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Counting To Three In French

... Kurt had been
dominated before, learning and experimenting with three
different women before Marie, but it was different with

... thin
graze of stubble. They spoke to each other in French, then
the woman said something to Marie. She looked at the two ... ... Continue»
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Coming to America Part 1 by BigBad

"Look at this!" Claire squealed. "I can't believe this!"

Andy enjoyed it when Claire opened the mail. Along with the love and lust letters, and proposals of marriage, there were panties, nighties, stockings, garters, dresses, shoes, jewelry, dildos, oils and perfumes, and flowers. He didn't pay much attention until she repeated. "Andy! Come over Hon! You gotta hear this! She started to read:

"Dear Claire and Andy,

I've been following your Diary for some time and have enjoyed your joy in exhibitionism. I'd like to make you an offer that I know you won't refuse because it will so exciting and there are few conditions.

You are invited to spend a month in my fair country at my expense, provided you agree to continue your exhibitionistic lifestyle and post your daily Diary. To help you get started, I'm enclosing round trip tickets for two on the Concorde from Paris to New York, reservations for a suite in the L'Hotel Enfant in Paris and the Diana Suite at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City, a platinum credit card with a $100,000 limit, and a bank draft from Barclay's Bank for �10,000 to get you started.

I'll be watching and looking forward to your Diary updates.

Your American Benefactor"

"Let me see that!" Andy lunged for the letter, knocking the contents of the envelope into Claire's lap as she pulled back. He picked them up, one at a time, and examined them. "These plane tickets look real, and so do these reservations. This credit card has our names on it. I wonder if we can cash this note. We'd better make some phone calls." He knelt down to give Claire a kiss. She was already rubbing him through his pants.

They called and everything was legit. The only provisos were that they book the plane flights and hotels a month in advance and within a year. They could spend the entire platinum credit line, then the card would expire. The bill was to be paid by the anonymous party. Barclay's welcomed the draft, encouraging them to cash it.

There was so much to think about and planning to do. Their jobs and their website had to be considered. Still, their eagerness and excitement grew as they planned what the were going to do.

They decided to go in the fall when the c***dren would be in school and it would still be warm enough to bare it. They'd heard that the colour of leaves in the North that time of year would be spectacular. The major tourist sites like Las Vegas and Disney World would be avoided--too many k**s--in favor of many romantic and remote places they'd dreamed about. Half the time they would join Internet friends. This was very difficult, because they couldn't see them all.

Computer shopping was great fun. They bought two powerful laptops; a fully digital camcorder with video capture for videos and stills; and a zoom digital camera with automated operation and a tripod. All of these were in carrying cases. All the devices had transponder chips installed so that they could be tracked by police if stolen. An 800 number would allow them to connect to the Net from any phone on their journey.

They packed light, figuring that they could buy clothes if the had to. Andy packed one suit, a light jacket, some shirts and some of his favorite jeans. It was harder for Claire. She decided on three of her little dresses: black, white, and red. Matching stockings and shoes were a must. Bras were the hardest to choose, but she opted for some sexy, see through ones and a couple of sports bras for activity. Finally, she made sure that she had her denim jacket and dress for every day. At least if she forgot anything, they could buy it.

Time moved quickly as they made preparations and their anticipation grew. Eventually, the day arrived and they turned over the house and server to a friend and left England in the middle of the night on the train to Paris.

By midnight, they were savoring champagne in their compartment, leaving London. Andy was down to his jeans and Claire was stripping to the rhythm of the wheels on the tracks. Pictures for the Diary were being taken, and Claire, a bit tipsy with the champagne and excitement of it all, was putting on a good show, putting her pretty butt to the window as they passed suburban stations.

The urge and the thought came over them both at the same time. Claire, naked, said, "I have to wee wee, Hon."

Andy nodded and went to the door. Claire reached out and pulled the red baby doll she had been posing in over her head. It covered nothing. There was no time to look for the matching bottoms that also covered nothing. Andy peeked out and signaled for them to go. They ran to the toilet on the other end of the corridor. Claire squeezed passed Andy as they opened the door, sat down, smiling, while Andy unzipped and pulled out his cock, hopping from foot to foot. Finally, she gave him relief by jumping up.

Someone started knocking, then beating on the door. Andy opened it a crack and a very d***k young man tried to push past him. "Please, oh please, ... I've got to go!" He cried. Claire got out of the way as best she could and Andy let the door come open. They slipped out as he staggered in.

Curious, Claire stayed in the open door as the man, who looked about thirty, muttering to himself, struggled to get his zipper open and his cock out. There he stood, steadying himself with one hand against the wall above the toilet, oblivious of her. Claire leaned against the doorway watching. They were both quite handsome. She rubbed her clit through the baby doll as she watched.

Andy had gone to the room for the camera. "Want some fun?" He said when he came back and nodded toward the back of the train. Claire nodded back, closed the door on the d***k, and followed him through the doors into the next car.

Most of the cars, including the dining and bar cars, were up front. It was only a few passenger cars to the back of the train. It was quiet and well lit as they worked their way through the doors. No one was in the corridors. Then, as they entered the last car, the sound of voices and cigarette smoke greeted them from an open doorway. They listened to the sound of a man and two women discussing what they were going to do in Paris. Then, as discreetly as they could, they passed the open door on their way to the back of the car.

Claire saw two girls in party dresses sitting on a couch on the right. Before that, she made eye contact with a guy, lying on a bunk on the left across from the girls. She was sure he saw how she was dressed. She felt flush. Her nipples tightened. In a minute, they were out the door.

The train was racing away from a continuous line of yellow sodium lights on either side, gleaming white tile walls, and three sets of shiny tracks, stretching to infinity. It was weird, feeling the artificial air in the artificial light. But the wind was real, created by the train as it sped through the tunnel. Claire posed, and Andy shot, until they noticed three figures watching from the doorway on the other end of the car. They ducked back in when they saw they had been spotted. "Time to head back," Andy announced.

As they approached the open door, the guy's voice rang out. "Are you a photographer or something? Won't see any stars out there."

"Something like that." Andy replied as he reached the door, stopped, and looked in. Claire just peeked around the corner behind him.

"Would you like a smoke?" The young man offered. "I'm Brad, that's Sue over there (he pointed to a blond across from him) and Tanya (a girl with an Amerasian look), my traveling buddies. We're seniors at Brown. School just got too heavy, so we decided to study Europe for the Fall Quarter."

"Sure, why not?" Andy agreed. Brad looked about twenty-five and had the kind of cocky look only a guy with two beautiful girls under his wing can have. Sue was wearing a blue dress with her white-stockinged legs pulled up under her. Her party shoes shared the floor with brochures. Tanya's jet black hair and green eyes accented her dark green sequined dress and black stockings.

Brad came forward with a pack and a lighter. Andy reached out and took one, then bent a little forward for Brad to light it. Claire bent forward too, peeking a nipple past the door frame. Brad reached up and a gleam came to his eye as Claire took it in her lips. His hands were shaking a bit as he lit her cigarette.

Sue piped, "Would you like to take my picture?" To emphasize, she pulled her legs up high. As her dress slid down her thighs from her knees, all eyes followed down past the tops of her stockings to a triangle of white panty peeking between the bare tops of her fair legs.

"Oh, Sue, you are such a tease!" Tanya laughed. She slouched down until her hips were on the edge of the couch. Her legs were spread slightly. She cupped her breasts with both hands, then slid them down, over her hips until they reached her hem. Slipping her index fingers under the hem against her stockings, she slowly pulled her dress up until her black panties and garters were displayed like a Can Can dancer. Andy started to take pictures, and Claire moved in for a better view. Brad was watching her as she watched the girls pose.

"Sue and Tanya dance at a local men's club in Providence to help pay for college. I'm a bouncer there too. You two were just what we needed to liven things up. We were waiting to see the French Coast." Brad motioned to the window, its blind pulled up, and the yellow lights of the tunnel flashing by in a hypnotic, staccato, way. "Should be any time now."

He predicted correctly. The yellow lights had given way to many lights of the countryside at night. They were drawn again to the back of the train, and soon found themselves at the back rail. Only this time the wind was real, and filled with the smell of harvest. Andy wore the camera out as the girls posed with abandon.

Andy gave Brad the address of the L'Enfant, and they headed back through the empty corridors. Then they came upon the man they'd seen earlier, slumped against the door of his compartment. "I told her not to leave me," he muttered. Now, she's gone and taken my key!"

Claire felt both of his pockets and there was a key in the bottom of the right one. When she reached in, she could feel his cock pushing warmly against her hand. She pulled out the key, opened the door, with Andy got the guy to his unsteady feet and into the door. Andy worked him to the bunk, and Claire swung his legs up on it . She pulled off his shoes and stockings, then opened his belt, pulled out his shirt, and unzipped his pants. Andy grabbed the pant legs and pulled his pants off, then helped her pull his shirt and tee shirt off. Claire found herself kissing his chest, then moving lower and lower, until she pushed her hand under his underwear waistband and completely exposed that lovely cock she'd seen earlier. She looked at Andy a moment, and he nodded. Then she pulled the man's underwear to his knees. She grabbed both of his balls in her left hand and his cock in her right and began stroking it. Then she went down on it, swallowing it. She could feel Andy's fingers on her from behind. The man started moaning and his cock grew in her mouth. A few good strokes, and he was spurting cum in her face. Andy's fingers were vibrating on her clit and she was coming too.

Andy found some tissue and Claire wiped the stranger clean, then covered him up. He was fast asl**p. She hoped that he would wake up in time to get off at his stop. She was sure he would wake up happy.

They slipped down empty corridors and into their compartment. Claire knelt over their bunk as Andy unloaded his considerable load deep into her back door. She saw stars as her muscles clamped onto his pulsating member. They both slept well until the Paris Station.

They went immediately to their hotel and slept until 11 am, then they ordered a brunch while they decided how they would spend their afternoon. Their suite overlooked the cafes along the Seine. It was so sumptuous that it would have been easy to just stay there. But they were in Paree and it beckoned. After they had updated the Diary, the concierge ordered a cab and they headed out to the sights.

Claire had worn her little white dress, white, open weave stockings, pearl platform shoes, and a garter belt. She intended to show a bit, so she wore no panties or bra. Her denim jacket was handy to ward off any chill wind and unwanted lookers. Their cab driver was very generous with his "Oui, Mademoiselles" as he took every opportunity to look into the back seat and between her legs. She just smiled and snuggled like a teenager with Andy.

By four o'clock, they arrived at the Eiffel Tower. Claire was ecstatic. The open structure with all of its levels was an exhibitionist's dream. Andy had to scramble to get pictures of some of the angles Claire let guys look up her dress. When they reached the restaurant near the top, Claire found several guys interested in her wares. One guy in particular, took a table directly opposite theirs, behind Andy. He appeared to be enjoying his meal, but kept staring under the table where Claire had spread her legs just enough to allow him clear view. She told Andy about it. He didn't turn around, just watched Claire play with the other guy. Andy's view was good too. The table top was clear glass, and he watched as Claire crossed and uncrossed her legs, letting the dress ride higher, until he could also see her wet pussy peeking out. The waiter came over with a bottle of wine. As he was about to speak, he too, looked through the glass and almost tripped. Regaining his composure, the waiter explained. "That Monsieur over there wishes to offer you this wine." Claire acknowledged him with a tip of her glass, a wink, and a clear view of herself.

While toying with her dessert, Claire toyed a bit with herself. The gentleman who offered the wine came over, an obvious bulge in his pants, and gushed adulation's to her in French. All Claire could muster in response was, "Mercee, mercee." Finally, Andy's glare and the waiter got the man to bug off. Andy was pleased to find other girls dressed like Claire. He never stopped shooting.

Back in the cab, the driver was more intent than ever. Claire was so hot from all the excitement that she gave Andy a blow job right in the car. The driver couldn't take it. He pulled up next to a park and masturbated while he watched them in the mirror. Andy and the Driver came at the same time.

When they got back to the hotel, Andy spotted Brad, Sue, and Tanya, with all their gear, waiting in the lobby. Andy asked what was up. "We couldn't find anything we could afford. With all the colleges in session, even the hostels are full." Brad sounded dismayed.

"We'll put you up, won't we Claire." Andy looked to Claire for approval, but it was obvious from her grin that it was okay with her.

Andy checked at the desk. For a small fee, the others would be accommodated. When they got upstairs, they threw everything down. The girls stripped, and headed for the tub. Brad watched Andy take pictures of the girls giggling and washing each other off, then they both ditched their clothes and joined the girls. There was a lot of tickling and foreplay, but nobody wanted sex, the youngsters were too tired and hungry. As they lounged around relaxing, talk turned to where they would eat. With sidewalk cafes everywhere, and a warm evening ahead, the choice was easy.

Everyone decided to wear black. Claire wore her little black dress, Sue's was similar, and Tanya wore a little skirt with bra-like top that bared her beautiful shoulders and midriff. They chose light jackets to ward off the evening chill. Following Claire's lead, none of them wore panties, but black stockings, garter belts, and stiletto high heels were in order. Talk about hot! Brad and Andy had a hard time controlling their tongues as they watched them dress. Pictures were taken.

By now, the girls were famished, so they hit the first sidewalk cafe outside the hotel. It looked out over the Seine. The City was alive with evening activity, the crossroads between the end of the work day and the lights of the night. It was dark by now. But to the guys on the street, it only added to the intrigue of an eye following a thigh to the dark, unknown space under the hem of a dress pulled high as if by accident. Guys skirted their eating area like bees to honey as the dynamic trio chatted and ate. The guys took a nearby table so as not to interfere with the fun. No fewer than fifteen amourous Frenchmen approached. Some left flowers. Some bought wine or a treat. Most left phone numbers and tried to get a closer look. Some girls flirted too

It was time to walk all that food and drink off. After a quick trip to the toilette, they hit the streets, arm in arm. The Spice Girls had nothing on them, except bad singing. Andy and Brad found it easier to stay behind, getting occasional rump shots, rather than ahead. But the girls were in no hurry, stopping here and there in shops. Some of the Frenchmen were acting like Italians, copping a pinch or a feel. The girls had to use their best finger wagging and "No, no" looks to ward them off.

They hit the Moulin Rouge. It was not what they expected. The show and costumes were great, but the performers were aging, and the crowd looked like a page from Geriatric America. Oh, the old geezers looked, but their wives were not impressed. Everyone was glad to get back out on the street. It was near midnight.

They looked for a club with a younger, hipper crowd. It was easy to find. "City Lights", as it roughly translated, was located in an alley around the corner from the Sorbonne. The line stretched for half a block. The girls wanted to pee, and it didn't look like they'd get in.

Then, as if by magic, two burly men appeared from the crowd, and extended their arms, offering to e****t the girls in. After a lot of gesturing and attempts to explain in French, the two bouncers finally agreed to let Andy and Brad follow. Andy had to check his camera.

The girls headed straight for the ladies' room. It was crowded, and there were no doors on the stalls. It was obvious, as they sat down, that they had no panties, but the milling crowd of women seemed more intent on getting to the mirror than watching others in the stalls. As Claire used the bidet to wash herself off, a gorgeous redhead appeared in the opening. She was wearing a kelly green satin dress that clung to her like a second skin. She was all freckles and looked more Irish than French. She stood on one foot, than the other, obviously having to go, as her long, dangling earrings that looked to be made of diamonds and emeralds flashed, and her green eyes furtively glanced back and forth between Claire's pussy and her eyes, impeaching her to give up the toilette.

As soon as she'd dried herself, Claire rose and brushed past the woman's breasts, feeling her rigid nipples against bare shoulder through soft satin. Claire felt an electricity from it; knowing it wasn't just urgency in the woman that caused the intimate touching. But, she didn't look back, just busied herself with finding way up to the mirror. Sue, with Tanya behind her, was on the right. Soon, the crown in front of Claire parted and she reached the counter. She opened her hand purse, taking a tissue from it, wet the tip, and began cleaning the street from her eyebrows, eyes, and lips.

As she leaned forward to touch up her masscara, she felt something touch her butt, then push up against her. She looked in the mirror, and saw the redhead directly behind her, looking at her in the mirror with those impeaching eyes. Claire felt hands slide up the backs of her legs and lift her dress. The woman backed up an inch to allow Claire's dress to rest on her buttocks, then moved in and started rubbing her mons on Claire's bare behind. Claire dropped her masscara and focused on the feeling. She could feel the satin slipping over her skin and the red bush through it. The idea that others in the crowded, well lit, room were watching was a double turn on.

The redhead was getting crazy and started moaning loudly. She pulled her own dress up and started rubbing her bush up and down each of Claire's buttocks, pushing her knees deep between Claire's legs. Claire could feel her juices flowing. Both girls were starting to slip on each other as their flows began to mix. Then, Claire felt two fingers, not unlike her own, rubbing her G-spot, inside her. She just lay there, breasts against the cold counter, and enjoyed the moment she came. The redhead's cries indicted that she was coming too. When it was over, loud applause broke out. Claire turned to see that all the women were in a close semicircle behind them. Claire and Sue stood on either side. They'd obviously been administering to the redhead, who now hugged her and kissed her on the lips. Then, they both turned to the mirror, side by side, and reapplied their makeup.

The club turned out to be rather standard glitz. Lots of flashing lights and weirdly dressed young people trying to be trendy. d**gs seemed to be a bigger motivate than the sexual flirtation going on. It was everyone's decision that they leave. After walking the streets and checking out a couple of jazz clubs, they arrived back at the hotel. It was 2 am, but no one was sl**py. They broke out more champagne, and the girls did their dance routines to the excellent stereo system. The guys pulled their pants off, put their feet up, and watched the show. Claire gave their cocks equal time. As the girls 69ed on the bed, Claire brought Brad, then Andy to cum. The girls dragged Claire onto the bed and kissed, stroked, and fingered her to ecstasy. They fell asl**p all tangled together on the bed.

Their limo was scheduled to take them to the airport at noon. The morning was spent enjoying the sauna, the room service, and the luxury of the hotel. Andy went to the front desk and guaranteed the others two more nights.

After an hour of dressing and packing, with the girls flashing, stealing undies to try on, tickling and joking, they all hugged and kissed and cried. Claire and Andy were off to America. ... Continue»
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South American Mom fucked in French Quarter La.

concatenate of stories.

I am Fernando from Brazil. In my third semester of University of São Paulo,
I took 6 months aboard study at University of Louisiana. Kent and I room
together at school, and thanks to hanging around with him I've had some
wild experiences with a lot of women. But this last Summer , I had an
experience that I never thought would have been possible.

You see, My mother went to a conference in New Jersey for five days,
and she decided to visit me in La. on weekend before returned home.
She got herself a nice room in famous Hotel in French Quarter, and she
invited Kent and I out for dinner that Friday night.

First, Let me introduce you all to my mother, She's a brunette in her
Mid-40., 5'6 feet and 151 pounds. She is slightly voluptuous old broad.
Her breasts are awesome, and her legs and ass are fabulous. A Latina
busty Leggy Beach Body type you would say. Now she is an average-looking
women, thus she work out hard to keeps my dad at bay from other women.

As for my roommate, He is a black American dude in early twenty from
California. He is 5'11 feet, slim but ripple with muscle. This guy got
game for his age, I learned so much from him. For me, I am a typical
Brazil guy,5'10 and Musculean, Beach body type. As I think about it now,
we had all right ingredients for a trouble night, Two Raging hormones
studs with a busty milf in a party town. Some people will say that I
should have tried to stop things. After all, this was my prim and proper
mother that roommate tries to fucks.

As we left the Hotel that night and headed for nice restaurant down the
street , I took a good look at Mother, and I have to admit, I liked what
I saw. She was wearing a loose fit jeans skirt and high heels, that looked
great on her musculean , full legs. She was also wearing a semi tight
T-shirt that emphasized her breasts and believe me, my Mother's knockers
don't need to be emphasized. The way those tight jugs of hers jiggle and
bounce would draw attention hundred feet away. Kent watched them jiggle
and bounce whenever she moved, and he could barely take his eyes off them.

We had a real nice dinner, talked and drank. The nightly party in French
Quarter already started when we left the restaurant. We were all little tipsy
at that point, and as we were walking around checking out people on street.
There were dudes around my age there asked Mom to flash her boobs for beads.
She thoughts that was kewl for young guys wanted to see her old boobs, so
she sorta bra flashed real fast then laughed loud, she got many of beads for it.

" Hope I am not embarrassed you boys ?" Mom asked.

" Not at all, why not let the boys see some Brazilian big dark areola" I winked.

By the way, I grown-up with a fairly open minded f****y, Mom often sunbath
topless in backyard, and Dad often walked out of bedroom bare ass naked.
They didn't care what I saw either.

" You old enough to know what on their mind right ? " She grinned

" Yea I know and who can blame them, you are a hot mom! hehe."

" you become such a sweet talker like Dad, Women here better watch out". Mom smiled

After few more mixed drinks Kent bought on the street, Mom now felt no pain
so when asked for flash she pulled t-shirt and bra half way up to her boobs, her
palms covered nipples. Since I was pretty loaded at that point that I decided to
lend a helping hands. I am kinda cool that way.

" Lets me show you how they do it here ". I whispered behind her

My hands reached over her shoulder and took hold of her hands then gave a good
jerk up. Her big ole boobs popped out free from bra with big over size dark areola
bouncing out of control, The dudes there went wild. Her hands grabbed tight on
my hands as I moved her shoulder from side to side a little to displaced the good.
Mom head rested back on my shoulder laughed out loud.

"Oh gezz I don't believed you did that! "

Her round firm butt rubbed back and fore around my crotch as she laughed,
I felt a strange heat radiated from her butt crack. But, didn't pay much
attention to it, little did I know at the time that I will be fucking my
own mother's ass at night end, the process that turned her in to a gangbang slut
and me as a mother fucker.

Mom took ton of beads off her neck, and hang over to us to have room for more
beads as we walked down the blocks, Street very packed now. Few rude dudes
there grabbed on her ass and boobs when she flashed for them so We decided
to go back to her hotel room, much safer we thoughts.

Her room was on second floor with a walk out balcony in the back facing street,
Kent opened sliding glass door.

" Hey check this out you guys ".

Mom and I joined Kent at balcony, Dudes down on the street requested mom to flash
again. After she negotiated type of beads, she popped out the knockers again.

" Suck that tits, come on babe, Let them taste it ". crowd requested

" come on babe ".

She laughed and kinda rotated slightly to me, comical raised her eye browns
suggested that I have permission to suck it. I got a mouth full of her tits in
my mouth for few seconds then released it. The crowd went wild, beads launched from
street hitting on glass door. Kent and I helped her to collect beads off the floor.

" You want a drink ?" Kent asked mom.

" Sure, little less coke this time ".

Kent mixed another drinks for us, Mean-while I went to pee. When I was about
to help him carry the drinks back to balcony.

" We gonna get some pussy tonight for sure ". He whispered to me.

" Man, I am shitface right now to go back on street to score some bitches ".

" no dude, her ". He glanced at the balcony

" huh ? mother! ".

" She is not with her old man for week, she'd be a cinch to fuck."

I admitted in my younger years I spied on Mom when she was shower or sunbath
then masturbated in my room. But that was a k** fantasy, and I never ever thought
about carry out a plan to seduce and fuck my own mother. when Mother was flashing
boobs to all the young guys tonight, I saw what in their eyes, what they wanted
to do to Mother, and that gave me a little hard-on!.

Kent and I hangout long enough that I knew if that was his mom instead of mine,
he would suggested the same thing. This guy loves fucking and no woman will be
safe around him, matter fact he might fucked his own mother already. He left me
standing there to my own thoughts, and delivered drink to mom.

She down that drink in seconds, then got right back to negotiation beads for boobs.
As The crowd requested nipples sucks, I saw Kent was saying something to her,
then with moment's hesitation mom rotated slightly to him, Kent bended down sucking
on her dark areola, He slowly sucked on it, while his hand was on her lower back
slid down on her right butt chin then slightly squeezed on her firm butt, strange
that mom didn't seems to mind or noticed at all. But then she suddenly pulled her
bra and T shirt back down, and tipsy back in to the room.

" Whew, I need to use the restroom ". Mom rust past me with big smile

" Hehe, think I got her little wet there ". Kent rubbed his crotch

" if we could maneuver her away from the balcony we do get a little pussy for sure ".

" You think she would putout ? ". I asked

" she'd be a cinch to fuck ".

" Let offer her beads to see how thing goes ? ". He suggested

" ok but back-off right away if she is uneasy about it, I don't want to get kill by Dad ".

" hard to explain to Dad why friend and my cock inside mother's pussy , hehe "

" Yea I know, let me make another drink for her ". Kent suggested

As she walked out the restroom while removed all beads off her neck, Kent hand her
another drink. We can tell she was pretty loaded already.

" Ok this is a last drink ". Kent said

" Why, I am not d***k! " . She said that while almost walking in to the chair

" You are not d***k at all ?".

" Nope, not at all ". she laughed

" Ok prove it, we have plenty beads here so flash us, see if you still can ".

She put glass down by the table then clumsily pulled T shirt and bra all the way up
by her neck, her big ole boobs popped out, and they were huge under celling light,
her dark nipples semi erected, her arms over head waving while big boobs swinging
a little from side to side.

" See! I am not d***k, all the beads are mine ". She Pulled T shirt back down.

" Wait wait, not yet, you get all the beads after boobs sucking remember ". I said

" Ok fine, go for it but you boys are not very good at it, hehe ". She pulled up T shirt

We both took a large step forward in hurry, Mom tipsy a little on her high heel that
she took a step backward with her back now against to the wall. Kent and I dived down on
her erected nipples, we held nothing back this time, we were licking it, biting it and
sucking it, Her nipples went from semi erected to full erection in few seconds. In few
minutes later, The big smile on her face disappeared and replaced with a tense face,
Her skin got really warm now as she curved her back a little, and Her hands squeezed
our shoulders as we gave her big tits a tongues bath.

Mom was breathing harder by the minutes, When her eyelid closed shut, Kent slowly reached
over flip off light switch, The room is semi-dark now, The street light shine thru sliding
glass door from balcony. In that dark room we can smelled sex aroma in the air. Specially mom,
her boobs and lips swollen in size, and You can actually felt the heat radiate from her
crotch and smelled her horny ness.

I then saw Kent's hand across her hips, and with a quick hands movement, her Jean skirt
down on the floor, her white panties exposed under our eyes. Then from behind his hand
rubbed her round butt, then gently massage toward her crotch at front, her thighs slightly
opened up for him.

He then slowly peeled of her panties, inch by inch. Meanwhile, I was nervous as hell,
just trying to figure out what was happening here. I saw her legs lifted up then down then
her panties appeared on top of skirt. When I saw her panties on the floor I almost choked.

Thanks to Kent's magic hands and tongue, my c***dhood fantasy became real. Mother
will be fuck by us tonight, a gangbang matter fact. What the hell would the old man do
if he saw what was happening?. Kent interrupted my train of thought.

" Wow, look at that cunt "

" She doesn't have a hair on it! That's the sweetest pussy I ever saw in my life!".

I captured a nipple in my mouth and looked down at her cunt as I did it, and I saw that he
was right. My mother's thick lips were as smooth as a young girls. Her excitement showed
as they glistened in the reflected light from the slick moisture covering them. Mother
groaned as we admired her snatch, but she didn't once make a move to cover herself.

"See," Kent whispered

"I told you she'd be a cinch to fuck. " As he slid two fingers into Mother's snatch

"OOOhhh," she wailed.

His face now pressed into her groin area and he was blowing warm air across her pussy.
Her legs were spreading open even further but all on their own without any help other than
Kent's blowing and the light touch of his fingers on the outer lips of her pussy.

I now moved my hand to the buttons down the bra and gently undid them, I then rolled up
her T Shirt and bra over shoulder, lifted her hands straight up over head , and with one
quick pulled her bra and T shirt joined her panties on the floor.

I put my hand on a breast and fondled and massaged it while Mother was almost totally
in the control of these varied feelings, my fondling and Kent's stealthy actions in her cunt.

Kent now moved her cunt lips apart with his fingers and slid his tongue down her grove.
When he moved to her clitoris she jumped so much she almost threw us both off.

" Ooooh my...Ooooh.... time to go to bed " Mom said

Mom was now in denial and just trying to make the proper responses, but the responses she
really was getting were from her body and she could no longer control them. She then put
her head against the wall while my head began to move down her chest and at reaching her
erect nipples I began to suckle, all the while keeping my hand moving strongly now on
her other breast.

Kent, after a momentary pause, put one of her foot up on the chair. This had the effect
of opening Mom's cunt and Kent took every advantage as he dived back upon it and once more
was licking and sipping at Mom's excited cunt. Mom then just kind of sagged back into the
wall and gave up completely any resistance while making little noises .

"Ooohhh, OOoohh, oh god, OOoohhhh, OOoohh "

Kent motioned for me to get ready to bone her since she is my mother, but he saw the
hesitation on my face. He then stood up, and moved between her thighs with his stiff
cock in his fist. He pulled her hips toward him while her head and upper shoulder against
on the wall.

He rubbed that big black cock on her clit few time, then proceeded to penetrating her,
but wasn't able to get in on first few tries, he then choked hard on his cock and f***ed
in again. Under the dim light I saw his black cock compressed and bended then popped inside
her cunt, Mother burst out a loud groaned.

It was wild to watch Mother get fucked. She was sprawled on chair with her legs spread,
and bouncing and wiggling her ass and squealing with delight. I almost went crazy at the sight.
I got so turned on watching my mother being humped that I had my own cock in my hand and was
whacking away at it before I even realized what I was doing. Kent moved into her and then back.
I could see his hard cock move slowly in and out. She now had her arms tight around my head
keeping me at her breasts as he rammed his cock in and out of her. Her crotch was all wet
from her own cunt juice.

I then motioned to Kent that I am ready to bone her now. He gave her a couple deep hard Thrust,
then pulled out his wet cock, Mom was eyes wide open and sore face from his last hard Thrust,
She then witnessed as Kent and I changed position, as me rubbed on her cunt and penetrated her.
My cock went inside her like a Hot Knife Through Butter, Her cunt so creamy silky warm, and
Surprisingly tight for a mature woman, specially a wet cunt at that. She might be my mother
but my cock didn't care a bit.

It was so great, sliding my prick in and out of her slick cunt. The lack of hair made it
so much smoother and I could watch as my cock was sliding in and out of her pussy.
The fat lips would pull out as I moved back then pull together and I once again moved back
into that warm, slick cunt. I was using her tits as hand holds for leverage. While Kent
was standing up on the chair feeding his thick cock in her mouth. Mother was performed
like a porn star, handling two cocks at ease. The scene was way beyond my wildest dreams.

" let fuck Mother on bed " Kent said with kinky smile.

While Kent got off the chair, I gently pulled up her. Mom stood up bare ass naked
with her DDD boobs, and strong pair of legs on high heels. She looked like a busty exotic dancer
just finished a dance. She still pretty tipsy as Kent got in front of her and bear hug around
her lower back and lifted up her. She wrapped those strong legs around his waits and arms
held tight on his shoulder. They were tongue licking as he walked over the bed. He then laid
her on bed, and spread her legs, then got on his knees licks her cunt. While I sucked on
her boobs.

Mother back to her moaned and groaned songs in few minutes, he then deployed big black cock
back inside her juice cunt and slowly fucked her again. Kent motioned me to have her sucks
my cock, he gave Mother a two thumbs up as an excellent cock sucker. I got on my side, and
moved my hips near Mother's mouth. She noticed of my movement, and greeted my hard cock with
an open mouth. Kent was right her magic lips and tongue grabbed, sucked, bitten and massage
my cock all at the sametime. I pulled my cock out of her mouth every minute or so to prevented
early cum.

Few minutes later, Kent got on his back, I mounted Mother in doggie position while she sucked
on Kent's black cock. All the noise from street damped down now, thus now we heard sounds of
Mother's sucking and my balls slapped on her cunt. We changed position again in short time
since Kent wasn't able to handle her blow job very long.

" Sit on me Mama, oh yea.......,we going to fuck your fine ass real good tonight ".

He then guided his black dick back inside her, With his hands reposition to her hips,
He plowed into her harder and faster, his cock slamming into her juicy pussy, filling it,
pushing into her cervix at the end of every stroke. Didn't take long before her moaned
and the sounds of his dick and balls slapped in to her cunt and ass returned in the room.

He then motioned me to bone her ass, Kent and I have had double penetration as much as
four women, and we really enjoyed it, But this is my mother, not some sluts, But I also
knew if I don't do it then he sure will fuck her ass, so best that I do it, and she might
even enjoyed it.

I then come up behind Mom and motioned Kent to pull her down. When he did, I got on
the bed behind her putting my hands on her ass and starting to massage her round globes.
This turned Mom on even more. I was moving her cheeks side to side and opening and closing
them. I then reached down and getting some cunt juice on my finger, I spread her nether
cheeks apart and pressed my finger against her butt hole. I kept up the pressure until
my finger slipped in.

Mom's eyes opened wide with shock and she stiffened with me touch on her asshole. As I
tried to enter her asshole with my finger she tried to move forward onto Kent to avoid my
finger, but being impaled on Kent she could not escape. She wimpered with surprise and
shame at being touched this way.

She was too embarrassed to say anything, all the while I was moving my finger in and out
of her butt hole. Kent could feel my finger moving back there while he was sliding in and
out of her cunt.

Finally, Kent felt I remove my finger and when Mom's face kind of tightened up and froze
Kent knew I was entering Mom's asshole with my cock. The two of us were fucking her together.

I told Ken not move for a few minutes while Mom got used to my presence back there and
I started a gentle in and out motion to try and take her mind off the temporary pain.
After a couple of minutes of this I noticed her breathing start to deepen again and
she began to move between us.

By now Kent was also moving his member in and out of her front and the feeling was so
tight on my cock because of the pressure from Kent. I had never felt anything so tight
on my cock. I couldn't really move any faster as there wasn't any room with Mom under me
and now Kent under her. [ click on video window ]

Mom was really starting to get into this now and she was doing most of the moving.
She started saying things like, "Oh, Oh, Oh god, Oh God, Oh God, this is too much,
I've never felt this turned on before."

Mom was on her hands with her arms locked and asked Kent to hold her breasts some more.

"Please", she said, "Please hold them and squeeze them hard."

Well Kent couldn't refuse and she began moving forwards and back, up and down, suddenly
she dropped her chest down in Kent face and told him to suck on her nipples, and hard.

"bite them, bite them gentle"....As he did she reached her peak. Kent felt her pussy
convulse with her orgasm and He exploded too.......

It was so intense that Kent almost passed out. I was bucking hard now into Mom's backside
and I was having a difficult time holding off, but as I kept it up Mom was still cumming,
over and over. I grunted loudly with my climax and plowed into Mom one last time.

It was a mind blowing experience. Knowing I'd just fucked my supposedly prudish mother
to a frenzied climax was a real trip in itself. As I got up from her ass, I noticed
mom had passed out from all the excitement and drink which she was totally unused to.
Kent and I had passed out not so long after that.

Next morning, A loud sounds come from the shower woke up me. As I looked around,
Kent still slept on the floor, and Mom was in the shower. All the images from last night
flashed back in my mind. I was worries if mom mad, and slamming things in the shower.
I woke up Kent and asked him to clean up and clear out of there because I had no clues
how mom would acts.

After Kent left, I watched TV while waiting for Mom. I was come up with all kind of
excused of how things happened that way last night, and beg her not to tell Dad.
But, when She got out the shower in hotel bathrobe and towel dry her hair.

" Oh Honey, The hotel Continental Breakfast will be over by 10AM, you best get fresh
up so we can go eat something ".

It was like a ton of weight lifted of my chest, Mom either didn't remember anything or
her brain is in denial that she didn't remember anything. In either case I am totally
cool with it.

After a quick shower, Mom and I went for free breakfast. We talked about many things
but never one mention anything about last night.

" So Mom would you like to go Sight Scene all cool places around here ?".

" Maybe later honey, I am still tired, I need another few hours of sl**ping ".

" Ok later then ".

We went back to our room just as the maid done with cleaned up in there. The room
was very bright since Sun light shining right at sliding glass door. I was going to
stay another half an hour with Mom then take off so she could get some rest. But then
she blew my mind by casually started take off her shoes, blouse, skirt, bra then finally
her panties!. Her pear-shaped breasts with two big plum size darkest areola, Normally her
areola browny dark, but now dark dark resulted from Kent and I foreplay last night. Her
hairless cunt all shielded up, Just one crack about three inches long.

She then casually peeled off bed cover then laid on bed stretched her arms and legs. My cock
was very hard at that point, and clearly visible on my paggy short.

" I could sl**p for week, think I will take a short vacation after get home ".

I realized that Mom didn't talk about last night but for sure she didn't forget shit,and
clearly Mother wanted to fuck again.

I casually got naked then climbed on bed by her. I was little embarrassed with a hard on.
She then rolled over on top of my chest, and a quick pecked on my lips. Her hand reached down
grabbed my hard cock, and slowly stroked it, while we French kissed.That was the first time
I kissed mother in the mouth, her tongue was dashing in and out of my mouth in a teasing
matter. she actually a very good kisser.

Few minutes later Mother slid down sucked my cock and balls. My hand squeezed and pinched
her tits then fingers fucked her motherly cunt. She then got on top of me in reverse
cowgirl position, slid my cock in to her tight cunt, arches her back with arms behind her,
and slid up and down on my meat. My hands on her hips as I gently fucked her.

Last night I thought It was so great watched my prick slide in and out of her slick cunt in
dim light. But that noon was another dimension all together, In that bright room I saw all
fine Stretchmarks on her ass and thighs of a mature body.

As My young cock penetrated her, Mother cunt was so tight that each time I pulled
my cock out, part of her inner cunt lips got pull out around half an inche too. The scence got
me so hot that my cock got little bigger, and Mother felt it too.

" Oooohh ".

" Squeeze my tits hard ".

" Ooohh yea babe like that.....fuck me faster now ".

Mother body jerked from all the excitement. Her strong pair of thighs were shaking hard, she
closed her thighs then opened while she groaned and moaned in her own ecstasy. She then collapsed
on my chest, breathing very hard as she cum.

I Then got out under her, spreaded knees wide open, and licked her messy cunt and asshole. Mother
got another wave orgasm as her back curved up, while pulled hard on bed sheet, her mouth wide
opened and made sounds like a wounded a****l. Minute later She burst out loud groaned.

" Oh my...oh my...I can't...please stop, please stop...get on top of me son, fuck me slowly ".

I got on top and slowly fucked her to calmed down her, we were lips locked on each other for
a long time before Mother requested.

" Fuck me faster ".

I then plowed into her harder and faster, my cock slamming into her juicy pussy, filling it,
pushing into her cervix at the end of every stroke.

" Ooohh my god....yea son..Ooohhh...fuck me...use me son....fuck me like your slut girl friend ".

Mother was going off with a scream. [ click on video window ]

Her cunt tight clasping lips and the pressure of her cervix finally overcame my ability
to hold back. At the very end. I felt the come starting at my toes, I pulled my wet cock
of her juice cunt leaped my body forward, My cock aimed right at her big tits and face
as I emptied my load. Mother's face and boobs full of fresh Semen, She then grabbed
my cock and drained what left in to her mouth. It was a mind blowing experience.

I nailed her tight cunt and ass the whole Saturday, then dropped off her to Airport on
Sunday morning, We never talk about that weekend, or fuck again. She was the greatest piece of ass
I've ever had.

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Black lover wants wife to be his french maid Hallo

It was now late October around my 30th birthday and Halloween. My wife and her black lover made plans to get together with one another this coming Saturday night which was also Halloween night. Knowing this he asked her if she could or would dress up like a "French Maid" ready to serve his every need, and that did not mean cleaning the house I assure you. She told him “OK cool, sounds like fun, I think I can do that.” My wife was now on a mission, to go out shopping and hopefully find a sexy hot French Maid outfit and make his fantasy come true. Over the next couple of days my wife went out shopping to a number of those sexy lingerie stores to locate a French maid costume. There wasn't enough time to purchase one online because plans were already made for the up coming weekend to act out this Halloween sex fantasy of his. As her luck would have it, she found what she considered to be the perfect French Maid Outfit. A black and white patent short flair dress that laces down the front and has puffy short sleeves, white satin apron and headband. The rest of costume includes fishnet thigh high stockings and black patent high heels shoes. My wife was so excited and couldn't wait for Saturday night to come dressed as his personal French Maid, to serve him his fantasy all night long!

Well Saturday night finally came and her lover arrived right on time, 9:00PM. The door bell rang, my wife took a deep breath, gave me a kiss on the cheek and there she was, this gorgeous French Maid hurrying to answer the front door to let her black lover in. When she opened our front door the look on his face was total amazement. Immediately, he couldn't keep his hands off her as they embraced in a long kiss that lasted a good 5 minutes. When they regained their composure my wife said to him. "Is there anything you need, or I can do for you master?” I was impressed, very nice role playing, I forgot about that part being so distracted at just how hot she looked and his reaction to her dressed up in a french maid outfit. He turned to me for a brief second, he looked right back at her and replied "Why yes maid, first I want you to unbuckle my belt, snap open my pants and zip down my fly". "Yes Master, anything you want master" she replied.

I was kind of worried as our inside front door was still wide open, all that remained closed was our full length-all glass outer storm door. Anyone that might just happen to pass by could easily look in and notice what was unfolding right before my very eyes here inside our home. I couldn't move, I was totally mesmerized and I really did not want to distract them as they continued this role playing fantasy out. If she wanted to close the front door or dim the inside lights she would have done so already. So go ahead I thought, put on a show for all to see, get caught or not. WOW, I must admit it was an added bonus for me that really heightened my own arousal watching the two of them. I'm sure for my wife as well knowing it’s possible for others to peek inside and see what’s going on in our home tonight. A big black man half naked standing over a hot white woman in a French Maid outfit, doing the nasty no less. God I love this lifestyle we live!

He then ordered my wife, his French Maid to get down on her knees and lowered his pants to his ankles, (he wasn't wearing any briefs) My wife dropped to her knees. After freeing his already hard big black cock he ordered his French Maid to worship and suck on it. "Yes master, I waited all week for this master" she replied. She began by kissing and licking his big black cock from the underside of his balls to the tip of his giant black cock. He ordered her to continue sucking on that big stick until he shot his load of cum in her mouth and swallow every drop of it. He told her she would be punished if she missed just one drop... and all this with the front door wide open! WOW, was all I could think.. look at this, what a great night for my French Maid wife. She was sucking on his cock so good that even I was jealous. She had her left arm around his naked ass holding on to him, her right hand pumping furiously at the base of his long cock while her mouth went as deep as she could slurping on the length of his big black cock over and over again. His legs began to stiffen up then he threw his head back and began cumming in her mouth. Her lips were wrapped tightly around his cum spewing cock making sure she didn’t miss one drop of his seed.

I could tell from the amount of times she kept swallowing his load by the way she was gulping and sucking on him. She held him there for a few more minutes as she sucked real hard making sure he was drained of his cum. Then she licked him clean and stood up. She looked him right in the eyes and said, “Thank you so much master” he replied with a smirk eating grin on his face, “Your welcome maid” After that scene the two of them went up to our bedroom. I began to follow them but my wife turned back and told me not to follow them.. Then I heard her say under her breath, kinda of a whisper that I know she wanted me to hear "sl**p down stairs loser" !! Ah, Ok humiliate me I thought! True and perfect words a cuckold like me loves to hear. Now all I have to do is wait for him to leave. But I know it's going to be a very long night and I can't wait to hear all the details after he has his way with his willing little French Maid, my wife.

I went into our small spare bedroom and found a note she obviously left for me earlier in the day. Clever I though to myself., she knew all along she was going have me sl**p down here so she could be alone up in our bedroom with her black lover serving his fantasy of having a French maid whore to do what ever he wants happily with no questions asked. The Note read: "To my small dick loser husband, I want you to remove all your cloths. I put your cell phone on the night stand. I’ll call you when he leaves. Don’t wait up and don’t you dare jerk off that pathetic small dick or yours, sweet dreams! Your whore wife! No, I mean his whore, your wife! Oh and another thing. I put that huge butt plug you hate having shoved up your ass under the pillow. Make sure it’s inside you when I call you to come up after he’s gone."

I stayed in bed waiting nearly all night for her phone call. I tried my best to stay awake, but eventually I drifted off to sl**p. I was awakened by my cell phone sometime after 8a.m. the next morning. I quickly reached for that giant butt plug then the door swung open. There she was still dressed partially in her French maid outfit without the apron and head band. She had a huge smile on her face, her hair was tossed and her makeup was all messed up. She took the butt plug from my hand and said “let me help you with this” She had me get on my knees, she put a little lube in and around my butt and proceeded to tease me with it. Then without warning she slammed it right up my butt hole, held it there until I stopped squealing from the pain she had just inflicted on me. She pinched my nipple ring with one hand while her other hand measured my small dick in a pitiful way. She let out a big sigh! Then she said “What a shame how small your cock is, 5"” Then she ordered me to roll over on to my back and lay flat on the bed. She started to move up and over my waiting mouth to lick her pussy clean. Then she said “I have a surprise for you cuckyboy are you ready for it?” I replied “Ready for what” She said “lick my pussy clean and you’ll soon find out” Then she reminded me that she had to do everything her master asked of her and one of his requests was not wearing condoms. Licking her pussy clean is one thing, licking someones freshly deposited cum an entire new thing for me. I was to turned on, none of that mattered to me. Until my own reality hit me.

I knew then what she was about to say next as my heart raced. My wife said “He came inside me at least five times and I loved feeling his warm cum shooting deep inside me where no man has ever gone, especially not you” "What, no condoms? Are you nuts?" I said. She replied, "I'm pretty sure he made me pregnant cumming deep inside my fertile womb so many times" I replied, "how can you be so sure your pregnant? My wife said, "Because I'm ovulating today." You've got to be k**ding me" I said. She replied, "We talked about this so many times how hot it would be for me to become black pregnant or have you forgotten?, so what's your problem?" I replied, "That was a fantasy of ours I never thought you would actually go through with it, what will our f****y and friends think when they obviously find out I'm not the father?". "I know," she smiled. It means I'll have a black baby, and our families and all of our friends will find out that you’re my cuckold. And I will have to explain to everyone about the size of your pathetic little unsatisfying dick. I'm sure most will understand. And I don't really care what anyone will think or has to say about it, you shouldn't either. This is the lifestyle we choose to live and if it means we're having a black baby we made this decision to live this lifestyle to the fullest, it's who we are so get over it." With my head down in submission I replied, "Your right, I'm happy for you, for us." "Now can we continue getting down to business" she said in a stern tone of voice.

I cupped my lips around her gaping pussy and slowly worked my tongue inside her cum soaked pussy. I felt her put some pressure on herself forcing the cum down from deep inside her womb and I helped by sucking out as much of his cum as I could. She commented, “That’s it cuckyboy get it all out of me, swallow all his loads and clean me all up, I have another surprise for you when your done but don’t move your close to your birthday present just as soon as your finished cleaning my pussy”

Happy birthday to you, now get ready for your present!
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How to orgasm in a crowded environment (updated)

I was working in a town called Leicester. My girlfriend Christina had just finished a degree in French and Italian so went I decided to go off on an adventure and teach English abroad, I only looked in France and Italy and when I found a job in Sicily she came with me. She was fearless in the bedroom, very sensual, completely at ease with her sexuality and moaned and screamed uncontrollably when she came which was frequently, intensely, repeatedly (we’d even got complaints from our neighbours) and with much gusto.

So once when we were living in Sicily I had to cross the island to Palermo to pick up Christina from the airport. I didn’t have a car at the time but 3 friends of mine ( Franco, Pierro, and Giuseppina – Giusy for short – I k** you not) thought it’d be a hoot to engage in a “road trip” and off we went. It was about a six hour trip there. Her plane came in around midnight which is why you had to drive – no public transport, and so the journey back to took place during the night.

I sat in the back with Guisy on my left. Franco and Pierro shared the driving in the front. Christina was on my right. I sat in the middle on the back seat with my right arm around Christina’s shoulders, my hand stroking her hair – at first. When we started back everyone was chatting and joking with each other but as the night wore on Giusy fell asl**p her head against my shoulder but the two boys continued to chat quietly to each other to keep themselves awake. Their cigarettes glowing in the dark: we were travelling through the countryside and as it was after midnight there was nobody on the roads. And no street lights. Occasionally I’d chip in with a comment.

After a while I noticed that Christina had closed her eyes but wasn’t actually sl**ping as I stroked her hair. I also noticed that her hips were gently moving in time with my hair strokes and I knew she was getting turned on. As I mentioned earlier Christina was a highly sexed person (like perhaps yourself?). While she had been in England we had had some highly charged phone calls, me doing all the provocating and Christina doing all the listening but unable to reply directly or react because she was staying in her parent’s home and using their phone in the living room. She had also had to share her old room with her s****r so I knew she hadn’t been able to relieve herself in any way. She had told me on the phone that she had even tried masturbating in the bathroom but being disturbed , or the thought of being disturbed by her mum and dad had put her off.

I knew by the way we had embraced at the airport and the look she had given me that she was extremely horny, as was I, and we had exchanged some banter indicating that in a few short hours at home we’d be able to do something about it. I decided to change tact and instead of stroking the back of her head, I took a bunch of her hair in my fist and pulled her head back slightly. She reacted by settling slightly deeper into the back seat but opening and closing her thighs slightly, and I heard an almost imperceptible exhalation of air as she sighed which made me hard because I knew it was the sound she made when I had done something which had her aroused her sexually. But she couldn’t really open her legs much because three of us were crammed onto the back seat and she was wedged in between me on her left and the car door on her right. All and all it was quite a tight fit.
After gently grasping and realising the hair bunched in my fist many times over several minutes, or what felt like several minutes, with out thinking or planning, but with evil intentions, I lowered my arm till it was just below her shoulder blades and nudged her back forward with my arm, and let it slip downwards so my arm was now around her waist. I should say that Christina was/is an attractive blond with small breasts (but pert nipples) and an hour glass figure. Luckily for me that night she was only wearing a loose fitting t-shirt tucked into blue jeans. While my left arm lay innocently sandwiched between Giusy’s sl**ping body and my own body, I stretched my right arm as far as I could, pressing my body against hers. She leaned into me and slightly more forward simultaneously, and by these means I was able I was able to reach around her waist and just about get my fingers on her waist band and then with a bit more squeezing together finally reach on the buttons of her jeans. I was feeling a little nervous what with someone asl**p on my left and two people chatting in low tones in the front, and my arm was being crushed between the small of Christina’s back and the seat but I thought my efforts might be rewarded

My right index finger was just about able to stroke her jeans along the zip and I could feel that she was pulling herself into a more upright seating position, her ass moving backwards and then flush against the seat so my hand would have greater access to her. But there was no way I could undo the jeans buttons with one hand but very slowly she moved her own hands into her lap and undid her jeans and then stayed resting on her lap. I then pulled down the zip very slowly as each unzipped tooth sounded very loud.

It was awkward but I managed to slip my fingers under the waist band of her panties moving them slowly downwards, the palm of my hand pressing first on her lower belly and then on her mons. Her panties were already soaked and as my finger slipped smoothly into her cleft she had to stifle a little moan and the sensation of creamy wetness sent fucking ecstasy through my reptilian brain. Of course, it was at that moment the driver then suddenly asked me if I knew which highway to take so I leaned forward between the seats (my head scr****g the roof of that little Fiat.) but pushing back on my right hand and although the jeans were tight my finger slipped deep into her. Luckily, Guisy was still sl**ping, or rather I hoped she was still sl**ping. As none of us were quite sure of the turning I sat there peering out through the windscreen, making jokes about Italian driving and elated easy targets. It was hard to concentrate because most of my attention was focused on the sensations of moving my finger in Christina’s sopping quim, luxuriating in its texture, flashes of unbridled sexual activity corus**ting through my mind. Pierro finally noticed the right sign and we turned off onto another motorway. After a few seconds of conversation I leaned back again squashing myself between Giusy and Christina, who I hadn’t even dared look at and once I was wedged in between them, I started to rhythmically finger fuck Christina slowly but firmly. .It wasn’t easy because as much as she might try she didn’t have space to open her legs any wider and her jeans were tight constricting my finger movements but the frustration of this lack of movement made whatever minute jerks and thrusts I was able to manage even more frantic and that eagerness transmitted itself to Christina who (she said later) was getting even more turned on. I glanced to my right and while maintaining the less than satisfactory (in my opinion) motions s of my finger watched her face for a while. She was staring straight ahead, eyes open which was unusual as when she was aroused normally her eyes stayed shut. She was concentrating on getting the maximum pleasure with the minimum of sound and movement. Her hips were thrusting out in time with my finger movements and she was breathing in small rapid breaths. I was getting incredibly turned on myself but here was nothing we could do about that. She told me later than when I had begun she had thought I was crazy but the thought of being surrounded by people turned her on. And the more it became necessary for her to control her normal moans and motions as she became more and more aroused, the more aroused she became. A perfect feedback loop. Then it entered my head to do my damnest to make her come. The whole situation was turning me on but it was also the kind of sexual challenge I like to find solutions to. How can I make a woman have an orgasm in a crowded car? Her specific challenge to resist it or hide it so nobody notices (which naturally would be a very embarrassing outcome, although I knew Franco and Pierro would fuck her given half a chance –blonds are a rare sight in dark-haired Sicily). Mine to achieve this while making the occasional quip or joke in a completely natural way so the only thing that would stay unaroused would be suspicion.
Then suddenly, and disappointingly, Christina must have decided this was neither the time or the place for an orgasm and clenched her thighs around my hand to prevent me from masturbating her. There was a lot of pressure on my hand from the jeans and the muscles of her thighs. But I thought to myself “It’s going to happen whether you like it or not.” I started fingering her again with renewed vigour. Although it was a tight fit her cunt was extremely wet and I had enough space to draw my finger back thereby spreading some of her juices out and up and smearing them on her clit. I started combining circular motions around her clit with deep thrust inside her. Again she pressed her thighs closed trapping my hand, putting excruciating pressure on it, trying to prevent any movement but by that point even the slightest movement caused a delicious sensation in her cunt or my hand was pressed down and my finger went in deeper. So she decided (she told me later) on a different tract. She tried to distract me by engaging ME and the two boys in conversation: had she missed anything while she had been gone? How had the weather been? Completely trivial shit, anything to get me to lose my determined focus and generate worry in me that one of our fellow travellers might become alerted to the fact something was amiss. (she certainly was a Missy)

It became a battle of wills but I was determined to win so I sat forward and leaned between the seats as I had before and introduced the topic of football or films, I don’t remember which now, which as I mentioned earlier allowed me to brace my arm backward resulting in my middle finger, already deep in her cunt now crooked almost parallel with my wrist, pressing firmly against the roof of her pussy. Press, release. Press, release. The lips on her face now clenched together in a grimace as she tried to prevent any sound, moan, squeak escaping. I increased the rhythm of my finger pressing into her flesh. At this point she was losing it and had moved her right foot so it was resting on a ridge on the car door, to open up access to her crotch. With this increase in the freedom of movement I was once again able to draw my finger out and go to work on her clit again. Her breathing was really speeding up, her pelvis thrusting slightly forward rhythmically in time with my finger as it delved once more into the recess of her cunt and then suddenly she came! I felt her whole body tense, she clenched her jaws, and only the long slow never ending exhalation of her breath told me that she was having an orgasm. After it had finished I let her sit quietly for a few minutes but then had to removed my finger and she discreetly did up her jeans again. I couldn’t resist lifting my finger to my face and smelling her sweet perfume. And nobody in that little car had realised anything.
... Continue»
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Reetu losing virginity to three guys

I’m going to tell one of my past experiences this time. I was torn apart by three guys at the age of 16 and that’s how I lost my virginity. It happened once when I went to my friend Shreya’s flat to return her notes which I had borrowed. I had planned to stay at her place that evening as my parents were going out to a temple.

I called up Shreya but it was his b*****r Sarun who answered the call. He said she would be there and asked me to come over at 6pm. When I reached there, only Sarun was at home. He said Shreya had asked me to wait for her and she had gone out urgently to a cousin’s house nearby. Even though I’ve seen Sarun a couple of times before, I was not friends with him.

One reason for that was Sarun was Shreya eldest b*****r who’s 10 years elder to us. He was 26 then and was a matured guy. He was clean shaven, about 6 feet tall and with a well built body. I was not nervous because it never occurred to me that he would have had any wild fantasies about me. While I was watching TV in the living room, I noticed him staring at my breasts.

I knew I had huge boobs that often attracted my classmates at school. I tried not to give much attention and pretended I did see him looking at my boobs. After a while, he was making a call and I assumed it was his friend from the way he was talking. He went inside his room and closed the door. I was relieved and continued watching TV.

In about 15 minutes, someone rang the door bell and I was confused if I should open the door or not. “Sarun bhayya, someone’s ringing the doorbell.” I called out to him. “Can you please open the door Reetu? That’s my friends Rohit and Abhinav. Tell them I’m having a shower.” Sarun replied from inside his room.

I did not feel anything fishy in his voice and I went up to the door and opened. Rohit is a person, whom my friend Shreya had a crush. He is a really handsome guy, tall and dark with sharp features. Even I liked him. But Rohit was Shreya’s treasure and hoped he would propose her sometime in the future. Abhinav was an average guy.

I opened the door, smiled at them, walked back and sat on the couch watching TV again. I was feeling a bit weird with three boys alone in a flat that I did not even know what to do. While watching TV, suddenly Rohit placed both his hands over my shoulders and moved down his hands, cupped my boobs and squeezed them.

I was frozen the moment as Abhinav was watching me with a dirty smile. Forget crying, I couldn’t even utter a word. “How do you feel it dear?” Rohit asked playfully. “Man, this girl is a real turn on. What your name?” Abhinav asked me while approaching me with his meat taken out of his shorts. That was the first time I was seeing a cock in real.

I tried to call Sarun for help but Abhinav pushed his dick into my mouth. My eyes were watered as it filled my mouth. I tried to resist but he held my hands. Rohit now took off my top and I was sitting in front of them wearing a bra. Rohit pressed my boobs and sucked them greedily while Abhinav was trying to mouth fuck me.

I hardly knew how to do a blowjob and I was still trying to resist and get up. But two lusty guys on me made it impossible for me to move. That when Sarun opened the door and I thought he would come and help me out. But he was surprised to my boobs being sucked wildly and a cock on my mouth. I could easily see his hardened cock through his shorts.

He just stood there for a while watching me being ****d and then joined the fun. Sarun came and spread my legs and lifted my skirt up to my thighs. Now I knew I had no choice. I was in anger and grief that I tried to kick Sarun with my legs. But held both my legs tightly and widely open. “Behave well or we are going to beat you up bitch.” Abhinav threatened me.

Now I took my mouth away and pleaded to Sarun as he was only person I knew. “Sarun bhayya.. Please leave me. I don’t know to do this. Please for Shreya’s sake” I was now crying. As a reply Sarun just rubbed my pussy hardly and then removed my panties. In no time he was rubbing my clits with his thumb while kissing my thighs.

I was getting a shiver over my whole body. Meanwhile, Rohit took out his erect cock and pushed into my mouth and made my hands rub his balls. Abhinav was squeezing my boobs with one hand and shagging his cock with the other. Sarun kissed my thighs and moved up to my pussy which was getting wet now. I was feeling the pleasure bit by bit.

I continued to sob and moan at the same time, while sucking Rohit’s huge hard cock. Sarun started licking my wet cunt, sucking my pussy lips and rubbing my clits. I was getting turned on now that I was no more crying but was moaning in pleasure. “Sarun bhayyaaa…. Aaaaaahhhhh…. Ummmmmmmmmmmm… uuufffffffff… ” I cried out.

“Look how the bitch is enjoying it now!” Abhinav got excited now. I got the practise of sucking the cock now and Rohit was enjoying nicely. “Uufffff… Suck it you slut.. Faster.. yeaa.. do it faster.. more.. yeaah.. like that..” Rohit couldn’t resist now and he exploded in my mouth. I did not know if I should drink it or not.

“Don’t you dare spit.. Drink it!” Abhinav shouted in excitement and I drank all the cum as I was getting excited by Sarun licking my cunt. My wet pussy was dripping pre cum when he pushed his middle finger inside my tight and untouched cunt. “Ouucchhh.. It’s painful bhayya… Don’t do it please. Please.. I beg you.” I cried out.

He started pushing it even more and fingering my pussy while licking my clitoris. I was having a pleasure at the same time I was not able to resist the pain. I started crying loud now and was getting nervous. It made my hole tighter and hard for his finger to push in. Abhinav lost his patience and he asked Sarun to move away and he spread my legs.

“You slut.. I will show you what pain is now. Take my cock in now.” And Abhinav pushed his cock into my cunt. It was tight and not easy to push it’s way through, so he rubbed my clits and spit my pussy to lubricate it. Rohit started sucking my boobs and squeezing them while now Sarun was pointing his meat to me for a blowjob.

I was crying in pain while Abhinav was pushing his dick into my pussy. After a while of rubbing my clits I was on the verge of an orgasm when his cock slid into my hole easily. I was at ease now and it was not much painful now. I started enjoying his thrusts. “Oh my God.. her pussy is so tight. It’s so good.. I’m gonna fuck you to heaven you slut.

Ooooooohhhhh!!!” Abhinav was in real pleasure now and so was I. I started sucking Sarun’s cock now. His had a thick cock that was huge for my mouth but I sucked his tip and drank his pre cum. It was a wonderful sight for Rohit. I was lying on the couch, my skirt up with no panties, legs widespread, fucked hard by a guy,

me giving a blowjob to the other and my large boobs being sucked wildly by the third guy. “Aaahhh… Do it more… again.. faaster.. Ohhh.. its feels good… yeaa.. do it to me again … please.. Ohhhhh yeaah… Uffffffff…… Aaahhhhhh” I was crying out in pleasure now which made Abhinav loose his control and he came inside me.

He pushed deep into my hole while exploding and kept his meat inside until his cum filled my tight hole. His sweat was dripping over my body. Sarun was about to cum when Abhinav pulled out his cock and immediately Sarun penetrated my pussy. It was not that hard as Abhinav’s cum was a good lubricant.

He started fucking me harder and faster than Abhinav as now the cunt ws more relaxed. I was enjoying every bit of it now. I shagged Rohit’s dick with my hands and licked Abhinav’s cock clean and sucked the tips of it for more. “Saali.. You want more? Take it now… Make me cum inside your small pussy.. Let me have you bitch.. ” Sarun yelled in pleasure.

“Yes bhayya… Do it more and give me all of it… please do it faster …” I cried when Sarun bursted his cum inside me. My cunt sucked it all up. I was left there for a while and they watched me lying on the couch tired and this time Rohit inserted his cock into me.

I was fucked several times that day and even though it started as pure ****, towards the end I was enjoying every bit of it. My pussy was torn apart by these guys and it was so swelling that I could not walk properly for two days. And that’s how I lost my virginity to three guys!... Continue»
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Three in a Bed.

Note: ——I am NOT the author!so plz Don't ask me about part two,am simply sharing this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here

Part One

Roger took another sip of the rich red wine and cocked his wrist to check the time on his watch. He and Julie had arrived home ten minutes earlier to prepare for Doug’s visit, his second to their home. The first visit had been pleasant and relaxing, a “get-to-know-you” opportunity, yet both Roger and Julie had been a little disappointed that the occasion had not developed into a more intimate encounter. However as Doug had explained before he had left to attend a pre-Xmas function, the opportunity to develop a relationship on that first meeting should guarantee on subsequent meetings a relaxed atmosphere leading to mutually satisfying, sensual encounters. Hopefully, Julie and Roger had mused, on this second visit Doug would feel that their relationship was suitably developed to move to another level.

A sudden clip of heels on the driveway caused Roger to look out through the open front door, to see Doug approaching the steps, a bottle of wine in one hand as he raised the other in greeting. As he walked into the room where Roger and Julie sat waiting, Doug’s demeanour and the obvious bulge in the front of his slacks indicated that not only was his mind on a mutually satisfying conclusion to the day’s meeting, but also he was actively anticipating one.

Doug settled into a chair with the glass of wine handed him by Julie and several minutes of chat ensued, but idle chat was soon stifled by the palpable tension in the air as each of the three waited for one of the others to make the move all desired. The silence grew awkward and prolonged, broken suddenly by Doug rising, stretching out a hand to Julie where she sat on the sofa, and announcing that he would feel more comfortable in the bedroom. With a rush of relief Roger quickly stood, taking Julie’s other hand, and she allowed the two men to lead her to the bedroom.

In a trice Julie was stripped naked and lifted on the bed to recline against the pillows as the men both undressed urgently, revealing rampant erections which swayed menacingly before them as the men clambered onto the bed to join her. A frisson of excitement washed over Julie at the thought that one or both of their cocks would soon be buried inside her, then she lay back and closed her eyes, surrendering to the waves of pleasure coursing through her as the two men set to work on her body.

Four hands caressed her body as two mouths settled on her breasts, suctioning her flesh, tongues laving and teasing her hardening nipples. Hands trailed over her belly, reaching between her legs, caressing her inner thighs, parting her swelling pussy lips and probing her moistening core. Julie groaned with pleasure, legs involuntarily spreading wider, body racked with waves of sensation as a seeming multitude of fingers simultaneously probing her pussy, caressed her swollen clit and teased the pursed button of her anus as the suctioning mouths and agile tongues continued to thrill her sensitive nipples. A sudden chill of cool air on warm saliva and the shifting on the bed heralded the departure of a mouth from one breast, being replaced by teasing fingers as the departing lips and tongue trailed a path down her belly to the fork of her thighs to clamp over her pussy, where a busy tongue replaced hurriedly withdrawn fingers. The bed shifted again as the other breast was similarly treated as the other mouth moved lower, as firm hands f***ed her thighs even wider to accommodate both lovers as the directed their oral skills to her pleasure.

Lying side by side between Julie’s thighs, Doug and Roger in turn each kissed and caressed the smooth skin of an inner thigh as the other lapped and sucked at her pussy, at the same time heightening one another’s arousal by caressing the other’s cock, both of which by now were achingly hard.

It was inevitable that the twin attentions of her two lovers would bring Julie to an early and strong climax. Waves of sensation surged from her taut nipples and swollen clit, building responding centres of sensation in her head and deep in her belly which radiated out, washing over her in waves of increasing intensity until her whole body was overwhelmed by pleasure so extreme it was almost painful. The two men held Julie’s legs as her body convulsed, hips arching from the bed in the frenzy of her climax. Even as her body was relaxing as her orgasm faded, Doug was moving up the bed between her legs, positioning himself above Julie’s still-twitching loins. Reaching under her to cup her smooth buttocks in both hands, he raised her hips to range his broad blunt knob against her wet opening. Julie grunted in pleasure, her legs rising to clasp Doug’s waist, her ankles locking behind his back as his thick cock bulldozed into her grotto with a single firm thrust.

Kneeling beside the copulating couple, Roger watched fascinated as Doug’s thick, shaven shaft pistoned back and forth in Julie’s equally smooth pussy. With each thrust, spurring his cock ever faster into the welcoming grasp of Julie’s pussy, Doug could both feel and hear his heavy, hairless balls slapping wetly in the mixed saliva and love juice, which liberally moistened the smooth crease of her buttocks. Her senses still heightened from her first orgasm, Julie soon felt another climax building inside her and was quickly crying out in pleasure as another, more intense orgasm washed over her.

As her legs relaxed, sliding from his waist, Doug jerked his wet, engorged cock from Julie, rolling aside and indicating to Roger to take his place. In a flash, Roger was mounted and thrusting, arms hooked under Julie’s knees to raise and open her to him, his buttocks alternately clenching and relaxing as his shuttling hips pounded the back of her thighs, his rampant cock searching the depths of her pussy. Overwhelmed by the thrill of being taken by two lovers in quick succession, Julie began a series of multiple orgasms, hips bucking up to meet Roger’s thrusts, back arching so that at times only her shoulders and heels were on the bed.

A firm grip on his shoulder caused Roger to cease thrusting, and he turned to see Doug indicating that they should change places once more. As Roger withdrew and Julie slumped back onto the bed, Doug grasped her thighs, gently sliding her down the bed towards him, and urged her to roll over onto her hands and knees. As she did so, Roger moved before her to present his stiff cock to her lips. She gobbled greedily on his shaft, as behind her Doug shuffled into position, bending over her back to reach under her and stimulate her clit as he mounted her. The f***e of Doug’s thrusts jerked Julie back and forth, driving her suctioning lips up and down Roger’s shaft in a fucking action that soon had him surging to climax. Racked with sensation, and the stimulation of taking a cock at either end, Julie orgasmed yet again, Roger’s cock slipping from her mouth as she cried out, slumping forward under the f***e of Doug’s thrusts. Too far gone to hold back, Roger’s first jet of spunk flew over Julie’s shoulder to catch Doug on the cheek. The second spurt landed on Doug’s tongue as he opened his mouth wide to catch it and successive jets as Roger moved closer, offering his spurting cock to Doug’s waiting lips.

Eager to repay the favour, as soon as he had swallowed the last of Roger’s spunk from his drooling cock Doug pulled out of Julie and rolled onto his back, urging her to turn to face his feet and kneel over his face. As she did so, pressing her pussy to Doug’s lips, she watched Roger kneel between Doug’s spread legs, bending forward to take the swollen tip of Doug’s cock between his lips. Hesitantly at first, then with increasing confidence, Roger began to suck Doug’s cock, sliding his lips up and down the thick shaft tangy with Julie’s love juices, swirling his tongue around the flaring ridge of the knob and tonguing the tiny eye at the tip.

With his hands under Julie’s buttocks, Doug moved her back and forth, his tongue teasing her swollen clit, thrusting deep into her pussy, and teasing her anus in turn. As his arousal grew in response to the suctioning mouth on his cock and the fingers fondling his tight and heavy balls, Doug’s hips began to thrust upward, driving his cock deeper into Roger’s mouth. Roger felt the shaft between his lips swelling, then begin to twitch as spurts of thick, creamy spunk poured from the tip and rolled over his tongue. Keeping his mouth over Doug’s cock until the final dribbles of spunk ceased, Roger pulled away to let Doug’s softening cock fall wetly back onto his belly. Doug eased Julie off his face and all three collapsed onto the bed, temporarily spent.

Part Two

Roger was the first to move, needing to take a piss. Easing himself from the bed, he padded naked to the bathroom, lifted the lid of the pan and with a small sigh of relief released a hot stream into the bowl. As he pissed, he reflected on how events had progressed. Julie was obviously enjoying their first threesome: he had watched his wife fucked, had tasted cock, swallowed a load of spunk, been sucked by another man, and so far he had thoroughly enjoyed all of these new experiences. He mused about what might take place next: would he get to fuck Doug, would Doug want to fuck him? The thought of that big cock in his relatively virgin ass scared yet excited him. Finishing his piss, he washed his hands and headed silently back to the bedroom, taking the wine glasses from the coffee table as he passed through the lounge.

He paused as he reached the bedroom door to look down at the couple sprawled on the bed, both lying with eyes closed in positions of post-coital relaxation. One of Julie’s arms covered her eyes, while her legs lay parted obscenely wide, showing the pink inner lips of her pussy, her inner thighs still glistening with the juices of their torrid lovemaking. Doug lay beside her, one hand mounding the firm breast nearest to him, his fingers gently teasing the still-swollen nipple. His cock, now soft yet still bloated-looking and thick, lay curved on his thigh. Having seen it hard and in action, looking for all the world like a slender arm pumping back and forth in Julie’s pussy, Roger speculated where Doug might want to use it next. Would he want Julie’s ass, which up to now had only ever experienced Roger’s much thinner member, or, and he gave a small shudder of mixed excitement and trepidation, would he want Roger’s ass. He and Julie had talked of his curiosity to explore a sexual encounter with another man, and had agreed that the situation that they had arranged tonight offered security and stimulation for both of them, but looking again at the size of Doug’s cock, Roger wondered if perhaps he could go through with their plan to its natural conclusion. Then, remembering Doug’s assurance that any one of them could call a stop at any point, he moved on into the bedroom, kneeling on the bed next to his wife, suggesting that they freshen up with a sip or two of wine. Doug and Julie pulled themselves into sitting positions to accept their glasses. Dropping her arm in Doug’s lap, Julie groped for his cock. As her slender fingers caressed its length, Roger was fascinated to watch as with even this mild stimulation Doug’s organ rapidly filled with bl**d, swelling and lengthening to full erection in a series of pulsing jerks.

Doug looked up from watching Julie’s hand on his cock to meet Roger’s gaze. “All right, my friend,” he asked softly “what would you like now?”

Flushing slightly, his cock beginning to stir despite his confusion, Roger stammered, “Um, well, that’s up to you, but I would like to fuck you, if that’s all right, and for you to fuck me.”

“Well, if it’s up to me, how about I do you first, and then you can have me?” Doug asked. When after a pause Roger slowly nodded his agreement, Doug quickly took charge. “OK, do you have any lube, because if you haven’t, I have?” In response, Roger reached into the bedside cabinet and passed a tube of KY to Doug. “Stay where you are Julie, but put a pillow under your hips to lift you up a bit” Doug directed, “and Roger, I want you to kneel between her legs and eat her out. Is this your first time?” he queried. Roger nodded again. “OK, I’ll take it easy. Just concentrate on giving Julie a good time while I get you ready!”

Julie raised her hips to slide a pillow under them, and Roger obediently knelt between her parted thighs and lowered his head to cover her pussy with his mouth, drawing her swollen nether lips into his open mouth as his tongue sought her swollen clitoris. He felt a hand tug his buttocks apart, a cold wetness on his ass, then the blunt tip of a finger probed the iris of puckered skin shielding his rectum and wormed past the tight ring of his sphincter into the sheath of his bowel, quickly sliding easily and painlessly back and forth in his ass. Continuing to lick and suck on Julie’s weeping pussy, he felt the finger in his ass partially withdraw, and then a second fingertip was probing his ass next to the first. He gasped into Julie’s wet crotch at a sudden, small burst of pain in his ass as it was stretched by the intrusion of the second finger, but the pain quickly passed and he felt only a sensation of fullness and dilation as the two fingers slowly pumped in and out, twisting and turning as they did so.

Again, the two fingers almost withdrew and Roger felt a third finger tip worming into his opening, and again, there was a sudden burst of pain as the third finger gained entry, pushing into him alongside the other two. This time Doug took longer to work his fingers into Roger, but he was soon pumping them back and forth steadily, twisting them about as he slowly opened Roger’s ass. Doug slowly worked his fingers ever deeper until Roger could feel the other man’s knuckles pushing hard between his buttocks, then he suddenly stopped, his fingers deep in Roger’s ass and bent forward to murmur in his ear. “Do you want me to wear a condom, or go bareback?” he asked softly.

Roger lifted his face from Julie’s pussy. “Um, will you come inside me if you go bare?” he asked.

“If that’s what you want.” Doug replied softly.

“Uh, I think I’d like to feel that.” Roger answered. “OK, your call!” said Doug, straightening up.

The fingers in Roger’s ass thrust and twisted back and forth several more times, and then slowly withdrew, leaving Roger with a momentary feeling of emptiness. He felt the mattress rise and dip behind him, and then Doug’s knees were between his legs, forcing them wider apart. Doug leant over his back to murmur in his ear once more. “If it feels too big, don’t fight it, just push down on me and don’t tense up!”

Looking over her husband’s raised buttocks Julie watched as Doug carefully lubricated the full length of his cock, wiping the excess over Roger’s ass. Grasping Roger’s buttocks with both hands Doug pulled them further apart, and then ranged his broad knob at the puckered entrance before him. She watched as Doug slid a thumb down Roger’s buttock to hold his tip at Roger’s opening, and then press forward. She felt Roger flinch and heard his muffled murmur of protest. “Don’t fight it,” Doug urged, “Press down!” She could almost feel her husband willing himself to relax, and heard Doug’s grunt of approval as his knob began to slip inside her husband’s virgin ass.

Roger felt a prickling feeling as the solid knob lodged at his opening first began to push in, but as it gained a further entry the prickling rapidly grew to a painful, splitting sensation as Doug’s cock began to f***e a passage past his sphincter. Flinching with pain he tried to cry out in protest, but it was muffled, as his face was f***ed hard into the fork of Julie’s thighs by the unremitting pressure from behind him. From what seemed a distance he could hear Doug urging him to relax. As he pressed down against the intrusion in his ass he felt a sear of pain that quickly faded to a dull ache as the rim of Doug’s knob slipped past his protesting ring of muscle, leaving it to clasp the narrower neck of Doug’s shaft in an elastic grip.

Doug ceased pushing and leaned back, content now that he was securely lodged in Roger’s ass to wait until it had expanded to accommodate the invading column of flesh. The ring of acute pressure around the neck of his cock gradually eased as the muscle relaxed, and Doug pressed forward again. He glanced up to see Julie gazing in fascination as the inches of Doug’s cock slowly disappeared inside her husband, and Doug briefly wondered whether she was imagining it going into her ass, and whether Roger enjoyed the same view when he fucked her anally. Doug relaxed the pressure on Roger to allow the thicker root of his cock to ease into Roger more slowly, until his belly was pressed hard against Roger’s buttocks and he was finally buried deep in the other man’s ass. Once again, he waited for Roger to adjust to the sensation of being full of cock, bending over Roger’s back and reaching under him for his cock. Finding it slack, he began to stroke it with his lubricant-slick fingers, feeling it slowly swell and stiffen in response to his stimulation. As Roger grew to full erection Doug began to fist his cock, and within minutes was rewarded by feeling Roger push back against him. Releasing Roger’s cock he straightened, easing an inch or two of his cock back out of the elastic grasp of the muscle gripping his cock, and then pushing gradually back in, slowly repeating the motion, steadily increasing both speed and length of stroke until several inches of his cock were pumping rhythmically back and forth in Roger’s tight ass. His noisily enthusiastic gobbling of Julie’s pussy and the wriggling of his hips as Doug rode him evidenced that Roger was beginning to enjoy the experience.

Enjoying the exquisite sensations involved in breaking in a nice tight ass, Doug had to fight for control to prolong his pleasure. Looking down to watch his smooth-shaved shaft working back and forth between the buttocks beneath him, Doug was fascinated to see with each withdrawal an inch of bright red bowel appear, extending from the distended brown ring of Roger’s anus and gripping his shaft as if reluctant to release it, then disappearing back inside with each forward thrust. Julie seemed lost in sensation, eyes closed and head thrown back against the headboard as Doug’s thrusts into Roger were in turn mashing his face into her crotch with sufficient f***e to jolt her breasts in rhythm with her husband’s fucking.

Eventually the delicious friction of Roger’s tight ass on his cock was the undoing of Doug. Thrusting harder he began gasping, telling Roger that he was going to come, urging him to take it. Roger felt the pleasurable and rhythmic pumping of Doug’s cock in his ass quicken, bringing short, sharp spurts of pain as Doug rammed ever harder, until suddenly with a last violent thrust Doug rammed his belly hard against the other man’s buttocks, bending Roger’s neck painfully as his face was driven f***efully into Julie’s crotch. His ears covered by Julie’s thighs, Roger couldn’t hear Doug’s agonised gasps as he screwed his cock around deep in Roger’s ass. He felt the thick cock swell inside him, pulsing rhythmically in the tight clasp of his sphincter, and finally a wash of warmth as Doug jetted his hot spunk deep in Roger’s bowel.

The invading flesh in Roger’s ass began to soften, and the pressure on his neck eased as Doug leant back, allowing his slowly shrinking cock to be gradually expelled by Roger’s sphincter. As Doug’s flaccid cock finally slipped from his ass Roger pushed himself away from Julie, gasping for breath and twisting his head from side to side to ease the pain in his neck. He felt elated, despite a mild burning sensation in his rectum and a strange sense of emptiness after having been crammed with cock for so long. Julie’s eyes sought Roger’s face, wordlessly questioning him. He smiled and nodded at her, “You too?” he asked.

