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Caught in the Act

Chapter 9: Caught In The Act

The Enchantress had had to ... An instant later in the center of the cloud, there appeared the stern visage of the all-father. His ... , you have again seen fit to meddle in the affairs of the mortals."
"But my lord, I can ... ... Continue»
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THE f****y "Caught In The Act"

The Travis f****y:
Dan: Father, 42, CEO Connie: Mother, 37, Housewife Ken: Son, 19, attending
college Roni: Daughter, 16, Private High School
The Travis f****y lives in a posh home in the hills of northern California. Dan
Travis, was made CEO of one of the largest corporations in the country, which
also qualified him as one of the highest paid CEO's in the country. Dan is the
type of person that had to have the best for him and his f****y; the best house,
cars, and life style in general. When Dan married Connie 20 years ago, she was
only 17 and in high school. He promised her that she would never have to work as
long as she was married to him and he would give her everything her heart
desired. Dan made good on his promises to her, because Connie has never worked
and couldn't asked for anything that Dan hasn't or wouldn't give her.
Connie's days were spent with her rich neighborhood friends, making plans for
parties and such, taking classes on any subject that interested her at the time,
and keeping herself in shape by visiting the gym 4 days a week. Connie had
everything she wanted, but still, there was something missing in her life. Dan
had become lost in his work several years back, never having time for things
like sex with Connie. Sure, he would give her a quickie on some nights before
bed or Connie would give him a blow-job in the mornings, but as for the
passionate sex they once had was down to nothing. It was a beautiful fall day
when Connie took an opportunity to lounge in the hot tub behind her house. The
hot tub was enclosed in lattus work that held it in seclusion from the rest of
the property. Connie walked to the rear of her home and entered the small
hide-away. Closing the trellis door behind her she removed the heavy robe she
was wearing. Her naked body came in contact with the cool fall air. Her large
nipples that topped her melon sized breasts became erect from the cool feeling.
She stepped into the warm water of the tub and eased down, pulling the warm
blanket of water over her sleek well maintained body. She closed her eyes and
laid back, enjoying the sensation of the hot water and the coolness of the fall
Connie's solitude was interrupted by the voice of their gardener, Terrel. Terrel
was a black man, in his mid 30s that her husband had hired last year. Very well
built, tall, and muscular. Connie, on numerous occasions, had inspected his from
a distance as he worked in the gardens. Connie watched through the shrubbery as
he came into view. He was talking in a low voice, but Connie couldn't see who,
until they past by some open parts in the shrubs. Connie could see it was Tammy,
white girl that worked for them as kitchen help. Tammy didn't speak, she only
followed Terrel to a place beside the hot-tub. With only her head out of the
water, the shrubs hid Connie from their sight. She could see them pretty
clearly. Terrel looked around and gave the surrounding area a quick once over
before turning to Tammy and telling her it was all clear. Tammy quickly dropped
to her knees in front of Terrel. Connie's eyes grew wide at the sight, she knew
what she was about to witness. Tammy reached in front of her and unbuckled
Terrel's pants, unzipping them and then pulling them and his underwear down to
his ankles. Connie's eyes grew even wider as Terrel's cock came out. Connie
quietly gasped for air at the sight of it. She had never before in her life seen
a human cock that size. As Tammy pulled his pants down, Connie looked at his
cock, she could see it was at least 10 inches and as thick as her arm. Tammy
then pulled her sweater off and laid it on the ground next to her. Her skin was
very white with freckles covering her large heavy breasts. Connie watched her
breasts as they bounced free from the material.
Tammy took his cock quickly and pushed her light skinned face down over his dark
cock. The contrast of the color of her face and his cock made Connie's eyes fix
on the sight of where they met. Connie watched Tammy take only a few inches in
her mouth before having to stop. Connie tried to imagine her taking his cock and
how much would she be able to take. Tammy pumped the long limp cock as she
sucked the head. Connie watched her hand move up and down the shaft, moving the
skin around it as she did. Connie became aware of the excitement growing between
her legs as she watched. Parting her legs underneath the water, Connie let one
hand venture between her legs and placing it over her hot mound. Connie began
stroking her clit at the sight of the two. Tammy was moving her mouth quickly
over his cock as though she was in a hurry, taking more in as she went. Connie
watched Tammy's lips as they gripped his cock tightly. Before long, the cock was
thick and hard, standing straight out for Tammy to suck. Connie's fingers were
moving faster over her clit. Her breathing became quick and hard. Tammy pinched
her nipples as she sucked his massive tool until they were hard and erect,
standing out from her large breasts. Connie watched the girl roll and pinch her
nipples as she took in all there was to see. Connie could feel herself wanting
to moan from the intense pleasure she was giving herself. She raised one hand to
her mouth and covered it in fear that she wouldn't be able to control herself
when she started cumming. Tammy's hand had now moved to the bottom of her skirt
and pushed its way to her crotch. Tammy pinched and rubber her clit as she
sucked Terrel's cock. Tammy looked up at Terrel and nodded her head as she kept
the cock tightly in her mouth without saying a single word. Connie saw Terrel's
head draw back and eyes shut. She knew he was about to cum. Tammy pulled the
cock from her mouth and began pumping it with both hand vigorously, letting her
mouth only cover the tip of his cock after a few pumps. This sight was too much
and knowing that this little white girl was about to suck his cum out was enough
to send Connie over the edge. Connie bit her finger to keep from making any
sounds as her cum raged beneath her pulling fingers. Tammy stroked the cock with
long hard strokes, bring his cum to the surface. When the first spray of cum
shot out, Tammy quickly covered the head of the cock with her lips, sucking his
cum into her mouth. When he started cumming, Tammy quickly pulled her right hand
off his cock and placed it back in her crotch. With her left hand, she pumped
his cock even harder as she rubbed her clit to orgasm. Connie could hear Tammy.
She could hear a low steady hum coming from Tammy's throat. Cum flowed from her
mouth and down her chin and onto her white breasts.
When it was over, Tammy stood up as quickly as she got on her knees and dressed,
leaving Terrel to pull his pants up without saying a word. Alone, Terrel pulled
his pants and underwear up, pausing at his cock to snake it back inside and then
he pulled his clothes the rest of the way up. He gave a quick look-around before
moving from the cover of the shrubs and then left.
When Connie was sure he was gone, she sat back up in the hot-tub. Her hand was
still lightly stroking her clit, giving her more after-orgasm pleasure. With her
eyes closed, Connie spent a while day dreaming of what she just saw happen.
Since Dan wasn't giving her as much sex as she would love to have, she seemed to
stay horny most of the time. Connie began fantasizing about replacing Tammy's
mouth with her own. She could see herself bringing Terrel to an orgasm by her
mouth. Connie stopped thinking about it and moved her hand away from her flooded
pussy. She knew there wasn't any since of making herself frustrated thinking
about it. Soon, Connie was out of the hot-tub and putting her robe back on. Just
as she began to pull the robe over her shoulders, she heard the trellis door
open, looking up, she saw Terrel standing there. Connie, in an attempt to cover
her voyeurism, said hello as if nothing was any different than any other time.
Terrel returned the Hello, but just stood there looking at Connie's exposed
Terrel told her that she didn't have to put that robe on for him because he knew
she had seen him and Tammy a few minutes ago. He asked her if she enjoyed the
show. Connie didn't know how to act nor did she know what to say. She just
looked at him. Terrel rubbed the outline of his cock through his pants. Connie
couldn't take her eyes off the large outline that ran partly down his leg. He
then unzipped his pants and fished out his cock. It hung out over the zipper and
bounced heavily down. Connie was amazed at the size of it. She felt the familiar
tingle between her legs as she looked at the long thick black cock hanging
there. Terrel asked her if she wanted to try it on for size. Connie looked up at
him and then back down to the cock. Terrel moved closer, but Connie didn't move
back, she stood there gazing at the bouncing cock as he drew near. Terrel put
his hand on her shoulder and gave a slight push downward. Connie dropped to her
knees just as she had seen Tammy do only a few minutes ago, without a single
word or resistance. Connie's face was only inches away from his cock. She heard
Terrel say go ahead. Connie then raised her hand and took it. Her fingers
wrapped around the thick shaft and closed tightly, her fingers couldn't even go
all the way around it. She thought about Tammy's mouth over this large cock and
her thoughts at that time. She thought about how much she could take in her
mouth. Slowly, Connie moved her face closer and opened her mouth. She could
smell Tammy's perfume and see traces of her lipstick on his cock and see a drop
of cum oozing from the large head. In a slow deliberate movement, Connie raised
the head to her mouth and covered the head with her stretched lips. It was
bigger than she thought. She f***ed her mouth further down the cock causing her
lips to stretch wider apart. She let her tongue push to the under side of his
cock as she pushed her mouth down. Only taking the fist couple inches before it
touched the back of her throat. This didn't stop Connie at all, she lowered her
head a little more and pushed harder, making the head slide down the back of her
mouth and down her throat until her nose was pressing against his pubic hair.
She heard Terrel tell her that she was the first to be able to do that to him.
With her eyes closed now, Connie moved back up the shaft only to return her nose
to his pubic hair again and again. She thought to herself, how much she would
like to see Tammy try doing what she was doing.
Terrel's cock was becoming hard and too thick to take down her throat. Without
saying anything, Connie stopped and turned around on her hands and knees. She
pulled the back of her robe up exposing her luscious ass to Terrel. Reaching
between her legs, she parted her pussy lips for him and pressed two fingers
inside herself. Looking over her shoulder, she gave him her best 'fuck-me' look
and used the other two fingers to motion him to come. Terrel moved to her and
took his place between her legs. Connie quickly pulled her fingers out of her
pussy and took his cock, guiding it to her wet pussy, she pushed back, taking
his cock in her wet hot hole. A slight moan of pain and pleasure jumped from her
mouth as the thickness of his cock opened her pussy wider than it had ever been
opened before. Without a word, she started her fuck motion on his cock. Lowering
her head to the ground, she looked between her legs and watched the black snake
like cock slowly impale her body and then draw out. She squeezed her pussy
tightly around his cock. She heard him groan with pleasure which told her all
those years at the gym had not gone to waste.
Roni walked in the front door of the house and dropped her books on the living
room table as she did ever day. She quickly ran up the stairs to her room to
change out of her school uniform before doing her homework. Coming back down
stairs, she wanted to tell her mom about a boy that asked her out. She searched
for her in all her mom's favorite locations but couldn't find her. She went into
the kitchen and saw Tammy over by the stove. She asked Tammy had she seen her
mom. Tammy told her that she had not seen her for about an hour and didn't know
where she was. Roni decided that she would tell her later when she saw her. She
took her books from the table and walked back upstairs and to the study. Roni
closed the door and put her books down on the large oak desk by the window.
Turning around to open the window, Roni saw her mom in utter disbelief. She
found her alright, but her mom was at the hot-tub fucking the black gardener. In
a second, fury flooded her head for her mom. She couldn't believe she was
cheating on him, much less with the gardener. Roni trembled with anger as she
watched her mom fuck their gardener. At about that time, Dan opened the door and
came in. Roni turned around and looked at her dad. With anger and disbelief in
her eyes, she went to her dad. She wanted to tell him what was going on that
very same second outside at the hot-tub, but she didn't know how to tell him.
Instead, she took him by the arm and told him she had something to show him. She
lead him downstairs and out the front door. Dan kept asking her what was she
doing, but Roni kept saying she had something she wanted him to see and nothing
Once at the back of the house, Roni told him to be very quiet. He did as
requested of him by her. They quietly came the lattus work around the Hot-tub.
Dan's was instantly filled with anger and pain. Roni looked at her mom and
Terrel with her dad. Dan had to turn and walk away. He couldn't go back inside
right now. He wondered if anyone in the house knew about what he had just seen.
He wondered how long had Connie been cheating on him and with who. Was Terrel
the only one or was there more? Dan walked to the other side of the property
where the pool was. Roni was right behind him. She walked with him telling him
that she was sorry about showing him. She went on to tell him that she had just
seen it from the study and got so mad that she had to show him. Dan told his
daughter to stop trying to blame herself, that she had nothing to do with his
pain and anger. That it was her mom that did it all, that she only made him
become aware of it is all. They came to the pool and walked around it for a
while. Neither of them said much for a long time. Dan finally said that he had
to have a drink. He walked inside the pool house and took a bottle behind the
bar. Pouring himself a large glass, he sat down on the sofa and just looked out
into space while quickly downing the first glassful. Roni sat beside him, trying
to think of some way she could ease the pain her dad must be feeling.
Connie was now wild with passion. Bucking against the large cock like an a****l
in heat. Terrel's hands gripped her ass tightly as he plunged his cock harder
and harder into Connie's hot pussy. Connie's clit was large and erect with
excitement and quickly became the target of her fingers, kneading and rubbing it
until it burned with pleasure. Connie felt every inch of Terrel's long meat
burying itself inside her. Connie's fingers were a blur as they feverishly
rubbed her swollen clit. Nearing the edge of her orgasm, Connie turned her face
and looked over her shoulder to Terrel, telling him that he better cum quickly
or she would be finished and he would have to stop. Terrel plunged his cock as
hard as he could into Connie pussy. Connie's face laid on the deck of the
hot-tub with her eyes closed, feeling her pussy getting filled with cockmeat.
Connie started cumming hard. Her fingers pressed harder on the hard button. She
whispered to him that she was cumming. Terrel wasn't ready to cum yet. He wanted
to enjoy this woman's pussy for a little while longer before shooting his cum
inside her. Connie's cum lasted for a few minutes, but Terrel hadn't cum yet.
Connie knew she had not felt his cum shoot into her throbbing pussy. She turned
around and took his cock back in her mouth. She could taste her own wetness that
coated his cock. It tasted good to her as he milked his cock between her lips.
Terrel's head drew back and Connie knew that his time was here. She drew her
head back, just as Tammy had done before, keeping only the head of his cock in
her mouth as she pumped the long thick shaft with her hands. His cum shot into
her mouth. More and more cum followed, filling her mouth and pressing out
between her lips and his cock. It poured out onto her heavy breasts that were
bouncing as her head bobbed on his cock. Terrel cum soon subsided since he had
cum only a few minutes before, he didn't have a full load of cum. Connie quickly
stood up and pulled her robe together and told Terrel that he should stay here
until she had gone so nobody would be wise to what they had just did. Terrel
agreed and waited until Connie had been gone for a few minutes and then walked
out and to the garden shed. Connie walked inside the house and went straight to
her bathroom and took a bath. The smell of horny sex was all about her and the
smell of her pussy was all around her mouth where she had cleaned Terrel's cock.
She locked the door and quickly got in the hot water and laid back, exhausted
from her fuck she had just been given. Her pussy was a wreck from the size of
Terrel's cock. The hot water felt wonder to her pussy. It helped soothe the
stretched feeling her pussy was having.
Back at the pool house, Roni watched her dad finish the bottle and get another.
Roni knew that he would be d***k a no time if he kept up. Sitting back down next
to Roni, Dan began drinking straight from the bottle, omitting the glass all
together. Roni heard her dad repeat "why" over and over and over. He took
another long drink from the bottle and started asking why again. Roni took the
bottle from her dad and asked if she could have a drink too. Dan looked at her
and said that it must be hard on her too that she could probably use a drink
just like him. Roni stood up and went to the door and looked out. It was dark
now and the light was on in her parents room. She knew that Connie was through
fucking the gardener and was now in their bedroom waiting for her dad to get in.
Anger swept over her and she too tuned the bottle up just as she had seen her
dad do it. It burned going down her throat causing her to cough a little before
pulling the bottle away from her mouth. Roni closed the shade on the door
window. There wasn't any other windows in the pool house to see in from. She
didn't want anyone to come out there. She wanted them to alone without anyone
coming out there. Roni walked back to the couch and sat beside her dad again,
handing him the bottle back, she asked him what he was going to do now. Dan told
his daughter that he didn't know right now what to do that he would have to
think about it. Tears began running from Dan's eyes as he said this to his
daughter. Roni, not knowing what to do, put her arm around her dad and held him.
She only knew that she wanted to stop the hurt he was feeling.

