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Daddy I cum The wedding arrangements.

Daddy I cum The wedding arrangements.

... shot out.

I watched as her back arched she cum, she then got into bed and turned out the light ... sl**p, she said well you should know you saw me cum didnt you I had to admit to her I did and I ... whore and pump your cum into me, as I licked and nibbled her pussy she had multiple orgasms I... Continue»
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Daddy I cum.

... cum again and again she whispered daddy I cum im a bad little girl, with that cheeky smile, I fucked ... but would love to come to my house later I said I would cook something and made arrangements for later ... to do it and looked at my lump in my trousers saying daddy do you like what you see I nodded... Continue»
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Daddy I cum.The wedding

... until I cum. I got washed and dressed and went down stairs. Sammy was down stairs singing away I said ... until we cum together.

We rested for a while then went down stairs, Sammy said I heard you ... dick I exploded in Dorrens mouth wave after wave of cum poured from my cock, I looked down... Continue»
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Shadi Bhai ki Suhaag Raat Hum Dono ki

... little dewdrops of his pre-cum. His belly was smeared with the stuff.

Christ, I thought to myself ... fresh cum and the taste, ohhh Fuck, simply out of this world. I lapped and swallowed his whole body ... some living arrangements when he joins the same college as mine.

Pappu ko dekh ker meri halat... Continue»
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... ejaculated my own cum and it was running down my thighs I grabbed some Kleenex from my purse and cleaned ... while I was cumming he put his cock into my virgin pussy rammed it deep breaking my hymen and taking my ... fucking me and pinching whenever I stopped cumming I was so wiped out from all the orgasms I let him cum... Continue»
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Married Preachers Daughter Seduction Ch 10

... As I rode back toward Rays and Laura's I ordered her to be at a hotel I had already arranged, I ... shuttered and started to cum as I shoved my finger into her asshole and fingers on her pussy, I stopped ... glistening wedding ring on my cock, balls, and leg I face fucked her hard, stopping when she started... Continue»
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A Schoolgirl's First Time

... .

"I want your cum! she thought. I wanna eat your load! Give it to me, big
boy! Shoot it! Her left ... that
redhead again, and five of his buddies here at school. I keep burping up

Pam ... ?"

"Where else?" Pam asked, "I've got an asshole full of Rocky Johnson's
cum right now."

"I wanna... Continue»
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Wife Conversion - Part 1

getting close, she aimed my cock toward the towel as I
blasted a healthy load of cum from my cock ... was surprised as I was, but
then she took her finger and began rubbing the cum that
was on my lips ... found another splash of cum that she
dragged into my mouth. I noticed that her breathing rate... Continue»
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My wedding day... I suppose all brides cry on the day of their wedding ... wedding.

"I don't know where this stupid tradition of the father paying for the wedding came ... in the Hamptons prior to the wedding. Becca insisted I help with the planning, which mostly bored me.

She... Continue»
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Daddy's Virgin

... looked at her father.

"Daddy! What's wrong with me? I can't stop it! Oh Daddy! I can't stop Cumming ... finger up her asshole. Am I a bad girl cause I liked it Daddy? Oh Daddy! I'm want to cum again ... dick. She looked up at him with glassy eyes. "Oh Daddy! That was so wonderful. I got so scared! I had... Continue»
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Crystal Pure

... like daddy's nasty little cum target and let daddy cream into your hot little mouth."

I grabbed ... of fun. I saw she didn't wear a wedding ring and asked her out before she gave the mechanic the key ... and offered to arrange for me to get a ride to work. She smiled when I suggested we get dinner, put her... Continue»
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Our Friend, Lover, and Dad

... ! Don't stop! Daddy, Please,
Don't stop. Make me cum, daddy! Pleeeeeese!!"

I was taken ... .

"No, please don't. I want to feel my daddy's cum on me.
I want to go to sl**p feeling my ... daddy's cum on me," and I
took a finger full of cum and put it in my mouth. He
leaned over... Continue»
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A Different Kind of Love

... of every one of them.

"Oh Daddy, what have I done to you?" Farrah sobbed. She put the book back ... !" the woman's voice on her left complained.

"Be quiet, both of you," Farrah said. "I'm ready. I have ... to be. I can't just lurk in the shadows any more. I have to do this. I have to find out if he still... Continue»
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Black Maled

... class. One son was on a full scholarship for Lacrosse so his coach arranged to keep his grades up ... desperate to cum. One of his favorite lunchtime activities was to go to the bathroom on other floors ... glory holes and if he timed it just right, he could suck off a few cocks and have a “three cum... Continue»
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Closing the Deal

... seen. She smiled and winked. I quickly looked for a wedding ring and saw none. But, as pretty as she ... your seating arrangements!”

I had the desk in the lounge up grade my “traveling companion’s ... asking, “Newly Weds?”

I smiled back as said, “Yea, sort of!”

She smiled again and said... Continue»
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Father & Son Cuckolds

... in taking "Daddy's" cum, as neither dad or I had much will to resist him when he demanded sex from us ... some. Yes, I made you promise to wait until our wedding night. But I did that to ensure that you ... into a detailed discussion about what we meant to each other and stressed how I raved about how tasty her cum... Continue»
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Black Man's White Pussyboy

... mouth. Looking up at him, I asked, "You'll warn
me before you cum, right?"

"Sure thing cocksucker ... his abs.

"Gonna cum!" he shouted. I started to pull back and off his cock. I
got my mouth about ... watched and his face lit up with a grin as my throat muscles worked and
I swallowed the cum filling... Continue»
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closing the deal

... like” eyes I had ever seen. She smiled and winked. I quickly looked for a wedding ring and saw none ... ?”

“I’m going to change your seating arrangements!”

I had the desk in the lounge up grade my ... shoulder and smiled asking, “Newly Weds?”

I smiled back as said, “Yea, sort of!”

She smiled... Continue»
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Prisoner's Wife

... in rent free, and I also
has connections in the prison and can arrange for your husband ... even more desirable to Reggie.

"I just wants to play with you and watch you cum for me
Sweetie ... bitch by planting a black baby in

“Please don’t cum in me this time. Take it out. I... Continue»
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Toying with Tiffany

... will Mommy and Daddy think? And all your
friends? I can pretty well guess what all the perverts ... was shaking and sweaty, she wanted to cum so damn bad!

"I don't think so," White ordered.

"Pleeeeeeese ... ," Tiffany said. She knew they knew. She was beyond shame,
she decided. She had to cum.

"I want to have... Continue»
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