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Cum for Dawn :Book I

... wanted you for so long and now I finally have you. Go ahead honey, cum for me, give ... hands of her friend.

“No. I, shouldn’t cum! I, I,” Sarah gasping for air as her body arched ... Sarah, I love you…. Oh, and good night Dawn. I hope you liked it.” If I could ... ... Continue»
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Cum for Dawn :Book V

Hello, my name is Dawn and these are my stories.

I love Halloween; it’s become one of my favorite holiday’s over the years -the candy is a given, but I love the costumes and dressing up. I was usually a princess, all in pink with a tiara and wand. I use to not care as much for Halloween, but this year was gonna be different.

We found out the house that Petra and Duncan lived in finally sold. The new residents had been moving in for a few days now, so naturally everyone was peeking out of their windows to catch a glimpse of the new neighbors.

Halloween finally arrived and I came home from school with my first round of candy from class. I decided to hide my stash in my room and headed over to Sarah’s room to give her a few pieces of candy for later when she got home.

I felt like now was the time to check out what new magazines Sarah might have so I went to my bat cave and had a look around. She was in the Halloween spirit. The top magazine was called Scream Queens Uncensored; it was all the horror movie girls butt naked! Everyone from the girl from: A Nightmare on Elm Street, to Elvira, was in it. I had no idea she’s a natural redhead either! I flipped through a couple more magazines when I heard the front door shut and heard Sarah’s voice telling whoever she was with to keep it down. I shut her closet door leaving just enough to see, figuring it was probably Cindy again. She had spent most of the year helping me keep Sarah happy from the Duncan incident. I was hoping they were both in some kind of hot Halloween outfit and I was gonna get a treat to watch!

I could see it now…Sarah walks in with her sexy librarian outfit on, her hair pulled back with some fake glasses on, black nylons, and spiked high heels! Just looking ultra hot and sexy! Then Cindy walks in behind her wearing her Betty Page tigress one piece outfit with fishnet stockings and Doc Martin boots. Her hair is usually done up like Betty’s anyways and is wearing tiger ears on top of her head. I could imagine Cindy pouncing on top of her prey as soon as the door shut and start ravaging Sarah without giving her a chance to fight!

Stripping the helpless librarian of her mini skirt and tearing away at her lace panties exposing her, I could see Cindy throwing Sarah’s legs high into the air and giving her the tongue lashing she deserves, licking and lapping up her preys juices, smiling with an evil grin as her meal begs for mercy!

…That’s what I was hoping for anyways. I was getting wet just thinking about it! The door finally opened to her room and in she walked, even better than what I imagined! She was wearing the classic Playboy Bunny outfit! Complete with the bunny tail, the dark nylons, the cuffs, the bowtie and ears! She had her golden blonde hair straightened and it went almost to her butt! She looked amazing! Like straight out of the magazine amasing. I was soaked just watching her walk in that outfit! She knew how to make that bunny tail work to!

Then I could practically hear the record scratch as some dude walked in behind her! Who the fudge was this guy!? …or whatever he was? His outfit…if that’s what you wanna call it was short blue hair combed to the side, he was wearing a KMFDM Money shirt, and had black electrical tape all up and down his arm, he even had blue eyeliner which I had never seen on a boy before and had on ripped up stone washed jeans and converse shoes.

His face is very feminine and I guess if he wanted to could of passed or dressed as a woman if he felt like it. His eyes were a pale green and he always seemed to have a smirk on his face like he was up to no good.

Sarah wasted no time jumping on him and kissing him almost recklessly. She pulled at his hair and bit into his neck leaving her marks all over him; he just seemed to laugh and let her do whatever she wanted.

I myself was unimpressed and I even folded my arms in a pouty sort of way. I wanted Cindy! She is much hotter than this….this…BOY! What was she thinking? I almost felt like bursting out and hopefully freaking him out and making him run off, but with my luck I would probably just get the boot.

So I continued to watch -at least I could watch my hot s****r get naked. I’m always down for that and I love that bunny outfit! Sarah started taking off his shirt while they made out and he picked her up and spun around while she wrapped her legs around him; she looked so cute with that bunny tail and ears.

She didn’t even open her eyes when she was facing me, but gave me a thumbs up. I just rolled my eyes and hoped Cindy would come in and kick this guy out, but that didn’t happen. Not too much was said between them just a lot of grunting and moaning and lip smacking going on. It was the first time I felt kind of trapped in here and had no way out. Finally Sarah decided to speak.

“Hey why don’t you put me on my bed, tie me up and have your way with me?” Sarah said to her new found friend. He tossed her onto the bed and started grabbing at her as she pretended to try and escape. He spanked her on the butt, which made her yell a little followed by a laugh.

“What should I tie you up with, hmmm?” The boy asked with that evil grin.

“Oh I don’t know. I guess you will have to use your imagination, wont you,” the trapped bunny replied. After thinking and struggling to keep her pinned down he finally took his electrical tape on his arms off and tied her hands to the back of her bed, he then used what was left to tie her legs up by her ankles. I had to admit I was kinda turned on seeing her tied up like that. She had this smile on her face like an I-know-something-you-don’t-know look. He started fumbling around trying to figure out how to take her bunny outfit off.

“Hey, what gives? How am I supposed to take this off?” He became more confused and grew impatient on how to strip his bunny of her clothes with each passing moment. She just laughed at him.

“Ha! You will have to be creative now wont you?” Sarah said giggling as her boy toy thought real hard about how to strip her. He looked around the room and saw a pair of scissors and grabbed them.

“Ah ha! Here we go, now your mine little bunny!” He jumped back onto the bed and grabbed Sarah’s ankles. The boy slid the scissors right into her crotch and cut them off exposing her already creamy pussy. I had to admit, again, that when I saw how her clothes popped off, exposing her, I was getting wet again and starting to get back into it!

“Oh wow look at you, all creamy and wet! I bet I could just slide right into you… Huh, let’s see…” He took the rest of his clothes off and wasted no time sliding his long yet skinny cock into her, making a wet sloppy kind of sound. He went fast at first but then slowed way down, you could hear Sarah moaning and groaning in delight.

“What are you waiting for, you want me right? Well take me! C’mon you want me to feel it don’t you? Pound me right now!” I never heard Sarah talk like this before! She was really into it and I was starting to get into it as well. I started taking off my panties, which were already nice and soaked, and I started to play with myself a little.

He ripped the tape off her ankles so he could spread her wide and started slamming into her faster and faster. She looked at him with an evil grin as he gave his all.

“C’mon you can do better than that can’t you? Give me your best!” Sarah grunted out, telling the boy what she wanted, trying to make him moan loudly.

“Jesus, what do you want from me? I’m giving it my all!” The blue haired boy growled, breathing heavier and heavier, his cock sliding in and out of her sweet slick pussy.

“Why don’t you cut me loose and flip me over so you can take me from behind?” I couldn’t help but agree with her, I wanted to see her taken from behind as well.

“Oh no; no way I’m not cutting you loose. You’ll just try and escape!” The boy wasn’t convinced of letter her go yet. Sarah used her grip she had on his cock and managed to somehow trap his cock inside her to where he couldn’t move!

“Look, by all means keep my wrists bound, but you will un-tie me from the bed, flip me over, and take my ass! Do I make myself clear?” The boy whimpered as Sarah laid down her demands and he un-tied her from the bed. He still kept her wrists bound, but flipped her over and re-tied her to the bed, which made her laugh a little.

“Awww, what, don’t you trust me? What could I possibly do to you? Do I deserve a little spanking for trapping you inside me?” Sarah was not acting like her normal sensual self like she is with me or Crissy. She seems to almost be torturing this boy. I still had no clue as to who he was since I’d never seen him before.

“Oh you want a little spanking do you? Well let me help you with that!” SMACK! He made me jump a little when he smacked her on the butt. Sarah just laughed and asked for more as he slid back inside her and slapped her ass repeatedly.

I didn’t really seem to like it all that much and it made me stop playing with myself. I was about to go out there and tell him to stop, but Sarah just laughed more and more. She seemed to be enjoying herself quite a bit. She was starting to slam back into him, meeting him with each thrust.

“Yeah like that! That’s it, I’m almost there; give it to me! I’m gonna…I’m gonna CUM!” Sarah screamed out as she came and, again, locked him in place with her pussy muscles.

“Oh my God! What are you trying to do break me in half?” Finally able to pull out the blue haired boy was able to catch his breath and gloat over making my s****r cum. I just sat there and watched, not really sure about the spanking.

“Well little bunny, are you ready for maybe another round? I bet you have all kinds of toys I can use on you huh, let’s see what’s in here?” He started to make his way over to the closet where I was! I froze in place and I could swear I heard my mom calling me, but I was trapped with this naked blue haired weirdo walking towards me!

“Hey! Stay out of there, that’s private!” Sarah protested and started to get a little angry at the boy.

“Oh? Is there something naughty in there that I shouldn’t see?” He taunted my s****r by grabbing the door and was about to open it.

“I’m warning you, if you open that I’m gonna have to hurt you!” Sarah threatened, hoping the threat would stick…even though she was still tied up to the bed.

“I bet you have all sorts of toys in here! Whips and chains, dildos and strap-ons'! Let’s have a look shall we?” He opened the door and laughed at Sarah, but hadn’t noticed me yet. He slowly looked into the closet and saw me standing there, still dressed up in my Halloween outfit.

“Oh, hi; how are you…Wait a minute? What the hell?! Who are you?! And what are you doing here?” He had this shocked confused look on his face and I just had a dumb grin on mine; Sarah was trying not to laugh.

“Okay, fun’s over. Cut me loose from this crap.” Sarah said, trying not to laugh too much. I ran past her….boy toy and went to her to try and untie her from her bonds. Suddenly the boy came up and grabbed my arm real tight and started yelling at me.

“I said, “who the hell are you and what are you doing here you peeping tom?” I want answers!” The boy demanded of me, hurting my arm.

“Hey…. asshole! That’s my s****r; let her go right now! I’m not playing!” Sarah demanded of her still butt naked friend.

“No! I want some answers! I mean don’t you think this is kinda weird that she is hiding in your closet like that?”

“I said let her go. Last warning; and no, she hides in there and watches all the time.”

“WHAT!? You two are like some kind of weird freaks huh?” The boy said, while kind of getting rough with my arm almost jerking me about.

“Dawn, remember the move I showed you? Do it right now!” Without hesitating I swung my free arm and gave the blue haired boy a left hook to his nuts! Dropping him instantly and making him scream like…well, like a little girl! He fell to the floor and was crying in the fetal position and I, out of instinct, bolted for the door!

“You little bitch I’m gonna get you!” He yelled, still in great pain. Then I heard my s****r chime in right after that.

“Oh, I’m so kicking your ass Ricky! When I get out of this crap, you’re mine!” Sarah was quite livid. I could tell she was definitely gonna hurt this Ricky person, but I didn’t care. I was getting the heck out of there!

I was heading towards the living room as fast as I could. In a panic I kept looking behind me, waiting to see if he was chasing after me.

“Oh there you are Dawn I want you to meet…” My mom spoke all of a sudden and scared the daylights out of me! As I looked forward again, I tripped over a video game controller and fell face first, hair flying in the air, right into someone’s lap! I paused for a minute and all I saw was blue with white stars and these creamy white legs. I lifted my head up slowly and I saw the greenest prettiest eye’s I had ever seen!

She wore what I know now is a Wonder Woman outfit; she looked so beautiful with her milky white skin, green eyes, and raven black, curly long hair. I was totally aw struck by this girl who’s crotch I just landed in. She had this very surprised look on her face and I had a bad feeling all of a sudden.

“I know… you hate me don’t you?” I asked as I slowly pulled away from her. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped as if in shock.

“Oh my god... MOM! IT’S SUPER GIRL!!! SHE LOOKS JUST LIKE SUPER GIRL!!” She practically screamed in my face, startling me a bit. Trying not to laugh, my mom chimed in and introduced me to our new neighbors.

“Ummm, Dawn? Are you alright? I want you to meet the Ruenhart f****y. You just met Anni, and this is her mother, Marie.”

“Why, hello darling! Aren’t you just the most beautiful thing? Just look at those golden curls!” Marie said in her aristocratic tone. I didn’t even acknowledge her. I was too fixed on Anni’s eyes; we both just kept staring at one another and in that moment, of all things to come on the TV, was the Wonder Years song. I felt Goosebumps all over me and I saw them crawling up Anni’s arms as well.

“You so look like Super Girl! Did you know that?” Anni told me.

“Who is that? I never heard of her.” I said slightly confused. Anni grabbed my hands and had another shocked look on her face once again.

“You don’t know who Super Girl is?! Mom, mom, mom! Do we have a Super Girl outfit she can wear at the house?!”

“Now Anni, you know full well what we have at the house.”

“Great! Dawn and I are gonna go to our house so I can get her into a Super Girl outfit! C’mon Dawn let’s go!!” Anni grabbed my hands tighter and we bolted out the door. We got to her house which still had many unpacked boxes in it. There were two boys, twins to be exact, moving boxes around and getting things organized.

“Hey Damon, Ryan, where are the Halloween outfits? I need one that will fit Dawn here!” Anni asked of her b*****rs excitedly, still holding my hand.

“Oh I see; hey Ryan look, Anni found herself a girl friend!”

“Oh yup, your right Damon, but she is really adorable! Look at those curls in her hair… and she’s so tall too!” Ryan kept going on and on until, finally, Anni had enough.

“HEY ASSHOLES… Costumes! C’mon now, priorities! She needs a Super Girl outfit, STAT!” I never heard someone my age talk like her; she’s like a firecracker! The twins weren’t even fazed by it.

“Mom said to put all the outfits into your room for now; she said you can sl**p on the couch until we get things organized.” Damon said with a slight annoyance in his voice. Anni didn’t care and led me to her bedroom where she was tried to open the door, but it seemed that they’d put boxes in the way of the door, blocking her from getting in.

“Here let me help,” I said to Anni while she was giving it her all. She’s a lot shorter than me, so I just pushed right above her and, with both our efforts, we flung the boxes out of the way and, apparently, right onto her cat.

“Well you should have moved Trix! Next time get the hell out of my way! There are costumes to be had!” We came into her room and Anni just went ballistic on the boxes, ripping them open and digging around for a few minutes until she finally found what she was looking for.

“Ah ha! I found it! This should fit; here try it on!”

She gave me this, what I know now as a Super Girl outfit, but at the time I had no clue who it was. She went through a few more boxes, found some comic books, and showed me who Super girl was.

“See! You look just like her daughter... if she had a daughter.” Anni said with excitement. She kept looking at me with this grin hoping, I guess, that I would go along and change my princess outfit to Super Girl. I was all game for it. She was not only the cutest littlest munchkin I ever did see, but I had already taken a dive right into her crotch, so I felt like I owed her one.

I started stripping my clothes off right there and her beautiful green eyes grew to the size of silver dollars and her face turned bright red. Apparently I totally forgot I left my panties in Sarah’s room… Oh well, I didn’t mind at all; we’re both girls, so who cares?

“Ummm, uh, Dawn… you have no panties on!” Anni said, fumbling her words.

“Yeah I know. I left them in my s****r’s room… long story…. but the way I see it is you have what I have so I don’t mind if you don’t.” She didn’t blink once as I put on each layer of the costume. First the red underwear, which I teased her with slowly (something I learned from Sarah), then the mini skirt, and followed by the boots. She seemed almost hypnotized by me getting dressed. I started to blush a little, not even Sarah looked at me like this, and I must say I didn’t mind one bit. I finally got the top on and the cape, then gave her a quick pose I had seen from one of her comics.

“How do I look Anni?” Anni could barely speak, just a few nods; I don’t even think she blinked for a few minutes.

“Wait! You need a belt!” Anni exclaimed; she quickly came to life, went through a couple more boxes, and found the belt I needed, “Uhhh, here you go.” Anni whispered with her voice kinda cracking. I decided to tease her a little.

“Well I think you should put it on for me. I have never worn a belt before.” Giving her the doe-eye look and acting all cute and innocent, I stared and waited. Anni wasted no time in helping me get the belt on. I grabbed her creamy white hands and helped her lock in the buckle. I saw goose bumps running up her arms; I had them too!

“Anni, are you cold?” I said slowly, asking as if I didn’t know.

“Yes! It’s freezing in here… and, besides, this isn’t the warmest costume, ya know!” Anni grabbed my hand again and had me follow her to the bathroom so I could get a better look in the mirror. I checked out the outfit I had on and it was becoming my favorite really fast! We looked great together, standing and doing dork like action poses and talking smack to evil doers where ever they may be!

“You know, you look really pretty in that Super Girl costume Dawn, but I think you need some lipstick. Let’s go to my mom’s room.” Anni led the way to her mom and dad’s room. She searched high and low for some lipstick for me and about a half hour went by before she finally gave up.

“God, Marie you’re so useless! Not a decent lipstick anywhere!” Anni grumbled a little frustrated. We both thought for a bit and I finally came up with an idea.

“Hey Anni, what about the lipstick your wearing? I like that color.” I made the suggestion to her. She had on a nice deep shade of red that I really liked.

“No I’m all out! This was the last of it.” She said sadly. Both of us were kinda bum kicked and sat on her mom’s bed. All of a sudden she had an idea!

“Here, you can have some of mine!” She pulled me over to her and kissed me! My eyes went wide and then shut as she kissed me for quite a bit, no tongue or anything like that, just this really sweet kiss. I started to melt and crumble. Thank God we were both sitting because I would have been on my knees otherwise! I started getting dizzy when she finally let go, my eyes still shut, and making kissing movements like a dork.

“…. Dawn? Hey, are you okay?” I didn’t quite hear her, but I managed to open my eyes, kinda rum dumb from her kiss.

“Huh? Wha… Yeah… I’m… okay.” I was barely able to talk for a couple of minutes, but I managed to pull myself together.

“Hey, c’mon; it’s getting kinda late. Let’s go trick or treating!” Anni said, striking an action pose!

We decided to go back to my house to see if Sarah was gonna take us out trick or treating. When we got inside, there was my mom, Sarah, and Cindy standing in the kitchen waiting for us. My mom told us to come over and see what they did.

Mom had found out that Anni’s f****y doesn’t celebrate her birthday at all! No cake, no presents, nothing! So, my mom went out and bought Anni a Halloween birthday cake, complete with a pumpkin patch, a witch flying over it, and, of course, a black cat.

Anni didn’t know what to say. This was her first birthday cake ever! We all sang happy birthday to her and she must have turned three shades of red. I decided to give her a kiss on the cheek and left a lipstick print on her; my s****r, wanting to keep her cheeks even, decided to kiss the other side and left another lipstick mark. I don’t think Anni had ever had this much fun, or attention, ever, but tonight she was having the spotlight on her for a change. We all went out trick or treating after eating some cake and waiting for Sarah and Cindy to get dressed up again. That year, I went as Super Girl, Anni went as Wonder Woman, Sarah –who had to change her bunny outfit, went with the sexy kitty look, and Cindy went as the cheetah girl.

Oh, I almost forgot! You’re probably wondering what happened to Ricky and my s****r… Well, turns out when we left he, apparently, had run out butt naked, trying to catch up to us. Well, Sarah managed to untie herself by the time he got to the living room were both my mom and Anni’s mom were talking. Sarah quickly caught up to him and beat the snot out of him in front of them! And, yes, she was half naked too! Mom tried her best not to laugh, but I heard Anni’s mom was a little less impressed. She tried to be aristocratic and snooty about it, and a little dramatic. I guess she didn’t like seeing her prize c***d getting beat up by a girl, especially while he was naked!

Anyways, we all had a fun night trick or treating, and I made a new friend in the process. I didn’t have a clue on how important Anni was about to become for me for the rest of my life. I went to bed that night thinking about the soft kiss she had given me; I was hoping I would have a chance to, somehow, return the favor someday. With that thought in mind, I started rubbing myself nice and slowly, thinking of Annie and the thought of seeing her milky white body naked against mine until I finally drifted off to sl**p.
... Continue»
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Cum for Dawn :Book IV

Hello, my name is Dawn and these are my stories.

At what age do you feel like you know everything? Nine? Thirteen? Eighteen? My s****r told me you should have it all figured out at s*******n, I’m 24 now and I still don’t have it all figured out…neither does she.

The summer of 94’ was something else to say the least. I spent a lot of time playing with my friend Petra; she had that cute pixie face and wild blonde hair, with a raging short temper! The slightest thing would set her off and she would stomp off in a heartbeat. Mom always said it was because she was half n half, which I didn’t get at the time; she’s half Russian and half Irish, which I guess gave her a slight temper. I just thought she was cute but whatever.

Sarah spent most of her summer with Petra’s older b*****r Duncan. They pretty much grew up together. They hung out a lot and sometimes even got into fights together; they were a great team. Everyone wondered when they were gonna hook up; even my mom thought they looked good together.

We were eating dinner one evening when Sarah finally came in. She started dancing and twirling around the dinner table.

“He finally asked me! He finally asked me out!” She said gleefully, stopping behind me and petting my hair, “Give me that neck! Nom, nom, nom, nom!” Sarah pretended to ravage my neck and tickled my sides making me scream and giggle, “I want a bite of that hot dog!” I couldn’t stop giggling as I slowly brought my hotdog closer to her mouth, only to pull away just as she was about to take a bite.

“Pulling away? That means I will… have to nom you!” She nibbled my neck and ticked me again making me almost jump out of my chair. I was laughing so hard that I was begging for mercy.

“Okay… okay, you can have a bite.” She gave me the mad giggles and I started teasing her again with my hot dog. Her hands started slowly moving towards my sides for another tickle attack and I finally let her have a bite.

“Okay you two. Sarah, have a seat and tell us all about it.” Mom said with a big smile, trying not to laugh; at me I think? Dad however almost spit out his soda because of my giggling; he still talks about it.

“Hey where’s Jonathan at?” Sarah had just realized our b*****r wasn’t eating dinner with us.

“Oh, he’s in his room studying; where else?” Dad replied, rolling his eyes.

“Oh, right, well anyways…” Sarah went on for what seemed like forever about Duncan and how he blah, blah, blah, long story short, he asked her out only to trip and fall in Petra’s little pool knocking out most of the water and sending Petra through the roof! She slapped him and stormed off giving Duncan this nice little hand print on the side of his face. Sarah was rolling on the ground laughing but that’s all she needed and helped him out of the pool and gave him a little kiss.

It had been about a week now that Sarah and Duncan were going out and she was coming home a little later, which gave me time to go to my bat cave, (Sarah’s closet) and flip through some of her magazines.

I started taking more notice of my body, letting my hands do more exploring and touching as I looked through the magazines, stopping on a certain girl then caressing myself. I love touching the back of my legs, giving myself goose bumps, and coming around to my front.

Just as I was about to rub my silky smooth pussy, I heard Sarah’s door open then shut. I figured she was by herself and was about to play a little, but, surprised, I saw Duncan right there by her holding her hand and whispering something to her. I couldn’t make out what he said though.

Duncan is a pretty boy: he has wavy blonde shoulder length hair, light blue eyes, and a very feminine face. He’s slim and a little bit taller than Sarah.

Sarah Started by taking off Duncan’s shirt real slowly and stopping just above his mouth leaving him blindfolded and his arms trapped behind his head. She came in and licked him from his bare chest, up his neck, and slid her tongue slowly into his mouth giving him a very slow kiss. She finally took the rest of his shirt off and he slowly took her down on the bed so he was on top of her. She couldn’t wait anymore and started taking off her own shirt and wrapped her arms around Duncan while sitting up.

“Hurry, I want to feel your flesh against mine! Take my bra off,” Sarah panted and then gasped as she looked right at me; all I could do was wave. She later told me I looked shocked and scared; I told her I thought I was in trouble.

“What? What’s wrong?” Duncan asked of my s****r, while fumbling with her bra.

“Nothing, nothing; here let me help you with that.” Sarah undid her bra, exposing her ripe breast to Duncan, “Taste them, please!” She grabbed the back of his head and brought him into one of her breasts. He licked and nibbled on one while he had a hand caressing the other. My s****r gasped as she looked at me, which made me calm down a bit now that I realized she was enjoying herself. Sarah gave me a smile and brought a finger to her lips telling me to be quiet; I nodded and watched as Duncan switched back and forth, licking and biting her ripe young melons.

He started to make his play for her pants, which she had no problem helping and giving them up to him. Duncan laid her back down on her bed and started with a deep long kiss, then traveled to the side of her neck, licking and biting her while making her moan. She was looking right at me as I started to feel warm all over, watching her eye’s roll in the back of her head as she got louder and louder. I hadn’t realized that I was stripping myself in the process and started rubbing my pussy through my Strawberry Shortcake panties.

Duncan made his way down her neck, teasing her breasts, and licked all the way down her tummy as slowly as he could; covering her in goose bumps. Sarah wasted no time and started taking her panties off, which he put a stop to and placed her hands above her head; making her giggle a little.

“I don’t think so missy! Those are mine!” Duncan explained as he went back down and kissed her panties, and teased her by, very slowly, tugging them off and down her legs. Grabbing her left leg he started kissing her foot and then licked down on the inside of her leg. Again, Sarah had enough of the slow foreplay, wrapped her legs around his head, and brought him in to lap at her wanting pussy.

“Lick me; I want you to taste me.” Sarah grabbed a hand full of his hair and guided his mouth in. Duncan moaned as he ate her silky smooth pussy, causing her body to arch as he lapped up all of her juices.

“Oh God, you’re gonna make me cum already?!” Sarah saying in disbelief, as her body was convulsing.

“I want you to cum in my mouth! Can you do that for me?” Duncan begged my s****r. I was soaked and my panties were drenched! I slid them off finally and quickly took the rest of my clothes off since it was boiling in her closet. (I would forget, from time to time, how hot it would get in there during the summer.)

“You want me to cum in your mouth? Okay, let’s get on the floor.” Sarah had Duncan lay on the floor right in front of me and she kneeled down so he could lick her pussy a little more. I was on fire with such a view of my s****r, her body, glistening from the heat; I could literally see the beads of sweat running down her body.

“Here you go; it’s all for you!” Sarah whispered while watching me. Duncan’s eyes were closed as he lapped his way inside, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. I was on my knees with both hands buried in my crotch rubbing harder and harder. Sarah got my attention and mouthed, “Look down”. She started moaning again really loud and I looked down like she had instructed me to do. I watched as his tongue darted in, out, and all around her pussy. He had his hands on her waist as if pulling her down into his mouth.

“Cumming; I’m Cumming!” She yelled really loudly this time, louder then I have ever heard her before, and as I watched as creamy white goodness gushed out of her pussy all over Duncan’s mouth! He did his best to take it all in but some ran down the sides of his face.

She buckled and grabbed the handle to her closet door to prevent herself from falling over. Duncan, totally in heaven right now, did his best to get every last drop. I was able to stand again and moved a little closer to the door to see if my s****r was okay. Sarah opened the door a bit and stroked my hair.

“Lord that felt good,” she drew me closer and gave me a sweet little kiss and whispered in my ear, “Sit tight.”

She gave her attention back to Duncan, who just laid there still enjoying her creamy goodness, “Hey, no fair! You need to share that cream with me!” Sarah protested and lay down with him and started licking around his mouth where there was still some cream.

Duncan caressed her face and brought her in for another sweet kiss. Sarah decided to move down his body, licking and biting him until she came to his pants. She undid his buckle and used her teeth to slid it out. She then unzipped his pants and pulled them right off! His cock was already hard and was trying to burst through his underwear! I had never seen one before and didn’t know what to expect.

Sarah started rubbing his crotch, seemingly making him bigger and bigger; now he was the one moaning and moving about. I started rubbing myself again trying to match the pace my s****r had been doing to her new boyfriend. She started watching me again, smiled, and finally let his cock out. His cock was not the widest, but was very long. (To me at the time it was humongous!) Sarah used both of her hands to stroke his long shaft. She had complete control of him and he didn’t seem to want it any other way.

Slowly stroking him, Sarah started talking to him, “Oh, you like that? Would you like me to go fast,” she giggled and began jerking him really fast, making him bite his hand to keep from yelling out, “…or slow?” She whispered as she brought her pace down to a crawl.

Next, Sarah stopped stroking him and used one hand to play and tweak at his nipple while her other hand had a firm grip at the base of his cock. She pulled his long shaft closer to her mouth and started blowing air all around the tip and shaft.

“God, you’re driving me crazy with that! Don’t stop, please!” Duncan cried out to his lover; he was complete putty in her hands. Looking at me and giving me a wink, Sarah finally licked the tip of his cock, teasing the head with her talented tongue. She started licking down the back of his shaft, then came back up along the side before taking just the head into her wet mouth.

“Mmmm, do you like that? You taste good.” All Duncan could do, at this point, was nod yes. My s****r made it look like art the way she lovingly took him in her mouth and licked and kissed his shaft. His eyes were closed, from what I could tell, and when that happened Sarah would make eye contact with me. She had me so soaked watching those eyes of hers going up and down real slowly; it was hypnotic! I felt like I was in a trance watching her, and she loved it. I started playing with myself again, rubbing to her rhythm; she realized what I was doing so she would toy with… well, both Duncan and I by changing her pace, making him flounder about and making me change my pace to match her.

Sarah finally decided to move things along and slowly crawled up her prey as I had seen her do before with Cindy, but this time her hazel eyes were fixed on me. She had this slight evil grin on her face. I felt vulnerable, which was also making me feel real good; I thought for a minute that she was gonna pounce any second and grab me instead, but I guess that was wishful thinking. Sarah, finally, put her attention back to Duncan and teased him a bit by having his hard shaft sliding back and forth between her butt cheeks. In a way it reminded me of the hot dog I had earlier, which made me giggle a bit; I had to cover my mouth.

Sarah started to slowly grind against Duncan, driving him crazy and making him beg for more, “Please, please let me,” before he could finish his plead, Sarah slipped his cock inside her. She sat up and arched her body taking in all his length.

“Oh, God, not so fast; you’re gonna make me cum!” Duncan panicked and wrapped his arms around her to slow her down before he exploded. After pulling himself together, he flipped her over onto her back and began a slow and steady thrust. His hands were on her ankles and he had Sarah’s legs spread as wide as he could. He then shifted and wrapped his arms around her thighs, using her body to thrust his cock in deeper and deeper. I could hear their body’s smack together as he would bring her in for another thrust.

“Do you think you could pick me up?” Sarah asked of her lover. Without hesitation Duncan picked her up and started taking her while she was off the ground! Her arms wrapped around him and she kissed him. Duncan decided, for whatever reason, to slam her against the wall, but he slammed her against the closet door instead, and bonked me in the head knocking me down.

Now, I’m in the dark… inside a sweat box… and I can hear them going at it. This was worse than scrambled porn! I could still hear them against the door and I was no longer in the mood now to play with myself. I was kinda annoyed, sweaty, and finding it difficult to breath. I was afraid to turn on the light in there, because I didn’t know if they could see it underneath the door; so I had no choice, but to wait it out in there. After what seemed like a life time, I heard them both saying they were “cumming” and then there was silence.

I’m not sure how much time had gone by, but I was lying down, almost passed out from the heat and stale air, still naked (like always) when the door finally opened. Deciding to play possum, I shut my eyes and pretended I was passed out.

“Dawn... Dawn!? Are you ok? Speak to me!” Sarah’s voice was panicking and, thinking the worst, she picked me up and brought me over to her bed. She laid me down, held my hand, and kept talking.

“C’mon Dawn wake up, say something!” I started to stir a bit and sold the performance.

“I…. I… need,” I panted, acting like I was exhausted.

“What, what do you need: water, food, a fan… A dildo, what,” Sarah exclaimed, almost in a full panic by now, but I kept a straight face.

“I… need… another… hot… dog.” I stuck my tongue out and made a dyeing sound affect. The look on Sarah’s face was priceless!

“A hotdog... a hotdog!? Why you little!” Sarah started tickling me like crazy, “I will give you a hotdog you little minx!” Sarah said while getting on the bed and more on top of me, her long blonde hair tickled me as we played. I tried to escape but she grabbed my legs pulling me back on the bed.

“And where do you think you’re going?” She teased as she gave my little butt a smack, she flipped me over and I made one last attempt and tried to kick at her with both legs. Sarah caught them and had my legs slightly spread apart exposing my still damp silky smooth pussy. We both stopped cold and looked at each other. At her mercy I couldn’t and wouldn’t stop her from doing whatever she wanted. I started getting Goosebumps and I know I must have been creaming myself; we were both still very naked, she looked at me, licked her lips, and started kissing my feet. She began working her way down my leg which sent chills all throughout my body. Kissing and licking just a little she finally came down as close as she could get to my juicy wet pussy. I could feel her breath on me as she spoke.

“Well… do you want me to?” Sarah whispered to me. I was so frozen and shivering with excitement I couldn’t speak, so I nodded yes to her. Sarah then opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out. Just as she was about to take a taste, she darted right to the side of my leg and blew farting sounds on me!

“I will give you a hotdog!” She said blowing more farts and making me laugh uncontrollably, “How do you like that, you little perv?”

“Hahahaha! Okay… okay! I give up!” I said, surrendering to her tickles.

Both of us breathing heavy, our bodies slicked with sweat, Sarah looked at me and said, “Your salty, c’mon lets go take a bath and then will go get that hotdog.” Sarah helped me up, gave me a pat on the butt, and went into the bathroom. She got the water running and I squirted in an unbelievable amount of Mr. Bubbles.

Sarah washed my hair for me as I played with our little motor boats, “Sarah... why didn’t you lick me?” I asked, truly wondering why.

She wrapped her arms around me giving me a big hug, “You know I love you very, very much right? But you’re still just a little too young; maybe in a few more years we will play more, but for now we can only play a little. Okay?” Sarah said, hoping I was gonna be okay with her answer, which I was, I was just curious. We finished off our bath and put our towels on and headed to the kitchen where Sarah heated up some dogs and cooked some fries for us. Our b*****r Jonathan walked in to see what we were up to.

“Hey can you make me one?” he asked. Sarah showed him the pan with a couple of extra dogs knowing he would be asking for one.

“You know you and your boyfriend could have been a little louder; I think only a couple of neighbors could here you two.” Sarah tried not to laugh too much and I came in for the defense.

“They weren’t THAT loud!”

My b*****r quickly looked at me, “What do you know about what we are talking about?!”

“I was in the closet the whole time DUH!” I said rolling my eyes; I started laughing because as my b*****r was looking at me, Sarah had the foot long hot dog all the way in her mouth slowly deep-throating it behind our b*****rs back.

“What are you laughing…” Jonathan turned around quickly and saw what Sarah was doing, he started laughing, “You two are such pre-verts!” My b*****r said barley keeping it together.

“Sarah, what’s a pre-vert?” I mumbled, kinda confused as I asked my s****r.

“Nothing, he really means pervert. Our b*****r just watches too much Archie Bunker.” She explained as they both worked in the kitchen preparing our late night snack, “It’s a good thing mom and dad wasn’t home to hear all that!” My b*****r said to us both.

“Nah, they probably would have asked for pointers!” Sarah shot back making us all laugh. We all talked and ate our food until it was getting to late and we decided to hit the hay, I slept with Sarah snuggling with her and playing with her breasts, a mouth on one and a hand on the other until we finally fell asl**p.

It had been about a couple of days later when Sarah, Cindy, and I were walking back from the park and heading home for dinner. Sarah stopped cold when we reached Duncan and Petra’s house as we all saw a “for sale” sign posted in the yard.

“What the hell is this?” Sarah snapped, looking back and forth between Cindy and I. We were all confused. Duncan had been at his window, I suppose, waiting for her to walk by. He came out and walked on up to us with his head down.

“Ummm, hey, Sarah… how are you?” Duncan said not even looking at my s****r.

“How am I! Why don’t you tell me? What the hell is this?!” Sarah said starting to yell, “Well, what is this? How long have you known that you were gonna move, and when were you gonna tell me?!” She screamed, demanding an explanation from her boyfriend.

“Ummm, well, since around March… That’s when dad got his promotion and his new orders. He is being stationed in South Carolina, so we are leaving in a couple of day’s…” Duncan explained.

Cindy picked me up and started walking away with me, “C’mon Dawn they need to talk.” I didn’t want to go; I wanted to stay by my s****r.

“No, let me go! I wanna stay!” I grunted, protesting to Cindy, but she wouldn’t let go. I could hear Sarah yelling in the distance and I had to think quickly on how to get away from Cindy. I remembered that Sarah made Cindy crumble when she would bite her neck so I did my best to mimic what I had seen Sarah do so many times. As we were walking up to my house I brushed Cindy’s long black hair to the side, totally caught her off guard, and slowly bit into her neck, using my tongue and grazing her neck with my teeth. She went totally limp to my surprise and I was on top of her like a vampire with their prey.

“Oh god… no fair… how did you…” She moaned as I let go of her exposed neck. Feeling proud of myself, I stood up and ran back to my s****r. As I came upon them, I saw Sarah punch the hell out of Duncan! There was red stuff everywhere, so I assumed it was his bl**d flying everywhere; she probably busted his nose. He didn’t do anything except turn around and walk back into his house. I ran up to Sarah and hugged her; I was really worried for her right now. She picked me up and asked me how I got away from Cindy as we walked home. Cindy came hobbling back holding her neck.

“She bit my neck! How did she know exactly how to bite my neck?” Cindy said confused and staggering. My s****r gave her this look and said.

“Really? You’re gonna ask that? Don’t you remember New Years?” Sarah said to her friend.

“Oh… right… I’m watching you! Hey… she’s good!” Cindy told my s****r. We went back inside and had dinner which was pretty quiet. At the end of the week Petra and Duncan’s f****y had what they needed packed and had the movers do the rest. The neighbors were all there to see them off and some numbers were exchanged. My s****r was there but didn’t say a word to Duncan. She just said her goodbyes to everyone else. I gave Petra a hug and a little kiss on her forehead as Sarah and I watched them drive away. We were the last ones to leave and eventually go home.

Later that night I went to her room; I didn’t want to leave her alone and I could tell she was really hurt, “Sarah? Can I sl**p with you tonight?” She gave me a look that said “please don’t go”, so I got undressed and slipped into bed with her. She cuddled with me and I could see her eye’s watering up. I asked her if she would like me to sing a song for her and when she kinda giggled and said sure, I smiled and thought of what I should sing; it finally hit me.

“Who’s gonna hold you down, when you shake? Who’s gonna come around, when you break? You can’t go on… thinkin’, nothin’s wrong, but bye…” Sarah finally broke down into tears; I hadn’t realized the impact of the song I was singing had on her. All I could do was hold her as she sat there and cried her eyes out.

“He’s such a jerk... I hate him!” She said, crying her eyes out. She made me start crying; I felt so bad for my s****r because I knew she really loved Duncan. She told me years later that Duncan had said that night, in front of his house, that he really loved her and wanted her to have something to always remember her by. Sarah told me if he was just honest from the start, it would have been totally different, but it didn’t happen that way; Sarah got hurt real bad by him.

It affected me as well. In fact, I am still angry at what Duncan did. Sarah ended up sl**ping with me in my room for the whole summer. She cried for the first few days, but, me being me, I got her to laugh a little each day. She said I made her feel like a k** again, which is always a good thing.

So, when do you feel like you’re supposed to know everything again? Is it at 6? Or maybe 9? Or is it 15? Who really knows? But I do know that every dark cloud has a silver lining; we just couldn’t see the big change that was coming, and that it would especially have a huge impact on me for the rest of my life.

To my s****r: Sarah Ann Paige, I love you.

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Cum for Dawn :Book II

Hello, my name is Dawn and these are my stories.

Well the summer of ’93 went by pretty quick for me. Sarah had me knee deep in dad’s magazines and I was always really happy when she would show me a new magazine she had borrowed from dad’s stash.

Towards the end of summer, just before school was about to start, I came down with a fever. I couldn’t stop sneezing and just felt achy all over. I was trying to rest in bed, (naked of course) and I went through a sneezing spell and couldn’t stop.

“Dawn, are you still feeling sick?” I heard my mom saying from outside of the room. She came in, having just gotten off work, still in her work clothes. She looked so beautiful: strawberry blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail, black wire rim glasses with those fierce green hazel eyes, and long beautiful legs wrapped in black nylon’s. (I think about her now and I get wet; my mom is so beautiful!)

“Come here honey; let me feel your head.” Mom sat down next to me and gave me a hug and put her lips to my forehead to see how hot I felt. Her lips felt so cool pressed to my forehead that she almost put me to sl**p right there; mom had a way of just making things go away.
“I see you’re still a little warm honey. Maybe you need a good shower; it should help you break that fever,” Mom said. I didn’t care; I just loved being in her arms. I had dreams where she would cuddle me naked, feeling her soft silky body next to mine…

“I will have Sarah run a shower for you ok? Your dad and I are going out for dinner tonight so I will make sure Sarah will take good care of you.” Mom called Sarah into the room and told her to give me a shower and keep me company while they went to dinner. Sarah agreed and came over and gave me a big hug. I was loving it! Mom and Sarah look like twins; the biggest difference at this time was Sarah had blonde hair and wasn’t as tall as mom yet.
Sarah ran her hand up and down my back to try and ease me a bit, which really just gave me goose bumps. Mom gave me a kiss goodnight and told us that she and dad would be back late. Sarah looked at me and smiled.

“So let’s get that shower started! Nurse Sarah is here to help you!” She said really eagerly. Sarah left to go start the shower and told me she would come and get me in a few minutes when it was ready. After awhile she came back in, wrapped in a towel, and told me to hit the showers. I went with her into the bathroom, where she disrobed and told me to get in. I was kind of surprised, because I hadn’t realized she was going to shower with me.

“C’mon Peach let’s get you all sudsy.” Sarah ran my hair under the cool water and started to wash me up. She knelt down and told me to turn facing her so she could wash my face. When she started washing the rest of my body she kind of took her time slowly getting every part of my flesh. Now, I don’t know if it was because she had the water a bit on the cool side or if I just liked the feel of her touch on my body, but I started getting goose bumps again.

“Cold are we?” Sarah whispered in my ear making me shudder a little more.

“AAaaah CHOO!!” I started sneezing again. Sarah brought me in for a hug and I started to whimper a bit.

“Stupid cold! (sniff…sniff) Sarah, can you make it go away?” I asked, hoping she would be able to somehow miracle my cold away.

“Here let me make the water a bit warmer for you now.” Sarah made the water warmer and it felt so good on my body. Next Sarah soaped up my neck and back and started to massage me. Her hands just seemed to know where to go. She found every ache and pain on my body. She washed my feet and went real slowly all the way up my legs.

“How does this feel Peach?” Sarah whispered in my ear. She came back to my shoulders to wash the soap away and started lightly kissing my neck and back. I started to gasp (just a little) as she had one hand rubbing on the side of my leg and the other wrapped around my stomach.

“It… it… feels good,” I said as my legs buckled leaning against her cool wet body.

“If you would like, Peach, I’ll sl**p with you tonight. Would you like that?” Sarah asked, as if I was going to say no (yeah right). I nodded yes. She finished washing herself and we both stepped out of the shower. She wrapped one towel around my body and then played with me a bit by wrapping my hair up in another towel; she made me look like a swami.

We went back to my room and she told me to sit on the bed. She dried herself off and left the towel on the floor, leaving her naked for me to watch while she brushed her golden hair.

“Sarah, you’re pretty like mom, you know that? You look just like her.” Sarah smiled and gave me a wink.
“You really think so?” She asked while posing in my mirror, “I don’t know, I think mommy has a better butt than I do.” Sarah said.

I looked at her butt and said, “Nope, you have the better butt, at least I think so! Ha, ha, ha, AAAAhh Choo!” I started sneezing again. Sarah came over and took the towel off my head and wiped my nose.

“C’mon Peach, let’s get you in bed.” Sarah took off my other towel and dried me off. We sat back in my bed and she turned on the TV so I could fall asl**p. I laid my head down on her chest using her boobs like pillows. Sarah started to play with my hair a bit, stroking her long fingers through it.

“Do you still feel yucky?” Sarah asked. I nodded yes and she moved me more in front of her. I laid more in-between her legs, which she slowly wrapped around me. She started to kiss the top of my head while massaging my arms and then moved to my stomach, grazing her nails up and down my tummy.

“Does this feel ok?” Sarah asked, my eyes closed and my mouth slightly opened.
“Y... yes,” I said trembling. Sarah’s hands caressed up to my bare chest, covering both nipples, and started to massage them gently. This made me arch my body and bring my legs in, while my hands grabbed a fist full of sheets. She moved her hands down my body and grazed her nails on the inside of my legs. Then her soft hands moved to the outside of my legs to repeat the grazing again and again. I felt shudders go through my body as she lightly kissed my neck.

“Ready to beat that cold down?” She whispered in my ear. I nodded yes, not too sure of what she meant, but I didn’t care. I just didn’t want her to stop what she was doing.

Sarah nudged me up just a little so my neck was exposed to her. My knees were bent and she had her legs in-between mine, spreading them apart. She wrapped one arm around my tummy again and put her other hand cuffing my clit. I gasped at the feel of her hand on my most private of areas as she slowly began rubbing up and down. She then kissed and nibbled on my neck, which sent shock waves through my body. I had had never felt anything like this before and all I knew was that I didn’t want her to stop. I started panting more and more as her pace quickened.

“C’mon Dawn, beat that stupid cold.” Sarah whispered in my ear making me almost moan out loud for just hearing her saying my name. I was almost convulsing with the sensations running through my body.

“Saraaaaahhh!” I couldn’t stay quiet anymore! I was squirming everywhere. Sarah’s hand was still rubbing my clit, (and for the record my s****r never penetrated me) but now she was rubbing a lot faster.

“There you go Dawn, beat that cold!” (She told me years later she just couldn’t resist what she did next.) As I was thrashing about, Sarah slowed down almost to a stop and allowed me to catch my breath before I went over the edge. She started up a nice rhythm and took her free hand to move my hair to the side exposing my neck. She started kissing my neck nice and softly, and with each delicate kiss she rubbed a little harder on my clit. I didn’t realize how soaked she was making me.

I felt her lips grazing my neck, sliding back and forth, (what made my eyes open wide, though, had been the feel of her teeth grazing my neck and her tongue sliding searching for that sweet spot) and once she found her mark, she slowly bit down as if she had bit into a sweet peach.
With eyes wide, and mouth open, I let out a loud cry. My body suddenly arched up and I didn’t know why, or understood any of the sensations happening to me, and I exploded in Sarah’s hand. My body went limp and I felt completely drained, but at the same time I felt wonderful.

“Feel better Peach? Did we break that fever?” Sarah asked with a chuckle while licking my juice from her hand.

“Mmmmm y… yes Sarah… I do feel better.” I replied, still breathing heavily. Sarah got the next surprise. I turned around and laid on her, nuzzling against her breasts, and, without hesitation, I began licking and nibbling on her closest nipple. I was suckling her as if it came natural for me to do so. She gasped and tensed a little, but then relaxed. In the end, I had one leg thrown over her mid section and one arm resting on the un-suckled breast until I fell asl**p. Sarah hugged me and eventually nodded off too.

(Hours later)

“Aaawww, how sweet! John come look.” Mom called dad over; he looked inside and smiled.
“I’m going to bed Michelle. Hey, you should cover them… You don’t want them to catch a cold.” Mom came into my room and pulled my blanket up to cover us. She kissed both Sarah and I on the forehead.

“Good night you two; Sweet dreams.”
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Cum for Dawn :Book I

My name is Dawn and these are my stories. Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? It all started in the summer of ’93: I was my s****r Sarah’s personal dress up doll. She was 9 years older than me, so that pretty much made me her toy to dress and play with. Well, one afternoon, she was having me change into a peach summer dress while she was getting ready to put my long blond hair into two pony tails…

As I pulled my head through the dress, I noticed she was looking at some magazine.

“What are you looking at Sarah?” I asked.

“Oh just finish changing and I will show you, Peach.” (She always called me Peach.) Well, I guess my curiosity got the better of me, because I sort of forgot my panties. I walked right over to see what Sarah was looking at, not realizing she was lightly rubbing herself. I was rather surprised at what I saw; she was looking at a Penthouse magazine (at the time I didn’t know what it was, but as an adult I do) and all of the pretty girls that were naked!

“Aren’t they pretty?” Sarah asked.

“Yes, they’re beautiful!” I said, becoming enthralled with the pictures I was looking at. Page after page we looked through and I didn’t notice, or realize at the time, I was lightly grinding against Sarah’s bed.

“Will I be pretty like that someday, Sarah?” Asking so innocently of my s****r, Sarah just smiled and put her hands through my hair.

“Oh Peach, with your legs, you’re gonna be much prettier than that.” She slowly took my clothes off and had me stand in front of her mirror and knelt down behind me, caressing my naked body. I started getting goose bumps as her hands slowly went up my legs.

“See, Peach? You got long beautiful tan legs,” she then caressed me just above my clit, “and your tan lines here make your skin look so milky soft.” I was starting to shudder and waiting for where she was going to next, “You got a nice flat tummy,” she whispered, taking one of her fingers and sliding it up the middle of my tummy.

“And as for these,” she continued and covered my chest with both hands, slightly rubbing them and almost making me buckle, “Don’t worry! I’m sure they will get nice and round like mine some day.”

I turned around all excited, “Really!? Can I see yours Sarah, please?!” I was jumping up and down with excitement.

“Of course you can.” Sarah got up and, mind you she is tall for her age, just seemed to tower over me. She took off her clothes, which surprised me, (I just wanted to see her boobs) and I gasped.

“Sarah you’re beautiful!” I was so in love with her body; she had the perfect tan, with absolutely no tan lines, and a perfectly diamond shaved pussy, fit and trim. She was about a B-cup (I learned later as we grew up), which to me was perfect, and long kinky blonde hair that almost touched her butt. Her eyes were that deep hazel green that just make you melt.
Sarah smiled a bit and posed for me showing off her beautiful figure. She finally knelt down to my level so I could get a better look at her beautiful breasts. She grabbed my hands and put them on her so I could feel them. I was in heaven; I fondled her breasts for what seemed like forever until I eventually started to nod off.

“C’mon Peach,” Sarah said picking me up and carrying me off to my bedroom. She put me down on my bed and the feel of the sheets on my naked body made me even more relaxed than I already was.

“Now stay in here for awhile. I have to go do something,” Sarah told me, “but here you go; just in case you get bored.” She left me a different magazine to look through, which almost made jump out of bed wide eyed; I grabbed the magazine and started looking through it. I can’t remember what it was, I just remember the girls were even more beautiful than the magazine Sarah and I had been looking at. The girls in this magazine were flawless, absolutely perfect.

One of the things that caught my eye was almost all of the girls were posed on a bed. This made me start posing on my bed, mimicking what I saw. I really came to like… no, love the feel of my sheets on my naked body; so much that I started sl**ping naked from then on.

Well I started to get bored looking through the magazine so I decided to go see what my s****r was doing. I walked on down the hall and heard what sounded to me like a cry. Sarah’s door was cracked open enough for me to peek inside and, I didn’t understand at the time what I saw, I just knew I wanted to keep watching.

Sarah was on her bed with one leg up high against the post, (she is very flexible, she has been practicing kick boxing since I was born) and her other leg spread on the bed as wide as possible. She was rubbing her clit, which to me looked like she was scratching the hell out of it, really fast. She was moaning and groaning really loudly. When she sat up to, I guess, look at what she was doing, she noticed I was peeping through the door and smiled at me. Sarah then did this, what I call the butterfly, move and brought both legs in with her feet almost touching her pussy then folding them to the side and started to catch her breath.

“Are you ok Sarah?” I asked as I walked in with my head slightly down, not realizing I was grabbing myself and slightly rubbing my clit.

Yes, Peach. I’m ok; I was just doing big girl stuff.” She told me breathing heavily. She told me I wasn’t quite old enough to be doing that yet, but soon I would be. I asked her if she would like to sl**p for awhile because she looked exhausted, she nodded yes, so I pulled her bed sheet over her and kissed her on her forehead.

She told me I should put some clothes on before someone came home. I didn’t realize I had been butt naked for quite a few hours now, but for some reason I didn’t mind. I put my summer dress back on and started heading out of the room when I noticed her sheets were slightly moving and she was groaning. I thought to myself, “Sarah must be dreaming or something; should I wake her,” but I decided not to and let her get some sl**p. As I was shutting the door I saw her slightly smile and her head and body arching back. I hoped she was having a good dream. I know I did that night.

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A night out for dawn

A night out for dawn

a true story from dawn

Thursday, message while at work telling me to be in a certain pub at 8.30 on Saturday night, and to tell hubby I would be out with my master.
I replied ‘yes sir’ and noted that there was no request for special clothing, sometimes there is, and no answer or acknowledgement, so on returns home I told Andy my hubby and he just accepted it would happen ...again.
Saturday afternoon came and after tea Andy came to the bathroom, as I showered, washing my back, having a crafty feel of my body and generally getting me ready to go to my master.

I dressed, nothing special jeans, knee high boots which Andy helped me into and a shirt style top that made my 32b breast stand out a little.
Ready to leave, I turned to Andy and sent him to fetch his cage, “out with it”, I said
He undid his fly and I took his tool in hand, I am nowadays quite good at fitting the thing before his prick starts to swell and he was soon secure, the key in my purse, I kissed him told him I loved him,, told him not to wait up as I was off to get screwed, then went off on foot to the pub as it was quite near to our home. Leaving Andy, to worry, as he usually does and knowing what a state of excitement he would have worked himself into by the time I returned,
Sometimes I then release his flood sometimes not, it depends on my mood and if I enjoyed whatever my master had lined up for me.

As instructed by master I arrived at the pub at 8; 30 and went and sat on a high stool at the bar and ordered a drink.
Master arrived at just after 9, which I am sure he did on purpose, knowing that I would get hit upon by one or 2 guys on the night out.
When he got to me we kissed hello like we were just passing friends and he handed me a small bag. .
I disappeared to the ladies loo and looked in the bag. I knew what I was expected to do with the contents of the bag, a small butt plug and remote controlled vibe with a note.
I spat on the plug to lube it a bit and pushed it in, then inserted the vibe which was then held both in place by pulling my panties back up and then the jeans. Tidy again, I returned to the bar and as the note instructed I sat a few seats away from master so it did not appear that we knew each other more than a passing acquaintance.
I soon had a couple of guys come up and offer to buy me a drink which I declined as I said I was waiting for a friend, they insisted that I have a drink with them while I waited.
While chatting, master kept turning the vibe on and off knowing it would be making me wet?
I then got a text and it was from master asking how wet I was and which one of the 2 guys I would want to fuck with if it had to be one of them. I replied that I was wet and it would be the shorter guy.
After 5 minutes, master appeared and giving me a hug and kiss the two guys realised this must be my friend and said “great chatting with you” and like gentlemen they disappeared.
We finished our drinks and headed out for a taxi.
In the taxi master asked if I would want to fuck another guy like he had asked at the bar. The drivers ears pricked up as I replied that if he wanted me to and if Andy was happy with it happening then I would but I would have to be safe.
The taxi didn’t take too long and we were soon at my masters.
Once inside he had me strip for him losing the vibe but not the plug and fitting me with my collar securing it as usual.
He then told me it was time for a bit of pain and pleasure and I was about to get both at the same time.
We headed upstairs to his play room where I was stood in the centre.
He stood in front of me and attached nipple clamps to both breasts which were tighter than usual and he then fit a spreader bar to my ankles so my feet were about 18 inches apart.
He then attached a cord to the nipple clamps and pointed out a new addition of a hook on the ceiling to which was a small pulley.
The cord was attached to the pulley and I was told to go onto tip toe which I duly did.
The cord was then pulled tight and fastened so it was pulling my nipples up, still on tiptoe. My hands at my side it was all I could do to not seize the cord to release the pressure on nipples and legs.
He then went to the cupboard and brought out a tripod that he had already fastened a vibrator to. This was placed between my legs and raised so it was just parting my very wet pussy lips and he then switched it on.
My instruction was that I was to make myself cum by forcing myself onto the vibe so it worked on my clit.
This had the effect of causing the clamps to bite in as they pulled on my tits. After a while I did manage to cum but my nipples were on fire with the pain.
When I had calmed down master removed the vibe and lowered me to my feet. He then removed the clamps and the sensations in my nipples as the bl**d rushed back was awesome and I found myself cumming because of it.
Master then said that I would be staying the night and he sent a text to Andy to tell him that I would not be back until 7-30 in the morning. We fell asl**p having fucked several times and my cunt being full of his cum
In the morning we showered together with me on my knees cock in mouth before dressing and my master dropping me off at my front gate prompt at 7.30.
Andy greeted me, as excited as a puppy his long unknowing night now over, I had made him wait long enough.
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Looking for a book

I shouldn't have been there and undeniably I shouldn't have stayed, but I simply got caught up in it all and simply froze. Although I was pretty d***k, I make no excuses, I was wrong and am completely embarrassed that things worked out as well as they did.

My friend Doris had invited me to stay at her house while my apartment was being treated for termites. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, depending upon how you look at it, the exterminators had been delayed, so while my house was covered and sealed with no way in or out, they were unable to fumigate the apartment because of an equipment problem, leaving me stranded at Doris's for over a week.

Now a two day stay with a friend and her husband is much different than a week. Throw in the fact that Doris`s husband and I had dated and that I still lusted after him and the week slowly became more and more unbearable.

Don't get me wrong, Doris and Mats were as nice as can be, letting me use their spare bedroom at night and giving me a free run of the rest of the house. They even let me shower in the master bathroom rather than make me use the bathtub in their guest bathroom.

Out of deference to me and the paper thin walls, Doris and Mats had apparently remained celibate during the entire time I was with them. I know this because I never heard anything but occasional snoring coming from their room at night, and because of the ever increasing level of sexual tension in the air.

I could see it between them, a casual touch eliciting a gasp, a stray brush of hand to breast when they thought I wasn't looking, and the lingering kisses goodbye as Doris and I headed out to work. Just seeing them look at each other was driving me nuts and several times I wanted to crash into the bathroom and flog away picturing what I wanted to do to Mats, but out of respect for them, I refrained.

The sexual tension continued building until the last night I stayed there. Celebrating my immanent return to my apartment and my friend's overwhelming hospitality I picked up a couple of six packs. Our makeshift party was nice, with Doris and Mats helping me pack while we guzzled beer and the three of us crashing onto their sofa. Doris and I sat down first with not much room between us. I expected Mats to sit on the other side of Doris and was surprised when he squeezed in between us.

The room got suddenly quiet for me as I saw quell the tent rising in Mats pants, and sensation of Mats's thighs, shoulders and arms brushing against mine. Not to mention his ass, his ass...

We sat for several moments when Doris announced uncomfortably, "I gotta pee," and jumped up and headed for their bedroom. Just a moment later, Mats followed, "Yeah, I think I need to go too."

We were all feeling pretty good by then so when I decided I better go too, I had to steady myself until I got rolling toward the guest bathroom. I aimed carefully and was proud that I didn't christen their carpet and walls as I urinated. Finishing up, and walked back to my room to pack up a few more items.

Remembering I had loaned Doris a book of mine, I meandered up the hallway to their room. Finding the bedroom door open I stepped in and was about to ask about the book but found the room was empty. Hearing some noise from the bathroom I stepped through the open door and froze.

Hearing the sound of the shower for the first time, I realized they both were in the shower together, and looking though the glass door I saw Doris, pressed up against the glass as Mats obviously was pummeling her from behind. Telling myself I should leave, I simply stared at the way her breasts pressed against the glass, the way her erect nipples moved as her breasts rolled against the door, and the ecstatic expressions her face made as her body was jolted by each of Mats's thrusts.

It was so beautiful, Doris, naked, completely unaware of me, her body moving, her face contorting in complete abandon as she pressed her hips back to meet Mats's cock. I could hear her moan in long, luxuriant expressions of desire that were underscored by Mats's rhythmic grunts that accompanied each thrust. I remembered how the first time me and Mats made hot love in a shower at the Gothia Tower in Gothenburg.

Unable to move, I felt the tug of my clothing against my breasts and peeked down to see my nipples being erected . Looking back up I watched Doris as she came, her shrill groan becoming a guttural growl as I saw her body twitch.

"I'm coming, I'm coming," Mats shouted from behind her, " I saw how Mats pressed Doris against the glass wall as he shot load after load into Doris`s pussy. He withdraw his cock and I saw it dingle in free air as i heard him say…
“Oh fuck I needed that so bad”

I was about to back out of the bathroom when the shower door suddenly opened. I found myself staring at my two hosts, them soaking wet, me all hot from the sex I just saw , and my erected nipples standing straight out towards them.

"Margareta, what are you doing?" Doris blurted.

"Ugh, I'm sorry, I was looking for a book."

"A book?"

"Yeah, my Läckberg..."

"There's no book in here," Doris said. I don't know if it was because she was just coming down from an incredible orgasm or what, but her voice sounded seductively sweet to me.

"I'll go, come back for the book later," I mumbled, but as I turned to leave I felt Doris grab my arm and turn me towards her. She glanced longing up at Mats, who paused for a moment, then smiled and nodded his head.

Doris moved onto her knees as she lifted up my shirts, quickly pulling my panties down to my knees. I looked down in amazement as her lips, in seeming slow motion, slid over my bely and then further, further down my body. An incredible sensation rolled over me as her head slid back while her tongue licked my pussy.

I noticed that Mats, his cock still soft and dripping a bit of white cum had moved up behind Doris, close enough that when she backed off my body, her back pressed his cock. Feeling him behind her, she began an pronounced back and forth motion over me, licking me as slowly as she could in one direction and pushing back against him in the other.

Mats's cock began to grow again and soon, he was aiding her forward motion, pushing her with the bottom of his cock and his balls. In the meantime, Doris had grabbed my thighs and was gently kneading them as her mouth moved over me.

Primed from a week of being close them, smelling them, watching them move, talk, laugh and now fuck, I came. I came long and hard, my pussy was pulsating as Doris licked me. I take a deep breath but then she started to lick med again. Licking my pussy juices.

Doris then stood up and grabbed Mats's now fully erect cock in one hand and the other hand on my pussy, she let us to the bed. She climbed onto the bed and pulled Mats in on top of her. She then looked at me and patted the bed, motioning for me to lie down and watch.

I watched Mats as he began moving, slowing sliding his cock back into Doris, slowly building speed with each thrust. She raised her legs, bending them at the knees and letting her feet rest against his ass as he pumped into her. Watching the incredible sight of them moving together, them acting and reacting to the sensations that flowed through each motion and knowing they did this as I watched them turn me on so much that my pussy start to flood and my nipples got erected , ready for more.

Mats was getting close to coming again when I felt Doris's fingers run up and down my body and when he came, he pulled his cock out almost immediately and fell over on the other side of her. Doris then urgently pulled me up on top of her, grabbed my breasts and started to lick them wildly. We rolled across the bed , making me laying on my bed. I grabbed Doris`s huge breasts and licked on them, but turned to more sucking then licking.

When she calmed a bit, I began fingerfucking her, moving slowly and deliberately, drawing each sensation out of her, as her magnificent, delicate folds opened and closed around my finger, as her wet soft walls enveloped my finger in her warmth, as her and Mats's cum coated my finger in a liquid pleasure. Doris moved slowly with me, her voice squeaking lightly as I pressed deep into her, my thumb grinding onto her clit. She came slowly and her body entwined as I looked at her.

In a few moments I rolled off of her, snuggling in close to her, noticing Mats doing the same from the other side. We drifted, falling asl**p and then waking in the morning still entwined.

Waking, I was apprehensive, feeling a bit guilty and wondering if there would be repercussions between us all. My apprehension was quelled when Doris walked up to me, pressed her breasts against my chest and kissed me long and passionately. While we kissed, Mats came up behind Doris, wrapped his arms around her and me and squeezed us even tighter together.

Finishing our kiss, Doris whispered, "I hope you can come back and visit us again real soon." I looked up to Mats's face and saw him smile and nod. Doris then slipped out between us and headed for the shower.

Needing to leave, I loaded my bags in the car and then stepped back into the house. Mats hugged me, "Go back to the bathroom, Doris wanted to show you something to think about."

The image still burns brightly in my mind.
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Cum for Me (A M/S story)

The accident wasn't all Lisa's fault, but she carried the guilt with her as she often did with things in her life. The car came out of nowhere and demolished hers with quick v******e. But it wasn't the car that had her upset. It was what happened to her teenage son, Josh, who was sitting in the passenger seat. Both of his wrists were broken from the impact of the accident. Both arms were put in casts for eight weeks.

For the first week, it was like he was a baby again. She had to help him dress and even feed himself. He eventually mastered the ability to hold a spoon and took a liking to drinking shakes and smoothies from a straw that she would make in the blender. Lisa did anything he needed and Josh quickly saw her sympathy guilt was powerful.

In the third week, Josh was mostly independent with his needs. Being a typical teenager, his hormones were overactive. But he wasn't an avid masterbater. Before the accident, Josh had played with himself a few times in the shower and once in a while when home alone. Without a father in the house, there was no one to give "the talk" so Lisa relied on health class in school. Josh basically went off instinct and what he learned on the internet. The two had never talked about sex.

After the accident, Josh had several erections over that time but with his wrists and hands stuck in casts and the inability to grip, he knew there wasn't much he could do about them. He grew more and more frustrated and increasingly horny. Way beyond his usual levels.

Josh was watching a movie in the living room when Lisa passed by to announce she was going food shopping. She bent over to kiss his forehead. Josh looked up and his eyes met a clear view of his mother's cleavage, stuffed into her bra, visible because her blouse hung open as she kissed him. He then inhaled her perfume. As she left, her scent lingered and the visual stuck in his head.

Josh's cock swelled quickly in his shorts. He pushed it down against his thigh, which only stimulated him even more. After a few minutes of trying to focus on the movie, Josh got up. He wandered upstairs and into his mother's room. His mind was focused on the cleavage he saw. Her large busom hanging right before him.

He could smell her perfume in the room. His cock swelled more and this time he let it extend freely. He spotted her hamper in the corner of the room and rummaged through it with his cast-encased hand. With a free finger, he lifted a bra and then a pair of panties.

Lisa was 5'4" and probably north of 140 pounds. In her younger days, she was considered petite, but always had good curves. After having Josh, those curves became more obvious. Her legs and rear became meatier and her breasts grew from C to DD. Lisa still attracted men, but not the kind she wanted.

Josh fingered the panties for a few moments and then dropped his nose to the crotch and inhaled. It was a pungent scent, a forbidden one at that. But it electrified his senses. He did it again and teased his cock with his fingers.

He needed so badly to cum. His balls churned and his cock ached to be touched. But the casts wouldn't allow him to grip his shaft. He tried anyway. It was painful. It only made him more frustrated. He didn't know what hurt more, attempting to grip, which caused pain in his damaged wrist, or the cast in his palm scr****g against his thin-skinned shaft. He sat on his mother's bed, trying to jerk his cock, winching in pain, groaning with frustration.

"Josh?! What are you doing?"

He looked up to find Lisa standing at the doorway. He never heard her come back.

"Is that my undergarments? Oh Josh, what is going on here?"

Josh was in too much pain to even respond. He just gritted his teeth and started panting in frustration. He tried to speak, but he couldn't. The frustration was overwhelming, compounded by the embarrassment of being caught like this. His cock out, erect, throbbing.

Lisa slowly entered the room. Once she realized what he was doing -- he was trying to masterbate -- she felt sorry for him. As freaked out as she was, her initial reaction was always compassion.

"Are you OK? Do you need a moment?"

Josh shook his head. He looked defeated.

"Your wrists hurt, don't they?" she asked.

He nodded.

"You're frustrated, aren't you?"

Another nod.

"It's been a while, hasn't it?"

He sighed.

"Don't be embarrassed. I'm sorry I startled you."

Josh sat on the bed, looking down. Lisa came over to the bed, tossed her dirty underwear back into the hamper and sat next to him. She only looked into his eyes and no where else.

"Why don't you take a cold shower?" she then said. "That usually helps."

Josh frowned.

"It's too late for that," he said quietly. "I just need to be alone."

Lisa got up. "OK, well, I'll leave you alone then." She closed the door behind her.

She went to the kitchen to do some dishes but her mind stayed on what she just walked into. Her guilt overcame her as did her concern. She felt so bad for him, how embarrassed he must feel. At his age, he can't control hormones. Gosh, how terrible.

She went to the computer and searched about how to quell sexual urges in teens. There were group therapy ads and books. There were also several links to naughty videos that Lisa was quick to avoid. Then she saw an article about a tradition in China, where Asian women were known to masterbate their sons to soothe them. Lisa read the story carefully, shocked that it was not some kind of hoax. It was an ancient tradition.

Lisa thought of her son and his frustrating situation. He needed soothing. He wouldn't be in this situation if it wasn't for that damn accident. She got up from the desk and went back upstairs.

Josh managed to pull his pants back up and retreated to his room, where he could wallow in his frustration and embarrassment. He laid on his bed for a few minutes fuming at his carelessness and how his mother must be grossed out by him. He figured she was right, a cold shower was probably the right thing to do, not a nosedive into her dirty underwear.

He was too lazy, too defeated to get up and actually take the shower. He just sat there, his aching wrists encased in plaster and his shaft still a bit raw from his attempts to jerk himself off with his hands wrapped in those casts. He thought of his options, which ranged from a crazy idea to try to fuck his folded memory foam pillow to calling that girl on his bus who everyone says gives blow jobs for money. Both were unappealing.

As he curled up on the bed, he found his face staring straight at his bulge. He was only a few inches from it. He tried to bend his back some more and move closer. He wiggled his cock free and it swelled again toward him. Josh extended his tongue desperately. It was no use, he couldn't even satisfy himself.

Just then he felt someone sit on the bed.

"Lie still," she said.

Josh rolled to his back and looked up wide-eyed. She never looked him in the eye. In fact, she kept her eyes downward as she squirted a dollop of lotion into her palm and slowly rubbed them together.

"Close your eyes," she whispered.

Josh closed his eyes.

Lisa did all she could to keep her hands from trembling. She felt the most difficult part would be making that initial contact, that forbidden touch. Once she got over it, the rest was relatively simple and fairly routine. She tried to think of it as therapy, as helping him. Nothing more. It would be over quickly, for sure.

He felt the grasp of a hesitant hand on his shaft. He winced a second, which caused the hand to retreat momentarily. But then it took hold and coated his tender foreskin with soothing lotion. The aromatherapy quickly filled the air. He recognized it as the lotion in his mother's bathroom.

Her touch was gentle, yet firm. She closed her fingers around his cock and slid it upward around his head and back down to the base. At first she merely caressed him, sliding her fingers up and down his young tool, coating it well. She didn't look directly at him, but instead, with her head downward, focused her eyes upward. Once she had a hold of it, she didn't need to see what she was doing. She was aware.

Josh felt the incredible sensation of the touch of another on his cock and his body quickly relaxed. He kept his eyes closed. His cock swelled in her hand and his balls churned. After a few passes, he slightly raised his pelvis instinctively, attempting to fuck her hand.

That was the sign, Lisa figured, to close her grip firmly. She held his cock and pumped it in a rhythm that started slow and gradually increased. Within a few seconds, his body warmed and his heart beat faster. He breathed heavily and began to sweat. She felt him swelling and throbbing in her grip. The control intoxicated her as she glanced to his flush face, waiting for him to cum.

He raised his left hand instinctively and his free fingers met her breast. He caressed it over her sweater until he felt her nipple emerge from under the protective layers of her sweater and the bra beneath. Lisa pumped him, lost in her gaze at his desperate face. d***k off her rare sense of power and control over a man.

She began thinking to herself, "Cum for me....cum for me...."

Josh's hand slipped under the sweater and his fingers pinched her nipple over the bra. Lisa felt her body tingle from the invasion. Josh's groping became more aggressive, as he popped her breast free by lifting the underwire upward. Though his hands, in casts, couldn't do much fondling, withing seconds he had the sweater up and his mouth on her breast, sucking her tit with an insatiable zeal. He laid in her lap, nursing her breast while she milked his cock for an orgasm that seemed on the verge.

An orgasm Lisa was now so determined to motivate and witness.

Her hand started to dry and Josh winced for a second, which caused him to bite down on her breast. Hormones exploded inside her. She dropped her face to his cock and began to suck the head. She ran her finger along the underside of his cock, right up the vein. She cupped his balls and then went back up the vein again.

"Cum for me...cum for me..." she kept thinking to herself.

Josh flipped his mother's long skirt over her back and ran his hands inside her thigh. He felt the heat of her pussy against his fingers and pried her panties to the side. He fingered her moist, hairy muff. He slipped three fingers into her hole and massaged her clit. Juices oozed down his fingers and inside the cast.

Lisa moaned with a mouthful of her son's erection.

He tugged on her panties and pulled them off. Lisa lifted one leg to allow them off and as she did that, Josh shifted his position underneath. He laid with her pussy just above his nose, that familiar scent from the panties in her bedroom now filling his nostrils. The skirt fell over his face, creating a tent of sexual deviancy and forbidden fruit.

There they were, in a 69 neither previously knew anything about, in a race to orgasm.

Josh would lose this race. The second he tasted his mother's pussy, his balls swelled and his cock fired the first of several shots of thick, hot cum into her mouth. Lisa gagged for a second then felt cum spray against her face and neck until it simply oozed from him like a volcano. Her fingers milked his cock for every drop and she watched it all come out of him. She watched in amazement at the amount of cum he produced. All by her touch.

Lisa felt a bit of shame, a bit of arousal and a bit of pride.

She then felt her son's tongue slip between her moist folds. A bolt of rare erotic energy exploded through her body.

"Cum for me...," she heard him say. "Cum for me...."
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B.T.V.S.: Dawn's Wish Part 1

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Dawn's Wish Part 1

It had been a good day for Halfrek. She had granted the wishes of no fewer than five teens, one who would later find he had in fact been living on a goldmine, another who would finally find the courage to come out of the closet, and the other three would return home to find their parents brutally murdered. And sure, they might not all see it at the time, and they would most likely never thank her for it, but she had given them what they wanted, and more importantly, Halfrek had given them justice.

Justice was something Halfrek had never received when she was human, but as a justice demon, which was what she was despite what her s*sters who call themselves vengeance demons thought, Halfrek was able to bring justice to those in need, and no one seemed more in need than ch*ldren. Poor defenceless ch*ldren, who needed her help.

Posing as a guidance counsellor Halfrek was normally able to reach her wish filling quota in less than a week. Sometimes in a single day. And today, had been a very good day. And it wasn't over, she still had one more ch*ld to see. The one she was here for.

"Hey, erm... is this the right place?" Dawn asked.

Unable to stop herself from noticing the swell of Dawn's ripening breasts Halfrek considered that perhaps ch*ld was an inappropriate word for the teen. Then, ignoring her previous thought, Halfrek smiled and said, "If you're Dawn Summers, then yes."

"Oh, good. Cause I'm her." Dawn said, realising she was being lame and quickly sitting, "And you're..."

"Call me Hallie." Halfrek said, a warm welcoming smile on her face.

Oh God no, one of those 'I'm still cool' grown-ups Dawn thought, before giving her best fake but not obviously fake smile, "Well, Hallie... since there's only like, ten minutes left of my detention, how about just letting me go? I'm really sorry for talking back to Ms Andrews, and I swear I'll never, ever do it again."

"Why? Is there some where you need to be Dawn?" Halfrek asked.

"Yeah... my house." Dawn sighed, and then when she saw the counsellor's face added, "Not because I want to be there or anything. I kinda prefer detention actually."

"Why's that Dawn?" Halfrek asked soothingly.

Dawn bit her lip. She didn't want to have social services taking her away, but at the same time it would be good to vent her frustrations. So that's exactly what Dawn did, "It's my s*ster. She's always been bossy but lately it's been unbearable. Just because... some stuff happened a few times, I have to come straight home and stay there every night, even though... stuff hasn't happened in weeks, and it's not because her method is working, it's because nobody freaking cares. Willow even said the ritual of... whatever, was over, but Buffy's all, 'Dawn hasn't been k*dnapped in weeks, things are better this way, blah blah blah'."

"She sounds..." Halfrek began.

"She's such a control freak." Dawn interrupted, "She's got Mom and everyone else wrapped around her little finger. Mom never punishes her anymore. For anything. But I wish..."

"Yes?" Halfrek asked after a few seconds of silence.

"Oh God, I'm so late." Dawn said, looking away from the clock on the wall which had briefly caught her attention, "Last time I was a minute late she totally flipped out and lectured me for like an hour. This time I'm totally screwed. She'll take away my phone privileges, my TV time, and anything else she can think of. Then she'll probably give me that spanking she's been threatening me with. Oh God, I'm not even going to be allowed to take the bus anymore. No, she's going to want to pick me up and take me here. And she'll probably want to come to school with me, or shove a tracking device up my butt, or something!"

"Well..." Halfrek began.

"Who am I k*dding?" Dawn interrupted, "She'll probably have me home schooled. That way she can make sure I never go anywhere without a Slayer bodyguard. Oh God, they'll probably end up being my tutors too. Even though Buffy's like this close to flunking out of Sunnydale U and Faith never even made it through high school. I'm probably smarter than both of them combined!"

"I'm so sorry sweetie." Halfrek said softly, pausing only briefly before adding, "I wish I could do something for you."

"Well you can't." Dawn said bitterly, "No one can. She's the Slayer. The centre of the universe and everyone has to bow down and obey her. Well you know what? I wish the almighty Slayer and everyone else had to obey me, then..."

"Done!" Halfrek said, her daemonic voice shining through as she concentrated on not changing form.

"What?" Dawn stammered in confusion.

"I said we're done here sweetie." Halfrek smiled warmly, holding out her hand, "Thanks for coming."

"Erm, sure." Dawn said, shaking the hand that was offered to her.

"And Dawn." Halfrek said, keeping hold of Dawn's hand for a moment, "If you think you're being treated unfairly confront your s*ster. Tell her how you really feel. Be honest with her. I have a feeling that she'll be a lot more accommodating than you might think."

That didn't sound like a good idea but Dawn nodded and dismissively said, "Sure, whatever."

Watching the retreating teen Halfrek smiled. It probably wasn't what her boss had been hoping for, but this wish had possibilities.

* * *

Dawn was barely out of the guidance counsellor's door when she spotted Buffy advancing on her, the blonde having what Dawn could only describe as a crazed look in her eye.

"Detention Dawn, really?" Buffy scolded as she reached the troublesome brunette.

"I was about to come straight home. You didn't have to come." Dawn grumbled.

Buffy practically fumed, "Oh, I had to come because you've obviously proven that blah blah blah..."

Dawn had gotten very good at ignoring her big s*ster while pretending like she was listening. All she really needed to do was add a little 'yeah', 'uh-huh', or 'whatever' to the 'conversation' and she was all set. She was pretty sure Buffy was only talking to hear the sound of her own voice anyway because she pretty much repeated the same things over and over all the way home. Sadly it didn't stop there as Dawn found herself f*rced a sit down and listen to her s*ster continue rambling, until finally she heard something which got her attention, "What?"

"I don't want to Dawnie, but if you keep this up, what other choice do I have?" Buffy questioned, before adding with a sigh, "Now go do your homework."

"You go do my homework." Dawn grumbled softly, not caring that Buffy would hear it as clear as day thanks to her Slayer hearing. The brunette was actually hoping to antagonise the blonde into a fight, but to Dawn surprise instead of snapping at her Buffy marched over to her bag, grabbed it and took it into the dining room. Following in confusion Dawn watched as Buffy sat down, got out the younger Summers girls' calculus book and started writing in it, "What are you doing?"

"You're homework." Buffy said dismissively, then after she'd realised what she'd just said added, "Wait, why am I... what... DAWN!"

Dawn gulped as she watched Buffy try and fail to figure out what was going on, then try and fail to stop doing the brunette's homework, then try and succeed at glaring at her.

"What? I didn't..." Dawn began, and then her mind flashed back to less than an hour ago, "Oh."

"Oh what? What did you do?" Buffy snapped angrily.

"Well... it's probably nothing." Dawn said, noticing how high pitch her nervous tone was, "But I kinda... used the words I wish in front of the school's guidance counsellor, who I've never seen before, so I guess it's possible she could have been..."

"A VENGEANCE DEMON!" Buffy yelled angrily, "You let a vengeance demon grant a wish! Do you have any idea how dangerous that is? Oh of course you do, you're just too stupid to remember."

"Hey, it's not like her name tag said vengeance demon on it. How was I supposed to know?" Dawn protested, quickly adding when she saw the look on Buffy's face, "But hey, on the bright side we know what's going on, and we know how to deal with it. All you need to do is find her and destroy her amulet. Easy."

"No, vengeance demons can teleport. So even if I catch up to her she can get away in the blink of an eye. And who knows how long it will take me to find the right one. So no Dawn, not easy. The exact opposite of easy. God, why do you have to make things so difficult? Why do I have to spend half my life cleaning up your messes? Why... hey wait, get back here! Undo this!" Buffy yelled, realising too late that she should have waited to vent until after she made Dawn stop what was happening, "You get back here right now or else I swear..."

"No talking." Dawn called out, smiling widely as silence filled the house.

Finally, Dawn's prayers had been answered. Her s*ster had an off switch.

* * *

"You missed a spot." Dawn called out.

Buffy scowled at her but continued dusting, which was the last of the household chores Dawn was supposed to do.

Figuring she was going to get punished now no matter what Dawn had decided to take full advantage of her new and improved s*ster. Her homework for next week was done, the dinner had been fully prepared and put on a timer so it would be ready for when their Mom got back, and all the hovering, dusting, etc. was now pretty much done. Along the way Dawn had made Buffy do somersaults, cartwheels, handstands and a few zippy little moves Dawn couldn't really name for her amusement. She even made her s*ster dance one time, although once had been more than enough. The problem was their Mom still wouldn't be back for a while and Dawn was running out of ideas.

What Dawn should do next was send Buffy for a run around the house, make sure the blonde was so exhausted that when she inevitably tattled on her at least the Slayer would be too tired to extract any vengeance. However Buffy was still going to tell on her, and sooner or later get her revenge, so Dawn might as well turn it up a notch.

There was one idea which had been floating around in Dawn's mind as she learnt Buffy had to do what she said. Well, there were a number of ideas, but there was one in particular that she couldn't stop thinking about. Something she just might be able to get away with without revealing some of her more... twisted thoughts. It was pretty drastic, but the more she thought about it, the more Dawn liked it, and the more she liked it, the more Dawn wanted to do it, until finally the brunette called out, "Go to my room."

Wordlessly Buffy stopped dusting and turned towards the stairs, Dawn following her up them and to her room after calling out, "Drop the duster."

Once they were in her room, just to be sure, Dawn said, "Stay still."

Grinning that again Buffy obeyed her Dawn slowly walked around her sibling, looking her up and down before she sat on her bed and asked, "Buffy, how are you going to punish me for this?"

* * *

"You missed a spot." Dawn called out.

Buffy scowled at her but continued dusting, which was the last of the household chores Dawn was supposed to do.

Figuring she was going to get punished now no matter what Dawn had decided to take full advantage of her new and improved s*ster. Her homework for next week was done, the dinner had been fully prepared and put on a timer so it would be ready for when their Mom got back, and all the hovering, dusting, etc was now pretty much done. Along the way Dawn had made Buffy do somersaults, cartwheels, handstands and a few zippy little moves Dawn couldn't really name for her amusement. She even made her s*ster dance one time, although once had been more than enough. The problem was their Mom still wouldn't be back for a while and Dawn was running out of ideas.

What Dawn should do next was send Buffy for a run around the house, make sure the blonde was so exhausted that when she inevitably tattled on her at least the Slayer would be too tired to extract any vengeance. However Buffy was still going to tell on her, and sooner or later get her revenge, so Dawn might as well turn it up a notch.

There was one idea which had been floating around in Dawn's mind as she learnt Buffy had to do what she said. Well, there were a number of ideas, but there was one in particular that she couldn't stop thinking about. Something she just might be able to get away with without revealing some of her more... twisted thoughts. It was pretty drastic, but the more she thought about it, the more Dawn liked it, and the more she liked it, the more Dawn wanted to do it, until finally the brunette called out, "Go to my room."

Wordlessly Buffy stopped dusting and turned towards the stairs, Dawn following her up them and to her room after calling out, "Drop the duster."

Once they were in her room, just to be sure, Dawn said, "Stay still."

Grinning that again Buffy obeyed her Dawn slowly walked around her sibling, looking her up and down before she sat on her bed and asked, "Buffy, how are you going to punish me for this?"

"Make you do all the household chores for a week, take away your phone and TV privileges for two weeks and spank you." Buffy said, surprised at her own response.

"Huh, that was really specific..." Dawn murmured thoughtfully, and then a few seconds later added, "Have you... have you ever dreamt about having sex with Spike?"

"Yes." Buffy replied without hesitation, her face then immediately going so pale it looked like she was going to throw up.

Meanwhile Dawn smirked, "How about a threesome with him and Angel? Have you ever thought about both of them fucking you at the same time?"

"Yes." Buffy again replied immediately, amazingly looking even more horrified.

"Tell me about it." Dawn pushed, "Do you dream about Angel and Spike spit roasting you like a nasty little slut?"

"Yes, I dream about Angel and Spike spit roasting me like a nasty little slut." Buffy replied, looking like she was trying to hold the words in but she couldn't even make herself pause, "I dream about them fucking me in both ends. Then they DP me, pound my pussy and ass until both my holes are filled with cum, then they make me suck them clean and I take at least one more load down my slutty throat... my God Dawnie, what the hell have you done to me?"

"Apparently, made you tell the truth." Dawn beamed happily, "Which kind of makes sense I guess. If you can't not do what I say then why would you be able to lie to me?"

"I don't know... I mean... that, that wasn't the truth Dawnie." Buffy almost wept.

"Oh please, could you sound less convincing?" Dawn quipped.

"I don't know... I mean... I..." Buffy stammered, before getting angry, "Enough! Dawn you've had your fun, but this is ridiculous. That wish is obviously just making me tell you what you want to hear. And we can deal with your perverted mind and your behaviour later, but right now I need to find a way to end this wish."

"Why? If I can make you do whatever I want couldn't it work on everyone else?" Dawn questioned.

"Maybe, but we can't take that risk Dawnie. Magic always comes with a price. We have to remove that spell before it does anything bad to you or anyone else." Buffy quickly replied, "Besides, you're just a k*d. You're not mature enough to handle this kind of power, as you've clearly proven."

"Hey, you were younger than me when you became a Slayer. And you were less mature." Dawn protested.

"I was a saint compared to you. Mom never let me get away with half the stuff that you do each week and all you do is whine like an ungrateful little brat!" Buffy snapped, unknowingly of her own volition.

"Oh please..." Dawn began before stopping herself with a laugh, "You know what? I'm not having this argument with you again. But I'll tell you what I am going to do. I'm going to spank you."

"What?" Buffy exclaimed.

"You heard me." Dawn said, "Since you're so intent on spanking me, I'm going to give you a taste of your own medicine first."

"That doesn't even make sense." Buffy whined.

"Bend over my knee." Dawn ordered, ignoring her s*ster and patting her knee.

"Dawn... don't do this..." Buffy said as despite her best efforts she did as she was told, "I swear..."

"Be quiet." Dawn ordered as her big s*ster got into position.

Wasting no time Dawn delivered a hard smack to her older sibling's tight pants clad butt, quickly followed by another, and another, and another. It was kind of awkward at first, but Dawn quickly got into the swing of it, bringing her hand down repeatedly as hard as she could on Buffy's butt, really finding herself starting to enjoy spanking her stronger s*ster.

She had imagined giving her stuck up big s*ster a spanking for years. It was one of her oldest memories, and one of the most frequent, which even suggested that the monks who created those memories were either big on discipline, something Dawn had always thought Buffy lacked, and they thought someone needed to teach Buffy a little humility or they were simply perves. Probably both given the other sorts of things which went on in Dawn's head.

There was however another option which Dawn couldn't help consider as she continued spanking her older s*ster, that being maybe Buffy was the reason she was like this. After all the monks had made her out of Buffy. That was open to interpretation, but it was very possible that instead of creating each of Dawn's memories from scratch they had rushed their little spell to make her human, simply creating a template from the existing daughter of Joyce Summers to create a sort of duplicate. That would mean that the perverted things going on in Dawn's head were also going on inside Buffy's. That was a terrifying thought. But also intriguing.

Dawn wasn't sure if her s*ster was struggling with the same things she was, but she did want to spank her. She wanted to get the Slayer back for all the shit she had put her through lately, and all the much worse things that would no doubt happen if Buffy found a way to break the spell. And yet no matter how hard she smacked Buffy's still clothed ass it wasn't enough. Something was missing.

This wasn't quite as Dawn had always imagined it, and while at first she had been a little hesitant to ask, now she was on a roll and found the confidence she needed to order her s*ster too, "Stand up... pull down your pants and panties."

Dawn grinned wide as Buffy did what she said, Dawn grinning wider she noticed the blonde's lips moving, the older girl obviously begging her to stop but she literally couldn't make a sound. Obviously this confirmed that Dawn was going to need to be very careful what she said to Buffy, because if something like 'be quiet' could be interpreted as Buffy literally losing her voice Dawn didn't want to see the results to 'drop dead' or anything like that.