Dan laid his head on his daughter's shoulders as the tears rolled down his
cheeks. Without a sound, he quietly cried on her shoulder. He finally pulled up
and turned the bottle back up, taking another long drink. Roni took the bottle
back and took another drink also and then handed it back to her dad. Dan sat
back in the couch and Roni stood up. She began asking "why" now, but neither of
them had an answer yet. Roni began crying now. The thought of her mom with
another man, hurting him the way she did made her cry with pain and anger. Dan
pulled her to him and she sat on his lap like she did when she was a small c***d
with her legs on either side of him. Dan held her trying to make her feel
better. The convulsions of Roni body as she cried made her bounce on his lap.
Dan didn't notice at first that his cock was becoming hard from the activity
that was taking place on top of it. He just held her hoping that it would go
away. He knew it was wrong. He pushed it out of his mind, but Roni continued to
move. He tried to think of something else, but his cock kept bringing him back
to reality. Dan looked down and Roni's shirt had come unbuttoned at the top. He
could see the sweet mounds that were enclosed in the lacy material of her bra.
He quickly looked away. Roni notice that her dad had stopped crying, but as soon
as she did, she also felt something under her, pushing up. She could feel his
hard-on he was getting from her sitting on his lap. She stopped crying and just
sat there thinking about what she was noticing under her. Dan just looked away,
embarrassed by what was happening to his cock. Roni looked up at her dad's face
and for the first time in her life, she looked at him as a man and not her dad.
Nervous and unsure about what was happening, she put her arms around her dad's
neck and pulled close to his shoulder. Roni was feeling the effects of the
alcohol, but was fully aware of her feeling and the situation. She knew that
what was happening had made her dad stop thinking about seeing her mom with the
black gardener. She pulled closer and told Dan she loved him and that she wanted
to make him feel better. Roni began rocking slowly and nervously over her dad's
hardening cock. Dan tried to push her back, telling her no that what she was
doing was wrong, but Roni held to him tight and told him she just wanted to make
him feel better. Roni pushed her bottom down harder on her dad's cock while
rocking in small movements. She felt his cock grow from the excitement. She told
her dad that she could feel that he liked it too. Dan stopped his effort to make
her stop, but the feeling of doing something very wrong was still going through
his stomach. Roni's movements became harder as she became more sexually aroused
by her movements. Dan's hands slowly moved to his daughter's rear and kept them
there as though he wanted to help her move. Roni kept asking her dad to let her
make him feel better as she moved. Dan's cock was now hard and straining against
his pants as his daughter humped over him. Dan told his daughter again how wrong
this was, but she told him that she didn't care that she only wanted to make him
happy. She asked him if it felt good and Dan told her it did, but he just didn't
like it being her. Roni told her dad to just think of her as being someone else
then. She told him to pretend it was Tammy that worked in the kitchen. She told
him that she knew he like looking at her because she had caught him several
times. Roni slowly unbuttoned her shirt and opened it, exposing her white lacy
bra. She then reached behind her and unhooked it. The bottom of the bra pulled
away from Roni's body, making her breasts bounce from the release of the
confines of the bra. Roni took the bottom of the bra and pulled it up, letting
her tender breasts come into full view for her dad. She asked him if he like
them. Dan looked down at them and told her he like them very much and that he
thought they were very beautiful. Roni placed her hand on the back of his head
and pulled it down to her firm breasts. She asked her dad to please kiss them.
Dan's mouth came into contact with his daughter's erect nipples for the first
time. It sent a burning desire to the head of his cock. Roni continued to rock
back and forth on her dad's covered cock until she could feel her wetness
building inside her. She moved back and without letting her dad's mouth move
from her breasts, she reached between them and unzipped his pants. Reaching
inside, she took his fat penis in her hand and pulled it free. It felt
incredible in her hand as it pulsated.
"I like the way your cock feels in my hand, Dad." Roni whispered to him. She let
her hand lightly roam over the length and over the swollen cockhead. She loved
the feeling of it in her palm, the way the head was so smooth against her hand.
She tightened her grip around it, causing her dad to groan with pleasure. Roni
looked down at her dad's swollen cock. The sight of it in her hand made her grow
even more wet than before. She moved forward and placed the tip of his cock to
her panty covered clit and pushed it over the hot little button. "It feels so
good touching me there." she whispered again in his ear. Dan was lost on her
breasts. He licked over the erect nipples until the stood out further.
Roni stood up, keeping her dad's cock in her hand, she used her free hand to
pull her skirt and panties down. Dan saw the small patch of dark pubic hair that
covered her young vagina. Dan just sat there with his hard cock in his
daughter's hand. Roni then looked straight in his eyes and told him that she
really wanted to make him forget all about her mom and then kneeling down
between his legs. Dan was speechless. He tried to stop her, but couldn't. She
held the cock in her hand, with her eyes fixed on his as she lowered her mouth
to his large cockhead. She starred straight into his eyes as she opened her
mouth and pressed the cockhead past her lips and into her mouth. Dan's eyes
closed with pleasure. It wasn't until then, Roni stopped looking into her dad's
eyes and closed them to concentrate on his cock. She slowly moved her mouth over
the head, letting her tongue dance freely over the underside of it. The feeling
made Dan moan and told her she was doing it right. Small drops of cum seeped
from the hole. Roni let the tip of her tongue take it and pull it away, causing
a thin string to form, linking her tongue to her dad's cock. The taste of his
cum made her want more. She quickly picked up her movements and let the cock
move freely in and out of her sucking mouth. She gripped the shaft tightly with
her lips as she sucked. Dan was becoming wild with pleasure. He began helping
her by making small pumping movements with his hips. Roni met each movement with
her own. Her hand, still wrapped around the thick shaft, stroked harder and
tighter. Nothing mattered to Dan now. It didn't matter if it was his daughter
that was sucking his cock so good. "Does mom let you cum in her mouth, dad?"
Roni asked. Dan, with his eyes closed told her that she didn't. She always
pulled it out before I shot off. "That's too bad, you can shoot off in my mouth
if you want to dad. I want you to, but not yet." Roni stopped sucking his cock
and crawled back on top of her dad. Before lowering herself, she took his cock
in her hand and aimed it at her pussy. Lowering herself a little at a time, the
cock pushed her lips apart and pressed into her wet hole. She slowly moved down
the rest of the way, taking all of her dad's cock inside her. She leaned over
and told her dad that she wanted him to fuck her just like he fucked her mom. By
this time, Dan was only too happy to obey her wishes. He placed his hand back on
her ass and cupped her small asscheeks in his palms. He pulled her ass up and
helped her move over his cock. Roni asked him if this is how he and mom fucked.
He told her it was. The feeling of being fucked made Roni squirm and hump her
father's cock even harder. Roni's hand instinctively dropped to her clit and
began rubbing. Dan's hand gripped her ass tighter and moved her harder down on
his cock. Roni whispered to her dad again, "I'm close to cumming , daddy, are
you?" Dan managed to moan a yes. Roni quickly got off his cock and went back to
her knees, stuffing his cock back in her mouth. Her hands were still hard at
work on her clit, bring her orgasm closer with each swirl of her finger tips.
She heard her dad say, "Oh Shit, Roni, I'm going to cum!!" Roni's fingers
pressed hard against her clit as she rubbed, her orgasm raced to her burning
clit. She removed the cock from her mouth just long enough to tell her dad she
was cumming and then quickly pushing her mouth back over the cock to suck hard
than before. Dan grunted loudly and started spewing cum into his daughter's
sucking mouth. "Of Fuck,,, Take my cum, Roni! Suck it all out!" Dan grunted with
sheer pleasure. Dan cock pulsated in Roni's mouth as jet after jet shot hot cum
in her mouth. Roni was humming as she cum with the cock shoved so deeply in her
mouth. She pulled the cock from her lips, "That's it, cum for me daddy!" Shoot
your cum all over me!" Roni groaned as she pumped more cum from his cock. The
last couple of jets of cum hit her in the face and the rest landed on her
breasts. Roni's fingers were beginning to slow now. Her orgasm was finished and
the sensitive clit began convulsing as she rubbed it. She milked the last drop
of cum from her dad's cock before letting her head drop in his lap beside the
twitching cock. She rested for a moment and then looked up at her dad, telling
him that what just happened was so wonderful. Dan didn't say anything. The
horror of what just happened finally hit him.
Connie was still in the bathtub when Dan and Roni came into the house. They went
upstairs and opened the door to the bathroom and walked in. Connie attempted to
cover herself, but when she did, Roni told her not to bother, if she didn't mind
letting the gardener see her while he screwed her, she shouldn't mind her and
Dan seeing her. Connie's face was suddenly filled with fear. She had been caught
in the one time she was unfaithful to her husband. It was even worse that her
daughter saw her too. Connie couldn't say anything except she was sorry. Dan
just looked at her and told her to move her things into the guest bedroom and
left. Roni quickly took a suitcase from the closet and opened it, laying it out
on the bed and then leaving. Connie began crying as she got out of the tub.
Walking into the bedroom and seeing the open suitcase made her cry
uncontrollably. A few moment of hard sobbing and Connie began to wipe the tears
from her eyes. She rolled over to the night stand and took out a bottle of pills
she hand been given by her doctor for nerves. What they really were was heavy
narcotic that caused her to walk around in a stupor everytime she took them.
Pouring 3 into her hand, she quickly put them in her mouth and swallowed them.
She then got up and packed her clothes into the suitcase and moved all her
things into the guest bedroom.
The next morning, Dan didn't go to work. Instead, he met Terrel at the front
gate and told him he was no longer needed. Terrel could tell that Dan had found
out and left without saying a word. After Terrel left, Dan and Roni got into his
car and drove off to talk about what had happened the night before. Dan was so
embarrassed at what he let happen. He was going to drive somewhere and tell Roni
that he was sorry that things got out of hand and that he never wanted to do it
again. Dan tried to think of what he was going to say as they drove out the
gate. A few minutes into their drive, Roni was the first to speak. She told him
that she loved ever second of what happened the night before. She knew it was
wrong, but didn't care. She loved her dad and only wanted to make him feel
better and hoped she did by doing what she did. Dan just listened to his
daughter and drove.
Connie was just waking up. She opened her eyes and the pain of what had happened
last night hit her hard. She began crying again, sobbing painfully. She took the
bottle of pills again and took 2 of them. She knew that in a few minutes, she
wouldn't care anymore. She pulled on a light housecoat over her nightie. It made
little difference because her night was almost see through and the robe wasn't
any better. She walked downstairs and into the kitchen. There at the counter was
Tammy. The memory of seeing Tammy with that big black cock in her mouth eased
into her mind. Connie sat down and asked Tammy to get her a cup of coffee if she
didn't mind. Tammy eagerly poured Connie's coffee and placed it in front of her.
Connie watched Tammy's full breasts bounce as she moved through the kitchen.
Connie continued to watch her out of the corner of her eyes until she had
finished her coffee. Getting up, she told Tammy that the coffee wasn't strong
enough and that she needed something with a little more punch this morning.
Connie went into the living room and produced a bottle of vodka from behind the
bar. She took a large glass from the set hanging from the ceiling and poured it
full. Connie had followed Connie into the living room and watched her as she
drank vodka at 9:30 in the morning. Tammy cared about everyone in the house. She
loved her job here because everyone was so nice to her. She walked over to the
bar and sat down in front of Connie and asked her if anything was wrong.
Connie's eyes began to tear. Tammy asked her again and that she didn't like
seeing her this way. Connie moved around the bar and sat down at a table in the
corner of the room. She motioned for Tammy to follow her. Tammy was right behind
her. Connie sat down and Tammy took a seat next to her. Connie then proceeded to
tell her what had happened the day before, that she was in the hot-tub when her
and Terrel were there. Tammy's face turned very red. Connie assured her she had
no reason to be embarrassed at what she did and the went on to tell how Terrel
found her and what they did. Connie told her that she certainly could not blame
her for doing what she did, not after seeing his cock herself. That seemed to
ease Tammy's embarrassment. Tammy began talking to her about how she just wanted
to be liked, but all the men that she dated just wanted one thing and then
looked down at her large breasts. She told Connie how she decided to just fuck
the guys and not become emotionally attached to them. It was kind of like her
little revenge. Connie looked down at her breasts and told her that she saw them
and that she thought they were very nice. Connie wasn't small breasted, but
Tammy had her beat by a mile. Connie then asked her what it was like to have
breasts like hers. Tammy told her it was hell at times. Nobody wanted to talk to
her face, they only wanted to carry conversations with her chest. Tammy noticed
that Connie's nipples were beginning to form little points in the sheer fabric.
Tammy commented to Connie that her breasts were very nice to and that she had
often seen them when Connie didn't know it. Connie looked at her and just
smiled. Tammy went on to admit to Connie that she had often fantasized about
Connie's breasts. Connie was a little taken back by her bold confession. Connie
asked, "Are you......" and Tammy replied before Connie could finish the question
that she didn't think so because she still like a man's dick too much, but she
still had fantasies about other women though. Tammy returned with her own
question to Connie, "Haven't you ever thought about being with another woman?"
Connie thought back to a time when she was young and free. She had a friend that
she used to visit in the country. Her f****y would go to their mom's parents
house and she would go to the neighbor's house to play with her friend. She
remembered a time in the barn when they both were experimenting with mutual
touching. She remembered how the girl brought her to her first orgasm. The
feeling was still locked in her memory. Connie told her about the friend she
used to have in the country and how some friendly touching got out of hand.
Tammy giggled and told her that pretty much how it happened to her, except the
girl was much older and knew what she was doing. Tammy could see that Connie's
nipples were very erect now. The sight of Connie's nipples made her own nipples
harden. Tammy casually let one of her hands move to the buttons on her blouse.
She began to unbutton them one by one, watching Connie as she did so. Connie's
looked at her hand and then to Tammy's face. She didn't say anything and then
turned her attention back to Tammy's hands. As each button opened the shirt move
away from Tammy's large breasts. Connie could see the large white globes coming
into view. Connie's breathing began to become harder with each button that was
undone. Very sweetly, Tammy asked her, "Do you still want to know what they are
Unfastening the last button, she moved the blouse away from her breasts, giving
Connie a good look at them. They were so big and white. Little freckles spotted
the hugh globes. Big brown circles encased each nipple on its perch. Connie told
her they were beautiful. Tammy told her lightly that she could touch them if she
wanted. Connie moved her hands to the large mounds. She took each breast into
her warm hands. Tammy sighed with pleasure and Connie looked up to her face.
Tammy smiled as she told her that her hands felt very nice on her breasts. Tammy
placed her hands on top of Connie's and pressed them hard against her globes.
Tammy let a long low moan escape from her mouth as Connie's hands took her cues.
Without further instructions, Connie began massaging Tammy's heavy breasts. It
caused Tammy to moan louder. Tammy whispered to Connie to taste them and that
she could tell her from experience that they tasted wonderful. Connie lowered
her head to the large pert nipple of one of the heavy breasts. Connie took it
into her mouth and lightly moved her tongue over the tip of it. It felt like a
small erect cock in her mouth. Tammy pulled Connie's head harder to her chest,
telling her to take it deeper in her mouth. Connie quickly did as requested.
Connie could hardly take more than just the brown part of Tammy's breast. Tammy
pushed her hand quickly under her skirt and into her panties. Connie watched her
hand as it kneaded her pussy. Connie spread her legs and pressed her own hand to
her pussy. She unsnapped the crotch of her nightie and pulled the material away
from her pussy. Quickly she placed her fingers between the wet lips of her
pussy, finding her clit hard and waiting. Connie eagerly sucked both of Tammy's
large dark nipples while she watched Tammy play inside her panties. The
restrictions of the panties became too much for Tammy so she pulled them down to
her knees. As she spread her legs apart, Connie hear the light fabric of Tammy's
panties give. f***efully, Tammy parted her legs causing the panties to rip at
the seams. Her hungry hand pushed its way back to the wet depths of her crotch.
Connie could see everything as she played with her own pussy while watching and
sucking. Connie heard Tammy ask her if her fingers felt good playing with her
clit. Connie could only manage to moan a yes with her mouth stuffed with a large
brown nipple. She then heard Tammy ask her to suck her nipples hard and to pinch
them between her fingers. Connie did as Tammy asked and pinched Tammy's nipples
hard between her fingers. Tammy moaned with pleasure. Tammy pressed Connie's
head tightly against her breast, telling her to suck harder that she was
cumming. Connie watched Tammy's finger move wildly on her clit and Connie
matched the motion with her own hand. Connie began cumming also at the sight of
Tammy's orgasm. It caused Connie to push her mouth harder against Tammy's
breast, pushing more into her hungry mouth. Tammy's body trembled under the
control of her orgasm. Connie's own orgasm became stronger as she tasted a small
amount of fluid seep from Tammy's breast and onto her tongue. Connie pulled at
the nipple hard with her mouth as though she was nursing Tammy's big breasts.
More fluid seeped out until hot streams of milk shot into Connie's sucking
mouth. Connie's moans became loud and hard at this. She could hardly make out
the words that Tammy was saying. "yessss, suck them, suck them hard, suck my
milk, suck my nipples hard." Connie pressed her fingers tighter around Tammy's
free nipple and pushed in. Streams of milk shot out over the table. The nipple
in Connie's mouth now shot hot streams of milk freely down her throat.
The women's orgasms had finally subsided, but Connie was reluctant to let go of
Tammy's breasts. She wanted to stay right there and not move, but Tammy told her
that she had to get back to work. She really enjoyed what they did and hoped
that they could do it again sometime. Connie looked straight into Tammy's eyes
and told her she could count on it. With that still hanging in the air, Tammy
stood up and re-buttoned her blouse and flattened out her skirt. Tammy returned
to the kitchen and started back with what she was doing before. Connie stood,
but her legs were still trembling from her orgasm. She finally made her way back
to her bedroom and laid down. Connie's thoughts drifted to long ago to the time
of her hayloft experiences with her friend and then back to the present to the
experience she just had. Suddenly, the events of the day before didn't seem to
matter that much, as she took another 2 pills.

