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Cum for Dawn :Book I

Cum for Dawn :Book III

... now I finally have you. Go ahead honey, cum for me, give me a real big orgasm.” Cindy ... night Sarah, I love you…. Oh, and good night Dawn. I hope you liked it.” If I could have ... warm with her body touching mine.

“Oh Dawn you feel so good. You’re nice and ... ... Continue»
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Cum for Dawn :Book V

... ; give it to me! I’m gonna…I’m gonna CUM!” Sarah screamed out as she came and, again ... She searched high and low for some lipstick for me and about a half hour ... shut, and making kissing movements like a dork.

“…. Dawn? Hey, are you okay?” I didn’t quite ... ... Continue»
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Cum for Dawn :Book IV

... her body was convulsing.

“I want you to cum in my mouth! Can you do that for me?” Duncan begged my s****r. I was soaked ... possum, I shut my eyes and pretended I was passed out.

Dawn... Dawn!? Are you ok? Speak to me!” Sarah’s voice was panicking ... ... Continue»
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Cum for Dawn :Book II

... Dawn and these are my stories.

Well the summer of ’93 went by pretty quick for ... through a sneezing spell and couldn’t stop.

Dawn, are you still feeling sick?” I heard ... more as her pace quickened.

“C’mon Dawn, beat that stupid cold.” Sarah whispered ... ... Continue»
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Cum for Dawn :Book I

My name is Dawn and these are my stories. Let’s ... them. I was in heaven; I fondled her breasts for what seemed like forever until I eventually started to nod ... relaxed than I already was.

“Now stay in here for awhile. I have to go do something,” Sarah told ... ... Continue»
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A night out for dawn

A night out for dawn

a true story from dawn

Thursday, message while at work ... was that I was to make myself cum by forcing myself onto the vibe so it ... tits. After a while I did manage to cum but my nipples were on fire with the pain ... ... Continue»
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Looking for a book

... Doris blurted.

"Ugh, I'm sorry, I was looking for a book."

"A book?"

"Yeah, my Läckberg..."

"There's no book in here," Doris said. I don't know if ... my finger in her warmth, as her and Mats's cum coated my finger in a liquid pleasure. Doris moved ... ... Continue»
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another night out for dawn

31st January 2015
Another night out for Dawn
I was summoned by my master ... fucking my mouth, suddenly filling my throat with cum, Forcing me to swallow every last drop. ... inside my body, my puss now slippery with cum making it hard to keep it in place ... ... Continue»
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Cum for Me (A M/S story)

... control over a man.

She began thinking to herself, "Cum for me....cum for me...."

Josh's hand slipped under the sweater and his ... balls and then went back up the vein again.

"Cum for me...cum for me..." she kept thinking to herself.

Josh flipped ... ... Continue»
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B.T.V.S.: Dawn's Wish Part 1

... Buffy sat down, got out the younger Summers girls' calculus book and started writing in it, "What are you doing?"

"You ... to make Dawn cum harder than anything else, and this time it was even harder than usual, Dawn left a quivering mess for a few long ... ... Continue»
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B.T.V.S.: Dawn's Wish Part 4

... . That, and while she could resist making herself cum it was hard for Dawn to just sit on her hands while Buffy was ... book of course.

It was... weird. Kind of ugly. But kind of not. It was... something she could think about later.

For ... ... Continue»
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DAWN BEING A GOOD BAD GIRL ``~~~~~long version

... wish, and every unfulfilled desire. Everything that is except for Dawn’s innermost longing to be fucked by her very own ... fingering each other (and again Dawn’s cum that night sent a new level of exquisite pleasure for her). Eventually they were licking ... ... Continue»
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A New Dawn Arises

... to cum."

"Who is Dawn?"

"Dawn is your slave."

"Who is Dawn?"

"I am Dawn, my mistress."

"What is Dawn?"

"Dawn is ... with
dresses, skirts, blouses, wigs and makeup for Dawn's little

The group was growing impatient with ... ... Continue»
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B.T.V.S.: Dawn's Wish Part 3

... way down your throat. Leave some cum and pussy juice for Mom. That's what I always do." Dawn confessed huskily, "I like to leave a ... cunt juice.

Tasting her big s*ster's cum and cunt cream for the first time had Dawn briefly wishing she hadn't kissed the ... ... Continue»
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... .

Probably the worst part of the gross experience for Dawn was watching the two other men openly fisting their ... for Brenda. Once she finished drinking Rod's filthy cum, she was quickly rolled between a second man's legs. Even in the dim lighting, Dawn ... ... Continue»
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The Awakening of Dawn...Part 1

... massive orgasm.


Consciousness came slowly for Dawn. The after effects of her orgasms ... fraternity house was one of turmoil for Dawn. She had had sex with a ... his cum until the finale where everyone came at once. When
Dawn came again for the ... ... Continue»
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B.T.V.S.: Dawn's Wish Part 2

... her bitch. Make you cum real hard in my mouth."

"Looking forward to it. But for now, bend over!" Dawn ordered, giving Faith ... and then repeat the process, the Slayer's anal ring stretching for Dawn's knuckles every time. It was gentle at first, but then ... ... Continue»
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B.T.V.S.: Dawn's Wish Part 5

... , no more!" Buffy wept softly as she was f*rced to cum for what seemed like the millionth time, her pussy aching like ... 's cum and pussy juice. Or because she had fantasised about this. Or because it made Dawn happy. No, Buffy did this for one ... ... Continue»
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Dawn's 40th birthday surprise

... which made it all the more disturbing for Dawn, Portia had not bothered to hide what ... enjoy it. Lay back and just cum for us sweetheart.”
Dawn could not speak as the shock ... him. For the first time in her life Dawn actually felt the spirts of cum deep inside ... ... Continue»
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... ," he cried as the first blast released a cord of hot cum into his mother's pussy.

As she felt the hot liquid ... before, they never meant what they did at that moment. For Dawn, it was a moment of clarity. As she kissed her son ... ... Continue»
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