cock slid down her throat. Lulu's eyes shot open, and she briefly panicked, as she felt Tiffany's meat slide down into her throat.
"Relax, Lulu," Jordan said. "Relax your throat before you take her any deeper." She licked her lips nervously, anxious to watch the blonde dancer take Tiffany to her balls. "Ooh, you're doing great, girl," said Tiffany. "Before you know it, you'll have lots more of my meat down your throat."
Lulu was swimming in a sea of lust. Tiffany's cock had filled her mouth. She sucked air in through her nose and pushed forward as she relaxed the muscles in her throat. She was determined to take as much as she possibly could of Tiffany's prick into her throat.
Lulu gulped, breathing hard as the tip of Tiffany's cock clogged her gullet. She sucked, her tongue swishing across her cockshaft as she felt her prick stretch her gullet. Another six inches of cockmeat disappeared into Lulu's mouth and throat.
"You're really getting the hang of it," Jordan rasped as she watched Tiffany's cock disappear into Lulu's mouth. "You're doing awesome, Lulu."
"Relax your mouth and throat, Lulu," panted Tiffany. "Don't worry about how big I am. Dee Dee's fixed it so that you can take almost all of me down your throat."
Lulu was encouraged by Tiffany and Jordan's voices. She felt Tiffany's cock throbbing in her mouth and it made her pussy spasm. She squirmed on the mattress, her fingers gripping Tiffany's cock as she absorbed several more inches of her meat deeper into her throat.
Using her tongue, Lulu whipped it around Tiffany's prick. She jabbed and she gulped as Tiffany's prick probed deeper into her. Lulu sucked, felt Tiffany's cock throb and stretch her throat as another jerk of her body fucked even more cockmeat into her gullet.
Toppsy was now fingering her clit with one hand, and lifting one of her heavy tits to her mouth so she could suck her nipple with the other. She didn't know how Lulu was doing it. She'd never seen that much cock shoved inside a pussy, much less someone's throat.
Tiffany jerked gently as Lulu swallowed more of her cock. Lulu's hot sucking mouth had her crazy. Tiffany's mouth opened and a shrill whine came from her trembling lips. Lulu's mouth was making her balls ache and the cum boil in them.
Jordan's breath hissed out as she stared at Lulu gobbling on her first prick on the Island. "Take it, Lulu." Lulu swayed, her massive tits jiggling as she sucked air into her lungs. "Take Tiffany to her balls."
Lulu now gobbled voraciously on Tiffany's fat hulking cock. She tightened her grip around her cockshaft as more thick cockmeat entered her throat. She gurgled as Tiffany's prick stretched her gullet and throbbed. Lulu sucked harder, using her tongue like a whip as Tiffany began fucking at her face.

"Fuck her face, Tiffany," Jordan wailed with excitement. "Suck her, Lulu! Suck her!"
Lulu wanted to please both Tiffany and Jordan. She relaxed her throat completely and shoved forward. At the same time, Tiffany lunged. Lulu gulped, Tiffany's prick fucking deep into her tight gullet. Lulu pulled away and then pushed forward, taking Tiffany's prick inside her mouth all the way to her huge balls.
Jordan gasped. Lulu had taken every inch of Tiffany's hard prick. "Suck her, Lulu. Suck her fucking balls out." Lulu swallowed hard, her cunt contracting wildly. "Chew her up! Bite her!"
Lulu's head was swirling. She had taken Tiffany's prick to the hilt. She felt Tiffany's cock throb deep in her gullet and it made her pussy spasm. She moaned and eased back as saliva drooled from her clinging lips. Lulu gnawed on Tiffany's bl**d-engorged cockshaft as she slowly inched her prick in and out of her throat.
"You're doing great," Jordan said with enthusiasm. "Fuck her cock with your face! Make Tiffany whimper!" Lulu squirmed on the mattress, her massive tits heaving.
Lulu pulled back, leaving only the head of Tiffany's prick in her mouth. She licked her prick with her tongue as her spit glistened on her shaft. She grabbed her hulking prick and jerked her fist frantically up and down it. Soft moans escaped Lulu's wet drooling lips as she met her shifting fist with her mouth.
"Fuck her, Tiffany," Jordan rasped. "Fuck her mouth!"
Tiffany's rump twitched as she fucked her cock in and out of Lulu's greedy mouth. Her rump heaved and her nostrils flared. Lulu was making the cum in her balls churn. Tiffany lurched forward as one hard cock-jab after another filled Lulu's hot sucking mouth.
Lulu kept her mouth locked around Tiffany's shaft. She shuddered each time Tiffany lunged at her face. Lulu pulled her hand away and took Tiffany's cock into her throat again as her cum-filled balls slapped against her spit-soaked chin.

"You're gonna get a load of cum soon," Tiffany panted. "Suck me harder, Lulu!"
Jordan scratched her nails down Tiffany's back. "Ram her face, Tiffany. Rip her fucking throat open." The buxom dancer feasting on Tiffany's prick had Jordan shivering with joy.
"What a natural cocksucker she is!" cried Jordan. "What a cocksucking slut!"
Tiffany was now agitated and highly aroused. Her balls were rumbling and she humped at Lulu wildly. Her bloated cock fucked into Lulu's face and she moaned as the heat from her mouth churned the jism in her huge balls. Neck straining and muscles rippling, Tiffany fucked Lulu's throat harder.
Lulu, gurgling on Tiffany's giant prick, slammed her head forward. Tiffany's cock speared her gullet and she felt her pussy creaming. Reaching down into her inner reserves, Lulu jam-med forward again, fucking her throat with Tiffany's hulking prick.
Tiffany lunged forward. Her rump jerked and she fucked violently at Lulu's greedy mouth as her thick cock swelled and throbbed. She twisted, her legs stiff and her back arched as Lulu brought her toward the peak.
"Cream her, Tiffany," Jordan rasped. Lulu squirmed her ass into the mattress and spasmed. Jordan gulped, her eyes glued to Tiffany's driving prick as she fucked it into Lulu's mouth. "Cream in her fucking mouth."

Juices seeped from Tiffany's cock, oozed over Lulu's tongue and trickled down her throat. She gulped, the taste of Tiffany's jism exquisite as she took another deep suck on her prick. Lulu caressed her balls and shuddered as they contracted in her hand.
"Come on, Lulu," Jordan urged. "Suck her off." She swayed, anxious to watch Tiffany cream in the dancer's mouth.
Lulu was out of her head. She sucked, chewed and whipped Tiffany's prick with her tongue. The seeping cum made her crazy, and she couldn't wait until she was spewing her cum-load in her hungry mouth. A soft moan escaped Lulu's wet drooling lips as she took her prick to the balls again. The swelling of Tiffany's hard cock told her she would get what she wanted at any second.
Tiffany groaned as her balls swelled. Her body lunged and jerked and her shrill cries filled the auditorium as Lulu gobbled on her prick. Tiffany snapped her head up and wailed as her balls bulged. Her lips trembled and she jabbed, fucking her prick deep into Lulu's mouth as she raced toward her orgasm.
Lulu was out of her head. She loved the steady pounding and hard cock-thrusts. She absorbed them, her head shaking as Tiffany's balls collided with her chin. She sucked hard then chewed as she fucked forward. Tiffany's whacking balls against her chin made her quake and she wriggled her ass as the inside of her cunt turned to fire.

"Cream her, Tiffany!" Jordan screamed hysterically. "Suck her, Lulu! Suck her!"
Lulu's deep sucks and gnawing teeth took Tiffany to the peak. Her balls ruptured and she lifted her head. Tiffany's entire body shuddered spastically as the hot cum rushed through her fat cock and squirted into Lulu's hungry mouth.
"She's cumming!" Jordan squealed. "Ooh...suck her, Lulu. Suck out her cum!"
Lulu gurgled as the first spraying wad of Tiffany's cum splashed over her tongue and flowed down her throat. It drove her mad! She sucked hard, the tangy taste of Tiffany's spurting jism making her cream.
"Suck her, Lulu!" Jordan shrieked. "Fuck her face, Tiffany!"
Lulu quivered. She was sucking her cock and Tiffany was fucking her face. Her mouth filled with the thick gooey jism of Tiffany's balls and flowed down her throat. She sucked harder, drawing down enormous wads of Tiffany's jism from her pisser as she fucked at her mouth.
Gulping and gagging, Lulu drew in her cheeks as Tiffany fucked violently at her face. She used her teeth, gnawing on Tiffany's swollen cock as cum filled her cheeks and oozed from her clinging lips.
Tiffany's balls exploded again and she thrashed in ecstasy, trying to keep herself steady. Tiffany grunted and fucked Lulu's face as she drenched her mouth and whitewashed her throat with her spewing jism.
Lulu was in ecstasy. Cum spurted into her mouth and she swallowed it greedily. But Tiffany's pounding thrusts and squirting wads were too much. Cum gushed from Lulu's lips, but she didn't stop. She nearly choked, her head bobbing as she continued to drink from Tiffany's erupting prick.
Toppsy had already brought herself to one orgasm, just by watching Tiffany cum in Lulu's mouth. Tiffany showed no signs of slowing down, and Toppsy was working her cunt with her fingers to bring herself off a second time.
Tiffany continued to fuck hard into Lulu's face. Hot thick jism shot through her cock, flooding the dancer's mouth as she fucked deep into her throat.
Sucking wildly, Lulu gulped frantically on Tiffany's cum-spewing prick. Thick clumps of Tiffany's jism spattered her throat and washed over her tongue. Lulu gnawed on her cock, her greedy lips flying up and down her erupting prick as her balls collided with her cum-drenched chin. Tiffany twisted and jerked harder.

Using all of her strength, Tiffany jammed hard, fucking her prick to the root as a stream of her cum spurted directly into Lulu's tight gullet. Tiffany's cum overwhelmed Lulu. She gagged and jerked back. Lulu's face turned red and her eyes bulged. She gulped then shoved her head forward as another stringy lump of jism squirted into her mouth. She swallowed and bob-bed her head as the last of Tiffany's cum splashed over her tongue.
"She's finished," Jordan gasped as she watched Tiffany catch her breath. "Stop sucking her." Lulu was in a trance. She kept Tiffany's cock in her mouth, sucking and chewing frantically on Tiffany.
Tiffany slowly pulled back, her slimy cock popping from Lulu's cum-filled mouth. Lulu sat up. Cum dripped from her lips, and also splattered her mammoth tits below that. A dreamy smile spread across her flushed face as she licked Tiffany's jism from her mouth.
"It was so fantastic," Lulu panted. "So utterly fantastic."
"I knew you'd like it," Jordan said. "Tiffany's cock is the best in the world."
"Well, I wouldn't go that far," giggled Tiffany. "But now you've had a taste of just what we can do around here with our cocks."
"I thought I was gonna drown."
"You'll never drown on cum," Jordan said as she glanced over at Toppsy.
"But we're just getting started here," said Tiffany.
Lulu stared at Tiffany in amazement. Then she realized that Tiffany's prick was still rock hard and ready for action, even after the tremendous load it had just deposited in her gullet.
"Stretch out on your back, Lulu. You're gonna get fucked now."
... Continue»
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Impossible Virgins Chapter 13 The Avalanche - The

Chapter 13: The Avalanche - The Deluge

Toppsy could feel her asscheeks parting lewdly as Tiffany f***ed her shaft into her. Tiffany stood between her legs, as she had done before. This time, when Tiffany nudged Toppsy's ass with her mighty cock, Toppsy scooted forward a couple of inches, forcing her prick deeper into her asshole.
"That's my girl," said Tiffany. "Work that ass of yours onto my cock."
"Fuck that ass, Tiffany! I want to see your cock fucking right up into her guts!" said Ebony, as she felt herself rushing towards a climax.
Toppsy thrusted her ass up and back against Tiffany's prick, her rectum being reamed by the huge battering ram of Tiffany's cock. She could feel her flesh expanding as Tiffany shoved her prick into her asshole.
Her frantic wriggling only served to turn Tiffany on even more. She knew she could only submit to Tiffany's desires and let her fuck her ass until she finally shot her load up her bowels.
Next to her, Clyda smiled, looked at Lulu's ass and decided it was time. Clyda held her rigid cock, and poked it at the dancer's ass. "You ready, baby?" Lulu pulled her butt cheeks apart and looked at her. "You ready to have your ass fucked, love?" Clyda teased.
All Lulu could do was nod with the tubing in her mouth. She wiggled her hips as Clyda positioned herself. She felt her cock push in through the lips of her ass and she trembled.
"The way Lulu fucks, she's been ready for days," said Jordan.
"She's gonna tear your ass apart Lulu!" another girl shouted, but the tone of her voice was filled with excitement, not malice.
Lulu quivered, her head spinning at everything that had happened to her. She was going to have her ass reamed, and be drenched in cum at the same time. Lulu moaned, then wriggled her body on the platform, causing her tits to flop back and forth.

Clyda's fat bulky cockhead pressed against her crack. She jabbed forward, the tip stretching the ringed ass muscle as it penetrated. Lulu's eyes widened, and she began to shudder as Clyda pumped her cock into her ass.
Tiffany continued to shove her huge throbbing prick into Toppsy's asshole. The savage penetration, combined with the anticipation of cum that would soon be rushing down into her caused Toppsy to feel the first stirrings of sexual response. Tiffany's huge prick continued to pound forward into her ass with intensity.
"Keep working that ass of yours on my prick," said Tiffany. "You're not gonna just lie there."
Clyda whined softly, as her cock stretched Lulu's asshole. She jabbed, stepped forward and jabbed again. The tightness of Lulu's butt had her grunting. Lulu moaned incoherently as Clyda filled her ass. She clutched the platform, her knuckles white, her body quaking.
The tight fit turned Clyda on even more. Hips heaving, she lunged forward and drove over a foot of her prick into Lulu's gripping asshole.
"That's the way to fuck her, Clyda!" shouted one girl. "Make her squirm!"
With her ass stretched to the limit, Lulu swirled in a pool of emotions. Her eyes rolled and she thought for a moment she was going to faint. Instead, Lulu conquered the sensation of Clyda powering into her ass. She gasped, slammed back and grunted as she absorbed the pounding of Clyda's monstrous cock.
The sight of both blonde dancers getting their asses reamed side by side, was too much for the teams of Ebony and Jordan, and that of Dee Dee and Summer. After working their pricks in the Milking sheaths for almost an hour, none of the four girls could hold off any longer.
Suddenly, she squealed in pleasure, and Ebony felt her cock go rigid as the jism rushed up it, past the point of no return. She cried out as the feelings in her cock and balls quickly escalated and set the pumping of the sheath to its maximum intensity.
"Get that mouth of yours ready, Lulu!" shouted Ebony. Seconds later, her cum blasted into the bowl. Ebony's balls erupted again, with Jordan following suit a second behind her. Lulu's eyes went wide open in shock at the f***e and the heat of the two amazons' cum rushing into her mouth. Thick rivers of cum shot out through both amazons' fat cock shafts and spurted from the tips of their pricks into the bowl.
"Oh fuck, yes!" Ebony cried, her lips quivering and drooling as her balls churned and blasted out another wad of thick cum.
Summer felt the enormous swelling of her cock and gasped in expectation for the tremendous release of hot cum that she knew would soon be pouring from her colossal prick.
Next to her, with a loud sigh of pleasure, the head of Dee Dee's prick exploded as she began to deposit her load into the bowl.
"Open wide, Toppsy! Here it comes!" cried Dee Dee. A thick wad of jism shot out of her cockhead in a f***eful spurt that was propelled into the bowl and through the tubing to the back of Toppsy's mouth.
Toppsy's head snapped back as the wads from Summer and Dee Dee found their mark. Both amazons squeezed their balls in a frenzied state of hysteria as the Milking sheaths worked on their colossal pricks, and both of them seemed set on drowning the beautiful blonde dancer in a sea of hot shemale jism.

The girls in the audience watched spellbound, and their throats filled with lumps as they
watched Lulu swallow the jism from Jordan and Ebony at a fantastic pace, along with being pounded by Clyda. They saw the pain and lust etched on Lulu's face. Some of them shivered.
Toppsy moaned loudly again, this time with joy. Her tight ass muscles formed a snug ring around Tiffany's cock. They gripped her buggering prick so hard that Tiffany stamped her heels from the sensation. But now Toppsy began to enjoy it somewhat, and as she gulped frantically on the cum rushing into her mouth, her cunt was starting to become awash with fuck juices now.
"Suck like you've never sucked before girls!" exclaimed Jordan.
Their hot gooey spunk shot through the tubing and splattered against the back of Lulu's throat like water from a hose. Her eyes popped open in surprise as Jordan and Ebony's cum rocketed into her faster than anything that had happened to her earlier in the day did. Jordan held her balls with one hand, squeezing them as she tossed her head back, reveling in the incredible sensations now flowing through her prick.
Lulu, her ass being ravaged, was oblivious to her surroundings. Her hips thrashed on the platform, her ass swiveling as Clyda skewered her rectum with pounding jabs. Pain and pleasure swept through her and she groaned loudly again. She took Clyda to her balls, then moaned loudly as she slammed into her body again and again.
"Don't you dare stop working that butt of yours," panted Clyda.
Toppsy continued to thrust her asscheeks up and back to meet Tiffany's mammoth cock. Her moans of pleasure grew louder, almost hysterical, as she continued to swallow cum, and Tiffany continued to drill her cock up into her snug little poop chute.
"Oh yeah," exclaimed Tiffany. "Your hole is so fucking tight!"
Awestruck, the amazons in the audience watched the gigantic pricks of Summer and Dee Dee fill the containing bowl as Toppsy tried in vain to swallow their load of cum. Toppsy swallowed frantically, pretending that she was sucking and drinking at a fountain, but it wasn't fast enough. The overflow of jism began trickling and then flowing out of the corners of Toppsy's mouth, dripping down her chin and neck, and then downward to her massive tits.
Tiffany gave a grunt, and then she pulled her cock so far out that only its knob remained in Toppsy's grasping asshole. Then, she fucked her prick back into her with all her strength, this time sending the full length of her prick up her ass. Dee Dee and Summer were shocked at the f***e Tiffany was humping Toppsy with.
Toppsy made an even louder, surprised sound in her throat, but still managed to keep gulping Dee Dee and Summer's cum down her throat.
Clyda slammed hard and Lulu slammed back and her balls slapped loudly against her ass. Lulu gave her a fierce look of determination, almost challenging Clyda, and she could only stare at the incredible effort that Lulu was putting forth.

Jordan kept her attention focused on the milking sheath on her prick, as her balls continued churning out wad after wad of thick gooey cum. "This is all for you girl. Suck faster!"
For a moment, Lulu thought she might choke as Ebony and Jordan's jism roared into her mouth through the tubing. But even though Lulu summoned her reserves, sucking as fast as she could, her cheeks were still filling with spunk. Their cum was still filling her mouth incredibly fast, but she found that she was barely able to keep pace with the two amazons.
"You're wasting that cum, Lulu," exclaimed Clyda. "Swallow it faster!"
Next to her, Toppsy continued to drink deeply, the hot spurting cum dripping from her lips and down over her jiggling tits as Summer and Dee Dee continued to milk their erupting pricks with the milking sheaths, and squeezed their balls with their hands. Toppsy gulped as fast as she could, as more of the gooey cream oozed out of her lips and splattered her body.
Ebony's balls rumbled as she massaged them with one hand. Her prick throbbed like a jackhammer in the milking sheath. Her eyes bulged and her lips quivered as she filled the bowl with her cum at a fantastic rate, and her prick still felt like it was ready to explode. "We're gonna fill you up until you burst!" she cried.
Despite the ordeal, Toppsy was anticipating that glorious moment when Tiffany would cum, and when she would feel her jism filling up her asshole. Tiffany had her gigantic cock balls-deep up Toppsy's snug asshole. The tender walls of that narrow fuck canal were stretched taut around Tiffany's cock.
Slowly, Tiffany again slid her cock almost all the way out of her ass. Then, pausing for just a second, Tiffany plunged her prick in to the hilt, her loaded balls slapping lewdly against Toppsy's asscheeks, nearly knocking her off the platform.

"Look at her shove her cock into Toppsy," one girl blurted out. "She almost knocked her off!"
Next to Ebony, another thick stream of jism spurted from Jordan's pisser and splattered into the back of the bowl above Lulu. Jordan jerked her rump, her feet shuffling on the floor as continuous streams of thick gooey cum shot out from her prickhead.
Time after time, Tiffany rammed the blonde dancer's asshole with skillful in-and-out strokes. Each time, she buried nearly the entire length of her prick up her ass. A part of Tiffany wondered how Toppsy could maintain her concentration under the ordeal and still suck cum down so fast, but she still kept up her brutal assault on her.
"Fuck that ass better and harder than it's ever been fucked before, Tiffany!" shouted a girl in the audience.
"I'm almost ready to cum," Clyda screamed as her cock throbbed. "And so is Lulu!"
Orgasms ripped through Lulu's pussy as Clyda's prick pounded her asshole. She steeled herself to stay on the platform, and still keep sucking frantically on the cum flooding into her, as Clyda pounded her senseless.
Somehow, Lulu had caught her breath, and for a moment she welcomed the jism from Ebony and Jordan as it blasted into her mouth and throat through the tubing. She gulped greedily, as still more jism squirted from their pricks. Lulu gurgled as the cum filled her mouth and began oozing from her clinging lips.
"That's it, Clyda," panted Summer as she watched from above. "Make this a fuck that she'll never forget."

Next to her, the tone of lust from Toppsy's moans made Tiffany's cock swell even more inside her grasping rectum. Tiffany's rapid breathing could be heard and her hair swung back and forth as she fucked her prick in and out of Toppsy's asshole. Every single muscle of her body was straining with the hard fucking she was giving the dancer.
Listening to the moans and cries of Summer and Dee Dee drove Toppsy crazy. She somehow f***ed her throat open, watching the jism shoot through the tubing from Dee Dee and Summer's squirting cockheads, taking huge globs of jism down into her guts in great squishy wads without swallowing.
"Keep it up Toppsy," panted Tiffany. "It won't be long now." Tiffany was filled with a savage lust, and she was more aroused by the moans and writhing movements of Toppsy beneath her. Each time Tiffany fucked her cock into her quivering bunghole, Toppsy eagerly raised her ass to meet her. Through it all, Toppsy was still managing to keep up the incredible pace of her gulping and sucking on the cum in the container above her head.
Lulu sucked and swallowed, swallowed and sucked, as fast as she possibly could. But Ebony and Jordan were still cumming, wad after wad of their jism hosing into Lulu's mouth through the tubing.
"Look at Lulu suck!" one girl exclaimed. "She's chugging it down like crazy!"
Creamy ribbons of cum were now overflowing her lips and trickled down her chin, dropping off in heavy nuggets, like quicksilver, that bounced on her enormous tits. Great waves of jism washed through her cheeks and rivulets ran through her teeth, and down her throat. Lulu's hot tongue was afloat in a slippery tide of cum. Strands of it hung, congealing from the roof of her mouth and slimy banners slid steadily down her throat.
Toppsy groaned loudly as Tiffany continued to fuck her cock in and out of her savagely clinging anal walls. She tightened and loosened her strong ass muscles, giving Tiffany's cock a tight squeeze, which aroused her still more. She continued to clench and unclench her tight ass muscles, feeling Tiffany's hard prick throbbing deep within her ass-tunnel.
Suddenly, Toppsy reached out and grabbed both of her mammoth tits. She pulled on her pulsing nipples until they stood straight out, stiff and hard, while Tiffany continued to fuck her prick in and out of her tightening asshole.
"Work those fucking tits of yours!" cried Tiffany. "Seeing that just gets me hotter."

Lulu thrashed on the platform, her ass impaled. Cum oozed from her asshole onto Clyda's cock, and her body twisted and jerked as Clyda continued to hump her.
Clyda tossed her head back, her balls blasting as she drilled Lulu's ass. Lulu twisted maniacally and climaxed again as Clyda shifted to a series of very short, powerful jabs to ride out her orgasm.
More cum gushed into Lulu's mouth from Ebony and Jordan, and sprayed her throat at an incredible rate. She gulped frantically as still more thick jism filled her cheeks and cascaded down her gullet.
"Holy shit! Lulu's almost keeping up with us," said Jordan as she watched her suck.
Almost as if on cue, Dee Dee and Summer shot more cum from their huge orgasming cocks into Toppsy's mouth through the tubing and down her throat. It was an incredible amount of jism, and the thick, hot cum continued to gush into Toppsy's mouth like a never-ending sea, and she had to swallow harder and faster to keep from choking on the creamy mass.
Just then, a powerful orgasm rushed through Toppsy, taking her by surprise and nearly driving all the air from her lungs. She wriggled about frenziedly on the platform as she came. She threw her ass up and back at Tiffany's hard prick, as if trying to capture even more cock. Just as her orgasm began to subside, another one rose up to take its place, overwhelming Toppsy with its intensity.
"Fuck her harder Tiffany! Toppsy's ready to go off the deep end!" panted Dee Dee.
The jism was hitting Lulu's mouth with such f***e that, had the tubing not been fastened on her head and mouth, it would have been blown right off by the mighty stream. Lulu's mouth was almost constantly full to overflowing with the hot, sticky jism.
Now Lulu did what no one could have expected from her. Clyda's thrusting into her rectum had slowed considerably by now, but Lulu was still gulping down the cum from Jordan and Ebony even faster, like a madwoman.

While Tiffany continued to batter Toppsy's asshole, she came again and again, shocked but thrilled by the number of orgasms which were coursing through her, making her entire body tremble from the f***e of them.
"Yeah girl, I'm gonna fuck you until you shake apart!" Tiffany cried wickedly.
Toppsy f***ed her throat open as wide as she could, and the next spray of cum from Dee Dee and Summer blasted into her gaping mouth, catching the large spurt of cream in the back of her throat. The jism coated her tonsils lewdly before trickling down her throat where it joined the mass of cum that had already spilled into her belly.
Lulu sucked as fast as she could, but she was still getting a seemingly unending stream of cum from Ebony and Jordan. The two amazons were still cumming steadily now, launching their jism out in thick, shiny ropes that landed loudly and splashed in the containing bowl.
Suddenly the moaning from Lulu increased significantly, and was higher pitched. At the same time, she began sucking down the tremendous amount of cum in the bowl at an even faster pace. The new sounds from Lulu caused all eyes in the auditorium to be riveted on her.
"Geez, look at Lulu! She's taking everything they can dish out at her!" cried one girl.
Toppsy kept squeezing her tits as orgasm after orgasm raced through her body, causing more and more juice to flow from her pussy. She continued to squeeze Tiffany's humongous prick with the tight walls of her ass. She felt the pace of Tiffany's fucking increase as she approached her own orgasm.
A happy grin lit up Tiffany's face, and she tensed as she felt her huge balls tighten up, and her hot cum boiled within them. Still cumming, Toppsy tightened her ass muscles harder and tighter around Tiffany's prick, crushing down on the hard, throbbing meat that was deep inside her bowels.
"Here it is girl. I'm gonna blast your ass now!" exclaimed Tiffany.

As the cum flooded down her throat like a waterfall, Lulu felt her clit turn into a fireball. This was a different sensation from an orgasm in her pussy. The heat suddenly changed into intense pressure, as though the fleshy knob was holding back a huge tank of water.
Then the pressure transformed into a pleasure that Lulu had never felt before, and for a moment it even eclipsed the thumping of Clyda's cock, and the intensity of sucking down the jism.
Tiffany's balls ached, the cum in them was rumbling to be released. Then a huge spurt of cum shot from the tip of Tiffany's cock and poured into Toppsy's spasming asshole. Tiffany cried out as her cock continued to shoot out more and more of her thick, hot fuck cream. Toppsy rammed her butt down on Tiffany's cock as she felt her release, and Tiffany responded by clenching her hips with her hands. Her cock was buried to the hilt in Toppsy, shooting off like a fire hydrant.
"Squeeze my cock with your ass girl!" Tiffany shouted out.
Toppsy managed to groan loudly, while still sucking. She swayed back and forth, feeling intoxicated from all the tangy cum she had swallowed so far. Dee Dee and Summer's semen was still flowing into her mouth. As their orgasms ran on seemingly forever, Toppsy sucked on their cum through the tubing harder than ever.
A last peaking wave of ecstasy washed over Lulu, and she felt a strange convulsion wrack her body. An instant later, pussy juice shot out like a fountain from her snatch. Huge jets of clear liquid shot over four feet into the air, as though from a lawn sprinkler, landing all over Clyda's boobs and her body. Lulu was moaning louder than ever, as she continued to suck down the cum.
Ebony and Jordan were finally beginning to empty their balls, and gaped in surprise as Lulu shot off like a fountain from her snatch, and kept up her frantic rate of sucking and gulping.
From the side, Toppsy turned her head when she heard her s****r's moans escalate. Her eyes shot open in surprise, and she nearly choked while she sucked on her own stream of cum, when she saw Lulu squirting.
"Good fucking grief!" Clyda exclaimed as she was showered in Lulu's juices. Four more arching streams of cunt juice spewed forth from Lulu's box in rapid succession. Clyda squinted as she shook her head and tried to blink away the fluid from her eyes, as Lulu continued to spray her.
The girls in the audience gave their applause, and cheered Lulu's fantastic effort.
"Holy shit! Does Lulu know how to fuck or what?"
"You're totally awesome girl! Way to go, Lulu!"

Tiffany's cum lewdly coated the walls of Toppsy's ass, shooting into her bowels. There was so much of the gooey stuff that it began to back up, running out of her asshole, streaming down her butt cheeks. Her cum squished out over her balls and trickled down the crack of Toppsy's ass as Tiffany cock spasmed again, her balls blasting out another load deep into her bowels.
"Ream her ass so she can't sit down again, Tiffany," exclaimed Summer as she looked down. Thick strings of cum dribbled out the corners of Toppsy's mouth as her rectum exploded again from the jackhammer blows by Tiffany's cock below. Toppsy's rump spasmed violently and she moaned with erotic pleasure, feeling more and more cunt juice flowing from her bloated pussy lips and running down her legs.
Clyda managed a step backwards, and her cock popped from Lulu's ass. Clyda let her cock finish shooting off over her tummy and tits, as she rubbed her face with her hands. All she could do was stare in shock at Lulu, as she methodically kept on sucking and draining the cum in the bowl above her. Clyda was so splattered in cum and pussy juice, she had as much, if not more fluid on her body than Lulu. "Someone get me a bl**dy towel!" she cried out.

Tiffany's balls were drenched, her cum soaking Toppsy's quivering thighs. Tiffany fucked her asshole again as the last of her cum spewed from her pisser. Tiffany staggered back, her prick popping from Toppsy's ass. Dee Dee and Summer had finished cumming at roughly the same time as Ebony and Jordan. No accurate measurements could be taken, but most everyone agreed that it had been almost a dead heat for the amount of cum in the bowl over each girl's head.
By now, both Clyda and Tiffany's cocks were completely out of Lulu and Toppsy. After such a marathon of sexual activity, both their members were finally going limp and taking a well-deserved rest for the first time since the events had started.
Lulu gulped frantically, trying to drain the massive load of jism from Ebony and Jordan. She gulped and swallowed and sighed. Her whole face was contorted by lust, her eyes wide open in shock, cum running out from the corners of her mouth.
Ebony and Jordan were finally spent, but they stared in awe at Lulu's performance below. Like water draining out of a bathtub, the cum vanished from the bowl, and into Lulu. Moments later it emptied, and the sounds of air bubbles in the tubing were heard, as Lulu drained every last drop.
Ebony and Jordan reached down and unfastened the tubing on Lulu's mouth. Lulu took several gulps of air to regain her strength. "Now that's what I call getting fucked!"
"You were terrific Lulu," said Jordan, as she patted her on the shoulder.
"You swallowed that cum like it was going out of style girl," said Ebony.
Lulu could only give a sexy, embarrassed grin. "Hey, I know what I like."
Clyda was standing with her hands on her hips. She had finally cleaned her face off with a towel. "You never told us that you could shoot off like that, girl. You're a regular rainbird!"
Lulu wagged her finger at Clyda. "You were the one who fucked me so hard, to pull it all off. Next time you do this, you'll know better and bring some goggles." This brought some chuckles from the girls in the audience.
"What do you mean 'next time'?" exclaimed Dee Dee. "You're still horny after all this?"
"Well there's still a few days before we're scheduled to leave, right?" asked Lulu.
"My god, we've created a monster," muttered Clyda, as she massaged her forehead.
Through all of this, Toppsy was still sucking like a mechanical pump, determined to drain the cum from the bowl above her head. As she heard the conversation, shock and rage rose in her, as she listened to Lulu's words. It was over a minute after Lulu had drained the cum in her bowl, before Toppsy finally succeeded in emptying hers.
Dee Dee and Summer unfastened the tubing from her mouth, and were about to convey congratulations to her, but Toppsy would have none of it. She was so upset, she almost choked on a last wad of jism in her mouth, and coughed loudly, clearing her throat.
Finally she blurted out, "I don't fucking believe what I'm hearing! Lulu, are you trying to tell me that you actually enjoyed what these girls just did to us?"
"Hey, I didn't squirt all that juice out of my box because I had to pee, s*s," Lulu retorted.
Toppsy faced Tiffany now. "What the hell have you done to my s****r, you maniac?"
"Just settle down, Toppsy," said Tiffany. "Remember your bl**d pressure. I'm sorry if Lulu got more out of it than you did, but it's all behind us now."
"Tiffany's right s*s," said Lulu. "Just relax and enjoy the ride while we're here. It's only for a few more days anyway." Toppsy's face was a mask of emotions. She was angry with Tiffany and the amazons for using her so callously; and her own s****r seemed to be turning into a willing convert for them.
"Right now, I think I need to lie down," said Lulu. The vitality in her voice from a moment ago was gone. "My belly doesn't feel so good, and my tits feel funny too."
Suddenly the same feelings took over Toppsy's body. "Ooh. I feel the same way too," she moaned.

Dee Dee went over and adjusted the controls so the platforms were almost horizontal, to accommodate Toppsy and Lulu. Although the enzymes Dee Dee had given them had quickly consumed most of the physical volume of jism that they had swallowed, both girls' minds were still fresh with the ordeal of having to f***efully swallow it in a short time.
It started slowly at first, almost imperceptibly, as a soft glow surrounded the two dancers, who began to moan as though they were still in orgasm.
A moment later, it started. At first the movement was too subtle to notice, but before long, Toppsy and Lulu's breasts were actually trembling and shaking by themselves.
"Oh my god, what's going on?" Dee Dee exclaimed as she stared at Toppsy and Lulu before her, the two dancers tossed and shuffled on the platforms.
"You don't suppose we fucked them too hard?" asked Tiffany.
"My tits feel funny," moaned Lulu. "They're hot and tingly all over."
"It feels like something inside 'em is trying to break out!" wailed Toppsy.
... Continue»
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Fuck My Arabian Slut Wife. Chapter I

Nescafe Goes Black and Hubby Loves It
My name is Aziz; I am a 45 years old businessman from Casablanca. My wife Nescafe (that’s her nickname), is 15 years younger than me. She is a very tall (almost 6’) and very sexy babe with the most perfect body you could ever imagine! She‘s got the most perfect boobs, a small waist, large sexy hips, and the biggest booty in town. With the purest and silkiest skin ever, light brown shiny hair and the most beautiful eyes! She is definitely a man-dream girl!!!
We got married when she was 25. Since then we always enjoyed each other so much and had great sex life. She is the kind of wife that turns you on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And most of all she is fun to live with and take care of. After several weeks of hard work and late meeting in my downtown office, Nescafe started to complain about our sex life. So I decided it was time to take very good care of my sweet loving wife.
We went on a trip to the south of Morocco. Marrakech was our favourite destination in this beautiful country. Instead of a five-star hotel, we decided to try a very famous guesthouse and choose to stay in the royal suite. We started our first day by our private pool, swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying our favourite drinks. My wife Nes was wearing sexy bikini and no bra. She spent most of the morning either swimming, or belly dancing. By the way, she is perfect at that. You know a woman with a gorgeous body, a flat stomach, a big muscular booty and an ever-lasting smile just spice up your life and make you continue to worship her divine beauty forever. Around 3 pm, the waiter served lunch and prepared more drinks for both of us. To be honest I did not want food, all I had in mind was to please my baby, and eat her pussy and ass. When she came out of the swimming pool, she prepared two glasses of her favourite drink: ice vodka. Then join me in the sofa. She was all wet, and the effects of the morning drinks were obvious.
When we finished our drinks, she kneeled in front of me and started to suck my 8 inches fat cock, her tongue was going up and down my shaft. She is a professional when it comes to sucking my fat cock!
She’s been doing this since we got together. After 20 minutes, her job paid off, I was about to cum and then a huge load of pure semen filled her mouth. And in one gesture, she swallowed the whole load. She stand up pull me from my still-hard cock and we both entered the bedroom, where a king size bed was ready for our sex debates. She pushed me down and mounted that hard cock, and started to go up and down in steady pace, and suddenly she started to moan
“ Ooooh baby fuck my tight pussy, fuck me with your big cock, fill my cunt with your hot cum ! Make me your slut wife!”
Hearing her talking like a whore turned me on!!! I could feel her cunt’s walls vibrating and tightening around my fully erect cock.
“I just love this cock I can’t have enough of it, pleeeeease baby, I want you to fuck me doggy style!”. Nes said.
I licked that wet pussy for a few minutes then I pushed my cock against her cunt’s lips and entered slowly her hot pulpous pussy. I could feel her heart beat going fast:
“Oooh Gaaaaawd, I am cumin, go deeeeep baby, fuck that pussy, make me cum hard, yeeees….. yeeees… oh yeeees... I am cummmming, don’t stop, Pleeeeease!”
After enjoying and feeling her cuming, I fucked her one more time missionary style for about 15 minutes. Suddenly my body started to shake and I gave her another load of hot creamy cum that filled her fertile womb.
“Yeeees baby ooohh yeeees spread those legs and squeeze my cock with your pussy, baby show me what you can do with that soft, wet and swollen pussy, oooh you are wonderful!”.
We fucked for almost one hour, I was exhausted, but my Nescafe was still hot and eager for more rough and dirty sex. She enjoyed rough sex like nothing in the world and never got satisfied. To be honest I had never been able to keep up with her sex needs even though I am a well-built man with a big fat cock, and great stamina. She was always hungry for more sex! To be honest, I always felt that my sexy wife was not completely 100% satisfied and I always fantasized about sharing her with someone very athletic with a huge cock, because she enjoyed watching porn stars with monster cocks. I have never told her about my fantasy, since she seemed quite happy with her sex life, and most of all never complained.
After a quick shower, we decided to join the other guesthouse clients by the main swimming pool, since there was a party going on. She put on a black silky evening gown that showed off her perfect boobs with noticeably erect nipples, also you could enjoy her curves and that monster and firm booty. For more excitement, she decided not to wear any underwear, since she wanted more sex. And, as we were going out; she whispered in my ears:
“Habibi, I want you to fuck my pussy under the palm trees next to the main pool”.
Her words made me sooo excited and felt my meat was growing again!
“Fuck! This lady is a sex b**st, a professional whore, and she never gets satisfied”.
We joined the party where many tourists from different nationalities were having fun. Beer flowed everywhere along with other drinks and best Moroccan dishes.
The music was sooo nice, a mixture of American, European and Arabic hits. The crowd seemed to be in heaven! In fact, Marrakech is a peace from heaven. Around 11 pm a young and beautiful belly dancer started to entertain the audience, her moves were so erotic since she had a perfect body shape, and all the young guys who were attending the party could not take their eyes away from her. Among the guests were two young and very well built black Americans, both of them over 6’5”, very good looking and apparently well hung. I could see that their crotches were hiding some massive meat.
My wife Nescafe was so excited that she threw away her high heels and joined the young belly dancer. She was perfect at doing that as I told you before. Everybody was looking at her and enjoying her performance. She loved the fact that she was the star of the party. Therefore, she started to belly dance in a very sexy and erotic manner. The black American dudes were admiring her perfect body moves and her sexy big booty amazed them. I knew that black Americans love women with curves and especially women with very big butts. Suddenly a strange feeling came across my brain. I fantasized about sharing my sweet wife with these two well hung and well built young black men. At this very moment my wife was still belly dancing in a sexy manner that I thought she was about to offer the audience some striptease. I did not want to stop her since she was enjoying her self. I have also noticed something strange was going on between her and the two black giants. When Nescafe was dancing close to them, she gave them a charming smile while her beautiful eyes were exploring their perfect bodies!
Her hands were squeezing softly her boobs and caressing her monster booty. The two astonished black stallions were smiling back at her. When I noticed the mutual interest between my slut wife and the young black horny Americans, I approached them, said Hi to them then we introduced ourselves to each other.
“My name is Jack and this is my best friend Shane, we call him Big Shane. We are bodybuilders from Orlando”.
“My name is Aziz, I am a real estate agent from Casablanca"
I invited the two handsome men for a drink and we started talking about how beautiful Marrakech was and if they were enjoying their stay in this beautiful city so far. I asked them if they had a chance to visit some exotic places here.
“Not really, we’ve been in this guesthouse for almost a whole week, just relaxing, working out, swimming and sunbathing” Then without hesitation, I asked them:
“Did you have a chance to meet some beautiful Moroccan babes?”
“Not yet, we’ve been working out at the gym almost everyday and did not have enough time for our pleasure, but we are still here for a couple of days». Big Shane answered. With this has been said; I took the chance to introduce my hot sweet wife to Jack and Big Shane.
When we approached Nescafe, I could see a lust in her eyes, and with a big welcoming smile, she shook hands with both athletes. Her hand was as a newborn baby’s hand compared to Big Shane’s. I was impressed by her excellent behaviour even though she was little bit d***k! She was sooo sweet and her voice was sooo sexy!
“You are a great dancer, when did you learn to belly dance?” Jack asked.
“Thanks for the compliments, I started to belly dance since I was about 5 years old, I just love belly dancing!” Nes answered.
Since the music was sooo loud and that we could not hear each other; my wife suggested that we invite Jack and Big Shane to our royal suite for some more drinks. They accepted our invitation, and then we all headed to our suite. This turned me on, and fantasies were invading my brain.
Nescafe offered us some drinks as we started to talk about our interests and hobbies. In the meanwhile, my wife lost no time; she went to the bedroom and changed her clothes! She put on a pink sexy belly dancer outfit that showed all her assets and her womanhood, then played her favourite Arabic music and started to belly dance. We all enjoyed her dance, but enjoyed her massive booty and perfect boobs most. She was sweating heavily, that I thought she put some oil on her body to impress our
guests. She was sooo hot and sooo sexy that our guests were open-mouthed and fixed her body and especially her big booty with their wide-open eyes. I pretended to be d***k just to make our guests feel at ease and asked them if they wanted to join the fun and dance with Nes!
Jack approached Nescafe and started to imitate her. It was sooo funny; watching a very well built black American trying to belly dance. Big Shane had his hands in his crotch! When he noticed I was looking at him he told me how lucky I was to have this real man-dream lady as my wife and started to make compliments about her perfect body. I lost no time and took the opportunity to tell him how Nes and I enjoyed
rough sex this afternoon, but unfortunately I ended up exhausted while my wife was asking for more sex.
Nes and Jack were still dancing and seemed having fun together! My hot wife got even closer to Jack and tried to perform the booty shake dance while touching Jack’s massive member! She looked at me with a mocking glance as if she wanted permission to do that to Jack. I told her as long as she was enjoying the party she could do what ever she wanted to do without asking permission.
“Enjoy yourself baby! Have fun! Do not worry about me, I am having a few drinks with Big Shane!”
Big Shane also joined the fun; I could see how amazed he was by Nes’ perfect body and massive booty! The two young men were very excited by Nescafe’s wild dance! So I had to make the next move, since I really wanted these two black stallions to fuck my wife and make her cum all night long!
I approached Nes and told her: “Baby I know how much you love big cocks, and to be honest with you, I always fantasize about you fucking a monster cock! This is your night baby! Go and enjoy your first big black cocks!”
“Are sure Aziz? You really want me to fuck these guys? Baby I love you sooo much, you make my dream come true!” Nes said.
Our guests took off their shirts, showed off their muscular and sexy bodies and kept on dancing! My sweet wife joined the dance again. Jack tried to stick to her body and to my surprise; he grabbed her monster booty with his huge hands and began to fondle it. My hot wife got even closer to Jack and started to squeeze his big black growing bulge. Big Shane surprised me even more when he went towards Nescafe, and with a quick move took off the upper part of her sexy outfit! Nescafe undid her
bra quickly for more excitement! I could see how amazed Big Shane was when her big firm boobs with hard nipples touched his huge muscular chest. He grabbed her beautiful tits, and started to lick her nipples, while jack was taking off the rest of her belly-dancing outfit.
He gaped when he noticed she had no underwear on, and started to caress her like an expert in massage. Slut wife was now in heaven, the thought of being taken care of by two giant athletes gave her an idea about what was coming next!? Big Shane turned around and noticed that I was amazed by the scene!
“Aziz your wife is about to experience the best fuck of her life, I am wondering if she’s ever had a monster black cock before?”
To my surprise, she answered:
“No, I’ve never had a black cock before! The biggest and thickest cock I ever had was always my husband’s 8 inch fat cock. However, this time baby I think I am about to experience a monster cock, I can feel Jack’s meat it’s over 9 inches and it’s not fully erect!!!”
She was talking and acting like a whore! She had never done this before. She also added:
“I can’t wait to have these huge black dicks filling my crying-for-big-black-cocks pussy”
I told Jack and Big Shane to take care of my sweet wife and to please her to the max. Wasting no time, Big Shane carried her to the king-size bed, which was still untidy from our afternoon sex debates and put her down. She spread her legs and gave the two young men the most enjoyable view of a well shaven and very wet pink pussy! When I saw her pussy’s swollen lips, I knew she was ready for an endless sex session. Both stallions took off their pants and showed Nes their huge and muscular bodies and therefore gave her a foretaste of what was next! Big Shane stuck his snakelike tongue in her hot and already wet pussy and started to suck the juices with amusement.
At this very moment, Jack offered a fully erect 11 inch black cock to Nescafe who grabbed that meat with both hands and started sucking it like an expert. I had never seen her going wild while sucking a cock.
“Baby, am I going to get fucked by these monster cocks?” She said.
“Of course baby, enjoy all that black meat!” I replied.
I took a chair, get closer to the most exciting show I ever had in my entire life, and started to squeeze my big fat cock. Jack with a well lubricated cock, positioned himself between my slut wife’s wide-open legs and, started to push gently all that meat inside her wet cunt! He worked that black-cock-virgin pussy in a steady pace! First, he slid the phat head of his monster cock then like a porn star managed to bury all that 11 inch monster cock inside of her. She closed her eyes, put her legs around Jack’s sexy and muscular waist and started moaning in pleasure as she was about to have her first monster black cock orgasm even. While she was enjoying every inch of Jack’s massive cock; she suddenly felt a warm and huge meat over her head!? When she opened her eyes, she almost chocked!