Dan and Roni were well into the country now. Dan had still not spoken much,
letting Roni do most of the talking while he gathered his thoughts before saying
much. Roni took the initial move. She pulled close to Dan and began telling him
how much she enjoyed what they had done, softly in his hear she whispered. Dan
told her not to start anything, because he was still trying to get used to it.
Roni sat back and told him that he would get used to it with no problem. Dan saw
his side road on the highway and took it. He had been this way before. The road
led down to a deserted stretch of dirt road that ended at a lake. There wasn't
any houses around for miles and miles. One at the lake, he stopped the car and
got out. Roni was right behind him, getting out on the passenger's side. The
place was beautiful. Dan told his daughter to follow him on a path that lead
into the woods. About a half mile into the woods, the path opened into a well
manicured yard with an old log home that had been restored to beauty. Roni saw
the home and asked her dad if he knew the people that lived here. He turned to
her and told her he knew the person very well, he bought it last year and had
been working on it to give to Connie for their anniversary. Roni was surprised
beyond words. She could only keep say how beautiful it was. They walked up the
steps to the front door. Dan produced a set of keys and opened the door. Inside
was a most lavishly furnished home. Antiques covered each room. Dan went to the
couch and sat while Roni roamed the house looking in each room. Once in the room
with her dad, she asked him what he planned on doing with it now. Dan just
replied that he didn't know. They walked out on the back porch and looked out
over the lake. The scenery was beautiful and the air was clear, fresh and cool.
Roni asked her dad if he had put a hot-tub in. Dan told her that he hadn't got
to that part yet that a hot-tub was next on the list of things to do. As they
closed the house back up and walked down the steps toward the path that lead
into the woods again, Roni had a thought. She asked her dad if he would keep the
house so they could come spend some time there. Dan thought about it for a
little while as the moved along the path. He finally told her he would keep the
house. That it would be their little place. Roni squealed with excitement and
hugged her dad tightly as they walked together. Once to the car, they drove back
to their house. Ten minutes into the drive home, Roni started teasing her dad.
Giving him a few quick tickles under his arm as he drove. Dan told her to stop
that she would cause him to wreck, but it didn't bother her, she continued to
tickle his underarms. Finally she looked at him and told him that if she
couldn't tickle him that she would have to find something else to do.
She moved her hands to his crotch and cupped his flaccid cock through his pants.
She asked him if he thought he could handle it while he was driving. He quickly
told her that he had been getting hand-jobs while driving since he was 16. Roni
cooed at how early he had started sex. Roni slowly unzipped his fly. She watched
the expressions on his face as she reached in and pulled his limp cock from it's
hiding place. She held it up for her inspection. The inspection was for merely
for show, she wanted to see the reaction of her dad's face as she pretended to
look intently at it. Dan asked her what was wrong with it. Roni just sighed and
told him that there was so much cock and so little time before they got to the
house, ending it with a slight giggle, smiling at him while she said it. She
stroked his cock until it become hard, but not fully hard. This is the way it
felt best to Roni. Slightly hard, but not fully hard, just thick. Roni quickly
laid down in the seat facing him, her face was almost at her dad's cock. Before
she took his cock in her mouth, she told him that she hoped that he could take a
blow-job while driving instead of a hand-job. Roni slowly pushed her lips over
the thick head of her dad's cock. The warm feeling of it on her tongue felt good
to her. Dan continued to look ahead at the road as his daughter pulled and
tugged at his cock with her mouth. By the time they were a few blocks away from
the house, Dan told her that she had better hurry if she didn't want him to pull
up in the drive way with his dick in her mouth. Roni picked up her tempo on his
cock and without warning, Dan began cumming. As they turned down the road their
house was on, Roni was caught a little off guard by his cum. She stopped moving
her mouth over his cock and just pumped the shaft while he shot his cum in her
mouth. Roni pumped the last drop of cum from her dad's cock as he pulled into
the driveway. Roni quickly sat up and stuffed her dad's cock into his pants and
zipped them. She playfully nudged her dad in the side for cumming without
telling her. Dan told her that if she could take the heat, stay out of the
kitchen as they walked up the steps of their house. Roni nudged him again in the
side. Once inside, they looked around to see if Connie was up and around. They
walked upstairs and looked into the guest bedroom. Connie was sl**ping in the
bed. Roni closed the door and took her dad by the hand and led him to his
bedroom. Closing the door behind them, Roni locked it. Turning around to her
dad, she quickly started unbuttoning her shirt and threw it to the floor. Dan
asked her what she thought she was doing. Roni told him that sucking his cock
had gotten her so worked up that she need him to fuck her. As soon as she
finished saying that, she moved quickly to Dan and kissed him hard on the mouth.
Dan tried to move back, but Roni held tight. Her mouth pressed hard against his
as her tongue pushed its way into her dad's mouth. It quickly found his tongue
and began dancing over it. Dan quit trying to move away and began kissing Roni
back. When she felt that, she began taking off her skirt and pushing it down to
the ground. Her panties were next. She stood there in front of her dad with
nothing but a bra on. Her breasts jutted out above the lacy white bra. Roni
definitely took after her mom in the titty area. Roni pulled him to the bed and
laid down, pulling him on top of her. Roni's hand soon found his zipper again
and pulled it down. She unsnapped his pants and pushed them to his ankles with
her feet. Reaching between them, she took his hardening cock in her hand and
guided it to her pussy. Throwing her legs around his waist, she pulled herself
up, making her dad's cock sink deeply into her wet hole.
The noise of Dan's shoes dropping on the floor woke Connie. She sat up in bed
for a second and listened. She could hear words being said in the room next to
where she was. She continued to listen until she could make out two voices. She
could tell who it was, only there were two different voices coming from what
used to be her room. Connie got up, still half dazed from the medication, she
made her way into the bathroom that joined the two rooms together. She pressed
her face against the door to the other room and listened. She could hear
movements and whispering.
Dan was now pushing his cock to meet his daughter's hips that were humping
wildly against him. His cock jabbed deeply inside Roni's pussy. The bed began
rocking. Connie heard it and knew that Dan was fucking someone in their bedroom.
Hurt at first, but then soon got over as she thought about Dan with his cock in
someone else. The thoughts made Connie hot. Connie continued to listen as she
heard someone in the next room moan in what sounded like hot pleasure. Connie
heard the voice begin whispering in a low but loud tone. She heard the voice say
she needed Dan to fuck her hard and fast. The rocking of the bed became harder
as Dan picked up the speed of his hips. Connie heard the voice again, this time
it was telling Dan how good it felt for his cock to fuck her the way it was.
Just as Roni was about to reach her orgasm, Dan was beginning to feel his cum
start at his balls and race to his cock. He began moaning that he was going to
cum. The next words Connie heard made her mouth drop open with horror. She heard
Roni's voice telling Dan to shoot his cum inside her. Connie knew that her
husband was in the next bedroom fucking their daughter and their daughter was
loving every second of it. Dan's shot his cum deep inside Roni's pussy, coating
the inner walls and sliding out between his cock and her pussy. Roni's cum was
extremely powerful. More powerful than the night before. Her body quaked with
excitement as she pounded her hips into her dad's. Dan was making long hard
pistoning strokes with his cock. As they came together, Roni held her dad
tightly against her as she kept her hips rocking. Connie stood back from the
door, eyes wide and mouth open. She went back into the bedroom and sat on the
bed. She could believe what she had just heard coming from her bedroom. Connie
didn't know what to do now. She took the bottle of pills and downed another two
of them. She knew that pretty soon, even the thought of her husband fucking
their daughter wouldn't matter. She heard them moving in the room again. Dan and
Roni were dressing. Connie stood and opened her suitcase and pulled out a shirt
and pants. Dressing in the bedroom, the medication began its work. She soon
found that if she thought of Dan and Roni fucking, it didn't bother her. Connie
walked out of the bedroom and past the door to what used to be her bedroom. As
she got to the stairs, she heard the door open behind her and turned around to
see Dan and Roni coming out. She smiled at them and asked them if they had
enjoyed themselves. Roni looked at her dad. Connie continued by saying that it
definitely sounds as though they were enjoying themselves a lot. Connie turned
around and walked downstairs. Dan looked at his daughter with a blank expression
on his face. Roni had a similar expression. They didn't know what to think.
Connie didn't even seem horrified nor mad at what she sounded like she new. Dan
and Roni were soon downstairs at the table. Dan sat at the end chair, Roni at
the left side of her dad and Connie at the right side. Roni looked at her mom
across the table, her mom seemed happy, but Roni couldn't understand how that
could be. She had just admitted to Roni and her dad that she knew about their
i****tuous affair. How could she be happy? Roni was totally confused. Dan on the
other hand, didn't care. Seeing Connie again today brought back the memory of
what he had seen her doing the day before. Dan just looked straight ahead as
they all waited on Tammy to bring dinner to the table. Tammy entered the room
carrying a large tray of food. Sitting it down at the far end of the table, she
picked up plate by plate and set each down in front of her employers. When
getting to Connie, Tammy smiled as Connie looked up at her. Connie's head spun
at the scent of Tammy's body close to her's. Connie's foggy thoughts quickly
turned to the next time her and Tammy had a chance to be alone again.
Nothing was said during dinner. Everyone either looked ahead while they ate or
they didn't look up at all. Connie was the one that broke the ice by asking Roni
how her day had been. Roni, looking surprised by the unexpected question,
answered her mom with a quick "Fine" and before Roni could think, she asked
Connie how her's had been. Connie answered by saying it has been perfect. Dan,
for the first time, looked at Connie. Now both Roni and Dan were confused by
Connie sudden happiness. As Connie finished her dinner, she picked her plate up
and took it into the kitchen. She found Tammy standing over the sink. Connie
walked up behind Tammy and reached around her and sat the plate into the sink.
Before retrieving her hand, Connie gave one of Tammy's large breast a light
squeeze. Tammy almost fell from the sudden pleasure that she was receiving. As
Connie removed her hand and stepped back, Roni came into the kitchen with her's
and Dan's plate. She set them on the counter beside Tammy and told her the meal
was very good and thanked her. Tammy told her she was glad she appreciated it.
Roni then asked her mom to walk with her outside. Connie happily agreed and
walked outside with Roni. Once outside, they walked for a moment before Roni
spoke. She asked her mom why she was so happy. That she knew her mom knew what
had happened only a little while ago. Connie put her arm around Roni and told
her that she was big enough to know what she was doing. She also told her that
she was very sorry for being so stupid the day before with the gardener. Connie
went on to tell her how it had all happened. Everything from stepping into the
hot-tub to Terrel screwing her. She told her daughter that it was the first time
in the 20 years they had been married that she cheated on him. Roni was quickly
becoming sorry that she showed her dad what she witnessed by the hot-tub. Roni
asked her if she wanted her to stop doing what she was doing with Dan. Connie
told her again that she was old enough to know what she was doing. By this time,
they had made a full circle around the yard and was back at the kitchen door
again. Roni and Connie walked inside the house. Connie went to the living room
and watched Tv. Roni found her dad and told him everything her mom had said.
This still didn't change the way Dan felt. He was still full of anger and
bitterness toward Connie.
About 3:00, the phone rang, Roni picked up and said hello. The voice on the
other end made her eyes grow very wide and the expression on her face become
very happy. With a loud voice, Roni shouted, "KEN!" It was her older b*****r
calling from college. They talked for a little while before Ken asked to speak
to his dad. Roni handed the phone to her dad. Dan spoke to Ken for a few minutes
before telling him that they would be looking forward to him coming home for the
holiday. When he was finished speaking, Ken asked to speak with his mom. Roni
took the phone to Connie. Connie's voice sounded so happy to hear from her son.
They exchanged words for a little while before Ken had to go. Saying their
good-byes, Connie handed the phone back to Roni for her to hang it up. Roni was
ecstatic that her b*****r was coming home from college. She loved her b*****r.
He had always been there for her. He had even fought for her in school. Roni
used to love to hang around with him. Ken was always nice enough to let her.
Even when his friends started saying things. Ken told them that if they didn't
like his s****r, they could go screw themselves. After that, Roni had total
devotion to Ken. Now she would get to see her b*****r again in a few days. He
would be coming down in 3 days for Thanksgiving.

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Caught in the Act

It has been a hard day, traveling always is so tiring. You go to an airport, get on a plane, leave an airport, visit 4 or 5 customers make presentations, go to a hotel, from the hotel you have to read and return email, listen to VM make calls, maybe get to sl**p late, up early start all over again. This had been a brutal trip, on the road 3 days, how many places have I been? I've lost count is 4 airports in 3 days or 5. The only thing bright about the day is at least I know this Hotel, I can find it with out even thinking, which is good, my brain is shot, and I've got at least an hour of emails, an hour or more to redo the presentation for the morning. The hotel is decent for business travel, they have rooms like a suite, an office/living room area and a bedroom, with TV's in both rooms. That's good there is nothing worse than falling asl**p in the bed with your laptop still running.

I check in, the usual hassles, they have booked in a double I want King bed, I can even get a pizza delivered, which is good I'm in no shape to go out to get anything to eat. The reservation clerk gives me my key and tells me my room number 415 and off I go to the elevator. I find my room no problem, open the door and go inside, set my suit bag down and my laptop in the couch. I can't see the bed but it sounds like the radio is on, the poor guy before me set the alarm clock for PM rather than AM, and is on pretty load it sounds like a rock station that will work. I start the usual routine, undo the tie, the shirt and the shoes off. Get out of my pants and hang the pants and
suit on a hanger in the closet next to the bathroom. In to the bathroom and take a piss, and wash my face and back to the grind. I open up the laptop and start to get it plugged in to the phone and the jack. I am waiting for the machine to boot, sitting in the desk
in my usual hotel work out fit, underwear, T-shirt and socks. I realize that mixed with the music is some other noise, maybe the maid or something left the TV on, but I hear moaning, damn if the left the damn porno station on I'll be charged for something I didn't even get to see. I get up to go to the bedroom.

As I approach the room, I'm sure it is a woman moaning, and it sounds like she is enjoying whatever is happening to her. Just about when I can see the bed, I also see that a woman's clothes are at the end of it, you know high hells probably a skirt or dress, on the floor. I realize that the moaning is someone on the bed, I peek around the corner and I see you. You are almost completely naked, except for what are a black garter, hose and one of those half bras that support your lovely tits beautifully. You don't see me because you are concentrating completely on what You are doing, which explains the moaning. You have your legs spread open and have both hands busy, and You are watching them satisfy yourself. You have a very large cock like dildo that you are moving in and out of your wet pussy, while the other hand is using a smaller gold colored vibrator directly on your clit.

I watch almost sheepishly since, I don't want to get caught, just what I need to be arrested for being in the wrong room. I can hardly take my self away, I have a perfect view of all the action. You are lying on the bed facing me but are really concentrating on your business at hand. Your left hand is holding the vibrator on and around your clit You are moving it around, while your right hand on the cock like dildo
moves it in and out of your wet and moist pussy. I am watching this women masturbating with such f***e, You are really enjoying it I can tell since I can see your face smiling, and your pussy is covered in your own juices. This is incredible my cock is just bulging in my underwear, I want to walk over and give you a hand fucking your pussy with that big cock like dildo. It feels like my cock is the size of that dildo, I have never been so hard in my whole life. What it's been how long and it feels like my cock is going to rip open my shorts. I don't want to stop watching but I know I must, I've got to make sure this is my room.

