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Couch Trip

The Fishing Trip


Near week’s end, I met a couple of girlfriends for coffee and a <ddd>trip</ddd> to a bookstore. Eventually the conversation over coffee turned to ... collapsed beside me as I slid down the <ddd>couch</ddd>.
As I lay half on the <ddd>couch</ddd>, Greg came over and lifted me up onto ... ... Continue»
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Road Trip

... b*****r to check in with his parole officer." said Cassie. "What??? A f****y <ddd>trip</ddd>!! MOM!!!!" said the girls. I smiled.

I spent the whole day ... come see you both. But she never left the leather <ddd>couch</ddd> in the basement. I found my door cracked again this ... ... Continue»
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senior trip becomes senior suck Part 1

... siblings. Every year her school took the freshman on a weekend <ddd>trip</ddd> to a waterpark the k**s were split into groups of 6 and ... guys cocks. Tammy blushed and went to sit on the <ddd>couch</ddd>. She browsed a collection of magazines and noticed one sticking out ... ... Continue»
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A Couch Surfing Adventure

... my stay - everything was ready for a great <ddd>trip</ddd>.

I arrived in town on the bus from ... as if under his spell, getting off the <ddd>couch</ddd> and positioning myself right in front ... hard with arousal.

He got off the <ddd>couch</ddd> and led me into his bedroom, indicating ... ... Continue»
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College Friends Yearly Trip

... everyone arrived. The twist to the whole <ddd>trip</ddd> is really that I am bi and I ... video called Facial Whores #4. I was sitting on the <ddd>couch</ddd> watching the video when I heard someone pull up ... and sat down on the <ddd>couch</ddd> with his leg up on the <ddd>couch</ddd> giving me a view of ... ... Continue»
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A Trip to Canada can be a wonderful thing; especia

... this story before, I have posted in another place before

A <ddd>Trip</ddd> To Canada Can Be A Wonderful Thing

I guess I should introduce ... a teenager and didn't mind sl**ping on the <ddd>couch</ddd>,
but the <ddd>couch</ddd> was tiny. I couldn't even stretch out.
Well after a ... ... Continue»
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... from New York City. It was her first <ddd>trip</ddd> out to the farm and it took her ... was quite an attractive young thing? Maybe this <ddd>trip</ddd> can get even more interesting.

Becky must ... Becky lying on her back on the living room <ddd>couch</ddd> and Andrew on top of her pushing ... ... Continue»
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My Shopping Trip

... I was carrying, so I walked to the upholstered <ddd>couch</ddd> positioned in the middle of the store, ... I closed my eyes and leaned back in the <ddd>couch</ddd>; the foot rub felt really good, his ... with my juice, dripping onto the white <ddd>couch</ddd>. And his tongue scooped up my liquid, ... ... Continue»
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... where we ate, and where I slept on a <ddd>couch</ddd>. Mom would undress in this room for ... I was twenty two. Off we started

The <ddd>trip</ddd> was a miserable one, rain almost all the ... .

The next morning we continued our <ddd>trip</ddd>. That night was never mentioned again, but ... ... Continue»
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A trip to myself – The Vacation (Chapter One

... you to wear it. It's the symbol of our <ddd>trip</ddd> and a symbol for your journey to yourself. I ... my living room. You avoid choosing the <ddd>couch</ddd> and decide to pick the leather SEAT. I ... like you like what I've prepared for our <ddd>trip</ddd>.“ All I can do is nod while I worry ... ... Continue»
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First Camping Trip

... gave off a glow. I could see from the <ddd>couch</ddd> her reflection in the mirror as she ... moved her ass over the edge of the <ddd>couch</ddd> and pulled her gown up around her waist. ... 's orgasm subsided she slowly moved over to the <ddd>couch</ddd> between mom and dad. Jenny jumped up ... ... Continue»
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Gay Euro Trip, Part One

... accepted.

A bottle of wine later we were on his <ddd>couch</ddd> in his posh Paris apartment. I breathed heavy ...

He re-positioned me laying on the <ddd>couch</ddd> with my ass in the air so ... his partner was coming home from a business <ddd>trip</ddd> the next day. I went back to my ... ... Continue»
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Victorious Girls Take A Trip

... grasp and flipping through some channels. Daniella sits on the <ddd>couch</ddd> complaining whenever her co-star stops to watch a show.

"We ... machine.

Daniella, still in her jeans and t-shirt from the <ddd>trip</ddd> reaches for the remote to change the channel and finds ... ... Continue»
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OHGirl's Wild Trip

... by to see me. Shawn was on my <ddd>couch</ddd>, playing a video game, and since we had just ... and set it on the table near the <ddd>couch</ddd>, as he pulled my robe completely off. I ... mouth, pussy and ass. I sat naked on the <ddd>couch</ddd> afterwards and lit up a cigarette while they all ... ... Continue»
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the ski trip

... i went on a ski <ddd>trip</ddd> with my friends f****y,we skied the first day and ... felt on a cold winters day. we fucked on the <ddd>couch</ddd> for 45 mins and than we made our way ... once more later with the same routine. that ski <ddd>trip</ddd> couldnt have worked out any better for the ... ... Continue»
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Power Trip - Chapter 5

... whispered, licking Colin’s upper lip and sliding closer on the <ddd>couch</ddd>. “Do you want to be my boyfriend?”

“Y-yes,” Colin whispered ... stated proudly. She leaned back into the corner of the <ddd>couch</ddd>, her masturbating hand slowed to a crawl between her legs. “ ... ... Continue»
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End of trip - Calli’s gift to me

Tonight is the last night of my work <ddd>trip</ddd>. For these seven days and seven nights me and Calli ... her panties in her hand; she went straight to the <ddd>couch</ddd> and put it in her handbag. Leslie few seconds later ... ... Continue»
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The Trip

... and that's all I cared about.

Then there was the <ddd>trip</ddd>, the vacation.

Sheila had never seen the ocean and I was ... his face, hell, I'm stunned. Sheila pulls me off the <ddd>couch</ddd> and mounts me. She's slamming her hot wet pussy ... ... Continue»
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... <ddd>Trip</ddd> Out Secluded Way...byladyofsin_98©
I had fallen asl**p on the living ... John walked in and sat by the side of the <ddd>couch</ddd> where I was laying down, his eyes on me.

"John honey ... ... Continue»
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... -law and b*****r-
in-law in 2 cars. Half way through the <ddd>trip</ddd> my s****r-in-
law joined my wife and I in our car ...
that had a living room area separate from the bedroom.
The <ddd>couch</ddd> had a pull out bed and my s****r-in-law was
happy ... ... Continue»
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