Smiling back, she nodded agreement, “Mmm, me too!” Roger felt Doug move off the bed and watched him as he headed towards the bathroom, his long, flaccid cock slapping his thighs wetly as he walked. Still excited, still erect, Roger wondered what might happen next.

Part Three
When Doug left the room, headed for the bathroom, Julie bent forward to whisper to her husband as he knelt on the bed in front of her, “How was it?”

“Great, mostly!” he responded after a moment or two of thought. He had anticipated that it would hurt a little at first, although not as much as it had, but then, he reflected wryly, Doug’s cock was the biggest he had seen. He had not expected so much discomfort in his neck towards the end either, but he felt that was probably because he had failed to anticipate Doug’s urgency in his final thrusts, and push himself away from Julie’s crotch. Even now, his hole still burned and throbbed a little, but once the initial pain of penetration had faded, he had enjoyed the rhythmic pumping of Doug’s thick cock inside him. Reaching tentatively between his buttocks, expecting to find his hole open and weeping Doug’s spunk, he was instead surprised to find that while tender and pulpy-feeling, and slick with lubricant, his hole had closed once more.

“What do you think he’ll want to do next? Julie whispered.

“I don’t know,” Roger murmured in reply, “but he seemed cool about me fucking him!”

“Do you think he can go again?” Julie asked softly. “I don’t know!” Roger said thoughtfully, remembering that on their previous encounter Doug had said that he could come three or four times in a session. Hoping that he hadn’t been boasting, Roger flashed on an image of Doug’s thick, angry-looking cock surging back and forth between the soft white globes of Julie’s buttocks, spearing up into her bowels. Feeling his heart pound with excitement, he whispered, “What if he wants your bum?”

Julie looked doubtful, “I…I don’t know,” she murmured, “I…I guess so!”

Their muted conversation broke off as Doug came back into the room, carrying the bottle with the remnants of the wine. Pouring a little into each glass, but most into his own, he settled onto the bed next to Julie and leaned back against the headboard. Taking a long sip of wine, he swirled it around his mouth before swallowing. “OK guys, what next?” he asked, “Do you still want to do me?” he directed at Roger, who swallowed before nodding. “I’m cool with that!” Doug continued, “But only if I’m up Julie at the same time!”

Roger swallowed hard, his excitement growing, “In her bum?” he queried.

Doug gave him an amused glance. “No, I’m happy with her pussy!” he responded, but turning to Julie added, “Unless you want me in your bum sweetheart?”

“No, not unless that’s what you want.” she answered, a small quaver in her voice.

“That’s settled then,” Doug said with a grin, “Roger gets my bum, and I get Julie’s sweet little pink pussy again!”

Flushing prettily, Julie asked, “What do you want me to do?”

Doug grinned again, “I’m going to rest while you two do some work!” he joked, “I want you two to suck me while I finish my wine!”

Squirming his hips lower down the bed, Doug pulled a pillow behind his back and settled back as the younger couple went to work on him with fingers and mouths. Watching a couple, preferably married, working together on his cock and balls for his selfish delight was one of Doug’s special pleasures, and he was achingly erect before he finally put his wineglass down and suggested that they move on.

Julie moved up to lie in the middle of the bed as Doug rolled over onto his knees and moved down between her legs. “OK,” Doug told Roger, “plenty of lube, and work some into me with a couple of fingers before you stick your cock in!”

“Can I go bare?” Roger asked.

Doug turned to look at him contemplatively. “I don’t usually take an unwrapped cock,” he stated, “but you two are newbies so I know you’re clean, and anyway, you let me do you bare, so OK!”

Leaning over Julie, supporting himself on one arm, he began to suckle each of her breasts in turn, as he reached between her legs to probe her moist pussy, finding and stimulating her hardening clitoris. Hands trembling with excitement and anticipation, Roger spread a generous blob of KY over his long, slim cock as he watched Doug ready his wife. He saw Doug’s hips shift as he ranged his swollen knob against her parted pussy lips and reached to guide it in. Julie moaned with pleasure, drawing her knees up and back to open herself wider to Doug as he sank into her, settling comfortably into the fork of her thighs. Flexing his hips until he had worked his cock deep into Julie, Doug took his mouth from her breasts, looking over his shoulder and nodding to indicate to Roger that it was time to proceed. With shaking hands, Roger pried Doug’s buttocks apart, squirting a blob of KY on his puckered brown hole and reaching to massage around his hole before trying to push two fingers inside. After a momentary resistance Doug’s hole yielded and Roger’s fingers slipped into the tight warm sheath of Doug’s rectum. Emulating Doug’s action in his own hole, Roger twisted and turned his fingers as he worked them in and out of Doug, feeling the elastic muscle spread and open in response to his stretching. Again, Doug looked back over his shoulder to nod at Roger.

As Roger withdrew his fingers from Doug’s hole, Doug drew his knees up a little, raising his arse. Hands shaking with excitement, Roger tugged Doug’s muscular buttocks apart with both hands, lowering himself over him until his knob was pressed against the other man’s hole. He pushed forward; his knob lodged firmly in the puckered concave of Doug’s arse, but as he applied more pressure, his knob suddenly slipped away from its target, sliding up the crack of Doug’s buttocks. Raising his hips, he repositioned his knob, this time using a thumb to hold it in place as Doug had done with him. This time as he pressed forward his knob lodged more securely against Doug’s hole, the muscular ring suddenly yielded and Roger felt an exquisite dragging resistance on his cock as he slowly slid into the willing arse of his wife’s fucker.

It had been a long time since Doug had last had anything pushed up his back passage, but the sensations of prickling distension, fullness and the slight burning friction of Roger’s slim prick pumping in his arse was well remembered. Pinned to Julie by the weight of Roger’s body, Doug recalled the excitement he had experienced the first time he had another man, and waited several minutes to allow Roger to enjoy the novelty of the experience before he turned to ask if he could try something.

Roger paused in mid-stroke, allowing Doug to lift himself from Julie and use his hips to push Roger back, until only his knob was lodged in the warm, wet clasp of Julie’s pussy. Telling Roger to let him do the work, he thrust back into Julie, pulling his arse back down Roger’s shaft, and then forcing Roger’s cock back into his hole as he withdrew from Julie once more. Slowly building to a steady rhythm, once he was confident that Roger could hold his position, Doug dropped back onto his elbows, bending his head to suckle on Julie’s taut nipples as his shuttling hips drove his cock into her pussy, effectively fucking himself on Roger’s cock at the same time.

For long minutes, the only noises to be heard were the moist sucking of pumping cocks in wet flesh, the clap of damp skin colliding, muffled gasps, and the heaving of the mattress as it absorbed the impacts of the conjoined bodies writhing on its surface.

Roger was to first to lose control. Grabbing Doug by the hips he began to ram into him, riding him as he f***ed him down onto Julie, panting hoarsely as he felt the spunk rising from his balls, and crying out as his back arched, his hot spunk spewing from his cock deep into the quivering arse beneath him before he slumped over Doug’s back. Braced on his elbows over Julie, trying to shield her from the weight above her, Doug waited until the slowly shrinking cock in his arse slipped from his rectum and Roger rolled off him.

Getting up on his knees and grabbing Julie’s legs, he lifted them over his shoulders, rearing up over her as her hips rose from the bed. Bent almost double beneath Doug, his massive cock filled her as she had never been filled before as he lunged into her, his blunt, swollen knob surging up to her cervix. He reached between them to frig her swollen clitoris as his pounding cock punished the stretched, clinging walls of her vagina.

Lying beside the fornicating pair, Roger watched in fascination as Doug rose high above Julie’s bent body, his angry-looking cock spearing vertically over and over down into her stretched pussy in powerful thrusts as he fucked her. Listening to the wet squelching accompanying the thrusting of Doug’s thick shaft into his wife’s wet core, Roger enjoyed a close and intimate view of the action, clearly seeing the long, smooth-shaved creases of Julie’s pussy bulging obscenely around Doug’s bloated cock, her pink and puffy-looking labia clinging to his glistening shaft with each withdrawal, then flattening with each thrust back into her until the tight, heavy sac of his balls slapped wetly against the back of her thighs.

Julie’s gasps, accompanying each of Doug’s thrusts, began to grow in intensity, rapidly becoming short gasping moans, then rising in volume and duration until they became one long, ululating shriek, as with her back writhing and her doubled-over hips jerking up to meet Doug’s powerful thrusts, she screeched out her ecstasy.

As Julie’s excited response to Doug’s vigorous fucking increased, he began to ram even faster and more vigorously, punctuating his thrusts with gasps and short, crude statements of pleasure; “Beautiful bitch!” “Lovely tight cunt, made for me to fuck!” and as Julie screamed out her pleasure he gasped “Take it, take it!” his hips hammering the stretched globes of her buttocks until with a series of coughing grunts he ground his hips against hers, his body shuddering as his balls emptied yet another load of spunk into the convulsing clasp of her pussy.

Doug jerked his slowly softening cock from Julie’s pussy, letting her legs slip from his shoulders to lie splayed wide on either side of him. Pushing himself away from her he gave Roger a small grin and a wink before climbing tiredly from the bed to walk somewhat unsteadily to the bathroom. Still lying next to Julie, his tired cock nonetheless semi-erect from the spectacle he had witnessed, Roger caught a brief draft of the tangy odour of heated lovemaking as Doug moved away. Turning to look between his wife’s casually parted thighs, Roger could see beyond the inflamed flesh of her still-open pussy up into the deep shadow from where a trickle of Doug’s oily spunk oozed to run down into the crack of her arse. Raising his gaze her saw her breasts, flushed and with a sheen of perspiration, heaving as she fought to control her breath, an arm flung over her eyes as if to block the light.

Aroused at having watched his wife used so roughly, Roger was considering moving between Julie’s legs, to cram his semi-erect tool into the gaping cranny that had so recently accommodated Doug’s massive organ. He dismissed the thought, however, when he heard the shower turn off, and a moment later Doug came back into the bedroom toweling his wet hair, his slack cock hanging limply, swaying from side to side as he approached the bed. Moving around the bed to where Roger lay, Doug reached to grasp his cock in one hand and wave it in an open invitation. Rolling over and swinging his legs off the bed, Roger sat up and leaned forward to draw Doug’s limp cock into his mouth.

The sensation of a hot, wet mouth working on his limp cock, slowly teasing it to hardness, was one that Doug cherished, especially after a long and vigorous session when his overworked cock was slow to respond, prolonging the pleasurable feelings. Looking down past Roger’s head as it moved rhythmically on his slowly expanding cock, enjoying the sensation of the tongue caressing his swelling knob, Doug gazed at Julie, now lying peacefully though exhausted, an arm across her eyes, and legs still spread obscenely wide, her breathing now slow and measured. As his cock slowly grew in length and girth Doug reached to put a hand on Roger’s head, stilling his movements. “Easy tiger! Save it till next time!” he urged, easing his cock from the wet suction of the other man’s mouth.

Hearing Doug’s voice Julie rolled onto her side, taking her arm from her eyes just in time to see Doug’s almost-erect cock slip from her husband’s lips. Her voice tempered with disbelief she asked “Are you going to do it again?”

“Not tonight, sweetheart,” Doug responded, smiling, “I have to go. But I can always come back if I’m invited!” he added with a question in his voice as he picked his shirt up from the dresser.

“Of course!” both Roger and Julie blurted simultaneously, “When?” Roger added.

“Same time next week?” Doug questioned. Roger and Julie looked at one another, and then both nodded. ”O.K.,” Doug confirmed as he pulled his trousers up, “I’ll give you a call early next week to confirm.”

The weekend seemed to drag for Roger, impatient to hear Doug confirm their next meeting. In the days following Doug’s previous visit, the couple had enjoyed some frantic and vigorous sex sessions, aroused at reliving their experiences with their new friend. Roger and Julie had joined in sucking Doug’s cock for his selfish pleasure. Roger had fucked his first man, and had in turn been fucked for the first time. Finally, he had watched in a state of fascinated awe and arousal as Doug had “power fucked” Julie next to him on their bed. They had subsequently titillated one another by recounting their individual perceptions of the experiences, and by speculating on what might occur when Doug next joined them... Continue»
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Losing My Virginity To An In-Law.

I’ve been sexually active for as long as I can remember. The first memories I have of other c***dren my age are those of a sexual nature and I suppose is the reason why I am such a sexaholic these days. For the sake of sharing with you my personal experience, let me tell you how I came to realize the beauty of a naked girl’s body at an early age.

When all of this started I was very young, too young to know about right and wrong and too old to be content with things the way they are. I was visiting my cousins (all of which were female and, sorry i****t lovers, I was not a bl**d relative to them – they were in-laws.) One was a year older than me, one was my age, and one was a year younger. All three of them were gorgeous and each had a distinct personality and beauty.

I remember always having a crush on the oldest one because she was by far the prettiest girl I had ever seen up to that point in my life. She was as tall as me, had long dark blonde hair, and had the most beautiful blue eyes. Her proportions were perfect for her height with a nice plump ass and as much as I can recall from memory a very nice B or C cup. She was always smiling and had a look of mischief on her face constantly. Every time we played, it always had a somewhat sexual nature to it due to way we would always find ways to brush up against each other or sit in each other’s laps. The two younger s****rs were always jealous of the attention I gave the oldest and would always try hard to win me over to come play with them individually or together away from her.

The cousin who was my age had shoulder length brunette hair, was a little thicker in the right areas and was probably a few inches shorter than me. She had beautiful auburn eyes and had the sweetest and most innocent look on her face that I honestly thought I had ever seen. She was the smartest of the three and worked hard to keep that title. She always told me about sexual things that she had learned from over hearing her parents and other adults and she always seemed to stimulate my mind sexually in ways I never thought possible.

The youngest was just a beautiful fair skinned girl with long gorgeous jet black hair. They set off her beautiful green eyes amazingly and although she lacked much in the way of a chest or ass, she had this mystic about her reminiscent of what I imagine an angel may look like. She rarely talked and always wanted to listen to everything I had to say. She would always look at me with the most affectionate look and, whenever I would pause and look at her, she would either lean forward and hug me or peck me on the cheek with a kiss.

On one trip to visit them, I remember being alone with the oldest as the younger ones went with their mom and mine to the local grocery store. Although we had flirted often in plain sight of our parents, they attributed it to our age and maturity level and thought nothing of it, as did we – at least until me and her decided to try to watch the adult channels on the TV.

We usually liked to sit on each other’s laps as we watched TV just because we were just close like that. As we browsed through the channels that were not intended for c***dren our age, we came across some program which, as best as I can remember, was a black man having very rough sex with a white woman in the back seat of a car.

“Ew! What are they doing?” She asked as we watched the large and muscular male begin to penetrate the woman with his penis.

“I guess they are having sex.” I replied. The middle s****r of the three had told me enough about the mechanics of it for me to understand it.

“Wow! That looks like it hurts!” She said. The black man’s cock appeared to be almost a foot long with a girth as large as a bottle of beer.

As the man on television continued to thrust his cock in and out of the white woman’s tight vagina, I couldn’t help but watch and get sexually aroused. As my cousin sat in my lap, she moved just enough so accidentally touch my dick. As soon as she did, it inflated into a hard fuck rod ready to be pumped.

“Are you ok?” She asked apparently referencing the hard cock that was now pressing up against her ass cheek.

“I’m sorry.” I apologized, “It’s the movie, it turned me on a little and I couldn’t help it when you moved.”

I blushed a little and turned away embarrassed, thinking that she might possibly get up and leave the room in disgust. Surprisingly, however, she didn’t.

“It’s ok.” She said to my surprise. “My s****r told me that boy’s wieners get hard whenever they are around girls they think are hot and pretty.”

She smiled with that mischievous smile that she always had and started to slowly and almost methodically grind her sweet ass on my crotch. I looked down at the tight blue jeans that were conforming to her nice round ass with a sliver of her thong showing just above the top where the small of her back was.

“Ha ha.” I said with an air of humor In my voice, “WEDGY!”

I grabbed her thong and pulled it up high enough to get her attention but not so high as to cause any discomfort. This was just enough f***e and surprise to cause her to arch her back and f***e her ass deep into my crotch. As it descended, my cock throbbed hard enough for both of us to notice.

We both paused for a second and she leaned up to turn around to look at me. I felt a sensation of nervousness and excitement as I looked into her beautiful blue eyes and looked quickly down and up again at her perfectly sized chest and thighs. I realized then that my goofy antics had to stop because I wanted to fuck this girl harder than I ever fucked any one before. Almost as soon as I concluded that in my mind, she straddled me and leaned forward to put her mouth next to my ear.

“I’ve never seen a cock before in person… can I see yours?” She whispered in my ear so that not even someone who was sitting right beside us could hear. “Please?”

I got slightly nervous as I thought about the possibility of getting caught – but realizing that the others were gone to town which was at least an hour and a half trip there and back, I committed myself to showing it to her. I allowed her to stand up and as I began to unbutton my pants. I leaned forward next to her ear and I whispered, “Only if you show me yours.”

We both slowly and sensually lowered our pants to reveal our underwear. She had a rather large wet spot where her vagina was and I had a smaller, yet still noticeable one at the end of the outline of my cock. We both simultaneously realized that the other was turned on and almost like magnets we began to hug each other there in the living room in our underwear with our pants around our ankles bumping our dirty little wet spots together.

We both took turns removing each other’s shirts and looked at each other’s perfectly sculpted bodies. I asked her to take off her bra, since I had honestly never even touched one up to that point. She replied with a soothing word of encouragement and instructed me to just push the ends together in the back. Almost like magic it disconnected and her perfect round tits were exposed for me to see in full glory. She looked down just in time to see my cock throb and the wet spot in my underwear grow slightly larger as I pre-cummed from just the sight of her perky titties.

“Do you want to play like they did in the backseat?” She said with that naughty smile growing broader as she looked at the movie still playing on the TV.

“Ok.” I said almost in a daze as she led me outside to the old car that was parked behind their house and close to the tree line.

As we both climbed in wearing nothing but our underwear, she f***efully pulled off my briefs and, taking her cue, I removed her panties with equal f***e. As I laid there on top of her, I thought about the movie and, mimicking the black man, I kissed her f***efully and grabbed my cock. She began to open her legs and wrap them around my waist as I got ready to fully penetrate her with my raging hard cock.

As I tried to balance myself on top of my cousin, I looked at her beautiful smile and knew that we were going to fuck as hard as we could in the back of that old abandoned Oldsmobile out in the country. I had immediately thrust my already well pre-cum lubricated dick into her dripping wet pussy just as the thought crossed my mind. My cock throbbed as it stopped deep inside of her and she moaned as I broke her hymen with one fell swoop.

“Are you ok?” I asked not realizing exactly what was going on.

“It hurt for a second.” She replied, “But now it feels really good. Do me like that black guy did that girl on TV. Fuck me.”

Almost instantly I started to thrust in and out and our juices mixed and flowed everywhere in the backseat of that car. I leaned forward and kissed her hard and held her hands above her head as the black man had in the movie. As I felt her pussy tightening around my cock, I kissed her even harder as moans began to break through the connection we had made with our saliva soaked lips. She began to shake and quiver while I continued to keep thrusting faster and faster. We did this for about 15 minutes until I could feel the heat of sperm begin to pass thought my man tubes. As she quivered there beneath me, I did as the black man on TV had and pulled my dick out of her just in time to dump my hot cock load all over her saliva and sweat soaked titties and mouth. She began to lick and eat the white cock juice like the woman on TV had done.

After we had both kissed and tasted each other’s juices, we then decided to go back inside and just sit naked for a little while and keep watching that movie. As scene after scene of men and women fucking each other in different ways began to show up, me and her kept mimicking the acts we saw to keep causing us to continuous cum for each other.

Two scenes after the backseat interracial sex was that of two Hispanic teens giving each other oral. Me and my hot blonde cousin had no problem getting our naked bodies into the 69 position to lick each other’s hot wet genitals. As we both sporadically kept our eyes on the TV to keep up with the best way to please each other, we both began to moan as we separately discovered the maximal way to pleasure each other orally. As she moved her hand up and down my wet hard shaft with her tongue massaging my tip, I began to cum again. She ate it with no problem as she herself began to quiver from an orgasm I was giving her with my tongue on her sweet tasting clit and finger pressing upward and inward on her G-Spot.

Afterwards, she took me to her parents’ room where she found some baby oil that they used to oil each other up for sex and we soaked her hot ass in it. I kissed it and licked her pussy some more as she leaned over to expose that still dripping wet cunt. I penetrated her from behind and f***ed my dick as hard as it could go into her relaxed and soaked pussy. As my cock slipped out numerous times, I kept having to keep re-inserting it. However, once, I misjudged where the hole was and tried to stuff it in her ass.

“Ouch!” She said, “I think you missed.”

As both of us stopped to think about what I had just tried to do, the same idea dawned on us almost simultaneously. I resumed fucking her pussy with my cock, but as I did it, I slipped my well lubricated index finger directly into her ass hole. She moaned in a slightly higher pitch and arched her back as though to say ‘give it to me there’.

As I fingered her ass hole and fucked her pussy, I ran my free hand down her side and leaned forward close to her ear and asked, “Hey baby, do you want to fuck in the ass?”

“Yeah.” She replied with that same dirty smile that had started this whole ordeal.

As I began to slowly glide my slippery cock into her relaxed and well lubricated ass hole, she began to rub her pussy and we began to both orgasm almost immediately. The thought of fucking my hot cousin in her tight ass hole was more than enough to get me there and she never really stopped quivering from when I was fucking her in her pussy from behind.

As I pumped her tight shaking ass full of my hot dick juice, she turned and looked at me with that smile and said. “Now it’s your turn.”

She managed to gracefully but with obvious tremors from the last orgasm lean up and turn to kiss me. She took the hot white juice dripping from her ass and rubbed it on her lips and kissed me. I licked her lips intensely and we embraced there in her parents room.

She then moved me to the bed and told me to lie down. As I did just that, facing upward toward the ceiling, I felt her petite hands begin to massage my somewhat sore, yet still throbbing dick. As she placed her mouth over it to begin to suck what semen was left out of it, she used the juice in her ass to lube up her free hand and begin to massage my ass hole.

I was nervous at first, thinking that it was going to be awkward or hurt, but then she gracefully slide her finger in and slowly, but f***efully, began to finger fuck my ass hole as she sucked my dick. I writhed for at least five minutes enjoying the stimulation of her sweet lips on my throbbing cock and her smooth soft fingers penetrating my tight ass hole.

I clinched the sheets behind my head and found myself thrusting my hips towards her mouth and fingers telling her to ‘fuck me hard’. As she sped up, my dick finally gave one last big throb and I shot off my fourth and final load directly into her mouth. As she pulled her finger out of my ass hole, she licked it like a lollipop and climbed into bed beside me. Both of us exhausted, we both dosed off for a few minutes holding each other in her parent’s bed.

We both awoke to the sound of a car pulling up in the driveway and we quickly made up the bed and snatched our clothes out of the living room floor. We both ran into her bathroom and gave each other one final passionate kiss before we both started throwing on our clothes. Just as I could hear the front door opening, me and her came out of her room to greet the f****y.

We shared naughty looks at each other for the rest of the day and, whenever no one was around, she would finger out some of the cum still in her ass and eat it right in front of me. We both giggled knowing that whenever we had the chance, we were going to fuck each other’s brains out.

In all of our carefulness, however, we forgot to get our underwear out of the back seat of that car. The youngest found it and quickly figured out what was going on within a week. Let’s just say that little s****rs don’t like it when the oldest gets something they don’t. Only one way I could fix that… ;)

DISCLAIMER – These were in-laws, NOT bl**d relatives – and as far as age is concerned, we were all 18 and still are. Haha.
... Continue»
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It was a Friday night in a random week; it was 23:42, and I climbed out of
bed to get myself a glass of water. I walked down the stairs to the 1st
floor, when I heard the muffled sound of a voice coming from my mother's
bedroom. I noticed the door was slightly open and dimmed light was shining
through the opening. Because I didn't know what was going on (my mother and
I lived alone, my two s****rs had their own place), because she was supposed
to be alone in her room, and I heard a voice, I decided to sneak a peak in
there just to make sure everything was alright. I silently tiptoed towards
the door, and took a look in the narrow opening.
What I saw right then and there shook me all the way on my feet and would
change my life forever.

My mother was lying on the bed, dressed in nothing but a pair of brown
nylon knee stockings. She was lying backwards, legs spread wide, bent at the
knees, and a humming vibrator deep in her ass! She was constantly curling
her toes and I noticed clearly how her hairy sphincter was constantly
tightening and loosening around the pumping vibrator.

This image aroused me so much my cock was at attention in no more than 2
The fact was: I had been fantasizing about my mother for several years now,
and believe it or not, my fantasies were mainly anal in nature and her feet
made a frequent appearance in them as well. It was like a fantasy come true!
On my PC I had converted all my fantasies into stories, with the intention
of posting them to one of those sex story sites. So you the coincidence
involved in this situation was beyond belief. The only thing missing here
was that this discovery would turn into a real-life fuckfest; but I realize
that would be pushing the moment. So I decided to enjoy this thing to the
fullest and be the luckiest peeping Tom ever.

I took my boner from my underpants and started jacking off while gazing at
my mother and that humming sex toy in between her butt cheeks.
God, how I wished to find out what that asshole of her smells like, and
tastes like, and feels like throbbing around my shaft.
I heard her moaning again, and decided to listen in on what it was she was

"Oooh, yesss. Ram that lovely fat cock in my ass to the balls. Push it al
the way inside. I want you in my ass so fucking much".

I was overcome by lust outside that bedroom, enjoying the images before me
and that fucking hot language coming from my own mother. I'd never heard her
utter any of those words in my life.

"Yeah, like that. Put your tongue in my mouth, pour all that delicious
saliva down my throat, and taste mine", my mother whispered wantonly.
If she was going to keep that dirty talk up, I wouldn't last a minute and I'
d cream her door at the spot. I was furiously jerking away and the side of
my hand was making pounding sounds on my nut sack.
Suddenly her voice became louder.

"Jesus, Simon, my cunt is just squirting juices all over the bed. That's
how wild you drive me".

Holy mother of God, my mother is talking about ME. She's fantasizing about
That vibrator is continually sliding in and out of her nasty brown pucker
and she is imagining it to be MY cock.
Whom else would she be referring to; after all, I'm the only Simon in her

I was more and more aware of the fact that my mother, my horny mother, has
been fantasizing about me for some time now too, and that very thought was
rocking my world.
I kept jacking off, waiting, hoping for more revelations.

"Are you sliding nice 'n good, Simon? Is that fucking hot cockmeat of yours
sliding deep inside my butt? Is my asshole milking your dick really good? Is
it? That's because your cock is making my ass feel so good".

If I weren't this horny, I'd laugh my ass off, hearing her talk as if she's
talking to a small c***d. Yet at the same time it was exciting me beyond

"My asshole has the hots for you like my whole body has the hots for you.
My tongue has the hots for you, my tits, my nipples, my sopping wet pussy,
my ass, my toes.I know you would like very much to suck my toes, Simon. That
's why I decided to wear these stockings, especially for you.
Uuuhhn, please. Please Simon, please suck my toes".

I could no longer restrain myself and stormed into my mother's bedroom. I
knew I was taking a big chance, but I knew she could no longer deny her
feelings for me. And she obviously knew what I felt for her.
My mother watched me barge into her room, cock bouncing along, yet was
looking at me as if it was the only thing she expected.

"So you finally decided to come in. I thought you would never do it. I knew
you've been standing there and I was hoping you would find the courage to
come in, and give me what you've been giving me in those hot, nasty stories
you wrote about us".

I looked at my mother in pleasant surprise as she confessed her knowledge
about my main hobby.

"Yes, that's right. I know about those, because you see, I've read them all.
Each time you went out, I immediately went to your room, turned on your
computer, and checked for new stories.
You wouldn't believe how hard I came each time I read a new story. And since
we obviously made each other so hot, I decided it was time to see if you
were ready for the real thing".

"I can't help it, mom. You're turning me on so much", I answered, almost

"It doesn't matter, hon. You're making me hot too. And now we know about
each other, so we have no more reason to hide it. As a matter of fact, now
you can start writing below the title of your stories that it's all based on
fact. We'll do all of it together, and you'll send the stories to those
Internet sites with those sex stories. I've heard that a lot of people
secretly get turned on by i****t stories. But let's start now, honey. I've
been waiting for far too long now, and so have you. Do what ever you wanted
to do to me the most".

"This is going to be so good, momma. This is going to be such a hot night.
I wanna suck your toes, mom. I wanna lick al over the seams of your
stockings and suck your toes while you're wearing them".

"Go right ahead, son. Come here and suck on momma's toes".

I crawled onto the bed where my mother was laying with legs spread, feet in
my direction, and grabbed my mother's stockinged feet. I started massaging
her big toes between my thumbs and index fingers, and then lifted them to my
face. While my mother was watching on with squinted eyes, I tenderly licked
over the seam of her brown stockings, which was placed over the tips of her
toes. I tasted the synthetic nylon, and felt her toes wiggle underneath the
tip of my tongue. And then, under the hottest moans of my mother, I pressed
both feet together, side to side, and stuffed as many toes as possible into
my mouth, and started sucking them passionately.
As my mother moaned, and curled her toes in my mouth, my tongue slid all
over and around her toes. I sucked them with vigor. I playfully pushed my
tongue between her toes, pressing the nylon of her stocking in between, and
then gently bit her toes.

"Oh God, you're toes are so delicious, mom. They taste so good on my
tongue. It's just driving me wild".

Then I dragged the full length of my tongue across the soles of her feet,
from her heels to her topside of her big toes. Then I started sucking again.

"Keep sucking my toes, son. From now on you can suck on them as whenever
you want, as long as no one is around".

"Thanks mom. But your toes were not the only thing I think are worth
sucking", I said mysteriously as my eyes were transfixed on her hairy,
dripping brown snatch. Her oozing cunt was so wet, her brown rug of hair was
damn near completely matted against her skin.
I slowly crawled forward, and the scent of her leaking pussy was getting
more and more eminent. The more intoxicating the odor of her cunt got, the
more I just wanted to press my tongue into her slit, and suck her dry. And I
knew I would get the chance to do just that.
At this moment I felt I was in heaven. By now I was lying with my head
between her thighs, and pushed her legs wide apart.

"Lick it, Simon. I can no longer wait, son. Lick my pussy. Suck out my

"All right then", I said and immediately started lapping between her thick
lips from bottom to top with the full length of my tongue. I tasted the
saltiness of her cuntal ooze, and thick strands of my saliva, mixed with my
mother's juices connected my tongue with her fragrant muff, as I licked and
slurped at my mom's pussy like a thirsty dog.
"Aaahhh, Jesus. Yes, like that. Eat my cunt, stick your tongue in my pussy
and fuck it. Yeah like that! UUUnnnh, shit, you lick your mother's cunt so
fucking good", my mother yelled out uncontrollably.
With muffled sounds and moans I had my face pressed tightly against her
slit, with my mouth over the opening of her vagina, and started tongue
fucking her pussy HARD. The scent of her ripe cunt made me dizzy and more
excited simultaneously. Her thick vaginal syrup dripped from the corners of
my mouth downwards to my chin and to where her pussy stopped, and the crack
of her ass begun. And when she wiggled on the bed, and the cheeks of her ass
were moving, the juice would leak across her asshole to the sheets, making a
large dark stain.
Under sloppy sounds, my tongue was sliding in and out of my mother's
pussyhole like a pile driver, drilling into the red, warm tunnel I appeared
from some 18 and a half years ago.

"Mmmmp, mmmmp, mmmp, your pussy is so hot, mom. Hot and wet", my voice
managed to utter coming from between my mother's brown cuntflaps.
A thick drop of vaginal fluid slid across her left buttock and quickly I
licked it off before it was wasted on the moist sheets.

"This is unbelievable. I could never have imagined that my own son would be
such a fantastic pussy eater. Had I known, I would have kicked your father
out the door a lot sooner. Oohh, yes. Keep sucking that clit".

Which is what I did for some time.

This slurping and sucking activity went on for minutes until the room was
completely filled with the odor of wet cunt.
My mother could stand it no more and grabbed a handful of my hair, to
carefully pull me forward. I had my face hanging just inches over her face,
and looked her straight in the eye. About ten seconds had passed when she
suddenly, without warning, stuck her tongue, layered with thick saliva, deep
in my mouth. Her drool dripped down my chin and over my tongue. White
foaming spit filled up the spaces between the corners of our mouths. When
our lips finally unlocked they were connected with many thick, strands of
our oral fluids.

"Like it", my mother asked huskily?

"I love it", was my reply, after which I filled my own mouth with my saliva
and closed an open mouth over my mother's, and flooded it with my oral
fluids. She swallowed it all moaning heavily.

"Don't spill too much of it, I want a lot of that stuff in my hole. You know
what hole I'm talking about, don't you"?

I sure did.

"Your asshole".

"That's right", my mother whispered as she looked me straight in the eyes.
"My shithole. My ass. My brown crease. My pucker. My anus. My butt. I want
your tongue over it and in it. Right NOW"!

"Mom, I'm gonna lick and suck your asshole until it swells to a red,
wrinkled pucker, like I've seen on the Internet just days ago".
I could no longer contain myself and dove back and down, pushed her legs up
until her knees pressed tightly against her fleshy boobs (damn, in all my
haste I'd just ignored those lovely, succulent breasts. Well, we've got
plenty of time).
With both hands I pulled my mother's ass cheeks wide apart, and exposed her
brown, pinching starfish. A fat, wrinkled, hair covered anus. Her asshole
winked at me.
I dove between the cheeks of her ass face first, pressed my nose tightly
against her hole, and snorted hard to inhale the smell of her asshole.
Then I could no longer control myself and started to lustfully lap over her
shithole like a thirsty dog.

"UUUUHHNN. Yeah, like that, Simon. Lick my ass, son. All over my brown
crease. Taste my ass. Stick your tongue in, tongue fuck my ass, boy!"
I puckered up, and let a thick drop of saliva descend onto her horny brown
anus, then rubbed it smoothly over her hole with my index and middle finger.
After lubing it up, I aimed my tongue at the center of her wrinkled backdoor
opening, and slid deep into my mother's ass thanks to the abundance of spit.
I felt the narrow channel of her ass push me back out nervously, but I
pushed right back and managed to slide a little deeper. This way I fucked my
mother's butt with my drooling tongue, until I managed to get all of my
tongue in her tasty, smelly ass.

"Yes, that's right, Simon. Stick it all the way in. Fuck my ass with your
tongue. Deeperrrr. Uuuunnh".
After a few minutes of this it got a little rougher and I bobbed my head and
drilled a pointed tongue into her ass continuously, an ass that by now
sported a gaping, red hole. The sloppy squishy sounds I at first made in my
mother's pussy, I was no making in her nasty butt, my mother's butt!
I pressed two fingers in her asshole, twisted them around and frigged away.
Then I pulled them out and stuck them in my mouth, tasting her ass even
better. After this I followed the same ritual, but now offered my fingers to
my mothers: "Want a taste?"

"I'd love to", she uttered and took my fingers between her lips. "Mmmmm. I
never knew my own ass tastes so good. I'm sure gonna enjoy it more from now

"In a moment you can taste mine, mom. But first I'm gonna enjoy this", I
said and closed my mouth over her brown shitter.
Then I proceeded to suck on her butthole hard, making obscenely loud
smacking and slurping noises.

"Yesss. Like that. Suck my ass. Goddamn, I've never felt anything like
this. Someone sucking my asshole the way you do".

I drilled my tongue back where the sun never shines and savagely twisted my
head, cleaning out her ass with my tongue.
I pulled back and noticed my mother squeezing her ass muscles, pushing out a
thick yellowish drop of ass juice.
I didn't hesitate for a second and lapped the drop off of her swollen

Then my mother caught me by surprise as she let fly a meaty, long lasting
fart, straight into my face. The hot gas blew partially into my nostrils,
partially into my mouth. The seconds following that, as I lay stunned
between my mother's thighs, a funky odor filled the room.

"It was bound to happen, son", my mother chuckled, "After all this was in
one of your stories too, and the opportunity arose".

I couldn't deny I had indeed fantasized about my mother blowing farts into
my face. But somehow I never thought she would do this. I thought she would
draw the line somewhere.
Lucky for me I didn't have any written fantasies about watersports or s**t,
or things could have gotten really messy.

After the element of surprise had passed, I decided to enjoy this to the
fullest, and inhaled my mother's intoxicating fart smell. Then I continued
closing my mouth over her brown poopchute. I continued sucking and slurping
away at that still swelling pucker.

"Ooh, yes, that's what I like! Suck that ass of mine!"
Suddenly my mother grabbed me by the hair, pulling me forward without f***e,
right until my face was looming over hers.
Again she pried into my soul with her brown eyes.

"Tell me what turns you on the most. What makes you hotter than anything?
Look into my eyes and tell me".

As I gazed into her lust filled eyes: "Everything that concerns you. Sucking
your tasty asshole, drinking your ass juices. Sucking your toes, with and
without stockings. But what I would also love is for you to tongue fuck MY
ass, for you to taste and smell my asshole. I can hardly wait to feel your
soft, wet, warm tongue sliding into my butt, mom".

"Why don't you turn around, so momma can give you what you crave for?"

I laid back on the bed, pulled up my legs, bending at the knees, and spread
as wide as possible.
Never in my life had I felt more exposed as I did then. Each part of body,
normally covered or clothed, was now open and offered for my own mother to
She could look straight into my ass. She looked at all of it.
I felt her gaze floating over my crotch, my cock and balls, and a shudder of
pure pleasure thundered through me as I could just feel her eyes
concentrating on my hairy brown asshole.

Like a panther on the prowl my mother slowly crawled towards me, right until
her face was just about 4 inches away from my buttocks. She should have been
able to smell my ass at that point. She laid a hand on each of my butt
cheeks, and pulled them apart as much as possible.
Then I felt how she brought her nose between my globes, moaning extremely
hot, inhaled the smell of my brown starfish. I was right after that that she
pressed her nose hard against my pucker and snorted long and hard. I
shivered because of the feeling, but also because this wild situation.

"Uuuuhmm, your ass smells so hot", she whispered, hotter than I'd ever
"So hot, I wanna taste it, Simon. Can I please taste it?"

"If you remain calm, you can have a taste. Then you have to tell me how
much you enjoy the taste".

My mother licked at my browneye with the tip of her tongue. I shivered again
at the sensation of that wet squirming tongue on my hole. The feeling caused
me to repeatedly pinch my sphincter, that way teasingly pinching the tip of
my mother's tongue with my asshole.

"Mmm.taste sooo good", she mumbled from between my cheeks.

"REAL good?", i asked her.

"Magnificently, finger licking good".

"Then let yourself go, mom. Make me feel how tasty you think my ass is".

This is something I didn't have to say twice as she buried her face in the
crack of my ass, and lapped thirstily along my crack from bottom to top.
Globs of warm saliva drooled down my crack onto the sheets, and I enjoyed
immensely as she started violently digging into my tight hole with the tip
of her tongue, like a pig looking for truffles.
Sloppy sounds rose from between my cheeks thanks to my ass-eating mother.
My anus got more and more slippery as she continued digging into my butt.
With hard bobbing motions she thrust her head up and down and I could feel
her tongue going deeper inside each time she entered; in between she twisted
her head to lubricate the inside of my ass with her spit. Moaning and
slurping my mother feasted on her son's smelly asshole as I bounced on the
bed, grabbed the sheets in my clenched fists, and started yelling. My mother
spat a huge amount of her saliva on my swollen pucker and squished her
tongue back deep inside. Her drool gushed out alongside her tongue going in.
More than half her tongue was locked in my ass, and was wiggling inside as
she looked, right over my cock and balls, into my eyes.
Again she took her tongue out, this time with a noisy plop, but now she
closed her mouth over my somewhat gaping asshole.
Loudly smacking and slurping she began to suck on my shithole.
I floundered on the bed like a de-hydrating fish because of the feeling that
had to resemble a vacuum cleaner on my asshole, only a warm and wet one.

I could no longer control myself and let go of a huge fart, straight into my
mother's mouth.
But not for a second did she take her mouth off my ass, instead just kept
She swallowed away the warm gas, along with the ass juices I could feel
dribbling out of my hole.

"That's how much I like your tasty ass, son", my mother puffed as she
supported herself on her elbows.

She grabbed my cock and started beating me off, after she smeared the precum
from the head of my prick all over my cock. With the middle finger of her
other hand she started finger fucking my ass. This went slick, thanks due to
the excess saliva that was still over and in my pucker.
A filling feeling is what she gave me, especially after she added her index
finger. As time went, her jerking right hand went faster and faster, as did
the two digits in my butthole.
After about two minutes she shagged my ass like mad with her fingers and
jacked my cock off as if she was trying to break a world record.
I could no longer hold back and my jizz shot from my balls to my shaft,
which started spewing cum like a fountain.
My loins were flying up and down on the bed and I hollered loudly, my cum
shot into the air for more than a yard, a personal record for me.
My mother dove forward and started licking furiously around and over the
head of my cock, my semen shooting at the roof of her mouth. She kept
swallowing her boy's load and licked and sucked every drop that coated her
When I was done she took my cock in her mouth and sucked it completely
clean, moaning and enjoying.

"Goddamn", I puffed with squeaky voice, "I just couldn't hold it, mom. You'
re my.(swallow).ass did the trick".

"Don't worry about it, honey. It's not even half past twelve. We've got all
night and all weekend, and we've got a long way to go before we've covered
all bases".
After her last word she slid her fingers from my asshole and stuck them in
her mouth. Wantonly and sucked and licked the ass juice from her fingers.

She came lying next to me and lit a cigarette.
"So now you know what it's like. What it's like to actually experience what
you write in your stories. How did you like it?"

"Mom, I honestly have to say you surpass any fantasies I might have had.
When you fantasize, the scents and tastes are not clear, not real. But know
I know what your body really tastes and smell like, and it's better than I
ever imagined.
You know, I've been fantasizing about your feet for so long. Each time you
put your stocking clad feet on the table as you were watching the
television, I secretly ogled your feet. The way you moved them, curled your
toes. My mouth was usually watering at the sight. After that I usually went
upstairs, write another part of a story, and then jerk off.
The next thing I did was fantasize about your ass. What your asshole would
look like. What it would smell like. I wanted to know so badly I rubbed my
own asshole with my fingers, and smelt at them, pretending it was your
asshole I smelt. Than I'd beat off and cum hard.
After that I decided to look for dirty panties in the wash bin. And when I
found them, I pressed the brown part against my nose so I could smell your
ass on them. I'd squirt in your panties, and throw them back in the bin.
After that I look through your closet and get a pair of clean knee
stockings, and licked them, and sucked the foot part into my mouth,
pretending your foot was in it".

My mother was masturbating heavily as she listened to what I said I did.

"I found your vibrator, mom".

My mother momentarily stopped frigging herself and looked surprised, then
continued jacking herself off.

"I found it in the top of your closet. I thought to myself: dad went out of
the house such a long time ago, and you haven't had any male company for so
long, you just HAD to have had a vibrator. So I searched your closet. When I
found it, I made sure nobody was home. After I knew for sure, I first
smelled at it, and I could smell your cunt on it, mom. So then I took the
vibrator in my mouth and sucked it as if I could still suck off your pussy

"You know, Simon, I didn't just fuck my pussy with that thing, a fucked my
butt with that thing too. I used to slide it all the way into my asshole
till the very end of it. So even then you were tasting my ass, you just didn
't know it".

"Had I known, I would've just gotten hotter, mom".

My mother put her hand on my flaccid member and started to stroke it calmly.

"Now that you've tried out some of your fantasies, were there any others
that come to mind?"

"Well, lately.I've begun to notice how prude and introvert Cindy (my oldest
s****r, 21 years old) is. She always wears long pants, thick wool sweater
closed to the neck. While it's obvious that she's got big, nicely rounded
breasts. And those glasses she wears look good on her, but give her even
more of that prissy frigid demeanor. She usually wears pantyhose or
stockings, nice light brown ones, just like you do, and I've noticed long
ago how good her feet look. So.lately I have begun to fantasize about her.
But she's so damn prude, I guess it'll never happen".

"Well well. So you're really starting to get into the f****y thing, huh?
You nasty boy. Tell me, have you been thinking about Paula (my youngest
s****r, 17 years old) too?"

"Not really, Paula is more of the slutty type, so between the three of you I
would think she would have been the one most likely to fuck her own
relative, and it kind of diminishes the excitement. Which doesn't mean I
wouldn't like to shaft her all night".

"You know, Simon, ever since I've found out you were fantasizing about me,
I've started fantasizing about you, as you know. But I have been thinking
about Cindy and Paula too. The most intense fantasy I've had so far I've had
a few days ago, even before I decided to seduce you. I fantasized about the
four of us, on this bed right here, fulfilling all of our wildest fantasies
in a really hot f****y get together. Me and Cindy wore brown knee stockings,
the ones that turn you on, and Paula wore a nice black lingerie set.
The things we just did were nothing compared to the things we did in my
fantasy. You wanna know what, Simon?"

All I could do was nod.

"You were laying on the bed, watching. Paula was sucking your cock, it was
dripping with her spit. Meanwhile she was massaging my toes. You and her
were watching as me and Cindy were laying in each other's arms, frenching
like hot lesbians. Our tongues slid all over and around each other and we
were snowballing drool like thirsty bitches, sucking the spit out of each
other's mouths. God, how I loved the taste of her saliva, Simon".

By now I was tugging at my shaft gain, which had been growing to maximum
proportion through my mother's monologue. I just couldn't believe what I was
hearing. My mother was telling me the hottest details of what she did with
her own c***dren in her fantasies.

"Paula momentarily stopped slurping on your cock and took my toes in her
mouth, sucking noisily on my stocking clad toes. Cindy was sucking on my fat
nipples, Simon. I squeezed my tits hard, and milk squirted out. Cindy stuck
out her tongue, and I aimed straight for it. The milk was squirting all over
her tongue, and she swallowed my tit juice.
I laid back with Paula still licking and sucking my toes, which were
literally dripping with spit, and spread my legs. I grabbed Paula by the
back of the head, and pulled her face deep into my wet pussy. While Paula
was alternately slurping away at my feet and your cock and balls, Cindy was
slurping away at my hot, buttery cunt., Simon. Can you see it in your mind?
Her glasses even fogged up from the heat of my slit.
She lapped up my juices straight from between my thick cunt lips. Her whole
chin was wet and shiny from my juices
Then I turned around and got on my hands and knees, looking backwards. I
supported my body on my elbows, and Cindy was hanging over my ass with her
face in a way that enables you to see her face as well as my butt, Simon.
And while Cindy was looking you straight in the eye through those glasses of
hers, she started lapping over my smelly asshole, Simon. She poked hard into
my shithole with the tip of her tongue, and started moaning. Then she
drooled over my pucker, and slid her tongue deep in my butt, Simon. Your
prude s****r fucked your and her own mother hard in the ass with her wet
warm tongue. You could see clearly how her tongue continually disappeared
into my ass as she tongue fucked it. And you could see me squeezing her
tongue right back out with the rim of my brown hole".

I couldn't restrain myself any longer and crawled over my mother. I started
lapping over her fleshy tits like mad and sucked her huge nipples into my
mouth. Breathing hard my mother squeezed her melons and I felt her warm milk
squirt into my mouth.

"Drink mommy's milk, Simon. Suck my breasts and drink my milk".

I held my tongue out and my mother squeezed her boobs again. Milk came out
in no less than three squirts simultaneously, squirting over my tongue.
I closed my mouth over the giant aureole and nearly sucked half my mom's tit
in, which was a big enough trait as it was.

"Fuck me, Simon! Shove your cock in my cunt and pound me deep and hard".

I quickly took place between my mother's thighs and aimed my rod between her
big brown flaps, put it against her rose shaped vaginal opening and slid
into her searing hot and dripping wet snatch.
Instantly I started jack hammering my cock into her slit, so hard my balls
were slapping loudly against her ass.

"That's it, fuck me hard, I want to feel your balls pressing against my
asshole, that's how deep I want you to go".

Slurping, sloppy sounds filled the room as I drilled into my mother's pussy
like a pile driver. Each time I slid out, a frothy white ring of pussy juice
was on my cock and the draft that went along my shaft felt cold.
My mother crossed her legs behind my ass pulling me in deeper.
As good as I could manage with that leg lock on my ass, I pumped in and out
of the sucking, frothing cunt of my mom, which felt like a hot oven.
"Your pussy is so hot and tight, mom. My cock feels like it's burning up.

"My pussy's hot for your cock, Simon. It's hot and wet because of you", my
mother responded as she took my banging lying down.

I managed to get up with my upper body, so that I had a good view of my
mother's body, shaking on the bed because of the f***e my pounding loins had
on hers. I looked her in the eyes, and lifted her legs. As my rod kept
sliding between her brown slippery lips, I brought her feet to my face and
started to lick her toes again. Then I ripped open her stockings and took
her naked big toes into my mouth. As I stared into her eyes, I sucked on
both of her big toes at the same time. I sucked and slurped on them with a
bobbing head, as if I was sucking a cock.

"Let's turn around. I want to sit on your thick cock and ride you", my
mother stuttered.

I climbed off of her, my cock slipping out of her twat with a nasty pop,
smeared with white cuntal oils.
I laid on my back and saw my mother swaying her body over mine.
She aimed my cock upwards and slid over my pole in one movement, making it
slide in to the root.
My balls were pressed beneath her ass so I spread my legs wider to avoid
them being squashed under my mother's weight.
Then, like a woman gone berserk, my mother started hammering her ass down
onto my crotch. Hard, pounding noises filled the room and the bed was
squeaking so loudly I thought we were going through it and hit the floor.

"Ooohh, yeaahhh. Your cock is pumping me so nice and deep. Am i nice and
wet for you, Simon? Is momma nice and wet for my boy's deliciously thick

"You're cunt is like an oven, mom. It's almost like a wet, warm sponge
milking my cock".

Time and time again I felt pounds of soft warm flesh pound down onto my lap.
I was amazed I hadn't had the urge to cum yet because of this wildly fucking
woman, my own mother.
She bent over towards me and stuck out her tongue. I saw my mother's tongue
started to drool and I sucked her tongue into my mouth, slurping down her
delicious spit.
As we snowballed each other's saliva we fucked like this for minutes.

"Jesus, Simon. You got me so fucking hot. I can't stop thinking about the
feeling your tongue made fucking into my ass. I need something bigger and
your cock hard and deep in my shitter".

So my mother slid off of my swaying prick with a plop.
She laid on her back, and pulled her knees up till they pressed against her
tits. She reached her arms around her hips and pulled her butt cheeks wide
apart, exposing her brown pucker once again.

"Wet it with your tongue first, Simon. Use your spit to lube up my

So be it. I once again dove face first between my mother's smelly buns and
licked, sucked and spit on her spastic brown crease.

Now I climbed against her with my knees on the outsides of her hips, and
pressed my purple helmet against the largely swollen rim of my mother's
Her asshole fit me like a warm glove as I slid into mom's ass easily, thanks
to the excess spit.


I bent over, and supported myself with my arms. Then I started doing what my
mother asked for. Like a madman I started pounding my cock into my mom's
squeezing asshole.
In between I wet my fingers in her pussy and lubed my cock with her juices
each time it slid out of her tight hole.
The bl**d rose to my head because of the heat her ass gave me, and the
friction of the clinging walls of her ass on my cock scorched my shaft.
My balls kept pounding at her cheeks and I was getting to the point of no

"Mom, I have to cum, I can't hold back any longer".

"I want you to cum in my ass, Simon. Squirt your load into my asshole. Then
after you're done I'll squirt it right back out of my ass onto my hand, and
I'll lick your cum right off my hand".

The thought of this was too much and screaming I emptied my balls into my
mother's hot, milking asshole".


After about a minute I climbed off my mother exhaustedly, and my cock
plopped out of my mother's gaping asshole with a nasty slurping sound. She
quickly got on her knees, and held her hand beneath her ass. Then I saw my
mother squeezing my sperm out of her swollen sphincter, onto her hand,
followed by a wet fart.

"Look, Simon, this is what I'd do for you".

Then she brought her hand to her face and licked the cum she squirted out of
her asshole, off her hand, only to swallow it while looking me in the eyes
with a coy smile.

After she completely cleaned her hand with her tongue, she laid back next to
me, and lit a cigarette.

"From now on you'll sl**p with me every night", my mother said matter of
"And if you give me all the pleasure I need, I'll do with you whatever comes
in your mind".

"Everything", I asked her mysteriously?
The thought of my two s****rs, especially Cindy, raced through my mind.

"Everything", my mom answered, and took another drag from her cigarette.

"Have you ever wondered if Cindy and Paula would be in for a hot night for
real, mom?"

"You leave that to me, Simon", my mother answered smiling, "I'm sure it'll
work out fine".

... Continue»
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The Secret to Cumming in Secret

The other night my girlfriend asked me not to cum in her because she didn't want to "get all sticky." She does that sometimes, and I did what I always do. I shoot the first few pumps of cum in her pussy, then pull out and shoot the rest on her stomach, pubes, tits, or whatever. This time, I shot the rest of my cum on her ass and the small of her back, because I'd been fucking her doggy style. I like fucking her from behind when she doesn't want my cum in her because I can get a shot or two more in her than usual and she can't see to wonder why I don't cum on her as much as normal, and I always have plenty of cum. The secret is to get your dick in her as deep as you can when you blow your wad. My girlfriend never notices she's wetter than normal, and anyway, she gets really wet for me when she knows we're going to fuck.

I learned the trick when I was dating my first girlfriend, back in high school. She was pretty goody two shoes, almost made valedictorian, kind of anorexic, and was a total freak in bed. Repressed girls make the best fucks. She was always concerned about "her future," though. and was afraid of getting pregnant, so even though she was on the pill, she would tell me not to cum in her when she figured she would normally be ovulating. She wanted me to use condoms with the pill but I told her there was no way I was going to do that. She was taking statistics that year and she calculated that the pull out method combined with the pill decreased her chances of getting pregnant by like .02%. I thought that was pretty ridiculous, and that if she cared so much about her future she should just get an abortion, so I would cum in her every time, then spray the rest of it all over her little high school tits, ass, tight stomach, or just smear it around her labia and her clit, cumming the rest on but not in her vag.

I always use a condom with a girl I don't know, or who I do know to be a slut, but with girls I'm dating, I never use a condom. It's like putting a raincoat on your dick. Cumming inside a wet, warm pussy feels so good.

Another girl I had in high school was this beautiful Mexican halfie who hated condoms. I wasn't going to risk knocking up a Catholic, but the week after I took her v-card she was on the pill, and we never used condoms again after that first month. She loved when I came in her. She's one of those girls who tends to cum at the same time as whoever happens to be fucking her, so I think she got conditioned to like my cum like one of those Russian dogs who salivate when they hear a bell. She never asked me pull out, which was refreshing after my first girlfriend, although it sucked how hard it was to get her to finish me off with her mouth, like the first girl I'd fucked would do. That nerd might have had hangups about getting creampies, but she loved to eat my cum, and she didn't have a gag reflex.

Anyway, the only time I ever came in this Catholic without her permission was like a year after I went to college. She had no self control when it came to some things. I saw her when I came home, and when we were making out, she said I couldn't have sex with her without a condom, because she was afraid of STDs, she said. She knew I'd been with some girls when I was in the dorms, and she'd had sex earlier that summer with a k** a year older than her who'd just graduated and joined the Marines. I'm pretty sure she was trying to make me jealous but she only made me think of her as even more of a cumdumpster. I got her naked down to her socks and her pussy was soaking my boxer shorts while I was grinding her and leaving her a hickey somewhere near her right nipple, and then I thought "fuck it" and just pulled them down and shoved into her. At first she tried to get me to stop, but then she gave in. She knew she was a slut. By the time she whispered for me to take her from behind and then started rubbing her clit, I wasn't worried where she wanted me to cum, even though she cried after we were finished.

The only other time I full on came inside a girl without her permission was with this one girl I wasn't really dating, more just hooking up with every couple of weeks over the course of a semester. She'd told me that she was on the pill but she said she'd never had a guy cum in her before. I only knew her because I'd been trying to get with her roommate, who had a pretty serious boyfriend. The roommate was this crazy petite, red curly haired, tanned exercise freak with proportionately gigantic, gravity defying tits. She was this tall, willowy, pale skinned English major with dark, almost black hair. They both looked like models without looking like each other.

I'd been pulling my usual trick of cumming a few shots deep in her then rubbing out the rest against her clit since the first time we'd fucked after a party. Then, after we'd fucked this one time, we were lying in bed talking, and it came up that she'd hooked up with some random guy a few weeks before, again after a party. I asked her he'd used a condom, because I knew she didn't like them, but she said "Of course!" She said she didn't want to do anything too risky. I remember she grabbed my dick and said "This is the only one I let inside without a wrapper," then started kissing me and playing with my cock until I got hard again. I started fucking her for the second time that night. She came really easily, and while I was watching her have her fourth orgasm, I could feel myself starting to cum. I pushed as far as I could into her and started to squirt as I was bottomed out in her pussy, but then instead of pulling out and using the rest to mess up her dark pubic hair, I just pulled back until the head of my dick was only an inch or two inside her vag and kept shooting rope after rope of cum in her.

She was like, "Oh my God, did you just cum?" as my dick was still throbbing and pulsing inside her, and I was like, "Um, I think I did a little."

It was great. I remember watching her pull on these lacy trimmed, blue striped panties as she was leaving and knowing that they were going to be soaked through to her jeans by the time she'd biked home.

It's a little fucked up, I'll admit, but probably the best story I have about cumming inside a girl when she didn't want me to was with the English major's roommate. As I said, she was fine, but she had a boyfriend. She was cool, though, and I actually enjoyed hanging out with her, even though it was hard not to stare at her chest. I'd kind of been chasing her for about a year and we became good enough friends to offset my frustration with my slim chances of getting with her. I kind of thought I'd blown my chances of ever getting her naked after I spend most of fall fucking her roommate whenever it was convenient, but I guess the English major gave me good reviews.

My hometown is close to hers, except mine is bigger and much cooler than hers, and she had a friend from high school who'd moved there after she graduated, so instead of spending winter break at her place or her boyfriend's parents' house in whatever town in SoCal, she came up to a New Year's party where I'm from. She went to it with her friend from high school and saw other friends of hers from high school. One of these friends was a boy who had a crush on her in high school who made it very clear that he could reignite it. There, d***k at a party, she felt that she would probably reciprocate, and that the story would get back to her boyfriend. I happened to be driving from my first New Year's party, which was a classy, black tie affair, to my second party, which was mostly d***k twenty one year olds, when she called me.

"I'm at a party. I need you to come get me," she said.

"What? Why?"

"I'm very d***k, and there is a boy here, and I have to leave, and I can't make out with this boy."

I wouldn't have done it if it had taken any serious effort, but it was so easy. I asked her where was, and if she could go outside and tell me the cross streets. If it had been across town, I wouldn't have gone for her. If I hadn't already been driving when she called, I would have missed the opportunity.

The second party was close to my house, so I wasn't worried about drinking too much. We got there at about eleven thirty and I introduced her to my friends from high school. Someone gave me a vodka heavy screwdriver and she had about half a can of beer. It was a pretty great party. We counted down the ten seconds until midnight, and everyone kissed each other, which was hilarious, because it was mostly a sausage fest.

When it came time for me to kiss her, I was the perfect gentleman. I was so polite, I think she was disappointed. I could see in her eyes she was disappointed. I'm pretty sure she knew I had a crush on her, because she wasn't an idiot, and she realized that this was her chance to see if there was any chemistry, with the pretense that it was just a New Year's kiss. It's not cheating if it's a New Year's kiss.

She wasn't very subtle. After I turned away to talk to a friend, she put her hand on my shoulder. She leaned in so that her mouth was close to my ear and said she needed to talk to me out in the hallway.

"What is it?" I asked when we were out of the room.

"I want a New Year's kiss. A real kiss."

I protested. I told her that I couldn't, I wasn't that type of guy.

She literally grabbed my dangling, untied bow tie and started kissing me. It was not an innocent kiss. We had to have been making out for at least a couple minutes when the party host's girlfriend walked by, opened a door, and shoved us into a bedroom. We fell on the bed and within seconds I'd unzipped her jeans, slipped my hands between her thick hair and her thong, and had my middle and ring fingers inside her, rubbing her walls with the come hither motion. But a few minutes later after I'd stripped her down to only her underwear. she started to cry.

She was blubbering about how she'd never done this before, and didn't think she would ever cheat on her boyfriend. "I don't even know where I am," she sobbed, and then really started to cry hard. If anyone heard through the door, they probably just thought she was a loud cummer. I didn't want anyone to think anything wrong was going down, though, so I put my arm around her and comforted her. I told her it was ok, that it wasn't her fault, that it was just alcohol and hormones, that she was only this horny because her boyfriend had been gone so long. She felt better and had stopped crying. I kept holding her, and she was still mostly naked, and I felt her relax and nuzzle into me like she was going to fall asl**p. I suggested we go back to my place, that it was only a few blocks away, and she agreed.

She put her clothes back on and I walked with her the long way home, holding her close because it was cold out and snowing lightly. She seemed to have forgotten about her boyfriend again, and when we stopped at the top of a hill to admire the view of the town, and the way all the lights caught the snowflakes as they fell, she put her head on my shoulder. That turned into a hug, which turned into a kiss. The kiss turned into my hand squeezing her ass, and when she stuck her hand under my overcoat and started rubbing my cock through my tuxedo pants, I told her we'd better hurry up back to my house.

I started undressed her standing up, making out with her. First I took of her sweater and her shirt, so that she was down to a black bra and jeans. I love it when they're in their bra and jeans. Of course, it didn't take long before her pants came down. She unbuttoned my shirt, and unzipped my fly. She put both her hands down my boxers and felt me while my hand that was holding her ass cheek slipped under her thong so that the tips of my fingers were spreading and going up her slit as I cupped the part of her leg where her ass meets the back of her thigh.

When I did that, she moaned, then rubbed the very tip of my dick with her forefinger and middle finger. Keep in mind I had been getting hard then losing it multiple times that night so there was a good amount of precum leaking out. She put her fingers in her mouth and said, "Hm..." Then she tugged down my pants and pulled me by my hips to the bed while I took off my undershirt. A minute later, I pressed my naked chest against hers for the first time, something I'd wanted to do since before the last New Year. We were really grinding now. The tip of my dick was pushed snug against her hole. The only thing protecting my penis from her cheating vagina was about half a centimeter of cotton, when all of a sudden, she panted, "Wait." She gently pushed me off of her and onto my back. "I've wanted to do this for a while."

I raised my hips slightly so that she could slide my boxers over my dick and off my legs. She kissed around the head of my dick, straddling me so she could rub her crotch against my knee. She felt so warm and wet. I almost wanted to cum when she started rubbing the tip of my cock against her lips. It's so tempting to just grab a bitch by her hair sometimes and hold her down while you shoot a load against the back of her throat. Instead I told her, "This isn't fair."

"What do you mean?" she asked. She popped the head of my dick in her mouth, then came off it with a sucking sound. She grinned at me.

"You're giving me head. Spin around," I told her.

She was shy, so I guided one of her legs over my chest then grabbed her hips.

"Keep going," I said.

She is shorter than me, but my dick was long enough so that she could get about half of it in her mouth while I ate her out. It's so easy to get a girl hot when she sits on your face because your hands have have such good access to her pussy. I knew it wasn't going to take her long to orgasm and I wanted to leave her wanting my dick, so I told her to turn around again and positioned her over my cock. She was still wearing her thong.

"Do you have a condom?" she asked.

"No," I lied. I knew she had sex with her boyfriend and was on birth control.

"I'm not safe. I fucked up my pill this month and I won't be ok until next week."

"Really?" I was pretty sure she was lying, because girls lie, and she just didn't want her boyfriend to see my cum leaking out of her over the next few days.

"Really. You can't cum in me, ok?"


"You promise?"

"Of course," I told her, and slipped her thong to the side. "It's ok."

She lowered herself down on my cock. She was riding me while I pulled the crotch of her panties to the side, snapping some of the elastic in the waistband. I mashed my face into her breasts and sucked on the inside of her right tit. She sat up more. "No hickies," she said.

"Ok, come kiss me, then," I told her.

She leaned down again to kiss me, and started riding me more slowly. I grabbed her ass with one of my hands and matched her rhythm, helping her slide up and down my cock. She slowly got faster and faster, and was kissing me harder, when she said, "Oh, fuck. Fuck, fuck, oh," and rammed herself down on me and bucked around. I felt her get so wet, and I could have, maybe even should have cum right then, but I held it together.

"I've never cum that fast before," she said, collapsed on top of me.

"Do you want to go again?" I asked. I rolled her over on her back and she was so light that I could just lift her up so my dick didn't even pop out of her. We started fucking her the way I wanted, elevating one of her legs so I could thrust deeper, pulling her thong farther to the side up her thing.. I mostly just wanted to see her tight tits flop around while I pounded her. She had such a tight body and was by far the hottest girl I've fucked to date. I knew I couldn't take much more of this before I'd have to cum, so I decided to take her from behind.

I can't believe she was still wearing that thong. It was getting so stretched out. When I got off of her, I lay down next to her and rolled her over on her side, then just ripped the weak elastic waistband. I shoved them out of the way, then started fucking that little spoon. I love taking girls that way because their pussies get so tight when they're on their sides and their legs just milk your cock. It's also great to fuck a girl on her side because you can feel her up so easily. Her tit, her ass, right there for you. You can grab her upper shoulder then tuck her arm under you. That way you can really handle her chest. They fucking love it when you grab their other wrist so you can feel them up with your free hand anywhere you want, however you want, and they can't do shit.

I had her like that, and I was close to cumming. I knew I only had a few minutes left. I let go of her wrist and told her to touch herself. She licked her fingers to wet them and started rubbing her clit. Her breathing got more shallow.

"Do you want to cum on my tits or in my mouth?"

"I don't know. Both."

I stuck my fingers in her mouth and she sucked on them, rolling her tongue around them so I could remember what it felt like. Part of me wanted to cum all over those lips and face and send them back to her boyfriend. I pulled my fingers out with a popping sound, then squeezed her tit, rolled one of her nipples around with my fingertips. Then, I ran my hands down her to her ass. I squeezed her cheek and started fucking her with more leverage. She was breathing faster now.

"You like getting fucked by me, don't you."

"Ohh, you feel so good."

"You wish I could cum in you."

"You can't, no! I'm not safe."

"I know, baby, don't worry. You just feel so good to me."

I fucked her extra hard for a couple of thrusts. She moaned softly. I rubbed my hand around her ass and into her crack. She was so wet down there I realized I could probably stick a digit or two up her hole. When I tried it, she gave another moan, and I pushed my fingers deeper so I could feel my dick shoving into her pussy.

She was rubbing her clit very fast now, and I figured she was only seconds away. She panted "My ass."

"What?" I was so close, too.

"I want you to fuck my ass." She was tensing up, about to cum. "I want you to be my first."

"Fuck," I said. This was too much for me. I started thrusting harder and harder. I could have cum in her mouth, on her perfect tits, in her virgin ass, but I knew what I wanted. I wanted my semen to drip out of her, and I was going to make it happen.

"Oh fuck," she said, and I could tell she was cumming. I shot one squirt of cum in her immediately, then another.

"I'm going to cum," I told her, as I pumped two more ropes in her.

"Don't squirt in me!" She rolled over, and I popped out.

I blew the biggest load I've ever seen, painting my cum all over her asshole, her crack, her cheeks, the backs of her things, and her cheating little slit. I can't even imagine how much of my cum must have already been pooled up in her.

We lay still for a minute, just breathing and holding each other, then she shifted around so she could inspect her lower half.

"You didn't cum in me, right?"

"Baby, I would never do that."

"Shit," she said, "I'm a mess. Do you have any kleenex?"

"No, sorry. Why don't you use your underwear?" I pointed at the tattered rag that was still around one of her thighs.

"Shit, they were a present." She took them off and wiped my cum from her. "What am I going to do with these?"

"Here, I'll take care of them." I took them from her and tossed them in the trash. "I'll take that out first thing tomorrow."


"No problem," I told her, then pulled her naked body close to me, completely exhausted.

I still have that crusty, tattered thong. In fact, I had them in my pocket the next time I wore my tuxedo, the next winter, when I was the English major's plus-one to the wedding. That cheating slut married her boyfriend about a year later, and they already had the cutest little three month old when they did. Weird, but the baby didn't look much like her husband.... Continue»
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i want to live in a Masturbation Commune!

i'd drop EVERYTHING - after Obama and this economy, That isn't much at all..almost just pc, sundries, and clothes lol..- and MOVE my eager excited and giddy nervous in lust, ..drop everything, f****y, friends, live freely to express and participate fully nude always; ..socialize, fellowship with other fellow Chronic Edgers, Ejaculaters, etc Priapus Temple Priest of Cock Bliss..
Work when necessary to maintain the Cock Worship Ashram/Community..but mainly to not necessairly be a hermit, but like as Nudist enjoy everyday practical life NUDE, with other nudist...but as perpetual chronic edgers, strokers, bators..
whether it be chores, in conversation no matter the subject, walking, general recreation..etc.. while stroking our cocks or be able to u*********sly, naturally masturbate our cocks without heeding to rules today's society would normally shun and discourage our solosexual preferance.. to have simple fellowship and conversation with other nude/naked males, without pretense or false ideas of 'cruising' hooking up or try to 'shock' your fellow male cock-centric peers by simply spontaneously start stroking your cock..
a place to without stigma or shame, explore, discover, our pleasure to pursue the hedonistic bliss of Male Masturbation together or individually...

i'd settle and drop everything if a well to do RETIRED older Gentleman, who loves his cock, like a Gay Masturbator..Mature, older, 40+ [prefer 50-60+] smooth or bear, whos main wardrobe consist of gay biker chaps, jocksstraps, leather harnesses and cock rings..if not naked all the time to stroke his, despite his apparent Geriatric physique, youthful ROCK HARD, SWOLLEN, LUBED BATED COCK..
OLD GRAYHAIRED NAKED GUYS - thin or chunky, weathered looks, with a youthful cut cockringed, greased and lubed, handsome defined cock ..the regular appearance of a Aroused, Gooned Purple, Swollen, Vigorously stroked cock, on an old retired exhibitionist/voyeurist nudist well to do guy..makes my cock precum/leakage..
i love to experience living such an arrangement which i acknowledge and feel genuinely the FREEDOM anytime enjoy CHRONIC EDGING MASTURBATION SOLO or with my buddies goonbate our experience living my sexual preference to love my Cock, adore and appreciate my fellow bator's cocks like it is 100000% everyday NORMAL activity

visual pornographic image triggers of my perversed lust arousal to get lost in blissful love/worship of my cock..
1. highly aroused erect cock..Throbbing, aching to be stroked, engourged reddish purple and veiny ..shiny from the moisturising sheen of precum on the glan..a GENUINE HARD ON, "IT'S ALL ABOUT PERVERSED LUST AROUSED ERECTION, HERE"

2. OLD MEN 50+ MASTURBATORS with youthful enthusiastic gooning lust to bate, show off his cock, and eagar to show and or guide their younger maybe inexperienced fellow cock worshipping solosexual cockstrokers [old gay men is okay long as they LOVE AND FRENZY ON MAKING COCKS FEEL WORSHIPED]

3. A jar of ALBOLENE... the mere sight of the logo, jar color scheme..
my hardening semi-erect cock gushes precum as if sometimes i felt as if i had lost bladder control, yet feel like i 'cummed' but without the spasms of climax/orgasms

4. fellow bators ..gathered in an area stroking, gooning, grunting, babbling about Cock, stroking cock, crying aloud as their inner b**st..takes them on a orgasmic like edging bliss of penis strokes..
*which some of our arousal is actual live experience to freely in open aparticipation of communal indulgence of self-pleasuring cock worship.
*some fuel their batelust 'performing' to his stroking peers, as if he is showing how horny and lustfully gooned his surrounding fellow bators cock strokes made his edging very difficult to focus..
*some of those same peers watching the 'exhibitionist' performer acknowlede he is about to fail at his edging due to seeing his audience lose a little control and vigorously stroke to the tempo of their voyuerism's arousing lust

hail cock
praise Priapus, Lord CockGod..

i'd love to have a sustainable Island like those on "Survivor" to form a Bate Tribe, where there isnt any gender or orientation but COCK, and Cock Worshipper
be it be 1st Your Own Cock, then your fellow tribal bate clan's Cock..
which as "Chief" and "local highpriest" i deny my own cock any stimulation until last chosen or volunteer Semen giver..offers his seed milk on the Chieftan/HighPriest's cock..which as that chief/priest i watch, and preversely lust and chant ritual prayers, pushing my mind's lust and arousal ..anticipating the opportunity to finish my mental edging of seeing gooned bators enthusiastically dumping his semen cum on my twitching throbbing erected cum soaked i can offer the Final Ritual and Offering CUM to Priapus when i Cum masturbating my cock with my tribe's cum as my Bate Lube..
amen.... Continue»
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It was a few years ago that I took my wife KK away for a weekend in Amsterdam.

I wasn’t sure how she would like the red light district as, for those of you who have been will know, Canal Strasse is a little different than your average high street in the UK.

Anyway, we arrived in the hotel and as the flight had been quite late getting us there, we decided to go straight out. We soon found a bar to our liking and had a couple of drinks before stopping off for a bite to eat.

As we worked our way down towards the red light area, where it seemed all the tourists were heading, I was already starting to get horny at the thought of what I would be getting for free that night.

KK looked lovely and I was looking forward to fucking her when the drink had really loosened her up. She was wearing high heels and a tight pair of black leggings which showed off her ass cheeks beautifully but best of all was the tight black top she was wearing without a bra.

It was warm when we set off but as the night chilled, those gorgeous hard nipples began to push against the fabric until her tits were getting admiring glances from some of the guys we were walking past.

As we did the tourist bit and walked past the ‘windows’ (with me pretending not look) I got the impression KK looked like someone I had picked up and paid for, so was not totally surprised when one of the club doormen shouted jokingly,

“ Hey man ! How much will it cost to have your chick after you “.

As always, any comments about her or glances with bad intent always do it for me so I shouted back “ Maybe nothing if you can keep up with her “.

As soon as I said it I looked at KK expecting a furious face so was shocked when she shouted over herself “ I don’t think you would be man enough for me “. Obviously it was the drink talking but I thought it was a bit too dangerous a reply and judging by the doorman’s face he thought so too.

I was proven right when an hour or so later we were in a bar and pretty much ready to head back to the hotel when I noticed the doorman in the corner of the bar.

He was looking directly at me and when I caught his eye he gestured me over. Not wishing to appear as if I was intimidated, I said to KK I needed the toilet and went around the corner of the bar where he had gone.

“ I will come straight out with it “ he said. “ Tell me no and I will leave but how would you like to see your sexy girlfriend in a peep-show and I am sure you know what type of peep-show? “. (I didn’t actually but I could guess).

“ There is no chance, my friend “ I replied “ I would have her do it now but she won’t do it and that’s that but thanks for the offer “.

With that I turned to go but he grabbed my arm and said “ how about if she knew nothing about it afterwards and you get a share of the profits. Lots of men pay big money to see woman like yours taken off the streets “.

“ Jesus, you are serious aren’t you? How could you manage that? ”

“ I have a very clever friend who can hypnotise a woman if he can speak to her for a few minutes. Let’s say there are many satisfied husbands around Europe who have taken the same risk as you are going to take. “ he said with a smirk.

He was right. The risk was going to be taken.

“ Have another drink and we will be back for you both in about 20 minutes. If you are not interested just leave, but at the end of the night you will remember the chance you have missed”.

Was this truly too good a chance to miss ? What could go wrong if we just stopped in the bar which was full of tourists? If it got nasty I would simply walk out with her and get a taxi as there were several parked up nearby.

I brought 2 more drinks from the bar and obviously didn’t tell her anything.

Soon after a man came over and asked me for a light for his cigarette. He asked if we were tourists and asked if we were enjoying the city. He seemed nice enough and so KK didn’t think it unusual when he asked if he could sit down with us as the bar was very full.

When I saw the doorman nearby I knew something was happening especially as the man was leaning towards KK and talking to her quietly.

I was stunned when he said “ shall we go now? ” and was even more shocked when KK took his outstretched hand in hers.

“ Don’t worry about anything “ he said with a smile “ she is under my control in a very special way and will do anything I tell her. Now, shall we all go?”

My cock nearly led me out of the door and I walked along in a bit of a daze with these 2 men and my sexy wife wondering what I should do. My decision was made when we arrived at a door only a short distance away which was quickly opened with us being ushered in.

There was a curtain across 1 end of the room behind which KK was being guided.

As I followed I was gently stopped and told to go through a door, make myself comfortable and await the show. The last thing I was told was “ Just remember, there is no going back now. She will be yours again in a hour or so but for now she is ours. She will be out of the hypnosis when you next see her but will have all memories of the night taken away when you get her back “.

I entered a cubicle, sat in the chair and as I leant forward to draw the curtain back I heard the door lock click. Certainly no changing my mind now.

A few minutes passed and then a light came on in the room through the glass where I saw what was obviously being planned for KK. I could see movement in about 6 other windows as other men leant forward to see what I was looking at ……….

…………. A low beam from the ceiling from which a set of cuffs hung ominously.

My excitement rose when a door opened and KK was brought in with 2 men. Her first glance around and it was obvious she couldn’t see me or any of the other guys which just as well as you can guess what I was going to be doing soon !!

Clearly not under hypnosis and more she struggled against the man’s grip when she saw cuffs dangling but 1 arm held her around her waist whilst the other man lifted he arms and put cuffs on her wrists before tying a rope to the beam above. She was then lifted slightly by the ropes so her black high heeled feet were just touching the floor.

God, it was so exciting as her black leggings were brought slowly down and she was made to step out of them to reveal the tiny triangle of black knickers covering what I knew to be a shaven pussy.

A wide leather strap was buckled around her left thigh and with another through the strap, her leg was bent at the knee and raised so that her foot was about 12 inches off the floor and best of all her pussy was fully accessible.

Next, and standing at the back of her, one of the guys started to lift her tight black top until those gorgeous tits fell out.

The other man appeared holding a leather strap about 12 inches long and 2 inches wide with 3 split fronds at the end.

Now taking a strap like this to KK has been, and always will be a dream of mine but I knew I would always be held back as I didn’t really want to hurt her. However, I had NO objections to someone else having a go !!

The first smack came hard on one of her tits which brought a sharp yelp of pain. A second one followed before several came hard and fast making those lovely tits jiggle and those big round nipples swell big and hard.

The strap was stroked down over KK’s tummy until it was sliding up and down the black fabric of her knickers. I was sure she was reacting with a little pelvic thrusting at this time as I knew this type of thing was also one of her ‘dark’ fantasies.

A little gentle tapping on the inside of her thighs was followed by the first smack upwards onto her covered cunt. A couple more followed and KK was soon writhing against her ropes with the result that the guy had to aim his whacks to ensure her pussy felt the full brunt.

After a few minutes of this her left leg was released and both legs were spread wide and tied to rings on the floor.

I absolutely loved the wide-eyed expression on KK’s face when the other guy appeared fully naked and with a hard-on which must have terrified her or made her cum by just looking at it.

He must have had a full 10 inches with a massive girth and swollen head. I think he was standing in front of her oiling it and stoking it up and down just for extra menace.

Even though her knickers were tiny the Lycra allowed them to be pulled down so that they were a few inches below her already spread pussy.