I check the key holder, it says room 415, and I open the door quietly and peek around the door. I can't very well open it and have someone see me in the hall with this raging bulge in underwear, I'd definitely be arrested then. The door says 415, damn know what? I close the door slowly and quietly. I know I should not keep watching but I can't stop thinking about the women on my bed. I approach the room to peek in so as not to be seen.
You are just about done I'm sure, I know I am about to explode and I've only watched you for a minute maybe two. Your tits are bulging up from your body even though you're nearly flat on your back, head resting on the pillows, the support from your half bra shoving them up. Your brown nipples are hard as I am I can see you are really getting close to cumming the cock dildo is moving faster now. I am just staring at your pussy, the dildo is moving faster in and out of your pussy. Your pussy is getting the whole length of the dildo on each stroke. The dildo is probably 12 maybe more inches, You pull it almost all the way out on each stroke and push it all the way to the base of the dildo. It has a bulge at the end, which is what you're holding on to. The vibrator is not moving like before, it is now facing down to your pussy and is resting between your pussy lips. It has to be exactly on your clit, You are moaning louder. I realize that I've been staring at you for several minutes and I don't even no if you have seen me. When I look to your eyes, I can see you are looking at the same thing I am only your looking at down at the action, and you have a perfect view of it in the mirror.

I step back a little to so I can see the mirror, and to see what you sees. I don't realize it but you should have been able to see me where I was standing every time you looked in the mirror. It sort of registers that this was possible while I am watching your in the mirror. My cock is so hard, but what can I do? I know You are about to cum and I'll go back to my computer to act shocked when You gets done and
comes out of the bedroom. I move back to my other spot, You are now staring in the mirror, as you get ready to cum. I think you are watching what I am watching but what you are watching is me watching you.
My cock is throbbing it feels like I'm going to cum right along with you. I watch as you finally reach climax, screaming so loud I'm sure everyone on the floor can hear. I step back from the bedroom and try and act like I'm working on my computer. I can hear your moans of after orgasm from the desk. It feels like an eternity as I wait for you to get done. I want to release my cock from my pants and
stroke the length of it. I want to do this so bad, but what would I say. Ohh I am just sitting working and masturbating, I am efficient that way, oh have you been here the whole time I didn't notice. Yeah right with a cock so hard it is almost purple.
I can't take it anymore, I've got to see what you are doing. I get up and walk to the door, trying to act cool if you come out, I'll act surprised. Yeah that'll work and I just happened to have a hard on standing 10 inches. I reach the spot were I can see and You have moved, you're not done yet. You have moved and are on your hands and knees and are working the dildo in and out of your pussy slowly. I can't believe it, how long can you go on. You are watching the action in the mirror, You lie down and reach for something on the nightstand, and it is another smaller in thickness but much longer and more flexible dildo.

You start to suck on it and I can see the other dildo still stuck in your pussy. You rise back up on your knees and are now rubbing the new dildo around your ass. You are trying to get in but I can tell you're having trouble. My thought is to go over and give you a hand but I can't move. My cock is throbbing again and I know I am going to cum all over myself, right in my pants. I am watching you as you are getting the dildo in your ass but you are not able to get it in.

I hear you say, "do you always just stare at a woman who is having trouble and not help?" I can't believe it. I must be imaging your voice, you can't see me can you. When you say, "Please don't just stand there, I need you to help fuck me with these" I just stare not moving. When you say, "Look, I've seen you watching me, please give me a hand." As I walk over you rise up on all fours again and hand me the dildo you've been trying to stick in your ass. It is not very big around maybe an inch so it should fit nicely. "Please put that in my ass and fuck me with it, slow and easy, be gentle. And feel free to use the one in my pussy too."

I cannot believe it your so lovely, as I start to gently move the dildo into your ass, I smell your sex. My cock is throbbing hard, just bulging in my underwear. I start moving it in and out of your ass a little at a time, I take my other hand and begin stroking the dildo in your pussy in long deep strokes. I hear your moans of pleasure, as I fuck you with both dildos. You say to me "just go slow with my ass,
I can't take it any deeper than that OK?" I say no problem what ever you want and be happy to help you.
You reply "I'll cum pretty quickly with your help, so we can take care of that stiff cock in your pants OK?"

I mumble "uh yeah great". In my mind I am thinking I can't believe that I am fucking you with these toys, my cock is screaming let me out. My cock is throbbing and I'll be lucky to not explode in my underpants while I'm helping you masturbate. You were right in just a moment your body is moving and writhing with pleasure as you cum. Rocking back and forth forcing yourself into the dildos as I stroke them in and out of your pussy and ass, you scream as you cum again, and fall to the bed. I pull the dildos out of your love holes and you turn to me and say "Let me help you with that." As you reach for my underwear and expose my throbbing cock from them. You pull them down and I step out of them and pull my T-shirt off as I move towards you. I figure I'm about to cum just from the touch of your hands on my cock. I say, "you are so beautiful, I hope you'll understand, but I am going to explode, and any second." As I stand facing you next to the bed, with my stiff manhood right in your face. You reply 'Let me worry about when you cum." With that you start licking my throbbing cock
from underneath from the head to my balls. Your tongue teasing the length of my stiff shaft, sending shivers through my whole body. Your mouth moves to take the head of my cock in your mouth, moving it up and down my shaft. It feels incredible you are very gentle and
your tongue is expertly licking my cock's shaft. Your mouth moves up and down the length of my throbbing manhood. You reach around for my ass with one of your hands and pull me to take all of me in deep in your throat with your other hand you caress my balls,
squeezing and scratching them with your nails. This is it, my body is just losing complete control. I feel my body raging with pleasure, tingling, shivering, legs weak, total ecstasy. As you feel my orgasmic convulsions you roll around and turn face up, You take your hand of my ass and reach down to your pussy and begin touching it as you lick and suck my cock. I reach for your large, breasts busting from
your bustier and caress them each with one hand. One because I can't hardly stand up from the ecstasy you are producing in me, and two because I have wanted to touch them since I first so you. I begin to moan as I feel my cock swelling with the orgasm, your tongue is
now under my cock licking the bottom from the base of my balls to the very tip. As I begin to explode your hand wraps around my cock squeezing it hard at the base of as you lick quickly and stiffly at the very tender sensitive underside of the head. As I begin to
ejaculate your tongue thrashes around the head and the tip, my hot load of cum shoots out from my throbbing cock, onto you. You are being covered with white cum, it is being shot all over your breasts as a squeeze them in my over powering orgasm, your tongue licks at the cum shooting from me, but it is just so much. I have never had an orgasm of this magnitude in my whole life, my body is wracked with spasms and my cock is throbbing like I've never felt as it pumps out my cum onto you.

As it begins to subside I see that I have covered your chest and some of your face with my white manhood. As I begin to recover, I say, "You are the most incredible woman I have ever meet, I am sorry about interrupting your self masturbation here." Which you reply "Don't worry I understand, but you'll have to help me finish myself with some more with these toys until I say you can stop. I expect you can manage that, yes?"

To say that the rest of the night was more incredible than ever would be an understatement... Continue»
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Wet and Wild in the '5th Dimension'

When I was nineteen I had a crush on a girl named Ruth. We were both introverted, but Ruth had a tendency to flirt unrepentantly with other guys and since we'd never formalized our own relationship, I was out of luck when it came to complaining about it. Ruth seemed to take a perverse pleasure in torturing me in this way.

Though we had gone on dates, and I had professed love for her, she couldn't commit. Our relationship had grown into an intense, often scary, friendship based on mutual interests and how we each could fulfill the others carnal desires and yet not let the other know the truth of the matter. By this I mean we would call each other up and make up role-playing adventures based on our favorite television, movie and book characters. Often we'd invent new characters for existing "universes" which gave us complete creative freedom. And what we did with that freedom... !

Inevitably, the plotline of these stories would turn intensely sexual. It went something like this. While in character, I would say, "He's (meaning I'm) licking her (meaning your) inner thigh - lick, lick, L-I-C-K," and Ruth would moan, saying, "MMmmmm..... yes... oh yes...." and so on. Or Ruth would say, "She's (meaning I'm) licking his (meaning your) cock, taking it into her (meaning my) mouth... sucking on it.... tasting the precum..."

Now, this went on for months and months... and at the end of each of these "stories" we were role-playing, the "characters" would erupt in mind-shattering orgasms which we would "role-play" to the hilt.

Look - I know I was stroking my cock the whole time, and when my "character" would cum, I'd end up shooting a load so hard it would miss my chest and hit me squarely in the face. I'm not k**ding! This is how I learned what my own cum tasted like, by accident and from the intensity of the orgasms I was having while we "role-played." Now, I never asked Ruth if she was fingering her hot, wet little twat while we talked, but either she was the best actress the known universe has ever known, or she was coming for real. Plain and simple. And her orgasms made MY toes curl!

We would engage in this "role-play" from 2:30 in the afternoon when we'd get home from school until 3am, even when we were both in school. Nine times out of ten we'd fall asl**p on the phone with one another! For my part, I was sure I was in love. Yet when I told Ruth my true feelings for her, she said she was very sorry but that she didn't like me in "that" way. WTF??

I was such a confused adolescent that not a single day of my life in the twenty-five years that have passed goes by that I don't think of her in a sexual way at least a dozen times a day. I even fall asl**p fantasizing about her still. And lest you think I'm a sad and lonely 40+ year old virgin, rest assured... I'm happily married and have three k**s. Ruth really screwed me up inside, yet I still think back to those days and fantasize about having a time machine to go back and do something to change things so I'd end up with Ruth.

I always return in my mind to a warm Spring day in May of 1986 as the "nexus" for my best opportunity to change how the future unfolded. And ironically, it was at an event celebrating a certain television show about time travel that my best shot at finally "sealing the deal" with Ruth was missed. Or so I like to think in retrospect. I have written the way things should have gone over and over in my mind, but decided today to share this story. Maybe Ruth herself will read it some day and at long last know the truth and just what was lost that day.

May 1986 - "The 5th Dimension" RV - Parked Beneath the Washington Monument on the Mall in DC...

Ruth E. and I have been invited by the local television station to come down to the launch of a traveling exhibition being held in town. The exhibition is a celebration of a particular television program whose longevity and creativity have made it an icon around the world. We were excited to be here as we'd often shared our particularly naughty brand of "collaborative writing" with one another on the phone late at night.

We were both, no doubt, thinking of the countless times we'd "role-played" our "special brand" of adventures together, safe from any accidental physical contact with one another by the fact that we were each alone in our bedrooms, doors closed, mutually pleasuring one another from across town, all the while pretending it was just "writing collaboration." We were horny teenagers and this was a safe outlet. It let both of us "pop our corks" without any of the usual backlash from such behavior. What I didn't realize at the time, and maybe Ruth realizes now even as I do, that what we had done left lasting emotional marks on us both.

However, today Ruth was very nervous because she was about to meet one of the stars of the show, and I knew she had the hots for him in a big way. In fact, just the night before we'd "role played" a scenario with the character this actor she was about to meet portrayed, and she had cum so hard during her "make believe" orgasm that she'd knocked the phone off of her bedside table. As I stood beside her, I kept thinking about how wet her little pussy must be right now, and how much I wanted to get her naked and stop with the play acting and get on with the reality.

We were invited inside the exhibition’s spacious and luxurious RV, ironically named the "5th Dimension," to wait for the guests of honor to arrive. Ruth and I made small talk and tried desperately to ignore the sexual tension in the room. It was always like this when we were physically in close proximity, but we were both two shy to act on it. Now that we were inside, and so close to her on the couch, I could smell the heat of her arousal over her perfume and it made my cock bulge visibly. I tried to cover up the fact, but I know she had to have seen it.

We never acted on our physical attraction in the normal way because of the unique nature of our friendship. Ruth was unwilling to risk losing that special form of "friendship with benefits" by going further. She reasoned that if a physical real-world relationship went wrong, our friendship would end, and she'd not have her "safety valve" form of sexual release she'd come to rely on.

I, on the other hand, was willing to risk it all for just one chance at getting her naked and losing myself completely with her. I wanted to touch her heated flesh with my flesh, savor her scent and her taste in long, never-ending sessions of lovemaking, and fill her deeply with my throbbing cock by every means possible. I wanted to take her right here, right now, and be caught in the act by the people we were waiting for, screwing each other's brains out on the floor of their VIP RV.

We were both tired of waiting and tired of the tension between us when the RV door opened. The exhibition coordinator, Brian, stepped inside, followed by his boss. Next came Peter, one of the previous stars of the show. Brian introduces us to the pair and I tell Peter that Ruth is her biggest fan and give him a wink. He grins (I think knowingly) and she cringes and tries to shrink behind me. Her scent by now is so strong that I wonder if everyone in the room has noticed it.

With an evil feeling of satisfaction, I grasped my hands around Ruth's shoulders and bodily push her towards Peter. As she passes to him, I stare at her ass in delight. I can't be sure in this light, but is that a wet spot beginning on the backside of her jeans? I imagine that by now Ruth is so wet that her juices are starting to dribble down her legs. I long to run my hot tongue up from her knees, across her thighs, and intercept each rivulet as it forms. But I shake off the sexual fog forming in my head and try to remain composed.

I watch as Peter gives Ruth a long, tight hug. I think, surely he knows this poor girl is about to cum with his arms around her, but to his credit he ignores it and finally releases her from the embrace. Ruth looks at me, and in her face I can see that three predominant emotions are fighting a pitched battle inside of her - hatred toward me for her embarrassment, ecstasy from the feelings in her pussy, and terror that she will cum right then and there, falling to the floor in writhing spasms of pleasure. For my part, I'm hoping to watch and take some small measure of satisfaction in her humiliation. I have so much pent-up anger towards her for denying what I know we both want and need, and want to see her suffer as I have for it.

Poor little Ruthie looks like she is about to faint on the spot. I can see that I wasn't imaging the wet spot. She either peed herself just now, or more likely, knowing how much she is attracted to Peter and fantasizes to me about him, creamed herself completely. I can’t keep my mind off of that image. Ruth excuses herself clumsily and darts into the bathroom, slamming the door shut. We hear it lock with a loud click. Inside, I think I hear a low and tremulous moan.

Looking around, I wonder if anyone else heard her. There's an awkward silence for a moment, some throat clearing, then we all chuckle. "Fangirls," I want to say, but keep my mouth shut. The polite fiction is that Ruth is inside the bathroom freshening up and composing herself. I know the truth, and suspect I might not be alone in that knowledge.

The moment has passed and the assemblage begins to say their goodbyes, as they have others to meet outside at the event and in an hour's time, the official kickoff ceremonies with begin.

[Author's Note]

THIS is the nexus point. From here on out to the end, the story will unfold as it SHOULD have done that fateful day in May.

They excuse themselves, and as Brian is about to close the door, he leans his head in and says, "take your time, mate!" He tosses me an ink pen, saying "For the lock. You'll know what to do." I grin and nod my head.

I find myself all alone in the RV except for Ruth, who is still locked in the over-sized bathroom. I listen at the door and still hear soft moans and rapid breathing inside. My cock pops up at the sound and I know that this is my chance! I look at the pen in my hand and quickly remove the top, extricating the ink cartridge. Holding the long, slender plastic metal-tipped cartridge, I slip it silently into the little hole in the center of the bathroom doorknob. With a soft click I pop the lock.

In a fluid, quick motion, I swing the door open and watch as Ruth flinches backward on the closed toilet lid. She is completely naked, and her legs are spread wide and her dark brown pubic hair is slick and wet from her arousal. There is a small milky white puddle on the toilet lid, and her right hand is grinding against her clit while her index and middle fingers are buried deep inside of her wet pussy.

The air is heavy with the scent of her vaginal musk. She moans even as she realizes she's been caught, looking terrified but so close to coming that she can't stop herself. This is exactly what I’d always pictured her doing on the phone with me and longed to watch! Only the time for watching and waiting are over for me. The overpowering aroma of her wet pussy is making me dizzy with desire... and oh so hungry!

I smile, making a shushing sound and stepping closer, closing the door behind me and relocking it. My eyes never break contact with hers and I smile as she starts to whimper with pent up desire as she realizes that she and I are finally going to break the unbearable sexual tension that has plagued us for months.

