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Chatting brings mother close to son( chapt 1 and 2

Chatting brings mother close to son( chapt 1 and 2

... it through the landline telephone. The PC in our son’s room was connected through cable

Chapter 2 ... ?”

At first I didn’t understand what it was . Then I realized my son had been chatting on the messenger ... and forgotten to close it. The message was for ‘hotboy’ from an id called ‘mjaya’. I guessed my son’s id... Continue»
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Chatting brings mother close to son( chapt 3 and 4

... false reply from my son

I thought I should come to the point

“So who do you like to chat ... had no idea he was watching his own mother. And Jyoti had no idea she was watching her own son ... . “whats a/s/l” I asked

“Are you new to chatting” he asked “ASL is age, sex and location”

“okay I... Continue»
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Chatting brings mother close to son( chapt 5 and 6

... at all the co-incidences. So I had to see that this part of the chat she didn’t watch.

“Jyoti ... , let me think it over. Meanwhile, darling please bring me a glass of orange juice from the fridge... Continue»
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A Mother and Her Son 1

This is a story about i****t between a mother and her son. If you don't like that type of story ... for support and therefore had grown closer than the typical mother and teenaged son.

Tommy Ritter ... to his mother.

Tommy was a tall, handsome and lean boy at 6' 1" and 175 pounds. He was bigger than... Continue»
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A Mother and Her Son 2

... ... you know, I... I... don't know how."

"Here," Sue said, bringing her lips to her son's.

His ... mother asked. He felt her bring her lips to his again. This time he relaxed his and pressed into her ... , pulling his mother to him again.

Suddenly, Sue could feel her son's hard penis pressing... Continue»
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chennai mother and son part 2

... , the other partner cannot f***e it’.

Rule no 2: We have to behave in a mother and son way in front ... the fuck was slow and gentle, it lasted a longer time. Mother and I came at the same time. Son” she said ... and saw mother preparing breakfast. I came from behind her, held her buttocks with my hands and plant... Continue»
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... uncontrollably.

Tony pulled his mother's fingers from his thigh, bringing her
hand onto his ... !

Knowing he was close, she began to beg and moan. And, just as she
had done with her other son ...

...Both Donna and her son were breathing hard, as things quieted down.
She sat there panting... Continue»
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My Son My Wife 2 part 1

... or like we got homosexual crossdressing sons” and I heard the boys door close and I said “you ... This story part of My Son Is My Wife.

Hello my name is Jenny White and I'm 26 years old and I ... have too sexy daughters/sons and their names are Jamie White and Beth White and their real names... Continue»
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... nor Matthew ever bring him up unless I do and tehnI am quickly diverted to another subject ... .
It was one piece of the mystery.
Recently I began to suspect that Matthew was having sex with our mother ... . In the past I've noticed how close they were but in my more naieve understanding merely... Continue»
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A Mother and Son's Love Turns A Corner #2

... , that I'm your mother, and your my son, and I'm, a married woman, to your dad." between breaths, we ... are the one I want to be with. I wish so much of the time, that we were not mother and son, but husband ... jerking off, thinking about what my mother and I did last night while watching the movie that we watched... Continue»
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... to be assembled. Part of me could not quite grasp the idea of a mother and son behaving this way ... from the sight of my mother reclined upon the bed with a strange dreamy smile fixed on her face, her ... of conflicting thoughts crashing into my mind.
I had my eyes closed for most of this time and I heard... Continue»
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2 Moms, 2 Sons, 1 Hot Night

... go shooting into her mouth. She then closed them and started swallowing her own son's juice ... and I watched as her son fucked my mother. And they were both loving it! I had a hard cock of my own ...

Recently, I was reminiscing with my mother about "That Summer."

"What do you remember most... Continue»
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My Son brings me another Part 2

... Our Lovely Son's

And so it ended, our first of many nights to remember, Toby, with his cock ... their, and another's mother's.

Susey and I were fucked, gloriously fucked, we lay on the bed while the boys ... played Jorden's X Box in his bedroom. Jorden the perfect son and Toby was the perfect loving son... Continue»
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s****r in law

... the room she looked at me and gave neutral smile and told me to sit. I started chatting with nephews ... close to her residential area on way to my office, I suddenly changed mind and started walking to ... became very close to me, so one day he invited me to his house to have dinner together. That was the... Continue»
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From J. Joyce

... my potatoes and the
oysters 2/6 per doz going out to see her aunt if you please common robbery ... something about him 1 or 2 tunnels perhaps then you have to look
out of the window all the nicer then ... Grafton street I had the
misfortune to bring him into and she as insolent as ever she could be with... Continue»
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sexy net wife

... of rittu for 2 months and they were only b able to fuck her and they would provide a package of 1 lakhs ... now became friends and sachin was happy that her mother too had company for 2 months.Monica Sachin ... of marriage and 2 k**s rittu had blossemed herself into full fledged ripe woman with sexy fig of 36 32 38... Continue»
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Watching Tne Detectives

... to bring me to the
edge. I closed my eyes as she started to pump her head up and down on my
cock ... Watching The Detectives

Nikkie Silk

1 Philippa

For the umpteenth time I needed to move ... in and then emerged with a woman wearing a
dressing gown. They embraced and I got a lovely close up sequence... Continue»
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mum and dad

... had a daughter who lived with Clare mother as Clare had a 1 bed flat and was saving to get a bigger ... bridesmaids and the new son in law fucked his mother in law to her approval

The end......
... to a well known gay bar, the night was going well and got chatting to a nice couple who invited me... Continue»
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Mama T's - Visiting and meeting her household

... on your fireproof undies, grab some lube and enjoy part 2 ... .

It was late. It was not after 1:00 like it had been the first time I had met Mama T. But the fact ... these here tits o’ mine!” Looking past me to where Marcus was closing the door, she added. Marcus... Continue»
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It’s fun watching people having sex – it’s a sort of ingrained feeling ... such a long time ago, just weren’t getting through. We relaxed and chatted together while I kept my hard ... story”

Thu’s Voyuer Guest – Part 2
The resort was fairly quiet, not a lot of guests... Continue»
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