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Clothespin initiation

... head to reply I could not believe my eyes it was Clothespin Girl Superhero. Her body covered in clothespins my 4 3/4" dick went ... back for the clothespins she left on my dick. OH! Clothespin Girl Superhero I love you. THE END. I'm not a writer nor do ... ... Continue»
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Clothespin initiation

"I have a bucket of clothespins here, amuse me slave." "Yes, sir" I replied. I loved the attention from my queen. Here I was in nothing but a painful chastity device that dug into my skin any time I got an erection. This was my punishment for being a horny slave. I see the bucket has what looks like about 50 clothespins.

I know that my queen will expect me to put all of these on me and it would be even better if I could manage to put them all on sensitive areas. I start by putting two directly on my nipples. Pain on my nipples always gets me hard so my penis was also in immense pain. I continue to put five nipples a piece on sensitive parts of my chest. I then decide to switch locations.

I begin putting the clothespins on my balls and penis. Fully erect I could usually put 10 or so on the penis itself, but I was also in chastity so this was not an option. I manage to fit about 10 or so more on my balls. I have then placed 20 clothespins out of the 50. The pain is exquisite. I am so horny from the attention and pain, which in turn causes me more pain due to my erection. "Horny, slave?" "Yes, queen" I reply. Honesty is always better than lying especially since queen always knows when I am lying. I truly and honestly love serving her, but this session is proving to be quite difficult.

I know where the rest are supposed to go, I am supposed to squeeze the skin on my flat and place them on my firm, but not quite yet ripped stomach. Queen is having me do a serious workout routine so that I am more appealing to her. She says once I have a six pack maybe she will let me out of the chastity, until then I am only to gratify her. I manage to put the rest of the pins on my body. And then queen orders me to do something that she has never done before.

"Lie on your stomach slave" I am already in immense pain so I hesitate as the pain from the clothespins will be immense if I lay directly on top of them. She response by giving me four swats with her favorite flogger. I lay down. They pain is almost unbearable. She then hogties me so that I cannot move from this position. This is by far the hardest test queen has ever put me through. "Alright slave I will be watching from the next room, there is a camera above you. You have served me well and if you can manage not to cry in agony too much you will get a promotion and you will be my slave." "Thank you, queen" I reply.

Finally my greatest wish is within sight. And this time on the floor with the pins will be spent in complete agony, but I cannot wait to serve my queen in all her wishes. ... Continue»
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New Biker's Initiation

Buying a motorcycle can transform a man into instant roughneck status. Everyone knows a man on a motorcycle is looking for adventure and is willing to pay the price by sacrificing comfort and taking additional risk. But buying a motorcycle is just the beginning, the transformation to roughneck takes more than a set of keys and some fancy outfits.

Bruce was about 22 years old. As he put on his helmet and sat on the motorcycle he had just purchased his mind felt a certain betrayal. He knew some friends and surely his parents would not like this new direction in his life. As he started up the machine the salesman at the dealership waved him on. He slowly let out the clutch and the engine stalled, he was in 3rd gear. After some initial embarrassment the salesman got the bike into the right gear and off Bruce went.

Bruce stalled the bike two more times on his way home. Even with the odd mistakes of a first time rider, he felt a sense of pride as he parked the new bike and walked into his apartment. He went to check his emails and thought about what the salesman had told him. He suggested Bruce take a riding class and that he join some type of riding club.

Bruce searched the internet for a riding club in his area. After looking at a few he found one called "Skull Valley Riders Of The Apocalypse" that club looked intriguing. Looking at some of the photos he could see that these guys had the kinds of bikes he was interested in and the men seemed like the kind of men he would enjoy hanging out with. They all had that roughneck quality.

He decided to fill out the new member application and submit it. The questions seemed almost personal, like how tall, how much do you weigh etc. But then he figured motorcycle riding was a physical activity and they claimed to do allot of desert trail riding, so he filled out every question. He pushed the send button. Right after the application was submitted an auto response popped up. It said he would hear back in 24 hours and if his application was accepted he would be given the time and location of his initiation party.

Initiation party? Bruce did not know what to think about the sound of that. He imagined they might make him drive his new motorcycle through a series of orange cones, or try to pop a wheelie or something he may not be able to do. But the photos of the club seemed exactly like what he was after. And maybe they would teach him what he needed to learn to be part of that group.

Bruce ate a can of chili and then went back to the motorcycle for some more riding. He rode pretty much the rest of the day until it started to get dark. He stopped at the local gas station and filled the tank. As he stood up his bottom was very sore. He had not realized how much his body would need to get used to this new mode of transportation.

As he walked into he apartment he remembered he application to the motorcycle club. Eagerly he flipped on his computer to see if there was a reply. Surprised he saw there was one. It said that his application had been approved and that the next meeting of the club was Saturday 12 noon. There were detailed instructions showing him the location. It was just south of interstate 80 in Skull Valley, a desolate area west of Salt Lake. The instructions indicated that the meeting would be held in a white canvas wall tent next to horseshoe springs, and that there would be lunch, a two hour ride, and then the initiation party for new members to finish off the event.

Bruce was excited. He was not sure what to wear. He had purchased some new riding boots, a leather jacket, some gloves and a helmet. He looked at the photos on the club web site. None of them seemed to be wearing any leather at all. In fact they seemed to be riding in tank tops and jeans. Bruce decided over the next few days he would find just the right outfit to be ready for Saturday.

Saturday finally came and Bruce headed out for the first real adventure on his new motorcycle. The ride out to Skull Valley was trickier than he thought. The wind was gusting which made it hard to control the motorcycle. And the bright sun was blinding. Bruce had not thought to wear any sunglasses and his new helmet did not have a tinted visor.

He finally came down the road to horseshoe springs. It was very desolate and dry. The terrain was mostly sagebrush and a few cactus. He saw the large white tent off in the distance. It was flapping in the gusts of wind. There were five or six motorcycles and an old truck parked in front of the tent. Bruce felt a sense of strangeness, but he was not going to chicken out now. This was what having a motorcycle was all about, adventure.

As he turned off the main road towards the tent his motorcycle started to wobble. He realized this was the first time he had driven in the dirt. His handlebars started to flop back and forth wildly. Before he could even think twice he let off the throttle and hit the front brakes. He remembered the salesman telling him to stay off the front brakes until he had a good feel for the bike, but it was too late. Down he went right in front of the tent. His motorcycle laid down to one side and slid. His leg was pinned. He came to a stop and the engine was still revving wildly.

A few men came out from the tent. One ran over to Bruce and flipped the kill switch on the handlebars. Two of the men grabbed the motorcycle and set it upright. They helped Bruce off. Several others came out of the tent and just stood there. A few of them smoking cigarettes. Bruce took his helmet off.

"You must be the new k**" said the man who ran to turn off the engine. "My name is Bull", he reached out to shake Bruce's hand. "Seems like this dirt road got the best of you. Let's take a look at what damage we got here." Bull looked around the new motorcycle. The handlebars were bent. "Looks like we may need to haul this into the shop, no sense in trying to fix it here. Let's go inside".

Bull held Bruce by the arm as he limped into the opening of the tent. Inside the tent there were eight men. They were definitely the roughneck bunch he had seen in the photos on the club web site. Bull motioned for Bruce to take a seat. There were lawn chairs arranged in a circle. There was a folding table along one side of the tent and several coolers. One cooler was open and there were beer and sodas floating in ice. At the other end of the tent was a cot and a few foot lockers.

Bull went around the room introducing the rest of the men to Bruce. They all had one syllable names like Thor and Buck and Kip. Bruce could hardly pay attention to the names, his leg and butt cheek were in pain from the fall, and he could not help but worry about his new motorcycle. He also felt embarrassed about them seeing him fall down. The adventure was not off to a very good start. Bull asked if Bruce needed them to take a look at his leg. Bruce felt uneasy, but at the same time he wondered himself how bad it was. Without a minute, Bull insisted that he take down his trousers so they could have a quick look. Bull retrieved a first aid kit form one of the foot lockers. Bruce unzipped and lowered his trousers. A few of the men whistled a cat call.

Bull took off his sunglasses and squatted down to look at Bruce's leg. It had some abrasions on his thigh and buttock. Bull didn't even ask, he opened the first aid kit and grabbed some ointment. He grabbed Bruce's leg and smeared the salve into the red skin. Bruce tried to relax but the ointment burned. He pulled away. Bull said, "There must be some gravel in this road rash. Son, you better let us take care of this or it could get infected. Hop up here in the table and we can take it out with some tweezers."

Bruce looked around the tent. All the men motioned towards the table. All Bruce knew was that he was in serious pain. He reluctantly laid face down on the table folding his arms under his face. Bull pulled the trousers off all the way. Then he took some scissors from the first aid kit and cut Bruce's briefs off. Bruce was a smallish young man with a thin waist and a full protruding bottom, the kind you might see on a gymnast. His ass clenched tightly as he felt Bull lift the waistband and felt the cool metal scissors against his tender butt. Within seconds Bruce laid half naked on the table, his round firm white ass protruding upwards with all the men gathered around the table looking on.

Bull pulled out the tweezers and leaned down to inspect Bruce's butt. "Ahh, there is where all the pain is" said Bull pointing to five small pieces of gravel embedded into Bruce's butt. "This is going to hurt you more than it is going to hurt me" exclaimed Bull as he opened a bottle of whisky and poured a small amount onto the wound. The whiskey felt cool. But then it ran down between Bruce's butt cheeks and onto his anus and scrotum. Bruce jumped up to all fours on the table and held his mouth open in pain. When he caught his breath he exclaimed that the whisky was burning his ass and balls.

"Oh Shit", said Bull, "Quick Thor, grab a rag and dip in into the beer cooler and rinse the whiskey off his ass crack. Bruce could not believe what he was hearing. Before his brain could process what was going on, Thor was patting an ice cold wet cloth into his ass crack and rudely wiping the whiskey off his anus and balls. Bull picked up the tweezers and told Bruce to hold still. He told Bruce that up on all fours like that made getting to the stones easier. Bruce braced himself. Thor continued to wipe the ice cold rag up and down the length of Bruce's ass crack. Water ran down over Bruce's balls.

Bruce could not help from getting a slight erection. He felt Bull pull the first stone out, then the next, and the next. Each time Bruce winced. Thor put his arm around Bruce's waist to hold him steady. Then it was finished. After the last stone was removed, Bull put more salve onto Bruce's round firm butt. Without asking he began to apply the salve to Bruce's anus and balls. "Sorry about the whisky k**, I forgot how tender these parts can be." Now Bruce's erection was full on. He did not want to move. He wished he could just disappear.

Bruce laid back down onto the surface of the table to conceal his raging erection. He had never had another man touch his balls or anus, let alone rub salve onto them. "k** you want us to take care of that BONER for you?", asked Thor in a direct all business tone. Bruce lay motionless not knowing how to respond. "Here k** just roll over on to your good side, we'll do the rest" said Thor.

Before Bruce could comprehend what was happening they rolled him on his side. Bull put some salve right onto Bruce's erect penis and began to stroke it. Bruce closed his eyes. He felt his leg being held up and another man cupped his balls, fondling them roughly. Another man began to grope and squeeze his firm tight ass globes. Bruce closed his eyes tightly.

He felt a finger slip into his ass crack and push against his anus. He clinched his cheeks together tightly. The finger wormed it's way into his rectum twisting and turning. "Man that ass it tighter than a steel flywheel on a tapered shaft" said Thor. "Dude we need to open you up a bit if you want to be part of this club", another finger slid roughly in alongside the first. Both fingers pushed in hard and deep with one twist. Bruce lost it as he felt his ass violently invaded. His erect penis spurted out all over the table.

"Aw fuck", said Bull, "we were just getting warmed up. k** you made a mess all over the table". Another man jumped down on the table and licked up the semen, and then sucked the tip of Bruce's swollen penis to get the last few drops. They all helped Bruce up off the table.

Bull stood up and said, "Well we better get going if we still want to get some riding in today. k** since your bike is munged up and your ass is injured you are welcome to stay here in the tent and wait for us to get back, or you can ride on the back of my bike, it's up to you".

Bruce thought for a minute. He didn't feel like being stranded with no way home and somehow the whole ordeal he had just been through intrigued him. Bull was a large man with well defined muscles. His head was shaved, he had a large muscular neck and a square jaw. Plus he seemed to be the leader of this group. Bull wore a tank top with an old army shirt over it unbuttoned like a jacket. He had small round dark sunglasses.

Bruce pulled on his trousers and said he wanted to ride with Bull. All the rest of the men let out whistles and cat calls. Bruce had no idea why this seemed to get them going. "Well k**, you can ride on the back of my bike, but there is one stipulation, the seat of my bike has something special to hold you in place that You may or may not like" said Bull.

Thor pushed Bull's bike into the tent. It had a bi level seat. On the passenger portion of the seat there was a two inch plastic circle right in the center. Bull opened a foot locker and pulled out two black rubber dildos. One was about six inches long and about an inch in diameter with a large bulbous knob head, the other was eight inches long and about an inch and a half thick with large ribs molded into it. Bull looked at Thor with one in each hand. "You felt the k**'s sphincter, which one"? Thor pointed to the smaller of the two. Bull fastened the dildo to the seat, it locked into the plastic circle and stood straight up. Bruce began to feel his knees go a little weak. "k** we need to put a hole in those fancy pants of yours." Bull took the scissors and motioned for Bruce to bend over. Bruce felt Bull's finger press into his crack and find his anus. He pulled the fabric back and snipped out a two inch hole.

Then Bull sat on the motorcycle and motioned for Bruce to hop on. Bruce just stood there not knowing what to do. Thor opened a can of grease and smeared it all over the rubber dildo. Then he handed Bruce his helmet. Bruce put on his helmet. Then Thor and another man each grabbed a leg and lifted Bruce up over the dildo. Bruce felt a glob of grease applied to his anus. Another man kneeled down and grabbed the dildo with his hand and guided the other two men.

Bruce felt the bulbous head of the dildo against his anus. The men lowered him slowly until he felt the head pop into his rectum. The man kneeling moved the dildo from side to side to insure it was firmly wedged into Bruce's anus. Once he was sure, he motioned for the men to lower Bruce onto the seat. As they lowered him, Bruce felt the soft rubber dildo snake deep into his ass. Once his bottom was firmly resting on the seat, Thor pushed him forward so his ass was exposed. Thor took a rag and wiped the excess grease off the seat and off Bruce's trousers.

All the men left the tent and hopped onto their bikes, Bruce could hear the engines starting. Bull reached back and patted Bruce's behind lovingly. Then he placed Bruce's arms around his waist and told him to hang on tight, to never take his feet off the foot pegs, and to lean when he leaned. Then Bull started the engine. Bruce felt the vibrations of the engine all the way up to the bulbous head of the dildo buried deep inside his ass.

Bull kicked the bike in gear and they drove out of the tent into the bright afternoon sunlight. Bruce closed his eyes and held on tightly. Each and every bump in the road drove the dildo deeper. Bruce could feel his ass slackening around the object and he started to relax. With his eyes closed he held onto Bull's waist tightly. It was like an extended wet dream. Everything inside of Bruce felt warm and buzzing with sexual excitement.

They were on the freeway now. Bruce opened his eyes to see normal traffic along side of them. He realized no one in the cars adjacent to them had any idea about the huge dildo embedded deep inside of him. The suspension on Bull's bike was stiff, so even on the relatively smooth freeway there was still plenty of bumps and irregularities driving the dildo to and fro.

Bruce looked at the car next to them. It was a nice sedan with a man and a woman. Bruce wondered what they must think when they see a man sitting on the back of a bike with another man. Then something strange went through Bruce's mind. He suddenly realized he had his helmet on and that he was the only one in the group who did. Certainly the people in the car must assume he is a woman.

Bruce thought about the dildo fucking him, fucking his tight ass, he thought of how confident and strong Bull was. He reflected on how Bull cut his briefs off with the scissors, how he felt so exposed. He realized that even though it hurt when the stones were pulled from his skin, something about having Bull working on his ass made him feel very erotic deep down inside.

In that moment, he realized he wanted Bull's hot throbbing dick in his ass instead of the rubber dildo. He wanted Bull to fuck his ass in front of all the other men. He wanted Bull to fuck him on the table in the tent with all the men looking on. He wanted to be Bull's woman so to speak. He almost felt like Marylin Monroe or something, like he was a cunt to be fucked and enjoyed by Bull.

He realized with the helmet on, and with Bull being so much larger than he was, the other motorists would assume he WAS Bull's woman. Bull's woman to be fucked hard. Bull looked like a rough man. Surely the motorists knew Bull's woman was getting fucked hard. And when he was done fucking, the other bikers would fuck even more. Bruce relaxed his ass muscles to feel the dildo penetrate deeper, he wondered what it would feel like to get fucked by all the men in the club.

He wondered what would happen when they returned from their ride. Surely they were all interested in fucking him. They were all groping and fondling him when he was on the table. He couldn't wait. Excitement welled up within him. He looked at the other motorists, they were looking at him. Bruce slid his hand down to Bull's crotch and felt the warmth of the bulge in his pants. Bruce knew the motorists saw him do this. He wanted the motorists to know their assumptions were correct, that he was Bull's woman, that he was going to get fucked hard, by Bull then by the whole club.

Bull felt Bruce's hand on his groin. He knew the k** was getting horny, that the dildo was doing it's job getting the k** ready for his nine inch monster. Bull let the bike wander over to the emergency lane where the washboard indentations in the asphalt designed to wake a sl**ping driver veering off course were located. Vrrrrump, vrrrrrrupm, vrrrrrrummp, vrrrrrrummp.... The vibrations of the washboards went right up the dildo into Bruce's ass and sent tingling sensations from his ass to his spine. Bruce began to hump at Bull's back with each Vrrruuump, Bruce lost his load again right into his trousers.

Bull pulled off at the next overpass. The other riders gathered around him. They all shut off their engines. Bruce stayed motionless. The other riders asked Bull how the k** was doing. Bull pointed to his groin where the k** was now kneading the lump in Bull's crotch like heavy bread dough. The other bikers whistled cat calls.

Bull turned his head back and asked the k** in a loud voice, "k** are you ready to go back to the tent so we can all fuck that hot ass"? Bruce didn't say a word he just nodded slowly with his helmet still on. More whistles and cat calls all around. The other bikers all grabbed their crotches and pumped their pelvises towards Bruce hollering like wild indians. The engines all started.

On the drive back to the tent Bull pulled off the highway on a different exit. They were taking a dirt road. The bumps were so big that Bruce would come off his seat and come back down with all his weight back onto the dildo. He has to tense his ass cheeks to avoid getting severely impaled, at the same time he had to keep his anus centered over the dildo and took every inch of it. The ring of muscle in his anus was being stretched this way and that way with each giggle, bump, turn or acceleration. It was like his ass was getting tenderized and loosened. His clinching and releasing ass cheeks and the tops of his thighs tensing trying to hold him up off the seat at each bump were beginning to get weaker and weaker.

Finally, Bruce could brace himself for the hard bumps no more. He had become so fatigued that his ass was now bouncing up and down freely with each bump. He could no longer muster the strength in his ass cheeks or thighs to stave off the impalement. His ass was taking the dildo full f***e on every bump now. He thought he might shit his pants because he was no longer trying to clench his ass shut. Bruce learned that if he pushed out like he was trying to shit, the impaling invader would simply find it's way. He decided this is how he would handle Bull. He would push his ass open for him.

The bumps were so big that the bike was getting airborne and landing hard, as if Bull was taking small jumps. Occasionally the dildo was coming all the way out and driving all the way back in. Some times it would slurp and splutter. Bruce worried that shit was oozing out all over the place. He didn't care though he was just trying to survive the experience.

Finally, he saw the tent off in the distance. He felt butterflies well up in his stomach. On the one hand, he was happy for the rough ride to come to an end, on the other hand he was buzzing with anticipation about what was about to happen when they got to the tent. He knew he was going to get nearly fucked to death. Strangely, he wondered what it was going to feel like to get fucked by Bull.

The other bikes zoomed forward to race to the tent. Bull seemed to slow down just a bit. By the time they got to the tent the other bikes were already parked and the men were inside. They held the tent flap open and Bull rode inside. A few of the men all had their cocks out of their zippers and were stoking them to hardness. Two men lifted Bruce slowly off the bike. Bruce felt the bulbous head pop free from his ass with a loud slurp. He looked at the shinny dildo, there was no shit anywhere. It was clean and shiny and so was the area around the base on the motorcycle seat. Bull removed Bruce's helmet. They immediately bent Bruce over the table and pulled his trousers off. Bull stood behind Bruce and rubbed his hot throbbing penis onto Bruce's red swollen anus. It was gaping and pulsing from the hard ride. The grease was shining and glimmering all over Bruce's firm round white ass cheeks. The ride had done it's job, Bruce was hot and ready for some deep dick.

As bull rubbed the head of his cock on Bruce's anus, Thor quickly stepped in front of Bruce's mouth and plopped his engorged member onto the table. Bruce began to nibble the tip of Thor's cock. Thor slowly pushed the fat head of his cock past Bruce's lips into his mouth. Bruce continued to suck and slurp at the warm salty throbbing flesh.

Bull slowly pushed. His penis was thick. Much thicker than the dildo and a full nine throbbing inches. The k**S ass quivered, Bull stopped. Bull felt the head of his cock pop past the first sphincter and come to rest on the second. Bruce remembered to push back, he pushed like he was trying to shit for all he was worth. Bull's cock popped free of the second sphincter and slid into the k**S ass all in one warm smooth penetration all the way in to the hilt. Bruce stopped breathing for a minute trying to adjust to the throbbing flag pole being shoved up his hot aching ass.

Slowly both Thor and Bull stroked in and out of Bruce's taxed orifices. The other men lined up a few at each end. Thor popped his load deep into Bruce's throat. Bruce gagged and swallowed hard. Bull cut loose and began sawing Bruce's ass with his log, going deeper with each thrust. Bull would fuck in so deep and hard that his pelvis would flatten Bruce's firm round ass cheeks with each shove. Bull groaned and began to cum just as the next guy at Bruce's face shoved his cock into Bruce's mouth.

Bull slowly withdrew one inch at a time. When he popped free cum ran down the insides of Bruce's thighs. Another man dropped to his knees and shoved his tongue up Bruce's ass slurping up the hot cum. He buried his face deep between Bruce's firm round white ass cheeks licking and slurping his anus. He stood up and held Bruce's ass cheeks apart taut. The gape from Bull's dick was impressive. The next man wasted no time and shoved his hard prick in right up to the hilt.

Bruce continued to get fucked in the face and ass until each man had deposited a rich creamy load of cum deep inside him. Bruce's legs and ass were twitching and wobbling from fatigue, he was covered in perspiration and his ass glistened from the grease and salve. Bull and Thor helped Bruce climb on top of the table and get down on all fours with his back arched and his ass perched high in the air. The rest of the men sat in the lawn chairs to watch what came next, each popped open a beer.

Bull put on his black leather riding gloves, opened his toolbox and pulled out a full set of box end wrenches. He opened the beer cooler and dropped them inside. He then grabbed a hand full of grease and stood behind Bruce's ass. Thor stood beside Bruce and held his firm round ass cheeks apart.

Bull shoved one of his gloved fingers into Bruce's ass shoving globs of grease into the slackened hole. He then went over to the ice chest and removed the smallest wrench, 3/8inch and slowly shoved it into Bruce's ass until just the end was left sticking out. The cool smooth steel felt good inside of Bruce's ass. Bruce began to relax, he rested his head down onto his arms keeping his ass up in the air. Thor continued to hold the gape open pulling the ass cheeks widely apart.

Bull grabbed the next wrench ½" and shoved it in alongside the 3/8", then the 9/16" then the ¾" and then the 7/8" and then the 1" by then Bruce began to groan. His ass was quickly beginning to feel the strain of all the cold steel working into his stretched open ass.

Bull picked up the last wrench from out of the ice chest, 1 and ¼ inch. It was about 12 inches long and the boxed end was a good 2 inches in diameter. Bull dipped it into the can of grease and placed it at the opening of Bruce's ass. Bull began to wedge the fat 2inch end between the other six wrenches already embedded deep inside. Bruce's ass twitched and he moved away form the invading wrench. Thor held him steady. The wrench sank in slowly one inch at a time until only two inches or so were left.

The men clapped and hollered. Bull patted Bruce's sweat covered ass for a minute. Then he began to pull the wrenches back out one at a time very slowly and carefully, wiping each wrench with a rag to glistening clean before placing them back in the toolbox.

After the last wrench was put into the toolbox, Bull shoved three gloved fingers up Bruce's ass and began to twist and shove them. Bruce was groaning. Thor slapped Bruce's ass hard and told him to take it, he said "Suck that fist up your horny ass or we'll beat the shit out of you". Bruce began to cry. Bull stopped forcing his three big gloved fingers for a minute and stroked Bruce's scrotum and penis. Bruce stopped crying and began pumping his hips. Thor released Bruce's ass cheeks and climbed up onto the table beneath Bruce and drew Bruce's penis into his mouth.

Bruce began to slurp Thor's penis. They were locked in a passionate 69 and Bruce was getting lost in a hot oral experience. Bull began working his fingers again. This time Bruce shoved his ass back towards Bull's thrusts. The other men began to whistle and cheer Bruce on. Bull crammed a fourth finger into Bruce's already stretched open ass. The fucking became intense. Bull was twisting and shoving, spanking Bruce's ass. Bruce was thrusting his hips and slurping up and down on /thor's prong. Thor was giving Bruce his most expert blow job. He would suck Bruce's cock deep into his throat, then withdraw to just the tip and then lick the whole length of his shaft, occasionally licking the whole length of Bruce's scrotum right up to the leather glove shoving in and out of his ass. Bruce was bucking his ass up in the air to take more of the fist Bull was expertly dishing out.

Bull gave a steady push and his gloved hand began to make steady progress sinking deeper and deeper. The gloved hand slipped past the knuckles and deep into Bruce's ass. All three men stopped moving. All you could hear was deep breathing and hearts pounding. Slowly Bull began to rotate the fist inside Bruce's ass. Bruce shuddered and quivered with each reversal of twisting direction. Bruce's ass cheeks were glistening and white in contrast to the thick black glove that was embedded deep into his ass. Bull began to slap Bruce's ass and began to bite and suck the perfectly rounded globes of flesh.

Bruce's legs stiffened and he came pumping his penis deep into Thor's throat. Thor slurped and gagged, he reached up and pumped Bruce's balls to wring every last dropout of his system. The other men cheered and clapped clinking their beer bottles in celebration. Bull slowly and carefully withdrew his fist from Bruce's ass. Bruce's ass gaped open a good two inches. The men took turns gazing into the depths of his now raw and cum filled ass. His ass cheeks reddened from all the slapping.

"Just one last step" shouted Bull. He opened the footlocker and pulled out an orange traffic cone and placed it on the table. The orange cone had several black rings drawn around it with initials near the ring. Each of the men had taken their turn on the cone to see how far down the cone they could go. Now it was Bruce's turn. The greased up the cone and helped Bruce position himself with his ass at the tip. Bruce began to sit down resting his weight on the cone. Right away he slid his ass down taking the wide girth of latex cone up into his slackened and well lubed ass.

The men cheered. He sunk the cone past all the black lines taking the cone deeper into his ass than anyone had ever done before. Bull took a permanent marker and prepared to mark the position of his widely stretched anus on the cone. Bruce lifted his finger as to signal that he had more to go. Bruce pushed out hard like he was taking a shit, then he lifted his legs off the table jutting his ass backwards arching and writhing on the cone. He reached back and spread his own ass cheeks. He groaned and he slowly sank another inch and a half down onto the cone. The men went wild cheering and yelling.

Bull quickly reached up beneath Bruce's ass and placed a mark onto the cone. Bruce's anus was stretched so wide and tight that the skin on his anus looked white. Bull carefully marked all the way around the cone carefuly holding Bruce's balls up and out of the way. Bruce was holding his breath and his face was turning red as a beat. "Almost done k**" one last mark. Then Bull gave him the thumbs up. Bruce carefully stood up off the cone. The mark was a full two inches lower than anyone else. The point at which his anus gripped the cone was about five inches in diameter. He had taken about ten inched of plastic cone up his ass. Bull wrote next to the mark on the cone THE k**.

Then bull bent Bruce over and spread his firm round cheeks, the gape in Bruce's ass was incredible, it was three inches and pulsing. Bull blew gently into the gape, it contracted and quivered. Bull kissed each ass cheek and picked Bruce up and carried him to the cot.

Bruce laid sprawled on the cot breathing heavily. Bull removed the glove that had just been up inside of Bruce's ass and the other glove and laid them next to Bruce's face. "Well k** you have officially passed the initiation. Welcome into the club. You are now a full fledged member... even if you can't ride a motorcycle yet. All the men cheered.

They loaded Bruce's bike into the truck. Bruce put on what was left of his trousers and limped to the truck. Bull loaded his bike into the truck and they drove back into town. Bull dropped Bruce off at his apartment and wished him a good night. He said he would take Bruce's bike to his shop and that he would call him when it was finished getting fixed.

As Bruce hobbled up the stairs to the door of his apartment carrying his helmet in one hand and the black gloves in the other, looking like he had been run over by a freight train, his neighbor coming down the stairs made a comment. He told Bruce he looked like he had put in a full day of motorcycle riding. Nothing could have been a truer statement.... Continue»
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My 13th Birthday initiation with mom

In my f****y, we have something called the initiation into adulthood. This is not an initiation like a barmitzvah or something like that, but very different. It goes like this: on the 13th birthday of a c***d in our f****y, the parent of the opposite sex will join the c***d in a log night of sex, in which the parent will not only give the c***d their first sexual experience, but teach the c***d everything they know about sex so that someday they might teach their own c***dren. Another thing I forget to mention, the parent does not tell the c***d until the night of the initiation.

It was my thirteenth birthday and so far everything was going great. I had gotten nearly everything I had asked for and then some. Baseball cards, action figures, and all my friends had come to the party. We played in the backyard and ate hotdogs and set off fireworks. All in all it was a great time. So of course, when everybody started living I got kind of depressed. Afterward me and my parents cleaned up the mess and then I went upstairs to take a shower.

I was hot and sweaty from the running around. I was in the shower and I started thinking about this girl i had a crush on. She was my age and very well developed for a 13 year old. She very nice, perky breasts and I often thought about touching them and her. So I was in the shower and thinking about this girl and i started to rub masturbate. I was getting kind of close to cumming and then all of a sudden I heard the bathroom door open and close. I immediately stopped and peeked my head and my jaw dropped.

My mom was standing there in the hottest outfit I had ever seen. I had always kind of noticed that my mom was attractive but now I couldn’t believe what I had missed. She was about 5’7 and 115 lbs. She had a very nice body and was just a little bit overweight but in all the right places with huge DD tits. She was standing there in a lacy black bra and black panties with stockings on. My erection which had gone down when the door opened came back in full f***e and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. When she realized that I was attracted to her she took off her underwear and got in the shower with me.

She had a shaved pussy and very pink full nipples. I was standing there and she reached down and grabbed my completely hard cock and started rubbing. At this point I was having completely mixed emotions and didn’t know what to do. But within a couple of minutes I let go completely and gave in to whatever she wanted to do. She continued to rub my cock and asked me if it felt good. “Oh yeah,” I said. “Do you want to touch me?” Instead of answering I reached out and began rubbing her pussy. As soon as I touched it everything else went away and I knew that I had to have her. I bent my head down and started sucking on her breasts and she started to moan. After licking her hard nipples for awhile I moved down to my knees and put my head in her vagina.

I had seen a couple of porno movies so I kind of knew what to do, but wasn’t really sure what would make her feel good. I was just kissing around her pussy and then she grabbed the back of my head and shoved it into her. At first was afraid I was going to suffocate but then i began to greedily munch on her clit and her pussy and she responded with loud sighs and moans.

After a few minutes she had a loud orgasm and then pulled me up so that I was face to face with her. “Now I want you to fuck me, very, very hard.” With that she grabbed my cock and literally stuck it inside her pussy. She was very tight and it was the most amazing feeling. After getting a feel for what i was doing i began going at her fast and hard. I was sliding in and out of her and she was rubbing her clit and kissing me with her tongue. I think she could taste the juices from her pussy and she liked it.

She then moved around and told me to fuck her doggy style which I did. I had two handfuls of her big ass in my hands I was ramming the hell out of her pussy. After just a short while I felt my orgasm building and then I let loose and my hot cum flooded her pussy. I pulled out of her and backed up to lean against the wall. She walked up to me and pushed a finger in her pussy. When she pulled it out I noticed it had some of my white cum on it and she started licking it off. “Did you like that?” “God yes,” I said. “Good, follow me.” She then took me into the bedroom and laid me down on the bed.

Out of nowhere she produced a tape and stuck it in the VCR in her bedroom. “What if Dad walks in us?” I asked. “Don’t worry, your dad is staying in a motel tonight.” She pressed play on the VCR and a picture of two people fucking came on the screen. “We are going to do everything that they do on the tape,” she told me. On the tape a hot young girl was giving a guy a blowjob and so my mom kneeled on the bed and took my deflated cock in her mouth. After very little prodding my dick was hard again and me moved into a 69 position which is what they were doing on the tape. My mom stuck her hard clit right in my mouth and I began tonguing it frantically. Our bodies were writhing together because everything I did to her pussy made her move and she would suck my cock even harder.

Eventually the couple on the tape began fucking doggy style so my mom got off of me and got on her hands and knees and stuck her ass in the air for me. I moved up behind her and slid my cock into her drenched pussy and began fucking her. While I was fucking her I stuck a finger in her ass and began to finger like the guy on the tape was doing. When I did this she responded and pushed back on my cock. The guy then did two fingers and eventually three and then he started to fuck her in the asshole, and so did I. I had to go very slowly and I could tell that it hurt her, but she had said we had to do everything on the tape.

The juices from her pussy acted as lubricant and after a slow start I got going fast and was ramming her ass with everything I had. At this point it was getting hard not to cum. My mom had orgasms twice now(once when I stuck a second finger up her ass) and I was ready to burst.

Right as I was ready to cum the guy on the tape moved around and masturbated right on the girls tits and face. I then turned my mom over and straddled her belly so my balls were hanging down and touching, and I jacked my cock off and shot cum all over my mom’s tits and a little in her mouth. She was rubbing it around and licking it off her lips and sat up to lick it off my cock.

I collapsed back on the bed and thought that we were done because the tape had ended, but my mom wasn’t finished quite yet. She went to the closet and pulled a 12 inch black vibrator which she immediately turned on and started rubbing on her clit. She then crawled up on the bed and straddled my face so that she was facing my feet. “Stick your tongue up my butt.” I wasn’t to sure about this but she had done a lot for me so far so I stuck out my tongue and began licking her asshole. At first I held back but then I realized it was kind of nice and went at her ass. While I was doing this she was ramming the vibrator in her pussy and moaning and screaming. It didn’t take long before she came again and then she collapsed on me.

“You are now a man,” she said to me. I held her in my arms and we went to sl**p. Me and my mom never had sex again and we never really talked about what happened, but I will never forget that night.
... Continue»
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Sorority Party Pledge Initiation

Chapter 1: The Initiation

Alicia couldn't remember the first time she'd tasted cum.

She'd been with a few guys in high school. She had slept with a football player or two, not to mention Mr. Harris, her senior English teacher. Some of them had cum on her, and surely she had gotten a few drops in her mouth in her first attempts to suck cock. She'd learned quickly that once she felt the guy tense up, she had to take him out of her mouth right away or risk him forcing her head down and trying to pump his spunk into her.

She wasn't the kind of girl to swallow cum. Only a real slut would do that, she told herself. And she wasn't a slut. She just enjoyed the feeling of a hard cock inside her and cum was an afterthought for the guy to worry about.

But her first memorable experience with that sweet-salty taste had been in her freshman year of college. There was a party her future sorority s****rs had arranged. It was a pledge rite all the girls went through ... or so they'd told her.

She'd arrived at the house with Melissa, one of the other pledges, unsure of what to expect, but sure that Lauren and Tammy had planned something degrading. It had been like that all week long.

First Alicia had to walk to all of her classes dressed in fishnet stockings and a leather skirt that barely covered her ass, with a low-cut blouse and no bra carrying a sign saying "Ask about my low, low prices." She had been f***ed to clean the sorority house's bathrooms with her toothbrush (and was threatened with being f***ed to brush her teeth with it). And that was just the start of the humiliation.

The whole week she had been a servant to s****r L and M, getting their drinks, washing their cars, cleaning their rooms, the whole works.

But that was OK, because Alicia new that these things were necessary to get into a sorority and have the "full college experience" her parents and high school counselors had told her about.

Now she was at the door of a two-story suburban house well-away from campus and about to be confronted by who knew what. Tammy had been a Cheshire cat when she had told Alicia and Melissa about the party.

"This is it pledges," she'd said. "Come to this party and perform well, and you will be the newest s****rs of Alpha Beta Tau. Don't be late. Have fun."

Alicia wondered why she and Melissa were the only ones told about the party, but didn't worry about it. Lauren and Tammy seemed like they had taken a liking to her. And Melissa too, for that matter.

Melissa was a nice girl, very flirty with long brown hair, hazel eyes and full lips. She looked like an Idaho beauty contest winner - in part because she was. She had won her local county fair twice, relying in part on the switch in her step as she strutted across the stage. The walk accentuated her rock-hard ass, tapering down to firm legs, which ended in soft-looking, perfectly manicured feet. She had shapely C-cup breasts and a tanned complexion of any man's (or woman's) farm girl dreams.

Alicia was no slouch by comparison. Milky white complexion with a light dusting of freckles, her hair was a fiery red, balanced by light blue eyes. Her breasts were only Bs, but they were pert with quarter-sized nipples that tightened at the lightest breeze. Her ass was phenomenal, the kind a boyfriend had told her he could spend hours kissing and licking. He had, in fact, until she had gotten so worked up she begged him to fuck her.

Alicia reckoned this neighborhood hadn't seen a pair like them in a while. They were both dressed in stylish dresses that showed off their best features. And they chatted nervously as they waited for someone to open the door.

A few moments after ringing the doorbell, a casually-dressed man answered the door. He was attractive, with the latest GQ hair and dimples that gave Alicia shivers.

"Ladies," he said in a smooth baritone, "welcome to my humble abode."

The girls walked cautiously into the house, scanning the entryway to try and get some clue as to their purpose there. The house was well-appointed with oak paneling and tasteful carpets.

"You girls find the house OK?" the man, who now introduced himself as John, asked.

"Oh yeah, no problems," Melissa said.

"Good, this way," John said, extending his hand to the entrance of the living room.

The girls followed his gesture and entered the room, where they found eight men sitting around talking about the Clinton impeachment hearings.

"All I'm saying is that the Oval Office is no place ... well, hello," a blond business major type was saying before noticing the girls enter the room. "It's good to see our honored guests have arrived."

"We're the ones who should be honored," a brown-haired guy in his late 20s, said, coming off more oily than charming.

Each of the men introduced himself, pointing out his major or occupation. They were all relaxed, with drinks in hand. John, the host, offered drinks to Alicia and Melissa, which they gladly accepted.

After about an hour, Alicia began to loosen up, talking to the guys about current events and her studies to be a journalist. Melissa had been surrounded by a few of the other guys and seemed to be having a good time as well.

"Well, I just loved being the center of attention," Alicia overheard her saying. "To be up on stage, with everyone's eyes on you. That's the best feeling ever."

At that, Alicia thought she saw a wink and a nod from the blond guy to one of the black guys in the room. She figured she might just be imagining it, though, and put it out of her mind.

Thirty minutes more went by, and Alicia was beginning to feel a little tipsy, when s****rs L and M walked in the door.

"Well, well. The party is already in full swing," Lauren said. "Well, not 'full swing,' but a start."

"Well, let's see if we can get the real fun started," Tammy said.

As if on cue, all the guys in the room stood up and greeted the new girls, some showing what Alicia thought might be inappropriate affection - she saw Tammy's ass cupped during more than one hug.

With the greetings out of the way, Lauren moved to the couch where Alicia was sitting, sat down and took her hand.

"OK, this is it," she said. "One last task and you are a s****r for life." Alicia nodded, confused.

"Pick a guy, any guy," Lauren continued, as Tammy instructed Melissa to do the same.

"For what?" Alicia asked.

"Well, you are going to fuck him on this couch while we all watch and Melissa does the same thing," Tammy interjected.

"What?" Alicia gasped. "You're crazy. I won't."

"All of the s****rs have done it," Lauren explained, curling a lascivious smile in the direction of the guys. "These are current and former frat b*****rs. They are all safe and discrete. And besides, it's the only way be part of us. Are you going to let a lifetime of s****rhood and the opportunity at such great connections to walk out the door because you're too prudish to follow one of our traditions."

"We'll give you, what, say 30 seconds to think it over," Tammy said, looking at both Melissa and Alicia.