He walked around the back of her and placed his enormous cock under her so that he was able to rub the head and shaft over her spread lips.

She was loving it. Her head tilted back against his shoulder and I could tell she wanted it.

She got it when he bent his legs so that he positioned the head of his cock at the entrance to her glistening hole before very slowly entering her.

He toyed with her by fucking her with about 2 or 3 inches only before he stood and in 1 full push my wife KK took 10 inches of thick cock right up her spread wide cunt.

When his thickest part was fully inserted her lips were spread so wide that her clitoris just seemed to be begging for attention. One hand came around her and he pinched her clit so that she frigged back against him.

Up and down he went, getting faster and faster and taking KK very quickly to the brink before one mighty thrust and squeeze on her clit made her cum with a long drawn-out scream of pleasure.

She clearly wanted more but he withdrew and reached up to undo first the ropes on her wrists and then the ropes on her ankles.

The second man re-appeared, again naked and again with a cock that made the other one seem small. Must have been 2 inches longer and a full inch thicker.

There seemed to be some chat going on but KK was no longer been f***ed to do anything.

KK my slutty dirty bitch of a wife knelt down and spread her legs before placing her hands on the floor. Her ass pushed up, her head tilted back and her tongue flicking around her open mouth she looked like the slut I always knew she was.

The one who had already enjoyed her pussy knelt in front of her and lifted her head back further by grasping her hair. He moved his cock, still shiny with her own cum, to just in front of her mouth as her tongue reached eagerly for it.

The other lucky guy spread her ass cheeks and positioned his cock at her pussy entrance.

All this was taking place just in front of me and I could see how much she wanted them both.

Both men looked at each other and nodded slightly before both made a slow and steady push.

Her already fucked cunt seemed to be taking all his length but I was amazed as to how much she was taking in her mouth.

She has always been very good with her mouth but had never shown any inclination to take even my humble length, but I knew that would change from now on as I saw her taking more and more of it with each slow thrust.

She had a good 10 inches up her cunt from behind with at least 6 inches in her mouth when with a fierce shudder and bucking of her body she came again. Her orgasm lasted for ages as both men shot their hot cream into her with a last deeper push into her cunt and mouth.

Cum squeezed out of her mouth but I was so glad that he didn’t withdraw as I wanted her to swallow as she had never done for me.

Both kept pumping until they finally withdrew and KK lay on the floor, curled up and panting after the fucking of a lifetime. The session was finished off perfectly when she lay on her back obviously enjoying the moment with her eyes closed.

She just opened her legs a little allowing some of his cum to dribble out.

His timing was perfect as he took the opportunity to bring the leather strap down as hard as he could on her wet and sensitive labia making her scream and arch up. Wonderful and just what she was going to get off me in the future.

2 hours later, and we were both walking back to the hotel, with KK showered and unbelievably unaware, just as promised, of what she had just experienced she said,

“ My pussy feels very sensitive as though it needs a good hard fucking by a big cock, are you up for it ? “

We have been to Amsterdam twice since that night but I have never been able to find the guys who gave us both a night to remember.



... Continue»
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Ladies who love to fuck in a girdle

We would all love to think that there are mature ladies out there who just love fucking. But, in truth they are very few old ladies who still want sex. So we have fantasies. I have several. Here is one in story format. Hope you enjoy.

The fantasy fuck store for mature ladies who love wearing girdles

First, let me own up. I am a mature man, yet ever since I was young and saw a gorgeous mature buxom lady wearing a girdle and fucking a guy on top, I have maintained a fetish to for plump mature women with big floppy tits wearing open crotch girdles and no underwear …oh yes, and they should have a lovely hairy cunt.

So when a friend, who owned a fashion and shoe shop for shall we say, mature women, found out that I was semi retired she asked if I could help her for two days a week, who was I to argue?
I told her that I had no experience.
‘Well, Ken, you know how to sell -- shoes and clothes are no different, and you do have a great sense of what suits a woman. All you have to do is help them and assist fitting as our more mature clients like a ‘personal service’…with the emphasis on personal’.

I was intrigued. ‘Well all good service is personal…what other kind is there?
‘Come on, Ken’, replied Heather, ‘how do you think an expensive old fashioned show like this stays viable. You must have noticed that all our specialist products designed specifically for highlighting and making our older ‘ladies’ look and feel sexy. In short we provide a discreet and private outlet where mature ladies feel safe – and satisfied -- to buy fashionable, sensuous garments and lingerie that flatter them. Also our service includes fulfilling their sexual fantasies whilst doing so.’

‘You mean to say every one of your customers pays top money to get their rocks off in one way or another?’
‘That’s it precisely. You see Ken’ – Heather was warming to her specialisation now….
‘When highly sexed older women, they are maybe lonely, lost a husband or lover, they still get the horny hots and have fantasies. I provide this discreet outlet for them to fulfil their fantasies and try new things…and above all, am pampered, admired and serviced without any fear or humiliation’.

Well, who was I to disagree and confirmed that I would start the following Wednesday morning. During the interim my imagination went into overdrive, thinking of all kinds of scenarios ranging from mild to downright disgusting. Well, time would tell if I was right or way off the mark!

Come Wednesday morning I entered an empty shop ready to be briefed by Heather.
Going round the store she pointed out the sections.
‘As you see, we provide items to enhance, show-off, as she held up a pair of sheer nylon open crotch pyjama bottoms as an example. As most of our ladies curvaceous we also specialise in all types of girdles – from sheer see through gossamer to all-in-one types. But in all cases they come only with a high cut open crotch. The ladies prefer them as it seems they like to show off’.
“Ken, our ladies like to ‘be seen’. So it is essential that you are confident in being able to provide an admiring ‘personal perspective’ when measuring and when they ask, hint or wantonly show off’.
Looking at my cock bulge, Heather added “I can see that will be no problem for you”.

Our tour included other section: shoes, dresses, skirts etc and then I noticed a discreet sign saying ‘fitting and beauty centre’.
Opening the door I saw a swanky massage type table several easy chairs and a small sofa …and lots of mirrors.
Looking around Heather added ‘if you have done you job well and the ladies request more assistance, this is where you are free do whatever they want in any way or method they prefer’.

Come 10.00 the open sign went up and our first customers entered around 11. Not knowing what to do exactly or where to start, Heather told me to go to the shoe department.
‘It is amazing how many mature ladies just love showing themselves, to an appreciative audience”, she remarked’.

No sooner was she gone when an attractive if slightly plump lady of I would guess, about 55 to 60, asked if she could try some gold strappy sandals that she wanted for her next holiday.
‘Certainly madam, what size?’
‘Four and a half but four if they are a wide fitting’ she replied as anyone buying shoes would do.

But this was not self service. This was old fashioned personal service and befitting such she went and sat down whilst I went for the sandals. As you will recall, years ago shoe shops provided a full service – measuring and fitting.
And we too had that old device that allowed me to sit on one end to facilitate fitting the shoe which of course meant that the ladies had to lift up their leg to place their foot on the platform just below my crotch. Those old shoe shop guys must have seen some sights!

Returning with about 6 pairs of appropriate sandals she said, ‘you’re new aren’t you’?
‘Just started today Ms?’
‘Johnson’, she said, 'but please call me Cathy'. And you are?
“ Ken ….pleased to meet you Cathy’.

Not knowing what she was into so to speak, I invited her to take off her coat and in doing so, I surveyed her. Bearing in mind my real task I set to work with the compliments and respond to the innuendo.
It wasn’t difficult as her curvaceous figure was encased in a simple line skirt that ended a couple of inches above the knee. They were indeed beautiful sheer nylon clad legs. But the big surprise was the blouse. Definitely not Laura Ashley: more Dior black hiding – not very successfully – a staggering 40 D pair of delicious tits, in a low cut black bra- they were almost falling out. Yes, this was a fantasy customer all right.

‘Cathy, that outfit is really stunning. You have excellent style’
‘This is one of my favourites. It makes me feel good and at my age, anything that does that, has to be good. Besides my belief is that if you’ve got it flaunt it. What say you, Ken? I can see you are a man with a keen eye, her eyes roving over by crotch.

Sitting down , she slowly lifted her right leg on to it and smilingly said ‘ help me see which of these delightful sandals is going to have the effect I am looking for?’
So playing it by instinct I took gently took hold of her ankle and went to take off her black pumps she was wearing.
‘Just a minute Ken, they are rather tight, let me help you”. With that Cathy opened her legs to bend over and to pull off her shoe giving me my eyes more than enough time to travel up her lovely plump thighs to her pussy jungle of fabulous salt and pepper curly hair nestled just below her girdle line.
And she did the same again with the other leg. “There, that should make it easier for you”
What ...tickle her clit or fit the bl**dy sandals? Then the penny dropped. Cathy was a classic exhibitionist and obviously enjoyed showing off and obviously wanted more.

Fitting the second pair, instead of taking her ankle, I held her calf. ‘ You know Cathy, it will make it easier for me to see how this clips fit if you could possibly lift up your leg a bit more’.
Her eyes lit up. ‘ That’s going to be hard in this skirt, Ken’, she said breathlessly. ‘I’ll have to pull it up a wee bit’
Demurely she pulled up her skirt about 3 inches and spreading her milky white fat thighs lifted up her leg revelling in showing her luscious and very moist hairy cunt lips.
Smiling she added, ‘ can you see better now, Ken?’
Then, as if she had just discovered she was not wearing underwear, she added, ‘ making all the arrangements for this holiday is very stressful, I clear forget to put my undies on this morning, so I am sorry for any embarrassment I may have caused you’.

Pushing it further, I replied, ‘No not at all. In fact, I am a great admirer of woman who likes going commando , if I may be as bold to say so’.
‘Oh Ken, it is so nice to find a real gentleman of discernment’.
After about 20 minutes fitting her sandals and her showing me all of her very fat and now noticeable wet hairy cuntbox , Cathy, mentioned a swimsuit .
As innocently as a she could muster, added ‘ do you think it best if we went into the changing cubicle so you can measure me… it’s a long time since I last bought one?’
Closing the door I replied, ‘Now Cathy, here we do not guess sizes, we take pride in personally measuring. First, please strip off so I can do a good job for you.’

‘Will you unzip me please?’ Turning around to show her luscious arse, I gently unzipped and pulled down her skirt revealing her arse globes through the sheer see through Spandex panty girdle.
Turning around her then very slowly and sensuously took off her blouse revealing a see through balcony bra that just held up – let alone covered – those fabulous milky smooth tits. She was in great shape for an older lady and boy did she know it.
‘ Ken, to clearly get your honest opinion, this swimsuit thing is worrying me, frankly. I don’t want to be parading around showing off my belly so I though that this would do”. Holding up a one -piece costume with build in tummy control panel she added “ what do you think?’

As she started removing her exquisite girdle I decided to take her and her obvious needs in hand
‘Now Cathy , let me see what concerns you’, I commanded. Well, as she slipped out of her girdle, she took my breath away. The woman did not shave, but appeared to actually cultivate her pubic hair. From whispers of hair at the belly button, it got fuller and bushier all the way to her cunt. And boy was I turned on . By now my cock was inching for action.

‘You see my problem, Ken. I always come out in the most awful rash when I used to shave – now I just let nature take its course. Problem is most men do no like this’, pointing down to muff . ‘And it and it gets worse’.
Without missing a heartbeat she turned around and bent down and pulling her arse cheeks apart revealing her puckered shit hole surrounded by softer hair. “What do you think”? She said.
Not wanting to miss an opportunity like this I answered ‘Well, Cathy, why don’t you lean against the chair and let me take a closer look’.

Crouching down and slowly placing my hand on her arse I had to find out how far she wanted to go.

‘ Running my finger around her sphincter hole and caressing her lovely hair, I said ‘ As a matter of fact Cathy I really love ladies with lots of pubic hair’. Sliding my fingers around her fanny, added: ‘ in fact, its far my hygienic as it helps retain all that love juice I can feel right now, see?’

Bingo! “Now Cathy, I am going to show you exactly my opinion and I think in this case actions are far better than words”.
As she started to grind her fanny into my hand, she turned her head around and added, ‘ Ken this is really good. Why don’t you give me a complete inspection.
I quickly downed trousers and pants and guided my normal 6 inches cock, literally oozing with anticipatory pre cum over her crack and around her fanny.
Then gently opening her arse cheeks pushed it into her hairy crack slowly rubbing and lubricating it. Gently I whispered , ‘you see Cathy, I really appreciate very hairy women.’
‘Oh yes,’ sighed Cathy, “I can definitely feel that ”…as she pushed her arse so tight into my cock that the cheeks covered it completely. Boy this was fucking great. Her hairs stimulated more pre cum and on the up stroke; it lodged in her ring hole and slipped right in.

“Are you ready for the full inspection Cathy”, I asked.
And leaving her lady-like chat outside she replied, ‘I sure fucking am’ again ramming her arse against outwards easily forcing my bulging cock right up her shitter.
‘Ken, this really turns me on’. Gently at first, in and out. Her sighs and panting increased…..and just as I thought she was ready to cum, she grabbed my hand and guiding it to her very wet and exposed clit and added, ‘wank my clit’.
I could not believe it. Her clit was rock hard and a good half inch long.
‘Make me cum, lover. Fuck my arse and wank away...and I’ll give you the best orgasm you’ve ever had”.

Stroking and masturbating her clit she chocked, ‘open that draw Ken, and don’t be surprised”.
Lying there was a vibrating dildo that must have been at least 10 inches long and 10 in circumference. Handing it too her, she leaned back into my still stiff member and calmly pushed the entire phallic member into that hairy snatch. I could feel it as well.
As she switched it on the vibes not only sent my cock into overdrive but Cathy bucking and fucking for her life.
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Influence To Particpate in a sex act...3

I laid there weeping and wiping the spunk from my face as Jerome exited the room. As I tried to get up from the bed Bruce and Charlie came barreling through the door.

Diving on to the bed, they both tackled me around the waist and twisted me about like a rag doll till I was once again on my stomach with Bruce trying to enter my butt and Charlie trying to open my mouth.

There was no way to keep Bruce from penetrating my butt hole, it was well lubed now and possibly standing wide open. Bis cock slipped in like a hot knife through soft butter.

As soon as Bruce made entrance in my butt I opened my mouth to yell and Charlie managed to get his huge cock head pass my teeth and warned 'don't you bite my dick, if you want to keep your teeth'.

The two of them bounced me back and forth from dick in my mouth to dick in my ass. Till Bruce shot his load of baby making fluid in my anal cavity, Charlie quickly pulled from my lips and replaced Bruce in my anus.

Charlie was some what bigger than Bruce, not as large as Daniel and smaller than Jerome. Charlie lifted my hips into the air and pushed my head down into the mattress. Charlie than proceeded to slam into my up turned butt making all types of sounds with his cock and my butt hole.

I could barely moan as he worked my very tender butt hole, Bruce was sliding his limp cock across my lips trying to get hard again. The door opened and Daniel and Jerome came in, Jerome was still naked from waist down Daniel had on his boxers.

Daniel said to Charlie 'hurry up and bust that nutt we have some business to discuss with David'. Charlie quickly slammed into me till I felt him explode in my rectum, he pulled from my anal canal and left the room with Bruce both looking at each other smiling and than back at me as i fell to my side holding my stomach.

Daniel and Jerome came to the bed, I lifted my hands pleading with not to bother me again. Daniel just took my hand and rolled me to my stomach and crawled between my legs. His huge cock head sliding up into my butt crack and than right above my anus.

There was so much cum in my butt that Daniel's cock entered with a very audible slurping sound and me groaning in pain. 'I hear you gonna have Jerome s baby, bitch. What you do fall in love with my cousin or you just want to get fucked regular'.

I tossed my head from side to side as Daniel worked his large cock deeper and deeper into my agonizing anal opening. I couldn't speak, even though I tried I just couldn't get the words to form.

Daniel licked the back of my neck as he grind into my aching butt, for the next twenty five minutes I was in agonizing pain as Daniel worked his gigantic cock in and out of my butt.

Just as soon as Daniel emptied his baby making juice into my butt he slipped out. Jerome mounted my butt again and his softball size penile glans pushed against my ruptured butt hole.

His massive cock plopped through my juice filled butt and I could feel all the spunk as it flooded from my forever stretched anal opening. Daniel came around and lifted my head and cradled it in his crotch my face nestled in his pubic hair.

Daniel said roughly 'start sucking bitch, you just as well get used to it, this is how it's gonna be. When you ain't in school, you gonna be here letting one or all of us get this here boi pussy till we get tired'.

Surrendering to my fate I slowly opened my lips and allowed Daniel to stuff his limp cock into my oral orifice as Jerome grind deep into sorely tender butt hole.... Continue»
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Too young and cute to be in this old bar. *updated

She was way too young to be in here. Hell. She didn't even look old enough, not even close. I guess folks 'round here just trust what the I.D says without a second glance, and they sure won't hesitate to let pretty girls in this bar to liven it up a bit. And, that they did, with their cut off jeans shorts riding up on pert bottoms and cowboy boots, along with a clingy little top showing off everything they had to offer. Or damn near close enough...

I could definitely fill in the blanks where that was concerned.

This girl was different though. She wasn't some busty little minx. She had modest breasts, though her low cut halter top managed to enhance the firm mounds, and as if that wasn't enough to draw you in, you could clearly see the rise of her nipples through the flimsy cotton.

I watched her saunter across the smoke filled bar, her jean mini-skirt riding high on delicious little thighs. My god, how young she looked. Slender legs leading down into toned calves and eventually teal boots, picking up the colors in her top.

I leaned back on my bar stool, sipping a beer as I watched her lean over a table, greeting someone, the rise of her top exposing the white lines of her thong.

Lord, help me, I thought to myself. She wouldn't give me the time of day. Not to mention I'm probably old enough to be her father. I was still staring, despite my thoughts, and as she turned back to face the bar, she caught me watching. She paused at that spot and looked directly at me. Or through me. I wasn't entirely sure, but her heart-shaped face and green eyes left me nearly breathless. Her chocolate-hued locks of hair made her look like she'd been riding down the highway with the window down..wavy and windswept.

I wanted to run my fingers through it so bad.. But I turned away, forcing myself to look up at the tv. A live country band was playing that night and occasionally I'd glance over and nod along with a cover I happened to know.

A couple of hours later the band had finished their set and they were blasting filler music from the speakers. I felt a light tap on my shoulder. Thinking it was someone I knew, I turned with my trademark half smile, before it faltered slightly, coming face to face with my dream girl. Her pretty green eyes flashed with amusement as she smiled to ease the electric tension between us.

"Hi there. Wanna dance?" Her hand slid down to my arm as if she knew I wouldn't say no. If I could've said anything at all in that moment. I was speechless. But I sure as hell wasn't stupid, and I followed her willingly to the dance floor.

Before I knew it, she had her tight little body pressed to mine, her firm ass nestled against my groin. All I could think was.. 'oh fuck.' This place had a thing for appealing to the youth with these hip hop songs..once it got late it enough. Gave the girls and excuse to sex it up.. I'd always watched from afar though, but now I had this devilish little bombshell grinding up into me.

I backed us into the darkened corner of the floor, and it was swarming with couples as this was the only major bar in town, so we weren't noticed too much. I did what I could for being the old man that I am. She wanted to grind? Fuck it, I'll grind. I had one large hand wrapped around the side of her throat, the other slipping to the center of her lower back, keeping her movements accurate, so the majority of the time my hard on was rubbing under her skirt and between her cheeks.

She was getting friskier, and I was throwing caution to the wind as my hand slipped from her back and around front, teasing her tiny little slit through her thong with abandon. If she wasn't going to stop me, I was going to take advantage. I managed to get my index finger under the tight, clingy material, sliding it up the center of her hot, wet cunt, growling in my throat as I realized she was completely hairless.

With a moan, she turned to face me, unfortunately forcing my hand to slide away, but I got over it as it settled on a bare little ass cheek, giving a squeeze..

"You got a place?" She murmured playfully, clearly a little d***k with her flushed cheeks and glimmering eyes.

"Wife's there.." I respond hesitantly, figuring I might as well say the truth.

Without a pause, she smiles and says. "You got a ride?"

I nod mutely, and her smiles grows bigger, the haziness of my own intoxication overriding any protests I might've had as she coquettishly sways toward the exit. A cool breeze hits us as the door swings open, and before I can say anything, she has me against the wall, one slender little leg hitched up against my hip..

I grab onto her ass out of pure a****l instict, lifting her light body up against my broad chest. I grip onto her fleshy little bottom tight as I turn and push her into the wall instead, the sounds of our lips and tongues battling fill my mind. I'm hard as a rock, grinding a young little thing against the wall of my favorite bar. Am I fucking dreaming? With a moan, I lift her higher, secure in my strong grasp as I blindly find my way to my truck.

Not even bothering to get inside, I simply pull the tailgate down, still holding her tight, and kissing her deep as I settle down on the end of it. Her little body now in my lap as she grinds and moans into my lips. Luckily my truck is parked in an isolated spot. We could be seen, though, if someone came looking 'round the corner of the bar.

Slowly I scoot back into the bed of the truck, breaking the kiss with a low growl as I lean up to pull the tailgate shut, giving us at least a little privacy. I lay back and watch as she straddles me.

"How old are you anyway?" I groan out as she begins sucking down my throat, her slender little hips grinding..taunting. And teasing me beyond anything I'd ever experienced.

"16." She responds nonchalantly, as though it weren't against the law. Like it was perfectly normal. I groan long and deep in response, almost about to stop her before she slides a small, cold hand down my jeans, fondling my cock.

Instead of telling her to stop, I growl in approval. And she giggles. God, she is one devilish little girl. With a moan, I reach up and tear her halter top down over her pert little tits, exposing them to the cool night air. She smirks. Smirks. This little 16 year old smirked, as an old man tore her top down.

In response to her expression I feel the masculine need to take control, lifting her by her ass and flipping her over onto the bed of my truck. My fingers sliding up her thighs, ripping her thong off from beneath her skirt.

Then, shoving the denim up to her hips, I begin devouring her, eating her out roughly and not giving a damn who hears her girlish little squeals and gasps. I keep her hips pinned easily with one hand, the other rising up to grope her breasts. My hot, wet tongue slithering up her smooth slit, flickering over her clit before dipping back down to her entrance, thrusting within.

Eventually, she has her boots hitched up over my shoulders, her skirt shoved up on her hips, top torn in half at her stomach, moaning loudly and panting out little shrieks as I drive her closer to an orgasm.

Normally I'd draw it out. I'd tease. Maybe not even let her cum. But I want her to. She tastes so fresh and sweet, I can't help it. Can't wait to have her slick juices smeared across my lips, soaking my tongue.. So I keep at it, steady and purposeful. Working my flexible tongue smoothly in and thumb gliding from her hip to furiously rub over that tender little bud of flesh.

That sends her over the edge. She arches up from the floorboards and screams wildly, her orgasm hitting her hard as her nectar gushes forward to my waiting lips. I drink from her like someone dehydrated, suckling and licking hungrily.. Both hands now cupping her ass, lifting her up as I finish feasting on her delectable pink flesh.

She breathes hard as I smirk up at her. I'm still dazed with my, but aware enough to want more. Before she even catches her breath, I grab her hips and lift her up ontop of me, rolling onto my back. I gaze up at her, gently tracing my fingers over her pert, small breasts.. Tweaking the little pink tips as I balance her light body on my pelvis, gradually sliding down to take hold of the curves of her hips. My own hips roll up, urging my cock up into her, feeling her soft slit spread, then with a thrust, I impale her deeply. She's scorching hot and soaked from her previous climax.

She screams and flings her head back, and I waste little time with niceties. Horny beyond belief and rock-hard, I begin driving up into her, smacking my pelvis off her ass and burying my cock in her over and over. Her breasts shake as she tries to grind down into me, her hips bucking each time I stuff her to the hilt.

"Mmmnnhh! Fuck me mister, fuck me just like that! Don't stop..for the love of God, don't stop-!" her words cut off as she gasps. My hand slides down to furiously rub my thumb over her clit, gritting my teeth as I feel her tiny cunt tighten on me, flexing and contracting with rhythmic pulses.

"Ahhh fuck, good girl. Good fuckin' girl. Such a sexy little bitch.."

It almost sent me over the edge, but I was not done with this little minx yet. Her orgasm left her breathless and dazed, and she put up no fight when I rolled her onto her back. She moans as I keep myself buried, sliding my hands down to grab under her knees, pushing them apart and toward her tits. With a growl, I order her to hold them there, watching with approval as she grabs her knees obediently, looking up at me with half shut, lusty eyes.

"Good, babygirl." I breathe out, able to see her smooth pussy by the light shining from the bar. My thick shaft was hidden within, only the base visible.

She looks up at me, and smiles a little through the haze of post orgasmic bliss and desire. "Pound me. Fuck me hard with that big cock."

"Mmm that's what you want, huh, little girl? You like this fat dick stuffing you full?" I growl in response, feeling my cock twitch at her words. Thrusting hard, I watch her breasts bounce from the fo-rce, her boots shaking in the air as I begin drilling her down into the bed of the truck, the sounds of flesh hitting flesh filling the air with my grunts and her mewls.

"Yessss oh my god, just like that. You're gonna make me cum again all over that cock! Mmmnnnn right there, keep fucking me like that, please!"

I lean over her body, sucking at her pert little nipples as my hips crash down into her, piledriving my cock deep in her soft little cunt. She lets go of her knees, and I feel her boots digging into my shoulders. Limber little slut, I manage to think. Her fingers claw at my hair and she whimpers as I bite onto her nipples.

"I..I I'm cumming! Fuck, I'm cummmmmminnnng!" she shrieks wildly, as I grind my pelvis into her mound between body-shuddering thrusts. Her sounds send me over the edge as I lean up to growl into her mouth.

"Take it, all of it. Cummin' in your sweet, tight little pussy." my breathing grows labored as pleasure and satisfaction consume me. The little minx was shuddering beneath me, her body jolted by aftershocks of her climax, and from my cock throbbing and releasing deep within, filling her up.

"Damn, that was.." I trail off, simply smiling at her, lazily pulling free and rolling to the side.

"Incredible." she finishes for me, smirking and fixing herself up to look presentable, then slipping me her number before swinging one leg over the tailgate and hopping off. I watch her leave, her hips swaying with confidence.

"Definitely getting another taste of that soon.."... Continue»
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Way to bring in New Year

So my girlfriend decided that for NYE she would treat me to a one day pass at Imperial Spa in the city. We both went, but the spa is separated by male and female halves. We got our towels and keys and went to our separate ways, agreeing to meet back up in a couple hours.

Walking into the men's side of the spa was very nice. The interior was mostly all polished marble and provided a very nice experience. I slid my electronic key into my locker and changed out of my clothes, and proceeded towards the baths.

The imperial spa had an area for shaving, a shower area, one hot tub, one cold plunge, a dry sauna, and a wet sauna.

I decided to take a shower first. I turned on the hot water and began soaping up my body. Something about lathering myself in front of a group of attractive naked men got me very turned on, and I turned to face the wall so that my hardon wouldn't show. I had told myself that this wasn't a gay spa and I needed to not make the other guys here uncomfortable. I could tell a few guys were checking me out though as I soaped my ass thoroughly and got myself clean and ready.

I decided that I wanted to soak in the wet sauna. I entered and sat down, closing my eyes so I could absorb the hot steam from the sauna and relax my muscles. After a few minutes I opened my eyes and noticed the man sitting next to me staring directly at my cock. I didn't think much of it so I closed my eyes again. A few seconds later I could feel his hand on my cock. He began to stroke my hard 7" uncut cock. I moaned in pleasure and opened my eyes.

Looking over I could see a very attractive man stroking my cock and eyeing me like he wanted all of me. I looked down and noticed that he had a very large cock. Even soft he was bigger than me, and also uncut. I reached over and began to stroke him. I had never actually played with another uncut guy, but stroking his cock was so enjoyable. Feeling the foreskin move back and forth, I loved every bit of it.

I've always had a desire for sucking large cocks, and today was no exception. Even though I had a girlfriend in the other half of this building, I couldn't resist myself. I leaned into his crotch and shoved his thick huge cock into my mouth. He moaned with pleasure. As I sucked his tasty cock he began to finger my ass. He pulled me up to him and kissed me deeply. I loved the feeling of his full square jaw, strong tongue and lips and the feeling of his beard stubble rub against my chin.

He whispered in my ear, "I'd love to fuck your hot tight hole." I whispered back, "I'd love to but I don't want to get caught," to which he seemingly understood. I leaned back down and began sucking his cock again. I loved every inch of it. I loved the feeling of his foreskin in my mouth, his full cock stretching my mouth to its fullest extent, the taste of his precum and the smell of his balls as I would throat him deeply and my nose would get close enough to get a good whiff of his manlyhood.

He was enjoying my sucking, with loud moaning. He began to jack his cock off into my mouth. I was ready, I hadn't sucked a cock or tasted a load in over a year. I needed this. He burst hot sweet cum into my mouth and I swallowed every bit of it.

He got up and left the sauna. I did the same. I proceeded to wash area where I gargled hot water to try to get the taste and smell of cum out of my mouth so my girlfriend wouldn't notice anything out of the ordinary had gone on. Luckily I found a bottle of peppermint essential oil and poured a few drops into my mouth to swish around.

I walked into the changing room, and found him waiting there. He handed me his number and said, "Call me if you'd ever like to get together. I'd love to fuck that tight ass of yours"

I told him I would be in touch and said, "Happy New Years!" To which he responded, "Now it is."... Continue»
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Jayne gone wild in Africa 2009

Wild Africa. A story I wrote for my wife based on true events but heavily heightened with my fantasies for her.. Enjoy


It had been over a year since our last indulgence in the forbidden delights.
The suggestion of revisiting the Gambia and rekindling the relationships there had been well discussed and was, or I had thought, the most probable route to finding Jayne a well hung black man other than finding something nearer home in the UK.
In 2011-12 some issues prevented us from enjoying time away from our families but with the conclusion of those matters, there was an opportunity to push the boundary a little and on impulse, I arranged a weeks holiday in Conakry, the capital of Guinea.
In hindsight the flight connections that initially seemed exciting and romantic (stay over in Paris) proved to be exhausting and uncomfortable. The company I used offered some assurance of reliability but clearly this was aimed at the less expectant. I told Jayne about the arrangements in good time and she was amiable, becoming more enthusiastic as time went on. I did suspect a little hesitancy so I decided to base us in a quality hotel. We weren’t disappointed with the Camayenne Hotel in Conakry and Jayne made an extra special effort to compliment the diet she’d worked on for months. She looked tremendous and deserved a memorable reward.
As the k**s are getting older they are becoming more demanding but somewhat self sufficient so making time for us isn’t the biggest problem now. Our close unit allows trust with f****y and we in turn have reciprocated over the years. My suggestion that I was taking Jayne away was welcomed and the offer to look after them came as I had expected, the added bonus being during term time too.

Holiday plans

One evening two weeks prior to our flights, I found Jayne exploring the hotel and locations in Guinea and over a glass of wine we discussed the holiday and pending activities. She told me later that I was to assuming and abrupt with my supposition that she would even consider taking on a local man. That said, it’s true to say that she was willing to discuss it and even to the extent that she indulged me to keep the peace.
I’d asked her to take on a group during role play and she’d agreed, describing several huge characters. That fuelled my imagination and the idea of five, six or more “Bamba” types pounding and “rag dolling” her was more intoxicating than the bottle of Merlot I’d consumed. I also made demands (as she put it) for her to wear lingerie during the encounters, specifically stockings and heels and other desirables, desirable to me that is.
The most extraordinary request I made was for her to have full intercourse without the use of a condom. Jayne showed really no reluctance or surprise when I said I wanted her to let a black man ejaculate inside her. I did shock myself and I remember my heart pounding in my chest and ears after I said it. She simply answered “why not”
That really got me hot under the collar and I pestered her to confirm that she would which didn’t help the mood. It resulted in a “lets wait and see”

After we had returned from Banjul in 2011 Jayne visited our health centre to discuss going back on the pill claiming period control. I thought it would raise eyebrows but it was a relatively simple matter and since April 2011 she’s been safely on it.
I think we’d both anticipated that she would have additional partners and we even made plans to have Bamba fly to the UK. He made the excuses, not us and although it’s still a potential, we looked for alternatives.
The nearest was meeting a black guy from Leeds who met us in a car park at the Designer Outlet. He wasn’t particularly well endowed despite his email claims but he was young and good looking according to her. As it was the first meet there wasn’t going to be any penetration but after the inaugural kissing and groping, he took a “lipstick” blow job to completion from Jayne, promised to contact us again for the ultimate and then disappeared never to be heard of again.
Despite my efforts, finding the right type of men for Jayne in the UK has been difficult to say the very least, albeit plenty of time wasters.
As the holiday drew closer I took a little sneak preview of some new items in our shared case and was thrilled to find a bag labelled with La Senza. Inside were a new waspie corset, bra and knickers also two packs of stockings. I even went to the extent of investigating her makeup bag to make sure the brighter, more sensual colours were there. I did admit it to Jayne later.
To be honest she left nothing out and catered for all of my whims and eccentricities as will later become apparent.
We had to fly to Paris on Saturday, stay over night at Charles de Gaulle then fly early Sunday, Air France to Conakry. It sounded ideal until it became reality. After dropping off the k**s we drove to Manchester airport for the BMI to Paris.

A short delay had us on our way but once at CDG trouble hit. The place is colossal and the French are largely ignorant so making our way throughout was difficult and annoying. We got lost on the rail system but eventually we arrived at the most basic room to discover there wasn’t a restaurant. Then after a tenuous late tea and a couple of beers we discovered that the flight, the following morning to Conakry was delayed for three hours. It wasn’t the best start and I felt that if anything could go wrong, it would, simply to thwart our plans.
Despite everything we made the best of it and I tried very hard to avoid any overpowering interrogation of what Jayne might or might not do. As it was, just as we we’re settling down to sl**p with the sound of traffic and jets roaring in the back ground she snuggled up to me and said with her eyes shut,
“Never mind… we’ll be there this time tomorrow and you can amuse yourself by finding me a hunky black guy”
I didn’t sl**p well although Jayne did. Predictably the trip via the rail network was as fraught as the day before with little assistance from the airport staff. Thankfully once the endurance of security and check in, then security again we were finally in the departure lounge. I felt as though I’d been awake for 24 hours, not entirely far from the truth. Jayne looked great in contrast. She’s made some effort too with a tight floral dress, modest heels and subtle but precise makeup. Her effect was finished with a pair of large dark sunglasses and an often blank vogue expression as she surveyed the lounge and people within. It was quite obviously full of black men and woman taking the flight to Conakry and then on to Freetown, Sierra Leone. Not many Caucasians.
Irritatingly, there was no bar or cafeteria only a few extortionate drinks machines but I bit the bullet and bought two latte’s. When boarding was announced there was no orderly queue but an exodus of nationals seemingly desperate to get on the plane. We waited, typically British and in due course we were directed left into the airbus and seats with extra leg room, as requested at check in. Result !
Jayne suggested that I should have paid for business class seats but at 1k return each it had seemed expensive. Little did I know !!
The flight was long and arduous but I was so tired that I did sl**p for about three hours. We held hands and dosed then towards the end of the flight we chatted and prepared for the arrival. Jayne had noticed a big African guy getting up to use the bathroom whilst I’d been sl**ping and she pointed him out to me during the rush to use it again once the captain had announced the decent and seatbelts on, which infuriated me.
He was massive though, fitting all the criteria and I asked her if he was the sort of thing she had in mind. She was resting her arm on the seat rest supporting her chin with her fingers and she turned to me and said “Oh Yeah”
Exhilaration is not the word and I knew that I’d at least have to give it a go to engage him in some form of conversation or something. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be as in the bustle of landing and exiting the aircraft he disappeared but I had a refreshed idea of the parameters.


We endured immigration and then heat as we left the airport building. I’d cleverly decided on one suitcase to foil the bumsters and airport staff who are insistent and carrying bags for a fee. Jayne handled the hand luggage and we made our way to main road that was lined with taxi’s. I opted for a half decent vehicle and asked the driver if he knew the Camayenne Hotel.
He claimed he did and then we haggled the price in US Dollars starting at 15$ (ha ha) it ended at 3$ . Conakry has a huge French influence and it’s a much more cosmo city than Banjul. There’s a large Muslim contingency mixed with a European attitude (when it suits) and for the main, French is spoken along with English and the regional Creole dialects.
The drive was fascinating as expected and surprisingly the AC in the taxi worked. We arrived at the hotel about 40 minutes after leaving the airport and after checking in we inspected the room finding it to our complete satisfaction. The staff throughout couldn’t do enough for you (as will later be explained)
I put on shorts and went for a swim in the deserted pool while Jayne showered and changed then we went for dinner, again in an empty dining room but with the full attention of the staff. What’s more the food was excellent. I had lobster and Jayne the fish which was accompanied by two bottles of wine.
Some guests eventually appeared but we retired to the hotel bar for a few more drinks and then to bed.
I wanted to get familiar with everything the following morning and to be truthful, it was far easier than expected.
We slept reasonably well. The ceiling fan gave off a pleasant hypnotic hum and the air conditioning took the sting out of the night heat. The room was spacious and clean with large curtained floor to ceiling windows. It opened to a lounge area also with large windows and through to a secluded open air shower room. Fantastic !
Jayne got up and made coffee then dressed in shorts and a blouse for breakfast. It was busier in the dining room with a mix of people, French, German and blacks. There were also a small Lebanese’s group but they remained very secular. We had breakfast and then I went to the reception to ask about a car and driver. The girl on the desk spoke really good English and also fluent French and she arranged a car with an English speaking driver for us for 11.00. There was a little confusion over the passports as I had refused to hand them over but it was easily resolved with 5$
I had it in my head that we would take a drive into and around the capital then investigate the night scene and places that I could take Jayne to “pull” The hotel had a compound wall but it was in a quiet well policed area with an obvious wealthy inhabitancy, good roads and lighting etc. Also the layout of the room and buildings was clearly discrete and getting a bloke or blokes in wasn’t going to be a problem, nor was disturbance.
The driver arrived on time and I met him at the reception paying them in advance much to his frustration. He later negotiated a more reasonable deal at the risk of loosing his patronage but selfishly for my part, I had my wife’s interests in mind, not his.

When Jayne appeared she was wearing a very short skirt but with a flowing wrap covering her legs. She’d also changed into a tight low cut top and sun cream was lightly showing white on her arms which she was busily rubbing in. She’s put on makeup too and a broad sun hat. Her sunglasses hid her eyes. It could have been perfect if she’d have been wearing high heels but the flip flops toned it down. Regardless the driver gave her a good look over. He told us his name was Kemo and his English was very understandable. At this point, it needs to be explained that he was not her type at all but he was instrumental in associating us with a more than suitable individual.
Kemo drove us into Conakry past the splendid mosque. It was a busy crowded road and the traffic movement slow. Fortunately the vehicle also had functioning air con which kept us comfortable. At one point we drove to a halt because of two large vehicles meeting head on in the road and it was a stalemate with neither lorry able to manoeuvre. The temptation to get out and walk was contradicted by Kemo who insisted that it wasn’t a good idea and that we should stay in the car until we cleared the bustle of the crowds. Jayne and I attracted some attention and there were very few white people about in the area passing the mosque. Once through the jam we negotiated wider roads, albeit in poor condition but it was less congested.
I’d asked Kemo to take us to the residential areas away from the slum side of town and to where we could find bars, restaurants and other hotels. Once away from the centre of the capital and into the mountain area surrounding the city and adjacent coves the area took on more of a resort landscape. It’s very idyllic.
We passed a number of armed military police in groups. Kemo explained that they guarded the affluent areas, particularly the Mayors house which we passed by and was very grand in a colonial style. Also the resorts visited by French, European and Middle Eastern people. We stopped at a beach head with several huts and an open bar area. Again a guard was sat waiting on a chair and as Jayne opened the car door and got out, he leapt up taking over.
Kemo said something to him and he e****ted us into bar. I ordered three Heinekens and we sat in the shade at a table taking in the view of the atoll sea shore. A woman selling sea shells was hushed away by the guard and I commented about always being pestered by beggars’, sellers and bumsters.
Kemo pointed out that if you succumbed, they would constantly target you.
After we finished the drinks Jayne asked if we could find a more active area and we told Kemo we wanted local bars and nightlife. He drove us to Zonas about another five miles further along the coast. We parked the car and decided to walk around the streets that were mixed with street markets and shops. Jayne immediately took an interest and dutifully I followed.
As she was engrossed with a storekeeper over some carving, I asked Kemo if there were issues with security particularly in some areas and especially during night time. He said that it was largely safe but he advised against walking around at night. It had been on my mind all day and I asked him if he knew where I could find a guard or chaperone. I motioned like a boxer and emphasized “big man” using my open arms to demonstrate width and height. I went ridiculously overboard and we both ended up mimicking each other and laughing. It settled down with him nodding and giving it some consideration but just in case I repeated “big big man” nodding to make sure he understood.

Kemo got on his phone and made two calls and as we moved along the stalls he spoke to me and said he had a friend who knew a man who was “very large” and that he would make a request to him.
During the impromptu shopping I suggested another beer and we stopped outside a street bar while Kemo went in for the drinks. I say a bar, more a hole in the wall with a shed door painted in the Coca-Cola livery. We were scrutinized by the four inside but they seemed friendly enough. It obviously thrilled me the way they studied Jayne without any attempt to be discreet. She ignored it although I mentioned it to her, but she was nonchalant and just smirked.

The rest of the day was spent shopping with another stop for a little street kitchen. I was reluctant considering stomach complaints but Jayne tucked into the vegetable stuff and Kemo some pancakes?
Then as we were putting Jayne’s bartered purchases in the back of the car Kemos phone rang and he had a short conversation. He cupped the mouth piece in his hand and told me that his friend’s friend would “support” me for 20$. That would be around 3 weeks good wages for a Guinean. I immediately said that it was too expensive. As Kemo went back to the phone, Jayne’s inquisitive nature took over and she asked what was too expensive.
For some reason I walked her a little away from the car and was actually whispering when I told her I was trying to arrange a companion to e****t us during the evening. She asked all the impossible questions a woman would ask, who is it, what’s he like, where is he?
I said I didn’t know but we’d see. I also told her that I though Kemo was adding a little to the price for himself and although I didn’t mid that, I wasn’t going to be ripped off especially as I’d paid and fed him. He came back with 15$. I gave a contemplating expression then said we would need to meet him and I asked if it could be arranged. Back on the phone, Kemo said yes and after cutting it off he told us that we could meet him on the way back at the Novotel Ghi hotel in the centre of Conakry.


Jayne and I sat in the back holding hands. Both of us full of anticipation but also with the unsure feeling of expectation. We chatted to Kemo during the drive and frustratingly as we neared the city centre we became stuck in the traffic melee again. We moved a car length at a time and I needed the lavatory to put a mundane top on it. Eventually we reached the hotel on the Rue du Commerce. It’s quite a grubby place and I thought at the time that I was glad I hadn’t book in there. Despite that it later served a purpose.
We all went into the lounge and I disappeared off to the lavatory, another stimulating experience.
When I returned Jayne and Kemo were sat on rattan chairs in the veranda. Jayne had a glass of wine and had sensibly ordered me a large beer in a pint glass. Clearly the Novotel wasn’t all bad !
Sitting down and taking a refreshing drink, I asked Kemo what time was the guy arriving. He laughed and said any time which really meant half way through the second pint. Jayne had paid a trip to the lady’s room and came back with a little more makeup and a strong odor of perfume.

Kemo noticed it but I pretended not to but she’d definitely stepped up a little. I remember thinking that it was somewhat like going over old ground but I also thought that it could be a waste of time to.
I was on the cusp of asking Kemo if he could check the man was actually going to turn up when his phone rang. There was a little chatter and then he got up and walked through back into the reception, out of the doors and disappeared don the stone stairs. Jayne asked me again who it was that was coming and I told her, a chaperon. We would need one if we we’re going out during the evening because Conakry could be unpredictable at night.
Jayne asked if it had anything to do with her and after a slight pause I said I thought it could do. Really casually she took a long sip of her wine and glanced toward the reception. I looked and Kemo came back up the steps. Behind him, another man was appearing but he didn’t seem to reach the top of the stairs.
From where I was sat t looked as though he was growing out of the ground because he just kept getting taller and bigger and taller and bigger.
My head went tight and my chest started to pound as the man came clearly into sight. Once through the reception doors it was clear that he was a huge bloke. Dressed in a tatty Nike Tee shirt and shorts, he towered above Kemo and every step towards us he got larger and wider.
Jayne stared expressionless as they approached but I noticed her eyes examining him up and down from his dusty flip flops to his smooth dark skinned face.
I knew then that at some point his black Guinean cock would be inside her
Kemo strolled up to us looking down at his mobile phone with a couldn’t care less approach then casually looking around and then back to his phone screen announced “ Fode (pronounce Fodey) will work for you…..15$ US” I was on the ball and asked them to take a seat then I waved for the waiter and invited drinks.
Kemo in his accented voice strung a sentence together stating that Fode wanted the 15$ up front. It felt uncomfortable but I was excited if I’m honest and the waiter arrived on cue with his silver tray to collect our glasses and take the order for fresh drinks. Jayne asked for another glass of wine and I ordered a beer. Fode, simply agreed with me when I pointed to the empty pint glass and Kemo politely declined, reiterating as politely as the language barrier could allow, that Fode wanted paying prior to his services.
It was plainly obvious that Kemo was negotiating his cut of the 15$ but considering what was presented I agreed and when the drinks arrived, I passed him enough to cover everything. Fode entered into conversation with him and Kemo stood up and walked away from the table settling the bill with the waiter.
Although I don’t know what was said, Fode got his 10$ the drinks were paid for and Kemo came out of it alright. Subsequently he introduced us to Fode properly. I shook his hand which was like a Gorillas then Jayne offered hers. He took it and the clutch was enough to stir me. Her soft vogue white hand held by his big black grasp, then the lingering hold by her, ending with the tracing of her fingers and painted red nails over the ridge of his thick forefinger as they broke. I knew instantly that a connection had been made, certainly in Jayne’s mind. I picked up my cold beer and about to take a drink, looked at her and said okay?
She replied as though in consideration.”…. Yes….”

In no time it was obvious that Fode spoke little English but he could manage French. That was an alluring feature I later discovered. Kemo interoperated although Jayne interacted and made a real effort to communicate with him.
I marvelled at him to be quite truthful. His physical size was astounding. I know that’s what I’d asked and stressed for but I hadn’t imagined we would find a man that outlandish so quickly and seemingly effortlessly. Later, we discovered that he’s 26 years old and has worked as a soldier, building worker and now as a casual labourer for the port authority.
The situation was calling for some form of arrangement that would give me the opportunity to steer things toward an intimacy between him and my wife. I could feel the static atmosphere between me and Jayne but I was mindful that timing and manner and place was everything.
I told Kemo that Jayne and I wanted to go out into Conakry that night to a restaurant and perhaps a local bar. There is a French dominated area mixed with some Lebanese places that are policed and largely westernized and they are within a comfortable drive of our hotel. Kemo suggested that we should enjoy that area and stay clear of the centre during the evening.

It was going through my mind, how do I split Kemo up from Jayne, Fode and me. It was clear that Kemo had adopted himself as our driver and the prospect of free food and drinks would be a difficult bonus to give up easily, certainly without me being rude to him. What’s more I needed him in lieu of finding another driver and local knowledge. The solution was 10$
I asked if Fode could meet us later that evening and Kemo translated. I suggested that Kemo could collect him on the way and that we would like to visit a sea front restaurant later about 8.00. I got up to go through to the un manned bar relying on him to follow which fortunately he did. The waiter dashed in to help and I ordered another round of drinks then I told Kemo passing him a 10$ note, that he did not have to stay with us later, simply collect and drop us off as tonight we didn’t have any plans and we wished to do as we pleased. I added that Fode could arrange a taxi later on in the evening but he could collect us at the hotel the following morning about 11.00. Without fuss he accepted the cash and obligingly agreed.
As I walked back to the veranda Jayne was sat crossed legged with almost her full thigh purposely on show for Fode. Her sandal was dangling from her toes and she was swinging it playfully. She was also playing with her almost empty glass and I could see she was feeling reasonably relaxed with the situation. The next glass of wine was accepted with a wry smile and a mouthed “thank you”. It was my intention to entice him and Fode appeared overwhelmingly grateful for the second free drink. Actually, I had the feeling that he was already quite happy to e****t us and earlier at the mention of visiting a restaurant he’d nodded in agreement with Kemo.
With a deep drink of the cold Heineken I lent forward to Jayne and mumbled
“will you” she turned away and answered flippantly…. “if he will”.
Almost immediately my loins tightened and I felt so excited yet hugely relived. It had been almost stressful wondering if we would have the opportunity to indulge. I remember thinking that he must find Jayne appealing as he’d been taking long looks at her. Regardless I’d made up my mind I was going to ask her to make sure he got the right idea early on.
After a little more conversation with Kemo assisting in the translation, we found out that he was engaged to a girl named Florence and that he lived close to the Novotel Ghi, the hotel we were in at the moment.

He worked on the dock for the port authority most days but it was dependant on shipping so he would do anything in his spare time. During the conversation I noticed Jayne scrutinizing him further. As well as been a mammoth of a man he was quite handsome and bearing in mind he is 19 years her junior, she was being attracted to him more and more as the time went by, not to mention that the wine was dulling any inhibitions anyway.
Fode was laughing in an almost high pitch squeal and speaking in accented English and French which was like a new language but we could make out the jist of what he was saying.
Eventually after finishing the drinks I asked Kemo to take us back to our hotel and we confirmed that he would later drop us at the coast and then collect Fode.
We all stood up with me offering my hand to help Jayne. Simultaneously, Fode also offered his hand and she took both to help her out of the chair. That was the first comparison of his size to hers.
I remember it distinctly, Jayne’s face was about level with his chest and he was nearly twice as wide there.
She smiled and looked at me as he turned to allow her past and I gestured for her to go first. At the bottom of the stone steps we waited for Kemo to come with the car then quite un prompted Jayne said goodbye to Fode and poised her cheek. He hesitated for a brief second then stooped to peck her politely but as he did she calmly stroked his forearm down and along his hand, holding onto his fingers, again lingering just long enough to leave a subliminal meaning. I saw it as though in slow motion and it made my chest pound with anticipation.
In the car we set off and I asked her if she thought he’d got the message. She answered that “he will later” then she gave me a kiss on the cheek. The drive back wasn’t as difficult as I’d thought as the traffic was lighter but all the way I had a solid erection which had to be disguised by my shirt as I exited the car. We quickly waved off Kemo and I marched Jayne back to the room, got her through the door and into the bedroom. Within moments I had her on the bed and was eating her wet pussy. No shower or finesse, just raw lust. The sex was fantastic but embarrassingly short although she enjoyed it, easily reaching her own climax as I cross examined her about the prospect of her having intercourse with Fode.
It had been quite a cloudy but a hot day in more than one way and after making love we both showered naked outside, a very enjoyable and sensual experience in the secluded privacy. Even though I’d satisfied my lust I couldn’t help asking her how she intended to promote herself to Fode or any other men she fancied. She actually finds it very irritating and prefers to surprise me but I often can’t resist knowing. It’s like a c***d at Christmas, desperate to know what’s coming but the surprise is always better. I asked her if she would wear stockings for him and for her to wear serious makeup. She put up with it until I got into the sex, asking her if she would let him ejaculate in her was the final straw. She didn’t get angry but she sobered me by saying that I was spoiling the mood and reminded me of one of my favourite sayings “the moments gone”
I came to my senses and knew to back off. The atmosphere preserved, I washed her gently with a few gentle kisses thrown in as compensation.
The shower was invigorating and cooling. We dried and both felt fresh. I walked naked back into the lounge and got a beer from the fridge.

Jayne declined and wrapped in a towel she went into the bedroom to change for the evening. She actually lay on the bed for about forty minutes before routing through the luggage bag for some things. By this time I felt cooler, not cold, but enough to put on some clothes. I tried to avoid her noticing that I was checking out her stuff as she arranged it. Once I’d put my shorts on and about to fasten my shirt I was shooed out of the bedroom and told to go finish my drink in the lounge. I remember the clunk of the bedroom door and the return of that immensely thrilling sensation.
I had two beers and started to watch the clock. It was still cloudy and the light was just beginning to fade, what’s more I’d asked Kemo to collect us at eight O’clock and we had only twenty minutes. I walked out onto the patio to retrieve my sandals then returned to the lounge picking up my watch and wallet. I’d spent very little money considering. Drinks are extremely cheap and food is very reasonable. It had been the tips that had cost the most up to then.
At fifteen minutes to eight I was getting anxious. Ridiculous really, there was no rush, we were on holiday but the anticipation was suffocating me.
I heard the click and sc**** of heels on the tiled floor and any man will understand that sound. It almost compels men to investigate it
A few seconds later the door opened and Jayne stepped through into the lounge and immediately after seeing her, I had no doubt whatsoever that Fode would want to fuck her.
I’d had a little rummage in her packing at home but I’d not seen her dress. It was perfect for the location I thought. It was bold leopard patterned pencil dress. It was plunging, low cut and short. It was, is, inevitably tight and it fitted all of her curves. The neck was just off the shoulder with short sleeves and she was wearing a narrow black choker that drew my attention immediately because it has the word “BITCH” in small silver inlay embossed in it. I’d bought her it months ago from Pulse and cocktails but this was the first time she’d worn it. She also wore huge dangling earrings in her ears and her hair was neatly pinned up to show them off. I loved her makeup; it was precise and flawless with attention to everything. Her eyes were accentuated with subtle colour and rimmed with thick black mascara that made them stand out but her lipstick made the most impact. It gave her lips a gloss bright red colour in the room light. She reminded me of the women you see working behind the makeup counters in department stores. It looked impeccable. As if that wasn’t enough I could see she was wearing nylon on her legs and I stupidly question in my mind for a split second if they were stockings or not. Leaning slightly over to my left I looked to make sure and satisfy myself that the glimpse of a discoloured band just below the hem of her dress was in fact a welt. It was confirmed when I scrutinized her stiletto sandals and saw the dark seam running up her calf.
I told her she looked gorgeous but the words came out of my mouth as though I was out of breath and I was shaking like a leaf to boot.
Jayne knew she looked good and even admits it today. She’s also openly said that she had every intention of pulling Fode and if it wouldn’t work, that she would pull somebody else. It was just the mood she was in that night. The contents of her purse corroborated her full intentions. She insinuated that I would like what she had in it which prompted me to ask her “what’s in your purse gorgeous” She said I could take a look and opened it for me, then went through the contents confidently and quite happily naming them.

Lipstick, mascara, eye liner, perfume, Cigarettes (More 120’s) lighter, Small tube of Vaseline, and oh…1..2..3..4..5 condoms.
I couldn’t help it and I just about jumped on her but after embracing and feeling her up she resisted pushing me off saying that she’d done her mouth and that I’d get us both sweaty. She did say I could have my fun later, adding after a slight pause, unless somebody else is having it.
It was comfortable in the room with the air conditioning running but that made it feel quite warm once outside on the patio. It was getting darker still and the crickets were noisy. I could also hear the sea and the odd car horn now and then.
Jayne walked up to me and put her arm in mine and reminded me that Kemo would be here soon. She was very casual about it and just stood with me as I took in the view over the boundary wall and down the shallow hill towards the sparsely lit road and the lights of Conakry city.
Kemo arrived moments later. We watched his car headlights bumbling along the rough road then turn out of sight towards the hotel gates.
We could walk easily around the outside of the apartment rooms, past the pool and avoid going through the lobby and reception.
I supported Jayne as she walked carefully in her stilettos over a short patch of rough ground but once on the paving she was fine. Kemo was out of the car and up the steps about to go in through the entrance when I called him and before he really got a good look at Jayne I’d opened the car door for her. She climbed in pulling down the hem of her dress as women do when they think too much is being shown. Then I went around and got in the other side next to her. Kemo turned the car around and drove us back down the bumpy hotel access road and thankfully onto the spinal highway. I’d asked that he take us to a seafront restaurant called Le Cidre. It was recommended in the hotel guide and was located on a large open deck construction on the beach. Across the sea front road is a nightclub called Bembeys and the guide claimed that it was the place to party until dawn !
It wasn’t a long drive to get to the restaurant and pulling up at the road side I noticed that it was far more populated than I’d expected. The restaurant had wooden steps up to the open wooden deck and was fence off all the way around. Groups of locals were dotted about and we discovered that they were there petitioning for money, fee drinks and just hanging out. The steps were guarded by two uniformed men who instantly ushered away a group of bumster when I got out of the car. Kemo was babbling in Creole at them and a little exchange took place. It was broken up by one of the guards who opened the door for Jayne. I looked to see his eyes on stalks as she manoeuvred herself out of the car without giving too much away. It was honestly irrelevant though because as soon as she stood up and walked around to me a few in the groups begin whistling and jabbering. I took her hand and helped her onto the steps then asked Kemo to go collect Fode, bring him here and tell the guards that he was our guest. I saw him getting a good disbelieving eyeful of her too and to be truthful, it made me laugh out loud.
The sea front restaurant

Once up the steps and onto the deck it was more sedate with plenty of tables. The eating area was subtly lit and we found a table with comfortable room. It was fantastic in reality. There were others eating and drinking at tables but it wasn’t overcrowded and on top of us. The majority were European or Middle Eastern people.
A few had black friends with them and there were also a few mixed race couples, the majority of those being Lebanese looking men with beautiful western looking black girls. Jayne certainly didn’t look out of place as most of the women wore modern western clothes. It did remind me of the poverty gap, more so when we saw BMW’s, Mercs and a Range Rover sport parked on the roadside as two young men pushed a hand cart loaded with old tyres past.
A waiter arrived and we ordered drinks in a civilized manner, again in contrast to the local people who had little in the way of modern luxuries. Regardless, I was thirsty and when he brought my glass of larger, I quaffed it and requested another before he left the table.
I took the liberty and ordered two, one on behalf of Fode who I assumed would need a drink once he took a look at what Jayne was offering him.
She sat resisting the temptation to cross her legs as her hem would have ridden up revealing her stocking top. I was enjoying it and at that moment it hadn’t been noticed by others in the restaurant. I asked her if she was going to let Fode see her stocking tops and I inched around on my chair so that when he arrived he would be afforded a reasonably private view. Her skirt Just, and I do mean just covered that darkening band as she sat knees together.
The slightest lifting rode the material past in a most alluring and fascinating manner. I was into my second drink when Jayne told me she thought Kemo was back with the car so I turned to look. He was and Fode got out. He was much bigger than the guard who initially addressed him quite bravely I thought but he must have realized that this was the guest Kemo had explained was joining us. They let him through and I waved with a modest rising of my hand, allowing him to see us. I turned to Jayne with the intention of saying something to prompt her but she was ahead of me. She was in her purse and had taken out one of her brown 120 cigarettes. Jayne only smoked Mores and they added hugely to the ambience and despite being an avid anti smoker especially in pubs and restaurants, I would be a gross liar if I said I wasn’t transfixed as she placed the cigarette to her lips and lit it.
As Fode Approached us her timing was nothing short of perfect. I watched him come to a halt at the table and experience a double take !
The tip of Jayne’s cigarette glowed deep orange in the half light and as she removed it from her lips exhaling the blue smoke into the air in a slow conscious manner, she simply crossed her legs and smiled.
There was an obvious awkward silence as he stood gawping at her but I intervened, picking up his beer and passing him it. I invited him to sit down and went straight into a conversation about food. Fode was polite and tried to follow the conversation but he kept turning to look at Jayne who continued to stare directly at him with that sultry smile of hers.

She took another precise and deliberate puff of her cigarette, turned her head to one side to expel the smoke then said “I’m starving Fode, what do you want to eat”
If my glass had been full I would have spilled my drink because I was shaking so much with excitement. I imagined him saying “your white married cunt” and the thought conjured a plethora of scenarios in my head. I found it difficult to talk and it was a struggle to stimulate a conversation at that point. I’d also lost my appetite although I had been quite hungry earlier. The desire and craving to see Fode taking Jayne apart had ruined me but she came to my rescue and said that after dinner she wanted him to take us to that club over there, pointing with the two fingers holding her cigarette.
He looked politely then agreed and I wondered at that point if he’d got the message. The waiter returned but she didn’t flinch and sat with stocking tops on show finishing the More while he took the order. She had melon, I conveniently, although I did eat and enjoy it, ordered an omelette and Fode ordered a specialty version of a regional food called shwarma
During the meal we talked to Fode and I asked him about his life in Guinea.
What he usually did during the evening. He managed to explain to us that he didn’t often eat like this as it was too expensive and that he was very grateful to us for the invitation. I had to reassure him that we didn’t expect him to pay. He was also enthusiastic about visiting the club Bembeys He had been there before and told us that it was a place for the “Babes” meaning the attractive local women. He also explained, not that he needed to, that the local girls would go to hopefully meet influential, rich men and if they were lucky, taken out of the routine poverty and into a better life. This was apparent as you will see older men in Conakry, particularly the Lebanese with the most stunning local girls and practically how could they ever afford the finery they were wearing (and driving) without that financial bargaining

After the meal we sat still talking. I could almost sense the potency and in anticipation I explained to Fode as thoroughly as I could that I wasn’t much of a dancer but Jayne loved dancing. In fact I made a joke of it, that I wanted him to tire her out. He was enthused and very animated saying in his accented voice “I like to dance” then he burst into laughter. By now also I’d noticed a few of the other diners stealing the odd look at our little “ménage a trios”. Certainly Fode’s size was noticeable but coupled with Jayne’s appearance, I envisaged that more than a few had put two and two together and at the very least surmised that the massive black Guinean would be “fucking the arse off” the white woman at some point during the night.
The prospect was thrilling and I was even more eager to quench the desire to see Jayne in some form of carnal debauchery with this huge black Conakrian. The more blatant her behaviour the better and as we stood to leave I asked her if she was going to make it totally obvious to Fode that a fuck was certain. She gave me a very disdainful look and said “isn’t it yet” then walked on in front of me slipping her arm into Fode’s. We went down the steps and past the two guards that both took exaggerated looks at Jayne and Fode. She turned and held out her hand which I took and all three of us walked across the tarmac road toward the club. The façade was totally illuminated with red, blue and green neon. “Bembeys” stood above the door and loud music was being played and once again as we approached, a small boundary wall and security greeted us.

One or two locals attempted to pester but they were shooed away. Fode was allowed in because Jayne was on his arm and I wasn’t troubled at all. A guard, a big bloke but not as big as Fode stopped him and Jayne and I walked up asking what the problem was. There wasn’t one, but later we found out that Fode and the guard knew each other from the military subscription and that was a fortunate reunion for us as we were to discover latter in the week.
The Guards name we found out later was David and he gave Jayne a good looking over whilst talking to Fode. God knows what they were saying but as we moved on to the open entrance Fode put his hand on Jayne’s lower back gently guiding her forward in an almost possessive manner. In essence, he was showing off to David and the others watching, demonstrating that the white foxy female was with him. It seemed I’d been forgotten. Jayne didn’t forget though and held out her hand for me. I took it and said to her that Fode was loving the sittuation and then I asked her to give them all a wiggle.
Jayne somehow began to walk with such a slow and pronounced swing of her hips. It was almost like she was walking to a beat with each click of her heels on the floor her hips swung in the most appealing manner and in time with her shoulders. At the entrance she turned and laughed. Looking back around Fode was behind sharing a similar expression as several voyeuristic others who were enjoying the show.
I actually said to her “that was fucking fantastic” She smiled smoothing down the hem of her dress.


Once inside Bembeys, we were taken to a table and seated. It was conveniently close to the dance floor where several mixed race girls were dancing to modern chart music. I ordered drinks and sat comfortably in the breeze of the air conditioning. It hadn’t been uncomfortably hot because of the clouds and sporadic rain but it certainly warmed up a little later.
Jayne sat between me and Fode around a circular table and I decided to just move slightly around to leave her ever so slightly secluded with him. Jayne’s tall vodka and lime arrived and she rested her hand on Fode’s shoulder, showing off her cleavage as she leant forward to take it from the waiter. She sat back drinking it and looking at me to see what reaction it had and although I was enthralled I only managed a week smile and a drink of the cold beer. Fode began talking to Jayne and she was engrossed in interpreting what he was saying. I couldn’t hear because of the music but they were getting on just as I’d wanted. Bembeys was a lively place and after 10.00 it really came alive. Some of the olive skinned Middle Eastern girls wouldn’t have been out of place in the night clubs of York or Leeds, wearing European clothes and fashions. A very attractive and shapely black girl was dancing with her friends in a pair of tight shorts, a bra and white lace top stockings and Jayne caught me admiring her and she shook the ice in her empty glass asking me to get her another drink. I laughed and waived to the obliging staff that came immediately to the table.
We’d had maybe two more rounds and Jayne was clearly very excited.

I knew she was subversively passing signals to Fode because of her “touchy feely” manner with him. Touching his muscular forearms and laughing with him and making little effort to completely cover her nylon tops or avert his view down her cleavage. The penultimate action was when she excused herself for the bathroom. She squeezed past him with her bum so close to him and strutted away. I watched him absorbing her walk and eyeing the heels and seams as she turned the corner toward the bathrooms. Although I’d had a few drinks, I wasn’t d***k but I decided to speed things up a little. My impatience has always been my downfall and I remember thinking that I needed to be subtle. I had to say it twice to Fode that I wanted him to dance with Jayne. He didn’t understand the first time but he eventually understood and was more than amiable.
When she came back I immediately noticed that she’d re touched her makeup and the aroma of her fresh perfume wafted over to me. I wondered if Fode was going to ask her dance but he just politely moved to let her sit down.
This irritated me and I was about to say something to Jayne to try and stimulate some more interaction but a familiar sound track overlaid the music and it was a favourite of hers. She said quite animated that she loved this song and she told Fode that she wanted to dance.
This track and the performance Jayne gave is always going to be a favourite now.

The driving bass line stirred her into action and Jayne stood up grabbing him by his thick wrist and hauling him out of the chair. He allowed her to lead him and she strutted and tottered with the rhythm on the toes of her stilettos and swinging her hips toward the dance floor, turning and clapping her hands together to begin the dance.
The base was thumping in a “Boom boom boom” rhythm and she was stomping in perfect time with her arms and shoulders moving in a weaving motion. As Fode joined her she widened her arms and began to shimmy, rolling her shoulders towards and away from him in time to the music.
She really let go and it was obvious to see that she was really enjoying herself. Jayne looked superbly confident as she stepped in unison with Fode and gradually her dress began to ride up her thighs giving at first a little glimpse, then a clear view of her stocking welts, stopping at the suspenders. She turned in time with the music and pushed her bum into Fode’s crotch while they danced and he embraced her, one arm over her shoulder and across her body, the other around her waist. Then they gyrated together and I watched hypnotically as the loud mesmerizing beat thudded through me.
All around it was a similar scene with couples dancing and the only real curiousness was a black man dancing with a white woman.
A strobe light began to flash and their dance became broken into a jerky, almost robotic movement which made it even more enthralling.
Fode began making grinding motions against her and Jayne was looking over her shoulder and back at him, observing his actions with an engrossed look on her face. Then she turned to face him and widened her legs in a shallow squat and began to wind her body to the music against him, rubbing herself up his broad thigh, all the time moving her arms and turning her face from left and right to the music.

Others around them, both men and girls also danced in a similar enthusiastic way and within the writhing group mêlée, her exhibitionist performance didn’t seem too much that out of the ordinary.
It was mesmerising but all too soon the music finished, another track faded over the song and she turned to Fode and standing on her tip toes gave him a little kiss, this time closer to the mouth, almost on his lips. He grinned and clapped as Jayne made her way back to the table, hips still swinging. I passed her the drink and said that I thought Fode was pulled but she didn’t reply with words. There was a hint of a raised eyebrow and that look of hers as she stares into a glass before taking a long drink.
He came up behind her and put a hand on her waist as she drank. She turned to speak to him at the same pulling down her hem and covering her nylon tops again. She said again she liked that song and I told her that I hoped her dancing routine wasn’t finished. At that point I was very keen to encourage a move back to the hotel and again I had to restrain myself from pestering her. It was obvious that she was enjoying herself and the frivolous behaviour.
She wanted the chance to be completely uninhibited and to saver it so I put up with the apprehension and let her make the most of the moment.
Around midnight I began to feel agitated, weary and a little woozy with the drink. Jayne was in the zone without a doubt and had danced with Fode several more times and also with a group of young energetic black men and girls to various songs old and new. Although I was still eager to devise a physical climax to our evening, the whole show was unbelievably alluring and she was so energetic with a definite change in her character to say the least. I was exhausted with the constant thrills and exhilaration of watching her. Now, I was emotionally charged and desperately wanted to see her with Fode in a totally debauched fucking session. I’d also been trying to pluck up the courage to directly ask her if she was going to take it further with him and when she next returned to the table I got her attention and asked her quietly but directly if she was going to go through with it. I asked her curtly “are you going to get him back to the room what Jayne????”
I could see the immediate conceit in her expression and without answering me she reached for her purse, taking out the Mores and removing one slowly from the pack. She still didn’t answer but simply looked at me almost pokerfaced and this was a new side of her I’ve not seen ever before in all our marriage. She slowly passed Fode the lighter and as I waited for some form of a response, a familiar and now very significant song began playing.

The club version had a much longer intro but as the beat began and the tune suddenly became familiar, Jayne placed the slender brown More 120 to her lips and waited for Fode to light her cigarette. Then just as the tune was getting going she took a long slow pull on her More. She tilted her head exhaling the menthol haze in a long stream in a satisfying way and still looking at me with a degree of scrutiny she began to slowly sway her hips and shoulders in a slow side motion in a mesmerising way to the music before leaning forward and saying, “Don’t forget it was you who wanted this” then she turned, taking Fode by his huge hand and slowly lead him back to the dance floor.

She walked very sexily in the heels and still leisurely swinging her hips in the most delectable and tantalising way to the rhythm of the music.
The music was loud and the rhythmic beat piercing and once they reached a free space on the dance floor, about fifteen feet away from me, Jayne turned and raised her right hand and placed it high on Fode’s shoulder then took another long relaxed pull from her cigarette. As the singing started and with her hand still on his shoulder, she began to dance with an enticing and repetitive swaying movement deliberately for him. Even more thrilling as she
cavorted and immersed herself in the song, the lyrics seamed unbelievably to be written solely about him and the words of the song totally complimented the circumstances with Fode’s massive six and a half foot physique towering over her. Jayne weaved to the music while still looking at me as the lyrics perfectly described the scene for her, “ Daddy I’ve fallen for a monster, and then Jayne’s pouting and teasing facial expression while mouthing the words “He’s big and he’s bad” I love him like mad” while she swayed and rocked her hips in time, intentionally exploiting the pulsing beat. She moved her hips and shoulders continually in an enthralling swinging motion with an explicit and alternating weave to the tempo as she danced. Jayne swung her hips teasingly close to him and pushed her chest out presenting her cleavage. It was obviously directed solely at him and what’s more he clearly was enjoying it. As the chorus began I listened to the lyrics and wondered if she would later consider him to be the “best she’d ever had”. Glancing around curiously, I noticed other men in the club enviously watching and scrutinising her from head to toe, particularly as the hem of her dress had again risen, giving a further heart racing glimpse of the darkened two tone welts of her stockings. Then the strobe lights began flashing again which stuttered and enhanced the way she moved, rendering a slow motion effect as she danced. Her pose holding the long cigarette as she moved with the rhythm was equally enthralling

and in an almost choreographed fashion during an eventual lull in the tune, she moved her hand from his shoulder and around his thick neck. In her other hand she purposely held the cigarette away from her body as she began to grind herself against him.
He responded mirroring her movement and my heart pounded in my chest as she instigated the close coupling. Then as the driving rhythm continued he pulled her hard against him, towering over her, holding her by the hips while she swayed and rotated in unison with him. I felt a welcome stream of cool air as the air conditioning seeped around the club and I took a drink, all the while watching and enjoying her performance.
About a third of the way through the song, Jayne manoeuvred Fode around so that she could look past him and directly at me as they danced. I could see other black men in the club closely watching her and a few in groups were obviously discussing her and making no attempt to disguise their pointing and interest in how she was behaving with Fode.
The anticipation was overwhelming and her teasing neutral expression engrossed me. She heightened the innuendo by casually looking up into Fode’s eyes with an appealing and sultry pout, then back to me without changing the expression and occasionally smoking the long More 120 seductively with a deliberate “what the fuck do you think about this” attitude. It was everything I wanted to see.

She stepped to the music and as the chorus began again she began stroking the back of Fode’s head with her finger nails then purposely she pulled his head down closer to hers.
Fode impulsively nuzzled his face into her neck and Jayne had a look of intense satisfaction as her head tilted back and to one side allowing it.
Their bodies were writhing closely and he pulled her hard tight him as they both swayed with the music. I watched as Fode’s left hand slide slowly off her hip and down the back of her leg where he began teasing at the hem of her dress, pulling and raising it past her stocking tops in full view of those watching. Then the strobe lights stopped for a few moments and I could clearly see him caressing and exploring the taught strap of her suspender then the soft white flesh of her upper thigh along her stocking welts and finally squeezing her pale white bum with his huge black hand.
Meanwhile Jayne, still staring at me with a blasé expression, raised her cigarette to her lips. The tip glowed orange for a few seconds as she pulled hard on it then she exhaled a plume of hazy smoke into the air. She simply maintained her eye contact with me, apparently unconcerned and undaunted that I was watching everything as Fode groped and publicly m*****ed her with his huge black hands.
I was mesmerised, watching expectantly and she knew it. Then with absolute perfect timing she turned her face and said something very explicit into Fode’s ear.
He jerked his head up looking at her with a surprised expression then stooped again so that Jayne could repeat what ever she’d said. The music was loud and he must have a asked her a third time to repeat it and this time she pointed to me and repeated it again. Fode looked over to me with alertness, and then looking into his eyes and with a dead pan serious expression, she slowly nodded and mouthed again whatever she was saying to him.
I saw the look of confusion changing and a broad smile broke out across his face. Clearly what Jayne had said had animated him and he began to get more even familiar with his hands.

First stroking her face and then his hands ran over her shoulders and returned to her hips and bottom. As the song was finishing they kissed for the first time. It wasn’t terribly extreme, just three soft pecks full on the lips. The first being exploratory and he clearly wanted more, the second just lingering and definitely exploiting the tacky feel of her lipstick and the third kiss endured for a few seconds, simply confirming the mutual desire for a more physical communion. Fode set off for the exit leaving her on the dance floor and Jayne returned to me at the table pulling her dress down over her nylons as she walked.
I told her that what I’d just watched her doing was amazing, in fact beyond belief and then asked where he’d gone and she explained to get a taxi.
I also asked Jayne what she’d said to him and she took a final puff on the half finished cigarette then dropped it to the floor crushing it with her shoe.
She leant forward smiling and said pronouncing the words quite skilfully in French, “Aimeriez-vous fuck un nigga bébé de moi”
My French is non existent although even through the haze of heat and alcohol I knew it was something significantly poignant to the situation and I asked her again what she had said and what it meant. Then she leant over again and with a sarcastic drawl repeating the phrase slowly and clearly with a perfect accent. “Aimeriez-vous fuck un nigga bébé de moi”

It was obvious she’d practiced it a few times. She turned about to walk to the exit and from her purse she pulled out a small note neatly folded into a square. As we walked close together she passed it to me nonchalantly without looking at me then with her high heels clicking she went off in front.
As we went through the entrance doors the noise diminished and the lighting was better so I opened the note and read the carefully prepared sentence.
I pronounced the words in my head then read the translation written in Jayne’s handwriting
“I want you to fuck a nigger baby into me…..”
The warm night air hit me but not as hard as the realisation of what she’d said to Fode. Jayne had continued down the steps without me as I read the translation over and over. When I looked up David the guard was at the gate opening it for Jayne. On the roadside was a taxi and Fode was leaning out of the passenger window beckoning us with his hand. As I walked past David he gave me a really happy smile saying “thank you Sir”. Jayne slipped into the rear eat of the car and I dashed around to join her.
I heard Fode tell the driver “Hotel Cameyenne”
I took hold of her hand and tried as best as I could to stay composed but found myself whispering to her that she was amazing and that I desperately wanted her to tease me with more of the same. I told her it was the most exhilarating feeling I had ever felt.
The drive back was unbearable, probably for everyone except the driver. Jayne was massaging me through my shorts and my prick was aching with anticipation. I realised that I needed to collect myself and I concentrated to control my pounding heart. Once the endurance of the bouncing road was over we stopped inside the hotel gates and we all got out. The driver wanted 10$ and I didn’t argue, I just gave him a note and got out. It was quiet so we took the chance to dash through the reception but we were intercepted by the night clerk who scrutinised Jayne then Fode and then realised I was with them too.

He said something to Fode who answered him but with another $10 note he waved us on our way with a nod and a thank you.
We left the reception and went through the rear into the moonlit courtyard and just as we reached a comfortable quiet distance on the narrow path away from the complex Jayne stopped us telling Fode to hold on. Then turning to me she glared with a very serious expression and softly asked,
“Is this what you want to see?”
Still looking at me, she gently placed her hand on Fode’s inner thigh squeezing him then slowly traced it up to his crotch pushing her open palm hard into his bulge. She sighed and said “He’s definitely heavy”
Fode looked down at her and instantly his big hand went hard clamped against her mound and with no regard for me he instantly slid his cupped palm under the hem of her dress and began to roughly maul between her legs and at her sex through her panties. Jayne gasped and raised her free arm embracing his thick neck pulling him down and they entered into a brazen and passionate French kiss. Fode began rubbing his thick middle finger back and forth on her slit and she began to ride it with only the thin lace gusset between his skin and her sex. Jayne rubbed her palm deliberately up and down against his cock but then teasingly, she broke away from him to look back at me for a reaction.

I stood silently watching in the night heat with my mouth open while Jayne let Fode grope her for a few more seconds then she abruptly pulled away smoothing down her dress, insisting to him that he had to wait until we got to the room. Then she turned and began to walk off towards the apartment beckoning me to catch up and we walked in a line, Fode on her left with Jayne’s arm tucked into his and her holding hands with me on the right.
In a few minutes we reached the pool area and our apartment room and after taking a couple of goes to swipe the security card, the lock opened and we all went in. Inside the apartment it was dark and thankfully very cool as we’d left the fans and AC on.
I locked the sliding door behind us and after drawing the vertical blind entered and walked through into the lounge to turn on the lights.
Jayne’s heels clicked loudly on the floor as she went to the dresser to deposit her purse. She looked and acted supremely confident at this point, almost haughty and I was totally convinced that she was entirely decided on having full intercourse with Fode. She turned and looked at me confirming it and in a quiet voice said that if I wanted to stop it happening, I should say so now or simply accept that she was going to have sex with him. I walked up to her taking her hands and kissed her on the cheek and told her very definitely that I wanted her to go through with it. Jayne kissed me back on the lips then said she would go and get ready but as she stepped away she paused and asked if I realised that it couldn’t be stopped once it had started. She shocked me by telling me that I needed to get my head around the fact that if Fode was going to fuck her, it would end with him ejaculating inside her and if that was what I wanted to happen, it was up to me to decide where.