Moreover, she was speechless for almost 15 seconds! She just could not believe her eyes! What she saw, was by far the biggest cock she had ever seen in her entire life even in porn movies! (Once in a while, we watched porn movies, especially black porn stars movies, and she had never seen a monster cock like that?). She looked at me and stuttered:
“Booooy d d d this is go go go going to b b b b be fun, I am about to fuck a po po… po porn star, oooooh gaaaaaaaawd I am gonna be fucked by a horse cock”.

While Jack was pumping her swollen and well lubricated pussy very hard by his giant cock, I got a nice view watching his meat going in and out Nescafe’s very tight cunt! I could even hear the sound made by that big black cock hammering my wife’s pussy. Nes’ swollen pussy lips were surrounding Jack’s massive meat and the friction made Nes moan very loud. She even scratched Jack’s muscular and wide back with her false nails as the tension raised up and she started to squeal. Then, she grabbed
Big Shane’s monster cock, and wide-opened her mouth to welcome the mushroom head of that huge meat. She was about to go crazy when she felt an overwhelming sensation travelling her body and suddenly screamed very loud!
“Ooooh fuck that pussy! Go aaal the way down, I want the whole meat inside of my swollen pussy!!!!!
“Fuck that pussy with that killer monster cock!!!! Fuuuuuuck meeeeee, yeeees yeeees!!!! I ….I…..I am cumiiiiiing, ooohh gaaaaawd”.

Nes was amazed when Big Shane’s monster cock got fully erect and reached almost 13 inches with a 7 inches in girth!? At this moment Jack started to stroke that now fully swollen pussy very hard again. In a quick move he positioned himself behind Nes, grabbed her phat booty, slide his massive cock in her cunt again with one easy stroke and started to fuck her doggy style! I loved the fact that her wet pussy was getting used to big black meat. Jack fucked her for an extra 15 minutes, and gave her more intense pleasure and countless orgasms than she had in her entire life. When he felt he was about to fill her pussy with his hot jizz, he pulled out that giant black cock from that swollen pussy and backed up.

“Big Shane, she’s all yours now enjoy that swollen hot pussy and that monster booty! I am gonna have to rest and have some drinks with our best Moroccan friend”. Jack said.
He took another chair made two drinks and sat next to me to enjoy this wild sex show between Nescafe and Big Shane.
“Man your wife is our whore now, we are very proud to serve her pink swollen pussy and we certainly will hammer her massive ass!!!” Big Shane said with a large smile.
“Oooh god what did I put my self into, these black gigantic cocks are going to deep fuck my wife’s big booty??? Oh noooooo, I know her pussy will adjust to these huge cocks but her tight asshole will never be able to handle these monster cocks??? ”
Thinking about them fucking Nes’ phat ass woke me up and my eyes were wide open!!!
She was going wild when Big Shane was underneath her in 69-position licking those swollen pussy lips with his 3 inches tall tongue while she was sucking his huge shaft. She couldn’t manage to get the tip of her new lover’s horse cock in her small mouth. Therefore, she decided to lick it from the head down to the balls.

“Baby you must have a gallon of hot black jizz kept in these huge balls???” She told Big Shane.
“It’s been a whole fucking week without me eating some pussy!!! Now all that load of black seeds is yours baby!!! You are my slave now, you are my Moroccan big booty whore and I just love it! So bitch, get back to work and stop taking! Suck that monster cock!”
“Yes master your wish is my command!”

She put both hands around Big Shane’s big cock and tried to wrap its plum-size head with her luscious lips. Then she sucked that massive cock like a real whore. Her body started to shake and shiver, as signs of a huge orgasm were obvious to me and to Jack.

“Oh gaaaaaawd!!! Oh noooooo!!! Oh noooooo, I am cummmming, shit I am fucking cuming, it feels wonderful! Please Master; fuck my pussy with your tongue! Pleeeeeeeease eat that pussy!!!”

Big Shane threw her on her back and go missionary to explore that swollen pussy. As he tried to enter that sooo hot and wet cunt, Nes’ eyes popped out as she struggled to open up to let that monster meat slid in.
“No way!!!” She said.
“This is sooooooo fuckin huge, Master be gentle with me, I am not used to such enormous black meat, pleeeeease Master go slow and let that horse cock make his way, I want every inch of it inside of me, stretch out my pussy make room to that phat monster!!!

Jack and I were still enjoying that five-star “black monster cock on white swollen pussy” porn movie. Nes started to moan, her heart beat accelerated, sweat was dripping between her erect boobs and ended up in her half filled pussy. As she admired Big Shane’s manhood, she felt his huge muscular and perfect body leaning towards her to give more pressure to that phat black meat monster to dig his way in. Big Shane’s massive cock had about 6 more inches to go when Nes moaned again and felt another huge orgasm making his way. She closed her beautiful eyes, put her legs around Big Shane’s muscular waist, and gave that extra move to let the whole monster meat inside of her. Inch after inch Big Shane’s massive dick worked its way to slide entirely in Nescafe’s tight cunt! I could not believe that my slut wife’s pussy was about to swallow an amazing and full of veins 13” black cock.

To get a closer look I sat down near the bed and start to fondle her booty while enjoying a monster cock completely buried in her dripping pussy. Waves of multiple orgasms passed through her beautiful sweet body. I felt that she lost consciousness when Big Shane started digging deep in her pussy! He was fast and rigorous and knew how to handle such a whore! Big Shane’s rough fucking scene took about 20 minutes and Nes enjoyed every second of it, having non-stop orgasms and sensations of intense pleasure. Then like Jack, Big Shane backed up and tried to pull all that meat out my slut wife’s pussy, and since his cock was so huge, he went very slowly and it took him about 10 seconds or so to pull out that monster cock completely from Nes’ pussy. Because her pussy’s inner walls were tightening around that black meat! When he finally pulled out the whole shaft, it popped aloud!

“Ooooh please Master come back and fuck me, fill me up with your hot cum”
Big Shane sat next to us and asked for a drink. Then with a deep voice, he told my wife to prepare herself for the fuck she always fantasized about. She was extremely exhausted but when she heard that, she became full of life and energy. In addition, she went quickly to the bathroom took a quick shower and refresh her self with her favourite perfume. Moreover, when she was leaving the bathroom she opened the emergency box and took a small tube of water-base lubricant. She knew for sure that those black horse cocks were about to explore her monster booty and asshole.

Thinking about this made her sooo horny, and her pussy started dripping and begging for some more black cocks and wild sex. When she joined us, my American friends had their massive meat fully erect. Big Shane sucked her voluptuous lips and gave her a deep kiss. He also gave her a glass of ice vodka.

Jack increased the volume of the music, and told me that the real show was about to start and all I had to do was just to relax enjoy the show!!!!! Nes hugged me and gave me a long deep kiss. Then told me how much she loved me and that she was proud of me because I let her enjoy her life and most of all enjoy black monster cocks.

It was about half and hour after midnight when the second round of rough fucking started. I was sooooooo excited, so was my slut wife, I could see it in her eyes. She kneeled down in front of Jack and started to suck his fully erect cock. Big Shane was amazed by her monster booty.
“Believe me this is the first time I’ll bury my whole meat in a monster yet sooo firm ass like this”.

Nes started to shake her phat booty and Big Shane loved it!!! He was squeezing, banging, spanking and licking that booty, and then worked his way to Nes’ asshole. First with one finger that was almost the size of 5 inches cock, then another finger, he licked his fingers and with three fingers, he opened up that tight black-cock-virgin asshole. He laid down on the bed and ordered Nes to ride his black cock while facing him. She had to stand up and went slowly to take control of that monster meat, as
she was going down she felt her pussy stretched out to the max to wrap up that giant cock.
Once the whole shaft was buried in her swollen pussy; Big Shane ordered her to go up and down until she felt his balls hitting her asshole. Then a real enjoyable feeling started to nourish her body and soul.

“Jack, fuck that white whore tight ass!!!” Big Shane ordered.
“Yes fuck my big booty, destroy my BBC-virgin monster booty!!!”
Jack guided his well-sucked black meat toward Nes’ asshole. He slid the top of his brick and slowly pushed in inch after inch whilst my slut wife moaned and squealed as a growing huge orgasm was about to take her to heaven. Jack was easy with Nes, he added some lubricant then it took him over 5 minutes to slide his monster deep in that massive butt!!? Nes almost fainted when the entire cock was buried in her ass!! This was her first having two huge cocks filling her pussy and asshole! She just
loved it!

“Yeeees fuck that huge ass! I can feel your heart beat inside of me, go deep, and go aaaaalll the way doooooown! My ass is graving for some black cock and hot cum!!!! Fuck me harder baby, pleeeeease fuck that now gaping asshole!!!!!”
Jack banged her ass real hard and was hitting really quickly. Big Shane started to move his monster cock in a rhythmic manner. The black stallions drove Nes crazy, as she was cuming for the umpteenth time.
“Sweetheart I am in heaven!!! Waaaaw, I am having wonderful and overwhelming sensations!!? Fuck those wholes boys!” she also added:
“I am a monster black cock whore now, I am yours Master, I am yours Jack enjoy my pussy and monster booty!!! Pleeeeease come inside of my womb and asshole, pleeeeease fill me with hot black cock cum!!! Pleeeeease … Oh gaaaaaawd I am cummmming, shoot that gallon of monster cock jizz inside of my swollen pussy”.

My guests were enjoying every square inch of Nes’ perfect body. The three were sweating and suddenly their respiration accelerated, their bodies began to vibrate and their muscles became solid as concrete. Imagine two huge and very well built black American body builders filling to the max both holes of the most beautiful babe in Morocco!!!!!!

When I looked at Nes’ beautiful eyes, I was 500% sure she was in ecstasy!
I witnessed the first simultaneous threesome orgasm between two black American stallions and a beautiful, gorgeous Moroccan whore with a certified monster-booty. My American guests were kissing and hugging Nes. They have just fucked every hole of the most beautiful lady in Marrakech. This was one of the most memorable moments of Nescafe’s entire life.

But wait! This was the best part, when both Big Shane and Jack pulled out their monster cock from my loving wife swollen pussy and phat monster booty; loads of cum overflowed from her ass and pussy. My baby lost no time and placed a glass full of ice cubes in front of her gapping pussy and asshole, filled it to the max with that hot, thick and creamy black cock cum; stir the whole thing and started drinking what she called “Black On White On The Rocks”.
“Honey from now on this gonna be my favourite drink!” she said.

As she was going to have some sl**p after an exhausting Fuck and Suck workout, Big Shane told her to take a shower and come back real quick since both black stallions were about to switch roles.
“What do you mean Master?” She asked.
“Well baby, Jack is going to fuck your now very swollen pussy while I will take good care of that monster booty, one more thing don’t forget your water-base lubricating gel, now you’ll really need it whore”.

Nes was in heaven, she told me to come with her to the bathroom.
“Baby I want you to shave my pussy and asshole! I want you to put oil all over my body and gave me a good massage! You know that your loving wife needs this kind of treatment! I feel like a bride in her wedding night! I am in heaven Aziz!”

As a treat she gave me a blowjob, then we both took a shower and went back to enjoy the last part of this wild everlasting night.

End of Chapter I... Continue»
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Fuck My Arabian Slut Wife. Chapter III

Nescafe Goes Wild In America And Hubby Approves.

(Interracial, MMM……F, DP, BBC, BJ, Anal, Slut Wife, Cuckold)

Introduction : My name is Aziz; I am a 45 years old businessman from Casablanca. My wife Nescafe (that’s her nickname), is 15 years younger than me. She is a very tall (almost 6’) and very sexy babe with the most perfect body you could ever imagine! She‘s got the most perfect boobs, a small waist, large sexy hips, and the biggest booty in town. With the purest and silkiest skin ever, light brown shiny hair and the most beautiful eyes! She is definitely a man-dream girl!!!

Chapter III

Five more days to go before our trip to the US! Nescafe was very excited to see Big Shane and Jack and I could see true happiness in her beautiful eyes! The weeks of intense and hard work that Nescafe spent at the gym with her Haitian coach paid off. She succeeded to transform her body radically! She was rewarded by an amazingly sexy and muscular back, a solid but yet sooo smooth massive booty! She even succeeded to sculpt her abs and as icing on the cake her boobs became perfectly erect.

To me she incarnated a real man-dream girl and a bombshell from heaven! I could not wait to see Big Shane’s reactions about her new and highly attractive body! Nes was very curious and anxious about what was coming next and most of all what our American friends were preparing for us!

“Baby, I called Big Shane this afternoon, he was very excited and can’t wait to see both of us! He also told me he got a surprise for you baby!” I said.

“A surprise for me! Oh boy! Did he tell you what it was?” Nes asked.

“It’s a surprise darling he did not want to tell me!”

We packed our luggage the day before our departure from Casablanca international airport. We were ready for what Nes and I called our second honeymoon!

“Aziz I want you to promise me that you will give the freedom to do whatever I want with my body and to let me explore the secrets of American sex style in all its aspects without restrictions of any kind!”

“Baby you know I always support you, and I promise that I will let you enjoy your sex life and realize all your fantasies”

“One more thing Nes, for the pleasure of the American dudes who will have the honor to fuck you. I want you to shave that pussy, because a lady will come to our house to tattoo your sexy back, your right bum, and your pubis! You will also have your bellybutton pierced!! I want you to incarnate the perfect Arabian whore with the biggest white booty!” I added.

“ You always surprise me Aziz, this is gonna make the American boys go wild, and I really want that, I want them to enjoy every square inch of my body and fuck me the way Big Shane did last time!”

In NY International airport Big Shane was waiting for us. When he saw Nescafe he couldn’t believe his eyes!

“Waaaaw, is this you Nes?” Big Shane said!

“Yes honey, this is me, I missed you sooo much!” Nes replied.

Big Shane made us laugh loudly when he said:

“Watch out America, the most appreciated lady in Arabia with her massive booty is about to provoke a tsunami in the American porn industry!”

We went to Big Shane’s beautiful apartment in Manhattan. After taking a shower and getting changed, Big Shane took us to a famous Japanese restaurant. We had great time there, we tried a variety of Japanese dishes and most of all tried real Japanese sake! After a few shots, Nes was already feeling the effects of that wonderful liquor.

Big Shane did not take his eyes away from Nes during diner! He was impressed by her gorgeous body and her everlasting smile.

Around midnight we went back to his place. Jack was there waiting for us. When he saw Nescafe he was dead silent for a while before he approached her to kiss her soft hands and then hugged her passionately! Big Shane brought a bottle of Sake and started serving us!

Big Shane’s apartment was on the 29 floor and we could enjoy a nice view of NY City, It was a cozy place furnished with great taste. Nes and I enjoyed moments of pure joy! Jack told us that we would stay in NY City for a couple of days, then we would fly to Miami to spend one week over there , we also would spend two days in Orlando and finally flew back to NY City to spent one whole week there.

Big Shane came close to Nes, squatted in front of her, took her hands and said:

“Nes, I know how much you love huge muscular guys and enjoy monster cocks! I also know how much you like to fuck for hours and hours! But in America, I want you to expect anything! You will meet groups of Blacks and Latinos who will serve you and take very good care of your body the way only blacks and Latinos can!”

He also added: “These guys are professionals, they probably will ask you to do some things you can’t even imagine! So be prepared baby! I am sure you will love this new and exciting experience!”

“You remember what you told me, back in Marrakech, you said –“Once You Go Black You Never Come Back”- well honey we travelled over 4000 miles to come here because what you told me was absolutely true! My body needs some big muscular guys to sexually abuse it and both my pussy and big ass are craving for more massive black cocks!”

“I am ready for anything to please a monster cock. Don’t worry Habibi I am the right whore for this challenge! You will discover a new Nescafe!” She said.

I was amazed by how my baby blossomed into a very beautiful and very confident sexy young woman. Jack called one of his friends named Doug and asked him to come over to Big Shane’s place.

When Big Shane noticed that Nes was feeling sl**py, he told her to take a cold shower and put on her sexiest dress since he was expecting someone very important to join us. And before she went to the bathroom he gave her another shot of Sake and started to tell us some jokes.

Half an hour later Nes showed up, she was glamorous and breathtaking as always but that time she had more spices and flavors added to her beautiful body!

Her piercing, her tattoos, her suntan marks, her Tanga (G-String), her massive booty, and her erect boobs were simply exposed since she was wearing a red see-through nightdress. She asked Big Shane to make another Sake shot for her, then sat next to him.

Around 1 am, Doug showed up, he was a very handsome and very well built black man. He was about 25 years old and was neatly dressed. We introduced ourselves to each other then Nes served him a Sake shot.

From the lust in his eyes I could tell he was about to die to fuck my Nescafe! In the other hand my slut wife couldn’t stop contemplating his wonderful body and from the way she was looking at him I was sure her cunt was dripping and her pussy lips were already swollen!
Big Shane surprised us when he put on some Arabic music. He looked at Nes and told her:

“Show us what you got baby! I want you to honor our friend Doug and offer him one of your wild dances. Move that booty the way only a Moroccan whore can!”

You could not imagine how much I loved to watch other guys treating my Nescafe like a professional whore! And filling her three holes with their massive meats! That what really turned me on!

She stood up in front of all of us and started to dance like a professional belly dancer. Doug was amazed by her performance and asked for another Sake shot. The effect of the Sake shots made Nescafe perform her best dance ever!

Her “almost” naked exotic body heated the ambiance more, and spiced our party! We all were speechless for a while when she finished her performance! The sweat made her shine and she looked sooo sexy!

Doug stand up went towards her and kissed her hands. He thanked her for the great wild dance she offered us.

“I have never seen anything like that! You are a great dancer Nescafe! I can’t wait to see more of your skills.” Doug said.

Big Shane revealed to us that Doug is in charge of the casting for a very famous producer in the porn industry and that he already told him about Nescafe and about her endless skills in the world of sex!

He dimmed the lights then ordered my hot wife to strip for us.
“C’mon ass-woman, shake that booty for us!”

She went wild as she offered us a breathtaking strip show! I could not believe my eyes, I was wondering where and when she learned to strip like that!?

Big Shane approached Nes and asked me to join them.

“Now it’s time for serious stuff! Show Doug what you can do with your sweet pussy and huge booty! Impress him and I promise he will make his boss sign a generous contract with you!”

“But I don’t want to be in porn movies; I just want to enjoy sex the way I want, that’s all Big Shane.” Nes replied.

“Baby, show Doug what you can do with your body, then we will talk about this later! Is this fair enough?” I said.

We agreed to discuss the subject tomorrow morning, and give Nes the chance to impress Doug with all her valuable assets.

As she was moving her body in an erotic manner and following the rhythm of Latin music, Nescafe got closer to Doug and sat down on his lap and started kissing him passionately for a few minutes before she kneeled in front him, unzipped his pants and grabbed his massive cock.

She was truly amazed by the size of that huge cock! Doug’s cock was about 10 inch still limp! I wondered how big it would get once fully erect.

“Is all this meat for me? All this black meat to please my Moroccan pussy and my Brazilian massive booty?” Nes asked.

“It’s all yours baby, I want you to enjoy this moment and most of all satisfy your needs!” Doug replied.

Nes lost no time and started licking and sucking that huge cock for 5 minutes. It grew to an unbelievable size of 13 inch and almost 7 in girth!

“Aziz this is what I call a killer cock! Something awesome like this cannot be found in Morocco, yum, yum!”

That baseball bat drove Nes crazy; she wanted all that massive meat inside of her. She backed up laid on her back, spread her beautiful legs and asked for a fireman to help her extinguish the rising fire in her swollen wet pussy and king-size booty! She looked at me and said:

“Come here baby! Please eat my cunt and asshole! I cannot wait to see this huge shaft buried completely in my wet and spongy pussy!”

I tore her G-Sting and stuck my head between her gorgeous legs and started to suck the juices out of her well shaved pussy. Doug, Big Shane and Jack were enjoying Nes’ sexy curves and perfect body, but they enjoyed most her moaning and grunting. It was like she was crying and begging for big cocks to hammer both her tattooed pussy, and tattooed gigantic booty.

She asked Doug to come next to her and started to lick and suck his huge black cock.

When I felt she was ready to welcome Doug’s huge material I backed up to let him discover how delicious and hot my Nescafe’s body was! He positioned himself between her legs and dived into her pussy! He wanted to taste her sweet pulpous pussy juices and inhale the spicy and musky smell of her wet vagina. He spent over 10 minutes eating her pussy with his large lips and snake-like tongue.

Nes took his hands and put them over her erect boobs, she loved to have her beautiful sensitive tits pinched and flicked! My slut wife was overwhelmed by his technique, to the point that she started moaning loudly as she was having multiple and intense orgasm since he started sucking her juices!

He taught us the art of making a woman cum without fucking her, and how to make her desire for sex grow intensively until she started begging you to fuck her!
Nescafe was about to lose her mind, since she was burning inside and wanted bad that horse cock! But Doug wanted her to be all set for his monster.

When he felt that her wet swollen pussy was finally ready to grip his glossy massive cock. He finally ordered her to go all four since he wanted to fuck her doggy style first!

“Doug, put some oil over my big booty, I want you to rub that ass for me!” Nes said.
“You’re gonna make me mad, ass-woman” Doug replied.

She put her head down extend her hands, arched her muscular back and then lifted her massive booty to welcome Doug’s material!

To my surprise, Doug took a small black mask and covered Nes’ face! He lubricated the plum-size head of his cock and f***ed it to enter Nes’ very swollen pussy. Big Shane took his HD camera and started shooting that highly erotic scene.

With that mask nobody would recognize Nescafe so we had nothing to worry about! I got a closer look of that horse cock stretching my sweet wife’s pussy! This guy was an expert his moves were very slow but yet very intense and very deep! He pushed his monster cock deep as he pulled Nes from the hips to meet his crotch.

“Hold that ass woman! Hold that ass baby!” Doug said with a deep voice.

He stopped moving for five seconds before repeating the same move. Nes was experiencing extreme sensations and having intense orgasms!

Suddenly and without prior notice he started hammering her soft pussy vigorously and quickly. I could see his back and butt muscles contracting to give him more power and more speed. Nes was moaning loudly as unlimited orgasms hit her body!

“Oooh boy! What a great fuck! Please Doug, don’t stop! Keep fucking me, I want you to come deep in my womb and impregnate me with your black seeds!”

Doug was a sex master, he drove Nes crazy and made her cum a million time but he did not show any sign of fatigue or any sign of orgasm! Nes went wild and started trembling feverishly!

“Baby, you want me to shake that booty for you!”

“You’re good whore! Give me that ass slap (smack) bitch! Wonderful: Big ass white girl banging black cock!” Doug said.

When he felt that Nes was used up and could not keep up with his speed and power he pulled back with a popping sound and laid on his back then asked Nescafe to mount him and slide his entire shaft inside her dripping cunt, he also asked her to wrap his monster cock by her swollen pussy lips and to use her vagina’s inner muscles to grip his shaft!

Nes followed his orders and started enjoying the best fuck of her entire sex life! Big Shane was commenting that hot sex scene while shooting. Jack and I were amazed by this thoroughbred fuck technique! Doug was unbelievable and mastered Nescafe the way he wanted.

My baby showed signs of a series of intense orgasms as she started to grunt and moan loudly. Doug took the lead and started synchronizing his moves with hers, he grabbed her massive booty and pushed her up when he moved his ass down and then pulled her booty down when he moved his ass up! The impact between his huge cock and Nes’ swollen pussy and monster butt made a familiar sound! The sound of rough and intense fucking!

“Damn this ass! C’mon nasty bitch make that ass come down on me!”

She looked sooo sexy when she was squatting with her high heels still on her feet! Her hair was wet and her makeup was a mess but still looked sooo hot and sooo sexy!

When we thought that it was over, and that Doug was about to come, he threw Nes on her back then mounted her missionary for a while and hammered her pussy so hard before he put her legs over his wide shoulders and shoved all that black meat inside her well lubricated pussy with one stroke then held her in that position for about 15 seconds until she felt that all his hot black jizz was delivered into her fertile and warm womb!

“You asked for a long big dick to breed you and fuck your pussy! You got what you asked for, Arabian whore!” Doug said.

Nes grabbed his waist and pulled him towards her to have every inch of his shaft buried inside her and to squeeze his cock with her pussy muscles to get all his cum!

“Stand still you big handsome boy! I want to get all your black hot cum inside my fertile Moroccan womb!” Nes asked.

“Here he comes all in your tight pussy bitch!”

Doug asked Big Shane to stop shooting, then he took off Nes’ mask and kissed her pulpy lips passionately. Nes and Doug were sweating heavily and their bodies were shining! They both, hand in hand, went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Big Shane came next to me and asked for my opinion about the whole fuck scene. I told him that in my entire life, I had never seen someone fuck like Doug!

“Aziz, Doug is nothing compared to the guys Nescafe is about to fuck! Wait until we go to Miami, I am sure Nes will ask you to move your business to America and to forget about Marrakech!”

Nescafe and Doug were still in the bathroom, I was curious to know why it took them too long to take a shower! I headed to the bathroom, and to my surprise I found Nes on her knees giving a blowjob to Doug! Her both hands couldn’t cover even half of Doug’s massive meat, but she was doing a great job since Doug seemed to enjoy her way of sucking and licking his horse cock!

“I can tell from her eyes that your loving wife will be one of the most highly paid stars in the porn industry! I’ve been doing this business for many years and to be honest with you, this is the first time I met a young lady with all the necessary equipments and assets to be the new goddess of porn industry in just a few weeks!”

Doug also added: “You know that her eyes are sooo sexy, they are what we call in French “Les Yeux Revolver” (the Revolver eyes) when you look at her eyes, she kills you instantly and without any hesitation! Your wife Aziz has just killed me, and I want her to kill my boss! Let me introduce her to him tomorrow evening. He is celebrating the launch of a new porn movie with famous porn stars. I want you guys to meet him, and I am sure he will melt in front of Nescafe! I’ll pick you up tomorrow evening around 9 pm, be ready guys!”

He gave Nes a hearty hug and a deep kiss, then took his camera and left Big Shane’s place in a hurry, since he planned to show Nes’ sex debate to his boss.

We had a very busy schedule the second day in NY City, we visited several interesting places and enjoyed fine French cuisine with our hosts Big Shane and Jack. We also visited a store specialized in sexy lingerie where my loving wife bought several articles of her choice! She also bought a new and sexy gown for the evening party.

Nes also asked Big Shane about the reason why he didn’t want to fuck her last night! He said he wanted her to concentrate more about her upcoming adventures and that he and Jack would be honored to please her with some of his close friends when we returned back to NY from our Miami trip!

“I will have a big surprise for you Nes! But I will not tell you anything now! You will have to wait, and I promise you will love my surprise!” Big Shane said.

Doug showed up around 9 pm he was dressed with a classic black costume. All of us were ready and looking like movie stars. Nes finally showed up from the dressing-room. She was breathtaking and looked glamorous and sexy! Doug got closer to her, took her arm and asked her permission to join him to the limo that was waiting for us.

After a short journey, we arrived to the big boss’ beautiful house. It was crowded and some of the famous porn stars were there. Doug introduced us to his boss, a very wealthy black guy by the name of Todd. He was about 50 years old, and had a massive and muscular body. The body of a professional bodybuilder or a football star!!!

He welcomed us and leaned to kiss Nes’ hand then took us to a private and cozy corner. He opened a bottle of whisky and offered us some appetizers. Then he asked all the guests to join him by the swimming pool to start the party and meet the press.

We enjoyed a strip show performed by professional strippers; a light and laser show and finally we were entertained by a local music group that went wild with the crowd. We enjoyed the music very much! Big Shane invited Nescafe to dance with him. When she started dancing she drew everybody’s attention!

Where ever she went, she just could not go unnoticed! Her body was a pure joy, her boobs were smashing, her big booty was splendid, her eyes were ones of a predator, and her smile was angelic! Everybody joining the party agreed that she was a gorgeous goddess from heaven with a supernatural body! Everybody wanted whether to talk to her or dance with her, but she knew how to back off without hurting anybody’s feelings.

When the party was over and that the guests started to leave Todd’s beautiful house, Doug joined us and said that the big boss wanted to talk to us. We waited a few minutes until everybody left the house.

Todd invited us to join him in his office. A beautiful and cozy place where he made some drinks for us and he started talking about the flourishing porn business worldwide, and how he started from nothing! He also said that thanks to the size of his cock he was always busy acting in porn movies before he started his own production company and collected huge success thanks to the actors and actresses he chose himself!

Nescafe felt great when he started talking about her short film that Doug brought to him early in the morning. He said that Nes had all it takes to become one of the biggest porn stars in America!

Nes asked permission to talk then said: “Thanks to my loving and understanding husband Aziz who gave the freedom to live my fantasies fully and without any restrictions, I became addicted to big black dicks! I come to America to meet more black stallions with huge cocks! I never had in mind to be a porn actress! All I wanted was to have lots of fun and enjoy more sex!”

Todd totally agreed with her but mentioned that she could have lots of fun while still making lots of money! He asked her to try one short film and that she could always hide her face until she took her final decision!

I told Todd that his idea was great and that Nes and I would love to have some more time before we could take our decision.
“Okay, but I want you to be my honorable guests and spend a couple of days with me in my house” Todd added.
We could not believe what we heard! Nes gave me again that foxy smile as if she wanted bad that we stay with him! So we accepted his invitation!

Big Shane, Jack and Doug left the house and told us they would come to pick us up the next day.
Todd took us for a tour of his beautiful house, and later he showed us the VIP suite where we would spend the night! Nes got closer to me and whispered in my ears:

“Baby, I want to fuck this giant, I want his big cock bad! I know you are very clever so find an excuse to bring him to our room!”

I asked Todd if he still had the CD of Nes and Doug, because Nes and I would love to watch it! Nes accompanied him to the door, he kissed her hand then went to his office to bring the CD to us. In the meantime, we decided to change our clothes and put on something casual before he came back.

When he knocked at the door, Nescafe opened it to let him in. I couldn’t believe all she had to wear was a black g-string and a short and skimpy black top that showed all her white boobs cleavage! Her booty was totally exposed and Todd could see her tattooed bum, the piercing in her belly button and part of the tattoo on her pubis.

She asked him to come in and have a few drinks with us! I pretended I had to make an urgent phone call to give Todd and Nes the chance to get to know each other. That was always my strategy to hook anyone that Nes wanted to fuck! A few minutes later I showed up and joined them.

Nes made a drink for me and kept talking to Todd. Our host was staring passionately at Nes and followed every move she did! She showed him a photo-album with her favorite photos taken by me in Marrakech. Great pictures of Nes wearing different types of clothes from traditional to sexy to classic to sportswear and even belly dancing outfit!

Todd was amazed by her great look and her very sexy body and said he would be proud to make a short film about Nes fucking one of his favorite stars, and show it to his business partners!
I felt he was about to convince Nescafe to be a part of highly exciting experience! Nes went to the fridge to bring some more ice cubes, but intentionally, and for more excitement she walked with a seductive way and swayed her tanned and massive booty to impress Todd!

Since all black Americans worshiped certified big butts, I was sure he was hooked by Nes’ womanhood, but was very embarrassed by my presence!

To give him more freedom I told them that I was so tired and that I would need some rest. Nes offered Todd another drink and told him she needed to know more about the proposal he would offer her. As soon as I entered the bedroom, Nes got closer to Todd and sat next to him on the couch to show him another album of her erotic photos. I was hiding behind the curtains to have a better look of what was coming next.

I was shocked how the 6 foot tall Nes looked so small next to Todd’s huge and muscular body! I could not wait to see what Todd was hiding between his legs and how he would use his weapon! As they both were going through the photos, Nescafe made the first move as always! She voluntary sat on his lap, reached out to his crotch and started squeezing his monster cock and heavy balls! She also started French-kissing him with her luscious lips!

As Todd felt the heat, he lost no time then stood up in front of Nes and ordered her to remove all his upper clothes. Nes was astonished by this incredible and athletic 6”8’ giant! His arms were huge and very muscular, his massive back and abs looked like concrete steel! Compared to him Nes was a toy, and he could easily play with her body!! Nes started licking his chest and belly while massaging her big butt softly!

Nes undid his pants and he took them off along with his boxer! Nes’ eyes popped out when she looked down at his monster cock! I could not wait to see how a giant like him would fuck the biggest booty in Arabia! His legs were sooo sexy and 100 % lean muscles. Nescafe jumped over his massive body put her legs around his waist and started sucking his huge lips and twisting her tongue inside his mouth.

He seemed to appreciate her way of kissing a lot! Feeling very excited, Todd rotated Nes upside down, tore her Tanga (G-String) with his sparkling white teeth and started kissing her cunt and fondling her massive booty! His colossal cock was touching her wet and soft lips! He ordered Nescafe to milk his massive prick!

When she grabbed that monster she felt it was so heavy and so black with a countless number of veins! But most of all she appreciated most the phat head of Todd’s big black cock!
She sucked that cock for over 10 Minutes until it became hard as a rock and reached the undefeated size of 14 inch of massive meat and was as thick as a baseball bate. Todd was sucking her juices and biting her pussy lips for a few minutes! He even inserted his tongue in her tight asshole! He moved his tongue up and down between her ass cheeks while she was moaning heavily and loudly!

Feeling that she was ready to try the biggest cock of her life he put her over the carpet floor since the couch was too small to support the weight and the action of their bodies! Todd positioned himself between her sexy legs and put them over his shoulders with her high heels still on her feet. As I said before this babe loved to fuck with her high heels on!

With a deep southern voice Todd asked my loving wife to grab his black cock, and guided it towards her swollen wet pussy!
“Open it up for me, I gotta get it right here baby!”
Nes rubbed the mushroom head of his horse cock against the pulpy and swollen lips of her cunt. Todd’s strong body found no resistance to slide that entire well-sucked massive member in Nes’ tight and wet pussy with two or three slow pushes!

“There you go baby, it’s all yours!” Todd added

His technique was amazing; his strokes were so quick and so powerful that I could hear the sound of their bodies joining! My sexy wife started moaning and grunting loudly as intense orgasms were about to hit her!

“Baby you are sooo good, fuck your Moroccan white whore harder and deeper! I want you to shred my pussy!”

She was enjoying so many intense orgasms and asking for more! I could see her swollen pussy lips clinging to his massive cock as he slid it in and out her wet cunt. Todd kept digging for 10 minutes before he buried his monster deeper and let a piercing sound of victory to show his satisfaction! He was kissing her passionately as he loaded her fertile womb by his thick hot jizz!

I could see tears in her eyes! Her Kohl (Moroccan eyeliner) made her beautiful eyes look like ones of a tigress! The intensity of the fuck made her lips pulpy and glossy! These signs made it clear to me that Nes had enjoyed that monster cock sooo much and that she would die for some more of that massive meat!

Nes started to clean Todd’s monster dick and seemed to enjoy the odor and the taste of her master’s cum.

“Baby I truly delight in your monster cock and I really need more of that big black dick inside my big white booty!”
“Sweet Nescafe I don’t want to disturb your husband Aziz any more, why don’t you come with me to my private suite? I’ll show you the latest porn movies that I produced and I promise to take you to the seventh heaven!” Todd said.

When Nescafe was about to enter the bedroom to get some clothes, he backed her up and told her he did not want her to wake me up and she didn’t need any clothes since his bedroom was meters away !

Todd carried Nes and they left our place without any clothes on, and then crossed the garden with Nes still in his arms to enter his private room!

I was in my bed lonely and anxious, thinking about the juicy pussy of my sweet Nescafe! I struggled to fall asl**p because I couldn’t accept that we would sl**p in separate rooms! Thinking about Nescafe having a wild fuck with another man made my cock fully erect! I started to jerk off and in a few minutes I had my first orgasm without my Nescafe next to me!

I woke up late in the morning, and went out to join Nes and Todd. They were by the pool sunbathing and enjoying their breakfast. Nes was very happy. Her watery eyes and her pink cheeks were the proof that she got all she asked for!

I took a French toast and some orange juice and sat next to Nescafe. Todd had a phone call and he went to his office. I took the opportunity to ask my sweet wife about her wild night with Todd. She told me that they fucked all night long and that Todd made her come a million times in all different positions! He died to fuck her Amazing booty! But she could not take his prick in her massive ass even thought he used different lubricants!

“Baby his cock is huge and it got even bigger when he applied a special cream to his shaft! He spent about 5 minutes trying to shove it in my asshole but it was impossible, the mushroom head of his prick was too big for me, and he was afraid to hurt me! I tried to calm him down and gave him a sensational strip dance, then he enjoyed moment of intense pleasure, when I danced over his body with his cock buried deep inside my cunt, and fucked him until he came a river!”