She remembers, as do I, all those long, long hours on the telephone play-acting with one another, fully aware that we were engaged in heated phone sex though too embarrassed to ever admit it. Now, she knows, we are going to get it on for real. Fuck. Screw one another’s brains out. Finally do the deed as it's meant to be done!

I kneel before her and watch as her legs part even more as she subconsciously grants me full access to her swollen vagina to do with as I please. The scent of her moist cleft has given me the most swollen erection I have ever experienced and I can feel it throbbing with an unbearable desire to plunge deep inside of her. She moans again as she feels my breath against her wetness.

I close my eyes and open my mouth to allow my firm tongue to flick quickly and electrically across her swollen clit. I listen to her moan deliciously as I slide my hot tongue into the folds of her pussy lips and into her wetness. To finally, after so long of dreaming of it, feel the walls of her pussy clinching around my darting tongue and to taste her sweet nectar is almost too much to bear without blowing my load in my pants.

I take one last plunge inside of her with my tongue then stand up, undoing my belt and dropping my pants to the floor around my ankles. One step, two step and I’m out of my pants altogether. My shirt comes off over my head. My near-bursting cock is fighting to escape my boxers and presses so hard against the cloth I think I can hear it ripping. Instead, it pokes through the flap and, like a guided heat seeking missile, aims it's dripping head directly at Ruth's mouth.

I move forward and press the rigid oozing red tip against Ruth's lips and they part to allow my cock to slide inside. The feeling of her warm tongue as it curled around my shaft is indescribable. Immediately I begin to thrust against the velvet resistance of her tongue and mouth, feeling her soft lips wrapping around my member to form a perfect seal. I pace myself, pumping in and out, in and out as slowly as possible to prolong the inevitable.

In my mind I picture that moment ahead when my cock will erupt inside of her mouth and send all of my long-pent-up juices of desire cascading down into her throat in a torrent. At last Ruth will taste my cum, I think! Somehow I’ve become obsessed with the concept of my semen becoming a part of her as it’s slowly digested, the testosterone fueling her own wanton needfulness.

Sensing that I’m about to explode, Ruth opens her mouth and pulls back, grasping my shaft with both hands and massaging the saliva from her mouth into my tight skin. With one hand she reaches down to her crotch and allows the dripping river of her essence to coat it, then cups the sticky fluid in her palm. Slowly, teasingly, she lifts her cum-soaked hand to my cock and rubs her cunt-cream into my penis as a lubricant.

I know that I will erupt at any second! I only have time to twist my hips in order to aim my primed and ready to blow cock at her now fully open mouth. Ruth sticks out her tongue mischievously, begging with her eyes for me to explode against the glistening pinkness of it just as we'd fantasized illicitly with one another so many times before over the phone.

The core of my being seems to burst into a nova-bright explosion of pleasure as my cum erupts in what feels like a never-ending ejaculation. My aim, though deliberate, was off and streamers of white sticky semen coat Ruth's flushed cheeks, her eyelids, her nose, her lips, her eyebrows, her hair... and still there is enough that landed on her tongue for her to savor as she closes her mouth in a huge smile, licking her lips contentedly.

She loves the taste, the texture, as I always hoped she would. She’s going to want more, and often, and I will be the one to provide it to her!

Just then Ruth begins to convulse as she loses control over her orgasm and allows her pussy to spasm uncontrollably for what seems like minutes.

I feel my feet become suddenly drenched as she ejaculates with such ferocity that I think for a moment she must have lost control over her bladder. However, one look at her goo coated face and the look of sheer ecstasy writhing upon it and I knew that she was releasing months of pent-up sexual energy as I had in one enormous and satisfying explosion of orgasmic bliss.

My energy to continue standing spent, I collapse onto my knees and allow my face to fall against Ruth's sticky, dripping pussy. The essence of her sexual abandon instantly adheres against my flesh. I relish the sensation of rolling my face from side to side in her cunt cream in order for it to become as sticky with cum as her own face is. I look up into her twinkling eyes and can tell that she is already building up for another powerful orgasm. From our telephone sessions I know that Ruth is a multi-orgasmic nymphomaniac once started, and nearly impossible to satiate. But oh to try!

Though sexually drained, physically and physiologically, I’ve waited and dreamed for this day for such an agonizingly long time that I know I’ll continue to please her orally until I have regained my strength. I begin by slowly and deliberately using my tongue to lap up every drop of her heavenly juices from her pussy, sucking her still-swollen cunt lips into my mouth to clean them properly. Beads of her cum are glistening on the tips of her pubic curls, and I relish the deliberate care my lips and tongue give each and every one.

I begin to feel the temperature of her flesh heating once again as I press my cheeks against her sticky thighs. In my mind, I fantasize about pumping my next eager load deep inside of her cunt, grinding the tip of my cockhead against her cervix as if I could somehow burst through that tiny opening and empty my semen-laden balls directly into her womb.

Yet despite such visions, I continue my slow oral ministrations, listening as Ruth's breathing becomes erratic once more. I can feel her muscles tensing and her thighs clamping unbidden against my head, trapping my face and nose and mouth against her pulsating pussy. I know what she has in store for me, as this was one of her fantasies, and I can feel my cock beginning to rise once more, untouched. I reach for it and began stroking the still tender flesh.

In a sudden flash of insight, I recall the end scenario for Ruth's favorite phone fantasy... to ride her partners face to orgasm while they were helpless to escape the impending flood. I realize with mounting excitement that Ruth intends to hold my head against her crotch while she uses my nose like a mechanical dildo!

Ruth stands, and with her thighs clenched tight, I am compelled to move with her. She f***es me to rise with her, then begins to press downward. My position is to be prostrated on the floor, laying on my back, with her astride me. Ruth's pulsating sodden crotch grinds relentlessly against my face as she sits on it. My nose becomes quickly trapped inside of her cum-slickened slit and my entire world becomes her pussy. I have become her plaything!

My every tortured breath, squeezed out from the folds of her genital flesh, holds the essence of Ruth. Her scent is deep inside of my nose now, her juices filling my nostrils and making it impossible to inhale through them without sucking her cum into my sinuses. I can taste her and nothing else as her cuntal fluids trickled down the back of my throat. What a sensation this is, to taste a woman in this way!

Above me, I can hear Ruth moaning though her thighs cover my ears and clamp my head in place. I can sense her rapid heartbeat as it seems to pound all around me. I know that soon she will come again, and like before, she will open her orgasmic floodgates and unleash a torrent of hot, sticky juices against my nose and literally drown me. I have but one chance, and she knows it. I open my mouth and form a tight seal over her twitching vaginal canal, grinding my nose upward against her clit even as she works to grind her pubic bone into my skull.

With a sudden intake of air, Ruth E. begins to cum like I'd never thought possible. Her thighs are squeezing my head so tightly that I think surely my head will explode from the pressure. Her full weight is now bouncing up and down on my face as she rides me to the heights of her orgasm as if I were a human Symbian machine.

My last breath came a full forty five seconds earlier, and even then it was only a partial one. I begin to see sparkles as my brain reacts to the early stages of hypoxia. I imagine what it will be like to suffocate with the woman I love using my death to drive her to the ultimate pleasure. I wonder, does she know? More to the point, does she care? Would she sacrifice me for carnal bliss?

I pray that Ruth will begin to gush her ejaculate down my throat so that I might catch a quick gulp of air at the end. I prod her clit with my tongue to no effect. Does she realize I’m out of air? But Ruth's orgasm is going to come on its own terms and not mine, I realize. Yet surely she must know I’m about to asphixiate for her pleasure… Unless her ultimate fantasy is to ride my face until I die, my now-engorged cock erupting at the moment of my extermination and giving her the ultimate satisfaction?

No! I thought and clamped my teeth down hard against her sensitive and swollen clit. The tender, soft flesh yielded and I tasted my lover’s bl**d as my incisors broke the skin. I feel Ruth react with an even harder grip on my head with her thighs. Her salty bl**d is flooding freely into my mouth now, and mixing with her pussy juices on my tongue. Despite feeling lightheaded from my lack of air, I realize that this is the last sensation of taste I will ever have. Yet I cannot ever remember tasting anything so utterly divine!

With only moments of consciousness left to me, and perhaps only scant moments beyond that of life, I begin to gnaw on her clit more seriously now, increasing the flow of bl**d and exciting Ruth still further. Pain, apparently, is something that she enjoys! I feel her spasm uncontrollably once, twice, then a third times before it finally happened.

Above me and around me, Ruth begins an orgasm so powerful, so intense, that her grip slackens just long enough for me to get in a gasp of sweet air. No sooner than I have drawn this lifesaving breath do I feel her pussy convulse like a seizure and the deluge begins - straight down my throat!

I swallow rapidly, trying to stay ahead of the flow, now worried I won't die from suffocation but from drowning. Whether Ruth intends to fuck me to death or if she is just so far beyond reason in her ecstasy, I'd never know. Ruth's juices cascade down my cheeks and I begin to sputter, engulfed in her ocean of sex.

I snap my teeth down on her clit once again, drawing still more bl**d, and she reacts like I'm poking her with an electric prod. Her legs release my head and I roll away, gasping for air as her pussy secretions dribbled from my mouth and nose. My face and lips are smeared with her clitoral bl**d, and I realize that I hadn't even noticed that I'd blown my load in the process.

The evidence of this is dripping lazily from Ruth's dark hair in gooey tendrils. Her face still carries a pearly sheen from my earlier ejaculation. The entire room smells like two hundred people had just had the wildest oral sex imaginable, and as I realize what has just occurred, I smile despite myself. We hadn’t even gotten past foreplay!

Looking into Ruth's cum-be speckled face I see the most beatific expression forming. Her eyelids are heavy, her breathing shallow, and her limbs look lifeless, like limp noodles. My own cock is not in much better shape, I thought. Ruth, too exhausted to speak, as I was, collapsed against my chest. Her sticky, cum-slickened flesh pressed against my own mixed with her bl**d, exhausted and sighing with utter contentment.

[Author's note: Based on real-life events and penned a quarter century later with the phrase "time can be re-written" blazing inside my head. And Ruth, if you should happen to read this... you know where to find me if you want to explore "what if."]... Continue»
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Caught In The Act (Part 2)

Peter moved round to behind Julie's chair and faced me. My hand was still covered in my load of cum, but my cock was completely limp. I felt pathetic, kneeling there, naked from the waist down with the photo propped up against the back of the chair.
"We all know you like Julie, but this is taking it a little bit far, isn't it?"
"I'm so sorry Peter, I don't know what to say - it won't happen again." Panic started to grip me and my heart started to pound.
Looking down at my cum drenched hand, Peter said "You'd better get rid of that, to start with" and pointed a stubby finger at my hand. I looked around for some tissues, but Peter had other ideas... "I don't want any trace of this left - eat your own cum, you naughty boy!" I couldn't believe it, but I was in no position to argue with him. I sat back on my haunches and raised my sticky hand to my mouth. Tentatively, I licked at the cum in my hand and tasted it's saltiness on my tongue. Peter chuckled to himself, clearly enjoying my predicament. I took larger licks of my hand and sucked on my fingers, almost gagging when I swallowed it. "Don't forget the mess you've made on Julie's chair" he said. I lent forward and licked the cum covered fabric, until all my mess was cleared. "Good boy, let's look at that hand now". As I held up my hand, Peter moved the chair to one side, so that there was no obstruction between us. It was then that I noticed that he had a large bulge in his trousers. He was getting off on watching me squirm...
There was hardly any light now in the office, the only illumination coming from the security lighting outside. However, this was enough for me to see Peter's bulging trousers, below his expanding middle aged gut and the worrying look on his flabby face. "Now, if you want me to be quiet about what you've done, you'll be quiet about what I tell you to do now" he said while undoing his belt and letting his trousers and pants fall to the floor. His cock was rock hard, nestling beneath this belly. "Take my cock and stroke it slowly." I edged forward on my knees, so that his cock was level with my face. I felt sweat dripping down my back, as I took hold of it and started to gently wank him off. He let out a muffled moan as I stroked him and his cock twitched in my hand. "Do it faster now" he said breathlessly. I did as I was instructed and took a tighter grip on his thick and surprisingly long shaft and started to tug quicker and with more f***e. Not really knowing what the hell I was thinking, I leaned slightly further forward and licked the very tip of his helmet and tasted his precum. Peter let out a loud moan with that, so I decided to go for broke and took his cock into my mouth. Peter grabbed the back of my head and f***ed me to swallow all of his length. I could feel myself starting to gag, as I started to drool onto the office floor. After just a few short moments he came in my mouth, hot cum gushing down my throat. He withdrew his penis and told me to swallow his every last drop of his cum.
I did what I was told to do and although I gagged a couple of times, I was able to swallow all of his load. He looked down at the floor to see the glistening patch where I'd drooled. "Before you go, I want to see you lick the floor clean, like a good little servant". He chuckled again as he pulled up his trousers. I licked and sucked up all my mess, then after seeking permission, stood up and got dressed. My heart was still racing and I couldn't believe I'd actually sucked his cock without being told to do so.
Peter placed Julie's chair back in position behind her desk and looked at me in the dim light. "I'm not sure if that was enough to guarantee my silence. If you wish to keep your actions tonight secret, I may have further tasks for you. Do you understand?"
I tried to keep calm and not betray my nervousness when I replied that I understood. He then told me to leave and come back after the weekend and act as nothing had happened. He would let me know when he had another task. I unlocked the door, and walked quickly to my car, fumbling with the key in the ignition.
When I got home, I ran through what the hell had happened that night. I couldn't believe my stupidity at getting caught wanking in the office. But as I recalled what had happened with Peter, I felt my cock stiffening. As I remembered taking his huge, hard penis into my mouth, I started to wank myself off furiously, cumming hard into my hand for the second time that night. Whatever plans Peter had for me, I was strangely curious and even a little excited to find out what they were...... Continue»
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Caught In The Act By Daddy

She laid on her bed in nothing but a t-shirt she had stolen from his room, she loved having his smell all around her whenever she got the chance especially times like now. She had gotten out of school early and rushed home just so she could enjoy some alone time before her parents got home from work. She hadn't been able to get him off her mind all day every time she though of him it sent shivers down her spine.

So when she had gotten home and after a quick check around the house to make sure she really was home alone she had slipped into her parents bedroom and grabbed the shirt. She then ran to her room and closed the door leaving it just open enough so she could hear any one if they were headed her way. After a quick stop in her closet where she grabbed her toy and the small bottle of lube that she kept hidden in a shoe box in the back Looking at her alarm clock she knew she had at least two hours before they got home so it would give her plenty of time to enjoy herself and clean up after leaving her parents none the wiser.

She was very fond of the toy she had gotten, it was a cute pink vibrator that had a long shaft and had one of those vibrating bullets in the tip of it. She sat on her bed for a moment just stroking it pretending as if it was the cock she had been fantasizing about all day, her little fingers tightening and loosening just as if she were playing with a real cock. As the fantasy in her mind played out she flopped back on her bed her hand sliding up under her shirt slowly moving up her body the fingers just lightly grazing over her soft skin, a warmness flooded through her sending tingles down her body.

Laying back she got herself in a comfortable position, she gave a quick listen to make sure she was truly home alone before slipping her skirt off and pushed it and her panties down around her ankles. Picking up the toy she gave the knob on the bottom a gentle twist and the toy hummed to life a soft whirring noise coming from it she held it for a moment just watching it shake lightly in her hands. Not wanting to waste any more time she grabbed the bottle of lube and squeezed a bit of it out on to the toy letting it run down the shaft a bit before she spread it around. Shifting her hips slightly she opened her legs and slid the toy across her pussy, she moaned softly as it brushed along her sensitive clit she held it there for a moment just letting the vibrations pulse against it getting her worked up. She was imagining him watching her his cock growing hard as he saw his little girl play with herself, her pussy got wetter just thinking about him and how naughty it was for a girl to want her daddy in this way but since it was only fantasy it wasn't all that bad.

Now that she as nice an wet she slid the toy lower and turned it so it pressed into her, the tip of the toy pushing in just lightly, in her mind she was imagining that it was her daddy's cock about to push in to her not some plastic toy. She pulled the toy back and pushed it in just a little more just the way she imagined he would do with his cock, she imagined he would want to tease her first and make her beg for him to fuck her. Biting her lip softly she let herself sink into the fantasy “Daddy please don't tease me.” She moaned pushing her hips down letting the toy sink in a little deeper before pulling it back.