"I'm sorry Buffy, I really think this is going to need to be a bare bottom spanking." Dawn explained as Buffy's pants and panties fell down around her ankles. Dawn's eyes briefly settled on her s*ster's cleanly shaven snatch, before looking up at a blushing Buffy and ordering, "Now get back over my knee."

Again Buffy protested, and more importantly tried to use every ounce of her will power to resist but the Slayer couldn't even get herself to hesitate. In fact her body moved into position so fast that if anyone else had seen it they would have thought Buffy was eager to get her ass spanked by her little s*ster.

The thought of anyone seeing this sent a shudder of humiliation through Buffy's body, as was the almost as horrifying thought of someone finding out about this. Either one of these scenarios were unbearable, Buffy already planning to erase Dawn's mind and her own so that this humiliating experience will have essentially never happened. That didn't make enduring it now any better, Buffy screaming out loudly in pain and yet eerily the only sound which could be heard was the smack, smack, smack, smack, smack smacking of Dawn's hand connecting with Buffy's butt.

Because this was the only sound in the whole house that smacking sound seemed deafening, Buffy having horrible visions of everyone in Sunnydale hearing it, investigating it and finding her bent over her baby s*ster's knee getting her ass whooped. Which was of course ridiculous. Most people in Sunnydale knew better than to check out strange noises.

Gritting her teeth Buffy tried over and over again to ignore the feelings of pain and humiliation that were threatening to overwhelm her. She had been practising incredibly hard with Giles to control her emotions and zone out distractions so she should have been able to take everything Dawn had to give her while calmly planning her revenge. But no matter how hard she tried Buffy just couldn't do it. Her entire world became nothing but Dawnie spanking her and the humiliation that came with it.

Buffy was on top of her game. She was stronger, faster, and just all around better than she'd ever been. And up until this point she'd beaten Demons, Frankensteins, werewolves, master vampires, an armies worth of regular vampires and everything else that had ever stood in her way. She'd even beaten a Hell-Goddess. And yet for all her seemingly impossible victories, and all her speed, strength and skills, here she was bent over her little s*ster's knee receiving one hell of an impressive spanking.

Buffy wouldn't have thought that little Dawnie had it in her, but the butt beating she was dishing out was brutally hard. That combined with the assault being constantly on one area of her body made this the worst pain Buffy had ever received. And with the humiliating thoughts and feelings that were overwhelming her mind it wasn't long before tears slid down Buffy's cheeks, the mighty Slayer weeping silently as her k*d s*ster continued walloping her butt.

Neither s*ster was sure how long it lasted. It seemed to go on forever, but just as Buffy was crying at the extra humiliating vision of their Mom coming home to find them like this the spanking was abruptly stopped.

It wasn't so abrupt for Dawn. Her arm was tired and aching from the constant movement and her hand stung horribly. Really she should've stopped ages ago but Dawn had become completely lost in taking out all her frustrations out on her big s*ster's butt, so much so that her own discomfort seemed like a small price to pay to continue spanking Buffy's ass. However Dawn had her limits and eventually she had to stop, the brunette immediately clutching her right hand with her left. After that Dawn's eyes locked on Buffy's butt, the younger sibling becoming lost in admiring the Slayer's now bright red rear.

As she gulped softly Dawn wondered what was more disturbing. The fact that she actually felt turned on right now, or that the wetness on her jeans told Dawn that her virtuous goody-goody of a s*ster had seemed to enjoy the spanking in the exact same twisted way she had.

After a while Dawn noticed that Buffy was looking back at her nervously, the sight causing Dawn to unc*nsciously lick her lips.

She could do anything to Buffy right now.


And there was at least one thing Dawn's body was screaming at her to do, but it was so wrong. So gross. So sick. So twisted. So... naughty.

But she couldn't. She just couldn't.

"Get up." Dawn said hoarsely, watching as Buffy did this, the brunette trying to look the blonde in the eye but it was too obvious to both s*sters that her gaze momentarily lowered to the Slayer's still exposed twat, the wetness there even more evident than on Dawn's thigh. After a brief pause Dawn softly said, "Get out. Get out of my room. Once you're out you can pull your pants up and talk again or whatever."

Buffy scrambled out of the room, trying not to notice that little Dawnie's gaze was locked on her retreating red ass.

Once she was out of Dawn's room Buffy slammed the door behind her and quickly pulled up her pants. She then just stood there for a few long minutes, contemplating what had just happened, especially the last few moments.

It was worse than Buffy had originally thought. Somehow Dawn's wish had made Buffy enjoy getting spanked on some pervert-ed level, and was making Dawn... act unnaturally.

Buffy needed to find the vengeance demon who had done this and give them and the source of their power a good slaying, and fast, before this evil spell made Dawnie do anything worse.

In fact it would be best if Buffy could steer clear from Dawn for a while, just until her s*ster couldn't f*rce her into something hu-miliating, or anything like that. Which worked out because Buffy needed to leave right now to find this vengeance demon who had posed as Dawn's guidance counsellor and tricked her mistake prone little s*ster. Just as soon as she found a babysitter for Dawn. And maybe an ice pack for her sore ass.

Hearing Buffy walking away and then down the stairs Dawn let out a sigh of relief. She had all these perverted little thoughts go-ing through her head and if Buffy had come back in yelling at her Dawn honestly didn't know what she would have done.

A big part of the misery that was Dawn's life was that she had all these twisted feelings that she knew she could never act on. But the thing was, now she could. The future consequences might be dire, but her horny body didn't seem to care. Not when she had the power to make her stuck up big s*ster do whatever she wanted.

For a while Dawn just sat there, trying to convince herself to go back to watching TV or read a magazine, whatever, as long as it took a mind of her current state of arousal. But her own need to cum was just too much and eventually she just gave in, pushed her clothes out of the way, laid down on her bed and allowed her hands to go where she needed them.

Usually when Dawn slid the fingers of one hand over her pussy lips and then inside of herself, while the other hand played with her teenage titties, she would try thinking of some hottie. Almost always a female hottie, and often a female hottie she knew, Dawn doing all sorts of naughty things with them and if she was lucky she would continue thinking of them right up until the point she came.

Sometimes it was Willow. Sometimes it was Tara. Sometimes it was both. Other times it was Cordelia. Other times it was Spike. Or Anya, or Xander, or even Giles. But mostly it was Faith. Mostly it was the beautiful Dark Slayer which Dawn allowed to haunt her dreams, Faith the only one who could really keep away the nightmare images of herself fucking her Mom and the far more frequent terrifying images of herself fucking her s*ster.

That her deepest darkest fantasies involved fucking her Mom and big s****r was incredibly shameful for Dawn. They were embar-rassing, disgusting, gross images, but she just couldn't get them out of her head. Especially the ones involving herself dominat-ing her big s*ster. Those were her favourites, no matter how ashamed she was to admit it. And now Dawn was just too horny to imagine anything but her own s*ster Buffy Summers being her slutty little plaything.

Dawn imagined it was a few minutes ago and instead of ordering Buffy to leave she had told her big s*ster to get on her knees and start licking her pussy. The thought had been so tempting a few minutes ago, and thinking about it now really got Dawn hot. Dawn imagined Buffy eagerly licking her pussy, imagined how amazing her s*ster's tongue would feel lapping at her pussy be-fore eventually sliding deep inside her cunt. But it wasn't enough.

Turning up the heat Dawn pictured herself and Buffy in a 69, their tongue slamming in and out of each other's cunts, both of them becoming drenched in each other's cum and pussy juice until they just couldn't cum anymore. Then Dawn would turn around on top of Buffy and start kissing her older s*ster, the Slayer eagerly kissing back and thus allowing them to share each other’s juices until they became horny again and Dawn turned around so that they were in another 69, the two Summer s*sters repeating this process until they passed out. That thought had never failed to make Dawn cum before, but this time it only brought her to the edge.

So Dawn called out the big guns. Forget the rug munching. She was back with her big s*ster standing before her, pants and panties around her ankles, Buffy's wet pussy begging Dawn to fuck her, something Buffy's mouth would never do. And Dawn would fuck her older s*ster. Just not in her pussy. No, she would order Buffy to bend over and... no, she HAD ordered Buffy to bend over and was kneeling in front of her now, that strap on dildo that was under her bed firmly around her waist and Dawn was pushing it inside her big s*ster's butt hole. She had given Buffy the chance to protest by giving her voice back but all Buffy did was whimper, her lack of response speaking such volumes that the Slayer might as well have been begging Dawn to fuck her virgin ass.

Dawn licked her lips. She was close, she could feel it.

Dawn pictured it... her big s*ster's ass hole slowly stretching to allow her strap on cock inside the big tough Slayer's forbidden passage, little Dawnie officially taking her big s*ster's anal cherry. Then Dawn would slide all the way into Buffy's bowels and begin fucking her older s*ster up the ass. Buffy would continue whimpering for a while, but soon she'd start moaning in pleasure, thrusting herself back against Dawn, and then finally Buffy would scream something she would never have even thought about saying if Dawn wasn't already ass fucking her. Buffy would beg Dawn to fuck her ass and make her her bitch. That Buffy wanted to be Dawn's bitch.

That perverted image never failed to make Dawn cum harder than anything else, and this time it was even harder than usual, Dawn left a quivering mess for a few long seconds as her climax washed over her. However once she came down from her high Dawn felt incredibly unsatisfied. That was kind of crazy, but going with it Dawn continued masturbating, fucking herself to three more powerful climaxes, once more envisioning Buffy still on her hands and knees and then with Buffy anally riding her cock for the other two, and yet no matter how much Dawn tried she couldn't seem to satisfy herself. Not with the knowledge that she could make this, her ultimate forbidden fantasy, come true.

Just as Dawn was considering going for it just so she could have a decent orgasm she heard the sound of the front door being opened. Pulling up her jeans and pushing down her shirt Dawn rolled off the bed to see who it was.

As she opened her door Dawn heard a familiar voice, "Hey B, what's up? Got ya message..."

"Great, Mom should be back soon. Dawn's upstairs. I'll be back at 12 at the latest." Buffy blurted out quickly, Dawn reaching the top of the landing just in time to see her s*ster rush out the door, leaving Faith looking bewildered at the bottom of the stairs.

Buffy didn't leave the redemption seeking Slayer alone with Dawn if she could help it, and Dawn was pretty sure this was the first time since Faith had return to Sunnydale that the blonde hadn't given the brunette a long, self-righteous speech before leaving.

And maybe for the first few months Faith deserved it. After all, Faith wasn't nicknamed the Dark Slayer just because of the col-our of her beautiful raven hair. She was a murderer and would probably be in jail right now if some evil law firm hadn't destroyed the evidence of her previous misdeeds when she was working for them. But apparently Buffy couldn't afford to be picky. So when Faith had come crawling back to Sunnydale in search of redemption she hadn't been met with a warm reception, but after a few good deeds she had been given a second chance. Like most Dawn had been initially sceptical, but slowly Faith had earned her trust again. Apparently not Buffy's trust, at least not completely. Then again Buffy might just be looking for any excuse to moan, which was something the blonde was very good at.

Even given what had just happened between the two s*sters Dawn was shocked Buffy hadn't spent 20 minutes bitching at Faith. Dawn really must've done a number on her big s*ster's butt, Dawn trying not to smile too much at the thought.

After a few seconds Faith looked up at the younger brunette and greeted her with a nod, "Hey Dawnie, any idea why your big s*s ran out of here like her ass was on fire?"

Dawn smiled, thinking to herself that if Buffy's butt wasn't on fire it was probably at least still very sore, then she feigned inno-cence, "No idea."

"Huh... whatever." Faith shrugged, figuring it was a s*ster thing, then strolled over to the couch, "If anything nasty shows up give us a nice loud scream. Otherwise just do what you gotta do."

Dropping down onto the couch Faith grabbed the remote and started flicking channels for something to watch, paying no atten-tion to Dawn who slowly descended almost all the way down stairs so she could stare at the Dark Slayer.

Dawn knew she should go back to her room and try to relieve some of the sexual tension that was flooding her body.

She should, but she was very aware that her wish hadn't just applied to Buffy. If her s*ster had to do what she said so did Faith, who Dawn knew for a fact swung both ways. Not that she had ever given Dawn a second look. Not with her big s*ster around. Of course Buffy was as straight as an arrow so Faith, and no other girl, stood a chance. Meanwhile fucking Faith was Dawn's most frequent fantasy that she wasn't ashamed of, and now she had the power to make that happen Dawn couldn't resist.

Suddenly Dawn was awoken from her thoughts by the sound of, "What?"

Realising Faith was frowning at her Dawn suddenly felt like a mouse trying to go after a tigress, a tigress who was staring at her right now and could break her like a twig.

"Faith, would you please..." Dawn said softly, forcing herself to sound commanding when she added, "Lay the table for dinner."

A huge smile of delight crossed Dawn's face as Faith immediately did what she was told, the Slayer a little surprise by her own actions but thinking nothing of it. After all to Faith this was a meaningless act. To Dawn this was pretty much her biggest wet dream come true.

"Sure Dawnie, whatever." Faith shrugged, mistaking the quickness in which she obeyed Dawn's command as an eagerness on her part to get back to watching TV.

Following the Dark Slayer into the dining room Dawn watched as Faith set the table for three as per usual. Once she was done Faith tried to get back to the TV only for Dawn to stand in her way. Thinking nothing of it Faith tried to move round the smaller brunette only for Dawn to move with her, the action repeating until there was no doubt in the Slayer's mind that Dawn was doing this on purpose.

"What?" Faith questioned, seeming to go from amused to annoyed at Dawn's boldness in just one word.

Dawn fought back the urge to gulp. This was it, her last chance to chicken out. If she even hesitated past this point she would be in about a million different worlds of trouble, but if Dawn could pull off acting like the dominant top she always wanted to be she could literally make her dreams come true.

Again using the most commanding tone she could muster Dawn said, "Bend over."

Faith frowned, first at the command, then at herself for turning to face the table and bending down across it.

"Stay there until I give you permission to move!" Dawn said firmly, her heart racing.

"D, what the..." Faith trailed off as she felt a hand squeezing her backside. She had broken bones for less, but Faith could only conclude she was paralysed from shock because she felt like she literally couldn't move a muscle.

"You've got a great butt Faith. It always looks so good in these tight leather jeans of yours. It always makes me wonder..." Dawn paused momentarily to give Faith's ass another squeeze before asking, "How many people have fucked this amazing ass of yours?"

"None." Faith replied immediately.

"Really?" Dawn questioned, generally surprised.

"Really." Faith confirmed, and then added of her own accord, "I'm a top. Tops don't take it up the ass."

"Oh." Dawn said, doing the one thing she swore she wouldn't do and hesitate, which was a big mistake on her part. Aside from the obvious reason that it could lead to her downfall Dawn had never doubted Faith was a top. That was one of the main reasons fantasies of dominating the Dark Slayer had always been so hot.

Forcing herself out of her own head Dawn suddenly realised Faith wasn't trying to fight the spell or demand that Dawn let her go or anything. The Dark Slayer wasn't even acting like her usual brash self. She was quiet, very quiet, and briefly leaning over to study her face Dawn realised that Faith was actually nervous.

A thought occurring to her Dawn asked, "Have you ever thought about taking it up the ass?"

"Yes." Faith said without hesitation, surprised and ashamed of herself for doing so and quickly trying to cover it up, "I mean, from time to time I wonder what it's like for a bottom..."

"What's your biggest fantasy?" Dawn interrupted.

"Someone making me their bitch." Faith immediately answered.

There was a deafening silence for a few long moments and then Dawn leaned in and whispered, "Tell me about your fantasy? What happens in it?"

Faith gulped softly, trying to fight back her words, but to her horror she quickly revealed her deepest, darkest fantasy, "There's some muscle-bound brute. Or a smoking hot chick with all the moves. They come up to me, look me in the eye and tell me they're going to make me their bitch. Then they do it. Sometimes I put up a fight but they easily wipe the floor with me before doing whatever the fuck they want to me. Sometimes I'm smart enough to realise I've met my match and I just drop to my knees and beg them to use me like the slut I am and make me their bitch."

Again there was a deafening silence, then Dawn asked, "Do they fuck you in the ass?"

"Every time." Faith said, practically trembling with a mixture of fear, humiliation and arousal, "Sometimes all they do is ass fuck me. Cos for me it would be the ultimate act of humiliation and surrender. I'd never be the same afterwards. I'm a fucking Slayer. That makes me a natural top. An alpha female. To have to take it in the ass... it would turn me into nothing but a bottom. A submissive little bitch for whoever got my back door cherry."

Yet again there was a deafening silence, this time Dawn summoning every ounce of courage she had to f*rce a confident expression on her face before she told Faith, "Lift yourself up, turn around and look at me."

The sudden movement of the Dark Slayer almost caused Dawn to lose her focus, but she held firm. Then Dawn almost lost her nerve when the supernatural warrior who could snap her like a twig looked at her, but again she held firm.

That was when Dawn noticed something. Faith was blushing. She honestly didn't think she'd ever seen the Dark Slayer blush before. And more importantly after initially looking at her Faith looked away. The stronger brunette had obeyed Dawn's command and was now free to stare the insolent young brunette down, to laugh her off, and to yell at her, to take a swing at her, anything she damn well wanted but Faith was just standing there like a nervous school girl in front of an angry teacher.

"Look me in the eye." Dawn said firmly, seeing the nervous look in Faith's eyes only giving the younger girl more confidence to step forward and firmly add, "I'm going to make you my bitch."

There was another long silence. Just like all those before it Faith inwardly screamed at herself to do anything but just stand there, yet she couldn't convince herself to move a muscle. Not when for the first time in her life someone was staring at her the way she'd been secretly dreaming for so long. Like they were going to do whatever the fuck they wanted to her and she was just going to take it like a bitch. Then she would be their bitch.

Surely there was no way in hell she ever could or would allow herself to become little Dawnie's bitch, but while she would no doubt come to her senses soon Faith just couldn't do it now. Not when Dawn was staring at her like that.

"Follow me." Dawn smiled wickedly, quickly backed away from the Slayer, turned and headed for her room.

Two seconds later Dawn looked over her shoulder and smiled as she saw Faith was following her.

Then when she reached the foot of the stairs Dawn changed her mind, turned around and said, "Wait... no, you go first so I can watch your butt wiggle."

For a few long seconds Faith just stared at her in disbelief, Dawn momentarily worried until she realised her command wasn't specific enough.

So Dawn pointed to the stairs and growled, "Go to my room. I'm not going to butt fuck you while you're bent over the dining table. At least not when my Mom could be back at any minute."

Dawn smirked at her last sentence. Sadly she couldn't see the look on Faith face and the Dark Slayer said nothing as she ascended the stairs, Dawn following close behind, making sure she got a good look at the other brunette's behind.

That beautiful behind seem to look better than ever now Dawn was minutes away from fucking it, the littlest Summers licking her lips as she remained transfixed on Faith's perfect ass all the way to her room.

Once they were at their destination Faith unknowingly had control of her body again, the Slayer turning around and protesting, "Look Dawnie, I don't know why I said that shit downstairs but I ain't no bottom, and you're B's little s*s, and..."

"Get on your hands and knees on my bed!" Dawn snapped firmly, another grim crossing her face as Faith quickly got into the requested position. Then Dawn bit her lip as she noticed the time. Her Mom really was coming back soon so she had to move fast.

Reaching under her bed Dawn pulled out the strap-on dildo and lube she had ordered online and barely snuck past the watchful eyes of her mother and big s*ster. This was of course before Buffy went into Uber-Dawn lockdown mode, but perhaps with a spanking or two Dawn could convince her meddling older s*ster to ease up a bit.

As she opened the box containing the strap-on cock and pulled the toy out Dawn had to quickly f*rce images of herself using the toy dick on her big s*ster's tight little ass out of her mind.

Normally that wasn't an easy feat, but this time Dawn had a more powerful image to command her attention, which being the Dark Slayer waiting to get her virgin ass fucked on her bed.

Focusing on that image Dawn couldn't help noticing that despite her brief protest Faith was now being very quiet, the other brunette staring at her nervously.

That was when Dawn realised something, Faith wasn't trying to struggle against her commands and hadn't even tried to do so, which meant the Dark Slayer probably didn't even realise she was under a spell. If that was true Faith believed she was doing what Dawn told her to do because it really was what she wanted, even if she was scared to admit it out loud without any prompting. And if that was true, then Faith thought Dawn was dominating her on her own with sheer willpower, the idea giving Dawn the most incredible rush of power and confidence.

Dawn removed her pants and panties and then pulled the strap-on up her thighs like she had done this a thousand times, keeping eye contact with Faith who almost seemed in awe of her. When the toy was firmly in place Dawn squirted a generous amount of lube on the dildo and then massaged it into the shaft, her eyes locking on Faith's perfectly shaped bubble butt as she simulated jerking off her new cock.

Once the strap-on was well coated in lube Dawn slowly got onto the bed behind the other brunette, dropped the lube and then grabbed two handfuls of Faith's curvaceous ass.

Faith gasped but offered no other form of protest as Dawn began greedily groping her backside, squeezing and pinching the well rounded yet firm flesh of the butt the younger brunette had fantasised about almost more than any other butt.

"I feel like a k*d on Christmas... just waiting to unwrap her present." Dawn murmured mostly to herself as she slowly pulled down Faith's pants and panties, whistling softly once the Dark Slayer's butt was completely revealed, "Wow... that's one amazing present."

Every part of Faith's body was gorgeous but in Dawn's eyes the very best part of the Dark Slayer was her drool inducing bubble butt. It was so well rounded and shapely and yet tight and firm making it the most perfect posterior Dawn had ever seen. Well, maybe the second most perfect posterior.

Pushing those thoughts out of her head Dawn reached out, grabbed two handfuls of Faith's curvaceous backside and spread those shapely ass cheeks as wide as she could. As she got her first look at Faith's yummy looking pussy and even more yummy looking asshole Dawn licked her lips, then grinning wickedly as she noticed something.

"You’re wet. Your pussy is dripping and I've barely even touched you." Dawn pointed out, sliding a fingertip up and down Faith's pussy lips while still spreading the Slayer's full butt cheeks, that fingertip immediately becoming soaked and Faith even letting out a little moan, "You really want me to take your anal cherry, don't you?"

"Yeah." Faith whimpered, then after looking at the nearby clock added, "Just... just hurry it up. We don't AHHHHhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Faith was taken off guard when her butt hole was violated for the first time, although not by the thick looking strap-on cock. It was way too small to be that.

"Oh my God... your ass is soooooooo tight." Dawn practically whimpered from the feeling of Faith's virgin back passage squeezing the full length of her index finger, then quickly realising she needed to re-establish her dominance added, "I'm going to really love fucking it."

"Then do it." Faith softly challenged.

"Do what?" Dawn pushed.

"Fuck my ass." Faith said quickly, then after blushing added, "Take my fucking anal cherry Dawnie."

Dawn grinned, grabbed the bottle of lube, and said, "Spread your ass cheeks."

Faith's hands immediately shot to her shapely ass cheeks and pulled them as wide apart as she could, the Dark Slayer pressing her face down to the bed sheets as she presented the strap-on dildo wearing teen with her virgin ass hole.

Trying not to be too overwhelmed by the amazing sight of the big bad Faith Lehane offering up her virgin butt hole Dawn squirted a large amount of lubricant on the bigger, stronger brunette's back door.

When Faith's shit hole was well coated with lube Dawn through the tube away and then slowly pressed the tip of her strap-on cock against the Slayer's previously never really penetrated pooper.

Dawn didn't think her finger really counted, the same way a doctor's exam wouldn't count, so this was it. She, little Dawnie Summers, was about to take the anal cherry of the bad-ass Vampire Slayer Faith Lehane.

What's more while this would be Faith's first time taking it up the butt this would be Dawn's first time ever. Despite a few make out sessions Dawn had never had sex before, and she couldn't have dreamed of a better first time. Well, actually she could, but there was only one or two scenarios which could be only ever so slightly better, and there were so many things which couldn't compare. Like what pretty much everyone else her age did and let some other virgin guy or girl try and most likely fail to please her. This was so much better. This was Dawn losing her virginity by taking her dream girl's anal virginity.

As Dawn was savouring the moment Faith turned her head to the side and softly demanded, "Do it Dawnie. Pop my anal cherry. Stick that big cock up my ass and butt fuck me. Fuck, always thought I'd end up letting some muscle-bound stud take my back door cherry, not some little pipsqueak like you but AAAAAHHHHHHHHH FUCK ME!"

Again Faith was taken off guard, this time by something much bigger than a finger entering her virgin ass. This time it was Dawn's strap-on, the petite brunette slamming her hips forwards as hard as she could to make sure she violated Faith's virgin ass hole, that tight ring of flesh suddenly being f*rced to stretch wide open to allow the first few inches of dildo into the Dark Slayer's butt, announcing that little Dawn Summers had officially taken Faith the Vampire Slayer's anal cherry.

After squealing in pain Faith let go of her butt cheeks and gripped onto the bed sheet, clutching tightly as her one-way back alley got used to being turned into a two-way street. The adjustment was surprisingly quick, the pain melting away to be replaced by the perverted thrill of feeling her shit hole stretch wide around the first few inches of little Dawnie's big hard cock.

"Fuck Dawnie... you did it... you got my back door cherry. Shit, I can feel my fucking poop hole stretching for that big fucking dick of yours." Faith moaned in disbelief.

Dawn, who had been admiring the way the head of her strap-on looked buried in between Faith's well rounded butt cheeks, grinned, delivered a hard smack to the perfect posterior in front of her and said, "Well get ready to feel every inch deep inside your ass, because I'm only just getting started Slayer!"

"OH FUCK DAWNIE!" Faith cried out as Dawn thrust forwards, pushing a couple more inches of dildo into the Dark Slayer's bowels, "Oh fuck! Fucking fill that ass with your big dick Dawnie! Mmmmmmmm, don't be fucking shy, slam every fucking inch into my shitter! I'm a Slayer, I can take it! Slam your whole cock into my fucking shit hole!"

Giving the Slayer what she wished for Dawn gave Faith's perfect bubble butt a series of hard thrusts which had the dildo ploughing far deeper into the stronger brunette's pooper than the younger brunette's finger had gone.

Meanwhile each thrust had Faith squealing in pain and pleasure, Dawn barely being able to hold onto the supernatural warrior's strong body bucking in front of her like a wild bronco.

Riding out the storm Dawn was rewarded for her efforts with a heavenly feeling. Namely the feeling of her hips smacking into Faith's perfectly shaped butt cheeks, Dawn's eyelids literally fluttering with joy as she admired the sight of her hips pressed into the other girl's shapely ass cheeks, meaning every inch of her big strap-on dildo was buried deep within the Dark Slayer's now formerly virgin ass.

Even Faith's smart mouth was too busy moaning to ruin the moment, the two girls both savouring the moment of full anal penetration in their own way.

It was a perfect moment. One Dawn would remember for the rest of her life.

The moment she was fully embedded in Faith's perfect butt for the first of what Dawn promised herself would be many times.

This was a moment Dawn would treasure forever as one of her favourite memories. Just like the moment before this when Dawn took Faith's anal virginity, and the moment that shortly followed when the younger brunette dug her fingers deeply into the elder brunette's hips and then started to pump her own hips back and forth, little Dawnie slowly beginning to sodomise the big bad Slayer.

Both brunettes moaned joyfully as the butt fucking began, the littlest Summers completely blown away by what she was feeling.

Dawn was fulfilling her ultimate fantasy of sodomising a Slayer. The Slayer Dawn had never felt guilty for dreaming of sodomising, the one she had always liked to believe she had a shot with, but honestly she never thought she'd get anywhere near Faith's butt hole.

Dawn was fulfilling her ultimate fantasy of sodomising a Slayer. The Slayer Dawn had never felt guilty for dreaming of sodomising, the one she had always liked to believe she had a shot with, but honestly she never thought she'd get anywhere near Faith's butt hole.

Now Faith's butt hole was widely stretched around Dawn's strap-on dick, the younger girl spreading the older girl's nicely rounded butt cheeks so she could stare at the stretched out shit hole she had imagined fucking for so long.

However the amazing thing was not that Dawn was finally living out her dream of butt fucking Faith, but how easily Dawn found sodomising the Dark Slayer.

Despite being faced with her ultimate fantasy Dawn was pumping Faith's pooper like a pro. There was no hesitation, no doubt, just a steady rhythm, and a wonderful feeling of belonging as Dawn confidently slid her big cock in and out of the Slayer's rectum.

It just felt so natural. Like butt fucking was Dawn's calling in life. Her purpose. To fuck butt. To be a butt fucker. A Slayer butt fucker. Yes, that's what she was meant to do with her life. Deep down Dawn had always known it. She was meant to be a butt fucking top. And Faith, she was meant to be a bottom who took it in the bottom. Because if Dawn was made to fuck butt then Faith was made to get her butt fucked.

There was no doubt in Dawn's mind. Faith's butt was made to be fucked. The powers that be had to have personally shaped the Dark Slayer's perfectly rounded butt cheeks and the snug little hole in between them which led to a heavenly tight passage. All of the Gods and the other sources of power had to have come together to create this perfect butt, made specifically for the purpose of fucking. Faith's purpose in life was to get her perfect butt fucked. To be butt fucked. To take it up the butt. To take Dawn's strap-on cock up the butt.

Yes, Faith's butt wasn't just made to be fucked. It was made for Dawn to fuck. Someone, somewhere had created the perfect butt and left it as a present for Dawn, wiggling practically right in front of her face until she found the courage to finally take that perfect butt and make it hers. Which was exactly what Dawn was doing. Making Faith's perfect butt hers.

They fitted together like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The butt fucker and the butt fuckee. And if Faith hadn't realised it yet, Dawn was going to make damn sure she did.

Reaching out Dawn grabbed a handful of the Slayer's dark mane and roughly pulled the other girl's head upwards, "So Faith, still think you're a top?"

"Fuck no! I'm a bottom! I'm a fucking bottom!" Faith groaned.

"A pure bottom?" Dawn pushed.

"Yeahhhh, a pure bottom." Faith moaned dreamily, "No more topping for me, mmmmmmmmm, just bottoming. Just gonna bend over like a good little bottom for real tops like you Dawnie. Ohhhhhh, fuck yeah, I'm gonna be giving up my bottom like the pure bottom I am!"

Immediately Faith pictured herself at the Bronze, Sunnydale's one and only decent bar to pick up hot guys and the occasional dr*nk girl.

Getting a bunch of horny dr*nk guys to pound her ass would be easy enough. The real challenge would be finding one who could ass fuck her half as good as little Dawnie, or find a girl willing and able to deliver this kind of skilful sodomy. That was going to be really fucking hard because Faith hadn't been particularly impressed by the size or the skill of any of her previous Sunnydale fucks. Although all of Faith's previous fucks paled in comparison to this.

Even in the beginning there had been no awkward or hesitant thrusting. No wasted motion. No asking if this was all right. Just a slow skilful thrusting which effortlessly stretched out Faith's shit pipe, any pain or discomfort quickly being forgotten and replaced with pure pleasure.

Of course it wasn't just the way Dawn was fucking her ass that was really getting Faith off. It was also the fact Dawn was fucking her ass. The fact that Faith was on all fours with her ass hole stretched wide open so that large dildo could pump into the deepest depths of her bowels. The fact that she, the mighty Faith the Vampire Slayer, was taking it up the ass like a bitch.

Faith had never seriously thought about taking it up the ass. Sure it was one of her biggest fantasies, maybe her biggest, but it was also her most shameful fantasy.

She was a Slayer. Technically she was the Slayer. The chosen one. The one girl in all the world who had the power to fight the vampires, Demons and the f*rces of darkness. Just because Xander apparently had magic breath or something which resulted in another Slayer wandering around shouldn't, and in Faith's mind didn't, devalue the fact that she was the ultimate ass kicker for the f*rces of good.

As the Slayer Faith had kicked the asses of countless vampires and Demons, many of whom had been bigger and stronger than her. She was an undefeated ass kicking champion. Sure, there were those who had been harder to beat, and a few even got her on the ropes, but in the end Faith always won. Unless it was Buffy, but she didn't count because Faith had always walked away alive, and everyone lost to that blonde bitch.

Of course even before she had become the Slayer Faith had been a ass kicking bad ass, KOing guys twice her size when they got too handsie without permission, or when she needed some quick cash. And she'd always been stronger, faster and braver than any girl her age. Always. She had always been an ass kicking bad ass.

In the bedroom no one had ever expected her to be anything except dominant and she had never disappointed. It felt like that was what she was supposed to do, given she was an ass kicking bad ass, and when she became the Slayer even the slightest thought of bottoming became absurd. Even if fucking herself to the idea made her cum harder than a lot of the guys who fucked her Faith would never of dreamed of actually asking someone to dominate her, and if anyone tried it she would have kicked and/or fucked their asses and shown them what domination was all about. Or at least that's what Faith thought she would do until a few minutes ago. Then mousy little Dawnie Summers had suddenly decided she wanted Faith's anal cherry and had taken it without breaking a sweat.

Even now that big strap-on cock was pumping in and out of her ass Faith wasn't sure how she ended up in this position. Surely Faith should have just laughed off Dawnie's attempts to tell her what to do before that dick got anywhere near her ass hole. But she hadn't.

Why? Maybe it was because no one had ever had the guts to tell her to do anything before. Not like this. Even with trivial shit most people asked her to do it, and with no conviction. Buffy was the exception of course, but she ordered everyone around and her tone was normally whiny. But Dawn hadn't asked or sounded unsure or whiny or anything like that. Dawn had demanded Faith did what she said, and that was an incredible turn on.

Maybe that was why Faith hadn't been able to lie to Dawn. Or maybe Faith was so surprised by Dawn's forwardness words had just come tumbling out. Or maybe it was a spell... shit, that made the most sense.

It pretty much explained everything, and Faith knew she should be pissed, but the truth was Faith didn't give a fuck.

Faith didn't give a fuck how she ended up in this position feeling the most amazing pleasure of her life from getting fucked up the ass. Faith didn't give a fuck why she never felt anything close to this amount of pleasure before her ass had been introduced to the joy of taking a cock inside it. Faith didn't even give a fuck that it was little Dawnie Summers who was sodomising her, or that the younger brunette's Mom or Slayer s*ster could show up at any moment now.

There was only one thing Faith gave a fuck about, "Fuck my ass hard Mmmmmmmmmm fucking pound my ass harder and make me cum! Oooooooh shit Dawnie, pound that fucking pooper! Slam the hole I shit from and make me cum like a bitch! Ohhhhhhhhh, fuck, fucking do it! DO IT! FUCKING DO IT! Ooooooooohhhhhh, for fucks sake, fucking make me cum or I'll take that strap-on off you and shove it up your tight little virgin ass and show you how to give a real butt pounding!"

"You threatening me Slayer?" Dawn questioned, confident she still had the Dark Slayer at her mercy regardless of the response.

"Yeah." Faith immediately replied, before backtracking, "But I don't... fuck Dawnie, ah fuck, just please make me cum! I fucking need it sooooooo bad!"

"Well, here's what I want..." Dawn said, pushing every last inch of her strap-on into Faith's ass and leaving it there. Stopping the butt fucking definitely got the Slayer's attention, Faith turning her head back to look at Dawn. It was then Dawn continued to talk, choosing her words very carefully so she wasn't asking or telling the other brunette to do anything, at least not in a way which would make the Slayer immediately answer truthfully, "I want you to be my bitch. I want you to admit that's what you are now. That from now on you'll do whatever I say. That anytime I want a piece of this perfect butt you'll come running. That all I'll have to do is say the word and you'll bend over. Or get in whatever other position I want you in. And I want you to admit that you want to be my bitch because you're a slutty little bottom who needs a real top like me who loves to pound slutty bottom's bottoms."

After Dawn finally finished her little rant there was a deafening silence, which told her she'd succeeded in her little plan. Of course she could have just told Faith how things between them were going to be from now on, but Dawn wanted it to be Faith's decision. Dawn wanted the Dark Slayer to agree to be her bitch without any prompting. She wanted the vastly stronger brunette who could easily break her in half to admit that's what she wanted, that they were a perfect fit. The Slayer who wanted to be somebody's bitch and the girl who wanted a bitch. Dawn didn't have to wait for long.

Slowly Faith nodded her head, and then when that didn't work softly said, "Yeah Dawnie... I wanna be your bitch. Fuck, I am your bitch. You made me admit I'm a fucking bottom. That I'm a slutty fucking bottom who needs her slutty fucking bottom pounded by a fucking super stud. And that's you Dawnie. You're a little super stud. Thought I was an alpha female, but you showed me different. You bent me over and showed me who the real alpha female is around here. Shit, you got me bending over for you Dawnie. You got me bending over for you from now on cause you popped my anal cherry and made me your bitch. And I'll keep bending over for you as long as you want if you just fucking make me cum. You make me cum right now Dawnie and I swear I'll do anything you say. I'll be your good little Slayer bitch, eat that sweet little pussy of yours, let you stick whatever you want up my ass, anything you fucking want, just fucking make me cum!"

"Oh don't worry Faith, I'll make you cum. I'll pound your ass and make you cum real good." Dawn promised, "There's just one more thing I want..."

"Fucking name it Dawnie!" Faith growled, desperate to cum.

"I want your ass to be mine." Dawn said, before elaborating, "I want you to surrender your sweet little ass to me. I want to own it from now on. I want to own your ass hole. I want exclusive rights to your shit hole. I want you to agree that from now on your back door is for shitting and me fucking it. ONLY me fucking it. That's not negotiable. If you want me to make you cum Faith then you're going to have to convince me that you know that your butt hole is now the property of Dawn Summers. That the main purpose of your ass hole is to give me pleasure. That your poop hole is officially my own personal fuck hole, and that you would never allow anyone to fuck your perfect little pooper without my permission. That you know you can sl*ep around as much as you want, let lots of other girls and guys fuck your slutty little pussy and you can use your mouth to please them in turn, but your ass is off-limits to anyone except me, the girl who owns your butt hole!"

There was a moment of silence when Dawn thought she went a step too far as Faith just looked at her, then the mighty Dark Slayer who had defeated countless hordes of the undead proclaimed, "You own my ass hole Dawnie. That hole I shit from? Yours. I fucking surrender my shit hole to you Dawnie. You own the hole I poop from. My poop hole is officially the personal fuck hole of the little super stud Dawnie Summers! You, the alpha female who made me her bitch, now have the exclusive rights to my shitter. You own it Dawnie. My pooper is your fucking property! Shit Dawnie, what else do you want me to say? That I won't even take a fucking shit without your permission? Because if that's what it takes fuck it, I'll call you every time I wanna use my ass hole for something other than its main purpose of giving you pleasure! How about sitting down? You want me to ask permission for that too? Because I'll do it. I'll fucking do anything for you Dawnie. And not just because I wanna cum, but because I'm your bitch! You made me your bitch! You made my shit hole your own personal fuck hole! That's why I'm gonna bend the fuck over whenever you want a piece of my ass. Because my ass belongs to you now! My ass is the property of the little ass taming stud Dawn Summers!"

"And are you going to let anyone else fuck this ass?" Dawn pushed.

"Fuck no! That's your personal fuck hole Dawnie! My ass is for your exclusive use!" Faith said proudly, before letting out a joyful moan as Dawn f*rcefully restarted the sodomy, "Ohhhhhhhh fuck Dawnie, mmmmmmmm fuck me! Fuck my ass! Ooooooohhhhhhh, oh fuck, fuck it hard! Pound the fucking pooper you now own! Fuck, my ass is yours Dawnie, oooooooh fuck, I'm your bitch. Shit, you turned me into your bitch and made me give up my ass to you! Mmmmmmmmm, fuck, I don't own my shitter anymore Dawnie, mmmmmmmmm, you do! My butt hole is your property now Dawnie, oooooohhhhhh fuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkkk, please fucking use your property! Fucking destroy that shitter! Leave that shit hole... that fuck hole for your pleasure a ruined gaping mess! Do to me what I've done to other bottoms under the delusion that I was a top. Mmmmmmm, oh yeahhhhhhh, make me cum hard and leave me with a stretched open butt hole!"

Faith continued encouraging Dawn to ass fuck her hard even as the sound of the teen's hips smacking off the Dark Slayer's shapely ass cheeks was now echoing throughout the room as loudly as Faith's squeals of pleasure.

Given her level of toughness Faith had no doubt that she could have taken this kind of rough butt pounding right from the get go and could have probably cum a long time ago. Faith certainly hadn't needed the slow, gentle build up when Dawn finally started sodomising her again, but it served the same purpose of the earlier gentle ass fucking, albeit with Dawnie picking up the pace a lot quicker to the point where she was finally giving the Slayer a nice hard rectum ramming.

Thanks to the slow, gentle build up Faith was more desperate to cum than she'd ever been in her entire life.

Faith could remember wanting to cum before. Hell, she pretty much wanted to every second of every day, but of course there were moments in the past like when a nice hard cock was pounding her pussy or another girl's tongue was lapping away at her twat or she was fucking some slut in one of her holes when her desire to cum had obviously been at a fever point. However in comparison in all those moments Faith had just wanted to cum. Now she needed to cum. She needed to cum as quickly as possible otherwise she would be the first Slayer to bite the dust from sexual need.

That sexual need had Faith willing to do or say anything if it meant she could cum. It had for a long while now.

Did Faith mean what she was saying?

Part of the Dark Slayer would like to think not. That this would be a one off. That she had indulged in her twisted little fantasies of submission and it was fun but she was a dominant top, not some submissive bottom.

But the fact was that until a few minutes ago Faith hadn't realise just how tired she was of living a lie. Well, at the time she had thought she was just tired of being a top all the time. Now Faith knew it had all been a fucking lie. She'd never been a top. Dawn was a top, Faith had just been a bottom with her chest puffed up acting like a top. Fuck, she had just been begging for a real top like little Dawnie to put her in her place.

That little pipsqueak had proven she was everything the Dark Slayer had thought she was, everything Dawn had proven Faith wasn't. Little Dawnie was a dominant alpha female who had seen right through Faith's act, and Faith was beginning to realise she should be honoured that this little super stud was giving her the privilege of being her bitch.

And how poetic was it the big bad Faith the Vampire Slayer who had kicked a countless number of evil asses, and fucked half a dozen hot asses, was now bent over and taking a rough ass fucking from little Dawn Summers?

Faith almost laughed.

She'd thought she was some kind of tough bad ass and now she was little Dawnie's bitch. That was what Faith was now. What she truly wanted to be.

All these thoughts might have been a result of Faith's mind melting away until the Slayer was nothing but a mindless anal slut but in that moment Faith the Vampire Slayer was truly Dawn Summers's bitch.

There was no doubt in the Dark Slayer's mind what she had become. What she had been turned into. And if little Dawnie could even be as half as dominating as she had been today, and made her feel even half this much ecstasy, then Faith was going to be permanently Dawn's bitch, which was exactly what Faith wanted to happen in the glorious moment she felt herself going over the edge of an orgasm. However from the moment that climax hit Faith completely lost the ability to think even a single coherent thought, the Dark Slayer turned into a wild b*ast as a result of the most powerful orgasm of her life crashing through every fibre of her being.

It seemed like a miracle that Dawn was able to keep a hold of the older girl's waist as Faith started slamming herself back against the anally invading dildo, forcing that toy to ram her rectum even harder.

The Dark Slayer had become like a bucking bronco, or perhaps something more dangerous like an enraged bull determined to knock a cocky cowboy off of it. However even though it made several of her joints ache to do so Dawn not only held on but she continued fucking Faith's ass as hard as she could. After all, why wouldn't she? This was pretty much her biggest fantasy come true. So it was going to take more than a little, or a lot, of hard return thrusts from a horny Slayer to make Dawn stop butt fucking Faith for even a second.

There was a price to be paid though. Dawn's thighs stung something fierce and only seem to be getting worse as the Slayer's rounded rear bashed back against her. Although all Dawn had to do was look down to see that Faith was getting the worst of it, the creamy skin of the stronger girl's beautifully shaped butt cheeks quickly turning pink under the now brutal butt pounding. Not that Faith even seem to notice given the way she was squealing joyfully.

Dawn didn't need to look at the clock to know that her mother should be home by now. Thank God she was running late, Dawn really didn't want her Mom walking in on her having anal sex with Faith.

There was no way her Mom wasn't going to hear the older brunette's screams from the moment she entered their home. Hell, she'd probably hear them before she reached the door. And being the good, sometimes foolish person she was Joyce Summers would probably come straight to Dawn's room thinking that Faith was in trouble, realising halfway to her destination that if a Slayer couldn't handle it she didn't stand much of a chance, before then realising probably too late these were far from screams of pain or fear.

Considering this Dawn really should stop sodomising the Dark Slayer.

She had already more than pushed her luck, and she really wanted to keep things with Faith a secret for now. Partly because Dawn had always wanted to have a secret relationship but mostly because Dawn suspected that even after all Faith's words of submission and the hard pooper pounding Dawn was giving the other girl, or at least contributing to, Faith would probably be hesitant to continue submitting. Coming out too quickly could run the risk of pushing Faith away, maybe even resulting in Dawn losing her which wasn't acceptable.

Ironically her fear of losing the older brunette was why Dawn couldn't convince herself to stop fucking Faith's perfect bubble butt.

Dawn had dreamed of fucking Faith's curvaceous ass for what felt like her entire life but the reality was a million times better. Despite the current stinging sensation Faith's full round ass cheeks felt like they were made to cushion the impact of Dawn's hips as she drilled into the deepest depths of the Dark Slayer's bowels. And Faith's back passage was a thing of beauty. It was perfect. She had nothing to compare it to but Dawn was certain that this perfect ass had been made for her. That Faith's purpose in life was to bend over and take it up the ass for her, just as Dawn's purpose in life was to butt fuck the Dark Slayer.

They were a perfect fit. The closet bottom with the perfect butt, and the closet top with an unquenchable lust for perfect butt. Together they could assume their natural roles and ensure that Faith's perfect butt never went a day without a hard fucking again.

Dawn certainly knew she wasn't going to be able to go another day without being deep inside Faith's ass. She was meant to be inside that wonderfully tight little shit passage as much as possible. It was where she belonged. She belonged deep inside this beautiful brunette's butt, violating the super strong girl's rectum for both their pleasure.

That Faith might doubt that she was clearly meant to be Dawn's anal sex slave had suddenly become unacceptable.

Why? Because the stimulator on Dawn's clit combined with the mental stimulation of roughly sodomising the big tough Slayer had not only caused little Dawnie to cum, but it had melted away her ability to think clearly. She was left a mindless little butt fucker, Dawn using strength she didn't know she had to pound the other girl's pooper, Faith slamming back harder in kind, causing both brunettes to cum harder and become even more lost in the hard session of butt sex.

After more orgasms than she ever had in one sitting before, each so powerful it seemed an insult to compare them to the smaller ones Dawn had felt previously, exhaustion kicked in and Dawn woke up enough from her lust filled haze to momentarily worry about getting caught. But then another orgasm hit and she couldn't give a fuck.

No, that wasn't true. In that moment Dawn wanted to get caught. But not by her mother or anyone else she knew. She wanted her s*ster to catch her.

Dawn wanted Buffy to see her viciously pounding Faith's ass. She wanted Buffy to slam open her door and then watch mouth open in horror as Dawn slammed Faith's back door to orgasm after orgasm, Dawn smiling at her big s*ster, wordlessly telling her: do you really want to mess with me?

And then, when Dawn was done with Faith's ass hole, she would tell her bitchy older s*ster to bend over, pull down her pants and spread her ass cheeks. Buffy would be f*rced to do it, begging for mercy the whole time, but Dawn wouldn't care. She would shove her strap-on fresh from one Slayer's ass into another's, Dawn taking her big s*ster's anal cherry and butt fucking her until the mighty Buffy the Vampire Slayer was begging to be her bitch.

Dawn's perverted fantasy pushed her over the edge of an orgasm so powerful it almost knocked her unc*nscious. Seeing as she was all but out of energy at the time Dawn f*rced herself to give one final big thrust, burying every inch of her strap-on dildo into the deepest depths of Faith's bowels, luckily causing the raven haired Slayer to once again squeal in orgasmic delight.

It was then Dawn collapsed onto Faith's back in exhaustion.

The Dark Slayer let out an unmistakable groan of discontent and tried to continue thrusting herself backwards, but it just wasn't the same.

Faith thought about rolling them over so Dawn would be laying on her back. That way Faith could have bounced up and down on the dildo. But now the constant stream of orgasms were over Faith was able to think clearly enough and decided that wouldn't be a good idea.

It would be a miracle enough if Joyce or worse B wasn't behind them right now, ready to kick Faith out of the house and then Sunnydale for daring to seduce innocent little Dawnie into fucking her slutty ass, which was no doubt the way they would see it. Yet with the use of her Slayer hearing Faith was only able to detect her own and Dawn's breathing so it seemed they'd actually got away with it. She'd actually got away with having anal sex with little Dawnie, and not even close to the way Faith sometimes imagined it.

Pushing their luck would be a bad idea. Besides, Faith still didn't have permission to move from her current position and the idea of waiting for her new top to order her to move thrilled the now submissive bottom.

Groaning softly Dawn realised her lips were pressed right up against Faith's neck.

Guessing the Vampire Slayer probably liked the twisted undertones of someone kissing her neck Dawn started to do just that, the younger brunette loving the way that this act easily got Faith moaning joyfully. That moaning seemed to re-energise Dawn. Not enough to restart the butt fucking, but enough for her to feel like she could move.

First though Dawn took the opportunity to whisper in Faith's ear, "Who's my bitch?"

"Me Dawnie." Faith groaned, her throat a little sore from all the screaming, "I'm your bitch."

"And who owns your butt hole?" Dawn pushed.

"You." Faith said, unknowingly adding of her own volition, "You own my fucking shit hole. Mmmmm, yeah, the hole I shit from is now a fuck hole for your exclusive use."

Dawn beamed happily. Since she had asked her directly Faith was telling the truth. So, at least in that moment, the Dark Slayer truly thought of herself as Dawn's bitch, and that her ass hole belonged exclusively to Dawn. That was good. That was very good.

"Good." Dawn said, unable to keep her happiness in as she nuzzled Faith's neck, "I wouldn't want to have to share my bitch's butt hole."

Just then both brunettes heard the faint sound of a door opening, and then a slightly less faint sound, "Buffy, Dawn, I'm home!"

The two girls froze for a moment, and then Dawn whispered, "Stay where you are."

With that Dawn lifted herself up and pulled her strap-on cock out of Faith's ass hole. Neither was an easy task given how tired she was and that the older brunette's butt hole seemed reluctant to let the fake dick go, but with a little effort, a faint popping sound and a gasp from Faith the dildo was out and Dawn was bounding out of her room.

When she reached the top of the stairs Dawn positioned herself so that the cock still strapped firmly around her waist was pointing the opposite way while she was peering round the corner, thus ensuring her mother would only see her dressed upper half, "Hey Mom."

Joyce looked up, "Oh, hey Dawnie. Sorry I'm late, things at the gallery were hectic. Is Buffy here?"

"No, she left. But Faith's here. She's..." Dawn paused, thinking on her feet was not her strong suit, "Helping me with the project. We're almost done, but if you want to start dinner without us that's cool. It should be ready."

"That's ok. I'll dish up and wait." Joyce smiled.

"Ok." Dawn smiled back before quickly returning to her room. To her delight Faith hadn't moved a muscle, and Dawn didn't think she could think of an appropriate word for what she felt when she moved round to get a look at the Slayer's ass.

Faith's nicely rounded ass cheeks were a light red which Dawn thought looked really pretty. But what really got her attention was just how stretched open Faith's shit hole remained, that gaping butt hole so open that Dawn could see deep into the Dark Slayer's bowels.

Dawn had dreamed of destroying an ass hole and leaving it gaping like this countless times. Countless times it had been Faith's ass hole that she had dreamed of gaping, making this another one of her wildest dreams come true. And she couldn't be happier. Or at least Dawn thought she couldn't be, until Faith, who had been looking back at her, reached behind herself, grabbed two handfuls of her own shapely ass cheeks and spread them wide open.

Dawn's mouth dropped open. Partly because now she had a better view of Faith's rectum. Partly because this seemingly small act of submission meant so much.

Faith was already trying to please Dawn without being asked. Just like a good little submissive bitch should. Faith proving she was going to make an excellent bitch.

"How's my shit hole looking Dawnie?" Faith asked.

"Beautiful." Dawn sighed, before grinning and allowing her eyes to dart to her full-length mirror, "Why don't you take a look for yourself?

Getting the hint Faith rolled onto her back, sat up and got up off the bed, pausing only to wince as she briefly put her weight down on her sore butt. Not a mistake she would repeat if she could help it.

In a flash the Slayer was standing in front of the mirror, turning around and sticking her ass in its direction.

Faith whistled as she looked back at her thoroughly destroyed butt-hole, the Dark Slayer spreading her own ass cheeks again so she could better study the damage her new top had done, "Wow, that's one wrecked rectum..."

"You better get used to it." Dawn grinned wickedly, "Because from now on the only time your butt hole won't be gaping open like that is when I'm using it for my pleasure."

"Promises, promises." Faith grinned, letting go of her butt cheeks as Dawn approached but the usually 'in your face' Slayer couldn't seem to look the little stud who popped her anal cherry in the eye.

"Look at me Faith." Dawn ordered, waiting until the stronger brunette was looking her in the eye before asking, "How does it feel having a loose, gaping ass hole?"

"Good Dawnie." Faith admitted, blushing before and while adding, "I love the feel of my ass hole gaping open because you just fucked the shit out of my shitter. It's like a fucking testament to what a butt pounding stud you are. Fuck Dawn, never thought anyone would actually make me their bitch, but my gaping butt hole says I just got put in my place by a total bitch taming stud. I'm a fucking Slayer, but you made me your bitch so fucking easy... shit, never thought I'd be so easy to tame. But you did it Dawnie. You fucking tamed me."

"Oh, you're not tamed yet Faith." Dawn grinned.

"Tell that to my gaping shit hole." Faith quipped.

"But you're not. You're just broken in. Like your butt hole." Dawn said firmly, "But I'm going to train you, and your butt hole, and when I'm done taming you trust me you'll know... because you'll be nothing but a completely tamed Slayer bitch. My Slayer Bitch. But first, before we go down to eat, how about a little appetiser?"

Following Dawn's glance downwards Faith's eyes briefly locked on to the dildo still strapped firmly around Dawn's waist. Then Faith looked up and grinned at the dominant teen before dropping to her knees and greedily swallowing the first few inches of the strap-on.

Faith paused as for the first time she tasted her own ass on a dildo.

Previously she had kissed a few girls after they had given her a rim job, but they had pretty much just licked around her puckered hole. This dick had been shoved as far as it would go up Faith's pooper, the tip that was now in her mouth having reached the very deepest depths of her bowels.

Apparently the very deepest depths of Faith's bowels were pretty fucking tasty, the Dark Slayer loving the taste of her own ass the moment the flavour hit her taste buds.

Faith wasn't sure which gave her more of a sadistic thrill. The taste of her own ass, or the knowledge that she was doing something so submissive.

In Faith's mind there was nothing more submissive than taking it up the ass, but a close runner-up was going ass to mouth. After all, even though her stretched shit hole was a testament to the fact that she was now a bitch who didn't own her own butt hole she was still a Slayer. She shouldn't be dropping to her knees to suck clean the cock a younger, weaker girl had just used to butt fuck her. And she certainly shouldn't be doing it so eagerly, but here Faith was, sucking on the strap-on which Dawn had just used to sodomise her into submission with ever increasing eagerness.

Faith savoured the humiliating submission of tasting the very deepest depths of her own bowels for a few minutes, making sure every drop of her own anal juices were off the head of the cock. Then when only saliva remained on the head of the toy Faith lowered her lips down about halfway and began bobbing her head up and down, still concentrating on how wonderfully humiliated she felt.

The bad ass Dark Slayer, ass kicker extraordinaire, the real chosen one around here, on her knees sucking the strap-on cock which had turned her previously virgin ass into the exclusive property of little Dawnie, and Faith into little Dawnie's bitch.

Faith honestly didn't think she could feel more humiliated in that moment. Then Faith found a whole new level of wonderful humiliation, her whole body burning with lust as Dawn started softly talking dirty to her, "That's it you little cock sucking slut! Do it! Suck my cock clean of your nasty little Slayer ass! Mmmmmm, I had so much fun fucking your Slayer ass, but it got my nice big dildo all covered in your nasty butt juice, so you've got to clean it for me. You've got to use those cock sucking skills of yours to clean that dildo for me, your new top. Your new Mistress. The girl who now owns that gaping little shit hole between your ass cheeks. Oh God, suck it Faith! Suck my cock you dirty little cock sucker! Show me what a nasty, dirty little cock sucker my new Slayer bitch is!"

Dawn was very careful to whisper her words quietly so her mother wouldn't hear her. She was also very careful to keep an eye on the clock, Dawn knowing that much longer would have her Mom calling up or even worse coming up to check on them.

The idea of getting caught by her Mom still wasn't appealing, and now Dawn wasn't overwhelmed with lust she wasn't sure about the idea of Buffy catching them either. However Dawn just couldn't seem to convince herself to tell Faith to hurry up. Not when she was having this much fun watching the Dark Slayer sucking her cock.

The idea of making Faith taste her own ass had been part of many fantasies for Dawn, but it was normally a very brief moment of perversion. Now she was actually watching it happening Dawn found it an amazing turn on she would have watched for much longer if she could have.

True, Dawn couldn't feel Faith's sensual lips sliding up and down the shaft, not in the way a guy would. Nor could she truly appreciate when Faith started taking inch after inch of the cock down her throat. But Dawn could feel the stimulator inside the harness bashing against her clit with seemingly every movement of Faith's lips, and the dominating feelings she got definitely made this an act she would insist on doing every time she butt fucked her Slayer bitch.

Dawn would also make sure to get plenty of blow jobs, and other things, in front of her mirror like this as she got to study her own reflection, and that of the kneeling Dark Slayer. Of course Dawn's focus was on Faith's still widely gaping butt hole, the young brunette already looking forward to pounding that perfect posterior again to see if she could stretch that shit hole even wider.

Dawn was confident she could achieve that goal, and her goal of completely taming the Dark Slayer. And maybe... some other goals too.

To Be Continued... Continue»
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B.T.V.S.: Dawn's Wish Part 4

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Dawn's Wish Part 4

Buffy was in the best shape of her life. She felt stronger, faster and like she always had pent-up energy to burn. However she had never ran across town before, stopping only to stake the odd vamp who was luckily so stunned from being confronted by a naked Slayer that they didn't put up much of a fight. If they had Buffy might have been screwed because she felt exhausted. Her entire body was covered in a thick shiny coat of sweat, her feet were on fire with pain and probably covered in blisters by now, and she felt lightheaded from blushing for nearly a whole thirty minutes.

At first Buffy had tried vainly to stop herself from running, to turn herself around and get back home, even to take detours to the Magic Box or one of her friends' homes but it was no use. Eventually when she had run out of tears Buffy simply concentrated on trying to cover herself and avoid as many people as she could. The former did little to help as while Buffy could cover her pussy and nipples her beaten red butt and the simple fact she was obviously naked was an attention grabber, which had garnered an unwanted following.

The Slayer was barely able to f*rce herself to cross the road which did little to shake the horny dr*nk guys who began following her. They were the type of obnoxious jocks Buffy would shoot down without a second thought and not hesitate to fling across the room if they tried to push the issue in anyway, but since they weren't vampires or demons she couldn't stop to deal with them. She couldn't even say anything because she didn't know them, the mighty Slayer having to suffer through the most degrading comments of her life, at least from boys.

Buffy blushed again as she remembered how Dawn had talked to her earlier in the evening, the Slayer convinced now more than ever that her baby s*ster was under the effects of an evil spell. There was no other acceptable explanation.

Luckily the end to this misery was in sight, and while Buffy had originally dreaded returning home it was now a relief because surely Dawn couldn't do anything worse to her than she'd already done.

With this thought in mind Buffy increased her speed as she approached her house, relief flooding her body as she quickly opened and then slammed the door behind her. Then she noticed Dawn chomping away on some junk food on the stairs.

"You look terrible." Dawn said through a mouthful of food.

Buffy opened her mouth but stopped herself from saying anything. She just wanted to take a shower and go to bed and deal with this nightmare in the morning. Maybe if she kept her mouth shut that would happen, although Buffy somewhat doubted it given the way Dawn was looking at her.

There was a long moment of silence and then there was a knock on the door.

Dawn frowned, "Who's that?"

"I..." Buffy began before she was interrupted.

"Hey, open up. We just want to talk."

Dawn frowned again, then smiled, "Open the door Buffy."

Powerless to stop herself Buffy opened the door to reveal five guys who's faces fell when they noticed the little brunette in her pyjamas, "Oh... hey..."

"Hey..." Dawn said, getting up from the stairs, walking over to them looking them up and down. Noticing large bulges in their pants a wicked plan quickly formed in the brunette's mind, Dawn's eyes lingering on those bulges before she looked up at the clearly dr*nk men and asked, "Are you guys vampires?"

The unanimous reply was, "No... what?"

"Good, come in." Dawn cut them off before they could say anything else, waiting until they were inside before ordering, "Buffy, close the door."

"What..." One of the guys tried again.

"She lost a bet." Dawn said quickly, gesturing to her beloved s*ster, "So she has to do everything I say tonight. Everything. Like say, running naked. Or taking a spanking."

"Dawnie!" Buffy warned.

"Turn around and bend over! Hands on the door!" Dawn said sharply, a grin crossing her face as Buffy was f*rced to present her beaten red butt to Dawn and the group of horny men, "I always thought she had such a spank-able butt. I was totally going to give her another, but hey, since you guys are here, why don't you do it? Go on, form an orderly queue and give her one spank each. Once you spank her go back to the end of the queue. Oh, and spank her as hard as you can. She likes it better that way."

"Why would we do that?" One of them asked, even as he got into position.

Looking directly at the guys Dawn firmly said, "You don't care why you would do this. You don't care why this is happening... because this is a dream. You're all passed out in your own homes right now, so just enjoy whatever comes next. Then tomorrow you're going to forget this ever happened. Do you understand?"

"Yes." Buffy and the five guys said, sounding for all the world like mindless zombies.

"No, not you Buffy." Dawn said quickly, leaning into whispering her s*ster's ear, "Forget everything I just said. I want you fully aware of everything that's going on and to remember it all tomorrow."

Awoken from her brief haze Buffy looked at Dawn with a look of pure horror. She opened her mouth to say something but this time was cut off by the first stinging strike to hit her backside. It was quickly followed by another, and another, and another, for a few moments Buffy unable to do anything but squeal with pain as the dr*nk guys she'd tried so hard to get away from began taking it in turns spanking her.

Once she had, for the lack of a better term, got used to it Buffy gritted her teeth and complained, "Dawn, owww, please don't, owww, ahhhh Gawwwwd, Mom will be back..."

"Oh, don't worry about Mom." Dawn grinned, "She called while you were out to check up on me. Turns out she's staying out late with her mystery man and we shouldn't wait up, which means we should have plenty of time to have some more fun."

This revelation horrified Buffy into silence, the Slayer helplessly remaining in place where her butt was taking a hell of a beating. These guys were much stronger than Dawn, and while they didn't pack the punch vampires or demons did the concentrated blows to her already extremely sore ass had Buffy yelping in pain with every vicious strike.

As she suffered this latest agony and humiliation Buffy felt grateful that at least her Mom wouldn't see her like this, but it was of little comfort, especially when Dawnie began touching herself.

The horrifying revelation that her k*d s*ster was rubbing herself while watching her get spanked at least woke Buffy up enough from her horrified daze to scold her sibling, "Dawnie, don't!"

"Don't what?" Dawn moaned as she continued rubbing herself through her pyjama bottoms, "Don't enjoy watching you getting what's coming to you? Mmmmmm, don't get off on watching you getting put in your place? What exactly do you want me to do Buffy?"

"I, owww, I don't want you to touch yourself, owww, while I'm getting spanked!" Buffy found herself practically weeping between cries of pain.

"You mean like this?" Dawn asked as she pushed her hand into her pyjama bottoms and let out a long loud moan.

"Yes Dawnie, owww, please don't do that." Buffy whimpered.

"Well tough." Dawn said bluntly as she began sliding her fingers up and down her pussy lips, occasionally gently teasing her clit and the entrance to her love hole.

It was extremely tempting for Dawn to slide her fingers inside herself, especially as she watched Buffy's butt turning an even darker shade of red, her stuck up big s*ster once again crying pathetically. However Dawn had had enough of fucking herself. It never really satisfied her anyway, why would she ever get herself off again when there were two slutty Slayers she could use and abuse for her pleasure? No, she just wanted to make sure Buffy was uncomfortable as possible. That, and while she could resist making herself cum it was hard for Dawn to just sit on her hands while Buffy was receiving such a nice little spanking.

Of course it could have been better. From the look of them if Dawn's power wasn't compelling them to continuously spank Buffy at least one of them would be unc*nscious by now. They were all bleary eyed, staggering around, and reeking of who knows what and more than once missing the target on the first try. It was kind of pathetic really.

Dawn could probably do better. In fact it was very tempting to try, maybe walk outside and demand the first sober guys she saw to replace the dr*nk guys in giving her s*ster a spanking. However given how dr*nk they were there was a good chance they wouldn't have remembered this even if Dawn hadn't ordered them not too, and the little brunette was curious to see whether such a command as 'forget all this later' would work or if some very hung over guy knocked on the door tomorrow asking if he'd been here the previous evening. So Dawn decided to work with what she had, happily watching them beat on her big s*ster's butt for a good twenty minutes before she opened her mouth to tell them to leave.

Before Dawn could she was interrupted by the sound of Buffy crying out, "Please Dawn, AHHHHHH, make them stop, OWWWW, I'LL DO ANYTHING!"

"Anything? Really?" Dawn beamed wickedly.


"Ok." Dawn said, pausing to allow one more hard spank before ordering, "Guys, stop spanking my s*ster and stand in an orderly line."

Without a word the guys did as they were told.

"Buffy, get on your knees in front of the guy furthest from your right." Dawn ordered, Buffy of course obeying quickly with a soft whimper before Dawn added, "Now slowly pulled down his pants. Now his boxes."

Dawn paused as for the first time in her life she saw a real cock. Not counting the Internet, a magazine or a weird Sex Ed book of course.

It was... weird. Kind of ugly. But kind of not. It was... something she could think about later.

For now Dawn concentrated on ordering Buffy, "Take his cock in her right hand and start stroking it."

Again Buffy whimpered and did as she was told. His dick was already semi erect and it didn't take many strokes of Buffy's hand to bring it into full hardness. This fascinated Dawn, the young girl licking her lips unc*nsciously just as Buffy turned to her with an open mouth. The Slayer clearly about to try protesting again but it seemed that Dawn's little lip licking horrified Buffy into silence. That in turn made Dawn smile.

Looking to further horrify, and more importantly humiliate, her big s*ster Dawn asked, "Buffy, did you suck Angel's cock?"

"No." Buffy found herself answering.

"How about Riley? Did you suck his dick?" Dawn pushed.

"Yes." Buffy replied, before trying to stop this horrible conversation, "Dawn-"

"How many times?" Dawn interrupted.

"Five times." Buffy said, immediately cringing at her words.

"Really? Only five?" Dawn murmured in surprise.

"Yes, really." Buffy said.

"Wow... you must be a really lousy cock sucker." Dawn said, barely pausing before she added, "I mean, didn't you date Riley for like a year? And you guys had sex a lot, especially at the beginning, so either he was just so vanilla and boring that he never really asked and after the first couple of times you just stopped doing it, or he just gave up on your sucky-and-not-in-the-good-way mouth in favour of your tight little Slayer cunt. Or was it not his decision? Huh? Did you hate sucking cock so much that after forcing yourself to do it a couple of times you just told him no more? Or did you slowly phase it out of sexy fun time? Well, which is it? Why did you only suck his cock five times?

"I don't know. I did it a couple of times then we just kind of got stuck in a rut. We never talked about it." Buffy whimpered, trying to defend herself by adding, "We only ever did it in missionary, so maybe he's just one of those guys who isn't into anything else."

"Oh please, what kind of guy doesn't get by getting his dick sucked?" Dawn laughed.

"I don't know."

"A weirdo."

"A freak."

One of those three responses echoed throughout the room from each person except Dawn, something which again made the little brunette smile.

"Exactly." Dawn said, before looking thoughtful, "But let's face it, it wasn't him, it was you. You were the problem, and we both know you're a great little pussy eater, so maybe you're just gay-"

"No Dawnie!" Buffy said f*rcefully, "I'm not gay. Those stupid fantasies I was talking about don't mean anything. Everything I said before was a lie. The Wish you made is just making me say terrible things. Please Dawnie, you've got to believe me!"

Dawn looked thoughtful for a moment, clearly giving Buffy hope, however Dawn was just thinking how to phrase her next question, "Do you like boys?"

"Yes." Buffy immediately answered, actually wanting to this time.

"Do you wanna suck their cocks?" Dawn pushed.

"Yes." Buffy replied.

"Then do it. Suck that guy's cock!" Dawn ordered.

Before Buffy could even think about trying to protest she found herself with a cock in her mouth, the Slayer leaning forward and swallowing the head of the dick she had been jerking off throughout the conversation and began gently sucking on it. Of course after the initial shock wore off Buffy tried to stop herself, but it was to no avail as she was still helpless against Dawn's words. However since Dawn hadn't elaborated Buffy found herself sucking on just the first few inches of the dr*nken guy's dick, although that didn't last.

"Come on Buffy, work that mouth up and down." Dawn commanded, a grin crossing her face as Buffy's head started bobbing up and down on the dick, "That's better, suck it! Suck it hard. Not that hard. Gently, but firmly, and increase your suction. That's it... better... now rub the shaft. That's it Buffy. Keep this up and you'll be a great cock sucker. Maybe then you'll finally be able to keep a man."

Buffy whimpered around the cock in her mouth at Dawnie's words, desperately trying to ignore them and pretend she wasn't slurping away at a stranger's cock like some kind of shameless hooker. Not that Buffy could truly ignore Dawn's words, but she did her best to ignore the ones designed to merely insult her. At first it proved futile, as did any attempt to pretend she wasn't sucking cock. That was when Buffy tried a different approach.

Alone at night Buffy dreamed about acting like a shameless slut. She fantasised about guys, girls, even the monsters she slayed on a daily basis. Often they would be her friends, and frequently they would take her in groups. One night Buffy could be thinking about bouncing up and down on a dildo strapped around Tara's waist while Willow use the same type of toy to pound her ass, the next she would be in a similar position with a couple of guys DP-ing her. Then there were the nights Buffy dreamt of orally worshipping guy after guy and/or girl after girl, her own needs completely ignored as others used her mouth and tongue to get themselves off.

So to cope with the humiliation of her k*d s*ster seemed to be making this particular little fantasy a reality for her Buffy closed her eyes and imagined she was just masturbating alone in her room. That was kind of... freeing, Buffy allowing at least most of her worries to slip away as she focused on the idea that this was nothing but an extremely perverted fantasy. Sure, there was the thought that she seemed to be enjoying this a lot more than she should have, but as everything before Buffy just concluded that was the evil magic of Dawn's wish.

It may have been the imagination of both s*sters but after a while Buffy seemed to become much more eager to suck the cock that was in front of her. Buffy knew it was just a result of her becoming lost in the idea that this was just a fantasy, but of course Dawn didn't know that.

"Yessssssss! That's it s*s, suck that cock!" Dawn practically squealed, "Suck every inch of that big cock into your slut mouth! Yeeeeeeeeesssssss oh Gawwwwwwwd, that's so hot! My big s*ster looks sooooooooooo hot with a cock in her mouth. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, suck it you stuck up a little bitch! Not so high and mighty now are you! Not so much the perfect little goody two shoes when you're sucking on a cock like a $2 whore! Mmmmmm yeah, deep throat that dick! Suck that cock you stuck up little cock sucker! Take every damn inch of that big, juicy piece of meat into your mouth and fucking suck it until he shoots his load down your throat!"

Dawn had never been more excited than she was now. Sure, Dawn had been as excited, but it was a little surprising to her that she found watching her big s*ster suck a cock as exciting as fucking Faith up the ass and making Buffy eat her pussy. Then again Buffy was sucking cock with such... enthusiasm, Dawn feeling like it was more than just her wish which was making Buffy slurped so greedily on that dick, that her seemingly prudish older sibling was finally embracing her inner slutty desires. That thought, along with the sheer joy of the power she had over the situation, was really getting Dawn off. And it wasn't the only thing.

At this point Dawn's right hand was firmly buried in her pyjama bottoms and her left was underneath the top fondling her tits. It was kind of awkward, but also kind of hot. Besides while Dawn liked the idea of stripping off so she could get to her sensitive areas more easily she wasn't ready to be such an exhibitionist. She wanted the first time she got naked in front of a boy to be special, or at least to be in front of a guy she liked and knew well. None of these guys fell under those categories, and the mind-less groans of the guy getting sucked off were a little annoying. Not that that wasn't a small price to pay of course.

Grinning wickedly Dawn acknowledged the main reason why she wanted to remain clothed, that being it emphasised Buffy's shame. After all she was the only one truly naked in the room, her mouth a receptacle for cock, the centre of attention of every-one's lust, Dawn shamelessly fingering herself to the sight while the other guys stared at the bobbing blonde's head longingly.

Buffy was the slut here.

The whore.

Dawn was now powerful enough to turn her stuck up prude of an older s*ster into a dirty little cock sucker, blowing a guy she didn't know in the middle of her own home.

As she threatened to become lost in her thoughts Dawn heard an extra loud and long moan from the guy Buffy was blowing. After that Buffy made this weird gurgling noise, Dawn frowning as it took a few seconds for her to realise what was happening. Then her eyes lit up.

"Is he cumming in your mouth?" Dawn asked excitedly.

"Yes." Buffy mumbled around the cum spurting cock in her mouth.

Grinning wickedly Dawn demanded, "Swallow it all! Swallow, no, shove every inch of that cock down your throat! Oh yessssss, take it all you little cum slut! Let him shoot his load right down your throat!"

By the time Buffy pushed the dick down her gullet most of the guy's cum had been unloaded into her mouth and quickly swallowed. However there were a few hot spurts left over which were blasted directly down her throat, the Slayer finding herself eagerly milking the last few drops of cum out of the dr*nken idiot's dick as it softened in her mouth.

"Done?" Dawn asked the guy, and after both he and Buffy grunted "Yes" in response Dawn added, "Good, you take a step back and pull down your pants and underwear. Buffy, you move onto the next guy. Take his cock into your mouth and give him the same kind of passionate blow job you were just giving the last guy."

Helpless to resist Buffy moved onto the next guy, quickly taking his cock into her mouth and then down her throat. She bobbed her head up and down, enthusiastically sucking his cock, cradling his balls with her free hand, occasionally switching it up so she was sucking on those balls and stroking the shaft with her hand but mostly just concentrating on the deep throating action. Throughout this Dawn was mostly commanding Buffy to do it, but after a while Dawn's words just seemed to sink in and it almost felt like Buffy was doing it of her own accord.

As much as it shamed her that thought turned Buffy on. On the bright side it made it easier for the Slayer to pretend this was just a fantasy and she wasn't really sucking cock in the middle of her home where her Mom or anyone else could just walk in and see her. In turn the thought of being caught sucking cock was an unnatural turn on, a terrifying idea which would bring Buffy unbearable humiliation, and yet almost a welcome proposition as it might mean the nightmare which was this night would be finally over.

Dawn certainly wasn't helping them avoid getting caught as moments before the second guy was ready to blow his load in Buffy's mouth the bratty little brunette ordered her big s*ster to move on to the next guy's cock. This process was then repeated over and over, Dawn watching carefully for the tell-tale signs that the guy Buffy was blowing was about to cum and then ordering her sibling to move on just in time, forcing the Slayer to continuously suck cock until her jaws ached.

Things didn't get much better when Dawnie helpfully ordered, "Ok guys, gather around. As close to each other as you can. A little more. Not that close. Ok that's good, stay like that in a little semicircle. Now Buffy, reach out and start jerking off two of the guys. That's it, jerk them good. But not too good. I don't want them cumming just yet. And don't slack off your cock sucking duties either. Come on Buffy, I'm trying to help you here. No man wants to date a lousy cock sucker. You've got to get better or you'll never be able to keep a man. Mmmmm, that's it. Think of that guy as a test dummy. Give him a proper deep throating. Take every inch in your mouth and down your throat. Give him a real blow job, then switched to the next guy before he cums."

Again Buffy couldn't do anything except obey, hope that one way or another this nightmare would end soon and wonder what exactly her little s*ster was up too.

There were many perverted things Dawn had dreamed of doing and seeing. This particular setting gave her chance to see two perverted things in particular.

The first was getting to see her stuck up big s*ster on her knees sucking cock. And not just one cock but five, the lucky guy who'd already shot his load down Buffy's throat lining up with the others as per Dawn's orders and then quickly getting sucked and stroked into full hardness. Dawn loved this sight of Buffy sucking cock so much she made sure it went on for quite a while, choosing her words very carefully and keeping a close eye on things to ensure the guys wouldn't cum until she wanted them too.

At the same time Dawn made sure she didn't cum herself. All the excitement of watching her older s*ster's head bob up and down on dick after dick had made Dawn horny as hell so it hadn't taken much fingering before the brunette found herself on the edge. Dawn had promised herself she'd never cum that way again, but fucking herself was a lot more fun when she was watching Buffy being a nasty little cock sucker and Dawn thought she could finally cum nice and hard from touching herself. However as tempting as it was Dawn continued to refrain, wanting to cum at the same time as the guys did.

Of course that affected her decision to ultimately call out, "Ok Buffy, stop sucking their cocks and let go of them. Now kneel there with your mouth open and your tongue sticking out. Good, now guys start jerking your cocks. Jerk them nice and hard until you're ready to cum. Then cum. Shoot your gooey loads all over that blonde bitch's face! Yesssssss, that's it! Cover Buffy's face in cum!"

For the next minute anything else out of Dawn's mouth was more or less an incoherent moan as she came on her own fingers while watching her big s*ster get covered in cum.

It was easily one of the hottest things Dawn had ever seen. Blast after blast of white liquid shot out of each guys' cock at random, covering Buffy's cheeks, nose, chin, forehead and closed eyes. A lot of it ended up in her hair, but most of what wasn't dumped directly onto her pretty face was squirted onto her tongue and directly into her mouth and down her throat.

The facial lasted for close to a full minute, first one guy, then another, then two more, then finally the last guy blowing his load onto Buffy's face.

There was a long silence and then Dawn ordered, "You five guys get dressed and go home. You're not going to remember anything about tonight."

After a few groans of agreement the guys quickly did as they were told, Dawn waiting until they had closed the door behind them before kneeling in front of Buffy who was now trying to blink her eyes open. Helpfully Dawn used her thumbs to push most of the cum from Buffy's eyelids, Dawn then pausing to stare at the liquid collected on her thumbs before taking one then the other into her mouth.

The second she tasted sperm for the first time Dawn moaned. It wasn't the best taste ever, but Dawn thought she could definitely get used to it considering the fun she could have getting it. Speaking of which...

"Pull your tongue back inside your mouth, close it, then swallow all that yummy cum." Dawn ordered, grinning wickedly as Buffy pulled a disgusted face while swallowing. Then Dawn added, "Now don't move."

With that Dawn lent forward and started licking Buffy's face clean of the cum, Buffy whimpering softly at this latest act of perversion. Like everything else it seemed to last an eternity to the Slayer who could still taste the five different loads in her mouth as her baby s*ster greedily lapped away the remaining cum on her face.

Not that things got much better when Dawn finally pulled away, smiled wickedly and asked, "So, what should I do with you now?"

To Be Continued... Continue»
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DAWN BEING A GOOD BAD GIRL ``~~~~~long version

Dawn was in her bed, relaxing in the dark with her long legs spread apart just enough to allow room for her busy hand. The pillows were propped up against the wall so that she could almost sit upright. Certainly she could watch herself if she wanted to. If she could have seen through the covers. It was fall and the nights were just starting to cool off, so she was using a light blanket and not the heavier comforter that she knew she’d be using in a few weeks. The clean sheets felt crisp and inviting against her bare skin. It was so delicious when she had taken off all of her clothes so slowly and erotically, all the while pretending that he was watching her. As she climbed into her bed the silky smooth sheets felt particularly cool brushing against her hot naked skin. In her heightened senses, every touch of the bedclothes was a gentle tickle to her libido.

Dawn’s fingers were languidly stirring her wet clit, swishing and swirling salty girl juice around the heart of her sex. It was pleasant enough dreamland that enveloped her, and she knew that it was one that would eventually lead her to a good cum. Eventually, that is, if her dream lover didn’t come and take her before she allowed herself that release.

He might. Then again he might not. He hadn’t come yet, even though Dawn had wanted him for so very long. Nope. He might not come tonight at all, in spite of all of her longing and in outright defiance of all of the hints she had dropped. But she couldn’t blame him. Not really. After all, Dawn’s dream lover was her daddy.

She wasn’t quite sure just when this particular desire arose in her. Lots of girls must idly dream about their fathers, mustn’t they? Surely she was no different than they were. But it didn’t really matter. It didn’t matter at all, because her father was sexier than theirs. He was better looking and smarter than any other father. And her daddy loved her in a way that the other girls could not even hope to even dream of. And someday he would come and take her. She knew it. Someday he would come and make wild sweet love to her. It might even be tonight. She would just have to be patient. And if wasn’t tonight, well a girl is allowed to enjoy her own body when her daddy isn’t around, isn’t she?

After Dawn had decided that she wanted her daddy and that no other lover would do, she had come up with a plan. She was going to be patient. Over time she was going to let him know that she was available to him. Her plan was a trail of feminine breadcrumbs, subtly growing stronger and sexier. But this trail was designed to lead him to her bed so that he would make love to her. And if somehow he didn’t follow them, then she would just come up with another plan. Make him jealous, maybe? Tie him up when he was sl**ping and not untie him until he spurt his seed inside her? Disguise herself so that he though he was making love to somebody else? It doesn’t really matter. Not yet. Because she was certain in her own heart that one day he was going to take his daughter. Hopefully it would be tonight.

The first step in her plan was to make him notice her almost grown up body. After all, he wouldn’t make love to her if he still thought she was a little girl, now would he? Dawn had matured into a seductive girl of gentle curves, long legs and firm breasts. And fortunately the current styles in young girls’ clothing fit into her plans nicely. She began dressing in tight jeans which showed off her tight little ass and shapely legs. And it was very in vogue to wear clinging shirts that left her tummy and shoulders bare. So she was able to show off her assets (she just loved that dirty word – ass-ets…) without being very obvious about it.

And it had worked. More than once she’d caught him out of the corner of her eye, looking appraisingly over her feminine curves. Of course she had never said anything to him. A girl has to at least pretend modesty, doesn’t she? And even though he quickly turned away each time she caught him, she was sure that he had liked what he’d seen. And every time she caught him looking at her as a woman it sent a shiver down her spine. She even took to standing around in seductive poses when Daddy was near, her hip shot out or pretending to stretch her back so that her nipples were obvious against the fabric of her shirt. And when she caught him admiring her youthful figure she would smile brightly to let him know that she appreciated it.

The next step in the plan was to let him know that she had breasts. All men like breasts, didn’t they? Oh, he had seen her figure turning from that of a young girl into that of a mature woman. But seeing her tittys bouncing gently under her skimpy shirts wouldn’t be quite the same as feeling them, would it? And so she took every chance she had, every opportunity to make him aware of her firm protuberances. When he was standing at the barbecue she had come up behind him and pressed her tit into his arm as she pretended to take an interest in how well her hamburger was done. She had pressed hard, and she knew that he could feel her nipple through his shirt. But of course he hadn’t said anything.

Another time that Dawn had leaned over him while he was typing at his desk. She let her breast (naked under her shirt, of course) graze his shoulder over and over as he gave her help that she didn’t really need with her homework. She wasn’t exactly sure if his little shudder had been the result of feeling her little nipple brushing his shoulder, but it sure seemed like she was having the desired effect on him. And the heavenly feeling of her nipple hardening as she rubbed it against her daddy was just a bonus, wasn’t it?

Her hugs had become rather frequent. Full-blown full contact full body hugs. Not the embarrassed ‘I don’t want my daddy to feel my breasts’ kind that most teenage girls give their fathers, but the ‘I’m pretending I don’t notice but can you feel my grown up tittys?’ kind. At first he had seemed uncomfortable, but as she shared her hugs more and more often he had learned to enjoy her affections without feeling embarrassed. And she loved him so much when he wrapped his arms tightly around her slender waist. Once (was it only last week?) his hand had dropped and patted her bottom through her jeans as she’d thrown her arms around his neck to welcome him home. A little tremble shook her body as her daddy’s hand touched her ass, and she had imagined that it was the touch of a lover and not of a father. She had felt so grown up that day.

Laying in her bed, Dawn felt a little gush of wetness flow from her pussy with the memory, and she moved her drenched finger in delicate circles around her clit. She had even shaved herself, wanting not even the tiny impedance of a little hair to interfere with the pleasures that her late night strokings could give her. She raised her wet fingertips to her lips so that she could taste her rising excitement. God, would Daddy think she tasted as good as she does? Would he want to lick her and slowly taste all of the pleasures of her body? Or was Daddy the kind of man who just used a girl, pounding himself inside her for his pleasure alone? Either way was OK with her. It didn’t matter at all, as long as it was her sweet and sexy father screwing her.

Once he was used to feeling Dawn’s supple body embracing his she had stepped up the plan. Daddy usually came into her room to say goodnight, and one night she had waited by her desk, wearing her shortest skirt and no underwear. God, she was nervous! What if he got embarrassed? What if he got mad? But Daddy had often remarked about how much he liked his wife’s slender legs. And sometimes he would give a wolf whistle when he saw a particularly nice pair of legs on a cute girl at the mall or even on TV. Nope, Dawn knew that her Daddy was a leg man from way back, and pushing her breasts against him was only going to get her so far. It was time to up the stakes. And so she had waited.

Finally she heard him coming down the hall. She turned and faced the desk, and bent over. She felt so exposed like this! And she remembered how she thought that it was a good thing that he couldn’t see her front, otherwise he would surely have asked her about the pink blush she felt moving up from her belly to her face. After some experimentation with the mirror on her door she had discovered that if she put this little skirt on (none of her others would do – they were all just too long!), and got in just the right position in front of her desk and spread her legs just the right distance apart, that her pussy was plainly visible from behind. She heard the door open, and there was a little pause. Was that a gasp she heard? She smiled to herself as she pretended not to notice that her very own daddy was looking up her skirt at her bare ass and pussy. She cocked her hip to one side as she pretended to look at the history paper on her desk. She had learned that this move caused her ass to wiggle just so – just like one of those girls in an MTV video. Gosh, it felt delicious and so very wicked to know that her own daddy was looking at her taut butt and swollen wet pussy.

After several long seconds Daddy apparently recovered from the shock of seeing his daughter’s gorgeous ass. He knocked on the open door as if he hadn’t been staring at her firm naked butt. She had bounced upright and looked over at her father and smiled as he croaked out his usual “Goodnight Dawn. Love you, baby.” He pretended that he hadn’t been looking at his daughter’s naked sex. But the strangled tone in his voice let her know that her mission had been successful. She pretended to be surprised at the sound of his voice, and she popped upright letting her skirt fall back into place. She turned to face him, all innocence and smiles. “Goodnight, Daddy!”

Of course, those weren’t the words she wanted to use on her father. She had learned early on that dirty words held a special kind of magic for her. Cock. Pussy. Screw. And as she played with herself night after night she whispered out loud the words that embodied her desires and drove her to the most intense orgasms. “Fuck me, Daddy.” Those whispered words were always a kick-start to her rising excitement – absolutely guaranteed to push her up to the next level of pleasure. And she had even experimented with different ways of saying it to see which one might sound the best. Which one would hold the most power during their love-making. Imploring? “Fuck me, Daddy.” Demanding? “Fuck me, Daddy.” Softly? “Fuck me, Daddy.” No matter which way she said them the dirty words had an immediate effect on her needy pussy, causing it to spasm deliciously as she teased yet another orgasm out of her dripping hole. “Fuck me, Daddy” had become Dawn’s mantra, her unfilled dreams and her raison d’etre all rolled into one.

As she lay in bed waiting for her father Dawn dipped her fingers inside herself again and spread her legs a little further to allow herself better access to her little hole. Gosh, it always made her feel so warm and grown-up and excited to think of sex with her father. The need was beginning to rise in her again, and she wasn’t sure whether she could wait much longer for daddy to show up before she had to finish the job herself. But it’s been this way every night since she decided to that she was going to try to seduce her daddy. And so she practiced, her fingers dancing on her clit and her voice a whisper lest she be heard - “Fuck me, Daddy.” Her fingers swirled around her hole a little faster with the mental image and the magic words. “Fuck me, Daddy.”