Alicia was still in shock. How could they expect this from her? What kind of freakish joke was this? Did all of the s****rs really do this? What if someone found out? Why hadn't she heard about this before? The questions swirled through her head, and the alcohol didn't help.

She was just about to stand up and walk out the door when she saw Melissa stand up, drop her dress to reveal matching black bra and French-cut panties. She moved toward one of the black guys.

"Come on darlin'," she said. "If we are going to do this, let me see what you've got."

Without missing a beat, he unzipped his fly and pulled his semi-hard member out.

"Not bad," she said.

"Melissa?!?!?!," Alicia called out.

The brunette turned to her as she reached out for the now-hardening black cock and said, "Alicia, I've got to be part of this sorority, no matter what." She began to turn back, then stopped saying "Besides, I've never had a black guy. And he won't ask to meet my daddy."

The guy gave a comical shake of the head and everyone laughed like it wasn't odd to see a woman about to suck off someone in the middle of a room of people.

"Tick tock," Tammy said to Alicia, who was still sitting, frozen on the couch. "Pick a guy or leave. Newbies always get the first pick and I am ready for some fun myself."

Summoning all of her courage, Alicia stood and tried to walk to the door, but instead walked to John.

"Alright, if I have to do it, you seem nice," she said.

"OK," he said, turning her back toward the couch. "I'll be gentle."

When they reached the couch, John turned her around and began kissing the back of her neck as he unzipped her dress.

Alicia was visibly uncomfortable, but she tried to concentrate on the sensation of his lips on her neck. They felt good. Warm. Slightly moist. And his breath caressing her gently.

Closing her eyes, she felt the dress slowly slipping off her shoulders as a breeze from the central air conditioner wafted across her bare skin. She felt her nipples harden beneath her bra, partly from the cold wind, but there wsa something more. She could feel it between her legs as John began to knead her breasts and nibble her earlobe. She was turned on, and not only by the motion of John's strong hands. She was turned on by the idea of other people watching her.

Alicia arched her back, burying her ass into John's lap. He was getting aroused too, and she ground her butt into him as he slipped his left hand to her tight abs.

His right continued to massage her breasts, then reached between them and unclasped the bra, which joined her dress on the floor. The feeling of the fabric grazing her nipples as it fell sent a shiver through her body and she ground into John even harder.

He turned her around then and kissed her neck from the front, tugging slightly on her hair to expose more of her neck. Bending at the knee and putting both his hands on her back, he traced his tongue down between her breasts before moving his mouth to her left nipple.

John engulfed her breast, twirling his tongue around the areola as he pulled her into him, she in turn pulling him closer as well. She put her hands onto his head and began running her fingers through his hair.

Her juices were flowing as he moved to the right breast, pulling on it with his mouth like he was going to get milk out of it.

Her breathing heavy and her eyes shut tight with pleasure, she forgot that she was surrounded by a group of men and women, most of whom were now rubbing their crotches.

Had she opened her eyes, she would have seen that Lauren had unbuttoned her blouse and was stroking her right double-D with her fingertips. And Tammy had lost no time unzipping the brown-haired man's pants and was caressing his cock. But Alicia did not open her eyes. Instead, she was enraptured by John's touch and lifted his head to kiss her full on the lips.

She began kissing his neck and slid her hands to his crotch, where the bulge she had felt before was growing ever-larger. Unzipping his fly, Alicia reached into his slacks and felt his cock hardening. Pulling to free it, John had to step back to give his member room to move. His half-hard cock flopped into the air and Alicia felt its size for the first time.

Surprised, her eyes popped open. But her tunnel-vision was trained on his crotch and nothing else. It was about 10 inches long and two-and-a-half inches thick. Now semi-erect, it was the second-largest cock she had ever seen - the largest belonging to the aforementioned English teacher.

But now her lust took over completely and she dropped to her knees, pulling him into her mouth with the f***e of a tropical storm running aground. Slathering his rod with her saliva, she massaged his cock with her tongue as her lips moved rhythmically over the shaft.

John unbuckled his belt, allowing his pants to fall near the pile of Alicia's clothes, then stepped out of them as she cupped his balls with her left hand and stroked his cock with her right, her fingers following her lips closely to accentuate the feeling made by the multiple ridges. From time to time, she lifted his cock out of her mouth and, reaching between his legs to grab his ass and pull him closer, she licked his balls, appreciating their being shaven - not unlike her pussy, which only had a small tuft of hair above her lips.

"He must get these licked a lot," she thought to herself.

Alicia looked up at John, who was looking down at her as well, with a look she couldn't quite make out. He pulled her to her feet and kissed her before turning her around and reaching into the front of her purple t-back panties and feeling the heat coming from between her legs.

She felt his fingers glide between the folds of her pussy and graze her clit. At the same time, John wrapped his other hand around her neck and squeezed - not tightly, but firmly nonetheless - while also nibbling her earlobe.

John released his grip and slipped Alicia's panties over her hips and down to the floor, quickly biting her ass as he passed by.

John widened her step and bent her toward the couch as he stood up, his now fully erect member rising between her legs and banging against her thighs as he did.

Feeling him stand behind her, Alicia reached between her legs and guided him into her. Sparks immediately shot out through her body, and she remembered the feeling of being bent over the hood of a truck parked on the 50-yard-line after her senior prom. Lance had been the first guy to fuck her doggy-style and she discovered it was the position for her - seemingly submissive, but still in control.

But John's cock was much bigger than the high school tight end. And his rod spread her as it entered, pushing slowly at first, then after pulling back, speeding up. The rhythm increased as she relaxed into the motion. In. Out. In. Out. Stroking deeper and deeper.

He began thrusting harder, and she matched his movements, backing into him as he pushed hard into her. Her legs quivered each time he pulled back and she was so worked up that she felt like she was dripping onto the floor.

She came with a loud groan and went weak in the knees before regaining her composure.

John pulled out and she dropped to the ground, returning her mouth to his cock, which was now covered with the taste of her own insides. She loved that taste, and sucked his cock even harder.

This time though, she looked around the room. She saw Tammy completely nude and riding reverse cowgirl on the brown-haired man while simultaneously sucking off another man. Melissa was being stuffed by her first black man and loving every minute of it. She was lying on her back and, reaching across her chest to squeeze one breast, sought to slow the jiggling of her other from the f***e of the man's stroke.

Two men stood at Lauren's right side as she sucked the swollen rod of one of the others. A fourth man had his face buried between her legs and was shaking his head wildly. The two standing men looked at Tammy or Melissa, sometimes returning their gaze to Lauren's chest, which she was still massaging with a free hand. They had dropped their pants and were stroking their cocks, Alicia figured, in anticipation of fucking Lauren or Tammy.

Then, almost in unison, the two men turned and looked at her and the thought occurred to her that John wasn't the only guy she would be fucking tonight. Under normal circumstances, the thought would have sickened her. She wasn't a slut, after all. But these weren't normal circumstances, and now she was intrigued by the idea of having two or three men in one night - maybe at the same time.

But John was not finished with fucking her. He lifted her off her knees and told her on to lie on the couch, with her head in the middle. He put one leg at the couch's back and then positioned her so she would be in-between his legs, face to face, forming a right angle.

Sliding his cock in again, be began to stroke her clit with his right thumb as he moved in and out. And with his left hand, he began massaging her right breast.

"Oh god," she said. "Fuck that feels good."

She closed her eyes again and relished the sensations his thumb made on her clit. Arching her back to f***e more of him into her and give him better access to her love button, Alicia was in the clutches of a second orgasm when she felt a third hand begin to kneed her left breast.

She kept her eyes closed tightly, but was soon greeted with the feeling of a cock at her left cheek. Instinctively, she turned her head toward it and opened her mouth, pulling the cock into it. She reached over and began to stroke the rock-hard man meat as she bobbed her head as best she could. Opening her eyes, she saw it was one of the guys who had been standing near Lauren. The other guy had moved to Tammy's spot on the floor. She had turned around and was now taking on all three of them, sucking off the new guy while riding another. The third guy was just inserting his cock in her ass when Alicia looked over.

Alicia was surprised that she was still a little shocked by that. She had heard about anal sex, but had never seen anyone do it - certainly not with two other men already in her. This was a whole new world to her.

The cock Alicia now sucked was not as big as John's, but in this position it was big enough to cause problems, ramming the side of her mouth instead of sliding in smoothly.

"Wait," she said, pulling the oral member out of her mouth. "Let's change positions."

"OK," John said, breathlessly. He was getting tired and Alicia could feel it. She took control of the situation and standing up, returned her mouth to his cock and presenting her pussy to the new member of their little private couch party.

The return to doggy-style felt good, even if the man now in her pussy was a bit smaller than the first.

Alicia reckoned that John would be able to rest and then could resume plowing her with his larger farm gear. But John needed a real rest and he told her he wanted to cum.

She wanted more cock, but told herself she had seven other guys to help her out if she needed it. And so she began sucking him harder than ever, squeezing his cock in a way that she knew would get him off quickly.

The new guy, seeing this, began pumping harder. And even though the sensations she was feeling slowed her mouth around John's cock, he began to tighten. She began to move away and use only her hand, but John's cum shot out faster than she had planned and sprayed her mouth and chin. She couldn't help but swallow some. It wasn't so bad.

She continued to stroke him as the man behind her held her in the position.

"I want you to clean me up," John told her as he guided her head back to his now softening hard-on.

She was in no position to argue. And besides, tonight had been a night of firsts, so she began licking the quickly cooling white-clear cum that was dribbling down the head of his cock.

She cleaned the spot off of her chin with a finger and, more for him than her, began to suck the finger before returning her mouth to his cock.

All the while, her second lover of the night continued to pound away at her pussy, making small circles with his thumb on her little brown pucker. For a while, she wondered if he was going to try and fuck her ass, but soon he too announced he was about to cum.

He pulled out, told her to get on her knees and stroked his cock until he sprayed all over her tits. Without even being asked, she began to clean his cock as she had John's.

And when she was done, the man moved out of the way to reveal two other men standing behind him. They had been fucking Lauren this whole time, but were now stroking their cocks in preparation for Alicia.

The first presented his cock to her and she grabbed him without hesitation, guiding him into her mouth and quickly realizing that for the first time, she was tasting another woman's pussy, although it was one step removed by the dick its juices remained on.

It was a strange sensation, but Alicia enjoyed it and looked over at Lauren for approval, which she got with a sly smile from both Lauren and Tammy who had joined her on the love seat. They sat there, legs intertwined and slowly rubbing one another's breasts and pussies.

Tammy's suitors were taking turns with Melissa now, one cock in her mouth as she rode another and stroked the two at her sides. It was like she was an old pro at this. She had taken to it even more readily than Alicia.

The cum of her second lover was cooling quickly on her chest as she sucked the cock in front of her and stroked the other man's with her right hand. She wanted to feel them inside of her, maybe even both at the same time, but she could sense they wanted release.

So, she pulled every trick she had learned in her short life to make them cum as soon as possible, juggling their balls, taking the cocks deep into her mouth and changing from one swollen rod to another, back and forth until the men were driven insane with a need to explode.

And explode they did, right onto her face and chest, the gooey man juices running down her cheeks and into her mouth.

She relaxed from her knees, sitting on the floor and looking over at all four men gathered around Melissa, shooting ropey jets of cum all over her. The sight was amazing, Melissa just sitting there, enjoying the attention being paid her by all of these men. She was perfectly at ease covered in cum. That was when Lauren spoke up.

"Well ladies, you look like perfect messes," she said. "Why don't you help each other clean up?"

But that is a whole different story.

Chapter 2: Girls gone wild

"Well ladies, you look like perfect messes," s****r Lauren had said. "Why don't you help each other clean up?"

Covered in cum and still reeling with the thrill of her first orgy experience, Alicia felt like she was up for almost anything and she was sure her fellow pledge, Melissa, was willing to do whatever it took to get into the s****rhood of Alpha Beta Tau. But this was going a little far.

Sure, she was surrounded by eight naked and spent guys - four of whom had just cum on her with her naked sorority s****rs watching. But what Lauren was asking seemed beyond the pale.

Alicia had "cleaned up" four cocks tonight, licking the cum off of them after they had exploded onto her. She had never seen so much ropey white love juice in her life, much less had so much in her mouth.

She had always relegated women who liked cum in or on them to the level of slut. But here she was, with four men's end result on her. And now, Lauren was asking her to "clean up" Melissa.

It wasn't that she had not noticed how hot Melissa was. The former Idaho county fair beauty contest winner was nothing if not attractive. With long brown hair, firm C-cup breasts and a rock-hard ass, Melissa could turn heads at a paraplegics' convention.

Still, Alicia had never even kissed another woman, much less licked her naked flesh.

But this was no ordinary night. Alicia had experienced things this night that she could not have imagined in her most deviant 19-year-old fantasies.

And she had tasted another woman already tonight, even though it was one step removed from that woman's body. Sucking the cock of one of her multiple lovers tonight, she had tasted Lauren's pussy.

It wasn't that different from the taste of her own – a taste she had come to love after many nights of masturbating to the New k**s on the Block, or Jason Priestly, or Matthew McConaughah, or any of a hundred other crushes she had had through the years. She couldn't help but lick her fingers before and after the act to taste her excitement and thinking that is what her lover would have tasted had he really been there.

But, even though the taste of another woman was not completely foreign .to her anymore, she was not sure she was ready to make that leap into bisexuality.

Tammy, sensing Alicia's hesitation, gave her an unexpected way out.

"It's OK s****r A," she said, elevating Alicia from pledge to "s****r" for the first time. "You've proven your willingness tonight, and you don't have to do anything you don't want to do now. But you have come so far tonight. Don't stop yourself now if you've ever wondered."

Alicia was surprised by the sincerity of Tammy's tone. Here was a woman who had done nothing but humiliate her for a week in the name of "s****rhood," and yet she was now talking to her as an equal about opening new sexual doors for herself – and doing it while wrapped in the naked embrace of another woman.

Lauren and Tammy had ended up on the love seat of the modest two-story home after warming up a couple of guys apiece to finish off on the pledges. They had sat on the leather seat, caressing one-another as the men took their turns with she and Melissa.

Even as she spoke, Tammy had cupped one of Lauren's double-D breasts, and Lauren rested her hand on Tammy's inner thigh. The two were obviously no strangers to one-another's bodies.

"I promise, it's OK," Tammy said, before kissing Lauren slowly and sensually. "Trust me."

That was all Melissa needed. The more sexually adventurous of the two pledges, she had taken to the orgy with gusto. And now, she was made her way over to Alicia.

Without saying a word, she kissed the redhead. And to Alicia's surprise, she accepted the advance without pushing her away. Melissa's lips were soft – softer than any man Alicia had ever kissed, and noticeably without stubble.

The two melted into an embrace with Melissa on top, moving from her lips to Alicia's neck, kissing it even more softly than her first lover of the night, John, had done. Melissa's touch was no comparison to his. Where he had been strong yet gentle, Melissa was light and almost angelic.

The warm breath on Alicia's rapidly-cooling cum-covered skin, though, was all of the impetus she needed to make her nipples spring to life. And realizing this, Melissa moved to them quickly.

Alicia gasped as Melissa took her left nipple into her mouth. As it had been with her kiss, Melissa's lips imparted new feelings throughout Alicia's body. Her mouth enveloped Alicia's nipple in a warm embrace, as the brunette's tongue made tiny circles around the areola.

Alicia felt Melissa's other hand caress her right breast, tracing her fingers in the gooey white residue slowly dripping down the side of her b-cup. Melissa applied more f***e now and her hand slid as it massaged Alicia's fleshy mound.

For the second time that night, Alicia began to run her fingers through someone's hair as that person pleasured her breasts. And she couldn't help but remark on the differences.

"I love the way your hair feels falling on my skin," she whispered. "And your mouth is wonderful."

With that, Melissa gave her a little flick of the tongue and then switched her liplock to the left breast, pausing only to lick the cum from the valley between Alicia's molehills. Giving the left breast the same treatment as the right, Melissa went lower to retrieve driblets of cum that had fallen on Alicia's stomach, before returning to lick the goo from her face and plant a deep kiss on her.

Alicia was a little disappointed that Melissa had stopped at her belly, aching to feel that mouth in her most private (at least until tonight) place. She guessed that, despite Melissa's willingness to experiment, she was still a little unsure of taking that final step.

By this time, though, Alicia's bl**d was running hot and she wanted to go all the way. Having already had the second-hand scent and taste of one woman in her mouth, nothing less would suffice tonight. She wanted the full experience.

After breaking from the kiss, Alicia rolled Melissa over onto her back and proceeded to lick the cum droplets gracing her neck. Interchanging licking and kissing, the area was "clean" in no time, but Alicia wanted to prolong the sensation for Melissa, knowing the feeling that someone playing with her neck caused in her.

Alicia kissed Melissa's left ear, and realized she had found a sweet spot when Melissa arched her back with pleasure and forcing her breasts into Alicia's, spreading the cum on each other's breasts.

Having never been in this situation before, Alicia decided to try rubbing nipples with the brunette, but the result came out more comical than erotic, being f***ed to grab the c-cups and position them so that they met her Bs.

Both of them giggled with the attempt, and Alicia soon returned to licking Melissa clean. Putting the handholds she had on the reclining woman's breasts to good use, Alicia licked and sucked every inch of her chest – concentrating on the nipples, but also running her hands between the breasts in that area guys almost always forgot to pay attention to.

Having worked on Melissa's upper body for several minutes, Alicia decided to give her lower body a workout as well. Slowly she traced her tongue down Melissa's taut abs, pausing to lick the cum that had collected in her belly button, then kissing just inside her pelvic area. As it always did when men did it to her, the kisses tickled and Melissa jumped slightly.

And now was the time of truth.

Alicia opened Melissa's legs wide and then used her index and middle finger to spread the girl's outer labia for better access to the treasure that lay between her legs, then dove tongue first into the opening.

The taste was close to that of her own pussy juices and those of Lauren's that she'd tasted earlier tonight. But this was warm and more pungent and somehow more inviting. She relished it in ways she never thought she could have before tonight.

And the reaction from Melissa only turned her on more. Between the fleshy folds, Alicia found Melissa's clit quickly. It seemed larger than her own and made a good target for Alicia's tongue.

Working the mini-falus back and forth, she was driving Melissa crazy with pleasure. Licking left to right, Alicia tried to remember the way that Mr. Harris, her senior English teacher had eaten her out. That had been the best head she had ever gotten, cumming almost instantly and repeatedly before he even put his cock in her.

He had gone straight for the clit as well, but then backed off to lick her whole pussy, examining every crack and crevice with his slippery tongue. And after a while, he would return to her clit for more massage work.

And so, Alicia followed his example, spreading her tongue to wet as much of Melissa's pussy as possible, then – with the tongue still flattened – returned to the swollen erectile tissue at the center of the issue. She began moving her head back and forth rapidly, giving herself a slight headache, but giving Melissa the feeling of a human vibrator – another trick she had picked up from Mr. Harris.

The technique worked like a charm and Alicia's chin was soon flooded with a creamy blast from between Melissa's legs. Melissa arched her back and grunted with the orgasm, clutching the back of Alicia's head and shoving it deeper into her pussy.

That only made Alicia lick harder, trying to give Melissa another orgasm on top of the last. She decided to insert the thumb of her free hand into Melissa's pussy to aid in the process.

The world outside of their bodies had fallen away, and Alicia at least, had forgotten about the eight men and two women watching them. That is, until she felt a soft hand on her back, making its way down to her ass.

Alicia looked up to find Tammy on her knees beside her. Tammy bent down and kissed the newly anointed sorority s****r and take in the taste of the other.

"That looked so good that I had to try it," she said after the kiss. "But Melissa shouldn't get all of the attention tonight."

And with that, Tammy guided Alicia to the ground, then swung her body over the redhead's body with her smoldering-hot pussy over Alicia's mouth. Lowering herself onto Alicia, she found an eagerly-awaiting tongue that began exploring her right away.

Melissa kissed Tammy and seemed to consider eating out Alicia, but then moved on to the other side of the room, where most of the men had regained their erections and Lauren was trying to keep them all occupied by masturbating for them. Melissa jumped in the middle of the group and began making out with Lauren as the guys crowded around.

Tammy was hovering over Alicia's face and rubbing her pussy with a wetted middle finger, and admiring the little tuft of red hair on Alicia's crotch.

"God, you've got a pretty pussy," she told the reclining redhead. "I'm going to have fun with that."

That got her a couple of deep appreciative licks, to which she could only purr, "Mmmmm," and then said, "That was good. Do me a favor and lube up my ass a little." And then to one of the black guys who had fucked Melissa earlier, "Oh Stephen, I need something from you."

He didn't have to be told twice. He was there as fast as his feet could carry him. And by that time, Alicia, in the throws of passion, had dug her tongue at least a half-inch deep into Tammy's little brown pucker.

Stephen was already hard from watching Tammy and Melissa, but needed a little lube himself, and put his dick into Tammy's pussy for a few strokes, then into Alicia's mouth before setting up the battering ram at Tammy's back door.

Tammy leaned forward to give Stephen more access to her ass and so that she could begin working on Alicia's pussy. s****r M was a master at the art of cunnilingus, or Alicia soon learned. A few flicks of the tongue and middle finger, and Alicia was cumming harder than she had all night.

Some of it had to be the build-up from all of the pussy licking she had been doing, but Alicia recognized talent when she felt it and determined to learn Tammy's secrets before the night was through.

Of course, it was hard for Alicia to concentrate on what Tammy was doing to her pussy and continue licking at the same time, not to mention the massive cock that was now slamming into Tammy's ass right in front of her face.

Tammy's moans of pleasure from being ass fucked periodically interrupted the bliss of her tongue on Alicia's pussy and the feeling of her wetted fingers making tiny circles on her virgin asshole.

Again and again she came, rocking her tiny frame repeatedly, until all of the sudden Tammy leaned up. Unable to see what was happening, she got the idea when someone's cock slid into place. With all of the buffet-style cunnilingus going on, Alicia had not even considered calling over a cock to fill her void. But now, someone had answered her non-call.

She couldn't see who it was, but he had a good-sized member, which filled her nicely after getting in position - sitting on his ass with his legs on the outside of hers. He rocked back and forth, and even though that position didn't allow for much movement, it gave him enough to get the job done.

She was cumming again after only a few minutes. And her contracting sugar walls - combined with the build-up that the mystery man had surely experienced in the circle with Lauren and Melissa – made him explode into her and sending shivers through her body.

Stephen came soon afterward and the four of them collapsed onto the floor in a heap of flesh. It had been an exhausting session and they all struggled to catch their breath – all except the stranger, who had come late to the party.

Alicia recognized him as soon as she removed Stephen and Tammy's legs from around her head.

"Mr. Harris?" she asked. "What are you doing here?"

Chapter 3: Mr. Harris

James Harris had taught English at Henry Williams High School for years.

He'd taught it to all grades and all skill levels, from basic sentence structure in remedial freshman English to reviews of the classics in his upper-level classes. But it was his senior study sessions that really got him through the year.

Most of the 18-year-old senior girls knew about them and all of the ones who did fantasized being asked to visit his desk. Rumors floated around the school about the size of his cock and the skill of his hands. His oral exams were the stuff of legend.

And Alicia had experienced them all first hand.

Now, sitting crumpled on the floor after a marathon fuck session with a group of strangers, she was able to see the last cock in her had been his - and God had it felt good.

"Mr. Harris?" she asked. "What are you doing here?"

She was more than surprised. She was flabbergasted to find him at an orgy - her first orgy and the first time she had felt a woman's touch.

Still, it was Mr. Harris, so she ambled over to him on her hands and knees. She hugged him, both of them naked and her covered in the sticky remnants of cum that had been licked from her.

"Hey darlin'," he said. "I heard you were going to be the guest of honor tonight and I knew I couldn't miss it."

"But, how ..." Alicia started to ask as she hung with one arm around his neck.

James was ready for the question and had begun to answer when she spoke.

"I'm a former member of Lambda Alpha Beta frat, and I have been to a few of these initiations before," he told her in the baritone of authority she had come to love in English class. "Remember, I told you about the 'full college experience?' This is a part of it for all of the members of my frat and our s****r house, the one you are pledging."

Looking to Tammy, she confirmed it.

"It's true. He was at my initiation, but I haven't seen him at the past two," she said, putting on a mock frown. "We had a good time, but I missed that monster cock of yours. And Lauren never had her turn with you either."

It wasn't that Lauren minded. She was busy on the other side of the room entertaining seven other guys by tongue-fucking Melissa's ass while being drilled doggy style by a succession of suitors.

"Sorry sweetheart, I couldn't make those two," he told her, then turned to Alicia. "But I couldn't miss my girl's big night. I decided to come late so you would pick another one of the guys for your first of the night. I didn't want you to deprive yourself of a new experience. Having fun so far?"

"Oh yeah, and now the party can really begin," she said, reaching for his flaccid member and beginning to stroke it.

She leaned down to suck his cock and remembered the first time she had felt him in her.

* * *

Leaning across his desk one day to hand in a graded mid-term paper, she had seen him peering down her shirt. Although she only had b-cups, Alicia knew how to accentuate them and that day she was wearing a tight v-necked blouse with a golden heart-shaped locket in the hopes of finally enticing him into the first move.

"Anything else you need from me?" she asked, smiling sexily at him.

He knew he was caught, but that was OK. Each year he chose a new "assistant" to help him with his workload. And each year that girl developed a special bond with the 40-plus year-old teacher.

Choosing the girl was the important part of the yearly ritual. James had to find the type of girl who would be intelligent enough to be discrete and old enough to be legal - if not ethical, and certainly not moral.

Alicia fit that bill easily as a 4.0 student with a bright future ahead of her and a killer behind to the rear. Flowing red hair and perky tits with alabaster skin, he told her later that she had played through his daydreams for months before that December day.

"Let's see, anything I need?" he had said, his lips curling into a naughty smile.

"Anything," she said breathily, trying to use her not-yet-perfected feminine wiles. "Anything."

"Alright then," he said, standing up from behind his desk and walking to her. "Come here."

He took her face in his hands, kissing her hard on the mouth and she melted against him, her back arching so that more of her body could touch his. Her nipples, hard beneath her blouse, tingled as the rubbed against his chest.

He kissed her earlobe, then just below it, on her neck. He continued on to the front of her neck, and she felt his breath hot on her skin as he moved a hand to her ass, lifting her loose skirt and grabbing firmly but not squeezing too hard.

She loved the feeling of his strong hands on her body, the loving caress of his left hand at her cheek and his right hand on her backside, inviting her to raise one leg and wrap it around his.

She did that then, and he drew his hand back along her thigh, the feeling of his rough older hands tracing along the skin driving her wild with desire. She had watched these hands each day and imagined them on her body. And now they were.

She began kissing him back then, feeling the 5 O'clock shadow against her cheek as her lips made their way along his jaw and back to his mouth. And kissing his mouth, she felt the hair of his goatee on her lips again.

It was a strange feeling. She had kissed boys, but this was a man. His facial hair wasn't just some patchwork of poorly groomed stubble. It was defined with age and she realized that was only one of the differences in his touch.

He now turned her so that she had her back to the desk and, grabbing both ass cheeks, lifted her onto it, where she spread her legs and wrapped them around him, her skirt bunching in the middle and feeling his hardening cock against her aching mound.

She had begun unbuttoning his shirt, feeling his hard body beneath. He may have been older than her normal partner, but he was easily as fit.

He reached for the back of her skirt and unzipped it as he continued to kiss her neck. Pulling her shirttails free from the skirt, he lifted the soft material over her head, freeing her breasts, and then tossed the blouse aside.

He lowered his mouth to her breasts and began to kiss them, allowing his mouth to journey from one to another, making little circles with his tongue as he did. The right nipple, already hard from excitement, jutted into the air as he worked the left. And as he switched, from the left to right, a cool breeze accentuated the saliva covering it.

As she shivered from the feeling, James reached behind her and clutched a handful of hair, tugging her backward into a recline. She allowed herself to be pulled, her back curving and her breasts jutting into the air.

He trailed his tongue down her chest, to her stomach, then lifting her legs and skirt; he curved his fingers around the sides of her black French-cut panties. A wet spot marked the place where her pussy had been and the smell of her sex was pungent with excitement.

Alicia lifted her ass as he pulled her panties down, moving her legs up around his head and together, above her with her high-tops and quarter socks still on. The movement brought her cheeks together, giving James the view of her ass she knew he'd wanted for the past few months.

Pink puffy pussy lips poked through the seam created by her legs and ass, and although she was sure he was enjoying the view, he pulled her legs apart - just slightly at first, kissing the inside of her calf. He moved on to the back of her knee, tickling it as he licked downward toward the sweet release at the V of her legs.

Reaching her pussy, he dove in deep, driving his tongue into her sopping folds. They had ached for his touch since she the first day of school, and now they were ready for him.

Using his tongue, he searched every crevice, driving deep, then pulling back to play a little with the lips, nibbling her clit and then sucking it into his mouth. He bobbed his lips up and down on the fully engorged little phallus, then began to move his tongue from side to side trying to touch every part of her clean-shaven pussy.

Believing that day would finally be the day he would take her, she had cleaned herself well. And, when she could open her eyes to look down at him between her legs, he seemed to be enjoying her taste, taking his time with his face in her golden triangle.

He slipped his index finger into her, curving it downward and moving it up and down inside the silky slit. Continuing to lick and suck her clit, he soon worked his middle finger into her, changing to an in/out motion. She was tight against his fingers and wondered if she could handle his cock, which was rumored to be a foot long and thicker than her arm.

She squeezed her tits and pinched the nipples as he worked her, imagining that his hands were kneading her flesh. She knew they soon would be.

Finally, she could not contain herself anymore.

"Please," she breathed huskily, "I want you in me now. Please."

Looking up from between her thighs, he said, "Your wish is my command."

Wiping her juices from around his mouth, he continued, "but be careful what you wish for," before pulling his cock from his boxer shorts. He had unzipped his pants as he was tasting her.

She realized why when he pulled it out completely. It wasn't quite a foot long, but it was close, and looked like a solid three inches thick. It must have hurt straining against the denim. And she worried it would hurt her as well.

"I, I don't know if ... I don't know if I can take that," she stammered.

"It's OK," he said, sliding the head up and down her sopping slit, driving her wild with pleasure. "I'll take it slow at first."

And with that, he pushed the bulbous head of his cock into her, slowly as he had said. Still, there was pressure and a little pain. But she wasn't about to ask him to stop.

He worked in and out of her shallowly, then deeper and deeper, filling her like she had never been filled before. The feeling was exquisite, colors flashing through her mind each time he pulled out, only to thrust back in and bring back the beautiful pain, blindingly wonderful and almost orgasmic.

Had she looked down, she might have seen small trickles of bl**d along his shaft from the tearing. But that did not matter. She felt sure that she would be able to take him in completely, and relaxed into the sensation.

He reached up and began to massage her breasts as he pushed into her, his large right hand resting in the valley of her bosom, moving from breast to breast and thumbing her nipples as he stroked her skin.

She was soaked with sweat by the time he began to pump hard. Her body had given him the room he needed to move, and her pussy had adjusted to his cock. Now it was pure pleasure.

Her body matched the rhythm of James's thrusts, sliding into him, the sweat on her ass allowing her to slip on his desk as she moved. He was all the way in now, her body unable to take him up to the balls, but deep enough that their skin was slapping against one another.

He kissed her left calf as he pumped into her, tasting the salty flesh, then telling her he was about to cum.

That was OK to her, because she was verging on the precipice too. It had been building for what had seemed like an hour. And now, she was ready to pop.

"Cum in me," Alicia said. "I want you to cum in me."

"You sure?" he asked. "You don't want me to pull out."

"No, in me," she said, even as worked up as she was, not comfortable with the idea of a guy cumming on her.

"OK," he said. "Here I ... uuuugggghhhh."

And with a final thrust, he filled her with his hot spunk, triggering her own orgasm, squeezing her sugar walls around his cock. James pumped a few more times and then grabbed her, pulling her into a kiss with his cock still inside her.

She noticed that she could still taste herself on his tongue and she pulled him close to kiss him deeper.

As he pulled out of her a string of cum trailed along with his cock. He lifted her off of his desk and set her down on the floor, noticing for the first time that she was still wearing her skirt.

"You get an A for the rest of the semester," James had joked breathlessly.

"Well, then you get T&A," Alicia remembered saying, trying to be witty, as they walked to his chair, him sitting down and her sitting in his lap, still naked save the tennis shoes and skirt.

They had sat there, cooling off for a while before collecting their clothes and calling it a night.

The two had enjoyed several trysts since then, finding a spare classroom or a motel to fuck in. It had been purely physical, although she did love him in a way.

* * *

That is what made his appearance at the party so wonderful. And she decided she'd have to mark the occasion for him as well, allowing him to try something with her that they'd never done before.

Sorority Party Ch. 4: Alicia's A+

Alicia's time with James Harris had been wonderful.

For the last half of her senior year of high school, the two had enjoyed each other's bodies and brains. She had the inside track on all of the English quizzes - not that she really needed any help there. And he had been able to mold his nubile young student into one of his favorite lovers.

It's not that he'd had a special student-teacher relationship every year he had been at Henry Williams High School, but he'd had more than a few, and Alicia was a special girl. She had been more than willing anytime he called on her. And she had always followed his lead - on all but one thing.

Their first time together had been a whirlwind, although they had both seen it coming. Alicia had ended up with her legs spread on his desk on afternoon after a mid-term grading session, her pussy stretched by his massive member and squealing with delight as be pounded into her.

Since then, he had opened all kinds of doors for her - sexually speaking. Alicia had enjoyed showering with him, as well as masturbating in front of him (something she had only done under her covers and alone in the shower) and allowing him to use a vibrator on her.

Her first experience with exhibitionism had been under his guiding hand - wearing no panties and a short skirt, they had slipped into a noon show at a movie theater in a nearby town, sitting in the back row and trying to be quiet as their hands explored each other with people a few rows down watching a bad foreign film.

She'd lent her body to almost every experience he had asked her to, and enjoyed the exploration immensely. But she had drawn the line at anal sex.

James was much too big. The pain of his cock in her pussy had been sharp at first. And even though it had evolved into pleasure, she had never forgotten the tearing feeling it had caused before she got used to his size.

Besides, it was just so "dirty." She had thought about it before and had been intrigued, but her ass had remained off-limits for Mr. Harris and every other man she had been with.

But tonight was different. Tonight had already seen so many sexual firsts for her - full-on exhibitionistic sex, multiple partners, and her first lesbian experience. She decided to break down that wall tonight as well, so to speak.

After sucking him hard again, she leaned up to him and said, "You know that lesson you always wanted to teach me? Well, tonight's the night as long as you promise to be gentle."

"I was hoping you would say that darlin'," Mr. Harris said. "I came prepared with a present."

He stood up and walked to the front hallway to pick up his briefcase, his hard-on swaying as he walked. Opening the briefcase, he pulled out an 8-inch blue rubber dildo and a tube of Astroglide.

Alicia greeted him with a quizzical look. She liked the present, but didn't put two and two together until he said, "I know you were worried about how big I am. This will help a little."

The rubber cock was not small by any means, but it was thinner than James' rod, which was now jumping as the bl**d pumped into it.

"That's kind of a relief," she said, grabbing his cock. "But you're gonna be in me before the night is through."

She reclined, spreading her legs and began to stroke her pussy, then patted it in a come to dinner signal.

James didn't dawdle, but he soon felt a hand on his arm. And on turning around, he saw a black-haired beauty with big double-D breasts and a warm smile. He didn't know her, but she evidently knew him.

"Excuse me, James?" she said with a tilt of the head. "But you are going to have to wait your turn. That ass is mine for now, but feel free to use me to keep that hard-on hard in me."

And with a little wink, Alicia's new sorority s****r Lauren took the lube and dildo from James' hands and knelt before Alicia's waiting body. She leaned forward and kissed the redhead hard on the mouth.

Alicia could taste another girl's pussy on Lauren's tongue and she sucked her mouth with a ferocity she hardly knew she had left. She'd wondered when she would get her turn with Lauren as she had watched her and Melissa tongue-fuck each other. And now, she was going to let the onyx-haired harlot loosen her ass for its first cock.

Lauren kissed her way to down to Alicia's pussy, spending precious little time on the redhead's swollen nipples and cum- and sweat-soaked chest. Reaching the well-used organ, she began lapping at the pink lips and bathing the shaven skin between Alicia's legs with her spit.

"You taste even better than you look, strawberry," Lauren said, lifting her head for only a moment before returning to the task at hand.

After making sure Alicia's love hole was nice and slick, Lauren pushed her new sorority s****r's legs up and apart, giving her better access to the ass she planned on working for a while.

James had stood there for a few minutes, watching the scene unfold before him. But now, as he saw Lauren begin to prepare Alicia, he decided he should get involved before someone else did.

Kneeling behind Lauren, he stroked her pussy for a few seconds, and realizing it was wet and ready, put the head of his cock at the velvet curtains presenting themselves before him.

Feeling him behind her, Lauren arched her back and pushed backward, inviting him inside. The feeling was wonderfully filling, but she was still concentrating on the view in front of her.

Spreading Alicia's legs, she could see the virgin pucker ready for her. So, just as she had with flame-haired beauty's pussy before, she dived right in.

It was a sensation Alicia had never imagined. The wet warm skin of Lauren's tongue exploring a place she'd never believed a tongue mouth should be. And as it happened, Alicia felt Lauren's right hand reach up and begin to play with her clit again.

Alicia held her legs up and apart to give Lauren unfettered access to her nether regions, and a cool breeze blew across the saliva-covered skin between her cheeks. Lauren's hot breath also danced around her ass, and the senior s****r's fingers had found just the right spot on Alicia's pussy.

Alicia ground her pussy against Lauren's busily-working fingers for a short time before Lauren decided to move to phase 2. Removing her mouth from below, she began licking Alicia's pussy again, sucking on the reclining girl's engorged clit as she dipped her left thumb into the folds just below.

After working her thumb around inside Alicia for a short while, Lauren removed it and began slowly working it back and forth on the newbie's wide-open rosebud. Pushing slightly, she worked the tip in, then up to the first knuckle and finally the whole thumb, allowing it to rest inside of her conquest.

Alicia could feel her sphincter spasmodically contracting around Lauren's finger. If this was what all the fuss was about, then she didn't understand it. In fact, if it hadn't been for Lauren's mouth on her pussy, she didn't think she'd feel any pleasure at all.

But as Lauren began rocking her thumb back and forth, Alicia began to feel something else. It started as a tingle, then became more intense as the moments passed.

Using her free hand to grab the nearby lubricant, Lauren removed her thumb and applied a dab to it before beginning to smear it on Alicia's brown round.

Alicia jumped at the sensation of the cold liquid touching such a sensitive area. But then she realized what the feeling was and spread her cheeks as wide as she could.

As Lauren slipped her thumb back into Alicia's rear, she felt James do the same to her. He had been inside her for a little while, guiding her with his hands on her tanned cheeks as he slipped in and out.

And now, he applied pressure to her sphincter until the tip of his thumb passed it. Figuring she was no stranger to anal sex, he pushed it all the way in. Far from jumping, she pushed back and took it in.

James could feel his thumb on his cock, the nubby digit providing a ridge that he felt on its head. And as he stroked in and out, he worked it around inside of her, loosening her ass as she did so.

"Oooooh, don't tease me," Lauren growled back at James. "Fuck my ass."

He didn't have to be told twice. Pulling out, he grabbed the lube and rubbed it all over his cock, then on her asshole. His head pressed against her back door for a few seconds before he could slip in, his girth making it a tight fit. But hey, that's the point.

"Oh God, fuck" Lauren screamed. "Fuck, it's big. Oh God yeah. Oooooohhhh."

In her ecstasy, Lauren stopped paying attention to Alicia's ass - a fact noticed quickly by the redhead. Alicia moved her hand to her pussy and began stroking between the folds. And then she realized that she wanted to feel something in her ass again.

She grabbed the blue dildo and put it in her mouth to wet it, before moving it to her spread cheeks. Unsure but anxious, she pushed it into her slowly. It was much bigger than Lauren's finger and she had just put it in.

She began to work it in and out, feeling the slick rubber pass over excited nerve endings she never knew she had before. She'd had dildos in her, but this was different. It wasn't as pleasurable as when she had something in her pussy, but the pressure from the rubber phallus was stretching and increasing the sensations in her pussy while also delivering a jolt of its own.

She was working the dildo with her right hand and playing with her clit with her left, when someone touched the dildo.

"What do you think your doing with my ass," Lauren asked, but not to James. "That's my ass you're playing with."

And with that, she took control of the dildo, wresting it away from Alicia and freeing her to concentrate on her pussy - which Alicia gladly did. Working her pussy with one hand, Alicia reached up and pinched her nipples with the other.

"Oh, that feels good," Alicia heard herself saying, hardly aware she was speaking.

