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Cruising and Swinging 2 - Cabin Serviced

Cruising and Swinging 2 - Cabin Serviced

... to drop back off and let myself out for an early morning swim.
See Cruising & Swinging 3 - Blackmailed for the next instalment – cumming soon.

It was the second night of our Mediterranean Cruise and we were sitting in the restaurant ... with our cabin neighbour Roger, three hours after we’d all had sex in the ship’s sauna room.
Having... Continue»
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This is about Russell’s Mom.

... to pick him up with plans for both of us to head up to my parents cabin for the weekend that was close ... do. Lori is a very hot looking chick, and she knows it, teasing any swinging dick she comes across ... . Wagner’s critical measurements were 5’7’ to 5’71/2”, 135 lb, and having a 36-26-37 figure specifying... Continue»
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... over to Russell’s house to pick him up with plans for both of us to head up to my parents cabin ... swinging dick she comes across. She also has an antagonizing habit of putting me on the spot with her ... A/small B cup. Now Mrs. Wagner’s critical measurements were 5’7’ to 5’71/2”, 135 lb, and having a 36... Continue»
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My buddies Mom (Written by a friend, i just tweake

... to Bobby’s house to pick him up with plans for both of us to head up to my parents cabin ... school as we do. Lori is a very hot looking chick, and she knows it, teasing any swinging dick she ... Mrs. Wagner’s critical measurements were 5’7’ to 5’71/2”, 135 lb, and having a 36-26-37 figure... Continue»
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Cockatoo Part 1

... service you have heard
of, a few you probably haven’t and some you wouldn’t even want to think ...
too hard to get his degree. I had managed a 2:1 with a lot of hard work
and sweat whilst he got ... with the beach behind
one side. There wasn’t much life around as we cruised down the strip.
About... Continue»
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Nancy Afloat

... was passing through Sydney and invited Al and Barb (Stella Maris and Cruising) and another couple who ... I had spent time with in Queensland when they were on their way around the world in their cruising ... while cruising. Not only did she go into great detail telling us all of those adventures but she... Continue»
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My Fantastic Trip

... fresh, and the sun looked fantastic coming up over the mountains to the west. As I cruised down ... hotel room door only opened two more times that night; once to let our room service dinner in and once ... . Joyce said that while most of the big long cocks looked good swing free, she and Mona had both... Continue»
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Crossdressing - Teen fantasy with Panties to Cock

... . I worked swing shift and she worked days, so I had a lot of time to myself. I shopped at Sears ... go find an Adult Book Store to cruise. I drove my rental car to a dark street near the book store ... and this was no exception. Within 2 minutes, I came. She looked at the sperm filled condom, looked at me... Continue»
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A Schoolgirl's First Time

... ***dish looks. She
watched Cissy cross one leg over the other and swing the crossed-over
leg ... gotta do is get this thing
hard for me again and I'll stick it between your legs."

Chapter 2 ... teenagers cruised by on his
board, showing off for two girls.

"What a nerd!" Pam muttered. "Do not look... Continue»
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Seduced Young Wife

... .

Harry Johnson was a different man on this cruise than he was at the
office, she decided. Here ...
married over a year and a half. She hadn't wanted to come on the cruise
without him, but everything ... cruise, and
Mark had immediately accepted. Lynn knew that this was an important
chance for him... Continue»
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... of the one being serviced. Soon I was fighting strong urges to shove my stiff quite sensitive cock ... in closer on the action. As the cam lights lit up Roberta's then throbbing 7 1/2 inch treasure, I ... !

Instantly the three of us watched as Roberta's recently dormant ass suddenly swing into action. Yes while... Continue»
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Caribean Cruise

... cabin. This is a shake-down cruise, which is probably why we got it as a prize. Our cabin ... this cruise two months ago, in September. A two week cruise for two. I only had to pay for air from Chicago ... was on the fourth deck, the lowest deck containing guest cabins, and it was interior, so I wasn't surprised when I... Continue»
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... to be available to them all cruise – virtually ‘on call’. They just had to ring the cabin first because she ... comfortable. I chose a cruise ship which was a busman’s holiday for me but unique for Barb. I ... to trawl the sex sites for some suitable guys to join us on the cruise. I couldn’t afford to pay... Continue»
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Episode 21 - School Sports Day

... approve of u******e sex or inc3st or taking advantage of babysitters.

Babysitting Service
Ami ... and her gorgeous identical twin s****r Ami have set up an online babysitting service. It is only ... are not recommended if you are also ordering the lap-dancing service as the paint can rub off making a mess... Continue»
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The Life Story of a Boy Lover (Fiction, written by

... Charles' and Jack's uncut cocks get stiff, they stood up about 4-1/2 inches and 5-1/2 inches ... me real wet with his spit, and then he put more spit on his dick and pushed his fat 5-1/2-inch dick ... River where we had a great swimming hole about 10 feet deep. There was a rope swing high up in a tree... Continue»
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... at the poolside,
watching their virile young cocks bounce and swing,
Donna felt her pussy growing hot ... to have a
man in her life. And that left her in an impossible

-= Chapter 2 ... and handsome.

They were sitting at the very rear of the darkened cabin
and the stranger... Continue»
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Wife Gangbanged for My Job

... boss whose name was Mohit came out after about 20 minutes and said me to go in John’s cabin. I went ... for the demand?” I said “yes sir.”
He smiled and went to John’s cabin. After 5 minutes they called me inside ... were lifted. She was moving to and fro. Her boobs were swinging lovingly. After sometime she adjusted... Continue»
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A Boat Trip

... on the boat broke as we were heading off to this island about 2 hours from where I lived. We ended up ... to arrive. The trip had only been planned to be a 3-day cruise. Amy had to be back home for school ... to stop this.
"Wait there," Michael said as he left my cabin. With rope, clothespins and an empty vodka... Continue»
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... new reality of so
little time, so many truckers to service. When that door swings open and I
see ... of Chicago. My duties are to let any and all truckers
who want to be serviced use me any and all ... to service all those truckers. My
joy is that those truckers come in all shapes and sizes and know I... Continue»
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Breaking Susan

... in my eyes and said, “yes, as long as we go to your place for a night cap on the way unless ... .”
She was about 5’ 2” about 100# with a very athletic body. She was a gymnast when she was young ... read in quite a while I thought to myself. The floor of the shop was about 2 feet off the side walk... Continue»
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