OK, so he knew that she had a pretty body. And if he’d given it any thought at all, he probably knew that she’d taken that first step on the road to womanhood and begun playing with herself. But it’s one thing to think that your daughter is masturbating, and it’s quite another to know it for a fact. Since he’d ‘caught’ her bending over her desk and seen her bare butt he had become more careful about going into her room unannounced. But Daddy’s habit of saying goodnight to his little girl hadn’t changed, and she had worked that to her advantage.

A few days after she let her father see her naked butt she was getting ready for bed. She had taken off her tight jeans little early, sliding them down her long legs. Dawn stripped off her socks but left her t-shirt on as she watched herself in the mirror. Gosh, she really did have pretty legs, slender and shapely. She knew that the boys at school all wished that she was theirs; that they were the ones who could fuck her and bury themselves inside her and fill her with their hot sperm. But she was daddy’s girl from top to bottom. She trembled a little as she pushed her hair behind her ears and smiled at herself in the mirror. It was time for the next step.

Dawn turned out the light and slipped under the covers and thought of her daddy between her legs. He would thrust himself inside her and pound her hard until she came and came. Until he gushed that mysterious white sperm deep inside his little girl. With that picture in her head it was no surprise at all that she was swollen and wet, her cherry hole gaping wide as it longed to be filled with her father. She spread her legs wide and moved her hand down between them. She could see her fingers working under the covers, kneading and stroking that meeting point between her legs and causing her so much pleasure that she had to bite her lip to keep from crying out. It wouldn’t do at all to have him hear her before he got into the room and she learned his intentions.

It was a good thing that she’d had so much practice at this. That she could keep herself on the knife-edge of a good cum for as long as she wanted to. Well, as long as the mental image of her father didn’t become too real, because that always pushed her so quickly to cumming that she was unable to stop. And so she patiently played, loving her slippery ministrations as she tried not to cum until she heard him at the door. Trying to think of Daddy without thinking of Daddy and watching her busy fingers under the covers. She loved every satiny stroke, every gooey caress. The musky scent of a daughter in heat filled the room and she hoped that the liquid splashing sounds that her fingers were making didn’t carry to the hallway.

Finally Daddy arrived. He knocked on the door and paused while he waited for Dawn to invite him in. This was the crucial part. She had to make it sound like she’d said yes but without really saying it. Fortunately the soft moan that escaped her lips just then from thinking of her father at the door did the trick. Daddy heard her and took his daughter’s low vocalization as permission to enter. He pushed the door open and stepped into her room.

She may never know just what Daddy was thinking when he saw his little girl playing with herself under the covers, her legs spread wide, her fingers obviously hard at work under the covers, her eyes closed in bliss and her breathing quick and hot as she started to cum. Should he leave? Should he pretend that he couldn’t see? Should he just give in and watch? But she was having sex in the same room as her father, and he was watching! She immediately gave up on trying to hold back (indeed, she probably couldn’t have stopped if she had wanted to) and let the orgasm overtake her. It was a skittering and skipping cum that took her breath away but wasn’t quite the peak that she knew she could achieve. Just nervous, she guessed. She could feel daddy’s eyes on her, taking in his little girl’s lewd and wanton handiwork. It was over in a few seconds, and she pretended that she had just noticed him as she squeezed her legs together at the end and her eyes flickered open. His sight of her wasn’t perfect, with the light from the hallway providing the only illumination. She held her breath as she waited to see what his reaction would be.

After what seemed like forever but must have been only a few seconds, Dad just said, “Goodnight, Dawn honey.” But she had learned what that rasp in his tone meant from when he had seen her naked pussy. There was no mistaking the note of desire in his voice. Oh yes. Daddy had seen. Daddy knew exactly what she had been doing. And Daddy had liked it.

The skipping cum that she had experienced that night became part of her nightly repertoire. And as she remembered it, Dawn flicked her fingertip against her clit, keeping herself right there, cumming ever so lightly over and over as she slowly built up towards the big one that would allow her to go to sl**p wet and sated to dream peaceful dreams of her handsome daddy. Her legs shook and she trembled as the juices flowed down between her legs to puddle on the sheets beneath her. Every morning she woke up in a wet spot of her own making. But she always pretended that it was a wet spot that her daddy made, and Dawn would carry that thought with her throughout her days.

Knowing on an instinctual level that it just might be possible to seduce her daddy, she also knew that there was no way he would take her if she were inexperienced. A girl needs a little practice if she’s going to be good enough for her very own father. But she still wanted him to be her first. It was a conundrum that had no apparent resolution. There was no way for her to learn how to become a good lover and still give her cherry to Daddy. At least, that’s what she had believed. But then one day when she saw Brittney kiss Madonna on the television a giant light bulb went off inside her head. She had a girlfriend, didn’t she?

Susan had become her best friend some time before, and Dawn was closer to her than to anybody else. She knew all about Dawn – every dream, every wish, and every unfulfilled desire. Everything that is except for Dawn’s innermost longing to be fucked by her very own daddy. And Susan was one of the prettiest girls in school, too, with long blond hair and a wonderfully curvy figure. Dawn decided that trying to seduce Susan would be her practice run – a way to see if there were any flaws in her planning abilities. So she developed a plan that that she would implement over time much like the slower seduction that she was trying on her father.

It had started with a quick kiss on Susan’s cheek one night when Dawn told her goodnight after school. She had looked a little surprised but hadn’t said anything. Dawn thought that maybe she even looked a little thoughtful. And then the next Friday night she had taken her hand and held it gently during the football game. Susan’s hand was soft and warm. More to the point she didn’t seem to mind holding Dawn’s hand one little bit. The two of them had cheered the team on to victory between their surreptitious hand-holding.

The next day Dawn advanced her plan with a quick “Love you, baby” whispered into the phone after a call about that day’s history assignment. She gave Susan some long seductive looks during study hall. Dawn complimented her gorgeous body one afternoon after school. Of course, she had found that part of her plan very easy to do because Susan was a very cute girl. In fact, Dawn was a little surprised when she realized that she was beginning to get excited whenever she thought of her best friend’s figure and the things that they might be doing together if her plan worked.

She brushed Susan’s hair during one rainy afternoon, and she began giving her full body hugs for no real reason. But she held them a little longer each time and after a couple of weeks it was not uncommon for them to be in each other’s arms for several moments at a time. And then came the day when she had caressed Susan’s ass while she was making them a snack in the kitchen. Her butt was so warm and firm under her jeans, and Dawn felt a little tremor between her legs when she realized what she was doing. She wasn’t sure, but she thought that maybe Susan had wiggled her bottom against Dawn’s hand. It was time.

That night Dawn called Susan on the phone. Dawn steered the discussion towards boys, a topic which she brought up every night. But this time she gently guided the talk toward which ones were hot and which ones she might like to kiss. Which ones she might like to sl**p with. What it might be like to actually do it.

Susan didn’t know that she had unsnapped her pajamas and slipped her hand between her legs. And she certainly would have been shocked just then if she’d known that Dawn was picturing her pink pussy and not some boy’s cock. Dawn’s fingers began their gentle dancing on her shaved slit. It felt so wicked to be playing with herself while talking to Susan, and her fingers and her warm little hole were slippery in no time. She asked Susan if the conversation was making her hot, and when she confided that it was, Dawn confessed to her in her best seductive voice what she was doing.

“I’m playing with myself right now,” she had whispered, her fingers moving faster of their own accord as she breathlessly murmured her confession.

“Ohmigod, Dawn,” she said, her voice full of an odd mixture of wonder and embarrassment. “I am, too.” Susan’s voice trailed off and Dawn almost believed that she could hear Susan’s fingers busily fondling her wet slit. “M-m-my panties are pushed aside so that I can.. I can…” Susan’s voice degenerated into a low moan, and Dawn heard the phone drop to the floor. She knew exactly what was happening. She heard her! She heard Susan having an orgasm and the knowledge that she was there to share it caused her own orgasm to tumble from her, rapidly escaping her body as if it couldn’t be contained for a second longer. A low moan that matched Susan’s broke free from her lips, and she shared the most intense orgasm of her life with her girl friend.

It was so exciting in fact that she and Susan had begun having phone sex together every night. Their mutual attraction built to a fever pitch as the week went on. This was so exciting, so forbidden, so tempting. Every orgasm was a new adventure, a new building block in Dawn’s relationship with her girl friend. And every night she had pushed the boundaries a little further.

“Honey?” she had said. “I’m putting my wet finger in my mouth. Can you taste me?”

“Dawn! Ohmigod! I can’t believe you did that!” Even over the phone she could tell that the thought of Dawn licking her own juices was pushing Susan’s excitement even higher.

“You do it too. Do it for me, Susan. Please?”

A pause, and then, “Oh God yes. I’m doing it. Ohmigod, Dawn! You taste so goood…” There was a pause, and then the funny little panting that she had learned that Susan always did just before she came. “Listen,” she gasped, and Dawn heard her move the phone to her pussy so that she could hear the wet sounds of her fingers wildly rubbing her slit.

She was proud of herself that she managed to not drop the phone as the motion of her fingers matched Susan’s and her orgasm washed through her. She listened to Susan gasping for air as she wildly thrashed her wet pussy and came. Came while thinking of Dawn. And every time that Dawn came over the phone with her new lover it just got stronger and stronger. How much more could a girl take?

A couple of days later Dawn was ready for the next step in her planned seduction of Susan. Their nightly phone cum was behind them, and they were both settling into their post-orgasm languor before their goodnights. “You know what I really want?” Dawn had asked. She whispered, a secret confession that might even embarrass practiced lovers. But this was no time for shyness if she wanted to seduce Susan and then her father. And so she let the words tumble breathlessly from her lips. “I want to watch your pussy while you make yourself cum.”

Susan had blushed – why she could even tell over the phone. But, and here was the big thing, she didn’t say ‘no.’ Of course, she didn’t say ‘yes’ either. But Dawn was encouraged, and from then on their nightly phone sex ended with Dawn’s gentle pleading. She mentioned it at every opportunity, telling Susan how thrilling it would be to see her naked pussy. How hot it made her. Telling her how exciting it would be to actually be naked in the same room with each other instead of just talking on the phone. For a week of increasingly exciting phone sex she had ended each night with a whispered entreaty, a gentle suggestion. “Can’t I watch you cum?”

Finally Susan had giggled and given in. Dawn jumped on the chance and invited her over to spend the night. They both knew why they were there, and it wasn’t to sl**p. They pretended in front of Dawn’s parents that it was just another sl**pover.

Late at night when it was certain that mom and dad had gone to bed, Dawn and Susan retired giggling to Dawn’s room. Somehow they couldn’t manage to look each other in the face. Dawn turned on her reading light. There was to be no touching – not yet. That would be too much like having sex and neither of them was ready for that yet. But Dawn was quite wet with anticipation, and eager to display her wet slit to her girl friend. And so at Susan’s nod when she asked her, “Ready?” she had unzipped her jeans.

Out of the corner of her eye she watched Susan’s eyes drop to her waist as her fingers unfastened her jeans. They were both too embarrassed at being naked in front of somebody for the purpose of sex to be playful or seductive about it. They just unzipped their pants, pushed them down and kicked them off.

Dawn tried not to let her know just how excited she was – playing it cool and acting like she had done this before even though they both knew that they hadn’t. But it was very difficult. It wasn’t as if they had never seen each other’s nude bodies. There had been the occasional glimpse of something that was normally covered by clothing during their sl**povers. And of course there were always the f***ed showers at school after gym class. But Dawn knew this was different, and somehow way more exciting than taking her clothes off to play with herself. This was taking her clothes off just to that someone else could see her naked breasts and her shiny slit and become aroused by the sight of her. And that made all the difference in the world.

Next came their panties and socks, thrown in an untidy pile in the corner of her room, and then they both took off their t-shirts. For some reason they had both saved their bras until last. Dawn became chagrined when she realized that Susan felt the same way about her tits that she did about her own– somehow they were the most private and yet visible sign of her burgeoning sexuality. They had both blushed and then giggled as they took their bras off too.

Dawn’s eyes were immediately drawn to the blond tangle between Susan’s legs. Who knew that looking a girl’s bare pussy could be so exciting? The slippery wetness between her legs felt so divine as she walked over to her bed. She picked up a couple of pillows and threw them at her naked girlfriend. “Here! I’ll sit here, and you sit there.” Dawn smiled as she caught them, and she crawled into place on her bed with her legs spread wide and her heels dangling over the edges so that Susan could see her hairless pussy. Dawn leaned forward and patted the mattress in front of her, showing Susan where to sit. Susan couldn’t take her eyes off Dawn’s crotch as she crawled onto the bed between her legs.

“Ohmigod!” she exclaimed. It was obvious that Susan was very turned and surprised by the sight of a clean shaven pussy. “Why did you do that?”

“Do you like it?” Dawn dropped her hand to her wet clit, letting Susan see her red fingernails against her pale pink pussy. “I did it for you, so that you could see better. It feels so nice this way.”

Wordlessly Susan leaned back on the comforter and spread her legs as wide as Dawn’s. She couldn’t for a second take her eyes off of Dawn’s slippery pussy. Dawn felt so deliciously wanton and brazen, and the feeling traveled straight between her legs. Her breath quickened, and it was as much because of Susan’s lusty look as it was because of her busy fingers. Susan’s toes were almost touching hers as they both sat with their legs sprawled the better to display themselves for each other. There was so much to see! Susan’s legs were naked, somehow more naked than even when she was wearing her bikini in swimming class. Dawn had no idea that they were so long and shapely. Somehow it had never mattered before, but now it was all she could do to keep from touching them, from caressing those smooth calves and white thighs. Susan’s wide and naked hips curved gently in to her tiny waist, and her breasts were somehow calling Dawn’s lips. How could this be? Wasn’t it just boys who wanted to suck on a girl’s breasts? She had never realized just how sexy a girl could be until this very moment, and it gave her a feeling of confidence in her own body.

As Susan settled into a comfortable position Dawn got her first clear view of her wet slit, almost hidden under a tousle of fine curly hair. Her pussy was a delicate shade of pink that made her mouth water, and her inner lips were obviously swollen and puffy with desire. Dawn was proud that she had instilled such lust in her girlfriend. A hungry smile settled on her lips and she gasped as her fingers first touched her own tiny slit and then began their gentle teasing.

As wet as she was, none of the moisture was on her clit. Slowly she dipped her finger inside so that she could gather the slippery cum and rub it where it would do her the most good. She gasped as her wet finger touched her clit. It was almost as if she could feel the fire from Susan’s eyes warming her center. A delicious chill ran up her back and her whole body trembled. She knew that it wasn’t going to take her long to cum. Her eyes became as transfixed on Susan’s wet sex and busy fingers as hers were on Dawn’s.

“God, you’re so pretty! Do you like watching me? I like watching you.” Dawn had meant for her voice to be calm and seductive, but somehow it had come out breathless and stuttering. My word this was sexy! She never felt so alive, so intimate, so intensely close to cumming. Susan nodded slowly, obviously distracted by her own impending orgasm. She obligingly leaned a little farther back and spread her legs even further, the better for Dawn to see her hole and watch her busy fingers do their magic.

Susan’s fingers were frantically whipping her clit into a cummy frenzy. It was so different than how Dawn made herself cum. Now that she knew how Susan liked to be massaged she would be able to use on her someday. Someday when she wasn’t so close to an orgasm herself. Susan’s cummy moisture was splashing all around her fingers and thighs as she went faster and faster. Suddenly she arched her back and moaned, her fingers pushing hard on her clit as her body froze in pleasure. She was cumming! The excitement was more than Dawn could handle, and she collapsed back on the bed and rammed her fingers deep inside her slick pussy as her suppressed need suddenly took her mind away and she came and came and came.

It was the most intense orgasm that she’d ever had. Why it was even better than the phone sex ones, and after they had both recovered they had done it again. And again. And even though Dawn and Susan never even touched, they both agreed that it was somehow the most satisfying playing that either of them had ever done. Or maybe this didn’t count as playing with yourself any more. Dawn didn’t know and she didn’t care. The next morning her goodbye kiss took on a new feeling – lingering on Susan’s lips and lightly touching her tongue with her own.

“Did you enjoy last night?” Susan had asked playfully.

“Oh, god, yes. I can’t wait to do it again.” Dawn knew that Susan felt the same way. How could she not? The whole experience was so much sexier than either of them had bargained for. The two of them began meeting and cumming together as often as they could.

Dawn took her time with the seduction of her girlfriend, and she enjoyed every slippery cum that they shared. In a whirlwind of rising excitements, they played and enjoyed each other’s company as they became more intimate. Dawn loved practicing kissing her girl friend. She tasted so sweet, and they both had learned together how to read signals - when to kiss harder and when to kiss softer, their tongues dancing together in that most intimate dance that lovers share. It was only a time or two after they had started necking in earnest that they moved on to fingering each other (and again Dawn’s cum that night sent a new level of exquisite pleasure for her). Eventually they were licking and slurping each other’s dripping slits, swallowing slippery girl juice as they took turns exploding in each other’s hungry mouths.

But as much as Dawn loved making love to Susan, seducing her was only a step in her greater plan. And now that she felt experienced enough in the etiquettes of being a good lover, it was time to let her daddy know that she was no longer his virginal inexperienced daughter.

Since Susan didn’t know of Dawn’s attraction to her father, she couldn’t be in on the plan. Nope. She was going to have to be an unwitting participant. A pretty one to be sure, one whom Dawn cared about a great deal, but one who didn’t know what her girl friend’s devious plan was.

And so Dawn had asked her over after school for a couple of hours. As new lovers, they both knew exactly what that meant. It meant caressing, kissing, and licking each other’s naked bodies until they were both sated and exhausted. But this time Dawn had an ulterior motive. She had lied to Susan when she told her that her parents weren’t coming home. Daddy was on the way, and would be there in just a little bit. She wanted him to see that she had a lover, that she wasn’t the innocent daughter he thought she was, that someone thought she was a sexy girl worthy of sharing physical passion. Maybe he could then begin to see her as a possible sexual partner and not just as his little baby.

When Susan arrived Dawn surprised her with a warm kiss and a long slow embrace right there in her living room. It was almost like being in full view of everyone. She had never had the run of the house with her new lover before. Until now their loving had been limited to steamy late nights in Dawn’s bedroom, time eagerly stolen from their normal slumbers. The added thrill of daytime kissing in a new location sent Dawn’s excitement to new heights. She was slippery and ready for Susan’s mouth on her pussy after only a few lusty wet kisses.

Giggling like schoolgirls they leaned away from each other, their eyes locked as their hands dropped to each other’s pants. They unsnapped each other’s jeans, trying hard to prolong the delicious anticipation but failing miserably. In a moment, two moments at the most, they were both free of those restricting pants. Dawn kissed her girlfriend feverishly as she pushed her jeans and panties down over her firm ass. Susan’s hands did the same for Dawn and simultaneously their fingers found each other’s slick love buttons. In a moment Dawn’s fingers were as wet as her lips and Susan’s hand was cupped over her slick pussy. It was so wicked to be standing in her living room, her pants pushed down as she kissed and fondled her girlfriend. Dawn forgot all about her father’s imminent arrival with the shock of pleasure that Susan’s fingers brought. She closed her eyes in delight and lost herself in Susan’s kiss while they fingered each other’s dripping slits.

Every thought Dawn might have had was extinguished in the sultry pleasures of Susan’s kisses and her supple fingers. And so she was quite startled when she realized that Susan had stepped away with a small squeal. Dawn looked at her lover blushing, her hand over her mouth and a shocked look in her eye as she looked over Dawn’s shoulder. Dawn pretended that she had no idea what had stopped Susan’s erotic attentions, but she really knew that her father was behind her. That he’d seen her passionately kissing a girl. That he had seen her fingers inside a girl’s wet pussy while she was being fondled herself.

“Ohmigod!” Susan whispered. “Your dad!” Dawn pretended to be shocked as Susan told her that she didn’t really know how long he’d been in the doorway watching. She’d only seen him when she opened her eyes to look into Dawn’s and seen him over her shoulder. He was quietly looking at his daughter’s naked ass, his mouth open in shocked desire as he witnessed her afternoon quickie with her girlfriend. He’d left as soon as Susan had seen him, and she had no idea just how long he had been watching. She was quite embarrassed, and Dawn pretended embarrassment too. The two of them had giggled and quietly and quickly dressed, promising to finish their tryst at another time. Tomorrow night, maybe? Please? Dawn was looking forward to finishing her cum, but she was more satisfied that her mission was accomplished. Her father never mentioned what he had seen, but now he knew – Dawn was having sex.

It always made Dawn so hot to remember that day and her father watching her kiss and fondle her lover, seeing Susan’s fingers busy inside her naked pussy. As she lay in bed waiting for him to come take her she suddenly realized that she couldn’t wait any longer. Dawn brought her knees up to her chest, spreading them wide so that she could plunge two fingers deep inside herself. “Fuck me, Daddy,” she whispered, clutching her firm tit with her free hand. “Fuck me, Daddy.” Could Daddy’s cock possibly feel as good as her fingers? Surely not! The last little part of her brain that wasn’t overcome with lust told her that her father pounding himself into her simply had to feel even better than this. Why else was she craving him so? She still hoped that he would come to her bed and take her tonight. He certainly should after what she had done to him only a little while ago. But she was near enough to a massive cum that she was ready to give up on him. For tonight, anyway. She began gasping for air, giving herself over to the sensations between her legs. It wouldn’t be long now, and she remembered through her increasing excitement what she had done this afternoon.

Her plan was ready for its last step. Thanks to her revealing tight clothes Daddy certainly knew that she was no longer a little girl. Through the thin materials he had seen her girlish curves, her firm bare belly, her taut ass and her seductive shoulders. She had rubbed him with her firm teenage breasts on every occasion that she could and hugged him often so that he was used to her closeness. Daddy had ‘caught’ her playing with herself and so he knew that she enjoyed the pleasures that her pussy offered. And finally she’d shown him that she was ready for both the emotional and physical aspects of carnal pleasures. Her daddy now knew that Dawn knew the delights of sex and he probably assumed that that she was ready to take a man for a lover if she hadn’t already. She just hadn’t let him know that she had chosen him for that role.

How to let him know? That was her final obstacle. She had given this part of her plan the most consideration. If she handled it incorrectly then he would surely misconstrue her offer as the ephemeral longings that many girls hold for their fathers, and all of her subterfuges and displays would be for naught. It was no longer the time for subtleties and disguised availability. No, it was time to be bold. To offer herself to her daddy in a fashion that allowed no room for misunderstanding.

Once again she had enlisted the unknowing aid of Susan. “What’s my sexiest outfit?” she had asked. “The one that makes you want to rip it right off me and make wild passionate love to me?” Susan giggled and suggested a modeling session with a lewd look in her eye. The two of them had gone through Dawn’s clothes, laughing and kissing often as Dawn tried on different combinations and modeled them for her young and sexy lover. Finally she had settled on a pair of hip-hugging shorts that showed off her long and naked legs and the sexy curve of her waist. The short-sleeved peasant blouse was low cut, and the décolletage managed to both cover her braless teen breasts and flaunt them at the same time. They had both decided on the same pair of shoes – a pair of high-heeled sandals that lent graceful curves to her calves and made her feet look even more naked than when they were bare. Once they had chosen the clothes which Dawn was going to wear to seduce her daddy, she had rewarded Susan for her help by ripping her clothes off and greedily licking her willing pussy to a colossal cum

Daddy had bought tickets to the big Oklahoma/UCLA football game and he wanted to take his daughter with him. This worked out very well for her plan, which required that Mom be nowhere around. Laughing, she had said that since she obviously wasn’t wanted she was going to spend the day at her mother’s and wouldn’t be back until late.

Fortunately for Dawn it was an unseasonably warm day, and her scanty clothing didn’t have to be covered up with a coat. She was so tickled to be out with her daddy and having such a good time. Football was sure a whole lot more fun in person than it ever is on TV. And she could feel the eyes of more than one boy in the stands checking out her sexy curves in her skimpy outfit and wondering why she was out there with such an old guy. She loved the game, the excitement of the crowd and the attention of the men in the stands. But mostly her thoughts were on her sexy father. And she never for even a minute forgot her ultimate goal – to have her father make sweet love to her before the day was over.

Oklahoma won, which put Daddy in a good mood, and she was happy to be there with such a dashing and handsome man. When she got home she had thrown her arms around him and given him a big hug, pressing her erect nipples into his chest. Thanks to her high heels, she could almost look him in the eyes, and she was happy that Susan had chosen them. “Thank you, Daddy. Thank you so much for taking me to the game,” she said brightly, her voice full of fun and love. She buried her head in his shoulder, holding him close as the point of no return for her plan quickly arrived.

She gave him a kiss on the lips, lingering just a split second longer than a good daughter would. And she knew just how long that was from her time practicing with Susan. Gentle pressure, just a little wet, her lips soft and compliant and remaining just barely long enough to put lustful thoughts into her daddy’s head. Then she had gently let him go and stood in front of him, her sexiest outfit, her delicate curves and her slightly parted lips silently screaming out ‘Fuck me, Daddy!’

It was surprising, wasn’t it, how embarrassed she felt now that the moment had arrived. But she had been craving her father for so very long. She had spent far too many nights awake in her bed trying to quiet that lust between her legs using her own fingers because her daddy wasn’t there to do it for her. She wasn’t going to be stopped now just because she was a little afraid and more than a little embarrassed. There was simply no choice but to proceed with her plan and let him know in no uncertain terms that she was his if he wanted her.

So she stepped away from her father. “Daddy?” she asked in her sweetest voice, the one that she used so many times on Susan. She looked in his eyes, making sure that she had his attention. Once she was certain that he was watching, she had dropped her gaze to the snap on her shorts. As if in a trance they had both watched her fingers as she slowly unsnapped and unzipped her shorts. She pushed her fingers down inside, working their way under her panties towards her dripping slit. The contact when they touched her slippery clit made her hips thrust forward in an instinctive thrust and she thought for a moment that she was going to cum right then. But somehow she didn’t. Her fingers were wet and shiny with her cum when she withdrew them, leaving her shorts unfastened and her bald virgin pussy almost visible to her daddy.

Shock was the biggest emotion in his eyes, but she knew her daddy well. She recognized the undercurrent of lust on his face, however much he was trying to hide it. She looked deeper, trying to fathom her daddy’s emotions at being confronted with his little girl’s wanton sexuality. Her knees suddenly went weak as she realized that buried deep in his eyes was the one reaction that she’d been hoping most to see: need.

Dawn was still quite embarrassed by her brazenness and she wanted to rush, to get past this awkward moment and on to the sex. But a strange smoldering lethargy consumed the moment and she moved slowly and teasingly as if in a dream. She brought her wet finger up towards his mouth. His eyes widened as she smeared her wet cum on his lips. God, he was so sexy! How could any girl resist him? The plan had called for her to walk away at this point, her open shorts and musky scent calling to him as she walked seductively to her room. But she couldn’t go. Not quite yet. A sudden impulse overtook her and she threw her arms around her father and leaned forward to press her lips to his, taking as much as giving a warm wet kiss to the man she wanted to become her lover. She tasted herself on his lips and thrust her tongue deep inside his mouth, twirling it around as she tasted her own daddy and her own cum.

Feeling herself blush at her brazenness but not caring, she had let go of him. Her breath was short, her pussy was on fire and little electric shudders of desire roiled through her body. Trying to use her grownup lover’s voice proved impossible, and she was quite embarrassed at the little girl tone that sprang unbidden from her lips. “I’m yours if you want me, Daddy.” She had smiled at his stunned expression and caressed his cheek. Feeling his surprised and hungry eyes on her comely butt, she had turned and walked shakily away.

Dawn had never felt so naked before, even when she was in bed with Susan. It was as if her whole being had distilled down into the bare skin between her belly and her wet slit. Her pussy lips rubbed wetly against each other as she walked, leaving a trail of musky desire in the air.

Dawn didn’t know how long it was going to take for him to make up his mind. Of course, she had half hoped that he would just follow her to her room, rip off her clothes (well, except for the shoes, maybe…), throw her on the bed and fuck her silly. But it was a lot for a girl to ask from her own father. Look at how long she’d taken seducing Susan. And she wasn’t a bl**d relative.

Now came the hard part – waiting to see if he would show. Waiting to see if her carefully laid plans would bear fruit and lead her father to her bed. But there was no reason that she couldn’t get ready for his arrival, and maybe even get started without him.

She propped up some pillows on her bed and folded down the covers. She was amazed at how sexy she felt as she kicked off her high heels. Then she slowly peeled off her shorts and her top. It was as if he was in the room watching her, and her pussy ached with need for him. She had thought that being with Susan was intense, but this was a whole different a****l driving her desires. Her very own father might come and take her at any minute, and every nerve in her body was on fire. The sheets were cool and crisp and she crawled into her bed and began playing with her pussy, trying to keep it warm and wet but not far from cumming as she waited for her father to come and fuck her.

Her mind looked back over all of the parts of her plan while she played with herself. She remembered her tight sexy clothes and rubbing her nipples against her father at every opportunity. She slurped cum from her fingertips as she thought back to the night she let him see her cumming in her bed. She massaged her slippery goo into her inflamed pussy lips as she relived seducing Susan and the lessons in love that she had learned from her girl friend. She stuck her fingers deep inside as she remembered all of it right up through her wanton offer of a few minutes ago.

She had put her cummy finger in her own father’s mouth!! Ohmigod! The memory pushed her up and over, and her ass lifted from the bed as she tried to impale herself on the fingers that so recently touched Daddy’s lips. Wave after wave caused her whole body to spasm out her cum as she rode to the top of the crest, her legs spread wide as her sweet pussy reveled in being so filled. She hung there, every muscle in her body frozen. All thought was driven from her mind except the image of her cummy finger in daddy’s mouth and the sensations flowing from her hot little pussy.

Suddenly it was over, and her body slumped to the bed as if a switch had been thrown and all of the electricity that was keeping her rigid vanished. A thin sheen of sweat covered her, but of course she was the wettest between her legs. Dawn slid her fingers from her gooey slit and turned lazily onto her side. She curled up into a ball, relaxed in that way that only a good orgasm brings. Her body’s desire for release left her for now, but her mind’s desire for her father didn’t. Freed for the moment of her need to cum, her mind wandered to the reasons that her father didn’t come to fuck her. Why didn’t he? Wasn’t she sexy enough for him? Did he think that she was a slut? Or maybe he doesn’t think she was grown up enough. But how much more obvious could a girl be?

Other girls might be disappointed by such a rejection, but she crushed those feelings down into an insignificant ball deep inside her. Her desire to be taken by her handsome father hadn’t left her a bit. After that sexy kiss and her brazen advance she wanted him more than ever. And if he wasn’t here after all of the things she had done to him, then it was just because her plan was flawed. She began to drift off to sl**p, thinking that when she got up in the morning that she would have to start coming up with another plan.

The world between sl**p and dreams is a truly powerful place where reality can have all the weight of a kitten’s breath and imaginings can have the weight of reality. And so she believed that it was nothing more than a pleasant illusion when she heard the door open and the footstep as he walked across the carpet to her bed. If only it were real! If only her daddy had come into her room like this in order to take his little girl.

She remembered the warm feelings that she always had for her daddy when he used to come to her room and sit on the edge of her bed when she was little. He made her feel safe and loved. Remembering the goodnight hugs and all of the stories read from c***dren’s books warmed her. And remembering his firm masculine voice whispering the things that all little girls hear from their fathers made her feel secure and truly loved.

Through her sl**py rememberings she believed that she could hear the unmistakable sound of a buckle being unfastened, and then the sibilant whisper of a leather belt being withdrawn from pant loops. Was it a dream? She’d been having this dream for so many nights that she could hardly tell. But the sound seemed so real! Slowly she opened one sl**py eye, and it took her a moment to comprehend just what it was that she was looking at. It was Daddy, standing next to her bed, unfastening his slacks. Her heart leaped from her chest. He’s here! Her father had really come to her room. For a moment she wondered if he had come to punish her, to spank her with his belt. Growing up he had threatened her with that very punishment several times, but he had never actually done it. Of course, she had never been as bad as she had been today – trying to seduce her own father. Then she realized that he wouldn’t be opening his pants if he weren’t here to fuck his daughter. Her hopes rose and she could feel her eyes widen in amazement as they fastened on the sight of Daddy unzipping his pants and pushing them down. She hastily pushed herself up, sitting upright on her elbow so that she had a better view of her very first cock.

The musky sent of her wet slit still perfumed the air, but she wasn’t embarrassed, not in the least. Surely he knew what she would be doing if he didn’t come to her room, didn’t he? Serves him right that he missed it.

Her gaze was as fixed on her Daddy’s throbbing cock just as surely as it had been drawn to Susan’s pussy. But the rush she felt from this sight was so much hotter. It was huge! Ohmigod – what had she been thinking? It was way too big to fit inside her. She knew it! It was pink and swollen, with a big drop of clear fluid drooling from the slit at the tip. Daddy continued to get undressed as she tried to gather her composure. After all, he must have put it in her mother, right? And it didn’t kill her, did it? Dawn resisted the urge to reach out and touch it, not wanting to do anything that might destroy this moment, that might distract him.

In just a few seconds her father was standing naked by her bed. She’d never seen him this way before. She had always known that he was handsome, but this was even better than she had imagined. Somehow he looked so much more naked standing in front of her that he ever did in her imagination. His muscles rippled under the skin of his belly and his strong thighs. His need for her was apparent even to her virgin eyes. Her breath became harder and harder to catch, and the throbbing in her pussy felt like she was about to cum before he even touched her. She wanted to say something to tell him how much she wanted him, how much she had always wanted him. But somehow her voice had escaped and run away.

Silently he flipped the covers away exposing her creamy white body to him. He gazed at his very own daughter’s white bare skin exuding pheromones of musk and need. She could see the lust in his eyes as they wandered over her curves – it was almost a****l. It was as if he wasn’t her daddy at all any more, but some kind of f***e of nature that wouldn’t be denied. He crawled on top of Dawn as she obligingly spread her legs for him. Her daddy took her skinny wrists in his hand and pinned them over her head. He scooted that big cock nearer to her dripping slit, causing her legs to spread even wider around him. Daddy was about to plunge that big cock into her dripping pussy, and the moment that she had been working towards for so long was almost here – Daddy was going to fuck his little girl. She closed her eyes and tried not to cum yet as she waited for that penetration that would bind the two of them together forever.

She lay there helpless, the willing victim of her own carnal desires. Her legs were spread wide and her hands were pinned tightly over her head. But the moment didn’t come. And it didn’t come. Finally she could take the tension no longer, and she opened her eyes to look at her daddy. She was dismayed to see that a****l look had left his face, and it seemed to her that he had just realized that it was his own daughter he was about to take. This can’t be! He was naked and hard, his need to plunder his little girl evident by his massive dripping cock. She was pinned beneath him with her bare legs wrapped around him. Waiting with a heady mixture of desire and anticipation for him to plunge that big cock into her and consummate the erotic longings that had stolen her soul for so long. But he wasn’t doing it. He was remembering that she was his daughter. That she was the little girl he once bounced on his knee. And she knew him so very well that she could tell that the hesitation on his face was about to win him over.

It was her last chance. All of her practicing had led her to this very moment. The moment where the desire in her voice might make all the difference.

“Fuck me, Daddy.” A slight emphasis on the ‘fuck,’ underlining just what a bad girl she was, how ready she was. She gave her pussy a little wiggle against his swollen cock. Could a girl be any more submissive? Could she beg any harder? “Fuck me, Daddy.”

Her father’s eyes refocused on hers, and a new steely determination mixed in with his obvious desire. He let go of her hands so that he could grab her naked ass and pull it closer to him. Dawn was surprised at how easily he threw her legs up over his shoulders, but then he had been fucking her mother for years, hadn’t he? And the ease with which he positioned her spoke of years of practice and also his burning need to have his daughter. She looked up at her feet on either side of his face while his cock pressed gently into her wet center. She felt so exposed to him like this – it was as if she had never been naked in front of someone before. Her mind flashed to Susan and how surprised she would be to see her getting fucked by her daddy. But it was only a momentary vision, because suddenly her Daddy shoved himself deep inside of her.

Ohmigod! She never imagined it would be like this. It felt as if he had penetrated her entire body, all of the way up inside of her to the back of her throat. It was so big, so filling. It was as if she had been empty all her life and never realized it before. Daddy moaned as his cock was wrapped in her wet velvet cocoon. Then he began to pound himself inside of her, ramming it in and out of her hard and fast like the wheels on a locomotive. Her pussy twitched jerkily around him as if trying to gain traction. Then, suddenly, it all took hold and the most colossal orgasm of her life consumed her. Her hands clutched his strong arms for support and the words spilled from her lips between the waves of all-consuming pleasure that wracked her entire body. “Fuck me Daddy,” she managed to breathlessly implore. “Fuck me, Daddy,’ she said, looking between her feet at his eyes closed in acute pleasure.

The wet sounds of him slapping his big cock into her almost drowned out her begging. It was so hard, so a****l. She never knew. She never imagined this. She lost all sense of herself, all sense of her individuality. She become one with her father, their two hearts joining in that special place between her legs. Every inch of her shook and spasmed with his massive thrusts. He grasped her ass even tighter, and in the days to come she would look with pride at the red finger marks he left on her white bottom. Her daddy moaned and turned his head to bite hard on her ankle, without even losing a single stroke. That scrumptious bit of pain only added to her pleasure, and she came and came and came. Her head spun dizzily and the rest of the world vanished as her life became condensed to a tiny spot between her legs.

Daddy changed his pace often, switching suddenly from hard and fast to slow and shallow and then back again. The tumbling mishmash of strokes kept her breathless and cumming, her voice barely audible, hushed and panting. “F-f-fuck me Daddy. Fuck me D-d-daddy.”

Abruptly her father slid himself out of her and somehow flipped her over. In a moment he was straddled over her bare bottom and rubbing his big wet cock between her taut cheeks. Daddy grabbed her wrists in his big strong hands and pinned them to the bed over her head. Dawn began shamelessly humping her pussy against the bed as her daddy took his pleasure on her ass. She almost screamed in frustration at being so empty. She needed him inside her so badly!

Suddenly he pushed himself back inside her wet trembling pussy. Immediately he started sliding in and out of her, but this time it was different. Somehow his thrusts were deeper, more intense. She thought he must really like her like this, pinned and helpless as he took her from behind. Suddenly he hurled himself into her so hard that his entire weight pushed against her ass and drove her even deeper into her bed. Daddy moaned, and she could feel it! She felt his hot goo shooting deep inside of her. Her almost constant orgasm pushed up to a new level and her whole being, trapped between her mattress and her daddy’s body, erupted in waves of delicious pleasure. The culmination of all of her scheming and desires had finally arrived, and she was submerged in its perfection.

Daddy jerked over and over, and each time he did another jet of warm liquid was swallowed up inside her. She was trapped under him as he used her for his sperm vessel, filling her with his big cock and his seed at the same time. Gasping for air, he finally slowed and stopped, collapsing on her back. Daddy’s entire weight rested on her much smaller body, but somehow she didn’t mind. His breath was warm in her ear as he breathed deeply, trying to catch his breath after his massive cum. Dawn was hot and sweaty, tired and drained, and her pussy was more sore and used than it had ever been. But she felt feel so positively wonderful. It was as if her whole life had led up to this very moment. Did ever a girl get fucked so thoroughly as she just did?

At last Daddy slowly pulled his tool from her, popping himself from her cummy slit with a satisfying Plop! She was so satiated and so tired that she almost don’t care, but she felt a small smile crease her lips as she turned to her side to watch him. Daddy stood up next to the bed and bent to brush the hair gently from her eyes. She wished he could stay and hold his little girl longer, but she knew that neither of them was quite sure of when Mom would come home. And it wouldn’t do at all to be caught in bed together. He gathered his clothes under his arm. She curled up into a ball, reaching between her legs to idly feel her daddy’s warm goo right where she wanted it to be – dripping from her well-used slit.

“Was I good, Daddy?” Dawn whispered through her exhaustion.

Daddy paused at the door and looked back at his precious daughter. “Yes, baby. You’re Daddy’s good little bad girl.”

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A New Dawn Arises

A New Dawn Arises


Chapter 1

The Arising

To celebrate my transformation and to increase the effect of my
feminization, Mistress Lynn decided a name change was in order.

"What's a good name for a useless, slut French Maid," she asked herself
aloud. "I shall call you Dawn. I think it's appropriate because you are
at the dawn of a new way of life."

Another belt was strapped around my waist. It had a number of loops. My
mistress attached my wrist restraints to the strap.

This allowed me limited use of my hands.

"Just enough freedom for you to get this house clean," she explained.
"Here's your list of cooking and cleaning jobs. I'll inspect all the
areas and if they're not satisfactory your ass is mine, literally."

She showed me where all the cleaning things were and gave me a simple
menu to prepare. It looked to be enough to serve four or five people.

Mistress Lynn had returned to the living room to watch TV. After about
an hour of steady work, I was summoned to the living room.

She had removed her boots and was relaxing.

"My feet are really sore, be a honey and massage them for me," she said.

I took her foot into my hands and began massaging her small stockinged
feet. I worked on each toe, her ankles and her arches. I repeated the
process on the other foot.

"Now my calves," she commanded.

I slid my hands up her calves and kneaded the firm flesh.

When I looked up, I found my self staring directly between her outspread
thighs. It was like being offered a glimpse of heaven. My mistress caught
me staring. She used her free foot to kick me back onto the floor.

"Eat your heart out bitch," she laughed. "I may give you a sniff of my
pussy later. But first, you have to prove yourself to me. Get your ass
back to work"

I returned to my chores.

She, once again, called me back.

"Dawn darling, squat down in front of me. Here, hold my ashtray in one
hand and my drink in the other. I'm tired of reaching to the table," she

I complied immediately, not knowing the torture she had in store for me.

While I was squatting and my hands were full, she would run one of her
nylon-covered legs under the skirt, up the inside of my thighs and work
her toes in my crotch.

I knew I couldn't take too much of that and keep my balance. She would
pause long enough to use the ashtray or take a drink and then begin the
torture again.

"Don't spill anything or you'll be punished severely," she warned as a
foot wormed itself inside in elastic leg bands of the panties and rubbed my
swollen, throbbing member.

I was helpless against her advances. The ankle restraints kept me from
spreading my feet so I could keep my knees together. So, I was f***ed to
spread my knees in order to keep my balance.

She had me where she wanted me under her total control.

Finally, I could not keep my balance and fell on my petticoat-covered
ass, spilling her drink in the process.

"Clumsy bitch," she proclaimed. "You screwed up and spilled my drink and
soaked my carpet. It's only fitting that you get screwed as your
punishment. Your virgin cunt is mine now slut!"

She commanded me to clean up my mess and return to the bedroom.

I cleaned up the spilled drink and hurried quickly to the bedroom.
Mistress Lynn was awaiting my clumsy arrival.

She roughly pushed me onto the bed. I watched her disconnect the clips
from each other, momentarily freeing my hands.

But not for long.

Mistress Lynn quickly secured new clips from the corners of the bed to
the basic restraints. She repeated the same procedure with my ankles. My
mistress then stepped back to view her spread-eagled slave.

"It's useless to fight your restraints. I'm going to remove your gag
soon so that I can hear your cries of pleasure when you surrender your
virginity. For your own good Dawn, be a good little girl and do as your
told," she said.

All I could do was humbly nod my agreement. Mistress Lynn then knelt
between my spread legs and smiled wickedly.

As I looked up at her, I could see my reflection in the ceiling mirror.
She, instead of me, was truly in the dominant position and was about to
do things to me that I only fantasized I would do with another woman.

Her hands reached down and slowly lifted my skirt and petticoat up my legs,
exposing my crotch to her view. She spread the skirt and petticoat back
across my chest and then began running her hands over my thighs.

Occasionally her hand would brush over my love-juice soaked panties.

I had been brought to the peak of excitement so many times that my
panties were literally sopping wet with pre-cum fluid.

"The hotter you get a virgin the more receptive her cunt becomes,"
whispered the domina. "You're one hot little piece.

"It's time to remove your gag. Soon you'll be begging me to **** your
cunt and I want to hear every scream," Mistress Lynn stated.

She then untied the gag and removed the dildo from between my teeth. I
was once again able to move my jaw and I felt that I should thank my
mistress. But, I remembered her rules about speaking. So I remained silent.

She held the rubber cock poised in front of my face, barely an inch from
my lips.

"Let's see if you can get my prick wet enough to enter your hot pussy.
Open your mouth and suck my cock," she commanded.

I slowly opened my mouth and she slid the cock slowly in-and-out of my
pursed lips.

She remarked that I had a real blowjob lips and would probably be the
hit of any party.

"You've got the sucking part down real well. You need some practice with
your tongue. We'll work on that later," she scolded.

The dildo was slowly removed from my mouth and I was surprised at the
popping sound it made as she pulled it from between my lips.

The mistress then returned to her teasing. This time she ran the cock
along the inside of my legs and across my crotch.My nerves were in a frenzy.
My cock/clit wanted to burst. My chest swelled and low moans escaped from my lips.

The more I moaned the more she teased. Suddenly, she stopped and climbed off the bed.
My body immediately began to arch against the restraints.
"Please don't stop," my brain screamed.
My reflexes echoed my thoughts. I had become putty in her hands.

Chapter 2

The Deflowering

"Lift your cute little ass in the air," she commanded as she stood
menacingly over the bed, her feet spread slightly apart.I lifted my but up
as a sacrifice to her, offering my crotch to her to with it as she willed.

This, I knew was my ultimate surrender.

It meant more than any words I could utter.

My mistress slid a pillow under my ass cheeks and remarked that my clit
was really swollen.

"You look like you would like to cum. Is that true Dawn," she asked.

"Oh yes, Mistress Lynn," I replied.

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, mistress, I would like to cum."


"Mistress Lynn, I'm so hot. My cock is about to explode."

"But, you don't have a cock," she scolded me. You must be talking about
your clitty"

"Yes mistress. My clitty is about to explode."

"Explode where?"

"In my underwear."


"Into the panties."

"Whose panties?"

"My panties."



"Please what?"

"Please mistress, let me cum."

"Say that Dawn's pussy is on fire and she wants to cum."

"Please mistress! Dawn's pussy is one fire and she wants to cum."

"Who is Dawn?"

"Dawn is your slave."

"Who is Dawn?"

"I am Dawn, my mistress."

"What is Dawn?"

"Dawn is your slave, Mistress Lynn."

"Is Dawn my little panty slave?"


"Yes, what?"

"Yes mistress, Dawn is your little panty slave and she wants ... no
needs... to cum, please!"

My mistress's face took on a stern expression again.

I knew immediately I had done something wrong.

The smack across my face proved it.

"Dawn, when will you realize that what you want is of no concern to me?
You are going to lose your cherry today because it is my wish, not yours,"
she explained. "Now that you have irritated me, I have decided that you will
not cum. I will still fuck your virgin hole until you scream for release. I
will tease your clit until your senses reel. But, I will not allow you to cum.
Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress," I replied.

She walked to her closet and brought some things to the side of the bed
and laid them out within her reach.

"White is for virgins. There's no need for virgin-white panties to cover
your quivering slut cunt," she said as she took a pair of scissors and
cut the panties at each side. She pulled the panties out from under my ass
checks and pressed them against my mouth and nose.

"Smell and taste your juices, bitch." Suck those juices from your
panties crotch."

Of course, I obeyed, sucking in the juices from the panties. They were
soaked with pre-come fluid.

Next, she picked up a long wooden bar that had straps attached at each end.

"This is a spreader bar," she said. "This will help keep you spread wide
so that I have a clear, open shot at your hole. It will keep your legs as
far apart as I want for as long as I want."

Mistress Lynn attached one end of the bar midway up one thigh. She then
freed the opposite ankle from its restraint and began spreading my legs
apart. I thought I would split before I was spread far enough for her to
attach the other end of the spreader to my thigh. The bar f***ed my ass
even higher, as I was rocked further onto my back.

I also began to realize that I had only one hole that could be penetrated.

Mistress Lynn was right it surely was my virgin hole.

She must have noticed my fear and concern because she began torturing me
with those magical hands of hers.

"Your clit is so swollen Dawn. But, your pussy is still not wet enough
for me to ram my cock into. Let me give it some help," she offered.

She held up the jar of Vaseline I had brought and unscrewed the top.

My mistress then spread a small amount of it onto her hands and began
spreading it between my upturned ass cheeks. She wormed an oiled finger
into my hole and began wriggling it around inside.

My muscles locked on that finger and a moan of pain and pleasure escaped
my lips. She used her other hand to play with my throbbing cock, slowly bringing
me rapidly to the brink of an orgasm.Mistress Lynn held me at the plateau
for what seemed to be forever.

She would stop her fondling at just the right instant or would remove
her finger whenever she noticed my ass start to sway or try to press against
her hand.

I lost control and began to plead with her, "Please mistress. Don't
stop. Let me cum!" Instead she stopped completely.

She reached to the floor and strapped a harness around her waist. She
was facing away from me while she attached something to it. When she turned around
the dildo that had spent so much time in my mouth was attached to the harness.
I just knew that cock would split my virgin hole open.

"Do you really want to cum Dawn? How badly do you want to cum?"

"Oh, mistress. Please let me cum. I'll do anything! Anything!"

She crawled back onto the bed. She moved between my spread thighs until
her knees touched the spreader bar. The cock was perched barely inches from
its target.To my surprise, she lifted herself up and squatted on my chest.
The cock now rested against my cheeks, brushing across my lips whenever
she moved.

"Would you like to have my cock, Dawn?"

"Yes, Mistress Lynn."

"Yes, What?"

"Please let me have your cock."

"How would my little slut like to have it."

"Any way you desire, mistress."

"Would you like to lick it?"

"If would please you, my mistress."

"Maybe you would rather suck it?"

"Please mistress, let me suck it."

"Would you like me to screw your tight little hole?"

"Please fuck me with it. Please let me have your cock!

She teasingly brushed her shaft against my chin and across my cheeks. I
found myself reflexively licking my lips and pursing them in
anticipation. What a slut I was becoming!

Mistress Lynn began lowering the latex penis between my lips.She totally
controlled the action. She would sometimes pull out and slip just the head
between my lips, then suddenly forcing its entire length back
into my mouth.

"See, I told you that you would get better with practice. You're
becoming a real cock sucker," she giggled.
"Let's see how well you can do with your tongue."

Her cock retreated from my mouth and placed it barely between my lips.

"Use your tongue, Dawn," she commanded.

I stretched out my tongue as far as it would reach and began to lick the
head of the shaft.

Mistress Lynn then slapped my face with her cock, f***ed it between my
lips, pulled it out, made me lick it and slapped me again.

"I can be a cock teaser too," my mistress said.

All of this excitement was bringing me closer and closer to an orgasm.

She probed my hole again. This time she slipped in at least three

I began crying for relief.

"Actually, Dawn, you're still not ready. Your tight little hole still
needs loosened some more before you can handle me."

The mistress used a small vibrator to warm me up.

"They call this the ultimate squirmy, Dawn. You'll just love how it
squirms and rotates in your pussy just like a real cock."

She rubbed some lotion on it and slowly worked it into my hole.

I gasped as she slid it deeply into me. The gasp was replaced with moans
of pleasure when she turned on the vibrator and started working it in and
out, readying my hole for her ever-erect cock.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Mmmm!" My moans gave me away.

She knew I was ready.

So did I.

My legs were high in the air.

The spreader bar offered my mistress unimpeded entry.

I watched her oil her cock and then rub more in and around my hole. The
time had arrived.

She shifted position and began lowering herself on top of me. One of her
hands slowly guided the instrument of my deflowering to its awaiting
sheath. The other hand covered my mouth.

I swallowed hard ... took a deep breath ... closed my eyes and offered
myself up to her, straining my ass up to meet her.

The blunt end of the dildo began to f***e its way past my tightly
clenched anal opening.

Her hand over my mouth f***ed the screams of my **** back down my
throat. Ever so slowly, the dildo entered my hole.

"Aaarrrggghhh!" I had to gasp for breath with every movement she made.
As my muscles began to relax, the pain began to subside and waves of
pleasure began to wash over me.

Once she had managed to bury the eight inches of latex cock deep in my
hole, she stopped moving. I could feel her groin pressed against mine.
She began to withdraw as slowly as she had entered me.

"Relax, Dammit," she yelled. Don't tense those pussy muscles. Relax!"

She removed her hand from my mouth.

The hand now encircled my throbbing cock.

Once again, she buried the dildo deep within me and slowly withdrew.

"Ohhh! Ohhhh! Ahhhhhh!," I moaned absorbing the impact of her strokes.

My mistress laughed in triumph. She roughly buried it again and started
to slowly **** my virgin hole.

As my insides stretched and adjusted to accept its intruder, a soothing
warmth began to spread through my veins.

This wasn't too bad after all. The sensations continued to grow from
mildly stimulating to downright arousing.

My ass started to sway in a rhythm trying to match her every thrust.

Abruptly, she stopped her assault on my hole. She withdrew the cockhead
and rested it against my rectum, poised and ready to invade again at her

"Don't stop, mistress. Please fuck me. My cunt is burning for you.
Please shove your cock in and out of my pussy. Don't stop, keep going," I
implored her.

In response she penetrated me again and picked up the tempo of her

"Are you ready to cum, slut?"

"Oh yes, soon, very soon my mistress!"


"Please, mistress, please!"


"Please fuck me, mistress. Please make me cum. I'll do anything."


"Yes, my mistress, anything!"

"Would you like me to play with your swollen clitty?" Her hand began to
pump my dick.

"Oh, yes mistress, please! Please play with my clitty while you fuck my

She stopped abruptly.

"What do you want me to fuck," she asked?

"My hole, Mistress Lynn. Please fuck my virgin hole."

"You mean you want me to fuck your pussy."

"Yes, please! Please fuck me!"

"Fuck your what?"


"Fuck your what?"


"Whose Pussy?"

"My pussy."

"That's much better. Beg me for my cock, you whore!"

"Please! Please, Mistress Lynn. Fuck my pussy!"

"Is your pussy hot, Dawn?"

"Ohhh yessss!"

"How hot?"

"Very hot!"

"Talk dirty to me bitch. Tell me how hot you are. How badly you want
it," she commanded.

"Ohhh ... yes! Please fuck me my mistress. Fuck me long and hard. Your
cock feels so good in my steaming pussy, pounding my insides. **** my cunt.
Please! Please! I beg you, my mistress. Please fuck my cunt!"

My mistress seemed pleased. Her fingers snaked around my member. She
slowly massaged it up and down, first gently, then with almost reckless

"You really do want my cock buried deep in your pussy, don't you, you
slut! You love the feel of my cock!"

"Yes my mistress. My cunt is on fire. Please stuff your prick deep into
my cunt. It's so big and swollen inside me. You're tearing me apart with
that cock of yours," I moaned.

Whipped into a frenzy, my ass arched to meet my mistress's every thrust
into my hole. Her hand manipulated me with every stroke.

She took me to heaven, then hell, and back to heaven.

"I'm burning up inside. You're setting my insides on fire. I can't stand

The feeling of fullness in my hole was soon replaced by the feeling of
fullness in my member. The pressure built and built.

"Oh, my God. You're fucking me crazy. Fuck me. Fuck my burning pussy
goooood," I moaned louder and louder.

"That's it Dawn, scream your lungs out, you little slut. You're now
going to cum harder than you ever have before. It will be the most intense
orgasm of your life. Above all remember your promise that you'd do anything if
I made you cum," my mistress stated.

"I remember. Please! Please! Let me cum, I'm going to explode."

My mistress buried the dick deeply into my bowels and pumped my member
at the same time.

"I feel it coming! Don't stop. I'm so close. Oh, yes. Oh, my God. Oh
yes! Yes! Fuck faster! Faster! Ooohhh, I need it soon bad. Oh, Ooohhh Ahhhhh!
I'm coming! Aaaaauuuugggghhhh!"

The orgasm was so strong, so long and so intense that I don't remember
screaming or moaning. I fainted from its intensity.

I awoke knowing that my life would never again be the same.

Chapter 3

The Awakening

I awoke alone in the bedroom. My restraints had been removed. So had the
French Maid outfit.

A note was taped to my chest.

After finding a lamp on the night stand, I began reading the note.

"Welcome to womanhood, you hot little bitch. I'm sure your cunt and clit
are both very sore from our little workout.

I assure you it was nothing compared to what awaits you.

There are fresh clothes laid out for you in the dressing room.

Prepare yourself carefully after you take your scented bath and remove
all your hair. The only hair I want to see is the hair on your head. Be sure
that all your cunt hairs are gone. There's nothing sexier than a smooth

After you've dressed, secure the restraints to your wrist and ankles.
I'll adjust them when I return.

Don't forget your promise to do "anything" if I would let you cum. You
will pay for what you promised in the heat of your passion.

By the way Dawn, you do take beautiful pictures. You looked so peaceful
sl**ping with your full lips wrapped around the dildo and a vibrator
crammed up your ass. I'm sure your "ex" would get a real charge out of
seeing them.

The door is padlocked. I have taken your clothes and car to a friend's
house. We will be back about 9:30 p.m. You had better be dressed and
prepared to serve us. Remember, our wish is your command.

Your mistress Lynn"

I painfully rolled over to check the clock. Every muscle ached. My hole
felt as if a hot poker had been jammed into it. I groaned with every
movement. The light from the desk clock cast an eerie glow in the room.
I noticed that my slashed panties were balled-up next to me on the bed.

The maid's outfit was now hanging on a hook on the door.

I ran my hands across my body. The corset was still cinched tightly. It
felt like a second skin now. Each movement on the bed caused my
stockinged legs to brush together, once again awakening feelings of excitement.

The spreader bar laid threateningly on the floor next to the bed a
vivid reminder of my lost virginity.

It was now 8:45 p.m. Only 45 minutes remained before my mistress
returned. I found my way to the bathroom and drew my bath water. A bottle of
scented liquid sat on the sink. I emptied a capful into the tub and settled-in
for a luxurious bath. A feeling of total relaxation enveloped me. A razor
and hair removal creme caught my eye. Could I actually shave myself smooth?
How would I be able to face people?

The thought of experiencing the wrath of my mistress erased my doubts. I
began the task of making myself presentable for Mistress Lynn. After
toweling myself dry, I entered the dressing room. My evening attire
awaited. It consisted of a scarlet red corset, falsies, black nylons,
red pumps, red slip, red mini-dress and the red panties I had purchased
earlier. I handled each delicate article carefully. After hooking the
corset in place, I inserted the falsies. Their texture against my nipple
seemed to keep them in a constant state of arousal.

Next came the stockings. I carefully smoothed them up each leg and
attached the garters. Stepping into the panties, I swooned with pleasure as the
material rested against my clean shaven crotch.

Dawn was, once again, taking over my personality. I began feeling like a
school girl getting ready for her first party.

The red slip barely covered my ass cheeks. Next, I smoothed the red
satin mini-dress in place over my sexy lingerie. A black wig of cascading
curls topped my head.

I soon found myself posing in front of the full-length mirror. My mirror
image excited me thoroughly. My cock throbbed in my panties and I felt
myself getting wet down there again.

A little makeup would help, I thought. I experimented with Mistress
Lynn's assortment of makeup, mascara, eye liner and lipsticks. I didn't do that
bad of a job. A little on the slut side. But, that's how I felt at the
moment anyway.

Chapter 4

Mistress Lisa

The sound of feminine voices outside the room snapped me back to
reality. After unlocking the padlock, three women entered the room, my mistress,
a beautiful tall blonde and another woman who remained in the shadows of the
dark hallway. I lowered my head as Mistress Lynn approached me. She
cupped my chin, raising my face to meet her gaze.

"Not a bad job," she said. "That dress and your makeup job could earn
you a few bucks on any street corner. Something, however, seems to be issing."

The blonde beauty beckoned my mistress to her side and whispered something in her ear.
Mistress Lynn immediately stalked toward me and slapped my face.
The sting brought tears to my eyes. What had I done wrong?

"You stupid, useless cunt. How dare you embarrass me in front of my
friends. Can't you follow a simple order? Where are your restraints?"

I could only whisper that I was sorry that I was so stupid. I quickly
fastened the restraints to my wrists and ankles.

"You're sorry all right. You're going to be even sorrier later.
Punishment will come soon enough. Tonight, our pleasure comes first."

Mistress Lynn than asked her two friends who wanted to inspect her slave

"I do," said the blonde.

The third lady remained in the shadows watching my every move.

"Dawn, I want you to meet Mistress Lisa. I'm sure you remember her from
Victoria's Secret. She's the one who picked out your panties for you.
You will obey her as you obey me. Do you understand?"

"Yes, mistress."

The blonde beauty pulled me into the bedroom, leading me to a spot on
the floor marked with a piece of tape.

"Stand over that spot and spread those legs, cunt."

I centered myself over the spot, my legs spread as far as possible . The
domina then attached my ankle restraints to two clamps on the floor.

"Raise your arms over your head."

The wrist shackles were then attached to two ropes hanging from the
ceiling. When they were pulled tight, I was stretched into a jumping
jack position. Once again, I found myself helplessly spread-eagled. She
reached into her bag and pulled out something that resembled a riding crop.

"You'll become familiar with this little toy of mine from one end to the
other," she sneered. She traced the handle along each cheek.

"Lynn tells me you're an excellent cock sucker. Well, I prefer to have
my pussy eaten. There's not too much difference. First, let's see how well
you can work your little slut mouth."

Mistress Lisa firmly pressed the handle between my lips. They opened and
began sucking the handle in.

"You're a natural deep throat artist, aren't you? Show me how good you
are with your tongue."

She slowly pulled it back out of my mouth and held it about two inches
from my lips and commanded me to start licking. My tongue darted out. It
snaked up, down and around the handle, caressing it fondly. I repeated this
flicking process over and over again.

"Not bad, you whore. Your mistress has taught you well. Does cock
sucking and pussy eating turn you on? Don't answer. I'll find out for myself."

Because of my spread-eagle stance, my skirt and slip had ridden high up
my thighs. A hint of red panties peeked from beneath the skirt.

"I certainly have great tastes in panties. I love how they fit so snug
on you cute little tush. It's a shame I didn't get to see you in the white
ones. Oh, well! Like Lynn says, 'white is only for virgins.' And there's
no virgin in this house. Is there Dawn?"

Before I could answer, Mistress Lisa again pressed the crop back between
my lips. With her free hand, she reached down and cupped my crotch.

"Those cute little panties are really soaked. And that swollen little
clit keeps jumping in my hand. I bet you'd just love to have me ram this
handle into your hot, tight little hole."

She removed the handle from my mouth and pressed it firmly against my
hole. The panties were pressed into my ass, mercifully keeping the handle from
invading my already sore butt hole. Stepping behind me, she caressed my
ass cheeks and pulled my dress up to my waist. With one swift motion she
pulled my panties down to my spread knees. The crop swished through the air and
then it found its mark. I felt a sharp sting as it landed across my naked flesh.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

The crop found its target again and again. My ass jerked uncontrollably
as she whipped my ass with the riding crop.

"That's the pain. Next comes the humiliation."

Chapter 5

Stepping Out

She unfastened my imprisoned ankles and had me step into the red heels
and tightened the straps around my ankles. She placed a bracelet around my

"This is my gift to you. Wear your slave bracelet proudly," she said.

My wrist restraints were removed and she led me toward the door. I
balked, earning an immediate slap.

"Stand out on the porch and wait for me," she commanded as she pushed me
out the door.

The cool night breeze played a sweet rhythm on my stockinged thighs. My
knees weakened. I had to lean against a porch post for support. The
porch light came on. The three women inside waved to me from a window.
The moisture that had formed on my panties from my excitement felt cold
against my cock. My ass cheeks clenched tightly from the breeze.

I prayed no one would pass by and see me. The door opened. Mistress Lisa
emerged clad in jeans, windbreaker and a baseball cap. Her long tresses
were hidden under the cap, giving her a manly appearance.

"Ready for our date, Dawn? I hope you're not the kind of girl who
doesn't put out on the first date," she whispered. She took my hand and led me
to her convertible. The top was down. She opened the passenger door for me.
As I slid onto the seat, she fondled and pinched my ass.

"Nice buns."

It was hard keeping the skirt pulled down. The seats were vinyl. My butt
slid every time I moved, exposing my moist, pantied crotch to the summer
breeze. The mistress pulled out of the driveway and headed toward the
interstate on-ramp.

"Slide over here. Don't be shy," she intoned.

I slid closer, so close our thighs touched. Primly, I pulled my skirt
down in a vain attempt to cover myself.

"It's a little late for modesty, Dawn," she said. Her hand reached
between my clenched thighs and roughly f***ed them apart.
Expert fingers began massaging their way to my crotch.

"Spread those thighs and pull your skirt up. I want these horny truckers
to be able to see your sweet little panties when they pass us. Put you
heels up on the dashboard and recline your seat a little. If you don't do it,
I'll drop you off right here," she warned.

I complied as fast as she could bark out each order. My facial color had
to match the red of my panties. I was embarrassed at being displayed so
openly for everyone's view.

"Lick your fingers. Slide them into your panties and play with your

As soon as my hand dipped behind the wisp of satin material, I heard an
air horn blast and a trucker shout, "Hey bitch, how about letting me put my
meat there in place of your hand."

I wanted to die.

Mistress Lisa laughed aloud at my shame and humiliation.

"I want you to play with yourself with one hand and rub my crotch with
the other. I brought you on this ride so you could please me, not yourself."

I moved my hand to her crotch and began massaging. To my surprise, I felt
a bulge in her jeans. Could Mistress Lisa actually be a man? How can she
possibly have a hardon? I continued to rub.

"Open my pants. Pull down the zipper. You've given me a hardon with all
that rubbing. It needs taken care of. Give me a blowjob. Now," she
commanded. "Put some of that lipstick on my dipstick."

After unbuttoning her jeans, I could feel something straining to escape.
A rubber cock sprang out and pointed itself directly at me.

"Suck me off, cunt."

"Yes, mistress."

I pulled my legs down off the dash and knelt on the front seat. My head
lowered into her lap and began sucking and licking the dildo that had
become a large part of my life lately. My mistress laughed as drivers
honked and waved as they spotted my head bobbing up and down on the

"Disconnect the cock from its holder. Eat my pussy. Suck my pussy lips.
Lick my clit until I cum," she breathed heavily.

The dildo was easy to remove from its harness. I laid it on the seat and
returned to the object of my attention.

"Ummmm, that feels so good," she moaned.

She spread her legs wide for me so that I could better bury my face in
her pleasure palace. Her womanly aroma quickly filled my nostrils. I was so
wrapped up in pleasing her that I could no longer hear the horns or yells.
I teased her clit with the tip of my tongue. The erect little nub pulsed
hotly against my tongue tip.

"That's it. A little faster. Oh! Keep licking that spot. You're getting

Her thighs twitched uncontrollably. They squeezed the sides of my head
as I thrust my tongue deeper and deeper into her pussy. I thought my tongue
would come loose at its roots as it continued to dive into the depths of
her seething cunt. Suddenly, her ass lifted high of the seat and her pussy
continued to grind hard against my lips and tongue. Her thighs literally
locked themselves to my head.

She tensed. Strained. Tensed. Squeezed. Moaned. Tensed. Strained.
Screamed aloud and crashed back into the seat.

"Oh God, that felt so good!"

My mouth was filled with her juices. Her thighs finally released my head
from their vise grip.

"Not bad, bitch. Not bad at all."

I was amazed that we were still on the road. She had more control than I
had. Mistress Lisa commanded me to zip up her jeans and help her straighten
up. After gaining her composure, she reached in to the glove box and
pulled out a jar of Vaseline.

"Take this and lubricate the dildo really well. You might want to grease
your love hole too. You see, For your reward, I'm going to let you home
with that cock buried in your tight little twat."

I spared no grease, remembering how hard it was to initially take in the
rubber cock, especially the massive head of it. Lifting my ass of the
seat, I wormed a greased finger into my hole. The muscles tensed around it and
I imagined the discomfort awaiting me.

"Pull your panties down, Dawn. I'll hold the cock in place on the seat
while you lower yourself on it."

Panties pulled down, I raised my ass at least a foot into the air. While
still driving, she slid the dildo into place.

"Start lowering yourself. Take just a little at a time. Do you feel it
going in?"

The end of the dildo bounced against my hole and slowly worked its way

I nodded that I did. As soon I did, she slammed on the brakes. I lost my
balance and slid immediately down the length of the greased shaft. It
was totally buried in my hole. "Aaaaaiiiieee," I screamed in pain.

"Shut up, bitch!"

The pain was soon replaced by an almost pleasurable feeling of fullness.
The pain returned, of course, every time we hit a bump or made a hard

"Pull up your undies, you shameless slut. Cover those legs. Have you no
pride at all? I thought I was taking out a nice girl. Wait until I tell
your mistress what a bad little girl you've been," she laughed as continued
down the road.

Once we left the interstate, she wound her way home along only unpaved
gravel roads. Every bump caused me to moan in pain. Every moan drew a
snicker from my date.

"How does it feel to have a cock imbedded in your twat," she exclaimed.

"It's soooo big and soooo hard inside me," I moaned.

As we pulled into the driveway, Mistress Lisa told me to exit the car
like a lady, go inside and wait in the bedroom while she discussed my
conduct with Mistress Lynn.

I exited the car in as prim and proper a manner as possible. After
smoothing the skirt on my legs, I began my walk up the driveway and onto
the porch. My heels clicked loudly as I walked quickly to the door. My
thighs rubbed together and my muscles strained against the cock buried
in my hole. The door was unlocked and I went directly to the bedroom,
closed the door and awaited my fate.

Chapter 6

Mystery Mistress

"That Dawn is one hot piece of ass," exclaimed Mistress Lisa. "With a
little more discipline, she'll make a first class she-male slave."

She told her friends everything that happened on our 'date.'

"You should have seen the reaction of those truckers when they saw Dawn,
her dress hiked up, and her fingers buried in her panties. I'm still
surprised there were no accidents. That reminds me. Dawn still has the
dildo buried in her cute little ass. She must be in agony."

There was no mercy in Mistress Lynn's voice when I heard her laugh and
exclaim, "Let her suffer for awhile. She deserves it."

"Should we allow Mistress Ellen to have her turn with Dawn now,"
Mistress Lisa asked her partner-in-pain.

Mistress Lynn agreed. She told her friends that she would first prepare
me for my next encounter. "My little bitch slave better be kneeling at the
foot of the bed when I walk through that door," she shouted.

I immediately dropped to my knees.

The door burst open.

There stood my mistress, still dressed in her leather outfit. In her
heels, she towered over my kneeling, quivering form.

"My friend Mistress Ellen will soon join us. I have given her total
freedom to use you as she pleases. She is so beautiful that you are not worthy
of the honor of viewing her beauty." she said and placed a thick blindfold
over my eyes.

"You will not touch her unless she commands you to do so.
She will probably only allow you to use your mouth on her. Understand?"

"Yes, mistress."

"Kneel on the bed , pull down your panties, and stick your useless ass
in the air so that I can remove that cock from your hot, tight pussy."

Her hands slowly spread my cheeks. Then, without warning, she roughly
pulled the prick from my hole.


"Did that hurt my poor baby Dawn?"

"Yes, Mistress Lynn," I whimpered tearfully.

"Good! Now, roll over on your back and lie still."

Leaving me to my pain, my mistress left the room to summon her partner.
A few moments later, I heard two sets of heels clicking their way down the
hall and through the doorway.

"Mistress Ellen, I present you my humble slave Dawn. She is yours to do
with as you please," announced my mistress.

"Mmmm! Not bad. Not bad at all," the newest voice sounded sweet, and
vaguely familiar, to my ears.

It seemed as if an eternity had passed before there was any movement or
sound in the room. I realized that Mistress Ellen was performing a
visual inspection. I felt like a slab of meat on a hook in a butcher shop.

"I want her bound spread-eagled. I want total control over this selfish
bitch," my third mistress of the day said, her voice never higher than a
loud whisper.

On came the ankle restraints. My mini-dress began to ride up as my legs
were f***efully spread to secure the clamps. My arms were roughly pulled
over my head, spread and hooked-up to the remaining clamps.

"Don't you think it would be fun to arouse this bitch so that she gets
an idea of what I expect from her," asked Mistress Ellen.

"Great idea," remarked Mistress Lynn.

I felt someone climb on the bed and kneel beside me. My dress had one
long zipper in the front. It extended from the bottom all the way up to the
neckline. Mistress Ellen began to slowly work the fastener down the
length of the dress. Her hands explored my exposed flesh as she worked her way
down. She shifted position and lodged a knee firmly between my
outstretched legs, placing pressure against my crotch. She reached into
my corset and pulled out my falsies.

I almost fainted when she first sucked, then bit my hardened, extended nipples.
Her hands returned to the zipper, inching it ever so slowly to the bottom
of my dress. She jerked the zipper free and spread apart the dress,
exposing my corset-clad body.

"Something that small should be called a shirt, not a dress," she
whispered. My slip barely covered my panties. She bent down and kissed
the small strip of flesh peeking out from between the end of my corset and
beginning of the slip. When her lips met my flesh, a soft moan escaped
lips. My hips arched up, desperately trying to keep in contact with her
warm, moist lips.

"Ooohhh! Mmmm!" I moaned. My thighs began squeezing the knee lodged
against my pelvis. She pushed it even more firmly against my pubes.
Stroking the softness of my belly, her every caress created tiny
explosions of ecstasy in my brain.
Her fingers then began tracing a circular motion across my

"Ummmm!" My body squirmed and twisted to maintain the contact.

Her deft fingers moved firmly, lower and deeper beneath the slip into my
soaked panties.

"Oh! Ohhhh! Oh, my goodness!" The soft purring moans coming from my lips
quickly turned into a gasp as her soft, light fingers brushed across my
groin. Velvety fingers encircled and the squeezed my bloated organ of

She removed her hand and leaned back on the bed. My body screamed for
her to continue.

"Lets get these out of the way, shall we. Lift your buns so I can gather
it around your waist."

I raised myself and thrilled to the touch of her hands working the slip
up my flesh. Her nails grazed my inner thighs, then my crotch as she
inched the fabric to its resting place.

"Your panties are really soaked. I'll bet you would love for me to play
with your clit and slide something into your hot, tight little pussy."

"Yes, oh yes, yes, my mistress!"

I try to spread my legs even wider to allow her free access. My thighs
and cock were on fire, begging for attention. She rolled my panties down,
exposing my member and ass cheeks. She tickled my erection with her

"Oh Jesus! Oh ... Ohhh ... Ohhhhh!" I moaned loudly, filled with a sense
of urgency. The moans came, not from my throat, but from my very soul.

Mistress Ellen slid lower on the bed. Her lips alternately kissed and
bit the sensitive insides of my thighs.

"Oh, God. Oh, God," I screamed aloud.

One of her fingers began to circle my hole, slowly working its way in
and rubbing gently against my sex-charged internal membranes.

"Oh, please, please, oh my God."

The finger retreated. I arched up hard, straining to recapture the
exquisite feeling of penetration. Somehow, I knew at that moment that I
had just used up my allotment of pleasure. I became desperate.
Frustrated, But also resigned to my disappointment. After all
wasn't I told that I would be the giver of pleasure rather than the

"Look at this Lynn. I think this slut is starting her period. There's
bl**d on my finger."

"Why so she is. I guess it's time for a feminine hygiene lesson. Do you
have any tampons?"

Mistress Ellen says that she has super absorbent ones in her purse.

"I guess we'll have to put the first one in for her," says Mistress

One of my mistresses rubs Vaseline around and inside my hole. I feel a
plastic tube being f***ed into me. She pushes in and then pulls back,
leaving the tampon resting snugly in place. I can feel the string
resting on a thigh.
My panties are pulled back into place. I can feel the tampon
spreading inside me, gently pressing against my inner walls.

Mistress Ellen climbed back onto the bed and straddled my chest.

"Didn't Lisa say that Dawn was an expert cock sucker and a decent pussy
eater," asked Mistress Ellen. "I think I'll give her a little practice
time. There's nothing better than a little head to end the day."

Her nylon covered legs crossed over my shoulders as she positioned
herself over my face.

"This is the reason for your being. You were put on this earth to please
your mistress and her friends. There is no other reason. Seeing that you
have no cock to speak of, you must become an expert with your tongue.
Feel honored that we allow you to worship us," said Mistress Lynn.

While she talked, I could feel her settling in for a long oral bath. Her
stockings brushed against my cheeks with every movement, sending waves
of excitement coursing through my veins. The heady aroma of her crotch made
me swoon.

She dipped her pussy closer to my face. My lips twitched with desire to
kiss and spread her lips with my tongue. I got my wish. Her groin pressed
against my lips. They immediately opened and began to pay homage to her
temple of love. She moved my head from side to side, pressing my lips
against the exposed skin of her thighs. I returned to the object of my
affection. My tongue teased her exposed labia through the soft net of
her hairs. I flicked at it with my tongue back, forth, back, forth gently
licking, moistening the inside of the most sensitive part of her thigh.

"How do I taste, Dawn,' she asked. Her breath was quickening. I knew I
was beginning to please her.

"You are delicious, so delicious."

She grabbed my ears and repositioned my face.

"Shut up and eat me," she breathed heavily into my ears.

My lips closed around her swollen clit and sipped. I felt her womb
contract. I fell in love with her cunt, gloried in it. I was drinking
her juices, getting d***k on her sex.

"Keep sucking," she screamed. "Suck, Suck , suck it out!" I knew she was
close to coming . I wanted that for her. To please her. My mistress was
wet and open to me. My tongue slid through her smooth passageway and
outlined her clit, rising and pulsing in passion. My lips and tongue
went wild inside her. I probed, dwelt, licked, sucked her juices until
she screamed in pleasure. She began to shudder. I was certain she would
cum any instant. But abruptly she lifted herself off my face.

"I want to be fucked. I need something in my pussy. Mistress Lynn would
you put the two-headed dildo in Dawn's mouth for me?"

"Of course, my dear."

A thick cock-head was placed between my lips. "Suck it in and hold it
tightly in your mouth you slut," Mistress Lynn commanded.

Mistress Ellen impaled herself on the dildo in one swift vicious motion.
Her clit rubbed against my nose as she settled into place. Each time she
moved herself up and down the shaft, her clit came into contact. I could
feel and taste her juices flowing. It seeped between my lips and
clenched teeth, oozing down my throat like nectar.

Her orgasm was magnificent. I felt it build. Felt her expand. Then
contract. Expand. Contract. She moaned uncontrollably. When she finally
neared her climax, intense spasms and contractions racked her body.

It melted with relaxation and her breathing returned to normal. Sated
and exhausted, she climbed off my face. She pulled the dildo from my
mouth and climbed off the bed.

'Now for your final humiliation, Dawn," Following those words, Mistress
Lisa removed my blindfold.

I fainted at the sight of the woman who had just ridden my face to a
total and complete orgasm. It was my girlfriend. She now had the last laugh,
andthe strongest orgasm of our relationship.

Chapter 7

Lessons Learned

When I regained my senses, all three mistresses were sitting on the edge
of the bed. I was still spread-eagled. My jaw was sore from holding the
dildo between my teeth while my former girlfriend rode herself to the
peak of sexual pleasure.

I looked up to the mirror. They were right. They had humiliated me
totally. I had said things and done things I knew I could never repeat
to my anyone. I had been reduced to their subservient slave.

"Well, good morning Dawn. I see you had a good night's sl**p. I guess we
really wore you out. You slept like a baby," Mistress Lynn said softly.

Gone were their leather ensembles. The sensuous bodies I had come to
appreciate were now covered with jeans and loose-fitting shirts.

"How did it feel, bitch? Now you know what it feels like to be brought
so close to an orgasm that your body began to melt, only to be denied
because your partner climaxed first and selfishly left you hanging,"
said Mistress Ellen.

I began to understand. That's what this was all about. I had to admit
she was right.

"It took me a while to set up this session. Mistress Lynn gave me two
alternatives. I could let her lure you here just to humiliate you.
Or, I could have her train you to be my slave forever. I want you back,
but only on my terms. So I asked her if I could help in your training.
As you now know, she was more than agreeable," Mistress Ellen said.

The women then pulled out a photo album. It contained dozens of photos
of me. Most were taken while I was asl**p, stretched-out in my lingerie.
A good number, however, were action shots taken while I was blindfolded.
They must have had them developed at one of those one-hour processing places.

"Pretty good stuff," Mistress Lynn remarked.

All I could do was drop my head in embarrassment.

"I'm going to keep my copies next to my night stand," said Mistress
Lisa, "They're so sexy. I might masturbate myself to sl**p at night while
looking at them."

What did Mistress Ellen plan to do with her copies?

"I have two sets. One of them stays with Mistress Lynn in case I need
them. The others? I might share them with some of your friends."

"Oh, please, no," I implored my mistress. "I'll do anything you wish.
Please don't show them to anyone."

She had me where she wanted me.

"If you keep me happy and satisfied, this will be our little secret,"
she said. She then began to list her conditions.

I would become her love slave.

All my male underwear will be thrown out when we returned home.

The only male clothing I would wear would be those essential for my job,
and an occasional social gathering.

I would have to accompany her to purchase my new wardrobe to make sure
everything fit. Everything would have to be tried-on at the store.

We would only have sex when and how she wanted it.

She would control if and when I was allowed to satisfy myself.

I would move in with her as her roommate, not her boyfriend.

I would be responsible for all the cooking and cleaning.

She would handle all business matters.

I would be enrolled in a fitness class. "It's either that or a
tummy-tuck," she said. "Do you understand and agree?"

"But, Mistress."

"The way I see it, you have no other choice."

"Yes, Mistress."

Perhaps I made a mistake in our last issue, August, by not ending the
chapter of "Dawn" with a to be continued note. At the time, I was not
sure that I had more material from the author, and now I do!

Chapter 8

Heading For Home

"Good, now Let's get you ready for the drive home. I'll, of course be

"Yes, Mistress."

My restraints were removed. I was told to bathe and change for the trip.
I began to undress. They didn't leave the room. They just sat and watched.

"Let's help her," suggested Mistress Lisa.

"Why not," quipped Mistress Lynn.

All three of them approached me and began to remove my clothing. Their
hands probed, pinched, fondled and slapped as they removed each garment.
I was their plaything. The game was really fun for them. It was becoming
exciting for me.

"My God, her clit is swelling again. Doesn't she ever get enough?"

Mistress Lynn ordered me to take a cold shower, rather than the hot bath
I was really looking forward to taking. Naked, I retreated to the

The cold water sent shivers through my veins. It awakened me. Awakened
me, I realized, to a new and exciting life with Ellen. I loved her more
at that instant than I ever had. I was hers, mentally and physically.

After toweling dry, I entered the dressing room. My new attire awaited.
closely resembled the leather ensemble Mistress Ellen wore last night.
As I picked up each piece and held it to my face, I realized it was her
clothing. It smelled sweetly with her perfume. The smell of her sex also
permeated my senses. The only article missing was her crotchless
panties. They were replaced by the black satin ones I had bought at
the store.

I put on the leather bra. It was underwired. The falsies awaited me on
the table. They were soon sitting in place, pressing them against my
aroused nipples. Next, I slid the black nylons up my shaven legs, waves of
excitement overtook my senses. I hooked the leather garter belt around
my waist and attached the garters to my nylons. The belt and nylons
provided a stark contrast to my white exposed crotch, now framed by my
sexy lingerie.
I pulled the panties on and thrilled to the material sliding against my
skin. Another mini-slip awaited. Once again, it barely covered my buns,
stopping about mid thigh. The leather miniskirt came next. The material
hung over the slip, pressing it against my skin. I covered my bra with
the satin blouse and tucked it into my skirt.

Mistress Ellen entered the room then and complimented me on my

"It's going to be hard to keep my hands off you on the way home."
You're one sexy looking bitch. If only you knew how to use makeup.
That, my little slut will be one of your first lessons. I'm sure
my beautician will be glad to help, if I let her have you for a night."

She began applying the makeup, also applying polish to my toe nails and
finger nails. My eye lids and lashes were paid much attention. A short
black wig replaced the longer one. My mistress stepped back to inspect
her work. She smiled and called in her friends.

"I hope nobody tries to steal this hot cunt from you. She looks good
enough to eat. Eat me, that is," said Mistress Lisa.

"I told you she was trainable, said Mistress Lynn.

"You did a remarkable job, Lynn. I don't know how to repay you,"
Mistress Ellen said as she embraced her mentor. They kissed each other
long and hard. They sucked each other's tongues as if they were stiff
I heard Mistress Ellen begin to moan with pleasure as Mistress Lynn
cupped Ellen's crotch , lowered her zipper and slipped her hand in
her jeans. Mistress Ellen eagerly ground her pelvis against the invading

They parted, breathless. Mistress Lynn looked and me and said. "I hope
you now understand the power of pussy. We don't need a cock to satisfy us.
You, however, would go crazy if there were no pussy for you to worship."

The women said their farewells. They were rather passionate ones at
that. A lot of kissing and feeling.

"It's time to go, honey. Get my bags and take them to the car," my
mistress commanded.

I stopped in my tracks, bags in hand. If I walked out the door into the
awaiting daylight dressed like this, the neighbors would surely see me.
They knew a man had pulled-up in that car yesterday. They would know.

"Move your ass, slut. We have a long drive ahead of us. Besides, I may
want to stop at a rest area so that you can freshen my sweaty pussy with
your mouth," laughed Mistress Ellen.

I carried out the bags and put them in the trunk. When I tried to go
back into the house, the door was locked. My mistresses waved at me through
the window. My options were limited. I could stand on the porch and wait or
I could wait in the car. I chose the car. Clumsily, I dropped the keys and
they slid across the porch.

My heels clicked loudly as I rushed to retrieve the keys. In my haste,
I forgot about the short skirt. When I bent down to pick up the keys,
my skirt rode up to expose my pantied rear to the passing neighbors.

Mistress Ellen finally came out. She was still laughing at my
embarrassment. Taking the keys from my hand, she unlocked the door,
opened it for me and closed it after I settled into the seat.

I tugged my skirt down. The plush material of the seats swallowed my
nylon encased thighs. My juices began to flow again. I felt the first small
squirt of fluid begin to spread across my panties.

She climbed into the driver's seat and we began our journey home.

Chapter 9

A "Hitch" In Our Travel Plans

We stopped at a rest area about half way home. Just as Mistress Ellen
pulled into a parking space, a convertible wheeled in beside us. It was
Mistress Lisa. She smiled and waved at us. She was dressed in cut-offs,
T-shirt and that familiar ball cap.

"Hi roomie," she yelled to Mistress Ellen as she climbed out of the car.

The two of them hugged each other and headed toward the rest room.

"Come along Dawn, honey, It's time for a pit stop," my mistress shouted
over her shoulder.

I looked around the area. It was filled with tourists and truck drivers.
Slowly climbing out of the car, I was careful to pull my skirt down and
began the long walk to the rest rooms. Instinctively, I went toward the
men's room.

"Dawn, honey, aren't you going to the wrong room?"

Mistress Lisa held the ladies room door open for me. All the stalls were
occupied except one. Ellen entered it, forcing me to wait my turn.
Finally, Mistress Ellen emerged from her stall and ushered me into the toilet.

"Hurry up sweetie. We need to get home soon so that you can cook dinner
for me and Lisa. Did I forget to tell you? She moved in with me last

I locked the door behind me. I could hear two more women enter the room.
The realization that I couldn't urinate standing up struck home
immediately. That would surely give me away. Lisa flushed the toilet in
the adjoining stall and whispered to me that she would be waiting for me

I pulled my skirt up to my waist and slid my panties down to my knees.
The seat was cold against my rear as I sat down to pee. Finishing my
business, I flushed, pulled up my panties, smoothed my skirt and left the stall.
The rest room mirror brought me back to the reality of my plight. The woman
staring back at me in the mirror offered no semblance of manhood. My heels
caused me to stumble across the tile floor as I began to leave.

Just then one of the women came out of her stall. Seeing me stumble, she
remarked, "d***ken slut."

When I reached the curb, I noticed that Mistress Ellen's (my) car was
gone. Lisa motioned me to get in her convertible.

"Ellen went on ahead to get your room ready and start planning your new

She told me to drive because I needed to learn how to drive in heels.
Working the pedals was more difficult, especially in a short tight
skirt. Thankfully, it had an automatic transmission. I carefully backed out
and guided the car onto the interstate. Mistress Lisa slid closer to me and
whispered in my ear, "Doesn't this remind you of our last date Dawn?"

I nodded that it did. It took all my concentration to keep the car on
the road. I couldn't afford the thought of getting pulled over by a cop. Not
dressed like this. Mistress Lisa had ideas of her own, however. She put
her arm around my shoulder and slipped her hot, moist tongue into my ear and
then began to kiss and nibble on my ear lobe and neck.

"Ooohhh! I moaned through clenched teeth. This response spurred her on.

"I see I'm getting to you again. Keep your eyes on the road and your
hands on the wheel. I'll take care of the rest."