The dildo was almost buried in her now, having been worked in and out of her ass for what seemed like forever. And so Lauren, having already cum once with James' help, decided Alicia was ready.

Pulling the blue cock from Alicia's ass, she turned to James and said "Your turn." And then to Alicia, she said "turn over."

Alicia did as instructed, getting on all fours as James approached her. But before he entered her, he asked for the lube.

"We need to make sure you are nice and ready to go," he said.

Lauren grabbed the lube and poured some onto Lauren's ass, the cold sensation again making her jump. Then, after rubbing it in and pushing a couple of fingers inside, Lauren turned to James.

"You too," she said, and then began stroking his cock, before pulling the mighty trunk into her mouth to wet it. "Gotta make sure you are up for the task."

"Don't worry," he said. "I've been waiting a long time for this."

And when, after a final jiggle of his balls, Lauren released him, he aimed straight for Alicia's upturned and waiting ass. Lauren moved to one side and kissed Alicia deeply.

Alicia didn't even mind that she was kissing a girl who'd just sucked a cock that had been buried in her ass only moments earlier. She was just enjoying the feeling of Lauren's tongue in her mouth, when James' cock head popped into her ass.

As with the first time she had fucked him, the pain was there. But as with that first experience, she felt something more. The idea of him being in her was driving her crazy with lust.

The pain was only temporary she knew. And as James worked his rod in and out of her, she began to top the hill. The pain was now becoming pleasure - pleasure only intensified by her right hand on her pussy.

Alicia worked her clit quickly with her middle and ring finger as James' pace increased. Deeper and deeper, he slid into her. And she found herself pushing back on him as he slid into her.

She could feel him filling her and then retreating. The pressure and pain of his hard flesh piercing her would come to a sharp point, only to be replaced by the release and exhilaration of his withdrawal.

"You feel so good," James told her. "You doing OK?"

"Uh huh," she said between clinched teeth.

"OK, then I want you to try something," he said, then pulled his cock out completely.

Although he had been pumping in and out, he had remained inside her the whole time. Now, with his cock completely removed, she felt her sphincter spasm as it tried to close and the cold air entering her ass as it gaped open.

"Ooooohhh fuck," she said, feeling her legs quiver.

James stood and moved over to the couch in front of them, grabbing the lube and applying it to his cock. Then he motioned to her to join him.

Standing on shaky legs, Alicia walked over to the couch, on which she now saw Lauren sitting, masturbating with the blue dildo. Her black hair framed a wide smile.

"That 'a girl," she said. "He's got a great cock doesn't he?"

"Oh yeah," Alicia said, then looked at James for further instruction.

Grabbing her arm, he turned her so that she was facing away from him with his legs to either side of his.

"Stand up on the couch," he said. "I want you to ride my cock with that beautiful ass."

Alicia understood. He wanted her to ride him "reverse cowgirl," and so she did as he asked. She stood on the couch, and then lowered on herself onto his cock.

The gape of her ass had closed, but she was still loose enough to take him in readily. And once he was inside her, she put her feet on James's legs to give herself some leverage.

James braced her back, allowing her to raise and lower herself on his cock. The sensations were different in this position, with her in control.

Her legs spread wide, her pussy was now exposed to the open air and a breeze blew across it. She found herself surprised that she was still so wet. She didn't remember touching her pussy for a while, but she was soaked to the point of dripping.

Sore but exhilarated, she continued to ride James's cock. Sliding up and down on it, taking it even deeper than he had been pushing into her.

Faster and faster, she rode him, slipping from his legs from time to time, but always concentrating on his cock. The sensation of him filling her was amazing. She only wished she didn't have to balance herself with both hands, so that she could pay some attention to her clit.

But then, as if she was reading Alicia's mind, Lauren was in front of her, licking Alicia's nipples and rubbing her clit. The feeling was exquisite, but her pussy was a moving target and hard to hit, so it was only sporadic.

"Fuck me," Alicia told Lauren, locking eyes with her although sweat was dripping down her forehead and semi-blinding her.

Lauren knew what she meant and placed the dildo in front of her. When Alicia stopped on top of James, Lauren slowly inserted the rubber dong licking the redhead's sopping clit as she did so.

Now, with both her pussy and ass filled, she began to ride both cocks. It was something she had never felt before, as if her body was floating in warm water. The pain was gone and only pleasure – the feeling of total control and complete satisfaction – remained in her.

James too. The added pressure of the dildo inside her was pushing him over the edge as it was doing the same to her. It was only a few minutes before he called out to her that he was about to cum.

Hearing this, she knew she was close too. And she increased her speed, until she felt his muscles contract inside of her, pouring hot, white cum into her ass.

The jerking and spurting inside of her caused Alicia to cum as well. And as she sat down on his cock, Lauren removed the dildo and locked her mouth around Alicia's pussy, forcing her tongue inside and being splashed by Alicia's juices.

Breathing deeply in a state of ecstasy, Alicia fell back onto James's chest with Lauren still working her pussy as James shriveled inside her. Grabbing Lauren's face, she brought her up for a kiss and tasting her own pussy on Lauren's tongue.

Standing, she felt the cum draining from her ass and dripping down her legs. Turning, she began sucking the cum off of James's cock, then felt Lauren behind her, burying her tongue deep into the gaping hole of her ass.

Alicia jerked as her brown eye closed around Lauren's tongue, which was searching for every drop of cum.

Satisfied she had done her job, Lauren bit Alicia's right butt cheek and stood up. The three of them fell into a pile on the couch, the girls kissing each other, and then kissing James's chest as they cooled down.

Looking around, Alicia saw that people were still fucking in all corners of the room. Melissa was being fucked doggy style by one black guy while she sucked off another one. And Tammy was taking two guys in her pussy and one in her mouth.

"So this is sorority life?" Alicia asked, breathing heavily as she recovered from her latest experience.

"Only if you want it darling," James said.

"But even if you don't," Lauren said, "you can be my s****r anytime." ... Continue»
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Oooooowwwwww God, Fuck Me Tommy!! A strange female voice screamed.

"Harder, You Bastard, Fuck me with your big cock!! Oh that feels Sssooo Gggooooooddd!!" She screamed out.

"Do you like the feel of my cock working so deep inside of you slut?, A familiar male voice grunted loudly. It was my father and this was one of many women he had brought home since my mom died.

"Yyyeeesss Tommy, Fuck Me, Fuck me Harder!!" She screamed breathlessly.

"Take my big cock Bitch!" Dad yelled.

"I'm Ccuummmmiinngg! Oh My God, You are sssooo big!!" She wailed.

"Open that mouth Slut, I'm going to cum now!!" Dad demanded.

"Uuummm Uuummm you taste so good Tommy," She cooed.

Those were the words I heard ringing through the hall as I walked past my Daddy's bedroom door. Dad is working his magic again, I thought, laughing as I drew closer to my room. He can be merciless at times when he's really into a good fucking. I knew the girl he was working up, into such a frenzie, must be having the time of her life as so many before her had too! My dad sure has a way with the ladies!

Honestly, there's no reason why he shouldn't be a ladies man. He's 42, and very good-looking, kinda has that Pierce Brosnan look going on but only with more muscle, and he has these piercing blue eyes that can send chills up your spine sometimes. I would say he's stands about 6'4" and weights probably around 225 pounds. Talk about a buff daddy! He is a very sexy man even if I have to say so myself. But then again, I'm a little prejudice since I'm his one and only daughter.

I'm 18 now and have pretty much been doing things for myself since Mom died two years ago. It was a rough time for Daddy and myself but we got through it. Somehow our relationship is now stronger than it had ever been before. Mom had always been my sounding board. We confided to one another about so many things and I really missed her now. There's a lot of subjects that a girl just can't seem to approach her Dad about. But we manage to muddle through it.

I was in my room, trying to do my homework, when I heard Dad's door open and close. I knew that his latest fuck toy must be leaving and I'm really glad that she is. Her screaming would have been a big distraction and I really need to study for this English final tomorrow. Not to mention the fact that I would have to start dinner soon and I really wanted to get in some study time beforehand. I hate to cram for a test at the last minute. I'll be so glad when my senior year is over and I can relax for the summer. The front door closing brought me back to reality and I realized that I needed to get changed, out of my school uniform, and into something more suited for cooking. I hated wearing that uniform anyway but what's a girl to do when that's what is required when you attend a private high school.

I was standing in front of the mirror with just my panties on and began to let my hands roam over my body. Reflections of my 5'1" body gazed back at me with the same eyes as my father. I realize that I've changed so much in the past year. My raven hair hangs half way down my back, my breast has increased in size, 36C, and my whole body has took on a new curvy appeal. I'm not a very big girl. In fact, I'm quite small for someone who recently turned 18. At least, that's what Sean told me the other evening as he was trying to get into my pants. I don't know why boys feel that they can buy you dinner and take you to a movie and then you should put out for them. It takes alot to keep from giving into temptation but I want to save my virginity for that special someone. I had just put on my favorite hoochie mama shorts and a cute little cropped tee shirt when I heard a light rap at my door.

"Breaunna, Are you decent?" Daddy asked.

"Yes Dad", I replied as he stuck his head inside my door.

"What have you planned for dinner tonight? I've worked myself up a real appetite," Grinning from ear to ear as he spoke.

"I thought we might grill out some chicken since it's a warm evening," I said blushing bright red.

"Sounds good. I'll get the grill warmed up after I take a quick shower," Dad stated.

"Ok Dad, I'll go ahead and put the chicken on to marinate while you do that."

With that said, He closed the door and disappeared into the confines of his room to shower and do whatever else he does in there. I hardly ever go into his room unless it's to put his freshly washed clothes away or vacuum.

I was in the kitchen putting dinner together when he appeared in the doorway, "Sorry about the noise earlier Bre," Bre is Dad's pet name for me.

Startled, I looked up saying, "It's Ok Dad."

He chuckled, at startling me, and walked toward the sliding glass door that leads to the patio where the grill is. As he walked by, I caught a whiff of his manly scent. He smelled of soap and that new cologne he bought a couple weeks. He claims that it's his 'lady killer'. I have to admit that he chose the right cologne because he sure did smell sexy and, judging from the noise that bellowed from his room earlier, it must work.

A few minutes later, he stepped back inside and asked if the chicken was ready to put on the grill as I stepped toward him with the platter ready to go. I then asked him if he wanted a beer to drink while he cooked and he replied "That would be great! Thanks Bre."

Dinner was good and the dishes were done so I told Dad that I was going to get some study time in before my final tomorrow. I kissed his cheek, told him goodnight and headed off toward my room leaving him to watch a movie of some sort. An hour later I heard a light knock on my door,

"Yes", I replied.

"Breaunna, Can I talk to you for a little bit?" Dad asked as he stepped inside my bedroom.

"Yes, of course Daddy, Come on in," I said turning from my desk.

"Listen Bre, I've been doing some thinking about how things have been lately and I would like to know how your feeling," He said as he sat on the edge of my bed.

"What things Daddy?" I asked, pulling my chair closer to him.

"Well, it's kind of hard to explain without going into detail", He said blushing this time.

"Daddy, if your wanting to talk about sex then you should know that I've been taught all about that," I replied.

"Who taught you about sex Breaunna?" He insistently asked.

"Daddy, Mom had the girl talk with me before she got sick so I know all about what goes on between a man and a woman," I told him.

"Well then, Does it bother you that I bring women home sometimes?" he asked.

"Why do you ask me that Dad? You've been bringing them home with you for sometime so why are you just now asking me how I feel about it?" I asked him getting huffy.

"Well, it's just that lately you've been acting different toward me and I was wondering if I've upset you somehow," He said sheepishly.

"Let me say this Dad, I know you get lonely and you've only been dating for about a year now but I do wish you would find another place to go and have sex with them," I said matter of fact.

"Why didn't you say this to me earlier Breaunna? I wouldn't have brought those women here if I knew you felt that way," He replied.

"Like I'm going to butt into your love life Dad," I said. "Geeze, do we really have to go into this now?" I was growing more and more exasperated by the turn in this conversation.

"I think we should talk about it Bre, especially since you've been putting some distance between us lately and I really don't want to have to bridge that gap again. We've come a long way since your mom died and I thought you could talk to me about things that are bothering you, especially now," He stated.

"Look Daddy, I'm telling you now and so you can do whatever it is that you want to do. I'll be going away to college in the fall anyway so a few more months of screaming women isn't going to make too much difference," I said with a little contempt in my voice.

"It does matter to me how you feel about this Breaunna, because I love you and I want you to feel comfortable in your own home. So if my bringing women home bothers you then I won't do it anymore. Ok?"

"Ok Daddy, That's fine with me. I really do need more quiet now anyway. Especially since I have finals the next two weeks."

"Good, now that we've got that settled, I'll leave you to your studies. I know you've got a big test tomorrow so hopefully, now that we've talked about this, it will help out with the stress level here at home." he said placing his hand on mine.

"Can we hug and make up now?" He asked.

"Sure Daddy, I love you," I said as we hugged.

"I love you too sweetie. Let's not keep our feelings from one other anymore," He said releasing me from his big bear hug. With that said, he got up and strolled from my room, winking at me as he shut my bedroom door.

"What has got into him?" and "Why has he suddenly become so concerned about how I feel?" I asked myself. I went back to my studies, shrugging off my questions until a later time.

The next two weeks flew by without a hitch. My finals were over and graduation was Sunday, just three days away! My dad told me, over dinner, that my Grandpa and, my Dad's b*****r, Uncle Jim were coming in for my graduation and they would be vacationing for a week so we needed to get our house in tip top shape. I know how he likes for things to be so-so when we have company so I told him that I would get the house all cleaned up tomorrow, after school. I knew this wouldn't take me away from anything because it was the last day of school. YEA!!

"I woke up Friday morning, stretched like a big lazy cat, and looked outside my window as I adjusted my sight to the brightness beaming into my bedroom. Today is the last day of school and I want to make a lasting impression on all the boys who wouldn't get to see me until our 10 year reunion so I really made the extra effort to look as stunning as I possibly could. Not that it took that much work, but still, I want to go out with the proverbial bang. I was about to open the front door when I heard a whistle come from the kitchen. I stopped and moved back toward where the whistle came from and saw my Daddy looking at me as he had never done before. "You look great today sweetie," He said with a gleam in his eyes.

"Thanks Daddy. I wanted to make a lasting impression on all the guys at school so I took a little extra time to get ready this morning," I replied.

"Well, I'm sure you will see alot of tongues wagging today," He said with a chuckle.

"That's the idea Daddy," I said as I spun around. "I gotta go now, I'm going to be late if I don't hurry," I said as I headed for the front door once again.

"Have a great day Breaunna. Knock em dead pretty girl," I heard him say as I was closing the door.

I came home from school beaming from the great day that I had. So many guys asked for my phone number, saying they would be calling to ask me out sometime. So now it looks like I won't be spending all of my free time lounging around the pool. At least, now I'll be going out on some dates with whomever chose to call on me.

Oh man, now I had to clean this house. I guess I should just start somewhere and get it done before Daddy gets home from work. He's an architect with a large firm and he usually works from home but today he had to go into the city to get some plans "tweaked" as he calls it, so he won't be home until about 7:00 pm this evening. That should give me plenty of time to get this housework all done and then hopefully we can go out for dinner tonight. I feel like celebrating. Afterall, how often is it that you have your last day of high school anyway?, I thought with a chuckle.

Daddy got home just when I thought he would and was so proud to see that I had done what he asked of me. The house was sparking clean. He told me to get myself all prettied up cause we were go out for dinner. Little did he know that's what I planned on doing anyway. I laughed inwardly. I know my Daddy so well.

Dinner was so good. I always enjoy going out with my dad. Although, we do sometimes draw attention from people. I don't know if it's because people think I'm his date or if they are just thinking lewd thoughts about me. Either way, It doesn't matter because I'm with one of the most handsome men in this city and I don't care what people think. On the way home, we talked about graduation and what I would be wearing under my cap and gown. I told Daddy that I would like to have a new dress to wear and he said we would go shopping tomorrow. Oh boy, I thought, Does he spoil me rotten or what? He must have been sensing my thoughts because he looked over at me and winked. That wink, something about it makes me get this butterfly feeling inside my stomach.

Saturday morning we went shopping. I think I wore my poor Dad out, going from shop to shop, trying to find that perfect dress but if he was tired, he sure didn't utter a word about it. He's such a good sport when it comes to my shopping splurges. The dress I picked out was so pretty. It was a sleeveless, light pink dress that clung to my curvy body. When my dad saw it on me, he stated that he thought it might a tad bit too short for a graduation dress but I assured him that my gown would cover it so it really didn't matter. With that, he said that we should get all the accessories to match it, which is exactly what we did. On the way home, I couldn't help but envision myself in this lovely dress. I know the color really makes my olive complection pop, not to mention, my dark hair. I felt really good and sat back to enjoy the ride home with my Daddy.

"Grandpa, Uncle Jim!" I exclaimed as they came through our front door about 8:00 pm that same evening. I ran and flung my arms around each of their necks and kissed them both on the cheek. I love my Grandpa and Uncle Jim so much but we don't get to see them as much as I would like. They live a 6 hour drive from us and it's really difficult for all of us to get together as often as we would like so the time that we do get to spend together is often full of fun and lots of laughs. We stayed up until late catching up with everything going on in our lives. We had some laughs and I decided at 1:00 am that I should head for bed since tomorrow, or rather today, was going to be a busy day. I left my three favorite men alone in the living room to talk. sl**p must have enveloped me because the last thing I remember was lying my head down on my cool pillow.

"Have you told her yet Tommy?" Grandpa asked.

"No, I've been trying to find the courage to tell her but the timing just hasn't been there," Dad replied.

"Well don't you think she's going to be a little pissed when she finds out the real reason were here?" Uncle Jim asked.

"I've tried to tell her but I look into her eyes and all my courage goes out the window," Dad said with turmoil.

"Well, Do you know if she's still a virgin? At least, Tell me that you've asked her that much Tommy," Grandpa asked angrily.

"I think she is Dad but No, I didn't come out and bluntly ask her that," My Dad retored.

"Fuck Tommy, Don't you think it was important to find this shit out before we got here to take care of this?" Grandpa said pissed off.

"Geeze Dad, She's been through so much shit in the past 2 years. I guess that I felt that I owed her more than this," Dad said getting angry.

"You know the rules Son. She has to go through this initiation immediately after her graduation," Grandpa stated, calming down a bit.

"Tommy, It's part of our lifestyle. It's been this way for decades now. You know this and she should have been told, in order, to prepare herself for it," Uncle Jim spoke up.

"You mean, Like you prepared your daughter Jim?" My Dad said with anger all over his face.

"Fuck You Tommy! I couldn't wait to get my hands on Deidra. You've seen how fucking hot she is," Uncle Jim retorted.

"Yes she is a looker Jim but you didn't stick to the rules, exactly like you should have, either. So stop chastising me for not preparing Breaunna," Dad stated.

"Hey, I only finger fucked Deidra, maybe played with her tits a little too but that's as far as it went Tommy," Uncle Jim said.

"Alright boys. Enough about this shit with Deidra. She's already had her turn and now it's time to focus on Breaunna. She's got to be prepared and if your not going to do it Tommy then perhaps I should," Grandpa stated, matter-of-factly.

"No Dad, I will tell her first thing in the morning," Daddy hurridly spoke up.

"You better Fucking get your shit together Tommy. I'm sick and tired of you boys not doing what is expected of you when it comes to these damn girls," Grandpa said then turned and walked to his bedroom. Daddy and Uncle Jim followed in suit.

"Good morning sunshine," Dad said to me as he gently woke me up. "It's time for you to get up and get prepared for your big day baby girl. But first I want to ask if you've planned anything after your graduation this afternoon?" Daddy asked, chickening out once again.

"No Daddy, I've not planned anything," I said stretching once again like a lazy cat.

"Good, because Grandpa, Uncle Jim and myself have planned a wonderful affair for you this evening and I didn't want anything to hender our plans," Daddy stated.

"Plans? You make it sound so business-like Daddy," I said teasing.

"No baby girl, it's nothing like that and I'm sorry if I sounded like it was but we do have a very big surprise for you. In fact, three to be exact," He said laughing with excitement.

"Oh Goody, I love surprises Daddy. You know that!" I exclaimed.

"Well sweetie, you are sure to be totally satisified with yours," Daddy said getting up, from my bedside, he turned and gave me that wink again.

I got up and went to take my shower and was really enjoying the feel of the water pellet my skin to it's awakening. Suddenly, I heard the bathroom door open. I didn't know who it was, but then again, I had nothing to fear. I figured whoever it was heard me showering and quietly stepped back out. Then I opened the shower curtain and was reaching for my towel when I saw Uncle Jim standing there watching me. I squealed out and immediatedly had my mouth covered, by his large hand, as he backed me against the shower wall. Then he began to roughly tug at my erect nipples with his other hand. I was in such shock and I didn't know why he was doing this to me. I began to struggle and tried to pull from him when he grabbed me by both of my arms and hissed "Shut the Fuck Up Slut!"

He then proceded to suck my breasts. He took each one into his mouth and sucked as if he were a baby. I didn't know what to do except just stand there and let him finish what he started. It's like he was a totally different person, perhaps possessed by some vile demon. I didn't know what he was going to do next and then he spoke, "Your such a hot Cunt Breaunna, You will learn to subcumb to my wants very soon little girl." With that said, he pinched my nipples very hard and then turned on his heels and walked out.

I lost all the feelings to my legs and slowly sank to the shower floor. I didn't understand why my Uncle Jim had done this to me. I felt as cheap as a twenty dollar hooker! How could I look at my Uncle the same way ever again! Then I felt a trickle of something seeping down my thigh. I went to wipe it off my leg when I felt more of it coming from my quivering pussy. "What had caused this to happen?" I thought, as I bagan to regain my composure. Quietly, I dried my body off, put on my robe and hurried to my room.

"That Bastard!" I hissed inwardly. "If my Dad ever finds out what he did then it will be too bad for Uncle Jim!" I thought as I smiled at the sight of Daddy beating him to a pulp. I began to put on my new pink dress with shaking hands. I did my best to steady them so that I could finish getting ready but all that I could think about was what had just transpired in the bathroom. I came to the conclusion that I will tell Daddy what Uncle Jim had done after graduation. If I told him now, then I would never get to the ceremony and I knew that.
When I entered into the living room, my Dad, Grandpa and Uncle Jim were sitting there waiting for me. Daddy came over to me and kissed me on the cheek, "You look absolutely stunning Breaunna, Your mother would be so proud." A little tear trickled down my cheek and my Daddy gently wiped it away. Grandpa came over to me and hugged me closely to him and whispered in my ear, "You look delectable." Then he pulled away from me and winked . My gawd, it was the same wink that Daddy always gave to me. "We need to get a move on if were going to make it to this graduation on time." Uncle Jim said as he brushed past me.

There was a heavy silence that hung in the car as we drove to my graduation. I was determined that nothing was going to ruin my special day not even Uncle Jim's perversion.

Once the graduation ceremony was over, all of my classmates come over to extend their best wishes and promises of keeping in touch. The crowd was starting to dwindle when I saw Daddy making his way toward me. He hugged and congratulated me saying that he was taking all of us out to a lovely restaurant for a celebration dinner. I was soon to learn their definition of celebration and mine were going to be totally different...

Anticipation. That's what I was feeling as Daddy, Grandpa, Uncle Jim and myself drove to the restaurant. There was definitely a hush that fell upon everyone as we drove in silence. I took this quiet time as an opportunity to refect upon my day. I closed my eyes and began to drift off into my own world. There they were again, Uncle Jim's big hand's roughly pawing at my breasts. His wet mouth sucking them. I squeezed my eyes shut tighter trying so hard to push these images out of mind but they kept coming back. What had happened to make my Uncle do this to me? Did I do something that led him to think I wanted it? It? What is it? Why didn't I tell Daddy right after it happened? Those questions kept scrolling across the front of my brain like a damn ticker. I decided that, when I got the opportunity, I was definitely going to tell Daddy. I'll let him handle Uncle Jim anyway he sees fit.

We arrived at this very expensive restaurant. Daddy and I had been here several times before but only when there was an occasion that we wanted to celebrate. I started to open the passenger car door when Daddy covered my hand with his and told me to sit still. He then came around and opened the door and extended his left arm to me. I took it gladly. He knew that I beamed when he treated me like a lady and I guess that this evening shouldn't be any different. Afterall, I am officially a High School Graduate now!

Daddy had made reservations ahead of time and so we were e****ted to a private corner of the restaurant. It was dimly lit with flowers and candles on each table. What a beautiful restaurant this was. Daddy pulled my chair out for me and helped me to settle in at the table. He then took the chair beside me. Grandpa sit across from Daddy and Uncle Jim sat directly across from me. I felt like someone was watching me and, when I looked up, I saw Uncle Jim staring at me. I felt myself start to flush. Daddy must have noticed this because leaned over and whispered into my ear, "Are you alright Breaunna?" "I'm fine Daddy.", I answered as I looked across the table and saw Uncle Jim smugly smiling.

"You've had a long day sweetie. Perhaps we can cut this evening a little short and go home after dinner.", Daddy said out of concern.

"I'm ok Dad, Really.", Smiling weakly as I looked up, his blue eyes watching me closely.

Just then the waiter brought our menu's and glasses of water. I suddenly felt parched and began to more then just sip my water. I could already tell that this was going to be a very long dinner. I wished now that Daddy hadn't planned such a extravagant evening and I was back in the comfort of my own bedroom away from Uncle Jim.

"So what will you be having Ms.?", the waiter politely asked, pulling me back from my thoughts.

"Chicken with the steamed vegetables.", I answered turning slightly red.

The waiter took everyone else's order and left us saying he would bring the champagne back in just a few moments.

"I ordered a bottle of champagne Bre, because this is a very special day for you. I think a little bubbly is called for, don't you?" Daddy said more as a statement than a question.

"Yeah, I guess it will be alright." I said with a few reservations. I had never drink champagne before and I didn't know what kind of effect it would have on me.

"Don't worry Bre, a glass or two won't hurt anything.", Dad said as he smiled and winked, assuring me it would be alright. I blushed as I smiled back at him.

"So how does it feel to be a High School graduate?" Grandpa asked, smiling brightly. I look at him and see what my Daddy will look like when he gets to be that age. Grandpa is very good looking for a man that's 72. Grandma passed away five years ago and he had a really hard time recovering from her death. What do you expect though, they had been married 48 years when she suddenly died. He threw himself into his farm for a while, trying to stay busy. We all knew that he was grieving. The past year has been good for him though, he's starting to act more like his old self and sporting that familiar gleam in his eyes. He claims it's all that good, clean living he's been getting on the farm. I, however, disagree. I say it's all in the genes.

"I don't know that I feel any different, but it sure feels good to be out of that place though." I said lightly laughing.

"I know what you mean. It's always a good feeling when you know you've accomplished something and can put a close to it.", Grandpa said still smiling.

The waiter was sitting the glasses on the table and popped the cork to the champagne. He then filled each glass with a nice serving and quietly withdrew from the table saying that our dinner will be served shortly.

"I would like to make a toast.", Daddy said as he raised his glass. "Here's to Breaunna's graduation and wishes that she achieves all of her dreams.", Daddy toasted happily.

"Here!, Here!", came replies from both Grandpa and Uncle Jim.

We sat drinking the champagne and talked quietly back and forth when our dinner was brought to the table.

"This place sure serves a mean chicken.", Uncle Jim stated.

"Yes. It's all quite good.", Grandpa chimed in.

"We have always been served with very good food and service each time we've come here." Dad stated as he sliced off another piece of steak to put into his smiling mouth.

I ate my dinner quietly. Every once in a while I would feel something touch my leg and it would make me slightly jump in my seat. I would then look up to see Uncle Jim smiling and it seemed that he was undressing me with his dark brown eyes. Uncle Jim is also a very good looking man. He's the eldest of the two by three years so that would make him 48 now. They are built about the same with the exception that my Dad is probably a couple inches taller than him. His hair has a slight wave to it which is why he probably keeps it cut short. Uncle Jim has not had very good luck with his love life lately. Apparently, his wife found out that he was having numerous affairs and she left him high and dry. I think that could be part of why he's been acting so stange.

"So Breaunna, What are you plans now?", Uncle Jim's asked as his foot was moving higher onto my thigh, causing me to jump again. Immediately, I looked up and saw his brown eyes staring at me.

"She is going to the local college here this fall and take her prerequisites before attending the State University.", Daddy answered, sensing my discomfort.

"That's good. We need more educated women in this f****y.", Uncle Jim said with a smirk as he glared at me.

"There's nothing wrong with having educated women in the f****y Jim.", Grandpa chimed in. "What's wrong, having regrets about not sending Deidra to college?" Grandpa asked chuckling.

"Deidra didn't want to go to college Dad and you know it. All that damn girl thinks about is her looks and how many men she can snare with them.", Uncle Jim retorted.

"Well, I want to make sure that Breaunna get's her education so that she can take care of her dear old Dad when he retires.", Daddy said as he caught my eye and winked.

"I will always be there to take care of you Daddy. No matter how old you are.", I said smiling at Daddy as I joked back.

Finally, the mood was starting to change. I was able to push Uncle Jim's lewd acts from my mind and begin to enjoy what was suppose to be my celebration dinner. Too bad it was toward the end of the evening.

"Well, I'm stuffed!", Daddy said as he stood up from the table. "Is everyone ready to get back to the house?", he then moved to the back of my chair.

"Yes, I'm feeling kinda tired and would like to get home and put my feet up." I said, feeling rather light-headed as I stood up. I didn't know if it was the champagne or the fact that I was tired but non-the-less, I was ready to go.

"Now don't forget that you have three gifts that you need to unwrap when we get home sweetie." Daddy reminded me, entwining his hand into mine.

"Oh, I almost forgot about the presents you guys got for me.", I said as I put my free hand onto his arm to steady myself. "I can't wait to get home and open them."

"Shall we go then?", Daddy said as he reached into his pocket and pulled out the bills needed to pay for dinner. We then began to make our way to the restaurants exit.

I held onto Daddy as if he were my only life line as we strolled from the restaurant to the car. I think the champagne had gone to my head causing me to feel this way. "I'm definitely going to lie down when we get home!", I thought as Daddy helped me into the car. He was making his way around to the driver's side when he was stopped.

"Have you told her yet?", I heard Grandpa almost whisper to Daddy as all three men stood outside of the car.

"No. I didn't tell her Dad.", Daddy said, looking down at the paved parking lot.

"Damn it Tommy, Do I have to do everything in this f****y?", Grandpa said angrily.

"Well, how about we all tell her on the way back to your house?", Uncle Jim chimed in.

"No. We'll wait until we get there.", Grandpa huffed. "That way it will all be done behind closed doors just where it should be kept."

The three of them got into the car and we were on our way back home. It seemed that everyone was lost in their own thoughts. I couldn't help but think about the conversation that I had just overheard between Grandpa, Uncle Jim and Daddy. What was Daddy keeping from me? Why was Grandpa talking in such a hushed voice and why did he get angry with my Dad? I guess I will learn about it soon enough because I overheard them say that they would tell me when we got home. Still, something about their conversation made me feel very uneasy.

As we pulled into the drive of our house, I felt a hand cover mine. It was Daddy's hand. He looked at me and smiled. It seemed as though he was trying to reassure me about something. "What is going on?" I thought as I stepped out of the car.

"Breaunna, we need to talk.", Daddy said as we walked into the foyer of the house.

"I know Daddy. I have something that I need to tell you too.", I said with pleading eyes.

"Can it wait Bre? I think what I have to tell you is more important at this moment." Daddy asked, taking my hand in his.

"Sure Daddy. Is it about my presents?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact, it is.", Daddy said as he led me into the living room, turning me to face him.

"Oh Hell Tommy! Tell the girl what's going to happen for christ sake!", Grandpa said as he turned to look me in the eye, " We are your presents Breaunna!", he said, sounding like a lion as it roared. I didn't realize, until that moment, that Daddy and I got our eyes from him.

"What does he mean Daddy?", I asked, looking up at him with questioning eyes.

"It's just what Grandpa said it is.", Daddy said, holding onto me by both of my arms. "We have a tradition in this f****y that is to be fulfilled tonight."

"What kind of tradition is that?", I asked on trembling legs.

"It will all be fully explained in time but first I must ask you something and have you answer me truthfully. Ok?" I nodded with understanding as he continued. "Are you still a virgin?", Daddy finally asked.

"Yes", I answered blushing bright red with embarrassment.

"No need to get enbarrassed sweetie. I needed to know this because of what is about to happen.", Daddy said as he led me to sit on the sofa. "In this f****y, the male elders take possession of the females on the day they graduate from High School and are officially of legal age.", he said looking down at me. "You are to willingly give your virginity to us and do whatever we ask of you from now on. No questions and no hesitations. Do you understand?"

"No! I don't understand!", I lashed out, defiantly looking at my Dad. "This is sick and I won't have any part of it!"

SLAP! I felt my head being tossed to one side as my body fell over onto the sofa. I looked up with tears streaming down my face and saw Daddy angrily looking down at me. I raised my hand to feel my face. Heat was rising from my skin as I realized that Daddy was the one who had struck me.

"You will do this Breaunna!", Grandpa said as he brushed past Uncle Jim to stand beside Daddy. "This is your destiny!"

"Do you understand now?", Daddy asked, his face still red with anger.

"Yes Daddy.", I said as my lower lip quivered with fear. I wanted to get up and run away from this nightmare but where would I go? How would I live? I didn't have a car or any money. I had always been supported by Daddy and he made sure that I had all that I wanted and needed. I felt so trapped!

"Good.", Daddy's response bringing me back to this hellish reality. "I should have told you this several months ago but I didn't because of all that you've been though in the past two years.", he said as he began to regain his composure. "With the passing of your mother, I had to turn to strange women to fulfil my sexual needs knowing that I had to wait until you had graduated before taking you into my possession. I immediately threw my face into my hands and began to cry like a baby. "Why is this happening?", I asked myself.

"Now the time has come for you to submit to me and the other elders of this f****y.", Daddy coldly stated. "Soon we will find out if you have been truthful with me.", he said as his eyes bore into the very core of my being.

"Stand up c***d and take your clothes off.", Grandpa demanded, moving aside so that I could stand up. I hesitated.

"Do what your told Breaunna!", Daddy said, almost screaming, causing me to jump.

I stood and, with shaking hands, slowly began to disrobe. My pink dress was soon falling around my ankles as I lifted my foot to push it aside.

"Fuck, Do you think we have all night?", Uncle Jim sharply asked. "Get those fucking panties and bra off too!", he demanded as he moved closer. I began to slide my pink panties down my slender legs, trying to cover myself as they fell around my ankles. I was so ashamed of what they were making me do.

"Damn Tommy! She's got one hot pussy!", Uncle Jim was saying as he tried to touch my private area. "I can tell just by looking at it." I pushed away from him before he could touch me.

"No need to fight this Bre.", I heard Daddy say. "This is going to happen whether you like it or not." I looked up to see where his voice was coming from and saw him sitting in the chair across the room. I didn't realize that he had even moved.

"Quit trying to hide that pussy Breaunna.", Grandpa said with haste as he grabbed my arm.

"Yeah baby, we're all f****y here.", Uncle Jim said laughing, as he rubbed his cock through his pants.

I had started to put my hands behind my back to unclasp my bra when I felt a hand pushing my hands back down to my side. I turned to look and Uncle Jim had moved to stand beside me. He turned me around and in no time he had unclasped my bra and my breasts fell free. Here I stood completely naked, in front of the three men that I had once adored so much, and all I could do was stand there as if I were frozen. I quit fighting it and surrendered to the fact that these men were going to do with me as they wished.

"Oh fuck Tommy, This hottie of yours has some fine tits!", Uncle Jim's words bringing me back. "I can't wait to see how they bounce when I am fucking the shit out of her!", he added.

"Well, Let's find out how good of a cock sucker she is.", Grandpa inpatiently said.

"I will almost bet she's sucked a few of those boy's cocks at school and is probably quite the expert at it.", Uncle Jim said with excitement.

The words weren't hardly spoken and Grandpa and Uncle Jim were stripped naked. Their Cocks springing to life with the anticipation of fucking their niece and grandaughter. Then Grandpa was standing in front of me holding one of the biggest cocks that I had ever seen. I would say it had to be at least 10 inches long and as big around as a beer can.

"Get on your knees Breaunna!", Grandpa demanded. I quickly obeyed and then he put his big monster up to my lips. "Open up that mouth of yours and let ole Grandpa give you a few lessons in cock sucking." I opened my mouth and felt him begin to stuff his monster cock in. I felt my mouth stretch as he inched more and more into my mouth. "She's got a hot mouth I'll tell ya that now." Grandpa said to whomever was listening. More and more of his cock began to disappear into my mouth as I then felt it hit the back of my throat. "Looks like I've hit a wall, let's see if I can break through it.", Grandpa said pushing past the blockage that hindered his passage into my throat. I began to gasp for air, flingling my arms, as I felt his cock pushing further inside my mouth. I heard someone say to breath through my nose. Realizing it was Daddy coaching me, I tried to relax as Grandpa continued his journey into my virgin throat.

"Get on your hand and knees Slut." Uncle Jim demanded as he pushed me forward onto my hands and knees. "I want to taste that sweet pussy of yours." The next thing I felt was something wet touching my pussy. Grandpa's cock fell from my mouth as I moved my head to the side and saw Uncle Jim kneeling behind me with his face in my twat.

"Now get that fucking throat turned back around here little girl so I can finish what I started.", Grandpa said as he pushed my face back toward him. Back into my mouth went his hugh cock and within seconds he was filling my throat with it once more. It was like the gurgling sounds, coming from me, was getting him even more excited.

"Tommy, you've got to taste this sweet pussy of hers.", Uncle Jim cooed as he briefly took his mouth from my pussy. "It tastes like sweet honey." Suddenly, I felt a new sensation deep inside of me. I couldn't stop what was happening to my body and, then as if I had become someone else, I began to push back again the tongue that was causing me to feel such pleasure. "The Slut is fucking cumming on my tongue.", Uncle Jim said laughing. "She's cumming so much I might drown in her juices.", he said as my whole body shook.

Not once did Grandpa let me forget that he was still fucking my throat. His constant in and out motion only confirmed that he was achieving his goal. Everytime he would push back into my mouth, I felt his big balls slap again my chin. "I'm going to cum very soon, so you had better get ready to drink what Grandpa is about to give ya.", he said as he slammed back into my throat. I felt it begin to twitch and then a rush of thick fluid begin to slide from my throat directly into my stomach. "Suck me dry!.", Grandpa groaned as he cum. I was struggling to get air into my lungs but how could I with him holding my head still while he used my mouth as his sperm dump. I was about to pass out when he pulled his cock from my mouth, allowing me to breath again. I began to cough as what was left of his cum spewed from my mouth. I looked around for Daddy and saw him still sitting in the chair rubbing his cock through is pants. He just smiled at me and then winked.

"Fuck, that was some fine pussy Breaunna!", Uncle Jim said, catching my attention. "Talk about some good dessert!", he continued as he walked around to stand in front of me. I was then confronted with yet an even bigger cock to suck on. It wasn't as big around as Grandpa's but it was definately longer, probably 12 inches long. "Open up and say ahhh.", Uncle Jim said, laughing as he begin to push his big cock into my mouth and once again my mouth was filled. Only, he wasn't as gentle as Grandpa was. He was merciless as he plunged his big cock down my young throat in one thrust. He didn't seem to care that I was trying to breathe. All he wanted to do was see how much pain he could inflict upon my poor throat. "Oh yeah Bitch, Suck on my big cock.", he said as his balls bounced off my chin.

Again, I felt something wet touch my pussy. I knew it had to be Grandpa because Daddy was sitting, in the chair, where I could see him. It's like he wanted me to see him stroking himself as I was being used. Grandpa's tongue was alot longer than Uncle Jim's as it touched places that Uncle Jim's did not. Suddenly, I felt something jabbing inside of me. It felt like a finger was being plunged inside my depths and then it would be pulled out and touch, what I later learned to be, my clit. Uncle Jim sure didn't let me feel this good sensation. He repeated this over and over again, going deeper, until I felt that strange sensation coming back. God, it felt so good having him do this to me. Then he hit something inside of me. It hurt when he first did it and he pulled his finger out saying, "She didn't lie to you Tommy. I felt her hymen still in tact when I fingered her deep." Grandpa then continued to finger and tongue fuck me. "Oh yeah Baby, Cum for your old Grandpa!", I heard him say as I pushed my hips back further onto his awaiting tongue.

"Don't break her hymen Dad. I want to be the one who takes her cherry.", Daddy said as he watched me shake and trimble as I cum.

