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Cruising and Swinging 1

Cruising and Swinging 2 - Cabin Serviced

... and fell back to sl**p.
I was unable to drop back off and let myself out for an early morning swim.
See Cruising & Swinging ... ... Continue»
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Cruising and Swinging 3

... Jack out; he was cramped and bursting to escape as I wanked and sucked George and felt up Maria.
By now ... cabin.
Melissa was in the shower. I joined her…

See Cruising & Swinging 4- Roger’s Surprise for the next instalment – cumming soon ... ... Continue»
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Cruising and Swinging 1

... guards dropped and Mel told Roger about our swinging and bi experiences when we were first together. That was a while ago now and ... sauna, Roger closed the door behind us and we settled down and chatted while the heat and humidity took effect.
“Would you ... ... Continue»
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Cruising in Pueblo-First time

... my first times cruising. The very first time I went to Mineral Palace park I was just out of high school and 18, getting ... and I went back to my mom's apartment (i was visiting on leave) and cleaned up.
This is the story of my first time cruising and ... ... Continue»
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Surprise Date With Mother and Daughter

... forty miles away from me and I sometimes would crash at their home. Sometimes i would go out cruising around town with his son ... the seat and we are on our way. After an hour or two of drinking, cruising, and visiting we stop to eat and then ... ... Continue»
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ran Canaria Swinging Experience.

... pushed me back and swinging her thighs either side of my head planted her magnificent cunt over my mouth and was soon sucking ... air and in delight, Doreen had both a great technique and as I pushed he up from me the sight of her superb breasts swinging ... ... Continue»
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The Truth About Swinging 4

... .They have their reasons,you have yours,and swinging is not the place to decide and determine socio/political injustices or opinions as ... one plate,swinging,and we dont want to add other issues to it,like race and the issues that will, and do eventually come ... ... Continue»
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... his cock
and howling with pleasure. Her pretty face was a lusty
grim ace, her big ripe tits bouncing and swinging with
... deliciously steamy and
tight. He watched her big ripe tits swinging back and
forth with the impact of his fucking, and he felt ... ... Continue»
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My Swinging Neighbors

... questions about sex and swinging. She even let me watch her and her husband have sex and then watch her, her husband and granny have ... confortable about sex and I decided that I wanted to go to one of the swinging parties Katie had told me about and maybe ... ... Continue»
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a hot summer with my mom and aunt pt 1

... out a lot since she is so vivacious and outgoing and very good looking. Let me describe ... finally talked my mom in going out cruising and would be home late. My mother said ... exciting up to this point. They left and I unpacked and made myself at home. At about ... ... Continue»
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Megs and Susies first bi experiance

... stood up and went around to the back of them and could see Susie cunt and ass hole and Noels balls hanging down and swinging as he proceeded to fuck Susie. She couldn’t help herself and ... ... Continue»
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The Old Man and the Blonde

... his already hard cock, it was firm,

standing straight up, and swinging back and forth as he walked into the room. “OK

Tony ... was on the night stand. I dumped it into my hands and slowly

and carefully rubbed it all over Tony’s hard cock. I put ... ... Continue»
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deandenhomme woke up rock hard and ready...

... this morning is entitled "Slut stripping with natural F cup tits and swinging big boobs" ...damn

The video I watched was the "Lateshay ... a spread you make...thought about straddling you at the waist and getting my cock hugged by those huge honeys of ... ... Continue»
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BT-Sirah on the table office clipped and cut strap

... and elevate her arms and pinch her receiving a soft grunt.
Squeals begin as I apply a violet wand that gets her lifting herself and swinging ... to the floor, arms spread she is raised again and tosses and squeals as I increase the wand to nearly a six. ... ... Continue»
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My aunt and my girlfriends mom

... She got in the catchers position and started slamming my cock and balls. Her big tits bouncing and swinging all over the place. She ... I slammed her ass hole until I came! I was soaked in sweat and milf cum. Lol. I was exhausted. I laid there on my ... ... Continue»
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My Wife And Her Friend Fuck Some Strangers

... water towards us and I could see my wife and her friend eying Raj’s cock. It was already semi erect and swinging in the breeze. He walked straight to the girls and ... ... Continue»
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s****r and I are Close Then Mom (10)

... him back later Clare." Sticking her butt out toward me and swinging it side to side a little bit.

"Oh, I know that's ... and became friends with, thinks that Beth and I are husband and wife, while some other one's, thinks that Clare and I are husband and ... ... Continue»
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Nancy Afloat

... recent years. I was passing through Sydney and invited Al and Barb (Stella Maris and Cruising) and another couple who I had spent time with ... Ian had all I needed to keep me very happy and in our swinging days years ago I never recall anything special about ... ... Continue»
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... a pizza, he smiled and climbed on the massive bed, I knelt on it and crawled on, my tits hardening rapidly and swinging, I could feel my ... the waiter cruising, her arms round his neck and her chin resting on his head as he groped her tits and she rode ... ... Continue»
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One Time In Tijuana

... the place they were hot Mexicans walking around or just cruising with friends.

When I decided to drive back to my house ... cock. Daniel’s pants and boxers were down around his knees, and he was grabbing his cock with his hand and swinging it all over ... ... Continue»
Posted by ndamood4sum 2 years ago  |  Categories: Gay Male, Group Sex, Hardcore  |  Views: 1371  |  
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