Her hand slipped between my legs, slowing inching its way up my
trembling thigh. My thighs instinctively separated, giving her free access
to my crotch. I jerked when her cool fingertips reached the exposed flesh
above my stocking tops.

"Concentrate on your driving, Dawn."

"It's hard, Mistress Lisa."

"It's hard you say. Maybe I should feel for myself." She slid her hand
higher and cupped my crotch.

"It certainly is hard Dawn. You're certainly an easily excitable little
lady." Her hand continued to play over my panties material. Suddenly,
she squeezed my bulge tightly.

My scream was lost in the wind as it blew past my face.

"Sorry, Baby! I just couldn't resist."

My eyes filled with tears as I fought to keep control of the car.

"Oh, look Dawn. There's two girl hitchhikers. Let's stop and pick them

I looked ahead and couldn't believe my eyes. I had never seen two more
beautiful ladies hitching a ride.

"Pull over Dawn," Mistress Lisa commanded. I pulled off the road and the
girls quickly ran up to the car."

One of them asked, "Going as far as San Antonio?"

"We sure are. Hop in," offered my mistress, "let me crawl in back so
that you can have some room to stretch your legs," she told the taller
of the two girls.

The girl who sat beside me was a tanned, long legged goddess. Her name
was Marty. She was wearing a denim miniskirt and a halter top.

"I'm sure glad you girls stopped. We had to turn down at least a dozen
creepy males that almost tried to drag us into their cars," she

Her partner in the back seat, Etta, laughed and proclaimed, "It wouldn't
have done them any good. We're lesbians and have no use for men. I hope
that doesn't shock or bother you."

I swallowed hard and continued to concentrate on driving.

Mistress Lynn giggled and said, "It takes a lot more than that to shock
us. Isn't that right, Dawn?"

I nodded in agreement.

"You have to excuse Dawn. She's awfully shy. A hot little bitch. But
shy," explained Mistress Lisa.

Marty's eyes widened. She gazed at me and said, "Maybe I can help her
break out of her shell.
Besides, I get really turned on by chicks in leather."

Meanwhile in the back seat I noticed that my mistress and Etta
were locked in a tight embrace, kissing passionately. Mistress Lisa caught
me looking and winked back at me.

Marty slid closer to me on the seat and began running her fingers on my
neck. Her hand was soft as silk. Darkness had settled in and the evening
breeze helped cool down my boiling bl**d.

"Pull into the next rest area," Marty whispered into my ear.

Five minutes later we pulled into an almost deserted rest stop. I was
careful to pull into the darkest, most secluded area. I stooped the car,
turned off the lights and awaited Marty's next move. The passionate
moans coming from the back seat seemed to excite Marty even more.
She placed her fingers under my chin, turned my face to meet hers and
kissed me gently. My lips parted immediately. Her tongue wiggled it
way past my slightly parted lips.

"Mmmm," she purred.

"Ooohhh," I responded, sucking her tongue deep into my mouth.

Her hand began to rub and knead my false breast through my blouse.

"Please don't let her find out," I prayed silently. Not yet, at least.

She dropped her hand into my lap. In panic, I clamped my thighs tightly

"This is no time for passion cramps," said Marty. "Open up those legs
and let me play with your hot clit. I can't wait to bury my fingers in
your hot, moist hole." She pinched the inside of my thigh. My reflexes
were good. Too good. My legs parted immediately. Marty was easily able
to snake her hand into the opening.

Her tongue worming its way in and out of my mouth caused me to forget
about her intruding hand. Continuing our French kissing, her hand snaked
further up my nylon covered leg. She eventually reached the crotch of my
panties. They were sopping wet first from my Mistress Lisa's teasing and
now from Marty's exploring.

I moaned loudly as she gently ran her hand over the rear of my panties,
cupping my ass cheeks. I spread my legs wider. Marty pulled my panties
down from the rear. I raised my ass off the seat to allow her to pull
them down.
I felt the satin material slip over my knees and quickly gather around
my ankles. I was quickly reminded of my ankle restraints.

Her hand then swiftly worked its way back under the skirt and found its
way to my crotch. First she rubbed. Then stopped abruptly. Her hands quickly
grabbed my swollen cock, squeezing hard.

"Well, well, what have we here?"

How would she react to this discovery?

Mistress Lisa interrupted her lovemaking with Etta long enough to
whisper an explanation to Marty. She giggled and whispered something back
to my mistress. Marty removed her hand from my crotch. She smacked my face
and informed me that I would pay dearly for my deception.

"I'll bet you'd give anything to cum, wouldn't you?"

"Yes. Please!"

"Tough shit, bitch! You're going to eat my pussy until I tell you to

She slid across the seat, pulled her skirt up to her waist and beckoned
me to begin.

"Get your face between these thighs and start licking."

Even in the dark, I could see the treasure awaiting. Her pussy was
framed between her outspread legs, bulging out the crotch of her panties.
I crawled across the seat and nestled my face in place. The aroma of her
sex filled my nostrils.

She arched her hips toward my face and moaned aloud as I began sucking
her still pantied crotch. Humping at my face, she squirmed uncontrollably
as my tongue lapped at her pussy. I sucked her clit through the panties
material as she screamed at me to continue.

Her thighs squeezed my cheeks as I licked and sucked her to her first
orgasm. Marty pulled off her drenched panties, grabbed my head and
f***ed my face back into her groin. I went back to work. My licking and
sucking brought her to a series of intense orgasms.

The sounds from the couple in the back seat assured me that the action
back there was just as hot.

"Let's switch places, Etta," a sated Marty yelled to the back seat.

I repeated my oral worship with Etta, eating her to multiple orgasms.
Her shaven pussy helped create a strong vacuum as I sucked greedily on her
throbbing clit. I buried my tongue deep in her pussy, causing shivers of
pleasure to rack her body. Her juices flowed freely down my chin.
Meanwhile, my mistress and Marty engaged in a hot sixty-nine session of
their own.

Finally, all three women were satisfied. They rearranged their clothing,
lounged on the seats and commanded me to drive them home.

My mistress sensed my frustration.

"Sorry Dawn. Ellen would be mad if she heard that I allowed you to get
off. Maybe she'll let you satisfy yourself later."

"Yes, mistress."

We dropped our passengers off at their apartment. It was only about two
blocks from our home.

"Drop over this weekend," Marty invited my mistress. "Bring that little
slut slave of yours too. We need a maid to serve, and service, us."

"Sounds great," responded Mistress Lisa as she climbed into the front
seat, patted my thigh and told me to drive on home.

"See all the fun you're going to have now that you are one of the
girls," she giggled. After we pulled into the apartment's parking garage,
Mistress Lisa had me get the luggage and carry it to the apartment.

When we entered the elevator, there were two people in it. My mistress
seemed to know them. She smiled and talked to them as the elevator began
its climb.

"Who's the new chick?, one asked.

"She's our new roomie."

The other asked my mistress, "She's not one of those dyke bitches that
we see here sometimes, is she?"

"Actually, Dawn here will be anything we want her to be. She'll do
anything we tell her to do, if you know what I mean," Mistress Lisa

Both smiled knowingly. "How about a preview?"

"Ok! Dawn put down the bags and let my friends to check you out."

I set down the bags and stood in the middle of the compartment, hands at
my sides.

"Nice ass!"

"Good legs!"

"Check out those lips."

"Blowjob lips if I ever saw any."

"Small tits."

"Who cares. Nobody fucks tits any more."

"Could lose a little weight."

One of then pulled me close. Hands squeezed my ass cheeks. I tensed at
the touch. A hand slipped under my skirt, into my panties and rubbed over
my crotch. It gripped my tool and squeezed hard.

"Swollen clit. Turns on easily."

I remained frozen in place, not wanting to respond to the blatant
advances. The other one then took my hand and made me lower his zipper.
He f***ed my hand into his fly, making me grip his prick. That was the
first time I had ever touched a dick other than my own. I let go as if
I were shocked.

"Don't worry honey. Soon you'll be wrapping more than your fingers
around my rod. Just wait till I f***e it between your lips or up your hole."

The hot words and my hand wrapped around his organ caused it to swell to
a size the astonished me. I shuddered at the thought of having to do
anything with it.

"Lisa, call us when you have broken this slut in," he sneered.

They left the elevator laughing at my embarrassment.

Finally we entered Mistress Ellen's apartment, my new home.

I was directed to place the bags in Mistress Lisa's room and to return
to the living room.

"You must be worn out," said Mistress Ellen. "You better get a good
night's sl**p because all us girls are going shopping tomorrow.
I already called your boss and told him you were ill."

She then lead me to my bedroom, the smallest of the three. She opened
the closet to unveil a small collection of dresses, skirts, blouses and
sweaters. No slacks or shorts. The dresser drawers were filled with a
wide variety of lingerie items. There were no men's clothes in sight.

"I saved you a couple suits, a few shirts and some shoes and socks," she
said. "The remainder of the time, you will always wear dresses and
skirts. That way, we have easier access to your hot crotch."

She reached into a dresser drawer and pulled out a small nightie set and
handed it to me. I stripped out of my leather ensemble down to my
panties. They were soaked.

My mistress handed me ruffled panties and a bra to wear under the
nightie. I skinned the soaked panties off and replaced them with the
dry ones. Next, I fastened the bra over my falsies and slipped on the

They both gave me a quick kiss good night and tucked me into the queen
size bed. I was swallowed in satin. I began to relax, hoping for a good
night's sl**p.

It was not to be.

I could here the sounds of their lovemaking as if they were in the room
with me.

Licking, sucking, moaning sounds pierced my senses. I slipped out of bed
to see if I could catch a glimpse of their hot action. Mistress Ellen's
door was ajar and I could see the bed.

Chapter 10

They Say That Making Up Is Hard To Do

I awoke from a deep sl**p to find myself alone in my new bed in my
new home. Sunlight flooded the room. Stretching out, I felt the ruffled
panties draw tighter against my crotch. The lace trim of my nightie tickled
my legs as I gained full consciousness.

It was truly a woman's bedroom, complete with dainty curtains, stuffed
a****ls and the scent of lilac. I climbed out from under the covers and
checked out the room. A quick check of the closet and dresser confirmed
that I wasn't awakening from a dream adventure. A look in the mirror
all doubts.

It presented the vision of a woman who needed a shower and a shave.

I removed my nightie, bra and panties and began to run the shower. I
alternated hot and cold water in order to clear my senses. The reality
of my situation began to seep into my pores. The weekend was not a dream.
The pain in my butt served as a physical reminder of my lost virginity.

I heard the bathroom door open. Mistress Lisa had entered the room to
tell me to hurry up because they were waiting for their breakfast.

"Get your sweet little ass in gear, Dawn. Put your clothes on. I'll help
you with your makeup."

After toweling myself dry, I made my way back to the bedroom. My clothes
were laid out and waiting for me. A waist cincher was the first object
to catch my eye. It had four garters attached to it. I tightened it around
my waist and was startled to notice that it held in my tummy and caused my
hips to flare, presenting a more girlish figure. Next came the front
fastener black bra and breast inserts. They felt and moved as if they
were a part of my skin. The stockings came next. I rolled them slowly up
each leg and fastened them to the garters.

My newest set of panties matched the cincher. I pulled them up my legs
and crammed my bulge into the confines of the lycra cage. A short, slit
slip covered my undergarments. My outfit consisted of a dress with a
teasingly tight bodice that softly shirred into layers of ruffles that got
shorter in the back. It was made of taffeta with a black zipper that ran
the length of the dress.

About that time Mistress Lisa returned to see if I was ready for my
first makeup lesson.

"You look absolutely stunning. Are you ready to complete your

"Yes, mistress."

I followed her into the bathroom and took a seat in front of the large
makeup mirror. She had me shave closely before taking charge.

"We need to soften your look, Dawn."

She applied an ivory foundation, plus what she called a concealer to my
cheeks, nose and chin.

"That should help even out your ruddy complexion."

Next, she applied pale mauve shadow on my eyelids, camel on my brow
bones and soft grey liner along my upper lash line.

"That really shows off your deep set eyes." Black mascara darkened my

"Just a few finishing touches and you'll be set."

She whisked soft berry blush powder onto my cheekbones and did my lips
with rose lip gloss. A short wig was set into place.

"All set! Check it out Dawn, honey."

I looked so much like a sophisticated woman that I truly didn't
recognize the face in the mirror.

My mistress interrupted my fascination by shouting at me, "Quit being so
vain, bitch. Get you ass back to your room, put on your shoes and get

The shoes were sitting next to the bed. They, of course, were high heels
with an ankle strap. Before entering the living room, I practiced
walking around the room so that I could learn to keep my balance.
Finally ready, I smoothed my clothes, took a deep breath and entered the
room to meet my dominating roommates.

They were lounging on the couches reading the morning paper.
I immediatelymade my way to the kitchen where I found a pink frilly apron
laid invitingly on the table. With a shrug I looped it over my head and
tied it tightly into a big bow behind my waist, smoothing the skirt down
in front.

It made me feel as the maid there were making me and I settled down and
prepared them a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. A pitcher
of hot coffee topped of the meal.

After serving them and washing the dishes, I was beckoned to the living
room. Mistress Ellen informed me that they would be out for awhile and
that I should complete the list of chores that I would find on the coffee

"Yes my mistress. I'll take care of them immediately."

Mistress Lisa nudged her partner and asked her, "She looks so lovely and
domestic in her new pinafore apron, but, perhaps it's time for another
reminder of her enslavement to us. What do you think?"

They quickly attached wrist and ankle restraints, leaving me just enough
freedom to perform my assigned duties. They inspected my shackles, blew
me a kiss and left the apartment.

Chapter 11

Unexpected Guest

I made the beds, dusted, vacuumed and cleaned the bathrooms as rapidly
as possible. I didn't want to face the consequences of having them get
back before I was finished. My mobility was severely restricted by my

The sound of a key being turned in the door lock caught my attention
just as I was putting away the vacuum cleaner. I quickly moved to the
center of the room to greet them.

To my surprise and horror, it was not them. It was one of the people
from last night's elevator ride.

"The girls told me you might like some company while they were gone,"
said the intruder.

My visitor presented me a bottle of wine and two glasses.

Walking directly to me, the stranger said, "My what a pretty maid, apron
and all, in style for your housework. Judging from those restraints,
you're not fully trained yet. That's OK though. This will give us some
time to get to know one another."

Pulling on the wrist restraints, my visitor guided me to the couch.

"Sit down and make yourself comfortable. Don't you think a welcome drink
or two is appropriate?"

I plopped down on the cushions. My dress began to rise up my legs and my
apron was being rumpled. I immediately tried to pull them down as far as
possible. The stranger sat across from me. Despite my efforts, there was
no doubt that I was presenting an unobstructed view of my panties covered
crotch to this intruder.

I picked up my drink from the table. In my nervous state, I downed it in
one gulp. The visitor quickly refilled my glass. The alcohol quickly
entered my system and a strange warmth began to spread throughout my

"I'll bet you would love to have me remove those restraints," my
would-be seducer stated, pouring my third glass.

I nodded my consent, afraid to speak.

Enjoying the alcohol warmth and the attention, I settled down some and
began to sip at my drink. I noticed that my visitor hadn't sipped a
If the object was to get me d***k, it was succeeding. The drinks were
loosening me up and making me feel giddy and a bit bold.

"I wonder if I can turn this mysterious person on," I thought to myself.

"I would be a lot more comfortable with them off," I replied, spreading my
legs a bit wider as I spoke.

My uninvited guest crossed the room, knelt down in front of my silk
covered legs and began taking off the ankle restraints. Hands brushed their
way up my legs as each ankle was freed. The warmth began to concentrate in
my brain and my crotch. The visitor climbed onto the couch next to me.
Our thighs came into contact, sending electrical charges to my brain. My
thigh instinctively pressed harder against my seducer's. Next to be
disconnected were my wrist cuffs.

"Now that I freed you how do you intend to repay me?"

"Let's have another drink and discuss it," I replied , holding out my

I couldn't believe it was me teasing, flirting like a brazen
hussy. It seemed to be having an effect. Reaching for me, slim hands grabbed
me pulled me onto my visitor's lap. As I squirmed to get comfortable, I could
feel a bulge against my rear.

My guest's lips sought out my receptive mouth. A long, slim tongue
slipped between my pliant lips.

"Ooohhh!," I groaned into the invading mouth.

I was d***k. d***k from thealcohol. d***k from passion.
There was no holding back I was about to actout my role as the slut
I was trained to be. Besides, I doubted my guess would let me hold back.

"Ooohhh, yes! Yes! That's so good," I breathed heavily. "Let me help you
get more comfortable."

My fingers tentatively began to open shirt buttons. Wickedly, I ran my
fingers across a smooth chest, stopping only to pinch nipples. I became
somewhat confused. I was sure that my visitor was a man.

But, this one actually had little titties.

While I pulled off the shirt, a hand had dropped to my stockinged leg,
sliding slowly up its silky smoothness. Smooth fingers continued to inch
higher. In an attempt to slow his progress, I began to lick and kiss his

He continued to caress my legs. I slid lower on the couch and began to
bite and suck on his nipples. His hand left my legs only long enough to
f***e my hands to his belt and fly. I ran my hands over his pants. Squeezing
and rubbing his erection, I couldn't believe I was actually playing the role
of the slut. And I didn't care about the consequences. I was going to get
off, no matter what I had to do.

"Let me help you," he whispered softly.

My guest f***ed me sit up while he removed his pants and shorts.
My hands flew beneath my skirt and began stroking my erection through my panties.
My legs were spread wantonly. The hem of my dress barely covered my hands.

"Please hurry! I'm so hot. Hot for you. I want to make love to you now,"
I panted.

I was losing control of my senses. I heard the pants hit the floor. Next
came a pair of bikini briefs. My eyes moved up the outspread legs before

"Oh my God! And all this time I thought...! Oh, Wow," I gasped in

He was not a he after all. He was a she. And she was wearing a dildo
attached to elastic straps. It was eight inches long and a full three
inches around. Her latex manhood stood proudly in front of her. It
presented an imposing sight. The cock was longer and wider than the
dildo I had been trained on. Ripples of fear racked my body.

"Fooled you. Didn't I!" She laughed aloud. She quickly reached down
pulled my hands out of my panties and pulled me to my feet. I had trouble
standing. It didn't slow here down any. She quickly pulled down the
zipper on my short dress. It was soon laying on the floor next to her pants.
She reached in front of me and began pulling off my slip. I was too weak and
too d***k to resist. I actually raised my arms to help her "unwrap" her prize.

All I had left on was my bra, waist cincher, panties, stockings and
heels. The next thing I knew she had f***ed me down to my knees and was guiding
my face to the shaft.

"Show me how hot you are for me, bitch. Slip those hot lips around my
rod, you little cock sucking whore!"

I had no choice but to part my lips and take her cock into the confines
of my mouth. I gagged at her size. Her false erection completely filled my
mouth and my saliva coated it.

"Get it good and moist, Dawn. You never know where else I might want to stick it.
Maybe, later I'll bury it in your tight little hole."

Clamping my mouth tightly on her tool, I reached between her legs, under
the harness and fingered her clit. I could sense that she was nearing a
climax. I withdrew her dick from my pursed lips and began kiss and lick
her thighs. My mistress had taught me well.

The mystery guest began bucking and moaning. "Ohhh yes, I feel it
building. Mmmm! Ugghh! Ohhh! Oh fuck! Yeahhh! Mmmm! Argghhhh!"

Soon, her juices doused my face. I gulped down as much as I could. She
wouldn't release my face until I licked her crotch dry. Fully satisfied,
she looked down at me smiling.

"You sure give great head, Dawn," she said as she stepped away and broke
my contact with her crotch.

There was no way I was going to let her leave until I got off somehow.

"Please fuck me," I whispered up at my visitor.


"Please fuck me."

"I don't understand what you want, Dawn. You have to explain it to me."

"Please bury your cock deep in my pussy. I want your prick in me so
deeply. I want to hump your big dick and pound my snatch up and down on your
rod!" I begged. I took her hand in mine and lead her to my bedroom.

"Why should I fuck you? I had my orgasm."

Desperately, I climbed onto the bed on all fours, lowered my panties and
offered my ass to her. The sight of my cheeks swaying and wiggling in
front of her brought her back to life. I knew then that she wouldn't
disappoint me. Positioning herself behind me, she grabbed my hips and began
to push her cock into my tight anal passage. My muscles squeezed tightly on
her fake erection.

"You see that blowjob really got my cock wet. I can't believe how easily
it slipped into your hot hole, Dawn."

"Ohhhhh! Oh Jesus," I moaned into the pillows.

She fucked my hole slowly at first and then with wild abandon. Quickly,
she reached around my hips and her hand slipped into my panties.

"Just as I thought. You're all wet and begging for release aren't you?"

"Ooohhh! Yes. Please, yes. Help me cum. **** my hole."

"How bad do you need it bitch?"

"Really bad! My clit is on fire."

"Beg, bitch," she commanded as she wrapped her hand around my member and
began to pump it in rhythm to her fucking motion.

"Please fuck me hard and make me cum. I'm begging you."

She fucked my ass long, deep and hard, while expertly bringing me close
to my release.

"Mmmm! Yeeessss! Give it to me! Uuuuhhhh!"

My hips bucked in time with hers. The friction of the dildo against her
clit was also taking its toll. We both lost control at the same time.

"Mmmm, yeah, I'm getting off again," she screamed as she stroked deeply
in my hole.

"Ugghh! Mmmm! Ugghh! Mmmm ... yes, please give it to me, give it to me,"
I pleaded.

My r****t continued her assault asking, "Gonna come for me baby? Wanna
come with my stiff cock pumping your tight little pussy?"

"Yes," I moaned. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Ram your cock into my cunt!"

Her hand pumped my dick harder and faster. My entire body quivered.
Quivered from her stroking my cock and from her strokes in my hole.

"Come for me, Dawn! Come for me now," my mystery fucker screamed. She
pumped me swiftly.

My balls tingled with my come, preparing to shoot. My cock throbbed
frantically in her hand. I closed my eyes as I felt my release building.
At that instant, her hips bucked wildly as she approached a climax.

The room was filled with both of our cries of ecstasy. I collapsed on
the bed with her on top of me.

My visitor unstrapped the dildo and climbed off the bed. She left her
instrument of my **** buried in my hole. My panties were filled with my
cum. She f***ed my hand into the moisture, pulled it out and made me
lick and suck my fingers.

Noticing that I was contented, my partner quietly left the room. The
thought that my roommates would return before I could clean up scared
me. Unfortunately, I didn't have the energy to do anything about it. I
closed my eyes, relaxed and awaited their return .....
and my punishment.

Chapter 12

Paying The Price

Mistress Ellen stood in the doorway, holding my discarded clothes in her
hand. "I see Kim welcomed you to the apartment complex."

Mistress Lisa entered the room next. My restraints dangled from her

"Who gave you permission to remove your restraints? It seems that you
still have trouble following orders."

I tried to explain what happened and that their friend was the one who
removed the ankle and wrist cuffs. all my explaining seemed to have no
effect on them.

"You disobeyed me and must pay the price. It's a shame too. I was just
beginning to trust you. Perhaps you need a stronger reminder of your
servitude," stated Mistress Ellen.

She instructed me to pull down my drenched panties and lay across her lap.

With trembling fingers, I followed her direction. My panties were down
to my knees and the dildo was still sticking in my hole as I stretched
across her spread legs. My member slipped between her spread thighs.
Immediately, she clamped her legs together, trapping my penis.

Mistress Lisa removed her belt from her jeans, doubled it over and
handed it mistress Ellen, who began spanking my bottom.

Every time I moved or cried out, she'd spank me even harder. The
whipping seemed to last an eternity. Whenever I moved, the pressure on
my penis was similar to being snugly crammed into a hot cunt. This caused
me to squirm more. This, of course, increased the intensity of my spanking.
The mixture of pain and pleasure was becoming unbearable.

Finally, she stopped. She rolled me off her lap onto the floor, pulled
the latex cock from my ravished hole and laughed at me.

"Don't think you're off the hook."

Mistress Lisa reached into my lap, grasped my erection and pulled me to
my feet.

"We're going to have to do something about this," she said while
squeezing my member. "I think I have just the thing."

She produced a cock and ball sheath. While Mistress Lisa kept me erect,
Mistress Ellen set about attaching it. She placed my balls in the pouch and
then placed my penis into the sheath. Her deft fingers laced it up the front
of my cock and tightened the fasteners around my covering. A roller buckle
in the back locked it all into place. There was a D-ring attached to the

"That's in case I want to attach a leash to lead you around. Or maybe I
might want to add some weights. In case you have any ideas about taking
it off yourself, forget it." A small lock was attached to a connection
behind my balls.

"Once it's locked on, it stays on until I decide to remove it.

"Yes, my mistress, I understand.

"Good! Now pull up you panties and meet me in the kitchen. In case you
haven't noticed, it's supper time."

My panties barely held in my sheathed crotch. I put on the rest of my
clothes and made my way to the kitchen. I prepared their meal and was
f***ed to eat alone in the kitchen. I did the dishes, cleaned the
counters and entered the living room to see what else was expected of me.

Chapter 13

Working Girl

"You need to shower and shave. Tomorrow is a work day," explained
Mistress Lisa.

"You'll find a set of clothes in your closet to wear. Remember,
though, you'll be wearing your lingerie under your suit. Special
lingerie at that."

They also had to work the next day so everyone retired early.

Alone in my room, I removed my clothing and slipped into the ballet
length night gown awaiting me. It had a lace bodice with a low scooped
back that released into a full sweep of a skirt. I slipped the hipster
panties over my still sheathed crotch. Fortunately, it had a opening
that allowed me to pee. I slipped into the bathroom and relieved myself,
then crawled into the bed and slept like a baby.

The alarm rang at 5:30 a.m.

They both came into the room to ensure I got up.

"I know you didn't take your shower last night because I didn't free
your tiny cock and balls," smirked Mistress Ellen.

"Come here and I'll release you.

I held up my nightie while she pulled down my panties, inserted a key
into the lock and loosened the straps. The release of the pressure made
me feel weak. My knees buckled, but, I managed to keep my balance.

I took a quick shower and returned to my room to dress for the office.
Mistress Lisa called me back to the bathroom and applied a light coat of
makeup on me and just a hint of blush.

"Just to remind who and what you are," she said.

Mistress Ellen handed me what I was to wear under my suit. It was a
white satin and lace bustier that hugged me like a second skin after she
fastened the hook and eye front closures. She removed the bra straps,
but not the garters. White lace topped stockings covered my legs. I attached
the garters and pulled on the matching panties.

The outline of my lingerie was barely visible under my T-shirt and dress
shirt. I pulled on my slacks and put a pair of socks over my stockings.
The shoes actually felt strange after days in high heels.

They drove me to work in my car and dropped me off in front of my

"Pick you up at 5 p.m. sharp," they shouted as they drove away.

Unfortunately, the girl I was currently dating arrived at about the same
time. She was visibly upset when she saw me climb out of the car.

"Wasn't that Ellen driving your car?," she asked.

I told her that Ellen's car broke down and asked for a ride.

"She offered to make a few stops for me, so I let her use the car."

"I thought you said you were through dating her," Kayla stated.

"Believe me, Kayla, I assure you that I'm not dating her."

Kayla accepted that and walked into the building with me.

As we started to climb the steps to the third floor offices, she stopped
me on one of the landings and kissed me passionately.

"Missed you this weekend," she said. "I especially missed your cock."

She rubbed her hand on the front of my trousers. I swelled quickly to a
pulsing erection.

"Ooohhh, it feels like it missed me too. Maybe I should take it out and
give it a welcome home kiss," she said reaching for my zipper.

I pulled away quickly, reminding her that we were due at a meeting in
five minutes. She knew I was right. However, she told me I would have
to make it up to her at lunch.

Concentrating on work was virtually impossible. It was impossible to
ignore the feel of the stockings caressing my legs and the panties rubbing
against my member. It strained hard against the silky fabric. So hard,
in fact, that I had to spend most of the day behind my desk hiding my arousal.

"How was I going to handle Kayla," I wondered.

About an hour later, Kayla walked through the doorway, closed and locked
the door, and announced that it was time for me to show her how much I
missed her.

In seconds, she was stripped to her bikini panties. She sat herself on
the edge of my desk and spread her legs wantonly.

I sat back in my chair to admire the view.

"My pussy really missed you this weekend," she said. "Are you sure you
were away on business?"

"Believe me, I was busy almost every waking minute."

"Let me tell you how I spent my lonely weekend."

She started by saying that she had visited her folks Friday and

"I got really lonely and horny Sunday evening. Seeing that you weren't
around to help me, I decided to take care of myself."

Her face took on a dreamy look as she began describing her activities
They included a vibrator, dildos and masturbation. While she was talking,
she would rub herself through her panties. The more she talked, the larger
the wet spot on her panties grew.

"And then I inserted the vibrator," the words trailed as suddenly put
both hands between her legs, opened her mouth and moaned, "God, how I
needed your dick!"

She then leaned back on the desk, pushed aside her crotch covering and
buried two fingers in her cunt She was soaking. Her fingers pumped in
and out. Her juices began to drip down her leg. Seconds later, she
started to shake her head back and forth. She crammed her free hand
into her mouth and let out a scream, literally convulsing as she reached
her climax.

After a brief rest to catch her breath, Kayla sat back up on the desk
andstated, "That should have been you inside me."

She stretched out and placed her legs on my shoulders. I had no choice
except to focus on her crotch. Kayla locked her ankles behind my neck
and literally pulled my face into her crotch. I knew what to do with my
mouth. I surely had enough practice over the past few days.

She reached her first orgasm in seconds. I wouldn't stop. I kept eating
her, first through her panties, then with them removed until she begged
me to stop.

"Wow," she exclaimed.

Her nude body was stretched out on the desk. I could see her loins
tremble from the intensity of her orgasms. I knew I wouldn't have
to perform any more this afternoon. I helped her off the desk and into
her dress.

With shaking legs I carried her out of my office, a glazed look on her

"Maybe I should let you go away more often. I just love these welcomes,"
she said huskily.

My panties were soaked from that sex-charged hour. Kayla hadn't
discovered my secret. I wondered how long I could keep it from her.

Mercifully, quitting time arrived. As promised They were waiting for me
at the curb.

Chapter 14

True Confessions

Mistress Lisa stepped out of the car to allow me to sit between them. As
I slid over on the seat, one of them asked how my day had gone.
I responded that It went just like any other day at the office.

"I have trouble believing that," said Mistress Ellen. "I saw you going
into the building with that slut Kayla. And I do know that you date her.
Used to date her, that is."

"Whatever you wish, my mistress."

"Did you tell her about your weekend?"

"I told her I was kept busy, my mistress."

"Good answer."

Mistress Lisa joined the conversation. "Knowing that cunt Kayla as well
as I do, I'm sure she hit on you didn't she?"

I explained, in detail, her lunch time visit.

"That bitch better stay away from my Dawn or I'll have to take drastic
measures. Did you enjoy yourself with her Dawn."

My silence gave me away.

"I guess I'll have to see for myself," said Mistress Ellen.

She reached into my lap, unbuttoned my pants, pulled down my zipper and
felt the front of my panties.

They were still wet. She grabbed my cock and squeezed hard. "Just
remember, you little slut, that this belongs to me. No one else.

"Yes, my mistress."

"Maybe we should teach Kayla a little lesson," offered Mistress Lisa.
"Let's invite her to go to the party with us Friday night and take care
of her little problem"

"Good idea," replied Mistress Ellen. "Of course, little Dawn here will
come in handy, if you're thinking what I'm thinking."

Mistress Ellen countered, "You got it."

Chapter 15

Party Time

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful. I did my chores and serviced
my two dominant room mates nightly. Fortunately, Kayla was called away for
most of the week to work on a special project and I was able to pretty
much avoid her sexual advances.

She came into my office Friday with a curious look on her face. "You're
not going to believe this one," she said. "Your ex-girlfriend Ellen invited
me to a party tonight. At first, I wasn't going to go. But, then she said
she had a few secrets about you that she wanted to share. So I told her
I'd be there."

She put her arms around my neck and whispered in my ear. "I'll miss you
tonight. Besides, it serves you right for abandoning me last weekend."

Her hand cupped my crotch and squeezed gently. She felt me respond.

"Maybe we can sneak in a quickie before I go back to work," she said as
sheplaced my hands on her pert little breasts.

I could feel her nipples harden through the thin material of her blouse.
As usual, she wasn't wearing a bra.

A voice crackled over the intercom.

"Your next appointment has just arrived. Shall I have them wait?"

Kayla grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled my groin tightly against hers.

"Let them wait!"

"I can't. They're important clients."

"More important than feeling my hot pussy stretched around your cock?"

She continued to grind against me and squeezed my buttocks even harder.

"Just remember, you slut, that this belongs to me. No one else."

The words of my mistress echoed loudly in my memory.

"I'm sorry, Kayla. These are not the type of people to be kept waiting,"
I said as I freed myself from her grasp.

"Neither am I! I might just try to find myself someone interesting at
the party ," she retorted in a huff and stormed out of the private entrance
to the office.

On the way home, Mistress Ellen told I was in luck.

"Marty and Linda called to say that the party was being catered. That
means all you'll have to do is serve the food and be available for whatever
else we decide. They even paid the rent for your maid's outfit. Isn't that

"Yes, my mistress."

We stopped at the apartment long enough to clean up and change for the

After applying my makeup for me, they retired to their rooms to change.
As usual, my clothes were laid out for me.

They emerged from their rooms dressed identically in skin-tight,
leather-look bustiers with metal studs and a front zipper. Each was also
wearing a black mini skirt of the same material.

Covering my normal lingerie consisting of corset, slip, panties and
nylons, I wore a blue two piece dress. It buttoned in the front and
had padded shoulders. The short (as always) skirt zipped up in back.

Mistress Lisa handed me a small suitcase and an overnight case.

"Your outfit and everything else you need is in these bags. Let's go,"
said Mistress Ellen.

We were the first to arrive.

They exchanged hugs and kisses with Marty and Etta.

Marty told Mistress that Kayla had accepted the invitation to attend the

"This will be a night she never forgets," beamed my mistress.

"I'll take Dawn in back and help her get ready," offered Marty.

"Be my guest," answered Mistress Ellen. "She's at your service."

Once in her bedroom, she had me open the cases and remove the clothing.

"I rented this outfit and you had better put it to good use."

The black satin maid's outfit was a complete ensemble. It included a
bra, garter belt, seamed stockings, satin dress, apron, cap and two
crisp full petticoats. I stripped out of my dress and lingerie and put
on my outfit. The petticoats made the satin skirt stand straight out.

While I was dressing, she told me where everything was and how and when
to serve the food.

"When you're not busy, I want you at my side. After all, I am the hostess.
Don't worry, Mistress Ellen has given me complete charge over you this
evening. That is until she's ready to deal with Kayla."

I followed Marty to the den and remained near her. When the guests
started to arrive, I answered the door, took their wraps and hung them in
the closet. All the guests were women. Attractive, young women.

Kayla arrived last. As I took her jacket, I tried to avoid her eyes.

"Don't I know you from somewhere? You look so familiar," she inquired.

"No, mam," I whispered in response.

"Maybe you worked at one of my mother's parties."

"I don't think so, mam."

"Oh well, whatever."

She dismissed me and entered the room. To my surprise Mistress Ellen and
Mistress Lisa both warmly welcomed Kayla. They both gave her tight hugs
and deep kisses.

To my even greater surprise, Kayla responded openly. I saw her tongue
dart into Mistress Lisa's mouth. They held their embrace for a long time.

"What else don't I know about Kayla," I wondered.

Marty informed me that it was time to serve drinks.

Carrying a tray of champagne glasses, I circulated around the room of
about 20 sexy females. The more they drank, the more familiar they became
with each other and with me. As I passed among them, a number of them
would make petticoat checks, reaching under my satin skirt to pinch my butt.
A few of them actually reached under and stroked my cock, keeping me hard
and begging for relief. I knew then that most knew who I was and why I was

There was a sense of electric anticipation in the air. Most of the
guests, when not fondling each other, seemed to direct their attention to
Mistress Ellen and Kayla. Something was brewing.

"Could I have your attention please," shouted Mistress Lisa.

She announced to the gathering that Kayla was the guest of honor for the

"Kayla is another women who has been neglected by her boyfriend and has
sought our companionship in her hour of need. Kayla, my dear, I assure
you that after tonight you will no longer be interested in your boyfriend."

Mistress Ellen interrupted her partner stating, "Kayla, I know what a
slut you are. My ex-boyfriend is now my room mate. I saw you hitting on
him the other day. Believe me when I tell you that he is mine for as long
as I want him. You have no say in the matter."

Kayla, never one to be undone, asked, "Just what the hell have you got
that would make him want you over me?"

"Control, you dumb bitch. I have complete control over him."

"I doubt that!"

"You were invited here to see the control I have. Before the evening is
over, I will have the same control over you."

As she finished those words, Mistress Lisa, Marty and Etta grabbed Kayla
and wrestled her to the floor. She was quickly put into restraints and a
ball gag was f***ed into her mouth.

The fear in her eyes reminded me of my encounter with Mistress Lynn.

They pulled Kayla to her feet and stood her up against a wall. There
eye hooks sticking out of it. The hapless lady was effortlessly
spread eagled to the wall. It looked as if she were nailed there.

"Come here, Dawn," commanded Mistress Lisa. "I want you to undress this
bitch for our inspection."

I approached the captive Kayla, still averting her gaze and began to
undress her. "Time for a little revenge," I thought to myself. A look at
her young, tall athletic body reminded me of the hours of pleasure we
had spent together. The fear of the unknown, coupled with her total
helplessness, showed in her eyes. She was wearing a pure silk camisole.
It sparkled with silver sequins and bugle beads. It d****d over a pair
of nylon stretch jeans. Its body molding fit showed off her perfect ass,
hips and legs.

Tentatively, I reached for the camisole. Kayla tensed, realizing that
her assets would soon be bared to this large group of onlookers.

I took the bottom and began to raise it up. Her breathing quickened. Her
smooth belly quivered as I inched it higher. This time she was wearing
a bra. It was a sheer, lace underwired bustiette with a hook and eye
front. Her pale skin served in perfect contrast to the wicked black

After the camisole was pulled off over her head, a few of the onlookers
pushed me aside and began to fondle Kayla's breasts through the sheer
lace bra material.

Kayla began to squirm. At first I thought it was out of fear. But, then
the thought crossed my mind that Kayla would enjoy this amount of attention.

Who was really in control?

Mistress Lisa asked her friends to retreat from their advances so that I
could finish Kayla's unveiling. As my hand approached her waist band,
stomach continued to quiver. In anticipation, or fear? Only Kayla knew
that answer.

I unbuttoned her pants and ever so slowly lowered her zipper.

"Hurry up, bitch," shouted Marty. "I think we're being too easy on Dawn,
Ellen." said one of the ladies. "Make her lower the zipper with her

"You heard her, Dawn. Take your teeth to that zipper," commanded my

I immediately went to my knees and moved my face toward Kayla's crotch.
I grabbed the fastener between my teeth and began to pull it down. The
musky odor of her crotch attacked my senses, making me want to bury my
face in her bush. When her zipper was lowered, I reached up and pulled
open her pants. A set of panties that matched her bra came into view.
The lace flared out over her hips, again highlighting the paleness of
her flesh.

I reached behind her and cupped her buns as I began to work the pants
down her legs. I had to remove her shoes and momentarily release her leg
restraints in order to slip off the tight nylon. It was as if I was
unpeeling a layer of protective skin.

Stripped to her lacy underwear, Kayla was a picture of innocence. Even I
knew better than that.

"Shall we inspect our slut guest? We must see if she is worth the
attention of our lowly maid Dawn," said Mistress Ellen.

All the women converged on Kayla. I stepped back to watch. There wasn't
a square inch of her body that wasn't being touched, pinched or probed by
the party bunch.

Kayla strained against her restraints. She couldn't avoid any of the
fondling. Her head fell back and her eyes closed tightly as she
surrendered to their inspection.

Hands opened her bra and pulled it off. Kayla's pert little titties
stood high and proud, her nipples swelled to almost an inch in length.

"Warm her up for us Dawn," shouted Mistress Lisa. "Show us how good you
are with your tongue."

Mistress Ellen took me by the hand and led me back to Kayla. Marty
joined my mistress and they f***ed me back to my knees in front of Kayla.

The group formed a semicircle around me. Many of then were already
playing with themselves or with one another. I buried my face in her pantied
crotch and began to suck the love juices from her panties. While doing that,
I pushed aside the lacy crotch of her panties and slipped a finger into
her dripping pussy and began to massage her clit.

Her slender body began to move in time with my motions. Her nostrils
flared as her breathing deepened.

Two fingers wormed their way into her love canal. My thumb continued to
work on her clit. Her hips began to push her crotch against my face.

"Eat out that nasty cunt's pussy. Only a maid would find pleasure eating
out a sleazy slut like Kayla." yelled Etta.

I complied with her command and crammed my face into her pussy. I could
hear her moans, even through the ball gag. I licked every crevice of her
vagina. My tongue encircled the opening of her vagina and occasionally
dipped inside. I pulled back. Kayla arched toward my tongue. My tongue
was replaced with four fingers buried in her snatch. My tongue sought out
her clitoris and begin licking at her core. She bucked hard against the wall
as well as my face as my fingers probed deeper and my mouth worked over her
clit. The licking, sucking and finger fucking was driving her wild.

Her pussy contracted tightly around my fingers. She screamed into her
gag. It was a gut wrenching orgasm. Fluid dripped from her as I removed my
face from her crotch. I made it a point to lick her clean.

"Bravo. Great show. What a mouth," shouted the group.

I looked up into Kayla's eyes and noticed something the others didn't.
Her eyes were sparkling. Then I remembered her words as she left my office

"I might just try to find myself someone interesting at the party."

Was everyone using me for their pleasure? I was afraid that Mistress Ellen
may have met her match. But then the night was still young.

Chapter 16

Turnabout is Fair Play

The party moved to Marty's bedroom.

Kayla was temporarily freed from her restraints and lead to the room.
Four of the girls pushed her face down onto the bed. Fur lined cuffs were
attached to her wrists and ankles. It looked like they were breaking a
wishbone as she was spread-eagled, the cuffs attached to the bed posters.

Mistress Lisa had carried the overnight case in with her. She opened it
and handed me her riding crop.

"Pull down her panties and spank her real good, Dawn. If we don't think
your doing it right, you'll take her place on the bed," said Mistress

I ran my hands over Kayla's ass a few times before I pulled her panties
down just below her cheeks. Her butt tensed as I ran the handle up and
down her crack, almost slipping it into her moist pussy.

"Dawn's really getting off on this," remarked Etta.

"Whip her ass, bitch. I'm losing my patience," ordered Marty.

I raised the crop and lashed at her ass. Smack! Smack! Smack! The sound
of the leather against her bare buttocks filled the room. Kayla's ass was
turning beet red as I continued. Her crotch tried to grind its way into
the mattress as I continued my assault.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Her screams were muffled by the gag.

"Look at those tears. The cunt is really crying I don't think she can
take much more," remarked one of the onlookers.

"Keep whipping, Dawn," yelled Mistress Lisa. "This should teach her to
mess around with my roomie's possession."

Possession! Is that all I was? I realized that I was being punished as
well as Kayla. They planned to publicly humiliate me while I administered
their wrath on Kayla.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! I continued my thrashing of Kayla's perfect

Finally, they allowed me to stop. Kayla had fainted from the beating.
Her red cheeks pulsed from the heat of the smacks. She was limp and
While she was out, pillows were f***ed under her belly, elevating her
ass.It presented a tempting target for a deep penetration of either or
both holes.

"Come over her Dawn. We need to prepare you to invade her ass and
pussy," said Marty.

She pulled a harness out of the case and commanded me to lift my skirt
and petticoats. My dick was straining hard against the material of my

Two of the guests attached the harness to my hips and legs. All of this
was accomplished over my panties. Their hands stroked and rubbed my crotch
as they prepared me. A latex cock was attached to the harness. It had a
normal sized cock and a smaller dick just underneath it. The dildo was
designed to fill both holes at the same time.

Etta lubricated the dong and led me back to the bed. The women crowded
closer as I was f***ed on the bed and made to kneel with my cock pointed
at her ass and pussy.

"Fuck her back to life and screw her until she passes out again,"
instructed Mistress Ellen.

Marty took hold of the dildo and helped guide it to the entrances of her
holes. Smack! The riding crop whipped across my ass. I jerked violently
forward, burying both heads deep in Kayla. Her screams could be heard in
spite of the ball gag.

"Start humping, bitch," someone shouted.

Trying to be as gentle as possible, I began to try to set a slow, easy
rhythm in an attempt to not hurt Kayla too badly. Another smack on the
ass was my reward. Again I lunged forward.

If there was one thing I knew, Kayla loved it was a good fucking. I
closed my eyes and imagined that I actually had two cocks and began
fucking her in earnest. My own cock pressed against the base of the dildo
and was agitated by my stroking inside Kayla. I wasn't sure how long I would
last before coming in my panties.

Kayla began to move her ass in response to my thrusts. Her screams were
replaced with low moans and grunts. I reached around her and began to
tickle her clit. She bucked harder against me. I knew it wouldn't be
long before she came again. The air rushed out of her lungs as she climaxed
and she dropped down onto the pillows.

"Keep fucking," shouted Etta. "She can take more than that."

I picked up the tempo again. In a matter of seconds, Kayla was meeting
me again, thrust for thrust. She was insatiable. She climaxed again, and
again, and again.

The pressure of the dildo was having its effect on me. I rammed rapidly
into her until she climaxed one more time. At the same time, I could
feel my load moving up the length of my cock and explode into my panties.
Exhausted, I collapsed on top of Kayla. They pulled me off her and began
to take off the harness.

Mistress Lisa was the first to notice my jism filled panties. "The bitch
got off too," she exclaimed.

Marty pulled off my panties, walked around the bed and removed the ball
gag from Kayla's mouth. In its place she crammed my drenched panties.
A strap was used to keep the panties in her mouth.

"Here's your dinner, slut," Mistress Ellen sneered.

Kayla opened her eyes. A look of defiance covered her face. She began to
suck the cum out of panties, swallowing all my spent juices. Kayla
seemed to be enjoying herself more than her tormentors could imagine.

Marty handed me a dry pair of panties. I pulled them up into place.

Kayla was released from her restraints. She immediately assumed a fetal
position and seemed to drift off into a fantasy world, her mouth still
working on the soaked panties.

"Dawn, Lay down on the bed beside Kayla. I want your face near her
crotch and your crotch near her face. You know, a sixty nine position,"
instructed Mistress Ellen.

Kayla stretched out a bit as she felt my breath on her thigh. Her face
was hidden below my skirt and petticoats. Marty and Etta approached the bed.

They set about cuffing Kayla and I together. My wrists were cuffed to
her ankles. Marty set about joining my ankles to Kayla's.

"I want both of you bitches to follow my orders exactly," lectured
Mistress Ellen.

"Kayla, I'm going to remove your gag so that you can enjoy the wonders
of Dawn's crotch. If you disobey me, I'll have all these women take
a turn at spanking your ass. Do you understand?"

Kayla's head nodded from underneath my skirt. Her nose brushed against
my thigh, sending ripples of pleasure through my veins.

"I want each of you to remove the other's panties with your teeth and
then eat each other out. The first one to bring the other to an orgasm will
be freed for the evening. The loser will be at our mercy the rest of the
night. Do you understand?"

We both nodded our understanding.

"Good! Now go to it."

I buried my face in her panties and kissed and licked at her thighs.
Quickly, I moved my head up to her waist band as soon as she started to
squirm. My movement cause me to slide up her face.

That was a mistake.

My panty encased bulge slid into Kayla's open mouth. After licking my
cock from its base to its head, she paused, looked into my eyes and screamed,

"I thought that I recognized that pussy eating style. Well, Dawn, your
secrets out now. And I intend to see you suffer for deceiving me."

She bit my cock through my panties.

"Aaaiiieee!" I screamed in pain.

My face fell back in her crotch. Somehow, she managed to capture my head
between her thighs in a viselike grip.

She raised her head and pushed my panties down with her chin, at the
same time licking the length of my cock as it was exposed. Quickly her mouth
swallowed my cock to it's base. The vacuum she created seemed to
literally suck the juices right out of me.

I tried to move my ass and escape her eager mouth. It was useless.

Her mouth continued to bob up and down and continued to milk my dick. I
could feel my toes curl and the pressure of my release build.

All my attempts to free my face were futile. I was locked in a death
grip. My orgasm racked my body.

"Oh my god. Oh, my god. I'm going to explode. I'm coming. I'm coming!!!

She never let up. The cum shot from my cock directly down her throat.
She swallowed and sucked. Swallowed some more and sucked me until I was

Kayla released my imprisoned member and informed her captors, "If you
think you taught me a lesson, you're right. Would you please teach me more
about how I can train someone to be like Dawn.? I don't think I'll be needing
a boyfriend anymore." The ladies all applauded her, and her decision.

Chapter 17

The Agony of Defeat

Etta and Marty untied us. Kayla, in her triumph, was helped from the bed
and was rewarded with kisses and hugs from the rest of the women at the
party. She reveled in her victory. Even Mistress Ellen was impressed
with Kayla's performance.

I was left on the bed, curled up in a ball, physically drained by
Kayla's expert cock sucking.

"Kayla, as the winner, you have earned the right to choose Dawn's
punishment, declared Mistress Lisa. "Do you have anything special in

"I most certainly do." She explained her plan to the guests.

Everyone loved her idea. Unfortunately, I couldn't hear her plan because Kayla
had motioned her friends to the living room first.

Two women entered the room and pulled me to my feet. They tied my ankles
to the bed posts.

Still naked, Kayla came into the room. A fine film of sweat made her
beautiful body glisten. She approached me with a long strip of leather
in her hands. It had a noose on one end and a metal ring on the other.
Kayla lifted my skirt and petticoats.

"Hold these up out of the way, Sweetie," she commanded.

She pushed aside the crotch of my panties and pulled out my flaccid
member.The noose was placed around my balls and pulled it tight.

She then crawled onto the bed, laid down on her back and splayed her
legs wide, giving me a wonderful view of her swollen pink cunt lips. Kayla
began to finger herself to a new height of arousal.

My cock sprang to attention at her wanton sexual display. As soon as it
did, Kayla pulled on the strap. It felt as if my balls were being pulled
free from my groin.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee!" I screamed loudly.

Mistress Ellen slipped into the room while I was screaming in agony as
Kayla continued to pull on the strap while she fingered her moist pussy.

My mistress had slipped on the harness and dildo. She joined Kayla on
the bed, placing herself between Kayla's outstretched legs. Even with my
vision blocked, I could tell that she was rubbing the artificial phallus
against Kayla's cunt lips. Kayla's moans gave it away.

Looking back over her shoulder, my mistress asked, "Would you like to
join us, Dawn?"

"Yes, Mistress, very much."

"I knew my plan would work," exclaimed Kayla.

The two lovers separated long enough for Kayla to slip the strap's metal
ring over Mistress Ellen's dildo . They then resumed their coital
position. The strap stretched to its limits. As it pulled taut, it again
felt as though my balls were being pulled free from my body.

"Mistress Ellen aimed the latex cockhead at its target. Kayla arched her
hips up to meet the initial thrust. Once Kayla was penetrated, I had to
thrust my hips forward to lessen the pain.

They fucked wildly until they both climaxed. All I could do was buck my
hips in the air while I watched the two beauties fuck away.

Mistress Ellen removed the dildo from Kayla's pussy and pressed it
between my lips.

"Lick Mistress Kayla's precious juices from my dick, you slut. Lick it

Kayla released my restraints and pulled me down onto the bed, trapping
my face between her strong thighs. Mistress Ellen tied my hands behind my
back. I was, once again, rendered helpless. This left my ass available
to them.

My mistress lowered my panties. A line of their friends had formed in
the room. They each took a turn paddling my exposed rear with a leather
paddle. Kayla f***ed my face against her cunt.

"Eat me, bitch. Eat me until I cum all over your face, you whorish

The paddling ceased. It was replaced by the dildo pressing against my
ass hole. All the guests took turns working the dildo in my butt while
I concentrated my attention on lapping at Kayla's exquisite pussy. Kayla
came several times while the guests ****d my ass.

Mistress Ellen reached between my legs and began to milk my cock. It
didn't take many strokes before I came into the sheets.

"Sloppy, bitch. Clean up your mess."

My face was f***ed into the puddle I had left on the sheet. I had no
choice but to lick it up. All the women laughed at me as I slurped up all
the juices, mine, Kayla's and those of my mistress.

"Pack up your bag and go back home," instructed Mistress Lisa. "Change
back into your two-piece dress and when you get home, launder the outfit that
Marty and Etta were sweet enough to rent for you. Then put yourself to

"Have a nice walk home," said Kayla, "See your sweet buns at work
Monday. We'll see if you ever refuse me again."

They all left the room and returned to their partying. All the activity
had excited them. As I looked into the room as I was leaving for my long
walk home, they were all involved in an orgy of lesbian lust.

Chapter 18

Additional Duties

The rest of the weekend was devoted to cooking and cleaning. Neither
mistress required any personal services from me. They seemed to be
exhausted from all the activity at the party. In fact, they didn't
return home until late Saturday afternoon.

Monday morning came quickly. With it came the long ride to work and my
first encounter with Kayla. I tried desperately to avoid her, but to no
avail. I was having a problem with one of my accounts and needed more
information. Who was the only person with that information? You guessed
it, Kayla. I asked my secretary to summon her to my office.

"She said to put you on the line because she had an important message
for you," my secretary informed me over the intercom.

After staring at the phone for a moment, I took a deep breath, picked up
the handset and answered.

"Yes," I answered, trying to sound as professional as possible. My bulge
began to grow against my panties as her voice reminded me of the party.

"Yes, what?" Her tone was stern and demanding.

"Yes, May I help you?"

"You helped me enough Friday night."

"I'm sorry. I don't think it's appropriate to discuss the matter over
the phone."

"We'll discuss whatever I want, whenever I want. I'll be at your office
in 15 minutes. Tell your secretary that you will be unavailable for at
least an hour."

"I can't do that," I replied.

"You will do it," she commanded. "By the way, Dawn, I want your pants
off when I get there. Be sitting in your chair in just your pretty panties,
stockings and garter belt. You can leave your shirt on. Do you

"But, Kayla!"

"Do you understand?"

"I understand."


"Yes, Kayla, I understand."

"Yes, who?"

"Yes, Mistress Kayla. I understand."

"That's better. See you in a few minutes."

Just as I was about to hang up, I heard a second click. I prayed that my
secretary hadn't heard the conversation. I buzzed her to tell her that
when Kayla arrived that we would be in conference for at least an hour.

"I understand," she replied. "By the way, we need to discuss something
after your meeting. I think I may be due a pay raise soon. Don't you
think so, Dawn.?"


"Oh my God!" She had heard. How would I handle this? I couldn't fire

I was interrupted by the sound of the buzzer announcing Kayla's arrival.

"Just a minute," I shouted into the intercom.

Quickly, I moved from behindmy desk, dropped my pants, and removed my
socks and shoes. I could hear them talking outside the door. Their giggles
told me that my secretary had told Kayla that she knew about the phone
conversation. Things were about tochange in my office. Unfortunately,
I had no control over how they weregoing to change.

"Stacy, you can send Kayla in now."

Kayla entered the room with more confidence than I had ever seen. She
stopped in the middle of the room. Legs spread and hands on her hips,
she commanded me to come out from behind my desk. Humiliated and at the
same time excited I rose and came from behind the desk.

"Kneel down in front of your mistress, you pansy slut," Kayla commanded.

I dropped to my knees and stared at the floor.

"At least you follow orders as well as you give them," she said.

She walked around me and sat in my chair.

"Crawl over here, slave," she commanded.

I had no choice but to obey. As I knelt in front of her, she spread her
legs and gave me a view of her crotch.

"See anything you like?"

"Yes, Mistress Kayla."

"And just what is it you see?"

"Your beautiful pussy."

"I'll bet you'd like to fuck me. Wouldn't you?"


"Yes, what?"

"Yes, Mistress Kayla, I would love to fuck your pussy."

"But, Dawn, that's impossible."

"Why, Mistress Kayla?"

"Because there's no dildo handy. We women need to have something to
insert in our love canals if we're going to enjoy a good fucking."

"But, I have a cock. Don't you remember, Mistress Kayla?"

She slapped my face and laughed. "Let me see."

She reached into my panties and squeezed my swollen cock.
"You call that a cock. I'm sorry, Dawn, your little swollen clit just isn't
that big."

"But, Mistress Kayla."

"Enough of that foolishness. Pull yourself together. After all, this is
an office."

She informed me that this was a business meeting. She, however, was the
one who was going to conduct the business.

"I have some paperwork to do. Crawl under the desk and eat me while I knock
out some of this work," Kayla ordered.

She slid the chair back, giving me room to assume my position between
her legs. She pulled her skirt up to her hips and slid forward in the seat
so that I could begin my licking. I licked my way up the slick lips of her
vagina and surrounded her clit with my lips. My tongue teased its tip.

"Keep licking, Dawn. I work much better when I'm excited. You may be
useless for fucking, but you've got a great mouth."

And excited she was. Her juices ran down my chin as I continued to lick
andsuck her sweet pussy.

I heard her pick up the phone. I froze.

"Stacy, this is Kayla. Would you come in and take a little dictation?"

"Be right there," announced Stacy.

Kayla told me to keep licking or she would expose me to Stacy
immediately. She tightened her thighs against my cheeks.

The door opened. I could hear Stacy cross the room and take a seat in
front of the desk. The smell of her ever-tantalizing perfume filled the room.

"This will be just a short note for your boss to sign," Kayla said.

The letter read was entitled , New office policy." It read: "Because of
my new understanding of the value of my secretary, the following procedures
will be immediately implemented.

1. A 25% pay raise will be awarded effective with the next pay period.

2. A flex schedule will be implemented immediately. The secretary will
her own business hours.

3. The secretary will no longer be required to make or serve coffee.

"What made him decide to do all this for me?" she asked Kayla.

"It wasn't hard to persuade him at all."

"How can I ever repay you?"

"Just help me keep him in line and keep wearing those sexy clothes.
one of the reasons I visit so often."

"I never knew," said Stacy.

"You're one beautiful woman, Stacy."

"Thank you. I could just kiss you for all you've done," said Stacy

"Don't let me stop you."

"What about my boss?"

"Believe me, he's too busy to interrupt us. Lock the door so we can have
some privacy."

I heard the rustle of Stacy's skirt and the sound of her nylon-encased
thighs rubbing together as Stacy got up and crossed the room to lock the
office door. Kayla slid her chair away from the desk, breaking my
contact with her clit. She turned the chair and beckoned Stacy to come
to her. I cowered in a corner as far under the desk as I could squeeze.

"Now, how about that kiss!"

Stacy came to Kayla, stood between her outspread legs, bent down, and
kissed Kayla passionately. I could hear the slurping sounds as their
tongues did battle between their hot, moist lips. Kayla stood up and
began running her hands over Stacy's body. From my hiding place, I could
see her cup Stacy's ass cheeks and pull their crotches into intimate contact.

"Ooohhh," moaned my secretary. She began to grind her crotch against

Spurred on by this invitation, Kayla unbuttoned Stacy"s blouse. It fell
to the floor in front of me.

Stacy"s unharnessed breasts spilled out into view. Her nipples were hard
and distended. Kayla lowered her head and began to suck Stacy's
distended nipples.

"Ooohhh," sighed Stacy.

"You've got such beautiful breasts," said Kayla. "They're so full and
firm. Has your boss ever sampled these?"

"He hasn't tried yet. I do catch him peeking down my blouse when I lean
over the desk. Of course, I make sure he gets a good view. It drives him
crazy," replied Stacy. "Especially when I brush up against him."

All this action and hot sex talk caused me to reach into my panties and
stroke my engorged cock.

"I'll bet it does, purred Kayla. "I'll bet he would like to squeeze them
like this."


"And lick and suck your nipples like this."


"And bury his face between them."


"And work his tongue down to your cute belly button."


"And kiss his way down to your hot, moist pussy. Stopping to suck the
juices from your drenched panties before he dipped his tongue into your
steaming cunt.

"Ooohhh," crooned Stacy. "I always wondered if you went both ways."

"Sweetheart, I swing in any direction that brings pleasure," voiced

"Why don't you climb up on the desk so that I can get to that hot pussy
of yours."

Stacy climbed onto the desk. Her legs d****d over the edge in front of
my face. Kayla sat back down in my chair and moved it back under the desk.
She reached down, grabbed my hair and pulled my face back into her crotch.

"Let's get these panties off."

Kayla pulled Stacy"s string bikini panties off her and, instead of
dropping them on the floor, d****d them over my head. The wet crotch
settled over my nose. I inhaled deeply and continued to service Kayla's
pussy. Kayla slid down in her seat so that she could reach her target,
Stacy"s exposed cunt.

"Now, that's the kind of kiss I was hoping for," whispered Stacy, as
Kayla buried her face in the secretary's bush.

"Mmmm," moaned Kayla, her sounds muffled by Stacy"s quivering thighs.
"Such a sweet honey pot."

"Yes! Yes. Lick my dripping honey. Suck my pussy dry," hissed Stacy.

She raised her legs and placed them on Kayla's shoulders. I began to lick
and suck in earnest. Kayla responded by burying her face deeper in Stacy"s

"If the boss only knew what we were doing on his desk. What do you think
he would do?"

"He'd probably wet his panties."

I froze again.

"Wet his panties?"

"Come on, Stacy. You already told me that you overheard our
conversation. You don't have to be coy with me."

"Is he really your love slave? How did you get him to be that way? Does
he really wear lingerie under his business suit?"

"Yes. He's not just my slave. He's been trained to serve all women. And
if you don't believe me, his pants are over there on the couch"

Stacy looked over her shoulder and noticed my trousers, socks and shoes.

"You should see him at home. All he wears is dresses and skirts. Never
slacks or shorts," explained Kayla.

"Where is he then?"

"Under the desk eating my pussy."


Kayla reached down and grabbed my hair. She pulled me out from under the
desk as she slid her chair back.

"Oh my God, it's true," gasped a surprised Stacy.

Kayla stood up, pulling me up with her.

"Dawn, I want you to meet your newest mistress, Stacy," said Kayla.

"Stacy and I will be working closely in the future to help in your training."

Stacy stared at me through lust filled eyes. I could tell that she
eagerly wanted Kayla to return to her soul kissing.

"My! My! My! Aren't we something," Stacy said as she examined my frilly

She ran her hands across my panties and massaged my swollen
member. She had me turn around and model my lacy underwear. Her hands
cupped my ass, pulling me close to her. She looked me directly in the
eyes and said,

"All this time I though you were Mr. Macho Man. Instead you're a
pussy-whipped little pansy."

I hung my head in shame.

Still staring into my eyes, Stacy addressed Kayla, "What did you say
this little slut's name is?"

"The little sissy's name is Dawn."

"Is Dawn any good for anything, like cunt lapping?"

"Why don't you find out for yourself?"

"I think I will!"

Stacy released her grip on my buns, returned to the desk and sat on it's
edge. Kayla approached me, reached into my panties and pulled me by the
cock to Stacy.

"On your knees bitch. If you don't bring me to a strong orgasm, I might
just make you sharpen pencils all day. You'd look really cute out there
in the reception area dressed in only your sexy lingerie," said my

I knelt between her pillars of flesh and immediately began to kiss, lick
and suck Stacy's pussy.

Kayla knelt on the desk, positioning her cunt directly over Stacy´s
face. My secretary assaulted her friend's pussy with a passion.

Sucking and slurping sounds filled the room until both women reached
intense climaxes.

As they both pulled on their panties, Kayla directed me to sign the
letter she had dictated.

My hand quivered as I affixed my signature to Stacy's new "personal
service" contract.

"By the way, I almost forgot why I came to see you. I brought you a
little present. It's kind of a remembrance from the party. All the girls
pitched in to buy it for you," said Kayla.

She handed me a gift wrapped package. I opened it slowly.

"Hurry up bitch. I have to get back to work and Stacy is going to take a
long lunch break. She's going to meet Ellen and Lisa at the club."

I opened the package. It contained a large butt plug.

"Slide down your panties," commanded Kayla.

Stacy stepped forward and held the butt plug poised at the entrance to
my hole. When she saw that it was aligned with my hole, she rammed the dry,
rubber plug into my asshole. The pain was blinding. I couldn't even
scream from the shock of the f***ed entry. Both women laughed as tears welled
up in my eyes.

"Pull up your panties, you cunt. This is a business. Get dressed and get
to work," sneered Stacy, as the two women left the room arm-in-arm.

After I dressed, I returned to my work. The butt plug served as a
painful reminder that my working relationship with Stacy would never be the
same again.

Chapter 19

"Copping" a Feel

Kayla and Stacy leave me alone whenever I am really busy. However,
whenever I have any free time they lock the office and f***e me to strip to
my undies and serve their every wish.

Usually one sits out front while the other is in the office.

With the exception of business lunches, all my lunch hours are spent at
their mercy. I can't count the number of times they have made me sit
behind my desk in only my shirt, tie and coat.

Beneath desk top level, I would be wearing only my panties, garter belt
and stockings while engaged in a meeting with a female client.

Sometimes Stacy would even ram a vibrator up my ass before she e****ted
a client into the office.

A number of my clients are women, many of them very attractive. I never
know if they are aware of my situation when they enter the office.

Stacy has confided my predicament to some of them. A number of them have
done everything in their power to tease me without saying outright that
they knew I was wearing lingerie under my suits or that my secret was
hidden from their view by the desk.

A few have been bold enough to come around my desk, sit in my lap and
ask me where I bought my lingerie. On those rare times my suit covered my
feminine attire, a few would ask how I liked the feel of their clothing
when they sat in my lap.

"Don't you just love the feel of my lace panties," one said placing my
hand up her skirt. Another one remarked that she couldn't wait until the
next office party.

"This year I might just let you get into my panties. I'm sure they'll fit
you," she said.

All too often, just as they are about to leave the office, they'll snap
my garter straps as I walk them to the door. Stacy really enjoys her new
status. The coffee pot has been moved into my office. I make it and
serve it to her. Sometimes I have to serve it to my own visitors. Every
week she brings me her laundry. I wash, dry and press it One day she
announced that we were going out for the evening to a secretary's club she

After work, she had me change out of my business suit into a wool
sweater and a slim suede skirt. The ladies now keep a closet stocked with
dresses, skirts, blouses, wigs and makeup for what they call, "my little

I slipped the skirt and sweater on over my black bra, panties, camisole,
half slip, garter belt and silk stockings I had worn under my suit.

Fortunately, the building was nearly empty when we left for the car. A
few receptionists were working late and waved at Stacy as we entered the

It was deserted as we began our descent to the ground floor. Two floors
later much to my shock Sean Gent the office's marketing chief entered
the elevator. Gent was known throughout the company as the most
lecherous employee to serve with the firm. No woman was safe from his

"Hello ladies," Sean greeted us.

His eyes sparkled at the chance to turn on the charm.

"Stacy, you're more beautiful than ever. You always have the
look of a lady who has just had her most intense orgasm."

Stacy stepped closer to Sean, just close enough for him to breathe in
her sensual perfume. "Maybe I just did," she whispered in his ear as her
hand slid across his pants.

Unnerved, he turned his attention to me. "Your friend here is a sexy
thing, Stacy. You should bring her around more often."

My companion informed Sean that I was here every day.

"She works for the company, Sean. I'm taking her to the club tonight to
introduce her around."

"What's your name honey?"

I refused to respond.

"Her name is Dawn and that's all you need to know. I suggest you keep
your meat hooks away. She's caught the eye of some real higher ups in the

Sean didn't give up easily. As Stacy talked he managed to get me against
the elevator wall. His hand slipped behind me and began kneading my

The hand quickly slipped lower and found its way beneath my skirt and
quickly slid up my inner thighs to my pantied rear. Before he could work
around to my crotch, he was interrupted by Stacy's slap across his
startled face.

"Leave the bitch alone, Gent. All I have to do is drop the right
information in the right places and your out of here on your ass," Her
tone was more stern than it had ever been with me.

"You wouldn't dare, you cunt!"

"Try me, prick!"

Before Sean could respond, the elevator reached the basement. Sean
marched out of the elevator.

"I'll fix you and your stuck-up cunt friend. You'll see!"

Stacy defiantly strode out of the elevator, looked back over her
shoulder at me and commanded, "pull yourself together you brazen hussy.
I know youwere getting turned on."

"I finally found my voice and replied, "No Mistress Stacy. I was too
afraid to move."

"Just remember who you belong to. I don't take kindly to other people
playing with my toys. And that's all you are to me One of my toys,"
she stated.

"Yes, Mistress Stacy."

She led me to the car and pulled out of the garage into the busy rush
hour traffic.
"You'll really love this bar. It's a discreet little place
where secretaries meet to discuss ways to control their bosses. Tonight,
I'm going to use you as my show-and-tell project," she informed me.

She was so wrapped up in humiliating me that she accidentally ran a stop
sign right in front of a county police car.

As soon as she saw the flashing lights in the rear view mirror, Stacy
told me to keep my mouth shut.

"I'll handle this. Pull your skirt up a little bit and don't say a
word," she cautioned.

We pulled over to the curb and awaited our fate. A burly policeman
approached the car. He asked for Stacy's license and registration. His
eyes glued themselves to my legs. Feeling the heat of his gaze,
I tightened my legs together.

"Mam, do you have any idea how dangerous it is to run a stop sign?"

"Yes officer. I'm sorry. It's just that I was distracted for a second
and missed the sign," she said, turning her head to look at my exposed

"Isn't there anything my friend and I can do to avoid a ticket? Maybe we
can put in a little community service time with you and your partner,"
she half-pleaded, half laughed. Her slit skirt opened up, exposing her
long legs all the way up to her G-string.

She placed her hand on the cop's hand and began to run her fingers in
small circles on it.

"I'm sure we can come to some sort of an arrangement," said the officer.

"The only problem is that my partner is a woman," he said.

His hot gaze at my mistress' crotch seemed to set her afire.

Stacy pulled his hand to a pert breast as she whispered something to the
officer. He laughed and returned to his cruiser. He was back in a matter
of seconds.

"My partner said she would keep an eye on your friend while we
negotiated your ticket. Your friend will have to ride in the patrol car,"
he said.

"Dawn, you heard the nice policeman. Go sit in the car with his partner.
It's either that or we get hauled to the station, and I'm sure you don't
want that," she teased, placing her hot hand between my thighs.

The officer came around and opened the door for me. I carefully slid out
of the seat, tugged my skirt down and began walking to the patrol car He
slapped my ass as I began my trip.

When I reached the squad car, the passenger door opened and a voice
barked, "Get in!"

As I settled down into the passenger seat and smoothed my skirt down,
both cars pulled out and headed to a secluded spot in a downtown parking
garage. The patrol car stopped at one end my mistress parked at the other.

I sat quietly with my hands in my lap.

"That pig," spat the police woman. "He's made a career of trading
tickets for pussy. You're lucky that you're not the one sucking his cock
dry right now."

I couldn't have agreed more.

She was an extremely attractive lady. Her uniform was tailored to fit as
though it was a second skin. Her breasts pushed hard against the badges
she wore. The uniform slacks hugged her every curve.

She caught me appraising her body. The tension seemed to lessen as she
smiled at me and said, "I might be wrong, but, you don't seem to be the
kind of girl that goes for bribing men with her body."

"You've got that right," I whispered in response. "How about bribing a
policewoman? You'd be surprised how receptive a lady cop can be and
not only to the men," she said.

"You might be disappointed and take it out on me," I said.

"Let me be the judge of that," she returned.

"I'm not that sure," I replied.

"Let me put it this way, bitch. I can still haul you and your slut
friend's asses in to the slammer. It would be our word against the word
of two sleazy sluts. Now who do you think a judge would believe" the
lady cop snarled.

I was beaten and I knew it. I asked, "What do you want me to do for

"Lots of things. But, There's not enough room in this cruiser. Get out
of the car and go over to that dark corner," she ordered, unlocking my

My legs trembled as I slid out of the car and walked shakily on the high
heels to the dark corner of the garage. The lady cop followed close
behind. I could feel her appraising my body as I moved unsteadily to my

She removed her leather jacket and laid in down on the ground. Then she
removed her hand cuffs and night stick from her belt.

"Put your hand out," she ordered.

I complied and she snapped a cuff on my wrist and twisted my arm behind
me. She grabbed my other wrist and cuffed it behind me.

"Get down on your knees," she said as she slapped the back of my legs
with the night stick.

I sunk to the ground immediately. My eyes lowered and
my head hung in humiliation. The officer would have none of that. She
placed the stick under my chin and f***ed me to look up at her.

"You're going to eat me until I cum. If you don't do well, I may still
haul you in," she said as she dropped her slacks and panties. Her hands
grabbed my hair to pull my face into her crotch. The f***e of her grip
pulled off my wig. There she stood, clothes around her ankles, holding
my wig as I quickly buried my face in her muff.

"Well, I'll be damned. I had no idea that you were a drag queen. No
wonder you were so afraid of being arrested. The boys at the jail would have
a great time with a looker like you," she said.

There was no way I could afford to piss her off now. I began tentatively
lapping at her moist cunt. She roughly pulled my head forward, forcing
my face deep into he love pot. I began to lick in earnest.

"Mmmm," she moaned as I buried my tongue deep in her pussy. She f***ed
my face tighter to her crotch. My tongue played a gentle tune around and
over her throbbing clit.

"Ooohhh, you really know how to give head. That's it. Circle my clitty
with your tongue. I can feel my orgasm building," she breathed heavily.

Her thigh muscles tensed against my cheeks as I continued to lap at her
hot cunt. I knew I was getting close to taking her to release when her knees
began to buckle.

She began bucking her hips and grinding her groin against my face.

"Aaaaiiieee. I'm so close. Yes. Yes. I'm starting. Don't stop. Oh, God!
I'm coming." she screamed as she reached her pleasure peak.

Her screams echoed through the almost deserted garage.

She quickly regained her composure, pulled on her panties and slacks and
smiled down at me. "That's some of the best face fucking I've ever had,"
she said as she pulled me to my feet and led me back to the car.

My captor released the cuffs long enough to reattach them in front of me.

"Assume the position, bitch," she commanded, pushing me forward onto the
hood of the car.

My arms strained in front of me and I tried to imitate the position as I
saw it in the movies. "Spread those legs," she said as she slapped my
outspread thighs with the night stick.

My skirt rose exposing my ass cheeks as I spread my legs as far
apart as possible. Her hands roughly squeezed my buns over my panties.
She then pulled my black hipsters down to my knees. My cock and balls pressed
against the cold metal of the hood. My ass stuck out for her inspection.

"My, my! The jailbirds will love that cute little ass of yours. You'll
make some brute named "Bubba" real happy to own you," she sneered and smacked
my exposed ass.

"Please don't do that to me. Do whatever you want to me. But, please
don't turn me in," I pleaded.

"Now, don't cry honey. I'm just going to show you what they would do to
you. It would be stupid for me to give up a plaything like you, when I
can enjoy all you have to offer whenever I want to," she sneered.

"Thank you officer," I sobbed.

Her one hand reached between my legs and squeezed my cock while the
other hand pressed the end of her the six-inch handle of the night stick
against my ass hole. The stick was highly polished and smooth. It easily
f***ed its way into my hole.

"AAAaaarrrggghhh!" I pleaded with her to stop. "Oh please. I can't take

"You'll take as much as I can give," she said, pushing the handle deeper
into me.

"Please! No more. You're tearing me apart," I begged.

She removed the stick and replaced it with a thin, cold, metal
flashlight. It was much smaller and she fucked my ass steadily Her hand
continued to stroke my swollen cock.

"Oh! Oh! Oooohhhh! I groaned aloud with every piston-like stroke in my
hole. "Oh, my God. My God, you're hurting me."

She continued to slam the flashlight into my ass. I could only squirm
against the jackhammer thrusts

Pleasure eventually overtook the pain of my ****.

Suddenly, I heard the other patrol car engine start. I tensed against
the flashlight. The car began to approach our end of the garage. It stopped
about 10 feet from us and turned on its lights.

Humiliation and shame flooded my senses instantly when I realized that I
was now part of a show, a show being put on for the benefit of Stacy and
the male cop.

The lady cop increased her assault on my ass and cock. I was being
fucked like a true bitch in heat.

Stacy and the male cop applauded my attacker and cheered her on until my
cock exploded, shooting cum onto the hood.

"Aaaaaauuuuuggggghhhhh!" My cock convulsed uncontrollably.

"Lick up that mess," she ordered as she pulled the flashlight from my
ass. Her hand f***ed my face into my cum. I had no choice but to lick it up.

My attacker placed my wig back on my head, removed the cuffs and pushed
me into Stacy's car.

The two of the "City's finest" pulled out of the garage and back on

I tried to smooth my clothes into place while Stacy left the garage and
continued on her way to the club.

"I'll bet you really surprised that dyke police lady," she said. "You
must have pleased her too .... or else your ass would belong to some prisoner
by now."

Chapter 20

Show and Tell

The rest of the drive was in silence. Stacy smiled at me from time to
time, occasionally stroking my legs Her hand cupped my crotch and gently
squeezed my cock. My panties were still moist from my workout with the
policewoman and my member showed no signs of life. Even Stacy's squeezing
couldn't bring it to life. I was physically and emotionally drained.

"Just think, Dawn, the real fun hasn't even started yet," she laughed.

We parked in a lot about two blocks from the meeting place and walked
the crowded street arm-in-arm toward the club. My slim, suede rose high up
my thighs as I tried to walk on the stiletto heels A few drivers honked and
waved at us as they drove by. Stacy made a point of waving back to all of

"I'll bet some of those guys are so horny that they wouldn't care that
you have a dick under those satin panties of yours," teased Stacy. "You
haven't had a real dick crammed into your mouth or pussy yet, have you?"

"No, mam," I responded, shuddering at the thought of being violated in
the manner.

"I may just have to remedy that situation for you. It will make you
appreciate us women even more."

Finally, we reached the entrance to the bar. Stacy paid our admission
charge and we entered the lounge area.

What a sight! There were at least 50 of the most attractive women in
town sitting on sofas and love seats.

"It's about time you got here," one of them shouted at us as we took a
seat near the center of the room. Our presence signaled the start of the

One by one, each lady explained how she tortured her boss into
submitting into demands for raises, time off and other favors.

They discussed the size of their boss' cocks, their staying power and
their different tastes in lovemaking. Each secretary seemed to have an
insatiable carnal appetite and each one undoubtedly knew how to use that
appetite to get ahead in their positions.

Finally, it was time for Stacy to take part in the discussion.

"I have discovered the best way to tame a boss and get him under your total
control," she announced.

"And with the help of my assistant Dawn, I will show you how its done.
Dawn would you come to the front of the room?"

I slowly got up from my chair and joined her in the center of the room.

"Now, you'll have to use your imagination and pretend that Dawn is my
boss. When our little demonstration is over, you'll see I have the best
method of taming a boss," she explained to the gathering.

Stacy set the scene explaining that she was in her boss' and that she
was about to take control of the situation.

I sat at a table and chair that were supposed to belong to the boss.

"You know, I'm getting sick and tired of how you treat me. I'm not your
slave you know. The only real reason you keep me around is so that you
can stare at my boobs when I enter the room and at my ass when I leave.
It's about time the tables were switched. If you ever want to sample my
treasures you'll do what I say."

She instructed me to come around from behind the desk. When I was
standing in front of her, she embraced me and started to rub against me.

"I'll bet you'd love to have these hot breasts pressed against your
face," she said as she f***ed my face into her cleavage. I was almost
smothered by them and the intoxicating aroma of her carefully placed perfume.

Her hands cupped my buttocks and pulled me tightly against her. She
continued to grind against my crotch.

Then she roughly pushed me away and began to remove her clothes.
Stripped to her panties, garter belt, stockings and heels, she presented a
vision that created an air of sexual charge throughout the room.

She walked toward me, pushed on my shoulders and f***ed me to my knees.
Next, she pressed my face into her crotch.

"Perhaps, if you perform well today, I'll let you touch me again. If
not, you will only be able to dream about my sexy body," she said loudly
while she pulled down her wispy panties.

Instinctively, the tip of my tongue sought out her already distended
clit. I lapped at her pinkies cunt flesh. The smell of her fragrant juices
began to fill the room and her hips began to undulate in time to my licking.

"Mmmm, yes, eat me, eat me good if you ever want me again," she said. I
continued my tongue dance on Stacy's clit, oblivious to the fact that
the crowd had moved to within a few feet of my display.

"Yes, suck me, suck the juices from my snatch."

Her juices oozed from her cunt in a drenching flow. My tongue acted as a
sponge. Stacy's body began to vibrate with ecstasy I knew she wouldn't
be able to take much more of my assault on her clit. I continued to
tongue-fuck her. Her hips undulated against my face.

"That's it baby do it! Oh, yes! Lick my cunt good! You're making me cum.
Soon! Soon," Stacy cried out, "That's it, yes, yes ... Aaarrrggghhh!"

Her knees buckled signaling her orgasm. Still, however, she managed to
maintain her position of authority.

"Not bad, asshole," she barked. The crowd cheered her display of power.

A member of the group responded, "It's easy to get another woman to join
you in a fantasy about enslaving a boss. It still doesn't prove that you
made it work on your boss."

The rest of the crowd agreed with the lady who questioned Stacy's
ability and power.

Someone would pay for that mistake. I knew it would be me.

Stacy pulled me to my feet. I tried to smooth my clothing and looked at
my mistress. My eyes implored her not to expose me to this group, many of
whom I dealt with from time to time.

It was not to be.

"I'll show you that it can be done," she announced, "and I'll show you
right now. Dawn, strip down to your lingerie for me."

Reluctantly, I removed my wool sweater and slim suede skirt.

"I have such control over my Dawn that I now keep a closet stocked with
dresses, skirts, blouses, wigs and makeup for Dawn's little

The group was growing impatient with Stacy. "So what," they jeered.

I now stood in front of Stacy and her friends clad only in my black lace
underwire bra, panties, camisole, half slip, garter belt, silk stockings
and heels. My wiggled head hung low.

"Dawn, please be kind enough to remove your camisole and slip," she
commanded more than asked.

The secretaries caught on immediately.

"I can't believe it. This is actually your boss dressed in lingerie,"
one of them.

My e****t motioned for them to see for themselves.

One of the ladies came forward and began to inspect me. She ran her hand
over my body, finally stroking the front of my panties. Unfortunately, I
sprang to life at her touch.

"My God, it is him," she shrieked. In order to prove her point, she
pulled my panties down to my knees, exposing my engorged cock to the throng.

They all cheered Stacy, who totally enjoyed the attention. She commanded
me to pull up my panties and sit in the corner while she explained the
finer points of feminization to her friends.

Every once in awhile, one of the ladies would stray to where I was
sitting and taunt me.

"Titless Pansy!"

"Company Stud, my ass!"

"Sissy Boy!"

"I'll bet you're not even good enough to be a secretary."

"How would you like it if I told my boss about you, you little slut?"

"Next time you visit my office, call ahead so I can meet you in the
ladies room for some fun first."

A few sat on my lap, teased me, and fondled me. "I'll bet you're real
good at (dick)tation," one whispered.

It wasn't long before Stacy called me back to the middle of the room. I
stood in front of the group. My eyes were closed to avoid their spiteful

Stacy opened her purse and removed a variety of nipple clamps, butt
plugs, vibrators and other instruments of torture.

The ladies took turns attaching or inserting the sex toys on and in my
body. They continued to tease and taunt me all the while.

The pain and humiliation became almost unbearable. Still, my cock
remained rock hard, pressing against the fabric of my panties.

"Would you look at that swollen clit," one remarked, as she slapped at
my stiff erection.

My last bastion of manhood shrank into submission behind
its satin cover.

Soon, the inevitable happened. The secretaries formed a line and f***ed
me to lick all of them to orgasm. My tongue felt raw and coarse after the
long oral workout.

Mercifully, closing time approached. Stacy ordered me to get dressed for
the ride home.

We left the club as the group applauded Stacy.

In the car, she told me that I had behaved like a perfect lady.

"I just can't wait to tell Kayla about tonight," she shouted as she
dropped me off in front of the apartment.

Tears welled in my eyes as I slowly walked into the building, entered
the elevator and rode in silence to my home. Fortunately, everyone was
asl**p when I got there.

I dropped, exhausted onto the bed and immediately went to sl**p.

The next morning Kayla congratulated me on my exhibition at the club.

She seems to enjoy my situation more than any of the women I serve.
Rarely a day goes by that she doesn't find some way to humiliate me.
Our lunch time ritual consists of me stripping to my lingerie and sitting
on the floor with my back against the low couch. When she enters the room, I
must put my head back on the soft cushion. She then comes to the couch,
raises her skirt and sits on my face, forcing me to lick her to orgasm.
Fully satisfied, she stands up, smooth her skirt and leaves the room without
acknowledging my existence.

Chapter 21

Double Date

Lisa and Ellen were called out of town on a business trip and Stacy
convinced them to loan me to her for a few days. They packed my suitcase
and dropped me of at her apartment before leaving on their trip. Stacy led
me to my room and then had me clean the apartment. I dusted vacuumed and
cleaned house for about two hours before she called me to her room to
inform me that we were going out on a date that evening ... on a double
date ... with two men.

She sensed my fear. "Quit acting like a virgin cunt. I told you last
week that I thought it was about time for you to experience your first man.
Well, honey, tonight's the night."

Stacy instructed me to take a shower and begin dressing for the date.

"I'll have your clothes ready for you. Take your time, I want you to
look especially sexy for your date with Sean."

"Not Sean Gent, Mistress Stacy," I implored.

"That's right, Sean Gent."

"But why? You hate him and everything he stands for," I asked.

"That's exactly why. I intend to put him in his place. And you're going
to help me. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress Stacy."

"Good, now go get ready."

I resigned myself to the fact that I had better please Stacy or Sean
wouldn't be the only one to experience her wrath. Stacy stuck her head
into the bathroom while I was showering and shaving.

"Here. Use this too. I want you clean inside as well as outside," she
said handing me a douche bag.

I gave myself the rectal douche as commanded and entered the bedroom to
finish dressing. After applying my makeup, I combed out my wig and began
dressing. Stacy had selected my evening's wardrobe. The black garter belt
framed my freshly shaved crotch. I slid my black stockings up my legs,
making sure my seams were straight, and attached the garters. My panties
slipped easily up my shaven legs. To hide my cock, I slipped a sanitary
napkin in my panties. I inserted falsies into my bra and bounced them in
my hands. They really gave the illusion of pert, bouncy breasts.

She had chosen a sheer black blouse, sheer enough to show off my sexy
black bra. I stepped into the mini-slip and pulled on the short red leather
skirt. Pearl snap on earrings, a necklace and bracelets on my wrist and
an ankle finished off the ensemble. I slipped my feet in the black pumps
and entered the den to meet Stacy.

She was decked out in a short black dress that was slit up to her waist,
red stockings and black spike heels. If she were a hooker, she would
have made a million that night the way she was dressed.

While I was admiring Stacy, the door bell rang.

"Answer the door, Dawn, We mustn't keep our dates waiting," she stated.

I quickly moved to the door, opened it and allowed our dates to enter.

Sean quickly grabbed me by the waist and planted a wet, sloppy kiss on
my painted lips. He roughly f***ed his tongue into my mouth. I almost
gagged. Thinking quickly, I gently pushed him away and asked,
"What's your hurry, stud. Don't you know that all good things come to those
who wait." I batted my false eyelashes at him seductively.

Stacy's date turned out to be one of the company vice presidents. She
greeted him with open arms and kissed him passionately. They remained
locked in their heated embrace while I got our purses and walked toward the

"Where are we going, Sean?" I asked.

His eyes were riveted on Stacy's rear. Her dress had risen high enough
to expose her G-string covered loins.

"Oh, nowhere special. A quiet dinner. A little dancing and then back to
my place for a nightcap," he replied, still admiring Stacy's rear.

"Sounds good enough to me. Ready to go?" I placed my arm in Sean's and
led him out to the parking lot.

Stacy finally broke her embrace with her date and we climbed into Sean's
car for the ride to dinner.

As soon as we were in the car, Stacy was, once again, all over her date.
Her performance was even getting to me. I decided to be a little brave
and slid across the seat next to Sean.

"Boy, that Stacy is one hot woman, I hope you don't decide to develop
any passion cramps tonight. I've been searching the building for you for
more than a week. You're one hard to find lady," he said as his hand rested
on my knee.

"We'll see. We'll see," I said. I bravely placed my hand in his lap.

His bulge was already straining against his slacks. For a moment, my hand
froze in place. I couldn't believe what I had just done. Then, I remembered
Stacy's warning .. "I'm going to put him in his place and you're going
to help me!" I patted his crotch and returned my hand to my own lap.

The drive to the restaurant was mercifully short. We parked in front of
the door. Stacy and her date composed themselves and we exited the car and
entered the eatery.