"Fuck it Slut! Your mouth is so fucking hot!", Uncle Jim shouted. "I'm going to cum in your throat and your going to drink it all." Then he plunged his cock deeper into my throat. His hands clutching my hair as he pushed my face onto his cock. Once again, I was strugging for air that wasn't there. Uncle Jim's cock was twitching deep in my throat and my constant gurgling and fighting was exciting him even more. "Oh yeah Bitch, drink up!", he loudly said. "Fuck, she's one good cock sucker Tommy. Your going to enjoy this too.", Uncle Jim said as he finished cumming and pulled his cock from my mouth. I couldn't swallow all of his cum and it started dribbling down my chin. Again, I was breathing in all the air that my lungs would hold.

"Lick it all up Slut!", Grandpa said as he took his finger and scooped up the cum, that had dribbled from my mouth, and fed it back to me. I was beginning to feel sick to my stomach.

"I believe it's my turn now.", Daddy stated as he walked over to where I was still kneeling. "You two have had enough fun with her for the moment.", he said, helping me to my feet. "I think I'm going to take her into my bedroom and show her what a good Fucking is all about." He then reached for my hand and quietly led me down the hallway toward the one room that I never thought we would share as lovers.

"Bre, This is only the beginning of your initiation." I heard Daddy saying as he led me down the hallway to his bedroom. I was in a daze or perhaps even numbed by the turn of events that this evening had brought. I must admit that the evening was ending totally different than the way I had thought it would. I was recalling the events that had just transpired in the living room. Grandpa and Uncle Jim had just been using my mouth to satisify their sexual hunger telling me that I would be enjoying this in time to come. Little did they know that I had already come to enjoy it. Perhaps what they said to me was true. That's the only explanation that could possibly explain my own behavior. I must be a Slut or even worse, their Slut!

"Breaunna!" that one word bringing me back to reality. "Where were you girl?" Daddy asked with concern as he gently shook my shoulders. I slowly began to turn my head to look around and realized that we had stopped in front of his bedroom door. "I want you to know that what is about to happen will be between just you and I. Nobody else will be involved because I want to make your first time special."

"Ok Daddy." I meekly replied as Daddy opened his bedroom door. He then took my hand once more and led me over to his bed.

"Sit down Bre." Daddy said as he urged me to sit with a slight push on my shoulders. "I will be right back." He gave me that reassuring wink, then turned and walked out of the bedroom and back into the living room. I heard voices but couldn't make out what was being said.

"Why don't you two go out for a while so that I can have some time alone with Breaunna." Daddy said as he walked over to where Grandpa and Uncle Jim were sitting. "I feel bad enough that she is having to go through this without so much as a warning from me and I really want to make this moment as special as I possibly can."

"Sure thing Son." Grandpa replied. "But you do realize that we are not through with her yet." standing as he finished speaking.

"Yeah Tommy. I want my turn at fucking her sweet pussy." Uncle Jim chimed in as he took his stance beside Grandpa.

"It's just that I don't want her to feel anymore shame than what she must already be feeling." Daddy stated, ignoring Uncle Jim's statement.

"You might as well get this over with as soon as possible because she needs to learn her place in this f****y." Grandpa retorted.

"Well, by the time I'm done fucking her pretty little body, she will certainly know where she stands with me!" Uncle Jim said as he smugly smiled.

"Jim, your such a bastard sometimes!" Daddy said as he glared at his older b*****r. "I can see why your wife left your stupid ass!"

"Alright boys, that's quite enough!" Grandpa chided them both. "You can have some time alone with her Tommy but when we get back, you had better be ready to share." he said, looking at Daddy.

"Where are we suppose to go anyway?" Uncle Jim angrily asked.

"There's a nice bar just a few blocks away from here." Daddy said still glaring at Uncle Jim. "You should have no trouble finding a whore there to finish getting your nuts off!"

"Oh, I'll get my nuts off alright Tommy. Your little girl will be just the slut to get them off too!" Uncle Jim said as he returned my Dad's glare.

"Enough!" Grandpa shouted. "You two can continue your pissing contest another time but now is not the place!" his face contorting with disgust.

"Here's the address to the bar. Give me a couple of hours to spend alone with Breaunna and then come back." Daddy said as he scribbled on a piece of paper.

"That's fine Son. Now go and show that little granddaughter of mine what it's like to be fucked good and proper." Grandpa said as he smiled and winked.

"She'll be ready for more by the time you two get back here. I'll promise you that much." Daddy said, returning the smile as he turned to walk away.

I was sitting on Daddy's bed when I heard the front door open and close. Then Daddy appeared in his bedroom doorway and smiled at me. He then began to make his way over to where I was. "Did they leave Daddy?" I asked looking up into his piercing eyes.

"Yes Hun" Daddy said as he took my hand and sit down beside me. "I told them that I wanted to spend some time alone with you and gave them directions to a bar a couple blocks away."

"So we're all alone?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"Yes Bre, We are all alone." Daddy said as he brought my hand up and kissed it to his lips.

"Thank you Daddy." I said, breathing a sigh of relief. I really didn't want an audience while Daddy took my virginity and I certainly didn't want Uncle Jim to hear me screaming out in pleasure just so he could satisify his carnal lust. I knew that, judging from the screams of Daddy's other women, I was in for the ride of a lifetime. He must do something that makes these women scream out with pleasure and it looked as though I was about to find out what his secret was.

"Your welcome Bre." Daddy whispered as he gently carressed my face with the back of his hand. "I only wanted to make you feel more comfortable."

"I'm glad it's just you and I Daddy." I whispered as I let my head begin to fall forward with embarrassment.

"Don't be ashamed of what is happening to you Breaunna." Daddy said as he took my face into his hands, looking deep into my eyes and winked at me. Oh god there was that wink again. "I intend to show you what it's like to be truly loved by me." he finished as his lips gently brushed mine. His kiss became more intense and I felt myself begin to melt into him with our combined desire.

"Lie back Breaunna." Daddy gruffly said as he finally broke our kiss. "I want to taste your virgin pussy and make you feel pleasure as you've never felt it before."

I laid back onto his bed as he knelt beside it. I felt him grab me by the hips and pull me closer to the edge of the bed as I held my legs tightly closed together. "Open your legs Bre." he ordered. I reluctantly began to open my legs up for him and I heard him sigh as he gazed at my pussy. "Oh baby, I love your bare pussy." he said almost breathless. "How long have you been shaving it like this?"

"For several months." I answered

"What made you want to do this to begin with?" Daddy asked as his finger tickled the outside of my pussy.

"I had seen the other girls at school and they shaved theirs and I wanted to see what it was like Daddy." I answered as my thighs began to shake.

"Did you like the way it felt when you shaved?"

"Yes. It felt much better when it was bare and so I just kept doing it." my voice now shaky.

"Good. I like a bare pussy and I want you to keep it like this from now on Breaunna." he said as little shocks of electricity swept throughout my whole body.

"Ok Daddy, I will." I breathlessly whispered.

He then begin to probe my pussy even farther as he grazed my clit with his forefinger causing my butt to lift up off of the bed. "Does that feel good Bre?" Daddy asked with a chuckle.

"Oh Yes!" I breathlessly answered. I had experiented on myself with my own fingers but they didn't feel as good as Daddy's fingers did.

"Somebody had a little orgasm." Daddy said as he stuck his finger inside of me. "Uuummm and your so wet Baby!" he almost whispered as he pulled his finger from inside of me and sucked my juices from it.

"What were you rubbing that made it feel so good?" I asked as I sat up on my elbows to look at him.

"I was rubbing your Clit Breaunna." he answered as he worked his finger back inside my virgin pussy. "But if you thought that felt good then you will really like what I am about to do now." Daddy said as he pushed his face into my pussy. I felt his long tongue lick my clit with such speed that I could not lie still. My head was thrashing from side to side as he manupliated my clit with his tongue, working his finger inside of my pussy. "Relax and let the good feeling that your experiencing take over your body." he coached as my body began to shake uncontrollably sending me into oblivion.

"Oh my God Daddy!" I screamed. "This feels sooooo good!"

"That's it baby! Cum for your Daddy! Cum all over my face!"

"Don't stop what your doing to me Daddy!!! It feels so good!!!" I bucked my body off the bed's edge and Daddy had to grab my legs to keep from getting kicked in the face.

"AAAHHHHUUURRRGGGHHH, Don't stop!!!" I shreaked at the top of my lungs, squirting my love juice into his waiting mouth. He reapplied the pressure of his long tongue at my clit until he felt my body begin to still from it's fit. He then dipped his tongue into my dripping pussy to lap up all of my juices that he could. Raising his head from between my legs he said, "Slow down baby. We've got all night." chuckling as he licked his lips.

I felt my orgasm start to subside and realized what I had done. Blushing as I pulled my legs up to my body and rolled onto my side away from him. "Oh Bre that was an awesome sight to behold! Your cum squirted out of you so hard that it looked like you had a water nozzle in there." he told me as I felt him dip his finger back into my still dripping pussy. I felt tears began to flow down my face as I laid silent trying to regain some sense of composure.

Licking his fingers clean of my cum, he stood saying, "I'm going to get more comfortable now Bre and then we will continue." I heard what sounded like him undressing. I wanted to look so bad but the shame of what I had just done was too fresh for me to face my Daddy right now. Then I heard the sound of his zipper and the temptation became too much. Slowly I turned my head to see what he was doing but the sound of my movement caught his attention. "Stay in that position Bre. I don't want you to see me just yet." he said as he finished undressing.

"Why Daddy?" I asked as I saw him kneel beside the bed once again.

"Because I have something else that I want to do to you first." he said as I felt something warm touch my pussy. My whole body was covered with chill bumps as I realized that the warmth I felt was his breath. Then I felt him dip his finger back into my cunt and move it around in a circular motion. The lower half of my body began to betray me once more as I felt my pussy begin to quiver in anticipation of what was to come.

"Draw your left leg up higher to your chest." he directed. I quickly did as he told me. "Bre, I'm going to do something that I'm all too sure nobody has ever done to you before. I just want you to relax and enjoy it." I felt something warm and wet begin to touch my pink rose bud and it was then that I realized that he was using his tongue to try and probe inside of me. At first it tickled and I let out a giggle but then his tongue began to put pressure on my bud as it gave way to it's invader. The combination of Daddy's finger working on my clit and his tongue in my rose bud began to send shivers up and down my spine.

"What are you doing to me Daddy?" I breathlessly asked as I tried to raise up and see what he was doing.

"Shhhhhh Breaunna. Relax your butt muscles and it will start to feel good very soon, I promise you." With that said, he began probing my rose bud once again with his tongue. I laid my head back down and tried to relax as he instructed. He then pulled away from me altogether, leaving me to feel abandoned. It was then that I felt his wet finger slip push inside my rose bud. It was uncomfortable with one finger but then he stuck two inside of me and then was when I began to feel a little pain. "Ouch Daddy!!! It hurts a little!!!" I told him in a higher pitch than usual.

"Feel my fingers moving around?" he asked gruffly.

"Yes. I feel it and I want you to stop Daddy." I said, squirming back and forth.

"We've come too far to stop now Breaunna. You must learn to enjoy this because it's all part of having sex!!!" he stated with frustration as he continued manupliating my virgin ass. "Just relax like I told you in the beginning and let me make you feel good." using a much kinder tone of voice.

"Don't hurt me Daddy" I pleaded.

"Your ass is already starting to accomodate my fingers Bre, now I'm going to put another one with it. It may be uncomfortable at first, but soon you will learn to accept it as well." Daddy said, ignoring my plea of mercy.

"Nooooo!!! Ooowww Daddy!!! That really hurts!!! Stop Daddy, Oh Please Stop!!!" tears running down my cheeks. I felt like I had a baseball bat sawing in and out of my ass. He began to use his other hand to stimulate my clit. Then he stuck his tongue into my pussy as extra distraction. Soon he had me worked into another frenzy. "UUUUUMMMMM" I moaned as I began to cum.

"Does my little girl like this?" he asked, looking up from my pussy. He pushed his fingers even further into my ass. "I said, Does my little girl like this???" he asked again with authority, demanding an answer.

"Oh Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!! Don't stop Daddy!!!" I screamed. His face returned to my pussy and his tongue continued it's manupliations until my very core began to shake with yet another explosive orgasm. I had heard girls talk about having sex before, at school, but I didn't know it was going to feel this good.

"You had a very good orgasm baby." Daddy praisingly said as he removed his fingers from my now gaping rose bud. "I like for my women to be good and wet." He said still grazing my clit with his other hand.

Oh my god, did he just call me his woman? Was I truly going to find out what the other women already knew? "Oh Daddy, what you just did to me felt so good."

"This is only the beginning baby. Before the night is over, you will feel it time and again. I promise you that." He stood up and pulled me up to sit on the edge of the bed. It was at that moment that I saw his cock for the very first time. The only word to describe his cock is massive! It had to have been at least 12 inches long and even thicker than Grandpa's. I thought Uncle Tom's cock was big but Daddy's girth made his look small. My eyes must have been bugging out of my head because I heard him laugh.

"I know it looks big baby but your body will adjust to it's size." he said still chuckling. "I saw you struggling to suck off your Grandpa and Uncle Jim's cock and now I'm going teach you how to swallow one without choking. Once you master that skill, it won't matter how big they are." I nodded my head with understanding. "Now I want you to become familiar with what a cock looks like and all of it's parts." he said directing my attention to the cock he was holding in his hand. "Go ahead and touch it sweetheart, it won't bite you." he laughingly said.

I sat there amazed at what I was looking at. I had experimented with a few of my boyfriends but none of them had anything close to the size of my Daddy's cock. Slowly, I put my hand out and felt the huge mushroom tip of his cock. It sure didn't feel the way it looked. It was so soft and smooth. "That's the head of my cock Bre. The big hole at the end of it is called a slit. That's where the cum will spurt from. Go on and feel all of it." Then I began to run my hand down the length of his monster cock. It felt so unlike the very tip of it. It was bumpy and had bulging veins all over it. "That's the shaft of my cock sweetie. I know it looks scary but you will like the feel of those bulging veins inside of you. Now go ahead and put your hand around it and massage up and down my shaft."

"Daddy, your thing is so big. How will it ever fit inside of me?" I asked, looking up with pleading eyes.

"Don't worry baby. It may feel really big at first but your body will stretch to accomodate it." he replied smiling. "Go ahead and lick my cock head." He then gently pulled my face toward his monster. I stuck out my tongue and took my first taste of him. He had precum starting to drip from the tip and I lapped it up onto my tongue and, for the first time, tasted his cum. Grandpa and Uncle Tom had cum earlier but I had spit it out without taking the time to taste it.

"Uuummm Daddy. Your thing taste kinda salty." I said as I pulled my mouth from his cock.

"That's what we men taste like sweetie." he said as he placed his hands on both sides of my face urging me to continue.

I returned to his cock as my mouth took the tip of it inside and I began to twirl my tongue playfully around it. His hands became more insistant on my face and he began to inch by inch put more of his cock inside until I began to gag. "Relax your throat baby. Act like you are swallowing and you won't gag as much." he breathlessly said. I did just that and found that my throat began to accomodate his girth more easily. I was still feeling the urge to puke but it soon subsided as my gag reflexes became stronger and I was able to control them more.

"Oh baby, you are a natural born cock sucker." he praised. "Your mother was good but I believe that you will surpass her abilities in no time."

I backed off his cock so that I could take some fresh air into my lungs but his hands were insistant and soon I was feeling his big balls bouncing off my chin. I couldn't believe that I had taken his whole cock into my throat. I felt such pride knowing that I was pleasing my Daddy with my mouth. It was then that I felt him tilt my head up as he began to stroke his massive cock into my throat faster. In and out, In and out he went using my teen throat for his pleasure. I felt his cock get stiff and much harder than before as he said, "Oh My God Bre!!! Your Mouth Is So Fucking Good!!!" I then felt something scalding the back of my throat as I felt him stiffen and I knew that he had to be cumming. "Oh Shit!!! Holy Fucking Shit Bre!!!" There was no need for me to swallow his cum for it was draining into the confines of my stomach. Some of his cum came back up as I felt it work it's way into my nasal passages. "I've Not Cum That Much In Years Baby!!" he said as he slowly began to pull his drained cock from my mouth leaving me spitting and sputtering.

"I'm sorry baby, I never meant for this to happen." He said as he got a kleenex and attentively helped me to clean up. I think I wanted to puke more then than I had before simply because his cum didn't come up as well as it went down.

"It's Ok Daddy." I said as I regained control of my mouth and throat once again.

"I guess I kind of got carried away but your mouth and throat felt so fucking good Breaunna that I just couldn't stop. I'm really sorry Sweetie." he said as he took my face into his hands and kissed my forehead. "Let's go get you cleaned up." he said as he took my hand and led me to the bathroom.

"I think I can take it from here Daddy." I said as we entered the master bathroom in his room.

"Ok Sweetheart. You clean up and I'll meet you in the bedroom when your ready again." With that said he turned and left, closing the door behind him, leaving me to clean myself and reflect on what had happened thus far. I had blew my nose and was washing my face when I began trembling all over as I stood in front of the mirrored double sink. I hardly recognized the girl whose reflection was looking back at me. I don't know if it was nerves or just the thought that I was learning of my f****y's secret but it left me wondering about a few things. One of which, Did my mother know about this? I couldn't help but wonder that because things had always seemed so normal in our home. Thinking back though, I began to recall times when Daddy would be gone for long weekends but I had always thought it was for business. I guess when your a k** you don't put much thought into things like that. I do know this much, never in all my young life would I have thought that my own father would be the one taking my virginity. I had wanted to save that for my wedding night as a gift for my husband. I guess my f****y have other plans for me now.

"Are you Ok Bre?" Daddy's question snapping me back to reality.

"Yes Daddy, I'm fine. I'll be out in a moment." I nervously replied. I don't know why and I don't think I will ever be able to explain it, but I was becoming so sexually aroused. I moved my hand down my body to find it had stopped at my still virgin pussy. I was dripping wet and I don't know if it was from what had transpired earlier or if it was in anticipation of what was about to be consumated.

"I'll be wait......" Was all Daddy could say as I opened the door to interupt him mid sentence. "Your so beautiful Bre." he said as his arms enveloped me, drawing me into his hard body.

"Thanks for saying that Daddy, but......" Was all I could say before his lips enraptured mine.

"You are truly a very beautiful young woman." he said, breaking our kiss. "I'm so proud of how you've handled yourself this evening. Expecially considering the fact that I didn't forewarn you about any of this." he finished.

"It's Ok Daddy." I whispered.

"I'll make it up to you Sweetheart. I promise." he said as his lips captured mine once again. This time his kiss was more demanding. Our tongues entwined with one another, fighting to take the upper hand as he moved us toward his king sized bed. "I knew this day was coming but I never thought I'd be this turned on by my own daughter, Breaunna." he whispered as he lifted me up into his arms and placed me unto his bed.

"Why not Daddy?" I asked with my arms still around his neck.

"I think because I had pushed the thought aside. I knew it had to happen but I think I just felt guilty about not telling you beforehand. I mean, I've participated in our f****y tradition all of my adult life, but deflowering you will be the most exquisite one of them all" he confided.

"I know in alot of circles, this would be wrong but right now it feels so right." I softly added.

"Yes, it feels so right baby." he finished before finding my lips once again. We kissed like lovers do. His hands tangled in my raven hair and mine stroking his muscled back. "I love you Bre. I love you so very much." he whispered in my ear, his lips returning to mine.

"I love you too Daddy." I replied as his lips left mine, moving down my body until his mouth found my breasts. He suckled first one and then the other. Never leaving one unattended by his strong and dutiful hands.

"I'm going to make you feel so loved Bre." He growled as his body slowly moved down mine until his mouth found my awaiting pussy. His tongue swept over my clit making me moan with much anticipated pleasure. He then continued to lap at my clit over and over again like a man starved.

"Oh My God Daddy, That Feels So Good!!!" I said, thrashing my head from side to side.

"Cum For Me Baby!!! Let Me Taste Your Cum!!!" he said, raising up from my pussy. Then he put his finger inside of me and began to pump it in and out of my pussy adding to my delight. "Cum For Me Bre!!! I Said To Cum For Me Now!!!" he demanded, adding another finger inside of me. He pumped his fingers in and out of my pussy as his mouth found it's way back to my clit. He sucked and nibbled on my clit while fucking me with his fingers as my body began to tremble with another delicious orgasm. My whole body shook and sweat poured from me as I cum at the touch of my Daddy.

"OOOHHH, OOOHHH I'm Cumming Daddy!!!" I screamed out as he lapped up all my juices.

"That's It Baby, Cum For Daddy!!!" he replied as he took his fingers from within me and began to finger my clit until my orgasm had subsided.

"That felt so good Daddy!!!" I breathless said as he made his way back up my body to kiss me once again. I tasted my own cum on his lips and on his tongue as our mouths began to blend once again.

"I think your ready for me now Baby." he said as I felt his legs settle between my legs, pushing mine up and out. "I'm not going to lie to you Sweetie, it's going to very painful in the beginning but your body will adjust to my size and soon you'll feel nothing but pleasure." he said as he took his cock in his hand and began to push it into my virgin pussy. "You will remember this moment for the rest of your life Baby." he added as he looked down into my lustfilled eyes.

"OOOHHH MMMYYY GGGOOODDD!!!, I screamed as he pushed his massive cock into me. I had never felt anything so big before in all of my life. "Please Take It Out Of Me Daddy!!!" I cried as my fingernails dug deep into his back. He stopped and allowed my pussy to adjust to the head of his cock.

"Your Cunt Is Sooo Tight Little Girl!" he grunted as he began to push inch by inch of his massive cock into me.

"OOOHHH Fuck It Hurts!!!" I wailed as his big hands took control of my arms and moved them to either side of my head. His weight pushing them into the mattress. He had about half of of his cock inside of me when I felt the head of it bump into my virgin barrier as he stilled.

"Get ready Baby. I'm going to push my cock through your barrier and your going to feel some pain." thrusting even more of his massive tool further inside of me.

"OOOHHH MMMYYY FFFUUUCCCKKKIIINNNGGG GGGOOODDD Daddy!!! It Hurtsss Sooo Baddd!!! Take It Out Of Me Please!!!" I screamed as he pulled his cock almost out of my pussy and pushed it back in with all of his might. I felt him tearing through my virginity as he made me a woman, at that very moment. Once in, he stopped and began to kiss my lips and sweat-soaked face.

"I'm sorry Sweetie. I know this hurts but it will ease up very soon." he reassured me as his kisses trailed down to my left breast, his mouth capturing it as he suckled and teased it, allowing me time to adjust to his massive size. He then moved to do the same thing to my right breast. I don't know if it was the sucking of my breasts or the pulsing of his cock inside of me but my pussy was starting to come to life. All I can tell you is that I was starting to like these feelings of fullness as I felt my pussy release some of it's juices.

"It's not hurting now like it did before Daddy." I breathlessly wimpered after a few minutes had passed.

"I'm trying hard to remember that this is your first time and be gentle but your pussy feels so fucking good Baby." he half chuckled as he started thrusting inside of me again. It still hurt a little but most of the pain had subsided and that pounding in my pussy was starting to feel pretty fucking good.

"Fuck Me Daddy, Just Fuck Me!" I half wimpered and half screamed.

"You want more of me in you Baby?"

"Oh Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!" I screamed as I felt my pussy quiver with yet another orgasm.

He then sit up on his knees and grabbed onto my thighs. "Relax your legs." he ordered. I felt my knees drop onto either side of my head. "Your going to feel it all now Baby. Your going to feel every fucking inch of me inside of you now!" with that said he pushed his hips into mine sending his cock all the way up my pussy. "AAARRRGGG Baby. Feel Me Inside Of You Now?" he grunted.

"OOOHHH Daddy!!! Your So Deep Inside Of Me!!!" I screamed as I felt like my body was being torn into. His cock was so far up my pussy that I could feel him pushing against and into my womb. He then pulled his massive cock almost out of me and pushed back inside of my hot pussy with such strength that I thought he might push me right through the mattress. He continued thrusting into me like that for what seemed like hours but I'm only too sure it was just minutes.

"I Could Fuck You Like This For Hours!!!" he gasped as he continued to fuck his massive cock into me. "Holy Fuck Bre, I Need To Change Positions Or I'm Going To Fill You Up Really Soon." He quit fucking me and pulled his cock out of my pussy with an audible popping sound. He then moved to stand by the side of the bed. "Get your sexy ass over here and get on your hands and knees." he ordered. I quickly complied with his wishes.

"What are we going to do now Daddy?" I breathlessly asked.

"I'm going to fuck you doggie style now Baby." he answered as his hands held my hips in place while his massive tool entered my pussy once again with no resistance at all. "Your So Fucking Wet Bre, I Don't Know How Long I Can Last Like This." he added as his cock sawed in and out of my pussy.

"Fuck Me Daddy! Fuck Me Harder! AAARRRGGG Daddy! FFFUUUCCCKKK MMMEEE!!!" I screamed as I cum all over his cock. He pushed all of his massive cock in and out of my pussy so hard that my arms gave in causing my upper body to fall to the bed. I tried to raise back up but his hand held my head down into the bed. My screams of release muffled by the mattress.

"Cum For Me Baby! I Want To Feel You Cumming All Over My Big Dick!" he yelled, bruising my hips as he grabbed onto to them once again with both hands. He entered my womb with each and every thrust of his cock as my pussy juices squirted out of me.

"Your So Deep!!! So Fucking Deep!!!" I cried. I felt droplets of his sweat dripping onto my back as he pumped his cock in and out of me. I just couldn't quit cumming for him. He lodged his massive cock inside of me and held himself there. He was so still that I thought something was wrong. "Fuck Me Daddy! Don't Stop!!!" I cried out.

"If I don't stop right now, I'm going to cum and I want to Fuck you longer so hold the Fuck still." he scolded. After a minute or two he pulled his cock from my depths once more and he moved to lay in the middle of the bed close to the headboard. "Come here and I want you to sit on my cock and ride me Baby." he commanded. Once again, I quickly complied.

"You'll have to tell me what to do Daddy." I softly said.

"Put your legs on either side of me and just sit down onto my cock. I'll tell you what to do next."

"Ok Daddy." I then preceded to stand over him and slowly lowered my body onto his massive cock with his direction. Once he guided his cock into my hole, I slowly began to engulf his tool into me. "Oh My God Daddy! I Can Feel Every Inch Of You Sliding Into Me!!!" I shouted out.

"Your Doing Great Baby! Take My Big Cock Up Your Pussy And Ride Me Like There's No Tomorrow!!!"

"I Feel Like I'm Going To Cum Again!" I exclaimed as I bounced up and down his massive cock. I had to reach out and put my hands onto his chest in order to keep my balance as my pussy released once again.

"Fuck My Cock Baby!!!" he shouted as he grabbed onto my hips and pushed me further down onto his cock. We fucked like that for a while and then he told me to stop and sit completely down on him. "Put Your Legs Over Each Of My Shoulders." he ordered. "This Way You'll Get To Take Me Even Further Inside Of You." I had no reason to question his commands so I did as I was told. "Now Start Fucking My Cock Again And Hold Onto The Headboard To Steady Yourself."

I didn't think I could take any more of his cock inside of me until I felt him thrust up and push even more of it inside of me as I come down to bottom out on his massive tool. "I Can Feel Your Cock Entering My Womb Now!!!" I screamed out as we fucked.

"I'm So Full Of Your Cock Daddy!" I exclaimed as I felt him stick his finger into my ass. "OOOHHH Yes!!! Fuck Me Daddy!!!" I then felt him insert another finger into my ass which sent me into another mind blowing orgasm.

"Oh Fuck Baby! I'm Going To Cum Deep Inside Of Your Pussy Now!!!" he shouted out as we fucked faster and faster. His fingers never leaving my rose bud.

"I'm Cumming Toooooo Daddy!!!" I added as I continued to cum for him.

"AAARRRGGG Baby!!! I'M CUMMING!!! I'M CUMMING!!!" he screamed out as he pulled his fingers from my ass and he pulled me down onto his cock, holding me there as he finished filling me with his daddy cum. "That was awesome Baby!" he breathlessly said as his smiling face looked up to find me smiling back at him.

Clap. Clap. Clap. Clap. Clap. Clap.

We both looked over to where the noise was coming from to see Grandpa and Uncle Jim standing in the doorway with big smiles on their faces.

"When do I get my turn?" Uncle Jim smugly asked.

... Continue»
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My Ritual Initiation into Shit-eating

This is the story about a peculiar male – me, a sex pig - who is now an extreme shit pervert. I am this male sex-subject, but consider me more of an "it," rather than a full-fledged normal man. And, continually keep in mind that it enjoys it’s extreme perversions especially when it can display them openly before other men – it’s primary sexual object of lust – the cock, and in particular, the male anus while defecating shit – is superseded above all else by my swallowing shit.

It was born, raised, perverted in San Francisco where it first began to discover during its young twenties the joys of male s**t sex. This was done starting out in the night darkness of city parks where men sexually cruised. It had then good looks of a male youth and quickly became popular as a frequent expert cock-sucking enthusiast swallowing sperm throughout the week from six to eleven men daily. Quickly, at twenty-one years it was bare ass-fucked in an abandoned army bunker at Fort Funston near Ocean Beach. An older male about 34 years old bent it over inserting his big cock up my shithole and fucked it violently until that man emptied his nuts of hot cream. I was instantly enthralled knowing it was meant to give men sex pleasure.

Within the month it was out sucking cocks daily. Finding male sex cruising locations in San Francisco during the late Sixties was easy for perverts. It quickly found itself popular being surrounded by twenty or more men all jacking-off watching it suck ever larger amounts of cum from others. It loved when men starting licking its asshole while sucking dicks. That triggered a lust that soon thereafter exploded within it on a night in the park when it sucked another man’s shit-hole – and loved it.

It actually became enthralled tasting that man’s residual shit. When allowed it’s habitual daily masturbations now were accompanied by it eating its own shit more and more often until this habit unleashed a total craving lust to eat turds and shit. Every time thereafter each solo shit-eating jack-off session alone or eating shit from men in the park, each time it’s shit-hunger mounted in greater amounts till it was digesting whole turds. It was eating its own shit in public johns.

Looking at toiletbowls transfixed led to it’s licking shit off the rim and finally, it ate a big logturd some male has just left fresh and un-flushed. Then it began eating shit in the parks from strange men regularly, getting ass fucked and drinking their piss. It’s preoccupation with men’s piss and shit increased with each sex encountered as it ate more shit from men now almost every sex date. Men seemed to intuit that it was a shit-eater and fed it shit more often now without even asking it first.

It’s obsession with shit-eating reached an apex when a spontaneous "initiation" occurred one New Year's Eve. Two men tied it up nude in a dingy Frisco railroad apartment far in the back room under spot lights. That turn-of-the-New-Year, at mid-night it was forcibly led to perform open volume shit-eating under the complete and severe control of this feces-freak’s first Shit Feeder, who became my "Shit Master." It all happened in and around Shit Master’s Clara Street flat that was right behind the old "South of the Slot Hotel" where several years prior it had first been fist-fucked in the seventies.

It used to PnP in those days, lay in a sling at "the Slot Hotel" as throughout the next 8 hours, some upwards forty men paraded through its room open door from 7 pm through dawn the next mid-morning. Its bowels were radically fist-fucked non-stop during that entire time which included lots of dirty ass-eating, cock-sucking and piss-drinking by it giving men the full-service they deserved.

This time would be radically different and for one reason. Without any warning Shit Master, who was also a registered nurse, Chemed it up. At that second its shit-eating life was transformed by Master’s initiation leading it to perform unspeakable acts of feces degradation. It was in moments of that first massive rush it instantly discovered its true nature was that of being a less than human walking sewer a****l – one hell-bent in full pursuit of devouring shit.

That night Shit Master wore very high black motorcycle boots, a white medical jacket that exposed his city-wide famous buns and was otherwise nude. It was instantaneously overpowered by the utter perfection of his bubble-butt which had a hypnotic power on this particular shit-faggot because it was so chem high the slightest lewd excuse triggered my shit-eating frenzy.

Rushing out of its mind, this shit pig couldn’t erase the image nor the rush of tremendous dark urges rising up inside of it – vivid fantasies about Shit Master’s bowel movements – what must they be like? It’s fascination with his firm male bubble butt never lessened; in fact faggot became hypnotized licking his shithole. And over the years the near sight of Shit Master’s bare ass cakes made his toilet faggot spring a boner, mouth drooling, eager and ready to eat this man’s shit in any form. Neither after that first meeting did Master’s powers of obedience which his ass crack and shit held over me ever wane.

That early morning faggot became a slave of Shit Master at the very moment his upper intestines released shit muck into my wide open mouth. My lust for his shit as a pig’s sexual lust object ruled all my behaviors. As more chems rushed through the pig’s body, in moments Shit Master’s elbow and my anus were kissing like long lost friends. After an hour hanging like a stuck pig in his private home sling, my bowels prolapsed requiring Shit Master shoving them back up the gaping messy asshole.

Master told it that its bowels needed to take a rest. Shit Master’s goal was to manipulate my oral obsessions with male logturds as his very next priority for what became an extremely twisted examination. Shit Master blasted off the missile pad with a rush so intense; this shit fag went completely out-of-control gobbling shit not hesitating and yelling shit-babble like the insane toilet retard I really am. Faggot blurted out about how it had fallen in love with a giant turd it’d seen in a public toilet that morning. Master this time began punch fist-fucking my hole, barking out shit-gulping directions and shit smearing faggot’s face and genitals in between stuffing my own filth back into my mouth even as I confessed my urges to be his sewer.

Its deepest obsessions with shit surfaced in full-bloom displayed right in front of Shit Master as I ate my own dump off the floor. I felt a rush of heated lust as Master instantly recognized our flurry of the darkest urges now surfaced; this male shit god barked he’d not had a bowel movement in three days. Faggot's shit-eating compulsion comes alive during another man’s bowel movement and seizes control.

Shit Master told it that since it wasn’t worthy as yet to devour his turd, nonetheless seeing my Chemed state of desperation Master slapped on a dog collar and leash. It was led held fast by the Master's hand out his front door onto the dark street about 3 o’clock in the morning. Faggot’s mind wasn’t even working, only its insatiable hunger to swallow shit and be debased by this new shit satyr. The appearance – stink, savory flavor, bitter taste of cold feces clay is what was leading to its fate. Faggot’s time to be “certified” as shit insane had arrived.

Shit Master took his new toilet-dog outside and f***e fed it turds by hand out of the nearby construction site port-a-potty next to his apartment house. Since it was a Friday night, believe me that port-a-potty was full to overflowing. When finished he took it back into his apartment, now totally shit-smeared and full of construction worker turds and walked it on all fours downstairs into his dark backyard where Master made this shit-smeared faggot on all fours pick up about twenty dogshit logs by mouth left by the downstairs neighbor’s dog who’d shit all over the backyard.

It was Shit Master who really got it that New Years Eve into digesting feces in a ritual and very degrading ways by making it finally gulp all that dogshit. Faggot had become his Shit Master’s toilet that early morning, but later even more advanced and extreme acts of shit debasement were subsequently performed in public. As time marched on (yes, it was f***e fed) which Shit Master became firmly convinced to take faggot ever lower and further into the gutter of filth during the following seven years as a sewer.

This faggot thinks many s**t-men understand from personal experience about how the powers of darkness take over a shit-eater during such ritual filth sessions. You also know how those PnP rushes drive us pig-sewers into spontaneously performing unspeakable acts of gutter shit-madness. This shit-faggot still hasn’t been through enough ritual shit degradation involving the darkest 666 shit worship, but it lusts for this to happen. Hint!

It does know men specializing in such events exist and faggot again wants to undergo initiations as a “sewer” joining other men of its kind. Fag’s shit-sex has led it to discovery that very long large hard knotty logturds hold a particularly irresistible and hypnotic-feces power. These gigantic logturds are worthy of worship as satanic turds. When I first gulped a huge dark stinking turd trophy, it triggered my compulsive and demonic non-stop eating.

Many males such as you and me know that two shit-eating sewers can perform ritual filth worship together as shit pigs – with or without a physical Shit Master present. This shit-pig would like to know more about your own dark shit rituals. It lusts to hear from males interested in sharpening shit-eating skills to the point of excess.

Once a shit-faggot proves it is an actual functioning sewer, it will beg other males for more extreme hellish shit rituals. Perhaps, even a bucket of shit-logs, then fed by-hand turds one-by-one. Who’d like to join and remold into a very knotty gigantic six-foot turd – which upon command – is eaten from one end to the other, no matter how many hours it takes. Such are dark a****l shit feasting this faggot craves to share with other compulsive feces freaks hell-bent on extreme shit degradation. ... Continue»
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Initiation Into BBC Sluthood

Initiation Into BBC Sluthood
By: Me
Written on April 3rd, 2013
My initiation into becoming a BBC Slut came about in small steps. To the outside I was June Cleaver with a pearl necklace. In our bedroom we talked about fantasies that grew into watching videos. That’s how the idea of being given to Black men was born. One summer we decided to take a small vacation without the k**s. We packed my daughter with my Mom and went to tour Napa Wineries. As we went from one wine tasting room to another, I noticed a good looking black gentleman who seemed to be with our group. We struck conversation and I learned that his name was Luke and he stayed at the same Bed and Breakfast as we were. After a while we decided to dine together. Obviously, the conversation got sexy and mildly hot and the three of us ended up in our B&B bedroom. My hand did ‘accidentally’ brushed against him and I knew that he sported ‘marvelous’ equipment. My hubby was watching all this and encouraging me to be more forward and then suggested that I model for them my latest Victoria Secret. First, you could have knocked me down with a feather, but I was not about to disappoint them. When I came back into the room in my ‘best’, I was ‘strutting’ like a model on a catwalk. The guys were hollering and then my hubby asked me to do a lap dance for Luke. I started my amateurish bump and grind then I turned my back to him and bent forward putting my butt within his reach. That’s when he reached and grabbed my cunt from the back. I straightened, and he with his other hand grabbed my face and planted a strong kiss on my mouth. Things moved on from there. He got naked and his cock, at least twice my husband’s size was magnificent. Despite his great size it stood up from him swaying from side to side. He picked me up and gently lay me down on the bed and settled on top of me, his hips between my spread legs, his immense cock nudging my opening up and down, teasing me so badly I asked him to “Fuck me, I want you inside of me – now!” . I felt the head of his cock part my lips and push in. His shaft split me as his mighty cock began to penetrate me. I felt my clitoris raked against his fuckpole, every single vein on his rod felt like a tiny finger and I immediately began to come. He let me adjust to his size and finally got his large cockmeat into me and penetrated me fully. My insides stretched around him, I was orgasmic. Luke gently stroked in and out and bottomed out. I was in ecstasy and I urged him to fuck me, and he began a gentle pile driving. I reached under his arms and pulled his back and ass into me. I couldn’t get enough. Luke fucked me with longer strokes and harder and faster, I began to moan loudly and the profanities that poured out of my mouth! “Oh, God, Luke. Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh God, Fuck me you stud! Fuck, fuck, fuck. Fuck MEEE!” I finally knew what it was like to make love with a real man; this was what I wanted. After this episode, I became much bolder. After I introduced my daughter to BBC, I realized that my BBC sluthood is sealed with a certificate.

I’d like to share another moment of my BBC sluthood. Before meeting my new Bull, I told my hubby to shave his pubes and he done it perfectly. That special Sunday, my daughter, hubby, Bull and I were in the bedroom. First I told my hubby to get naked and stand at the head of the bed. The Bull was a real African with skin as dark as coal. He started stripping off his clothes. My arousal and curiosity were on edge. My daughter’s eyes were on the bulge in his trousers. In our hearts we knew what we wanted. He had no underwear and when he dropped his trousers his black pole even when semi-flaccid was of glorious size. Then he walked to my daughter, pulled her big T-shirt off her and since she wore nothing else, he picked her up in her nakedness and lay her down in the center of the bed. Then he came to me, he slipped the shoulder straps of my floral see-through lace gown and let it drop to the floor exposing my taut breasts with stiff nipples. I was certain that if I did not control myself, I’d orgasm without so much as a touch to my burning pussy. Then he placed his hand on top of my head and pushed me down to my knees. I kissed the large uncircumcised black head. I took the monster in my hand, pulled the skin back, and began sucking. In no time his cock became the size of a coke can. I took my mouth off his cock, reached into the nightstand and took out the cuckold chastity cage. Like a nice cuckoldress, unceremoniously grabbed my hubby’s cock, fitted the device on him and locked it. “From now on”, I said “you will watch how a real man with a real cock will fuck me and our daughter”. The African onto the bed and grabbed my daughters ankles, lifted them high and spread her open. She, using both hands took his thick, lengthy cock with the most perfect dome and pulled it into her. The head of his cock went in; ever so slowly he was pushing himself in one long stroke. “Oh, GOD! I’m stuffed full of his cock. I can feel him hitting my cervix,” she yelled. I could see that with every stroke her face will contour in a pain of pleasure. He did not stop and increased his tempo of thrusts. After a while my daughter started yelling in slutty gibberish and cumming. With that he unloaded his sperm in her and I could see the white cum just covering her splayed legs. When he pulled out and her pussy was still wide open, I pulled my hubby’s head, pushed him into her hole and said “Clean her good”.
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L’initiation d’Antoine(trouve sur le n

L’initiation d’Antoine

Chapitre 1

L’existence d’une prof agrégée dans un lycée bien côté n’est pas désagréable. Je sirote un café chaud dans le bistro qui fait face à l’établissement dans lequel j’enseigne les mathématiques depuis bientôt 7 ans. Muriel, une collègue, me rejoint à l’abri de la pluie de printemps qui martèle la baie vitrée.
Comme souvent, notre bavardage tourne autour des cours, des élèves, des collègues, les sympa et les autres, bref, l’ordinaire d’une vie d’enseignante. Puis elle me propose à demi mots un petit job. Amusée, car je n’ai pas vraiment besoin d’un salaire d’appoint, je l’écoute me parler d’une amie de sa mère dont le fils est en terminale S. Le garçon semble avoir des difficultés à organiser son travail et à poser ses raisonnements, notamment en mathématiques. Elle m’explique qu’en tant que prof d’Histoire-Géo, elle ne se sentirait pas à l’aise pour l’aider. Ses yeux me font comprendre que cette proposition est plutôt un service qu’elle me demande. Voyant sa détresse j’accepte de bon cœur.

