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... Lisa had lived with her dad Frank since he and her mom separated when she was 15. She was now 18 ... and her dad still hadn't dated anyone and she was starting to worry about him. She knew how lonely he ... but her attention was only making him harder. He tried to readjust the comforter to show a little... Continue»
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There's a Cheerleader in the Boy's Locke

... in a white cheerleader skirt and sweater would be noticed in an empty hallway. Especially one she had ... , and that made it the traditional "senior dare night" for the Adams High Warrior Cheerleaders. As tradition ... .

This year there were five seniors. Tawna was the head cheerleader. She drew last and all of the girls... Continue»
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... with little pain.

Once he got back onto the bed, he had his s****r turn over, with a pillow ... , but she had been dating boys for years. With her honey golden hair, her B-cup size and her cheerleader's ... was shocked at his actions. Ever since her mother had died, he'd done his best to be both mom and dad for her... Continue»
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'Little s*s' chapter 10

... .’

Then I had to sound like such a little girl. I asked him to call me. When I got him on the phone I ... ‘the g****s of wrath’ because it cut in on my swim time you walked me through the plot so well I passed ... senior year and suddenly you were a little hottie in eighth grade. I never dreamed I would have a chance... Continue»
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The Quarterback's Little s****r

... .

"I'm putting this one all on the cheerleader's actually," Brad said, watching his little s****r ... , but if it was just his little s****r Emily left in the house they didn't have a care in the world. It was funny too ... -IN-THE-FUCKING-DOOR?"

Brad laughed at his little s****r's attitude. He'd seen her running up and knew... Continue»
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Dad's Love

... figured that it was only right to have Dad fuck me. Besides what is it they say about i****t being ... a little bit more until I started tasting his delicious precum. Knowing I better stop before he shot ... to the shower wall. He then rammed his monster dick into my tight little twat really deep. I cried out... Continue»
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Violated by My Dad's b*****r

... , but they insisted that I go stay with my dad’s b*****r and his wife so I would stay out of trouble ... . Was it an accident that he pulled my suit down or did he deliberately do it? How could my dad’s b*****r do ... This story took place the summer that I turned 18. I had been a cheerleader for the last three... Continue»
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A Dad's Letter

... .

"Jeez Dad, the guys in the locker room at school will
all see my shaved pubes and balls," he ... **s at school have been calling my boy queer and
faggot and roughing him up a bit because of his ...
doesn't feel left out, Little Mike is allowed to
stubble lick both his older b*****rs too... Continue»
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Dad's big mistake

... is to make you a little b*****r or s****r, okay?"

"Okay." Kyle answered.

"I'm gonna lay here ... father in the doorway. He got a cocky little smile and gave his dad a little wave.

Jim f***ed ... .

"Okay I guess. Is dad gone already?" He asked.

"Yeah, he left a few minutes ago." Julie... Continue»
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My Roommate's Dad

... think about so much, the one I dream about is my
roommate's Dad. Mike and I were assigned ... 40 miles away.

I met his parents the first day there. Mike and his Dad are built
alike, hairy ... were nice to me.
His Dad was always friendly, sweet, interested in me. It did something to
me... Continue»
Posted by john1195 2 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Gay Male, Masturbation  |  

College Roomate's Dad

... men, rather than the guys my own age. When I met my roommate’s dad, I was totally hot for him.

I ... and his dad looked almost exactly the same, I was never sexually attracted to Devin. We had become ... . After dinner, we all watched a little television. We were all pretty tired again, so we ended going... Continue»
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Daddy's Little Hooker

... is heart; he was losing his little girl, soon it would be just him in this house with just his frustration ... part of him said). They tended to hang on the fringes, less forward and a little shyer than ... , surprise, then shock replaced the smile on the girls face as she recognised the man in the car.
“Dad... Continue»
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Daddy's Little Hooker

... Daddy's Little Hooker
© Shyblueeyes1968 2006-2009
MF, teen(18+), i****t, spank, anal, oral ... . This thought sent a sharp stab of pain through is heart; he was losing his little girl, soon it would ... on the fringes, less forward and a little shyer than the older hands. They also lacked the desperation... Continue»
Posted by shyblueeyes1968 4 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, Taboo, Hardcore  |  
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'little s*s' chapter eight

... was the hardest drinker in our group. We always accused her of hogging up the bottle. Our friend jane was a little ... graduate showing like a motherfucker. Right now it was our little secret. We all lit a cigarette. Jen ... like a little bitch. Abby took another swig from the bottle. She said ‘halina the weirdest shit makes... Continue»
Posted by halinaplays 1 year ago  |  Categories: First Time, Sex Humor, Hardcore  |  
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Daddy's Little Girl

... .

"Look who's all grown up!" Lewis said to his daughter "I'm not that differnt ... skinny jeans "I'm still your litle girl." She looked into his eyes and then turned away ... lacey bra through the thin fabric.

"Ahh that's better.." She walked out of her... Continue»
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Daddy's Little Girl

... followed, and Paul smiled marvelling at how the young k**s today were so into multitasking ... to assimilate what he was seeing and hearing and was stunned with absolute shock. His little baby girl… his ... a blushing fire engine red. She new instantly that her dad had seen and heard everything, and resided... Continue»
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Daddy's Little Girl

... downstairs and crawled back into bed with her dad. She cuddled up next to him, dressed only in one of his ... ran her fingertips over her dad's stomach. She tilted her head up so that her eyes met his. He kissed ... her father moan his approval. She did this, dragging her fingers over his cock, for a little while... Continue»
Posted by fotisampini 2 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Taboo  |  
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Mother's little secert

... Truck in the drive way of his house. "oh Grandpa is here, why is he here dad is out of town" alex ... puzzled look on his face.his granddad is about in his late 60's and very good looking at that still ... mom had that was on the frists, since his dad was out of town his granddad was the only one... Continue»
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Daddy's little slut

... one in the new recruits being only f******n

but i really wanted to be a cheerleader so i worked ... hard to make sure i made the cut.

After a long day of boring classes then cheerleader audition ... standing above me and realize its my dad. He's

looking down at my freshly bare pussy... Continue»
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... little s****r about two weekends a month. I really didn’t mind. She was three years younger than me ... little s****r had learned how to argue with me in the last year or so. She won these little spats more ... with this. I had found a way to make my heartbroken little s****r happy. She was a pretty good natural... Continue»
Posted by bigdick2012h 3 years ago  |  Categories: Taboo  |  
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