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Chronicles of Amy, Episode 1: The Beginning

Chronicles of Amy, Episode 1: The Beginning

... The cafe was quite full and so basically the only free seat was the one next to Amy. She was enjoying another bit of the ... her body, although the contact was just for the blink of an eye. John said "Thank you very much Amy, the dinner was wonderful, ... ... Continue»
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The Perversion of Bev - Part 1: The Beginning

... of lightning. She stopped squirming against Donna’s fingers and turned around and faced Donna. Peering out from the top of Donna’s thong was the beginning of ... Best of all, this was just the beginning. Now that Bev had been perverted into the world of ... ... Continue»
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Sissy Slut Amanda Part 1: The Beginning

The Story of Sissy Slut Amanda

This is a story of fiction

Part 1: The Beginning

When I was twenty-three I meet my Sissy Slut Amanda for the ... ... Continue»
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The Seduction of Amy

... of the bottom of his shorts. I almost came right then."

"He pulled 'it' out here in the bar?" Amy could feel her shorts beginning ... ," Amy answered, suddenly very much aware of her situation. She could feel Thomas's sperm beginning to run out the sides of ... ... Continue»
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Episode 8: the Junior Porn Club

... (see Episode 7). Pam and Mike set up an area on the web-site where parents could send photos of daughters wanting ... print of the dripping cunt line-drawing as a tip.
Bob drove Amy and Amilie down from the Midlands, they spent most of the journey on the ... ... Continue»
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Doctor Who: Amy, Captured Ch. 02

... the events of the last hour. As it finally settled on the image of Amy, bound naked in the other room. They had moved her, of ... ... Continue»
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In the Beginning

... Thanks to Chrissy, I learned about the marvels and the mysteries of the female external anatomy. I also ... the guitar, I met the following:
Amy: Amy was a beautiful girl with absolutely the largest breasts that I had ever encountered. Her nickname? Amy ... ... Continue»
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My wife is taped, & switched with a friend of

... of the upstairs bedroom! Anyway, I
didn't want to risk it.

A couple of evenings later, Bill stopped by to return my
tape of Amy stripping in the ... his cock at the opening of Amy's pussy. With her tied to
the corners of the bed it was kind-of difficult ... ... Continue»
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The tailor's surprise

... to answer the door. She would make an excuse to get rid of Amy.

She opened the door and stood in front of Amy, the cold made her nipples hard which Amy noticed. She ... ... Continue»
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Adventures of Amy (Part Two)

... Amy couldn’t remember the last time any sort of sex had made her do that!
The woman chuckled. She was standing in front of Amy ... ... Continue»
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The Chronicles of Erica, Part I

... : The Chronicles of Erica Bradson.

Chapter 1 : Huge Change!

My name is Erica Bradson, I am 48 years of age and I have been ... handing me the plastic I went over to the kitchen and opened the cabin under the sink to throw the piece of plastic into the ... ... Continue»
Posted by trumptight85 4 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Hardcore, Taboo  |  Views: 2374  |  
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Adventures of Amy (Part One)

... the image of Bobby with the thought of giving that hot man at the desk a blow job under the bleachers at a homecoming game.

Amy gasped, thinking of ... ... Continue»
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The MacDougal chronicles: The Beginning

... the yelling, the moaning, the screaming, and the banging. She smelled the scent of pussy and cock thick in the air. Jennifer walked silently up the ... ... Continue»
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Episode 19 - the School Project

... she was beginning to enjoy the attention her daught3r had already experienced.

Dad massaged down both sides of her pussy lips, ... Characteristics?" then towards Kelly who had been quietly filming the whole episode "I think Sue was right, they do work".
... ... Continue»
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Episode 30 - The Love Bus

... remember the Dogging Bus from Episode 15; Dee the Porn Director stumbled across it in the woods on her morning run. Most of the ... the way down. Steam was beginning to rise as Julia's gorgeous pussy descended onto my face blocking out my view of all the ... ... Continue»
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Vacation With Teens - Episode 1 - The Meeting

... the story, here are the girls from this first episode.

[image] ... Episode One - The Meeting

Four of us are getting ready to go on vacation to spain for a week.

Emilia felt the first rays of ...
... Continue»
Posted by TeenParadise 2 years ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Hardcore, Lesbian Sex  |  Views: 8931  |  
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Vacation With Teens - Episode 3 - The Camping Site

... check out the "Sex Stories" section.

Before you read this story, here are the girls from this episode.

Emilia ... image]

Episode 3 - The Camping Site

She was the first to spot them. "Over there." Emilia said. The whiff of excitement ... ... Continue»
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Chronicles from Youth days 1-The Wolf-part 1

... the best of the Wolf,than why not do it,how will she make him bow before Anastasia. The two friends out on the jacket's got out of the office on winter,get in the car and go home ... ... Continue»
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Episode 18 - the Hymen Club (revised)

... by the r****t builder and rescued by Giselle (in Episode 17); she slipped into her parents’ bed, and snuggled into the moon ... completely bare except for a pair of fine silver wires gripping the sides of the nipple. These kept the nipples erect by pulsing a ... ... Continue»
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Ian Somerhalder Slash Series Episode 1: The Crow

... with a laugh.

I had left the door open so I could hear the beep of the microwave that meant the spaghetti was done, so I ... again and flew away through the window.

See you tomorrow morning, Human lover of mine. sounded in my head.

End of Episode ... ... Continue»
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