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Conclusion of Lottery winner

... sucking my cock like a hungry whore, begging for the fucking of her life,she said I could do what ever I wanted, i suggested ... and unloaded my cum into her pussy triggering a string of orgasms in both of them, I collapsed on the bed as Carmen sucked ... ... Continue»
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Lottery winner got laid part 1

Fictional story that would make you horny

My wife and I had always had a healthy sex life and had a beautiful daughter Pam that was now 21 yrs old, I would always think how life would be if I won a large amount of money, we where comfortable but not rich, I had a good job in a office that I was head of department of, and a gorgous your assistant Carmen that was the same age as our daughter, who she knew very well.(well thats a bit of info lets get on with the story)

We'll the usual saturday night came and the wife and I went of to the pub as usual for a drink and then on the way home get a take away. Well as we got our take away there was a buzz in the chinese someone from the town had won the lottery and it was a single ticket £7,ooo,ooo, I saw the numbers and didnt notice anything that resembled my numbers. We got home and had our chinese and chatted about who the lucky person was and what we would do if it was us. The wife said wel to start I would love a holiday of lifetime and get a young guy to fuck me stupid and laughed.

I looked and said is that right you want a young guy to fuck you stupid she said well yer, I said what would I do, she said watch of cause, I was shocked I said how long have you been wanting that, she said a while but it was a fantasy and would never happen, why what is your fantasy?. I said would love to Fuck my assistant Carmen over her desk and then make her suck my cock, hmmmmm the wife said well i'll do you a deal I fuck a guy you fuck Carmen, I agreed and said I was horny the wife agreed she was as well and took her knickers off and lay back and opened her legs so I could fuck her.

I pumped my cock into the wife making her cum before I spewed my load into her, she said she wanted more now as she was thinking of that young guys cock in her pussy as I watched, she told me to get up and she sucked my cock until it was hard again, she hadnt done it much,as it wasnt her fav thing.
She rubbed me slowly as my cock thickened as she sucked my cock slowly she was a natural at it, as I loved a bj if I ever got one.

We went to bed and fucked the night away, the following morning I got up and went in the bathroom to see my daughter in the shower I watched as she washed my cock sprung to attention, she looked and said hi dad and carried on not faized by me looking, her tits where topped with nice nipples that where slightly tanned and a shaved pussy that cried for a huge cock to feed it. My cock was now standing out sniffing for her pussy as I shut the door and joined her in the shower.

She grabbed it slowly rubbing the thick shaft saying it was huge and would love to suck it, kneeling down she placed it in her mouth sucking the purple headed one eyed monster in her mouth her tounge wrapping round the head with expert guidance, she was better than her mum ever was or could be, as she rubbed her young pussy. I asked where she learnt to suck cock like that, she said at uni as she had a few blokes that had big cocks and loved to suck them off all the way.She also said now I can tell Carmen she was right about my cock, I stopped her and said what she mean, she said that Carmen had always wondered how big your cock was.

I couldnt believe my assistant had discussed how big i was with my daughter as she carried on rubbing it I was near to cumming I sucked my daughters young tits making her groan as I felt my cum spurt out over her as she cum herself, we washed and dried off in silence as I watched Pam bend over her perfect arse showed her pussy lips that I would love to split with with my chopper, she looked back to see me looking, saying well help yourself, I can see your friend wanting it, I was hard again as I walked up pushing my cock into her young pussy as she gasped saying it was splitting her in two.

I moved in and out slowly her pussy jucies making my cock shine as I pulled out before sliding in again, I grabbed her hips thrusting forward as she moaned for more begging me to fuck his little girl as I reached for her tits she shook and cum again, I thrust harder and harder until I couldnt hold on and cum in her.

She put her gown on and kissed me and with a cheeky smile left, I got dressed and went about my day,stunned I had fucked my daughter. The monday arrived and still no one had claimed the ticket and this was the news all over the office, Carmen came in said hi and asked did I have a good weekend i said not bad up and down, she grinned and said I bet and left, had pam told her already I had a big cock or just Carmen being her cheeky self as she was.

Dinner time came and I asked if Carmen would like a pub lunch as I usualy treated her to once a week, she said yer sure and off we went, I passed a cash point and got some money comming across my lottery ticket, Carmen said jokingly thats the winning numbers if you win I'll give you a surprise and laughed, I thought if it's the winning ticket you would get a heart attack as I pushed you over the desk and fucked you.

We went into the newsagents and I scanned the ticket it beeped saying winner and a code, I smiled and said to carmen it's a winner whats my surprise, she said what do you want anything is possible and smiled, I went to the assistant who scanned it, she said you have to contact lottery HQ your the major winner, I stood in silence not taking in what she had said, I asked her to repeat all and she said the same thing.

Carmen hugged me saying congratlations now you can have anything you want as long as it has my huge cock in her, she had been talking to my daughter.
We drove walked back to the office I was still in shock as I sa in my office talking to the lottery HQ, Carmen had told the whole office that spread to the whole building. I then phoned the wife and told her she screamed and started making plans to spend the money, I got a phne call from the Lottery people and told me all that will happen over the next few hours, and settled back taking it all in.

Carmen came into the office and asked if all was ok and was there anything she could do for me, I asked her to pull the blinds and sit down so we could chat. She did as I asked and I said had my daughter said anything, she blushed and said yer you have a huge cock and I would love it in my pussy, with that she got up walked over and kissed me, I asked what she was doing she said honouring her agreement that she had said earlier pulling her thong down bending over the desk, showing her ass and pussy.

I got up and smacked her bum softly as she jerked saying cock spank me Mr Smith I'm a very bad girl, I pulled my zip down and pulled out my cock, spanking her arse several times as she begged for more, I wet my fingers and rubbed her pussy making her wetter than she was before I pushed my cock into her as she moaned saying it was fantastic and huge, I moved in and out fucking my 21 yr old assistant, begging for more as I pushed harder and harder, until she said she was cumming until i felt the point of no return pumping a huge load into her little pussy as she groaned cumming softly.

She got up and put on her thong,saying theres more of that if you want it and when ever you want it grinned and went off. I got a call from the lotery people saying they where on their way to pick me up and my wife as well. They confirmed i was the winner and set about presenting the cheque with all the media, we went home stunned we was Multi millionaires and our life would change, she also said now can live out our fantasy's.

more to follow. ... Continue»
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Lottery winner got laid part 2

Well a few days had past and all arangement where made for the presention of the cheque, we had made the holiday plans, and I had fucked Carmen again at her place as well as getting a bj at the office cumming in her mouth a few times. The day arrived and we recieved the cheque and sat down with money advisers on how to invest in these rather financial bleak times.

The day arrived to go on our cruise, The 3 of us set of for the port all excited as we got on the liner we settled into our cabins and rested I went to see our daughter Pam, I knocked on the door as she said come in as I walked in I feasted my eyes on her, she was wearing nothing but a pair of black cami knickers that looked stunning, she looked and said do you like them I bought them with the money you gave me, I said a perfect view as my cock rumbled in my boxers wanting her pussy again, she slid them down bending over she said well help yourself, I walked behind her and unzipped my trousers to reveal my huge cock ready to slide in her wet pussy.

As I pushed in she groaned her lips where soaken wet as I moved back and forth her begging for more, I felt my cock throb as I cum i her pussy, she fell on the bed as my limp cock hung inbetween my legs, I sat on the bed and started to suck her nipples my tounge went around her aureola as she sighed at the touch, my finger slipped into her pussy rubbing her clit as she opened her legs slightly, she arched her back and groaned loudly as she orgasmed, she said that was amazing, and had never cum like that.

I kissed her softly and left saying daddy loves you more than words could say, she smiled and as I left I saw her rubbing her pussy and then sucking her fingers. That evening after our meal, the wife said she wanted to live out her fantasy,and told me to go back to our cabin and hide, she went off looking for her victim whilst I hid.

I waited for a while as I heard my wife return with a young bloke that was about the same age as Pam, he was passionatly kissing her as he grabbed her tits making her groan, I saw her rubbing his trouser front as she slowly unzipped his trousers, reaching inside to pull out his cock she gassped as she pulled out this huge lump of meat that hung down like a pendulum with a huge cock head and he was cut.

She rubbed his cock making it hard,knelt down and sucked his cock slurping as she deep throated he groaned as her head moved back and forth as she rubbed it slowly, she took it out of her mouth, and stood up as he undressed her kissing the exposed as he did, he undone her bra her tits fell I noticed her nipples where huge, as he sucked them one by one, I got my cock out rubbing it as I watched, he bent her over and slid his huge cock into her as she gasped with pleasure.

She groaned with pleasure as he moved faster she reached underneath feeling his huge balls that hung down, as she said she was cumming as she begged for harder, as he drove his cock in and out she screamed as she shook, he groaned and emptied his load into her pussy. He slipped out as his spent load dribbled down her inside leg, she kneeled down and sucked his cock dry, she then demanded to be licked out, as he did like a good boy, he licked her nipples and sucked them deep into his mouth.

He moved down her stomach kissing as he went towards her shaved pussy, his tounge dissapeared into her slit as he flicked it fast like he was whipping cream, she groaned as she grabbed his head ramming it into her honey box making her cum again and again before she begged him to stop, by now his cock was hard as he pulled her up before turning her round, bending her over and pushing his cock up her arse making her scream as he hit home base.

He fucked her like a crazed a****l pounding his huge dick into her before he pulled out and cum all over her arse as he groaned, before again she sucked him dry, she had never really wanted to do this to me but twice without being asked was totaly amazing, he gave her his cabin number and told her if she wanted more than give him a call I could see that would happen. He left and I came out of hiding with a rock hard cock in my hand,the wife looked licked her lips and dropped to her knees sucking it like a hungry whore as I cum in her mouth, that night we fucked like horny teenagers before falling asl**p.

The following morning I knocked on Pams cabin door as I heard moans and groans from it I listened closely Pam was being nailed and was seriously enjoying it, I heard her scream and then silence, I retreated back to our cabin and waited, I heard her door open and looked, it was the guy that had fucked my wife the night before, I waited then knocked on my daughters door, she could hardly walk as she asked me in, she said she had been fucked by a bloke with the dick of a horse, I said I know I heard you, she grinned saying he was massive I agreed saying he had your mother as well.

I sat down and explained all, she said well youve all ready fucked Carmen aint you, I nodded in shame, she carried on by saying Carmen had confessed she couldn't believe she had been fucked so hard and wanted more, I told Pam that the agreement was mum would get fucked by a young guy, and I would try and fuck Carmen, she said well your have to try then, the trip went well Pam and the wife shared this young guy a few times, as well as me fucking Pam.

final part to follow... Continue»
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Lottery winner got laid part 3

After our eventfull holiday we got home and I returned to work to hand in my notice, as realised I didnt need to work in a stressfull enviroment, as I got settled waiting for Carmen to bring the morning mail in. a knock at the door and this young girl came in saying she was the new assistant and Carmen had finished on friday. I looked her up and down as I asked her to come in, her long blonde hair,blue eyes and gorgous body was noticable to start as I undressed her with my eyes layer by layer, her name was Sandy and had just left uivercity, I gave her some work and made a few phone calls.

I phoned Carmen and spoke to her asking why she left, she told me someone had phoned out we where fucking and if I didnt go there would be trouble, I asked her if she had noticed the voice she said it sounded like my wife but she couldnt be sure, I said I would call that evening and stay over so we could talk late and I would then come into the office late in the morning hopefully to get things sorted. I phoned the wife and told her that Carmen had left but she didnt seen surprised, by it and told her I had given my notice in so I could spend more time at home.

I noticed it was close to dinnertime I asked Sandy if she would like to go for lunch at the local so we could get to know each other better she agreed and off we went. As we sat eating I looked at her long legs and got a glimpse of her panties as she crossed her legs, they left nothing really to cover except the slit of her pussy. I found out all about her as I carried on stripping her with my eyes.

That afternoon I sat in my office thinking of Sandy riding my cock, I got a server hard on so I closed the blinds and said I didnt want to be disturbed as I sat at my desk rubbing my cock slowly, the thick shaft stood to attention trying to imagine if Sandy was shaved or not, I closed my eyes as my foreskin went over my cock head then back over and down the shaft, I was in my own world, as I thought I heard a noise.

I carried on slowly rubbing at a steady pace oblivious to anything as I groaned, all of a sudden I heard a gasp to open my eyes and Sandy standing in the doorway, I stopped and covered up, she said don't stop I love the view and a huge cock as well I would love to help,as she added aint that what a assistant has to do, with a evil smurk I told her to come in and shut the door.

She walked up to me and reached out grassping the shaft softly rubbing it, as she lowered her head and sucked it lightly wr****g her tounge around the head, I groaned as I felt her tits her nipples stiffened on my touch, I slowly undone her blouse and her bra as she removed them, her tits stood firm nice pink hard nipples as I slowly sucked one at a time, flicking then with my tounge her areloa stiffened as the cold air hit it after being in my warm mouth.

I reached up her skirt feeling her wet panties, she said well take them off youve seen a glimpse in the pub, I pulled them down to reveal a peach colour thong as I had my question answered, she was as smooth as a baby's bum, I run my finger along her lips she begged me to finger her, as my finger slipped in searching for her clit, I pushed in further as I hit her G spot making her jump begging for more, as i rubbed she moaned and cum soaking my hand with her jucies.

She bent over my desk and lifted her skirt begging for my cock to split her pussy with my cock, as I got up I could see her wet lips I pushed my cock in as her pussy ate my cock like a hungry a****l, she groaned as my cock, slid in coating my shaft in her jucies as I moved in and out I felt her tits as her nipples got harder, I grabbed her hips moving quicker, she groaned she was cumming as I thrust into her pussy her pussy lips stretching with every stroke and she let out a moan as she orgasmed.

I pulled out and laid her on my desk putting her legs over each shoulder as I rammed my cock into her wet hole, as her firm tits moved with every thrust, as my balls hit her arse I felt i wasnt gonna last much longer, my cock throbbed as she begged for more as I couldnt hold on now more, pumping huge amounts of cum into her pussy she groaned loudly cumming herself, we got dressed and left for the day, I phoned the wife saying I wouldnt be home that night, as I was working late and would stay in a hotel, as didnt want to drive home late she agreed and said night.

I arrived at Carmens and ...... final part to come.... Continue»
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More Confessions of the Locker Room

With my sky blue sports bag in hand, I travelled to my football team's training ground. I made sure to arrive just before half 8 in the morning, ready for our 9am departure time to take on our next opponents in a crucial league game. As I walked, I kept thinking about what had happened between me and Hannah in the showers yesterday evening. I was a little nervous about what we'll say when we see

I walked through the small iron gates and headed into the lunchroom where most of my
teammates were sat about, talking and joking.

"Hey Sam." Hannah called, sitting on top of the lunch table drinking from a can of coke with her legs spread open in her typical unlady-like manner. She did look pretty hot in her bright blue t-shirt and gym-shorts.

"Er- hi Hannah, hey girls." I greeted her and my teammates, somewhat sheepishly.

"Had a good training session yesterday, did we?" One of the girls asked,
stifling a chuckle.

"Um, sure, I guess..." I answered.

"Do anything extra afterwards?" Another girl asked, again holding back a grin.

I passed a knowing look towards Hannah, who in turn looked at me with a corner of her mouth rising up slightly. She knew as well as I did what had happened, but I wasn't sure if the others knew.

"Well I just, er, had my shower and went home after." I lied.

"Oh come on, Sam," Becki blurted out, "Hannah told us what happened."

"What? You told them?!" I puzzled, giving Hannah a right look.

"Yeah I told them," Hannah casually replied, taking a big gulp of coke and then letting out a loud burp,
"it's not every day I catch a filthy slut sniffing the girls dirty shorts."

"You what?!" I snapped, confused.

"Don't lie now, Sam," Becki remarked, "Hannah told us how she caught you after your shower rummaging through the laundry bin and smelling our shorts before the kit-man had a chance to wash them."

"Wha- I never did nothing of the sort!" I protested.

Becki's gorgeous soft eyes burned into mine.

"I can't believe you'd be like that, Sam, I always thought you were a nice sweet girl." Becki stated, her calm tone of voice making me feel guilty when I was totally innocent of the accusation.

"But Bex, I didn't do that." I responded, holding my anger back as I could never be angry with Becki.

"Great, she's not only a bum-sniffer, she's also a liar!" Hannah mocked.

"You're the liar, you bitch!" I snapped at her.

"I think we should all be careful with this one, girls, whenever we bend over we might find her nose pressed against our arses, taking a big sniff!"
She continued to taunt, making the other girls laugh.

I was so angry I found myself lunging at her. I toppled her over off the tabletop, both of us crashing down hard onto the floor, side by side. I tried grabbing at her short cropped black hair but my fingers couldn't quite get a grip. She had plenty of my blonde hair to grip though, holding my head down with it clutched in her hand.
I suddenly realised my mistake of trying to attack her, there's a reason why she was a junior judo champion when she was younger. I tried to smack her body but she used her elbows to block my arms, and she wrapped her leg around my waist,
holding me tight. Her judo prowess soon showed as she swiftly swung
her body around sitting on top of me, and pinned me down hard under her.
I laid there on my back trying to fight back but she easily grabbed my hands and held them to the floor at the sides of my head, and with one fell move she lunged her knees forward and pressed them down hard onto my upper arms. I was trapped.

"That was a silly thing to do, you dirty slut." She taunted, letting go of my hands and putting her hands onto her hips, sitting up strait on me.

"Ugh- get off me!" I cried out, trying to move and arch my back to no avail.
Her bum in her bright blue gym shorts was pushing down hard onto my boobs.
My arms had effectively became useless as they was pinned down under her knees.

Becki stood over us, her arms folded as she looked at me disapprovingly.

"You shouldn't have done that." She scolded me. Great, as if I didn't
feel bad enough already.

"Yeah, she's such a stupid bitch." Hannah teased.

"Please- just get off me!" I pleaded. She had me pinned down so good that the only part of my body I could move was my legs, but little good they did as I flailed them about helplessly.

"Hey girls," Hannah chirped looking up at my on-looking teammates,
"seeing as she loves sniffing our bums, why don't we give her a smell
she'll never forget!" An evil grin spread across her cute face.

"I know just what you mean..." Annalisa, the olive skinned beauty from Italy, remarked with an evil grin also spreading across her striking face.
She skipped over towards us, she was wearing little hot pink shorts
under a tight white sports vest. She stood over my head with her back to me, I was getting a good look at her beautiful tight ass in those shorts but little did I know I was about to get more of it than I bargained for.

She suddenly pulled her hot pink shorts down, revealing her gorgeous shapely butt in nothing but a little black string of a thong, and she proceeded to lower
her body down. She squatted with her butt no more than a centimetre away from my face. Close enough to smell it as my nose came dangerously close to
being wedged right up into her crack. She must have had a shower not too long ago as the natural musky scent of her bum also had a hint of soap to it.

"Hold on." Hannah told, pressing her creamy thighs to the sides of my face, almost squeezing a little so that my head remained fixed in place, looking strait up at Annalisa's glorious Mediterranean ass.

"Take a big sniff of this...!" Annalisa taunted, and suddenly let out a short rattling blast of a fart, right over my face!

"Oh god-" I groaned as the warm smelly air pushed its way over my nose.
All the girls burst out laughing, especially Hannah as she quickly covered my mouth with the palm of her hand, making sure I took it all the smell in through my nose.

"That's the 2nd day in a row you've taken a fart to the face!" Hannah taunted throwing her head back laughing some more. Annalisa stood up, pulling her tiny shorts back up over her magnificent ass. She continued laughing as she walked back over towards where she was sitting.

"Wait- keep her there," I heard Megan, the pale ginger cutie call out,
"I got one coming!"

She quickly got up off her seat and jogged over towards us. She undid the button of her white skinny jeans and pulled them down, revealing some rather plain looking white knickers. She's quite a slim girl so didn't have much of a bum on her, but I soon discovered that even the smallest of butts can cause the biggest of stinks!

She assumed the same position as Annalisa did, squatting over my face with her pale bumcheeks extremely close to the cheeks of my face, and then she paused.

"Wait for it..." She softly muttered, placing her hands onto her bumcheeks and gently pulling them apart, giving me a better smell of her little crack. I noticed that she must have skipped a shower this morning as her bum smelt a little like mature cheese. The room fell silent, the tension built up. Everyone waiting for her to fart.

"Oh boy..." Hannah softly spoke and smirked, pinching her nose closed in anticipation, still covering my mouth with her other hand.

"Ahhhh..." Megan suddenly sighed, a relieved grin on her face.

It was a silent but incredibly deadly airy *poof!* of a fart...

I gagged as the strong nasty rotten eggy stench of the fart hit the back of my throat hard. I was sure my nose-hairs had just been singed off by that.
My choking just caused the girls to explode with raucous laughter.

"Phew that's nasty!" I heard one girl chirp, all pinching their noses.

"Thank god I wasn't at ground zero for that one!" I heard another chuckle.

Megan then let the full-weight of her bum press down onto my face and
wiggled her hips.

"Ha-ha-ha-ha-hahaaaa...!" She sing-songed almost in a hum, teasing me.
"You still want to sniff my shorts now?"

She then got up off me and happily skipped back over to her seat.

"You girls are so mean..." Becki softly stated, still looking over us.
She too had to pinch her nose as the strong eggy smell of Meg's fart
lingered around the room.

"It's such a shame you're doing this to her now, if only it was earlier,
I was brewing up a right storm!"
She suddenly confessed. I looked up at her, my mouth open in shock as Hannah put her hands back onto her hips, looking triumphant over me.

I couldn't believe what I just heard. Did Becki really just admit that she was really gassy earlier, and that if she had the chance she too would have farted on my face? All this humiliation would have felt a lot better had the wonderful gorgeous goddess that is Becki graced my face with one of her wonderful air-biscuits...
Talk about awful timings!

The thought of her farting on me filled my body with a warm electric buzz. I felt my clit begin to tingle, as my nipples did as well. My nipples would have started to grow big if it weren't for the weight of Hannah's butt pressing down hard on them.
I was so sure she could feel them pushing up on her buttcheeks, even from under her gym shorts.

"Aww that's a shame indeed." Hannah smirked, "Oh well, maybe next time."

"You've had your fun, now please let me up." I pleaded once more.

"Erm, let me think about..." Hannah replied, "No." She smirked and giggled as I began kicking my legs about, trying my best to get her off me but to no avail.

"Enough!" I heard a loud voice boom into the room,
everyone's heads all turned and looked towards the door.

"Ms. Jennings!" Becki called, greeting our team's coach. She's a slender 50-year-old woman who despite her old lady hairstyle actually looks about a young 40,
especially when she puts on makeup on match days like today.
She calls it her warpaint.

"Enough horsing around, you can play-fight later."
She sternly sounded towards me and Hannah.

"Yes boss." Hannah obeyed, standing up and turning around to face our coach.

I sat up and got up onto my feet.

"It was Sam's fault, she wanted me to teach her some judo moves." Hannah lied.

"Honestly, Sam," Ms. Jennings scolded slowly shaking her head,
"You can learn judo on your own time, not while we got a big match-"

"But- but- She-" I interrupted trying to explain.

"Don't interrupt me." The battle-axe stopped me,
"As I was saying, we must be prepared for this match.
Now get your things, the bus is waiting."

I tried again to tell her what the girls had just done to me but she just shushed me and walked outside.

I picked up my sports bag, only to have it drop out of my hand as every girl who walked past me bashed into my shoulder deliberately.
Some even sniggered harsh words to me, like 'Bitch', 'Slut' and 'Whore'.

I picked my bag up again when I was the last one in the room, and hurried on outside and got onto the team bus. I sat down on one of the front seats,
the other girls made sure not to sit next to me.
Giving me the cold shoulder treatment.

The bus ride was thankfully not too long. just 40mins. The usual chatter happened such as gossiping about so-and-so's latest happenings. About 20mins into the ride, Ms. Jennings gave us a motivational speech about the game ahead of us.
We were all pretty psyched up about it and most of the ladies were going through
their usual superstitious good luck rituals. As I wasn't being involved in any of the chatter however, I just sat still staring out the window, watching the world go by. Suddenly a dirty grey fabric appeared infront of my eyes.

"Slutty whore's sniff these!" Hannah taunted.

I waved at the fabric which had a rather nasty pungent aroma to them.

"What the fuck?!" I yelled, turning around to see what Hannah was doing.
I realised they was an old raggedy pair of big knickers she was waving about
infront of me.

"What?" She puzzled, "Don't you want to smell 'Dirty Bertha's' lucky pants?"

'Dirty Bertha' was a club legend, all for bad reasons though. She use to play as a goalkeeper and kept a cleansheet for 30 games in a row but only because no one on the opposing teams wanted to go anywhere near her!
She was the most vile disgusting unhygienic woman in the land. She stunk to high heaven going months between washes. Some people tell of horror stories that if you did something to annoy her, she'd sit on you and f***e her dirty sweaty stinky toes into your mouth and not let you up 'til you've sucked on every toe for 30 seconds. Upon leaving the club, she left her 'lucky' underwear hanging up inside the team bus as her parting gift. Not forgetting a steaming 'gift' left on the last coach's desk.

"Piss off with that!" I angrily snapped at Hannah.

"Go on, you know you want to smell them!" She tormented, shoving the horrifying pants into my face. I swatted it away with the back of my hand.

"Spoil-sport!" She teased poking her tongue out and dropping it onto
the top of my head. I quickly picked it up and threw it towards the back seats.

"Settle down, ladies." Ms. Jennings warned, giving us all a stern look as
she sat on the seat opposite the bus-driver.

When we finally got to the other teams small ground, we got out and headed to the away team dressing rooms. You can tell they were the away team dressing rooms,
it was a right dump!

I seen roach-infested outhouses with more glamour and cleanliness than this tip.
We made do with what we had and got changed into our red and white kits.

Our coach gave us more motivational speeches and discussed our tactics for the match, and before I knew it, we were warming up on the pitch infront of
a crowd of about 40 people.
Quite a big turn out for us actually!

Our opponents looked more like a team of models, I've never seen such gorgeous women in one place before, and their tight figure-hugging black and pink football kits with the small black shorts and thigh-high pink socks that looked more like tights
just made them look sexier. I hate to say but I knew then I wasn't going to be able to concentrate on the game, running around all horny at the sight of these
glamour dolls, sweat dripping from every pore.

The game went pretty badly for us, it seems like I wasn't the only one getting wet from the sight of these gorgeous sex-goddesses running around us,
all the dykes in our squad were going weak at the knees,
infact we got pretty badly thrashed by the team.
At the final whistle of the 90mins, they had knocked in 8 goals to our pathetic zero.

We headed off the pitch and back into our filthy dressing room,
slumping down onto the rotting wood bench.
We started stripping out of our kits 'til we was down to our bra and knickers.

"What the hell happened out there?!" Ms. Jennings stormed at us.
She berated us badly for our shocking performance.

"You have to admit though boss," Hannah interrupted,
"those girls were freaking hot!" We all laughed.

"Be that as it may," Ms. Jennings replied trying to not crack a smile,
"I got a note from the other team's coach which says they have a forfeit for teams they beat, and I think it's a fitting punishment for losing so badly."

We all turned and muttered to eachother trying to work out what that means.

"You are to go to their dressing room and receive further instructions."
She instructed.

"Yes, boss." We all replied in unison. We all got up and headed off to the other side of the small structures. The other team were still out on the pitch
celebrating their win. We found the door open to their dressing room so headed inside.
Their dressing room looked amazing, so clean and bright white.
We saw a large note stuck to the wall.

It read: "To the losers: kneel down on the marks on the floor."

We looked to the floor and sure enough, about a foot infront of the long white tiled bench were the black painted spots, indicating where to position our knees.

A little hesitantly, we all lined up infront of the bench and knelt down into position. We were on our knees waiting there for a few minutes when our opponents walked in, talking loudly in positive tones.

"Oh look what the cat dragged in!" One of the gorgeous women stated with a big grin, looking at us. We all nervously hung our heads down.

"Well done girls," their coach, a rather young pretty looking woman in a red
dress-suit, congratulated them,
"enjoy your reward, I'll be back once I've paid a visit to these losers' manager." She headed out closing the door behind her.

"Right girls," The gorgeous team captain began, "lets get undressed and cleaned."

I looked up and saw the girls getting out of their kits. The musky smell of sweat and strong body odour mixed with the sweet flowery smell of perfume and deodorant filled the air. My eyes were drawn to this stunning light-brown haired tanned girl with a gorgeous body. She was far from slim but not fat either, just a nice sexy
hour-glass figure.

"Hey, losers don't get to look!" She suddenly snapped at me, seeing me spying.

"Sorry." I apologised and quickly looked back down.

"And no speaking either!" She warned, "If I wanted to hear a loser slut speak
I'd ask you for a weather report!"
Her teammates laughed and patted her back for putting me in my place.

Once the girls were naked, they walked over towards us. The sweat still glistening off their perfect flawless skin.

They then walked infront of us. I must have left an impression on the light-brown haired angel, for she chose the spot infront of me.
All the girls then sat down infront us all and eyed us up and down.

"Look at these pathetic loser bitches." Their blonde captain mocked.
"Lick us clean."

All of our team turned to eachother, looking puzzled and unsure.

"Hey!" Their captain snapped, "When a winner tells a loser to do something,
the loser does it, now get licking!"

I looked at the gorgeous woman infront of me, sat naked and still sweating with her legs apart, I nervously leaned in forward with my tongue held out.
I went strait towards her cute little shaved pussy.

"Oi calm your jets!" She snapped, pushing her hand to my forehead stopping me,
"You don't get to taste the sweet honey from this pot 'til you've proven your loser slut tongue is good enough."

"Sorry." I apologised sheepishly.

"Start by licking my feet." She instructed, raising her right foot up towards my face.

"Ok." I obediently replied.

"That's 'Yes Miss', you dirty whore!" She snapped.

"Sorry, Yes Miss." I obeyed. I held my tongue back out and placed my hand
onto her ankle.

"Ew don't touch me!" She recoiled, slapping the back of my hand on her ankle,
"A loser as no right touching her superior winner."

"Sorry Miss-" I nervously replied quickly pulling my hand away from her foot.

"Go on, lick the feet of your superior." She impatiently commanded.

I nervously swallowed a bit of spit in my mouth, and with my tongue held out,
I leaned in and licked the sole of her soft wet foot. It tasted so salty from the sweat that covered it. I did a long slow lick from her heel right up to her toes,
and then back down to her heel again.

"That's it, you dirty slut, lick it all clean." She demanded.

I noticed out the corner of my eye that every one of my teammates was licking the other womens' feet.
I felt rather sorry for our non-lesbian teammates who were all surely hating this, especially my poor Becki.

I obediently continued to lick all around the wet warm sweaty foot of this
gorgeous woman. She then f***ed her toes into my mouth, her pink painted nails almost scratched against the roof of my mouth as it slid over my warm wet tongue.

"Suck it, slut." She commanded, I obeyed.

Once I had cleaned her foot, she then put it down and raised her other leg up, putting her left sweaty foot to my mouth and had me lick that clean just as before. As we all licked these winners feet, they were just chatting away to eachother,
like as if they were oblivious to our very existence. They joked and laughed
and caught up on all their gossip. The only time they acknowledged one of us was when we did something they didn't want us doing, like pausing for a quick breath.

Finally, my gorgeous winner looked at me.

"You're pretty good with cleaning feet, now how about my ass?" She smirked.

"Yes Miss." I replied.

"I wasn't asking," She sternly returned, "hold that disgusting loser tongue out."

I did as I was told, I held my tongue out as she stood up and turned around.
She teased me by wiggling her luscious curvy hips, her naked somewhat chubby butt waved infront of my face, so close to touching my tongue.
The strong odour of her divine ass wafted to my nose, and unable to resist,
I leant in and licked around her crack.

"Hey!" She snapped, thrusting her hips forward away from my face,
"I'll tell you when to lick, stupid loser bitch."

"Sorry Miss." I replied.

She leant forward resting her hands onto the locker infront of her spot on the bench. She was bent over slightly like that, making her gorgeous ass look
all the more inviting.

"Come closer," She instructed, I leaned my face up closer to her glorious bum,
"kiss my ass."

I immediately puckered my lips up and kissed her cheek.

Suddenly, to my surprise, she let rip a fart. I instinctively took a big sniff, it actually smelt very pleasing.

"Ha!" She snorted, "Yeah you take it all in, dirty whore!" She taunted.
"Slutty losers like you are used to taking farts to the face..."
She had no idea how right she was there.

"Hey I didn't say stop, you keep kissing my perfect ass you dirty slut." She demanded.

"Yes Miss-" I almost couldn't say it as my lips was too eager to carry on
kissing her wonderful bum.

"That's it, you losers are all the same, forever kissing a winner's ass!"
She taunted.

My lips drifted around her moist cheeks and sweaty crack, even pushing inbetween the cheeks to get a kiss of her tight little hot sweaty smelly pucker.
Kissing her hot asshole left a musky salty taste on my lips but I carried on,
feeling my pussy getting soaking wet. I noticed out the corner of my eye that my teammates were licking their winner's pussies.
Poor Becki didn't look comfortable at all as she was forcibly made to
lick her very first sweaty hairy pussy.

"Now lick my ass." My gorgeous winner demanded, I poked my tongue out and licked from her cheek into her hot crack, "Hmmm... Right there, you filthy whore..."

That sweaty musky taste was even stronger licking it from around her tight
little crinkled hole.
Although it wasn't the nicest tasting ass I've ever licked,
it was still very sexy to me. My nipples were sticking out harder than I ever seen them become before. My wet vagina tingled so much I thought I was going to cum without
touching myself. She had me licking her hole for a good 5 minutes before she finally turned around, facing me.

The sound of loud moaning had filled the room as every one of the winning team was enjoying having their pussies licked real good by us losers.
Only I had yet to taste the sweet nectar of my winner's fleshy flower.

She sat down infront of me, and put her right leg up over my shoulder.

"Lick your way up my leg, loser." She demanded.

"Yes Miss." I replied, and began slowly kissing and licking my way up her long sexy leg. Inching my tongue up along from her soft ankle to her smooth calf, the side of her knee, and up her creamy thick sexy thigh. I got right up to the inside of her groin when she grabbed hold of my hair.

"You ready to taste a winner's sweet pussy?" She asked.

"Yes Miss." I answered breathlessly.

"You're never going to taste any other better pussy than that of a winner."
She teased in a real cocky tone.

"Lick it hmmmm... You dirty loser slut..." She moaned in pleasure
before my tongue had even touched her.

She pulled my golden hair to the side forcing my head to move those precious few millimetres where my tongue met the moist silky lips of her pussy. The strong almost sourly lemony smell of it delighted my nostrils, and the taste was unbelievable.
Like licking a juicy fresh honeycomb filled with clear liquid lemon sauce and just the most subtle aftertaste of sea-salt from a spritsy mist of a wave from the sea.
It was like licking the pussy of an angel itself.

She groaned and moaned in pleasure as my tongue worked its way between her silky wet pink slits and teasing at the throbbing firm clit, then lapping up all the juice from deep inside, dripping down from inside off of its walls. As I licked and worshipped her glorious pussy, my eyes looked up fixated on this goddess before me.

"Ahhhh yeah- don't look at me- hmmmm..." She groaned hardly able to contain her overpowering feeling of pleasure,
"You're not worthy of- hmmm fuck- looking at a winner- ahhh shit yeah hmmmmm...."

I obediently lowered my gaze down onto her gorgeous smooth belly. I continued to lick and before I knew it, I had her cumming so good. Her pussyhole and asshole pulsated violently with each tremor from her powerful orgasm, causing big watery blobs of her sweet sticky juice to squirt out over my tongue.
She was screaming so loud but it was hard to hear her individual scream above the noise of the other screaming women as they all came together at once.

When they finished cumming, all of us losers were soaked in sweet tasty pussy juice. You'd have thought we'd just been swimming having our faces and hair all wet with winner's cum. I licked my lips and somehow resisted the urge to touch my pussy.
I knew one little touch and I'd have cummed uncontrollably all over the floor, but I knew not to do anything without my winner's permission first.

"Stop licking." The instructions rang out from all the women to us losers.

They all stood up, and placing their foot flat to our tits, they pushed us down onto the cold tiled floor.

"Get the fuck out of here!" They demanded.

We struggled to our feet as they continued pushing and kicking us with their feet.

"Go on, get out, you loser whores don't deserve to bask in the glow of winners!"
The humiliating taunts rung in our ears as we scrambled for the door.
We made it back to our shitty dressing rooms.

I noticed all of our knickers were soaked through from our wet pussies, even the strait girls such as Becki was noticeably wet.

"Fuck I'm so horny!" Hannah cried.

"Me too!" Revealed Becki.

"And me!" I joined in.

We all agreed that we needed a good fucking. That's when we all turned to look at eachother, with a knowing excited glint in our eyes, and before you could blow a ref's whistle, we were all over eachother, tearing at eachother's knickers and bras like wildcats and we had the best lesbian orgy you could ever imagine,
right there in our shitty loser dressing room...!... Continue»
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Xhamster profile of 'Love2bused' Chap

Profile of Love2bused

Chapter Three

To say I got my throat hammered all through the rest of the week would be an understatement. My camera team did their best to get me ready for deep throating cock like it was my second nature to have big cocks shoved down my throat. Even Harold volunteered to come back and help me after Monday. Of course I understood they were getting to receive a bunch of great blow jobs but, that wasn’t what was important to me. Jim had told me to be ready or I would be sorry and I had no reason to doubt his word. At first I was just in this for the $120,000 and then when I heard there was an additional $500,000 reward offered to the best whore I made up my mind I was going to win no matter what it takes or what I have to do. This past week that meant I had to repeatedly have cocks shoved down my throat until I was no longer gagging or spiting up anything I had ate earlier. I could have cared less what those guys were wanting from me. Except for Harold when he would take command of me with just his voice and his hands guiding me to whatever it was he was wanting from me.

Anything Harold asked for he got from me. Ass to Mouth, Rim jobs, and even a couple of his friends he brought with him one night. I even fell in love with the smell of his wonderful sperm. It had that slight smell of bleach that sperm sometimes has. I think it was Tuesday night he was on the living room floor on his back with me in between his legs giving him a dam good deep throat blow job. My confidence and my performance were perfect as I never once suffered a single gag or stomach heave. When he came he filled my mouth to over flowing and then sprayed my face. Right away I smelt his sperm and I immediately buried my nose in the pools of sperm on his crotch and snorted his sperm up through my nose.

On Friday morning a Limo Service was sent to pick us up and I was nervous as I watched my home of the last few years disappear in the distance. I was surprised to find we were arriving at the Airport and I saw Jim was already waiting for us.
“We are going to be taking a trip,” Jim said. Then he looked at me and said. “I hope you are ready.” We boarded the private jet and in no time we were airborne. Where we flew too I don’t know. I do know we were over water for a while.

When we landed a limo took us on about a thirty minute ride and dropped us off at what looked like to me was a private hotel. That was when four men dressed in black came up to me and placed a color around my neck, attached a chain, and then lead me away from my group. I wondered why my camera crew didn’t follow and then I noticed all the cameras in the trees and on all the buildings.

These men took me to a room and removed everything I was wearing except for my new piercings. Then they laid me on my back on a padded table that was about a foot wide and maybe three and a half feet long. A belt was then put around my waist and then fastened around under the table. Once I was secured to the table they picked me up and carried me out of the room. I was carried down several hall ways were people watched as I was carried passed them. We then entered a big sized room that had five large picture frames on the walls with no pictures in them. At the top of each picture frame was a city name in each of them. Chicago was to my right and then Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, and my New York City was to my left.

They took me over to the frame labeled New York City and lifted me and the board I was on to the center of the frame and fitted the three hooks at the head of the board into the three slots in the center of the frame and then locked the board into place. Four inch long leather cuffs were then attached to my ankles and the wrist of my arms. Blue nylon ropes were then attached to my ankle cuffs and the end of the ropes were then run through metal eyelets in the top corners of the frame. Blue ropes were then attached to my wrist cuffs and my arms were then run inside my legs and then out and down towards eyelets at the bottom corners of the picture frame. Once the ropes were pulled tight my spread Eagle exposed ass and pussy was pointing out to the center of the room. A small leather pillow was then placed under my head lifting it up in such a way as to give me a complete view of the room.

Soon the other four ladies were brought into the room and placed into their picture frames the same way I was. Another man entered the room and walk over to the far wall from me and he pushed a button causing the wall to swing open and in no time a complete bar was set up and ready to go. That was when an announcement was made over the P.A. system. “Ladies and gentlemen our charity event will start in thirty minute would you please make your way into the Charity Ball Room.”

To my right the double doors were flung open and a large crowd of very well dressed people started entering the room. On their way to the bar they would stop and look at us while making comments to each other. One of the comments I heard someone say, “This one’s ours.” As they moved on to the bar five very large bowls of g****s were wheeled into the room and placed in front of each of us.

“Ladies and gentleman if I may have your attention,” an announcer in the middle of the room said. Tonight’s event is our Charity g**** toss game and the rules are simple. For a small cost of a thousand dollars for each g**** you buy a chance to toss a g**** into the pussy that represents your city. Whoever gets the most g****s to stick inside their girls pussy wins ten percent of the money collected for that girl. Are there any questions? Some guy yelled out that he would pay a thousand dollars each for the first ten g****s his wife is allowed to eat out of some girl’s pussy. He gets a laugh from the crowd and a hell yes from the announcer. Then the announcer yells let the games begin.

Soon g****s are flying at me and landing everywhere except inside my wide open pussy until finally a g**** smacks my pussy dead center and sure enough that guys wife rushes over and places her entire mouth over my complete pussy and licks my clit a couple of times before digging in under the g**** and pulling it back into her teeth to show the crowd. She then kisses her husband and he takes the g**** from her and eats it. Then he yells out, “You got to eat a thousand dollar g**** and that dam g**** tasted dam good.” The crowd laughed and the games continued until all the g****s were sold.

After the crowd left the room we were taken down off the wall and were allowed a few moments to get our bl**d moving again before they lead us by our leashes to our next activity for the night.

This time we were lead into a room that had a round raised platform in the middle of the room. The round platform was divided into five equal sections and each section had the name of each of the cities we represented. I was lead onto my section where I was then made to kneel down onto my knees. My legs were then pushed open and then tied to the platform and my arms were secured behind me. I was then allowed to drink some water through a straw and the man asked me if I was comfortable. I told him yes and he then stepped off the platform.

Once all the men cleared the platform a whirling noise started and the platform started rotating beneath us. Half way through the first rotation the platform started rising and the roof over our heads started opening up. Once we cleared the opening I could see we were in the middle of what looked like a small stadium. This stadium looked like it could hold maybe a thousand people and they were all seated at dinner tables. Bright spot lights were pointed at us making it hard to really see anyone clearly passed the first roll of tables.

A door to the side of the arena opened up and five tall strong looking men entered and walked over to where we were tied to the platform. Then, as if on cue, they all removed their robes and let them slip to the floor. My eyes nearly fell out of my head when I saw their cocks. They were huge and each of them looked to have at least 12 inches of cock. Then each of the men stepped up to the platform and positioned himself in front of a girl. I stared at the guys cock in front of me and watched it growing right in front of my eyes. He wasn’t circumcised and I could see the ridge at the back of his cock head outlined through the skin. His big balls were hanging low and were swinging side to side as he moved his hips to the right and left. I judged him to be the same size as Jeffery and I knew I wouldn’t have any trouble getting this beautiful cock down my throat. I worked hard last week sucking cock down my throat and now I’m looking forward to showing these people what I can do with a big ass cock. I even lost five pounds last week sucking so much cock I hardly took time to eat anything else. Maybe I’ll write a cock and cum diet book when this year is up I laughed to myself. I then looked to the right and tried to get a look at the next cock I’ll be sucking after this one moves on. From what I could see it is a beautiful cock also. That was when I took notice of my new found desire for the taste of cock. This cock in front of me is making my mouth water and my pussy is starting to get that slight burning feeling building up inside as I’m kept waiting to get a taste of his cock that is hanging only inches away from my mouth. Yea I want to suck this cock and I want to show this crowd what a real cock sucking whore can do with a decent sized cock in her mouth.

Ladies and gentleman for our first event in our coliseum of whores tonight we will be looking for the whore that has truly mastered the art form of Deep Throat. During our first event we ask that you please remain silent so that our judges will be able to clearly hear if any of our five whores assembled here should gag, heave, or spit up. When a judge does declare he heard a whore making any of the three different sounds that whore will be eliminated from the contest. Every two minutes our studs will rotate to the next whore on their right. This will be repeated until four of the whores have been eliminated and we are left with just one whore remaining. Now before we can declare that whore is our winner she must have suck down all five of our stud’s cocks without making any of the gagging sounds for the entire two minutes. She will then be declared our winner and the second event of the evening will begin.

Studs are you ready? The announcer asked. My stud grabbed his cock with his right hand and the back of my head with his left and shock his head yes. A thrill shot through me as I knew I was only seconds away from having his big cock inside my mouth sliding over my tongue on its way to the back of my throat. I felt my pussy throb and I wished they had placed one of those Hitachi vibrators against my clit.

Go! A bell rang and I took a deep breath and waited the split second it took for his cock to travel towards my mouth and then straight down my throat. Once he planted his cock deep inside my throat he held it there while he pumped his hips in the hope he could make me gag. I responded by sticking my tongue out and licked his balls for him. I could tell by his eyes he was not expecting me to do that. For a second there I could see he was enjoying what was happening to his cock and then he remembered his job was to get me to gag on his cock and not enjoy it. He then grabbed both sides of my head and started fucking my face like it was going to be the last fuck he was ever going to have. I then heard the judge yell Miami was out and then I heard Chicago was out at almost the same time. When the two minute bell rang my stud gave me three more deep thrust before pulling out of my mouth and I gasp for a huge breath of air to fill my lungs. Then I thanked him loud enough for everyone to hear and told him I enjoyed sucking his dick. Los Angeles was then disqualified for puking on her studs cock just as he was pulling out of her mouth when the bell sounded. She was the one that was on my right and that meant his cock was going to be covered in her vomit.

Now it was just me and Atlanta left. I was thinking the wait in between cocks was taking too long so I shouted out come on lets go I’m here to suck dick. As the stud with the vomit covered cock stepped in front of me I shouted out dinner and a face fuck at the same time what more could a lady ask for? The crowd laughed and a chant of “New York” was repeated over and over again.

The announcer then called for the crowd to become quite so they could begin another round of the Deep Throat challenge. I stared at the cock in front of me and saw that there were small chunks on it and there was lots of liquid still dripping from the shaft. That was when one of the judges asked that the cock be cleaned so the other girl didn’t have an unfair advantage over me. I then yelled, “Hell no! Leave that delicious looking cock just the way it is. Besides, I added, I don’t want to wait any longer to suck more cock into my mouth.”

When the bell rang the stud shoved his slime coated cock into my waiting mouth. Then as my lips descended down his shaft the pool of slime was pushed down his shaft by my tight lips that were wrapped around his shaft. Again when this stud’s cock was deep into my throat I stuck my tongue out and licked his slime covered balls. Looking into his eyes I could tell these big cock studs were not used to having some whore take their cock deep into her throat and then be able to lick their balls as well. This time it was me banging my head up and down his shaft as he watched surprised at the ease I was able to handle his big cock.

One of the things Harold made me practice on while I was sucking his cock was breath control. Harold wanted me to work on holding my breath for at least two and a half minutes before coming up for air. He also told me to try and allow small puffs of air to escape out around the shaft and that would help ease the pressure on my lungs. By the end of the week I was able to hold Harold’s cock in my throat for almost three minutes before coming up for air.

All that practice made this studs cock mine. Two minutes was nothing for me to do and he was amazed I never once came up for air while his cock was in my throat for the entire two minutes. When the two minute bell rang he started to pull out and I tried to move my head forward to keep as much of him in my mouth as I could. After his cock left my mouth I yelled, Next!!

Behind me I could hear Atlanta gasping for breath. She lasted for two rounds so far and I could tell there was a little whimper in her voice as she kept gasping for more air. Let’s go I shouted, not want her to be able to catch her breath. My next stud stepped in front of me and I lean forward against my restraints like a hungry lioness eager for her next meal. I could see a drop of pre cum inside his piss slit and I leaned against my restraints even more.

When the bell rang he rammed his cock into my mouth and my tongue raced to get the pre cum before his cock head was down my throat taking that small taste of his sperm with it. I was able to get it and my pussy flared with a burning desire for more. I rotated my head to the right and then back to the left as his cock traveled down my waiting throat. Once he was all in I kept rotating my head and licking his balls praying that it was possible for him to be close enough to come for me. I wanted to taste sperm and I wanted to feel the validation that comes with giving a dam good blow job. I also wanted to show these people here that I am a dam fucking good cock sucker.

I gave this guy everything I had to give his cock and just right at the one minute and fifty eight second mark he roared and unloaded his balls into my throat. When the bell rang he pulled out and finished on my face. The crowd cheered and again shouted New York over and over. I could hear Atlanta coughing behind me and I knew she wouldn’t be much longer.

When the next stud stepped in front of me the crowd got quit and the bell rang. This guy would pump a few short strokes and then shove it down my throat and push on the back of my head as hard as he could. He almost caught me off guard once and I was able to recover quickly without making a sound. It was at that time I heard Atlanta puke up and I knew this contest was mine. I buried my head into his crotch and sucked for all I was worth until the bell rang. Now all I had to do was suck one more stud and I would be declared the winner.

When the last guy stepped in front of me my eyes nearly fell out of my head. This guy was huge and must have been fifteen inches long. I remembered Harold telling me it is not the length of the cock that matters as much once you have trained yourself to turn off your gag reflex. So far Harold has been right about everything he taught me. It was then I saw a string of cum hanging off the end of this studs cock and right away I was fired up again and shouted, let’s go!!

He stepped forward and shoved his cock into my mouth not even waiting for the bell. I guess he was hoping to catch me off guard and cause me to choke. It didn’t work. Soon his cock was buried deep inside my throat and his big balls were resting on my chin. For a second I thought I could feel it exiting out the other end of my throat. He tried shoving his cock at different angles inside my mouth hoping to make me choke and I could see the surprise in his eyes when he realized this cock sucking whore now owned his cock.

When the bell rang I was declared the winner and the announcer told everyone there would be a ten minute break while they set up the next event. My ropes were untied and as I rubbed my legs trying to get the circulation going in them again a few of the studs told me how much they enjoyed me and what I was able to do on them. I thanked them and told them how much of a joy it was for me to be getting a chance at taking their big cocks down my throat.

Just before the ten minutes was up I was taken to the center of the platform this time. The only city name on the platform this time was New York. Again I was placed in the kneeling position and my arms tied behind me. Then an insulated head band was placed on my fore head. The inside of the head band was made of rubber and the medal outside was made of gold.

There was also a butterfly screw on the back where a long wire was attached. That wire was then run over to a control box off to my left where a man sitting there attached it to a pole position on his control box. I could see other wires reaching out to where the other four girls were tied to padded benches placed around the inside of the arena. Again they were tied to their bunch like we were inside the charity room. Than a four inch long test tube like metal probe with a wire attached was inserted inside their ass holes. Another wire was attached to their clit shields and then two more attached to each of their nipples.

When the studs returned to the arena they had insulated shields strapped to them just above their cocks and they too had wires leading back to the control box. With everything and everyone now in place the announcer came back on and told the crowd that the nights second event was about to begin. He then went on and explained to the crowd what the second event was going to be. If you notice our winner for tonight has a metal band around her fore head and our studs have metal plate’s strapped just above their cocks. Her head band and their metal plates are attached to a control box that has wires leading out to the other four whores. Whenever our studs slam their cocks deep inside the throat of our winner their metal plates and her head band will make contact and complete a circuit that will send an electrical current into the tits and pussies and then out the asses of our four whores who are being punished for losing tonight contest. This punishment phase of tonight’s events will not end until all of our studs have finished face fucking and then ejaculated all over the face of our winner.

Now I understood why Jim told me I wouldn’t like losing. I was excited to get started sucking these guys’ cocks and at the same time I was feeling sorry for the other four girls.

Soon the first stud was in front of me and feeding me his cock. This time I was able to enjoy the taste of his cock before he shoved it deep onto my throat. When my head band made contact with his plate I could hear the other girls scream out in pain as the electricity shot through them. My stud then started jerking his cock back and forth sending small quick jolts of current into the girls. Then one of the girls yelled, “New York hurry the fuck up and suck that mother fucker off you bitch.” That sort of pissed me off a little. I just may be Skippy’s cock sucking bitch and I accept that. But, no bitch from Miami is going to call me a bitch. So I took a breath and sank my head down deep until contact was made and I held myself down there for just over two minutes and listened to that bitch scream.

When the last stud finished coming on my face I asked him if he would please use his cock to feed all the sperm into my mouth. He did and seemed to enjoy watching me eat sperm off his cock. He then sank his cock deep into my throat once again and smiled as he listened to those girls scream. They were not as loud as in the beginning. I guess an hour and a half of my deep throat cock sucking caused them to become a little exhausted.

That was when the New York men were invited to come down and have their way with the four girls. The men in the other four cities could do nothing except watch as it was their whores that lost today’s contest. When the New York guys were finished and had covered the girls in their sperm I could see water hoses were being brought out to wash off the girls. That was when I yelled out no!!! Everyone turned to look at me and I told them that that was New York cum on those girls and by rights it belongs to me. It doesn’t get washed off it gets licked off. They untied me and I went from girl to girl licking and sucking off all the sperm that was in them and on them.

When I finished they held a ceremony where I was presented a small three inch golden cock with two quarter caret diamonds for balls. The cock was then attached to the right small gold chain that hung off the gold ring on my necklace.

On the flight home the next day Jim told me why there were only two small gold chains hanging down from the gold ring. He said that they have never had a girl win more than two events so they stopped putting any extra gold chains on the ring. That was when I made up my mind I was going to change that. Especially after seeing how these guys punished the losers.

Jim then told me that there was going to be another event in three and a half weeks so I better get my ass ready. I took the hint.
... Continue»
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Leslie Says Yes - Conclusion

Leslie Says Yes - Conclusion

Standard Disclaimer - These are fictional stories. The names have been changed to protect identities. You must be over 18 to read this story. I hope you enjoy the conclusion of this story.

Some time in the night, Leslie had either gone to the bathroom or just repositioned herself. I woke up spooning her naked backside. I quickly fell back asl**p.

When I next opened my eyes, everything was still dark. Hmm, I thought to myself, this can't be right. I went to move my hands to my face and found I couldn't. What the fuck? I tried to move my feet, but they too, were tied down. Uh oh, now I'm gonna get it!

"Hello? Anybody out there?" I called out.

I heard footsteps on the stairs. "Well, well, well, good morning sl**py head. How did you sl**p?"

"Quite well, thank you. How come it's still dark out?"

"It's not, you're blindfolded my dear, sweet, b*****r-in-law. Now, it's my turn to play"

I didn't like the sound of that, but, there was nothing I could do about it. I heard Leslie leave the room, but she was soon back. I felt a very light touch on my face and then she kissed me.

"Oh the fun I'm going to have with you," she whispered in my ear.

I felt a tingle run through my body. Whatever she had in store for me, I was determined to enjoy it, no matter what. She nibbled down my body, pausing to suck on my nipples. She then moved down to my cock but didn't kiss or touch it. I felt her hot breath on my cock and then her tongue snaked out and licked my thigh. I jumped a little and moaned in pleasure.

Leslie then lifted my balls up and kissed and licked the area just beneath them. I could feel my balls move in response to her touch. My cock started to rise from the dead.

"Oh, what do we have here? Does that excite you, to have me run my tongue over your balls?"

I just moaned in response to her question.

"I'll take that as a very firm yes"

She took my cock in her hand and began to stroke it. I got quite hard, quite quickly. Leslie then proceeded to lick my cock like an ice cream cone. Pleasure shot through me as her tongue moved up and down and all around my prick.

"Yes, Donny boy does like that doesn't he?"

I pushed my hips up in response and she playfully slapped my cock.

"Now, now, none of that!"

She grabbed hold of my balls and squeezed.

"Ow, fuck! That hurt!"

"Duh again, my Donny boy. I'm in charge here. Leslie, large and in charge. I like the sound of that! You just lay there and play nice and everything will work out fine."

I felt her mouth cover my balls and she began to stroke my cock again. I just laid there and let her work her magic.

"I must say, my pussy tastes pretty good."

"You're damn straight about that," I replied as she continued to suck at my nuts.

"Why don't you taste it some more?" she replied and I felt her shift her weight over my head.

Her pussy smelled great as she slowly lowered it to my face.

"I'm nice and wet for you b*****r"

Leslie lowered her pussy to my waiting lips. I started to lick at her and felt her grind on me. My nose slipped into her as my tongue worked her clit. I could hear her suck in her breath as I worked my tongue back and forth over her clit and lips.

"That's it, suck on my fat pussy lips. You eat pussy very well. I see that Diane trained you well."

I tried to respond to that, but, she lowered her full weight on my face. With my hands trapped and tied above my head, my beautiful, sadistic s****r-in-law controlled my breathing. I tongue fucked her as well as I could under the circumstances. She ground her pussy on my face and came. Her juices flooded my mouth and I could taste myself in the mixture. I continued to lick her as she moved off of my face.

I felt her move over my cock. She took hold of it and rubbed it back and forth over her pussy lips. She was soaked again. She positioned my cock at her hole and sat down. Her pussy felt like it was filled with warm butter. She slid down my shaft and came to rest on my hips. Holy crap did that feel good!

"Oh shit Leslie, that feels so good."

"I bet it does, it's about to feel a whole hell of a lot better."

She began to rotate her hips. First to the right and then to the left. I tried to keep as still as I could. I didn't want her to squeeze my balls again. Not because of the pain, but because I'd come if she did. I felt her pussy contract around my cock and heard her moan, very quietly. Her pussy became even hotter than it was. She then began to fuck me in earnest.

Leslie rose up until just the head of my cock was between her lips, then she sank down in one fluid motion, till my balls hit her ass. She leaned forward and fed me her titties. I sucked and nipped and licked and bit her titties, as she presented them one at at time to my hungry lips. I felt her pussy contract over and over as I continued my assault on her tits. It was driving me insane being unable to touch them. I struggled at my bonds but she tied her knots just as well as I did mine. I did the best I could with what was available. By the moans and groans coming from Leslie, my lips and teeth and tongue were doing an okay job.

I felt her body stiffen and then suddenly, she was gone. Tits, nipples and pussy were gone.

"Where the hell did you go?" I called out.

"Be right back lover boy" I heard her call out.

I lay there, panting. My cock felt cool in the bedroom air, no warm pussy engulfing it. My balls ached for release. Where the hell did she go?

Five minutes passed and still no Leslie. What the heck was she doing. Soon, I heard footsteps approaching.

"Leslie? Is that you?"

"Yes, my dear. I've come back to you."

Her voice seemed kind of strained but I thought nothing of it at the time. I felt her get back on the bed, between my thighs. Soon, she was back to sucking on my cock.

All of a sudden I heard a buzzing sound.

"What's that?" I asked.

"Oh, just a little something to make it feel even better."

I felt something touch my asshole.

"Um, Leslie, darling, what are you doing?"

"Hey, what's good for me is good for you!" She said. "You're gonna love this"

As she said that, I felt the tip of a vibrator touch my asshole.

"No, don't."

"What's the matter, big boy? I promise I won't hurt you."

With that, I felt the head of the vibrator slip into my ass. Holy crap! It felt like someone poked a hot iron into me. I tried to relax but couldn't. My cock started to get limp, but, a couple of nicely timed licks cured that. After a bit, it wasn't so bad. I felt Leslie get into a 69 positon. That's more like it I thought. Now, if only I had my hands free. I felt Leslie bend forward and take my cock in her mouth. Then, I felt hands on my feet. Who the hell is that? My feet were quickly untied and then raised up, exposing my ass. I tried to say something, but Leslie pushed her cunt down onto my face. Without my hands free, I was defeated.

Whoever was down between my legs, began to tongue my balls and cock. I felt pressure on my asshole and felt the vibrator being pushed deeper into my ass. I couldn't move. Leslie held my legs up high as the person between my legs fucked my ass. Soon, it began to feel good, very good. The person between my legs started to suck my cock and fondle my balls. Leslie was grinding down on my face and coming like crazy. She let go of my legs and they fell to the bed, driving the vib deeper into my ass. It was too much for me. I came, in buckets.

The person on my cock pulled me from their mouth. I felt my balls empty again and again as the vibrator massaged my prostrate with a vengence. I heard Leslie squeal and felt her mouth fall onto my cock. The other person then began to lick at my balls. I couldn't stop coming. My legs were in knots as my muscles contracted again and again. I felt the vibrator withdrawn and then felt a finger take its' place.

Leslie continued to suck my cock. The person finger fucking my ass picked up speed and then curled his or her finger to massage my prostrate again. I tried to free my hands but they were tied tight. My asshole contracted on the invading fingers. My balls had to be empty by now. I felt like I was shooting blanks. Leslie was still sucking my cock even though nothing was coming out. I continued to lick her pussy and clit. I finally had to get her to stop sucking on me. The head of my cock was too sensitive. She rolled off of me and I felt her and the mystery guest slide their tongues over my shaft. I was spent.

I must have fallen asl**p. When I awoke, my hands were free and I was covered with a sheet. My legs were in agony. My ass didn't feel all that great either. I opened my eyes and everything was still dark. Damn, I'm still blindfolded. I felt two bodies on either side of me. I ran my hands over them and discovered breasts. Thank God, two females. I went to remove my blindfold but was stopped.

"Hold on there Schwager. Wait for it."

I nodded in agreement and felt the two of them get off the bed.

"Okay, you can take your blindfold off now."

My eyes took some time adjusting to the light. There, standing at the foot of the bed, arm in arm, were Leslie and Diane. I just groaned and smiled. The rest of the weekend was tiring, but great.... Continue»
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Our weekend of Debauchery - Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Having cleared customs at St Pancras we took a cab to Carl’s London office and picked up the car. I quickly opened my case and remove an extremely short black skirt and silky red blouse and took them into the passenger seat with me. In the confines of the underground car park it was the work of a moment to slip off my dress and put on the new outfit. “There”, I said, “Just as Anne requested, do I look slutty enough do you think”?
“You look perfect for the part, as I said the other day, you’re a slut, but you’re my slut” Carl leant across and kissed me deeply.
Having spoken to Anne on the phone a few minutes later we made our way down Marylebone Rd and headed through the East End heading for NE London and our short drive out to the Essex borders en route to their house. I reached down between my legs and adjusted the panty liner that was barely managing to contain the heavy load of spunk that Andy had deposited inside my pussy an hour earlier. “Thank God for leather seats” I said as I wiped up a gob of warm cum and licked it from my fingers.
We had spent just about the entire journey to London secreted in the small toilet cubicle having the most lovely dirty fun. Both Carl and Andy had managed to cum inside me and I was trying desperately to keep as much of it inside me for what was about to unfold in a short time from now.
Anne had specifically asked me to arrive brim full of cum for the punishment she was about to dole out to her erring husband John. For those new to my story, John had set up a role play situation for Anne that centred around her being used by his three mates to their heart’s content. Unfortunately as so often happens with spontaneous events, things had got a little out of hand resulting in Anne not being able to walk for 24 hours. She had vowed to extract her revenge for John’s mis-judgement of his friend’s behavior. She had decided to set John up in a situation that would render him a humiliated sub, unable to take any pleasure from her role play and in the process f***ed to eat the cum of a number of unknown men.
Carl pulled into the car park of a brightly lit pub.
“Give Anne a ring and tell her we’re at the Black Cow pub, will you sweetheart. I need the loo”.
He climbed out of our Audi and walked over to the pub.
I took out my mobile and dialed Anne’s number. “Hello Anne, it’s Anna, we’re at the Black Cow in the car park”.
“OK”, she replied.” It’s dead easy from there”. She proceeded to reel off a number of fairly simple directions, by the end of which Carl was climbing back in the car.
Five minutes later we were pulling up outside the front door of a very nice double fronted Edwardian house. No sooner had Carl turned off the engine than the front door opened. A face appeared from around the door framed by long dark hair.
“Hi Anne”, I waved as I stepped onto the gravel driveway.
She beckoned us to the door making a shushing sign with her fingers.
We entered the house walking into the long hallway. She hurriedly closed the heavy front door behind us. She threw her arms around me and gave me a long sensuous kiss, her tongue dipping into my mouth several times, she then did the same to Carl, additionally reaching down to his crutch and blatantly caressing his cock through his trousers.
“Thank you both so much for doing this for me, time for some lovely sexy fun and best of all payback for John. She then whispered, “He’s in the lounge, he has a blindfold on and is lying in the centre of the rug, all the curtains are drawn and the room is in darkness”.
“Come on”, she beckoned us down the hall.
She quietly opened the door to the lounge allowing as she did so a beam of light from the hall to penetrate the room. Exactly as she had described, John was laid on his back on the rug in the centre of the room, arms beneath him, a substantial erection straining at the front of his trousers.
Anne leant across the adjacent sofa and picked up a rubber cat o’ nine tails. She lashed viciously at his erect cock, he jerked against the impact and said, “Fuck, what are you doing now Anne”?
She smiled at the two of us and replied, “Just intensifying the anticipation John. How long have I been sitting on your face with your tongue inside me”?
“It feels like hours, as nice as that has been, don’t you think it’s time you allowed me to fuck your delicious cunt now”? As he did so he started to pull his right hand from under his body, “My hands are going to sl**p”.
Once more she lashed out with the whip catching his hand as it groped for his stiff cock. It hit with full f***e on the back of his hand leaving an instant red weal on his freckled hand.
“I didn’t say you could touch yourself, put it back you cunt”, was her response.
He quickly placed his hand in its original position. “Yes Mistress”.
Only then did I notice what she was wearing, a sheer black long sleeved shirt with embroidered black flowers over a glossy plunging black bra clearly visible beneath it. Around her long neck was a black and silver necklace hanging down between what appeared to be a beautiful full pair of breasts. As my eyes travelled down her body I saw she had on a very short black skirt its lower edge revealing a pair of black lacy topped stockings and short high heeled black leather booties. As I watched her she raised the front of the skirt exposing a black and white leopard print thong, the gusset still pulled to one side of her gaping pussy. A pussy that was red and very wet, showing signs of John’s recent attention with his mouth. She wore a wedding band on her left ring finger and a beautiful gold bracelet on her right wrist.
Both Carl’s and my eyes watched as she held up her skirt and started to slide the long fingers of her right hand into the cleft between her puffy red pussy lips, her fingers emerged covered with a sheen of liquid. She held them up to the pair of us and we both lapped gratefully at the moisture. Carl unzipped his trousers and allowed the head of his cock to emerge into the dim light a drop of pre-cum apparent on the cleft of his urethra.
“Fucking hell”, Carl muttered almost inaudibly.
I gestured towards the recumbent John and looked questioningly at Anne.
She nodded in reply. I tore out the panty liner from my thong and straddled his face, a string of the now uncontained cum dripping like a long line of candle wax onto his cheek.
His tongue flicked out and just managed to gather up a small drop onto its tip, withdrawing it quickly into his mouth.
“Mmmm Anne that tastes good, you are so wet today”.
I lowered my open pussy onto his face holding my lips wide apart as I did so, John was rewarded by a large gob dripping straight into his mouth; he struggled to contain it all and was f***ed to swallow in several convulsive gulps as it poured into his mouth in a stream.

“Lick it you cunt, swallow it down” Anne said with some delight as she raised her arms and slipped off the sheer black top and opened the front fastening bra exposing her beautiful pink tipped breasts.
John complied as I ground the lips of my gaping cunt onto his mouth and nose. He mouthed something totally unintelligible as I did so. I slid my cunt backwards and forwards over his face feeling myself empty the heavy load of cum I’d been carrying for the past few hours straight down his throat.
Anne reached around me and jerked off the blindfold, his eyes showed a mixture of panic and desire as he finally realised that it was a stranger sat on his face and not his wife as he’d believed it to be. The look changed rapidly to one of abandoned lust and he started to tongue fuck my slippery cunt as it rubbed back and forth across his face.
Anne sat on the edge of the sofa and raised the hem of her skirt, she reached between her wide spread legs and tore the thong straight off throwing it across the room.
“Your turn now Carl, fuck your darling wife from behind. Be careful not to rub yourself on his cock, we don’t want to let him enjoy this.
Carl straddled John’s prone body arranging the head of his cock to one side of my thong, he slid in to his full 8” length his shaved balls slapping against John’s chin and throat.
John started to resist, pushing up against Carl’s spread thighs with his chest.
“John”, the single word was like a whip crack as Anne admonished him. John collapsed once more apparently accepting his humiliation.
Carl started to up his rhythm as he slammed his cock deep inside my slippery tunnel. Feeling his increased thrusts I pushed back in return, each time I did so my pussy slid across John’s face.
As she watched her husband’s humiliation, Anne became more and more aroused, her fingers sliding in and out of her cunt her lips spread wide with her left hand. As she watched Carl’s tempo increase hers’ matched it. As she lay there legs spread wide her bottom on the edge of the sofa, I could clearly see into the wide spread lips of her cunt. As she held herself apart near her clitoris her other hand occasionally dipped down into the bottom of her pussy. Gathered there, was a small pool of her juices; it formed a delicious looking whitish puddle, as she dipped her fingers into it she transferred a copious amount of the juice to her tits and rubbed it over the distended pink nipples.
Soon Carl was pistoning deeply in and out of me; he equally aroused by the sight of Anne wanking herself unmercifully. I was rapidly approaching orgasm, my cunt contracting rhythmically on Carl’s cock. With Anne’s instructions clear in my mind ‘Humiliate the bastard’. I put my hand behind me and slowed Carl’s thrusting into my cunt. He pulled out, a mix of our fuck juices dripping onto John’s face. I reached around and moved the tip of Carl’s cock up to my arsehole, I then pushed back against his cock, causing my puckered arsehole to open slightly. Carl realised my intent and spread the cheeks of my arse wide. He pushed his hips forward. In response to his push my sphincter relaxed and allowed him into my slimy bottom. He pushed forward once more and about half of his cock slid into me. I paused and allowed myself to relax, Carl pushed forward once more and buried himself balls deep inside me. The feeling was exquisite. With John tonguing my clit from below and Carl deep inside my arse, I couldn’t hold back.
Reaching down with my right hand I swirled my finger tips around my clit and exploded. I felt my cum gush from between my lips straight into John’s waiting mouth, he swallowed convulsively barely able to cope with my juices as they gushed from me.
With a cry of total release Carl unloaded a load of cum deep inside my gaping arsehole he pushed very deep inside and I felt his hot jet splashing against my inner lining. With a couple of convulsive shoves he was spent and leant forward over my back reaching round he cupped my breasts in his hands and nuzzled my neck. I turned my face towards him and kissed him hard, our tongues fencing like a pair of rapiers.
As we broke our kiss, there was a cry from the sofa as Anne too joined us in her release.
I looked back and down at John, he had unleashed his cock from its confinement and was furiously wanking it, going all out to cum.
Anne seeing John’s disobedience leant across and gave his cock a hard swipe with her whip. “Who told you to touch yourself you filthy little cunt-sucker” she cried. “Put your hand back”.
John gave a couple more strokes and reluctantly complied.
“There’s a good boy, keep your hands there until I tell you” she said.
“Yes Mistress”, he answered.
Carl stood up slowly, utterly drained, I started to followed suit.
“Just a moment Anna”, said Anne.”Did Carl cum in your bottom”? She asked.
“God yes”. I replied.
“Then we have to ensure that John cleans you up properly, it wouldn’t be nice to be leaking his cum all over your nice car seats on the way home, would it”? Why don’t you turn around and sit on John’s face from the other way, then he can clean your cum filled arse nicely that way”
Anne was taking no prisoners, she really wanted to extract the maximum amount of humiliation for John.
I stood and turned, lowering my cum filled arsehole directly over John’s mouth. As I sat I could feel his chin just insinuating itself between my swollen pussy lips his tongue pressed against my brown hole.
“Now lick Anna nice and clean John, I know you want to feel Carl’s cum in your mouth, sliding down your throat”.
John groaned his cock twitching small dribbles of cum oozing from his distended cock-head.
He started to work his tongue into my arse hole. I started to strain slightly opening it wide and felt Carl’s fresh cum dribble out, straight onto John’s lapping tongue.
Anne stood beside us the tip of her whip slashing gently across the tip of John’s cock, a dribble of his pre-cum hanging from the end of its strands. “That’s it Anna, squeeze Carl’s cum out into John’s filthy mouth”.
Meanwhile, Carl was squeezing the last of his cum from his cock using his thumb and forefinger he made a ring that gathered his juices into a small puddle and reached up to Anne.

She took his hand to her mouth and gobbled it clean. “Mmmmm tastes so good doesn’t it John” she uttered.
Yet again he mumbled something unintelligible from beneath my arse.
John’s ministrations were once more causing me to react, I felt a gorgeous tingling start from my puckered hole and travel the short distance to my clit. “MMMmm, that feels good John, you’ll make me cum again”.
John re-doubled his licking, dipping deep inside my arse then licking forward to my erect clit, now standing very proud of its protective hood. Squatting in the one position for so long my knees were starting to burn with the effort. I adjusted my position going forward to kneel on my knees. In so doing it moved me closer to Anne. She was still standing beside us. I reached up and put my arm around her neck, pulling her face down towards me and feeling her rich brunette hair snaking down around my face. I kissed her deeply, my tongue invading her open lips.
She in turn reached for the buttons on my red silk shirt and opened them one at a time, I wasn’t wearing a bra and she cupped my breasts weighing them in her hands, her thumbs teasing my erect nipples. Once more I felt the familiar bolt of energy hit my clit as she squeezed their engorged tips between her fingers.
She slid the fingers of one hand into my mouth, giving me a taste of her sweet juices, I sucked voraciously upon them.
Meanwhile Carl had retired to the sofa and was now watching Anne and I intently, he kicked his shoes off and removed his socks then slithered out of his trousers. Now wearing only his shirt he started to slowly but surely wank himself back to hardness, helped no doubt by the little blue diamond he swallowed on the way to Anne and John’s house. God I love those tablets, they are such a boon in the swinging lifestyle.
I reached for Anne’s gorgeous breasts and started to caress her nipples, alternately squeezing and pinching them, Anne visibly became more aroused and removing a hand from my breast returned it to between her legs and started to increase the tempo of her masturbatory finger action.
As she started to masturbate again, Carl’s cock regained full hardness, he knelt down behind Anne and removing my hands he took over where I had started. Feeling the caress on her breasts change Anne opened her eyes and turned towards Carl. She mashed her lips onto his and started to writhe her tongue into Carl’s welcoming mouth. She turned fully and lay back against John’s mid-section her hair cascading over his leaking cock. This proved to be too much for John; he raised his hips bucking his inflamed cock against Anne’s hair and head and let go a massive stream of cum all over her hair. Totally oblivious to John’s orgasm, Anne pulled Carl’s erection to her mouth and started to expertly fellate his cock-head with her lips and tongue. Carl, as ever eager to oblige a beautiful woman raised his hips and proceeded to fuck her mouth.
This proved too much for the highly aroused Anne, she grasped Carl’s cock around its shaft and continued to suck it deeply into her mouth, continuing with her manipulation of her cunt with the other hand, within seconds it seemed she was starting to twitch, she quickly disengaged her mouth from his cock. “Quick Carl, fuck me, I need your cock inside me when I cum”.
Carl moved back and in one thrust buried himself deep inside Anne’s dripping wet cunt. “Harder Carl, fuck me harder” she cried. He thrust deeper and deeper inside her, the squelching of her juices plainly audible. Her orgasm arrived with explosive intensity, her hips bucking hard against Carl’s cock as he thrust it inside her. With a cry she grabbed him by the ears and drew his face to hers as she shuddered and twitched her hips spastically against him.
“Can I touch myself now Anne”, came the plaintiff cry from beneath me.
Yes, you can touch yourself now darling, make yourself cum for me.
I looked down at Anne’s cum soaked hair. “Too late for that Anne, he’s already cum all over your head, I think the touch of your hair set him off” I laughed.
Putting her hand up to her hair she felt the ropes of white cum matted into it. “You dirty fucker” she laughed at John.
Carl still knelt between her wide spread legs looked at us and said, “What about me then you lot”? His cock still ramrod hard, jutting out from between his shirt.
We laughed and Anne said, “Let’s all take a break, I need a drink”.
We rearranged ourselves and Carl and I took our seats on the sofa, Anne joined us sitting between us while John stood up and went to the kitchen for the drinks, he returned a few minutes later with a tray of glasses and what appeared to be nice looking bottle of wine. “I hope red is OK, its Australian, Jacobs Creek Shiraz”. He unscrewed the top and poured four generous measures, emptying the bottle.
We chatted away merrily for a while as we drank our wine. The three of us on the sofa all in various stages of undress with John sat on the floor caressing Anne’s legs.
John stood up and fetched another bottle. “Any more for any more”, he asked playfully.
“Never mind the wine, I’ve still got a hard-on that needs some attention” Carl replied.
“I’m sure we can do something to ease your discomfort Carl” said Anne. She changed position and sat on Carl’s left hand side on the sofa.
I spread his shirt wide and started to slowly wank his tumescent cock.
“Let me help too Anna” said Anne dipping her head down to Carl’s cock and taking it into her mouth as I gently stroked it.
Carl’s body stiffened between us; the sight and feel of two barely clad women, ministrating to his rampant cock almost too much to bear.
John placed the new bottle of wine on the side table and extracted his hardening cock from his zip.
He started to wank as he watched us manipulating Carl’s cock.
“Fuck, that looks good, wish it was mine” he uttered.
“Come here John” I said. I grabbed his slick cock in my hand and pulled him towards meHe removed his hand and dropped his trousers into a pool around his feet.
“No pants John” I asked as I took him into my mouth. Anne reached up with her free hand and grasped John’s cock and started to match my strokes on Carl’s cock. She started at the same tempo as my hand, pulling his cock in and out of my mouth as she did so.
I don’t know about you Anne, but I need some cock inside me” I said between mouthfuls of John’s cock.
“Yes me too, you want to try John , he’s quite skillful, or so he tells me”.
“I’ll let you know” I replied.
I pulled myself up onto the sofa and opened my legs wide exposing my wet pussy to the room, my fingers opened myself wide and I gestured to John.
He knelt down in front of me and started to lap at me with his tongue. Wow he knows how to lick, I thought. John was tonguing me like a professional his tongue going from my clitoris to my arsehole in long slow licks. As his tongue reached my clit he started to blow gently on its exposed length. My reaction was immediate and very obvious, I arched my back and pushed it hard against his mouth. He responded by taking my clit between his lips and started to suck gently on it. The feeling nearly sent me into orbit. “Get your cock inside me now” I shrieked.
John reacted immediately, spreading my legs wide he slammed his cock deep inside me, right up to the hilt and proceeded to fuck me like it was his first time. His arse bucked backwards and forwards at increasing speed until I felt a wave of exhilaration radiate from my core encompassing my genitals in the fiery heat of a huge orgasm. I bucked my hips hard against him, matching him stroke for stroke until I felt a hot jet strike the back of my pussy; as its hot wetness gushed over my G spot I orgasmed with fury, jetting a hot gush of ejaculate around his cock to squirt all over the carpet beneath me.
Meanwhile, further up the sofa; Carl and anne were watching us intently both hugely aroused by our mutual orgasms. Anne lifted her mouth from Carl’s wet cock and said, “OK Carl its’ our turn now, let them watch us as you make me squirt”.
Carl stripped off his shirt and now naked he knelt in front of Anne spreading her legs wide, allowing us full and clear sight of her engorged dripping labia.
“If it’s OK Carl, I’d like you to cum on my cunt, I desperately want to see John lick your spunk off my pussy after you’ve cum”.
Carl attacked his task with relish, he placed Anne’s legs over his shoulders as he bent to lick her swollen cunt. Carl has a little trick when he licks me, he slurps long strokes from arsehole to clitoris then about an inch higher. As he laps between the conjunction of the outer labia, he then allows his tongue to travel down and then as it passes the clitoris on the down stroke he hardens it into a stiff intruding cock-like mass and pushes it deep inside, spreading the lips wide. I knew how effective his technique was, many’s the time he’d made me cum inside a few minute of this attention. He started to employ this technique upon Anne’s wide open pussy. Each time he stabbed inside her she lifted her hips to meet his invasion. He then administered the coup de grace, as he reached her arsehole he once more stiffened his tongue and plunged a good inch into her wrinkled ring. The effect was instantaneous, she raised herself off the sofa and rammed herself onto Carl’s tongue, her orgasm beginning.
He quickly changed position and slid his two middle fingers inside her and keeping his forefinger and little finger either side of her lips started to slam his fingers deep inside her. He reached deep inside her, rubbing hard on the little area of ridged membrane on the front side of her cunt. She came convulsively her G spot stimulated at the point of orgasm. She bucked and bucked against his hand. As she did so, squirt after squirt of fluid jetted from between his fingers hitting him full in the chest. His immediate response was to lower his mouth to her ejaculating cunt and suck in the fluid, gulping it down greedily.
She convulsed one last time and collapsed on the sofa, in a state of total exhaustion.
He however was not finished, He reached down to his rampant cock and started to wank it quickly, within 5 seconds he unloaded a prodigious load of cum all over Anne’s battered cunt, covering it in thick white ropes of ejaculate
“Fuck, I needed that” he said as he came to the conclusion of his final cum of the weekend.

As we left five minutes later, John had his tongue buried inside Anne’s cunt cleaning every trace of Carl’s cum from her body.

The End
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The Final Punishment of Rosalyn Sanderson.

The Final Punishment of Rosalyn Sanderson.