As she was telling me about her intense suck and fuck session with Todd, my cock started to swell! Her sexy voice and attractive body always arouse me!

A few minutes later Todd showed up with a big smile on his face! He sat down next to my blossomed wife and told her that she was very lucky. The man he told her about was in NY City and for her pleasure he would be in Todd’s house by 7pm.

“ Well, baby I forgot to tell you that Todd and I came to an agreement about the shooting of a short porn movie with a young black man with an impressive cock. I saw his pictures yesterday and I just can’t wait to meet him!” Nes told me.

She showed me some of his pictures. The guy was immense, muscular and very good looking. But most off all he had the most impressive tools I‘ve ever seen in my entire life!

She also added: “To be honest with you Aziz, I can’t wait to fuck this handsome guy!”

I felt overwhelming sensations all over my body and my cock started to grow again. I was already fantasizing about her hammered really hard by that young black stallion. Nes amazed me sooo much! When she decided to do something, nothing in the world could stop her willpower!

“Come next to me Nes, I think you need some special treatments. Our hair dresser and makeup artist will take good care of you. But before that I suggest that you have a massage and take a shower first! Tania is here to serve you. One more thing, Tania will use wax to remove any remaining hair from your pubis! I want a smooth and bald pussy for the shooting!” Todd said.

Nes walked confidently, and as she passed by me and Todd to join Tania in the spa, she grabbed my cock and squeezed it then gave me that foxy smile again! Anytime she gave me that smile I knew for sure that something big was heading her way! I was sure that some of the best black bulls were about to stretch her tight pussy to the max and tear up her asshole!!!!!!!!

Well, my lovely wife Nes was, is and will always be the perfect Arabian White
Ass-Woman craving for Monster Black Cocks!

To be continued………….

End of Chapter III

Do not miss!

Chapter IV: Nescafe Turns Out To Be A Porn Star

Chapter V: Nescafe fires in Miami And Latinos Are Going Crazy
... Continue»
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Impossible Virgins Chapter 12 The Avalanche - The

Chapter 12: The Avalanche - The Second Round

Dee Dee had gathered the other three girls who would be Milking this day off to the side of the stage. They could clearly see all the action that was taking place with Toppsy and Lulu, but they weren't immediately involved with it.
"Okay everyone, pay attention," said Dee Dee. "They're counting on us to really deliver a mammoth cum shot for the grand finale of this little escapade today. I don't mean to sound like a cheerleader, but we've got our work cut out for us today."
The other three girls nodded their heads in assent to Dee Dee.
"These Milking sheaths are fairly easy to use, " said Dee Dee, "but you've got to exercise extreme control with them too. Summer, you've never done this at all before now. Ebony and Jordan, you've been through one or two Milking sessions, but you've never monitored the controls on them.
"Use slow, gentle increments of pressure and vibration with them. Turn the knobs just a little, and let yourself enjoy the feelings for a bit, before moving on. You're all familiar with how your cock works, so whenever you feel the feelings begin to rise, and you think you're even remotely close to cumming, hit this red button. It'll send a burst of reverse pressure, and should put the fire out right away in you.
"Whenever you do this, wait at least a minute before you start up again, or you touch your prick again. The way Tiffany and Clyda are going at it with out two guests today, we won't have any shortage of inspiration."

"Let's get this show on the road!" shouted Tiffany. She started off somewhat slowly, working her cock into Toppsy's cunt at a moderate rate, until she had over half of it buried inside her. Then Tiffany increased her pumping to a faster pace, until she was averaging six inches or more with her thrusts into Toppsy.
Toppsy's cunt got red hot under the constant attack from Tiffany, the pussy juice boiling up from her hole. She was full of Tiffany's cockmeat, and was soon stuffed with every inch of her gigantic prick. Tiffany soon felt her cock tighten into an iron rod as it vibrated in Toppsy's pussy. She knew it wouldn't be long before she was about to shoot, and she didn't care. As before, the object today was to fuck Toppsy as often and as possible as she could, until Dee Dee and the others were ready.
Clyda stood before Lulu with her cock jutting out in front of her. "She always was such a showoff," as she glanced at Tiffany humping Toppsy. She gently massaged her hand along the shaft, pulling her foreskin over her huge cockhead in front of Lulu.
"Well love, are you ready to get humped even harder than you did earlier today?" she teased.
"Yeah, but you've gotta promise me one thing," replied Lulu.
"And what's that?"
"I want to see you back up all that talk about you and your cock. I want to see you shove that telephone pole between your legs all the way inside of me, without stopping once!"
Next to her, Lulu's surprising words registered on Toppsy, but she was too busy trying to hold her own against Tiffany pummeling her with her massive prick to respond.
Clyda was taken by surprise. She wasn't certain what Lulu was going to say, but she certainly hadn't expected this. Some of the girls had dropped rumors about how nasty and how much fun Lulu could be during sex. And Clyda thought she had noticed that trend developing in her, as she scanned the mountains of video footage on her and Toppsy.
"Be careful what you ask for dear, you just might get it," warned Clyda. She turned to give Lulu a profile view of her, reminding her of just how huge her dick was.
"I never thought I'd hear myself say this," said Lulu, "but ever since you pumped us full of chemicals so we could handle your cocks, I've been enjoying sex more than I ever have before. Taking something as big as you girls between my legs, and being able to enjoy it has given me a rush that I can't begin to explain. It took a little while, but once I found out that you weren't gonna rip me apart, I really started to get into it."
"Well, it's nice to hear that we've made you into a 'convert', sweetheart," said Clyda. "And since you've asked me so nicely, I don't really see that I have any choice but to try and fulfill your wish."

Hearing the conversation next to her, Tiffany wasn't ready to finish things yet. She settled into a moderate, piston-like humping of Toppsy, so she could view the scene nearby.
"This I'm gonna have to see for myself," said Tiffany.
Lulu reached down and spread her cunt lips apart with her hands, revealing the hot, moist tunnel inside. "Ram that slab of meat inside me, and don't spare the horses, Clyda."
Clyda gripped the shaft of her cock with one hand, and took steady aim at Lulu's hole. Just fucking Lulu had now become a challenge to her, and she was determined not to back down from it.
Clyda thrust her hips forward, and her huge cockhead disappeared into Lulu's cunt. Her fuckhole sucked Clyda's prick in. Slowly, inch by precious inch, Clyda was wedging her cockhead up into Lulu's steaming pussy. Lulu grunted and pumped, pushing her pussy down against her. Her soaking fuck tunnel rippled, adjusting to accommodate the great breadth of Clyda's prick, her pussy juices spreading around her cock.
"Oh yeah!" Lulu grunted. "Rip my box in two! Shove that dick further into me!"
Watching the incredible display of penetration next to her caused Tiffany to fuck her cock deeper and harder into Toppsy's cunt.
The head of Clyda's cock had f***ed its way deep into her, up her cunt. Clyda had a foot of her meat inside Lulu now, leaving half to go. Lulu's pussy began to work on her cock, the muscles gripping her cock meat, forcing her to work harder. Her cunt lips were clinging to Clyda's prick, just behind the buried cock knob. Lulu twisted from side to side, her body giving way as Clyda slowly worked more of her fat prick shaft up her cunt.

Now Tiffany could feel her flared cockhead slamming hard into the farthest depths of Toppsy's strained pussy. Clyda was making good on her attempt to shove all of her meat into Lulu in one mighty plunge. Inch after inch disappeared into Lulu's snatch, like a train going into a tunnel. Clyda was panting and heaving with the effort, and Lulu looked like she was almost ready to cum, just from this action. Well over half of her cock was buried in Lulu now.
"Don't stop, damn it! Don't stop!" cried Lulu.
Clyda grunted, and girls in the audience could plainly see the sweat trickling down her back, but she kept up the steady pressure, watching Lulu squirm and writhe as she shoved her cunt onto her prick. Her cockhead forged a passage up her body, prying her pussy open, and her long, thick stalk pushed in behind, vanishing inch by inch. Lulu was working her crotch down toward Clyda's balls, wanting all of that long, leathery shaft up her cunt while the gigantic cockhead delved into the very depths of her loins, filling her pussy to the brim with shemale cock.
"Ugh!" Lulu grunted, as Clyda f***ed three more inches of her cock into her pussy. "C'mon, Clyda! Fill my hole until I can't take anymore!"
Lulu's face was radiant with passion, her head switching from side to side, and she was panting like a steam engine. Her buxom body trembled as she fucked herself on Clyda's prick. Bracing her shoulders on the platform, she shoved, twisting her cunt onto Clyda's massive fuck stick. Deeper and deeper went that oversized slab of cock, grinding a passage up into her spreading pussy, fucking slowly into Lulu's innermost depths.
With a last thrust, Clyda lurched and shoved the head of her mighty prick as deep as it would go into Lulu. She gasped, then smiled as she felt the smack of her hot ballmeat throb against her ass cheeks. Lulu's marvelous cunt had managed to take Clyda's entire enormous fuck rod in one continuous plunge, and her cock had finally bottomed out in her pussy.
The girls in the audience could see this too, and they let out a chorus of catcalls.
"Way to go, Clyda! You've got so much dick in her, it ought to pop out of her mouth!"
"Show that girl what a real cock feels like!"
"Oh fuck, yes!" cried Lulu, as she realized what had happened. "I don't think that I've ever felt so full down there."
"That's a bit of a first for me too you know," panted Clyda. "Nobody else has ever had me do that to them before."

Seeing Clyda finally succeed at her labor of lust was an incredible turn on for Tiffany. Once she saw Clyda's balls hit Lulu's butt, a tingle ran down her spine. Tiffany accelerated her fucking of Toppsy for a few minutes, and then threw her head back and she let out a high-pitched whine as her orgasm overtook her.
Then Toppsy felt Tiffany suddenly stand very still. She couldn't hold out any longer, and suddenly Tiffany's cock was sending stream after stream of hot cum deep into her tender tight cunt. Toppsy could feel her load of cum jet out and burn its way through her cunt. Tiffany's cockhead was sending incredibly thick gushes of molten jism into her body.
With a scream, Toppsy crashed into the world of climax. "Oh fuck, yes! It feels like there's a red-hot firehose between my legs!"
Toppsy's cunt squeezed tightly, clutching along Tiffany's cock while her body throbbed in orgasm again and again. She cried out as she felt the throbbing of Tiffany's prick shoot out another load of cum into her hot cunt. After the fourth explosion Toppsy collapsed onto the platform, with her arms hanging limply at her sides.

Lulu lifted her head and stared at Clyda defiantly. "Now I want you to finish the job, honey. You and Tiffany bragged about how good you are with your cocks." She lifted her head so she was certain Clyda saw the passion in her face. "You see the way that she almost made Toppsy pass out just now? Fuck me until I can't see straight! Turn my pussy inside-out, but I want you to make me cum like never before!"
Clyda was again momentarily startled by Lulu's incredible demands. Toppsy heard them too, but she was still being pounded violently by Tiffany's cock, to be able to respond.
"Whatever Lulu wants, Lulu gets," replied Clyda. The strength and determination that Lulu was showing was a turn-on for Clyda, and she resolved to give her a fucking she wouldn't soon forget.
Hearing the last exchange between Toppsy and Clyda, Tiffany could sense that she wasn't finished yet either, and she was determined to put on a show of her own. Pulling her prick from between Toppsy's legs, Tiffany maneuvered it to point-blank range in front of her face. Her mammoth cock swelled and exploded one more time, the massive eruption of her jism almost obscuring Toppsy's face for a moment. Jabbing her prick into her face, Tiffany sank the cocktip between her warm lips, scr****g it against her teeth. Then she backed up, her prick finally stopped for the moment, but everyone could tell that her huge balls were nowhere near being drained.
"That's just a sample of what you're gonna get today, girl," said Tiffany, with her hands on her hips. Although it had temporarily stopped shooting, her cock was still rock-hard and erect, and thrusting proudly out from between her legs. "By the way, are sure that you haven't bitten off more than you can chew over there, Lulu?"
"You just leave this oversexed little trollop to me Tiffany!" retorted Clyda. "It's been too damned long since I've had a genuine challenge from any of the strumpets we've invited to the Island. Lulu wants to know what it's like to really be fucked by us, and I'm just the girl to do it to her!"

A roar of applause and raunchy comments echoed through the audience when they heard Clyda's proclamation.
"All right Clyda, the spotlight's all yours," said Tiffany. "I'm not the only one who wants to see what you can do to someone, when you don't hold anything back.
"And now that I've had a dip in your pussy, I'm gonna stretch that tight little asshole of yours, girl." Tiffany pried her hands under Toppsy's butt cheeks on the platform, and used her strength to pull her forward, so her rectum was now fully exposed to her in this position. "I'm gonna ream this tight little poop-chute of yours, until it's at least two sizes bigger than when we started!"
Toppsy gritted her teeth in defiance, and tried to prepare herself for what was about to come. Although Dee Dee's pills prevented her body from being ripped apart, they did nothing to hide the brutal sensations of something the size of Tiffany's cock being rammed in and out of her like a piledriver. Toppsy had never liked anal sex before coming to the Island, and she cared even less for lesbian sex; but she loved hard, hot cocks. Even if it was Tiffany or another girl that did it to her here, she simply couldn't help herself from turning into a screaming nymphomaniac whenever she was fucked by one of the amazons in either hole.
"Quit squirming girl, you know you love this," Tiffany teased her. With that Tiffany shoved her cockhead into Toppsy's ass. Tiffany had fucked more girls than she could remember since she came to the Island, but few if any, had a sphincter that could grip tighter, and still absorb as much of her meat as Toppsy did.
"Oh, yeah!" Tiffany exclaimed as she slowly thrusted her prick into Toppsy's butt, enjoying the incredibly snug fit. Tiffany paused for a moment.
"Damn! If I didn't know better, I'd swear I had one of Dee Dee's plastic sheaths on my cock. You've got a body that was just tailor-made to be fucked by us, Toppsy."
Tiffany's comments managed to revolt and turn Toppsy on at the same time. Retaliating would do her little or no good in this situation, so she might as well make the best of things, and hope that she could manage to ride it all out. By now, Toppsy knew she could survive just about anything from any of the amazons on the Island, so she decided to play along and encourage Tiffany, hoping that she'd finish up with her sooner.
"My butt's clinging to your cock for a reason, Tiffany. You know I can't get enough of your meat. Show me what you can really do with it."
"Exactly what I had in mind girl!" Tiffany lunged forward, the thickness of her huge prick stretching Toppsy's ass to the limit. By this point, Tiffany was so turned on, it didn't really matter to her if Toppsy was sincere or not. All Tiffany cared about was satisfying the burning in her loins, and bringing herself off again. She fucked forward into Toppsy, the hot bubbling juices in her ass saturating her cockmeat and oozing out over her cum-stuffed balls.

Clyda had paused briefly to catch her breath. She saw Tiffany plowing her cock into Toppsy's butt. "When I watch a performance like that, I do believe that's my cue to continue, love."
Now Clyda followed Tiffany's actions, working her rigid meat in and out of Lulu like a giant piston. Lulu lifted her hips slightly so she could mash her crotch up and down, and swung her ass from side to side, cavorting on Clyda's cunt-stuffing shaft. As her massive cock pulsed inside her, Lulu was lifted higher. Her lush ass bobbed up and down and her thighs rippled, tensing and relaxing, letting her move gloriously on that giant prick. Clyda was holding steady, all of her prick embedded in Lulu's clinging, steaming pussy on her forward thrusts. She was moaning in pleasure as she felt Lulu's hot cunt flesh cling and ripple and suck and mold itself around her prick.
Lulu was fucked to the very core, whimpering with the pure joy of it. Clyda pumped her cock back and forth, using six-inch strokes on Lulu with her cock. Her pussy slid back and Clyda's leathery rod slid out of her, dripping with her cunt juice. Then Clyda lunged forward and Lulu took her back into her pussy, took the head of her mighty prick into the deepest depths of her cunt. A shuddering sensation caused Lulu to gasp. Her pussy was melting like wax around a hot, hard poker. She could actually feel her cunt juice seep slowly out to coat Clyda's prick.
As she pulled back, Lulu's cunt lips were almost turned inside out as they sucked on Clyda's cock. And as Clyda plowed forward, her pussy lips were stuffed up into her cunt.
Foaming cunt juice ran out of Lulu's cunt and soaking Clyda's nuts, and trickled down into the crack of her ass. Her body, impaled on Clyda's cock, was vibrant and trembling. A series of low, soft, steady moans murmured from her lips, which escalated into frantic cries of pleasure.
"Do it to me harder, Clyda!" she sighed. "Use that cock of yours!"
Until now, Clyda had been holding steady, letting Lulu wallow around on her massive prick, enjoying the feeling of having her cunt twist and jerk and slide on her cockmeat, but now Clyda's hips tensed and she began to fuck her prick in and out in earnest. Her hot cockmeat was stuffing Lulu's cunt so full that, at first, she simply dragged the dancer along with her. But then Lulu braced herself, and her pussy loosened a bit more and then Clyda was able to ram her fat cock into her, a foot at a time. As Clyda fucked forward, Lulu thrust her pussy up to meet her, and as she drew back she twisted her pelvis from side to side, grinding her cunt on the retreating cock meat.
"Oh shit, yes! That's fucking awesome!" squealed Lulu.

Toppsy worked her rump up and down the length of Tiffany's prick. "Jeez! I feel so fucking full!" Foamy juices spilled from her anus, coating Tiffany's swinging balls and keeping her jabbing cockshaft greased. "I don't fucking believe it, it feels like she's gettin' even bigger! She's stretching me apart!"
Tiffany fucked her deep, her cock cutting cleanly into Toppsy's puckered asshole. Each powerful thrust jammed the whimpering blonde dancer into the platform and pushed her back and forth. Tiffany snorted, fucking hard, driving her farther along the platform. Her cock swelled inside her gripping anus, and her balls ached as creamy fuck juices spilled from her sphincter, and trickled down the shaft of her cock.
With the other amazons watching, Toppsy struggled to keep from being knocked off the platform. Tiffany's lunging stabs were making her head spin. Each jab of her cock brought a gurgling cry from her drooling mouth.
The amazons continued to watch Tiffany as she fucked her prick into Toppsy's ass without mercy. The sight nearly made some of them cream in their seats. The fuck juices squished out from Toppsy's cock-stuffed rump as Tiffany fucked her hulking prick into her butt.
"Ooh, cream her, Tiffany," called one girl from the audience. "Drown her ass in cum!"
"I'm cumming!" Toppsy wailed as she twisted her hips and blindly fucked herself on Tiffany's prick. Hot pussy-cum gushed from the pulsing walls of Toppsy's cunt. The bubbling cum poured out onto Tiffany's cockshaft and spurted out over her balls. Tiffany whined shrilly. The hot pussy cum from Toppsy was igniting the jism churning in her balls.
Tiffany's balls burst. She cried out, her head jerking up as the hot thick cum shot through her cock and gushed from the tip of her prick. She jabbed, almost knocking Toppsy off the platform as she split her throbbing rump with her erupting prick.
Tiffany's cock erupted again inside the pulsing heat of Toppsy's rectum. Thick wads of cum squirted from her prick. The hot gooey wads drenched her already overstuffed bowels. Tiffany jabbed her cock all the way to the balls into Toppsy, reaching down and mashing her clit with her fist as she thrashed wildly beneath her.
Clinging to the platform, Toppsy went berserk. She shoved back at Tiffany's plunging prick. The hot cum filling her ass triggered another orgasm in her pussy, and more cum churned in Tiffany's erupting balls.
"That's it Toppsy!" cried out Tiffany. "Keep your ass jammed tight on my prick and take everything that I've got. You're getting the mother of all enemas today!"
Toppsy's eyes grew wider and wider as she felt the incredible load of hot jism from Tiffany fill her bowels to what seemed like the bursting point and beyond. For a moment, Toppsy thought she'd pass out from the sensation, or that something terrible would happen to her. Tiffany was standing with her crotch pressed against her butt, and her cock buried to the balls in her ass. Now Tiffany had reached out and was mashing Toppsy's heaving breasts together, as her cock finally stopped throbbing and shooting.

Slowly, the incredible mass and heat in Toppsy's ass subsided and she could actually feel the pressure abate in her bowels. A brief feeling of relief came over her.
"Dee Dee's pills are doing their work, honey," said Tiffany. "In a minute, it'll feel like there's nothing in there at all."
Clyda turned her head to watch Tiffany shoot off into Toppsy's rump. She turned to face Lulu again. "Is that what you want, sweetheart?" she hissed at her. "You want me to fuck you so hard, your body turns to jelly, and you can't even think straight?"
Clyda pulled back and watched a foot of her thick cockmeat ooze out from Lulu's suction cup of a cunt, dripping with her juices. Then Clyda rammed it back in without mercy, stuffing her pussy full, slamming her balls against her rump. The sound was like two large slabs of meat slapping together. The impact was so great, and the f***es so powerful, that Lulu's eyes rolled back in their sockets for an instant, before she regained control of her body.
"Do it again, damn it!" screamed Lulu. "Fuck me harder!"
Now Clyda was becoming hotter and more aroused than ever. She began smashing into Lulu's cunt like a battering ram. With Lulu's pussy stuffed to the limit with cock, there was no room for all of the juices between her legs anymore, and the liquid splurted out of her snatch like a fountain each time Clyda buried herself in her. In no time at all, both Clyda and Lulu looked as though they had been caught in a downpour. Both of their tummies and parts of their breasts were liberally splattered.
The root of Clyda's mighty prick was almost completely supporting Lulu as her gigantic member throbbed even harder, almost lifting Lulu off of the platform.
Lulu's womb was soaking wet and steaming as Clyda's iron-hard pole smashed into her juicy pussy again and again. Her inner cunt muscles massaged Clyda's cock meat, rippling and pulling, sucking and dragging. Clyda fucked harder and faster, cramming her prick up that voracious maw, feeding phallic fuel to the furnace of Lulu's hot pussy. Her prick fucked in with a long, rippling fuck-stroke that hiked Lulu's ass into the air, off of the platform.
Lulu looked out between the rising slopes of her fat tits, half expecting to see the outline of Clyda's giant prick pushing a furrow up along her belly. Lulu saw Clyda grin at her wickedly, and then shove her hips forward and ram into her like a charging bull. She felt the impact all along her spine, and shivered at the incredible sensations it produced in her.
Clyda's huge balls swung back and forth like the clappers of a bell. They whacked against Lulu's churning ass as she buried her prick up her cunt, then swung ponderously back, so full of fuck juice that they were like lead.
One of her legs clutched against the side of the platform, helping her to grind her soaking snatch on Clyda's prick. Lulu's other knee was hooked over the edge of the platform and she reached her foot down to brush against Clyda's balls. The size and heat of them astonished Lulu. Clyda was gasping heavily and her own body was soaked with sweat and stained with their juices. Seeing the startled look on Lulu's face, Clyda paused briefly as she pulled her cock back.
"You aren't the only one who's giving her all today here, love," Clyda panted.
Suddenly Lulu felt it. A tiny spark deep within her being, which she knew would grow inexorably into an orgasm that she'd never forget.

"It's starting. I'm almost there," Lulu exclaimed. "Fuck me harder than ever!"
Clyda could feel it within her loins too. She'd reached the point where her years of experience with her cock told her that even she couldn't hold off the inevitable forever.
"This is it for me too, Lulu! This time we're going all the way!"
"Hmm. Those two are definitely putting on a tough act to follow next door," said Tiffany.
“Since your pussy felt so nice the first time, I think that I'll do it again." This time, Tiffany copied Clyda's technique, and rammed over eighteen inches of her prick into Toppsy's cunt in one long, slow plunge. She watched Toppsy's eyes grow wider and wider, as more of her meat vanished inside her.
"Don't worry sweetheart," said Tiffany. "If something was gonna happen to you, you would've popped at the seams already. If your s****r can take this kind of treatment, so can you."
Tiffany's balls rumbled and swelled as they whacked against Toppsy's quivering body. Her prick swelled even larger, stretching her pussy. She moaned and fucked harder, driving Toppsy back and forth on the suspended platform.
Clyda called upon all of the strength that she had left in her body, and for the next several minutes, she fucked Lulu harder and faster than she had ever done to anyone else before. She shortened the length of her thrusts into Lulu down to only five or six inches, and gripped her ankles for leverage and support. Now she was blasting her cock into Lulu like a jackhammer with strokes that were almost too fast to count.
Under this onslaught, Lulu began to cream. She tried to hold back and wait for Clyda to spurt her cum up her cunt, but the thrill finally overwhelmed her and her cum juice began to deluge from her well-stuffed pussy.
After ten minutes of humping from Tiffany, Toppsy reached the peak, and her body went into convulsions as she experienced yet another orgasm. She thrashed like a wildcat on the platform as her cunt exploded.
Tiffany shoved her twisting body back and forth as hot buttery pussy-cum bathed her drilling prick. She lurched harder into Toppsy. The heat from her pussy was reaching into Tiffany's balls and igniting the cum there. Her head jerked up and her lips trembled as her balls burst again.
"Holy shit, she's cumming again!" Toppsy screamed as a thick river of jism spurted from Tiffany's pisser and splashed deep in her cunt. "She's creamin' me!" She nearly went insane as Tiffany's hot gooey cum triggered another orgasm deep in her pussy, and she slammed her massive prick up into her body.
Tiffany pounded her cunt with brute f***e. Her balls churned, the cum gushing through her fat cock and squirting from her tip. Spunk spurted deep, flooding Toppsy's cock-stuffed pussy. Tiffany moaned, her head bobbing back and forth, as her cock erupted again.
"C'mon, you big fucker," Lulu gasped. "Shoot that fucking slime up my hot cunt! Flood my pussy with that fucking cum!"
Clyda's massive cock slammed in, tossing Lulu's ass and pelvis up and down roughly. Her prick was getting even bigger as her orgasm approached. Lulu's body was shaking and she felt as if her hips would jump out of their sockets, as if her vital organs were being shoved aside by Clyda's fucking cock.

Another orgasm shook her body. Cunt juice splashed wildly from Lulu's pussy as Clyda's big cock fucked into her like a locomotive.
"Shoot your cum into me!" Lulu cried.
Tiffany lunged forward, her cock buried deep in Toppsy's squirming body. Her ass was lifted off the platform. Tiffany lunged even harder, her rump twitching, her chest heaving. More cum gushed from her fat cock, flooding Toppsy's pussy. It gushed out over her balls and down the crack of Toppsy's jiggling ass.
Toppsy screamed and tried to clutch Tiffany's hips with her legs. Her body was out of control. She humped frantically, her body nearly going into convulsions as she tried to grind her clit into Tiffany's cock.
The other amazons in the audience were nearly in a trance watching Tiffany fuck Toppsy. Their eyes were wide as they saw the f***e with which Tiffany was impaling Toppsy with her cock, and fixed on the river of cum seeping from Toppsy's cock-stuffed cunt.
Tiffany continued to fuck her cock hard into Toppsy's climaxing pussy. More cum spewed from her prick. She jabbed, nearly knocking Toppsy off the platform. Toppsy screamed and tried to hold onto the platform with her arms and legs as Tiffany drilled her cunt.
Next to them, Clyda and Lulu were locked in the throes of passion. No words were exchanged now, only the frantic grunting and panting of each girl, as Clyda strove to fuck Lulu beyond her limits, and Lulu tried to keep herself on the platform, and withstand her onslaught.
Tiffany threw her head back, her hair swishing across her neck as she kept the screaming Toppsy impaled on her squirting prick. Tiffany slammed at Toppsy's writhing body, her erupting balls slapping at her ass cheeks. Toppsy continued to hump her hips. Her head snapped back and forth as she somehow absorbed the thrashing and humping from Tiffany.
The amazons in the audience gasped as they watched Tiffany hump Toppsy as if she were a feather. They strained their necks and saw the cum flowing from Toppsy's cunt like a river, and their mouths watered.
Tiffany lunged hard, her balls just about drained now. She whined, her rump jerking as she shoved Toppsy's screaming body back and forth. Toppsy's vision started to spin. Her legs weakened, then slipped from Tiffany's hips. She went limp, her cunt still stuffed with Tiffany's steel-hard cock.
Tiffany stabbed hard one last time into Toppsy. Now Tiffany pulled her cock slowly out of Toppsy's cunt, enjoying the tight clinging sensations of her butt all along her shaft. Then she jerked back, her prick popping from her cunt. A spraying stream of jism splattered all over Toppsy's writhing body, dotting her sizzling flesh. With her cock free, Tiffany tossed her head back, and exulted in her orgasm, and her triumph over Toppsy.
"Now you know what it's like to really be fucked, Toppsy," panted Tiffany. "But we're still not finished with you for today girl."

Clyda roared in ecstasy, as she knew her release was only seconds away. Her bloated balls exploded as her hips heaved her prick into Lulu's cunt. The hot cum rushed up her fat prick and Lulu gurgled with the joy of it when she felt that huge, steaming load of jism pour into her fuck tunnel.
"Oh, my gosh!" Lulu cried, overcome by fuck-lust. "Blast me with your juice!"
Lulu's cunt had been creaming before, but now, feeling Clyda's cock cream flood into her pussy, her orgasm peaked. Pussy juice filled her, mixing with Clyda's molten cum.
Clyda shot off again and again. She was spurting so much spunk into her that Lulu thought her body must be awash in the fucking stuff, that her heart and liver and lungs must be floating like flotsam in a creamy sea of cum.
Lulu grabbed her enormous tits, and squeezed for all she was worth, as the withering f***e of orgasm rocketed through her body. Her fingers dug so deeply into her fleshy orbs that most of her fingertips weren't even visible.
Lulu's mouth gaped open, drooling. Her eyes narrowed to slits. She panted frantically. Spasm after spasm shook her lush, ripe body as she creamed again and again. Each time Clyda squirted another dose of cum up into her, Lulu melted on her fucking prick.
Clyda was shooting cum up into Lulu with such power that she felt she might blow her right off the end of her prick, if the contours of the platform didn't keep her firmly braced in place. Clyda's hips bobbed as she fucked in, shooting yet another creamy load up her cunt, then she slid lower as she withdrew, only to ram her fucker into Lulu yet again.
"Give it to me! Give it all to me!" Lulu wailed, feeling Clyda's balls slap against her ass.
Tiffany moved so that her long prick was now hovering over Toppsy's panting and heaving body. Tiffany relaxed the mental control over her cock, and let it land against Toppsy's sweat covered body with an audible smack.
Her tremendous prick from reached Toppsy's crotch almost to her chest and the hot rod pressed against the bottom of her enormous tits. Toppsy rubbed her body against her prick. Tiffany humped forward, sliding her cock meat up along her body. The dark slab of her cock-head glided through Toppsy's soft cleavage and bumped her under the chin, like a puppy wanting to play. Tiffany pushed forward a little more, tilting Toppsy's head back.
When she thrust forward again, Toppsy lowered her chin to her breastbone and pushed her tongue out and licked at the slimy head of Tiffany's cock. Despite everything she'd been through, the rich, musky flavor of Tiffany's shemale cock thrilled her. Toppsy pulled her thighs upward and back, making a primitive vise around Tiffany's long cock, near the root, and as her prick head slid up between her tits again, she began to tongue the cock knob greedily.
"Yeah, that's it," moaned Tiffany. "Suck my cock good. Get it good and primed for the next time that I shove it into you."

Tiffany enjoyed herself as she tit-fucked Toppsy for a few moments. No one on the Island was flat chested, and several girls were bustier than she was. But no one had a set of tits like Toppsy and Lulu did. Tiffany was actually having to exert her strength to keep Toppsy's watermelon-like tits sandwiched about her cock. After several minutes, Tiffany felt her cock was more than ready for continued action inside Toppsy's holes.
Slowly, Clyda pulled her throbbing cock out of Lulu's pussy. Lulu watched Clyda's cock as she extracted it. Her cunt sucked at it through every inch. Then the cockhead pulled out of her and Lulu relaxed on the platform for a moment, her ass twitching, her tits flopping.
Clyda's prick, still huge, hard and wet, swayed above her. Cum and cunt juice gushed from Lulu's vacated cunt. Clyda looked as though she were holding her breath, as she fought to maintain control over her member. Lulu was shocked. Even after the deluge Clyda had just dumped into her body, her cock and balls still looked like they could unleash an awesome load.
Tiffany moved her body so that both she and Toppsy could see what was about to happen next to them. "Watch this girl. This is gonna be good!"
"You wanted cum, love? You've bl**dy well got it!" shouted Clyda.
For a moment, there was only the sound of Clyda stroking the shaft of her cock with one hand, while the other squeezed her balls. A sense of fantastic anticipation hung in the air as everyone waited to see just how much Clyda had left in her balls.
A dreamy smile transfigured Clyda's face. She backed away, her cockhead now just over Lulu's crotch. Seconds later, her cock erupted like a volcano.
Like water from a high-pressure hose, the stream of jism shot out and plastered Lulu. For over twenty seconds, a dozen other streams followed it, and landed everywhere on the blonde dancer. Her breasts were drenched. A miniature lake had formed on her neck and chest above the mounds of her boobs in her clavicle. Lulu's hair was so wet in places that it was actually pressed to her head.
By now, all the eyes in the auditorium were focused on Clyda and Lulu, including Tiffany and Toppsy.
"I'm impressed darling," said Tiffany. "If you're only gonna shoot off once, you might as well make it memorable. And that's what I'd call a show-stopper!"
Toppsy was still in shock at seeing a side of her s****r that she'd never suspected. All she could do was gape at Lulu. Clyda's monumental climax brought heavy applause and raucous cheers from the girls in the audience.
"Totally awesome, Clyda! That's showing her how we amazons can fuck!"
"You're all right Lulu! You had Clyda hit you with everything she could, and you took it all!"
Lulu's cunt was still spasming as though on Clyda's cock, wringing her own orgasm out to the last dregs. "That was beyond belief," Lulu finally managed to blurt out.
"You're not finished yet, love," replied Clyda. She had regained her breath, and moved closer so that she was at Lulu's side. Her still rigid cock was resting before her face, dripping with sweat, pussy juice and cum.
She looked close at Lulu and grinned, "Remember when you were a little girl, and you'd lick the batter from your mother's mixing bowl? Put that tongue and mouth of yours to work."
An ear to ear grin spread over Lulu's features, and she eagerly began cleaning off Clyda's prick.

"As much as I hate to interrupt this tender moment, we've got something that just won't wait over here." It was Dee Dee. She along with Ebony, Summer and Jordan, were all sporting hard-ons that made what Tiffany and Clyda had just used look nearly inadequate.
Tiffany faced Toppsy again. "Okay, girl. You had a little time-out there. I'm gonna fuck you one more time, and by then, I think our other friends will be ready to put on their own cum shower display."
"Give us about five minutes, Tiffany," Dee Dee called out in a husky voice, that Tiffany hardly recognized. She'd only heard Dee Dee's voice like that in the deepest throes of orgasm, and when she'd been pushed to her sexual limits. "Then we'll show these two what a cum shot really is."
After almost an hour in the milking sheaths, their cocks were nearly beyond description. The balls of each girl were swollen much larger than two softballs, and were streaked with veins. The skin of Dee Dee, Jordan and Summer's pricks were flushed to such a degree that they were almost identical in color to Ebony's. All four of the amazons were panting and heaving as they teetered on the edge of an uncontrollable orgasm.
Tiffany jerked her head around to the audience. "The three of you in the front row. Get down here quickly. As soon as these four assume the position, I want you to connect the tubing to the plastic pieces on their cockheads."
With practiced efficiency, several of the girls quickly made the necessary connections on the four milking amazons, as well as fixing the tubing to Toppsy and Lulu's mouths so that it couldn't slip out by accident, and then resumed their seats.

"Nice work, girls," said Tiffany. "Dee Dee, the four of you know what to do. Get ready to watch the fireworks everyone! Here comes the grand finale."
Tiffany turned to Clyda with a grin. "How about it, Tiger? You think you've got enough left in you for one more go with our two friends here?"
"Never let it be said that I was a party pooper, Tiffany," Clyda retorted. "And by the way, I know I've got enough in my tank, for one more time with someone with as much spirit and gusto as Lulu here. I never got the chance to bang her back door today, so I'm going to rectify that little detail right now."
"I think that I'll do that very same thing on Toppsy here. I'm gonna ride the 'Hershey Highway' one more time on her!"
Toppsy's thighs were trembling as she braced herself; Tiffany grabbed her ass and pulled her into rump into position like a kicker setting up a football on a tee. Tiffany leaned forward, letting only a portion of her huge cockhead slide in and out of her anal ring, but Toppsy knew her cock was ready once again to plunge brutally in at a moment's notice.
Lulu reached down, gripping her rump with both hands and spread her rectum as wide open as it would go. Clyda nudged her cockhead against her ass and the tip of her prick slipped easily into her hole. Lulu whimpered as her clit began to throb. Lulu twisted her hips from side to side, already wanting to f***e her anus onto her cockhead. Her firm ass swayed under Clyda's body in the platform.
Dee Dee and the other three Milkers had now set the sheaths on their cocks to maximum intensity, as they prepared to unleash their cum for Toppsy and Lulu.
Ebony and Jordan were hovering above Lulu. Directly across from them, Dee Dee and Summer were positioned above Toppsy.
Toppsy seemed to have a feeling of dread, and steeled herself to hopefully survive this latest ordeal on the Island. Lulu was looking like a c***d on Christmas morning, eyes bright, full of anticipation that no one had ever seen before.
At that point, Tiffany and Clyda each gripped the thighs of both dancers for support, and the next stage of the ordeal continued.
... Continue»
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Alka and her Bhabhi Rekha - Chapter 02

Alka and her Bhabhi Rekha - Chapter 02

The next day the two guys arrived before Alka.

"Sit down. She will be here any moment."

"I know. Alka told me. She is on her way." Rekha had worn a sari well below the navel. Chintu noticed that. He made it a point of staring at her navel. Soon Motu also joined him in staring at the navel.

"Bhabhi if you wear modern dresses like the other girls, you would look like a college girl."

"What do you mean by that? Do I look like an old hag?" Rekha feigned anger in asking him.

"Sorry Bhabhi. What I meant was that you are concealing your body in those loose dresses. It's not fair to have a body like what you have and conceal it."

She felt very flattered. Though she knew she had a very sexy body, it was quiet some time that someone had told her. Deepak was not always liberal in showering praises. As he talked, he kept looking at her blouse. She had won a sari that day and had not yet changed. She pretended not to have noticed him staring at her blouse.

"At least you are not wearing a salwar kameez. You look sexy in this sari." He looked at her navel. Then he added, "Your tummy looks flat like you go to gym every day."

She looked at her tummy. The sari was very low and the expanse of her midriff was smooth. Rekha had a deep navel the sari was some four or five fingers below the navel. Her pallu had moved way exposing one breast covered in a tight blouse. Her full breasts in the blouse pushed forward and spilled at the neck. The shape of her breasts showed in the blouse. They continued to chat for a long time.

All the time they kept staring at her blouse and navel. After some feeble attempts to cover her blouse, Rekha just gave up trying to cover herself and decided to let them look at her.

Alka arrived soon thereafter. They sat there for some time sipping coke. Today Alka danced with Motu. Chintu was telling them we to do some movements.

Alka asked her, "Bhabhi why don't you join us today?"

Instead of saying no she merely said, "You guys have been practicing for some time. I am not even a day old here. I don't want to look clumsy. I don't want to make you laugh at me."

"I can teach you in a few days. In three days flat you will be as good as us. Please Bhabhi. You have a natural grace about you. Come on we won't laugh at you. There are some things in which you are more experienced."

"Such as?"

"I don't know. You tell us what you have been doing since may be 15 or 16."

"Nobody starts sex at that age stupid. It was much later." That was when she realized that she had volunteered the information. She sought to correct her folly. "I didn't have sex till I was married."

"We don't want to make you a liar. What I was about to tell you was that you will be a good dancer in a matter of few days. Then you both can dance with both of us. That way you won't get bored with just one person."

"Let me watch you for two days and if I like it I will tell you. Incidentally if yesterday what you did was all the dancing you learnt there I can do it sitting here."

"Let us see you do it with me Bhabhi." She gave Chintu a stern look and then burst out laughing.

"Of course you know what I mean don't you?" Chintu gave her a sheepish smile. But Alka insisted on her giving a reply.

"Will you join us or no?"

"Let me think."

"What is there to think?"

"Give me two days. I will stay here today. Do you mind? You can forget that I am here at all. Don't hold Alka like a baby when I am here and crush her as soon as I leave."

Of course that was a blatant lie. He did not hold her like a baby when she was there. He had even thrust his crotch at hers. She was indirectly telling him to even more than the show they had put up for her rubbing their crotches.

"We have too practice some ballet movements I wish we had those dresses."

"What are those dresses?" Rekha asked.

"It's like a two piece swimming costume for women and a close fitting outfit for men like a second skin."

They were looking for excuses to do what they had done yesterday but without the nuisance of a dress.

"May be tomorrow I can wear my bra and panty and you can wear a shorts and vest, or even an undie and then we can dance," said Alka.

Rekha was scandalized by the thought of Alka dancing with a bra and panty. It was even more exciting imaging him in an undie. Would his hardon show prominently? It would be good watching them hug dressed in such scanty dress. She was frustrated that they were doing nothing more than hugging.

Today she hoped that they would take over from where they had left yesterday.

"I think you are shy because I am here. Would you like me to go away?"

"No Bhabhi stay here. You don't still believe that he is shy because of your presence do you?"

Alka and Motu moved closer and hugged and moved aimlessly.

"Put your hands on her bum and you Alka put your arms around his neck."

Chintu was giving the directions. That was when she noticed that Motu was also handsome and not that plump to warrant being called Motu.

They did as told by Chintu.

"Here let me show you," he said as he moved close and put his hands on her ass and she put her arms around his neck. From the sides Rekha could see that her boobs were pressed flat against her chest. Starting with a mere hold on her bum he started moving his hands on them. It was erotic.