“Aww..does my little girl want my cock that badly?' he answered in her fantasy “Ok I will give her what she wants.” And with a quick thrust he would slam his cock into her, but out side of her fantasizing she thrust the toy all the way into her soaked pussy the vibrations of it sending a wave of pleasure through her. She pressed the toy as deep into her pussy as she could get it to go, a soft sigh of pleasure emitting from her as it pulsed and vibrated against her g-spot. She slowly pulled it back before thrusting it back in and repeated this slowly building up into a quick but steady pace, her hips bucking and grinding down against the toy with each thrust her mind diving deeper into the fantasy of being fucked by her daddy.

He was glad to be out of work early, his boss had been nothing but a dick all day and he wanted nothing more then to get home and relax, but as he pulled up in the drive way he was a little shocked to see his daughter's car parked in it all ready normally she was at soccer practice, but oh well she must have skipped or not had practice. After parking his car he walked in the door and tossed his keys on the counter. “Eva?” He called out trying to figure out where she was since the house was quiet, though he figured she might just be in her room headphones on and her music turned up so he headed to the back of the house were her room would be.

As he got closer to her room he heard a soft muffled moan come from her room that peek his interest, did she have a boy in her room? Was he gonna have to kick some teenage boy ass for touching his little girl? To catch them off guard he slowed down and tried to make as little noise as possible as he opened the door, but the sight he found was not what he was expecting to find. Even worse he did not expect to have the reaction he was having to what he was seeing, he wasn't suppose to be turned on by the sight of his little girl playing with herself. He couldn't help but have to reach down and adjust himself as he stood watching his little girl buck and moan slamming the toy in her hand in and out of her pussy.

Unzipping his pants as quiet as he could he pulled his dick out and started stroking up and down its length his cock becoming rock hard in moments. He slowly kicked his pants off, the boxers following quickly after, he though he was gonna lose it when he watched his little girl pull the toy out of her pussy her juices glistening on its shaft and it was only made worse when she licked its length before going back to fucking herself with it. She must have been really lost in the moment if she hadn't noticed him jerking off in her door way yet but he wasn't going to complain he was really enjoying the show.

“Oh, Daddy...” She moaned rocking her body her free hand giver her breast a rough squeeze. Shit he had been caught now and was bent quickly snatching up his pants just about ready to book it out of the room. “Daddy fuck me harder!” she cried out her pace picking up her thrust becoming much more urgent.

This caused his jaw to drop, his little girl was fantasizing about him fucking her? She wanted her daddy in her, man this was a dream come true! Dropping his pants he pulled his shirt off quiet as can be and slipped over to her bed. Quick as he could he snatched her by her ankle and turned her to face him on the side of the bed, his hands pinning her hips against the bed. “So my little girl wants her daddy to fuck her does she?” He smiled pinning her toy in her pussy with his hips his cock resting on her clit and pussy mound.

She let out a surprised yelp her eyes popping open as she felt his body press against her's “Ah! Dad....What are you doing?” She cried squirming trying to pull free, but it wasn't really doing her any good he had always had a strong grip and each time she squirmed she made the toy push deeper. Her cheeks burned red with the embarrassment of being caught how could he have been able to sneak up on her like that.

“Well ,my little girl seems to want to be fucked by her daddy, so I figured I might just grant that wish for her.” He smiled grinding his hips against her pushing on the toy enjoying the site of her squirming as he teased her.

“I...I do..” She whimpered her hips grinding with his, her horniness getting the better of her “But Daddy...its wrong..” She panted trailing off as he reached up and started to rub his thumb against her clit, the little circles his finger was making around it sending little waves of pleasure through her whole body she wasn't sure she was gonna be able to take much more.

“But it looks like you really want me too.” He smiled his hands sliding up and cupping her breast giving them each a soft squeeze. “It looks like if daddy doesn't fuck you soon your going to go crazy.” he said leaning in and giving her right nipple a quick suck. “And daddy wouldn't want his little girl to do that.” He cooed repeating the process on the other side.

“B-but daddy..” she panted and moaned her back arching, she was gonna orgasm soon if he kept it up and the though both embarrassed and turned her on.”What if people find out?” She asked her hips bucking and jumping as the first twinges of her orgasm rolled through her.

“Well we just won't get caught or tell any one will we?” He asked reaching down and quickly pulling the toy out of her pussy, he didn't want her to cum just yet. “It can be our little secret, how does that sound?” He smiled positioning his cock so it rested with just the tip pressed into her wet little pussy.
“would my little girl like that?” He said as he rocked his hips forward just a bit, god help him if she said no because he wasn't sure he was gonna want to stop.

“I would, it can be our secret.” Her hips were already rocking forward with his pushing his cock deeper into her, its large size stretching her pussy, her daddy was a lot bigger than her toy but she still couldn't wait to have his cock filling her up. Her brain was screaming that it was wrong to do this with him but she had wanted this so badly she didn't care what it had to say about it.

“You really want your daddy to fuck you my sweet girl?”

“Yes please.” She moaned arching and bucking against him pushing him farther in.

With that he grabbed her hips and slammed his cock all the way into her tight pussy. Feeling it squeeze his cock tight was just too much for him and he let out a low growl like moan and started to fuck her fast and hard his hands pulling her hips toward him with each forward thrust.

“D-Daddy...” She moaned her whole body trembling as she felt her climax building up fast, she was finding it so hard to focus on anything but him fucking her, it felt much better than she had ever imagined and she soon grinding hard against him each time he slammed his cock forward. Reaching up she grabbed around his neck and pulled him down to her, their mouths met in a passionate kiss each one putting all the passion and need they had for each other into that kiss, it was almost as if they were lovers not father and daughter.

“Wrap your arms and legs around me.” He demanded pulling free from the kiss his hands sliding under her ass as she did so. He scooped her up only slowing the pace of his thrusts once he had her in his arms. Turning he sat down on the bed with her now seated on his lap, and with out having to tell her what to do his little girl started to grind and bounce herself on his cock her fingers curling in his hair as she leaned back changing the angle that his cock entered her. His little girl rode his cock like a champ, no wonder she was always getting calls from the boys at school, though now that he was getting a turn at fucking her who knows if he would want to share her with those immature little punks.

“Daddddy...I'm coming!” She moaned her thrust becoming quicker and more jerky as she climaxed. He wrapped his hands around her hips and pinned her grinding his hips up as he felt that tight little pussy squeeze his cock hard as she climaxed. She panted and whimpered as wave after wave of pleasure rolled through her as she road daddy's cock, it was much better than her toy and she didn't know if she ever wanted to go back to using just the toy when she though about her daddy, maybe they could do this more often.

“That's my girl, cum for your daddy show him how much you love his cock inside of you.” he said laying back and letting her pleasure herself on his shaft. He as loving watching her squirm and buck against him. To add to her pleasure he slipped a hand between their bodies and started to play with her clit some, a soft groan emitting from him as she tensed up around his cock. She must be orgasming again he though to himself watching her head lull back. Having enjoyed the show long enough he wanted to have his own fun, so he grabbed her hips again while she was on top of him and started rocking her back and forth his cock growing rock hard as he felt the wetness of her slip up and down its length. He was going to cum soon himself but he didn't want to risk getting her pregnant, well not yet that is, so he slowed his pace down keeping himself just on the verge.

Rolling so she was back on the bed, he pulled her back to the edge his dick never once slipping all the way out of her. He slowed down to the point of doing just small thrusts enough to extend her pleasure but not enough to push him over the edge. “We don't want to risk getting you pregnant little girl, so where does my girl want her daddy to cum on her?” He asked. “I can cum on this wet little pussy.” he smiled giving her clit a few rough swipes. “Ooor Maybe these perky tits of yours?” He asked giving each nipple a quick tug. “Or maybe you c He smiled an roll over and I can cum all over that tight ass of yours, Where would my little girl like it?”

“Hmm...None of those places daddy.' She answered sweetly 'I know another spot you can cum.” She smiled sitting up and pushing him back. She then got on her knees in front of him, her hand wrapping around the base of his shaft. Leaning forward she gave his cock a few experimental licks to see how it tasted, and to test his reaction to what she was about to do.

“Hmm..well never expected my little girl would want it there.” He said reaching down and petting her head softly. “Well get too it.” he smiled at her pushing his hips toward her eager mouth. He was a little surprised that she wasn't bothered by the fact her pussy juices on his cock, his wife sure didn't, but he was definitely not about to turn down a blow job from his daughter.

She started at the base of his cock and slowly licked up its length to its head, making sure to keep her tongue pressed flat against it. Slipping her lips over it she started to take it in until she could take no more of his cock into her mouth, her hand started to stroke up and down the length she couldn't take in. He let out a deep groan and rest his hand on top of her head as she started to bob her head up and down on his cock, if she kept it up he was gonna blow his load pretty quick.
She pulled back letting most of his cock slip from her mouth and sat just teasing around the sensitive tip her tongue darting back and forth over it while her hand stroked up and down its length giving gentle squeezes now and again. She was tormenting him, but she was doing a damned fine job of it. He had had enough though his balls were starting to ache with the need to cum, so he place a hand on each side of her head and started to thrust forward pushing as much of his cock into her mouth as she could take in. She only resisted a little at first out of shock but soon she was eagerly sucking away as he filled her mouth with his cock.

Once ready to blow his load he thrust in as deep as he could and held her head so she couldn't pull off as his cum spilled into her mouth, he could feel her tongue press up against the underside of his cock each time she was made to swallow his seed. After the last bit spilled out of him he let go of her and collapsed back into her computer chair breathing heavily from how hard he had cum, he hadn't had a climax that good in a while and it felt amazing.

She quickly stood and took a moment to wipe her mouth as she settled on his lap. He could feel her pussy leaking its juices on to his leg but he didn't mind, he just put his head back and enjoyed the moment. “Thanks baby girl, your daddy needed that.” he smiled opening one eye to steal one more look at her sexy body. “But I think you should go get cleaned up now.” He said gently pushing her up off his lap and towards her private bathroom “Wouldn't want your mom to find out now would we.”

“No Daddy we wouldn't” She smiled leaning over the chair and giving him one last kiss as she headed into the bathroom.... Continue»
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Caught in the Act

Drew slipped of her shoes and quietly padded down the corridor of her University Hall of residence, trying not to wake anyone at this time of night and this close to exams. When she got to the door of her room she slowly inserted her key, unlocked the door and silently entered so as not to wake Willow, her roommate.

As she stood still for a second to let her eyes adjust to the darkness she saw her roommate was, in fact, very much awake. Willow was kneeling on her bed naked, facing away from the door, her smooth hourglass figure dimly lit by a sliver of moonlight pushing through a thin crack in the curtains. Drew could see that Willow was rocking very, very slowly back and forth on her knees but it wasn't until her eyes drifted to the portion of bed underneath Willow's lips that she realised what exactly was going on.

Willow had the back of her left hand resting on the bed with two fingers pointing straight up in the air, the gentle rocking motion was causing her to penetrate herself and then draw all the way out until her fingers were no longer anywhere near her body. Willow's motion was so gentle, and carried out with such care and in silence that it took Drew a further few seconds to realise what she had interrupted.

Oh my god, thought Drew, she's masturbating. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. Drew herself masturbated just as much since arriving at college as she always had done at home, although she only felt comfortable doing it in the shower because she shared a room and was worried in case, well, in case something like this happened.

Drew would masturbate in the shower in the same way she supposed most women did. She would lean against the shower wall and direct the powerful jet of water between her legs to stimulate her clitoris and lips. The sensation always was wonderful but she often had difficulties going all the way and bringing herself to orgasm when she masturbated like this because she found it hard to come standing up. When she approached the brink of orgasm she would feel like her legs were going to give way, tense up and lose the moment, which often let to the frustration of a near-orgasm.

Drew continued to watch Willow masturbate with fascination. She wasn't the first person she'd watch masturbate of course. She'd been going out with her boyfriend for a couple of months before arriving at university, and continued to see him, although not very often since she'd arrived in September. At 18 she didn't feel like she was ready for sex yet so instead they satisfied themselves sometimes by masturbating each other, but most of the time by laying together kissing and chatting whilst they played with themselves. She enjoyed the amount of control it gave her boyfriend, Mark, who could hold himself close to orgasm for some time whilst Drew masturbated to two or three orgasms with them both coming at the same time for her final one. She loved it when they came together and often found it hard to resist leaping on Mark and feeling his ecstasy from deep inside her.

So although no stranger to watching masturbation and to being watched masturbating this was altogether a different experience. This time she was watching another woman bring herself to orgasm and nothing she had seen before could compare.

Drew found herself almost hypnotised by the rhythmic motion of Willow's body when all of a sudden she was brought back to reality by a gasp from Willow. At first she thought that Willow had noticed her but she gave no sign of this and carried on stroking herself. In fact, Drew surmised, the gasp had indicated that her excitement was growing and she'd gone up to the next level of pleasure as her orgasm grew inside her.

Almost as if in confirmation of this Willow stopped her rhythmic rocking and rested her bottom on the heels of her feet and the hand that she was using to penetrate herself before started moving rapidly, and although Drew couldn't see from her position she guessed that her roommate was could no longer hold back and wanted to masturbate herself to orgasm as quickly as she could now. Whilst she played with her clitoris her heavy breathing and quiet whimpering turned to speech "Oh god…that feels so good…I'm so close, I have to come, I ooooooooohhhhh" and with that Willow began to come.

This was the first female orgasm Drew had witnessed other than her own, and she was surprised at how long it lasted compared to a boy's orgasm, and also how beautiful it was compared to a boys orgasm, and then just as Willow collapsed face down on the bed basking in the fun she had just given herself, Drew decided that is was time to let her know she was there – after all she'd have to find out sooner or later.

"I didn't mean to disturb you."

"Oh my god!" said Willow, turning round and putting her hand to her mouth and, even in the dim light turning bright red, "I had no idea you were back, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you, when did you get in, did you see me…"

"Yes, I did. I came in quietly because I thought you'd be sl**ping, I know I interrupted something very personal, I'm sorry"

"Its not your fault, its mine." said Willow turning on the bedside light and getting up off the bed, paradoxically she was so incredibly embarrassed about what just transpired that she didn't feel any awkwardness about standing before Drew naked, and didn't see anything unusual in hugging her friend.

This is the first naked woman I've ever held, thought Drew. It felt different from hugging a man, gently, and her skin felt cooler and softer.

"Look Willow, please don't feel bad," said Drew reassuringly, "We all masturbate, me especially so, and its so hard in a place with as little privacy as this. So not only do I not want you to feel bad, I want you to feel comfortable about masturbating in here again whenever you want, whether I'm here or not, and don't worry about it. That way we might survive this year with our sanity's intact."

"OK, thanks. You're a very understanding roommate" said Willow, walking to the sink to get a drink, preparing to go back to bed, this time to sl**p.

"God, its so late, we'd best get some sl**p" yawned Drew. Up until now, Drew would get ready for bed in the bathroom – emerging in her nightie after getting changed in private however tonight, sensing their friendship had reached a watershed after their conversation she naturally removed her clothes, put them away and padded naked over to the sink in order to brush her teeth.

Once they were both ready for bed Drew, still naked, walked over to Willow and gave her a reassuring hug, their bodies briefly pushed together as they embraced their new, deeper friendship.

22nd May 1991

Drew arrived home from her classes at 3PM tired and slightly frustrated. In the morning she'd tried masturbating with the shower head but for whatever reason, be it noise for the other people walking around on the corridor or just not being in the right frame of mind she's failed to have an orgasm as therefore had been somewhat horny and bad tempered all day.

However Drew was now left with a dilemma. After their conversation two days ago, Drew felt like she should really feel free to masturbate in her room without worrying too much about Willow interrupting, although she was worried that everything that was said was just in the heat of the moment and on reflection Willow really didn't feel like they should be as open about their sexuality as they'd agreed the other night.

Oh this is ridiculous, she thought, Willow probably won't be back for another two hours anyway and I really need to get this out of my system, and with that Drew removed her clothes and just decided to lay down for a few minutes and relax until some of the tensions of the day ebbed from her.

After a few minutes Drew arose from her bed and strolled over to the window. From her vantage point she could look down on the gardens and see people sitting around and talking – occasionally quite laughter would reach her window – fortunately, she thought, they were unable to see her.

