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Club My Place! Where Anything Goes (Adventures of

Club My Place! Where Anything Goes (Adventures of

... that My Place is an awesome club." Sasha tells Mike. "Well one thing about the name you don't have ... to lie about where you've been. If you were cheating you could lie and say I was at My Place ... "Quit looking at yourself Sasha." her man scolded. She didn't see anything wrong with admiring her... Continue»
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Club My Place...We finish with Veronica

... at Club My Place of that nectar. Sasha could tell that he couldn't get enough. It sounded like someone ... his mouth with that tight lil pussy. He was the lucky one this time. She had already had my share ... that had just ran a marathon and they were just handed a bottle of water. My man was gulping it up... Continue»
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From Club My Place To My Office Space. (Pt2)

... by her bra. They met her last weekend at the Club My Place.(Refer to story Club My Place.) She ... of yours!"
"I stopped by the club and convinced her to stop by my office tonight, after she got off ... care as I did the first. I could feel the heat rising from her cunt. I placed my hand underneath her... Continue»
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... to locations where restaurants are being built, and ensuring that nothing goes wrong.

I was recently ... , but I didn't want to waste any of my sexual energy on solo adventures if I could be spending ... (obviously, they were prints). I peeled off my shirt, and took my place on the couch beside Chantal... Continue»
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My Sweet Jenny

... a fantasy about Jenny's (my wife) first
date, the frequency and intensity of my cuckold fantasies ...
increased. It's as though I live a good part of my life
in a surreal world that's been exciting ... between my reality and the underworld of
my fantasies has been some tentative exploration... Continue»
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... .

The place reminded me of the old Colony Bar at home. It was where I took my first drink. The Colony divided ... tonight, except for the place across the street. Apparently, this place never closes. I am into my ... think goes on in the place across the street, I don’t yet feel ready to venture forth. I figured two... Continue»
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Anniversary Trip ch.1 - Our Tenth Wedding Annivers

... of our more erotic adventures after my wife began to have sex with other men. We have enjoyed writing ... . I was startled by the blast of his horn and looked to my right to see if anything were wrong ... minutes or more before Paula finally appeared.

"Where have you been", I asked? "Fixing my makeup just... Continue»
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A Most Unusual Evening

... to Jennifer about my adventures, and because I was
famished, having never really eaten anything, well ... and immediately his hand goes to my exposed crotch and begins to
stroke my moist lips.

"All ... pungent it is today.

"You place your hand right at my steamy opening and I feel your fingers... Continue»
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History of wife sharing. (I previously posted on a

... My ex wife and I used to do a bit of swinging I guess you could say. We never attended clubs ... of adventures that over time escalated from very tame to down right wild (in my opinion). Well, not that I ... in my life ever posted or written anything about any of this. If you must know, by the end of our... Continue»
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Navy Shiandras Dominance of Subordinate Ranking

... with. I never had anything so large in my bum before, and once the plug
was in-place, I felt wonderfully ... so that Shi had a place to beat me and fuck me where the
neighbors wouldn't hear my screams ... where this tale
Chapter I
My name is Maureen, to be more precise, SK2 Maureen Johnson... Continue»
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... of my pig-headedness. She called up the next morning, asked if I
intended going places where I ... ."

I grabbed my nerve with both hands. "Yes. Anything. I'll do it." There
was another moment ... up from the
direction of the bedroom, where my stereo was, and then Nancy came
through the door... Continue»
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First time cheating on husband "complete vers

... should just for some fun.

I walked into the club, quite dark dingy place really not a place ... where me or my husband would normally go!
Mostly students and quite oddly a few older men on there own ... , I'm not normally the type of person who goes anywhere alone so found it quite strange.
My nerves... Continue»
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The Mentor

... and placed it on my pants just where my cock was hardening and pressed it up against the fabric.

She ... only mean one or two meetings I agreed to have my name put forward.

I didn't hear anything ... we go and then let's go back to my place and fuck."

"Why do we need another drink," I asked her... Continue»
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Party To Extend All Parties

... . The scene was erotic beyond anything I had ever experienced. Instantly I felt my pussy twinge ... cock up and down Clare's slit a few times coating my glans in juices. She placed the head of my cock ... on Clare's opening and I eased my cock in, feeling the warmth of her pussy engulf my cock. I placed my... Continue»
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Karen - From Trophy Wife to Slutwife - 1

... . Here is where the story begins. My trophy wife is named Karen. I’m a thirty years her senior. She ... Club with her friends, I rarely see her.

The final straw was a month ago when we were at my ... to welcome her Master to the reform school. Karen crawls on her knees to where I'm sitting and unbuckles my... Continue»
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The Plumber's Daughter - Must Read

... anything for me, I had no use for them, my Dad being the exception. I always had a bit of a temper, I ... anything goes. I thought that I could handle it, but they had other plans for me. They were going ... entered the club. Dusty handed me what I thought was a RSVP Key-Card. I tucked it in between my breasts... Continue»
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Friends And Neighbors

... decided to take it. I doubt that she would do anything while aware. I know my little package wouldn't ... feel anything but momentary lust with Jon. Love or wanting to be with him never entered my mind. I ... with everything. I don't want anything to spoil our friendship."

"We're okay," my wife said. "Jeff... Continue»
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Seduced by a black man and his uncut cock - Part 1

... days a week. Would hitchhike to the health club and do my circuit. I had noticed him because of his ... and placed it around his big shoulders and used my right hand on his shaft. I felt his hot foreskin ... liked cock. Never thought about the age difference or anything in that manner.

My heart... Continue»
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A Professor Is Blackmailed - Chapter 2

... at school so I hope you have something that goes with it?' Her eyes filled with tears and she read ... the last demoralizing line, which punctuated her dilemma. 'And don't wear anything under the blouse ... blackmailer planned to use the girl to administer a humiliation above and beyond anything Kerri imagined... Continue»
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Private Campground (bi-sexual gangbang)

are alone together in bed, usually anything goes.
I am in my late thirties standing 6'2" 200 lbs ... "club" known as my mouth.

I could feel the head of Mike's dick rubbing against the inside of my ... , where it was held in check from further
spreading by the waistband of my shorts.
Their pumping slowed... Continue»
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