"Don't tell me you do that in the class Chintu," Rekha asked Chintu smiling.

"Of course not Bhabhi. It is our luck that you are kind enough to allow us to do all this. I am doing it because we are all alone here"

As he talked he put his hands on her bum and gave it a gentle squeeze. Not satisfied with a mere squeeze he caught both the cheeks of her ass in his palms and moved his palms all over her ass.

What kind of relationship they have, Rekha wondered. Yesterday she was with Chintu and now he was telling her to do the same with Motu.

They had left the TV on but kept it in mute. There was an item number in the TV. The girl kept shaking her boobs. The dancer's breasts jiggled beneath the tee shirt. They stopped dancing and looked at the TV still holding on to each other. Motu turned the volume on. After the song Alka announced she had the CD.

"You should try that song," Chintu told her.

Alka put on the CD. She tried to dance. But her breasts did not jiggle enough even though she tried to shake them because she was wearing a bra.

"You should get rid of your bra," Chintu suggested.

Alka looked at Rekha who maintained a studied silence. Alka knew that it was the approval. She disappeared inside the bedroom and came back shortly.

"Now don't tell me to take off the top. I am not wearing my bra."

"Let's see if the breasts jiggle," Chintu told her.

Alka looked at Rekha who still remained silent. Alka raised herself on her toes and landed on her heel. The breasts jiggled inside. The top was not tight and was not of a body hugging type though it was tight. Her nipples protruded through the thin fabric of the tee shirt. All eyes in the room were now on her braless breasts with nippled peaks. The vest had a low neck and wide openings for the arms. Some of the flesh spilled out trough the neck and also through the opening for the arms.

They played the song and Alka started dancing. She was a good dancer and way better than what Rekha had imagined.

"Shake your boobs," Chintu kept telling her.

She lifted her arms up and shook her torso.

"Bend down more," Chintu suggested.

She bent low and shook her breasts in rhythm. Her boobs shook and jiggled.

She stopped and asked Chintu, "Is it okay?"


She bent low and brought her shoulders close so that the breasts showed all the way as possible. The way she bent down, the breasts hung free pulled by their weight and jiggled freely.

"Is it sexy?"

"What? Your dancing or the way the boobs jiggle?"



"You are just telling me to make me happy"

"No. I have a hardon and I bet so does Motu." Motu also agreed.

"You both always walk around with a hardon." Rekha could not help laughing out aloud.

"That's true Bhabhi. Don't know if all guys have such habits."

"We can't help it. It does not ask our permission before it gets hard."

"Tell me Bhabhi. Did your friends way back always have their dicks up as these desperate guys have theirs?"

"If Bhabhi had danced the way you danced then they would have had a hardon."

"Leave me out of this discussion."

"That's not fair at all Bhabhi. You don't trust us though we trust you so much."

"Come on now. Let us dance for some time and then sit down and ask Bhabhi if her boyfriends always had a hardon when they were alone with her," Chintu winked at Rekha.

"Leave me and my boyfriends out of this stupid discussion."

"How many were there?"

"How many of what?" Rekha asked puzzled.

"You said now to leave you and your boyfriends out of this discussion. So my question was how many of those lucky guys were your boyfriends."

Rekha threw a magazine at him. His reflexes were quick.

He caught it.

They danced for some time. Now that she had removed her bra, the breasts seemed to behave differently. The cup of the bra, no longer confining the breasts, they seemed to have suddenly melted and become more fluid. Chintu was no longer pressing her ass. Instead, he was moving his torso against hers so that the breasts, free of the bra played on his chest. His arms wound around her body like creepers and tried to feel the opening for the arms around the body. He repeatedly became free and made contact again with her breasts.

"That's a nice tee shirt you have," he said as he pulled away from her.

"Do you like it?" she asked as she looked down at her front. Her breasts seemed to have become bigger in size and the twin nipples poked through the front like two finger tips.

"Here let me feel the cloth," he said and without waiting for her answer, he inserted his four fingers of his right hand in the front and pulled the tee shirt out and away from her. Rekha knew that if he looked down as he kept the tee shirt forward, he could look down at her bare breasts.

"Is it nice?" she asked Chintu who kept gazing at her breasts pretending to look at the tee shirt.

"Yes. Very nice," he said. Then added, "Let me feel the fabric."

He put his four fingers in and then ran his thumb against the index finger. Rekha saw him push the back of his four fingers which were inside on her breasts. Rekha was unsure but almost certain that Chintu had maneuvered to clasp her nipples between his to fingers. He knew that Rekha knew that he knew what was happening between them. This was the boldest thing he had done till now. It was a long way from a harmless hug with which they had started the dance practice only yesterday.

Now he was tweaking her nipples and feeling her bare breasts with the back of his palm on the pretext of feeling the fabric. Rekha had to take a split second decision whether she should allow them to proceed or say no. If she did not object, then they would know that they could try more. Rekha kept silent and kept looking at them intently. Alka and Rekha locked their gazes. Rekha shifted her gaze from Alka's eyes to her breasts.

It was embarrassing for them to remain silent any longer.

Rekha decided to give her consent. But instead of merely giving her consent she walked to the door. She put her finger to her lips and made a "Shhhh" sound indicating them to remain silent. She opened the front door slowly and peeped outside. She put her head out and looked in both the directions. She pulled the door shut softly and latched it again.

"I wanted to make sure that there is no one lurking outside," she said as she walked to the sofa.

Chintu and Alka had remained standing all the time with his fingers inside the front of her tee shirt.

"There's no one there?" asked Alka.

"No. I wanted to make sure that there s no one." The single seater was hardly two feet from the spot where they were standing. Rekha resumed watching them.

Emboldened by her implicit consent, Chintu whispered to her, "You don't want the tee shirt to tear do you?"

"No," Alka whispered back as if in a trance.

"Then come closer," Chintu pulled her.

She moved a step closer. He pulled the tee shirt forward.

"Do you think it will tear Bhabhi?" Alka asked Rekha.

"No I don't think it will tear just by being pulled," Rekha whispered.

They all knew what the real translation of the word spoken by them just now. Rekha had given her permission for Chintu looking at Alka's breasts and may be even feeling them. Even in her wild days she had never done anything like letting a guy fondle her breasts in the vicinity of two others who were watching the action. She was getting wet and she faintly felt the cunt oozing wetness. He continued to push his hands around inside and she stood there. The three of them were whispering to each other as if it was a crowded place where they could be overheard. Chintu whispered something to her. Rekha was quick with her reprimand.

"How many times do I have to tell you that there should be no more secrets among us?"

"It's not really a secret Bhabhi. He wants to know if there is somebody expected at this time."

"No. Not really unless it is somebody unexpected who you cannot predict."

Chintu pulled his hand away. Rekha was quiet disappointed. But he had other plans in mind. As mentioned earlier, the tee shirt was a sleeveless one. He put his right hand in through the opening for the arm and pulled the tee shirt out forward. He pulled it forward exposing the side of her breast right up to her nipples. Alka shrank back saying no because unlike earlier now her breast was on display. Earlier when he pulled her tee shirt out only he could see her breasts.

He would not take a no for an answer.

"Bhabhi said its okay, didn't you Bhabhi?"

"What?" Rekha asked him absent mindedly hoping that they would resume their show.

"You said it won't tear if I pull it. Alka is afraid that it may tear and says no. Tell her it won't tear Bhabhi."

"It won't tear Alka," Rekha said almost whispering.

Alka released Chintu's hand which she had kept pressed to her left breast. Chintu slowly pulled the tee shirt forward and while doing so he pulled it to the center of her chest exposing her left breast.

That was the first time Rekha was looking at Alka's breast. It stood proudly up as if a very large orange had been cut into two and stuck to her torso. It seemed to defy gravity. It was peaked by a nipple which stood out like the tip of the little finger. It was surrounded by a light brown circle which was nearly honey colored. For a brief moment Rekha caught sight of the bare breast and it was over. Chintu kept pinching the fabric between his thumb and the index finger while at the same time managing to press her boob with the back of his palm.

"Why don't they stop pretending to be feeling the tee shirt," Rekha wondered.

His hand moved all over her boob, now and then stopping to feel her nipple. The breast changed shape as he pressed his palm over it. Rekha could feel the hand over her breast. Her nipple stiffened and she could feel her cunt getting moist. He shifted his hand to the other breast and repeated the maneuver all over again. Alka just stood there letting him explore the breast. Motu who was sitting in a sofa was lost to the world. He did not even wink as if he was afraid of losing even a fraction of the drama.

Chintu spun her around so that her ass was in front of his crotch and put his hand inside her tee shirt through the arm opening. His crotch was against her ass. He kept nudging her ass while his hands were busy inside the tee shirt. He was kneading her breast inside the tee shirt. His movement became frantic as if he was fucking her ass. All the time his hands were busy on her breasts. Both her breasts were being mauled and squeezed as if he was kneading dough or squeezing out the juice from an orange. It was getting exciting.

Rekha suddenly remembered the time. It was very late and her husband would be on the way.

"You have to leave immediately Chintu," she seemed genuinely sorry for him. "It is time for them to leave now. I don't want your Bhaiya to come a bit early and catch us with his hand inside your tee shirt and you bra less. He won't believe if you tell him that he is examining your tee shirt."

"We have some time Bhabhi," pleaded Alka.

"No we don't and that is final. What if the traffic is not heavy and he come here some time earlier. Anyway this is not your last day. Come here tomorrow and admire her tee shirt as much as possible."

Motu coughed attracting attention. Then Chintu asked Motu if he wanted to dance.

Motu and Alka hung around hugging.

"You are very unfair to Motu. You always dance with Chintu."

"That's why I asked you to join us. That way we can take care of both of them and their needs." Hesitatingly she added, "And also ours."

Motu got bolder today and he hugged her. Chintu begged Alka to give him another five minutes and pulled Alka for another round of dance. As he was leading her he whispered something in her ears.

"That's not allowed. There are no secrets between us anymore," Rekha said.

"What if what we say makes you angry?"

"Have I got angry with any of you?"

"He told me that he is very horny today and I asked him if his girlfriend refused to blow him."

"Now that you mention it, I am also curious. Did she?" asked Rekha.

"You have to tell us now. Even Bhabhi wants to know if your girlfriend sucked you off."

"Don't make it sound so crude."

"He doesn't mind. And his girlfriend is a great blower, or so he tells me."

"Good boys don't get their girlfriends to do something and tell everyone."

"He refused to tell me. But I persuaded him to tell me. Anyway she tells her friend who tells me."

"Chintu tell me. Did she?" asked Rekha.

"Did she what?" asked Chintu as if he did not understand.

"Did she blow you?"

"Blow what?"

Rekha walked to him and hit his head playfully.

"You know what I mean."

"No. I don't. Come on Bhabhi don't tell me you are shy to mention it."'

"I am not shy but I don't want to corrupt you k**s."

"Then how corrupted you were when you did what you did with your boyfriends."

"I never admitted that I did."

"As if you didn't do anything in school and college."

"Technically I never did much when I was in school."

"Why are you qualifying it as technically?"

"I will elaborate that later sometime."

"Okay not in school but in college." Rekha kept quiet this time. Technically she had not had sex when she was in school. The kissing and hand jobs could not be seriously taken as sex. Then there had been two boys who would shag as she showed her budding boobs. It was then that she realized the power she had over men.

"What thoughts are you lost in Bhabhi?"

She could not help blushing as she faced the three of them. Alka was trustworthy. If she had merely wanted to dig into her past she would not have done what ever she did yesterday and today. She could take the risks. She gathered her courage. There was no need for her to take any initiatives. It was adequate if she led them to open up more and more. She could make it look like they had seduced her into having given her consent if that happened. It was ages since she had discussed with anyone about getting his cock sucked.

"You are diverting the conversation. Did your girlfriend give you a blow job or not?"

"Last week. We hardly get a chance to be alone."


"In my garage. We have a closed garage. But it does not have windows. So it is very hot. We just go there finish and come out."

"What about her? Does she not want to get something done in return?"

"Sometimes yes. She is shy. Unlike me she can go on and on when I go down on her."

"Bhabhi, is oral sex technically sex? What I mean is, does a girl lose her virginity if she gets oral sex?"


Rekha knew about Alka's fixation about her desire to remain a virgin till marriage.

That night Alka showed Rekha some books which she said they had given.

"You are too young to see them."

"Bhabhi don't tell me that you didn't see such books before marriage."

"I must confess that I did."

"Who gave them Bhabhi?"

"You are very inquisitive these days."

"Batao na please, Bhabhi."

"How would you know if I told you so and so gave it?"

"I don't want names. Was he your classmate?"

"Some were and some were close friends." The first time she had confessed to having male friends who were close.

"How old were you when you saw such books Bhabhi?"

"You will be surprised. I was fifteen."

"And how old was your friend?"

"Same age."

"Was he your classmate?"


"You saw them together?"

"I was afraid. I did not want to see it there after but he persuaded me."

"Bhabhi you won't get angry if I tell you something they told me?"

"I won't get angry."

"It's really crude."

"It can't be worse than let's say their wanting to have sex with me. Is it worse than that?"

"I don't know."

"Okay tell me."

"I teased them about getting sexually aroused and shagging."

"You discuss such things with them?"

"Come on we even discuss it in the class openly before the lecturer comes. It's different these days."

"Go on."

"We discussed it when we were having ice cream. They confessed that they do it nearly every day. So I asked them what they fantasized when they do it."

Rekha was listening.

"They both said that they fantasize about you more then they did anyone these days."

"Badmash log."

"Seriously Bhabhi. I hope you are not angry."

"Even if I said no they will do it anyway. We can't help it."

"Bhabhi even I started touching myself. I am addicted to it. I fantasize about many people. You are lucky you can do it every day. Sometimes I am jealous of you."

"You will also do it some day."

They looked at the books.

"Do you do it everyday?"

"I stopped touching myself a long time ago."

"I am not that stupid Bhabhi. I know that. What I meant was if you and Bhaiya do it everyday?"

"You really are the limit Alka."

"Yes or no."

"If you must know the truth, then I must tell you that your Bhaiya is not as horny as you are. Not even a fraction of the horniness you show."

"It really must be very frustrating then."

"Sometimes it is very."

"Very frustrating or very horny?"


They both burst out laughing.

When they come the next day, she knew that she would feel strange looking at them knowing that they felt that way about her. Do they really fantasize minute details of their fucking, she wondered.

Alka asked her, "Bhabhi you don't fantasize about them do you?"

"Why should I fantasize about that when I do it really?"

"You can imagine that you are with them when you are doing it."

"You mean I should let your b*****r do it and imagine that it is Chintu and Motu doing me?"

"It's only a fantasy Bhabhi."

"It's not fair."

"It is only in your mind. You are not letting them do it."

Rekha did not reply. She realized that she was pushing her to them.

"I want to some day watch someone doing it. It should be very exciting to be near two people who are doing it. Have you seen people doing it?"

After some silence she said, "Yes."

"Have people seen you fucking from close by?"

"Now you are getting vulgar."

They were more open these days. The curtain was no longer there between them.

That night she was very wild and pretended that she was getting fucked by Chintu. She came very intensely. The next day Alka asked her before they had come, if she wanted Chintu to teach her some basic movements. She did not reply.

The silence was a yes.

"Of course you can always stop if you don't like it. And poor guy I hope he doesn't bunk classes tomorrow."

"Why would he?"

"I am sure he will masturbate twice or even thrice today if you let him hold you."

"You are too much," Rekha told Alka. She was blushing and could not hide it.... Continue»
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soldier boy chapter 5

Sarah stood by the bar later and wondered if it was to late to go home and hide under the duvet. The nerves that she had managed to quell were barely controlled and as she looked into the mirror she didn’t even recognise the person staring back at her. The girls in the changing room had weaved their showgirl magic and transformed her into someone she did not know. Her long blonde hair had somehow been hidden under a flame red wig that was as short as her own hair was long. A slender neck led the eyes to a wide expanse of creamy skin and she smiled as she saw how well her corset cinched her already tiny waist pushing up her generous breasts. The mounds resting gently on the velvety material seemed huge and she let her hands stroke the soft skin. Bare legs looked long and sexy encased in the leather material of her high- heeled boots and her bottom was hidden beneath the tiniest skirt Sarah had ever worn.
Placing the leather peaked cap on her head and the aviator glasses on her face Sarah nodded to the mirror and took a deep breath before going to find Chris.
Standing in front of him she breathed slowly as he walked around her nodding his obvious approval.
“Well babe if you move as well as you look then we are in for a treat tonight. Now go find the girls and get that cute little ass ready for your spot. Oh and by the way anything you earn is mine call it an insurance against collateral damage. Now go before I realise i'm going mad.”
Sarah stood nervously watching the girl on stage dreading what was to come but knowing she must do it if she were to prove her point. She was sick to death of her b*****rs trying to run her life.
As the music ended and the girl on stage finished her spot Sarah looked over into the audience. If she was to be convincing she needed to hope and pray no one recognised her. Unable to see her b*****rs or their friends Sarah frowned, please please please show up, she thought.
As the lights went out and the girl on stage ran past her Sarah knew she had past the point of no return. Walking forward into the darkness she took up position on the stage and hoped she remembered the routine she was to do. In the air around her and over the audience she heard the beginning of her song and letting the beat take over she started to dance.
Just as the music ended Sarah glanced over and saw that her b*****rs had arrived. At the back of the room she knew that they would not be able to recognise her and she breathed a sigh of relief. With the final beat of the music she struck her final pose, her breathing heavy and her clothes soaked in sweat. It had been a while since she had done a routine like that at the gym.
Backstage she went to the changing room wondering whether she should shower and get changed. Looking in the mirror she decided that she loved the outfit before making her way to the bar after a quick freshen up and a small adjustment to her outfit. Fingers crossed she could carry out her plan before they figured out who she was.
In the bar she quickly located her b*****rs and taking a deep breath she pretended to ignore them as she walked past, her pert bottom swaying sexily in her short skirt. Behind her glasses she saw them look her way and a tiny smile played at the corner of her mouth. Stopping to chat to customers she tried to play her part. Inside she was shaking like a leaf her stomach in knots.
Her eyes roamed the room and she was surprised to see that Shaun had come out with them. Normally he preferred to be with his friends and left Phil and Mike to theirs but tonight he was here as well. Sitting in one of the booths he was with a few other guys.
This could work out perfect, she thought.
Wandering round the room Sarah chatted and flirted with the customers, all the time getting closer and closer to Shaun. The music in the room made it almost impossible to talk so with a series of gestures she managed to avoid any personal dances without causing any offence. Just as she made her way close enough to see who was with him, Shaun looked at her.
A slight frown creased his brow has he thought he recognised the petite red head standing at the next booth. If he didn’t know any better he could have sworn it was Sarah. But Sarah certainly hadn’t got red hair and she certainly wouldn’t be able to get to in a place like this. If she did he knew she would be asking for trouble. u******e and with an appetite for sex that was boarding obsessive this place would be like a sweet shop to her. Most of the guys that came here wished that the dancers would have sex with them and knowing Sarah she would do it to. Whether they did or didn’t he wasn’t sure, but what he was sure of this new girl looked like jail bate in a place like this. No wonder the guys were round her like moths to a flame. Looking over to the bar he saw that Mike and Phil were watching her intently and he wondered if they too thought it could be Sarah as well. Drawn back to the conversation next to him Shaun gave her one last look before turning away.
As Sarah walked past she was stopped by one of the guys sitting with Shaun. Bending forward she listened as he asked for a more personal dance and smiling sweetly Sarah nodded her agreement.
Listening to the beat of the music in the bar she began to move her hips from side to side. The slow movement hypnotic and snake like. Her tiny skirt swishing in time to the music gave a hint of what was underneath. As she moved Sarah undid the buttons on the tiny jacket she was wearing. Underneath she revealed the corset, which she had danced in earlier, and the eyes of her customers shone with lust. Leaning forward she caressed her breasts feeling the creamy mounds under her fingertips. Before sliding a hand over her stomach.
Shaun sat mesmerised as the dancer moved sexily over his friend’s crotch. Her hips and body flowed from one movement to the next and with each one he could feel himself getting harder. Behind her he could see Mike and Phil watching as she danced her way between the three guys in the booth. His cock was hard in his trousers and he wanted to reach out and touch her legs feeling the skin at the top of her stockings. With infinite care she undid the skirt and let it drop to the floor stepping out of it to show the tiniest pair of panties he had seen for a while. The black material barely covered what they were supposed to cover and the urge to pull them to one side and slip his finger into her was so strong he clenched his fists to his side. This girl was hot and only woman hotter was Sarah. Thoughts of her dancing like this flooded his head and he drew in his breath sharply. As the dancer got closer to him he hoped he would not embarrass himself and cum like some adolescent teenager. Placing one dangerously slutty shoe either side of his thigh on the seat she stood above him gyrating her hips tantalisingly close to his face. Was he imagining it or could he smell her arousal. With a feline grace she turned to face away from him bending forward to crawl across the empty table in front of him. He longed to take her there and then, as she lay sprawled across it. Her tiny body was perfect and her large breasts spilled out of the corset she was wearing. In one fluid movement she turned to face him, her face hidden by the glasses she wore. Without the hint of a smile she sat on the table facing him her feet either side of his hips and her legs wide apart. Looking her up and down he took in her legs encased in the stockings she was wearing. Her tiny feet shod in patent black shoes with dangerously high heels making her look sluttish. The black velvet corset circled her waist topped by the overflowing mounds of creamy flesh Shaun couldn’t ask for anything as sexy. As he watched she reached forward and began the slow torturous journey upwards as she undid the fastenings to it. With baited breath he waited for her breasts to be revealed to him and his cock fought to be freed from the confines of his trousers. Just has she got to the last few fastening the dancer spoke.
“Are you enjoying the dance Shaun?”
His eyes flew to her face as with those few words his guess earlier was confirmed. Unsure as to how to react he sat there and watched as she let free her ample breasts.
Closing his eyes he tried not to react to seeing her almost naked form straddled in front of him.
“Don’t close your eyes. I want you to see what you do to me.”
The tables had been well and truly turned. Ever the dominant he was caught between his need to turn her over and spank her for her deception or to obey. Opening his eyes he watched as she pinched her nipples hard causing the sensitive nubs to harden. He had seen her breasts many times but never had he seen them so close and the longing to take that hard nipple between his teeth and gently bite it was so strong it nearly overwhelmed him Fascinated he watched as she tweaked and rolled it between her fingertips.
“Yes Shaun I know you want me, I also know you want me submissive to you. Do you like how it feels having to obey? Mike and Phil are watching so if you don’t want to cause a scene I would do as you are told. Do you understand?”
Shaun nodded and suddenly the music seemed distant the booth they were in surrounded by an invisible barrier that hid them from the rest of the customers. Shaun’s friends watched as the dancer touched her self and they moved closer to Shaun to see what was happening. Shaun looked shocked at something she was saying and the colour seemed to drain from his face.
“Do you like what you see?”
Shaun nodded.
“Would you like to touch me? Would you like to hold my tits in your hand, tweaking my nipples so I beg for more?”
Again he nodded.
“If I touched my self would you enjoy that?”
In a daze Shaun could only nod to each question she asked and unbidden he touched the front of his trousers, trying to make him self more comfortable.
Fascinated he watched as she reached down and with a splayed hand touched the wisp of material between her legs. Running her fingers over it and pulling it to one side Shaun sat watching as her finger went inside. Groaning loudly he wanted to haul her over his knee and spank her arse hard leaving handprints on her beautiful cheeks. The pain in his hands showed how tight he was clenching them and with a deep breath he brought himself under control. Calming himself mentally he sat up and stared her in the face.
“Take your glasses off? I want to see your eyes as you touch your pussy.”
With these words Sarah hesitated in her caresses and he knew then that she was not as sure of her self as her words made out. Underneath she was nervous and the glasses hid how she really felt. If she had been as sure of her actions as she looked she would not be wearing them, instead she would be strutting sexily around with her own blonde hair flowing and her body on display. Instead she was hidden behind a more confident persona trying to make him the submissive. In a flash of inspiration he grabbed her hand and hauled her to his feet. Quickly before he could be stopped he half pulled, half dragged her to the back of the bar and into the room behind it. Once inside he closed the door and locked it.
“What the fuck do you think your doing in my office?” Chris shouted as they burst in.
Pulling a chair over Shaun sat down and dragged Sarah over his knee. “I’m going to teach this slut a lesson in manners.” As he spoke he pulled her thong off and left it hanging around her ankles.
“Shaun get off me.”
”Not until you have learned your lesson young lady.”
Kicking and screaming Sarah tried her hardest to get up but the more she struggled the harder he held her down.
“If I were you I would take your punishment like the good little girl you should be. I refuse to play referee between you and your b*****rs any more. I have told you time and time again to behave and you have yet to listen,” as he spoke he raised his hand bringing it down on her upturned posterior. “If this is what it takes to control you then so be it.”
Chris watched as Shaun spanked Sarah’s bare bottom. With each thwack his cock hardened. Never had he seen anything as erotic as this before. Sarah wriggled on Shaun’s lap her cries falling on deaf ears.
“What the hell were you thinking coming here, knowing it’s a regular haunt for Mike and Phil. Have you got a death wish?”
“I’m sick to death of them telling me what to do, I’m an adult for gods sake.”
”Well start acting like one. They do not want to know that half their mates have fucked their baby s****r.”
“Fuck you Shaun.” She almost whispered. As each blow landed she could feel the heat rising in her. Her whole body was getting hotter and her nipples were getting harder as they rubbed against Shaun’s trousers. Between her legs she could feel the moisture beginning to leak and trying not to show it she held them even closer together. Glancing at Chris she could see his erection long and thick in his trousers. He didn’t even try to hide it as he moved closer to her. Standing with his arms folded her eyes were drawn to his crotch and she almost purred her appreciation of his cock.
“Sounds like someone has been a very naughty girl and she needs to be punished,”
Biting her lip she watched Chris standing above her and her heart felt like it would explode. Tall, muscled and bald he was imposing and from across Shaun’s knee even more so. From under the sleeve of his black t-shirt she could see the hint of a tattoo and she shivered at the thought of him taking her. She remembered his words from earlier and gulped hard.
“If I’d have known what a bad girl you were I would never have let you come in my club.” Chris said. “But it looks like Shaun here has it all in hand, so to speak.”
“You know him?”
”Did I fail to mention that? Yes I know all of your b*****rs. How can I not know them when they come in here all the time and spend money on the girls’? Seems like you have been a bad, bad girl Sarah and its not them that need punishing. It’s you.”
Putting her head down Sarah realised she had been beaten and maybe it was time she did listen to Shaun. But what about the other two, surely they still had a lesson to learn.
“Let me go Shaun, let me go home.”
Shaun stopped spanking her and lifted her up. His normally easy- going expression had been replaced with a hard look she had never seen before. Shaun was never stern with her, even after what she had done in the last few days. Easy going and laid back that’s how she knew him.
“Your not going home yet young lady. If you are so determined to show me what you have got I want you to show us both. Show us how you pleasure yourself.”
Lifting her up he sat her on the desk and left her to stare at him.
“I cant do that.”
“Why ever not. You have just don e it outside so that others can see. Why not now for the two of us? Surely this would be better. No distractions, no other men around, or is that what you want, more men. Now, now Sarah that’s just plain greedy.”
Both men had moved over to the small sofa and sat down to watch as she squirmed on the desk. She knew that she would never get home until she had done what they wanted. Sitting naked on the desk she could feel herself getting horny at the thought of being watched by them both. Self -consciously Sarah opened her legs so that they could see just how wet she was. The moisture glistened in the stark light of the office. As they looked it leaked out and trickled down onto the wood beneath her.
“Why Sarah you should have said Shaun’s spanking turned you on.” Chris grinned at her, delighting in her discomfort. Blushing Sarah couldn’t help but enjoy her own arousal and the more she denied it the more she knew it was what she loved.
Even further she opened her legs for them to see and beneath her she could feel her wetness gathering. Closing her eyes she let her self drift off into her own world. Dreaming of this moment she let her hands move over her body, caressing her thighs, touching the smooth skin at the top of her stockings. Stroke after stroke, touch after touch her senses heightened by the darkness Sarah got more turned on. Up and over her stomach her hand moved causing goose bumps to appear. When her hand touched the underside of her breasts her nipples hardened instantly and unbidden a groan escaped her lips. Arching her back she raised her bum of the desk trying to reach the hand of her invisible lover. Leaning back she lowered her self onto the desk and continued to caress her self. Lowering her hand she let it stroke her hairless mound before entering the warm depth of her pussy. As it slipped in her moans got louder.
Seconds felt like minutes, minutes felt like hours as she continued to explore her body. Aroused to the point of no return Sarah forgot about where she was moaning loudly she writhed on the desk.
“That's it Hun show us how you cum.” Shaun’s voice sounded far away but it spurred her on. Deeper she delved letting her juices flow out and over her fingers.
“That’s it babe open those pretty little legs wider, show me what you’ve got.”
Sarah groaned louder. Obeying the voice she opened her legs even further placing her shoe shod feet on to the desk. Far away she heard the creak of the sofa.
A hand grabbed hers and removed it from her aching pussy only to be replaced by something else, unsure as to what it was at first Sarah held her breath as she felt it gently probe her. Warm, moist breath filled her and she arched her back to meet the new invader.
“Do you like that sweet Sarah? Do you like Chris’s tongue inside you? I hope that delicious mouth of yours is waiting for me. Do you know how long I have wanted to sample your delights?”
Opening her eyes Sarah saw Shaun standing behind her head. Mesmerised she watched as he undid the buttons on his trousers and eased his cock out. Stroking it he reached forward and placed his finger on her lips. Sarah took it eagerly into her mouth and began to suck it, showing him how she would like to suck his cock.
“Do you want my cock in your mouth?”
Sarah nodded.
“Do you want to taste my cum in your mouth?”
Again she nodded.
“Open wide then.”
Taking it in her mouth Sarah sucked gently wanting to savour the taste of him. Her tongue whirled around it and as he thrust forward she opened her throat and let him use her mouth. With tiny thrusts she felt him push it further and further in until her mouth felt full, the thickness of his cock surprising her.
With her mouth full and Chris licking her out she felt like her senses were going to explode. Never had she experienced such intense feelings in her body. Tingling all over Sarah moaned loudly. Trying to articulate her longing for more cock she arched her back and raised her hips. Just as she thought she would explode in pleasure she felt her pussy suddenly empty and in frustration she slammed her hands on the desk knocking over the lamp and putting the room into semi darkness.
“Now no temper tantrums young lady otherwise I may have to take away your dummy.”
Whimpering at the thought of being left with out his cock she lay still, her mouth trying to take in all of it. Her empty pussy throbbed.
“She tastes so sweet Shaun,” a drop of moisture seeping out of her at Chris’s words. “And so wet.” With a sudden thrust she felt her pussy filled with Chris’s cock and the loud moan which escaped her sounded loud in the almost silent room.
As Chris thrust into her and Shaun filled her mouth Sarah could feel herself cuming. Deep in the pit of her stomach and from between her legs she could feel the slow coil of it tightening a grip on her clit. Splayed out on the desk she waited for the spring inside to break and her orgasm to come crashing down over her. Tighter and tighter it coiled as with each thrust Chris pushed her onto Shaun’s cock.
“Oh fuck. She is so tight.”
With those words it was too much for her and Sarah exploded on to his cock, her screams drowned out by the cock filling her mouth. Both men watched as she shuddered continuing to use her body until they both felt the need to fill her.
Feeling them both withdraw from her she felt bereft.
“Remember you can never better me young lady.”
As she heard the door being unlocked and then closed as the two men left Sarah was left wondering. What the fuck had just happened.
... Continue»
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Jemma's dance contract - chapter 1

Jemma was delighted when she opened her email telling her that she had been chosen as a dancer for a three month contract in Cabaret at The Pavilion theatre in Bournemouth. She had never been there before but was soon looking forward to it although she knew it would be hard work. Also she would have to leave her girlfriend behind – oh how she was going to miss those intense orgasms they used to give each other.
Being there for three months she knew that she would have to get somewhere to stay so she got the latest trade magazine and started looking through the ads for places to rent.
One that leapt out at her read: Fairly large comfortable bedsit only 10 minutes’ walk from the local theatre, very reasonable rent and available now for short term lets. Call or email.
Jemma immediately called the number and a female answered.
‘Oh hello, I’ve seen your advert for the bedsit to rent. I’m about to start a three month dance contract at The Pavilion and I wondered whether I can come and have a look at the room?’ Jemma said.
‘Of course, my dear, we’ve had many dancers and people working on the shows staying with us. I used to be a dancer so I know the sort of hours and lifestyle that they lead. We can talk about the rent and other details when you get here, but I’m sure you’ll find it fine. It’s just me, I’m Fiona, my husband Rob and our dog and I’m sure we’ll get on fine. When do you want to come?’ she asked.
‘How about Saturday at about 3, my train gets into Bournemouth from Waterloo at 1.30 and rehearsals start on Monday,’ Jemma said.
‘That’ll be fine, we’ll see you then.’
Jemma hung up and felt good, she had a good job for 3 months and the accommodation sounded fine. She was looking forward to it.
On the Saturday morning she reluctantly said goodbye to her girlfriend. She still felt sexually gratified by the intense sex they had had the previous night and then again a couple of hours previously. In fact her nipples were still quite tender from the clamps that had been used on her very sensitive nipples.
She made her way to Waterloo station and got on her train to Waterloo. The journey took just over 2 hours and Jemma sat and relaxed and enjoyed the journey. She took a taxi to the house which was a short ride away. The house looked really nice from the outside and had a good feeling about it.
She pulled her small case up the path and rang the doorbell. After a short time the door opened and a middle aged woman held out her hand and said, ‘Hello you must be Jemma, I’m Fiona come in.’
Jemma followed Fiona into another room where she said, ‘Jemma, this is Rob, my husband.’
They shook hands and he said, ‘It’s nice to meet you, hope you had a good journey down.’
‘Would you like a tea, coffee or a glass of wine?’ Fiona asked.
‘A white wine would be good please,’ Jemma replied.
Fiona poured three glasses of wine and they all sat down. As Fiona sat down her short skirt rode up exposing quite a lot of thigh. Jemma thought that Fiona was probably a little bit too old to be wearing skirts that short.
As soon as Fiona sat on the armchair opposite Jemma a Labrador dog came into the room and sat in front of Fiona and rested his head in between her thighs. Amazingly Fiona opened her legs and the dog moved further up her thighs.
She said, ‘Calm down boy, mummy knows what you want she she’ll take care of you later.’
Jemma couldn’t believe what she was hearing, it gave her the impression that Fiona was going to something with the dog, but she realised she must have misheard.
They finished their wine and Fiona said, ‘right let’s show you the room.’
Jemma followed Fiona out and up the stairs. At the top was a door and Fiona unlocked it and they walked in. Jemma was immediately pleased with what she saw. The main room was a decent sized sitting room and kitchen, off to one side was a bedroom with a double bed and the other side was a bathroom with a shower and toilet.
Jemma said, ‘wow I really like it, but how much is it?’
‘Come back down and we’ll talk about it.’ Fiona replied.
Fiona said to her husband, ‘Jemma really likes the room but wants to know what the rent is.’
As Fiona sat down Jemma noticed that immediately the dog came in and nestled his head between her thighs. How strange she thought to herself.
He said, ‘How about £50 per week, paid every Friday when you get in after the performance.’
‘That’s very fair, yes I’d like it please,’ Jemma replied.
‘There’s a few conditions though,’ he replied.
The rent must be paid on time, as you come in from the Friday performance; no excuses whatsoever will be accepted. If you do not pay you will be punished.
‘What do you mean, I’ll be punished?’ Jemma asked.
‘Just what I say, the way to avoid it is to make sure you pay the rent every week.’
Jemma was not happy with that but as she had no intention of not paying she dismissed it and said, ‘that’s fine, I’ll definitely be paying on time, I’d like the room.’
‘That’s great,’ Fiona said, ‘we’ve had lots of singers and dancers, male and female staying here and they’ve always enjoyed staying here. As you saw there was a double bed up there so if you want to bring a friend back for the night, male or female that’s fine.’
Fiona handed Jemma the door key and she went up the room feeling in a good mood. Meanwhile back downstairs Rob and Fiona were talking about her.
‘She’s very sexy, I’d fuck her,’ said Rob.
‘Me too,’ Fiona replied.
‘I’ll turn the cameras on and see what she’s up to,’ Rob said.
He turned the TV on and tuned into an AV channel and immediately several cameras fiicked into action showing the upstairs apartment. Jemma could be seen putting her suitcase on the bed and taking her clothes and other items out and putting them on the bed before putting them away in cupboards and drawers.
Of course, what Jemma didn’t know was that the friendly couple downstairs were a couple of perverts who got off on watching whoever was renting their room. Rob said, ‘can’t wait to see her get undressed and get into bed, I hope she brings a fuck buddy back home with her.’
Jemma spent the rest of the day relaxing and listening to music. At about 6 o’clock she decided to go and have something to eat and then spent the rest of the evening with a bottle of wine and watching TV. She was tired and went to bed quite early. Rob and Fiona watched as she got undressed and put a t shirt on before getting into bed. They both noticed that she had a neatly trimmed bush.
She had trouble sl**ping as the comment that Rob said about being late with the rent and being punished kept going through her mind. Although punishment was not something that had ever aroused her the more she thought about it the more aroused she became. The thought of being tied up and having things done to her and being unable to resist just aroused her so much. Suddenly she realised she was stroking herself and getting wetter all the time. She pushed the bedclothes off her and took her t shirt off. Her nipples were already hard and as she pinched them with one hand while the other one was now embedded deep inside her very wet pussy.
Downstairs Rob and Fiona were watching every single movement thanks to the infra-red camera that was directed at the bed. They too were soon undressed and sitting on the sofa watching the TV and playing with each other.
The more excited and aroused that Jemma became Rob and Fiona did too. They could hear her breathing heavily but what really turned them on were the squelching sounds of her very wet pussy.
Jemma’s climax was soon upon her as she finger fucked herself and played with her clit. Downstairs Fiona had already cum and Rob was soon spurting everywhere. Jemma pulled the bedcovers over her and drifted off into the contented sl**p that always follows an intense orgasm.
Meanwhile downstairs Fiona said, ‘I need some more Rob, go and get the dog,’
Rob went out to the kitchen and when he got back Fiona was naked and leaning back in the armchair with her legs wide open.
‘Come to mummy,’ she said to the dog.
It went straight up to her and started licking her pussy. Rob sat on the arm and held her cunt lips open and watched as she dog’s long rough tongue lapped against his wife’s open cunt. Withing seconds of the dog finding her clit, she was screaming out with pleasure and she spurted all over the dog’s face.
The dog was used to this scenario and he knew it was his turn now. He put his front paws on the the top of the armchair and positioned his huge erect cock close to his mistress. Rob took hold of the dog’s huge cock and guided it into his wife. She was so wet it slid in easily. What Fiona loved about being fucked by her dog was the dog’s ability to fuck deep and fast and hard. Almost immediately the dog’s knot was embedded deep inside her making sure his cock wouldn’t come out until he had cum.
Rob stood beside his wife just looking at the look of extreme pleasure on her face as he wanked himself off. Her next orgasm was very swift and watching her with her eyes closed and her mouth wide open and the look of pure pleasure on her face he spurted all over her face and hair.
Within minutes the dog too was cumming, emptying his balls with a copious amount of thin, runny spunk. As his knot subsided his cock slipped out and he lay down on the carpet and started cleaning himself. Meanwhile Rob had got a towel and watched as the dog’s fluid trickled out of his wife’s cunt.
The next day Jemma went to the rehearsals for Chicago and as she had already performed in the musical at other theatres she had a good idea of what was needed and was soon back in the swing of things. Rehearsals went on all week with the final dress rehearsal on Friday afternoon with the first performance on Friday night. She was also going to be paid on Friday after the dress rehearsal and Rob and Fiona knew this so that’s why they specified that the rent should be paid then.
All week Jemma couldn’t stop thinking about what happened if she didn’t pay the rent. It excited and aroused her. Something inside her wanted to see what the punishment was going to be but she was scared. Most mornings she woke up horny and played with herself in bed before getting up. Needless to say that this was all witnessed by Rob and Fiona who would play with themselves while they watched her. The thought that she was young enough to be their daughter made it even more exciting. Fiona would say, ‘if only she was our own little girl just think of the fun we’d all have as mummy watched daddy fucking her and then she licked mummy’s cunt.’
On Friday as Jemma went off to rehearsals she was in a torment. Her body told her to not pay her rent and face the consequences but her head said pay up. Although the thought excited her knew she would never go through with it and knew she would pay the rent.
After rehearsals had finished she asked one of the other dancers what was the procedure for being paid.
Her heart skipped a beat when she said, ‘Oh t’s not today, it’s in between performances tomorrow.’
‘No, fuck, my rent is due today,’ she replied.
‘Well just go and tell them you’ll pay tomorrow, explain it to them and I’m sure they’ll understand,’ the other dancer said.
That made Jemma feel better, of course it’ll be OK she told herself. As the first performance was in a couple of hours Jemma decided to go home and have a quick rest. She kept her dance costume on and just put some flat shoes on to walk home but took her high heels with her. She put her coat on over her white short frilly dress and took the short walk back to her flat.
She realised that the best thing to do was go straight into Rob and Fiona and explain that she’d be paying them tomorrow and they’d be happy with that.
She let herself in through the front door and put her high heels on again. She looked at herself in the hall mirror and realised she still had her heavy stage make up on. She knew that red lipstick and bright blue eyeshadow was over the top but knew she had to tell them about the rent straight away. She knew there wouldn’t be a problem as she tapped on their lounge door.
Rob opened and said, ‘Hi Jemma, come in.’
She went in and they offered her a seat. She sat down and said, ‘look this is a bit embarrassing but I thought I was going to be paid today but in fact it’s not until tomorrow, will that be OK?’
Rob replied, ‘I remember saying, no excuses, the rent has to be paid today, sorry but that was our agreement, wasn’t it?’
‘Yes, but I thought I was being paid today and it’s only going to be one day late,’ she said.
‘OK then it’ll only be one day’s punishment then,’ he said.
‘Stand up he,’ he said.
Jemma stood, now trembling with fear, all thought of sexual pleasure or enjoyment had disappeared. Fiona walked behind her unzipped her white dress and slipped it off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She bent down and picked it up and hung it on the back of a chair. Jemma now stood there with her bra and panties and her dancer’s tights on and her high heel shoes.
‘Sit on that chair,’ he said pointing to one with wooden arms.
Jemma got up and walked across to the other chair and sat down. Fiona handed her husband some cable ties and held one of her arms down on the arm of the chair and then fixed the cable tie round it and then did the same with the other. Suddenly Jemma was helpless. Rob knelt on the floor and Fiona handed her another cable tie and fixed it round her ankle and then round the chair leg. He mover her other leg and did the same with that. Jemma was sitting with her legs wide apart now in front of this middle aged couple who were old enough to be her mum and dad.
Rob walked over to the table and picked up a pair of scissors. Jemma was terrified, ‘No, don’t , please don’t hurt me. I’ll pay you double the rent tomorrow.’
‘It’s not about the rent, it never was about the rent, it was always about punishment and humiliation which you have probably realised by now turns us on.
He knelt in between her legs and holding the nights near her crotch started cutting them and then ripped them apart exposing her white panties. He then pulled the gusset away from her pussy and cut them too all the way splitting them totally in half.
Her neatly trimmed pussy was now fully exposed. Rob then stood up and snipped the front of her bra. It sprung apart exposing her beautiful tits and nipples.
Fiona said, ‘wow look at those tits and cunt, I can’t wait to suck them both.
They both removed the remains of her clothing leaving her totally naked except for her shoes. Fiona handed Rob her panties and said, ‘these smell wonderful, just smell her cunt juices.’
Rob held them to his nose and inhaled the personal smells of their young prisoner.
Once again Jemma begged them, ‘please, please, just untie me and tomorrow I’ll pay all the 3 months’ rent.’
Rob simply said, ‘It’s not about the rent.
Rob took of one of her shoes and started running the high heel up and down her slit.
‘No don’t please, no just stop now and I won’t tell anyone,’ Jemma pleaded.
Ron ignored her pleas and continued rubbing against her slit, both Rob and Fiona could see it was getting moist and Jemma realised too. Fiona stood beside her and eased her pussy lips open. Jemma gasped as the feelings of pleasure were starting to invade her private parts. Rob was rubbing harder and with her cunt lips held open her clit was soon exposed. Jemma was moaning quietly, ‘no, don’t you must stop, stop it now.’
But they all knew there was no real meaning in her words. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open. She knew that if they stopped she would soon be pleading with them to carry on. Rob now used the sole of the shoe now to rub against her wide open cunt. Her cunt lips and clit were now throbbing with pleasure; her juices were trickling out of her hole and down her thighs. Suddenly Rob stopped rubbing her and inserted the heel inside her.
Jemma screamed out with pleasure as she was fucked by her own shoe. Fiona released her cunt lips and grabbed hold of her nipples and started squeezing and pinching them. Again Jemma screamed with pleasure, ‘let me cum, for fuck sake let me cum.’
Rob slid the heel out of her and turned the shoe round and inserted it from the toe first. Jemma was so wet and aroused that the shoe slid in so easily and started fucking her with it. With Fiona abusing her huge nipples it was only a matter of seconds before Jemma was screaming out with pleasure as her body throbbed and throbbed and her cunt juices spurted out all over the place.
Rob and Fiona stood back and let Jemma recover. She said, ‘has that taken care of the rent for today?’
Rob didn’t answer. Fiona knelt down in between Jemma’s legs and wiped her pussy with her panties and handed them to Rob.
He said, ‘I’m going to be smelling these later while Fiona sucks me off and I watch the video of what we’ve just done to you.’
‘What do you mean, what video?’ Jemma asked.
‘Well the whole thing has been videod with hidden cameras and that’s why when you get back from your performance tonight we’re going to have some more fun – only kinkier this time and if you don’t like that or agree to it then you and all your facebook friends will be able to watch you enjoying yourself being fucked with your own shoe. Shall we say about 11.15 tonight?’
‘That’s disgusting, you’re fucking perverts. I won’t do it, now untie me,’ she demanded.
Rob cut the cable ties off and Jemma picked up her clothes and stormed upstairs. As she slammed the door Rob called out, ‘see you at about 11.15.’
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Strange Relationship – Chapter 5 (Version VI

(Author's note: this is an early version of a much longer erotic novel. It's been through a lot of edits, but I really like some of the early versions that got canned. I hope you don't mind me reproducing them here. Of all the stories I've written - which is a lot! - Caitlin is one of my favourite creations, and I'm always looking to giver her greater exposure, as are the men (and women) in her life! You can follow her continued adventures in the different versions of the story called "Strange Relationship")

Originally I had no intention at all of meeting Ben again; it was the girls who talked me into it. Once I’d confessed to them that we’d met up for a drink, they were full of questions. None of them particularly like Richard, even though they haven’t met him. But they’ve all been around when I’ve had texts telling me he was going to be late, or heard him on the phone breaking a date. They never thought to ask how far Ben and I had gone on the date, which was good because I wouldn’t have been able to lie very well to them. I did suggest that he seemed ‘interested’, and once that was out they insisted they would frog-march me to meet him if I didn’t agree to go. Surprisingly enough Richard was busy the following night – he had some sort of print worker’s convention that required him to stay overnight – so I was totally free, if I did want to go. I met the girls for lunch, had a glass of wine, and allowed myself to be talked into it.

