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Cum for Dawn :Book I

Cum for Dawn :Book V

... Hello, my name is Dawn and these are my stories.

I love Halloween; it’s become one ... the blue haired boy was able to catch his breath and gloat over making my s****r cum. I just sat ... me.

“Oh there you are Dawn I want you to meet…” My mom spoke all of a sudden and scared... Continue»
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Cum for Dawn :Book I

... My name is Dawn and these are my stories. Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? It all started ... in the summer of ’93: I was my s****r Sarah’s personal dress up doll. She was 9 years older than me ... tails…

As I pulled my head through the dress, I noticed she was looking at some magazine... Continue»
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Cum for Dawn :Book IV

... body was convulsing.

“I want you to cum in my mouth! Can you do that for me?” Duncan begged my ... .

“Cumming; I’m Cumming!” She yelled really loudly this time, louder then I have ever heard her before ... a life time, I heard them both saying they were “cumming” and then there was silence.

I’m not sure... Continue»
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Cum for Dawn :Book III

... Hello, my name is Dawn and these are my stories.

I love New Years Eve: staying up ... ! I’ve wanted you for so long and now I finally have you. Go ahead honey, cum for me, give me a real ... , at the hands of her friend.

“No. I, shouldn’t cum! I, I,” Sarah gasping for air as her body arched... Continue»
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Cum for Dawn :Book II

... .

“Dawn, are you still feeling sick?” I heard my mom saying from outside of the room. She came ... Hello, my name is Dawn and these are my stories.

Well the summer of ’93 went by pretty quick ... for me. Sarah had me knee deep in dad’s magazines and I was always really happy when she would show me... Continue»
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BtVS: A Demon’s Curse

... up at Giles, totally oblivious of anything but herself, as usual.

“Well, I brought Dawn her book ... the chocolate off her fingers. “Umm, mind if I join you here?”

“Sure thing,” said Dawn, smiling up at Willow ... and around, and in and out, faster and deeper with every thrust.

Dawn was now about to cum, Buffy... Continue»
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A Special Autograph

... for a pen and paper, I would be ever so happy to sign your autograph book. Sensing my confusion, Trudy ... have to sign our autograph books with your cum," announced Trudy. "Who's first girls?" Mary came ... , dropping Mary's autograph book so I could massage my balls. With my legs apart so wide, it was difficult... Continue»
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Jill & Stephanie

... ...

Did she just cum?

I rush to her and put an arm around her. "I'm so sorry! Did I hurt you ... I see her from the food court by a stationary store in the big mall. She is fussing with her phone ... . I can't be sure, but I think she might be taking pictures. She is definitely watching me. I... Continue»
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World of Warcraft A story of Horrors, Adv

... and c***dren were away to town, I dusted off the books my grandfather used to own, books filled ... , the cover of the first book was encased in a alloy I have never seen with a strange lock which would ... the fire place to warm up. I lay down the book on my oak chair and went to help my f****y.
" Why did I... Continue»
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What Lies Beneath

... the books aren't very clear on. I don't know how it's done."

"Do you really want the answer ... - until I cummed. When it was over, I kissed her again and thanked her for making me cum like a good ... cum fast enough, did you? I let you use your hands and everything. Makes me wonder how much you... Continue»
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Meeting my new fuck-toy Kimberly

... it dawned on me; I was not in conflict with myself, there was not something dark inside me, I was just ... that I’d booked, but fresh from my coming to terms with the fact that I can be a kinky bugger while ... pulled out before I got too excited’ she wasn’t getting my hot cum wasted in her mouth.

I stepped... Continue»
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T-Girl University

... it all to you! Suck my tit while I cum inside you!” Carla demanded, her hips pumping furiously. Tommy ... getting close. I want you to watch me cum in his throat. You should be taking notes cause you’re ... his head in his books, avoid temptation and get back to his girlfriend as soon as possible... Continue»
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Nudist beach..

... and i know Dawn loves it doggy she howling like a dog she was liking it that much she was cumming ... to cum cos Karl was making me cum just watching him, Dawn took all of me and swallowed the lot, i ... said to Dawn that it looks like the bottoms are off, she said can we leave and i said come... Continue»
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Serving Jen

... till the stylist got in contact with me. I went home one day and went onto Face Book and she had ... Friday would never come! When Friday morning dawned I started to prepare for the evening. I started ... !!! After I was done licking the cum she told me to lie on my stomach and she cuffed my feet together... Continue»
Posted by stokes52 9 months ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Fetish, Hardcore  |  

The Baby Sitter

... , at that point, it dawned on him that
I had sex with someone before. This made me smile. If only he ... , I
let him cum in my mouth, but a couple of times I took off my shirt so
he could cum on my tits ... . On one occasion, I placed his shaft between
my breasts so he could titty fuck me and cum all over... Continue»
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if dad like it

... with
one hairy arm around the other's waist as their bodies moved together. It
dawned on me that I ... who were fucking in our shed. Slowly realisation dawned on
me. I was about to blurt out "DAD ... cock harder and harder and
finally groaned, "Cummming... Zafar... cumming.. now..." and I could... Continue»
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My Japanese Love Part 4

... porno ever could. Squish Squish filled the air. I could tell Akira was about to cum. She arched her ... then brought her hand out of her pants and I could see her cum and juices all over her index and middle ... I’m just sliding in. God please try not to move it too much. I don’t want to cum inside it. I want... Continue»
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... her, and I fucked her, and I fucked her, and the cum gathered and my body stiffened and I fucked ... .

* * *

I woke up at dawn's first light with her mouth around my cock. Her lips formed ... I rolled her over on her back. I tried to kiss her, but she turned her head away. "No, no kissing... Continue»
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57B The Mayflies’

... her as she removed the now wet seated tracksuit, dried cum mixed with wet in rivulets from her sex ... overnight motel with a good book, he had arranged for Trudy from the bird club, who he knew fancied ... , it was not the answer he wanted by any means. He checked the lists, and to his relief found the relevant line; I... Continue»
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Mom fulfills son disires pt1

... was too. You made mommy cum, something I didn't expect to happen tonight." She walked across the room ... cock got harder and harder until he was rigid as a piece of pipe.

"Sorry, mom, I was just trying ... to slip in and grab the cereal box." He braced himself for her angry reply.

"I could tell you were... Continue»
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