Rosalyn Sanderson received her last punishment under the direction of Sir Walter Astonbury on a warm day in August just a week before the second anniversary of her association with that gentleman. It was an event she had been dreading for many weeks now and when the summons had arrived at her Chelsea apartment two days earlier she had been filled with foreboding and facing an uncertain future. For the past two years Rosalyn’s life had been a comfortably ordered and predictable existence albeit one punctuated by painful interludes on the occasions Sir Walter had exercised his control over her. Now all that promised to change and Rosalyn faced a future that was all too likely to be more painful than the whips or canes Sir Walter had administered to her body at regular intervals throughout her acquaintance with him.
It was unthinkable to Rosalyn to abandon the lifestyle that Sir Walter’s patronage had made possible. Although she had attended an expensive private school for girls, Rosalyn had made poor use of her academic opportunities and possessed little in the way of solid qualifications which would allow her to make a living in the world. In fact when she had first been introduced to Sir Walter she had been working as a serving girl in a West End coffee shop, living in a dilapidated bedsitter and thoroughly disgruntled with her life. To Sir Walter however Rosalyn had possessed all the qualifications he was looking for. She was a warmly beautiful brunette that would have arrested the attention of any warm bl**ded man; she had a pliable, submissive nature that was easily dominated and, best of all, she hailed from that indolent class of young ladies for whom honest hard work was anathema and to be avoided at all costs if an agreeable alternative existed. Sir Walter was just the man to provide such an alternative.
Sir Walter’s entrance into her life could not have come at a better time for Rosalyn. She had hated her job with a passion and with little funds at her disposal she was precluded from those echelons of society where she might have realistically hoped to find a prospective future husband with enough wealth to his name to keep Rosalyn in the pampered lifestyle to which she yearned to become accustomed. She therefore had had very poor prospects on the day that Sir Walter had coincidentally stopped by her coffee shop for a cappuccino on his way to a meeting. As chance would have it he had been keeping an eye open for new candidates to join the select entourage of young ladies he retained for his pleasure and stimulation and he had been sufficiently impressed with the beautiful young lady who had served him to decide that she merited a longer appraisal at his leisure. Rosalyn had not suspected the extent of Sir Walter’s interest in her when he began to frequent the coffee shop more regularly over the next couple of weeks although she was flattered that he usually took the time to have a few words with her. From these brief conversations Sir Walter had learned all he needed to know about the attractive twenty year old girl and determined to make a serious bid for her services.
Rosalyn had been astonished and not a little mystified the day a letter had arrived for her at the coffee shop bearing the letterhead of a respectable but discreet firm of solicitors requesting that she attend an interview at their offices to discuss a proposition forwarded by Sir Walter that it was hoped would prove to be mutually advantageous to all parties involved. Her curiosity excited Rosalyn had donned her best clothes and presented herself at the offices at the appointed time. She had been ushered into a small side office and there a gentleman acting as Sir Walter’s private representative had outlined Sir Walter’s astonishing proposal. Rosalyn had listened in mounting disbelief.
In short, the gentleman had informed her, Sir Walter wished to retain her services as his private consort for a contracted period of two years. As Sir Walter’s e****t she would be provided with her own apartment in a fashionable neighbourhood, her own motor car and a personal allowance that was quite frankly breathtaking. In return she would be expected to remain exclusively at Sir Walter’s service and to be ready at all times to hasten to Sir Walter whenever he summoned her. Naturally she would be expected to terminate her current employment so as to be available on demand whenever Sir Walter required her services. When Rosalyn had tentatively inquired what “services” Sir Walter would require the gentleman behind the desk had somewhat austerely remarked that this was a personal matter between herself and Sir Walter and doubtless he would explain the nature of those services at his leisure should she decide to take up the appointment.
Rosalyn, despite the gentleman’s discreet avoidance of the subject, had been in little doubt about the approximate nature of the services expected of her. She was well aware that Sir Walter found her attractive and was quick to complement her on her appearance. It was also fairly conclusive when she was informed that, as a proviso to the contract, she would be obliged to dress attractively whenever called upon to attend upon Sir Walter and that she would be provided with a generous clothing allowance to allow her to do so. Also the terms of the contract forbade her from entertaining any other gentleman suitors for the duration of the contract. Furthermore she was to regard herself exclusively at the beck and call of Sir Walter and her loyalty, complete discretion and obedience to his wishes were regarded under the terms of the agreement to be paramount. Rosalyn had been shocked at first. There had seemed little doubt that she was being retained as a high class exclusive e****t for Sir Walter’s sexual gratification.
Once she had recovered from her initial shock however the advantages had become apparent. The allowance awarded her would easily have allowed her to indulge herself in the expensive lifestyle she craved without the disagreeable necessity of having to work for a living. If in fact she was to be little better than a prostitute then at least she would be a very highly paid one. In any case, she had justified to herself, it was rather a different matter being the paid mistress of a single fabulously wealthy patron rather than a call girl. She had also been f***ed to admit that she found Sir Walter attractive although he was old enough to be her father. Certainly a life as his paid concubine had sounded considerably more exciting than her current life. Ultimately though it was the money that had swayed her. Sir Walter had rightly judged her as a girl with far more expensive tastes than her meagre salary would allow. Rosalyn had signed the contract with barely a twinge of conscience. Blinded by her own greed Rosalyn had sold herself into slavery.
The fact of her slavery had only dawned upon Rosalyn slowly and by the time she had come to realise it she had been trapped by the lifestyle she had come to enjoy as a result of her master’s patronage. Certainly the rewards of the agreement had been everything she could have wished for. Her luxurious private penthouse apartment; her Aston Martin; her designer clothes from Gucci, Prada and Armani; the trips abroad when she had been obliged to accompany her master; the gifts of jewellery and other presents; all had been testimony to Sir Walter’s generosity. She lived in a gilded cage; her slavery sweetened by the seemingly inexhaustible wealth of her master.
Sir Walter had tightened the chains of slavery on her slowly, training her to be entirely submissive to his will. She had learned early that he had very firm ideas on how he wished her to dress. She was never allowed to wear trousers or jeans and was obliged to wear dresses or skirts of the most feminine style. The first time he had ever beaten her was a day early in their relationship when she had ill-advisedly turned up on demand to see him at his London apartment dressed in a trouser suit. He had ordered her to strip naked, bent her over the back of a settle and beaten her buttocks with a leather strap hard enough to leave bruises. Then he had destroyed her trouser suit and further punished her by sending her straight home in a chauffeured limousine in her underwear. She had never made the same mistake again but Sir Walter was exacting in his tastes and any time her ensemble failed to please him she had come to expect being punished for her failure. Even her underwear was expected to be alluring and feminine. A pair of knickers Sir Walter found unattractive would quickly find themselves decorating Rosalyn’s ankles as her exposed buttocks experienced the extent of his disapproval on the end of his cane.
Rosalyn therefore had had to apply herself to her position diligently and learn all Sir Walter’s tastes in regard to her appearance. In truth it had not been so onerous. Rosalyn was an extremely vain girl who loved to dress well and the fact that she was being paid handsomely to shop in expensive boutiques for the sort of clothes she could never before have afforded was ample compensation for the occasional beatings she incurred through a momentary lack of judgement. Shopping was Rosalyn’s favourite pastime and it was dream come true to be able to indulge herself in it without regard to expense under the pretext of doing that which was professionally demanded of her.
Sir Walter however had not merely punished her for her failure to live up to his standards in the matter of her dress however. As time had passed he found more and more excuses to beat her until eventually he would just have her whipped for his own pleasure. Even after many a painful session Rosalyn could never still the screams and tormented cries that escaped her throat as her master lashed her body and he exulted in her pain and his mastery over her. He delighted in tying her wrists to an overhead beam in his London chambers and taking a long whip to her naked body; snaking it around her and watching her writhe in agony as the whip left red weals around her loins, buttocks, back, stomach and breasts. Often he would cane her; expecting her instantly to bend over and present herself with skirt raised and knickers lowered when informed she was to be caned. He admired Rosalyn’s bottom greatly and watching her buttocks jump and squirm under the impact of the cane as she squealed in pain excited him immensely. Frequently, after lacerating her cheeks with angry red welts he would no longer be able to control himself and would unbutton his flies and take her just like that; bent over and gripping her swollen buttocks in his fists as he thrust between them.
Although Rosalyn was forbidden to have any boyfriends away from her relationship with Sir Walter he occasionally made her available to his close business partners and friends; sometimes even having her whipped in their presence for their amusement. On one occasion she was ordered to present herself at his London office where four of his business colleagues had just signed an important agreement with him. To show his pleasure and gratitude to his colleagues at the conclusion of a successful piece of business he had ordered her to strip and caned her as they watched. Her caning completed he had then offered his colleagues the use of her. They had needed little encouragement and he had sat back and smoked a cigar and partaken of a glass of brandy while they used her for their pleasure. It had been an ordeal for Rosalyn for the four men had greedily taken the opportunity to explore the possibilities afforded by her body. They had taken turns at her laid spread-eagled across Sir Walter’s desk or made her kneel on the carpet whilst one took her from behind and another grasped her hair and thrust his penis into her mouth. They had even explored her back orifice and Rosalyn had gritted her teeth in pain as they penetrated her there. Finally, by mutual consent, they had made her keel on the floor whilst they formed a ring around her. They had tilted her head back and ordered her to open her mouth and masturbated themselves; directing their streams of hot semen into her open mouth and across her face. It had been the most humiliating experience of Rosalyn’s life but Sir Walter had been most pleased with her performance it seemed for the next day he had bought her a new car; the Aston Martin of which she was so proud.
For her part Rosalyn had become accustomed to her slavery and the beatings and humiliation she was f***ed to endure as the price of her pampered luxurious life. Curiously she even began to need it. It couldn’t be said that she ever really enjoyed being whipped but in a strange part of her mind she began to crave it. Sir Walter trained her well; turning her natural submissive nature to his own ends and exploiting her deep seated need to be dominated. Gradually she became entirely subject to her master’s will and, to a girl like Rosalyn who was never equipped to make her own decisions in life, there was something comfortingly reassuring in her subservience as if through her obedience to her master she was relieved of the necessity of facing the difficulties of life and all her responsibilities reduced simply to the task of making herself attractive and available to her master whenever he required it whilst enjoying the fruits of his generosity.
But there was a catch. Rosalyn had become aware that she was not alone. In fact Sir Walter was a man who enjoyed variety in his life and he maintained his own private collection of pliable slaves for his entertainment. There were usually four or five young women who Sir Walter kept in luxurious comfort under similar circumstances to Rosalyn in their own private apartments to be at his beck and call when required. To a certain degree this relieved the pressure on Rosalyn for even a man with such seemingly inexhaustible desires as Sir Walter couldn’t service that many young women without respite and there might be periods of several weeks when Rosalyn would not be called upon to cater to her master at all. On the other hand it hardly indicated a particular fondness on Sir Walter’s part for Rosalyn herself or any promise that her current lifestyle was in any way permanent. Sir Walter after all frequently changed the personnel in his private harem and it was known that he never retained any girl beyond the allotted two years of their contract.
This was deeply worrying to Rosalyn. Had she been a different sort of girl she might have invested her generous allowance a little more wisely and put some money away against that day when Sir Walter dispensed with her services and she was obliged to make her own way in the world once more. But Rosalyn wasn’t that kind of girl. For two years she had been on an uninhibited spending spree. The loss of her master’s patronage would leave her virtually penniless. Gone would be her luxury apartment. Gone too would be her designer clothes and she would never be able to afford to run her Aston Martin. She might even, God forbid, be obliged to look for a job!
All this would be bad enough but there was a further complication. In direct contravention of the terms of her contract Rosalyn had a secret lover. In fact Rosalyn had been clandestinely supporting her lover out of her allowance; a situation she would lose once that allowance was discontinued. Rosalyn was deeply in love with her lover and feared the loss of them as much as her pampered life.
But there was hope. Sir Walter was said to be generous to the young ladies who had pleased him upon terminating their contracts. It was even whispered that he made arrangements for particular favourites for good sized severance fees that allowed such girls a good deal of independence in their futures. Rosalyn hoped fervently that such a future would be forthcoming to her. The alternative as the date for the end of her contract loomed large was unthinkable.
Rosalyn had learned much of this from the other girls who served as her master’s slaves. She had met them the previous year when Sir Walter had gathered them all up and taken them on a month’s long vacation to his private villa on a small Caribbean island. To all intents and purposes it had been a working holiday for the five girls for their master had invited several of his friends along as well and the girls had had to entertain several men as well as their master. The holiday had been somewhat of a revelation to Rosalyn. She had noted with relief that none of the other girls seemed able to take their whippings with any more equanimity than she herself demonstrated and some screamed even louder than she did when whipped. But they were a well trained bunch and absolutely obedient to whatever demands were placed upon them.
The biggest revelation however came as a result of the men’s particular tastes. One of their favourite games was to order the girls to make love to each other while they watched. None of the girls dared disobey this order and they obligingly acceded to any request made of them. The girls were obliged to caress each other or ordered to use their mouths and tongues; kissing and licking any part of their s****r’s bodies they were directed to. Sometimes they were even ordered to penetrate each other with dildos and even worse, on occasion, to whip each other. The men seemingly never tired of the spectacle and any girl suspected of faking was instantly punished severely.
Rosalyn discovered that she didn’t need to fake it. In fact she discovered a hitherto unsuspected enormous pleasure in making love to another woman. She became greedy for the silky texture of their skin and the delightful softness of their bodies. She loved the scent of them and the taste of them and she became so wildly excited by them that she became an enthusiastic participant in these staged tableaux. To her astonishment she even enjoyed those occasions when she was ordered to whip one of her s****rs. She loved to watch them writhe as she caressed them with the whip and see the shine of perspiration on their bodies as they struggled in their bonds as she whipped them. She adored their cries under the lash and loved to run her hands over the welts on their soft skins; soothing their burning flesh with her caresses. Even when it was her turn to be whipped by one of them it was different from the harsh beatings the men handed out and although she would scream in agony under the lash her sex would be swollen with desire and juices would trickle down the inside of her thighs as she craved their caresses in the aftermath of her whipping. Her evident enjoyment in these scenes made her a great favourite among the men and caused Sir Walter to take a particular interest in this side of his slave he had not noticed before. It was an interest that would have profound consequences for Rosalyn.
Of immediate consequence was the change that came over Rosalyn as a result of these experiences. On her return to England Rosalyn experienced a new found dissatisfaction with her life. It had been easy previously to maintain her complete abstinence from sexual relations other than those proscribed by her master. Young men her age generally bored her. Now however she had discovered a delight in women and that was a completely different matter. Now she became obsessed by them and yearned for them daily. With enormous caution, fearful of being found out, she began to look for girls of like mind. After a few tentative forays she had found Josephine. Rosalyn’s spine tingled every time she thought of her beautiful Josephine; a petite nineteen year old art student in the city, timid and submissive, she had been bowled over by the seemingly sophisticated Rosalyn with her mysterious source of wealth, designer clothes and fast car. Rosalyn had rented an attic studio for her out of her allowance and slowly taught her those lessons she herself had learned under her master’s tutelage.
Josephine was entirely compliant and trusting and she had not objected the first time that Rosalyn had tied her naked to the beams in her studio. Her eyes had opened wide when Rosalyn had taken the coiled whip from her bag but other than a few whimpers of fear she had voiced no complaint as Rosalyn lifted the whip over her trembling body. Her cries of pain had been sweet as Rosalyn stroked her flesh with the whip and Rosalyn had buried her hand in her crutch, masturbating herself as she applied the lash to Josephine’s soft flesh. Finally she had flung the whip aside and sated herself on her young lover’s tormented body. Rosalyn had held her long after releasing her as she cuddled like a kitten against her and crooning softly as Rosalyn kissed her and soothed her with gentle caresses. From that day on Josephine had been almost pathetically devoted to Rosalyn and Rosalyn, in her turn, had become obsessed with her little compliant Josephine.
For months Rosalyn had concealed her relationship with Josephine. She tried to tell herself that the contract had specified that she have no relations with other men and thus having a girlfriend did not violate the letter of that contract but she did not care to test the matter by revealing her secret lover. But her contract was shortly coming to an end now and unless Rosalyn could persuade her master to part with her on generous terms then she would hardly be in a position to maintain either her lifestyle or support her beloved Josephine. Worryingly too her master had not called upon her for two months as if he had already tired of her and now there were only days of her contract left.
For all her worries the call from her master, when it finally arrived a week before the expiry date on her contract, was gratifyingly reassuring. He required her presence at one of his country homes the following day he told her. He was sorry that he had neglected her for so long but he had been away on business. She was to be beaten he told her. It was entirely reprehensible that he had allowed business affairs to so distract him as to neglect her disciplinary requirements he was afraid. He disapproved of disregarding his slaves’ regular required beatings and therefore, if she would be so good as to present herself the following day, he would endeavour to correct his negligence of his duty by giving her a sound thrashing. After her beating, he further informed her, they might find some leisure to discuss her future.
Rosalyn could have wept with joy. The fact that Sir Walter considered she had a future at all was eminently encouraging. It didn’t sound as if she was to be thrown completely out into the dark. Moreover she had a back up plan. If Sir Walter was to terminate her contract he might well be looking for a replacement. The lovely little Josephine would be perfect! Under Rosalyn’s careful mentorship Josephine could become a perfect little slave for Sir Walter and perhaps they might enjoy another two years of Sir Walter’s patronage as a result. Josephine’s compliance in the scheme Rosalyn took for granted. She was so helplessly devoted to Rosalyn she would do anything for her; even selling herself in slavery to Sir Walter!
The following day therefore Rosalyn set off in her Aston Martin for Sir Walter’s country residence with renewed optimism. Sir Walter had a number of residencies in the country but Rosalyn had never been to this one. She set off early for it was a long drive out of the city and she was unsure of the direction. She dared not be late for such a pivotal meeting however and, although the promised beating filled her with trepidation, she felt exuberantly excited.
In the end she found the location relatively easily; a country house a couple of miles outside a small picturesque village. It was set back well off the main road at the end of a leafy lane and Rosalyn pulled up in the drive way before the somewhat imposing facade of the large house. She took a final check of her appearance in the rear view mirror and, taking a deep breath, stepped out of the car. Her arrival seemed to have gone unnoticed for the place seemed deserted. She mounted the steps in front of the double doors at the front of the house. To her surprise the doors were wide open. It seemed as if this residence served as a rural office for Sir Walter for the hall beyond the doors was given over to a reception area and, seated at a desk just inside, was an exquisitely beautiful Japanese girl in a smart uniform, wearing a headset and tapping at the keyboard of her desk top computer.
Feeling slightly incongruous Rosalyn stepped inside. The Japanese girl saw her immediately and raised her head and affected a little bow with a smile. “Good afternoon. Can I help you Miss?” she inquired in perfect English although with a captivating lilt to her voice.
Rosalyn hesitated in confusion. “Er I’m... er Miss Sanderson. I... I have an appointment with Sir Walter.”
The Japanese girl smiled warmly. “Ah! Of course! You are early. Please wait one moment and I shall inform Sir Walter of your arrival.” The girl pressed a button and spoke into the mouthpiece of her headset. “Hello Sir Walter? Yes reception here. Miss Sanderson reporting for punishment sir.” The girl listened for a few moments to a stream of instructions from her earpiece. “Yes sir.... of course sir.... I shall see to it sir.” The girl broke the connection and turned to Rosalyn. “I’m afraid we are not quite ready for you Miss. Would you care to take a seat whilst I see to the arrangements?” Feeling foolish Rosalyn took a seat at one of the chairs provided in the hallway. The Japanese girl pressed another button and spoke at some length in her own tongue before speaking to Rosalyn once more. “I’m sure it won’t be long now Miss. May I offer you a coffee while you wait?”
Nervously Rosalyn shook her head. “Er no thank you. I’m fine thank you.” For the next few minutes Rosalyn sat there in silence trying to come to grips with the bizarre experience of having a polite receptionist calmly announcing that she was reporting for punishment! The unreality became even more pronounced when, after what seemed an interminable wait, another Japanese girl appeared in the reception foyer. Rosalyn blinked in surprise. The girl was dressed in an identical uniform to her colleague but that wasn’t the only feature of resemblance. In fact Rosalyn was almost sure the two girls must be identical twins so alike they looked. This second girl was carrying a plastic basket rather like the ones you would find in a launderette. She placed this carefully on the reception desk before turning to Rosalyn and greeting her with a courteous bow. “Good afternoon Miss Sanderson. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”
Rosalyn rose politely to her feet. “Er that’s alright. I was a bit early in any case.”
The girl bowed once more. “Thank you for your understanding Miss Sanderson. Sir Walter has instructed us to prepare you for punishment Miss Sanderson. Would you be so kind as to disrobe?”
“Er... sorry?”
“Disrobe Miss Sanderson. Take off your clothes.
Rosalyn swallowed. “You... you mean all of them?”
“Yes please... and your jewellery as well if you please.”
The first girl stepped from behind her desk carrying a small box. “You can put your jewellery and watch in this box Miss Sanderson. It will be quite safe I assure you.”
Biting her lip Rosalyn removed her earrings and necklace. The girl took them and placed them carefully in the box to be followed by Rosalyn’s bracelet and her watch. Once divested of these ornaments the two girls looked at her expectantly. With trembling fingers Rosalyn began to unbutton her blouse. The two Japanese girls waited patiently as Rosalyn unfastened her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders. One of the girls held out her hand. “Please give me your clothes Miss Sanderson. I will take care of them.” Rosalyn handed over her blouse and the girl folded it neatly and placed it in the basket on the desk. She turned to look at Rosalyn once more and Rosalyn took a deep breath and unzipped her skirt. The two girls’ eyes watched her every move as she slid her skirt down her legs and stepped out of it. Once again her skirt was folded and joined her blouse in the basket. “I will take your shoes Miss Sanderson.” said the girl with her jewellery and Rosaline slipped them off obediently. Divested of her outer clothes Rosalyn felt shy and vulnerable under the steady gaze of the two beautiful oriental girls. They nodded at her undergarments. “Your underwear too Miss Sanderson.” one of them urged her. “You are to be punished naked. Sir Walter was quite explicit in his instructions.” Blushing in embarrassment Rosalyn unfastened her bra as the girls regarded her breasts dispassionately. Rosalyn had deliberately worn pretty matching lacy bra and knickers for her meeting with Sir Walter today but it seemed as if he would not see them after all; just these two poker faced young women watching her with perhaps a tinge of amusement in their otherwise expressionless faces. Rosalyn slipped her knickers down her legs, stepped out of them and handed them over. One girl took her knickers while the other inclined her head slightly the better to observe Rosalyn’s crutch. She raised an eyebrow in interest at the sight as Rosalyn blushed crimson. Rosalyn had no pubic hair whatsoever. Sir Walter disliked pubic hair and she was obliged to wax herself regularly. The waxing hurt but not as much as the thronged whip he was apt to punish her there with should he happen to find any unsightly hair.
Rosalyn stood naked in the middle of the foyer as the two girls placed her belongings to one side. One of the girls then produced a pair of leather cuffs from a drawer and approached her. “Your hands if you please Miss Sanderson.” she said quietly. Rosalyn held out her hands and the girl buckled the cuffs to her wrists before stepping behind her and drawing her arms behind her back to fasten them together behind her by means of a metal clip. With her hands secured firmly behind her the other girl took Rosalyn’s elbow and gestured forward. “If you would follow us Miss Sanderson we will take you to the place we have prepared for your punishment.”
Naked and bound the two girls led her through the house flanking her as they steered her along the corridors. The ground floor seemed to be a collection of offices for the most part and Rosalyn hoped fervently that nobody was working on the weekend and would emerge from one of the offices to see her so shamefully displayed. She expected to be led to Sir Walter’s private chambers but the girls surprised her by leading her out through some French windows at the back of the house into an enclosed garden bathed in sunlight. In front of the French windows was a small veranda upon which was set a garden table and two chairs. Immediately beyond the veranda was a patch of lawn surrounded by flower beds. At the front of this lawn a low wooden platform had been placed with a stout wooden stave attached to the side facing the veranda. There were coils of rope and what appeared to be bundles of twigs on a small table to one side.
The girls led Rosalyn gently but firmly to the wooden platform and instructed her to kneel on it close to the wooden stave facing the veranda. Rosalyn knelt as close as she could and felt the rough wood of the stave against her breasts which came just up to their level. There was an iron ring on the opposite side of the stave and one of the girls unclipped the leather cuffs on her wrists and passed her hands around the stave to secure them with a short length of cord through rings on the cuffs to the ring on the stave. The other girl took a longer length of rope and looped it around her waist binding her tightly to the stave with three or four turns. Then there was another length of rope to bind her legs to the stave just above her knees and finally her ankles were bound together and secured to another ring at the back of the platform.
Rosalyn was trembling with fear at these elaborate preparations which seemed to foretell a frightful ordeal awaiting her. The garden was a peaceful place; its quietude broken only by birdsong and the whispered consultations between the two Japanese girls. Rosalyn swallowed the rising bile of fear in her throat. Her heartbeat sounded thunderous in the tranquillity of the garden. She glanced up fearfully at the house. Numerous windows overlooked the garden and she wondered how many eyes were watching her as she was bound helplessly to this frightful whipping post.
The two Japanese girls examined her bonds closely before satisfying themselves that she was firmly secured. Then one of them picked something off the table to stand in front of Rosalyn and show her it. Rosalyn quailed with fear. The girl was holding a frightful implement. Seven of eight long green twigs had been bound closely together with strong tape at one end and again about half way up their length leaving the last two feet free but in a compact bundle of thin stalks. “You are to be birched today Miss Sanderson.” the girl told her in a matter of fact voice. “Sir Walter is concerned that you might have relaxed the high standards expected of you as a result of his negligence of your discipline in recent weeks. Therefore it is his intention that you be given a thorough beating today and he has chosen to have you birched. Do you have any questions?” Rosalyn could only shake her head for she think could of nothing sensible to say. Her mouth was open and her lower lip trembled as she stared in horror at the birch in the girl’s hand. “Very well then.” the girl continued. “We shall inform Sir Walter that you are ready for your punishment.” With that the two girls left the garden leaving Rosalyn quite alone, bound naked to the post and staring in dread at the birch promised her.
She was left to contemplate her coming ordeal for perhaps twenty minutes but it seemed an age to the frightened girl. She was bound so tightly she could barely squirm to ease the discomfort of her bindings or her knees on the rough wooden platform. She closed her eyes and tried to find some inner fortitude to bear her through the beating she was to receive but each time she opened them she saw again the long birch awaiting her. She squirmed her head around and saw that it was not alone. A second birch lay on the little table. She shivered at the sight. Was her beating to be so severe that a single birch would not suffice?
Finally she heard voices from within the house and Sir Walter emerged through the French windows into the garden. To her surprise he was not alone. Accompanying him was a tall, elegant and remarkable beautiful woman perhaps in her mid thirties smoking a long cigarette. Bringing up the rear were the two Japanese girls. They had changed in the interval however for they were now dressed in Japanese style; not the full formal kimono but the simpler more basic light summer yukata which resembled a kimono but was much easier and lighter to wear. One of the girls was carrying a platter with strawberries and small delicacies on it while the other bore a tray upon which reposed two glasses and an ice bucket containing a bottle of vintage champagne. They laid these burdens on the table on the veranda but Sir Walter steered the woman by her arm towards the helplessly bound Rosalyn.
“Well here she is Alicia.” he said, evidently continuing a conversation started earlier. “What do you think?”
The woman took her cigarette from her mouth and walked around Rosalyn, examining her closely. “Why she’s exquisite Walter! I see you haven’t lost your taste. She’s lovely!”
Sir Walter nodded in satisfaction. “I’m glad you like her Alicia. She’s been with me two years now and she’s been well trained I can assure you. She does need beating regularly or she tends to get a little lazy but otherwise I’ve been most satisfied with her.”
“Well she seems delightful Walter. Of course I shall need to see her beaten but my first impressions are excellent.”
“Well she’s due for a sound thrashing Alicia. I’ve been away so much lately I’m afraid I’ve been letting things slip a little. She hasn’t had a good hiding for over two months! Still that’s soon corrected.”
“May I take a closer look at her Walter?”
“By all means Alicia. Be my guest.”
Rosalyn shivered as the lady stepped forward to examine her. She stroked her flanks and ran a hand over her naked buttocks all the while murmuring approval. “She has wonderfully soft skin Walter and almost blemishless as far as I can tell.”
“Yes. I’ve tried not to mark her permanently in any way and she does seem to heal quite quickly even after a severe beating.”
The lady hefted Rosalyn’s breasts in her hands and ran a hand through her long hair. “She’s what... early twenties Walter?”
“Twenty two Alicia... plenty of life left in her yet. She’s still got a good few years in her.”
The woman nodded thoughtfully and turned Rosalyn’s face to examine it. She even prised her mouth open to look at her teeth. She seemed pleased by her examination. Finally she stepped back for a last appraisal. “Well she seems perfect Walter. Very pretty and she seems suitably submissive. Not a peep out of her! I like that.”
“Oh she’s been trained well Alicia. She’s knows better than to open her mouth out of turn.”
The woman stepped back and flicked her cigarette into the flower beds. “I’d like to watch her beaten Walter. I want to see her in pain. I want to hear her scream!”
“But of course Alicia. That’s why I’ve had her prepared for you here. She’s going to feel the birch today. It’s the first time I’ve had her birched. I’m interested to see the results myself.” Sir Walter indicated the table and chairs on the veranda. “Come let’s take a seat and Sakiko and Sayuko can pour us out some champagne and we can observe her being beaten at our leisure.”
The Japanese girls bowed as Sir Walter and his lady guest took their seats. One of the girls took the champagne bottle from the bucket and bowed to the woman. “Champagne Lady Alicia?” She nodded and took another cigarette from her handbag. Instantly the girl held out a lighter to light it for her. The other girl offered her strawberries and she took one with studied grace. Sir Walter was chatting away pointing out some of the flower beds which Lady Alicia seemed most taken with. Rosalyn had not dared to speak whilst this woman had examined her and it seemed almost as if she was forgotten now. Covertly she observed the woman closely. It was apparent that the woman was rich. The short designer dress she was wearing was a very expensive label and her diamond earrings and pearl necklace were further evidence of her wealth even if her obvious friendship with Sir Walter was not conclusive enough proof. She had the haut tones and mannerisms of one of the upper echelons of society and it had not surprised Rosalyn in the least to hear her referred to as Lady Alicia. She was clearly a powerful and wealthy woman and titled to boot. Why was she so interested in a wretched naked girl bound to a post and about to be birched then?
After a few minutes of idle chatter Sir Walter nodded at the two Japanese girls. “Very well girls! You may begin.”
The two girls bowed formally and stepped off the veranda. Rosalyn clenched her fists in fear perceiving that it was to be the two Japanese girls who would administer her birching. They seemed to be taking the task seriously for they unfastened the obis around their waists and slipping their yukatas off. Beneath their yukatas they wore only thin satin petticoats leaving them naked from the waist up. Ordinarily Rosalyn would have admired their pert high oriental breasts but her gaze was fixed on the dreaded birches they picked up. If Rosalyn couldn’t tell the two girls apart there was one distinguishing feature between them it appeared. One of the girls was left handed for she hefted her birch in that hand in contrast to her s****r. In grave formality they bowed to Rosalyn before taking up positions on either side of her and slightly behind her. Rosalyn stared straight ahead clenching her fists to still the shaking in her hands. Her eyes fell on Lady Alicia. The lady was smoking her cigarette intensely her gaze transfixed on Rosalyn. Sir Walter looked mildly interested but Lady Alicia’s face was flushed with arousal; her breathing was deep and with her right hand she pulled the hem of her dress up her leg to caress the inside of her thigh as she waited for the beating to begin. Rosalyn could see the white lace of her knickers beneath her dress.
The girl to Rosalyn’s right lifted her birch and looked to Sir Walter. He nodded curtly and with a long sweep of her arm the girl brought the birch down crisply across Rosalyn’s buttocks. Rosalyn jerked under the impact and gasped at the sudden searing agony from her nether regions. She’d had no idea that the slender Japanese girl had such strength in her arm. The pain was frightful as if somebody had taking a torch to her rear. She was still gasping for breath when the other girl brought her birch down to land from the other direction. Rosalyn arched against her bonds and cried out at the redoubled agony of the second stroke inflaming her already burning buttocks. There was no respite for the first girl lashed her once again, this time searing the birch across the back of her thighs. Relentlessly they flogged her, alternating strokes from either side, the swish of the birches cutting through the air almost a rhythmical cadence to Rosalyn’s shrill cries which turned to squeals and then to screams and finally to long howling wails of anguish.
And still they whipped her. Rosalyn writhed helplessly under the tight ropes powerless to avoid the blazing pain of the birches on her buttocks and thighs. Her wrists were sore from the cuffs on her wrists and her stomach, legs and ankles chafed under the ropes as she struggled futilely under the rain of searing lashes. Her hair was wild as she threw her head from side to side in her agony and her body became slick with perspiration as she writhed uncontrollably under the torment.
Lady Alicia was watching with burning intensity and her arousal grew as Rosalyn’s agony ascended. Even through the mists of her pain Rosalyn saw her ladyship part her legs and squeeze her hand against the fabric of her knickers. She tossed her cigarette aside to use her other hand to squeeze her breast and as she did so she lifted the hem of her dress further to slip her hand under the waistband of her knickers to stroke her sex almost panting with desire.
Then Sir Walter raised his hand and the beating stopped. Rosalyn collapsed against the post sobbing and her chest heaving. Lady Alicia looked disappointed. “You’re stopping already Walter?” she asked.
“I just want to observe the effects so far Alicia.” With that he rose from his seat to walk down from the veranda and out onto the lawn behind Rosalyn so that he could examine her rear. Her buttocks and thighs were admirably covered in a lace work of angry red welts but he deemed it insufficient and shook his head. “She can take more than that yet.” he declared. He nodded at the two girls wielding the birches. “You may continue.” He told them. As he resumed his seat the beating recommenced.
Rosalyn had no idea how many strokes of the birch she endured or how long her suffering continued. The minutes passed by in one long blur of agony. A mist formed before her eyes and her anguished screams seemed to come from far away. She barely had the strength to struggle anymore and she leaned against the post limply her hair hanging in bedraggled ruin over her face streaked with tears. The whole region from the backs of her legs to the top of her buttocks was just one tortured field of burning pain. In the end the individual strokes seemed not to hurt her any more as if the protesting nerves of her body had reached a threshold beyond which it was impossible to hurt anymore. Yet still they beat her. Even through the burning agony she could feel trickles of wetness on her thighs and she knew that her skin had broken under the lashes of the birch and her body was bleeding.
Sir Walter was curiously not watching her by now. Instead he was watching Lady Alicia closely and with amusement. Her ladyship’s arousal had overcome her and her hand was thrust determinedly inside her knickers, rubbing urgently as she masturbated openly seeking release. Her panting increased and soon she was emitting little cries of rising pleasure. Then her body tensed and she gave vent to a long shuddering cry as she climaxed. Then and only then did Sir Walter raise his hand a final time and end poor Rosalyn’s suffering.
Rosalyn was barely conscious. She hung limply in her ropes and her head rested on the top of the post to which she was secured. She was emitting soft moans and twitching feebly. Their work done the two Japanese girls stepped back and awaited further instructions. For her part Lady Alicia struggled to regain her breath and composure. Sir Walter regarded her with amusement. “Well Alicia! You certainly seemed to enjoy that!”
“It was wonderful Walter! I think we may be able to do business!”
“Well we can finalise details this week Alicia. Now are you still staying tonight?”
“Yes if that is alright with you Walter. Will you still be joining me in my chambers this evening?”
Sir Walter chuckled. “As if I could resist the rare opportunity of your pleasure Alicia my dear. However I’m afraid I must leave you to your own devices until then for I have business to attend to.”
Lady Alicia clutched at his hand. “Can I have the girl? This evening I mean. I want her to play with until you decide to grace me with your presence.”
Sir Walter looked doubtful. “I’m not sure Alicia. I mean the girl’s had a pretty severe beating. Don’t you think it would be better to allow her some time to recover before you play with her?”
“Oh I don’t want her immediately Walter. I’ll give her a few hours to recover and for the girls to tend to her in the meantime. I promise I’ll be gentle with her. I just want a little stimulation this evening.”
“Well alright Alicia but go easy on the girl alright. She’s had one sound thrashing for today.”
“I just want to play a little with her Walter. I’ll be careful I promise.”
“Very well then have Sakiko and Sayuko deliver her to your chambers. I shall see you later on. Now I really must go.”
Both Sir Walter and Lady Alicia left the veranda but not before Her Ladyship had murmured a few instructions to the two Japanese girls. They nodded their understanding and bowed courteously in compliance. Alone with Rosalyn they re-dressed themselves in their yukatas before untying the ropes which bound Rosalyn to the whipping post. Rosalyn rose clumsily to her feet under their assistance. Her legs were trembling and unsteady beneath her and her tormented rear felt aflame and swollen as she tried to walk. The girls were solicitous but firm as they guided her indoors with her wrists once more clipped by her cuffs behind her back. She was taken in stumbling fashion to a series of luxurious guest chambers at the rear of the house overlooking the gardens and into a capacious bedchamber. The large room was dominated by an enormous double bed and facing this, affixed to the wall, was a large X shaped cross with leather straps attached to the extremities of the cross pieces.
It seemed that Lady Alicia had curious notions of what constituted suitable rest and recuperation for whipped young ladies for, instead of being laid upon the bed to recover as she dearly wanted, Rosalyn was led straight to the cross on the wall. Here she was firmly strapped onto the cross facing the double bed, her arms pulled high and wide above her and her legs spread wide to be fastened to the lower beams. Once she was stretched on this frightful apparatus to the two Japanese girls’ satisfaction one of them walked over to a dressing table and opened a drawer. From her limited vantage point Rosalyn could only catch the most fleeting glimpse of the contents of the drawer but that glance was enough to rekindle her fear for she caught sight of a fearful collection of implements within all, clearly designed for the infliction of torment upon some hapless victim. The girl removed a ball gag on a leather strap and stepped back across the room to face Rosalyn. “Would you be so good as to open your mouth Miss Sanderson?” she asked politely. With a small whimper Rosalyn obeyed and the girl eased the ball gag between her teeth and fastened it firmly into place with the strap behind her head. With this final preparation complete the two Japanese girls bowed formally and, for the second time that day, departed and left Rosalyn to her own devices.
Rosalyn had no idea how long she was left alone but it must have been hours. It was by no means a comfortable position in which to rest. Her stretched limbs ached horribly as she squirmed in her bonds to ease her discomfort. Her swollen buttocks chafed agonisingly against the rough wood of the cross and her breathing rasped coarsely through the constricting gag in her mouth. Occasionally she gave vent to groans of discomfort and her groans sounded like gurgles. It was difficult to swallow with her mouth f***ed open by the gag and she felt her saliva dribbling down her chin to match the wetness of the tears on her cheeks. Through all of this ordeal however she remained certain in her mind that once Lady Alicia returned to her guest chambers there would be further suffering to endure.
Rosalyn’s intuitive certainty was faultless was faultless it seemed for when Lady Alicia finally returned to her chambers to attend to her bound victim that evening there was nothing in the sadistic pleasure of her demeanour that indicated that she was inclined to be merciful to the helpless wretched girl. She entered her chambers without speaking to Rosalyn and spent several minutes smoking a cigarette and observing her intently from the bed with such a look of pleasurable anticipation on her face that Rosalyn quailed. To even the least astute person it was obvious that Her Ladyship was running through an inventory in her mind of the possibilities afforded by the helpless young lady at her mercy and restricted in them only by the limits of her fertile imagination. Rosalyn dared not speak even if the gag in her mouth would have allowed anything more than garbled grunts. She just hung in her bonds hypnotised under Lady Alicia’s unwavering gaze and shivered in fear. She was powerless to avert whatever Lady Alicia had in mind. She was just a plaything; reduced merely to the object of Lady Alicia’s gratification.
At last it seemed that Her Ladyship had decided upon her the course of her entertainment for she rose from the bed, extinguished her cigarette and left the room through the door into the adjoining bathroom. Rosalyn heard the sound of the shower and some minutes later Lady Alicia re-emerged with her hair slightly damp and clad only in a long diaphanous negligee. Slowly, teasingly, she stalked up to Rosalyn. Even as she quailed before Lady Alicia’s slow approach Rosalyn could not help but admire the exquisite lines of Her Ladyship’s body beneath the translucent fabric of her negligee. The breasts were high and firm; the waist slender and the hips and buttocks rounded perfectly. Through the thin material Rosalyn could discern the pert nipple and even the little tuft of hair at her sex. Lady Alicia knew full well that Rosalyn was staring at her body for she flaunted herself in exhibitionist narcissism before her; teasing her seductively with the promise of her sexuality. Rosalyn felt her body responding and her breathing hissed more hoarsely through her gag.
The response seemed to delight Lady Alicia and she smiled evilly and she stroked her hands over her body, feeling her breasts through the thin material of her gown watching Rosalyn closely. “Well you really are a little slut aren’t you my dear?” she crooned in a low voice. “Do you like my body? Would you like to touch it?” Rosalyn’s face flushed and she tried to swallow. Lady Alicia laughed. “You would, wouldn’t you? Well you’ll have to earn that my dear.” Lady Alicia came to stand in front of her and raised a hand to stroke a finger across Rosalyn’s breasts. Rosalyn trembled at the caress and moaned slightly, gurgling in her throat. For a few minutes Lady Alicia indulged herself by caressing Rosalyn’s stretched naked body. She seemed fascinated by the softness of the skin and enjoyed squeezing Rosalyn’s breasts and pinching the nipples. Her smile became ever more languorous as Rosalyn’s evident arousal grew and, teasingly, she ran her hand over the Rosalyn’s firm belly and slid it between her legs to tickle and stroke her sex. Involuntarily Rosalyn groaned with the urgent mounting desire those teasing fingers elicited from her exposed sex and Lady Alicia grinned in triumph. “Do you like that?” she inquired softly. “Do you want me to carry on? Shall I stroke you until you come?” Rosalyn could only croak in response. She could feel the wetness betraying her desire on the inside of her thighs. Cruelly Lady Alicia removed her hand and held it up for Rosalyn to see; the fingers glistening with the dampness of her juices. “Oh no my dear. It’s not as easy as that! You will have to wait. Before the pleasure there must be a little pain.” She wiped her fingers on Rosalyn’s breasts leaving a trail of dampness across them before turning and walking over to the dressing table.
Rosalyn groaned in frustration but she stiffened as Lady Alicia opened the drawer; the same drawer from which the Japanese girl had extracted the ball gag and in which reposed the frightful collection of implements she had briefly observed earlier. With careful relish Lady Alicia selected a whip and turned around to show it to Rosalyn. Rosalyn felt her throat dry in fear as Her Ladyship held the whip for her inspection. It had a long thin handle perhaps three feet long and from this handle was a long thin, single leather cord the same length again with a knot on the end. Lady Alicia ran the whip deliberately through her fingers taunting Rosalyn with it. “Yes dear,” she told her, “Take a good long look because you’re about to feel this. Let’s see if you can scream through that gag shall we?” She let the cord of the whip stroke across the front of Rosalyn’s body and Rosalyn shuddered at the touch of it. Then she stood to one side and lifted the whip, pausing for a second to allow Rosalyn to anticipate the lash on her flesh.
Rosalyn squealed and writhed against her bonds as Lady Alicia brought the whip in searing pain across her stomach. Her Ladyship stood back to admire the thin white mark turn scarlet before raising the whip again. The thin cord across her belly and hips was excruciatingly painful as Lady Alicia began to whip her in earnest. She writhed against her bonds and as she reared backwards futilely trying to avoid the lash the rough wood of the cross ground against her swollen buttocks re-inflaming the pains of her earlier birching. Lady Alicia was becoming aroused by whipping her and Rosalyn’s strangled cries through the gag only served to intensify her pleasure and stir her to greater efforts. She became intent upon whipping Rosalyn’s legs and letting the lash kiss the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs even on occasion allowing the cord to strike deep into Rosalyn’s sex and delighting at the frenzied muffled shrieks and violent contortions the agony of it provoked. She pushed her negligee aside and her left hand found her own sex to masturbate urgently even as her right hand continued to ply the whip over Rosalyn’s body.
Then she raised her head and Rosalyn’s eyes flew open in fear for she had fixed her gaze upon Rosalyn’s breasts. Rosalyn tried to cry “No!” but her words were just strangled croaks. The whip across her breasts was frightful and she screamed loudly through her gag. But Lady Alicia was not about to be content with a single red stripe across those quivering orbs. Methodically she brought the lash down time and again across them, taking the most pleasure when she succeeded in landing the whip squarely across Rosalyn’s nipples. Rosalyn shrieked dementedly and writhed uncontrollably; her face wet with tears and saliva and her striped body glistening with perspiration.
In the end it was Lady Alicia’s very arousal that saved Rosalyn from further torture for, unable to hold back any longer, Her Ladyship tore off her negligee and cast the whip aside to rub herself against Rosalyn’s tormented body, stroking herself quickly to a climax. She cried out in a****l pleasure at the peak of her orgasm and collapsed onto the bed gasping air into her lungs. She lay for several minutes with her chest heaving as Rosalyn hung limply on the cross sobbing softly; her body aflame with the stripes of the whip.
Finally Lady Alicia recovered her composure and reached for her cigarettes; lighting one to draw the smoke gratefully into her lungs. She took her time to smoke her cigarette stroking her hair and thighs languidly; Rosalyn seemingly forgotten for the moment. Rosalyn hoped fervently that Her Ladyship’s lust was sated. She felt quite unable to withstand a return bout.
At this point there was a knock on the bedroom door and, in response to Lady Alicia’s command to enter, Sir Walter stepped into the room. He was dressed only in a silk dressing gown and his eyes took in the scene with amusement; Lady Alicia naked on the bed, her negligee cast aside and the weeping figure of Rosalyn hanging on the cross, her body streaked with angry red stripes from her knees to the top of her breasts. “Well Alicia,” he commented wryly, “I see you’ve been amusing yourself whilst waiting for me!”
“I’m sorry Walter. I just couldn’t wait!”
“So I see! Well now that you have attended to your own needs Alicia perhaps you would be so good as to attend to mine!” With that Sir Walter unfastened the sash on his dressing gown and, standing at the edge of the bed opened his gown to display his erection, large and proud. Almost eagerly Lady Alicia squirmed across the bed to take hold of Sir Walter’s penis. The transformation from the cruel dominating woman into this suddenly eager to please subservient was remarkable and Rosalyn, blinking away her tears, was astonished to see the compliance with which Lady Alicia took the shaft of Sir Walter’s penis into her mouth to gobble away almost hungrily in her submissiveness. Sir Walter grunted in satisfaction and grasped her hair the better to facilitate his thrusting into her willing mouth. He used her mouth cruelly, thrusting so deep into her throat as to cause her to gag. Finally he pulled away and as she gasped for breath he spun her around on her knees and thrust fiercely into the cleft between her buttocks. He used her savagely. Using her hair to pull back her head and reddening her rump with hard slaps. She shrieked in tormented lust and pain as he pounded her crying each time he plunged his member deep inside her.
Rosalyn could not tear her eyes away. The burning of the whip marks on her body now fused indivisibly into the mounting flame of her own aching unalleviated, desire and she felt the throbbing urgency of that desire mounting with every thrust and accompanying wail of passion from the tableau on the bed. She watched in frustration as Lady Alicia shuddered into yet another scalding climax and felt her own sex hot and swollen between her legs. Sir Walter withdrew from her abruptly and barked a command. Obediently she turned and crouched before him, her face upturned with her mouth open, inches from his glistening penis. Sir Walter allowed himself a short gasp of pleasure before ejaculating his semen straight into her open mouth and across her face. Suppliantly Lady Alicia wiped the excess semen from her face with her hand and then licked it from her fingers swallowing every last morsel. Only then did Sir Walter release her to fall back on the bed exhausted while he coolly refastened his dressing gown and reached into a pocket for a cigarette.
Having lit his cigarette he walked up to examine Rosalyn carefully. Her face was flushed scarlet: she was gasping air desperately through the constricting gag, her chest heaving and her body trembled uncontrollably. He regarded her impassively for a few seconds before turning to the prostrate figure of Lady Alicia on the bed. “I think we’d better do something with this young lady Alicia.” He remarked. “Would you oblige me by pressing the bell button on the bedside table please?” Obediently Lady Alicia complied and a few moments later the chamber door opened to admit the two Japanese girls in their yukatas. Sir Walter took a pull of his cigarette and nodded at Rosalyn. “Miss Sanderson here is in need of some relief girls. Would you see to it please?”
The two girls bowed and unfastened their yukatas, baring themselves to the waist before approaching the trembling Rosalyn. Sir Walter smiled slowly and addressed Lady Alicia. “You may want to watch this Alicia. Rosalyn here is a girl of very particular tastes. I think you will find this interesting!” Lady Alicia reached for her cigarettes with trembling fingers but she raised herself onto an elbow to observe the spectacle with interest. The two girls began to stroke Rosalyn’s aching body sensually with their hands and licked at her welts with their tongues, rubbing their naked breasts against her flesh all the while. Slowly they inflamed Rosalyn eking out the tenderness of their caresses until Rosalyn thought she would lose grip on her sanity with desire. When they judged her to be almost fainting with unfulfilled lust, one of them, Rosalyn scarcely knew which squatted on her knees and buried her face in Rosalyn’s sex, licking her clitoris expertly whilst her companion nibbled at her nipples. Rosalyn cried through her gag and her body arched against her bonds as the unstoppable rush of her orgasm overwhelmed her. In the spasms of that reason robbing climax her body did something that happened only rarely to her for she gushed forth a stream of hot liquid from her vagina, soaking the Japanese girl’s face and hair, before collapsing limply in her bonds barely conscious.
Lady Alicia was delighted with the result and clapped her hands gleefully. Sir Walter managed an amused chuckle. “I thought you might enjoy that Alicia!” He took another cigarette and nodded in satisfaction. “Well there she is Alicia. I’m sure you’ll be more than satisfied with her.”
“I’m sure of it Walter!”
“Just make sure she gets beaten regularly and you’ll get plenty of service out of her.” He paused to take a pull from his cigarette and chuckled again. “You’re getting a good deal from it as well. She’s got a pretty little girlfriend on the side that she thinks I know nothing about. I’ve looked the girl over and I’m sure she’ll respond well to proper training so you’re getting two for the price of one!” He nodded at the Japanese girls. “Anyway girls I think we’d better rest her for now. You can untie her and put her to bed.”
A few days later, after all the final details had been resolved, Rosalyn was informed that she had been sold to Lady Alicia.

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Slaves of the Amethyst (Part Seven)

(See part one for preamble to this series)

Chapter Sixty Two.

Daniel moved slowly down the riverbank toward the hidden pool parting the undergrowth as he went. He was clutching a fly rod. It was an expensive modern rod but not, he realised, as expensive as the old fashioned, hand crafted split cane rod that Robin was using further along the river. Daniel didn’t mind that. Robin’s rod was a museum piece better suited to hanging on the wall of a fishing den than actually to be used on the river. Daniel was more than content with the lightweight high technology instrument Robin had leant him. It had been years since Daniel had wielded a fly rod but it had come back to him quickly and his casting, although rusty, had improved throughout the morning. They’d been at the water since dawn leaving a note saying “Gone Fishing” where the sl**ping girls in the Starlight Suite would find it. It was best to present the female of the race with a fait accompli when it came to sneaking out for a spot of fishing. Already by now they’d taken half a dozen takeable trout between them, which was pretty fair for the time of year. Now however Daniel had greater ambitions in mind.
He’d sighted the big shadow lurking near a patch of collected flotsam underneath the over-hanging undergrowth from the bridge below the hidden pool and for the last twenty minutes he’d been carefully stalking his way into position to cast to it. His excitement was mounting as the shadowy form moved to intercept a fly on the surface with a delicate ripple. Even the vaguest glimpse that could be discerned through the polarising sunglasses showed it to be a very special fish indeed. Finally Daniel reached a point where a clever cast could put a fly over that big shape. He paused, waiting patiently although his mouth was dry with tension. The merest sudden movement or unguarded footfall could bolt that fish in an instance. It could never have grown to that size without the facilities of extreme caution! There was another little plop and a ring of ripples on the surface. The fish was still rising! The question was what was it rising to? Daniel knew that trout could become very fixated on a single available source of food and it was no earthly use on occasion to present them with an alternative. Part of the art of fly-fishing therefore was to be able to identify the type of flies that your particular target was feeding on. An insect settled on Daniel’s jacket. He recognised it immediately. It was a sedge fly, the adult version of those curious caddis grubs that built little cases around themselves out of twigs and pebbles and suchlike. It was early in the day for sedge flies. They normally began to show in the late afternoon and evening but Daniel recalled reading that some species were active throughout the day. Whatever the case it seemed likely that Daniel had found a clue to this fish’s menu for the day.
Unhurriedly he opened the box of flies that Robin had given him hoping to find some sedge imitations. It didn’t have to be that exact. Sedge flies all looked more or less the same to Daniel anyway. They were all nondescript brown things with long delicate wings. As long as he could match the colour and size reasonably well he stood a chance. He didn’t expect his quarry to conduct a detailed entomological study of his lure. He just needed it to mistake it for the flies it was feeding on. There was a fly pattern that seemed just perfect. With trembling fingers he tied it to his leader and sprayed it with a light oil to make it float. That was problem one. The next was how to present this imitation over the nose of that fish. It was by no means easy. The overgrown banks and bushes precluded the normal back cast of a fly fisherman. You needed open space behind you for that. It was likely that this trout had grown so big largely because its chosen lair was so invulnerable to conventional casting techniques. There was only one way Daniel could think of doing it and that was to let a bow of fly line form behind his rod and then flick it forward in a roll cast. The trouble was that that was a fiendishly difficult cast to get right and he was only likely to get one chance at it. Any sloppy slapping of the line on the water would spook that fish for sure.
Taking a deep breath he raised his rod slowly aiming for a position well upstream of the target. Then he let the cast go. To his amazement it was very nearly perfect. The artificial fly landed on the water with the merest kiss a yard in front of the fish’s station and there were sufficient coils in his line to prevent the fly being dragged unnaturally out of position by the current. Daniel held his breath as the imitation bobbed along the surface towards his quarry. It was a foot away, then six inches and then nearly on top. For a heart-stopping moment he thought it had passed over the fish and then it was gone. The rise was quite unlike the splashy affairs of the smaller fish Daniel had already taken that day. It was almost finicky in its delicacy, the tiniest protrusion of a brown snout plucking his fly from the surface with the air of a duchess sipping her afternoon tea. Daniel was so shocked that for a moment he forgot to strike but then he whipped his rod up and tightened on to the fish.
It was like sticking the end of his line in a power socket. There was a moment of heavy vibration and then the fish exploded into action, rushing downstream. All the loose line in Daniel’s hand was stripped away in an instance and the ratchet on his reel screamed in protest. It was unstoppable that power run. Perhaps on one of his barbel rods or one of his light carp rods Daniel might have thought about trying to halt that fish but on the fairy wand of a fly rod, bending double as it was, there was simply no alternative but to let the fish run. And there all Daniel’s carefully laid plans came unstuck. The truth was that having so meticulously planned his approach to luring that fish into the indiscretion of taking his fly he had completely overlooked what to do once it had done so. The little bridge was the problem. Effortlessly the fish dashed under the bridge and into the dreadful pool below with its compliment of half sunken bushes leaving Daniel in one pool and the fish in another and separated by a low bridge. In the pool below Daniel heard a splash like somebody throwing a brick into the water and knew his fish had jumped in its fury. He was now in an awful predicament. He couldn’t even see what the fish was doing. It was time to call in reinf***ements.
“ROBIN! HELP!” he shouted at the top of his lungs. Within seconds Robin was dashing through the undergrowth his eyes frantic thinking that Daniel must be drowning or something.
“What the hell’s up?”
“Ah’ve got a bleedin’ belter on Robin an’ e’ gone down under that bridge inter t’ next pool an’ I think me line’s caught on a bush or summat.”
“Hold on! I’ll go look.” From below the bridge Robin called out “Your lines tangled on a bush but the fish is still there. Goddess it’s huge! I’ll have to get into the water to free your line. Can you wade under the bridge? It’s not deep.”
“Oh ell!” Neither Daniel nor Robin had thought to bring waders out with them. “Alright I’m coming!” Daniel plunged into the water. It felt icy cold and it was up to his waist as he negotiated his way under the bridge. Emerging below the bridge he found Robin nearly up to his chest disengaging his line from a wicked looking bush.
“Ok! You’re free now tighten up on him!” The fish tore off in another reel shrieking run and launched itself clear of the water. Daniel gasped. It was the biggest brown trout he had ever seen. “Goddess don’t lose this one Danny! He must be five pounds if he’s an ounce!” Fortunately, once below the bushes the fish was in clear water and Daniel was able to give it its head. He staggered to some shallower water by the bank side and began to play the fish with caution, aware that he had only a two-pound breaking strain leader on. Gradually he began to hope. The fish’s mad runs were becoming fewer and less hectic. Robin was excitedly working his way into position with the landing net. It was definitely tiring now and Daniel was restricting it to a short line just short of the net. There was another worry though. Robin saw it. “Be bl**dy careful Danny. That hook hold looks very tenuous. Don’t bully him! It could go in a second!” The thought of this fish slipping the hook at the eleventh hour was almost more than Daniel could bear and he played the fish as if walking on glass. Then it was at the lip of the net and he held his breath. In a single fluid motion Robin scooped the fish up at almost the exact second that the hook gave way. But it was too late! The great trout was flapping furiously in the folds of the landing net and Robin was floundering ashore with it, whooping in triumph as Daniel yelled exultantly and punched the air in glee. They dashed up the bank with their prize. “Look at the size of the bastard!” cried Robin “Five, five and a half pounds easy. A two pound fish is good out of this river. I’ve never seen one this big before.”
Daniel looked at the big beautiful fish in wonderment. It had the lovely golden brown flanks flecked with black and red spots of the brown trout almost as if touched by the sun. It lacked the flamboyant colouring of the rainbow trout perhaps but there was something deeply satisfying aesthetically about the big golden brown fish glistening in the sunlight, with the pugnacious hooked jaw that proclaimed it to be a male. “bl**dy ‘ell Robin! It’s a beauty!” said Daniel and he wasn’t just talking about its bulk and weight. The actual beauty of the wild fish genuinely stunned him.
“Wait till your Alice sees this one!”
But that was something Daniel could not contemplate. It was unthinkable for him to kill this magnificent creature. He cleared his throat. “Nay Robin we’ve got enough for the pan. Let’s let ‘im go!”
Robin nodded “I agree Danny. He’s too lovely to end his days on a plate. You’re a real fisherman Danny! It takes somebody who really loves fish to know when to let them go.”
Daniel looked sheepish “Oh sod that Rob! Ah just want to come back in a year an’ catch ‘im when ‘e’s even bigger!”
Robin laughed and fumbled in his breast pocket. “Well that doesn’t stop us photographing him anyway. I hope to hell my camera didn’t get wet!” When they’d snapped Daniel holding his catch proudly they eased the big trout back into the river holding him gently with his nose upstream until he recovered and slipped out of Daniel’s hands making his way back to the lair beyond the bridge. The two men watched him go in profound satisfaction. Robin slapped Daniel on the back “Come on this calls for a celebration! Grab your gear and we’ll go back to where I’ve left my bag. I’ve a flask of good Scotch in it!
Back at Robin’s bag Daniel moaned “I’m bl**dy soaking now! We’re going to look a right pair o’ pillocks walking back into t’ All drippin’ watter all ovver t’ polished floors aren’t we?”
“Well strip out of your wet things then and we can hang them up on those bushes. The sun’s getting hot. They’ll soon dry.” Robin was already divesting himself of his wet clothes, stripping down to his underwear. Somewhat sheepishly Daniel followed his example. They sat down on the grass in their underpants and Robin groped inside his bag to produce a flask and two little silver quaitches. Carefully he poured out two measures of whisky and handed one to Daniel. “Here’s to your success Danny!”
“Ah couldn’t ‘ave landed that fish without your ‘elp Rob so I think we’ll go shares on that one! ‘Ere’s to our fish!” They laughed and tapped drinks together. The whisky was smoky and pungent and Daniel spluttered on it.
“Sixteen year old Lagavulin Danny! Right off the Isle of Islay! One of the oldest distilleries in Scotland, you can taste the peat and seaweed in it! Petri Heil!”
“Its German Danny, Petri Heil. Hail Peter. St Peter is the patron saint of fishermen and in Germany fishermen greet each other by saying Petri Heil. It’s a bit like us saying “tight lines”. It’s supposed to bring luck. When somebody says Petri Heil to you, you reply Petri Dank, or thanks Peter.”
“Right then Petri Dank!” They finished off their little bowls of whisky and Robin refilled them.
“Really though Danny you’re a terrific fisherman. There’s not many people could have extracted that beauty from that pool or even known there was one in it.” Robin was being serious. He was a very good angler himself and he recognised a kindred spirit when he saw one. Daniel he saw was a natural. It wasn’t just technical expertise that separated Daniel from the ordinary run of fishermen either. Daniel possessed that instinctive sixth sense that characterised all great fishermen, the ability to “read” a water. It was an uncanny sense nearly impossible to explain to somebody not possessing it but Daniel was one of those anglers who could look at a stretch of river or an expanse of still water and be able to tell you to the foot where the fish would be. It was almost as if he could put himself inside a fish’s mind and ask himself where he would take up position. A river was not just a body of flowing water to him it was thousand different eddies, glides, rippled gravel beds, flowing streamer weeds and creases in the water each of them telling their own story about the life within them. It was a multitude of lairs, a living habitat with every nuance of it as clearly marked out as reference points on a map. Genius manifests itself in many ways. In Daniel’s case it was expressed through a fishing rod.
Daniel blushed under Robin’s praise especially since he was coming to admire his handsome, intelligent new friend. Daniel was essentially a shy, reserved young man that didn’t make friends easily. To him Robin was the epitome of easy charm and educated sophistication. If somebody had told him a fortnight ago that he’d be sat in his underwear, on the banks of an exclusive trout stream, sharing a flask of whisky with the Lord of the Manor he’d have thought they were suffering a serious marble deficiency. Yet there was an easy comradeship that was deeply gratifying. Robin was becoming a mentor to Daniel, a man he could look up to, an elder b*****r with whom such a sharing fellowship was a natural consequence. They even shared their womenfolk between them, and something else besides. Daniel looked covertly at the tall nearly naked man beside him with his hairless well-formed body rippling with firm muscles. Something was bothering Daniel.
“Er Robin… er about …well you know… about last night.”
“What about it Danny?”
“Well you know… ah mean wot ‘appened.”
“Lots of things happened last night Danny.”
“Aye… true enough but… I mean…well yer know. I mean what ‘appened wi you an’ me.”
“Oh that!”
Robin smiled ruefully remembering the scenes in the Starlight Suite. It had all been Rebecca’s fault. Who else?! The evening had progressed easily into a four way party and, in the fantastic bedchamber of the Starlight Suite, the girls had swapped between their two men with alacrity. Daniel had revelled in the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Rebecca at his leisure whilst casting glances aside to admire his wife’s ecstatic contortions as Robin took her. It had been wildly exciting, an erotic dream where anything was permissible. In the heady thick atmosphere of sexuality, when the two men were desirous of a pause for breath they’d tried to persuade the two girls to give them a repeat performance of their show on the beach at Bolswick Bay. Rebecca had whispered in Alice’s ear and then declared “Ok! We’ll do it! But we shall want a favour afterwards!”
“What sort of favour?” had asked Robin guardedly, all too aware of Rebecca’s infinite capacity for mischievousness.
“Just agree now or we won’t do it!” The men had agreed albeit with great misgivings and then sat back to enjoy the sight of Rebecca and Alice making love. It had been even wilder than the shocking display at Bolswick Bay and Daniel had watched mesmerised as Rebecca had buried her face in Alice’s sex and licked her to one orgasm after another until he hardly recognised the wailing a****l on the receiving end of Rebecca’s administrations as his wife. Alice had repaid Rebecca for Bolswick Bay by spanking her hard whilst Rebecca fingered herself to orgasm and finally the two of them had collapsed among the duvets on the great round bed that took up all the space under the glass vault of the bedchamber gasping and pent. The menfolk had been delighted. They’d been less delighted shortly after however.
“Ok” Rebecca had breathed “Your turn now boys!”
“Eh? What?” Daniel had spluttered.
“You heard me Danny. Alice and I have just put on a performance for you two and now it’s time for you to reciprocate the favour.”
“Aye!” Alice had giggled “It’s only fair. Me an’ Becky ‘ave an ‘ankerin’ to watch two fellahs doin’ it. So let’s be avin’ yer!”
“Ere ‘ang about! Ah don’t know about this!” Daniel had protested.
“You don’t honestly want me and Danny to… well…?” Robin had looked horrified.
“Indeed we do! You agreed to grant us a favour and this is the favour we’re asking.”
“I don’t know if I can!” Robin had blurted appalled.
“Oh I see!” This had been from Rebecca “Its one thing for us girls to make love for your entertainment and quite another when you’re called upon to do the same is it? Come along now boys! Don’t be shy! You can do it if you try! You might even enjoy it I hope.”
“Oh ‘ell!” Daniel had been almost comical in his pitiable embarrassment.
“Come along now boys!” Rebecca had urged, “Your audience is waiting! If you won’t do it then Alice and I will go and sl**p in the other suite for the rest of the night!” After much bullying encouragement the two men had been ushered into each other’s arms.
“’Ere I don’t know if I can do this!” Daniel had said miserably.
“Of course you can Daniel!” Rebecca had told him “Now put on a good show! All the way mind! We want to see you come! Both of you!” And slowly and very reluctantly to begin with they had complied. Arousal had come to their rescue. The two girls had watched them excitedly, masturbating as they did so, and almost without their volition the two men had become erect. It had been strange to feel the hard muscles of a man in one’s arms, strange to be kissed and feel a masculine stubble rough against one’s cheek, strange to feel a man’s hands exploring one’s body, strange to grasp a penis not one’s own in one’s hand and stranger still to become excited in the process, so excited that one willingly bent to take that penis in one’s mouth and taste the hot sperm as it ejaculated into the back of one’s throat. Strangest of all was the aftermath when one even felt a sweetness in the act and a togetherness with one’s lover and kissed him almost tenderly like a woman. The girls had rewarded their men by being extra sweet to them and the four of them had cuddled up close among the bedclothes with the last barriers of reserve discarded.
“Aye that!” said Daniel.
Robin cleared his throat “Well what about it?”
“Ah’ve never done anything like that before Robin.”
“Well neither have I Danny!”
“Your bl**dy Becky don’t ‘alf come up wi some bl**dy ideas don’t she?”
“She certainly does!”
“Well I… er I just wanted ter say well… er its done now an’ er… well… Oh ‘ell I don’t know what I want ter say!”
“If Rebecca has her way it’ll probably happen again Danny!”
“Aye! Ah know!”
“Would you mind? You could always refuse.”
“Aye I suppose so.” Daniel looked worried. “It’s just that…”
“Spit it out Danny! Nobody here but us chickens!”
“I ‘ave a confession ter make Robin.”
“You can tell me Danny. Please trust me.”
“Well it’s like this Rob. I know its ‘orrible an’ yer’ll think t’ worst o’ me but I enjoyed it!”
“This is horrible? This is your terrible confession?”
“Well I just didn’t think I were like that! A pouf I mean. I thought I were just normal! ”
“Danny you’re not a “pouf” whatever that means. You’re a virile perfectly normal man. I’ve seen you in action! Rebecca was like a damp dishrag after you’d finished with her last night! So you made love to another man. Big deal! Lots of people do you know! Rebecca will jump into bed with another girl at the drop of a hat. She doesn’t think she’s a pouf! I remember her saying to me once “I feel sorry for people that are fixated on one sex. That’s half the human race they can never sl**p with.” Rebecca’s as mad as a March hare it’s true but she’s opened my eyes about things like this. Sex is between the people concerned and nobody else’s business what you do. Don’t be putting labels on yourself and doubting your own masculinity just because you got off on sex with another man Danny. Rebecca taught me that sex is one of life’s great gifts and it’s a shame to reject it. Most people, most sensitive people, have some experience with their own sex. There’s nothing at all shameful about it. My room mate at university and I tried once but we were crap at it and went out for a beer instead! Then again we didn’t have Rebecca’s coaching talents at our disposal. Don’t worry about it Danny! I’m glad you enjoyed it!”
“Can I ask yer somethin’ Robin?”
“Of course!”
“Did yer… I mean did you…”
“Did I enjoy it?”
Robin looked at Daniel and smiled. Then in a single motion he threw his arms around Daniel and pulled him close, their damp naked bodies pressed against one another. The kiss was long, rough and lingering and Daniel felt the stirring in his groin. At last Robin released him. “Does that answer your question Danny?”
“Aye….aye it does!”
“Do you have any more questions?”
“Aye!” Daniel looked breathless as he nodded toward the flask laying on the grass “Is there any more o’ that whisky left?”
“Yes loads! Pass your cup over!” They finished off the flask between them.
In the Starlight Suite the men’s absence had been duly noted with a certain degree of acerbity. “Gone bl**dy fishing!” fumed Rebecca to Alice as the two girls attended to their morning toilet, “Just up and dumped us for some bl**dy fish! Just wait until they come back! I’ll give them “Gone Fishing”! Sneaking out without even as much as a morning kiss! Its high time Alice that we taught them who’re the bosses around here!”
Alice laughed “Aye well Becky I suppose we can lerrem ‘ave the odd mornin’ off. They was well be’aved enough yesterday.”
“And so they should be! It’s the principle of the matter Alice. We must instil some discipline! You can’t have men thinking that they can get their own way. That’s the road to ruin! If they’d wanted to go fishing then they should have humbly asked our permission instead of creeping furtively out like a pair of naughty schoolboys! What is the human race coming to if men start to think that they can go gallivanting off without so much as a by your leave? No we established these protocols back in the Stone Age Alice! No self-respecting cavewoman would have allowed her old man to simply go traipsing out of the cave for a bit of fun, mammoth bashing or whatever, without her permission! No Alice this sort of thing has to be nipped in the bud. Wait till they get back! I’ll make them wriggle on their own hooks! Do you like that dress?”
“Yes its lovely Becky! Thank you!” Rebecca had given Alice a beautiful knee length dress in a light blue soft fabric.
“Well it looks better on you than on me! I’ve only worn it once. It’s a bit on the big side in the upper stories for me. You’re a bit more well endowed than me in that department.”
“Yer’ve got lovely boobs Becky!”
“Well I’m perfectly content with them but I’m not in your class there. Your boobs would be serious contenders for the blue ribbon for best marrows in the Mathomdale horticultural show any day! I noticed my Lord Robin couldn’t keep his lecherous paws off them last night!”
Alice giggled “Didn’t stop ‘im tryin’ t’ wares on t’ other fruit and veg stalls Becky!”
Rebecca laughed “Goddess I thought we’d gone too far when we made them make love to each other! We damn near had a mutiny on our hands!”
Alice joined Rebecca in laughter “bl**dy ‘ell! That were funny! Ah got right turned on watching that!”
“Yes it was fun! Presumably this morning’s insurrection is the backlash from that. The boys going out to reassert their masculinity or something! Well we’ll soon quell that particular rebellion!”
“When are we seeing Lady Mathom today Becky?”
“There was a message on my computer. The Lady didn’t come home last night but she’s asked if we could join her this afternoon at around half past four for tea. Is that alright for you?”
“Oh right Becky! Like I’m gonna say “Sorry that’s inconvenient” to ‘Er Ladyship? She’s t’ boss around ‘ere an’, if she says frog, we jump!”
“Spoken like a true slave of Mathom Hall already Alice! Yes the Lady calls the tune Alice but she pretties it up a little. Listen when we’re looking shipshape and Bristol fashion I have to pop off for a while. Julie gave me a letter to deliver to Jennifer and I’ll have to take it to her. Will you be alright on your own in the enf***ed absence of our menfolk?”
“Can’t I come with you? I’m dyin’ to meet your Jennifer.”
“Er not at the moment Alice. I haven’t cleared it. It’s…well it’s a bit awkward at the moment. Not diplomatic you might say. Later perhaps, maybe tomorrow or the day after, I don’t know, but it could be a bit inconvenient right now. As it is I’ll have to ask permission to see her myself. You don’t mind do you?”
“No Becky love. You go ahead. Will yer be long?”
“I shouldn’t be. In the meantime have a look around if you like. You’re a guest here and if anybody asks you just say that you’re here at Lord Robin’s invitation. It looks like another scorcher outside so I’ll ask our butler if we can have brunch out on the back terraces around twelve. It’s nearly ten o’clock now. Goddess knows if the boys will be back by then. If they aren’t they can go hungry! Maybe they can eat their fish if they actually managed to catch any!”
Jennifer was having a tough morning. Her exercises had been even more demanding than yesterday and it had been a relief to finally jump under a shower. After her shower she’d returned to the dining chamber to find Rachel sat looking at her meaningfully, “Well Jennifer?” Jennifer had gulped and rushed off to fetch the paddle. Rachel had been unimpressed “I don’t expect to have to remind you again Jennifer.” she’d said taking the paddle out of Jennifer’s hands.
“No ma-am.” Said Jennifer frowning.
“Are you being resentful Jennifer?”
“N…no ma-am!”
“Good! I dislike sulky petulance! Please assume the customary position.” Afterwards with Jennifer’s bottom stinging Rachel had begun a series of tests on Jennifer’s self-awareness and had found her to be woefully inadequate by her exacting standards. She‘d designated a pathway through a chamber as a catwalk and had made Jennifer walk the length of it in a variety of guises. “Imagine you’re a model,” she’d told her “Now I want you to strut along the walk aggressively dominant, hand on hip, devil may care and damn the consequences!” Jennifer had managed a look that made it appear as if she was desperate to get to the lavatory. She’d been ordered to appear kittenish and coy, then languorous and seductively sultry, next happy and flirtatious or tranquil and dream like. Rachel had wanted her to appear resigned, nervous, expectant as if walking to meet a lover, heavy as if burdened with a problem, light and vivacious as if newly in love, authoritative and confident (a hopeless cause as Rachel pointed out) or penitent and scared as if reporting for punishment which was about the only one she could manage easily as Rachel told her acidly. It had been a little like flogging the proverbial dead horse. Jennifer just didn’t seem to be able to visualise just how she appeared to other people. She lacked the awareness to project herself and her appearance. Perhaps if she’d been the sort of girl that spent more time watching herself in the mirror she might have found the exercises easier but generally she just couldn’t adopt a particular persona with any facility. Rachel had her sit down at a chair or stand up in various modes but Jennifer lacked the elegance and posture to turn the act into a meaningful gesture. She just looked as if she was sitting down or standing up.
“Do it slowly.” Rachel admonished her “Maintain eye contact with me! Part your lips! You’re supposed to be seducing me not telling me that you have to catch the four o’clock train!”
Jennifer slumped down demoralised. “I’m sorry ma-am I was never very good at drama.”
“This isn’t drama Jennifer! These are essential tools of womanhood! A lady always knows how she looks! She uses her body language like a tool, a weapon! You’re an artist Jenny! Well then start to see that you yourself are an art form. Your movements should be beautiful, harmonious, measured and, most of all, totally self-aware. Your actions should be a dance of grace and elegance as carefully choreographed as a ballet routine. You should know exactly when to lower your face demurely, when to look a person in the eyes and part your lips, when to slide your hand along the edge of the table or brush a lock of your hair away with a fingertip, how to rise from a sitting position as if you’re being drawn up by strings. You have to learn to enjoy the theatricality of your everyday actions. A lady, a truly self-aware lady doesn’t just walk into a room, she captures it, takes it for her own, holds it spell bound.”
Jennifer had sighed. She felt that she could never achieve the seemingly natural grace and poise that Rebecca and the other girls at the Hall demonstrated apparently without thinking. Rachel had made her repeat the actions in front of the big mirrors in the gymnasium and Jennifer was appalled to observe just how awkward and gauche she appeared. Rachel made her pour a cup of tea from a teapot with elegance and style and on this occasion it had not been too bad. Jennifer had recalled her first meeting with her Mistress and recalled the lovely movements that Her Ladyship had blessed the action with. She’d tried to recapture the aesthetic grace of those movements and had earned a grudging “Better!” from Rachel.
There was a serious point to all this Rachel had told her. An enhanced human being had to be in complete harmony with their body. Your body had to be an expression of your will, enslaved to your purposes and totally under your control. You could manipulate people with the expression of your body. People reacted to you by the way they read your body signals. A person that was fully in control of their body made sure that the other person read what they wanted them to read. Life was a carnival and you carried your faces around like a collection of Venetian masks. There were faces you showed to your boss, faces you showed to your c***dren, faces reserved for your lover, ones for the general public. A lady had more faces in her armoury than she had dresses in her wardrobe and they all lay over the face you showed only to God, the Goddess or yourself and that was the face that controlled them all. That was the one you had to be able to look at and be content with
Sebastian intervened and begged a quiet word with Rachel whispering quietly in her ear. Rachel turned to Jennifer and smiled “Ok time out for the moment Jenny. You have a visitor it seems!” A few moments later Sebastian ushered Rebecca into the dining chamber, beautiful in a white and honey dress, and Jennifer emitted a squeal of delight and rushed into her arms caring not that she was naked.
“Oh Becky thank you for visiting me! I’ve been missing you!”
Rebecca laughed touched by Jennifer’s obvious joy in seeing her. “We’ve missed you too sweetheart! How are you doing? Is Rachel putting you through the mill?”
“Oh Becky I’m just hopeless! I don’t know how Rachel finds the patience with me!”
Rachel laughed and embraced Rebecca in her turn. “Come along girls let’s see if Sebastian can rustle up some coffee for us.” They sat down at the long table and Sebastian served them coffee.
“It’s very good to see you again Miss Rebecca. It’s been a long time since you came for a stay in these chambers.” He said
“I must have been behaving myself Sebastian! Never mind I’m sure it won’t be long before I earn myself another protracted round of your hospitality!”
“I shall look forward to it Miss!”
Rebecca turned to Jennifer “Listen honey I can’t stay long. We’ve got Alice and Daniel from Bolswick Bay staying and Robin and Danny have gone out fishing for the moment so poor Alice is left upstairs on her own. Look though I’ve got a letter for you from Julie.” Rebecca handed the envelope over. “She’s a bit worried about you Jenny.”
“Oh dear! Will you tell her that I’m alright?”
“I already have done Jenny but its hard work. Still she’ll be alright. So how’s my lovely Jenny doing then Pixie?”
“Oh I’ve had her doing some bodily and self-awareness exercises this morning Rebecca. She’s really crap at them!”
Rebecca laughed richly “I could have told you that Rachel! Jenny’s so interested in things around her that she never takes the time to look at herself! She just doesn’t seem to notice the effect she has on people. I’ve seen her walk into the pub, bring the entire pub’s conversation to a grinding halt and she just looks puzzled as if it had nothing to do with her!”
“That’s not true Rebecca!” pouted Jennifer as Rachel burst into laughter.
Rebecca stayed for a few minutes more before begging permission to leave. After she’d embraced Jennifer warmly Rachel rose and said “I’ll walk you out Rebecca. You can take a few minutes to read Julie’s letter Jenny then its back to the grindstone I’m afraid!” Walking Rebecca back through the cellars Rachel looked concerned “You were a little diplomatic there Rebecca. About Julie I mean. Is there something wrong?”
“Yes. Yes there is Pixie. I didn’t want to bother Jenny but I’m really worried about Julie. She seems to be coming apart at the seams. She ran away from us nearly in panic yesterday and she’s scared to hell about Jenny. I don’t know what to do Pixie.”
“Hmm what’s in that letter do you suppose?”
“I don’t know Pixie but it might be a good idea to keep an eye on Jenny. If the letter’s really torrid then there’s no telling what Jenny might get it into her mind to do!”
“I’ll bear it in mind. Thank you for warning me. In the meantime can you look after Julie?”
“I’ll try Pixie but I’ve Alice and Daniel here as well for the moment and I’ve not as much time as I’d like. I’m not sure I’d be much use anyway.”
“I tried to warn Jenny about getting entangled with Julie but she can be as stubborn as a mule sometimes.”
“Then you’d best warn me as well Pixie because, for better or for worse, I’m entangled with Julie as well now and I can be just as stubborn as Jenny.”
“Alright stop bristling! Is it true that Julie suffers from epilepsy?”
“No! Or rather we don’t know. She’s been suffering fits and blackouts but the condition has not been diagnosed. Until it is then her condition is just speculation. In any case millions of people live with epilepsy. It is controllable with modern medication and it doesn’t carry the stigma that it once did thank the Goddess. Most people with epilepsy live perfectly ordinary fulfilled lives. Whatever her condition it will not stop Jennifer loving her or me loving her for that matter. Even, no especially, if its something more serious we’ll stick by her. I’ll try to get to see her this week. What I really need to do is get her to a doctor but she’s frightened to death of that!”
“Well alright Rebecca.” They were near the stairs leading to the upper house. “I’ll leave you here. Are you still certain about Thursday?”
“Yes Pixie I am. It’s something we need to do.”
“And Friday too?”
“Especially Friday.”
“Well I’ll say no more. I just hope Jenny is ready for it is all. We could be pushing her too hard.”
“I think Jenny could surprise us all yet.”
“You might be right. The Goddess is powerful in her. I wish I could be there when she meets Yuki. Ok I’d better get back to my tutoring chores. Give me a kiss and I’ll see you on Thursday.”
“Perhaps earlier Pixie. Would it be alright to bring Alice down to meet Jenny?”
“Maybe Tuesday. I still have some work to do to prepare Alice for the experience. Would that be alright?”
“Should be but run it past me first ok?”
“I will.”
“Good! Now kiss?”
Whilst Rebecca was in the cellars Alice was having a little adventure of her own. Chafing at confinement in the Starlight Suite when she was so excited about being at Mathom Hall she had set off on a short exploration of the building’s multitude of corridors. It was a mistake. She was quickly lost. She seemed to wander endlessly without coming to any part that she recognised from the previous day. At one point she passed a young maid who curtsied to her politely but she lacked the courage to ask for directions. She was entirely uneasy about enlisting the assistance of domestic help. Finally however she found herself in a familiar hallway. Robin and Rebecca had showed her around this part the day before and there was one room she really wanted to see again. It was the music room on the ground floor and she tentatively pushed open the big heavy door to observe gleefully that the room was unoccupied. The object to which she had been drawn like a magnet sat polished and gleaming near to the windows. It was a piano and what a piano. Alice had learned the piano from her early days from her adopted grandparents and she happened to be very, very good on it. She’d taken lessons on the instrument regularly in her youth. At school she had continued her love of the instrument and had even at one point harboured ambitions to study music at an academy after leaving school. Then her adopted parents had moved up to Teescastle. She’d tried to keep up with her piano playing but there’d been little money for it and it had fallen by the wayside. Then she’d met Daniel and started courting seriously and the future as a pianist had become just a broken dream in the passage of her young life.
Yet she could still feel the thrill of a beautiful instrument like this. She just loved pianos. Even old upright pianos gave her goose pimples. They seemed to belong to a dream world of might have beens where she sat down in an elegant evening gown before an orchestra and an audience in the respectful hush before the opening bars. She just loved to touch them, run her fingers over the polished wood of them and allow her daydreams to wander. But this instrument was something else altogether. Not since she had played on the concert grand of her tutor in Bolswick Bay had she come so close to such a beautiful piano. It was a Steinway but so old! It had to be nearly a hundred years old! There was no sense of decrepitude about it however. The instrument was beautifully kept and its woodwork was polished to such a high veneer that you could see your own reflection in it. Alice felt almost a venal sense of envy. What it must be like to possess such an instrument as this! Lovingly she caressed the smooth woodwork of the case, the polished spruce warm under her fingertips. The strings under the open lid gleamed in their frame over the Sitka Spruce soundboard. The action of the piano seemed to be well maintained and Alice daringly lifted the hood to the keyboard. The row of keys gleamed invitingly.
Just once Alice had to sit at this instrument. Her heart thundering with fear and excitement she lowered herself onto the stool and faced the keyboard daring her fingers to come lightly to rest on the keys. She could feel the atmosphere, smell it, hear the last echoing vibrations of the tuning violins and the tapping of the conductor’s baton in the expectant silence. She felt the conductor’s eyes turn towards her questioningly and she nodded in acknowledgement taking a deep breath as she poised her hands over the keys. Alice shook her head. The vision was overpowering, a beguiling fantasy of a lost c***dhood. She sat very still in the big quiet room, the only noise a distant buzzing from a lawn mower somewhere out in the grounds and felt a yearning that she had thought long forgotten. She was lost now, the temptation of the keys irresistible, her fingers beyond her volition. She just wanted to see if this piano was in tune. Did anybody ever play it or was it just stood here as an antique curiosity? Was it still a living instrument or just a museum piece in the Hall’s collection? Tentatively she tried a few notes and the richness of the sound was an unfathomable thrill in the stillness of the room.
She had doomed herself, taken upon a presumptuousness which took her breath away, a cleaning girl daring to m***** an instrument never built for the likes of her. But she began to play. It was one of her favourites and one of the most demanding pieces in her repertoire. The deceptively simple rhythm was overlaid with the richness of an orchestra and the piece told the story of a wandering search for happiness. The slow melody was enriched by the tremolos and the texture became deep and bordering upon the epic. She was lost in the haunting fantasy of the piece and the instrument must have inspired her for she had never played it so well. She could almost feel the composer’s despair and his hunt for fulfilment within his music, his desperation that happiness was where he was not and the fading sands of his own mortality. For twenty-two long minutes she was enraptured in her music her eyes blurring with tears as she coaxed the melodies out of the lovely piano. Finally she came to the conclusion of the final resonant fugue and sat gasping in the echoes of the ultimate notes, her mind on a high plain it had never touched before.
“That was very, very beautiful.”
Alice span around on the stool in shock at the sound of the voice. Sitting on a low stool just inside the room was a woman. In her reverie over the piano Alice had not heard her enter. The woman was beautiful with waist length jet-black hair. “Oh I beg yer pardon Miss. Ah never ‘eard yer come in! I ‘ope I ‘aven’t disturbed anyone! I jus’ wanted to try this piano like. I didn’t mean ter do owt I wasn’t supposed to.”
“That piano is supposed to be played my dear. It is a long time since it was played so well. Schubert wasn’t it? The Wanderer Fantasy in C major if I’m not mistaken. It’s a long time since I heard that piece.”
“Y… yes Miss.”
The beautiful woman rose easily to her feet and Alice instinctively rose in her turn suddenly aware of the power of this raven haired woman in her soft cream dress and with her startling amethyst eyes. The woman crossed the room “I’m Lady Mathom. You must be Alice Foreman.”
Alice gasped. She’d had some image in her head of Robin’s mother as some forbidding dowager matriarch and now she was confronted with this electrifying female. Everybody remembers his or her first encounter with the Grand Mistress of Mathom Hall with an astonishment that doesn’t fade with the passage of years and Alice would be no exception. Many years later she would still feel the thrill of that meeting, still experience the tingling aura of the woman’s presence. Hastily Alice dropped a clumsy curtsy “Forgive me Ma-am. I ‘ad no idea!”
“Please don’t concern yourself. I walked in unannounced. I was passing the music room and heard somebody playing the piano. I am very pleased to meet you Alice. May I call you Alice?”
“Of course My Lady.”
Lady Mathom came close to Alice, held out her hands palm up and looked at Alice’s hands. “May I Alice?” In wonderment Alice placed her hands in Lady Mathom’s. Alice’s hands were long and slender with elegant sensitive fingers. Lady Mathom examined them critically gently massaging them with her fingers and turning them over in her hands as Alice stood still, her heartbeat loud in her breast, for long seconds. Finally Lady Mathom grasped Alice’s hands firmly and looked into her eyes. “You must be sure to take very good care of these Alice. They are full of magic and very precious.”
“Th… thank you My Lady.” Alice could think of nothing more sensible to say.
“Would you do something for me Alice?”
“Aye! I.. I mean yes My Lady.”
“Would you play that piece for me again? I only caught the latter part. I would love to hear all of it.”
Of … of course My Lady.”
“Thank you Alice.” Lady Mathom relinquished Alice’s hands and sat back down smiling encouragingly. Nervously Alice took her place once more at the piano, flexed her hands and addressed the keyboard. In spite of her nervousness Alice knew from the opening bars that she was playing more sublimely than she had ever managed in her life. She felt elevated in a way she could not describe. She’d heard of athletes describe some state of consciousness they called “the zone”, some indefinable condition of higher consciousness that transcended their normal waking reality, a zone wherein they could concentrate all the mental and physical faculties at their disposal and achieve the seemingly impossible. Alice had reached such a zone now, her hands flying over the keys, the music so faultless that it took her own breath away. The familiar movements of the piece seemed new, fresh as if she had never heard them before, emitting from a will that was both hers and yet apart from her. Ever since the days of her c***dhood when she had learned to love the piano she had wanted to achieve this perfection when the instrument was no longer a technicality to be mastered but an effortless expression of the music flowing in her veins, almost a part of her body, an extension of her fingertips.
As she played Rebecca entered the room looking for her and drawn to the music from the room. Lady Mathom raised a finger to her lips and beckoned Rebecca to her side where she knelt on the floor and rested against her Mistress’ knee staring at Alice at the piano, her eyes shining in wonder. Lady Mathom laid a hand on Rebecca’s head affectionately and her eyes grew misty with the lovely music. When Alice finished the piece there was a deep silence, the silence that all artists long for but rarely achieve, when the audience is too awestruck to even applaud. Rebecca broke the silence with a gasp “That was fantastic Alice!”
Lady Mathom applauded warmly “You have a prodigious talent Alice. You played wonderfully!” she turned to Rebecca at her side “You never told me that your new friend from Bolswick Bay was a virtuoso at the piano Rebecca.”
“I never knew My Lady. Alice has never mentioned that she plays piano.”
Lady Mathom looked back at Alice. “Where did you learn to play so well Alice?”
“I …I er used to play a bit when I was in t’ Bay ma-am. I ‘ad…had a piano teacher there… a Dr Mannstein.” Alice remembered the uncompromisingly stern master of her lessons, the man that would drive her to do things she thought beyond her. He would make her sit for hours at an end at the piano until her back and finger’s ached, barking commands at her as he strode up and down the room overlooking the sea beating the rhythm with his hands. He would never take no for an answer, would never accept a moment of surrender, never for a moment concede that a piece might be too difficult for her. The hours of Mozart, Bach, Brahms, Beethoven, Schubert and so many others were a whirl of unrelenting challenge and when he was displeased she would come home crying yet his rare praise had been moments of exultant triumph. Nobody in Alice’s life had demanded so much of her and achieved so much. She blessed the miserable, cantankerous old man gratefully now.
“Yes I know of Johann Mannstein Alice. He must have been delighted to have so apt a pupil.”
“Er … not always ma-am. He were a bit strict wi’ me!”
“It seems to have paid dividends Alice. Do you still play often?”
“Er .. no. Not much now My Lady. Since we moved up to Teescastle I ‘aven’t ‘ad much chance like.”
“That is a criminal waste Alice! A talent such as yours should be nurtured and not allowed to fall by the wayside. I sincerely hope that now you are returning to Bolswick Bay that you take up playing seriously again. Dr Mannstein is one of the finest products of the Stuttgart music academy. I saw him once many years ago perform Brahms’ second piano concerto and it was ethereal. You could have no better teacher Alice.”
“Yes ma-am. I… er I ‘ave you to thank for us movin’ back to Bolswick Bay My Lady.”
Lady Mathom rose “We must talk at greater length a little later Alice. I’m afraid your playing has lured me away from my duties for the moment and I must return to them. We will take tea at half past four and dinner at eight if that is convenient for you. We’ll have more time to talk at our leisure then. In the meantime welcome to Mathom Hall. I hope your visit will be enjoyable and profitable. Thank you very much for the recital. If you girls would excuse me now?” Rebecca rose and curtsied, Alice followed suit a little self-consciously and the Lady swept out.
Alice let out her breath. “So that’s your Mistress Becky!”
“Indeed it is! What do you think?”
“She’s bl**dy fantastic! I thought she were gonna be some awd crinkly or summat! God I nearly shat mesen when she introduced hersen! When I fust saw ‘er I thought she must be one of your… you know your mates or summat. I couldn’t believe it when she said she were Lady Mathom! Ah do now though! That is one ‘ell of a Lady!”
“She’s far out isn’t she? Where did you meet her?”
“Just in ‘ere. I was playin’ on t’ piano and ah didn’t notice ‘er come in. She must ‘ave bin sat there fer ages! She seems to know loads about music.”
“She knows “loads” about nearly everything Alice. She certainly seems impressed by you! You’re a dark one Alice! You never told me you were a concert standard pianist!”
“Oh I’m not that good.”
“You bl**dy well are! I play a bit myself although I’m nowhere near your standard. Nevertheless I can tell when somebody is bl**dy good. So can the Lady. She’s an accomplished musician herself and if she says you’ve got talent then you’ve got talent! Do you own your own piano?”
“Ell no! Couldn’t afford it!”
“I’ll make you a little prediction Alice. Before you leave this house on Thursday morning you will not only be a slave of the Purple Lady but you will also be getting Daniel to draw up plans for the music atelier extension to your new house to fit your new grand piano in. Care to take a small wager on that?”
“Oh ‘ell Becky she couldn’t do that!”
“I know my Mistress Alice. You don’t…. yet. You’ve impressed her mightily. She’ll have you chained to the legs of a concert grand before this week is out so you’d better start getting used to it!”
“Ah’ve allus wanted to be a concert pianist Becky. It were me dream when I were young. I suppose t’ Lady were right. It’s a right shame I never kept it up. It were me dream.”
“Do you know the motto of this house Alice?”
“Nay Becky. What is it?”
“It’s “Audeo Somnio”, to Dare to Dream. Remember what I told you in Saltersea? Dreams do come true! You just have to have the courage to dream them.”
Alice looked sombre but her mind was soaring. Yes dreams could come true. The little house at Bolswick Bay was testimony to that. And this great house! It was a dream too wasn’t it? It was a dream that made dreams reality and its strange and beautiful Mistress the wielder of those dreams. Alice cleared her throat “Becky, yer know when you an’ Robin said that I’d ‘ave to become ‘Er Ladyship’s slave?”
“Well when she were an’ she ‘eld me ‘ands an’ talked ter me I felt like I already was. Like this was my Missus an’ all I ever wanted ter do was mek ‘er pleased wi me. If’n she’d told us to go down t’ garden an’ jump in t’ lake ah’d ‘ave done it if it’d med ‘er ‘appy! Does that sound daft?”
Rebecca laughed and embraced her “Not at all Alice. On the contrary! It sounds all too familiar. Welcome to the House of Mathom s****r!”
“I aven’t even thanked ‘er proper for payin’ fer us ‘ouse!”
“You’ll do that when you take your manacles and her brand on your breast Alice. Come on now I’m starving and it’s a long time until tea so let’s see if we can rustle up some calories out on the terrace whilst we wait for the boys to return.” The two girls left the chamber arm in arm. The dreams hung heavy in the air about them.
... Continue»
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Sweet Peeks of Greek's Cheeks

I guess I've always loved lingerie and just women's underwear in general. The catalyst was probably the time when I was a lad and my mom and dad were watching the Victoria's Secret fashion show; this was the late nineties, when Heidi was in her prime, so with that Teutonic goddess and those other women worthy of marble carvings strutting on the catwalk, titties bouncing around, asses moving like extensions of their fabulous legs, the heels, the laces, the hairs, the faces. Maybe it jumpstarted my puberty? Meh, how do you pinpoint that sort of thing...

Anyways, now quite an adult, I haven't grown out of the fascination. Hell, high school probably made it worse thanks to slutty classmates, but college gave me the vindication... thanks to slutty classmates. (And that isn't to slut-shame at all; if it weren't for sluts, a guy like me might never get laid for free)

One fall semester, with finals week coming up, a woman named Mia, with whom I shared a medieval history class, sent me a message on Facebook, inquiring as to a 'study session' and whether I would like to meet for one. I thought about it for about three seconds before I sent a reply in the positive. In those three seconds, I considered this Mia.

Mia? Ah yes, she sat at the near corner of the rectangle of which the tables were arranged. We had made eyes at least once, though I did that with every good looking woman in the class. Guessing nationality is a hobby of mine, and I assumed her to be of some manner of Greco-Italian ancestry. She had a very pretty face, but she tended to dress heavily, hoodies and loose jeans for the most part, and she didn't use much makeup, not that she would need it. Chestnut hair that she kept away from her face, with matching eyes, a small nose, and pretty little lips that looked ever-pursed. Her body was easy to imagine, but I found out I had no idea.

One day, must've been the session before her message, the weather had gone back to t-shirts, atypical of November. I had been sitting at the table for a few minutes waiting for class to begin when she walked through the door, and I thought Athena herself had come down from Olympus. She was wearing a tight yellow shirt with some kind of wacky green and red design on the front, hovering a half inch above the waist of her hip-hugging jeans. She sat down on the front part of the chair, removing items from her backpack and basically rifling through it. She bent forward to do that, which of course grabbed my attention. I looked over and was rewarded with the sight of a black thong with white pinstripes against her smooth peachy skin. I looked up to see if she noticed my ogling, which she hadn't, and on the way down I could see through her shirt that her bra was black, possibly also with pinstripes.

She finished her search and slid back in the chair, inspecting her hems. I looked away just as she shifted her weight and slid her pants up to cover up. It only took a second for me to look at her again, and this time our eyes met. One polite smile later, the teacher began to do her thing. The move was poorly timed, because I was fixing to start talking to her, maybe get into a position where I could confirm later whether or not her bra and thong were a match.

Then came the message. After a further exchange we decided to meet at the school library. She was in her usual attire since the weather went back to normal. We found a study area and began to go over the guide our teacher had provided. Rather quickly we came to the conclusion of it, and spent some time just sitting and talking. We expounded on the basics of our lives, the where-are-you-froms, the what's-your-majors, the typical collegiate stuff. Somehow or other, the conversation shifted to the topic of underwear. I believe it was a tangent of a few sentences regarding bacon, which itself was a tangent of something before. It was then that I confessed to having seen her thong the week before, just as class was getting started. She seemed to recall that occasion after a quick thought, as she smiled wide and closed her eyes, turning her head away in feigned embarrassment. Unable to read her reaction succinctly enough I backpedaled a tad, saying something to the effect of it was accident.

She checked her phone for the time, and decided it was time we got going. She asked me to walk her back to her place, the walk being through downtown Chicago and all. At the door of her building, she beckoned me to follow again. Inside her place, she pointed at a couch, where I promptly sat on the middle cushion.

It seemed she had been waiting to ask what I thought of what I saw in class last week. When she did ask it, I only smiled at her, looking right at her eyes. Then she looked down to where he hands were loosening the belt on her jeans, and so my own eyes followed. Belt unbuckled, she slipped the button out of the loop, and then slowly she undid the zipper. I leaned forward and she stepped closer to oblige me, and gripping near her knees, I pulled her pants down to her ankles. She slipped one leg out and with her other foot she flung the jeans away. I looked back up in her eyes, and with my arms I bade her to turn around 180 degrees. Her ass was framed at the top by a g-string, and nimbly I slipped my fingers under the elastic and the sparse cloth slid down to the floor.

I kissed the small of her back just above her ass crack, and she let out a moan of delight accompanied by a brief wriggling. Gripping her hips, I poked out my tongue and traced ever so lightly down her ass, lifting off about half way as she broke free of my grasp. She looked at me with a sneering lust; that she should be so seduced by a man as homely as myself was probably a surprise to her, and so she responded to that by dropping down to her knees and undoing my own belt and jeans as she had done her own.

Then I blurted, "Did that bra match the thong?"

She didn't answer.... Continue»
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At the Casino

Rose was dealing Poker at a special-options table. Playing an even odds game, the table catered to people with unusual or elaborate ideas for their win/loss conditions.

To her right, an attractive female loser hung by her thumbs. She had committed for two hours of play and lost her stake in forty minutes. She would now, under her agreement, hang naked by her thumbs for the remainder of her time. Since the remaining hour and twenty minutes was too long a time for her to hang, she would most likely have to barter for early release, at the cost of one stroke of a cane for each minute remaining. She continued to hang in pain for some time, unable to watch the clock before begging for her caning.

To Rose's left, a losing male was strapped to a bench. His balls were wrapped with a leather strap which was pulled up towards the ceiling. His ass was suspended a good six inches above the bench. As he tried in vain to ease the strain on his stretched balls, a female guest squatted over his face. She had been fucked recently and needed a cleaning. His tongue, encouraged by a small whip applied to his chest, cooperated in full.

A female winner was also at hand, busily wrapping some rough sisal rope around the large breasts of a black house slave. She finished the rope work, causing the slave's tits to bulge out painfully like two large cantaloupes waiting to be plucked. A pair of clothespins followed on her now-stretched nipples. Finally, a hook lowered from above was clipped onto the ropes between her breasts, then hoisted up, drawing the punished slave up onto her toes. The guest sat down, victorious, and watched her suffer for the beginning of what would be a full hour. Had the guest lost, she herself would have been subjected, by agreement, to the same ordeal.

Behind Rose, several holding cages confined other slaves, awaiting their turns as punished prizes. One of them held the slave Nubia.

She, as the others, was naked, her shackled hands fastened above her to the top of the cage to permit an unobstructed view of her body. She shuddered in fear, observing what was, even for the Casino, a fairly severe assortment of payoffs by the other slaves. And she was doubly afraid: she had had several verbal run-ins with Rose, and she truly feared what Rose could inflict upon her. At the same time she resented Rose who had needlessly abused her verbally and physically on several occasions.

A woman came to play accompanied by her husband. Nubia shuddered again as the woman laid out her proposal.

"The loser will be suspended upside-down by spread ankles, have her cunt and ass filled by large dildos and have her breasts whipped while sucking the cunt of the winner."

Rose chuckled, and said, "How about that black cunt in the first cage?"


Nubia shook, realizing the ordeal to come. To make matters worse, her only protection from torture was now Rose's own card play, a poor ally under the circumstances.

The game ran close. Nubia was not yet proficient at poker, but she knew a winning hand. Incredibly, on the last hand, she saw Rose pick up a hand with three queens and discard two of them!

"You rotten bitch!"

Nubia was livid with rage, and she forgot her training altogether. The hand finished, the guest was victorious and Rose went to the cage to discipline Nubia and set her up for the payoff.

Rose unlocked the cage and freed Nubia's hands. "Turn around, pig, so I can cuff your hands!"

"You cunt-sucker! You took a dive on that last hand, just to set me up!"

"Watch it, slut. You've already earned some punishment by refusing an order and mouthing off. Don't get in any deeper, or I'll..."

Nubia didn't wait to hear out the threat. She swung her now-freed open hand, slapping Rose full in her face. Seconds later, they rolled across the floor, Rose's clothes dropping in a trail behind them as Nubia clawed at her. The guests were pleased at the performance, anticipating a most enjoyable punishment scene at its conclusion.

"What is the meaning of this?!"

The floor supervisor's unexpected presence caused them both to freeze in position. Neither wanted to be punished for fighting. Rose quickly broke the silence. "This cunt refused a command for a payoff, then assaulted me!"

"Yes, Rose, she did. And you've been provoking her now for two weeks. Yes, I've got you both on tape, and I've anticipated this for quite some time. And also, Rose, you are supposed to play to win. Why did you discard your winners?"

Now, Rose was also dumbfounded. Suddenly, she realized she was almost naked. She still wore her panties and part of her bra, leaving one breast fully exposed. The floor wore the rest of her clothes.

"Handcuff them both!" To Rose's shock, she and Nubia were both shackled, wrists behind their backs. Rose's remaining rags were torn from her body.

"Nubia, you will be punished for disobedience and for striking an employee. Rose, you will also be punished, for unethical card-play and needlessly provoking a slave. You have both offended the guest; therefore, your punishments will start with both of you paying off this winner, as planned. String them up!"

As the two women moaned in disbelief, their already cuffed wrists were strapped to the small of their backs leaving their asses exposed. Ankle shackles were fixed in place and leg spreaders attached, separating their ankles well over three feet apart. They were laid down, then hoisted up by an eyebolt at the center of their leg spreaders until their heads cleared the floor by over two feet.

Nubia, having experienced several ordeals of this type before, began sobbing quietly. Rose, without the experience but understanding well the pain to come, screamed.

The supervisor gently caressed both cunts with her hands. "Time to stuff some turkeys!" She checked Nubia's computer records and ordered up the appropriately large phalluses that would fill her ass and cunt. Since Rose had not been sized, she had to be fitted as she hung.

Rose's ass was first. Starting with a moderate sized dildo, six inches long and an inch in diameter, Rose groaned loudly at the first invasion of her ass. "Not quite large enough. Give me a seven hy one and a quarter." The larger dildo was f***ed in, renewing Rose's groans.

Her cunt was next. Trying three times, she was eventually stuffed with an eight by one and three quarter inch b**st and her crotch-strap was locked on, securing both rubber cocks in place. It would effectively function as a chastity belt as well, as it covered her clitoris.

With both women properly stuffed and hanging, the guest stepped forward to begin collecting her winnings. She was given a small but vicious cat-o-nine tails. "We suggest a warmup tit-whipping first, perhaps a dozen strokes on each pig. Then, why not alternate between the two as they suck you, and we'll allow some additional punishment for the one who fails to get you off."

The guest stood between the hanging girls. She swung first at Nubia with a hard, brutal stroke to both her breasts. Even with Nubia's prior experience, her screams were quite moving.

A stroke to Rose's tits followed, equally vicious, equally accurate. Rose, however, was clearly not Nubia's equal in the tolerance of pain and torture. Her scream was desperate, continuous and punctuated with pleas for mercy.

The guest continued her strokes, alternating between the two girls. By the time she finished, both girls' breasts were severely welted and they were both begging for relief.

The guest looked to the supervisor and said, "Give me a signal every five minutes." A nod was given in response; a stopwatch was started. She stepped before Nubia and pulled the slave's head up between her legs by the hair. Holding her hair in her left hand, she swung the cat wlth her right, slicing across the delicate flesh at the bottom of the slave's breasts, bringing forth rnore screams. "Now, pig, show me what kind of cunt-sucker you are!"

Nubia's face was pulled f***efully and painfully into the guest's cunt by her hair. Worse, the whipstrokes to her tits continued unabated, causing her lip and tongue service to be interrupted every few seconds by her involuntary screams.

Five minutes passed. The guest relaxed her grip on Nubia's hair and she hung limp, suffering. Now, Rose would be tested.

She, in turn, had eaten pussy before and she knew what was expected. The whip, however, was not part of her experience. Her screams were bl**d-curdling as the cat tore into her unprotected tits. The pain from the whipping left her with little strength to use her mouth properly.

Another five minutes passed. Again, Nubia served with her lips while her breasts were whipped. Now, however, the guest held the slave's hair in both hands, her back to the hanging girl's body as the supervisor wielded the whip.

The switches continued every five minutes, as did the cunt-sucking and the breast whipping. The payoff lasted a full hour. At its conclusion, Nubia had brought the guest to two orgasms while Rose produced only one.

They hung, cunts and asses filled, spread wide open, their heads pounding in their inverted suspension. The welts rose dramatically on their breasts; each girl had received the equivalent of thirty minutes of continuous tit-whipping.

The supervisor received the guest's official report on the girl's suck service, but chose to withhold that information from the two momentarily. "Let's let them hang there for awhile, while I plan the next steps in their punishment. In the meantime, to punish the loser. . . " She held out a pair of weighted nipple clamps. Both girls, with their tits already severely whipped, recoiled at the sight of them, knowing that one would soon be wearing them. The supervisor made several moves toward each of them, generating more groans of fear, until she finally took Rose's poor tits in hand and fastened the clamps to her nipples.

"A-a-argh! Please, no-o-o!" Rose cried, pleaded, begged. She only succeeded in arousing some of the guests. Nubia, better trained, understood. She hung in relative quiet, only sobbing occasionally in the pain of her suspension.