There was a silence and we stood looking at each other for a few seconds then without saying another word she turned and walked through the lounge toward the hall and straight for the bathroom and closed the door. Feeling exhilarated but still sickeningly nervous, I returned to Fode and offered him a drink from the fridge. I took a glass and poured a stiff Jack Daniels and quaffed half of it in one gulp shuddering as it went down but it did calm me momentarily.
Looking around the room I considered that the romp could take place in the lounge but decided that the sofa wasn’t up to it.
The stone floor was too hard and I must have looked distracted because Fode asked me quite anxiously if everything was okay between him and I. Fode stood menacingly huge in front of me so I simply asked him if Jayne had spoken to him about us bringing him back to the apartment. He looked suddenly arrogant if I’m honest and just smiled nodding his head. Taking another drink of the bourbon I asked him what Jayne had said to him and for a for a few seconds I didn’t think he was going to answer but then he gestured with his huge open hands and said in his deep African accented voice that while they were dancing, she had told him that she wanted to have intercourse with him.
His accented use of the term “Intercourse” conjured all sorts of imaginary ideas and I suddenly pictured him pinning Jayne down on the bed and fucking her on her back. Savouring the thought I searched for something to say and told him that I knew she was very attracted to him.
With a broad grin he added that she’d said that she wanted sex with him. I was massively thrilled and nervously I raised a smile and asked if she’d said all that in French. He said not, chuckling but she did speak some French to him.
I pressed to hear the words directly from him in his deep French-African accent and he hesitantly confirmed the content of the note Jayne had given me. He struggled for the clear translation but eventually he explained, telling me that Jayne had said that she wanted to have sex without a contraceptive and he questioned me about her being serious that she wanted him to make her pregnant. I felt speechless with the excitement but with some effort and a little tremble in my voice I asked him if he wanted to have full intercourse with her and if he wanted to make her pregnant and he chuckled, again nodding his head.
He put down his glass and suddenly became very stern and somewhat aggressive, saying “Am I going to fuck your wife?” All I could do was nod saying “yes you are” and laugh with him tensely. Shamefully, I couldn’t help myself telling him that she might say no at some point but she wouldn’t mean it and he should ignore her.
I put on some background music and adjusted the volume then a few moments later the bathroom door opened and Jayne walked back out into the lounge.

Date ****
Jayne had made an effort to please him all evening and it was clear that she’d dressed and acted to please for his pleasure. Once again her makeup was fully re touched and immaculate for him. She went over to the fridge and took out a small bottle of water unscrewing the top and taking a careful sip so as not to mess her glossy fresh red lipstick. Looking at me for a reaction she reached out for Fode’s massive hand. The dim light made the paleness of her soft skin and the dark colour of his hand even more contrasting.
He took her hand burying it in his massive paw and then standing close to him she placed her free hand on his chest and looked at me asking
“Do you like what you see” I answered, oh yes, tease me Jayne and she did. Looking up at him and then again back to me she simply asked the question “Where ?”
Savouring the sight of her against him I answered boldly “Bedroom”
Jayne turned and led him slowly, step by deliberate step across the lounge towards the bedroom, the clicking and scr****g of her heels making the apprehension almost intolerable.

I followed, heart beating uncontrollably and prematurely unbuttoning my shirt but once inside our bedroom she turned and halted me.
I was suddenly aware and overwhelmed by the rich aroma of her perfume and I sighed with the thrill of just how she looked standing next to the enormous black African man. For an agonising second I thought she was going to exclude me from the bed room while they had sex but mercifully Jayne beckoned me with her finger then told me to pull one of the chairs around and position it so I could completely see the bed then sit quietly down and watch. It was so exciting and I did exactly as she said. Jayne then slipped back into the lounge for a few moments and returned with my glass, refilled with a really good measure of JD and soda. She gave it to me then turned and asked me to unfasten the zip on her dress. With shaking hands I tugged at the zipper. Her dress was tight fitting to her curves and it made that Zzzzzzeee noise as it let go of the tension then she eased it over her white shoulders and wiggled it down over her hips in front of Fode who was transfixed.
Jayne stood just in her lace bra, waspie and stockings and kicked the dress to one side then in a carefully rehearsed manner she turned to whisper cheek to cheek and in what was clearly a totally premeditated and teasing manner, reminded me…… “Remember, it was you who wanted this…”
She turned with a contented smile, her head gesturing with a nod towards him and she asked,“ Do you know what he wants to do to me?. I simply nodded in response.
Jayne scrutinised me as though waiting for a vocal response but then added “He wants to fuck his baby into me… and you have to watch”
I fell back into the chair with the strength in my legs instantly sapped but then Jayne leant forward resting her hands and supporting herself on the chair arms and added in a semi scornful drawl

“You wanted to watch me being fucked by a huge black brute didn’t you?….. … and now I’m going to let it happen … Do you like the idea of that?
She paused, as though waiting for an answer then prompted again……
“Haven’t you got anything to say?. Even if I try to stop him, he’ll just **** me and whether you like it or not, he’s going to shoot his spunk in to me.
I was speechless but loving her dirty talk and I gave her a slow approving nod. She sniggered with a nervous but mocking attitude and tilted her head before kissing me lightly on the lips. Then she finished, adding, I’m going to come all over his cock with my legs wrapped around him while he does it, and I know it’s what you wanted, so pay attention and enjoy watching him fuck me.
Her turn of phrase, tantalizingly using the “FUCK” and “****” word and the accentuation of the words “Nigger” and “cunt” with that heavily emphasised “N” and “T” simply overwhelmed me. She turned and stepped up to Fode, standing beside him and slipping her arm through his. Then she pointed at me and said to Fode “Fuck me.…in front of him ” I shuddered with the expectation as Jayne stood beside him in her high heels, stockings and full makeup. She put both her hands on his huge broad chest and looking directly up into his eyes told him in very careful English that he could do everything to her that his fiancé Florence wouldn’t let him do, then as she traced her painted nails over his broad chest she looked back at me and added almost sneeringly

“I’ll suck your cock, then you can fuck me “
I was stunned hearing her say that she wanted to suck another mans cock and even more so that she was willing to have him ejaculate inside her and she’d even told him to do it to her while I watched. There was no doubt now and she was making it abundantly clear that she wanted unprotected sex with him. What’s more, as far as Fode was concerned it was her genuine intention to be fucked into an interracial pregnancy by him.
I actually groaned with thrill and exhilaration when she said she wanted his sperm inside her. The risk, the shamelessness of her tone and the imminent fact that she was actually provoking him into impregnating her with a black baby was an erotic delight beyond comprehension.
Even in her high heels Fode was standing a foot taller than her. He seized her by the shoulders and spun her around shoving her back towards the bed roughly.
She gasped and tottered back in her heels, reaching out and hanging onto him for support. I realised that it had started and my heart began beating insanely. Jayne’s mouth was slightly open and I knew that she realised that he was about to basically overwhelm her. In anticipation she placed her hands on her hips and said in an arrogant and teasing manner.
“Come on…Show him how a big Nigger gives a baby”
Her statement was shocking but incited Fode and although I wanted to see him fuck her in a carnal manner, there were still some doubts. I knew perfectly well that the pregnancy risk wasn’t the real issue, although he didn’t know that.
It was her desire for the fierce unprotected intercourse with a man she’d know for only two days that did have its concerns. Jayne and I had discussed Fode’s open ambitions and plans for his marriage to Florence, including his enthusiasm to start a f****y soon after the marriage.
It had given us the confidence and assurance that he was totally clean and healthy. She’d been aroused by him and had decided completely on her own that she would let him fuck her and even more outrageously without a condom. She admitted that she wanted to feel him ejaculating inside her.
Fode went at her like an outraged bull and overwhelmed her with his bulk but she gave him a little shove back in a futile protest of resistance. Then it really started with him obviously refusing to take no for an answer.
He embraced her with his arms and they engaged in a willing and franticly passionate French kiss.
Jayne broke away gasping and pulled his shirt over his broad dark shoulders and then went to work on his trouser buttons. He helped and when his pants loosened he collapsed onto the bed which creaked and groaned noisily under his weight. Fode kicked off his pants and Jayne slid her hands into the elastic off his underpants and pulled them down over his colossally chunky thighs to reveal his amazing semi erect, thick black penis.
He was shaved, circumcised and the large helmet looked heavily swollen at the end of his thick ebony shaft. His cock twitched and angry veins began to swell and marble the heavy tool. She picked it up to admire it, showing it to me, aghast of its girth while climbing onto the bed beside him. Jayne said out loud, “Oh God.. he’s big ” then she encompassed his girth with her fingers which didn’t meet around him and with her wedding and engagement rings still on her finger, she began slowly wanking him while she looked at me for a response.

All I could do was watch as with her free hand she cupped and lifted his heavy testicles as though weighing them.
Then she began gently squeezing his heavy balls as she tugged on his hardening prick. Jayne adjusted herself on the bed and I used our camcorder to take a still picture.
Fode then gave Jayne a light slap across her face and pulled her head closer to his cock. She knew what he wanted her to do and she opened her mouth, sinking down on him, still cupping and squeezing his big black ball sack while she sucked his heavy broad helmet.
Her painted mouth opened wide and slid down over his cock end and down his shaft. The task was clearly difficult but she composed herself and began to suck him off. Fode’s cock was lubricated by Jayne’s own saliva and her glossy red lips contrasted against the glistening black pole as she wanked and greedily fellated him.
Within a minute or so he was stone hard and Jayne gave him a determined and insatiable blow job, bobbing and screwing her head on his prick and uttering little squeals of pleasure. She sucked him off with obvious desire and even took one of his testicles in her mouth making him grunt when she sucked it overzealously and he instantly reacted.
Fode Shove Jayne off him and hard down on the bed then pushed his black hand down the front of her knickers and begin roughly massaging her pussy. She whelped loudly as he f***ed a finger inside her then she gripped his wrist with both hands to prevent him as he began working a second digit into her. Her protests were stifled by a smothering French kiss and Jayne responded by helping him work her knickers down her thigh as he began to vigorously finger fuck her.
I wanted to help her but remained sat down motionless as she had told me. Fode then pushed himself up and pulled her panties completely down, leaving the lace thong hanging on just one leg. Then with her legs open and knees raised, he mounted her.
Another gulp of the JD heightened the mood for me and I was really lost of any inhibition or morality.
I muttered rather than said “Fuck her now Fode, she wants fucking” I don’t think he fully heard the words but Jayne did and she helped him interoperate by slipping her hands down and onto her burning mound, then parting her labia.
She began to manipulate her clitoris with her index finger as Fode positioned himself. He grabbed Jayne’s legs and pulled her like a rag doll, roughly back down and over the corner of the bed, then he hooked her legs over his arms. Her stockings took on a very appealing wrinkle around the bend of her knees and ankles as her legs were pushed further back.
While the fumbling went on, Jayne suddenly cried out in approaching distress because Fode was guiding his thick veined cock up and down her wet slit, looking for and eventually finding her opening. His prick parted her sex and penetrated into the folds of her cunny, he pushed slowly but with f***e.
The act she’d asked for had begun and it was abundantly obvious by her moans that she was feeling the size of his cock it as he penetrated the silky lips of her married white cunt.

Jayne cried out again, this time in real and genuine distress as he continued shoving the head of his thick black tool inside her.
She screamed and instinctively grabbed his shoulder and pushed her hand on his chest to try and slow him, pleading with him to take it easy but he took absolutely no notice. I watched as Fode poised himself for another shove, his huge thigh muscles tensed and his bottom lip tucked behind his front teeth in a determined manner and with a loud satisfied grunt he penetrated her deeper and this time she cried out with real alarm. Jayne managed to push her right hand against his thigh in an attempt to prevent him entering her any further but he responded by grabbing both her wrists, wrestling and pinning her arms back over her head. Then with a wiggle of his hips between her legs, he shoved full weight, prising her apart. She yelled out “No” in a strained wailing voice as though it would make some difference but it didn’t and he bawled out in a deep demanding voice “Let me fuck you”.
Jayne made another loud straining groan as Fode’s cock went deeper still then she began screaming and pleading
But what she’d so blatantly calculated and encouraged just ten minutes earlier had begun. Watching his enormous black bulk between her nylon stockinged legs, I realised that he wouldn’t stop. He continued talking over her pleas in his deep toned native Creole and with an unstoppable succession of slow and deliberately deep shoves, he began to **** her.
Jayne cried out agonized and Fode began to slowly heave into the strokes gradually quickening and despite of her screams he pounded the wind out of her with his first half dozen pumps. She wailed in distress until he’d just about stretched her to his size, then as he settled into a determined humping rhythm, Jayne began yelling that he was splitting and hurting her deep inside. Fode turned his head to look at me but shoved unrelentingly deep and powerfully into her and he had a look of defiant determination on his face.
Jayne continued to writhe under him and seeing Fode’s staring towards me as I sat in the chair, she called out over again in a desperate voice and began to entice me, crying out with filthy language
“**** your cock into me….. Fuck me while he watches …. …. Fuck a Nigger baby into me”
Fode silenced her obscene demands by forcing his tongue into her mouth in an overpowering kiss and in unison he shoved his heavy penis repeatedly inside her. She winced with each shove and gasped as she felt his size and his fat cock impaling her and despite her obvious discomfort he immediately went into an aggressive shafting rhythm, driving his tool into her balls deep.
Jayne widened her legs in a reflex as she felt herself being spread and as the kiss ended she cried out “Owwww… NO.. NO… stop…Please NO…Oh Fuck….NO !
With a distressed sob she yelled out “ Oh fuck yes... he’s r****g me ” and with a hefty lunge from Fode she squealed. At the same time with Fode’s shove, the solid heavy bed moved and screeched unbelievably loud as it shifted a couple of inches along the floor making a loud bang as it hit hard against the wall. Jayne screamed out again and despite the fact she was extraordinarily aroused and her pussy was soaking wet, the beginning of the fuck was difficult for her.

Desperately she freed her hands and still pleading with him she began beating her fists on his back but he was rampant and unstoppable. He smothered her with his colossal bulk and I admit that my ultimate desire was to see her being mercilessly fucked exactly like this. It wasn’t passionate, intimate or love making, just a good hard interracial fuck. Fode was clearly intent on fucking a baby into my wife whether she wanted it or not.
In his carnal state he began to screw her determinedly hard while all she could do was cling to him. Jayne’s thighs where spread wide apart and his broad black arse was ploughing deep between her legs with a deliberate and defined shove at the end. His stamina was impressive and he fucked her with insanely long strokes and I could see his thick tool, shiny with her vaginal liquor, pounding in and out of her cunt. Later she told me his cock had swelled insanely inside her and was so deep it had penetrated her cervix. This had been the main cause of her discomfort at that point. As he relentlessly fucked her, Jayne’s body responded to her sub conscious desires and it
provided her own natural lubrication and she began to accommodate Fode’s penis.
Jayne gasped, groaned and winced with every hard thrust but eventually the aggressive fucking became tolerable and manageable, passing from the fantasy **** into a congenial and debauched fuck.
Jayne embraced him pulling his heavy body against hers as their intercourse developed. Jayne was still being very vocal, protesting, then encouraging him but was she clearly participating in it, not as though she had a choice.
Despite the fierceness of it, she was managing the humping and the colossal weight and f***e behind it but mercifully he eventually slowed down. Unable to prevent myself I prompted him to keep it up and obligingly Fode administered a few purposely deep and penetrative lunges balls deep and it made her grimace as she succumbed to his f***e. Watching was pure ecstasy, her body almost blotted out by his shiny black bulk, her pale arms and hands with red tipped fingers attempting to embrace his huge torso, the nails occasionally digging into the black flesh and the sight of his broad and sweaty black arse vigorously banging in and out between her stockinged thighs aroused me to an unimaginable height.
Fode slowed again and tugged at her bra pulling out her left Breast and immediately he latched on to her hard and erect nipple. She whelped because he was being rough, biting and sucking the teat then he turned his attention to her other nipple. Her teats where unusually larger, definably erect and swollen, and I knew she was extraordinarily aroused at that point.
I couldn’t help but coach her and asked her to wrap her legs around him and lock her ankles over his back. Jayne tried but he was too broad and so she clamped her ankles against his backside. She still had her shoes on and her panties hanging on one ankle which enhanced the scene.
Suddenly Fode went back into his aggressive rhythm and she responded willingly to him. He slipped his hands under her and grabbed the cheeks of her bum and pummelled her deeper causing her to make such a noise, I thought he was tearing her.
We’d discussed many scenarios during our own sex and role play, often with me asking her to describe scenes such as this for my own gratification.

She hadn’t been particularly attentive to my presence since Fode had started fucking her but during the renewed pounding, above the creaking of the bed and the slapping of his heavy black balls against her bum, I asked her over and over again to tell me what he was doing to her and after several prompts she began crying out with genuine emotion “He’s r****g a baby into me”… and between the gasps she blurted out “ I’m sorry …. I’m sorry …….. He’s got his big cock inside me and he’s making me pregnant …..He’s making me come”
Jayne buried her face into his chest and screamed in ecstasy having the most astonishing and shockingly prolonged orgasm. I watched holding the camcorder at my navel but I knew it was shaking about all over. I tried to steady it by holding it against my stomach but my whole body was trembling with excitement.
Fode simply ploughed her balls deep throughout but when her climax subsided, Fode slowed again and I saw under his huge heaving body, Jayne was in tears. That was a fleeting reality check for me but they were tears of delight and she immediately made it apparent inviting a deep and passionate French kiss from Fode who released his grip on her to engage in the embrace. I had to move and sat on the bed with them.
Jayne reached out to me and I also gave her a kiss on her lips which lingered. She begged Fode to stop and give her a moment and with a little more persuasion he slowed pushing himself up on his arms above her.
“Oh Christ” She gasped as he withdrew his prick from her cunt. Then she turned slowly over onto her belly and manoeuvred herself up onto her hands and knees offering her backside to him in a submissive way.
I watched Fode holding his cock in his hand and it was outrageously large, easily as thick as Jayne’s wrist and incredibly long, at least 10 inches and what’s more it was coated with the glistening silky sheen of my wife’s lust.
Fode took hold of her again, this time by her hips and as he waited for her to manoeuvre her cunt into an accommodating position she took hold of my cock and began jerking it with rapid movements.
It was a wonderful feeling as her mouth encompassed the tip of my penis but embarrassingly, I wasn’t able to control or sustain myself very well. She sucked me for only a few minutes and it wasn’t long before she sensed I was on the verge. Jayne stopped and told me to hold on, even giggling telling me to “concentrate”
What finished me was when Fode rested his swollen prick on her bottom. It reached over the curves of her bum and past the small of her back and I could see how deep it could penetrate inside her.
Then quite brutally, he dragged it back down the crack of her bottom and shoved his thick tool back into her from behind causing the most erotic and contorted expression on her face.
She groaned the words “ Oh my God….”…He’s fucking enormous… and I gave in totally into to my natural desires and in a satisfied and exquisite orgasm, I ejaculated uncontrollably in a long lazy jet, my sperm landing on her forearm and in several diminishing spurts running down along her hand as she jerked me. She massaged my cock until I stopped coming and shattered I pulled away.
impregnating Jayne

Fode meanwhile, kept up the intense shafting and Jayne had arched her back to try and allow the path his big cock was taking inside her a more comfortable route in her vaginal tunnel. I recovered taking a towel and wiped her hand and arm as she was jostled on the bed, all the while the spring mattress was making a right noise, creaking and squeaking but it ridiculously added to the erotica. Fode pulled her back to the edge of the bed again and stood back on the tiled floor. Jayne went instinctively onto all fours providing the perfect height and he entered her again pulling her back hard onto his organ. She whelped and cried out that he was perilously deep inside her actually managing the words in a breathless manner “That’s fucking deep… Oh Jesus he’s in my cervix”.
About then, Fode really began to slam it into her and Jayne with her eyes closed shuddered out the words as though asking me the question..
“He’s going to do it isn’t he????” “He’s going to come in me isn’t he???”
Hearing her saying those things left me completely eviscerated and physically exhausted and I was intoxicated with the scenario and could only mumble “yes Jayne he’s going to cum inside you”

She had gripped the comforter tightly with both hands and as we have since discussed, she had succumbed to the fact that he was going to ejaculate and that she was totally willing and wanting his black African sperm inside her.
The atmosphere was electric and I moved behind Fode so see his thick shaft, slick and glistening with her wetness, being shoved fully into her cunt.
She was stretched unfeasibly wide and her pussy lips tightly clamped his cock as he was withdrawing and plunging. His stroke was a good six or seven inches and she felt every bit of it being shoved back deep into her gut. The bed legs creaked on the tiled floor as it was pushed piled against the wall by the brute f***e of his fucking and each time he bottomed against her there was a loud slap. Jayne then began to beg Fode to ejaculate while at the same time shoving her self back onto his cock.
He held her by the hips and began ploughing full length in and out of her with the most determined expression and her demands where arousing him. She growled at me to tell Fode to ejaculate in her but I was speechless.
Frustrated, Jayne looked back at me and demanded with a shuddering voice,
“Tell him….tell him to do it”. I blurted out to Fode “come inside her, shoot your sperm in her ” and Jayne quivered with clear delight and added into the provocateur gasping, “Ohhh ….Give me a fucking baby”

I was enthralled by her turn of phrase and commented approvingly, again encouraging Fode to give her what she wanted.
Fode hearing Jayne’s debauched requests reacted and reached forward and grabbed her by her shoulders. He babbled something in Creole and then he began to ram her violently.
She screamed and began to grunt and wince with each thrust and I knew he was on the verge of coming. Ultimately, as I knew he would, he ejaculated, erupting powerfully inside her. Erupting is the only word I can conjure to describe her reaction to it, she tensed and cried out, feeling the torrential spasm and he just about roared as he started to come.
Fode shoved hard into her with a loud clap as he bottomed out inside her and she screamed again. Jayne attempted to straighten her right leg to ease the stress of what was going on in her cunt but he held her hips and shoved again. This time he simply besieged her. Holding Jayne tightly by her shoulders he banged her repeatedly, spewing his hot thick semen deep inside her and she could do nothing except take the surging agony. In the following thrusts, his thick fertile sperm was f***ed into her cervix in jetting glutinous spurts and he ploughed her hard until his orgasm began to diminish. After the climaxing strokes, Jayne started squealing through panting breaths realising and understanding that he had done it inside her but I wanted absolute confirmation and asked her if he’d done it. She cried out close to tears
“I felt him come, He came inside me, he fucked me….. oh my God he spunked in me….” and I flopped back on the chair aghast and amazed while he finished off in my wife.
Naturally his movements and rhythm became shortened and less aggressive until he settled into a slow finishing pace. Finally he stopped and as Jayne sobbed, he pulled his massive penis laboriously slowly out of her and she rolled over onto her back, legs akimbo and her arms crossing her stomach.
I was speechless for a few moments and then realised that I had to say something.
Stupidly I asked her if she had enjoyed it. I knew it was the wrong choice of words and added that she had been amazing. Fode also kissed her on the shoulder as he reached for the towel and that resuscitated the moment.
Jayne’s pussy was crimson red and dilated and it had the alluring hint of a glob of thick pearlescent semen just on the cusp of oozing down her silky slit.
Jayne sat up on one arm then noticing the discharge she sat up widening her thighs and resting her feet, still in her high stiletto heels on the bed.
Then she pulled the lips of her cunt apart allowing Fode’s semen to slowly ooze from her dilated slit in a continuous thick glob as she massaged her clit.
I moved to the bed more or less collapsing down on it beside her and Jayne asked me sassily but still panting from the experience, if I’d enjoyed watching Fode “r****g” his dirty mess into her. I was a little taken back with her choice of words but nodded and she added that she’d liked it too. It was all taken with great approval from Fode. While she rested in that position he unfastened her suspenders and the straps on her shoes with a respectful intimacy. After a few more minutes of recovering she got up and unsteadily made her way back to the bathroom, returning wrapped in a towel.
After a little nervous chit chat, the first intercourse with Fode ended with all three of us using the shower outside with me feeling a little uncomfortable. I showered quickly leaving him and Jayne washing and massaging each other.
After he left we lay on the bed and I couldn’t help interrogating Jayne, much to her annoyance.
Fode had been noticeably swift in dressing and leaving, no doubt to go and boast to whomever, that he had fucked the white bitch.
Laying and thinking about the whole scene deprived me of sl**p and I gradually built my self up to a frustrating state of intense arousal. Jayne however did sl**p, exhausted from the encounter. I had to wait until six in the morning before even attempting any intimacy with her but it became difficult to say the least. She got up a little drowsy and there was definitely an uncomfortable atmosphere.

I could tell without saying a word that she was in a mood and she came back out of the bathroom complaining that she was terribly sore and that she still had “stuff” coming out of her. Obviously it was a no win situation but stupidly I attempted to satisfy my own desires. The lack of consideration very nearly developed into a spontaneous and volatile argument. Thankfully I didn’t pursue it and simply told her that I loved her. The cuddle she gave me wasn’t the normal warm embrace but it diffused the moment and we dosed off not stirring again until about 9.00

Breakfast and exploring the Islands

I got up and showered then went to order breakfast. I was sat in the warm morning sunshine when Jayne joined me and this time she gave me a reassuring kiss on the cheek before sitting. A waiter came over and she ordered coffee then quite nonchalantly asked me what I wanted to do today. I’d mentioned the Atoll ferry and said that it would be nice to take the trip and see the coral islands dotted around the coast. That’s what we did. I wanted to discuss and dissect everything about the fucking she’d taken from Fode but knew that timing was everything so lots of hand holding and niceties were the order of the day.

As it happened Jayne brought up the subject as we were walking back to the room to gather our day bag.
She had actually been understandably upset, well more concerned about the unthinkable consequences of Fode ejaculating inside her. A near impossibility we both knew but despite her being confidently on the pill, the build up and scenario had almost convinced her that she could be at risk. The complete fascination with her being impregnated by a black man added to her insecurity. She’s admitted that at the time, when he was coming inside her, she honestly experienced an overwhelming feeling of dread through the pleasure.
I was really quite shocked as she confessed her emotions as she did and it certainly allowed both of us to consider how we felt about it.. I did my upmost to re-establish her confidence and this time in a non selfish way, I discussed the events of the evening before with her and it was a mutually enjoyable debate that went on and off throughout the day.
On the stroll down to the water taxi Jayne told me that she had been certain that she would end up having intercourse with Fode but if he hadn’t been interested, she’d had every intention of attempting to pick up another local black guy to fulfil the part last night.
I already suspected as much but she also said that up until the night club she hadn’t properly decided on having totally unprotected sex, other than in pacifying conversation with me.
What had also deceived her control of the situation was that Fode had genuinely believed that he was being invited to impregnate her.
As we took our seats on the boat I felt confident enough with how she was now feeling and I asked her to keep him under that impression. The request brought a wry smile.
The whole days conversations were predictably stimulating and many to numerous to divulge in this account, however her voluntary and fervent description of the sensation she had felt as she took the full f***e of Fode’s ejaculation was definitely the highlight for me.
Jayne told me that she could feel him really deep inside her and he had definitely penetrated her cervix. She described the sensation as “agonising but exquisite” and that she totally enjoyed having sex with our well hung black man, she had also enjoyed fantasizing that she was actually being ****d and impregnated.
Jayne told me as the sea taxi moved off that it had been the most profound sexual experience she had ever had. Clutching my hand she added that it was only epic because I had been totally involved in it and that without me it wouldn’t have been so monumental, if it would have ever happened at all !
During the conversation I asked all the obvious questions to satisfy my lust and curiosity including, did she now want a group experience? I didn’t need to whisper at this point because the outboard engines of the sea taxi were quite noisy. She nodded and said, definitely, and that she was sure she would at some point. That was another classic statement that aroused me on the spot and predictably pressing, as we approached the jetty at Martha’s bay I asked her how many men she would consider. She smiled and coyly said maybe three or four but I almost instantaneously coerced the number up to between eight and twelve. It resulted in a playful nip on my inner thigh.
I had to back off a little as we docked but once up the steps and on the jetty I asked again how many seriously and she said if we could find the right men she would probably consider six as being the most outlandish number.
I was just about erect and had to calm down but both Jayne and I were very “touchy-feely” at the time.
After a couple of hours and some stunning land and sea scapes, we sat on a beach front having a cold drink.
Although her having sex with Fode was constantly on my mind, it was Jayne who brought the subject up again, asking me where I wanted it to go with Fode. I told her I would like to see her with him again and she was agreeable and comfortable with that. She also reluctantly consented to a possible double penetration, eventually agreeing to take it either way, with me or Fode sodomising her depending on how comfortable it felt. The thought of Fode feeding his thick black tool up her arse while she screamed on top of me was a spine tingling thrill.
At the time I was obsessed with her and multiple blacks, an interracial gangbang on her and my imagination was overwhelming the practicalities and feasibility of that happening in Conakry. Regardless, I confidently said I wanted to see her being fucked (and that is how I put it) by Fode and his black friends.
She simply raised her eyebrows and lifted her drink to her lips.
You can imagine the intricacies of the afternoon’s conversation.

We switched from the amazing construction of the stone fort from the colonial days to whether or not she would let Fode or anyone else ejaculate inside her again. It’s bizarre how the tooing and froing of the conversation built and heightened both our exhilarated state of minds.
Jayne really did throw caution to the wind when she suggested that she’d liked the “violation” element of the intercourse with Fode. The guilt and the assumed risk really felt unique to her and it had been the major contributing part of her intense orgasm. Her mixed emotion’s after he’d drained his sperm into her left her coming down to reality with the illicit feelings of shame and guilt but she described it as exquisite.
Jayne also made it clear that she’d enjoyed being taken f***efully and hard, “****d” by Fode to some extent, albeit with my consent.
I remembered thinking back to the previous evening and to her instigating the sex with “Fuck me while he watches”
She admitted was that she’d inexplicably enjoyed playing the sleaze in the night club and having many of the black men in there leering after her. She’d played the last part with Fode initially for me but found the whole situation thrilling and for want of a better description. By the end of the evening interracial sex seemed a certainty with Fode or at least another black guy if she could have found one. We exchanged questions and answers that lead to her hypothesising that the most extreme sexual satisfaction imaginable would probably be from an interracial gang bang and that she thought if it ever happened truly unprotected, she would almost definitely end up pregnant at the end of it. I asked her a little shocked but jovially if she was telling me that she actually wanted to conceive during an all black gang fucking and she giggled, saying “God no” but she wanted Fode…or whoever to think that, and if it was ever by a group of men it would be all the more fascinating!
She enjoyed the scenario of being a sexual plaything and leaning closely she whispered in my ear “a black mans fuck toy”

From that we decided to maintain the illusion with Fode that she wanted a baby and that she wanted impregnating by him or at least another black man if it could be arranged. I also asked her again if she would take sperm from a group of men if we could invoke it.
I reminded her that she had said she might eventually consider a team effort although I had to be sensible and realistic when she casually asked me how many I had in mind.
We walked hand in hand with her waiting for my answer which was “ Hmmm, 8 to 10..or there about and definitely pushing her boundary”
The biggest revelation was the fact that she was experimenting in her mind with the possibilities and discovering her own hidden desires and after listening to her open confession I asked directly if she wanted me to talk to Fode and try to arrange a gang bang for her during the
There and then, she embraced me in the most immediate and affectionate cuddle and simply said I could talk to him about it but it was unlikely.
I hugged her back and whispered clearly, just before placing a kiss on her lips,
“Imagine if we could get a group of men together in a controlled situation, would take a gangbang?.

She just smiled as we carried on walking so I pushed my luck to the extreme asking her “You like the idea of being gang banged by a group of blacks and being left pregnant don’t you” and as an afterthought I shocked myself adding “What about an interracial gang ****”
Jayne stopped in her tracks and turned, looking at me in surprise then leaning towards me, her cheek brushed against mine and she replied in that slow, sassy, arrogant drawl of hers “I might like the idea of it”
Jayne’s obvious teasing had me in a state of near intoxication, what with her apparent consent to have me arrange a pseudo impregnation gangbang. The reality was that it would be near impossible to do it as I knew we hadn’t enough time to gather the confidence in her partners and the undoubtable concerns over unprotected intercourse with unverified men. Fode being the only exception and that had been a very calculated decision reinf***ed by his background. The remainder of the atoll journey was equally stimulating with Jayne following and acting up to the role play perfectly. I asked how many she would allow to ejaculate inside her with her reply being clear and to the point “all of them of course” and I extracted the modus operandi from her.
I imagined Jayne on her hands and knees while being spit roasted. Each man then taking it in turn to fuck her violently from behind and eventually ejaculates into her cunt. No wiping, no cleaning up, just one after the other leaving a heavy dangerous thick fertile spermatic mess inside her.
On the sea taxi back I approached the next meeting with Fode and I stated that I would be trying to enlist at least one additional partner for her. Either she could take the lead and pull someone or I would ask Fode but the emphasis was at least two blokes having her and giving her a monumental shafting to remember the holiday by. Realistically we only had that Tuesday evening, and up to Friday night as we would have to prepare for travelling on Saturday with a bl**dy arduous journey to follow.
I was also on the bursting point and Jayne had been rubbing my aching cock through the material of my pants on and off for most of the day.
She asked me if I could get hold of Fode but to do that I needed a local sim card which added another frustration. Regardless, once back on the jetty I purchased one from a street peddler then set about trying to configure my Galaxy.
Eventually I located the network, Global ITT and I rang the number taken from Fode. The dial tone rang and rang and my anxiety was making me shake with anticipation and just as the disappointment of an unanswered call seemed the reality, he answered. I was almost unable to speak and I moved to a seemingly quieter part of the busy dock. Locals stared at me as I spoke in syllable English, trying to have a conversation with Fode.
He knew when he realised who was calling that he was wanted and he kept answering “yes”. The problem was that he apparently had to work as there was a ship in the port that was being unloaded and he wouldn’t be finished until it was done, probably three, or four O’clock in the morning. A meet up that evening wasn’t happening and the conclusion was that he would contact us the following day about noon at the hotel.
I told Jayne and she appeared unconcerned but she took hold of my hand and walked me to the road suggesting we get a taxi back to Cameyenne and have a swim, a drink and an evening to ourselves.

I didn’t need asking twice and once back in the room, I sat back in the lounge chair while she gave me the most delectable blow job, notable because it was totally hands free and to a superb completion. I confess it didn’t take her long to bring me to a state of climax but for me, the intensity was nothing short of glorious. She kept up the slow determined bobbing rhythm as my semen spewed into her mouth and the extended pleasure was teased further as the fluid began to spill and run down my shaft. When I was spent Jayne scooped a little string of discharge from her chin with her finger and licked it off then got up and disappeared into the bathroom.
I wasn’t as hygienic and simply removed my shirt then joined her for the cooling swim and a large cold beer.
After a quiet but delicious supper in the restaurant and a little more explicit titillation we went back to the room and I was treat to an all round session with Jayne purposely wearing the stockings Fode had fucked her in and as a special holiday build up, before the sex started, she stood in front of me, in the underwear and stilettos, full glamour makeup and smoking one of her long brown cigarettes. She began to describe her feelings and desires.
She wanted “Fucking hard by that big black Nigger thug” that I had found her and according to her narrative, he was going to shoot his sperm inside her and give her a baby… a Nigger baby. Her description was almost rehearsed and it went on. ”He’s got a fucking huge thick black cock” and when she was full of spunk, he was going fuck her up her arse while I had to watch. The pinnacle statement being “and there’s nothing you can do about it”
I remember the way she took a satisfying pull of her More and blowing the hazy blue smoke up to one side and said “What do you think about that”
Thank God for the beers and the three JD’s. Without the alcohol, I doubt I would have lasted more than five minutes. Needless to say the sex, our lovemaking was fulfilling and personal between us with both of us thoroughly enjoying the pleasures

I tried to emulate the vigorous and arduous fuck that Fode had given her and managed quite well apart from not being able to match the size of his tool or the f***e of his ejaculation. Jayne enjoyed it though and after, as we lay on the bed recovering from the exertion and the heat, she told me that I could still do it for her and she repeatedly told me that she loved me. It was a mutual feeling and I had not and have not any problem telling her the same.
We slept well that night not waking until 08.00 the following morning.
We both knew that it was more than likely that we would have Fode over to the room or something similar during Wednesday and we’d already discussed the potential of asking him to introduce a friend or someone to join in with him on Jayne. Ihad no idea how I was going to broach the subject tactfully because of the language difficulties and I wasn’t going to involve anyone to decipher the conversations.
After breakfast Jayne went back to the room to change and I went to the reception expecting more messages from Kemo who had been wanting to drive us about for more $$$. Surprisingly he hadn’t left any contact and I was at a loose end of what to do other than replace the local sim in my phone and try to ring Fode.
The girl on the reception said I could easily get a taxi to take me wherever but I said I’d wait and decided to go tell Jayne and then decide what to do.

What do you think about this?

I collected two bottles of Schweppes tonic water from the bar having to wait irritating long for a waitress from the restaurant to realise I wanted help, then I set off to the room. I remember dodging a sprinkler that was watering the lush grass and passing some other guests at the same time before turning into a cool tunnel that lead to the pool area and to our apartment block. When I reached the apartment I paused to check my phone again before opening the door and walking in and within a few seconds of being inside I heard a dull thudding coming from beyond the bedroom door. The door was closed not allowing me to immediately see what was causing that suspiciously recognizable noise and then I heard a muffled familiar cry.
I walked through the lounge to the door pushing it open. Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw and I stood motionless for several seconds taking in the shameful sight. Still paralysed on the spot I felt the shock of pins and needles on the backs of my hands and neck then the pleasure of arousing sensations.
Jayne was pinned up hard against the bedroom wall, eyes closed and her mouth open with Fode’s mostly bare mass blotting her out. She was just about standing on the tip toes of one leg with the other entangled over Fode’s left forearm. He was in a semi squat and fucking her hard against the stone wall. She was hanging onto him with one arm around his thick neck and the other around his lower back. With each punishing thrust he was lifting and pounding her against the wall and she gasped with the intrusion, accompanying the rhythmic thudding.

She suddenly became aware of me in the room and looked over his shoulder with a look of bewilderment. Suddenly, Fode looked back too but he just stared at me unconcerned and continued shafting her.
His torso shape, wide shoulders and narrowing hips reminded me of a huge Silverback male. The muscles on his thick powerful thighs were taught as he strained in the low squat and the cheeks of his broad black arse clenched tightly together each time he fully penetrated her.
Jayne suddenly began professing to me over Fode’s shoulder and with a trembling voice that “she was sorry” as he fucked her but even while she was saying the words she was pulling the big black African against her and definitely participating in the fuck.
Without interrupting I put down the bottles I’d carried.
Fode must have decided he’d had enough of her against the wall and more or less dropped her as he pulled out but he managed to rive Jayne towards the bed, shoving her hard and face down over the corner of the mattress, Knees almost on the floor.
Fode, with a surprising agility quickly resumed an even lower squat behind her, his massive trunk like legs on the outside of hers. His pants were still around one of his ankles and his shirt was lying on the floor to one side.
Still completely ignoring me he grabbed Jayne around her waist holding her down by the hips over the corner and fed his hard black penis back into her cunt.
She had nowhere to go again to avoid the assault and she screamed as she was sandwiched between his humping groin and the mattress which was now groaning and creaking loudly under the strain. As she squealed, desperately trying to accommodate him she was gripping the covers tightly between clenched fists. He didn’t slow or even look to take any further notice of my arrival but Jayne eventually turned her face to towards me and looking up she began bawling in a breathless interrupted voice
“Look at him... what do you think about this”
Without answering I Somehow managed to make my way into the room and sit in my familiar viewing chair while he shagged her.
Fode continued shafting her with hard and deep penetrating strokes. His heavy dangling scrotum slapped against her and he held a serious concentrated expression on his face. He was determined to breed her, that was plain to see and the expressions on both their faces told me that he was about to semenate in her. Jayne buried her face into the covers to stifle her scream and Fode let out a loud gruff and almost roaring he began pulling her by the hips hard back onto his monster cock, he emptied his leathery black balls into her for the second time depositing his thick load of black African semen. Jayne tried to arch her back in an attempt to make the ejaculation less uncomfortable and she let out a second accompanying squeal. Fode sank himself fully into her and held himself there as he spewed his seed with a brutal f***e. When he’d finished he held himself in place, squirming his cock inside her and telling us both quite proudly that she would “conceive”
Jayne simply lay compliant and gasping until he pulled out slowly with an audible plop then he backed away looking very cautiously at me before bending to pull up his pants.
Jayne slid off the bed stopping him and still on her knees she gripped his tool in her left hand, wedding and engagement rings as usual on her white fingers contrasting against the black shaft.

I marvelled at his impressively engorged cock as it hung down in a diminishing arc and wondered how she’d ever taken it so aggressively inside her. With a curt glance in my direction she licked up a trailing thread of cum that hung from the tip of his cock then took the sticky helmet in her mouth and sucked him greedily, cleaning his cock of her juice and the remnants of his semen.
Fode eventually looked over to me while my gorgeous wife Jayne sucked his cock. His face was a vacant expression of satisfaction and unperturbed he looked back down at Jayne admiring her.
Jayne meanwhile licked his cock clean then sensually kissed the tip of his penis before and pushing herself up on her arms.
Then as women do when they find themselves in that predicament she cupped her hands beneath her come filled quim to prevent the spillage and toddled towards the bathroom. As she was going she didn’t look at me but said “If you want me to do his friend you need to talk to him””
I was in awe quite frankly but I seized the moment and stood offering my hand to Fode. He took it shaking it and reminding me again of just how big in proportion he was.
Still a little shocked I asked Fode if he wanted a cold drink and told him that Jayne would almost certainly have sex with him again and take more of his semen willingly. I was making a total pig’s ear of it but fortunately I realised and moving through to the lounge I basically spoke in plain terms.
I told him simply that she clearly adored him, but that I knew she would like another black guy to join in with him and fuck her, perhaps one of his friends? As he continued to get dressed, he looked at me puzzled and asked me if it was to ensure that Jayne would go home carrying a baby.
I answered yes trying to be convincing and telling him that she wanted to make sure that she went home pregnant to a black man.
I also blurted out that she had always wanted to have intercourse with a black man but especially with him because she liked big strong and sexually aggressive men. I added that she had also commented on David, his doorman friend at the club. Fode obligingly said he would ask him if he wanted to join us. I must have been in some narcotic state because I pressed him to contact him there and then. I had a mental picture of the bloke in my head and had done on and off since I first saw him. Although he’s not as big as Fode he’s stocky, heavy set and almost Nubian black with a bald head and thick short neck. An archetypal black thug Jayne later described him as. I even contemplated suggesting a wider invitation but considering Jayne’s amiability and consent for the current situation, I knew that anything over what was proposed would have had to have been thoroughly discussed between us and in fairness, it couldn’t happen in the short time we had left. It was actually pushing it to get her fucked by two selected and suitably clean, D&D free locals. Thinking back, the impregnation synopsis set by Jayne was fantastic not only for the thrill for me but to wind a man up into putting his full effort into the act was genius. I know that I was pushing the boundary and my luck without asking her by just inviting another bloke to do the same. It’d got as extreme as it was going to for that holiday.
Jayne had nipped through the lounge door into the garden and showered cleaning herself and she returned to the bedroom as Fode was going through his phone numbers with his back to us.

She kissed me and nodding her head towards Fode, quietly and concernedly asked me if I’d been upset about “HIM” and as I shook my head she asked if I’d enjoyed walking in on her “Being fucked senseless by her black boyfriend ” She said it in a sarcastic patronizing tone that I found fascinating and arousing.
I also said that she would have to make it up to me and she chuckled moving up to Fode, kissing him on the side of his face as he studied the phone index. He pressed the call key and sauntered about the room with the phone to his ear while Jayne selected some clothes and disappeared again.
It took three attempts at numbers before David answered and Fode broke out into a conversation in Creole.
That laboriously lazy tone the Africans have in conversation with the long slow laughter and then garbled raised voices. That mixed with the elaborate hand gestures, I could tell from the odd recognisable words and Fode’s expressive speech that David wasn’t entirely sure that he was telling the truth… well who would !
When the call ended Fode said that David would meet us but in his own words told me “He does not believe that your wife wants to have sex with us both”
What he said took a few seconds to sink in then I laughed like a drain. I suppose that’s was as good term as any and we use it as a figure of speech.
I told Fode that she would definitely convince him given the chance.
When Jayne came back she was dressed and ready to go out in some tight cotton leggings and a silky blue blouse. She had modest makeup on and those huge dark sunglasses again. She put on sensible shoes and then asked if we were ready. I had no idea where we were supposed to be going but I went with the flow and set off with her and Fode. I was obviously curious as to how the impromptu sex had happened and Jayne explained that two minutes after I’d left, Fode simply turned up at the room wanting a fuck.
Jayne admitted she was hesitant at first and wanted him to wait for me but he wouldn’t wait and she couldn’t stop him. She said that she tried to satisfy him by sucking his cock but he was impatient and simply pinned her up against the wall. The rest I’d seen.
Fode was definitely up for it and a free day out after wards. The incentive of me paying for everything with the added bonus of being able to fuck my wife when the inclination took him was enough to convince him to ferry us around. In the car on the way into Conakry, I told Jayne that I’d asked Fode to speak to David the doorman from Bembeys night club. She was interested in that straight away and wanted to know what was happening. I told her whispering, that we had to meet with him and that he would need some serious convincing that “that she wanted a black guy to get her pregnant”
She asked me curiously if that’s what I’d told him and I put her in the direction of Fode explaining that it was the way it’d come out in the conversation from me.
Jayne wasn’t angry or annoyed but she did ask if I’d told David that he could do her without a rubber and I had to tell her that it wasn’t a certainty that David would even take part at all although I knew she could convince him if she wanted it.
She was silent for a minute and my throat and mouth had dried up with nervousness.

After a drink of the tonic water I asked her what she thought and she told me that she was sore… from him, nodding to Fode. She also quite untrustingly asked me quietly if I’d attempted arranging anything ridiculous like an “all out - all comers gang bang session”
That actually appealed to me but I was quite honest and told her I hadn’t but she rescued the moment saying sorry and that whatever I had arranged would be okay with her providing it wasn’t stupidly extreme.
I noticed Fode looking in the mirror at her and I bet he must have thought he’d won the lottery.
As we neared the main road into the city Fode suggested that if we were meeting David later in the evening I would need to arrange a room because we wouldn’t be able to use the room at the Cameyenne and to be honest I’d already thought the hotel staff were watching us a little oddly.

On the day of our departure he told us that we had been talked about in the hotel which was a little discomforting. We decided that we would have another tour of the city and meet up with David mid afternoon. If it went according to plan then I was going to give Fode 40$ to get a room for the evening at the Novotel Ghi. Basic and tired, but private and no questions asked
We drove a now familiar stretch of road past the mosque and to another market area, his time mainly seafood. That was a real experience also the street kitchens and men preaching and praising God.

Novotel Ghi- Meeting for afternoon drinks

After an hour I was praying for a beer and a sit down and luckily we strolled right into a Lebanese bar area which offered named drinks and clean air conditioned seating inside and out of the sun. That was the hottest and brightest day of the holiday with no clouds at all. We ordered a lovely light meal and I whispered to Jayne jokingly that she wouldn’t conceive on an empty stomach. That earned me an elbow in the ribs but she wasn’t annoyed. In fact her manner had convinced me more that she was serious about being “Black mans entertainment” and the well prepared filling in an Oreo sandwich. I did notice that she wasn’t interested in her usual drink of wine and when I asked she did say she just wanted to keep a clear head. It’s strange how the little things can change and affect the mood and I took it as a sudden reluctance. Quite frankly my emotions were all over the place and suddenly going from green to red, I asked her confused if she had changed her mind. She gripped my forearm and said very seriously that she hadn’t changed it at all and that I ought to ask Fode again about the meeting with David if it was still what I wanted. I did bring it up and after checking his watch while shovelling down a large piece of pita bread he picked up his phone and rang. David obviously answered and Fode took the conversation outside for some privacy. When he returned he said we were meeting David in the bar at the Novotel Ghi at 3.00. He would make the arrangements on my behalf with the hotel as I would have needed my passport and immigration documents which I’d left in the room safe.

We left the restaurant just before 2.00 with ample time to reach the Novotel and we we’re sat back in the bar in the familiar rattan chairs, waiting for our drinks at 25 minutes to 3.00. This time Jayne asked for vodka and lime then went to the bathroom. She came back after the drinks had been served with her makeup much more explicit, this time with dark red lips and smelling heavily of perfume. She still wore the big sunglasses but that did give a certain mysterious sophisticated look.
I had a stirring straight away when I saw her and Fode definitely liked it. With her 5” red sandals she’d have really hit the spot but they wouldn’t make any sense walking around Mill Da Prince Market.
She sat down and took her glass as Fode and I complimented her then she took a drink commenting on the strength of it and wiping a little smeared lipstick from the rim. The proportions weren’t my doing but I wanted her “loose” and as uninhibited as she could possibly be for later. Although this was only a meet up, I was palpitating she could tell.
I finished the delicious ice cold Heineken in a couple of gulps and Fode began clicking his fingers at the waitress in a show of self importance.
This side of his arrogance is present in African black men and I’d seen it before not least earlier that morning as I’d walked in on him banging Jayne up against the bedroom wall.
A second round of drinks was brought and Jayne squeezed my hand and asked me if I was okay. I know it was cursory but I said I was but then with a gestured nod, I asked her to put some ideas into my head.
After a thoughtful expression and a careful sip of her vodka she said “Fode… “ Then she leant towards him and added ”What do you want to do to me tonight?” I loved it and so did he but it took a few second for the translation to become apparent in his head.
He was also on the spot and looked at me with that long slow grin and laugh. She reached for his hand and took it placing it on her stomach looking directly into his eyes. I knew immediately what she was reinforcing then she added “will David want to try and make it twins?”
She blew me away with her turn of phrase. I’m not sure that Fode got the exact significance as I did but he certainly got the idea. Even before I had recovered she asked him what he wanted her to wear or to be precise, how he wanted her to dress. It was going in the right direction when David made his entrance calling to Fode as he wrestled with the questions from Jayne. He got up and greeted David and then in turn Jayne and I stood to shake his hand.
He was extremely dark skinned, almost jet black which I really liked the idea of and I noticed how pink his palms were too. He’s about the same height as me but very stocky and a huge barrelled chest, wider than me at the shoulders and in the kindest sense, rounder with a thick muscled neck. Jayne’s soft white hand was engulfed by his and for a split second I thought she was going to kiss him. As it was we all sat down and Fode began ranting in the mother tongue with David taking very serious looks at Jayne. She admits that she was putting on a vogue expression, neither smiling nor concerned but she was nervous. She’s also told me that she was apprehensive about what she’d said to Fode about David being invited to help out with the whimsical scenario. That meant of course, totally unprotected intercourse with him, ejaculation and his semen in her pussy.

With some degree of all seriousness I asked David about himself and his English was better than Fode’s. He’s been in the national service and now worked as a security guard. He was married but his wife had left him leaving him with his two c***dren and they all lived with his f****y on the outskirts of the city. We all understood that Fode had given him the latest update and the way he was looking Jayne up and down. He’d had a bl**dy good look at her at Bembey’s and he must have been thinking about that too.
Also now that she was sat crossed legged in front of him with Fode telling him whatever, he was definitely interested but Jayne sealed it in my opinion.
She got up and feigned another trip to the bathroom but as she passed Fode, from behind she casually crossed her left arm over his shoulder and across his chest, then cheek to cheek she kissed him on the side of his face and in one smooth move she groped his manhood just lingering long enough to provide a clear and understandable message to David. I was aghast and even Fode was surprised. David was staggered but began conferring in Creole with his friend.
David chuckled and turning his head from me to Fode, pointed in the direction Jayne had gone, laughing and saying “…without a condom…”
As was becoming the norm, my wallet came out and I parted with the $40 then a further $10 for refreshments to be provided in the room. I also had the pleasure of paying for the food and drinks but I won’t complain.
Jayne came back this time with sunglasses placed fashionably on her head.
Her eye makeup was also dramatically adjusted. I told her that I’d paid for the room and asked David what time he would like to meet. He covered his mouth and answered quietly and I think he was a little intimidated.
I thought we should meet up elsewhere and have a few drinks and get accustomed to each other before coming back here. When Fode returned he had the key and asked us if we wanted to take a look at the room. He also said it was the best room and that it was photographed for the hotels brochure. Jayne declined the offer but I wanted to see it and we left her sat finishing her drink. The corridor leading to the room was dark but cool and once inside I could see it was quite spacious. It was dusky and had a smell but not unpleasant. I pulled back the curtains which brightened it up. At least it was more roomy than I expected and the bathroom was reasonably clean. Also the TV worked and I could get MTV. I checked the fridge to confirm my suspicions that the extra $10 wasn’t required but how could I argue?. After pulling back the bed sheets I asked David if Fode had explained everything to him correctly. I also asked him if he was comfortable about me being just a spectator and perhaps a later participant
Just as we we’re leaving the room I told both of them that Jayne would probably consent to try anything but I was very insistent and made it completely understood that if they attempted anal intercourse with her they must wear condoms. I’d already confessed to Jayne of my desire and fantasy of seeing her being sodomised by a huge, well hung black man.

The exhilaration of that preparation almost rivals the ultimate event. It exhausts me anyway. I was talking to David in the foyer while Fode collected Jayne back in the bar and they walked out together. The idea was that Fode would take us back to the Cameyenne dropping then collect us about 7.30. He would take us to meet David at a locals music bar.

He stated very clearly that there wouldn’t be any other white people there, it was off the tourist route but we would be safe with him and David who was apparently well known there. At the car David opened the door for her and she put a hand on his shoulder and gave him a polite peck on the cheek, as the French do.
The drive back was matter of fact with Jayne quiet again. Fode was also less talkative and I put it down to the anticipation. Once back at the room it was time for an immersion in the pool. The cold water was like a baptism and it refreshed me sharpening the intent of the evening although back in the room I was quite anxious about the time we had left or the lack of it. Jayne had showered on the patio and was now in the bathroom, door closed predictably. I went to rinse of the chlorine and then dried in the bedroom before dressing. I decided against any more alcohol at that point and made a coffee instead. I remembered at the last minute to change the Hi8 tape in the camcorder and charge the battery too. As she always takes so long to get ready I was dressed and laid back on the bed when she came out. She looked fantastic for a 46 year old married mum of two.
Although my preference for her is always stockings and the associated paraphernalia this time she was wearing a pair of skin tight white spandex pedal pushers and white matching blouse with her black thong and lace bra clearly seen through the material. She was also wearing her daring black patent stilettos and her makeup set the outfit off especially her glossy bright red lips.
She looked phenomenal and I got up and told her so motioning to kiss her carefully on her lips but she shooed me away stating again that she’d done her mouth and it’d taken her ages to get it right.
That action had significance later because when Fode arrived to collect us she went immediately to him and kissed him fully on the mouth without hesitation including a little French tonguing. He picked up her pre packed bag and carried it for her and naturally I did mention the willing kiss as we walked through the complex to the car, saying that I thought she didn’t want to spoil her lips. Jayne told me as we walked, that her lips would be around his cock later and while I watched so why was I bothered.
In short, she was in character before we left the hotel. We were both exuberant and felt alive and I could certainly feel the electric atmosphere around Jayne. Despite her apparent unsympathetic and harsh attitude I felt confident enough to ask her to put a real show on and throw a little caution to the wind stating clearly that I was again fully consenting to whatever she wished to do. Although I had and still have a plethora of desires and requests I restrained myself from making demands at the time, After all the concession to have unprotected intercourse was the major evolution at that time and the façade that Jayne was working under was pressurising enough.
Fode took us into an unlit and dingy part of the town. When we stopped there were no road lights or pavements to speak of but it was near a bar. The building was really a large shed, wooden with only two open windows at the front and the door ajar. There was a large P.A blaring out music on the porch and several blokes were sat in and out of the building. I got out of the car and was hit with a wall of heat. Jayne stepped out a little precarious in her heels and the men gave her a good looking over.

We pretended not to notice and Fode lead us into the bar past the screaming amplifier. Once inside it felt a little cooler because there were two large fans circulating the air. Fode shook hands with several men using that familiar grasp, shake and clasp of the thumb. It was blatantly obvious that Fode was showing off his white bitch on his home patch. I knew it and so did Jayne. I wondered if he’d told them that he’d fucked her and I admit that even now, writing down the memory of those moments is giving me a huge errection.
Fode ordered three beers which came from a fridge stood against the wall. There was little in the way of comfortable seating so we stood drinking the beer from the bottles. Fode paid for the drinks although it was the only time he did. Unfortunately mine was gone in three gulps so it was time for me to dig deep again. The music was also so loud that we had to almost shout to be heard but in time a few people began to populate the bar and it seemed to mute the noise. Into her second beer, Jayne caught my attention and simply but discretely said “What ever happens, take care of me ” I asked what could possibly happen with a smirk and Jayne told me jokingly that she thought I’d arranged something with Fode and we’d brought her there to get her gang fucked. I asked if that’s what she wanted and she replied that she wanted a drink and a dance in that order.
What did astonish me was thinking about it she’d put condoms in her purse
We’d been there about 15 minutes when there was a cheer and looking through the gloom toward the door I saw that David had arrived. He went through the same bonding handshake ritual then strolled over to us instantly wrapping an arm around Jayne’s waist and pulling her to him. She tottered and tried to steady herself with her open hand on his chest. Within a few moments we seemed to be engulfed in a crowd of men and I realised that it was getting tight in the bar. More beers arrived and much to Jayne’s relief at the time so did a group of three women who joined in the group instigating on the spot dancing and movement to the music. I reached to place my empty bottle on a table and when I looked back Fode was behind Jayne with his hands on her hips and they were both gyrating to the music in a most stimulating manner. He was pushing his groin into her backside and it wasn’t going unnoticed from plenty of others. I’ve no idea of the tune, some sort of dance rave mix but it was hypnotic. Even more so when an un introduced bloke suddenly sandwiched her between himself and Fode and began grinding against her in unison. I took a long drink of the beer and watched as the whole shack blossomed into a rhythmic groove with almost every one except me grinding and dancing around. Instead I chose to back away towards the cool fridge and observe from there.
Another track overlaid and it was a classic track and it certainly animated the crowd.

More women had appeared and I’d estimate that about 40 people were in there with us. I could spot Jayne by he white outfit criss crossed by moving black limbs. Most of the men were tall and she was a little obscured but I still had a good view of what was happening. She was well into the swing of it and was enjoying the close quarter dancing, putting in some of her own steps and techniques including hands in the air and that sexy slow descending wiggle she does.

The height of her shoes made it all the more appealing and I remember thinking back to her dancing at Bembeys. Jayne pushed her way through the dancing crowd towards me and asked for another drink. I just went in the fridge and got us both another beer. After opening it she took a sip and asked me if I was enjoying it and I told her how thrilled and amazed I was with her. Then as discretely as she could over the noise, she asked me if I was looking forward to watching Fode and David fucking her. It was as though we were having a conversation about choosing a carpet and I said I couldn’t wait and that I desperately wanted to see at least one of them shoving his cock her up her arse. She took another sip of the beer and said “You better tell them that then” and turned rejoining the dance party.
I was ecstatic and d***k with anticipation. The heat and stifling atmosphere mixed with the beer buzz was a cocktail of pure joy and knowing that at some point later, I’d see Jayne being pummelled (and for all intents, deliberately impregnated) by at least two huge blacks had sapped me of strength.
The bumping and grinding had begun again and she was in the thick of it with a serious and concentrating expression on her face. Looking through the mass I saw a black hand had cupped her mound between her legs and from behind. To this day we’ve no idea who it was but it was decisively rubbing and groping her through the material of her leggings.
Another hand, this time I recognised as David’s, came over her shoulder and without hesitation or any resistance, it slipped inside her blouse and cupped her left boob. Jayne was looking at the young lad who had joined the dance with her earlier and she began to perform a pseudo felatio slowly and precisely on the beer bottle she was holding. I almost dropped mine and as though a green light had come on Jayne was suddenly mobbed by God knows how many of them in there.
There was a sort of chain reaction and hands began grabbing and squeezing her tits and arse and one bloke managed to f***e his hand down the front of her pants and then into the gusset of her knickers. In a few more seconds her blouse was open and she was stood, still dancing in just her stilettos, leggings and bra with men feeling her up as they liked. This happened in an extraordinarily quick spur of the moment and suddenly it seemed to calm down a little. It was still very gloomy with modest lighting but I saw it all. They were taking it in turns to move behind her and grope her breasts and pussy while she danced provocatively. The bottle had gone and one large anonymous bloke had an arm across her chest roughly squeezing and mauling her boob through the sharp lace of her bra while his other arm was across her abdomen. He had his hand down the front of her pants and the commotion going in there clearly showed he was aggressively fingering her.
In response she had both arms open and down, pushing back with open palms into two other guys crotches and she was rotating and squeezing their organs through the thin and dirty material of their shorts. Everything was perversely going on to the throbbing beat of the music. More people began to notice Jayne’s m*****ation and abruptly Fode intervened pulling her admirers away. They quite contently went back to dancing apart from the guy fingering her and Jayne had to seize his wrist and just about wrestle his hand out of her knickers but she was smiling and consoling Fode who showed quite some aggression toward the guy.

Jayne embraced him and engaged him in a passionate and public full French kiss. Fode entered into it with real vigour and walked her backwards to a supporting wooden beam pinning her against it. The kiss continued and many of the men watched the activity as eagerly as I was doing. I noticed one of the few women walk up to a smiling man a take him angrily by the arm pulling him away, then she began giving him a real mouthful in Creole.
They were soon obscured by others still watching and dancing to the music and I saw David slowly ease his way through the group and place his hand on Fode’s shoulder who basically acknowledged the gesture and then gave Jayne away to him. I craned to see David’s thick neck and shaved head moving in a circular rotating motion and I realised that he was now giving Jayne a full French tonguing. It was confirmed when her hand clasped the back of his broad head, assisting and encouraging the long deep kiss. At that point I was ready to pick up and make for the seclusion of the hotel and to enjoy the spectacle of watching my wife having uninhibited sex with them and as Fode scanned the room, obviously enjoying his additional moment of self importance, I caught his gaze and gave him a directional thumb in a “lets go” gesture. A brief wave and I knew we were on the way to leaving. He disturbed David explaining as much and moved back through the crowded bar. He was being back slapped and clearly congratulated as he went. David led Jayne by her hand also through the mêlée back towards me.

When she reached me she asked if I was still enjoying it. I could only nod and told her that it was time to make a move to the hotel. She was extremely hot and was perspiring. Another alluring feature was her running makeup and the remaining dark outline of her lip liner around her mouth. She buttoned up her blouse straightening it as she went. Several other women and girls were in the place dancing in shorts and just flimsy tee shirts and bra’s and bizarrely other than the black on white interaction, Jayne didn’t look that out of place.
Just as we were collectively ready to leave the bar Fode suggested that I owed $15 for the drinks and although I’d more or less expected something to be presented it did irritate me. He’d been drinking for free and sampling Jayne not to mention handing her about to his friends. For the sake of a few quid I handed over a $20 and motioned to leave the bar. Jayne strode through making her way sideways past gyrating bodies and eventually out through the door and onto the porch. We convened at Fode’s car and we could hear each other talk clearly at last and very matter of fact Jayne said that she was going to need a shower and that she ought to go first to the room and get ready for the romp and the boy’s. Holding my hand she told me she was unbelievably excited and really in the mood. Then she suggested that we get going and once we reached the hotel we could wait in the bar.
I asked how long she would need and after a short thoughtful pause she said that an hour would be long enough. She also said with a hint of sarcasm, that it would give me time to suggest some of the things I wanted to see done to her. Then slipping her arms around my neck she said she had a huge surprise for me but wouldn’t say anything else.

The lads turned up breaking the intrigue and without speaking Fode got into the car and started the engine. David got in the back followed by Jayne and at the last minute I got in the passenger seat next to Fode.
As the car pulled off the music from the bar drifted away quieter and I detected some movement in the back seat. Looking back I could see that David was holding Jayne’s hand on his cock and rubbing it up and down. She was looking directly ahead as though nothing was happening but she’s later told me she was incredibly aroused and at the time, staggered by the thickness and hardness of his tool.
The drive took less than ten minutes as the traffic had all but disappeared. What remained on the roads was noisy with horns piping and engines screaming in the desperate attempts to reach a reasonable speed. It was welcomingly cool in Fode’s “upmarket” car as the aircon worked well and my senses were becoming heightened with the anticipation. We pulled up in the forecourt and quickly we got out of the vehicle. Fode passed me the room key and then opened the car boot to retrieve Jayne’s bag. I couldn’t resist telling him and David to go into the bar and buy me a beer while I walked Jayne to the room. The room we’d rented was a premier but there’s not much premier about it despite its price and suitability to host the sex act.

That said, it’s seediness leant to the mood. Lets face it, who doesn’t like the thought of a wife, in a dirty hotel acting like a complete and utter slut
I opened the door and kissed her as she went inside. I asked her if she was genuinely okay about everything and she just shrugged and waved me away.
Then as I retraced my steps down the corridor I heard the door being locked behind me. In the bar one of the lads had bought the drinks, Fode was on his phone but cut short the call as I walked up. I sat mindful of several other guests and quietly I told them that Jayne was getting ready would need the best part of an hour and we’d have a couple of drinks to relax and then we’d go to the room where she would be ready and waiting.
As we sat it was plainly obvious the boy’s wanted to discuss the plan and I told them again that Jayne was already in our room and getting ready for them. I also told them that she was fully aware of what she was doing and more importantly, despite any protest she might make, she wanted full unprotected intercourse.
I took a drink and added that they could “use her as their white bitch” David understood this term and showed his appreciation with a broad grin. Then leaning forward towards them I took a deep breath and told them both very clearly that she wanted them to be unrelenting and she fully expected them to **** her repeatedly until she was pregnant by somebody.
I was just above whispering with a trembling and excited voice telling them that Jayne wanted to go back to the UK with a black baby in her belly but she also wanted to leave them with something they would always remember. In the gathered circle I whispered that she would consent and they could take turns having anal intercourse with her.
This immediately stimulated both men and I had to stress that although she was willing to have unprotected cunt sex, they had to wear condoms to fuck her up her arse. There were smiles, nods and agreement but irritatingly Fode’s mobile rang again.

He answered it quietly and babbled on in Creole whilst looking in another direction from our conversation. David at this point seemed interested in what was being said but it was a short conversation ended abruptly by Fode who casually looked at his screen and shut it off.
He then began typing a text message and at the same time clicked his fingers loudly for the waiter. He ordered more drinks then after sending his message he tossed his phone onto the table in a blasé fashion and sat back in his chair looking smug and relaxed.
I persisted, deliberately trying to stimulate and encourage them and several times I emphasised a good degree of “control” I also unashamedly used the **** word numerous times (whispered but clearly stressed) to demonstrate how she liked being fucked, taken f***efully and aggressively. I also emphasised repeatedly and used various articlative words to encourage them to ejaculate in her cunt and invited them to do it as many times as they could manage. David even suggested the most appropriate intercourse positions that would produce, in his words “a conception”
The language difference didn’t really allow for colloquialisms and English words were strung together to make a hopefully understandable sentence. David, joining in the conversation, made a massively memorable and awesome comment, assuring me that “It would be done” and he said it with a resolute confidence.
I’d constantly checked my watch and regularly glanced at the clock. The hour did pass agonisingly slow although the discussion and subject matter was massively stimulating. Not surprisingly the discussion in the bar left me feeling drained of energy. That was the excitement and anticipation.
David had gone to the bar and returned with three glasses of some white spirit. A local distilled spirit he said and he insisted we drink together. The liquid went down harshly, burning but somehow fortifying despite the taste. Then in unison we stood up and I thought about Jayne waiting in the room.
I wondered if she would be ready and looking at the clock, she’d had about fifteen minutes longer than she’d asked for.
Feeling the growing pit in my stomach I knew that it was time and I finished the little remaining drink and turned telling them to give me a head start and I would meet them outside at the entrance to the corridor leading to the rooms. By the time I’d reached it they were coming out from the bar across the patio towards me and I remember taking deep breaths to try and calm myself and slow the trembling. We all set off again together and our footsteps echoed in the corridor. I also remember wondering if Jayne could hear the noise getting closer and if it was exhilarating her as it was me. Reaching the door I knocked gently and just as Fode and David neared I heard the key clunking and turning and I knew straight away that she had been waiting for our arrival.
I turned the door handle and opened it allowing David then Fode in first, and then I slipped in behind closing the door and instinctively locking it at the same time. As I looked into the room, I scrutinised the standing image of my wife and how she’d deliberately readied herself for what was to be a debauched sexual romp with the two black Africans.

How Jayne had concealed the transparent dark nylon dressing gown I had no idea and under it she was wearing the full regalia of my favourite hosiery. Black fully fashioned seamed stockings to a multi strap wide suspender belt.
She’s also managed to conjure her black corselet top from somewhere and although it was delicate, it was tight and pushed her boobs together and up in the most appealing way. She was wearing the black high heels that she’d danced in and she walked one foot in front of the other towards the tub chair and then leant, resting her hands on the low back and I also noticed she was wearing her “BITCH” choker. The room was quite bright and I could see the attention that she’d put into her make up. It was manikin like and she had made a huge effort for them. It was clear that she wanted to please them and present herself as appealingly as she could and she’d managed it perfectly having achieved a classic “SLUT” look with long false eye lashes and huge kohl eyes, high blushed cheekbones and luscious red lips accentuated with a perfect dark liner. David went straight too her and as she stooped over the chair he began examining her with his hands starting on her bum and working his way down her legs and inner thighs. Jayne put her hand out for Fode who stepped forward chuckling. As he straightened her up she looked past him towards me and asked me if I was pleased and I could only tell her that she looked fantastic.
Without an answer she sat down in the tub chair and opened a bottle of nail polish, then carefully began painting her nails. I asked her if we had time for that as I wanted to see the action begin but Jayne looked at the wall clock and then to Fode who said there was plenty of time. It frustrated me but added to the excitement and I decided to try and keep patient.
The air conditioning unit was noisy but welcomingly cooling and I was sat in the direct stream of the cool air. Fode and David were removing their clothes which in itself added to the atmosphere but I asked them both not to rush her and let Jayne take the lead. I told them that she would let them know when she was ready and then they could have what they wanted. Jayne thanked me with a distasteful sarcasm that I found strangely pleasing. In fairness, she knew exactly what I enjoyed and wanted to see and hear.
As the men were casually moving about the room Jayne finished her nails and was waving her hands lightly to help the bright red varnish dry. I remember grinning and I asked her to say something that would shock and stimulate me, something filthy and disgusting that would get the boys going.
She asked me “what like?” with a bemused tone which irritated me instantly as at the time I felt her comment was idiotic considering she was dressed like a whore in a hotel room with two huge and highly aroused black men. I simply asked her to introduce to me what was going to happen, to titillate and arouse me. I told her to tell me why she was there and to “act up” to the situation a little.
Standing up she walked over to the bed and turned down the covers adjusting the pillows into the centre then she walked over to David and Fode who where now undressed both down to their shorts. She took their hands and stood between them and at once my heart rate accelerated and I could feel the pounding in my chest because I knew that whatever was coming would be so stimulating.

Jayne then asked me if I remembered about the surprise she had mentioned to me earlier and told me that Fode and David had helped her with it.
She went to the dresser and rummaged in her purse and the bag for a few things. She brought out a large handful of foil Durex packets, a tube of Vaseline and a neatly folded piece of paper and placing these to one side on the circular table, she then removed another mascara pencil and her Mores taking the lighter and tossing it to David who caught it. Looking at me she slowly removed one of the long brown cigarettes from the pack and walked over to the circular table picking up the folded note before strutting towards David with her Cigarette poised. He flicked the lighter and Jayne took the light, taking a delicate puff on the cigarette then turned back towards me. I was captivated and loving it, anticipating the next move but in my wildest imagination I couldn’t have guessed the surprise she’d arranged behind my back.
Suddenly, I became aware of the echo of footsteps and low voices in the dark corridor outside and a few seconds later, completely unexpected, there was a loud rapping knock on the door which traumatized me instantly. Without even realising I’d jumped out of my chair and allsorts of thoughts ran through my head at terrific speed, the hotel Manager, the police, but casually David walked to the door and unlocked it. He opened it and immediately an unrecognised tall and heavily built black guy walked lazily into the room and even more shockingly, he was followed by a succession of others. They entered quietly, filling and spreading around the room. Fode meanwhile directed them to one side and the other as I stood totally in awe. They showed an immediate interest in Jayne as she stood isolated in the centre of the room. Some conversation began amongst them in Creole and I also heard the door slam shut and the familiar turning of the key in the lock then the heavy bolt being pushed across.
Still aghast and confused I surveyed around the room counting f******n new guests of differing ages but the majority all physically large men. David pushed his way through and seemed to bark out commands to them and they quietened a little. I looked towards Jayne unable to speak but mouthed the words“Jesus Fucking Christ” and she answered quite arrogantly asking me if I liked the surprise.
I couldn’t find the strength to respond and simply gazed back amongst the group. Slowly she backed up to the table and rested against it widening her stance then with her free hand she began to lightly touch her mound through the material of her thong whilst still staring at me with her eyes narrowed in an expression of ultimate expectation.
Raising the smouldering cigarette, she took a deliberately long and sultry pull from the More and after exhaling the smoke she asked me above the increasing voices if I could work it. I stood dumbfounded but understood these men were here for one thing and it thrilled me beyond belief. Then as the men mingled about the room poring over her she described the situation perfectly, stating “This was your idea” and that it was what I had wanted to see done to her. She told me that she’d asked Fode if he could arrange it the same day I’d walked in on them and he’d found a group of blokes from the docks to come and do it to her.

I nodded breathlessly as she took another slow puff on her More. After exhaling she looked around the room and at the men. Some had slouched on the bed and chairs. A few stood scrutinizing her and as her gaze returned to me. She placed a hand on her hip and with a quietened voice she cautiously asked again if I fully understood that when it started they were going to gang fuck her. No condoms, no stopping, and no pulling out.

f****y planning

“They’re going to gang **** a baby into me” she added with that now familiar enthusiastic drawl, “A black baby” emphasising and placing a common tartish slant to her normally polite voice.

She gave me a few moments to come to terms with her statement then finished the conversation adding “I’m going to get my arse fucked too”
Jayne looked flushed and exuberant then she told me I should only watch at first but when they got going, I might want to direct them to do certain things to her. During our pillow talk fantasies Jayne had enjoyed hearing how I wanted to see her interracially gang fucked and describing to her how a group of black men would fuck her.

A big cock in her mouth, one in her cunt and another shoved hard and deep up her well lubricated arsehole.
I was wondering how far she could possibly go with this but I was also perversely thoroughly enjoying it. I’d decided that I would take full advantage of her consent in being a black mans party slut.
Jayne had clearly gotten into the part and her motions and speech quickened. She took another puff of her More and pointing at the men on her right and smiling, she said
“They’re all going to take a turn at fucking your wife, what do you think about that!!”
I loved her use of the phrase and all I could mumble was that I’d like to see them doing it, the words coming out in a feeble and nervous voice.
The last sentence she used in the build up to the sexual onslaught she was describing was totally convincing. She passed Fode the folded note and he opened it. Smiling and nodding, he showed it to David who also sniggered and explained the content to the rest before it was handed around the others and finally to me.

The voices of the men rose as they began joking and jeering amongst themselves and Looking at the note I immediately realised that it was the same note she’d given to Fode three nights earlier. It was abundantly obvious that she’d given the potential of this situation some serious and calculated consideration and she reinf***ed the pretence of her impregnation placing her hands on David’s shoulders and saying
“Tell them I want fucking full of black African sperm. Tell them I want to be pregnant to a black man and I want them to gang fuck a Nigger baby into me….. I don’t care whose it is”

As I looked back up to her she was smiling and nodding then she turned and faced a huge young guy who cautiously moved towards her to kiss her. Then it started.
Fode took her cigarette while she was involved in prolonged French kissing with the unnamed guy. Jayne embraced him and he held her tight against him almost lifting her off her feet. Almost immediately another of the group moved forward and slipped his hand down the back of her knickers squeezing her arse and in an instant he’d somehow worked a finger into her crack. I heard her moan even above the chattering of the men and from behind I could see Jayne’s hand working its way into David’s shorts and I realised that she was masturbating him in her upturned hand whilst she did french with the young guy. Fode meanwhile mounted the bed and gestured his hand in a circular motion telling the rest to undress and move forward. Several simply dropped their shorts and obliged copying him. Still standing on the bed, Fode tapped the new guy on the shoulder and nattered at him to let Jayne go. The guy did somewhat reluctantly and dragged her towards the bed before he moved slightly out of the way.

Then Fode, with his prick jutting out, shoved it toward her face. I stood and moved around for a side view and looking through a gap in the crowding black limbs to see Fode’s fat cock enter Jayne’s mouth with her still tugging at David’s heavy penis. Almost as soon as Fode’s cock passed her lips the mood changed and it was as though she had incited the rest of them.
Instantly, several of the men simultaneously began mauling her. Another huge guy took her free hand and placed his cock in it encouraging her to masturbate him. Then a few seconds later she was pushed from behind and the tangle of body’s with Jayne in the centre, appeared to sink down onto the bed.
Jayne somehow managed to kneel precariously on the edge with Fode, now squatting, holding her head and pumping his tool into her mouth. She still tugged at the cocks in her hands which did give her some balance but then a bald heavy set guy side stepped in behind her and pushed her down further. I heard her grunt with the f***e of the shove then his hands went to the thin string material of her knickers and he pulled them down past her stocking tops. The material stretched taught between her widened thighs and he cupped her cunt with his broad rough hand. He began to frig her with a thick finger and she responded noisily, louder than the muttering of the men. Strangely, they seemed to have quietened down as the intensity began to build and they appeared content to watch the scene unfolding.

Most were holding their cocks and stimulating themselves, patiently waiting their turns. Then the heavy set guy turned slightly lining himself up with Jayne from behind and I saw his cock sticking up He was menacingly hard with a slight scimitar curve to his ample thick and veined manhood. Hastily he used a little of his own spittle to lubricate the angry looking helmet then he moved against Jayne and without hindrance guided his black penis into her cunt. As she felt it going in she whelped but Fode pushed his cock back into her mouth while she was penetrated. I listened as the guy spoke jubilantly to his friends in Creole, then he took hold of her by the hips and fucked her.
Jayne went into spasm as the unfamiliar cock was shoved hard inside her and the f***e he was shoving it with was incredible and unrelenting.
Fode insisted on making sure her mouth was full while it went on and beckoned to a friend, encouraging him to mount the bed and take his place, then without objection she opened her mouth to take another black strangers cock between her lips. I could see her looking up at this guy, he was maybe late twenties at the most and tall, muscular and well defined. He also had a good sized tool and she started to suck him in an almost ravenous fashion. The vigorous fucking she was on the end of caused her to let go of David and his friend and she fell forward onto all fours resting on her hands and knees. This only allowed a deeper penetration which made her scream but it wasn’t sustained. The heavy set bloke had fucked her for about a minute and a half but the excitement of the situation was overwhelming and without warning or notice he ejaculated fully inside her. I realised by the satisfied tone of her moans and she continued until she felt his orgasm subside. He didn’t linger and once he was finished he simply pulled out and moved through the rest of the waiting men picking up his shorts on the way.
There was no delay before another well hung black dock worker took his place and with his already heavy errection, he found Jayne’s cunt, slid in his cock and commenced fucking her in a similar manner.
This time the entry wasn’t as difficult and she accepted him fully before taking another mouthful of black prick.
Some of the men began to queue by the bed and at her side waiting to be sucked off or to fuck her and I was afforded a clear view of her performance.