Une semaine plus tard je me présente au domicile de monsieur et madame Defflaere. L’immeuble est situé dans un quartier résidentiel de la ville qui a conservé ses façades du siècle dernier. La sonnette de cuivre luisant fait retentir sa clochette dans l’appartement. C’est madame qui m’ouvre, une charmante dame entre deux âges. Son style s’accorde bien avec celui des lieux. Bourgeois et cossu. Elle m’invite dans le salon et me propose une tasse de thé que j’accepte. Le parquet ciré est couvert de tapis épais et l’usure du velours des sièges accuse visiblement une utilisation de plusieurs générations. Les tableaux et photos anciennes qui décorent les murs témoignent également de l’ancrage de cette famille dans une histoire qu’elle revendique fièrement.
Madame Defflaere, jupe droite en tissus écossais, chemisier blanc et foulard Hermès, se présente comme l’épouse d’un médecin de l’hôpital. Elle affecte un sourire un peu nerveux en m’exposant les difficultés de son fils. Stress maternel ordinaire. Je la rassure de mon mieux, mais plus que mes paroles c’est ma situation et mes titres qui calment son anxiété.

Le parquet craque derrière moi. Un jeune homme vient d’entrer dans la pièce. Sa mère l’invite à se présenter.

— Allons Antoine, tu ne vas pas faire le timide. C’est Mademoiselle Maréchal qui va t’aider pour les maths.

Environ 1m75, mince, le visage relativement allongé comme souvent les garçons de son âge. Blond, bouclé, il porte des lunettes rondes qui lui donnent un air sérieux. Il s’avance et me tend la main. Réservé certes mais il ne semble pas contrarié par le choix de sa mère à en voir son sourire et l’éclat de ses yeux un peu fuyants.

— Je vais vous laisser faire connaissance. Tu emmènes mademoiselle Maréchal dans ta chambre? Et surtout dis-lui bien ce qui te tracasse, elle est là pour t’aider.

La mère attentive s’éclipse tandis que le garçon m’invite à le suivre. Sa chambre, au bout du couloir est très classique. Posters aux murs, rollers qui traînent dans un coin, ordinateur et une grande table ancienne en guise de bureau.

Nous nous installons côte à côte sur le bureau, dans une position ouverte qui nous permet de dialoguer en nous faisant face. Je lui demande de me montrer ses résultats du premier trimestre. Pas brillants en effet! Ensemble nous examinons son programme de l’année et tandis qu’il me pointe les sujets les plus difficiles pour lui, je laisse mon regard apprécier plus en détail le jeune garçon. Il est plutôt mignon. Peut-être a-t-il une copine. Pas de photo visible. Peut-être…
Je me concentre à nouveau sur le plan de travail et lui expose à mon tour ma façon d’aborder nos futures séances de travail. Son regard est intimidé. Parfois il fuit le mien, vers le bas, vers mes jambes. Je porte une robe courte, des collants noirs et des bottines à talons. Tandis que je parle ses yeux semblent hésiter entre le document que je lui commente et les abîmes féminins qui l’attirent. Voulant en avoir le cœur net je croise lentement les jambes l’une sur l’autre en prenant tirant pudiquement le bas de ma robe vers mon genou. Je balance légèrement ma jambe libre et ce simple geste accroît encore la fréquence des absences de son regard.
Le petit jeu innocent se poursuit jusqu’à la fin de notre entretien. Le ton professoral que j’adopte maintient l’intégrité de mon image dans l’esprit du garçon.
Avec un empressement teinté de respect, Antoine me raccompagne.

— Tu peux m’appeler Florence tu sais, maintenant qu’on va travailler ensemble.
— Euh… Je crois que ma mère n’aimerait pas trop ça madame
— Bien, comme tu veux

Ainsi il fait toujours ce que maman veut. Eh bien il n’y a peut être pas de copine à l’horizon tout compte fait et sans doute n’y en a-t-il jamais eu. Avant de partir, je salue madame Defflaere en la rassurant encore sur les chances de son garçon.

Sur le chemin qui me ramène chez moi je repense avec amusement au comportement d’Antoine. Il est bien naturel pour un garçon de son âge de s’intéresser à la gente féminine. De mon côté il ne me laisse pas indifférente non plus. Bien sûr il faut avant tout assurer sa réussite à l’examen mais qui sait si l’utile et l’agréable ne pouvaient trouver un terrain d’entente.
Mon attrait, non exclusif, pour les jeunes garçons date de quelques années. Un jour un élève me qualifia de « femme mûre ». Je n’avais que 25 ans et à l’époque et cette réplique m’était restée en travers de la gorge. Peu à peu, toutefois, je pris conscience de l’image que je pouvais avoir dans l’esprit de ces jeunes gens et des fantasmes qui pouvaient y naître. Un jour l’un d’eux me séduisit et je sautai le pas. Je trouvai une satisfaction nouvelle dans l’initiation sexuelle de ces jeunes mâles souvent intimidés. Leur apprendre les jeux érotiques dans le respect de chacun des partenaires m’apportait un plaisir unique.
Mon nouvel élève s’était montré plutôt intéressé par mes formes et particulièrement mes jambes. C’est décidé, je vais voir jusqu’où il a envie d’aller.

Chapitre 2

Au rythme d’une rencontre par semaine après les cours, Antoine reprend confiance dans ses propres capacités. Les résultats ne sont pas encore au rendez-vous, mais les lacunes et les incompréhensions accumulées depuis la classe de seconde se comblent peu à peu.
A chaque visite je m’évertue à porter des tenues différentes, avec une constante toutefois: Toujours en robe ou en jupe ne descendant pas plus bas que le genou et pas de talon à moins de 5 centimètres. J’ai ainsi pu repérer les goûts de mon jeune élève suivant ses baisses de concentration. Celle qui lui a causé le plus de tourment fut la jupe droite légèrement fendue à l’arrière que j’avais accompagnée de bas brun clair et de sandales à lanières dorées avec des talons de 7 centimètres. Le pauvre. Ce fut la seule fois où je le vis rougir lorsque je surpris son regard attardé sur mes jambes. C’est cette nuit-là, je l’avoue, que je me suis caressée pour la première fois en pensant à lui.

Aujourd’hui c’est une robe vert pâle fermée par des boutons que je porte. Des collants transparents et des escarpins noirs. La séance se déroule comme d’habitude. J’aime le voir déglutir avec difficulté lorsque je fais crisser mes collants l’un contre l’autre. Ce n’est pas le problème en cours qui le travaille ainsi!
Je suis aussi heureuse de le voir se consacrer avec énergie dans ses études. On dirait presque qu’il cherche à me faire plaisir avec ses résultats, comme une offrande séductrice inconsciente.
Il s’excuse un instant pour aller aux toilettes. Pendant son absence mon imagination travaille. Se touche-t-il? Oui certainement! Pensant à moi? Peut être… je l’espère. A-t-il des magazines érotiques, comme beaucoup de garçons? Cette pensée m’amuse. Je me lève et me dirige vers son lit. Furtivement je soulève le matelas. Rien. Sous l’oreiller? Non plus. Bon, je me rassois et mon regard tombe sur l’ordinateur. Bien sûr! Les jeunes n’ont plus besoin de se fournir à la sauvette chez un buraliste complaisant de nos jours. Il suffit d’une connexion Internet pour que des flots d’images explicites viennent saturer leurs libidos enflammées. Sans doute Antoine passe-t-il lui aussi des moments intimes devant cet écran. Jetant un œil dans la corbeille à papier sous la table, j’aperçois un kleenex en boule. Ne l’entendant pas revenir, je plonge ma main et retire le mouchoir. Il est sec, mais une odeur particulière l’imprègne encore. Je souris.
Mon regard est attiré par une feuille de papier froissé dans la corbeille. Par transparence on distingue des formes colorées. Je la ramasse, déplie le format A4. Le sang me monte brutalement à la tête. Sur le recto, l’image d’une femme en lingerie fine s’étale sur toute la page. Elle porte bas et talons hauts, ouvre la bouche d’un air impudique et évidemment écarte ses cuisses pour présenter son pubis glabre où se dessinent nettement ses lèvres intimes. Eh bien! Voilà qui confirme mes soupçons, mais ce qui est encore plus émouvant ce sont les tâches auréolées de jaune qui décolorent l’image, traces d’un liquide qui a dégouliné jusque sur le bord de la feuille. Le visage et les jambes de la belle blonde sont les zones les plus maculées. Un bruit dans le couloir et je rejette la feuille dans la corbeille.
Antoine revenu, nous reprenons notre travail. Nous avons commencé à aborder sérieusement son programme du BAC et il me semble sur la bonne pente. À la fin de la séance nous parlons de sa prochaine interrogation de math. Mes jambes croisées et ma robe légèrement déboutonnée lui font visiblement plus d’effet que mes réflexions sur l’algèbre. Je décide alors de faire basculer notre relation:

— Dis-moi Antoine, pour parler d’autre chose. Tu prends le temps de te détendre parfois?
— Oui bien sûr – Répond mon élève inconscient de la finalité de ma remarque.
— Et.. tu sors, tu vois des amis?
— Ah oui. Avec des copains on fait du roller et puis je fais du tennis aussi avec mon père.
— Hum hum? Et… côté filles?
— Oh euh… eh bien… – Il bafouille et baisse les yeux
— Tu n’as pas de petite amie?
— Eh bien non – Cette question directe l’a un peu soulagé. Je reviens à la charge:
— Mais les filles te font envie non?

Pas de réponse.

— Non? – Je titille le garçon en tentant de rejoindre son regard qui ne quitte plus le plancher
— Ou…oui… bien sûr.

Mon sourire bienveillant l’aide à relever la tête

— Et tu la calmes comment cette envie… Antoine?

Cette fois il s’affole. Ses mains croisées nerveusement sur ses genoux. Ses yeux cherchent un refuge dans la pièce mais n’en trouvent pas.

— Comme ça? – Dis-je en désignant du regard la corbeille que je tapote du bout de l’escarpin.

Le pauvre garçon devient livide. Je le regarde comme une chatte devant une souris acculée. Sa respiration devient sonore. Je le rassure:

— Ne t’en fais pas. Je ne le dirai à personne. C’est promis. En plus je trouve ça parfaitement normal. Un garçon de ton âge a des désirs et il est naturel qu’il trouve un moyen de les satisfaire…. Ça ne me choque pas du tout tu sais… Au contraire.

Il reprend ses esprits lentement mais sa gène est encore perceptible.

— Alors… vous… vous ne le direz pas? n’est-ce pas?
— Bien sûr que non Antoine. D’ailleurs je devrais même m’excuser de cette intrusion dans ta vie privée. Je cherchais un bout de papier pour noter quelque chose lorsque je suis tombée sur…

Oh la menteuse! Mais il fallait bien donner le change.

— Enfin… ça m’a permis de voir que tu aimais bien les jambes des femmes Antoine.

L’émotion s’empare à nouveau du garçon. Je ne vais pas le laisser s’échapper!
J’étends une jambe, retroussant légèrement le pan de ma robe.

— Et… tu trouves les miennes comment? Tu les aimes elles aussi?
— Euh… oh.. oh non madame

Je n’avais pas prévu cette réaction! Il dut s’apercevoir de mon trouble car il ajoute:

— Je… je veux dire… vous êtes très belle madame… mais… je… enfin…

Cher Antoine! Pris entre le respect de la prof et le désir de la femme. Il ne sait sur quel tableau jouer. J’émet un petit rire.

— Comme femme Antoine. Tu me trouves belle alors?
— Euh.. oui… oui madame
— Alors je te propose un marché:

… Si tu as plus de 12/20 à la prochaine interrogation… je te montre mes jambes… complètement. Et tu pourras les regarder aussi longtemps que tu voudras.

Le jeune homme parait surpris, mais rapidement sa physionomie se détend. Il me regarde de l’air d’un enfant qui ne sait pas s’il vient d’entendre un conte de fées ou si il doit s’attendre à une vraie surprise. Je lui f***e la main en lui tendant la mienne:

— D’accord?

Il la saisit. Le pacte est scellé.

Chapitre 3

La semaine suivante je me décide pour un ensemble rouge: Pull et petite jupe, des bas noirs et des escarpins rouge avec des semelles et des talons noirs. Je me demande si mon élève a fait des étincelles. Je l’espère aussi. Madame Deflaere m’accueille avec enthousiasme.

— Ah mademoiselle Maréchal! Je crois qu’Antoine a de bonnes nouvelles pour vous!

Elle m’accompagne dans la chambre de son fils, radieuse.

— Antoine? Mademoiselle Maréchal est là! Montre-lui ta copie.

En entrant dans la chambre je vois Antoine qui nous attendait, des feuilles à la main et le regard fier. Aussitôt ses yeux balayent ma tenue. Elle a l’air de lui plaire.

— Regardez mademoiselle. C’est sa première note au-dessus de la moyenne cette année! Grâce à vous!

Je prends le devoir et cherche la note inscrite en rouge: 13,5/20. Je le feuillette, pour donner le change. Mon regard porte au delà de la limite des feuilles et mes yeux trouvent ceux de mon élève que je sens très excité. Je le félicite tout en insistant sur le fait de ne pas relâcher l’effort. Le discours plaît à sa mère qui nous laisse travailler.
En silence je dépose ma veste et mon cartable sur le lit.

— Chose promise, chose due – Dis-je en lui sortant mon regard le plus félin.

Tirant une chaise devant le bureau je retrousse lentement ma jupe jusque sur la ceinture, exhibant mes jambes gainées de noir et ma culotte assortie. Antoine est fébrile. Il se tient debout au milieu de la pièce, interdit. Je ne le quitte pas des yeux. Les siens ne quittent pas mes jambes. Je m’assois sur la chaise et, jambes tendues je croise les chevilles sur le rebord de la table.

— Alors? Qu’en penses-tu?… Elles te plaisent Antoine?

Le garçon se mord la lèvre et hoche la tête affirmativement. Ses mains se crispent l’une sur l’autre. Ses yeux passent nerveusement de mes jambes à mon visage, cherchant une indication de ma part.

— Tu peux approcher si tu veux. Mais attention! On regarde mais on ne touche pas!

Antoine s’approche. Je joue à glisser une jambe sur l’autre, mettant leur galbe en valeur. Je sens qu’il n’osera pas aller plus loin. Je lui propose:

— Tu veux que je ferme les yeux?

Il est gêné mais cette opportunité l’excite encore plus.

— Tiens regarde. – Dis-je en dénouant mon foulard autour de mon cou – Je vais me bander les yeux. Tu pourras faire tout ce que tu veux à l’exception de me toucher. Tu me diras quand l’enlever d’accord?

Il hoche la tête frénétiquement, les yeux hypnotisés par mes bas noirs et les escarpins qui les prolongent. Je roule mon foulard en bandeau et le noue derrière la tête de manière à masquer mon regard.
Dans le noir ma respiration devient plus évidente. La sienne aussi. Mes mains caressent négligemment mes cuisses. Il fait un pas en avant. Après quelques secondes de silence, il se décide à profiter de l’impunité que lui procure mon bandeau. Le bruit d’un zip, discret, puis celui du frottement d’un tissu. Je joue la starlette avec mes jambes. Ça m’excite de savoir qu’un jeune homme se complaît à les observer. Les bruits se font rythmés. Sa respiration d’abord, puis un léger craquement d’une lame de plancher. Il soupire maintenant. Sa respiration est contrainte, gonflée d’énergie.
Il se déplace. J’entends le frôlement sur le parquet, qui grince parfois. Un souffle chaud sur ma jambe. Je ne bouge plus. Il sent mon parfum! Bien inspiré ce coup de vaporisateur sous la jupe avant de sortir! Il souffle spasmodiquement sur ma jambe, vers mes chevilles. Mes escarpins l’excitent! le coquin, c’est délicieux! Il s’écarte maintenant. Je ne sais plus le situer. Mes mains reprennent leurs caresses suggestives, jouant avec la limite de mes bas. Ma langue lèche mes lèvres. Soudain une odeur. Une odeur forte… l’odeur de… Mes narines palpitent, mes sens tournent. Il doit être à quelques centimètres de mon visage! Il doit sentir le souffle de ma bouche. Sa respiration est rauque, s’accélère. Il va… ooh, sur mon visage? oh le cochonnn! Il se branle sur mon visage! Le petit salaud, il va me foutre la bouche! Comme sur ses photos pornos! Il gémit maintenant! Oooh mais je mouille moi! Vas-y chéri,.. vas-y! Inonde ta cochonne de prof! Mais?? Mais.. non! oh non! Il s’éloigne.. j’aimerais le retenir, lui dire mon envie. Non. je ne dois pas le brusquer! Ma respiration s’est mise au diapason de la sienne et je crois avoir mouillé ma culotte!
Un bruit de farfouillement.. d’emballage plastique?… le frou-frou d’un mouchoir en papier ouvert d’un geste brusque. Il gémit de plus belle. Le bruit du mouchoir froissé trahit le mouvement alternatif de sa main que j’imagine aisément. Il se contracte. Des gémissements à travers des dents serrées! Ca y est, il se perd dans le mouchoir! Ooooh, ça dure au moins dix râles avant qu’il se calme!

— Je peux enlever le foulard Antoine?
— Non! non… pas encore

Je l’entends frotter, se rajuster.

— Voila, maintenant vous pouvez!

Le cher ange. Il me vouvoie encore après ce qu’il a fait! Le retour à la lumière est brutal. Mes yeux papillonnent. Il est assis sur le lit, l’air serein mais toujours intimidé. Je le regarde, amusée, satisfaite mais un peu frustrée aussi. Je rajuste ma jupe sur mes cuisses et m’assois correctement sur ma chaise.

— Bon. On se met au travail?

Chapitre 4

Deux semaines passent sans que cet évènement soit évoqué autrement que par des regards complices. La méthode a l’air d’avoir du bon car ses résultats s’inversent totalement par rapport à ceux du premier trimestre. Ses professeurs sont surpris et sa mère, aux anges.

— Ah mademoiselle Maréchal! C’est merveilleux. Votre travail l’a complètement retourné! ( Si elle savait…) Vous avez su lui redonner confiance en lui ( Oh oui! mais pas encore assez à mon goût! ) Je suis confiante… confiante… confiante… Entre nous, mais ne lui en parlez pas surtout! Je crois que vos talents ne sont pas seuls en cause.
— Ah oui? Comment-ça?
— Eh bien.. vous êtes une ravissante jeune femme et… je crois que mon garçon a comme un sentiment pour vous… une mère sent ces choses là!
— Mais je…
— Tut Tut Tut, vous n’y êtes pour rien! Surtout ne lui en parlez pas et s’il vous plaît, ne lui en tenez pas rigueur, il est si jeune.
— Je comprends madame Defflaere. Ne craignez rien. (Il n’a pas fini d’en éprouver, du sentiment!)

Amusée je rejoins Antoine dans sa chambre. Il m’attend avec une nouvelle:

— On a un devoir Samedi prochain.

Il m’annonce ça avec un sourire. Lorsque je l’ai connu la simple évocation d’une interrogation lui glaçait le sang! Je continue le jeu.

— Alors il va falloir trouver un enjeu je crois. Voyons….. Disons que si tu as plus de 13/20 je m’engage… à provoquer moi même ce que tu as fait dans ta main la dernière fois.

Il me regarde avec des yeux fous. Je souris.

— D’accord – Lance-t-il de lui même.
— Alors on va se mettre au travail!

La séance est encore plus studieuse que les précédentes. Je n’ai pas besoin de le surveiller pour savoir qu’il fait et refait ses exercices chaque soir! Lorsque nous nous séparons je me penche vers lui et lui dépose un baiser léger près de son oreille.

— Alors… à la semaine prochaine Antoine…

Chapitre 5

Le jour J est arrivé. Ma robe boutonnée sur le devant devrait faire l’affaire. Mon reflet dans le miroir me séduit plutôt. J’ai mis des bas transparents et les sandales qui l’avaient tant affolé la dernière fois. Les beaux jours s’annoncent. Ça fait du bien de se sentir féminine, libre dans l’air doux.
Je monte chez les Defflaere, sonne. Personne! Curieux! J’essaye à nouveau. Toujours rien. J’attends 5 minutes, la nervosité monte.
Des pas rapides dans l’escalier. Antoine arrive, haletant.

— Bonjour madame!
— Antoine? D’où viens-tu comme ça?
— J’ai du faire une course pour ma mère. Elle ne peut pas rentrer avant deux heures alors elle m’a passé un coup de fil pour que j’aille chercher un truc pour elle.

Je suis rassurée et intéressée. Deux heures seuls? Mmm. Masquant mal mon impatience, je lui lance:

— Et ton devoir?

Antoine tourne vers moi un air déconfit. Il hausse les épaules. Il doit lire la déception sur mon visage. Ma tenue sexy ne servira donc à rien d’autre qu’à l’émoustiller un peu plus aujourd’hui! Sans un mot nous rentrons dans sa chambre. D’un geste il me tend son devoir.
Je lis en rouge: 15/20!! Mes yeux bondissent vers lui. Il éclate de rire! Le petit salaud! Il va me le payer! Je lui ordonne:

— Tu as 3 minutes pour te mettre à poil!

Son rire s’étrangle. Ses yeux se figent sur mon expression sévère dans laquelle je m’eff***e de ne pas faire transparaître mon plaisir.

— Tu m’a bien entendue. Comme convenu je vais te faire ce que je t’ai promis, mais à ma façon. Donc… je te veux debout, ici même… et tout nu!

Reprenant ainsi le contrôle de la situation je m’installe confortablement dans le fauteuil pivotant devant la table informatique. Le garçon ne rigole plus. Ses yeux sont redevenus timides et je le vois avec ravissement se défaire un à un de ses habits: sweat-shirt, T-shirt, pantalon, chaussettes. Il est vraiment pas mal. Un peu mince, mais ça fait partie du charme de son âge.

— Allez- Dis-je autoritaire – le reste.

Déglutissant difficilement il baisse son slip qui tombe à ses pieds. Nerveux il cache son bas-ventre de ses mains.

— Approche…. Oui plus près…. Bien. Alors écoute bien les règles du jeu d’aujourd’hui. C’est moi qui te touche. Tu me regardes dans les yeux quand je te le dis, tu réponds clairement à toutes mes questions. Et tu m’appelles Florence, d’accord?
— O..oui… madame… euh.. Florence
— Si tu enfreins une de ces règles on arrête tout, compris?
— Oui… Florence

Je souris de plaisir. Mes mains glissent sur ma robe et défont un à un les boutons qui la ferment.

— Ecarte tes mains!

Le garçon, gêné, obéit. Son sexe est encore timide. J’ouvre ma robe dévoilant ma lingerie fine de dentelle blanche et mes bas. Je tends la jambe vers lui.

— Tu aimes?
— … oui…oui .. vous êtes belle…
— J’ai mis ces bas exprès pour toi tu sais. Et ces sandales. Elles te plaisent aussi?

Sa respiration s’accélère, mais son stress empêche encore son émotion de parvenir entre ses jambes.

— Oui… elle sont…. elles sont.. superbes
— Tu aimes les femmes en bas et talons hauts n’est-ce pas Antoine?
— Je… oui… oui madame… Florence

Je joue à agiter lentement mes jambes en l’air, alternativement, les caressant lascivement. Son émotion monte à ses joues.

— Et ça te donne envie? – Je surveille furtivement sa virilité qui reste de marbre.
— … oui …
— Envie de quoi?…. Antoine
— …
— Antoine? Attention à ce que j’ai dit!.. Alors? Envie de quoi?
—… de me toucher…
— Te toucher? comment ça?
— … me… me… me masturber
— Ah oui? C’est très coquin ça Antoine… et qu’est ce qui arrive quand tu te masturbes?
— .. je …je viens
— C’est à dire?
— … je.. j’éjacule!

D’un coup, comme si l’évocation explicite de ses activités onanistes l’avait décoincé, le sexe d’Antoine se met à gonfler et à se tendre devant moi. Je dois dire que cet interrogatoire et les caresses sur mes jambes m’avaient également mise dans un certain état d’excitation!

— Alors tu vas éjaculer sur mes jambes aujourd’hui Antoine?
— … o..oui

Son sexe arrive à un plein développement, dressé fièrement vers le plafond.

— Mets-toi à genoux – Il s’exécute sans hésitation.
— Maintenant tu vas me regarder dans les yeux Antoine. Baisse les vers ton ventre et j’arrête tout, tu as bien compris?
— Oui Florence

Je fixe le regard du jeune garçon comme si je voulais l’hypnotiser. Lentement je tends une jambe, touche son bas-ventre. Il tressaille. Je frotte du bout du pied ses testicules. Je glisse ma jambe plus en avant. Ses délicates parties reposent sur ma cheville tandis que mon cou de pied, ligoté dans les lanières de ma sandale, agace son périnée. Il gémit. Je le vois déglutir et respirer de plus en plus profondément. Je frotte son entre-cuisses et je souris en sentant qu’il accompagne ces mouvements par ceux de son bassin.
Ramenant mon autre jambe vers moi, je délace ma sandale et porte cet objet de désir à hauteur de vue.

— C’est joli hein Antoine?
— …ohhh.. o…ou..oui..

Je joue avec la fine chaussure devant lui tandis que le frottis intime se poursuit. Ma langue passe sur mes lèvres. Mes doigts s’entortillent dans les lanières dorées. Je fais mine de lécher ma sandale. Il écarquille les yeux encore plus. Il soupire, gémit!
J’avance mon autre jambe. Mes orteils rencontrent sa tige dure, la plaquent contre son ventre. « Aaah » Son premier cri! Mon pied soyeux imprime un mouvement de haut en bas le long de sa virilité probablement vierge. Vicieuse, je mime l’intromission du talon de ma sandale dans ma bouche. Il halète! Le contact de ma sandale entre ses jambes et de mon pied au travers du bas sur sa verge le met hors de lui. Je suis encore mouillée de voir ce beau jeune homme se prêter ainsi à ces caresses qui concrétisent ses fantasmes d’adolescent.
J’accentue la masturbation et cette fois j’introduis devant ses yeux avides, le talon de ma chaussure dans mon poing serré. J’accompagne l’intromission de gémissements particulièrement indécents et commence à mimer le va-et-vient au rythme du frottis que je lui impose. Ça m’excite de jouer les cochonnes. Ma vulve quémande des caresses, nul doute que je sois en train de salir le tissu du fauteuil!

— Tu aimes ça Antoine? – La réponse est évidente mais le f***er à répondre m’excite
— ..(gllp)… oui…oui FLorence..
— Qu’est ce que tu aimes Anrtoine?
— … (aah) … vos…. vos jambes!… vos jambeees!
— Et puis?
— …mmmmf… vos.. vos bas!.. vos… aaaah!… vos sandaaaales! aaaah!… aaaaaah!…

Il n’est plus que gémissements et cris inarticulés! Les mouvements de son bassin accentuent les stimulations entre ses jambes. Ses yeux, perdus dans les miens deviennent vagues. Les mimes obscènes de mes mains, mes râles, la soie sur sa verge, ma chaussure sexy entre ses jambes… c’en est trop! Il crie! crie! crie! Les giclées blanches remontent sur son ventre nu, s’étalent sur mon pied, ma cheville, ma jambe, des gouttes tombent sur le parquet avec un petit bruit mat.
J’attends qu’il se soit entièrement vidé pour relâcher mon étreinte sur son bas-ventre. Je replie mes jambes. Mon pied est trempé, des taches de sperme blanc constellent mes bas. Son ventre est également souillé. Il halète en me regardant, l’air épuisé. Je me penche en avant et, prenant son fin visage dans mes mains, je l’embrasse tendrement.

Chapitre 6

Encore trois semaines de passées. La période des BAC blancs approche. Son entrain pour les révisions confirment ses dispositions… et ses motivations. La grande répétition doit se dérouler dans une semaine. Cette fois j’exige une moyenne de 13/20 avec au moins 14/20 en maths, comme condition pour satisfaire encore une fois ses appétits… et les miens. En fait je suis à chaque fois plus excitée et il me tarde de m’abandonner à ses caresses. Je crois que lors de notre prochaine rencontre je lui montrerai comment une femme se donne.
Une semaine passe, dix jours. J’appelle pour m’inquiéter de ses résultats. Sa mère répond.

— Allo… Ah mademoiselle Maréchal! Comment allez-vous?

… non Antoine n’est pas encore rentré.
… oui …
… oui c’est bien aujourd’hui qu’il doit avoir ses résultats.
… c’est d’accord, je lui dirai de vous appeler. Vous savez, entre nous je suis si confiante … oui… oui, mais c’est grâce à vous! vous l’avez transformé, mon petit garçon … d’accord…. à bientôt mademoiselle, à bientôt.

En début de soirée le téléphone sonne. Fébrile je décroche.

— Allo….

… bonjour Antoine… alors?
… tu ne me raconterais pas de bêtises n’est-ce pas?
… ta mère est là? … bon, dis-moi quand je pourrais venir te voir.
… d’accord… c’est noté. Nous serons seuls tu es sûr?
… À jeudi alors Antoine… je… je t’embrasse.

Ces derniers mots ont sans doute trahi mon émotion, mon attachement aussi à ce jeune garçon. Je vis les jours qui nous séparent encore avec nervosité, impatience.

Devant mon armoire je choisis la robe que je vais porter au-dessus de la lingerie fine déjà en place. Je ne vais pas la garder bien longtemps, mais je veux être la plus désirable, du début à la fin. Le ciel est clair, lumineux. Pourquoi pas la blanche? Elle irait bien avec les bas cuivrés que je porte. Je l’enfile, vérifie dans le miroir que mes dessous bordeaux ne transparaissent pas. Oui, je l’adopte. Des escarpins à talons fins assortis à ma lingerie et me voici en route.
Encore plus nerveuse que les fois précédentes j’arrive devant l’appartement. Je dois me contrôler, rester maîtresse de la situation, cette fois encore! Après une profonde inspiration je sonne.

— Bonjour madame

Je foudroie Antoine du regard tout en lui souriant. Il comprend ma remarque silencieuse.

— Bonjour… Florence

Le son feutré de nos pas dans le couloir est déjà comme une caresse. Arrivés dans sa chambre je lui donne le temps d’apprécier ma tenue.

— Je peux voir ces fameux résultats?

Il me présente ses copies sur le bureau. Je me penche dessus, bras croisés sur le plan de travail, propulsant ostensiblement mes reins au premier plan. Tandis que je fais mine d’examiner son travail je sens à plusieurs reprises son regard descendre de mes hanches à mes pieds. Il doit être tout excité, le mignon chéri!
Quelques mouvements prétendument innocents de mes jambes et son émoi devient visible. Tournant le regard vers lui, j’attaque!

— Tu bandes Antoine?

Il ne rougit pas mais la brutalité de ma question le trouble. Je lève une jambe, joue de la cheville pour mettre en relief le galbe du mollet, la cambrure du pied enfoncé dans l’escarpin.

— Ou…oui – finit-il par murmurer.
— Prouve-le moi, mon garçon.

Je garde la position indécente qui lui permet d’apprécier au mieux mes attributs, objets de ses fantasmes. Les mains tremblantes il dégrafe son pantalon. Je plonge mes yeux dans les siens. Ses doigts extirpent de sa cage serrée le bel oiseau toujours vierge, le col fièrement dressé, le bec entrouvert. Je ronronne de plaisir.

— Tu veux faire l’amour à mes jambes Antoine?

Le garçon hoche de la tête avec un air avide. Je fais glisser les bretelles de ma robe sur mes bras, dégrafe le zip et d’un coup le fourreau blanc glisse à mes pieds. Avec des gestes choisis je me dégage de cette entrave pour laisser mes escarpins bien visibles. Je me penche sur la table, me retrouve à demi-allongée, les hanches offertes outrageusement.

— Tu peux toucher cette fois Antoine.

Mes yeux confirment cette invite. L’adolescent s’avance à pas hésitants, se place derrière moi. Je sens mon envie monter. Ses mains se posent sur mes hanches. Je tressaille, mais je n’ai pas l’intention de m’opposer à quoi que ce soit de sa part. Ses doigts glissent sur ma peau, dessinent des courbes qui suivent celles de mon corps. Il découvre avec émotion la douceur d’un corps de femme. Il joue avec la dentelle de mon slip. J’ai envie de lui crier de me le retirer mais je me retiens. Ses mains descendent sur mes cuisses. Il n’a pas osé! Je le laisse poursuivre son inspection. Mes cuisses, mes jambes, mes chevilles, mes pieds. Sa bouche est venue en renfort de ses doigts. Jamais je n’avais fait l’objet d’une telle dévotion pour cette partie de mon anatomie mais mon excitation ne fait que croître, rendant ma respiration lourde. Lorsque je sens ses mains à l’intérieur de mes cuisses je me mords les lèvres pour ne pas le supplier de pousser plus loin sa caresse. Et c’est bien pire quand c’est sa langue qui vient agacer ma peau lisse juste au-dessus de la fixation de mes bas.

La bulle intime dans laquelle nous nous sommes enfermés résonne de nos halètements enfiévrés. J’entends un cliquetis et un frottement significatifs d’un pantalon qu’on enlève. Il me saisit une cheville, me déchausse, puis fait de même de l’autre coté. Prenant mon cou de pied dans sa main il me fait replier une jambe, le talon sur la fesse. Mon pied arrive au niveau de son entre jambes. Je sens son membre dur qui vient se poser sur ma voûte plantaire. J’agite délicatement les orteils, prodiguant un massage à ses testicules gonflées de désir. Il gémit, commence à se frotter. La soie de mon bas doit électriser ses sensations. Il se branle sur mon pied sexy le vilain chéri! l’adorable vicieux! J’imagine déjà le fouettage de sa semence sur mes fesses…mmmmmh!

Il râle, son bassin s’agite de plus en plus fort derrière moi. MAIS!.. qu’est-ce que? Un objet dur vient d’entrer en contact avec mon entre-jambes! Mais…. oooh…. mais oui, il est en train de me caresser avec un de mes escarpins! Oh le cochon ouiiii! Je sens le bout arrondi de la chaussure se frayer un chemin entre mes cuisses que j’écarte sans fausse pudeur, présentant ma féminité sous mon slip déjà humide.
Je n’en peux plus:

— Oui! oui Antoine.. oui…

Il accentue la pression de mon escarpin sur mon abricot bombé au creux duquel le sillon de mes lèvres se dessine de plus en plus nettement. Je gémis sans retenue!

— aaah…ahhhmmmf! .. aaahhennn… ouii, ouiii Antoiiine!….

Le garçon est au comble de l’excitation. Son sexe tendu pressé sur mon pied se gonfle et expulse violemment son plaisir! Ses giclées nappent mon pied, ma jambe et mes fesses de sa semence dégoulinante. Les traînées blanches et translucides qui maculent mes bas cuivrés doivent ravir mon adorable fantasmeur. Malgré le choc de son orgasme, il ne cesse pas le frottis de ma vulve à travers mon slip ravagé par mon lubrifiant intime. Ma jambe maintenant libérée mais poisseuse, je me tiens écartelée, poussant mes hanches à la rencontre de l’objet érotisé qu’il fait aller et venir. Mes gémissements s’accélèrent, je ne peux plus contrôler le bas de mon corps qui oscille au rythme de la stimulation obsédante que subit ma féminité. Je me mords un poing, mes cris de jouissance ressemblent à des sanglots tandis que des spasmes profonds me secouent.

Je reprends lentement mes esprits. Il se tient toujours derrière moi. Timidement une de ses mains se pose sur mes reins, glisse sur mon dos. Je ronronne.

— Mmmm… oui Antoine, caresse-moi.

A deux mains le jeune coquin me procure un doux massage. Je ferme les yeux.

— Florence…..
— Oui Antoine?
— Je… vous… vous n’êtes pas fâchée?

Je me retourne et me redresse, surprise de cette question.

— Mais de quoi mon chéri?
— Eh bien.. je ne sais pas si… enfin… si j’ai bien fait….

Je souris, amusée et attendrie. J’avance vers lui, passe mes mains autour de son cou.

— C’était délicieux! Et j’espère bien que tu recommenceras!

Un baiser des lèvres, puis de la langue nous unit.

Chapitre 7

Les révisions se poursuivent. C’est la dernière ligne droite et il ne faudrait pas que la concentration se relâche. Madame Defflaere me retient pour bavarder de plus en plus longuement à chaque nouvelle visite. Il semble que cette mère inquiète soit encore plus énervée que son fils. Ce dernier aborde l’épreuve avec une détermination qui n’est sans doute pas étrangère à notre dernier pacte. Le BAC avec mention contre une invitation chez moi! Et cette fois j’ai bien l’intention de passer à l’acte. Cette aventure avec le jeune puceau m’aura bien fait languir mais je ne regrette pas cette progression sur la pente de ses fantasmes.

Les épreuves commencent, philo en tête. Mes propres surveillances d’examens occupent mon esprit durant les jours qui me séparent du but désiré. Je ne peux m’imaginer un échec. Je serais bien attrapée s’il ne parvenait pas à franchir la barre que je lui ai fixée! Voilà que je me mets à partager les angoisses de sa mère, mais pour des raisons bien différentes!

La première semaine d’épreuves est terminée. La seconde ne comporte pour lui qu’un oral d’anglais. Encore un peu de patience, bientôt les résultats.

La semaine suivante, alors que je rentre de courses en ville, un message m’attend sur mon répondeur.

« Biiip » … Bonjour Florence…c’est Antoine….la mention BIEN ça marche pour notre accord?…. bon ben… j’attends votre appel…. au revoir…. »biiip..clac »

Enfin! Oooh ça va être bon! Je décroche le combiné. Madame Deffelaere répond, à sa voix je l’imagine en train de trépigner sur place! Je reste aussi sereine que possible mais il me faut bien 10 minutes avant de pouvoir la persuader de me passer Antoine. Après quelques mots sans importance pour ne pas éveiller les soupçons de madame je lui donne mon adresse et un rendez-vous pour le lendemain après-midi en me retenant de dire des mots plus compromettants qui me brûlent pourtant les lèvres.

Nuit tendue, douche revigorante, déjeuner frugal. Voyons, que mettre? Je choisis de rester classique: du blanc. Je serai virginale pour son dépucelage! Un ensemble de dessous en maille transparente pour l’affoler, des bas blancs pour le faire craquer, le tout recouvert d’une courte robe bleue fermée par une ceinture. Des sandales en velours noir dont les sangles s’enroulent autour de mes chevilles avec des talons carrés de 8 centimètres devraient achever de le mettre à ma merci! Je me regarde dans la glace et j’avoue que pour un peu je me trouverais mouillante!

L’heure du rendez-vous approche. L’interphone!

— Oui?
— < C’est Antoine >
— Je t’ouvre, troisième étage.
— < OK >

Je fais les cent pas en l’attendant. J’ai laissé ma porte entr’ouverte pour que le rai de lumière dans le couloir le guide jusqu’ici.

« toc toc »

— Entre Antoine.

Comme une fille bien sage je l’attends dans le salon, mains croisées devant moi. Il pénètre dans la pièce et avant toute parole me regarde de la tête aux pieds. Je dois lui plaire! Nos yeux se font les plus tendres aveux alors qu’il avance vers moi et pose son blouson sur le dossier du fauteuil. Je baisse les yeux comme une jeune fille timide.

— Cette fois Antoine. C’est moi qui me plierai à tes désirs, mais…. tutoie-moi je t’en prie.

Il ne répond rien, s’approche encore, tourne autour de moi, puis:

— Déshabille-toi.

