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Club Night

Amsterdam club Night 2

... Club Night 2

I arrived at the same club I went to the previous night at 9:30pm or so, as I was far too anxious to ... consorting with this “partner.” This is a similar story I heard the night before. We talked for a long awhile, and I was really hoping ... ... Continue»
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Club Night

Club Night

It’s strange how things happen sometimes. I went out with 3 ... ; Michael's “ a really nice dance club with a nice mix of ages. I knew the night was going to be great because instead ... ... Continue»
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Club night

... talk until the cab pulled up in front of the club.

“That’s $22.50, and feel free to give a tip if ... no other number”

Nicki pulled herself together and left the club and hailed a cab home. On the ride home, she realized ... ... Continue»
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Apartment Complex Video Club

... to keep the club a secret and not tell the other club members that they had seen the tape.

That night Mike told Cindy ... to do another scene that night. While Mike and Cindy were fulfilling their obligation to the club the other couples were making ... ... Continue»
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... and sl**povers.
One night when we spending the night at Kristen’s
house, ... dollars a night, for four nights, if we performed two
dances a night.

Our ... club
length shorts and a shell top. I told mom I would drive
my Mustang, as it was a nice night ... ... Continue»
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Neighborhood Sex and Torture Club 2

... made more sense
logistically and gave the club a more intimate atmosphere. As a club, they wanted to
foster the idea ... that without the
accompanying pain she was unresponsive.

One night at a slumber party, Kim had brought some bondage magazines ... ... Continue»
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Sandy-The making of a Real MC Club Moma

... comfortable with was the plan to convert her to club life. As night progressed,Sandy began to drink more excessively than usual ... bench as they were now tattooing her too.
As the night continued, members that were in the bedrooms with other girls ... ... Continue»
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Wife exposed and fucked in Denver dance club

... "Your final tease of the weekend." Her panties!! Saturday night was commando night and everyone was supposed to go commando at ... club at 10:00PM. Four hours to play!!! Swingers!!!!!

There was no mention of Debbie's cunt and ass being felt the night ... ... Continue»
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... never do. That fantasy is to visit a high-end gentlemen’s club in mid-downtown DC‘s business district. I have always been ... “Christine it is great seeing you here. Here for ladies night I see. “ Christine introduced Phil to me. “Phil, you remember ... ... Continue»
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... .
Another workday morning has begun and last night’s adventure at the gentlemen’s club really gotten me energized for what is ... be disappointed. Phil invited Jessica and George to stay the night. They both opened the door and was pleasantly surprised ... ... Continue»
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Date Night (femdom classic)

... slave,
neither Chris or I had discussed that night. She had found the night very
stimulating, while I had found it degrading ...
none the less.

Mistress Rachel announced," It's movie night at the Club tonight; Zelda and
I want to take Slut and ... ... Continue»
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I found out about the wives switch club by chance when they contacted jenny ... it wouldn’t hurt would “ I knew he was interested so that night in bed we looked though the couple read there ... ... Continue»
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I found out about the wives switch club by chance when they contacted jenny ... it wouldn’t hurt would “ I knew he was interested so that night in bed we looked though the couple read there ... ... Continue»
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Not Your Average Girls' Night Out

... a seat as Lucy fetched her 'outfit' for the night. Lucy returned and handed Kate some black stiletto heeled shoes ... friend Lucy, the single girl who persuaded her that a night at a swingers club was what she needed. It was madness of course ... ... Continue»
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Yes, Dear: Kim's Night Out

... , Dear: Kim's Night Out
by Sniper32

One night Kim and her f****y got back from a night out, they were all giving
her ... a
big difference" growled Axe. "See this here patch, that's our club patch,
were a chapter of the Devil Dogs" Mack stated.

" ... ... Continue»
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A Wild Night

... lap dancers or strippers, no hostesses or women of the night. The clientele filled all those positions.

Picking out a booth ... knows just the person to complete her night of debauchery.

Walking back to the club, August smiles as the bouncer takes in ... ... Continue»
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Racial Swap-Night

... darkness."

"Well ... I do feel better about it ... at night, darling."

Undiscouraged, he again bent his head down ... before they became habit. The
other pros at the club were a friendly crowd and the owner was a very
agreeable ... ... Continue»
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The Strip Club

... make in one night. My girls can earn 3 to 5 thousand in just one night. Are you ... handsome. The only young men at the club were college boys of rich families. This ... sweet cunt. I have had a hard on all night just thinking about that sexy hole. I really need ... ... Continue»
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Deanne's first club foursome!!!!

... answered... “30???? Woweeee! I’d love to fuck 30 guys in one night!!” I thought she was joking for a second, but realised very quickly ... a greedy girl night!

Ten days later, I was at Carols when Deanne arrived for us to take her to the club. It was ... ... Continue»
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Connie's Health Club Adventure Ch. 03

... going on with all those beautiful women and men. That night I lay awake for awhile picturing every combination of sexual couplings ... I couldn't wait to tell her.

The next day at the club I approached Cindy about the Nanny position. I explained that she ... ... Continue»
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