They hung side by side for another full hour. When they were finally released, they were exhausted and broken. All traces of their previous anger were forgotten, in deference to the much greater threat of their continuing punishment.

Rose's clamps were released. Their ankles were shackled with a foot of chain; they were both collared and leashed. The supervisor brought them to her desk in one corner of the Casino's main room where Nubia's training Mistress awaited them.

They knelt in fear as their fates were decided. Finally, the Mistress addressed them.

"Nubia--you still don't realize your position as a slave. Anyone, anyone at all who is not shackled as you are, may command you to do anything. If their commands are unjust or disallowed by any of our rules, we will intervene and punish anyone issuing such a command ourselves. You must simply obey. Clearly, you think you still have the rights of a free person, are above unfair abuse, are too proud for some services. To aid your memory, you will do three full days in the public restrooms, complete with mouth wedges and head straps. You will remain in position day and night for the full three days except for two brief breaks each day to be fed and exercised. You will not be allowed to bathe, but will wear the filth for the entire period. You will be whipped reguarly as you serve, every hour on the hour. That punishment will start now!"

Nubia moaned, "Oh, no-o-o-o...", as she was dragged out. Minutes later, she was already drinking her first load of piss.

Rose, in the meantime, was petrified. Much of the slave punishments she knew about. What Nubia would endure went far beyond most of what she had seen. But she herself was no slave. She had little or no experience being whipped or abused. Unfortunately, she had little time to explore those fears.

"Rose--you seem to see yourself as above it all, having an advantage which enables you to sidestep the rules for your own needs. It's time that was corrected.

"First, you will continue to do your two four-hour shifts per day. But to ensure your awareness of your vulnerability, you will deal at winner's tables for the next week . . . "

She shuddered at this. Now, she would be f***ed to pay off all her losses personally, regardless of how severe they became. Worse, she would be playing at an artificial disadvantage of about twenty percent, which would guarantee her paying off about two thirds of everyone who sat at her table.

"To remind you of your responsibilities as well as your position, you will be denied the use of clothing for the full week. You will work, play, eat and sl**p stark naked, and you'll be fitted with collar and chains to serve as your uniform."

Rose hung her head in shame. Public exposure humiliated her. Even managing her dancers at the club was in itself a form of sadism for her. Now, she would be f***ed to expose her own body and wear slave's chains to boot.

"Still, that's not enough. You don't yet understand slavery. To handle slaves, you must be able to wear their chains, experience life from their point of view. To this end, you will do a third four-hour shift each day, serving as a slave serves and at the same pay scale. Some days, you will be bound naked on display. Some days, you'll be set up to suck off guests, or be ass-fucked, whatever is needed by the house. Perhaps, after a week, you'll learn to appreciate what a slave has to endure."

Rose did not beg and plead. She broke down and cried. Her face still bore the juice frorn the customer she serviced. Now, her tears mixed with the juice, and her hands, still fastened at the small of her back, could not wipe away those tears as they rolled down her face and onto her welted, naked breasts.

Nubia's experience for the following three days merits little note as it has been described earlier. Suffice it to say she spent the entire time bound to her T-bar, drinking piss and sucking off all comers, male and female alike. Every hour on the hour, her Mistress came in and wordlessly administered a dozen strokes with a cat-o-nine tails on her bound body. Twice a day, she was released from the bar, fed and allowed to use a traditional toilet. She slept, when she could, in her bondage.

Rose's experience proved much more interesting. To begin with, she had gotten used to dealing in a situation where she was in control. She was clothed provocatively but still covered. She was free from restraints and could many tirnes dictate the win/loss conditions in her game. When she lost, she often had slaves available to take a share of her payoffs.

Now, in her punishment, she was naked and in chains; in fact, she was chained to her table. Rather than having slaves available, she had a Mistress near at hand to be sure she herself performed adequately.

At a normal Poker table, she drew last, showed her hand last and won any tie hands. Now, she lost those advantages, and her customers started with a six-card hand. In Baccarat and Blackjack, the situation was similar. She drew first, and all "Push" hands went to the guest.

Since "Winner's" tables were a rare event, available usually only when a dealer was under punishment, her table was invariably full with a line waiting. Most of the time, three out of her four seats beat her; frequently all four. The majority simply played for head, or a quick fuck in her cunt or ass. Many played for whipstrokes, or for slave-time to be used later.

One interesting idea came from a female customer. She selected a large dildo covered with spines equipped with a chastity harness which would hold it in place, covering her clitoris but leaving her ass exposed. The loser of the game would wear it for twelve hours and start the period sucking off the winner for an hour.

Rose protested to her Mistress, "..if I lost with this sort of stake, my cunt would not be available, and I would be unable to service the male guests properly."

"You will accept the stakes, cunt. If you lose, you will wear the dildo and you will use your mouth and ass to service your winners!"

Needless to say, she lost. The dildo was both painful and stimulating; she could not take a step without an audible gasp. Worse, it hurt her concentration on the other games and cost her even more losses. Indeed, her mouth and ass served well.

That evening, she was set up in the men's lounge for her slave stint. She knelt on all fours, bound in place, her mouth and ass available, her cunt still filled with her "Porcupine" friend as she began to call it. The worst part was when she was ass-fucked. The stretching of her ass caused her cunt to tighten up around the porcupine, teasing and torturing her but not allowing her to get off. Her moans were no problem to the men, though. Most of her four-hour shift was spent with her mouth filled with cock.

The next day's table shift had her losing at poker. After sucking off four men and two women, being ass-fucked by one man and then whipped by three of the guests, she began her bondage payoffs.

She was fixed in a hanging stick-behind-the-back tie, standing on her toes, her legs spread. Six or eight clothespins would keep each of her breasts in torment although her nipples were left unharmed for the two hour period.

In the later stages of her bondage, a female slave approached her, one which she had met but she could not remember where. The slave stood observing Rose for a couple of minutes, as Rose looked back, suffering. Finally, the girl reached out and gently brushed a hand over the clothespins, moving them, renewing Rose's pain. She then took one of Rose's nipples in her fingers and squeezed, hard.

Rose screamed, loudly, then looked back, pleading. The hand moved again, toward the other nipple, as Rose watched it helplessly, horrified.

Instead of squeezing, she caressed it, gently, sensuously, until Rose's arousal became obvious. The hand then went to Rose 's cunt, blatantly exposed. She fingered it lovingly, causing Rose's moans to deepen as her cunt juiced rapidly. The girl's eyes never left Rose's as she took in and enjoyed the bound girl's questioning frustration. Finally, with Rose's orgasm, she stopped, then transferred her now wet fingers to Rose's face, wiping them under her nose then placing them in her mouth to be cleaned.

Finally, the girl spoke: "Someday, I may be bound to a pole, and you may come by with a free hand in an idle moment."

Now, Rose remembered. Her first day, her orientation tour. With the girl's fingers still in her mouth, feeding her her own juices, she remembered. And now, she appreciated.

On Rose's third day, for her slave stint, she was brought to the restrooms and bound to a T-bar right beside Nubia. As Rose was being bound, Nubia had just finished drinking the piss of a male guest and was sucking him off. His wife awaited her turn. Nubia was visibly covered with piss and come. She looked and smelled like the toilet she had been for nearly three days. She was exhausted and totally broken.

Rose's shackles were locked in place; her head strap and mouth wedges were applied. With two days of near-enslavement behind her, she had been knocked down substantially from her proverbial high horse. But now, she was to be f***ed to depths she had barely imagined. Worse, she knelt beside Nubia, who bore the results of days of this duty already.

She watched Nubia swallowing from the male. He withdrew, and the female mounted Nubia's mouth. The piss came first; she watched Nubia swallowing, the guest's hands in her hair. Soon, she began pumping her cunt across Nubia's mouth, her lips and tongue doing what they could to serve.

Finished, the couple withdrew. Rose looked at Nubia's face and body. She sobbed, both in pain and humiliation. Even as a slave, it would be difficult to serve in a more degrading role than that of a toilet-mouth.

Nubia's face was soaked in various fluids, some of which ran down the sides of her mouth. Her hair was soaking wet, as was her body, covered with piss. Several spattered drops of male come were still visible on her breasts where the piss showers had not washed them away.

Her observations were broken by a pair of male guests walking towards her. They checked the complete files on both girls, then one said, "The black piss-mouth has been there awhile. But this white pig isn't even a slave! She's a dealer, and from the looks of her, she's still clean."

"Take her, then. This bitch is fine by me. So long as I can drop my piss and empty my balls, I couldn't care less..."

They began together. Rose's patron pushed his already erect cock into her wedged mouth. She began trying to use her lips and tongue to service him, but his piss-stream caught her by surprise. She groaned loudly, the piss running down her body. "Stupid cunt. You're supposed to swallow, not cry about it!" He picked up the small cat-o-nine tails provided, and gave her two quick, hard strokes, cris-crossing her chest, causing Rose to scream loudly. Nubia ignored her, busy sucking off her own guest.

Rose's patron plunged into her mouth again roughly and took her by the hair. "Now drink it, bitch, or I'll see to it that your duty gets worse!"

He started pissing again, immediately. The taste hit Rose like a brick wall. Worse, she now had to swallow, in the full view of other slaves, employees and guests.

His piss finished, his erection was gone. "Now, suck me hard and get me off, or I'll start laying the whip on your cunt!"

Crying now, Rose used what tools she had available to suck his cock. With her head strapped in place and her mouth wedged open, she had few tools indeed. He used her throat readily, without regard for her discomfort. He came on her face, then re-entered her mouth to be cleaned. Finished, he left, wordlessly.

Nubia's guest has already finished. Thru the corner of her eye, Rose looked at Nubia, who simply tried to rest, a tear dripping down from her eye through the piss drying on her face.

A pair of women were next. No words were spoken to the slaves. They laughed, d***k and happy as they approached. Skirts were hiked up revealing their un-pantied pussies, wet with juice. Both had been fucked and had been active throughout the day.

Rose's patron sat roughly on her face gripping her hair again in one hand. She tried to extend her tongue, but the woman sawed back and forth ignoring her efforts. Rose gave up and simply allowed her face to be used.

Without a pause, the woman began to piss. Half of it washed over her face, drenching her hair and covering her body. The rest found its way to her mouth, forcing her to swallow.

The sawing motion never stopped, during or after her piss. She continued, bringing herself to orgasm. Rose swallowed her juice, licking her soiled cunt when she could.

They left, still laughing, not even acknowledging that their toilets were in fact living, breathing women. Never had Rose felt so degraded, so used.

Again, she looked at Nubia, similarly used. Nubia, also, cried silently.

For a moment, they were idle. With both mouths f***ed wide open by the rubber wedges, talking was difficult. But it was not impossible.


The slave's eyes looked back.

"I'm sorry--I had no idea..."

Nubia looked, no emotion present in her response. She simply said, "Be a slave. Finish your punishment."

It suddenly occurred to Rose that she had indeed been thinking about herself as a slave since her punishment had begun. Wasn't she still an employee? She recalled words she heard exchanged on her first work day in the salon, when a supervisor chewed out the beautician who had tied her and abused her.

"I'm not a slave, you know."

"That could change easily, here. Would you prefer to do the full twenty-four hours you bet in the restrooms?"

She herself was not a slave. Had her status changed? And what of Nubia? She, already a slave, was bound here as a toilet mouth for three days of near continuous duty. She wondered, could she herself survive such an ordeal?

There was no time left to wonder. Two couples entered approaching them. All four carried near-empty beer steins. Her duty, and Nubia's, was about to resume. Before the first cock entered her mouth, she dropped her eyes down to her severely welted breasts where another of her tears landed.

Her lesson had been learned. But, how much longer would her learning have to continue?

The cock drove into her throat, obliterating the thought again.... Continue»
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Chapter I

