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Close Friends

Mom & Lots of Friends

... the time was that she asked my friends to move her out.

I had several close friends at the time, and two of them ... her friends were really my Dad's friends' wives, they didn't know what was going on either. My Mom has only one close friend ... ... Continue»
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Friends: Remembering the After-Party

... how easy it is for two women to be such close friends."

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Monica agreed. Moments ... Shhhh, it's just my dildo, sweetie. After all, shouldn't best friends share everything?" she teased.

As she sucked Monica's tit, Rachel ... ... Continue»
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A week end with friends

... nurses’ together years ago and had remained close friends. My husband couldn't come, he never ... sat down. I looked around for my friends and didn't see them anywhere and ... and a couple more with each alone.
My friends found me around 3 AM sound asl**p on ... ... Continue»
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Good Friends and Lovers

... first year the four of us became close friends. They seemed an odd-matched couple at ... would be watching her with Don. Our friends arrived; Carol removed her coat and was ... time we had been intimate with our friends I realized that Jean was becoming ever ... ... Continue»
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Just Good Friends

... had thought about each other as more than b*****r/s****r type friends.

But now, watching Kaitlin lean over to fix herself ... as I felt, "No," She stammered, "We're just close friends."

The cashier seemed to realize she was overstepping her boundaries ... ... Continue»
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UK Friends Forever !

... even when we all started work. We were all very close friends and discussed everything re our worries , problems and relationships , ... wide apart, blindfolded in front of two of my oldest friends and yet I couldn’t stop myself ….

As the ... ... Continue»
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Just Good Friends

... birthday.
John had a bunch of very close friends, friends he had meet during A-levels. There were ... her.

They kept talking to their other friends, and time flew by and they ... sight from anyone, and most of they friends were dancing, apart from Mike, who ... ... Continue»
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Becoming More Than Friends

... friend Joan and John and her husband Joe were close friends. We spent a lot of time together. ... too. We had just become more than friends. I knew we would do this again. ... same to Jill.
They held each other close and while kissing each other fingered each ... ... Continue»
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My wife watches porn..with my friends Part I

... the "story" itself- I have a group of four close friends here; Kam, Sheru, Bunty, and Atif. We are ... all married and our wives are good friends together. We are all around same age ... meeting the gaze of each of my friends while she plays with herself. At ... ... Continue»
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Old Friends (He discovers that he is a cuckold and

... seeks revenge.

Jane and I and Bridget and George had been close friends for many years. Bridget and George had moved away several ... while the other clawed at the sheet under us. I was close, damned close and I asked her if she was ready, "Yes, I am ... ... Continue»
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Old Friends (He discovers that he is a cuckold and

... seeks revenge.

Jane and I and Bridget and George had been close friends for many years. Bridget and George had moved away several ... while the other clawed at the sheet under us. I was close, damned close and I asked her if she was ready, "Yes, I am ... ... Continue»
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Friends and Daughters, part 2

... projected proudly from her chest, the soft close knit couldn't hide the peaks of her ... before I was ready to blow my best friends nuts off for fucking my c***d, now I ... They don't need men; they are very close friends, closer than you think. What do you think ... ... Continue»
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Just good friends

... seems he is my Kryptonite.

He is a close friend, someone I have known years. We ... text each other all the time, as friends do, just chatting.

One day though ... would just be a secret between two close friends, something that nobody else would never ever ... ... Continue»
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Enjoyment with two friends neetu and soni

... are better when not been spoken with other friends. When Soni got married I was not ... wait for sometime as some of other friends were not sl**ping due to mosquito ... .

Once in Pune Neetu & I became more close friends. We started going out for long drive in ... ... Continue»
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First Time With Friends Mom

... about my first sexual experience with my friends hot mother. I was 18 at the ... a new someone in a pretty unexpected place...

My friends Mom, we'll call her Sasha, has always ... hang out spot and saw none of my close friends, however I did see Sasha's truck ... ... Continue»
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What Friends Are For, Chapter 1 - an Outofmind Tal

... eventually became a founding member of a group of close friends, of which I am the only male (I’ve ... the open door. I couldn’t let that door close. I reached out with my left hand, ... ahead of me, and reached back to close the door behind us.

As eager as ... ... Continue»
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Brian is gone

little party for some of her close friends. It was her
birthday and two of her friends were throwing a party
for her and ... beginning, after I had fucked
and sucked Tom and his friends, there were probably
close to two dozen men in the room. I had ... ... Continue»
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... dinner all the relatives departed to their homes, except few close friends and their spouses remained to arrange first night to newly ... , to him it is common that his owner’s very few close friends often bring their e****ts and enjoy in the guest house ... ... Continue»
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High School Girls

... won't be so forgiving next time!" His friends
laughed again, following him down the hall, ... !
We're his friends, Joe! His best friends! Hell, his only friends!"

"Yeah... yeah, ... plenty of girls had boys as close friends. But there would
always be that ... ... Continue»
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Showing off Susan

... might even show it
to a few close friends just to get even with her for ... them a real close up
look cause nothing is too good for our friends, don’t you ... fingers. “You don’t mind letting your nigger
friends smell your white little pussy... do you honey ... ... Continue»
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