I sat down in the chair and watched her on her knees suck off a line of men while she took another five loads of black semen in her cunt before the position became to tiring.
After the fifth ejaculation the mass inside her was obviously becoming uncomfortable and she rolled over onto her side. I could see she was panting and perspiring despite the AC belting out on full. She managed to look at me and quite sternly asked if I was watching! As though I needed any reminding but I couldn’t think of an answer. In any case another of the larger blacks quickly got between her legs and pushed her up the bed before mounting her and giving her an unrelenting fuck with immediate hard jolting strokes.
The bed started screeching and knocking hard and loudly against the plaster wall and Jayne’s chorus of moans and cries rose to such a volume that it concerned me that it’d attract attention from the hotel staff. Strangely the fact that she was being vigorously and noisily fucked by a 17 stone black man didn’t seem to concern the rest.

Jayne was still taking the rough fucking when she reached out to me and I sat forward hearing her say “Oh ..he’s fucking huge inside me” and then the guy went at it again pumping deep into her. She responded by hooking her legs over his big black arse and embracing him, she hung on.
The big tattooed Nigger shagged her that until Fode tagged him for a go on her. He replied back to Fode in Creole which was obviously aggressive and then with a definite seriousness on his face he collapsed onto Jayne and continued his ploughing strokes. Jayne remained clamped to him but suddenly she opened her hands and her fingers spread wide apart, quivering and indicating that something was happening.
The guy was determined to spunk in her and with a few more strokes he was ejaculating and was she really feeling it. She began crying out and then she confirmed what we all assumed was happening. There was a pinnacle as he reached his release; she felt the full f***e of his ejaculation as he emptied his heavy black balls into her. Although it was exactly what she had asked for, it was monumental because we both realised that these men were genuinely intent on impregnating her.
Regardless, it was fascinating and immensely enjoyable watching her. Jayne wept genuine tears when her eventually slowed and pulled out but she began to laugh with a fatigued drawl when I asked her if she’d enjoyed that ! Fode sat her up and helped her remove the nylon gown and both of us looked at Jayne’s raw slit as she investigated it. Pulling her at clit with her forefinger caused a torrential surge of thick gooey semen to ooze from her cunt and I spoke without thinking saying not to spill it.
Jayne was quivering and shaking with shock and excitement and hurriedly said that she wanted Fode’s cock inside her next.
She quite calmly lay back against the piled pillows and put out her hand for him. I imagined at the time that he’d want at least some form of clean up but he simply disregarded the mess inside her and with his already erect cock he climbed between her legs and lifted them up and over his shoulders.
I couldn’t wait to see it and watched in awe as he placed his bulbous spade against her opening and spread into her.

Jayne winced as his thick black tool sank into her tunnel but it didn’t dissuade him and he began to shaft her deep and hard. His rhythm and vigour was powerful and aggressive but she was clearly a little looser now and certainly well lubricated deep in her cunt which seamed to help her take it easier.
Despite that, she still grunted and gasped, struggling with his weight and bulk as he banged his tool into her. The angle he was entering her and with her legs almost over her head, I knew his cock was at least in the neck of her cervix. This had been a new bodily sensation for her with Fode and with his weight behind his deep hard humping he managed to penetrate her there and within a few minutes she was close to a high state of arousal. I was holding one leg and David held the other as Fode fucked her relentlessly. David also began to explore her breasts and was joined by another of the dockworkers who pulled down the light corselet to let her boobs jiggle with Fode’s thrusts. I recognised Jayne’s familiar breathing patterns and expression, knowing that she was on the cusp of an orgasm and I added a few choice phrases to the situation like “Do you like fucking black men”
And through the humping she managed a distressed “ Uhh.. Uhh.. Uhh yessssss” with her eyes shut.

My next classic was “do you like having your cunt full of black men’s spunk” and she gave out a little moan of pleasure but no answer so I pressed on with “Tell him what you want Jayne”
There was a tension waiting for an answer but to my total astonishment and joy she took the punishment Fode was giving her and whimpered between the jolts “ I want …” adding “…their spunk” As she said it she lost control and succumbed to her orgasm. It had been a monumental build up but with Fode deep inside her she gave in, uncontrolled and unashamed. He knew she was in deep pleasure and he banged her hard making her scream with ecstasy. Within a dozen or so strokes he began to spew inside her, grunting with harsh and sharp jolting thrusts. She felt that too and cried out again several times as his load was rammed into her cervix and mixed with the others.
Jayne later described the sensation as a jagged piercing pain that dulled into a warm swelling. The exquisite satisfaction was a combination of the illicit filthy sex and the absurd interracial desire. The emotions caused more confusion and this time as Fode released her legs she wept openly on her back with her hands holding her stomach.
I was confused and idiotically asked her if she was alright. She nodded and said she was okay, asking for a drink. I passed her wine and she took a sip, then giving back the glass she opened her legs and again investigated her crimson slit.
I held her leg at her thigh just on her stocking welt and selfishly pulled her legs apart. As she pushed down on her clit, the thick messy goo oozed from her clit and she asked me if that’s what I’d wanted to see, then thankfully she laughed through the tears.
Even at this point I knew there was more to come as half of Fode’s dock workers still hadn’t fucked her.
She shuffled on her bum to the edge of the bed and David was there to help her onto her feet. I asked for another look at her pussy and she turned bending and placed her hand between her legs while their filthy fertile mess was about to drip from her. David realised and unbelievably reached for a flute wine glass on the table then swiftly he positioned it between Jayne’s legs as she settled into a shallow squat.
At first a thick gooey globule dropped heavily into the glass but that was instantly followed by an unbroken glutinous stream of pearlescent runny spunk.
The pouring sticky rope seemed to be continuous and the amount of sperm that finally settled in the flute was astonishing. Jayne was equally intrigued and pulled her clit up with her forefinger and pushed a final time to expel a final few drips.
Neither of us was prepared for what the men actually expected of her next. Fode pulled up a chair and taking Jayne by her upper arm he pulled her a little roughly and more or less plonked her down in it. The he chattered to his co workers and a rumble of approval went around them, at the same time David thrust the flute towards Jayne’s face offering her the glass. Fode made a tipping gesture with his hand to her and we both immediately understood that Jayne was being told to swallow the cocktail of sperm.
I was astounded by his proposition and the thought of her doing it instantaneously intoxicated me. With some encouragement going on in the background from the rest I felt as though I was sinking away and calmly I returned to the chair.
As I sat down I saw Jayne straighten in the chair and cross her legs. She rearranged her corselet top and brushed her hair a little neater with her fingers then sighing, she reached for the glass.
She held it up in her hand, studying it. Some of the men drew closer, some knelt on the bed but all were watching and waiting to see if the white woman would do it. To my unbelievable surprise she sniffed the contents of the flute then brought the glass to her lips but paused. After a moment of consideration she tilted her head back and slowly tipped the contents into her mouth. The sticky mass ran from the glass and the iridescent white sperm poured in slick stream over her tongue and lips and I remember thinking how much of it there was. As the glass emptied she placed the rim to her lips and swallowed its contents in two audible gulps. Jayne shuddered and brought the glass away quickly with a loud gasp and held it up to Fode triumphantly. There was no report from the rest just an appreciation that she’d done it and her only reward was David passing her a towel. Jayne wiped her mouth with it which removed what remained of her lipstick.

Some drinks were handed around although I wasn’t offered one. I did get up and pass Jayne her wine when three of the men petitioned Fode with sympathetic tones and hand gestures. David explained without being asked that they were complaining that they hadn’t fucked her yet and they wanted to continue. Some of the others supported them obviously not wanting to miss their chance to fuck a white wife. Fode complied and with a hand from one of the men lifted her from the chair and I watched in confusion as she was helped towards the table. Jayne wiped herself with the towel then at Fode’s insistence, she turned to the mirror and began to repair her makeup while it was explained to the rest the local language that she was available to all of them.
She took a few minutes to sort herself out and I could see that a few of the black Dockers were getting a little rowdy and impatient. Fode approached her and had a short whispered conversation with her while she applied her lip liner. It was intriguing but I knew that there was more excitement to come as several of the men were still erect and obviously egger to have intercourse with her.
I watched her checking herself in the mirror and stepped up to her telling her that she’d been amazing. After she’d finished touching up her lipstick, she turned to me and in a matter of fact way said that if I’d liked that, I would love what was coming next. She blew me a kiss then she simply put down the makeup bag and strode past me towards the bed. Walking past a biggish guy, she reached out grabbing his cock and pulled him with her to the bed. She climbed fully onto the mattress and rolled onto her back with the bloke following her. He looked the oldest of all of them and definitely the darkest skinned. He was naked apart from his boots and a pair of round rim spectacles that suited his large round face. We later discovered it was David’s uncle. Jayne widened her legs for him and without hesitation he mounted her, guiding his tool inside her then hooking his arms under her back and over her shoulders. The sound of her wincing as he shoved his cock inside her was loud enough to hear over the chattering voices then he settled his weight on her and began to fuck her with a slow but definitely purposeful pace. Jayne managed to lift her legs and lock her ankles over his back. Then with her eyes shut, she had a look of deep concentration on her face.

His face was only inches from hers and he was fixated, clearly fascinated and aroused by her appealing makeup and watching her expression changing as he shoved at the end of his stroke. I saw Jayne’s hands reach along his sides and she dug her red fingernails into the fleshy part of his upper backside and as he felt it, he gripped her tighter in the hug and began speaking in a determined low guttural voice. He spoke slowly and in French repeating the words. “ Vous baise blanc salope ”
One of the men repeated it in English saying “He’s telling you that you are a slut, a white bitch”
The words excited Jayne and shuddering with anticipation she grasped the cheeks of his buttocks and began pulling him into her. Her reaction animated him and he lowering his face almost to hers he growled in Creole
“Vous devez baise dur de votre bétaillère” The statement caused a reaction in the room and after a few moments I asked David over the noise what had just been said. David, almost chuckling replied that his uncle had just said that “Your wife needs fucking up her arsehole”.
Suddenly the uncle pulled out of her and he and two others manhandled her over onto her belly. Jayne wasn’t sure what was happening at first but then assumed that the older guy was going to fuck her on all fours and without further coaxing or persuasion she mounted the bed over a corner and settled with her backside in the air and her torso down against the duvet. Wriggling to get a more comfortable position she rested with her arms folded under her face. Fode had picked up the Vaseline without me seeing and suddenly tossed it to one of the men who had complained about not yet getting a turn and he began removing the screw cap. As though a signal had been given Jayne was mounted again by David’s uncle and he began slamming into her again with deep purposeful strokes. The guy holding the Vaseline standing at her side unscrewed the cap and when he squeezed the lubricant onto the pads of his pink fingertips I understood immediately that she was going to be sodomised.

I held a vacant delirious expression on my face and I recall suddenly finding Jayne’s gaze. We held the eye contact as the lubricated finger was placed with sudden shock against her anus and her eyes widened as she suddenly realised that her arsehole was now in their focus. The finger was rotated and pushed in and she winced burying her face down into the bed.
The uncle shooed the guy away and removed his cock from her cunt then brought it up the crack of her arse succeeding in getting the tip against her sphincter before she went crazy, thrashing her arms and screaming. She shouted loudly and angrily “use a fucking rubber” which instigated some of the others to reach for condoms. Packets were torn and the snap of elastic alerted Jayne to the fact they were actually going to use them and she realised as well as I did that it only meant one thing as she’d made it abundantly clear earlier that they only had to wear a condoms for anal intercourse.
Moments later a really stocky and very muscular man with a huge latex covered errection pushed his way in shoving David’s uncle out of the way but despite the laughter, the squabbling and raised voices he took position behind Jayne and grabbed her by her hips. He pulled her back towards him and guided his cock into her oiled snatch. She wailed as she felt him but he only maintained three or four deep strokes before removing his cock from her.

Taking his tool in his hand he guided himself between her reddened bum cheeks and pushed the head against her sphincter. Jayne immediately came up off the bed on to all fours in apprehension and looking behind she watched him teasing the tip of his cock into her rectum. I realised that he’d used the semen in her pussy as an additional lubricant but even so she screamed as the tip entered her. She flopped down again but with her head angled and a real expression of anguish on her face. From my position I could see his thick cock bend in an arc as it met her resistance but inevitably his mass overcame the tightness and his circumference f***ed its way into her arse. He groaned and Jayne shrieked as he fucked his way into her backside, first slow and easy but he soon developed a much more aggressive rhythm to which she yelped on each inward stroke. Holding her by her hips he pulled her hard back onto his cock and gave her at least a good two dozen powerful humps before withdrawing, frantically, ripping off the condom and replacing his tool into her cunt with equal vigour until he shot his load. When he’d finished with her he simply pulled out and turned away looking for his clothes. There was no recognition, no gratitude or anything else, not that there was times as another tall slim guy with a very thick looking cock moved behind her. He also briefly put his cock in her cunny and when he withdrew from her well ****d gash, the latex glistened and shone with a sticky film of semen. Without hesitation he guided his cock up Jayne’s arse with a slow decisive stroke and she squealed. He wiped his sticky hand on her back inconsiderately before settling into her and giving her a thorough and deep arse fucking to the encouragement of several others including David’s uncle who was rolling a rubber onto his still hard member.
I approached the bed with an almost subconscious movement and sat at the headboard. Jayne’s head was down and being jolted by the hard humping but she slowly raised it and while she was gripping the sheets tightly with both hands with that half agony, half ecstasy look on her face, she looked at me with a delirious smile and uttered “He’s in my arse” all I could think of to say was “ and you love it don’t you” She didn’t answer but nodded through the rapidly increasing pounding. Suddenly the guy pulled out of her and the familiar fumble went on as he pealed the condom from his shaft.

He threw the used rubber onto her back and plunged his cock back into her cunt and fucked her until he spunked, shooting his semen into her with the rest. Her vocalisation altered only momentarily as she realised what was happening although there was a distinctly more pleasurable tone to her sighs and gasps, particularly when she felt his sperm spreading inside her.
Fode wasn’t content with the progress or evidently her position over the edge of the bed and encouraged the guy to move away as he’d “used her”
He pulled away jubilant and Jayne was immediately hoisted further up onto the mattress this time with Fode insisting that another of the group lay back on the bed. A slightly chubby older guy mounted the bed and pulled down his underpants. His cock was already engorged but not fully hard. Seeing it, Jayne reached out and as she shuffled on her knees upward she took his cock and began to masturbate him vigorously. She was panting and uttered “come on” as she jerked his ample tool before greedily descending on it, taking him deep in her mouth.

This gave her a little respite from the carnal fucking but it was short lived as the bloke hardened and under Fode’s instructions flopped back on the bed with his head close to my knee. He reached for a pillow to support his head and beckoned Jayne to straddle him. She responded slowly, almost laboriously but cautiously she climbed over him supporting herself with her arms outstretched on his chest. Semen was dripping from her sex but it didn’t stop him and He guided his cock into her slit apparently unperturbed by the oozing mess and she settled down onto him with a loud groan. Without any coaxing she began to grind herself back and forth onto him and he held her hips occasionally running his rough black hands over her stocking tops and creamy thighs.

Two into one will go

I knew that this position was being prepared for only one thing and it certainly wasn’t solely intended for Jayne’s pleasure. Fode moved through the watching group and climbed onto the bed standing behind Jayne. She realised immediately and just sighed with the anticipation. He was wearing a condom that only covered a little over half of his thick shaft and I felt the bed groan under the weight of the four of us as he shuffled forward and squatted. Suddenly and quite rudely, David climbed onto the bed pushing me off it with a gesture. He was completely naked and sporting a huge hard on. I was shocked but enthralled and stood up with the others as he straddled the pillows and took a handful of Jayne’s hair. He pushed her head down and the guy she was straddling embraced her tightly clasping her torso to his chest. Then Fode pinned her further down with a big hand in the small of her back and with his free hand, he guided his hard black rubber covered cock into the opening of her arsehole. She screamed uncontrollably as he went in. Her body was already accommodating one heavy and pulsing tool in her sore but slippery cunt and despite the lubricating she struggled to take Fode with any form of ease. David barked at her to relax and she completely bowed under the assault. Fode shoved again and with each stroke managed to overcome her tightness until he was well inside her. Then with encouragement from David the two began to plough her in unison and Jayne went into rapture.
There were cheers and laughter from the others as Jayne was being double ****d and David sensing that she was being compliant lifted her head and offered his cock to her mouth. Almost d***kenly Jayne took it and sucked the thick shaft with concentration. The grip around her middle was relaxed and she lifted her self up taking David’s cock with her free hand and masturbating him with a realistic energy as she sucked him off. Every now and then double penetration caused a discomfort but she composed herself, returning to David’s cock and soon several others that were jutted at her from the side of the bed. Once again I was edged out and struggled to clearly see the scene as she circle sucked the group. Fortunately Fode afforded some movement as he withdrew and swiftly moved forward at a frantic pace nudging David out of the way. I moved into the gap to see Fode remove his condom and push his cock to her lips.

He began to masturbate himself almost hysterically and she opened her mouth allowing him to rest the head of his cock on her tongue while at the same time another of the men took position behind her and slid his cock up her arse.
As he went in Jayne was shoved forward and Fode’s cock went into her mouth. She coughed and then gagged just as the humping started again and as her body began that f***eful jolting again a thick gooey mess spewed out down over her chin. Fode growled then with a spasm, ejaculated in her mouth and she took it as best she could, coughing, swallowing and gulping his gooey spunk. He continued to squeeze and purge his load into her mouth until he’d completely emptied his testicles then as he stepped back I could see her mouth smeared with his sperm and a thick pearlescent glob running over her bottom lip and down her chin.
Jayne still grunted at the end of each thrust she was taking in her cunt and arse and throughout she looked at me with a wanton expression. Her gaze was disturbed when somebody else approached and masturbating, he ejaculated unannounced several heavy jets of sperm into her face.
She flinched as a thick rope landed with some f***e across her eye and nose but instinctively she opened her mouth to catch a stray jet of semen. The successive spurts landed in her face and as his ejaculation faded the wanton look returned.
It was obvious at that point that Jayne was becoming exhausted and I was staggered at how long the session was going on. I’d estimate after the initial gang intercourse, perhaps 45 minutes, the anal sex and double penetration had now been going on for over 20 minutes. It was becoming clear to Fode too that she was wearing out and I motioned towards David’s Uncle who was still waiting for his turn with her. It took a little persuasion but Fode managed to control the men and she was dismounted by the guy who was arse fucking her, then released by the one she was straddling. Wearily she crawled backwards off the bed holding out a hand for support but she was grabbed by the Uncle who pulled her roughly, almost off balance and just about flung her forward over the back of a tub chair. He got behind her shoving her violently back down as she tried to straighten up. Then he barked something out to two others who moved forward and held her in position, keeping her bent over while he widened her legs and situated himself behind.

I watched as he fumbled and purposely guided his hard, fat and angry looking cock into her arse and as it went in Jayne tried to straighten, pushing herself up on her hands. She gasped “(((Oh fuck…)))” as he gave the first deep penetrative shove, then reaching forward the Uncle took hold of her by the shoulders pulling her back and with ramming strokes, began to sodomized her.
He’d been waiting and obviously wanting to do this to her but the anticipation and excitement took its toll with him lasting only a few minutes and the anal fuck didn’t last long. Jayne bawled, encouraging him in English to continue as she concentrated on his rhythmic humping and her expression showed the unbelief but delirious pleasure on her face. Spontaneously and contrary to the others the uncle succumbed and ejaculated while fucking her up the arse. When he eventually withdrew, his semen had filled the teat of his rubber.

Jayne was just about collapsed over the chair panting and looked close to tears but jovially the uncle removed the condom and tipped the contents into the crack of her arse much to the amusement of some of the others. He began to massage his gooey discharge into her clit even pushing some of the escaping sperm back inside her.
Then he helped her up and she was given a towel which she wiped the mess from her face and bottom then a large welcome drink of wine was passed to her which she quaffed.
I was only a few feet away and I asked her if she was okay. Jayne replied that she just needed a rest then she would be fine although I could see she was trembling and unsteady on her feet. She commented on David’s Uncle being a big rough bastard but that he knew what he wanted.
Jayne looked around wiping her eyes then asked me how many had she done? I told her almost all of them although some hadn’t come yet. She unfolded the towel and wiped her face again. Then she straightened he stockings and adjusted her cleavage in her underwear.
A couple of the men jostled her and were trying to restart the physical communion but I protested and Fode joined in, insisting in a loud jabbering voice for them to leave her alone until she was ready. Jayne sought out her makeup bag and with trembling hands re applied her eyeliner in the mirror.
Then she repaired the rest of her makeup and finally popped her lipstick to retouch her mouth. When she’d finished she turned to me and asked me if I was alright. I was genuinely exhausted but enthralled by her outrageous performance. Jayne just kept pushing the boundaries and the extravagance of the situation and participating the most shameful things. Definitely my most shocking fantasies and desires were being satisfied and I was searching for the next debauched level to sample and satisfy my appetite.
I held her hand as she mentioned for the first time that she was a bit uncomfortable and she wanted me to make sure they used plenty of Vaseline if they fucked her in the her arse again. Thrilled I asked her if that’s what she wanted but she leant towards me and whispered “I want a baby remember. Quickly I motioned for Fode to join our conversation and she told him the same and I added that I would like to see her fucked on her back, on the bed, one after the other.
Obligingly he clapped his hands together and babbled out how the ceremony would progress then taking her by her hand he lead her back to the bed and sat her down on the edge. Willingly she lay back with her arms by her side and her legs over the edge and it took only seconds for the first of the mass to clamber on top of her again. Within a few seconds she was being fucked again and as the man pumped his cock into her Fode, David and one of the others vocally put some order into the rest and a line of semi naked blacks formed in an orderly queue.
I hadn’t counted the number of men prior to the new found order, being more fascinated by the physical stature of most. Now a line of the black dock workers were queued up waiting to take a turn and inseminate Jayne while one was fucking her.

I heard the familiar guttural tone from Jayne as she felt sperm being jetted into her then as soon as the man had finished and removed himself the next took his place and fucked her again hard, relentless and unprotected.
It took another half an hour for all of them to go through her and during she had a series of content orgasms.

As the last black cock was spewing its dangerous hot load into her cunt I’d made the mental note that she’d taken at least fifteen loads inside her and their sperm was mixed deep inside her in a heavy and dangerously fertile mass. I wondered in all honesty if her contraceptive pill could actually defend her against it.
As each man finished with her they made way for the next and got dressed and the majority simply left not even bothering to thank or say goodbye to either of us. There was some cursory communication between some of the others. I wasn’t too disturbed and to be honest when the room emptied I noticed the room door wide open. I got up to close it and looking towards the bed Jayne was being fucked by a large barrel chested guy who we later found out was named Bam. With less distraction in the room I could begin to appreciate and properly consider what we had experienced.
When I returned to my chair I could see that Bam was taking his time and savouring her. To my pleasure he was fucking Jayne over the edge of the bed with her legs up over his shoulders and her ankles around his neck and she was almost bent double. She had a contorted expression on her face and with her mouth open she was quietly sighing, almost whimpering in time with his strokes and his rhythm was long and deep although much less aggressive than some of the others had been. The reason became clear when I saw the tube of Vaseline lying on the bed next to them and I looked to see where he had his cock. He was fucking my wife in her arse and she was allowing it, without a condom. His cock was thick and glistened as it was slowly plunged and pulled from her sphincter. His slow inward strokes were displacing semen from her pussy and it ran in a sticky white mess from her cunt and down over each side of his slow pistoning cock and dripped from the crack of her bum onto the floor. Jayne was fully participating in the anal fuck and had hold of his massive thigh with one hand, pulling him into her. She was shuddering and deeply concentrating and rubbing her clit franticly with the fingers of her free hand and I could only watch as she absorbed it.

A couple of minutes later her breathing began to change and become more juddering with the quickening pace and then she grimaced and cried out as she felt the surging agony of Bam ejaculating in her arse. She lifted her backside up to meet him as he suddenly quickened and deepened his penetration into her.
Bam grunted pinning her down and rammed her half a dozen times making her squeal and after he’d completely emptied his load in her he simply released her legs and colapsed on her while she caressed him, rubbing his muscular back and buttocks. When he was ready he pulled his spent cock out of her and as he withdrew, a thick globule of semen oozed from her crimson rose bud before her muscle could contract. Sperm also seeped uncontrollably from her raw slit until eventually he climbed off her. Jayne instantly rolled on her side bringing he knees up in the familiar foetal position which induced an even more exaggerated discharge. Spunk was seeping from her anus and pussy and she began sobbing. Instantly I went to her and asked if she was alright and angrily asked if he’d hurt her.

She held my hand and said not and that she was only crying because the whole thing had excited her so much and she’d lost control over it. Through the sobs she told me that she wanted Bam to fuck her in her arse without wearing a Durex. She confessed that she was so out of control with the pleasure of that last orgasm she wanted him to cum in her arse.
Ten minutes later Jayne had composed herself and was in the shower and only David, Fode and I were left in the room. I sat silently with a large JD, My hand trembling with the exhilaration. Eventually David and Fode began a conversation of which I could only pick out a few of the English words such as… Tomorrow… next year UK…. Jayne…. ….
Jayne opened the bathroom door and asked me for her bag and insensitively I asked what she needed from it. She wanted her change of clothes for the ride home and especially a panty liner as she later explained, she had semen leaking from her. Once she felt confident and clean enough we packed up everything apart from her stockings which were ruined with sperm stains. Jayne consigned them to the bin wrapped in a plastic bag. Then with a lst look around Fode e****ted us from the room into the cool corridor and we said goodbye to David.
Jayne gave him a tight hug and he kissed her quite tenderly on her lips which was contrasting as he’d been slamming his cock up her arse about an hour earlier.
Fode’s suggestion of the bar was instantly refused by us both and I insisted that we needed to get back to the apartment complex immediately.
It requires little imagination to express how uncomfortable Jayne was during the ride back to the Cameyenne, compounded by the tiredness, bumpy roads, her obvious soreness and the silence, with only Fode speaking occasionally.

At the hotel I insisted to Fode that we would prefer to be on our own for the rest of the evening, it was actually 03.00am in the morning. Once back in the cool privacy of the room I showered and Jayne joined me to open our hearts and clear the air. She was extremely sore but despite it she cleaned herself again thoroughly removing and rinsing any of the remaining mess from her sex. The second shower and moisturising helped her feel fresher and able to sl**p. We were both exhausted, physically and emotionally and fell into sl**p easily holding hands.
I woke at six to the wailing of the local Shaman but went back to sl**p not stirring again until 11.00. Jayne had been up for a while and was sipping a cup of coffee still in her night shirt on the patio. I expected good morning but the first thing she said to me was that she simply couldn’t sit on an aeroplane seat for 8 hours. She told me she felt as though she’d been repeatedly punched in her stomach and she was really tender.
She’d woken up with an awfully sore pussy and rectum and the thought of the airport, flight and journey home was abhorrent but as the morning progressed, she eased a little but I soon realised that perhaps a long haul on a packed jet wasn’t the kind of reward she deserved for being such a willing and satisfying wife.
I did the packing and as usual I was ready to go hours before even needing to be at the airport. I was mildly dreading Fode’s arrival, anticipating David in tow and both of us expecting another fuck fest with Jayne for good measure.

I’d recovered some of my ardour and despite the headache I’d had since waking, the previous evening’s activities were stimulating me enough to contemplate the idea however as I pride myself with not being a complete idiot, I understood that it was out of the question because of the soreness of her distressed sex.

We managed to make it to the pool for a few hours and then a light mid afternoon salad. Jayne had no appetite and lay in the shade on a lounger for the most and when we decided that it was time to consider the trip to the airport she reminded me again about the ghastly flight to Paris and the connection to London, then the car journey home.
I‘d already considered the options and we went through to the room and changed. I had that surreal feeling as we sat in the hotel lobby waiting for the driver which turned out to be Kemo, the man who’d shown us around earlier in the week. I was really surprised that we’d not seen or heard from Fode and at the time a little disappointed. Jayne had mentioned his absence but was keeping tight lipped.
I was also pleased that the airport is only a short drive and I know Jayne was dreading the return journey. Kemo wouldn’t shut up which was irritating but he was only being friendly and it was a relief to reach the airport complex and get out of the car. I did give him a good tip though and he went off delighted and happy.
As we entered the lobby we had to look for the air France desk and as we approached it I recognised Fode standing and looking at us. He smiled, waved and bounced towards us and I notice Jayne’s attitude pick up too.
He went straight to her and they cuddled then there was a kiss on the lips, a smile then another kiss, then she bit his lower lip between her teeth gently pulling at him and kissed him again.
It ended with them parting but still holding each other at arms length. We shook hands and exchanged numbers and he carried our bag to the check in desk which was unoccupied. He and Jayne stood talking and I located a purser who spoke excellent English. He took me to a service desk and digging deep I asked to upgrade our seats to business class, brandishing my AmEx card. I did brace myself for the bill which was just short of an additional £900 on top of the original flights but then again what would I have paid to see what I had seen?
I wanted to surprise Jayne but I couldn’t wait and told her when I rejoined her and Fode. I’ve been honest with Jayne and did tell her I used it to divert some of her attention away from him. An additional benefit was access to the VIP lounge and I was keen to go through and relax there. I admit that I rushed the goodbye with him claiming Jayne back for myself. There were more kisses and handshakes at the departure lounge gate and allsorts of promises that we’d communicate. The VIP lounge was nice. Cool, clean and complementary red wine. We sat comfortably for an hour and a half and although Jayne knew she would have some comfort on the plane, she still wasn’t looking forward to the journey. Regardless as we boarded the Boeing, turning left instead of right was nice and it was comfortable and spacious.
The trip home wasn’t all that bad and we both relished that feeling you get when you walk into your house after a holiday. After a couple of days home Jayne had recovered enough for a quiet session of lovemaking in bed as the k**s slept and just as I was about to mount her she passed me a trinket given to her by Fode at Conakry airport.

Apparently she was to place it on her belly and it would ensure her c***d would be male, healthy and strong. I found it hugely thrilling, laughing and told her if it doesn’t work we’ll try Jamaica next year…...

Hope you enjoyed it ... Jon & Jayne x... Continue»
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A Chance to Advance

It kind of started yesterday. Brad came home from work
and it was obvious that there was something on his
mind. He was distracted and at times he almost seemed
like he was mad about something. He kept insisting that
there was nothing wrong, nothing bothering him, but
there was.

Brad was my first and only boyfriend. We grew up next
door to each other in an older, quiet neighborhood in a
medium sized town in the Midwest. We really pissed off
both sets of our parents when we got married. I was
only sixteen and Brad was eighteen and just about to
leave for college.

We had been friends since we were infants, but we had
fallen in love when I was f******n and he was sixteen.
We were not allowed to date, of course. I was not to be
allowed to date until I was sixteen, and the boy that I
wanted to date was two years older than me, so even
though my parents knew and liked Brad, dating him would
have been out of the question.

But we spent all of our time together and as long as we
didn't call it a date our parents didn't say anything.
Long before we became sexually active, I used to give
him little "shows" at night. My bedroom window faced
his across our driveways and I would frequently
"forget" to close my blinds at night when I got ready
for bed. Every time was exciting, but I will never
forget that first time.

I had gone to my room to get ready for bed and as usual
I went towards the window to close my blinds. I saw
Brad in his room across the way and the idea just hit
me. I have no idea where it came from even. I will
admit that I sometimes played with my eager little
pussy at night and thought of what it would be like to
be seen naked by a boy, especially by Brad. But I
didn't think about really doing it!

But this night I moved around my room and thought about
what it would be like. I avoided looking at my window
or even moving close to it. I made believe that I
didn't see Brad across the way, watching me. I fiddled
around in my room, trying to work up the nerve, and
finally I started undressing. I didn't undress like I
was doing it for him. I attempted, as much as possible,
to undress the same way that I did every night.

I took off my t-shirt and tossed it on the bed. Then I
took my shorts off and walked around in my underwear
for a moment. I finally got the nerve to take off my
bra and stood with my back to the window and reached
behind my back and unhooked it. When I turned around to
drop it on the bed I saw that Brad had turned his light
out and I knew that he was sitting in the dark watching
me. I dropped my bra on the bed and massaged my
breasts; they always enjoyed that first moment or two
of freedom when they were released from captivity.

I could almost feel Brad watching me as I slid my
plain, pink, nylon panties off and dropped them on the
bed with the rest of my clothes. Then I went to my
dresser and bent over and pulled out clean underwear
and pulled them on and finally I dug out a sl**p-shirt
and put it on. I put my clothes in the hamper and then
got on my bed. As I lay down my panties were exposed
and I lay there like that for a little while, making
believe that I was reading. But I couldn't concentrate;
I was much too excited to read.

That was the first time. After that I did it every
night. I used to get so aroused, slowly undressing in
front of that window, knowing that Brad was watching
and imagining what was going through his mind, what
affect watching me was having on him. I would take off
my clothes and move around my room, dragging out the
time I spent naked as much as possible.

I knew that he was watching, and he knew that I knew.
And it was terribly exciting for both of us. I don't
know if that is why now we are both still so fond of,
and still enjoy my exhibitionism. I really can't say if
I was putting on those shows because I am an
exhibitionist, or if I became an exhibitionist because
I so enjoyed putting on those shows for him. Whatever
the reason, exhibitionism is still a part of our sex
lives now, nearly eight years later.

We didn't mention those little shows at first. I was
too embarrassed to talk about them the first few times.
But after that first show, when we met outside to walk
to school together the next morning, Brad was all over
me. When we finally did start to talk about it, it
seemed like I was more embarrassed talking about it
than actually doing it. But once the initial
nervousness was gone, we enjoyed talking about it too,
joking about it, k**ding about how hot it made us, and
reliving it as we walked to school.

It was months later, after Brad finally got a car, that
we started moving towards the inevitable sex act. First
there were the many evenings spent kissing and
touching. I found that I loved being touched. It was
every bit as exciting as I had imagined that it would
be. And I loved touching him. I knew a lot of girls
that were put off by a guy's dick. They didn't want to
see it or touch it or they were really intimidated by
it. I had only seen Brad's, and I loved it. I loved the
way it looked and the way that it felt, and before long
I loved the way that it tasted. I felt sorry for those
girls that didn't know what they were missing.

It was months before we actually had intercourse in the
back seat of his car. We were both eager, but nervous.
He didn't want to hurt me, I didn't want to be hurt,
and neither of us wanted me pregnant, at least not yet.
We both hated the idea of rubbers, so I found out what
I would have to do to get on the pill and I went to a
f****y planning clinic and they tried very hard to talk
me out of it, since I wasn't even fifteen yet, but in
the end they gave me a prescription without notifying
my parents. For the next year and a half we put that
poor little pill to the test, big time! Every chance we
got we had sex. If his parents weren't home we used his
bed, if my parents weren't home we used my bed, but
mostly we used his back seat, which is probably the
worst place in the world to have sex, so you know it
was true love.

Shortly after Brad and I were married, he went away to
Notre Dame on a full scholastic scholarship and I
finished high school. After I graduated, two years
later, I went to Middlebury College, also on a full
scholarship. I did all of those things necessary to
work my way towards a degree. I suppose that I rounded
out my education. But since I had never actually
planned to have a career it served no other purpose,
except I suppose to better prepare me to hold my own in
a conversation with the new circle of friends that Brad
and I began to accumulate as time went on.

When he had graduated, Brad had been hired by J.A.M.
Aluminum. He had taken the job, in part because it was
a wonderful job with a lot of potential for
advancement, but mostly because he would be near to me
in Middlebury and we would, for the first time in our
two year marriage, be able to live together as man and

It was a very exciting time. I was a good student and I
had always liked school. So I was able to do very well
without putting too much time or effort into it. We had
a very active social life. His office seemed to have a
lot of executive parties and get-togethers, formal and
informal, and they were a nice bunch of people. We
enjoyed them a lot. According to Brad, I made a very
good impression on his co-workers.

Brad is very handsome, and I am not just saying that
because I love him. He is also very intelligent, and an
extremely personable young man. He was very highly
thought of at work and he was obviously on the fast

For the first two years we had two sets of friends. We
had his friends at work and my friends from school. We
had very few friends that crossed over. Our friends
from J.A.M. were a bit older and more mature. Our
friends from school were, well, let me be generous and
say slightly less mature.

But we enjoyed being with both sets of people and our
social life was pretty active. There was something that
we did, twice actually, with my school friends, that we
never even considered with the people from Brad's job.
We had threesomes. Well, we did it more than twice, but
we only did it with two people.

The first time it was sort of an accident. We had
thrown a party at our house. As usual, I had been
wearing something sexy and revealing and flirting with
all the guys all night. Brad was so horny from watching
me, and I was so horny from doing it, that we couldn't
wait for the party to end and all the guests to leave.
We had snuck upstairs and we were making out on our bed
while the party was still going on.

It was several minutes before we realized that we were
being watched. A good friend of ours, Bob Usher, had
been unable to wait for the bathroom downstairs to open
up, so he had come up to use the upstairs bathroom.
When it, too, had been occupied, he had come down to
our bedroom and used our master bathroom. We had rushed
into our bedroom and started going at it, not realizing
that anyone was in our bathroom.

When Bob opened the door after he finished in the
bathroom, he saw Brad and I doing some serious making
out. My breasts were exposed and my skirt was up to my
waist and Brad was eating me out, only minutes away
from getting on top of me and giving me the good
pounding that I really needed right then.

I saw Bob before Brad did. But for some reason I didn't
freak out. In fact, I just smiled at him. Brad saw my
reaction and then he saw who I was smiling at. He
stopped eating me long enough to smile at Bob too. Bob
took that as permission, I guess, because he didn't
leave. He moved closer and stared at my exposed body. I
can't explain why we all did what we did next, so I
won't try. I will just try to describe it.

I was already very excited from flirting and showing
off all evening. And now Brad was eating my sopping wet
pussy and we were both getting off on the idea that a
friend of ours was standing at the edge of the bed
watching closely.

I reached out and took Bob's hand and pulled him closer
and he bent down and started kissing me and touching my
breasts. It was the first time anyone but Brad had
touched my breasts, or seen them close up. I
immediately had an orgasm from all of the stimulation,
but Brad just kept on eating me.

Bob kept kissing me and soon he was kissing and sucking
my nipples and without even thinking I reached out my
hand and started rubbing his cock through his pants. I
had never touched any cock but Brad's, and the very
idea of it was extremely exciting. I was holding a
friend's cock in my hand while he was kissing my tits
and my husband was eating my pussy and watching me! How
fucking hot is that!

There was no plan. Neither of us knew that this was
going to happen. It was just happening and it was
exciting and we were thinking with our sex organs and
just going with it.

I started struggling with Bob's zipper, trying to get
his cock out, and without removing his lips from my
nipple he reached down and unfastened his belt and his
pants and slid them out of the way, his shorts along
with them.

I reached down again and put my hand around that hot,
soft flesh of his steel hard cock and using it as a
handle I pulled him up onto the bed and guided him
close enough that I could see, and then taste him. He
straightened up, but his hand never left my breasts and
I hungrily took him into my mouth. While I sucked the
first cock I had ever sucked that was not Brad's, I was
looking my husband right in the eyes and I saw that he
was just as excited as I was about it, although I was
so fucking turned on right then that I probably could
not have stopped if he had looked upset.

But he wasn't upset, he was very turned on. He stopped
eating me and quickly wrestled his pants and his
underwear off and then he got back on the bed and
lifted my legs and started fucking me violently. And it
was fantastic!

I came as soon as his cock entered me, and I kept
cumming while he was fucking me and I was sucking Bob's
cock like a crazy woman. Bob was picking up speed in my
mouth and Brad was squeezing one of my tits and Bob was
squeezing the other and I was looking up at the two,
strong, handsome men that were fucking me and having
one wonderful orgasm after another.

Bob came first. He filled my mouth with his cum and I
was surprised at how much different it tasted than
Brad's cum. But it didn't taste bad and it was very
exciting. I like it when Brad cums in my mouth. Cum is
not the most delicious thing in the world, but the idea
of having a man cum in my mouth is almost enough to
make me cum just thinking about it.

I was moaning around Bob's cock while he emptied his
balls into my mouth and he was holding my head tight
with one hand and squeezing the hell out of my tit with
the other and then, after I swallowed. I just held his
cock in my mouth until Brad came in my pussy a minute

After Brad had filled me with cum he stayed buried in
my pussy until he was soft and then he stretched out
beside me and Bob stretched out on the other side of me
and Brad pulled my face close and kissed me
passionately while Bob ran his hands lightly over my

When we broke the kiss I looked him in the eye, looking
for any sign of regret, jealousy, whatever. I saw none
of that. He relaxed beside me and his hand joined Bob's
in gently teasing my body while the three of us talked

None of us was stone sober, but none of us had had so
much to drink that alcohol could take the entire blame
for what had happened. But as we talked, it became
obvious that there was no blame. We had all enjoyed it
and there were no hard feelings or even any discomfort
or embarrassment. It had been an accident, but a very
exciting one. We had all enjoyed it.

I was starting to get turned on again and I tried to
tell them that if they didn't stop what they were doing
with their hands that I would not be responsible for
whoever got ****d next.

The guys laughed and Brad said, "I don't think it would
be fair to let Bob leave here without trying out some
of that hot pussy of yours. I would hate it if he got
the impression that I was a bad host."

I had been holding both men's soft cocks in my hands
while they caressed my breasts and my dripping pussy
and both were getting hard again.

I looked at Brad and asked, "Honey, are you sure? The
blowjob was a wonderful accident. If I fuck him it is
going to be on purpose."

Brad smiled and said, "I just learned that I love
watching you in action. But you have to promise not to
hurt him."

Bob was fully hard now and he said, "I'm not afraid. If
you would prefer though, I can make it look like an
accident. I could pretend to fall down and make believe
that I didn't know that she was there."

I grinned and pulled him closer and kissed him and then
pulled him up on top of me. I reached down and lined
his cock up and it was so exciting, having a cock that
wasn't Brad's enter my pussy for the first time. I was
already turned on from all of the touching and I had my
first orgasm almost in just a few short minutes of
violent thrusting.

Brad started kissing me while Bob was fucking me and
both of them were teasing my breasts again and it is a
good thing that one of them was kissing me at all
times, because I was screaming into first Bob's mouth
and then Brad's mouth and the people that were still at
the party would have been running up the stairs,
looking for the woman being murdered, if they weren't
suppressing my screams with their lips.

Bob came again, surprisingly quickly since I had just
sucked him off, and I had several more orgasms while he
fucked me. As soon as he pulled out of me and rolled to
his side I got up and sucked Brad to a second orgasm,
which was also very quick in coming. I guess there was
no denying that he enjoyed the show.

We all rested for a moment after I sucked Brad off.
Then I got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned up
while the guys went back to the party. After I had let
two men's cum drain out of my pussy into the toilet and
washed myself off and brushed my teeth, I went back out
and sat on my bed to rest for a minute to get my
composure back. I could smell the sex in the room. And
I was not getting myself much more composed as I sat
there smelling the smell of cum in the air and
picturing what had just happened, replaying it in my
dirty mind. I wished that Brad had waited for me; I was
ready to go again!

I finally got up and went downstairs. I found Brad and
Bob together having a drink and as I approached Brad
handed me a drink that he had all ready for me. I
sipped the drink and thanked him. Then I kissed both
men and started circulating through the remaining

It was starting to get late and some of the few
remaining guests were pretty d***k so I arranged for
them to either get a taxi or camp out somewhere in the
house until they sobered up enough to drive back to
campus or where ever they lived. It was another hour
before things were quiet and everyone was either gone
or down for the night. The only people left standing
were Bob, Brad and me.

I knew that Bob was not too d***k to drive, and I
wondered if he and Brad had decided to go for a
rematch. I didn't have to wonder how I felt about that
idea. It was late and I was tired. But I was not too
tired to try to recapture the excitement of what we had
done an hour or so ago.

I saw Brad and Bob put their drinks down and Brad went
to the door and locked it. Then they came over to where
I was starting to clean up and Brad put his arms around
me and said, "Leave that for tonight. Bob has agreed to
stay and help us clean up in the morning."

I kissed Brad and then I grabbed both of them by the
belt and pulled them to the stairs. I didn't have to
pull hard. As I climbed the stairs, a step in front of
them, I felt each of them put a hand on my leg and work
it up under my dress until each of them was holding a
cheek by the time we got to the top of the stairs. It
was a wonderfully sexy sensation.

This time, when we were safely locked in our bedroom,
we all undressed and did it right, although I think the
first time was the most exciting. The first time for
everything is usually the most exciting, isn't it?

The next day, true to their word, the two guys helped
me clean up, as did one of the girls that had passed
out in one of our spare bedrooms. It only took a couple
of hours. Trust me; a couple of hours to clean up after
twenty d***ken college k**s, that's making good time!
Then I made breakfast for the four of us and then,
finally, everyone had gone, it was just Brad and me.

We didn't know quite what to say to each other. We both
realized that we had enjoyed it tremendously. We both
knew without having to say it that there were no hurt
feelings, no jealously. What we didn't know was where
do we go from here? Did we want to do it again? Did we
want to do it with someone else? I know it is wrong,
but I had serious reservations about doing it with
another girl. I know, that was so not fair to Brad. But
not only did Brad understand, he insisted that he was
happier with the arrangement that we had last night. He
claimed that he didn't want all the pressure of having
to satisfy two women. But we both realized that I was
the more exhibitionistic, and he the more voyeuristic.
And we knew that that was a large part of the enjoyment
we got out of what had happened.

This all took place near the end of my sophomore year.
We had another threesome later that year with Bob. But
then he started getting serious about a girl he had
been dating and didn't want to screw it up. We are
still friends with Bob, and still see him and the girl
who is now his wife, Karen. But it is strictly a
platonic relationship now.

It was almost a year before we had another threesome.
This time we had invited a friend over to watch a DVD
one evening. We had dinner and a bottle of wine, but no
one was under the influence. The movie had been pretty
hot and the conversation started getting kind of sexy.
Brad and I had seen where things were going, but I
think that it came as a big surprise to Jim when it
started to go beyond the flirting stage.

He was nervous at first, not as self assured as Bob had
been. Maybe because he was more sober than Bob had
been, or maybe because he was almost a virgin. But he
learned a lot that night! I had moved into his lap and
started teasing him. He had been afraid that Brad would
get upset and kick his ass, but when it finally sank in
that Brad was a willing audience, things moved along
pretty fast. He was not as good as Bob, not at first. I
think because he lacked the confidence. But by the time
he left that evening he had gained a lot of confidence.

After that night he came back several times to watch
DVDs. Whether there was one to watch or not! And each
time it was better.

Still, even though we enjoyed the hell out of what we
were doing, we had to be careful, especially with Brad
working his way up the corporate ladder. My reputation
was pretty important. And I suppose we were both afraid
that if we did it too often it would lose its thrill.
At least that was what we told ourselves. So we only
did it with those two guys. We didn't do it at all in
my senior year.

Then came graduation and we settled down. I became the
good little corporate wife. I did some volunteer work
in town. I had always been into gymnastics and dance,
and I continued taking classes and though I was a
little too tall to be competitive, I was 5'8" and 115
lbs and just barely a B cup, I enjoyed both activities
and kept at them. I have long legs and the exercise
keeps me limber and slender. I can still get into some
pretty exciting positions!

I have also volunteered to help out with company
functions and I had gotten to meet a lot of the senior
staff at the plant. I had received some pretty
interesting propositions from some of them too. So I
was aware that a lot of the senior vice presidents
where Brad worked were a bunch of horn dogs.

That brings me back to what was bothering Brad for the
last two nights. When he came home from work that
second evening and he was still obviously upset about
something I started to get worried. I knew that he
loved his job and it concerned me that something at
work was troubling him this much. I made him a special
dinner and we had a good bottle of wine and after I
cleared off the table we sat and talked while we
finished off the wine.

Brad and I had always told each other everything, and I
didn't want him to feel that he had to protect me from
whatever it was that was on his mind. Finally I
convinced him that whatever the problem was we could
solve it better together and then he wouldn't have to
worry about protecting me, a concept I wasn't that fond
of to start with.

Brad paused for a second and then he said, "I have been
offered a promotion and a very large raise."

I looked at him, really confused now, and said, "Yeah,
I can see where that would be a problem. You aren't
going to stand for that are you?!"

He laughed at that and took his last sip of wine. Then
he got up and said, "This is going to be a two bottle
of wine evening. Hold that thought."

He went to the cabinet and got out another bottle and
opened it. He set it down to let it breathe for a few
minutes and then he said, "I have been offered a junior
vice president's position. If I accept it my salary
will more than double, with bonuses and perks it will
more than triple. We will have a company Cadillac, a
new one every year, stock options, company trips, use
of the company jet. My salary will be more than we can
spend and the work, the job that they are offering is
so exciting that it gives me a hard-on!"

I waited for the "but" to come, because I knew there
was a big one coming. But it was obvious that he didn't
even want to talk about it. I finally had to ask. "That
all sounds wonderful baby, so what are you not telling
me? What is the catch?"

Brad took a deep breath and said, "EPOD is the acronym
that they use for it."

He was apparently going to make me drag this out of
him. But before I finally got impatient and asked he

"EPOD, Executive Pussy on Demand. If I accept the
position, you will have to agree to become a member of
a secret society of junior vice president's wives. You
will be more or less a call girl. Any member of the
senior staff will be able to have you, at any time and
at any place that they desire. They can call you into
the office and fuck you there, or drop by the house any
time, day or night and fuck you here. Not only that,
but there will be regular parties, well, orgies
actually, where you will be nothing more than a party
favor, you and the other wives. You would also be used
from time to time to sweeten deals with clients."

I was surprised to find that I had two immediate
reactions to what my husband had just told me. The
first, and more appropriate response, was shock,
dismay, maybe even anger. But I was embarrassed to find
that I was also aroused by the concept. I don't mean
panting, tear my clothes off horny, but as I listened
to him tell me what would be required of me I
recognized that little tingle between my thighs. The
concept, in the abstract at least, struck me as quite

I could just imagine being available to the half dozen
older senior vice presidents, and the company
president, as well as the occasional client. Imagine it
as in fantasize about it, not that I could imagine
myself actually doing it.

I gratefully accepted when Brad poured us each another
glass of wine. Finally I asked, "When were you going to
tell me about this?"

He looked at me as if to say, "That's a stupid
question!" But what he said was, "I wasn't going to
tell you!"

"What happens if you tell them no?" I asked.

Brad shrugged and said, "Nothing, I guess. I don't the
promotion, or the raise, and life goes on."

"But what about when some other position opens up? Will
you still be considered?" I asked.

He shrugged and said, "I don't know. Mr. Kennedy told
me yesterday that the primary reason that I had been
offered the position was that my work merited a raise
and I was more than qualified. I was not being offered
the job merely because all of those dirty old men
wanted to get in your pants. That was just a big plus."

"How many other wives are there in EPOD," I asked.

"Three," he answered, "Carol Mitchum, Madison Scott,
and Grace Davis. You have met Grace."

"Grace Davis! Are you sure? She has been married to Tim
for ten years but she still acts like a fucking

Brad nodded and said, "Yeah, I was surprised at all
three of them actually. I mean, they are all lookers.
Well, not as hot as you. And they are all at least ten
years older than you. And except for Grace I suppose I
can picture them going along with it, but not their
husbands. Jeff Mitchum and Carl Scott are two of the
biggest stuffed shirts that I know. Tim is kind of a
wimp. I suppose that I can imagine him going along with
it. I just can't imagine how he got Grace to go along."

I laughed and said, "Maybe she just wanted something
she wasn't getting at home."

Brad smiled and shrugged again.

I asked, "So you weren't going to tell me? Does that
mean you won't consider it?"

Brad looked shocked that I would even ask. "Do you mean
that you would consider it?!"

"I don't know," I answered. "To be honest, when you
were telling me what is required of the girls in EPOD I
kind of got a tingle out of it. Just the concept, mind
you, not that I actually considered doing it. It could
have been just the wine."

I could see that Brad had not anticipated this turn in
the conversation. He was studying me now, trying to
decide what I was thinking.

I said, "Don't look at me like that. I can see you
trying to read my mind. I don't even know what I am
thinking." I really didn't, either. I had met all of
the senior vice presidents. Several of them had made
passes at me, but in a friendly, flirty way, the kind
that you can say no to and just pass it off as a joke.
And I hadn't been offended. In fact, I had been kind of

"How much of a raise did you say?" I asked.

He looked at me in amazement. Then he answered, "My
salary would be $200,000 a year before bonuses and the
value of the other perks was added in. With stock
options and the car and bonuses it would be well over
$300,000 a year."

He looked at me and exclaimed, "You're really thinking
about this!"

I got a little defensive and said, "No, I'm just
exploring our options. I want to know what you know.
What if I was considering it, how would you feel about

He looked at me strangely and said, "I don't know. I
never imagined for a second that you would consider it.
I thought you would be pissed and want me to go kill
someone for even suggesting it!"

"How long would I have to be in EPOD?" I asked.

The expression on Brad's face was starting to change
now. He had not even considered accepting. Probably
because he never believed that I would even consider
it. Now he could see that I was at least considering
it. It was, after all, a very large sum of money to
pass up.

He said, "I suppose that you would have to remain in
EPOD until I was promoted to senior vice president.
Most of the men holding that job now are in their mid
to late fifties or early sixties. But they might decide
to work until they are seventy for all we know. And
there are three other junior vice presidents in front
of me for promotion. You could be fucking those horny
old men for fifteen or twenty years!"

I thought about that for a moment and then I asked,
"But as long as we didn't fuck up, you would be pretty
much guaranteed a promotion to senior VP, right?"

"Yes," Brad answered. "I suppose so."

"What would you think of me if I said maybe we should
talk about it some more, maybe we should consider it?"
I asked him.

Brad gulped down the last few sips of his wine and
poured another glass for both of us. But he didn't
answer. He suddenly got thoughtful, actually thinking
about it for the first time.

After a few minutes he turned to me and said, "You know
that you would be nothing more than a call girl. The
client list would be pretty small, but still, Mr.
Kennedy could come by the house anytime, night or day
and tell you to undress and fuck you, right in front of
me if he wanted to. That doesn't bother you?"

I was embarrassed by my answer, but I had to be honest
about this now, or we would never come to a decision we
could both be comfortable with. I hesitated and then I
said, "You know what I was thinking about? I was
remembering our threesomes with Bob and Jim. I know
what you are thinking, this would be different. But
they were some pretty exciting times. And we didn't
have any regrets. You enjoyed watching me fuck both of
them. And that was just sex, just recreational sex."

"But to be honest," I continued, "even though the money
and the perks are exciting, that is not what made my
stomach flip when you were telling me about it. You
make a very good salary now. I wouldn't be doing it for
the money."

"We have to decide how you would feel about me if I
agreed to this before I can even begin to make up my
mind. If you can't still love me, then like I said,
your current pay check is just fine with me. We have
everything we want or need right now. If you thought
the idea was hot, and don't try to tell me you don't
get turned on by the idea of me fucking other men, I
have seen you watching when I was doing it! If you
thought the idea was hot and you could still love me
and respect me when this is all over, then I would have
a decision to make. If you have even the slightest
doubt, then I don't have a decision to make, you will
have made up my mind for me."

Brad was quiet for a few minutes and then he said,
"When Kennedy first called me into his office and made
the pitch, I was really pissed. I had to really
struggle to stay calm and not get up and rearrange his
face. We had that talk just before I got off work
yesterday. You noticed how upset I was."

I nodded.

"But last night," he continued, "when I was laying in
bed in the dark, and most of today when I was thinking
about it, it kind of turned me on. I didn't want to
feel that way. Today I was mad at myself for not being
mad at Kennedy. But I wasn't thinking about whether or
not to tell you, or whether or not to accept. I was
thinking about you being their sweet young call girl
and having hot, sweaty sex with you whenever they
wanted. And those parties I told you about, most of the
time the husbands are invited. I would get to watch
them with you. But I was thinking about it in the
abstract. I was thinking of the fantasy, not the real

It was quiet for a while. We sat and sipped our wine
and I don't know what made me do it, but I slid out of
my chair and dropped to my knees in front of Brad and
roughly pulled his light jersey lounging shorts down
and off. Then I gave him a loud, raunchy, slutty

He liked it. He liked it a lot! He came in about three
minutes, and that was a record for him. He usually
lasts a very long time.

As soon as he came he smiled down at me and said, "Get
your fucking ass up here slut!" He pulled me to my feet
and moved our glasses and the wine bottle and after
removing my terrycloth shorts he pushed me onto the
table on my back, put my legs over his shoulders and
returned the favor. I knew that I was sopping wet and I
was embarrassed at how excited the conversation had
made me. But then I remembered how quickly he had cum
in my mouth and I was starting to think that I was
about to become a call girl. And that thought pushed me
right over the edge.

He ate me to several more orgasms and finally I was
slumped on the table in front of him and he was staring
at my messy pussy and lightly moving his fingers over
my thighs and my stomach, all around the area. As he
caressed me he was watching my muscles tremble as I
came down off of the sex high. Then he bent down and
kissed my pussy and helped me back into my chair, after
spreading my shorts out so I wouldn't leave a spot. He
is so considerate!

I took another sip of wine and asked, "When would I

He chuckled and asked, "Are we really going to do this?
We are taking a big chance, you know. I love you so
much, and I would hate it if you changed. I have never
met a call girl, but I have the impression that they
are kind of cold and don't enjoy sex. I would hate it
if you became like that."

"Couldn't I just be a sexy housewife that is getting a
little on the side?" I asked.

After another pause I asked, "What if we agree to do
it, and then we decide we can't handle it?"

Brad said, "I don't know. It would be pretty hard to
take a demotion and go back to doing my old job. They
would probably fill my position right away. I suspect
that we would probably have to leave the company if it
didn't work out."

"That would be a shame," I said quietly. "I know how
much you love working there."

Brad looked at his watch and said, "It is time to go to
bed. Let's sl**p on it and decide in the morning."

I nodded and got to my feet. My legs were still a
little wobbly; Brad does such a good job with his
tongue! I corked the wine and put it and the glasses
up. Then we grabbed our shorts and headed for bed.

But we couldn't just go to sl**p. We were both too
wound up. We sl**p in the nude and so there was nothing
to get in the way when he started touching me and
kissing me and in no time at all we were having our own
hot, sweaty sex. I came several times before Brad did,
and when he finally came I was too tired to go clean
up. I thought to myself, "Fuck it, I'll put clean
sheets on tomorrow!" I rolled over and we cuddled and
lay in the dark waiting for sl**p to come.

It took me a long time to go to sl**p that night. And I
could tell from his breathing that it took Brad a long
time too. I know what was going through his mind
though. I lay there with the same images in my mind,
and his hard cock nestled between the cheeks of my

When the alarm went off in the morning I went down and
made breakfast while Brad showered and dressed. I love
to see him when he comes down in the morning all
freshly showered and shaved and wearing one of those
expensive suits. He looks so handsome and so powerful I
always just want to rip his suit off and fuck him half
to death.

He sat down and I brought him his coffee and toast and
cereal. We still hadn't said anything about EPOD, but I
think we had both already made up our minds. I can't
say that I wasn't nervous. The idea of being available
for any kind of sex with anyone who wants me and being
unable to say no is both very erotic, and very scary.
But there was a certain degree of humiliation that that
kind of sexual servitude necessarily brought with it
that I was surprised to discover was really turning me
on. I didn't think I was that kind of girl!

Brad ate his breakfast and we tried to act normal. When
he had finished he sat back and sipped his coffee and
asked, "So, we are going to do this thing?"

I smiled and kissed him and said, "It seems like it
turns us both on. It may be that a week from now you
will be looking for another job because we screwed up
though, you realize that don't you?"

Brad said, "I could stand to lose the job. I couldn't
stand to lose you. We have to promise that if it gets
to be a problem we will say something, okay?"

I said, "Okay, but if you don't leave now I am going to
be humping your leg in a few minutes. And you know how
that always stains your suits!"

Brad stood up and said, "So I guess that is not just a
yes, but an enthusiastic yes."

I stood up and we hugged and kissed and as he went to
work I went up to change the sheets on our bed. Then I
took a shower and dressed casually and started cleaning
house and doing all that housewifey stuff.

I am a very intelligent and well educated young woman
and people find it hard to understand that I enjoy
being a housewife. Most of them don't realize just how
hard it is to do it well. I love it. I love keeping our
house perfect for my loving husband and making him
great meals and just being there for him. The only real
drawback to the job for me is that I am alone most of
the day. It would be nice to have someone to talk to. I
need a friendly next door neighbor that drops by for
coffee every day.

And Brad appreciates what I do and doesn't hesitate to
show me. He brings me flowers and if he has free time
at work he calls me up to say "hi" and "I love you." I
could have had a job, but I never had a burning desire
to be anything in particular, and I get so much
satisfaction out of what I do, why would I want to do
anything else? We didn't need the money before; we will
need it even less now."

I was just about to go out and run some errands when
the phone rang. It was Brad calling to tell me that he
had talked to Mr. Kennedy and as of this moment his new
telephone extension was 1369. He was in the process of
moving into his large new office. He asked me what I
was doing and I told him that I was just about to leave
for the dry cleaners. He suggested that I stop by the
Cadillac dealer and pick out a new car.

Things were certainly moving quickly! I wanted to wait
until we could go to the car dealer together, but he
said that he would be pretty busy for the next week or
so, and he trusted me. Besides, it didn't really matter
what I got. He suggested that I just go around and look
for the most expensive one in the color that I liked.

I dropped off the cleaning and picked up what I had
dropped off previously and, as usual, flirted with the
nice old guy that owned the shop. I had planned on
going to the grocery store and picking up a roast, but
the Cadillac dealer was on the way so I drove in and
looked around.

I was pounced on immediately and the salesman showed me
around. I picked out a DTS in glacier white with every
possible option. I figured if all of those guys are
going to fuck me, it was only fair that I took this
opportunity to fuck them. I explained to the salesman
that my husband worked at J.A.M. Aluminum and that I
was picking out his company car. I was taken inside and
they were already expecting me. I was told that I could
pick the car up in an hour and the papers would be
ready to sign when I came back.

I walked out and went to the grocery store having just
spent a small fortune, and it had really been fun! The
sticker price of that car was very nearly what my
husband had been making a year until today.

I did my shopping and I put the meats and dairy
products in a cooler in the trunk. Then I stopped at a
store called Sweet Nothings to spice up my wardrobe. A
pretty redhead, her hair was almost the same shade as
mine, greeted me when I came in and I told her that I
need to change my image a little. She looked at my
figure and the way I was dressed and then she led me
around the store and picked out a dozen sexy outfits
and the underwear to go with them. I tried them on and
she approved enthusiastically of most of them. I tended
to like what she was picking out and I bought all of
the ones that she liked. She also helped me pick out a
couple of nearly obscene bathing suits.

I followed her to the register and I wasn't even phased
at the several hundred dollars that it all cost. I
would find out later that I would be given a credit
card to buy all of my clothes with. I probably should
have waited, but we were making so much money now that
it really didn't matter.

I went back to the Cadillac place and picked up the new
car after signing only a few pieces of paper and then I
nervously drove it home. I was planning on coming back
later with Brad to pick up our car, but not long after
I got home, someone from the dealer delivered it to my
driveway! You don't get that kind of service from the
Chevy dealer!

I took my groceries inside and put them away and I laid
my new outfits out on the bed and then I waited
anxiously for time to start supper. I had nothing else
to do and it was still early afternoon.

Well, I thought that I had nothing else to do. It
turned out that I had something to do after all. My
doorbell rang at a little before two in the afternoon
and when I opened the door, there was Mr. Kennedy!

My legs immediately got weak, but I smiled and stepped
aside to let him in. He put his arm around my shoulder
and led me into the living room and said, "Jan, I must
confess that I have been looking forward to this for a
very long time. I could not possibly wait another
moment. I was starting to fear that your husband would
say no to our offer. I assure you that I would have
been very disappointed."

When we were in the living room he stepped back and
looked at me, or I suppose leered at me is more
appropriate. He managed to raise his gaze up to my eyes
for just long enough to say, "That's a beautiful car
that you picked out. You have excellent taste."

I smiled and thanked him. I asked him he would like
something to drink and he declined. Instead he asked me
if I would lead the way to my bedroom.

I said, "Right this way sir," and turned to go to the

As I did he said, "When it is just the two of us,
please call me Gene."

I smiled and took his hand and said, "Okay, right this
way Gene."

He paused at the foot of the stairs to let me precede
him. I fully expected feel his large hand on my ass or
my thighs as I led him up the stairs. But he was the
perfect gentleman.

I led him down the short hallway to my bedroom and he
smiled when he saw the new clothes on my bed. I said,
"Just getting ready, I have a pretty conservative
wardrobe. I thought that I would need something a
little spicier now."

While I was clearing the bed off he told me about the
credit card I would be getting. Then he took the
receipt for the clothes I had just bought and said that
he would see to it that Brad was reimbursed today or

I thanked him and then I waited for some sign of what I
should do next. Gene pulled me close and we kissed and
he ran his hands over me for a few minutes. I was
nervous, but I was excited too, and I tried to let it
show when I returned his kiss.

He broke the kiss after a few minutes and ran his hands
down over my hair and said, "I have always had a thing
for redheads."

I said, "That's good, because I have always been a
redhead. Would you like to see?"

"I would like that very much, my dear, very, very

Gene sat down on the side of my bed and I stood in
front of him and slowly undressed. I was wearing a
short, silky wraparound sundress that had a simple
knotted rope for a belt. I struggled for a moment with
the knot, my fingers were shaking.

I finally got the knot out and let the belt hang loose
and the dress just fell open. I had gotten out of the
habit of wearing a bra. Brad preferred me without, and
once I got used to it, so did I. I shrugged my
shoulders and the dress slid down and I dropped it onto
a nearby chair. I was wearing only a thong now. I
usually wear a bikini or briefs, but I had been feeling
sexy after last night and the thong seemed to fit my

I stood in front of Gene in my thong and turned around
slowly. Then I slid the thong off and tossed it on top
of my dress. I moved closer and it was obvious that
Gene approved of my body. He was grinning like crazy
and he had a very large looking tent in his pants.

He moved his hands over my body greedily. I was a
little afraid that he would be disappointed in my
breasts, but he obviously was not. He was a little
rough, but it felt good.

I waited to see what he would want to do. Mr. Kennedy
was the most senior of the senior vice presidents, but
he was not the oldest. I would estimate his age to be
between fifty-five and fifty-eight. He was about 6'2",
maybe 200 lbs, and in pretty good shape. He had what
are normally referred to as "rugged good looks." His
hair was silver and he was very distinguished looking.
I found him to be quite attractive. He was one of the
men that had made a pass at me earlier, and when I had
said no it was because that was what I was supposed to
do. I was attracted to him.

It occurred to me that this would have been a lot
harder if we had not had those threesomes with Bob and
Jim a few years ago. I had really loosened up a lot
thanks to those two guys. And then I thought how sad it
was that Brad couldn't be here to watch us now. But
then, when he got home I would tell him everything that
happened, in graphic detail, so that it would be as
much like he was here as I could make it.

As Gene continued to explore my body I stepped closer
and put my arm around his neck and said, "This is a
first for me, Gene. You are going to have to tell me
what you want me to do."

He leaned forward and took one of my nipples into his
mouth, and after gently biting down he did the same to
the other. I felt the shocks travel through my stomach
directly to my clit and I shuddered in excitement.

Then he pulled back and said, "I like your attitude. I
suspect you are going to be very good at this, and I
look forward to many more of these little get-

He gently moved me back a step and stood up and started
to undress. I took each item of his clothing from him
as he undressed and I hung them up on a nearby rack
that Brad used when he undressed at night. As he took
off his clothes he said, "I was going to hurry over
here and get a quickie blowjob and then go back to
work. But I am afraid that you are just too
irresistible. I have got to fuck you and I can't wait
another day."

I smiled and said, "I am honored. But there is no
reason why you can't do both, is there?"

He chuckled and said, "Yes, you are going to work out
just fine. Not to be too crude about it, but do you
have any idea how long it has been since I stuck my
dick into a twenty-two year old woman? No, silly
question, of course you don't. I don't either to be
honest. But it has been decades. You are obviously
beautiful and sexy, but what you probably don't realize
yet is how sexy youth is once you begin to age. The
older I get the sexier youth is. Your soft skin, your
firm body, even your scent is youthful. I can assure
you, young lady, that for the near future at least, you
are going to be very busy. It is going to take longer
than it might normally for your "newness" to wear off."

I had put the last of his clothing aside and I dropped
to my knees in front of him. I took his cock in my hand
and I was very impressed. It was very nice looking, and
very hard. I kissed the tip of it and licked my lips
and then I looked up and said, "I'm in no hurry. New
sounds pretty exciting to me." Then I took him into my
mouth and he grabbed my head and groaned loudly and I
started sucking his cock.

After a moment he stopped me and sat back down on the
bed. I stood up and pushed him over onto his back and
he slid up and got comfortable. Then I got on the bed
with him and took him back into my mouth and gave him a
blowjob every bit as enthusiastically as I had for Brad
last night.

He cried out, "Sweet Jesus! God damn girl! I don't know
who taught you how to do that, but you are fucking

I took my lips away from his cock long enough to look
back at him and say, "Self taught." Then I took him
back into my mouth. I had my legs up by his shoulder as
I sucked him and his hand was moving over my ass and
between my legs, almost as if they were moving of their
own accord. His eyes were closed and his hips were
moving up to meet my lips and I was soon taking his
cock into my throat. His cock was no longer than
Brad's, and slightly thinner, so it was pretty easy for

He started squeezing one of my ass cheeks very hard and
swearing a blue streak and I could tell that he was
about to cum. I pulled my lips back to the head of his
cock and used my hand to finish him off.

Once he had filled my mouth with cum I straightened up
and smiled at him and showed him that he had, indeed,
filled my mouth with cum. Then I swallowed, noting that
this was the fourth man that I had sucked off, and no
two of them had tasted the same yet. I wondered if
pussies had as wide a variety of flavors as cocks did.

Gene watched, and the pleasure was evident on his face
as I swallowed his load. Then I bent down and licked up
the few drops that had leaked out of his cock as it
went soft. I was surprised when I looked down to see
that he was not circumcised. I hadn't realized it when
his cock was hard. Now I saw the big flap of skin that
covered the head of his cock and I explored it, curious
about the difference. I thought that it was kind of
sexy. And as I explored and teased his cock and watched
it get hard again I watched the foreskin disappear.

"Isn't that neat," I thought, "a cock that does

Once he was hard I turned around and straddled his
thighs and, with a little difficulty I sat up and took
him into my very, very wet pussy. I slid down on his
cock and sighed with pleasure at the sensations of a
nice hard cock filling me. It is a wonderful sensation
and I doubt if I will ever get tired of it.

I paused for a moment, once his cock was buried in my
pussy, and then I started moving up and down, slowly at
first. He watched my face, and my breasts, but mostly
my breasts, as they began to bounce up and down with my
movements. I had to slow down twice; I even stopped
once, as I had a violent orgasm on his hot cock. But
soon I was fucking him hard again and I could see that
it would not be much longer. He started swearing again
and at the last minute he grabbed both of my tits in
his hands and squeezed them and used them to guide my
movements as he thrust up into me and came yet again.
His orgasm, and the pressure on my tits, set me off and
I came for the third time.

When we had both cum, I collapsed down onto his hot
sweaty body and he held me there for a moment while he
went soft in my pussy. When I finally felt like my arms
and legs were no longer made of rubber, I got up and I
leaned down and kissed his very slimy cock. It twitched
at the touch of my lips and, I felt is eyes on me,
waiting to see what I was going to do.

I don't know why I did it. I had never done it before,
not even with Brad, but I started licking his cock
clean and finally I took it into my mouth and sucked it
until all of our juices were gone. Then I kissed it
again and got up and pulled him to his feet and led him
to the bathroom.

I said, "You can't go back to work smelling like me,
let's take a quick shower."

He chuckled and said, "I wish I could keep this scent
on me all day. I would go from office to office and
taunt my fellow workers."

I shook my head and turned the shower on and waited a
minute for the hot water, then I pulled him into the
shower and I washed him, thoroughly. And while I was
washing him "thoroughly" he got hard again, and I
dropped to my knees and sucked him to a third orgasm as
he sat on the bench in the shower with the hot water
running over him.

When I had finished he said, "I'll be a son of a bitch!
I have not done that in many years young lady. The
first thing that I do when I get to the office will be
to give your husband a bonus. You have earned it

I pulled him back to his feet and licked and kissed his
nipples and said, "That's okay Gene, I enjoyed it as
much as you did. Buy your wife something nice instead."

Gene shook his head in disbelief. Then I rinsed him off
and we stepped out of the shower and I dried him off
with a big, soft fluffy towel.

I helped him dress, and then I led him to the front
door, I was still naked, and I told him how much I
enjoyed myself and I thanked him for being so nice,
because I had been really nervous.

He pulled me close and kissed me and said, "I have no
idea how I will be able to stand the idea having to
wait until I can be with you again. I have never been
with such a fantastic, sexual, sensuous creature in my
life, and I have been with quite a few wonderful women
over the years, as you might imagine. Your husband is a
very lucky man Janice. Goodbye."

I kissed him again, a quick goodbye kiss this time, and
held the door for him. He left, finally and I went to
the kitchen and made myself a drink and then sat down
and thought about what had just happened.

There could be no question that I had enjoyed the hell
out of it. It had been exciting and erotic and I had
probably had a half dozen orgasms. And I didn't feel
the least bit guilty. I was only worried about Brad.
His would be the important reaction. If I told him what
happened today and he became upset, that would be a
problem. Somehow though, I didn't think that was going
to happen.

I finished my drink and rinsed out my glass before I
finally had the presence of mind to check the time. It
was time to start the roast and I ended up preparing
the entire meal in the nude!

Just before it was time for Brad to come home I thought
about putting on one of my new slut outfits, or maybe
just some of the underwear, but I decided that he would
like me better this way. I watched the time and had
supper on the table and a drink ready to hand him at
the door when I heard him drive up.

I heard him on the front porch and I threw the door
open wide and greeted him with a smile and a drink and
a naked body. It never occurred to me until after I
threw the door open that someone might have been with
him. But they weren't, and he smiled and took the drink
and hugged me and kissed me and we went inside.

He hurried to the bedroom to change into some casual
clothes and I went with him to watch. He reached into
his breast pocket and handed me an envelope. "Mr.
Kennedy said to give you this," he said.

I didn't have to open it; I knew it was the money for
the clothes.

As he undressed, Brad said, "I have known that man for
several years now. I have never seen him smile like
that before. I think he likes you."

I was pretty sure that I already knew the answer, but I
had to ask, "What about you Brad? What do you think now
that it has happened?"

Brad took me in his arms again and said, "Let me have
your hand."

I held my hand and he guided it down to the front of
his pants and I found myself holding a very stiff cock.

He smiled and said, "I have been so anxious to get home
and find out what happened that I was running cars off
the road all the way home. I love you just as much as I
did on our wedding day. No, I probably love you a lot
more. I didn't really know you very well that day. I
know you pretty well now, and I love you. I love
everything about you. Now, if you don't tell me what
happened today, well, nothing, but quit teasing me, I
am dying to hear about it!"

"I'm not teasing you!" I exclaimed. "I was worried that
you might be sorry now that it has actually happened.
Now hurry up and change you fucking pervert, supper is
ready and I will tell you over supper."

He swatted at my butt, but I ducked and ran back
downstairs and sat there, naked and excited, ready to
tell him everything that happened.

He was only a minute behind me and as he sat down I
asked, "Did you like the car I picked out?"

He rolled his eyes and said, "What car? I don't care
about a fucking car, talk or get spanked!"

He stood back up and carved the roast and when he was
done we toasted each other and while he started serving
himself I started telling him everything that had
happened. I included every detail that I could
remember, every word, every touch, every moan, groan
and orgasm.

I was getting turned on all over again as I told him
about it, and he was getting turned on hearing about
it. As soon as we had finished dinner, and we were
eating pretty fast, we put the leftovers away and
rushed to the bedroom.

I pushed him back onto the bed and I suddenly
remembered that I had not changed the sheets or washed
the bedspread. I wondered if he would notice. As I got
up on the bed and started sucking his rock hard cock I
heard him sniff the air. He groaned and said, "I can
smell him! I can smell Kennedy from when he took you to
our bed and fucked you!" That was all he could say
before he filled my mouth with cum.

Brad was so horny that he didn't even go soft after his
orgasm. I swallowed his hot load and he pulled me on
top of him. He held me tight and kissed me and then he
rolled over on top of me and plunged his still hard
cock into my more than ready pussy and started fucking
me violently.

It was fantastic! I was thrusting back just as hard as
he was driving his cock into me. The sound of our
bodies crashing together filled the room and as he
fucked me I started talking, which is something that I
don't normally do during sex. I said, "God that feels
so fucking good! Do you still smell that? Do you smell
Gene's sweat? He was lying right where I am lying now,
on his back staring up at my tits as they swung wildly
while I fucked him. He loved it! He went crazy and came
like an a****l." I almost let myself get too
distracted, but just as Brad started to cum I came too.
I had lost track of how many times that made today.

And when he had finally gone soft and rolled off of me
I rose to my knees and kissed him, and then I kissed my
way down his sweaty body to his soft, nasty cock and as
he watched in amazement I licked and sucked his cock
and his balls clean. Then I kissed him on the head of
his cock and stretched out beside him, totally worn
out. I had told him that I had done this for Gene, but
I had never done it for him before and he seemed to
think it was a pretty sexy thing to do.

He kissed my lips and said quietly, "Two can play at
this game." Then he got up on his knees and started
kissing his way down my body. I was kind of brain dead
at first, it didn't occur to me what he was doing. When
I realized that he was going to put his face in my well
fucked pussy I grabbed the sides of his head and tried
to pull him back up beside me. I begged him not to do
that. The idea of how gross I must be, and the fear of
grossing him out was maybe a little inappropriate,
considering what I had just done for him, but I
couldn't help what I was feeling. I didn't want him to
see me, or taste me like that. I was afraid of looking
at his face and seeing distaste, or worse yet, disgust.

But he refused to listen. He pulled away from my hands
and as I begged him not to, he kissed and licked his
way down my sweaty body and then started kissing and
licking all around my nasty pussy.

I closed my eyes and tensed up; waiting for I don't
know what, but his lips and his tongue got closer and
closer and finally I felt is tongue slide through my
very messy furrow. I waited for his reaction, expecting
to hear gagging or choking or something. So I was
astounded when after a brief pause he did it again.

I looked down at him, trying to figure out what had
gotten into him. He was smiling up at me and he paused
to say, "You have been swallowing cum for me for years.
And now you are going to be doing it for my bosses, at
my request. I should damn sure have the balls to do
this for you."

I said, "That is sweet Brad, I really appreciate what
you are saying, and what you are doing. But you don't
have to do that. It is different for a guy, I
understand that."

"Bullshit!" he exclaimed. "Cum is cum and it tastes the
same to you as it does to me. And anyway, it isn't that
bad, especially when you mix a bunch of pussy juice in
with it. I wouldn't want to do this everyday, but I can
handle it if you can. Now lay back and relax, I am not
going to bite you, well, not hard."

Brad licked between my thighs a little longer, and then
he started kissing and licking my clit and before I
knew it I was screaming and pulling his hair and
cumming like crazy!

I came more than I ever had before, I could feel it
dripping out of me. But I was so sensitive then that I
couldn't stand one more stroke of his tongue. I grabbed
his hair again and pulled him back up beside me and I
laughed when I saw his messy face. I licked his face
clean and then we kissed and held each other tight for
the longest time.

I was just about to fall asl**p when I looked at the
clock and saw that it was still so early. We had eaten
and then raced to bed before I could even clean up the
dishes. I got up and went to the bathroom and then I
started to dress and go downstairs.

Brad stopped me and said, "Please don't. I love you
like that."

So I curtsied, not easy to do when you are naked, and
we went downstairs naked and he helped me clean up,
even though I insisted that he sit down and let me do
my job.

