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Chapter 1: The First Night Home

Chapter 1: The First Night Home

... how you would ever make it until Friday, when you know she would finally be home. You had seen ... then and there, although that was want you really wanted to do. She was all done up for the choir performance that night ... on that January night came flooding back, and you couldn’t believe that she was wearing it for you, again... Continue»
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THE EYELAND PROJECT: First Crew. Chapter 1

By Otto Maddox

Chapter 1

“The internet isn’t evil…no more ... was tired of a military lifestyle…her husband gone more than he was at home. In fact, he’d been gone ... calling. She hoped every day, he’d come home and decide to retire, but she knew that it wasn’t likely... Continue»
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First night at club part 1

... This is a true story. Its also the first one I've written so have started with part 1 to see what ... the comments are like.
Please leave comments positive or negative.

First some ... weeks, listening to people's opinions on which was a good first one to try. We decided on one about... Continue»
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my First Night with Sir (pt 1)

... with every chapter added.

I would order you to lay out your sex toys, ball gag your ... is begging for attention but I tell him to wait until you're delirious with lust. After all, the night ... ! But for now, it's time for more play."

I'm going to fuck your other holes soon, but first... Continue»
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Kim's First Lesbian Experience Chapter 1

... [user]Chapter 1

Kim was 18 and was having a sl**p over with two life-long friends... Jen ... every boys dream.

The three girls started the night out very innocently. They made their own ... experienced with guys. They all grew up in very sheltered homes. Their parents would not allow them to go out... Continue»
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My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 1: Katie's First Fa

... ....just reupping the first 13 chapters as they have disappeared....

Katie's First Facial ... but it obviously wasn't going down on me. I probably should have asked about it.

During late nights ... cock into her mouth.

I came home one afternoon and Katie was checking her emails on the computer... Continue»
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How I met my first Master: Chapter 1

... . Smiling I went home to get some sl**p for my next shift. First things first though, I had to pick up some ... Many years ago, I worked as the night shift security guard, cleaning the mall and patrolling ... the halls at night. The pay was good, the hours were tiring, but the job was fun despite the loneliness... Continue»
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Fun with My Teacher - My First Time: Chapter 1

... Fun with My Teacher - My First Time: Chapter 1

I sat in the corner of my class, sucking ... view of a lovely pair of 34Ds. I had fancied her since almost my first day of high school.
Miss ... after almost since I first saw her. She was new this year and I always thought it was fantastic how she... Continue»
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My first adventure in Tranny land Chapter 1

There was this book store that I heard a lot about, so on a sunny Saturday night, I was wearing ... . I said " Do I look okay dummy" he hugged me and said since gym was our last class to follow him home ... Saturday Night when someone sucked me off. He laughed and said "Hi I'm Chad and I sucked your cock did... Continue»
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Aussie Gap Year 1 - First night

... her way to the taxi rank and jumped in the first cab. "Mitchell St. please". Mitchell St ... the music could be heard and the crowds were beginning their night out. It was a very male dominated ... a number from the hat. Sam got 4. The other 3 girls would go first then she would, followed... Continue»
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True Wife Story 1 - the first night we met.

... My wife has been telling me stories about her cuckolding me since the day we first met.

We first ... the first week in December and was assigned to the Naval Anti-Submarine warfare school admin section ... is another story.

That Friday night I went to the base bowling alley to get a beer and something to eat... Continue»
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First Meeting, Chapter 1

... I've given some thought to what our first meeting might be like and I know exactly how ... filling my belly when two more shots arrive. I look you in the eye for perhaps the first time of my own ... as he begins looking over a sheet of paper, "Matt had it with 80."

"Congratulations, Matt, first shot at this cunt's cunt is yours."... Continue»
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Julie's Bedroom - Chapter 1

... more.

Chapter 1

Julie was working on her computer at home. She was distracted, thinking about ...

This is the first chapter of my book "Julie's Bedroom" The entire book is available ... as he wanted the night before and let him fuck her again when they first woke up that morning. He... Continue»
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Chapter 1: We Get Married

... Chapter 1: We Get Married

Melissa and I have been married now for over 10 years. Like most ... together ever since. She had never been with anyone else when I first took her there in the back seat ... a c***d into our home, we would never have a “f****y”. This realization had a bit of a negative... Continue»
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When Rene Calls (a Chrissie Conway Story)


When Rene Calls
Chapter One

I first ... of the difference between the 1% crowd and us 99 % folks.
The remainder of the night was taken up ... and said "Good night Chrissie."

Chapter Two

Several weeks past and I never heard... Continue»
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For Starters (5)

... dressed and he drove me back near my home.

I lay awake most part of the night, thinking what to do ... CHAPTER 5

Next Friday I took the decision to give Mike the suggested call “when I ... , when I left home I was ready for every thing. He took my dick in his hand and stroke it slowly... Continue»
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Catching Her Attention - Vampire Pt 4

... watched her into the night and found that it was already 1:30 and things were starting to settle down ...

Chapter 04: Catches Her Attention

Over the centuries I have seen many things; turn of one ... a night, but being a little older I can go without too. Every once in a while when I had been... Continue»
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A piece I never bothered to finish..

... dreams and fantasies, as she stared idly at the floor matrix .. wishing...

Chapter 1: "You did what ... he resettled his eyes on the young girl as if seeing her for the first time.
Lana was built ... times first, I assure you. But I thought you might stop me from even the attempt, so this is what I've... Continue»
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Becoming a Slave Ch. 02

... Chapter 2 - Shame and Acceptance


As I sat on Matt's couch, the taste of his cock and cum ... , I was already dressed and ready to go home, as it had become quite late on this Sunday night. I had ... it again.

After returning home, I immediately went to the adult site where I had first... Continue»
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... Chapter 1: The Green Alba

The room is deaf and silent, the only thing you will hear ... first had this “sessions” as he called it last Christmas party of 2013. I was d***k and horny, Damien ... slowly at first then he speed up his tempo.

“Oh yeah just like that baby. Deep throat that fat... Continue»
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