I WAS BORN, BUT WOULD KNOW HOW TO SAY NO HOW, when or where, and therefore I allow the reader to accept this statement of mine and who creates it while you think. Another thing is also certain: the fact of my birth is not even an atom less true that the veracity of these reports, and if the intelligent student deepens these pages wondering how it happened that in the course of my journey through life -Or maybe I should have said I jumped for her endowed with intelligence, powers of observation and memory retentive powers that allowed me to keep the memory of the wonderful events and discoveries that I will relate only I can answer that there are intelligences unsuspected by the vulgar, and natural laws which existence has not been discovered yet by the most advanced scientists world. I heard somewhere that my destiny was to spend my life sucking bl**d. In no way am the least of the beings who belong to this fraternity universal, and if I have a precarious existence in the bodies of those with whom I come in contact, my own experience shows that I do in a remarkably quirky, and I do my business a warning that rarely offer other beings in other grades in my profession. But my belief is that pursue goals noble than mere support of me through contributions unwary. I've noticed that my original defect, and with a soul that is far above the vulgar beings instincts of my race, I've been climbing heights mental perception and scholarship that put me forever in the pinnacle of greatness in the world of insects. It is the fact of having achieved such enlightenment mind that I want to evoke the describe the scenes I witnessed, and in which even took part. I have to stop to explain by what means was endowed with human powers of observation and discernment. Let it be allowed simply to notice, to through my speculations, that I own, and proceed accordingly. In this way you will realize that I am not a flea vulgar. Indeed, when taking into account the companies I'm used to frequent, the So I led familiarity dealing with the highest personalities, and how that I became acquainted with most of them, the reader will no doubt agree with me that, indeed, I am the most wonderful and eminent insects. My first memories I rolled back to a time when I was in the inside a church. There was music, and you could hear a slow and monotonous chants I filled with surprise and admiration. But I have since learned to calibrate the real importance of such influences, and attitudes of devotees take them now external manifestations of internal emotional state, usually nonexistent. It was delivered to my professional work in white plump leg of a girl of about f******n, the taste of bl**d which I still remember, as well as the scent of her ... but I digress.
Page 2
2, page 107 Shortly after beginning as quiet and friendly to my small attentions, the young as well as the rest of the congregation rose and left. As naturally, I decided to accompany her. I have very keen senses of sight and hearing, and I could see how, in the when crossing the porch, a young man slid into the gloved hand girl a folded sheet of white paper. I had perceived as the name Bella, measured soft embroidery on silk that initially attracted me to me, and I could see that this name also appeared on the outside of the love letter. He was with his aunt, a tall and stately lady, with whom I was not interested to enter intimate relationships. Bella was gorgeous barely f******n, and perfect figure. Despite their youth, their sweet budding breasts were beginning to acquire proportions as those placental opposite sex. The accused face a candor charming, his breath was soft as the perfumes of Arabia, and his skin was velvet. Bella knew, of course, what their charms, and stood her head so proudly and coquettishly as she could do a queen. Not difficult to see that aroused admiration to observe the glances of longing and lust youth addressed to him, and sometimes men and more mature. Outside the temple there was a general silence, and all faces turned to look at the beautiful Bella, demonstrations spoke better than words that was most admired by all eyes, and the most desirable for the hearts male. However, without paying any attention to what was evidently an event of every day, the little lady walked briskly to his home, accompanied by his aunt, and upon reaching his abode neat and elegant hurried to his room. I will not say I followed, since he was with her, and I could see how the young gentle rose one of her exquisite legs to cross over the other in order to unfold the tiny stylish k** boots. I jumped on the carpet and I examine it. He followed the other boot, without aside a another his plump calves, Bella stared folded the letter I noticed that the young man had secretly placed in his hands. Watching it all up close, I could see the curves of her thighs that deployed up to the garters, secured, get lost then the darkness, where they met either at the point where they met with a lovely low belly to almost block the view of a thin slit peach, barely peeped his lips in the shadows. Bella suddenly dropped the note, and having stayed open, I took the liberty of also read. the unwary. I've noticed that my original defect, and with a soul which is well above the vulgar beings instincts of my race, I have been climbing heights of mental perception and scholarship that put me forever in the pinnacle of greatness in the world of insects. It is the fact of having achieved such enlightenment mind that I want to evoke the describe the scenes I witnessed, and in which even took part. I have to stop to explain by what means was endowed with human powers of observation and discernment. Let it be allowed simply to notice, to through my speculations, that I own, and proceed accordingly.
Page 3
3, page 107 In this way you will realize that I am not a flea vulgar. Indeed, when taking into account the companies I'm used to frequent, the So I led familiarity dealing with the highest personalities, and how that I became acquainted with most of them, the reader will no doubt agree with me that, indeed, I am the most wonderful and eminent insects. My first memories I rolled back to a time when I was in the inside a church. There was music, and you could hear a slow and monotonous chants I filled with surprise and admiration. But I have since learned to calibrate the real importance of such influences, and attitudes of devotees take them now external manifestations of internal emotional state, usually nonexistent. It was delivered to my professional work in white plump leg of a girl of about f******n, the taste of bl**d which I still remember, as well as the scent of her ... but I digress. Shortly after beginning as quiet and friendly to my small attentions, the young as well as the rest of the congregation rose and left. As naturally, I decided to accompany her. I have very keen senses of sight and hearing, and I could see how, in the when crossing the porch, a young man slid into the gloved hand girl a folded sheet of white paper. I had perceived as the name Bella, measured soft embroidery on silk that initially attracted me to me, and I could see that this name also appeared on the outside of the love letter. He was with his aunt, a tall and stately lady, with whom I was not interested to enter intimate relationships. Bella was gorgeous barely f******n, and perfect figure. Despite their youth, their sweet budding breasts were beginning to acquire proportions as those placental opposite sex. The accused face a candor charming, his breath was soft as the perfumes of Arabia, and his skin was velvet. Bella knew, of course, what their charms, and stood her head so proudly and coquettishly as she could do a queen. Not difficult to see that aroused admiration to observe the glances of longing and lust youth addressed to him, and sometimes men and more mature. Outside the temple there was a general silence, and all faces turned to look at the beautiful Bella, demonstrations spoke better than words that was most admired by all eyes, and the most desirable for the hearts male. However, without paying any attention to what was evidently an event of every day, the little lady walked briskly to his home, accompanied by his aunt, and upon reaching his abode neat and elegant hurried to his room. I will not say I followed, since he was with her, and I could see how the young gentle rose one of her exquisite legs to cross over the other in order to unfold the tiny stylish k** boots.
Page 4
4 page 107 I jumped on the carpet and I examine it. He followed the other boot, without aside a another his plump calves, Bella stared folded the letter I noticed that the young man had secretly placed in his hands. Watching it all up close, I could see the curves of her thighs that deployed up to the garters, secured, get lost then the darkness, where they met either at the point where they met with a lovely low belly to almost block the view of a thin slit peach, barely peeped his lips in the shadows. Bella suddenly dropped the note, and having stayed open, I took the liberty of also read. "Tonight, eight o'clock, I'll be in the old place." They were the only words written on paper, but apparently had a particular interest to her. since remained at the same position for some time in thought. He had me curious, and eager to know more about the interesting young, which gave me the pleasant opportunity to continue in such a pleasant promiscuity, I rushed to remain quietly hidden in a secret place and comfortable, if somewhat damp, and went not out of it, in order to observe the development of events, until it approached the time of the appointment. Bella is dressed with meticulous care, and prepared to move to garden surrounding the cottage where he lived, went with her. At the end of a long avenue shaded girl sat on a rustic bench, and waited the arrival of the person I had to meet. They did not spend more than a few minutes before the submission of the young that the morning had gotten in touch with my delightful girlfriend. They struck up a conversation, yes I judge by the abstraction therein made of all that did not relate to themselves, had a special interest both. It was dusk, and we were between two lights. Little air was blowing warm and comfortable, and the young couple remained entwined in the bank, forgetting everything that was not his mutual happiness. You do not know how much I love you, Bella murmured the young man, gently sealing his declaration deposited with a kiss on the lips she offered. -Yes, I know, 'she replied innocently. Do not you telling me constantly? I'll get tired of hearing that song. Bella shook her pretty feet uneasily, and looked thoughtful. - When'll explain and teach all those fun things that I've spoken? She finally asked, with a glance, then return to nail the at the floor.
Page 5
Page 5 of 107 'Now,' said the young man. Now, dear Bella, that we are alone and free from interruptions. You know, Bella? We're not just k**s. Bella nodded her head. 'Well, there are things that c***dren do not know, and that lovers must not only know, but also practice. - Good God! She said, very serious. - Yes he continued his companion. There are among those who love secret things that make them happy, and that is because of the joy of loving and being loved. - God! Bella exclaimed. How sentimental you gone, Carlos! Yet remember when you said that sentimentality was just a hoax. -I thought so, until I fell for you, 'said the young man. - Nonsense! 'Said Bella. But let's go ahead, tell me what I yi have promised. -I can not say whether I while I do not teach Carlos replied. The skills you learn watching only the practice. - Come on, then! Go ahead and show me! Cried the girl, whose bright eyes and burning cheeks credible discover she had perfect knowledge of the claiming class instruction. In his impatience had a something captivating. The young man gave in to this attractive and, covering his body with the beautiful young lady, put his lips to hers and kissed enthralled. Bella did not resist, on the contrary collaborated returning the caresses of her loved. Meanwhile the evening progressed, the trees disappeared after. darkness, and extended their high tops and to protect young people against the fading light. Carlos suddenly slid next to her and made ​​a slight movement. Without opposition from Bella spent his hand under the girl's petticoats. Not satisfied with the enjoyment that caused her to have her reach her ​​silk stockings, tried to follow above, and their inquisitive fingers came in contact with the soft, trembling meats girl's thighs. The rate of respiration of Bella rushed to the attack on their delicate little charms. He was, however, far from resisting; undoubtedly pleased him the exciting romp. -Touch it murmured. I'll allow it.
Page 6
Page 6 of 107 Carlos did not need another invitation. Actually was about to move on, and capturing at once the scope of the permit, inserted his fingers deeper. The girl opened her thighs complacent when he did, and immediately his delicate hand reached her pretty pink lips crack. During the next ten minutes the couple stayed with glued lips, forgetting everything. Only his breathing betrayed the intensity of the sensations that embargaba in that intoxication of lust. Carlos felt a delicate object acquired stiffness under his nimble fingers, and sticking in a way that was unknown. At that time Bella closed her eyes, and dropping her head back is shivered slightly, while its lightweight devenía languid body, and his head seeking support on the arm of her beloved. - Oh, Kay! He murmured. What are you doing? What delicious sensations provide me! The boy did not remain idle, but having already explored all that allowed f***ed posture it was in, got up, and realizing the need to satisfy the passion that his acts had awakened his companion begged him allowed to drive his hand toward a beloved object, which it said was capable of make you much more pleasure than her fingers had given him. Nothing reluctant, Bella grabbed a delicious new object, and whatever it simulating experienced curiosity, or because it really felt transported by newborns desires could not refuse to carry the shadow to light the object of his erect friend. Those of my readers who have found themselves in a similar situation may quickly understand the heat set to wield the new acquisition, and the look of welcome with which hosted its first public appearance. It was the first time Bella watched a male in full manifestation of power, and even if it was so, I could see comfortably was of formidable size. What he incited to deepen their knowledge was the whiteness of his red trunk and head, which was pulling the soft skin as she pressure exerted. Carlos was also softened. His eyes sparkled and his hand was youth traveling the treasure which had taken possession. Meanwhile romps the little hand on the youth member who had contacted had produced effects commonly observed in circumstances at any agency healthy and vigorous, like the case that at hand. Enraptured by the gentle pressure of the hand grips and delicious sweets, and inexperience with the girl threw back the folds covering the lush fruit, to uncover her head turned red with desire, and her tiny hole in waiting for the opportunity to expel the slimy offering, the young man was crazed
Page 7
7, page 107 lust, and Bella was new and rare prey sensations being dragged towards a passionate whirlwind of excitement that made ​​her crave an outlet unknown. With her ​​beautiful eyes closed, lips parted her moist, hot skin and angry because of the unknown impulse that had seized him, scapegoat was for anyone who had the opportunity this time. and would achieve their favors and their delicate pink snatch youth. Despite his youth. Carlos was not so blind as to let out as brilliant opportunity. Besides his passion, now at its highest, urged him to go ahead, against the advice of prudence that would otherwise have heard. Found very wet throbbing center stirring under his fingers; stared at the beautiful girl lying on an invitation to the game of love, observed his deep sighs, that made ​​her breasts rise and fall, and the strong emotions sensual who gave life to the radiant forms of his young companion. The soft and perky girl's legs were exposed to the passionate looks young. As he carefully lifted her underwear, Carlos discovered the secret charms of his lovely companion, until his eyes fell on the flames Member logs topped in white throbbing hips and belly. His fiery gaze fell then at the center of attraction in the pink cleavage hidden beneath a mound plump, just shaded by the most Soft hairs. The tingling that had been administered, and dispensed caresses the object coveted, had caused moisture flow usually happens to excitement, and Bella offered a slit antojábase a peach, well sprayed by the best and sweetest lubricant that nature can offer. Carlos caught his opportunity, and pushing gently hand she clutched the Member furiously launched on the recumbent figure of her. He seized his left arm with her ​​small waist, hugged girl's cheeks with his warm breath, his lips pressed against hers in a long, passionate and urgent kiss. After releasing his left hand, tried to gather as bodies possible in those parts that play an active role in the sensual pleasure, anxiously striving to complete the union. Bella felt for the first time in his life the magic touch male organ with the lips of her pink hole. As soon as I felt the hot thick head contact member Carlos shook perceptibly, and in anticipation of the pleasures of the acts venereal, gave a generous sample of his susceptible nature.
Page 8
Page 8 of 107 Carlos was enraptured, and endeavored to find the highest perfection in the consummation of the act. But nature, which had so influenced the development of the sexual passions Bella, had arranged, that something had to be done before it was cut as tempranero a cocoon so easily. She was very young, immature, even in the sense of these monthly visits signal the onset of puberty, and parts, even though they were full of perfections and freshness, were ill-prepared for the admission of members male, even as moderate as that, with his round head intruder, they fought at that time to seek accommodation in them. Carlos struggled in vain with his excited member pressing inward the delicate parts of the adorable little girl. The pink folds the narrow hole resisted all attempts at penetration in the mystic grotto. In vain also the beautiful Bella, at that time swollen by an excitement that bordered on anger, and semienloquecida by tingling effect and had suffered, seconded by all means the bold efforts of his young lover. The membrane was strong and fiercely resisted. Finally, in a desperate effort to achieve this objective, the young man stepped back for a moment, to launch later with all his f***es forward, so it was able to break through drilling in the obstruction, and advance the head and part of his hardened member in sex girl lying under it. Bella let out a little scream as she felt f***ed the door that led to their secret charms, but how delicious the contact gave him strength to endure pain with hope of relief that seemed to be about to arrive. It has been said that ce n'est qui coute le premier coup, but also be argued that is perfectly possible that il quelquejois trops cautious, as the reader can infer me in this case. Nevertheless, and as strange as it may seem, none of our lovers had no idea about it, then handed over entirely to the delicious sensations had seized them, united their efforts to carry out movements burning they both felt that they would take them to an ecstasy. Bella's whole body shook with impatience delusional, and her red lips telltale short exclamations escaped the supreme delight, was delivered in body and soul to the delight of coitus. His muscle contractions in the weapon that that time the had already skewered, strong hug that held the contorted boy's body, the narrowness of the wet delicate sheath, set like a glove, all Charles senses excited to madness. He buried his instrument to the root in her body, until the two balloons Champion supplied reached masculinity contact the firm cheeks her buttocks. He could not go further, and gave himself to reap the harvest of their efforts.
Page 9
Page 9 of 107 But Bella, insatiable in his passion, as soon as he saw made ​​complete union They wanted, surrendering to lust for pleasure that hot rigid member has provided, was too excited to care or worry about what could happen next. Possessed by crazy spasms of lust, is squeezed against object of his pleasure and, taking up the arms of his beloved, with muffled moans intense emotion ecstatic squeals of surprise and delight, I let out a heavy issue that, looking out, flooded Carlos testicles. As soon as the boy could see the pleasure he sought to beautiful Bella, and warned the flow so profusely had bestowed upon him, was dam also a fit of lustful rage. A raging torrent of desire seemed to flood him veins. His instrument was completely buried in the bowels of it. Leaning back extracted burning almost to the head member and sink again. She felt a tingling grating, maddening. Tightened the hug that kept him attached to his young lover, and in the same instant he snatched another cry of pleasure escaped from her heaving chest, felt his own panting on the breast of Bella, while shedding within its matrix grateful a torrent of youthful vigor. A muffled groan of lust satisfied escaped Bella's lips parted, to feel inside seminal fluid spill. At the same time the lustful frenzy tore issuing Carlos a piercing scream and passionate as he lay with eyes, as the final act of the drama sexy. The cry was the signal for a break so sudden and unexpected. Between next shrub branches slipped the sinister figure of a man standing stood front of the young lovers. The horror froze the bl**d of both. Carlos, who had been sneaking of their lewd and warm shelter, and a stand effort, backed by the appearance, as though fleeing from a dreadful snake. Meanwhile the gentle Bella, as soon as he noticed the presence of the intruder covered his face with his hands, shrugging at the bank who had been mute witness to his enjoyment, and unable to make a sound because of fear, prepared to wait out the storm that was sure to break out, to face, to her with all the presence of mind to was capable of. It lasted much uncertainty. Fast forward to the guilty pair, the newcomer took the young by the arm, while a hard look authoritative ordering him to put order in his clothing. - Boy reckless! He muttered. What did you do? To what extreme passion you dragged your crazy and wild? How can you face the wrath of your offended father? How apaciguarás his just resentment when I, in the exercise of my moral duty, you do know the damage caused by the hand of his only son?
Page 10
10, page 107 When he finished speaking, keeping Carlos still attached by the wrist, the light Moon discovered the figure of a man of about forty-five, short, fat and rather stout. His face, frankly beautiful, was even more attractive as a result of a pair of bright eyes, black as jet, launched in around him looks grim passionate resentment. He wore clerical dress, whose gloomy appearance and cleanliness were further highlight its remarkable proportions muscle and its striking appearance, Carlos was completely confused, and felt selfish and infinitely relieved when the fierce intruder turned to his young libidinous joys companion. 'As for you, poor girl, I can only express my utmost horror and me righteous indignation. Forgetting the precepts of our Holy Mother Church, without you have for the honor, has allowed this perverse and presumptuous boy test the forbidden fruit. What's left now? Scorned by friends and dumped household your uncle, you have to associate with the b**sts of the field and. like Nebuchadnezzar, will be eluded yours to avoid contamination, and have to beg on the roads the Lord a miserable livelihood. Ah, c***d of sin, creature given to lust and Satan! I tell you ... The stranger had gone so far in his warning to the unfortunate girl, who Bella, leaving her attitude shrunken and arose, tears and entreaties joined in demand pardon for herself and her young lover -Say no more, followed after. the fiery priest. Say no more. The confessions are not valid, and humiliation only add mud to your offense. My mind does not succeeds to realize what my obligations in this dirty business, but if he obeyed the dictates of my present inclinations I would route directly to your custodians natural to make them know immediately the infamies that I discovered by chance. -; By mercy! Pity me! Pleaded Bella, whose tears ran by doing little cheeks had shone with pleasure. - Forgive. father! Forgive us both! We will do everything in our hands as penance. They say six masses and many Fathers borne by we certainly will be undertaken the pilgrimage to the tomb of St. Engulfo, which I were talking the other day. I am willing to make any sacrifice if you forgive my dear Bella. The priest silenced with a gesture. Then he took the word, sometimes in a pious tone that contrasted with his manner and his natural drive resolved. - Enough! She said. I need time. I need to invoke the aid of the Blessed Virgin, unfamiliar e] sin but without experiencing the pleasure of carnal copulation mortals, gave birth to the baby Jesus in the stable at Bethlehem. Come and see me tomorrow sacristy, Bella. There, in the proper enclosure, I will reveal what the divine will about your sin. As for you, young impetuous, I reserve all judgment and all action until the next day, which I hope at the same time. Thousands of thanks came from the throats of the father both penitents when they warned that they should leave now.
Page 11
11, page 107 The night had long since fallen, and the dew rose. -Meanwhile, good night, and may peace be with you. Your secret is safe with me until we meet again, 'said the father before disappearing.
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12, page 107 Chapter II CURIOUS TO KNOW THE DEVELOPMENT OF A adventure that was truly interested, at the same time that the fate of the gentle and kind Bella, I felt obliged to stay with her, and so I was careful not bother you with my attentions, not to arouse their resistance and trigger a untimely attack at a time when for the success of my goals needed to be in their own field of operations of the young. Do not try to describe to the hard time spent my young charge in the range the time elapsed since the occurrence of the annoying discovery of father confessor and the time appointed by him to visit him in the sacristy, in order to decide on the fate of the unfortunate Bella. Unsteadily and stared at the floor, the frightened girl appeared before it's door and knocked. The door opened and the father appeared in the doorway. In a sign of the priest Bella walked, standing in front of the imposing figure of the holy man. There was a awkward silence that lasted for several seconds. The father Ambrose finally broke it to say: -You did well to come so promptly, my daughter. The strict obedience penitent spirit is the first sign that leads to divine forgiveness. At these kind words Bella took a deep breath and seemed to download a weight that oppressed his heart. Father Ambrose continued talking while sitting on a long cushion covering a large oak chest. 'I thought about you, and has prayed for you, my dear. During some time I found a way to let my conscience free from guilt, unless the Visiting your natural protector to reveal the awful secret that involuntarily I came into possession. He paused, and Bella, who knew very well the severe nature of his uncle, who also depended entirely, trembled to hear such words. Taking her hand and pulling her so she had to kneel before him, while his right hand pressed her shapely shoulder, continued Father: -But I think it hurt the dreadful results that would have followed to this revelation, and asked the Blessed Virgin assist me in this tribulation. She pointed a path at the same time serving the purpose of the sacred church avoids
Page 13
Page 13 of 107 consequences should the fact that come to the attention of your uncle. Without But the first condition necessary for us to follow this path is the absolute obedience. Bella, relieved of their distress when he heard there was a way of salvation, promised in the act blindly obey the orders of his spiritual father. The girl was kneeling at his feet. Father Ambrose bowed his great head over the prostrate figure of her. A tint of her cheeks flushed and strange fire his eyes lit up. His hands trembled slightly when supported on shoulders of his penitent, but did not lose his composure. Undoubtedly his spirit was troubled by the conflict born of the need to move forward with the implementation strict duty, and tortuous steps that sought to avoid her cruel exposure. The Holy Father began after a long sermon on the virtue of obedience, and absolute submission to rules issued by the minister of the holy church. Bella reiterated the assurance that it would be very patient and to obey all that was ordered. Meanwhile it was clear to me that the priest was the victim of a spirit controlled but rebellious, sometimes sticking in his person and totally seized it, reflected in his eyes twinkling and his passionate and fiery lips. Ambrose's father drew more and more of its beautiful penitent, until their cute arms rested on his knees and leaned his face down with pious resignation, almost sunk in his hands. -And now, my daughter, continued the holy man's time of to reveal the means that I have been identified by the Blessed Virgin as the only that I am authorized to absolve the offense. There are spirits who have been entrusted with the relief of those passions and demands that most of the servants of the church have forbidden to openly confess, but that certainly need to meet. Found these few chosen from those who have gone the way of carnal relief. A confers them solemn and sacred duty to mitigate our earthly desires religious community, in strict secrecy. In a voice trembling with emotion, and while its extensive hands descended shoulder of the girl to her waist, the father whispered: -For you who've tried the supreme pleasure of copulation, is indicated recourse to this sacred office. In this way not only you will be erased and forgiven sin committed, but you can enjoy these delicious legitimately ecstasy of those insurmountable feelings of such entrancing that at all times find in the arms of his faithful servants. You will swim in a sea of ​​sensual pleasures, without incurring the penalties resulting from illicit love. Follow Absolution each drop of your sweet body to give to the church through its ministers, and you will be rewarded and supported in your pious work by contemplation-or better said Bella, by participation in them-of the intense and fervent emotions that the delicious enjoy your beautiful person has to lead.
Page 14
Page 14 of 107 Bella heard the insidious proposition with mixed feelings of surprise and pleasure. The powerful and lascivious impulses of his ardent nature awoke in the act to the description given to his fertile imagination. How do you hesitate? The pious priest complacent body came to her and planted a long and warm kiss on her pink lips. -Holy Mother Bella murmured, feeling more and more excited your instincts sex. It's too much for you to bear it! I would like to ... I wonder ... I do not know what to say! -Innocent and sweet creature. It's my mission to instruct. In my person find the best and most suitable tutor to perform the exercises dc from now on have to perform. Ambrose's father shifted. At that time Bella warned at a time first his burning gaze of sensuality and discover almost caused fear. It was also at that moment when he realized the huge bump towered in front of the pope's cassock. The priest just excited because the job took to conceal their status and their intentions. Taking the beautiful girl in his arms, kissed her long and passionately. She pressed her soft body against his bulky person, and strongly attracted to contact increasingly intimate with her graceful figure. At the end, consumed by lust, lost his temper, and leaving Bella partially released, opened the front of his robe and left exposed to the astonished eyes of his young penitent without a blush, a member whose gigantic proportions, erection and stiffness was left completely confused. It is impossible to describe the feelings aroused in Bella by the sudden discovery that formidable instrument. His gaze was fixed on it instantly, while the father, warning his amazement, but discovering that he had not any mixture of alarm or fear, what quietly placed in his hands. The make contact with such a tremendous thing Bella took a terrible state of excitement. Because until then had seen only moderate member Carlos proportions, so remarkable phenomenon quickly woke her most of the lewd sensations, and seizing the immense object the best he could with his little hands were approached him repossessed by a truly ecstatic sensual delight. -Good God! This is almost heaven! Bella murmured. Oh, father, who had I thought it was going to be chosen for such bliss! This was too much for Father Ambrose. I was delighted with the lust of his cute penitent and the success of his infamous trick. (In fact, he had planned it all,
Page 15
15, page 107 facilitated the interview because of the young, and with it the opportunity to be ardent surrender their games, hidden from everyone but him, who crouched near the site of the event to watch with glittering eyes the bout love). Light up quickly lifted the body of the young Bella, and placing on the cushion on which he sat up just before his plump legs and apart as he could his complacent thighs, stared for a moment delicious pink slit appeared white under belly. Then, without a word, moved his face to her, and by her impudent tongue so deep as could in the wet pod sucking so deliciously Diose, Bella, in a large passionate ecstasy, and rocked her young body by spasmodic contractions of pleasure, ejaculated abundantly, broadcast engulfed the Holy Father as if it were a pudding. There followed a moment of calm. Bella lay on his back, arms extended on both sides and head thrown back in an attitude of delicious exhaustion after violent emotions provoke by lecherous reverend proceed. His chest heaved still under the v******e of their transport, and their beautiful eyes remained narrowed in languid repose. Ambrose's father was of the few men able to control their instincts passion in circumstances such as these. Continuous standby patience habits proposed to achieve the objects, the use of the toughness in all his actions, and the conventional caution own order to which he belonged, had not deleted by however complete his fiery temper, and although naturally incompatible with the priestly vocation, and desire so violent that fell out of the ordinary, there learned to control his passions to mortification. It is time that the veil descorramos the true character of this men. I do it respectfully, but the truth must be told. Ambrose's father was the living embodiment of lust. His mind was actually delivered to satisfy, and strong a****l instincts, his ardent and vigorous constitution, like its untamed nature, identified him with body image and mental satyr of antiquity. But Bella only knew him as the Holy Father not only forgave him his serious crime, but also speaks opened the way by which he could go without sin, to enjoy the pleasures that had so firmly fixed in his youthful imagination. The priest dared extremely pleased with the success of a scheme that had lustful placed in his hands a victim and also the extraordinary sensuality the nature of the young, and the obvious delight with which he indulged in the satisfaction of their desires, was available at the time to reap the fruits of his fraud, and unspeakable enjoyed the idea that I would have all the delicate charms Bella could offer to mitigate their frightening lust. At last it was his, and while withdrawing from her trembling body, preserving still on his lips the sample had had involvement in pleasure
Page 16
16, page 107 experienced by her, his cock still swollen and stiff, had a head glowing because of the bl**d pressure and hardening of the muscles. As soon as the young Bella had recovered from the attack just describe, inferred by his confessor in the most sensitive parts of his person, and raised head tilted position when resting, her eyes returned to stumble upon the great the parent trunk kept shamelessly exposed. Bella could see the mast long thick white, matte black and curly hairs which emerged, ranging rigidly upward, and the egg-shaped head that excelled in the end, red and bare, and seemed to invite the touch of his hand. He contemplated that thick and stiff muscle mass and meat, and unable to resist the temptation took her back in her hands. He squeezed, squeezed, and slid back the folds of skin that covered for observe the large nut that crowned. Amazed, he watched the hole that appeared in its end, and taking it with both hands held him, throbbing with his face. - Oh. father! What a wonderful thing! He exclaimed. How great! Please Father Ambrose, tell me how I should proceed to relieve our holy ministers Religious of those feelings that you claim both uneasy, and even pain are cause! Ambrose's father was too excited to answer, but taking the her hand with his innocent taught the girl how he had to move his fingers back and forth in his great object. His pleasure was intense, and Bella did not seem to be lower. He kept rubbing his cock between the soft palms of her hands, while innocently gazed his face. After quietly asked if it would gave great pleasure, and if so what further action was as he did. Meanwhile, the great Ambrose father's penis grew fatter and even more by effect of tickling exciting that subjected him the girl. -Wait a minute. If you keep rubbing it so I said I'll come by softly. Better still a bit slow it. - Do come, daddy? Bella asked eagerly. What does that mean? - Ah, my sweet girl, so adorable for your beauty as for your innocence! How divinely carry out your lofty mission! Ambrose exclaimed, delighted to abuse the apparent inexperience of his young penitent, and might well envilecería. Cum means completing the act by which you can enjoy in full of venereal and involves the release of a large amount of thick white fluid inside the thing you hold in your hands, and being expelled provides equal pleasure to that reveals that the person who, in the way it is, the recipient. Bella reminded Carlos and his ecstasy, and immediately understood what the father meant. - And this spill would provide relief, father?
Page 17
17, page 107 'Of course, my daughter, and therefore I wish to offer an opportunity for me proportions that relief benefactor, as blessed sacrifice of one of the humblest servants of the church. - What a delight! Bella murmured. On my run this rich work stream, and is only me who the holy man that ending book enjoyable. What happiness I provided so that we can cause such bliss! After passionately express these thoughts, bowed his head. The object of their worship exhaled a perfume difficult to define. She put her wet lips on its upper end with his adorable mouth covered the small hole, and then kissed ardently glistening member. - What do you call that fluid? Bella asked, raising once again his cute face. --- It has several names, 'replied the holy man. It depends on the social class that of the person that you mention. But between us, my daughter, will call milk. - Milk? Bella innocently repeated, releasing the erotic word for between her sweet lips, with an anointing that in those circumstances it was natural. 'Yes, my c***d, the word is milk. Or so you would like to call him. And soon will flood you with this essence so precious. - What I have to receive it? Bella asked, thinking of Carlos, and the tremendous relative difference between your instrument and the giant penis in those moments before it. -There are several ways to do this, all of which you have to learn. But now there are well accommodated for the main acts of the venereal rite, copulation allowable already discussed. Therefore must be replaced by another means simpler, so instead you download this essence called milk inside your body, taking into account that the sum of a narrow slit would lead to flow with extreme wealth, start with friction through your fingers obedient, until the approximate time when the spasms that accompany issuance. Arrived the moment, at my sign will take between your lips as fit in them to the head of this object. until, expelled the last straw, I retired satisfied, at least temporarily. Bella, whose lustful instinct had been allowed to enjoy the description by confessor, and he was as eager as himself to fully implement the bold program, quickly expressed their willingness to please. Ambrosio once again placed his huge penis in the hands of Bella. Excited both by sight and by contact remarkable object, having grasped between both hands with real pleasure, she gave tickle, rub and squeeze the Member huge and stiff, so the licentious priest gave the greatest enjoyments. Not content with friccionarlo with her delicate fingers, Bella, letting out words of devotion and satisfaction, took the foamy head to her pink lips, and
Page 18
Page 18 of 107 introduced as far as he could, hoping to provoke with his touches and the soft caresses of his tongue the delicious ejaculation should occur. This was more than I had hoped the holy man, and never guessed it would well find a willing disciple for irregular proposed attack. Awakened the most of the delicious tingling sensation that was receiving, preparing to flood the mouth and throat of the girl with the flow of its powerful download. Ambrose began to feel that it would soon come crashing, which would end his pleasure. It was one of those exceptional beings whose abundant seminal ejaculation is much greater than that of normal individuals. Not only was endowed with the unique gift of being able repeat the venereal act with short intervals, but the amount he finished his pleasure was so tremendous as unusual. The glut seemed to be related to the proportion who had been awakened their a****l passions, and when his libidinous desires had been long and intense, as semen emissions were equally. It was in these circumstances that the sweet Bella had undertaken the task of making torrents contents escape man's lust. It was to be her sweet mouth receiving the thick and viscous torrents that so far there had experienced, and ignorant of the results was how anxious relief was administered, the beautiful maiden wanted the consummation of his work, and the milk spill that had spoken the good father. The lush thickened and inflamed member increasingly, as the Bella's lips exciting anchurosa preyed his head and his tongue toyed around the small hole. His white hands ductile deprived him of his skin, or tickled alternatively its lower end. Twice Ambrosio retired head of his cock in the pink lips girl, no longer able to withstand the wishes of coming to the delicious contact of the thereof. Bella Finally, impatient at the delay, and having apparently peaked of perfection in technique, pressed more strongly than before the stiff dart. Instantly there was a stiffness in the limbs of the good father. Her legs opened wide on both sides of his penitent. His hands convulsively grasped the cushion. Your body is projected forward and straightened. - God! I'm going to come! Exclaimed while his lips parted and glassy eyes cast a last look at his innocent victim. After shuddered deeply, and with wailing and hysterical screams interspersed his penis, due to the provocation of the girl, began to expel thick torrents viscous fluid.
Page 19
19, page 107 Bella, realizing for the jets one after another flooded his mouth and sliding down his throat and by the cries of his companion, that he enjoyed the maximize the impact of what she had caused, continued sucking and squeezing until that filled viscous downloads and semiasfixiada for its abundance, was f***ed to syringe that human release continued ejaculating his jizz on her face. - Holy Mother! Cried Bella, whose lips and face were flooded with milk the father. What a pleasure it has brought me! And you, my father, do not you have provided the precious relief needed? Ambrose's father, too busy to answer, attracted to the gentle girl into his arms, and compressing his lips dripping with the covered wet kisses of gratitude and pleasure. A quarter of an hour at rest quiet, no sign of trouble came outside to interrupt. The gate was under lock, and the father had chosen his moment well. Meanwhile Bella, terribly excited by the scene we have tried to describe, had conceived the extravagant wish that the rigid member Ambrosio carried out with the operation itself had suffered moderate gun Carlos proportions. Moving his arms around the neck of her confessor robust, tender whispered invitation words, observing, by doing so the effect causing the instrument that acquired and stiffness between his legs. -You told me that the narrowness of the slit-and Bella placed the broad hand of him about it, pressing it gently then you would download an abundant amount of milk that you possess. Why can I not, father, feel spill inside my body by the end of this red thing? It was obvious how much the beauty of the young Bella, and the innocence and naivete of his character, naturally inflamed the already sensual priest. Known winner, have her absolutely powerless in her hands, delicacy and refinement of the girl, all conspired to awaken their full licentious instincts and unbridled desires. She was his, his to enjoy it at will to suit his any whim of his terrible lust, and was ready to surrender to the most unbridled sensuality. - By God, this is too much! Exclaimed Ambrose, whose lust, again on, again assail violently to such a request. Sweet girl, not know what you ask. The disproportion is terrible, and suffer too to try. -I will endure all Bella replied as long to feel this terrible thing within me, and like the jets of milk. - Holy mother of God! It's too much for you, Bella. You have no idea of ​​the measures of this machine, once inflated, adorable creature, would swim in an ocean of milk hot.
Page 20
20, page 107 - Oh daddy! What heavenly bliss! -Undress, Bella. Take off anything that might hinder our movements, which I promise to be extremely violent. Fulfilling the order, Bella quickly stripped his clothes and looking please his confessor with the full display of their charms, so that his cock to lengthen in proportion to what they show in their nakedness, stripped off to slightest undergarment to be as he came into the world. Father Ambrose was stunned at the sight of the charms that offered to his view. The breadth of her hips, the buds of her breasts, the snowy whiteness of their skin, soft as satin, the roundness of her buttocks and thighs resounding, the flat white belly with his lovely mountain, and, above all, the lovely cleavage pink underneath it stood, peering timidly between the logs thighs, caused him to be launched on the girl with a roar of lust. Ambrosio caught his victim in his arms. She pressed her soft body dazzling against his. He covered her lustful kisses, and giving vent to his licentious language promised the girl all the joys of paradise by introduction of its major appliance inside your vulva. Bella greeted these words with a cry of ecstasy, and when your excited r****t laid her on her back and felt swollen anchurosa and gigantic penis head pressing the hot, wet lips of her almost virginal hole. The holy man, finding pleasure in the feel of his penis with hot lips Bella the vulva, began to push in with all his might, until the large tip nut filled moisture sensitive secreted by the sheath. Enfervorizaba Passion Bella. The efforts of Father Ambrose for hosting the head of his cock between the wet lips of her slit rather than deter the spurred into madness, and finally, uttering a faint cry, leaned viscous forward and blew the tribute of their lascivious temperament. This was exactly what I expected the shameless cure. When the sweet and hot issue developed greatly flooded his penis, pushed resolutely, and a introduced single blow half his voluminous appendix inside the beautiful girl. As soon as Bella felt impaled by member dreadful entry in the inside her tender body, lost what little control he retained, and forgetting the pain suffering wrapped her legs around the back of him, and encouraged her not huge invader keep considerations. -My tender and sweet girl murmured the lascivious priest. My arms will around, my gun is sunken halfway into your belly. Soon they will be for you the joys of paradise. -I know, I'm sorry. Do not get your back, give me the delicious object far can.
Page 21
Page 21 of 107 'Here, then. Push, squeeze, but I am too well endowed to easily penetrate you. You might burst. but now it is too late. I have to possess ... or die. Parts of Bella relaxed a little, and Ambrose was able to penetrate a few centimeters more. His throbbing member, wet and naked, had traveled halfway to inside the girl. His pleasure was intense, and the head of his instrument was deliciously sheath compressed by Bella. Go ahead, Father. I'm waiting for the milk that you have promised. The confessor did not need this encouragement to induce him to put into action all copulatory tremendous powers. Frantically pushed forward, and with each new effort plunged his hot penis in, until finally, with a powerful blow it buried to the testicles inside Bella's vulva. This furious brutal introduction by the priest was more than his fragile victim, animated by their own desires, could bear. With a faint cry of physical distress, Bella announced that his r****t had overcome all resistance to his youth had opposed the entry of his cock, and the torture of the f***ed introduction of the mass erased the feeling of pleasure that had initially supported the attack. Ambrosio gave a cry of joy when contemplating the beautiful prey your snake had bitten. He enjoyed the victim was impaled by his huge ram. He felt the contact with inexpressible pleasure maddening. He saw the girl shudder anguish of her ****. His impetuous nature had awakened entirely. What Pasare passeth, enjoy to the fullest. So in his arms the body of the beautiful girl, and entertained to the full extent of his huge member. -Beautiful mine, you're really inviting. You also have to enjoy. I'll give you I was talking about milk. But first I have to wake my nature with this lustful tingling. Kiss me, Bella, and then you will. And when I let my hot milk to youth go into your bowels, you will experience the exquisite pleasure that I am I felt. Squeeze. Bella! Let me also pushing, my girl! Now enters Again, Oh ...! Oh ...! Ambrose stood for a moment and saw the huge piston because of which Bella the cute slit was at that time extremely relaxed. Firmly embedded in that pod lustful and deeply savoring sum narrowness of the warm folds of flesh in which was embedded, pushed without worry about the pain that caused his member, and only anxious to obtain the maximum delight possible. There was a man who was to dwell on such cases to false concepts of piety, at the time pushed inward as much as possible, while sprinkled feverishly kissing the trembling lips open and poor Bella. For a few minutes there was no sound Another thing that panting and shaking the lecherous priest was given to be satisfied, and the glu-glu of his immense penis when alternately in and out of the sex of the beautiful penitent.
Page 22
Page 22 of 107 Presumably not a man as Ambrose ignore the tremendous power of enjoyment might raise his cock in a person of the opposite sex, or that its size and discharge capacity were capable of causing the most exciting emotions in young upon which was driving. But nature was asserting his rights also in the person of the young Bella. Dilation pain was soon tempered by the intense feeling of pleasure caused by the strong weapon of holy man, and soon the moans and groans of the cute little girl in the middle sounds mingle with muffled in the depths of his be, expressing his delight. - Father! Little Father, my dear and generous daddy! Pushing f***e, push: I can stand it. I desire. I'm in heaven. The blessed instrument has a head as hot! Oh, my heart! Oh ... oh! Blessed Mother, what do I feel? Ambrose saw the effect it caused. His own pleasure came in a hurry. It furiously wagging back and forth, entertaining Bella to each new ramming the whole length of his cock, sinking to the curly hairs covered his testicles. After, Bella could not resist, and gave the r****t snatched a warm emission around his rigid flooded. It is impossible to describe the frenzy of lust which at that time was seized the lovely young Bella. He clung desperately to stocky body priest, who entertained her voluptuous angelic body with all the strength and power of his manly thrusts, and lodged him in his narrow, slippery sheath to the testicles. But even in his ecstasy Bella lost sight of the perfection of enjoyment. The saint men had to expel his semen inside her, just as he had done Carlos, and Just the idea of ​​it added fuel to the fire of his lust. When, therefore, the Father Ambrose wrapped his arms around her slender waist, and sank to his penis hairs on the vulva stallion Bella, to announce sighing at last came the milk, the excited girl spread her legs all he could, and amid cries of pleasure received the jets of issue in their bodies vital. So he remained for two whole minutes, during which they were discharges happening, each of which was received by Bella with deep manifestations of pleasure, screams and contortions translated.
Page 23
23, page 107 Chapter III DO NOT BELIEVE THAT AT ANY OCCASION had to blush with more so than in this opportunity. And is that even a flea had to feel embarrassed at the perverse vision of what I just left up. A girl as young, so innocent-looking, and yet, as lascivious inclinations and desires. A person of freshness and infinite beauty, a converted mind flaming sensuality by the accidental course of events an active volcano of lust. Very well could exclaim with the poet of antiquity: 'Oh, Moses! "Or as the most practical descendant of the patriarch: "By the beard of the prophet!" No need to talk of the change that occurred in Bella after experiences reported. It was quite evident in his demeanor and behavior. What happened to her young lover, lamas I have bothered to find out, but I tend to believe that Father Ambrose stood outside those tastes so widely irregular have been attributed to their order, and also the boy was gradually induced, like his young friend give satisfaction the foolish desires of the priest. But back to my own observations regarding the pretty Bella. While a flea can not blush, they can see, and I set myself the obligation to entrust the pen and ink the description of all the passages amatory considered might be of interest to seekers of truth. We can writing, at least you can do this flea, because otherwise these pages would be under the eyes of the reader, and that is enough. It was several days before Bella found the opportunity to re- visit her clerical admirer, but he finally had the chance, and it goes without saying that she took it immediately. He had found a way to let you know that he intended to visit Ambrosio, and consequently the astute individual may have advance things for his cute guest as before. As soon as Bella found herself alone with her seductive threw herself into his arms, and seizing his great humanity against his frail body lavished the most tender caresses. Ambrosio was not begging to return all the warmth of his embrace, and so it happened that The couple met immediately delivered to exchange warm kisses, and reclining, face to face, on the chest padding to which we alluded above. But Bella was not going to settle for kisses only; wanted something more solid, by experience knew that the father could provide it. Ambrose was no less excited. His bl**d flowed quickly, his black eyes blazed the effect of uncontrollable lust, and the bulge that could be observed his habit clearly denounced the state of his senses.
Page 24
24, page 107 Bella warned the situation nor his anxious looks, nor his obvious erection, the father did not care to hide, could slip away. But he thought stoke mostly his desire, rather than appease. However, soon proved Ambrosio did not require higher incentives, and deliberately displayed his weapon, savagely dilated so that its single view Bella woke frantic desires. At any other time Ambrose had been much wiser to indulge, but this time their rowdy ways had exceeded its ability to control the desire to gloat as soon as possible in the boyish charms that were offered. He was already on his body. His great humanity completely covered her body. His erect member dug into the belly of Bella, whose clothes were collected waist. With a trembling hand came Ambrosio slit center object of his desire, eagerly took the hot tip into the open and crimson lips moist. Pushed, fought to enter .., and succeeded. The vast machine came slowly but firm. The head and the member were already inside. A few thrusts firm and resolute completed the conjunction, and Bella received in full length and excited immense Ambrosio member. The r****t lay panting on her, in full possession of his most intimate charms. Bella, within whose belly had settled that vigorous mass felt to maximize the impact of the intruder, warm and throbbing. Ambrosio meantime begun to move backward and forward. Beauty white arms twined around his neck, and curled her beautiful legs in silk on his back, seized most lust. - What a delight! Bella murmured, kissing his full lips overwhelmingly. More .. pushing f***e even more. Oh, how you f***e me to open up, and how long it is! How warm. when .., oh ... oh! He released a stream of their store, in response to the onslaught of man, at the same while his head fell back and his mouth opened in a spasm of intercourse. The priest was contained and paused briefly. The beating of his huge member sufficiently the state announced that it was, and wanted to extend their pleasure to the maximum. Bella pressed the terrible dart introduced to the most intimate of his person, and felt grow and harden even more, while his red head pressed his Youth matrix. Almost immediately after his heavy lover, unable to control for more time, succumbed to the intensity of feelings, and let out the torrent of your viscous liquid.
Page 25
25, page 107 - Oh, it comes from you! Cried the excited girl. I'm sorry to jets. Oh, Give me ....... more! Derramadlo inside me .., push again, pity I did not. . .! Oh, another blast! Push! -Desgarradme if you want, but give me all your milk! I spoke earlier of the amount of semen that Father Ambrose was able to shed, but this time is exceeded himself. Had been stored for about an week, and Bella was receiving at the time a current so tremendous, that this download seemed rather emitted by a syringe, that premature organ genitals of a man. Ambrose finally dismounted from his horse, and when Bella stood felt himself slipping back a stream of sticky liquid coming down for their plump thighs. Just had separated when the father Ambrosio opened the door leading to church, and appeared in two other priests portal. The pretense was impossible. -Ambrose said the older of the two, a man who would walk among the thirty and forty years. This is against the rules and privileges of our order, we have all kinds of games that are to be practiced in common. -Take it then the aforementioned grumbled. It's not too late. I was going to communicate what he had achieved when ... -. . . when the delicious temptation of this rose was too strong for you, friend our interrupted the other, seizing the astonished Bella as she spoke, and introducing his huge hand under her clothing to tempt the soft thighs her. 'I've seen all the through the keyhole gross whispered in her ear. You have nothing to fear, only want to do the same to you. Bella remembered that conditions had been offered solace in the church, and assumed that this was part of his new duties. Therefore remained in the newcomer's arms without resistance. Meanwhile his partner had spent his strong arm around the waist Bella, and covered with kisses the cheek of it. Ambrose looked all shocked and confused. That was how the girl was between two fires, to say nothing of the overflowing passion in the original possessor. In vain he looked at one and then another in demand for respite, or some means of escape from the predicament in which he found himself. Although it was completely resigned to the role that had reduced astute Father Ambrose, he was at that time invaded by a powerful feeling of weakness and fear of the new assailants.
Page 26
26, page 107 Bella did not read in the look of the new intruders rather than rabid desire, while impassivity of Ambrose made her lose any hope that the same were to offer the least resistance. Between the two men were walled and while who spoke first slid his hand up her pink pussy, the other lost no time in possession of the rounded cheeks of her buttocks. Between them, it was impossible to resist Bella. 'Wait a minute, after Ambrose said. Yes hasten to possess at least Strip her without spoiling their clothes, as apparently pretendéis do. -Undress, Bella-she went on. Apparently, we all have to share you, so prepare to be voluntary instrument of our desires common. In our convent other b*****rs are no less demanding than I, and Your task will not be in any way a sinecure, so you'd better remember all privileges when you are destined to meet, and accessories are to relieve these holy men of the pressing desires now you know how to soften. This raised the issue, there was no alternative. Bella was standing naked before the three vigorous priests, and raised a general murmur of admiration when in that state came towards them. As soon as he had taken the lead of the newcomers-the which obviously seemed to be the superior of the three-warned the beautiful nudity stood before his burning eyes, without hesitation he opened his cassock to put on long and wide freedom member, took her in his arms to the girl, put her in large chest back on the cushion, jumped on it, stood between her pretty thighs, and pointing his head quickly toward the rabid champion her soft hole, pushed forward to sink all the way to the testicles. Bella let out a small cry of ecstasy to feel impaled by this new and powerful weapon. For the man the entire possession of the beautiful girl supposed a moment ecstatic, and the feeling that his erect penis was fully buried in the body of She produced an indescribable emotion. Believed not to penetrate so quickly in their young parts, it did not take into account the lubrication produced by the flow of semen that had already received. The Superior, however, gave no opportunity to reflect, as Diose to attack with so much energy that his powerful thrusts from long produced their full effect in warm temperament, and almost immediately caused the emission sweet. This was too much for the profligate priest. I firmly embedded in the close slit was so tight you like a glove, as soon as he felt the warm issuance let out a loud grunt and furiously downloaded.
Page 27
27, page 107 Bella enjoyed the rush of man's lust, and spreading her legs as he received him in the depths of his heart, allowing him to satiate his lust discharges throwing his impetuous nature. The lustful feelings Bella stronger rekindled with the second and strong attack on his person, and her excitable nature received with exquisite pleasure the abundance of liquid that had spilled stalwart champion within. But, salacious as it was, the girl was exhausted by this constant current, and therefore received with dismay the second of the intruders he was about to occupy the newly abandoned by the superior. But Bella was astounded by the proportions of the phallus that the priest offered to her. He had not finished strip, and it emerged from the front one erect member to the size to the Father Ambrose had to give way. Among the emerging hair curls red meat the white column, topped by a bright red head, the hole seemed constrained to avoid a premature expulsion of juices. Two big hairy balls hanging from its base, and completed a painting in sight which began to boil again Bella's bl**d, whose youthful spirit was ready to disproportionate wage a new battle. - Oh, Father How can I ever hold so great thing in my little person? Asked grieving. How stand I will be once you are inside me? I fear that I will hurt terribly. -I'll be careful, my c***d. I'll slowly. Now you are well prepared for the juice of the holy men who had the good fortune to precede me. Bella tempted the giant penis. The priest was sinfully ugly, short and obese, but their backs looked like those of a Hercules. The girl was possessed by a sort of erotic madness. The ugliness of that man only served to accentuate your sensual desire. His hands were not enough to cover the entire thickness of the member. However, do not let go, I pressed and dispensed u*********sly touch that increased its rigidity. It seemed a steel bar between her soft hands. A moment later the third assailant stood above it, and the girl, almost as excited like father, impaling struggled with this terrible weapon. For some minutes the feat seemed impossible, despite the good lubrication she had received previous flooding from its sheath. After all, with a furious onslaught, introduced the enormous head and Bella launched a cry of pain. Another swoop and another, the unhappy brute, blind to everything that was not given satisfaction, was penetrating.
Page 28
28, page 107 Bella screamed in anguish, and made superhuman efforts to get rid of the wild attacker. Another attack, another cry of the victim, and the priest penetrated deep inside. Bella had fainted. The two spectators of this monstrous act of corruption appeared in principle be ready to intervene, but at the same time gave the impression of experience a cruel pleasure to witness this spectacle. And indeed it was, as it showed after his lewd movements and interest they put in observing the most minute of details. I'll take a veil over lust scenes that followed, on the shudders as the savage, sure to be in possession of the person of the beautiful young girl, slowly extended his enjoyed until his huge and fervent download this ecstasy ended and gave way to a range to restore life to the poor girl. The burly father had downloaded twice inside before removing your member long, flowing, and expelled semen volume was such that noise fell rhythmically to form a puddle on the wood floor. When Bella finally recovered enough to move around, could be the wash the many spills in their delicate parts were entirely necessary.
Page 29
29, page 107 Chapter IV IT TOOK SOME BOTTLES OF WINE, a rare harvest and stale, and Bella under her powerful influence was gradually regaining his strength. After an hour, the three priests felt that enough time had to recover, and again began to show signs of wishing to return to enjoy himself. Excited by the effects of wine as by sight and contact with their lewd companions, the girl began to draw from under cassocks members three cures. which were obviously amused by the scene, since no gave any sign of modesty. In less than a minute Bella had before the three large and upright objects. The kissed and played with them, sucking the rare fragrance emanating from each, and fingering those inflamed darts with all the eagerness of a consummate Cyprus. -Let us fuck piously exclaimed Superior, whose penis was in those times when Bella's lips. Ambrose sang 'Amen. The third church was silent, but his huge artifact threatened the sky. Bella was invited to choose their first assailant in the second round. Elected Ambrosio, but the Superior interfered. Meanwhile, secured the doors, the three priests stripped, thus offering Bella's eyes three vigorous champions in the prime of life, each armed membrudo them a dart that again emerged upright from the front, and ranged threatening. -Ugh! , Go monsters! Cried the girl, whose shame not kept him from going tempting, alternatively, each of those devices formidable. Then sat on the edge of the table, and one after another sucked their noble parts, circling with their warm tongues around the wet red slit. in which shortly before had appeased his lust. Bella was abandoned pleased with this game, and spread her legs he could to thank. -I suggest we suck one after another-proposed Superior. -Well said Father Clement confirmed the erection fearsome redhead. But until the end. I want to possess her once again. 'No way,' said the Superior Clemente. Already did twice, now have to pass through your throat, or settle for anything. Bella did not want in any way be subjected to another attack by Clement, so cut your losses conversation grabbing his massive member, and introducing the best he could of it between her pretty lips.
Page 30
30, page 107 The girl sucked gently up and down the blue nut, pausing occasionally to contain as much as possible within its wet lips. His pretty hands closed around the long and bulky dart, and gripped in a trembling embrace, while she watched the monstrous cock hardened increasingly intense effect sensations transmitted through his touches. Clemente did not take even five minutes to start throwing more howls resembled the cries of a wild b**st to the exclamations arising from human lungs, to stop expelling sperm in large quantities through the girl's throat. Bella dart skin removed to facilitate the issuance of the jet just the last straw. Clemente fluid was so thick and warm and generous. and jet after jet poured all the liquid in her mouth. Bella swallowed it all. -Here's a new experience on which I have to instruct you, my dear, 'said the Superior when then applied Bella her sweet lips to her ardent member. -You will find in it greater source of pain than pleasure, but the ways of Venus are difficult, and they must be learned and enjoyed gradually. -I will submit to all tests, Father, 'said the girl. Now I have a clearer idea of ​​my duties, and I know I'm one of the chosen to relieve good wishes of the parents. -Yes, my c***d, and receive in advance the quote godsend obey our smallest desires, to be bound by all our indications for seem strange and irregular. That said, took the girl in his strong arms and carried her once again padded chest, placing it ahead of him, so he left her naked and exposed beautiful buttocks to the three holy men. Then, standing between the thighs of the victim, said the head of his stiff member was the small hole between Bella rotund buttocks, and pushing her well lubricated weapon slowly began to penetrate his hole, of novel and unnatural way. - Oh, God! Bella cried. That is not the way. The-....... Please ...! Oh, by Please ...! Ah ...! Have pity! Ob, have pity on me! . . . Holy Mother! . . . I die! This last exclamation was torn by a sudden and vigorous onslaught of Superior, which resulted in the introduction of his cock to the root stud. Beauty felt he had gotten inside his body to the testicles.
Page 31
31, page 107 Turning his strong arm around her hips, pressed against his back, and began to rub against her buttocks as the member inserted into the rectum of her as he could penetrate. The pleasure palpitations were felt throughout the Member swollen, Bella, biting his lips, awaited the movements of male that he knew were going to start to take your pleasure to the maximum. The other two priests saw that with envious lust, while beginning a slow masturbation. The Superior, pleasure-crazed by the narrowness of this new and delicious sheath, flipped around Bella's buttocks until, with a final thrust, he filled his bowels with warm download. Then, while her body drew its member, still erect and steaming, declared that had opened a new route for the pleasure, and recommended that Father Ambrose exploited. Ambrose, whose feelings at that time should be better imagined that described, burning with desire. The show of pleasure they had experienced his b*****rs had caused gradually a state of erotic arousal peremptorily demanded satisfaction. 'Okay,' I cried. I introduce the temple of Sodom, while you be filled with your sturdy sentinel Venus. -Say rather that legitimate pleasure, 'said the Superior with a sarcastic grin . Be as you say. I am happy to again enjoy this narrow slit Bella lay still on her belly, up makeshift bed, his subsequent curves totally exposed, more dead than alive as a result of brutal attack that had just suffered. Not a drop of semen so abundantly had been poured into his dark niche was out of it, but underneath her slit distilling the mixture still emissions both priests. Ambrose held her. Placed by Superior thighs, Bella found with the call of the still vigorous red cock against her vulva. Slowly I led inward, sinking about it. Finally got fully, just the root. But now the Superior vigorous wrapped his arms around her waist, draw it on themselves and leave their extensive and delicious buttocks against the anxious member Ambrose, who was headed straight for the already well moistened opening between the two hills. Had to overcome the many difficulties that arose, but after the lewd Ambrosio felt buried within the bowels of his victim. Slowly he began to move backward and forward from the well lubricated channel. Retardé as possible their relief. and was able to enjoy the vigorous onslaught that the Superior Bella lunged ahead.
Page 32
Page 32 of 107 Suddenly, heaving a deep sigh, the Superior came to the end, and Bella felt her sex quickly invaded by milk. He could not resist and came abundantly, mingling his stroke with those of his assailants. Ambrose, however, had not wasted all their resources, and still keeping strongly the cute girl impaled. Clemente could not resist the opportunity offered by the fact that the Superior had retired to wash, and launched on Bella's lap to get almost immediately penetrate inside, now liberally bathed in viscous residue. With everything and it was huge red monster, Bella found a way to receive it and for a few of the minutes that followed not heard anything other than voluptuous sighs and groans of the combatants. At one point his movements became more agitated. Bella felt like that every moment was his last moment. The huge member Ambrosio was inserted into the rear duct to the testicles, whereas trunk giant Clemente foamed back inside her vagina. She was held by the two men, with your feet off the ground, and supported by the pressure, now the front, now behind, as a result of the attacks with that the priests entered their members excited by their respective holes. When Bella was about to lose consciousness, warned by the panting and Gross tremendous stiffness before him, that he was about to download, and a moments later he felt the warm flow injection sent the giant penis in viscous jets. - Ah ...! I come! Clemente cried, saying that Bella flooded inside, with great delight from it. - I also arrives! Cried Ambrosio, staying more in his powerful member, while throwing a jet of milk within the bowels of Bella. So both vomiting followed the prolific content of their bodies inside the Bella, which provided this double sense a real deluge of enjoyments. Anyone can understand that a flea average intelligence had to be shows disgust and unpleasant as I witnessed and I thought it was my duty to disclose. But certain feelings of friendship and sympathy for the young Bella urged to remain still in their company. The events came to me right and, as we shall see later, determined my movements in the future. They had not gone more than three days when young, at their request, met with the three priests in the same place.
Page 33
Page 33 of 107 This time Bella had paid much attention to his "toilette" and as result appeared more attractive than ever, wearing precious silks, adjusted k** boots, and gloves that were gorgeous tiny match the rest of clothing. The three men were enraptured at the sight of him, and received as warmly, soon his young bl**d flowed to her] face, inflaming desire. He locked the door immediately, and then fell to the ground cloths under Ion priests, and Bella found herself surrounded by the trio and subjected to the most diverse caresses, the members while staring shamelessly naked and threatening. The Superior was the first to come forward with the intention of enjoying Bella. Standing boldly before her took her in his arms, and covered with warm kissing her lips and face. Bella was so excited as he. Accessing your desire, the girl took off his underwear, preserving jobs exquisite dress, her silk stockings and cute booties k**. So he offered to the admiration and lewd fondling of parents. It was not long before the Superior, sinking deliciously on its recumbent figure, completely surrender their boyish charms, and was given to sink the narrow slit, with obviously unsatisfactory results. Pushing, pressing, rubbing against her, the Superior began delicious movements, which resulted in both their susceptibility awakening as his companion. He revealed his penis harder and harder and larger. - Push! Oh, pushes deep! Bella murmured. Meanwhile Ambrose and Clement, whose desire brooked no waiting, tried to possession of any part of the girl. Clemente put his huge member in her sweet hand, and Ambrose, without flinching, climbed on the hood and took the tip of his penis to her delicate bulky lips. After a moment assume Superior lewd stopped position. Bella looked over the edge of the box. Before her were the three men, each one with his erection, presenting arms. The head of the enormous apparatus Clemente was almost turned against his crass belly. Bella's dress was pulled up to her waist, exposing her legs and thighs, and between the pink and lewd crack in those moments reddened excited by the rapid movements in and out of the superior limb. - Wait! -Ordered it. We will bring order to our enjoyment. This beautiful girl has to give satisfaction to the three: it is therefore necessary that allowing us regulate our pleasures that can withstand attacks
Page 34
Page 34 of 107 desencadenemos. I for one do not mind being the first or the second, but as Ambrosio has been like an ass, and full of smoke penetrates all regions, I intend to go ahead. Since then, Clemente would take third place, and with his enormous member can halve the girl, and we shall waste our game. -The last time I cried was the third Clemente. I see no reason to I always make it last. Claim second place. -All right, so be-Superior said. You, Ambrose will share a nest slippery. 'I'm not under the strong ecclesiastical replied ....... If you go ahead, and Clemente has to be the second, passing in front of me, I'll attack the rear, and and pour my offering by other means. - Doing as you please! Bella cried. I will endure everything, but, padrecitos, hurry to start. Higher Again introduced his gun, insert that Bella received yet liking. I embraced him, hugged him and received his ejaculation jets with ecstatic passion on your part. Clemente presented below. His monstrous instrument was already between the legs plump young Bella. The disproportion was evident, but the cure was so strong and lusty as huge in size, and after several attempts violent and unsuccessful, he managed enter-is. and began to delve into the parts of member her with his mule. It is not possible to give an idea of ​​how the terrible proportions penis raunchy man excited the imagination of Bella, as vain would also try describe the frenzied passion awoke he skewered and relaxed feeling for the Father huge genitals Clemente. After a struggle that took a full ten minutes, Bella eventually receive this huge mass to the testicles, which were compressed against her anus. Bella spread her legs as much as possible, and allowed the gross enjoyed at will of her charms. Clement was anxious to end his delight, and took a room time to end their enjoyment by two violent discharges. Bella the samples received with deep delight, and mixed a copious emission him with the thick spills of lusty father. Just had withdrawn his monstrous member Clemente inside Bella, when it fell into the arms of Ambrose also powerful, According to what was stated above, Ambrose directed his attack to the buttocks, and barbaric v******e introduced throbbing head of his instrument between tender folds the rear hole.
Page 35
Page 35 of 107 Struggled in vain to host it. The broad head of his weapon was dismissed at each new assault, despite the brutal lust that was introduced, and the representing drawback that were standing. But Ambrose was not easy to defeat. He tried again and again, until one of accommodate their attacks got the tip of the penis into the delicious hole. Vigorous shaking got it to penetrate a few more inches, and a single thrust buried the lascivious priest got to the testicles. The beautiful buttocks of Bella exercised a special attraction on the lewd priest. Once penetration was achieved thanks to its brutal efforts, felt excited in the extreme, pushed the long, thick shaft inward true ecstasy, no matter the pain caused by dilation, provided to experience the delight that caused contractions of the delicate and youth her private parts. Cried Bella frightening to feel impaled by stiff brutal member r****t, and began a desperate struggle to escape, but retained Ambrose, passing his burly arms around her small waist, and managed to stay inside the Bella feverish body, unshaken in his effort invader. Step by step, committed to this struggle, the girl crossed the entire stay, without Ambrose left to have her impaled from behind. Naturally. this lewd show had come into effect on viewers. A burst of laughter came from the throats of those who began to applaud the vigor of his companion, whose face, red and contracted, testified extensively their leisure emotions. But the show aroused. addition to the hilarity, the wishes of the two witnesses. whose members began to show signs of that in any way considered satisfied. On your walk, Bella had come near Superior, which took her in his arms, circumstances Ambrosio took to begin moving his cock inside bowels of her intense heat which gave him the greatest of pleasure. The position in which they were put Bella's natural charms to match Upper lips, which instantly hit those, turning to suck in the wet slit. But the excitement caused in this way required a more solid enjoyment, so that, pulling the girl to kneel while he took his seat in his chair, he released his burning member, and quickly introduced into the her soft belly.
Page 36
Page 36 of 107 So, Bella found herself again in the crossfire, and the fierce attacks of the father The rear Ambrosio were complemented by the efforts of Fr torrid Superior in another direction. Both swam in a sea of ​​sensual delights: both were given in full delicious sensations experienced while his victim, punched ahead and behind by their thickened member had to withstand in the best way possible their movements excited. But still beautiful awaited another litmus test, as soon as the vigorous Clemente could witness the close conjunction of his companions, he was inflamed by passion, got into the chair behind Superior, and taking the head of poor Bella deposited his hot weapon in her pink lips. After advancing its tip, whose narrow opening apercibían premature and drops her into the beautiful mouth of the girl, as he qóce with her soft hand rub her hard and long trunk. Meanwhile Ambrose felt his limb effects introduced by front of the Superior, while the latter also excited by the rear action the father, was approaching the spasms that accompany ejaculation. However, Clemente was the first to download, and threw a large shower in the little Bella's throat. Followed Ambrose, who, leaning on his back, threw a flood of milk his bowels, at the same time as the Superior flooded her womb. So surrounded, Bella received the attached download three priests vigorous.
Page 37
Page 37 of 107 Chapter V T THREE DAYS AFTER THE EVENTS reported on pages preceding Bella appeared as rosy and charming as always in the room reception of his uncle. In the meantime, my movements were erratic, and that in no way was low my appetite, and any new face always has some appeal to me, that not for too long makes me residence in a single point. That was how I overheard a conversation that surprised me something, and I do not hesitate to reveal it is directly related to the events mean. Through her I learned the background and character of the wily subtlety Father Ambrose. I will not reproduce here his speech, as I heard from my vantage. Suffice to mention the main points of his presentation, and to report on their goals. It was said that Ambrose was unhappy and bewildered by the sudden participation of their brethren in the last of its acquisitions, and devised a bold and diabolical plan to thwart their interference, while for submission to him as completely alien to the maneuver. In short, and to that end, Ambrose went directly to Bella's uncle, and told him how he surprised his niece and her young lover in the embrace of Cupid, in the form that left no doubt that he had received the last witness to the passion of boy, and responded to it. By taking this step the evil priest presequía further purposes. Knew too well the character of the man I was, and also knew that a part important in their own real life was not entirely unknown uncle. Indeed, the couple understood perfectly. Ambrose was a man of strong passions, highly erotic, and the same happens with Bella's uncle. The latter had confessed thoroughly with Ambrose, and in the course of their confessions had revealed a wish so irregular, that the priest had no doubt accomplish any of that make him share the plan he had imagined. Mr. Verbouc eyes had long coveted secret to his niece. He had confessed. Now Ambrose provide evidence that opened his eyes to the fact that she had begun to entertain feelings of the same nature to the opposite sex.
Page 38
Page 38 of 107 Ambrosio's condition came to mind. It was his spiritual confessor, and asked advice . The holy man gave him to understand that his chance had come, and that it would ahead for both share the prize. This statement struck a chord in the character of Verbouc, which Ambrosio not ignorant. If anything could provide a real sensual pleasure, or put more charm to it, was to witness the act of carnal copulation, and then complete their satisfaction with a second hand penetration to ejaculation in the body's own patient. The pact was sealed well. We sought the opportunity to guarantee the necessary Secret (Bella's aunt was a handicapped who did not leave his room>, and Ambrose Bella prepared for the event that was to unfold. After a preliminary speech, in which he warned that one should not say word about their privacy before and after to inform him that his uncle had known, who know why duct, what happened with her boyfriend, was gradually revealing projects that had been developed. He even spoke of the passion that had awakened in his uncle, to tell then, quite simply, the best way to avoid deep resentment would show obedience to its requirements, whatever it may be. Mr. Verbouc was a healthy and robust constitution, which was about fifty years. As uncle who was always inspired him deep respect Bella, sentiment in which was mingled something of fear for his authoritative presence. It had taken care of her since the death of his b*****r, and always treated, if not with affection, not with detachment, albeit with reservations that were natural given his character. Obviously Bella had no reason to expect mercy from his part in a such occasion, even your relative find an excuse for it. I will not dwell on the first fifteen minutes, tears Bella's pregnancy with who received hugs too tender of his uncle, and the well deserved censure. The interesting comedy followed by numbered steps, until Mr. Verbouc placed his beautiful niece on her legs to reveal that purpose boldly had made to possess. You must not offer silly resistance, Bella, his uncle said. I will not hesitate nor aparentaré modesty. Simply this good father has sanctified the operation, so that possess your body just as you enjoyed your reckless buddy and your consent. Bella was deeply confused. Although sexy, as we have seen, and to an extent that is unusual in such a young age like yours, had been educated in within the strict conveniences created by the severe and repellent character of its relative. Everything horrible crime that he proposed appeared before his eyes. Not even the presence and the Father Ambrose alleged agreement could lessen the suspicion with which contemplated the terrible proposition that made him openly.
Page 39
Page 39 of 107 Bella shook in surprise and terror at the nature of the proposed offense. This offended her new attitude. The change occurred between the reserved and stern uncle, whose anger had always lamented and feared, and whose precepts was used to receive with reverence, and that ardent admirer, thirsting for the favors she had granted to another, the affected deeply, and disgustándola aturdiéndola Meanwhile Mr. Verbouc, which evidently was not willing to grant time to reflect. and whose excitement was visible in many ways, took his young niece in his arms, and despite his reluctance, he covered his face and throat passionate kisses and prohibited. Ambrose, to which the girl had gone to this requirement, not provided relief, but on the contrary, with a grim smile caused by emotion others, encouraging one with secret looks to move forward with the satisfaction of their pleasure and lust. In such adverse circumstances sc all resistance was difficult. Bella was young and infinitely impotent by comparison. under the firm embrace of relative. Born into a frenzy by contact and obscene caresses allowed, Verbone set out with renewed zeal to take possession of the person of her niece. Their preyed nervous fingers will the beautiful satin of her thighs. Another firm push, not Although Bella drought closing them firmly in defense of their sex, lewd hand reached the same rosy lips, and trembling fingers closed and separated the wet slit fortification defending his modesty. Until then Ambrose had not been more than a silent observer exciting conflict. But this point also came forward, and passing his powerful left arm around the girl's slender waist, locked himself in his right the two her small hands, which, like subject, easily left her at the mercy of lewd caresses of his kin. Out of charity, beg her, gasping for his efforts. Let go! It too horrible! It is monstrous! How can you be so cruel? I'm lost! -In no way are you lost pretty niece, 'replied the uncle. Only wakes the Venus pleasures reserved for his devotees, and whose love saved for those who have the courage Enjoy them while they are unable to do so. -I have been horribly deceived cried Bella, unconvinced by this ingenious explanation. I see it all clearly. What a shame! I can not permitíroslo. I can not! Oh, not at all! Holy Mother! Soltadne, man! Oh! Oh! -Estate Serene, You have to submit. Yes I may not otherwise I'll take it by f***e. So open those nice legs, let me feel the exquisite warmth of these soft and lascivious thighs, let me put my hand on this
Page 40
Page 40 of 107 divine womb ... Be still, crazy! At last you are mine. Oh, how I've waited for this, Bella! However, Bella still offered some resistance, which only served to excite abnormal appetite even further from his assailant, while still holding Ambrose firmly. - Oh, what a beautiful ass! Verbouc exclaimed, as he slid his intrusive velvety hands over poor Bella thighs and round cheeks caressed their backsides. Ah, what a glorious pussy! Now is everything to me, and duly celebrated at the appropriate time. - Let go! Bella shouted. , Oh. oh! These last gasps arose from the throat of the tormented girl while between the two men f***ed her to put her back on a sofa next. When it fell on him was f***ed to lie down, through the work of Ambrosio strongman, while Mr. Verbouc, who had raised her dresses to put the bare their legs in silk stockings and exquisite forms of its niece, it was back for a moment to enjoy the indecent exhibition Bella was f***ed to do. -Dude are you crazy? Bella cried again, while with his trembling limbs struggled in vain to hide the lustful displayed in all its nakedness crudeness. Please Let go! -Yes, Bella, I'm crazy, crazy passion for you, crazy with lust to possess you, for enjoy you, for my fill with your body. Resistance is futile. It is my will, and I will enjoy these cute charms; within this narrow and small case. While saying this, Mr. Verbouc was about the final act of i****tuous drama. He undid his lower garments, and without any consideration of modesty exhibited wantonly in the eyes of his niece's voluminous proportions and ruddy his excited member, erect and radiant, looked at her menacingly. A moment later he threw himself on his prey, firmly held on their backs by the priest, and applying his rampant weapon against the tender hole, tried to make the inserting one member conjunction long and wide proportions in the body of the niece. But ongoing body contortions cute Bella, disgust and horror that had seized it, and the inadequate size of their immature parts, impediments to effective were the guy who waited reach victory readily available, Never more ardently wished that in those moments contribute to disarm a champion, and tenderly by the cries of the gentle Bella, with the body of a flea, but with the soul of a wasp, I jumped in one leap to the rescue. Sinking my lancet on the cover sensitive scrotum was Mr. Verbouc question of a second, and had the desired effect. An acute sense of pain and itching will
Page 41
Page 41 of 107 were stopped. The interval was fatal, because a few moments later and thighs Beautiful young belly were covered by the liquid which attested the vigor of his i****tuous relation. Curses, not loud such, but from the bottom, followed this unexpected setback. The would-be r****t had to withdraw from his vantage position and, unable to continue the battle, withdrew the weapon useless. No sooner had Mr. Verbouc delivered his niece of the annoying situation in which was when Father Ambrose began to manifest v******e of their own excitement caused by the passive contemplation of the erotic scene. As she satisfaction meaning of the act, keeping fast hold of his powerful embrace Bella, his habit did not ask the front cover of your state of rigidity member had acquired. Their fearsome weapon, apparently disregarding the limitations imposed by clothing, pushed through them to appear lumpy, with its round bare head and throbbing by the desire of enjoyment. - Ah! cried the other, casting a glance at the relaxed lewd member confessor. Here is a champion who does not know defeat, I guarantee-and taking deliberately in his hands, he made himself with obvious delight handling. -; What a monster! How strong and how stiff is maintained! Ambrose's father got up, denouncing the intensity of his desire for the CIE1 on face, and placing the frightened Bella in better position, took his red bump on the wet opening, and proceeded to enter into with desperate effort. Pain, excitement and intense eagerness roamed the entire nervous system of the victim of their lust for each new thrust. Although this was not the first time the father had touched Ambrosio entries as it, covered with moss, the fact that his uncle was present, it unseemly of all the scene, the deep conviction-that for the first time he did this, the speaking deceit victim by the father and his selfishness, were elements that combined to stifle within those extreme feelings of pleasure had demonstrated so powerfully once. But Ambrose's performance gave him no time for Bella to think, because when feel the gentle pressure, like a glove, its delicate sheath, hurried to complete throwing conjunction with a few vigorous and skillful thrusts to bury his member on her body to the testicles. There was a barbarian refocilamíento range of fast connections and pressures, steady and continuous until a murmur in the throat of Bella announced that the nature claimed its rights therein, and that the fight had reached loving exquisite crises in which spasm of indescribable pleasure fast walking voluptuously nervous system, with the head thrown back, chapped lips and fingers clenched, his body became inherent rigidity these effects absorbents, in the course of which the nymph sheds his youthful essence to mix with the jets evacuated by her lover.
Page 42
Page 42 of 107 Bella's body contorted, his eyes glassy and his hands trembling, clearly revealed to his state, without betraying it also whisper laboriously ecstasy escaped her lips trembling. The entire mass of that powerful weapon now well lubricated, worked deliciously in their youth sides. The excitement was growing by Ambrosio moments, and his cock, hard as iron, each thrust threatening to download its viscous nature. - Oh, I can not take it anymore! I feel that milk comes, Verbouc! Have you fuck that. It's delicious. The sheath fits me like a glove. Oh! Oh! Oh! More frequent vigorous and powerful assaults-jump-a real robust submergence within the weak man figurine of her, a tight embrace, and Beautiful, with inexpressible pleasure, felt the warm shed her r****t injection in jets thick and viscous deep inside her tender insides. Ambrose withdrew his penis with evident reluctance steaming, exposing the shiny parts of the girl, of which flowed a thick mass of secretions. 'Well,' said Verbouc, on whom the scene had produced effects extremely exciting. Now it was my turn, good Father Ambrose. Have you enjoyed my niece under my eyes as he wished, and my faith has been well ****d. She pleasures shared with you, my predictions have been confirmed, can receive and can enjoy, and one can be fed into your body. Right. I'll start. At the end got my chance and now can not escape me. I will satisfy a desire long cherished. Appease this insatiable lust aroused in me the daughter of my b*****r. Member Observe, now raises his red head. Express my desire for you, Bella. Feel, my dear niece, how have hardened your uncle's testicles. Being filled for you. It is you who has made this thing has been enlarged and straightened both: are you that intended to provide relief. Discover your head, Bella! Easy, my girl; let me take your hand. Oh, cut the crap! No flushing or modesty. Without resistance. Can you notice its length? You have to get it all in that hot slit the father Ambrose just filled so well. Can you see the big balloons hanging by below, Bella? They are full of semen that I will download to enjoy yours and mine. Yes, Bella, in the womb of the daughter of my b*****r. The idea of ​​the terrible i****t proposed ana-day consummate fuel to the fire of arousal, and caused a sensation superabundant lewd impatience, revealed both its red appearance, such as dart erection which threatened the wet parts of Bella. Mr. Verbouc took security measures. There was, in fact, and as I had said, escape for Bella. She climbed on her body and spread her legs, while Ambrose kept securely fastened. The r****t arrival saw the opportunity. The way was open, thighs well separated whites, reds and wet lips pussy of pretty girl in front of him. I could not wait. Opening Lips sex of her niece, and the red head pointing his gun at the vulva prominent, is
Page 43
Page 43 of 107 moved forward, and pushed and screamed in plunged in sensual pleasure full length on Bella's stomach. - Oh, God! I'm finally in it! Verbouc shrieked. Oh! Ah! What pleasure! How beautiful it is! How tight! Oh! The Good Father Ambrose Bella grabbed more firmly. This made a violent effort, and let out a cry of pain and terror when felt the turgid member into his uncle who, firmly embedded in the warm person of his victim, began a rapid and spirited race for selfish pleasure. It was the lamb into the jaws of the wolf, the dove in the eagle's talons. No pity or care even by her feelings, above all attacked until, too soon for own lustful desire, with a cry of pleasurable trance, unloaded inside her niece a rich stream of her i****tuous fluid. Again and again the two enjoyed their unhappy victim. His fiery lust, stimulated by the contemplation of the pleasure experienced by the other, dragged the insanity. He soon tried to attack Bella Ambrosio her buttocks, but Verbouc, without certainly had his reasons for prohibírselos, opposed it. The priest, however. without self-conscious, he lowered his head to enter his huge tool from behind in sex it. Verbouc knelt in front to watch the event, which-with the conclusion Diose true delight-sucking lips well filled pussy of her niece. That night I went with Bella to bed, because despite my nerves had impacted by a dreadful crash, why is not my appetite had decreased and was a fortune that my young protege possessed not so irritable skin to chafe too much for my labors to satisfy my appetite naturally. The rest went to dinner with you I said my energies, and found a secure retirement and deliciously tender warm moss i covered the mound of the cute Bella, had it not been because, at midnight, a violent rampage came to disturb my decent rest. The girl had been held by a rugged and powerful embrace, and a heavy tamping humanity strongly her delicate body. A gasp went to the frightened her lips, and in the midst of their vain efforts to escape, and its not luckiest measures to prevent the consummation of the purposes of his assailant, I recognized the voice and the person of Mr. Verbouc. The surprise was complete, and after he had to be useless the weak resistance she could offer. His uncle, with feverish haste and terrible excitement caused by the contact with their velvety limbs, took possession of their most secret charms and prey to his lust hateful delved his rampant penis in her young niece. There followed a furious struggle, in which each played a different.
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Page 44 of 107 The r****t, also fired by the difficulties of his conquest, and by the exquisite sensations he was experiencing, he buried his stiff member in lewd cover, and tried through rush eager to facilitate copious discharge, while Bella, whose temperament was not wise enough to resist proof that violent and lascivious assault, tried in vain to contain the violent imperatives of nature awakened by the exciting friction, which threatened to betray him, until at last, with great trembling in his limbs and breath, he gave up and downloaded the overflow onto the dart filled as deliciously throbbing inside. Mr. Verbone was fully aware of the advantage of their situation, and changing tactics as prudent general, took good care not to expel all its reserves, and caused a further advance from your gracious opponent. Verbouc had no great difficulty in achieving its purpose, although the struggle seemed excite to frenzy. The bed rocked and swayed: the whole room vibrated with the trembling energy of his lewd attack, both bodies reared and rolled, becoming a single mass. An insult, fiery and impatient, took them to the limit on both sides. The did lunges, pushing, lunged, retreated to reveal the broad head flushed of his swollen cock with red lips in the warm parts of Bella, to sink then to the black hairs that were born in the womb, and tangled with the smooth damp moss covering the mound of her niece, until a sigh choppy betrayed the pain and pleasure of it. Again the victory had accrued to him, and while his vigorous member is sheathed until smooth roots in her body, a tender, painful scream off and spoke of his ecstasy when, once again, the spasm of pleasure ran through her system nervous. Finally, with a brutal grunt of triumph, unleashed a torrid stream viscous liquid in the back of the die of it. Owned by the frenzy of a newly born desire and still not satisfied with the possession of this beautiful flower, the brutal Verbouc turned the body of his semidesmayada niece, to expose their attractive buttocks. Its purpose was obvious, and it was more when, spreading her anus filled with milk sex, pushed his index as inside he could. His passion had come back to a fever pitch. Walked toward his penis rotund buttocks, and lying on his body encimándose, placed his shiny head on the small hole, then striving for venture into it. After he got his purpose, and Bella took her into his rectum in its entirety, the staff of his uncle. The narrowness your anus provided the same the greatest pleasure, and continued to work slowly back it forward for a quarter of an hour at least, after which time their acquired speech device rigidity of iron, and discharged into the bowels of his niece streams of milk. It was morning when Mr. Verbouc released his lustful embrace niece he had satisfied his passion, which slid achieved exhausted to seek shelter in
Page 45
Page 45 of 107 his trio bed. Bella, meanwhile, satiated and exhausted, he fell into a heavy sl**p, from which there woke up late in the day. When he came back to his room. Bella had experienced a change that does not mattered not struggled at all to analyze. The passion had taken possession it to form part of his character had awakened within him strong sexual emotions, and given them satisfaction. The refinement of the delivery to the themselves had generated lust, and lust had paved the way for the satisfaction of the senses without restraint, even unnatural inland. -Bella-almost an innocent girl until very recently-basin had become of Suddenly a woman of violent passions. slow and unstoppable lust.
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Page 46 of 107 Chapter VI READER NOT BOTHER WITH THE story of how it happened that one day I found myself comfortably hidden in the person of good Father Clement, nor I will stop to explain how it was that I was present when the same ecclesiastical confession received a stylish little lady of about twenty years of age. I soon discovered, by the course of their conversation, which although closely related with persons of rank, the lady did not have titles, but was married to one of the most wealthy landowners of the population. The names do not matter here. So this pretty suppress the penitent. After the confessor had given his blessing to end after the ceremony through which he had come into possession of the elite of the secrets of the young is-flora, nothing reluctant, he led the church aisle to the same small sacristy where he received his first lesson Bella coupling sanctified. He spent the lock on the door and no time was lost. The lady took off his clothes, and the burly confessor opened his robe to reveal his enormous weapon, which red head towered menacingly. No sooner realized this appearance, the lady took hold of the member, as one who takes possession by any means an object of delight that it is not by any means unknown. Her delicate hand gently squeezed the upright pillar that was one stiff muscle, while his eyes devoured in its entirety and its swollen proportions. -You have to stick it behind the lady, 'I said. In leorette. But you be very careful, so awfully big! The father's eyes sparkled in his redheaded Clemente stubborn, and its huge weapon was a jerky beat could lift a chair. A second later the little lady was kneeling on the chair, and the father Clemente, approaching her, lifted her fine white undergarments to leave disclosed a squat, rounded bottom, under which, half hidden among some plump thighs, were the red lips a delicious vulva, heavily shaded by clumps of brown hair that curled around it. Clemente did not wait more incentives. Spitting on the tip of his cock, placed his head in the wet warm lips and then, after many assaults and efforts, managed to make it go to the testicles. Delved more ... and more .. and more, until he gave the impression that the beautiful recipient could not support more without risk of damage to your vital organs, Entre both her face reflected the extraordinary pleasure he caused the gigantic member. Father Clement suddenly stopped. I was in until the testicles. His hairs frayed red and plump cheeks harassed the lady's buttocks. This was
Page 47
Page 47 of 107 received inside your body, in all its length, the sheath of the priest. Then encounter began shaking the bench and all the furniture of the room. Clinging with both arms around her frail body, the sexy priest flushed thoroughly in every stroke, without removing more than half of its length Member to penetrate better in each attack, until the lady began to shudder effect of the exquisite sensations that gave him such an assault Nature. Soon, his eyes closed and his head fall forward, poured on invading the warm essence of his nature, Clemente parent meanwhile kept inside triggering the sheath hot and every time your weapon more hardened, reaching resemble a steel bar solid. But everything has an end, and so had the pleasure of good priest, because after having pushed, fought, tight and shake with rage, his staff could not resist, and felt to reach the point of discharge of its sap, reaching in this way to ecstasy. I come at last. Letting out a cry sank to the root inside their member of the lady, and poured into her womb a rich stream of milk. It was all over, had spent the last spasm. Had been shed the last drop, and lay Clemente as dead. The reader will imagine that the good Father Clement would be satisfied with just this single coup that had just strike with such excellent effects, nor the lady, whose licentious appetites had been appeased so powerfully did not want and new skirmishes. On the contrary, this intercourse had only to wake up the both sensual faculties dormant, and again felt flame wake desire. The lady was lying on his back, his burly r****t pounced on her, and sinking your ram until hairs gathered both came again, filling his matrix a slimy stream. Still unsatisfied, the raunchy couple continued to their exciting hobby. This time Clement lay on his back, and the young lady, after fiddling lasciviously with enormous genitals, took the red head of his cock between her pink lips, the while stimulating him with pat maddening to achieve maximum tension, all with an avidity that ended up causing an abundant discharge of fluid thick and warm, this time filled his pretty mouth and ran down his throat. Then the lady, whose lust was at least equal to that of her confessor, was placed on the burly figure of it, and after having secured another huge erection, impaled in the beating dart to not expose anything more than big balls hanging hardened under the gun. Thus sucked until a fourth Clemente downloads. Heaving a strong smell of semen under the abundant ejaculations of the priest, and fatigued by the exceptional length of entertainment, Diose then comfortably contemplate the monstrous proportions and capacity were common than its giant confessor.
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Page 48 of 107 Chapter VII BELLA HAD A FRIEND, A DAMITA ONLY a few months older than she, the daughter of a wealthy gentleman, who lived near Mr. Verbouc. Julia, however. was less ardent and voluptuous temperament, and Bella soon realized that not speaks matured enough to understand the feelings of passion, understand the strong instincts aroused pleasure. Julia was slightly taller than her young friend, somewhat less plump, but with forms capable of delighting the eye and captivate the heart of an artist so its perfect cut and exquisite detail. It is assumed that a flea can not describe the beauty of the people. not even the those that feed. All I can say, therefore, is that Julia Delmont was in my view a great gift, and one day it would be for someone of sex opposite, as it was made to arouse the desire of most insensible of men, and to enchant with their graceful manners and pleasant always contained the most demanding worshiper of Venus. Julia's father had, as we have said, extensive resources, his mother was a who looked rather goofy little daughter, or something else other than their duties religious, in the exercise of which employed most of his time as well as in devotees visit the old neighborhood that stimulated their predilections. Mr. Delmont was relatively young. Robust constitution, was full of life, and inasmuch as his pious spouse was too busy to allow the matrimonial pleasures which the poor man had a right, it's looking for Other sides. Mr. Delmont had a friend, a cute young girl, as I concluded, not was satisfied merely to his wealthy protector. Mr. Delmont in any way confined his attentions to her friend, her habits were erratic, and frankly erotic inclinations. In such circumstances, it is not surprising that his eyes were set in the beautiful body cocoon flower that was the niece of his friend, Bella. She had had chance to push his gloved hand, to kiss-of course-his paternal air white cheek, and even place his hand trembling clear that accidentally-on her plump thighs. Actually, Bella, much more experienced than most girls her tender age, he realized that Mr. Delmont only waiting for an opportunity to take things to its ultimate conclusion. And this was precisely what had pleased to Bella, but was watched too closely, and the new and unfortunate situation that had just come monopolized all his thoughts .
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Page 49 of 107 Ambrose's father, however, was aware well of the need to stay on notice, and did not let any opportunity pass, when the girl came to his confessional, for direct and pertinent questions about their behavior towards others, and conduct that others watched with his penitent. That's how Bella came to confess his feelings spiritual guide engendered in her by the lecherous Mr. Delmont proceed. Ambrose's father gave him good advice, and immediately began the task Bella to suck the penis. After this delicious episode, and deleted that were the footsteps of pleasure, the worthy priest was assigned with his usual cunning, to take advantage of the facts of they had just learned. His sensual and vicious brain soon devise a plan whose boldness and restlessness I, a humble insect, do not know that it was never equaled. Of course, in the act Julia decided that she had to be yours someday. This was second nature. But to achieve this goal, and have fun at the same time with the Bella unquestionably passion had awakened in Mr. Delmont, conceived a double consummation, which was carried out by the most indecent and repulsive plan I ever heard of the reader. The first thing to do was to awaken the imagination of Julia, and stoke it the latent fires of lust. This noble task entrusted the good priest to Bella, which, properly instructed, readily agreed to do it. Since we had already broken the ice in his own case, Bella, in fact, not wanted nothing but to get Julia out as guilty as her. So he gave the task of corrupting his young friend. How did he, we shall see in due time. It was only a few days after the initiation of the young beautiful girl in the delights of crime in its i****tuous we have already reported, and in which there had been more Mr. Verbouc experience because he had to leave the row. In the long run, without But he had to present the new opportunity, and Bella found a second time, single and serene, in the company of his uncle and father Ambrosio. The afternoon was cold, but reigned stay pleasant heat-quote the effect of a stove installed in the luxury department. The soft, plush sofas and ottomans provided that the room furnished it to it an air of indolence and abandonment. In the bright light of a lamp exquisitely scented the two men seemed elegant devotees of Bacchus and Venus as they sat, scantily clad, after a sumptuous snack.
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Page 50 of 107 As for Bella, as it was exceeded in beauty. Wearing a charming 'negligie', half and half hid discovered those blooming charms that proud as could be shown. His arms, shapely admirably, her soft silk covered legs, the heaving bosom, which protruded two white apples, exquisitely rounded and finished in as many strawberries, shapely hips, and tiny feet imprisoned in tight shoes, were charms, in addition to many others, were a delicate and delicious with whom she had been intoxicated the deities themselves, and in which they would indulge the two lewd mortals. It took, however, a small incentive to increase the excitement of the abnormal infamous and desires of those two men who at that time, with eyes injected by lust, looked at will the treasures deployment was reach. Convinced that they were to be interrupted, they prepared both to make lewd attouchernents that would meet the desire bask in what they had to view. Unable to contain his anxiety, sexy man extended his hand, and drawing to yes to his niece, he slid his fingers between her legs only at random. For his part, priest took possession of her sweet breasts, to plunge your face in them. Neither stopped modesty considerations to interfere with his pleasure, so that members of the two strong men were then displayed throughout its extension, and remained excited and erect, heads burning as a result of bl**d pressure and muscle tension. - Oh, how touching me! Bella murmured, opening voluntarily thighs trembling hands of his uncle, Ambrose almost drowned while the lavish delicious kisses with his thick lips, At one point the complacent captured Bella's hand inside his warm palm the priest vigorous rigid member. - What, sweetie, is not great? Did not burning to expel the juice within you? Oh, how to turn me on, my daughter! Your hand. .. your sweet hand. .. Oh! I'm dying insert it into your soft belly! Kiss me, Bella! Verbouc, see how-ons in their niece! - Holy Mother, what the fuck! Go, Bella, what his head! How it shines! What trunk so long and so white! And see how it bends as if it were a snake in Stalking his victim! It looks a drop on the tip! Look, Bella! - Oh, how hard it is! How vibrates! How rush! I can barely comprehend it! I you kill these kisses, I sorbéis life! Mr. Verbouc made a move forward, and at the same time put exposed his own weapon, erect and red hot, naked and wet head. Bella's eyes lit up at the prospect.
Page 51
Page 51 of 107 -We need to establish an order for our pleasures, Bella, 'said his uncle. We must extend as much as possible, our ecstasy. Ambrosio is rampant. What a****l is splendid! You have to see which member! , Is equipped as a stallion! Ah, my niece, my creature, with that will dilate your crack. The sink to your body, and after a good run downloaded a torrent of milk for pleasure yours! - What a pleasure! Bella murmured. Longing receive up to my waist. Yes, yes. Not hasten the delicious final all work for it. I would have said more, but at that time the red tip of the rigid member Mr. Verbouc entered his mouth. With Bella received increased avidity hard and throbbing between her lips object coral, and admitted as much as it could. He began to lick around his tongue, and even tried to introduce it into the red tip opening. Was excited to frenzy. Her cheeks were burning, his breath came and went with spasmodic anxiety. He clung indeed the member of lewd priest and his young tight cunt throbbed with pleasure anticipated. He wanted to continue tickling, rubbing and exciting the swollen trunk lewd Ambrosio, but the burly priest motioned him to stop. 'Wait a moment, she sighed Bella, you're going to make me come. Bella dropped the huge white dart leaned back so that his uncle could drive slowly into and out of his mouth, without the look of it stop for a moment to pay attention to the extraordinary eagerly Ambrosio member dimensions. I never liked Bella with much delight of a penis, as was now enjoying respected member of his uncle. For this reason he applied his lips to it with the greatest pleasure, sipping morbidly secretion that occasionally exuded tip. Mr. Verbouc was enraptured with their attentive services. Then the priest knelt, head shaved and passing between the legs of Verbouc, who was standing at his niece, plump thighs opened it to set aside then with his fingers the red lips of her vulva, and sticking his tongue inward, to while her thick lips covered his youthful and energized parts. Bella shuddered with pleasure. His uncle became even more rigid, and pushed strongly within the beautiful mouth of the girl, who took his balls between your hands to squeeze them gently. He pulled back his skin was burning log, and resumed her sucking with obvious delight. - Come here! Bella said, abandoning for a moment the head viscous order to be able to speak and take breath. Come on, man! I like both taste! -You can do it, dearie, but not yet. We should not go so fast. - Oh, how my mama! How I lick your tongue! I'm on fire! It kills me! - Ah, Bella! Now I feel more than pleasure: I have reconciled with the joys of our contacts i****tuous.
Page 52
Page 52 of 107 -I really do, uncle. Put me back in your fucking mouth. Not yet, Bella, my love. Do not make me wait too. I're crazy. Father! Father! Oh, is coming towards me, ready to fuck! God, what the hell! Mercy! I leave in two! Ambrosio Meanwhile, emboldened by the delicious romp to which it was entertaining, became too excited to remain as it was, and taking the opportunity Verbouc a momentary withdrawal, stood up and lay down on his back, into the soft couch, a beautiful girl. Verbouc took in his hand the formidable penis holy father, gave him a pair of Preliminary shock, skin removal around his egg-shaped head, and anchurosa tip routing and ardent towards pink slit, pushed vigorously into her belly. Moisture noble lubricated parts of the creature facilitated entry head and the front, and the weapon of the priest soon became mired. Continued strong lunges, and brutal lust reflected in the face, and little pity for the youth of his victim, Ambrose skewered. Bella excitation exceeded pain, so that opened leg as far as he can to enable gloat as they wish in the possession of her beauty. A strangled cry escaped Bella's lips parted as she felt that great weapon, hard as iron, pressing her womb, and stretching it to its large size. Mr. Verbouc not missing a detail of lusty spectacle offered to his view, and the effect was maintained near the excited partner. At one point he put his little less vigorous in hand convulsed member of her niece. Ambrose, as soon as he was firmly lodged in the body cute beneath him, restrained his anxiety. Calling on his extraordinary power assistance self-control with which he was endowed, passed his trembling hands on hips girl, and discovered his clothes away his hairy belly, with which each Shake rubbing her fluffy bush. Suddenly the priest accelerated his work. With powerful and rhythmic thrusts buried in the tender body that lay beneath him. Strongly pressed forward, and White Bella wrapped her arms around his muscular neck. His balls hit the chubby buttocks of her, his instrument had penetrated to the hairs, black and curly, completely covering her sex. -Now you have it. Look, Verbouc, your niece. See how she enjoys the rites ecclesiastics. Ah, what a pleasure! How I nibble with her tight pussy! - Oh, dear, dear ...! Oh, good father, jodedme! I'm coming. Push! Push! Kill me with him, if you please, but do not fail to move you! So! Oh! Heavens! Ah! Ah! How great it is! How goes into me!
Page 53
Page 53 of 107 The couch creaked because of their quick jolts. - Oh. God! Bella cried. It's killing me .., really is too ... Me die ... I'm coming! And letting out a scream lawyer, the girl came, flooding the thick shaft that was fucking so delightfully. The long penis engruesó and further inflamed. I also finished off the ball swelled, and all the tremendous apparatus seemed about to explode with lust. The young beautiful girl incoherent whisper, of which only understood the word fuck. Ambrosio also completely enraged, feeling his huge yerga trapped meats in juvenile girl could not hold back and grabbing the buttocks of Bella with both hands, pushed inwards tremendous entire length of his cock and fired, throwing the thick jets of his fluid, one after another, just inside your playmate. A roar like wild b**st escaped from his chest as they threw their warm milk. - Oh, it's coming! I is flooding! I feel! Ah, what a treat! Meanwhile fuck the priest, sunk deep in the body of Bella, still issuing its swollen head pearly semen that filled her parent's youth. - Ah, how much you are giving me! 'Said Bella, as she swayed on his feet and was running in all directions, legs down, the warm fluid. How viscous white! This was exactly the situation most anxiously awaited the uncle, and therefore quietly proceeded to take it. He looked at her beautiful silk stockings soaked, put his fingers between her pussy lips red, oozing semen smeared over his hairless sex. Then, placing his niece properly before him, Verbouc exhibited once again its stiff and hairy champion, and excited by the exceptional scenes that both had delighted him, watched with eager zeal the tender parts of the young Bella, completely covered as they were by the discharges of the priest, and still exuding thick and heavy prolific drops of fluid. Bella, in obedience to his wishes, she opened her legs as much as possible. His uncle placed forward to his naked person between her thighs logs. -Be still, my dear niece. Fuck me is not as fat nor as long as the Father Ambrose, but I know how to fuck, and you can check it the milk your uncle not as thick and pungent as any cleric. See how I stiffly. .. - And how you make me wait! Bella said. I see your dear yerga waiting turn. How is red! Push me, dear uncle! I'm ready again, and the good father Ambrosio thee well oiled road. The hard cock touched her head flushed the open lips, still quite slippery, and its tip firmly entrenched. Then he began to penetrate the member itself, and after a few thrusts firm that relative copy
Page 54
Page 54 of 107 had ventured to the testicles in the womb of her niece, basking lustfully between evidencing its previous tuff and impious forth with the father. -Dear uncle cried the girl. Remember who you're fucking. Not is an odd, is the daughter of your b*****r, your own niece. Fuck me good, then, man. Give me the full power of your vigorous fuck. Fuck me! Fuck me until your i****tuous milk spilling inside me! Ah! Oh! Oh! And uncontrollably before the spell of their own lustful thoughts, Bella gave the most unbridled sensuality, to the great delight of his uncle. The vigorous man, enjoying the satisfaction of his favorite lust, began to perform a series of fast and powerful thrusts. Notwithstanding that flooded was, her pretty vulva opponent was itself small, and narrow enough to pinch deliciously into the opening, and thus lead to increased pleasure quickly. Verbouc to throw rose angrily into her body, and beautiful young was seized with the urgency of a lust sated yet. Your yerga thickened and hardened further. The tingling soon became almost unbearable. Bella turned himself entirely to pleasure the i****tuous act, until Mr. Verbouc, sighing, came inside his niece, array again flooding her with his warm fluid. Bella came also to ecstasy, and at the same time receiving the injection powerful, pleasantly host no less ardent shed a proof of his enjoyment. Having thus completed the act, was given time for Bella to make their ablutions, and then, after an invigorating rush of wine glass filled to the brim, it sat the three to enter into a diabolical plan for the **** and enjoyment of the beautiful Julia Delmont. Bella confessed that Mr. Delmont he wanted, and that was evidently waiting the opportunity to move things to the satisfaction of his whims. For his part, Father Ambrose confessed that his member is straightened at the sole mention of the name of the girl. He had confessed and admitted jokingly that during the ceremony he could not control his hands, as his mere breath aroused in him crave sensual uncontrollable. Mr. Verbouc said he was equally anxious solace provided their sweet charms, whose very description as mad. But the problem was how implement the plan. -If the **** without preparation, shatter exclaimed Father Ambrose, showing once again its ruddy machine, still oozing its tests Finally enjoyment which had not wiped. -I can not enjoy it first. I need the excitement of previous copulation - Verbouc objected.
Page 55
Page 55 of 107 -I would rather see the girl ****d Bella said. Observe the operation with delight, and when Father Ambrose had introduced his big thing Inside of it, you could do the same with me to compensate the gift that I would do the pretty Julia. -Yes, that combination could be delicious. - What will it do? Bella asked. Holy Mother, how stiff is back yerga your dear Father Ambrose! -I have an idea just thinking about it gives me a violent erection. Implementation would be the height of lust, and therefore pleasure. -Let's see what it is cried the other two as One. 'Wait a bit,' said the holy man, as Bella stripped the red head your instrument to tickle cn wet hole with the tip of his tongue. -Listen carefully, Ambrosio said. Mr. Delmont is in love with Bella. We're on his daughter, and this creature that I now face is sucking her jo like to see Julia skewered tender it to the depths of your vital organs, with the only and provided lustful desire for an extra dose of pleasure. So far all We disagree. Now lend me your attention, and you, Bella, let alone my instrument. I Here is my plan: I know that the little Julia is not insensitive to their a****l instincts. In Indeed, the devil feels itchy and meat. A little bit of persuasion and guile Other can do the rest. Julia will access to alleviate these anxieties is carnal appetite. Bella should encourage this purpose. Meanwhile induce the same Mr. Delmont Bella to be more daring. It will let you declare, if you want it. In reality, this is essential to the plan may be. That is the time I should intervene. I will suggest to Mr. Verbouc Delmont is a man above vulgar prejudices, and that a certain sum of money will be as to give his beautiful and virginal niece to sate their appetites. -I fail to understand it well, 'said Bella. I do not see the object-Verbouc intervened. This does more to bring us closer consummation of our plan. 'Wait a moment,' continued the good father. Until now all have agreed. Now Bella will be sold to Delmont. It will let you secretly meets your wishes in the beautiful charms of her. But the victim is not shall see him, nor he her, a.-to save face. You will be placed in a nice bedroom, you can see the fully nude body of a lovely woman, you will know that it is the victim, and you can enjoy it. - Me? Bella interrupted. Why all the mystery? Ambrose's father smirked. 'I know, Bella, have patience. What we want is to enjoy Julia Delmont, and what Mr. Delmont want to enjoy yourself. We can only achieve our goal while preventing any possibility of scandal. It is necessary that the
Page 56
Page 56 of 107 Mr. Delmont is muted, otherwise they could be harmed by the **** of his daughter. My purpose is that the lecherous Mr. Delmont **** his own daughter, in instead of Bella, and that once this lucky we have opened the way, we we give ourselves to satisfying our lust. If Delmont falls into the trap, can reveal the committed i****t, and recompensárselo with true possession of Bella, in exchange for the person of his daughter, or act according to the circumstances. - Oh, I almost am coming now! Shouted Mr. Verbouc. My gun is that fire! What up! What a wonderful show! Both men got up, and Bella was involved in their hugs. Two hard and long darts were embedded against his body kind as the moved to the couch. Ambrosio lay on their backs, Bella rode him over and took his penis stallion in his hands to take to the vulva. Mr. Verbouc looked on. Bella dropped enough that the huge weapon will delve completely; then settled above the fiery priest and began a delightful series of wave motions. Mr. Verbouc watched her nice buttocks up and down, opening and closing each successive thrust. Ambrosio had ventured down to the root, this was evident. His large testicles were stuck under it, and the thick lips of Bella came to them whenever Girl was dropped. The show will sit well with Verbouc. The virtuous man climbed onto the couch, directed her long swollen penis to Bella's ass, without great difficulty got completely buried up her womb. The butt of his niece was wide and soft as a glove, and the skin of the buttocks white as alabaster. Verbouc, however, paid no attention to these details. His cock was inside, and felt the tight little muscle compression inlet as something exquisite. The two fuck rubbing each other, only separated by a thin membrane. Bella felt the maddening effects of this double delight. After dreadful transport arrived late excitation leading to relief, and squirts milk flooded the graceful Bella. After downloaded Ambrosio twice in Bella's mouth, which also then poured her i****tuous uncle fluid, and thus ended the session. The way Bella performed their duties was such that sincere commendations earned of his two companions. Sitting on the edge of a chair, was placed in front of both of stiff so that members of both were level with her coral lips, Then taking from his lips the velvety glans, applied both hands to rub, tickle and excite the phallus and its appendices.
Page 57
Page 57 of 107 Thus put into action throughout the nervous power of the members of their playmates, with their distended to its full members, could enjoy the lascivious tingle until the choccie Bella became irresistible, and between sighs of ecstasy her mouth and throat were flooded with jets of semen. The little glutton's completely d***k. And the same would be done with a dozen, if she had opportunity.
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Page 58 of 107 Chapter VIII Bella was giving me THE MOST delicious food. His youth members never missed its crimson indentations caused by my pickets, who, to my great regret, I was f***ed to take to get my support. I determined, therefore, to continue with it, even though, in truth, his behavior of late had become moot and slightly irregular. One thing certain was that there was clearly lost all sense of delicacy and proper modesty of a maiden, and lived only to satisfy their pleasures sex. Soon he could see that the girl had not wasted any instructions given on the part he had to play in the conspiracy hatched. Now I propose to tell in what form played a role. It was not long found Bella in the mansion-flower is Delmont, and perhaps for random, or perhaps rather because he had prepared well respected citizen, alone with him. Mr. Delmont warned his chance and intelligent which were generally available to assault. He found that his pretty companion, or was in limbo as to their intentions, or was well prepared to alentarías. Mr. Delmont had already placed his arms around Bella's waist and as by accident the right of this gentle hand under his nerve compressed and palm the male member of it. What Bella showed palpable v******e of his emotion. A spasm crossed the reference subject hard throughout, and Bella did not stop a similar experience sensual pleasure. The lover gently pulled Mr. Delmont foolish yes, and hugged his body complacent. Quickly pressed a warm kiss on her cheek and whispered words promising to divert their attention from their maneuvers. Tried something else: hand rubbed Bella on the hard object, which allowed the girl could see that h excitation be too fast. Bella adhered strictly to his role at all times: it was an innocent girl and demure. Mr. Delmont, encouraged by the lack of resistance from her young friend, gave other steps even more determined. His hand wandered restless between light dresses Bella, and caressed her calves complacent. Then suddenly, while kissing passion with her red lips, her trembling fingers went below to tempt her plump thigh. Bella refused. At any other time he'd slept on their backs and would have helped make it worse, but remember the lesson, and played its role perfectly.
Page 59
Page 59 of 107 - Oh, what is bold of you! Cried the girl. What are they rude! I can not afford them! My uncle says I should not allow that anyone touch me there. In any case never before ... Bella hesitated, stopped, and his face became silly. Mr. Delmont was as curious as lovesick. - Before what. Bella? - Oh, I should explain! I should not say anything about it. Only his rough manners I did forget. - Forget what? -Something that told me my uncle often said simply Bella. - But what is it? Tell me! I dare not. In addition, do not understand what it means. -I'll explain if you tell me what it is. - Will you promise not to tell? - Certainly. -Well. For what he says is that I have never to let me put the hands there, and if anyone wants to do is to pay a lot for it. She said that, really? -Yes, of course. He said I can give you a good sum of money, and that there are many rich men pay for what you want to me, and also said I was not stupid enough to let loose the opportunity. -Really, Bella, your uncle is a perfect businessman, but did not think was a man of that kind. 'Yes it is, cried Bella. It puffed up with the money, you know that, and I I hardly know what it means, but sometimes it says it will sell my virginity. - Is it possible? Delmont thought. What type should be that! Good eye for Business must have! The more he thought Mr. Delmont about it, the more I was convinced absolute truth of the naive explanation given by Bella. It was on sale, and he would buy. It was better to go this route than risk being discovered and punished by Secret relationships. Before, however, he could finish yourself these wise reflections, is was an interruption caused by the arrival of his daughter Julia. and while reluctantly, had to leave the company of Bella and compose their clothes properly. Bella soon gave an excuse and went home, leaving the events take their course.
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Page 60 of 107 The path taken by the pretty girl passed through meadows, and was a wagon road that left the highway near the residence of his uncle. This time the evening had fallen, and the weather was mild. The trail was several curves, and as Bella was amused way forward in watch the cattle grazing nearby. It got to a point where the road was lined with trees, and where tub series log straight line separating the road from the trail itself pedestrians. In the meadows next saw several men who tilled the field, and little further to a group of women who rested a moment of the work of the planting, entertaining in interesting discussions. Across the road was a near hedges, and as it happens look there, he saw something that astonished. In the meadow had two a****ls, a stallion and a mare. Obviously the first was dedicated to pursuing the second, until he got reach him not far from where he was Bella. But what surprised and appalled to it was the wonderful spectacle of the great brownish member that erect with excitement, belly hung stallion, and that of occasionally impatient hunched in search of the body of the female. This should have also warned that member throbbing, since it had arrested and remained quiet, offering its back the aggressor. The male was too urged by his amorous instincts to lose much time with compliments, and before the astonished eyes of the girl rode on female and attempted to introduce his instrument. Bella watched the show with bated breath, and saw how, at last, member filled the long horse and disappeared entirely on the backs of the female. To say that their sexual feelings were excited would be only express the natural result of lewd show. Actually I was more than excited, his instincts libidinous had unleashed. Hands stroking stared to observe all interest in the prurient spectacle, and when, after a fast and furious race, the a****l withdrew his dripping penis, Bella went to it a gourmand look, conceiving the insanity of take him to indulge herself. Obsessed with this idea, Bella knew he had to do something to erase his mind the powerful influence that the oppressed. Taking his courage averted eyes and resumed his way, but had hardly gone a dozen steps when his eye fell on something that certainly was not going to ease your passion. Just before her was a young rustic eighteen, of features beautiful, although goofy expression, with an eye to the loving dedicated to their hobby horses. A gap between the bushes that lined the way gave him an excellent angle of view, and was delivered to the contemplation of the spectacle with interest as evident as Bella.
Page 61
Page 61 of 107 But what it chained the attention of the boy was the state in which appeared his dress, and the emergence of a tremendous member of well-developed red head. that naked and showing off in full, stood shameless. There was no doubt about the fact that the show had developed in the meadow caused to the boy, since it had unbuttoned the pants for coarse between his nervous hands seize a weapon from which one Carmelite been proud. With eager eyes devoured the scene unfolding in the meadow, whereas with undressed right hand column for friccionaría firm vigorously up and downwards, completely oblivious to the fact that a kindred spirit was witnessed their acts. A startled gasp escaped involuntarily motivated Bella he looked around him. and discovered before him the beautiful girl in the lustful moment his cock was fully exposed in all its glory erection. - By God! Bella exclaimed as soon as he could recover speech. What vision so horrible! Shameless boy! What are you doing with this red thing? The boy, humiliated, tried to enter back into the object fly had prompted the question, but his obvious confusion and rigidity acquired by the member made the operation difficult. not to say that irksome. Bella came to his aid solicitous. - What is this? Let me help you. How does it go? How big is hard! And what long! My faith is a tremendous thing, naughty boy! Joining the action to the word, the girl placed her small hand in the erect Boy penis and squeezing it in her warm palm became harder still a possibility to return him to his hideout. Meanwhile the boy, who gradually regained his stolid presence of mind, and warned the innocence of his new unknown, failed to do anything in support of their laudable purpose of hiding the offensive rigid member. Actually it was impossible, even if he had put something in YOUR hand, as soon as his hand horn grabbed it acquired even greater proportions, while the swollen and red head shone like a ripe plum. - Oh, naughty boy! Bella he observed. What should I do? -He went on, while addressing an angry look to the face of the rustic beautiful boy. - Oh, how fun it is! Sighed the lad. Who could say you were so close to me when I felt so bad, and began to throb and swell to be as it is now? -This is incorrect-observed-the little lady, and further tightening feeling the flames of lust grew more and more inside her. This is terribly wrong, rogue.
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Page 62 of 107 - Did you see what they did the horses on the prairie? The boy asked, looking questioningly at Bella, whose beauty seemed projected onto the dull mind as the sun sneaks through a landscape the clouds. -Yes, I saw. The girl replied innocently. What were they doing? What mean? 'They were k**ding,' said the boy with a smile of lust. He wanted to the female and the female wanted the stallion, so we got together and set out to fuck. - Wow, that's funny! Replied the girl, looking with the most c***dish simplicity the great object was still in his hands, to the dismay of lad. 'Really it was fun, right? And what instrument yours! Right, Miss? -Immense Bella murmured while thinking a moment in which was rubbing up and down with his hand. - Oh, how I tickles! Sighed his companion. How beautiful you are! And how well he rubs! Please follow, miss. I have wanted to come to me. - Really? Bella murmured. I can do you come? Bella looked at the filled object, hardened mild tingling effect that was applied, and which seemed swollen head would explode. Observing pruritus what would be the effect of friction interrupted completely took possession of it, so was applied with redoubled commitment to the task. - Oh, yes, please! Follow! I am about to come to me! Oh! Oh! How well does! Squeeze more. . ., Rub faster. . . peel it right. . .! Now again .. . Oh, heavens! Oh! The long and hard thickened and heated instrument ever as she rubbed it up and down. - Ah! Ugh! Coming! Ugh! Oooh! Rustic cried brokenly as his knees were shaking and his body took on stiffness, and between contortions and their gasps expelled huge and powerful penis thick liquid jet on Bella's little hands, which, eager to bathe in the hot viscous fluid, surrounded by Complete the huge dart, helping to deliver every last drop of semen. Bella, surprised and joyful. each drop-pumped would have been sucked in bold-and then extracted Holland her delicate handkerchief to wipe their hands perlina thick mass. After i youngster, humiliated and stupid air, tucked the faint member, and looked at his companion with a mixture of curiosity and wonder. - Where do you live? He asked at last, when he found words to speak .. -Not far from here, 'said Bella. But you should not follow or try to get me, you know? If you do you go wrong -Continued the young lady, 'because never again certify thee, and above serious punished. - Why do not we fuck like the stallion and filly?
Page 63
Page 63 of 107 Suggested the girl, whose ardor, scarcely subsided, began to manifest again. 'Maybe we do someday, but not now. Wear hurry because I'm late. I have to go soon. -Let me tease your garments below. Tell me, when will you come back? 'Not now,' said Bella, retreating slowly, 'but we find another time. Bella toying with the idea of ​​indulging in the formidable object that lay behind their calzones. Tell me she asked. Ever. .. You screwed? -No, but I want to. Do not believe me? Okay, then I'll tell you. .. yes, I made. - Good lord! -Said the girl -My father would also fuck-added without hesitation or pay attention to its retraction movement. - Does your father? How terrible! And how do you know? 'Because my father and I we fuck the girls together. His instrument is greater than mine. -So you say. But is it true that your father and you do these horrible things together? -Yes, it is clear that when presented the opportunity. You should see him fuck. Uyuy! He laughed like an idiot. -You do not look very clever boy, 'said Bella. 'My father is not as smart as I am,' replied the young man laughing more still, to while showing semienhiesta yerga again. Now I know how to fuck, but did it only once. You should see me fuck. What Bella could see was the great instrument of the boy, throbbing and erect. - Who did it, wicked boy? With a girl of f******n. Both fucked up, my father and I were the divide. - Who was the first? Bella asked. -I, and my father surprised me. Then he wanted to do it too and I did hold. I've seen fuck ... Uyuy! A few minutes after Bella had resumed his way, and arrived home without subsequent adventures.
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Page 64 of 107 Chapter IX BEAUTIFUL STORY WHEN THE RESULT OF his interview that afternoon with Mr. Delmont, a muffled giggles of delight escaped the lips of the other two conspirators. He did not speak, however, the rustic lad who had encountered along the way. In that part of their adventures of the day considered entirely unnecessary to inform the wily Father Ambrose or his equally shrewd relative. The plot was evidently about to succeed. The seed as discreetly sown necessarily had to be fruitful, and when the thought of the Father Ambrose delicious entertainment that one day I would be in the person of the beautiful Julia Delmont, is alike cheered his spirit and his a****l passions, basking in advance with the tender delicacies close to being over and the obvious result that occurred a loosening of its membership and that their procedures denounced the deep excitement that had gripped him. Neither Mr. Verbouc remained impassive. Sensual extreme degree, is promised a great entertainment with the charms of the daughter of his neighbor, and the only thought of this treat produced the corresponding effects on your temperament nervous. However, there were some details to fix. Was clear that simple Mr. Delmont would take steps to find out what was true in the Bella assertion that his uncle was willing to sell her virginity. Father Ambrose, whose knowledge of the man had done to conceive such an idea, knew perfectly well who he was dealing. In fact, who, in the holy sacrament of confession, has not revealed the most intimate of his being the pious man who has had the privilege of being his confessor? Ambrose's father was discreet; kept to the letter ordering him to silence their religion. But he had no qualms rely on the facts of which he was aware this way for their own purposes, and what were they and our readers know these heights. The plan was therefore completed. One day, a mutually agreed upon, Bella invite Julia to spend the day at his uncle's house, and it was further agreed that Mr. Delmont would be invited to spend a pick on that occasion. After a lapse of innocent flirting by Bella, subject to what I would have explained previously, she would retire, and under the pretext that he had to take some precautions to avoid potential scandal, would you presented in a suitable room, lying on a sofa in which must depend his personal charms. Although head remain carefully hidden behind a curtain run. Thus Mr. Delmont anxious to have the tender place could snatch the coveted jewel that wanted both of their lovely victim, while she, unaware of who might be the aggressor, never could later accuse him of ****, nor ashamed before him. A Delmont had to explained to her all this, and felt sure his consent. A single thing had to block it out: that his own daughter would replace Bella. This does should know until it was too late.
Page 65
Page 65 of 107 Meanwhile Julia would have to be prepared gradually and secretly what going to happen, not to mention of course the catastrophic end and the person who actually consummate the act. In this regard, Father Ambrose was in his element, and through questions on track and a large number of explanations in the confessional, really unnecessary, had already put the girl in background things I had never dreamed of, all of which would have hastened to Bella explain and confirm. All details were finally agreed at a meeting with board, and consideration of the case in advance aroused such violent appetites in both men they set out to celebrate their good fortune indulging in possession of the lovely young Bella with a passion never achieved until then. The little lady, meanwhile, was also reluctant to lend to fantasies, and as Since in those times was lying on the couch with a hardened soft member in each hand, his emotions rose in intensity, and showed anxious delivered to the vigorous arms I knew were about to reclaim. As usual, Father Ambrose was the first. The turned upside down, making to exhibit his plump buttocks as possible. He stood for a moment rapt in contemplation of the delicious prospect, and small and delicate barely visible slit underneath. His weapon, formidable and well stocked with essence, straightened bravely, threatening both lovely love entries. Mr. Verbouc, as on other occasions, was about to witness the disproportionate assault, with the evident purpose of performing its role then favorite. Father Ambrose leer stared white and rounded promontories before him. Clerical tendencies of his education was invited to the commission of an act of infidelity to the goddess, but knowing what I expected from him his friend and patron, was contained for now. Delays are dangerous, he said. My testicles are full, the beloved c***d should receive your content, and you, my friend, you have to enjoy the abundant I can provide lubrication. This time, at least, Ambrose had said but the truth. His powerful weapon, whose summit appeared the red head flat and wide proportions, and facing the impression of a beautiful fruit in season, stood in front of his belly, and his immense testicles, heavy and round, were overloaded the poisonous liquor that is preparing to download. A thick, opaque drop-un courrier auant jet had of follow-appeared at the blunt tip of his penis when burning lust the satyr approaching his victim. Tilting its massive quickly dart, Ambrose took the large nut of his limb along the tender lips vulva gives Bella, and began to push inside. - Oh, how hard! How great it is! -Bella said. I do damage! Login too fast! Oh, stop!
Page 66
Page 66 of 107 As Bella had been appealing to the winds. A quick succession of shocks, a few pauses between them, more effort, and Bella was impaled. - Ah! Exclaimed the r****t, turning in triumph to his coadjutor, with twinkly eyes and drooling lips taste lustful. Ah, this is really tasty. How close is and yet it has everything inside. I'm in inside to the testicles! Mr. Verbouc performed a detailed examination. Ambrosio was right. Nothing of their genitals, apart from his big balls, was visible, and these were legs pressed against Bella. Meanwhile Bella felt the heat of the invader in her womb. He could tell how the huge member was inside was discovered and turned to cover, and rush in the act by a fit of lust came profusely, while leaving out a faint cry. Mr. Verbouc was delighted. - Push, push! 'He said. Now I am happy. Give it all ... Push! Ambrose did not need more incentives, and taking Bella for hips buried to the depths at each thrust. The enjoyment came early, it was back to removing the entire penis, except for the tip, to launch then thoroughly and give a low growl while throwing a real deluge of hot fluid inside the delicate body Bella. The girl felt warm and tingly jet fired any v******e in their inside, and once again paid tribute. The big jets flooded intervals vital organs, from the powerful reserves of Father Ambrose, whose unique gift about as we discussed earlier-Bella caused him the most delicious sensations, and raised the maximum pleasure during download. Just Ambrosio had retired when he took his niece Mr. Verbouc, and began a slow enjoyment of their most secret charms. Within twenty well counted minutes elapsed from the time the lecherous uncle started his enjoyment, until she gave complete satisfaction to their lust with a copious discharge, which Bella received with shivers of delight only able to be imagined by a mind sick. 'I wonder,' said Mr Verbouc after having recovered his breath, and revive with a big gulp of wine, I wonder why it is that this dear girl inspires me so complete rapture. In your arms I forget myself and the world. Carried away by the intoxication of the moment I am transported to the edge of ecstasy. The uncle observation or reflection, call it what you like-going as part addressed to the good father, and in part was the result of inner spiritual musings surfaced involuntarily converted into words. 'I could tell you,' said Ambrosio sententiously. Only maybe not want to follow my reasoning.
Page 67
Page 67 of 107 'Anyway you exponérmelo Verbouc replied. I'm all ears, and I interested to know what is the reason, according to you. -Me reason, or should I say my reasons said Father Ambrose-you become apparent when you meet my hypothesis. After taking a pinch of snuff, which was a habit of his when he was delivered to any important reflection he continued: -The sensual pleasure should always be in proportion to the circumstances means producing it. And this is paradoxical, since the more we enter the the more voluptuous sensuality and our tastes are, the greater is the need to introduce variation in such circumstances. You have to understand well what I mean, and so I will try to explain more clearly. Why must a man commit a ****, when surrounded by women eager to help you use your body? Just because it does not satisfy agree with the opposing party in satisfying their appetites. It is precisely the [Consent high where is the pleasure. There is doubt that at certain times a man of cruel mind that seeks only its satisfaction sensual woman is not to be provided to satisfy their appetites, ****s a woman or a girl, no more so than the immediate satisfaction of desires that crazy; but searches in the annals of such crimes, and find that most of them are designs the result of deliberate, planned and executed under circumstances that involve legal access and easy means of satisfaction. Opposition to the enjoyment projected serves to open sexual appetite, and add features act crime or v******e adding a delight that would not otherwise exist. It's bad, is prohibited, then it is worth chasing, it becomes an obsession to achieve this. - Why, too, he went a man of vigorous constitution capable of providing satisfaction to an adult female creature just prefer a f******n? He replied that he finds delight in abnormal situation, which provides pleasure to your imagination, and is an exact adaptation to the speaking circumstances. Indeed, the working is, of course, imagination. The law of contrasts operates the same in this case as in all others. The simple difference between the sexes is not enough to sybaritic, you need to add other special contrasts to perfect the idea has conceived. The variants are endless, but they are all governed by the same rule, prefer tall men small women, the handsome, ugly women, the strong selected to tender and weak women, and these, in reverse, robust and vigorous fellow crave. Cupid's darts incompatibility carry at their tips, and their plumage is that of the most incredible inconsistencies. No one except the lower a****ls, the real gross indulge in intercourse indiscriminately with the opposite sex, and even they sometimes express preferences and desires as irregular as those of men. Who has not seen the behavior unusual for a couple of stray dogs, or not laughed at the plight of the old cow that led the market with his flock, vent their sexual instincts piggybacking on the back of his nearest neighbor?
Page 68
Page 68 of 107 -In this way your questions answered-ended by saying-and explain your preferences for your niece, your sweet but forbidden playmate whose delicious legs'm stroking right now. When Father Ambrose had finished his dissertation, led a brief look at the pretty girl, which was enough to make your big gun acquired its greatest dimensions. -Come, my forbidden fruit, 'he said. Let me fuck you, let me enjoy your person satisfaction. That is my greatest pleasure, my ecstasy, my delirious enjoyment. You Semen will flood, you inherit despite the dictates of society. You are mine! Bella glanced at the red and hard member of her confessor, and he observe his gaze fixed on his young body. Aware of his intentions, he prepared to satisfy them. As majestic penis had entered her body frequently throughout his extension, easing pain had already given way to pleasure, and youth and elastic flesh opened for that gigantic column with difficulty just limited to having to make the introduction carefully. The good man paused for a moment to contemplate the good prospect that before him, then stepped forward and parted labia red Bella, and put smooth including acorn that crowned his great weapon. Bella received a thrill of excitement. Ambrosio followed penetrating until, after a few furious thrusts, plunged the entire length of the narrow body member youth who received up to testicles. There followed a series of lunges, of vigorous contortions of part of one, and spasmodic sobs and gasps from the other. If the pious man's pleasure was intense, that of his young playmate was equally ineffable and hard cock was already well lubricated as a result of the above discharge. Letting out a groan of intense emotion once again achieved the satisfaction of his appetite, and Bella felt the jets scorching semen violently guts. - Oh, how I flooded you both! Bella said. And as he spoke could observed an abundant runoff, from the junction of the thighs, ran down her legs enough to reach the ground. Before either of them could answer the observation, came to the quiet alcove a shouting from outside. which eventually attract the attention of all present, however increasingly weakened more. Arriving at this point I put my readers in a history of one or two things so far, given my travel problems, did not consider the case mention. The fact is that fleas, but agile members of society, can not reach everywhere at once, but can overcome this disadvantage with the deployment a rare agility, uncommon in other insects.
Page 69
Page 69 of 107 I should have explained, as a novelist, though perhaps more truthfulness, Bella's aunt, Mrs. Verbouc, which I presented to my readers briefly in the opening chapter of my story, occupied a room in one of the wings of the house, where, as Mrs. Delmont, spent most of the time tasks given to devotees, and completely carefree worldly affairs, and I used to leave it to his niece the management of domestic affairs house. Mr. Verbouc had already reached the state of indifference to the blandishments of his better half, and rarely visited his room, or disturbed his rest in order to exercise his marital rights. Mrs. Verbouc, however, was still young-thirty-two springs had passed on his devoted and pious head was beautiful, and had contributed to her husband a considerable fortune. Despite their pious feelings, Mrs. Verbouc sometimes wanted comfort more earthy arms of her husband. and savored the exercise of true delight their rights in the occasional visits he made to his bedroom. On this occasion Mrs. Verbouc had retired at the early time when used to do, and this digression is essential in order to explain what that follows. Let this friendly lady delivered to the duties of the toilette, that neither even a flea dares defile, and talk of another and no less important character, whose behavior will also need to analyze. It so happened that the father Clement, whose prowess in the field of Goddess love we already had occasion to relate, resented the removal of the young Bella of the Society vestry, and knowing exactly who she was and where she could find, hovered for several days the residence of Mr. Verbouc, to repossess the delicious garment the wily Father Ambrose had retracted their confreres He helped the company in Superior, also complained bitterly that the loss suffered, although he did not suspect the role it had played in the Father Ambrose. That evening the father Clement had posted in the vicinity of the house, and. in search of opportunity, approached the window to peer through it, sure was giving Bella's room. How vain are, however, human calculations! When the unhappy Clement, to who had been taken from his pleasures, was watching the room without losing detail, the object of his troubles was delivered in another room to the satisfaction of his lust in the arms of its rivals. As the night progressed, and looking all quiet Clemente, managed tiptoe to reach the level of the window. A faint light illuminated the room anxious that the cure could discover a lady delivered the full enjoyment of a dream deep.
Page 70
Page 70 of 107 No doubt you would be able to win again Bella favors only to to listen to his words, and recalling that represented happiness have enjoyed its charms, the bold rogue sneak opened the window and went into the bedroom. Well wrapped loosely in the monastic habit, and hiding her face under the cowl, slid into bed while his gigantic member. and awake to pleasure that was promised, stood against his hairy belly. Mrs. Verbouc, awakened from a pleasant dream, and unable even to suspect it was another and his faithful husband who so warmly embraced, turned with love toward the intruder, and. nothing reluctantly, willingly opened her thighs to facilitate the attack. Clement, meanwhile, sure it was the girl Bella who had among his arms, more so since no resistance to his touch, hastened the preliminary, climbing as quickly on the legs of lady to take your huge penis vulva lips well moistened. Fully cognizant of the difficulties they expect to find in a girl so young, pushed hard to the inside. There was a movement, gave another push down, he heard a whimper from the lady, and Slowly, but surely, the gigantic mass of hardened flesh was plunging, until he was completely buried. So while, came, Mrs. Verbouc warned for the first time the extraordinary difference that penis was at least double size as that of her husband. A continued doubt certainty. In the gloom lifted his head, and she could see above the excited face of fierce Father Clement. Instantly there was a struggle, a violent uproar, and yana attempt to part of the queen to escape the tight hug with which he held his assailant. But no matter what happened. Clement was in full possession and enjoyment of their person. There was a pause on the contrary, deaf to the cries, sank Member full length, and gave great hurry to consummate its ugly victory. Blind with rage and lust warned not even open the door to the room, or the rain of blows falling on his backside, until, through gritted teeth and the dull roar of a bull, the crisis came, and threw a flood of semen into the womb of his victim reluctantly. Only then woke up to reality and, fearful of the consequences of their outrage, is rose hastily hid his gun wet, and slipped out of bed in the side opposite to that in which his assailant. Dodging his best Mr. Verbouc beats, and maintaining the flights of his tunic over his head, in order to avoid being recognized, ran to the window through which he had entered, to give her a big jump from. Finally got disappear quickly in the dark, followed by the imprecations of enraged husband. Even before we had said that Mrs. Verbouc was invalid, or at least so believed it, and since the reader can imagine the effect on a person's nerves demure ways insane and had to cause the reproach of. The enormous proportions of man, his strength and his anger had nearly killed him, and lay u*********s on the bed that was mute witness to their violation.
Page 71
Page 71 of 107 Mr. Verbouc was not endowed by nature with amazing attributes personal value, and when he saw his wife's assailant stood satisfied with his feat, let it out peacefully. Meanwhile, Ambrose and Bella's father, who followed the outraged husband from a safe distance from the door ajar witnessed the outcome of the strange scene, As soon as the r****t Bella rose both recognized as Ambrose. The first course had good reason, which will comprise the reader, to remember the Member huge swing that hung between his legs. Mutually interested in secrecy, was quite the exchange of a look to indicate the need to maintain the reserve, and left the chamber before that any movement on the part of the outraged would expose their proximity. It took several days before the poor lady Verbouc is recover and could leave the bed. The nervous shock was terrible, and only conciliatory attitude could give her husband raise its head. Mr. Verbouc had his own reasons for leaving the matter to forget, and not unceremoniously stopped to lighten the weight thereof. The day after the disaster that just described, Mr. Verbouc received visit his dear friend and neighbor, Mr. Delmont, and after having been closeted with him for an hour, split with broad smiles on their lips and most extravagant compliments. One was sold to his niece, the other thought he had bought that beautiful gem called virginity. When night Bella's uncle announced that the sale had been agreed and that the matter was settled, reigned great rejoicing among the plotters. Ambrose's father immediately took possession of the alleged virginity, and introducing inside girl full length of his cock, proceeded, in his words, to keep the heat in that home. Mr. Verbouc, which as usual was reserved for action after any completed their confrere. immediately attacked the same wet strength, as he jokingly named, aceitarle simply step to your friend. After finalized until the last detail, and the meeting broke up, trusting everyone the success of his stratagem.
Page 72
Page 72 of 107 Chapter X SINCE HIS MEETING WITH RUSTIC lad whose simplicity so you was concerned, in the rustic village that driving home, Bella not stopped thinking about the terms in which it was expressed, and the strange confession that the youngster had made on his father's complicity in sexual acts. It was clear that her lover was so simple it was approaching to idiocy, and, judging by his observation that "my father is not as smart as I" assumed that the defect was congenital. And what she was asking was if the father of the simpleton had-such as declared the boy a member of even greater proportions than the c***d. Given his habit of thinking aloud almost always, I knew perfectly well that Bella did not care about the opinion of his uncle, or father feared him and Ambrose. Clearly some was determined to go their own way, what passeth go through, and therefore I admired least when the next day, at approximately the same time, vi move towards the meadow. In a field very close to the point where they observed the sexual encounter between the horse and mare, Bella found the waiter delivered a simple farm work. Beside he was a tall and remarkably dark, about forty-five years. Around the same time she spotted individuals, the youngster's warned her, and ran to meet her, after apparently spoke a word of explanation to his companion, showing their joy with a grin of satisfaction. -This is my father said, pointing to who was behind him, come and pélasela. - What impudence is this, rogue! 'Said Bella more inclined to laugh than to angry. How dare you use such language? - Why did you come? Asked the boy. Was not to fuck? At that time they had reached the point where he was the man, who stuck his spade into the ground, and smiled at the girl as much as I did the boy. He was strong and well formed, and. judging by appearances, Bella was found that if he has the attributes that his son spoke to him in his first interview. -Look at my father, not as I said? -Watched the youngster. You should see it dammit! There was no dissimulation. They understood each other perfectly, and their smiles were more wider than ever. The man seemed to accept the words of the c***d as a compliment, and laid his eyes on the delicate young lady. Probably never been encountered one of its kind, and it was impossible not to notice in your eyes a sensuality that is reflected in the glow of their big black eyes. Bella began to think it would have been better never have gone to that place. 'I'd like to teach the baton that has my father
Page 73
73, page 107 Said the lad, and, lo and behold, he began to unbutton his pants respectable parent. Bella covered her eyes and started to leave. In the event the c***d is intercepted step, cutting off road access. -I would fuck father cried hoarsely. A Tim also like fuck you, so you should not go. Stay and be fucked. Bella was really scared. -I can not, 'he said. Really, you should let me go. You can not hold me well. Not arrastréis me. Let go! Where are you taking me? There was a house in a corner of the field and were already at the gates of the same. A second later the couple had pushed inward, closing the door behind them, and then securing it with a wooden bar. Bella looked around, and saw that the place was clean and full of hay bales. Also could tell that it was useless to resist. It would be better to remain still, and perhaps ultimately the couple that would not hurt. He warned, however, the bumps on the fronts of both pants and had not the slightest doubt that his ideas went according to that excitement. -I want to see my father's yerga and also get to see his balls! And he kept undoing the buttons on the fly of his father. He poked the skirt shirt, with something underneath uniquely bulking. Oh, be still and father whispered the c***d. Let him see Miss your baton. That said lifted his shirt and displayed in view of Bella a member tremendously erect, with a broad head like a plum, very red and thick, but not in size very unusual. Considerably hunched up, and head, divided into the middle by the tightness of the frenulum, leaning much more towards his hairy belly. The weapon was extremely thick, quite crushed and bloated tremendously. She felt the bl**d tingling in view of that member. The nut was as large as an egg, plump, purple, and gave off a strong odor. The boy made to come closer, and with his white little hand squeezing it. - Did not I say it was more than mine? -Continued the young man. See it, the mine is not even close in size to my father. Bella turned. The boy had opened his pants to leave entirely to the view his formidable penis. He was right: I could not compare in size with the father. The larger of the two grabbed Bella's waist. Tim also tried to do it, so like putting their hands under their clothes. Entrambos the buffeted from side to another, until a sudden push she fell on the hay. Her skirt flying soon upwards.
Page 74
Page 74 of 107 Bella's dress was light and airy, and the girl was not wearing panties. So Suddenly he saw a couple of men his shapely white legs, which give a snort threw both at once on it. There followed a struggle in which the father, more weight and stronger than the boy, took the lead. His pants were down to the heels and big thick fuck navel came very close to Bella. This spread her legs, eager to try it. He ran his hand down and found him hot as fire, and as hard as a iron bar. The man who mistook his purposes, rudely pushed his hand, and handedly placed the tip of his penis on the red lips Bella sex. This opened the more than could their youth members, and the peasant got several lunges host it halfway. At this point he was overwhelmed by the excitement and let out a terrible extremely thick fluid stream. Downloaded violently and, while doing so, is introduced into it until the big head struck her womb, within the which poured some of his semen. You're killing me! Cried the girl, half suffocated. What is this that spill inside? 'It's milk, that's what it is, observed Tim, who had bent to revel with the contemplation of the spectacle. Did not I say it was good to fuck? Bella thought the man let her go, and that would allow him to get up, but was wrong. The long shaft, which at that time was inserted to the depths of his being, thickened and stiffen much more than before. The farmer began to move forward and backward, pushing mercilessly in Bella's private parts to each new attack. His joy seemed to be infinite. The download above the member made without difficulty slip movements forward and reverse, and the abruptness of these regions reached soft. Gradually Bella reached an extreme degree of excitement. He parted his mouth, spent his legs over the back of him and clung to them convulsively. This so any movement could encourage him, and delighted to feel the b**sts shaking with the subject sank his hot sexy gun in his gut. For about a quarter of an hour was a battle between the two. Bella had come frequently, and was about to do it again, when a raging waterfall Member semen man came and flooded her womb. The individual arose afterward, and withdrawing his shit, still exuded the last drops of his abundant ejaculation stared thoughtfully gasping body that had just left. His cock still stood menacingly in front of her, still steaming effect sheath heat. Tim, with true filial piety, proceeded to dry it and return it, swollen with excitement yet he was subjected to the fly of his pants father.
Page 75
Page 75 of 107 Doing so, the young man began to see with eyes of ram at Bella, who was still lying in hay, slowly recovering. Without resistance, it was about her and began to dig with their fingers on the girl's private parts. This time it was the father who came to the rescue. He took in his hand the weapon of the son and began to peel, moving forward and backward, until it was stiff. Era a formidable mass of flesh that flapped against Bella's face. - Let the heavens amparen me! I hope you're not going to introduce it within me - Bella whispered. -Of course, if the boy replied with one of his stupid smiles. Dad me rub and I'm glad, now I'm gonna fuck you. The father was driving at the time the drill to the thighs of the girl. Her vulva, still flooded with ejaculations that the peasant had poured into his Inside, quickly received the red head. Tim pushed, and bending over it introduced the device until their hair brushed Bella's skin. - Oh, is terribly long! She cried. You got too big, silly boy. Do not be so violent. Oh, you kill me! How to push! You can not go more inside now! Gently, please! Fully inside. I feel it in the waist. Oh, Tim! Boy horrible! -Give it murmured the father, while the testicles and tickled legs. Whole has to fit you, Tim. Is not it a beauty? What a pussy so tight have! Do not you boy? - Ugh! Do not talk, father, so I can not fuck. For a few minutes there was silence. We did not hear more noise than did the two bodies in the struggle under the hay. After the boy stopped. His face jo, though hard as iron, and firm as wax, not a single drop was expelled, the apparently. The extracted completely upright, airy and shiny with moisture. I can not come to me said, sorry. -Is masturbation 'said the father. He's doing it so often that now the strange. Bella lay panting and complete exhibition. Then the man put his hand to the yerga Tim, and began to rub vigorously back and forth. The girl waited for every moment that came over his face. After a while of this overstimulation of the son, the father suddenly took Burning head yerga Bella's vulva, and when introducing a veritable deluge sperm came out, to drown the girl inside. Tim began to twist and to fight, and eventually bite on his arm.
Page 76
Page 76 of 107 When he had finished this download completely, and the huge member estremerse boy stopped, slowly pulled the youngster what Bella's body, and this could rise. However, they had no intention of letting her go, because, after opening the door, the boy looked cautiously around, and then reattaching the bar, Bella turned and said: -It was fun, right? He observed, I told him my father was good at this. -Yes, you did, but now you have to let me go. Come on, be good. A grimace as a smile was his only response. Bella looked up at the man and was terrified to see him naked, stripped of all clothing, except his shirt and shoes, and a erection state was feared another assault against their charms, even more terrible than the above. His cock was literally livid effect of stress, and stood up to play his hairy belly. The head had swelled enormously as a result of irritation prior, and its tip dangled a shiny drop. Will you let me fuck you again? Asked the man, while holding on to the young lady by the waist and carried her hand to his instrument. -I do my best Bella murmured. And seeing that he could not any aid, suggested him to sit on the hay for her horse mounted on his knees and try to insert the meat mass brownish. After a few thrusts and kicks the member entered, and began a second battle no less violent than the first. A quarter of full time. To the Apparently, it was the eldest who now could not achieve ejaculation. How bothersome are!, Thought Bella. -Frótamelo, dear, 'said the man, pulling his cock inside the her body, even harder than before. Bella caught him with his little hands and rubbed it up and down. After a while of this kind of excitement, stopped to watch the huge tube exuded a splash of semen. Just had fitted back inside when a torrent of milk broke into her breast. Rising and falling upon him alternately pumped Bella until he was finished completely, after which they let her go. At last came the day dawned the fateful morning in the beautiful Julia Delmont had to lose the coveted treasure is sought so avidly on the one hand, and as thoughtlessly lost by another.
Page 77
77, page 107 It was still early when Bella heard his footsteps on the stairs, and not well were together when a thousand pleasant chat topics gave fuel to tina animated conversation, until Julia warned that speaks something Bella reserved. In Indeed, his talk was nothing but a game-face more QUC hiding something that showed reluctant to trust your partner. -I guess I have something to tell me, Bella, something that still will not tell me, though want to. What is. Bella? - Can not you guess? It asked, with a mischievous smile toyed around the dimples that formed near the corners of her red lips. - Is it something related to the Father Ambrose? Julia asked. Oh, I feel so terribly guilty and ashamed when I see him now, though he told me that there was no malice in what he did! -I had not, that's for sure. But what did he do? - Oh, if I told you! I said a few things .. and then put his arm around my waist and kissed me almost take my breath away. - And then? Bella asked. - What can I say, dear! He said and did many things, until llequé to think that going to lose my mind! Tell me some of them, at least. 'Well, after kissing me so hard, put his hands under my clothes and played with my feet and my socks .., and then slid his hand above .., until I thought I was going to faint. - Ah, minx! I'm sure that at all times you liked his touch. -Sure. How could it be otherwise? It made me feel what ever ever felt in my life. -Come on, Julia, that was not all. Do not stop there, you know. - Oh, no, of course not! But I can not tell you about what he did next. - Stop being c***dish! Bella exclaimed, pretending to be annoyed by the reluctance of her friend. Why do not you admit it? I guess that can not be helped, but it seemed so outrageous, and it was all so new for me, and yet so without malice ... After making me feel like dying a delicious shudder effect caused with his fingers, suddenly took my hand with it and landed on something I had him, and it seemed like the arm of a c***d. Me grab invited closely. I did what you told me, and then I looked down and saw it was something red, pure white skin and blue veins, with a curious tip Round purple, like a plum. Then I realized that the thing out between her legs, and that was covered at the base by a tuft of black hair and curly. Julia hesitated. -Follow-Bella said, encouragingly. 'Well, kept my hand on it and made the rub over and over again. Was so long, was so stiff and so hot!
Page 78
Page 78 of 107 There was no hesitation, and was subjected to excitation by the little beauty. -He took my other hand and put them both on that furry object. Me freaked to see his eyes acquired brightness, and her breathing quickened, but he reassured. I called my dear c***d, and, rising, he asked me caress that thing hard on my breasts. I showed it close to my face. - Was it? Bella asked, coaxed. -No, no. Of course, it was everything but I feel so ashamed ...! Should I continue? Is it right to disclose these things? Right. After that sheltered monster within me for some time, during which throbbed and pressed me hot and deliciously, asked me to kiss him. I indulged in the act. When I put my lips on it, I felt I exhaled a sensual aroma. At his request I kept kissing him. He asked me to open my lips and rub the tip of the thing between them. Then I noticed moisture on my tongue and moments later a thick stream of warm fluid spilled over my mouth and bathed then my face and my hands. He was still playing with the thing, when the sound of a door opening at the other end of the church f***ed the good father to hide what I had hoped, because he said the common people must not know what you know, or do what I've allowed to do. " His manner was so gentle and courteous, which made me feel that I was completely different from all other girls. But tell me dear Bella, what were the mysterious news you wanted to communicate? I'm dying to know. -First, I want to know if the good Father Ambrose told you or not of the joys ... or pleasures that provides the object with which you were jumping around, and if you explained some of the ways through which such delights can be achieved without sin. -Of course. He said that in certain cases the surrender to them was a merit. I suppose that after marriage, for example. She said nothing about it except that sometimes marriage brings many calamities, and it is sometimes desirable to break the promise marriage. Bella smiled. He remembered hearing something along the same lines of the sensual lips cure. 'So in what circumstances, he said, would be allowed these joys? -Only when reason is against fair reasons other than those of complacency, and this only happens when a young girl, selected by others for psychic qualities, is dedicated to providing relief to the servers of religion. 'I see,' I said Bella. Follow.
Page 79
Page 79 of 107 -Then made me see how good I was, and what it would be very worthwhile for me exercise of the privilege granted me, and devote myself to the relief of his senses and all of those others whom they forbade marriage vows, or other satisfaction needs means that nature has given to every living thing. But Bella, you you have something to tell me, I'm sure. 'All right, as I say, I'll say, I guess there is no choice. Know, then, that the good Father Ambrose decided that the best thing for you would be to You will then begin then, and has taken steps to make this happen today. - Do not tell me! Alas! I will so embarrassed! I am so terribly shy! Oh, no, dear! He has thought of it all. Only a man so pious and considered as our dear confessor could arrange it in the form as it has done. He has arranged things so that you can enjoy good father all your lovely person beauties can offer without you see him, or he sees you. How? Is it in the dark, then? -By no means would preclude give satisfaction to the sense of sight, and miss the great pleasure of seeing the delicious delights in whose possession has on his illusion dear Father Ambrose. -Your flattery make me blush, Bella. But then, what will happen the things? -A full light-Bella said in the tone of a mother who turns to his daughter. Will in a nice room in my house, you lie on a couch right, and your head will be hidden behind a curtain, which will serve as a room door inside, so that only your body, completely naked, is made available to your assailant. - Nude! What a shame! - Ah, Julia. my sweet and tender Julia! Bella muttered at the same time a thrill of ecstasy through her body. Soon you will enjoy great treats! You'll wake the exquisite pleasures reserved for immortals, and you will well account you're approaching the period called puberty, whose joys'm sure you already need! - Please, Bella, do not say that! And when at last he went on his companion, whose imagination had already led to carnal dreams imperiously demanding her satisfaction, finish struggle comes spasm, and fire your throbbing much viscous fluid stream maddening. . . Oh! then she will feel the ecstasy, and will present its own offering. - What you mumbling? Bella stood up. I was thinking, 'said dreamily delight in it than bad you express yourself.
Page 80
Page 80 of 107 There followed a conversation about trifles, and while it is developed, I found another opportunity to hear dialogue. no less interesting to me, and which, without But I will not give more than an excerpt to my readers. It happened in the library, and the gentlemen were partners and Verbouc Delmont. He had evidently versed, incredible as it may seem, on the delivery of Bella the person of Mr. Delmont, on payment of a certain amount, which later be reversed by the complacent Mr. Verbouc for the benefit of 'the dear niece Notwithstanding rascal and sensual that the man was, he could not stop bribing of somehow his conscience by the infamous deal agreed. 'Yes,' said the complaisant and kind uncle, my niece's interests are above all, Sir. Not that it is impossible for a marriage in the future, but the small favor I think you are asking is compensated by us - men of the world as we are, you understand, purely as men of world-for the payment of a sum sufficient to compensate for the loss of so frail belonging. At this point let out the laugh, mainly because its obtuse interlocutor could not understand him. At last they came to an agreement, and only stayed for grooming acts preliminary. Mr. Delmont was delighted, leaving his clumsy and stolid indifference when told that the sale was to be made on the spot, and that by therefore had to immediately take possession of the delicious virginity during so long yearned conquer. In the meantime, the good and generous of our dear Father Ambrose to and some time was in the mansion, and was ready the room where scheduled consummation of the sacrifice. At this point, after a breakfast feast way, Mr. Delmont found that there was only one door between him and the victim of his lust. What is not had the faintest idea of ​​who was actually going to be his victim. Thought only Bella. Then turned the lock and entered the room, the soft warmth tempered the stimulated sexual instincts were about to take action, What a wonderful vision offered to his eyes entranced! In front of him, leaning on a couch, fully naked, was the body of a young girl. A glance was enough to reveal that she was a beauty, but it would have taken several minutes to describe in detail, after discovering separately each of its delicious parts her shapely limbs, infantile proportions, with few formed breasts two of the most selective and soft white flesh hills, crowned with two pinkish buttons, the blue veins running meandering here and there, which looked at through pearly surface as fluid streams of bl**d, and that gave prominence to the dazzling whiteness of the skin.
Page 81
Page 81 of 107 And, oh! also the central point for the men who sigh: the and tight rosy lips to that nature likes solozarse, of which she born and returning: the source! There it was, to the eye, most of his c***dhood in perfection. Everything was there except .. the head. This important part is to note its absence, and the gentle undulations of the beautiful unspoilt evidenced that she was not disadvantage that was not in view. Mr. Delmont not be amazed at this phenomenon, since it had been prepared for him, and to remain silent. He devoted himself therefore to observe with delight charms that had been prepared for him solace. No sooner had recovered from the surprise and excitement caused by his first sight the naked beauty, began to feel the effects caused by the show in the sexual organs that respond well soon man of his temperament to emotions that normally should cause them. His cock, hard and swollen, highlighted in his fly, and threatened to leave confinement. So I released allowing the gigantic gun that appeared without obstacles, and his red tip had stood in front of his prey. Reader: I'm just a flea, and thus my powers of perception are limited. For this reason I have no ability to describe the slow steps and how cautious that the r****t was enthralled gradually approaching his victim. Feeling safe and enjoy this confidence, Mr. Delmont ran his eyes with his hands around the body. His fingers opened the vulva, which had just a slight hair flourished, while the girl shuddered and writhed to feel the intruder in their most intimate parts to prevent lewd fondling with modesty own circumstances. Then pulled if and placed his warm lips on the lower abdomen and in the tender and sensitive nipples of her youthful breasts. With eager hand grabbed for his bombastic hips, pulling her closer to him spread her white legs and placed in the middle of them. Reader: I just remind you that I am just a flea. But even fleas have feelings, and try to explain what mine were when I saw excited that approach the prominent member of the wet vulva lips of Julia. I closed my eyes. Sexual instincts male flea woke me, and had -if desired, ardently wished it to be in the place of Mr. Delmont. Meanwhile, firmly and without regard, he was given the task killer. Giving a sudden jump tried to delve into unspoilt parts of the young Julia, failed blow. He tried again, and again the failed unit has been stiff and breathless on throbbing womb of his victim. During this trial period could Julia rolling certainly take the screaming plot more or less strong, had it not been for the precautions taken by the corrupting and prudent priest, Father Ambrose.
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Page 82 of 107 Julia was d**gged. Delmont once again went on the attack. Hard pushed forward, strengthened their feet on the floor, he was furious, threw foams and ... Finally! the elastic and smooth barrier relented, allowing him to enter. Inside, with a triumphant feeling of ecstasy. In so the pleasure of the narrow and wet compression tore his lips sealed a whimper pleasure. Inside, just your weapon, buried to the hairs of his lower abdomen, was installed engruesando throbbing at times in her case, set as a glove. There followed a struggle that no flea would be able to describe. Moans of happiness and feelings of ecstasy escaped her drooling lips. Pushed and bent forward with wild eyes and parted lips, and unable to prevent the quick completion of his libidinous pleasure, this big man gave his soul, and with it a seminal fluid stream, hard shot inside, bathed the womb of his own daughter. Of all witnessed Ambrosio, who hid to witness the lustful drama, as Bella, the other side of the curtain was ready to prevent any spoken communication of his young visitor. This precaution was, however, completely unnecessary, as Julia, enough recovered from the effects of the narcotic to feel the pain, had fainted. Chapter XI AS SOON AS I WAS FINISHING THE FIGHT, and the winner, rising from the girl's body trembling, began to recover from ecstasy caused by so delicious encounter, word suddenly the curtain, and appeared Bella itself behind it. If suddenly a cannon ball had passed along the astonished Mr. Delmont, not would have caused even half of the dismay he felt when, without full credit in his eyes, staring gaped alternatively the prostrate body of his victim and the appearance of which I thought had to own. Bella, whose lovely "negligee" highlighted to perfection his youthful charms, appeared to be equally astonished, but, pretending to have recovered, stepped back with a perfectly well studied in alarm. - What do ... what is all this? Asked Delmont, which prevented him from turmoil even notice that order had not yet on your clothes, and still hanging between her legs the very important instrument that just to satisfy their sexual impulses, still bloated, dripping, fully exposed between her legs. - Heaven! Is it possible that I committed a mistake so awful? Cried Bella, casting furtive glances at what constituted an attractive invitation. -For pity's sake, tell me what the error is, and who is there
Page 83
83, page 107 Cried the trembling r****t, pointing as he spoke the naked person lying in front of him. - Oh, retire! Go! Bella shouted, heading rapidly towards dead followed by Mr. Delmont, anxious that the mystery will be explained. Bella walked to an attached toilet, shut the door, securing it well, and let fall on a luxurious couch, so stay in view its charms, at the same while pretending to be so overcome with horror, that he realized the indecency of his position. - Oh! What have I done? What have I done? Sobbed, his face hidden in their hands, apparently distraught. A terrible suspicion passed like lightning through the mind of his companion, who semiahogado panting with emotion, inquired: - Speak! Who was ...? Who? -Not my fault. He could not know it was you who had brought for me ... and knowing .., I put Julia in my place. Mr. Delmont went back, reeling. A feeling confused yet that something horrible had happened washed over his being, a dizziness clouded his view, then, gradually, was awakening to reality. However, before he could articulate a word, Bella, well-trained on how he had to act-is hastened to prevent him had time to think. - Shhh! She knows nothing. It was a mistake, a terrible mistake, and nothing else. If you are disappointed is my fault, not his. Never crossed my thinking that could be you. I think he added making a cute pout, while still throwing a significant sidelong glance at still protruding member-who was most unkind of them have told me that it was you. Mr. Delmont had before him the beautiful girl. The truth was that, pleasure regardless of any involuntary i****t found, had been frustrated in its original intent, losing something that had paid very good price. Oh, if they found out what I did! Bella murmured, modifying stance slightly to expose a leg to knee. Delmont's eyes twinkled. In spite him feel calm again, her a****l passions surfaced again. - If they discover! Bella moaned again. While he spoke, he half rose to spend your lovely arms around father cheated neck. Mr. Delmont took her in a firm embrace.
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Page 84 of 107 - Oh, God! What's this? Bella whispered, with a hand that had grabbed the sticky dart his companion, and squeeze and mold amused with its warm hand. The wretched man, sensitive to your touch and all its charms, and hot with again by lust, felt that the best thing that was in store for her but enjoy your youth virginity. -If I have to give Bella said, treat me with tenderness. Oh, what a way to Oh touch me, hence remove that hand! Heavens! What do you do? He had no time for anything but take a look at his red head member, stiffer and more swollen than ever, and a few moments later I was already on it. Bella did not resist, and inflamed by their lust loving Mr. Delmont quickly found the right spot. Taking advantage of their vantage pushed violently with his penis still lubricated into the tender and young girl's private parts. Bella moaned. Gradually warm the dart was entering deeper and deeper, until it joined their bellies, and he was put to the testicles. Then began a violent and delicious battle, in which Bella played to perfection the role it was assigned, and excited by the new instrument of pleasure, was abandoned in a torrent of delights. Mr. Delmont soon followed his example, and unloaded inside Bella a copious stream of his prolific sperm. For a few moments remained both absent, bathed in the exudation their mutual k**nappings, and panting with the effort until a slight noise they returned the notion of the world. And before they could even attempt a retreat, or an unequivocal change in the position in which they stood, opened the toilet door and appeared, almost simultaneously, three people. These were the father Ambrose, Mr. Verbouc and gracious Julia Delmont. Between the two men held the girl's body semidesvanecido whose head drooped limply to the side, resting on the shoulder sturdy father while Verbouc, no less favored by the proximity of the girl, holding the this lightweight body with nervous arm, and watched his face with a look of lust unsatisfied, you might just meet the reincarnation of the devil. Both men were in deshabille just decent, and the unfortunate Julia was naked, as, barely a quarter of an hour before, had been violently tainted by his own father. - Shhh! Bella whispered, putting her hand on her loving lips companion. For the love of God, do not blame yourself. They may not know who did this. Submit to confess all before so frightening fact. Would not spare. Abide careful not to disrupt their plans. Mr. Delmont could immediately see how true were the omens of Bella.
Page 85
Page 85 of 107 - Go, lustful man! Exclaimed the pious Father Ambrose. Behold the state in which we found this poor creature! And laying his paw on the mons hairless young Julia, shamelessly exhibited the other fingers wiping the discharge paternal. - Shocking! -Verbouc said. And if you become pregnant! - Abominable! Cried the Father Ambrose. Since then we have to stop it. Delmont gemiro Meanwhile., Ambrose and his coadjutor introduced his young victim in the room, and began to try and cherish throughout your body, and engage in implementation all lewd acts preceding the delivery unbridled lustful possession. Julia, still under the influence of sedative had been administered, and totally confused by the action of that virtuous couple, just realized the presence of her worthy father. which was still held by whites Bella's arms, and with his Built-in member yet sweet belly. See how milk runs down her legs! Verbouc exclaimed, introducing his hand nervously between Julia's thighs. What a shame! -Ha wrung her pretty little feet-observed Ambrosio, lifting one of his shapely legs, with the intention of proceeding to examine his fine boots k**, on which you could see more of a drop of seminal fluid, while with fiery eyes avidly explored pink like that crack was exposed to his gaze. Delmont moaned again. - Oh. God what a beauty! Verbouc shouted, slapping her round buttocks. Ambrose necessary to prevent any possible consequence of an event as unusual. Only the issuance of a vigorous man can remedy a similar situation. -Yes, it is true, we must administer it murmured Ambrose, whose state of excitement during this interval may be better imagined than described. His cassock clearly stood at the front, and all his actions betrayed his violent emotions. Ambrosio took off his cassock and released his huge member, whose ruddy and swollen head seemed to threaten the heavens. Julia, terribly frightened, started a movement to escape weak as Mr. Verbouc, joyful, he held displaying it in its entirety. Julia looked a second time terribly erect member of his confessor, and. guessing their intentions because of the initiation experience he had just spend almost panic faded.
Page 86
86 page 107 Ambrose, as if trying to offend the feelings of both, father and daughter left totally exposed his genitals tremendous, and waved the giant penis their faces. Delmont in terror, and feeling in the hands of the two conspirators, held his breath and took refuge behind Bella, which fully satisfied by the success of the plot, began to advise him not to do anything and allowed them to do his will. Verbouc, who had been teasing with your fingers the wet private parts little Julia, the girl gave the furious lust of his friend, preparing to enjoy their favorite pastime contemplate the violation. The priest, beside himself because of the lust that filled him, took off his clothes more intimate clothing, without thereby losing its rigidity member during operation and proceeded to the delicious task ahead, "the end is mine." murmur. Ambrose immediately seized his prey, wrapped his arms around his body, and lifted her to carry the trembling girl to the couch next and pounce on his naked body. And gave body and soul to be satisfied. His monstrous weapon, tough as nails, played and pink pussy, which, although it had been lubricated by the Mr. Delmont semen was not a convenient cover for the giant penis that now threatened. Ambrose continued his efforts, and Mr. Delmont could only watch while lz cure figure writhing on the body of his daughter, an undulating mass of black and silky. With enough experience to be hampered for a long time, Ambrose was gaining ground, and was also self-possessed enough to avoid being dragged too soon for the pleasure overcame all opposition, and a piercing scream of Julia announced ram immense penetration. Scream after scream were happening until Ambrose finally buried firmly inside the girl, said she could not go deeper, and began the delicious pumping movements which were to put an end to his pleasure, while torture of his victim. Meanwhile Verbouc, whose lust was awakened violently in view of the scene between Mr. Delmont and her daughter, and that he subsequently staged foolish man and his niece, ran to Bella and her away from the hug that had his unhappy friend, I immediately opened legs, he glanced at his hole, and push one plunged his penis into her body, to enjoy the most intense emotions in a well lubricated vulva and the abundance of sperm he had received. Both couples, were then delivered to your delusional copulation in a silence disturbed only by the groans of the semi Julia, the rattle of the Ambrosio barbarian breathing, and the moans and sobs of Mr. Verbouc. The race was fast and delicious. Ambrose, who had entered by f***e in the narrow slit of the girl his gigantic penis, even murders of black hairs curly covering its root, was livid with lust. Pushed. impelled and lunged with strength of a bull, and had it not been because finally the favored nature taking its Ecstasy to completion, would have succumbed to the effects of such tremendous excitement, for
Page 87
87 page 107 fall prey to an attack that probably would have prevented forever repetition of such a scene. A loud cry escaped Ambrosio throat. Verbouc knew what it represented: it was coming. His ecstasy served to hasten to the other partner, and lust howl filled the area as the two monsters flooded their victims seminal fluid. But I took one, but were accurate three shocks of the prolific essence of the priest in the matrix of the tender young, that to subside the fever of desire that had gripped him. To simply say that Ambrose had downloaded, would not give a true picture of the facts. What he really did was throw true semen spurts inside Julia, in thick and strong jets, while he kept throwing moans of ecstasy every time one of those slimy injections ran along its enormous urethra, and streams flowed inside the dilated vessel. It was some minutes Before it was over, and leave his bl**dy brutal cure and torn victim. At the same time Mr. Verbouc left exposed and open thighs vulva smeared his niece, which lay still in the sl**py trance following the intense delight, Carefree thick exudation, drop by drop, would form a puddle on the floor between his legs encased in silk. - Ah, what a treat! Verbouc exclaimed. After all, you will find delight in the line of duty, is not it, Delmont? And turning to the desired subject, he continued: -If the Father Ambrose and I had not mixed our humble offerings with the prolific essence advantage apparently you as well, no one would mess would have predicted what happened. Oh, yeah, there's nothing like doing things properly, is not it, Delmont? I do not know, I feel sick, I'm like a dream, without thereby be insensitive to feelings that cause me a renewed delight. I can not doubt his friendship .., you know secrecy. I enjoyed very much, and yet still excited. I can not say what I want. What will my friends? Ambrose's father approached, and placing his paw on the shoulder of the poor man, gave him breath a few comforting words whispered in tone. As a flea that I am, I can not afford the freedom to mention what were these words, but had the effect of dissipating clouds soon horror obscured the life of Mr. Delmont. He sat down, and gradually recovered its calm. Julia also recovered and took a seat next to the burly priest, the other side had Bella. Long ago, both girls felt more or less comfortable. The holy man spoke to them as a kind father, and got Mr. Delmont abandon his introverted, and that this honorable man, after a copious libation wine, eat-zara also to feel at ease in the environment in which it was,
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Page 88 of 107 Soon the fumes of wine surtieron invigorating effect on Mr. Delmont started throwing eager glances towards his daughter. His excitement was evident and manifested in bulk which warned balo their clothes. Ambrose realized his desire and encouraged. He brought with Julia. which still naked, had no way to hide her charms. Her father looked at her with eyes that predominant lust. A second time would not be so sinful, he thought. Ambrose nodded encouragingly, as Bella unbuttoned his pants to grab his stiff penis, and squeeze gently between your hands. Mr. Delmont understood the position, and a few moments later he was over his daughter. Bella led the Member i****tuous sex red lips of Julia, and after a pushing again the semienloquecido father had completely penetrated inside the body of his cute daughter. The ensuing struggle was intensified by the circumstances of that awful connection. After a brutal and fast gallop Mr. Delmont downloaded, and her daughter received in the depths of his youthful emissions parent to blame his father denatured. Father Ambrose, who prevailed in the sexual instinct, had no weakness, that was to preach. He did it for about an hour, not so much on religious subjects, but referring to other more mundane, and certainly not usually sanctioned by the Holy Mother Church. This time I gave a speech that was impossible to follow, so I decided to lie down to sl**p in the armpit of Bella. I do not know how long it would have lasted her dissertation, but as at that point the gentle Bella took possession of its huge flap between his hands and began to cosquillearlo, the good man was f***ed to pause, justified by the feelings aroused by it, Verbouc, meanwhile, will be remembered that all he desired was a pussy well lubricated, only cared about how good they were delicious oiled parts intimate of the newly won to the cause, Julia. In addition, the father's presence contributed to increase appetite, rather than an impediment to these two refrain from lustful men enjoy the charms of her daughter. And Bella, who drain still felt his warm semen vulva, was dam battles longings earlier had failed to pacify the whole. Verbouc again began to address the charms of Julia c***d by applying lewd pat, shamelessly passing his hands over the rounded of her buttocks, and occasionally sliding his fingers between the hills. Father Ambrose, not less active, had spent his arm around the waist of Bella, and bringing him his naked body cute deposited in their hot lips kisses. As both men were given to these romps, desire communicated in their weapons, reddened and swollen as a result of previous skirmishes, and firmly raised with the menacing eye on the young creatures who were in his possession.
Page 89
89 page 107 Ambrose, whose lust never required large incentives TAKING soon Bella. This was allowed to be lying on the couch he had already witnessed two meetings above, where nothing reluctant, followed by contrast stimulating naked flaming fuck. to allow then inserted between her thighs, favoring disproportionate attack as much as he could, to bury completely in her wet slit the terrible instrument. The show got aroused such feelings of Mr. Delmont, who became clearly not because of more stimulus needed to try one seconds after coup that the priest had finished his assault. Mr. Verbouc, which for a while was throwing lascivious glances at the daughter of Mr. Delmont, was also able to enjoy once again. He reflected that repeated violations she had experienced from her father and priest would have left her ready for the kind of work he liked to perform, and realized, both by sight and by touch, that their private parts were lubricated enough to satisfy their cravings highest due to violent shock they had received. Verbouc glanced toward the priest, who at that time was enjoy entertaining his niece, and going after the beautiful Julia placed on a couch in ideal position to sink to his rigid testes in the her delicate body, which succeeded, though with considerable difficulty. This new and intense enjoyment Verbouc carried to the edges of the disposition; pressing against the tight pussy of the young, fit him like a glove, is trembled with joy from head to toe. - Oh, this is heaven itself! He muttered, as he buried his qran member until testes glued to the base. - God, what a tight! What lubricious delight! And another strong attack tore a moan to poor Julia. Meanwhile Father Ambrose, his eyes half closed, lips parted and the nostrils dilated, did not cease to fight against the beautiful private parts of the young Bella, whose sexual satisfaction denounced her cries of pleasure. - Oh, God! P. .. is too large ... your huge huge thing! Woe me, I get to the waist! Oh! Oh! It too, not so hard, dear father! How empujáis! I kill! Gently .., slow down. . . I feel your great balls against my buttocks. - Stop for a moment! Cried Ambrosio, whose pleasure was already overwhelming, and whose milk was about to vertirse. Let us pause. Do we change partner, friend mine? I think the idea is appealing. - No, oh, no! I can not anymore! I have to follow. This beautiful creature is the delight in person. -Be still, my dear Bella, or do I come. Not oppress my weapon so ravishingly.
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Page 90 of 107 -I can not help it, I kill for pleasure. Go on, go on, but gently. Oh, not so abruptly! Do not push so brutally. Gosh, will cum! His eyes are closed, his lips open ... God! I're killing me with that huge thing descuartizáis. Ah! Oh! Come along, then! Come along dear .., father ... Ambrosio. Give me your fiery milk ... Oh! Pushing f***e now! Stronger .. plus .., kill me if you wish! Bella spent her white arms around his neck tan, opened as much as could their soft and beautiful thighs, and fully engulfed the enormous instrument to confuse and rub your hair with your pubic mound. Ambrose felt he was about to launch a major issue directly vital organs of the creature beneath him. - Pushing f***e, push now! Bella cried, forgetting all sense of modesty, and throwing his own discharge between spasms of pleasure. Pushing f***e ... pushing f***e ... stick it deep inside ...! Oh yeah that! My God, what size, what length! I're splitting in two, gross mine. Oh, oh! We're coming. . . sorry ...! God ..... . what milk! iOh, what jets! Ambrosio downloaded furiously as the stallion that was rammed with all f***es the warm belly beneath him. At last he rose reluctantly off Bella, which, free from their claws, are turned to see the other couple. His uncle was managing a rapid series of short lunges to his girlfriend, and he was obviously close to ecstasy. Julia, meanwhile, whose recent **** and terrible treatment he received after a Ambrosio gross hands hurt and enervated had not experienced the lowest taste, but left to do, as an inert mass in the arms of his assailant. When at last, after a few more pushes, Verbouc fell forward at the time to make her voluptuous download, the only thing she realized was that something hot was injected inside f***e without feeling experienced more than the languor and fatigue. Followed another pause after the third insult, during which Mr. Delmont was slumped in a corner, and apparently fell asl**p. Then began a series erotic activities. Ambrose leaned back on the couch, and made Bella kneel on it in order to apply his lips on her wet pussy, to fill kisses and touches of lewd and depraved as imaginable. Mr. Verbouc, not wanting to be outdone by his teammate, so toyed equally libidinous with the innocent Julia. Then he lay on the sofa, and lavished all kinds of pats to his charms, not hiding his admiration for his mons hairless, and the red lips of her young pussy.
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Page 91 of 107 They soon wishes be evidenced by two rigid straightening members, again like eager and ecstatic pleasures so selected as enjoyed above. However, at that time implemented a new program. Ambrosio was the first to propose it. -We have already had enough of their pussies crudely said, turning to Verbouc, who was playing with Bella's nipples. Now let's see what they are made their asses. This lovely creature would bite worthy of the Pope himself, and Bella has velvet buttocks and an ass worthy of an emperor who come within it. The idea was accepted immediately, and proceeded to reassure victims to carry it out. It was monstrous. and it seemed impossible that it can be consummated, given of the imbalance. The huge member of cure was pointing to the small Julia rear hole, while Verbouc threatened his niece in the same direction. A quarter of an hour was consumed in preparations, and after a dreadful lust and debauchery scene, both girls were in her womb the warm jets of the ungodly downloads. Finally succeeded calm the violent emotions that had taken hold in the monstrous actors scene, and attention was again in Mr. Delmont. That worthy citizen, as I said earlier, had retired to a corner paragraph, apparently being overcome by sl**p, or d***k with wine, or perhaps both. She is very quiet-Verbouc observed. -An evil conscience is bad company said Father Ambrose, his attention focused on washing your oscillating tool. -Come on, man, did your turn. Here's a gift for you, he went Verbouc, while showing in all its glory, to give the proper environment his words, the most intimate charms almost insensitive Julia. Arise enjoy them. But, what about this man? Heavens, that ... What is this? Verbouc stepped back. Ambrose's father leaned over the unfortunate Delmont to sound his heart. -He's dead, he said quietly. Indeed, had died.
Page 92
92 page 107 Chapter XII SUDDEN DEATH IS A COMMON OCCURRENCE, especially the cases of people whose backgrounds have made to assume the existence of a functional disorder, surprise so soon gives way to the usual testimonies of sympathy, and then to a state of resignation to an event that no wonder. The transition can be expressed as follows: - Who would believe it? - Is it possible? -I always suspected. - Poor fellow! 'No one should be surprised. This interesting formula was properly applied when the unhappy Mr. Delmont paid tribute to Mother Earth, as the common phrase. A fortnight after the unfortunate gentleman had left this life, all chords were friends that had long since been discovered symptoms more sooner or later have to be fatal. Almost took pride in their insight, although inscrutable reverently admitted the providence. As for me, my life was pretty much as usual, except that I figured that Julia's legs should have a slight taste spicier than Bella, and consequently bled regularly for my sustenance, morning and evening. Nothing more natural than Julia spent most of his time with his beloved friend Bella, and the sensuous Father Ambrose and his protector, the lecherous relative of my dear Bella, try to find the time to repeat the above experiences with the young girl docile. I can attest that it was so good, since my nights were most unpleasant and uncomfortable, always exposed to my sl**p interruptions by long hairy incursions members through the intricacies of the English in which I had I refugee temporarily and see me always in danger of entrained by the horribly sticky thick streams of a****l semen. In short, the young and impressionable Julia was completely ahormada, and Ambrose and his friend enjoyed owning it at home. They had reached their targets. What cared about their sacrifices? Meanwhile, other and very different were the thoughts of Bella, which I had left. But eventually, feeling somewhat disgusted by the Too often they give me to the new diet, I decided to leave the stockings of the beautiful Julia, and return-tempering to mon mouton, as the French say, to the sweet and feeding the salacious succulent Bella. So I did, and you resultat voici: One night Bella went to bed rather earlier than usual. The father Ambrosio was absent for having been sent on a mission to a secluded parish, and his
Page 93
93 page 107 complacent dear uncle suffered a severe attack of gout, a condition that in the late relatively frequently afflicted him. The girl had already arranged her hair for the night, and had also devoid of some of her clothes. He was taking off his shirt at night, which had to go through the head, and in the course of this operation inadvertently dropped his pants, revealing, in the mirror, the beautiful bulges and exquisite smoothness and transparency of the skin of her buttocks. Such beauty had inflamed to a hermit, but alas! in that no far no sight ascetic enardecerse susceptible. As for me, very nearly to bankrupt me the longest of my antennas, and I torciera my right leg in their contortions to extract the garment over her head. At this point I should explain that since the Father Clement had astute been deprived of enjoying the charms of Bella, renewed the bestial and nothing pious oath which, though it be a surprise, would seize the fort again once already had been his. The memory of his happiness brought tears to her sensual eyes, while that, on reflection, he distended his enormous member. Clemente made the terrible oath that jodería Bella in natural state and brutal in his own words, and I, who am but a flea, I heard and understood its scope. The night was dark and raining. Ambrosio was absent and sick Verbouc helpless. Bella was f***ed to be alone. All these circumstances were known While Clemente, and acted accordingly. Encouraged by their recent experiences on the geography of the neighborhood, went straight to the bedroom window of Bella, and having found as expected, without running the latch and. therefore open, entered peacefully and scrambled to get under the bed. From this point of view Clemente's throbbing pulse stared toilette beautiful Bella, until it began to take off his shirt in the manner and I described. Clemente could then enjoy the view of the girl in all her splendid nakedness and choked bellowed like a bull. In the recumbent position in which he found had no difficulty in seeing waist down all of her body and her eyes in contemplation solazaban twin globes were her buttocks, opening and closing as the Girl twisting her lithe body in the effort to pass the shirt over his head. Clemente could not take more time, his desire reached the boiling point, and quietly but promptly slid out of hiding to win in front of her, without waste of time embraced the nude body with one hand, while placing the another on her red lips. Bella's first impulse was to scream, but she was female this resource forbidden. His second idea was faint, and is why we have chosen not to have mediated certain circumstances. This circumstance was the fact that while the bold
Page 94
94 page 107 assailant kept securely fastened beside him, something hard, long, hot pressing of insistently between her soft buttocks, and lay throbbing separation between them and along its back. At this critical moment Bella's eyes encountered the image of it in the dresser mirror and recognized behind the ugly face bloated sexy priest, crowned by a circle of unruly red hair. Bella understood the situation in the blink of an eye. By now almost a week that had fallen from the embraces of Ambrose and his uncle, and this fact had much to see, of course, in what followed. What he did from that moment was pure dissimulation of the lewd girl. He dropped gently back on the strong father figure of Clement, and believing this happy individual who actually fainted while withdrawing the hand with which he closed his mouth used both arms to hold. The irresistible beauty of the person holding his arms took the excitement Clement almost to madness. Bella was practically naked, and he slid his polished hands over his skin, while his immense weapon, rigid and distended effect impatience, pounded vigorously on contact with the beautiful I had embraced. Trembling, Clemente brought his face to hers, and printed a long luscious sweet kiss on her lips. Bella shuddered and opened his eyes. Clement renewed his caresses. - Oh! Languidly exclaimed. How dare you come here? Please Let go on the spot! It is shameful! Clemente smiled smugly. He had always been ugly, but at that moment was truly odious by his terrible lust. -So she said. It's a shame thus treat a girl so pretty, But so delicious, my darling! Bella sighed. More kisses and hands sliding over his naked body. A large hand and crude fell on her mons, and a daring finger, separating the wet lips, was introduced inside the warm slit to touch the sensitive clitoris. Bella closed her eyes and let out another sigh, at the same time that this sensitive body began to relax turn. For my young friend was in no way one a tiny organ, and that because of lewd massage Clemente rose ugly, is stiffened and leaned lips starting almost alone. Bella was on fire, and the glow of desire peered into his eyes. Had infected, and a glance at her seducer could see the terrible look of lust portrayed in her face as she played with her secret charms. The trembling girl stirring, a burning desire for pleasure of intercourse possession of it, and unable to control their desires longer, quickly took its
Page 95
95 page 107 right hand back to grab the huge weapon that threatened her buttocks, but not could do it in all its magnitude. Were found in both eyes, the lust burning in them. Bella smiled, Clement repeated his sensual kiss and introduced in her mouth his restless tongue. The girl did not took to second his lewd caresses, and left the field open to both their restless hands and their warm kisses. Slowly pulled a chair, in which sat Bella eager anticipation of what the priest wanted to do next. Clement stood before her. His black silk robe, reaching to heels, stood prominently on the front, his cheeks red hot by the v******e of his desires, were only rival in his fiery lips, and his breath was stirred in anticipation of ecstasy. He knew he had nothing to fear and much to enjoy. -This is too Bella murmured, gone! 'Impossible, after having taken the trouble to enter. -But you can be discovered, and then my reputation will be ruined. -Not likely. You know you're all alone, and that there is any chance of being disturbed. Besides, you're so delicious, my little girl, as fresh, so young and so beautiful that. .. not remove the leg, just put my hand on your smooth thigh. The fact is I want to fuck you, dear. Bella could see the huge bulge he straightened more. - What are obscene! What words empleáis! - Do you think so, my darling little girl? Clemente said, taking back the sensitive clit between his thumb and index finger to massage it properly. I born for the pleasure of feeling this pussy gaping cunningly trying to dodge my touches. - Give Shame! Bella exclaimed, laughing, however, reluctantly. Clemente approached to bow to her and take her pretty face in his hands. By doing so, Bella could see that the cassock, almost lifted by the strength of the communicated to the member wishes of the father, he was a few inches to the chest of her so she could feel the beats that made black silk garment rise and fall alternately. The temptation was irresistible, and eventually pass beneath her delicate little hand the clothes of the priest and upload above enough to grab a furry mass the hanging two balls as big as chicken eggs. - Oh, God! How very huge! Murmured the girl. -All full of beautiful thick milk Clemente sighed, toying with two cute breasts so close to him. Bella sat better, and again caught with both hands hard and stiff trunk the huge penis.
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96 page 107 - How awful! This is a monster! Exclaimed the lewd girl. Really that is great! What size yours! -Yes, is not it a good fuck? -Observed Clemente, advancing and raising his cassock to better show the gigantic member. Bella could not resist the temptation, and raising even more clothes the priest left the penis in complete freedom and exposed throughout its length. Fleas do not know much of measures of space and time, and therefore does not I can give you the exact dimensions of the weapon it was in those girl moments our eyes. It was, however, of gigantic proportions. He had a large head red roma and emerging at the end of a long trunk brownish. The hole, which was at its peak, which is usually so small, it was in the If we consider a real crack wet with seminal fluid accumulated there. To all along that trunk thick blue veins running, and at the foot of the same growing a real tangle of shaggy red hair. Two large testicles hanging below. - Heaven! Holy Mother! Bella murmured, closing his eyes while giving them a slight squeeze. The wide, blunt head, swollen and reddened by exquisite tingling effect girl, was at that time totally naked, and emerged stiff, free of skin folds backwards Bella restiraba the large white column. She joyful fiddling with your purchase, and increasingly retreating behind the velvet skin the object he had in his hands. Clemente sighed. - What a delightful creature you are! She said, looking at her with eyes flashing. I have to fuck right away or throw it all about you. - No, you must not waste a drop! Bella exclaimed. You should be very urged to want enough to come along so soon. I can not help. Please be still a moment I will come. - What a great thing! How much milk will? Clemente stopped and whispered in her ear something I could not hear. - Truly delicious, but it's amazing! -It is true, give me a chance to prove it. I look forward to it, cutie. Look at it! I have to fuck! Placing brandished his monstrous penis against her. Then he leaned down, then release it suddenly. He jumped up like a spring, and in doing so spontaneously discovered, giving way to red walnut, exuding a drop of semen the urethra.
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97 page 107 All this happened about Bella's face, he felt a sensuous whiff emanating member, who came to increase the disorder of his senses. He continued to play with the penis, and stroking. -Enough, I beg you, dear, or waste it all in the air. Bella was still a few seconds, but grasped the full f***e of his hand to Clement fuck. Meanwhile he was amused in shape with one of his hands breasts juveniles girl, while the fingers of the other in its entirety ran her wet pussy. The mad romp. Her clit swelled and became hot, accelerated breathing, and the flames of desire ignited her cute face. The nut increasingly hardened: shining and as ripe fruit. Watching sneak belly ugly naked man, full of red hair, and brownish thighs, hairy like a monkey, Bella became crimson of lust. The big penis, each increasingly thick and threatening skies caused in being the most indescribable emotions. Greatly excited, his arms linked with the strong body of the great raw and covered with sensual kisses. His own ugliness increased his libidinous feelings. -No, you must not waste it, not let it squander . After stopping for a moment with a peculiar accent moaned with pleasure, and complacent head down her rosy lips opened immediately for most could the prurient delicacy. - Oh, what a treat! How cosquilleas! What ... what pleasure you give me! -Do not allow waste it: drink every last drop whispered Bella aside for a moment his head gleaming walnut. Then lowering it again, placed her lips, projected forward over the large head, and opening gently received including wide urethra orifice. - Holy Mother cried Clemente. This is heaven! How am I going to come to me! God, I lick and suck! Bella applied his sharp tongue to the hole, and gave all his lengüetazas contours. What well know! You have to give me one or two drops still more. I can not go, I can not the priest murmured, pushing forward while his fingers tickling the clitoris hardened Bella, since the your fingertips. After Bella took back between his lips the head of that great yerga, more could not get the nut into his mouth full, so monstrously width was.
Page 98
98 page 107 Licking and sucking, sliding movements with slow, delicious skin red and tender around the back of the tremendous yerga, Bella was causing some results she knew they would not delay long in coming. - Oh, holy mother! Almost I'm coming! I feel.,. Oh. sucks now! You will receive! Clement raised his arms in the air, his head fell backwards, spread her legs, is hands twitched convulsively, his eyes went blank, and Bella felt a strong spasm ran the monstrous penis. Moments later he was almost knocked back by the continuous jet as hurled a torrent of cure genital and throat trickled down. But all his desires and efforts, the greedy girl could not prevent a jet escaping from the corner of his lips when Clement, beside himself with effect pleasure pushed forward with successive shocks, with each of which sent to her throat a new stream of milk. Bella resisted all shoving, and remained gripped the weapon from which flowed those spurts, till the whole was finished. - How much did you say? She muttered. A full cup of tea? There were two. - Adorable c***d! Clemente cried when he could finally catch her breath. What a divine pleasure you gave me! Now my turn, and you have to afford examine all these little things about you that I adore. - Oh, how delicious it was! I almost drowned, 'said Bella. How sticky was! My God, how much! -Yes, cuteness. I promised you all, and turned me so that insurance received a good deal. Flowed in torrents. 'Yes, indeed it was. -Now you will see how good I lick you, and how delicious. mind'll fuck you later. Joining the action to the word, the sexy priest was placed between the thighs of Bella, white as milk, and advancing his face towards them introduced his tongue between red lips crack. After moving it around the hardened clitoris, gave with a tickle so exquisite, that she could hardly contain her screams. - Oh, God! I suck the life! Oh ...! I'm ... I will come to me! Me. I come! And with a sudden forward movement toward the active language, Bella came abundantly in the face of Clement, which he received as he could within their mouth, with epicurean delight. After the priest lifted. His huge penis, which had just softened, is tension was again virile, and emerged before him in a state of dreadful erection. Literally snorting with lust at the sight of the beautiful and well-disposed girl.
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Page 99 of 107 -Now I have to fuck you, 'he said while pushing her towards the bed. I have to have you and give you a taste of this yerga in your little body. Ah, fucking you I will give! Quickly shedding his robe and underwear, the big brute, whose body was covered with hair and skin as dark as a mulatto, took the frail body of the beautiful Bella in his muscular arms and laid it gently on the bed. Clement looked for a moment his body stretched and throbbing, half the effect of desire and half in terror that caused the onslaught. Then smugly watched his tremendous penis erect with lust, and climbing Presto threw herself on her bed and pulled the bedclothes. Bella, half drowned beneath the great gross hairy, felt the stiff cock between her legs, and lowered his hand to tempt you again. - Heavens, what size! I never fit! -Yes, of course if: we have all come to the testicles, only you have to cooperate to not hurt you. Bella was spared the trouble of answering, because then penetrated anxious language in her mouth until almost suffocate. Then he realized that the priest had risen slowly and that hot head of his gigantic cock was trying to break through the wet lips of her pink slit. I can not proceed with the detailed account of the preliminaries. It díez took minutes, but at the end of which the clumsy Clement was buried up to the testes in the beautiful body of the girl, who, with her soft legs bound on the Tan back priest, receiving the caresses of this that basked upon his victim, and was beginning to lewd movements that were to lead him to get rid of his burning fluid. Ten inches at least had muscle hardening depth the private parts of the girl, and throbbed inside of them, at the same time a shaggy mop of hair rubbed the delicate mountain of unhappy Bella. - Oh, God! How you hurt me! She complained. -Heaven! I're butchering! Clement started a movement. - I can not stand! It really is too big! Oh! Get him out! Ay, do lunges! Clemente mercilessly pushed two or three times. -Wait a minute, little devil, only until you choke on my milk. Oh, how close you are! Looks like you're sipping yerga! Finally! now inside, and is all had.
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Page 100 of 107 - Mercy, please! Clemente rammed hard and fast push after push while spinning and writhed on the girl's body dock, and suffered a real attack lust. His huge penis threatened to break from the intensity of his pleasure and maddening delight of the moment. -Now I'm finally fucking. - Jodedme! Bella muttered, opening up even more of your legs, as the intensity of the sensations came posesionando of person. Jodedme well! More hard! And with a deep groan of pleasure flooded his brutal r****t with copious descarqa, at the same time throwing themselves forward for a formidable onslaught of man. Bella's legs flexed spasmodically when Clement was launched between them, inserting and removing continued his long and ardent member between them, with lustful movements. Some sighs mixed with tight kisses lips lewd invader of pasture groans and rapid vibrations of bed frame, denounced all the excitement of the scene. Clemente did not need incentives. The companion complacent ejaculation will had provided the average wet she wanted, and took advantage of it to start a series of movements in and out causing Bella much pleasure as pain. The girl seconded him with all his might. Completely stuffed, sighed deep and shuddered under his firm thrusts. Her breathing became a gasp, closed her eyes for effect-brutal pleasure she experienced in an almost spasm uninterrupted broadcast. The backside of his rude lover opened and closed at each new effort to strike lunges toward the body of the cute c***d. After much struggle paused. - I can not take it anymore, I'm going to come. Take my milk, Bella. You will receive torrents of it, sweetie. Bella. Knew. All their monstrous veins were swollen face his jo maximum tension. It was unbearably large. It seemed the giant member an ass. Clemente began to move again. From his lips fell saliva. With a feeling of ecstasy, Bella seminal expected current. Clement struck one or two putts, but profound, and groaned stiffened, shuddering only slightly from head to toe, and then left its yerga tremendous spurt of cum that flooded the girl's womb. The big brute buried his head in the pillows, made a last effort to go deeper into it, resting with feet at the foot of the bed. - Oh, the milk! Bella shrieked. I feel! What a rush! Oh, Give it to me! Father Holy, what a pleasure!
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Page 101 of 107 There it is! Take it! Cried the priest while after the first jet thrown in within it, again lunged wildly inward with each thrust sending a new stream of warm milk. Oh, what a pleasure! Although Bella had anticipated the worst, had no idea of ​​the immense amount of semen that the man was able to issue. The thick cast out into spurts they would crash into the same array. - Oh, I'm coming again! And Bella semidesfallecida sank under the robust man, while his burning followed by flooding with fluid viscous jets. Other five times that night, Bella received the contents of the large Clemente testicles, and had it not been for the glory of the day I realized it was time he left, had started again. When the wily Clemente left the house and hurried them off to his humble cell, dawn and was f***ed to admit that he had filled his belly with satisfaction, in the same way that Bella saw milk flooded his bowels. And luck had the girl of his two guards were disabled, because otherwise they would have discovered, for the sorry state they were in their youth private parts, that an intruder had crossed the threshold of the same. Youth is elastic, the whole world knows. And Bella was very young and very elastic. If you had seen the huge machine of Clemente, it would have asserted me Its natural elasticity admit not only allowed the introduction of that ram, but also help but feel the slightest discomfort after a couple of days. Three days after this episode interesting Ambrosio returned the father. One of first concerns was to find Bella. Upon finding invited to enter a boudoir. - Sail! He shouted, showing his instrument, inflamed and present attitude weapons. I have not had any distractions for a week, and my yerga is hot, dear Bella. Two minutes later, Bella's head lay on the table the department while collecting the clothes on his back, exposed her perky buttocks, the lascivious priest hit with his long shaft vigorously after solazado having sight in the contemplation of his plump buttocks. After another minute and his tool was introduced in the pussy from behind, just crush against the black rump hair curly base. After only a few lunges gushing milk threw up her waist. The good father was too excited by the long abstinence with only this rigidity lost his member, he withdrew himself an instrument that stallion, still slippery and steamy, to take the small hole between the couple of delicious buttocks of her friend. Bella helped him and, given how well oiled as it was,
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Page 102 of 107 slid inside, not by giving gifts to the girl with another tremendous prolific doses from their testicles. Bella felt the burning download, and received projected the warm milk willingly against his gut. Then put it back on the table and sucked the clitoris for about a quarter of an hour, forcing her to cum two times in his mouth. Then screwed in the natural form. Then Bella retired to his room to wash, and after a short rest is put his street clothes and left. That night it was reported that Mr. Verbouc had worsened. The attack had reached regions that were cause for alarm for GP. Bella wished his uncle who passed a good night and retired to his room. Julia had settled in Bella's bedroom for the night, and both girls, by then already well aware of the nature and properties of males, were leaning exchanging ideas and adventures. -I thought I was going to die, 'Julia said when Father Ambrose introduced its thing big ugly deep inside my poor body, and when it ended I thought had given him a attack, and could not understand what was that slimy thing, that hot substance cast within me. Oh! 'Then, my dear, you began to feel the friction on your sensitive little thing, and the hot milk spurted Father Ambrose, covering everything. -Yes I did, and I still feel flooded when it does. - Silence! Did not you hear? Both girls got up and began to listen. Bella, more accustomed to the her bedroom features of what might be, Julia, turned his attention to the window. At the time of doing the shutter gradually subsided, and there was the head of a man. Julia discovered also appeared and was about to scream, but Bella made a motioned for silence. - Shhh! Do not be alarmed Bella whispered. We want to eat, just that it undue bother one of so cruel. - What do you want? Julia asked semiescondiendo her pretty head in her clothes to sl**p, but still watching with keen eye the intruder. During this brief conversation the man was preparing to enter the chamber, and having already opened the window enough to do so, he slid his wide Mankind the through opening. When you set foot on the floor of the room were the discovered the ugly bulky figure and sensuous factions Father Clement. - Holy Mother, a priest! Cried Bella young guest. Well fat by true! Oh Bella! What do you want? -We will know soon whispered the other.
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Page 103 of 107 Meanwhile Clemente had approached the bed. - What? Is it possible? A double entertainment? He exclaimed. Charming Cute! This is truly an unexpected pleasure. - Shame on you, Father Clement! Julia had disappeared under the bedclothes. In two minutes the priest stripped of his garments, and without waiting to be told invited to do so, was launched as lightning on the bed. - Oh! Cried Julia. I is tempting! - Oh yeah! The two will be well thumbed, I assure Bella murmured as she felt the huge weapon Clemente pressing her back. That shameful behavior on you, to enter without our permission! 'In that case, I can enter, gorgeous? 'Said the priest, as he put in Bella's hands his stiff instrument. -You can stay, since it is already inside. 'Thank Clemente murmured, pulling Bella's legs and inserting the huge head of his cock between them. Bella felt the blow, and mechanically put her arms around the back of Julia. Clemente pushed back, but Bella jumped scuttled. He stood, and aside the bedclothes exposed the hairy body of the priest and the gentle figure of his companion. Julia turned instinctively and found that pointed straight to his nose, straightening the penis rigid good father, who seemed ready to burst because of lust awakened in the holder by the company in which he was. -Tiéntalo Bella whispered. Without amazed, Julia grabbed her white little hand. - How late! Is becoming increasing my faith. Both girls are then fell out of bed, and anxious for the fun began to squeeze and rub the bulky penis priest until he was about to come. - This is heaven! Father Clement said staring, and a slight convulsive movement in his fingers denoting pleasure. -Enough, dear, otherwise it will come-watched Bella, adopting an air of experienced person, who believed he had the right, according to her, under its previous relations with the monster. For his part, Father Clement was not willing to waste their shots when they were within reach two objectives so cute. Remained inactive for fondling girls who submitted their penis, but now had attracted gently if the young Julia, to raise her shirt and let
Page 104
Page 104 of 107 to view all their secrets charms. He slid his eager hands around adorable thighs and buttocks of the girl, and then opened thumbs pink vulva, for enter their lascivious tongue inside her, and kiss her as for other exciting in same array. Julia could not remain insensitive to this treatment and when at last, trembling unbridled desire and lust, the daring priest turned his back on the bed, opened his youthful thighs and let him see the rosy edges of her tight slit. Clemente got between her legs, and advancing towards her thick wet the tip of his member in wet pussy lips. Bella lent its aid, and taking between their hands the huge penis, he discovered and routed properly to the hole. Julia gasped and bit her lip. Clement struck a violent thrust. Julia, brave as a lioness, endured the blow, and the head was introduced. More pushing, more pressure, and in less time it takes to write Julia had completely engulfed the huge penis priest. Once comfortably possession of his body, Clemente began a series of rhythmic thrusts thoroughly, and Julia, indescribable sensations prey, pushed back head, and covered his face with one hand while with the other he clutched the waist of Bella. - Oh, it's huge, but what makes me happy! - It is completely inside! It has been buried up to the balls! Cried Bella. - Ah! What a treat! I will come to me! I can not stand! His body is velvet! Take! Take that! This followed a fierce onslaught. - Oh! Julia exclaimed. At that moment it occurred to libidinous fantasy giant, and extracting the vaporizing member Julia's private parts. launched between Bella's legs and Stayed inside her delicious vulva. The pulsating object is stuck deep inside of her young pussy while the owner of it drooled taste for the task that was delivered. Julia looked astonished the apparent ease with which the father sank his big yerga in white inside her friend's body. After spending a quarter of an hour in this erotic pose, time in which Bella father pressed against his chest and twice gave his warm tribute on his head the huge rod again retires Clemente, and sought to calm the ardor that consumed him spilling his hot milk inside the delicate little person of Julia. Took the little lady in his arms again straddled his body, and without much difficulty, pressing his burning yerga against her pussy smooth, prepared to flood it with a lewd download. There followed a series of lunges furiously fast but deep, at the end of which Clemente, while letting out a deep sigh, pushed to the depths of
Page 105
Page 105 of 107 the delicate girl, and began to vomit inside a real flood of semen. Spurt after spurt coming from his penis while he, with eyes and lips trembling, came to ecstasy. Julia's excitement had peaked, and added to the enjoyment of her r****t in the final paroxysm, to a degree of alienation awful flea can no describe. The orgies that followed in this raunchy night were also something that exceeds my narrative skills. Clemente As soon as he had recovered from his first ejaculation, announced caliber words his intention to enjoy Bella. Y, said and done, immediately set to work. For a quarter of an hour long remained buried until the hairs on the pussy her, holding back until nature prevailed, that Bella received the download in her womb. The father took his handkerchief from Holland, with whom he wiped his dripping pussies both beauties. Then the two girls grabbed the member of the priest and applied so many tender and lascivious touches again excited the fiery temperament the priest, to the point of achieving infuse new strength and virility impossible describe. His huge penis, red and swollen under the previous exercises, threatening saw the couple taking him fingering you pray to one side, sometimes to another. Several sometimes angry Bella sucked head and tickled with the tip of his tongue the hole the urethra. This was, apparently, one of the favorite ways of enjoying Clemente. as introduced quickly as he could the head of his great yerga in the mouth of the girl. After the rolled over and over again, naked as they came into the world, beating his thick lips in their dripping pussies again and again. He kissed and fumbled noisily the roundness of her buttocks, occasionally inserting a finger in ass holes. Then Clement and Bella, two to one, Julia persuaded to allow him to father put in his mouth the tip of his penis, and after a good time to tickle and excite the monstrous fuck, threw such a torrent in the throat of the girl, who nearly drowned. There followed a short interval, and again the unusual fact to enjoy two so tempting and spiritual girls woke all the vigor of Clement. Placing next to each other began introducing its alternately member each, and after I removed some brutal onslaught of a pussy to put it in the other. Then he lay on his back, and attracting girls he sucked on Pussy to one while the other is buried in her hair yerga to join both bodies. Again and again threw them inside his prolific essence. Only dawn terminated those orgy scenes.
Page 106
Page 106 of 107 While such scenes unfolded in the house had a very different place in the bedroom of Mr. Verbouc, and when three days later the father returned Ambrosio another of his absences, he found his friend and protector on the verge of death. A few hours were enough to end life and adventures as eccentric gentleman. After his death his widow, who never distinguished for their intellectual lights, began to show signs of insanity, and in a paroxysm of madness never stopped call the priest. But when on one occasion an elderly and respectable father was emergency call, the good lady indignantly denied that this man could be a priest, and cried out that he sent "the great instrument of". His language and his behavior were generally cause for scandal, so it had to lock in an asylum, where he remains in demand delirious large penis. Bella, which thus remained without protectors, soon listened to advice of her confessor, and agreed to take the veil. Julia, an orphan too, resolved to share the fate of his friend, and inasmuch as his mother immediately gave his consent, both girls were received in the arms of Holy Mother Church on the same day, and once the novitiate made a time final vows. How were observed these vows of chastity is not something that I, a humble flea, must judge. I can only say that after the ceremony both girls were taken privately to the seminar, in which f******n waiting cures. Without giving them little time to new devotees to undress, scoundrels, enfervorecidos by the prospect of such a precious reward set upon them, and one after another quench their devilish lust. Bella got up to twenty fervent downloads in all imaginable positions and Julia, just less vigorously assaulted, finally collapsing, exhausted by the roughness of the treatment he was subjected. The room was well insured, so there was no fear interruptions, and the sensuous community gathered to honor the newly admitted s****rs, enjoyed his charms at ease. Ambrosio was also there, as had long been convinced of the Bella inability to keep to himself, and moreover feared animosity of his b*****rs . Clemente was also part of his team, and his enormous member caused havoc attacking boyish charms. The Superior was also an opportunity to give vent to their perverse tastes, and not even the recently deflowered and weak Julia escaped the ordeal of their attacks. He had to
Page 107
Page 107 of 107 submit and allow, among pleasant emotions indescribable, cast his viscous cum on her belly. The cries of those who came, breathing hard from those that were delivered to the sensual act, the squeaking and creaking of furniture, muffled voices and the interrupted conversations observers, all tended to give greater magnitude libidinous monstrosity of the scenes, and do more repulsive details of this ecclesiastical brouhaha. Obsessed with these ideas, and greatly upset by the proportions of the orgy, fled, and did not stop until he had put many miles between my be and the protagonists of this hateful story, nor, from that moment, stroked the idea of ​​re-entering relationships of familiarity with Bella or Julia. I know that they came to be the normal means of satisfying the admitted to the seminary. No doubt the constant and strong sexual excitement they had to resent was to wither soon the youthful charm that so beautiful admiration inspired me. But to the best fit. my task is over, I kept my promise and have finished my first memories. And while it is an attribute of a Flea moralizing, yes is in your hand to choose their own food. Fed up with those little women on which I lectured, I did what many do others, however not fleas, as I reminded my readers to begin this first story, do the same, sucking bl**d: emigrated, with new promise to my readers of a second volume, in the pilgrimage to choose my own food. ... Continue»
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White Bride's Horny Moon of Hell