After the dining room was cleaned up and the dishes
were in the dishwasher, I grabbed a large towel and we
sat on the couch on the towel and had a glass of wine.
Brad's father had always had a glass of red wine in the
evening, either with dinner or afterwards. Eventually
we got into the habit as well. It was just a relaxing
thing to do after dinner.

We sat together and Brad had his arm around me and we
just enjoyed each other's company for a while. We
talked a little more about my afternoon. Brad had
several questions about Gene and how I had reacted. I
was totally honest, I was now not the least insecure
about Brad's reaction to what happened.

I pointed out the keys to the new car on the hall tree,
but Brad said that except on weekends, the car was for
me. He would be picked up in the morning and driven
home after work in a company limo. Whoa! Mister Big

We finally went to bed and we both slept like logs. No
problems with conscience here!

In the morning we went about our normal routine. I made
breakfast and we had coffee together. The limo picked
him up at his normal leaving time, stretch limo no

After he was gone I had nothing to do but put away last
nights dishes and wash the few morning dishes. Then I
went up and made the bed and while I was doing that the
phone rang. I answered, and despite how great yesterday
had been, I was still nervous about the call.

I picked it up and it was the secretary to Mr. Morris,
the company president. She asked me if I would be able
to come to the office and meet with Mr. Morris in two
hours. I told her that I would be delighted and as soon
as she hung up my stomach was in knots.

I had met all of the vice presidents, but I had never
met Mr. Morris. I had seen him. He was a very stern man
who appeared to be in his mid sixties. Everyone seemed
to be afraid of him, or at least they avoided talking
about him to me.

I went upstairs and showered and it occurred to me that
I had no idea what I should wear. I didn't know if I
should dress normally, or more in keeping with my new
part time job. I decided to compromise and wear one of
my nicer dresses, and some of the slutty underwear I
had just bought. I got ready and looked in the mirror.
I wish I knew why he wanted to see me. I probably
should have asked. I am in such a strange situation
that I have no idea what is proper.

I went out and got in the new car and it was such a
pleasure to drive that I was able to relax for most of
the ride to the plant. I had been there many times over
the years that Brad had worked here. And each time I
had been asked to show my driver's license at the gate.
Not this time! I was waived right in and the guard even
saluted as I drove through!

I drove to the administrative office building and as I
was driving down the line looking for a parking place I
passed a vacant spot not far from the door. I was
astounded to see my husband's name, Brad Pittman, on
the reserved parking sign. I parked in the slot and
went inside and a receptionist got up and e****ted me
to Mr. Morris' office.

The people there had always been friendly, but not like
now. This promotion that Brad had gotten must have
really moved him into the upper echelons. I was treated
as if I were someone! It kind of made me uncomfortable.
But I was pretty sure I could get used to it.

I got to Mr. Morris' office fifteen minutes early. His
secretary said, "Mrs. Pittman. Thank you for coming in.
My name is Heather. Mr. Morris is anxious to meet you.
He has someone in his office right now, but if you
would have a seat he will be right with you."

As soon as I was seated in the expensive leather chair
she asked me if she could get me anything and after I
declined she sat with me and made small talk. I asked
her if she knew what he wanted and she smiled and said,
"Don't worry; he likes to meet with the wives of all of
his vice presidents and get to know a little bit about
them. Don't let his stern demeanor throw you, he is
really a sweetheart. He is the nicest man I have ever
worked for, honest."

I was not totally convinced, but still, she was
reassuring. We talked about nothing in particular for a
few moments and then we heard someone at the inner door
and Mr. Morris was showing someone out.

They said goodbye and he spied me sitting with Heather
and came over and with the same dour expression, but a
light and friendly tone to his voice he said, "I assume
you are Janice Pittman?"

"Yes sir," I said, "Please, call me Jan."

He nodded and guided me into his office and shut the
door. He led me to a comfortable leather seating area
in the corner and asked if he could get me a drink. I
asked for a bottle of water, I was so nervous that I
was having trouble swallowing.

He went to a small refrigerator in the bar area and
brought it to me and sat down nearby. But far enough
away that I didn't feel crowded.

He said, "You are a very beautiful young woman Jan. I
have heard a lot about you. I understand that you
graduated from Middlebury College, that's an excellent

I nodded and took a sip of water and waited to see what
this was about.

"Please my dear, relax. I am not nearly as ugly as I
look. And while I can't promise not to bite, I promise
not to bite hard."

I smiled and said, "I'm sorry sir, this is all so new
to me, this entire, strange situation."

He said, "I understand. Just remember that you are not
the first to go through this. We have had EPOD in
effect here for nearly a generation now. We are all
used to how strange a situation it is. We all
understand that you will need some time to learn your
responsibilities and adjust to them. Don't be afraid of
saying or doing the wrong thing, whatever mistake you
might make has been made before, I promise you."

"I had a report on you from Mr. Kennedy yesterday
afternoon and I must say that it was quite favorable. I
don't think you will have any problems adjusting to
your situation here at all."

I blushed, and he seemed to find that amusing.

I said, "I didn't even know what to wear when your
secretary called. I bought some sexier clothes to wear
after I decided to go through with this, but I didn't
want to come dancing in here looking all slutty and
upset someone. There should be a book of rules."

He looked at me and said, "You know, that's a good
idea. Why don't you keep it in mind? Make a mental note
of your questions and the appropriate answers, and
someday when you are feeling like it, work something
up. It would be helpful, wouldn't it?"

I nodded, and then he asked me if I had any questions.

I smiled and said, "What should I have worn today?"

He chuckled, but I noticed that he never smiled. "You
look lovely Jan. I wouldn't have you dressed any other
way. On the other hand, none of the gentlemen that
might call you and ask you to come to their offices in
the foreseeable future would have a problem with slutty

I smiled shyly and said, "I'm wearing slutty

I almost thought he was going to smile there for a
moment. "Jan, I am of an age that pretty much all I am
able to do now is look, look and touch. But I do enjoy
those pleasures, and if you don't mind, I would love to
see your slutty underwear."

For some reason, I suddenly felt completely at ease
with Mr. Morris now that he had made himself sound a
little vulnerable. He really was a nice man. He was
polite and totally non-threatening, and I was happy to
put on a little show for him.

I stood up and moved in front of him and said, "Mr.
Morris, I would love to undress for you."

I reached behind my back and unfastened the catch at
the top of my dress and pulled the zipper down, slowly.
I shrugged and it slid down off my shoulders and I
pulled my arms free. Then I hooked my thumbs in the
waistband and pushed it down over my hips and bent down
and picked it up in as lady-like a manner as possible.
I set it on a chair and stood in front of him in my
lacy bra and panty set and my thigh high silk-look

I turned around slowly and asked him if he liked my new
outfit. He started to reach out and touch me and then
he pulled his hand back quickly and asked if it was
alright if he touched me. I thought that was strange,
he knew that I was now a virtual sex slave to him and
his vice presidents for the foreseeable future. I
didn't understand his hesitation. Perhaps it was
generational. Or maybe he was just a very nice man.

I reached for his hand and pulled it up and placed it
on my breast. As his hand gripped my breast through my
tiny little bra I said, "Mr. Morris! You may touch me
anytime you want."

I moved his hand from one breast to the other, and then
I guided him down my flat stomach to my panties. I let
him move his hand over my lacy, silky underwear while I
reached behind my back and unfastened my bra and
dropped it on my dress.

I heard his breath catch and I was very proud that
someone that had seen so many attractive women was that
moved by my body.

He was quiet for a moment and then he said, "Oh my god,
Fran, you are truly beautiful!"

I guided his hand back up to my breasts and he explored
them eagerly, but gently. His hands were soft and
gentle and it felt very nice, and I told him that.

I let him explore my breasts for a while, and then I
bent down and pushed my panties off. I left the
stockings on and stood in front of him naked but for my
shoes and stockings. He had a look of awe on his face
as his fingers trailed down and ran lightly through my
bright red pubic hair for a few minutes, and then moved
lightly to my well lubricated pussy.

I gasped at his touch and said, "Oh Mr. Morris! That
feels wonderful!" And I meant it. He had a very nice

I could have sworn that I saw twitching in his pants as
he touched me and I dropped to my knees and said, "Mr.
Morris, I know you said that you only wanted to look
and touch. But even if you can no longer have an
erection, I am sure it would be pleasurable if you
would let me return the favor. My husband says that I
am very talented with my mouth, please let me try."

He said, "It is sweet of you to offer Jan, I appreciate
it. But it has been years, and I have grown tired of
the frustration that usually results from any such
attempts. I have enjoyed what we have done. Perhaps we
should just leave it at that."

I had placed my hand on that twitching lump in his
pants and I could feel the heat from it. It just didn't
seem possible that he would settle for looking at me,
or touching me. I was determined, and I begged him for
the chance to try. I insisted that, even if he didn't
get an erection, I would love to take him into my mouth
and thank him for all that he has done for Brad and me.

He looked skeptical, but I guess sex is a very
difficult thing to give up on. He stood up and I
unfastened his pants and pulled them and his shorts
down to his ankles and then I slipped is shoes and his
pants off and spread his legs wide apart.

I was surprised at the size of his soft cock. It must
have been pretty impressive when he was younger, it was
pretty impressive now! It was the longest that I had
seen yet, at least eight inches and still soft!

I smiled up at him as I moved my hand over his heavy
cock and I said, "It's beautiful! That is the nicest
cock I have seen, though to be honest, I haven't seen
that many yet." He ran his hands down over my long red
hair and looked at me longingly; I could see how much
he wished that he could have sex with me. And I became

I leaned down and I kissed the head of his cock and
then I moved it out of the way and began to lick his
thighs, working my way up to his balls as he sat back
and watched in fascination. I gently massaged his cock
as I licked his balls and then took each one into my
mouth and ran my tongue over it.

He was obviously enjoying it, but still there was only
a twitch running down his big cock. I took his cock in
my hands lovingly and licked it all over, and I was
sure that I was starting to see signs of life.

He started to tell me that it was hopeless, but I
shushed him and said, "It isn't hopeless, and even if
you don't get an erection, it feels good doesn't it?"

He nodded and I said, "Good, then let me do this, I am
enjoying it."

I could feel him start to relax and I was sure that his
cock was getting larger now. I worked at it, not
desperately, but gently and lovingly. And then I
remembered something I had read about in Cosmo. I
lifted his legs and d****d them over the arms of the
overstuffed chair he was sitting in and I began to lick
up and down the crack of his now exposed ass.

As my tongue moved over his asshole he shuddered and
gasped and I moved back and forth over it a few more
times before burrowing my tongue right up inside of
him. He was groaning now and muttering obscenities
under his breath. Finally I wet a finger and gently
inserted it into him and began to massage where I
assumed his prostate was located. With my other hand I
lowered his legs and I could see that his cock was more
than half hard now!

I took his cock into my mouth and as I gently massaged
his prostate I moved my mouth up and down his very
impressive cock and with a little effort I was able to
take an inch or two of it into my throat. I looked up
between his legs and saw that he was staring at me with
the strangest expression on his face, like he had just
seen a ghost!

His cock never got completely hard, but in another
couple of minutes he tensed up and he shot a thin
watery stream of cum into my mouth. I moaned around his
cock and worked at it lovingly as he caught his breath
and the muscles in his body began to relax. When he was
done I sat up and gently removed my finger from his ass
and while he stared at me with an expression that was
almost love on his face I sucked my finger clean and
then I leaned forward and kissed his cock and thanked

He looked at me in disbelief and asked, "What are you
thanking me for?!"

"For letting me try," I said, "and for trusting me
enough to relax and let it happen. I am honored that I
could bring you so much pleasure Mr. Morris."

He sat up and pulled me close and hugged me and held me
tight for a long time. Then he said, "Young lady, you
will probably never fully appreciate what you have done
for me here today. You are the most exciting, and yet
the sweetest and most refreshing young lady I have met
in nearly half a century. If, at any time, anyone gives
you a hard time here at this company or at any of its
functions, I want you to call me immediately. Do you

"Everyone here has been wonderful to me. I am sure that
won't be a problem. But I promise to call you if I need
to. But that doesn't mean that I won't be getting used
does it?"

And then he did smile. He bent down and kissed me and
said, "You are truly remarkable. I pray that you are
one of those women that are unchanged by what you will
be going through. I have talked to your husband. I am
sure he will be able to handle it. I would hate to see
you change. You are special."

"Does that mean that we can do this again?" I asked.

"You have my word, Janice. Now, as much as I hate to
say this, why don't you get dressed and I will have
Heather take you to see your husband before you leave.
Thank you for being so nice to an old man, my dear."

He had stood up and was getting ready to dress and I
hugged him and said, "Please believe me, I really did
enjoy it. You are a dear, sweet man, just like Heather
said. I enjoyed pleasing you and I am looking forward
to doing it many times in the future."

Then I dropped to my knees and helped him with his
shorts, after kissing his cock again, and then I helped
him pull on his pants. Finally he sat back down and I
put his shoes on and tied them. Then I dressed myself,
slowly, so that he might enjoy the show.

I grabbed my purse and my bottle of very expensive
water and he called Heather in. She came into the
office and started to ask him what he wanted when she
suddenly noticed that he still had a trace of a smile
on his face for the first time since she had started
working for him.

She stopped in mid-sentence and looked at him
curiously, then she looked at me and then back at him.
He saw her looking and tried to stop smiling and
couldn't. He finally shook his head and asked her to
take me to Brad's office and then come back to go over
some paperwork he had for her.

She led me out into her office and closed his door and
then she stopped and turned around to face me. I almost
ran into her!

She stared at me, apparently speechless, for a moment
and then she said, "I have been working for that man
for more than ten years and I have never seen him
smile. Not once, not ever! What did you do to him?"

I smiled and said, "A lady doesn't tell."

She stared at me for a moment longer and said, "Well
I'll be god damned! You got him off, didn't you?"

I really didn't want to talk about that with her. I had
just met her and that seemed awfully private. So I
didn't answer and she finally took me out into the
hallway and down to a very luxurious suite of offices
at the end of the hall.

There was a receptionist for the four junior vice
presidents in a small reception room. Heather
introduced me to her and she took me to Brad's
secretary. Brad's beautiful secretary!

He hadn't mentioned that part. But she seemed really
nice, and she called him on the intercom and Brad came
out to greet me. He kissed me and led me into his
office. I know that he said that his new office was
nice and big and fancy, but I was impressed. It was a
huge office! And it had the same quality wood and
leather furniture that Mr. Morris had in his office. He
had a bar and his own bathroom. Actually, his office
was not that much smaller than Mr. Morris'.

Brad showed me around the room proudly and then he sat
me down in the small seating area and asked me why I
was here. I told him that I had just spent nearly an
hour with Mr. Morris and he looked like he had been

"Oh crap," he said. "I didn't think it would be this
soon. I was talking to Carl Scott today and he was
warning me about some of the things you should look out
for. One of them was Mr. Morris. He can't get it up
anymore and he gets upset when the girls can't do
anything for him. Are you okay?"

I smiled and asked, "Have you ever seen Mr. Morris

"Nobody has seen him smile in years," Brad said. "So
don't worry, it wasn't your fault."

"Mr. Morris and I got along great," I said. "And when I
left his office he was smiling."

"What do you mean he was smiling?" Brad asked. "He
doesn't smile."

"After he came he did," I said and smiled proudly.

Brad didn't know what to say, so while he was digesting
that I asked, "What else did Carl say that I needed to
watch out for?"

"Mostly he warned me about Gavin Riggs. He said that
most of the VPs are pretty nice, normal guys. Mr. Riggs
is a bit kinky and has a mean streak. Carl said that he
can get rough and he likes to humiliate the girls
sometimes, make them do embarrassing things in public
or, I don't know, he wasn't very specific, just watch
out for him."

Just then there was a light knock at the door and,
speaking of the devil, Mr. Riggs poked his head in and
asked if he was interrupting. We stood up and Brad
invited him in.

He came in and came over to where we had been sitting
and said, "I wanted to welcome you to the club, Jan.
And I have a few minutes before my next meeting, I was
wondering if I would be able to talk you out of one of
those fantastic blowjobs I have been hearing about?"

I smiled warmly and said, "My, word does travel fast
around here. My blowjobs are not all that special Mr.
Riggs, but I would be happy to fit you in to my busy
schedule. Let me help you get comfortable."

I quickly undressed as he watched my every move, then I
moved over to where he was standing and guided him to a
large chair and got to my knees in front of him. Brad
had begun to move back over to his desk to be more
unobtrusive, but Mr. Riggs stopped him. "Don't leave
us, Brad. You might as well get used to this. You will
be seeing a lot of it from now on."

I quickly unfastened his pants and pulled them and his
fancy silk underwear down below his knees. He sat down
and leaned forward and played with my tits for a
minute, and then he sat back and watched as I leaned
forward and began to lick and suck at his balls.

As I worked with my face in his crotch he kept up a
running conversation with Brad. I had the distinct
impression that he was trying to make both of us
uncomfortable. He was not being actually abusive, it
was just the way he talked, the way he said things. It
seemed obvious that he was trying to humiliate us and
embarrass us.

He didn't know us very well.

I gave him my second best blowjob; my best had just
gone to Mr. Morris. Before long he had stopped talking
and was enjoying what was happening in his lap. One
thing he didn't have was a problem getting it up. He
had a nice cock and even though he may have had a
bitter personality, when he came, in a surprisingly
short amount of time I thought, his cum was not bitter
at all. In fact, he had the nicest tasting cum I had
ever tasted!

I swallowed it all down and smiled up at him and told
him that. He cocked his head and gave me a funny look.
Then he stood up and I helped him put his clothes back
together. When he was dressed as he had come in he
shook his head and thanked me graciously and left. Then
I moved over one seat, on my knees still, and sucked
off Brad. He was pretty turned on, he hadn't seen me
with another man's cock in my mouth for a couple of
years and I got the impression that he had missed it.

After he came and he put himself back together he
pulled me up and he got between my legs and returned
the favor. I had sucked off three men and I was pretty
excited, so I really appreciated it. Sucking cocks
really turns me on.

After I had messed up Brad's face with my pussy we both
pulled ourselves together and got cleaned up and he
started to get ready for a meeting. I asked if all of
the beautiful women I had seen running around here knew
what was going on.

Brad said that he would ask Carl, he hadn't even
thought to bring it up. We kissed then and I went back
outside and managed to find my way back out to the
front door. The receptionist greeted me by name again
and said goodbye and they were all just so damned sweet
and polite and sincere that it made me nervous.

I drove home and as I pulled into the driveway I
reminded myself that I needed to ask Brad what we were
going to do with our old cars. They were nice enough,
and I suppose we should keep one of them. But our house
had very little storage space and we kept a lot of
stuff in the garage. So our driveway was full of cars,
and now there were two of them that were not being used
and were just in the way.

I went inside and changed into one of the tiny new
bathing suits that I had bought and grabbed the phone
and a drink and went out into the backyard for a little
sun. I was not that much of a sun worshipper. I liked
to get just enough sun so that my breasts and my butt
were stark white by comparison and stood out more. It
turned Brad on and I thought that it was sexy too.

I stayed outside for about an hour and then went inside
and took a shower and started supper. It was just about
ready when Brad came home. I was dusting the living
room when the limo pulled up and it seemed so funny to
see that thing pull up and Brad get out of it as though
he had ridden in one all of his life. I wonder what the
neighbors must think.

I ran upstairs and undressed and met Brad at the door.
We kissed and then we went back upstairs and I helped
him undress. He seemed unusually quiet and I was a
little worried. I had just been with him a couple of
hours ago and he was happy and upbeat. Now he had
something on his mind and it made me nervous.

Instead of putting on his lounging shorts he put on
some casual clothes and suggested I put something on,
because we were going for a short ride after we ate.

But he refused to answer any questions about why or
where. And he calls me a tease!

I put on some shorts and a cute top and my sandals and
we ate a light supper. He tried to help me clean up
again and I finally had to put my foot down. This was
my job god damn it! He smiled and sat back down and I
quickly put things away and cleaned up. Then I handed
him the keys to the Cadillac and we left.

He drove through town to a large new subdivision on the
outskirts of town, not that far from the plant. The
houses were beautiful, huge, brick homes on lots that
were all several acres apiece. Half of them were still
for sale and we drove around to a house that said
office. I didn't know what was going on. We were
getting a huge increase in Brad's salary, but these
were million dollar homes! No exaggeration, we could
not afford this!

Brad parked at the office and came around and held my
door for me. We stood in the driveway and looked around
at the homes and I felt like someone would come out and
take one look at me and know that I didn't belong and
ask me to leave.

"Brad, what the hell is going on? We can't afford one
of these!"

Brad didn't answer; he took my arm and led me inside. A
man was on the phone at a large desk and he looked up
and held up a finger indicating that he would be right
with us. There were pictures of the insides of some of
the houses and there were floor plans tacked up all
around. They were all very impressive, and all way out
of our league.

The man finally finished his phone call and came over
and apologized and introduced himself. Brad said,
"Hello Mr. Crane. I'm Brad Pittman."

Mr. Crane lit up like a Christmas tree. "Ah yes," and
he turned to me and said, "And you must be Janice! I am
very happy to meet you. Mr. Morris called earlier this
afternoon and I have been curious about you two since
we spoke. Here are the houses, they are all open. If
none of them appeal to you, I promise you that we will
work something out."

Mr. Crane handed Brad a piece of paper with a list of
addresses and a small plat of the subdivision. Brad
pulled me outside and guided me back to the car and
then he went around and got in.

He didn't start the car though. He turned to me and
said, "Mr. Morris called me to his office this
afternoon, after you went home. He invited me in and
sat me in a chair and handed me a drink and sat beside
me and stared at me for the longest time. I didn't know
what to think."

"Then he asked me if you had told me about the time you
had spent with him earlier. I told him that you
mentioned that you had been to his office, and I told
him that that was pretty much all you had time to say
before we were interrupted. He stared at me for a while
longer and then he started telling me how special you
were. I mean, not in detail, like you are great at
sucking cock or anything.

"He was talking about what a nice person you are and
how nice you had been to him. Then he handed me the
directions to this subdivision and told me that I was
to go see Mr. Crane after dinner. He had spoken to him
earlier and Mr. Crane had a list of houses that he
wanted us to look at. If you liked one of them we were
to tell Mr. Crane. If not, let him know and he would
have one built that was more to our liking. Jan, Mr.
Morris is buying you a house! Not the company, Mr.
Morris, and not provisional. No matter what happens,
this is our, your house!"

I stared at Brad for a minute and then I got out of the
car. He hurried out and came around and asked what was

I said, "I can't do this Brad. This isn't right. These
are million dollar homes! I need to talk to Mr.

Brad looked at me, and I saw that he wasn't even
surprised, or even disappointed. I loved that about
him. We went back inside and before we could say a
word, Mr. Crane held out the phone and smiled. He said,
"Mr. Morris is holding for you Mrs. Pittman."

I took the phone and he got up and went outside, Brad
went with him.

I didn't wait; I took the receiver and said calmly but
firmly, "Mr. Morris, you are so sweet, and so
thoughtful. I truly appreciate what you are doing here.
These homes are lovely, but I can't let you do this. It
isn't right. And it isn't necessary. I will cherish the
idea that you offered, but I can't accept one of these
mansions from you."

I heard him chuckle on the other end of the line and he
said, "I knew that we would have to have this
conversation Jan. I knew what you would think and how
you would react. If you had reacted any other way I
would have been disappointed. Now, let me explain
something to you. I am, as you no doubt know, a
multimillionaire. I am a widower and my only son is
already wealthy in his own right.

"I could not spend all of my wealth in the time I have
left if I tried. Most of it will go to charity. The
price of the home that I am going to insist that you
select is nothing to me. I won't miss the money. I
will, however, derive nearly as much pleasure from
giving it to you, as you gave me this afternoon. I am
going to have to insist that you let me do this for
you. And if that doesn't work I will resort to

I couldn't help it, I started crying and he could hear
me over the phone. I didn't know what to say, but
finally I said, "This isn't right Mr. Morris. You don't
have to do this. What happened today, I did that
because I wanted to. You didn't make me do anything.
You don't owe me anything."

"No my dear," he said quietly. "I may or may not owe
you anything. But what you made me feel today was
special, and the way you went about it, your
tenderness, your sweetness, you really cared and I
loved that about you. Please, let me do this for you."

I paused for a moment and then I said, "But if I take
this I will feel guilty. It will be like I am using
you, taking advantage of you."

"No dear, it won't be like that at all. And besides,
this home is much closer to the plant; I might drop
over from time to time and let you make it up to me."

I smiled and said, "You dirty old man! Well, okay,
since you put it that way. Thank you so much, you are

I heard him chuckle again and he said, "You are more
than welcome my dear. I look forward to seeing you
soon. And I meant what I said, if one of those houses
is not perfect for you two, tell Crane and he will
build one that is. Goodbye now."

"Goodbye Mr. Morris."

I hung up the phone and went back outside. I walked
over to where Brad and Mr. Crane were standing and
sighed and said, "Let's go look at houses."

Brad used his finger to wipe a tear from my cheek and
kissed me and we went back to the car.

We drove around to every house on the list that Mr.
Crane had given us. There were f******n houses on the
list and we got out and walked through them all. I
wanted to leave there this evening and tell Mr. Crane
that we loved his houses but we couldn't accept. But I
couldn't. Each house that we looked at was more
wonderful than the last. They were all huge; I think
the smallest was just less than ten thousand square
feet. There was marble everywhere and the smallest room
was bigger than the largest room in our present house.

The paper that we were given didn't even list the
prices, we weren't supposed to know. We didn't find out
until later, at the lawyers office when we signed the
papers that the house we selected was being offered at
one point three million.

We went home that evening, after finally selecting a
new home, in a daze. We got out a bottle of wine and we
each had a glass. We sat in the living room of our old
house and stared at each other without even speaking
for a long, long time. At the time I was figuring the
house at right around a million. I looked up at Brad
after a while and said, "I just got paid a million
dollars for a fucking blowjob!"

The next day I got dressed up, wearing the same outfit
that I had worn the last time I went to his office, and
I drove to the plant. I parked and walked in and
breezed past the receptionist, waiving politely, and
went to Mr. Morris' office. I walked in and told
Heather, "I don't have an appointment, and I am not
expected, but I need to see Mr. Morris."

She smiled at me and said, "It's okay Mrs. Pittman, He
told me to expect you. Go right in."

I started to go to the door and then turned back and
said, "Please, call me Jan."

She smiled and nodded and I walked over and tapped on
Mr. Morris' door and went in.

He saw what I was wearing and I saw something
resembling a smile on his face as I approached his desk
and stood there. Now that I was standing in front of
him I didn't know what to say. I had practiced so many
things in my head, but now my head was empty.

Finally I said, "Mr. Morris, I came here to tell you so
many things, and now I can't remember any of them. You
didn't have to do that. I keep going back and forth
between incredible gratitude and horrible guilt."

"When Brad and I talked about his taking this position
and my becoming a part of EPOD, we didn't do this for
the money. We did this because it was exciting. When I
was still in college we had a couple of threesomes, and
we enjoyed the hell out of them. That was why we did
this. It would bother me if you thought that I did this
for money or possessions. I like you and your opinion
of me is important to me."

Mr. Morris stood up and walked around his desk and put
his arms around me and held me close. He didn't say
anything for a few minutes, but then he said, "Young
lady, as unlikely as it seems, after one afternoon with
you I feel closer to you than I do to anyone else in my
life. Don't worry, I won't be imposing on you, I don't
work that way. But the amount of money I spent on that
house is insignificant to me. What is significant is
that it brought you and your husband pleasure, and in
some small way it expressed my gratitude for what you
did for me. If I thought for a minute that you did what
you did for the money we would not be having this

I reached up and pulled his head down and kissed him
passionately. Then I smiled and said, "Mr. Morris,
please, come to supper, just you and my husband and me.
It won't be a party, nothing fancy, just a simple
dinner and some wine and quiet conversation."

He looked at me, as if to see if I was serious. Then he
said, "When would you like me to be there?"

"Tonight," I said. "Tell me what time you can be there
and I will plan dinner for then."

He hugged me again and said, "You are a precious young
woman. I am so glad that I had the chance to meet you.
I will follow your husband when he comes home at his
normal time this evening, okay?"

I looked up at him and asked, "What do you like to

"I'm not much of a drinker," he answered. "A glass of
wine with dinner is about it for me. Now, you better go
down the hall and have a talk with your husband. We
don't want him having a heart attack when I follow him
home tonight."

I kissed him again and said, "You are special. I am so
glad I joined EPOD."

"So am I," he said.

I left and went to Brad's office. He had someone in his
office when I got there and I sat and talked to his
secretary, Jennifer, for a few minutes. She was really
nice, and she was having a hard time of it lately. She
and her husband were separated and it didn't look like
they were going to get back together. By the time that
Brad was free I had invited her to dinner on Sunday,
her and her two k**s.

Brad had about two minutes before he had a meeting. He
was surprised to see me but I just popped in and told
him that we were having company for dinner. Then I
started to leave but he said, "Who?"

I turned around and smiled and said, "My boyfriend."

I saw the confused look on his face and said, "Mr.

What followed was amusing. First he looked alarmed, and
then he smiled and said, "Good."

I started to leave and then I turned back and said,
"Oh, and Jennifer will be coming over on Sunday." Then
I left quickly.

I went to the dry cleaners. Then I drove home, changed
into more casual clothes and tidied up the house a
little. While I was doing that I imagined how much
different life was going to be when we were living in a
mansion. The house we had selected was beautiful
though. It suddenly occurred to me that we were going
to have to buy all new furniture. Nothing we owned was
appropriate for that place. And then I thought of the
looks on our parents faces when they saw it! I would
have to remember to have a camera handy when they came
to visit.

Just after noon the doorbell rang and when I opened the
door I found two of the VPs, Daniel Grant and Bryan
Newman. I smiled and stepped aside and invited them in.

Mr. Grant waited until I had closed the door and then
he took me in his arms and said, "We have heard a lot
about you, young lady. Do you have a little time to

I smiled at him and said, "Kind sir, I am at your

Mr. Newman laughed and said, "Oh Janice, we have no
intention of disposing of you. We want to keep you
around for a very long time."

"I'm flattered," I said in response. "Would you
gentlemen like to see my bedroom? It isn't fancy, but
the bed is made and is quite comfortable."

Mr. Grant let me go and said, "That sound like a great
idea, please lead the way."

So I did. But unlike with Mr. Kennedy, these gentlemen
did not wait until we reached the room. They ran their
hands up my legs under my skirt and each of them was
holding one of the cheeks of my ass by the time we
reached the top of the stairs.

As I climbed the stairs, and their hands climbed up
under my skirt, I flashed back on one of the threesomes
that Brad and I had enjoyed a couple of years ago, when
I first experienced this sensation. We had had a very
good time that evening. Maybe it was a good omen.

At the top of the stairs I took the hands of the men
behind me and led them to my bedroom. I turned after I
entered the room and watched them follow me in. Mr.
Grant and Mr. Newman were in their mid-fifties. Mr.
Grant had a little bit of a stomach, but other than
that they both seemed fit. Mr. Grant was losing his
hair; Mr. Newman's hair was very gray.

I had spoken with both men several times in the past
and they had been pleasant. Had they not come here
together I might have felt less intimidated. Well,
maybe that's the wrong word. I was just a little
nervous. Two more men were about to see me naked for
the first time and have sex with me. That kind of made
me nervous.

Inside the room the men looked around and Mr. Grant
took me in his arms again while Mr. Newman undressed.
Mr. Grant's hands were all over me and I just relaxed
and surrendered to him until a few minutes later when
he turned me over to the now naked Mr. Newman. I was
taken into his arms so fast that I didn't even have a
chance to glance down and see what I was going to have
to deal with.

He started kissing me and running his hands over my
body. I was only wearing a t-shirt and a pair of loose
shorts and panties and he quickly removed my t-shirt.
When he had bared my breasts he leaned back and looked
down and smiled and said, "Every bit as beautiful as I
knew that they would be!"

Then he turned me to face Mr. Grant, who was just
removing his shorts, and said, "Look at these tits Dan!
Are they not perfect?"

"They are indeed, Bryan, she is a beautiful young

Mr. Grant stared at me as Mr. Newman finished
undressing me from behind. Then he stepped closer and
the two men were both exploring me with their hands and
it was starting to really get to me.

I expected to take them to bed and do whatever it was
that they had in mind, but they apparently couldn't
wait that long. The bed, after all, was a good ten feet
away. Instead, they pushed me to my knees and stood in
front of me and took turns feeding me their cocks. They
were dominant, even a little f***eful, but not violent,
and I found it to be very exciting being taken and used
like this, as opposed to making love.

Before long, both men were forcing their cocks down my
throat and it wasn't long at all before they both came
in my mouth. Not that I was keeping track, but they
were the sixth and seventh men to cum in me, in my
mouth. I realized that I was starting to not pay much
attention to what it tasted like. Not like at first
when I was so fascinated by it, by the whole mystery of

After both men had cum, Mr. Grant stepped away and I
concentrated on sucking Mr. Newman until he was hard
again. As soon as he was ready he stretched out on the
floor and pulled me over on top of him. I guided his
refreshed cock into my pussy and started sliding up and
down while he played with my tits.

After watching for a few minutes, Mr. Grant came over
and put his half hard cock in my face. I started
sucking him again while still trying to concentrate on
pleasing Mr. Newman. I am not that good at multi-
tasking, and it can be difficult to please two cocks at

When I sensed that Mr. Newman was getting close I
started to concentrate on him and I sped up and soon he
was filling me with yet another load of fresh cum from
yet another VP from J.A.M. Aluminum. That makes four
down and two to go, again, not that I'm counting.

Mr. Newman was guiding my hips as he finished and when
he was done he held me still and I sat on him for a
minute and let him get his breath. When he released me
I lifted my leg and dismounted, and then I leaned down
and started licking and sucking him clean. It is funny
how surprised guys get when you do that, even if just
minutes earlier you have swallowed a load of cum from
the end of their cocks. But they all seem to think it's
a sexy thing to do. And I do too.

While I was licking and sucking Mr. Newman clean, Mr.
Grant got on his knees behind me and guided my knees a
little further apart. Then he started putting a finger
in my dripping pussy and transferring Mr. Newman's cum
to my virgin ass. I had known that this was going to
happen eventually, but I wasn't looking forward to it.
I tried to relax though, I knew that it was going to
happen, whether I was tensed up and hating it or
relaxed and going with the flow. I figured the latter
choice would work to my advantage in the end, so to

I f***ed myself to relax and I tried to hold Mr.
Newman's cock in my mouth and nurse on it to distract
me while Mr. Grant did what he was going to do. He
didn't hold me there; he just started to caress my hair
and watch my face, watching to see how I was going to

Mr. Grant moved one finger back and forth between my
pussy and my asshole for a couple of minutes and then
he started using two. He was patient and he didn't
f***e it and so far it was okay. It didn't hurt; there
was just a sensation of fullness, and the embarrassment
of being touched there.

Eventually he started using three fingers, and that did
hurt a little, but not too much to stand, and I figured
that three fingers were larger than his cock and so I
was not that worried.

He worked on me with three fingers for a few moments,
not as long as he had when he was using one and two
fingers. He must have been getting impatient. He pulled
his fingers out of me and moved up behind me and I felt
his cock plunge into my pussy and he fucked me for a
minute before he pulled out and started to gently f***e
his cock into my ass.

I kept telling myself to relax and take deep breaths
and he took his time and it actually was not anywhere
near as bad as I thought that it would be.

He started fucking me there after he had let me get
used to being so full, and not long after he started I
felt something moving against my forehead. I opened my
eyes and saw that Mr. Newman's cock was hard again. So,
since I was in the area anyway, I took him back in my
mouth and started sucking again.

It kind of helped to take my mind off of the cock in my
ass and so I really put my heart into sucking him off.
I was surprised when I realized that I was starting to
get turned on. I wasn't going to cum from being fucked
in the ass, but being taken like this was kind of

Or at least I thought that I wasn't going to cum this
way. As Mr. Grant started getting closer he leaned down
and grabbed one of my tits with one hand and his other
hand reached around and started to massage my clit and
I started moaning around Mr. Newman's cock and to
everyone's surprise we all came within a minute of each
other. Mr. Newman was probably the most surprised when
he shot a third small load into my mouth. When they
were getting dressed he said that he had not cum three
times in an hour since he was in his thirties.

I took that as a compliment.

I wiped my dripping ass and pussy as the men dressed
and I e****ted them downstairs and told them that they
were welcome anytime. They had been very nice and they
both said that I was every bit as good as they had
heard. I couldn't help wondering what these guys all
said about me when they were talking among themselves.

It was time to start cooking my killer recipe for rump
roast. I have a secret recipe. After I have served it
to people they have begged me for it. It makes the most
tender roast and the most delicious gravy you have ever
tasted. It just takes five hours to cook.

After I started dinner I went up and took a shower and
laid out a nice outfit to put on before the men got
home. I considered going for slutty, but I had a sense
that Mr. Morris preferred sweet and innocent. And I
really wanted to please him.

I am a pretty good cook, but I still screw up pretty
good from time to time. I am only twenty-two and have
not been cooking that long. But not tonight, tonight
everything was perfect and was ready at the right time.
I had the wine opened and breathing and when the men
came in I helped Mr. Morris out of his coat and tie and
we had a glass of wine talked comfortably while I
served dinner.

The food was perfect. Mr. Morris loved the gravy and
the wine. Brad was a little nervous at first, but he
finally relaxed and the conversation became comfortable
and pleasant. I was as proud of myself as I could be.

After dinner we talked for a little longer and finished
off the wine and then I stood up and while Brad offered
to clear off the table, I took Mr. Morris' hand and led
him upstairs. I had lit some scented candles earlier to
freshen up the air in there a little.

Mr. Morris resisted a little at first. I didn't know if
he was afraid that I couldn't achieve the same results
if I tried again, or if he was just being polite. I put
my arms around his neck and smiled and said, "Mr.
Morris, I'm desert."

He leaned down and kissed me and said, "We don't have
to do this every time that we are together."

"And we won't," I said. "I really enjoy your company,
we both do. But I have been thinking about this since
the first time. I really want to do this."

"It is the only thing that I can do for you," I said.
"I promise, next time we can just sit and talk. I enjoy
that too. It has been the nicest dinner I have ever
hosted, though to be honest, we don't do this often. We
really had a good time tonight. Now it is time for

I took his hand and pulled him up the stairs. He was
still reluctant, and I knew that he was afraid it
wouldn't happen again. But I was confident. I knew that
he liked me and enjoyed me and I knew that I was sexy.

We went to our room and I sat him in the overstuffed
chair that we had in a corner of our bedroom by the
window. I turned on the CD player with some soft mood
music. Then I slowly took off my dress in front of him
and, after slowly turning around in front of him I sat
in his lap and I put my arm around his neck and started
kissing his neck and his ear while he moved his hands
over my body through my sexy underwear.

We sat that way for a long time, and I was getting very
turned on. The kissing got more passionate and I could
feel his cock moving under me.

I reached between the cups of my bra and released the
hooks and let it go slack and slide free and drop to
the floor. He groaned softly as my breasts were exposed
and cupped them lovingly. I said to him, "You have a
wonderful touch. You must have made a lot of women very
happy over the years. Look how wet my panties are."

His fingers moved down and rubbed the crotch of my
tight, nylon panties and I groaned in genuine pleasure
at his touch. I was getting very turned on, and I could
tell that he was too. I stood up and pulled my panties
down and before I could toss them away he took them and
held them to his nose and breathed softly.

He smiled at me, actually smiled, and said, "My sweet
Jan, I have never smelled anything so wonderful in my
life. This no woman can fake."

I pulled him to his feet and undressed him and we moved
to the bed. I put him on his back and I started at his
forehead and kissed him all over his body. When I got
to his nipples he shuddered in excitement, no woman had
every touched him there before. I kissed my way all the
way down to his feet, everywhere but his cock and his
balls, and I noticed that his cock looked harder than
it had been when he had his orgasm the first time we
were together. Then I kissed my way back up the inside
of his legs and as I moved up I watched his cock. By
the time I had his balls in my mouth his cock was hard.
Not half hard, he had a hardon!

I took him in my mouth and sucked at it for a moment,
and then I moved up over him and slid my pussy down
over it while he shivered in excitement and stared at
my body. I groaned as he entered me and told him how
wonderful he felt, and he did. He had such a nice large
cock. When it was hard it was still eight inches, it
had not gotten any longer than when it was soft, but it
was nice and fat and it felt very good.

"Jesus," I said quietly, "I love your big fat cock!"

I started bouncing up and down while he watched my tits
bounce violently. I was so excited that I had this
effect on him that I came in minutes. I kept moving
though and I asked him, "Do you want to cum in my
pussy, or in my mouth?"

He groaned and begged me not to stop and I didn't I
sped up and reached down and tickled his nipples and he
grabbed my tits and squeezed and swore and thrust his
hips up and came violently.

I stopped pumping up and down and just held his cock in
my pussy and clasped it with my muscles as he calmed
down and got his breath back. I leaned down after a
minute and kissed his neck and his chest and told him
how wonderful he was, and I meant it. I had had a
wonderful orgasm, and I had already had a lot of sex

He reached his arms around me and hugged me tight and
said, "You have made an old man very happy young lady."

I smiled and said, "Apparently you aren't as old as you
thought you were!"

He chuckled and said, "No, apparently not. My god, what
is it about you?!"

I smiled and replied, "Must be pheromones."

We held onto each other for a long time, sometimes
talking quietly, but mostly just being close. It was
very pleasant. I am not even sure how much time had
passed before I got up on my knees and sucked him

He got up on his elbows as I did and said, "I have
never seen a woman do that before. Do you like to do

I took his cock out of my mouth and said, "The first
time was a little strange, but it is just cum and pussy
juice. I have tasted my pussy before and I didn't think
it was disgusting, and I have tasted your cum. And I
like cum. So it is really no big deal. And men really
seem to get a kick out of it."

"You like cum?" he asked incredulously.

"Yes," I replied. "Well, no, I mean it isn't delicious
or anything. I don't care much one way or the other for
the taste, I like the idea of a man cumming in me, in
my mouth. It excites me. Sometimes you can't explain
what you feel."

He smiled again and said, "I wish I had met you when I
was young Fran. I would have loved you so."

I laughed and said, "If you had met me when you were
too much younger you would have gone to jail!"

He chuckled and said, "It would have been worth it."

I offered to take a quick shower with him and after
thinking about it he said that it sounded like fun. So
we did, though it turned out to be not so quick. There
was a lot of soaping up of other peoples body parts and
it took a little longer than it might have otherwise.

We went back to the bedroom and I stayed naked and
helped him dress. When he was ready I put my arms
around him and looked up and said, "Now Mr. Morris,
don't go home and think about buying me something. You
did that already. Okay?"

He looked around and said, "You are going to need
furniture. I know a great decorator. And would you do
me a favor? When we are alone, would you call me Mo?
That was what my wife called me."

"NO! I mean, yes, I will be happy to call you Mo. No
you are not going to pay to furnish that mansion you
gave us. God! It makes me feel guilty every time I
think about it. We are here this evening because I like
you and I like being with you. You don't have to buy me

"Dear, sweet Fran, we have already had this
conversation. I am always going to win. I have met you
three times now. And as incredible as it seems, I feel
closer to you than to anyone currently alive on this
planet. You are a miraculous human being and I intend
to do everything that I can do to spoil the hell out of
you. So you might as well get used to it. If it eases
your conscience, I am extremely fond of Brad as well. I
have been watching him since he started with us. He is
just as remarkable as you, in his own way of course."

"Yes," I agreed, "he is. I adore him. We are the
perfect couple. You know, after you leave, I am going
to tell him everything that happened, and he is going
to fuck the shit out of me, if you will pardon my
French. We both have some pretty strange sexual tastes
as it turns out."

"And I am glad," Mo said, "because I would hate to hurt
either of you."

I said, "Thank you for coming. I really enjoyed it, all
of it. When would you like to come again?"

"Oh dear, I don't want to impose. I'll come by again
some time."

"No, I won't accept that, once a week? I don't know
what your schedule is like."

"I am afraid my heart couldn't take that," he said.

I wasn't sure if he was k**ding or not.

I thought for a moment and said, "The fifteenth and the
thirtieth of every month?" I didn't let him answer.
"That will be it, unless you feel like coming over some
other time. You will be welcome in our home any day of
the month of course. That's only twice a month, your
poor heart can manage that, right?"

He smiled and said, "We can try that and see how it

"Great!" I exclaimed. "Brad makes lasagna that will
knock your socks off. I'll let him cook next time."

We finally went back downstairs and Brad was sitting in
his recliner and reading his book. He got up and
greeted us. Mr. Morris seemed slightly embarrassed in
front of Brad, but I elbowed him and said, "Relax,
remember what I said upstairs."

He smiled; I have seen him smile a lot lately. I don't
know why he doesn't do that more. Then he kissed me
goodnight and shook Brad's hand and thanked him for his
hospitality. I tried to get him to stay for another
glass of wine but it was getting late. I was shocked
when I looked at the clock. We had been upstairs for
more than two hours!

We went to the door and I saw his car and driver
outside and asked, "He wasn't sitting out there alone
all of this time was he?"

"No dear," Mr. Morris replied. "He dropped me off and I
paged him a little while ago. I assure you that he is
not going without dinner."

He shook Brad's hand again and said, "She is a
remarkable woman, one of a kind. You are very lucky."

Brad was smart enough to agree with him.

We went back inside after he left and Brad said, "Jesus
Jan, I was getting worried about you. Did it go

I told him all about it as we were lying in bed in the
dark. As we talked I was holding his cock and I noticed
that he didn't get very hard. Too many conflicting
emotions wrapped up in his boss I suppose. But then I
said, "I had other visitors today. Would you like to
hear about them?"

It was already late, and he was going to be tired
tomorrow, but he wanted to hear about it, so I told him
all about Mr. Grant and Mr. Newman.

He was hard all the way through this tale. He couldn't
believe I had given up my ass cherry without a fight,
or that I had had an orgasm while doing it. I promised
him his chance at it tomorrow. I was still a little
sore. But I happily sucked him off so that he didn't
have worry about turning over and breaking his hard
cock in his sl**p.

It was late and we both went right to sl**p. It had
been a long day. I suddenly realized that I had had sex
with four men today! Sounds pretty slutty to me!

The next morning, Saturday, we woke up a little late.
We usually slept a little later on Saturdays, but
yesterday had been exhausting, especially for me, and I
really slept late. When I woke up Brad was already up
and I went to the bathroom and went downstairs naked to
find that coffee was ready and Brad had already
finished the paper.

He insisted that I sit and he made my breakfast. I
appreciate the sentiment when he does nice things for
me, but I don't like it when he does my only job. It is
all that I do. Taking care of him and the house is my
job and it really isn't that hard, most days anyway. It
will be getting more difficult soon I guess. Our new
house will be about six times as large as the house we
live in now.

By the time I finished breakfast it was after ten. We
didn't have anything planned for today. Taking it easy
was the only thing on the schedule. I had started to
read the paper and sip on my last cup of coffee when
the doorbell rang. Since I was naked, Brad went to the

I heard him come back into the room and I looked up to
ask him who it had been when I saw that he wasn't
alone! I screamed and covered myself with the newspaper
and asked Brad what the hell he was thinking.

He was laughing so hard that he couldn't answer for a
minute. The gentleman with him smiled and excused
himself and went into the living room. I got up and
went over to Brad and started to warn him that he
wanted me to stay naked around the house, this was not
the way to talk me into it.

He smiled and said, "Is it really that big a deal? You
like being naked. You like it when men see you naked. I
like you being naked. I like it when men see you naked.
What is the problem here?"

I started to explain what the problem was, but then I
thought, the hell with it, if that was what he wanted,
did I really mind? I cocked my eyebrow at Brad. I
realized that I had just been more or less dared. I
didn't have to think about it long to realize that
everything that he had said was true. I would be
embarrassed, but that was part of the fun of it, wasn't

I walked around Brad and went into the living room and
said, "I'm sorry if I embarrassed you, I wasn't
expecting anyone and I was startled." I held out my
hand and said, "My name is Jan, can I help you?"

He was still blushing as he held out his hand and
smiled and said, "Hello, my name is Mike. I heard that
you were extraordinary. That turns out to have been a
gross understatement. You are very beautiful."

"Thank you," I said.

"I apologize for coming unannounced," he continued. "I
was instructed to do so. I am here to help you with the
furnishing of your new home. I own Modern Décor."

Modern Décor was the only place to go if you were
furnishing a mansion. We couldn't afford it of course,
but it was the only place of its kind in town that was
a household name.

"Oh no," I exclaimed. "Mr. Morris must have put you up
to this. I told him not to. He is a wonderful man, but
you can't tell him anything."

Mike said, "Yes, he is a wonderful man. And I have
noticed a big change in him this week. I don't know
what is going on, but whatever you are doing, please
keep doing it."

"You know Mr. Morris?" I asked.

Mike smiled and said, "My full name is Michael Morris.
He is my father. And in the last two days I have seen a
change in him that I thought that I would never see. I
have seen him smile for the first time in decades.
Everyone tells me that you are responsible for that
change. I am just as grateful to you as he is. I love
my father, and I love the change you have brought about
in him.

"Maybe you should wait to hear what he has done in the
last two days. You may not be so happy with me. The day
before yesterday he bought my husband and I a fucking
mansion, pardon my French. I tried everything that I
could think of to talk him out of it. Maybe you could
talk some sense into him. And now this, today, you!
This is life, totally out of whack!"

He smiled even wider and said, "Is there any more of
that coffee? It smells very good."

"Oh! I'm sorry; I am not usually this rude. This has
been a strange week, and my husband threw me off this
morning when he decided it would not be a problem if I
were to be nude when we had company now. I have not
always been this brazen. Please, come in and sit down
and let me get you some coffee."

He said, "Don't apologize, you are truly beautiful. You
have made my entire year. Your husband is right, you do
belong this way."

Brad had already gotten him a cup of coffee by the time
we got seated at the dining room table.

He added some cream and sugar and then he said, "My
father, and Heather, my real source of information,
have told me a lot about you. Well, not a lot. But they
have both made it clear what a change you have been
responsible for. I already knew about the house, and
since I am going to be providing the furniture, we have
to assume that I am aware of that as well."

"Please, don't feel guilty. Dad has money to burn, and
from time to time he does frivolous things with it. I
don't have a problem with that. But I don't see this as
one of those times."

"I am not waiting around for dad to die so that I can
inherit. I have my own money. But I have to tell you, I
do not have a problem with what he is doing for you. I
have learned enough about you to know that you are not
a gold digger. But the important thing is that I don't
doubt at all that you have added at least ten years,
ten happy years, to my dad's life. I have not seen him
like he is now since my mother died. Heather said that
he was whistling yesterday! He has not whistled in

"Jan, Brad, I am honored to help out with furnishing
your new home. I look forward to working with you. Dad
said you will need just about everything. I came by to
get some idea of what you like, what your tastes are,
and ask you if you have anything special in mind."

"Mike," I said, still not comfortable with this entire
situation, "you are aware that your father is in the
process of giving my husband and me property valued in
excess of a million dollars because I had sex with him
twice. You should be outraged!"

Mike said, "No, I am not, I am grateful. And I have to
say, having seen so much of you this morning, I don't
blame him. Hell, I almost wish I was straight."

I laughed and said, "If you like we can work on it."

"No thanks, even my father has given up on that. Now, I
would like to look around and see what you have that
you want to keep, and get some idea what you would
like, what sort of styles appeal to you, and offer you
the opportunity to go through some things that I have
in mind. I have been to your new home and looked
around, and I have some terrific ideas."

I had an easy answer for that. "Mike, neither my
husband nor I have any taste. As long as you don't do
the house in art deco, or get too feminine about it, I
think we should let you surprise us. All we ask is that
it be comfortable and relatively simple."

Then I turned to Brad and said, "Unless you want to get
more involved in this?"

Brad laughed and said, "When Mike told me why he was
here at the door I was so relieved I wanted to kiss
him. Let's stay out of this and let him do what he is
famous for."

We talked for a little longer. By the time Mike had
finished his coffee he had asked enough questions that
he had an idea what sort of thing, what sort of colors
and styles appealed to us. I saw him out and then I
went in and walked behind Brad and half strangled him.

He was laughing so hard he could hardly defend himself.
I said, "You could have warned me! We needed to have
that talk before there was a strange man standing in
our living room!"

Brad pulled my arms loose and pulled me around into his
lap. One of his hands went right to my pussy and his
finger slid in easily. He smiled at me and said, "It
does not appear that you are as upset as you claim to

He continued moving his finger in and out of me and
then he stood me up and picked me up and tossed me over
his shoulder and carried me upstairs. Lately it seems
like we just can't get enough sex. That is not a

We drove out to the new house later in the afternoon
and looked around again, trying to imagine what it
would be like to live there. We met the builder and
talked with him for a few minutes. He was very nice and
gave us his card and said that if we found anything
that wasn't right, or anything that we wanted to
change, just call him, anytime. I couldn't imagine
changing anything. The house is so beautiful that it
would have given me a hardon if I was a man!

Before we left we looked out into the large backyard
and saw that they were digging a big hole. We went out
to see what was going on and there was a crew putting
in a huge swimming pool. The supervisor showed us the
plans, which included an oversized sculptured pool
about the size of a small lake, a large hot tub, and a
waterfall. There was also a huge, multi-level patio and
there was another crew building a ten foot high brick
wall around a large portion of the backyard.

The house was nearly finished and the men in the back
said that the pool was going to be finished before
closing at the end of the month. With our heads
spinning we got back in our new Cadillac and went out
for an early dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant.

After dinner we went home and watched a DVD and turned
in early.

On Sunday we got up at a more normal time and had
another leisurely breakfast. Then we read the paper and
did the crossword puzzle together.

I had bought five beautiful rib eye steaks and I made
potato salad and we were all ready when Brad's
secretary, Jennifer showed up with her two k**s. Her
son, Connor was thirteen and her daughter Haley was
fifteen. She apologized for being a few minutes late.
Her old junker of a car was acting up.

It was a pleasure having them. Jennifer was very
personable and her two k**s were great. We had a
wonderful afternoon. We invited them to stick around
and watch a movie later and they were easily talked
into it. While Brad and the k**s went out to rent a
movie, I had a chance to get to know Jennifer better. I
liked her a lot, and I really felt sorry for her. She
was having a really hard time of it. Her statement when
we first spoke, about being separated, had been
something of an understatement. Her husband had
disappeared leaving them in debt and struggling to get
by with an unreliable car and having to move to a small
apartment because she couldn't afford the rent on their

While she was talking it occurred to me that we had two
cars that we didn't drive anymore, and a furnished
house that we didn't need anymore. I was so excited by
the idea of helping Jennifer and her k**s out that I
couldn't wait until Brad got home to ask if we could.

While we talked I made some popcorn and when Brad and
the k**s got home I took Brad aside and told him what I
was thinking. He thought that it was a great idea. Our
house, the one we had now, was almost paid for. We had
gotten it with a large down payment and paid double and
triple payments on our fifteen year mortgage. We had
also fixed it up a lot. The balance on our mortgage was
probably under fifty thousand. We would have to
continue to carry the mortgage until Jennifer got
herself back on her feet, but it felt good to be able
to help her out. I realized that we were getting a
taste of what Mr. Morris must be feeling when he was
helping us.

While Brad was watching the movie with the k**s,
Jennifer and I talked. I should have known better than
to let him and two teenagers go to pick out a movie.
Neither of us was interested in the slasher movie they
had rented.

I asked Jennifer to go outside with me and I grabbed
the keys to my three year old Buick Ultra. We had kept
it up and it was like new. I walked Jennifer out to it
and asked her if she would like it. She looked at me
like I was nuts and I said, "I mean it. We have that
company car now. And they pick Brad up and take him
back and forth to work. These two cars just sit in the
driveway taking up space. I want you to have this one."

I was expecting her to be happy, to smile, laugh,
something, not cry! She covered her face and started to
cry and I took her into my arms and held her for a

She finally pulled herself together and said, "It has
been so long since anything nice happened to me. I
should say no, but I can't. I need a car desperately.
Thank you so much, Jan."

I took her hand and we went up onto the porch and sat
down. I said, "After that reaction, you better be
sitting down for my next proposal."

She looked at me, and I was so excited about what I was
going to say I was almost crying. "We are moving in a
couple of weeks. We have a new home. When we do, we
want you to have this house. We still owe some money on
it, less than fifty thousand. We understand that you
won't be able to handle that for a while. Not until you
get back on your feet anyway. So we want you to live
here, and you can keep any or all of the furniture and
sell what you don't want, or give it away, whatever.
Later, when you can swing it, maybe we will talk about
you assuming the mortgage. Until then, you just worry
about the utilities. How does that sound?"

She looked white as a sheet and she said, "I think I
need to lie down. I feel faint."

I helped her up and took her inside and up to our room.
I laid her out on the bed and put a cold cloth on her

I stretched out beside her and waited while she calmed
down. Finally she looked like she was recovering and
she had tears streaming down her cheeks. I used the
cloth to wipe her eyes and told her that it was no big
deal. We were in a position where we were able to help
out and we were happy to do it.

She turned on her side and took me in her arms and
hugged me so tight. It was kind of strange. I had never
been in bed with a woman like this before. I knew that
it wasn't anything sexual, but still, it felt kind of
weird. I guess all of the sex I had been exposed to in
the last week was giving me a dirty mind.

When Jennifer felt better we went back downstairs and
sat in the dining room until the movie ended. They left
in the Buick after getting their belongings out of
their old car which I was going to have towed to the
junk yard the next day.

Brad and I went to bed that night feeling so good about
ourselves. It was fun playing Santa Claus.

The next day I got a call telling me to report to Mr.
Burton's office at noon. He and Mr. Gordon were the
final two VPs that I had yet to have sex with. As I was
getting ready I decided that it was time to start
wearing some of those new clothes I had bought, the
sexy ones.

I went through the dozen outfits and picked out a very
short, very thin dress, and nothing but a thong for
underneath. I took a shower and got ready and looked at
myself in the mirror. I looked pretty hot, but it was
going to be obvious to the people at the plant what I
was there for now, if they didn't already know.

I drove in and parked in Brad's spot. I already knew
where Mr. Burton's office was and just breezed through
reception and waived at the smiling young women there.
They waived back and I went to Mr. Burton's secretary
and told her that he was expecting me. She told me to
go right in.

Mr. Burton was the youngest of the VPs, and one of the
nicest. I had met him several times and he had always
been very polite, but very friendly, and I was not as
nervous as I had been with the others that I had been
with so far.

He got up when I entered and came around his desk and
he looked at my new outfit and said, "Wow! You look
hot! When the word was passed around that you and your
husband had accepted the position and that you were
going to be in EPOD I was so excited. I always thought
you were such a sexy young thing.

I smiled at him and thanked him for the compliment. I
noticed that he seemed to be, I don't know, not his
normal "in charge" self, though he wasn't as nervous as
me. I asked him if he would like me to take my clothes

He grinned and said, "I would like that very much!
Please do."

I put my purse down and started to get out of the two
items of clothing that I was wearing. As I slowly
undressed I asked him, "May I ask you a couple of

"Of course, what would you like to know?" he responded.

"I have been wondering what the other people know about
EPOD. Do the secretaries know about us? Or the other
people in the plant?"

Mr. Burton looked thoughtful and then he said, "I
suppose that they know something. They haven't been
told anything, and EPOD is a secret program that we
don't discuss except among ourselves. But the ladies
see unusual things, and they gossip like workers
everywhere. So I guess the best answer to your question
is that they know something is going on, but they don't
know what, exactly."

"I just wondered," I said, "Not that it matters. I have
noticed that there are no locks on the office doors.
Aren't you worried about being disturbed?"

"No, I told my secretary that you were coming in to see
me about something and that when you arrived I didn't
want to be disturbed. She is very good about that. And
as a general rule, people don't barge into other
people's offices around here."

I was suddenly struck by another question. "It just
occurred to me that, since this program has gone on for
so long, all six of you must have come up through the
same program! Did all of your wives take part in EPOD?
If they did, they know that you are screwing around at
work! How do they feel about that?"

He smiled and said, "Yes, all of our wives, and us,
went through it. They have had different reactions. My
wife enjoyed the hell out of it, and we still enjoy the
occasional get-together with other men and couples. In
fact, she is looking forward to meeting you. She has
heard a lot of very good things about you."

"Most of the wives enjoyed, or were at least tolerant
of the program while they were in it, but are glad to
be out of it now. It doesn't always work out that way.
Two couples left the program before they could get
promoted out of it. That is how the position opened up
for Brad."

"Riggs' wife left him just before he got promoted, she
should not have gotten into it, and she wasn't someone
who took well to that lifestyle. I suppose being
married to Riggs might have had something to do with
that. I recommend that you watch out for him. Sometimes
I think that he is more than just a little weird."

I had been naked for most of Mr. Burton's answer to my
question and he had begun to explore my body while he
talked. He had a nice, gentle, stimulating touch and it
felt pretty good.

After he finished talking he pulled me close and kissed
me and I returned his kiss with just as much passion.
He ran his hands over my body a little longer, and then
he stepped back and started to undress. I helped, and
we quickly had him out of those clothes.

As soon as he was naked I dropped to my knees and began
to pleasure his already hard cock. I licked his balls
and took them into my mouth and gently massaged them
with my tongue. I licked my way up his shaft slowly,
teasing him with my tongue. Then I slid my lips down
over his throbbing cock and began to slowly pump my
mouth up and down his cock, eventually taking the first
inch or two into my throat. He moaned and quivered with
pleasure as I worked his cock lovingly and it was
obvious that he enjoyed what I was doing because he
came much too quickly, I would have enjoyed working on
him a little longer. I surrounded the head of his cock
with my lips and let him fill my mouth with his hot cum
and then I swallowed eagerly. But I didn't take my
mouth away, I continued to lick and suck on his tasty
organ until he was hard again, which didn't take very
long at all.

When he couldn't stand any more he pulled his cock from
my mouth to avoid cumming again so quickly. He pulled
me to my feet and guided me to an overstuffed chair and
invited me to sit down. Then he knelt in front of me
and ate me to a very nice orgasm. It was obvious that
he enjoyed doing it and it had turned him on as much as
it had me.

As soon as I came he straightened up and lined his cock
up with my sopping wet pussy and slowly entered me. It
felt great and I moaned as every inch of his cock was
buried inside of my hot pussy.

He stayed still for a minute, while we both savored the
wonderful feeling that a couple gets when those two
organs are first joined, and then he started to fuck
me, very slowly at first. As he fucked me he moved his
hands over me, playing with my nipples and teasing my
clit while he took long, slow strokes that soon started
to drive me crazy. I started to moan and groan and soon
I was swearing like a sailor and begging him to fuck me
harder. He was very good at this, and I was really
enjoying it.

He started to comply with my requests and fuck me
harder and faster and very quickly we were both cumming
again. I came first and then I reached up and ran my
hands over his chest as he sped up even more and then
he tensed up and filled my pussy with cum.

He stayed inside of me for a minute, and then he smiled
and told me how wonderful I was and how much he had
enjoyed that. I assured him that the feeling was
mutual, and when he pulled out of me I sank to my knees
in front of him and licked and sucked him clean. As I
did he smiled and said, "I thought my wife was the only
woman who did that!"

I finished what I was doing and looked up and said, "I
have only been doing it for a little while, but I like
it, I think it is kind of sexy."

He kissed me and said, "Yes, I do to. Thank you."

He stood up then and helped me to my feet. He let me
use his bathroom to clean up and then I got dressed
while he watched. When I was dressed he said, "Damn you
are sexy! Have you ever been with another woman?"

I shook my head.

He asked, "My wife is bi, and she is very attracted to
you after hearing so much about you. How do you feel
about that?"

"Curious," I said, honestly. "I know my husband would
like to see it."

Mr. Burton shook his head and said, "You better get out
of here before I decide that twice was not enough. I
have got to do some work today or Brad will be getting
my job."

I walked over to him and kissed him and said, "I had
fun, thanks."

He returned my kiss, and then he kissed my forehead and
said, "Would you and your husband be free for dinner on

I nodded and he said, "Great, we'll pick you up at
seven. Wear something sexy."

We said goodbye and I walked over to my husband's
office. When I entered the reception area I got the
strangest look from the woman at the desk. I said hello
to her and went through and into Jennifer's office.

When she saw me she jumped up and ran around her desk
and hugged me and thanked me all over again for the car
and the house. I had been so distracted by Mr. Burton
that I had forgotten all about that!

I told her again that she was welcome, and she let me
into Brad's office and sat with me for a few minutes,
until he returned. We talked and I was looking forward
to when the excitement passed and she calmed down a
little, this was getting to be embarrassing.

Brad finally came in and Jennifer left us alone. We
kissed and hugged and I told him why I was there, and
how much fun I was having.

He smiled and said, "Good, I would hate it if you were
upset by what was going on."

"Nope," I said, "No hard feelings here." Then I reached
down and put my hand on his cock and said, "But I
detect a hard feeling here. Would you like some help
with that?"

Brad looked at his watch and said, "I would love some
help with that, but I have a meeting that started two
minutes ago. Hold that thought until I get home."

We kissed and I left him alone in his office with a
hardon. I didn't feel too bad about it. I figured that
it would be good for him to remember how much he wanted
me. Let him think about how much he wants me, like he
used to when I would undress in front of my window when
we were k**s.

I headed for my car but when I got to the main entrance
one of the women from the reception desk called out to
me. "Mrs. Pittman! I'm glad I caught you. Heather
called down a little while ago and asked that if you
came in today, please come by the office. Mr. Morris
wanted to see you for a minute."

I thanked her and turned around and went back to
Heather's office. She smiled and got up when she saw
me. She came around and hugged me. I didn't know what
to make of all the affection I was getting around her

She said hello and we talked for a second before she
buzzed Mr. Morris and let him know that I was here. He
had her send me in and I knocked lightly and went in to
his office.

He was already getting up when I entered. He met me
half way to his desk and hugged me and said, "Just
seeing your pretty face brightens my day. Thanks again
for Friday. It was a wonderful meal. And it was the
most wonderful desert that I have ever experienced."

I smiled and told him again how welcome he was, and how
much I looked forward to doing it again.

"But the reason that I asked to see you," he said, "was
to tell you what a wonderful thing that I think you are
doing for Jennifer," he said.

I smiled and said, "But we are just doing for her, on a
smaller scale, what you have done for us. It is fun,
isn't it?"

He grinned and said, "Yes, it is fun. It is very
satisfying. But I had not expected you to pay it
forward, as it were. Most people in your position would
not have been so generous, and I just wanted to tell
you how proud of you two I am."

I smiled and said, "Thank you, and thank you for making
it possible."

Then I twirled around in front of him and said, "Do you
like my new dress? I am wearing it for the first time.
Isn't it sexy?"

"Believe me," he said, "I noticed!"

I moved closer and put my hand on his cheek and said,
"I have some spare time."

He leaned down and kissed my forehead and said, "I love
you for offering, but I am already late for a meeting.
Soon though, I think about you all of the time."

I put my arms around his neck and kissed him and said,
"I think about you all of the time too. You are a
wonderful man. And I love your son too. Thank you for
sending him over to see us."

Mr. Morris chuckled and said, "Yes, he told me all
about it. He said you almost straightened him out."

There was just a hint of wistfulness in his voice when
he talked about his son being gay. I said, "He is a
great guy, and I know you are proud of him. And it is
obvious how much he loves you. That says a lot about

We said goodbye then and I drove to the grocery store,
did some shopping and went home.

The rest of the day, and that evening were more like a
regular day than we had had in the week since this had
all started. We had a nice quiet meal that evening and
we had sex that night, but we made love instead of
fucking for a change. It was nice.

Afterwards we lay together holding each other in the
dark and talking quietly. One of the things we talked
about was tomorrow night. We had no idea what the
Burtons had planned, but we talked about, among other
things, the possibility that for the first time in our
sexual games, Brad might become intimate with another

Brad was afraid of how I would react if that happened.
But as I thought about it I realized that I had no
doubts about how Brad felt about me, and I think that,
especially lately, I had come to separate sexuality and
love. I think I had a pretty good perspective on
things. I remembered being upset with the idea of Brad
with another woman. But a lot had happened to broaden
my horizons since I had been so provincial and now I
thought that it might even be kind of sexy to watch.

We also discussed the probability that I would be
intimate with Mrs. Burton. I was nervous about that,
but Brad didn't have to hide the fact that it turned
him on. We had talked about it before and I knew that
he would enjoy seeing that. I wasn't upset with him; I
knew that it was a popular male fantasy.

The next day, around ten, there was a knock on the door
and I opened it to see Mr. Gordon, the last of the six
VPs. He smiled and asked if he could come in and I
smiled and welcomed him.

I assumed that he was here for his turn with me, and in
a way that was true. He did not ask me to go upstairs,
or to undress, though. Instead he asked if I had any
coffee. I quickly made a half pot and he sat at the
dining room table looking uncomfortable.

I brought him in a cup of coffee and we sat quietly at
the table and I was getting nervous, waiting for him to
tell me what was wrong. Because this was not going the
way I had come to expect. I was beginning to think that
he was here to give me some bad news and I was getting

"First," he said, "let me apologize, I can see that I
have made you nervous. Don't be. I am just
uncomfortable and not sure how to tell you that we are
not going to have sex. I didn't mean that as arrogantly
as it probably sounded."

I wasn't reassured yet.

"Let me try that again," he said and smiled
uncomfortably. "I am the last of the six men to be
promoted to senior vice president. My wife went through
EPOD and she did not go through it well. Thankfully, I
suppose because of her attitude, she was not popular
and was not called on very often. Now that I have been
promoted and am more or less expected to enjoy the
company of the four ladies in the program, my wife and
I have agreed that it would be best if I refrained from
enjoying your company. The problem with that is, I have
to give the appearance of enjoying your obvious charms
or my peers will become…. uncomfortable, I suppose is
the best word to use."

I asked, "So you came over to tell me that you would
not be having sex with me?"

"Well that," he answered, "and to give the appearance
that I was away from the office having sex with you. I
will be required to attend those parties and at those
parties I will be, intimate with you. I am sorry, this
conversation makes me uncomfortable. I know how silly
this must all sound to you. I have to maintain this
charade in order to avoid making the others suspicious.
It is hard to explain. But when I was first promoted I
tried to avoid the parties and I left the EPOD girls
alone and I started finding myself being marginalized
at work. It seems that if I don't take advantage of all
of the companies perks I am not entirely trusted."

"So," he continued, "I make this agreement with all of
the ladies in EPOD. I will spend some time with you
during the day, as often as I need to, to maintain the
charade, and I will avail myself of one of you when I
attend the parties, but to the extent possible, I want
our relationship to be platonic."

I actually felt sorry for him! I smiled and said, "I am
yours to command, if you wish to spend your time with
me drinking coffee and talking, that's fine. If you
change your mind, I am not one of those women who
joined EPOD and went kicking and screaming all of the
way. Unlike some of them, my husband and I are in the
program because it is a turn on for us. But you don't
have to worry about me looking down on you for being
honorable. I would be happy to spend a little time in
conversation. I don't watch television, my housework is
done, let's talk."

So we did. We had a very nice conversation and we were
both sorry when he finally had to leave. It turned out
that he, too, went to Middlebury College, although he
had gone more than thirty years before me. But we
talked about campus life and how much had changed and
how much had stayed the same and we had a very pleasant
morning. When he finally had to go I e****ted him to
the door and we said goodbye. Before he left I told him
that, as uncomfortable as it might make him, I hoped
that he would choose me at the first party, I was
looking forward to getting to know him better.

He smiled and shook my hand and said, "You are almost
too beautiful to have sex with. I have really enjoyed
your company this morning. I don't believe that I have
ever met a more lovely, and more charming young lady. I
suspect that even my wife would love you. Come to think
of it, everyone that has met you seems to love you. You
are remarkable. Don't tell my wife that I said so, but
I am actually looking forward to the next party."

I laughed and said, "Are you sure that you don't want a

"Alas," he said with a sigh, "my conscience, and my all
knowing wife, prevents me from taking you up on that

I kissed his cheek and said, "Come back often, even if
it is just to drink coffee and talk. I enjoyed your

He left and I thought about his strange situation.
Imagine being f***ed to have sex with other women,
against his will! But then I realized that once he was
promoted, Brad would be in the position of having to
have sex with the EPOD ladies, whether he wanted to or
not. How would I feel about that? I hadn't considered
that one day I would no longer be in EPOD, but Brad
would have those four ladies available to service him.
This seemed like something I would need to discuss with
Mrs. Burton when we went out to dinner.

It was still early and I was left with nothing to do.
It was my first real day off since last Monday. And
here I sat, kind of wishing that one of the men, or a
couple of the men, from the plant would come on by and
put me to good use. But nobody did, and so I put my
bikini on and went out back to get a little sun and
read for an hour.

As I sat there in my lounger chair I couldn't help
thinking about the pictures I had seen at the new house
of the fantastic pool that we would soon have in our
back yard. And I thought about our parents and what
they would think of our new home. And then I wondered
what we would tell them about how we could afford what
seemed to be adding up to a 1.5 million dollar home and
furnishings, and a car that cost nearly fifty thousand
dollars. Both sets of our parents had been sure that we
would be so sorry when we married so young. We were
"setting ourselves up for failure," according to my
dad. As failures go, we seemed to be doing pretty well.

I went in when my hour was up and took a shower. Then I
stayed naked, the way Brad likes me, and went around
the house taking serious stock of our possessions and
deciding what would get moved. There wasn't that much.
Our books would have to go with us, and our music, our
clothes, some souvenirs, a very few pieces of art and
our photographs. Our furniture was what we could afford
at the time and we were not that attached to it. Brad
would want his tools out of the garage, and his sports
equipment. We sure wouldn't be needing movers!

I got supper ready and met Brad at the door, stark
naked and with his drink in my hand, just the way he
likes me. He changed out of his suit and we had dinner
and I told him all about the strange visit from Mr.

He said, "I hadn't thought of that. I thought that once
I was promoted it would be over. But it won't will it?
And we might both not want it to be over. But suddenly
having the tables turned, for me to be getting all of
the action while you are left out, I guess neither of
us thought that far ahead."

After dinner I cleaned up and we played dominos for an
hour. I don't care for that particular pastime myself,
but Brad learned it from his f****y and they had played
it a lot. He enjoyed it and I didn't really mind. What
pissed me off was that he always won. At least at
scrabble I had a fifty-fifty chance. Something about
those damned dominos, I mean, I can add and subtract,
but I just couldn't seem to think when we played that
stupid game.

Then we went to bed and read for a while. We didn't
make love, we were both sl**py by the time we turned
the lights out. Instead, we cuddled and he held me
close and kissed my neck and my shoulder and we just
lay there feeling close and in love.

The next day I went out and got some boxes, came home
and undressed and did a little packing. I figured if I
did a little at a time, moving wouldn't even be a

Just before noon the doorbell rang and I looked out and
saw that it was Mr. Riggs, so I didn't bother getting

I went down and opened the door and he smiled when he
saw me and asked, "Were you expecting me sweetheart?"

I smiled back, invited him in and said, "No, Brad likes
me this way. So I stay naked most of the time I am at

"He is a smart man, and a lucky man. You do look lovely
that way. I am looking forward to following you

I said, "Right this way sir," and led off to the

As we climbed the stairs I felt his hands on my thighs
and my ass and by the time we got to the top of the
stairs and I looked around I saw that he had a hardon.
I walked ahead of him down the short hallway, swaying
my hips a little more than necessary to get from point
A to point B.

As soon as we were in my room I started to help him
undress and when his clothes were hung on the rack he
took my in his arms and hugged me and kissed me and ran
his hands all over me. After we had kissed for a moment
he said quietly in my ear, "Grant really pissed me off
last week. He knew that I wanted your cherry ass and he
took it. I am going to have to make sure it's okay
today. It would be horrible if he had damaged such a
beautiful ass."

I would much rather he use any other orifice, but after
all it isn't up to me. I stayed calm and asked him
where he would like to do this little check up and he
told me to suck him off first, then he would decide.

He sat down on the edge of the bed and I started to
take the two or three steps necessary to be at the edge
of the bed and kneel but he stopped me. He told me to
back up until I was at the wall.

I didn't know how he expected me to suck his cock from
fifteen feet away, but it was his nickel. When I was
standing with my back to the wall he ordered me to get
down on my hands and knees and crawl around in a circle
until he stopped me.

Well, I had heard he was a little weird, but I didn't
see the harm in it. I dropped to my knees and started
crawling around while he watched my breasts sway and my
ass swivel and I just counted myself lucky that he
didn't ask me to make a****l noises. It was
humiliating, but I could see where it might be fun to

I went around in a circle three times and he finally
beckoned me over to suck him off. As I was about to
take his cock into my mouth he asked, "Did you enjoy

I smiled as sweetly as I could and responded, "It
doesn't matter, as long as you did."

He patted my head as if I was an Irish setter and then
he let me suck him off. I have to assume that he had
enjoyed the show, he came very quickly. I took my mouth
off of him and swallowed his cum and I was amazed again
at how nice his cum tasted. It was actually pleasant! I
thought that was strange because he was such an
unpleasant person. After I had swallowed his hot, fresh
cum I went right back to sucking, gently at first, and
then with more enthusiasm.

He watched me suck his cock for a few minutes and then
he lay back on the bed and lifted his legs and ordered
me to lick and suck on his ass. I had done this for Mr.
Morris, of my own free will. For some reason it wasn't
the same being ordered to do it by someone who seemed
to already have such a low opinion of women. But I
didn't let him see what I was thinking. I had received
a lot of warnings about this guy. I didn't want to give
him any excuse to make things harder on me.

I licked up and down the crack of his ass for a few
moments and then I began working at his asshole with my
tongue. He was moaning with pleasure as I stiffened my
tongue and pushed it inside of him and I suppose that
he was really enjoying it, because he made me do it for
a very long time. By the time he dropped his legs my
tongue muscles were about to give out.

I sucked his cock a little more, at his direction, and
then he ordered me up on the bed with my knees at the
edge. He stood up and moved between my legs and pushed
his cock into my wet pussy. He chuckled when he
discovered how wet I was, as if it was all the proof he
needed that I was just a slut. But he didn't say
anything. He just stroked into my pussy for a minute
and then he pulled out and spread my ass cheeks and
started forcing his cock into my ass with no warm up,
and no lubricant except my own juices.

I tried to tell him that I had a lubricant, but he just
chuckled and said, "That's okay honey, I ain't that
big, and you ain't a virgin anymore. It feels just fine
to me."

Admittedly his cock was no more than average sized, but
still, I had only done this once, and I had been
stretched out and loosened up considerably first. But I
didn't fight him. I put my head down on my arms and
grunted and gasped in pain and tried to f***e myself to

As I moaned in pain he rubbed my ass cheeks roughly,
occasionally pinching me or slapping me as he began
fucking me with a steady rhythm. As he pumped my ass he
was saying in a very demeaning voice, "Yeah baby, nice
ass. That feels great. Talk to me, let me hear how much
it hurts."

And it did hurt, and I did talk to him. I said, "Oh
please Mr. Riggs. I'm not used to this. It hurts.
Please hurry." And then I resumed panting and gasping
in pain and I guess he liked the sounds I was making
because he came pretty quickly, thankfully.

He left his cock buried in me until it was soft and
then he pulled it out and grabbed my hair and pulled my
face around and made me suck him clean. What I wanted
to do was bite the bastard's cock off. But I had to
believe that if I did that, there was a better than
even chance that it might have a less than desirable
effect on Brad's career.

