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Claire Crucified

Claire Crucified

Claire Crucified

Claire was naked and tied to a cross. Not an X, but a real ... the electric devices and I removed the gag. I was determined that Claire’s crucifixion would conclude with an old-fashioned scourging or flagellation ... ... Continue»
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Mum and Daughter Tales - Claire and Cindy Part 2

... i*****l threesome. Do you understand now, Claire?’

Claire looked towards her daughter ... Claire

Claire then tells her daughter which makes Cindy giggle uncontrollably.

Marcus grins ‘well go ahead Claire……..lick that knob with your daughter’

Claire ... ... Continue»
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XWave: Claire

... and leaned against it as Dave asked Claire to sit on the double bed. Claire looked more nervous than ever but Dave ... her tits. 'You're really turned on, aren't you, Claire', he said. 'Yes', Claire gasped. 'I tell you what', Dave said, 'we don ... ... Continue»
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Mum and Daughter Tales - Claire and Cindy Part 1

... and with his cock poised ready, he says to ClaireClaire, I’m now going to spear your wonderful looking cock ... understand that, Claire?’

Claire and Cindy heard every word said clearly as Claire told Marcus that she understood.

Claire then held her ... ... Continue»
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... Claire termina.
Puis ce fut un autre texte mais cette fois ci Claire ne put continuer.
Claire ... ... Continue»
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Femdom Claire makes me a interacial cuckold

... the bed , I had a mouth full of Dave's cum mixed with Claire's pussy juice , I had to swallow, I gulped it down , almost being ... " he asks Carl , they both thanked Claire an left for the bar .I turn to Claire to see what she wants next, thinking ... ... Continue»
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Auntie Claire and Amy

... round and as she saw Claire, she said, 'Oh my god, auntie Claire, fancy seeing you here.'

Claire replied, 'Oh hello Amy, I didn ... her massaging oils and drove to auntie Claire's house. She rang the doorbell and Claire opened the door and Amy followed her ... ... Continue»
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Amy & Claire & Me

... she was kissing Claire on the neck and tweaking her nipples, while Claire now had ... , let me watch you give Claire a good seeing to!" Claire moved over and I passed ... don't tell Claire" I agreed and she stood up and went to the bathroom. Claire was still asl ... ... Continue»
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Time with Claire.

... you like." Claire said.
I nodded and followed Claire into her home. The hallway was well decorated, I followed Claire into her lounge, ... my trousers fell to the floor and Claire released my cock from my underwear.
Claire looked down and then looking at ... ... Continue»
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Lady Claire

... einem grossen Haus, das zwischen grossen, alten Bäumen stand. Claire zog einige der in Soho eingestrichenen Pfundnoten aus ... konvulsiven Zuckungen dauerten sicher fast zwei Minuten in denen Claire unentwegt stöhnte und keuchte.

Schliesslich löste sie ... ... Continue»
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Claire and thr rest on tvs Modern ______ 2

... her juices into her mouth. Her hands all over Claire's beautiful, tight ass.

Claire grabbed Barb's short blonde hair,grinding her ... .

"Tell me what you want Claire!" KC said continuing to slap her mouth.

Claire looked at her husband,"I want to ... ... Continue»
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Claire violée par un inconnu sur le parking

... en profiter pour boire un verre. J'étais jaloux comme si Claire m'appartenait depuis toujours. Elle avait un sourire au coin ... queue toute souillée dans son froc en s'éloignant.

J'ai demandé à Claire si elle allait bien, elle m'a de suite rassuré en me ... ... Continue»
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me fantasizing about claire

... with her fingers and rubs them hard agenst my prostate.
claire takes her fingers out from my ass and i feel her ... bed i think to my self THAT WAS AMAZING!!

i love you claire xxxx

thank you for reading please leave comments as this ... ... Continue»
Posted by dogtied 3 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, BDSM, Fetish  |  Views: 355  |  
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Claire & Ryan

... street in Italian – behind him were several very beautiful paintings.
Claire stopped Ryan and said they should take a look, but ... start packing away” Said Angelo.
Feeling used... and loving it Claire replied “Yes I think I'd better get back to the hotel” ... ... Continue»
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Claire and the rest on tvs Modern ______

... standing out in the yard looking through the open blinds. Claire had always been a sweet,innocence soccer mom until Phil ... even licked her lips a few times looking at Claire's nipples poking out. Claire noticed Barb had some small nipples poking out against ... ... Continue»
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Big Beautiful Claire

... dating site, I got chatting to a woman named claire. I am a fan of a more voluptuous lady, so ... times later that evening.

The next day Claire sent a text asking if I wanted ... was Claire! The same Claire who was in the naked pictures, the same Claire who ... ... Continue»
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Claire and the rest on TVs Modern ..........

... her large swollen nipples.

Phil raised his head up licking Claire's swollen clit. Flicking his tongue over the thick flesh sticking ... upward as Barb's hot wet pussy engulfed his throbbing cock.

Claire was jerking her body around wildly and moaning and ... ... Continue»
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Claire and the rest on TVs Modern ________3

... . "Is it okay if I fuck your wife while you fuck Claire?"

"Sure thing Phil,I believe in sharing too." KC smiled looking at Phil's big hard cock twitching around with excitement.

Claire let KC'S huge black cock slip from her mouth. " How ... ... Continue»
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Blindolded (for Claire)

... with Dave who is married to Claire. Claire and Dave have organised the night ... and for us to assist them with Claire's ultimate fantasy.

Having a quick drink each ... to take ten minutes downstairs, with Claire leading the way, saying I haven't finished ... ... Continue»
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Tyra Crusfiction

... opening the scourge wounds. This big-chested brunette would be crucified nude.

She was offered a drink of wine mixed with myrrh ... their heads.

Tyra panicked at the thought of actually being crucified. This was more than she had bargained for. She wanted ... ... Continue»
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