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Cheating Works Both Ways

Cheating Bride (part 2)

... lip. "What?" he asked "Your wife works evenings, why don't I come over to your ... disappointed that he didn't play thegame both ways. He just continued fucking my tits ... , and I knew that I would end up cheating on her. I am just always horny and ... ... Continue»
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... and forgiveness is a classic Aristotelian plot that often both actors
their traditional catharsis.
The submissive's release often ...
teaches the shared, symbiotic use of power. Consent works both ways. Just as not all
intercourse is ****, not all ... ... Continue»
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An Ode to Lateshay: "Lateshay and Eric Cum t

... no strings arrangement, Abe is the guy call.

And, it works both ways. He is expert finding a place for pussy to land. ... “Oh fuck,” I moan. I love playing rocket man.

First Lateshay works her magic, peeling off her bikini bottoms. She aims her ... ... Continue»
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Lateshay and Eric cum to an Arrangement

... no strings arrangement, Abe is the guy call.

And, it works both ways. He is expert finding a place for pussy to land. It ... .”

“Oh fuck,” I moan. I love playing rocket man.

First Lateshay works her magic, peeling off her bikini bottoms. She aims her ... ... Continue»
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Magical Summer -1

... did connect much, except physically I mean. We both understood we had a shallow relationship. But Katie, ... is used for. It works well for both anal and vaginal. But ... dry mounting is unthinkable! And the trust works both ways! I trust Akira to stay observant, ... ... Continue»
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OBSESSED with anal!

... on it. I know that not everything works for everyone, but there are things that ... . I didn't think I would cum both because i'd already had a catastrophic orgasm ... to be left alone. Plus, the phone works both ways Kris."

"Yeah well, you ... ... Continue»
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The Night of Five

... that day with the memories of them both. At her funeral there were hundreds ... how she affected their lives in positive ways.

My br0ther was home from his ... kissed me saying call; I said the phone works both ways! I drove off but it was still early, ... ... Continue»
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Espresso for two (a devotee dream)

"You would've remembered eh?"
I nodded.
"Incidentally, meaningful works both ways," she then said, somewhat cryptically.
"As in?"
"As in ... made her looks turn naughty again. Mercurial worked both ways, it seemed, which was good. Being very serious ... ... Continue»
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I trust my daddy

... . They didn't speak. They were both inexperienced. Joan thought that they really knew ... has cum in me but he must. It works both ways."
"Do you do sixty-nine?" asked Lisa ... the table having breakfast. They were both almost naked, only wearing their knickers. ... ... Continue»
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Hypnotized Part 3

... love" as they call it, without us k**s hearing. It works both ways, they cannot hear us either. Fine with me. Then I heard ... isn't that what videos are for I thought.

I reached over both of their shoulders and down to their breast. With a nice ... ... Continue»
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Billiards and the Hooker

... once and then again. "I'd love to," I replied. "And it works both ways, you know." She looked at me questioningly. "Anything you want ... my prostate aching in its last efforts.

And then we both slowly relaxed, with Melissa's little cries of pleasure and ... ... Continue»
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“You’re such a whore, Shelby!

... shades of red and my mind reeling. “Well, this also works both ways. I was caught off guard by your good looks and dropped ... had no intentions of turning down a dare.

I reached over to both boys and pulled out their impressive members and began pumping ... ... Continue»
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Growing up with My s****r, our early years

... Natural', is a thrill, as it works both ways, guys get to see you, and ... b*****r, our uncle, who promptly, started fucking both of us.

My s****r Pia was shorter than ... record became a thing of the past, as both daughters entertained large groups, I smile as ... ... Continue»
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Adventures of the Taproot. Chapter 1

... on women’s breasts are surprised to learn it works both ways. Women love big dicks. Really.

My ... and grabbed me by the ass with both hands and pulled me fully up to ... of nights a week I would be with one or both of them, in their f****y room, in the back ... ... Continue»
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Shemale Whore and Arab Pimp

... boyish haircut,
my little whore” he retorted.

The respect thing works both ways.
A john is a john and a whore is a whore.

It all came ... rod around in me.

I gyrated my hips to get us both off faster.

"YES," he hissed "Make me cum in you ... ... Continue»
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the night i swang both ways

... definitely was not gay, when I think back to that night both of us emphasised as to how hetro we were. We ... back out that ally, still laughing and went our seperate ways, I was kinda ashamed, but proud that I had experimented with another ... ... Continue»
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the first time both ways

... station,he was 14,and I was 15.the girls were both 16,as they were doing the same as us,we ... ... Continue»
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The Photo Shoot

... , what model?"
"She's a girl that works for Sears and JC Penny's, you know, ... might seem, my husband now knew I could go both ways, a fact I wasn't sure I wanted him ... and wondered how long Sarah has been cheating on her husband with him.

Scanning the ... ... Continue»
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Their First Toys Ch. 03

... inspects her toothbrush, testing that it works - with pleased grin. Then she ... that before."

"Um-hmm; we're cheating a little, with these," Laura agreed, holding ... I figured I would, at least to find out - both ways."

"You did?!"

"She did, I did. Of ... ... Continue»
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the cuckold fun

... re working late at the ofice -- nobody works that late all the
time. Does he ... in clothes and in makeup. Recipes, who's
cheating on who else. Most of us are, ... Maybe he can end up as a woman who swings both

"I could say that about you too, Craig," ... ... Continue»
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