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Computer Lab

Milking Time B3 Chapter 1 Midnight Meeting

... of the computer systems we've got here, as well as overseeing and installing the security operations ... in your lab, Dee Dee," said Clyda. "Do you think you'll need any additional help to get things done... Continue»
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A Study Break

... to me in German.

We arranged to meet up on Saturday afternoon once he finished up some lab work ... moments later as I heard him come into the dining room where I was working on my computer.

“Just ... on my latest story for Lush.

After I finished up at the computer, I went into the kitchen to wash... Continue»
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College life 15

... with our advisors, a big group of us got on our computers and did
our best to get classes together ... one class
together, Math whereas I was with Scott and Michael for a required science
class and lab... Continue»
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College Sissy Part 1

... couples and a few men.

A few weeks later I was at a computer lab when one of the married guys on my... Continue»
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Samantha's Breezy Shorts - Cruel Science

... in my lab, and I instructed her to step into my special device.

"So what is this, some sort of body ... a few buttons on my white touchscreen computer,
activating the machine to close around Samantha ... from my heels up my long tights-covered legs and skirt,
my red buttoned shirt covered by my white lab... Continue»
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The Klinik Chapter One

... gleam four ‘Sci-Tech Corps Ultra Fast Mainframe Computers’, basalt black monoliths that he knew ... her legs. He cannot help but look.
Her short cotton lab coat reveals a long tapering pair of smoothly ... brevity beneath the starched white open necked ’v’ of her buttoned lab coat.

Barely a minute later... Continue»
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B5 Chapter 24 The Vectrans Arrive - Part 2

... of food.
"It's what they call a laptop, or portable computer here, sir," replied Calista.
"Why ... the various files and applications that were on the alien software on Barocca's computer ... questions later."
The six Vectrans filed into the complex. In both Dee Dee's lab and in Ebony's office... Continue»
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B7 Chapter 11 Aftermath

... she created all the havoc on Dee Dee's computers. He's the very same fellow who was the main ... computers. I want her to supervise you, so that you don't accidentally do anything to the programs ... , things just started to snowball." She pointed to the single computer at the end, which had been... Continue»
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Dr. Juggs

... table and computer leather chair and matching leather couch. I created a fake diploma for the wall ... and put on a lab coat and stetha scope around my neck.

I got my first call around noon from Joan ... was just putting my lab coat back on and my dick back into my pants when I heard Cindy walk in and sit... Continue»
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Kara, the special girl

... comfortable with. Omega Labs was more than willing to pay the person they believed would bring them a Nobel ... .

The cheerful “ding” sound taken from the game Everquest heralded a reminder, an appointment with the lab ... that threatened to envelope the worrying dickgirl. Eventually the soft blue glow of the Omega Labs... Continue»
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Daddy uses Josie

... my knowledge.
It was our typical Saturday night.I was on the computer talking in chat
rooms ... for our 1 yr old lab x sheppard mix named George.The dog
came running.
Daddy got me to lay on my... Continue»
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My Dear Pooja

... around 53 students. But there was a one computer lecture when 26 of us have to move to practical class ... because other students move to theory computer. I and Pooja both roll no. are near so always we have ... it was the computer period and teacher wasn’t there I was laying my head on the bench and have closed my... Continue»
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Merry Christmas

... a final cup of coffee while inputting patient
information into the computer before their shift ... that?" asked Amy.

"It's all right there in their computer files. You
should try it. Frequently who ... do stents. Doctor Tropico must have been working
the cath lab yesterday. Here let's have a look... Continue»
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... that stuff, well, Jodi met this
guy at the gym who is a lab technician for the bl**d
bank ... lunch, and were
employed in commercial sales of computer equipment. Jodi
and Jess asked... Continue»
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“Joe, is that making love?

... hand though, she’d fight if it came to that. I could smell the chemicals, too; his lab ... for my computer, for conversation I had my cell phone; I cooked, warmed the place in the winter... Continue»
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Doctor’s diagnosis ‘GAY’ 3

... as his lab coat, glasses that looked like magnifying glasses, and a stethoscope or thingy d****d ... , and the second visit was just a follow up to let me know the results of all the lab tests ... my frozen dinner in front of the computer. I Googled ‘Free Porn’ and found the best site ever... Continue»
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Petras Unterwerfung aus dem WWW Komplette Story

... abgetastet. Im Computer wurde daraus ein 3 D-Bild von ihr erschaffen, in dem alle relevanten Maße ... wird, während ich mich an deinen Köstlichkeiten labe?" Noch nicht ganz beruhigt gab Petra nach und ließ sich von Nami wieder zuweiteren ... an sich zu spielen. Jedenfalls nicht solange sie hier im Haus aufhielt und mit dem Computer verkabelt... Continue»
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Midnight Pool Party 1 by loyalsock

... for these assignments away from the lab. I don't have a chance to have a life."

"Why does Marlene send ... in the pool!

"So, friend, tell me about yourself. Obviously you like computers."


"So... Continue»
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How I Became an Ivy League Whore

... other, taking turns alternating from pinning me against the back wall in the computer lab and playing... Continue»
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The Furies - must read

... of emergencies and a chill went down her spine.

"Computer, set course for Deneba Seven,"

"Working ... ."

A few minutes later the computer spoke up again.

"Calculations complete. FTL engines online ... the fuck is that?" Lucky demanded of the rather timid little man in his white lab coat.

She was looking... Continue»
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