He let me suck him for quite a while before he was
satisfied and then he made me turn around again so he
could examine my asshole. He made me spread my cheeks
and bend down a little more and he said, "It still
looks beautiful, Jan. You could probably take on an
army and still look beautiful. Maybe we will have to
find out one of these days."

He reached out and scooped up some of his cum that was
leaking out of my asshole and turned me around again
and made me lick his fingers clean.

Then he turned me back around again and as I leaned
back down and spread my ass again he dressed slowly,
staring at me in this humiliating position.

When he was dressed he said, "I am going to come by and
pick you up tonight and take you out for a while, be
ready at eight."

I said, "I can't sir. One of the other VPs is picking
me up tonight at seven."

His face got red and he looked really pissed off. "Who,
which VP?" he asked, in a very irritated voice.

"Mr. Burton," I responded quietly. I had a feeling that
I was going to pay for not being available, even though
it wasn't my fault.

He hesitated for a moment and then he said, "Okay,
tomorrow night then, same time, eight o'clock. Wear
something slutty."

"Yes sir," I responded.

I wasn't too happy about this. People were right, this
guy was scary.

He left me in that humiliating position. I stayed that
way until I heard the front door close. Then I got up
and took a shower and as I washed my tender asshole I
wondered what I should say to Brad.

I thought it best if I said no more than I had to. Brad
would put up with a lot of consensual sex; everything
would be fine as long as nobody was getting hurt. But
if he thought Riggs was acting the way Riggs was
acting, he might just rearrange his face. Besides, I
figured that if Riggs really did get to be a problem, I
could always go to Mr. Morris. I didn't want to do that
though. It would be best if I just put up with the
asshole and got by, just like all the other wives were
apparently doing.

The rest of the day was uneventful and I had nothing to
do but wait until it was time to get dressed to go out.
Brad came home at the normal time and he took a shower
and changed and at 6:30 I put on some of my slutty
panties and a nearly see-through dress with a deep,
deep cleavage in front and a back that dipped so low
that the crack of my ass was almost showing.

The Burtons showed up promptly at seven, with the
stretch limo. These people really knew how to live!
They came in and we had a drink and got acquainted.
Mrs. Burton, Midge, was in her mid-forties and I liked
her instantly. She was funny and sexy and friendly as
hell. We sat and talked for a while and drank our
drinks and I told her that I would really like to meet
her and pick her brain when she could spare the time.

Before long we were on our way out the door and I was
excited about my first ride in a limo. Both the Burtons
complimented me on my dress, and my body, and I
blushed. For some reason, having another woman as part
of the equation was embarrassing for me.

As the limo driver held the door for us I got in first
and as I did I felt a hand on my ass. I assumed it was
Brad, but when I got inside and sat down in one of the
luxurious leather seats I saw that the person behind me
was Midge! She winked at me and sat beside me and put
her hand lightly on my thigh.

She smiled and said, "You are going to see some strange
sights tonight my dear. We are going to a private club
called 'The Slave Traders.' The food and the drinks are
fantastic, and the scenery is too, though it takes some
getting used to."

I had lived here for six years, and Brad for four
years, and we had never heard of this place. One reason
became obvious as we traveled. It was dark and we
couldn't see that well by the time we got there. We
were an hour and a half out of town, up in the
mountains and away from everything else. The club was a
large stone and wood building with no windows that
opened onto the parking lot and no signs or lights.
There were dozens of cars in the parking lot, all of
them very expensive. It was the strangest club I had
ever seen.

We were let out at the door and the men got out first,
then me, with Midge's hand on my ass again, and then
Midge. When she was out and the car had pulled away she
said, "I hope you didn't mind, you have a beautiful

I said, "Well, I have to admit, it is a new experience
for me, but no, I don't mind at all. I have been having
a lot of new experiences lately, and most of them have
been very pleasant."

"So I hear," she said with a warm smile. "In fact, I
hear you are the girl that made Mr. Morris smile for
the first time in decades. You know we talk about you
girls, don't you?"

"Who is we?" I asked.

"I'll tell you later Jan," she said. Then we all went
to the door. As we approached the massive wooden door
it opened and a very stiff and reserved looking man in
a tuxedo stepped out and said, "Ah, Mr. and Mrs.
Burton, it is wonderful to see you again. Your table is
ready, come right in."

We stepped inside and Mr. Burton introduced us to the
man in the tuxedo. He looked at Brad and me carefully,
as though he wasn't quite sure whether or not to let us
in. But then he smiled and held up a finger and a naked
woman came out of nowhere and the man in the tuxedo,
Jeffry, said, "This is Melody, she will be taking care
of you this evening."

Melody was a very busty blonde, with no hair anywhere
on her body except her head, and a beautiful body. She
smiled and acted as though she was fully dressed as she
led us to a table in the darkened club. It was so dark
I could hardly see Midge in front of me as we made our
way to our booth. We stopped at the booth and as Brad
and Mr. Burton, or David as he now insisted we call
him, watched, Midge slid the tiny straps of my dress
down off of my shoulders and helped me to step out of
it. As she undressed me she said, "I hope you don't
mind, I have been dying to see you naked since I met

I didn't have time to form a reply before she slid my
panties off and she handed my dress and underwear to
Melody and then added her own clothes and the two of us
sat down naked on one end of the booth, the men sat on
the other.

I was still speechless, but I had had time to take note
of Midge's body and I was very impressed. If I looked
half that good when I was her age I would be proud.
From the neck down she could pass for mid-twenties, and
her face showed very little sign of aging either. She
was very sexy.

As Melody left to put our clothes somewhere and get our
drinks Madge said, "Comfortable?"

I smiled and said, "I suppose there is a first time for
everything. I am a bit surprised to admit it, but yes,
I feel great! It helps that I am not the only one at
the table that is naked."
Then I smiled at Brad and said, "Doesn't it dear?"

He grinned and wisely kept his mouth shut.

The waitress came back with our drinks and menus and I
opened the menu and looked at all of the strange names
the food had. I looked at Midge and she smiled and took
my menu and said, "That's alright dear, David will
order for us."

The club was very dark still, but my eyes had adjusted
a little and I could see movement as naked women moved
through the club going to the booths. It appeared that
all of the seating was at booths, I didn't see any
tables. The club was on several levels, like an
amphitheater. The booths in front of us were low enough
that we could look over them and see all the way down
to the level of the main floor.

It was pleasantly quiet in here and we could talk
quietly among ourselves. David and Brad talked a little
about work, but mostly about sports. Midge and I talked
about EPOD.

I had a million questions. But the first one I had to
ask was how difficult it was to cope when she was no
longer in it.

She laughed quietly and said, "That was the perfect
question dear! Most women would ask how I had coped
when I was in it. You are going to get a long great! In
answer to your question, I miss it terribly, we both
do. But we have found other outlets. We have a few
close friends that we party with from time to time. And
we do things like come here and play from time to

"Play?" I asked, not sure what she meant about playing
in this quiet club.

"You'll see, be patient," she said.

Then she asked me how I had reacted when I had first
heard about EPOD. I told her about the night Brad had
told me and how conflicted my emotions were, but mostly
how horny I had gotten.

She laughed and said, "Exactly what I felt!"

I asked, "How do you feel now that David is getting all
of the fun and you are out EPOD? It doesn't seem fair.
The wives should still be able to stay in it if they
want to. Don't you think?"

"Well," she said, "the truth is that most of them don't
enjoy it as much as you and I. Some of them downright
hate it. I suppose if ours was the more popular opinion
it might carry more weight."

"Is there any reason why it can't be changed, be made
voluntary? Who would have to make that change?"

"The big seven, although I hear you have a lot of
influence with Mr. Morris and that would be helpful."

"Would you really like it if I could get it changed? I
guess I shouldn't be rocking the boat yet, I have only
met one of the other three wives in EPOD so far, and I
don't really know her. I probably shouldn't piss them
off until after I meet them and get to know them a
little better."

"You are probably right about that, and yes," Midge
said, "I would love to get back in. And David would
love it to. We both miss it. And while we are on the
subject of pissing someone off, now would be a good
time to warn you about Gavin Riggs. There is something
not quite right about that man. He hasn't hurt anyone
yet, but he has, well, he has done some pretty bad
things. Be careful around him."

I glanced at Brad to make sure he wasn't listening and
then I told her about what had happened earlier today,
and how he had reacted when I told him that I couldn't
go out with him this evening.

She got a concerned look on her face and said, "He is
bad news Jan, be careful. He has done some things that
he should have gotten in trouble for. But the poor
girls that he did them to didn't have the balls to say
anything because they were looking out for their

I shivered, and I wasn't cold. I decided that it was
time to change the subject. I asked her about the other
three wives in EPOD.

She smiled and said, "None of them are as well adjusted
as you are. Or as lovely, I might add. Carol Mitchum
and Madison Scott are both taking it alright, although
they give the impression that they would rather not be
in it. That may or may not be a façade to please their
stuffed shirt husbands. Personally I think it is. They
seem to be making the best of it though, and they enjoy
it from time to time.

They have been in it for a while and their newness has
worn off and they aren't bothered every day like you
probably are. Grace Davis is another story. She is a
cold, manipulating bitch and you should never turn your
back on her. She acts so sweet to the men when she is
f***ed to be with them, but is a hateful, spiteful,
gold digging little bitch that would much rather kill a
man than fuck him, if there were a choice and the money
was even either way."

"It doesn't sound like these parties they keep talking
about are going to be a lot of fun!" I said, unhappy
with her description of my fellow EPOD members.

"They won't be that bad. The men will be concentrating
on you for a while. And the other women behave as
though they are having a good time. I suppose that
Carol and Madison enjoy themselves most of the time.
Sometimes Riggs can put a damper on things at the
party, although he usually behaves himself when the
other VPs are around.

You will be putting on informal little performances
with the other wives from time to time. It isn't so bad
with the other two, but having sex with Grace is like
making love to an iceberg. She does and says all of the
right things when any of the men are listening, and I
don't know how many of them fall for her shit. But she
is a cold, calculating bitch."

I don't know if my eyes were getting better adjusted to
the dark or if the lights were getting brighter but
suddenly I realized that there were women, naked women,
chained to the walls all around the room, and to posts
throughout the room.

Midge saw my expression when I saw them and she laughed
out loud. I poked Brad and nodded at the decorations
chained up around the room and he almost choked on his

I stared at the women chained to the walls around the
room and after a while I became aware that there were
people moving around checking them out. They were
walking around calmly looking at them, touching them,
anything they wanted. Most of the people were men, but
I saw some women doing it too. Once in a while I saw
what seemed to be a man pulling out his dick and
putting it into one or more of the women. And then I
noticed that every few minutes a couple of men in
tuxedos would come out and unchain one of he women and
take her away.

I tried to ask Midge what was going on, but she just
smiled and said, "Shhh, don't spoil the surprise."

Our food came; I was surprised because I hadn't seen
David order. The food was definitely on the gourmet
side. I had no idea what I was eating, but it was
delicious. And whatever I was drinking was most
excellent as well.

We ate and as we ate I continued to watch the action
along the walls. Several times I noticed that a woman I
recognized as having been removed was brought back out
and chained up again. I was really intrigued. But that
damned Midge wouldn't say a word.

The meal was delicious, but the portions were small and
it was over and done with very quickly. The naked
waitress came and cleared the table and then she came
back with another drink for David and Brad. Midge and I
were not even asked if we wanted one, and I did!

But the reason for that omission was soon apparent.
Four men in tuxedos appeared at our table and Midge
pushed me out and followed right behind. I looked at
David and he just smiled and said, "Do what you are

I could tell that Brad was curious too, but he didn't
seem concerned, and I figured he was there if I needed
him, I hoped. So I allowed two of the men to take me
away. Midge was being pulled along right behind me. It
was comforting that I was not alone.

We were taken to an empty space on the wall and chained
up. We were lucky, some of the women were in grotesque
positions, and I even saw a couple s**ttered around
that were upside down! We were chained up as though we
were on a cross, with our legs slightly parted, but our
feet were planted firmly on the floor.

Almost as soon as the men in tuxedos had walked away,
men, and now and then a woman, approached and explored
our bodies. Fingers pinched and pulled my nipples and
explored my pussy, and when they were satisfied they
put their fingers in my mouth to be sucked clean.

None of these people spoke to us. They didn't ask us
any questions or tell us what they wanted. They just
examined us as though they were shopping for slaves. A
couple of times a man stood in front of me and pulled
out his cock and bent at the knees and f***ed his cock
into me. I must admit that by the first time it
happened I was already so wet that not a lot of f***e
was necessary.

I had not been there very long when two men in tuxedos
came and got me and led me down a dark hallway and into
a room about the size of a gymnasium. It was not your
normal gym though. Everywhere that I looked I saw women
strapped down to benches of various designs being
fucked by men. Most of the men were dressed; all of the
women were naked.

Sometimes I saw men at benches talking to the other men
and then they would exchange partners, if the woman
strapped down and being fucked could be called a
partner. I was led to a strange looking padded bench
and strapped down and I didn't have time to ask what
the hell was going on before the men in tuxedos left
and a man stepped up behind me and plowed his cock into
me. I turned around and recognized him as one of the
men that had come around and felt me up earlier.

He fucked me violently and I suddenly realized that I
was extremely turned on and I ended up cumming twice
before he pulled out of my pussy and ran around and
buried his cock in my throat and shot his cum straight
down my throat.

I don't like that. I mean, I don't mind the deepthroat
part, but I want to taste a man's cum when he cums in
my mouth. But I didn't have time to complain because
while the man that had just cum in my mouth was letting
his cock drain in my mouth someone else started fucking
me, someone with a very fat cock. It felt great and I
was cumming again by the time the cock in my mouth

My mouth wasn't empty long though. As soon as the first
man that had taken me finished and walked away, another
man put his cock in my mouth. This new cock was only
semi-hard, and I could tell that it had just come out
of some other woman's pussy! I was so shocked, and so
fucking turned on, that I screamed all around his cock
as I had a huge orgasm!

I guess he liked it. By the time I was through cumming
and screaming around his cock he was hard and he was
buried half way down my throat. But this gentleman
pulled out all but the head when he started to cum and
finished himself off with his hand. I got to enjoy a
nice mouthful of cum this time.

The second man that had fucked me, very well I might
add, came around and put his slimy cock in my mouth and
I got to see it. I was impressed! Even soft it was
huge. I wouldn't want to have it every time I fucked,
but now and then, for a little variety, it was very
nice. I was glad that someone else had gone first to
open me up a little though.

I was laying alone on the bench for a couple of minutes
when a naked woman came over and used a damp cloth to
clean me. When she moved away there were two men in
tuxedos who freed me and took me back out and chained
me up where I had been. Midge was gone now and I stood
as more men came by and took advantage of me.

It was about ten minutes before they brought Midge back
out. She looked totally fucked, and she was smiling
like a Cheshire cat. She winked at me and allowed
herself to be chained back up to the wall.

After about ten minutes, two men who were together came
and stopped in front of me. They pulled and squeezed my
tits and took turns sticking fingers in my pussy for a
moment. Then they moved over to Midge and did the same
thing to her.

I didn't have time to see what they did next because a
very large, very masculine woman stopped in front of
me. She leered at me and reached out and twisted my
nipples painfully. Then she reached down and stuck a
couple of fingers into my pussy. It was obvious that I
had been fucked recently. She pulled her fingers out
and roughly shoved them into my mouth and whispered,
"You fucking slut. You need someone to teach you how to
behave. Teach you how to eat pussy. Put you in your
fucking place."

She was the only person that had spoken to me since I
had been chained up, but I didn't like the sound of
what she had to say. I was almost happy when two men in
tuxedos came and unchained me again. I saw the look of
anger and disappointment on that weird woman's face and
I was sure that whatever was about to happen to me was
better than spending a little time with her.

Before I was led away, Midge was also unchained and we
were led away together. We went to a different room
this time. It was a much smaller room with only one
bench. Midge was strapped down on her back on the bench
and I was placed on top of her in the sixty-nine
position and strapped down. This time though, we both
had the use of our hands. The first bench I had been
strapped to had included straps for my wrists and I had
been totally immobilized.

Now, for the first time, I had a woman's pussy in my
face. I also had a woman's face in my pussy. I had
expected that this would happen. I had even expected it
to happen tonight. I just had not expected it to happen
like this.

One of the two men that had chosen us pushed my head
down and I knew what he wanted without a word being
spoken. I began to tentatively lick at Midge's pussy as
I felt her tongue moving over my own. I could tell that
she had recently had sex. But she seemed clean, and I
found that I was enjoying it. Of course, the tricks
that she was doing with her tongue might have had a lot
to do with that. She was driving me nuts and I really
felt like I wanted to please her as much as she was
pleasing me.

We had not been doing this for very long when things
got a whole lot better. I watched as, right before my
eyes, a long thin cock came into sight and slowly
entered Midge's swollen, red pussy.

At the same time I felt one entering me. I had never
felt anything like it. That nice cock was slowly
fucking away at my pussy while Midge was tickling my
clit with her tongue and it was the most wonderful
sensation I had ever experienced. It was all I could do
to keep up with her.

It was so erotic. I had never seen a cock going into a
pussy, except in a porn movie, and that just isn't the
same as having it happen right in your face. I licked
Midge's clit like crazy, stopping only occasionally to
moan in pleasure, or to suck clean the cock that was
fucking her when he pulled out and shoved it into my

Both men were taking their time and Midge and I both
must have cum a dozen times by the time they came. When
the man fucking Midge pulled out he made me clean his
cock one last time, and then, without anyone even
suggesting it, I put my mouth around Midge's pussy and
licked and sucked it clean. She started screaming in
pleasure as I worked on her, but her screams were
muffled and I could tell that she still had a cock in
her mouth.

I had eaten every trace of cum from her pussy by the
time she started to return the favor. And I understood
now what she had been screaming about. It was so
fucking hot, so fucking sexy, in less than two minutes
I was cumming and screaming and the two men were just
standing there watching in amazement.

Finally we both collapsed in exhaustion and we were
released from the bench. Before we left a woman came
around with a damp scented cloth and we were freshened
up again. I tried to ask Midge some questions, like how
much longer this would go on, and what if I wanted to
go to the bathroom, but when I tried to speak she shook
her head and I shut up and waited for the men to come
and chain us up again.

And they did. And the parade of men mauling my body
continued. In fact, if anything there were a lot more
of them now. I was deeply relieved that the butch broad
from earlier had not come back. She was scary.

Midge was taken away again almost immediately. I had
the impression that the man that selected her knew her.
They hadn't spoken; I just thought I saw a look pass
between them, a look of familiarity in their faces.

Before she was returned I was selected again. I was
taken into the larger main room again and this time I
was strapped down on my back with my head hanging down.
A pair of large, black, hairy legs appeared in front of
my face and I realized that I was going to have my
first sexual encounter with a black man. I shivered in
excitement, and then I shivered in fear. He was
standing with his fat nine inch cock pointed right at
my lips. He leaned forward and I opened my mouth and
felt him feed me a couple of inches.

I was scared, it was a very large and very impressive
organ and I was used to more average sized men. But he
was patient and as he moved several inches of his cock
in and out of my mouth he was playing with my tits and
I was starting to really get into it. Then, to make
things even better, I felt someone start shoving
another cock into my pussy. I moaned around the cock in
my mouth and started being less passive, taking more
and more of it into my mouth. The man that was the
owner of that big black cock just let me work at it and
soon I had my confidence built up and I had to see if I
could do it. And damned if I didn't!

I enjoyed his big hands on my tits and his companion's
cock in my pussy as I moved my head up and down his
cock until the head of it finally slid into my throat.
That was the only time I heard a man speak from the
time we had been led to the wall and chained up. He
groaned and said, "Jesus H. Christ on a stick! Look at
this fucking bitch!"

His companion shushed him and that was all the talking
I heard. But just as he was getting ready to cum he
couldn't be passive any longer and he started fucking
my mouth and throat and it hurt, but I was pretty
damned proud of myself, because I took it all and made
him swear. Unlike with the other cocks I had taken down
my throat since I became able to do that, I could not
breath around this one. I felt him bury himself in my
throat and I felt his massive organ throbbing as he
shot his cum down my throat. But I was almost
u*********s when he finally pulled it out of me. It had
been fun though. I hadn't cum, I was too preoccupied
with the cock in my throat, but I'd do it again. I
wished that Brad could have seen it.

I coughed a little when he pulled out and gasped for
air. He looked around and bent down and whispered,
"Sorry. Are you okay?"

I smiled and winked at him and nodded. He smiled back
and moved out of the way so that I could suck his
friend's cock clean. His friend was white, and his cock
was at least as large as the man that had just fucked
my face. I would have liked to have one of them in my
pussy again before they left. I was pretty turned on
right then. But they turned and walked away. As they
left the black man turned back and winked at me though.
I thought that was sweet.

I was waiting for the woman to come clean me so I could
be taken back out when another man came over and
started running his hands over my body. My head was
down and I couldn't see who it was unless I lifted up
my head. I didn't though, not until after this new man
started fucking me. He was doing a very good job and I
had to look up and see what I was dealing with. I had
the shock of my life when I lifted my head and saw the
man that owned the dry cleaning shop that I used. I
smiled at him, mostly because I saw that he was just as
shocked as I was. Then I put my head back down and
enjoyed it. I came twice before he finally came and
then came around to be cleaned.

There was something about this situation that was
really turning me on. It was just something about all
of this anonymous sex, all of these chains and this
silence, and being so available and helpless. It was
just turning me the fuck on so bad. I was cumming and
cumming at the drop of a zipper. I bet I would have cum
if someone just rubbed a cock over my face!

My drycleaner finally walked away after one last fond
squeeze of my breast and the rag lady was there with
her warm cloth. I was washed; face and pussy, and then
the tuxedo men came and freed me. They almost had to
carry me out of the room. I was really getting tired
now. I had no idea what time it was or how long I had
been doing this. Or perhaps I should say how long I had
been having this done to me. I really could have used a
little rest.

But I was taken back out and chained up and Midge was
there looking fresh as a daisy and eager for more. I
felt kind of bad for pussying out and gave myself a
little pep talk. It helped a little, but I was still in
need of a rest. A good stiff drink would be nice too.

As I was hanging there in my chains letting the men
feel me up and look me over it suddenly occurred to me
that I really didn't have much to fear from Mr. Riggs
any longer. After tonight, there wasn't much he could
do to me that I couldn't handle. I hoped.

There was still a lot of traffic, a lot of men coming
along and pawing us, some quite skillfully and causing
a lot of good feelings. Many others rough and verging
on cruel, but still it was stimulating that we were
helpless and had no choice but to submit to these men.

I was starting to get ready again; all that touching by
so many men can be extremely stimulating, but my other
wish came true first. A dozen men in tuxedos came out
of the hallway and started going down the line
releasing us. It is a good thing that Midge was there,
because I would not have had a clue as to where our
seats were.

Midge saw the lost look and put her arm around my
shoulder and guided me back to our booth. As we slowly
walked down the dark aisles she said quietly, "You
loved it, didn't you? You liked it as much as I do."

I smiled at her and said, "Yes, except for that scary
lesbian that almost pulled my nipples off, I had a
great time. Do you do this often?"

She said, "No, it takes a while to recuperate. And if
we did it too often it wouldn't be special. Would you
like to come the next time we come?"

Before I could answer I wanted to talk to Brad. I asked
her, "What were the guys doing while we were chained
up. Were they some of the men moving around picking
women to fuck?"

"They probably went through once or twice," she
answered, "just to take the edge off. But I'm sure that
they saved something for later. Does it bother you, the
idea that Brad went down that wall and picked out a
strange woman and had sex with her?"

"No," I said, "not anymore. We had a couple of
threesomes when I was still in college and we talked
about finding another woman, instead of another man. At
the time I was uncomfortable with it, but not now. It's
just sex."

"Good," she said, "that sounds like a healthy

"How did you like our little foursome back there?" she

I smiled and said, "That was a bunch of firsts! But I
loved it. Not to be presumptuous, but maybe we should
get together some day, some day soon."

Midge smiled and said, "I had that in mind."

We were approaching our booth. I was surprised at how
large this place was. The men were seated and there
were drinks waiting for us.

They watched us as we took our seats and both of us
took big sips of our drinks. I leaned forward and asked
Brad, "Well, did you have fun while we were out
entertaining the troops?"

He grinned, looking just a little guilty, and said, "I
may have strayed from our marriage vows while you were
away from the table. Would you be upset if I had?"

I grinned back and said, "I'd be upset if you hadn't.
You can tell me all about it later while I'm sucking
your cock."

Midge interrupted with, "Or maybe while I am sucking
his cock."

"That would work too," I said. "And I could tell them
about our little foursome."

We finished our drinks and the naked waitress came back
with our clothes. But we didn't dress. Midge and I
carried our clothes out to the limo. It was kind of
amusing; the parking lot was full of naked women and
fully dressed men.

The driver was holding the door open when we got to the
car, but to look at his face you would never believe
that two naked women were getting into his car.

I was first in again, but this time David got in after
me and joined me on the plush seat that I had been
sitting on. Midge and Brad sat across from us. David
was all over me and Brad was all over Midge and for
some reason the ride back to our house didn't seem to
take any time at all. We pulled up in our driveway and
we invited them in. They gladly accepted and we started
to make a run for the door, Midge and I were still
naked, but I stopped and turned around and invited the
driver to come inside.

He looked at David and David nodded and after he locked
the car the driver followed us inside. The driver was a
nice looking man in his early thirties and I wondered
if Midge had picked him or if David had.

When we got inside I took drink orders and when I got
back with the drinks, Brad and Midge were at it again.
I set their drinks down on the coffee table and gave
David his. Then I gave one to the chauffer and after he
took it and thanked me I introduced myself. He smiled
politely and told me his name was Matthew and then he
told me how beautiful he thought that I was.

I thanked him, but I was unsure of the protocol. I
didn't want to go flirting with the help if that was
inappropriate. I was saved from any further discomfort
when David spoke up behind me and said, "Matt, stop
teasing the poor girl. You know I am done for the night
when I leave the club. Even Jan's sweet ass couldn't
get me up right now. Show her why Midge would leave me
if I ever fired you."

Matt smiled and said, "Sorry Jan, but I always do what
I'm told." He toasted me and gulped his drink down, and
I gulped mine down right along with him. Then he took
our glasses and set them down and pulled me into his

His hands were all over me and I was ready. I reached
down between us and put my hand over the large bulge in
his pants. He groaned and kissed me passionately for a
moment before he stepped back and started to undress
rapidly. I would have helped, but I would have just
been in the way.

I had seen larger cocks than his tonight, but his was
very nice. It looked like it was nearly eight inches
long and thick enough to be an 'A ticket' ride at any
amusement park I have ever been to.

I reached for an afghan that was sitting on the end of
the sofa and spread it out on the floor. We got
comfortable and he started using his talented fingers
and his even more talented tongue on my tired, but very
sensitized body. He drove me to orgasm after orgasm
before I finally pushed him away and f***ed him down on
to his back.

I started kissing him at his face and then worked my
way down his very fit body to his cock. He must have
enjoyed himself when he was working on me because the
lube was running down his cock and making his stomach
and his balls all shiny. I licked him clean and started
sucking his nice big cock.

While I was sucking him I heard Midge talking and I
looked over at them. Brad was naked now too, but
apparently they were finished, at least for now. They
were relaxing and sipping their drinks and watching us
while Midge told them about our foursome at the club.

She told it very well, nothing was left out. And I was
getting turned on all over again just as the driver
started to cum in my mouth. I guess he had been saving
up, because I can't remember ever getting a larger load
from any one man. I had to swallow before he was
finished. I never had to do that before!

When he was finished I held his cock in my mouth until
he was soft, then I got up and helped him up and we
walked over to where the other three were sitting. I
did a drink check, and got us each another one. Well,
not Matt. One is his limit when he is driving. So I got
him a soft drink and the five of us sat around talking
for a while longer. It was so pleasant, and I was
having so much fun that I didn't pay any attention to
the time. I had not known what time it was since seven
when they picked us up.

They left when they finished their drinks and we all
agreed to get together again soon. We saw them out and
then I went around picking up the living room. It
wasn't until I got into the kitchen that I saw what
time it was. It was almost three AM! I haven't stayed
up past midnight more than once or twice since I got
out of college.

We realized that we were tired all of a sudden and we
went to bed and fell asl**p with not much more than an
"I love you."

When I finally got up in the morning it was almost ten
AM. I made coffee and I called to see if Brad was
available. I got to talk to him for a minute. He was
exhausted, but we agreed that we had had a great time
and would like to do it again, preferably not on a work

I reminded him that I had a "date" with Mr. Riggs. He
was quiet for a moment, then he said, "I wish I could
say don't go. I don't trust that man.

I said, "I know, don't worry. I'll be okay. After last
night I'm not even worried about it anymore."

I let Brad get back to work and I took a shower and got
dressed and made my trip to the dry cleaners. I didn't
even remember that I had fucked the owner last night
until I pulled up in the parking lot. It was too late
to do anything about it then. Brad needed his clothes,
and besides, he was just as guilty of fucking me as I
was of fucking him.

I didn't see him when I went in. I went in twice a week
and the girls behind the counter all knew me. They
greeted me by name and went to get my cleaning. While I
was waiting the owner came out to the front and saw me
and smiled. I smiled back and we nodded at each other.
He came over and we flirted for a moment, just like we
always do when I come in. It was all as though he
hadn't fucked me while I was strapped down to a bench
last night. That wasn't so bad!

I took my cleaning and went to Sweet Nothings. I
decided that I would look around and see if there was
anything sexier than the dress that I had worn last
night. If not, I planned to wear that dress again.
After all, I had only had it on for an hour, the rest
of the evening I had been naked.

When I went in to the store the owner, Jo, recognized
me and came over and said hello. We talked for a minute
and I told her that I was looking for something that
was only just possibly legal to wear tonight. It should
be something classy, and pretty, but slutty.

Jo thought about it for a moment and then she led me to
a rack with tiny, gossamer like dresses that just
barely covered those parts that needed to be covered in
public, but with a fabric so fine that they did more to
emphasize your body than to cover it. I tried on a
white one, and I wasn't all that sure that it was
something I could wear without getting arrested. The
fabric was almost weightless, and so sheer that my
nipples, which were only just a fraction of an inch
from being exposed anyway, were clearly visible. I
could also see the style and color of my panties.

I reached under the dress and pulled off my underwear
and I could see the small patch of bright red pubic
hair over my slit. When I turned around I could see
nearly an inch of the top of my butt crack before the
dress started, and I could see the rest of it through
the material. I have a small mole on one cheek and it
was plainly visible.

It was certainly sexy enough, but could I actually wear
this in public? I looked at Jo and she smiled and said,
"Well, you might want to avoid going by police
headquarters tonight, but damn! That dress was made for

I thought about it for a moment and decided that Mr.
Riggs had said slutty, this was definitely slutty. I
would wear it and if he didn't like it he could make me
change. So I bought it.

I went home with my new dress and dropped off my
cleaning and my new dress and changed into my exercise
clothes. I drove to the gym and worked out for a while.
It really helped me get my bl**d flowing after the late
night last night. I had been missing a lot of workouts
lately because of, well, because of sex. So it took me
a little while to get back in the groove. But by the
time I finished my workout I was sweaty and smelly and
loose. I mean limber.

I returned to the house in time to start supper and
then I took another shower and put my outfit in the
spare bedroom. Brad would be going to bed right after
supper to make up for last night. I probably wouldn't
see him again until morning. Or at least I wouldn't see
him awake.

I didn't dress after my shower. When Brad got home I
met him at the door, naked and drink in hand. He didn't
change clothes. I had to f***e him to eat a little
something and then I took him upstairs and put him to
bed. We kissed and I turned out the light and told him
that I would tell him all about it tomorrow. He looked
worried, but he couldn't stay awake. I had pulled
enough all-nighters in college to remember how he felt,
I understood perfectly.

I closed the bedroom door and went down and cleaned up
the dining room and kitchen and then I went and got
dressed in my new slut outfit. I wore the tiniest thong
that I owned under it. It just barely covered my slit
with a nearly transparent patch of material that was
just enough, with the dress, to keep my slit from being
exposed. I put on a pair of four inch heels, much
higher than I normally wear. I had not worn them in a
while and I walked around for a few minutes to get my
balance back. I put my ID, my house key, my cell phone
and a little cash in a small clutch purse and I was
ready to go.

I heard Mr. Riggs pull up at about ten before eight and
I was on the way to the door when the bell rang. I
opened the door and it was his driver. I will give the
man credit; he tried very hard to make believe that I
was not nearly naked. He invited me to the car and I
locked the door and followed him.

He held the car door for me and as I stepped inside Mr.
Riggs reached out and pulled me down beside him. Before
I knew what was going on he pulled my arms behind my
back and put handcuffs on me. Then he looked me over
and told me that my outfit was perfect.

I, meanwhile, was looking at the two strangers sitting
on one of the side benches staring at me.

Mr. Riggs noticed their looks and said, "Didn't I tell
you the slut was hot?"

The driver got in and we took off and as soon as the
car was moving Mr. Riggs pushed me over to the two
strangers and invited them to check me out closer.

I nearly broke my neck as I stumbled and fell onto the
men's laps. Their hands were all over me instantly. I
could smell the alcohol in the limo; all three men were
already pretty well loosened up.

My dress was soon bunched up around my waist and my
little thong pulled out of the way and their hands were
groping me roughly. I could see Mr. Riggs watching, and
I had the impression that he was disappointed that I
wasn't all that put out at the way I was being treated.
I didn't want to challenge him, but I wasn't going to
start crying for him either.

After several minutes of pretty rough mauling I was
pushed to the soft carpet on my knees and one of the
men started face fucking me. The other one had his cock
out and was ready. I sucked them both off with little
difficulty and swallowed their large loads of cum
easily. When I was finished I was kept on my knees with
the second man's cock in my mouth for a few minutes
longer, long enough for us to reach our destination.

The limo came to a stop and the driver got out and
opened the door, but before we got out, Mr. Riggs said,
"You might as well come over here and take the edge off
before we get started."

I walked on my knees to where he was seated and with
the door wide open and the driver standing there
watching, I sucked off Mr. Riggs. If you haven't tried
it, I have to tell you, sucking a guy off when you are
wearing handcuffs is a lot harder than when you have
the use of your hands.

Mr. Riggs came in my mouth and after I swallowed he got
out, put his cock away, and then reached in and pulled
me out. I looked around and saw that I was standing in
front of an adult book store, with my dress still
bunched at my waist.

Mr. Riggs asked the driver to straighten my dress out,
which he did, slowly and carefully and with lots of
touching. Then Mr. Riggs' two friends got out and we
entered the book store.

It was a surprisingly large store. It looked bigger on
the inside than it had on the outside. All eyes seemed
to be on me as I walked around with Mr. Riggs and his
friends, looking at dirty books and movies and sex
toys. Some of those toys looked pretty interesting!

At first the men that were in the store just watched us
discretely. But Mr. Riggs and his friends were
constantly touching me and insulting me, and soon men
started gathering around to watch and listen.

One of the men watching asked, "Is that your little sex

Mr. Riggs answered, "Actually, she is married to one of
my employees, and most of the time she is just a happy
little housewife. But tonight she is my twenty-two year
old cum pig."

I didn't know exactly what the term cum pig meant, but
it sounded kind of messy.

The man that had asked the question came closer and,
after looking at Mr. Riggs for permission, he pulled me
close and smelled my breath. Then he reached inside my
dress and pulled on my breast and said, "Smells like
she has already had her first load of cum for the

Mr. Riggs smiled and said, "Three of them actually.
That was just an appetizer."

I was groaning as the man started squeezing my tit
hard. Then he reached up and pulled my hair and when I
squealed in pain he leaned forward and spit right in my
mouth. I gasped in shock and stepped back, losing my
balance in those ungodly shoes I was wearing and fell
flat on my ass. It hurt like hell, because my hands
were useless and I was unable to break my fall.

But the audience was amused and gathered around to
watch as I struggled to get back to my feet. I had to
get to my knees first, but before I could stand up Mr.
Riggs said, "Stay there, I'll tell you if I need you to
stand up."

The audience seemed to be enjoying my abuse immensely.
They closed in around me and I had hands all over me,
pinching and pulling and squeezing. Before long my
dress was nothing but a belt again. And not long after
that someone reached down and grabbed the thin string
on my left hip and pulled it, snapping it and allowing
the little patch of cloth that had been covering my
slit to fall down onto my thigh, exposing me totally

A tall skinny old guy came over and watched for a
minute, then he turned to Mr. Riggs and said, "I hate
like hell to say this, because I am really enjoying the
show. But you are going to need to take this in the
back, just in case someone comes in that might take
offense, like the law."

Mr. Riggs smiled and said, "I understand perfectly."
Then he turned to me and said, "Come on pig, let's go."

I tried to struggle to my feet but he drew his arm back
and slapped the hell out of me, knocking me back down
to the floor, on my face this time.

I looked at him in shock and he said, "I told you to
stay the fuck down there pig! Now get back up on your
knees and let's go!"

I struggled back to my knees and the crowd parted to
allow me to fight to keep up with him as he walked at a
normal pace across the floor. The floor was wooden, but
fairly smooth. At least I wasn't getting splinters, but
I was definitely scr****g my skin off. Suddenly I
wasn't so confident that I could handle Mr. Riggs.

As I struggled to follow him through the closely
gathered crowd of dirty old men, hands reached out and
tugged at my swaying breasts or pinched my exposed ass
as I went by.

We reached a door in the back wall and a buzzer sounded
and one of Mr. Riggs' friends opened the door and held
it while the four of us passed through. We entered a
very dark hallway and paused. I couldn't see because
there were two men standing in front of me. But as they
moved down the hallway my knees were now scr****g on a
cement floor and I realized that we were passing men
standing in the dark watching me in amazement as I
hobbled along on my knees with my hands cuffed behind

There were flashes of light behind me as the buzzer
sounded and the door opened and more of the men from
out front followed us in. Half way down the hall Mr.
Riggs stopped at an open door and looked in. Then he
stepped inside and I followed. The little room was
about eight feet wide by five feet deep and I had not
gone very far before I felt something wet on my knees.
I thought at first that I was bleeding, but then I
realized that the liquid was cool and then the smell
hit me and I realized what I was kneeling in. I was
dragging my knees across cooling puddles of cum!

Mr. Riggs grabbed my hair and said, "If you do
everything that is required of you tonight, I won't
make you clean the floor with your tongue." I heard
laughter from the doorway and saw men gathered around,
fighting for a better view of me as I knelt helplessly
on the cement floor.

Mr. Riggs stepped back and one of his friends came
forward and pulled out a knife. He quickly cut through
the straps of my dress and then sliced through it where
it bunched around my waist, letting it fall away to the
floor. Then he snapped the remaining strap of my thong
and now I was wearing only my shoes, for all the good
they were doing me.

I was pulled down across a padded straight chair and
the three men that I came in with stood back against
the wall. Mr. Riggs said, "Gentlemen, my employee's cum
pig is a three-holer, and it is now open for business."

There was almost a fight at the door of the small room
as men jostled to get in line and soon I had cocks in
my mouth and my pussy, fucking me violently. These were
not the same kind of reserved, relatively sophisticated
gentlemen that I was made available to last night. For
one thing, a lot of these men needed help with personal
hygiene issues. Several times I found myself gagging
and on the verge of vomiting from the smell of unwashed
genitals. But on the plus side, none of them lasted
very long. They came and went very quickly, with little
effort on my part, and no pleasure. It was not until I
had been fucked by three or four men that someone
finally took my ass. He didn't prepare me first, or use
lube, except for the fresh cum dripping out of my
pussy, but his cock wasn't very large and it wasn't too

I didn't even try to keep track of how many men used
me. This wasn't even remotely sex. This was abuse and
humiliation, pure and simple. I didn't have to do much.
I just had to be there for them to use. Sometimes I was
on my stomach, getting fucked at both ends, but
sometimes they turned me over and with my head hanging
down on one side and my legs pulled up onto my stomach
they would use me that way. Nobody cleaned me up in
between fucks and I was soon aware of what a cum pig
was. I had cum everywhere. After a while, I was so
nasty that a lot of the men wouldn't even touch me.
Some didn't care, but mostly they were just standing
over me and beating off and spraying my face and body
with cum.

I had been on my back for a long time now, and my arms
were killing me. There were tears running down my
cheeks, partly from the shame and humiliation, but
mostly from the pain. The line never seemed to end. The
men kept coming and cumming and the line seemed
endless. I could not imagine that using a woman like
this would be a turn on for someone. It was disgusting.
I was disgusting. My eyes were glued shut with cum, I
had to breathe through my open mouth, my nostrils were
covered, and even my ears were full of it. And since my
mouth was open so that I could breathe, the men all
seemed to try to aim for my mouth.

My pussy and my ass and my lips had long since gotten
numb and the only pain that I felt was the pain in my
arms and in my back where the cuffs pressed into me. I
was crying quietly when the chair I was laying on shook
and I heard Mr. Riggs order me to my knees. I suddenly
realized that the line of men was gone. I dropped my
legs and struggled to twist around on my knees. There
were now more than little pools of cum on the floor
around me, it felt like a pond. My knees kept sliding
out from under me as I tried to figure out what Mr.
Riggs wanted from me now. I couldn't hear well, and I
couldn't see at all.

I heard men laughing and then I heard him calling,
"Here pig, come on girl, here pig."

I followed the sound of his voice as best I could and
we went back out into the hallway, still on my skinned
up knees, and continued on down to the back wall. I had
to keep following the sound of his voice as he called,
"Here pig," all the way down the hall.

I bumped my knees on a board and realized that I had
reached the back door and it was open and I was being
led outside. I carefully worked my way over the sill
and moved across gravel, cutting the hell out of my
knees and crying out in pain as I continued to follow
the calls of "Here pig."

I was finally ordered to stop and I heard a faucet
being turned on and suddenly I was hit with a sharp
blast of cold water. I screamed again, from the pain
and from the cold, but still, I was relieved to have
the slimy mess rinsed off. The hose moved all around,
spraying every inch of my body until they were
satisfied. Then they lifted me to my feet and sprayed
my lower legs and my cut up knees, and finally the hose
was shoved right up inside my pussy and allowed to run,
filling me with a much too strong spray of much too
cold water. As it moved around inside of me it hurt
like hell, but it sprayed back out around the end of
the hose and I was grateful to be getting cleaned out.

When they were satisfied that my pussy was clean they
bent me over and sprayed another blast of cold water up
my ass. Then they made me squat and expel it, and
repeated the process. I had been able to open my eyes
after my face was sprayed clean and I noticed that
there were a couple of dozen men standing around
watching in amusement as I was hosed down and given a
cold water enema.

I remembered now my confidence that after last night I
could handle anything Mr. Riggs could come up with. I
had underestimated Mr. Riggs.

When I was sufficiently rinsed off I was led back into
the book store and through the building and back out
front to the parking lot, still naked of course, my
clothing had been destroyed.

We stood there by the door for a few moments and soon
the limo came up and we got in. As soon as we were
seated I was put to work sucking off the three men
again, but my handcuffs were finally removed and it was
such a relief that there were tears in my eyes as I
rubbed my sore wrists.

The men were just as rough has they had been earlier.
They roughly f***ed their cocks down my sore throat and
pinched and squeezed my tits and pulled my hair. The
car came to a stop on the side of the road and the
driver got out and came around and got in the back with
us. I was quickly put to work sucking him off and when
he had cum in my mouth we all got out.

It was very dark and the windows were tinted almost
black. I had no idea where we were. I looked around
when we got out and saw that we were parked at what
appeared to be a campground for the homeless. I saw
dirty old men everywhere, and they were all staring at
my naked body like they had not seen a woman with her
clothes off in years. Many of them probably had not.
They also did not look like they had bathed or changed
clothes in years.

Mr. Riggs said, "I am going to leave you here tonight
and I will pick you up at seven in the morning. But you
had best be standing right here when I return or I will
leave you here.

That was the last straw. I started begging and when he
started to turn away I started screaming at him. I
suspect now that that was what he was waiting for. He
had been trying to break me all along. Well, he finally
did. I absolutely refused to be left here, if I had to
throw myself under that limo, I was not going to let it
leave without me.

The three men started smiling evilly and Mr. Riggs' two
friends picked me up and held me down on the hot hood
of the car while Mr. Riggs took his belt off and began
whipping me brutally. It went on and on. My legs, my
stomach, he concentrated on my breasts for a long time;
he even whipped my face several times. I don't know how
long it lasted because I finally passed out.

When I was next aware of my surrounding I was laying in
the middle of my cold cement driveway. My purse was
beside me and I looked at the time on my cell phone. It
was nearly three AM again. I looked down at my body and
I was a mass of welts. There were several places where
the skin had been broken, but mostly just ugly red

I started sobbing hysterically. I didn't know what to
do. I couldn't go inside like this. Brad would surely
kill Mr. Riggs. I couldn't stay out here much longer
either. Pretty soon the paper would be delivered and
people would be going to work. I thought about hiding
until Brad went to work, but that would be a problem
too. Brad would be worried and come looking for me.

Finally, in desperation, I called Midge. I was sobbing
and I apologized profusely, but she could hardly
understand me. At first she didn't even know who I was.
Finally I got hold of myself and told her that I needed
help. She asked where I was and she didn't even get
dressed, she rushed over in her robe.

I was hiding between our cars in the driveway when she
pulled up. She got out of her car and came over and
looked at me and said, "Oh my god! Jan! What in the
hell happened to you tonight?!"

"Mr. Riggs," I sobbed. "I can't led Brad see me like
this. He will kill him!"

Midge said, "I would be glad to help him. Come on;
let's get you in the car."

She led me back to her car and gave me a blanket to
wrap around myself while she drove me to her house. She
led me inside and went upstairs and got David. He came
down, still mostly asl**p until he saw me.

"Son of a bitch!" David exploded when he saw me. "Jan!
Riggs did that? What happened?" he asked."

I told them all about my evening, right from the
beginning. I kept apologizing for waking them up, and I
even said I was sorry that he ruined the dress, they
would have loved it.

Midge had been cleaning my wounds, but she said, "I'm
going next door and get Damon," and she got up and

I asked David, "Who is Damon? I really don't need more
people to see me like this."

David moved over beside me and put his arm around me
gently and said, "Damon is Dr. Damon Green. He is very
nice, you'll like him."

Ten minutes later Midge was back with Damon and I had
by then calmed down a little. David stood up and they
laid me down on the sofa and he examined my wounds. He
ended up taping one of them on the underside of my
breast. He said that my skin was not just lovely, but
resilient at my age, and he was reasonably sure that
there would be no scarring. He put some strong
antiseptic on my knees and decided it would be best to
leave the cuts there open to the air. I thanked him and
he gave me a couple of strong pills for the pain. They
worked well, and quickly.

I thanked Midge and David, and apologized again. They
kept telling me to stop apologizing for what had been
done to me. I was starting to get worried about David
now. I sat up and wrapped the blanket back around me
and I insisted that he keep this to himself. In part
because I didn't want to get anyone in trouble, but
mostly because when Brad found out he would kill Mr.

David said, "There is no way to hide those marks Jan.
Brad is going to find out. And what's to stop Riggs
from doing this again, if not to you, then to someone

I leaned back against the back of the couch and said,
"Oh god, I don't know, I can't think. I'm tired and I
hurt and I'm d**gged. Great d**gs, by the way, I'd like
to get some more of these!"

I smiled at Midge and saw that she was crying. I tried
to put my arms around her but it hurt too much and I
stopped. I told her to stop crying. I was fine. I just
needed to stay here until Brad went to work, if they
didn't mind.

David went upstairs and started getting ready for work
while Midge made breakfast, well, coffee and toast. I
had some coffee and the warmth of the hot coffee seemed
to help my aching jaw. I couldn't chew though. I
remembered then that I had been beaten on the face too,
and I asked Midge how bad my face was. She cried again,
but she said, your face is fine, there are just some
red marks. It doesn't even look like they are going to

David came down and got his coffee and toast and
ordered Midge to get me a robe to wear. While she was
upstairs my cell phone rang and it was Brad. I told him
that everything was fine. I gave him the impression
that I had too much to drink and it had been very late
and I had stopped off at David and Midge's house. I
told him that I would see him tonight.

Midge came down with a light robe and a pair of
slippers. I was grateful for those; I don't know what
happened to my shoes. I hadn't even realized that I was
barefoot. David looked at his watch and got a
thoughtful look on his face and stepped outside for a
minute. He came back in a few minutes later with Matt,
his driver, and they sat down and had another cup of

Midge looked at him curiously but he just said, "I'm
going in a few minutes late this morning."

A half hour later, David and Matt stood up and David
came to me and said, "Come on Jan, time to go."

I was fully under the effects of the d**gs by then and
didn't even question him. I let him guide me out to the
car and I kind of half slept as I leaned up against
him. The next thing I knew I was being gently shaken
and David helped me out of the car. I didn't recognize
where I was. It turned out to be a private back
entrance for the VPs at the plant.

I came to a stop when I recognized where we were and I
said, "Oh no, Mr. Burton please. I don't want to screw
things up."

He smiled and kissed my forehead and said, "Sweetheart,
relax, you are going to make them infinitely better.
Trust me on this."

I sighed and let him lead me inside and down a hallway
I had not seen before. There were no secretaries or
receptionists here. There was just a narrow hallway
that connected Mr. Morris' office and the six VPs'
offices and a large conference room, the conference
room where they held their morning meeting.

Mr. Burton pulled me inside and the quiet conversation
came to a sudden halt as we entered.

Mr. Burton said, "I'm so sorry for being late."

Everyone was looking at me and I saw that Mr. Riggs
still had that arrogant look on his face. He didn't
know what was going on, but he wasn't worried.

Mr. Morris looked up and said, "Heather, please leave
the room."

I hadn't even noticed that she was in the room!

Damn those are good d**gs!

Mr. Burton put his briefcase down and turned me towards
him and loosened the belt on my robe and pulled it off.
He turned me around to face the six other people in the
room and I just stood there, not knowing what to say or
do. All but one of them had already seen me naked and
had sex with me, though they hadn't seen me with
stripes before.

Mr. Morris said quietly, "David, what happened to her?"

Mr. Burton just pointed at Mr. Riggs.

Mr. Riggs shrugged and said, "So what, she's just a

Mr. Morris leaned forward and pushed a button and said,
"Heather, have my driver come in here."

Then he turned to Riggs and said, "Give me your keys."

Mr. Riggs looked like he had just been punched. He
couldn't believe that what he had done to me even
mattered. He stood up and reached into his pocket and
pulled out his keys and tossed them down the table to
Mr. Morris.

My robe was put back on and I held it closed. The
driver came in and Mr. Morris said to him, "Robert, I
want you to pick Mr. Riggs up at the front entrance and
drive him to his home. You will wait for him there, and
after he has packed a couple of suitcases you will take
him to the airport. You will go with him while he buys
a ticket to anywhere in the world as long as it out of
this state. Then you will wait with him until he has
boarded his plane and that plane has taken off. When he
has taken off you will call me and tell me that he is
gone and to what state or country he has gone."

He then turned to Mr. Riggs and said, "What I should do
is have you killed. I don't know people that do that,
but I know people that know people and more than
anything else I want to have you killed."

Mr. Riggs was now white as a ghost.

Mr. Morris continued. "For the first time in my life I
find myself hating someone. It is an ugly feeling. I am
having trouble controlling it. Here is your only
option, other than waiting around to be killed. You can
leave this state and not come back. Anything that you
want out of your house you had best hire someone to
come and get for you. If you leave the state
voluntarily, and send me your resignation, I will give
you a lukewarm letter of referral if asked. I would
highly recommend to you that you get professional help,
because you are a very sick fuck!"

I saw the looks on the faces of the VPs around the
room. They were all shocked. Not so much at what he was
doing to Mr. Riggs, but they had never heard him say
"fuck" before!

"What I should do now is f***e you to apologize to this
young lady. I would dearly love to beat you half to
death and f***e you to apologize to her. But it would
be meaningless, you would not mean it, your mind is so
screwed up that you don't even think that you did
anything wrong. Get out of my sight. NOW!"

Mr. Riggs stomped out, his face still white as a sheet.
Mr. Morris stood up and came around to me and gently
took me in his arms. He asked Mr. Burton, "Did you have
a doctor look at her?"

Mr. Burton nodded and said, "My neighbor. He is good,
and he won't say anything."

I looked up at Mr. Morris and said, "I'm sorry sir. I
didn't want to make any trouble."

I guess it was the d**gs, but I could have sworn I saw
tears in his eyes!

He turned to the VPs and said, "Gentlemen, as of now
there is no more EPOD."

I said, "No! Wait a minute! Mr. Morris, don't do that,
please. It isn't perfect, and there are some women who
don't like it, maybe even a few men. But some of us
like it, a lot. In fact, I was going to ask you to
expand it."

He looked at me like I was nuts, "Expand it? What do
you mean?"

I smiled at Mr. Burton and said, "I have only met one
of the other VP wives, one of the other junior VP
wives, and none of the junior VPs. So I can't speak for
all of the people involved. I know that some of them
are only in it for the money, but some of us are having
a ball. And some of the senior VPs' wives would really
like back in. It would be nice if you would let them.
I'm sorry, I was given some really good d**gs a little
while ago and I may not be too clear. But don't just
end the program, tweak it."

Mr. Morris kissed my forehead and stepped back and
said, "Is that the d**gs talking?"

I smiled and said, "Maybe a little, damn those things
are great! But I was going to have this conversation
with you anyway. As long as the EPOD program has
existed you have had one jerk that didn't play well
with others. He is gone now. Some of us want to play
some more."

I watched Mr. Morris take a deep breath and go back to
his seat. He looked around him and saw the hopeful look
on his VPs' faces.

After a thoughtful pause he asked, "Would any of you
gentlemen like to ask your wives if they would like to
volunteer to get back into the program?"

"There will be no pressure, it will not be a
requirement, and it will have no effect on your
careers. Just let me know by this time next week."

Mr. Morris told Mr. Burton to have his driver take me
home. He told me that it might be best if I not see my
husband until Riggs was on a plane. I thought that was
good thinking.

I walked down to the end of the table and kissed Mr.
Morris on the cheek and thanked him. Then I kissed Mr.
Burton and thanked him. Then I started to leave. I
stopped and turned around and said, "Gentlemen, pool
party at my place next Friday. Wives invited, but they
should know that it will be clothing optional."

There were smiles all around as I left and made my way
back through the private hallway. I was just about to
pass Mr. Morris' office when the door opened and
Heather pulled me inside.

She said, "Here, you can't go around town like that.
Then she smiled and said, at least not until you heal.
I looked at her, wondering how she knew so much. She
just smiled and helped me pull the robe off. She gasped
when she saw my tortured body. But she was very gentle
as she helped me into a loose dress and a pair of

She hugged me carefully and said, "It is a shame that
you had to go through all of that, but a lot of people
around here are going to be a lot happier now. That man
was bad news and we were all scared of him."

I thanked her and grabbed the robe and slippers that
Midge had given me and went back out to Mr. Burton's
car. Matt started to help me into the back, but I
figured it would be easier to get into the front seat.
He helped me sit down carefully and drove me slowly
home, avoiding bumps and taking every turn in slow
motion. I saw what he was doing and I said, "You are so
sweet. When I am better I am so going to fuck you!"

He grinned and said, "I can't wait Miss."

"Jan, I told you before, call me Jan."

He smiled and said, "I will Miss, when it is

I said, "It is always appropriate with men that I have
sex with."

He just said, "A time and a place for everything. I
love my job, knowing the right time and the right place
helps me keep it. I could not possibly work for a finer
couple. I want very much to never do anything that they
might find objectionable. I get some of the greatest
perks in the world. I don't have a problem with
addressing people properly. The next time we meet, and
you give me that great fuck you promised, then you will
be Jan. Today, Miss works just fine."

I smiled at him and said, "Oh, you're no fun, you old

He smiled and said, "You are home miss."

I hadn't even realized that we had stopped moving!

He came around and helped me to the door. Then he
helped me upstairs and even helped me off with my dress
and my sandals. He turned down the bed and said, "Get
some sl**p Miss, you had a hard night. I look forward
to seeing you again soon."

Except for undressing me, he didn't take a single
liberty! I was exhausted and d**gged and I never even
saw him leave the bedroom. The next thing that I knew,
Brad was sitting on the side of my bed and moving his
fingers lightly over my face, tracing the faint red
marks that remained.

I saw the love, and the concern and the rage all mixed
up on his face and I felt so sorry for him. He wanted
to protect me and he wanted to avenge me and he wanted
to make the pain go away and all he could do was ache
for me.

I smiled up at him and asked him what time it was.

"It's early," he said. "It's only a little after two.
I'm sorry I woke you up."

"No, that's okay. If I sl**p all day I'll be awake all
night. I went through that cycle more than once in
college. I don't want to do that again!"

"Are you alright?" he asked.

I assured him that I was just a little sore. No
injuries that wouldn't be gone in a week.

He held my hand and said, "Mr. Morris and David came
into my office just before lunch and we had a long
talk. They told me some of what happened. I don't think
that they told me everything."

I smiled and said, "Don't worry, I'll tell you
everything later. But not until you have calmed down."

"I'm sorry," Brad said quietly. "This is my fault. I
should have told them to take EPOD and shove it up
their asses. But don't worry; I'm getting us out of
this on Monday. I plan on resigning and we can live on
our savings for long enough for me to find another

I sat up suddenly. That was a big mistake. I groaned at
the sudden pain and said, "You will resign over my dead
body! Did Mr. Morris tell you what happened in the
meeting this morning?"

Brad shrugged and said, "He said that David brought you
in and you were covered in welts. He fired Riggs on the
spot, threatened his life and made him leave the state
before he told me what had happened."

I said, "He also put an end to EPOD, until I made him
reinstate it. Riggs is gone now. He was the only bad
apple. We have enjoyed the hell out of EPOD! They
should have known about Riggs and they should have done
something about it sooner. But I can make sure that
doesn't happen again. A lot of us, you and me included,
like EPOD. I even think I talked him into letting Midge
and any of the other wives that want to get back in the

"To sum up," I continued, "you are not resigning, EPOD
is still a viable program, you have nothing to
apologize for, and if you ever get hurt, David and
Midge have a guy living next door to them with some
great d**gs! Oh, and we are having a pool party next
Friday, clothing optional."

"I want to hold you so much," Brad said quietly, "but I
am afraid to touch you."

He carefully peeled the sheet off of me and when he saw
my body he turned so red I thought that he would

I quickly assured him that I was okay. I showed him the
only place that my skin had been broken, on the
underside of my breast. Well, except for my knees. But
that is tough skin and heels quickly. I assured him
that the doctor had said that the marks would all be
gone soon and there would be no scar. I left off the

He pulled the sheet back up over me just as we heard a
noise at our bedroom door. It was Midge! She came
rushing in and told Brad to get into some comfortable
clothes, she was going to start supper in a few
minutes. Then she sat on the edge of the bed and pulled
the sheet down and started rubbing cream from a large
jar with no label all over my body.

She smiled at me and said, "Aside from being a lot of
fun to apply, this cream keeps your skin soft and
supple and helps the bruises fade. I got it from a
strange woman I know that, well, she know things.
Sometimes it's best not to ask questions."

As she rubbed the cream in she said, "David called me
today. He told me what you said at the meeting. It
looks like I am going to be part of EPOD again. Thank
you, sweetheart. I love you for being so nice and
thinking or me. You do seem to get things done, don't

I smiled at her, and asked her if any of the other
wives would want to play again.

She thought about it for a moment and said, "Some of
them would have liked to if it had been ten years ago.
For a bunch of old broads, most of us are still in
pretty good shape. But I suppose you reach a time in
your life when there are some games you can't play as
well anymore. Games like football, soccer, swinging-
from-the-rafters-sex, things like that. Still, they
might like to attend an occasional party if they were

"It has also been decided that you will be the den
mother to the EPOD girls, sort of nominally in charge.
In charge of handling problems and seeing to it that
there are no more Riggs, and no young women who are in
it that should not be, girls that cannot handle it. I
guess we are stuck with Grace, but she could always
quit if she wanted to."

She looked up at Brad who was finally finished changing
and said, "How about you, are you okay Brad?"

"I really want to kill that son of a bitch. I guess
that Mr. Morris did the right thing today. He is a
great guy. David stayed behind in my office after they
came to see me today. He said that it was all that Mr.
Morris could do to keep from having Riggs killed. He
also said that when he saw Jan he had tears in his
eyes. He has a crush on Jan you know."

Midge laughed and said, "Just about everyone that has
met her has a crush on her, me included."

I smiled at her and pulled her hand up to my lips and
kissed her. "It's mutual," I said.

She asked me if I wanted to eat in bed or if I wanted
to come downstairs for a while. She was going to make
supper for the three of them, but thought that maybe
soup in bed would be better for me.

I said, "Soup sounds good, but don't go to any trouble.
I'm not an invalid. I guess I could use a little help
this evening though. Thank you Midge, you are a saint."

"Yeah, Saint Midge, that's me. Actually, it would
probably be best if you moved around a little to keep
from stiffening up. Don't feel like you have to dress
on my account though. I imagine that for a while you
will feel better without anything rubbing on those nice
stripes of yours."

I said, "I hardly ever wear clothes around the house

I stood up, with difficulty, and went to the bathroom.
Then I made my way downstairs. I was finding that the
more I moved around the better I felt. Midge was right
about that too.

I got downstairs just as David arrived. He winced when
he saw me, but I smiled and said that I was feeling
much better. Midge was already in the kitchen making
supper and it smelled pretty good. I tried to help her
out but she turned me around and pushed me right out of
the kitchen. So I sat and talked with David while Brad
set the table.

We had a pleasant evening and, after putting another
dose of cream on my body, the Burton's left early. Brad
and I just relaxed and sipped a last glass of wine
before going to bed.

The doorbell rang at a little after eight. We were just
about to go to bed. Brad got up to answer it and I
pulled a blanket over my bruised body. Brad stuck his
head back in and asked, "Are you decent?"

I nodded and he came in with Carol Mitchum and Madison
Scott. They apologized for coming over without calling
and handed Brad a huge bouquet of flowers to put in
water for me. They also apologized for not introducing
themselves earlier.

I thanked them for coming over and asked them to sit
down. I had wanted to talk to them. Both of them seemed
to be in their early thirties. They were both very
attractive with great bodies. It was easy to see why
they had been asked to join EPOD.

Our conversation started out with them offering their
sympathy, but mostly they wanted to thank me for
getting rid of Riggs. Not that it was anything that I
had done; Mr. Burton was more responsible for his
leaving than I was. I wanted to hush it up.

But I accepted their gratitude and said, "I am glad
that you came over. I have been looking forward to
meeting you. I have a lot of questions, but we can go
over them later. The main thing I have been wondering
about, the one question no one has been willing to
answer, or been able to answer is how you ladies feel
about being in EPOD. I have to tell you, except for
last night, I am enjoying the hell out of it. My
husband is too. But I would hate to think that I am the
only girl that felt that way. I understand that Grace
is not having a good time, and is only doing it for her
husband's career."

Carol and Madison looked at each other and looked
around to make sure that Brad was still out of the
room. Then they moved closer and Carol said, "Madison
and I are having a ball. Our husbands are less than
pleased with it. I think that it's great that Brad
enjoys it so much. You are so lucky! But Jeff and Carl
are not as open minded as Brad is. They are much more
traditional. They are putting up with it for the money,
the perks, and the promotions to come. That used to
bother us, but we finally decided that that was their
hang up. After all, we got into this at their
instigation. In case you are confused, that was a yes,
we like EPOD."

"And you are right about that…..about Grace. She is
very unhappy and the only one that was enjoying her
company was Riggs. And that was just because it was
obvious that she hated it so much. She can be a real
downer at the parties too. She fakes it for the guys,
but they know, and she treats us like crap because we
enjoy it."

"I am so glad to hear that," I said. "That you guys are
enjoying it, I mean. Did you hear what happened at the
plant today?"

They had heard most of it, but not about bringing Midge
and any other interested parties back in to EPOD. They
were both around when Midge was in it before and they
were happy that she was coming back.

I asked which of their husbands was senior, because
someone would have to fill Riggs position. It turned
out to be Grace's husband. So she would be moving up
and I suggested that we try to influence the selection
for the next replacement couple. Not just pick someone
because they are a hot couple. The husband would have
to be worthy of selection. But still, we could try to
make sure that they would be happy with the program. It
would be worth talking about.

I noticed the time; it was time to reply the ointment
that Midge had given me. I told them that I had to put
a cream on my stripes and asked them to wait for me.
They offered to help, and after making sure that they
didn't mind, I accepted.

I got the cream and stretched out on my blanket and
waited for the cooling cream.

They both gasped when they saw my stripes, but both
complimented me on my figure. While they gently applied
the cream to my body I tried to act like I wasn't
enjoying it so much. I told them that I was moving soon
and that my new house had a pool and suggested we could
all get together and apply suntan lotion to each other.

They both liked that idea. I was finding it difficult
to act like a patient while they massaged the cream
into my bruised skin. After they had covered me with
the cream, Madison, who had been working on the lower
portion of my body, began gently massaging my pussy.

I moaned softly and said, "I don't know where you went
to medical school, Madison. But you can practice
medicine on me anytime!"

Carol bent down and kissed me, carefully avoiding
touching my tender flesh, while Madison leaned down and
began licking my pussy, just about the only part of my
body that wasn't bruised.

In no time at all I was panting and kissing Carol back
passionately, and soon I was totally oblivious to the
aches and pains that had been the focus of my life
since early this morning when they were inflicted on

I came in a very short time and they both kissed me
gently while I calmed back down. I finally relaxed back
onto the couch and they sat up. I thanked them
enthusiastically and promised to pay them back soon.
They both promised to hold me to my word. They stayed
around for a little longer and then they both kissed me
goodbye and left.

Shortly after they left, Brad came back downstairs. He
smiled at me and said, "I guess you can find the good
side of everything, can't you?"

I smiled and asked, "You saw them?"

He said, "I started to come downstairs to see if anyone
wanted anything, but I could see from the top of the
stairs that everyone seemed to be having what they
wanted. It almost makes me wish I wasn't feeling good,
I could have used a little of that kind of sympathy."

I laughed and the laughter didn't hurt. In fact, I
think it even made me feel better. I said, "Baby, if
you need nursing you come on over here. If I am
conscious, or even if I'm not, I am always ready to
make you feel better. Let's just avoid the missionary
position for a day or two."

Throughout the weekend and all of the next week,
someone was there to help me, either Midge came by, or
Carol or Madison, or two of them, or all three of them.
We had a blast. They used up a whole jar of that cream
and Midge got another one. And each time they rubbed me
down it got more and more erotic. They were there long
after I needed them. We laughed and joked and told
stories and it reminded me of late nights in the dorm.
The only thing missing was a bag of pot.

By Tuesday I was almost back to normal. The stripes
were all but gone, and the pain was gone. The only
lasting injury was a small, but nearly healed cut under
one breast. And it didn't even hurt, though I would
have been reluctant to put a bra on.

On Wednesday they helped me pack up the boxes of things
that we were taking with us to the new house and on
Thursday, Midge got a truck from the plant, with a
driver, and we moved all of the boxes to the new house.
The girls went nuts when they saw it. Hell, so did I. I
could not have dreamed a more beautiful or more
beautifully decorated home. We unloaded all of the
boxes into one of the five bays of the garage and I
thanked the driver and tipped him liberally.

With the help of my new friends the party on Friday was
a big hit. To everyone's surprise, three of the four
remaining VPs' wives attended and not only got naked,
but let their hair down and joined in the fun and
games. It was decided that, except for Midge, they
didn't want to be in EPOD again, but they would enjoy a
party every now and then, and a chance to cut loose and
not worry about what anyone thought about them

I spent two hours upstairs in bed with Mo and he is
really getting back in the swing of things. I guess the
pump just needed priming. But he still confines his
extracurricular activities to me, and that's fine with

I tried a couple of times to establish some kind of
relationship with Grace Davis and Mrs. Gordon. They
were very cold and unreceptive and finally I gave up.
Luckily, Grace's husband, Tim, made senior VP and
filled Mr. Riggs' vacancy, so nobody ever sees Grace
any more, or Mrs. Gordon either. They avoid anyone that
works at the plant.

Midge and Carol and Madison and I spend at least two
days a week together, usually around our pool. Some
days we go out, but most of the time we stay home and

Brad and I go out with the Burtons, or dine in and play
around, at least once a week, sometimes more. We have
invited Carol and Jeff over and Madison and Carl,
trying to get to know them better and develop some kind
of relationship. But Jeff and Carl are both assholes,
not to put too fine a point on it. They are stuffy and
judgmental and we really don't care much for either of
them. I feel sorry for Carol and Madison. So do Carol
and Madison, I think. I sometimes think that the only
reason the girls stay married to them is so that they
can stay in EPOD.

Things have pretty much returned to what passes for
normal now. It's like Riggs never existed. The girls at
the plant, the receptionists and secretaries, are all
aware that Brad and I gave his secretary, Jennifer, a
car and a house to help her get through the hard time
she was having and whenever Brad needs anything at work
he gets it before he realizes that he needed it. And
when I drop by for a visit with Brad, or to service one
of the VPs, they do everything but run in front of me
and throw rose petals in my path.

I have gone out to lunch with Mr. Morris' secretary,
Heather a few times. She is a great woman, she pretty
much runs that plant from behind the scenes and Mr.
Morris knows it. The last time I came in and spent a
little time with Mr. Morris in his office I suggested
to him that Heather should have her title changed to
Administrative Assistant and get a salary that reflects
what she actually does around there.

As soon as I said it I could almost see the light come
on in his head. Mr. Morris said, "Yes! I can't believe
that I didn't think of that!" Then he looked at me and
said, "You know Jan, when I finally retire, I think I
am going to leave you in charge."

I laughed and said, "You will like hell! I am needed at
home. Someone has to kept their eye on the pool boy and
keep my girlfriends satisfied!"

THE END... Continue»
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The Mediterranean Guesthouse Chapter 5


Opening my eyes to the dusk, I can feel my body still remembering the lovemaking of the night, and the sex with Kate and Christine the previous evening. A complete satisfaction seems to dwell all over me, my arms are tingly with memories of touching Kate during the night, my legs remember the feel of the soft sand of the beach as I was pushing into her at the rhythm of the waves. My lips remember her soft, salty kiss. And my cock remembers the sweet tightness of her pulsing pussy each time I made her come.
Kate is breathing deep next to me, still asl**p. I lay on my back as the first rays of the dawn start to creep over the hills. I think about this amazing vacation, and I just can't believe it is all real, and happening to me. Turning to look at Kate next to me, under the same sheet, I watch the curve of her hips and the nice slim waist. She looks beautiful there, her hand on top of the sheet, her nice, thick brown hair spread on the pillow, her beautiful tits pushed together as she is on her side facing me.
This moment, I forget that the vacation will eventually end, that I will need to leave this paradise. Looking at her next to me, feeling the warmth radiating from her, and remembering what we have been through together, I do not think about anything else than this moment. My earlier anxiousness about the coming evening and revealing some of my fantasies is gone. My doubts from yesterday morning about what Kate wants from our trip to the beach now in the past. It is just now, this early dawn and her next to me. A perfect moment, and I want to stretch it as long as it can last.
The morning light is growing outside, and I know that I should wake her up. I turn on the bed and she moves still in her sl**p. Taking my hand to her face, I move some locks of her hair and kiss her cheek gently.
'Good morning.' I whisper.
She smiles a little at the touch of my lips, and I can feel her breathing change as she wakes up. She reaches and moves her hand to my chest as if wanting to confirm that I am really there next to her. Her touch feels good, her sl**py warm fingers on my chest.
I kiss her a second time, just on the side of her head, just next to her eyes. Then I kiss her ear, once, twice, then more times. When I reach her earlobe and give it a kiss and a flick of my tongue, I can feel her breathe in deeply and react to my touch. She is awake now.
'Hmh. You are not going to let me sl**p any longer, are you?' she finally says as she turns on her back and raises her arms above her head and her delicious lips are now there just wanting to be kissed.
With her arms raised, her breasts are now exposed from under the sheet, perfect, soft, round mounds of her femininity there, and I cannot resist, but take my hand on top of her left tit, and gently touch it, but not touching the nipple. She sighs out in pleasure from my touch. I keep my hand where it is, and kiss her closed eyes. I sense her craving for me to touch her more, to feel my hand all over her body. Briefly I entertain the idea of letting my hand wander down her smooth belly, slowly teasing her with my fingers, and finally touching her there, at the hot intersection of her legs, letting my fingers bring her to another orgasm. But I resist the temptation, I want her to feel the need build up for tonight. I want her to wait for the release this time.
Removing my hand, I sense her disappointment. 'Kate, I want us to wait for tonight.'
She opens her eyes, and her look seems to beg me to make love to her right there, right now. She arcs her back and her tits push against my chest and I almost lose my control. My cock is semi hard. A deep kiss from her and I would lose it, and sink my cock into her faster than one could say “a broken promise”. But, I want our release tonight to be all the more sweeter.
I put my hand on her lips. 'Tonight, Kate.'
She looks at me, opens her mouth and takes my finger in her mouth, sucking it, tenderly biting into it and at the same time her tongue is twirling, teasing it.
She can feel my erection now pushing against her hip, and releasing my finger, she smiles at me. 'Such a shame to wait. Are you completely sure?' she asks teasingly.
Her nipples erect, her beautiful body there next to me and her brown hair spread on the pillow, framing her pretty face, I come close to relenting, but I manage to keep my mind.
'Tonight.' I say
'It is hard to wait. I want you.' she answers
'I want you too. But I want to wait for tonight, and I promise it will be worth it.'
'Mmm... Torture. I'll think of a way to pay this back.'
With a final kiss, I think we come to a silent agreement, and after I while I stand up. Her eyes linger on my naked, aroused body as I start on my morning workout.
As I do the thirty slow pushups, I can feel her watching me. Turning to do the abs, I see her on her back, watching my naked body on the floor, her hands are under the sheet, her legs parted. As I realize where her hands are, the final few abs are even harder.
I stand up, start my stretching as Kate's gaze wanders on my skin, with her hands under the sheet, touching herself. Her arms are pushing her breasts together, and her nipples are erect from her arousal. In the morning light coming in the window, I think the sight is the most erotic I can remember.
My manhood seems to agree with Kate, the waiting for tonight is stupid. I do not know how I am able to resist her, but from somewhere deep within me I find the strength. I sit next to her on the bed. Her hands are still under the sheet, her cheeks are blushed. I grab her arms and try to stop her touching herself.
'Kate, please.' I say as I lean in to kiss her.
She answers to my kiss hungrily, and then with a smile on her face, she brings her fingers, wet from her juices on my lips. Her scent is intoxicating, and I cannot help it, I part my lips and she pushes two fingers into my mouth, and I taste her.
I almost black out from tasting her. This is the payback?
My whole body aches to make love to her, have her body open to me, to sink into her, thrust into her and feel her react to my each push with sighs of pleasure. I suck on her fingers and imagine her sweet moist love squeezing my dick as I would slam it into her with as much speed as I could muster.
'Are you totally, totally sure?' she asks teasingly, her fingers still in my mouth, her other hand on her breasts, pushing them up, squeezing them together.
If I was on the brink previously, I think now I must be over the edge, hanging on with fingernails so as not to fall. Slowly, I remember my decision, and I take Kate's wrists, and push her hands above her head.
'Kate, I promise, it will be great tonight. Please? The wait will make it even better.'
I kiss her and finally I sense her really agreeing with me.
'Well, ok then. Maybe you don't find me attractive.' she says with a smile, teasing me still further.
As I hold her hands above her head, her pretty face framed by her brown hair on the pillow, her perfect breasts pushing against me, and the heat of her body almost making me forget my decision to wait, nothing I remember has ever been more beautiful.
'Kate, you are beautiful.'
We kiss once more.
'Well, I guess I better go and prepare breakfast then. I want you to have lots of energy for tonight.' she says eventually with a sigh and mock disappointment in her voice.

A half an hour later, I am sitting in the breakfast table, Kate has finished setting up the table and comes out and sits opposite me.
'Coffee is ready soon. Archie, any plans for today?'
I can sense us both slightly tense still after the morning's events, pent-up energy that normally would have found a release. My thoughts have not really been with today's training.
'Oh, I need to return the rental bike this afternoon, so I was thinking to go and ride some trails before that.'
'Sounds nice. But take care that you do not exhaust yourself! Where do you plan to go?'
We look at the map again together and some of the trails I have picked and printed out before my trip. As I look at the printouts, I vaguely remember printing them at home. I was excited at the trip to Cyprus, and all the nice cycling roads and trails and the nice weather. But little did I know how exciting this vacation really would become.
As we look at the map, we can hear Julien and Christine come downstairs also for breakfast. Christine comes to give me a hug and a brief kiss.
'Good morning, Archie!'
'Good morning. Did you sl**p well?' I ask.
They sit down on the usual places. Christine sits next to Kate and Julien sits next to me.
'Not so good. I woke up a few times in the night. I am so sad that we have to leave tomorrow. This is our last day here with you.'
'I am a little sad too.' I answer truthfully.
'But we still have tonight! I hope you have not forgotten what you promised last night? You will share some of your fantasies?'
With all that was happened since last night, this was not on the top of my mind, but I had not forgot. Part of me is waiting to tell them my deepest erotic fantasies, and another part of me is a little scared. What will they think? Can I really reveal myself so totally to them? I think I need some time alone before tonight to gather my thoughts and to prepare what I am going to share and what not.
'No, I haven't forgotten it.'
'And you also, Kate?' she asks Kate.
'Yes, well, I can do it also.' Kate says, 'But to tell you the truth, my fantasies have already been fulfilled mostly. I will think of some small thing maybe. But looking at Archie, I get the feeling that he has some interesting stuff to share.'
Everyone is now focused at me. I agree, I have stuff that I have not shared with them. One of my fantasy was to make love to a beautiful woman with her husband also making love to her. Another fantasy we lived last night. But these were Christine's fantasies, and she shared them with us, the fact that they were also my desires... I did not have to share my thoughts, so it was a lot easier. The thought of telling them some of my deepest desires feels difficult. I look at each of them. Even when we have known each other so little time, only a few days, I think they can somehow, maybe from my silence, sense that I do have something inside me, some things that I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever had a chance to try out. Which is true.
'Yes, I have some... ideas.' I finally say. 'But I need some time today to... find a correct way to tell to you about them.'
'Archie, I know, it is hard to tell others about your desires. But please, I did it, I told you. So I hope you can do it also?' Christine says.
'Yes, I promise to try tonight.'
'Great! I cannot wait!'
Kate and Julien agree with Christine, and Kate goes to fetch the coffee.
The rest of the breakfast is more normal, we just enjoy the possibility to eat outside, enjoy the fresh fruit and excellent coffee, and chat about what we are going to do during the day. I think each and every one of us is waiting eagerly for the evening. As we finish, we help Kate take the dishes and food to the kitchen and agree to meet up back at the guesthouse in the evening when the sun goes down.