The waiter led us to a far corner and pulled out the seats for Stacy and
me. I had never had that done for me. It was actually pleasant being
treated that nicely.

Stacy and I ordered light salads and a bottle of white wine, while our
e****ts ordered steak dinners. I quickly downed two glasses of the wine
in search of liquid courage.

"I may need this big dinner to keep up my strength for later," Sean
joked as he slid his hand under the table and onto my thigh.

I smiled weakly and turned my attention to my salad. While I nibbled on
my salad and Sean awaited his feast, his hand was busily working its way up
my thigh.

The drinks began to take effect and I spread my legs a bit to allow him
easier access for his expert fondling.

Sean's busy fingers reached my stocking top. Just as he made contact
with my bare flesh, I clamped my thighs on his hand, fearing his reaction
when he reached my crotch. How would he react to the sanitary napkin? Even
more important how would he react to what the sanitary napkin was

I had to give Sean credit. He was skillful. As soon as he felt my
resistance, he snapped my garter against my thigh flesh and got the
reaction he wanted. My legs flew apart. His hand slid up to cup my
panties covered crotch.

"What's this?" he asked, squeezing the sanitary napkin.

"Just a precaution," I replied. "I'm just finishing my period and I
wanted to make sure I was clean and fresh for you. Besides. I have other
holes you can stuff later."

To prove my point, I slipped a celery stick between my pursed lips and
began sliding it in and out. Sean smiled at me knowingly placed the
celery down on my plate and slipped my hand under the table. My fingers
found his zipper and quickly pulled it down. I snaked my fingers into the
opening and squeezed his already rock-hard erection. It felt monstrous in my

The thought of taking it in my mouth or ass sent ripples of fear coursing
throughout my body. Time for another glass of wine.

Sean mistook my fear as excitement and placed his hand over mine and
started pumping it up and down his staff.

I quickly released my grip on his penis, pulled up his zipper and poured
yet another glass of wine. I knew then I needed to numb my senses even

Fortunately, his dinner arrived and he turned his attention, and his
hands, to his meal.

Stacy and her date steered the post dinner conversation to office gossip.
Sean knew it all. If there wasn't a woman in the company he hadn't slept
with, it was probably an accident. He was proud of his exploits.

"And they all come back for more, Isn't that right Stacy?" asked Sean.

"Whatever you say, Sean. But, I think that you're going to find that
Dawn is something special," Stacy replied.

A small band began to play what Sean called "belly rubbin'" music. He
took my hand and led me to the dance floor.

Immediately, his hands cupped my ass and pulled me tightly against his
crotch. I could feel the heat of his erection even through my leather
skirt. In the darkness of the dance floor, he kissed me long and hard.
He slipped his leg between mine, and before the song was over, the
pressure of his leg and the sanitary napkin on my cock and balls was really
uncomfortable. I still wasn't ready to really respond. "Maybe a few more
drinks" I told myself.

The band took a break and we returned to the table. Stacy and her date
were gone. I nearly freaked.

Sean smiled knowingly and said, "I guess they just couldn't wait any
longer. He slid into the booth next to me and ordered another round of
drinks. I asked for a double scotch.

"Now, don't get d***k and pass out on me," Sean warned.

I couldn't be so lucky.

A few more drinks. A few more dances. A few more drinks.

The alcohol had no effect on Sean. I finally had reached a state where I
was ready for anything even Sean.

"Time to party, baby. Let's get out of here and to my place where we can
get to know each other better," he said cupping one of my falsies. He
didn't notice anything wrong.

Once we were in the car, I became a little frisky. I slid closer to him
and played with his ear and rubbed his thighs and crotch over his trousers.

We finally reached his apartment. He took my arm and led me to the door.
In the doorway, he again pulled me to him, f***ed a leg between mine and
kissed me deeply. After all that alcohol, I found myself kissing back
and actually sucking his tongue into my mouth.

He increased the pressure against my crotch.

"Mmmm! That's good. Let's get inside where we can be more comfortable,"
I pleaded.

I knew at that moment that I would suck his cock. But, only if he would
later bury it in my hole.

Once inside, I quickly moved to one of the couches and asked Sean to
pour me a drink. I made sure that my skirt was high enough on my thighs to
give him a view of my garters and bare thigh.

Sean poured our drinks, turned off all the lights but one and joined me
on the couch. I never got to finish my drink. Sean was ready. So was I.

I kicked off my shoes and curled my legs up on the couch. The squirming
caused my skirt to ride even higher. Sean had a great view of my black

His cock threatened to burst out of his slacks He put his arm around my
neck and pulled my face to his. I opened my mouth willingly this time.
His tongue slid deep into my mouth. Sean liked to call French kissing
"upper persuasion for lower invasion." And he was pretty persuasive.

His hands found their way to my breasts. He began kneading my falsies
through my blouse. Before I could stop him, he had my top three buttons
open and was cupping my bra cups. Thank God for the darkness.

I needed to divert his attention elsewhere. It was time to take matters
into my own hands, literally.

"Whoa, lover! Slow down. We've got all night. Let me help you of that
suit," I breathed heavily into his ear. A few licks of his ear lobe and
a little neck nibbling convinced him I was right.

Getting up off the couch, I took Sean's hands and pulled him to his
feet. I slipped his jacket off and began to unbutton his shirt. I felt him
inhale deeply as I traced my painted nails across his bare chest, occasionally
pinching a nipple. His shirt soon joined his jacket on the floor.

Sean stood completely still, hypnotized by my attention.

As my hands sought out his belt buckle and zipper, I lowered my head to
his chest and sucked one of his nipples into my mouth. I held it between my
teeth and gently bit it. Just like a woman's, his nipple began to harden
and swell. The same attention was paid to the other one.

"Oh yes, baby! That's it. Suck it in. Suck it hard. I've got something a
lot bigger than that waiting for you," he gasped pressing my head lower.

Once his slacks were open, they immediately fell to his ankles.

Prolonging the inevitable, I fell to my knees and removed his shoes and
socks before pulling his pants off. I was afraid to look up at his
crotch. I could feel the heat of his arousal as his hardon throbbed
above me.

Sean was growing impatient.

"Come on, Dawn. I know your dying to slip those moist lips of yours
around my cock. It wants you too. It wants you really bad," he said.

I was dying all right. I was dying from fright the fear of sucking
what looked like a telephone pole into my mouth.

Taking a deep breath of fear and resignation, I raised my head to face
my fate.

"Pull down my shorts baby. release my cock, Dawn. It wants to fill your
hole all your holes," he said.

I reached up and tugged on his waist band. My hands pulled his underwear
down. As the material uncovered his swollen dick, it sprang free and proud,
sticking a full nine inches in front of his crotch. It was massive. It
looked like a giant redwood towering out of a forest.

I looked at it in amazement. But not for long. Sean placed both hands
behind my neck and guided my face to its target.

In order to keep my balance, I cupped his butt in both hands. This
excited him even more. Without any more warning, he rammed his
bl**d-gorged member past my lips and half way down my throat. I had to
fight hard to keep from choking.

It was hot in my mouth, nothing like the cool latex dildos. This thing
had a life of its own. In order to tame it for awhile, I clamped my lips
on it and began sucking at a slow pace.

"I knew those lips would feel great locked on my cock. Suck me off,
Dawn. Suck it all in," he moaned.

It seemed to grow even more as I gave my first blowjob. I thought I
would surely choke on it. Its head was massive.

He moaned as I tried to take it all in.

"Relax your throat. You can take it all, "he groaned as he rammed deep
and hard into my mouth. The length of his staff was buried. I could feel
his crotch hairs tickle my face. His balls bounced against my chin.

The dick worked up and down my throat like a piston. My head bobbed up
and down on his tool. I reached up and began to fondle his balls.
I slipped a finger into his asshole at the same time.

Sean was now in a frenzy.

"That's it Dawn. Suck me hard. Squeeze my sack. I can feel my load
building. It won't be long," he moaned.

Removing my finger from his ass, I slipped my hand under my skirt and
into my panties. I stroked, pumped and rubbed my cock in unison with
the rhythm of my cock sucking.

My date was too lost in his own pleasure to notice me masturbating
myself to my own orgasm. His hands were glued to my neck, forcing my
mouth up and down his turgid staff. His saliva-soaked cock moved easily
across my pursed and sucking lips.

Suddenly, his thighs began to tense. His orgasm was rapidly reaching its

"It's coming, Dawn. I hope you're a swallower. I'm going to fill your
mouth with my load. Suck it up my rod, Dawn. That's better. More suction.
More suction."

And suck I did. I could feel his load start its trip up his rod. Sean
tried to hold back. I bobbed faster, sucking at his core.

His entire body shuddered as he screamed out his release.

"I'm coming! I'm coming. Oh, Oh! I'm coming!"

He held my face tightly against his crotch. My lips were sealed against
the base of his cock. Semen poured into my mouth and down my throat. He
seemed to spew his seed forever. I gulped and gulped. But I still
couldn't swallow all the semen fast enough to keep it from seeping out
between my clenched lips and down to my chin. The vacuum I had created
kept him rigid in my mouth for moments after his release. Nature, however,
ran its course and his cock began to shrink between my lips until it simply
slid out. Even in its shriveled state, it was a large cock. I wanted him
hard again. Hard enough to fuck my ass.

But, it didn't look like my fantasy would become reality. Not for a while,
anyway. Completely drained, Sean fell back onto the couch and drifted
into a deep sl**p drained him of his strength as well as his seed.

While he rested, I poured myself a fresh drink to wash down the salty
semen aftertaste in my mouth. My panties were moist from my pre-come
fluid that was a result of my masturbating. I needed release too.

Judging from the shape Sean was in at the moment, it would be a long
time before he would be "up" to servicing my needs.

Could I risk pulling down my panties and beating my own meat? What if he
awakened and found my hand pumping my own cock to orgasm?

My thoughts drifted to Stacy. Why had she left? Where had she gone. How
was she going to "fix" Sean?

Stacy was right about a few things. Taking on Sean and his monster cock
was really no big deal. I felt no guilt. It was just another sex act.
Sean just happened to have a real cock instead of a rubber one. So what?

The silence was broken by a key being inserted in Sean's front door
lock. The door opened slowly. Who could it be? To my surprise and delight,
it was Stacy and her date.

She ran up to me, hugged me and then looked down at Sean's sl**ping

"I always told you that you gave great head, Dawn," Stacy squealed. "I
hope you didn't suck the life out of him. It's time for a little payback."

Questions poured out of my mouth, ..."Where did you go? Why did you
me?" What happens next?"

"Actually, your pleasure and Sean's humiliation," responded my mistress.
She explained that they were in the next apartment and had filmed the
entire evening's events.

"We need to hurry. The camera is still running and I still want to get
more hot action on film to use against him."

Sean's wrists and ankles were quickly placed in restraints While Stacy's
date got Sean ready for whatever was in store for him, Stacy joined me
on the couch.

"You were really great, Dawn. I'll bet you were really turned on! Let me
check out your panties. I'll bet they're soaked," she said.

I spread my legs wide so that she could feel my wetness. They were
really drenched with pre-cum fluid.

"Wow! You really are hot! Don't worry, honey. You'll be taken care of
real soon. You can ditch that sanitary napkin, too." Stacy had a really
wicked smile on her lips.

I heard yelling coming from another room. It was Sean's voice. He was

Stacy led me to the bedroom. There we found Sean tied to a chair.

"What the fuck are you trying to pull? Cut me loose right now, you
cunt, "he screamed at Stacy. "What was this ... a setup?"

"You got it, dude!"

A look of terror crossed Sean's face.

"As usual, you were your normally selfish self and had Dawn suck you off
and then ignored her needs. You look great on tape too. She must have a
great mouth. I've never seen so many expressions of pleasure on a man's
face before."

The captive Sean nodded in agreement. He told Stacy that I gave the best
head he ever had.

"But, that leaves us with a problem. Poor Dawn's panties are soaked and
she needs her release."

Sean stared at Stacy, waiting for her to continue.

Stacy had me stand in front of Sean. I could hear the camera running
through the thin walls.

"Well, Dawn, how would you like Sean here to please you? Would you
prefer he eat you out, or fuck your tight hole?"

"I want him to fuck my ass, if that's OK with you, Stacy.

"Whatever you request, Sean will be glad to oblige. Won't you Sean,"
Stacy replied, glaring at he helpless captive.

"It doesn't look like I have any choice," he barked back, struggling at
his restraints.

"That's the first smart thing I've heard from you in a long time," Stacy
spat back.

I was getting caught up in this drama.

"He doesn't seem too excited by this. What's the chances of our adding a
little excitement for him? I hope you still have that two-headed dildo
in your purse. Maybe we can have some fun in the process," I said to
Stacy, hoping my idea met with her approval.

Stacy smiled at me while she fished in her handbag and produced the
latex dong. She took my place in front of Sean for a moment. My
mistress/secretary parted the slit in her short, black dress, exposing
her red stockings, garter belt and G-string. She kept her skirt parted
and commanded Sean to pull down her G-string with his teeth.

Sean had no choice but to obey. Nobody understood his position better
than I.

Her hairy crotch was inches from his face.

Stacy handed me the dildo and told me to place it in Sean's mouth so she
could mount it.

It slid easily into Sean's mouth. I pressed it in deeply against the
of his throat. "Relax your throat, baby. You can take it all in," I
repeated his earlier instructions.

My mistress spread her cunt lips and edged closer to Sean. I watched her
pussy envelope the cock a little bit at a time.

She slapped Sean's mouth. When he opened it to scream, she stepped back,
freeing it from his mouth.

"He got it wet for you Dawn. That was really nice of him. Are you ready
for it now?" she asked.

"Just a second."

I turned my back to Sean and began to undress. First came the blouse.
The skirt and mini-slip came next.

Calmly, I walked to the foot of the bed, pulled down the back of my
panties, bent over and offered myself to Stacy.

"Let's show him we don't need a man's dick at all, Dawn. Besides, we
know that this cock will stay hard until we get off. Not like our buddy
Sean!" Stacy enjoyed mocking her prisoner.

As she approached my hole, I reached back and spread my cheeks to give
her a clear shot.

My breath quickened in anticipation of her entry. The dominant beauty
plunged the dildo deep inside me and began to slowly stroke my rear
passage. I spread my legs even more as she worked the dildo. Her pelvis
pushed against my rear as she buried the instrument of our pleasure. She
paused for a few seconds to allow me to get used to the cock, then began
a slow, rhythmic pumping into my receptive sheath.

I decided to help Stacy receive more pleasure. On one of her down
strokes, I clenched my muscles down on the dildo, trapping it my hole.
Now she could ride it to orgasm.

"Ooohhh! Ummm! Well, Dawn, you really are becoming a considerate lover,
"she said as she began to slide up and down on the shaft.

Sean watched in amazement as we continued to fuck ourselves to orgasm.

"Eat your heart out Sean! That little dick of yours is only a little toy
for our amusement," Stacy said.

All I could say was, "Mmmm! Ooohhh! Aaahhh!"

Stacy had slipped a hand around my hips and had begun to pump my cock. I
swelled quickly in her fingers. I clamped tighter on the dildo. Stacy
rode the dildo and pumped my cock.

Our cries of pleasure filled the room.

"Yes, that's it! Pump harder. I'm coming! I feel it now. Ooohhh! Ooohhh!
Yesssss! I screamed my release and shot my load onto Sean's satin

Now it was Stacy's turn to get off!

"Aaaiiieee! Soooo Gooooood! Now! Now! Yesssss! Yes!"

Our flesh met as our bodies rested. The dildo was still lodged in our
holes. Neither of us wanted to move. We were unwilling to give up the
feeling of fullness in our love canals.

Sean continued to stare in disbelief.

"Does poor Sean want to play too?" Stacy asked him while she removed the
dildo from my hole.

She played with his erection, causing him to become even more excited.

"Oh, yes. I really want to pump my meat into Dawn's ass just like you
did," he pleaded. Stacy turned her attention to me.

"Is that OK with you," he pleaded.

"I know I can't measure up to the dildo."

"I know," I said, "I'm just curious to see if you know how to use that
thing." I whispered to Stacy, "besides that, you know I've never had a
real cock in me."

Stacy laughed. "That's right. You're still a virgin in some ways. Are
you sure you want Sean to be the one to break your cherry?"

"He's here. I want it. If he's as good as I've heard, it might be worth
the experience," I replied.

Stacy's date came back into the room and removed Sean's restraints.

Sean quickly ran up to my resting form and slipped his cock into my well
lubricated hole. It slid in easily.

"Uuuggghhh!" I grunted at his unexpected penetration. His hands grabbed
my hips and he began methodically fucking my ass.

While I began to pick up his rhythm, I heard a loud scream escape his


Stacy had managed to sneak up on Sean and roughly buried the dildo in
his ass. His scream was not one of pleasure. It was pure pain.

"Everybody gets fucked in this party," Stacy shouted. "Relax Sean, your
ass will get used to my strokes."

She was right, of course.

Sean concentrated on fucking me and blocked out the pain of his own

In his excitement, he slipped his hands from my waist to my crotch. His
hand finally made its discovery. He removed it as though he had touched
a hot stove.

"What the fuck. You're a fucking man. I'm fucking a fucking guy."

"And you're loving every second of it, you asshole. And I have it on
tape," announced Stacy triumphantly.

As she finished her sentence, four people strode into the room. I knew
them all too well. And I knew all too well what was next for Sean.

Mistresses Lisa, Ellen, and Kayla were led into the room by Mistress

"Hello Dawn. You're looking better than ever," my first mistress said.

"Thank you, Mistress Lynn. You're as beautiful as ever. How may I serve

My reply pleased her.

"Not tonight honey. Tonight, we are going to initiate Sean into our very
exclusive club. You had better run along home. Take Sean's car. He won't
be needing it."

Stacy pulled Sean out of my tight hole and they restrained him to the
bed posts.

As I walked through the door, I realized that by Monday, Stacy would
have her very own love slave and I would have a new friend. Her name would
be Shawn.

Chapter 22

The Shopping Spree

My life at home can be equated to that of a live- in maid. I see to the
needs of Lisa and Ellen. I cook, clean and iron.. I draw their baths,
sometimes washing and drying their lithe bodies. Sexually, I am like one
of their many sex toys. They use me when they are in the mood. Otherwise,
I am left pretty much to myself.

Whenever we throw a party or attend one, I wear my maid's costume and
cater to the whims of all the guests. This is usually the only time,
except when I make them angry, that I am f***ed to wear any restraints.
I guess it serves to others as a symbol of my servitude to them.

I have really become accustomed to my new role and doubt that I would
try to escape my situation. Most of the everyday pressures have been
taken away. They pay all the bills and keep up our home. All I have to do
is work and do those few domestic chores I'm assigned to do.

The greatest benefit of all this, of course, is being exposed to so many
women and having the opportunity to sexually satisfy them in a number of
ways I never knew existed.

My wanting to please them has become so intense that I can now orgasm
without my cock being stroked or enveloped in a woman's pussy or ass.

Yes, the excitement of cross-dressing in public is a definite turn on.
Having women talk to me as if I were just "one of the girls" has given
me a keen insight into their wants, needs and innermost feelings and

The biggest disadvantage is that they control my every waking moment.
Whenever I rebel, they humiliate me to the point that I become even more
subservient to them. "Them" has grown to about a total of 20 women who
actively affect my life inside our home and at the office.

My days of being dominated turned into weeks, then months. I couldn't
even escape this mental and physical captivity at work. Kayla and Stacy
saw to that.

My Dominas enrolled me in aerobics classes and a private ballet class.
All this exercise, plus the sexual gymnastics they put me through,
resulted in a 40 pound weight loss and about four inches off my waist.

Other than the lingerie they made me wear, nothing I had (masculine or
feminine) to wear fit any more.

"Well, Dawn, it seems your exercise program is reaping its rewards.
You've really slimmed down from a fat old cow to a trim lady,"
announced Mistress Lisa.

I blushed in embarrassment. It did feel better to have lost the weight,
no matter what the reason.

"I think we should reward Dawn with a shopping spree. She must get tired
of looking in her closet every day and thinking that she just doesn't have
a thing to wear," laughed Mistress Ellen.

The three of us piled into the car and drove to the mall. I, of course,
was dressed fully as a woman.

My two e****ts stopped numerous times to talk to friends, introducing me
as their new roommate, and inviting them to visit our home.

When we entered the first boutique, they led me directly to the lingerie

"Don't be shy, Dawn. If you're going to feel sexy, you have to look
sexy," whispered Mistress Lisa.

Now that I had shed the inches, it was easier to buy a wider variety of

My partners totally enjoyed themselves as they selected my undies. They
bought me fancy hipsters, bikinis, string bikinis and tap pants.
Everything was silk, satin, nylon or lycra no cotton whatsoever.
Cotton isn't sexy enough for you," said Mistress Lisa.

The panties, bras, garter belts, teddies, camisoles, nightgowns and
stockings presented no problem. I did, however, have to try on the
corsets and other body shapers. If they had two-way mirrors in the
dressing rooms, I'm sure they were surprised to see my erection sticking
out of my bikini panties as I tried on each item.

Finding shoes that fit turned out to be no problem at all.By this time,
I was feeling a little silly because of all the attention I was receiving.
Whenever I tried on a pair of shoes, I was sure to spread mylegs wide
enough so that the sales clerks got a good view of my panties.

A few of them began to feel their way up my legs while helping me step
into the heels and pumps. I began to get really excited from all this
touching and feeling. First it was the sales girls smoothing the dresses
over my chest and crotch. Then the shoe sales people looking up my skirt
or playing with my legs.

We spent the entire afternoon trying on lounge wear, sl**p wear,
dresses, skirts, blouses, evening gowns, even a bridal ensemble. They
even treated me to a collection of accessories, including jewelry, belts,
hats and handbags.

Everything, with the exception of the wedding gown, was black or red.
The next stop was a beauty salon where I was treated to a facial,
manicure and pedicure. Since it was a private salon, my wig was removed
and my hair was restyled in a unisex cut. The next two hours were spent
in makeup and skin care classes. The beauticians fussed over me like I
was a celebrity. They poured me glass after glass of champagne while they
worked their magic.

I noticed that I was the only customer and that the shades had been
closed. Really thankful that no one could just walk in, I relaxed and began
to really enjoy the attention.

"Well, Dawn, we've paid for all of this today. It's time that you showed
your appreciation by giving these ladies the tip," said Mistress Ellen.

"But, mistress, I have no money for a tip."

"That's not the kind of tip we want," said one of the beauticians as she
strapped my arms to the chair and bent it almost completely back. "We
want the tip of your tongue."

I heard the sound of zippers being lowered and then the rustle of
clothes being removed as the beauticians began forming a line at the head
of the chair.

For the next two hours, I licked and sucked the entire beauty parlor
staff to an orgasm. My face was engulfed by blonde, brunette and shaved
pussy. Their juices ran over my face until I thought I would truly drown
in their nectar.

The experience proved too much for me and I came violently in my

Mistress Lisa spotted my wet panties and informed me that I would later
be punished for coming without permission.

With the chair pulled back and my legs in the air, my skirt had risen to
my waist, exposing my frilly panties. "We really should do something about
those cunt hairs sticking out around Dawn's panties," said the beauty
shop manager. "Why don't we throw in a free pussy shave since Dawn was such
a good tipper?"

Before returning the chair to its upright position, my panties were removed
and one of the ladies shaved my entire crotch area smooth.

I almost came again as one lady held my cock and another handled my
balls, moving them out of the way of her razor.

Mistress Lisa then slipped a butt plug in my ass and handed me a fresh
pair of panties.

"This should teach you to satisfy yourself without permission, you
little slut," she said.

I was then let out of the chair. As we left the beauty shop, one of the
girls shouted, "Come back and see us again Dawn. We love working for

The End!... Continue»
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B.T.V.S.: Dawn's Wish Part 3

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Dawn's Wish Part 3

Once their mother was out of sight the two Summers s*sters turned and stared at each other for a brief moment, then Dawn said, "You wanted to talk, so talk."

"Not out here." Buffy said firmly, "Can, can we go inside."

"Sure." Dawn shrugged, turning and heading to the front door. When she opened it and realised Buffy wasn't following her Dawn turned and grinned, "What, you need permission now? Like a vampire."

Buffy gritted her teeth and said flatly, "You told me to wait outside. I... I... can't seem too..."

"Get in here." Dawn grinned, before adding in a mocking tone, "Just don't bite me."

Again Buffy gritted her teeth as she followed Dawn inside the house and into the living room, the brunette sitting down on the sofa and smiling sweetly, "So, what could you possibly want to talk to me about?"

"Your unacceptable behaviour." Buffy found herself admitting, quickly trying to adopt a sweeter tone as she added, "Dawn, what happened earlier... I need you to know I don't blame you. That wish you made is clearly affecting your judgement. But... since I can't lie to you right now, I'm going to be honest. I have to punish you for this. I just have too. But I need you to know, I don't want to do it and I want to be able to go easy on you. So here's the deal, you promise that you'll never use those powers that wish gave you ever again and I promise I won't spank or physically harm you in anyway. I'm... I'm not sure how I'm going to punish you yet, but physical pain can be off the table if you just promise not to use those powers again."

There was a long silence as Dawn thought for a moment. She almost yelled that she didn't want to not use her powers, and she didn't even think she could. After all what was she supposed to do, not ask for anything ever again? She probably couldn't go a day without doing that if she tried.

However Buffy had always had a way of getting what she wanted, even before she was a Slayer. That meant that Dawn had to at least consider the possibility that her big s*ster would succeed in ending the wish, even if Dawn did everything she could possibly do to prevent that from happening. Considering that, maybe Dawn should take Buffy up on her offer. After all she hadn't done anything that bad to her big s*ster yet, and with Faith as her obedient little slut surely Dawn could resist giving into any more of her taboo fantasies. Then if she lost her powers everything could go back to the way it was before, except with Faith as her bitch which would make life much more bearable for little Dawnie.

Of course the question was, was Buffy telling her the truth? Then again, why was Dawn asking herself this question?

"Are you telling me the truth?" Dawn asked, deciding it would be a good idea to elaborate, "You wouldn't punish me with a spanking?"

"Yes I would." Buffy found herself replying, quickly adding, "I... God Dawnie, I didn't mean it. I swear. Ask me again! Ask me if I will spank you for what you did earlier!"

Dawn glared angrily at her s*ster and then asked through gritted teeth "Will you spank me for spanking you earlier?"

"No." Buffy said to her relief.

"Do you want to spank me for spanking you earlier?" Dawn quickly added.

"Yes." Buffy said, "I... I don't know... I..."

"Are you going to spank me first chance you get when my powers are gone?" Dawn followed up.

"Yes." Buffy said, pausing for a moment as she tried to fight her anger but it was no use, the Slayer yelling out, "Can you blame me Dawnie? You've humiliated me!"

"And you loved it, didn't you?" Dawn spat.

"Yes I did." Buffy found herself replying, which only made her angrier, "God Dawnie, why do you always have to act like an immature brat? Why do you always have to make a bad situation worse? Why can't you take this seriously?"

"I am." Dawn tried to interrupt.

"No you're not. If you were you'd realise those powers are evil and you need to keep your mouth shut until I can once again save your ungrateful little butt!" Buffy then paused to desperately try and calm herself down before replying in a softer tone, "I'm sorry Dawnie."

"Not as sorry as you're going to be." Dawn said, getting up menacingly.

"Dawn, listen to me... DAWN!" Buffy said firmly, trying to ignore the fear flooding her body, "I'm your big s*ster. It's my job to protect you. I can't protect you if you don't respect me."

"So you're going to beat some respect into me?" Dawn questioned.

"I don't know, maybe." Buffy found herself replying, before quickly adding, "What am I supposed to do Dawnie? You get k**napped all the time and are either nearly sacrificed or used as bait. I'm trying to prevent that but you're fighting me every step of the way, so you tell me Dawnie, what am I supposed to do?"

"How about, strip." Dawn offered, and just to make sure her command was crystal clear added, "Strip off all your clothes Buffy!"

"God Dawn, don't you see what you're doing?" Buffy complained as she pulled her top over her head, "Don't you see what you're making me do? That wish is evil Dawnie. Whatever you wish for, the Vengeance Demon somehow manipulated it into infecting you with evil. That's what they do Dawnie, they trick people into making wishes and then manipulate those wishes into something horrible."

"Oh really." Dawn frowned, "Exactly what horrible thing do you think my wish is making me do?"

"It's making you spank me and order me around. And it's making you like it." A now completely naked Buffy found herself replying.

Again Dawn frowned, "What do you mean it's making me like it?"

"I mean you're getting off on it. I could sense you getting turned on." Buffy replied in horror.

"Oh, I was getting turned on! Who's pussy juice was soaking my pants?" Dawn spat in retaliation.

"Mine Dawnie. My pussy was dripping wet from the spanking you gave me... OH GOD!" Buffy cried, tears of humiliation beginning to fill her eyes.

There was deafening silence for a few moments and then Dawn asked, "So... what, spanking is a turn on for you?"

"Yes." Buffy said, fighting the urge to cry as she quickly added, "NO! Don't you see Dawnie? It's the wish! It's making me say all these things I don't mean!"

"Have you ever thought about me spanking you before?" Dawn asked, ignoring her big s*ster's protests.

"Yes." Buffy answered before trying to add, "I..."

"Tell me about it! Tell me how long you've thought about me spanking you! Tell me in detail about your nice little fantasies about me spanking you! Tell me what I do afterwards!" Dawn demanded.

"I've thought about being spanked by you for as long as I can remember. I'd do something bad or piss you off somehow and you'd demand I bend over for you. And I would. I would bend over for you, get over your knee, and you spank me, and spank me, and spank me, and spank me, and spank me until my ass was red. Then you'd fuck me and make me your bitch... oh God..." Buffy said, trying desperately to present the words coming out of her mouth every step of the way but they just roll off her tongue like she wasn't even making an effort to stop them. The whole time her eyes were filling with so much salty tears she could barely see and when she finally stopped talking she broke down, the mighty Buffy the Vampire Slayer slowly falling to her knees with her head in her hands as she cried in utter horror and humiliation at what she'd just said.

Seconds which felt like hours tick by, then Dawn murmured, "Wow."

This set Buffy off, the Slayer looking up at her little s*ster with blinding rage in her eyes as she yelled, "GO TO YOUR ROOM AND STAY THERE! I didn't mean what I just said and you know it! It's just that evil wish of yours that's making me say and do things, and it stops right now! You go to your room right now and stay there until I find a way to end this ridiculous spell so you're no longer a danger to yourself and everyone around you!"

Again there was deafening silence. In just about any other situation Dawn would have been terrified and would have fled as fast as her little legs could carry her, especially halfway through her big s*ster's speech when the mighty Slayer stood up, the little blonde suddenly seeming to tower over her like never before. And Dawn was a little scared that her new powers would forsake her or Buffy would find a way to come out on top like she always did, but her fear was overwhelmed by excitement. Not just the sexual kind either, although Dawn was definitely horny after her older sibling's speech, but what really got her excited was the desperation in Buffy's eyes and the not so subtle hints at the big tough Vampire Slayer didn't mean a word of her little speech, but meant every word of the one that came before it.

Externally both the Summers s*sters remained as still as statues, staring unflinchingly into each other's eyes. Internally Dawn was doing jumping jacks while Buffy was more terrified than she could ever remember being, which given her calling was really saying something. Buffy knew her only hope was to stay strong and win this battle of wills, but on some level she knew she was already screwed. The smirk that crossed Dawn's face only confirmed it.

"Go to your room." Dawn said eerily calmly.

For a second Buffy thought she was off the hook. That Dawn would let her go. That if she hadn't already realised it Dawn would think about it and conclude that Buffy was right. That logic and good sense would prevail. That her k*d s*ster would make a good decision for once in her life.

Then as Buffy made it to the stairs she noticed Dawn following behind her. That was the moment Buffy the Vampire Slayer knew she was truly screwed. Sure, she tried to convince herself otherwise for the briefest of moments but Dawn followed her all the way up the stairs and into her room, confirming Buffy's fears that this wasn't over. Dawn was going to do something to her.

Slowly turning around once she was in her room Buffy saw to her horror that Dawn's eyes had been glued on her butt. Dawn didn't even try and hide it. Instead Dawn's eyes slid over the rest of her body, Buffy blushing as Dawn blatantly checked her out.

Quickly covering herself Buffy exclaimed, "Dawn!"

"Hands by your side. And be quiet." Dawn commanded, quickly adding, "And stay like that until I tell you otherwise!"

Just as quickly as she had covered herself Buffy obeyed the commands, blushing an even deeper shade of red as she stood to attention like a soldier to an extremely pervy sergeant. It only seemed to get worse by the second, Dawn slowly walking around her and lustfully looking her up and down, Buffy honestly not sure whether she remained still because of Dawn's command or because she was just frozen with horror.

After a few laps Dawn stood in front of her s*ster, her eyes clearly locked in between the blonde's legs. Then she looked up at Buffy and said, "Your pussy is wet. Really, really wet. Why is that?"

"I'm turned on Dawnie." Buffy whimpered.

"I know." Dawn sighed with frustration before quickly adding, "But why are you turned on?"

"Because you're ordering me around, and forcing me to be naked, and I like the way you're looking at me." Buffy replied, fresh tears of humiliation threatening to slide down her cheeks.

"Oh, and how am I looking at you?" Dawn queried.

"Like you want to fuck me." Buffy found herself replying bluntly before crying out, "Oh God Dawnie, I..."

"You know what? I've just realised we've left your clothes downstairs." Dawn said, firmly interrupting her s*ster, "We can't leave them like that. What would Mom think?"

"That I had sex in the living room." Buffy found herself replying.

"Probably." Dawn laughed, "And we can't have that, so go downstairs, pick up all your clothes and bring them back here."

"Dawn... I... Dawn..." Buffy tried as she found herself quickly leaving the room to obey her k*d s*ster's latest command.

Dawn grinned as her big s*ster left the room, but once she was left alone all the confidence seemed to leave her and she found herself biting her lip. She was becoming dangerously close to the point of no return and while the last thing Dawn wanted to do was go back to the way things were it did have a certain appeal. After all taking a spanking from her supernaturally strong s*ster would suck but at least that would be it. If Dawn actually went through with spanking Buffy again, or did other nasty things to her, that apparently her older sibling wanted her to do to her just as badly as Dawn wanted to do those things, the consequences could be so much worse.

For a few seconds Dawn tried to think objectively, weigh the pros and cons, but ultimately who was she k*dding? She'd barely been able to resist fucking her s*ster when she thought Buffy didn't want it. Now she knew deep down Buffy wanted it there was no way Dawn was going to be able to control herself.

All Dawn could do now was to make sure she firmly put her bossy big s*ster in her place. Dawn couldn't just fuck Buffy. She had to break her. Dominate and humiliate the mighty Slayer so much that her prim and proper older s*ster wouldn't be able to bring herself to ask for anyone's help or even fight back in any way. Dawn had to make Buffy her bitch.

With that in mind Dawn's eyes quickly scanned the room, looking for something that would do some serious damage to her big s*ster's butt. She briefly considered Buffy's weapons chest, but Dawn was pretty confident that there was nothing appropriate she could use in there. After that Dawn quickly spotted the perfect weapon, her older s*ster's hairbrush.

Hearing the unmistakable sound of footsteps on the stairs Dawn quickly picked up the hairbrush with her right hand and began gently patting it against her left hand, something she'd seen in a whole bunch of movies she'd secretly watched. She wasn't quite sure why it seemed intimidating but really it was just too gave her an extra boost of confidence. It was a boost she needed, Dawn's insides turning to jelly as she set out to fulfil her biggest and most perverted fantasy.

"Dawn, this has to stop. This is crazy!" Buffy said as firmly as she could as she entered her room. She had been ready to say more but the sight of her little s*ster menacingly holding her hairbrush sent a shiver of dread through the Slayer's body which seemed to rob her of her ability to speak.

"Drop your clothes on the floor and get on the bed. I want you face down, ass up on your bed, and I want you to stay there until I give you permission to move." Dawn commanded firmly, grinning as Buffy quickly did as she was told before the brunette slowly got onto the bed behind her sibling, "Good girl... this way your slutty pussy juice will soak the bed instead of my jeans."

"Dawn... OH GOD!" Buffy flinched automatically as she felt her hairbrush making contact with her ass. However instead of the smack she was expecting Buffy felt the back of the brush being gently pressed against her butt, Dawn beginning to slowly slide it against her skin.

At first Buffy thought this was crazy, but she quickly understood what Dawn was doing when she felt her own sense of dread quickly rising as she was f*rced to anticipate the first strike, the Slayer absolutely hating the fact that at any moment her baby s*ster could start spanking her ass and there wasn't a damn thing she could do about it.

Well, that wasn't true. It would probably get her nowhere but in her desperation Buffy had to resort to again trying to reason with the younger girl, "Dawn, I'm your s*ster. You can't do this to me..."

"You were going to do it to me." Dawn pointed out, before adding with a grin, "Besides, you seem to really like the idea of me spanking you. I mean, just look at how wet your pussy is!"

"Ohhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwwd!" Buffy half moaned, half whimpered as she felt what she wished was anything other than her little s*ster's fingers sliding over her pussy lips, but she couldn't deny the truth, "Oh Dawnie, please stop!"

"Do you want me to stop?" Dawn asked.

"No." Buffy whimpered, "I DO! I do Dawnie, I swear, please believe me."

"Do you want me to spank you?" Dawn asked.

"Yes." Buffy wept, and before she could complain she felt a hard strike to her right butt cheek, "OWWW, God Dawn!"

"I'm just giving you what you really want s*s." Dawn taunted, giving Buffy another hard strike before adding, "After all, you've dreamed of this haven't you? You've dreamed of me spanking this hot Slayer ass of yours before, haven't you?"

"Yes Dawnie, I dream of you spanking me all the time OWWW, OWWW, OWWWWWW!" Buffy cried out, Dawn delivering a series of strikes, each one causing her cunt to rub against Dawn's fingers so her cries were filled with unwanted pleasure as well as pain.

"And have you fucked yourself while thinking about it?" Dawn asked, rubbing her s*ster's pussy for effect, "Have you rubbed this slutty little cunt of yours while thinking about me spanking and fucking you?"

"YES, yes I've rubbed my cunt while thinking about you spanking and fucking me!" Buffy wept, her vision blurred by tears, "Oh God Dawnie, I..."

"Do it now!" Dawn ordered, "Rub that slutty little cunt of yours while I spank your fuck-able little Slayer ass!"

Buffy openly wept as her right hand shot to her pussy, the Slayer beginning to frantically rub herself in front of her baby s*ster who giggled wickedly.

"Slow down." Dawn laughed, "Just gently rub your horny little pussy... that's better. We wouldn't want you cumming already, would we?"

"I do Dawnie. I wanna cum." Buffy found herself moaning before quickly burying her face in the bed sheets.

Buffy had never felt more ashamed or humiliated in her entire life. She desperately tried to fight against Dawn's commands, tried to move off the bed, tried to get up, tried to at least stop herself masturbating in front of her baby s*ster but her body wouldn't cooperate. The mighty Slayer who had defeated countless numbers of vampires, Demons and 'big bads' couldn't even make it look like she was trying to fight against the magic controlling her body, making her do these wicked evil things. It made Buffy feel helpless, a feeling the Slayer rarely felt and when she did she absolutely hated it.

However as bad as Buffy was feeling right now it was nothing compared to what could happen next. And the most humiliating and shameful thing was that part of Buffy wanted it.

She tried to block it from her thoughts, tried to deny it, tried to pretend that they were just nightmares but Buffy hadn't just been telling Dawn what she wanted to hear. Buffy had thought about fucking Dawn. She had thought about having sex with her own s*ster while rubbing her pussy. And she had cried while doing it, and hated herself afterwards and repressed it but now Dawn was forcing it out of her Buffy was terrified where it might lead.

Pulling her face out of the covers Buffy craned her head back so she could look at her s*ster. Then Buffy whimpered fearfully as she saw the dreamy look on Dawn's face, her little s*ster completely entranced by watching her masturbate in a way which was sick and wrong.

Unfortunately the Slayer's whimpering awoke Dawn from her trance, the younger Summers girl grinning wickedly as she realised she had become lost in the little show. She almost apologised for it, but that wouldn't have been very Dom like. So instead Dawn decided to act like it didn't happen, going back to menacingly rubbing her older sibling's ass cheeks with her own hairbrush for a few long moments before gently murmuring, "That's it, rub that slutty cunt! Make sure to spend plenty of time on your clit! Just act as you would if you were alone and fantasising about me. For example if you want to maybe moan my name, I'm totally cool with that."

Since it hadn't been an order Dawn wasn't expecting Buffy to moan her name. It would have been no fun to f*rce it anyway, and the whimper Buffy let out instead was almost just as sweet. Sure, Dawn yearned to hear Buffy shamelessly moaning her name, but she wanted Buffy to do it of her own accord, and when that happened Dawn knew it was going to be one of the greatest moments of her life. Of course right now moaning wasn't the main sound Dawn wanted to hear out of her s*ster's mouth.

So as fast as she could Dawn lifted the hairbrush up and brought it down hard on Buffy's butt, making the Slayer yelp in pain. Dawn did it over and over and over again, spanking her big s*ster with a steady rhythm which never failed to get a reaction.

It was obvious for a little while that Buffy tried to stay strong, the proud older girl gritting her teeth and burying her face in the bed sheets to try and muffle the sound of her cries and whimpers. This made Dawn want to spank Buffy harder but she restrained herself. She needed to save her strength. Besides, it wasn't like Dawn needed strength to get what she wanted.

"Stop burying your face in the covers. And don't grit your teeth. I want to be able to hear you." Dawn ordered, smirking as Buffy immediately did as she was told before adding, "Good girl... as a reward, you can slide a finger into that slutty pussy of yours. No, make it two fingers."

Buffy whimpered as she helplessly obeyed Dawn's commands, sliding one and then two fingers into her extremely horny honey hole. There they stayed for a few long seconds as Dawn hadn't ordered her to do anything else, Buffy in a war with herself whether she should try and move them or not. Obviously she wanted to pull them out of herself, but shamefully there was another part of her which wanted to start pumping her own fingers in and out of her pussy. Dawn was probably going to make her do it anyway, so why shouldn't she just get it over with? Of course the answer that was it would make Dawn think she truly wanted this, and she didn't. A sick and twisted part of Buffy might have wanted this, but if she'd learned anything as the Slayer it was that everyone had darkness inside them and that didn't necessarily make them who they were.

"Well, fuck yourself then!" Dawn said, perhaps not getting that she hadn't ordered Buffy to do so yet, "Fuck yourself with your fingers. Mmmmmm, that's it, slide those fingers in and out of that slutty little pussy of yours. Oh yeahhhh, finger fuck that slutty cunt! Rub that clit of yours too. Harder! Fuck yourself as hard as you can so you cum while I spank your hot Slayer ass!"

Again Buffy was helpless to obey but this time she didn't even try and stop herself. She just started slamming her fingers in and out of her horny fuck hole while attacking her own clit with her thumb, Buffy just trying to clear her head and concentrate on cumming.

A few thoughts broke through, like how she wasn't doing this to just get it over with like she was trying to tell herself, but Buffy ignored them as best she could. That became gradually easier as she got closer and closer to her orgasm, not even the hard strikes to her ass from the back of that unforgiving hairbrush able to distract the Slayer from her approaching climax.

Just when Buffy thought nothing could distract her she heard Dawn asked, "So, you've thought about fucking me... how about Faith? Have you ever thought about fucking Faith?"

"Yes." Buffy whimpered.

"Have you ever thought about fucking Willow?" Dawn asked.

"Yes." Buffy whimpered again.

"How about Tara? Or Anya? Or Cordelia? Or Xander? Or Giles? Have you ever thought about fucking them?" Dawn pushed.

"Yes." Buffy whimpered.

"How about Mom? Have you ever thought about fucking Mom?" Dawn finally asked.

"Yes." Buffy wept, bursting into a fresh round of tears, first of shame and then of pain.

The second after Buffy replied Dawn began beating her butt harder than the blonde would have thought the younger sibling was capable of, the most brutal blows Buffy had ever felt covering her ass and making her cry like never before, the whole time Dawn screaming over and over again, "IT'S YOUR FAULT! IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!"

Buffy didn't know if it was the hairbrush or whether Dawn had an extra shot of adrenaline or what but each of those blows were pure agony and alone would have probably reduced her to tears. However this now vicious spanking was coming after she had been f*rced to admit fantasising about her closest friends and even her mother and as a result Buffy found herself crying hysterically, the poor blonde wallowing in total and utter humiliation. And yet the worst part of it was that she was more turned on than she could ever remember being, Buffy continuing to slam her fingers in and out of her cunt through every agonising strike until she came, her body left shaking as she suffered through the most humiliating yet powerful orgasm of her life.

Almost immediately the spanking stopped, Dawn coldly telling her s*ster, "Stop fucking yourself slut! Get your hand away from your cunt and look at me!"

Her eyes were so filled with tears that her vision was blurry but Buffy could still see Dawn slowly walk around the bed and kneeled down so the two s*sters were practically nose to nose.

After a long pause Dawn reached down and gently pull Buffy's face out of the covers. Then Dawn coldly said, "The monks made me out of you. That's what you said. Do you really believe that?"

"Yes Dawnie, it's what the monk told me. And I knew it was true. I just knew it." Buffy found herself sniffling, the Slayer desperately trying to get hold of herself as she tried to get over what had just happened to her.

"And deep down underneath all that goody-goody act, you're nothing but a dirty little slut. A nasty perverted little whore who thinks about fucking everyone she knows." Dawn growled, making sure not to phrase that part like a question, "So, if I'm made out of you, and you're a perv, what does that make me?"

"A perv, a dirty little slut, a nasty perverted little whore." Buffy cried, again trying to stop herself from speaking and again failing.

"So it is your fault." Dawn spat, slapping her s*ster's face as hard as she could before yelling, "YOU'RE THE REASON I'M A PERV!"

With that Dawn grab the hairbrush which she had only just put down and went right back to brutally beating her big s*ster's butt with every ounce of her strength as Buffy went back to crying hysterically.

Not that Buffy had ever really stop crying, tears continuing to run down her cheeks even as she tried to get a hold of herself. Then came the realisation that Dawn's behaviour wasn't because of the wish, they were a result of the sick and twisted thoughts going on inside Buffy's mind. Buffy had always hated herself for those thoughts, and so many other reasons, but she never truly despised herself like she did now.

Buffy couldn't even deny it. She knew with every fibre of her being it was true. Everything that was happening to her right now was her fault. What Dawn was going through, the wish, this spanking, all of it was because deep down Buffy Summers was a perverted little slut. A sickeningly twisted little perv who had passed on all of her own disgusting feelings to her own baby s*ster. For that she deserved every single agonising spank Dawn was giving her and more.

The second that thought went through Buffy's head the Slayer was hit by the most weird and twisted feeling of peace. She continued blubbering pathetically until it seemed like she could cry no more, and the most intense pain Buffy had ever felt continued to torment her as Dawn relentlessly beat her ass with that unforgiving hairbrush. However while this spanking continued to be the most painful and humiliating moment of Buffy's life the realisation that she deserved this was oddly freeing.

Buffy deserved to get spanked by her little s*ster. Dawn had every right to do whatever she wanted to her because this was all her fault.



Those words were exactly what Dawn needed to push herself to continue spanking her big s*ster. Her hand hurt from clutching the hairbrush and her right arm ached from being repeatedly used more than in her entire life, sweat somehow pouring from her entire body and Dawn felt so tired she thought she would collapse at any minute clutching her arm. Yet still she pushed herself forwards, giving Buffy the most brutal butt beating Dawn could possibly give her.

When Dawn had learned Buffy thought about her in the same way she thought about her older s*ster she had been overjoyed. Sure, the idea of actually fucking her own s*ster was so gross, disgusting and very, very wrong, but deep down it had always been what Dawn wanted and now there was just no way Dawn could deny herself what she truly wanted, not when Buffy wanted it too. However that pure joy Dawn felt was short lived and quickly replaced by rage when she learned her s*ster was exactly like her.

Dawn didn't want to be a perverted little slut. She had spent most of the last few years praying to be normal, that she wouldn't feel the twisted desires that she felt, and now Dawn realised she could have been normal if Buffy hadn't been a closet perverted slut.

That thought kept echoing in Dawn's head as she continued spanking her big s*ster's butt, little Dawnie becoming completely lost in her rage. Before she knew it she was switching to her left arm to give her right arm a break, and when she couldn't keep the exact same level of hard spanks Dawn sacrifice quickness for roughness, using both hands to repeatedly bring the hairbrush down on Buffy's ass as brutally hard as she could.

Dawn spanked her older sibling like this for what felt like forever, Dawn pushing herself beyond what she would have thought she would have been capable of, only stopping when it felt like she was literally going to collapse from exhaustion, and more importantly a new thought occurred to her which made her smile.

Sitting down on the bed Dawn rested her weary body for a few long moments, a perverted grin crossing her face as she studied her handiwork. Buffy's butt cheeks were mostly a dark, swollen red, some places discoloured to the point Dawn wasn't even sure she could name the colour. Meanwhile the stuck up bitch was now whimpering softly into the bed sheets, something she'd been doing non-stop since she seemed to run out of tears.

Even though Dawn could have stared at that bruised Slayer butt all day she ordered, "Turn over. Get on your back and stay there until I tell you otherwise."

Buffy quickly obeyed, crying out pitifully as she was f*rced to rest her incredibly sore ass against the bed sheets. She then whimpered in humiliation that her baby s*ster had done this to her, then whimpered in fear as she noticed the happy grin on Dawn's face.

That grin turned evil as Dawn's eyes lingered on her big s*ster's pussy, the brunette giggling, "Wow, you look like you're about to cum just from being spanked! Do you really like getting spanked that much?"

"Yes Dawnie, I love getting spanked that much." Buffy found herself whimpering, fresh tears beginning to fall from her eyes.

"Perverted slut." Dawn teased, slowly leaning down so her face was inches away from Buffy's cunt, "But that's ok, because I'm a perverted slut too. Thanks to you."

"Dawnie, I..." Buffy whimpered.

"Because of you we're both perverted little sluts!" Dawn growled, moving even closer to the other girl, the two s*sters staring into each other's eyes as the brunette added, "Which is why from now on we're going to help each other."

"What do you mean?" Buffy frowned in confusion, already having a feeling she wasn't going to like the answer.

Ignoring the question Dawn smirked, moved back and said almost casually, "Finger yourself. Fuck that slutty little pussy of yours until I tell you to stop."

Buffy let out a joyful gasp as her right hand shot to her pussy, the Slayer immediately slamming two fingers into her needy hole and beginning to fuck herself.

Dawn licked her lips at the sight then added, "Don't make yourself cum though. You don't cum until I say you can. Just keep yourself on the edge."

Letting out a pathetic sounding whimper Buffy bit her lip to stop herself from begging Dawn to let her cum. It became increasingly hard as it didn't take long for Buffy to reach the edge, her treacherous fingers keeping her there, oh so close yet oh so far from a release. Buffy wanted it so bad, but no matter how much part of her wanted too she couldn't give in and beg for it. She just couldn't.

Luckily, or perhaps unluckily, Buffy was provided with a distraction, namely Dawn pulling her shirt over her head. The brunette kicked off her shoes and began sliding her pants down shortly afterwards at which point Buffy quickly looked away, which displeased Dawn, "Look at me Buffy."

Unable to stop herself Buffy did just that, watching helplessly as Dawn removed her bra to reveal a small but firm pair of teen breasts. Dawn then pushed her little panties down, Buffy trying so hard not to look at Dawn's slit but her eyes were drawn to it like a magnet, the blonde letting out a soft whimper as she saw just how wet her baby s*ster was from all this perverted activity.

For a few moments Dawn stood there completely naked. Then her left hand slid to her tits while her right slid in between her legs, Dawn moaning softly as she began masturbating while there in the middle of her big s*ster's room while her older sibling masturbated on her bed a few feet away.

"Mmmmmm, so good." Dawn moaned to herself, her eyes briefly closing in pleasure before opening again to look at her sibling, "Play with your tits. Mmmmmm, do everything you do when you're alone and thinking about fucking me. Ooooooooh yesssssss, just like that. Mmmmmmmm yeah, does that feel good?"

"Yesssss, soooooo good." Buffy moaned as she blushed with shame.

"Yeahhhh, you'll love fucking yourself while your k*d s*ster watches, don't you?" Dawn taunted.

"Ohhhhh yes Dawnie, I love fucking myself while you watch." Buffy whimpered, fresh tears of humiliation falling from her eyes.

"But I bet it isn't enough. I bet you want a big hard cock fucking that slutty little cunt of yours. Mmmmmmm, or a dildo." Dawn moaned with a wicked grin on her face, "I bet you'd love for me to go get you a nice big hard dildo so you could give your slutty Slayer cunt a good hard fucking. Isn't that right Buffy?"

"Yes Dawn, I'd love you to get a nice big hard dildo so I can give my slutty Slayer cunt a good hard fucking. Ooooooooh mmmmmmm ahhhhhhh, I wanna fuck my slutty little cunt with a dildo." Buffy found herself moaning.

"Well I'll tell you what, close your eyes and keep them closed until I tell you otherwise." Dawn ordered, grinning as the helpless Slayer did as she was told, "Now keep fucking yourself like that. Make sure you don't cum while I'm gone."

Buffy heard soft footsteps and then the sound of the door being open, but she didn't hear it being closed, just the sound of more footsteps, the Slayer becoming very aware she was now masturbating alone in her room, totally on display for anyone who walked past.

What if Dawn left her like this? What if her Mom came home to find her touching herself with her door open? Even if she could convince her Mom she was under a spell Buffy might just die from embarrassment. And what if there was an emergency and one of her friends stopped by? Faith, Xander, Willow, Giles, even Spike could run inside the house looking for the mighty Buffy the Vampire Slayer only to find her like this, shamelessly fucking herself with her little s*ster's clothes on her floor! Oh God, how would Buffy be able to explain Dawn's clothes being on her floor?

Buffy wished all these horrifying thoughts would have brought her down from her high. They certainly should have. Buffy should have been so horrified that no matter how much she touched herself she wouldn't get a response. She should be just lying on her bed feeling the exact opposite of turned on. But the shameful fact was Buffy didn't think she'd ever been as hot as right now, the blonde desperately struggling not to cum at the thought of being caught like this.

Because of this actually hearing Dawn's soft footsteps again and the sound of the door being closed was an incredible relief. Of course for a brief, terrifying moment Buffy wondered if it was someone else who was light on their feet like Willow, or someone like Faith who could tread lightly when they wanted too. So again Buffy felt relief, although it was very short lived, when she heard Dawn's voice, "Open your eyes."

Slowly Buffy did as she was told, a whimper escaping her lips as she saw the dildo in Dawn's hand, the Slayer immediately ashamed of herself at just how lustful that whimper had sounded.

Bringing the dildo up to her nose Dawn gave it a nice long sniff, really savouring the smell, sighing joyfully when she eventually said, "Smells soooooo good. Here... you smell it."

Even though she should have known better by now Buffy tried to resist. It didn't make a difference, the second Dawn pushed the sex toy under her nose Buffy couldn't help but breathe in a scent which definitely wasn't just rubber, or whatever the dildo was made out of.

"Smells like girl cum and pussy cream, doesn't it?" Dawn beamed.

"I, I guess." Buffy whimpered.

Her body practically shaking with excitement Dawn asked her s*ster a question she always wanted to ask her, "Have you ever tasted pussy before?"

"No Dawn." Buffy said softly.

"Not even your own?" Dawn pushed.

"No." Buffy said.

"Well you're about too... open your mouth." Dawn said, grinning widely as she pushed the tip of the dildo past Buffy's parted lips, "Close... close your mouth around that cock and start sucking on it. Taste your first pussy!"

Buffy let out a pathetic sounding whimper as she did as she was told, the Slayer hating herself more than she'd ever hated anyone for loving the forbidden flavour the second it hit her taste buds.

How could she? How could she liked the taste of her own s*ster's cunt? Her own s*ster's cum? Oh God, she was no better than the creatures she killed. She was a monster, just like they were.

For a few long horrible seconds Buffy sucked in the first few inches of the dildo, her taste buds loving every second while the rest of her wished she could die with shame right now to save her anymore further debasement.

"That's it, suck that dildo while you finger your little pussy." Dawn said breathlessly, her eyes only briefly looking over her s*ster's body to check she was still obediently playing with herself before Dawn turned her full attention back to the Slayer's mouth, "Good girl... you know... it's funny, Mom's always been kind of a neat freak. Not in a psycho way, but she always pushed us to keep everything in the house clean. So... you'd think she'd do a better job of cleaning her dildo..."

As Dawn trailed off Buffy's eyes went wide, the Slayer so horrified she literally began to gag.

"Don't you dare throw up! Just suck on Mom's juices like a good little perverted slut!" Dawn said firmly, watching as Buffy settled back into sucking the dildo but stopped fingering herself. Dawn quickly rectified that, "Keep fucking yourself. Good girl. Mmmmmmm, watching you suck cock is really hot. I just might have to take you out and make you offer a blow job to every guy we pass. Ha, I bet no one would turn down those soft looking lips of yours. I know I wouldn't..."

Dawn grinned as Buffy whimpered for her. The littlest Summers had kind of fallen in love with that whimper. It was full of pain and humiliation, but there was an undeniable sound of pleasure in it which threatened to drown out any other sound. It was the same for the moans and groans that escaped Buffy's lips, Dawn loving every single sound as she continued taunting her big s*s.

"I know I want to feel those soft lips of yours on my pussy. Your tongue in my cunt. Mmmmmmmm, you want that too don't you Buffy? You finger yourself right here just like this thinking about eating your baby s*ster's snatch?" Dawn grinned as Buffy let out a muffled yes around the toy cock, "If you mean yes nod your head."

Without hesitation Buffy nodded, Dawn rewarding her older sibling by pushing more of the dildo into her mouth. Whether it was because of Dawn's earlier order or because Buffy realised there was no point in fighting back, or maybe even because the older girl was beginning to submit to the younger girl, the blonde eagerly sucked on the newly available pussy cream, an unmistakable moan even escaping the Slayer's lips which made Dawn again grin happily.

"I want to do that and more to you. And I'm going too. I'm going to do the nastiest, filthiest, most perverted things I can think of to you. And you have to admit, this is a pretty good start. And it's so cool. I mean, this is the way I first tasted pussy." Dawn admitted, her eyes glazing over as a fond memory popped into her head, "I was looking for a dildo to fuck myself with. I couldn't find yours, but you're such an uptight prude I bet you don't even have one. But I found Mom's and it smelt sooooo good. I sucked it and fingered myself, and I came so fucking hard. I've been doing it ever since. And now, watching you doing the same thing, God, I feel so close to you right now. This... this is such a special s*ster-s*ster moment for us. Us both having our first taste of pussy being from our Mom. Sharing with each other our gross inc*stuous lust for our own mother! Can you imagine if she could see us now? Naked together on your bed, me shoving her dildo into your mouth as we agree how much we love the taste of her pussy? Imagine it! Imagine Mom seeing you like this right now! Take hold of the dildo and shove it all the way into your mouth! Keep a hold of it... now fuck yourself until you cum!"

Dawn lent back when Buffy practically snatched the dildo from her grasp and shove it down her throat, the Slayer struggling to keep her gag reflex under control as she ravenously sucked the last of their mother's pussy juices and girl cum from the toy. Under Dawn's command Buffy began hammering her cunt with her fingers, Dawn's eyes travelling up and down her s*ster's body as this happened, the little brunette desperately trying to decide what was more fun to watch.

Dawn still hadn't decided when she saw something that she immediately knew she wanted to watch for the rest of her life. Something she would make sure she would see several times a day from now on. Her big s*ster cumming.

Growing up Buffy had gotten very used to crying from shame before, during and after her orgasms. It wasn't always the case, but when she couldn't keep the disgustingly wrong thoughts away weeping in shame was something of a comfort. Now Buffy was weeping like never before but she felt no comfort from it. All she felt was total and utter humiliation, and the most mind numbing pleasure she'd ever felt, her body shaking so hard it almost broke the bed.

"Stop! Stop fingering yourself!" Dawn practically yelled, waiting a few long seconds as the Slayer seemed to calm down before adding, "Pull Mom's dildo out of your mouth and shove every inch of it into your cunt!"

Yet another pathetic cry seem to echo throughout the room as at what seemed like lightning speed the dildo was switched from one hole to another, that saliva coated toy easily sliding into the tight but extremely wet and welcoming Slayer cunt.

With her treacherous body burning with sexual need there was absolutely no pain from shoving the dildo into her, seemingly every part of Buffy but her consciousness aching to start fucking herself with the toy her mother used to masturbate with. God how she hated herself for that fact.

"I didn't mean every inch." Dawn giggled, pausing to admire the way Buffy had her fingers wrapped around the end of the dildo, that end and her fingers buried inside the Slayer's twat along with the rest of the toy dick, then she added, "Pull a few inches out. Now start fucking yourself with most of it... yessssss, that's it fuck yourself just like that. Fuck yourself with the toy Mom regularly shoves up her cunt until I tell you to stop!"

"Ohhhhh God, Dawn, mmmmmmmmm... please, God this is so wrong!" Buffy wept shortly after she began roughly fucking herself with her mother's dildo.

"I know, and if you weren't such a twisted slut you wouldn't be in this position. But we've already talked about that. Just like we've already talked about how the high and mighty Buffy Summers wants to fuck her little s*ster. Which is good, because I'm about to give you exactly what you want. And you do want it, don't you Buffy? You want to fuck me?" Dawn teased.

"Yeeeeeeesssssss Dawn, I want to fuckkkkk you!" Buffy admitted against her will.

Dawn had already started getting up, the brunette beaming at her s*ster's words as she swung her legs over the blonde so she could place her knees either side of Buffy's head. Once the brunette was resting her weight on her knees and the lower part of her legs Dawn slowly lowered herself down until her pussy was hovering over Buffy's panting face.

For a few long seconds Dawn savoured the moment, and perhaps more importantly the look of horror mixed with lust and defeat on Buffy's face, the mighty Slayer who for over five years had kicked the ass of anyone in her way resigned to the fact she was about to become her little s*ster's pussy licker.

Then Dawn slowly lowered her cunt down onto Buffy's face and simply uttered, "Lick me."

Almost instantly Dawn let out a high-pitched squeal. Why? Because she felt ecstasy. A sudden sensation of pure pleasure the likes of which she had never felt before. It was so soft, so wet, and so wonderful. And for a few seconds it was constant, a consistent feeling of joy sliding across the lips of her pussy. Then it was over and Dawn wanted more. Dawn needed more.

"Lick me. Lick my pussy." Dawn croaked, then after another few blissful seconds added, "Keep licking my pussy until I tell you to stop! Oooooooohhhhhh Gawwwwwwwwd! Oh Buffy! Buffy! Buuuuuuuufffffffffffffyyyyyyyy!"

Dawn stopped trying to talk but a series of incoherent noises continued to come out of her mouth, not that she cared. Her Mom could have come back right that second and Dawn would have told her to wait in the hall while she finished riding her s*ster's tongue. And she'd do the same to anyone else who came knocking. The world could be ending for all Dawn cared, Buffy wasn't going anywhere. Let Faith, Spike and the rest of the gang worry about the world, Buffy Summers was needed in between Dawn Summers's thighs.

As such Dawn closed her eyes and savoured every wonderful touch of her big s*ster's tongue, her whole world revolving around that talented tongue.

Oh, how glad Dawn was that she had decided to take her time with her stuck up big s*ster.

Once Dawn had stop being angry at Buffy for turning her into a perv the littlest Summers had been left with an an*malistic urge to fuck her older s*ster. Particularly that tight Slayer butt of hers, the temptation for Dawn to get her strap-on and take her big s*ster's anal cherry almost overwhelming. However that was what Dawn had done with Faith and while the little brunette had loved going straight for her favourite fetish part of her had wished she had the time to slowly break Faith in. Now she had the opportunity for a do over of sorts. Her Mom still wouldn't be back for hours, and Dawn had decided she was going to take her time with her big s*s, fulfil some of her other fantasies before she fulfilled her ultimate fantasy of all time.

Dawn had never been happier with a decision in her life. However as she had her goody two shoes s*ster licking her cunt Dawn made a decision which seemed just as good to her, that being when her Mom got home she was going to use her power to convince her to go find a hotel room or something because Dawn was going to need every single moment of the night to make Buffy her bitch. And she would stay home from school, humiliating and fucking her big s*ster in every room of their home for as long as it took until Buffy was her eager and willing sex slave.

The sound, and the admittedly enjoyable feel, of Buffy screaming into her pussy brought Dawn out of her happy thoughts. The brunette was in such a daze it took her quite a while before she realised what had happened.

When she did Dawn glared, "I didn't give you permission to cum! Bad Slayer. Concentrate on licking my cunt! MMMMMMMMMM, fuck yeah, that's it! Keep fucking yourself, but your priority is my pussy. Ohhhhhhhh mmmmmmmm, you need to give my pussy the attention it needs. Ooooooooh mmmmmmmmm, yeah pleasure my pussy until I tell you to stop! Oh Gawwwwwwwd yes, eat it! Eat my pussy like a good little lesbian slut! No teeth, oh, ooooooohhhhhhhh yeeeessssssssss! Get those lips around my pussy! Mmmmmmmmm shit, for future reference this is what I mean by eat my pussy. You wrapping your mouth around my pussy and sucking on it. Mmmmmmmmm ooooooooooh, oh, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuck me! OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKK!"

At the command of 'fuck me' Buffy shoved her tongue as far as it would go into Dawn's virgin cunt and Dawn saw stars. Then there was about a second when she honestly wasn't sure what happened. Then she realised she came. Only it wasn't like before when Dawn had fingered herself, or even when she had fucked Faith up the ass. It was like Dawn was suddenly a volcano, her cum squirting down onto Buffy's face so hard it hurt.

In a way Dawn hated it. She never felt so much pleasure, but she felt completely out of control. Maybe even like things had suddenly switched and now she was under Buffy's control. Dawn didn't like that thought one bit, however she couldn't convince herself to get off of Buffy's face as it would involve getting away from that addictive tongue.

So Dawn decided to re-establish her dominance the only way she could think of, by verbally humiliating the Slayer, "Keep tongue fucking me you dyke slut! Fuck my virgin cunt with your slutty little lesbo tongue! Mmmmmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkk, fucking fuck me! Fuck your s*ster! Fuck your little baby s*ster with your dyke tongue! I want my big s*ster to make me cum again! Oooooooooooh Gawwwwwwwwwd make me cum! Make me cum Buffy! Fuck your little s*ster's virgin fuck hole and make her cum as much as you can!"

Dawn's voice was weak, even a little hoarse from all the screaming she had done, but it sounded deafening to Buffy.

The Slayer was desperately trying not to listen to anything Dawn said, but her treacherous body seem to be listening intently for every little command, Dawn clearly having fun bossing her around. When her little s*ster ordered her to tongue fuck her harder Buffy did so. When her baby s*ster ordered her to suck on her pussy lips as hard as she could Buffy did so. When her k*d s*ster ordered her to suck her clit as hard as she could Buffy did so. And when her own flesh and bl*od ordered Buffy to swallow her cum the mighty Slayer did as she was told, the supernatural warrior reduced to a sex toy.

A sex toy that fucked itself while pleasing its owner, Buffy losing count of how many climaxes she fucked herself to while obediently eating Dawnie's cunt.

The worst part was how easy it was to make herself cum, even the humiliation she was feeling only rocketing Buffy through climax after climax.

A close runner-up was just how heavenly Dawn's cum and pussy juice tasted, Buffy desperately trying to convince herself it was only because of that evil wish but at least for now she couldn't fool herself. She had been secretly fingering herself to the thought of eating pussy, especially Dawn's pussy, for years and now Buffy was paying the price. If it had tasted awful maybe she could at least held onto some of her dignity. Maybe she would have been able to hate this. But she didn't. Dawnie's cum and cunt cream were heavenly and addictive, and to her shame she wanted what Dawn was saying to her to come true.

"That's right, mmmmmmmm, I'm going to make you my personal pussy licker. My personal rug muncher. My personal cunt addicted muff diver!" Dawn squealed with delight, "My lesbian slut! Ooooooooooooh Gawwwwwwwwwd, that's what I'm going to turn you into Buffy! You're going to be your little s*ster's lesbian slut! Mmmmmmm, your baby s*ster's dyke girlfriend! Ohhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmm yessssss, you're going to be mine! FUCK, oh fuckkkkkkkk, yes, oh yes, I'm going to make you my bitch!"

As if coming to her senses when she heard those last words Buffy tried to ignore everything else around her and concentrate on the one thing she should be concentrating on above all else, but couldn't thanks to Dawn's constant prattling, that being listening out for someone else.

Buffy tried to concentrate on listening out for her Mom, or Faith, or anyone to come and save her from this sick and twisted s*ster on s*ster sex. If she heard something she would try and warned Dawn of course, but even the previously unbearable thought of someone catching her fucking her s*ster seemed preferable over continuing this horribly wonderful fuck session any longer.

As if reading Buffy's thoughts Dawn cried out, "God Buffy, can you imagine if Mom saw us now? Me riding your face, fuckkkkk mmmmmmm, your tongue deep in your baby s*ster's twat, mmmmmmmmmmm, you fucking me sooooooooo goooooooooddddddd! Ohhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwd, imagine it! Do you think she'd be horrified? Disgusted? Turned on? Mmmmmmmm, fuck, if she's anything like us she'd want to join in. Mmmmmmm, yeahhhhhh, maybe take over shoving her dildo in and out of your cunt. Can you imagine that? Mom fucking you? Oh fuck, I can and it's sooooooooo hot. Imagine she's behind me right now. Imagine it's Mom fucking you with that dildo! Imagine she's pumping your pussy while I'm riding your face! Mmmmmmmm, better yet, imagine it's a strap-on. Imagine Mom is fucking you with a strap-on while you're eating my pussy. Ohhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwwwd, I can just see it! The three of us spending some quality f*mily time together, Mom pounding her eldest daughter's pussy nice and hard while her youngest fucks her eldest's face! Oh, ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk yessssssss, mmmmmmmmm, maybe, oh, maybe Mom could be getting ready to flip you over and take your anal cherry after you make me cum again. Or even better, maybe Mom could let me have your anal cherry. Can you imagine that? Mom spreading your butt cheeks for me, telling me that my stuck up big s*ster's butt hole is all mine, that I should fuck my big s*ster up the butt as hard as I can, ooooooooohhhhhhhhh Gaaaaawwwwwwwwdddddd! I always loved to imagine her giving me your butt hole like that as a birthday present, you being f*rced to be my anal whore forever while me and Mom become lesbian lovers! Oh Gawwwwwwwwwd, I want that so bad! I, mmmmmmmmm, I want my Mommy to be my lesbian lover and my s*ster to be my lesbian whore!"

Those vile, disturbing thoughts that Dawn f*rced into her head made Buffy almost literally black out, the Slayer fully committing to her role of mindless fuck toy as she relentlessly pounded her cunt with her mother's dildo and tongue fucked her baby s*ster. Buffy could barely remember to breathe on top of that but she just about managed it, no thanks to Dawn who was now grinding herself down on top of her, her already cum and cunt juice covered face becoming even more drenched as Buffy almost literally swallowed her little s*ster's cum to save her life.

Dawn became just as mindless about the same time as Buffy, the littlest Summers no longer caring who was in control and instead concentrated on doing everything in her power to keep the heavenly pleasure going. When she could no longer seem to use words Dawn grinded herself down onto Buffy, almost literally fucking her big s****r's face for her own pleasure. And when she could no longer do that Dawn just rested on Buffy's face, letting the Slayer do all the work while she just concentrated on coping with the pleasure she was feeling, something which became increasingly difficult as Buffy continued tongue fucking her tired and sore pussy.

Finally when Dawn could take no more she collapsed backwards on top of Buffy. After letting out a whimper Dawn rolled onto her side, almost rolling off the bed completely but able to stop herself just in time. For a few minutes she just laid there, trying not to slip into unc*nsciousness as behind her she heard Buffy cumming again.

Dawn smiled. It was incredibly tempting to just leave her s*ster where she was while she tried to recover, but Dawn didn't want Buffy too tired for round two. After all Slayers had incredible stamina, but it wasn't infinite. Besides, Dawn's twisted little mind was already racing about what she could have Buffy do instead.

"Stop fucking yourself." Dawn panted, and then before the Slayer could even think about moving added, "Stay still."

Then, after a few long seconds of resting, Dawn slowly sat up and smiled down at Buffy. There was another even longer pause as Dawn's eyes greedily slid over her s*ster's naked body, making sure she would remember and treasure what Buffy looked like after their first of what would be many fuck sessions.

"Dawn..." Buffy began weakly, annoyingly awaking Dawn from her dreamlike state.

"Pull Mom's dildo out of your cunt and stick it into your mouth!" Dawn quickly ordered, watching gleefully as Buffy did as she was told, "Now suck it. Suck your slutty dyke juices off Mom's toy. Mmmmmmmm, good girl. Other hand by your side, and just lay there. Just concentrate on sucking your cum and pussy juice off the toy Mom fucks herself with. Ooooooooh, that's so hot. Start pumping it in and out of your mouth. Fuck your dyke mouth with Mom's fake cock that's flavoured in your slutty lesbo cunt!"

Buffy whimpered around the dildo in her mouth, trying her best to ignore Dawn's perverted words and concentrate on the delicious taste of her own cum and pussy cream. Tasting herself had been one of those many perverted thoughts that Buffy had dreams about, and while it was pretty tame compared to some of the other stuff going on in her head she had never had the courage to try it until now. Like everything else she enjoyed it way too much, but compared to what she had just been through it didn't seem so bad. As long as she didn't think who's dildo this was or that she was still under her little s*ster's control.

"Don't take it all the way down your throat. Leave some cum and pussy juice for Mom. That's what I always do." Dawn confessed huskily, "I like to leave a little of myself left over on Mom's dildo whenever I rub it against my little pussy, imagine her sucking it off, thinking that she's tasting herself when really she's tasting me. And next time she fucks herself, maybe she'll taste you. Can you imagine that? Mom unknowingly tasting her oldest daughter's cum and pussy juice. Wondering why it is so different from what she thinks is her cum and pussy juice, but is really her youngest daughter's cum and pussy juice. Loving the taste anyway and wanting more. Imagine it Buffy! Imagine it!"

No matter how hard she tried Buffy couldn't stop herself from doing just that, the image of her Mom doing exactly what she was doing now, oblivious to what her daughters had been doing. The image caused gross sexual pleasure to slide through Buffy's body, the blonde moaning around the fake cock in her mouth which clearly delighted her little s*s.

"It turns you on doesn't it? Thinking of Mom doing that. Thinking about Mom full stop, it turns you on doesn't it?" Dawn teased, and then after Buffy mumbled and nodded in agreement Dawn leaned down so she was practically laying on top of her sibling and growled in her face, "Slut! Disgusting, perverted little slut. Everyone thinks you're so high and mighty, but really you're the biggest slut in the universe. And thanks to those monks using you as a template for me instead of anyone remotely normal I'm a big slut too. Which sucks because Mom deserves better. She's the nicest woman ever and she's stuck with a couple of sluts for daughters who want to fuck her and everyone else in the world. But that's ok, because I'm going to take out all my slutty desires on you and make sure you stay in line, that way neither one of us drags Mom down onto our slutty level. Mmmmmmmm, we're going to be s*ster fucking sluts together Buffy, me as your dominant top and you as my submissive little bitch. Oh, I'm going to have soooooooo much fun breaking you in."

Buffy made a loud, incoherent gargle around the dildo in her mouth.

"You're right, we're getting ahead of ourselves." Dawn nodded with a grin, "Oh, I know... take that toy out of your mouth and give it to me. Now kiss me. Kiss your little s*ster."

As soon as those words were out of Dawn's mouth Buffy's lips were pressing against her own, Dawn barely having a chance to enjoy the feeling of their lips pressed together before her s*ster shoved her tongue into her mouth. After that it felt like Dawn was fighting for her life, her tongue and the inside of her mouth practically being attacked by Buffy, but in a way which kind of felt good. Amazing actually.

Dawn's first kiss had been with the vampire. It had been good, but staking him kind of tarnished the experience. She hadn't kissed anyone since as that had been one of the many incidents which had led to Super Strict Buffy, and when it came to fucking the Slayers she'd been so horny she'd skipped right over foreplay, a decision Dawn now kind of regretted. At the same time she didn't.

Having Buffy being her second kiss was amazing, especially like this as Dawn was able to taste her own yummy cum and pussy cream on Buffy's tongue, and more importantly a heavenly flavour which could only be her big s*ster's cum and cunt juice.

Tasting her big s*ster's cum and cunt cream for the first time had Dawn briefly wishing she hadn't kissed the vampire or fucked Faith and had gone right for Buffy, her first time being with her s*ster. Of course the only thing possibly better than having a Slayer as her bitch was to have both of them as her bitches, Dawn smiling into her extremely passionate kiss with her big s*ster as she imagined Buffy and Faith kneeling before her with their heads lowered in submission, both of Dawn's Slayer bitches waiting for her to use them for her pleasure.

Dawn concentrated on the image for a while, then just went back to enjoying the heaven that was her first kiss with her s*ster, then eventually pulling away and ordering, "Lay still."

Buffy did as she was told, watching as Dawn lifted herself up slightly to look at the clock, the Slayer finding the happy look on her sibling's face extremely troubling.

"Looks like we have plenty of time before Mom gets back... but cumming in your mouth and all over your face wore me out, and sadly I don't have Slayer stamina, so I think I'm going to need a break from fucking you. Let's say half an hour, an hour tops. Thanks to your Slayer speed that should be just enough time for you to do a quick patrol. I mean you know Faith, she's probably in the Bronze by now looking to fuck anything on legs. And Spike is still probably watching TV, so really it would be stupid and inconsiderate of you not to do a teeny tiny patrol. But since you've been such an annoying bitch to me and everyone else lately you can go as you are." Dawn said, getting up and unnecessarily pointing to the door, "So, grab a stake and go on patrol wearing nothing but your little s*ster's cum on your face. And if anyone you know sees you all you can tell them is that you are under a spell, and nothing else!"

The second Dawn was done talking Buffy leapt off the bed, grabbed the stake she kept in her bedside table's top draw and headed out the door, the whole time begging and pleading, "Please Dawn no, don't do this... I'll... I... I won't punish you, I swear, just please stop. No. NO!"

Poking her head out of Buffy's room Dawn watched her big s*ster heading down the stairs and waved, "Bye Buffy, have fun."

To Be Continued... Continue»
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B.T.V.S.: Dawn's Wish Part 5

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Dawn's Wish Part 5

"Anything you want Dawnie."

Dawn's question had been rhetorical, however the little brunette couldn't help find it cute that Buffy answered her anyway.

Unfortunately Buffy ruined the moment by whimpering, "Please Dawnie, just stop. If... if you stop I promise I won't punish you and we can forget this ever happened."

"Please, I don't even need to ask to know that's bull." Dawn scoffed before smiling, "Now get your cute little butt upstairs, go to my room and kneel on the floor until I tell you otherwise."

The defeated Slayer merely whimpered in response which caused another small smile to crossed Dawn's face, but it was no were near as big as the smile she had when she followed her s*ster upstairs. Keeping up with even a tired Slayer was hard but Dawn manage to get herself in perfect position to stare at Buffy's beaten red butt as the humiliated blonde made her way up the stairs. The sight made Dawn lick her lips and think about the one thing she'd love to do to Buffy more than anything else.

Dawn was still thinking about that moments later when the two s*sters were in Dawn's room, Buffy's eyes widening in horror as her bratty little s*s pulled a large strap on out from underneath her bed and quickly began pulling it up her thighs.

"N, no Dawnie, please don't." Buffy whimpered weakly.

"What? You'll happily suck off five random guys you just met, but my cock isn't good enough for you?" Dawn mocked as she tightened the straps around her waist and then started to advance on her big s*ster while gently sliding her hand up and down the dildo as if it was real, "I mean, we both know you've been fingering your little pussy thinking about me, so it can't be the whole inc*st thing that's bothering you, so what's the matter? Is it too big? Are you worried it's going to stretch out your tight little Slayer cunt?"

"No Dawn, I want that thing inside me." Buffy was f*rced to answer, quickly adding, "Dawn, listen to what I'm saying... I don't want to take that thing in my pussy. Please-"

"Oh don't worry Buffy." Dawn interrupted, grinning evilly as she added, "Because I wasn't planning to stick it in your pussy."

For a few long seconds Buffy was obviously confused what Dawn meant. Buffy had never been that good with subtlety. Or maybe her brain was just trying to protect her from situations she would find horrifying like this. Then again she could just be a little retarded thanks to her hair dye oozing into her skull. Dawn had always been a fan of the latter explanation.

It wasn't always the case but this time Buffy got what was implied without needing any help. When she did the most wonderful look of horror mixed with disgust, fear and maybe a little lust crossed Buffy's face before she opened her mouth to whine, complain, threaten and inevitably beg for mercy.

Dawn didn't give her the chance, quickly moving forwards and shoving her cock into her s*ster's open mouth.

When Buffy tried to resist Dawn simply said, "Suck it slut!"

And Buffy did, Dawn not sure if she was more happy that her stuck up big s*ster now answered to the name slut or that the blonde was obediently sucking her cock.

Not that it really measured up to the blow jobs Buffy had been dishing out only moments ago, the Slayer's lips wrapped around the head of Dawn's cock with no indication that those lips would move any lower. There was also no indication Buffy would suck the dick any harder than she was already sucking it. Of course this was to be expected as it seemed Dawn needed to be very specific with her instructions.

Dawn had no problem with that, "Come on Buffy, suck harder. Suck my cock harder. Mmmmmm, yeah, that's it! Suck it! Suck it like you sucked those guys' cock you little slut! Mmmmmm, yes that's right, show some enthusiasm. Suck that cock like you're in love with it."

Shortly after that last command Dawn giggled softly as Buffy's eyes fluttered and she began sucking the strap on for all she was worth, one of her hands gripping the shaft and beginning to stroke it while the other cupped the balls. It seemed to be a reminder that Dawn needed to be careful about exactly what she said because it kind of seemed as if Buffy had literally fallen in love with the dildo given her facial expressions as she was joyfully sucking it.

For a couple of minutes Dawn happily watched this display of affection, however given that Buffy's lips still weren't going any lower, and she kind of missed the reluctance on her sibling's face, Dawn decided to put an end to the erotic little sight.

"Ok, you don't literally love that cock, but you're going to suck it." Dawn clarified, "You're going to slowly take inch after inch into your mouth until your lips are around the base and the head of my cock is deep inside your throat."

Helpless to do anything but obey Buffy took every inch of the dildo down her throat. Just widening her jaw to take the monster was bad enough. Having to stuff the thick fake prick down her throat was almost impossible, however no matter how much she choked, gagged and felt like she was going to throw up Buffy couldn't stop herself from taking more and more of the dick.

Oddly enough in those moments that she was choking and gagging Buffy actually felt grateful to Dawn. Such a feeling was ridiculous under the circumstances, however it would be so much worse if Dawn had ordered her to try and take the huge dong quickly.

Little did Buffy know that it was about to get much worse.

"Wow, that's so hot." Dawn murmured, marvelling at the sight of Buffy's lips slowly coming to rest against the base of her dildo. Dawn just enjoyed that sight for a few long seconds as Buffy violently choked and gagged. Then Dawn ordered, "Now start bobbing your mouth up and down on it. Come on, up and down, up and down, up and down, suck that cock! Don't forget to suck my cock while you're sliding your lips up and down on it! Mmmmmm, ha ha, don't forget to suck your little s*ster's cock while you're sliding your lip up and down on it!"

Like the helpless fuck doll Dawnie had turned her into Buffy began literally fucking her own mouth on the giant cock, tears streaming down her face and saliva escaping her lips as a side-effect of her ordeal. Although in truth some of the tears might have been a result of the humiliation she was feeling, but Buffy honestly wasn't sure if she had any tears left to give. Then again Dawn hadn't taken all of her dignity quite yet, and even as she was f*rced to almost choke herself to death by sucking a large strap on cock, which would probably be one of the most embarrassing ways a Slayer has ever bitten the dust, there was one terrifying act coming up which Buffy couldn't stop thinking about as she feared it would remove any ounce of dignity she had left.

Before Buffy could dwell on it the blow job became even worse for her, "Faster! Faster! I said faster! Here, let me help..."

With that Dawn roughly grabbed Buffy's hair and began thrusting her hips back and forth. At first it was almost lazy but Dawn gradually picked up the pace until she was literally fucking her big s*ster's mouth as hard as she could, Buffy's face bashing in between Dawn's legs which was kind of painful for both of them although because her throat was being impaled on a massive dildo Buffy got the worst of it. Dawn even made shorter time her thrusts with Buffy's so it was like the two s*sters were working together to give the blonde the roughest face fucking possible.

On the bright side Buffy was way too distracted by this brutal treatment to think about what would come next, and she only half heard Dawn continuing taunting her, "TAKE IT TAKE IT TAKE IT TAKE IT, TAKE IT! TAKE IT YOU COCK SUCKING SLUT! TAKE IT!"

Luckily just when Buffy thought she was going to throw up Dawn finally pulled the strap on out of her mouth.

Unluckily Buffy barely got the chance to gasp for air before Dawn ordered, "Mmmmm, not bad. Now get up onto my bed, on all fours, with your cute little ass facing me."

Initially Buffy was so concerned with sucking down air she didn't even worry about this order. Then she became aware of her new position, the Slayer looking back nervously over her shoulder to see Dawn staring longingly at her butt.

"Spread your ass cheeks." Dawn murmured, practically rendered brain-dead when Buffy did as she was told.

It was Dawn's biggest desire. Her own personal Holy Grail. And it was more beautiful than she could have possibly imagined.

After just staring at it for what seemed like an eternity Dawn crawled up behind Buffy, licked her lips, gave her right index finger a brief sucking and then used that finger to violate her big s*ster's virgin butt hole.

Both the Summers s*sters let out a loud cry, Dawn's obviously more pleasurable as she felt like she almost came just from feeling Buffy's ass clamping down on her finger.

"Oh my God." Dawn whimpered, "It's better than I ever imagined. So... tight."

Buffy whimpered for an entirely different reason as Dawn began sliding that finger in and out of her back passage... her little s*ster beginning to ass fuck her.

Knowing it was only going to get worse Buffy began weeping, "Please Dawnie, no. Not there. I'll do anything, just please... don't..."

Dawn bit her lip and thought for an agonising moment. Her entire life there was nothing she ever wanted more than to pop her big s*ster's anal cherry and turn that stuck up bitch into her bitch. She never thought she'd be able to do it, and now she could how could Dawn possibly resist? Especially when she had taken Faith's anal virginity only a few hours ago, giving her the chance to pop the anal cherries of both Slayers in one night. Plus there was always the chance a nice hard butt fucking would break Buffy, meaning Dawn would have made both of the Slayers their bitches in a single night.

On the other hand hadn't Dawn been thinking how nice it would be to take her time with Buffy? Break her in nice and slowly, and make sure she suffered. And even though Dawn wanted to butt fuck her big s*ster more than anything else in the world she didn't want the taking of Buffy's back door cherry being ruined by the blonde whining and complaining. Hell, even if she gagged her Buffy would be reluctant and stuff, and that's not what Dawn wanted.

So, even though it was the hardest thing she'd ever done in her life, Dawn pulled her finger out of Buffy's butt and murmured, "Ok."

Then Dawn flipped over onto her back and stuck her finger into her mouth, closing her eyes as she tasted her big s*ster's ass for the first time. As she greedily sucked her finger clean Dawn promised herself it wouldn't be the last time.

When she was close to done cleaning her finger Dawn opened her eyes to see Buffy staring at her apprehensively. That made Dawn smile, remove the finger and, making sure to choose her words carefully, said, "Just one thing... if you're going to avoid getting your ass fucked, then you would have to ride my cock... bounce your hot little cunt on my cock of your own free will."

Dawn found the horrified look on her big s*ster's face incredibly hot. It clearly told her that Buffy was considering trying to tell her off again, or trying to beg for mercy again, or anything else that might get her out of this, but no matter how hard she tried she couldn't think of anything.

Inevitably Buffy lowered her head ever so slightly. It was a small movement, but it meant everything. It meant Buffy accepted defeat. Even if it was only for a moment it wasn't exactly something many of Buffy's enemies had done. Certainly none of them had flat-out defeated her, but Dawn would be the first. She was going to bring the Slayer to her knees. Literally. Both of them.

That thought was interrupted as Buffy began slowly crawling into position, Dawn grinning gleefully as her s*ster lined up their crotches, reached down, grabbed hold of the brunette's dildo and pressed it against her pussy.

There was this brief pause as Buffy gave Dawn a pleading look, but the brunette barely noticed it as she was way too focused on staring at the tip of her cock pressed against her sibling's pussy lips. Although just to make sure Buffy knew she wasn't getting any mercy Dawn briefly looked up into the blonde's eyes and gave her a wicked smile before returning her gaze back to her older s*ster's cunt.

