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Dad and Son

... Dad and Son!

Letzten Montag war ich in der Badeanstalt, extra net am Morgen, sind fast ... sehen was da so zwischen Männern abgeht, also rief ich einen Schwulenporno aus der Kategorie Dad ... and Sohn auf.
Wir setzten uns aufs Sofa und schauten uns den Film an, dabei konnte ich sehen... Continue»
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Dad and daughter

... -eight year old widowed male. He lives with his eighteen year old step-daughter Mandy. Ever since his ... to fuss about supper.

When Mandy arrives home from work her step-Dad had supper already prepared ... , this is a nice surprise. What did I forget, is today a special day?"

Her step-Dad smiles... Continue»
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Daughter and Dad

her Dad to acknowledge that his daughter was a good-looking woman . . . .

Her mind drifted back ...
His daughter Anita was all Jim had left of a 20 year marriage that ended
abruptly when his ... ,
sl**p, and work. Although he managed to take care of his daughter's basic
needs, he wasn't much... Continue»
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... I was about halfway to my first orgasm when I noticed my Dad, out of the corner of my eye, standing ... shamelessly checked my own Dad’s package and found his loose pajama’s outrageously tented. Wow, I ... thought for maybe the millionth time in my young life, Dad’s sure got a big one. I also felt a thrill... Continue»
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Daughter and Dad - Part 2

... in her eyes.

“Feel better about all this Dad?”, his daughter asked, but knew the answer ... downstairs. The aroma of fresh coffee

led her into the kitchen where her Dad was sitting ... rejection, she whispered I his ear.

“Morning, Dad. What’re you thinking about? You’re about a million... Continue»
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... because he wanted his plan to work.

" Look at Angel, our daughter. She weighs only 120 lbs ... to our daughter."

"But I want to shape up and try to be like her."

"You mean you envy our ... daughter?"

"Yes and No."

"What do you mean?"

"Yes, I envy Angel's beauty and body. She is so... Continue»
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Daughter Anita and her Dad

... could only get her Dad to acknowledge that his daughter was a good-looking woman . . . .

Her ... are my daughter, right? Hmm, must be! You feel too good to be just a fantasy!”.

“Dad, you’re ...

His daughter Anita was all Jim had left of a 20 year marriage that ended abruptly when his wife... Continue»
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... Trey is such a BASTARD!" my daughter Amanda cried through cascading tears. Her slender shoulders ... ."

"Oh, DAD," she said, her voice cracking. She began crying even harder, and hugged me even closer ... to sniffles.

"But, Dad, there's more that I haven't told you. Trey wasn't just my friend -- he was my... Continue»
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Daughter and Dad part 1

... with her

size. Now if she could only get her Dad to acknowledge that his daughter was a

good ...

daughter, right? Hmm, must be! You feel too good to be just a fantasy!”.

“Dad, you’re ...

Introduction: Anita seduces her Dad, the only real man in her life

This started out... Continue»
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... , considering that I
had a sixteen year old daughter that I had to raise by
myself after my slut ...
outside of the occasional one nightstand. Other than my
daughter, but I'll come back to that. I ... was good too. The pay was not
overwhelming, but certainly enough for my daughter and
I to live... Continue»
Posted by sexaddict66 4 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo  |  
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Neighbours Mum, Friend, Dad and Daughter!

... neighbours are no ordinary f****y! The dad of the household entered the room and just stood there, looking ... her tits out of her bra and looked to be attempting to feed the baby! Meanwhile the dad grabbed ... an hour later the door opened and in walked the slightly older daughter, maybe about 13. Now teenage... Continue»
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Daughter Makes Dad her Sissy

... their daughter Jen with him to raise.

Well, that wasn't exactly the story. There had been hints ... was growing up. She loved her daughter and felt that it would be best if she had a stable two-parent ... didn't want to admit it, but his daughter was probably a flirt. The guys who came to pick her up... Continue»
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... I watched as my daughter took my father's cock into her mouth. She was enjoying herself so much ... .

I found myself beginning to fantasize about Daddy in ways a daughter shouldn't, and I noticed ... /daughter relationship that we had disappeared, and was replaced with one that was more like a husband... Continue»
Posted by sexaddict66 4 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo  |  
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Step dads follows daughter & boyfriend to an a

... at his step daughter.

"Yes. I can and what I wear is not your concern Frank. You aren't my dad after ... . The choice is yours though, it is your day off either get a piece of this or take your daughter to school ... daughter to school please!" She says with a playful and excited tone as the idea of just not having... Continue»
Posted by fotisampini 2 years ago  |  Categories: First Time  |  
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Me And My Dad Marry My Aunt And Her Daughter

... with my two new wives while my dad went with his new wife cum daughter. That night I had wild sex ...

I am going to tell about how my dad fucked my hot married aunt while my mom watched. Well ... this story took place when I was studying in class 12. My aunt who had a 18 year old daughter had come... Continue»
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Daughter's Host Dad's Poker Game

... had left me and I’ve never really gotten over it. She left me for a woman. Both of our daughters were ... after Sheila left. My daughters kept encouraging me to get back with the guys as I needed the outlet ... passed out, my two daughters walked into the room.

All conversation stopped and everyone’s jaw hit... Continue»
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My dads new wife had a daughter named shelly...

... In the summer of my Sophmore year of High School my dad got remarried for the 4th time. He ... to the kitchen and he said that belonged to Shelly, his new wifes daughter. He said she was my age and was nice ... late night TV. My dad and his lady had to work early in the morning so they were tucked in by 8:30... Continue»
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Dad Watches Daughter's First Time

... the window and saw it was my Daughter and her boyfriend Mark.

As I watched, they began to kiss ... own Daughters first fuck. Watching that huge, fat, cock, sliding into her tight, virgin, cunt, seeing... Continue»
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... . We were just about done
when dad came back in. He had his bowling shirt on and carrying
his ... a boy.”

“I kiss you and dad.”

“I’m talking about a real kiss. Let me show you.”

I felt her ... ?”

“Slow down sweetheart.” Mom laughed.

Mom said that she thinks she can talk to dad and arrange for... Continue»
Posted by brianbigdogsmith 9 months ago  |  Categories: First Time, Taboo, Voyeur  |  
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My Life

... very loving husband and cute daughter. But after three years of my marriage the whole things changed ... I was seriously injured and it’s just like a miracle that my two years old daughter is safe and ... that my mother is with me, she takes care of my daughter and helps me a lot to get out of the shock of... Continue»
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