The bar in question was some way from the scene of our previous date, and c completely different type of bar. It favoured a slightly more mature clientele, which I thought was very considerate of him. Perhaps he’d seen me wincing as I tried to ignore the din from the other bar (do they call it gangster rapping, or something like that?). This one had deep leather sofas in various colours in pairs facing each other, and although the walls were adorned with flat-screen TVs they were easy to ignore. The music was soft and quiet, summery almost, all pianos and glitterballs. I took a stool at the bar and when a very smart barman smiled expectantly and placed a napkin before me, I ordered a gin and tonic.

I was rather hoping that Ben would think I looked rather better out of work clothes – and in partying clothes, rather than just out of clothes altogether. This was my number one LBD, short and silky, delicate cleavage allowing the choice of whether to go with undies or not. I decided I would, simply because I do pride myself on being a connoisseur of lingerie and therefore own many items that he may or may not be lucky enough to get a look at. Underneath this was a pink and black set, very lacy, and not very much of it. The cups gave me rather more cleavage than would normally be available and honestly, there’s nothing that gives a girl more of a confidence boost than looking down and seeing the cleavage of a supermodel. Well, nothing that gives this girl more confidence anyway.

I was a little early, admittedly, because the taxi had been early. That I’d been sat watching for the taxi from the dining room window for fifteen minutes already should not necessarily be seen as a sign of desperation. I admit that I was looking forward to seeing him. He was smart, good-looking, charming, and sexy as hell, so why would I not be looking forward to it? Well, yes, there is the Richard factor to consider, but honestly, the way he’s been treating me lately, he’s lucky I still answer the phone when he calls. Apart from the brief outing the other day (yes, the one where we discovered that I’d had sex with his son, thanks for reminding me I don’t think) I’d seen him one in two weeks, or was it three? Certainly it was now into weeks, rather than days, since we’d last had sex.

Eleven minutes. That was all it took, and sometimes the eleven minutes included him undressing himself and folding his clothes neatly on the chair. He’d never been full of passionate abandon (by which I mean he’d never failed to untie his shoelaces before taking them off) but our sex life had been, well, pleasant enough until recently. I was satisfied that he seemed a decent man, respectable, comfortably enough off, and in my lonely state of spinsterhood that I occupied back then these seemed like important things.

So, the fateful eleven minutes. Sex usually begins when we’re already in bed. I don’t think he likes to be seen nude with the light on, so we’re in bed and in the dark. He’ll roll over and hug me, and when I feel some life in his flaccid little member, then I know that I’m in for a good – sorry, pleasant – time. We’ll kiss for two minutes, then he’ll start to grope around down south, to see if I’m starting to get wet. I know this is coming, so generally I’ve been touching myself a little beforehand, so it feels like his ol’ OFT magic is working on me. If I’m lucky, he’ll remember I have breast and nipples before he dives in gung-ho at the business end, so we’ll put down three minutes for foreplay. Then, often at my behest, he’ll roll over on top of me. He never sl**ps in his briefs, which saves me the necessity of touching them. We’ll kiss for another minute or so while he’s on top, and then I feel him nudging his thing wherever he feels a damp patch. This calls for intervention from me again to make sure that it goes in the right hole, because there is no way the he is getting access to my bum! I don’t want to do it with people I might actually like having sex with, let alone him.

We’ve reached the six-minute mark, and he’s just got inside me. I have to beg him to go slowly at first, and I swear that sometimes he smiles at this point. It’s as though he thinks his almighty todger is stretching me in some way and I have to pause to become accustomed to it. Actually, I have this little fantasy that I might share with you later that I have to run through in order to get myself wet enough to carry on. We’re on to six and a half, maybe seven minutes if I have to let the fantasy run on a little.

Then the grinding begins, and I start pulling faces that I imagine make me look interested. Recently I’ve moved my alarm clock from the bedside table, because I’d found I’d taken to counting the seconds off until his orgasm. That’s how predictable Richard has become. I don’t think I’ve ever been more than fifteen seconds off with one of my guesses. Then there’s the question of positions. I described sex with Richard to the girls over lunch once, pretty much as I am doing with you now. Jenny described him as being like George Bush; he had a position, and there wasn’t anything that anyone could say or do that would make him change it. I’d taken to counting the time since I last did it in something other than the missionary position in leap years because it made it sound that much more respectable.

Around the ten and a quarter, maybe ten and a half minute marking, he would clench his bum and his face. Sometimes I could even tell the difference between them! Then the rush comes, and I practice my faking while he dribbles over me. For some reason he won’t come inside me, only over me. When he’s done grunting, he goes to the bathroom to tidy up. I go when he returns. By the time I return, he’s usually asl**p. I may get a peck on the cheek if he’s facing the same way as me, but that’s pretty unusual. So that’s our love life. Eleven minutes is not quite enough to get me to heaven and back! But at least you see why Ben holds such an attraction for me. I remember once discussing our sex lives on a night out with the girls, when Tash was complaining about sex with her boyfriend. They’d gotten all cuddly, she complained, when sometimes (and I quote) “a girl wants to be trussed up and banged like a whore”. At that time I was a little shocked at her, but now I do understand what she meant, even if I would probably have described it a more eloquent way.

At this point Ben is now some ten minutes late. As ten minutes is nothing, and as I spent two hours getting ready, I’m more than prepared to wait. The barman has checked me out twice already, so at least I know someone thinks I look good. Finishing my drink, I catch his eye and order the same again.

At the fifteen minute mark I’m a little put off, but once it gets to the thirty minute mark I’m actively starting to get pissed off. I’m actively starting to get d***k too, because the cute barman has now cleared away four glasses and the fifth is down to the dregs. Two red wines followed the two gin and tonics, and because I didn’t specify which size glass I wanted they came as large ones. Glancing around again at the door I catch the barman’s eye, which he takes as a sign to refill my glass. He pushes the ten pound note back across the bar to me and smiles, signifying that this one is on him. And now I wonder; do I have it in my power to pull a second gorgeous young man in a week?

With the sound of La Cucaracha (I really should get a better ring tone) my thoughts about toy boys are stifled, especially when I look at the display and realise it’s Richard.

“Hello.” That’s me, full of enthusiasm.

“Hello Cate, how are you?”

“I’m okay.” I don’t really feel like talking to him and I am hoping that it doesn’t show too much. “How’s your convention?”

“Well, you know, full of dull men talking about dull stuff.” Ah, he’s already done his presentation then.

“Never mind, at least you’ll be home, what, Wednesday? The day after tomorrow?”

“Yes… that’s why I’m calling.” Here we go.


“I’ve made a very important contact already, I could do with stopping an extra day. I’ll be home Thursday afternoon at the very outside.”

“What!” Careful Caitlin, you’ll cause a scene. In public – the scandal! “We’ve got reservations on Wednesday night! We’ve had these plans for a month!”

“I know and I’m really sorry, it’s just that this company, they-”

“Oh, save it Richard, it’s not like we’re actually discussing it, you’ve already told them you’ll go. I suppose I should be grateful that you’re even telling me in advance.” Like father, like son, as the cliché goes. If I’m not waiting on one, I’m waiting on the other!

“It’s not all bad – Ben’s invited us round for a meal on Thursday. He’ll cook for us, he’s a really terrific cook.” Hmmm, that changes things. I mean, I know I’ve been sat cursing him for the last ten minutes, but this way I definitely get to see him. Play it cool, Caitlin.

“Well, I suppose we’ll have to make do with that then.”

“It’ll be nice Cate, he’s a really excellent cook and I think you’ll find he’s got a little surprise for you. I’ll get some wine, and I’ll drive so you can have a drink, we’ll have a nice time. He’s good, he really is.” This much I know. In fact it’s a shame you can’t take lessons from him. “I’m sorry about Wednesday, but it’ll be a nice night. Look, I have to go. Call you tomorrow.” The buzzing tone from the phone told me he’d already gone.

I snapped the phone shut, glaring at it. Looking round for the barman, I drained the glass of wine I’d only just received, trying to decide whether I really could get something out of him. I had a companion at the bar, a slim young woman with long, tousled blonde hair to the middle of her back, wearing a tiny denim skirt with a white basque top and some of the most gorgeous heels you could ever go into your overdraft for. You’re staring at her chest, but we notice each other’s shoes. She too was involved on the phone, and by the sounds of it she was having a similar conversation with her very own Richard. Shouting a little to get the last word in, she slammed her phone down on the bar and yelled for the barman, who seemed to be hovering at a discreet distance from both of us.

“Barman! Excuse me, can I get a drink please?” She snatched her purse up from the bar and, looking up, caught me looking at her. “Hi. You have man trouble too?” All I could offer was a nod and a feeble smile. “Well look, we shouldn’t let shits like them get us down.” The barman flinched visibly.

“I think we’d like two glasses of wine please,” I said to him, indicating my distressed companion, “and I think you better make them both large ones.”

“That’s a good idea!” my new companion beamed. “I’ll have two large wines as well please! In fact, just fetch us a bottle each and then bugger off and flirt with someone who doesn’t currently hate men.” She jumped down from her bar stool and perched on the one next to mine. Her skirt, already tiny, hitched up even further to reveal probably the perfect set of legs, climaxing in a little white V of lace knickers. I tried not to look – I tried not to get caught looking – I failed at both. A little flustered to have been caught as an unintentional voyeur, I poured my wine hastily and some slopped over the side. Taking the chance to introduce myself, I also filled my new friend’s.

“Hi, I’m Caitlin. No-one who expects to walk afterwards calls me Cate,” I smiled, “except the person who has just hung up on me, and he’s so self-obsessed he doesn’t even notice when I ask him not to.”

“You see? You hate your name being shortened, yet you can’t make the only man that does it even register your discomfort.” She took a quick, unceremonious slurp at her drink in a manner that belied her extremely agitated state. “I’m Jodie, by the way; and I’ll wear as earrings the bollocks of the first man that calls me Joe!” We laughed together, firmly bonded as s****rs in the sorority of women who hated their men. As we took another drink, I took the opportunity to look at her a little more closely.

Her lips, as perfectly made up as the rest of her, were full and inviting. Her hair was made up in that just crawled out of bed style that takes so long to replicate, and her eyes, in combination with her cheekbones, lent her face a sullen, almost sluttish look when she wasn’t smiling. I found myself thinking that if there was a man somewhere that was blowing her off for a night watching football or drinking with his mates, then men were more stupid that either of us really thought. She wasn’t just gorgeous, she was exactly what I thought men would find sexy. Just goes to show how wrong I can be, because here she was alone.

Clearly she didn’t consider herself alone, because she had me. An hour later I realised that we’d been having such fun (and such wine) that I hadn’t realised that I’d been stood up, more than ninety minutes ago. My new friend Jodie had an endless supply of anecdotes, witticisms, and barbed comments that had me enraptured. Bearing in mind that the two bottles of wine we’d originally ordered were long gone, as where the following two, Jodie could have read out the North Sea weather report and I’d have fallen about laughing.

“So what’s your bloke like?” She asked, looking earnest for almost the first time.

“Fat, old and ugly!” I laughed. “He’s just devoted to his work, I imagine because it’s his own company. He works in printing and advertising and marketing, and he likes to have a hand in everything. Doesn’t like to leave things to other people. The problem with that is that I’m always left like this, on my own. It’s a shame really because he can be sweet and considerate.”

“And in bed?” My inebriation left me immune to the forwardness of the question, and I answered it with a noise that was supposed to indicate my derision. After I’d wiped my nose, I gave her a more verbose answer.

“Awful. Unimaginative and short-lived are probably his best points.”

“What’s his cock like?”

“Hmmm… awful, unimaginative and short-lived!” Laughing, I explain myself. I attempt to anyway, in between embarrassed pauses, “Sometimes… it’s like, umm, it’s like it’s not quite hard enough.”

“No!” She looked almost outraged. “You’re gorgeous, I can’t believe that he can’t get hard for you.” I blushed, I mean a proper rosy-cheeked blush. “Do you get all dressed up for him?”

“He wouldn’t even notice if I did. It’s not like I don’t have anything nice to wear for him, but we only have sex in bed with the light off so there’s not really any point.”

“I know what you mean. I’ve got a PVC air hostess outfit in baby blue that I wore with white fishnet stockings for my man once. Didn’t notice. I served his tea in it, sat there while he watched a match on TV and he never noticed once. When the match was over, he got up and went straight to bed.”

“What did you do?”

“What any other girl would do, of course; banged some porn on and frigged myself silly on the sofa.” It probably wasn’t what I would do, I thought, taking a deep draught of the wine.. She did the same, then asked, “What do you wear?”

“Oh crikey, nothing like that. I’ve got some nice underwear, but he never notices it either.”

“You look like the sort of woman who takes care in her underwear. Let’s have a look!”

“What do you mean?”

“Give us a quick flash, I want to see what you’ve got on. All you’ve got to do us hoist your dress up a little; that teenage pot-washer isn’t about and there’s no-one in the bar.” She was completely earnest about it, but I was almost in shock just at being asked. Who on earth shows their smalls to a complete stranger, and in a bar too? “Seriously, let’s have a look. What’s it like?”

“Pink, pink and black,” I stuttered, unsure of how this game was played. “Pink and black, very lacy, little bows on and stuff.”

“I love girly stuff like that, all lace and bows. Makes me hot just wearing it, doesn’t it you? If I wear it while I’m working, I can’t make it through the afternoon without a little wank halfway through the day.” Relieved at the chance to change the conversation, I asked her what she did for a living.

“Photography, glamour and fashion mostly. I’m free-lance, and my other half isn’t wanting for money, so I can pick and choose what jobs I want to do. I do a lot for magazines, and I have a studio at home.”

“Do you like what you do?”

“Christ, photography is my life! I love what I do, I mean really love it. In the earliest photo of me I have a toy camera in my hand, and generally I still have. Look,” she said, ferreting in her clutch bag, “I carry a compact digital with me all the time in case a good photo op pops up.” I was about to ask her another question, but my attempts at a stealthy deflection were neither as stealthy nor as deflective as I wished.

“So come on then, show us what you’ve got on! Look, I’ll show you mine first.” At that, she glanced briefly around the room, then inched her denim skirt up the small amount it needed for her to show me what she’d got. It looked like a tiny white g-string, pretty, but not exceptional. I was a little surprised that she’d insisted on showing me.

“It’s this skirt, I can’t get the damn thing high enough for you to… look, give me your-” grabbing my hand, she thrust it between her legs. Too stunned to complain as she moved my hand about between her legs, I just looked at her. She laughed at me.

“I’m trying to get you to feel!” she whispered, in something akin to the noise a Harrier jump jet makes on take-off. As my fingers brushed something hard and a little cold, I realised. She let loose my hand, and, trying not to touch anything that felt at all moist or warm, I realised there was a string of beads or something. I think I furrowed my brow, but there were at least fifty different questions that came to mind so I don’t know how she knew which to answer.

“Oh, I’ll show you! Come on!” She snatched my hand away from her snatch and jumped off the stool. I could do little but follow as she made her way somewhat clumsily between the tables and led me to the toilets. Once there, she pushed me into the first open cubicle and followed me in, slamming the door behind her. It hit the wall of the cubicle and bounced open again, but by that time she was already hitching her skirt up to her waist and paid it no mind.

“Look!” She exclaimed. “It’s one of those pearl thongs. They go right round between your legs.” I was sort of peering at her to get a better look, so she bustled me out of the way and hoisted one leg up onto the toilet seat. Sure enough, a string of shiny pearls stretched between her legs, right between her swollen and reddened lips.

“Don’t they, you know, rub on you?” She looked at me incredulously.

“You don’t think that that’s, you know, sort of the whole point?” It hadn’t occurred to me and I indicated to that effect.

“You mean you don’t even own a pearl thong? The most incredible piece of underwear that a man can buy his girl, and this guy, Dick?”


“He hasn’t even bought you one?”

“No. I never even knew about it until just now.”

“Oh Caitlin, you don’t know what you’re missing!” She took me by the wrist again, more gently this time, and used my fingers to trace delicately around the string of pearls. I wasn’t too sozzled to note that she wasn’t just providing me with a feel of how the pearls felt; more, she just used my hands to provide a feel, full stop.

“They’re very nice.” I said, for want of something more constructive. I wasn’t comfortable with my hand between this young woman’s legs, but I didn’t really know how to stop her. This was not how I had imagined the evening would play out.

“Caitlin, you have no idea!” she squealed. Then, finally stopping masturbating with my hand, a sinister smile came across her face. “Look, put mine on for a little while. You can see how it feels!”

“No, I couldn’t-”

“Trust me. I know what you’re thinking, another girl’s pants and all that, but – trust me.” I had the distinct feeling she was toying with me, enjoying making me feel this uncomfortable.

Seconds later the matter was no longer up for dispute anyway. Stepping down from the toilet seat she quickly hitched up my skirt and took hold of the waistband of my panties. I tried to stop her, but she pressed herself against me, meaning that my hands merely slipped ineffectively around her waist. She pulled my knickers down, kneeling down in front of me to make sure that I stepped out of them.

That was the point at which we became aware we were not alone.

There was a rather sheepish looking middle-aged man in the middle of the toilet, staring into our cubicle. He looked surprised – how did he think I felt? The hottest looking girl I had ever met was kneeling down in front of me, her face just inches from what I would have to say was my fairly aroused pussy, taking off my underwear whilst holding my dress up. Her skirt was around her waist and her incredible peach of a bum on full display. Jodie let him look for a moment, the reached out and slammed the door firmly shut.

“Pervert!” she screamed, giggling. The problem was that at this point I was as distracted as I could have been, and she used that lapse to make sure my pants were off. She snatched them up from the floor and brandished them under my nose, laughing. I imagined what the face of someone who was not dying from embarrassment looked like, then tried to pull the same face. She stretched them out in front of me, admiring them.

“Well, I was right, these are absolutely gorgeous! Very small as well, I imagine that whoever was supposed to take these off tonight – before you met me – was going to be a very lucky boy indeed!” Quickly, she slipped out of her pearl thong and stepped into my panties. I cold see she was completely shaven. Dropping down again, she held the thong out to step into. Gingerly, and seeing little point in arguing, I did as bidden and stepped into them.

She mad a great fuss of pulling them up, complimenting me on being very neat and well-trimmed. She pulled the thong all the way up, so high that the pearls pressed against my clitoris immediately. I could see why she wore them. Slipping her arms around my waist, she pulled me close and then dug her fingers into my bum.

“Come on,” she grinned, “let’s finish our drinks and go somewhere a little more lively!”

Walking back to the bar was an experience in itself. The constant rubbing against a clit that just lately needed little invitation to get excited gave rise to feelings I didn’t know I could have – and all I was doing was walking across a wooden floor. When we took to the streets and I had to walk across the cobbles near the University, I could no longer hear what Jodie was saying or walk without taking her arm. All I knew was that I felt like I was about to orgasm, and it would not be quietly.

Something else that was not quiet was the preaching voice of everyone’s favourite vagrant. How is it that he always shows up, right when you need him least? There he is, sitting in the gutter, leaning against a lamp-post not ten feet in front of us.

“Though you may walk in the shoes of another, or fool the masses with a show of false intentions, be true to thyself, sinful woman! Read Psalm thirty, verse eleven!”

See what I mean? Just when you’re feeling most guilty, up pops Jeremy, Jeremiah, whatever his name, to make you feel even worse. Leaning against Jodie I scrounged through my purse, in order to leave him some coins in exchange for this wisdom.

It occurred to me that we were walking away from the main infestation of bars. I tried to mutter something about it, but words and syllables were now foreign concepts to my brain. This was clearly a feeling known well to Jodie, because she just kept laughing and made sure I had her arm for support.

Finally, the rubbing stopped and I could breathe again. Leaning on some railings for support, I realised Jodie’s face was being illuminated by a large neon sign. There was only one place on the trajectory in which we’d been heading that had a large neon sign, railings, and door staff like the large man in the tuxedo who was trying to explain to me that tonight was amateur night so ladies were allowed in for free.

Once we were inside the ‘gentlemen’s club’, as it was euphemistically called, we were shown to a table at the very front, in the right angle formed by the main stage and the runway. A female waitress in a bikini top and denim hot pants brought over a bottle of wine at Jodie’s bidding. As I looked around, I saw that there was a number of supermodel wannabees walking around in their underwear. I tugged in Jodie’s arm and pointed to one of them.

“Haven’t you ever been here before?” she asked earnestly. “It’s a lap-dancing club. The girls in knickers all work here. They’ll take you into the back and give you a private dance. Every so often one of them will get up and dance on the stage here, which I assume is what we’re all sat about waiting for.” Up until now, I didn’t think of myself as that naïve, but tonight was certainly opening my eyes.

There was music in the background, but no one on the runway. I peered through the haze caused by the darkness, spotlights, smoke, and near-orgasm, and could see that the club was about three-quarters full, and I think ours was the only table populated solely by women. I could see a couple of women, but they were all sat with men, generally in couples.

Then a coloured MC is a tuxedo took to the stage, announcing the arrival of someone called Princess. There was a raucous round of applause, which, given that the newly introduced lap-dancing faux royalty was just a little bit of a minger, meant that everyone was probably d***k. Or high. I caught sight of the drinks menu and noted with disdain the number of drinks that cost less than a tenner each, and assumed most of the clientele must be high, because it would be just that much cheaper.

Princess had cheaply-dyed black hair and sequinned underwear. Crucially, she had a chest that might just have fit into a FF bra cup, so conceivably this might have been the cause of the rapturous welcome. For three minutes, she gyrated gamely, removing her bra halfway through and guaranteeing further cheers. Watching Jodie’s face, I could see that she was less than impressed with the buxom young lady in front of us, and even I had to admit that there wasn’t anything particular sexy about her; she just, well, she just sort of jiggled up and down, making her boobs shimmy. The male portion of the audience loved it, and whenever she approached any of them, she came away with a waistband full of folded notes. It made me feel a little strange; you’d think the girls would be self-conscious, walking about in boudoir lingerie, but they all seem to love the attention. Again I felt like an unintentional voyeur, even though the voyees were parading about in front of me.

There was something about the look on Jodie’s face when the music died down that caused me to feel nervous. I don’t know how to explain what it was, but she was looking around the place as though searching for someone. Suddenly she rose, saying she was going for a drink. I was a little surprised, seeing as we still had half a bottle of wine in front of us, the place had waitress service, and she’d left her bag on the table. When she did come back she had no drink with her – just a grin, which went almost no way to making me feel better. However, the bikini-ed waitress came back and was carrying a bottle of champagne, good stuff too, no cheap own brand rubbish. Jodie beamed as she poured out two glasses and passed one to me.

“Here’s to a good night!” she said, clinking the glasses together.

“How did you get a free bottle of champagne out of this place?” I asked, not unfairly.

“I had a word with the manager! Basically, I said that the last dancer was rubbish, and what did a girl have to do to get a free drink and a good time out of this club?”

“I see…”

As it turned out, it wasn’t a rhetorical question. Moments later, a different girl was by our table, and Jodie was asking me to look after her bag and telling me she’d only be five minutes. I looked on helplessly as she stood up and sashayed away on the arm of the newcomer. Was it right that I should actually feel a sudden belt-lick of jealousy as I watched her disappear into the dark at the back of the stage? At that, it suddenly struck me where Jodie was heading…

Suddenly, the background music dropped off, and I heard the MC announce that the next dancer was about to take the stage. Suddenly panicking, and feeling like a Christian at the circus waiting to see what would come from behind the iron gate, I held my breath and waited for the inevitable. Jodie’s was announced as the next dancer.

The curtains parted. She stood there with her right hand on her hip, left arm down by her side, all her weight on her right foot, seeming effortlessly to appear assertive and in control. Perhaps it was because she was still dressed, whereas the Princess had started off in just her skimpies. Had that been me, I would have been thankful for the spotlight, because it meant I could see very little of the crowd, but in the limited time I’d had to get to know Jodie, I didn’t think she’d be quite as worried as me.

As the music started, she took several steps forward in time, like a catwalk model, deliberately emphasising the swing in her hips. She smiled as she glanced from left to right. They applauded her extravagantly, and there were some whistles, which considering her appearance was hardly a surprise. When she reached the front of the stage, she stood and smiled at the crowd for a moment, then spun round and made her way back to the chair. It was a dinner table type chair, high backed. She sat on it, crossed her legs and smiled demurely for the audience, before spinning to her left. Putting one her left foot down on the floor, she stretched her other leg out in front as she took hold of the back of the chair with one hand and leaned back. As she did so, her tiny denim skirt rode up, revealing my knickers! Still leaning back, she brought her right hand up to her face, and then slowly ran it down her neck and over her body, cupping her right breast for a moment. She arched her right leg up, running her hand over her exposed thigh.

Jodie rocked forward and sat upright quickly, body swaying slightly in time with the music. Rising to her feet she turned quickly, bending over so that the palms of her hands were flat against the seat of the chair. Further wolf-whistles and cheers were elicited from the crowd as she wiggled her bum in time to the music. She held that pose for a moment, allowing the crowd to take in the tight curves of her bum, and the length of her legs. Jodie was one lucky girl with long legs, and in high heels they were greatly accentuated.

I watched intently as she put her knee on the chair, and then brought the other up too so she was kneeling on the chair, her left side to the audience. She arched her back and ran her fingers through her hair, stretching it out behind her and allowing it to fall. Standing up, she placed one hand on the back of the chair and walked round it in a coquettish and teasing manner, looking down, her face hidden from the crowd by her hair. She dragged it around so that the back of the chair was to the left of the stage, then on the next circuit she sat down with her back to the crowd. Using her left hand as support, she suddenly leant right back as far as she could, so that she was now looking at the crowd upside down. More cheering, as now her firm breasts could be seen very clearly down the top of her tight top. Again she ran her free hand down her body, this time parting her legs and allowing herself a quick rub over the material of my knickers.

She stood up again, and, turning her back to the audience, stood astride the chair with her legs apart. Swaying to the music with head bowed, she raised her arms behind her back and, agonisingly slowly, dragged the zipper of her corset top down, millimetres at a time. The cheering and applause increased with every little tug, until the zip was fully down. Stretching the moment of disrobing out, she swung the chair out from between her legs, and again walked around it a couple of times, praying frantically that her top would not slide down before she was ready. Sitting backwards astride the chair, again with her back to the audience, she gently slid down one strap at a time until her top was dangling free from the fingers of one hand but all the crowd could see was her back and her white bra strap.

Rising quickly, still facing away from the audience, Jodie snapped her legs together. Fingers working deftly at the fastening of her micro-skirt, she wiggled her bum and with no further prompting the tiny slip of denim slid over her hips and gently down to the floor, drawing a huge ovation from the crowd. She leant forward over the chair, swaying her bum in time to the music, aware that as she was only wearing the flimsiest of lacy knickers (my lacy knickers!) her bum would look more or less naked to the crowd. She held that pose for several seconds.

Jodie stood up again and turned, coyly, to face the crowd, smiling serenely from under her fringe. The crowd loved her, and she was quickly warming to her task. She been holding her arms folded over her chest but now she moved them, slowing for the first time the full view of her gorgeous, lacy white bra. With head down and her hands behind her back, she wandered forwards towards the crowd and the edge of the stage like a shy schoolgirl, the opposite of the brazen performer she had looked at the start of her dance. When she reached the edge of the stage, she stood for a moment, whilst men started to thrust folded notes at her. She turned her back on the crowd and wiggled her bum at them, while the braver souls risked the wrath of the security men by reaching up to tuck notes into the waistband of her knickers. From where I was sitting, I could see that some of them were trying to stuff her underwear with twenties and fifties! With tips like that, I think that even I might have been tempted to have a go.

She danced to the middle of the stage, dropping the money she had collected already onto the pile of discarded clothing. Dropping gracefully to her knees, then onto all fours, she started to crawl towards the crowd again in a feminine and feline way, looking from side to side for a target. On the opposite side of the stage Jodie a-spied a middle-aged man sat with a wife, or lady friend, or maybe even secretary, of similar age. He was probably twice Jodie’s age, but he was definitely very good looking, and I think all girls must have a weakness for men in expensive suits – it’s practically mandatory. She made her way towards him, smiling and yet making growling noises. She leaned in towards him, until she could smell his cologne. He looked slightly uncomfortable and yet excited. His companion beamed at Jodie broadly, and clapped. Jodie shook her hair in the man’s face, and she heard him sniffing her hair, breathing her scent in. He reached up and tucked two folded bills into her waistband, his hand lingering over her bottom as he slowly withdrew it.

Jodie knelt back, then one leg at a time swung them out from underneath her, until she was sat on her bottom with her legs wide open. She was facing the man’s wife directly. I watched as the woman looked deep into Jodie’s eyes, then ran her stare down her body, taking in the modest but firm breasts, flat stomach, and long legs. The woman reached out a hand and I could see there was money in it, so Jodie thrust her groin forward at the woman. The woman responded by pulling open Jodie’s knickers at the front with her free hand, and when I looked closely I could see she’d pried them open at the gusset, rather than the waistband. At that moment, Jodie’s beautiful shaven pussy was on display, although only the woman, her husband, and Jodie herself could see it. The woman took her hand away slowly, smiling all the time.

Jodie rolled over until she was on all fours, then made her way across the stage towards me. Taking some notes from my purse I waved towards her, at which she turned broadside and presented me with her bum, so I could tuck the notes in. I did just that, and then gave Jodie’s bum a playfully hard slap, evincing a surprised yelp from Jodie, which the crowd loved. Grinning, she turned to face me and advanced slowly on all fours. She beckoned me closer with a gesture, looking as though she wanted to say something to me. As I leant in, she grabbed a handful of my hair, dragging my face closer to hers. Her eyes closed and her lips sought mine. I was so surprised it never even occurred to me to close my eyes! Jodie pushed her tongue gently into her my mouth, and with little option I responded likewise. Her kiss was soft but purposeful, and I let her direct the kiss at her pace. The first time I’d ever kissed a woman, and it had to be in public, wearing lingerie guaranteed to bring on an orgasm just through crossing my legs. Jodie seemed to make a great show of the tongue play for the crowd close enough to see it.

Breaking away, Jodie spun round and knelt up with her back to me. She leant back, and I realised with a start that she wanted me to undo her strapless bra. I was nervous and fumbled the clasp, which had the effect of dragging it out, so it seemed like forever until the straps slipped forwards and down Jodie’s arms. She went back onto all fours and turned to face the audience so her breasts were hanging below her. She swayed from side to side, making her breasts move in time to the music, as the crowd went mad.

Making her way back over to the married couple, Jodie again arranged herself so that she was sat on her bum, legs wide open, in front of the woman. Jodie reached out and took the tall glass of champagne from the sharp-suited man, and took a small sip before handing it to the wife. The woman knew instantly what she was to do with it, and as Jodie settled with her head tiled right back, the woman slowly poured the ice cold champagne over Jodie’s breasts, making sure that there was enough left to pour into her panties. The crowd whooped and hollered as the champagne trickled down Jodie’s body, sparkling under the multi-coloured lights. Hooking a thumb into the side of her panties, she dragged them down just enough so that when she returned to the upright sitting position, they were not trapped under her. The woman was again quick to take her cue as Jodie snapped her legs shut. The woman reached forwards and very slowly pulled Jodie’s knickers off, as the crowd applauded wildly.

Jodie stood up, naked apart from her high heels, whilst the front of her body was wet from the champagne. She walked back towards the pole in the centre of the stage, and, wrapping her right hand loosely around it, swayed round the pole several times before finally taking hold of it with both hands high above her head. Placing her back against the pole with her arms still above her head, she slid down it, never taking her eyes off the audience.

Standing up again, Jodie took hold of the pole with both hands and swung round vigorously a couple of times to work up some momentum. She wrapped her right leg around it then lifted her left leg from the floor, continuing to spin around it but sliding slowly to the floor until she was on her knees. Positioning the pole so that it was between her bum cheeks she rubbed up against it, before raising herself to her feet. Again she turned her back to the crowd and swung around lazily a couple of times, never looking at the crowd. She raised one leg high above her head and pressed it against the pole, so that the hot pink of her labia was clearly visible to the front rows. Letting her leg lower slowly and using the pole as support she leaned right over backwards.

She performed some high kicks against the pole, exposing her vagina time and time again to those lucky enough to be close enough to see. She spun around the pole again, working up some speed so that she was spinning fast, then raised both legs from the floors and allowed herself to swing round and slowly sink lower. When her knees landed gently in the floor, she drew herself closer to the pole, until the cold, polished metal came into contact with her clitoris. I could hear her gasp audibly, and I as well as the other women in the front rows guessed exactly why. Slowly, she started to raise and lower her groin against the pole, never allowing it to break contact with her clitoris.

Quickly, the thrusts quickened in pace and pressure, and as the song she was performing to approached its climax, she knew her time on the stage was coming to an end. She leaned back and with one hand on the floor and one hand on the pole, frantically rubbed herself up and down the pole, to the mounting cheers of the enraptured audience. As the song reached its crescendo Jodie reached her climax, her screams and gasps audible even over the music, drawing wild cheers from the audience. She collapsed backwards, naked and prostrate on the stage, as the crowd went delirious.

The MC helped her to her feet, and over the ovation I heard him say something about the best ever performance. She looked out of breath but glowing, and as I caught her eye she winked at me. I smiled back, secretly proud that my new-found friend had out-done the supposed professional. Letting go of Jodie’s hand, the MC clapped and started off another round of applause. One of the other dancers appeared at the back of the stage, motioning for Jodie to join her. She took one step in that direction but then stopped, looked at me, and smiled again before climbing down off the stage and taking her place beside me, still naked and glistening from the champagne shower. A couple of people nearby leaned over to pat her on the back or arm and say well done.

“Oh my God,” she whispered, “I don’t think I’ve ever come quite like that in my life!”

“I’m not surprised! You were brilliant, have you done that before?”

“No, but I think I might be a born show-off! I was surprised quite how horny it makes you, just being up there, with people looking at you. I’m more used to being out of the gaze and behind the camera, but I can see now quite why some people are so keen to have a go. It’s incredible! Where’s my drink?” She guzzled down the remainder of her glass, then topped it up and emptied it again. She was still breathing deeply, and I think the drink must have done very little to calm her adrenalin-driven mood. Pausing for breath, she looked around the club, seemingly unconcerned that she was still naked. The discarded clothes had been cleared from the stage, but Jodie seemed to show little concern for retrieving them. Suddenly, we were interrupted by the club’s manager.

“Jodie, Jodie, you’re a superstar! Honestly, a bona-fide superstar. You want a job here?” He said, cigar smoke drifting from the corners of his mouth. She shook her head, laughing.

“Well, you ever want a job, you come back here, and I’ll make you my star girl. You’ll make us both rich! Becky’s collected your clothes and your tips up, they’re in the changing room at the back, I’ll send her through to show you where it is.” He paused to draw on her cigar, pensive. “There’s no way that I can convince you to come and work for me?” Jodie picked up her glass and sipped from it.

“No, I don’t want a job,” she said, pausing for one more sip, “but I’ll have another go tonight.” The manager guffawed roughly and clapped twice, but Jodie wasn’t done. “In fact, both of us will have a go.”

The sound you hear is my bottom jaw hitting the expensive, glass topped table. Luckily it rebounded up fast enough for me to start protesting, but Jodie pressed two fingers to my lips to silence me first.

“Caitlin and I will do you a little show. Ask the DJ to find something slow and sexy for us!” At that, the manager left us alone. I swear he was rubbing his hands together.

“There – is – no – way – I – am – going – up – there!” I enunciated each word clearly and definitely so there would be no misinterpretation. To be fair to Jodie, I couldn’t accuse her of misinterpreting my intentions, because she didn’t even bother stopping to listen to me.

“Listen, you don’t have to do anything. We’ll go up there, dance a little for them, then you sit on the chair and I’ll lap dance for you.”


“You don’t have to do anything once you’re sat down, just try to look as though you’re not falling asl**p and we’ll make a mint out of them!”


“It’s an absolute cakewalk, and to be honest you can’t even see anything once the lights are on you, certainly not past the first couple of rows anyway. There are speakers around the front of the stage so you can’t hear anything that the crowd say. You’ll love it, really, it’s such a buzz! You ready?”