Sa première parole! Elle me fouette le sang! Je cherche nerveusement son regard. Il est comme enivré. Je délace ma ceinture et la laisse tomber à terre. J’écarte les pans de ma robe, il m’aide à l’enlever. Ses yeux fous plongent sur mes seins dont les aréoles n’apparaissent que trop bien sous le fin soutien-gorge. Il me tourne encore autour. Son souffle chaud glisse sur mes épaules, dans mon cou. Ses lèvres effleurent ma peau. Les yeux fermés je gémis doucement. Ses mains caressent ma taille, remontent sur ma poitrine. Fébriles, ses doigts rampent sur les globes fermes de mes seins, tapotent sur mes aréoles dont les mamelons excités ne tardent pas à se dresser. Mes mains rejoignent les siennes et je guide ses doigts, lui apprenant à jouer avec mes pointes sensibles. Je soupire, lui fais comprendre le bien qu’il me procure. Son corps se colle au mien, je sens le renflement de son pantalon sur mes fesses. Il ondule imperceptiblement, je l’encourage:

— Vas-y chéri, frotte toi bien. Excite-toi contre moi.

Il se plaque encore plus et entame des mouvements de va-et-vient, durcissant sa jeune virilité contre mes fesses. Parfois ses doigts se crispent alors je le calme « doucement.. doucement chéri, c’est sensible… ». À son initiative le doux préliminaire cesse et il dégrafe mon soutien-gorge qui se retrouve au sol lui aussi. Ses mains entourent à nouveau mon corps et vont saisir mes mamelons tendus entre le pouce et l’index, les faisant rouler délicatement. Son souffle dans mon cou est troublé et mes rondeurs m’informent de la persistance de son érection. Je gémis, je mouille! j’ai envie! Entre deux soupirs je l’explique à mon jeune puceau.

— Tu sais Antoine, quand tu fais ça à une femme, au bout d’un petit moment elle a très envie d’être pénétrée

Pour lui faire bien comprendre je saisis un de ses poignets et le guide, par derrière, entre mes jambes. Ses doigts palpent le renflement de ma vulve. « mmmmmmh » L’étoffe de mon slip est gorgé de mon désir. Ses doigts frottent le tissus qui s’enfonce entre mes lèvres gonflées. Par réflexe je pousse mon bassin à la rencontre des doigts. Je soupire:

— Enlève ma culotte chéri….

Ses mains s’affairent sur ma taille, glissent sons l’élastique et entraînent la fine lingerie sur mes jambes. Les bas crissent à ce contact qui s’achève sur mes chevilles. Prestement il m’en débarrasse et reste agenouillé, le visage à hauteur de mes fesses… et de ma conque luisante. J’écarte ostensiblement les jambes et me penche en avant, posant mes mains sur mes genoux, attendant son initiative.
Ses mains glissent sur mes bas, se posent sur mes fesses. Son souffle est là, mes muqueuses sensibles me transmettent sa chaleur. Je pousse mon bassin en arrière, comme une invitation. Ses doigts écartent mes bouclettes, ouvrent mon coquillage. Oooh s’il pouvait… OOh ouiiiii! ouiiii! il le faiiit!

— Oooh chérii!, Ouiii, ouiii ta langue!

L’appendice buccal serpente dans mes replis, explore ce monde inconnu. Il se guide à l’intensité de mes cris pour atteindre mes zones les plus sensibles! Comme il doit être excité! Je ne sens plus qu’une de ses mains entre mes jambes, j’imagine ce que l’autre est occupée à faire. Sa bouche est collée sur ma fleur dont il butine le pistil. C’est encore maladroit mais peu importe! Mon envie d’être possédée est à son comble. Je me soustrais à ces délicieuses caresses, me retourne et m’agenouille devant lui, l’air hébété, le sexe érigé dans la main. Sa bouche luit encore de mes sécrétions! Je l’embrasse toute langue dehors et entreprends de le déshabiller. En quelques secondes il se retrouve plus nu que moi.

Je l’entraîne sur le canapé tout proche, l’installe confortablement tandis que je reste assise sur mes jambes à même la moquette. De la main je me suis emparée de sa jeune virilité. Sa respiration s’accélère comme il regarde, les yeux exorbités, la douce main d’une femme coulisser le long de l’axe de son plaisir. Prise dans l’anneau formé par le pouce et l’index, sa verge palpite à chaque va-et-vient. D’un mouvement plus ample je repousse sa peau fine sur son gland violacé et referme mon poing sur ce bout sensible recouvert de son prépuce. Son corps se tend. Je lance une rapide vibration de mon poignet qui lui fait pousser des gémissements étouffés. Oooh comme il aime ça mon joli puceau! Il peut lire sur mon visage le plaisir que je prends à le masturber!

Mais pas question de le laisser venir ainsi. Je descends à nouveau le long de son érection en décalottant sa fraise turgescente. Une goutte transparente perle du méat ouvert. Je masse doucement ses testicules. La peau fripée et contractée plaque ses délicates ovoïdes contre son pubis, prémices de sa jouissance proche.
Je me relève, place mes genoux sur le canapé de part et d’autre de ses cuisses. Ses yeux sont exorbités, sa respiration suffoquée. Tout en fixant mon regard dans ses yeux j’abaisse mon bassin, saisis sa dureté entre deux doigts et écarte mes lèvres intimes. Son gland glisse dans ma fente, se place au creux de ma vulve. Il gémit. Je soupire en descendant encore mon bassin, mon fourreau se dilate, la tige glisse naturellement, se love dans son nid. Comme c’est booon! Je pose mes mains sur ses épaules et empale ma féminité jusqu’à ce que mes fesses reposent sur ses cuisses. Mes lèvres s’ouvrent et se posent sur les siennes. C’est sa langue qui vient dans ma bouche, lape ma salive. Ses mains palpent mes hanches, mes cuisses, griffent mes bas qui crissent sous la caresse. Je monte et descends le long de cette hampe inflexible. Il pousse de petits cris!

— Oui mon chéri…mon petit homme…. tu me baises… tu me baises bien là….

Râles, cris, soupirs lascifs deviennent notre vocabulaire du plaisir. J’accélère le rythme avec de petits mouvements. Je me sens partir moi même, mais mon jeune amant ne peut se retenir plus longtemps. J’accueille par des soupirs appuyés l’aspersion vaginale qu’il m’offre avec son pucelage.

— Oui.. oui chéri.. vas-y… vas-y… donne-le moi!

Ses gémissements spasmodiques s’apaisent. Nous restons un moment lovés l’un contre l’autre. Je sens mon vagin se désemplir de sa virilité satisfaite et j’embrasse doucement son visage angélique.

Il ne dit rien mais son regard est éloquent de tendresse. Je lui propose d’aller dans la chambre. Il approuve. Par la main je l’attire dans mon antre. Enlèverais-je mes sandales avant de grimper dans le lit? Finalement non. Je compte bien sur ce détail pour ranimer la flamme de mon fantasmeur chéri!
Je m’allonge dans une pose féline, mettant en avant mes jambes blanches et mes talons hauts provoquants! Je ne dois pas être si éloignée des filles sur lesquelles il gaspille sa liqueur à longueur de nuits. De fait il me regarde avec fascination, debout à côté du lit.

— On joue au docteur Antoine?

J’ai pris mon air le plus mutin pour formuler cette requête, un doigt sur mes lèvres. Il sourit puis grimpe me rejoindre sur la couette. Je m’allonge sur le dos, att**** les barreaux de la tête de lit dans un geste qui met ma poitrine en valeur.

— Tu peux tout regarder, tout toucher. Mais attention! pas de chatouilles!

Comme un enfant devant son gâteau d’anniversaire le jeune garçon s’accroupit, le nez à quelques centimètres de ma peau. Le jeu a l’air de lui plaire! Ses doigts caressent, soupèsent, massent mes globes fermes. « Doucement Antoine… ». Il me lance des regards coquins. Envolée la timidité devant la prof de maths! Sans préavis il ouvre la bouche, gobe un sein, sa langue frotte le bout souple du mamelon… »mmmmf… », je serre les poings sur les barreaux de fer. Son aspiration délicieuse » ouiiiii! » tend mon bourgeon mammaire en quelques secondes!

— Tu vois Antoine, plus c’est doux, plus ça m’excite! Mais l’autre est un peu jaloux!

Aussitôt dit, aussitôt avalé! Ses lèvres se collent sur l’autre sein, comme une ventouse à l’intérieur de laquelle mon bouton captif subit la délicieuse torture. L’excitation me fait frotter les jambes l’une contre l’autre. Sa langue relâche son étreinte et descend sur mon ventre, furète autour du nombril. J’écarte mes cuisses pour l’inviter à poursuivre son chemin.
Il se redresse. Son regard balaye mon corps, des sandales au visage. Il est à nouveau intimidé. Respect craintif devant le creuset de nos différences. Je ramène une jambe contre ma poitrine, offrant une vue très ouverte de mon abricot, camouflé sous ses bouclettes blondes.

— Regarde mon chéri. Approche, je vais te guider.

Intéressé à la perspective de ce cours pratique il s’accroupit devant ma fourche.

— Caresse-moi

Sa main se pose sur le renflement de mon entre-jambes et commence à en flatter la douce fourrure. Parfois, son pouce vient heurter mes lèvres au creux de mon vallon. Je me mords la lèvre.

— Tu vois chéri ce sont mes grosses lèvres. Ecarte-les avec les doigts.

Obeissant il manipule délicatement mes nymphes et dévoile la nacre luisante de ma vulve déjà apprêtée.

— Là…. (soupir)… ce sont mes petites lèvres…. oui… oui chéri, touche les. Mmmmmf

D’un doigt, il explore les replis poisseux de mon coquillage. Glisse vers l’orifice, en fait le tour, teste son élasticité. Mon bassin est pris d’ondulations incontrôlées. Sa belle initiatrice sexuelle commence à perdre sérieusement son sang froid!

— … oooh… c’est… c’est mon vagin par là Antoine…mmmmf…ooooh

Toute inhibition à quitté son regard. Il fait remonter lentement ses doigts le long de ma vallée en crue… il…. ooooh…. il caresse mon capuchon…

— … mmmmh … oui… mon clitoris.. est là….mmmmh…. c’est sensible… très sensible….

Il tourne autour, évitant le contact direct de ses doigts sur le bouton érigé.

— … Une femme bande comme ça tu vois chéri…..oooooh… quand elle a enviiiie….
— Alors là, tu as envie Florence?

Je gémis en hochant la tête.

— Et de quoi tu as envie?

Ses yeux se font malicieux. Il a retourné la situation le coquin! Je suis toute liquéfiée de désir et les titillements de ses doigts brisent mes résistances.

— aahhhh…… j’ai envie de toi Antoine….mmmmh… envie de ton sexe!
— Et pour quoi faire Flo?

Le petit salaud! Il a compris que je suis à sa merci! Il joue, iI veut une reddition complète. Il l’aura:

— …aahennn… pour me baiser!… Baise-moi cheri! Baise-moiii!

Satisfait il se redresse, exhibant une belle érection. Oh oui… je la veux sa bite!….Je relève mes deux jambes vers le plafond, offrant ma féminité impatiente. Je dois avoir l’air d’une vraie salope avec mes bas et mes talons hauts, à clamer mon envie sans aucune pudeur, agrippée aux barreaux du lit comme si j’y étais attachée. Je suis sûre que ça l’excite! Il s’approche, darde sa sonde charnue entre mes muqueuses lubrifiées. Il pousse! Oh ouii! Son désir écartèle le mien d’une intromission inflexible!

— AAAhh Ouiiiiii! ouii Antoine! ouiii!

Il râle, s’enfonce encore, gémit, pousse son pubis à la rencontre du mien. En appui sur ses bras, qui me maintiennent les jambes, il entame un va-et-vient. Je soupire et l’impudeur de mes accents n’est pas feinte. Il me possède réellement, profondément! Il se mord la lèvre et contemple mon visage défait par la jouissance. C’est booon. Son jeune sexe en moi! Cette envie de me donner à lui enfin satisfaite! Comme une vague incessante, il polit avec endurance l’anse ma féminité, érode mon bout de corail rose qui explose à chaque pénétration. Il dévore avec des yeux fascinés le plaisir tout neuf de mener une femme à un état d’impudeur totale. Oh je viens! Il sent mes contractions, voit mes mains griffer la couette, mes jambes qui ne m’obéissent plus!

— Aaaahhhennn!…. .aaheeeenn!… mmmmmf….mmmhhhh….

Je halète, plongée dans l’ouate de mon orgasme. Les tensions de mon corps ont également porté son excitation à son comble. Il accélère, me baise avec f***e, v******e… se crispe! Il jouit! Sa semence de jeune mâle nappe mon intimité qui ondule et me fait ronronner de plaisir!

Chapitre 8

Septembre, jour de pré-rentrée. Dans la cour du lycée, Muriel vient à ma rencontre. Nous bavardons en nous dirigeant vers la machine à café. Elle me remercie encore d’avoir accepté d’aider le « petit » Defflaere à passer son BAC. Je la rassure en lui confirmant que ça n’avait pas été une charge très lourde et qu’elle s’était même avérée plus agréable que je le pensais. Bien sûr je ne lui donne pas de détails à propos des plaisirs que j’y ai trouvés! Elle m’annonce, mais je le savais déjà, qu’Antoine rentre à la fac et qu’il semble bien motivé pour la suite de ses études. Je souris en acquiesçant, mais je garderai pour moi que le jeune garçon m’a écrit pour me dire qu’il serait libre tous les jeudi après-midi, réservé au sport! Ca tombe bien je n’ai pas cours le jeudi après-midi…... Continue»
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Adventures Donna-Part 4 Amanda's initiation

Adventures of Donna--Part 4 (Amanda's initiation)

And then she had an idea, but it meant leaving Mr. Fuck Stick for a few minutes and Donna didn't want him to disappear. She grabbed his cock and spat a huge gob of saliva on his dick-head. She started to jerk him off, letting the spit grease his pole. Eric thought she was getting him ready for more deep throat action, and he closed his eyes, moaning deeply. Donna expected this reaction. She reached under the bed and found the pair of hand cuffs she kept. In a swift motion she pulled out the cuffs, clamped one end around Eric's wrist and the other around the bed post. He was trapped, and started to struggle. "Don't worry Eric babe, I'm not into anything kinky," she said obviously thinking drinking piss like water was standard practice. "I just don't want you to go anywhere, while I'm away."

And with that Donna tongued his big dick a few times and left the room. In the bedroom she looked at herself in the mirror, and smiled broadly as she noticed the cum and piss all over her face, hair and tits. She grabbed a towel and tried cleaning herself up a bit; wrapping her beautiful body in a white robe when she was done.

She grabbed her keys, walked out the apartment and took the stairs one flight down in her bare feet. She knocked on apartment 16 and a young voice answered, "just a second." When the door swung open Donna was face to face with it seemed. "Hi Auntie, come on in," said Donna's niece. "Actually, Amanda, I have a surprise for you, but it's up in my apartment. Leave a note for your Mom, telling her you're with me. Hurry up sweetie, he''s getting cold."

Amanda was Donna's 11 year old niece, but in almost everyway they could have been twin s****rs.

She was slightly shorter than Donna, and her hair was a bit longer. For an 11 year old girl, her ass was incredible; smooth, coffee black mounds on either side of a long, deep crack. In an unusual twist, Amanda's titties were actually bigger than Donna's, though not a lot. They could have been twins...the 33-year old monster cock sucker and her 11-year old baby-faced niece.

However, the similarities went beyond the physical. A few months ago Donna had caught Amanda playing with her pussy. Donna never missed an opportunity, and within moments of seeing the girl's fresh, young cunt she had crammed her talented tongue between Amanda's twat lips. The little girl had grind her pussy so hard into her Aunt's face, Donna thought she might suffocate. Instead, the girl's sweet tasting cunt juice had filled Donna's mouth.

Ever since that day Donna had initiated Amanda into several more lusty sex practices. Amanda's favorite was fist fucking because she was able to take Donna's entire hand into your gaping pussy, giving her a wild orgasm. In fact, the thing that Donna found most amazing about her little niece was how big the little girls cunt could stretch. Amanda had been able to handle Donna's largest sex toys, including one called the "Devastator"...which measured 12 inches long and 7 inches fat.

Amanda came back to the door. "OK, Auntie Donna. Let's go." She took Donna's hand and the two climbed the stairs back up to Donna's apartment.

Back in the apartment, Donna sat Amanda on the couch. Donna couldn't help but notice how beautiful her niece was. The nipples on the little girl's perfectly shaped tits were poking through her white t-shirt in anticipation of what her Aunt could have for her. "Now, listen baby. I've got something for you that might be scary, but trust me...this is going to be the most incredible experience you will have in your life. Don't be afraid."

"Come here Amanda, take off your shirt." The girl gave her aunt a huge grin and slipped the shirt over her head. Donna gazed at the girl's smooth torso, and reached out to touch Amanda's silky bra cup. Donna ran her hands over the girls tit, gently tweaking her fat nipple. "Mmnn, that's nice auntie. Please suck my tits." Donna eased the bra straps off the girls shoulders, marveling at the firmness and roundness of your niece's tits. "You like them don't you? Tell me you like them Auntie." "Oh yes, honey, I do. Put your tits in my mouth, baby."

Amanda leaned forward and placed the nipple of your left tit in Donna's hungry mouth. Donna sucked on the tip, noticing how fat and long the girl's nipple was growing. She reached up with her hands and massaged the right tit. "Oh, yes auntie, suck my take the whole thing," Amanda cooed as she smashed her small chest into Donna's face. Donna opened her talented mouth wide and inhaled the whole tit, lapping the nipple hard with her tongue. She reached down to Amanda's short checkered skirt and moved the fabric out of the way, reaching for the moist spot between her legs. Donna quickly noticed that Amanda's pussy was soaking wet. She pushed her fingers around the panties, and felt the juice at the entrance to her niece's sweet cunt.

"Mmnn. Donna, please rub my clit. I want you to fuck me with your hand." And Donna urgently starting rubbing the young slit while sucking on the hard nipple. Gently she started inserting two fingers, which easily slid in. "Come on Donna. Stop playing with me. Fuck me now." Not wanting to disappoint her protégé, Donna tightened her fingers together into a salute and began pushing her hand in. Amanda's cunt juices and wide pussy made the task easy. Within minutes, Donna's entire hand was sliding in and out of her niece's deep hole.

Donna released her mouth from Amanda's tits and starred at the young girl, who had her eyes closed and was softly moaning from the fist fucking. It was hard to believe. When Donna was eleven she was busy playing with Barbie dolls, and yet here was her identical eleven year-old twin fucking her hand like a whore and loving it.

"Oh Auntie Donna. Can't you push it in more? Please fuck me harder." "Baby, I think it's time for your surprise." At that moment there was a noise in the bedroom. "What was that?," said Amanda. "It's your surprise. Come on." Donna kissed your niece hard on the mouth, playing with her tongue. She gently slid her hand out of the girl's pussy, bringing it to their lips. "Here, Amanda, lick the juice off my hand." Amanda willingly complied, sucking on each of Donna's fingers, loving the taste of herself. "That's good. Get it all. Lick it clean. That's a good girl." Donna could never get over the girl's lust. They were twins in every sense.

"Let's go. Now, close your eyes, and hold my hand. Don't open your eyes until I tell you."

Donna led Amanda into the bedroom. Eric was still handcuffed to the bed post with one hand, but his other hand was stroking his huge cock. He must have been jerking off since Donna left because his pipe was near it's peak length and hard as a rock. He was softly moaning.

"Now Amanda, don't open your eyes. Give me your hand." Donna took her niece's hand and placed it on Eric's shaft. Eric's stroking fist bumped into her fingers, and she pulled her hand away. Donna took her my the wrist. "Amanda, open your hand." She did, and Donna placed the girl's palm against the hard cock. "Close your hand honey." Amanda wrapped her small hand around the pipe, though she was hardly able to really grasped it. "Auntie Donna, can I open my eyes? I want to see. Is there someone else here?" "Yes, I'd like you to meet Eric."

End of part 4... Continue»
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the initiation

Alyson was 13. She always had trouble making friends at her junior
high school. She was on the track and field team, but the other girls
never gave her much attention. She sure liked looking at them in the
locker room. She had developed into size b tits and had hair on her pussy.

The was sort of an underground club of girls called The Mascara
Posse. She desperately wanted to join it so she could become popular. She
walked into the bathroom where the 5 girls were having a meeting. They
were smoking pot. "Can I have a hit?" she asked. She had never smoked it
before. A girl handed the joint to her, and she pretended to inhale.

"Hey, can I join you girls?" she asked. "Girls" the leader Monique
said. "We're fuckin' women." "Well okay, can I join you, uh, fucking
women?" They all laughed. "Well sure," she responded. "But you have to
go through our initiation. We'll meet you at your house tonight." "But I
have my trumpet lesson." "Okay, you can't join." "Okay, I'll get out of

At 4, seven girls came over to her door. She wore tight shorts and
a t-shirt with no bra, just like they did. When they walked in, Monique
said, "Okay bitch, let's get into the bathroom." They did, cramming in.
"Get into the tub." She did as she was told. Then Monique pulled down her
shorts and panties. The other girls did the same. They squatted over
Alyson. She was frightened of what was to happen.

Just then, all the girls started pissing on her. It smelled awful.
It seemed to take an hour, but it was actually just a few minutes. Alyson
started to cry. Then they girls pulled up their pants and laughed. As she
was sobbing, she said, "Can I join you guys now?" "No." Monique responded,
and they all ran out.

Crying, she called her best friend Sarah. She said, "Oh those
little prissy cunts." She always had a mouth on her, ever since
kindergarten. "I'll be right over." She knocked on the door, and Alyson
opened. Still sobbing, she gave Sarah a big hug. Sarah was turned on by
the piss smell that she hadn't yet washed off.

"Girlfriend, do you remember when we were nine, and we practiced
kissing each other?" "Yeah, I've never kissed a boy." "Fuck boys, I like
girls." "You do? You're a lezzie?" "Oh, I'm a big dyke."

Then they started to kiss passionately. Alyson liked boys, but she
was curious. "Alyson, they could have at least eaten your pussy." "Oh,
I've never done anything like that." "Take me to your bedroom." They
walked up holding hands. On her bed, Sarah pulled down her friend's
shorts, revealing her hairy bush. "Spread your legs, my love." She did as
she was told. Just then, Sarah started eating her out. Soon, Alyson had
her first orgasm. "Ooooh, that's so fuckin' good."

They spent the rest of the afternoon eating each other out and
sucking on their tits. Alyson was wrong to want to join the group. This
was a true friend.... Continue»
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Club initiation

Not my story - see end for credit and source

My wife Gwen and I sat nervously in our car, anxious to go inside, but with butterflies in our stomachs. We had been with another couple one other time, and that had been on vacation on an island and we had quite a few drinks beforehand. Obviously, we had greatly enjoyed it, thus leading to our current endeavor.

A friend had sponsored us for this private swing club, and we understood that the first night we would be at everyone's disposal, sort of an initiation to get in. It was to be us and three other couples, and the meeting place was one of the couple's houses. We both knew it was going to be extremely erotic, and very nasty also. When we were told about the activities that might happen I got an instant erection and Gwen's smile told me that she readily agreed with me. We were going to try it, and probably going to get off like never before.

"Are you ready Babe?" I asked Gwen as I rubbed her leg. She was dressed to kill, spike heels and fishnets, little mini-skirt, a cute halter top with her long blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail. She was beautiful.

"I am if you are Tom," was her reply.

We got out of the car and walked up to the door hand in hand. A gorgeous woman of about 30, who ushered us inside and thanked us for coming, opened it. She led us downstairs to the "playroom", where the others were waiting.

Looking around we saw a small bar at one end, some video equipment, and some interesting looking bondage devices. Gwen had a big smile, she liked to be tied up and really liked to tie me up.

We were introduced around, and everyone got fresh drinks. Gwen and I were both given double iced vodka's, and we drank them quickly to relax. We sat around for a few minutes making small talk, and then Carol, the woman who showed us in announced that she was quite horny and would like to get started.

Her husband, Jim, suggested that Gwen and I should get everyone in the mood by giving them a sex show. Another couple, Steve and Sharon told us to strip down and perform 69 on each other, but for Gwen to leave her stockings and heels on.

The last couple, John and Janice got up and set up the video camera.

"It's for our own protection," John said. "We can't have anyone going around telling people what we do, so we record everything so that everyone stays quiet. It's also a lot of fun to watch later," he added with a grin.

So Gwen and I took to the middle of the room, and quickly removed our clothes, except for Gwen's stockings and heels. I lay down and Gwen positioned herself over me, her pussy directly above my face. I was incredibly aroused at being naked in front of these strangers, and I could see and smell that Gwen was very moist. I love it when she sits on my face, and I was reaching my tongue up to taste her as she gently licked the length of my cock.

Carol called out "It looks like he really wants it, grind it down on him and make him happy!"

Gwen obeyed and dropped her hips so that her cunt was squarely pressed against my face. I lovingly licked and sucked, taking her lips into my mouth and sucking them, and shoving my tongue deep into her twat. She was sucking like a pro, and I felt both my balls pop into her mouth, and she sucked hard making me groan.

I was getting close to cumming, which apparently no one wanted me to do yet. Carol called out to Gwen, "Easy there honey, save some for the rest of us. Tom, why don't you get up and come with us girls for a minute, we have a little job for you."

I got up and Carol, Sharon, and Janice led me into an adjacent room as I looked over my shoulder at Gwen. She was licking her lips and gave me a wink. I was wondering what my "job" was.

Off of that room was a bathroom, and Carol took me into it and closed the door. I felt strange being completely naked alone with her, but my cock was still at full staff.

Carol lowered her skirt and panties, and exposed her pussy to me. She sat down on the toilet and said "Those drinks run right through me, I can never hold it in long." She had her legs spread as she sat with her skirt and panties around her ankles, and I could see a thick stream of pee shoot out of her. I was a little embarrassed, but also fascinated. Gwen was a private bathroom person and I had never seen a woman pee before.

"There, that's better," she said. "Could you just hand me a bit of toilet paper?"

I looked around, but I didn't see any.

"Oh dear," she said, "I guess we're out. I'll tell you what, why don't you lick my pussy clean for me?"

I couldn't believe what she said. I think my eyes bugged out because she looked at me and laughed and said "Come on, a little pee pee never hurt anyone." She stood up and pressed me down to my knees, and pulled my face to her pussy, golden nectar clinging to her pubic hair. "Tongue out, clean me good!" she snapped. I licked at the droplets, and tasted her excitement as well. She must have gotten off at being in charge.

When I was done she told me to wait where I was, she was going to see if the other girls needed to pee also. They of course did, and I got cleaning detail for both of them. My cock was positively dripping when I finished up with Janet who was last, and she caught a drop and then rubbed my cock until it was slick with pre-cum.

"Look, you got my hand all slippery with your nasty cock juices. I think you better clean that off for me." She held her hand to my face and had me lick her palm and clean between her fingers. She told me to suck on each one of her fingers, like it was a cock that I was sucking. When I was done she laughed and we stepped out into the room where she promptly told Carol and Sharon what she had me do.

"He sucked my fingers like a little whore, pretending that it was cock. We might have to get him some real cock later; he did such a good job! Let's go see what the boys are up to."

We went back into the main room, and were greeted with the sight of Gwen on her knees in front of Jim, who had removed his pants and was having Gwen make out with his dick. Steve and John were watching, urging her on and calling her "slut" and "whore". Dirty talk always drove her wild, and we could all see that her juices were running down the tops of her thighs into her stockings.

"Wow," exclaimed Sharon, "look how fucking wet that cunt is! Steve, I think that the slut is so wet even your monstrous cock would slide up her without a problem. Why don't you fuck her from behind while she sucks on Jim?"

Steve stood up and removed his pants and underwear. My God, his cock was huge! Gwen looked over her shoulder to see, and her eyes lit up. She quickly went back to sucking and spread her legs nice and wide, clearly inviting that giant cock up her love canal.

Steve kneeled behind her and grasped her hips, pulling her back until the tip of his cock rubbed against the opening to her musty hole. He leaned forward and slowly entered her, the giant dick stretching her wide and slipping in a little at a time. Gwen let out a moan and pressed back into him, she was hornier than I've ever seen her. She never let Jim's cock out of her mouth, sucking and licking for all she was worth.

Carol was intrigued, "Look at that slut suck! I'm definitely going to have her eat me out, I think I'm going to cum all over her face too!"

When Gwen heard this she started rocking back and forth, and I knew she was giving Steve the fucking of his life. She has very strong pussy muscles, and works them out. She can actually make it feel like a hand job when she is fucking, her pussy grip is so strong. Steve grabbed her waist and started banging her right back, Sharon urging him on.

"Fuck," Steve shouted! "I'm going to cum hard, her fucking cunt feels so fucking tight! I'm going to fucking cum right NOW!" Steve's whole body shook with the f***e of his orgasm, which in turn set off tremors in Gwen.

"Oh God", she cried. "You're filling me with cum! I'm cumming too! OH FUCK I'M CUMMING SO HARD". She leaned back as hard as she could on Steve's spurting member, milking every spasm with voraciousness. Steve pulled out and Gwen was still on her knees, her pussy gaping from the fucking and cum just starting to ooze out of her hole.

John and Jim helped her to her feet, and led her to a low padded table with cuffs on all four corners. I watched as they fastened her wrists down, and then her ankles. The cuffs were positioned so that her knees had to be bent, and they then tied one knee to the other with the strap running under the table so that she lay on her back, with her knees spread wide fully exposing her cum drenched pussy.

Carol pulled off her clothes, and stepped around to the table. "I want a thorough licking from you," she told Gwen as she positioned herself over Gwen's face. She lowered herself so that Gwen could just lick her pussy lips, which were very wet and slick already.

"Your turn," said Jim. I was led to the table next to Gwen, and tied down in similar fashion. The cameras were repositioned to catch all the action. I turned my head to see that Carol had sat down completely on Gwen's face, and was grinding and rubbing her cunt to the pace of Gwen's ministrations.

"She's really eating me out well," said Carol. "Jim, why don't you give her cunt some attention? I know how much you like sloppy seconds, it looks like Steve really left a big load in there, it should be nice and gushy."

Jim didn't need any further encouragement, he stepped right up to Gwen and plunged his cock into her open hole. Gwen grunted and squirmed a little, but couldn't really move much as Carol's twat was still firmly planted on her face.

"And now something for you," Sharon said. I looked over to see she was modeling a strap on dildo, which she had attached with a very sturdy looking harness. She turned sideways so I could see the length, and I must admit she looked very intimidating. She was rubbing lubricant up and down the length, as if she were fisting herself off.

"Open wide honey," she told me as she stepped up and placed the tip against my exposed ass. "Just relax and get ready for a nice fucking. I'm going to end up screwing you quite hard, this strap on has nubs that rub against my clit, and the harder I fuck you the better it feels. You be a good little slut and make it nice for me."

With my legs up and spread like that it was easy for her to slide the entire length right up me. I groaned and she laughed, and started a slow rhythm back and forth, pulling out almost all the way and then plunging back in to the hilt.

Janice laughed at my predicament and said, "I think he likes it! He's like a little whore, all anxious to get her ass fucked!"

Sharon agreed and asked me "Is that what you are? Are you a little fucking slut that likes getting fucked? You like having my cock deep in your ass you bitch? Tell me whore, tell me if you like it! Tell us all what you are!"

"Yes! I love being your whore!" I cried out truthfully. "I'm your slut that wants you to ass fuck me!"

"Well if your such a slut I think you should have a cock in your mouth as well as one in your ass. John, can you help this slut out and put a cock in his mouth?"

I had never done this, but they had made me extremely hot and horny. Even though no one was paying attention to my cock, it was larger than it had ever been and was dripping and making a sticky mess on my stomach.

Janice turned my head to the side, and I was met with John's rock hard dick. "Start by licking it slut. Get it nice and wet before you start sucking on it," she told me.

I reached out with my tongue and ran it up and down his shaft, tasting cock for the first time in my life. Pre cum immediately emerged from the head, and I licked it up, pleasantly surprised by it's slick saltiness.

"Now lick down and suck each one of his balls. That always gets him really excited, you'll be rewarded with a nice big load of cum later."

I did as I was told, and John's cock seemed to grow another inch. Janice was still steadily pounding my ass, enjoying the feel of fucking a helpless man.

"Now, take it into your mouth and make him cum. Show us how well you can suck it you dirty slut! Your slutty wife is enjoying a mouthful of pussy, show her how much you enjoy a mouthful of dick!"

I took his shaft into my mouth and sucked and licked at it. He was releasing a lot of pre cum; I could clearly taste it and feel his excitement. This went on for several minutes, and then as he neared orgasm Janice came from behind him and began manipulating his balls.

John cried out as she tweaked them, and I felt his cock shiver and start to spurt. She started to fully and roughly massage his balls, telling him to spurt all the cum he had into her "slut's" mouth. John had no problem with that; it felt like he came about a quart.

As he came, so did Sharon from the nubs rubbing against her clit as she fucked me. She cried out "Yes! God, I'm cumming from fucking this bitch!" She buried the dildo in my ass as hard as she could, rubbing herself against the hilt for maximum sensation.

"Swallow that cum you fucking whore! You've worked hard to get your treat, now swallow it down!" I did as I was told, and John pulled out from my mouth, sated and going limp.

Carol let out a long moan, seems she was cumming on Gwen's face, just as she had promised. Jim had held off cumming, but now that Carol was on the verge he let go and started banging away at Gwen's twat for all he was worth. He yelled and let loose a spray of cum in Gwen's already cummy cunt, adding to the mess that was running out of her and down her ass crack.

Gwen began to shake violently, another orgasm welling up inside of her. She strained against the bonds, crying out as Carol dismounted.

"Oh my God, I'm cumming again! God it feels so good! God, I love being a fucking SLUUUUTTTT!" Her orgasm went on for a good 30 seconds, and then she stopped straining and lay there, exhausted.

"Hey!" said Janice. "I didn't even get to cum yet. I've been too busy making sure this slut stays busy!"

Sharon pulled the dildo from my ass, which almost made me cum right there, but I managed to hold off.

"He looks like he might be ready to fuck," Sharon said to Janice while pointing at my incredibly hard cock. "Why not climb on and go for a ride?"

Janice quickly mounted the table and grasped hold of my cock. She rubbed it against her clit, and then gently slipped it into her remarkably wet snatch. I moaned and said "Easy, easy, I'm close!"

Janice said, "This slut talks too much, what can we plug his mouth with. Hmmm, I know! How about we do it with Gwen? We could put her pussy on his mouth and then he wouldn't make so much noise!"

Jim and Steve agreed and quickly unstrapped Gwen from the table. She was practically limp, and they helped her over to my table and held her so that she was directly over my face.

Looking up I could see what a mess her pussy was. Two loads of cum were dribbling out from her wide open and stretched out cunt. It ran into her pubic hair and matted it down, and was dripping down the inside of her thighs as it soaked into her fishnets. I could smell the damp sex, and a strong mustiness emanated from between her thighs, this woman had been soundly fucked and had added her own cum juices to the men's.

"That's it Gwen, now sit down on his face so that he keeps quiet," said Janice as she rocked on my cock.

Gwen lowered down, Jim and Steve helping her keep her balance. I stuck out my tongue and it slithered right up into her twat as she sat her pussy down on me. I tasted the mixed cum, and licked up and down, in and out, cleaning her as the mess ran down my cheeks.

This went on for several minutes, I could hear comments like "He's such a slut," and "What a whore, he eats cum from cunts," and "That is really nasty, we should sell this movie!"

Finally, I felt Janice start to quiver; I knew she was starting her orgasm. She cried out and leaned forward, grabbing hold of Gwen's hips and pushing her down harder on me.

"God, I'm fucking cumming now. Oh fuck, oh yeah, oh fuck, GOD YES!" She shouted this and began to buck and pound my cock, making me explode my long pent up load into her cunt. Gwen's twat muffled my cries, but then I felt her start to squeeze her thighs.

"I think there's more in me," Gwen said. "Oh God, I think I'm going to cum again."

This was new for Gwen, she had never had three orgasms before, and two was a genuine rarity.


Gwen came like a firehose! She clamped her thighs and rode my face, her strong muscles contracting her pussy pumping out all the cum that was in there, plus a stream of her own cum juices. Her whole body shook and Jim and Steve squeezed and played with her nipples as she spurted. She finally collapsed and the guys helped her down and gently lay her on a bed. Her eyes glinted with happiness, a smile played on her lips as she lay exhausted, unable to move.

I was still tied down and Janice looked at Gwen, looked at me, and looked at Gwen again.

"Hey," she said, "that looked like a lot of fun! I want to try it!"

"No problem," said Carol. "We still have our slut tied down, and you're all full of cum! I think Sharon and I want a turn too, what do you think of that slut?"

I didn't have much of a chance to answer, seeing that Janice was already lowering herself over my face! All in all, I think our first night in the swing club went well!

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trover sur le net :Initiation d'une pucelle

Initiation d'une pucelle
Récit érotique écrit par Coccinelle.
Auteur femme.

Que la vie me semblait terne. J’avais besoin de peps. Tu as besoin de sexe, oui ! Tiens, de retour celle-là ! Je parle de ma petite voix intérieure. Elle rapplique au galop dès qu’elle sent que je glisse vers le mensonge. Et en l’occurrence, ce n’était pas faux. Ma curiosité à propos de l’acte sexuel augmentait chaque jour. Mes seules expériences faisaient figure pâle à côté des livres romantiques puis érotiques que je dévorais depuis l’adolescence : petits smacks innocents sur la bouche, touche-pipi avec des copines, pression de la bouche au sortir du bac, chatouillis des amygdales un peu plus tard. Tout cela m’avait mis en émoi ! L’impatience et la frustration se bousculaient dans mes veines. Puisque le sexe ne semblait pas décidé à venir à moi, à moins que je n’arrive pas à distinguer les avances amicales des propositions sérieuses, je décidai de passer à l’action.
« Vous avez trente ans ? Euh, d’accord, je te tutoie. Rdv vendredi ? Si tôt ? Après tout, c’est vrai, pourquoi attendre ? »
Je coupai l’ordinateur. Choqué de ce que je m’apprêtai à faire. Il me fallait un plan d’action : salon, visagiste, coiffeur et abdominaux. J’eus envie d’étriper la professionnelle. La cire m’irritait la peau, me la rendant douce à la fois, je devais bien le reconnaitre. Hmm, les caresses apaisantes sur le pubis faisaient-elles partie du service ? Je regardai l’esthéticienne, qui me regarda fixement, semblant me défier de ses yeux insondables. Ni l’une, ni l’autre n’osait réagir si bien qu’elle recommença. Passant sa joue, soufflant, insérant la pointe de son nez à l’orée de mon sexe. Prise de panique, je sursautai et m’enfuis. Je trébuchai en rassemblant mes habits. Dehors je peinai à contrôler ma respiration. Les autres soins me parurent plein de volupté. J’avais vraiment besoin de satisfaire ce désir affolant ! Vendredi arriva bien assez vite. Je bafouillai face au réceptionniste désinvolte de l’hôtel qui me dévisagea avec un sourire cynique. Casanova entra dans la chambre, me reluqua insolemment, puis franchit la distance qui nous séparait pour plaquer ses lèvres exigeantes sur les miennes. Je reculais jusqu’au mur, il avançait, j’ouvrais timidement la bouche, il s’y engouffrait allègrement, je gémissais, il grognait et s’interrompit. Pourquoi ?
« T’es mignonne.
- Merci. Tu es beau, tu fais plus jeune que tes trente ans, dis-je en souriant, bizarrement mise en confiance.
- Je sais. Toi aussi tu parais jeunette. Fais voir ta carte, j’ veux pas de problème. Ok, tout est réglo, dit-il après avoir vérifié mon identité. »
Il fit alors remonter ma jupe à ma taille et s’inséra entre mes jambes écartées. Son mouvement du bassin me tira un cri rauque qui s’amplifia lorsqu’il mordit ma clavicule. Oh, que c’était bon de sentir sa bite frotter contre ma chatte ! Trop de couches nous séparaient encore visiblement : Casanova écarta mon string et glissa deux doigts en moi. Je fis remonter sa tête qui s’était égarée sur mes tétons à ma bouche pour lui dévorer les lèvres. Il me suça la langue ce qui déclencha un orgasme fulgurant. J’eus vaguement conscience d’être installée à quatre pattes sur le lit. Je l’entendis trifouiller dans le chevet et dézipper son pantalon. Il s’introduisit brutalement en moi, s’excusa en sentant la résistance au fond de moi.
« Je me doutais que tu ‘avais pas d’expérience, mais pas à ce point. Laisse-toi faire, tu vas aimer. »
Commença alors un balai d’enivrants va-et-vient, ponctués de halètements frénétiques. Je le sentais derrière moi, de plus en plus fou. Ses mains étaient partout sur moi. Il rugit lorsqu’il ne sentit aucun poil rêche sur mon pubis. La douleur semblait lointaine, seule comptait pour moi cet homme bien foutu qui me faisait du bien et excitait mes seins lourds, tendus de désir. Je lui palpais les fesses, bercée par ses coups de buttoir et ses caresses quand je décidai de glisser un doigt entre les deux globes merveilleusement musclés. Son orgasme déclencha le mien et nous gémirent ensemble, nous fichant des rires de l’autre côté de la cloison.
Je me réveillai au contact d’une main cajoleuse. Mon compagnon me regardait immerger. Il se leva, écarta mes jambes et lécha mes lèvres encore endormies. J’ouvrai encore plus l’espace qu’il avait créé et ondulai des hanches. Casanova s’occupa de mon clitoris, le mordillant et le suçotant. Il enfouit sa langue pointue dans mon vagin, la sortit, joua avec mes sens, se régala de ma chatte humide. Le bougre semblait aux anges. Moi je tentais de fuir, c’était trop fort. Casanova me lâcha et vint sur moi. Avec un sourire bienveillant, il me prit doucement. Sa frénésie semblait s’être calmée. Affamée, je m’agrippai à lui et pressai ses fesses pour le sentir au plus près. Je jouis longuement, les orgasmes se succédaient dès qu’il bougeait son bassin.
Au petit matin, je me réveillai, seule, un peu triste mais un mot trônait à côté :
Tu dormais si bien que je n’ai pas voulu troubler ta quiétude. J’espère ne pas t’avoir trop meurtrie. Mais Dieu que c’était bon ! Tu es bonne. A bientôt.
A bientôt ? Oh que oui !
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1. New York Secret Lesbian Circle - Initiation

The author kindly advises that this story and its characters are entirely fictitious. It contains descriptions of exhibitionism, lesbian sex and graphic language and is only suitable for persons over 18 years old.

