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Daddy and Sir: I want to be Daddy's girl

Daddy and Sir: I want to be Daddy's girl

... be your girl. I will do anything you want. Please, Daddy, Please."
Daddy turned and looked at Sir ... ."
"That's right, Baby Girl. The only reason you're here is because I wanted to fuck. Sir is only here ... ? Can I cum?" I asked.
"Baby Girl, you want to cum for us?" Sir asked, pulling at his thick, half... Continue»
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Daddy's Girl

... at the boy.

"Do you want to be Daddy's little girl, honey?" Zeke asked.

"I . . . I don't know ... ."

"What do you want, honey?"

"I want to be Daddy's girl." Chrissie sighed.

"That's my, baby ... girl, honey?" Zeke asked.

"I . . . I don't know." Christopher gasped.

"Daddy knows. Daddy... Continue»
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Daddy's step Girl

... “no way are you I want to feel that in me” bending over and bushing back I guided my cock into her. “Oh ... saying “well sir dinner is served” as I buried my head in between her legs licking her sweet pussy ... her neck, it was driving her totally crazy, Kelly begged for me do to what, ever I wanted to do... Continue»
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Daddy's new Girl

... ***d. And anyway, I love daddy.............., so does Jewels, I think...... We just want to learn ... silly boy who just want his fun. Daddy, I want you to teach me, well, you and mom........., please ... it easy for a minute or two"

"Daddy, it was great, can we do it again, I......., I want to feel you cum... Continue»
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... . It's all right, I told him.
When I was younger Daddy and I used to take showers together ... I caught my daddy staring at my tits----or at least the tits I've got.
My parents divorced ... 's fist punching away inside my chest. I started to tell him about my fond memories of that time... Continue»
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Daddy's party girl

... his cock. None were as large as her daddy's. There were only two tonight but as she adjusted ... and let me do anything I want to your body?" Again she nodded yes. He now knew he would enjoy his ... by my cock till you make me cum at least twice. I want to fill your hole with my cum."... Continue»
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Daddy's Little Girl

... .

"Look who's all grown up!" Lewis said to his daughter "I'm not that differnt ... skinny jeans "I'm still your litle girl." She looked into his eyes and then turned away ... said and got up on his knees "Mmm I'll be your little girl." She moved up to his cock... Continue»
Posted by Daddyslilgurl100 5 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish  |  
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forever daddy's girl!

... remember saying "i'm wet" again (BECAUSE I WAS!!) neither of us were being shy anymore and my daddy ... i had ever felt happened. daddy went down on me! i remember feeling like i wanted to explode, i ... care for each other and love like any other f****y would. i am 30 now, but will always be daddy's... Continue»
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Daddy's Little Girl

... not your little whore to sell to whoever you want. I swear, if you make me do this again, I’ll kill you ... really didn’t want to go. She knew what she was going to have to do and she thought about running out ... of the house. “Bailee, I need to you come in here please,” he said. The pretty teen actress stepped... Continue»
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Daddy's girl

... a hugged me and said "look like we have to share daddy" and I said "I don't mined baby girl" she ... and then she had her hand on my rock hard cock and said "look like you want to fuck me daddy" the I grab her ... baby girl suck daddy's cock suck real good" and she did and I got her boobs and sucked them as she... Continue»
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Daddy's Girl

... lips for Daddy's treat. "Go ahead I know you want it" and you quickly pull down my boxers ... for air.

"Did I do good daddy"

"Yes, my little girl that's exactly how I like it, which toy ... finger and go in.

"Oh yes my little girl you are very wet, you're making Daddy very happy"

I push... Continue»
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Daddy's Girl


Meet Shadow, Shadow is not his real name, just a nick name. He has a beautiful ... and nods. “Yes daddy.” Brianna doesn’t want him to go but deep down she knows that he is lonely ... being a single parent either, he had to grow up fast, never got to go out every Saturday night, have... Continue»
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Daddy's Girls

... your pussy?" She said "Yes daddy. I want to please you and make you happy. You can put your cock ... going to slowly fuck you. I want you to cum and then daddy will cum and give you lots of warm juice ... to his room one night and told her "I have a need and I am going to let my girls satisfy that need. You... Continue»
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... Daddy's Girl
by Htsxkittn (


A father comes to pick up his young ... did and looked
like James Dean, too. KJ was a "Daddy's girl." She
loved him very much ... ," Gene replied with a short chuckle. "Well
come over here and give me a hug and a kiss, girl. I... Continue»
Posted by taboolover1966 3 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo  |  
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Daddy's girl

... Characters

Girl: Halley

Daddy/boy: Daniel

Halley was walking into her house. It was her ... daddy?" She asked softly looking him in the eyes.

"Can I?" Daniel asked with shocked eyes ... ?" He asked softly, rubbing her pussy to relax the tightness of her hole.

"Yes daddy, I've wanted... Continue»
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Daddy's little girl 3

... hard shaft as I stuck my tongue further into my father’s mouth. He moaned into my mouth as I moved ... looked me in the eyes and said “I have wanted this for years.” I smiled at him and rolled over ... -cum oozing out of his dick, the second time I had ever tasted my dad’s salty cum. Leaning his head... Continue»
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Daddy's Girls part 2

... naked before her. "I want you to lay on the bed and spread your legs very wide apart. Daddy wants ... cock. "I want you to lick daddy's cock. Lick each side then lift it and lick my balls. Then I am going ... and he took her to his room. He told her "Sin your s****r has been making daddy very happy... Continue»
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Omegle Convo With a Dirty Daddy's Girl

... : if it's a guy peeing on a girl, I want it to be me, lol
You: one of my fantasies
You: is (when I get ... : why?
You: too much for you, filthy girl?
You: I want to see my wife make this bitch CRY
You ... pee
You: I don't care what you want, bitch
You: daddy's talking
You: shut the fuck up and take... Continue»
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step daddy's girl

... step- dad George joined us and got married but sadly my parents split when I was 10 mum wanted ... rather wet below, I wanted him to finger me but was to scared in case I couldn’t be quiet when I cum ... breathed heavily, covering up I kissed Jack “did you really like that Sophie” “did I ever I been wanting... Continue»
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Daddy's Dirty Girl

... pussy is so tight."

I moaned as he continued to move his fingers. "I want your cock daddy."

I ... pussy and down my ass.
“Next time,” He said. “I say we get another girl in here.”
I smiled. “I can’t wait Daddy.”
... with his girl of the day, she left in a hurry and I pretended like I hadn't seen or heard a thing. My... Continue»
Posted by marioxtz 2 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Taboo  |  
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