“Excellent. Come on then!” She dragged me out of my chair and we wound our way through to the backstage area. I couldn’t believe Jodie, she’d been naked for the last five minutes and never looked bothered by it once. Were we that d***k? At that moment I couldn’t ever recall feeling so sober, or so scared. The blonde girl who seemed to work backstage appeared before us, pointing the way. She smiled at Jodie, and grabbed my hand as I passed, giving it an encouraging squeeze as she leant in to my ear.

“Just let her direct, she’s a natural. Follow her lead, do whatever she tells you, and you’ll be fine. And enjoy yourself!” She patted my bum as our names boomed out over the PA and Jodie lead me onto the stage.

She was certainly right about the lights. I had to squint until my eyes became acclimatized to the glare, and I wish my ears could do the same against the relentless, grinding bass from the stage’s monitor speakers. Almost like the proverbial rabbit, I froze in the spinning, multi-coloured spotlights.

Sensing my unease, Jodie quickly slipped behind me and, putting her hands on my hips, she pulled my bum backwards towards her. Through this I picked up the rhythm of her dancing quickly, and was soon swaying backwards and forwards with her. Tame, as far as the audience was concerned, but far more erotic than I’d ever been with a woman before tonight! I think Jodie could tell I was starting to feel a little more comfortable, because she slipped a hand around my waist and left it resting there. She could take a little more control from that, and of course, regulate exactly how much the pearl thong rubbed me up! As we swayed backwards and forwards the pearls flicked backwards and forwards over my little pearl, and soon I was closing my eyes and biting my lip to try and focus on something else.

Now she had both arms around me, squeezing me tight, and at times licking my neck and nibbling my ears. I could feel her breath on me too, and I think the combination of all these things is what caused me to not notice that one of her hands was now massaging my breast, the ball of her thumb rolling my nipple back and forth. The feel of her hand was surprisingly erotic, more than I had anticipated another woman’s touch would be, and the increased volume level from the audience seemed to bear witness to the fact that they felt the same way.

I could feel her kissing my neck again, the tip of her tongue flicking hither and thither. With my eyes closed I rolled my head back until it was almost resting on her shoulder and then, just as I was at my most distracted, she struck. Her hands slid the spaghetti straps of my dress down, causing it to slide and perch precariously, snagged only by the material of my bra. I heard her hiss something about it being okay and not panicking, and I managed to get hold of myself quickly and look like I wasn’t dying of nervousness. I tried to protest, say no, anything to do things on my terms. It wasn’t my plan to be up on this stage, putting on a show with another woman, and I wasn’t really that comfortable with it. I closed my eyes to try and block the crowd out, just still myself a little. At that Jodie gave a little tug on my dress, which sent it sliding down to my waist, where she caught it to stop it sliding to the floor. My bra was exposed to the crowd; given that it was such a tiny cup, so were most of my breasts.

My breathing was becoming more and more erratic, and my ‘dancing’ less and less syncopated with Jodie’s. My heart was hammering. We weren’t really dancing at this point, just her grinding against me, doubtless trying to cause the pearl thong to send me spiralling towards the big O. She whispered to me that she was going to pull my dress down, and I whispered ‘please, no’ over and over. She was pulling gently at it while I used an arm to hold it in place. Why didn’t she understand that I wasn’t read? This was going way too far, and yet I knew I was going to lose this particular battle. Changing tack, she ran her hands over my arms and took hold of my wrists. Quickly lifting my arms over my head meant that there was only the pressure of her pressing against my bum to hold my dress in place. A moment later it was on the floor, and the crowd were at their most voluble yet.

Actually, I think it was at this point that I became the most aware of the crowd that I had been so far. The lights had spun round to blues and greens, less harsh and intense than the bright reds and yellows, and for the first time I could actually make out individual faces. Their expressions, I couldn’t believe just how intensely they were looking at us. When they weren’t cheering, they were just enraptured, enthralled, and I realised quite why Jodie had been so blown away, so oblivious to her nakedness when she came back. Just the feeling that they wanted us, that they could not get enough of our bodies – it was power beyond anything else I had known up until that point.

Jodie was then in front of me, her hands on my hips, pushing me backwards. She was guiding me towards the chair in the centre of the stage, and I allowed myself to be propelled towards it. I had the impression that Jodie was getting just a little bit too intoxicated at the notion of putting on a show, and I was surprised to discover I felt the first stirrings of competitiveness – after all, there were two of us on that stage!

Once I was seated, Jodie danced around behind me. She bent over and slid her hands from my shoulders down my front, straight over my boobs (and my rapidly hardening nipples) and down to my tummy. Again she was kissing my neck, nibbling my ears, and I think at that point I started to make whimpering noises, partly for show, partly because I was starting to enjoy myself! Jodie seemed a little taken aback at this outward expression of enjoyment. She brought her hands back up to my chest and started rubbing my boobs in earnest. It was nice, and I liked it, so I just let her get on with it – what else was I supposed to do? My nipples were about as hard as I could ever remember them being, and for a moment when I remembered where I was and what I was doing my initial prudishness threatened to re-surface. I needed to do something to get back into the groove-

Suddenly Jodie pulled the cups of my bra down, causing my boobs to spring free, although they were still hidden under her hands. The feeling of her palms directly on my skin was a little more intense than when there was a thin layer of silk acting as go-between. She started rubbing and started rolling my nipples in sync between her thumb and forefinger, not just rolling them but squeezing them just enough to hurt but still feel nice – a completely foreign idea to me! That something could hurt and yet still feel nice, just the thought of it was amazing. Sex hadn’t hurt me at all since my wedding night – and that wasn’t in a good way – and I made a mental memo to talk to her about it later.

Leaning forward, Jodie whispered that she wanted to take my bra off. There seemed little point arguing, seeing as the audience had already seen most of what I had to offer. She unhooked me, grinning, and swept the straps gracefully down my arms, sending my bra sk**ding across the stage. She stood back a moment to let me enjoy the adulation, the cheering, just the feeling that seemed tangible as it swept forward from the audience. For my part I tried not to screw my eyes tight shut! You shouldn’t underestimate what I was doing at this point – it’s not like I’d even sunbathed topless in a foreign country before. Before this week the only people that had seen my breasts (since puberty at least) I had either been involved with or was receiving medical attention from. I know I thought more than once that this was just incredible, and that I ought to do it again some time, but I’d like to think that that was just the champagne talking.

Jodie spun round and posited herself firmly in my lap, leaning back against me so her lips were just an inch or so from mine. Slowly at first but gaining in speed, she started to grind against me, causing further ructions in my groin as the pearls bit against my clit. Except, now I was completely at her mercy because I couldn’t move – she was pressing her heels into the ground to create thrust, so I was pinned in. Bitch, she knew that and just grinned at me! As the pressure increased, so did the bl**d flow to my poor little clitty. Holding my breath and trying not to scream, I dug held the edge of the seat so tight my fingers hurt and waited for the-

And then she was off again, dancing around the back of the chair. Demanding the return of her touch and wanting my orgasm, I looked pleadingly at her. She smiled back with a frustratingly innocent grin – as though she didn’t know what I wanted – and danced away suggestively. At this point I was sure I was whimpering!

Coyly, softly, she sat herself on my lap. Our eyes met and we grinned at each other, me holding my breath, her holding my breasts. We kissed again, better than before, not that there was anything wrong with the first one, but this one had something extra. It wasn’t passion, it wasn’t lust, but it might well have been affection. She sensed it too, because she squeezed closer up to me, curling my hair into her fist and pulling me into her. Our tongues moved as one, a mutual dance of delight that left my heart thundering inside my ribs. Oblivious now to the crowd, there was just a chair, a spotlight and us.

Using my hair to pull my head back, she started working her way down my neck with sweet kisses. Almost without me noticing she was down to my breasts, squeezing them, sucking the nipples between her lips, as if they could have been any more aroused. With breathtaking subtlety she was on her knees between my legs with her lips on my tummy. Any pretence at a dance was long gone, and once her kisses reached the knicker line of my – sorry, of her thong – I was starting to get a) a little worried about how this was going to finish, and b) rather more aware of the crowd than I had been for the last few minutes. Dancing topless was one thing – lesbian kisses were quite another – but to have a girl go down on me in public might be going just a little bit too far.

Maybe Jodie thought that too, because in the space of a moment she’d stood up and was pulling me to her feet. Then we were dancing again, just as suggestively as before if not more so. Jodie’s leg was between mine and the way we were dancing meant that the pressure from her thigh brought the pearl thong back into contact with my little button – and boy was it pressing hard! This time I was determined to get there, crowd or no crowd. I put my arms around Jodie’s waist, then moved them onto her bum cheeks. Then, to safeguard my orgasm, I dug my fingernails into her bum! That cute little squeal again, so innocent and girlish in nature. My turn to smile wickedly! She knew what I was trying to do, and this time, rather than thwart me, she decided to aid me.

As the record built to a crescendo, our hips in time with rhythm, our lips met again. There was no pretence this time, just heat, actual a****l passion. I knew this song, and I knew that there were just a couple of choruses left. Keeping the rhythm the same but just increasing the pressure, I screwed my eyes shut tight and went for it, letting the waves of pleasure flood over me.

When the darkness cleared and the stars stopped spinning I was sitting on the chair, with a worm’s eye view of Jodie’s bum as she bowed for the crowd. I couldn’t see a great deal beyond her because at this angle in particular the lighting dazzled me, but there was absolutely no doubting the reception that our little show was receiving.

The blonde girl – Becky? – helped me to me feet. It was at this stage, propped up between Becky and Jodie, that I became acutely aware that I was, to coin a phrase, grinning like the proverbial loon. I wasn’t sure where I was being taken, but once I felt the comfort of a rickety old armchair beneath my bum I knew I was where I needed to be. Closing my eyes, I worked on steadying my breath while I tried not to feel overwhelmed by what we’d just done. What were the people out there thinking of us?


“Thanks!” I chirped, opening my eyes and taking the proffered champagne glass from Jodie. She too was breathing heavily and didn’t even bother with a glass, swigging straight from the black glass bottle. She too looked pleased with herself as she perched her bum on the arm of my chair.

“Enjoy that?” she asked. There was little I could do but smile back at her. I wasn’t really sure what was happening. At that stage, in that state of inebriation, that was pretty much all I knew! “I thought you were having a good time out there!”

“Any idea where our clothes are?” I asked, looking around me. Worryingly, there was nothing in sight apart Jodie’s pearl thong that I was still wearing (and which I was now thoroughly attached to – I mean, I was in love with the effect that it had on me, but at that point I was so bl**dy wet you couldn’t have peeled it off me!).

“What’s the rush to get dressed?” Jodie sighed, as she hoisted her legs around and slid from the arm of the chair down into my lap. Her arms slipped around my neck, and she smiled at me with eye-lashes fluttering seductively. “We could just sit here for a few minutes and finish our champagne. It’s not like there’s any-one here to disturb us…”

“Well, shouldn’t we be…” I couldn’t think how the rest of that argument went. I was already wondering how many Hail Marys were required to atone for what I’d already done tonight, and I didn’t want to get trapped in a private situation with Jodie. In front of a crowd she knew how far she could go. Back here there was just me and her, and she had a look on her face that made me worry.

Without warning she leaned forward and kissed me, and oh, was it a good kiss. A great kiss. The sort of kiss where your heart stops for a second, your brain becomes a blank, your lips miraculously moisten themselves… the sort of kiss that is, in short, indescribable. And – sorry chaps – it suddenly struck me that it was the sort of kiss that only two women can share. Men can kiss with incredible passion, and they can kiss with that hunger that suddenly transports you back to the time of the cavemen and you’re thinking in grunts and random syllables. I’d heard it said that if you wanted a kiss of such tenderness that would make even statues weep, it’s a truism that you must have another woman.

“Take it you’re not wanting these back just yet then?” came a cheeky London accent, accompanied by a loud crack as a bubblegum bubble cracked open. We looked round and there sat Becky, perched cockily on the edge of the manager’s shabby desk, holding a loose bundle which we took to be our clothes. She grinned at us. “Don’t let me get in your way!”

It didn’t seem like Jodie intended to let her. Ignoring the newcomer, Jodie turned back to me and we kissed again. There was something more about this... Continue»
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Dancer by A.J. Baker

Chapter One A Villain Meets a Goddess

I turned fifty-nine and did not blink an eye because I thought all of my good years were long behind me, the eye blinking happened when I was about forty-five. For the last f******n years I have just gone through the motions, really not caring about getting laid, I ended up being the primary care giver for my younger b*****r who is nuts. Sorry for that, but he is bipolar, and he plays it up and gets everything he can out of it. I should not complain, after all it gives me a pretty good tax deduction for looking after him. Sure you can think of me as callous, but the reality is that being nuts is a free ticket for any lazy asshole that wants to work the system.

I finally got out of that situation, but it was way to late to get my own life back on track, or so I thought. I moved into a hotel that caters to men who are single and older. Most of the other guys in here are living on disability pensions and such, but the one redeeming factor about this place is that downstairs there is one of the best peeler bars in the area. The bar brings in the top-notch exotic dancers that you can find, and they stay in the hotel for the six days that they are dancing here.

I never go down there to watch them, but I get the pleasure of seeing them coming and going from their change rooms to and from the stage. Most of them are just hard working girls, nice enough except for the few that are prima donnas that really think that they are God’s gift to men. Right. The only gift God gave to men was a penis.

For at about eight months of living here, I really did not pay much attention to any of them until I met Cheryl. She billed herself as Dianna, Goddess of Love. If a Goddess is only s*******n years old, then she might very well fit the bill. I only knew her as Cheryl, the girl that brought me back to the land of the living.

The land of the living, not really a place that I cared to visit again. Did you know that there are actually people that give a dam? Forgive me for being so damn cynical, but before I took over the responsibility of looking after my b*****r, I had a very good life.
A job the allowed me to travel, an income that gave me the money to enjoy myself, and I was very involved in a lifestyle that was exciting. The women that I did meet called me Master, or Sir. They knelt at my feet and obeyed every whim that I had. I gave all of that up because my b*****r was diagnosed as chronically depressed, which meant that he could just kill himself because the coffee table had too much junk on it and he could not deal with it.

Okay, I do not want to dwell on the negative crap that led me to this point in my life because when all is said and done, I do not have much to complain about. Thanks to Cheryl. Thanks to Cheryl I am recharged. Thanks to Cheryl I want to get up tomorrow to see what the day brings me. Thanks to Cheryl, I did not end up like my b*****r.

I heard a knock on my door one evening when I was listening to some music I had downloaded on my computer. It was a group called Snakefarm that I had found on a site that allowed you to download albums for free. I had my sound cranked for a couple of reasons. One was that it was after three in the afternoon and the scary fat cow that ran the hotel was gone for the day and I could get away with having my music louder; the other reason was I had a new piece of software that made my average speakers sound like Bose. When I heard someone knocking, I was tempted to ignore it because most of the time someone was on the other side that wanted to bum tobacco off of me, or cigarette papers, whatever it was it usually was something that never made its way back to me if I gave it away. I was in a good mood that day so I got up and opened the door and to my surprise there was this absolutely gorgeous girl standing there.

“Hi, I heard the music you are playing and I just had to find out who it is.”

She was not only gorgeous, but young and vibrant, she seemed to vibrate with enthusiasm as she talked to me. She was dressed in blue jeans with a nice fitting tie die top and of course it would be easy to tell that she was one of the dancers. My biggest problem is I do not trust easily, so when this vision of loveliness appeared at my door asking about the music I was listening to, I naturally did not accept her inquisitiveness at face value.

“Snakefarm, is there anything else?”

“Well, you could invite me in to listen to more of the album.”

I had to admit that her response to my response caught me off guard for a second or two. I even considered telling her to get lost, but she reminded me of someone from my long lost past. There is a moment in everyone’s life where something happens in the realm of existentialism, sort of a moment when you know that you have do go against your nature and do something that you could never imagine yourself doing. This turned out to be such a moment.

“Then come in, I would offer you a chair but there is only one in this room, so you have the whole be to yourself.”

“Thank you, my name is Cheryl, and I have to apologize for interrupting you but I heard the music and I am looking for something new for my act and I really like this sound.”

“So Cheryl, you like this band, I am just trying them out, I have not really formed an opinion yet, but seeing as you like them, I will keep an open mind.”

“Where are your speakers?” She was looking around my little room and could not see my little computer speakers anywhere. The speakers that she was looking for were only about sixteen cubic inches each, and I had them almost hidden, one under a table and the other behind my flat screen monitor.

“Tell me something Cheryl, I have always been curious about strippers, what the fuck are you doing taking your clothes off in front of so many men? Does it give you some sort of sexual rush or is it just money?”

“What the fuck kind of question is that?”

“I don’t know, the kind of question one asks a girl that takes her clothes off for a living I would suppose.”

“You are an asshole, shove your music up your ass, I am out of here.”

“I could not agree with you more, I am an asshole, but I do not go around bothering people just because they are listening to music that I happen to like. I guess that you do not have an answer to my question then.”

“The money.”

“See, that was not so hard, and to be honest, I hoped that you would say that.”

“Are you k**ding? Most men would want the other answer; they want a girl to get some sort of sexual thing out of performing. Why do you like money as the reason?”

“No reason that would make sense, I can accept money as an honest motivator, not that sexual would not be honest, but it would put me in a group of men that I really do not want to belong to.”

“Wow, I never heard anyone put it like that before, men always objectify me as a sexual object because of what I do for a living. Why are you different?”

“Look, you knocked on my door for some music, take your time and listen to it, if you would rather, I could burn a disk for you and you can come back and pick it up later. I really do not care to start yakking about who or what I am, or for that matter what you are.”

“Okay, I will take you up on your offer. Thank you for your time, and I am sorry that I bugged you.”

“Good, come back in a couple of hours, your disk will be ready then.”

Now, if you are male and reading this, you will think me insane, of course if you are of the fairer gender, then you will think me rude. I might be both, but in my view of things I am just a guy that does not like to waste time. I am at an age where time has more value because there is not a lot of it left. So in my mind, there is really no sense in spending my time with anyone who is forty some years younger than I am if she is not a granddaughter or a caregiver.

Why should I? It is not as if she is going to be a friend, or jump into bed with some guy that much older than she is. What would the odds of that be? Besides, when you live in a place like this, you become wary of anyone who just happens into your life. Best to keep an arms distance and not give them the chance to take you for a ride. Being a man of my word though, I put a blank disk in my pc and started the process of burning some music for her, there was lots of space so I added a couple of other artists that I had found that ran along the same lines as what she liked. Honestly I figured that she would not bother coming back as I had been down right rude so when the disk was finished being burned I put it in with my other music disks after labeling it in ink.

When she did come back I was just throwing on a jacket to go over to the Sally Ann building for dinner. “Cheryl, I was just going out, hold on a minute and I will get you your disk. I see you are heading downstairs to dance.”

“Thank you, are you coming down to watch?”

“No, I am off to eat dinner, besides, I am long passed the time of my life where watching dancers holds any appeal for me. Good luck though, have a good show.”

She was looking at me oddly as she held the music disk in her hand. “Thanks again. You never told me your name.” I was not in a hurry as I had a good half an hour before they started serving, but if you did not get there soon enough the chances of sitting with some unsavory characters was greatly increased.

I started through my doorway even though she was still standing in it so I had to take her elbow and gently start moving her into the hall so that I could close the door. “Alan, now Cheryl if there is nothing more, I must be on my way.” She was really looking puzzled now. She seemed to be standing her ground as if I had forgotten something.

“Do I owe you anything for this?”

“Hell no, it is a gift from one music lover to another. Music is free on the Internet after all.”

“Yes but you took the time to make this disk.”

“Honey, there was no effort involved at all, trust me that I do not go out of my way for anyone anymore, just take it and go, I have to run.”

I was halfway down the hallway when I heard her call my name. I turned to see what she wanted and she was still in the same spot outside of my doorway. “Why are you so rude? I have not done anything to deserve you being this way, I do not understand why you can do something as nice as this and be rude at the same time?”

“Rude? No, I am brusque maybe, would not consider that as rude, just efficient with my time.”

“Hmmm, I am not convinced, are you going to be rude to me if I come back later on to visit you?” Now I was more than a bit taken back by that idea but if she wanted to waste her time visiting me, I was not going to throw her out.

“Try me and see for yourself, later then.” I waved as I turned to make my way down the hall.

It was Friday night and that is the worse night of the week where I live with the exception of Saturday night. Just below me in the hotel is a sports bar/disco that brings in big crowds of young people that like that crappy music that has only one beat no matter what song is being played by an equally crappy DJ. I cannot figure out how they can keep going back but I suppose it is the only place that they can go to get themselves laid. After all anyone stupid enough to dance all night long to the same beat had to be stupid enough to spread her legs for any dick that wants to park there.

I do not have enough money to buy crack everyday, so if I can afford a bottle of wine then I get the biggest one that I can and try and get d***k enough to suffer through my room shaking with the racket from below. Sometimes I have a movie downloaded so I put my headphones on and crank the sound with the hope of overriding the noise.

This particular night however I had no movie so I turned on the television and flicked through the channels and settled on a movie that I had seen before, probably a couple of times. The movie was much as I expected and I found my thoughts continually drifting back to my incident with Cheryl. I could not help but think of her as she easily fit into what I found attractive in a woman, physically especially.

Almost completely black hair, blue eyes, petite as she could not have been taller that 5’3” and of course her figure was very nice being a dancer and all. But it was not her looks that I kept thinking about, it was her attitude and she did seem like she was trying to be friendly which did not fit with my experience with girls in her profession.

I tried hard not to think about her, I knew that if I did, I was going end up crashing and that was something that I had no intention of doing again. My policy was don’t get involved, no friends, no women, no worry. Hell, it works for me. My b*****r lives two blocks from me now and I can’t be bothered with him either. I did my time there already.

The knock on my door was louder than usual, more like the ones that management uses when they figure you are doing something against the rules, music too loud or a hooker in your room. I had neither of those, so I yelled for whomever it was to hold on and I pulled myself out of my chair and made my way to the door.

She brushed passed me wearing a pink satin robe, too much perfume with a bottle of scotch in one hand and two glasses in the other. “What a fucked up bunch of perverts in that fucking bar tonight, I thought I was never going to finish my shift.” She just up and made herself at home on my bed and handed me a glass. “Do you mind opening this and pouring me a drink? Sorry if you take mix with your whisky, or ice, you could probably get both down in the beer and wine store.”

“And ruin good scotch? I do not think so.” I opened the bottle and poured slowly waiting for her to say when. I filled her glass as she silently watched the amber liquid pouring from the bottle. I made my drink the same size and screwed the cap back on the bottle. She was holding her glass up for me to clink, so I did the mandatory toast thing with out saying anything.

“So what are you up to, I hope that I am not disturbing anything important.” Her tone sounded as if she really did not think that there was anything more important than her or that bottle.

“Nothing more important than watching a rap singer rescue the president. Your show did not go well then?”

“No big deal now that it is over with, a girl has to put up with some shit to make a buck, it is no different than any other job I suppose except the dumbasses think that you owe them something because they showed up.”

“Well, if not for them, you would not have a job that pays so well, right?”

“True, still they could grow up a bit, they all act like freaking k**s trying to cop a feel on their first date. Most of them probably never got that far with a girl yet.”

We both took a moment to take a swig of liquor; I did enjoy the smooth heat it produced as it went down. I looked at the label to find that it was a bottle of Glenfiddich, a nice single malt aged for 18 years. “Good stuff” I nodded my approval at the bottle.

“I like it, I take a couple of bottles with me when I am staying where I am working, it beats paying the price in the bar and drinking where the creeps can try and climb all over me.”

“So now I am the one who is confused, I know it is the money but if you hate the clients so much why do you keep it up?”

“Al, it is not always this bad, usually most nights are not a problem, but when you get a bad crowd it starts off with a couple of goofs and then it seems they are all trying to out asshole each other. Tonight was like that, I almost disappeared and I would have if I had not met you earlier. The rest of the music on the disk is great too, you have good taste.”

“Not really a matter of my taste as yours, it just was the right music to go along with the one you wanted me to burn.”

“You figured that out and found that music to put together that fast? How quick do you think you could throw together say fifteen minutes for a dance routine?”

“That would be asking a lot, I do not even know what exotic dancers dance to these days, I have not been in a strip club for at least sixteen years.” I realized something and then grinned. “You were probably in diapers when I last went to a peeler bar.” She started to laugh so hard she almost choked on the scotch she was trying to swallow.

“You are right, at the very least I was still looking at knees.” I was starting to like this young girl, she seemed to be at ease with me and that was never an easy thing for anyone these days. At sometime or another I had decided that I was a mean old man and I was getting better at it, somehow this girl was disarming.

“Let me tell you something girl, I like my space, I keep it to myself and it is rare that I let anyone invade it, somehow you managed to get by my guard. Now that I have told you that, you can tell me what it is you are doing here.”

“Why I am here because you said I could be. Does it not make sense that I would rather be with someone that is not looking at me as sexual object so that I can feel at ease?”

“Damned if that does not make some kind of sense. I will qualify that though, it is only fair. While I do not think of you as a sexual object, I am not immune to your charms, so if you want to feel comfortable you might consider wearing more than what you are in right now.”

“Good, I do not want to be an object, but that does not mean that I do not want you to find me attractive. I would be crushed if you were immune to my charms.” I really was not sure that I was hearing her right, so I decided to have another drink to see if that would improve my hearing.

I cleared my throat. “So, this music for dancing, what is it you are thinking about?”

“I was thinking that you could make a CD for me to try, I will leave it to you what you put on it, I am looking for good music that I can dance to, but music that is not being played on the radio constantly, you know what I mean?”

I thought about it for a bit, the idea was appealing for some reason. “Okay, let’s try something.” I sat down and brought my music files on my computer. I already knew the first song and the next one came quickly as I was loading the first one onto my music player, I found the second one but had to sit for a minute before an idea came to me. I found two more tunes, put one of them to play second, the second one became third and the last one finished off bringing the total minutes to just less than fifteen. Once they were set up I pressed play and sat back.

One of the girls that worked in the hotel had given me a computer for doing her a favor, it was a nice little unit that had some software on it that really made my speakers sound good. Cheryl finished her drink and then closed her eyes as she started swaying her body in time to the music. She did not make a sound for the whole fifteen minutes of sound, when the music ended she slowly let her eyes open and I found those incredible blue irises pointed right at me. “You nailed it first time out! Too bad there is no room in here to dance, I could show you what you inspired in me.” Hell I was flattered, who would not be? I shook my head to shake off the direction my mind was taking.

“Well, I suppose that I could come and watch you.”

“No, that will not do, the first time I dance to your composition can only be for you alone. Anything else would spoil it.”

“I need another drink, you?”

“Yeah, better make it a big one like the first.”

I happily poured the drinks as it gave me something to do that helped prevent me from slipping into some insane fantasy of this beautiful girl dancing for me alone. Whew she almost had me there.

A good stiff jolt of scotch makes everything normal again. I had to assume that I had slipped into one of those old man states of mind where you went off into some odd fantasyland for a moment.

“I was gone for a minute but I am back now.”


“Never mind I was just slipped away for a minute, I had this odd fantasy that you were dancing for me. Not to worry though, I have a handle on it now.”

“Oh you silly man, I am going to dance for you, that is if you want me to.”

“Then we will have to come up with a place for you to do just that. In the mean time I will just enjoy your company. I feel good right now and I would not want to spoil the moment by complications.”

“I know what you mean, do you mind if I ask you something, if it is to personal, then just tell me it is none of my business.”

“Well in that case you can ask.”

“You seem so determined to keep people at a distance, why is that, did someone hurt you?”

“I haven’t been hurt anymore than anyone else, no, it is more that people disappoint me continually, if you let them in they take a part of you, they cut you up piece by piece and leave you with nothing of yourself left. They pretend to be your friend and then it turns out that they want your energy not your friendship. I am just tired of people letting me down.”

“That sounds like pain.”

“It was at one time, now it is the absence of pain because I do not allow anyone to get into my space anymore. You are a visitor and you can be here because after tomorrow you will be gone. You will not be back here for months if you ever even make it back so there is nothing to fear from allowing you to share my space for a moment in time.”

“When is the last time you were in love?”

“Who says I am not in love right now?”

“Are you?”

“I will explain it this way, if you believe that love is permanent, then I have never been in love, if you believe it is transitory, then I have been in love a thousand times and I am in love right now.”

“Hmmm, not sure what that means. I had you pegged for a romantic. So what do you do? I mean you do not just sit around and do nothing do you?”

“I survive, I work when it is necessary, when it is not, I write, I explore the world, I find music.”

“What do you write?”

“Some of what I write is about my experiences, mostly from when I was a very unlikable person. Some is about what I should have been, or maybe could have been if I had made better choices. Some is just pure fiction even a little bit of pornography. My best stuff is about human bondage.”

“Bondage? What do you mean by that?”

“Just that all of us are slaves to something, some of us by choice, and others because it is f***e upon us. If we are not slaves, then we have become Masters.”

“And you? What are you a slave to? Or have you become a Master?”

“You can only know the answer to that by knowing me.”

“Gads you sure do fuck with a girl’s head. What do you say we lighten up what we are talking about.”

“I have no problem with that, does that mean you are not going to pry anymore?”

“Yeah, I see that prying into your head will just fuck up mine.”

“Good point. So tell me, what is the best thing that has ever happened to you?”

Cheryl started talking about some trip she had gone on with her parents in one of those RV,s you can rent. I listened to her ramble on while studying her features. I really had a weakness for brunettes with blue eyes, but what really got my attention was the fact that she did not have one of those huge racks that peelers like to get. She had her real breasts and they were small, just perfect. Another thing that I liked was that she did not purposely display herself, she kept her robe done up tightly so there was no way I could peek at her charms.

After her story was finished, I decided that this was enough for me and it was time to send her on her way. “Would you like me to walk you back to your room?”

“You are getting rid of me? I am shocked, and hurt.”

“Well you should be pleased that I still think enough of you that I am not trying to get between your legs. On the other hand, I have had enough to drink, and if you stay longer I will have had too much to drink. I am not a nice person when I drink too much.”

“Okay, fair enough, I have enjoyed myself tonight, you really helped get me out of a bad space.” She leaned into me and kissed me. More of a thank you kiss than a hot kiss, but it was very enjoyable. I had not been kissed that way for quite a while.

I walked her to her room, which in this little hotel did not take long, she did not ask me in and I knew better than to ask. As I walked back to my room I met Neil just coming in from one of his nightly walkabouts. Neil is much the same as my b*****r in mental illness department and was having a very rough time because his son had committed suicide fairly recently. He lived across the hall from me and whenever he was particularly bad I would talk to him and try to get him out of the ugly place he was in.

He seemed to be in a good space tonight, something that happened more these days, so I stopped in room to talk for a few minutes. I was stripping down my other computer so that I could lend it to him without there being anything on it that he should not see. Hell you never know what will set someone off when they are bipolar so I meant to just leave a few programs on it that he might get use out of, but no pictures, videos or written material. Music was good so I was copying what I wanted off of it and leaving the rest for him to sort through.

It was late so we kept our conversation short and I went back to my room to play online poker. I do not sl**p a lot, if I do it normally happens in the morning between 6 and 11. Other than that, I probably spend far more time on my computer than I should. I logged on to my favorite poker site and found a game of Badugi that had just started.

I do not have as much patience as I had when I was younger, or maybe it is just that there seem to be far to many people playing poker who are just plain idiots and one trick ponies. With that going on, I tend to just fold unless I have a hand that is as close to a sure thing as possible, after the riff raff gets rid of itself, then I dig in and apply myself to the game. With not much to think about in the game, I found myself thinking about Cheryl. Dangerous stuff that, thinking about a young girl at my age.

I knew the best course of action would be to just put her out of my mind and carry on as I always did. There was one thing I had to do first mostly because I had sort of implied that I would do it for her. I set up my disk burning software to make a seamless music CD and added the music that I had played for her. Then I set the disk to burn and went back to the game.

Lots of players from the old USSR as well as a flood of newbies from the Latin countries that had recently been allowed to play. Most of these guys did not have a clue how to play Badugi so I decided to dig in and see if I could take advantage of their lack of know how. I managed to grab a few good pots in the next twenty and then it started to get stingy, cards were not coming to me, so I took a break and listened the disk to make sure that it had turned out right. After playing it back, I decided that it was indeed a pretty good job.

Three hours later the sun was up and I was still in the tournament and unfortunately I was allowing some jerk to get under my skin. This never goes well for me so I took a break and put on a pot of coffee, which happens to be the only thing I can do in my room as far as food goes. While the coffee was dripping I looked for a case for Cheryl’s disk but there was not an extra one anywhere and I really did not want to leave any of mine unprotected so she was going to have to do without.

I sat down to my poker game with a fresh cup of coffee and high expectations; I was very close to being in the money in this tournament. I remember playing a few hands before waking up to someone knocking on my door. My screen was dark so I hit a key to discover that I had fallen asl**p and finished barely well enough to win back my entry fee. I answered the door to find a bright-eyed smiling Cheryl standing there.

“You look like you have not been to sl**p.”

“Good morning to you to. Actually I did sl**p in my chair but I have no idea for how long. Do you always get up this early?”

“Making me stand out in the hall?”

“Oh hell, you can come in, I might even have coffee if it is not to dark for you.”

She squeezed passed me into my room. She was dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt; hell she made everything she wore look good. Instead of sitting on my bed she went straight to the only chair I had and sat down putting her feet up and drawing her knees up to her chin. Cute.

“So? What brings you here so freaking early in the day? Do you want coffee?”

“Coffee no, it looks like you need it more than I do. I just thought you might want to have breakfast.”

“Coffee is my breakfast, sometimes it is my lunch.”

“Ewww, listen, you know the neighborhood better than I do, come with me and I will treat you to breakfast, just take me somewhere where I can get a good big mess of bacon and eggs.”

“You are a relentless little thing aren’t you? Sure, I will take you to my favorite place and introduce you as my granddaughter.”

“You are so funny, do you have a granddaughter?”

“A couple of them, and might even have a great grand by now. No one really keeps me in the loop.”

“Wow you are older than I thought.”

“I am scared to ask what you thought. But before I go anywhere, I need to shower, maybe sc**** my teeth, and change clothes. Do you want to wait in your room?”

“No, I will wait here. Can I look through your music files while you are doing all of that?”

“Sure, why not, just stick to the music though if you do not mind. I cut a disk for you, it is in the dvd drive. Give it a listen if you want.”

“So what is in your other files that I cannot look at?”

“Hey Miss Nosy Parker, just never mind, I just prefer you do as I ask.”

“I suppose I can try, but don’t blame me if my curiosity gets the better of me.”

“Grrrr.” I really did not give a damn what she did, I was just trying to protect her from being shocked. I found some clean clothes, took my toothbrush with me into the bathroom and started the water for my shower.

I came out of the bathroom feeling refreshed and almost alive. Cheryl had been nosy and was busy reading one of my word files, which meant she was reading something that I wrote. “Did you find the disk to your liking?”

“It was perfect, I like that it was seamless, I do not like breaks in the music when I am dancing they create a few seconds of awkward time. Sometimes that is all it takes to get the idiots going. I like your story, you write pretty good.”

“Which story is that?”

“Lil Red Betsy”

“What makes you think that I wrote it? Is the author’s name not B. Shelly?”

“Give me a break, it is obvious that you wrote it and are using a pen name because you wrote it from the view of the girl. It is almost believable that a girl wrote it, but there are some giveaways.”

“Maybe I should make you my editor.”

“We can make a trade, you can make music disks, and I will edit your stories.”

“A match made in heaven.” I put that out there in my most sarcastic voice.

She got up from the chair after closing what she was reading as she seemed to want to get going. “I do not have a jewel case for that disk. Do you have anything in your room you can use?”

She patted her bag. “I have it in my cd holder already. I have one of those zipper cases for my music. Thanks again, I am going to start on a routine for that tomorrow.” She grinned at me wickedly, as she brushed passed me on the way to the door. This time she did it slowly making sure that her nipples brushed my chest on the way by. Damn her nipples were sure long and hard. I thought of how I had described Lil Red and realized why Cheryl was grinning. Little brat I thought, but then started to grin myself.

We were walking down the street towards my favorite little Chinese café that served a good breakfast for a very good price. Cheryl shorter steps made it seem like she was having a hard time keeping up so I slowed a bit. She immediately hooked her arm in mine and started chattering about how it was so lovely here compared to the urban city that we are a distant suburb of. She was right, I did not take the time to appreciate how really beautiful it was here as much as I should, I really had to start getting out of my room more.

It was a long block to the restaurant but I found that I did not even notice walking there as I was becoming captivated by this little chatterbox. We almost walked by it, but she stopped and said, we should go here, look at the price for breakfast.

“Sure, this will do.” I reached passed her and opened the door allowing her to go in first. I am such a gentleman, but truthfully, why pass up a chance to view such a gorgeous tight ass? She headed to a table and sat down before I could get her chair, so I went up to the counter to let Peter know we were there. I looked back at Cheryl who was studying the menus that covered the walls. “Do you want coffee?”

“I could start with that sure. Have you been here before?”

“Actually I was taking you here, but I was distracted by the scenery and walked right by the door.”

“The scenery had better have been me.” She gave me a reproachful look as if I had done something wrong.

“Are you k**ding me? I get to see the same buildings and the same trees and mountains anytime I like, but you are the biggest improvement to the looks of this burg we have had since the facelift, bigger than that even.” That made her sit up and preen herself.

“You say all of the best things. Now what are you having for breakfast? It better be more than coffee.”

I was just about to answer when Peter came out of the back and greeted me with his usual greeting. “Mister Burrows, long time no see! You having your usual? Oh, who is this pretty girl? She your daughter?”

“Nice try Peter, my daughter is your age, but thanks. No this is Cheryl she showed up on my doorstep and dragged me out for breakfast.”

“Hi Peter, I am his girlfriend.” That stopped him in his tracks and he gaped at her, then at me. The nice thing about Peter is that he is gullible, but he recovers fast.

“Good, he needs a good woman to look after him. My wife wants to set him up with her friend but he seems to be able to avoid her when she is trying.” His big smile was back and all of us had a good laugh about that. “So missy, what you want to eat?”

“Well I am starved to I will take bacon and eggs over easy, whole wheat toast, double the bacon and give me three eggs. Oh, can you make my hash browns crispy?” He just had to gape again.

“Okay, and same for you Mister Burrows?” I was about to say that I just wanted my usual, but Cheryl beat me to it and doubled my order.

After Peter left, she started adding sugar and cream to her coffee. “Don’t worry if you cannot eat it all, I will finish it for you.” My turn to gape.

“I guess you burn a lot of energy when you are dancing so I should not be surprised. I actually like a girl that is not shy about her appetite. The worse thing is when a woman orders a salad and then eats half of your food while pretending she is just nibbling.” She almost screamed with laughter.

“You have a way with words, you really say what you think, but you do it with humor. I like that.”

“I try to say what I think, not everyone finds it humorous though.”

“So Alan, are you going to give me a chance?”

“A chance at what?”

“Well chances to get to know you, be your lover, learn from you, you know, the normal stuff a girlfriend does.” She was almost unreadable as I tried to determine how serious she was being. It seemed like there was a touch of hope in her voice and manner.

“Cheryl, you know what you are asking, I mean you know that you and I would have little chance to be a couple. Right? Hell I should not even be giving this conversation any credibility, but I sense that you are serious and I would like to know why?”

“Okay, that is all I can ask, is that you listen. I thought you were a jerk in the first moment that I met you, but you changed my opinion of you in the next moment. That made me curious, then you started with doing the nice things, like burning music for me, allowing me to visit last night when I needed someone to just be a friend after a rough night. You could have made a move on me last night and I probably would have been glad you did, but instead you treated me like a friend.”

As I listened to her, I started to appreciate her astuteness, she thought about things instead of being just a girl that reacts.

“You really impressed me with how quickly you put together that music set when I challenged you, and trust me, that is hardly ever done so easily. I won’t go on about how guys close to my age are shallow and stupid, and if they are not, they think I am. You do not treat me that way, you ask pertinent questions and you listen to the answers. Then of course you know about things that I would like to learn. So there you have it. No bullshit, I really would like to know you.”

“Fair enough, but you can know me without being a girlfriend or lover. I am more than willing to be friends with you, after all, you do not strike me as a girl that needs a man three times her age to hold her back.”

“I figured you would say that, but can you teach me about submissiveness without being my lover?

“Now that came out of left field. Where did you get that idea?”

“I read what you wrote, it is an integral part of your story and you could not have written that without some knowledge. I think it makes you even sexier than just having a brain.”

“Whew, you certainly give a guy something to think about. I will tell you what, we need to talk this over, but breakfast is here now, I think better when I have a full stomach.” Cheryl smiled at me with what I can only describe as triumph. Right there I knew that I was going to at the very least test the waters.

She ate with gusto, a starving c***d worried that she would never see this much food for a long time. I see people eat like this everyday at the Caring Place, hell I probably do it myself when I have gone a day or two without eating. Somehow I suspect with her it as the need for fuel knowing that she was going to work it off very soon. I became tempted to go and watch her dance.

“Maybe I will come and catch your first set today.” I picked up my toast and dipped in my soft yolks.

“Would you? I mean I would like it if you did, you could tell me what you think, you know? Like you could tell me how to be better.”

“I appreciate your faith in me, why don’t I just come because I want to enjoy myself by watching you do something you love to do.”

She looked a little abashed at that, I almost felt bad, but then she brightened up. “Gee, I like that. I will dance for you, just remember no matter how many people are there, I am dancing for you as if you are the only one there.”

“Many years ago, I was in my early forties, I was teaching a young girl much like you, not as pretty, but she had your spirit. That was when I found out my b*****r was bipolar and living in a fleabag hotel, worse than where I am, so I sent her away and took my b*****r in. He was with me until a year ago. I spent 14 years as his caregiver and in that whole time I only touched a woman 3 times, well 3 women several times, but you get what I mean.”