The thought of being naked, and yet almost a part of this gentle summer scene aroused her and she found herself reaching down between her legs to casually play with her clitoris. Drew leant back against the window frame listening to the sounds of summer and casually masturbating – this is what she had missed since leaving for university, the chance to have leisurely masturbation sessions and orgasms.

Drew lay back down on her bed and carried on masturbating, her eyes closed, dreaming that she was a part of that summer scene, in amongst them, naked and aroused as they all carried on chatting about exams and the weather. She was so caught up in her fantasy that she didn't even hear Willow enter, just the latter part of the sentence she had presumably been uttering.

"…more homework and I swear I'll murder him. Oh god, whoops, sorry, Drew, I didn't mean to." She blurted.

"That's OK." Said Drew trying to sound casual as if she'd been caught brushing her teeth or something "Its just as much your room as it is mine. If you object I can stop, or go somewhere else."

"No, don't be silly," replied Willow, "you can't possibly stop what you're doing. I'll go down to the library to work and come back in a couple of hours."

"Please stay," asked Drew before she even realised what she was asking, "You can work at your desk and I'll just carry on here, I'm very quiet and you won't even notice. Then I won't feel guilty about turfing you out of your own room."

"OK sure," said Willow, "and without further ado put her books on her desk and started working away.

Drew lay on her bed motionless for a few seconds, trying to get her brain around the situation, and then, trying to put Willow out of her mind laid on her back again and continued stroking her lips and clitoris as her friend got to work on her maths homework. After a few more minutes of slow self-conscious rubbing the pleasurable sensations over-ran Drew and she forgot Willow's presence in the room as she drifted off into her own fantasy world. She imagined again that she was part of the summer scene she saw out on the lawn a few moments ago. The dreamt she was laying on the grass naked, her head resting on the knee of one of her friends and just listened to the lazy summer noises of bee's and casual chatter as she masturbated herself.

It wasn't long before the warmth, and the fantasy and her skilled fingers began to overtake her and she could feel her orgasm approaching. Forgetting where she was and, more importantly, who was there she began to abandon herself to the moment, letting out little a****l grunts and yelps as she rubbed herself faster and faster building to an orgasm.

As she got closer she decided, as she often did, that she wanted to watch herself at the moment of orgasm and so, propping herself on one elbow she looked down between her legs as she felt the inevitable moment grow so close she could almost touch it. Then all of a sudden she realised that of course, she wasn't the only one in the room as the evenings events flooded back to her. She looked over at Willow and what she saw made her stop what she was doing out of amazement. Willow, who last she saw was working, had opened the fly on her jeans and was very quietly moving her hand around inside her pants.

"Why don't you make yourself more comfortable" said Drew, breaking the silence.

Drew thought Willow would explode with embarrassment but instead she just whipped her hand out of her trousers and as casually as she could in her flushed state replied "Huh?"

"Well we're both masturbating. Why don't you take your clothes off , come and lay down and we can do it together"

"But we can't…" objected Willow.

"Look, I'm not a lesbian any more that you are" interrupted Drew, anticipating what Willow was about to say "but we've both seen each other naked, we've both seen each other masturbating, and we're both masturbating now. So you might as well get comfortable and enjoy it and we can have a nice chat."

Pausing for a few seconds to consider her options, Willow got up, stretched, and then proceeded to take of her clothes. Starting with her brogues she then slipped down her woollen tights along with her knickers whilst keeping her skirt on. Then she removed her white cotton blouse and again paused. Willow had realised that removing anything else would either expose her breasts or her nether lips…this was the point of no return. Then, making her decision she casually walked over to face the mirror, her back to Drew and removed her bra, then with a deep breath allowed her black and white checked skirt to drop to the ground.

Then, in one motion she kicked her skirt away and placed her legs slightly apart and without turning to Drew started playing with herself in front of the mirror. Then she turned and continuing to masturbate walked idly over to Drew's bed and plonked herself down on the side that Drew had vacated for her. They lay together, naked, side by side, both playing with themselves staring into each others eyes and smiling. Their taboos finally broken, and nothing left other than to enjoy each others company and their own individual orgasms.

"You were really close to coming earlier" reminded Willow, "I'm afraid I'm quite a long way behind so if you want to come then just come."

"It's alright, I'll do what my boyfriend does when we masturbate. I'll hold myself right at the edge until you get closer and the we can orgasm together, it'll be nicer."

"OK, cool" said Willow and set to work on herself.

As they both masturbated, Drew with her slow strokes holding herself as close to the edge as she dare, breathing heavily and giving little glottal moans and Willow with her vigorous rubbing, still obviously some way off but rapidly catching up with her friends state of arousal, Drew moved her hips a little closer to Willow. That way, although not deliberately touching each other their hands would occasionally brush against each other lightly so they could both feel the action of the others self-pleasure.

Then, briefly, surprisingly briefly thought Drew, she felt Willow begin to slow down to a similar slow steady masturbation as herself.

"Drew" said Willow quietly.

"Yes, Willow."

"I'm there. I'm right on the edge of orgasm, just like you. I just wanted to thank-you, before we come together, for how open you've been. This has all been really special to me."

"Me too. Now, Willow"


"Lets go for it" and with that they both started vigorously masturbating, their hands rubbing themselves and each other as both girls, each with their own individual masturbation styles pushed each other over the edge.

When they spoke about it afterwards, neither could remember which one came first, but the orgasm of one of them pushed the other over and they both came together, longer and more powerfully than either could ever remember coming before. Then, collapsing onto their backs they lay their panting, basking in the afterglow of shared orgasm. They didn't even notice that as they lay there they held each other's wet hand. After what seemed like an eternity, Drew began to get cold.

"Lets snuggle up in bed together." Suggested Drew.

"That sounds great," and with that, they both got off the bed jumped underneath the covers and held each other closely as they drifted off into a sound, peaceful sl**p.
... Continue»
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We are caught in the act! (bisexual)

This story is alittle long but i'm sure u'll enjoy every delicious cum, lick ass, and pussy with mouth screwing as i did.

This one's for the Linkin Park girl, you know who you are! Thanks for the inspiration!

Kim called me to see if we could get together, because her husband, Ken was out of town for the week.

"Of course," I told her, "come right on over!"

"I will be there in about an hour, so I hope you are ready!" she said, with a teasing tone to her voice.

I jumped in the shower and got cleaned up for what promised to be a real good night!

About an hour and a half later, Kim showed up, looking sooo, sooo tasty! She had a red, low cut, silk top on, that showed just enough cleavage to make me start to salivate. I could see the outline of her pretty little pussy lips, in the crotch of her tight Levi's, a sight that always drove me crazy! And of course, as always, a pair of high heel straps on her red toenailed feet.

We turned on some tunes, sat down on the couch and had a couple of drinks and smoked a bowl. After sitting and shooting the shit for a while, having a good time, she reaches over and starts rubbing the inside of my thigh. Of course, this starts some swelling in the region between my legs. I reached over and started rubbing her left nipple through her silk top, feeling it harden at my touch, while I leaned in to get a nice wet kiss, from her luscious red lips. She worked her hand up to my now rock hard member, stroking it gently through my pants, as we twirled our tongues together, in a very passionate kiss. I reached down with the other hand to massage those hot pussy lips, over the top of her Levi's, feeling the heat that was emanating from her tight little hole. I broke the kiss and started nibbling my way down her neck, licking and kissing and sucking, her hot flesh. I could feel the moisture starting to seep through the crotch of her pants, from her steamy love pot, as I rubbed it, causing her to moan.

I undid the buttons on her blouse, as I kissed my way down her chest, closer and closer to her beautiful tits. I slowly unzipped her pants, slipping a finger through the zipper hole, petting her perfectly groomed pubic hair. "I love it when you do that!" she moaned.

"So do I, Baby, so do I!" I agreed.

While this was going on, she unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, reaching in, groping for my shaft. I moaned as her fingers wrapped around my throbbing cock, she pulled it out, releasing it from it's denim restraint. At this point I had her breasts, fully exposed, those incredible, hard nipples poked out at least a half an inch, just begging for me to suck on them, which of course, I did. She pulled my shirt off, over my head and started licking and sucking my nipples, as she rubbed one red fingernail hand all over my hairy chest, stroking my cock with the other.

"I love it when you do that!" I whispered to her.

She worked her way down my chest, over my belly, licking and sucking, her tongue flicked in and out of my navel, as I put my hand down the back of her pants, running my middle finger down her butt crack. Then she got down on her knees and pulled off my shoes and pulled my pants down, just enough to give her good access to my iron hard prong. She licked the swollen head of my Dick, making me gasp, as a shot of pure pleasure ran through my body, like a bolt of lightning. She swirled her tongue around the head, just the way she knows that I like it, I sucked in air through my clenched teeth, the sensation almost more than I could take.

I stopped her, wanting to save my load for later and I got up, finished taking my pants off, so I could maneuver a little better. Then I pushed her down on the couch and pulled her Levi's off, exposing that sexy little honeypot. She spread her legs, so I could get my head down there to service her. I licked her hard little clit, which brought a gasp out of her red lips, she grabbed me by the hair, forcing my face into her steamy, hot, love pit. I licked and sucked her pussy lips, gently pulling on them with my teeth, her sweet clear liquid, flowing over my lips and teeth. Then I stuck my tongue as far up her crack as I could reach, swirling it around, making her scream with pleasure. She started bucking her hips up and down, as my tongue slithered all around in her wet cavern, feeling the muscles clenching and convulsing.

She cried out, "I'm going to cum, Oh God, I'm going to cum!"

I was relentless, attacking her clit with my tongue, pushing a finger up her wet hole, massaging the front wall of her love tunnel. I rubbed a spot right behind her clitoris, a spot that I have learned will bring her to a screaming, shuddering, squirting climax, every time. She couldn't hold back any longer, her whole body stiffening up, she threw her head back, screaming and groaning, as she flooded my mouth and hands with her nectar. Once her body relaxed, other than an occasional spasm, I gradually stopped licking and rubbing the inside of her sweet pussy. I moved up to kiss her, pausing to slurp on her heaving breasts, as she laid there catching her breath, panting like she had just run a mile. Just like always, doing this to her made me horny as hell! I reached down to guide my throbbing, pre-cum leaking cock, to her soaking wet quim. I rubbed the head of my prick up and down her slit, my pre-cum mixing with her juices, enjoying the feeling as well as the look on her face. I knew it wouldn't take long for her to demand me to stick it in and I was right.

She Said "I need you to fuck me! Now stick your big cock up my pussy, do it NOW!"
I just love to tease her, so I continued to slide my dick around the outside of her hole for a minute, as she bucked her hips up, trying to get it to go in. Finally, I let her have it, plunging it deep into her tight wetness with one quick motion, both of us groaning with pleasure. I laid there for a moment, with it buried to the hilt, enjoying the feeling of her soft, warm, wet hole and then I started to slip it in and out, slowly at first, then gradually picking up speed, until I was pounding into her, my nuts slapping her ass."I want to taste your cream this time, so let me suck it!" she told me.

So after a few more minutes of ramming my spear into her pussy, I pulled out and rolled over on my back, so she could finish me off. She got down on her knees and started licking the swollen head, jerking the shaft and massaging my cum filled balls with her soft, warm hands. My body started to tense up, my teeth clenched, the pleasure was so intense, as I felt my cum start to move up the shaft. She sucked my cock into her mouth, as I started to shoot my load.

All of a sudden, the music stopped, she let go of my spurting prick, my cum shooting into the air, some landing on her face, some on my belly and the couch. I looked at her, wondering why she had let go, because she usually slurped it all up and swallowed it down, she always said that she didn't like to waste it. She had a look on her face, like she had seen a ghost, the color had drained from her face, her jaw hanging open.

That's when I heard a voice, a loud voice, that said, "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?!"

Startled, I looked around behind me to see my friend John, with a look of complete astonishment on his face, his jaw practically hitting the floor. As Kim hurriedly, grabbed her blouse to cover up, I realized that I had forgotten to lock the door and between the loud music and getting caught up in the moment, we hadn't heard him knock, nor did we hear him open the door and walk in. Talk about ruining the moment!

John once again said, "Tell me, what the fuck is going on here?"

Kim stammered something unintelligible.

"Just how long has this been going on?" He demanded.

I said, "Hold on now, calm down and we'll talk about this rationally."

"I am rational, now tell me, how long you've been fucking my s****r?"

I looked at Kim, while I wiped the cum off of my belly with my shirt, she had a look of terror in her eyes. Even though she was 4 years older than John, she was very worried that he was going to tell her husband about what he had just found out about us, because Ken and John were not only b*****rs-in-law, they were close friends.

Then she said very uneasily, "You''re not going to tell Ken...are you?"

"I'll decide, after you tell me the truth about what's going on here," he replied.

I started to say that it was my fault, that I was the one that seduced her and she eventually gave in, even though it was a total lie. She was the one that had first come over and she was the one that asked me to make love to her. I just figured, if he tells Ken that I seduced her, he might be more likely to forgive her, of course, he'd probably come over and end my life, but I hadn't thought that far ahead.

Before I could say much of anything, Kim interrupted, "Did you know that Ken has been fucking a woman at his work for the last 5 years?"

John had a shocked look on his face and he admitted that he had no idea, about Ken cheating on her.

He said, "How do you know that, are you sure?" She told him, "You know Jenny at his office?"

John nodded, "Yeah, I've talked to her a couple of times."

"She pulled me aside one day and told me about how he had been screwing that blond, Lisa and almost everyone in his office knew about it. She told me that all those business trips he was always taking, were actually trips to Lisa's apartment and all those nights he said he was working late, he was with her," She went on, "I actually caught him red handed with her in his office. I went over after hours one night, after seeing his car in the parking lot. I walked in to find her giving him a blowjob."

John said, with a sneer, "Just like you were doing when I walked in just now?"

She looked down at the floor and said, "I think that if he can cheat on me, then I have every right to cheat on him! He's damn lucky I didn't shoot his ass, like I felt like doing that night!"

"But, if you felt like you just had to cheat, why did you have to do it with my best friend?" he asked.

"I just didn't want to go out and find some stranger," then she looked at me lovingly, "I've always had a crush on Clint and I figured that if I were going to cheat, it might as well be with someone I cared about."

John shook his head, "I don't understand how you could do this to Ken, he deserves to know about this, don't you think?"

"Please, please, don't tell Ken! You know how he is, he would come over and start trouble, for sure!" She pleaded.

John looked at me and with his voice tinged with sarcasm, he said, "Well, I guess I wouldn't want him to shoot my best friend, even though, he probably deserves it!"

"Hey, wait a God damned minute!" I said, "I'm willing to bet that I treat her better than he does, besides, he's the one that's been cheating on her for years!"

He gave me a dirty look and shot back, "You both disgust me! I can't believe you would do something like this!"

That comment pissed me off, "Who the hell do you think you are, to pass judgment on us? It seems to me, that if you were so much better than us, you wouldn't keep staring at your own s****r's naked body. You haven't taken your eyes off of her since you came in here and it doesn't look to me like you're too disgusted, after looking at her." I said as I pointed at the bulge that was growing in his pants. He looked instantly embarrassed, his cheeks turning bright red, then I continued, "It seems to me, that I remember you telling me for years, how you would sneak looks at her when she would take her showers, back when both of you used to live at home with your parents and how you would jack off, just thinking about how hot she was." It was Kim that turned red at that point. Then I said, "Besides, after what we did in Vegas, how could you judge what someone else has done?" As soon as the words left my mouth, I knew I had said too much.

John's mouth dropped open and he looked absolutely horrified and said, "We both swore that we would NEVER tell anyone about that!"

Kim looked back and forth at each of us, with a questioning look on her pretty face, "What did you guy's do in Las Vegas?" she asked.

I could feel my face getting hot and knew it was as bright red as his. "Nothing." I replied, looking down at the floor, afraid to make eye contact with her.

John glared at me and said, "Go ahead asshole, you might as well tell her!"

I stammered, mumbling something that made no sense to anyone, including myself. Kim started to laugh, her big blue eyes twinkling and she said, "Well, I guess it must have been something really embarrassing, for you both to look so guilty and ashamed! The look on both your faces is priceless!"She was laughing so hard, she had dropped her shirt down to her lap, exposing her tits. I looked up at John and he was staring at his older s****r's luscious melons, jiggling as she sat there, busting a gut, laughing at us. I looked down and saw that his dick had gotten quite hard, stretching down his left leg. This was something that did not escape Kim's attention. She said, "Well, well, well! It looks like little b*****r is a whole lot bigger than I thought he was!"