my name is Jenny, and I am nineteen years old. I come from a good f****y and was one of those girls that was raised right. I guess it is a little ironic that I kept myself pure all while I grew up only to have it taken so filthy from me on the very night of my wedding which was suppose to be the start of my lifetime of respectability.

It was still worth it to me that I stayed pure until my weeding night and earned the right to wear white for my walk down the aisle though. It pleased me how everyone said I was such a pretty bride. My mother let me wear her dress. I guess it was my great grandmothers too and it was so gorgeous. It fit my 5'2'' 108 pound body just perfect. The women in our f****y all look very similar with our soft, dark hair and youthful Nordic faces. My measurements are a very cock-stiffening 36C-24-34, so it really is not my fault that I look like a walking wet-dream and my hot little body got me selected as miss Nigger-Fucker 1998.

I have every right to be proud of my bouncy, bountiful, beautiful breasts. I guess they would probably be what guys focus on when they are talking to me although I get a lot of 'hands-on-attention to my stuck-out, little, heart-shaped ass too; if you know what I mean.

My tits are really perky and standup... I always love going braless, but I usually put one on just to help the girl's out and keep them nice and firm. When I do decided to give the boys a treat, my nipples are almost always totally obvious as they just seem to be constantly erect? Maybe, I am cold-bl**ded or something as I was never like a slut or anything.

Anyhow, I guess that should give all the nasty boys and girls out there enough to picture some of the action so let me jump back to the night of my white bride's horny-moon of hell and begin giving you the ride as I deliver a full-length, action-packed, explicit, complete confessional of my most humiliating and darkest, dirty secret that is already threatening to tear my marriage apart, even as we are still shy of our first anniversary.

It all started so saintly and sacred and absolutely perfect like a fairy-tale, when my love of my life asked for my hand in holy-matrimony. I was in absolute heaven as Michael is the catch of the millennium. The boy was so sweet waiting until he could make me an honorable woman and he just never tried to disrespect me or compromise my virtues in any shameful manner whatsoever. When he asked me to be his wife, I said yes in a heartbeat. I was finally going to be Mrs. Michael Masters, and I could not have been a more prideful bride.

I knew I wanted to do the march in the f****y dress, but my girlfriends still wanted their fun and were all into wanting to hit the bridal shops too... and that is where I first came to the attention of Tyrone and started on the highway to horny-moon hell.

Tyrone was a just youngster... probably not even old enough to vote yet., but that did nothing to make him any less a player in my shameful confession. The boy seemed to be part of some make-work project at the bridal shop, but the little punk was very rude and he was [yes] a nigger too; which I never had a problem with, but when that little bastard showed me that attitude, I simply had to go log a complaint with the store manager about the k**.

Now, I know that might make it seem like I deserved everything that got done to me since then, but I think that nigger was just looking for an opportunity to have himself a white bride with his friends and would have did me regardless. I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and would have fallen victim to his skillful capture, brutalizing beatings, and savage repeated ****s of my wet mouth, tight, fertile, pretty pussy, and even my tight little ass whether or not I had ever tried to get his black ass fired.

It still unnerves me a little that he was planning my horny-moon humiliation even while I modeled varies virginal wedding-dresses in front of his lustful eyes. The nigger told me later that he was able to peep in the changing rooms at the bridal shop and he had photographed me as I had slipped in and out of the pretty white dresses.

Of course, I had not stripped beyond bra and panties that day, and considering I was totally slaved to him during the holidays last year, it may seem strange, but somehow, the knowledge that the k** spied on me in that dressing room may have been as big a violation of me in my own mind as was anything else that was perpetrated on myself during my horny-moon of hell.

Anyhow, I guess my story starts to get a little darker that day in the bridal shop, but then it was all positives as the wedding got pulled together. It might have flown in the face of custom, but as religious as I was, I really wanted a Christmas wedding. Everyone was telling me that I was crazy as I would never find a church, and the f****y would be too busy with everything else, but I was determined and Michael agreed to my desires.

It would be extra special as I had such a romantic attachment to conceiving a c***d on the lord's birthday, and when I did the math, I knew that my cycle would see me peek on Christmas Eve so I could make beautiful magic in my fertile, virginal womb. It was all too be so perfect except I have already foreshadowed that I never got to consummate the wedding with my husband that night and actually ended up as a totally humiliated gang-bang-breeding-nigger-**** toy.

God, I get so fucking sick, knowing that those a****ls sat there in the church with their filthy, lustful eyes and watched me march down the aisle to sanctify my life with my love before my friends, f****y and in the eyes of my god. My dad had used all of his considerable influence to get the church for my wedding, but because of the time of year, it was an unusual ceremony to say the least, and was actually open to the public.

I actually remember seeing the boys as they really stood out with there being nine of them and all. Of course, they were all black... I tried to just focus on my vows with Michael. I can just imagine now how those bastards sat their with their huge cocks all horny as they listened to me to promise to be a good little wife and all faithful to my new lawful husband. I guess I should just be grateful that they did not speak out when asked, but than their whole thing was to filthy a bride on her day so they had to let me make it official and then I said 'I do'.

Michael barely had time to 'kiss the bride.' and then it was off to the hall as we only had the church for just the hour to marry in considering that they had evening ceremonies of their own to get on with.

It was at the reception where the first real humiliation of mine began as Tyrone and his little bastard friends crashed the receiving line. I was aghast that I even had niggers at my reception at all, but to have them in the lineup to receive me was pure shit. I almost made a scene, but no one else seemed to even realize how disgusting it was for me as each boy took his turn to totally kiss the fuck out of me. My entire f****y just stayed quiet as nigger after nigger kissed me on my lips on my wedding night as I wore my virginal dress.

I went to Dad and asked him to get the boys out of the reception after the receiving line humiliation was endured, but I guess the k**s had their fun for the moment and had left on their own accord to prepare step two of their diabolical plan to give me a horny-moon from hell.

While my new husband and I were entertaining our friends and f****y and allowing ourselves the anticipation of our first night together, the niggers had gone to our car and arranged for us to fall perfectly into their horrible, sexual trap. I am still not sure exactly how they sabotaged the car, but it seemed like a blink of an eye that night from when I said 'I do,' until my love and I were finally on the way to the hotel and the car stalled out during the drive back to town.

Of course, with it being Christmas Eve, our first thoughts were how impossible it would be to get a mechanic and how we were in the middle of nowhere with several miles to walk back to the hall. I remember getting out while Michael popped the hood, and then we saw the van pulling up and I guess we both thought it was someone from the reception only to see to our horror that it was the niggers from the receiving line.

Everything turned to shit so fast. I remember Michael telling me to run, and then seeing several of the boys begin to beat him. The snow was so deep, and I barely made it thirty yards into the field when I was caught from behind and tackled down by one of the young punks. I remember futilely trying to scream even though the nearest house would have been nearly a mile away and then the bastard hit me. The nigger actually pulled back and made a fist, and fucking punched my face hard... really hard.

He yelled at me to 'shut the fuck up'. He said, "Don't be a stupid-cunt, and you won't get hurt." The lying bastard asshole.

I wasn't going to allow any filthy a****ls to have me, so I tried to get him off me and he rolled me over and pushed my face down into the snow... A second guy got on me too, like one was not enough or some fucking thing. I remember one of them holding my arms down while the other one was fucking, choking my neck. I almost thought they would kill me in that farmer's field and then it was like I was passed out or something.

When I came to, I was naked and in the back-seat of the car... I guess they had fixed it themselves. My mouth was gagged with my own panties and they were held in place with duct-tape... They tasted like piss... I almost started to throw-up. I was buckled in the seat-belt, and one of the bastards sat on either side of me. I had to suffer one of those niggers playing with my tits while the other fucking piece of shit had a good hold of my virgin cunt. I was so sick with worry as to what these a****ls had done to my husband, Michael, but with the nigger-piss-soaked panties gagging my mouth, all I could do was moan in impotent rage and humiliation as the boys drove me to their hideaway cabin.

I don't know how long I was u*********s following the choke in that field, and I was unable to concentrate on the road as the boys slobbered all over me for some during the drive and then blindfolded me near the end so that I would not know where we ended up. The cabin was actually pretty nice, and would have made for a very romantic honeymoon if I was not in the middle of a f***ed enslavement to nine filthy, nigger-asshole, r****t bastards.

I guess the best thing that I discovered when we got to the cabin, was that the savage a****ls had not made me a widow yet, as they had Michael just naked and beaten into submission, bound and gagged in the trunk of the car. He looked half frozen to death, and Leroy just was a complete asshole, as he dragged Michael out of the trunk and dropped his naked body down into the snow. I wanted desperately to go to my love, but Tyrone held me by the hair, as I stood their freezing my naked, white-ass off.

"What a pathetic, little, white-faggot you married, Jenny. Fuck... when I checked you out and saw the little fag you were marrying... I knew a prime piece of white meat like you needed something a little more special for your big night... you lucky, little, white-trash ho."

I wanted to scream... This nigger was like wanting to torture me insane or something, like trying to pretend that I wanted this horror to all come true. My god, the a****ls were destroying my life and they were all fucking laughing like it was the funniest joke they ever heard. Even though it was like well below zero and I was naked in two feet of snow, Jerome had the audacity to giggle, "Look T-Bone, her nipples are all hard. The bitch fucking loves it."

Tyrone had me by the hair, yanking my head back with his right hand, while he reached between my legs with his left and lied, "Course the bitch wants it, and fuck is she wet."

I felt so humiliated... It was all a fucking lie, but to my husband, the events of that night have ruined his respect for me forever now, and even as he stayed with me in a futile hope against hope as I grew my c***d the last nine months, I know that we both knew how I had been breeded that first night and the total disgrace the baby would be for us both.

I can't hold the c***d responsible for the **** his daddies did to me last Christmas Eve, but now my little bastard will be a constant reminder of those three days of total horny-moon hell that I endured while my husband helplessly watched. If little Mikey had even been close to being able to pass off as white, I think Michael would have accepted us, but the cruel joke was that Mikey was one of those mulatto, half-breed, bastards that did not get his full pigmentation for the first few days and then my husband and I had to watch the proof develop as my c***d darkened to his rich hue of chocolate brown just like all his real-daddies looked.

I will always love Mikey, no matter what the social costs that I endure... If my f****y can't handle the color than fuck them I guess, because I did everything I could last Christmas Eve to escape my f***ed breeding but there were nine fucking niggers and they all continuously screwed me again, and again, and again. I had no way to keep track of just how many wet loads of their potent nigger's seed were planted in my fertile, unprotected cunt, but I do know that I did everything possible to resist from cumming too many times myself, as I was ****d into total submission.

I remember the first cock. It was Deon who f***ed me to my knees at his feet. The fucking nigger sneered and taunted Michael to watch as he took me by the hair and pulled me to his filthy black cock. I tried to keep my mouth shut and he slapped me so hard, that I started to feel my eyes water. I did not want to give the niggers the satisfaction of crying for them, but it was just all so fucking unfair and humiliating to me.

I felt the hot, wet tears streak my face as a second nigger got on me with Deon and pinched my nose until I was f***ed to open my mouth to breath, and then Deon was able to secure penetration to begin my oral violation.

I had never even sucked cock before, and I really thought it was all pretty disgusting and revolting... I had never had any intention of doing oral sex... even for Michael; as my mom always said only whores suck cock, but there I was... on my wedding night, arms bound behind my back, and gagging on eight plus inches of thick black cock. I wanted to vomit as that huge nigger dick slammed between my pretty, red lips and deep into my surprised, wet mouth, but all I could do was choke and suck... until I just did 'it,' and fuck was 'IT' wonderful.

It would have served the a****l right if I could have bit it right off. He fucking howled in pain, but my celebration was short lived as they just all started to beat the fuck out of me to punish me for biting. They beat me, and beat me, and beat me until I was on the verge of u*********sness. I remember how I was repeatedly punched in the face and head, until I was down on the floor and those a****ls kicked me in my ribs and even between my legs. I felt someone twist my tits, and they pulled my hair so fucking hard, I thought they would yank out my roots. I tried to scream but I was almost too scared to make noise and I was sure they were going to kill me.

Mustafa had a gun to Michael's head, and he said if I did anything stupid and bit anyone again, or did anything at all other than serving them as their willing slave, than I would be widowed before I could even say boo.

It was horrible, but I only went along with the niggers and was their slut to save Michael, and now he has the nerve now to say I loved it all because of all the times I came, but I tried not to... I really tried not to cum all over those big nigger cocks and conceive their bastard Christmas c***d in my unfaithful cunt.

I remember when those bastards finished punishing me for biting Deon... Jerome was kneeling on my stomach and was violating me with a couple fingers. I was so sore and it just seemed like I was feeling grateful that they had stopped kicking me and stuff, even though I hated to see that gun held at my love's head. I tried to spread my legs a bit to demonstrate that I would do what was necessary so the niggers did not kill Michael, and Jerome just laughed, "yeah, you like that?... You like being fingered you tight little bitch?"

It was all such a fucking impossible situation, and I could only try to survive the best way I knew how, "I am so tight cause I never had 'it' before."

I knew I would have to shame and slut myself to the niggers if I was to have any chance to spare Michael, but to him the next three days just made it look like I willingly conspired with those niggers to breed their bastard. I can't believe Michael even said I loved the constant pain and degradation those a****ls administered to me.

Even when Jerome was finger-fucking my virgin cunt there on the filthy floor of that cabin, he wanted to make me hurt; like it filled him with power or some sort of nigger satisfaction to humiliate a white woman like me. He pulled me by the hair and asked me how it felt.

Fuck!... it hurt... How the hell do boys think it feels when they pull our hair... the bastards. I knew what that nigger wanted to hear though and I knew what I had to say, "I love it... It feels so good."

It was such a joke to the boys that they never got tired of me telling them that 'nigger cock made me wet,' or 'I loved to get beaten by my nigger masters'... even after I was already so sore and bruised that I could barely draw a breath of air without feeling pain. They were all just total punk bastards and they took special delight humiliating me to my love, Michael.

I spent the first half-hour or so of the **** just sucking one cock after the other. They were all laughing at me during this time and taunting me how I had better not nick them with my teeth and just to suck them right. They said things like, 'lick it, you fucking cunt,' and 'suck me deep, you fucking, white-trash ho.' It was humiliation personified for me, but all I could do was pleasure the boys as I crawled on my knees like a little bitch from one filthy cock to the next and licked their balls and sucked their cocks until all nine boys were basically ready to fuck and try their luck in the lottery as to who would fill me with their c***d. I don't know how they decided that Tyrone would get the honors to deflower me, except maybe because he was the first one that had selected me for their entertainment to begin with. Anyhow, Tyrone picked me up by the hair and kissed me deep on my mouth a few times and then he wanted to verbally humiliate me a little more.

He said, "you white girls all like to be nigger's 'ho's,' don't you Jenny? Tell your husband you teased me, you cunt."

"Yes, it's true.. all white girls want black cock, master."

Tyrone asked me, "You're so fucking wet for my baby... tell us bitch... are you fertile tonight?"

It was like a horror movie where the girl knows the monster is going to rip her head off but she is compelled to go into the dark anyhow, "please don't cum in me."

The nigger had his answer and pressed the point. He pushed me over to where Michael was tied to the chair and order me to tell him that I was going to breed a c***d with the niggers.

"I am sorry Michael... You know how fertile I am tonight and how these nigger's seed is going to be so potent... I am going to get a black Christmas baby planted right in my womb tonight... Oh, god, these nigger's are going to stuff my stockings and breed me so everyone will know that I snuggled with a real nigger, Michael... Everyone will know our humiliation... Your humiliation to have a white wife with a mulatto half-breed bastard for you... I am so sorry."

It was not enough for Tyrone to just have me verbally humiliate Michael, as I had to rub my now, wet pussy against his face as if that was truly some sort of proof that I wanted to really breed with the niggers. He made me tell Michael to feel how wet I was and then he made me verbally beg to get bred.

I was so weak in my knees that I was practically collapsing as Tyrone took me to the bed for my breeding. It seemed like it was all so unreal. Even though the beating and sucking cock had been totally humiliating, I knew what I was about to do in that bed would filthy me forever, and there would be nothing I could do to stop the f***ed fertilization of my fertile cunt. I felt so sick to my stomach and all dizzy in my head like I was going to pass out, but then he had me to the bed and it was too late to do anything at all except get breeded.

Tyrone threw me down on the bed so fucking hard that I twisted my back and screamed in pain. I was only half on the bed at first until he lifted my legs up and scooted me up. Tyrone pressed his full weight down on me and cruelly twisted my legs like a pretzel. He was so big and heavy, and it hurt as the fucking bastard had no reason other than to just make me suffer as he started his sexual attack to f***e breed me.

I was in total apprehension as he used his superior strength to f***e my legs apart and then mount me for positioning. Tyrone looked me in the eyes and I saw the a****listic satisfaction fill his gaze and then I was no longer a virgin. The young nigger's body pressed against mine as his hard, unyielding cock conquered my tight, cherry cunt.

The bastard just grunted and began to hump me in-and-out with that long thick black babymaker as I felt his balls slap against my ass with every thrust that buried him to the hilt into love chambers. It was a total fucking for me that could end with only one conclusion.

It was inevitable as I felt the boy's cock seemingly begin to throb or so I imagined. He ordered me to cum on his cock or he would kill my husband as if that had any way of working. Still, he made me again begin to beg for his breeding and so it was that I was alternating between exchanging kisses with my r****t and begging for his baby while I took my first ever fertilization of my fertile womb.

As I laid there and tried to come to terms with the fact that I might have life in me, I obviously only had just seconds to try to adjust as there were still eight other boys to please and so the gang-bang began and I was repeatedly mounted and fucked with load after load of baby juice added to the mix in my cunt as every nigger took his try to win the lottery of who would breed me with his spawn. I sort of lost track of just how many guys had mounted me and rode me to climax until those black bastard decided to really make me feel like a whore. Jamal started my next level of humiliation as he laid down on the bed on his back so that his rigid cock was standing straight up. The nigger pulled me down on top of him, spearing my pussy with his stiff prick as I also felt him grab my white ass with his young black hands and begin to bounce me up-and-down to ride his black cock. As humiliating as that was to actually have to do the work myself and ride the young nigger, it was just the first component of the true humiliation that was about to be bestowed upon me.

Toby climbed into the bed and got up in my face, as he started to make me suck again. The little bastard wanted to fuck his black cock between my lips and ball-deep into my wet mouth, and down my tight, constrictive throat. He was so f***eful and it was hard to relax and try to accept his nine inches, while I continued to be bounced on Jamal's cock continuing to fuck into my cunt from underneath. I gagged and choked as the nigger told me he was going to cum all over my face. I felt so dirty but all I could do was suck Toby's cock while I was continuously fucked by Jamal before my husband's eyes.

Finally, as humiliating as it was with a nigger's cock filling my pussy as I willingly had to ride him, and a second nigger forcing me to suck him off all over my face, the ultimate humiliation became complete as Deon, recovered from my little love bite, decided to even the score with me by slipping in the back door without giving me any lubrication at all. Deon just pressed in from behind me and f***ed me down so that my ass was raised for his use. He grabbed my tits for leverage, and then I felt the pain as he pushed his big punishing cock deep into my tight white ass.

I could not imagine that one girl could ever be so FULL OF COCK. I knew it must have looked so obscene to my husband, to see those three young, hard, ebony bodies sandwiching me like the cream filling in an Oreo cookie, but to me it was just total humiliation, as my body began to betray me and respond to the absolute sensations of being stuffed full of nearly thirty inches of cock in all my holes.

I was horrified at my own slutiness as I felt my orgasm begin to build. I wanted to feel nothing but shame and humiliation but those two big, black cocks stuffing my cunt and ass were driving me crazy. I was helpless to stop myself from creaming, and it started a fucking chain reaction as all four of us just orgasmed at the same time.

Those three niggers filled me with cum every way possible. They filled up my mouth, my ass and added another mix to the baby juice in my already fertilized cunt. I felt the first hot shot of cum flooding the back of my throat before Toby pulled out to finish by covering my face in his wet, sticky cum. I could not look away as I saw a powerful stream of sperm erupt from his pulsating prick and jet across my forehead. Then I had to take a second blast right in my eyes. It was so humiliating and the cum was running down the bridge of my nose as I just had to wear my facial glaze, and Tyrone even brought over a mirror and ordered me to open my eyes and look at my face all soaked in the nigger's sperm.

Toby continued to mess my face while Deon was the next to shoot, and he kept himself buried deep in my ass which felt so gross as he filled me unnaturally. All that was left was for Jamal to cum in my pussy fresh following my own climax, and for all I know that is the load that seeded me with c***d.

It really would be impossible to pinpoint the precise instant of my breeding over those three days of my horny-moon of hell as the niggers continuously soaked me with cum shot after juicy, wet cum shot... all over my tits... and mostly just in my cunt to guarantee that I was surely-breeded with the black bastard half-breed that would mark me as white trash for life.

I guess maybe, I should just be grateful that I only conceived the one half-breed bastard brat from all those potent baby-making injections into my fertile womb, but it is so hard to be grateful for anything that occurred last Christmas on my horny-moon from hell. I mean, it was swell of the niggers to release us without killing us, but with the threats against all our f****y, it was small comfort to pay and especially with how the boys have repeatedly dropped by to fuck me these past nine months as their permanent sex- slave now.

I guess I should be grateful that I have managed to keep my continued nigger's servitude secret from Michael or he probably would have left me long ago... The thing is that the boys have f***ed me to take out a large insurance policy on my husband, and I can only fear what that means.

For myself, having a new born nigger c***d is proving as humiliating as it might seem to you all, but having spent the last nine months with the labels 'nigger's ho' and 'property of nigger's' tattooed around my wrists, ankles and neck, daily humiliation is now just part of my life so I can only imagine the shame I will need to confess to next time if they breed me again or decide to widow me as they are likely to do now... Fuck, what a life!
... Continue»
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A Star Is Born--Naked

My dream was finally coming true, only now it seemed more like a nightmare.

For years I labored trying to get a break in the theater. I worked dinner theater, summer stock in godforsaken places, small community theatres and even off-off-off Broadway. I eked out a living doing the usual waitressing and temp jobs. Sharing a rat-hole apartment in New York with three other struggling actors, I was the guest at more pity-on-me dinner parties than I could count. My small circle of friends tried to make sure I wouldn't starve. One thing helped me maintain my sanity—my ability to talk with my best friend, Max.

My plight began when my excuse of an agent called about a major role in a real off-Broadway production. It was a new play by a Tony award-winning playwright. The producer was a top Hollywood star who, according to him, wanted to assure the world or herself that she was a true talent. This same woman would be playing the lead. My agent was sketchy on details, I think his feeble mind stopped working when he heard about the director and producer/star— and that he might actually make some money off me. He told me to show up at the theater at 10 for an initial read.

I asked him if this was going to be a cattle call. He laughed and said, "No, sweetie, the part is yours if the read goes well."

I screamed and just about wet my panties. I was going to be on Broadway—well, Ok, off-Broadway—but still freakin' good. I was also going to get Equity pay and I might actually be able to buy something to wear and have food in the cupboard. God, if the play had a good run, I might get out of the hellhole I lived in.

"Slow down," I told myself, "this is only a reading. You probably will screw it up and not get anything."

I pressed my agent on what the storyline was, but he just mumbled something about a love triangle. "You'll be great, sweetie. You'll kill 'em."

I asked how they chose me.

"Not sure, sweetie," he said and I knew he was puffing on his ever present stinky, cheap cigar. "The production manager called and said Miss Big Fucking Star wanted you. Maybe she caught you in one of your summer stock things."

I should have realized that my so-called agent wouldn't have busted his ass trying get me work. I recall reading that the producer/star lived in Connecticut and I did do a couple shows there last summer, so...

I didn't sl**p a wink and the next day was showered and dressed in my best clothes, which I and everyone else knew were crap, and headed to the subway for the ride to mid-town. Arriving at the theater over an hour ahead of time I splurged my last ten dollars on a latte and a scone at Starbucks. "If I get this role, I can have this every day."

I entered the open lobby door and made my way down to the stage where a small group was casually standing and talking.

As I neared, I saw her, Abbie Evans. She looked so small and normal. Next to her was Rice Peters the writer. He looked like a playwright, with a black turtleneck, black pants, black-rimmed glasses and his trademarked shaved head. A couple others were there.

Abbie Evans turned and saw me, breaking into her universally recognized smile.

"Chloe, come here and meet your team."

I tried not to trip down the aisle and reached out to accept Abbie's extended hand. She introduced me to Rice, the director, the stage manager and production manager, all of whose names I immediately forgot. I was still stuck on "Abbie Evans knows my name."

Abbie then looked over my shoulder and smiled again.

"Ah, our leading man arriveth."

I turned to see Joe Quinn, the current star of one of TV's top cop shows, making his way to us. I felt weak in the knees. These were all A-listers and I felt like the skunk that wandered into the garden party. What the hell was I doing here?

Joe shook my hand and Abbie urged us onto the stage. We sat around a long rectangular table and the stage manager passed out scripts.

"So, Chloe, what do you know about 'The Pose'?"

I should have said something that might cover my total ignorance, but my mind was a blank.

"Not a frigging thing," I gushed.

They all laughed.

"Ok," Abbie said, "here's the Reader's Digest version. Joe is major artist. He's had mega shows at all the top galleries and his work hangs in all the right penthouses in Manhattan, plus some decent museums. His last show was, however, less than spectacular and the critics were getting their claws out and speculating he may have lost his edge. I am his wife, a bit older, obviously, and long-suffering, of course. I used to be his muse, but after we married the muse part slipped away and my ability to earn a paycheck as a successful art agent took its place. When I stopped modeling, he also began his slow spiral. So, he finds an ingénue, the lovely Chloe, who will be his model, his muse and the centerpiece of his new exhibition."

Abbie paused for effect. She knew how to hold an audience.

"So, I am jealous of you and pissed at Joe. I come to his atelier and find that you are not some succubus, but an innocent, engaging and beautiful young woman. I am drawn to you--your personality and your appearance. Joe, as men are want to do, also has desires on you. The rest is a tug-of-war to see who will win you, if Joe can complete his work and regain his status, if he and I will reconcile. And, if you will remain the unsullied maiden. All very 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolff meets A Star is Born' between Joe and me with a bit of sex to juice things up."

I nodded all through her recitation. And smiled when she smiled. In my mind I'm thinking, "Holy Shit, this is a three person play and I'm going to be sharing most of the audience time with two of the biggest stars in the business. I see my own Obie waiting for me in the wings."

My bubble burst with Abbie's next statement.

"I'm so glad you don't have a problem with the nudity or the love scene. You're a brave girl."

The Obie just fell off the table and smashed into a million pieces.

"Nudity? Love scene?" I couldn't even make a sentence.

"You mean your agent didn't tell you?"

I shook my head.

"Oh, Chloe, sorry. I would have told you differently if I had known. But, you must know that you play Joe's model and will be totally nude for a good part of your time on stage. And, you will have a rather explicit love scene at the end of act one."

Now, I am not a prude, well, Ok, I am a bit of a prude. Shit, make that a major prude. But, I recognize that actors sometimes have to make sacrifices for their craft, and to get a role. I thought about standing naked in front of theater full of people and my insides started to turn to Jell-o. I imagined my parents in the audience. Yikes! I thought about my favorite teacher being there, Sr. Mary Ann, who encouraged my acting and tried to see every play I was in. Double yikes!

I nodded slowly, pretending that I was comprehending what I had to do.

"So, you can do this, Chloe? You can handle the nudity?"

I again nodded, but didn't think it was my most convincing performance.

I said, "Sure." I giggled and said trying to be as lighthearted as possible, "But, I don't know about the love scene with Joe. That could be a challenge."

Abbie laughed. "Oh, don't worry about that. You don't have a love scene with Joe."

She paused and I looked confused.

Smiling she continued, "You have it with me."

I am not sure if there is really such a thing as a brain meltdown, but I think I had one at that moment.

"And, Chloe, just to ease your mind about being nude, I will be nude, too."

Yep, total meltdown. I thought I felt my brains oozing out of my ears and fought the temptation to stick my fingers there to prevent them from dripping onto the table.

The rest of the meeting occurred in a blur. We did a read-through, I think. Breaking around four we agreed to meet again in the morning for a discussion about the staging and another read-through. The director asked us to go through the play and make notes and questions.

Abbie walked me out of the theatre.

"Chloe, don't worry, you're going to be great. I saw you last summer and you've got the chops to carry this off. I'll be right here with you all the way. Call me if you want to talk." She handed me a card with her name and cell phone number.

I thanked her and wandered in the general direction of the subway stop as she stepped into the back of her huge Mercedes with a liveried driver holding the door.

My head was reeling. I needed to talk to someone. I had to see Max. I knew by the time I navigated rush hour and got to his place, he'd be home.

Max and I grew up in the same town in New Hampshire. He's years older than I am, and we had a low-key connection from being in the theater group in high school. He was a senior when I was a freshman. We both worked at the same ice cream place in the summers. That's when we hit it off and found we could easily talk with each other.

Now being in the city at the same time, we reconnected and became friends. We still had the ability to just talk. He really listened, a quality I was finding rare in the guys I met in the city and especially among fellow actors. Most of the actors were totally psychotic and wanted only to talk about themselves, the roles they had, the roles they almost had and mostly about the roles they should have had.

Max was doing pretty well, working for the public radio station as head of fundraising. He had a small, but decent, apartment on the West side. The doorman knew me and let me go up to Max's, saying he'd call up to let him know I was on my way.

He answered and welcomed me in. I rushed past him, flew to his fridge and pulled out a beer.

"I am totally fucked," I announced as I downed half the can.

"Well, nice to see you, too, Chloe."

I smiled and went to give him a hug.

"Sorry, I'm a bit worked up."

"So, I noticed. Want to share?"

"Share! God, you need to get out of non-profit and into the real world."

"Oh, acting is the real world? Interesting concept."

"Whatever," I shrugged. "Yeah, I need to 'Share', but first I need to pee."

I finished my beer and asked if Max would get me another and made my way to his bathroom. I rushed in and plopped down on the toilet. As I relieved myself, I looked around and almost shit instead. On the floor was a girl's bra and panties in a pile, next to a pair of girl's shoes. Now I noticed the bathroom smelled of a recent shower and the scent of a woman.

I finished and bolted out. Picking up my coat, I headed for the door.

"Hey, what's up?" Max called. "Where're you going?"

"Max, sorry. I gotta' go. I didn't mean to barge in like this. I shoulda' called. I hope I didn't mess anything up."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"I know you have a girl here. I saw her things in the bathroom. Sorry."

Max took my arm and led me back to the kitchen.

"Chloe, I opened a beer for you, and I definitely do not want to waste it. Besides, we haven't shared yet."

"But the girl..."

"Oh yeah, the girl. Well, I'd better go get her. I hope she's dressed by now."

I didn't know what to do, so I froze where I was and sipped the beer.

In a minute I heard a scream from Max's room. "Oh, Oh, this could be trouble," I thought.

The door flew open and out charged a tiny, beautiful blond, wearing a flimsy tank top and bikini panties. She rushed toward me, screamed and jumped in my arms.

"Sydney, what the hell are you doing here?" I yelled.

Sydney hugged me and then stood. "Just visiting my big b*****r and getting a taste of city life."

Syd is four years younger than I. She and I were close friends, despite the gap in our ages. I met her when Max and I got to know each other. The three of us hung together for most of our summers. Syd and I enjoyed the same music, movies and a taste for fried clams.

Another thing we had in common was we both looked up to Max. He was the best big b*****r in the world for her and for me, well, he was half big b*****r and half secret love. I knew he was never interested in me sexually, and just saw me as another little s****r. I didn't care. I carried a big thing for him for a long time.

Even now as adults, I still had a well-buried crush on him, but had been able to overcome it and forge a really good friendship.

Max fetched beers for Syd and himself and led us into the small and neat living room. He furnished it in early IKEA, but it was comfortable. I sat in the oversized arm chair and the other two settled on the leather couch.

He suggested that Syd might want to get dressed. She looked at him as if he was from Mars. "Like the three of us never hung out at the lake in our bathing suits. I've got the good parts covered, so chill, Big b*****r."

Laughing, he looked at me and asked, "So, what is the crisis de jour?"

I knew he was teasing and trying to relax me. I admit I tend to get over-dramatic. Actually, that's not a bad quality for an actress.

I told them about getting offered the part in the play and who the main actors were as well as the superstar writer.

They congratulated me and said they knew I was going to make it.

"Wow," exclaimed Max in mock amazement, "I'm going to be able to say I knew you when. Maybe you can take me out to dinner for a change."

"Don't pay attention to the asshole," said Syd. "This is fantastic. But, what has you freaked out? You must know you have the acting ability to be on the stage with those two."

I snorted, choking on my beer. "I am not so sure. I mean she is a freakin' two-time Oscar winner and he won an Emmy. The playwright has two Pulitzers. But the real reason I'm in full panic mode is simple."

Max and Syd hung on my next sentence.

"I have to be nude for almost the whole damn play."

Both my friends stared in silence.

Before they could even comment, I added, "And, I have to do a freakin' nude love scene with freakin' Abbie Evans. A love scene! Jesus, I am totally flipped on this."

Max and Syd sat in silence for a bit.

Finally Max softly said, "Wow."

I got up and grabbed another beer. I didn't think there was enough alcohol in the entire west side to help me relax.

"What am I doing to do? How can I have my parents come to see me? Screw that, how can I parade my sorry naked ass around a stage every night in front of hundreds of people? I have to turn this down."

"Are you out of your mind," asked Syd?

"This is the chance of a lifetime. So, if you have to shake your booty. Every critic on the East coast will be flocking to see this play. They will want to see the fabulous Abbie Evans in the nude and making out with a woman. You could not get better exposure."

"Exposure seems to be the right word," I said.

Syd and Max tried to reassure me. I listened but was not convinced. I tried to explain my anxiety.

"Ok, here's the thing. I am shy. I mean really shy. I hated gym class. I was always the last one out so I didn't have to change in front of the other girls. I don't have much of a love life. No, let's make that truthful. I have no love life these days. My last boyfriend never really saw me nude, I always insisted on the lights off, did the deed and then pulled on a t-shirt. And, I can't believe I am even talking about my love life in front of you guys."

Max grabbed his chest. "My god, you're not a virgin? What is this world coming to?"

I flipped him the bird and continued.

"So, I think you understand that being nude will be a big deal, a really big deal. And, despite this being the age of blended sexual identities, I have never done anything with a girl. Hell, I just about understand my own anatomy, let alone finding my way around another woman. I don't think I'm that good an actor to be realistic in a love scene. Fuck, a love scene with Abbie Fucking Evans! I am so not going to be able to do this."

Syd said, "Chloe, you cannot pass this up. All you need is to rehearse and get used to it."

"How am I going to rehearse, Syd? I can't ask Abbie for private make-out lessons."

Syd blushed a little and said, "You don't have to ask Abbie."

"Then who," I whined.

"Me," she said in a soft voice.

The silence in the room was deafening.

"You?" I said.

"Yeah. Look I am a normal, healthy, well-balanced college girl. In other words, I've had my share of walking on the other side. You know, playing for the other team. Vacationing on the island of Lesbos. Enjoying Sapphic delights. Getting the picture."

"So, you and I will..."

"Rehearse, Chloe, just rehearse. I can give you a couple tips and mostly just let you get over your fears. It's no big deal. We're best pals and it probably will be a lot of laughs."

I thought about it. It seemed so bizarre thinking about doing anything sexual with Syd. I mean she is really cute. She has a trim and fit figure, so it's not like she's repulsive. But, actually kissing her, touching her, that's plain weird.

"I don't know, Syd."

"Chloe, where else will you get any practice. This will be the least threatening way to break through."

I looked at Max, who had a bemused expression. "What do you think?"

He laughed. "No way are you getting me to weigh in on this. I am still processing that my s*s is into girls."

"Not exclusively, b*o. I still dig guys a lot. But, I do like a pretty girl now and then."

He nodded and added, "Well, besides my s****r's sexual openness, I am not going to comment on the two of you practice having sex."

He smiled at me, and continued.

"The only thing I'll say, is that if you really want this part, Chloe, then maybe Syd has a point. You guys can practice, or whatever you want to call it, here during the day."

Syd grinned and asked, "You don't want to watch?"

He stared her down and said, "Behave, Syd."

While Syd and I discussed the logistics of how to move forward, Max ordered out for Chinese. When the order arrived, we put aside the thoughts of naked bodies, girls kissing girls and total humiliation to enjoy our friendship along with sesame chicken.

The next day at the theater, we did a couple read throughs and found a number of spots where the dialogue didn't seem to work. Rice took the comments well and adjusted some things on the spot and promised us new dialogue for tomorrow. Abbie started a discussion and then we all agreed that there was a big plot problem toward the end of the first act and the ending was too abrupt. Rice admitted he struggled with both. We all tossed ideas around and they even liked one of my suggestions. Rice said he'd work on the problems.

We broke around 1:30 and had lunch that was brought in. Afterwards, the production manager said I should meet with wardrobe.

I chuckled to myself thinking this could be the shortest wardrobe session in history.

The wardrobe mistress, Marge, was a Broadway veteran, probably in her 50's. She acknowledged that there were not a lot of costume changes. She explained she needed my sizes, including underwear. I did have to undress on stage in the first act. She said she needed to get about 10 of everything. Marge said she would get front closing bras.

"I don't want you fumbling for a couple minutes trying to get your bra off. I think we'll just go with bikini panties, nothing too sexy like a thong. Actually, I might even go with some granny-panties. I like the contrast between modest undies and your naked body. Jeans, a cotton pullover and flip-flops will complete the ensemble. Very easy to deal with. I'll pick up a bunch of short robes that you will wear at times. Also, you can put one on during, if you don't mind the pun, 'dress rehearsals' so you don't have to be showing everything all the time."

"Marge, do you think I'm crazy doing this?"

"Honey, I've been doing this most of my life. I've come to understand nothing in the theater is crazy. I think the play is powerful. I listened to the read through and you have one hell of a juicy part. My advice, forget your tits are hanging out and act the shit out of this role."

Her reassurance made me relax, at least a tad.

We wrapped at three and I was at Max's apartment at three-thirty, knocking on the door.

Syd opened it. She was wearing a t-shirt of Max's and it appeared nothing else.

I entered and dumped my purse on the kitchen table, opened the fridge and grabbed a beer.

"You're looking a bit casual," I said to Syd.

"Chloe, we very well can't practice being in the nude without being in the nude."

The beer in my stomach almost started coming back up. "Am I really going to do this?" I thought.

"Syd, I have to admit I am still freaked about this."

"Yeah, I know you are. But, listen, we can do it. We are like best friends, almost s****rs, actually."

"Great, so now you're adding i****t to this ordeal?"

Syd laughed and took a sip of my beer. "You are way too wound up. Go take a shower and relax. I'll put one of Max's big denim shirts in the bath. When you're through, just put that on. That will be one step. Then we will just read through the love scene part a bunch of times, Ok."

I nodded and we moved on. I was letting the hot water soak into my muscles when the bathroom door opened and I heard Syd call out.

"The shirt is on the back of the door. Hey, you look great naked, Chloe." She giggled and slammed the door.

I realized the clear shower curtain probably left little to the imagination. I finished, dried and pulled on the shirt. I desperately wanted to pull on my panties, but finally decided against it. I was brushing back my damp air when I noticed the faint, but distinct, scent of Max wafting from his shirt. The image of me standing naked with his shirt wrapped around me made my thingie tingle.

Syd was reading through the script, sitting on the couch. She smiled as I approached.

"This is great stuff, Chloe," she said. "I think it will be a super hit."

"Well, it's going against the trend of musicals and comedies," I offered. "Everyone bemoans the lack of serious drama on Broadway, but the crowds turn out for the big productions, special effects and catchy tunes. If this didn't have Abbie in it, I doubt it would even get a try-out."

"Abbie and the fabulous, beautiful, talented and naked, Chloe, might I add," Syd put in.

"I was loving it up to the naked part," I moaned.

"Well, speaking of which, hon. You will never get over being afraid of going naked if you are wearing clothes. So, let's get naked."

She stood and peeled her shirt over her head. I think I actually gasped.

Syd is about 5'3". She has short blond hair, with some henna streaks, giving her a pixie look with a bit of punk thrown in. The punk also comes from her nose piercing, multiple ear studs and rings, and, to my surprise, her left nipple piercing.

Her face is cute with a slightly upturned nose and great smile. She is slight of build, but her breasts are larger than I imagined, not that I really ever imagined them. They looked about the same size as mine, although she is three inches shorter. Syd is fair-skinned and her breasts are white, which makes a striking contrast to her dark areolas and nipples, which are about the same shade. The pierced nipple looked erect and hard.

Syd sported a belly-button ring. She had narrow hips and thin legs. I was slightly shocked that her pubic area was clear and smooth.

"Ok, your turn," she said with a wide grin.

I gulped and slowly unbutton the shirt. With a strength I did not think I had, I let the shirt slip off and drop to the floor. I mightily resisted covering my parts with my hands.

Syd looked me up and down, pausing at all the strategic spots.

"You're very pretty, Chloe. The audience will dig you. Although you might want to clean out Sherwood Forest a bit."

I looked down at my untrimmed and wild blond bush. I never even considered doing anything with it.

"Nice tits, by the way. I like them a lot," said Syd.

I blushed deeply and tried to smile.

"Don't freak out. I am being objective. It's not like I'm drooling over them, but they are very, very attractive. They look to be around the same size as mine, but they have more of an attitude. They like stand up and call for attention. And don't like faint, but your nipples are super erect and that is super hot. You look like this on stage and you could read the fucking phone book and get a standing ovation."

Syd asked me to turn around and I slowly complied.

"Great ass, babe. Your legs are long, which is what all the guys love. All in all an awesome package."

I faced her and moved for my shirt. Syd put her foot on it and shook her head.

"Part of what we are doing is getting you used to going bare-assed. So, leave the shirt off and let's read the part about your love scene."

I relented and we stood next to each other with the script on the kitchen table and read. The scene called for Abbie, or Helen in the play, to come upon me alone in Joe's, or his character's, Alex, studio. I am wearing my robe. She confronts me about having an affair with Alex. She attacks me verbally and then rushes me and pulls off my robe. I stand naked facing her, she has her back to the audience. We stare at each other for a time and then she moves to me, pulls me toward her and kisses me. I resist and then slowly respond and we embrace. She then steps back and starts to strip. Neither of us has spoken a word since our kiss. She sheds her clothes, exposing her naked rear to the audience. We embrace and kiss again. The stage directions indicate we are to passionately touch each other and go to the couch, where we have sex.

Rice is still working on how to close this scene and end act one.

"Well," said Syd, "not a hell of a lot to go on here. Let me be explicit for a second. In the sex on the couch part, what are they expecting? Is one of you supposed to go down on the other? God, that would be something. Shit, I am getting all wet thinking about eating Abbie Evan's goddamn pussy."

"Syd, you are not putting me at ease."

"Sorry, but do you think that's what they're looking for?"

"I don't know. We never talked details, but I don't think so. I am supposing it's mostly going to be kissing."

Syd thought about it. "Kissing, like kissing boobs?"

"Oh God, I don't know," I moaned.

"Well, until we hear differently, let's assume you will kiss each other on the lips, probably run your hands up and down each other, getting a handful of butt, and most likely feel each others' boobs. If you find out more, we can practice more. Listen, Chloe, it will be fine. I know you're acting. So, let's try it out."

"Now?" My heart sank below my knees.

"As good a time as any. Besides we have about an hour before Max plans to be home. Let's make the most of it."

We faced each other and Syd stepped up to me. She was shorter than Abbie, but I figured that made no difference. I was about to kiss my first girl.

She smiled and gently rubbed my upper arms. I relaxed a tad.

Syd pulled me into her arms and hugged me gently. I appreciated her gesture. We had hugged hundreds of times before. I admit I had never felt her hard nipples press into me on those occasions.

She stepped back and said, "Kiss me."

I closed my eyes and moved my face forward. I ended up kissing her nose.

We both laughed.

"Close, but not what they're looking for," Syd said.

"Keep your eyes open. Come on, you can do it."

This time I moved my face toward hers, looking into her eyes. She tilted her head and I let my lips come to hers.

I was not prepared for the sensation. Her lips were soft, warm and, I must admit, erotic. Kissing her was nothing like kissing the guys I had dated. She broke the kiss, slid her hand to my cheek and then kissed me. With just a tiny bit more pressure, she pressed her mouth to mine. She then covered my lips and chin with soft caresses. I closed my eyes and to my shock began to enjoy the sensation.

Syd stopped and I opened my eyes.

"What's the matter?" I asked. "I'm not a good kisser, am I?"

"No, it's just you're a little stiff. Try to loosen up."

"What do you mean?"

"Your neck seems to have a steel rod in it. Your shoulders are like a wound spring. Let it go, Chloe. This is going fine."

I rolled my head, shrugged my shoulders and tried to relax.

Syd came to me and kissed me once more. Again, the sensation was sweet and enticing.

"Chloe, touch my cheek. Run your fingers through my hair. Do something besides stand there like a freaking statue."

She kissed me and I slipped my hand onto her cheek. She put her hand behind my neck. All the while, she was placing soft kisses on my lips. I put my other hand behind her head and ran my fingers through her short-cropped hair.

I kissed her back and felt her take in breath. She slipped her hand around my waist and pulled me tight against her. I felt our breasts press into each other and our thighs touch. She kissed me and I kissed back more urgently. She next kissed my cheek and neck, pulling me tight to her. She returned to my mouth and I willingly, no eagerly, accepted her lips to mine. We kissed for several minutes.

Syd let go of me and we parted. I was breathing hard.

Syd smiled and took my hand.

"Chloe, that was much better. I almost felt for a second you were enjoying it. Remember the audience has to believe you are really, really enjoying it."

"Thanks, Syd. I have to admit I did relax more. It's just I am such a klutz at sex. Really, I know I suck at it. Figuratively speaking, that is."

We both laughed and used the moment to get a couple beers. For a brief second, I forgot I was naked.

"Chloe, you are overplaying your lack of sexuality. You are extremely sexual, bordering on hot. You are beautiful, have a knock-out bod, and move like a dancer. Just let all of this natural allure carry you. They will love you."

We finished our beers and practiced kissing some more. After that session, I was aggressively, well, mildly aggressively, kissing Syd. After our last embrace, she stood back.

"Whoa. Chloe that was hot. You could turn me on like that."

"Right," I laughed.

Just then we heard the lock turning. We both screamed and scrambled for our meager clothing. Syd shouted out to wait, "one freaking minute" and we dashed into Max's bedroom.

We looked at each other and fell on his bed laughing our asses off. Syd dressed and got my clothes from the bathroom. When we both were decent, we headed to the living room.

"Well, I guess you two were, what's the term, method acting."

"Don't be such a dweeb, big b*****r. We were making out like crazy," said Syd.

The look on Max's face was worth the embarrassment I felt.

He took us out for sushi and I left for my rat-hole after dinner.

The next day at the theater, Rice passed out new pages for the end of act one. We went through them, making notes and comments.

As we broke for lunch, Abbie pulled me aside.

"So, how's it going, Chloe?" she asked.

"Fine for me. I should ask you, how am I doing?"

I knew that no one had actually confirmed that I had the role.

"You're doing great, Chloe," she said, flashing her million, or multi-million dollar smile. "Everyone loves your reading, your ideas, your enthusiasm. The part is yours if you want it."

Instinctively I hugged her and shouted, "Yes. Thank you."

Abbie laughed and said, "The only concern we have is how you will do with the nudity and our love scene."

I nodded and told her I was confident I could do both. I confided that I was working on them.

"Really? How so."

I explained about my friend Syd. She nodded and agreed it was one way to prepare.

She suggested we take a little walk outside. The afternoon was bright and we strolled down the street.

"Chloe, I remember the first time I had to do a nude scene. I was younger than you, eighteen actually. Since I had been a c***d actor and grew up on screen, I knew it would be a shock to many that I was now a woman and would be doing adult parts, including nudity. We rehearsed the scene clothed and then the day came to shoot it. Mind you it was, and I've clocked it over and over again, thirty-three seconds long, but it took over a day to shoot it.

"My co-star was older, you know Billy Gormley. He had really bad breath." We both giggled at that admission.

The scene called for me to seduce him.

He is in bed and I come into his room, strip and climb in with him. We kiss, he plays with my boobs and the camera pans away to let imaginations take over.

So, Billy's in bed. He is wearing shorts since he will be shot from the waist up. I am dressed in a blouse, short skirt and underwear."

We stopped waiting for the cross light. Abbie asked me if I'd ever been on a movie set. I answered no.

"Well, there are like dozens of people around. The director cleared everyone not involved in the shot, like the craft people, caterers, hangers-on, personal assistants, and on and on. Nevertheless, there are the lighting people, sound people, assistant directors, the co-producer, wardrobe, make-up, hell, a lot of people.

"So, we're ready for my big scene. As you can guess, we have to shoot multiple takes and multiple angles and then hope we have it right for the editor to make sense of it. I go in say my lines and start stripping. I do the whole thing, buck naked, with the camera shooting me from behind. I have to do the strip ten times from that angle. In between takes, make-up is dusting my ass to remove a glare, the focus-puller is putting a tape on my ass to measure the distance from the lens. And, I'm standing there nude. Then, we change angles and I strip facing the camera. I have to admit I thought I would throw up. But I did it. Again, multiple takes and multiple dusting my boobs with make-up, adjusting my hair, etc.

Abbie slipped her arm through mine and leaned in to talk softly.

"Here I was, the golden c***d of cinema. Winner of an Academy Award at f******n, darling of the big screen, standing nude in front of a bunch of people I hardly knew. A little secret, I was still a virgin and had virtually no experience with men or sex. I think one person, outside my mother and doctor, had ever seen me without clothes. Yeah, I was weirded out."

Abbie explained that they have something like a modesty shield that they can put over your most private parts.

"They tried one with me, but I had to make a move to get into bed and it kept showing. The director asked if I minded if they could get rid of it. So, I had to show my sweet, innocent pussy to the mob.

"Anyway, we do the strip scene from the front. Then we shoot the part of me getting in the bed a dozen times. It's was like, 'Abbie, don't pull the covers down so far, we can see his underwear and he's supposed to be naked.' Or, 'Abbie, turn your butt more toward the camera.' 'Abbie, don't spread your legs, what we can see will get us an NC-17.' God, Chloe, it was stressful and humiliating.

"By the end of the first day, I hadn't even gotten into the damn bed. I was drained physically and emotionally. I had convinced myself that I was making the biggest mistake of my life."

Abbie pulled me into a small Italian bakery and bought a couple pastries and two cappuccinos. We sat at a small round table in the window.

"So, the next day we pick up where I'm now in bed with Billy. I could wear panties, since just my top was going to show. The director had gone over the scene with us dozens of times, blocking every move. It was, "Abbie, kiss Billy like this." "Billy, rub your hand up and down her back." Abbie, roll over on your back and Billy you kiss her breast. Lick her nipple and then cover it with your hand."

Abbie finished her pastry and wiped the crumbs from her lips. She smiled recollecting that scene.

"Chloe, that was the first guy who ever kissed my boob. Strange, no? Anyway, we run through the scene and the first thing I notice is how bad his breath is. I mean I wanted to pull away and retch. But, we are paid to act, so act I did. We shot that kissing part so many times from so many angles, that I thought I would never get the smell off me. We did the playing with the boob thing. And finally, I get on top of him, he kisses my boob once more and I start moving like we are having sex, after the director told me what to do. I had no clue how to make people believe we were having sex. The camera pans down our bodies and the scene is over."

Abbie ran her fingers through her luxurious ginger hair and smiled at me.

"The really worst part, Chloe, was dear old Billy had a monster hard-on. I mean it was huge and I had to rub up against it. God, that was so difficult. He loved every goddamn minute of it. He even had the balls to ask for extra takes because he didn't think he was looking in the right direction. A major fucking pig, excuse my French."

She reached across the table and took my hand. Looking me directly in the eye, she said, "So, was it worth it?"

After a short pause, she continued, "Well, I did get a nomination for my role. Did manage to get a few more films, another Oscar, and now I produce and direct. So, yeah, I think it helped me prove I was more than that adorable c***d star. I was grown up and I was a f***e. I did a couple more nude roles. It never gets easy, but it does get easier."

She squeezed my hand and I returned the gesture.

"Thanks, Abbie. I still have a bunch of butterflies every time I think of it, but you have helped me enormously."

We stood and left the bakery. On the street, Abbie pulled me to her and kissed my cheek. "You will be great, Chloe. And, I will do everything I can to help you through this."

Back at Max's that afternoon, Syd had us undress in front of each other. Her reasoning was that I had to do it on stage, so get used to it. I relayed about what Abbie told me earlier. She said maybe we should take her up on her offer.

"What are you talking about?"

"Maybe you two should rehearse before you have to do it in front of the crew."

"Right," I laughed sarcastically, "why don't I call her up and say, 'Abbie, how about we get together, get naked and have sex. Sound like a good idea?' I think not, Syd."

"Just a suggestion," Syd replied. "So, I guess you'll have to do it with me. I think today we should work on tits."

We did. She instructed me how to rub her boobs and not look like I was afraid my hand would fall off. She demonstrated by fondling mine. As with our kisses, I first was scared, but soon began to enjoy the sensations. I was shocking myself to find dampness seeping between my legs.

"Chloe, you really have fantastic tits," said Syd. She was running her hands over my breasts and teasing my nipples, which were now rock hard. She leaned in and kissed me as she tantalizing pinched my nipples. I moaned and kissed back.

We broke looking at each other.

"Is this what you do with the women you're with," I asked?

"Usually," Syd replied brushing the backs of her fingers over my super-sensitized nipples. "And, a lot more."

She smiled and turned to go and get us beers.

"Like what," I said to her naked back.

She came to me carrying the beers and guided me to the couch. She set the beers on the coffee table and shifted her body to face me.

"Like this," she whispered.

Syd bent and took a nipple between her lips. Holding my breast with one hand, she licked it until it was stiff and dark. She then sucked it into her mouth, eliciting a guttural sound from me. She sucked and licked and squeezed. Finally, she had most of my breast in her mouth.

I was in a semi-daze, but found the strength to ease her off me.

"That, would be one thing I do with another woman," she said.

"Holy cow," was all I could say.

We sat on the couch, silently sipping beers.

"Syd, what's it like to kiss a girl down there?"

Syd laughed and asked, "Are you asking out of curiosity or asking if I will do that to you?"

"Curiosity," I murmured, but inwardly wondering if that were the truth.

"Well, has a guy ever kissed you there?" she asked.

"Once, but it didn't feel that good."

"Probably didn't know jack shit about pussies," she said.

"Well, it really is a powerful feeling," Syd continued. "Done right, you can make a women beg for relief and have ultimate control over her. I love that part and I also love the sensation. A woman's most intimate and secret part opening before you is intoxicating. Putting your second most intimate organ, your tongue, on her is mind-blowing. The scent, the taste, the moisture and the heat blend together to create the most erotic combination possible. I love it, Chloe. And, I love when a talented woman or man does it to me."

"Do you think Abbie and I will have to do that?"

"Can't say, Chloe, but I kinda' doubt it. It's one thing for you two to be naked, to kiss and even play with each other's tits. But, I still think straight America gets freaked out if they think that the two women are eating each other. Kissing and tits are fine, but the other is crossing some unwritten line."

I nodded and surprised myself by almost regretting that I wouldn't be doing what Syd just described.

The next couple days of rehearsal went well. Rice kept doctoring the script and we all felt much more comfortable with it. We still did not resolve the ending.

I had a couple wardrobe fittings with Marge. She had me take my top off and inspect how the bras fit. I was a little shy, but tried not to show it. She cupped my boobs in the bra and felt all around.

"I think I'm going to try just a size bigger," she announced. "These fit you, but they squish your boobs too much. And, you end up with really deep lines. You have very nice boobs and we want them looking as good as possible. Now, slip off your bottoms and try on these panties."

I couldn't believe she asked that, but again I complied. I pulled off my jeans and bikini briefs. She looked at me and shook her head.

"Chloe, seriously, you have to trim that mess. God, have you never done anything with it."

I shook my head.

"I discussed it with our fearless director..."

"You talked about my pubic hair with him?"

"Not exactly, I asked him what he was looking for. You know, bald as an eagle or something else."

My mouth hung open in wonder.

"He said bald would be too much. People might be too shocked by it and it would not show up under the lights. He suggested a nice landing strip. It will certainly affirm that you are a real blond. Believe me, honey, they all wonder about it. I can give you the name of a cosmetician who can help, or you can do it yourself or have a friend lend a hand."

I said I thought I knew someone who could assist.

That afternoon I broke the news to Syd.

"Cool, I love grooming pussies," she cooed with mock enthusiasm.

"Seriously, Syd, if it's too gross, let me know."

"Nah, nothing to it. My last girlfriend and I did it all the time."

Sitting on a towel on the couch, I spread my legs, the first time I was ever so exposed before a woman. Syd snipped away at my tangle and then used a disposable razor to clean up and make nice straight lines on each side and the top.

Wiping the excess cream away with a towel she looked up and said, "Want to find out what it's like to have it licked by a girl?"

I felt a rush of bl**d surge to the area in question, and experienced a blossoming dampness. I stroked Syd's hair as her face hovered mere inches from my wide open sex.

Before I could say anything, Syd leaned in and kissed my pussy. She put her lips on my sex lips and gently ran her tongue up and down my slit, ending with a tongue lashing of my clit. I was shocked and turned on more than I ever had been in my life.

She next softly placed her fingers on my damp slit and held them there for a few seconds, before sliding one finger inside me. I jerked with surprise and took her wrist to guide her finger back out.

Sighing, pulled her hand away, cleaned me up and we practiced lines and the make-out session for a while. This time I took her breasts in my mouth for the first time. I marveled at the feel of her nipple between my lips and the texture of it against my tongue. I think I was doing something right because of the reactions from Syd.

"Shit, Chloe, you are turning me on. Anytime you want to stop play-acting let me know. Damn, I need a cold shower."

She trotted off and I slipped my hand between my legs, sampling the wetness and rubbing my clit. "God, I am so turned on. What is going on?" I f***ed my hand away and went into Max's room to dress.

The next week at the theater we spent on run throughs and blocking. We were still reading our lines and the director would position us here and there until he felt it worked.

He would call out directions like, "Chloe gets undressed now, facing down stage."

Thankfully, I was able to do all this clothed.

We got to the part where Abbie and I have our big scene. The director called out and now Abbie and Chloe kiss, make-out, get naked and have sex, yada, yada, yada.

Again, thank God it was just yada, yada, yada.

At the end of the week, the director said that next week we will work on the love scene and block it out. He said Joe was going to be out on a location shoot for his TV show, anyway.

Rice said he had redone the ending. Instead of Joe's character just watching me and Abbie lying on the couch together and then turning away to leave. Abbie and I get up, undress Joe and take him to the couch to be with both of us. The three of us start to make love. The stage goes black. The audience will think that we three will stay together, but still wonder if Abbie will eventually mess everything up.

As the rehearsal was breaking up, I asked if I could speak with Abbie.

"Abbie, I don't know how to ask you something," I stammered.

"Honey, just ask me," she smiled and patted my arm.

"Well, how will we, you know, well, how far do we have to go in our scene? I guess we'll be kissing or something, but like do we, uh, touch or what?"

Abbie smiled again. "I'm not sure. We've sort of talked about it, but I think we will work some of that out next week. I can say for sure that we will both be naked, will kiss and will probably touch each other. Will we kiss other parts than lips or where we will touch each other, let's just say we'll work it out together. Chloe, you will do fine. I am so impressed with your interpretation. Everyone is raving about you."

I blushed and thanked her.

I filled in Syd that night.

"Well, that sounds cool, Chloe. She seems so supportive."

"She is," I replied.

Syd looked away and then back at me, "Chloe, I've been thinking about our rehearsals. There's a problem."

"What? I thought we were doing great."

"That's just it. You and I are doing great. You seem really relaxed being naked around me and you have totally loosened up with the sex part."

I blushed remembering her mouth on my pussy. I pushed that thought away and said, "So, the problem is..."

"So, the problem is you and I are cool. Chloe, you will be naked in front of the whole crew whom you've come to know and then in front of thousands of other people. I think we need to prepare you for that."

"How? What are you talking about?"

Syd put her arms around my neck and touched her forehead to mine. "I mean we need to have an audience for you to rehearse in front of."

"You're shitting me."

"No. Think about it. How long did it take you to relax with just me? Do you really think you can go from here to doing it in front of all those others and not flip out? I say get it over with now."

I hoped I was not hearing Syd correctly. But, in the back of my mind there was a growing thought that she was right. I had become almost comfortable walking around nude in Max's apartment. But, would that comfort transfer to the stage? My insides were turning jell-o again.

"What do you suggest," I asked?

"Simple, you have three roommates and I have Max. We invite them over for a run through. I'll play Abbie's part."

"You want me to get naked in front of my roommates. Fuck that, you want me to get naked in front of Max. No way."

"Hey, rockhead, do you think that your roommates or Max are not going to see the show? Duh, like they wouldn't miss it for the world. Not because you'll be nude, but because they love you and support you. And, okay, because you and Abbie will be nude. But, anyway, do it now, Chloe, believe me it's the right thing."

"But, Max. He's like my, well, my b*****r. And, well, I just couldn't."

Syd laughed and pulled me tight for a hug. "Chloe, it's ok. I know you've had a crush on Max. God, it's so obvious. But, you gotta' do this."

"You know I had a crush?"

"You may be a fabulous actor, Chloe, but you suck at hiding your true emotions."

I broke free from her and sank into the couch. What a jerk I am. I couldn't believe I was that obvious.

"Does Max know that I..."

"I think he suspected you did a while ago. But, now I think you and he are just best buds. He loves you, Chloe, he really does. But, it's sort of how he loves me."

"Ah, fuck," was all I could muster.

That night in my smelly mattress on the floor in my dark, shared room, I thought about what Syd suggested. Logically it made sense. Emotionally it made my insides turn to liquid.

In the morning, before I headed out to the theater, I asked my roomies if they were willing to be my mock audience. I think they all reacted the same way—wanting to help, but not wanting to be appear to be too anxious to see me nude.

I have two guys and one girl as roomies. I know Annie was gay or at least bi-. She made some casual passes at me when we first started sharing the room, but I politely let her know I was not interested. She usually never wore clothes in our room and even sometimes where the guys could see her. I wasn't sure if she were trying to entice me. As for the guys, they were normal horny young men and I'm sure had mentally undressed me more than once.

They agreed to come over to Max's that evening. I then called Syd and broke the news. She squealed with delight and said she'd break the news to Max.

"Shit," I thought, "What have I got myself into now?"

That day I was distracted with the anticipation of the evening. I missed a couple cues and the director chewed my ass off. At the end of our run-through, Abbie pulled me aside and asked what was up.

I tried to brush her off, but she was too perceptive. I told her about performing in front of people, including my best friend, Max.

"Chloe, I think you're being both brave and smart. I was a little worried how it might be when we get to, shall I say, "dress" rehearsals. This way you might work out some of the butterflies. Good idea."

Her little pep talk helped take some of the edge off and I impulsively hugged her

She responded and hugged back, patting my back reassuringly.

She then whispered in my ear, "Let me know how it goes and maybe you and I should do our own run through before next week. As a matter of fact, I think there is no way around it."

I was not sure I just heard one of the biggest stars in Hollywood offer to do a practice nude scene with me. God, this thing is getting way too weird.

I made my way to Max's in a fog. I could not even remember getting on or off the subway. Syd greeted me with a hug. She said my roomies called and said they would be there around 6 and would bring pizza. Max would pick up the beer and be here around the same time.

"Pizza and beer?" I said. "This is not a freaking football game."

Syd smiled and said, "No, it's going to be more like nude wrestling."

"Shit," was all I could respond.

Syd suggested I dress in a robe similar to what I would wear on stage and she would wear a skirt and blouse. We had done the scene so many times, that we both knew our lines.

Max and my roomies arrived and started in on the beer and pizza. Syd and I had pushed the furniture back in the living room to give us some space. We set up a chair for a prop.

Syd and I got ready in Max's bedroom and with a high five entered the living room.

The mini-audience broke into applause. I was grateful for the noise because it probably masked the sound of my knees knocking together. I was overcome with stage fright at the thought of stripping before these people I knew so well.

Syd saved the day by plunging right into the dialogue. The verbal cues brought me around and I began playing my role. It was soon the moment that Abbie attacks me and rips off my robe.

Syd moved so quickly I was knocked off balance. She grabbed the belt of my robe and pulled it. The robe opened and I was exposed to Max and my roomies. They were totally silent.

Syd slid the robe off my shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. For the first time in my life I was standing naked in front of more than one person. My biggest surprise was that I was not throwing up. My second biggest surprise was how hard my nipples were. I wondered if my audience noticed.

Syd crossed and pulled me to her arms. She kissed me and ran her hand down my back, cupping my ass. I kissed back and wound my arms around her.

Breaking our embrace, Syd quickly stripped. We then held each other and kissed passionately. Our hands found each other's breasts and Syd pushed me back onto the chair, knelt in front of me, and kissed my breasts. I moaned, not really acting, and finally pulled her face to mine for a long kiss. This was the end of act one and we broke apart, with Syd sitting back on her heels.

The silence surrounded us. Syd and I looked at each other and smiled. The four people watching us started clapping and then shouted their approval. Syd and I stood, clasped hands and took a deep bow. I did not even have the faintest urge to cover my naked parts. We kissed and still holding hands sauntered back to Max's room. Inside, we squealed and hugged.

Syd told me to stay and still naked ran back into the living room to retrieve our clothes. I pulled on the robe and Syd put on her panties and bra and we joined the adoring crowd in the living room.

All four said it was a great performance. Annie said she totally believed we were getting it on. "Too fuckin' hot," was how she put it.

The guys were a little more reserved by agreed it was sexy. They both admitted to getting excited.

Syd asked if that meant boners?

I turned crimson at her bluntness. Dave laughed and said "Oh yeah!"

Zack shyly nodded in agreement.

We broke into laughter and then finished the pizza and beer. My roomies left to go to a party down in the village and Syd and I got dressed.

Syd, Max and I sat together on the couch. The silence got a little heavy. Syd broke it by asking, "Max, did you get excited?"

I was so taken aback I could hardly breath.

Was Max going to be completely offended? Would he think Syd and I are tramps? Would he never want to speak to me again?

"Ladies, I was hard as a rock. There will not be a straight guy in the audience who is not turned on."

"Or, a gay gal," added Syd. "And those two categories cover most of Manhattan."

We laughed, breaking the ice.

We chatted for a bit longer and I then headed home.

The next day Abbie asked how it went and I gave her a big thumbs up.

The director had to cut rehearsal short due to some problems with the theater that needed to be addressed.

Abbie asked if I had plans for the afternoon. I was free and she invited me to join her at her spa.

"Chloe, let me treat you to a first class session. It will make you feel great and give us some time to talk."

We took her car and the driver expertly wove in and out of traffic until he pulled up in front of a brownstone. Abbie led us into the lobby which was subtly decorated. The receptionist warmly greeted Abbie and welcomed me.

She used the phone and in a minute a tall black woman emerged from a door. She was dressed in a light blue outfit in a soft material that accented her striking figure.

She led us back into a changing area with individual cubicles. Abbie said we should get undressed and wrap a towel around and put the robe the spa provided on top of the towel.

I followed her instructions trying to imagine what lie ahead.

Abbie knocked and asked if I was ready. I joined her in the common space. The black woman, whose name I learned is Jamie, lead us to a room that contained two comfortable chairs. After we were seated, two women came in and began to do a facial, while another started on a mani-pedi. An hour later, Jamie returned and brought us to a massage room with two tables. She was joined by another woman, a blond with a Swedish accent. Jamie asked us to remove our robes and lie facedown on a table. The blond moved to Abbie and Jamie stood next to me.

"Can you loosen your towel, Chloe?"

I reached underneath and undid the soft terry and Jamie adjusted it so it d****d over my body.

With warm oil and strong fingers she began to work my legs. She folded the towel up so my legs were exposed. She kneaded and rubbed away some aches and a lot of tension. I turned my head and looked over to Abbie's table. The blond was on the far side also working on her legs. The difference was Abbie's towel was gone. I gasped looking at her small, taut butt and her naked back.

She opened her eyes and just smiled at me. The blond moved her hands to Abbie's butt and began massaging it deeply.

Jamie finished my legs and softly asked if she could work on my derriere. I nodded and Jamie slid the towel off me. Abbie let her eyes move over my naked back and smiled encouragingly.

Jamie moved between the tables and obscured my view of Abbie. She had me turn on my back. Abbie's masseuse told her to do the same. I imagined how it must look having the both of us totally exposed to these women working on our bodies.

Soon, Jamie erased all thought from my mind save the pleasure of tension melting away. When she had finished working every square inch of my body, she covered me with the towel. The two masseuses left the room.

"So, good?" asked Abbie.

"Fab," I replied.

"Let's go for the final step," said Abbie as she sat up and fixed her towel around her.

I did the same and followed her out and down a corridor to a wooden door. She opened it and we stepped into a sauna. The dry heat immediately opened my pores and the sweat started rolling.

Abbie faced me and said, "Chloe, we have to get naked with each other at some point. I figured this would seem more natural than doing it on stage."

Smiling broadly, she undid her towel and dropped it to the floor.

I did the same and we regarded each other. Abbie was glistening with perspiration and her body shone. Her breasts were smaller than mine, but were firm and tight. She had a narrow waist, wide hips and a closely trimmed auburn patch between her legs. She grinned and spun around so I could see her dimpled cheeks, almost boy-like in appearance.

She looked me over and I provided a view of my backside.

"You are quite beautiful, Chloe," she said and held her hand out for mine. I took it and felt her reassurance flowing from her firm grip.