“You mean that you have been alone for almost 14 years? How could you?”

“It was hard at first, then it got harder, after a while it was really freaking hard. Somewhere it quit mattering and it has been easy ever since. Now that it is easy, I am not really convinced that I want to risk making it matter again.”

“So you are telling me that you will not give me a chance?”

“I am telling you that it is too late, after all, love is transitory and no one knows that better than I do.”

“So you are saying that you will give me a chance.”

“Yes, I am not going to commit to anything more than taking another step with you. But I have decided that there is something you need to learn from me, and that is why we met.”

“I am not sure I understand, my chance is to learn one step from you?”

I grinned at her, “You are having fun with me now, you little brat. Just feel lucky that I do not put you over my knee and spank your ass right here for being a smart ass.”

“Could you do that when we get back to your room?”

Peter saved me from answering by showing up to pour coffee for us. “You two are a very funny couple, too bad wife is not here!”

“Give me a break Peter, and don’t be telling your wife to quit looking for me, I am getting to that age where I will need a woman to change my diapers for me.”

“You very funny, Mister Burrow, you still young man, my wife find you a good wife.”

“So what is with them? Do you have a lot of people trying to hook you up?”

“Thankfully it is just them, and so far just fun, at least I hope that is all it is.”

“You did not tell me. I mean what you said I need to learn from you, the reason we met.”

“Good, you accept that then. You need me to teach you how to be confident, for some reason you also realize that you can learn that through submissiveness. Do you have any idea why you know that?” She stared at me as if I was nuts.

“I am not confident? You could have fooled me.”

“The reason I know this is because the pack has such an effect on you. If you were confident then the pack would not even bother trying to get a rise out of you when you are on stage because they would sense that they would not be able to get to you. Also, you are always looking for affirmation, and even though you have just met me you sense that I could give that to you. I do not choose to do that, but I will teach you to not need it.”

“Gads, you really don’t make sense sometimes.”

“Give it time, you are smart enough to figure it out when you apply yourself.”

Cheryl was quiet as she finished eating her food, once in a while she would look at me as if she was going to say something, then she would take another bite, or a sip of coffee. “You are telling me that the guys that bother me when I am on stage have a pack mentality, that the somehow sense that I am their bitch because I exude a vibe that tells them I am afraid of them. The other thing you are telling me is that I met you because I need to learn how to stop that.”

“What do you think of that?”

“I am not too sure, it seems like a lot to take in, all I can think of right now is that either you are very perceptive, or very crazy. Does crazy run in your f****y?”

“Yes, it does sadly enough.”

She lifted her coffee to her lips but did not drink, she studied me intensely over the top of her cup. “I came to you, I asked you to give me a chance, so I am going to take a chance and trust you. For some reason you make sense, and for some reason I believe in you.”

“Shall we go then? Your first lesson is complete and I believe you must have to get ready for your lunch hour show.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good girl.”
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My name is Rick and this is chapter 2 of my story. If you haven’t read Chapter 1 I suggest you do so, as this will explain how I got to this point.
Yesterday morning I was a normal, horny 15 year old teenager, and spent most of my “private-time” beating my meat over internet porn. However my life changed for the better at breakfast, when my Mom nervously told me she wanted to become my cum-bucket, and was willing to let me fuck her any way and any time I wanted! For the first time I got to fuck a woman’s cunt, shit-hole and throat, and gave her a massive cum facial. She loved every moment and we fell asl**p absolutely exhausted. Chapter 2 starts the next morning.

I woke to a strange sensation, and opened my eyes to see my foxy mom smiling at me as she lovingly sucked on my cock. She paused for a moment. “How is my hot stud this morning? I hope you want to play more games with your fuck-slut today!”
“Mom, yesterday was the best day of my life. I don’t know where this is going, but I’m hooked!”
She gave me one of her sexiest smiles. “Baby, I want you to understand this is going wherever you want it to. I love giving myself to you, and it really turns me on to know you are in control and I am your sex toy! My cunt gets juicy just wondering what you are going to do next, so don’t be frightened to do whatever you want with me.”
I’d given this some thought last night before I went to sl**p, and I was keen to see whether there were limits or if mom really was prepared to do anything I wanted.
“Ok my sexy little slut, come with me now and we’ll get you wet in no time!”
I took her hand and led her to the bathroom. She was still wearing the little red mini skirt and see-through lace top she had dressed in last night, though these were now disheveled following our sexy games.
“Lay back in the bath for me and spread your cunt flaps open.”
I could tell she was curious about what was coming, but she wouldn’t be waiting long! Last night we had enjoyed several glasses of wine, and my bladder was full to bursting point. I didn’t want to freak her out, so I carefully aimed my hard-on directly at her cunt flaps and let a burst of golden piss fly. Right on target, it splattered over her juicy cunt and her hands.
She was quite surprised by this, but recovered quickly. “Oh, you fucking little deviate! So you want to piss on mom’s cunt do you? Well go on, what are you waiting for!”
Mom had given me the green light and I was indulging in a fantasy I never thought would come true, so I let another jet go and this time I shifted my aim higher until my piss was showering all over mom’s luscious tits. Rivers of piss were running down her body, and she had her eyes closed and two fingers thrusting into her soaked cunt. I stopped again and watched my wanton little slut enjoying our filthy games, but I wasn’t finished yet. I aimed my cock directly at her pretty face and let another quick jet go.
Mom’s eyes flew open and she gave me a look of pure lust. She lay down in the bath, wallowing in the pool of my piss. Knowing she was enjoying our piss games, I proceeded to empty my bladder all over her. I pissed on her hair and her face, down over her tits, her cunt and back up again. Her fingers were a blur as she rammed them into her cum-hungry cunt, and as my stream ran dry she shuddered as she came again and again. Even in porno films I had never seen a woman cum so hard!
“Yes, yes, yes!!!” She screamed as yet another orgasm rippled through her body. “Piss on your fucking slut! Use me as your toilet, this is so fucking hot!!”
Mom’s reaction to my golden shower had got me really hot as well, so I bent down and gave her a deep tongue kiss, tasting my own salty piss in the process. My cock was still rock-solid, though now it was pure lust rather than the need to empty my bladder. I picked her up and flipped her over onto her hands and knees, aimed my drooling cock-head at the rosebud of her shit hole, and rammed my cock all the way home in one vicious stroke.
She uttered a guttural moan from deep in her throat.
“Is this what you want you sluttly little whore?” I shouted as I ruthlessly pounded into her arse. “Do you want my cock deep in your shit-hole you bitch? Reach back and pull your arse cheeks open for me, and then you can suck my cum and your shit off my cock when I’ve blown my load!”
“Yes baby I will suck you clean, now do me and do me hard!”
I continued to rip into her arsehole until I felt that increasingly familiar tingling in my balls. All too soon my cum was spattering deep into her hole, but I kept pumping and cumming until my knees started to give out.
Mom turned around and literally devoured my cock, licking and sucking until it was spotlessly clean and I had to push her away as I couldn’t take any more. We both collapsed in the bath and lay there in a pool of piss and cum, catching our breath. She gave me one of her cat- that-ate-the-canary satisfied smiles. “Oh baby you do catch on fast! I’d always wondered what piss-play would be like but I never had the courage to find out. Your Dad would have completely freaked-out if I had ever suggested it! Where did you get the idea to try that?”
“Mom, before you became my cum bucket I used to look at porn and pull my dick. I saw some European porn and they are right into piss games, but I never thought I’d get the chance to try it out. Now I’m glad I did, it was hot!”
“You’re not k**ding, I hope you’ll want to play piss games with me in future, that was simply amazing! It was so filthy, I couldn’t stop cumming!”
“I really got off on seeing you rolling around covered in piss, so we’ll do this again for sure. Now I have to get to school and you have to go to work, so I guess we should clean up.”
She looked at me with a look of mock sadness. “I guess you’re right, but I just want you to keep on fucking me and using me as your sex toy!”
We showered together and mom lovingly washed every inch of me, then herself, and toweled both us dry. I couldn’t help but notice she spent more time on my cock and balls than the rest of my body, but that was fine with me!
We enjoyed breakfast naked, then dressed for the day and headed off. I gave Mum a deep kiss goodbye and she smiled at me. “Any special requests for tonight baby?”
I certainly had plans, but wasn’t prepared to disclose them just yet. “Why don’t we barbecue outside tonight? And I’d love you to look especially slutty for me!”
She shivered. “Sounds like I need to go shopping again. See you then!”
For the second consecutive day I was useless at school, too busy thinking about fucking Mom to worry about lessons. Finally the bell rang and school was over for the day, and I was on the bus heading for town to do some shopping of my own before heading home.
I knew there was an adult store in a back alley in town, but I’d never been there before and I was unsure if they’d let me in as they have an age restriction. Thankfully there was a young guy behind the counter who just nodded at me as I walked in and went back to reading a porn magazine.
I had a rough idea of the items I wanted but the range was amazing! I spent a lot longer than I’d planned, but the sales guy gave me a big smile and a discount, saying I was his best customer for the day. I caught the bus and arrived home just on sunset.
Soft music was playing and mom had been busy lighting candles again. This time she was laying back on the lounge with a glass of wine and another on the coffee table for me. “Honey I’m home!” I said with a big smile and gave her a welcoming kiss. She looked amazing. Hair, make-up and jewelry beautifully done, and the briefest pair of white lace panties, stockings and matching high-heel shoes. She hadn’t bothered about her top half and her magnificent tits were on proud display.
“I can see that baby, I was just starting to worry.” She said, handing me my glass.
“I went into town and did some toy shopping.” I replied, knowing this would pique her curiosity.
“You look sensational Mom, I really appreciate the way you dress for me.”
“It’s all for you baby, anything you want you just have to take it.” She responded.
I smiled, this was going to be a great night. “Why don’t you get on your hands and knees for me?”
She complied immediately and I opened my bag. I had bought a velvet blindfold and slipped this over her head. She shivered, wondering what was in store but comfortable to let me have my way. Unlike last night I was prepared to take my time and ensure we both enjoyed every sensation.
I had purchased a larger butt plug than Mom’s current toy and some water-based lube, and gently eased her panty thong to the side so I had clear access to her fuck-holes. I poured some lubricant into her ass crack and she shivered again as it ran down her channel. I worked it lovingly around her rosebud and then inserted my finger. She was trying to hold still but was clearly loving the back door attention, as she started rotating her hips as though she were slow dancing. With aide of more lubricant I inserted a second and third finger and stretched her back hole until I could easily slide my fingers in and out.
I leant down so my mouth was close to her ear. “Did my little slut clean her shit hole for me?”
“Yes!” She hissed. “I had two enemas when I got home so my little shit-hole should be spotless. Oh God, you are really stretching my fucking asshole!”
I knew she was ready so I greased the butt-plug and gently started to insert it. I could see her rosebud clenching and releasing as tried to relax and accept my intruder. Finally it popped in and she let out a long sigh. “Oh my God I’m so fucking full! You’ve stuffed my ass completely!”
“Get used to it, you cunt.” I hissed to her. “You are going to wear this plug a lot from now on, because I want your back hole ready for a good ass fucking whenever I’m in the mood.”
“I’m your little fuck slut baby and I’ll do whatever you say.”
I helped her stand, gave her a kiss and took her blindfold off. “Why don’t you freshen our drinks and we’ll go outside and start the barbecue.”
Our house was in a fairly secluded area which I was really starting to appreciate, with a barbecue area and jacuzzi screened by a row of thick bushes to ensure our privacy.
I fired up the barbecue and mom brought out a tray of meat and some salad. She smiled as she walked past and I admired the way she looked and moved. Mom had always been athletic, and there wasn’t an ounce of fat on her body despite having had two k**s. She moved like dancer and just watching her walk by created tingling sensations in my cock.
“Mom, why don’t you come over here and suck my cock?”
She smiled, walked over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Anything you say baby.” She said as she knelt down. She licked all over my balls and my cock and then took me in her mouth, gradually taking my rod deeper until it slid down her throat. I felt like a king, standing at a barbecue tending the meat while this sexy, half naked woman took my fat prick down her throat.
“Does the plug feel good in your ass Mom?” I asked.
She closed her eyes, moaned around my cock, and nodded as far as she could.
She gradually increased the tempo, sucking harder and faster. I sipped my wine and looked at her lips stretched around my shaft. She was obviously after her first load of cum for the night and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. Mom was getting better and better at pushing my buttons, and now seemed to know exactly how to make me cum. I let the first two or three shots blast down her throat, and then whipped my cock out of the mouth and proceeded to spray her face with my cum.
“Yes, yes, yes baby! Paint your slut’s face with your fuck juice!” She moaned as I continued to blast away.
I had to sit down for a moment, and admired my handiwork. “You look so fucking hot with my cum all over your face Mom!”
“I love it baby! I feel like such a slut when you do that. I can’t explain it, but I do my hair and my make-up and I probably should be upset when you cum all over me, but it makes me feel so used I really get off on it!” Not that I needed proof, but mom had clearly cum as well as the inside of her thighs was glistened with her own fuck juice, so who was I to argue with that?
She made no attempt to clean up my cum, and sat on the lounge as it gradually ran down her face and onto her tits. We chatted about this and that, enjoying each other’s company and making idle talk while the meat sizzled away. When she thought I wasn’t watching she would close her eyes and move her ass around as though trying to push the butt-plug in even further. I had got my money’s worth from that toy already!
The meat was ready so I took it off the hot plate when Mom walked past me heading for the house.
“Where are going slut?” I enquired.
She looked at me sheepishly. “I have to pee honey.”
“So what?” I responded. “I didn’t give you permission to pee!”
“I’m sorry honey I didn’t ask, did I? Are you going to punish me?”
This was a golden opportunity to introduce mom to some more of my new toys. “Of course I am you slut! Your holes are mine and you don’t seem to understand that anything going in or coming out requires my permission.”
She stood there unsure what her next move should be, so I put the blindfold back on and told her not to move.
I had purchased some handcuffs and snapped these around her wrists with her hands in front of her body.
“Play with your cunt bitch!” I snapped and she complied with enthusiasm.
I had also bought a short riding crop with a leather thong on the end, and walked around her slowly admiring her naked body and listening to her moans as she diddled her clit.
As she shuddered through an orgasm I flicked the whip across her ass checks. She jumped and gasped, but kept quiet and went back to playing with herself. I walked around in front, admiring her full, luscious tits and gave her sharp whack across her left nipple. A long, guttural moan escaped from deep in her throat and her legs went weak momentarily, but she maintained her balance and again resumed playing with cunt. I gave her a shot across her other nipple with the same result. Mom seemed to really get off having her tits whipped so I gave her several more short, sharp shots, alternating from one tit to the other.
“Do you understand what is required now you slut?” I hissed to her.
“Yes Master I understand. I’m sorry Master it won’t happen again!”
Her calling me Master took me completely by surprise, but I now knew she was giving herself to me completely, and who was I to argue with that!
“Did you enjoy your whipping cunt, because you certainly had it coming!”
“Whatever you wish Master. Your cunt needed to be disciplined!” She responded.
“Do you still need to piss?” I asked.
“Yes please, if I don’t piss soon I’ll do it right here!”
“That’s exactly what I want you to do. Pull your flaps open and piss here!”
She hesitated for just a second and then pulled her flaps apart to expose her glistening cunt. After a couple of seconds her golden piss started to flow, and she certainly needed the release as a strong flow gushed out.
“Stop!” I shouted and she managed to halt the flow. I took off the handcuffs and blindfold and knelt directly in front of her cunt. I was so hot I wanted to taste her piss the way she had tasted mine this morning.
“Now you can piss!” I told her. She smiled at me, pulled her flaps wide apart, and squatted slightly to aim her cunt directly at my face. Her flow came in a rush and within seconds my face was bathed her piss and it was running down my body. The taste and sensations were amazing and I understood why she had really gotten off when I pissed on her. When she finally ran dry she knelt beside me in her pool of piss and gave me the most intense, erotic kiss I have ever received.
“Baby, that was simply amazing!” She hissed. “That was so intense I nearly came while I was pissing!”
“Well Mom, you we’re so turned on when I pissed on you this morning, I figured I should find out why. It is pretty filthy so that’s probably part of the attraction!”
I was covered in piss and mom in piss and cum, so we sat down and enjoyed our meal. We were both starving after our sex games, and joked about needing to keep our strength up. As the sunlight faded we enjoyed a couple of wines and hopped into the jacuzzi to relax, and clean up a little!
As we mellowed out I was fondling mom’s tits and cunt, and she was playing with my cock. We were both juicing up, so we hopped out the jacuzzi and toweled each other dry. I bent her over the table and slid my cock easily into her cunt. Despite sitting in the jacuzzi for some time, her fuck hole was still slick and I slid in with virtually no resistance. I could feel her contracting her muscles to grip my shaft as I slid in and then release as I pulled back. The butt-plug was twitching in her ass and I gripped and pulled it out, watching her ass hole gape open after a thorough stretching. I was falling in love with fucking mom’s shit hole, and slid my cock in to her warm back tunnel. The butt-plug had done its job and her back hole was far looser than previously, but still tight enough to give me the sensations I craved.
“Fuck my hole baby!” Mom cried in ecstasy. “Fuck your little slut’s shit-hole and fill me with me with your hot cum!”
I increased the pace. “Get ready shit-slut, I gonna fill this hole!”
My cum started pumping into her greedy ass, spurt after spurt pumping into her ready tunnel.
“Yes baby, Yes!!!” Mum screamed as she felt my seed splattering into her.
I was so deep in her ass that my balls were jammed tightly against her slick cunt, this was heaven, no question.

That was until I looked over and realized my sweet 13 year old s****r Rebecca was home three days early, standing open-mouthed in the doorway, and there was no doubt she could see exactly what mom and I were doing!
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My name is Rick and this is chapter 2 of my story. If you haven’t read Chapter 1 I suggest you do so, as this will explain how I got to this point.
Yesterday morning I was a normal, horny 15 year old teenager, and spent most of my “private-time” beating my meat over internet porn. However my life changed for the better at breakfast, when my Mom nervously told me she wanted to become my cum-bucket, and was willing to let me fuck her any way and any time I wanted! For the first time I got to fuck a woman’s cunt, shit-hole and throat, and gave her a massive cum facial. She loved every moment and we fell asl**p absolutely exhausted. Chapter 2 starts the next morning.

I woke to a strange sensation, and opened my eyes to see my foxy mom smiling at me as she lovingly sucked on my cock. She paused for a moment. “How is my hot stud this morning? I hope you want to play more games with your fuck-slut today!”
“Mom, yesterday was the best day of my life. I don’t know where this is going, but I’m hooked!”
She gave me one of her sexiest smiles. “Baby, I want you to understand this is going wherever you want it to. I love giving myself to you, and it really turns me on to know you are in control and I am your sex toy! My cunt gets juicy just wondering what you are going to do next, so don’t be frightened to do whatever you want with me.”
I’d given this some thought last night before I went to sl**p, and I was keen to see whether there were limits or if mom really was prepared to do anything I wanted.
“Ok my sexy little slut, come with me now and we’ll get you wet in no time!”
I took her hand and led her to the bathroom. She was still wearing the little red mini skirt and see-through lace top she had dressed in last night, though these were now disheveled following our sexy games.
“Lay back in the bath for me and spread your cunt flaps open.”
I could tell she was curious about what was coming, but she wouldn’t be waiting long! Last night we had enjoyed several glasses of wine, and my bladder was full to bursting point. I didn’t want to freak her out, so I carefully aimed my hard-on directly at her cunt flaps and let a burst of golden piss fly. Right on target, it splattered over her juicy cunt and her hands.
She was quite surprised by this, but recovered quickly. “Oh, you fucking little deviate! So you want to piss on mom’s cunt do you? Well go on, what are you waiting for!”
Mom had given me the green light and I was indulging in a fantasy I never thought would come true, so I let another jet go and this time I shifted my aim higher until my piss was showering all over mom’s luscious tits. Rivers of piss were running down her body, and she had her eyes closed and two fingers thrusting into her soaked cunt. I stopped again and watched my wanton little slut enjoying our filthy games, but I wasn’t finished yet. I aimed my cock directly at her pretty face and let another quick jet go.
Mom’s eyes flew open and she gave me a look of pure lust. She lay down in the bath, wallowing in the pool of my piss. Knowing she was enjoying our piss games, I proceeded to empty my bladder all over her. I pissed on her hair and her face, down over her tits, her cunt and back up again. Her fingers were a blur as she rammed them into her cum-hungry cunt, and as my stream ran dry she shuddered as she came again and again. Even in porno films I had never seen a woman cum so hard!
“Yes, yes, yes!!!” She screamed as yet another orgasm rippled through her body. “Piss on your fucking slut! Use me as your toilet, this is so fucking hot!!”
Mom’s reaction to my golden shower had got me really hot as well, so I bent down and gave her a deep tongue kiss, tasting my own salty piss in the process. My cock was still rock-solid, though now it was pure lust rather than the need to empty my bladder. I picked her up and flipped her over onto her hands and knees, aimed my drooling cock-head at the rosebud of her shit hole, and rammed my cock all the way home in one vicious stroke.
She uttered a guttural moan from deep in her throat.
“Is this what you want you sluttly little whore?” I shouted as I ruthlessly pounded into her arse. “Do you want my cock deep in your shit-hole you bitch? Reach back and pull your arse cheeks open for me, and then you can suck my cum and your shit off my cock when I’ve blown my load!”
“Yes baby I will suck you clean, now do me and do me hard!”
I continued to rip into her arsehole until I felt that increasingly familiar tingling in my balls. All too soon my cum was spattering deep into her hole, but I kept pumping and cumming until my knees started to give out.
Mom turned around and literally devoured my cock, licking and sucking until it was spotlessly clean and I had to push her away as I couldn’t take any more. We both collapsed in the bath and lay there in a pool of piss and cum, catching our breath. She gave me one of her cat- that-ate-the-canary satisfied smiles. “Oh baby you do catch on fast! I’d always wondered what piss-play would be like but I never had the courage to find out. Your Dad would have completely freaked-out if I had ever suggested it! Where did you get the idea to try that?”
“Mom, before you became my cum bucket I used to look at porn and pull my dick. I saw some European porn and they are right into piss games, but I never thought I’d get the chance to try it out. Now I’m glad I did, it was hot!”
“You’re not k**ding, I hope you’ll want to play piss games with me in future, that was simply amazing! It was so filthy, I couldn’t stop cumming!”
“I really got off on seeing you rolling around covered in piss, so we’ll do this again for sure. Now I have to get to school and you have to go to work, so I guess we should clean up.”
She looked at me with a look of mock sadness. “I guess you’re right, but I just want you to keep on fucking me and using me as your sex toy!”
We showered together and mom lovingly washed every inch of me, then herself, and toweled both us dry. I couldn’t help but notice she spent more time on my cock and balls than the rest of my body, but that was fine with me!
We enjoyed breakfast naked, then dressed for the day and headed off. I gave Mum a deep kiss goodbye and she smiled at me. “Any special requests for tonight baby?”
I certainly had plans, but wasn’t prepared to disclose them just yet. “Why don’t we barbecue outside tonight? And I’d love you to look especially slutty for me!”
She shivered. “Sounds like I need to go shopping again. See you then!”
For the second consecutive day I was useless at school, too busy thinking about fucking Mom to worry about lessons. Finally the bell rang and school was over for the day, and I was on the bus heading for town to do some shopping of my own before heading home.
I knew there was an adult store in a back alley in town, but I’d never been there before and I was unsure if they’d let me in as they have an age restriction. Thankfully there was a young guy behind the counter who just nodded at me as I walked in and went back to reading a porn magazine.
I had a rough idea of the items I wanted but the range was amazing! I spent a lot longer than I’d planned, but the sales guy gave me a big smile and a discount, saying I was his best customer for the day. I caught the bus and arrived home just on sunset.
Soft music was playing and mom had been busy lighting candles again. This time she was laying back on the lounge with a glass of wine and another on the coffee table for me. “Honey I’m home!” I said with a big smile and gave her a welcoming kiss. She looked amazing. Hair, make-up and jewelry beautifully done, and the briefest pair of white lace panties, stockings and matching high-heel shoes. She hadn’t bothered about her top half and her magnificent tits were on proud display.
“I can see that baby, I was just starting to worry.” She said, handing me my glass.
“I went into town and did some toy shopping.” I replied, knowing this would pique her curiosity.
“You look sensational Mom, I really appreciate the way you dress for me.”
“It’s all for you baby, anything you want you just have to take it.” She responded.
I smiled, this was going to be a great night. “Why don’t you get on your hands and knees for me?”
She complied immediately and I opened my bag. I had bought a velvet blindfold and slipped this over her head. She shivered, wondering what was in store but comfortable to let me have my way. Unlike last night I was prepared to take my time and ensure we both enjoyed every sensation.
I had purchased a larger butt plug than Mom’s current toy and some water-based lube, and gently eased her panty thong to the side so I had clear access to her fuck-holes. I poured some lubricant into her ass crack and she shivered again as it ran down her channel. I worked it lovingly around her rosebud and then inserted my finger. She was trying to hold still but was clearly loving the back door attention, as she started rotating her hips as though she were slow dancing. With aide of more lubricant I inserted a second and third finger and stretched her back hole until I could easily slide my fingers in and out.
I leant down so my mouth was close to her ear. “Did my little slut clean her shit hole for me?”
“Yes!” She hissed. “I had two enemas when I got home so my little shit-hole should be spotless. Oh God, you are really stretching my fucking asshole!”
I knew she was ready so I greased the butt-plug and gently started to insert it. I could see her rosebud clenching and releasing as tried to relax and accept my intruder. Finally it popped in and she let out a long sigh. “Oh my God I’m so fucking full! You’ve stuffed my ass completely!”
“Get used to it, you cunt.” I hissed to her. “You are going to wear this plug a lot from now on, because I want your back hole ready for a good ass fucking whenever I’m in the mood.”
“I’m your little fuck slut baby and I’ll do whatever you say.”
I helped her stand, gave her a kiss and took her blindfold off. “Why don’t you freshen our drinks and we’ll go outside and start the barbecue.”
Our house was in a fairly secluded area which I was really starting to appreciate, with a barbecue area and jacuzzi screened by a row of thick bushes to ensure our privacy.
I fired up the barbecue and mom brought out a tray of meat and some salad. She smiled as she walked past and I admired the way she looked and moved. Mom had always been athletic, and there wasn’t an ounce of fat on her body despite having had two k**s. She moved like dancer and just watching her walk by created tingling sensations in my cock.
“Mom, why don’t you come over here and suck my cock?”
She smiled, walked over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Anything you say baby.” She said as she knelt down. She licked all over my balls and my cock and then took me in her mouth, gradually taking my rod deeper until it slid down her throat. I felt like a king, standing at a barbecue tending the meat while this sexy, half naked woman took my fat prick down her throat.
“Does the plug feel good in your ass Mom?” I asked.
She closed her eyes, moaned around my cock, and nodded as far as she could.
She gradually increased the tempo, sucking harder and faster. I sipped my wine and looked at her lips stretched around my shaft. She was obviously after her first load of cum for the night and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. Mom was getting better and better at pushing my buttons, and now seemed to know exactly how to make me cum. I let the first two or three shots blast down her throat, and then whipped my cock out of the mouth and proceeded to spray her face with my cum.
“Yes, yes, yes baby! Paint your slut’s face with your fuck juice!” She moaned as I continued to blast away.
I had to sit down for a moment, and admired my handiwork. “You look so fucking hot with my cum all over your face Mom!”
“I love it baby! I feel like such a slut when you do that. I can’t explain it, but I do my hair and my make-up and I probably should be upset when you cum all over me, but it makes me feel so used I really get off on it!” Not that I needed proof, but mom had clearly cum as well as the inside of her thighs was glistened with her own fuck juice, so who was I to argue with that?
She made no attempt to clean up my cum, and sat on the lounge as it gradually ran down her face and onto her tits. We chatted about this and that, enjoying each other’s company and making idle talk while the meat sizzled away. When she thought I wasn’t watching she would close her eyes and move her ass around as though trying to push the butt-plug in even further. I had got my money’s worth from that toy already!
The meat was ready so I took it off the hot plate when Mom walked past me heading for the house.
“Where are going slut?” I enquired.
She looked at me sheepishly. “I have to pee honey.”
“So what?” I responded. “I didn’t give you permission to pee!”
“I’m sorry honey I didn’t ask, did I? Are you going to punish me?”
This was a golden opportunity to introduce mom to some more of my new toys. “Of course I am you slut! Your holes are mine and you don’t seem to understand that anything going in or coming out requires my permission.”
She stood there unsure what her next move should be, so I put the blindfold back on and told her not to move.
I had purchased some handcuffs and snapped these around her wrists with her hands in front of her body.
“Play with your cunt bitch!” I snapped and she complied with enthusiasm.
I had also bought a short riding crop with a leather thong on the end, and walked around her slowly admiring her naked body and listening to her moans as she diddled her clit.
As she shuddered through an orgasm I flicked the whip across her ass checks. She jumped and gasped, but kept quiet and went back to playing with herself. I walked around in front, admiring her full, luscious tits and gave her sharp whack across her left nipple. A long, guttural moan escaped from deep in her throat and her legs went weak momentarily, but she maintained her balance and again resumed playing with cunt. I gave her a shot across her other nipple with the same result. Mom seemed to really get off having her tits whipped so I gave her several more short, sharp shots, alternating from one tit to the other.
“Do you understand what is required now you slut?” I hissed to her.
“Yes Master I understand. I’m sorry Master it won’t happen again!”
Her calling me Master took me completely by surprise, but I now knew she was giving herself to me completely, and who was I to argue with that!
“Did you enjoy your whipping cunt, because you certainly had it coming!”
“Whatever you wish Master. Your cunt needed to be disciplined!” She responded.
“Do you still need to piss?” I asked.
“Yes please, if I don’t piss soon I’ll do it right here!”
“That’s exactly what I want you to do. Pull your flaps open and piss here!”
She hesitated for just a second and then pulled her flaps apart to expose her glistening cunt. After a couple of seconds her golden piss started to flow, and she certainly needed the release as a strong flow gushed out.
“Stop!” I shouted and she managed to halt the flow. I took off the handcuffs and blindfold and knelt directly in front of her cunt. I was so hot I wanted to taste her piss the way she had tasted mine this morning.
“Now you can piss!” I told her. She smiled at me, pulled her flaps wide apart, and squatted slightly to aim her cunt directly at my face. Her flow came in a rush and within seconds my face was bathed her piss and it was running down my body. The taste and sensations were amazing and I understood why she had really gotten off when I pissed on her. When she finally ran dry she knelt beside me in her pool of piss and gave me the most intense, erotic kiss I have ever received.
“Baby, that was simply amazing!” She hissed. “That was so intense I nearly came while I was pissing!”
“Well Mom, you we’re so turned on when I pissed on you this morning, I figured I should find out why. It is pretty filthy so that’s probably part of the attraction!”
I was covered in piss and mom in piss and cum, so we sat down and enjoyed our meal. We were both starving after our sex games, and joked about needing to keep our strength up. As the sunlight faded we enjoyed a couple of wines and hopped into the jacuzzi to relax, and clean up a little!
As we mellowed out I was fondling mom’s tits and cunt, and she was playing with my cock. We were both juicing up, so we hopped out the jacuzzi and toweled each other dry. I bent her over the table and slid my cock easily into her cunt. Despite sitting in the jacuzzi for some time, her fuck hole was still slick and I slid in with virtually no resistance. I could feel her contracting her muscles to grip my shaft as I slid in and then release as I pulled back. The butt-plug was twitching in her ass and I gripped and pulled it out, watching her ass hole gape open after a thorough stretching. I was falling in love with fucking mom’s shit hole, and slid my cock in to her warm back tunnel. The butt-plug had done its job and her back hole was far looser than previously, but still tight enough to give me the sensations I craved.
“Fuck my hole baby!” Mom cried in ecstasy. “Fuck your little slut’s shit-hole and fill me with me with your hot cum!”
I increased the pace. “Get ready shit-slut, I gonna fill this hole!”
My cum started pumping into her greedy ass, spurt after spurt pumping into her ready tunnel.
“Yes baby, Yes!!!” Mum screamed as she felt my seed splattering into her.
I was so deep in her ass that my balls were jammed tightly against her slick cunt, this was heaven, no question.

That was until I looked over and realized my sweet 13 year old s****r Rebecca was home three days early, standing open-mouthed in the doorway, and there was no doubt she could see exactly what mom and I were doing!
... Continue»
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mysterious neighbor Chapter 1

After an argument with her mother, Sherri Darnell accepts an offer from her Aunt Lilly of a place to stay where she can complete her art projects. It seemed to be the perfect solution, but a new neighbor presents a whole new challenge.

Prelude: For those readers that are familiar with my work, it will come as no surprise that chapter one contains a limited amount of sexual activity, but is essential in setting up my characters and my story. Without it, the story would not make a lot of sense.

It's been a long time coming and I hope you enjoy it and can't wait for the next chapter. You won't be sorry.


Part 1

Mom and I had been at odds with each other before, but nothing like this. I wanted more control over my life, but to her way of thinking, since I lived at home, I was still s*******n.

This last one was a beaut. I walked out in disgust and anger and did it so well I wasn't sure if she'd let me back in.

I'm no teenager. I'm a third year art major with a minor in elementary education. I'd been getting enough commercial work to pay the bills, but lately, the jobs weren't large enough to pay all that well Mom was pushing hard for me to spend the summer working for Elliot Tarkington, otherwise known to every woman in Pine Springs as the letch. He has a large gallery and he hires young artists during the summer months but his gig is that he tells them how good they are and how he would be willing to hang some of their art, and if they run a little short on money, he is willing to help in exchange for...yeah, you've got it. Mom says that I am strong enough to resist his threats and I say I don't want to give him the chance. I won't make as much elsewhere, but I don't have to worry about my reputation.

I was sitting in the coffee shop, trying to decide what to do, when in walked my cousin, Jillian. She's older than I by a little over a year, and usually travels for a major information technology company, so. I was shocked to see her in this little coffee shop.

I asked her why she was in town and how she knew where I'd be. She told me she came in to see her mother, my Aunt Lilly, and attend a conference that started on Monday. Evidently Mom had called Lily and dumped on her and of course, she would know where I'd be. It had been our favorite place for a long time. .

So, I poured my guts out to her and she totally agreed with me. "You need to talk to Mom," she said. "She's not afraid of her s****r and she will most definitely agree with you."

Well, to make a long story shorter, I did talk to Aunt Lilly. Then she and Mom got into a long drawn out bitch fight and mom declared that I'm not welcome there unless I come on hands and knees and beg, and THEN go to work for Elliot. It ain't gonna happen.

We left the coffee shop to go to O'doule's Irish pub where we met Lily. Jillian had a pint and Lily and I had some white wine. Once we're settled down, Lily started asking me questions about my plans.

"I have my heart set on teaching at a particular art school but in order to do that, I'm going to have to be able to demonstrate that I'm comfortable with all media. How can you teach what you can't do? So, I've been working on a portfolio that will do that, but I've got a lot to do on it and in the meantime, I've got a shot at the new Magnunson Corporate logo thanks to Professor Whitlow. It would pay enough to carry me for while even without any other work. Almost anything would be better than working for Elliot and spending half my time naked and on my back."

"So basically, you need a place to live and work until you get your portfolio and this commercial stuff done?"

"Yeah, but when I was home, I had the whole attic as my studio and since nobody goes up there, I could focus completely."

"I see, and what more do you have to do on the portfolio?"

"I've got pieces ready in most of the genre, but I need to do a sculpture of some kind. I've done some work with clay so that's what I'll use for that. For the painting part, I have three pieces that have to be completed. I have to do two figure studies in my choice of two media, and one of what Professor Whitlow calls his version of Interpretive studies, which are basically swirls of color that can be about anything, although I'm doing mine based on one of the figure studies. They don't have to look like anything exactly, but through the use of flowing color patterns, I have to reveal enough of the figure to suggest what it is without it being obvious. I pretty well know what I'm going to do, I just have to do it."

"Then you don't have a problem," Lilly said.

"How do you figure that?" I asked.

"Lake Wanderlee," she said.

"I don't follow you."

'You can have the cottage at Lake Wanderlee to work in. There is no one even close to you and the place is perfect for a studio. Great Lighting, and lots of space. Jillian and I are going on a one month cruise and no one else in the f****y is going to use it this year. Everyone's going to Jason's new place up on Lake Michigan."

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Absolutely. It's yours."

"That would be so great," I said. "I remember going up there. It sure is isolated if you want it to be, and It's really quiet, especially now, because the tourists won't be there for another two weeks or so."

They went with me to get my clothes and art supplies. Jillian about had a cow when she grabbed the box of clay for my sculpture. I tried to tell her it was heavy but she insisted so what the hell. Lily and Mom fought like cats and dogs, but that kept Mom too busy to mess with my head. With Jillian helping me, we had the car loaded in short order, signaled Lilly and we got out of there. The car was literally jammed and poor Jillian got stuffed into the back seat.

"There's one important thing you need to know," Lilly said. "We have a neighbor now, but she doesn't bother anyone and she does not want or appreciate visitors. I can't tell you who she is, but she's quite famous in her own right, but very, very private when she's at the cottage, and she doesn't use her real name up. When she goes out, she wears colored contacts and a wig. Don't bother her, and she won't bother you, "

I almost wished she hadn't told me because now I knew I'd do whatever I could to see who she was without getting caught. It's just the curious nature in me.

In no time at all, I was on my way north. It was a long drive to Lake Wanderlee so I stopped at a small motel right along the highway and had no trouble falling into a deep sl**p. I grabbed some breakfast before I left and when I got to Pendleton, I stopped for groceries and supplies. I had my digital camera with me and at the last minute, I'd grabbed the digital video recorder. It was half mine, and she had no idea how to use it anyway.

I didn't get to the lake until after sunset so I only unloaded what I needed and the things that had to be frozen or refrigerated. By the time I had everything put away, I was ready to call it a day.

The couch was long and wide, so I threw a blanket over me, dropped a pillow on the couch and fell asl**p almost as soon as I lay down. I woke to the sound of a million birds singing in the trees around the cottage. It was so calming that I forgot all about my problems with Mom.

By noon, the car was unloaded, the kitchen was stocked, my bed was made, and I was ready for some sun. I put on my yellow bikini and headed for the pier for some serious tan time. It was so quiet around the lake that for a while, I thought I might be the only one there, so I slipped out of my bikini to get an all over tan. I hadn't seen her coming, but I suddenly noticed that the secretive neighbor had appeared on her pier. I was reminded that I was naked when she dropped her robe to tan nude. I couldn't see her very well, but well enough to know she had a seriously fantastic body. She stretched a few times and lay down to tan. It was enough to make me determined to see more.

In the afternoon, I pulled out my supplies and set up a makeshift studio. Lilly was right It was absolutely perfect with a lot of natural light and when I opened some of the windows, I got a nice, cool breeze blowing through the room.

I studied my required projects and then I made a discovery I should have made before I even left. I had to do at least two figure studies and I had no model. A thought flashed through my mind about my neighbor, but I remembered what Lilly had said and tried to think of something else. I had some figures study books, but that doesn't give you dimension. For a good figure study, you need a live model who can adjust a pose to suit your style.

When I heard a splash, I knew that my neighbor was taking a swim, and a thought came over me. I ran up to my room and grabbed the binoculars I'd found in one of the closets. It took me a few minutes of running from window to window, before I found a point where I could get a good look at her. She was even more amazing than I'd first thought. She stood on the dock, water dripping from her nipples and ass. Putting her hands behind her head, she did a few twists and bent down almost to the dock. Her movements were so smooth and fluid, I wondered if she were a dancer or a gymnast. Her breasts stood firm and proud with blackberry shaped nipples and her ass was absolutely stunning. When she walked toward the cottage, I noticed that her breasts didn't show a lot of movement. Talk about firm. When she was gone, I stood there, my body quite shaky and I couldn't understand it at all. True, she was beautiful, but she was a she, for god's sake.

I'm no prude, and I've been tempted by women in the past, but I always chickened out. Now, it was all I could do to get control of my emotions. With the memory of her body still fresh in my mind, I quickly sketched her. The depth of detail in my memory was quite amazing and when I was done, I had eleven sketches that were just great. Taking the two best ones to my studio, I set up my easel and did charcoal drawings, using the sketches as a basis. It was by no means the same as a live model, but I'd seen the live model and the memories were clear enough to let me give the piece some depth. When I was done, I stepped back and critiqued the work. It wasn't bad, but it's hard to get what I was looking for in charcoal. I had to turn that piece into a watercolor, but I needed to study her some more.

Then I remembered the cameras that I'd brought with me. They were both digital and very high resolution, and it the still camera came with three lenses. I put a memory stick in the camera and spent the afternoon taking shots to get familiar with the camera again. It was an easy camera to use and I played with the various lenses to get a feel of what they were capable of. While I was walking around, I checked out some places where I might take some photos without her seeing me. When I went back into the cottage, I had three places where I was sure I could conceal myself while I took photos of her. I next went to the window I now knew of as my observation deck. I fired off several shots of the pier, a boat on the lake, and the path back to her cottage. I wanted a picture of her walking back to the cottage and I really, really wanted a picture of her walking toward the dock. The memory of her activities made me almost quiver with excitement. Thinking ahead, I made sure the flash was turned off so she wouldn't be alerted to what I was doing.

I set up my laptop and transferred the pictures I'd just taken to the screen so I could get a good look at them. I now appreciated the photo program I'd paid through the nose for. It was amazing and I knew that I would never learn to use off of the features it included. Amazingly, I accidentally discovered that when I was viewing a shot, I could use my wheeled mouse to zoom in on the subject. Unfortunately, when you do that, you lose a great deal of the resolution so her face wasn't clear enough to help me figure out who she was.

