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Chapter 52. Thump thump

Chapter 52. Thump thump

... head quickly slapped against the underside of the table and- <ddd>thump</ddd>! "Golly!" Terry exclaimed, "there is is again!"
"what's the matter ... ... Continue»
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Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss: Tantri

... <ddd>Chapter</ddd>.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe <ddd>52</ddd>
<ddd>Chapter</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Barbaria Act 3 Chapter 2

... ... snort... snort... snort... It was like a big bone, splitting her. <ddd>Thump</ddd>... <ddd>thump</ddd>... <ddd>thump</ddd>... <ddd>thump</ddd>... <ddd>thump</ddd>... <ddd>thump</ddd>... Livia’s wails continued, heard all around the hold. Heard and ... ... Continue»
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<ddd>THUMP</ddd> <ddd>THUMP</ddd>
My husband exhales a loud sigh of disgust.
<ddd>THUMP</ddd> <ddd>THUMP</ddd> <ddd>THUMP</ddd>
"They're at it again," he said with sickening groan in his voice.
<ddd>THUMP</ddd> <ddd>THUMP</ddd> <ddd>THUMP</ddd> <ddd>THUMP</ddd> ... in love.
<ddd>THUMP</ddd> <ddd>THUMP</ddd> <ddd>THUMP</ddd> <ddd>THUMP</ddd>
<ddd>THUMP</ddd> <ddd>THUMP</ddd>
It was a struggle ... ... Continue»
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"Gluteus Maximus" - Chapter 18 "End

... help but thinking, "I have the power..."


"Gluteus Maximus" - <ddd>Chapter</ddd> Eighteen

I was glowing in the warmth of ... what you think, this is my last <ddd>chapter</ddd> thanks for the ... ... Continue»
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Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 3)

<ddd>Chapter</ddd> 3

"You seem to know a lot about dressing for ... Her makeup's far too thick, he thought to himself.

<ddd>THUMP</ddd>, <ddd>THUMP</ddd>, <ddd>THUMP</ddd>, <ddd>THUMP</ddd>, <ddd>THUMP</ddd>, <ddd>THUMP</ddd>, <ddd>THUMP</ddd>, <ddd>THUMP</ddd>, <ddd>THUMP</ddd>, <ddd>THUMP</ddd>,

"IIIf ya wan't ma body,

AAND ya ... ... Continue»
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Gold Digger’s Demise – The Club - Comp

... barely making the turn. The tires of the BMW made a <ddd>thump</ddd>, <ddd>thump</ddd>, <ddd>thump</ddd> sound as they bounced over the lane indicators to ... as she became dizzy, and then dropped into u*********sness.

<ddd>Chapter</ddd> 6

Stout sat patiently in an old office chair and ... ... Continue»
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Barbaria Act 2 Chapter 6

... pounding savagery.
<ddd>Thump</ddd>! <ddd>Thump</ddd>! <ddd>Thump</ddd>! <ddd>Thump</ddd>! No finesse...
<ddd>Thump</ddd>! <ddd>Thump</ddd>!
Just the pure joy of violent possession ...
hump! <ddd>Thump</ddd>! <ddd>Thump</ddd>! <ddd>Thump</ddd>! ... Because it simply couldn’t help itself ...
<ddd>Thump</ddd>! <ddd>Thump</ddd>! <ddd>Thump</ddd>! <ddd>Thump</ddd>! Oh joy! Oh delight!
The ... ... Continue»
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Barbaria Act 2 Chapter 5

... secret of the fact that she loved a fuck! Faster yet...
<ddd>Thump</ddd>... <ddd>thump</ddd>... <ddd>thump</ddd>... <ddd>thump</ddd>.. <ddd>thump</ddd>... <ddd>thump</ddd>! Oh that big bouncing bottom!
„Brute... oooh... brute... HHHAAAHHH... b-brute ... ... Continue»
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St Monicas School

... to one of the students and instructed them to
read a <ddd>chapter</ddd> until she got back. She walked down the long dark ... Jenna
pushed her tightened fist past her sloppy ring with a <ddd>thump</ddd>.
Jenna cried out in pain, "OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!" as the girls fist ... ... Continue»
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Intruder - Laura Vandervoort (3/8)

... <ddd>Chapter</ddd> 3

Laura looked up at Jan in disgust and turned her ... faster, his balls slapping her chin over and over with a <ddd>thump</ddd>-<ddd>thump</ddd>-<ddd>thump</ddd> that was enough to send him over the edge.

Jan ... ... Continue»
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... a call," said Andrew.

"I will," replied Frank.

<ddd>Chapter</ddd> 2

The following week, Andrew got a call ... get to work, bitch," ordered Frank.

<ddd>Chapter</ddd> 4

As he opened the suitcase, ... ... Continue»
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Chapter Two of my personal story

... you all for the response I received from <ddd>Chapter</ddd> One. For the start of this <ddd>chapter</ddd> I must back to my age five because ... Grandpa died of a stroke. Well, this <ddd>chapter</ddd> covers me from age eight to age twelve. <ddd>Chapter</ddd> three has already been started, dear ... ... Continue»
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A Professor Is Blackmailed - Chapter 2

... the request of a reader and I hope I do his fantasy justice.


Kerri was 28 years of age ... be the highlight of the evening. Wendy deduced the final <ddd>chapter</ddd> would complete Kerri's humiliation and she would forever have the ... ... Continue»
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Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter XI

... Orgy Series – <ddd>Chapter</ddd> XI

“Provocation Part I (or When She Made Him ... bond and then, the seduction games got to a new <ddd>chapter</ddd>. Now, Roberta wanted to make her neighbor lust ... together, but I want to keep them to a next <ddd>chapter</ddd>… if that happen…

THE END ... ... Continue»
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Chapter Five XHamster profile of Love2Bused

... were all sitting in.

Nick then introduced himself as the <ddd>chapter</ddd> president and told me that he apologized for the misunderstanding ... , there was a problem, Fred’s dad had been a member of the <ddd>chapter</ddd> and that the only way they could keep Fred out ... ... Continue»
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My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 16: Katie's Hallowe

My Hot Wife Katie <ddd>Chapter</ddd> 16
Katie's Halloween Party

Joechin Lee sat in his room ... of his first woman.

Coming soon; My Hot Wife Katie <ddd>Chapter</ddd> 17. Katie was been avoiding the phone calls from the ... ... Continue»
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How it came about with my son: Chapter one:

How it came about with my son: <ddd>Chapter</ddd> One:
I had been wondering or maybe say dreaming what it ... try it and he said, “Maybe another time.” End of <ddd>Chapter</ddd> one:
... Continue»
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How it came about with my son. Chapter 2

How it came about with my son: <ddd>Chapter</ddd> two:
It had been just a little over a week since my ... my clothes and hurried off into a nearby bathroom. Watch for <ddd>Chapter</ddd> three:
... Continue»
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My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 2: Katie's Anal Exp

My Hot Wife Katie - <ddd>Chapter</ddd> 2
Katie’s Anal Experience

I came home early from work the day ... videocamera. Fred can't wait to play but will Katie?
Read <ddd>Chapter</ddd> 3: Katie and the videocamera

We love hearing from our fans ... ... Continue»
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