"Give me a hug," she said softly.

I stepped forward and for the second time in my life embraced a naked woman. Our breast mashed together, our thighs touched and we lay our heads together, feeling the moisture on our cheeks and temples.

Abbie ran her hands up and down my back, brushing my butt and finally encircling my waist, pulling me tight.

I wondered if this were a rehearsal or if she were putting a move on me. I had heard all the rumors about Abbie being in the closet.

She loosened her grip, kissed my cheek and stood back.

"Let's sit here a while and enjoy the heat," she said as she stooped to retrieve both of our towels.

We each took a bench facing each other with our towels under our butts and our backs resting against a wall.

"Chloe, do you think I'm hitting on you?"

I panicked thinking that my expression must have betrayed my thoughts.

I stumbled for an answer.

"It's Ok. Let me give you the quick back story of Abbie Evans and then you can decide."

I began to protest, but she cut me off.

"Chloe, I know all about the rumors, the gossip the celebrity websites. I know people think I am a raging lesbo trying desperately to remain in the closet. Just let the heat relax you and listen for a bit."

I nodded.

"You know my story, at least the part the publicists push. c***d star at eleven, workaholic, producer, Hollywood legend, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, a lot of it is true, but it's far from the complete picture.

"After my big hit when I was just a k**, my parents tried their best to protect me. They had taken control of my earnings, hired a business manager, gotten a respectable agent and worked hard to let me be a k**. And, for the most part it worked out. I got other great roles. My business manager was a wiz who invested my money well. My parents were supportive but not pushy stage parents. They let my agent do all the negotiating. My mom would come on set with me to be sure I was not overworked and got my school assignments done.

"I made three major pictures before I was eighteen. I wanted to go to college and was accepted at Stanford. I only acted during the summer and made it through college mostly unscarred. Did the usual stupid college k**s stuff, but managed not to get arrested or to land on the front pages.

"And, yes, I experimented a bit with d**gs and drinking. Being an Academy Award winner, I figured the rules did not apply to me. I got wasted a few too many times, but, again, never ended up in a scandal.

"In senior year, I got an apartment off campus with a couple other k**s. The movie where I did my first nude role had been out for over a year and now I was feeling quite grown up. I told you I was a virgin for that movie, but now I had my aim on fixing that.

"My first lover was a guy I met in Creative Writing class. He was totally fucked up, but I saw him as romantic. We did it in my apartment on a Wednesday afternoon. He was not particularly good, as I later realized. We did it a couple more times until I found out he was writing about it and intending to try to sell a screen play about our little affair. So, lesson learned about people wanting to fuck stars.

"I was totally bummed on guys and next hooked up with my roommate. She was already out and when I opened the door a crack, she rushed in. Sex was good, better than my writer pal. I enjoyed being on the wild side of things. She also loved d**gs and drinking hard. Many a night we ended up wasted and having sex in all kinds of weird and public places. I knew I was tempting fate, but I was telling myself I needed to be my own person. Whatever the hell that meant.

"Her b*****r came for a visit and the next thing I know he and I are screwing our brains out. Katie, my roomie, didn't mind since she was fuckin' our other roomie. She thought it was cool that I was doing both her and her b*****r. When her b*****r went home, Katie sort of maneuvered me into a three way with our other roomie, Allie. So, sex and d**gs were taking over a good part of my life.

"All that changed when Katie got busted for trying to sell coke to an undercover narc. She dropped out and skipped bail. I got scared and dumped the apartment and moved into a hotel for the last couple months of college. After graduation, I came to New York to start acting full time. I wanted to get out of Hollywood.

"I had a great loft in SoHo. Soon, I was making new friends and slipping back into old habits. Coke was flowing like snow flakes and I had lots of people eager to hang out with me. I had a bunch of flings with both guys and girls. I was quite the metro-sexual living the good life in NYC.

"Then, one morning I woke up in my loft. I was naked and in bed with a guy I did not know and a girl who was a barista down the block. My mouth tasted like sex and my lips were cracked at the corners. Both my pussy and ass felt like the Russian army had been there. I stumbled out of bed to find two other guys on the floor in my bedroom. One guy had the biggest prick I had ever seen and I wondered if that was the cause of my sore mouth, pussy or ass. There was also another girl, someone I had never seen before, and she was passed out, but still wearing a huge strap on. I could not see one condom around any of the guys.

"I freaked. I didn't know how many of those people I fucked and if they had any diseases. I called my agent to come get me. He arrived to find all the others still passed out and me, naked, curled into a ball in the living room. He stuffed a bag with a few clothes, made me pull on something to wear and took me to his co-op.

"I stayed in his guest room for days. He had a doctor come to check me out. I obviously had a lot of regular and anal sex. I could not say if I was ****d or did it willingly. I couldn't remember a thing. I was detoxing and the doctor strongly suggested I check into a facility. My agent found one in Vermont that was ultra-private. I stayed there for two months and got myself straight. I also was tested for all the scary diseases and thank God came up clean.

"Chloe, I was scared shitless and vowed never to be out of control again. I had my agent dump the loft, get rid of all the furniture, clothing, everything. I wanted no part of that life to touch me again.

"I moved to Connecticut and got serious about my career. I don't do any d**gs and am only a social drinker. I am driven to excel and think I have done well with my movies and other projects. I am excited about this play.

"Chloe, my sex life is still very private. I know you aren't asking, but I want you to know. I did have a long term relationship with another woman. She was soft, introspective, kind and thoughtful. She offset my worst qualities and brought out my best. We parted ways two years ago for lots of reasons. Who can say why couples break up? Part of it was her, part was me. Anyway, I miss her, but have moved on. Today, I would say I am not interested in another relationship with a woman. I've had two men lovers since then. I enjoy being with a man and think that if I found the right one, I could settle down, marry and have a f****y.

"So, Chloe, when you and I are having our love scene, it will be acting. I just wanted you to know."

I felt the tears welling in my eyes. Abbie had just ripped open her heart and soul to me. She did not need to do this and I was overwhelmed with her honesty. I crawled off my bench and climbed next to her. She opened her arms and I let her embrace me.

"Thank you, Abbie. I will never tell anyone about this."

"I know you won't, Chloe. I could tell you are a decent person and someone with a grasp on life. I hope we can become friends."

"Me, too," I breathed as she held me.

As Abbie and I were showering, she said we should have dinner and talk about an idea of hers.

She had her driver take us to an address in the 80s. The doorman welcomed Abbie and she asked him to order us some dinner from Alfredo's. He smiled and assured her it would be here in an hour.

We took the elevator to the seventh floor and exited into a lobby with just one door.

"Where are we," I asked?

"My little hide-a-way," she said.

She opened the door into a comfortably furnished apartment. Although it must fill the entire floor, it had a cozy feeling. She opened the curtains and put on a couple lights.

I followed her to the kitchen where she fixed us each a glass of Chardonnay and assembled a plate of cheese, fruit and crackers. We sat in front of the gas fireplace and enjoyed the snack.

"I thought you live in Connecticut," I said.

"I do, but I keep this place in the city. It's great when I am working late, or want to spend a weekend here. Let me give you the tour."

The apartment had two master suites and one guest bedroom. There was a small dining area, the large living room and compact kitchen.

We returned to the living room just as the doorman knocked and announced the food was here. Abbie set up small tables and we ate in the living room.

"So," she said between bites of veal marsala, "want to hear my crazy idea?"


"Well, I do think that you and I need to work out our love scene. We want it to look good but also not be pornographic. I suggest we can rehearse here."

I almost choked on the succulent morsel of sautéed veal.

Abbie laughed at my reaction. "And, to maybe make it less threatening, I suggest your friend Syd be here, too. She sounds like she could give us good advice and make it a bit easier on you."

"Ok," I managed to say.

"Good, now here's the other part."

"Other part?"

"Yeah. With the new ending, you and I end up with Joe in bed. We have to undress him, take him between us and pretend we're doing the ol' ménage."

I nodded and drained my wine glass.

"Well, Joe is out for another week. I think we need to block out that whole scene. The secret is to make it look good, but not show too much to the audience."

I snorted and said, "Easy for you, Abbie. All you show is your ass. The rest of the time you have a blanket in front of you. Me, I am pussy and tits forward."

"Wow, I never really thought about it. Ok, I'll drop the blanket and give them all a first class beaver shot."

"Abbie, no way. I didn't mean..."

"You are right, Chloe. Now, I see this will work much better. But, we still have to choreograph the love scene with Joe. So, I suggest we have your friend, Max, stand in for Joe so we can work it out. Then, when Joe returns, we will show him how we figured it out."

"You mean, like Max will be naked, too?"

"Yes. Is that a problem? I thought you said he already saw you and Syd rehearsing."

"He did, but he was dressed. I'm not sure he'll go for this."

"Let me worry about that, Chloe. I can be very convincing. And, Syd can be our audience. She can let us know if anything is showing that shouldn't be."


"Chloe, it's the double standard. Women can get naked and show everything. We even applaud the courage of stars like Cate Winslet who appear in full frontal nudity. But, let just a peak of a guy's business show up and people start freaking. Plus, there never, ever, ever can be a shot of an erection. Now, we are supposed to be three people passionately making love. The man desires both of us. So, will he have a limp weenie or be hard as a rock. If we want the audience to believe us, he should be erect. If we show an erection, we will be trashed. Plus, if we were commit to full male frontal, then dear Joe would have to get it up every night.

"Now, you and I are obviously beautiful specimens, but after twenty, thirty or a hundred shows do you think Joe will be just as excited? So, we will have to block it so maybe there is a peek in the beginning, but after that it's just ass to the audience."

My head was swimming. I never thought through the love scenes as Abbie had. Added to that was the concept that Max would ever agree to do a nude love scene with me.

Did I even want him to? God, for years I fantasized what it would be like to make love to him, to see him naked. Now, it was a possibility and I was flipping out.

Abbie said she would drive me home. I tried to dissuade her because I did not want her to see where I lived. She insisted and called for her car. Of course, when she said she'd drive me, she meant her driver would be behind the wheel.

I gave him the address. He looked at Abbie in the rear view, probably doubting the wisdom of taking a $100,000+ Mercedes into that neighborhood.

We arrived about twenty minutes later. The usual dope dealers, hookers and really scary-looking people were making my block look like a set for a Sorcese film.

Abbie insisted on walking me to my apartment. I assured her I did it every night and would be fine. She opened the door and pushed me out and followed me. Her driver slid down the window and said maybe he should go too.

"Hank, you stay here and make sure we still have a car."

I waved to the regulars and climbed the stone steps of my stoop.

"I can get it from here, Abbie. You go on home."

"I am seeing you to your room, Chloe. So, lead on."

We climbed the four flights, past pails of trash, piles of newspapers, smells of stale cooking and recent urine, until we arrived at my door. I couldn't help but compare this image with that of the pristine hallway outside of Abbie's apartment.

I desperately wanted her to leave, but she was determined to see me in. I fumbled with the keys and undid the five locks.

I pushed open the door, cringing at the dingy mess waiting within.

My male roomies were watching TV and doing a j. They were dressed in their usual t-shirt and boxers.

Annie was standing in the doorway to the bathroom, brushing her teeth and dressed solely in a pair of black panties. Actually, for Annie this might even be over-dressed. She was, to put it delicately, rather casual about clothing. Usually she was totally nude and oblivious to that fact. The guys quickly accommodated her habits, after realizing that she was not the least bit interested in what they wore under their boxers.

"Hi, guys, I think you know Abbie Evans. She's dropping me off."

The silence was broken by Annie as she crossed the room, her tiny boobs bouncing in rhythm with her steps. She extended her hand and mumbled, "Nice to meet you" as a dribble of white toothpaste escaped her lips, with one drop landing on her rock hard nipple. She made no attempt to wipe away the white gob on her dark protuberance.

Abbie, ever gracious, shook her hand and said it was nice meeting her and the guys.

I turned to Abbie and thanked her again. She looked once more around the shit-hole I called home, pecked my cheek and said good-night.

My roomies fell all over me with a hundred questions. Zack said she looked hotter in person than on the screen. Annie said she was probably overcome with lust seeing him in his pitted-out t-shirt and Elmo boxers.

"Yeah, well I'm sure she loved the glob of paste on what passes for your tit," he rejoined.

Annie looked down and laughed at the sight. She rubbed her nipple clean and then vamped for the rest of us, "Ooh, that feels so good. I should have let Abbie do that for me."

"In your dreams," snorted Dave.

I excused myself and went into my depressing bedroom to get ready for bed.

"God," I thought, "can I even be on the same planet? Abbie lives in such a different world. She must think I am a pathetic loser."

I drifted off to sl**p with memories of Abbie's classy apartment and the sounds of Annie's nightly masturbation marathon.

On Saturday, I took the train up to Abbie's apartment. We had decided to do our first rehearsal of our love scene.

Abbie suggested I go to the spare bedroom and get undressed. She left a robe for me.

I came back to the living room as she was slipping on a skirt.

She smiled at me and asked, "Ready?"

I nodded and we began the scene. We both knew our lines and quickly got to the part where Abbie rips my robe off. I am standing naked in front of her and she strips.

Keeping in character, she approaches me, and f***es my head to her and kisses me. I struggle for a moment and then relent. Soon, her hands are all over my body and I am reacting. To tell the truth, I am not sure if it was acting or I was really being turned on by her touches and kisses.

I touch her and we fall on the couch, her leg pressed between my thighs. As her lips encircled my aroused nipple, I moan out loud. She then breaks and calls, "Curtain". We both sit back, surprised at how much we are perspiring and how out of breath we are.

"Wow," she says.

"Oh, yeah, wow indeed," I offer.

We look at each other and then simultaneously burst out laughing.

We ran that scene a dozen more times accompanied by phrases like,
"Grab my boob, now. "
"Yeah, that's good put both hands on my ass."
"Ok, open your legs wider so I can get my leg in there. No, that's too wide. You're shooting a great open beaver to stage right."

After a couple hours we were satisfied with the blocking.

"God, I feel like we just had a fuck-a-thon," said Abbie.

"Not sure what one of those feels like, but that was more sex than I've had in years."

We laughed at the sight of us sitting naked on her couch. She held my hand and told me that this was going to work. I began to believe her.

Around three on Sunday, Max called me.

"Well, I must say that your friend, Abbie, is quite a person."

"She called you?"

"Oh, even better. We had lunch together."

"No shit!"

"Ah, shit, indeed. And, what an interesting proposition she had. Can I suppose that you were behind it?"

My cheeks burned. Remembering that Syd said that she was sure that Max knew I used to have a crush on him, I figured he must think that this was some bizarre way of putting a move on him.

"No, honest. I had nothing to do with it."

"Really, I figured it was your way of getting even for doing the nude scene in front of me."

I felt a weight lifted off me. He didn't think I was chasing him, he thought I was getting back.

"No, the whole idea was Abbie's. I told her you'd never go for it, though."

"Why'd you say that?"

"Huh, well, like I didn't think that there'd be any way that you would, you know, be like... Well, I figured you would not want to show your...I mean, do like a nude scene."

"Don't you think I have a good enough body?" he asked.

"Hell, yes," I blurted and immediately wished I could retract my words.

Max laughed and I knew he was teasing me.

"So..." I asked?

"Chloe, I don't know. I'm not sure I'd be comfortable."

"Max, it's just going to be me and Abbie..."

"And, my s****r," he added.

"Oh yeah, well, it'll just be us, no audience."

"I don't know," he said again.

"Max, what is it. You've already seen me nude. And if, God I don't know how to put this, well, if you like get aroused, we'll understand. Honest, it will be Ok."

"It's not that, Chloe."

"What is it then?"

"It's kinda' embarrassing."

"More embarrassing than having to make out with your s****r in front of you?"

"It's sorta' personal."

"Max, what are you talking about?"

There was a long pause before Max said quietly, "I've always been a little embarrassed about my size."

I didn't understand at first what he meant. "Jeez, Max, you aren't fat. You're in great shape and, yeah, you're tall, but not like a freak. So..."

"Not that size, dummy. My other size."

"Other?" I repeated. Then it hit me.

"Shit, you mean your, ah, your..."

"Yes, Chloe, I mean my dick. And, my balls, too."

I turned scarlet. Thank God we were on the phone.

I tried to cover by talking rapidly. "Hey, no problem. None of us are perfect. Hell, I think my tits are too small. Abbie's tits aren't that big, and Syd's, well, like there just not huge. So, don't give it a thought. We are not going to be judging you. Really, we just want to work out how we will do it on stage. So, it's no big thing. Oh, I didn't mean to say that. So what if it's not big. Hey, I hear that whole bigger is better is just a myth. I could care less and I'm sure Abbie won't either."

Max tried to interrupt my nervous stream of conscious blathering.

"Chloe, you don't get it..."

"Sure, I do. You are a little ashamed of your, well, penis and that it's not like some giant throbbing organ, you know, like in those Romance novels. Shit, I bet you don't read Romance novels. But, you know what I'm saying. We won't even notice how small, I mean how big it is."

"Chloe, listen..."

"No, not another word. The size of your penis has no bearing. Just say you'll help us out."

Max chuckled.

"Well, you and Abbie are certainly persuasive."


"And, if you and think it would really be helpful, I guess I can do it."

"Well, fuck me," was the best response I could give.

"I do want to explain about what I just said, though," added Max.

"Nope, not another word," I insisted.

"Well then, I guess we're on for tonight at her place," Max said.

"What, I didn't hear from her."

"Well, maybe you should answer your phone more often. This is the fifth time I've called in the last half-hour."

I cursed myself for leaving my phone on vibrate and then hanging out in the living room watching TV while the phone stayed in my bedroom. I checked and saw four voice messages.

"Gotta' go, Max. I'll check the messages now. And, Max, thanks. I really think it will help."

There were two messages from Abbie confirming what Max just told me and asking me to talk with him since he had not agreed to do it until he and I spoke. There was one from Max asking me to call him and one from Syd. She was screaming that she could not believe the whole thing and couldn't wait to join us tonight. I assumed that Max must have discussed it with her and, as usual, Syd jumped to a conclusion.

I returned Abbie's call to let her know that Max and I had spoken. I explained Max's hesitation.

"Poor guy," she said. "God, the pressure we put on people to fit some stereotype of a perfect body. Chloe, I don't care if he has the tiniest weenie in the world."

"Yeah, I kinda' said that, but not with those words. In the end he agreed."

"Good job, Sweety. So, I'll see you later, Ok?"

We hung up and I showered and got ready. Abbie was planning dinner at 6 and we could rehearse after that. She also said she was sending her car down to pick me up at 5:30. My protests fell on deaf ears.

I was drying in my bedroom when Annie came in. Although she and my other roomies saw me naked at the rehearsal, I was still a bit shy about nudity. Annie gazed at my naked frame, she was nude as well.

"Hey, Chloe, you ought to do a bit of clean up around the puss."

I looked down at the stubble growing back. I didn't keep up with it since Syd had shaved me.

"God, I hate this," I whined. "It was so much easier just to let it grow."

"Happy to lend a hand," offered Annie. "And, while I'm down there I'd be even happier to make you happy."

I turned scarlet from head to toe and thanked her, but said I'd do it myself. I ran back to the bathroom and cleaned it all up.

That night after a dinner of take out from the hottest new restaurant in town, the four of us moved into Abbie's living room.

Abbie took control and explained the scene. She then had Max, me and her walk through it a dozen times, while still clothed.

Syd was quite helpful with suggestions.

Abbie said it was time for a real run-through. She and I excused ourselves to head to a bedroom.

Abbie sensed my apprehension.

As she was undressing, she said, "Chloe, it's going to be fine. Yeah, it might be a bit awkward at first. But, after a while we all will forget we are naked and just work on the blocking. And, let's make a promise to each other not to be shocked at his little member."

I agreed with her, but was thinking with my limited experience with male members I was not sure I would be able to tell if he was above or below average.

I marveled as her body became exposed to me. She was stunningly beautiful. As I slowly peeled my clothes off, I silently hoped she was right that things would go all right. Little did I know what was in store for us.

Abbie and I wore robes back to the living room.

Syd and Max had arranged the furniture so there was a "stage" and an "audience" section.

Abbie directed Max to take off his shoes and socks. In the play, Joe's character always wears sandals and she thought this would be a good way to work tonight.

"Ok, so, Max, Chloe and I are naked in bed—which will be the couch. You barge in and catch us. You start to yell, but we get up and come to you. We undress you, lead you to the bed, and we start making love. The stage then goes dark and the curtain falls for the end of the play. The final line, "This is perfect.", is heard in the dark and the audience is not quite sure who is speaking. It's the final ambiguity in the play.

Abbie explained to Max, that the theme of perfection ran through the play. My character is a bit of a Pollyanna, who thinks life can be perfect. Abbie's character is a skeptic, who always seems to work to destroy anything that could be perfect. Joe's character is striving for perfection in his art and his relationships, but can never hold it together long enough to find it. So, is the final line from Chloe's character and meaning the three of us will go on as one? Or, is it from Abbie and meaning she will work to ruin this relationship?

After summing up, Abbie said, "So, let's do it."

Abbie and I walked to the couch and dropped our robes. I heard Syd gasp as she gazed at Abbie's torso. At least, I think it was Abbie she was gasping at, since she'd seen me buck naked a lot.

Abbie and I lay on the couch and began making out, as we had talked about.

After a minute or two, Abbie sat up and said, "Ok, Max."

He grinned foolishly. I imagine he was caught up in the sight of the two of us making out.

He walks toward us and we resume our caressing.

"What the fuck!"

We sit up at his line.

"What are you two doing?"

"Making love, Babe," says Abbie in character. "And, we have room for one more."

Slowly, Abbie and I rise and cross over to Max. In the play this will be the first time the audience sees Abbie fully frontal naked.

Max playing the part starts to speak but Abbie kisses him silent. He looks at me and I raise my head to kiss him. I know I'm acting, but I am about to kiss Max, not some actor.

His lips are warm, mine are hot.

Together Abbie and I unbutton his shirt and peel it off. She drops to her knees and undoes his belt, opens his jeans, and unzips him. I have moved behind him and drop to my knees. In unison we begin to ease off his jeans and underwear in one motion. Max's ass comes into view and then his pants are at his ankles. I hear breath escape from Abbie, but can't see her.

Max steps out of his clothes and I rise to rejoin Abbie in front. I move next to her and then look down.

Now, I am a professional actor and pride myself on always staying in character. Even if a prop fails, or the scenery malfunctions or a fellow actor drops a line, I forge ahead.

I took one look at Max's manhood and exclaimed, "Holy shit."

Syd jumped up and raced around to see what I was staring at.

"Whoa," she screamed. "Max, you are like packing heavy artillery."

We three women gawked at the huge male organ hanging before our eyes.

Never did I imagine that Max was hung like a race horse. His dick must be at least seven or eight inches long and as thick around as my wrist. He had enormous balls that hung low.

Abbie said, "Max, you should have given us some warning."

"I tried to tell Chloe."

"But when you said your were embarrassed, I thought you meant because it was tiny," I pleaded.

He replied, "But, that's not what I said. I tried to explain, but you wouldn't shut up. I guess I should have blurted out, I've got a big dick. What was I supposed to say?"

"Shit, b*o," said Syd. "You could have worn a button like "Atomic Weapon Onboard"

"Thanks, Syd," he said. "I feel a lot better having my s****r comment on my manhood."

"Ok," said Abbie. "The shock is over. Let's work through the rest of the scene. We can take from the part after Max steps out of his pants. But, can I just say once more, that is a fuckin' beautiful sight."

Abbie and I take our places kneeling, me behind and her in front.

She looked at the thing before her eyes and said, "This is awesome. Sorry, everyone, but I just had to get that out. I know I said I was not going to mention it again, but shit. Max, this is the most beautiful prick I have ever seen."

"Amen," I put in.

"Hallelujah," added Syd.

"Enough already," said Max.

We regained our composure and e****ted Max to the couch. We had worked out that Abbie would lie on top of him, essentially covering his privates from the audience, and I would lie next to him and kiss, while he let his hands roam over both our bodies.

We played our parts. Max's hands caressed my breasts and Abbie's ass. Our moans and groans sure sounded authentic. Finally. Syd called, lights, curtain. I delivered the final line.

I sat back and expected Abbie to do the same, but she remained on top of Max.

I looked at her and shrugged.

"Ah..., equipment problem," she said.

"Ah, fuck it, Abbie," said Max, "staying there won't help. Just get up."

She rolled off and we saw the problem.

Max was at full staff. He sat on the couch and his erection pointed straight at the ceiling. The head was enormous and a vein throbbed along the length of his shaft.

The three of us just stared. Max looked at each of us and said, "What do you expect? You two are so hot, so beautiful and so rubbing up against me. It's a natural male reaction. And, it will take care of itself in a minute or two."

"I understand, Max. Actually, Chloe and I might have been offended if there was no reaction. It's just that, well, it's so beautiful."

With that she reached out, sliding her hand onto his erection.

I was shocked at her assertiveness.

She could barely close her fingers around the shaft. She softly moved up and down while her other hand fondled his large balls.

"Uh, Abbie," he said, "not that doesn't feel good, 'cause it does. But, I don't think this is in the script."

Abbie gave him her innocent look, perfected through many movies, and said, "But, Max, every good actor has to know how to improvise.

She slowly moved her mouth toward him and kissed the tip of his erection.

She locked her eyes on mine and I figured what the hell. This was probably the opportunity of a life time.

I took hold of the erection of the man I'd known most of my life and who was the object of many a daydream. I marveled at the strength of the erection and the smoothness of the skin. His balls felt heavy in my hand. I circled the tip with my finger, lingering for a second at the slitted opening.

"Hey, I ain't missing out on this," cried Syd. "b*****r or no b*****r, I have to feel something that big."

"No," he protested, "this getting out of hand."

Syd giggled and said, "Actually it's getting quite in hand. Nice rocket, b*o."

The three of us caressed his shaft and balls with our hands. Each of us took delight in the sensations of touch and the reactions of pleasure that Max exhibited, in spite of his protests.

Abbie leaned in and kissed Max on the lips. Emboldened, I joined her and I kissed him for the first time in my life with unhidden passion. No longer was he big b*****r; he was a sexy man with an awesome dick.

Syd softly stroked him, but soon pulled her hand away. I think she realized that doing it with three of us was much different from touching her b*****r by herself.

The room was silent save for the heavy breathing and occasional kissing sounds. After a few moments, Abbie moved her face back to Max's erection. Syd and I found ourselves sitting back and watching in silence.

Syd held my hand. As she squeezed tightly, she turned her face to mine. My mind was racing and my juices were flowing. She kissed me. In a second our tongues were exploring each other. Syd slipped her hand over and pinched my nipple. I felt the moisture running down my leg.

Our kiss was broken as we saw Abbie lick up the shaft and once again take Max's tip in her mouth. She was slowly engulfing more of the erection.

Max groaned and lifted his hips. Abbie responded by taking more in her mouth.

Syd moved her hand between my legs, her body pressed against me. I felt her nipples press into my breasts.

I shifted my weight and opened my legs. Syd plunged in. I was quickly loosing any sense of both boundary and propriety.

Syd rotated her finger and found the special bundle of nerves hidden in my vagina. Her other hand now worked my clit.

Abbie intensified her sucking aided by aggressive stroking. Kneeling on the couch, she had her legs spread apart and I could see the dampness welling at her swollen lips.

Syd noticed Abbie's position. She pulled away from me and softly petted the other woman's pussy. Abbie reacted by pushing against her hand. Syd slipped a finger inside and Abbie pushed hard against it.

From behind, Syd moved her face to Abbie's open sex and began to caress her with her tongue. Abbie moaned while still sucking on Max.

Max muttered that he was getting close.

Abbie stood up and Syd moved away. Abbie straddled him and positioned her lips over his tip.

Looking over her shoulder, she breathlessly said, "Help me, Chloe."

I took hold of the hard shaft and positioned it at her opening.

Max called out, "No."

We all stopped.

"This is too much. I can't let it go on. Abbie you have me over the edge, but I can't make love to you with Chloe and my s****r watching. I just can't."

The four of us just sat quietly, Max's erection commanding our attention. Our desires had not subsided but we were chastened by Max's words.

Abbie stood and said we had enough rehearsal for the night.

She pulled Max's hand until he could stand next to her.

"Girls, you can share the other master or whatever. Max and I will be in my master. I'll put a call into our dear director tonight to tell him that Chloe and I will be working at home and to not expect us until 1 tomorrow. I just pray I have a condom that will fit. Good night."

I'll say one thing for Abbie, she sure knows how to make an exit as she took his hand and led him to her bedroom.

I looked at them and said, "Love you, Max."

He smiled and said, "Love you, Chloe. You, too, Syd."

Abbie and Max disappeared into her bedroom.

"Separate bedrooms," I asked Syd?

"Are you fucking nuts?" she replied and pulled me to the other master.

I soon found out what Syd had meant about a woman's tongue on a woman's sex. Honestly, I lost track of my orgasms that night. As turned on as I was, I could not bring myself to perform oral on Syd. I kissed her there a couple times, but just couldn't continue. I guess I am really a hetero. She told me not to worry.

"Hell, I ate Abbie's pussy. Imagine, Abbie Evans' pussy. Awesome." She seemed satisfied.

Well, the actual stage rehearsals went great from that point on. Standing in front of the cast and crew naked for the first time was stressful, but our practice sessions helped enormously.

I admit that Abbie and I had to stifle serious giggles the first time we did a full run-through with Joe. To say that he was modestly endowed would be putting it mildly. And, we didn't have to worry about his erection being accidently seen by the audience. He did manage a semi the first time we rehearsed, but it frankly did not look any bigger than the tiny little bump that was there when he was soft.

We later came to find out, a secret about Joe. Well, we did not have to do much detective work, since a handsome young man came backstage to congratulate us on our final dress rehearsal. Joe was standing naked in Abbie's dressing room, where the three of us scooted to after the rehearsal. The young man kissed Joe and they embraced. Abbie and I felt honored that he even got that one little boner.

Opening night was a test and a triumph. I threw up three times before the play began. I literally was shaking with nerves. Abbie stopped by my dressing room and hugged me and told me I was going to knock 'em dead.

On stage, I thought my fingers would never get the buttons undone on my shirt. Finally I managed to strip nude. I heard a gasp from the audience as I walked to my spot and turned to begin to pose. I thought, "Hey, I've got this audience. They are with me." After that, it became easier. Not easy, just easier.

The play—thank God—was a smash. For our curtain calls, we all pulled on short robes and took our bows. I got three curtain calls.

The critics loved it, the audiences gave standing ovations every night, the house was sold out for months in advance. We even made the front page of the Times, talking about the barriers being broken in the modern theater, the bravery of an Oscar winner to take on such an edgy (read totally naked) role and, hurrah, great plaudits for yours truly as the breakout actor of the year.

Abbie insisted on having me move into the extra master suite in her city apartment. She seemed to be spending more and more time with Max at her place in Connecticut or his. She confided after that first night of intimacy, that she thought she might never be able to walk normally again. She seems to have adapted quite nicely, however, and now walks with a spring in her step. I do believe love is in the air. Abbie even offered that Max might be "the one."

As for me, well I'm not sure I did find true love. Syd and I never repeated our one night together. To be honest, I still wonder what it would be like to make love to Max. Abbie has hinted once or twice that maybe the three of us—her, Max and me--should get away. We have tons of fun together in the apartment. Max and I flirt a lot, but each night he's behind closed doors with Abbie. I'm almost at the point where I can almost tune out the shouts and shrieks—almost—when they spend the night in the apartment.

I think about what it would be like to make love to Max, but maybe screwing one member of the f****y is enough—for now.

But, then again, I learned you have to jump on every opportunity that comes your way.... Continue»
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BlowJob Booth

"How about you forget about my itty-bitty little episode of speeding and I'll give you a really good cum-swallowing blowjob?" The pretty blonde girl in the white jeep cheerfully suggested. She was leaning out her window, looking up with a smile.

Officer Bernard adjusted his tinted sunglasses thoughtfully, a little surprised.

"Good-looking girl," Bernard thought with a pleasant appraisal.

Such a pretty girl offering a road-side cock-sucking-and load-swallowing didn't come along every shift, that's for sure. He hoisted his state-issue policeman's belt up authoritatively and tried to keep a stern face. He liked this game; and could use a good, sloppy blowjob right now. Especially from a girl so cute and friendly.

"We can hop right in your cruiser! I'll suck your cock and drain your balls in my mouth and we can preten-"

"Ma'am, offering sexual favors or bribes to a policeman in the state of Rhode Island is i*****l and can often carry the penalties of significant jail-time and fines up t-"

"C'mon! It'll be fun..when was the last time you had a 19 year-old girl suck your dick? I give really good throatjobs... and I swallow! It can be our little secret. You get a bee-jay and I get off with just a warning! Puh-leeeez?"

The cute blonde girl wasn't shy in the least. And she was definitely a young one. Officer Bernard leaned forward, considering. Whooo, she was fine.

"Here! You can check out my license and stuff to see I'm not some totally psychotic spaz with an arrest warrant or something! I'm just in a rush to pick up my friend Alicia."

The girl leaned over the passenger's side and flipped open her glove-box, snatching out her registration, insurance card, and a small, glittery photo-ID card of some sort. She had pretty, light-yellow polish speckled on her nails.

Officer Bernard took this opportunity while she leaned over to give her soft, round teenage body a good, thorough once-over with his eyes. She was wearing small white shorts that barely contained her full, delicious ass. It looked so creamy. Her cute little butt-crack was peeking out over the top of her shorts. She had a very nicely shaped ass, indeed.

"Only a teenage girl can have an ass like that," Bernard reflected to himself. Whew. Her nail polish-matching yellow tank-top stopped 4 or 5 inches above her waist-line and while she briefly leaned over this allowed a terrific view of almost half her butt-crack, back and soft stomach. On the front of her tank-top was the phrase "I Swallow," written in a large, bubbly font. There were a glistening, inviting red pair of female lips opened in a hungry blowjob-craving "O" illustrated below the suggestive phrase. Officer Bernard felt the beginnings of a raging erection. And he wanted this sweet little biscuit to suck his growing meat dry for him.

"See, here's my stuff! I'm just on my way to pick up my friend Alicia on Grant Street for the Bridgeport Fair; we're both working in the Blowjob Booth this afternoon, starting at noon. Tons of cock to suck!"

She passed the officer her papers enthusiastically, and the sparkly card, as well. "And you get to be my first blow-jay of the day...what a treat! That's why I was kinda speeding, we gotta get there a little early to get organized and stuff." She flipped her adorable, long blonde hair over her shoulder with one hand and looked up, expectantly. Her talkativeness was cute, and Officer Bernard's bulge in his trousers grew prominent.

"Blowjob Booth? They still do those around here? Wow, you're young to be sucking cock at The Booth. I hadn't heard anything about the BJ Booth since the mid-90's, I think. Back when Becky Demarco used to suck cock for the fair."

Officer Bannnister turned the bright, glittery card over and read "Blowjob Booth Employee Tammy." Below was a small, amusing cartoon of a smiling, nude brunette sucking an over-sized penis on her knees. The cartoon man receiving the blowjob was grinning ridiculously. The card stated "Tammy" was, indeed, just nineteen.

"She's running the BJ Booth this year! Haha! You know Mrs. Demarco?!" Tammy's face lit up.

"No, not personally. She's married now? A couple buddies of mine got their dicks sucked by Becky back in '96 or so at the fair and swore it was hands-down the best blowjob of their lives. They didn't shut up about her cock-sucking for a couple of weeks. I unfortunately missed the opportunity because I was out-of-town...I was robbed of the best BJ of my life 'cause of that jaunt to Orlando! Bad timing."

Bernard was getting an interested kick out of this. He hadn't heard the name Becky Demarco in almost 10 years. She was a legend here in Providence. Best cocksucker of all time, it was unanimous, state-wide.

"Yeah, she's still got the New England record for the most blowjobs-to-completions! She is, like, amazing at sucking cock. She sucked something like over 200 dicks to completion, no assistance, in just one day at the fair! That's sooo much cum to swallow (!) Yum!"

"Is she still giving public BJs? Hot damn! I gotta try and get off work early this weekend. She's reputed to have the most talented mouth ev-"

"Uh, hello!! *I*have the most talented blowjob mouth ev-ahr! And I just said I'd suck your cock! You don't havta get out of work early. What's better than an awesome blowjob from a blonde college chick...for free! And I am *so* going to be the best cocksucker in the Northeast, you wait and see. I won the school-wide Spring Blowjob Bonanza at U.R.I this April...I got score of 10; flawless BJ technique! I beat almost 250 other cocksuckers from my school and won the $ 5,000 scholarship! Nobody's ever scored a perfect 10 at the SBJB for U.R.I before, ever!"

"Wow, no k**ding? I'm impressed...a perfect ten in cock-sucking at the Bonanza? I read about that in the Cryer. They did an article on you...the post-blowjob interview, I think. Who did you blow again, during the competition?"

"I sucked the goalie for the soccer team's dick...Derrick Barrows? He was All-American last year. Totally the right guy to blow, too. We had good chemistry for the competition. I blew his balls *dry* in front of that crowd! I was swallowing his cum about 3 minutes after I popped his dick in my mouth, and lemme tell you, I sucked it goooood. He came up and hugged me afterwards and we were both super-stoked. He helped me out, big-time. I enjoyed slobbing his knob, for sure. I also sucked three of the judges' cocks afterwards, for the grand-prize ceremony. Kind of a mini-blowbang that they broadcast on the gi-normous football field screen for the BJ winner! Like 1500 spectator's got to watch me suck dick, live! That was, like, one of the biggest thrills: blowing cock for a huge crowd like that. Sooo much fun. A majorly exciting challenge. I liked all the attention, to tell you the truth." Tammy gave a big smile.

Bernard felt like he was missing all the good blowjob action, stuck here in this neck of Rhode Island.

"Do they still do that blowjob competition right down on the Red Hawks' field? I've never been."

"Yep! All the girls line up from end-zone to end-zone with the blowjob-volunteer that the judges' computer chose for them, and the whistle blows...then the girls start blowing (!) You get graded on technique, aesthetic appearance/appeal of the blowjob, the variety of BJ techniques displayed, and how you handle the cum-load at the end of the bee-jay. They have this whole complicated blowjob score-sheet that they fill in systematically for each cocksucker."

"You got the scholarship? That's a heck of a lot of cash for an afternoon spent sucking cock with your friends! Cool." Bernard's boner was becoming belligerent, imagining all those pretty little college chicks blowing cocks and slurping balls in a blowjob competition. The best kind of competition, if you were to ask him.

"Yeah, after each girl is finished swallowing her load of cum and the blowjob is completed, the judges tally up all the score-cards and announce the winner of the contest over the PA. I just about peed myself when I heard my name called as the winner! But, deservedly so. No one gives a better knob-job than me! Uh-uh." Tammy shook her head primly.

"Well, Tammy, imagine that. I pull over the best teenage cocksucker in New England for doing 64 in a 50-zone. What're the odds?" Bernard repositioned his large-brimmed trooper hat thoughtfully.

Bernard handed Tammy back her BJ Booth ID card with her registration and insurance and took off his sunglasses officiously. He noticed a pretty silver necklace and pendant sparkling in the sunlight above Tammy's firm, mouth-watering teen-girl tits.

"So, you say you can suck a good dick, huh?"

"Totally the best. Most def." Tammy laughed, twirling her hair coyly.

"Please secure your vehicle and join me in my cruiser, won't you? We'll see if we can get this speeding issue resolved...expeditiously."

"Yay!" Tammy stuffed her papers in the glove-box of her Jeep Wrangler and unbuckled her safety belt.

Officer Bernard briskly walked back to his cruiser and hopped in his vehicle, efficiently unsaddling his service shotgun from it's island-holster and laying it on the dash, out of the way. He untucked his shirt and set his state large state policeman's hat on the floor. Tammy whipped open the passenger-side door and half-dove in, head-first.

"We're charging 20 dollars-a-blowjob at the fair today, but you get one free-of-charge!"

Bernard would pay 500 dollars to get his dick sucked by this pretty little blonde, no problem, he thought. She was gorgeous. One of the prettiest girls he had seen in recent memory.

"I'm delighted to participate. What a good suggestion it was, blowing me in return for a warning."

"I'm gonna suck your dick dry, but then I gotta enjoy this ball-draining blowjob!"

Tammy whisked off her skimpy tank-top and plopped both arms, one on either side, on Officer Bernard's thighs. Her creamy white breasts bobbled pertly. Tammy wiggled her adorable butt playfully way up in the air. He once again admired what an unbelievable, deliciously round ass this young girl had. He loved a good blowjob from a girl with a nice ass. And those firm little tits, boy howdy.

Tammy noticed his wedding ring.

"Does your wife give good blowjobs?" She unsnapped his belt skillfully, the practiced result of giving blowjobs to dozens and dozens of different men. Tammy had sucked a lot of cock.

"Yeah...she does. Real good, actually. But, starting maybe 3 or 4 years ago, she only blows me on special occasions like my birthday and Christmas. When we first got married, she used to suck cock like a blowjob-happy party-slut; she'd blow me and swallow in elevators and bathrooms, lots of fun places; and she was always volunteering to suck my cock...that's important. On the way home from dinner with friends I'd almost always get a good bee-jay, but dick's not getting sucked with the regularity a hard-working lawman like me deserves and expects. Sometimes I just need a really good blowjob to relax and focus."

"Awww! Poor baby's not getting his meat blown properly! I'll make it all better, don't you worry, Officer." Tammy snapped open his fly and unzipped his trousers, smiling again. "I'll suck this cock so good, your balls will be empty for the next two days."

"That sounds like we have an agreement. A good, deep blowjob, and you get to save the 175 dollars that speeding ticket would have cost you..."

Tammy nodded happily. "It will be my pleasure...!" She pulled Bernard's bl**d-swollen cock out of his pants firmly and leaned down to start blowing him with her warm, wet mouth...then paused.

"Would you like to cum straight down my throat or in my mouth, oral cream-pie-style? You're the boss!" She looked up at him, ass wiggling, cock-in-hand.

"Just improvise, I'm sure you're quite the talented fellatrix. The paper said so."

"Yep! So true. I've sucked plenty of dick!"

Bernard gently pushed her head down and Tammy plopped his absurdly swollen meat in her mouth and began sucking and slurping on it, jovially. She had never blown an on-duty cop before. This was exciting.

Officer Bernard let out a deep, contented sigh as her pretty blonde head bobbed up and down in his lap. He relished her greedy, slurping mouth and the nasty, wet sucking sound-effects of a really good blowjob. She was twice the cocksucker his wife was, and half her age. He leaned forward slightly and cupped one luscious, full ass-cheek in his hand, stroking and squeezing her ass with fascinated pleasure while this pretty girl slurped, sucked and blew his cock. It needed good, deep oral attention. It had been awhile since his last blowjob.

As Tammy slurped happily away on his throbbing cock, Bernard gazed up at the blazing morning sun that was shining down along the coast, and thought to himself, "I love my job."


Tammy waved good-bye out her Jeep window as she -carefully- accelerated back into traffic on Rt. 1-E, Officer Bernard waved back, smiling. Tammy had blown him quickly and thoroughly.

"One blowjob down, one-hundred to go!" Tammy thought, amused. She dug in her book bag that was sitting on the passenger's seat for her pink i-phone and pulled up her contacts, scrolling to Alicia's number. She took the Grant Street exit, phone ringing. She gnawed her thumbnail, impatient. Alicia wasn't the most punctual of girls, Tammy knew.

"Hey!" Alicia answered after 3 rings, sounding out of breath. "What's up? Are you on your way?"

"Hi! I'm less than 5 minutes from your apartment, are you ready? We gotta meet Mrs. Demarco before we start at noon today. We can't be late." Tammy didn't want to sound to spastically anal, but you had to be pushy with Alicia sometimes. She was easily distracted.

"Gimmie like, 10 minutes, and I'll be ready!" Tammy heard what sounded like sucking noises in the background, over the phone.

"Jor-Jor...I hear sucking noises! I tolllllld you 10:30 am, sharp! I'll be there in 5 minutes! What are you doing? It sounds like you're sucking dick...are you giving a blowjob right now when you should be getting ready?!" Tammy tried valiantly to not sound irritated. She wanted to be right on-schedule.

"I'm giving *two* blowjobs!" Alicia announced, proudly. "There's two guys over here from across my complex I met at the pool and I'm almost done sucking their dicks. Just lemme finish! You should see this cock I've got in my hand now..." Alicia's mouth gave a long, wet sucking sound as she sucked the aforementioned penis over the phone for Tammy to hear. "It's really thick. I can't believe I get to start off the morning by sucking such a big, thick c-"

"Earth to Melissa! Hello! You're going to be sucking at least 100 dicks today at the fair, and you don't have -time- to be giving bee-jays right now; I'm almost there! Hurry the freak up! I'm not waiting for you!" Tammy was annoyed Alicia was sucking cock without her, and that she wasn't ready.

Alicia was a cock-sucking knob-job addict if there ever was one, Tammy thought. She's always sucking dick! Where does she find these guys?!

"They're both pretty much ready to cum, I'm just gonna blo-"

"I'm coming to get you right now. You've got 4 minutes, or I'm leaving without'cha! Buh-bye!" Tammy hit the end-button on her cell, triumphantly.

"Tardy brat! I told her 10:30!" She scolded her Jeep.

Alicia, back at her apartment, was still on her knees with two mouthfuls of cock, and set about draining the two big pairs of balls that were slapping her face and chin.


Tammy zipped into the parking lot directly in front of Alicia's building, parked, and ran up the stairs to the second floor, beautiful ass bouncing.

She jogged down the outside corridor toward # 224, Alicia's unit. Two young men were just slipping out the front door, hooting and slapping high-fives. The were shirtless, wearing flip-flops, and one of them was re-tying the drawstrings on his board-shorts. Tammy trotted up to them.

"Whoa...who are you, pretty senorita?" The blonde surfer-dude with a sleek pair of Serengeti sunglasses asked.

"I'm Tammy, Alicia's friend... is she ready?"

"You know Alicia? Righteous! Dude, I've never had such an amazing blowjob *in my life*. Your friend sucks great cock...gnarly style, b*o! I'm like, totally drained for the afternoon. I need re-hydration and copious snacks now to regain my once-virulent composure." He slapped his buddy another high-five.

"She gave me a most-triumphant bee-jay as well; it was totally Nebuchadnezzar, man." Blonde-dude's bud was grinning winningly.

"A triple-tubular pipe-cleaning and swallow, to say the least, my blue-eyed muchacha. I dare say her mouth was so skilled I deduce formal blowjob training was administered by a mad-talented mentor...? Maybe you two foxy ladies would like to join my associate and I for a margari-"

"Yeah, Alicia's great at sucking cock...she's never really gone much more than a day without putting one or two big ones in her mouth since I've known her."

"Are you as proficient in the Occidental art of blow-"

"I gotta go, guys, sorry! We'll suck your dicks simultaneously another time; sounds like fun. We gotta get to the Bridgeport Fair for the BJ Booth!"

Tammy skipped by these two stoked beach-boys and yanked opened Alicia's front door without knocking.

"Bridgeport Fair? BJ Booth?!...Ekkkkkk-suhhh-lent!!" The dudes clapped their hands heartily, applauding this most-revered Providence blowjob tradition.

Alicia came running out of her bedroom just as Tammy was closing the front door.: she was topless, wearing only the pair of black panties she was sucking cock in. Her dark hair was done-up in a wild bun on top of her head.

"I'll be ready to leave in 30 seconds! Promise!" Tammy put her hands on her hips and rolled her eyes, saying nothing.

Alicia raced back into her bedroom, slipping on a snug pair of Express jeans and a cute little white Roxy tank-top that make her look a little like a punky party-girl.

Alicia was a year younger than Tammy. She was slightly taller with dark hair and dark eyes, even though she and Tammy didn't look at all alike people often asked if they were s****rs because of their very similar effervescent, outgoing demeanor. Alicia had a hoop and diamond stud in her left eyebrow and a silver lip-piercing. She had a cover girl's lips and mouth, set below very attractive, interested eyes. She was, like Tammy, a very pretty girl; this was a requirement for working at the Bridgeport Blowjob Booth. Only very good-looking girls were hired to administer the blowjobs.

This was going to be her first Blowjob Booth, which was a terrific idea because though she was only 18 years old, Alicia was nearly compulsively obsessed with sucking cock. She regularly sucked 3 to 4 different dicks a week, sometimes up to 6 or 7, blowing boys that worked in gas stations, clothing stores, or doormen at dance clubs...just about anyone with a nice, hard cock for her sultry mouth. Alicia had an unusual appetite for sucking dick. She regularly returned to the topic of blowjobs in conversation several times a day and was always watching videos of big dicks being sucked online. Due to her pre-occupation with well-hung men and performing blowjobs, she had sucked even more dick than Tammy, and had slipped easily out of several run-ins with shoplifting and loitering by sucking and blowing her way to impunity. She regularly gave group blowjobs at parties with Tammy, blowing and swallowing 15 or 20 boys a night. After a party warmed up and things were getting lively she and Tammy would often just go into the living room or common-area and just suck cock for 2 hours or more, blowing anyone who wanted a good dick-sucking, chatting with the boys and other party-goers as they contentedly blew all the meat there was to blow. They'd be on their knees for 7 or 8 blowjobs in a row, slobbering on ball-sacks and swallowing cum, stuffing their faces with 3 or 4 cocks at-a-time. And the boys loved getting their dicks sucked so readily, especially by these two pretty cocksuckers. She and Tammy had sucked a lot of cock together. They were "bee-jay buddies."

"K! Ready! Thanx for waiting, Kris!" Alicia quickly put her sneakers on and snatched her keys and phone, all revved-up to suck dick at the fair.

"Yeah, well, you're lucky I can't do this without you...!" Tammy couldn't stay mad at Alicia, she wasn't a spiteful girl.

"Let's get to the fair...we got about 10 minutes!" Tammy started racing down the outdoor walkway as Alicia locked her apartment up.

Both girls hopped into Tammy's Jeep, and sped towards the Bridgeport Fair and the Blowjob Booth adventures they were about to have, the Jeep's stereo blasting raucously out into the warm morning sunshine. They were in for an exciting day!


Tammy and Alicia arrived at the Bridgeport Fair entrance, grabbed their BJ Booth ID cards and reported quickly to the fairgrounds administration office. It was getting very warm, and the July air was still. A perfect day for a pair of cute cock-sucking teens to give outdoor blowjobs!

The girls stepped into the quiet, air-conditioned office excitedly talking about an afternoon of dick-sucking and cum-swallowing, and made their way to Becky Demarco's office in the rear of the building. The door was open.

"Mrs. Demarco?" The girls were right on time for their 10:30 re-cap of BJ Booth operating procedures.

Mrs. Demarco was on her knees in front of her husband, blowing him in a string bikini. She was sloppily slurping her husband's cock, and was pumping his meat using two hands. Reese, her husband, had a hand on top of her head. Her shoulder-length auburn hair was held back with several clips. It looked pretty, Tammy thought. Very shiny.

Becky Demarco was a gorgeous woman of 38, with the body and energy level of a 25-year-old. She wasn't just great eye-candy, either. This woman could suck cock like she was ringing a bell. And she had myriad awards to prove it.

Mrs. Demarco pulled her husband's penis out of her mouth with a wet "pop!" and smiled at her two BJ-girls-for-the-day.

"Tammy! Alicia! You're right on time! I was just giving Reese a quick blowjob before you arrived..take a seat! I'm almost done."

"Hi, girls! Ready for a fun day of blowjobs and sunshine?!" Reese gave a handsome grin to Tammy and Alicia, his fat ball-sack in his wife's hungry mouth.

Tammy and Alicia were transfixed. Her husband Reese had a huuuuugely thick cock...they both immediately held their breath.

"Omigosh, Mrs. Demarco! Reese's cock is sooo big and thick..." Tammy blurted out, involuntarily. The two girls stared, amazed.

"Whoa." Alicia licked her lips, feeling a hot ache between her legs. "That's a real mouthful." She wanted to suck it. Bad.Her brain was buzzing: blowjob, blowjob, blowjob, blowjob.

"It's really something, isn't it?" Mrs. Demarco pointed her husband's forearm-sized cock at the girls, the swollen head shiny with his wife's saliva. "It's a magnum, alright."

"Wow..." Tammy was stunned. She had met Reese last year, during her first season working at the Blowjob Booth, but had never seen Reese's donkey-cock. Her mouth was watering. It looked like a prosthetic cock, it was so long and thick.

", you suck it. You too, Alicia. I've gotta run out and talk to the set-up team to make sure they've got the power working for the fridge and A/C in my blowjob tent. We need to get the safe plugged-in too, and security wanted me there to give them a general idea of where to post the guys. I'll be at the Bare-naked Blowjob tent at 11:45, sharp...see you two there? I want to have a pre-blowjob boothing pep-talk before we get started blowing."

Mrs. Demarco had a breathless, enthusiastic way of speaking that was quite endearing. She hopped up and adjusted the top of her blue-and-yellow bikini.

"Yeah, sure!" Alicia and Tammy nodded, barely hearing anything Mrs. Demarco had said after she suggested they blow this enormous meat-stick her husband had hanging between his legs. They were practically drooling at the idea.

"Sorry, honey. I'll let Tammy and Alicia finish blowing you, they seem just about starving to eat your meat, by the looks of it..." Mrs. Demarco laughed knowingly. "Two heads are better than one! See you at quarter-of-noon, girls! Bye, darling. Be gentle with them."

Reese's pretty wife smiled and exited the office, fleet-footed as a gazelle, still wearing her string bikini, ass-and-tits jiggling very nicely.

"Girls! Good to see you look adorable. I like the shirt. Alicia...pleased to meet you! I've heard only complimentary things about you." Reese strode over to Alicia and shook her hand, his jumbo cock flopping out in front of his pressed trousers.

"Would you kindly finish what my wife started? She usually doesn't begin a blowjob she doesn't intend to finish...but today's been a hectic one!" Both girls reverently got on their knees, staring fixedly at this big, fat blow-pop they were about to suck.

"Reese...this is like the thickest cock I've ever seen up-close...ever..." Tammy gave his blow-wand a firm squeeze, the spit-slicked head of his cock swelling. Mrs. Demarco had really been sloppily slobbing her husband's knob.

"It's like one of those humungo dildos or's so freakin' big..." Alicia slid a hand down the front of her jeans, moaning softly.

"Mrs. Demarco gets to suck this monster alllllll the time...??" Tammy sounded almost hypnotized.

"That's actually how Becky and I met," Reese chuckled. "She was blowing me at a fair in Atlanta, a blowjob booth set-up like this one, and she just couldn't stop remarking about how thick she thought my cock was. She said she enjoyed sucking my dick so much that I should stop by the next day, for a free bee-jay. So, I did, she blew me again at the fair, and we exchanged numbers. I gave her a call...the rest is history! We've been married 12 years now. I've probably gotten blown almost 3,000 times by Becky. Most amazing mouth I've ever put my cock in, hands down. I never get tired of her sucking my cock dry. No one else even comes close to sucking cock like my wife does. She can stuff every inch of this cock down her throat, right to the ball-sack, no problem. She's a natural born cocksucker."

"You both met at a blowjob cute!" Tammy was looking up at Reese, she had great blowjob eyes, Reese thought. Big blue "I Swallow" eyes. Alicia was playing with herself, staring steadily at Reese's thick meat-bone.

"Well? Would you like to suck it? Blow away." Reese took a half-a-step closer to the two kneeling teens. Tammy opened her mouth and Reese put a large hand on top of her head. "Yeah, suck it good, Tammy. Becky seems to have given me blue balls, and I need you and Alicia to drain them. Blow me, girls."

"Mmmmmm..." Alicia was just cooing, as Tammy began to suck his jumbo blow-toy. She wrapped her wet lips around Reese's deliciously plump ball-sack while Tammy fellated the shaft and head. Tammy was still looking up at Reese wide-eyed, mouth over-stuffed with cockmeat, her cute little butt-crack peeking out of the top of her shorts. Reese licked his lips, looking at that creamy young ass.

"That's it, girls, blow me good. Suck this big, thick cock."

Both girls were *slobbering* on his big-pop now...sucking dick with a sloppy greed.

Reese pulled his cock out of Tammy's mouth and slapped it lazily on Alicia's face. It made a meaty, wet smacking sound.

"Now, Alicia, your turn to blow me. I want you to blow every inch of this big cock...right to the balls. Think you can do that? I love a good throatjob." Reese enjoyed talking dirty while getting his dick sucked. His wife had gotten him into dirty-talking blowjobs, really.

Alicia nodded dreamily, moaning a little louder as she played with her little pussy down the front of her jeans.

"Soooo big, ooooo...." Tammy whispered, breathlessly.

Reese put both big hands behind Alicia's head and slowly crammed every inch of his swollen cock-meat down her throat, balls resting on her chin. Alicia's eyes squirted tears as her throat was stuffed to capacity. She had never had a throat-stuffing like this before. This was the biggest dick either girl had ever sucked.

"That's it, sweetie. Goooood girl. Nice and deep, get those balls on your chin. Eat my meat. Blow me, cutie."

Reese steadily pumped Alicia's throat, as tears streamed down her face. Alicia was practically cross-eyed, her mouth full of a double-helping of thick-dick. She was woozy with blowjob lust. Tammy watched her friend getting face-fucked by this jumbo-sized suck-sausage and could hardly wait for it to be her turn. She crawled behind Reese to lick and tongue his ass, adding a complimentary rimjob to Alicia's deepest throatjob.

"Yeah, Tammy, eat my ass while Alicia blows my meat deep. Lick my asshole. You girls really know how to give a *super* double blowjob. Becky can sure pick'em! Dig your tongue in there, Tammy. Bury that pretty face in my ass...really eat it good."

Tammy buried her nose deeper into Reese's ass, tongue probing. She enjoyed giving a good, naughty rimjob. Alicia's throat was still being stuffed, wet balls slapping on her chin.

"Yes, girls, this is the way it should always be! Starting off the working day with a double blowjob/rimjob from two pretty young ladies. It's going to be a great day at the Bridgeport BJ Booth!"

Tammy and Alicia's blowjob adventures for this 4th-of-July weekend had now begun!


After Tammy and Alicia finished blowing Reese and quickly washing up in the administration lavatory (Alicia's face was covered with spit and pre-cum from the massively sloppy face-fucking she'd just had...Tammy had requested the cum-shot to swallow), they walked toward the central fairgrounds, to check-in with the H.R. crew there. To "clock-in," so-to-speak. Mrs. Demarco was ultimately responsible for paying the two girls for their blowjob services today, though.

The two girls dropped off their BJ Booth ID cards and picked up their red "BJ girl" bracelets.

"It's official!" Alicia announced. "We're sucking cock at the Bridgeport Blowjob Booth! I'm *so* in a daze right now...I'm going to get suck dick! Can you believe it?! Money for blowjobs that I would give for free anywayz!"

Tammy was distracted, looking around.

"K, Melissa, I gotta go grab something' to eat real fast, cuz I don't want to eat *right* before we start sucking cock all afternoon, we're gonna be swallowing lots of you want anything?" Tammy started walking towards the concentration of various concession stands off to the west of the fairgrounds.

"Nah, I'm good, thanx! I'll just take a walk around the fair since we have like 45 minutes 'til we gotta see Mrs. R at the Bare-naked BJ tent."

"K - but don't be late! When I did the BJ booth last year, I was right on time, but the other girl who was working that day, Mindy, was like 2 minutes late, and Mrs. Demarco *spazzzzzzed* because she's all about punctuality. Mrs. R can get pissed when someone holds her up, holy crap. So make sure you're at the BJ tent b-"

"Ok, ok! Got it. 11:45 am, on the nose. I'll see you at the BJ tent. Don't worry. Go get some ice cream or a sourdough pretzel! Seeya in a few."

"Yep, seeya in a few." Tammy eyed her carefully as she trotted off towards the large, fielded area at the north side of the park where they stabled all the horses and ponies for the Independence parade. Tammy knew that look. She was going to try and find a ride-operator or a groundskeeper or a stable-boy to blow. She was looking for dick to suck, Tammy guessed accurately.

"As long as she's on time..." Tammy really didn't want to piss Mrs. Demarco off. She was a nice woman, but man, could she spaz-out when she was mad! Tammy ran to the deluxe ice cream stand where they sold her favorite popsicle of all-time: Sponge Bob Squarepants. She was going to get 2 of them, because the BJ Booth was a special occasion. The sun was high in the sky now, almost at its zenith.


Around 10 minutes later, Tammy had finished her 2 Sponge Bob popsicles and a jumbo pretzel-with-mustard and thought she'd check out what her cock-blowing obsessed friend Melissa was up to, just in case it was interesting. She was almost always up to something interesting.

She hopped up off the bench she'd been eating on and jogged towards the north-end of the fair, long blonde hair flowing prettily behind her. More than a couple of early fair-patrons noticed this shapely blonde girl in the little white shorts trotting by. Tammy was used to the whistles; she was really something to look at.

Tammy passed both ferris-wheels and made her way over to the large stables at the northern-most boundary of the Bridgeport Fair, sweating lightly. She scanned the perimeter for Alicia. Hmmmm. No sign of her.

"It'd be kinda hard to spot her if she's on her knees, like I think she is," Tammy chuckled to herself. She'd have to look for a guy who was standing and looking down like he was getting a blowjob, she guessed. She arrived at the 1st and biggest stable's entrance and called, "Hey, Alicia? Melissa, you around?"

Didn't look like she was here. Just almost a dozen large horses, most appeared to be studs, some of them saddled, with plaits and ribbons in their manes for the parade. Tammy thought they all looked very well-fed and handsome.

"Hi, guys! Seen my friend Alicia?" She jokingly asked her equine company. "She's like, real talkative, with dark hair, sucks a lot of dick? Probably giving a good blowjob right about now?"

A few of the four-footed tenants in the stable looked at her, placidly.

"No, huh? Well, if you see her, tell her we've got to be at the BJ tent in less than 15 minutes! The blow-jobbing is about to start! Thanks."

Tammy, laughing at this goofy little convo, was turning to leave to look for Alicia over in the horse-and-pony exercise yard when she heard the soft shuffle of sneakers on hay and dirt, coming from the last stall on the left. There were muffled voices.

"Ah-ha! Found-ja!" Tammy trotted down to end stall, hearing loud, sloppy sucking noises as she got closer.

"Somebody's cock is getting blown good!" Tammy thought, vindicated.

A tall, tan stud that was unsaddled stood calmly looking ahead in the stall, hardly noticing Tammy. This show-horse was dressed with a Bridgeport Medallion around his strong, lustrous neck. She snapped open the stable door.

Alicia was on her knees, barefoot, blowing three stable boys.

"Melissa! We gotta go! We got less than 15 minutes to meet Mrs. Demarco-"

"Wow, your friend should totally join us..." One of the boys being blown looked at Tammy, impressed. Alicia's mouth was still full.

"I mean it! Mrs. Demarco's gonna be pissed...!"

"Wow, she's sexy when she's mad...does she give a good bee-jay?" Stable boy # 2 inquried,lazily jerking his spit-slicked cock off in Alicia's face while she blew his friend. She was ignoring Tammy, stubbornly sucking cock as if she wasn't standing there, waiting.

"Would you like to join us? We'd love a double bl-"

"Guys! Sorry! We have to get to the BJ Booth! We start officially sucking dick today at noon, and we're, like, running the booth!" Tammy was frantically trying to move things along here.

Alicia popped the erect penis out of her mouth that she was she eagerly slurping on before Tammy interrupted and rolled her eyes.

"Sheesh, Kris! Ok! Ok! I'm coming!" She hopped up off her knees, quickly putting her shoes back on.

"It's just Mrs. Demarco can get really pissed when someone is la-"

"Awwww, c'mon! No more blowjob?" The three stable boys were deeply disappointed.

"Alicia, we have to go...NOW." Tammy started walking toward the exit of the stable.

"I can suck your dicks at the fair later, it's only 30 bucks for a group bee-jay..." Alicia was apologetic and felt cheated, too. She wanted to blow more stable boy cock.

"Duuuuude, I really wanted to cum in your mouth...such a good blowjob..."

"I've never had my dick sucked that good before; have you, dude?"

"She is totally spec-tack-yoo-lar at sucking cock..."

"Hey, can we have your number? We can have a blowjob party!"

"We gotta go guys! Pre-blowjobbing pep-talk! Blow ya later?" Alicia dusted the hay off her knees, then waved to the boys. She started jogging, following her friend. Tammy was already half-running toward the south-central direction of the fair, where the Blowjob Booth was located.

"Awwwww!" The three stable dudes pouted simultaneously. They reluctantly pulled their shorts up, tucking their shirts back in and dragging their heels. A blowjob like the one Alicia administered came along once-or-twice in a lifetime.


Alicia caught up to Tammy, panting a little. Tammy was skipping hyperactively. She was a lively girl.

"Jeez you run fast! Slow down! I've still got spit all over my face from blowing those three guys!" She didn't want to start sucking dick this afternoon totally winded.

"I do *not* wanna be late to meet Mrs. Demarco at our pre-blowjobbing pep-talk. I don't want to get her pissed." Tammy slowed her fast run, just a little. "Take a left, this way."

"It's a good thing those stable boys showed up, really. I think I may have started sucking horse cock if I didn't find any guys..."

"Are you serious?! You were thinking about blowing a horse? Do you know how much shoots out when they cu-"

"I know, I know! Still...kinda intriguing tho, rite?"

Off the two girls went toward the BJ booth, giggling and racing by a concession stand where two men were just grabbing their order of 6 chilidogs, two sides of onion rings, and a couple sodas.

"Dude! Holy shit, did you see those two chicks?"

Both men ogled the two cute teen girls as they zoomed by, necks practically on a swivel, gobbling up their delicious tits n' ass show they were unwittingly putting on as they ran. Everything was bouncing in all the right places with these two teens.

"That blonde girl's ass is gonna burst right out those little shorts if she keeps running like that! Boy... damn, b*o. Now -that's- an ass. I'd eat that ass for lunch. Just bend her over butt-naked and dig my t-"

"Yo, that brunette girl has that "I Just Wanna Suck Dick All Day" look on her face, didjoo see that? She's got some dick-sucking lips on her...pretty face too, no question. My, my, my." The second man whistled, impressed.

The first dude snapped his fingers, struck with an epiphany. The sodas jostled precariously.

"Oh, snaps, son! I'll bet you a six-pack those two little chicks are the BJ girls at the Booth today! Did you see what it said on that fine-ass blonde girl's shirt? 'I Swallow'. Dude. They're suckin' dick all afternoon, I gotta get blown by that blonde one. I love a pretty girl with a great ass. It's only like fifteen-or-twenty-bucks-a-BJ! Those girl are foooine!"

"You think so? They're doing that BJ Booth thing today? Those two foxy little girls? How old are they-"

"b*o, every year they have *the finest* pieces-of-ass sucking cock for the BJ Booth, don't ask me how they do it. They only get really fly girls to give bee-jays at this fair; there's like a screening process, I swear."

"Dawg, I'm down. Hells-yeah! Let's finish up these snacks right-quick and go get our dicks sucked. Whoop-whoop! That brunette cocksucker's all mine, my friend. I can tell she's a born blowjob-pro just by looking at that sexy face." He snatched a bite of chilidog, distractedly dreaming of his impending dream-blowjob.

Both men started walking briskly toward the south-east side of the fair, hurriedly wolfing-down 'dogs and rings so they could enjoy their blowjobs as-soon-as-possible. It was close to blowjob kick-off time.


Both girls arrived at quarter-to-noon on-the-mark inside of the Bare-naked Blowjob tent, slipping in through the partitioned back entrance, where the large crowd wouldn't cause a commotion upon their arrival. The girls were nearly out of breath, hair wild. They were excited.

"Girls! Right on time! Come take a seat; just a few things I want to review before we start sucking cock this afternoon." Mrs. Demarco was looking as energetic and well-kept as always, still wearing the string bikini she blew her husband in earlier. She handed them each a bottle of Fiji water and didn't even seem to notice the frenzy Tammy and Alicia were just in to make the meeting on time.

"Ooooo, sucking cock..." Tammy mused out-loud.

"Yay!" Alicia squawked. "Blowjobs for the next 8-and-a-half hours!" She and Tammy traded excited glances. They were enthused; this meant lots of dick to suck, and lots of money to split.

"I'm so glad it was the two of you who were cleared by the

Pre-lim. App's. to be my BJ girls for the day, I know I can count on you. You're both great cocksuckers and have a good attitude. That's important."

"We're *so* pumped to be sucking cock with you today, Mrs. Demarco, you're like our idol, seriously," Alicia commented, sincerely.

"You've sucked more dick than both of us put together and are like totally famous for your blowjobs. We are really excited to be giving BJs with you today." Tammy nodded in agreement.

"Awww! Thank you!" Mrs. Demarco smiled happily and sighed. "Tammy I have heard nothing but complimentary things about your performance at last year's BJ Booth. It was a pleasure sucking dick with you. Most lucrative first-year BJ girl we've ever had! Reese said you brought in over $3,000 last year, in solo bee-jays alone one Saturday last Labor Day weekend? Very nicely done. And what's this I hear about you winning the Blowjob Bonanza at school? $5,000 and a BJ score of '10'(!!) That's just spectacular." Mrs. Demarco patted Tammy's knee warmly. Tammy gave a big smile, flattered.

"He also said the blowjob you gave him this morning was terrific. Doesn't he have, just a *great* cock? Mmmm, I love it. I wish I was slurping that big cock-and-balls combo right now..." Mrs. Demarco licked her lips for humorous emphasis.

"His cock is totally hu-MUNGO! I was slobbering on it like I was a cock-starved blowjob slut! If he ever needs another bee-jay, you've got my cell; I'd miss class to blow his big meat-stick again!"

Tammy's eyes were wide, remembering the girth of Mrs. Demarco's husband's big sausage and how it plugged her whole throat while she was blowing him. Quite a throat-stuffer. "I ate his ass a little, too. I think Alicia liked blowing him even more than me, if that's possible."

Alicia nodded and put a hand to her forehead.

"Omigoshhhh his cock is mondo-thick. I just wanted to suck it for an hour straight, I want it all to myself...Mrs. Demarco you're so luckyyyy..."

"I usually blow Reese 8 to 10 times a week. I've never grown tired of sucking his big dick. My husband's hung like a farm a****l."

Both teens sighed. Big-cock blowjobs were always over too soon.

"Alicia, this is your first BJ Booth...have you ever sucked cock for an organized event like this before? It can take some pacing and experience. Endurance is important when sucking this many dicks in-a-row."

"I'm totally up for it, Mrs. D.! I've only sucked three...whoops, six dicks today and I'm totally fresh. I'm ready to blow, blow blow!"

Tammy and Alicia exchanged amused, furtive glances again, remembering the blowbang in the stables.

"Please let me know if you need a break from sucking cock, I'll be happy to fill-in. It's very important that each of your bee-jays be of stellar quality. No complacent, head-bobbing blowjobs, ok! Don't be a bobble-head! Only great BJ technique and lots of eye-contact with the customers you blow. Shake your ass a little!"

"For sure!" both girls concurred. They were here to blow some meat and make some loot!

"Please let me know if there are any safety issues or guys trying to get their dicks sucked for free. We'll have plenty of security on today. These guys are great, really experienced and level-headed. I just sucked one of their dicks 20 minutes ago at set-up, and they've worked the BJ Booth security many times before. Good guys. We're gonna have a blast today! This is a big weekend, so while I want you to have fun blowing customers, remember that we're here to cash in on this '4th crowd! There's no reason why each of you can't bring in at least $2,500-$3,000 a-piece tonight!"

"Oh, yeah! This is your first year back in awhile, there's gonna be lots more people showing up just to see you, Mrs. Demarco...dope!" Alicia clapped auspiciously.

"That's right, we're gonna have a nice turn-out today. So be ready to suck some cock and swallow lots of cum!" Mrs. Demarco, as was her sprightly nature, suddenly shot up off her lounge chair and glanced at the large-display digital clock over the tent entrance.

"Whoa! I gotta get ready. I need to pee and lose this bikini before customers start piling in here." She raced over to her personal restroom, hastily untying her bikini-top.

"You girls go to your BJ stations! There's already quite a line out there." Mrs. R. was brushing her auburn hair quickly, with vigor. She was a vigorous woman.

"Oh, one more thing!" She had barely taken a breath since shooting out of her seat. Tammy and Alicia both turned around, expectantly.

"Have FUN...and blow'em away, balls-and-all!" Mrs. Demarco make a giving-a-blowjob gesture with her hand and mouth, bugging her eyes out a little because of the imaginary penis.

"Thanx Mrs. D.!"

Both girls hooted like pretty little Indian braves and ran out to their blowjob chairs, each with their respective in-blowjob-action pictures posted at the head of their roped-in lines. An broad, appreciative cheer shot up from the crowd of 80-or-so men that had come early to secure a place in line before the zoo of blowjob-seekers really showed up. They had inspected the various posted blowjob pictures of each girl closely, and chosen their line accordingly. A crowd of almost 150 waited in joyous anticipation outside of Becky Demarco's tent, and the blowjobs hadn't even begun. A gaggle of girlfriends and wives stood on the sidelines with cameras and cell phones poised to film their boyfriends' and husbands' blowjobs for them.

There was an air of excitement this 4th-of-July weekend, the trio of cocksuckers that made up today's Blowjob Booth was a highly anticipated and exciting combination for blowjob fans. Alicia and Tammy waved to the crowd excitedly. The blowjob booth was about to begin.


Reese had arrived, at noon sharp, megaphone in-hand, to give a brief preamble to this afternoon's blowjob antics. He was handsomely dressed, and ready for this growing Independence Day crowd.

"Gentlemen! Welcome to the Bridgeport Blowjob Booth! I'll make this short, I know you've all got one thing on your mind...a blowjob from a beautiful woman! And they -are- beautiful....whooo!" Reese tipped his hat at Tammy and Alicia, smiling broadly.

"They're ready for cocks to suck...are you ready for a great blowjob?!"

The fresh crowd cheered mightily, joyfully; hats flipped into the bright summer sky.

"Let's get these girls blowing, then!" Another roar of approval and glee.

Reese took off his Ray-Ban sunglasses, grinned, and addressed the crowd with a closing friendly note.

"Please, if this is your first time at our Blowjob Booth, or if you have any questions, refer to our 7 or 8 easy-to-follow rules, as displayed right over here, to the right of our lovely BJ girl, Alicia. This sign sums-it-up for all you new fish! Or, feel free to ask me or any of our fine security staff wearing the bright orange 'BJB' shirts. " Security waved jovially.

Reese gestured toward the large black-and-white Bridgeport Blowjob Booth Rules sign that was prominently displayed in the relative center of the blowjob fanfare. The sign was freshly painted, and a dozen or so men were already reading it with interest. A few of their wives took pictures, to show their out-of-state friends.



Cum-Swallowing BJs!

1 Blowjob = $20

1 Bare-naked Blowjob = $30

Group Blowjobs, 2 to 4 Customers

Blown Simultaneously = $40

We Ask That You Please Follow These Guidelines At Our BJ Booth:

1.) Please, no pictures or video while waiting in line for a blowjob. You are welcome to take pictures and video if you are not waiting in line. To be fair to other customers, please --do not-- photograph or film while waiting in line. This expedites each customer to his blowjob in a more orderly fashion, without questions or arguments arising of who is, and who is not, in line. If you'd like, someone may photograph or film you receiving your blowjob, as long as they are a reasonable (use good judgement-5 feet at least) distance away from you and the Blowjob Booth girl performing the BJ. Please, no P.O.V blowjob shots. Our girls shouldn't be crowded!

2.) Please do not try to ejaculate on your BJ girl's face or body, all semen will be swallowed, only. Each girl will gladly swallow your semen, please ejaculate fully in her mouth. This keeps each BJ girl looking good (Facials get messy!) and also cuts down on time spent cleaning up so that the next customer can more speedily receive his blowjob from a fresh-looking BJ girl.

3.) Please remain seated in the provided chair until the conclusion of your blowjob. Group blowjobs are an exception, of course. The customers being blown in a Group Blowjob may remain standing as directed by their BJ girl. Let our girls do all the work! They are the best in the business, and know exactly what they're doing. After you ejaculate in your BJ girl's mouth, she will clean your penis of any remaining semen or spit with her tongue and mouth. This will conclude your blowjob. Group blowjobs of 2 cost the same as group blowjobs of 4 ($40-a-group).

4.) Please, no double blowjobs, or group blowjobs after 4 pm. We get the greatest demand for one-on-one blowjobs starting late-afternoon. If you are in a group that would like to be blown together, please do so before 4 pm. Our girls will service one penis at a time only starting at this time.

5). You may choose any of the three lines for any of the three BJ girls. Once you have chosen a line, you *May Not* change lines/BJ girls, or you will forfeit your place in line. It is our aim to serve all customers their desired blowjob equally. Group Blowjob seekers, please wait in the same line, and you will receive your blowjob when the first member of your party is at the head of the line. Please help us make everyone's BJ Booth experience easy and fun!

6). The "Bare-naked Blowjob" is our most exciting blowjob! It is an additional $10 for this special BJ. The customer will receive a

to-completion blowjob (Semen swallowed, of course!) inside the "BNBJ" tent from our totally-nude BJ girl (Only one-on-one blowjobs inside the Bare-naked Blowjob tent, please). This blowjob is our most coveted, erotic blowjob possible. Your penis will be sucked thoroughly by a professional BJ girl (A minimum of 5 years working at the Bridgeport BJ Booth is required for a BJ girl to qualify as a BNBJ girl) who is superior to other BJ girls in technique and experience. The BNBJ girl is a truly gifted fellatrix, and performs her blowjobs nude to provide additional visual excitement for our customers. Enjoy your nude blowjob!

**This year's most anticipated Bare-Naked BJ girl is the amazing, world-famous Becky Demarco! She will be performing Bare-naked Blowjobs 4th-of-July weekend (Fri, Sat, & Sun) --ONLY--! Don't miss your chance to receive one of the most legendary blowjobs in the world for only $30 (!!!)

7). Last but not least, have FUN! That's what you're here for. Our girls love sucking cock! Pick the BJ girl that suits your fancy, sit back, and enjoy a truly *magic* cum-swallowing blowjob!

Reese stepped down from the podium, and 3 extra-large men, working security, unclipped the ropes at the head of each line. Each of these men were equipped with a sidearm, which had thus-far never been necessary at a Blowjob Booth here in Bridgeport. They sported dark shades, and serious muscle. All eyes were on the girls, now.


Tammy's first blowjob customer of the day was a man who looked to be in his mid-thirties. He paid security, and walked towards Tammy briskly, un-tucking his shirt.

"Hi, how are you today!" Tammy kneeled on her BJ pillow as her first patron took a seat.

"Darling, I'm terrific. You're beautiful. I've been waiting all summer for this, no k**ding. My name's Tyler."

"Well, Tyler! Nice to meet you. I'm glad you're excited to get your dick sucked!" She unzipped his shorts, wiggling her butt on her heels.

"That's quite an ass you've got there...only makes the blowjob even better. Please, suck away."

"Thank you! I'm *so* ready." Tammy began her first official blowjob of the day, happily sliding Tyler's cock all the way down her warm throat.

"Whoo-ee! Damn, baby. You can suck dick, alright. I'm not gonna last long in this pretty little mouth..."

Tammy's head bobbed up and down on his shaft steadily, perfectly paced. She'd had plenty of practice.

20 feet away Alicia was just swallowing her 1st customer's load of cum; a college k** who had blown his wad ont her tongue after just 45 seconds in her luscious mouth. Alicia gulped down his nut-butter, then cleaned his cock thoroughly with her lips and tongue. She was really enjoying herself. She'd sucked 5 dicks today already, counting Mr. Horse.

Both girls continued warming up, steadily sucking a new dick every 3-4 minutes, tops. Customer's didn't stand a chance of holding out any longer before emptying their balls in their pretty BJ girl's mouth. Middle-aged men, college k**s, computer nerds and poindexters alike all got their dicks sucked dry by these two talented BJ girls. All cocks were blown equally.


A good-sized crowd of spectators had grown, observing the two cocksuckers at work. Cell phone cameras were snapping and video footage was being recorded for friends who didn't have the good fortune to watch this delicious blowjob-happy spectacle for themselves.

A group of 4 wives were gathered off to the right of all three lines, waiting for their husbands to receive their blowjobs.

"Kurt and I have made it here every year at least once during the summer for the last 5 years...he really likes getting his dick sucked by these BJ girls. I think it's a waste of money, but whatever...I gotta say these girls can blow some *cock*."

"Oh, Barry too. He's obsessed." The second woman, wearing a pretty olive sundress and wide-brimmed straw hat, rolled her eyes exaggeratedly.

"Always wants a bee-jay. I'm glad someone else will suck his dick dry for him today, I'm just like -yeck- with this heat."

The third and forth women that were waiting for their husbands' dicks to be sucked were watching Alicia blow two men simultaneously, oo-ing and ahh-ing at her bottomless throat.

"How old is that dark-haired girl? Holy-moly she can suck a dick! She's blowing them both to the balls...!" The third wife observed aloud, stunned. "If I had a penis, I'd let her suck it for sure."

"These chicks each suck more dick in a month than the three of us do put together all year, probably. They've had lots of good practice."

"I know, but wow, how does she deep-throat like that? She's eating that thing, practically!"

Alicia was getting a deep face-fucking, and not batting an eye. The two excited men were aggressively giving her a hard throat-stuffing.

One of the women, impressed, snapped a pic with her cell phone.

"I gotta show Becky this. She thinks she's the best cocksucker around. All she brags about is how many men she blows and how they all rant and rave she's the greatest at sucking dick in her office building. She's never seen this little chick. She's a pro!"

"How often have you been blowing your husband, Rhonda? I usually suck Barry's cock 3 or 4 times a week." Brittany pulled some Neutrogena SPF-70 sun-block out of her purse, popping the cap open.

Rhonda considered for a moment.

"I blow Rick, probably...twice a week, I'd say? He'd like a blowjob every day, but sucking dick is tiring after all the soccer practices and piano lessons and dinner-making and cleaning the house...I'm glad he can get his cock sucked by a surrogate cocksucker once-in-a-while. He likes it. Gives me a break, too."

"Ooo, she's gonna swallow it!"

The four women craned their necks a little, standing tip-toe, to see Alicia coax her 24th cum-load of the day onto her tongue. She gulped it down merrily.

"Slut! These chicks must swallow *buckets* of cum!" Rhonda laughed, with mild disbelief. "I'd get a stomach-ache, swallowing all that ball-batter."

"Me too. I blew 4 guys at a party Greg and I went to a few years ago at the Cape on a dare, and I got a little bit of indigest-"

"Trish, swallowing lots of cum doesn't give you indigestion, c'mon! It was probably all the booze you were drinking before you started sucking cock like a dick-sucking blowjob-whore! I've sucked plenty of dick and never had an upset stomach. It's psychological."

"It does so! I've never had an upset stomach from sucking cock until I blew and swallowed four men in-a-row. Ask Greg!"

"Ok, ok. Everybody's different. I still think it's psychological. Never happened to me."

The four talkative women continued to watch Alicia and Tammy's cock-sucking performance with interest, chatting about their cock-sucking prowess and taking mental blowjob notes from these two girls who were half their age.


It was nearing 2 when Tammy had her first 4-man blowbang of the day. She'd sucked around 35 dicks or so by now and was feeling a good BJ-rhythm starting to build.

The 4-man quadruple-BJ was purchased by a rambunctious group of black men, they each wanted a wet dick-sucking by a good-looking white chick. Tammy met all their criteria.

"Damn mang, 'dis blonde bitch has got the booty, you see dat? She got dumps like a truck, cuzzin'!"

"Hells-yeah she fine! She got the face too; all pretty and shit. Let's get our dicks sucked good, whoday. Saddle-up, pard'ner. Love dem blondes dat suck good dick."

The four men paid security cheerfully and approached Tammy, who was waiting on her knees for the next customer, patiently.

"Baby, baby, baby. You lookin' fine tonite, mmm, mmm, mmm." The first black man had his cock out already, jacking it, fluffing it up to really stuff Tammy's mouth good. "You 'bout to make a nigga wanna propose n' shit!"

"I propose she suck my big black cockmeat...and swallow dat load!" The second blowjob-seeking black man opined.

"Whoa!" Tammy held her breath. The four men all un-zipped and flopped their fat black cocks out, right in front of her face. One was twirling his meat-stick, enticing her to blow his meat first.

"Sumthin' wrong, girl? You suck black dick?" The tall b*****r with the do-rag inquired.

", nothing's wrong at all. It's just...I" Tammy's face had turned a little pallid with the rapacious desire to drain these fat, dark sausages. She wanted to suck these big black dicks *dry*.

"Das rite, baby. Little white girls like you love you some big black meat, huh."

"I'm gonna give you guys such wet, cock-slobbering blowjobs, omigosh..." Tammy licked her lips and pulled off her tank-top, she wanted to suck these big black dicks topless.

"You gott'un azz on you, little girl, damns. Lookit shorty's butt, D-Loc, dat birf-day cake is *stuff-t* in dem little shorts..."

"Dawg, I'm alla'bout dat white booty, and'dis here white girl's a whooty, most def...she goan sukkit correct, I kin feel it.."

Tammy began blowing the 4 black men simultaneously, stuffing each serving of big dark-meat into her wet mouth at once, sucking messily on the 4 bulbous cock-heads.

All four of her African-American customers were hollering disruptively with approval.

"Oh, shit, Rottie...! 'Dis little chicken likes to help-herr-self! She gobblin' all dat black cock cafeteria-style! Blow it, baby. Yeahhhh..."

Tammy was blowing these big black cocks like a dick-sucking blowjob gladiator...the four b*****rs stood there getting their meat pumped and sucked, jaws agape.

"Dawg! Dawg! She can suck herr-self some *cock*! Mmmm, lil' miss muffin givin' me dat job...dat done-right big-girl blow-JOB!" Rottie snapped his fingers, hugely entertained with this little blonde cock-sucking champion.

"I love sucking these big black dicks...I love gargling this fat ball-sack, ooooo...I'm gonna suck it so goooood and deeeeep..." Tammy was aching between her legs, gobbling these four black cock-pops. She was salivating like a blowjob-addicted suck-goblin.

"I just wanna suck big black cock all dayyyyy, blowing big, thick meat..."

"Damn, girl, you suck a good dick. Dass da joint, right here. Do your daddy know you suck dick so good?"

Two girls who were waiting to film their boyfriends getting blown were standing directly to the right of Becky Demarco's BJ tent, watching Tammy intently. A great view was allowed from this location at the BJ Booth, and they studied Tammy's blowjob gymnastics studiously. They were envious.

"Tiffany, she is sucking sooooo much black cock. She's giving this, like, totally extraterrestrial blowbang right now...she's sucking dick topless and looks fuckin' gorgeous..." Melissa was jealous.

"Did you see how she just stuffed all that black meat in her mouth at the same time? How do you suck 4 big black dicks, all at once? My jaw would, like, lock or something." Tiffany shook her head.

"So much black cock..."

"She should be, like, on David Letterman or something. She is a dick-sucking prodigy, totally."

"Oh, totally."

Both girls shook their heads this time.

"And look at that other blowjob slut, over there!"

Melissa pointed toward Alicia, who was chugging down a 45 year-old man's cock-popsicle while his wife filmed her husband getting his dick sucked. His wife was down on one knee, really trying to get the blowjob angle right as Alicia blew her husband impressively. They both wanted to be able to view this BJ later.

"That chick is gonna pop his freakin' balls inside-out with how hard she's sucking that thing! His penis is gonna get a permanent hickey from all that sucking she's giving the cock-head!"

Alicia was blowing this woman's husband in just her bra and panties, now. The heat of the sun and the exertion from performing over 40 blowjobs made her wary of dehydration. She had swallowed plenty of thick cum, which would tide her over until her break at three.

The two young girls went back to watching Tammy, as she finished up her group-BJ with the four black men.

"She's a swallower...she's gonna swallow, I'm so mad..."

"She's chugging that cum, mmmm, he's really blowing a fat load, isn't he..."

"Sucking big black cock, swallowing 4 cum-loads..."

"WE should work the BJ booth next year, I can learn to suck dick like that! Melissa, we gotta practice. Let's totally make it a goal to blow at The Booth next year..."


Both girls talked excitedly while Tammy swallowed the last load of cum.

"Baby-girl, I ain't nev-uh, NEV-UH had a dick-suckin' like dat. You done sucked my cock limp-as-shrimp, sweetie-pie." D-Loc zipped his big, black blow-wand up, shaking his head with wonder.

"She jus'bout popped my right ball, blowing me so thorough."

Rottie gave his do-raggled homeboy JT a pound.

"Dat was rite, shuh-ga. *Real* rite."

Tammy was still on her knees, eyes wide, her right hand down the front of her shorts. She was hot and wet; blowing black cock got her pussy *steaming*, every time.

"I'll suck your cocks anytime you want, guys. Blowjobs, rimjobs, anything. That was so rad. If you ever need a good BJ, just give me a call. I can't blow enough black cock...sooo big and tasty..." Tammy took a deep breath, enamored.

She jumped up off her knees nimbly and quickly typed her cell number into Rottie's bling'en phone.

"Call me anytime...I'll suck your dicks dry for free; that was amazing."

"Baby, you gotchore-seff a deal! You give a BJ like a blowjob-sorceress! Sho'nuff. Sho-E-nuff"

"Mad skills blowing my pipe, boo-boo. Mad skills." D-Loc gave Tammy a hug, her naked breasts pressing into his Knick's jersey.

"Peace, baby-girl. Give you a call on dat cellular."

"We out, princess. Thanks for the *dyno* knob-job."

"Payce, girl! I'm gonna needta break off dat mouf again rite quick...Imma call you..."

"Dawg, we beat dat mouf UP!"

"Bye, guys! See-ya later!"

Tammy waved good-bye to the four black men she had just blown and then got on her knees, eager as ever to blow the next customer of the day.


Neil was a 21 year old college student at Johnson & Wales who had stopped by the Bridgeport Fair -specifically- for the Blowjob Booth event. He had just transferred from USC this spring and had heard just about every guy in his dorm raving about the $20 blowjobs at the Bridgeport Fair every summer. Since he had a work-study program here just outside of the city, he was conveniently in town for the blow-fest here at the Bridgeport Fair. Neil was a tremendous fan of blowjobs, and had heard these girls were not only greatly adept at sucking dick and swallowing cum, but were also, as a requirement, smoking hot. Good-looking cocksuckers? Neil wasn't going to miss this event, no sir.

He had arrived at about 3 pm and had been waiting in line for an hour behind about 15-20 other BJ-seeking customers in the Bare-naked Blowjob line. He had heard of Becky Demarco, even just being here 3 short months, and badly wanted to experience one of her mythically satisfying blowjobs for himself. He had seen pictures of her online for her Blowjob Championships she'd won awhile ago in Los Angeles, and she was lookin' *fine*.

After a long wait, Neil was finally at the head of the line, just woozy for a really good dick-sucking. He impatiently watched the large, muscle-bound doorman with the shaved head at the entrance to the tent, waiting for his turn. He noticed the gripped silver handgun in a leather holster on this muscleman's belt. The bouncer stroked his pirate-black goatee and peered in the tent after just 2 minutes, and motioned Neil over.

"Your turn, buddy! Watch've never had a BJ like this before, b*o, believe me," The large man chuckled heartily, his chest shaking impressively.

The hulk deposited Neil's $30 in a tidy cashbox on the small card table to his right. "She sucks a really mean dick, m'man."

"I'm, uh, hoping so. I've heard." Neil straightened his baseball cap and tried to look calm. He was so excited to get his cock sucked by this meat-blowing beauty that he was near conniptions. The bouncer clapped his back chummily, ushering him toward his most unforgettable blowjob experience.

Neil slipped into the BNBJ tent, the doorman holding open the opaque curtain that hung in the entryway of the tent for privacy.

Mrs. Demarco was just finishing wiping her face with a towel; her nude, tan body glistening with a healthy sheen of sweat. Neil immediately felt a zing of fresh excitement and popped a healthy boner, involuntarily. Damn, those pictures on the net weren't touch-up bullshit, she was gorgeous. He was going to get his dick sucked by -this- beautiful woman? Holy shitballs! There was a fan lazily swishing back and forth in the corner of the tent, making a lulling "zzzzzzzzz" by the small fridge provided for Mrs. Demarco's in-between-blowjob breaks.

Her last customer, a messy-haired college k** looking dazed with a goofy grin on his face, shuffled past Neil remarking "Far-out, man. Totally far-out." Neil smiled widely. He could imagine. He had butterflies in his stomach.

"Here for a bare-naked blowjob?" Mrs. Demarco smiled at Neil, taking his hand. She led him over to the plush Lazy Boy that was provided for the blowjob-recipient, her bountiful ass bouncing jauntily as she walked ahead of him. She turned Neil to face her, looking in his eyes saucily.

"Take your shoes off, relax! Get your dick sucked!" She kindly ribbed.

Mrs. Demarco half-pushed, half-sat Neil down and positioned her kneeling-pillow between his spread legs on the deep, cream-colored carpet.

"Oh, ok. Sorry. This is my first time in the Blowjob Tent." Neil untied his shoes and took his belt off.

"I can tell!" Mrs. Demarco smiled warmly, taking a sip of bottled water. She tilted her head to the side. "What I provide here is a dick-sucking you'll never forget, in the nude. You don't have to do a thing! Ready to get your cock sucked dry, k**?"

"Uh, yeah. Definitely." Neil sat rigidly in the recliner, a little nervous. "This kinda looks like a living room in here. I like it," he said dumbly.

"Yep! It's comfy. We're all alone in here. You can imagine being in your own living room in here, getting your meat blown! Do you have a girlfriend who sucks your cock regularly for you?"Mrs. Demarco pulled her hair back in a sexy little ponytail with an orange hair-tie.

"No, not at the moment." Neil was enjoying looking in her eyes. She was a very pretty woman.

"Well, that's what I'm here for! I'll suck that cock so good, you'll be set for the rest of the month on blowjobs. I suck great cock." Mrs. Demarco winked at Neil. "It's important for a young man like you to get a good ball-draining blowjob on a regular basis. Helps your relaxation level."

"You're really hot. I mean, beautiful. You're beautiful."

"You think so? Thank you! I'm a hot piece of ass, if I do say so myself." Mrs. Demarco wiggled her ample buttocks flirtatiously in front of Neil's face, then joggled her tits playfully, bouncing them together. They were mouth-watering. Neil was staring at her curvaceous hips and ass, studying this pretty woman who was about to blow him. Mrs. Demarco had a smooth, well-toned stomach. His erection was *throbbing* now.

"Let's get this bad-boy out and blow it! Drain these balls!" She kneeled in front of him, ass stuck prominently in the air. Neil liked the way her full breasts looked, pressed into the seat of the recliner between his legs. She unzipped his Abercrombie cargo shorts and yanked them off, along with his boxers, licking her lips. Neil pulled his Quicksilver shirt off.