Seconds later the mighty Slayer let out a pathetic little whimper and then began slowly lowering herself on the cock. That whimpering continued as Buffy lowered herself, inch after inch of dildo sliding deeper into her pussy and stretching it like it had never been stretched before. Not that Dawn would know, but while she could get the truth out of her s*ster she was way too occupied with watching that toy dick disappearing into Buffy's pussy, and the soft little whimpers Buffy was making which was soon joined by soft little moans.

When Buffy was resting against her lap Dawn allowed her older sibling to stay where she was for a few seconds, allowing the Slayer to adjust to the size of the dick inside her, but more importantly allowed Dawn to savour the fact that she was deep inside her big s*ster. Because of that for this moment as far as she was concerned her cock was real, Dawn so lost in that image it was almost like she could feel Buffy's pussy gripping tightly to her shaft.

After a little while Buffy started bouncing on the dick and Dawn still felt like she could literally feel the tightness of her older s*ster's pussy. In a way she could as the tightness and the slow way Buffy was moving was affecting how the stimulator inside the harness rubbed against Dawn's clit. These sensations were very, very enjoyable, Dawn becoming lost in them and watching Buffy fucking her cock, the only brief thought that entered her mind for quite a while being the question of which was tighter, Buffy's pussy or Faith's ass.

Buffy tried not to concentrate on the dreamy expression on Dawnie's face. In fact she tried to pretend her little s*ster wasn't underneath her at all, the Slayer closing her eyes and trying to imagine she was with Riley or some celebrity hunk. Images of Angel inevitably popped into her head, but those memories were forever tainted. So were the ones with Riley, but their breakup had been barely painful at all and while she didn't normally think about him in this case he was appropriately different to the soft body that was underneath her, and she could picture him more vividly than any celebrity crush. Unfortunately other images popped into Buffy's head of people she knew and would rather not think about in that way, and worse she found her eyes opening sporadically of their own accord, part of her genuinely happy at the joy she saw on her little s*ster's face.

Eventually Buffy opened her eyes to a far more terrifying sight, Dawn glaring at her. She wasn't sure how her k*d s*ster had gone from joyfully happy to upset so quickly, but she had a horrible feeling she was about to find out.

Instead Dawn simply worn softly, "Don't make me tell you what I want."

With a soft whimper Buffy started moving herself faster up and down on the cock, desperately trying to tell herself that the increasing pleasure she was receiving was just from the dildo pumping her cunt. As Dawn wasn't even moving or anything it kind of didn't even count. Buffy might as well be just masturbating, and there was nothing wrong with that. But as much as she wanted to Buffy couldn't make herself believe that. There was part of her, a sick and twisted part of her, which liked the fact that it was her baby s*ster underneath her. That she was riding her little s*ster's dick. That very soon she would be cumming all over her k*d s*ster's dick, further cementing her as Dawnie's little plaything.

Just as Buffy was trying to console herself by remembering she was doing this to save herself from something worse Dawn said, "Look at me Buffy... do you know what my biggest sexual fantasy is?"

"No Dawnie." Buffy found herself whimpering.

Dawn grinned at this comment, and Buffy's reactions, as she continued, "It's ass fucking you. My biggest sexual fantasy is to butt fuck my big s*ster. And I'm going too. Sooner or later I'm going to fuck you up the ass, but if you're good I won't just bend you over whenever I feel like it. At least not for our first time."

Buffy fought the urge to scream there would be no first time, knowing such a comment would probably result in her butt being violated, the blonde swearing that Dawn could sense that given the way she was smirking.

After a few long moments Dawn reached up to gently grab Buffy's butt and continued, "Our... our first time. The first time I take this perfect ass and make it all mine. Mmmmm, I've dreamt of it so long, so it has to be special. I think I've got a good way that we can make it not only special, but the greatest night of our lives. You know how I'm going to make sure that happens Buffy?"

"No." Buffy whimpered again.

"Because it's going to be the night you submit to me." Dawn said huskily, staring deep into Buffy's eyes as she firmly added, "It probably won't be tonight or tomorrow, but I promise you this, one day I'm going to break you. I don't care how long it takes I'm going to make you want to be my bitch. I'm going to make you need it. And when deep down you have accepted that you are my bitch I want you to choose of your own free will to come into my room and wait for me with your face down on my bed and your ass up and pointing towards the door. Oh, and if you really want to make me happy you'll be spreading your ass cheeks, that way you can directly present me with your tight little virgin butt hole. Then, of your own free will, you will beg me to take your anal cherry. To ass fuck you for my pleasure. To truly make you my bitch. Do you understand?"

"Yes Dawn." Buffy found herself gasping, unable to stop herself adding regardless of the possible consequences, "But I won't. I'll never-"

"We'll see." Dawn interrupted, letting go of the butt she had been groping and squeezing ever since she grabbed it and then quickly added, "As for right now just shut up and ride my dick. Come on, ride it you little slut! Bounce that tight little cunt up and down on my big fat cock! Mmmmmmm, that's it, faster... harder... yes, ride it! Ride it like a whore! But don't make yourself cum. Don't you dare cum until I give you permission to cum bitch!"

Helpless under Dawn's words Buffy started rapidly increasing the pace, bringing herself to the edge of climax in what seemed like seconds only for her to be f*rced to stay there thanks to her cruel k*d s*ster.

For a long time there would be no relief for the Slayer, Dawn yammering on endlessly as usual only this time Buffy was only half listening because of pleasure, not boredom.

Obviously Dawnie wanted her to beg for more, further humiliating herself and taking one step closer to the submission Dawn had promised was her destiny. But Buffy the Vampire Slayer was nobody's bitch, especially not her bratty baby s*ster. And sure, in a single night Dawn had given Buffy more pleasure than Riley had in a two-year relationship, and that was Buffy's fault. There was sick and twisted thoughts going on in her head, and maybe if they weren't there she and Dawnie would be normal. But Buffy has had enough of feeling sorry for herself. The threat of being sodomised was a wake-up call she'd needed and now she was just going to concentrate on making it through tonight with as much dignity as possible, then tomorrow she would find a way to break the wish Dawn made and end this nightmare.

"Make yourself cum Buffy!" Dawn yelled out with a grin on her face, "Make yourself cum on your s*ster's cock!"

With those words Buffy was f*rced to increase the pace ever so slightly and easily knock herself over the edge of orgasm. It was easily as powerful as any other orgasm she'd had so far, possibly even more so as a result of the places inside her being stimulated. But she didn't really care how it was happening, or even why, Buffy allowing herself a moment where she just became lost in the pleasure. Of course that moment turned into several long minutes, the Slayer mindlessly riding the toy cock through orgasm after orgasm.

Dawn was grinning so much at watching this that her jaw ached. Then again she'd been grinning a lot tonight, more than in her entire life, so that probably had something to do with it. Although a little soreness was a small price to pay for the greatest night of her life so far.

She wondered if Buffy would think the same tomorrow when her pussy and ass were aching from all the fucking and spanking respectively. Probably not, but Dawn couldn't wait to see how her uptight big s*ster was going to act come the morning. Hell, part of Dawn kind of hoped Buffy ended up spending the entire night lying awake thinking about her and then Dawn would open her eyes the next day to be presented by her big s*ster's butt hole, Buffy already giving it up to her so she could officially become her bitch. However Dawn knew that wasn't going to happen, which was fine. She was going to have a lot of fun slowly teaching Buffy her new place in life.

Of course Dawn's main focus wasn't really what she was going to do so much as what was happening right in front of her, that being her stuck up s*s cumming on her cock with seemingly every bounce.

Dawn had never seen a more beautiful sight in her life than that of Buffy cumming, especially right now as the Slayer seemed to become almost an*malistic in her desire to get herself off. Of course Buffy was being f*rced to do her bidding, and a lot of the passion she was seeing was there because she had ordered it to be, but not all of it. No, the way Buffy's cum squirted out from around the dildo pounding in and out of her cunt told Dawn the same thing it always did when Buffy came hard for her, that being that her Slayer s*ster was a natural bottom. A little slut just waiting for someone to make her see the light.

"Please Dawnie, no more!" Buffy wept softly as she was f*rced to cum for what seemed like the millionth time, her pussy aching like never before after she was f*rced to put it through such rough treatment.

These words briefly awoke Dawn from her thoughts but rather than show her big s*ster mercy the brunette simply redoubled her efforts in concentrating on Buffy riding her dildo through orgasm after orgasm. Then the Slayer seemed to get a second wind and became a mindless fuck doll again, Dawn even lazily thrusting upwards a few times to make sure Buffy came extra hard.

Finally when Buffy started whimpering painfully again Dawn simply said, "Stop."

Maybe it was because she was looking directly at Buffy, maybe it was because Buffy had been waiting to hear that from her little s*s for what felt like hours, but that alone was enough to finally bring the torturers pleasure to an end. Buffy still stopped on Dawn's lap, every inch of the dildo buried in her sore pussy, but it was still an end which brought great relief to the sweat covered Slayer.

Then Dawn said softly, "Buffy, I want you to clean my cock. And if you don't want to be punished you should probably give me what I want."

Buffy waited for her body to move of it's own accord. It didn't.

Her mind was still cloudy after what she'd just been through but after a few long seconds Buffy realised that Dawn must have chosen her words carefully so she didn't actually order her to do something, meaning again Buffy would have to do it herself.

For a brief moment Buffy considered yelling at Dawn, or even going so far as to attack the little brunette, but she was just so tired, and sweaty, and... she just really didn't want to be punished.

So with a soft whimper Buffy began lifting herself slowly off the cock, her whimpers turning to cries as the large fuck stick left her aching cunt.

When she was finally off of the monster dick Buffy lowered her sore and sweaty body down onto the bed where she rested for the briefest of seconds. Then she crawled into position so her lips were hovering over the dildo. She then closed her eyes, tried to block out what she was doing, and then took the strap on into her mouth.

Buffy had tasted her own cum on Dawn's lips and her Mom's dildo, a fact which had the blonde blushing and cringing, but this was... different. It somehow made Buffy feel more submissive and humiliated, although that could have been partly a leftover feeling from having to ride her little s*ster's strap on.

Trying to shut off her brain, especially as the thought that she kind of liked the taste of her own cum passed through her head, Buffy concentrated on gently sucking the toy. She didn't have a lot of energy, but she was hoping Dawn would be merciful and would accept a kind of lazy blow job.

Dawn wouldn't, "I'm warning you, don't make me tell you how to suck that cock."

Quickly responding to the threat Buffy started steadily bobbing her head up and down on the shaft, taking inch after inch down her throat in a desperate attempt to avoid another throat fucking, or worse, an ass fucking.

Reaching down Dawn began gently stroking Buffy's hair as if she was showing affection to some kind of pet. In a way that was exactly what she was doing, as that's exactly what her big s*ster was to her now. A pet. Something she owned, and it was her responsibility to look after her pet and give her what she needs.

Dawn almost said as much, but thanks to the stimulator on her clit she was still basking in the afterglow of some quite satisfying orgasms herself and she didn't want to ruin the moment. Although truth be told they hadn't been that satisfying. Enjoyable sure, but when compared with the orgasms she'd had fucking Buffy previously they really didn't measure up. Then again maybe it only seemed that way because of the little show that was in front of her. Because damn, Buffy looked good sucking cock.

As her big s*ster managed to f*rce the entire length of the dildo down her throat Dawn bit her lip. She'd be definitely whoring out Buffy's mouth because watching her prudish older s*ster be reduced to a slutty little cock sucker before her very eyes was an incredible turn on. Unfortunately it had certain... side-effects. If only Dawn had her own sex slave who could take care of those side-effects. Oh wait, she thought sarcastically.

"Take my cock out of your mouth and unstrap it from me." Dawn ordered, waiting until Buffy had done as she was told before adding, "Good, now throw the toy wherever. Ok... you've cleaned up your cum... now I think you should clean up mine."

As she spoke Dawn spread her legs, Buffy's eyes immediately darting down to her little s*ster's cum dripping little pussy. That made the Slayer half whimper in despair that her ordeal wasn't over, and moan as she could practically already taste Dawnie's cum on her tongue. That thought had Buffy whimpering again, as did the realisation soon after that Dawn expected her to do this of her own free will, but again the blonde was too tired and exhausted to try and rebel so she just dived her head downwards and slid her tongue over her k*d s*ster's pussy lips.

At first Buffy just settled into a gentle tongue lapping, each swipe of her tongue making Dawn moan happily. However as much as she tried to pretend otherwise the taste of her baby s*ster's cum really drove Buffy wild and seemingly of its own accord her tongue started licking Dawn's cunt faster and harder, occasionally even breaking away to clean the cum from Dawn's thighs.

After a while Dawn seem to be moaning so loudly Buffy decided to stick her tongue into her little s*ster and fuck her to climax. Not because there was some depraved part inside of her which made her crave her k*d s*ster's cum and pussy juice. Or because she had fantasised about this. Or because it made Dawn happy. No, Buffy did this for one reason and one reason only. To get it over with.

Or at least, that's what Buffy told herself as she became lost in fucking Dawn with her tongue and swallowing her baby s*ster's cum.

Several times during the pussy eating Dawn considered telling Buffy to fuck her harder. It was so very tempting, especially as every little movement of her big s*ster's tongue drove the littlest Summers crazy. But as difficult as it was Dawn resisted.

She had spent the entire day using and abusing her new powers, and now Dawn felt very confident. Telling the mighty Vampire Slayers, and to a lesser extent her Mom, what to do had been exhilarating, especially when, in the case of the former, it had been sexual. But to actually watch her stuck up and super straight s*ster licking her pussy of her own free will was so amazing Dawn honestly didn't think she could find the correct words to describe it.

Of course it wasn't totally of her own free will. Buffy knew if she didn't do what Dawn wanted she'd simply make her, but that wasn't the point. The point was this was a step in the right direction, one of many tonight which would ultimately lead to the big bad defeating Buffy the Vampire Slayer. That was not up for debate. It was an inevitability.

And in that moment Dawn began wondering just how difficult it was going to be considering she already had Buffy licking her pussy sort of willingly.

To Be Continued... Continue»
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Controlling Dawn
By Dawn1958
Please email me your suggestions and comments. This story was written for a young woman who had dreams, but no way of expressing them. I hope she likes my version of her story.

Chapter 1

Brenda had been reading erotic stories for a few years. During a recent tour of her favorite story website, she stumbled across a writer who instantly hit a nerve. Dawn1958 posted stories about normal, everyday women who were blackmailed or humiliated into becoming a slave to some dominant master or mistress. Brenda was 31, single and a submissive woman exactly like many of the heroines in Dawn's stories.

The initial story to catch her attention was titled, 'Susan's Request.' From the first moment she read the story, Brenda was hooked. Susan's Request was about a college teacher who was deviously seduced by one of her foreign, exchange students named Kaz. The poor teacher quickly fell under her student's control when he covertly gained incriminating evidence, which he used to blackmail her. Then Susan had no choice, but to do everything the cunning college student demanded.

Brenda read chapter one and masturbated like a madwoman when the student took his teacher into a secluded picnic shelter and made her suck his cock. Before reading the stimulating story, Brenda was not the biggest fan of sucking cock, but suddenly she relished the idea. Her boyfriend, Ray, must have wondered what suddenly possessed her when she gave him a fantastic blowjob without his asking for the first time in their relationship.

What probably made the story so realistic to Brenda was how much the sexy teacher resembled herself. Brenda was 5'8", which was only a couple of inches taller than Susan. Her boobs were 34b and her nipples stood out like pegs whenever she was aroused, just like the teacher's. Brenda considered herself very timid and passive when it came to sex, identical to Susan. She didn't like to admit being submissive, to the point of wanting Ray to humiliate her, but Brenda knew it was true.

When she finished reading chapter one with a furious masturbation session, Brenda found the next chapter even more stimulating. The innocent teacher was f***ed to visit her student's apartment where she got the fucking of her life from the student plus two of his friends. Brenda felt all of Susan's desperation and her deep humiliation when one of the students christened her virgin ass. Everything that happened to Susan made Brenda shudder, as she empathized about how the women would explain things to her husband.

The horrors of all horrors happened to Susan in chapter three. Brenda found it impossible to control her fiery emotions when she read about the unscrupulous student taking Susan to a tattoo parlor. The student had the tattoo artist engrave symbols into the teacher's flesh and then he let the man fuck her brains out. Susan experienced the orgasm of her life on the tattoo table and so did Brenda when she fingered herself. Brenda actually felt both the physical pain and the mental anguish of the tattoos and the intercourse, as she read the story.

What made Brenda the most shocked was the fact she relished such a thing happening to her. She dreamed of her boyfriend forcing her to get tattoos and then having the tattoo artist strip her naked before treating her like a real slut. Somehow the humiliation of someone forcing her to act like a whore was profound and Brenda hesitated telling anyone about her dreams.

In the next chapter Kaz took Susan to a porno movie theater where she received the humiliation of her life. Brenda couldn't imagine being f***ed to suck a stranger's cock and have him blast a load of cum down her throat. When she read about a married couple joining the fray and forcing their sexual will on Susan, Brenda masturbated again. Her head filled with visualizations so powerful her belly felt every degrading caress, every demanding kiss and every filthy cock.

Brenda read the complete story and lost track of the number of times she masturbated. It seemed like every time the heroine had an orgasm, so did Brenda. Then she searched the website for other Dawn1958 stories and to her immense elation, she found many. She went from being the sweet, innocent Susan to being another teacher in 'A Teacher's Past.' This time Brenda was Kerri, a gorgeous physic's professor being blackmailed by a secret, student admirer.

Brenda explored another fantasy world and her obsession grew stronger with every chapter. It seemed like every waking hour Brenda was either reading a story or fantasizing about it. That was probably the reason her boyfriend realized that something was amiss. Ray noticed how Brenda seemed preoccupied with something on the Internet, as soon as she came home from work, so he decided to find out more. He easily found out about the story site when he searched the history on her computer.

When Ray read the Dawn1958 stories, he got the biggest boner. Not only did reading the overly dramatic eroticism make him horny, so did knowing his girlfriend had gotten aroused by the same stories. Filled with immense lust and desire, he quickly decided to push the issue. Ray waited for the right opportunity and then he hinted at the possibility of them reading erotic literature to spice up the sex in their relationship.

He confessed to an obsession with erotic stories and especially online sex stories. When Ray mentioned that he often used the same favorite site of Brenda's, she almost fainted at the sudden shocking revelation. Ray begged her forgiveness and he was so apologetic that she instantly forgave him. "I know exactly how it is," she whispered. "I have been on that site... found some of the stories extremely arousing."

Brenda decided to be honest with Ray in hopes it would lead to fulfilling some of her erotic fantasies. She couldn't believe Ray also read sex stories and never realized that she was being duped. Brenda had always felt guilty for using sex story sites, but suddenly it was a big relief, knowing her boyfriend did the same thing.

Ray pressed forward hoping Brenda wouldn't suspect his ruse. "I found this one author... a woman who writes the most sensual erotica," he said. "I got the biggest hard-on when I read one of Dawn1958's stories."

It was the most unbelievable coincidence, yet Brenda never suspected a thing. She fell hook, line and sinker when Ray continued the charade. He knew Brenda was naïve and would do almost anything he coaxed her to do. "You know how Dawn puts in her story that she likes receiving feedback? Send her feedback and see if you can become her fav reader. Maybe she'll write back and then you can find out more about her."

Ray even outlined the initial email, making it suggestive and promising as possible. Brenda sent Dawn the feedback and to her profound amazement, she received the friendliest reply. Dawn mentioned how she always appreciated feedback and that she was one author who responded to every email. She believed it was her obligation, as a writer, to acknowledge the comments about her stories, whether the feedback was good or bad.

When Ray saw the email, he instantly knew Dawn was just as gullible as his girlfriend. He let the new friendship build and flourish while giving Brenda subtle suggestions on what to tell the erotic author. Soon the two women were conversing on a daily basis and what they told each other was intimate and extremely personal. Weeks passed and Ray was overjoyed by how friendly the two became.

Brenda told Dawn all about herself including her past affairs with men and her relationship with her current boyfriend. Ray made sure she constantly reminded Dawn just how trusting she was and how much she appreciated the woman's honesty. Dawn appeared openly truthful about herself and even told Brenda about her f****y. She included details of her husband, Harvey, and their two daughters. Dawn also mentioned how she came up with the Dawn1958 penname and the email address of dawnharvey1958. She used her first name, her husband's first name and his year of birth.

Dawn was ten years younger than her husband and she had turned 40 a year ago. She told Brenda how she started writing erotic stories on a whim. One of her girlfriends used sex-stories sites and mentioned to Dawn that it was hard to find good, believable stories. The woman convinced Dawn to read some of the stories and the rest was history. Dawn read many stories and she found out that men who seemed to have very little grasp on what got a woman sexually aroused wrote most. Also many of the stories were poorly written with many spelling and grammar mistakes, which made them very difficult to read.

Ray's curiosity and desire to find out more about Dawn grew with each email. After the friendship between Dawn and Brenda grew into something special, Ray convinced his girlfriend to send the woman some pictures. He easily persuaded Brenda to let him take photos of her in many compromising poses so she could send them to Dawn. His ultimate plan was to establish an even greater trusting relationship between the two. Ray reasoned Brenda would gain Dawn's complete trust by sending intimate photos of herself and her boyfriend.

Ray tried to keep the first few pictures less explicit, but he couldn't resist temptation for long. He took a complete series of pictures of Brenda in every situation imaginable and very quickly persuaded Brenda to send nude ones to Dawn. Ray also managed to sneak a few of himself into the emails, which added greatly to his fervor. His favorite ones were of Brenda holding his pecker in her dainty hands and he made sure the photos did his manhood justice.

Both Ray and Brenda realized their sex life had been dramatically changed for the better. She no longer found blowjobs repulsive and even relished fondling Ray's cock before and after they had intercourse. Ray concluded his heightened enjoyment of sex was the result of Dawn's influence and his goal was to eventually meet the woman.

Over time, Dawn had sent a detailed description of herself, but it didn't prepare Ray for the first picture of the sexy goddess. Immediately after Brenda sent pictures, Dawn reciprocated. Ray was sitting at the computer with Brenda when they opened the attachments. The screen lit up with the first picture of what both deemed as one of the sexiest women anywhere. It showed a beautiful woman in a summer dress and it was very apparent that all of the seductive curves were in the right places.

Their hearts pounded when a series of picture flashed onto the screen. It showed a tall, dark-haired woman posing while on vacation and Ray marveled at the woman's incredible beauty. He couldn't take his eyes of Dawn's significant cleavage and he yearned to see more of the woman. He was utterly amazed at his good fortune of receiving photos of one of the sexiest women he had ever seen. After that, Ray couldn't stop taking pictures of Brenda. He begged his girlfriend to keep sending pictures to Dawn and he shrewdly kept ones of himself to a minimum, not wanting to be overly imposing on the woman.

After the barrier was broken, pictures traveled in both directions and it wasn't long before the pictures got more intimate. Ray encouraged Brenda to send ones of herself, which were revealing and with her wearing only bra and panties. When Dawn sent ones with herself scantily clad, Ray was stunned. "Sweet Jesus, honey, look at those tits... and those legs," he said, staring at Dawn's reflection brazenly displayed in a big mirror. "I love women dressed in black lingerie."

It wasn't long before all restrictions were eliminated. Brenda was the first to open an email one day, as Ray wasn't home yet, and she was flabbergasted by the woman's beauty. It gave her the best feeling, knowing that a person she had just gotten to know trusted her enough to send such intimate photos. Brenda never imagined the pictures would become incriminating, but that was because she didn't recognize Ray's evil nature. When Ray saw the naked pictures, he vowed to fuck the erotic author if it was the last thing he would ever do.

Ray secretly compiled a vast array of Dawn's pictures and he dreamed of using them someday. At the time he never envisioned that day would come so fast. Ray would forever remember March 31st as the most glorious day. That was the day Dawn's daily email arrived and he realized the woman lived nearby. Not only did Dawn live in the same state, but she lived less than one hour away, along interstate 5 in a city he visited frequently.

He had difficulty keeping his emotions in check, as his devious mind schemed for a way to get control over the erotic author. It took about a day for him to come up with the ideal plan. Ray envisioned the perfect screenplay, which was a seduction that could have been written by the author herself. The script had two submissive women and at first there was no clear indication which one was going to assume control.

When Ray scripted his plan to Brenda and explained exactly how he wanted her to act, she hesitated. She didn't relish the idea of tricking her friend and helping her boyfriend gain the upper hand over Dawn. Reluctantly she agreed to go along with Ray's plan after he reassured her that nothing bad would happen to the woman. Ray wanted his girlfriend to become Dawn's mistress and he was confident the woman would readily fall under Brenda's power.

Ray reiterated to Brenda that the one thing she mustn't do was show any weakness. His devious plan would have Dawn being the initial aggressor, but that would quickly change. Brenda actually found her boyfriend's scheme very arousing, as it allowed her to shed the customary submissive role for one that was extremely powerful. Ray dearly wanted to take control of the sex goddess himself, but he needed just a little more incriminating evidence against Dawn. His plan would be foolproof once he added a movie of the author being seduced by her devoted reader.


Dawn never suspected in a million years that such a coincidence would occur. When she found out that the woman she had corresponded with for the past few months actually lived less than one hour away, she felt a mixture of emotions. At first Dawn was afraid and scared that her safe, secure life would be compromised. Then after thinking about it more, she reasoned that Brenda was indeed a dear friend who she trusted.

It took about a day before the startling news set-in so that her various emotions settled down. The fears of her f****y finding out about her secret life disappeared and it was replaced with the great anticipation of actually meeting her devoted reader. When Brenda's email arrived with an invitation to meet, Dawn had already accepted the fact it would happen. She immediately replied to Brenda saying that she was very happy to get together and all of her reluctance was gone.

Ray ingeniously planned the rendezvous in a very public location, which he knew would alleviate most of Dawn's fears. When he drafted the email to advise the woman of the details, Ray planned for the relationship between the two women to escalate very rapidly. He wanted to gain Dawn's trust; therefore he didn't plan anything overly compromising or intimate for the first part of the date, which might scare the woman. Ray's ultimate goal was attaining enough incriminating evidence against Dawn so that he could blackmail her into becoming his obedient servant.

Ray found his scheme very stimulating and he constantly dreamed of getting the writer under his control. The meeting happened at the Top of the Hilton, which was a popular restaurant in downtown Seattle. The view was fantastic and sort of mesmerizing and Ray wanted the women to be awestruck, not only with each other, but also with the surroundings. Ray had Brenda sitting at a table looking out over the city when Dawn entered. It was the most memorable rendezvous, as they looked at each other, and then smiles instantly lit up their faces.

Brenda stood up immediately with her hand outstretched, as an invitation to her dear friend. Dawn noticed how the woman stopped breathing and held her breath the whole time it took her to walk over to the table. The greeting seemed slightly awkward at first, but that changed very quickly. Brenda's pretty face lit up with a warm smile and it seemed entirely natural to fall into each other's arms, as they hugged like long-lost girlfriends. The embrace was only broken because they didn't want anyone to think they were lovers and then they sat down across from each other.

The next two hours seemed to go by in mere seconds and the two women chatted like they had been friends for years. The meeting and also the conversation transpired with Dawn setting the tempo. She sort of suggested the topics and rambled on and on, most likely because of intense nervousness, which in the end put both women at ease. When the meal ended and it was time to leave, Ray was amazed at how abruptly things changed.

Brenda spoke up and her tone was not in the least bit suggestive. It was as if she stated a fact and Dawn immediately felt intimidated by the woman's strong demeanor. "I took the liberty of booking a room... so we can continue getting to know each other," Brenda stammered before regaining her confidence. "Now that I've met you... I want to get to know you better."

Dawn noticed Brenda's warm, inviting smile and instantly agreed. "Yes. I'd love that."

"I already have the key... lets go."

Dawn let Brenda take her hand and it seemed the most natural thing to follow the woman. She wasn't stupid and realized what would happen once they were alone, yet Dawn let her newfound friend lead the way. Any other time, she would have worried about being seen holding another woman's hand, but something was different this time. The younger woman seemed confident and happy to lead the way and Dawn never hesitated. She watched Brenda's seductive hips sway back and forth, as she walked, and it seemed to take forever to get into the elevator.

Dawn could not recall ever looking at another woman and imagining her naked. She stood beside Brenda in the elevator, as it slowly moved down to the proper floor, and all she envisioned was the nude pictures the woman sent her via email. She had to shake her head to clear the naughty photos floating through her mind and realized the woman was talking to her.

"You're a beautiful woman. Much more beautiful in person... than your pictures," Brenda whispered.

"I can't believe I'm doing this. In a hotel and going to a room... to be with another woman," Dawn responded.

Ray educated her well and Brenda knew when to take charge. Without warning, she twisted around and put her arms around Dawn. Pulling the woman tightly into her already fervent body, Brenda kissed her. The thought of the elevator stopping and someone seeing them made the kiss even more enthralling. Dawn felt the woman's tongue go into her mouth and she willingly let the kiss heat up. They felt the elevator jerk in preparation of stopping and that broke the close embrace. Both women were breathless when the door opened, but luckily there was nobody in the hotel hallway.

Dawn never suspected anything was wrong. She followed the young woman down the hallway and into Brenda's hotel room. Brenda proceeded across the room until she reached the bed and then she turned around. Dawn sensed the woman's unspoken desire for her to be nearby, so she slowly walked over to Brenda. They abruptly fell into each other's arms and once again Dawn could not resist the strong temptation to embrace her newfound friend.

If Brenda knew about the cameras positioned in the room, she never let on. Ray mentioned he was going to record the affair, but Brenda never considered what that meant. All she knew was that he rented the adjourning room and that he would stay in it during the probable seduction. Ray placed three small cameras around the room and hid them so well a person couldn't tell where they were. All three were focused on the bed, as Ray knew that was where all of the action would be. It was easy for him to feed the camera signals into the adjourning room so he could record everything on his laptop.

Ray watched his naïve girlfriend follow his directions to a 'T'. She embraced her new friend and the heat radiating from Dawn's body instantly caused Brenda's temperature to soar. They kissed taking turns fondling and caressing each other's face and head with shaking hands. All of her life Dawn established and built a relationship before allowing anything intimate or sexual to occur. She never jumped into bed with anyone and it even took Harvey weeks to get into her pants.

Suddenly at the age of 40, things were different. The kiss heated up and soon an intense passion was emanating from each woman. When Dawn felt Brenda's hand on her chest, instead of pulling away, she moved in an effort to push her boob into the woman's groping hand. Brenda pulled back slightly and she started slowly unbuttoning the front of Dawn's dress, without any protest from the woman. Then she pulled the straps of the dress off Dawn's shoulders and let the fabric drift to the floor.

Dawn never dreamed that she would be half naked, standing in a hotel room with another woman. Her head spun out of control, but everything happened in slow motion. Brenda's fingers searched for the hidden clasp of the lacy bra and hurriedly the flimsy garment vanished. When Dawn agreed to meet her online friend, she did so with the understanding she was in-charge. Dawn fully intended on controlling what happened, as Brenda had given every indication that she was totally submissive, but all of a sudden she became unclear.

Dawn stood in front of Brenda, seemingly succumbing to the woman's mysterious control. She saw the smile of approval written on Brenda's pretty face and merely stood motionless, letting things happen. Dawn never moved as the woman stripped her panties, rolling them off her flared hips and down her shapely legs. Then they embraced again and Brenda's arms moved in a frantic attempt to remove her own clothes. In a matter of a few seconds, Brenda was in bra and panties, as the women fell against each other.

When Dawn felt a hand on her tummy, she arched her back to give Brenda more room. The woman's fingers caress her pelvis with loving tenderness before swooping into her crotch. Nothing as severe or as shocking had ever happened to her. Dawn couldn't prevent her legs from spreading and then she felt it. Fingers touched her in places that only her husband was allowed to touch. She held her breath when her puffy labia were separated and she didn't know if her legs could hold her upright, as the fingers got bolder. Her entire body trembled, as her spirit floated out of her body, and flew across to the charming woman who was somehow seducing her.


Ray stared at his computer in disbelief. The sexy woman didn't try to move away, but she voluntarily opened her legs wider. Ray watched when his girlfriend pulled the tiny bud out of the immense wetness and he marveled as Brenda twirled it around vigorously to make the woman's hips thrash wildly. The cameras didn't miss a thing and he was positive Dawn was getting overly aroused. If Ray thought it was going to be a short 15-minute love affair, he was joyously mistaken.

Ray could tell Brenda had a firm hold of Dawn's clitoris and she was squeezing it in a loving fashion. He noticed Dawn go up high on her toes and how she wrapped her arms around Brenda's neck, holding on for dear life. Ray heard loud moaning and he wasn't sure who was uttering the desperate sounds of lust, but that didn't matter. It had to be the quickest orgasm in history. Ray was flabbergasted when the dark-haired beauty rose higher on her tiptoes and it was obvious something was happening inside her guts.

He watched in awe when his girlfriend's fingers caressed the pink pearl until the mature woman climaxed. Dawn's back arched and her head rolled backwards, as the earth-shuddering orgasm burst from her belly. Her dreams of being a mistress or an aggressor in the secret relationship were suddenly shattered. Dawn desperately wanted to close her legs and stop the intense m*****ation, but that was impossible. It was Brenda who was in-charge and Dawn realized for the first time in her life that she had a mistress.

Ray watched the magic show, making sure every animated scene was recorded. He wondered what had gotten into Brenda. She was never the aggressor. Suddenly his girlfriend took control of the beautiful woman and they both slithered slowly onto the bed. Brenda never released the tiny clitty and her m*****ation turned Dawn into her sex slave. The two women rolled on the bed with Brenda keeping her thigh between Dawn's legs so the shapely limbs remained apart. Just as Dawn thought it was over, the sneaky woman squeezed the jewel with all of her might. Then Brenda pulled hard on the clit and Dawn thought she had lost the valuable gem.

Her crotch was on fire; her hips jerked and then thrust madly at the woman's hand, as more spasms rocketed through her loins. Every time Dawn put up an arm or hand to protect herself, Brenda sternly slapped it away. "Oh gawd, it hurts. You're hurting me."

The woman's hopeless cries made Ray hornier. His girlfriend was in control. "Your body... your tits... your cunt... I love them all," Brenda whispered. "From the first email I knew you were different."

"Oh please, don't hurt me... please not so rough."

Brenda knew they were pleas, which were meant to arouse, not gain sympathy. She shoved one of Dawn's luscious tits into her mouth and then used her teeth to demonstrate her brutal power. Her sharp teeth would most likely leave marks, but Brenda bit Dawn's succulent boob anyway. She felt the woman's arms thrashing around, but realized it was merely for show. For the first time in her life, Brenda was the strongest; she was the mightiest, never thinking that would happen in a million years.

She held the engulfed titty between her teeth and rolled the throbbing nipple with her tongue. The urge to fuck her slave was too strong to resist and Brenda rammed her long, middle finger into Dawn's precious opening. Brenda banged the woman's clitty with the palm of her hand and she finger-fucked her with a lost abandonment. "Please, you're hurting me, please, not so hard."

"You don't want me to stop... do you?"

The request took Dawn by surprise. 'No,' she thought, 'I don't want her to stop.' Although Brenda was rough and abusing her, Dawn realized that detail was not disturbing her; it was the fact she craved the abuse and yearned to be taken by a powerful mistress. Any mistress, even one she had just met.

Before she could react, Brenda kissed her hard on the lips. The kiss instantly turned bestial and Dawn felt her belly going into severe convulsions. A second orgasm within such a short time seemed unthinkable, but Dawn questioned her resolve. Her legs stiffened and shot out to the sides when the woman buried not one, but two fingers deep inside her burning inferno. Dawn lost control much to the delight of Brenda and also Ray who was glued to his monitor, but there was no mistaking the onrush of an untimely climax.

Brenda yanked hard on Dawn's upraised pelvis and ravaged the helpless woman with her fingers. Dawn thrust her hips at the woman. Her entire body shuddered in a purely random fashion, without any real rhythm, and Dawn realized that she belonged to someone else, someone other than her husband! Suddenly Brenda stopped the finger-fucking. She seized the delicate clitoris with her fingers and pushed the bud into the bony pelvis, until she heard a cry of protest.

Abruptly nothing else mattered to Dawn. All of her erotic writing and all of the times she masturbated while telling a story couldn't prepare her for the dramatic climax. The mountain of lust was high and she teetered a long time at the top before succumbing. Many of her stories included moments of a****l passion, but Dawn never imagined it happening to her.

Brenda felt the telltale sporadic jerks and she swiftly shifted gears. She released the throbbing clitty and inserted her finger into the defenseless opening again. Brenda rammed her finger to the hilt, banging the palm of her hand into the open slit at the same time. Brenda began a finger-fucking that Dawn would remember the rest of her life. The woman pounded her finger in and out and ensured it was curled enough to rake across the most sensitive G-spot. Each slap of the already raw clitoris brought renewed energy to Dawn's hips and the woman thrust wildly at her mistress.

Dawn never imagined that an orgasm could last so long or be so incredible. There were mistresses in many of her stories, but none seemed as strong or as determined as Brenda.

Ray watched probably the most illustrious ending to any sexual conquest. His eyes opened in admiration when the random jerks of Dawn's hips indicated the last few spasms shooting through her body. Then his girlfriend's body went into convulsions. Brenda merely wrapped her muscular thighs around one of Dawn's and she humped the leg like a horny dog. Her hips started moving up and down, as she pulled the woman's thigh deeper into her crotch. Brenda felt her wet labia separate and then the velvety thigh pressed against her tender clitty.

Ray refused to blink for fear of missing something. He witnessed another fantastic climax, as Brenda used Dawn's leg to ravage her pussy until her reservoir was drained. Ray noticed how Dawn managed to lift her leg slightly, enough to bring joy to her friend, as the two women remained locked in each other's arms. He watched the final scenes of lesbian lust and cleverly finished recording the love session before popping the disk out of the computer.

With the incriminating DVD in his fingers, Ray was filled with confidence. His face was etched with the biggest grin, as he waved the disk in the air. "The final piece! Now my little sweetheart... you're mine," he whispered. "Dawn, sweetheart! This disk... all of your emails... all of your pictures, and all of your erotic stories make you my sex-slave."


When Ray first planned the devious seduction of the erotic writer, he thought it would take months, even years to get enough evidence to blackmail the woman. In fact, he wasn't sure of any victory. Then everything fell into his lap so easily that he wondered if it wasn't a dream. When he stumbled across the reality his girlfriend read erotic stories, at the time it made him very aroused and stimulated.

Ray never dreamed it would lead to such an overwhelming success when he begged Brenda to write Dawn. Now his plan was simple. First he would sample the sexual rewards by screwing Dawn in every way imaginable. He reasoned that all of the incriminating material against Dawn made it too daunting for the woman to resist his blackmail demands. Then he would f***e the woman to become the heroine in each and every one of her erotic stories. Ray got thoroughly aroused, fantasizing about watching Dawn act out the intense humiliation, and seduction in every one of her erotic adventures.

Knowing Dawn was a respected, middleclass mother of two who was happily married made the whole affair extremely exhilarating for Ray. He realized the blackmail would most likely jeopardize his relationship with Brenda, but Ray deemed the reward was worth any price. The truth he was only with the woman because she was a steady fuck made him chuckle. Ray loved that Brenda was overly submissive, but he would gladly sacrifice that to have sex with Dawn.

The fact Dawn wrote stories about blackmail and humiliation made it even sweeter for Ray. There wasn't a thing she could do to stop him or her secure middleclass life would be ruined. Dawn would succumb to the devastating blackmail just like the women she wrote about and Ray knew it. He didn't have to do much coaxing to get Brenda into setting up another date with her memorable author. At first Dawn refused to meet in any place that was not public, but after much persuading, Brenda eventually talked her into coming to her home.

The timing couldn't have been better. Dawn's husband was on a two-day business conference, which meant she had plenty of free time. She wouldn't have to explain to Harvey that she would be out Friday evening, very possibly until quite late. The emails between the two women continued to be very intimate and suggestive to the point of bringing the topic of a threesome into the relationship.

Dawn was surprised when Brenda told her about her boyfriend's fantasy of being with her and another woman. The proposal quickly filled her with exciting expectations and she wasn't sure how to handle the sexual innuendo. She included such vicarious experiences in many of her stories, but never imagined them happening to her.

Dawn never said yes to the woman's proposal, but she also didn't say no. Ray made sure that every email from his girlfriend included a mention of a threesome, so it was constantly on her mind. The pretext of Brenda's invitation was so the two women could enjoy a friendly dinner, yet both knew it would not stop there. When Dawn dressed for the evening, she did so anticipating the night out would progress to include sexual activities.

Ray planned everything right down to the point in the evening when he'd join the two women. He stayed out of sight while Brenda was the gracious hostess and dreamed of experiencing his first threesome. It took all of his patience to remain hidden when the women ate and chatted during the meal, as if they were the best of friends. Brenda was well aware of her boyfriend's plans and she was apprehensive, knowing she was deceiving her dearest friend.


Ray's devious plan was letter-perfect. When the two women left the dining room for the living room, he waited until they were seated together on the sofa. Then he entered and stood in front of them, acting very sure of himself. He immediately proceeded to explain his blackmail scheme and then outlined all of the damning evidence against Dawn. She listened to his tale and got sicker and sicker, as Ray told her about each piece of incrimination evidence.

Dawn would never forget how she was blackmailed. Ray's left hand was filled with papers and photos while he waved a DVD in the air with his right hand. Then the man began the most theatrical explanation. Ray dropped one story after another onto the coffee table, which was right in front of the women. First it was At The Movies, Susan's Request, Controlling Sarah, A Teacher's Past, An Email to Jennifer and a copy of every story Dawn had written.

Ray had something witty to say about each story and every comment seemed to turn Dawn into a paler shade. She almost fainted when the first naked photos floated onto the coffee table. Picture after picture was tossed on the table and Dawn suddenly couldn't remain still any longer. "I trusted you. How could you?" She looked into Brenda's teary eyes feeling even more desperate.

"I'm so sorry. He made me... f***ed me to do it," Brenda whispered.

"But... but," Dawn said. Then she realized her friend was like her and easily controlled by such a cunning man as Ray. She glared at Ray trying to put on the bravest face. "So! So you have stories and pictures. I'll deny I wrote the stories and say that the pictures were taken by some greedy, dirty bastard without my permission."

"I thought you might try something so I have this," Ray said. He waved the DVD at her and then promptly popped it into the player, which was within reach.

Even before anything came on the screen, Dawn dearly wanted to escape and run out of the house, but something about the man's confident manner kept her seated on the sofa. The first scene came on and she immediately recognized the hotel room where her infidelity began. She heard Brenda sobbing beside her and the sofa actually shook, as the woman broke down. "I'm sorry... so sorry. I didn't know he would go this far."

It was purely a motherly reflex action when Dawn reached her arm around the crying woman. Why she tried to comfort someone who had betrayed her was a mystery, but Dawn did feel sorry for Brenda. She also felt like crying, as the scenes flashed before her eyes. Ray cleverly started the movie at the most incrimination section and Dawn's eyes opened wide when she watched herself in the throes of a shocking climax.

There would be no lying or no excuses for this. She was in the arms of another woman and going through what looked like the worlds biggest orgasm. Her life was ruined if anyone saw the movie and she merely sat motionless on the sofa. Suddenly Brenda's arms were comforting her and Dawn felt a little better knowing she still had one friend. The only sound in the room was loud moaning coming from the television and they simply added to her sick feeling.

Dawn listened, as her world seemed to crumple right in front of her. "Sweetheart. What do you want," Ray asked? "Something that will give you lust... desire... pleasure... satisfaction, or something that could destroy everything you have?"

Dawn stared into the man's strong, demoralizing eyes. There was no compassion, merely a determined desire to win. It seemed like the world was closing in fast and her heart started to race out of control. When Dawn's face flushed and her temperature rose, she felt devastated by the man's overly confident demeanor. She tried to open her mouth and respond to Ray, yet she couldn't.

Ray took a step closer, but kept his eyes burning into Dawn. "You know what I think," he whispered. "I think you'll choose lust!"

The absolute worst nightmare of her life was overwhelming. She huddled beside the woman who she considered a good friend, but it didn't help. Then Ray reached out and started running his fingers up and down her bare arm, causing her to tremble with great anxiety. "If it's money you want... I'll pay you," Dawn whispered. "Anything... I'll pay you any amount."

"Oh, you'll pay... but it won't be money."

"Please, don't do this. My life will be ruined."

"Don't worry, honey. No one has to know. No one has to know you were fucked by another woman... or another man."

"But... but I can't cheat on my husband."

"Honey! You already have. You got fucked... finger-fucked by my lovely girlfriend. Remember, I have it all recorded."

The man was right and Dawn shivered in expectation. "Dear gawd, you can't do this to me. Please, you just can't."

"Honey, it's every man's dream to watch two sexy women together. That was nice... what happened in the hotel, but now I want to watch it firsthand." To make matters worse, Ray pointed at the movie, which was still playing.

Dawn glanced towards the screen and noticed the scene was presently at the stage where she got royally finger-fucked. The damning movie sent shivers up her spine, as she witnessed a****l lust. The camera angle was perfectly set to catch the entire front of her body and Dawn wondered if Brenda might not have purposely left the view unobstructed for the camera. Then Dawn realized Ray had more than enough incriminating evidence against her.

The feeling in the room was eerie, as everyone was affected in a different way. Dawn continued staring at the screen and she wondered if there was an easy solution to her dilemma. Ray promptly poured everyone a drink and then he turned off the lights, trying to improve the mood. He left the two women sitting on the sofa and the television emitted the only light, which left a very serene affect in the room.

Ray had outlined his plan to Brenda in great detail and now it was her queue to act. He left what happened entirely up to his girlfriend and his only demand was that the two women have sex so he could watch. When Ray shoved the drinks into their hands, Dawn and Brenda immediately drained the glasses. It was sort of a mutual feeling that they needed to relax and a nice, stiff drink seemed like the perfect remedy for their nervousness. Ray refilled the glasses and then he drifted off the side in an effort to remove any stress or pressure on the women.

Dawn felt a warm sensation float through her stomach, causing her arms and legs to become a little tingly. The alcohol seemed to put her more at ease, but the movie was still playing audaciously on the screen. It was a mixture of erotic images and a****l sounds over the speakers that attracted her attention, which allowed Brenda to gain the upper hand. Dawn stared in disbelief when the scene progressed to where she thrust her leg between Brenda's legs and used her thigh to bring satisfaction to another woman.

Dawn sat on the sofa feeling more helpless by the minute. It was impossible to change the past and the future seemed overwhelming to her now. Although she felt Brenda's dainty hand slip under her blouse, she kept staring at the movie. Dawn didn't move when the woman's fingers lightly caressed her heated flesh until they reached the lacy bra. She held her breath, but her eyes remained riveted on the screen, as Brenda's fingers lifted the bra and cupped her right boob. The woman didn't waste time fondling or teasing and her fingers surrounded a hardened nipple.

Dawn merely sighed when she realized there was no alternative, but yield to the cunning seduction. All of a sudden she felt a determined nudge and signal that she should raise her arms. Dawn acted more like a zombie, as her arms came up, and in a heartbeat her blouse and bra were yanked up and over her head. Left shivering and almost naked, Dawn opened her mouth, as if to protest, but suddenly she was kissed. She lost sight of the humiliating movie and fell back against the leather sofa from a stern shove by Brenda.

Maybe it was the booze; maybe it was the blackmail, or merely the fulfillment of an erotic fantasy, but Dawn didn't struggle or protest. She lay back on the sofa allowing Brenda's head to swoop down to her chest. Dawn felt her inflamed nipple go into the burning mouth and then the skillful tongue went to work. Brenda's tongue rolled the enlarged bud back and forth and then her teeth clamped down on the erect nipple. Dawn almost screamed when Brenda bit hard, but it was stifled when the woman's hand swiftly slipped into the waistband of her skirt.

At the time it was a reflex action when Dawn sucked in her tummy, which gave plenty of room to Brenda. The woman thrust her hand deep into the panties until her fingers hit the immense wetness. Dawn's legs were together but there was still room for Brenda's fingers, as they carefully slipped between the soaked labia. Dawn's heartbeat quickened, yet she was a long way from racing out of control.

The journey was one to remember. Dawn felt like the end was a long way off, yet her tummy couldn't stop swirling around madly. Then the woman f***ed Dawn onto her back and quickly stripped the rest of her clothes. Brenda quickly returned to the passion pit and she used two fingers to pry the labia apart. When she tenderly slipped the upstanding clitoris between her fingers, Brenda squeezed the captured clitty until Dawn's entire focus was on her crotch. Suddenly betrayal and being unfaithful didn't seem so bad to Dawn.

The woman was on a mission. It took Brenda approximately 30 seconds of vigorous twisting of the clit to get Dawn where she wanted her. Brenda slammed the quivering legs apart and she dove for the heart of Dawn's soul. Her mouth immediately closed over the honey-hole and Brenda used her tongue like a small penis.

Dawn arched her back so she could reach the woman's head, which she gingerly put between her hands. She had a fleeting moment where she held Brenda's head trying to display her resistance, but suddenly all seemed hopeless. The woman merely raked the tender clitoris with her sharp teeth and then gobbled the entire pussy-hood into her hot mouth.

Dawn threw herself backwards, as her belly went into convulsions. She was vaguely conscious of Ray who whispered encouragement to his girlfriend, but then her full awareness was on the intense lust. Nothing else mattered, not the guilt, not the shame, only fulfillment. Brenda held the clitoris firmly with her teeth and used her tongue to caress the swollen morsel. She gave a new meaning to the term finger-fucking. Brenda had her long middle finger and forefingers buried and Dawn felt something threatening, which banged against her asshole.

Dawn had no idea how big her clitty was but it felt big enough to explode. The onrushing orgasm sapped all of her strength and seemed to last forever. She heard loud slurping noises, yet she didn't associate them with the expert cunnilingus. Her body was sweat covered causing it to slip and slide all over the leather sofa until her vast internal reservoir emptied.

When her body was completely drained, Dawn didn't resist or try to move away. Hands rolled her onto her side and then f***ed her off the sofa. She didn't fall on the floor but landed on top of Brenda who had her arms outstretched. The woman caught Dawn with her arms and cradled her in a most loving fashion. Both women were still emotional and aroused and it seemed like the most natural thing to kiss. As the kiss heated up and tongues intertwined, Dawn voluntarily fondled Brenda's breasts. First one boob and then the other until she was satisfied both nipples were extended and hard.

Dawn realized that she had blinders on at the time. She should have known what would happen when she was prone and lying between Brenda's splayed legs. Even without vast experience Dawn knew what to do. She had her fingers on either side of the swollen labia, spreading the pink lips apart. Dawn stared at the puffy clitoris for a second or two before moving forward to engulf the bud with her mouth. She sucked only the clitty into her mouth and rolled it around with the tip of her tongue.

Then she put her finger at the opening by her chin and felt the woman flinch in anticipation. When she inserted two fingers into the honey-hole, Dawn had to let go of the pussy lips and hang onto Brenda's thrashing hips. The woman was already riding a roller coaster before the cunnilingus and it didn't take long for her to reach the pinnacle of desire. An orgasm burst so fast that Dawn barely had time to drink the abundant juices flowing out of Brenda's belly.

Ray took her by surprise, which Dawn would never forget. She was on her stomach bringing ultimate joy to her dear friend and then her legs were spread apart. Suddenly her hips were jerked upward and her knees were positioned about one foot apart on the floor. "It's time, Honey. Time your belly was filled with my prick."

For the first time in her life, Dawn contemplated being unfaithful to her husband with another man. There was little consolation in the fact that she had control over Brenda because any power she had was gone in a heartbeat. The woman was obviously intimidated by her boyfriend, but Dawn realized that she was as well. Brenda had tricked her yet Dawn easily forgave the woman, blaming what happened on Ray.

On her knees with her head still in Brenda's crotch, Dawn didn't do anything in particular to Brenda, as the woman's lust had taken over. She had no way of seeing Ray's wild-eyed awe and the evil grin on his unruly face. Dawn would always remember thinking the man was going to **** her, yet she wondered what Ray looked like. Secretly she had imagined his manhood, but never seen his cock. Suddenly the man rubbed the head of his penis up and down her vulnerable soaked crevice and she couldn't stop him.

Dawn had a hard time breathing, first from the cunnilingus, and then because her heart was beating so rapidly. The anticipation of what she thought Ray would do to her had a drastic affect on her emotions. Then Ray paused with the tip of his cock directly at her opening. He held his cock at the entrance of her pussy for an eternity and seemed to trigger mini tremors erupting so deep inside that they rocked her whole body.

All of a sudden she felt the man's strong fingers digging into her rounded hips. Ray seemed to hold her absolutely still while he gingerly poked her with his hard cock. Dawn held her breath and waited, but he was far too shrewd. Ray was well prepared to prolong his stamina, as he had masturbated when the women ate, and then he swallowed a little blue pill. He wasn't going to miss out on the best night of sex of his life, so he wanted it to last a long time. Ray had only taken Viagra twice before and knew it would enable him to stay hard for hours, which was what he needed on this night.

One thing would haunt Dawn the rest of her life. She had the strongest desire to see it, to look at Ray's cock. Her head filled with visions of the most stellar manhood, which throbbed and pulsed like crazy with her dainty fingers wrapped around the thick shaft. Then she felt it. Dawn couldn't breath and she merely stiffened every muscle in her body. Slowly and almost daring her to retaliate, Ray thrust his hips forward an inch at a time. When he felt the hottest inferno surrounding the entire length of his rod, Ray paused for the briefest moment.

Dawn felt the strange cock inside her reserved being. She knew enough not to move or assist in any way, yet her hips seemed to be ruled by something foreign to her. Abruptly Ray squeezed her waist enabling him to gain the best hold of her flared hips. He jerked his hands back at his pelvis just as he rammed his hips forward. All the air came out of her lungs at once and she was powerless to stop what happened. Dawn felt Ray's random thrusts and pumps indicating his lose of control, yet she didn't hesitate when the initial spasm shot through her loins.

Never in her wildest dreams did Dawn imagine herself having sex with someone other than Harvey. Suddenly she realized her inner being was being filled with a stranger's cum and it proved the end of her willpower. Her hips jerked wildly; seconds later her hips jerked again and then they went out of control. Dawn experienced shame, but she pushed backwards anyway, and yearned for every inch of the male cock buried inside of her womanhood.

"Oh baby, oh baby. Keep shoving that cunt at me, baby. Like that... just like that."

"Oh gawd, why?"

"Sweet Jesus. What a great fuck."

"No. No."

"I knew you were a slut when I read your stories. A slut who can't get enough cock."

"No. It can't be."

"Christ baby. You're cumming like a slut... the biggest slut."

"Dear gawd, not like this." The convulsions rocked her body and ravaged her mind, as the orgasm soared to staggering heights.

"Baby. Oh, baby, you're the best fuck... ever!"

The loud sound of her bare flesh slapping into Ray's was deafening and it seemed to add to her downfall. Her face was fully etched with joy yet it looked like pain to any onlooker. Dawn experienced sex like never before and she held nothing back. Her mouth gaped wide open in an effort to get more air and she emitted a****l sounds, which were not very ladylike. Dawn was long past caring about acting morally and the ecstasy took control of her spirit.

Ray didn't care if he hurt his girlfriend's feelings. His only concern at that moment was to relieve the great pressure on his balls, which were very swollen. The earlier handjob when he jerked himself off had helped his stamina, but nothing lasted forever. Every time he thrust his cock to the hilt and pulled back on Dawn's hips, he jettisoned cum deep into the burning inferno. He continued pumping his hips wanting the intercourse to last an eternity and it seemed that it did to the battered woman.

Dawn's upper body was on the floor with her face turned sideways, so she could breathe. Ray used her knees, as a balance point, and he rocked her back and forth in tune with his pumping hips. It was the first time Dawn realized the doggie position allowed for such great penetration of a man's cock. She might have saved a little dignity if it wasn't for Brenda's cunning m*****ation. The woman lay on the floor beside Dawn and her hands kept up a constant assault.

Brenda not only fondled the hanging tits, she thrust one hand into Dawn's defenseless crotch. She coveted one tiny morsel, which was left exposed because of Dawn's precarious position. Brenda pinched the clitoris with her fingers and watched the woman's stomach heave frantically in and out, as the obvious lust flourished for the longest time.

In the end there were three totally exhausted bodies intertwined on the carpeted floor. Dawn had an inclination to clean herself or at least put some clothes on, but that never happened. She was too tired to do anything and merely closed her eyes, as if to shut out the rest of the world. Visions of what had transpired and of her infidelity flashed into her head, but her brain was too weary to keep them for long.

The most astonishing incident of the evening happened much later. The stimulants Ray had taken were still working and he shoved his rock-hard cock in Dawn's face. Ray demanded she give him a blowjob much to her trepidation. Dawn had on occasion given her husband one, but not regularly. She wasn't fond of having the sticky chizz all over her face and body so she didn't like sucking cock. Abruptly Ray rubbed his hard-on across her cheek and then he rolled onto his back in absolute readiness.

Not only was it the first time she sucked another man's cock, but also it was the first time that she joined another woman in such fornication. If such a thing had happened before this affair, Dawn would have been totally repulsed. Suddenly she had a thick, hard cock in her fist and held it up in the air as if presenting a proud prick for someone's approval. Dawn took turns with Brenda holding Ray's stellar cock and sucking it, as the foreplay drove Ray crazy.

Ray was in his glory with two sexy women paying homage to his illustrious manhood. He often received good blowjobs from his girlfriend, but he preferred the way Dawn did it. Her teeth seemed to get in the way and raked across the flared rim on the head of his prick, which drove him crazy. Ray would always remember the moment when he climaxed. Dawn's mouth was over his cock at the time and she was sucking it tenderly with two or three inches inside her steamy mouth. She proved a real trooper, as her cheeks puffed out, and then she heroically swallowed every ounce of the creamy cum.

Near the end Dawn was literally knocked away from his cock by Brenda who craved some for herself. His girlfriend managed to drink the last few spurts, as the terrific blowjob drained his tank. Even when she was younger and dating Harvey, Dawn never experienced an all-nighter. Certainly she couldn't phantom a sexual encounter lasting for so many hours. It was by mutual agreement that the night end when it did and Dawn got dressed in a hurry.

Dawn glanced at her watch, as she dressed, and saw it was almost six in the morning. The good thing with her husband out of town was that she didn't have to answer to anyone for getting home so late. The drive home was somber and one that seemed to take forever, as Dawn couldn't get something out of her head. It was a vision of not only being unfaithful but of her actually experiencing numerous orgasms with a man and a woman. To make matters worse, she felt the residue draining out of her precious womanhood and knew it was male semen staining her panties.

***At the movies - The First Hour!

Dawn felt sick. She could still hear what Ray said at the end of the worst night of her life. "You'll hear from me. I'll email you during the week and outline my blackmail demands." Ray had no qualms about using the term blackmail, as he wanted Dawn to know she was powerless, and that he controlled her destiny. "Let me warn you. I don't like being disobeyed. The only way to keep everything a secret is to follow my demands."

Now Dawn stared at the computer screen and at the message boldly stated in the email. Ray's note was long but Dawn tried to get through it without crying.

'Friday night was beautiful and I'm sure by the way you reacted that you had a fantastic time. I can still see you quivering during your orgasm when my cock was buried inside your belly. Can you remember that climax???'

Dawn paused for a brief moment trying to recompose herself. Her head filled with visions of how she actually experienced an earth-shaking orgasm with a stranger. A man who was not her husband! She vividly remembered being on her hands and knees in spectacular doggie fashion and acting like an a****l. It took numerous head shakes to get the images out of her mind so she could continue with Ray's email.

'I've given it a lot of thought and my blackmail demands will have you acting as the heroine in all of your stories. Don't worry about Brenda. She'll do anything I ask and in fact she will even help out if need be. Hell, she loves your pussy just as much as I do.'

Again Dawn paused hoping it was all just a bad dream. 'I think the first time should be a reenactment of your first story. So, Diane! This is what I want you to do and what I want you to wear.'

Dawn could see the man's evil grin when he called her Diane, the heroine from her very first erotic story. She felt sick to her stomach and couldn't imagine doing something so immoral. Diane was a married woman who went to an Adult Movie theater and had sex with strangers. Then Dawn read the rest of the email in shocked dismay, as she learned all of what Ray demanded. The closing line would haunt her forever. 'We'll go out on a date. You, me and Brenda!'

When it came time to get ready for the dreaded rendezvous, Dawn had a hard time getting dressed. Not only did she have to wear only a blouse, skirt and shoes, but also she had to dress is such a manner without raising her husband's suspicions. Ray selected a Friday evening, which gave her over a week to prepare so that part was good. The hardest part was telling Harvey a boldfaced lie. Dawn wound up telling him that one of the girls from work was getting married and all the girls were going out to celebrate.

Dawn left the house that night feeling very guilty. It was the first time she had done such a thing that might jeopardize her marriage, but she met the couple at their home as ordered. She knew it was futile to argue with her blackmailer so she turned to Brenda, hoping for a miracle. "Dear gawd, help me," she pleaded. "Don't let him do this to me... to us!"

At the time, Brenda couldn't look at Dawn. She had betrayed her dear friend and she was well aware of being too intimidated by Ray to fight against his control. "He has so much... pictures, stories and movies," Brenda whispered. "But he's promised not to let anyone see them if we do what he says."

Ray grinned at the two women and listened to the wasted comments. "C'mon. Let's go to the movies. Did you know 'At The Movies' is one of my favorite stories? 'At the Movies'... staring Dawn and Brenda."

Dawn glanced back and forth, from Brenda to Ray, before she reluctantly followed the couple out to their car. The drive to the movie was quiet with everyone thinking ahead to what possibilities there were in a darkened, secluded theater. When they parked, Dawn's heart started beating a mile a minute, which caused her to feel weak-kneed. She prayed for some kind of salvation knowing the chances were high that she would be f***ed into something dreadful.

Dawn wasn't sure why Ray did what he did, but she assumed it was to humiliate his girlfriend while showing her that he was in complete control. When they entered the theater, he immediately selected seats at the rear. Ray sat between the women and seemed to delay things until they were filled with intense anxiety. Then he grabbed Brenda's hand. "You wait here," he whispered to Dawn. "We'll get to watch my little sweetheart give some guy a blowjob."

"But I thought," Brenda whispered.

"Thought what? That you weren't going to suck some cock," Ray replied. "I want both of you to be porno stars."

"But... but." This time it was Brenda's turn to look at Dawn for some kind of intervention. Both women knew they were powerless to stop Ray, yet it gave them solace knowing they continued to fight. Dawn watched the couple make their way down three rows and then sit beside a male patron. She noticed how Ray whispered in the man's ear and seemed to assure the man that his dreams had come true.

Dawn shivered feeling Brenda's despair. Ray left his girlfriend sitting beside the man and he returned to his seat beside Dawn with the biggest grin on his face. "His name's Rod and the guy already had his cock out," Ray whispered, shocking her out of dreamland. "Guess some guys don't give a shit whose watching. He swears to make sweet Brenda swallow a big load of chizz."

Dawn merely glanced at Ray knowing there was nothing she could do. Then she turned and watched the stranger go to work. Much to her dismay, the man lifted Brenda's blouse and exposed her boobs. Then he slobbered all over the illustrious 34b's making enough noise to draw attention. Dawn glanced around to see many of he moviegoers were now watching the private exhibition instead of the porno movie.

"I thought you'd like to watch first. Before becoming Diane... the movie slut," Ray whispered. "Look! Two more guys are joining Rod."

Dawn watched in shock and awe, as Brenda became a pawn for three, sex-starved strangers. Although she wrote about a married woman ravaged against her will in the same type of environment, Dawn didn't think actual indiscretions were possible. All of a sudden she watched as Brenda was f***ed to suck cock. The woman didn't have time to secure her blouse and one of the men groped her exposed tits much to the delight of the rest.

It was easy for the men to shift Brenda off the chair and between the rows of seats. She was f***ed to kneel between Rod's splayed legs and the man crudely shoved his prick into her face. Rod banged his cock against Brenda's lips hard enough to make them open and then he shoved the entire head into her hot mouth. Dawn noticed Brenda's head bobbing up and down on the man's cock and it was very evident that a blowjob was underway.

Probably the worst part of the gross experience for Dawn was watching the two other men openly fisting their hard cocks in anticipation of getting them sucked by a sexy woman. The two men sat beside the pair and there was no effort to hide the fact they were masturbating. Suddenly Brenda coughed and sputtered and Dawn realized what was happening. Rod's hands were around Brenda's head and he held it firmly positioned on top of his throbbing cock, which spewed molten cum.

There was no respite for Brenda. Once she finished drinking Rod's filthy cum, she was quickly rolled between a second man's legs. Even in the dim lighting, Dawn noticed Brenda's face had tearstains and there were other stains around her mouth. She thought there was a hint of compassion in Brenda's eyes when they stared at each other for a brief second, but then Brenda was f***ed to suck another cock.

Dawn had never witnessed such brazen m*****ation. Brenda would most likely be black and blue after being roughly bounced all over the confined area. The man receiving the blowjob gasped and moaned with great elation and it didn't take him long to reach the end of his stamina. Meanwhile the remaining man fisted his prick, as if there was no tomorrow, and he impatiently waited his turn.

Dawn thought Brenda's turmoil couldn't get more degrading, but she was wrong. The woman was red-faced when the last man shoved his erection in her face. He grabbed a big handful of her hair and pulled hard enough to indicate he wanted her to suck his cock. In a flash his cock was inside Brenda's mouth and it appeared to go down her throat. There were choking sounds, but they disappeared quickly when the man yanked his pulsating erection out of her mouth.

The man curled his fingers through Brenda's hair and jerked her head backwards. Then he blasted cum all over Brenda's pretty face without any regard for others that may be watching. Ray found the scene thoroughly alluring, but Dawn merely stared straight at the dramatic masturbation, wishing she was somewhere else.

While his girlfriend was satisfying three horny moviegoers, Ray waved his hand in a beckoning motion at a nearby man. In a flash, the stranger was beside Dawn and she felt trapped sitting between two rugged men. What transpired would remain with Dawn for the rest of her life. Ray reached forward and introduced himself and offered his sweetheart to the man. "My wife's s****r is the woman sucking that man's cock over there," Ray whispered, pointing towards Brenda. "Now my wife wants some cock of her own."

The man showed more eagerness than patience. "I've heard of this fucking happening... but never thought it would happen to me."

"Honey! Show the man," Ray whispered. "Undo his pants... take his cock out and show the man."

"Gawd, not here, please."

"C'mon honey, don't disappoint the man. You know we agreed." Then Ray gave the man permission. "She likes her tits felt. Go ahead... feel the best tits in the city."

The man didn't need a second invitation. His hands were all over Dawn's chest before she could ward them off and Ray even assisted. Dawn struggled in vain, as her arms were quickly pinned at her sides, and then Ray unbuttoned her blouse. The stranger must have thought he was in heaven. "Sweet mother! What a set of knockers. Man! You're wife's got the biggest... juiciest tits."

His head was on her chest and all she could do was sit still. Dawn almost squealed out in agony when the man's sharp teeth raked one of her precious nipples. She looked towards Ray, but it was obvious he was not going to help her out. "My sweet Diane has the wettest cunt. Man, I'm not pulling your pisser. Go ahead! Reach under her skirt... my wife won't mind."

Dawn stared straight ahead trying hard to not display her apparent discomfort. Then she glanced around to see if anyone was looking and much to her horror, Brenda and the three strangers were switching seats. In a flash they moved to the row in front of her and all four ignored the movie. They turned in their seats and watched what was happening to her, which heightened her anxiety.

The stranger didn't need another offer. His hand shot down and under her skirt. "Open your legs for the man," Ray whispered, as he put his face next to hers. He spoke soft and so low that only Dawn could hear. "I said open your legs!"

"Please, no."

"Do it! Spread those beautiful legs, or else. Do you know what will happen if you disobey me?" Ray paused, but kept his lips pressed against her ear so his conversation was very private. "I'll fucking leave you here with these horny bastards."

"Ray, dear gawd, no!"

"I'll tell them my dearest wife wants an orgy," he whispered. "I'll say you're living out a gangbang fantasy and all you want is to get fucked by strangers."

It took Dawn a split second to react. She pondered Ray's demands and quickly decided she was far better off if he stayed with her. Dawn reluctantly obeyed. She reasoned Ray was serious and besides the stranger surely assumed she was a willing participant since he had just m*****ed her boobs and freely groped her crotch. Her legs spread and all of a sudden the stranger's hand cupped her precious pussy. Without any foreplay, the man shoved his finger inside her opening and Dawn felt the ultimate humiliation.

Dawn desperately wanted to close her legs, but she resisted the temptation. Ray continued whispering in her ear and he used threats to ensure she was well aware of his control. She was the perfect puppet. Only she heard the disparaging orders and any disobedience meant the blackmailer would ruin her life. Then she noticed the four leering faces in the next row and the a****l lust sent shivers of despair up her backbone.

Suddenly her ordeal worsened. "My sweet wife gives the best blowjob, ever," Ray said to the stranger. "Go ahead. Whip out your cock. Whip it out, man, and my wife will show you what a great cocksucker she is."

Dawn stiffened with the urge to get violently sick. Then she thought about what was happening and quickly decided that this was her best option. She reasoned that two, or maybe three blowjobs and her nightmare might be over. Dawn almost came out of her chair when the stranger embedded his finger to the hilt, as he envisioned Ray's revelation. Then he took his cock out.

That was the moment Dawn realized Ray was the most unscrupulous man she had ever met. He displayed power over his supposed wife by pushing Dawn towards the stranger, as the man waved his cock in the air. "Suck it baby. Show him what a great cocksucker you are."

Her movement was not voluntary, as Ray grabbed her by the head. He guided her head into the man's lap and it was impossible to stop the disgusting sex act. Ray smashed the flared head of the stranger's cock against her lips, which f***ed her mouth open. In an instant the man's cock was inside Dawn's hot mouth and she either sucked or suffocated, much to the delight of the onlookers.

The only thing going through her disillusioned mind was the possibility of getting caught. What would Harvey or any of her f****y think of her? Dawn frantically grabbed a firm hold of the prick to prevent it being rammed down her throat and then she tried to suck the man off as fast as possible. She could only imagine what it looked like when she pumped her fist up and down the stranger's thick shaft and kept the head buried deep inside her mouth.

Luckily the man's stamina was sapped by the previous events and in no time she felt his stomach heaving in and out in anticipation of blowing his load. Dawn involuntarily squeezed the throbbing cock for whatever reason and that added to her swift disgrace. Her chokehold prevented ejaculation for a brief moment, but then the burning lava exploded out of the cock. The flood gushed down her throat and she coughed and sputtered trying frantically to catch her breath.

The onlookers stared in awe at the marvelous spectacle. Suddenly Ray twisted her lower torso and then he lifted her skirt. Everyone's focus shifted from the illustrious blowjob to Dawn's brazenly exposed bare ass, which was totally irresistible. Dawn was powerless to stop Ray, as he openly caressed her ass-cheeks. She almost swallowed the stranger's cock when Ray thrust his hand between her legs from behind and instantly groped her defenseless crotch.

Dawn only imagined what it must have looked like to the onlookers. Her blouse still gapped open and her boobs swayed around like crazy, as the stranger filled her mouth with hot cum. Her skirt was up around her waist and her entire backside was exposed to the crowd. What made it ever worse was Ray's overzealous m*****ation, which rocked her torso around like mad.

She lost track of time. Like any bad incident or horrible nightmare, glimpses of what happened would always be locked in her memory. Even though Dawn tried to forget the sordid incident, some details still made her shudder. She never knew which man fondled her breasts. The man was rough and on a mission to accomplish his dreams in a matter of seconds. He felt her up with both hands on her tits and then seized both nipples with his overbearing fingers. Her precious buds responded by getting extremely hard and erect even though she didn't feel any stimulation from the crude groping.

When Dawn finished with the stranger, she was f***ed to suck another cock. Ray directed another stranger to take the first man's seat and then he demanded action. There was no hesitation or anything vague about Ray's demands. "Suck it, baby. Show the man how much you love sucking cock." Her head was shoved into the man's lap and in one swift motion his cock was inside her mouth.

Dawn would not easily forget any of the raunchy particulars that happened during the theater affair. She complied with Ray's wishes and gave the stranger a blowjob. Then the man switched positions with another man who demanded equal satisfaction and he too received the most memorable lip service. When Dawn sucked the man's cock, she tried to make herself presentable or at least less seductive, but it didn't work. While she was captive and busy satisfying a man's desires, another stranger took liberties.

"Spread'm!" The comment still sent tremors through her body, as the man ordered her to spread her legs. Dawn remembered having a man's face between her legs and although she was preoccupied, she imagined what others must have thought. Even in the restrictive environment, the man managed to get his tongue between her labia and he let everyone within miles know he was licking a whore's cunt. She would never forget the most degrading time of her life and it was the happiest moment when Ray said it was the end of the chapter.

***At the Movies - The Second Hour!

They departed the main theater with Ray walking between the two women. When Ray told Dawn and Brenda that the evening wasn't over, they merely shivered in great disbelief. "They have a small theater... for private showings," he explained. "Now it's time for my lovely girls to perform for an audience."

It was Brenda who spoke up. "Ray! For the love of God, you can't be serious. We've done enough. Please don't do this."

Ray completely ignored his girlfriend's pleas, as he shoved her towards a door. "Dawn's story has more, much more. Now it's time for another chapter," he said with a snicker. "Sweetheart, this cost me a lot of money, but I'm sure to get it back once these perverts see some pussy."

Both women were stunned and they simply stood beside the blackmailer, as their feet seemed nailed to the floor. Ray opened the door and he used defining gestures to get them into a small room. Brenda and Dawn took the room in with concerned glances and there seemed to be an aura that sent panic through both women. Bright spotlights were directed at a raised platform, which was made up like a big, messy bed. The covers were strewn around and it was obvious that Ray expected them to perform on a stage.

"Ray, you said just the theater... not this," Brenda pleaded. "I've... we've done everything and more. Please not this." She was afraid to say more for fear of Dawn finding out that she was in on Ray's initial blackmailing scheme.

Again Ray ignored her pleas. "Don't worry about the cops. I've paid for a private showing and only the four guys who sat with us are invited," he whispered. Ray had a big grin on his face and his confident manner made Dawn weak in the knees, as he motioned towards the bed.

Brenda was as shocked as Dawn. One complete wall consisted of a mirror, which was obviously made of two-way glass. At the moment, the light was on in an outer room and there were silhouettes of three or four men moving around behind the glass. Dawn could hear them talking and loud comments about being able to watch two sexy lesbians made her shudder.

Dawn was more interested in the outer room and failed to recognize Ray plotting her downfall. He whispered instructions to Brenda who was overly concerned for her own safety and willing to do whatever Ray demanded, as long as it was in her best interests. Before Dawn had time to react, Brenda along with Ray's assistance guided her across the room to the bed. Any struggle seemed hopeless to Dawn, as the couple each grabbed one of her arms, and quickly removed her blouse. Then to her despair, Ray held both of her arms while his girlfriend stripped Dawn's skirt.

If being stripped and left shivering wasn't bad enough, Ray punctuated her humiliation in a hurry. "I'll leave you two lovebirds alone. Show the guys a porno show they won't forget," he whispered. "If it's good... and I mean really good, then I won't turn the horny bastards loose."

"I can't. I just can't do anymore," Dawn whispered.

"Look honey. You either perform and put on a show the guys, love, or I'll give hubby a movie he won't soon forget."

"No. Please don't do this. I'll pay you."

"Save your money, honey. I promised the guys they could watch two of the sexiest lesbian s****rs."

"But I'm not."

"I don't give a shit. You're sexy... you're naked... and you're the horniest bitch I know. So do it, or you'll regret ever meeting me!"

"No, please no."

"The guys are waiting and you've pissed me off with your silly-ass delay. Now you have to climax. Orgasm when my darling girlfriend eats you out, or else I'll let everyone of these bastards fuck your ass."

The door slammed shut when Ray departed, leaving Dawn totally desperate. Escape didn't appear possible and her only option seemed compliance. The lights had been turned off in the outer room and Dawn stared at her and Brenda's reflections in the darkened mirror. Then Ray's voice sounded very clearly from the other side. "Now you guys get ready for the biggest thrill of your life... as my wife gets her sexy snatch eaten out by her s****r."

Dawn heard Ray's disparaging comments, but it took her too long to respond. Her future lay in the hands of Brenda who abruptly stripped naked and turned into Ray's faithful puppet. When Brenda started fondling and trying to seduce her, Dawn merely stood beside the makeshift bed, glancing around as if looking for a way out. Then Dawn was hit by the harshest revelation. If she didn't react and take charge, Brenda would.

All of a sudden Brenda grabbed her from behind. The woman pointed Dawn's front directly at the mirror and then she cupped one of the luscious, bare boobs. Brenda squeezed the titty between her hands and aimed the end with the elongated nipple at the secret onlookers. In a flash, Brenda rotated around Dawn's shoulder and shrewdly turned so they were both sideways to the mirror.

Dawn was dumbfounded when her friend used her teeth to hold the proud nipple. Then Brenda bared her teeth and she must have looked like a rabid a****l, as she stretched the erect bud out so far it brought loud cheers from the other room. It was the first time Dawn listened to the crowd and it didn't take long before their boisterous encouragement spurred Brenda to glorious heights. Every time the woman left a mark or a blemish on Dawn's velvety skin, the crowd yelled.

Brenda quickly ran out of patience. She twisted and shoved Dawn at the same time, which caused her to collapse. Dawn tripped on the edge of the bed and fell flat on her back with the young woman on top of her. She was mystified by how men got so enthused and overly aroused by not only lesbian sex but also f***ed sex. Every time she put a hand up to protect herself, Brenda slapped it away much to the delight of the cheering men. When the woman rammed her thigh between Dawn's, the crowd got even more enthusiastic.

Dawn was oblivious to how long it took. It might have been minutes or perhaps hours, but eventually she felt tiny spasms rocking her inner being. She would forever remember the dramatic theater sex and any flashback would prove demoralizing. The signs of eminent lust were frightening, yet she was powerless to stop what Brenda was doing to her. When the woman's scorching mouth sucked hard on her throbbing clitoris, Dawn felt her control fade away.

To the intense enjoyment of the crowd, Brenda's cunnilingus proved outstanding. Every man had a raging hardon watching the sexy young woman ravage the goddess who they all wanted to fuck. It was when Brenda used a slow and deliberate finger-fucking that the crowd grew silent. They watched breathlessly, as the crazed woman brought the goddess to the brink, and then finished her off.

The sight of the sharp teeth holding the delicate, pink morsel was priceless. Nobody moved or nobody breathed when Brenda pulled on the clitty and stretched it outward like a thick elastic band. When the goddess cried, the crowd cried out loud. They cheered, as the r****t used her fingers like a weapon, and fucked the helpless woman. It was an orgasm they would all remember, especially when their coveted friend joined the fray.

Ray couldn't miss a glorious opportunity to display his control. He was like a cat sneaking into the room, as he hovered next to the bed. He leaned close to Dawn and put his face next to hers. "Can you hear them? They all want the pretty slut to get fucked by her young mistress."

The intense convulsions caused Dawn great agony, but it was nothing compared to the discomfort of Ray's humiliation. Her body twisted and turned and the onlookers loved the way she seemed to fight her m*****er. "No, dear gawd, make it stop."

"I can see it. Everyone can see it. You're creaming all over Brenda's tongue and her puny cock," Ray whispered. "I love watching you climax. You did the right thing, honey. Now I won't tell your husband about your secret life."

Ray made Dawn think she was doing the right thing. All of a sudden he grabbed her arms and pinned them up and over her head. Probably the most amazing thing for Dawn was how she got treated like a cheap whore and it resulted in an orgasm she would never forget. Somehow her head turned to face the black mirror and although she couldn't see the onlookers, she heard them. The cheers were continuous, as they encouraged the young mistress whose cunnilingus and finger-fuck were almost a****listic.

Ray stared at the swaying tits, which looked overly seductive when Dawn's chest heaved like mad. He witnessed lust in the purest form, as his girlfriend m*****ed the sensitive clitty and savagely fucked the sexy lady. Brenda used her hand like a battering ram and thrust her fingers to the hilt, which rammed Dawn's hips into the soft mattress. When Dawn's hips rebounded and bounced back hard, Brenda was merciless in her efforts to make Ray happy.

Even as the last moans and sighs of complete exhaustion sounded in the room, Ray plotted the next sly maneuver. He left the bed and opened the door as an invitation to the four men. Just as they entered the room, Ray put his hand in the center of the first man's chest. "My wife is off limits... but not her s****r. Help yourself. We'll stick around just to make sure you don't seriously harm her."

All of a sudden Ray grabbed the naked woman's hand. He sternly jerked Dawn's arm and brought her to her feet. Dawn had no idea what was happening, but she knew her fate rested entirely in Ray's hands. She was the most relieved woman in Seattle when her blackmailer intervened and saved her from the sex-starved strangers. Ray spoke very specific and bluntly to the four men. "My wife wants to watch... watch from the other room. Her s****r gives great head, as you already know, and she loves a good gangbang."

Brenda remained on the bed. She never dreamed that her boyfriend was so devious as to leave her all alone with strangers. Suddenly she faced the dire consequences of satisfying four men all by herself and couldn't believe Ray's drastic actions. Brenda pleaded with her eyes, as she looked at her boyfriend for sympathy when the men closed in around her. One of the men actually had his zipper down with his cock out already and he fisted the flaccid penis trying to turn it into an erection.

When the man moved closer and rubbed his cock against her flesh, Brenda shuddered. Her only option was to make a big scene, but that wasn't her nature so she cowered to one side of the makeshift bed. Then to her absolute horror, Ray left the room with Dawn and Brenda's world closed in around her.

Ray guided Dawn out of the room and into the outer room. It was the first time in her life that Dawn watched others having sex. She immediately noticed the smoky glass and stared through it at the already besieged Brenda. It was very apparent that Brenda was in the middle of a gangbang as all four men m*****ed her. None of them took their clothes off, but merely acted like they were ravaging a cheap slut.

It was a sequence of events that made Dawn thankful she wasn't in the room with Brenda. She felt sorry for the woman yet there wasn't anything she could do to help her. One of the men shoved his cock in Brenda's face and f***ed her to open her mouth. In no time a blowjob commenced and the poor woman had no choice but suck the throbbing penis. Another man fisted his cock with one hand and he used the other to grope Brenda's boobs.

Dawn watched the gangbang with her heart pounding away in her chest. First it was a blowjob in which Brenda made a stranger's dreams come true and then she sucked a second cock. The man's face was contorted with great pleasure and his stamina was short-lived, as he blew his load into Brenda's mouth. That was when the gangbang got horribly out of control for Brenda. She was f***ed onto her back and a man was between her legs in a heartbeat.

The intercourse was bad enough but what made Dawn shrink with dismay was how the other three men acted. Each man held Brenda captive and Dawn witnessed a full-fledged screwing, as the man pounded his cock in and out of the enslaved woman. Brenda's arms were pinned on the bed and her legs were held far out to the sides allowing the man complete freedom. Dawn felt Brenda's utter helplessness and she was sure of dieing if she were gangbanged in a similar fashion.

Dawn was positive her eyes were very bl**dshot from staring intently at the lewd affair. Suddenly her eyes bugged out when the last man did the unthinkable. He grabbed Brenda's slender hips and rolled her over. Then he spread her legs and it was obvious what he planned. The man used Brenda as his bitch and humped her from behind without any regard for her feelings. Although Dawn wrote about anal sex in some of he stories, she had to admit that she wasn't the biggest fan of someone fucking her ass. When the man shoved his erection at Brenda's ass, Dawn almost pleaded with Ray to stop the immoral and disgusting sexual intercourse.

Ray deviously let Brenda get ravaged by strangers, but he didn't allow any of them to screw his most cherished prize. He imagined Dawn being extremely grateful for not being fucked like Brenda and his warped mind thought she would be more receptive to his blackmail demands. Ray wanted Dawn to like him and even think of him as an intimate friend.

Thankfully rescuing Brenda was easy. Once the last man finished dumping his load inside his girlfriend, Ray rushed into the room. He already had Brenda's clothes, which he tossed to her. Then he ordered her to get dressed before hurriedly dragging her out of the room while telling the four strangers that the gangbang was over.

Dawn hoped she would never have to relive the story, 'At The Movies,' again. The thought of enduring more of Ray's blackmail was frightening and she worried about further demands the man would make regarding her other stories. The ride back to the couple's home was nerve wracking, but nothing compared to the drive home. It was a one-hour drive and Dawn used the entire time to go over the story she planned telling her husband once she got home.


I plan for at least one more chapter reenacting more of my erotic stories. Brenda started me on this trail of erotic bliss and I thank her for giving me the inspiration.
... Continue»
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The Awakening of Dawn...Part 1

A Story about a Mature Married White Woman's awakening to Her True Sexual Destiny...Worshipping Big Black Cock....helped by Younger College Girls who know what their Older Married s****rs Really Need....Enjoy..;-)

Dawn Tikken hurried to get dressed. The thirty six year old wife and mother had
enrolled in classes at the university when her youngest c***d had started
kindergarten. Her husband was a sergeant in the U. S. military and with him
being gone half of the time, she needed something in her life to relieve the

She had maintained a figure that most of her younger female college
classmates envied. Dawn was five foot five, one hundred twenty five pounds,
smooth white skin, 38C cup breasts that still did not require much support,
shoulder length blonde hair and electric blue eyes that captivated most all
males. She was initially shocked at the loose behavior of the younger
students but was trying to fit in with them. Perhaps it was a culture shock
that was caused by the sheltered life that she had had before she had

Dawn slipped on her white nylon panty briefs. John, her husband of over fifteen years, referred to them as "granny panties". Dawn donned her plain white
brassiere before rolling her pantyhose up her very shapely legs and bottom.
A white cotton blouse, a knee length brown skirt, brown flat heel shoes, her
watch, a pair of earrings that John had bought for her anniversary last year
and her wedding rings completed her ensemble.

Dawn looked in the mirror as she used a brush to fluff her hair just a
little more before putting on a light coating of lipstick on her full soft
lips. She almost never wore more than lipstick. Her face was pretty, but she
never seemed to notice. She picked up her eye glasses and put them on,
checking her appearance one last time before leaving the bedroom.

Dawn picked up her school books, locked the front door, walked to the drive way, got into her Dodge Caravan, started the engine and started down the
nearly deserted residential street. An hour earlier she had gotten her
c***dren off to school. An hour before that, John had left for his duty
assignment at the military base. Now, Dawn was on her way to her classes at
the university.

Parking was always a problem. A parking sticker was said to be nothing more than a hunting license. Luckily, she found a space next to the building
where she had her first class. Dawn entered the classroom and sat next to
the beautiful long haired, blue eyed blonde teenage girl that had become her

Susan Quigley was one of the wilder girls that Dawn had met on campus. They had, purely by accident, been taking the same sections of the same college
courses. Sitting next to one another in each class allowed them to share
lecture notes and even work on a few assignments together. It was a strange
combination. Dawn was a thirty year old wife and mother who had been raised
to be sexually conservative. Susie Q, as she like to be called, was a
nineteen year old that was wild and led the life of a free spirit.

Dawn did not approve of Susie's wardrobe for today. A red halter top that left little of the teenager's voluptuous breasts to anyone's imagination. A
matching red micro mini skirt that ended a couple of inches below her crotch
and allowed her thin white silky panties to show when she sat down. On
Susie's small feet were a pair of red high heel sandals. Dawn had decided
that since she was the only older person in the class, it was not her place
to judge. After all, she was the intruder here. The professor walked into
the room and began the lecture.

After classes were over, Dawn and Susie Q were in the library studying for their psychology test scheduled for the next day. Susie looked at her older
friend and said, "Dawn, you know how you said that you would like to have a
part time job to give you some extra spending money? I think that I know of
the perfect job. Have you ever heard of a House Mother? There is a
fraternity here on campus that needs a new House Mother."

Dawn thought about what it would be like to be surrounded by a bunch of
horny college boys. She shook her head no as she said that she did not think
it would be the right type of job for her. "Loosen up! It is just the job
you need! We're about through here. Let me take you to the fraternity house
and you can meet some of the terrific frat b*****rs. You'll see what I
mean." Dawn tried to say that she needed to go home and clean house. She
ended up in the passenger seat of Susie's red corvette convertible with the
wind in her hair as they rode across the campus to the fraternity house.

The three Greek symbols mounted on the sign on the front of the large house proclaimed that the three story house was the home of a college fraternity. Susie parked her Corvette in the parking area next to a lowered BMW coupe and a new Lexus. Dawn was impressed. There was a row of tall hedges that surrounded the front of the house. She followed the teenage blonde as they
ascended the front porch steps and Susie rang the doorbell.