I slept fitfully that night, eager to try out my little scheme. As long as I didn't show her face in detail, I didn't need to get her permission to use the pieces in my presentation. Oh my god, I couldn't wait to see the expression on professor Whitlow's face when he saw her body.

I took a quick shower in the morning and carried my breakfast up to the observation deck to watch for her. A flash of white alerted me when she started down the walk. DAMN! She was wearing a white robe. Still, I studied her walk in the led display, with my finger on the remote lens release. Today was just a learning experience, so I fired off several shots as I followed her to the pier. She stood quietly, looking out at the lake for a while, then she turned and looked directly at me. I jumped back, even though I was sure she couldn't have known I was there. When I regained my self control, I fired off several fast shots as she dropped the robe. I heard a soft moan and realized it came from me. I shook it off and kept shooting. I zoomed in, zoomed out, took a few shots with the narrowest field of view I could find, and then I spent several minutes trying to get her to look toward me. I wanted to figure out who she was and she seemed to know that as she turned her face several times to maximize her sun tan.

God, she was so beautiful. I put on the telephoto with the highest magnification and zoomed in on her. She turned and looked toward the house, and the lens did its job. I got ready to shoot and she looked toward my window. The lens seemed to exaggerate her eyes and I melted. Deep, deep blue-green eyes that seemed to glow with an aura of sensuality. When she pulled off the sun hat she'd been wearing, long, auburn locks tumbled down around her shoulders. She pulled them into a pony tail and looked right at me. What an amazing shot that was.

After a quick sandwich, I got my bikini out, intending to enjoy the cool waters and a quick tanning session. At the last minute, I threw the bikini on the bed, determined to tan in the nude. If she could do it, why couldn't I? I wasn't quite ready for the walk to the pier in the nude, so I grabbed a robe out of my closet and slipped it on. Now that I've had time to think about it, I believe that I wanted her to see me naked. For safety sake, I put my bikini in my beach bag, right on top of my cameras.

Once I was on the pier, I made no attempt to conceal my nudity. In fact, I took measures to make sure that if she was looking, she would get her eyes full. I was no match for her beauty, but hey, I'm no dog. I'm 5'6", reddish blonde hair, brown eyes that change color during passion or under stress. Just before I come, I get yellow cat eyes that get real big. I look like a cat about to pounce on a mouse. My body is nothing to laugh at. 36B, almost a C, tight abs, but no six pack, and what I've been told is a lover's ass, whatever that means.

That night, I studied her face in every shot, trying to remember where I'd seen her Damn it, why couldn't I remember who she was? It was going to drive me insane.

The next day, she didn't wear a robe so I got some wonderful shots of that hot ass as she walked down the pier. Oh, what a beautiful sway. Her ass was so smooth and so tight that her crack didn't close in like mine did. If she'd walked just right, I swear I could have seen her pussy. As quickly as I could, I grabbed the cameras and the beach bag and headed for the pier. It was time to check out my new observation areas. For a time, the view was so much better that I thought I'd just stay right there, but then I learned something. When she lay down, I couldn't see a thing, because the pier was higher than my viewpoint. Disappointed, I moved back inside and returned to my window.

She was lying at a different angle, so I fired off several shots. I was so into what I was doing, that I almost missed the fact that her nipples were being fondled and twisted. As I watched, her body began to move in a very sensual dance that verified her state of arousal. I could feel my body begin to respond and without a thought, my top fell to the floor so I could mimic her actions. In my current state of mind, it took no time at all for my fingers to find my nipples. They took an awful beating, I fear and I was sure she heard me when I shot over the top.

I almost forgot my reason for being there, but I regained my focus somewhat, and fired off several more shots.

I heard someone say, "Oh fuck," when she began to stroke over her pussy and realized that it was coming from me. I have no idea when my shorts and panties fell off, but they did, and I continued to join her, at least in spirit, in a session of passionate masturbation. When she cried out, I was close enough to hear it quite clearly. The effect was instantaneous. I fell apart. I battered my pussy with two fingers ramming myself into a hard orgasm that almost knocked me down, I set the camera on rapid timed sequence and dropped to the ground to finish the job with two more hard orgasms that left my body quivering for what seemed to be forever. My clit was so sensitive that a simple touch of her tongue would have sent me flying.

I slumped back into the chair in surprise at what I'd done. Oh my god, I was masturbating to the sight of another woman doing it and those orgasms were some of the best ever. What the hell was happening to me? Still, the vision of her tongue against my clit was so vivid that it made me shake inside, and I didn't want it to go away."

. As I watched, she started to get up. She stretched her arms to the sky and I quickly fired off several shots. That was going to be one of my figure studies. Of that, I had no doubt. It was absolutely perfect. Her breasts were drawn upward and her ass was pulled in tight. On her tiptoes, she held that position for at least fifteen seconds, giving me ample time to get the shots I wanted.

When she turned to walk to the cottage, I took a deep breath and dropped onto the chair again. I was incredibly weak and tired. For the longest time, I sat there, with eyes closed, while I literally soaked the chair seat with an incredible amount of cum,

I was somewhat surprised at the intensity of the scent of my orgasms, highly sensual, to be sure, but almost overpowering. I'd never had enough cum to cause such a mess. I finally struggled to my feet and headed for the cottage. If she was going to do this to me, I had to make some adjustments. When I got to the cottage, I went to my studio for a few minutes but couldn't focus. I went to my observation window and stared at the portion of her sun deck that I could see. All I could see were her legs stretched out on a chaise. I finally gave up, but before I went into the living room, I d****d two towels over the back of the chair in preparation for further activities...just in case.

I couldn't get her body out of my mind and I knew that this was just the beginning. After dinner that evening, I sat across from the laptop to watch a slide show of that day's photos. It was more than I could take. I turned off the lights and sat with my legs spread wide as image after image displayed her charms. Fortunately, I was ready with towels, wet cloths, room deodorizer, and I needed them all. When I finally regained my senses, I came to the realization that while I didn't believe I was turning gay, I couldn't deny what she was doing to me and we hadn't even met. It would be hard to deny it anyway, because my pussy refused to stop throbbing.

The next day was cloudy, with frequent thunder showers so I decided to take a trip into Crawford, a larger town, several hours away. I was going to try to find some toys, since I'd left mine at home. I smiled when I thought of the shock Mom would get when she found them. They would be destroyed or at the very least, thrown into the trash, for sure.

I found the toy store right near the highway. In short order, I had a selection of toys in the car. I saw a camera store as I was leaving town, so I turned around and went back to purchase high powered telephoto lenses for both cameras. I was coming dangerously close to wiping out my bank account so my next stop was at a bank, where I transferred some money from my savings account and withdrew some cash.... Continue»
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"Gluteus Maximus" - Chapter 14

Previously in "Gluteus Maximus" - Chapter Thirteen

I looked up at Ray Wickes looming over me, pumping into me, his thickness
stretching me to the max and I couldn't imagine that any moment in my life
could ever be better. Then I felt it.

It was that sensation from deep in my ass, leading to the tip of my dick.

I started to squirm and breath funny, hyperventilating and making that
high-pitched chick sound.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" was all I could mutter as I felt my whole body start to
quiver out of control.

"Oh God!" I yelled as I felt that sensation travel the length of my cock
and cum exploded all over my stomach. I was screaming absolutely out of

Ray wasn't ready yet and just kept pumping, sending me further over the
edge. The sensations were just too much.

"Cum! Please cum! I, uh, I, can't, oh God," was all I could get out.

He gave a final push and unloaded with a huge groan much to my relief.

Then he collapsed over me, kissing me gently, covered in sweat.


"Gluteus Maximus" - Chapter f******n

I wrapped my legs around his body holding him on top of me, his thick cock
still stretching my hole as we gently smooched and kissed as lovers do.

I never wanted to break this embrace.

I could feel his cum leaking down my crack as his beautiful sensuous lips
planted soft kisses all over my face.

He pulled back for a second and our eyes met.

"That was fucking awesome" I smiled.

"Oh yeah, it was." He said as he came in for another meeting of the lips.

We both moaned as I finally released my legs and he pulled his b**st from
my ass with a sucking sound and collapsed on the bed next to me.

We lay there for a long time, gently kissing and touching each other's

We talked as we never talked before, about our attraction to guys –
Johnny Maxwell in particular – I was interested in Johnny's dick, Ray,
in his ass – our girlfriends, football and our predicament.

We both agreed that we had to be super-careful and this had to be on the DL
for the sake of our athletic careers.

He urged me to try and keep Becky hanging around for appearances sake
mentioning he'd do the same with Maxine.

I knew in my case that was going to be very hard. I was a bad liar and she
was tough to lie to.

I had a strong urge to break things off with her, feeling that it would be
the best thing to do for all concerned. But I told him that I would try my
best to keep things going.

He was so sweet and gentle and wonderful I couldn't believe this was the
same scowling, bad-ass Ray Wickes I've known all these years in school.

We both knew it was time for me to go and we cleaned each other up in the
shower still kissing and groping like young people in love.

When he gave me a kiss at the door and said goodbye, I have to admit, it
was hard for me to leave.

As I walked down the front stairs, I heard Mrs G. say "Bye now, hope you
boys had a good time" from the house next door.

"Thank you," I said somewhat awkwardly with a little wave and smile. She
gave me a sweet smile in return.

I walked down the path from his house but I don't think my feet touched the
ground. I didn't really know what it felt like to be in love at this point
in my life, but if I had to put a name to what I was feeling it would be

I was walking on air.


My sore ass on the ride home and my chirping phone started slowly to bring
me back down to Earth.

I had three bitchy messages from Becky and two texts, one message from my
Mom to see if I would be home for dinner and surprisingly, a message from
George to see if I wanted to go out to dinner with he and Hector some night
this week.

My "girlfriend" George; I felt like I wanted to call him up and tell him
all the exciting news about Ray and talk about my new boyfriend like a high
school girl. I smiled and thought it might be fun to hang with him again.

He was the only person I knew at this point that I felt I could share all
this new stuff with.

But first things first, I knew I had to handle the Becky situation, so I
girded my aching loins and pulled over in a quiet parking lot to make the

She started the conversation by yelling, "What is GOING ON WITH YOU?!" and
then proceeded to give me quite an earful.

She thought I cared, we had something special, I'm a rude asshole, selfish,
conceited, how could I treat her this way, blah, blah, blah.

I took it all, surprised at my patience and slowly calmed her down.

I called her baby and sweet-talked the shit out of her, telling her how
sorry I was and how much I loved her.

I told her how stressed I was with this new training regimen, worried how I
wasn't good enough to get picked up by a Division 1 program and laid it on
pretty thick.

I could hear sympathy starting to grow in her voice and soon she was
apologizing to me for getting upset. Typical boyfriend/girlfriend shit.

Of course, she insisted I swing by her house and see and her and I knew I
had to agree or all this would be for naught.

She was sitting on her front stoop, looking gorgeous as always, her hair
pulled back into two ponytails and wearing a tight pink t-shirt that showed
off her perfect tits, jeans and some Chuck Taylor's.

We kissed and talked more telling each other how sorry we were.

My clear path back to her good side was suddenly obstructed when she asked,
"So what was that thing you had to do for the coach with Ray?" out of the

I was never a tap dancer, but I began dancing for all I was worth and made
up an elaborate story about how the Coach wanted Ray and I to get evaluated
by a special sports clinic downtown.

"That's cool – what is this place?" she asked.

I quickly made up some happy horse shit and explained it was an elite
athlete facility that can test fast twitch muscles or something.

"That's really cool, I want to look it up," she said sounding genuinely
interested. "What's the name of the place?"

"Oh, um, Bio-mex or metric or something, we were in such a rush I didn't
really get the name. We were late, that's why we ran out like that," I lied

She shifted her eyes and said, "Okay, well, congratulations, I know you're
going to do great," with a reassuring hug. "Coach wouldn't be spending this
time with you if he didn't think you could do it."

I told her that we would be going to this facility a lot and I probably
wouldn't be free for a date with her until Friday night. She looked
disappointed but seemed fine with that.

We kissed and said goodbye in her drive way and I even got a little chubby
feeling her up.

I drove away with a sigh of relief glad THAT was over.

I felt bad about all the lying but I knew Ray was right; we couldn't risk
getting caught at this stage in our lives and budding careers.

I called George back on my way home and got his voice mail. I left him a
message telling him that hanging out sounded "cool".

I went to bed that night and jerked off replaying my session with Ray over
and over in my head and fell asl**p fantasizing about all the wonderful
things we could do together.


The next day at school was great. My asshole was pretty sore, but I was in
a good mood and so was Becky. Everything seemed normal.

I didn't see Ray until later that day at practice and he was already fully
padded up on the field with Coach when I ran out to greet them.

The old surly, scowling, taciturn Ray was back and he did such a good job
at being his old self that I got a sinking feeling that yesterday was just
an illusion.

Practice was intense but great and we both kicked ass.

The sinking feeling I had was quickly dispelled back in the locker room
when he knew we were alone and came over to me to plant a tender kiss on my

"Want to come back to my place for a while?" he asked and I couldn't get
the word "Yes" out of my mouth fast enough.

We both speed showered next to each other again with full mast cocks,
smiling and giggling at each other as we both kept the look out for

Mrs. G greeted us with "Good afternoon boys" again as we rushed up the
stairs to his house.

I was worried that my ass was too sore to fuck and I didn't want to
disappoint Ray, but I had to tell him.

It made no matter. We kissed, hugged and sucked each other cocks till we
came in each other's mouths with intense orgasms and swallowed each other's
cum. I still couldn't believe that he sucked cock.

We lie in bed together kissing and swapping cum for an hour or so touching
each other's bodies and cocks.

He was such an incredibly sweet and gentle lover I just couldn't get enough
of him.

We talked about all kinds of stuff, two buds with a lot in common –
especially being gay.

We talked about our fears of getting "outed", but also our dual
realizations that there was no doubt in our minds about what we wanted.

I talked about how I loved his body and huge cock up my ass and he kept on
talking about and grabbing my "juicy white boy booty".

Wednesday, the next day, was more of the same – I thought one more day
of rest for my hole would be good and we pretty much repeated our

Thursday, I knew I was ready to fuck again and I told him that with a
secret kiss while we were undressing in the locker room.

We rushed back to his house and in no time I was on all fours on his bed
moaning and panting as Ray pumped his prodigious member into me doggie

I yelled out "Oh, fuck yeah!" with lust when I heard a high-pitched scream
from across the room. I was suddenly thrown unceremoniously off Ray's dick
and head over heels onto the floor.

I regained my senses and stood up next to Ray, our rigid penises sticking
straight out from our bodies.

"Oh my God!" Becky screamed as she looked at the two of us. She then
looked down at Ray's dick put her hand to her mouth and said "Oh, my God,"
again in a different, amazed tone.

She looked up to me breaking into tears and ran out of the room.

Ray and I both panicked, throwing on our pants and grabbing shirts running
after her out of the house barefoot and shirtless.

"Becky!" I yelled as we chased after her down the front path.

As we ran towards the street, I heard Mrs G. cackle and say, "Bye now, hope
you boys had a good time" from the house next door.

'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''... Continue»
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"Gluteus Maximus" - Chapter 15

Thanks to everyone for all the positive feedback! Keep the comments coming!
This story is pure fiction, inspired by a recent massage I enjoyed.

There are graphic depictions of male homosexuality contained in this story
so if you don't like it, don't read it.
A couple of notes: As mentioned above -- this story is a sexual fantasy and
the sexual situations involve very UNSAFE sex practices -- please practice
safe sex everyone. And also i have noticed my story has moved from a bi point of view to a homo one, to be honest it was not my intention but it just seemed to take a turn of its own as i wrote, i personally love women and still do after all i am a young man but the story is so hot and my mind wonders so what the hell, do enjoy the story everyone i do love fee backs.

Previously in "Gluteus Maximus" - Chapter f******n

We rushed back to his house and in no time I was on all fours on his bed
moaning and panting as Ray pumped his prodigious member into me doggie

I yelled out "Oh, fuck yeah!" with lust when I heard a high-pitched scream
from across the room. I was suddenly thrown unceremoniously off Ray's dick
and head over heels onto the floor.

I regained my senses and stood up next to Ray, our rigid penises sticking
straight out from our bodies.

"Oh my God!" Becky screamed as she looked at the two of us. She then
looked down at Ray's dick put her hand to her mouth and said "Oh, my God,"
again in a different, amazed tone.

She looked up to me breaking into tears and ran out of the room.

Ray and I both panicked, throwing on our pants and running after her out of
the house barefoot and shirtless.

"Becky!" I yelled as we chased after her down the front path.

As we ran towards the street, I heard Mrs. G. cackle and say, "Bye now,
hope you boys had a good time" from the house next door.


"Gluteus Maximus" - Chapter Fifteen

Becky peeled out in a cloud of dust as Ray and I jumped into his pick up
truck and took off after.

"Fuck!" Ray yelled and slammed the steering wheel, his sweaty shirtless
torso gleaming.

We pulled up behind Becky and Ray started to beep his horn.

He pulled up next to her and we both frantically yelled to her to pull
over. She kept her hands on the wheel and her eyes straight ahead totally
ignoring us.

"Becky, please!" I yelled again.

Ray said, "Fuck it!!" put the pedal to the metal and cut her off . Both
cars came to a stop in a cloud of dust by the side of the road.

"Are you crazy!" she yelled at us and beeped the horn as we ran to her
car. I jumped in the passenger seat and Ray ran over to her open driver's
side window.

"No, NO! Get the fuck out! Get the fuck out of this car!" she screamed at
me as I tried to calm her down.

"Becky, please, it's not what it looks like! We were just fucking around!"
I pleaded.

She glared at me and I realized instantly how ridiculous I sounded.

"Not what it looks like? NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE?" she screamed back. "You
guys were having SEX!"

"Beck, you can't tell anyone about this, it'll fucking ruin us!" Ray
begged, his impressive physique flexing with intensity as he held on to the
door of her car. "Beck, please!"

"No Ray! Just leave me alone, just leave me the fuck alone!" she
screamed. I shot him a look and he walked back to his pick up. The whole
truck shook as he slammed the side panel with a "Fuck!" looking quite the
sight -- an ebony God, barefoot and shirtless wearing nothing but a tight
pair of jeans.

Becky looked at me, tears streaming down her face. "You're gay?" she said
with an incredulous stare.

I took a deep breath and decided to come clean, kind of. "I think so..."

"Argh!" She screamed and slammed the steering wheel. "I fucking knew
something was going on you fucking, fucking asshole, fucking jerk!" Becky
never swore.

"Bio-mex or something? What do you think I am stupid?" the words spit out
of her mouth. "You're a fucking terrible liar Josh!" I knew that.

"Becky, I'm sorry. I couldn't help it... it just happened." Now I had tears
in my eyes. "Please don't tell anybody, I'm so scared. I'm so sorry, I am
so sorry."

I collapsed into her lap sobbing like a baby.

She started to slap and hit me. "I can't believe this. I thought you loved
me you fucking asshole..." she said as I pulled away and shielded myself
from her slaps. "Do you love him now?"

I lifted my head to see her looking at Ray leaning against his truck.

"I don't know", I answered somewhat honestly.

"I can't believe you two were..." she said, her eyes still on Ray, "and he
had that, thing in you... I can't get it out of my mind," she said,
obviously stuck on the image of Ray's huge cock.

"I know Becky, I'm sorry. Please, I will always love you. You've been my
best friend. Please don't tell anyone about this," I begged.

"You fucking cheated on me with Ray! How long have you two been having
sex?" she said, her tears starting to flow again.

"It just happened last week, I swear!" at least that was one solid truth.

"Last week! You're a fucking liar Josh! You've been acting weird for
weeks!" she said angrily.

I just looked at her blankly. I knew the girl had a freaky intuition and
she was dead on, but there was no way I was going to tell her the whole
story about Dev.

"I can't believe anything you say anymore, Josh, just please get out." She
said wiping her tears.

"Becky..." I whimpered.

"GET OUT! She screamed.

Resigned to the situation, I got out of the car, begging her repeatedly not
to tell anyone about Ray and I. She drove away, crying softly looking
straight ahead.


Back at Ray's house we held each other, cried and talked about what we were
going to do.

Our world was just blown to smithereens, but for some reason I still had a
hard time believing Becky would tell on us.

I knew deep in my heart that she was a sweet, sweet girl and I held on to a
thin hope that she would keep our secret safe.

We gave each other a big hug and parted sadly, saying we'd see each other

I was a zombie.

I felt sick in the pit of my stomach from the moment I woke up on Friday. I
went to school filled with dread, just waiting to be taunted and jeered
about being one of the two "fags" on the football team.

But everything seemed to be normal. Nothing happened.

Becky and I avoided each other at lunch and I didn't see Ray around all

There was no practice on Friday, so I started to leave school at the normal
time around 3:30.

I was surprised to see Ray leaning against my car when I got to the
senior's parking lot.

We had a quiet conversation, both amazed that the bombshell hadn't been
dropped and hopeful that Becky would continue to keep "her mouth shut."

Friday night was date night and Ray was going out with Maxine, so we parted
ways with a hetero man hug. It hurt to see him walk away with his head
hung, the uncertain future weighing heavily on his mind.

I went home to a quiet house -- my folks were gone for the weekend to visit
my grandparents -- and tried to relax but was filled with nervous energy.

I desperately wanted to be with Ray, but he wasn't around. I needed to do
something, talk to someone.

I decided to call George.


I met George and Hector for dinner at a small Italian restaurant.

They greeted me with hugs and smiles and I started to cry.

I told them the whole sordid tale.

"Oh, honey," George said sweetly, "it's okay, believe me. No one will care
that you're gay," already taking my outing as a fait accompli.

"Yeah, fuck that bitch man, she's a fucking cunt," Hector chimed in showing
his sensitive side. "You don't want that pussy anyway."

"This is all for the best, trust me." George said with a little squeeze of
my hand.

"So this boyfriend of yours," George said with excitement in his
voice. "Tell me about this stud".

Knowing how Ray felt about being on the DL and he was pretty high profile
local football star, so I kept it vague, just saying that he was a
schoolmate of mine, big, gorgeous, black and that we discovered each other
in the shower by accident.

"That was no accident. He saw that ass and couldn't resist" Hector said,
making me blush.

"So what does he have in his pants?" George asked in a hush.

I just rolled my eyes and sighed. "It's big." I said with a broad smile and
we all laughed.

"Come on, not as thick as Papi, though right?" Hector fished.

"Um, it's pretty thick", I said and started to get an erection thinking
about Ray's big piece.

"Fuck me," Hector said and we all giggled.

Despite my momentary arousal, I was still despondent over my situation and
George and Hector tried their best to cheer me up. They tried to convince
me that I should go have a few drinks with them "down at the club". They
could get me in and I'd be sure to have a good time and relax a little.

I thought of Dev's admonition not to go down to Club Mystique, but I
figured "What the fuck?" I liked these guys and needed to be with people
tonight and I have to admit, I had never been in a gay club before so I was


We got to Club Mystique around 9pm and the place was hopping.

Hector and George said hello to the guy at the door - a huge black man they
called Sweets. George whispered a few words in Sweets ear and he gave me a
big smile as he looked me over and waved me in.

Walking into Club Mystique it was like walking into another world.

The interior of the club was dark and red. The house music was blaring and
the first thing I noticed of course was the hot black boy dancing on stage
wearing a red thong.

A group of men sat in front of the stage, their eyes glued to him. The
crowd was mostly black and Hispanic, but there were a few older white guys
in the audience. From what I could see, I was the only young white guy in
the place.

The rest of the place had guys s**ttered around tables, drinking their
drinks and talking, some of them getting intimately "acquainted" with each
other and making out.

I noticed a few cocktail "waiters" walking around wearing only thongs and
they were all really cute black guys.

I was totally titillated by my new surroundings and definitely a little
turned on.

We walked in past the stage and went to the end of the long bar that lined
the wall opposite the stage right next to a cordoned off door that had the
sign "VIP Lounge" above the door. I noticed a lot of guys turning my way as
I walked past.

The bartender was also shirtless and just wearing a pair of black
compression shorts -- he was super hot and I noticed quite the bulge
filling out his cock pouch.

"Yo my man, what do we have here?" he said as he looked me over and gave
fives to Hector and George.

"Harold! This is Josh..." Hector said as he put his arm around me, "he's a
new friend of ours and we're gonna have some drinks."

"Nice to meet you Josh," Harold said with a smile, "what you having?"

Hector replied, "Oh he'll have a "Shirley Temple"" as he gestured making
quotation marks, "and we'll have the usual".

Harold went to work and Hector explained that because I was u******e he had
to officially ask for a non-alcoholic drink but it really was going to be a
vodka and cranberry. Sounded okay to me.

"So what do you think of the place girlfriend?" George asked with a pat on
my hand.

"It's pretty wild. The guys are cute," I said looking around at the thonged
dancer/waiters. "I've never been in a place like this." Duh!

"We should get you up there man," Hector said pointing to the stage,
"They'd go crazy for your ass here, you'd make some coin man"

I laughed at the thought, but obviously that was not going to happen.

The drinks came back and we sat around, chatted and watched the dancers.

The drink went down fast and I really did feel a lot more relaxed. The
effects of the alcohol showed on Hector and George too as they started
getting increasingly touchy-feely with me.

I was already aroused in general but George kept on rubbing my thigh and
Hector kept on putting his arm around me, rubbing my back and touching my
ass. George started kissing my neck and blowing into my ear telling me how
hot I was.

The whole scene was too much and I got a diamond cutter in my pants. I was
feeling really turned on and a little flushed.

Hector grabbed my hand and put it on his bulge and I almost gasped
remembering the beautiful thick meat trapped in his pants.

"There we go. Papi knows what you like." Hector said rubbing my hand on his
hard on and leaned into me, "So you want Papi to make you scream again
tonight?" he asked lasciviously. George started rubbing my dick through my
pants. Man, it was getting hot in there.

I laughed weakly, "Thanks Hector, but I'm nut really in the mood." Did I
just say "NUT really in the mood"?

"Oh, that's too bad, I'm hard as shit man. Come on, feel that shit." He
said as he f***ed my hand to really grab his bulge. It was like a beer can
in his pants.

He put his face right up to mine and said "Fuck man, you want that cock,
don't you?" looking into my eyes.

"Fuck, it's a fukin' hot cock", I said slurring my words.

"Yeah and this is a hot ass, look at this shit man," he said as he stood me
up from my stool and gave my ass a big swat and I let out a moan. I guess
he was aware of my weak spot. "You were screaming like a bitch on my dick
you fucking horny slut."

He got behind me at the bar and started grinding his bulge into my ass and
spanking me while George kept rubbing my dick in my pants and kissing me.

I closed my eyes and started moaning with the sensation. I was so fucking
horny. These guys were driving me crazy.

I opened my eyes to see Harold smiling at me with a hard piece of meat now
filling out his compression shorts and I smiled back.

"Come on man, let's go back here," I heard Hector say as they led me in the
"VIP Lounge". I could barely walk. Fuck those drinks were strong.

We went through a black door and through my haze I noticed it was even
darker with TV's all over the place showing gay porn.

There were guys getting lap dances and figures s**ttered about in the
shadows making out and doing various "activities".

They led me to a dark booth with curtains and plopped me down. I was in a

George sat next to me and kind of held me up while Hector just stood in
front of me, unzipped and pulled out his thick uncut slab.

"Fuck, yeah man" he said slapping my face with it. "This is what you want
bitch!" I instinctively opened my mouth and shoved it in. I couldn't help

"Uh, fuck, that's a hot fucking mouth" he said as he started to face fuck
me as George had his hands rubbing all over me and egging me on. "That's it
baby, you love that cock don't you?"

I made a moaning sound and Hector took that as a yes. "Fuck yeah, you
fucking love it you fucking slut!"

He must've been horny because he seemed to cum quickly, shooting a huge
load that gagged me.

"FUCK yeah!" he yelled as he pulled out and painted my face with his cum.

He released my head and I fell back to see a group of guys looking in at
the scene. I saw Harold step up and whip out his 8-inch cut cock.

"Fuck, I got time for a break." He shoved my head on his piece and I took
another load within minutes.

"Fuck that was good." I heard him say, "I want a shot at that ass later",
to George as he walked away.

"You doing okay, baby?" George asked me as he wiped up the cum on my face
and fed it to me.

I tried to answer but I found I couldn't speak I was so out of it. I looked
over at his face and then looked back as another black dude took his place
in front of me and flopped out his dick.
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Shadow Dancer vs Nightwing - Simone Part 2

[[ Pictures from this roleplay are posted in my picture section. See my album Shadow Dancer vs Nightwing Simone ]]

[20:47] Shadow Dancer: You again!! gasps
[20:47] Nightwing Simone: We get disturbed but that will lose again
[20:49] Shadow Dancer: This time i have you all to myself.. my ring starts to flare up.. i go to shoot you with a energy blast... trying to stun you.
[20:49] Nightwing Simone: blocks the shot with shadow shield
[20:49] Nightwing Simone: and hides
[20:50] Shadow Dancer: Smirks as i create darkness... making the area go black.... the area going very cold
[20:52] Nightwing Simone: Darkness is not only your friend
[20:52] Nightwing Simone: fires a shadow dart
[20:53] Shadow Dancer: Goes to create a sphere of dark f***e energy around me... turning around to see you.. my eyes glowing a dark black.... now your in for it.... my ring sending a energy fist back at you to grab hold of you.
[20:56] Nightwing Simone: is affected
[20:56] Nightwing Simone: and tries to hide
[20:56] Shadow Dancer: Smirks as the dark f***e matter fist grabs hold of you and tries to slam you against the X frame.. trying to pin you on it.
[20:58] Nightwing Simone: tries to hide in her shadow but can´t create him now
[20:58] Shadow Dancer: Tries to send you backwards at the X frame.. trying to pin you against it.
[20:59] Nightwing Simone: weakened tries to escape the power pushes her back
[21:00] Shadow Dancer: My ring glowing dark... altering your shadow from the floor.. I go to make it literally become 3D giving itself mass and weight... I go to make it reach up to grab hold of your wrists and ankles from behind you... pulling you backwards to stretch you out onto the frame.
[21:01] Nightwing Simone: OH NO can´t fight this
[21:02] Shadow Dancer: ( 1 more time not on it )
[21:02] Shadow Dancer: The shadows stretching your arms and legs out wide... shortly after you feel the manacles wrapping around your wrists and ankles. locking you onto the frame
[21:03] Shadow Dancer: Restraints coming around your wrists, ankles and neck.... locking you onto the frame
[21:05] Nightwing Simone: No can´t belief that happens
[21:06] Shadow Dancer: Laughs... hah new powers indeed... I walk up to you.. touching the side of your face... my ring flaring up again.. this time.. trying to sap your energy.
[21:07] Nightwing Simone: No..getting so weak. what´s going on???
[21:08] Shadow Dancer: Rasping.... smiles.. oh your going to be more than weak when I’m done with you.... I’m going to turn you into my whore! my pet! ... my sex slave! cupping your breasts... I go to remove your top... letting it fall to your waist.
[21:09] Nightwing Simone: Stop this you Shadow Bastard
[21:10] Nightwing Simone: I´m Nightwing I will never give in to you
[21:11] Shadow Dancer: Goes to remove your top... my fingers slipping along your breasts..... mmmmmm your mine now... my fingers gripping hold of your nipples... stretching them outwards in different directions.
[21:12] Nightwing Simone: struggles angry but weak and hopeless against the restrains
[21:14] Shadow Dancer: I lean forward to you.. placing my fingers on your mound... rubbing your crotch thru the fabric as i place my mouth over your nipple... Starts to suckle on it.. licking your nipple in circles... then teasing the tip with my tongue.. bending it in different directions.
[21:14] Nightwing Simone: Damn don´t dare this
[21:15] Nightwing Simone: struggles wild
[21:16] Shadow Dancer: Rubbing your slit... i boldly work my hand under.... caressing along your slit as it goes to it... rubbing you up and down along... mmmmmmm what is this.....
[21:17] Nightwing Simone: fights against upcoming arousal
[21:18] Nightwing Simone: knowing arousal would lead to totally weakness at all
[21:20] Shadow Dancer: Goes to remove your bottoms... my fingers passing over your body.... licking .. sucking.. nibbling my way downwards... my fingertips. lightly scratching across your skin... tell me the secret to your power... or ill make you cum for me all night until your reduced to a mere fuck toy.
[21:21] Nightwing Simone: Noooo I will never reveal you my source
[21:22] Nightwing Simone: concentrates desperate on her powers as her nipples slightly grow
[21:23] Shadow Dancer: Spider walking my fingers over your slit.. i start to wiggle my middle finger into your slit... slipping it in and out of you.... mmmmmm go on.... tell me.. what is the source of your power....
[21:24] Nightwing Simone: oooh oooh no stop it
[21:24] Shadow Dancer: Working a 2nd finger into your slit... pumping you i start to lick and suck my way downwards... my free hand cupping one of your breasts roughly squeezing from the base upwards.
[21:26] Nightwing Simone: /groans slightly as the power gives more and more way to arousal
[21:27] Shadow Dancer: Speeding up.
[21:27] Shadow Dancer: going faster
[21:27] Shadow Dancer: faster
[21:27] Shadow Dancer: faster
[21:27] Shadow Dancer: pumping you with 2 fingers
[21:28] Nightwing Simone: aaah aaah aah noooo uuum aaah noo
[21:28] Shadow Dancer: mm my kneedy slut wants more dont you... Don’t you! pushing my fingers deeply into you and then wiggles.
[21:28] Nightwing Simone: shrieks
[21:29] Shadow Dancer: mmmmm yes that’s it! Say it.. you want more! i go to try to work a 3 rd finger into your slit... pumping you over and over.
[21:30] Nightwing Simone: aah no you evil bitch
[21:31] Shadow Dancer: I said beg! my other hand going to your slit.. placing the band to your slitty i make it flare up.. buzzing you hard.. sending a deep vibing pulse into your slit as your being fingered.
[21:31] Shadow Dancer: Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
[21:32] Nightwing Simone: groans as her resist to arousal fades
[21:32] Nightwing Simone: NOO..AAHHUUMM AAH
[21:33] Shadow Dancer: Working you up to the edge.. then stopping.. letting you ebb.... Tell me your weakness!
[21:34] Nightwing Simone: her nipples stand out proud and thick
[21:34] Shadow Dancer: Tell your source of your power!
[21:34] Shadow Dancer: starts to slip my fingers back in as you start to speak
[21:35] Nightwing Simone: snipes "NEVER"
[21:36] Shadow Dancer: Placing my ring to your slit.. i buzz your slit again..
[21:36] Shadow Dancer: BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
[21:38] Nightwing Simone: groans louder as her cunt´s getting wet
[21:39] Shadow Dancer: Working you up to the edge each time.. closer and closer .. not letting you cum for me... Tell me what your power source is and ill let you cum!
[21:40] Nightwing Simone: is now completely delivered to her increasing arousal and feels she will cum and she will
[21:41] Shadow Dancer: Tell me .... your source! Tell me and ill let you cum!
[21:41] Shadow Dancer: Or do i try your anus!
[21:42] Nightwing Simone: AAH UUUHH Yes she groans in daze
[21:42] Nightwing Simone: AAh yes please cummin yes
[21:43] Shadow Dancer: Oh no you dont! your going, going to cum until you tell me... working my finger to your crack... i touch your anus as i push my finger into your slit.
[21:43] Shadow Dancer: Tell me your power source.
[21:44] Nightwing Simone: Noo don´t stop pleease need to cum
[21:44] Nightwing Simone: her nipples are ready to burst
[21:45] Shadow Dancer: Tell me your secret! teasing your holes.... tell me and ill let you cum!
[21:45] Nightwing Simone: PLEEASE make me cum OOH
[21:46] Nightwing Simone: I can´t tell you no...but need to cum mmmaaauu
[21:46] Nightwing Simone: OOH god please
[21:48] Nightwing Simone: juice drops out of her cunt
[21:48] Shadow Dancer: Tell me... licking... sucking working down to your slit... I go to bring your legs up over your head one at a time...
[21:52] Nightwing Simone: light-headed for lust "need to...cuuuum oh please
[21:52] Shadow Dancer: I slap your ass hard with both hands... WHAP! gripping your backside.. you want to cum dont you! ... licks... don’t you .... licks....
[21:53] Nightwing Simone: Please make me cum you must do must do
[21:53] Nightwing Simone: OOOH NOOOOO AAAH need it oOAAA
[21:54] Shadow Dancer: Slaps your ass hard.. WHAP! letting you feel the sting of my hand... TELL ME!
[21:56] Nightwing Simone: AAAh UUUmmm mmaa uummm mmmask please cummin please
[21:57] Nightwing Simone: has no control about her words
[21:58] Nightwing Simone: addicted to one and only desire
[21:58] Shadow Dancer: I slap your ass hard one more time.. WHAP! then quickly uses my fingertips .. dragging along the back and inner part of your legs... one hand going to your slit.. the other to your anus... working 2 fingers into your slit.. my ring buzzes your clitty.. stimulating you.... my other hand cupping your ass.. working my finges along your crack.... i insert one finger into your anus... wiggling..... CUM! CUM FOR ME SUO+PER SLUT!
[21:59] Nightwing Simone: groans heavily and exhausted
[22:00] Shadow Dancer: Trying to make you cum... pressing my lips to your slit.. darting in and out of your slit at a higher angle
[22:00] Nightwing Simone: YEEES UUUMMM AAAYES
[22:02] Nightwing Simone: /her whole body starts to quake as she near the long awaited
[22:03] Shadow Dancer: Smiles yes... that’s it... good... good girl..... I’m making your pussy cum aren’t i? Aren’t I my needy slut!... keeps going.. trying to make you ride your orgasm to the fullest and then try to send you crashing into the next.
[22:04] Nightwing Simone: I´m CUMMIN yes UUU OOOAAAAh
[22:04] Nightwing Simone: groans ecstatic
[22:06] Shadow Dancer: Rasping.... yes thats it... AGAIN!
[22:07] Nightwing Simone: her body quakes and jerks heavily as she will cum again
[22:07] Nightwing Simone: AAAUUUUMMMM AAA YEEEEES
[22:08] Shadow Dancer: Tell me.. your power source.... you feel the band of my ring starting to buzz you.... you can feel it building up..... Tell me or im going to Fuck your brains out..... you ill never be the same or leave here EVER!
[22:11] Nightwing Simone: totally exhausted and weakened mumbles something like cc..a....tfi..t
[22:14] Shadow Dancer: I lick you wildly.... my tongue batting your clitty as my finger probes your gspot for both your anus and slit. You want more dont you slut! dont you..... your new mistress is going to give you all you need and want!
[22:17] Nightwing Simone: off
[22:18] Nightwing Simone: only talking in a sexual dilirium
[22:19] Shadow Dancer: Rasping as i lick you faster... taunting you.. this is your pussy right! right im making your pussy cum for me arent I... wiggles my finger into your backside... hungrily lapping you as you start to speak.
[22:19] Shadow Dancer: Slurp
[22:19] Shadow Dancer: slurp
[22:19] Shadow Dancer: slurp
[22:22] Nightwing Simone: no longer endures the permanent maximized arousal
[22:22] Nightwing Simone: let off ..p..l..ease my m....mmmask
[22:25] Shadow Dancer: Rasping as i go to use my ring... making it flare up for me 1 more time.. this time making a large strappy appear around my waist... standing up.. reaching for your mask... i go to remove it..... lining up the strappy to your slit... then starts to push ito you... working 4 inches... 6 inches... 8 inches into you.
[22:26] Nightwing Simone: shrugs in constant periods and groans" no my mask no"
[22:27] Shadow Dancer: Penetrating you... mmm yes... go on.. cum for me one last time! your going to be my whore! my pet.... the mighty Night Shade will be mine!
[22:28] Nightwing Simone: fades completely hopelessly delivered in her next quaking orgasm
[22:28] Nightwing Simone: uuuaaaa aaaa ooooooohhh
[22:29] Shadow Dancer: Submit! Submit to me! now! mouthing back to you... I submit mistress back to you as i thrust... Say it!
[22:31] Nightwing Simone: uuunnoo pleaseI
[22:33] Shadow Dancer: Rasping... go on.. say it! you want this don’t you.. pushing deeper than before... burying the shaft deep inside you.. letting you take the full 10 inches of thick rubber. i wiggle inside.. trying to make you have one last orgasm and submit to me.
[22:37] Nightwing Simone: her mindless body quakes again and shakes as she groans I SUUBMIT
[22:42] Nightwing Simone: every time the shaft gets deep in she cries
[22:42] Nightwing Simone: submit
[22:42] Nightwing Simone: submit
[22:42] Nightwing Simone: submit
[22:42] Shadow Dancer: MMMMYES! Mouthing back to you... Submit.... OBEY... Mistress....I let you ride your final climax.... pulling out of you.... letting you ebb as you start to cry
[22:44] Shadow Dancer: I’m no where near done with you pet.... Rasping as I go to unclasp my lasso... goes ot put around your neck like a leash... while your in this lass... you will not try to escape.... you will not try to attack me... you will not be a a Superheroine any longer... you will be unde rthe control of the lasso.. you will be my pet.
[22:45] Shadow Dancer: ``
[22:47] Nightwing Simone: shows no reaction and cries breathless as you lead her to her next body quake
[22:48] Shadow Dancer: Pulling out of you.. i let you down from the cross.... smiles wickedly as i help you to your feet... tuigging on the lasso... leading you to another area.... To start your training and brainwashing as my new pet......
[22:50] Nightwing Simone: totally exhausted has trouble to stand
[22:51] Shadow Dancer: mmmmmmm
[22:51] Nightwing Simone: dazed not realizing her new situation
[22:51] Shadow Dancer: Too be continued... :)

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