1. New York Secret Lesbian Circle - Initiation

(Marketing graduates Bebe Lazaro and Natalie Jones join an influential New York secret lesbian circle. Part of their job description is to service its members).

“Good morning New York. Good morning America. This is KM135FM bringing you the latest news from across the nation!”

It was 10am on a cool and cloudy Sunday morning in an outer suburb of New York. An awakening Natalie Jones slowly came to her senses. She lay naked and spread-eagled on her back on top of her messed up, queen-size bed as she slowly raised her head. She squinted her eyes as she looked at her slim tanned muscular body in the large standing mirror at the foot end. Her short chaotic black bed hair, her flat breasts with pointy nipples, her neatly trimmed dark pubic hair around her opening. Her fingers slightly touched her clit and ran alongside the edges of her swollen open vagina. She quickly pulled back. The area between her legs was still red, sensitive and way too sore. While barely opening her eyes she lifted her aching body off the bed and stumbled to the fridge. An ice pack would do wonders right now.

Natalie’s tiny, dilapidated apartment was on the 4th floor of an old brownstone building. The cold ice, pressed between her raw pussy lips, soothed her genitals as she poured herself an instant coffee and pulled a hot slice of bread out of the toaster. She opened up the small white balcony doors right next to her bed and leaned nude in the door opening, enjoying her hot coffee and toast while wrapping her slim tanned legs around the cold ice. Anyone from the street below could see her standing there, stark naked, but she didn’t care. Her hand squeezed her breasts and ran down her hard midriff as she felt the cool morning breeze on her supple lithe body. She was in thoughts as she tried to remember what happened last night.

Why was she so sore, who did she fuck, how did she get home?

Lips, mouths, wet genitals. The images and, oh god, those sounds... She closed her eyes and sighed as her fingers ran through her messed up hair. All those naked writhing bodies. Those hands, fingers, tongues, and probing strapons. Her skin crawled as it all slowly came back to her.

Time had flown by since that memorable day when she and her best friend, Bebe Lazaro, received their certificates from the Manhattan Marketing Institute. As 18-year olds, life seemed so full of promise and possibilities. That was, until the GFC struck. The opportunities dried up and it all became something else then expected.

Her friend Bebe, who rented a tiny flat in a run-down building just two streets away, didn’t fare any better. They kept in touch, went to cafes, enjoyed window-shopping and visited the gym during the week, to kill time and give each other support.

She never told her but she had always admired Bebe. Her short tomboyish, curly, almost white blond hair. Her hard gym-toned body, her tan and small boobs, her slightly muscular jaw line and brooding blue eyes; she was hotness personified.

She sighed as she finished her coffee and went back on the bed in front of the mirror, opening up her legs wide and pushing the soothing ice pack deeper in between her swollen genitals. Thinking about Bebe just made her body writhe and squirm…

The local gym they used was nothing fancy, just a run-down place. Housed in an old industrial building, its high, stained walls were adorned with old faded posters of muscle men. Its rusty roof was crumbling. The gym’s equipment was rough at the edges and had seen better times. The communal shower area was even worse. Yesterday’s plumbing, old yellow tiles, some broken. Dimly lit, there was hardly any ventilation. Water vapor would build up, creating a hot, steamy and sticky atmosphere. The owner of the place was a big burly Mexican; Tony Masales was an ex-bodybuilder turned gym owner.
He was the arch-typical overweight ex-muscle man. Short on manners, eternally unshaven, greasy black hair with a mullet, black shorts and red muscle shirt with plenty of gold rings on his thick hairy fingers.

Natalie took a sip from her coffee as she looked from her bed through the open lounge room doors. Clouds were drifting past as she still remembered that one occasion. It was in the evening, around 8pm. The gym was closing. She and Bebe were the last ones to finish their exercises and headed off to the showers. Just before they took off their shorts and tight white t-shirts in the locker room Tony appeared in the door opening. He stood there for a while watching her and Bebe take their bags out of the grey old dented lockers. They both felt how he was undressing them with his eyes, in a predatory kind of way.

“Hi Tony, eh…anything we can help you with?” Bebe eventually asked. He just smiled and slowly came closer, scratching his chin’s two-day-shade. “Hmmm, depends girls….depends… I’ve heard you girls are still out of work…” He paused, as he moved around them. They could see how he was ogling their curves. “I’m eh, willing to help you girls make some cash if you’re interested... I’ll…eh… I’ll give you girls four hundred if I can watch you in the showers, maybe doing each other…”

Both our faces turned bright red as we stared at him in bewilderment. “I…ehhh…you can’t possibly be serious, Tony…” Bebe stuttered with a trembling voice. She was blushing as I noticed her shocked eyes. Hesitantly, we both however had to admit he was right; we were out of work and money was running dangerously low.

“We need the cash, Beeb, four hundred…” I unconvincingly whispered close to her ear. I saw how confused she was. “Eh, I don’t know Nat. I mean, you…us…together…fucking…and him…watching? I’m not a lesbian…I’ve never done anything like that with a girl in my life…” Suddenly she noticed the changing expression on my face. “Oh my god…Nat, you’re not really seriously considering this…are you crazy?” The mere thought started to really turn me on as I gazed deep into her eyes. My fingers ran through her short white curls and caressed her beautiful cheeks; “I know you can do it Bebe, it’ll be easy and natural. Just let him watch. We’ll show him what we’ve got. We’ll both enjoy it, just follow my lead...”

She didn’t know that this was my chance to get close to her, to smell and taste the intimate regions of her slim tanned body and get paid handsomely for it at the same time. My lips touched her earlobe as I whispered: “Why don’t you…eh…go into the shower room, take your clothes off, and turn on the water Beeb… I’ll join you in a few minutes...” Her mind was in disarray as she stared at me in disbelief for a few seconds. The look in her eyes changed as she moved towards the shower area. Tony and I watched as she slowly took off her tight white top and shorts. She turned around, unclipped her bra and slid off her panties. We admired her naked arse as she went into the shower area and turned on the water. She leaned against the cream tiled wall at the far end, looking at us amidst the rising steam, opening her tanned legs, touching herself.

I faced Tony against the background noise of splashing water while squeezing my legs, trying to control that itching feeling. “Hmm, 400… I’ll fuck like a demon for that Tony…,” I hoarsely whispered. He grinned his dodgy teeth bare as I stared at him with horny eyes. I squirmed as I squeezed my breasts through my top. I took my time pulling my white gym top over my head and slipped off my little tight shorts, slipping my hand under my tiny white underwear. I looked at Tony as I turned around. “Could you maybe… help me with this Tony?” I teased. Soon I felt his fat fingers sliding down in between my shoulders, hooking and unclipping my bra. It dawned on me that Tony probably enjoyed touching my soft tanned skin. As I slipped off my lacy bra I felt his fingers slowly sliding down my spine, going behind my flimsy panties and, agonizingly slow, pulling them down. I braced myself with both hands against the lockers, gasped and closed my eyes, as I felt his hand squeezing my small naked arse cheeks and fingers probing in between my slim legs.

“You…ehhh…don’t mind me checking out the merchandise, do you?”

Tony’s voice sounded far away. He could do with me whatever he wanted and he knew it. Silently I turned around, leaned back with my shoulders against the lockers, arched my back and pushed my midriff forward. I invited Tony with horny eyes as I slowly opened my legs.

He didn’t need an answer.

I gasped as I watched him gratuitously groping my tanned meat. I pushed up my chest as his hand squeezed my small hard breasts, moving down my flat stomach straight in between my legs. I closed my eyes and braced myself as he brazenly grabbed me with his full hand in my crotch. My gyrating hips got a life of its own as he roughly pushed into my neatly trimmed dark pubic hair, his thick hairy fingers sliding in between my red swollen pussy lips. I felt his cold rings rubbing against my hot opening as he slid two fingers inside me.

My body writhed rhythmically on his fingers as his other hand caressed my blushing, distorted face. It then moved down my neck onto my chest, groping my rock hard nipples. I so enjoyed him violating and m*****ing me. My body desperately wanted more.

“Stop…, Tony, please stop…”, I moaned unconvincingly as I managed to resist my body and lift my throbbing slit off his fingers. “I will show you everything of me. Come watch me in the shower, fucking Bebe...” I let out a squeal as he playfully slapped my small hard arse while I turned around. He followed me to the door opening as I went naked into the steamy shower area. Bebe was by now horny, wet and barely visible, leaning with her back against the opposite wall, fingering her red slit, waiting for me to join her.

As I came closer I noticed how worked up she was. I grabbed her wet short white hair and stared at her with intent. “He’s watching Beeb,” I whispered. “Let’s fuck our brains out…” Both our lips locked onto each other in a frantic, desperately wild French kiss. Tony watched as we both ate each other’s mouths, lips and tongues. I tasted her flesh, her saliva, her breath. I felt her hands desperately roaming my body, her fingers pushing into my wet burning slit as the hot water and steam from multiple showerheads enveloped us. My lips explored her neck and latched on to her small rock hard nipples before wandering downwards. She was on an erotic high when she spread her legs wide as she leaned against the tiled wall. She breathlessly begged and couldn’t stop moving her hips as I pushed up one of her legs and locked my lips around her red puffy slit, sucking and licking it furiously amidst the cascading water.

Through the water vapor Bebe made eye contact with Tony on the other side of the room. “Look at us,” she breathed; “watch how we grope and fuck each other. Is this what you want to see, Tony?” She slowly slid down the wet tiled wall and spread out on the floor. I squatted down and mounted her between her legs; my body shook and twisted as I pressed my pussy onto hers. I gasped with open mouth and arched my back as my midriff just kept on moving, stimulating my genitals. It felt so good feeling her sensitive clit rubbing against mine. I slightly changed position, facing Tony in the door opening, showing every detail of my naked, fucking body. He was staring at me as he touched himself. The water from the showerheads splashed down on us as we rolled in a sixty-nine on our sides and buried our faces deep in between each other’s legs. I felt her breath and tongue on my slit as I pulled open Bebe’s small hard arse cheeks and buried my face as deep as I could into her wet blond pubic hair. With water splashing all around us I delved into her slit with my nose and lips while pushing my fingers deep into her anus. I couldn’t get enough of the smell of her hot tanned meat as I heard Tony’s breathing become more incessant. He had come closer and stood right next to us, stroking his cock, fully clothed but dripping wet in the splashing water.

We were both lying on the shower floor at his feet, an orgy of wild writhing meat, frantically delving into each other, as we heard a loud grunt and felt his hot sperm strands splashing on our twisting, naked, entangled bodies. Soon after Bebe clamped her lips around my bright red clit and held on tight as I pleaded, screamed and bucked around on the wet tiles. I trembled with rolling eyes as I stiffened up in a raging orgasm that wildly ravaged my body.

Sporadic sunlight broke through the clouds as Natalie pressed the ice pack tighter in between her legs. “Hmmm, $400, just like that. That’s what you get. Too much time doing nothing, too much sex on the brain…”

The cool pack did the trick as she slowly got up from the bed, pulled on her jeans, a white shirt and trainers, grabbed her bag and left her apartment. She was in thoughts as she opened and closed the metal mesh of the old craggy elevator. As it slowly traveled down towards the ground floor she thought about the incredible turn their lives had taken since Bebe found a job three months ago.

She still remembered how she failed to turn up to their regular gym appointment. She called her on her cell to see where she was. Remarkably, she had found work as a Marketing Assistant at a cosmetics company in downtown Manhattan. It wasn’t until a week later when Natalie caught up with Bebe at a local cafe, anxious to hear how she pulled off that feat of scoring her first job. She had arrived early and was already enjoying her latte as Bebe came through the door. After the obligatory hugs and kisses the attention quickly turned to Beeb’s career move.

“You know Nat…,” Bebe said; “it was pure coincidence. I was having coffee at Giorgio’s Café in Manhattan when this middle-aged business lady came in, placed her order, looked at me and came over to say ‘hello’. We chatted, she told me about her cosmetics business and I mentioned I was looking for a position. After a while she asked if I would be interested in working for her as a Marketing Assistant. Just like that. So I’ve been working for about a week now. Is that amazing or what?”

“Gosh,” Natalie sighed. “Such luck. Who needs endless applications when you can sit in a café and end up with a job offer...”

“But…eh…” She hesitated to ask but risked it anyway; “Are you sure there isn’t anything fishy going on? I mean…, what is it you are doing exactly for this woman, Beeb?”

“Well…” Bebe said, while moving closer to Natalie; “I’m part of her product marketing team of course, and…, well, I’m eh… maintaining customer contacts. I’ll keep her, mainly female, important clients happy. So I go to parties, events, lunches and meetings. It’s an exclusive network of some sort that I’ve fallen into.”

Bebe noticed the puzzled look on Natalie’s face. “Look…” she said tentatively; “I’m going to a Manhattan club, ‘The Scarlett Room’, with some of her clients on Friday night. It’s an exclusive place. I’ll try to organize a ticket for you. Just give the doorwoman your name and she’ll find you on her list. When you see me, come over to say ‘hello’. It’s a classy joint, the dress code is evening attire.” Natalie nodded. It would be interesting to meet Bebe’s colleagues and she wouldn’t say no to free drinks and finger food…

Friday evening around 8pm Natalie presented herself at the door of ‘The Scarlett Room’, an unassuming entrance down an alley on the side of an old building in downtown Manhattan. A small illuminated sign in red hung above the door. She wore an elegant one–piece black and silver short straight dress with matching jewelry. The doorwoman was a stern looking person with an earpiece. “Hmm, Natalie Jones… ahhh… yes, there’s your name. Here’s your VIP pass.” She noticed the surprised look on Natalie’s face after she mentioned ‘VIP’. “You must know people in high places lovey, these passes are rare as hen’s teeth,” the female guard said.

Natalie smiled, moved past the red rope and walked down a narrow hallway towards the main area. In contrast to the grubby outside, the interior was a picture of minimalist elegance. The dark grey concrete floor worked well with the red upholstered furniture, mainly large sofas, ottomans and dark timber coffee tables. Soft wall lights complemented the modern but intimate look. When she entered the main room she noticed the long bar at the back of the space. She spotted Bebe on one of the large red lounges in a private area at the back with her colleagues and clients. Bebe introduced her to the all female gathering and organised champagne. During the introduction Natalie noticed that the younger girls were mostly staff and the older ladies clients and executives.

Bebe’s boss, the lady who offered her the job at the café, was Sandra Curtis. She was the CEO of Curtis Cosmetics. Dressed in a sharp dark blue business suit, slim and of average height with shoulder length brown hair in a conservative hairstyle, this forty-year old was the arch-typical alpha female. Natalie noticed her piercing eyes, strikingly muscular jaw line and her determined manner.

Upon introduction she was offered a seat on the lounge next to her. “So Natalie, Bebe told me about you.” Sandra started. “I’ve heard you also studied marketing. You were classmates I guess…?” Natalie smiled and nodded but before she could say anything Sandra turned her attention to one of the older ladies; “Margaret, did you know that Natalie here was a classmate of Bebe?” The woman on the far end of the lounge came over and introduced herself. Margaret Murchison, a slim tall woman in a black skirt, white shirt and with very short black hair, ran MurchisonMedia, a renowned public image consultancy. Sandra Curtis was one of her clients.

“Margaret,” Sandra continued; “weren’t you looking for a personal assistant with marketing expertise?” Natalie missed the wink between Sandra and Margaret. Both ladies smiled mysteriously. “Ahh…yesss…now that you mention it, Sandra...” Margaret composed herself and turned to Natalie; “Hmmm…how do you feel about working for me as a personal assistant? You’ll take care of my appointments, entertain clients, fly across the US for meetings…” Natalie was shocked and speechless. She’d been looking for employment for almost a year. She met these people ten minutes ago in a cocktail lounge over champagne and now she was offered a job. She didn’t have to think it over; “I would be delighted Ms Murchison.” “Oh, call me Margaret dear,” she replied. “You’ll start Monday. This is my card. Report to my office security for a pass.” Margaret and Sandra exchanged smiles and pleasantries before she returned to her seat and joined the women on the other end of the lounge.

The rest of the evening Natalie enjoyed herself. There was interesting conversation, laughter, banter and plenty of champagne and hors d’oeuvres. Around eleven most ladies and office staff said their goodbyes. Bebe left with two older women while Natalie was in conversation with Sandra.

About fifteen minutes later Sandra was preparing to leave. “Natalie, would you like to see my penthouse apartment across the road?” She offered. “It’s a big place and I would like to show you the décor…” Natalie was curious about how the other half lived and couldn’t resist the invitation. “Yes, sure Sandra. I wouldn’t mind.”

Sandra handed over her credit card to the waiter, put away the receipt and minutes later the two walked across the road. They entered the building’s luxurious lobby and waited for the elevator to arrive. “You know Natalie,” Sandra began; “part of Bebe’s job is client relations. We mainly have female clients and we need their business and cooperation to thrive. The same goes for suppliers.” The silent elevator arrived, both got in and Sandra pressed the button for the top floor. “Bebe liaises with Margaret’s PR-company and helps our marketing people. She also keeps our clients happy and onside.” The elevator stopped, the doors opened and they slowly walked down a marble corridor. Sandra opened a small side door next to the main entrance to her penthouse and invited Natalie in. Behind the door was a narrow long dark space with a black curtain covering one wall. Sandra slowly pulled a cord and the curtain opened. Natalie looked into one of Sandra’s large penthouse bedrooms. The room was dimly lit. A few red lights on the walls and a small spotlight slightly illuminated a large queen-size bed with red sheets in the centre. She saw a lounge, small tables and seats positioned around it.

“What is this about Sandra? Is this your apartment? Why are we here?” The situation puzzled Natalie. Her eyes needed time to adjust to the soft light conditions. “Patience Natalie,” Sandra whispered. “This is a large one-way mirror. Just watch this.” Natalie suddenly made out Bebe and the two ladies she left with. They were standing on one side of the room, smiling, talking and sipping champagne. She noticed how the women slightly touched her. Their hands and fingers ran down her arms and touched her breasts, her thighs, her arse cheeks… Bebe didn’t seem to mind at all.

Natalie’s breath stopped.

From the darkness a slim black girl with short hair appeared. She was of average height, stark naked and wore a long black strapon. She slowly mounted the bed and gestured Bebe to join her. Both women kissed Bebe’s neck, grabbed her short blond hair and planted lingering kisses on her mouth. At the same time fingers slowly pulled down the back zip of her dress. It was clear to see that Bebe enjoyed the attention. Her black dress slipped off her shoulders. Fingers carefully unclipped her bra and slowly pushed down her tiny black panties, exposing her blond pubic hair and small pussy lips. Bebe arched her back and closed her eyes as one of the women’s hands slid in between her legs from behind.

Natalie watched as Bebe slowly turned around and mounted the bed. She slid in between the black girl’s inviting wide-open legs. They frantically French kissed, their mouths dueling, their hands, bodies and genitals rubbing all over each other. The difference in skin color between the two girls was startling and made for great viewing. Bebe went on all fours, spreading her knees and arching her back as the black girl lifted one of her legs. The ladies stood around the bed sipping champagne as they watched how the black girl pointed her long dark strapon dildo towards Bebe’s red open slit and slowly pushed it in between her light pubes, into her pink fleshy opening. Natalie heard Bebe’s moaning and watched her trembling, writhing body. The naked black girl was panting as she held on to Bebe’s raised leg and frantically fucked her. She shoved the long glistening dildo deeper and deeper into her. Her small hard black arse squeezed and moved at high pace, fucking Bebe’s bright red frothy slit.

The women put down their glasses and slowly took off their clothes while watching Bebe’s body being violated. They were naked when they joined them on the bed. They virtually assaulted the two girls, forcing themselves in between their legs. They licked, fingered and fucked Bebe’s wriggling tanned hard meat from all directions. Natalie watched the mass of writhing bodies in the semi-darkness from a distance. The sounds of wild sex filled the room. She heard how Bebe panted, screamed. She looked at her red distorted face, her trembling sweat covered body. To her it looked like a swinger orgy or something from a hot porno film…

Natalie glanced at Sandra, confused, aroused, breathless. Her unfulfilled desire made her skin crawl. “You know Natalie,” Sandra whispered; “by accepting Margaret’s job offer you’ve become a member of a secret lesbian circle. All the young girls that work in our respective companies are available to us CEO’s and business contacts. We have different locations where we organize parties and getaways. Bebe accepted that arrangement last week after I broke her in myself.”

“Broke her in?” Natalie repeated.

“Yes,” Sandra said. “I trained your naked friend all night and showed her what’s needed to satisfy these women. I know you will also be a great fuck Natalie. Many women will enjoy licking and eating you. Together you will make an excellent team. It will open doors for both me and Margaret.”

She looked in Natalie aroused eyes. There was no doubt. She would be willing to do this and be good at it. Sandra came closer to Natalie, caressed her face and whispered: “Watch how Bebe enjoys it, it’s easy and fun. You take your clothes off, spread your legs and enjoy the wild fucking.” Natalie was still speechless and only slowly recovered from the shock of seeing her friend in an orgy. She never thought Bebe was willing to do this. They both had been unemployed for too long. She would also do almost anything to keep her job.

“I’ll…ehhh…I’ll do you want Sandra… she shyly whispered… “anything.., oh my god, look at her…”

Sandra smiled. Her hand ran through Natalie’s hair as she kissed her softly on her lips; “I can’t wait to watch you spread your legs baby… I’m planning to meet State Senator Johnson-Smyth next weekend, she continued; I’ll introduce you both to her…”

Natalie didn’t even hear Sandra’s last words. Her eyes were fixated on the sounds and images of the tangled bodies on the bed as she watched the ongoing lesbian orgy in front of her. Bebe was upright on one knee, squeezing her breasts, squatting over the face of one of the women who was frantically eating her wet red opening while sliding two fingers up her anus. She watched Bebe’s open mouth and closed eyes as she rode the woman’s face. She gasped and trembled as the mouth and tongue menacing her hot slit drove her insane. The other woman went deep in between the black girl’s wide spread legs, burying her face into the girl’s black pubic hair. Her body was thrashing about as she was trying in vain to escape the woman’s onslaught on her genitals.

Sandra slowly closed the curtain.

Natalie’s brain was numb from the visual overload. There was silence in the elevator on the way down.
Natalie Jones, just like Bebe Lazaro, became part of a lesbian circle as she started work at MurchisonMedia the following Monday.
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The Initiation

The dorm room was remarkably quiet for move-in week. Occasionally the girls could hear bustling coming from the halls as residents moved carts and luggage through the halls, but inside the only thing audible was the quiet beat from Tamryn’s earbuds. Only two of them had been there for more than an hour. The third resident of their suite was out, and the fourth hadn’t even moved in yet.

At a little past seven the door opened and Nakia walked in clutching a single sheet of paper in her hand. “We got a problem,” she said aloud.

Tamryn took the joint out of her mouth and slowly exhaled a cloud of smoke. Her right foot was tucked under her left leg and she sat on the floor, leaning against the side of the sofa. If there had been a knock at the door she would have disappeared into her bedroom to avoid getting caught—when the door opened she already knew who it was. Already feeling a buzz coming on, she slowly turned her head to her Nakia and blinked.

Renee was laying on the floor facing the ceiling, her legs resting in the cushion of the sofa. She was reading the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly and buying textbooks at the same time. She could easily hear over the music and turned to Nakia as well.

“Whassup?” Renee asked, pulling out her earbuds.

“Number 4,” Nakia answered. “I got a copy of her rental agreement from one of the RA’s.”

“And?” asked Tamryn lazily. Smoke tendrils were curling out of her mouth.

“Not good,” answered Nakia. “Freshman, lives in the sticks somewhere in southern Louisiana. Four-point-O out of high school. Sounds like a real killjoy.”

“Sounds like a fuckin’ nerd,” remarked Tamryn.

“You know what this means, right?”

“What?” asked Renee.

Nakia looked over Tamryn. “You remember Portia? Used to stay on the fourth floor, across from the elevator?”

“I think so. Big bitch, used to fuck with that brotha from L.A.?”

“That’s her. You know what happened to her, right?”


“Joslyn Taylor happened. Portia brought a bottle of cognac home one night and bitch-ass Joslyn reported her. Portia got kicked out the next day.”

“That’s fucked up,” said Renee, sitting upright.

“I know,” Nakia said, taking a step forward. “Portia, Deidre, Ebony and Tanika used to run this shit last year. But after that everybody backed down. Nobody even wanted to bring in a fuckin’ beer after that shit.” Nakia let the paper drop to the floor. “And Joslyn a RA now.”

“Damn,” Tamryn said slowly.

Nakia sighed. “That means no parties, no drinkin’, no sneakin’ in guys after hours.” She stopped and looked at Tamryn. “No more weed.”

“Fuck that shit.”

“I know. We gotta nip this shit in the bud. Make that bitch know who run shit around here.”

“How did we get stuck with a freshman, anyway?” Tamryn asked. Then, after a moment of thought, she turned to Renee. “No offense.”

“It’s alright,” Renee said quickly.

Nakia looked over their new roommate. She and Tamryn had “tested” Renee a couple of days ago--she’d passed easily and was quickly becoming friends with them. Having the right kind of roommates was important after such a bland first year. The two of them vowed to room together for year two and, after their other two selections transferred and dropped out, they were at the mercy of the housing department. Renee had been a lucky find, but this new girl Desiree didn’t look good. At least not on paper.

“When she gets in, we need to get on her ass. Full-on, hardcore interrogation. If we have to we’ll chase her ass out of here. Or we break her. And I mean break her hard.”

“Fuck yeah,” Renee said.

“Whose house is this?” Nakia said, looking at Tamryn.

She blew a huge cloud of smoke out of her mouth and smiled.

“This our fuckin’ house!”

“Damn right,” Nakia said, smiling herself.

The trio chatted about Desiree for another ten minutes, condemning her before even having set eyes on her. Then Nakia left to return to the lobby. She was hoping to get some more dirt on their number four, but she also hoped that the community director was still down there. She really wanted to fuck him.

Nakia stepped off the elevator and was surprised at how many latecomers were just now moving in, only a couple days before classes started. She weaved her way past the carts and tubs and walked behind the front desk (she worked there as an assistant) and was disappointed that both Daniel, the community director, and Rebecca, the RA who had spied on Desiree for her, were both gone. After a couple minutes chatting with the staff she started back to the room, and was almost out of earshot of the desk when she heard someone ask,

“How long is the cafeteria open tonight?”

Nakia stopped and turned around. The girl had a slight, almost unnoticeable Southern accent. Unless she was mistaken Desiree, their Number 4, was standing right in front of her.

Regardless of who she was, the girl was stunning. Utterly flawless. Her body was thick without being fat, with curves that other women would die to have. Her breasts stood out perfectly, making Nakia wondering what type of magic bra she had on to get that effect. Nakia felt a small tingle of jealousy inside and briefly hoped the girl had an ugly face. It wouldn’t be fair if she had the complete package.

She wasn’t the only one checking her out, either. At least two guys had turned their heads to look at her, and a skinny freshman was standing a few feet away ogling her ass. Nakia gave him a dirty look, which he noticed, but he just smiled at her and went right back to the ass.

After another half minute the girl reached forward and grabbed her keys, then turned towards the elevators. Nakia sighed. She was absolutely beautiful. She had one of those flawless, Tumblr-famous faces that looked like it belonged in magazines. Full lips, perfect, natural eyebrows, and hardly any makeup. She was a knockout. Nakia ignored her jealousy and made eye contact with her. The girl smiled.

“Hey,” the stranger said cheerfully, preparing to go around her.

“Are you Desiree?”

The girl stopped and smiled even wider. “How’d you know?”

Nakia hesitated for a second, swearing inside her head, then said, “Your accent gave you away. I’m in 916, too. I’m your roommate.”

The girl gave a short laugh, dropped the handle of her luggage and quickly gave Nakia a hug. “Wow! It’s great to meet you!” she said as Nakia lazily put an arm around her. “What’s your name?”


“Oh, we’re gonna have so much fun this year!” she said excitedly. Nakia could already gauge her personality. She was young, very passionate, and full of energy, which ordinarily would have been good qualities. But it also made her seem innocent, and Room 916 didn’t do innocent.

“Are you a first-year, too?” Desiree asked.

“No. Actually, our other two roommates are upstairs relaxin’—maybe we should wait until we get there before we start the introductions. That way you don’t have to repeat nothin’.”

“Right,” Desiree said quickly. She bent over to pick up her luggage (getting stares from at least two perverts in the process) and they headed to the elevator. When the doors closed Nakia changed her mind and started interrogating Desiree, wanting to get some facts out of her right away.

“So I know you’re a freshman. You meet any guys yet?”

“Guys?! No, I came straight from the airport.”

“They got guys at the airport.”

Desiree laughed. “I wasn’t looking.”

“Hmmmm…so no guys. At least not yet. We’ll find you somebody.”

Desiree only smiled.

“So do you smoke?”

She turned to Nakia. “No. You?”

“Every once in awhile.”

“I’m…pretty sure the rules say there’s no smoking in the building.”

A big red light flashed in Nakia’s head. She’d mentioned rules—not a good sign.

“Yeah, but who would know? Fuck the rules.”

Desiree’s smile faltered only a little. “I guess.”

Once they’d exited on the 9th floor Nakia asked a few other non-essential questions to keep her at ease, then turned the corner to their wing. There the two of them saw a tall sophomore standing outside his room, having what looked like an intense phone conversation. He didn’t raise his head to look at them, but as they passed Nakia noticed Desiree checking him out, hoping to make eye contact with him. Nakia smiled, the gears in her head turning quickly.

Once he was out of earshot Nakia asked, “You want that?”

“Want what?”

Nakia pointed her thumb back over her shoulder. “That dick back there. You want it?”

Desiree giggled, “No!”

“You know you can get that, right?”

“What is it with you and these guys?” Desiree said, a slight twang in her voice.

“’These guys’?”

“Look, I’m just tryin’ to focus on my studies. I promised myself no distractions this year. Not until I get into the groove, y’know?”


“There’ll be time for that later.”

“Yeah,” Nakia said, raising her eyebrows. She’d heard enough. Desiree had failed the test before even walking into 916.

She opened the door and the two of the walked in. Tamryn and Renee were still in the common area and had reverted back to their relaxed positions, but once they saw the new girl they stood up.

“Tamryn, Renee, this is Desiree, our new roommate,” Nakia said calmly. “Desiree, this is Tamryn and Renee.”

“Hi you guys!” Desiree said excitedly. Just as she did downstairs, she stepped up to Renee and embraced her for a few seconds. Nakia used the moment to look at Tamryn and dragged her thumb across her neck. Tamryn nodded, understanding the message clearly. When Desiree turned to her Tamryn put her hand on her shoulder to stop the incoming hug.

“I would, but I don’t wanna fuck up my buzz,” she said coldly. “Welcome to 916.”

Desiree’s spirit could not be put out. “Glad to meet you, Tamryn! So glad to be here!”


“Well, I already heard enough about Desiree, so I’ll leave you guys alone to get acquainted,” Nakia said, turning back to the door. “I’ll be back in a few.”

“OK,” Desiree said, plainly wanting her to stay.

“Oh, by the way, we were talking earlier and all of us are synched up.”

Desiree hesitated. “Synched up? Ummm, what do—”

“We all got our periods,” Nakia said bluntly. “Weird, right? You got yours, too?”

Desiree blushed a little bit. “Oh, umm, no,” she said timidly.

“Oh. Cool. Just wondering.” It was a complete fabrication, but it gave Nakia valuable information. “Be back in a minute.”

Once she left the room Renee and Tamryn let Desiree do most of the talking. Their answers were more-or-less civil. She seemed to ask the usual bullshit most anyone would, but they volunteered little information about themselves. When asked directly the two of them give short replies, revealing as little as possible. They, too, could already see that Desiree was going to be a problem, and they waited patiently for Nakia’s return so they could work out a solution.

Nakia returned to 916 ten minutes later and found everyone in the common room—Desiree was telling a story, and Renee and Tamryn were pretending to be interested. Nakia waited for her to shut up, and when she did Nakia walked over.

“So now that everybody’s here let’s set up some ground rules,” she said, looking right into Desiree’s eyes. The girl didn’t stop smiling for a second.


“First, what happens in 916 stays in 916. Nothing that goes on here gets repeated to anybody. Not to boyfriends, neighbors, and damn sure not to nosy-ass RA’s. Got it?”

“Yeah, sure,” Desiree said. She waited for the others to agree, but no one said anything.

“Second, respect each other’s shit. Don’t take nothin’ without permission. If we ain’t here and you can’t get us on the phone, keep your hands off. Understood?”

“Yeah,” Desiree answered again.

“That’s pretty much it. We’ll work out cleaning schedules and shit later. Now, Desiree, since you the last one here we don’t have your class schedule. Maybe you can get that for us soon?”

“No problem,” she said, still as happy as ever.

"Damn, girl, where’d you get this?” Nakia said, sticking a finger under Desiree’s bra strap. “This is nice.”

“Thanks! Victoria’s Secret.”

“Lemme see it.”

Desiree paused, then slowly pulled her tank off the shoulder, exposing the top part of her bra. It was black with lace at the top, and it wasn’t a push-up. Nakia waved the other two over, and they surrounded her like prey.

“Check this out.”

“Damn,” said Tamryn.

“Fuck, you tryin’ to meet someone?” asked Renee.

“No,” Desiree answered, embarrassed.

“There was this guy in the hallway she was checkin’ out,” Nakia said quickly.

“I wasn’t checkin’ him out, I—“

“She was eyein’ him up. Probably tryin’ to bookmark him for later in the semester.”

Desiree didn’t respond. She pushed the strap of her tank top back over her shoulder.

“Wait, I didn’t get to see the whole thing,” Renee said quickly.

“Yeah, take yo’ shirt off,” Nakia added.

Desiree laughed, thinking they were joking. When she saw they weren’t her eyes widened.

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah, take it off,” Tamryn said, lifting it up from the bottom and starting to pull it upwards.

Desiree quickly pulled her shirt back down. “I don’t—”

“Relax, girl, ain’t no lezzies up in 916,” Tamryn said, again pulling up on her shirt.

“Strictly dick,” added Renee.

“Straight as an arrow,” Nakia chimed in.

Using little f***e, Tamryn pulled the shirt up over her head while Nakia and Renee got her arms through the holes. Once it was off she carelessly threw it on the floor and the three of them stared at Desiree.

“Whoa, look at dem TITTAYS!” Tamryn said loudly. The other two girls laughed, and Desiree’s face started to heat up. She hated the word “titties”, too, but of course she didn’t say anything.

"Damn girl, are you a D?”


“Are you sure? Them mothafuckas pokin’ out like footballs.” Nakia and Tamryn each put a hand up under a breast and began jiggling it.

“And you say you ain’t tryin’ to get no dick,” Nakia taunted. “Bitch please!”

“I’m not—”

“Is this a matchin’ set?” asked Renee.

Desiree stopped and swallowed. “Yeah.”

“OK, then let us see the panties,” Nakia said. A second later her hands were Desiree’s zipper, and immediately Desiree grabbed her wrists.

“No, guys, oh my God!”

"Stop bein’ so fuckin’ prissy!” Renee snapped. She grabbed Desiree’s left hand and pulled it free, while Nakia dropped the zipper.


Together Tamryn and Nakia started pulling her pants over her ass, feeling them get tight halfway down.

“Oh my God!”

She resisted, but it was too late. The three of them dropped her pants to the floor, and Nakia bent down to pull them, and her shoes, off of her feet. Within seconds Desiree was standing in the common room wearing nothing but underclothes and socks.

The three girls stood and looked at her. She was clearly humiliated, but (amazingly) not angry. Nakia knew she would have slapped someone for trying what they’d just done, and wondered exactly how soft this girl was.

“See? That wasn’t so bad. I don’t see what you so upset about, anyway. You got a perfect body.”

Desiree felt exposed in her boyshort/bra combo, and found it hard to look her roommates in the eye. “I need to go to my room,” she said quickly, turning to her left, but Nakia put her hand on the wall, blocking Desiree’s path.

“Why are you so uptight about sex?”

“I’m not uptight.”

“Yeah, you are. You say you don’t want no guys, but you clearly do. I mean, look at this shit. Now you actin’ like you not comfortable with your body. Are you a virgin?”


“Don’t lie.”

“I’m not.”

“How many?” Renee asked.

Desiree turned to her. “Wha—”

“How many dicks have you had?”

“I—that’s private.”

“Nothin’s private in 916.”

Desiree paused for a second. “I’m—I don’t wanna answer that.”

“Just one?”


“Just one dick,” Renee pronounced. The way Desiree stumbled through the question confirmed it for her, and confirmed it for the other two as well.

“So who was it? Boyfriend? Neighbor? Teacher? Pastor?”

A moment of silence, then, “It was my boyfriend.”

“How many times?”


“Nothin’s private in 916,” Renee repeated.

“Guys! I don’t wanna talk about it.”

“You got a picture of him?” asked Nakia.

“Did he have a big dick?” asked Tamryn.

“Did he make you suck it?” asked Renee.

“Guys, c’mon!” Desiree said, raising her voice a little.

“Answer the fuckin’ question!” Nakia said, raising her voice. She was getting fed up with Desiree’s innocence. “How many times did you suck his dick?!”

Desiree was visibly nervous. Nakia looked into her said eyes and waited, but the answer never came. She had decided to stand her ground. And that was unfortunate, because Nakia was rapidly running out of patience. Quickly she grabbed both of Desiree’s wrists and pinned them, one on top of the other, to the wall behind her.

"Nakia! Let me g—”

“I asked you a question.”

Desiree stammered and stuttered some more, but still didn’t give an answer. Nakia sighed and shook her head, looking Desiree right in the eyes.

“Take ‘em off,” she said quietly. Tamryn looked at Renee and, together, they stripped her panties right off Desiree’s body.

Nakia let her go, and instantly Desiree’s hands went to cover her privates. Her skin was fully flushed at that point, and her eyes wide with shock.

“GIMME MY CLOTHES!” she shrieked, overcome with shock.

“Whew!” Renee screamed, giving Desiree’s rear end a gentle slap. “Look at that ass jiggle!”

“She been eatin’ grandma’s honey-buttah biscuits!” Tamryn added, and all three girls began laughing.

Once again Desiree tried to bolt to her bedroom, but Nakia caught her and spun her back around to face them.

“How many times did you suck yo’ boyfriend’s dick?!” Nakia asked again, getting herself under control. And, again, the question was met with silence. “HOW MANY TIMES?!” she yelled.

“I didn’t!” Desiree confessed, finally and reluctantly giving in. It wasn’t until the words were out that she realized she’d revealed too much.

“WHAT?!” the trio yelled in unison.

“Oh fuck!” Tamryn said, still laughing. “She ain’t never gave a blowjob!”

“You lucky bitch!” Renee said, and she and Tamryn just lost it, leaning on the wall and laughing at Desiree.

Nakia was the only one who managed to keep herself control. She smiled and turned to Tamryn, “Go to my room and look on the dresser. You’ll know when you see it.” She held Desiree by the arm until Tamryn returned with a very large banana. Nakia took it and approached Desiree, stroking the fruit and pointing it at her.