Two hours later, I am on my bike and climbing towards the mountain summit again. The finality of the need to return the bike later today makes me feel like the vacation is coming to an end soon, even if I still have couple of days here without the bike.
Though the effort of pedaling is keeping my anxiety about the coming evening away, I can feel it looming in the background. But just at this moment, the wonderful feeling of strain on my legs and shortness of breath is capturing me totally. The lactic acid burns in my muscles, giving me the familiar endorphin high that I need almost daily.
The scenery on the trail is again awesome. I started the ride again near Trimiklini, but now I take a smaller, partly unsurfaced road and another route to the summit. Sun is on my back, it is warm, but not too hot, but the pedaling is making me sweat.
I stop to gather my breath as I reach the top of the hill and the road starts to snake down back into a valley. Taking a chunk out of a sports bar and a sip of drink I feel my body recover from the effort, as I lean to the handlebars and listen to the silence around me. It is so wonderful here. The silent hills of the Cyprus countryside basking in the heat of the pre-noon sun. A small whiff of a wind makes the air cooler. I cannot hear a single car.
The amazing thing about people is that it is so easy to forget. Right now, the everyday life back home feels so distant. The morning wakeup, increasing darkness of the coming Nordic winter months, work in the office in front of computer screen. It all feels so distant as the sun is warm on my skin and the gentle breeze is in the air. And the painful thing is, even this vacation will end. As much and as amazing things as this vacation has offered me, I know that when I return back home, this vacation will also eventually become just a memory.
Still, I think the things we have done together with Kate, Christine and Julien will be etched to my mind longer and sharper. I think back at the very first night, hearing Christine and Julien make love in the next room. And then the next night, when they invited me to watch, and I watched Julien make love to Christine in front of me. I remember Christine reaching out to me and touching me and then pulling me inside her mouth. And the next night was even more amazing. And yesterday, with the trip to the beach and then what happened back at the house.
I smile to myself and shake my head in disbelief as I remember the previous days. How can this have happened to me? How could I get to make love to two so beautiful women as Kate and Christine.
All I know that I want to give them what they wished. I want the last night together with Christine to be special, and she clearly wanted me to divulge some of my fantasies.
My fears seem to lift a little. I have made a decision and I will share with them. The decision made, I think I have cooled down enough, so I hop back on the bike and start off again.
The route takes me around a big circle and up another direction to the Troodos summit. This time I stop only briefly on the village at the top, I have seen it already and the climb was not that steep this time. I do want to see the Kaledonia waterfall though, which is on the way down to Trimiklini.
The falls are one or two kilometers off the main road, but it takes just a moment with the mountain bike. There are some other cars parked and I can hear some tourists in the distance. It is not rainy season, so the waterfalls probably aren't that huge at the moment and true enough, I can hear only a small sound of falling water in the distance. The surrounding forest is nice and lush, and suddenly it almost seems as we have been transported to another, not as arid island, maybe somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. I can see the waterfall in the distance through the trees.
I walk carefully in my cycling shoes on the slippery rocks. The waterfall is beautiful, but without a doubt it would look magnificent if there had been more rain. Anyway the place is nice and tranquil, and with a peaceful atmosphere.
I don't linger long, with my bike clothes I seem a bit out of place, I just wanted to see the place. Hopping on the bike I pedal back to the main road and start the long downhill to the car, taking care the first few hundred meters as there is now mud on the wheels. As I turn left to the main road, I realize that these are the last times I will pedal here because next twenty kilometers are all downhill. But the two hours biking today was enough for my legs, so it is not an unhappy feeling.

On the way back from the ride, I return the bike to the rental place. I ask them about the possibility to combine a rent of a MTB and a roadbike, and they say it is possible. Maybe I will do it next time if I ever come back here to ride.
If I ever come back? I have never been to cycle same place twice before, and usually I always plan my cycling holidays to visit a new place and new climbs. But I now realize that there is something else here that would definitely be a huge temptation to return. Kate.
What is she thinking about our “thing” together? Is she only having fun for a few nights, or would she be welcoming me again if I would return? I want to believe the latter, but I am not sure.
Thinking about this triggers my mind full of doubts again for the coming evening. What if my fantasies turn them off, or they find them offensive? If I tell them, will I risk their friendship or even Kate's desire?
I drive back to the guesthouse and park the car. Walking back into the house I see that Kate's car is around back but Julien and Christine still have not arrived. It is siesta time, so Kate might also be taking a nap, which actually sounds a really good idea. I go into my room quietly.

I wake up from my nap some time later. The sun is already dropping towards the hills and the hotness of the afternoon is fading. The already familiar feeling of the approaching mediterranean evening is in the air.
I lie in the bed with my mind spinning, all the years of fantasizing about different erotic things, and now, here, soon I would need to tell others what I fantasize about. The thought of sharing my deepest desires is scary, but at the same time I understand that the realization of those fantasies cannot happen without me revealing them.
I understand now that to gain some, to be able to realize one’s fantasies, one has to give some, one has to be ready to conquer one’s inhibitions and fears, and be ready to share. I got the first realized fantasy for free, with Christine having to do all the emotional investment in asking me to fulfill her fantasy.
Is it easier here, where we are so detached from our everyday lives? The fact that we are on vacation, in a place where we have never been before, surrounded by people we haven’t met before, does it make it easier to share something so profound as one’s erotic dreams? I think it must. Somehow it does not seem as risky to do it here as back home. Sharing to strangers is like a insurance, if it all goes horribly wrong, you do not have to face them for the rest of your life and be ashamed.
I stand up, and dress in shorts and a shirt, and pop open a cold beer, and go sit outside in the terrace. Sun is painting the opposite hill to the east a warm shade of orange. On the lounger I look to the setting sun and think about tonight and what I am going to tell the others.
I hear the door to the other room open and quiet steps walking behind me. Christine. She bends and kisses my cheek from behind.
‘Hi Archie!’
‘Hi Christine.’ I answer.
‘I am not bothering you?’
‘Not at all, please, take a seat.’ She takes the next lounger next to me, I offer to fetch her a beer or a cider, but she says no thanks and we stare into the orange sky together silently for a while.
‘Archie, I hope that I have not pressured you with this sharing your fantasies stuff.’ she says finally and still looks at the sunset.
I turn to look at her. ‘No, not at all. It is just, I understand now how you felt the first time when you asked me. It takes courage to share something like this. But I am happy that you did it.’
She turns to look at me and takes my hand. ‘I am happy too.’
After a minute she continues ‘Archie, the reason I wanted you to share, it is because it was so wonderful with you, to realize my fantasy. I was so scared to ask before, and when I did it and we made love, it was so great. So, I wanted you to feel the same, to get the same fulfilment.’
I don’t know what to say to this, so I just look her in her eyes and squeeze her hand.
‘And, I admit, I am a bit curious and selfish. I want to know more about you, about what you would desire, and I want to feel how it feels to help you realize your dreams. And we have so little time left together.’
Looking beautiful Christine next to me, I again wonder at my luck. Out of all the tourists in the world that could have been in the next room, I have found the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and she is asking me to tell her my sexual fantasies so that she can help me realize them. This kind of stuff happens in movies and books, not in real life. But now I am living this dream. There is no way on earth I can back away from this. I could never forgive myself.
‘Don’t worry Christine, I will tell you.’
‘Give me a hint, just a little one?’ she asks.
‘No, come on Christine, you should wait like the others!’
‘Come on, just a little tip? Archie please…’ she whispers, leaning in towards me. She is wearing a loose white blouse and when she leans in, I can see her breasts pushing against the fabric, and I can smell her shower fresh skin. I look into her eyes. The warmth radiates from her and suddenly I can feel myself blushing.
‘I don’t know…’
‘I won’t tell the others that you told me. It will be our secret.’
I look at her, leaning so very close to me know. Her lips are slightly parted, and her breathing seems to come in short, excited gasps. She is aroused, and wanting to hear at least a small bit of what is to come. My heart melts for her and finally I gather courage to speak.
‘Well,.. all right. I hope you do not find it weird.’
She just urges me on.
‘Well, have been fantasizing for a long time about.. I think I would enjoy it a lot if…’I stop to look her in the eyes one final time and then taking in a deep breath I continue,’if a woman would make love to me with a strap-on dildo.’ I finish and do not dare to look at her.
I can feel her hand squeeze mine even tighter. She leans in and kisses my cheek.
‘Thank you Archie. You know, don’t tell him that I told you, actually I do that sometimes for Julien, and he likes it too.’
I turn to look at Christine, and she is smiling with her eyes narrow and with a teasing look on her face.
‘And you know Archie, when I do it for him, I enjoy it too.’
‘You do?’
‘Yes,’ she pauses for a while and then continues still her voice a whisper in the evening ‘I like the feeling of being in control, it is like our roles have been reversed. It is me who is pushing, the movement of my hips which is controlling our pleasure.’
I feel a little relieved at this. She did not freak out. After a while she asks, ‘Archie, have you tried, you know, anal stuff before?’
I blush again. But there is no going back now.
‘Eh.. only by myself. When I am alone.’ I answer.
‘Ok, that is actually good, because you know it could be a bit painful when you do it first time if you have not had any “practice”’ she says.
I agree with her. Then I realize what she said. What does she mean it is good?
We sit there for a while in the darkening evening. I am glad now that Julien is not here, it felt good to talk to Christine alone at first. I feel bolder now, maybe the talking to others will be easier later.
‘Archie, you know, we did bring some things with us on the holiday.’ she says after a while
Things, what things? What can she mean?
‘You know, I might actually have something that would excite you tonight.’
Oh my god. She cannot mean that she actually has a strap-on with her?
‘What kind of things?’ I ask.
‘Mmm, maybe I will not tell you right now. Yes, it is better you don’t know. Let me think. Hmm. maybe … no, it might be too much for you… yes, yes, I think that might be just the thing…’ she is smiling and looking at me and thinking. Is she thinking through her selection of sex toys now? She has brought more than one to the holiday with them?
My mind now imagines Christine sitting next to me with a dildo strapped onto her hips and the image is so strong that my cock springs to stiffness in seconds. I try to hide the growing tent in my shorts.
‘Don’t be worried Archie, everything will be ok.’ she says.
We sit outside for a while, and after some time Julien joins us from their room. We chat in the terrace until it is almost completely dark, and then we decide to go downstairs to see what Kate is up to.

Walking down the stairs and into the living room of the house, we see that Kate has transformed the living room for this special night. There are candles everywhere, giving a soft light and she has set some snacks on the side table. We see a bottle of sparkling wine on ice on the kitchen table and four glasses. As we come to the room, Kate walks in from kitchen.
‘Hi guys, how was your day?’ she asks
We exchange pleasantries and congratulate her for the beautiful set up of the living room for tonight.
‘Yes, well, I wanted to do something pretty for tonight, because first of all, it is your last night here Christine and Julien, and then also I have a feeling that tonight will be quite… special.’
Kate asks Julien to open the bottle of wine, and we toast to our friendship. We sit down, me again on the sofa, and Julien takes the armchair, with both the ladies on my left and right.
My heart is beating hard now and I can feel the adrenaline in my bl**d. My body is reacting to my fear of the coming “moment of truth”. I try to breathe deep to calm myself. I think the others sense my discomfort and silently we agree that we should ease up the atmosphere a bit first. I am grateful as Kate and Christine keep up small talk about our day and I even get a change to tell them shortly about today’s bike ride. Talking aloud feels good, and prepares me mentally to what is soon to come.

After a while, the chat dies down.
‘Well, Kate, Archie, would you like to tell us something now?’ Christine asks.
Julien stands up and refills our glasses. The atmosphere is slightly tense.
‘Please, guys, who wants to go first,’ Christine asks ’Do not be afraid of us. Kate?’
With a sigh Kate sets down her wine glass. ‘Ok, I guess I can go first. Well, here goes; you know I had a long time without… well, I had not had sex for a long time before yesterday. So, believe me, what happened yesterday was already my fantasy fulfilled. And I did have also a fantasy to have sex with another woman.’ Kate looks at Christine and me. ‘What happened yesterday was pretty intense for me. After so long.. it was pretty great yesterday.’
‘Thanks Kate for telling us. It was great for me too, and Julien did like it too, didn’t you Julien?’
Julien agreed with a nod. Everyone was now looking at me. Some of my earlier hesitation seemed now to have disappeared. I briefly thought that without experiencing the previous few days and seeing Christine be so brave in requesting me, a complete stranger to have sex with her, it would not be at all this easy to talk to the others.
I take a deep breath, close my eyes for a few seconds, and remind myself that I am among friends, and that which doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger.
‘Ok, I also want to say that one of my fantasies has been to make love with another couple.’ I look at Christine and Julien. ‘And it has been amazing with you.’
I turn to look at Kate sitting next to me. ‘I did not have a fantasy about making love on the beach,’ I say, continuing to look at her eyes ’But now I do. What we experienced there was something I think I will never forget.’
Her expression tells me she feels the same, the sunset at the beach will stay with us for a long time.
‘But there is one more thing that I have been dreaming about.’
I can sense the tension in Kate, and the expectation in Christine and Julien. Although Christine already knows. Now when the moment is here, my throat seems dry again. I take a sip of wine, taking care not to spill any with my slightly shaking hands. I can feel adrenalin in my bl**d, my body is reacting to the instinctive fear of sharing something this deep.
‘I… I like it when I am pleasured anally. And I dream about strap-on sex, where a woman is making love to me with a strap-on dildo.’
There, it is done.
I do not know where to look. I want to look at Kate, but for some long seconds, I fear to look to her, wondering what she feels about my words. I can sense her body next to mine. I gather my courage and turn slowly to look at her.
She is smiling. Her eyes are half closed. She leans closer and whispers to my ear, ‘Archie, I am not surprised, after last night, I kind of knew you might like if I touched you there. And I might have done something like it for you tonight.’
My heart speeds up at this. I look deep into Kate’s eyes and kiss her. The kiss seems to promise hot things to come from tonight.
When the kiss finally ends, I turn to look at Christine and Julien, and remind myself that I am not supposed to know about them, my chat with Christine earlier today was a secret.
‘Archie, you know, with Julien we…’ Christine starts, and then turns to look at Julien, who nods with a smile.’We also do this sometimes. I mean, I use a dildo or a strap-on on him. And he likes it, don’t you Julien?’
‘I do, it is one of my favorite things. She looks so hot with a nice, long dick strapped on her. And the feeling of being penetrated is amazing.’
I can imagine it, Christine’s beautiful slender body, naked except a black strap-on her hips, holding a nice dildo. I can imagine spreading my legs and letting her enter me and have her thrusts feel inside me, and having her stroke my cock at the same rhythm.
I turn to look at Christine, and find her gaze on me. There is a silent question in my look, I hope. I want to learn what she was talking about earlier, about the interesting things she might have. I think she can read my mind.
‘Archie, how would you like it if we would realize your fantasy tonight?’ she asks.
Even when I sort of knew this was coming, my heart still jumps at her words and I can feel my skin getting hot and blushed. My voice sounds hoarse as I hear myself say the words ‘I would love it.’
She leans in and kisses my cheek. ‘Great! Now then, Kate, would you like to come and help me a bit upstairs?’ Christine stands up and holds her hand for Kate. Kate’s face lights up and she scrambles up from the sofa.
‘Actually, Archie, would you like to come too for a minute?’ Christine asks.
I stand up and follow the ladies up the stairs. At the door to their room, Christine lets Kate in and turns to me. ‘Wait here just a minute Archie, will you?’
She goes into their room and comes back a minute later with an anal douche in her hand. ‘Archie, are you familiar with how to use one of these?’ she asks.
‘Yes, Christine.’ I answer as I take it from her.
‘Great, just take your time, and then go back downstairs, we won’t be long.’
I go to my room and do the thing with the anal douche, and in just couple of minutes I pull on a bathrobe and go back downstairs. The ladies are still in the other room, and as I go past the door, I hear slight giggling and some voices from behind the closed door.
As I descend the stairs, my mind races at what the girls are doing in there.
Julien is still sitting at his chair, sipping wine. I sit back down on the sofa.
Looking at Julien, I initially am lost for words, but then I just decide to congratulate him once more, he has one hell of a wife.
‘I know. I am so lucky that sometimes I have to pinch myself. But Archie, I think right now, if what I guess is going to happen soon, I think I rather envy you tonight.’
Julien’s words silence me again. I don’t dare to guess or imagine anything right now, my mind is overwhelmed by what has already happened tonight.
I hear the ladies returning from upstairs, their steps on the stairs are now much more clear. Have they put on shoes? I turn to look.

The shock of what I see almost makes me drop the wine glass.

Christine is first on the stairs, slowly descending, step by step. She is now wearing only a black bra and black stay-up stockings. Each of her steps is echoing in the foyer, she is now wearing black high-heeled shoes. And on her hips, I see a shiny, black, 7 inch long strap-on dildo, swaying as she walks down the stairs, step by step. She is not even wearing any underpants anymore. I have never seen anything more erotic in my life.

Until I see Kate follow her.

If Christine is all in black, like a dark angel, Kate looks like a real angel, her costume reflecting that of Christine’s, but all in white. She is wearing a white push up bra, white stockings and a garter. She also is wearing heels, and on her hips is a pink dildo, slightly smaller than Christine’s.
I am not sure but suddenly I think I am drooling.
I cannot even blink as the ladies slowly walk down the stairs and towards us, their dildos swaying from side to side. I cannot believe what I am seeing.
Kate and Christine walk up to me, their high heeled shoes clicking on the stone floor, both of them are watching my expression as they slowly come closer and closer, an angel in white and a lusty lady in black lingerie, with two delicious strap-ons on their hips.
I have to stand up to meet them. In her heels, Kate is now almost as tall as me, and Christine is only a little shorter. They stop in front of me, and I do not know where to look. I look at Christine with her angelic face now smiling, then I drop my gaze on her black bra covered breasts, then to the large shining black dildo. Then I turn to my left and Kate is there, meeting my look, still wearing her glasses and she looks just awesome in the white bra and stockings, and the pink cock on her hips. The two ladies look glorious, and I cannot believe my luck that I am shortly going to get fucked hopefully by both of them. My own erection is now forming a large tent in front of my bathrobe.
‘Why Kate, I think Archie likes what he sees.’ Christine says and she reaches to gently touch the front of my bulging robe. Her touch sends shivers down my legs.
Kate reaches for the belt of my robe and starts to slowly open the knot in the front. As if knowing that in some seconds my cock is free, my hard-on becomes even bigger, straining against the fabric to escape. The belt slides through the knot and opens my robe and immediately, my dick springs forth from the front of the robe.
Kate and Christine turn slightly and now my dick is between their black and pink dildos. Christine’s larger and heavier black cock is below my dick and Kate’s smaller pink one is above it. They start to turn their hips slightly and the dildos touch and massage my hard cock from beneath and above. Kate leans closer and kisses my shoulder and neck and as I turn toward her, our lips meet with a kiss.
Her mouth opens and our tongues meet as we kiss lustily as the ladies dildos continue to massage my hard cock. I feel Christine’s hand on my back and her other hand is exploring my chest, touching my nipples. My kiss with Kate goes on and on and I can feel her desire grow. I put my hands on her waist and feel her respond to my touch and breathe in sharply.
Finally we break the kiss and I turn to Christine. I lean in to kiss her too. It feels odd to have her face so close to mine with her high heels. Christine kisses me hungrily, and there is a promise in her kiss. I cannot imagine how it will feel to be fucked by the large black dildo, but I feel the sweet sensation of expectation inside me. Soon I will find out, I hope.
Christine pulls away and then looks at Kate.
‘Kate, I think we could kiss something else too. Archie might like it.’ and she drops her look to my cock.
Kate smiles and then the ladies slowly get on their knees in front of me. My dick is now between their faces. I look down and see both Christine and Kate look up at me as they slowly lean in and kiss my cock from both sides.
If the sight of them walking down the stairs was the most erotic thing I have seen before in my life, it is not any more.
My cock is now being kissed by two beautiful women who look up at me as their mouths start to move on my dick. It is as if they are kissing each other but my dick is just in the middle of their kiss. I see their tits in their black and white push up bras in the background and their wonderfully beautiful faces as my cock is sliding between their lips. Christine’s black dildo is right next to Kate’s pink one, large and heavy.
Their touch and the erotic sight is almost enough, almost forcing me to close my eyes and sigh in pleasure, but I endure, just, and keep watching. I think I will never see anything like this again in my life.
Their lips slide to the very end of my penis, and now their tongues come out and tickle the twitching and engorged end of my shaft. My foreskin is still covering the end of my cock, but now their tongues start to flick sideways and as my member gets even harder, they flick their tongues and the end now my large glans is exposed and the sensations of their tongues touching it are multiplied, sending shocks up my spine. I now find it difficult to stand up.
Their mouths then leave the head of my penis and start to slide down the shaft, toward my balls. Both of them continue to look at me as they slowly arrive to the root of the shaft, and then, with incredible slowness, they start to kiss my balls.
Kate is licking my left ball and Christine is sucking my right one. The feeling is amazing. Then they open their mouths wider and both my balls disappear completely inside their mouths. I can feel them sucking and their tongues are playing with my balls.
I don’t know if it its possible to orgasm just by ball-sucking but it feels that in some minutes I might find out.
Christine now pulls away and takes away my bathrobe.
‘Archie, please sit here by the edge of the sofa.’ She points to the edge of the sofa, where the end of the sofa is raised up slightly.
‘Yes, that’s it, sit down there please and lie back.’ She places two pillows where she wants my head to be.
The position places me on my back on the sofa, with my legs up in the air, and my ass exposed.
‘Yes, that’s it. Very nice.’ Christine says.
My cock is now hard, resting on my belly. Christine reaches and touches it with her hand, sending waves of pleasure all through me. She grabs my shaft, slippery from the girls spit, and starts to stroke me. Her breasts in are right next to my face, looking awesome in the black bra.
Suddenly I feel Kate touching the inside of my thighs with her hands. I moan out in pleasure as Christine is stroking my cock and Kate is moving her hands gently up and down the inside of my legs.
‘Archie, I want you to place your hands behind your back.’ Christine says.
I obey again, putting my hands under me.
‘Good.’ She now leans in and places a kiss on my chest. At the same time I can feel Kate kissing the inside of my knees, with her hands continuing to caress my legs.
Christine’s mouth now moves to my right nipple, and her tongue is making rounds around my nipple, which becomes hard in seconds. Her hands are on my belly, moving slowly around my cock. I can feel Kate’s kisses move downwards from my knees to the insides of my legs. I am enveloped in cloud of pleasure as the kisses from Kate and Christine move on my body.
Christine now moves her kisses closer to my cock, which is aching to enter that beautiful mouth. I am sure that in seconds she will surely place a kiss on my cock and then, hopefully, finally open her lips and suck my dick inside her hot mouth.
I feel Kate’s hands on my butt cheeks now, her kisses are coming closer to my crotch. What will the girls do next?
Christine now stops her kisses and as my head is supported by the pillows, I see her moving down onto my cock. The tip of her tongue is now only millimeters from my cock. At the same time I feel Kate moving her thumbs on my balls, and then downwards, towards my ass. What is happening?
Kate’s thumbs, slippery from the spit are now rimming my asshole and the tip of Christine’s tongue is touching the end of my cock.
‘Aah oh my god!’ I moan out in pleasure, the sensation is almost too much for me, I fear I am going to spurt cum on my belly on this moment already.
‘Take it easy Archie, we don’t want you to come so soon.’ Christine says, and stops touching my cock.’We want you to come, but only after we have both fucked you in the ass.’
I almost come hearing these words from Christine, but I manage to nod.
‘I mean it, I don’t want you to orgasm until I give you permission. Is it ok?’ she asks.
I nod again.
‘Good, if you come too close, just say “Christine please”, ok?’ she says.
Kate has also taken a break, but now the girls share a look and then slowly they proceed again. My head propped up with the pillows allows me a perfect sight. Christine is again placing kisses on my belly, and I can see Kate’s face between my spread-out legs.
Slowly Christine’s kisses inch closer to the end of my bulging cock, and I can feel Kate’s fingers on my butt and her lips on my balls. I have to close my eyes and focus on the sensations, then I realize that the sensations are almost too much for me, and I keep my eyes closed and a thought enters my mind that I have to soon start to think about something very boring or I will shoot my load all over Christine’s face.
The kisses stop, and I peek what the girls are up to. They are again looking each other as if silently agreeing what to do next. I hear a whisper from Christine ‘Now, Kate.’
I just have time to think that they have planned something for me while they were upstairs before it happens.
Christine’s hot lips open and she takes my dick deep inside her hot, tight mouth, sucking the shaft in almost whole way, and at the exact same moment Kate’s tongue drops from my balls to my butt and she starts rimming my butt with the tip of her tongue.
‘Aaaah, Oh my god, yes, yes!’ I cannot help it I have to cry out from the sensation. Christine starts to move my cock in and out her mouth, sucking it hard, so that her lips are tightly squeezing my hardness, and I can feel Kate’s tongue circle my butt and then she pushes the tip of the tongue against my hole and starts to flick up and down in a fast pace. I cannot take this for long, I know. The pressure in my balls is growing now each second.
‘Oooh, yes, yes,’
My hands still behind my back where Christine told me to place them, I watch as she sucks my cock and I can just see Kate’s eyes as she watches me intently, eager to see how her and Christine’s mouths are bringing me pleasure. I am seconds away from coming.
‘Christine please!! Christine!’ I shout finally.
At this, Kate stops immediately and I can feel the squeezing of Christine’s mouth and her movement slow down and then stop completely. She lets my cock slide out of her mouth and turns to me.
‘Good, Archie. You have to be careful not to come until I allow you to.’
She leans in and kisses me on the mouth. The thought that her mouth has only seconds before been sucking my cock, my shaft deep inside her mouth and throat makes my dick jump. We kiss for some time and I can feel Kate resume. I answer to Christine’s kiss and she understands that I am now ready for more.
Christine returns to my cock but does not take it in her mouth anymore, but now her tongue is running from the end of my cock to the root, up and down. I continue watching as the girls play with my dick and ass.
Then I can feel Kate place a finger on my slippery hole, and start to push it inside me. The feeling is amazing, much better than any toy I have inserted there anytime previously back home. I can feel her finger slide easily inside and explore my tight ass. She continues to kiss my balls and now moves her finger in and out of me. Waves of pleasure run through me with each movement of her finger inside me, it feels like she has found a whole new set of nerve endings around my ass. After some time I can feel myself relax, and my butt does not squeeze her finger quite so much anymore. She feels this too, and soon I can feel her start to slowly insert two fingers inside me.
All this time, Kate has been licking my cock, but now she stops and leans back.
‘Kate, I think soon Archie is ready for you.’ she says.
She then pulls her bra slowly down and exposes her perfect breasts. Her nipples are hard and the bra keeps pushing them up. The sight is divine. She leans closer, bringing her tits closer to my face. I look into her eyes, wanting to signal that I want to lick those nipples and kiss those perfect tits.
She reads my mind, and leans in further, bringing her tits to my face and I bury my face in her incredible softness, my nose and chin in her cleavage, turning my head left and right and seeking those nice, firm nipples to kiss and to lick. I find her left nipple and circle it with my tongue and then suck her nipple gently inside my mouth. I can feel her shudder as my lips squeeze her nipples. I turn to her right nipple right and wish I could have my hands free so that I could hold and touch those soft, round, cushy feminine mounds. Her skin is satin smooth and perfect, pale against the black underwear. She is leaning in close and I can feel the large dildo press on my side.
‘I think he is ready now Kate.’ Christine says.
My head still buried between her breasts, I feel Kate stopping, pulling her fingers out from inside me. My butt feels ready, waiting, craving for Kate to enter me.
Christine leans back, and I can now see Kate standing between my legs. She is too high so she bends down to take off her heels. As she bends over, I watch her tits looking so perfect in her white bra.
Her shoes now off, Christine hands her a small bottle of lubricant, and she takes a little on her hands, and then, looking directly at me she spreads the lubricant on her pink dildo. The ache in my hole is stronger now, and I know in just a short while that pink dildo is going to fill my ass.
Now Kate comes closer and I can feel her dildo on my ass, and she starts to push. The pressure feels great, slowly forcing my butt to open wider, then wider again. She keeps pushing. Me and Christine are watching her enter me. I have forgotten Julien completely, he is behind me, watching and enjoying the show.
I feel just a small tightness and slight pain as the larger head of Kate’s dildo finally slides inside me, and she pushes the rest of it in easily. The feeling is incredible, I feel full at her penetration. Then she slowly pulls back so that only the head of her dildo is inside me, and then she slowly pushes back in and starts to fuck me in a slow rhythm.
I watch her, her gaze lowered to look at her dildo entering my ass. The pleasure of being fucked in the ass is different. It feels awesome, but I can tell that I am not in danger of orgasming very soon. I want her to fuck me long and hard. I begin to answer her thrusts with lifting my hips slightly, begging for her to fuck me harder.
‘Yes, that’s it. Archie likes it, don’t you Archie?’ Christine asks.
‘Yes, yes, it feels great.’ I answer and Kate looks at me and sees my open mouth and sees my face with my pleasure so clear to her. She starts to pick up speed, and her thrusts are deeper and faster now. She places her hands on my balls, and I can feel her fingernails dig in to the skin in my balls.
Christine now leans in and starts to suck my cock again, her mouth moving on the same rhythm as Kate’s dildo is fucking my ass.
The pleasure of the sight of Kate fucking me and Christine sucking me and the feeling of the dildo inside me, moving in and out is almost too much to cloud my thoughts, but I have some sense in me to remember that exactly this was my fantasy. My dick in mouth of a beautiful woman, and another woman fucking me in the ass.
I answer each of Kate’s thrusts and try to push my cock deep into Christine’s mouth at the same time. I feel I am getting closer to orgasm again. I think soon I will want to forget to warn them, but I do not want to disappoint Christine.
‘Christine please!’ I shout as I think I am in danger of coming.
Christine pulls away, my hard cock dropping from her mouth. She turns to me and kisses me again.
‘Hmm. Archie, you might be almost ready for me. Maybe you need to make my cock ready for you though?’
She straightens her back and then she brings the large black dildo on my lips. I don’t know about this part. I look into her eyes.
‘Archie, try it. You can tell me if you don’t like it.’ she says.
I nod and open my lips slightly. She brings the dildo closer. It looks so huge.
Kate is still slowly fucking me but now her attention is also focused on me. I open my mouth more and Christine pushes her hips closer.
‘That’s it Archie. Suck it. Suck my dick and make it slippery.’
She slowly enters my mouth. The dick is so big I have to open my mouth further, and she knows not to go in too deep. I open my eyes and I see Christine’s face above me with slight red on her cheeks. She pulls away and pushes her dildo back in my mouth. It feels easier now, and the sight of her face and her tits above me, looking at me as I suck her dildo is so erotic that I immerse myself in the feeling, I want to suck her dick, I want her to feel as she would really have a cock and she would be in control, pushing it in my mouth.
The two ladies are now pushing their dildos inside me, Kate into my ass and Christine into my mouth. My spit is making more and more of Christine’s cock slippery and shiny. She is pushing slightly deeper now, but I cannot take more than two or three inches of the enormous black shaft inside my mouth.
After a minute Christine pulls away.
‘Kate, I think he is ready for me now, don’t you think?’
Kate nods and slowly also pulls away from my ass. My ass suddenly feels empty, there is void there now. I feel both a little fear at the size of Christine’s dildo and a delicious waiting. Kate’s dick was feeling awesome when it was sliding in and out my ass, but it was in the end moving in so easy. My butt would be ready for something bigger.
The ladies switch places, Christine now standing between my legs. She also removes her heels now.
‘Kate, you can remove the thing now, I have something in mind for you.’ Christine says. Kate takes off the strap-on, she is now only wearing the white bra.
I can feel Christine pushing the head of her big black cock on my already ready ass and as she applies more and more pressure, I can feel it starting to slide in, initially I feel it stretching my hole a bit, but as the larger head gets in, I just feel again that I am filled completely and the size feels just right. The feeling of having her big cock stretching my ass is great.
She starts to push in further, inch by inch, and I can feel the cock moving deeper and deeper into my ass. I watch her, her tits pushed up by the black bra, her hands on my knees, spreading my legs apart, and her beautiful face looking now at my ass and the black thing sinking in it, now at me, watching my expression for hints at how deep can she go.
‘Archie, say stop when you don’t want me to go any deeper.’
I don’t know if I can take the whole thing, and now I think she is about half way in.
‘More, Christine, please.’ I say.
She complies with a smile and pushes further.
I feel the cock inside me reach a place that I am not comfortable to go past, and I say to Christine ‘Stop here please, this feels good, but no deeper, please.’
‘Ok Archie.’ she answers and lets me accommodate the cock for a while and then she slowly pulls the cock almost all the way out, and then, deliciously, pushes it slowly back in. She then starts to fuck me in the ass with long, slow thrusts.
Her large black cock is pulling out of my ass, and then sliding back in and I watch her as her hips thrust against me. She is pushing now with her hands on my knees, forcing my legs to bend over further. The sight is awesome, with her narrow waist and the black bra pushing her pretty tits together, and her obvious arousal at her fucking another man in the ass as her husband is watching.
Each of ther thrusts sends pleasure through me, and as I feel her cock moving inside me, I feel the desire to touch my own cock, to pleasure myself. My balls feel heavy with cum ready to spurt out in a huge load.
I think Christine must now sense my need as she now lets go my left knee and reaches down with her hand to squeeze my dick.
‘Aah, yes, please Christine.’ I have to cry out as her hand touches me. The touch feels divine.
She starts to jerk me off slowly, with the same rhythm as her thrusts into my ass. It is much too slow for me, and I try to move my hips to fuck her hand faster, but she does not allow me this yet.
‘Wait for it, Archie, I don’t want you to come yet. Soon, but not yet.’
My need to orgasm is reaching new heights, but at least she is promising it to happen soon.
‘Kate, I think Archie needs something to occupy his mind, to take his mind off things. Why don’t you offer him something to do.’ Christine then says. What does she have in mind?
I turn to look at Kate now, who has been sitting next to us, drinking in the sight of Christine fucking me. She looks at me and smiles.
‘With pleasure.’ she says and she stands up. Oh my god, what do the girls have in mind now?
Kate moves to the other end of the sofa, on her knees, so that her face is right next to mine. I am on my back, and her face is right above me. She kisses me with her face upside down from my point of view.
‘Archie, I want you to pleasure me with your mouth.’ she whispers.
Oh my god. Another one of my fantasies, how do they guess these things?
I nod and kiss her again and she moves now so that her legs are on both sides of my shoulders, and her back is straight up, her pussy now just inches away from my face. My hands are still behind my back. The girls are now facing each other, Christine continuing to fuck my ass and now Kate, slowly removing her bra and letting her beautiful breasts free, lowers her pussy on my lips and I taste her delicious wetness as I lick her pussy lips. I can feel her body quiver as my tongue touches her, and she pushes her pussy lower, more firmly against my mouth. I have no objection, she tastes perfect and I move my mouth and my tongue in her wet slit and I can feel her starting to rotate and move her hips to rub her pussy more and more against my mouth and my nose.
My face is totally covered by Kate’s juices now, slippery and I can feel her enjoying the dominant position on top of me. I cannot see Christine anymore, but I can feel her banging her cock into my ass with faster pace, and her hand is jerking my hard cock faster. I push my hips up to meet her motion and I can feel I am coming closer to orgasm now. But I cannot speak with my face buried in Kate’s pussy. I try to mumble something to let them know I am close.
‘What was that? Kate, did you hear something?’ Christine says
‘Ah, aah… no Christine, aah.’ Kate finds the time to reply, she is almost in her own little world now with my tongue elevating her to new levels of extasy.
‘Maybe he wants you to take his cock into your mouth now.’ Christine says.
‘Oh.’ I have just a moment to register what Christine has said when Kate drops her body on top of mine and as Christine lets go of my cock it sinks into Kate’s mouth and she starts to suck it hard, moving it in and out her hot mouth, squeezing it hard with her lips. I push harder against her and my cock moves deeper and deeper into her throat and I can feel I am now very close to coming, spurting my load down her throat as Christine keeps now fucking my ass hard, faster and faster, that black cock now plunging deep into my butt.
‘Archie, I want you to come now. I will count down from ten.’ I hear Christine say.
I don’t know if I can hold back ten seconds.
Kate sucks my cock even harder now and her hand is also jerking my shaft vigorously. Christine pulls her cock all the way out my ass and I can feel my ass gaping and waiting for her to thrust it back in.
I realize Christine is not counting down in seconds, she is taking like 5 seconds between her count. I fear it is impossible now to hold back until she reaches zero. Christine pushes her cock now all the way back in, deeper than ever before. It feels right, I feel complete and filled with her dildo deep in my ass.
Christine’s cock starts to fuck my ass with impossibly fast pace and I bury my face to Kate’s wet pussy with all the focus and energy I can muster as I am now so close to coming I will soon lose myself altogether
Kate’s lips squeeze on the head of my penis and I can feel Christine’s fingers grab my balls and her fingernails sinking into the soft skin.
I can feel the load of a lifetime start to move from my balls. I am past the point of no return now, I have no control anymore. In seconds, my cum will spurt out of my cock and slosh into Kate’s mouth.
Christine’s cock is plunging deep into my ass, in and out, each thrust seems to move my load and bring my orgasm closer.
I lick Kate’s pussy as fast as I can, my tongue flicking her clit and I can feel her also only seconds away from her own orgasm.
No, I can’t make it.
I can’t make it to One.
Here it comes.
I cry out as the mother of all loads shoots out of my dick.The first few spurts of sperm Kate manages to hold in her mouth, but then she has to pull away as my cock keeps spraying her with impossible amounts of spunk.
My face is suddenly drenched with Kate’s orgasmic juices as she explodes onto my mouth. I can feel her whole body shudder and her pussy is shooting out load of her own.
Christine keeps fucking me and now Kate and Christine both have their hand on my still sperm-spraying cock, jerking it as it keeps shooting loads on Kate’s face and her tits. I push my hips against their hands. I have never experienced orgasm like this. It seems never ending. My asshole is enjoying still the sensation of Christine’s cock pushing in and out as it is pulsing around her dildo and each pulse of pleasure feels great as her cock is moving in my ass.
It seems like the orgasm lasts a minute, but finally I run out of cum and I can feel the girls slow down. Kate is seems equally weary from her own orgasm and she collapses on top of me, with her juices on my face and my cum all over her face and breasts.
Christine slowly pulls out of me. My ass is still seeming to pulse from my own anal orgasm as her dildo slips out. I cannot move yet and Kate is still on top of me.
We slowly recover and Kate sits up, moving back away so that I can also sit up. As she moves away I watch her expression and notice her face and chest is covered by my cum. I get a sudden urge to lean in and kiss her cum covered face, but I don’t do it right there and then. I think it could be too much for us right now.
I turn to look at Christine.
‘Well now Archie, are you happy you shared us your fantasy?’ she asks.
‘Thank you Christine, that was so great.’ I say. I think this must have been best sex I have ever had, or at least close to our session on the beach with Kate.
‘It was my pleasure.’ Christine answers with a smile and then continues ‘Maybe you two want to get a shower now? I can wash the dildos so they are nice and clean again.’
I look at Kate, covered in my cum and she smiles at me. ‘Sounds good.’ she says.
A long warm shower with Kate feels just right. ‘Yes.’ I say.
‘Ok then, but don’t go sl**ping just yet. You will join us here in a moment?’
‘We will be back.’
With this, we stand up with Kate and walk upstairs to my room. I turn on the shower and she steps in to the shower cubicle with me. It is slightly cramped but I don’t mind having Kate so close. I shower her with the warm water and she cleans off my cum from her face. She then does the same for me while I take some soap and reach around her, washing her back, pulling her slippery wet body close to mine. We kiss passionately as I caress her back and buttocks with my soapy hands. She then takes soap and washes my back and chest the same way. Her soapy hands feel great on my skin.
‘Yes Kate, what is it?’
‘I want to ask you something.’
‘Go ahead, you can ask me anything.’
‘I…when I watched you when me and Christine were, you know, making love to you just now… I could see how much you enjoyed it.’
‘Kate, I loved it. It feels just great for me when you make love to me like that.’
‘Yes, I noticed. And, I… I would like maybe … to try it too.’
What does she mean? She would like to try anal sex?
‘Do you mean, you would like me to …?’ I ask.
‘Yes, I think I would like to know how it feels if you would make love to me in my … in my butt.’ she says with a whisper I can barely hear over the water.
‘Kate, I would love to but, you know it takes some time to… you know, so that your butt adjusts to that kind of thing. It can be painful if you do it without, like, some smaller things first.’
‘Oh.’ she sounds disappointed.
‘Kate, I would like nothing more than to give you that. But I don’t want to hurt you.’
She has the shower in her hands, leaving my hands free. I am spreading soap on her back.
‘What kind of smaller things?’ she asks.
I have my hands on her butt now, my hands slippery with soap.
‘Hmm, maybe… like a finger?’ I say and I move my hands lower, between her butt cheeks.
‘Oh!’ she says, with hopeful excitement in her voice.
I move my hands still down, and now my finger finds her asshole and starts to circle it slowly.
Her eyes close and she focuses on the feeling now, this already familiar to her. I push on her tight asshole some more. Her hole initially resists me but after half a minute of pushing and slowly rimming her hole it relaxes and I slowly slide my finger inside her butt.
She has her hands behind my back, her eyes closed, her expression focused, drinking in the new sensations. I start to move my finger in and out. I move my other hand on her pussy.
‘Ooh.’ her legs almost give away and I slow down, my finger still inside her tight ass.
The shower is cramped, but I think I have enough room, so I go down on my knees in front of her. She has her hands still on my shoulders, with the hot water now running down my back. I move to kiss her pussy as I start to move my finger in and out her tight ass.
‘Oh OH OH, yes, please’ Kate sighs in rhythm of the thrusts of my finger and the licks of my tongue.
I move my tongue on her clit at the same rhythm as my finger fucks her ass, and I can feel her hands squeeze my shoulders and her pussy starts to rub against my face. She is still excited from her earlier pleasure and now, only minutes after she came on my face I am at it again, but this time she is being penetrated like never before, my finger slides in and out her ass.
I think I would never get tired of tasting her, her juices now again flowing deliciously over my face, and I am moving my mouth on her swollen pussy lips and circling her hard clit and matching her motions with my finger in her ass.
She comes again, collapsing against the wall. I can feel her orgasmic spasms squeezing my finger in her butt. I allow her to control the movement during the orgasm and she rubs her pussy against my face and then she slows down as her minute of extasy is again fading away. I pull out of her and stand up and kiss her.
After a minute I dare to ask her ‘Well? I think you liked it?’
‘Yes, I did… and I think I maybe could try more. Maybe tomorrow I could try to have you there?’ she asks.
‘If you want to, I would love to.’ I answer her.
We kiss and finish showering, and wrapping ourselves in towels, head back downstairs to the living room.

We are greeted with a sight as Julien is now naked and sitting on the sofa, with Christine kneeling in front of him, sucking his dick in long slow motions. He has his hands on Christine’s shoulders, pushing his dick in her mouth, deep as only she can take. The sight of his cock going all the way to Christine’s mouth is incredibly arousing and I can feel my own cock twitch as we walk down the stairs with Kate. The pink and black dildos are washed and on the sofa table on a towel.
Our bare feet make no noise on the stone floor as we get closer. Christine is making slurping noises as Julien’s cock is going in and out her throat. Her throat is visibly bulging as she takes his member deep and I cannot but wonder her lack of gag reflex.
Julien now notices us and gestures us to take a seat.
I sit on the chair he was sitting earlier and Kate sits on my lap, with her hands behind my back. We are both transfixed by the sight of Christine sucking Julien so eagerly. I think by now she must realize we are back and watching, but this only seems to make her double her efforts. I can see her cheeks hollow out as she pulls his cock from her throat so that only the head is in her mouth and she is sucking hard. I can only imagine the delicious squeeze of her cheeks and lips around his penis, and soon I realize that the sight is making my cock hard again. I think Kate can feel my erection gain strength as she is sitting on my lap. Julien is now getting his reward for being so passive observer for the earlier evening. But what about Christine?
Julien now pushes Christine away and stands up. He says something to her in French. Christine stays on her knees, looking obediently ahead at the sofa. She is looking away and cannot see us. Julien walks slowly to the sofa table and grabs the smaller pink dildo and turns to look at me and Kate.
‘Kate, I have a request for you. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, but can I ask you?’ Julien says.
Wow, this is interesting. Kate seems a little surprised too, but she stands up, catching her towel just in time as it is about to fall to the floor. She walks slowly next to Julien.
Julien leans in and whispers something into Kate’s ear. I cannot hear what kind of suggestion he is making her but I have a feeling I might find out soon enough.
Kate seems to blush and she giggles a little, with her hand on her mouth. She turns to look at Christine who is still in the same position on the floor on her knees.
‘Yes.’ I can hear Kate answer Julien.
Wow, this evening is full of surprises. What has Julien planned for Christine and Kate. Am I involved at all? So far it seems I am to be left out like Julien was earlier.
Julien takes the pink strap-on dildo and, bending down, now helps Kate step into the harness. All right, maybe he wants Kate to fuck Christine, or himself? The thought of Kate fucking Julien suddenly seems to fill me with envy. Julien helps Kate tighten the strap-on onto her hips.
But what is this? Now Julien takes the second, black dildo and, opening the straps, starts to help Kate mount the black dildo below the pink one. Two dildos on Kate?
I start to guess what Julien might have in mind and the thought is so exciting that my erection jumps to full hardness in seconds.
Julien and Kate fumble a bit with the second strap-on, but they manage to secure it and now Julien turns to Christine again. Kate stands there, two cocks on her hips and a kinky looking smile on her face as she also watches Christine kneeling on the floor.
Julien takes a red scarf that he seems to produce out of nowhere and blindfolds Christine and then says something to her again in French. She stands up and Julien guides her slowly to stand in front of the large ottoman in the living room, and then with a push on her shoulders he makes her sit down on the ottoman.
Christine looks deliciously petite sitting there, her back straight, her eyes covered by the red scarf, her hands resting on her slightly parted thighs, her perfect perky tits pointing at us. Kate and Julien are now standing right next to her. Julien turns to me now and gestures me to join them. I stand up and letting my towel drop to the floor, I walk slowly and stand next to them.
We are now all standing in front of Christine, Kate in the middle with the two dildos, one above the other, and me and Julien on either side of her. Our erect cocks are all pointing at Christine’s face. Even though we have been silent, she must feel our closeness and I can see her cheeks blush and her lips are moist and parted in anticipation.
Julien now says again something to her in French, and then I can feel his hand on my back, pushing me and Kate closer to Christine. He moves in as well and slowly our two real cocks and the double-decker dildo converge closer on Christine’s waiting mouth. I can see her arousal, the nipples on her breasts are harder now as her tits move in time of her shallower breaths.
Julien reaches down and takes Christine’s other hand and gestures me to do the same. We guide her hands on our cocks and she grabs the hard shafts with gusto. Kate pushes closer and the large black dildo is now almost touching Christine’s lips.
Julien now puts his hand on Christine’s head and f***es her to lean closer and now the black dildo is pushing against her mouth and her lips open wide and Kate starts to push the black shiny shaft deeper into Christine’s mouth.
We are so close now that I can feel Kate’s hips touch mine and her hands are on my back. I glance at her and I can see her mesmerized expression as she watches the dildo on her hip disappear slowly ever deeper into the mouth of another woman. She pushes it in about 3 inches and then starts to pull it out, shining from Christine’s spit, then she pushes it back in, now slightly deeper.
Christine now is jerking me and Julien with her hands as we watch the oral sex show from premium seats. Her hand squeezes my cock hard and moves up and down the shaft.
Now Julien pulls Christine away from the black dildo and as it falls from her lips I can see streams of saliva drop on her perfect tits. Then Julien pulls her back closer to Kate again, but now puts the other dildo on her lips and pushes the girls closer together, forcing the pink dildo deep into her mouth. Slightly thinner, it sinks deep with ease and I remember the very first night and my cock deep in Christine’s mouth. She deep throats with such easy grace.
With a few pushes of her hips, Kate sinks the pink dildo almost all the way to Christine’s mouth and I can see the black dildo below it, still slippery with Christine’s spit pushed down between her tits and it is moving there, sliding between those luscious boobs at each thrust.
Both of the dildos now slippery with her spittle, Julien pulls her back again and turns her head towards me, and then he doesn’t even have to push us closer as Christine already knows what she has to do, and her hot lips seek my hard cock and my shaft slides easily into her eager mouth with one, smooth, ecstatic motion, the squeeze of her lips now already familiar and still so blissful. She sucks me hard and does not let go with her hand still squeezing me, her lips hitting her fist each time my cock slides as deep in her mouth as she can make it go.
Then she turns to Julien and I feel a twinge of regret as those sensual lips leave my member, but she starts to jerk me again, now her fist is sliding all the way up and down my cock, now slippery with her drool.
Our eyes are locked on her as she sucks Julien’s cock, the red scarf hiding her eyes but we can see she enjoys this, her mouth is slurping as Julien’s dick disappears deep between her lips.
After a while Julien pushes her head away and turns her back to Kate’s dildos, and Kate lifts the black dildo back for Christine to suck on. Then just after a few seconds she pulls it out and stuffs the pink one into her throat.
We now find a rhythm, Christine is sucking each of us in turn. Her head is spinning faster now and we all grab her hair and her head in turn as we are eager to slam our shaft down her throat. I am starting to think that soon we will drench her in our cum and the thought of her face and the red scarf covered in our load is bringing me closer to orgasming.
But it seems Julien has other ideas for us and Christine. Now he slows us down and pushes us away and we stand back a pace or two. He again tells something to Christine and kisses her on her lips which only a moment sooner were sucking my cock. He then pushes her down on her back, her feet now in the air, and her head hanging down over the edge of the ottoman.
‘Kate, come here please.’ he says and points Kate to stand between Christine’s spread out legs.
Kate moves closer and Julien places a pillow on the floor and instructs Kate to kneel down.
I know now what he plans to do with those two dildos.
Pushing Kate closer, they start to penetrate Christine’s pussy and ass at the same time, the thick black dildo entering Christine’s ass and the pink dildo starting to push into her pussy.
I watch a couple of steps away as Julien stands behind Kate, pushing her slowly as the dildos enter his wife’s ass and pussy.
Christine is tense now, her hands squeezing the edges of the ottoman, as she is slowly accommodating the large black cock in her butt. Julien reaches around and grabs the bottle of lubrication and pulls Kate back a bit and squirts some on the black dildo and then pushes on her back again. Kate pushes slowly into Christine again, this time a bit deeper as the black and pink dildos now slide in easier. Christine is relaxing and her moaning is now more intense and we can see she is starting to enjoy this more and more each inch the cocks are penetrating her deeper and deeper.
Kate pushes deeper until the black dildo is about half way in, and then Julien stops her for a while, and then instructs her to slowly start to fuck her wife.
I have never seen anything like it. The most beautiful woman I have ever seen, blindfolded on her back with only a black bra on her, and another beautiful woman fucking her with not one, but two thick strap-on dildos, one entering her butt and another her pussy.
The girls seem to forget us as Kate slowly pushes into Christine and then pulls out and then pushes in again. Christine’s hips start to meet Kate’s motions and she pushes against her, and the cocks enter deeper and deeper into her. I can imagine how she feels now, filled so completely.
‘Archie, come here please.’ Julien says.
He places another pillow on the floor, this time beneath Christine’s head. Oh my god, this is going beyond my wildest dreams.
Oh yes, Julien wants me to start fucking Christine’s mouth.
I go on my knees, and now my dick is just on Christine’s lips, with her head bent back over the edge of the ottoman. She opens her mouth and I thrust my shaft into her, as deep as I dare. She places her hand behind my back and pulls me deeper.
I watch as my cock disappears completely into her mouth, bulging in her throat. I pull out of her and push back in.
In front of me, Kate is now fucking Christine harder, and maybe subconsciously we match our thrusts so that as my cock enters Christine’s throat, Kate slams her dildos deep into her ass and pussy. Christine’s moans are incredible now. Her breasts bouncing as our thrusts sway her perfect body on the soft ottoman.
Julien now squirts some lubricating lotion on Christine’s tits and massages them. This seems to excite her even more, and I think she is now close to coming. Then Julien steps over the ottoman and now standing right over his wife, lowers himself down until his dick is between her tits. He takes Christine’s hands and places them on her tits and starts to move his dick between her breasts.
Christine can’t take more of this and she starts to shiver as she is now only seconds away from orgasm. I pull out of her to allow her to breathe easier and as my cock leaves her lips her body convulses and she screams out as an incredible orgasm explodes through her. Julien and Kate don’t slow down but keep on thrusting their members in her butt, pussy and between her tits. After a while Christine’s body settles down and she starts to match the others’ motions again. She wants still more.
Julien now stands up and takes a towel, wiping his dick onto it. He instructs me to take his place, which I eagerly do. I start to push my dick between those perfect breasts. Kate puts her hands on my waist. Julien moves to Christine’s head and pushes his cock into her mouth. The feeling and sight of my cock sliding between Christine’s tits is divine. Much more of this and I am going to cum and cover her face with my sperm. I start to push faster and faster and as Julien notices this, he tells me to stop.
‘Archie, I want you to fuck her now.’ he tells me.’But I want you to fuck her at the same time as Kate. I want both of you in her pussy.’
Wow. I don’t know about this. He wants my cock and Kate’s pink dildo in Christine at the same time?
We all seem to stop. Julien now removes Christine’s red scarf and I look into her eyes. Does she want it?
She nods to me.
‘Please Archie, I want you and Kate… in me.’ she says.
This night just keeps on getting more amazing. I back up a little and feel my butt touch Kate as we both try to fit, and me trying to get into position to slide my dick into Christine when Kate’s pink dildo is already in her. Grabbing my cock, I find her pussy and Kate pulls out a little and we start to push into her, me pushing my cock into the hot waiting pussy and Kate pushing the pink dildo into her at the same time.
She feels tight now, and the feeling of the dildo entering her at the same time, touching my dick is completely novel. I can again feel and see Christine tense as her pussy is now stretched further than ever. Our cocks now start to slide into her tight-feeling vagina.
Julien sinks his cock into her wife’s mouth as her pussy finally accepts my dick and Kate’s dildo and we slide deeper into her. Christine is now being fucked by four cocks simultaneously, the large black dildo sliding into her ass, my dick and the pink dildo stuffed into her tight hot pussy and Julien’s cock thrusting into her mouth.
I can feel Kate picking up the pace and slamming her dildos into Christine faster now, and the pink dildo is massaging my cock against Christine’s clit. I push into her and the squeeze of her double-penetrated pussy is sending me closer to orgasm each second.
‘Archie, when you cum, I want you to spray your cum on her tits.’ Julien says.
I am on the final stretch now, I can feel my load coming soon, I fuck Christine hard now, and Kate matches my rhythm and I think Julien is getting closer as well.
‘Kate, when Archie cums I want you to push your finger into his ass.’ Julien says.
Oh my god, this is too much, I am only seconds from my orgasm as I feel Kate getting ready, her hands on my ass now. My cock hard, entering Christine for a couple times more and I feel my load starting to move.
‘Oh yes, I am cumming now, AAH AHH’ I scream as I feel Kate push two fingers into my spasming asshole as I jerk my cock and spray my cum all over Christine’s tits.
Julien pulls out of Christine’s mouth and jerks his own cock and shoots his load on his wife’s tits as well, covering them in loads of white sperm.
We can feel Christine explode in another climax as our hot loads cover her breasts and face and Kate thrusts her dildos into her quivering pussy and ass.
After my orgasm is over, I almost fall down on Christine, my legs giving almost away. Kate catches me and after a moment I manage to climb off Christine and I fall on the sofa. We are all trying to catch our breathing. Kate pulls away from Christine and I help her take off the strap-ons, and she sits down on the sofa next to me.
Christine is still catching her breath, lying on her back in front of us. Julien takes a towel and gently helps to wipe the cum off her body and face. They kiss, a long, sensual kiss of lovers who have realized a dream. I put my hands around Kate and we watch as Julien finally helps Christine sit up, her body still weak and trembling from our incredible session.
‘Wow, Archie, Kate, I could not imagine I could ever be fucked like this. It was just amazing!’
‘Christine, I don’t know what to say. I have to thank you for forcing me to tell you about my fantasy.’ I answer. ‘And what happened just now, it wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t made me tell about my dreams.’
‘I was right, wasn’t I? It was worth it?’, she asks.
I agree with her. It has been worth it. I have never had sex like tonight. My whole body seems to glow and I can still feel the effect of the orgasms and the girls penetrating me earlier. My groin still feels the ultimate satisfaction of multiple climaxes and my ass still remembers the feeling of those delicious dildos ramming up my butt. I can only imagine how Christine must feel, after having being fucked by two cocks and two dildos simultaneously.
‘Christine, you were so right. Thank you.’ I answer her.
‘I am so glad. And doubly so because it was our last night here. I am a little sad to leave tomorrow.’
‘Maybe we will meet again somewhere, who knows.’ I say.
‘I would love it!’ she says and Julien agrees.’I need to shower, but please can we still meet down here a bit later? Let’s finish the wine and chat some more. Tomorrow we have to leave so soon after breakfast.’
We also like the idea, and as we go upstairs to our rooms for shower, Kate goes to her room saying she needs some warmer clothes as the living room is now a little cooler with the late evening already upon us.
Showering quickly in my room, I pull on a set of longer pants and a long sleeved shirt as it really is a bit cooler today. I stop to look outside from the open window. The now already familiar darkness meets me with the exotic smells and sounds of the Mediterranean night. I think back to the very first evening here. That same warm darkness met me when I stepped out from the airport to the rental car parking lot. That same silent night air with the chirps of the insects and the low barking of far away wild dogs met me when I stepped out of my car the very first time when I walked up the road to the guesthouse. I watched the same view of the black, dark hills that very first night when nobody was yet in the next room. As I think back how I felt that first night, I smile to myself and shake my head. Little did I know what was going to happen.
Breathing deep, I let the Cyprus night air fill my lungs. I feel happy. This holiday has been so good to me. But also I feel sad to see Christine and Julien leave tomorrow. But I understand that the sad feeling is because I have had so good time with them.
I turn from the open window, and with a sigh, I open my room door and, hearing the others already downstairs in the living room chatting and laughing, I go to join my friends.
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Nineteen and Counting.

Nineteen and Counting.


Her delicate left hand was travelling erratically over her own soap drenched body, while her right was applying flat, concentric, experienced motions over her puffy engorged pleasure center, radiating its exaggerated sensitivity to her whole submissive crouch, lower belly and upper thighs. The warm water of the little three bedroom house’s shower was amplifying the masturbation induced heat of the young 19 year old. Jessie had now lost control of the pace of her own breathing as she struggled to maintain the involuntary moans to a level barely audible and well camouflaged by the beating shower cascade.

For a second she asked herself why she was such an inadequate person. She tried to cling to the idea that she was still, somehow a good person. She was sure that in some fashion, she was a good person, even if she had to resort to this “despicable” act in order to find any semblance of relief to quench or tame her almost undying thirst and lust. Her innocent mind pondered as to the reason why it was always coming up with shockingly perverted imageries to get her fix.

“It’s just a phase,” she thought to herself. “It’s just a phase… After this one I am sure I will be back to being a normal good girl.”

Unmoved, her left hand continued its restless journey across her agonizingly sensitive body, holding, caressing, pinching and occasionally groping shameful voluptuous forms that had, of their own volition, grown out of her unwilling, once prude body, bringing with them tzars of joy, each requiring special attention, care, touch and lewd spankings which she was providing generously under the incessant water stream.

She now imagined the shower hose to be her thousand imaginary lovers, continuously jerking their gross and shamefully immense members on her abject naked beauty, as if they were liberating themselves of their damp inadequacy on her well brought up persona. Jessie could feel her climax rise as if to meet the challenge the imaginary group relentlessly relieving themselves on her. She tried in vain to chase away the detestable day dream from her mind. She tried to stop the rising symptoms of her imminent condition. But she failed…

The climax hit her with full f***e, even harder than if she hadn’t tried to hold it back for so long; even harder than if she hadn’t tried to cheat by staying as close to orgasm, as long as she could, without actually tipping over. This climatic tsunami was now going to be a well deserved punishment for not being able to prevent herself from cumming. Her breathing became ever so slightly louder. She leaned and pushed her tender back on the cold wall of the small shower, sending goose bumps charged shivers down her spine. Gradually, involuntarily, her right leg lifted off the ground, increasing the accessibility to her water and pussy juice soaked swollen clit. With the other leg, she pushed strongly on her toes into the hard floor so as to reduce the uncontrolled shaking that was sure to come.

Jessie rode the waves and screamed a little louder, at the risk of being heard in the next room by her strict parents. There was little she cared about at that point, what mattered were those thousand cocks, all of them focusing their attention on her as they continued to splash her soft affable belly, her gorge, her neck and her lower lip.

In her blissful state, enchanted and entranced by her own imagination and torturous fingers, she uttered unintelligible words only for the ears of her unmoved, careless lovers.

“Ohhh… Gee. You bastard sons of daemons!!! I am going to cum,” she whaled. ” Cum with me! Please cum on me!”

Already blinded with her eyes locked firmly in the back of her head, in a frightening white-eyed yet picturesque figure of bliss, as if to better see the grotesque scene that her crazy brain was generating. Her hand had some difficulty finding the tip of the hose. Following the water stream to its source, she was finally able to find it, but not without momentarily interrupting the abhorrent cascade that was battering her upper body. With a leftward twist, Jessie changed the function of the water hose from stream to pulse.

Immediately, the thousand cocks complied to her perverted demand and switched their stream to a messy pulse, an imaginary long awaited torrent of interminable vile masculine release. A baptism of her innocent soul where the diluted deluge of semen being poured on her porcelain skin was mixing with her own pussy juice, rendering her previous effort to clean her inner thighs useless. In her deranged arousal state, Jessie could almost taste them all. She could hear them grunting, a thousand droplets of water impacting surfaces of contrasted solidity, soft skin and hard floor, as nonexistent muscular hands shamelessly jerked disproportionate leaking members.

Some viscous spurts of the vigorous pulsing water were repeatedly slapping against Jessie’s tits and her erect encoulored nipples adding to her harrowing pleasure. It made the voluptuous marks of her upper body femininity wobble and tremble while messing with the melodious almost celestial sounds of her cataclysmic orgasm.

Slowly, hesitantly, her lips parted again, this time to allow some of the water to enter her mouth. She could taste it. She swore she could taste it…

Torn between her guilt and the intense pleasure she was experiencing, Jessie wished that the orgasmic sensation would stop. It carried on for what seemed to her like an eternity, sustained by the lewd day dream of the unending, dishonoring dismounts of so many men on her well rounded body.

Another wave hit her, as her hand went faster.

“I am cumming again… “ she murmured. ”I… Uh! Uh!...again on all your cocks!!!””

Like a which in trance, she stayed transfixed by the power of her self induced spell, curse of a young girl with strict parents who held her like a prisoner. Protecting her like a saint temple to be forever preserved from the grips of the lusty, a world that Jessie partially repulsed with her conditioned mind yet craved and yearned for with every fiber in her body.


Her hand slowed down gradually, the breathing along with it. Her trance faded allowing her eyes to regain their normal position. She looked down at her inner thighs trying to assess the damage. It was hard to tell where the water started and where her cum ended. A huge wave of guilt fell upon her. No matter how long she stayed under the shower, she could not wash away the filthy desires scorching through her mind.

She felt relieved though. At least the painful urge was gone. Maybe she had gotten rid of it for good. If such a powerful orgasm hadn’t then what would? If such a powerful orgasm couldn’t, then she was surely doomed. But she didn’t want to think about that right now.

She now had to bath again. Movements that were, only a few minutes ago augmenting her pleasure, were now synonymous of disgusts. She turned off the shower and pulse function and contended with the tap to rinse herself. She avoided the mirror, unable to look at that girl who couldn’t even muster the will to control her sin filled urges.

She hasted to her room where she got dressed “properly”; layers upon layers of material intended to hide her well developed womanhood evocative of a well mature, ripe fruit. She had to scoop some more cum oozing down her inner thighs. She brought the secretion closer to her face. From it, emanated an intoxicatingly repulsive odor that seemed to be calling her name with each inhale. “Jeeeeessiiiiiiie, Jeeeeessssiiiie.” The whole mixture, a viscous, soft and transparent like affable discharge waiting to get tasted, begging to be licked.

The view of her own semi sticky self, coating her delicate fingers wasn’t helping.

Faint ruffles in the adjacent room was letting her know that her parents had started their morning routine. If she didn’t want to face them and spend the next 40 minutes smiling against her will, then the time to leave was now. Jessie quickly got hold of her school bag. She hurried down the corridor, pass the bathroom. Droplets of water could still be heard, dripping down, echoing erotic distorted cries for her name. Jessie could have sworn she saw them smirk, an army of men, standing proud, with their phallusses still erect, dripping elixirs of lust for the weak and the thirsty.

A another remorse filled wave came back to coat her mood. She fled down the stair, running from her new fantasy, trying to flee...

Flashes of flesh,
demented images of a lusty mind.
Loosing battle between morality and cravings.
Expensive nudity,
circles of love, Nipples and boobs
viginal cum, so ripe, so fresh.

Jessie hurries down the stairs as quietly as she can. In her haste she failed to notice the figure beside her as she gently closes the door trying not to make any noise that would alert her parents of her presence.

"hello Jessie", spoke the female voice with an accent Jessie had gotten used to. "Are you off to school?"

The voice brought with it feelings and symptoms that Jessie, over the course of the last two years had tried to get accustomed to. The humid mid west summer made it all the more easy for her to inhale the characteristic signature of Elmira's perfume, a jasmine-like pollen of pheromone loaded sweat and expensive shampoo scent.

Jessie felt that strange weakness in the knees again for some reason impossible to admit. She started to sweat in the most ungodly of places; her palms, her back and her crouch. She wasn't sure if the last one was sweat or some other denser fluid .

As she turned to face Elmira, she realized, just like the many times before her vain techniques failed. Trying to convince herself that Elmira was a woman and that feelings she was having for her were surely due to her own shyness.

To her credit, she did try to do something different this time though. She avoided looking at the successful sales woman eye to eye. Jessie made all efforts to keep her gaze on the ground during the cordialities, the hellos, the ‘how-are-yous and how is last year of school going’. But just like the times before, she caught herself staring at the slender legs, wrapped in the tightest of jeans. Jessie’s eyes lingered on Elmira’s visible camel toe. If she looked long enough she could make out the nipples pushing through the padded bra. The 42 year old immigrant’s body was in some ways Jessie’s replica in a stronger frame and slightly bigger chest.

“Why do you look so sad?” Asked Elmira in a concerned tone, picking up on Jessie’s silent emotional cries for help

“I... I am fine”

“They haven’t been lecturing you again I hope.” continues Elmira while getting closer.

“No! No! It’s just that …”

“Look, Jessie. You don’t have to tell me. I understand. I was 19 once too and boys had the same effect on me too.”

Elmira stared into Jessie’s wet eyes, trying for f***e a smile that wouldn’t come. She got even closer to the now sobbing Jessie and wrapped her hands around her in a warm caring embrace. Jessie felt the soft hands criss-crossing her shoulders and neck. She felt the soft pressure of their combined bosoms, unintended clumsy attempt to realign their almost contacting nipples.

Jessie’s senses were overloaded. She all in all she felt safe. The soft voice, the tender touch on feverish skin longing for a touch, especially that touch.

“I feel like I am going crazy,” she confided.

“Why would you say that? You are one of the smartest young girl I know Jessie. And I have been in all the houses this side of town.”

“Thank you Elmira, you are kind,” said Jessie in a panting voice, her own hand slowly going around Elmira’s waist. ”Sometimes, it’s like I know what I am supposed to do, but my whole body is telling me to do something else. And it doesn’t make any sense. And it’s like mum and dad tell me these crazy stories of who I am supposed to be and what I am supposed to do. But... I... And...”

“it’s Ok! It’s OK!” interrupted Elmira while holding Jessie by the hands. “Forget your mum and dad for a little bit, they are just worried about you, that’s all. Look, I am taking you for a girls night out this Saturday and this time you are not shying out on me...”

“But. Mum and dad would never let me go out...”

“Well who says they have to know.” replied Elmira with a wink.

With that she picked up her beauty products paraphernalia and headed for the door.

Jessie admired the woman for whom she had an obvious crush go up the door steps with her perfect jean blue ass sweeping the air, proliferating her fertile recently accentuated odor. Jessie turned around and headed for her last days of summer school with a radiant smile that no mean nor mocking cellphone text could dethrone until Saturday.

Elmira excused herself to Mrs Miller as soon as she entered the house and asked for the bathroom. She stayed in there for a while, still under shock from what had happened to her. It seems Jessie hadn’t been the only one to be turned on by the consoling hug. She freshened up a little and turned the knob of the small bathroom door where the shower hose was still dripping intermittently.

“So Mrs Miller, you wanted to see the new Yves Saint Laurent? Your man is going to love it on you.”


Saturday was finally here, but not after having made its two clients wait an agonizing eternity, like a diva on the stage, impossibly prolonging her last note and keeping a waiting audience in pre-applause frozen pose.

Elmira had told Jessie’s parent that her two teenagers were organizing a board game party at her house. After thorough investigation, the Millers had conceded to let their daughter go, once they had found out that Elmira herself would be keeping an eye on the young herd and take Jessie back when the game was done.

There was no board game. And the teenagers had already long left for their summer vacation in their father’s house in South Carolina. Instead, Elmira had taken Jessie to a bar where she had introduced the young girl to alcohol and male strippers. Jessie had the time of her life. She was also ecstatic to spend some time with Elmira who she was growing more fond of by hour.

After Elmira’s sexual confession of having on-going multiple lovers since her divorce, Jessie confided that she was still technically a virgin, but that she masturbated from time to time with purposefully chosen hair brush that doubled as a 4’’ dildo. Jessie also explained how conflicted she was between her sexuality, her parents and religion imposed morals.

“Jessie! Listen,” started Elmira. ”All religion is about is ensuring that we do not harm others. Somewhere along the line that message got distorted into oppressing people to adhere to certain cultural norms that are, more often than not, contradictory to the no harm principle.”

“What?” Shouted Jessie trying to make sense of it all through the noise and the light buzz.

“Let’s just say most of religion is BS. As long as you are a nice person you will be fine. Also,” continued Elmira still sipping on a strangely colored triangular shaped drink “Don’t be afraid to listen to your body.”

“My body? I think my body is a little bit crazy.”

“Is that so? What sort of crazy thing is it telling you then?” inquired Elmira.

“It is telling me that I want to get fucked tonight,” shouted the young girl, jokingly, with a smile over the loud beating electronic music.

“That can be arranged.”

Jessie felt a fleet of butterflies rush through her body to Elmira’s response to her half-joking comment. Elmira was already taking out her cellphone and punching keys, obviously trying to reach one of her many lovers. If she wanted to stop, the opportunity was now. She didn’t... The music was too loud anyways.

Elmira’s plan was simple. She called one of her favorite man toy letting him know that she would be over for some action. Once there and once the light had been turned off, Jessie would take Elmira’s place and if he found out, “Well, knowing Chris, I am sure he is going to like it even more...”


Finally she heard the knob of the apartment door twist. Jessie saw the familiar beauty coming to deliver her from the strange looks of people making their way to and from the elevator of the apartment complex. The strangers’ look hadn’t been as hard as the anticipation though.

“Sorry for making you wait outside, ” whispered Elmira. She extended her arm and pulled Jessie inside the apartment. She obviously had some difficulties trying to prevent her naked boob from being visible from outside the apartment.

The apartment itself was barely lit by a candle like chandelier. Jessie had a hard time trying to make out the furniture, let alone Elmira’s superb lines. She had seen enough though thanks to the hallway illumination and the engraved image of the naked MILF’s body had in turn engraved a crusty lickable rectangle form on each of her ivory colored breast.

“He is waiting in the room. I got him ready for you...”

“What do you mean?”

“Shhhh.... Not so loud. Just go in there and have some fun.”

Elmira was already pushing Jessie to the even darker bedroom. One could make out the edge of a bed and what seem to be the silhouette of a naked man lying on his back.

Hesitant steps forward until your feet meet the wooden edge of the bed,
Frontier of your youth, last guardian of your innocence
You know you can, but you are not sure you should.

Jessie slowly climbed on the bed and her hands and knees come in contact with hard calf muscles. She continued her journey forward, carried by her own growing excitement. In a clumsy move, the back of her hand touches a soft pouch lodged between Chris’ legs. Its much softer than she had imagined it to be. Her unintended caress on her unknown partner is met with a soft gasp. For a fraction of second her mind tried to come up with logical questions to explain the lewd indecent situation. “Why are testicles so soft and so close to something that is said to be so hard? And why is he moaning in enjoyment? Doesn’t he know how wrong all this is?”

She makes another crawling step forward. This time, its her right breast that caresses a Chris’ fully erect cock, leaving a thin trail of soft musky pre-cum and causing a louder moan from the man toy that hides her own moan. As her tit break contact with his cock, his whole body bends a little upward, asking for an encore that Jessie isn’t sure she is suppose to give.

“So what is it going to be this time Eli?” spoke the deep masculine voice. ”Are you the prude school girl, or the corporate executive whore?”

Jessie pondered her options for while and decided not to say a word. She continued forward and came to a stop on top of Chris not touching him yet. She could almost hear him breath. The humid summer air sipping through a slim window gap.

It’s time. She feels ready.

Slowly she lowered her crouch on the hard skyward pointing cock. She could feel her own abundant moisture facilitating the slow insertion. She could feel his huge cock opening the door to the beginning of her adult life, a slow and shy entry carrying with a slight pinch of subsiding pain and a huge bucket of wet pleasure.

Jessie gasped in extasy, even though she had tried not too. She moaned in delight as her hands clenched on Chris’s smooth pectorals. She slowly rose back up to the tip his cock, leaving a coat of pussy juice smeared across his penis, clear evidence of her coming of age, then she went back down, deeper and a little faster. She repeated the motion a few more times, each time a little deeper, and it felt like there was still some more cock to down onto yet she felt already full. This was definitely bigger than the handle of her hair comb .

Every penetration seemed to be building on the previously constructed tower of excitement, taking her to new heights she thought were not possible without reaching orgasm. Her moans were getting louder now. Chris was grunting silently in sync with her melodious fuck.

“Eli”, shouted Chris in between soft groans, ”if this is the torture game... If this is the torture game... I am ready to surrender.”

Jessie was barely paying attention to Chris now. She was lost in the sweetness of her first fuck. Then, she felt Chris’ cock get bigger inside her, deep inside her, as his moans became loud grunts. Jessi felt like she too was close, very close. Then again she had felt that way the whole night. This was somewhat different though. It felt more powerful. It felt to her like a momentous event was about to happen. Something that she wanted, something that she had feared for so long, and still feared. She was about to cum and let another man cum inside her.


There was a soft ruffle at the door.

“Hey Chris, don’t freak out it’s me. Elmira”

Jessie slowdown her horse ride on Chris’s juice battered cock to turn towards the door. The light came on, bathing the chique love nest in a soft yellow light. Elmira was standing by the bedroom door, naked with her high heels on. She moved closer to the fornicating couple and started kissing a dumbfounded Chris on the lips.

Jessie understood the kiss to be the silent approval from Chris that she was waiting for. She continued where she had left off before the interruption. This time she could see Chris’ muscular 30-something body. It was not unlike the one she had fantasized about. She could also see Elmira’s tits wobble, shake and caress Chris’s arm and chest as she gave a nationality to their kiss with her tongue.

Jessie gave herself completely to the feeling and remembered Elmira’s previous advice. “Listen to your body.” She wanted her first time to include Elmira. She wanted to taste her. Still riding frantically, her hands extended to reach for Elmira’s head. Jessie brought her closer and somewhere she found the courage to say and do what she hadn’t for so many years.

“I love you Elmira,” Jessie whispered softly almost breathless.

Elmira got turned on by the tenderness of her tone. She reached out and stroke Jessie’s hair a couple of times before sticking her tongue in her mouth to massage hers. With her other hand Elmira gently squeezed on Jessie breast and nipples.

Jessie’s body was doing all the thinking now. Her growing aura of pleasure had completely enveloped her mind preventing it from any attempt at expressing guilt, yet it radiated all the passion and depraved requests her body wanted. She wanted more. Even more than her poor juvenile mind could handle. In that moment of pure uninhibited passion, her true cravings surfaced.

In between kisses and hops, she brought Elmira’s head closer for another message this one not so tender.

“Fuck my mouth you dirty bitch. Treat me like a toy,” Jessie shouted in her panting trance.” I know you want it.”

Jessie noticed the hesitation in Elmira’s eyes. She knew Elmira cared too much for her to fully understand what she was asking of her. A sharp sound filled the room as Jessie slapped Elmira, almost losing her balance on the cock she was bouncing on. For a quick second Elmira was baffled and horrified at the dirtiness and kinkiness coming from the prude soon to be deflowered teenager. In a natural unprogrammed response, Elmira’s hand swung. She slapped Jessie’s big tits with her left hand, then immediately followed it by a slap on her cheek with her right.

Jessie gasped in obvious blissful pleasure at the added roughness. She barely had time to regain her composure and Elmira was already standing on the bed facing her and forcing her drenched pussy in the teenager’s delicate lips, tongue and chin.

This was a bit too much for a first timer to handle. A hard dick in her leaking pussy. The woman she loved, not only present, but naked, french kissing her and the boy toy she was riding, her tits bouncing and leaking faint traces of milk on his body. And now she was forcing her swollen wet slit on her young mouth...

“I am going to cum...” Jessie muffled softly. Her voice fading in the lusty perversion of the moment. “Can I please cum on your cock?”

Elmira broke her f***ed cunnilingus to admire the deflowering climax. Jessie wasn’t waiting for an answer though. Her eyes were already rolling in the back of her head as if to reduce the emotional overload brought on by the combined simulations of the now pounding cock and pussy on her own pussy and mouth.

Still responding to her primal desires, Jessie broke off the cunnilingus and pulled off Chris’s cock. She rode the last wave of her orgasm on Chris’ mouth, rubbing her still leaking juices all over his cute face.

Chris, who had been holding it in for a while now released the pressure that had been building up, once he realise that Jessie had cum. His started unloading the content of his tightened balls, shooting his semen all over Jessie’s back.

No juices were going to be wasted; Not on Elmira’s watch. While rubbing her own unattended pussy, she licked up the young man’s cum in repeated down up motions that prolonged Jessie’s climax.

Jessie was insatiable though. She wanted it all. Everything she had ever craved for. She had waited for so long, denying herself the pleasures of youth for undeserving parents and some godless priests. Today she wanted it all. All. She wanted all those things she had heard about some many times from her school friends. All the things she had had a glimpse of from mocking and provoking emails and text messages. All the things her own mind had fantasized.

She wanted to fuck them with all she had, with all she could; hands, pussy, mouth and ass. She wanted to fuck them so, and then remove all evidence of this obscene failure in self restrain by cleaning up their cock and pussy of all cunt juice, jizz and and ass juice.

She got off Chris’ face, finally letting him breath. She turned around, and smile at Elmira who was now frantically rubbing her pussy. She tended to Chris’ cock by sucking and kissing his still hard phallus, adding her thickest saliva to the already wet and odor filled penis, sucking it like a predator would the last bone of the last prey on earth.

She delighted at the texture of Chris’ cock. A soft mushy skin, beneath which she could could feel the hardest of muscle responding with involuntary jerks to her every kisses and caress.

Jessie then held the base of his cock firmly, and sat down on it, inserting inch after inch of the slippery cock in her tightest of holes. She leaned back a bit and whaled at him as the cock went deeper than her “makeshit” dildo ever had.

“Ohhhhhhhhh. fuck my ass! You gotta fuck my ass!”

After the initial delight of the titanium erect cock passing through her sphincter, she spread her legs wider and she pulled Elmira’s head once more towards her. This time she stuck Elmira’s face on her pussy and clit while sloppy sounds of anal penetration rose from beneath, facilitated by the most natural lubricant, a mixture of all the juices than man and woman could provide;

They all fucked and rejoiced in this rare moment. The coming of age of a tender women. A true nymph in the making...... Continue»
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