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College Friends Yearly Trip

College Friends Yearly Trip

... Me and 3 of my friends from College and High School pick a destination every couple years and go ... are still in college. Jeff is 29 and married, Scott is 30 and married and Jay is 29 and married ... and is bringing a guy with him this year that is a couple years older than us but went to our same college... Continue»
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Cape Ann Caper

... about 4 times yearly for his business and his stay is usually about 4 -6 days on each trip. I ... -- a fishing mogul -- as a single woman in college. She met and later married Willi Harmon while a junior ... in College 12 Years ago. Pregnant in her senior year, Willi and Jean had a large conventional church... Continue»
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... older cousin Gary and his friend Chad on that eventful weekend camping trip, I embaresingly confessed ... gotten earlier that day from Mary! Yes the very same Mary who was the wife of my secret gay friend Robert ... the very same State College some five years apart. While my Penny went on to graduate school to earn her... Continue»
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... worked for him, and he'd worked for me,
and we both knew that honest conversation between friends ... on swimming that he still used tiny Speedos! Or perhaps at some
private beach or a rich friend's ... glossy girl friend, I believe. But
there are persistent rumours he's slept with some of the clients... Continue»
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Becoming his girl (Sissy story by GirlyGay)

... building. My parents had gone for their yearly European trip, and I had been left behind this year ... because I had college orientation during what would have been the last week of their trip ... blew my friend that night, while dressed. I felt so slutty and perfect."

Nick sat beside me... Continue»
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... -liked nicknames. But, college had changed all that. For the past year I had worked out with my ... best friends in school, and Mom had married her b*****r, they had always remained close. They were ... year in college.

Mom came out of the house lugging several backpacks and tote bags onto the porch... Continue»
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a long time with mom

... in college and living a couple hours away; but between school and life, I manage to make it home ... things in the world. We're really great friends, mostly because of there only being 19 years between us ... that comfortable with each other.

On this occasion, She and I were preparing to leave for our yearly vacation... Continue»
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To Catch a Cheating Wife

... that of her husband. Between the two of them, their yearly household income was slightly over ... Wendy's best friend, Doris Andrews, told her about this, she beamed with pride and love for her ... of accomplishment in the corporation.

Wendy's trip to corporate headquarters in Chicago arrived... Continue»
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OHGirl's Daughter Velvet: Pregnant Again

... friends over for a quick movie. Marvin was good and he had another 5 college guys at his apartment ... .
“That’s some good shit baby.” Shawn said, while I knelt in front of him and two of his friends, who had ... friends were unloading some of their merchandise. Shawn had always been a d**g dealer and things... Continue»
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My s****r Dena and her Friend Kim

... -Up

It was August and our parents were going to make the yearly f****y trip
down to Kentucky ... to visit my mom's folks for a week. We all loved this
trip and it was a true f****y event for all ... leaving us at home for the week. On the same note,
both of us really wanted to go on the trip... Continue»
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My Long Weekend With Mom (long)

... in college and living a couple hours away; but between school and life, I manage to make it home ... things in the world. We're really great friends, mostly because of there only being 19 years between us ... that comfortable with each other.

On this occasion, She and I were preparing to leave for our yearly vacation... Continue»
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... focused most of his attention, and I'm sure his energy, into my new stepmother. Thus started my yearly ... in his big tree-shaded backyard. When I was 15, I was given the ok to take walking trips ... to the college campus and surrounding shops about a mile from his house. I started going to a coffeeshop just off... Continue»
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Aunt Jean's Illicit romance (12 chapters)

... into her, just like in the porn vids his friend Josh would let him rent when the manager wasn't ... around the country, he didn't need Aunt Jean to freakin' baby-sit him anymore! He would be in college ... mom either. If he thought about it, she had been nice, had even tried to be his friend, and he had... Continue»
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A Father's Revenge

... teenagers in high school and another starting college, the yearly grind to produce 'originals ... met in college almost 20 years ago in a computer drafting class. Teresa was studying ... on the front with her old college PO box number, along with a Panama City, Florida return address... Continue»
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The Unnoticed Fruit

... The college year is almost over and steve has exams left, he is studying hard and thinks he will do ... ..

For this year of college he has been staying in Diggs, it wasn't the plan but he couldn't find ... an affordable place to live with friends so it had to do.He couldn't complain the f****y were lovely... Continue»
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College life 4

... to accomplish this trip away on this Saturday of
this game.

"All of you wait right here," Kris stated ... to all of our friends gathered in
our room. "Matt and I will e****t them up. I want them to meet ... it," Kris said and pushed
his hair from his eyes. "Now, I want you to meet all my friends before we
chow... Continue»
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Skype Sex

... I’d been away for a few days on a road trip with some friends from college. It was the last night ... before the trip home, and I’d made plans to Skype with Julia when we got back to the hotel. We were ... buddies heard all of it, and soon I had a crowd of my friends around me watching as well.
Julia leaned... Continue»
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Fucking my Friend's Girlfriend

... Hello friends.This is Rocky here again to tell you about a sex encounter of me with my friend ... to be on the project which is in the costal region of India.Then i tried to find some of my friend over ... there and then on eof my friend told me that one of our friend name Nimmi is there.So,i tried to get in touch... Continue»
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Out for a run part 17

... to all my friends. I started working at a hospital as an RN in the ICU and it has been hard ... the area to go to college – I made them promise that we would all meet as a group when they return ... looking the way I was. I was caught, and so I told him that I met some friends and we had some fun... Continue»
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Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XXXVI

... diminished because she went to college at the city, and I had to stay here taking care of the farm ... sort of peace of mind until she came with Pierce, her college boyfriend, for a visit. I was shocked ... at the farm, so…”

“Jessie and I are the best friends! We were very close!”

“And we still... Continue»
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