“Looks like class will be beginning a little early for you.”

Just then there was a knock at the door. Everyone except Desiree grew silent.

“Who is that?!” she asked, panicking and struggling to break free from Nakia’s grip.

“Well,” Nakia said, ignoring the question and tossing the banana on the couch, “Sometimes you have to learn on the job.”

“Let me go!” Desiree said, her voice becoming louder. “Let me—”

Nakia clasped her hand over Desiree’s mouth. “Shut the fuck up!” she said, getting so close that their noses were almost touching. “If you don’t want me to drag yo’ ass in that hallway right now you do what the fuck I tell you! You hear me?”

Desiree looked back at Nakia with wide eyes. Tamryn and Renee were holding her by the arms, pinning her against the wall. She reminded Renee of her cat the last time she tried to give it a bath.

“This is not the time to get defiant, bitch. You know I’ll do it. Nod your head if you understand,” Nakia said.

Desiree nodded. Nakia glared at her, then slowly removed her hand from Desiree’s mouth. She whimpered, still struggling, and after a moment she mumbled,

“Why are you doing this?”

“Because you want me to,” Nakia said quickly, “You just don’t know it yet.”

She then turned and walked to the door. “Stand in front of her,” she said over her shoulder. Tamryn and Renee stood shoulder-to-shoulder in front of her, using their bodies to immobilize her and shield her from view of the door. A moment later it opened a few inches and Desiree tensed, but remained trapped.

There was a hushed conversation, then the door opened completely. Desiree shuddered when she saw who it was. Her knees shaking , she put her hand back over her pussy and made another desperate attempt to bolt to her bedroom, but it was useless. She would have emptied her bank account to be somewhere, anywhere except that dorm room

As the newcomer and Nakia walked in their conversation gradually became audible. “…nah, it’s just a little initiation thing we doin’ here. Sorority hazing, off the books—you know how it is. She selected you personally.”

Desiree whimpered as the lie rolled off Nakia’s lips.

“What’s yo’ name again?”


“Marcus, this is Desiree, our new recruit. She actin’ a little shy.” Nakia motioned to Tamryn, and the two of them stepped aside and roughly pushed Desiree forward. She thought she’d burst into flames. It was the guy she’d seen in the hallway on the way upstairs.

She swallowed hard as he watched his eyes wash over her body. She had both hands cupped over her pussy, wanting to run but not wanting to expose her naked ass to him.

“Desiree, this is Marcus,” Nakia said calmly, “The guy you said you wanted to fuck. I got him for you. Now say thank you.”

Desiree said nothing and kept backing away from him.

“Do it,” Renee whispered, giving Desiree a quick shove forward.

“Say ‘Thank you, Big s****r Nakia’”, Nakia said with a smirk on her face.

Desiree raised her head a little and, after a momentary pause, said, “Thank you…Big s****r Nakia.”

“Good. Now get on your knees.”

Desiree paused for a long moment and, after feeling Tamryn painfully sticking a knuckle in between two of her vertebrae, obeyed. When she saw the stranger, Marcus, unzipping his pants, she f***ed herself to look up at him. He slowly pulled out a 7-inch semi-erect dick and gave it a single stroke. He was expecting a blowjob, only Desiree didn’t know how to give one. Not including her b*****r it was only the second dick she’d ever laid eyes on.

She heard Nakia’s voice again, only this time it was coming from behind her. “Put it in your mouth, and watch those teeth,” she ordered.

Desiree raised a shaking hand to the dick in front of her and grasped it loosely in the middle. Her heart pounded as it hardened further in her hands. Slowly she opened her mouth, closed it, then opened it again and touched the bottom of it to her tongue. There was something liquid on it, and she recoiled quickly. Of course she knew what it was, but actually tasting it was a new experience for her.

“Put it in your mouth,” Nakia repeatedly firmly. She was much calmer than she was earlier.

Desiree put the head of his dick back on her tongue and slowly slid less than half of it inside, barely closing her mouth around it. Then she slid it out and repeated twice more before stopping to rest, thinking she had actually accomplished something.

“OK, enough of this,” Nakia said. She pulled the scrunchy off of Desiree’s hair, freeing it, and wrapped her brownish-black hair around her hand. “Open,” she commanded, and when Desiree obeyed Nakia instantly pushed forward, sliding most of Marcus’ dick over her tongue towards the back of her throat.

“Mmmmppfftt!” Desiree gagged and spit his dick out, coughing a little.

“Open,” Nakia repeated.

Desiree did, reluctantly, and Nakia pushed it in five times in rapid succession. She stopped, thinking Desiree couldn’t handle it, but when she heard no gagging sounds she pushed her head on his dick ten more times. This time Desiree spit it out and coughed some more, wiping the spit off her chin with the back of her hand.

“That’s how we suck dick in 916,” Nakia said loudly. “Do I have to show you again?”

“No,” Desiree said hurriedly.

“Then take off the training wheels and give us a show.”

Desiree looked up at Marcus and put his dick back in her mouth. She gave him about ten more sucks, none of which were as good as before. Without turning around she could feel Nakia’s disappointment and started again, trying harder. After a few sucks she heard Marcus moan and kept going, again feeling reassured. But Nakia wasn’t impressed.

“Put your hands down,” she said, frustrated. Desiree could feel her hands in her hair again and dropped her hands in her lap. Nakia rammed Desiree’s head forward harder and faster than before, this time not stopping at all. After trying to spit it out twice Desiree had to turn her head to the side—she must have given Marcus head for almost a minute straight without letup. Her eyes watering, she again wiped her mouth and spoke up.

“OK, OK…just wait…..”

“Don’t tell me to wait,” Nakia said, still cool as a cucumber. “Step yo’ game up.”

And they started over again. This continued for the better part of seven minutes. Nakia repeatedly pushed Desiree’s head onto Marcus’ dick, sometimes hard and sometimes harder, and Desiree kept stopping whenever she needed a break. And the breaks became further and further apart the longer they went at it.

When the girls saw Marcus grunt and throw his head back they knew he was close. Immediately Nakia yanked Desiree’s head back and let go of her hair.

“Alright, get up.”

Desiree paused to wipe her mouth and got to her knees.

Nakia looked at Marcus. “Fuck her,” she said simply.

Desiree briefly looked at Marcus, then turned sharply to Nakia.

“No, wait—”

“Shut up.”

Desiree opened her mouth to protest, but Marcus quickly took a step forward, put his hands behind Desiree’s head, and gave her a hard, heavy kiss on the mouth. Whatever fight that was left in Desiree melted away instantly. Renee even saw her eyes close for a second. The kiss was brief, though. Marcus gently pushed her backwards and lifted her leg, intending to fuck her against the wall. And that’s when Nakia stepped in, again.

“No,” she said, pushing him away, “Fuck her like a ho.”

Nakia spun Desiree around and pushed her back down, making her bend over. “Grab the wall,” she ordered, and when she did Marcus stepped up behind her and grabbed her by the waist. He reached down and stroked her pussy a few times. Desiree moaned. Surprised at how sensitive (and how wet) she was, he wasted no time putting his dick up against her hole and pushing it inside.

“Unff!” Desiree cried out

“Fuck, she’s a talker,” Tamryn said, calling it immediately.

Marcus left it in for a few seconds, feeling her insides spread for him, and started fucking her. Tamryn was right, because on nearly every other stroke Desiree let out a very load moan. She curved her back and bent her elbows, keeping Marcus’ thrusts from pushing her into the wall. After less than a minute she was already creaming his dick, and Marcus sped up. He paused briefly to pull off his shirt, then pushed it back in hard, almost balls deep. And the moans never stopped. Desiree’s roommates didn’t like that she was so loud but had to admit it was quite a turn on. All they had to do was look at her face (what little of it they could see) and they knew she was getting off.

After a couple minutes Renee commented on all the wax Desiree was producing and, just like that, the moans became irregular. Instead of grunting with each thrust they started becoming long and drawn out. Marcus responded and began plowing into her even quicker, his balls slapping against her clit twice a second. Her cum started staining the floor, dripping out of her pussy and off of Marcus’ sack. And then they knew she was cumming, because Desiree wasn’t moaning anymore. She was yelling, and nobody in the room was cold-hearted enough to quiet her.

The orgasms rolled off of her one after another. Some bigger, if loudness was an indication of intensity, and some smaller. By the time they reached the five minute mark Desiree seemed wiped out. It was no surprise—Marcus was nailing her to the wall so hard she could barely support herself anymore. Desiree had started to straighten herself, but Marcus kept pushing her head back down. He was enjoying watching her ass bounce each time he rammed her. Finally she reached back with her right hand, the universal symbol of stop, you’re fucking me too hard. Marcus plunged inside her three more times before pulling out, and the girls were very surprised that he didn’t shoot a load all over Desiree’s ass.

Nakia thought this was a good time to jump back in and reassert her authority. She walked over and started to say something, but Marcus’ attention was completely on Desiree. He turned her around, pushed her back against the wall and gave her a series of kisses, which she eagerly returned. Ten seconds turned into twenty, twenty turned into forty, and forty turned into a minute. Then another minute passed, and Tamryn shifted uncomfortably in place. “Damn,” she said softly, realizing she was more turned on by the kissing than the fucking.

Nakia smiled at the two of them, realizing that the fool was in love. She already knew how this would play out. Marcus would be a fixture in their dorm room now, coming over at all times of the night, fucking Desiree every night while the rest of them listened. Nothing she could do now would stop that.

“Enough,” she said loudly, just because she could.

Marcus stopped, but not because of Nakia. After taking a second to strip off the bra she was still wearing, he led her over to the sofa and lay her down, then raised one leg up and held it in place. Within seconds he had his dick at her pussy and pushed it most of the way inside, resuming the same speed he had earlier. Desiree reached down and gently stroked her clit with her right hand, but her gaze was on Marcus, and his was on her. She started moaning pretty much immediately, and it took less than a minute for her pussy to start dripping again. Tamryn noticed she was staining their sofa, but didn’t want to interrupt them. The rest of the world ceased to exist to those two.

After two minutes Desiree started screaming again and closed her eyes. Cum rolled down between her ass cheeks, making the wet spot on the cushion even bigger. Marcus slowed down ever so slightly and went in balls-deep with each stroke, grunting a bit himself. Seconds later he pulled out and held his dick just under the head. The first cum splurt was rather weak, but flew all the way to Desiree’s chest, landing right in between her tits. The second surge went even farther, leaving a creamy white streak on her neck and part of her shoulder. As he continued shooting he left milky lines up and down her body, covering her nipples and filling her belly button. The last few drops landed just above her clit and dripped down between her legs, mixing with her own cum and (again) staining the couch.

Marcus exhaled heavily , sweat running down his body as he and Desiree stared at each other. It was hard to believe that they had just met less than twenty minutes ago. She was having a hard time catching her breath, having never experienced so many powerful orgasms in such a short period of time. Her heart seemed like it was beating inside of her head, and hearing was difficult for awhile. She vaguely heard Marcus say something (it sounded like he was whispering) before he turned to Nakia, who was also saying…something.

“Time to go.”

Marcus wiped his forehead with his head. “What?”

“Don’t act like you didn’t hear me.”

“You gotta be k**din’ me!”

Nakia looked him right in the eye. “Do I look like I’m fuckin’ k**din’?! Get the fuck out!”

Marcus looked back down at Desiree, who still seemed dizzy.

“I’ll leave when I’m good and ready,” he exhaled.

“You’ll leave right now, or I’ll call campus security and have them arrest yo’ ass. Then you can spend tomorrow movin’ out all the shit you just moved in here.” She pulled out her phone and paused to let it sink in. “Say I won’t.”

Marcus hesitated. “This is fucked up,”

“Yeah, whateva. We know where you live. She’ll call you. Now get out.”

Marcus slowly stood and started to pick up his clothes. Nakia beat him to it, scooped his jeans and boxers off the floor, and threw them into the hallway.

“What the fuck—“

“When I say get out I mean now, not thirty seconds from now,” she said, returning for his boots and throwing them in the hallway, too.

“I’m butt-ass naked!”

“Get yo’ butt-ass naked in the hallway and get dressed, then!”

“Fuck, gimme a towel or—“

Nakia lifted her phone and started scrolling, then tapped the screen a couple of times. “Hello? Is this security?”

Marcus dropped his voice. “OK, OK, I’m gone,” he said quickly. Leaving his shirt behind, he walked into the hallway nude and quickly slipped into his boxers as the door slammed behind him.

Nakia turned from the door and walked towards Desiree, who seemed to be slowly returning to life. Her eyes fluttered open and she looked down at her cum-drizzled body, having forgotten what shame felt like.

“Get me her blanket,” Nakia said. Renee went into the room and retrieved it, and Nakia lay it on top of Desiree in a gentle, motherly way. Then she squatted down and softly brushed the hair from her closed eyes.

“Look at me,” she whispered.

After a moment Desiree’s tired eyes fluttered open.

“I know it doesn’t seem like it, but you’ll thank me for this one day.”

Desiree understood the words but didn’t understand Nakia at all. Part of her hated Nakia. She’d only gotten off the plane from three hours ago, and since then she’d been stripped, humiliated and fucked. Most of her belongings were still in a small corner in the lobby and she didn’t even care. She had a…boyfriend? A fuck buddy? Well, a something living down the hall from her, and she didn’t even know his last name. All of that was Nakia’s fault. Her and the 916 crew. Her roommates. She’d have to change rooms. There was no way she could stay there. Except the dorms were full—the desk assistant had told her that when they were chatting downstairs. No transfers unless approved. Which meant she had to stay. Stay and find a way to live with them, if that was that even possible.

Desiree turned over and faced the back of the sofa. She was exhausted from the flight, the cab ride, and, of course, from getting fucked and cumming a river. Her leg was still shaking and she was too tired to think anymore. Desiree pulled the blanket up around her and within seconds her eyes started to close. She was asl**p less than a minute later.

Nakia stood up, stretched her back, and turned to Tamryn and Renee.

“That was fun,” she said with a smile. “Y’all wanna get somethin’ to eat?”... Continue»
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The Initiation into Elaida's BDSM. Coven

Please read, and if you enjoy, at least give it a thumbs up.  Comments are VERY appreciated and are what keep me writing!!  So if you enjoy and want more, let me know!!
The chrome chain fastened to the wide black leather collar that not only encompassed my throat, but held my chin stiffly up while riding snuggly on my shoulders was unnecessary to say the least.  I would have submitted to Elaida had she simply raised a well-manicured fingernail.  Yet their presence made her smile and that was what I longed for so much.
She sat in the throne she had placed in one end of the basement, on a raised platform.  Her legs were splayed lewdly over the arms of the throne, leaving nothing to the imagination.  The black hose, held by garters only seemed to emphasize the creaminess of her delicate flesh.  Her small waist looked even tinier cinched as it was by the black vinyl corset and her full creamy breast, capped with their pink rose petal areolas and hard gumdrop nipples sat imperiously upon the corset’s shelf.
It was her face that captivated me. The long alabaster column of neck flared gracefully to the lines of a jaw as if carved from the finest of stone.  Her chin, delicately gave way to two of the most talented and beautiful lips any man has ever seen.  They could sneer, smile, sizzle or swallow a man, soul and all.
Between her prominent cheek bones, rose a nearly too thin nose, that could have been over bold on most women, but on her looked regal.  Her dark eyes missed nothing.  The twin orbs were slightly tilted and lit with a fire that burned in the cauldrons of emotional hell and sexual savagery that could both sear a man to ash or freeze them in their tracks.  Those eyes missed nothing as they stripped back the façade of a man’s life to lay bare his most decadent and deprived thoughts and write them plainly in the aura of their existence
“Come,” she intoned as a summons and I did not hesitate.  Dropping to my knees, I began to slowly crawl between the two rows of feet that were all I could see as I turned my face to the cold concrete floor.  Boots of leather, rubber and vinyl, worn by the 25 or 30 men and women gathered to watch and participate in my humiliation and initiation
The first lash fell across my back and I bit down on the leather strap I held between my teeth.  Slowly I began the crawl as whips, floggers, sticks and canes began striking me from shoulder to toes.  The tears in my eyes fell to the ground as some blows wrapped around my thighs and landed on the sensitive flesh of my scrotum.  On an on it went.  A woman’s boot stepped on my fingers and then several heavy blows from a flail landed squarely on my ass to the chuckles of several.  A man’s boot kicked my ass and I rolled nearly into the next line, but got back up quickly and proceeded down the line of shame, leaving the world before to submit to the new order of life.
Finally, mercifully, my hand found the step of the podium and the beating stopped.  The rituals now required me to crawl, battered and bl**died up between the thighs of the coven priestess and show my willingness to serve her...
As I reached her throne I leaned back on my legs and stared up at Elaida, I watched transfixed as she reached her hands down between her thighs and slowly spread open the pink folds of her pussy.  The folds glistened with the moisture of her arousal and the scent of her filled the air around me the sweet scent of an aphrodisiac like none other on the face of the earth.  I crawled up to her and slowly and tentatively began to eat and drink the sweet nectar of the goddess, Elaida.
As my mouth covered her clit and my tongue began rolling its hood to and fro, I felt people moving behind me.  The hands that had only moments before inflicted such pain, were now coming up one at a time, and touching and caressing me.  They each bent and kissed by ass as I sucked and chewed the undulating hips and rotating pussy that I had clamped onto. Hands began moving beneath my belly and between my thighs, stroking my hardening cock.  At the same time, Elaida’s hands moved to hold my face to exactly the right place and I used every skill and talent I had to send her arching and quivering into oblivion!!!
When she released me, I heard the gathering moving behind me again.  I stared up into her now flushed face and knew that I had pleased her.  She stood and my face was very nearly f***ed back into the now dripping pussy that I longed to taste more of.  “Your new b*****r has endured your punishments, received your forgiveness and shown his willing ness to serve his Mistress.  Now, it is your turn to show to your kinsman, your devotion and dedication to his pleasure as well.
She then sat as before, only now she pulled on my collar and had me sit between her thighs facing the gathering.  Hoods and masks had been discarded as had in many cases, every other article of clothing.  No one had mentioned nor instructed me on what was to take place now.  Elaida grabbed the crown of my head and pulled it back against her still smoldering and soaked flesh and began slowly grinding her pussy onto my scalp.
Then one by one they came and knelt between my thighs, each in turn, taking my cock in their mouth and sucking, licking, rubbing and pleasuring my cock with their tongues, hands and mouths.  20 seconds seemed to be the limit that each stayed, but during that time, the variety of touch, stimulation and the visual panorama of both men and women, old and young, beautiful and imperfect, kneeling and sucking on my cock pushed me ever closer.
The final two to approach were young women, one on the heavy side with large breasts, the second petite and innocent looking.  But looks can be deceiving!!  She knelt first and licked and teased my cock expertly bringing me ever closer to the point of no return.  The vigor of Elaida’s thrusts and grinds behind me made it clear that she was not far behind.  My eyes went up to the gallery and while some were drinking and partaking in refreshments, others were busy pleasuring in group s**ttered throughout the dungeon.
The little nymph finished her efforts and stood next to me and took my hand placed it between her thighs.  My fingers slid inside her as the last of the kin took my now purple cock into her mouth and began to slowly and powerfully try to suck my testicles themselves through my turgid rod!!  Then, with my cock covered in pre-cum and her spit, she took it and placed it between her full, milky tits and began boob fucking me as my fingers were now working quickly in and out of a quivering quim to my right.
The order of eruption was Elaida, gushing her liquid gold onto my head, face, shoulders as she cried out, then me, firing long pearly strings of cum up and all over the breasts and chin of the devotee with the most perfect soft breasts I have ever seen, and then the young nymph, falling across my chest, screaming and clamping down on my fingers like a demonic hydraulic vise!!!  As our yells, cries and moans began to subside, we were given a standing ovation by many in the room (not otherwise engaged) and as we untangled, we were each met with kisses, embraces and caresses like nothing I had ever experienced in my wildest dreams….
Again, thanks for reading.  I hope you enjoyed.  Please click a thumbs up or down and leave me a comment!!!
Thank you!!!... Continue»
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Initiation à la sodomie d'une é

Cette histoire m'a été rapportée par ma douce et tendre épouse, anglaise brune aux yeux verts de 1m64 pour 58kg avec un éblouissant 95D, avant notre rencontre.
Dans le cadre de ses études, elle a passé une année scolaire en France comme assistante linguistique dans un lycée de la région parisienne. D'un naturel très réservé, elle a donc préféré loger chez l'habitant au lieu d'occuper la chambre individuelle mise à sa disposition pour mieux s'imprégner de la culture française. Ne voulant pas non plus faire de babysitting, elle a épluché les petites annonces jusqu'à ce qu'elle tombe sur l'offre d'un retraité offrant gîte et couvert en échange de "menus" services.
Pour l'occasion et à cause de la chaleur de cette fin août, elle portait une robe légère mettant en valeur son buste et la rondeur prononcée de ses hanches. En arrivant chez Pierre, sexagénaire corpulent mais encore athlétique avec un visage de baroudeur, Miranda a été immédiatement charmée par l'homme doux, calme et attentionné qui lui proposait un verre pendant qu'il expliquait ce qu'il attendait d'elle (un peu de ménage et quelques courses mais surtout de la compagnie car il se sentait très seul depuis le décès de sa femme et le départ de ses enfants). En échange, elle disposerait d'une chambre avec salle de douche en suite et pourrait prendre les trois repas. En cas d'extra, elle aurait une gratification. Miranda était folle de joie car c'était bien plus qu'elle n'espérait car elle n'aurait presque pas à dépenser le confortable pécule donné par ses parents.
Comparé à sa cabine d'étudiante, la chambre était immense et le lit en fer forgé était superbe et si confortable qu'en s'allongeant, elle offrait une vue imprenable sur la petite culotte en dentelle. En se relevant, elle ne manquait pas de remarquer une grosse bosse sur le devant du pantalon de Pierre qui ne s'y trouvait pas quelques minutes seulement auparavant.
Miranda n'était plus vierge depuis longtemps et ne se refusait pas aux rapports furtifs pendant les soirées étudiantes en marge de la liaison clandestine suivie avec l'un de ses professeurs. Et Pierre ne la laissait pas indifférente alors elle ne s'est pas refusée quand il l'a enlacée et répondu favorablement à son baiser. Affolée par la pertinence de ses caresses, Miranda mouillait profusément et s'est docilement allongée sur le lit pour qu'il retire sa culotte trempée. La jupe remontée jusqu'aux hanches, les jambes levées et tenues par Pierre, Miranda a senti la queue imposante sur son sexe la faisant frémir d'impatience.
Sauf qu'elle a senti Pierre poser son gland sur la rondelle encore toute neuve et pousser lentement mais fermement. Prise par surprise par cet orifice, elle a bien tenté de protester mais plus elle se débattait, plus il entrait profondément mais Miranda était si excitée que cette introduction contre nature et déshonorante ( la sodomie était encore illégale en Angleterre et jugée comme le pire outrage pour une femme digne de ce nom) lui procurait un si indécent plaisir qu'elle en a joui à en perdre le contrôle de sa vessie et expulser plusieurs giclée en prenant son pieds. Miranda a attiré la tête de Pierre pour l'embrasser amoureusement en le remerciant pour cette initiation.
Sa robe étant souillée, elle l'a mise à laver et sécher chez Pierre chez qui elle a passé la nuit en lui exprimant sa reconnaissance par une longue fellation mais il a refusé de la pénétrer pour ne pas risquer de l'engrosser. Bien que se sachant stérile, Miranda n'a pas protesté pour qu'il la sodomise encore et encore…
... Continue»
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The initiation of Claudia (1)

The initiation of Claudia (1) It is now three days since I met Claudia a beautiful brunette woman 32 years with generous shapes and heavy breasts that I like in a bar in the city where she was having a drink at the bar.  I invited him to take a last drink at home and we made love immediately. Excited we gave this three times in the night.  Tonight I gave him an appointment with me. I concocted a good little Asian meal.  She arrived, splendid in a small quite short black skirt and slinky with a white blouse neckline glimpse largely leaving her beautiful breasts.  Halfway through the meal, I asked her to open her blouse more widely. Blushing it is executed.  Shortly after I moved behind her, I tenderly embraced him and I removed her bra. That it's better ais I said. I also love that you do more doors when we give appointment.  We finished the meal she half naked before me.  Very excited by this vision at the end of the meal, I did put up and I looked into the corner of the table. I put together her skirt, dropped her pretty black string and I penetrated.  After besognée for five minutes and then it was dripping with excitement, the idea came to me to change port. She told me to take it easy, it was the first time.  My member was good size I went quietly. After a few moments while I was half engaged, she wanted to stop. I insisted; a few centimeters ... ut I said.  Eventually I made it all the length of my penis and then I began a slow back and forth while stroking her clitoris. She ended up coming too.  Later in the evening we love again in the room. I finished with a greyhound and I sodomized again. After enjoying in it I blew in his ear: now I will take you by your three holes at each of our reports ...  Thus began his education ...  Today, I gave him an appointment after work (it is used in a bank) in a cafe downtown.  Over a cup of tea, I explained that I would take her shopping in a shop specializing in clothing and erotic lingerie to be even more desirable in our appointment in love ...  By rewarding me with a "rogue" she kisses me and we leave the cafe. The shop is located a few hundred meters, no need to take a car and walk, the air is unusually warm for October. She is wearing a business suit rather imposed on it by the bank's management. I enlasse waist. We pass a building into withdrawal. I grows and the plate against a wall. I kiss her. I open her blouse. I grabbed a hand full of her breasts over her bra. I pass my hands in his back and dégraffe him and then asked him to take it away by saying .. remember you, I want you topless in each of our meetings. She runs and slides support in her bag ... I then slides a hand under her skirt and goes to her sex as I stroked over her lace thong. Then I board her hands on the buttocks and finally takes off her thong I put in my pocket. It does not prosteste. I kiss her again in a finger between the lips of her sex. Wet. She buttoned her blouse a little and we resume our way. While walking I pelotte her buttocks over her skirt I ended up back to reveal her buttocks. Passersby can see us, she is terribly embarrassed but let them.  We arrive in the shop. A saleswoman, aged fifty years to look very cougar welcomes us.  I explain that we have to build him a guard erotic dress.  The saleswoman invites us to follow her into the dressing room.  I ask Claudia to undress. It seeks a cabin. There are none. THE saleswoman told him not to be embarrassed, she used. Claudia runs, blushing even more.  To begin, I told her I want her to try some short dresses and slinky, wearing no underwear.  The saleswoman passes him a white dress. Claudia puts it on. It is superb value and put its forms. Well we guess her breasts and buttocks under the tissue. However the dress stops ten centimeter under the buttocks. I told the clerk that I would like shorter. She passes him while another, equally snug, but this time stops just below the buttocks.  That's perfect, that's what I wanted.  Walk a little I see you. Bend down a little. Becoming the tissues back a little and we guess the bottom of her ass and sex appears from behind.  That the one takes.  Now I would like a topless dress.  Claudia looks at me aback.  The seller runs and pass it a black, short and equally tight model whose bodice is cut to let the breasts. Claudia is beautiful and terribly exciting.  The latter as it is taken.  Now for below, show us what you have dared.  The saleswoman comes with several models. The first is supported constuté topless type of throat which merely support the breasts and a black lace panties matched and slotted in sex.  I approach Claudia and I stroked her breast, while spending my other hand on the front of the mini slip. I slide a finger.  The saleswoman addresses me by simply saying ..; exciting is not it .. especially not mind me .. do what you want ..j'en saw other Trentes years in business.  I do not make me pray, I get out my erect penis. I lean forward by Claudia him to rest on a table at the back of the room.  The saleswoman kneels and begins to suck me a divinely expertly, and then put my penis deant sex Claudia. I entered and made him so love for ten minute. The seller is watching. She pulled her dress. She is not wearing anything underneath and masturbates.  Then we try some other similar pieces of lingerie.  We decided to buy the whole.  While Claudia gets dressed, I go to the counter and bdsm notify a kit consisting of a necklace chain, a ball gag and bracelets fitted with rings. I ask the saleswoman packing me.  We leave the shop.  I reconduct Claudia to his car and we give you an appointment at her home the next day.  I ask him to tomorrow's white dress, slinky ultra short, with nothing underneath... Continue»
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Intimate Inquiry #1: Initiation

In this try to an intimate inquiry I invite female friends and readers to tell about their initiation
I am curious for first erotic experiences, sexual encounters and finally first fully sexy satisfaction

I pave the way by telling from memory some teen time extreme experiences by my (former) female friends
I invite brave great girls and warm women to tell us about their first disappoints and sexy successes

I have the sad impression that for many their first time was in their years at some secondary school
I paint the standard picture from some casual accounts: a great guy, usually a few years their senior

In most cases the guy looks like an experienced lover, but turns out to be an incompetent selfish guy
In some cases, much more rare unfortunately, their first lover was their first love, lasting for years

First findings from some earlier erotic intimate inquiries about masturbation and early experience

A few years ago I filed my answers in a long list of questions, mainly about masturbation in a comment
A few months later I started some intimate inquiries on my own account, which got a lot of responses!

From memory I summarise my main findings of female answers, also men sent some answers which I forgot
Most discover pleasuring their pussies about the time their nipples starts to bud and pubic hair grows

A few discover it only a few years later - after first fondles and caresses with a friend for instance
A few find out quite a bit earlier and even had their first orgasm, some girls are luckier than others

For the rest my first inquiry is rather boring - although less than the very technical original was
My next two lists of questions bring better focus to the matter also got good response in a few days

First time of sexual satisfaction is not always the first time ever making love with a first lover

Focus matters, so for this intimate inquiry I concentrate on the experience of making love first time
From casual questions to female friends here I conclude that for most first time is often a deception

It seems the average teen girl gives up virginity after a party during her years in secondary school
It is always a boy or guy a bit older but too clumsy hastedly to care about giving his love pleasure

I like to contrast that standard disappointment with a few much more positive memories for inspiration
All are unusual in each their own special way: shy sex of a late lesbian longing desperately for it

Another female friend whom I got to know very well sent me in french her unusual sexual autobiography
And much later a hottie in Holland informs me in detail of her hot holiday at a nudist beach as teen

Shy sweet sensual blonde beautiful Dutch dyke looks for lesbian love first time in the internet

The female friend I know best is autistic, hence terribly shy expressing her feelings for females
She is still in love with her best girlfriend from their years as neighbours in kindergarten days

Her best friend never finds out about that burning love, not even after they - finally - 'did' it!
My best friend gets desperate, almost twenty, still never kissed ... she decides on unusual action

In the internet she looks for a big breasted blonde beauty who looks friendly enough to contact her
Her first time almost goes wrong - no reach by phone at the place to meet ... - but all goes great!

Sexual satisfaction guaranteed - as she bought her hour of love at a lovely looking professional
Sexy start ... but 'love' for money is no real love, nor even friendship, as she finds out later

Slender sexy sweet tasty teen beautiful blonde Betty seduced by b*o's girlfriend, next by him!

My foxy French friend grows up in a household of nudists - holidays are always at naturist campsites
She is a slender blonde beauty and easily gets first sexual experiences with a few elder boys as teen

Great experience for those boys, but they are not able at all to provide her any real sexual pleasure
The solution usually comes when one expects it least, last few days of her camping holiday in Ardeche

Blonde beauty Betty is a bit bored, relaxes in her half open tent as the girlfriend of her b*o comes
The gorgeous girl seduces beauty Betty to first kisses between gals, soon the she-devil dives deeper

Blue Betty is coming first time in sexual encounter, when her b*o starts looking for his girlfriend
He finds her engaged in licking that tight twat ... she gestures to him: take her and make her come!

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Initiation by loyalsock

"Come with me, Kiki," and be quick about it." "Yes, ma'am," the shy eighteen year old Japanese girl replied softly. Melinda Clanton opened the door of her chauffeur driven Lincoln and waited impatiently for the young Asian to climb inside. Once on their way Melinda scolded, "You seem to be preoccupied, dear, let's not make it a habit." "I'm sorry, ma'am," Kiki replied, "I guess I'm just a little nervous, that's all." "Howard, stop the car!!!" she snapped to her driver. Once stopped Melinda turned to face Kiki and offered with cold fury, "If you don't want to be part of my life get out right now, otherwise do as you're told when you're told!!!" Tears quickly welled up in they young woman's eyes as she replied haltingly, "I-I'm sorry Mz. Clanton, please don't make me leave!!!" "I love you!!!" "Okay, Howard, you can drive on now," Melinda ordered before turning her attention back to the sobbing Kiki. "Okay, c***d," she said in a gentler voice, "I just want you to remember your place." "Now get over here and let me hold you!" Kiki's eyes brightened immediately when she realized her mistress no longer angry with her! She quickly slid across the plush leather seat and climbed onto Melinda Clanton's expansive lap. "That's a good little girl," Melinda soothed while opening up her blouse and offering one of her huge nipples to the now eager young woman. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh," she sighed, "now I remember why I keep you around."
"Now this is your last chance," Melinda said while they stood outside the front door of the huge suburban mansion. "Once we go inside you will do as you're told or you will be severely punished!" After taking a deep breath Kiki looked up into her mistress's eyes and replied softly, "I'm ready to do your bidding." "Good," Melinda Clanton replied while ushering her young charge into the large foyer. From the living room around the corner sighs of moans of sexual gratification filled the night air. Melinda led Kiki by the hand as the two of them wandered into what was already a sea of carnal pleasure. "Well," Melinda said with a laugh, "I'm glad to see that everyone waited for me!!!" "Hurry up and join in the fun!" Vanna Danson offered with sigh. "I'd get up to meet you, but as you can see I'm momentarily disposed!" And that was an understatement!!! At that very moment Vanna was having her extremely hairy pussy licked to ecstasy by her cute little fuck toy!" "Oh don't get up for me!" Melinda teased. "I think I can find a place to crash!"

Melinda maneuvered her way across the crowded room to the only empty easy chair left to be had. She plopped her enormous ass down, and after making sure she was good and comfortable, hiked up her skirt and waited for little Kiki to take her place between her massive thighs. "That's a good baby," Melinda sighed as Kiki's velvety tongue caressed her incredibly fat labia. "Be a dear and suck your mistress off!" Even thought the little cunt could be a pain, Melinda knew that she had indeed stumbled onto a cunt lapper nonpareil when she found the homeless little urchin on a dirty back street on a trip to Tokyo! For the last three months she had been training the little slut in the art of oral servitude and tonight was the night for her to join the other young women as willing sexual pets for their "owners" pleasure! It was a very exclusive club in which young Kiki was about to become a full fledged member. All of the mistresses were in their late forties or fifties with the major requirement being that they be more than a little on the hefty side! Indeed all of the mistresses in attendance tonight had huge asses and tits and a burning desire to be sucked to completion by a cute little eighteen year old girls! "God I love getting sucked," one of the mistresses sighed. "M-me too!" another one stammered as her little pet licked her over ripe clitoris. Melinda had long since opened up the front of her blouse and began sucking her own nipple while little Kiki nibbled at her bulging vagina! When finally one of the mistresses groaned loudly as an orgasm rolled through her hairy twat it seemed to set off a chain reaction that swept through the room until each and every mistress was totally satiated!

"Oh myyyyyyyy!!!" Breanna sighed while caressing the cheek of her little pet. "I just can't get enough of Sophie's hot mouth on my pussy!!!" "You can't get enough of anybody's mouth eating your pussy!" Janet retorted. "Well maybe not," Breanna replied, "but I don't remember seeing you turning down a good suck job!!!" Janet was about to shoot back another zinger when Melinda interrupted, "Ladies, please, tonight's special in that my new pet is up for her formal initiation." "Do you think she's up to it???" Sophie asked. "I'm sure of it," Melinda replied. "Well then," Veronica offered from the far end of the room, "let's do it!!!" A nervous sexual tension quickly filled the room while Melinda led little Kiki over to the shaving table. The tiny oriental easily hopped up onto the leather padded top, and as she was instructed to do, calmly lay back with her legs spread wide apart. The other mistresses moved closer in to get a better view while Melinda squirted a generous shot of warm oil onto Kiki's jet black vee. "I just love seeing their little vaginas exposed," Veronica sighed while cupping the breasts of her cute little pet. "Mmmmmm, me too," Janet replied softly, "especially if she has a big clit!" Melinda used her fingers to massage the oil into the bushy little hair, which immediately resulted in beads of sweat breaking out on Kiki's forehead. The little Asian moaned deeply whenever Melinda's finger brushed against her hard little clit and several mistresses offered hard nipples to their own pets while they watched in fascination as Melinda prepared Kiki's bush for the straight razor!

"I think we're about ready," Melinda said softly, "now you just relax, dear, it will be all over in a few minutes." With razor in hand Melinda carefully began scr****g away every last vestige of pubic hair on Kiki's cute little pussy! "My god!" Veronica moaned. "Her lips are absolutely pumped!!!" Kiki's breathing was now becoming quite labored as her mistress slowly but surely cleaned her pussy clean as a whistle! "How does it feel???" Melinda asked gently. "I-it feels cold," the young woman replied. "How does it look?!?" "Just fabulous!!!" Melinda replied while wiping the bulging labia with a soft damp rag. "Do you know what comes next?!?" Kiki closed her eyes tightly and took another deep breath before replying, "You're going to fuck me with a strap on, right!?!" "Mmmmmm, close," Melinda answered in a hushed tome, "you are going to get fucked with a strap on, it's just that I won't be wearing it." A stab of fear raced through the little Asian as she opened her eyes and asked fearfully, "W-who then!?!"

Melinda didn't even bother replying to Kiki's mewlings, instead she just stepped out of the way while allowing big Paula Foxx to take her place between the now frightened girl's legs. Kiki groaned loudly when Paula stepped up to the table as a mixture of pure terror and lust swept through her like a tidal wave! "Have you ever been fucked by a woman?!?" Paula asked evenly. "N-no," Kiki stammered, never!" "That's good," the giant mistress sighed, "because I'm certainly going to enjoy this!!!" Paula reached out and jerked the frightened girl to the very edge of the table, allowing easy access to her now dripping wet vagina! "Just look at her, girls!!!" Paula crowed. "She's dripping like a fucking faucet!!!" The old woman then roughly jammed two fingers into Kiki's unsuspecting pussy, causing the cute little body to convulse uncontrollably for a second or two! The huge naked mistress then reached down between her legs and lifted up a ten inch long black dick that was at least two inches thick! "How's this look to ya, honey?!?" Paula laughed. "It's gonna fucking tear you apart!!!" The other pets, while turned on by the situation still had pangs of empathy for the poor little Asian as each and everyone of them had at one time or anther been brutally assaulted by Big Paula and her monster strap on dildo! "Hold her down," Paul ordered while running the massive head up and down the little pet's dripping slit. "I don't want her to try and run on me!!!"

Now Kiki was beginning to think that this might not have been such a good plan after all!!! She had expected to get fucked, but by her own mistress, not this evil woman they called Paula! She wanted desperately to leap off the table and run for her life, but four strong hands grabbed her by the shoulders and arms, effectively locking her in place! She began to shiver as her mind raced while thinking about what was going to happened to her! Paula grinned an evil grin to the other mistresses, and then without even a hint of a warning, threw her hips forward, driving the thick piece of latex balls deep into the tiny little vagina!!!" It was a good thing that they were holding her down because Kiki's first instinct was to bolt upright at the first attack! And that is exactly what it was, and attack!!! Vicious and brutal in every way!!! Kiki tried to scream but the pain was so intense nothing would come out of her gaping mouth! "I-I'm gonna fuck you to death, you little slut!!!" Big Paul groaned while powering in and out of the tiny slit with brutal efficiency. With Paula's massive breasts bouncing wildly with each plunge the other mistresses had by now guided their pets back to their own steaming vaginas for another session of oral devotion! Melinda took a place along side her poor little pet and after caressing her cheek offered a nipple to help calm her down!

Kiki wasn't quite sure when, but at some point during Big Paula's assault the pain slowly began turning to pleasure! With each passing stroke Kiki began savoring the sensation of having a massive object plowing in and out of her tiny pussy, and while she wasn't touching it, she sensed that her clit was engorged to many times its normal size!!! Now with Melinda's nipple in her hungry mouth and the massive dildo pounding in and out of her like a hammer, she groaned deeply while her pussy whipsawed back and forth as a thundering climx shredded her little cunt into a million pieces of confetti!!! As the little Asian's cunt lurched forward in orgasmic fervor the other mistresses, with eyes the size of saucers joined the little tramp in stunning cums of their own, courtesy of the warm wet mouths of their little pets!!!

Even Big Paula had to admit that Kiki had taken it and given it back in spades! Now with the sound of the mistresses trying to catch their own breaths, Melinda cradled her little pet in her arms and whispered, "Welcome to the club!!!" A totally wiped out Kiki could only purr as she sucked the big nipple to sl**p!!!

... Continue»
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