Dawn was surprised when the door was answered by a tall handsome, very dark skinned Black male. Susie and he were evidently very well acquainted because she leapt into his arms and they kissed passionately. Dawn was shocked as she saw the large muscular black hands wrap around her young friend and cup
her rounded buttocks through her short red micro mini skirt. The young
African-American male had to lean over to plant his large lips on the
excited blonde's eager mouth. Dawn had led such a sheltered life that she
had never witnessed, in person, a white girl being kissed by a Black male.
She was both shocked and intrigued by what was taking place only a few
inches in front of her.

When Susie Q and her friend finally came up for air, she turned toward Dawn and said, "Dawn, I want you to meet my boyfriend, Mobotto." Mobotto said
hello as his eyes slowly swept down and back up Dawn's body. Dawn felt her
body shiver under the appraising gaze as she automatically mumbled how nice
it was to meet him. Susie took Dawn's hand and pulled the confused housewife
through the front doorway.

The foyer of the house was large with a curved staircase rising to the
second floor. Susie led her older married friend into the living room where
several of the fraternity b*****rs were lounging. Mobotto sat on one side of
the broad sofa as Dawn was pulled down to sit alongside her smiling friend.
As Dawn had entered the room, she noticed that all of the males were of
African-American descent. Susie and she were the only white people in the
entire room.

"Mobotto, Dawn is looking for a part time job. Is the House Mother position still open? I think that Dawn would be perfect once she gets to know all of the frat b*****rs and is broken in." Mobotto's dark eyes once again swept
over the thirty year old wife and mother's body before nodding his head. The
other frat members had stopped what they were doing to look over the older
blonde. Dawn began to feel even more nervous under the intense scrutiny.

Mobotto spoke in his deep resonant voice, "Yea, we are looking for a new
House Mother. The hours are not fixed, but they are flexible. The money is
very good for a woman with the right qualifications." He smiled a broad
smile for the nervous woman. "Let me give you the grand tour of the house.
Maybe you will like it here and want to stay." Dawn tried to turn down the
offer, but, Susie insisted. Just as Mobotto was leading Dawn out of the
room, Susie said that she had to visit the little girl's room and for them
to go on without her.

Dawn followed Mobotto through the first floor rooms. The kitchen was large and modern. The dining room was spacious and could seat twenty or more.
Then, Mobotto lead her down a set of stairs into the basement. Several Black
males were sitting in the recreational room with their girlfriends. All of
the girlfriends were young and very pretty white girls. Some of the couples
were making out. Dawn could see a black hand moving under a pink silk blouse
as one couple kissed.

There was a cloud of smoke that filled the air in the rec room. Dawn, even though she did not smoke, could not help but inhale some of the pungent
fumes hanging in the air. Mobotto seemed determined to prolong their stay in
the recreation room as he demonstrated each and every amenity that the
basement had to offer. Dawn's head was beginning to feel dizzy as Mobotto
offered her a seat on a vacant love seat. She refused the offer, but when he
took her hand and pulled her down beside him, she found herself cooperating.
After all, she did not wish to seem impolite.

Mobotto opened a small box beside the love seat and took out a strange
appearing cigarette. He lit it and inhaled the smoke deep into his lungs
before expelling it in Dawn's direction. Dawn coughed as the smoke
penetrated her own lungs. When she recovered, another cloud of smoke had
also been blown in her direction. She could not prevent some of the smoke
from being inhaled as she breathed.

Dawn felt her mind becoming disoriented as she sat beside the younger tall Black man. The room began to reel slightly as he leaned even closer to her
each time before exhaling more of the pungent smoke. His dark eyes could see
the effects the smoke was having and his pants were becoming tighter as his
very large black penis expanded in anticipation of what was to come.

Dawn had never smoked a cigarette in her entire life, but inhaled when the strange cigarette was held to her lips and she was ordered to do so. It felt
as if she were floating on a cloud and Mobotto's voice was coming from far
away as she obeyed his commands. He had her finish the joint before he
proceeded farther.

Dawn's blue eyes were almost closed as she was led from the main recreation room to a slightly smaller basement play room. The center of the room held a king sized bed. A row of sofa's surrounded the bed in a circular pattern.
Dawn's mind was so disoriented by the pot that she had inhaled, she looked
at the bed and wanted to lay down to take a nap. Mobotto helped her to the
bed and laid the helpless white wife and mother on the satin sheet covering
the bed.

Dawn was unaware that the other couples and fraternity b*****rs were filing into the room and taking seats on the sofas around the large bed. She was
barely aware of the fact that Mobotto's long fingers were unbuttoning her
white cotton blouse. Extra hands helped her to sit up as the blouse was
removed. Her brassiere was unhooked before she was allowed to lay back down.
There were grins of approval as the size and shape of her C-cup breasts were
exposed to everyone's view.

The cool air on Dawn's sensitive nipples caused them to pucker and expand. She became aware of her surroundings as the fog lifted slightly. Her hands came up to cup over her breasts and cover her extended nipples as she tried to rise from the bed. She thought to herself, "I am a married woman! I can't let something like this happen!"

Dawn calmed down when Susie leaned over her. "Relax, Dawn. Nobody is going to hurt you." Susie's face was so close to her as she whispered, "Here,
inhale this. It will make you feel very good." Some sort of a glass pipe was
held to Dawn's lips. As she took her next breath, a cloud of vapors invaded
her lungs. The effects were almost instantaneous. A sense of well being
washed through Dawn's mind and body as she sank back onto the satin sheet.

Susie Q helped to remove her older friend's brown skirt. The ten or so
Black males in the room, as well as the six white females, watched intently
as Dawn's pantyhose and white nylon briefs were peeled from her now nude
body. Dawn was now wearing only her earrings, wedding rings and eye glasses.
Susie was impressed at how well preserved the older blonde's body was.
Dawn's body was in even better shape than she had expected. She knew that
Mobotto would be pleased with her for delivering another pretty white
married woman to him.

Mobotto ordered, "Susie Q, get your friend's twat ready for me," as he
stood to remove his own clothing. Susie understood what was expected. She
eagerly leaned forward and took one of the pinkish brown pointed nipples in
her mouth and sucked on it for a minute before moving to the other nipple. A
minute or two later, she had spread Dawn's shapely legs and had moved
between them. Susie kissed around the soft light brown pubic hair before
burying her tongue in the small pink slit that she found there.

Susie's efforts were rewarded by a moan from the lips of the u*********s
married woman. Dawn had always considered all forms of oral sex to be dirty.
She had never even had sex with anyone other than her husband. Now, she was
lying on a bed in the basement of an all Black fraternity while her young
friend sucked on her clitoris and a nude six foot plus tall very well
endowed African-American male, about ten years her junior, anxiously awaited
his turn with the white wife. Dawn's head was spinning so much that she
barely noticed the camera flashes.

What did penetrate into Dawn's fog soaked brain was the intense sensation of pleasure coming from her tight little vagina. Susie was an expert at going down on another woman. Her step mother had taught her and she had
learned her lessons well. Dawn felt the signs of an approaching orgasm. She
had been so indoctrinated to believe that sex was dirty that she had never
let herself go while having sex with John. The d**gs had removed Dawn's
inhibitions and she was beginning to writhe on the cool satin sheets as her
clitoris was being expertly licked and suctioned. Dawn's fingers entwined in
the long blonde hair of her young friend as she approached the most powerful
orgasm of her life.

The other coeds in the room all had a large black cock in their hands as
they watched the lesbian seduction of the wife and mother. The Black
fraternity b*****rs that did not have a white female partner had loosened
their huge ebony tools and were stroking them. Mobotto's uncircumcised
rammer was almost nine inches in length. What was amazing was the width. It
was three inches across and was as stiff as an iron bar.

Susie Q felt Mobotto flip her short red mini skirt up over her back as his long black fingers pulled the crotchband of her white silky panties to one
side and slide inside of her wet hairless vagina. Dawn's delicate fingers in
her young friend's hair were forcing Susie's mouth against her pulsating
clitoris as her orgasm approached. Susie moaned as Mobotto found her
clitoral hood ring and began twisting it as his middle finger speared deep
inside of her dripping pussy.

Dawn arched her back and let out a scream as she experienced the strongest cum of her life. John, her husband, had never brought her such ecstasy. The combination of the d**gs, the uninhibited oral sex and the strange situation combined effects caused Dawn to pass out.

Susie realized that Dawn was u*********s, stopped eating her pussy, turned
to Mobotto's huge black cock and began sucking on it. Mobotto had his sights
on the fresh meat that his girlfriend had delivered for him to defile. He
called two of his frat b*****rs over to handle Susie Q so that he could
concentrate on the white man's wife. He had learned to take extra pleasure
in screwing a white woman that was married to a white man. The thought of
what he was going to do made his big black dick even harder.

Four black hands had taken hold of Susie's beautiful young body and had her laid on her back on the other side of the bed. One huge dark tool was
already entering her hairless and hungry vagina as another was being fed to
her luscious red lips. Susie completely forgot about her boyfriend and Dawn
as two of her orifices were filled.

Mobotto climbed onto the bed and positioned himself between the splayed
white thighs of the u*********s wife. He smiled as he aimed his swollen rod
at Dawn's unprotected slit. Mobotto loved the feeling he got the first time
he rubbed his huge cock in the cunt juices of a strange piece of ass,
especially if it was white, and even more especially if she was married to a
white guy.

Mobotto pulled his foreskin back and dipped the baseball sized head of his cock in the wet hair fringed slit. He rubbed his cock up and down the passed
out woman's vagina a few times before he began to bear down on the opening.
"Damn!" Mobotto exclaimed, "This bitch's husband sure hasn't been wearing
her pussy out! She is as tight as a fifteen year old!"

Mobotto bore down with more of his weight and was rewarded with the
pleasure of a very tight pussy stretched around his huge cock head. He had
gained entry into what had been John Tikken's exclusive territory. Mobotto
shoved forward again and sank another inch into Dawn's tummy.

Dawn became aware of her surroundings. It felt as if she had a telephone
pole stuck up inside her tender belly. The d**g was still fogging her mind
as she looked down to see the gigantic black pole that was skewering her
tightly and painfully stretched vagina. "What are you doing to me?" Dawn
gasped as another inch was f***ed up into her. "Take it out! It's too big!"
Mobotto smiled down into the thirty year old's frightened face. He loved to
hear them plead to take it out. He knew that, if she behaved like all of the
others did, she would be begging for him to fuck her in a few minutes.

Dawn's vagina had not been stretched like this since the birth of her last baby. She wanted to get up and run, but was pinned to the bed by the
monstrous black cock working it's way deeper into her over stuffed vagina.
She groaned as another inch disappeared. Dawn raised her head to see that at
least four more inches remained outside of her. She looked up into the
grinning face of the younger Black man that was on top of her. He boasted,
"Dawn, your pussy is going to belong to me after today.!" Then, he drove
another inch deeper into the protesting housewife's violated opening.

Dawn was caught up in a world of her own. Her vagina was being painfully
stretched, but, deep inside, a inkling of pleasure was being mixed in with
the more dominant sensation. The d**g dazed wife gave out a yelp as the last
inch sank out of sight. Mobotto had passed the portion of Dawn's vagina that
her husband had used and was in virginal territory. It was the coarse pubic
hair grinding against her clitoris that triggered Dawn's unwanted orgasm.
She screamed and her body bucked beneath the Black frat b*****r as she
experienced her first orgasm with a man other than her husband.

Mobotto grinned as he watched the facial expressions that danced across the married white woman's face. Her big blue eyes were wide open as she was
cumming. Her fingers gripped Mobotto's muscular arms as she wiggled and
bounced about on the satin sheets. Several pictures were taken of her
dramatic climax. She sank back onto the bed, covered in perspiration, as she
eventually calmed down.

Mobotto was far from being finished with his new plaything. He began a slowin and out movement. His hips thrust his huge tool in and out. Each time
that he bottomed out in the older blonde woman's cunt, he made sure to grind
his pubic hair against her sensitive clit. The result was that she began a
series of climaxes the like of which she had never known.

Mobotto felt his sperm bubbling up from his massive balls. He knew that he was about to deposit his baby making juice deeper inside of the white
married woman than she had ever had done before. Dawn was allergic to birth
control pills. Her husband was required to use a rubber to prevent
pregnancy. Mobotto's large ebony penis was unprotected. The combination of
the d**gs and the newly unleashed lust prevented Dawn from worrying about
the possible outcome as she felt Mobotto's cock pulsing deep inside of her
defiled tummy. Instead, she wrapped her arms and legs around him and held
tight until every last drop of baby cream was drained from Mobotto's balls.
That's when Dawn passed out with her own massive orgasm.


Consciousness came slowly for Dawn. The after effects of her orgasms were being compounded by the fact that Susie Q was between her legs licking every drop of cum from Dawn's widened vagina that her talented young tongue could reach. Despite the fact that what Susie was doing felt wonderful, Dawn
summoned her will power to push the long haired blonde's head away from her
swollen and abused crotch.

Dawn looked at her young friend and saw that the lower half of her face was covered in wet viscous cream. She realized that the cream had come from her
vagina. The Black college fraternity b*****r had done something that Dawn
would not let her own husband do. He had coated the inside of her womb with

Dawn very carefully sat up on the rumpled bed. Everyone but Susie and she
had left the room. Dawn collected her clothes and slipped on her white
panties. The door opened and Mobotto entered the room carrying three bottles
of beer. Susie accepted one and he offered another to Dawn. Dawn had never
drank alcohol and she turned it down. Mobotto shrugged as he sat on the side
of the bed.

"Hey, Baby, don't be in such a rush to put your clothes back on. Stick
around. The party is just getting started." Dawn put on her brassiere and
picked up her pantyhose. "Don't be like this. You enjoyed what we did. I bet
you never came like that for you little white bread husband! Admit it. You
know what they say, 'Once you go Black, you never go back!'"

Dawn had rolled her pantyhose up her legs and had tugged them the rest of the way in place. As she picked up her blouse and put it on, she asked,
"Susie, can you take me back to the parking lot to pick up my car. If you
want to stay here, I can call a taxi." Mobotto nodded to his girlfriend. She
reluctantly got up and began dressing.

The ride back to the campus was mostly silent. Dawn was still in shock. She thought, "How could I have let this happen?" She had never been unfaithful
to her husband, at least, not until today. Now, she was no better than the
common military slut wives that sneaked around on their husbands each time
they went on maneuvers. What worried her most was the fact that she had
loved what Mobotto had done to her.

Dawn got home before her c***dren arrived. She picked up some fast food
take out and returned home just in time to take a bath before John got home.
John was tired and glad to be home. He had a private under him that was the
biggest gold brick in the military. An African-American private six foot six
inches tall and about two hundred and fifty pounds of honed muscle. John
thought to himself, "Dewandel Johnson could be the best man in my outfit if
he weren't so damn lazy! And, I have to be the sergeant stuck with him!
Double Damn! Maybe Dawn can help me take my mind off of Johnson?" Dawn was
not in the mood.


The alarm went off. Dawn was so sore, she could barely get out of bed. Her vagina was very tender. At least she managed to get John and her c***dren
off for work and school on time. Dawn sat at the kitchen table drinking an
extra cup of coffee. She felt extremely guilty about what had happened the
day before. She decided that it was the d**gs that had caused the problems.
From now on, she would stay away from the d**gs, the fraternity house and
Susie Quigley.

Dawn dressed in black lingerie, black pantyhose, a black dress, black
flats, her wedding rings and her eye glasses before leaving to go to
classes. Susie was sitting in her usual seat. Dawn sat on the other side of
the room and did not even acknowledge Susie's presence. They had three
classes together. Dawn repeated her actions in all three class rooms.

At the end of the day, Dawn was walking to her car when Susie caught up
with her. "Come on, Dawn. Don't be mad at me. I'm not mad at you even though
you seduced my boyfriend." Dawn turned around to look incredulously at the
younger woman. "Dawn, don't deny that you enjoyed yourself. You made quite a
hit with Mobotto. He wants you to come back this afternoon. I'll try not to
get jealous if you go."

Had she heard correctly? Susie was accusing her of seducing Mobotto? Dawn's
temper flared up, "Listen to me, Susie! I did not seduce your boyfriend! I
was d**gged! I never want to see him or any of his fraternity again! Good
bye. I am going home." Dawn unlocked her car door just as Susie laid an
envelope on the roof of her van.

Susie softly said, "Before you go, perhaps you should take a look at these pictures." Dawn reluctantly opened the envelope and almost fainted. She had been so under the influence of the d**gs that she had not remembered the
photographs that had been taken of her and Mobotto. Her hands were trembling
as she sorted through the sexually explicit pictures. The ones most damning
were of her as she climaxed, hugging the big Black stud while her eyes were
rolled back in her head. She felt so ashamed.

"Dawn, I am doing this for your own good. Mobotto has your home address and is threatening to mail copies to your husband. He said that he can find out
where you husband works and can send his commanding officer a set too. Dawn,
it would be best to do what Mobotto wants. Come with me to the frat house.
The guys there can be real nice once you get to know them." Susie was lying.
She enjoyed corrupting faithful wives. She just hoped that Dawn fell for her
act. She did.

The ride to the Black fraternity house was one of turmoil for Dawn. She had had sex with a Black student there the day before. It had been the first
time that she had sex with anyone other than her husband. She now knew that
she was just as bad as any slut that she had ever known. Dawn had always
condemned such women. She crossed her legs and found that the crotch of her
panties were unusually moist. A wave of shame swept through her.

Dawn remembered her first encounter with young Black males. She had grown up in a remote area of New England where there were almost no
African-Americans. She remembered when her father, her mother and her had
gone to Florida on vacation one summer. She was a very young and extremely
innocent teenager at the time. Dawn's mother had let her wear a skimpy new
bikini swim suit over her father's objections.

They had stopped at remote service station for gasoline and a rest room
break. While her father watched the car, she and her mother had walked
around to the back where the rest rooms were located. Three teenage Black
males were smoking pot beside the drink machine and were blocking the way.
Each noticed Dawn, even though she had a tank top and a pair of shorts on
over her bikini bathing suit, and asked her to stay with them for a little

Dawn's mother began telling two of the boys that they needed a lesson in
manners as the third one moved in behind the mother and close to Dawn. The
young teenager was so frightened that she did not make a sound even as she
felt a black hand on the bare white flesh between the back of her tank top
and shorts. She quivered as the questing fingers delved down under her
shorts and inside of her bikini bottoms. As her mother lectured the other
two Black youths, the third one had his unseen hand inside her suit and
squeezing the cheeks of her tight bottom.

Dawn had looked up into her m*****ers dark face in the hope that he would
remove his hand. Instead, his fingers dipped between her legs and played
with her tiny brown anus and small vaginal opening. She had never played
with herself and had never felt the sensations that were now emanating from
her pubic region. Dawn still looked up into the dark eyes of her m*****er as
a dark finger found her virginal clitoris. Dawn had begun to breathe heavily
and was about to spread her legs for her m*****er to have more room when her
father came around the corner. They had been gone so long that he had come
looking for them. Fortunately, the drink machine blocked his view of what
was being done to his sweet and innocent young daughter or else he may have
murdered the misbehaving youth.

Dawn was disappointed when the long black fingers were pulled from her
shorts and bikini bottoms. Her mother and father mistook her flushed color
and shortness of breath to be caused only by fear as they shuffled her back
to the safety of their car. If her mother and father had not been there,
Dawn would have lost her virginity to three Black Florida teenagers all of
those years ago.

Dawn, despite her apprehension, felt an unmistakable tingling sensation in her vagina. She also noticed that her nipples were stiff and sensitive.
Susie pulled into the parking area of the all Black fraternity house. Dawn
felt both nervous and sexual tension coursing through out her shapely body
as she reluctantly climbed out of the passenger seat of the Corvette

Once again, Mobotto answered the door. He swept Susie up in his strong arms and gave her a passionate kiss. Susie's feet were off the floor and were
dangling in the air as they swapped tongues. Dawn's nipples and clitoris
tingled as she remembered how it had felt as the well endowed Black student
had his way with her the previous day. Dawn swore to herself that she would
not repeat what had happened the day before as Susie took her hand and
pulled her inside the frat house and shut the door.

Mobotto looked down into the older woman's big blue eyes as he said, "I'm glad that you came back with Susie Q. I would have hated to have had to send copies of those nasty pictures to everyone. Besides, I probably gave you the best loving that you have ever experienced." Mobotto moved in close to Dawn
as his arms encircled her narrow waist. "A fine woman like you deserves a
good lover. You certainly deserve better than some needle dick white boy!"

Dawn tried to say that her husband had more than a needle dick. Mobotto
countered, "Can you truthfully say that he gave you as many orgasms as I did
yesterday?" Dawn was at a loss of how to answer. John, while a good husband
and a decent lover, had never turned her inside out the way that the
grinning Black male that had moved to rub his swollen black penis against
her tummy had done.

Susie had wandered off, leaving Mobotto and her friend alone in the foyer. Dawn turned her head when Mobotto bent down to kiss her lips. His baseball glove sized dark hand held her head and tilted it back as his thick lips sealed hers. His tongue was broad and long as it penetrated Dawn's red
painted lips.

The previous day, Dawn had been d**gged. Today, her nipples were erect, her vagina was very moist, her breathing was rapid and her heart was racing. She
was more turned on than she had ever been in her life! The breeding session
that she had the day before had forever changed her psyche. She justified
the fact that she was being blackmailed and had no control over the
situation as she finally returned Mobotto's deep kiss.

Waves of sexual heat coursed through the white married woman's body as she wrapped her arms around Mobotto's strong neck. Her nervous energy level was
at an all time high as she was swept up in a pair of strong dusky arms and
carried upstairs to Mobotto's room. Dawn offered no physical resistance even
though her mind was in a turmoil.

Mobotto kicked the door closed as he carried his latest prize to his king size bed. He peeled Dawn's clothing from her body as if he were unwrapping a birthday present. He sucked her big pinkish brown nipples as soon as they
were uncovered. Dawn was gasping for air as her black pantyhose and black
panties were removed from her slowly responding body.

Dawn vainly tried to push Mobotto's head away as his lips descended to her moist vagina. She had been d**gged when they had gone down on her the day
before. She had always said that oral sex was nasty and only a****listic men
and women would do such a thing. Her thin arms were not strong enough to
hold back the Black fraternity b*****r. When she felt his broad tongue
licking her juicy slit, her entire body trembled as her clit sent shock
waves throughout her quivering nervous system. She lay back on the bed as
the strong waves of pleasure swept through her trembling body.

Mobotto alternated between licking the married blonde's cunt and sucking on her swollen clit. By the time Dawn had her third orgasm, he knew that she
was his to do with as he pleased. Dawn was recovering from a mind blowing
orgasm when she realized that her Black lover had moved up on the bed and
was straddling her panting torso. A pair of huge black balls were resting
between her C cup breasts as a gigantic black cock was being pressed against
her slightly moistened and parted lips.

Dawn tried to pull away from the erect penis that was dripping pre seminal fluid into her mouth. Unfortunately, Mobotto was sitting on her chest and her arms were trapped beneath him. Dawn closed her lips only to have the
drops of liquid already in her mouth coat her tongue. Mobotto pulled the
foreskin away from the head of his extremely thick tool as he rubbed it
across her lower face.

Dawn had refused her husband's repeated pleas for oral sex. She had been
taught that only sluts and whores performed oral sex. However, as she lay on
another man's bed, completely nude except for her slightly fogged eye
glasses, her body covered in perspiration from the orgasms that she had
already had, she felt like a slut. Dawn made an u*********s decision and
slowly opened her mouth.

Mobotto needed no other invitation. He slid the huge domed head of his cock into the sweet, and heretofore unsullied, mouth of the older married blonde. He smiled down into her beautiful blue eyes as he felt her pink tongue
tentatively licking several drops of fluid from the leaking Black cock. As
much as he wanted to cum in her mouth, he could tell that it was her first
time. He decided to pull out and fuck the married white woman.

Mobotto's cock made a popping sound as he pulled it from Dawn's sucking
lips. She had just discovered that she liked the taste of cock, and now, it
was gone. She almost asked for it's return before she saw that Mobotto was
moving into position between her wide spread thighs. The pole of moistened
black rigid flesh was moved to line up with her light brown hair fringed,
vibrating and very wet vagina.

Dawn looked between her large breasts and watched as Mobotto's hand wrapped around his over sized sex machine and guided it to the entrance way to her lower body. She could feel the blunt head making contact with her swollen
vaginal lips. A few vertical motions of Mobotto's big dick to spread her
moisture around and it was being pressed into her opening. John's cock had
never opened her up like Mobotto's was doing! She groaned in a combination
of pain and pleasure as part of the huge black pole disappeared from view.

Dawn's shapely legs wrapped around Mobotto's waist as his rigid black tool hit the bottom of her stretched vaginal sheath. Thoughts of her husband and
f****y were completely pushed from her mind as her hormonal levels reached
unprecedented heights. She squealed in ecstasy as his course kinky pubic
hair pressed against her distended clitoris and she experienced another

The married wife's dainty white fingers gripped the strong black back of
the younger college student as his hips began an up and down motion. The
previous day, Dawn had been given d**gs to weaken her resistance. Today, no
d**gs were dulling the sensations emanating from her abused vagina. The
conflicting senses of pain and pleasure fought for dominance. Pleasure won
out as Dawn's body shuttered under the onslaught of numerous orgasms.

Fifteen minutes later, Mobotto could no longer hold out against the effects of the spasming vaginal sheath milking his stiff cock. Jet after thick jet of black man's seed splattered against the married white wife's uterus as he
dumped his sperm deep into Dawn's belly. Dawn screamed as she felt the
pulsating cock in her violated vagina and had yet another orgasm.

Mobotto lay atop of Dawn for a few minutes to allow his sperm time to
saturate her womb. When he finally rolled off, his still very swollen cock
made a slurping sound as it pulled free of her loosened pussy. Dawn's eye
glasses were fogged and askew, her body was covered in perspiration, her
blonde hair was matted to her head and sperm was streaming from her open
vagina. She felt like a slut. A satisfied slut, but a slut none the less.
With her present state of mind, Dawn was too content to worry about what she
had just done as she cuddled up to her big Black lover.

Half an hour later, Mobotto and Dawn arose from his bed. Dawn had to get
home in the next hour or else she would not be there when her c***dren got
home from school. A very quick shower washed away most of the sweat that had
covered her curvy body. She slipped on her clothes as Mobotto wrapped a bath
robe around his muscular torso. She did not try to resist as he took her in
his arms for a final kiss before they opened the door to go down stairs.

Susie Q was found in the basement play room. She was completely nude,
sitting on one frat b*****r and riding his cock while another b*****r plowed
his stiff black cock into her rectum and her intestines as she gave another
a blow job. In Dawn's newly carnally awakened brain, the image conjured up
the cookie that had a chocolate outside and a white inside. Poor innocent
Dawn had never imagined that a woman could accommodate three men at the same
time. Mobotto moved in close behind her, his large black hands moved under
each arm, massaged her firm breasts and his lips kissed her neck as they
watched the four person orgy.

Dawn had another orgasm as her sensitive nipples were massaged and she
rubbed her wet thighs together as they watched the gang bang taking place in
the playroom. A few days ago, she would have called Susie an a****listic
slut for letting three men, Black men at that, have sex with her at the same
time. She was amazed at the eagerness that the younger blonde showed as she
hungrily sucked on the long black cock in her mouth. Dawn had no idea how
Susie could swallow it go all the way down her throat without choking. The
long, but thinner, black cock that was stroking in and out of Susie's abused
rectum actually seemed to be a source of pleasure to the teenager. Dawn was
almost in shock as she reached yet another orgasm while watching Susie Q
reach yet another climax.

Finally, the three Black fraternity b*****rs had deposited their sperm in Susie Q's three receptive orifices. Susie was left lying limply on the king
sized bed as her partners went to get a cold beer. Mobotto led Dawn to the
side of the bed, leaned forward and scooped up some of the juices dribbling
from the teenager's widened hairless pussy. Dawn saw that Susie's clitoris
was pierced and wore a large diameter gold ring. She was so fascinated by
the wetly glistening clit ring that she did not notice that Mobotto had
brought his wet fingers to her lips. Mobotto's long dark fingers penetrated
Dawn's swollen parted lips. She u*********sly sucked the pungent soupy
mixture from her own lover's digits as she realized that this was what her
own pussy probably tasted like after Mobotto had made love to her. The taste
was not as bad as she had expected.

Mobotto wrapped the fingers of one of his large hands around the back of
Dawn's graceful neck and he pushed her face down towards the messy cunt of
the teenage blonde. Dawn's mind was screaming, "No!", even as her mouth and
nose were being smeared with the fresh juices draining from the open twat of
her younger friend. Mobotto ordered her to lick Susie's clit, and, she
obediently did as she was commanded.

Dawn followed each of the commands as she licked the thick cream dripping from Susie Q's widened channel. Susie laced her long thin fingers in her older friend's hair and pulled her face farther into her leaking pussy. Dawn
even took the clit ring between her own lips and flicked it with her tongue
when she was ordered to do so. Susie's body convulsed as she was racked with
another massive climax. Dawn loved the sense of power that she derived from
sending her young friend into such an orgasm. She continued sucking on
Susie's clitoris without being told. Eventually, Mobotto had to pull her off
of the teenager so that the writhing eighteen year old could catch her

Dawn was so aroused after going down on her friend that she wanted Mobotto to make love to her again. Her body needed it! Mobotto knew that it would be better to send the wife and mother home while still wanting more. Even when Dawn tried to press her wet lips to his own, he pushed her away and told her it was time for her to leave if she was going to be home in time to greet
her c***dren as they got home from school. Dawn was torn between her duty as
a mother and her newly found lust as a woman. Susie putting on her own
clothing and Mobotto e****ting them to the front door solved her dilemma.
Dawn reluctantly said goodbye to her Black lover.

In the open convertible, as they drove back to where Dawn's van was parked,
Susie had to remind Dawn to wipe the juices from her lower face. The visor
mirror showed Dawn that her face was coated in cum and pussy juice. No
wonder the people that had looked at the two blondes in the red corvette had
stared at her. She wiped her face on a couple of tissues, reapplied her
lipstick and fluffed her still damp hair with her hairbrush. When she got
out to enter her vehicle she looked almost normal.

Dawn arrived home a few minutes after her c***dren. She sent them out to
play as she peeled her perspiration soaked clothing from her tingling body.
Her panties and pantyhose were drenched in Mobotto's and her own juices. She
knew that this was her safe period, but if she and Mobotto continued to see
each other, something would have to be done to prevent her from getting
pregnant. The option of not seeing Mobotto again did not occur to her as she
ran warm water into the bath tub.

A long bubble bath washed away the odors of semen. Her hands caressed her
breasts, fondled her sensitive nipples and played with her ultra responsive
clitoris until she had another climax. She left the soothing water of the
bath and dried her still tingling body as she thought about how much fun sex
really was. Her father and mother had lied to her. She had missed out on so
much fun because of that.

Dawn had dinner ready just as John returned home from work. She had set out some frozen dinners to microwave for supper before she had taken her bubble
bath. John was preoccupied with Wandel, the gold brick private in his
platoon. He was very big, very muscular, very Black and had a very serious
attitude problem. John was considering sending Wandel to a court martial. He
ate quietly as he considered what he would do.

After dinner, Dawn sent the c***dren to bed early. Her libido was still in high gear. Mobotto had sent her home while she was sexually excited. She
tried sending her husband signals that she was available this evening, but
he seemed to be concentrating on other things. She went to the bedroom, put
on some makeup, painted her lips with red lipstick, and donned the gauze
thin red baby doll nighty that John had bought her for their last
anniversary. She had told him that she was not a slut and would not wear
such slut sl**p ware. As she looked at her reflection in the full length
mirror, she could see her erect nipples through the top and the faint image
of light brown pubic hair through the equally thin red bikini panties. She
was surprised because she had never worn the pajamas before.

When John saw his normally conservative wife enter the living room in the
red nighty that he had bought her, his penis went immediately into an erect
condition. She had gotten mad when he had given it to her. She had
threatened to throw the sleazy nighty away. She looked very hot in it. She
moved to sit on his lap and was rewarded with the feeling of her husband's
hard penis under her scantily clad and shapely bottom. She placed her arms
around John's neck as she kissed his lips.

John did not know what had brought about the change in his wife. At the
moment, he did not care. He scooped her up in his arms and carried Dawn to
the master bedroom. He gently lay her on the bed and began ripping off his
uniform. Within a few seconds, he was climbing on top of his obviously horny
wife. He was so excited, he did not take time to remove her red gossamer
bikini panties. He pulled them to one side as he sank his slightly larger
than average sized penis into his wife's very wet, and strangely very loose,

For years, John had only dreamed of having a wife that was a willing sexual
partner. Dawn had never been adventurous in the bedroom. The missionary
position was all that she had tolerated. Since the birth of their last
c***d, she had insisted upon him wearing a rubber every time that they had
sex. Tonight, she had made no mention of a rubber and John did not remind

John attributed the loose feeling of Dawn's vagina to the extra wetness that
he encountered there as he stroked in and out of his unusually responsive
wife. She wrapped her arms and legs around her husband and moved with him as
he stroked in and out of her. John was all the way in, but, after having
Mobotto's longer and much thicker black cock stretching her opening, she was
not getting the same intense sensations. She was working her excited pussy
up and down on her husband's stiff white penis as he stroked into her. She
still needed a climax and was getting closer. She was horrified to feel
John's body jerking as his cock shot his cum into her pussy. He pulled out
and rolled over. He had worked so hard recently, and his orgasm had been so
satisfying, he was asl**p in moments.

Dawn lay on her marriage bed, her legs still open, her husband's sperm
inside of her belly, her chest rising and falling rapidly as she almost
screamed in frustration. She had been so close! She had seduced her husband
only to be left hot, breathing heavily, unsatisfied and with a wet crotch.
She played with her clit until she reached an orgasm. She had fantasized
that Mobotto was making love to her as she went over the brink. She fell
asl**p and dreamed of Mobotto's big black cock.

The next morning, John had to get himself off to work. He did manage to get
Dawn up in time for her to send her c***dren to school. Dawn took a quick
bath before picking out her clothing for the day. Her sexiest set of
lingerie consisted of a pink lace low cut brassiere, a matching pair of pink
lace panties cut high in the thigh, a pair of cinnamon colored thigh high
stockings that John had bought in the vain hope that she would wear them for
him in the privacy of their bedroom. A pair of high heel sandals and a pink
sun dress that had a low neck and was mid thigh length were also selected.
Her eye glasses, her wedding rings, a pair of earrings and her purse
completed her selection.

Dawn felt like a lewd woman as she walked out to her van. She wondered if
any of their neighbors noticed the risque way in which she was dressed as
she drove to the university. She felt a heightened level of excitement as
she entered her classroom and sat beside her younger friend. Susie wore a
pair of blue silk wide legged running shorts and a form fitting blue top
that molded itself to her otherwise unencumbered large breasts. Today,
rather than looking away in disapproval, Dawn wondered what it would be like
to venture out in public dressed that way herself.

Classes seemed to drag through time. When they were over, Dawn
automatically followed Susie Q to the parking lot. Both women got into their
own vehicles and drove to the African-American fraternity house. Dawn
noticed, in addition to the sexual tension that she felt, that the crotch of
her panties were moist. The door opened and Mobotto let them in before
giving each of them a passionate kiss. Next, he led both of the willing
white women to the basement play room.

Three tall and very dark beer sipping frat b*****rs awaited Mobotto and
their two guests. Mobotto kissed Dawn as Susie Q made the rounds kissing
each of the other three. Dawn did not object as her dress was unzipped and
pulled down around her luscious body. Several whistles were sounded as her
sexy undies and shapely blonde body were displayed for one and all as her
dress puddled around her high heel sandals.

Mobotto's long black fingers slipped into the front of Dawn's pink lace
panties and cupped her pubic mound. Her blue eyes opened wide and she gasped
as his fingers found her moist clitoris. Mobotto used his talented fingers
to quickly bring the married white woman to the brink of a climax. It was
then that Dawn felt three other sets of hands on her semi nude body. Six
hands massaged, tickled and caressed every sensual square inch of her
shuddering body as she was brought to several orgasms.

Dawn barely knew when her bra and panties were removed. She was lowered to
the king size bed wearing only her cinnamon colored thigh high stockings,
her high heel sandals, her jewelry and her glasses. A black cock was fed to
the blonde housewife's sweet mouth as one of the b*****rs went down on her
and tongued her erect clitoris. She followed their instructions and was soon
sucking black cock as if she had done it for years.

Susie Q and Mobotto sat on a sofa next to the bed and watched as the three
African-American fraternity members worked on the newly defiled white wife
and mother. Susie wrapped her soft dainty white fingers around her
boyfriend's huge black cock. His fingers were busy inside of her loose
fitting blue silk running shorts. Both were excited by the willing surrender
of the thirty year old blonde housewife.

Dawn lay on her back as the man above her drove his black cock in and out of her mouth. She sucked on the head and swirled her tongue around the tip
as she was ordered to do. She had trouble letting it slide down her throat
as she was commanded. She had watched Susie do it and she really wanted to
please the people that were bringing her so much sexual pleasure. She gagged
several times as more than eight inches of stiff black cock was rammed down
her throat.

The man sucking Dawn's clit was now fingering her vagina too. He knew it
would only be a matter of seconds before she came for them. She tried to
moan as her orgasm overtook her. The cock in her mouth slipped out just as
he ejaculated, spraying cum all over her pretty face. Susie came on
Mobotto's fingers as she saw the prim and proper housewife's face being
coated in black baby making seed. A large glob of sperm landed on the left
lens of Dawn's glasses, running down and dripping onto her face.

Before Dawn had a chance to recover, another man, with a fresh hard cock, moved into position above her. Her mouth was stuffed full of cock as the
other man continued sucking her cunt. This process was to be repeated three
times until Dawn was able to swallow the cocks all the way down her expanded
throat. The questing fingers had f***ed their way into her vagina until she
now could take four at a time. Her virginal anus was now able to accept
three wiggling fingers.

Dawn Tiikken had thought that her sex session was over when each man had
cum down her throat. She found out that they were only half finished. She
was lifted up and was placed in a straddling position over the long hard
black cock of one of her partners. Her big blue eyes bulged as she slid down
onto the very thick tool. A cool gel was applied to her anus and the guy
with the thinnest, but longest, cock began to enter her virginal anal
opening. Dawn moaned loudly and pleaded with her tormentor to please pull it
out. He slid in even deeper.

Susie Q was sitting on Mobotto's cock with her back toward him. Both were watching Dawn loose her anal cherry and were grinning when they heard her
feeble pleas for the offending tool to be removed. They knew that she would
change her tune in a few minutes.Dawn felt as if a truck had made a wrong turn up her rectum. She was pinned between the two black frat b*****rs and had nohope of escape. Finally, the Ten inch tool was all the way up her butt. She breathed shallowly as it was
withdrew part way, only to be driven back in. A rhythm was established as
her bottom was being violated. Each time that the cock in her anus reached
bottom, her vagina was driven down on the huge thick black cock in it. Her
clit was also ground onto the coarse kinky pubic hair of the lucky
African-American male beneath her. Dawn slowly began to enjoy what was being
done to her.

Susie watched as the two black males remained still as Dawn began working her body back and forth between them. She would drive herself backwards onto the long thin cock in her stretched rectum, then drive forward onto the
thick cock in her expanded pussy. Just as the rhythm was established, the
third black cock was f***ed into the married woman's mouth and shoved down
her expanding throat. Susie came again as she watched her friend in action.
Mobotto saved his cum until the finale where everyone came at once. When
Dawn came again for the twelfth time, she felt all three cocks let go inside
of her. She passed out.

Susie woke Dawn about ten minutes before her c***dren were due home from
school. Mobotto would not let her wake up her married friend any earlier.
Dawn could not see through the dried sperm on her eye glasses and had to
quickly clean the lenses. Her brassiere and panties were no where to be
found. She put on her dress over her laddered thigh high stockings. She
wanted to shower before going home but had no time to spare for such a
luxury, even though sperm ran down the inside of her bare upper thighs.

Dawn pulled into her driveway to find her c***dren waiting on her. Luckily,
they were too young to recognize the signs of a cheating housewife. Their
mother's dress was wrinkled, her erect and bra less nipples showed beneath
the thin dress, her stockings had runs, her hair was mussed and had dried
semen in it, her lipstick was smeared and she smelled of sperm. If her
husband had been home, he would have noticed his wife's condition

John came home to find everything back to normal. That night, when he tried
to get romantic with his wife, she told him that she had a headache. After
the previous evenings activities, he had hoped for more wild sex. He tossed
and turned until he finally fell asl**p. Dawn fell asl**p almost

The next day, Dawn accepted the position of House Mother to the
African-American Fraternity. Her duties included sexually satisfying each
and every one of the fraternity members. She was also supposed to coordinate
parties, help plan social activities and help with the general running of
the house. Her pay was almost excessive with a generous clothing allowance.
She did not complain when Susie was assigned to help her older friend select
her new wardrobe. While at work, Dawn dressed like a slut.
... Continue»
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B.T.V.S.: Dawn's Wish Part 2

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Dawn's Wish Part 2

Closing time was by far Anya's favourite part of the day. She tried not to say that allowed too often as it made Xander all pouty, but as much as she loved spending time with him, especially when they were having sex, closing time only came five times a week. She saw Xander and had sex with him a lot more than that, so Anya didn't understand why she should be frowned upon for savouring this precious time above anything else. After all this was the time those annoying customers finally left and she could count the money.

Today was extra special because business had been slow so Giles had left early, mumbling something about having plans tonight or something. Anya hadn't really been paying attention, she was just glad she was being left alone with the money, no one to frown at her for having a smile on her face.

So when Anya heard that annoying bell she sighed and without looking muttered, "We're closed."

"Anya... hey..." A familiar voice greeted her.

Anya's heart sank. She'd had a feeling it wasn't a customer and for the most part vampires and demons were polite enough to go after the Slayers in one of the many graveyards in Sunnydale so she'd been fairly confident that it was somebody she knew interrupting her. That meant she couldn't just shoo them away or use the risky-but-hey-if-she-has-no-choice teleportation potion. She had to socialise.

"What?" Anya asked, already regretting it as she looked up to see the blonde haired Slayer, "Giles isn't here. He went home."

"That's ok. I wanted to talk to you." Buffy said, something she honestly didn't think she'd ever say to Anya, and from the look on the other blonde's face the feeling was mutual, "I was just at Dawn's school and no one was there. At lease no one helpful. And I might not have made the best impression with the receptionist, so I was wondering if you could help me find someone. A vengeance daemon. She disguised herself as a guidance counsellor and Dawn made a wish and I have to clean up her mess again. You know, the usual."

"Dawn made a wish with a guidance counsellor around?" Anya said in disbelief, though thinking about it she could believe it, "That's like the most popular form for a vengeance daemon. Second only to ther*pist. I swear I mentioned this."

"I know. And you did, but well, you know Dawn." Buffy sighed.

"Yeah." Anya murmured, things between the two blondes becoming silent, Anya biting her lip before she asked the question she really didn't want to ask, "So... this vengeance demon... are you going to kill her?"

Knowing she had to be tactful about this Buffy replied, "I can try not to. If you think you can convince her to end the spell, or if there's something we can give her, I'm totally down with that. But..."

There was a long silence, Buffy not needing to finish her sentence. Anya got it, but she wasn't so sure Buffy got what she was getting into, "Can you live with it? The wish I mean?"

"NO." Buffy said flatly, "Absolutely not."

"Ok, but just FYI... there are thousands of vengeance demons, and we... they, are all connected by D'Hoffryn." Anya tried to explain, "Besting one is no big deal as D'Hoffryn sees that as one of his girls being a failure, but if you go around killing them left and right you'll piss D'Hoffryn off, and that..."

"Would be bad, I get it. And I get you don't want to piss D'Hoffryn off or whatever, but seriously Anya you need to do this!" Buffy ranted before calming herself down and adding, "Look, I'm sorry to put you in the middle of this but you're my best chance. And the longer this goes on for the worse it could get. I'm not even sure how bad... please just... please help me."

Anya couldn't ever remember seeing Buffy more frazzled. Frighten even. That was very worrying. In fact if Anya didn't have Xander she would probably start packing up her things the second the Slayer left. And if something had the almighty Buffy this upset perhaps she could again try telling her friends, or at least Xander, about the importance of knowing when to run. Of course it would be good to know what she was potentially running from, and when Xander inevitably insisted on staying did they have a chance against it.

So Anya sighed, "Fine, I'll help. What did Dawn wish for?"

Buffy tried not to react but there was no way Anya could have missed her blush, "That isn't important."

"But..." Anya began.

"Look, just find the vengeance demon who was at the new Sunnydale High today, ok?" Buffy snapped as she turned and headed for the door.

"Wait, where are you going?" Anya called out, and then when Buffy stopped in her tracks, obviously thinking about something, the former vengeance demon called out, "Look, if Dawnie's growing a tail or something and you promised not to say anything I understand, but if you could just give me a rough idea of what this wish is about it would really narrow down my search. Also if we're talking end of the world bad, or some kind of invisible demon on the loose, some heads up would be nice."

Buffy continued standing still for a moment, then she turned around and said, "I don't know exactly what she said but now Dawn has a power. An evil power which is corrupting my little s*ster and making her... do things. When you find out who did this to her please call me immediately. Until then I'm going home to have a serious talk with Dawn. Make her understand that she can't just do what she wants. She's just a k*d. No more rebellious Dawn crap. I'm putting my foot down!"

* * *

"Faith, sweetie, are you sure you're ok?" Joyce asked again.

"I told you Mrs S, I'm fine." Faith quickly replied again.

Joyce frowned. She used to think of herself as pretty perceptive of what was going on around her. Then she found out her daughter was a Vampire Slayer. Of course whatever was going on was unlikely to be such a big revelation but Joyce could swear she was missing out on a joke or something.

Dawn was practically beaming, happier than Joyce could ever remember seeing her, and Faith seemed... off. The Slayer almost seemed like she was in pain or something, and if Joyce didn't know any better she could have sworn Faith was even blushing a little. Joyce had asked repeatedly whether Faith's chair or food were ok but the Dark Slayer insisted they were fine, and Dawn wasn't willing to share why she seemed happy either.

Part of Joyce felt she should push a little more given the crazy things which happened in Sunnydale almost on a weekly basis, however she had always believed part of being a good mother was not overstepping boundaries and it would have been rude to try and push Faith any further. So for better or for worse Joyce returned her attention to her meal, blissfully unaware she was witnessing the after-effects of her supposedly innocent little daughter taking a Slayer's anal cherry.

Dawn still couldn't believe it. She had fulfilled one of her biggest fantasies ever. She had ass fucked the Dark Slayer into submission. She, little Dawnie Summers, had made the big bad Dark Slayer Faith Lehane her bitch.

Those thoughts and memories of sodomising Faith echoed in Dawn's mind, along with all sorts of nasty thoughts of what she could do to her new bitch as she tried to concentrate on eating food and not staring at the stronger brunette sitting across from her on the ass Dawn now owned.

It was difficult, as was talking or looking at her Mom. Dawn managed it of course, the problem was every time she looked at her mother she couldn't stop thinking about giving the woman who gave her life the exact same treatment she had just given Faith along with a variety of other nasty things. And her mother didn't deserve that.

Dawn didn't want to say it out loud because it would make her a huge dork but her Mom was the nicest, sweetest, most loving woman Dawn had ever met. She didn't want to inflict her perverted little desires on her. Besides Dawn had to learn to control her desires otherwise she'd end up fucking most of Sunnydale. Luckily she had Faith and her perfect body to indulge her twisted fantasies on.

Faith felt herself blush again as Dawnie gave her another burning hungry look. Part of Faith wanted to pull Dawn upstairs and yell at the younger girl for giving her such a blatant look of lust right in front of her Mom. Then she wanted to tell the uppity little twig that she had no idea what was going on but Faith Lehane was nobody's bitch and if Dawn told anyone about that earlier moment of insanity when Faith had bent over like some submissive little anal slut then the formerly evil Slayer would make sure it was Dawn who wished she never had to sit down again. And there were similar defiant thoughts raging through Faith's head but all Dawn had to do was look at her and the bad ass Dark Slayer was practically melting.

Those looks told Faith she was fucked. She was housebroken. She was Dawn's bitch. All little Dawnie had to do was look at her like that to remind Faith of the heaven that had been submitting to the smaller brunette and the big tough Slayer would happily do whatever the fuck Dawn wanted.

Not even the rather terrifying thought of Buffy finding out would be enough to stop Faith from submitting to Dawn. In fact while Faith was imagining about a billion different ways Buffy could kick her ass for daring to corrupt the sweet, innocent little Dawnie the idea of actually telling the almighty B that she was now her k*d s*ster's bitch actually kind of made Faith hot. Or even better, little Dawnie telling her big s*s that Faith was now her bitch. Then maybe telling her Mom. Or maybe telling them at the same time. Or maybe Dawn was about to turn to her Mom right here, or about to make Faith do it, the Dark Slayer feeling herself blush as she imagined having to turn to Joyce and tell her that her sweet and innocent little girl had turned her into her bitch.

Wanting to pull herself away from her current thoughts Faith turned to the MILF and, doing her best to put on her usual sly grin, asked, "So Joyce, hot date tonight?"

"No, it's another meeting." Joyce insisted, although she wouldn't have sounded convincing even if she hadn't blushed.

"Really." Faith said, deciding to push the subject, "Because you seem to be having a lot of meetings lately."

Before Joyce could start explaining everything that was going wrong with her gallery lately, which Dawn was almost 100% sure her mother only did because she knew it made everyone else around her zone out, the littlest Summers quickly butted in, "Faith, go make a start on the dishes. I'll be there to help you in a minute."

Faith blushed as she quickly got up and collected the empty plates like some kind of waitress or maid. Of course such an act didn't automatically make her anything like that, but it felt like no matter what she did Faith felt subservient to Dawn, a feeling the Slayer was growing to love.

Dawn tried to keep the smile off her face as she watched her bitch carry out her order, waiting until Faith left the room before turning to her Mom, looking her in the eye and softly but firmly asking her, "Mom, do you have a date?"

"Yes honey." Joyce replied, surprising herself with her answer.

"Good." Dawn smiled softly, leaning in and taking her Mom's hand before continuing, "Now here's what I want you to do. Go out tonight and have fun. Do whatever you want to do. You deserve it. You're a great Mom and you should get some time to yourself."

"Ok Dawnie... but, I..." Joyce blushed, feeling an odd tingling sensation from her daughter's hand covering hers.

"No argument." Dawn said firmly, "Tonight you go out and have fun. Stay out as long as you want. Longer even. I'll be fine. Faith is going to be here. So... don't hurry back. Ok?"

"Ok." Joyce found herself replying, and while she did think about it for a moment she supposed Dawn was right.

"Ok." Dawn smiled, letting go of her Mom's hand, silently wishing that such a simple touch didn't immediately send her mind to a really perverted place, "Now, why don't you go upstairs and change so you won't be late for your 'meeting'."

Dawn smiled as her mother nodded, got up and headed upstairs, the speed in which she moved probably not quick enough to arouse suspicion but in addition to her Mom's truthfulness seem to suggest that Dawn's little wish was still in full effect. And just as importantly, if not more, it worked on her Mom.

The smile on Dawn's face turned into a wicked grin as she briefly imagined the shit she could get away with now. And sure, she should probably try and not abuse her new power too much, but at the same time it would be just wasteful if she didn't use it at all. Like, telling her Mom to stay out late and have fun was good. She had an obvious ulterior motive for it, but her Mom really did need to get out more, and Dawn was sure that not every middle-aged guy in Sunnydale was a killer robot in disguise. And Dawn could always ask her Mom's new boyfriend if he was evil and if he replied yes she could just make Faith kill him.

Of course just a brief mention of Faith's name had Dawn's mind once again travelling to a very perverted place, only this time it wasn't a place she felt guilty for being in. Dawn did however question why she would settle for simply thinking about doing nasty things to the beautiful Dark Slayer when she could be doing them. Or at least be ready to do them the moment her mother left.

With that in mind Dawn practically skipped through her house and into the kitchen. There she was greeted with the sight of Faith washing up, not something Dawn would have ever thought as erotic until that moment however there was just something about it which had her juices flowing.

Perhaps it was the idea of the big bad Dark Slayer who had always seemed so rebellious, crude and seemingly too good for menial chores suddenly seeming so domesticated. Like after just one ass fuck Dawn had turned the foulmouthed street tough Slayer into her doting servant, willing and eager to serve Dawn, to do whatever she said no matter how trivial it was.

"You wanna dry?" Faith asked with a smirk, pretty much knowing who it was before she looked behind her.

Blinking a few times to fully pull herself out of her thoughts Dawn smiled, "Na, I think I'll just watch my bitch do all the work."

Faith blushed slightly, "Your Mom..."

"Is upstairs, and was never that good at hearing." Dawn interrupted, heading over to lock the back door which was only a few feet away from where Faith was washing up, "Seriously, you'd be surprised how many fights Buffy has had down here without Mom being any the wiser. Sure, most of them were with me so I suppose she could have heard and just repressed it, but I'm horny so I say it's worth the risk. Especially as Miss I'm-The-Boss-Of-Everyone probably won't be back for hours."

Seeing where this was going Faith quickly pointed out, "But your Mom will be going soon."

"Not soon enough." Dawn said, moving behind her prey and roughly squeezing Faith's ass, "There's no way I'm waiting that long to fuck you again."

After groaning softly and biting her lip Faith asked, "Shouldn't we at least take this upstairs?"

Leaning in so her lips were pressed against Faith's ear Dawn whispered, "No. I like the idea of taking you right here, which is exactly what I'm going to do. I'm going to pull down these tight little leather pants and finger fuck your slutty little Slayer ass! If Mom or Buffy shows up we can stop and act like everything's cool, but chances are my Mom is just going to leave you here to get your ass abused, which let’s face it, is what's going to happen. My Mom is going to leave, and then I'm going to get my big strap-on cock and ass fuck you while you're bending over the sink. Then I'm going to ass fuck you in every room of this house, in every position I can think of, your tight Slayer ass getting drilled so much you won't be sitting right for a week! And the only thing you're going to do about it is bend over, or get in whatever position I want you in, because you’re my bitch and I own your ass hole! Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Dawnie." Faith whimpered submissively, unknowingly adding of her own accord, "Do whatever the fuck you want to my ass! It's yours!"

"Damn right it is!" Dawn growled softly, her hand now greedily sliding over Faith's butt and groping it, a smile crossing her face as she added, "This hot Slayer ass is all mine now, but maybe if you're a good little anal slut for me I'll give you the honour of eating my pussy. Maybe my ass too. Would you like that Slayer?"

"Fuck yeah Dawnie, I'd love that." Faith moaned softly, "I'd love to munch on your cunt and ass. Use my mouth and tongue to please the little stud who popped my anal cherry and made me her bitch. Make you cum real hard in my mouth."

"Looking forward to it. But for now, bend over!" Dawn ordered, giving Faith's ass a firm slap literally the moment before her little wish made the big bad Slayer bend over the sink and stick her ass out, "Yeah, that's it. Give me that hot Slayer ass of yours!"

"Already given it to you Dawnie. My hot Slayer ass is yours now!" Faith grinned as she felt Dawn giving her ass another squeeze.

"Yeah it is." Dawn murmured, reaching round to unbuckle Faith's leather pants. Then a wicked idea popped into her head, "Which is why you should never, ever hesitate to let me do whatever I want to this bitch ass of yours."

"I know, I'm sorry Dawnie. It won't happen again." Faith promised.

"Damn right it won't." Dawn said firmly before she gave Faith's leather pants covered ass a hard smack.

Faith cried out in surprise, the sound of that cry and the smack seeming to echo throughout the kitchen which plunged into silence shortly afterwards. Then there was another smack and another cry, the smack being just as loud as before but since she had been sort of expecting it Faith was able to stifle her cry.

As her ass received a third and a fourth smack Faith opened her mouth to protest but no sound came out. She'd had yelling matches with B plenty of times while she was here, well mostly B yelling at her with her giving a few short responses, but she'd always figured that Joyce was too much of a proper lady to want to discuss it. Or maybe the older woman thought it was best not to get between the two Slayers, something Faith had to admit was pretty smart. But Mrs S being a little hard of hearing did make sense, although Faith wasn't so sure the sound of Dawn's hand smacking off her ass wasn't going to draw attention considering how deafening it sounded to her.

Of course the danger of getting caught had always been a turn on for Faith, and the idea of explaining why Dawn was spanking her ass or what those weird noises were actually made the Dark Slayer kind of hot.

Then there was the fact she was getting spanked. She, bad ass Vampire Slayer Faith Lehane, was getting her ass spanked by little Dawnie Summers.

It didn't hurt that bad, especially considering that Dawnie seemed just as if not more interested in caressing Faith's butt in between spanks. Faith had taken much worse beatings even before she became a Slayer, but never on that part of her body before. Sure, a few cocky guys had smacked her ass but she had quickly knocked them the fuck out. Now only a very small part of her wanted to do that, the much bigger part of her wanting to do exactly what she did, that being to stay where she was, bend over with her ass pushed back, taking whatever the dominating young girl wanted to give her.

So for a little while butt kicker extraordinaire Faith Lehane got her butt whooped by a girl she could snap like a twig, every smack making Faith love it all the more, her pussy becoming dripping wet as the big bad Dark Slayer submitted to the humiliation of getting spanked. Then the Slayer felt Dawn reached down to unbuckle her leather pants before whispering in her ear, "How do you like being punished Slayer?"

"Fucking love it Dawnie. I love you punishing me." Faith answered, unknowingly adding of her own accord, "Punish me Dawnie. Mmmmm, spank my hot Slayer ass and then fuck it."

"Oh, I'm going too. But you know what? If this is going to be a real punishment... I think it needs to be a bear bottom spanking." Dawn said, stepping back, grabbing a firm hold of the waistband of Faith's pants and thong before beginning to slowly pull them down.

"Yeah Dawnie, you're right. You should spank my bear bottom for being a naughty little Slayer." Faith moaned before switching her concentration to listening out for anyone coming their way. After all maybe Dawn smacking Faith's leather pants covered ass could be laughed off as a joke or something, but if B or Mrs S walked in on their precious little Dawnie spanking Faith's bear ass there was going to be trouble.

Dawn didn't even hear Faith's last comment as she was fully concentrating on lustfully watching as inch after inch of her bitch's butt was revealed to her. The only thing except lust that was going through Dawn's mind was amazement. Slayer healing had never been more interesting to her than in that moment, Dawn marvelling how Faith's shapely ass cheeks had already returned to their previous creamy perfection, and the hole in between them which had been obscenely gaping about 15 minutes ago now looked virgin tight again. But was it?

As incredibly tempting as it was to find out, and Dawn promised herself she would very soon, the youngest Summers girl had promised her bitch a bear bottom spanking and she intended to deliver. So, after what seemed like about an hour of Dawn staring lustfully at Faith's butt, the little brunette let go of her slut's leather pants and thong, letting them fall down around Faith's ankles. Almost immediately after that Dawn lifted her hand up and brought it down as hard as she could on Faith's backside.

The cry that the big tough Dark Slayer let out caused a grin to spread across Dawn's face. She had been going easy before, just enjoying the heaven that was living out her fantasy of giving Faith a spanking. It would have been very risky to deliver strike after strike without a pause, even with her Mom's worryingly bad hearing, so Dawn had intended to give Faith more of the playful spanking. However the gentle spaced out strikes had grown tiring and now Dawn could no longer resist giving Faith a real spanking. The type of spanking she had given Buffy earlier.

With that in mind Dawn channelled all her frustrations into this spanking, hitting Faith's butt as hard as she could as she reminisced about how the Dark Slayer had been cruelly taunting her with this perfect butt for so long without letting her have it. How Dawn had to be satisfied with her own fingers when Faith should have realised she was a submissive little slut ages ago and offered herself to Dawn to use and abuse. How that damn s*ster of hers kept slipping into her mind even though she had the perfect woman bent over in front of her offering up her ass just as Dawn had always dreamed.

As she continued brutally slapping it Dawn decided to focus on that perfect ass she had dreamed about for so long. Before tonight she'd only really got to enjoy quick glances but even then she had known Faith's posterior was the definition of perfection. The Dark Slayer's bubble butt cheeks were so full, well rounded and shapely. Not too big or too small but just right. A perfect 'white girl booty' which looked even more perfect now Dawn was watching it jiggle from the f*rce of each one of her blows, that creamy skin slowly turning first pink and then red from the f*rce of her assault.

Honestly Dawn thought she was making enough noise now to alert her mother so she just went for it, beating Faith's butt as hard as she could, just waiting to hear the sound of footsteps on the stairs so she could turn around and act like it was her ass that had just been spanked. The thought of it caused her to grin wickedly, especially when she dreamed up the image of the look on Faith's face. Then again the idea of being caught spanking Faith and having to explain that the Dark Slayer was now her bitch wasn't entirely unappealing. However minute after minute past and there was no sign of anyone.

Of course Dawn had told her Mom to go and get changed, and it wasn't like Buffy or Faith had been able to do something completely different after Dawn gave them in order, so maybe her mother had heard something. Maybe she had heard everything, and the only reason she hadn't come down was because she physically couldn't until she finished getting ready, and knowing her mother that could be hours.

The idea that her Mom had heard was kind of scary, but if that was true the damage was already done and Dawn was just too horny to dwell on that possibility.

So instead Dawn concentrated on giving Faith the hardest spanking she could possibly give her, the weaker girl relentlessly beating the ass of the stronger girl until Dawn's hand was aching and sore.

At that point Dawn's desire to see if Faith's puckered little back-hole was as tight as it looked had become overwhelming. Plus Faith had taken her spanking like a good little bitch, and while that wasn't very surprising given just how submissive the Slayer had been acting by the end of the earlier butt fucking Dawn figured that her pet deserved a reward.

So Dawn abruptly ended the spanking, quickly pushed a finger into her mouth and sucked on it before she pressed it against Faith's ass hole and f*rcefully pushed forwards. Faith's butt hole resisted for a brief second then welcome Dawn's finger inside it, Dawn happily taking advantage of the hospitality and burying her fingers as deep inside Faith's rectum as they would go.

Both brunettes cried out joyfully at the anal penetration, both of them taking a moment to just enjoy the feeling of Dawn's finger and Faith's rectum walls respectively, before Dawn gasped, "Oh my God Faith! Your ass... it feels virgin tight again!"

"Oh shit, mmmmmm, yeah, guess my Slayer healing is going to keep me nice and tight for you, huh?" Faith groaned as Dawn began gently pumping her finger in and out of her ass.

"Uh-huh." Dawn murmured, lost in her own little world for a few long moments before a grin spread across her face, "You really are just the perfect anal slut, aren't you Faith?"

"Seems like." Faith agreed, "Guess I'm just a natural butt slut who was always meant to bend over for a cute little natural butt fucker like you Dawnie. Guess I was always supposed to bend over so a little ass fucking stud like you could have fun stretching out my tight little slut ass!"

"You want your ass stretched Slayer?" Dawn teased, pressing her middle finger against Faith's butt hole.

"Yeah Dawnie, stretch out my ass hole!" Faith quickly replied, "Get as many fingers as you can up my tight little slut ass! I want you to oooooohhhhhhhh!"

Faith lost her train of thought when she felt another finger being pushed into her ass hole, the Dark Slayer quickly forgetting all about talking in favour of keeping her moans of pleasure as quiet as she could, while of course listening out for Joyce, Buffy or anyone else.

It was hard to concentrate on those things given how good little Dawnie's fingers felt inside her ass, which was actually kind of weird. Faith had never really been much into getting her cunt fingered. It always felt like a poor substitute for a guy's cock or a girl's tongue. Besides, Faith always preferred dishing out the penetration, which was exactly why even though she kept it quiet from Little Miss Self-righteous Buffy Summers the truth was Faith always preferred fucking girls. But this gentle little anal finger fucking was making Faith hotter than any previous fuck she'd had, only exception being when Dawnie had used that big strap-on to take her back door cherry.

Maybe Faith was enjoying this so much because getting her butt fingered was reminding her of her first butt fucking. Her ass might be fully healed but it was still pretty sore and tender, that little bit of pain combined with the feeling of a dry finger getting shoved up her butt appealing to Faith's freaky side. Then again Faith had always liked public fucking, and getting her ass finger fucked in the middle of the Summers f*mily's kitchen was the most daring public fuck Faith had ever had. Her cunt burned at the idea of getting caught, the fact that it might be literally the end of her not deterring her slutty body from finding the whole situation a twisted turn on. Then of course there was the fact Faith was getting her ass hole stretched by innocent little Dawnie, the weaker girl once again having her way with the supposedly tough Dark Slayer.

Whatever the reason was Faith tried not to think about it too much, or the pleasure she was receiving from Dawn's fingers methodically pumping in and out of her butt hole. Especially not when she felt Dawn adding another finger, and then another, into her butt, although at that point Faith was a little too lost in the heaven of having her ass taken to care whether they got caught or not.

Dawn was just as lost in the butt stretching, her eyes locked onto her fingers sliding in and out of Faith's butt-hole, that sight pretty much commanding all of Dawn's attention. It was just so beautiful. Dawn honestly didn't think she'd ever seen a more beautiful sight than that of Faith's butt hole stretching for her. She knew that was extremely wrong and perverted, but Dawn couldn't help how she felt. Whether it was her strap-on or her fingers Dawn loved the sight of something pumping in and out of Faith's perfect posterior.

The only other thing Dawn was really concentrating on was the incredible feeling of Faith's amazing ass. It was so tight Dawn thought her fingers were going to get crushed but Faith's back passage had continued stretching with every additional finger. It was like the Dark Slayer's ass recognised Dawn as its owner, that because she was the first inside it Dawn had officially conquered Faith's ass and now that beautiful butt would do whatever it could to please its conqueror. Dawn liked that. And it was only right. Faith's ass was hers now and should rightfully take whatever Dawn wanted to give it.

On that note Dawn slid her thumb into Faith's ass hole and then whispered in the older girl's ear, "Do you think you can take more Slayer?"

"Yeah Dawnie." Faith whimpered softly, seeing where this was going, "Give me more! Ohhhhhhhh, please stretch my ass some more! Fist me Dawnie! Fist my fucking Slayer ass! Oh fuckkkkkkkk!"

As if she was possessed by some kind of sex demon, or maybe just by the dominant top she'd always wanted to be, Dawn slammed her hand forwards as hard as she could, forcing the amazingly tight ass hole of the Dark Slayer to ever so slowly stretch wide enough to let her knuckles pass through it. A heartbeat later Dawn's entire hand disappeared in between the beautifully rounded cheeks of the Slayer's bubble butt, both girls letting out a half moan half whimper almost simultaneously as they both tried to get used to the feel of Dawn's fist up Faith's ass.

After a few long seconds Dawn started pulling her fist out of Faith's butt only to push it back in again and then repeat the process, the Slayer's anal ring stretching for Dawn's knuckles every time. It was gentle at first, but then Dawn almost felt possessed again, the younger girl beginning to fist the older girl's ass harder and harder. Only Dawn wasn't possessed. She was just acting like her true self, who she'd always wanted to be. The dominant top who abused her submissive bitch's ass. It was exactly why Dawn was loving every second of it.

It was also why Dawn started using her free hand to smack the Dark Slayer's juicy bubble butt, those already beaten bright red cheeks jiggling with every soft blow as Faith began moaning, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck Dawnie, mmmmmmm, fuck me! Fuck my ass! Fucking fist fuck my slutty ass! Tear my fucking ass wide open Dawnie! Mmmmmmm shit yeah, tear my fucking shitter apart! Leave my shit pipe nice and loose for your big strap-on cock! Make it easier for you to butt fuck your bitch with your fucking strap-on! Ooooooooooh butt fuck me Dawnie! Fuck me in the butt! Fuck me up the ass with your fucking fist! Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh, fuck me, fuck your bitch! Show me why I'm your bitch Dawnie! Show me why you own my fucking shit hole! Oooooooooh fuck, fuck, I'm gonna, you're gonna make me..."

Just then both brunettes heard a sound which almost gave them a heart attack. Or more accurately two sounds, the first being the sound of a door opening, the second being Buffy's voice calling out, "Mom? Faith? Dawnie? I'm home."

The sound of the front door being opened froze both girls with fear, but the sound of Buffy's voice had the brunettes scrambling to make themselves presentable. Dawn barely had time to notice with glee that after she pulled her fist out Faith's ass hole remained gaping again before the Dark Slayer was pulling her pants up, Faith only just finishing buckling them when Buffy walked in.

"Hey, hey B." Faith stammered, trying to get a hold of herself, "I thought you weren't coming back until later?"

"Change of plans." Buffy said with a frown, trying to work out why Faith looked nervous and Dawn looked pleased with herself, "Can I have a word with you? Outside."

"Sure." Faith shrugged, however she barely got the chance to take a step forward.

"Faith, where do you think you're going? You need to finish in here first." Dawn said in a scolding manner, almost like Faith was a disobedient student of hers, before she turned to her s*ster, "Wait outside Buffy. Faith will be there soon."

Dawn very much enjoyed the scowl that crossed Buffy's face as the blonde turned and left the way she came. At the same time Faith returned to washing the previously forgotten about dishes, her gaze nervously shifting over to Dawn who was grinning widely. That grin was mostly a result of Dawn being able to order the Slayers around, but their reactions were definitely a contributing factor, Dawn very much enjoying Faith's before she eventually asked, "Do you think that's what I meant by you needing to finish in here?"

"No Dawnie, I don't." Faith said before biting her lip. She was so horny. She needed to cum real bad, and she was so close, but it just wasn't worth the risk, "Dawnie I... your Mom's probably going to be down any minute. B's outside! Please don't..."

"Relax. All I want to do is make sure you administer the proper amount of cleaning." Dawn reassured, holding out her hand in front of Faith's face.

Licking her lips Faith unnecessarily shifted her eyes in the direction of the hall that led to the stairs and the front door. She already knew no one was there, but it was instinctual, Faith's brain telling her to double check before she leant forward and began sliding her mouth and tongue all over Dawn's hand, the Dark Slayer moaning softly as she cleaned her butt juice off little Dawnie's fist.

Not wanting to get caught Faith cleaned Dawn's hand as quickly as she could while still making sure to be thorough. After all she still wanted to please Dawnie, which was the most important thing, that big grin on Dawn's face and the little giggles the other girl was making proving Faith was successfully doing just that, which in turn made Faith happy.

Fuck, Faith thought, Dawnie really had her housebroken.

Dawn would have liked to be able to order Faith to go slower. The earlier strap-on sucking had been reasonably quick but Faith still seemed to find the time to savour the taste of her own ass, and that was definitely something Dawn missed. However Dawn understood the need for quickness, and it wasn't like she wasn't enjoying this.

After all Faith was still being very thorough, her mouth and tongue sliding over every inch of Dawn's hand, the mighty Dark Slayer moaning like a little ATM whore as she sucked the flavour of her own ass off of Dawn's hand, making sure she got every little bit of it like a greedy butt slut. Dawn wasn't totally sure if those moans were exaggerated or if Faith really did love the taste of her own ass that much, but she was pretty sure it was the latter which made Dawn smile.

Faith was such a slut. Perfect for her.

Once she had slid her mouth and tongue over every inch of Dawn's hand Faith quickly asked, "So, we gonna see B now?"

Dawn grinned, loving that her bitch was asking permission. But while it was the right thing to do, and more importantly the smart thing, it wasn't what Dawn wanted to do, and she felt like Faith felt the same way. So, unable to resist, Dawn asked, "Do you wanna go see Buffy, or do you wanna cum?"

"I wanna cum." Faith found herself answering honestly with a blush.

"Turn around." Dawn ordered, grinning as Faith immediately did as she was told, "Push your pants and underwear down. Now bend over... and shove your right fist up your ass!"

Like a puppet on a string after her pants and thong fell down around her ankles and lent back over the sink Faith reached behind herself and f*rcefully shoved her fist into her ass hole. Luckily that hole was gaping from having Dawn's fist inside it so Faith's fist easily slid into her own back passage. There was a little pain but the cry that escaped the Slayer's lips was mostly from shock at just how quickly and eagerly she performed this perverted act.

"Be quiet!" Dawn said firmly, before moving close so she could whisper, "Now start fucking that slutty ass of yours! Fist your slutty Slayer ass hard! I wanna see you cum. Do it! Fist fuck your ass until you cum!"

Faith couldn't believe little Dawnie had her doing this but the formerly 'I'm always on top' street tough was soon slamming her fist in and out of her ass as hard as she could. The way she was reaching back was awkward and kind of painful, and it was hardly the most effective way Faith could have masturbated, but she was pulling her fist all the way out of her ass and then pushing it all the way back in, rapidly stretching her already aching and battered butt hole for her own perverted pleasure.

However as much as Faith wanted to cum the main reason she was now fisting her own ass was to please Dawnie, which all of a sudden was more important than anything. The increasingly likely chance of getting caught by B or Mrs S, her own pleasure, her own fucking welfare, the entire fucking world didn't mean shit to Faith in that moment compared to doing what Dawn said.

All the previous spanking and fisting fun had got Faith as horny as fuck so it didn't take long for the Slayer to once again reach the edge of orgasm. Only this time Faith was fisting her own ass and if she heard B or Mrs S approaching, or even come in the damn kitchen, the Dark Slayer wasn't sure she could stop. She needed to fucking cum. She needed to please Dawn.

Just then Dawn grabbed a handful of Faith's hair and yanked down hard on it, causing the Slayer to cry out and bring her head down slightly so Dawn could growl directly into her ear, "Harder! Fist that slutty ass of yours as hard as you can bitch! Tear your own fucking ass hole apart! I want to see that perfect little butt hole of yours gaping wide open from being abused! Do it! Do it because I said so! I own your fucking ass hole Faith, that means if I want to see you abusing your back door you do it! Isn't that right Faith? Answer me?"

"Yes Dawnie, mmmmmm, you own my slutty ass hole which means I've got to abuse it if you tell me too!" Faith whimpered as softly as she could.

"That's right bitch, I own your ass hole!" Dawn practically moaned, "Mmmmmm, that means you've got to abuse that hole, but I bet you wish I was the one abusing it, huh? You wish it was me fisting your ass?"

"Mmmmmm, yeah Dawnie, fuck, I wish it was you fisting my ass." Faith moaned as softly as she could, "Or you fucking my slutty shitter with that big hard strap-on of yours!"

"Imagine it." Dawn ordered, "Imagine it's me fucking your ass with my fist or strap-on. Imagine me fucking you up the butt as you cum!"

Faith whimpered as two incredibly vivid images popped into her head, both of which she thoroughly enjoyed earlier in the evening. The first was that of Dawn pumping her fist in and out her Slayer ass, the image being extra powerful as with Faith continuing to slam her fist all the way in and out of her own ass hole it was pretty easy to imagine little Dawnie doing it to her instead. The second image was of Dawn using her strap-on, that dildo reaching the very deepest depths of Faith's bowels with every hard thrust of the little Alpha female's hips, the stud who popped the big bad Dark Slayer's anal cherry ruthlessly pounding into Faith's pooper for her own pleasure.

Both images flooded Faith's mind, the supernaturally strong girl slipping into a dreamlike state as she imagined the weaker girl dominating her. Of course little Dawnie was dominating her right now by making her fist fuck her own ass, that fact combining with the images in her head and the now blissful pleasure of her fist pumping in and out of her widely stretched butt hole had Faith cumming in her hardest ever self-induced climax.

It was intense, the Dark Slayer's whole body trembling as her back arched so that her cum squirted onto the side of the sink and thankfully mostly missing her leather pants. Although it was hard for Faith to concentrate on that when she was busy gritting her teeth as hard as she could and pressing her free hand over her mouth so she could keep the scream that was escaping through them as quiet as possible. That scream was mostly of pleasure, although there was some pain mixed in as her ass clamped down painfully on her hand. Of course in a twisted way that pain only added to Faith's enjoyment, the Slayer continuing to joyfully fist fuck herself up the ass all through her orgasm.

Faith would have happily kept anally fisting herself at this point regardless of the ever increasing possibility of getting caught, however Dawn, who had graciously let go of her hair when she started cumming, softly ordered, "Pull your fist out of your ass and spread your cheeks."

Eager to please the girl who was responsible for the pleasure she had just felt Faith quickly pulled her fist from her ass hole and spread her ass cheeks, the now very submissive bottom hoping that the dominant top standing behind her enjoyed the view.

Dawn had been enjoying the view throughout this new little act of perversion, the little brunette once again licking her lips as her bitch presented her gaping ass hole to her. At first glance Faith's back hole didn't seem quite as stretched open as it had been when Dawn had used her strap-on, but as she continued staring at it Dawn realised while she couldn't see quite as deep into the taller brunette's bowels Faith's butt hole might be stretched a little wider. That made sense as by the end of the anal fisting Faith had been frantically punching her own ass hole, and the Slayer's clenched fist was much wider than Dawn's strap-on.

For a few moments Dawn considered getting a thicker strap-on, perhaps using a variety of different shaped toys to use on her personal fuck toy's beautiful little butt hole, all sorts of twisted images flooding Dawn's mind as she continued to stare at Faith obediently spreading her ass cheeks. Then she heard the sound of footsteps on the stairs.

Acting quickly Dawn ordered, "Pull up your pants and clean your fist! Then quickly finish washing the dishes and come out to join me!"

As Faith did as she was told Dawn left the kitchen to greet her mother at the bottom of the stairs, Dawn almost doing a double take as she saw her Mom in a classic, elegant yet not entirely motherly dress which took her breath away, "Wow Mom, you look hot."

"Thanks sweetie." Joyce blushed, biting her lip before adding, "You don't think it's too much?"

"No, it's really beautiful. You're really beautiful." Dawn said, her gaze lingering perhaps a second too long. Realising her mother was noticing that Dawn quickly try to get a hold of herself, smiling innocently at the older woman before asking, "So, were you off now?"

"Yes Dawnie." Joyce said, then with a hesitant expression on her face added, "Erm... did, did you girls hear something? Before I mean, when I was upstairs?"

"Like what Mom?" Dawn asked, her heart pounding in her chest.

"I don't know honey." Joyce answered truthfully, "I could have sworn I heard something earlier... were you girls fighting?"

"No." Dawn said as calmly as possible, "It was just... girl stuff."

"Oh... ok." Joyce said with a frown.

Joyce could have sworn she heard something, but both her little girls seem to be getting into a lot of arguments lately, especially Dawn, and she had found it was easier to just let them all blow off some steam rather than trying to get in the middle of it. Besides she'd felt oddly compelled to continue getting ready.

Switching gears Joyce looked around and then asked, "Where's Faith?"

"Just finishing the washing up." Dawn said, trying to hide her grin as she added, "We got distracted. You know, talking and stuff."

Joyce frowned as she remembered something, "Isn't washing up part of your chores? I thought you were at least going to help."

"It was..." Dawn said, deciding there was no time like the present to try using her powers to get out of trouble, "But considering all we do for Faith shouldn't she start doing chores? I mean she's constantly here, eating our food, watching our TV, smoking inside and right outside the house no matter how many times you and Buffy ask her not too? She should have to earn her keep by doing chores."

Joyce opened her mouth to protest Faith was risking her life to help them and had saved every member of the Summers f*mily at least once. That had always seemed to be enough for Joyce. However her youngest daughter brought up a lot of good points, and it might be good to give the Dark Slayer some more responsibilities. It could be character building, maybe even help Faith feel more included and less like an outsider.

"You're right Dawnie." Joyce found herself quickly nodding, "Faith should have to do more around here."

"It would help spread the load a bit more." Dawn nodded, having no intention of doing any chores now she could get one of the Slayers to do them for her, but still, "I mean, Buffy has me doing almost all the chores and I haven't even done anything wrong. You know don't you Mom? I've been really good lately. So Buffy shouldn't be so hard on me."

Joyce couldn't find a flaw in her youngest’s logic and happily nodded, "Yes Dawn, Buffy has been very unreasonable. I'll talk to her for you. Make sure the chores are more equally distributed from now on between you, her and possibly Faith."

"Thanks Mom, you’re the best!" Dawn beamed, practically leaping into her mother's arms.

It was instinctual. Something she'd always done, and Dawn knew her mother didn't think anything of it, but for as long as she could remember the soft gentle embraces with the woman who gave her life always gave her these tingles. Naughty, perverted tingles, this time accompanied by more vivid thoughts of doing such unspeakable things to her dear sweet Mommy.

"You're welcome honey." Joyce said, blissfully unaware of what was going on in her youngest daughter's head as she happily returned the embrace.

Dawn desperately tried to push those twisted thoughts aside but they circled around inside her head like never before, the teen so very tempted to slide her hands down to her Mom's ass, maybe give that nicely rounded rear a little squeeze, maybe even...

"I'm finished Dawnie. Everything's clean." Faith said, the words out of her mouth before she even noticed the mother/daughter hug.

Breaking the hug to look over at her bitch Dawn allowed a frown to cross her face which was part 'how dare you interrupt' and part 'everything'?

Faith just continued staring at her like a little puppy waiting for its master to give her a command, Dawn about to do just that when she was interrupted again, this time by her mother, "Is Buffy back yet?"

"Yeah, she's outside. We were just going to see her." Dawn said, before turning back to her bitch, "Come on Faith, let's see what Little Miss Bossy Pants wants."

"I do wish you girls would be nicer to each other." Joyce sighed as she and the other girls made their way outside, "You know Buffy only wants what's best for you."

"Sure." Dawn said unconvincingly as she opened the front door to her home and gave her big s*ster a wicked smile which only she could see, "Hey Buffy, was there something you wanted to say?"

"Yes." Buffy said truthfully, then she froze.

She had wanted to talk to Faith privately to see whether Dawn had done anything weird in her absence but it was clear Dawn wasn't going to give her the privacy to do that and she didn't want to escalate the situation. At least not when there were other people around.

"But it can wait." Buffy said, turning to her fellow Slayer, "Faith, sorry about this but can you take the rest of the night's patrol? I really need some one on one time with Dawnie."

Faith really wanted some one on one time with Dawnie, but she couldn't say that or really protest. After all Faith had made it no secret that she preferred slaying to babysitting so at best a sudden change of heart would arouse suspicion. At worst it would result in her and B throwing down, with B probably kicking her ass right out of Sunnydale. So Faith simply mumbled, "Sure, whatever."

Dawn opened her mouth to protest but no sound came out. Perhaps it was because she was so deliriously horny but Dawn couldn't think of a good excuse for Faith to stay and Buffy to leave. More importantly Dawn didn't trust herself not to blurt out the wrong thing, which in this situation could be very bad. Besides some one on one time with Buffy would give Dawn the chance to reason with her s*ster, make her see these powers were a good thing and maybe used them to finally...

No Dawn caught herself. Fucking her s*ster would be sick, wrong and gross. No matter how horny she was she had to try and remember that.

Pushing those wicked thoughts to one side Dawn just watched Faith leave, comforting herself with the knowledge she could later called the Dark Slayer to come over for a little more fun.

"Faith wait, can I drop you off somewhere?" Joyce called out.

Faith called back, "It's cool Mrs S, I'd prefer to walk."

Of course the reason the Dark Slayer preferred the idea of walking was that after all the abuse her ass had taken from little Dawnie sitting down just wasn't an option. It had been painful and humiliating enough at dinner, Faith actually blushing at the memory of it. Not that her ass wasn't aching any way which was pretty humiliating, that pain a constant reminder that Faith had been completely dominated by sweet innocent little Dawnie.

Faith still couldn't believe it. She had been turned into a bitch. Little Dawnie had turned her into her bitch. Sweet innocent little Dawnie had brutally fucked Faith in the ass and turned her into her bitch. And the Dark Slayer knew it wasn't wise to be doing anything with little Dawnie, and if she was going to do stuff it should be her on top, but fuck, Faith didn't think she'd be able to top anyone ever again. Not when she knew the joy of being a bottom. Not after she had felt the ecstasy of getting fucked up the ass. Not now she had found true happiness in life as Dawn's bitch.

With Faith disappearing off into the distance Joyce turned to her daughters and asked, "Are you sure everything's ok?"

"Sure Mom. It's just... Slayer stuff." Buffy reassured.

"Yeah. You go and have a good time." Dawn said, knowing what affect her words would have, "But before you do, wasn't there something you wanted to tell Buffy?"

"Oh yes." Joyce nodded before turning her attention to her eldest daughter, "Buffy, I think you've been too hard on Dawn lately. I understand you wanted to punish her but she's been so well-behaved as of late I think you need to cut her some slack. Take on some of the chores you've been dumping on her and share the load a little more, ok?"

Buffy gritted her teeth and glared angrily at her little s*ster. It was bad enough Dawn had made her wait outside like a k*d on a naughty step, but now the Slayer was certain Dawn had already started abusing her powers to manipulate their mother, yet another clear sign that Buffy was going to need to put her foot down and make it crystal clear to Dawn that her current behaviour would not be tolerated. However Buffy needed to do this on her own and not rely on her Mommy to fix this problem for her.

So instead of arguing Buffy simply smiled, "Ok... I'm sure we can work something out."

"Good, I'm glad you understand." Joyce beamed, giving each of her daughters a quick hug, "Well, I guess I'll be going. I love you both. Be good."

"We will." Buffy and Dawn said almost simultaneously as they watched their mother get in her car and drive away.

To Be Continued... Continue»
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by stevie3624

The "Coffee & Cake" was as packed as the mall since Christmas was only two weeks away. Ginny and Dawn were fortunate that a small booth in the corner opened up just as their turn came to be seated.

Ginny said, "Ooh this is nice, and those cinnamon buns smell fantastic...share?"

"Why not," her friend said. "But you're such a bad influence on me Ginny, you never gain an ounce, and I gain a dress size after we're together, but we do have fun – not to mention all the money you help me get rid of."

"Hey, we work hard enough, Ginny said, "Let's enjoy it while we can. I think the k**s are going to like all this stuff."

"k**s...can you believe it Ginny, your Tommy and Frank Jr. practically running the business and my Billy getting that bonus to join West-Tech?

"Yeah it is amazing how the time went. You know Dawn, I really didn't think it would work out with my boys going in with 'Frank the Fuck,' but they are doing well."

"See Ginny, I always said he would be good for something some day."

"Well he was never any good to me, and as long as I don't have to see him, it's okay."

They ordered and Dawn said, "Ginny, let me ask you something, did your boys ever get out of line with you?"

"Are you k**ding, Frank Jr. mouthed off to me enough to make me glad he finally moved out."

"I didn't mean like that," Dawn said. "And I meant to ask you, how come Tommy didn't move out with him?"

"Well...I guess Tommy still likes living at home, and you know he's different than Frank. Frank is out every night with a different girl and Tommy just wasn't ready."

"Well anyway, I'm glad that Tommy and Billy are friends; they're as thick as thieves lately, aren't they? But you know Ginny, I worry about Billy, he's so shy, and I also worry that he doesn't date; I can count on one hand the number of times he's been out in the last few years. That doesn't mean that he's not thinking things, but I don't know if they're the right things."

"What are you talking about Dawn?"

"I mean, well I've noticed something with Billy in last few months, sometimes I think I can see that he's...hard."

Ginny laughed out loud. "Boys that age are hard all the time, your not that old that you've forgotten. Remember Max?" She laughed again.

"No, I mean I notice it now when he's around me...and he always seems to be looking at my body."

"Well, you do have a nice pair babe." Ginny laughed and said, "I think he's just thinking about getting laid. Speaking of which, you haven't done much mattress dancing yourself lately for a sexy single parent. Girl, you should get yourself a nice young twenty year old...honey, they can go all night."

Dawn laughed, "Are you talking from wishful thinking or experience now?"

"OH experience babe, long, hard, experience; oh yes, very long and very hard." Ginny laughed out loud and then covered her mouth.

"Who is it? You didn't tell me you were seeing have been a little too cheerful lately...I should have spill."

"Oh Dawnie, I haven't had it like this since...I don't think I ever had it like this. I'm not k**ding about him going all night. Five minutes after we do it, he's ready to go again. It's been unbelievable."

"So details, details, who is he, where did you meet him?"

"Uh...can't say babe."

Dawn looked hurt. "Are you k**ding, after all this time, you don't trust me?"

"It's not that sweetie, it's just complicated."

Dawn muttered, "Complicated my ass."

"All right Dawn; nobody knows, and nobody can know, but believe me I've been dying to tell you, so at least I can talk about it with someone"

"So come on already Ginny, what's the big deal, is it the mayor's son?"

"No Dawnie, it's my son." She hesitated. "It's Tommy."


"Okay, don't flip out on me Dawnie, it just sort of happened, I know it's messed up, but it was so great neither of us can stop. Dawnie, it's so good, every night, he's there, and he wants me so much."

"Wow...well, I am floored. That wasn't even in the realm of my wildest thoughts. You're sl**ping with Tommy? Oh my God, I have no idea what to say."

"I've told you a lot of things in the past Dawnie and I know this is a tough one; you've always been there for me, that's why I told you. Just say you're happy for me. I know it's wacky and I have no idea where it's going to end up, but I am having a good time."