"This is the 46th dick I'm going to suck today, and it's only 4 pm! I suck cock until 8:30 tonight."

"Wow, that's a lot of dicks to suck in one day. You must've made a lot of money so far. What time did you start giving blowjobs?" Neil was babbling.

"That's nothing'! I've sucked almost 250 cocks to-completion about 10 years ago, in one day at the fair! That was a lot of cum to swallow...I started sucking dick at about 12:15 today." Mrs. Demarco pulled out Neil's terrifically engorged meat-stick and squeezed the base firmly.

"Now I'm gonna suck your dick..." She engulfed Neil's blow-wand with her full, wet lips and swallowed it down to the ball-sack with a smooth "Schluuuuuup!"

"I, uh..." Neil had never been blown like this before. This lady was a really hungry cocksucker. It was a supernatural feeling, this silky-wet blowjob. He immediately recognized her mouth as being in a league light years beyond the handful of girls that had blown him at college parties. College girls sometimes sucked good dick, and they usually swallowed willingly, but the attentive expertise wasn't there. This blowjob was mesmerizing. His meat was getting so sloppily devoured...

"I'm gonna blow this pipe soooo gooooood..." Mrs. Demarco was practically *eating* his meat, slurping and swallowing it to the ball-sack and back, tits pressed firmly against Neil's thighs.

Neil took shallow breaths, eyes fixed on this voluptuous cock-blowing fiend kneeling in front of him. And she -was- a fiend, she was inhaling his meat-toy, blowing it with enchantment, savoring it like true love. Her head bobbed up and down, sucking his aching meat with such fantastic wet suction and steady pressure. She was *gobbling* his cock down.

Neil's balls were tightening quickly, his cock had been getting sucked for only about 60- seconds. He usually experienced trouble blowing his load in a girl's mouth, even though he relished blowjobs above intercourse.

"Cum in my mouth, baby. Blow a fat load of ball-batter right on my tongue..." Mrs. Demarco looked up at him with big, doe-like blowjob eyes. Her nipples were hard, her mouth wetly salivating. Her lips, tongue, and mouth continued to expertly pump his meat.

"I've never had my dick sucked like this...not ever...mmmm what a blowjob..." Neil was feeling dizzy and his mind swam; such a dreamy blowjob from such a sexy cocksucker. He gazed at her slick, nude body and her pretty bobbing head.

Mrs. Demarco stuffed Neil's whole cock down her deep, deep throat and suckled his swollen ball-sack into her mouth simultaneously. She crammed his meat and ball-sack both into her slutty cocksucker's mouth. She sucked all the cock-and-balls Neil had to offer with one big, sloppy "Slurrrrrrp, slurrrrrrrrrp, slogggggggggg," pussy wet, moaning lowly. She was playing with her trim little pussy, blowing this college boy's meat on her knees. Mrs. Demarco loved sucking cock.

Neil's cock grew ultimately, improbably stiff and his balls and prostate were fully-loaded.

"Yeah...oh, man, I'm gonna c-"

Neil pumped hot, thick cum into Mrs. Demarco's mouth, a double-gulp load of nut-mustard he had been saving up for this most-coveted, ball-draining BJ Queen.


Mrs. Demarco moaned while gulping down this thick milkshake-of-a-load, swallowing cum for the 46th time today.

"Whoa...." Neil's cock spurted a few last drops of cum from the bottom of his balls and prostate, and his body went pleasantly limp in the deep recliner.

Mrs. Demarco continued to slurp softly on his cock's shaft and head, cleaning it with her mouth. She sucked a small drop of cum from the slick, spit-drenched head, squeezing just below the glans to extract every last drop of ball-batter. Her pussy ached, wet and hot. Blowjobs always got her hot; sucking dick was a compulsion for this cock-sucking aficionado.

"How's that for a good ball-draining blowjob!" Mrs. Demarco smiled at Neil, and gave his ball-sack at wet kiss.

"That was amazing. That was totally...rad. I, uh, thanks." Neil blinked, finally remembering to breath regularly. He looked at the woman who had just swallowed his cum. Such a pretty woman. He wouldn't forget this blowjob; he wasn't sure it had really happened. Whoa.

"No sweat! Thank you for giving me such a stiff pipe to blow! That's quite a boner you popped've got a hard-on like a rock, wow. When was the last time you got your dick sucked?"

"I haven't been blown for over a month, so I've just been jacking off to blowjob porn..."

"Blowjob porn! Ha, ha! You need the real thing. That dick needs sucking more often, by the looks of those blue-balls you had, coming in here." Mrs. Demarco cupped his ball-sack and gave it a friendly tug.

"That was hands-down the best blowjob I have ever had, ever heard about, or ever imagined. I never cum that fast from blowjobs. That was like you flipped a switch on my penis with your tongue. How do you make your throat feel like that? It feels 10 times better than the tightest, wettest pussy." Neil was feeling a tremendously pleasant post-blowjob euphoria.

"Practice, k**. I've sucked a couple thousand dicks in the last 25 years, and every dick I suck, I learn a little more, I get a little better at blowing cock! I consider cock-sucking to be an art form. Blowjobs are one of the most important skills in America. Girls are starting to learn that. Blowing a professor or boss can get you farther than studying or hard work ever will!"

"It sounds like you really take blowjobs seriously. I know it sure felt that way when you were blowing me. Thanks again." Neil stood up, unsteady, still a little dizzy from the hallowed BJ he had just received, and grabbed his clothes.

"Sucking dick is my passion! My avocation. I used to give blowjobs for a living. I've sucked cock at fairs in over 15 states. Blown lots of boys for lots of cash! It's been a blast."

Mrs. Demarco got up off her knees, stretching and grabbed a paper towel, wiping the spit off her chin and breasts. Her nude body was quite a form to behold. She opened the fridge and grabbed a blueberry Yoplait Yogurt cup. She peeled the cap.

"Glad you enjoyed your bee-jay! I'll be here tomorrow as well, if you want a really good dick-sucking again!"

"That was totally worth it. I'll keep that in mind. You are terrific. Damn." Neil plopped his Boston Red Sox cap back on, shaking his head in mild awe.

"Thanks again for the cum!" Mrs. Demarco waved to Neil, walking after him to the entrance of the Bare-naked Blowjob Tent for the next customer to blow. Neil stepped out into the perfect 73 degree weather and grinned to the next blowjob customer waiting in line, "Far-out, man. Totally far-out." The gorilla-sized doorman gave a hearty chuckle at this routine; he had heard it more than a few times today.

Mrs. Demarco poked her head out of the tent and chirped, "Who's next to have his cock sucked! Who's the lucky guy getting blown next! C'mon in!"


As Tammy, Alicia, and Becky sucked cock into the late afternoon and into the evening, the crowd provided a steady supply of dicks to suck and cum-loads to swallow for the three lovely BJ girls. Plenty of video footage was shot by girlfriends and wives, and hundreds of men went home happy, their dicks limp from such proficient, mind-boggling blowjobs. Not a single cock went un-sucked, not a pair of balls left un-emptied into a willing, wet mouth. It had been an exceptional day of dick-sucking shenanigans and cock-blowing entertainment. The large comment box was brimming with customer feedback like "FUCKIN' AMAZING BJ HOLY SHIT" and "I'm in love...Brigeport BJ Booth Forever," and "Beautiful girls, stupendous blowjobs...two thumbs way, way-the-hell up!"

At a few minutes before the half-past-8 closing time, Tammy and Alicia both sucked their last BJ Booth cocks of the day. Tammy, still topless, smiled up at her last blowjob-patron of the day.

He was a man of around 30 who looked like he had just made it to the BJ Booth after work before it closed; he was wearing a grey suit, the tie loosened casually.

"Hey! You're the last dick I'm sucking tonight for the fair...any special requests? Whatever you'd like...!"

"Really? You mean, like, peeing in your mouth or something?"

"Sure! Is that what you want?" Tammy was amused.

"Wow, really? Can I? You don't mind?"

"Oh, why not! Pee in my mouth whenever you're ready...I'll swallow it. Then I'll blow you good and swallow your cum, too! How's that sound?" Tammy took her hair out of the pineapple bun she'd put it up in earlier in the day, and flipped it behind her shoulders.

The man unzipped his pants, very pleased with this unexpected coup during closing-time at the BJ Booth. He loved a pee-swallowing almost as much as he loved a good blowjob from a pretty teenage girl like this one.

"Whenever you're ready." Tammy leaned forward on her knees, cute butt stuck out. The young businessman stared at her adorable butt-crack.

Tammy's last customer took a luxurious, steaming pee in Tammy's wide-open mouth, he relished the sound of his hot, acrid urine collecting in the back of her pretty mouth. He peed for about 20 seconds, and squeezed the last couple drops out of the glans, shaking his dick in Tammy's mouth. Tammy swallowed his urine with a loud "Gulp!" and smiled up at him.

"Better? 'bout a great blowjob before you and I both go home?"

She popped his still-limp cock into her warm mouth and in no time had him blown up to full size.

Alicia finished her last blowjob, swallowing her 119th load of cum for the day. Getting up off her knees, which were a little sore from supporting her weight during all the dick-sucking, she said good-night to the customer and ran over to fetch her jeans and shoes. She'd been sucking cock barefoot and in just her underwear since this afternoon. She stretched her arms and legs, popping a few Cottonelle wet-wipes out of the container provided at each BJ girl's station. She dabbed her face and cheeks, cleaning off spit and pre-cum. She'd hardly missed a drop of nut-mustard today, swallowing all cum-loads in-entirety.

Tammy was shortly joining Alicia on her side of the BJ Booth-grounds, trotting over, still topless.

"Hey! How'd it go with you? Crazy dick-sucking, huh!"

"All I have to say is "BLOWJOBS ARE BETTER THAN ANY JOB!" Alicia jumped up and down, hands on Tammy's shoulders, screaming. Tammy jumped up and down, as well, clapping.

"How much *fun* is it, sucking dick for cash? I think I sucked almost 150 cocks today..."

"I got to blow soooo much dick, so many thick cocks to suck..." Alicia was partially-delirious, a post-blowjob-orgy euphoria setting in.

"BJs, BJs, BJs, and more BEE-JAYS!!" Alicia was skipping around.

"I sucked a lot of black cock today-"

"Omigosh, me too! I was blowin' big black meat regularly for like 5 or 6 customers in a row...I got some goooood big, black dick-sucking in. Suck, suck suck! Big black, black dicks!"

Tammy nodded sympathetically, laughing. Alicia could be quite hyper. She absolutely loved eating big black meat.

"Did you have any double or triple-load cum-loads to swallow? I love that. When I've got 2 or more loads of cum in my mouth to swallow at once...I got to swallow a triple-load today at around 5-"

"Holy CRAP I sucked so much cock, I sucked soooooo much cock today...swallowed so much cum...blowjobs, blowjobs, blowjobs!"

"Tammy! Alicia! Excellent job tonight, ladies." Jerome, head of security for the BJ Booth, had approached them in their babbling cum-d**gged delerium. He was stoked.

"Hey, Jerome! Thanks. We had loads of fun. We were just talking about all the dick we sucked-"

"*So* much dick got sucked!" Alicia piped in cutely.

"You two girls did terrific. Becky's gonna be really proud of you. Let's see, the two of you sucked 262 dicks combined, Becky gave 166 BJs...that's over $10,000! And we've still got tomorrow! Damn fine performance, ladies."

"$10,000?! Holy crap! We totally RULE!" Tammy performed a funny little Karate-kick.

"Thank you, we totally had a blast. So rad." Alicia and Tammy slapped a high-five.

"I'm due back at administration to drop off the loot and pay the work tonight, girls. Really spectacular."

"Thank you so much!"

"Thanks, Jerome! See you tomorrow?"

"You know it!" Jerome smiled, gave the girls a big "thumbs-up", and walked briskly toward the Admin. Building. He was a tall, easy-going fellow; a pro at running a secure BJ Booth.

"Let's go find Mrs. R. and tell'er the stats for the day!" Tammy suggested, heading up the small hill to grab her stuff.

"She's gonna be *psyched*!" Alicia followed Tammy's lead.

Both Tammy and Alicia grabbed their book-bags and phones, and headed toward the Bare-naked Blowjob tent. The tear-down crew was starting to move in, removing the ropes and picking up the litter and beer cans that were sprinkled across the Blowjob Booth's lot.


"Mrs. Demarco? You here?" Tammy and Alicia poked their heads in the tent. The large air-conditioner was tranquilly buzzing like a big, sl**py bee. No sign of Mrs. R. in here.

"She's probably with Reese at the Admin. Office, I want to catch her before they head out..."

Alicia took a quick peak in Mrs. Demarco's private bathroom, shaking her head knowingly.

"No, I know exactly where she is! C'mon, follow me!" Alicia raced out of the tent without waiting for Tammy.

"Melissa, wait! Where is she...!"

Tammy, who was quite the little sprinter, caught up to Alicia easily. She was a healthy girl.

"She's giving a blowjob! But she's not blowing Reese...!" Alicia laughed, nearly out of breath already.

"Really? Whose dick is she sucking-"

Tammy slowed down, realizing. Duh. She should have known: Mrs. Demarco liked sucking lots and lots of cock, right?

"Is she blowing the whole security team? Didn't she suck their dicks earlier-"

"Dude! She didn't blow all of them! And they're all so studly and buff...I call didbs on blowing Jerome! Oooo I'll bet he has a big cock that needs sucking..."

"You little hooker! I want to suck Jerome's dick!" Tammy was laughing, outrunning Alicia like a cute, blonde antelope. "He's so handsome..."

"No way! I get the first BJ! I want to drain those balls, fresh!" Alicia squeaked, worn-out from this last-leg sprint.

"Do you really think she's sucking all 10-or-12 cocks by herself right now? She's like a blowjob-giving genie..."

"One way to find out!" Alicia was laughing, panting heavily. She'd had quite a work-out today.

The girls ran playfully toward the Administration Offices at the entrance to the Bridgeport Fair, to find Mrs. Demarco. As always, when there were dicks to be sucked and balls to be drained, Tammy and Alicia were right on the case.
... Continue»
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Lusting for Granny

Chapter 1

This all happened this past summer while I was on vacation before heading off to college. My name is Rick, I just turned 18, and I live in a nice suburb with my folks and younger s****r. My parents are both professionals. My dad runs a big think tank in town where they do all kinds of research on nature and shifts in weather. My mom is a sociology professor at the local college, following in her father's foot steps. To say my parents are intellectuals is an understatement. In fact I still don't understand how my s****r and I turned out so normal. The one nice thing, though, is that they really never set a lot of rules. They very liberal in their thinking and always have very open minds.

I am a pretty average student, much to my folk's disappointment. I participated in a number of school sports, including golf and tennis. I'm pretty popular in school, with most of the jocks amongst my best friends. My real problems are with the girls in school. While I have no problem getting them to go out with me, when they find out how little experience I have in bed they all drop me like the plague. I could get one of the nerdy girls to stick with me, but it's not what I like. Reminds me too much of my parents and their relationship. Besides I couldn't be seen with anything but a hot chick or I would never hear the end of it from my buddies. What I really needed was to hook up with someone who would show me the ropes and not ridicule me for my lack of experience.

My s****r Julie was just the opposite from me. First of all, she was one of the hottest girls in school. She has long blonde hair and a body that just won't quit. She is about a year and a half younger than me, but far more experienced. In fact she was very popular with all the jocks and it wasn't hard to figure out why. On more than one occasion I've heard her sneak a boy into her room and fuck his ass off. I've even thought about asking her for some help, but she wouldn't go for the i****t thing. She's far more interested in making fun of my lack of sexual experience and making me the butt of her jokes with her friends.

One of the nice benefits of having my dad's work along with my mom's position is that we live in a real nice home in one of the finer neighborhoods in town. In fact our home is one of the nicer ones with a large pool and tennis court. This accounts for some of my s****r's popularity, besides the fact that she puts out. We have every toy and luxury you could think of, which often makes our house the hang-out of choice.

It was early in the summer that my mom announced over supper that she had heard from her parents and that they were coming to spend a few weeks with us. mom's parents were both retired and spent most, if not all of their time traveling around the world. It wasn't unusual to go a year or two and not hear from them except for an occasional postcard. This last period had been close to two years since we last saw them. My granddad was a science professor at a major university until retiring a few years ago. My grandmother owned a bookstore near campus until she sold it when my granddad retired. You would think that they would be nerds like their daughter, but they are just the opposite.

While my mom has always got her nose in a book, my grandparents are fun and lighthearted. They are both in their golden years, my granddad is about sixty eight and grandmother sixty five. Granddad was tall and very handsome, with a real style about him, while my grandmother was still quite attractive. She was about 5' 6" with a cute shape and wispy, strawberry blonde hair. I have always called her "gam", a toddler's mispronunciation of "gram" that stuck. They are both very active and I think it keeps them young.

They arrived early one morning and it was great seeing them and hearing all about all the places they had traveled to. Mom had warned us about keeping our friends visits to a minimum while her parents were here so they could have a nice relaxing visit. I didn't mind so much, but my s****r acted like it was totally unreasonable and warned that she wouldn't be around much.

Chapter 2

Both my parents took vacation time so they could be home with my grandparents for a couple of weeks. The first couple of days my Mom had them on the go visiting, shopping, museums, etc. I barely saw them except for at the end of the day, so it was nice to hear that they would be taking it easy for the rest of the trip. Over dinner they asked me about school, sports and girls. I avoided the last subject best I could and concentrated on answering questions about school, work and my latest sports endeavors.

When Gam heard about my making the golf and tennis teams she asked if I could give her some free lessons. It seems that while she plays both quite a bit, she has some bad habits she would like to work on. Traveling so much doesn't give her much chance for individual lessons.

"Sure Gam, name the time, place and sport and I'm all yours." I said.

"OK. How about tomorrow morning we head out to a driving range to work on swing?" she asked.

"You're on. But we don't have to go to a driving range. Dad cleared an area out on the edge of the property as a driving and putting area for me." I responded.

"Terrific!" she said, smiling brightly.

The next morning I was in the kitchen finishing a glass of orange juice and sitting there with my folks when my grandparents walked in. My grandmother caught my eye immediately. She was dressed in a nice looking golf outfit that consisted of a green v-neck short sleeve shirt and a blue wrap around skirt that ended above her knee. The thing that grabbed my attention was my grandmother's figure in this outfit. Up until now she had worn mostly loose fitting outfits that really did nothing to show what might lie beneath. But in this attire it was hard to miss just how good a shape she was in.

Now don't get me wrong, she wouldn't pass as anything but a woman her age. Her face, neck and hands have the wrinkles that you would expect, but the tone of her frame was quite a surprise. She has round, firm, softball sized breasts, a trim waist with just a bit of tummy fat, round hips and what looked like a fairly firm ass. Her legs are her best feature with trim thighs leading to shapely, slender calves and ankles. I couldn't stop watching her as she moved around the room getting breakfast. From behind you could easily mistake her for a woman my mother's age, though she has it all over my frumpy mom.

We were both done and heading out to the back with golf clubs in tow. Gam started drilling me about girls as soon as we were alone.

"Aw, they have been off and on." I told her.

"No one special?" she asked.

"Sometimes. I was dating a girl by the name of Ali for a part of the spring." I said.

"And what happened?" Gam asked.

" know. We just went our separate ways." I replied

"Why?" she pursued.

"We just wanted different things. You know...I like mature women." I said, grinning and bumping my hip into hers.

"Flatterer!" Gam yelped, bumping her hip back at mine.

We set up around back and started with long drives. I went first and hit a couple into the woods about 200 yards away.

"Very impressive!" Gam said. "Now keep an eye on my swing, I've developed a nasty slice."

She laid her ball on the tea and took a couple of practice swings before addressing the ball. She set her feet and then swung her hips a couple of times to set herself. I was watching her swing as she drove through the ball and her swing was causing her to lift her heels off the ground too soon.

"Try keeping your feet flat and bend more at your knees and use your hips to drive through the ball" I suggested.

"Uh..I think I know what you mean." Gam replied.

As she set up I crouched down on my knees to get a better look at the club going through the ball. As she swung through, she really made an effort to come out of her bend and stretch on her backswing. What this caused was her skirt to ride high on her legs exposing a good deal of the back of her thighs. In my position I could see her entire thighs all the way to the edge of her panties. She froze in that position to watch her ball and I couldn't help but kneel there and admire the nicest set of legs I had ever seen. I felt a stirring in my groin and an immediate guilt that this was my grandmother I was ogling.

She turned and looked at me as I quickly raised my eyes to meet hers.

"Well, what did you see?" she asked.

"Uh....that was better....try it one more time." I said.

She nodded and put another ball on the tee. This time my attention was solely on my grandmother's hips and legs. I watched intently as she swung her hips while lining up at the ball. Watching her ass sway back and forth underneath her skirt I tried to picture what it would look like without the skirt and quickly felt a lurch in my pants. As she swung I followed the hem of her skirt as it dipped and then quickly climbed the back of her legs and strained against the pull of her hips. The skirt continued its hike up her legs as she stretched onto her toes, revealing the bottom of her silk panties. Once again she froze as she watched her ball, the sun glistening on her tan, sculptured legs. As I stared I felt the bl**d rush to my dick and inflate it to its full hardness. Unfortunately her ball sliced off to the right, bouncing off a tree.

"Did you see that?" she turned and asked.

"Uh...yea." I said sheepishly as I redirected my gaze up to her face. "You're still coming off your stance a bit too soon. Try it again"

"Can you show me?" she asked.

I was in a sudden panic at the thought of getting to my feet in my condition.

"Uh..sure....put another one on the tee." I said and waited for her to get another ball out of her bag and start to place it on the tee.

With her back to me I quickly got up and took my place behind her. She glanced back at me and then turned her attention back to the ball.

"Is my grip alright?" she asked.

" try this." I replied as I reached around her and placed my hands on top of hers. I was careful to keep my hips back and avoid any contact between my straining hard-on and my grandmother's ass. I backed off as she practiced her swing, my eyes glued to her hips and ass. I felt compelled to help her with her swing and moved back in behind her.

"Gam, like this." I said as I reached around and grabbed her wrists and directed a practice swing.

I was close enough to her that I could feel the slightest bit of contact between her ass and my crotch as I fought to keep my hips back. Unfortunately in this position I couldn't really guide her swing. I had no choice but to move in closer, causing my dick to come into contact with her ass. We tried another swing and I could feel her ass bump into my crotch as she swung back and again as it swept up and across my cock as she followed through. I prayed she didn't notice as I quickly pulled my hips back at the conclusion of her swing, my dick now throbbing in its full extension.

"I think I need to try that a couple more times." Gam said without turning to look at me.

"Sure" I replied, breaking out into a cold sweat.

Then she did something I wasn't ready for. As she wiggled her hips and I took grip of her wrists, she moved herself back into me, pressing her entire frame against mine. No mater how I tried I couldn't avoid having my pulsating dick pressed firmly against her wiggling ass. We tried a swing and the firm caress of her ass as it pressed against my cock brought excruciating pleasure that I felt down to my toes.

Once again she didn't seem to notice as we set our feet again for another swing.

"Can you go through this slowly with me Rick?" she asked.

"Oh..sure." I responded.

We slowly swung the club back and then forward as I gave her some tips on what to concentrate on. All the while I could barely concentrate as the sensation of my dick rubbing against her ass was driving me to further depths of lust. As we then set for a real swing I couldn't help myself as I pressed my crotch so tightly against her I swore I could feel my dick rest between the cheeks of her ass. Through the swing I could feel myself nearly cum as my dick slid against her parted cheeks.

At the end of her swing Gam suddenly stiffened and I knew she felt it.

"Why don't we each just hit a few." she said as she turned and faced me, her eyes quickly glancing down at my crotch and then back up at my face.

We hit a couple dozen balls into the woods in a strained silence as I felt just horribly about what I had done. When we were done Gam put her clubs away and looked at me and smiled. "Well that was fun." she said as we turned to go back to the house.

As we walked she reached down and grabbed my hand in hers.

"You know dear, its tough being a teenager. Hang in there. Trust me, some young woman is going to come along and she will be getting far more than she could have hoped for." she said with a smile and then she winked at me.

Chapter 3

I felt a bit uncomfortable around Gam the rest of the day and night, although she seemed to be over it. Every once in a while she would shoot me a knowing glance and smile, and I couldn't figure out if she was just teasing me or taking pity. Imagine her thinking "the poor thing, no girlfriend and he can't control his erections around his own grandmother".

I sort of hid in my room after supper and was about to go to bed when there was a knock on the door. I opened it to find Gam standing there in a pair of silk pajamas. They looked rather baggy and didn't really flatter her in any way.

"Hey! I was wondering if you would be up for a little tennis tomorrow?" she asked.

"Uh....sure...I guess." I responded, shocked that she wanted to.

"Great. How about right after breakfast, before it gets too hot?" she suggested.

"Sure. Sounds good." I said, managing a smile.

"OK. It's a date. Good night sweetheart." Gam said and then leaned in and kissed me on the cheek.

"Uh...Gam...about today...I..." I started, but couldn't finish.

"Forget it. I have." she said, smiling.

I immediately turned red and looked down at the floor.

"Ohhh. Listen, all teenage boys have hormones bouncing off the wall. Its no big deal." she said, taking my head in her hands. She then pulled my head towards hers and kissed me on the lips. It was brief, a couple of seconds or so, but her lips were so soft and warm that I could feel a spike go through my groin.

"Uh..well goodnight." I said and quickly closed the door before my condition became obvious again.

I climbed into bed and despite my best efforts I couldn't stop thinking about her. The lingering feeling of her kiss and the memory of my swollen member pressed against her ass caused my erection to fully inflate. I quickly grabbed the bottle of hand cream I keep in my nightstand. I pulled down my shorts and lathered my dick until it was slick enough to allow my hand to slide up and down smoothly. I then began reliving the morning, sending sparks along my shaft. Within minutes I could feel the cum boiling in my balls and the feeling of release coming over me. I shifted my thoughts to the kiss moments ago and the feel of her lips on mine. In seconds I could feel my hot cream race up my shaft and explode all over my chest and stomach. It was a very intense orgasm, punctuated by the image of me holding my grandmother and kissing her passionately. My mind raced from image to image of her, causing my dick to spew more and more of my hot baby juice all over my stomach and hand.

When it was over I felt weak and spent. I quickly cleaned up and hoped into bed, feeling sl**p overtake me.

I woke the next morning and quickly got dressed. I threw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt for my tennis match with Gam. I got downstairs and everyone except Julie was there. Gam and Granddad were still in their pajamas, eating breakfast.

"Hon, as soon as I'm done I'll go get ready. I can meet you out at the court." Gam said.

"Oh, big tennis match today?" Granddad asked, smiling.

"Uh huh. I'm hoping to get a few tips from our resident pro." Gam responded, smiling at me.

"I heard you were very helpful with her golf swing yesterday Rick." Granddad said.

I immediately blushed at what Gam might have said to him.

"He was. It was nice having him all to myself for a while. " Gam responded, winking at me.

"Uh..I' you out there Gam." I said, beating a hasty retreat before we could get too far down the path of what happened yesterday.

I slowly walked down to our tennis courts with my glass of orange juice and sat down on one of the wooden benches. Sitting here, I had my back to the house, so I wouldn't be able to see her coming until she opened the gate. I sat there with my mind still reviewing everything that happened yesterday and last night and I was determined to control myself today.

About twenty minutes later I heard the gate swing open and looked to see my grandmother enter. I watched her stroll on to the tennis court. Long, slim, tanned legs stretching to unimaginable heights and then disappearing beneath a very short blue, pleated tennis skirt. It barely covered the twin globes of her round rump. It was a blue one piece tennis outfit that consisted of a tank top with white piping around the edge and a matching skirt with the same white piping along the bottom. I swallowed and hoped that I wouldn't get a hard on right then and there before she'd even tossed the first serve.

She stepped forward and stooped to pick up a wayward ball and I flushed as the tender flesh of her inner thigh and the bottom of her round ass was exposed from beneath the skirt. She had on a pair of black panties that really made the contrasting white flesh of her thighs stand out. I noticed that her ass, though a bit on the wide side, still had a nice shape to it and appeared to have little droop.

She rose, concentrating on bouncing the tennis ball and I noted with admiration her slim but well toned arms as she held her racket casually. Her long, strawberry blonde hair was tied up neatly in a ponytail that flipped around as she moved. She was constantly pushing back strands that flitted about her face. Now holding the ball in one hand, she looked up and smiled at me.

"Ready?" she asked.

I could only nod weakly, dazzled by that smile and those luminous blue eyes on a pleasant face, high cheekbones and a pretty pink mouth. My pulse was beating hard and I knew it wasn't from the thrill of a tennis competition.

I stretched my taut muscles and tried to loosen up, tried to focus on the game at hand, pulling my mind away from my distracting fantasies about my grandmother.

She hit the ball with a smooth stroke and it bounced easily in front of me. I lined it up and hit it back. We had a short rally to warm up and then played for serve. I watched her sixty-five year old body maneuver around the court. Shapely calf muscles and firm thighs flexing as she planted her feet then shifted quickly to a new position. Her concentration and tennis skill was evident as she hit a cross-court forehand that whizzed by me. I flashed her a smile. "Nice one. Your serve."

"Thanks," she replied with a small smile.

She set up for her serve on the baseline and threw the ball high in the air. As she bought her racket back and moved forward over the ball her nicely rounded breasts pressed up against the blue sleeveless top. I couldn't help but notice that her nipples were slightly hard poking obviously through the fabric and her bra. With barely a second to spare I wrenched my concentration back but, lucky for me, her first serve hit the net. I shook my head wondering how I could ever get through this game being as distracted as I was.

Her second serve sailed across the net and hit the service court. I returned it with ease, winning the first point.

"Love-Fifteen," she called.

The game played out and she raced around the court winning her service game by a point. I realized we were in for some good tennis, we were both breathing a little harder. I watched her position her body to receive my serve, a small furrow of concentration on her brow.

After the first set, which I had barely won, we took a quick break for a drink and perched on the wooden bench at the side of the court. She was so close now, I could smell her sweat; it was fragrant and musky; perfume and woman. I breathed her into my nostrils and tried to keep my eyes off her legs stretched out in front of her, her left thigh barely inches from my right hand. She raised the drink bottle to her lips and I noted the pleasing lines of her neck and throat, even with their aging wrinkles and found myself fantasizing about planting my lips in that tiny crevice that pulsed at the base of her throat.

I licked my lips and looked up at the blue of the sky, cloudless and stunning. When I looked down again, I caught her looking at me. Her blue eyes were shining and I thought for a moment that there was something in their depths that looked familiar. I was afraid that we might be about to talk about something uncomfortable again, like girls or my uncontrollable erections. I cleared my throat and wiped the sweat from my brow. Combing my fingers nervously through my short but unruly hair, I glanced at her again.

"You really do play great tennis," I murmured, more to try and calm myself than to make conversation. She looked away then, leaning over to put down the drink bottle.

"Thanks," she said with a pleased smile. "It's been a long time since I've played. Your granddad keeps us running from place to place. I used to take regular lessons before we retired, but now I only get to play on occasion."

"Well you play like you haven't missed a day." I said

"I appreciate the compliment kind sir." she responded. "Ready?"

"Yep." I responded as we got up

Gam reached down to pick up her racket and balls and I ardently watched her. Her short skirt rose up her bare thighs and over the bottom of her ass, revealing that her black panties had partially worked their way into the crack of her ass. This close-up view confirmed that her ass, while a little on the droopy side, had maintained quite a bit of tone. The way her panties were wedged between her cheeks gave me an instant hard-on, as I longed to reach out and caress them.

She turned and said "How about a wager on the match?"

"Sure. Like what?" I asked.

"You call it." she replied, smiling. Every dirty thought I had in the last 24 hours went through my head.

"How about the winner gets one wish fulfilled by the loser?" I asked

"Mmmmmmm. Sounds interesting. You're on." she said and proceeded to her end of the court.

Gam took her position up at the opposite end. I bounced the ball, readying my serve. I was totally mesmerized by Gam's slight sway of her hips as she waited for my serve. The match began as we volleyed back and forth. The hem of her tiny skirt flipped up from each of her quick movements across the court. I especially admired the way her panties hugged and molded to her delectable ass. My cock twitched each time I caught a slight glimpse of one of her butt cheeks peaking out from underneath her panties. I couldn't help but think Gam had one of the finest asses on a woman her age I had ever seen. Thinking about it though, I had to admit, I couldn't remember the last sixty year old ass I had checked out.

The match went on for a while, even though it was clear to me that I was the better player. Gam's flashes of inner thigh and the bouncing of her round tits made concentrating a real chore. As a result I lost several sets and really had to concentrate to pull out the game. As soon as I hit the winner she ran to the net to congratulate me.

"How about two out of three?' she asked, smiling. Her skin glistened in the sun as her breathing caused her tits to rise and fall in an erotic rhythm.

"You're on." I replied

As she turned to go back to her side of the court she turned back.

"What about our wager?" she asked.

"How about the same thing, two wishes?" I replied and she shrugged and shook her head in agreement.

This match came together quickly and Gam seemed very determined to win. Once again concentration came at a premium for me as I lost it over and over watching Gam run around after my volley. In the end I rallied to beat her, placing the winner in the corner, causing her to try and reach for it with her back to me. In her effort her skirt rode high in the back giving me a full view of her round bottom and her wedged panties.

She slowly made her way to net, breathing hard. She offered me her hand and I shook it.

"So what wish, or should I say wishes, can I fulfill for you? she asked smiling.

Again, a number of dirty thoughts crossed my mind, but I thought better of it.

"Uh...I'm not sure." I said, nervous about what to ask for. "How about I save one so I can think about it?"

"Sure. How about the other one?" she asked as she made her way around the court picking up the s**ttered balls.

"Uh...I see that as a bonus, so I think I'll use it on something easy." I said.

"Oh yea? Like what? she asked as she made her way back towards me.

"Uh...just thought I..uh...would take a kiss." I said, swallowing hard.

"That's it?" she asked, looking surprised.

"Yea...well..I feel kinda funny about yesterday and I thought just a kiss to make sure you still...liked me." I blurted.

"OH Honey!" Gam cried. "I told you, its just part of growing up. Don't think anything of it. You think I'd give you a kiss goodnight and ask you for a game of tennis if I had any hard feelings?"

"No, I guess not." I said sheepishly.

"Besides." she started. "When I thought about it I had to admit I was flattered that I could draw that kind of attention form such a young man!"

"Gam, believe me, you put anyone close to your age to shame." I blurted.

"Well, flattery will get you everywhere. Its time for me to pay up." she smiled and curled her finger at me.

I was so nervous I was jumpy, anticipating that I might not be able to control myself. I stepped up to my grandmother and stopped just before our bodies touched. She had her hands behind her. She looked into my eyes and then leaned forward. I mimicked her actions until our faces came together and our lips touched lightly. The softness of her lips once again lit a fire in my groin and I began to get hard. I pressed my lips a little harder and felt Gam do the same until hers were flat against mine. She made a kissing or smooching sound and I could feel her begin to pull away. I didn't want it to end so quickly, so before she could break the kiss I pressed my lips back on hers. She mad a kind of surprised sound, "ehmmmmm?", and let me kiss her for another five seconds or so. Finally she put her hand on my chest and pulled her face away.

"Uhmmm" she murmered, clearing her throat. "Their goes those teenage hormones again."

"Uh...sorry just ......" I started to explain. "It's ok dear." she said, lacing her arm through mine. "Let's go back."

Chapter 4

We walked arm in arm back to the house and found everyone lounging at the pool.

"Well, don't we all look relaxed" Gam pronounced.

Everyone kind of murmured back.

"Well, I'll have everyone know that my grandson here is quite the tennis player. He beat me two straight and I don't think he was even trying." she announced.

"No I really was." I protested.

"Not only that, but we had a side bet and all he wanted from his old Gam was a kiss!" she declared.

"That's my boy!" yelled Granddad. "Get'em anytime you can!"

Everyone laughed and strangely I felt better that no one thought it odd or that Gam seemed to have no reason to keep it a secret.

"Well I think I'm going to take a dip. I'm all glistening." Gam announced, moving towards the sliding glass doors of the kitchen. "How about you Rick?"

"Uh..sure. I just want to check my e-mails and I'll be right down." I responded.

I was a few minutes behind Gam and just caught a glimpse of her as she climbed the stairs to the second floor. I got another eye full of her ass globes quivering beneath her short skirt as she took each last step. I bounded up the stairs and made my way to my room where I whipped off my shorts. My restricted erection sprang free and I gave it a couple of soothing pulls.

My bedroom overlooks the pool and I took a quick glance out. Just my parents and Graddad were lounging around. I figured I would get out some porno magazines under my bed and get some relief. I grabbed the hand cream out of the bedside table and dug the magazines out and sat on the bed. Just as I was about to start I heard some commotion going on outside. I got up and glanced outside to see that Gam had joined them and it appeared that my mom was making a big deal out of my grandmother's bathing suit. Gam was pirouetting, letting my mom get a view of it from the front and back.

From what I could see it was a black one piece, but I was having trouble getting a good look. I grabbed my telescope and adjusted it for short distance. What I saw took my breath away. There was Gam in a suit that looked like it was made of silk screen. It had spaghetti straps that held up a low-cut front that also looked like it was supporting and pushing her boobs up. It was very trim around the waist and then flowed down to a very short pleated skirt. She looked amazing with her deeply tanned skin, cleavage to die for and her gorgeous legs exposed all the way to the edge of her ass.

As I continued to stare I felt my dick pulse and extend even further and I decided to take advantage of this opportunity. I grabbed the cream and lathered up my dick and started stroking it while keeping my eyes on Gam. I drank in every exposed inch of her and felt my oncoming orgasm. As Gam went over to one of the lounge chairs and bent over to lay her towel on it, I got a very close view of her ass with part of her cheeks exposed. That was all I could stand as my dick exploded, firing round after round of heavy hot cream across the room and onto the carpet! I felt my knees shake as I continued to stroke and the cream started dribbling out my slit and onto my hand as my dick continued to twitch in a light-headed, toe-curling release.

As the last of my orgasm washed over me I stepped away from the telescope and grabbed my t-shirt to start blotting up my cum from the carpet. My dick was still rock-hard and I still felt horny as hell. I quickly went back over to the telescope and caught Gam in my sights. She was lying on the lounge chair, one leg bent at the knee. I had a great shot of her mound and I began pulling on my cock once again. I felt a shiver come over me as I stared at the crotch shot I was getting. I stood there and leisurely jerked off for some time, taking in this sight. I loved the combination of my hand sliding up and down my pole as I drank in the view of my grandmother's silky inner thighs and the way her suit gathered over her crotch. I visualized sliding in between those thighs and feeling her silky legs wrap around my hips. I imagined my hand was actually her uncovered pussy as I parted her slick pussy lips with my engorged rod. This put me over the top as I felt a second round of cream rush up my shaft and fire from my twitching cock. While I didn't have much juice to shoot, this orgasm was more intense than the last and I felt my knees buckle. I continued to slowly pull on my shuddering rod until the feeling subsided. I repeated the task of cleaning up and disposing of the evidence.

As soon as I was done I grabbed a bathing suit, carefully pulling it on over my sensitive, semi erect shaft. Two jerk-off sessions hadn't fully sated me as I took one last look through the scope and headed down stairs. Everyone looked up as I entered the pool area. Gam was the only one in the pool, doing lazy laps. I sat on the edge, putting my feet in the water, and watched her make her way across the pool and back. I got in and Gam and I swam around together. Every once in a while she would dive to the bottom, giving me a very close-up view of her partially exposed ass.

We soon started trying to outdo one another with tricks. We ended up daring one another to swim underwater between each other's legs. I went first and took a deep breath, dove below and swam towards her. As I got close I slowed down to take a good look at her widely spread legs and then drove between them. I almost didn't fit and had to worm my way through, my back coming into tight contact with her crotch. As I surfaced I turned toward her and positioned my legs for her attempt. I could make out her outline and as she approached me I closed my legs a bit. She had a tight squeeze and I felt her hand grab onto my upper leg to help pull her through. She turned sideways as she passed between my legs and her shoulder brushed along my groin. Sparks ran through me as her shoulder and upper arm sc****d along my balls, causing my dick to shudder and begin to re-inflate.

"Whew...almost didn't make it!" Gam shouted as she surfaced.

"Tell me about it!" I replied. "I nearly drowned! I didn't grab on for any help though!"

"Well...let's agree that you can grab a leg to get through if you need to." Gam responded. "Otherwise I ain't making it!"

"Agreed." I said.

"Again?" she asked.

"Sure. You first?" I asked

"Ok." she said.

She dove once again and swam toward me. I spread my legs just enough for her to get by, provided she grab on again, and tilted my torso towards the water. My cock was pulsating in anticipation and I had a significant bulge below the water line. She poked her head between my legs and then grabbed my upper leg, this time using both hands. She turned sideways and I could feel her shoulder come into contact with my groin. This time she took a bit more upward angle and I could feel her shoulder and then her upper arm slide along my balls and then press against my throbbing cock. She slid more slowly than last time as her shoulder and upper arm took a deliriously long time getting through. As her upper torso cleared my legs I felt one of her hands let go of my leg. As she was almost completely through her other hand turned and then slid up my leg, her fingers slipping under the hem of my suit. As she continued to swim by her fingers grazed high on my leg, just fractions away from my balls. The feeling caused my breath to catch in my throat and my cock to lurch.

"Whew!" Gam yelled as she surfaced, smiling brightly. "I think you were trying to make it hard on me!"

I couldn't tell if that little "feel" was an accident or on purpose by the look on her face, so I decided to test her.

"My turn." I said. "I'm going upside down this time!"

"Oh, fancy huh?" she responded, smiling

I dove under and made my way to her outstretched legs. Just as I got there I turned so I was swimming on my back. I raised my arms along my head and poked through and then grabbed each one of her legs. Holding onto her, my hands positioned on her legs just beneath the skirt of her suit, I pulled my way through. I took a similar upward angle as my chest and stomach grazed her pelvic area. Just as my stomach made it through I bent myself back and pulled my ass up as my crotch came into contact with hers. My dick slid tightly against her, sending shivers through my loins, as I skimmed my entire length across her mound.

"Yea!" I yelled as I came up for air.

Gam had a slight smirk on her face that led me to believe that her little "feel" was on purpose and that I just did her one better.

"That's enough for now. I'm all out of breath." Gam said as she made her way out of the pool.

We spent the rest of the day just lounging about and reading. Every once in a while I would look up and stare at Gam's form lying on the chair. She caught me a couple of times and smiled at me.

Chapter 5

After supper we all went into the f****y room to watch tv. My folks had put this room onto the house a few years ago and it was cool. It had a large, flat screen tv. Surround sound, state of the art stereo system and all kind of games. In the middle of the floor was a large sectional couch and on either end were leather lounge chairs with vibrating massage.

Granddad and my father each settled in to the lounge chairs while mom, Gam and I sat on the couch, with Gam in the middle. Both my grandparents and I had changed into our pajamas, with Gam in another pair of silk ones, with short sleeves and some kind of red oriental print. We watched some recent movie on a pay channel that turned out to be quite long. At one point early on dad gave up on it and went to bed, followed by mom. As the movie came to an end I glanced over at graddad and saw he was fast asl**p with the vibrating of the chair acting as a lullaby. Gam, who was sitting right next to me, was also fast asl**p. She had turned her head towards me and rested it on one of the attached pillows on the back of the couch.

I watched her sl**p, noticing how her lips were slightly parted, full and very sexy. I glanced down at her chest, moving up and down in a quiet motion. I could see the outline of her tits, but couldn't make out any nipples jutting out. I felt my dick start to stir as I kept my gaze on her chest. I glanced once more over at granddad and was assured he was out like a light.

I reached down to the first button of her top and slowly unbuttoned it. I gently pulled the sides of the top apart revealing a nice bit of cleavage. I didn't want to unbutton any more for fear she would be suspicious. I pulled the material up away from her body and looked down into it. Gams tits were awesome, round globes with pinkish areoles and soft, eraser shaped nipples. I was mesmerized watching them rise and fall for a bit. I looked up at her face and my attention shifted to her mouth as I could feel my dick steadily expanding in my pajama bottoms. I slowly moved my head down, lining my lips with hers. As I got close enough where I could feel her breath I stopped.

When I was sure she wasn't going to wake, I closed the gap and pressed my lips onto hers. She didn't move at first and I could feel the thrill of it run through me. She soon began to come around and initially started nibbling on my lips in either an attempt to talk or because she was dreaming. I nibbled back a bit and just when I thought she might awaken I quickly broke the kiss, pushed my head back onto the couch and pretended to be asl**p. I looked through slits in my eyes as she focused her eyes and looked around, eventually looking at me.

She gently nudged me and leaned in close.

"'s time to go to bed." she whispered.

Suddenly her unclasped button on her top caught her eye and she quickly buttoned it back up. I saw her look at me, studying my face for a few seconds. I decided to try something just as she started to lean back in.

"Rick...honey...wake's time to go up to bed.." she whispered again.

"uhh...gmmst...mssshh...." I grunted, pretending to talk in my sl**p.

"Honey...wake up." she said a bit more loudly.

"ummm...Ali....Ali?" I murmured the name of my ex-girlfriend.

"hehehe." Gam laughed softly. "No honey it's Gam"

"Ali.....Ali....c'mon...give me a kiss..." I groaned.

"Rick...your dreaming...c'mon...lets go." she said reaching across my body and grabbing my upper arm in an attempt to pull me up.

"" I murmered again as I snaked my right hand up across her back and gently pulled her towards me.

"'s Gam" she said a bit more insistently. Her hand slipped down my arm and landed just above my lap. With her hand pressing there it caused my pajama bottoms to tent over my twitching erection. As she attempted to straighten herself it caught her eye.

"Oh!" she moaned under her breath as she glanced at the bulge in my lap. She quickly moved her hand to rest on my thigh.

I continued to gently try to draw her towards me and she continued to resist. I stopped for a second and she relaxed, thinking I was waking.

"Ali......." I moaned suddenly and tugged at her.

I timed it perfectly as she turned back to face me, before she had a chance to settle. As I tugged at her she tilted towards me, her lips meeting mine.

:Mmmmphh" she moaned as our lips sealed.

In her attempt to disentangle herself her hand grazed across my hard-on, sending shivers up my spine. Gam didn't really try to break away, but just sat there as I pressed my lips against hers. My dick was pulsating like crazy, aching for a flat surface to rub against. After a few seconds I could feel Gam relax, her lips softening and meshing against mine.

"Mmmmmm" she moaned against my mouth.

Her right hand slowly rose up, hesitating for a moment before landing on my cheek. She caressed it as she returned the kiss, pressing her lips back against mine. Then her hand left my cheek and drifted back down to my thigh. She ran it up my leg and then across my lap. It came to rest at the base of my balls and then swept up my entire shaft, firmly caressing it. It was more than I could stand as my senses went into overload. My dick twitched in my pants and spewed hot cum all over the inside of my pants. My entire body shuddered, causing Gam to react and break our kiss.

I peeked through slits to see her look down at her hand, which had come to rest just above my dick. I saw the expanding wet spot on my crotch and realized her hand was sitting in the edge of it.

"Ohhhh!" she exhaled, running her left hand through her hair. "What was I doing?"

She quickly got up and went over to waken Graddad to tell him to go to bed. She then came up behind me and shook my shoulders.

"Uhhhh....Rick...wake up...we're going up to bed." she said as her voice cracked.

I immediately pretended to come around and by the time I turned around she had left the room. I got up, the crotch of my pajama bottoms clinging to me and made my way up to my room. All in all I wasn't exactly upset with what had just happened. It was one of the most intense orgasms I had ever had, kissing my grandmother and cumming as she stroked my dick. Not bad!

Chapter 6

The next day Gam was somewhat awkward around me, especially at breakfast. I did my best acting, pretending I didn't remember a thing.

"How did the movie end?" I asked.

"Don't ask me, I was long gone by then." Granddad announced.

"Didn't you make it to the end?" Gam asked.

"Nope" I lied. "I couldn't keep my eyes open. The only thing I remember is you waking me to go to bed."

"Oh. Well I guess we are all in the same boat." she responded stiffly.

She announced that her and granddad were going out shopping and hitting an afternoon movie and that they would be back by supper. In a flash they were out the door and I was left wondering if I had caused irrevocable harm between my grandmother and me.

It seemed the day dragged on and I spent it thinking of something to say to her when she got back. On the other hand she was the one that caressed my dick, so maybe she was the one feeling guilty. There had to be a way to put things right and let this little game between her and I continue. I decided to go hang with some of my buddies in the hope that a change of scenery might help me think. Then one of my friends said something totally unrelated that gave me an idea I thought might work.

I got home just as everyone was sitting down for supper. Everyone made the usual small talk about their day around the dinner table. We finished, cleaned up and everyone settled in for the rest of the night. Mom, dad and granddad were all in the f****y room watching tv, but Gam was conspicuous by her absence. I went to go and look for her and soon discovered that she was in the study reading. She was sitting in one of the overstuffed leather chairs with a footrest. She had a silk pajama set on similar to the one she wore last night.

"Gam....can I talk with you for a second? I asked.

"" she responded.

"I...uh...need to ask you something." I said, as I sat on the footrest.

"Oh...uh huh." she said worriedly.

Uh....I had a bit of an accident last night and I'm worried that you might have seen it and think I'm a pervert" I blurted out.

"Wh...what are you talking about?" she asked.

"Uh....I..had an accident during a dream I had on the couch last night. was about an ex-girlfriend. I...I got overly excited know...stained my pants and I thought you might have seen them and...think less of me." I cried.

"Oh....oh honey....I didn't see...uh....anything" she answered. "Even if I did it wouldn't matter. It's normal for a young boy like you to have....nocturnal emissions."

"Really?" I asked. "So you're not creeped out by me?"

"Kkkkrrrppptt" Gam failed at suppressing a laugh. "NO, I am not creeped out by you!"

"I am so glad Gam!" I said, tears filling my eyes

"Oh! C'mere." she said and held her arms out to me.

I leaned into her and snuck my arms around her waist as she put her arms around my neck. She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and hugged me tight. I returned the hug and could feel her soft breasts press into my chest. She pulled away and looked at me with a smile on her face.

"Now. Tell me what other kind of sport can we do together tomorrow? she asked.

:Uhh, gee, let me think." I said. "Well, I roller blade."

"Roller blade??" she responded with a look of horror on her face. "Do you want to get me killed?"

"No, no, it's not that hard." I said.

"Oh, sure!" she replied, grinning.

"No really. If you ever were on roller skates or ice skates these are actually easier to keep your balance." I told her.

"I don't think so. What else have you got?" Gam asked.

"Uh...well we could go out on my All Terrain Vehicle" I said.

"That sounds like fun." she responded, smiling. "On the condition that you teach me how to drive?"

"You're on!" I said. "We have a path that goes right behind all the homes in the development."

I hugged and kissed her and went to bed. I was so relieved that things were back on track between us.

The next morning I came down to see my grandfather and father sitting at the table eating breakfast.

"So I understand your going to teach your grandmother how to drive an atv?" Gramps asked grinning.

"Yea." I replied.

"Well, just keep an eye on her. She has a real lead foot!" he laughed.

"I'll try to keep her under control." I said.

"Your grandfather and I are going out golfing this morning. Tell your mother we'll see her this afternoon." Dad said as they got up and left.

I grabbed some cereal and orange juice and sat and ate, waiting on Gam. About a 10 minuets later she came bounding in to the kitchen. I dropped my spoon when I saw what she had on. She was wearing a blue-grey, ribbed tank top and a pair of white denim shorts. By the way her tits jiggled as she walked there was no way she had a bra on, but the material hid any signs of nipple. She had her hair tied up in back and a pair of white sneakers. To say she looked amazing would be an understatement.

"Well we ready to go?" Gam asked smiling as she poured herself a glass of orange juice.

"Uh...sure.." I replied, still trying to take in what she had on. "Do you want to eat first?"

"Nah, I'm not hungry right now. Your Mom and I thought we would go out to brunch later." she replied.

I quickly finished my breakfast and we made our way outside. I followed Gam out to the shed where I kept the atv, unable to tear my eyes off her round ass swaying in those white shorts. By the time we reached the shed I had a raging hard on. I managed to hide it as I got the vehicle out of the shed and started it up. Over the roar of the engine, Gam pointed to the helmets hanging in the shed and I shook my head no. I told her that we wouldn't be going anywhere rough where we would need them.

She got on and snuggled herself real close, her soft, round tits firmly pressing into my back. I had a small sissy bar on the end of the seat, so there was no danger of her falling off as we moved forward. I picked up the trail behind our house and took a leisurely ride through the woods, staying on the well-worn trail. Gam had her arms wrapped around my waist and her chin was rested on my shoulder so she could look ahead. Through the vibration of the engine I could feel Gams nipples pierce my back and every small bump caused them to slide up and down. After a while she tapped me on the shoulder and shouted in my ear that it was her turn.

I stopped the atv and we swapped places, Gams ass nestling in close to my crotch. I quickly went through the controls with her and told her to take it nice and slow. As we pulled away I wrapped my arms around Gam's waist and pulled her close to me, resting my chin on her shoulder. She made her way across the trail at an easy pace, taking in all the scenery.

As she became more comfortable she increased speed a bit, giving us a little bumpier ride. The direct result of this was as we hit a rough patch her ass would slightly rise and then fall against my crotch. This was hardly an unpleasant sensation evidenced by my rapidly hardening cock. I began timing it so I would thrust my crotch up at the same time, essentially dry-humping my grandmother's ass.

After a few bumps and grinds she slowed the vehicle down a bit, but to my surprise continued to wiggle her ass against my crotch as she drove. I returned her thrusts as my dick reached full erection. We were about 100 yards from the clearing that would take us to the end of the cull-de-sack. We continued our little game, pretending that every little bump caused her ass to meet my crotch until we gave up any pretense and fell into a non- stop rhythm.

It was driving me to the brink of insanity as she'd gently thrust her ass against my rock hard dick. I started to caress her stomach with my hands, making small circular motions across her abdomen. I noticed Gam was having trouble concentrating on the road as we drifted from one edge to the other. My hands started making bigger circles, coming into contact with the bottom edge of her tits. I lowered my head and started planting small kisses along her shoulder and collar bone. She tilted her head, giving me greater access to her neck as she increased the pressure of her ass thrusts against my dick.

I slowly worked my hands up her torso until I was lightly caressing her tits with my finger tips. At the same time I was kissing a trail across her shoulder and up her neck. She was becoming more and more antsy in her seat, rubbing her shoulder blades into my chest, matching the thrusts of her ass. I began laying open mouth kisses on her neck, sucking on it and caressing it with my tongue.

"Ohhhhhhhh." I heard Gam moan as my tongue hit a sensitive spot on her neck and her body tensed up for a second. I could hear her breathing becoming more ragged as my mouth attacked her neck.

She had stopped paying any attention to the trail by now as the atv slowed to a crawl. I stopped my fingertip massage of her breasts and palmed them firmly. I could feel her erect nipples sc**** the inside of my hands as I kneaded her soft, round tits. I opened my mouth wide as I vigorously sucked at the side of her neck.

"UUHHhhhhhhhhh." Gam moaned again as she tilted her head even more, urging me on in my assault on her neck. She began undulating in her seat, thrusting her ass firmly against my prodding dick and shoving her tits into my caressing palms.

Suddenly I felt a slight jolt as the atv hit the edge of the street, coming to a stop at the opening to the cull-de-sack. Neither one of us stopped as I continued to trail hot, open mouth kisses up her neck. She reached up with her left hand and grabbed the back of my head, pulling my face into the side of her neck. I kissed along her neck up to her jaw line as I continued kneading her tits. We slightly lifted ourselves off the seat and her ass began fervently sliding against my throbbing member. I could feel the cum bubbling in my balls and I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. My mind began to race as I though about how quickly I could get those shorts off her and shove my pulsating dick up her waiting twat.

I kissed my way up her jaw line to her chin as she slowly brought her head down towards mine. I glanced up and saw Gam had her eyes closed and her face was a mask of lust.

As my mouth sucked on her chin she pulled on my head, lining up her mouth with mine. She pulled my head forward and our lips lightly touched, sending shock waves throughout my body. I felt her tug my head again and just as our mouths were merging I heard my mother's voice in the distance!

This broke Gam out of her trance and she quickly pulled her head away from mine. We both looked out at the direction my mother's voice had come from and could see her waving at us as she walked away from our neighbor's house. Gam quickly glanced at me, trying to shake the cob webs loose and then got off the atv. She waved back at my mother and started walking towards her on slightly rubber legs.

"Hi mom. Are you ready for brunch or do you two have more exploring to do?" she asked smiling.

" done quite enough for today. Lets go" Gam replied.

"See yah hon." Mom said.

"Bye dear." Gam said as they walked away.

I couldn't believe how close I had just come to fucking my own grandmother! My dick was still throbbing in my shorts and it was crying out for relief. I turned the atv around heading back into the woods. As soon as I was sure I was deep enough that no one could see I stopped, pulled my shorts down and started pulling on my dick. I re-lived what had just happened and the feeling of Gam's soft tits in my hands when my dick lurched and I spewed a thick, hot rope of cream across the forest floor. I continued pumping as my cock discharged shot after shot of my scalding seed.

Eventually I stopped cumming and sat back in the seat, catching my breath. My dick remained full erect, pulsing in rhythm with my racing heart. I gave it a long, hard tug and felt a shiver wash over me. God, my grandmother really turns me on and I felt excided about this latest episode! I decided against another jerk-off round and slowly pulled my pants up and drove the atv back towards my house.

Chapter 7

Mom and Gam disappeared for close to the entire day, which did nothing for my bl**d pressure. I was extremely anxious to see what Gam's attitude would be and if there was any shot that this morning was a preview of things to come.

They got home late in the afternoon and immediately started fixing supper. Gam seemed like her old self, but it was tough to gage since Mom never left us alone. We all ate dinner and then hung out outside chatting until nightfall. I still couldn't tell how Gam felt about this morning since I didn't get an opportunity to get her alone.

We all retired to the f****y room as usual except for Gam who went up stairs to get changed. We were just scanning through the channels looking for something to watch when Gam walked in. My mouth hung open and my mother gasped when we saw her.

"Mother! What the hell do you have on?" she asked.

"What??" asked my grandmother as she looked down at her self.

She had on a pair of cream colored pajamas that looked like they were made out of crepe paper. The top was tapered, sleeveless and ended at her waist. It buttoned down the front and had a scoop neck that showed of a hint of cleavage. The bottoms were also snug, tied at each hip and then had an open slit that traveled all the way down her leg until it finally closed around her ankle with snaps.

"These are all the rage in Egypt." Gam replied to my mother, dismissing her obvious displeasure. "Besides, it's not like I'm going out in them."

Mom shot her another glare of disgust and then looked over at me to see if I had noticed. I couldn't take my eyes off her as she walked around the front of the couch to take a seat. As she walked the slits would billow open, exposing her bare legs from the base of her hip to the start of her ankle. I felt my dick stir as I watched her until she settled down on the opposite end of the couch. Unfortunately as soon as she sat the material all closed up, hiding any exposed flesh.

We finally picked a movie to watch, but I was suddenly very thirsty and left to go get a drink in the kitchen. I was having a hard time being in that room with Gam not being able to talk about what happened today. As I lingered in the kitchen I was surprised to see Gam walk in.

"Rick we need to talk." she started.

"Oh, sure" I replied, having a hard time tearing my eyes off the way she looked in those pajamas.

"You've probably been thinking about what happened today during our ride in the woods." she stated.

"Well...yea...I can't stop thinking about it." I confessed.

"I figured as much." Gam said. "I have been thinking about it as well."

This brought a smile to my face and a surge through my dick. Gam looked at me and her expression changed.

"Uh...honey..I think we just need to kind of cool it between us. What happened today and everything that has lead up to it is....wrong." she said.

I immediately felt a pang in my stomach and my dick quickly shriveled.

"Oh" I said with disappointment.

"Honey, listen to me. I am as much at fault as you are. I admit that I allowed some feelings to take over when I have been around you that I shouldn't have. have aroused some long dormant instincts in me that I thought were long past. I....I need to be able to control them again and the only way I can think to do that is to make sure we aren't put in a setting that would let them take over." she said.

"I see." I said, again deflated.

"Do you understand?" she asked.

"Yea." I replied.

"Good. Now why don't you come back in and watch a movie with us. It's starting in about 20 minuets." she said.

"I...I'll be in in a bit." I said.

I watched her turn and walk out, her ass jiggling in her pajamas. I couldn't go back into that room so I took my water and went in the opposite end of the house to the 3 season porch. I sat there and just stared into space, finding it hard to control the disappointment I was feeling. I must have sat there for close to a half an hour when I heard footsteps coming down the hall. Suddenly Gam appeared from the shadows and walked in.

"Oh here you are! Aren't you going to come watch the movie?" she asked.

"No, I don't feel like it." I replied.

"Oh, c'mon. Its lonely in there without you." she said.

"Maybe later." I said.

"Now, now. No reason to pout." she said in a teasing voice as she moved closer to me.

I ran my eyes up and down her frame, the dim light in the room doing a nice job of revealing her form under the pajamas. She came right up to where I was sitting, her legs touching my knee caps.

"Let's go" she said, smiling, as she held her hands out for me to grab.

I reached out and grasped her hands in mine and felt her pull. Something deep inside me gave me the courage to try something I had been dying to do all day. As she pulled I pulled back and we had this brief tug of war. For some reason she relented and allowed me to pull her forward. By the smile on her face I think she thought I was playing another one of our games. I sat up as I tugged her down and toward me, getting no resistance. Before she could react I navigated the space between us and fastened my lips on hers.

"MMmmmphhh!!!!" Gam groaned against my lips in protest, her wide-eyed look conveying her disapproval.

I held her hands down by my legs, giving her little ability to escape as I pressed my parted lips against hers, savoring the soft, supple feel of her mouth. She struggled half-heartedly, trying to free her hands from mine. In the next moment she stopped and I could feel her lips begin to yield against mine and then start to return the kiss. My heart was beating wildly in my chest, my dick surging, as my lips moved against hers and Gam let out a small whimper. I released her hands and they came up and rested on my shoulders as she returned my kiss with more willingness. Finally I felt her hands push against me and her face lift away, peeling our lips apart.

"Rick....we...we...can't." she muttered out of breath.

I just stared at her all glassy-eyed, my heartbeat ringing in my ears. I reached up and grabbed her hand and brought it to my lips, kissing it softly.

"Oh Rick.....please." Gam pleaded, watching me caress her hand with my lips but never pulling it away.

She looked into my eyes and I could see the conflict raging inside her. I decided to make the decision for both of us. I pulled on her hand, drawing her back towards me and she offered no resistance. She seemed to glide to me as I sat back on the couch, her legs parting on either side of mine as she floated onto my lap. Her ass slid down my legs until her crotch settled over mine, sending sparks through in my rapidly stiffening cock.

Her eyes never left mine as her hands landed softly on my shoulders. We stared at one another for several moments, Gams breasts heaving in her chest. We suddenly leaned in to one another and our parted mouths collided in a fervent, hungry kiss!

"MMMMmmmm!!!!" she moaned as she wrapped her arms around my neck in a passionate grip.

I clutched her to me, grasping her so tight I thought I might break her. Our tongues dueled as our kiss reached fevered heights, lips ravenously grinding together. Her hands ran wildly through my hair, clutching and grabbing. She pushed her tits against me and then thrust them up and down, scrapping her rock hard nipple against my chest. I shoved my hands underneath her top, kneading her naked back. I ran my hands around her sides and to her stomach and then slid them quickly up, capturing a soft, round breast in each. I fondled a nipple with each thumb, stroking and pulling at them while mauling her tits in my hands.

This drove Gam nuts as she shoved her tits against my hand and mashed her mouth against mine, driving her tongue down my throat. I had to see what I was feeling and quickly pulled my hands down and out of her top. I began unfastening her top, struggling with the tiny buttons. Gam broke our kiss and placed her forehead on mine looking down at my hands.

"Uhhmmmmm. Uhhmmmmm." she whined in sexual distress as she started helping me with her top. She was feverishly pulling and shoving at the buttons, frantically trying to get them undone, her fingers shaking in uncontrollable lust.

We finally succeeded as her top fell open and I glanced at her mouthwatering globes, heaving up and down in rhythm with her breath. I reached up and stripped her of the top, pushing it off her shoulders and down her arms. I quickly grabbed at them again, squeezing and massaging them in my hands. Gam meanwhile was working on my t-shirt, yanking and pulling it up my back and chest until I had to let go of her tits so she could pull it completely off.

Finally we both sat there, naked from the waist up, Gams tits close enough that her nipples were lightly scrapping my chest. I desperately wanted to feel them pressed against me. I pulled her to me and our open mouths merged in another illicit, ravenous kiss. My cock lurched as I felt her tits flatten against my chest, her nipples meeting mine in unyielding kiss of their own. I desperately wanted to feel the rest of her soft, supple skin against mine. I caressed the area just above her waistband, slowly working my way down. I grabbed the ties to her pajama bottoms in each hand and pulled on them, untying each side. They fell, the back puddling at the base of her mostly exposed ass while the front was hung up between our tightly pressed stomachs. I reached around and swept my hands down her back and across her uncovered ass, grasping a cheek in each hand. It felt soft, malleable and cool to the touch as I pawed at them.

As I was pulling and kneading her ass, her twat was sliding across my dick. Without breaking our unrelenting kiss, this seemed to catch Gam's attention as she began to deliberately grind her crotch against mine. This touched off an even higher state of arousal between us as we furiously kissed and mauled at one another, shoving and pressing our groins together. Just as I thought I might cum as a result of all this, Gam stopped and lifted her ass, giving her the room to shove her hand down the front of my shorts. My breath caught in my throat as Gams hand wrapped around my twitching cock, pulling at it urgently.

As we continued to swap spit in an ongoing, frantic kiss, she released my dick from her grip and grabbed the waistband of my shorts. She determinedly started pulling off my shorts, working them over my hips. I helped by raising my hips, making it easier for her to shove them down my legs and onto the floor.

"OHhhhhhhhh Riiiiicckkkk!!!! Gam moaned into my mouth as she lowered her mound on top of my cock, squirming and writhing against me.

As we ground against one another I could feel my cock wedge between Gams pussy lips and it seeped a streak of lubricant across my shaft. She began moving against me with more urgency as her craving reached a fever pitch.

"Ohhhhh Rickkkkkkkk!!!! I can't stand it anymore!!" she groaned.

Grasping my cock, she guided it to her dripping cunt lips and slowly lowered her pussy on to my rigid cock shaft. Every nerve in my body went off as I felt the heat of her lips part and slowly surround the head of my shaft. Once she felt the head penetrate her channel, she slowly lowered herself until my completely hard bar of twitching flesh was buried in her pussy. She leaned forward and allowed her rigid, perky nipples to brush my lips. I was quick to open my mouth and suck one in. My tongue played around the little hard shaft of flesh, as I sucked a generous amount of her breast into my mouth. She pulled the swollen nipple from me, and glued her lips to mine, our tongues entwined and thrust against each other as she began a slow glide up and down my pole of rigid flesh.

I couldn't believe how snug and warm she was. I couldn't believe I was fucking my own grandmother and she was riding my cock with her broad ass bouncing against my braced legs! In my wildest dreams, I had never imagined that fucking her would be this good! My cock felt like it was being grasped by a hand and I could feel her muscles clutch my prick, squeezing it as she raised and lowered her ass as it was engulfing my cock head. Then I heard her begin to grunt and groan, and rock her ass from front to back, as she d**g her clit against my cock base and this time she cried out as the lust overtook her.

"Honey, It feels soooo gooood . . . ohhhhhhh god, uh huh, uh huh, push, oh, honey, push!!!!!!!" she cried.

I didn't didn't need any urging to push my throbbing cock into my grandmother's clutching channel. I was too near my climax to be able to hold off anymore. The excitement of it all and the desire to prolong the fucking had allowed me to hold this long, but now I could feel the juice starting up my shaft. I thrust my pelvis up against her and groaned deep in my throat as the juice traveled up the tube.

"Ungggg, ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh," I gurgled.

Gam felt the thrusting and knew what it meant as she drove harder down against my cock. As the first shot of white cum hit her womb, she screwed her ass against my pelvis and made sure my cock was pressed tight into her as far as possible. She clamped her mouth against mine and our tongues fucked each other as I shot my load after load of cum into my grandmother's hot pussy. We each pushed against the other, trying to get as much of my cock into her as possible. The pressure subsided and her mouth slid from mine and her lips traced a line on my neck. She lay half in a stupor, runting her twat against the base of my dick. Even though she hadn't cum she seemed to sense that we needed to catch our collective breaths.

The orgasm for me had been a mind blowing experience and it took some time to recover. When Gam did become aware of her surroundings again, she wiggled slightly and I answered with a thrust into her still engulfing pussy. We lay there kissing and caressing one another, basking in the feeling of our illicit act. I palmed each of her breasts and played with each nipple. Our kissing intensified as our mouths fused together and our tongues intertwined. She squeezed her arms around my neck and I responded by pulling her tightly to me. We were in fully ignited passion as we kissed wildly and clutched and grabbed at one another. As Gam and I wrestled against each other she suddenly seemed to notice that my throbbing cock was still fully erect and filling her sopping wet channel.

"Oh, my god!" she gasped as she pulled her mouth from mine. "You're still hard. I can't believe it!"

A second later she was riding my cock like she hadn't been fucked in months, which I found out later to be true. She drove my prick as far up her pussy as she could get it, and then raising each time until the head was on the verge of coming out of her clasping lips before thrusting her weight down the pole to bottom out against my balls.

"Sooooo good, honey, sooooo good!!!!!!" she panted. "It's been too long!!!!!

I grunted as I drove into my grandmother. I thrust my cock up into her pussy time after time, feeling the sides of her channel closing around it, as I f***ed my dick up her sopping wet tube. I had never felt anything so wonderful as my grandmother's hot inner lips wrapping around my pulsating cock. I wished I could fuck her forever. Fuck her, and suck her pussy, lick her clit and suck her full, pointed, hard nippled tits.

Gam was moaning with every thrust now as we drove at one another. I knew it had been quite a while since she had been fucked as good as she was being fucked now, and my cock seemed to fit perfectly inside her hot, soaking channel. I sucked at her neck and reached around to grab a fleshy cheek of her ass in each hand. I started pulling on her ass with each up stoke of my cock as I desperately wanted to get more of it up her fiery passage.

My actions caused her to speed up and try to get more and more of my rod into her. Then I felt my balls twitch and I began to tense. She knew I was ready to fill her pussy again with my hot, white, sticky fluid and I knew she wanted to cum with me. But this time she seemed to want to feel me do it as I drove into her.

"OHHHHHH RICKKKKK!," Gam grunted as she slammed her twat down over my dick until she hit rock bottom. "OHHhhhhhhhh GOD THIS FEELS SOOO GOOOOD!!!!"

She began to thrash about on top of me, pulling herself up and down with abandon, grabbing the top of the couch behind me she slid on my shaft. She arched her back to take more of me into her as I felt her cunt start to clutch and grip at my cock. As she looked into my face, the look of pure aching pleasure on hers combined with the tortuous clasping of her pussy pushed me over the edge. I went numb as my dick pulsated uncontrollably and my hot baby-making juice rushed up and out of my dick.

She felt the first shot of my cum hit her cervix and her own oncoming orgasm sent chills up her spine, shaking her body into a rapture she could no longer control.

"Ohhhhhhh my god, Riiiccccccckkk!! Ohhhh mmmyyy gooood!!. Ohhh . . . I'm gonna cum, honey!! You're gonna make me cuuuummm!!! Make me cummmm. Ohhhh Rick!!!" Gam gushed uncontrollably. "I'mmmmm cuuummmiinnnggg!!!!!!!!!"

As she involuntarily shoved her ass down, I drove my cock deep in her pussy and shot load after load of white juice into her.

"OHhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I moaned as my entire body felt like it was on fire.

"UUHhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Gam cried as her body shook in orgasmic overload, her pussy twitching and clasping around my shaft.

Neither Gam nor I could stop the inevitable thrusting as we answered natures drive to get my seed deep into her. As I shot round after round from my cock and our juices mixed, we stared into each other's eyes in a look of pure lust. I felt that at that moment there would always be this acknowledgement between us that we had come together as a result of a pure, unyielding need and had merged our bodies together in the universal mating process and found the other an exciting partner. And what was more, we each experienced a mind numbing pleasure in the act, not once, but twice! Our thrusting slowed, then stopped, and we sat there drained and sated, reveling in the afterglow. My cock, still partially erect, rested in her pulsating pussy.

Gam had her head rested on my shoulder as we attempted to catch our breath. I slowly caressed her naked back as our mingled juices began to seep out of her pussy.

"Oh...were going to make a mess here if were not careful." Gam said as she lifted her head to look at me.

Our eyes locked and there was recognition in our gaze that our relationship would never be the same. Gam thrust her pussy down on my cock as a non-verbal communication that told me there were no regrets. We leaned in and our mouths merged in a deep, soulful kiss that caused my heart to race. We sat there kissing deeply like long committed lovers.

"I better run upstairs before I leak all over the place" Gam said as she broke our kiss.

She raised herself slowly off my semi-hard dick until the head pulled out with a soft "plop" Gam grabbed a small blanket off the couch and shoved it between her legs in order to stem the tide of our co-mingled juices. She gathered up her pajamas and swiftly left the room. I sat back, smiling at the thought that I had finally gotten laid!

Chapter 8

I slept like a rock that night and woke feeling great, with my usual morning erection. I lied in bed for a while reliving my session with Gam as I rubbed my hard cock against the cool sheets of my bed. I was anxious to see how soon Gam and I could be alone to continue what we started last night.

I made my way down stairs and found everyone sitting around the kitchen table eating breakfast. I poured myself a glass of orange juice and walked over to the table, trying to catch a knowing glance from Gam. Everyone was busy talking about their plans. I was dismayed to learn my Grandparents were going out for the day. My parents each had errands to run and my s****r was hanging with friends.

Soon everyone rose and started cleaning up and leaving the room. Gam seemed to be taking her time and I thought it was because she wanted to be alone with me. As soon as everyone was out of the room I snuck up behind her. She was wearing a short silk robe with a matching night gown underneath. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her back against me.

"Whaaaa??? What do you think you're doing??!!!" Gam spat as she turned quickly, breaking my hold..

"What...I..I...just..." I sputtered.

"Do you realize what could happen if anyone even suspected that we...." she started.

"I...just figured that everyone was gone so...." I answered.

"Listen to me Rick. I will not take the risk of hurting anyone in this f****y due to our acting on some pent up emotions!" she stated.

"I...I don't understand." I said.

"Think! What kind of pain do you think certain people in this f****y would experience if they knew what occurred between us last night?" she asked.

"I guess." I said, unable to hide my disappointment.

My grandmother saw the look on my face and softened her mood.

"Look, hon, I'm not blaming you. We both had a lot to do with what happened last night. It doesn't mean we have to be foolish and keep acting on these urges." she said.

I didn't answer her, but just looked down at the floor. I could sense my Grandmother softening some more.

"Rick...we just can't take anymore chances." she said and turned and left the room.

I was pretty depressed the rest of the day. I was really looking forward to having wild sex with Gam all the time. I had imagined all the places we could use and the variety of positions we could experiment with.

It was late when everyone got back and we were soon all eating dinner. Gam was friendly, but in a guarded way. She was careful not to be alone with me or put us in too close proximity. Before long we were all in the f****y room watching a movie. I kept stealing glances at her as she sat on the coach wearing a lounging dress that was sleeveless and came down about mid thigh. When she first sat down the hem rode up a bit on her leg. I kept glimpsing over at her, looking at her legs and remembering what it felt like to have them sliding up and down against mine.

At one point she happened to look over at me and caught me staring at her legs. She shifted uncomfortably at first, tugging at the hem of her dress. She soon caught me looking once more and just returned my glance until I looked away. The third time she caught me she gently swung her legs down off the couch and slowly crossed them. She turned her hips toward me as the hem rode up her thighs, giving me a clear shot of her shapely legs and thighs. My cock lurched in my pants as I wondered if she did this on purpose. My answer came quickly as the next time our eyes met she raised one leg slowly off the other revealing her silk panties to me and then rested it back down in such a way as to expose her entire leg and thigh all the way to the edge of her panties. I lost all thought as I sat there and stared at her creamy thighs and toned calves. My dick immediately began to inflate until it was rock hard and threatening to burst out of my shorts.

I was still confused by her behavior considering the lecture I got this morning. Then I began to think she was just going to tease me like this and I got angry. I suddenly got up and announced I was going to bed, shooting Gam a dirty look as I went by. I made my way to my room, quickly stripping off my clothes. My dick was still hard and swung in front of me like an angry lance. I lied on my bed and grabbed some hand cream, lathering up my cock. I began to think about the leg shot I just got from Gam, pushing aside my anger.

After a few strokes I fell into a nice rhythm, picturing myself approaching Gam on the couch and ravishing her. I sped up my strokes as my fantasy played out, my hands pushing her dress up and off her body violently and then grabbing her hips and pulling them towards me. She try's to fight me off, but I grab her hands and pin them behind her head as I line up my throbbing dick with the entrance to her pussy and thrust myself inside her. I begin to plunge my dick in and out of her damp twat as she struggles beneath me. I quicken my pace as I begin to feel my grandmother respond to me and soon we are thrusting back and forth at one another. I soon feel myself reach the point of no return as my cream starts to rush up the length of my cock and then spew all over my bare chest and stomach.

I am brought back to reality as I milk every drop of hot juice from my pulsating rod, my whole body heaving in exhaustion. As my orgasm subsides I am overwhelmed with a feeling of guilt over my little fantasy. I know my grandmother got me mad with her little tease show downstairs, but taking her by f***e is something I could never do. I turned out the light and tried to go to sl**p. After much tossing and turning, I convinced myself that tomorrow would be a better day, and sl**p came over me.

Chapter 9

I awoke the next day feeling pretty good and quickly showered and got dressed. I was determined to confront Gam today about last night and get an understanding about just what is and isn't acceptable behavior. Let me get this straight, I can't touch you but you can tease the shit out of me? I don't think so!

When I got downstairs mom and dad where at the table alone, eating. Mom was staring out the window while dad read the paper. They both greeted me and asked about my plans for the day.

"I think I might go hang with some of the guys" I told them.

Mom announced that she was going out to tend to her garden and dad said he was going to see if granddad had any interest in hitting some golf balls into the woods at the back of the house. Mom finished up and headed outside while dad continued to read the paper.

A few minutes later my grandparents came down and joined us. Once again Gam's attire grabbed my full attention. She had a pink beach cover-up on that clung to every inch of her frame. It was made out of thin cotton and came down about mid-thigh. It had white piping around the scoop neck and was held up by spaghetti straps tied at her shoulders. I stared at her as she made her way around the kitchen and I realized by the movement of her tits that she was naked underneath. I happened to look at my dad for a second and even he had put his paper down and was watching her.

I was moving around the kitchen getting myself some orange juice and cereal while my grandparents each poured themselves some coffee. Granddad sat down at the table while Gam continued to float around, getting the bread for some toast. At one point we needed to go around one another at the kitchen island and as I passed her she stuck her hip out ever so discreetly, causing it to rake across my dick!

Again, I thought to myself, was that intentional or just an accident? I leaned back against the counter opposite the island and watched her finish making her breakfast.

She placed her coffee and toast on the island and then walked over to the kitchen table and grabbed the paper. She spread it out on the island and proceeded to read it while nibbling on her toast and sipping on her coffee. At one point she leaned over to read, pointing her round ass in the air and I felt my dick lurch in my shorts. She held that position shifting her weight from one foot to the other. She stretched her shoulders and then ran her left hand down her side and onto her leg. She began scratching and I watched as her hand went higher and higher up her leg, taking the hem of her dress with it. She stopped just where her thigh meets the bottom of her ass and then to my surprise she spread her hand, causing her thumb to lift the hem of her dress, exposing half of her ass cheek. She had no panties on and my dick took another lurch to fullness as I now realized she was completely naked under her cover-up.

Suddenly granddad said something to her and she quickly removed her hand from her leg. She answered him and went back to reading the paper.

"Oh Rick....look at this. There's a carnival in town!" she said to me. I stepped over to her and stood behind her just to her left as I looked over her shoulder.

"When is it? granddad asked.

"It looks like it starts today, right Rick?" Gam asked glancing up at me.

I moved a bit closer to see the ad, turning sideways. As I stood there reading, I noticed Gam shift her weight to her left foot, causing the point of her hip to come into contact with my crotch. She then subtly rubbed her hip back and forth across my groin. This sent my dick into overdrive and I began to push back. As I pretended to continue to read I moved slowly behind her until my cock was lined up with the crack of her ass. I leaned in to continue the charade of reading and then pretended that something in the ad caught my eye. I leaned in and over Gam's shoulder while firmly pressing my now hard dick into the crevice of her ass. She immediately pushed back as we gently dry humped each other as we both pretended to be lost in the ad

"Well? Should we go?" asked granddad, in reference to the carnival.

"" Gam replied, trying to steady her voice as she subtly grazed her ass up and down my shaft.

"Sounds good." Dad said as he got up.

Gam and I froze in place as he came around the island to deposit his cup in the sink. He never noticed anything as he went back over to the table. Gam and I went back to our slow, rhythmic grinding as soon as he was on the other side of the island.

"You want to hit some?" he asked granddad.

"Yep, I'm ready." he replied and got up.

The two of them then left through the sliding glass door out to the yard, leaving Gam and I alone. We stayed in position for a few moments longer, still gently humping, waiting to make sure nobody was coming back. When it was clear that we wouldn't be disturbed I reached up and fondled Gam's tits in my hands causing her to moan and drive her ass sharply against my rod. She quickly turned around and gazed up at me with a look of pure lust

In a split second, we were locked in a tight embrace, her arms wrapped around my neck, mine around her waist. She moaned, and I put my hands on her fine, swelling ass and pulled her close against my rapidly expanding cock. Our lips met and we kissed furiously. Her tongue slipped into my mouth, and soon we were like mad a****ls trying to devour each others' hot, wet tongues. She was panting and moaning, and I was grinding my hips against her crotch. I reached up with one hand to grab onto one of her tits. It was full like a melon, round and succulent. She pulled her mouth from mine and groaned.

"Oh honey!" she whispered, almost choking with passion. "Hmmmm. Yes, honey. Ohhhhh.."

Breathing hard into each others' faces we did a kind of dry fuck standing up, me rubbing and squeezing her ass, she with her arms locked around my neck, pulling me down to lick and suck the tops of her tits. After what seemed like hours, we paused for a moment.

"Listen," she told me breathlessly. "If anyone catches us doing this, all hell will break loose. Let's go upstairs."

I exhaled with a huge sigh. "Yes. Okay. Let's hurry."

I took her hand and led her out of the kitchen and to the stairs. Just at the stair landing, we kissed again and she reached down to squeeze my hard cock. She moaned and pulled me by the hand up the stairs to my room. We rushed along, bursting with lust. The feel and sight of her lush body made me want to jump on her right there, fuck her on the stairs, take her against the wall.

We made it to my room, and she fumbled with the doorknob, her hand shaking so hard she couldn't get a firm grip. I wasn't helping much as I stood behind her pressing my cock against her ass and running my hands over her hips. She grunted when the door flew open and we tumbled into my room. She turned and wrapped her arms around my neck and we sank to the floor. I kicked the door shut as I scrambled to grab her soft tits and bury my mouth in her delicious, deep cleavage. She was already unbuckling my pants and zipping me open. As she pulled my cock out, I pulled her cover-up open and worked the straps down over hers shoulders. By the time I had her cover-up off she had my cock out and was helping me inside. My cock was rock hard and her cunt was smooth and tight. As I entered her, she gasped and clawed my shoulders. As I worked my cock in deeper, she raised her knees and grabbed my hair. Soon I was all the way in and her cunt was wrapped like a glove around the full length of my cock. I paused for just a moment and raised myself up on my elbows, then plunged my tongue into her mouth. Soon I was fucking her for all I was worth and with every thrust, she groaned and moaned. I pumped harder and faster, raising my hips off the floor. She started squealing in pleasure and pulling her cunt up as I rammed my cock down into her. We were humping like coyotes and soon my whole consciousness was absorbed in the motion of my cock as it pounded in and out of her. Her squeals became low pitched screams, and she bit my shirt to muffle her orgasm.

I'd never felt my cock so hard as I fucked her, and just when I thought it couldn't get any harder, I felt my balls start to burn. Pumping even faster, oblivious to everything, including her fingers frenziedly yanking my hair, I felt myself cumming, and cumming, and cumming. I froze for a moment, shooting what seemed like gallons into her. Then, I started pumping again as I felt her whole body shudder and she began gasping.

"Ohhhhhh," she moaned, and wrapped her legs tight around my ass, pulling my cock tight into her cunt. OHHhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! she cried as her cunt spasmed around my dick, milking it of every last drop of my hot, thick cream.

"Mmmmmf," she mumbled, deliriously as her orgasm subsided.

I gave a few more spasmodic pumps and then that was it, my body was through, and I collapsed on top of my new lover. Neither of us spoke for a few minutes. I felt her stroking my hair and running her hand along my ass.

"Hmmmmmm," I said. "That was great."

"Oh yes, honey," she whispered in my ear. "That was fantastic."

We disentangled ourselves and I rolled over on my back. We lay there next to each other, slowly regaining our breath. After ten minutes or so, she raised herself on her elbow and gave me a sweet kiss.

"I'm going to clean up a bit," she smiled at me. "Let's rendezvous on the bed."

With that she rose up, wrapped her cover-up around herself, and headed for the bathroom. I gazed in admiration at her plentiful ass, plotting my next assault. Rising, I stripped, piling my clothes on a chair in the corner of the room. Settling onto the bed, I pulled a sheet over my hips and waited for her return.

Chapter 10

As I sat there waiting for Gam I began to think about our two sexual encounters and how they were passionate, yet hurried encounters. I started to feel my dick stir as I thought about all the things I hadn't had a chance to do with her yet. I intended to correct that as soon as she got back. I desperately wanted to ravish her in every way.

After about 20 minuets Gam came back to my room, freshly showered, with a towel wrapped around her. I was somewhat confused, thinking that she didn't want to continue.

"I just wanted to feel fresh for you." she explained as she stood at the side of the bed smiling.

I walked on my knees over to her and wrapped my arms around her. Our mouths met in a deep, passionate kiss, tongues sliding against one another. I pulled back and reached for the top of the towel, tugging at it until it unwrapped and fell from her frame. My dick lurched at the site of my naked grandmother standing there before me.

Her entire body is covered in faint reckless and her skin has the feel of satin sheets. I looked at her full breasts which, despite her age, still have a lot of firmness to them. They seemed to jiggle slightly with each breath she took and as I watched them the nipples began to stir and perk up until they reached total hardness. I grazed my eyes over the rest of her, taking in the slight bulge at her tummy and following it down to the light blonde cover of her bush. My eyes continued down to her long, firm legs, marveling at their youthful appearance. Thinking about having them once again wrapped around my waist caused my cock to slowly begin to rise.

"Ohhhh someone's getting excited." Gam murmured softly as she gently caressed my dick with her hand.

This put me into full erection as she softly ran her hand up and down the underside of my shaft. I immediately imitated her, palming her fluffy, soft mound. My fingers pressed inward and I could feel the lips of her pussy, warm and damp. I stroked my fingers up and down her slit until I could feel her lips part and my fingers slide into the entrance to her rapidly heating passage.

Gam grabbed the back of my head and pulled, merging our open mouths in another steamy kiss.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! She moaned into my mouth as we continued to masturbate each other.

My fingers sunk deeper into her snatch as she spread her legs to give me better access, diving into her hot, slick canal. I began to slowly saw my fingers in and out of her pussy when she reached down and grabbed my hand, positioning my fingers over the swollen nub of her clit. She stroked my fingers tips across and around the small, protruding knob Until I got the idea and she released my hand. I continued as she showed me and was rewarded with a flooding of her snatch as my fingers were soon soaked in hot pussy juice.

I wanted to move on as I could sense Gams heightened arousal as she began to gyrate on my fingers while wildly kissing me. I broke our kiss and quickly pulled her up onto the bed with me and positioned her on her back at the head of the bed.

Although I had never had oral sex before, I had seen enough porno to know how to tease a woman. I laid down on the bed and put Gam's legs over my shoulders. I wrapped my arms around her soft, smooth legs and began to run my tongue up and down her inner thighs, coming very close to her snatch but never touching it.

"Oh, I see you know how to tease a girl." Gam commented. "That feels good."

I continued for a few moments and then decided she had waited long enough. Slowly I ran my mouth from her knee up the inside of her leg, just past her dripping twat and up to her navel. Then I dropped back down, running my face over the soft, downy curls that covered her mound. I dipped my tongue into her saturated box and tasted her flesh.

A soft moan of pleasure escaped my grandmother's lips. Her juice was warm and sweet. I greedily licked her for several minutes, building her up to a release. She wrapped her fingers around my head, massaging the back of my neck as she lifted her hips up to my mouth, begging me to go deeper. I reached underneath her to grasp her ass and pulled her cunt into my face, forcing my tongue into her dripping hole. With a gasp she cried out in pleasure as I rapidly pulled my tongue in and out of her vagina, tasting her hot flesh.

"OHhhhh Gooooddddd that feels soooooo goooooood!" she cried out.

I ran my hands over her ass cheeks, pulling her ever closer to me and then ran my palms up her body, cupping her tits and kneading them, then pinching her nipples. Her moans became louder, more insistent as she bucked her hips toward me. I pulled my tongue out of her and began lapping at her cunt, drinking the juice that spilled forth. She wrapped her legs tightly around my head, her soft flesh pressing against me as she began to come. I flicked my tongue against her clit as she exploded into a fiery orgasm, her body lurching in convulsions of pure joy. I continued to lap the juices that were now pouring out of her twitching twat as she screamed in joy.

"OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Gam cried as she grabbed my hair and held my face in her seething cunt, her body twitching and shivering in orgasm.

After a few more minutes her shivers subsided and I reluctantly pulled my face out of her love box and climbed up the bed to lay beside her. She pressed up against me and sexily wrapped a leg over my body, her still moist cunt warm against my naked thigh.

"Oh my God," she exclaimed, "your grandfather has never made me feel like that. You were incredible!"

"Just beginner's luck," I shrugged with a sly grin. I was more than pleased to know that I had been able to adequately bring her to new heights. "I have a hot woman that inspires me!"

"Ummm, you're so sweet," she replied as she pressed her lips up to mine. She reached down to my cock and grasped it in her hands, weighing its stiffness appreciatively.

I responded as I opened my mouth and dipped my tongue into hers. She wrapped her arms around my neck and our kiss deepened. Slowly I pushed my grandmother onto her back and rolled up on top of her. Her firm thighs parted responsively as I rested my hardened fuck stick onto her sopping pussy. We kissed lovingly as I slowly grinded my cock against her beautiful mound.

We ere in no hurry this time as we lay there, kissing like old lovers, our heads slowly oscillating, our mouths passionately and soulfully fastened. We kissed like that for twenty minutes or so, taking turns with our tongues invading one another mouths. We slowly built up our passion as the kiss intensified. Soon we were clutching at each other as we kissed wildly.

At last she couldn't take it any longer, broke away from our kiss and she begged me, "Please, I want you inside of me now!"

I smiled and prepared to enter her horny snatch. She took my cock in hand and guided me to her hole. I teased her for a moment, rubbing the spongy tip of my cock against her greased cunt. She lifted her hips to me, drawing me in until I couldn't resist. Ever so slowly I pushed my rigid staff into her loving twat. It felt like heaven as I entered her, the wet folds of her vagina enveloping my dick, her cunt massaging it on all sides.

She spread her legs even more, moaning as I entered her with deliberate slowness. She dug the balls of her feet into the mattress for leverage and lifted her hips to meet mine. I continued to slide in until my nuts pressed up against her asscheeks. The sensation of her pubic hair caressing my flesh was amazing. All of this felt so extraordinarily different as I took my time and tried not to rush as I slowly pulled back out and began pumping into her. Over and over I drove my cock slowly in and out of her oozing pussy, driving us both mad with desire, the only sounds being our whimpers and my balls gently slapping against her ass with each shove.

"Oh yes, baby! That feels so good! No one has ever made love to me like this before!" Gam moaned in the throes of passion.

With each push I could feel her body respond to me. Her moans became more insistent as she began to grind her hips against me. Grasping my ass she pulled me tighter to her. We gradually picked up the pace as we grabbed and clutched at one another. At last she began to shiver as her moans turned to cries. She wrapped both her legs around my now heaving body and slammed her hips against mine. I felt her pussy contract repeatedly around my throbbing dick as her orgasm ripped through her body, throwing her into violent convulsions of pleasure. I continued to thrust in and out of her, riding her through the pinnacle of her orgasm.

"OOOHHHHHH MMYYYYYYYYYYYGOOOOOOODDDD!!!!!!!!! She screamed as she clutched onto me with all her strength, her nails piercing the skin on my back

Slowly the orgasm faded and she lay still. I looked down at her face. She had her eyes closed tightly and was biting her bottom lip. Her body was coated in a thin layer of sweat and her nipples were stiff. After a moment she opened her eyes and looked up at me with pure lust in her eyes.

"You are the best stud I have ever had in bed," she panted in a hoarse voice.

I smiled at her, content that I had succeeded in pleasuring her. However, I was still eager to blow my cum inside of her. Almost as if she could read my mind, she regained her strength and wrapped her legs over my back.

"Mmmmmm, c'mon honey. I want to feel that hot juice of yours inside me!" she exclaimed. I began to thrust again into her hot, drooling pussy, setting a quickened pace. Once again she closed her eyes and began gnawing on her bottom lip, the pleasure of my thick stick threatening to consume her.

She drove up and down on me at a feverish pace, riding me as though it was the first time she'd ever had a dick inside of her. I was amazed that the penetration was even deeper than before. I reached up and fondled her full breasts as they heaved up and down, matching the rhythm of our fucking. I ran my hands down her body and over her sweaty hips, around to her ass cheeks. I began to lift her up and down with my hands, increasing the rate of our fucking. She was riding me so quickly now that loud slurping noises could be heard as she drove up and down on my cock. Soon she began to reach another orgasm as she let out a loud moan. I could feel her juice as it poured out of her hole onto my balls, matting my pubic hair.

"UUHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! She moaned as this orgasm washed over her, causing her once again to twitch and clasp uncontrollably.

Without saying a word she disengaged off of me and got up on and knelt down on the mattress on all fours. I knew exactly what a doggie style position looked like and I needed no coaxing. I sat up and knelt down behind her. I reached my right hand around and cupped her mound as I placed my left hand on her back for support. I placed my dick between her ass cheeks and against her cunt. In one quick shove I was inside of her.

Immediately I began slamming into her. I grasped her ass cheeks and squeezed as I repeatedly thrust into her. I must have been in a position to rub her g-spot or something because she began exploding into one orgasm after another. By the third one she was screaming in pleasure. In one swift movement I pulled out of her, moved her onto her back and slipped between her legs. My dick felt harder than it ever had before and I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. My grandmother must have known from my rapid thrusts and loud moans. She reached underneath me and grasped my nuts.

"Come on sweetheart! It's time you gave all that thick cum to grandma!" she groaned loudly, thrusting her cunt up at me.

The combination of her sweaty hand rubbing my nuts, and her verbal coaxing drove me over the edge. My balls got tight as I felt my dick grow so thick it strained against the confines of her cunt. At last the orgasm over took me and I began to blow load after load of hot cum deep into my grandmother's thirsty snatch.

"AAHHHhhhhhhhhh GAAAAMMMMM.......I"MMMMMMCUMMMMNN!!!" I cried.

"OHHHH HONEY!!!! YOUR'RE GONNA MAKE CUM AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Gam moaned as she thrust herself up at me and then froze, her cunt clutching and pulling on my rod.

It felt like I poured gallons of hot baby juice into her as she began milking my dick with the muscles in her twat. I bucked my hips against her until every drop was gone. I collapsed onto her, our naked, sweaty bodies clinging to one another!

We just lay there trying to catch our collective breaths as we came down from our intense orgasms. Eventually I managed to lift my head and look at Gam. She looked at me with her eyes half closed and a grin on her face. I move my head down towards her and our parted lips met and merged into a deep open mouthed kiss. She wrapped her arms around my neck and we remained like that for quite some time.

Chapter 11

For the next several days Gam and I went at it like two starved lovers, sneaking around to find some privacy. Every night she would wait until everyone was asl**p and then meet me in my room for some heart pounding ecstasy, regardless of how many times we got together during the day.

It got so bad that we began taking huge risks, trying to sneak in a quick fuck while f****y members were close by. On one occasion we had just finished dinner when I announced that I felt like taking a quick dip in the pool.

"What a great idea! I think I will join you." Gam said, a mischievous glint in her eye.

While everyone else finished cleaning up Gam and I hurried of to put on our suits. In moments we were in the pool splashing around and playing a bit of grab and clutch. As soon as we were certain everyone had moved into the kitchen our game turned more serious, with some passionate kissing and hands underneath suits. Suddenly Gam stopped and gently pushed away.

"I can't take anymore fooling around. You've got me all worked up! C'mon lover, make old Gam happy!" she said as she turned around and pushed her back up against my chest.

I felt her reach behind her and grope for my rod, pulling it out the leg of my suit. She then used her other hand to push the crotch of her suit aside. She then tugged at my dick, lining it up with the entrance to her slit and pushed back. I slid inside her like greased lightning and before another moment went by we were fucking like rabbits.

"Oh Yessssssssssss!!!" Gam sighed as we shoved and clashed together.

Suddenly the sliding glass door from the kitchen opened and we froze on the spot! Gam straightened up, with my dick still deeply entrenched in her snatch. My grandfather walked out the door onto the patio surrounding the pool.

"So you too enjoying the water?" he asked

"Uhh..yea" Gam and I answered in unison, trying to sound normal.

"Nice night." Granddad continued as he looked up in the sky.

"'s beautiful.." Gam answered.

"Well, I'm going in to get changed and relax. You coming soon?" he asked, directing the question to Gam.

"Uh...probably.' she replied, trying not to laugh at the obvious double meaning.

At that granddad turned and walked back into the house.

"OHhh God that was close!" I moaned as Gam sank back against me.

"I think it was pretty exciting, almost getting caught like that! It turns me on just thinking about it!" Gam exclaimed as she shoved her ass back at me, impaling herself deeply on my stiff dick.

That was all the encouragement I needed as we quickly picked up were we left off, thrusting against one another while trying to keep an eye on that kitchen door. We drove each other to the pinnacle until we both exploded in a frenzied orgasm, twitching and spasming against each other.

We stayed in this stance until we both came down off this incredible high and slowly disengaged. We agreed that we might be getting a bit too risky and should be a bit more careful.

It was toward the end of the week and Gam and I were laying in my bed after one of our late night sex fests.

"You know we're leaving at the beginning of the week." Gam said.

"I don't want to think about it!" I replied in frustration.

"We'll be back. I've convinced your grandfather that it's time to settle back down and enjoy our grandk**s before they go off on their own lives." She said.

"How long will you be gone?" I asked.

"This trip is for a month." she replied.

"A month! I'll go crazy for a month!" I cried.

"It's not so bad!" Gam laughed. "Besides I've convinced your grandfather that we should try to find a place close by so we can see everyone as often as we like."

"Yea, but a whole month? What am I supposed to do?" I asked.

"Well, you could try finding someone your own age to satisfy this unquenchable need of yours." Gam said, giggling.

"Nah. I find older women much more attractive." I said

Gam laughed and kissed me deeply.

"Well, try to find someone in the neighborhood who would like a nice young stud like you." She said.

"You know me. I'm too shy to try that with a stranger."

"Uhmmmm." she said, in agreement.

We lied there for a while staring up at the ceiling.

"You know.....I might have a solution for you." Gam said slyly.

"Oh yea. Like what" I asked.

"I might know an older woman who would be open to having her needs met by someone like you." she answered.

"Really? Who?" I asked, excited by the sudden prospect.

"Your mother." she answered rather matter of factly.

"WHAT???" Are you out of your mind??" I asked, astounded by the suggestion.

"No, not at all. I happen to know that your dad isn't exactly meeting her needs. We've talked about it quite a bit during my visit." she said.

"Yea, but that hardly means that she wants to commit i****t!" I said. I also began to think about that fact that I had never thought about my mom in that way. She was way too bookwormish and dowdy.

"You know your mother has a very open mind. It might not occur to her on her own, but I don't think it wouldn't necessarily be dismissed out of hand." Gam said.

I just lied there in stunned silence as I tried to envision my mom naked. I realized that it had been a while since I had seen her in anything remotely modern or revealing.

"I don't know..." I said. "She's not really my type."

"Let me tell you, your mother does a hell of a job hiding a very nice, sexy figure." she replied.

I thought about that possibility and found myself more curious than turned on.

"Yea, but what difference does that make. It's not like I would have the guts to even suggest anything." I said.

"Well, if you're interested, I think I could be very helpful getting the ball rolling." Gam said with a sly grin.

I just stared at her, my mind racing.

... Continue»
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The Domination of Jason

The Domination of Jason

This is simply one long rambling story divided in to six parts in
a vaguely logical manner so it doesn't come across as one 1,500
line file. There is very little actual sex in this story, but
there are some descriptions of scenes and techniques that may be
of interest to some people in their role playing.

Domination of Jason
Chapter 1

"Oh, my God," I exclaimed, "what are you doing?" It was perfectly
obvious what Jason, my husband, was doing. He was playing with

I had just finished the laundry and was putting the linens and
towels away. I entered the bathroom to put some fresh towels on
the rack when I surprised my husband as he was kneeling in front
of the toilet manipulating his organ.

I had suspected that he was up to something all along as he would
frequently lock himself in the bathroom. I thought it odd that
after being married several years that he would still be
squeamish about his bathroom habits.

Apparently, he forgot to lock the door this time. He stopped and
became very red in the face when I came in.

I put the towels on the vanity and left without saying another

Jason got out of the bathroom and tried to explain, "Honey, I..."

I cut him off, "I don't want to talk about it. I don't know what
to think. You think you were a teenager. You ought to be ashamed
of yourself. Get out of my sight."

He disappeared into the garage to tinker which is what he does
whenever he's in the doghouse. I yelled a departing shot at him,
"And don't even think about sex with me for at least a week!". I
didn't care that it was spring and the windows were open.

For the rest of the week I didn't even let him touch me in bed.
For the rest of the week, he was more subdued and fawning over me
attempting to win himself into my good graces.

For the rest of the week, I thought about a grown man playing
with himself and it intrigued me in a perverse sort of way. On
the one hand, I was infuriated that Jason would feel the need for
additional sexual release. Was I not woman enough for him? Yet,
on the other hand, I really wanted to watch him do it. Could I be
the one driving him to it? I had to know.

I had some books on sex, and they talked a little about male
masturbation, but they went into the how rather than the why. I
wanted to know so badly why men would do these things. The books
confirmed that they did, indeed, do them.

I wouldn't think about asking Jason, so, I confided in my next
door neighbor, Debbie. She and I had known one another since high
school. During those days we told each other everything,
especially our relationships with boys.

We still talked about our relationships with men. She had
confided in me that she had given quite a number of "hand jobs"
while in college and told me about some of the things she did
with her lovers. If any woman knew about penis pumping, she did.

My guesses were correct. After a very embarrassing introduction
of the subject, I finally explained what I caught Jason doing.

"Oh, Anne," she said, "Don't worry about it. It's very common.
Men do it all the time. You don't know how lucky you are. Work
with Jason on this. Both of you will like it, and, if you do your
stuff right, you can really benefit out of it."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Jason is your typical oversexed male. He can't get enough sex
and will seek release anywhere. Once he gets it, he loses
interest. I bet that once he gets it off with you, he drops you
like a hot potato."

"You got that right. How do you know so much about Jason?"

"This isn't rocket science, dear. I just described about 95% of
the male population. They're all just about the same. That's what
makes it so easy."

"Makes what so easy?" I asked.

"Female control! If you can control his release, you can control

"Why would I want to control him."

"It's worth a shot. Think of it. No more housework, no more
laundry, hour long back rubs, guaranteed orgasms whenever you
want them. Jason can do it all for you."

"Whoa, girl!" I exclaimed. "What makes you think that Jason will
go along with this?"

"Most men think alike, they have hidden guilt feelings about the
control they have over women in the business place and in other
aspects of their lives. They know they are in control `out
there.' In the outside world they have all kinds of support
systems. The world is built according to their rules, and so far,
everybody has played the game their way. Take them out of that
familiar environment and put them one-one-one where it really
counts..." She trailed off turning the phrase into a question.

We sat in silence for a few moments as she let me digest what I
just heard. "In bed, it's different. Not every man is clear about
his standing with women.Some of them never resolve the sexual
conflicts they faced as c***dren. When things get though, they
try to retreat to their pasts when things were much simpler. Some
of them would like to make it all the way back to the womb, but
most of them enjoy getting back to the stage of being totally
dependant upon a woman -- mom."

She laughed, "Yeah, I know, sounds a little too Freudian. Well,
Freud wasn't all wrong. He got this part right at least. Most men
want moms to take care of them. Mom provided love, but she also
provided discipline. Some men get them mixed up. c***dhood was a
time of bliss when no decisions had to be made. You didn't even
have to figure out right from wrong. Mom did all that for you."

"That's another part of it -- giving up responsibility. Men feel
that they have to be in control all of the time. Bullshit! They
stand firm and won't bend. Instead of bending, they break. They
try to crawl back into the womb. They surrender. They become
dependent on you. The most dominant men in the boardroom are
often the most submissive men in the bedroom. I know, I've had my

"Men also have an incredibly strong attachment to their sex
organs. I think it starts even before puberty. Once they figure
out that they have something girls don't they flaunt it. It
becomes a competition with them. Who can pee the furthest? Who
has the biggest one? Who can jerk off the fastest? In a sense,
men are their own worst enemy. All of them brag about how great
they are in bed. It's probably 99% bullshit, but they swallow it.
They have unrealistic expectations about what their performance
is supposed to be. They are uncertain in the bedroom. Like most
of the other things in their lives, men see sex as a competition.
They compete with other men and their women and, God forbid, even
your past lovers."

"Women get advice and sympathy on sex and how to handle men from
other women instead of `I can do it better than you.' Women, in
general, are more confident in bed. Not only do men compete with
each other in bed, they also compete with women. For them, there
must be a clear winner and a clear loser. They can't see, as us
women do, that sex should be a cooperative effort. When a man and
woman get in bed together, she has the home court advantage.
That's why confident women frighten men so much. In the
competitive mode, there is no half-way measure. It's either the
man dominates the woman, or she must dominate him."

"A man defines his sexuality almost entirely in terms of his
penis. As best I can figure out, there's absolutely nothing like
it in women. Control a man's penis, and you control him.
Considering the love they have for mom, the love they have for
their prick, and the guilt feelings they have towards women in
general, it's little wonder that some men wish to do penance by
servicing females sexually".

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, "Do you really do this
kinky stuff?"

Debbie continued, "Well, first of all, it's not as kinky as you
think. Besides, I normally like well-balanced relationships with
my men, but even the strongest of them has a submissive side. For
the men I really love -- those how know how to respect me -- I
respect that, and I only take advantage of it for our mutual

"There are some men, however, who deserve what they get.
Sometimes I just want to get back at the male sex in general. I
remember what it's like growing up as a girl. I was a good
student, yet I was done out of an honors physics class simply
because I was a girl. In my senior year, the girls' swim team
went to the state championships. Yet the boy's losing basketball
team got more respect. Hell, even the cheerleaders got better
press than we did. Having some jock tell me `That's the way it
is.' didn't help."

"Even my own s****r sold out. She's the one who taught me what
boys looked like and how we could play with them when we were
little girls. Now she's married and has two c***dren, Amanda and
Greg. She's raising Amada just like mom try to raise us -- to be
a perfect little lady. On the other hand Greg's trangressions are
mostly dismissed with `Boys will be boys." It's a mute testimony
to what everyone considers to be the natural order of things.
Boys got away with murder, and never had to take any
responsibility for it. What's worse, is that they don't even know
they're getting away with it."

"It goes beyond revenge, I have my lusty side as well. There are
times when I want it, I want it all, and I want it all my way. I
become an insatiable bitch.," she laughed. "That's when I find a
macho whimp and use him."

"Macho whimp?" I asked.

"Yeah, macho whimp. Those who brag the most are normally the most
insecure and also the most immature. I use both of these
weaknesses to bring them under my control. I love the feeling of
power. Lord knows I don't see it a work. Hell, I don't even get
it at the mall, at least not in the electronics store or the
automotive parts place."

"In private, I can exercise extreme power. I don't get simple
respect, I extract awe, reverence and worship. First I drive them
into lust, then I drive them into dispair. I love being a
goddess. You can have it all, too."

"I don't see how I get from Jason playing with himself to playing
slave for me, Debbie?"

"Take advantage of what I just taught you, girl. Take advantage
of his physical weakness, and your mental superiority. Most of
this game is played in the head."

I looked at her quizzically.

"It's simple," she said, "When's the last time you and Jason had

"About a week ago."

"And has he been playing with himself since."

"I don't think so. He seems doesn't seem to want to do anything
to upset me."

"All the better. Don't you think that he's getting a little horny
by now?"

I laughed, "I imagine so."

"Well, use it. Get that pussy working for you."

She reminded me of previous conversations, "You told me that
Jason has never eaten you out. That's still true, isn't it?"


"Well, here's your chance. Let me tell you what to do..."

I interrupted, "Wait! I'm not sure I want to do this."

"OK, think about it. I have some stuff I can give you."

Debbie went up to her bedroom, and when she came down, she gave
me some books on female domination.

Content-Type: application/octet-stream; name="djason#2.txt"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
Content-Description: djason#2.txt (Text Document)
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="djason#2.txt"

Domination of Jason
Chapter 2

Most of the books Denise gave me were magazines with articles on
female domination, some were dedicated to bondage and discipline
of both sexes in general, and there was one book totally
dedicated to the female top position. She gave me a good
selection from "nearly vanilla" to extremely kinky. It took me a
week to read them all. Boy, Were my eyes opened! I had no idea
how widespread the practice was, and in some cases, how extreme.

What really surprised me was how turned on I got. I went though a
lot of wet panties. I had no reason to wish any physical harm to
my husband, yet the thought of taking control over him, and
humiliating him got me very excited.

When Debbie came over to pick up the books she asked me, "What
are you prepared to do? If you're really going to get into this,
you've got to be committed."

As excited as I was inside about the idea, my actions weren't
quite up to my desires.

"OK, let's run a test," suggested Debbie. "You still have that
husband of yours off sex?"

"Uh-umm," I nodded.

"Has he been playing with himself?"

"I don't think so."

"When was the last time you think he went over ten days without
getting any."

I laughed, "I don't know, third grade?"

"Do you still want to get eaten out?"

"After my own abstinence -- more than ever!"

"OK. So, here's what you do..."


When Jason came home from work that night, I met him at the door
in one of my sexier dresses. This was a far cry from the shirts,
jeans and sneakers I normally kept house in! I greeted him with a
long passionate kiss, and I could feel his cock spring to life
even though his pants.

I led him over to the couch where I had previously poured out a
glass of wine for each of us, and sat there leaning towards him,
legs crossed towards him, twirling a lock of my hair with a
finger. Even this slight teasing got me excited.

"Tell me about your day, dear." I asked him.

He stammered on about some of the mundane office goings-on and
how the traffic was on the freeway. I didn't really listen. I
just looked him in the eye, and licked my lips. Every bit of my
body was broadcasting, "Take me, I'm hot!"

When he finally wound down, I asked him, "What were you doing in
the bathroom the other day?" He blushed immediately and started
stammering again.

"Do you like playing with yourself?"


"Don't lie to me, boy!" I yelled at him, surprising even myself.

"Well, er, yes."

"What do think about when you're doing it?" Debbie told me all
the questions to ask.

"I think about having sex", my husband said, and then added
hastily, "with you."

"Mmmm," I mused, "Tell me more, what are we doing in this fantasy
of yours?"

I made him explain all of his thoughts to me graphically. He was
getting hornier and hornier by the minute as he relived the
experience. Debbie told me that making him admit his fantasies
would break him down.

I had to admit, I was getting hot myself. Unlike my husband,
however, I was able to keep under control.

When I had heard enough, I announced, "I bet you want to get it
off now, don't you." He nodded his head vigorously.

"Come, let's go to the bedroom." He was on my heels like a puppy.

I sat on the bed and said, "Take off your clothes. Slowly! I want
you to put on a show for me."

He obliged, getting even redder than before. He was clearly in
the grip of severe embarrassment. How I was going to love this!

Once he was completely naked in front of me he asked, "What about
you, aren't you going to get undressed?"

"Not just yet," I informed him, "Turn around. I want to see all
of you".

His eyes brightened when I stood up and dropped my dress to
reveal my slip and stockings. I lifted my leg just high enough to
show him that I wasn't wearing panties underneath, and that I was
wearing my garter belt.

His cock was rigid and throbbing by this time.

"Before I allow you to come," (how nice that word - allow -
sounded), "You'll have to do a few things for me. You do want to
be allowed to come eventually, don't you?"

Once again, the vigorous nod.

"OK, then. Kneel down in front of me and bow your head." He did
as he was told, and I threw my slip over his head. Using my
hands, I guided it to where I wanted it.

"You know what to do." I told him.

"But honey," came the muffled reply.

"No but honey's tonight," I sternly told him, `You've had your
sex fun, now it's time for me to have mine. If you don't put your
tongue in there, you'll never put anything else in there either.
Now LICK!" Guilt! It worked just like Debbie said it would.

Jason started licking me, although with less relish than I'd
like. Debbie suggested that I punish inferior performance but
Jason's reaction was enough. He obviously thought that oral sex
was a disgusting prospect (He didn't even ask me to perform it on
him). The idea that I was making him do something he absolutely
detested made up for his actual lack of physical stimulation.

As I felt his tongue in my pussy for the first time, I thought,
"a game played mostly in the head," is that how Debbie put it?
Power, yes, I liked it. I came, and I came hard. I liked it, and
I almost lost control.

By the time I let Jason up for air, his face was covered with my
juices. I smiled down at him, not so much from the humorous look
of the slick juices on his face, but from the knowledge of what I
had done to him, and what I had made him do, and where all of
this would eventually lead.


"Now, get dressed," I ordered him. "You're taking me out to
dinner." I allowed him a quick shower while I changed my slip and
got back into my dress.

All through dinner, I kept sending him the come-on signals. I had
no doubt that Jason thought his punishment was over. Little did
he know it was just beginning!

By the time we got home, Jason was all over me. I put on my
sexiest nightgown kissed him deeply, and rubbed my body against
his. If I had let him in me just then, he would have shot his
load on the first stroke.

I rolled away from him, smiled at him over my shoulder, said,
"Good night," and turned off the light.

"Aren't we going to make love?" he asked.

"Why don't you make love to your hand? You seem to like it

"It's not like that," he insisted.

"I don't care what it's like. I'll tell you this. You touch
yourself again, and I won't have anything to do with you. Think
about it, your hand or me. I think I'm worth giving up your hobby

"OK, dear. I promise. I won't play with myself again."

"That's not good enough," I was on a roll, and I wasn't going to
stop, "I want it in writing."


"In writing," I said more emphatically, turning the light back
on. "Get over to that desk and take dictation." I bit off each
word crisply. "There's going to be some changes for the better
around here. Better for me, that is."

He got up and sat at the desk.

I improvised as I went along, "I, Jason, promise my wife, Anne,
total fidelity." Jason's pen made the appropriate scratches. "I
will not look at another woman. I will not go out with the boys
unless she lets me. I will stop masturbating as of this very
moment and I will not touch myself without Anne's permission.
>From now on, Anne is in charge of my sex life."

"Now wait a minute," he interrupted.

"Keep writing," I overruled.

"From now on, Anne is in charge of my sex life. She will decide
when and if I've earned an orgasm. I will make it my priority to
make sure her pleasure comes first. I will do whatever she tells
me to do, and if she is not satisfied with my performance, she
has the right to punish me and withhold sex from me. I promise
all these things on blah blah blah -- OK, just date it and sign

Not very eloquent, but to the point nonetheless.

He finished his task and I inspected the results. I nodded slowly
and grinned sexily. "You can start tomorrow. It's Saturday, and I
want breakfast in bed. Then I have some chores for you to do."

He raised his finger to object until I waved the paper in front
of his face. "Don't push it, bub! You're not getting any tonight.
Misbehave, and you won't get any for a long time. Now kiss me
like a good little boy, turn off the light and go to sl**p."

I can't believe it. I just lectured him like an errant 9-year
old, and he accepted it! Debbie was right again, a couple of
balls full of semen will make a man do just about anything for
the mere promise of relief. I slept like a baby thinking of the
new phase of life Jason and I had just started.


I woke up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee. There stood Jason
in his bathrobe with a tray containing my breakfast. "Put the
tray here," I said, indicating my lap, "and drop the robe from
now on whenever you are with me in this room, you will wear no
clothes except what I order you to wear. Do you understand?"

"Yes, dear."

"That's another thing. No more of this `dear' and `honey' stuff.
>From now on I'm `Mistress' in private, and "Madam" in public. Do
you get that?"

"Yes, Mistress."

This was going better than expected. Debbie told me that it would
take several `training sessions' before Jason would be calling me

I made Jason stand there and watch me eat. I kept stealing peeks
at his penis noting how big and hard it was. He was accepting
this. He was even getting off on it. I noted inwardly, "Yes, this
is going to work out after all." I took my time and enjoyed my
breakfast. When I was done, I made sure Jason got his. I made him
eat me out again, change the bed linens and start the laundry
while I got dressed. It was a nice day so I threw on a blouse,
shorts, and sneakers and said as I sauntered by my husband, "I'm
going over to Debbie's. There's a list of things to do in the
kitchen. I'll be back this afternoon, and this place better look


Content-Type: application/octet-stream; name="djason#3.txt"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
Content-Description: djason#3.txt (Text Document)
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="djason#3.txt"

Domination of Jason
Chapter 3

I couldn't wait to get to Debbie's to tell her how it went. I
relayed every little detail, and even showed her the note I made
Jason write.

"Great going, girl." she congratulated, "You're a natural.
Judging by how quickly Jason is coming around, I'd say, so is he.
I think I better hang onto this paper just for safety sake. We
can make a copy of it in the library and give that copy to Jason
just to let him know you're serious."

"Now what?" I asked. "I'm really enjoying this. How far can I
take it?"

"As far as you want, but not all at once."

"Do you think that I should let Jason come when I get home?"

"That would probably be the smart thing to do. You have to reward
them every now and then. Right now, I bet Jason's building up
resentment towards you as he's doing his chores. Eventually he'll
come to accept all of this as an elaborate type of foreplay, but
he's not there yet."

"Jason is in phase one of his training. He's behaving himself in
what I like to call a `bartering situation' - that is, he is
willing to trade specific periods of servitude for specific acts
of sexual release. By rewarding him at just the right times, you
can make him accept it as a way of life."

"Right now, Jason's just a `play slave'. He's willing to be
submissive totally on his terms: doing only those things he
wants, for as long as he wants to do them, with an expectation of
a near-term, somewhat equitable return. You've got to change
that if you're going to do this `for real'. Progress will be slow
in the beginning, but eventually you will be able to gain total
control over him. Are you willing"?

I wasn't sure, but I said, "Yes." "How do I start? I don't know
what to do. I don't even know what some of the things in those
books you lent me are".

"Don't worry, Anne," Debbie assured me, "I'll show you what to

I protested, "You? Wait a minute. I mean, I'm not into group sex,
and neither is Jason".

Janice laughed, "This isn't really about sex. It's about power.
Anyway. I'll respect your wishes for the moment. I'll be your
silent partner."

"But don't think of it as group sex, Anne. One of my favorite
games as a little girl was to get a boy to make pee for me while
I watched. Didn't you ever do that?"

"Well, yes, I mean, what girl hasn't."

"And I bet you had one of your girlfriends with you".

"Not one but two," I laughed.

"Did you feel that when you did it, you were having group sex"?

"Of course not. We already knew what little boys looked like. It
wasn't really sex at all".

"What was the most fun part of it?"

"We told the boy what we wanted him to do and he did it."

"Exactly, this isn't any different. It always amazes me how
eight-year old girls are naturals when it comes to domination,
but somehow lose it as they get older. Somehow the sex thing gets
in the way. Sex is only one part of it."

"One of the things you'll learn about female domination is that
it's best enjoyed if there are other women to share the thrill
with you. It's a spectator sport as well as a `team' sport. I
learned that lesson early. When I made these boys pee for me, I
always brought other girls along."

I knew eventually that Jason and I would be getting advanced
hands-on training from Debbie.

"But, I really afraid of hurting Jason.", I protested.

"I think you're getting S&M mixed up with B&D or D&S."

"What? I can't get all this stuff straight I mean, even the
personal ads in the newspaper throw me with all those

Debbie continued. "OK. S&M - Sado Masochism involves inflicting
pain and receiving pain. B&D - Bondage and Discipline. That's
actually two things: Bondage -- tying Jason up, and Discipline --
making Jason behave. Discipline is the fun part for me. D&S -
Dominance and Submission. As long as I'm the `D' and he's the `S'
I'm OK. I like humiliating a man. Sometimes you can use bondage
and sadism to help with the discipline. but you don't have to."

"All of this is really just one more dimension of your sexual
relationship. You do what works best for both of you. Your
objective is to turn Jason on so much that he willingly submits
to anything you want. Push too hard, and you'll drive him away.
Do too much, and you may turn yourself off."

"So, you don't have to hurt Jason. Some men like that kind of
stuff, but most of them just want to be told what to do and obey.
If inflicting pain squicks you, then don't do it. You may find,
however, that both of your appetites may change as you explore
your sexualities more fully. Keep an open mind."

I was willing to listen to more, but I still had more questions.
"What about special equipment? I mean, if I tried to do some of
the stuff in some of the books I read, I'd have to build a
medieval dungeon. That's kind of hard to hide from the neighbors
when they come over."

"You don't have to go `all the way'. Besides, you can disguise
your fixings to look like every day objects. In fact, you can
even use every day objects. Let's take a walk around your house
later today and see what you've got. You are limited only by your


As Debbie and I got up to leave I remembered to ask, "Wait a
minute. You suggested I let Jason come. I wouldn't mind another
licking, but I don't feel like intercourse just now."

"So don't do it. There are a lot of other ways to make a man

"What are you suggesting?" I asked.

"Well, you could give him a handjob. This way, you'll be in

"But what about the mess?"

"Well, if you're squeamish about getting your hands messy, do
what I do. Wear gloves." Before I could ask the question, she
went on, "I have some rubber surgical gloves I can let you have.
They're really cheap by the box."

Debbie explained one of her well learned methods of slow
masturbation. "It's best if you immobilize Jason when you do
this. After a while, it gets too intense for the male, and he
tries to take over. Besides, bondage will become part of the game
soon enough."


Jason was just putting away the vacuum when I came in. The house
was in good shape. I could hear both the washer and drier going
as well as the dishwasher. The floor in the kitchen was still

Debbie and I smiled at each other knowingly. I wasn't going to
let Jason in on the fact that Debbie knew of our special

I smiled at my husband and said, "Honey, why don't you take a
break. I have a list of things I want you to get from the store.
Why don't you go now." I was pleased when I noted his response,
"Yes, madam."

As soon as he left, Debbie and I began our tour.

"I guess the best place to start is in the bedroom", I said as I
motioned Debbie to follow me. "Many of the articles talk about
tying people up on a 4 poster bed. As you can see, my bed isn't
like that."

Debbie got on all fours and looked under the bed. "Who said that
the tie points have to be above the bed? You have 4 legs, use
them. In fact, its better that way, since you can leave the
ropes, or whatever you use, attached and simply tuck them under
the mattress when your not using them. I also suggest you get
some sort of means to restrict Jason's mid section. You can tie a
rope around one of the cross boards for that."

"What a nice chair!", Debbie commented, moving to the other side
if the bedroom. "Make Jason stand behind the chair and bend over
the back and place his hands on the arm rests. Then tie his
wrists to the arms. This will put his ass up in the air where you
can get at it for spankings and other games. But be careful. I'd
d**** a towel over the back if I were you. Men have been known to
come while being punished."

"Now, here in the kitchen," she said as she continued our tour,
"you can have Jason stand with his butt against this counter
while you pull his arms behind him, and tie them together at the
wrists. Now, go around the other side of the counter and tie the
other end of the rope to this cabinet door handle. That will have
him on his toes, and have his mid section and penis thrust
forward for you to play with. If you want to add finishing touch,
you can tie his ankles to the lower drawer handle on his side".

Debbie had similar suggestions as we went through the house, but
when she got to the laundry room, she exclaimed, "Oh, this is
great! You have no idea what a gold mine you have here. Look at

The `this' she was referring to was a clothes rack my husband had
built. It was nothing more than two expansion bolts in the
ceiling with eye rings screwed in. Hanging from the eye rings
were "S" hooks. Suspended from the "S" hooks was a four foot
dowel which was attached by two eye bolts screwed through holds
drilled close to each end.

To me, it was just somewhere to hang Jason's shirts while ironing
them. To Debbie's "educated" eye, it was something else. She
explained, "Take the bar down and put it on the floor. Take a
loop of rope or something and tie them on Jason's wrists. Hook
Jason up to the ceiling by slipping the loop over the "S" hook.
And now, for the best part", she grinned, "make him put his feet
apart and tie them at the ankle to each of the eye bolts in the
dowel. You've got him spread eagle and standing. There's a lot
you can do to a man when you got him in that position."

By the time she was done, I had a dozen places to tie my husband
up including, a coffee table, some chairs of various design,
towel racks, the shower (she said that giving a man a cold shower
wasn't harmful, but could be very uncomfortable for the man and
quite amusing for the woman to watch). She even pointed out a
traditional "stake" otherwise disguised as the support pole in
the garage. Boy, was Jason in for a surprise when he got home.

By this time Debbie had finished putting these "interior
decorating" ideas into my head, Jason was pulling in the
driveway. She gave me a quick kiss on my cheek and said, "I'll
leave you two love birds alone now. Good luck and go get `em."

Jason came in. I complemented him, "It looks like you've been a
good boy, the house looks great. I'll inspect later. Put those
groceries away and you'll get your reward." I retired with my tea
to the living room to relax as I listened to Jason clattering
about the kitchen putting things away.

In a couple of minutes, Jason was done and stepped into the
living room. "I'm ready, dear," he said.

I glared at him. All of a sudden he realized his mistake. "I'm
ready MISTRESS!" he exclaimed. "Please, I'm sorry. I'll get used
to this. Just let me come. I'll do anything you say."

This was more like it.

"Come, let's go to the laundry room, it's time to let you ejaculate."

You'd think I just said that we won the lottery. He was capering
around like a puppy that was left alone all day when its mistress
comes home.

"OK, it's time to strip again," I told him.

As soon as I had him naked, I remodeled the washroom like Debbie
showed me.

I had him take the dowel down, and run a short length of rope
through each eye bolt. I made him tie each of his ankles to the
dowel. Then I told him to stand up while I got the stool and
started to tie each wrist to the eyebolts in the ceiling.

He wanted to object, but I reminded him, "Remember the paper you
signed that night? We do this my way." I, a mere 5 foot 4 inch
110 pound brunette had my 6 foot 2 inch 210 pound husband,
vertically "spread eagled" in the classical anatomic position.
Both his arms and legs were spread almost three feet apart.

I grabbed his cock, looked him in the eye and said, "You're going
to learn to like this. You've been a bad little boy playing with
your `pee pee'. What would your mom had said if she caught you
doing that? From now on I am the law in this house. I make all
the rules and you obey them." I gave his cock a squeeze and he
meekly submitted.

It was delicious looking at him tied up that way, and totally in
my control. I took out my gloves, smoothed them over my skin and
went to work on his organ. My gloves were well lubricated with
his precome from the moment I touched him.

I put the tip of my index finger in the slit of his pee hole and
gave it a gentle twist. His body tensed. I ran the very tip of my
latex encased finger up and down the slit and watched him squirm.

Then I put my first two fingers under the head of his prick and
my thumbs on top. I squeezed down with my thumbs and pumped it a
few times. This f***ed a drop or two more precome to ooze out. I
ran one thumb over his pee hole, and then the other.

Using the fingers under his shaft to stimulate the lower portion
of the head, I massaged the top with my thumbs. I coordinated my
stroking so that as I rubbed down with my thumbs, I was rubbing
out with my fingers. Likewise, as I was pushing in with my
fingers, I was running my thumb back towards the read or the

Debbie called this "milking the dick", and it was easier than she
described it to me. Jason was squirming uncontrollably and trying
to thrust his hips to increase the friction. Debbie warned me
about that, so I just l stopped every time I caught him doing it.
"This is my show." I told him. "You just provide that horny prick
of yours. I'm in charge of everything else." Eventually he
learned to do it my way.

I milked him for about 15 minutes of slow masturbation before I
let him come. He shot his load like a rocket! I tried to catch
his semen in my palms as it came spurting out. Jason lost his
balance. He was hanging from his ceiling restraints.

He finally stopped pumping. I took the two handsful of come and
smeared it over his chest.

"Yes, dear," I smiled, "There are definitely going to be some
changes for the better around here."

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Domination of Jason
Chapter 4

Jason was the perfect husband after we redefined our roles. He
gave head like and expert any time I wanted it, and I suspected
that he was even beginning to like it. I never washed a dish,
picked up a mop, or touched at piece of dirty laundry again. The
services were great. The advantages of female control were

Yet I wanted more. I wasn't quite sure what it was, but I wanted
even more control over Jason. Debbie warned me that domination
was addictive and a little bit wasn't enough. It was time to
learn more.

Once more I confided in Debbie. She asked me, "So, how is it

"I'm making good use of your suggestions. I've tied Jason up in
several locations around the house. But, I think I'm ready to
learn more now."

"Well, what have you been doing with him?" she asked.

"Just masturbation like you suggested."

"Do you use anything on him?"

"Just the gloves. What do you suggest?" I asked.

"You got to get yourself some hardware, girl."

"I was wondering about that myself. I mean, I can't keep a whip
around, and I wouldn't want to use it, and I wouldn't know how to
use it if I did", I rambled.

"You won't need it.", she laughed. "Discipline is a part of the
scene, but it doesn't need to be that severe. You will may even
have to spank him from time to time, frequently, if you must".

I protested, "I told you, I don't want to hurt Jason."

"Spanking isn't necessarily a painful punishment." she countered.
"It's more of a humiliation thing. OK, I won't f***e you.
Obviously you and Jason aren't ready for that part yet. Mark my
words, though. The day will come when you'll spank Jason and find
it enjoyable."

"We'll find some standard items that you can use to discipline
him. None of them are harmful at all. All of them are merely
symbols of your dominance over him."

"First of all, keep him naked at all times. As Mark Twain once
observed, `Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no
influence in society.' Taking his clothes from him makes him feel
more vulnerable. They limit his mobility severely. After all,
he's not likely to leave the house without them. If you can
figure out how to lock up his clothes, so much the better. You've
taken away some of his freedom of movement without doing anything
at all."

"Take away his power of speech as well. Gags are easy. All you
have to do is ball up one pair of your panties and put them in
his mouth. Then you can put another pair over his mouth and
fasten them at the back of his head with a safety pin. Make sure
that he can breathe easily. In fact, you should agree on some
sort of signal Jason can give you even when gagged or bound so he
can call off the action in case something goes wrong. You don't
really want to damage him physically or psychologically. If he
calls you off too often, or for trivial reasons, stop playing.
He'll come back eventually."

"Take away his sense of sight and sound. Scarves make excellent
blindfolds. Put a set of headphones on him and turn up the
volume. I did this in college once. I blindfolded, gagged and put
the earphones on one of my lovers. I had him kneel at attention
for a while, and then touched him on the shoulder as a
pre-arranged signal to play with himself. When he got to the
moment of truth, I pulled off his blindfold so he could see that
during his wait I had invited some of my sorority s****rs in to
watch. No harm, no hurt, but plenty of humiliation."

"I did the reverse with one of my coworkers on a previous job. I
prepared him in just the same way as my hapless college student,
except that after having him wait awhile, I switched the headset
into an amplifier so we could talk to him over a microphone. My
roomate and I took turns touching him. The kicker was that I had
recorded other women's voices, mixed them in with my
conversation, and played them back through the amplifier as
background noise. I made the recording at a bridal shower for one
of our coworkers. It certainly seemed that there were a number of
women in the room with us having a good time. I had him convinced
that the room was full of women and that these were women that he
saw every day. I'm sure some of the voices were familiar to him.
To this day, he has no idea which of the many women he works
with, or comes in contact with on a daily basis know of his
submissive nature. A tremendous mind game."

"You can take away even more of his mobility. There are literally
all kinds of fasteners, but ordinary clothes line will work for
most applications. You can also use bungee chords as quick
`temporary' restraints. Put them around his knees or his upper
arms behind his back. People might raise an eyebrow if you keep
chains and padlocks in the bedroom, but wrap them around your
bicycle in the garage and no one asks any questions."

"You will, of course, need to get a leash and collar for his
neck. It's only a symbolic bond, but those are really the best

"Now for the hard part. Once you've got him tied up, you've got
to do something with him. Most men have some sort of a fetish. I
try to make the fetish do the work for me. Fetishes are something
else we women don't seem to experience the same way men do. We
may like the way something looks or feels on us, and this may
make sex more enjoyable, but the objects themselves don't turn us
on. It's what we do when we wear the object, or how the object
affects men that's the real turn-on.

For men, the object itself has sexual connotations and I'm not
above using every advantage, fair or unfair to assert control.
Being a dominatrix is no fun if you have to work hard at it. Does
Jason have anything that he's particularly fond of?"

"Like what?", I asked.

"Well, there are things, you know: shoes, boots, handbags.
There's body parts, feet, ass, tits. And then there's materials
like leather, rubber, silky stuff. Does Jason get turned on by
any of this?"

"I know he likes when I wear sexy lingerie."

"Good, then wear it. Making him wear it might excite him too. Try
it and see what happens. It's `forbidden' nature might appeal to
him. I have a tall girl's catalogue. I can help you order stuff
for him. Anything else?"

"I don't know. He never told me anything", I said.

"Eventually, he'll tell you all of his fantasies. Right now,
we'll have to work at it. Tell you what. I have some more books.
What you do is make him strip for you and read them aloud. Watch
his penis. Keep a note of what he was reading every time it gets
hard. Then we'll get together and see what turns him on".

"It all sounds so scientific.", I responded.

"When it comes to men, there isn't much guesswork. They're so
easy to figure out. A man's cock will give him away every time."

I noticed that the new reading material hardly touched the
dominance / submission theme, and I explained this to Debbie.

She said, "I call this my fetish collection. I keep it around to
get some ideas, and let some of my lovers read it to see what
turns them on. It tells about men and women doing stuff using
toys. You want to stay away from the other stuff, since you don't
want the description of the activity to interfere with Jason's
reaction to what's being used as a toy."


That night, I put Jason to the test. I explained the experiment
to him: "I want to try something out tonight. I want you to read
some pornography to me, and tell me which articles turn you on,
and why." He was about to protest when I said, "That's no way to
talk to your mistress. Now get undressed and read to me."

"Where did you get this stuff?" he asked.

I responded, "That's none of your business. All that matters is
that I did get them, and you will read them to me."

I propped up his pillows and gave him a drink, and had him lay on
his back on the bed and read. I watched for the rising and
falling of his erection, and listened to what he thought turned
him on.

I got together with Debbie the next day, and pointed out the
articles Jason said excited him, and the ones where I noticed he
got particularly hard.

She was quick to analyze the results. "Jason has a foot fetish,
and rubber fetish. You lucky girl! Rubber is cheap, and it's so
easy to clean. It's so easy to use too. Taking care of a rubber
lover is hardly a chore at all. There's so many things to do to
tease him and make him come." She went on breathlessly.

"Whoa, girl", I exclaimed, "slow down. I'm not going to get into
a rubber suit just to get my husband going."

"You're not listening to me. It's just like the other equipment
you have. You probably have most of what you need right here."

"Yeah right!", I said.

"I don't suppose you are aware that you are wearing rubber at
this very moment".

"I am? What? My bra?"

"No, it's literally at your feet."


"Sneakers!", she exclaimed, "The soles are rubber. You're even
wearing the right kind. Keds and sneakers like Keds work very

"How?", I asked, "Nothing in the books talk about sneakers."

"Use a little imagination!", she admonished, "This was an
invention of mine. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure
out that if a guy likes rubber, and he likes women's feet, then
rubber on a woman's foot is something he'd also like".

"OK, you've got me convinced. It's just that I don't think about
rubber very much. I know some of the books mention rubber gloves
and bathing caps. I suppose you're going to add them to my list".

"Them, and something else very basic -- a rubber ball."

"Debbie! Now I know that I didn't read that one in a book, and
don't tell me how logical it is."

"Well, it is logical. If rubber's the thing, then you experiment
rubbing his penis with anything made of rubber -- even bicycle
inner tubes. In fact, a rubber ball is an extremely powerful
discipline device."

"I don't believe it. I don't see how you can use a toy to
discipline anyone."

"Compared to other rubber objects, a rubber ball is easier to
manipulate. It has a very distinct, almost velvety texture to it.
You'll be surprised how fast you can cause an erection with one,
and how you can use it to bring Jason to the edge of orgasm
without actually letting him come. Don't knock it. This `toy'
works very well."

"OK, you win, Debbie. You know, I do have most of the stuff you
mentioned. I have a whole closet bottom and under-bed area full
of sneakers. I have rubber gloves, although I better get a pair
specifically for this use and not use the ones I use -- I mean,
from now on Jason uses -- to clean the oven. Jason's a
racquetball fan, I can get him to pick some up at the sporting
goods store. I better have him pick up a bathing cap while he's
there. too."

"Atta girl! You're beginning to get into this. Complete your
collection, and I'll tell you how to use them", Debbie said.

"You better," I laughed. I can't begin to imagine how you could
use some of this stuff."

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Domination of Jason
Chapter 5

That weekend, I was over Debbie's house with an overnight bag
full of rubber items. Before getting into my things, Debbie gave
me a tour of her house and how she had arranged things. In her
kitchen, for example, was a butcher block which she had
redesigned into a punishment block. She took down some paintings
to reveal tie-down points. She even showed me how she could rig
up a block and tackle to suspend someone from the ceiling. Before
we left her playroom, she showed me her `toybox.' She grabbed a
dildo out of it, and we continued back to the kitchen.

When we got back into the kitchen for our tea, she handed me an
object, the function of which I could hardly imagine. "Before we
begin, I'd like to give you a little gift."

I giggled, "OK, Debbie, what's this, a dog leash for gerbils?"

"Good guess!" she laughed. "It's a cock ring." She then went on
to explain how to put it on, and how it would `accentuate' his
erection and balls. "And when you're done, you can attach a leash
on this ring. You can then lead Jason around by his penis. It's
sort of a physical symbolism -- women have been leading men
around by their cocks since the beginning of time. As I always
say, `Control the cock, control the boy.' I have a lot of other
`toys' which I'll show you at some other time."

"Speaking of controlling cocks," I interjected, "you haven't even
shown me how to use the stuff I got yet."

"Exactly, show me what you've got!"

I emptied the contents of my overnight bag onto her table.

"The thing you want to do with this stuff is to drive Jason into
lust, and then dispair. Show him you control his sexual pleasure
at your whim. Best of all, all of this is so mechanical on your
part. You can be a 'tease machine' with almost no effort at

"OK," Debbie said, "let's start with the bathing caps. It doesn't
take too much imagination to figure out what to do with a bathing
cap. Does it?"

"No, I imagine you simply put it over his cock and rub it up.", I

"Did you ever actually do that with a man?"

"Well (pause) no.", I stammered. "But how hard can it be?"

"You can make it very hard," she said, laughing at her own pun.
"But seriously, you really have to be careful not to hurt the
penis. If the cap has a rough interior, you will have to rub
gently, especially at the start."

"Why at the start?"

"Well, the rubber is going to grab at his penis. This is a good
thing. It tickles it into a tremendous hard-on. Once he starts
leaking precome, it's a whole different experience. Just a drop
or two will have his prick sliding around all over the inside of
the cap."

"I'd demonstrate with the toy," she said, tapping the dildo with
her finger, "but it's not fully functional in this regard."

"Once you get him to lubricate your toy with his, you can get
more aggressive. Don't just rub in the same spots. Try to use his
prick to spread the semen over every square inch of the inside of
the cap. Use the cap to spread his precome over every bit of his

"Stretch the cap tightly over his prick like you are trying to
poke it through the cap. Don't do it too hard. You don't want to
hurt him, but you'd be surprised how hard and firm erections can
get. He'll just love the feel of the expanding rubber over his
cock. Another nice things about bathing caps is that you can
measure how much he squirts. That's one way to tell if he's been
cheating on you."

"OK", I nodded.

"Also be sure", Debbie continued, "that you avoid caps with sharp
seams. I try not to buy them at all. If I have to, then I turn
the cap inside out, put it over a block of wood, and sand away
the ridge with sandpaper. Generally, I just use my trusty old
Speedos. I can really feel the prick through the latex."

"Jason picked up one for me at the sports shop." I said, picking
it up still in the package. "I also found the cap I bought for
our vacation in Mexico last year. Can I use it?" I picked it out
of the pile for her inspection. It was a very feminine looking
cap with leaves and petals and flowers all over the outside.

"This is great, girl. This," she said, shaking the cap in her
hand, "is a great erection holder. Get rid of this chin strap.
Instead, make a couple of daisy chains out of rubber bands and
loop them into the snaps. Turn the cap inside out, and place it
over Jason's cock and balls. Put the rubber band chains around
his legs, and snap them to the cap.

"What this does is wrap his penis completely in rubber. When he
gets excited, his penis will twitch. When it twitches, it rubs
itself into the rubbery folds. This excites it some more, and
causes it to twitch again. It will keep Jason hard for as long as
you want with absolutely no work on your part. You can put him
`in the bag' for hours, and he'll still have a beautifully hard
cock for you to play with."

"I suggest you dress Jason up like this when you have him clean
the bathroom or perform his other household chores. He'll get
enough movement in the cap to stroke his penis into a good
erection, but the stimulation won't be enough to make him come.
He'll be ready to beg you for relief when he gets done."

"An important part of training men is to keep them in a state of
constant sexual excitement. In addition to using bathing caps to
keep Jason at a high level of arousal, you can use it to make him
bring himself to and sustain an intense level of arousal. To make
Jason masturbate to the point of ejaculation without coming, have
him coat he cap with his precome. He'll have to stimulate himself
enough to produce precome, but stop short of actually
ejaculating. You don't even have to supervise him. Just have him
show you a cap where he has spread his clear, glistening precome
over every square inch."

I swallowed my tea. I had never considered the possibilities. The
thought of ordering Jason to maintain a state of perpetual
anticipation to please me was really turning me on.


I sat there in silence digesting what I just heard. "OK, what
about the other items?" I asked.

"I'll start with the sneakers since they are so easy to use. I
use sneakers as sort of a reward. Rather than make a man mad with
the urge for sexual release, they actually provide it. What's
nice about it, is that the woman controls it."

"So, sneakers are one way to provide the pleasure you need to
give them from time to time to enslave the male. They don't
produce pain, unless of course, you use them as a paddle to spank
him." She laughed.

"You could just throw your sneakers on the floor and let Jason
hump the soles. I've done that when I'm too lazy to reward my
charges. However, I usually like to get a lot more involved."

"I call the first method the `book' method." She slipped off her
sneakers and demonstrated. "Hold them together by the back part
sole-to-sole, with the heels towards you and the insides --
that's part that's between your legs when you wear them -- up,
like this. While you have them this way, you can use them to
`tickle him up.' That is, if he doesn't have an erection, you can
give him one."

"Here, pretend the dildo is Jason's cock. Hold it out." I held it
out, and she moved her sneakers towards it.

"Put the heels under the head of his cock and pull back slowly,
letting his prick ride down into the valley at the arch, and back
up the hill towards the toes -- every bit of it bouncing and
rubbing its way along the herringbone patterns on the outsole. In
just a couple of passes, you'll have him as hard and straight as
a steel rod."

She was right. I could feel the vibrations in the rubber cock as
she slid her sneakers under it.

"Now, if you open the top like a book, you form a `V.' Let his
cock fall into the `V.' You can play with how wide you open the
book so as to make the rubber touch his cock looser or tighter."

She adjusted the sneakers and the dildo fell into the crack so
the penis was resting on the 'hinge' at the spine of the book.
She indicated the area that corresponded to the ball of her foot
and she called it the 'working rubber' explaining that it was the
part of the sneaker where masturbation takes place.

"You can let him hump the soles, or you can bind him, and provide
all the rubbing yourself. Just move the sneakers back and forth
letting his cock slide along the sole like a piston."

I noticed how she opened the book slightly on the push stroke so
the penis could slide forward freely, and closed it slightly on
the pull stroke so the working rubber grabbed at the penis head.

She handed over the sneakers and took the cock. "Now you try it."
She gave me a couple of minutes of practice and coaching. "Atta
girl, you got it. You'll love it. You'll have a perfect view of
Jason's penis when he comes."


We put the water on for another cup of tea.

"I like to call the next technique the `total control method'
because the man's ejaculation is entirely under the control of
the woman. To do it, you want to make a `penis sandwich' with
your sneakers. Here, hold out that dildo again."

She held one of her sneakers at the end uppers up, and her other
sneaker at the end, soles up. She held them so that they were
pointing to each other toe to toe. She nodded at me, and I picked
up the dildo, ready to play the role of the hapless male.

"Put one sneaker under the head of his penis, sole up, and the
other one on top of it with the sole resting just behind the

"The next part takes some practice. Use the top sneaker to move
the penis in a side-to-side motion, while rubbing it with the
bottom sneaker along the shaft in a girl-to-boy motion. The net
result is a circular motion which no penis can resist. You
control the pressure. You control the tempo. The man does
absolutely nothing at all. Once you get the hang of it, it's so
easy and quick. You'll have him coming in less than a minute, and
at exactly the moment you want."

Again, I was given the opportunity to practice. I couldn't wait
to try it on Jason. "It gets better once Jason provides some
biologically induced lubrication for you." Debbie advised.


"The final sneakering technique I call `walking the dog.' In this
one, you use your feet instead of your hands. Just wear your
sneakers as you normally do, and have Jason sit on a chair facing
you with his legs wide open. Put your feet in his crotch with
your heels against his balls."

"You seem to have a normal size foot for a woman, and if Jason is
average size, the head of his penis will be at the balls of your
feet. Simply peddle his cock from foot to foot. You'll literally
have him coming at your feet!"

"You can also use sneakers for intense anticipation training. Let
him play with himself. Give him run of your closet. Tell him you
want him to coat every sole of every sneaker with precome. Don't
give him permission to ejaculate. It will keep him busy for hours
while you can attend to something more relaxing. In fact, he may
never complete the task. If you have enough sneakers, the first
pair will be dry before he finishes the last."

"Another nice thing about sneakers is that they are everywhere.
Do you think that after you start sneakering Jason that he will
ever be able to look at you or any other woman wearing a pair,
and not get a hard on? Think of it -- the secretaries in his
office on 'casual day.' a housewife in the supermarket, a teenage
girl going to school, even little girls playing in the park are
going to remind him of this part of his sexual servitude."

"The one thing you didn't get in our practice demonstrations
here," Debbie cautioned, "is lubrication. Even a dry penis has
less friction than the rubber-to-rubber contact between the dildo
and the soles of the sneakers. You'll learn how to play with
varying pressures during the very first session, I'm sure."


"OK, that leaves the rubber ball." I said, refilling my tea.

"The ball takes special care. Bathing caps provide erections,
sneakers get him off. A rubber ball, if used properly will drive
him crazy. It's very effective, but it is very woman-intensive.
You'll have to put a lot of work into this one, but it's worth

"To do it properly, you'll need to understand a little of the
anatomy of the male reproductive system."

"The two parts of the penis you are interested in are on opposite
ends. At the very base of the penis, where the scrotum is
attached, is a sphincter-like muscle that holds back urine, and
also holds back semen just prior to the ejaculation. I suggest
you experiment with Jason and find out exactly where this muscle
is. It's the key to penis control. Massaging this muscle will
cause ejaculation if the penis is aroused enough. However, we
want to use it for exactly the opposite purpose."

"Just before ejaculation, this muscle tightens in anticipation.
The amount of tightness and just how it will feel to you varies
from man to man. In other words, you'll have to figure out for
yourself, using repeated experimentation, what Jason's 'flash
point' is. Don't be discouraged if you don't get it right on the
first couple of tries."

Grab Jason's penis with your left hand. Make a tight ring with
your thumb and middle finger. This will trap more bl**d in the
organ and make it firmer and more sensitive. Take your index
finger and place it on the muscle. This is your feedback
mechanism so you will know when you are getting him close to

"The other end of the penis is the head. As you look at it
straight-on you'll see a pair of 'cheeks' at the 5- and 7-o'clock
positions. This is where you want to work the ball."

"There are two basic rubbing techniques. In technique one, you
start by pushing the ball against his pee hole and giving it a
few twists. This serves two purposes: it stimulates him, and it
picks up some precome to use as a lubricant. Next rub the ball
back and forth along the underside of the shaft, gently nicking
the cheeks."

"Do this until you feel him about to come, or a drop of precome
appears. If your left index finger tells you he is about to come,
ease up. Continue gently rubbing just the shaft for about 15
seconds. Then move onto rubbing technique two."

"Whenever you see precome, you can switch to the other

"Technique two starts the same as technique one. Push the ball
against the pee hole and twist. This time spiral out from the pee
hole spreading the precome in little circles on the head until
you are almost running the ball around the ridges at the edge of
the head. Then spiral slowly back in. Stop at the pee hole, give
the ball a twist, and shift back to rubbing technique one."

"It may take about a couple of attempts to get it down, but once
you get good at it, you can have Jason dripping with anticipation
in less than a minute, and you can keep him on the edge of orgasm
for as long as you want."


I was amazed. "How did you ever learn how to do this?"

"Well, I first put rubber to penis when I was a little girl. I
managed to make a couple of men come this way when I was in
college, but I didn't really perfect the technique until a couple
of years ago. I guess you can say it's a life time's work."

I looked at the ball I was holding. I looked down my legs at my
sneakers. I had never realized how much power I had at my hands
and feet!

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Domination of Jason
Chapter 6

All of these techniques helped me establish sexual anxiety and
relief in Jason. Stimulating a man and controlling his release
was just an ends to a means -- sexual domination.

And it worked! By then end of our third month of training, Jason
became completely devoted to me. Having him do the household
chores was convenient (he always did his share, and didn't
consider it demeaning as such, it's just that he now did my share
as well). I really enjoy having him give me backrubs and tending
to my feet (he still considers kissing and licking them to be
humiliating). And I always enjoy the complements I get from our
friends about how much a gentleman he is when we go out. Many of
my girlfriends comment to me about how they wish they had
husbands or boyfriends who are so polite and considerate. "How
did you do it?" they ask. Sometimes, I'm brave enough to joke
about it. "You have to train them when they're young," If they
only knew! I see some recognition in the eyes of some women, but
so far, Debbie is the only one in whom I can confide. Usually, I
stammer something like, "I'm just lucky, I guess."

Best of all is the sex. I allowed Jason to have intercourse on
those few occasions when I really felt in the mood for it, and
when I thought he really deserved it. He was so well trained to
consider my needs first that I am always totally satisfied.

It was about this time that Jason and I established a bedtime
routine. I wash up and brush my teeth, get into my nightgown, and
sit in a wing-back chair reading a magazine or a book. This had
been my routine ever since we got married. One difference now is
the types of magazines and books I read. I no longer read books
about kitchens and gardening. I've borrowed a lot of Debbie's
collection. She recommended a reading list for me, and I've
really enjoyed going through it. I now have subscriptions of my

Another difference now is that now Jason kneels before me, with
his face in my crotch as I spend my time leisurely reading my
femdom publications. Debbie gave me a tip to improve his
performance. I tie a string around his balls, and give it a sharp
tug if he doesn't lick me properly. Jason learned to be an
accomplished cunlinginist in a short time.

Naturally, I gave Debbie all the details of the `love sessions'
Jason and I had. She suggested that I take things in my stride,
but that I gradually escalate my discipline.

"You have to maintain control at all times." she told me over
coffee during one of our many talks we had on the subject of the
taming of Jason. "I think you are ready to move into phase two."

"Phase two?" I asked her.

"Yes. In phase one, you rewarded Jason's good deeds with letting
him come. In phase two, you start punishing for bad behavior."

"Well, we certainly don't have much of that." I confided to her.
"Jason has been the perfect gentleman."

"Nobody's perfect." she replied. "Make something up. Don't settle
for sloppy service. If he's not on top of everything at every
moment, take it out on him."

"What do you mean by `take it out on him'." I asked.

"Spank him!" she said as if she couldn't believe I even asked the
question. "Men and women have been spanking one another since
Adam and Eve. It's perfectly natural, perfectly safe, and
perfectly necessary."

"I don't want to hurt Jason?" I complained.

"That's good. Some men like pain. We won't know about Jason --
and yourself -- until we get into a more advanced stage in his
training. Pain is something that can be added on later. The thing
we're going for here is humiliation and psychological control.
Spanking provides that."

"Spanking is on the extreme low end of the pain spectrum. It
rarely ever really hurts, and even then it's only temporary. The
real value of spanking is the humiliation. I bet Jason hasn't
been over a woman's lap since he was a little boy. He probably
has ambivalent feelings about it. I'm sure he loved his mom, but
at that stage of his life, he was dependent upon her. She
controlled his life. In a sense, you are taking her place as he

Spanking isn't something a grown man is supposed to submit to. To
surrender his body to you is a leap of trust. You are woman. All
of the world is telling him that you are supposed to be his
inferior. If that's so, how come he's over your lap. These are
the things that will be going through his mind."

"What do I do?" I asked.

"Start out with a simple, over-the-knee, hand spanking. It's
really an erotically cozy and intimate thing. You won't hurt him
much, but you'll really assert your authority over him. Later on,
as you both become more comfortable doing it, you can experiment
with belts, hair brushes, and even whips if it gets that far."

She laughed as she saw my mouth drop. I was certainly a non-
sophisticate when it came to these things. "Listen to me! I sound
like a mom instructing her daughter how to bake cup cakes. This
stuff seems so simple and so natural to me, that I forget that
other women don't do it as a routine."

I sat in awe of this woman's knowledge and experience. I decided
I'd try it.


I came home to see Jason's ass looking up at me from the kitchen
floor where he was on his hands and knees scrubbing. I called to
him, "Come in here! Stand in front of me. Look at this mess," I
said, sweeping my hand across what, in my pre-domination days, I
would have thought a perfectly clean living room. Now I could see
minor imperfections. A piece of lint here, a slightly
out-of-alignment picture there. "That doesn't look right at all.
We're going to do something about that right now."

I spoke mainly to build up my courage and to make Jason feel
inferior. This was a big leap for me, and I couldn't stand up to
much resistance from Jason. I needed him to give into me this
first time, and then I knew I could control him for life.

"You have to be more careful," I told him. "You have to pay
attention to detail. I don't want Debbie or my other friends
thinking we live in a sloppy house." I was being totally
unreasonable, but Jason took it all in meek submissiveness until
I suggested corporal punishment.

"I think you need to be taught a lesson. Get over here and get
over my lap. I'm going to give you a spanking to teach you to be
more careful."

"Anne!" he said.

"Anne?" I yelled back at him. "You are to call me mistress.
That's two lessons I have to teach you."

"I'm not going to let you spank me." he hissed, and then
belatedly added, "mistress."

"Oh yes you are." I said. "Do you want sex?"

"Of course I do, mistress." The title came more naturally then.

"Well, think about it. We've been in our `special arrangement'
for a couple of months now. Right?" He nodded a "yes."

"And in that time, since I've taken charge of your sex life,
you've had fewer ejaculations."

Again a nod.

"And they've been better ejaculations, haven't they."

He looked at his toes and admitted, "Yes, mistress."

"Ejaculations are more fun -- sex is more fun -- when I control
your lusty urges. You can't do it right unless I tell you or show
you how to do it. You need my dominance -- my control -- to have
good sex. AM I RIGHT?"

His eyes remained riveted on the floor as he muttered, "Yes

"So there you have it. You don't have to come and get your
spanking. We can stop these games right now and go back to the
way it used to be. We can also stop something else. Do you
remember that first time I made you go all week without relief?"

Emphatically, "Yes, mistress."

"Well, how would you like to make it a month, or a year, or a
lifetime?" The question was rhetorical, I didn't expect and

Jason crossed the room to the seat on which I was sitting and lay
over my lap. He surrendered! I spanked him until his ass was good
and pink, and my own hand felt puffy and tingly itself. That
wasn't the only thing that puffy and felt tingly. I had Jason
finish me off with his tongue on the spot.

Debbie never told me how much fun this part would be. Looking at
Jason's drooling erection, I was sure he found it exciting too. I
found an excuse to spank Jason every other day.

By the end of the month we modified our life style even more.
Jason's schedule looked like housework every weekend, spanking
every other day, and cunt lapping every night. It was something I
couldn't even dream about the day I walked in on him, but I found
that I wanted more. Debbie warned me that this stuff was
addictive, but I only half believed her until I started hearing
some of my own demands.

I don't think it would have been as much fun for me if Jason
didn't get off on it too. I know that he really didn't take my
treats seriously. He could have terminated the arrangement at any
time. Instead, he hung in there. Everything I did to him or had
him do for me was something he wanted to do deep down inside. He
might have thought that he was being `f***ed' to do it, but no
f***e, treats (real threats, that is) or coercion was used. He
never once used our `stop' signal, and we discussed a lot of what
we did before we did it. What really convinced me that he enjoyed
my dominance is that he almost always had an erection every time
we did something.

Jason was faced with a simple decision: FemDom or Freedom. As I
sit here at my terminal, Jason under the table on his knees in
front of me, his head in between my legs, his mouth against my
pussy, his tongue where I love it most, I know he made the right

(The end -- for now. I'll continue if there are still readers who
managed to stay awake to this point and actually want to see
Mule... Continue»
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Oral the way to London

The Way To Paris

I couldn't wait, I wanted to go to Amsterdam more than anywhere else in Europe. This was my first visit to the city which I imaged was full of enlightened thinkers and freedom from the stodgy American war on d**gs and the cloistered view of prostitution. I couldn't wait to experience it for myself. I was practically vibrating with impatience to be on the coach to London. Miguel said coolly, in no hurry to be off, "Belle, if we get to the station before the bus, we will still be waiting." He was so frustrating sometimes!

Finally we were on the way to London. The bus was so slow, the landscape through the window was painfully dull on this dreary, gray February day and I couldn't sl**p. I was like a caged panther. I wanted to be there, the tight quarters were making me fussy and fidgety. Miguel sat next to me, his long legs stretched into the aisle, reading his textbook as placid as a frozen lake. I pressed my breasts against him and beamed my brightest smile at him, "We are gonna be on the train in 5 more hours. One night in Paris then tomorrow we will be in Amsterdam!!! I can't wait!"

"Querida, I am happy also, but you are like a bean in a box, relax."
"I can't I'm too excited."

He leaned over me where I sat in the window seat, and covered my lips with his, "Minha Belle, I will make you relax." He slid his fingers under my jumper and grabbed my breast, cupping my soft flesh over my bra, then kissing me, he pinched my puffy nipple through the lace fabric, harder I could have expected.
I gasped, shocked at his audacity and tried moving back away from him, but there was nowhere to retreat in the tight confinement of the window seat. I hissed, "Miguel! Stop, others can see!"

He chortled, kissing me harder whispering in my ear, "Belle, I want to have you here on this coach with all these people watching."

I giggled and tried to wriggle out of his grasp, "You wouldn't!"

He smiled and purred to me, "Oh, yes I will, my Belle. I will do what I want, and you will like it." He pressed his lips to mine and nuzzled my neck, snaking his fingers into my bra, around my breast and gripped my puffy nipple tightly, stroking it until it was elongated and hard. I moaned softly in pleasure. He continued to toy with my nipple under my sweater. Leaning close to me, nuzzling me, licking my neck and ears, purring sweet romantic words in my ear until I was writhing. "I can make you cum with just my fingers on your breast. I love how you respond to me my dear girl."

I gasped, biting my lip to keep from moaning out loud. His fingers tweaking my nipple hard, twisting and tugging the sensitive flesh painfully making me wince and shudder, feeling embarrassed, but very aroused and hoping for more.
"I won't make you cum, that would not be fair to the other passengers." He moved his fingers from my bra, I was disappointed and frustrated. He watched my face, he saw me becoming fractious and annoyed. I felt like I was going to explode in a fury of sexual wrath. He felt me becoming angry and tight. Kissing my nose gently he teased, "Poor girl, so horny, but so shy, you said 'no', you told me to stop. Did you not? No, means no, right querida?"
I glared at him. He smiled down at me serenely, slid his navy blue woolen jacket over my lap as if to tuck me in for sl**p and put his hand on my thigh under the jacket and patted my leg gently as if to soothe me. I sat in a red fury, frustrated and angry at him for teasing me this way. He smiled at me and kissed my forehead gently. I put my head on the cold window to try to sl**p. As I sat there, the fury rose in me like a wave coming into shore, until i was in a blazing fury. I sat motionless, swearing at him in my head. You fucking asshole! Where do you get off making me all frustrated then dropping me like I'm Hot... FUCK YOU! What do you think I am, your fucking puppy?!? Making me dance for you like a puppet on strings. FUCK YOU!
As I sat there seething I felt his fingers slowly trailed down lower on my leg to my knee, to the hem of my skirt. He lifted the hem of my skirt slightly and tucked his hand under the hem. I pushed his fingers away f***efully. I was pissed! I opened my eyes, and looked at him, my eyes wide and shook my head, "No". He smiled the sweetest, most disarming smile at me, and nodded playfully, "Yes" at me. The voice in my head yelled. No, I'm angry at you. He continued to smile boyishly at me, his fingers toying with the hem of my skirt. I felt my resolve slip away. Damn the man! I can't stay angry when he is playful like this. His fingers slid under my woolen tweed skirt up over my cream colored, cable knit tights to the wet cleft. He left his finger there, a warm, un-moving pressure against my clit. He stayed there, letting me relax and waited for my temper to dissolve. When I parted my legs ever so slightly, he leaned into my ear and moved my hair away with his other hand. "That's a good girl. I'm always going to have what is mine, no matter what you want." He was so frustrating!

I glared at him, and closed my thighs around his finger, but with his other hand he put his thumb into the muscle above my knee and gripped tightly, making me open my legs involuntarily as he activated a pressure point. He pressed his finger into my pussy through my tights and stroked back and forth very gently. I relented, relaxing, parting my thighs for him even wider. He kissed my lips and smiled warmly at me. Pressing his lips to my ear through my hair he breathed, "That is my good girl. You know this is what you want, you want me to pleasure you on this bus, with all these other people here, not knowing what they are missing. I have your hot sex to distract me from the journey, they have nothing."

His words left me pliant and somewhat giddy, my fury waning completely. He moved his hand up and tugged down my tights from around my hips, and whispered to me "Lift up for a moment, Belle, I do not want to ruin your pretty clothing." I rose my hips up against his hand and with his other hand he reached around me and tugged the elastic of my tights and panties under my buttocks freeing my moist cleft to his hand. With my tights around my thighs, I felt confined. But seeing him grin as if he were a lottery winner relaxed me as he pressed his finger tenderly against my warm button.

Very slowly he worked me, his finger gliding over my closed entrance back and forth, meditatively. With each circuit he outlined my nub, never touching it. He purred softly in my ear. "Sweet, Belle, relax, just enjoy the journey with me." I closed my eyes and felt every motion of his finger on me as if it were designed to make me calm and wait, as each stroke made me more and more aroused. I was so wet now, I was sure I was going to leave a hot puddle on my seat. When I was very relaxed and it appeared I was sl**ping he thrust two fingers deep into me. I bolted to attention and opened my eyes with a squeal.

"Mmmmm Belle, you make me so hard when you react like that." He thrust his fingers deeper into me, pumping them now, making me writhe. My world lost focus of everything except his fingers in me, and the sensations I was feeling. I heard the embarrassing sloppy wet squish of each thrust of his fingers and I started to moan softly. "Be very quiet Belle, or the rest of the coach will be so jealous of you."

I felt myself blush hotly, with his words and I bit my lip hard, pinching my eyes closed, careful not to move so I looked as if I were sl**ping to any other passengers. He kept thrusting his fingers wetly in and out of me, I started to feel myself contract around his fingers, I was aching to cum, but was afraid of being heard or even worse seen. He leaned his head against my chest and looked up at me, his fingers deep in my pussy, rocking up and back until i thought I was going to shatter into a million glistening shards. When I opened my eyes his were bright and on mine. He nodded and mouthed one word, "Cum."

I couldn't stop myself any longer. His fingers kept moving in me, making me writhe, hot spikes went through me, I couldn't stop it. I needed release. Humiliated I closed my eyes, put my wrist in my mouth and convulsed silently around his fingers, gasping softly, and gripping his shirt with my other hand.

He pulled his hand from under my skirt and out from his jacket on my lap. He placed his fingers in his mouth and sucked them clean. "Meu deus, Belle, your honey tastes delicious."

I looked at him, shocked, my eyes wide and round and he only laughed at my reaction. "Do not play at the being the prude, querida, you just came on a coach with all these people who could hear you." He carefully arranged the jacket over his lap and placed my hand on his lap. I looked at him, appalled, and he nodded sagely. He whispered into my ear "Belle, what is good sauce for the chicken, is also good for the cock." His primitive and punny translation of that phrase made me giggle. "Do not laugh, it is true. You made me this way, it hurts for you to leave me to suffer with blued balls."

In the guise of getting more comfortable we switched places. I pulled up my tights and knickers as I shimmied under him to the outer seat. When he got comfortable in the window seat. He leaned back and opened his fly, arranging his woolen pea coat around his hips he pulled me down to rest my head in his lap. He pulled my long woolen coat around my shoulders and arranged the skirt of it over my hips but kept the oversized fur lined hood up over my head, shielding the view of his lap.

I gripped his rigid cock in my grip and stroked him firmly, milking droplets of precum up over the tip. I licked them off, then stopped my massage, resting my head on his thighs and I looked up at him coyly and breathed "I am going to sl**p now. You don't want to make a mess here on the bus."

He reached into my hood, gripping my hair and neck in both his hands and growled, "The fuck I don't." Miguel almost never swore in English. I grinned up at him batting my eyes prettily and watched his eyes. He watched as I lifted off his lap very, very slowly opened my mouth wide, and sucked his entire length into my mouth. As I held him not moving, with his cock lodged deeply in my throat, his mouth formed a round O as he gawked at the sight of me deep-throating him on a public coach. I slid my mouth up gradually and watched him lose his usually rock solid control. His eyes rolled back and he started to pant in ragged breaths. Then he looked back down at me again. I watched him grimace as his cock throbbed in my mouth. And again, he looked away.

I kept my eyes up so he could see me. So I could watch what I was doing to his control, so i could feel this power. So I could see my revenge. With one hand massaging his sack, I slid slowly, sl**pily up and down his turgid rod. Feeling it stiffen and throb, as soon as I felt like he was going to cum, i looked up at him watching the suffering on his face, as held perfectly still, wrapping two fingers around the base of his cock like a cock ring to still him. He didn't say a single word, the only sound he made was his breath, blowing through his nose like an anxious colt. When I cinched his cock at the base with my fingers he clutched his fingers tighter into my hair under the hood of my coat, gently pushing me down.

When my jaw was starting to become sore, i kept going. I wanted to punish him for making me so angry, for turning me into such a slut on the bus, for making me into his puppet. I urged the cum up with my lips and fingers. Taking him deep in my throat and massaging his balls with the tip of my tongue. Then massaging his shaft in pulses as i moved in long slow strokes, then working faster and faster. When he was ready to cum, I felt him gripping with his hands, his cock throbbing in my throat i looked up at him and slid off entirely, exposing the purple head of his cock to the cold air.

He glared at me, gripping my hair and pushed me down. I grinned up at him and saw, I had achieved what I wanted. He had lost his calm self discipline. I made him frustrated, needy and ready as he had done to me. I gripped his balls in my hand firmly and stroked him with my lips fast and firmly. I felt his legs under me go tight and I felt my reward slush into my throat. He let out an audible groan and sprayed my throat with his seed in hot pulses. Pressing his clenched hands firmly on the back of my head he thrust up again and again into my throat, I felt myself gagging on the stream of cum and his intruding cock. I swallowed as quickly as I could, gulping the torrent of cum as quickly as I could but some dribbled over my chin onto his balls. My eyes were streaming, I pressed my hands hard against his thighs, I needed air. I looked up at him imploring, he pulled me back by my cheeks seeing I needed a moment. I sucked in gulpfuls of air through my sore throat. He grinned at me rakishly. He pulled me up to his chest wiping my face with a serviette.
He smirked weakly at me, "You are amazing, Belle, but you need to be punished. That was very cruel, making me wait like that, and then making me lose control and nearly embarrassing myself."

I grinned at him, my makeup running but I was happy and calm. I snuggled against him and slept until we arrived in London. ... Continue»
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Katy's Reluctant New Look Ch. 01

(Sexy conservative wife is put into uncomfortable situations)

"You look so good in your Calvin Klein suit, darling!" I told Jake as he hurried out the door with his orange juice sloshing out of the glass and across his fingers. He was running late for the sales meeting at the brokerage.

I love my husband so much! He's not one of those pretty boy types. Instead, he's a man's man; big, strong and very capable of taking care of himself in any situation, physical or otherwise! Jake's the kind of guy that knows what he wants and gets it. I guess that's why he has me!

"Thanks, Katy! You knock em dead today to sweety!" he told me as I kissed him goodbye and shut the door behind him.

Well, I always do 'knock em dead'! Jake and I are the perfect couple; very conservative and very well connected. We were high school homecoming king and queen; football star and cheerleader! And, nothing changed in college or since! He's still my big, strong quarterback. Only now, he's quarterbacking the staff of brokers at one of the Metroplex's largest firms. And, I'm still a tall beautiful brunette with a very nice figure, if I do say so myself!

Jake is quite proud of my body that is lean and lithe. I'm about 5' 7" tall and weigh 115 with measurements of 34, 22, 34. I have nice large breasts that fit nicely into a C cup bra, long slender legs and a great butt.

Jake likes to call me his "Brunette Beauty Queen", and I love hearing him say it! In fact, each time he does I give him a kiss and a "thank you, darling". When he is really nice and complimentary I let him take a few extra liberties while he gets his 'thank you' kiss that I might not ordinarily allow; like patting my behind and maybe even squeezing my perky breasts, just like this morning during breakfast!

We have two wonderful young c***dren; a beautiful new home in the suburbs in a gated community; all the friends we could possibly want and all the right connections. Most importantly, our image as one of North Texas's high-profile conservative, up and coming young couples is unimpeachable!

That's why I am having such a hard time understanding why Jake keeps insisting I dress in more revealing clothes and flaunt myself in front of strangers. It is sooo upsetting! Just like this morning, when he insisted I wear a short miniskirt and tight top to my Conservative Women's Voting League meeting! "You'll look terrific in it!" he said.

I told him right away that it was a very sexy outfit and "thank you very much for buying it for me" but it's not the right look for my meeting. But, he insisted I put it on before he left and he was determined to make sure I wore it to my meeting. "Oh, god, I couldn't," I said, "I'd be too embarrassed."

Jake must have sat pouting at the breakfast table with his arms crossed for the better part of ten minutes! Just to appease him, I took the outfit and walked upstairs to our bedroom. Reluctantly, I slipped into it and came back downstairs to show him. I always want to look good so before I left the bedroom I checked myself out in the mirror and straightened the skirt and blouse; making sure they looked just right!

"Do you like it?" I asked him downstairs. He sat mesmerized for a few moments before telling me how hot I looked.

"I suppose I do look sexy and sassy! And, the high heels are really pretty!" I teased as I bent over, straight-legged, to pour milk into his cereal. As my miniskirt climbed up my bottom, I paused for effect and added, "But, it's not appropriate for my meeting!"

"See, I can't even keep them in," I told him as my boobs fell out of the top. "And, my behind shows each time I bend over!" I added as I playfully pulled the hem of my skirt back over my ass; but only partway down so that my panties still showed.

"What do you mean? What's the problem?" he asked, knowing full well what the problem was! "Don't worry about what your girlfriends think," he replied, smiling, staring at my legs and then feeling me up.

Well, I pranced around the house in the outfit while we both played a waiting game to see who would have to leave the house first. Would it be me or Jake? He had an important sales meeting at his brokerage and I was already running late for the Voting League. I knew my only hope was to wait him out so I kept making a show of it until he left for work, only to rush upstairs as soon as his car left the driveway! "Whew! That was close!" I said and hurriedly changed into a proper outfit; long black skirt, black heels and a white, button up the front blouse.

I didn't want to be late so I sped down the interstate in a hurry! "Jake Rogers!" I scolded out-loud, looking into the visor mirror to apply my blush as I weaved in and out of traffic on the way. "You are just going to have to get over this little game you're playing! These little 'Show Off My Sexy Wife' episodes are going to stop!"

By the time I pulled into the parking lot of the Four Season's Conference Center I'd received my fair share of 'looky-loo's' on the road. The men don't dare oogle me with Jake in the car. But, whenever I'm out alone...My goodness, they think just because I'm a pretty brunette they have a license to stare! If Jake only knew how lucky he was to have a wife that didn't dress like a flirty slut!

"Hmmph! Jake, you should appreciate being married to a woman that is always thinking of our image," I said to myself as I slammed the car door shut.

I couldn't get it off my mind as I walked to the hotel entrance; straightening my suit and hair as I went. Don't get me wrong, Jake is a wonderful husband. I love him so much! But, he needs to understand that our image is important to our future! He does his part at the brokerage. And, I do my part by setting our social calendar and taking care of the household and f****y affairs. The way we dress and present ourselves is an important part of it! "This power suit ensemble with matching handbag and heels doesn't just put 'itself' together," I said under my breath as the automatic door opened and I saw my three best friends in the lobby.

Nicole, Amber and Julie! We run in the same crowds and social gatherings and are all best of friends!

"Hi ladies!" I said to them as we gave each other air-kisses. It's so nice to be with them. We have so much fun together serving on the fundraising committee! The work is very important to the league and we take it very seriously. In just the past year we've held golf tournaments, poker nights, banquets and silent auctions to raise money; not only to benefit the Conservative Women's Voting League, but also to help local charities. And, Nicole, Amber and Julie are a big part of the effort!

It's too bad that all three of their husband's refuse to quit flirting with me! I've had to remove their hands from my bottom so many times I've lost count! "Exxxcuusse Me, Phil..or Larry...or Joe!" I tell them as I push their paws away! I just don't understand them. Their wives are pretty...maybe not as pretty as me, but never the less; they are pretty! And, I would never do anything to embarrass or hurt my friends.

I have to admit; It is kind of fun when we all get together for a cookout or social event; all three of my best friends and their husbands; knowing that their husbands want me more than they want their own wives!

That's when it's the most difficult; when all the guys are together. That's when they seem to look for every opportunity to catch me alone and cop a quick feel. My word! I can't even excuse myself for a bathroom break without worrying they'll show up in the hallway. But, I push that thought right out of my mind and pride myself on not giving in to them! My mother taught me that a woman of high moral values can never cheat on her husband or her girlfriends. Besides, if Jake ever caught them he'd drop them with one punch!

I got home a little after noon and Jake must have swung by the house for lunch because there was a note and a package for me in the bedroom. "That's so nice of him," I thought as I opened the note. It read, "Meet me for racquetball at 2:00pm. I hope you enjoy the new exercise outfit I bought for you! Love, Jake!"

"That's my man!" I said. "Oooh! He's so thoughtful to buy me a new outfit."

I just love getting gifts from Jake! I enthusiastically opened the package to find a very fashionable exercise outfit! "Oh, my!" I gushed as I held out the sports shorts and sports bra. The outfit was white and the bottoms had two delicate blue bands running across the waist. They were shorty-shorts, with the waistband three inches below my belly button on my perfectly flat tummy and the legs ending just below my crotch. I immediately looked at the tag but didn't recognize the label. "Wicked Weasel. Hmmm, never heard of that brand," I whispered.

They're a little bit stretchy, I thought as I held them up. And I wrinkled my nose as I looked at the bra after putting it up to my chest; thinking it looked a size too small and way to skimpy.

"That's funny?" I said curiously as I held the shorts to my hips. The shorts didn't have the reinf***ed gusset that normally comes with these types of stretch-shorts. "Hmmm, must be a new kind of fabric blend," I said as I wiggled into them. I inspected myself closely to see if my well manicured bush was showing through, but the white stretchy fabric appeared to cover me just fine. The only problem was that they were too small for me!

"Oh my goodness!" I said after putting on the bra. "The men will have a field day oogling me! I can't wear this." The tight white sports bra pushed my boobs together and created a very large cleavage that was visible above the neckline. And, the bottoms hugged my every curve! "Thank goodness I don't have an ounce of fat on my body" I exclaimed as I admired myself in the mirror. I'm so proud to have thin upper legs that don't rub in the middle like some of my friends! Jake always tells me that the little gap below my crotch is sexy! "So, there! Girlfriends!" I said proudly.

I didn't want to disappoint my husband by leaving his gift at home. So, I wore a warm-up suit to cover the 'one size too small' racquetball outfit, put on my white tennis shoes and took off for the courts.

I entered the club full of apprehension at what Jake might have on his mind. Did he purposely buy my clothes too small? Or was it an innocent mistake? At two in the afternoon the courts aren't overly crowded and I was thankful for that. But the three center courts are always full. And, today was no exception!

I found Jake and Phil at center court with three young little vixens watching them play. Jake always attracts attention from the "pretty young ladies". This time, they were sitting at a table in front of his court, sipping their drinks and watching my husband through the glass wall. Why can't you girls just have your drinks up at the bar? I thought; gritting my teeth and popping my gym bag down in front of the door. I gave them a curt smile and shut the entrance door behind me. "Little gold-diggers," I murmured.

"Katy!" Jake said, wiping the sweat off his brow and giving me a kiss.

"Blekk!" I huffed and pushed him away as his sweat dripped all over me! "You're sweating like a bear!"

"Let's get you warmed up." he retorted, ignoring my comment.

"Nice to see you, Katy! Thanks for letting me join you guys today." Phil said. Normally, when Jake and I play it's only the two of us.

"It'll be nice to have someone to help cover some court," I answered. I'm a pretty good player but Jake's so strong and quick and competitive that he runs me all around the court. I was glad to see Phil because I thought that having him to play cut-throat might keep me from getting too overheated, especially since I didn't want to take off my warm-ups!

Unfortunately, Jake kept forcing the ball to my side of the court and half way through the first game I was already too hot.

"Take off your warm-ups, Sweetheart." Jake suggested. "You've gotta be burning up!"

I explained to him that I was doing just fine and he should mind his own business, "Thank you very much!".

My snarky comment only seemed to motivate him even further; as he tore through Phil and me both, on the way to an easy win.

"Damn, Jake! What'd you eat for lunch, dude?" Phil asked.

"Sorry, Phil. I'm just a little miffed because Katy doesn't like the outfit I bought her."

He said it loud enough for me to hear him. And, his comment succeeded in stinging me a bit. "My word!" I said to myself. I shouldn't be playing racquetball in a skin tight pair of shorts and a sports bra that accentuates my cleavage; even if I do have the sexiest physique of any woman here.

"Hmmph! I'll just show you!" I said, and peeled out of my warm-ups. "There. I hope you're happy now, Jake!" I noticed Phil was having a hard time keeping his gaze at eye level, but he's always a gentleman and didn't allow himself the luxury of eyeballing my figure; at least not while I could notice!

After the first point, I decided that I was probably being a little bit silly. It's only a racquetball outfit, after all! And, he was so thoughtful to have bought it for me! The least I can do is play one or two games so he can see that I appreciate it! Besides, it'll be fun showing those little vixens at courtside just how fine Jake's wife really is!

"Wow, Katy! Jake sure knows how to pick out clothes for you! I wish I was that good choosing clothes for Nicole!"

"Thank you, Phil! That's one of the reasons I love him so much! And, I'm sure you do just fine with Nicole's gifts" I answered.

Jake winked at me and gave me that 'I love you' look that makes me melt each time I see it. It felt so good to give in to him and take off my warm-ups!

It wasn't long after we began playing again before a few men showed up to watch me from just outside the glass. I'm used to it from men and it didn't bother me too much at first. They sure seemed to enjoy seeing my boobs bounce and jiggle each time I played the ball and I figured it wouldn't hurt for them all to be jealous of what Jake has. Those pretty young girls disappeared in a hurry after I showed them up and the men sat at the now vacant table next to the glass.

The racquetball club is very upscale, with tables and leather sofas in the area directly in front of the glass wall. It had a second floor bar with tables beside a metal railing that overlooked the three center courts and within a few short minutes several men were leaning over the railing; drinking their beers and looking down onto our game.

Before we finished another five points, I was regretting my decision. I had three lecherous men just outside the glass and several more looking down on me from the club level. And, I couldn't keep my shorty shorts from crawling up the crack of my behind! It was so frustrating! I could feel them sucking into the crevice between my cheeks each time I played a shot. And, Jake seemed to be deliberately hitting the ball onto my side of the court just so I would have to move around a lot! I was certainly not presenting myself in a very lady-like fashion! "Oh, My!" I thought to myself. Here I am, wearing this pretty, feminine outfit that Jake has just bought for me and I'm looking like a tramp with my shorts slid deep into my crack.

Those leering men just outside the glass were getting an eye full and I'm sure Phil was taking as many chances to oogle me as he could without me catching him! Every time I readied myself to receive a serve I could feel all of those eyes on me; watching me bounce on the balls of my feet; my long curly hair fluffing up and down; and my butt poked out as I leaned forward.

Unaware to me, as the game continued, Larry and Joe joined the growing crowd of men watching me play. "Katy is such a fine piece of ass, Joe. Look at her tits. They're perfect!" Joe commented to Larry as they both sat at the table next to the glass.

As Katy backed up against the glass, Larry chimed in. "I love the way her thighs don't touch. I wish Amber's legs were that fine. Man, I'd like to fuck her!"

They looked at each other and smiled. "Jake would kick our ass!" Joe said and they both broke out laughing. The men at the other table overheard them and joined in the laughter as Katy continued her play, unaware she was the topic of their conversation.

"At least he lets us in on stuff like this," one of them said after finishing his chuckling and taking a long drink of beer. "Yep, I appreciate the phone call," the other added. Amber and Julie's husbands continued their conversation about Katy, enjoying the view as they talked; and noticing how her stretchy white shorts were wicking up the sweat that was running down the small of her back and across her tight ass. The fabric on each side of her crack was already drenched with her sweat and with the shorts stretched tightly across her ass all of the men could now see her white skin underneath.

"You think Jake'll ever let us fuck her?" Joe asked.

"We can always dream!" Larry chimed back.

If I'd known how they were talking about me I would have slapped them both, right in front of everyone!

"My goodness!" I whispered as I found myself constantly grabbing the hem of my shorts and pulling them back into place. I didn't know that my girlfriend's husbands were watching me. I didn't find that out until later. I was focused on what Phil and the other table of men might be able to see. Unfortunately, I was fighting a losing battle and I was concerned that my pussy lips might be showing too!

The game ended with 'you know who' winning by ten points and me sweating like a pink baby suckling pig! "Jake Rogers!" I said silently between gritted teeth. "What have you gotten me into!"

I was ready to call it a day so I could cover myself like a proper lady but Jake wouldn't have any of it! He insisted we play one more and Phil was eager to second his motion! This is when I noticed Joe and Larry outside the glass drinking beer and oogling me! Lecherous men, I thought.

Great! I said dejectedly to myself. Now, there are two tables of men oogling me. One, a table full of strangers. The other, a table with two of my best friend's husbands. I couldn't help but feel a slight tingling in my loins as I surveyed my audience, knowing exactly what they were looking at! Isn't it natural that a sexy energetic woman's body would have urges in this situation?

Five points into the game I was already getting overheated and I felt sweat pouring from my body and as I looked down I discovered to my absolute horror that my bra and shorts were now almost completely see-through!

My pretty little dark nipples were poking through and I could see my entire areole through the wet, stretchy fabric that had formed to the shape of my breasts! Not only that; but dark pubic hairs were poking out of my bottoms and the white fabric was completely wet and forming itself around my pussy lips!

"Oh, my goodness!" I said to myself as panic started running through my mind. I hope they don't tell my girlfriends about this, I thought.

The reinf***ed bands at the top of my white shorty-shorts and around the bottom of the legs were still opaque but the panels were now a fleshy white color because my pink skin was visible through the cloth. Adding to my humiliation, a solid thin white band ran from the center of the waistband below my bellybutton, straight down across my bushy mound, over my clitoris and down in-between my labia; pulling them apart and disappearing beneath my pussy and for all I knew, it continued up the crack of my ass! I could hardly believe my dilemma!

I froze in my tracks and covered myself with one arm across my breasts and the other between my legs. I must have looked quite silly to Phil, who was staring bright-eyed up and down my body! I knew I'd been set up by my husband; tricking me into another one of his 'Show Off His Sexy Wife' episodes! I didn't know what to do so I quickly called for a water break to think over my options while I held a towel to my face to cover my blush!

"You think you're pretty clever don't you, Jake?" I scolded and slowly began overcoming my initial shock.

"Whaaat? Whadda you mean, Katy?" he replied, acting innocent.

"You know exactly what I mean, Jake Roberts!" I huffed.

He muttered something about it being my serve and tried to avoid the subject. But, I knew he'd planned this whole episode. What was I to do now? There were at least half a dozen men watching us play...or more precisely, watching me play. I could either run off the court like a little embarrassed schoolgirl or I could maintain my composure and continue the game like a dignified lady; hoping to not totally lose all my self-respect and dignity.

I chose the latter and continued as if nothing was out of the ordinary; and playing some of my best racquetball of the afternoon while my pussy and breasts were exposed to Jake, Phil and my leering onlookers! Actually, I felt a tingling in between my legs whenever I caught one of them staring. I shouldn't blame them. Men have always had a difficult time trying not to stare at me. The only difference was that this time they could see much more than normal and they were able to stare without any worry of looking devious! I tried to adjust my clothes so that they covered all the bits that should be covered but it was hopeless.

The guys just outside the glass had a front row view each time Jake served. He drives the ball so hard and low that I had to push myself up against the glass back wall to buy myself some time to handle his serve. This only put my transparent shorts even closer to them and I'm sure they took pleasure in viewing every inch of my bottom; as well as my sweat-soaked pussy!

Unfortunately, thinking about them leering at my pussy had an immediate effect, making my nipples hard as little rocks!

"You love this don't you Katy." Jake asked me in a whisper too low for Phil to hear.

"Whatever do you mean Jake?" I asked coyly.

"You know very well what I mean Katy; you like exposing yourself in public; you enjoy exhibiting yourself, it turns you on."

Phil was on the other side of the court acting nonchalant, but straining to eavesdrop on our conversation.

Jake knows very well that I have no such exhibitionist fantasies! "Hmmph! I retorted. "Why I never!" I said. I just wanted to blurt out that I most certainly do not like to expose myself, or even better still, be f***ed to expose myself in public by wearing this indecent sports outfit.

"Now, Katy don't be such a baby, I know you want this, I know you are already tingling." he said as I took up my position to await his serve.

I widened my stance and bounced back and forth from side to side, ready to pounce on his serve. Sweat dripped off my chin onto the floor between my feet and the crotch of my shorts continued collecting the moisture running down my belly. With my stance now wider than my shoulders, the shorts were pulled tight and off of my pussy; which I thought was a good thing, but clearly wasn't.

Larry leaned forward to make sure he was seeing what he thought he was seeing. "Look at that, Joe. The light is shining right through her stretch shorts and you can see her wet hole. Oh, man! That's sweet!"

I guess my stance was so wide that it pulled my pussy lips apart and since I was bent over with the fabric stretched and transparent they could see into my pussy! How was I to know?

Jake won the point on a low shot to the front corner that I chased down, but wasn't able to get enough of my racquet on it to hit a winner. As I walked back, Larry and Joe smiled at me and waved. I waved back and yelled, "Hi boys!" even though they couldn't hear me.

Reading their lips, I thought they said something back like, "You're tits look great, Katy!" But, I wasn't sure. I was probably just being paranoid because my sweat drenched bra had now completely formed itself around my plump, fully shaped orbs and my nipples were naughtily poking out through the wet fabric.

At the conclusion of our game my shorts were so wet from my sweat that my pubic hairs were drenched and matted together. They were curled up into little swirls and seemed to be darker than normal because of the moisture they held. And, I could see them clearly through my shorts! I pretended not to notice my exposure as I quickly toweled off outside the court; my chest heaving from the exercise.

I even acted a bit naughty by taking extra time putting on my warm-ups! "I love you, Jake!" I told him as I lifted onto my toes and kissed his cheek. Then, I whispered into his ear, "Was I a nasty little wife for you today?"

He gave me a kiss on the cheek as he held me tightly, "Very nice Sweetheart, I knew you could do it, you were exquisite!"

I struggled to reply, my pulse was racing from the excitement of my exposure and I was still breathing heavily from the exercise, so I just gave up trying and simply nodded yes.

"I knew it was going to be good!" Jake laughed. And, again I nodded because it was. ... Continue»
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