"Sure I'm happy for you Ginny, it's just that...I don't know; this kind of thing doesn't just happen." Dawn was disturbed, and fought the urge to show her friend her disapproval. But there was a curiosity and she asked, "My God, how did it start?"

"I hate to tell you this, but the first time, I was still married to Frank. It only happened once and then I stopped it. Frank was out of town and he took Frank Jr. with him. I went in to take a nap and asked Tommy to wake me for dinner. I was having a sex dream with I don't know who, and in my dream the guy is stroking my ass. I wake up and it's Tommy who's stroking my ass while I'm lying there in my bra and panties. So I say, "What are you doing?" He doesn't say anything; he just starts kissing me. I was still excited and wet from the dream, and he was all over me, and I didn't want to stop Dawnie. Things had gotten so bad with Frank; I just didn't want to stop."

They were both quiet and Ginny thought about how hard it was to stay away from her son until she finally split with her husband. And she thought about the day Frank moved out. Frank Jr. had helped him and then stayed over. She pictured the look on her younger son's face when he said, "Do you remember that night mom, and how many times we made love, and how it felt when I was inside you?" She knew the answers to that and to next question he had asked. "And do you remember all the reasons you gave me in the morning why we had to stop, mom?"

She could hear own words again, "Of course I remember sweetheart; I remember every minute and every way you touched me...I remember it every day." Dawn also remembered the morning after that first time, when she woke, and how her son asked her to love him one last time before she left him for work. And how she took off her dress and he pulled her into bed before she could finish undressing. She remembered how he took her in their final act of lovemaking. She remembered lying on her side, holding her stockinged leg up as he pushed his thick hardness into her pussy from behind. She remembered his excitement and her own feelings of shame and guilt, and the wet pleasures of release as she stifled her cries during the most intense orgasm of her life.

Ginny didn't say any of this to Dawn, but when Dawn asked if it was more than just sex for her and for Tommy, she said, "I don't know babe, and right now, I don't care."

For days, Dawn kept re-playing the conversation she had with Ginny. She couldn't imagine why a woman would let her son sl**p with her. And it was even more unsettling for her when she looked at Billy looking at her. There was no longer any question about the way he was looking; he was looking with lust, and the lust was for her. It was terrible, and she did all she could to stifle any excitement stemming from the knowledge that a young man wanted to sl**p with her.

At first, she wondered if Billy knew about Ginny and Tommy having sex, but each time his eyes stroked her body, she became more convinced. She knew that he knew, and what he wanted. The thought plagued her; her son wanted her, to sl**p with her, to fuck her.

Each night, as Dawn drifted off to sl**p, her thoughts turned to Ginny and Tommy, and then to herself and Billy. More than once, in the fog of half remembered dreams, she saw the unbidden images of her Billy touching her, his cock thick and throbbing for her. More than once an unrecognized young man filled her flesh with his, making her feel what she'd missed for so many years.

Dawn's phone rang, as it did almost every morning as she was having breakfast and Ginny said, "I was thinking about Billy and you know what you should do, you should take him to the Bunny Ranch."

"Are you k**ding?"

"No I'm not k**ding, we're only twenty five minutes from the best legal brothel in America, the girls are clean, and it's about time Billy got an education."

"I couldn't do that Ginny, it would be too embarrassing."

"Come on Dawnie, that boy needs it, and it might get him out of his shell, well, anyway, you do what you think is best."

Dawn did think about it and decided that maybe her friend was right, maybe that would be what her son needed to turn his mind from his i****tuous thoughts. That evening Dawn garnered the courage to say, "Billy, you've got a birthday coming up and I want to give you something...different...a night at the Bunny know what that is, don't you?"

He said, "Mom!" He hesitated for a moment and then said quietly, "Yes of course I know what that is."

"Well you haven't been there, have you?"

"No mom." His discomfort was evident.

"Sweetheart, there's nothing wrong with talking about this, we always talk about things together, this shouldn't be any different. I know you go out sometimes, but you never stay very long with one girl; and, you haven't slept with anyone, have you?" She got her answer from his silence.

"Well it's time honey, and I think it will give you some confidence to go out more...if you know what to expect, and what to do..."

He said, "Oh mom."

"Really honey, let's just go over there tonight, okay?"

There was a long pause before she heard him say, "Okay."

Dawn called the Bunny Ranch and got the details. On the ride over she laughed and said, "You better enjoy yourself Billy; if you knew what this is going to cost me..."

When they arrived, she was surprised that he allowed her to go in with him. Six women came out and Billy was asked to choose one. He pointed to Starr, who was probably in her early thirties, the oldest of the girls. She had dark hair and a full bust, the closest in coloring and body type to Dawn. Star took Billy to her room and told him she'd be right back. She had seen Dawn signal her that she wanted to talk.

Starr said to Dawn, "I've had a lot of fathers bring their sons in; it's nice to see a mom doing it too."

"Dawn smiled at her and said, "It was time; I want him to have fun, but I also hope you can teach him that okay?"

Starr laughed, "Of course honey, you paid for enough time for a bit of education also."

When Starr went back into the room, Billy was sitting on the bed with his hands folded in his lap. Star walked over and sat beside him. She could see how nervous he was, but she didn't spout any platitudes about relaxing and what a good time she was going to show him. She put her arm around his neck and gently kissed his face and neck until he was at ease enough to put his hand on her arm and stroke it.

She smiled and said, "Now how about if we start up here darlin'?" She removed the halter top that showcased her big breasts and she could see his eyes widen even though he was trying to be discreet. She said, "Tell me what you're thinking baby."

"I'd like to suck on them," he said.

"Well you just go right ahead," she said as she cupped one of her heavy breasts and offered it to him. He sucked on her nipples long enough to make Starr think he would do it all night, so she said; "You got my titties all excited, now it's time for some pussy baby."

She made a hand motion and asked, "Do you know what that means?" He shook his head 'Yes.' Her thumb held her ring-finger down below the three upright digits. "I thought you might," She laughed, "It seems all the college boys know the 'Shocker,' but Starr is going to show you something even more pleasing for your lady friends.' It's called the 'Butterfly.' She wiggled her index and middle fingers and then took off her panties. She was shaved clean and Billy couldn't help but stare at the shiny slit. Starr sat back on the bed and opened her legs. She said, "You look all you want baby." She let him touch her as she explained the sensitivities of her anatomy. When he had his face between her legs as she'd instructed, she taught the young man her version of 'The Butterfly.'

Pros don't usually come with their clients, but sometimes they do. Starr was excited at the prospect of teaching the young virgin, and his ministrations on her clit sent her over. "You have a tongue with talent baby," she said. "Now we'll get started." She undressed him and was sincere when she remarked that the burgeoning hard-on under her stroke was going to make the girls very happy. Billy had his first blow job and the experienced Starr knew exactly when he was going to come, even if he didn't. She took the condom off him and allowed him to come on her tits. He'd come quickly.

He apologized for coming so fast and she said, "That's what you're here for baby; you're going to come a lot more before we're through." During the next few hours, he did. She took Billy through many positions and techniques, and during each orgasm, one word reverberated through his mind and body, 'Mom.'

When Billy finally came back to the sitting room, he was flushed, and the smile he wore was one of excitement. Dawn thought she hadn't seen his eyes sparkle with that enthusiasm for years. On the ride home she didn't question him because he seemed content to quietly savor his experience. Before they went off to their bedrooms, she kissed him and said, "Happy birthday baby."

He hugged her close to his body and said, "Thanks mom; it was a great present."

During the following months Billy dated lots more than before, although there was only one he saw more than a few times. Her name was Jennifer and they had sex after a few dates. She liked oral; she especially liked his oral. She told him it was the only time she'd 'Lost control' during sex. Billy didn't lose control and didn't lose any sl**p over cooling the relationship. He ended it after a few months.

Even Dawn dated more at that time, but as she told Ginny in their morning talk, "It just doesn't mean anything to me, I'm not interested in having sex with these guys, and when I do, it doesn't do anything for me, maybe it's not important to me anymore, I don't know."

Ginny answered, "It would be important if you were doing it with the right person. Don't give up Dawnie, he'll come along."

Dawn was very ambivalent about talking with Ginny about her relationship with Tommy and she hadn't mentioned it in months. Finally she asked, "Do you and Tommy still...?"

Ginny said, "Yes, we still..." she exaggerated the last word and said, "You can't even say it, can you Dawn?"

"Of course I can, I just...I don't know Ginny, it's just so hard to understand, how a mother could do that with her son."

"It's not so hard to understand if they make each other happy, and they're not hurting anybody and...oh forget it, you're so judgmental about this thing, I think you forgot you're supposed to be my best friend."

Dawn said, "Oh I'm sorry Ginny; I really didn't mean to upset you."

"It's not you Dawnie, maybe it is hard for anyone to understand it if they're not in the situation themselves. We're all looking for love honey, sometimes it finds you."

The next week, they met at the mall and Ginny said, "Here Dawnie, I bought you something to make up for my giving you a hard time."

Dawn said, "You didn't do anything honey, it was me, but thanks." She reached into the bag and pulled out something brightly colored in a clear plastic wrapping. At first she didn't know what it was.

Ginny laughed and said, "It's Rod and Rod Jr. for those lonely nights." When Dawn realized it was a dildo, she turned red and dropped it back into the bag. They laughed together and Dawn hugged her friend feeling the familiar warmth.

For Billy it was a time that his confidence moved into high gear. Despite seeing girls his age, he became even more interested in his mother. He touched her more and kissed her more, careful not to do it in a sexual way, except in his mind. Dawn generally responded with warm hugs and affection. He liked it when she had her hands on him as she spoke to him.

It was summer and he walked around shirtless most of the time and it was an accident that she saw him that day in the bathroom with the door open. It wasn't an accident that he had left the door opened. He knew she would walk by. He was standing sideways by the medicine cabinet after a shower, and he was almost completely hard, and Dawn was surprised at how big he looked. She turned away, but not before the image of his young body was etched into her memory.

When Billy came down to breakfast, Dawn was at the sink. There's something about women doing dishes that makes men want to come up behind them - and do things. Billy was no different. With the water running she didn't hear him come up to her. She jumped when he held her hips and kissed her neck. He said, "Can I help?"

She laughed and turned her head to smile at him. She said, "That's okay baby, I've got it. Thanks anyway." He controlled the urge to press his groin against her butt, and just then the light bulb blew. She jumped and they both laughed as he went to the closet.

He pulled the light cord and before getting the step-stool and bulb, Billy noticed a cigar box sticking out from under the towels. He took it down and opened it and found it filled with pictures. He brought the box back to the kitchen and after changing the bulb, he said, "Mom, how come these pictures aren't in the albums?"

"Oh, those are mine, from a while ago; I looked at them the other day for the first time in years."

"Can I see them mom?"

Dawn hesitated, and then said, "Okay." They sat at the table and began going through the photos. "I wasn't bad looking once upon a time," she said. They were looking at some shots of her in shorts and a halter top. Her cleavage excited him and he began to harden.

Billy said, "You looked great and you still do mom."

"Thanks baby." She smiled.

Some of the pictures were cut. It was obvious that she had cropped out his father. He was too young to remember him, but he knew the marriage did not end well. He knew she was unhappy for long time. He put those thoughts aside as he took another handful of pictures from the box.

There were a couple of sexy shots where his mother was fully clothed but posed provocatively on a couch and Billy said, "Wow, pretty cool mom, great legs." She smiled and flushed a little.

Billy picked up one of her showing a gently swollen belly and smiling widely. She said, "That's you and me honey." She got up and gave him a peck on the head. "Enough nostalgia for one day," she said.

"Mom, can I have a couple of these?"

"Dawn stopped a moment and then said, "Sure sweetheart." She didn't watch which ones he took before returning the box to the closet.

The next morning after breakfast, Billy came up behind his mother as she was doing the dishes. His brain was fevered from the fantasies of the night before and whether, accidentally, on purpose, or accidentally on purpose, his hard-on brushed up against his mother.

Dawn became agitated, but maintained herself even though her heart was racing. She fought the surge of excitement caused by the knowing that her son found her body sexy enough to make him hard. "Billy, sit down," she said. "We have to talk about this."

He played innocent, "What are you talking about mom?"

"Look Billy, you know what's going on with Tommy and his mother, don't you." It wasn't a question. He shook his head 'Yes.'

Well I want you to know something. Maybe taking you to the Bunny Ranch gave you some ideas, and maybe Tommy may have given you some ideas, but I don't care what he and his mother are doing. And I just don't think what they're doing is right." She hesitated and then said, "It doesn't matter; Billy, you and I are not going to have sex." It was out there as plain as day, and all Billy could do was to try and get a coherent sentence out.

"MOM," He feigned surprise that she could even think it. "I never said I wanted to have sex with you."

"You didn't have to Billy. Are we going to talk about this, or are we going to ignore it until what little f****y we have disintegrates?"

"Okay mom, but I can't help how I feel...I'm not trying to upset you."

"Listen baby, sons go through this sometimes with their mothers, but you have to, I don't know, concentrate someplace else, go out more and find a girlfriend. It'll pass Billy; you're not always going to feel this way, and it's not right."

"What's not right? Tommy and his mom are old enough to know what they're doing and I don't see why it's wrong just because some people think it's wrong. Mom, I love you, and I'd think you have a sexy body whether you were my mother or not and..."

"Billy, there's a right way to love your mother and a wrong way, just love me the right way and we'll both feel better. Let's not let this spoil everything, okay baby?"

He got quiet and said, "Okay mom." She gave him a kiss on the top of his head and though he wasn't sure what he was saying 'Okay' to, he didn't want to fight with her.

When Dawn went to bed that evening, her conversation with Billy kept running through her mind. The idea that he found her sexy was an involuntary stimulant. She tried not to imagine what he imagined, but she couldn't banish the images of her son body, next to hers, hard, as he was in the bathroom that day.

Dawn examined Ginny's gift and turned it on. The pliant rubber that felt so good in her hand began its gentle hum and slow rotation. She put the big end on her pussy and immediately the tempo of her breathing increased. She'd never seen one like it, and when she inserted it, the proximity of the smaller prong to her pucker left little doubt as to its function. She pushed the small rubbery end into her hole and the dual stimulation was a novel experience for her. Most of her sexual partners had tried to get her to have anal sex with them, but she'd never allowed it. It felt good. It felt good in her ass and it felt good in her pussy.

Dawn allowed her fantasy to take her to orgasm. The man who held her and took her, was a stranger, but there little doubt that the cock that was inside her was strikingly similar to the one she had so recently seen.

Time passed and Dawn thought often about what Ginny had said about love. She went out looking for love, but it never seemed to find her. She ended up spending more time alone until the carbon copy days and nights seemed to tumble into one another. Billy was out most of the time and didn't talk about it.

When the hot weather returned Dawn asked Billy to spend a day with her at the mall for a movie and some shopping, to escape the heat. Billy went expecting to be bored. That thought passed as soon as she came out to show him the first thing she tried on. It was a black dress that had a deep V-opening. Dawn said, "This shows too much doesn't it?"

He loved the sight of her creamy skin, but he just said, "It's okay."

Billy was turned on, imagining that his mother was dressing up for him. She kept saying, "I'm almost done baby." He wasn't in a hurry. She paraded and turned before him in a short skirt that made him want to slide his hand up her leg to that place he fantasized about, and the tank top she came out in caressed her breasts the way he wished he could.

That evening was so hot that the air conditioner couldn't keep up. Dawn didn't put on a bra under the thinnest tee shirt she had. She could have found a thin bra, or a more substantial tee, but she chose not to. She also chose to have two beers with dinner when one was usually more than enough for her to get a buzz on; she drank so rarely. Billy never took his eyes from her softly swaying breasts or the tips that became evident as the fabric grazed across them.

Dawn also chose to sip on another beer as she and Billy watched TV. She slurred her words a bit as she leaned against him and said, "This is nice." The movie True Romance came on and Billy said, "I saw this, it's with Christian Slater and Roseanna Arquette. I wouldn't mind watching it again, but I don't think you'd like it mom, it's pretty violent."

Dawn was interested after the first scene and said, "It looks okay, why don't we try it?" As the film progressed she became engrossed. Love had found him and she got teary thinking about her own longings.

Dawn was leaning against Billy as they watched. She felt safe against her son's body. Her thoughts faded into feelings as she raised her head. She looked up at him.

Lately women had looked at him that way. It was usually before he kissed them or they kissed him. He thought she was d***k and his reluctance fought his inclination. She kissed him. She melted in his arms. Both of their hearts raced as the long kiss continued. Dawn took her son's hand and brought it to her breast. He released her from the kiss and said, "Mom, you've had too much to drink."

She looked up at him and her eyes were clear, and any trace of a slur was gone when she said, "No Billy, I'm not d***k." She kissed him again with a passion that ignited his own. Her tongue writhed around his with promises. He reached under her shirt.

There is nothing that feels as good as the skin of a woman's breast; no fabric, no polished stone, no sanded wood, can match that velvet whisper. And nothing could have been more wondrous to Billy than knowing that the skin he was caressing, was his mother's.

He let the silky flesh graze along his palm as he cupped her fullness and his thumb massaged the nipple into full erection. He wanted to see what felt so good in his hand, and he lifted the shirt to expose their well-rounded shape. He was surprised at the size of his mother's nipples. He may have caught a glimpse of them in the past, but up close he found them much larger than he imagined. Their rosy color played off against the pearly translucent flesh in the subdued flickering light from the screen.

The young man sucked on his mother's breasts, licking and sucking around the big circle on the ends. She moaned gently and caressed the back of his head. He kissed her, and she kissed him with increasing passion and love, until she lost her breath. He went back to suck on her nipples again until his insistent tugging made her moan louder than before.

They were at the point where they both wanted to be together in the way all lovers do, but Billy wasn't sure that his mother was ready to have him inside her. He said, "I want you mom."

She held him in her arms and knew that there was only one truthful response for her. With a slight tremble she said, "I want you Billy."

His heart raced his mind to the image of his mother taking him inside her. He said, "Mom, I don't have a condom."

She said, "No Billy, it's okay, I'm okay, be inside me, I want to feel your skin in me, inside me, inside me." Her words were brave but her body trembled in anticipation of her son's flesh entering her.

Dawn opened her legs for her son and as she did, she knew she was ready for him. She was ready to have him inside her pussy and inside her heart. Billy guided himself into her. There was a whimpered cry as the mother took the hard flesh of her son into her depths. He had gone so far into her on his first insertion that she had to catch her breath. She tensed for a moment and said, "OH, go easy sweetheart."

He gently stroked her and she realized it would be okay, more than okay. Hard flesh moving in soft flesh released the chemicals of love; juices flowed in their bodies. "Yes baby, like that, yes, yes." Dawn got louder as her son took her. She was surprised at her reactions. It was more than she expected. Her body was shot through with electricity as her young son moved more energetically into her.

As Billy inserted himself completely in his mother's pussy, she said, "Oh God, Billy, you're so good for me, so right for me, keep doing that, yes, yes, you fill me up baby, don't stop, sweetheart." Billy had no intention of stopping; he was only hoping to keep stroking her without coming. As soon as he had entered his mother's pussy, he felt as if he wanted to come; only his newfound experience gave him the control to keep from letting go, even when his mother's words only encouraged it.

Dawn had gone from one world to another with her son's penetration of her. As he stroked her and touched her and loved her, she felt as if her body was made for him, only for him. With each insertion and with each arch to take him deeper inside her, the mother accepted her son as her lover. As all of Dawn's subconscious emotions surfaced into feelings and thoughts, she came to the euphoric realization, love had found her.

Unbidden tears filled her eyes as her body joyfully answered her son's thrusts. With raised hips to take him as deep as she could into her pussy, she took him into the place that was waiting for love. She knew she was his and all she asked as she moved under him was, "Love me baby, just love me."

He said, "I do mom, I will." He pushed into her wet depths and each long stroke increased his excitement."

Dawn asked, "Is momma good for you baby?" If she knew what was going on in her son's mind and body, she wouldn't have asked. There was an explosion of sensations coming from his dick inside her pussy that was being broadcast to every nerve ending he possessed. Their first fucking went on only a few minutes more. After a few more slides along the walls of his mother's grasping pussy, he knew he was going to come.

Dawn actually began to come a few seconds before her son, and when he sensed it, he released his control and let the eruption take its course. "MOM," he cried as the first blast released a cord of hot cum into his mother's pussy.

As she felt the hot liquid filling her, she said, "YES, YES, YES," and began a series of paroxysms that took her from one orgasm to a second. The ripples of effect sent waves that made her skin react with gooseflesh. She had never come like that, and she was astonished that it was her Billy that had done that to her body. All she kept saying was "Oh my God," as she held her son in a fierce embrace. He continued stroking until every drop of his sperm was inside her, and when he finally stopped, the ripples that were sent through her body, subsided. She stayed in his arms in a magical silence that neither wanted to break.

After a long deep breath, the unadorned and pure words that we all want to hear were exchanged. Dawn said, "I love you Billy."

And her son answered, "I love you mom." Even though they'd been said before, they never meant what they did at that moment. For Dawn, it was a moment of clarity. As she kissed her son, she felt free. She knew she would never have to deny her son to herself. She was exhilarated that he would be her love and her lover. She kissed him hard and took his stiffening cock into her hand. She could almost feel the bl**d rushing through his flesh as it expanded to its full girth in her fist.

She looked at it and saw the rigid pole pointing straight at her. Dawn couldn't help feeling good that her son was that hard from wanting her. She looked at his face and she saw his desire, but she saw something that excited her even more, she saw that he loved her. She felt his cock move in her hand as he looked at her and her urge to suck him took her over.

She moved down and opened her mouth as she held the shaft at its base. It looked massive as she enveloped the swollen mushroom that felt firm and velvety at once. She let her tongue explore the curves and edges of the fleshy head as she sucked. Billy was ignited by his mother's actions. If he hadn't come so recently, he never would have been able to withstand more than a few minutes of what she was doing to him.

Dawn enjoyed the sounds of satisfaction her son made as she began to move up and down the portion of the shaft she could get into her mouth. "Oh mom, that feels so're doing it so good." Simple truths and simple desires as his mother did what other girls had done, but not to the same effect. It's different when you're loved.

His mother's sucking moved him to want to please her, to make her feel as good as she was making him feel. Dawn didn't know why he pulled out of her mouth until he moved himself into the sixty-nine position. She returned his cock to her mouth as he began to lick her pussy. It was almost too much, and when he started the 'Butterfly' around her clit, it was too much. She had to stop sucking him and within a minute she was crying out in orgasm. It was explosive and unexpected and her body rocked in pleasure.

After she caught her breath, all she could say was, "My God." She went back to sucking her son, determined to have him come in her mouth. He also went back to sucking her, playing with her pussy with his tongue, mouthing her until she rose again to ripples of excitement. Her hand caressed his balls as she sucked him and when she sensed that he was about to come, she said, "Do it to me again Billy."

He knew what she wanted and he did the 'Butterfly' on her. She fought the urge to stop sucking on him and then he warned her, "Mom, I'm going to come." He expected her to pull off him, but she kept sucking with an intensified flurry. She wanted him to come in her mouth.

Billy satisfied both of her needs at once; as he did the "Butterfly," he gave her his first release. Dawn was overwhelmed; another shattering climax rocked her as her son's sperm filled her mouth. She became so caught up in her own orgasm; she kept swallowing her son's cum as fast as he discharged it into her mouth. She was limp when they were done and could only manage to say, "Oh Billy, Billy, Billy." Drained and exhausted, she still found the strength to crawl into the warmth and safety of her son's arms.

They both slept unmoving, long into the night. Finally, Dawn stirred. Billy's eyes were still closed when he reached for his mother to be sure she was still there. He touched her skin and he knew he had to have her again. He found her breast and fondled it as her body and urges were awakened. She turned to his kiss with a sl**py smile. They touched gently and Billy stroked his mother's hips and ass. The firm globes were pliant under his increasing insistent touch. She opened her legs and his finger found the pucker. He massaged it and after hearing the encouraging sounds his mother was making, he inserted his finger inside her.

The feeling reminded her of the pleasure she took from the double dildo. Billy fingered her and she responded. He put her completely on her back and approached her as he had the first time he was inside her. He held her ankles and using his hips he positioned his stiff cock at her entrance. He was rock hard and she was soft and wet. His shaft penetrated her pussy. She smiled in pleasure as her son stroked her. She felt lucky.

Billy pulled back after a few minutes and pushed her legs closer to her body. Dawn was supple enough to hold her legs back. She had never felt so open, or exposed, or desirous of anyone. Billy brought the soaked head of his cock to her small opening and put it against the tight ring. Dawn's heart thundered as she realized what he was about to do. Billy said, "Mom..."

She knew his question and she answered before he said anything. "Yes baby, do it, do it." He pushed his cock into his mother's ass. There aren't many mother's who could love their son's that way, and fewer that would. Billy knew that what was happening was special and before he entered her he said, "Mom, I love you so much."

She turned her head to him and gave him a smile filled with love and desire. "Yes baby, I know you do." She said that and knew that was why she could let him love her any way he wanted to. She pulled back on her legs opening herself as much as she could for him. He pushed the thick mass into her small hole. Dawn didn't know what to expect, and the sheer size of his cock stretched her fully. Every part of her body screamed to her to stop him, but her will and her love for the boy made her continue. She was determined to give him what she'd never given to another man.

After the initial shock of having her tight channel spread and filled, the long caring strokes of her son became tolerable. As more of his long cock disappeared into her dark heat, the sensations ignited Dawn's desire for her son. Realizing that she could do this for him, she relaxed, and found his entries more stimulating and exciting, than uncomfortable. Soon, the rhythm of his fucking took over and she felt the gratification of having her son take her that way. Into the deepest recesses of her body, her son became part of her once more.

As the insertions into her went deeper, the pace became fluid and she was taking his whole length into her channel. The tight walls constricted around his width and they both felt every inch as the young man took his mother, and she gave herself to him. Dawn was taken over by the love she felt for her son as he fucked her. The new feelings washed over her as she enjoyed the heat and pressure of her son stroking into her tight channel. Dawn was filled with a mother's love as she gave herself to her son. She said, "I'm gong to be the best mom for you, always baby."

Billy pumped fully with each entry into her ass and said, "I know mom, you already are."

"I'm going to be here for you baby," she said as her excitement made her words slur together. "Whenever you want me, whenever you need me, just promise me you won't go to anybody else for sex baby, promise me."

"I won't mom, I promise, I have everything I need here mom, your pussy, your ass, only you, only you, I promise." He was now deep enough into his mother so that his balls pressed into the flesh of her ass at the end of each stroke. Even in his limited experience, Billy knew that taking his mother from behind wasn't by chance. He craved her, and he craved her this way. He needed to love her like that and in the short time since his mother couldn't conceive of it; she now wanted him there as much as he did. He couldn't wait to fill her ass with his cum. He raised himself and told her he was coming. She reached behind and spread her cheeks for him, telling him, "Yes baby, come in mommy's ass, come, yes, oh fuck, fill me baby..."

The tight pull on his shaft charged up his first release. It felt more like a detonation when he finally let it go. One burst of cum f***efully followed the next, filling his mother's ass with cum until the small channel couldn't contain it. Dawn said, "Don't stop baby, don't stop," as her son kept penetrating the slickly lubricated hole. She yelled "GOD YES, YES," as she crested. He reached and stroked his mother's swollen clit and pussy and she came again and again because he kept penetrating her, long after he had no more sperm to give her. They descended from their peak of passion, exhilarated from the intensity of their orgasms.

After a quiet moment, Billy told his mother, "Mom, being in you like that was the best sex I ever had."

She said, "Yes sweetheart, it was so good." The satisfaction they felt only led to a whetting of their hunger for each other. Billy and Dawn's night was spent in love and loving, and in the morning Dawn said, "I don't care what anybody says, too much of a good thing – is wonderful." He laughed as he kissed her and Billy and Dawn, began.... Continue»
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By Dawn1958

This story is a request from Carin. For many years she was not happy with what she was or who she was, but today Carin wants the world to know she is very content with the young woman she has become.

A Story For Carin - Chapter One

Carin was a beautiful young woman who was puzzled by her inner feelings. She was 19 and desperately wanted to understand her most intimate emotions. All through her teenage years, Carin faithfully followed the conventional methods set down by society and her parents, but she found something uncomfortable about being a typical teenager. Following graduation and entering the workf***e, she decided once and for all to discover her path in life.

Although Carin wasn't fond of using nicknames or shortened names, she preferred it when people called her Cari. She had strawberry blonde hair and often got k**ded about being spacey, but she wasn't anything like a typical dumb-blonde. When a person met her, they could tell her mind worked a mile-a-minute trying to figure out everything, right down to the smallest detail.

Cari was quite slim with measurements of 33a-22-33 and she was average height at 5'5". Her dress size was a two, which was very small, but men found her body very attractive and sexy. She had such a small waist yet her hips were well rounded giving her a very sexy figure, which was the envy of most women. Her boobs may have been fairly small, but they were definitely supple enough to draw many stares and her nipples belied any notion that they weren't overly developed.

Although a popular girl in high school, Cari really didn't date anyone seriously. Her first sexual experience was very early when she fooled around with one of the older boys in her school. Most of the girls in her class found the thought of dating older boys very mature and exciting, but it was Cari who got a big reality check. She foolishly lost her cheery to a crude boy who only wanted to add her name to his long list of sexual accomplishments. He only fingered her, but it was enough, as Cari found out for the first time that boys weren't sensitive when it came to a girl's sexual needs.

After the first experience, Cari found it easier the next time. The one very apparent detail she gained from heavy petting and groping with boys was that it was not something pleasant or something she coveted. Cari secretly found other girls appealing to the extent that she fantasized about having relationships with some of her close friends. She steadfastly refused to believe that she might be different because her parents and friends always criticized people who were classified as gay.

Through high school and even now Cari babysat in the neighborhood. She had two neighbors, Sandra and Dawn, who used her a lot and they would prove significant in her life. Sandra lived down the block and she was a young married woman with a two-year-old c***d. She was not much older than Cari and the two quickly developed a close friendship after the couple moved into the area. Cari considered Dawn a goddess and she had been in love with the woman since she started babysitting for her two daughters at the age of twelve or thirteen. Dawn was in her late twenties and Cari idolized her because the woman was so refined and ladylike.

Carin's life changed very innocently on one stormy night in April. She babysat for Sandra who came home early because her husband got called into work due to the storm. Since it was early, the two chatted and before long Sandra poured drinks. She handed Cari a glass and raised hers to give a toast. "To Carin! My beautiful neighbor who is about to discover her sexuality."

The toast set Cari back on her heals. "What? My what?"

"I'm bisexual and I find you very attractive," Sandra whispered. "Tonight we are going to discover your sexuality."

"But, but I'm not."

"My love! I've always known that I'm a lesbian, more than anything else. I can recognize one in an instant," Sandra said. "You know the saying? It takes one to know one."

The profound news was shocking and Cari was totally speechless. Suddenly it all made sense. She was different and the emotions and intimate feelings over the years were indeed real and not imagined. Cari thought back to all of the times she f***ed herself to endure the crude and crass fondling and groping from unloving boys. Her head started to spin and it wasn't due to any alcohol. "Oh God, are you sure?"

That night was the first indication of Sandra's dominate nature and Cari quickly found out that she was easily dominated. Her hand shook so bad that she spilled some of her drink and her feet were glued to the floor when the woman approached her. Sandra boldly walked right up to her and gently took the glass, setting both drinks on a table. "You just let me show you... awaken your true inner being, my love."

Cari glanced down and watched in total amazement, as the young woman unbuttoned her blouse. Then Sandra rolled the garment off her shoulders and blatantly tossed it across the room. Suddenly the gears in Cari's mind started churning like mad. 'Did I purposely not wear a bra? Did I unwittingly know that Sandra was going to take advantage of my innocence?'

"OMG girl, you have the nicest titties. I imaged them being pert and quite small... but they're luscious and much bigger than I ever expected," Sandra whispered. "And the nipples... my gawd girl, they're so erect and hard that I can hardly wait to taste them."

Cari listened to the sweetest words and wondered if it all wasn't a dream. Her eyes opened wider when Sandra's knowing fingers swooped downward and swiftly unfastened the snap and zipper of her jeans. All of a sudden Cari was aware of Sandra's rapid breathing and that the woman's breathing was merely gasps and moans. When her jeans were slowly rolled off her shapely hips and all the way down her long, slender legs, she found it impossible to breathe.

Cari couldn't remember feeling so sexy or so alluring. She stood motionless, wondering if she was the luckiest girl in the world because she had worn the sexiest thong underwear. Cari tilted her head upward and fixed her eyes on the young woman who was smiling at her. "Oh God, I didn't know it would feel like this."

"Of course not, honey, but you let Sandy be your first," Sandra whispered. "I'll show you what love is all about." Then she quickly stripped while keeping her guiding eyes glued on the girl in front of her.

Cari felt her heart beat twice as fast and her face got overly hot and flushed. She stared at Sandra's seductive body and marveled at the womanly charms, which made her features look like a little girl's. Sandra was slightly taller than Cari at 5'7"; she had blonde, streaked hair and a figure that was overly sexy by any standard. Her boobs were a ripe 36C and they developed just a little sag after the baby, which made them sway and bob whenever she walked or moved. Sandra often flaunted her overly defined nipples by wearing very thin bras and she chuckled every time she caught Cari staring at them.

Cari felt embarrassed whenever she got caught ogling the woman's luscious boobs, but she couldn't resist imagining what they actually looked like or felt like. Probably Sandra's best features were her midsection and hips. She had a very slim waistline and her hips had a flare that most men found seductive yet women envied. Cari tried to take all of Sandra's naked beauty in with a glance and she shuddered when the woman stepped closer.

Sandra's warm breath washed across her face making Cari even hotter. Cari stood frozen when Sandra's lips met hers and a most passionate kiss ensued. She eagerly pressed her lithe body into the voluptuous woman in front of her.

Without warning, the woman's hand closed directly on top of her scantily covered mound. Cari felt embarrassed when Sandra's skilled fingers searched under the soaked material and she couldn't remember being so wet in such a hurry. The miniscule band of cloth was ripped to one side and then a finger entered her most intimate domain. She hoped the woman didn't find the dampness offensive and suddenly Sandra's fingers found the secret key. Her throbbing clitoris was yanked out of the swollen hood and swirled around wildly in the vast wetness.

"I love it when my lover gets wet... leaks all over."

"I've... Oh God, I've never felt my thingie... my clitty throb so madly."

Sandra glared into the teary eyes knowing she was fully in control. "I've always wanted a lover... someone who was faithful and devoted to being my sex-slave."

"Dear God, yes."

"I won't ask you to wait. I can feel it already!"

It happened so fast and furious that Cari surrendered, not caring that she had lost control. No boy had ever made her orgasm or cum. Cari felt strong, experienced fingers surround her entire clitoris and she was thankful for the support of Sandra's body, as it held her upright. If it wasn't the fastest orgasm in history, Cari was positive she set some kind of record. She didn't know how the woman accomplished the amazing feat without much foreplay, but Sandra made her climax like a wanton slut.

A long, skinny finger thrust into her precious vagina and then something strange took over her body. Cari sensed the woman's dominating control and didn't hold back fearing that she might miss something extraordinary. Her hips jerked sporadically seemingly controlled by the skilled fingers and the intense orgasm was the only thing that mattered.

The final spasms continued shooting through her inner being, as Sandra shuffled and guided her across the floor. They reached a sofa and both women collapsed with Sandra landing on top of her submissive love-slave. "This time you're going to take it slow and enjoy the most wonderful feeling," Sandra whispered. "I'm going to make you my little sex-toy."

"Again? Another one right away?"

"My love, I can tell that you're a nonstop sex-addict. You radiate sex and I'm sure the boys drool over you," Sandra whispered. "I bet you don't wear a bra because you love showing off these lovely titties."

"Oh God, it feels so good when my boobs are not covered."

Sandra shifted to the side and glared at the girl's heaving chest. "Yes, I can tell by the hard nipples that you like showing them off."

Cari giggled at the apparent taunt. "I love watching the boys stare. They are so bl**dy obvious."

"You can't blame them. I remember the last time you babysat for me. You wore that beige low-neck blouse, which barely covered your tits. When you bent over in front of my husband, I thought he'd blow a gasket at the sight of your bare boobs," Sandra said.

"If you must know, I wore it for you," Cari whispered, not sure if she was doing the right thing.

"I know you did, my love. When we looked at each other, I could tell that you were trying to please me."

"Oh no, was it that obvious?"

"I knew long ago that you liked girls. I asked around the neighborhood about you. Seems you don't date much... haven't dated a boy for any length of time."

"Wow, the neighbors noticed?"

"When I talked to Dawn, the other f****y you seem to do a lot of babysitting for, she raved at how nice a girl you are. Dawn highly recommended you as a babysitter when I first moved into the neighborhood. She told me that you haven't had a steady boyfriend and wished you would find the boy of your dreams."

"Dawn is a nice woman... a truly special person."

"Ooooh, you little devil. You have the hots for her, don't you?"

"No! Well, she is such a nice lady and I like being with her."

"It's okay, really. I don't mind if you have other girlfriends," Sandra said, with a knowing smile on her pretty face. "In fact, I just might help you someday with Dawn. I've thought of going after her myself, but the right opportunity hasn't presented itself. You've certainly set your sights on the sexiest woman around."

"I've known Dawn forever... babysat for her for years."

"Tell me, how do you get sexual satisfaction. Do you masturbate?"

"Aaahhh, yes," Cari replied, wanting to be truthful with her friend.

"How often?"

Cari didn't want to say, but Sandra's eyes conveyed an overpowering demand. "Often, well daily... everyday I do it."

"You're about to find out that masturbation doesn't replace the real thing, my sweetie."

Cari's heart beat rapidly wondering at the marvelous possibility of being intimate with a sexy, mature woman. She didn't have time to relish the moment, as Sandra's mouth closed over one of her throbbing nipples. The talking stopped and Cari's next sexual encounter began with her extended nipple fully engulfed inside of Sandra's volcanic mouth.

Sandra caressed and kissed the nipples and turned each into hard, throbbing pebbles with her skilled tonguing and nibbling. Then she seized the nipples with both hands and squeezed the erect buds, holding them pointed high in the air. Her mouth remained between the two mounds, kissing and licking the burning flesh. Sandra used her teeth to bite the insides of both breasts and even put marks on the pinkish boobies, which would prove to be a reminder for the lust-filled girl.

The lovemaking progressed with the determined mistress extracting the spirit from her submissive girlfriend. Sandra moved her fingertips across Cari's shivering stomach and lower to the neatly trimmed forest. She felt the girl's tummy heave with each caress, as she worked her way to the Promised Land. When she touched the reddish hairline, Sandra intertwined her fingers into the sparse, curly hair. She pulled hard enough to bring a cry out of her innocent slave and then toyed with the hair using her fingers in a teasing fashion.

Cari was filled with an unfamiliar lust that seemed to control every move. Suddenly there were fingertips between her legs and they were prodding her to open her milky thighs. The prior impulsive orgasm merely made her body more alive and sensitive. The fingers traced a scorching path across her skin leaving a trail everywhere. Then they carved a path through her exposed crotch and Cari willingly obeyed an urgent command to spread her legs wider.

Cari arched her back and f***ed her head backwards into the soft cushions. She couldn't bear looking and felt the determined mistress slip her torso between her splayed legs. Cari held her breath, expecting the most wonderful sensations to continue. All of a sudden fingertips pressed on her soaked labia and they easily pulled them apart. She squeezed her eyes closed tighter and watched the dark eyelids for the true picture.

Suddenly her exposed gem was flicked back and forth. Cari visualized Sandra's tongue darting all over her fragile clitoris and turning it into a throbbing morsel. She was just getting used to the skilled caresses when sharp teeth closed around the protruding clitty. Swiftly the woman switched to jabbing her tongue in and out of the honey-hole pretending it was a tiny penis. Cari felt her tummy churning wildly and marveled at the newfound lust, which seemed to grow with each lewd caress and embrace.

Cari would never know the reasoning for Sandra's next onslaught. The woman demanded obedience and swiftly rolled Cari over and onto her stomach. Sandra jerked Cari's hips upwards until she was in a kneeling position and then pried the knees apart, giving Cari better balance. "I like my girls to be bitches. You can be my little schoolgirl bitch on your hands and knees while I finger your horny pussy."

Sandra shoved her flushed face into the waiting crack and attacked the sacred hole. She tongued Cari's virgin asshole and used her fingers with the precision of a Swiss watchmaker. Sandra inserted two fingers of her right hand into the girl's small glory-hole and used her left hand to ravage the defenseless clit. She pinched the pink mass between her fingers and relished the yelp from her slave, as she rolled the clitty around vigorously.

There was no respite. Sandra had one goal and there was no woman alive who could withstand such a treacherous assault. She sucked Cari's ass and used her tongue to punish the puckered entrance in a lewd, threatening manner. No one had ever touched her there and Cari found the m*****ation extremely irresistible.

Cari's clitoris felt like it had doubled in size and Sandra had no trouble keeping it firmly clasped between her fingers. Crouched behind the shuddering hips with the girl's crotch aimed perfectly back at her, enabled Sandra to administer a finger-fucking to remember. She made sure her fingertips dragged along the already used G-spot, which Cari realized directly affected her stamina. "Relax, my love. We won't use a real cock, yet, but someday we will."

At the time Sandra's declaration meant nothing to her. Cari knew the woman suggested she have sex with a man or at least a dildo, but she never considered any significance to the statement. All was lost when her belly started going through devastating convulsions and heaved in and out just before emitting a volcanic eruption. The molten lava flowed freely when her clitty got twirled around so robustly that Cari was positive it would be permanently damaged.

Sandra had a gutter mouth when she got overly aroused and the fact quickly became evident. "I need your slutty mouth," she moaned. "Now! I need a royal fucking." She pulled backwards, just as the orgasm ended, and shoved the still shaking hips off to one side.

Cari felt the determined push from her lover and she found it hard to move her legs because there were still a few dramatic internal spasms. She watched Sandra frantically roll around her body until she was spread out on the sofa cushions. There was nothing vague or ambiguous about what the woman wanted or demanded. One hand gestured towards her wanton crotch and the other reached for Cari's head.

Sandra wound her fingers into the strawberry blonde hair. "I'm too horny to wait. Fuck me now, bitch." She yanked Cari's head towards her passion pit and shoved the girl's face directly at her dripping pussy. "Eat me bitch, eat me out and show me how much you like being my little slave."

Cari stared at the baby-like pelvis and marveled at the shaven appearance. The pussy-lips looked so delicate and seemed to part just enough to disclose some of the valuable gem. Cari spotted the very tip of Sandra's clitoris and knew the woman's body would react when she touched the tiny morsel. She slowly dropped her head and stuck her tongue directly on top of the exposed clitty.

"Heavenly Jesus, suck the fucking thing... all of it into your slutty mouth."

Cari obeyed instantly. She gobbled the pink bud and used her teeth to hold it steady inside of her mouth. Then her tongue battered the clitty back and forth while biting a little harder, or until she heard a soft cry for mercy. Cari was in control. She sensed the woman's urgency and knew Sandra was fully aroused. It was time to show her mistress that she was the best sub who would do anything to satisfy her sexual needs.

Cari moved her teeth back and forth in a grinding fashion and listened to Sandra's pleas. Inspiration was easy to come by and she rammed her long, middle finger to the hilt. Cari was smart enough to curl her finger and rake it across the delicate G-spot, which resulted in more cries and moans of ecstasy. "Dear gawd, that's good. Finger-fuck me, baby. Fuck me hard!"

She released the swollen clitty and began nibbling on the puffy labia. Her finger never stopped pumping in and out of the heated honey-hole and Cari ensured the sensitive spot got raked each time. She managed an upward glance and noticed the woman had a tit in each hand. Sandra cupped her own boobs and used her fingers to caress the erect nipples, brazenly showing the big knobs to the world.

Cari sensed the woman was overdue so she returned her mouth to the engorged clitoris. There was a few seconds of begging and pleading from her lover and then something thick and creamy filled her mouth. Cari swallowed the cum and added another finger when she rammed her hand to the hilt. The woman's hips thrust upward and jerked frantically, as her ass bounced all over the sofa cushion. It was her first womanly experience and Cari was bringing joy to one of the women of her dreams.

Sandra begged her for more so Cari complied. No experience was necessary, as Cari thrust her dainty forefinger of her other hand into the neglected hole. When the tip of her finger brushed across the puckered entrance, Sandra screamed loud enough to wake the baby. It was incredible how the woman's orgasm flourished with the dual finger-fucking. Luckily Cari's forefinger was lubricated from the vast amount of juices and it easily went into Sandra's asshole.

The encounter ended with both women covered in sweat. They virtually collapsed on the sofa, totally exhausted. Cari put her arms around Sandra's shapely hips in a loving embrace and she relished being submissive to such a strong mistress. "I don't want to chase you away, but my husband might be home soon. These storms can be unpredictable," Sandra whispered. "You should go before he gets home, or you'll experience another first."

Cari knew what the woman meant and she certainly wasn't ready for a man. She was very content with what she had discovered about herself. All of the doubts and lingering suspicions about her sexuality had been replaced with profound certainties.

***A weekend to remember... or forget?

Carin left the house that night a new person. She no longer feared being true to herself, as she understood the deep, intense emotions that controlled her subconscious mind. It had been drummed into her by her parents that bisexual or gay were sinful and extremely immoral. Suddenly she understood the intimate emotions that had been troubling through her teenage years and willingly accepted them.

Sandra called later in the week and asked Cari to spend the weekend with her. It sounded like a simple request, but to a submissive girl it was a stern order. "Love, my husband is away all weekend on a business conference and I'd love to have you spend the weekend with me. Please come over Saturday morning and you won't need to bring anything. Everything you need is here."

The week seemed to drag and Friday night was exceptionally agonizing, as the time seemed to last forever. Cari rushed out of the house bright and early Saturday morning, informing her parents that she was staying over at Sandra's because the woman needed a babysitter for the weekend. When she got to her neighbor's, it sounded funny, but Sandra actually arranged for a babysitter. "You're about to find out that my fav thing in the world is shopping. A person just never knows what can happen in a mall or in some boutique," she said. "We are going to spend the day in some of my fav stores."

"Huuummm, I love shopping."

"We've discovered your sexual appetite and I must admit that you do have a tremendous hunger for sex."

"Is that so bad?" Cari looked at her dear friend willing to do anything to please her.

"No, my love. That's what I love about you."

"Huuummm, I like that."

"Well now we're going to broaden Carin's horizons. You're going to find out what lust can do to your sensible reasoning."

Cari didn't know what Sandra was up to, but nothing the woman said was frightening. "When I'm with you, I feel submissive... willing to do anything you demand."

"I know, my love. Today and tomorrow we'll spend together... you'll meet a few of my closest friends."

"Huuummm, I like that." Cari assumed the day would consist of many shopping experiences, but that was only part of what Sandra planned.

When the woman told Cari about the day, the evil grin on her face was hard to miss. "First we're going to the mall where I'll introduce you to Joan, my dearest friend."

"Good, I'm looking forward to it."

"Have you ever had sex in public?"

Sandra's question shocked her. "Holy crap, no," Cari blurted out.

"Well, my love, you'll find out that it gives you the biggest rush and it is something you'll never forget."

Sandra grabbed her hand and the two ran out to the car acting like young girls. Cari's heart beat fast and her excitement level was sky-high during the ride to the shopping mall. When they arrived, Cari found the anticipation of what might lay ahead very overwhelming, but she didn't have time to dwell on it, as Sandra ushered her into the first store.

They came face to face with a young proprietor who Sandra introduced as Joan. The woman was three or four inches taller than Cari and she wore a dress suit even though it was warm in the store. Her face was pierced in more places than normal and she had an obvious tattoo on the side of her neck. Joan stood rock-solid with her hands on her hips and her feet apart. She stared intently at Cari leaving little doubt about her dominating personality. "Oh goodie, I love my bitches gorgeous and very slim. She's ideal," the woman said. "When Sandy said you were beautiful, she wasn't k**ding."

Sandra felt her young protégé tremble, as the two women stared at each other. "Love, this is Cari, the young lady I told you about," she said. "Cari has expressed a desire to be dominated and I thought who better to show her than the absolute best mistress in the entire city."

Cari listened to her mentor and before she could utter one protest, Joan took control. "Take her to the back and get her ready. I'll bring something that will fit her perfectly. I have just what the little angel needs."

"God, I remember that first time... the time I came in for a new dress," Sandra whispered, almost in a dreamlike state. "You took me to the change-room and, oh my God, I received the fitting of my life."

Cari felt like she ran through the store. Sandra held her hand the whole way and didn't let go until they were in a small change-room. "Take your clothes off," she whispered. When she noticed the confused look on Cari's face, she elaborated. "When Joan comes in, she wants you naked... or else!"

Cari looked into the demanding eyes and did what was ordered. Each item she took off, she handed to Sandra who bundled them together. Cari's mouth hung open wide, as she watched in amazement when Sandra wheeled and left the room with all of her clothes. She huddled in one corner expecting Joan to join her in the small room, which was deathly quiet. Cari looked at her reflection in the big mirror covering one wall and noticed her skin was flushed and certainly redder than normal.

She was admiring her nudity when the door burst open. "Oh my, aren't we beautiful. When Sandra told me that you were radiant, I was skeptic, but I see she was correct," Joan said. "You're absolutely beautiful and sexier than I imagined."

Cari didn't have enough hands to cover everything so she simply covered her breasts in a pathetic show of modesty. Joan seemed to fill the whole doorway, which Cari found daunting because it dashed any hopes of escape. The woman had jet-black hair with twinges of red on the top, which seemed to give her the look of a vampire. She had removed her jacket and appeared not only authoritarian, but also very sexy dressed in black and white. Joan wore a transparent white blouse, which readily showed off the lack of any undergarments, and a formfitting black skirt that hugged every shapely curve.

Joan wore a black tie that was big enough to hide some of her abundant cleavage, but it did not cover the large, protruding nipples, which were brilliantly displayed in the flimsy fabric. Cari would never forget the drastic consequences of acting in a manner that made Joan angry. The woman only had to take one step to reach her and she immediately slapped Cari's hands away. Too shocked to retaliate, Cari merely stood motionless waiting for the woman to say something. "Sandra tells me that you are submissive... totally willing to please Mistress Joan."

Cari's mouth hung open, but she was still too stunned to talk. Her eyes followed Joan's roaming fingers, as they deliberately, yet carefully, flicked the already erect nipples back and forth. Then to her utter horror, Cari watched the woman strip her skirt, revealing the most menacing strap-on dildo. The cock must have been hidden between her thighs and it sprang straight out from her hips once the skirt was removed. "Dear God, you can't!"

Sandra knew her friend had locked the front door of the store so they wouldn't be interrupted. She chuckled at the sign on the window stating the store was undergoing an inventory count and that they would reopen again at noon. Sandra didn't have to be in the change-room to know what Joan was doing to Cari. She knew the ensuing struggle would be swift and extremely decisive, as Joan would prove her dominance. Joan was a bitch on wheels and loved humiliating and forcing young women to succumb to her every whim.

Sandra felt a tremor shoot up her spine when she pictured the huge strap-on dildo that Joan always strapped to her lithe hips. She imagined Cari standing upright with her hands on the mirrored wall so that her arms were outstretched supporting her weight, as she leaned forward towards the mirror. Joan preferred taking a woman from behind because it enf***ed her belief that the slave had no alternative, but surrender. She thoroughly enjoyed forcing the sub to watch everything in the big mirror and relished hearing them beg for mercy. At each sign of weakness, Joan would intensify her assault until she extorted every ounce of will and determination out of the slave.

The noise coming out of the change room was deafening. There were loud bangs against the walls and clanging of the door echoed throughout the quiet store. Sandra put her ear to the wall. Every sound filled her stomach with fluttering butterflies and she listened carefully to both voices. "No, please no, Joan don't."

"Spread those long, skinny legs... NOW!"

Sandra imagined timid Cari obeying even though she hated the suffering. She pictured Joan's hands around the girl's slender hips and tilting them backwards to the proper angle. The next protest took the affair to another level. "No, dear lord, no! I'm a virgin."

"I know. That's why I've been dying to meet you. Don't fret, my love. It'll only hurt for a brief moment, then you'll be my devoted slave."

Sandra knew Joan too well. When she told her dear friend that Cari was a virgin, the woman went into the biggest fit of happiness. "Sweet mother, nineteen and still a virgin. I'll forever be grateful if you let me be first." Sandra kept her head against the wall and cupped her hands around her ear so she could hear better. She knew Joan had a strong hold of the hair on the back of Cari's head and was holding the young woman's face pointed straight at the mirror. "No, no, please don't."

"Watch! Watch it go in. Watch the big cock go into your slutty cunt."

"Dear God, it hurts."

"Watch! I said watch it go in. Open your eyes, slut, and watch it happen."

Sandra was overtaken by the concealed affair. She crept to the door and opened it a crack, just enough to see the torrid fucking. She put her hand over her mouth so as not to utter any distracting sounds and watched Joan yank on Cari's hair. Joan held the young woman immobile, as she slowly inserted the impressive, rubber cock, and then Joan let go of the hair. She propelled Cari's naked body into the mirrored wall and the distinct sound of sweaty flesh slamming into the mirrored wall sent shivers through Sandra.

Cari was pressed flat against the mirror and her arms and legs were fully outstretched. She seemed to hang in midair, but in reality Sandra realized the young woman balanced on top of her first cock. What made the scene totally compelling and spellbinding was Sandra's intimate knowledge of the dildo. She was well aware that it measured a good eight or nine inches and most of it was embedded in the whimpering young woman.

The resulting dramatization would be etched in her head forever. Joan wrapped her arm around the smaller woman's neck and seemed to almost choke Cari. "It's time. You're now a slut and need one more humiliation."

The statement sort of hung in the air with Cari wondering what would happen. Suddenly Joan demonstrated her control. "Bend over. Put your hands on the bench and bend over. Keep that beautiful ass up in the air so I can keep my big cock in your belly."

Being bigger and stronger than Cari, Joan quickly f***ed the smaller woman to grab the bench, which was on one side of the room. Now sideways to the mirror, the reflection was profound, as Sandra watched Joan pound the dildo in and out of the distraught young woman. Cari seemed to be crying, but that didn't bother the two other women. "You're not leaving this room without experiencing an orgasm."

"Oh God, I can't... just can't."

"Use your dirty fingers. Grab that clitty and show Mistress Joan how you want to cum for her. Do it!"

Joan held the young woman pinned between her and the wall. She reached forward, grabbing Cari's right arm, and directed it to the desired spot. Joan looked into the mirror and watched Cari's fingers slip into her own waiting crotch. Joan's eyes were ablaze when she watched the brazen masturbation, as Cari no longer cared if others were watching.

Sandra also witnessed the great dishonor when Cari swiftly slipped her fingers into the soaked slit. Sadly she was too focused on the images in the mirror to notice Joan's reaction to the devious spying. 'You couldn't resist, my dearest. Just wait, as soon as your little lover has creamed all over my cock, you're next.'

It was only Joan's lips moving so Sandra couldn't be faulted for not hearing the warning. Her eyes opened in awe watching Cari reach the sexual climax and nothing else mattered to any of them for a long time. Sandra crouched at the door keeping as still as possible. All of a sudden the door burst open and Joan grabbed her. Even though she was almost the same size as Joan, she wasn't nearly as strong, or as determined. Sandra found herself inside the room with the door closed before she could utter any form of protest. Three women in one small room left no space for any fancy maneuvering. "So you like spying?"

"No... no."

"Okay slut, get on your knees and clean my cock. Lick all of your lover's juices off my cock... then you're going to eat me. Show Joanie how much you like eating her pussy."

"But I... I didn't..."

Cari merely cowered against the wall and watched a sight she would never forget. The strong, overpowering woman she had grown fond of, even loved, was suddenly fearful and overwhelmed. Sandra's clothes came off, whether she wanted them to or not, and she stood shaking before her dominating friend. The black-haired beauty stood up straight and on her toes so that she looked down on her timid slave. "You know what to do. Make Mistress happy."

The gorgeous blonde uttered what sounded like a whimper when Joan grabbed a big handful of her hair. Sandra wasn't keen on being humiliated in front of Cari, but she didn't have the guts to refuse Joan. The woman had enough incriminating evidence to destroy not only her reputation, but also her marriage, and Sandra didn't want to lose everything. Joan showed no mercy when she f***ed Sandra to her knees. "Show your little lover that you worship Mistress and love being my slave. Clean off my cock before I get very mad."

Cari found it unbelievable when Sandra willingly reached for the dildo. The women obediently put the big cock into her mouth and cleaned the entire shaft with her mouth. Sandra used her tongue to lick and clean the thick cock while glancing upwards, as if looking for signs of approval. "You'll always be my favorite... my most obedient slave. I can certainly see what your husband sees in you."

Joan glared straight at Cari. "You just be a good little girl. Watch faithful Sandra when she performs the best cunnilingus, but you already know that," she whispered, letting out a big laugh as she stripped the strap-on. "It's Showtime!"

Cari stared at the most amazing scene. Joan had colorful tattoos, which had been hidden by the strap-on, and they were all over her hips and even on her shaved pelvis. The woman abruptly shoved Cari off of the small bench and sat on it herself. She lewdly spread her legs, as wide as possible, and Cari couldn't take her eyes off of the shinny, golden trinket dangling from the woman's pussy.

"Now! You know what to do. Get down and eat me," Joan said to Sandra.

If there was one thing Joan demanded it was complete loyalty. That required a slave to say and do everything in their power to display their devotion to her. Sandra slithered the short distance to reach Joan and she put her face between the woman's splayed thighs. "Yes, Mistress. I will make you happy... bring you great elation."

Without warning Joan grabbed Sandra's head and f***ed it into her crotch. When her face hit the wetness, Sandra closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue. There was no necessity to see the puffy labia or the numerous tattoos all over the woman's body. She searched for the gold ring with her tongue and toyed with it, which brought Joan immediate ecstasy.

This exploitation wouldn't take long, but Joan wanted to delay it somewhat. "Did you like watching Cari? Watching her get fucked... watching her masturbate?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"I knew you couldn't resist. You're the horniest bitch and just love doing it in public, don't you?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Open your eyes. Look at me when you lick my cunt."

"Yes, Mistress." Sandra obediently rolled her eyes up at Joan and used her tongue to perfection. Each lick brought a gasp of pleasure from the woman plus it made her wetter. The scene was astonishing, as Cari noticed how Sandra deliberately played with the golden ring in woman's clitoris, which added to the drama.

"You love licking pussy, don't you?"

"Yes, Mistress, oh yes."

"That's good because when you finish drinking my cum, you'll get to drink some from our lovely Cari."

Suddenly Cari's stomach not only quivered wildly from witnessing raw, intimidating lust, but also from the anticipation of having it done to her. She was next. The enthralling events happened in 3D, which enable everyone to be in the illustrious scene and be part of the intense a****l passion. Joan sheepishly pushed the blonde hair out of the way and plainly displayed everything that happened between her legs. Then her knowing hands surrounded Sandra's bobbing head and held the woman's face tightly entrenched in her crotch until the last body-rattling tremor rocked her body.

Sandra was completely out of breath when the switch was made. Joan quickly got up and Cari took her place on the bench. Sandra stared up at the flushed teenager and noticed the girl's heightened excitement. Before she had time to dwell or think about what lay ahead, Joan whispered in her ear. "That has to be the prettiest pussy. She looks like a little girl, so small... so skinny, and those freckles!"

"Yes, Mistress."

"I know you are her mistress; that the sweet, young bitch will do anything for you. But today, we're going to let Cari be in-charge."

"Yes, Mistress."

Cari acted overzealously and used far too much f***e. With her fingers tightly wrapped in Sandra's hair, she jerked the woman's head back and forth. Cari planted Sandra's nose and mouth into her crotch and flinched wildly when her labia spread. Sandra brought her arms up to protect her face, which was banged into the wetness, but Joan shrewdly grabbed her hands.

Joan f***ed Sandra's arms behind her back and allowed the teenager full control. "She's all yours. Cari, my love, Sandy likes her sex hard and extremely rough."

It was the first time in her life that Sandra made another woman climax with her face. Her head was a rag doll. Cari maintained a viselike grip on her slave's hair and easily rammed Sandra's face into her gaping slit. Soon the blushing cheeks were covered with womanly juices and the girl's hips thrashed up and down in a shear random fashion, as the river of cum ran into the waiting mouth. "Yes, oh yes, Sandra, I love you."

Three inflamed women in a change-room designed for one created an overheated situation. Sweat coated the nakedness and each panted heavily from being overly aroused.

***In store activities

All three were in a heap; one naked woman sprawled on the bench and two d****d around arms and legs. The rattling sound of the front door shaking brought them to their senses in a split second. They dressed in a hurry and thankfully the mirror allowed them to appear somewhat presentable when they exited the change room. Joan came out first and she went straight to the door to let in customers who had been patiently waiting for the inventory check to end.

It took Joan about fifteen minutes to get rid of the panic and then she concentrated on the last remaining customer. Just the implied naughtiness of staying in the store with the dominating saleswoman sent shivers through Cari. Joan presumably took care of the customer while Cari and Sandra chatted for many minutes and neither suspected the devious saleswoman was plotting.

All of a sudden Joan and the customer stood beside Cari. "This young lady wants to try on some lingerie. Cari, you can help her?"

"But... but I don't know how..."

"Vicki is one of our best customers," Joan whispered, as she turned and faced Cari. "Don't disappoint me. Please go with Vicki to the change room."

It sounded more like an order than a request, but Cari decided to object. She stood up and looked at Joan who hovered over her. Her mouth opened and then she noticed the woman's face. The grin and the explicate body language were enough to dissuade her from actually saying anything. Cari shifted her attention to the customer and instantly her heart stopped.

The customer had the most confident grin on her face, which Cari found demoralizing. The woman was the same height as Cari, but definitely not the same size. She was considerable heavier, almost fat in Cari's mind, and dressed in a manner to indicate total rebellion. Her skirt was made of black leather and so was the tight vest, which tried unsuccessfully to contain the overly abundant set of boobs. There was more cleavage shown than was appropriate, but it didn't seem to bother the woman.

Cari noticed the woman wore big, bulky shoes. She also had chains hanging from her waist and vest and large metallic armbands, which gave her a tough, sloppy appearance. The woman's face was even more daunting, as she had numerous piercings, and ones in her mouth and lips were totally scary. There was a big tattoo on the left side of woman's neck and Cari didn't dare look at it to see what was pictured. Her hair was jet-black and framed her white face perfectly.

Joan slyly shoved a few items at Cari and insisted she take them. Cari didn't know what to expect, but looking at the extremely skimpy undergarments sent shivers up and down her backbone. The overbearing saleswoman tightly clenched her hand and led the way back to the familiar change room. Vicki was right behind them and Cari almost fainted when the two women basically shoved her into the small room.

Cari stumbled into the room and by the time she regained her balance, Vicki was behind her. The woman slowly closed the door and Cari felt her world come to an abrupt end. Vicki took one step and she was right behind Cari when she started stripping. "Let's get rid of these awful clothes."

Cari stared into the mirror, which was directly in front of her, and watched the woman virtually perform a dreaded striptease. "No, please Vicki, don't," Cari pleaded, as the naked woman reached for the skimpy lingerie. Vicki quickly donned a black bra and panties and then turned her attention to Cari.

"Now it's your turn. I just love skinny bitches who shiver and shake because they know I'm going to make them do terrible things," Vicki said. "Let's see what you've got."

It was useless trying to keep her clothes on, as Vicki merely ripped them off. "Please don't," Cari whispered.

"Oh my, those are lovely little titties. I can hardly wait to taste those hard nipples," Vicki said, easily overcoming all of Cari's struggles to remain dressed.

"Vicki, please don't."

The woman was a lot stronger than Cari imagined and Vicki had her completely naked in a scant minute or two. "Holy shit, Joanie wasn't k**ding. You have the sweetest little ass. I just adore that girlie-pussy. But first... you're going to show Vicki how you love eating pussy!"

Sandra stood beside Joan, too petrified to move a muscle. The sounds out of the change room were both very loud and very specific. Sandra listened knowing the woman would befriend her young friend and there was nothing Cari could do to stop Vicki. "Get down... on your knees."

Joan moved closer to Sandra. "Your little sweetheart is about to realize another side of being a lesbian. She's definitely never met anyone like Vicki."

The two women were close to the change room and it was easy to hear everything. Sandra heard plenty of whimpers coming from Cari and many cries of joy coming from her conqueror. "Yes, that's it. Suck! Right there and use your fingers." There were more whimpers, but Cari must have obeyed. "Yes, fuck me with your fingers... harder!"

Sandra and Joan imagined the powerful Vicki sprawled out on the bench. They pictured the platform bra pushing the woman's abundant boobs upwards and the tits swaying wildly, as her ass bounced across the wooden bench. Vicki most likely held the bobbing head between her legs and f***ed the obedient young woman to eat her out. Each whimper, moan and protest sent shivers through Sandra, as she imagined Cari acting like Vicki's servant.

All of a sudden sounds of great ecstasy emanated from the room. Vicki yelled out her immense ecstasy and let the world know she had climaxed. "That was fantastic. You're very good at eating pussy. Now it's time to find out that Vicki is a master," sounded from inside the change room.

There was more banging and the sounds of a struggle, as the m*****ation continued. "No, dear God, not like this."

The temperature inside the room increased dramatically. This time it was Cari sitting on the bench and the She-Devil was between her legs. Vicki held the long, slim legs apart and she stared at the gorgeous pink wetness. "I love skinny bitches. They can't fight and it's so easy to make them do anything. When I suck their cunt, they act like a whore."

Tears filled her eyes, as Cari stared down at the horrifying sight. She tried to take it all in without getting sick. Vicki had her skillful fingers on the puffy labia and there was no doubt about the woman's intentions, as she pried the lips apart. Cari noticed how Vicki was on her knees with her fat ass in the air, but she didn't get a chance to loathe the sight.

Her labia were spread to their farthest reaches and then the woman was right in her face. "Get ready, my little cupcake. You're going to cream like a lesbian slut." Vicki taunted her and stared into her bewildered eyes. She gingerly held the pussy-lips apart with one hand and used the other to m***** the valuable pink jewel. Then Vicki swooped down and devoured a nipple.

Cari glanced to her left and noticed the appalling reflection in the big mirror. She watched Vicki take turns at each tit and even witnessed the woman nibbling both nipples with her teeth. Then the head dropped to her crotch and Cari simply shivered in fear, as she lost sight of what Vicki was doing. Something flicked her tiny morsel around and around and then the bitch used her teeth.

Cari screamed out loud when her clitty was chewed and it felt like the precious bud had been severely damaged. She grabbed Vicki's head in desperation, but nothing stopped the determined woman. Her clitoris was on fire and throbbed madly because of the bite. Suddenly the bud was sucked and caressed by a skillful tongue, which circled it many times while slapping it back and forth after every pass. The clitty seemed excessively sensitive and then each tongue caress sent an unexpected spasm through her loins.

This time the whimpering had a totally different sound. Sandra knew immediately Cari was aroused and that she was trying hard not to comply with the devious woman's demands. Strangely the protests went from negative responses to extreme positive reactions. Cari seemed to plead with Vicki to stop and leave her alone; yet she appeared completely under Vicki's control. "Dear God, not like this. Please, stop. Oh no, what are you doing?"

Their eyes met and held. Cari glanced downward and Vicki tilted her head so she glared straight up at the young woman. The devilish woman made sure Cari couldn't miss her tongue lashing through the vulnerable slit. Vicki chuckled inside when she flicked the clitty up and down causing Cari's hips to thrash each time. Somehow she mumbled an ominous question. "Are you ready, my lesbian slut?"

Suddenly Vicki thrust her mouth directly on top of the throbbing clitoris. She gobbled the clitty into the back of her mouth and used her stubby middle finger with great expertise. Her first finger thrust grazed the most susceptible spot and then she went into vibration mode. Vicki curled her finger towards her mouth keeping constant pressure on the one spot that drove Cari crazy.

Sandra was fully focused on the distinct a****l noises and jumped when a voice sounded in her ear. "Vicki has her. She's going to make your young lover cum. Listen!"

Just then arms and legs thrashed inside the small room sending more signals of lost control. The finger-fucking intensified and so did the cunnilingus. Thankfully it was a very swift orgasm and it didn't take long for Cari to collapse from exhaustion. Vicki virtually pushed Cari into a corner of the bench and she quickly retrieved her clothes. She dressed and left the room without a glance at the distraught young woman who felt more used than ever.

***Sandra was next

Sandra sat beside the dominant saleswoman knowing full well Joan was capable of almost anything. When the door of the change room opened, Vicki emerged. The woman strutted confidently straight across the store to an office and merely stood in the doorway. "She's waiting," Joan whispered. "Vicki wants you. She knows you're married and wants to send you home to hubby with something memorable."

Sandra looked at her friend trying to comprehend what Joan meant. "What? You know I only come here to see you... not some bimbo." As soon as she said it, Sandra was sorry. "I mean, not be with a stranger or someone I don't know."

A big smile crossed Joan's face and she simply glared at Sandra. "Get that pretty ass back there. Vicki has a big surprise for you," Joan whispered. "I know, she's nuts, but she won't leave here without making you her devoted slave."

"But Joanie, you know I...," Sandra whispered, but she was abruptly cut off.

"You were okay with sending your newest lover in there with Vicki, now lets see how you like it."

Joan practically pushed and steered Sandra to the back of the store. Vicki's eyes never left her prey and her devilish grin got bigger and bigger, as Sandra got closer. "My, oh my, you look scared."

Sandra looked at Joan, pleading for mercy with a sorrowful expression. "Joan, not this, please, not today."

Funny how things happen and a person has no control over their destiny. Sandra reached the back of the store and ran right into Vicki who grabbed her arm. "Come, my beautiful lezzy, it's your turn," Vicki said, as she pushed Sandra into an office. "I dearly love the fact you're a married woman."

This time it was Cari who got front row seats. She listened intently when the door slammed shut and the action grew intense in the heated room. Her body shuddered at the command from the dominating woman. "Strip! I'm going to let your husband know his wife is a slut."

"Please, Vicki, I just want to go."

"Strip, or else!"

There were plenty of rustling sounds and the sound of a struggle. Cari was very familiar with how strong Vicki was and how quickly she got her way. From her earlier experience, Cari knew Vicki would have Sandra stripped in no time and she wondered how scared it would make her dear friend. "Go watch. Vicki won't mind," Joan said. "Watch your gorgeous mistress become a sex-slave."

Cari couldn't resist. She was dead-set against v******e, but somehow the struggle inside the office was something else. Cari held the door open just a crack and stood at the doorway with her legs trembling so hard they almost buckled. Her eyes widened, as she watched the dominant woman take complete control of her naked friend. "These succulent tits need to be sucked. I want to let hubby know his darling wife was with a butch, someone who made her a little sex-toy."

"Vicki, dear God, no marks," Sandra pleaded.

Cari took the room in with a concerned glance. She noticed how Sandra was pinned on top of a desk, which was still littered with papers. Two chairs sat in front of the desk and there was a small area off to one side, which Joan had setup for relaxing. It contained a small settee, a stuffed lounging chair plus a coffee table. Cari's gaze returned to the desk and Sandra who tried fending off the woman, but Vicki kept slapping her arms and hands away. "What gorgeous tits."

"Oh no, you've put a red mark... a hickie on my boob."

Cari remained frozen, as she couldn't take her eyes off of the naughty m*****ation. Sandra sat on the desk with her legs handing over the edge. Vicki f***ed Sandra's knees apart, as she stood between them, and eagerly fondled the bare boobs. It was wrong, but Cari refused to react when her friend pleaded. "No, not on the other. Oh God, on both boobs."

"Christ, I bet hubby loves your knockers. They're fabulous."

"Please, no more."

Vicki glared at Sandra. She put her hands on Sandra's shoulders and pushed her down until she was lying on top of the desk. "What a nice belly. You must workout a lot."

Cari watched the woman kiss and fondle Sandra's tummy, paying particular attention to the bellybutton area. Vicki held a viselike grip on Sandra's hands and pinned them right beside her hips. Cari shivered when Vicki deftly jammed her tongue into the small indent and then pretended to fuck the hole.

"Oh Vicki, no more, please," Sandra pleaded.

"There, right next to that pretty bellybutton. A nice big, red mark."

"Dear God, please stop," Sandra begged, as Vicki locked her mouth on the velvety flesh. Within seconds the woman sucked another hickie onto her body, which filled Sandra with despair.

"Spread'm! Spread those beautiful legs wider and let me see what you've got, Sweetpea. Joanie says you're the best." Vicki held Sandra captive on top of the desk and pushed the shapely legs as far apart as possible.

"No, dear God, it can't be. Not like this... on a desk."

"I bet hubby's going to love seeing a big mark on his wife's precious pussy."

"God, Vicki, not there... not on my pelvis. Please don't, not right next to..." Her voice fell off and both women outside the change room visualized the drastic event. Cari flashed back to her time with the powerful woman and she remembered how Vicki simply ravaged her. The easiest way out of the dilemma was surrendering to the woman, but Cari knew Sandra would not succumb willingly.

"Get ready! Vicki's gonna make her squeal," Joan whispered.

"Ouch! You're fucking hurting me. Your teeth!"

Cari couldn't watch anymore. She shut the door and listened to the ongoing saga, which lasted forever. From what Cari heard, Vicki decided to use the more comfortable lounging area and f***ed Sandra over to the big easy chair. She imagined Sandra sprawled out on the chair with her legs spread and wrapped around an arm of the chair, as she exposed herself to the ravenous Vicki.

"See, I told you. Vicki is a pro. She'll make her cum."

The battle seemed to transform from extreme desperation to amazing gratification. Sandra pleaded for mercy at first and then she begged for Vicki to take her through the Promised Land. Cari cringed at the end when she listened to her dear friend succumb to the dominating woman. There was no doubt that Sandra climaxed and Vicki made sure the whole world knew about her devious achievement.

Cari quivered with fright when Vicki emerged from the office. The woman headed in her direction and Cari found it almost impossible to breathe let alone stand up. Luckily Vicki was finished for the day, walking right past her and out of the store. "You'll have to come shopping more often," Joan whispered, with a wide, confident grin on her face.


Cari and Sandra would never forget their day at the mall. They couldn't get out of the small boutique fast enough and practically ran through the vestibule on the way out of the mall. Sandra drove home and the drive was very quiet, as both women revisited the long ordeal.

Sandra breathed a big sigh of relief when they pulled into the driveway. "Wow, I didn't expect the day to be so eventful... so dramatic. Joan is always a Drama Queen, but she's never taken charge like today. God, I may never be the same... and how am I going to explain all those marks to my husband?"

Thankfully they had lots of time before Sandra's husband was due home. Saturday evening was for recuperation and nothing else was planned. They put the baby to bed and watched a movie before going to bed early. Both women observed the defining marks left on their bodies by the cunning Vicki and Cari marveled at how Sandra appeared sexier and more alluring with numerous hickies.

It seemed when the two were together; each woman was hot and horny. Sandra relished being back in control. She recalled the intense humiliation suffered during the shopping trip and it made her more determined to demonstrate her superiority. What happened at the mall seemed to add fuel to the lovemaking that night and the energy lasted well into Sunday.

During an interlude between sexual sessions on Sunday morning, Cari mentioned having an upcoming babysitting job for their mutual friend, Dawn. As soon as Sandra found out, she put all kinds of suggestions in Cari's head. "Just go for it," Sandra said. "You're strong... very powerful once you set your mind to it. Go for it."

"I will. I've waited years and now you've given me confidence," Cari said. "I love you for showing me who I really am."

"I say if you want something really bad, just go for it," Sandra said. "I'm overly excited thinking about you with Dawn. Nothing makes me hotter than dreaming about you with her."

"Her husband is away and she is going out with her girlfriends from work. They're having a bachelorette party so it should be a late night."

"Great! You won't get a better chance. I am dying to hear all about how you seduced such a sexy woman."

"I'm nervous, but excited; especially after finding out about my feelings and emotions. Now I understand my dreams... my fantasies about Dawn."

There will be another chapter and it will have Carin becoming intimate with Dawn, the woman of her dreams who she fantasized about for years.
... Continue»
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dawn `s tempory master 3

Part 3
Dawn, woke early next morning, before dawn she had showered, eaten a bowl of flakes, d***k a lot of coffee and checked her diary, which she had fetched up to date the evening before, Her companion snored loudly and seemed to sl**p the sl**p of an innocent. She wondered at the resilience of the younger woman but wondered if she would cope when it became her turn to take on that huge dog.
Indifferently she watched the television, noting what was going on in the rest of the world, wondering what Andy was doing, and Ray away in his distant land, her mum how was she coping, depressed and homesick she wrote a long and largely fictional air mail letter to her mum, addressing the folding envelope and popping it into a second envelope addressed to Ray she then added a long page telling of the first day`s here.
The alarm jangled and Jane tumbled from her bed, as was her way each morning, she showered while Dawn made a cooked breakfast for them both which they ate while chatting about the world news.
They were stood outside the breakfast room door at a few minutes to nine, awaiting the dreaded bell neat and tidy, Jack stood with them with the boy Toby summonsed by the master. The lad stood terrified, not making eye contact with the two women, his fear palpable. The bell tinkled and Jack left the three of them stood in the hall.
The boy was called in and the two women waited for some time before a tearful lad returned and addressing Dawn very respectfully through his tears that “they want you both next maam,” before he went on his way, still snuffling.
They did as bid, to the usual scene, mistress sat with her dog, master at his usual seat, coffee and toast and Jack stood at his master`s elbow.
The master addressed the women saying that “the young man that just left is to be disciplined, he has been shall we say disrespectful to the mistress, spying on her in her chamber in a state of undress.”
Dawn coughed and the master raised an eyebrow asking “do you had something to say?”
She feeling sorry for him pleaded for the lad, fearing he would be dismissed. She said she would respectfully point out that this was a boy they do such things at that age they have enquiring minds, he was surrounded by women and just didn’t understand or was able to control his urges and she threw in a “sir” at the end. She then stood quietly knowing she had probably overstepped her position.
The master eyed her coldly, then said “I know he`s just a lad and his hormones are raging, I was a boy myself once but that`s one of the things he needs to learn, not to get caught!,” he smiled wistfully, perhaps remembering his own youth. “He tells me he has no knowledge of women, boy`s homes having deprived him somewhat he has had a fairly tragic life so far, Jack and I feel he would benefit from some lessons in love.” There was a snort of disapproval from the mistress, of “Spy`s on me and is rewarded by sex lessons, ridiculous!” the master gave her a withering look, but ignored her comment, carrying on saying “That is where you come in then Dawn, as you have defended him, from tonight he will share your bed for a whole week, when you are both off duty you will teach the lad everything he needs to know.”
He turned to Jane and said for that week you will stay in Toby`s room or, as you did such a good job yesterday will, at her request share a bed with the mistress.” He gave the older woman a look of sheer contempt, then he dismissed the three servants saying “You may go about your duties, you Dawn will explain the situation to Toby, but temper his joy by telling him my decision is he will suffer 10 strokes on the next punishment day.
The women left to change the bedding as was their duty, leaving the master and mistress to the argument that seemed inevitable.
In the hall Jack warned them to “keep well out of the way if you can, ‘she’, will be venomous today!”
The argument was loud and long, diplomatically the women working together quickly changing the bedding in both bedrooms, and generally tidied up before taking cover in their rooms, glad when the dinner gong sounded, they went to the staff dining room, tiptoeing as they did past the breakfast room where they could still hear some noisy discord.
The meal was served by one of the maids, cook and the remaining staff joined them a moment or two later, Jack as usual had his in his pantry, a euphemism for his flat, somewhere in the north wing of the huge house.
Toby sat at the far end of the table, still avoiding eye contact with everyone especially the two naked women.
Cook introduced herself as ‘Ethel’ and thanking Dawn for speaking up for ‘the lad’ today, Jack had told her about it when he stopped by for coffee, the two maids taking their cue from cook introduced themselves as ‘Mary’ the taller of the two and `Tina` shorter and rounder it was a sure sign that they were becoming accepted.
Dawn explained that the Toby was to receive 10 strokes on the first punishment day, the boy looked relieved he having expected to be dismissed. He mumbled his thanks, embarrassed now having to speak to this naked woman sitting telling him he would be whipped no doubt by Eddy, huge gardener sat at the other end of the table.
The meal continued, with the usual staff chatter about the state of the world, likes and dislikes of food, the argument in progress above stairs, madams temper and her sadistic inclinations, the need for more wood in the upstairs sitting room, and the wet conditions in the garden, all the minutia of life.
Jane asked where the rest of the staff lived, and was told that they all had rooms in this wing the south up at the top for the men folk and the women on the middle floor nearer their work.
Looking at Toby she said she was to use his room for a week from tonight, his jaw dropped, was she saying she was going to share?
Dawn quickly said, don’t get Horney young man you will not be in with her, the whole staff grinned at the boys red colour.
He mumbled “where will I sl**p then?”
She casually replied “With me” the boys face lit as if he had been awarded the crown jewels, spluttering “really” his jaw dropping as all eyes swivelled in his direction, his face red now, the cook saved his blushes by sending him and Mary to fetch the pudding telling them to “be careful and not drop it as it had taken her all morning!”
The eyes swivelled back to Dawn as the lad gratefully went with Mary to do the cooks bidding.
Dawn, blushing just a little, explaining that it had fallen to her to train the lad, getting this sex thing out of his system.
Cook again saving the day by commenting “Thank the lord for that as it would save us three a lot of unnecessary comments and stares in that kitchen!”
The lad returned with a wonderful plum pudding on a silver platter, Mary with custard jug spoons and the like.
Nothing was said as the tasty morsel was consumed, Gerry declaring the meal ‘Toothsome’ backed by the remaining staff, to the obvious pleasure of Ethel the cook.
The coffee followed, and then the staff returned to whatever jobs they had, Ethel telling the boy to stay back to show Jane to his room,
Dawn, taking the opportunity, to sooth the youngster`s fears and embarrassment about the situation. She remained seated and explained that he would naturally be embarrassed by seeing naked both herself and Jane, he would just have to get over the problem, life was like that. She asked what time he finished work, and he told her after the washing up was completed. She told him she would be in the flat, Jane would show him where and he could just take his time, she would not be tolerating bad manners and he was to do precisely as he was told.
He stood quietly, during all this then said he “would do whatever she said, as she was the first woman that had ever in his whole life stood up for him!” touched she told him to fetch his Jim jams and not to be late. Jane stood and took the lads hand, leading him away
Dawn near to tears at the sincerity of the lad; went off for her afternoon swim.
Truth to tell she was now looking forward to schooling the young lad in the arts of pleasing women.
The tea meal gong convened the staff once more, unusually a light meal, normally served at mid-day today the meals were reversed at the master`s request as he was attending a meeting at teatime.
Nothing was said at the meal, chat about all and nothing as usual, dawn became aware of the boys eyes not leaving her breasts, Jane had told her of his excitement and that his few possessions were now in her bedside locker, hers including the dreaded alarm now up in the lads room up in the rafters of the south wing, though the mistress had sent a message with jack that she would be sl**ping in her room this night the master being away. Jane said she was not looking forward to her night.
They went their individual ways
Cook glad of a simple meal was soon away to her room, Mary and Tina seeing to the kitchen and mess-room, the boy rapidly washing up and placing the plates in the dishwasher eager to get away to the intense joy of the two maids who knew why he was so eager.
He had bribed Gerry to fetch in from the greenhouse a small bunch of flowers for Dawn, saying “it was to say thanks for her standing up for him,” that gave old Gerry a little chuckle, wishing he was the one going up to the flat, known by the staff as the harem, but he had managed to collect up a few sweet smelling hyacinths and a branch or two of the winter jasmine for the lad, which he slipped to the boy before tea.
Dawn watched the news on television, after which she heard a timid knock at the door; she opened it to find the boy hair slicked down stood bunch of winter flowers clutched in his hand.
She ushered him in, touched beyond words at the gesture.

She told him that he was not to knock this week and that it was a while since anyone had brought her flowers,
She showed him his locker where the bathroom was then told him to shower and change into his pyjamas, she would make some coffee and they could talk and get to know one another.
He went off to do just what he was bid, returning showered clean, hair tidy and his working clothes put away before the coffee percolated.
They were soon sat on the sofa, side by side.
She started by asking about his f****y, soon knowing that he was a survivor of the sinking of a ferry off the Belgium coast that had taken all his f****y. Having no relatives he had been in that boys home till the last month when he had been sent here on trial.
He had never worked or had contact with women before except the elderly matron who he said “was more male than some of the boys “
Thus his eager enquiring, hormone riddled, mind, had led him to want to see more of cook, and the maids who had complained loud and long,
He had been told in the strongest terms that he was not to stare at either of the two women and he had nearly managed, till he came on them in the swimming pool.
In desperation he had gone out on the roof and spied on ‘Madam’ through her window. He had been seen and hauled before the master that very morning, expecting to be sent back to the home.
She alone had spoken and though he would be punished he at least was still out of the home, which he hated,
She told him that unless invited it was “not a nice thing to do” spying and the like on women, her name in the flat was Dawn, though he would address her properly everywhere else in the house.
She would teach him how to go on with women and how to respect and enjoy them correctly, but he was to promise her not to disrespect a woman ever again.
Next she asked what he had done to the cook that had caused her to complain, he said he had felt her breast`s through her overall one day in the kitchen, he had been fascinated by the things, and had just decided the woman would allow him to explore her body as he thought she would find him irresistible if he could turn her on.
What he got was of course was a clout! He said he would see her breast anyway soon, and when Dawn asked how, he said she had been sentenced by madam to three strokes for something that had happened just before he arrived and was waiting for the next punishment day. She asked if he was obsessed with breasts, lifting her own in her hands before him, he said he didn’t know anything about them bar what he had seen on her or Jane, both cook and the maids keeping theirs hidden all the time and though he got a quick view of Madam it was only a glimpse and the same he said, with the view he had had of Jane between her legs at the pool until then he knew nothing of any differences.
She took his hand gently standing and pulling him to the bedroom, standing him at her bedside and taking her place on the bed flat on her back, legs together. She took his hand once more and began by allowing him to touch her breasts; his touch was feather-light.
She became aware of his hesitancy, and his red face, she asked what was wrong and he explained that his trousers where wet!
He had had a premature ejaculation, though he neither knew the reason, what had happened or the words to express him-self.
He was mortified, she put her arms round him sat him down and explained how the thing worked, removing the wet trousers, reassuring him. She took her place again, sitting this time, letting him again feel his way around her 32b breasts, playing with nipples now stiff with excitement, hefting the whole breast in his hands, tracing the areola with his finger, gently oh so gently, squeezing and pulling at the rubbery nipple his young penis stiff again his hairless tackle protruding from under the pyjama shirt. She kissed him: he returned the compliment, clumsy perhaps, but gentle and full of care.
She let him kiss her nipples, the effect on her was electric, his clumsy attempts at kissing more erotic than any Casanova.
She took his hand and slid it down to her shaved pussy, his cool hand slipping over the mound, his face a picture of innocent amazement on first finding she had no penis.
Smiling at his innocence she led his finger to her Labia, then to gently probe her cavity, finally her clitoris, his head lay on her belly, face towards her feet. The soft bed-head lamps bathing them both in the golden light she knew he would never forget, these moments etched in his mind forever.
She soon broke the spell by suggesting he had a good close look, he moved to a point between her now wide open legs, examining her in minute detail, touching each part with a touch like a butterfly, as she explained where she was most receptive, how to use his fingers to best effect and where she would most enjoy his tongue.
An hour past in this exploration, his prick dripping precum from the foreskin the 5” stiff and tempting she sat up, gently took hold.
She began slowly sliding her hand to and fro, he soon came again this time over her leg, he began to apologise but she put her finger on his lips saying that it was all OK, His lips soon went back to her nipple, his finger wetly tracing the shape of her clitoris she began to groan, his other arm supporting his body from collapsing on her. She began to climax, her body unable to resist the light touch of this rank amateur`s assault on her senses. Her breathing note began to change, her back arched as her senses took her over the top of the big dipper and she collapsed back to earth with a suddenness that frightened the lad, who moved back away from her worried that he had hurt her.
As soon as she could she explained it all to him calming him, reassuring him, he looked very relieved.
She asked if he had any questions. He asked having no prick however, did she pee?
Luckily she now needed the toilet, so she rose took his hand and led him to the shower room her feet against the shower tray and her back lent against the opposite wall on the cold tiles she invited him to watch, she began to stream his face showing both amazement and interest, and finally as he traced the stream back to the uric opening enlightenment. He understood now. After he too had used the toilet they returned to the bed, that will do for tonight she said, you have work tomorrow, they climbed in, Dawn turning off the light he asking her if she would mind if he kissed her again, they fell asl**p his head nestled into her bust, his mouth surrounding her right nipple, his finger deep in her warm inviting body.
Not yet a man but well on his way
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