John's face went a whole shade redder, I wasn't sure if it was caused by embarrassment or excitement.

"So, did you really beat-off after seeing me naked, when we were younger?" she asked, as she moved her shirt from her lap, spreading her sexy legs, completely exposing her wet little twat. I watched John's eyes open as wide as her legs! "Is this what you wanted to see? Is it this, that got you so excited, you had to jack off?"

Then he mumbled something, that I couldn't quite make out.

Kim said, "I'll make you a deal, if you can see fit to not tell Ken about me and Clint, I'll make it well worth your while."

Now my dick was once again, hard as nails! This could be my fantasy cum true!

John stammered, "What....what you mean by that?" an incredulous look on his face.

I would have to guess, that I had much the same look on my face, as I tried to figure out exactly what she meant by that comment.

She said, almost in a whisper, "Why don't you come over here and find out, little b*****r?"

He stood there, hesitating, his dick, straining against his pant leg, a small spot of moisture had formed on his pants, right at the end of his cock.

"Come on, come closer Johnny"

"Wha...what are going do?" he stammered.

"Get over here and you'll find out!"

He looked at me, with a stunned expression on his face that was quite comical. I just smiled, I had never seen him so flustered. Then he slowly started to walk the ten feet that separated him from his s****r. He shuffled over to her, as she waited, sitting there naked on the couch. He stood there nervously, right in front of Kim, his crotch about even with her face, as she looked at the huge bulge in his pants, licking her lips. She reached up and felt his hard cock through the thin material, he gasped, obviously enjoying the moment.

"Yes, indeed! This is a whole lot bigger than the last time I saw it!" she purred, "How old were you, maybe twelve or thirteen?"

He simply shrugged his shoulders and opened his mouth, as if to say something, only to close it again, without saying a word. She unzipped his zipper, her hand disappeared into his pants, as she pulled his huge, throbbing shlong out. I just sat there, eyes riveted on the scene that was unfolding before me. I couldn't believe what I was witnessing! I couldn't count how many times I had jacked-off, while I fantasized about something like this happening. Kim held his engorged member in her hand, gasping at the shear size and weight of it. It was a good eight and a half inches long and big enough around, that she couldn't touch her fingers to her thumb.

At this point, John says, "I don't know if I feel right about this, Kim."

"It feels and looks like you do to me! Just look at the pre-cum dripping off of it and it's hard as a rock!" she exclaimed excitedly. He blushed deeply, once again, as she slowly stroked his shaft a couple of times, causing a low moan to escape from his lips. Then she stuck her tongue out and gently licked the underside of the swollen head, running her tongue up across his pee-hole, licking the pre-cum from the end of his prick, as he groaned with pleasure.Suddenly, she turned to me and said, "You guys never told me about Las Vegas, tell me about it before I go any farther."

This snapped me out of the trancelike state I was in, bringing me back to reality with a jolt. It appeared to have the same effect on John, because he visibly jerked a little, hearing her words and then he turned to look at me with a questioning look. At that point, I realized that I had been u*********sly stroking my cock, which was so hard it was almost unbearable, pre-cum dripping from the head, down the shaft and all over my hand. I sat there and looked at my options. I could tell her what we had done a couple of years earlier, on our trip to Vegas, but I still wasn't sure what she would think of the two of us, especially me! I did know that one thing was for sure, I didn't want this to end without having some fun first.

"Well, I'm waiting." Kim said, impatiently.

I thought about it, looked up at John again and shrugged my shoulders. From the look on John's face, I could tell that he was going through the same torturous thoughts and by the looks of it, he didn't want it to end either.

"Fuck it," I thought to myself, I figured, here she was, holding her own b*****r's cock, her saliva still drying on it's tip. I knew that she was quite a kinky woman, she should be able to deal with it. So, I decided to show her. I slid closer to her on the couch, gave her a quick kiss, then I reached up and grabbed his dick and turned my head and gave it a lick. He groaned, half from pleasure, half from embarrassment, she raised her eyebrows with a shocked look on her face.

"Are you trying to tell me, that you two..." her words trailed off, as she watched me take the head of his cock into my mouth. Her mouth hung open, as wide as mine, only hers was empty.

John said, almost shouting, "We're not gay!"

Kim totally cracked up at this point, giggling uncontrollably, as she fell back against the couch. I guess, it's kind of difficult to convince her we're not gay, when I've got the head of his dick in my mouth. I stopped, letting go of his monster cock and I turned and looked at her and as I stuck a finger into her wet little snatch I said, "Come on Baby, you don't really think that I'm gay, do you?"

She looked at me, grabbing hold of my iron hard cock and said, "Well, I guess you're not actually gay, but what do you call a guy that will do what you just did?"

I thought about it for a second and replied, "Horny!"

At that point, we all cracked up, the laughter breaking the tension and somehow, I knew everything would be all right. After a few minutes of giggling, Kim says, "So that's the deep, dark secret? You guy's had sex with each other, while you were in Las Vegas?"

"All we did was give each other a little head, it wasn't really sex!" John exclaimed.

"That's right, just ask Bill Clinton!" I added.

We all had another good laugh and then we told Kim the whole story, about how we wound up doing some "experimenting" after we shared a woman, on that fateful weekend.

I told her, "I don't consider a guy to be actually gay, if they have absolutely no feelings toward men in a romantic sense and if they just 'play around' a little with another guy, it's just that, playing around." I looked at her, trying to read the expression on her face. Then I continued, "To this day, I never look at guys and think about how hot they are, but women, will drive me absolutely crazy! It was purely a matter of circumstance and curiosity that we wound up doing what we did."

"That's how I feel about it," said John, "Guy's just don't turn me on, as far as wanting to kiss one or something."

Kim looked at us for a minute and said mischievously, "Well, I guess I can deal with it, so before you guys lose your boners, maybe we should have some fun!"

She reached out and grabbed both of our dicks, stroking them slowly. We both moaned, as the feeling of her warm, soft hands brought us much pleasure. She said, "I've never done it with two guys before, I think I'm going to like this!" I rubbed her pussy and bent down to suck on one of her tits. She told John to sit down and finish taking his pants off, as she released his wang from her grip.

I gave her a big kiss and asked, "Now that you know our secret, do you think any less of us?"

"Of course not! But it is quite a surprise, I never would have guessed!" she replied, "Actually, it's kind of exciting!"

John sat down, on the other side of Kim, now totally naked, his massive rod jutting up from between his hairy legs. Kim asked him again, "So, is Ken going to find out about me and your blowjob buddy?"

"Not when you put it that way! Now that you have some dirt on me, I guess, I'll have to keep my mouth shut."


Then she bent down and took his cock into her mouth, or at least most of it and he moaned loudly.

"You're going to be impressed at how good your s****r can suck a dick, she's the very best!" I told John, "Incredibly talented!"

She stopped sucking his dick just long enough to say, "Why thank you!" She went back to blowing him, making him groan with pleasure. Then she said, "Why don't you help me get him off, since I know about your little secret?"

"Well, as long as you're twisting my arm!" I got down on my knees between his legs and leaned forward, licking his throbbing shaft, as she sucked the head. He groaned, as she pulled his big swollen head out of her mouth, both of us licking it, her on one side, me on the other, our tongues twirling together, wrapping around his purple head. He sucked air through his clenched teeth, throwing his head back, moaning loudly. I knew that he wouldn't last long, just imagining how intense it must feel. He bucked his hips up and down, his body writhing with pleasure. We kept up the pressure, each taking turns slipping the head into our mouths, her playing with his balls, as I stroked his shaft.
I said, "Since he's your b*****r, you should do the honor of sucking the cum out of his cock, don't you think?"

"Mmm, hmmm!" She moaned.

He started to grunt and groan, saying breathlessly, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!"

As she sucked on the head, I jacked him off, into her mouth. It felt incredible, as his huge prick got even bigger in my hand, I could feel the powerful spasms, the big cock surging, as he squirted gob after gob of hot cum into his big s****r's mouth. She slurped it all down, except for one little stream, which ran down his shaft and onto my fingers. John collapsed after what has to be one of the biggest orgasms of his life. Once she was done milking his massive tool, I held my hand up to her mouth, so she could lick his cream off of my fingers.

"Jesus, that was incredible!" John panted.

"I told you she was the best!"

Kim said with a smile, "Maybe, but I had some help this time!"

"Why don't we go to the bedroom?" I suggested, they both agreed.

Once we were in my bedroom, I laid down on my back and said, "Hey John, it seems like you kind of owe me, after all, you got to feel me lick your cock, while you fucked a hot lady when we were in Las Vegas. I think it's my turn, that is, if you don't mind licking your big s****rs hot clit! What do you think?"

Kim blushed and looked at John, with an expectant look on her sweet face.

"Are you k**ding me? I'd love to!" he replied. "That is, as long as Kim is cool with it."

Kim smiled and said nothing. She just climbed up onto me, impaling herself on my prong, with her back to me. She started to move her hips up and down, her wet pussy, clenching my hard cock, pulling at it on the upstroke. Man, did that feel good! John got down between our legs, I could feel his hot breath on my balls, as he started to lick her little nub. Kim moaned with pleasure, as his tongue made contact with her clit. Then I finally got to feel the sensation of someone's slippery tongue, licking my shaft, at the same time it was stuck up a pussy, a feeling I had never felt before. Starting with my balls, he licked up my slick, wet cock, to her clit, sending a spasm through her body. I felt his hand, massaging my nutsack, it was a little strange to feel a hand that was not as soft as Kim's on my balls. He licked up and down my shaft, as she rode my cock, slowly slipping her wet pussy up and down, stimulating my rod. The feeling was exquisite! She would move up until just the head was still inside of her, then she would wait, letting him lick my shaft a few times and then drop her body down, my cock sliding deep inside of her. One time, she went up too far and my wet dick popped out, John grabbed it and pulled it toward him, sucking it into his mouth, causing me to groan. Then he took it from his mouth, after bobbing up and down a few times and aimed it back into her waiting pussy, as she dropped back down.

This continued for some time, then Kim started to groan and her breath became ragged. Her movements were starting to become erratic, I could tell she was close to orgasm. John must have sensed it as well, because he stopped licking my shaft and he concentrated on her hard little clit. His hand remained on my balls, holding them and rubbing them, as he flicked at his s****r's most sensitive parts with his tongue, my cock buried to the hilt in her warm wet hole.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming, oh God I'm cumming!" She screamed, the muscles in her tight cunt, convulsing, gripping my hardness. She laid back against my chest, her whole body tensing up, as I reached around to grab her sweaty tits, kneading them as she flooded my crotch and John's face with her love juice. After a huge orgasm, she collapsed, her body relaxing, as she laid on top of me. John slurped up as much of her fluid as he could from her pussy lips, my nuts and his hands. She laid there for a moment, as I felt the last twitches of her pussy, still wrapped around my throbbing manhood.

"Oh my God, that was incredible!" she exclaimed. Then she rose up and lifted herself off of my body, dislodging my prick from her soaking wet snatch, my cock flopped down on my belly with a wet slap."I want to see you finish him off, little b*****r," Kim said.

John just smiled, as he resumed his position between my legs. He grabbed my hard shaft and started stroking it slowly, causing me to moan from the pleasure. He licked the swollen, purple head of my dick, I gasped, throwing my head back, as I felt electric like pulses run through my body. He took my head into his mouth and started bobbing his head up and down, as he stroked the shaft at the same time. His teeth gently sc****d the head of my cock, which brought me to the brink of ecstasy. I was having a tough time holding back, trying not to shoot, wanting these feelings to last forever.

Kim watched, fingering her wet pussy, as her b*****r sucked on my rock hard tool. Then she couldn't resist getting down on her knees and joining him as I got closer and closer to releasing my seed. They both took turns, sucking the head of my lucky penis, both of them had their hands on my nuts and shaft, each licking at a side. That was all I could handle, just the sight of the two of them, both tongues slithering around on the head and shaft of my hard prick, causing me to let loose with a huge load of sperm. It shot up into their faces, as I spurted glob after glob of hot semen, landing all over their faces, hands and my belly. My body relaxed, I watched them lick my cum off of each others face and hands, as they giggled, settling into a hot kiss.

I laid back, feeling quite satisfied, as I watched them kiss each other like they had been lovers for years. Kim laid down on her back next to me and said in a sexy voice, "Come on Johnny, I want you to stick that big fat cock of yours up my pussy!"

He had a stunned look on his face, "I...I don't know, do you really want to go that far? After all, are my s****r."

"Get over here! It doesn't matter, I'm on the pill. Besides, we've gone this far and I want you to shoot your cum in my pussy, now get over here, NOW!" she said, in that demanding tone I had heard so many times before.

He looked at me, I smiled and then he moved toward her, "All right s*s, if you think it'll be OK!"

"Just get over here!"

His cock was purple and dripping pre-cum, from all the hot activity. It had been neglected for quite a while, all the attention had been paid to my now wilted dick and her wet twat. He moved over on top of her and I reached over and guided his rock hard throbbing pole to her dripping slit. He stopped with the massive head resting against her opening, slowly applying pressure, until it suddenly slipped inside her tight little sex pot. She let out a loud groan, her body writhed with pleasure, John gasped, as he felt it slide in.

"Oh my God, it's so big!" she cried out, panting as he slowly sunk it in to the hilt.

I felt a slight pang of jealousy, as I watched him lie on top of her, his massive boner inside her body. I always knew that at times, she still had sex with her husband, but as long as we didn't talk about it, I wasn't bothered by the thought. But now, here was another guy between her legs. Even though it was her b*****r, I just wasn't used to seeing her with someone else. I guess it didn't help that his cock was so big, at 9 inches, he was bigger than I was, my 7 inches looking small in comparison. Kim seemed to sense my feelings, she turned to me and smiled lovingly, as she ran her fingers through my hair, then she kissed me deeply.

John started to work his dick in and out of her little wet quim, it making slurping sex noises as he pumped her. She started to moan, her gorgeous tits bouncing in circles, as he fucked her, picking up the tempo, his large balls, slapping her ass. I tried to put my feelings aside, after all, she didn't really belong to me, so I had no right to be possessive. Besides, it was pretty hot watching his massive tool, plunge in and out of her! I reached over and wrapped my index finger and thumb, around the base of his shaft, my fingers feeling his nuts slap back and forth. That helped quite a bit, at least by doing this, I was a part of it.

"God that feels great!" he said between breaths. I had to agree, as he slid in and out of her, I would feel her wet lips slapping against the back of my hand, as it was sandwiched between her pussy and his balls. I did this until he was slamming into her so hard I just got my hand out of the way, so they could enjoy the thrusting of his full length, deep inside her hot body.

Soon, he was groaning, "I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum!!!"

"Squirt your hot cum inside of me, little b*****r!" she screamed.

His strokes became erratic, as he sprayed his jizz deep inside her clutching pussy! "Oh my God, that feels good!" Kim screamed, as she writhed on the bed.

His thrusts started to slow down and then gradually coming to a stop. Then he laid down on top of her, trying to catch his breath.

He moaned, "That was absolutely incredible!"

After he laid there for some time, he got up and said, "As much as I hate to admit it, that was the best sex I've ever had!"

"I know the feeling! Your s****r is incredible!" I agreed.

Then he started to get dressed, "I also hate to say it, but I've got to go home. I've got to get up in the morning, to go to work."

"So do I, unfortunately," said Kim.

We reluctantly got dressed and they both left, after a hot kiss from Kim, that is. I could only hope we will all get together again, for another hot night of great sex! I'll keep you posted!... Continue»
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Caught in the Act

Anna had only been living with Lincoln for three months, one week and five days when he walked in on her masturbating. He'd originally left with an overnight bag swinging from his clenched fist and a casual comment thrown over his shoulder to let her know he was spending the weekend at a friend's place.

Ten minutes after he walked out the door she stripped down to her tank top and panties, feeling an urgent need to relieve some of the tension that being around him regularly caused.

Everything about Lincoln made him the perfect housemate, except for the fact that he was gorgeous. That had proven to be a distraction. His eyes and hair were the colour of rich espresso and his addiction to running, combined with his job as a personal trainer, helped maintain a long lean body. The playful way he had about him, from his sense of humour to his relaxed personality, unfortunately pushed all the right buttons. Often.

She'd removed her bra and sat cross-legged on the couch with a Channing Tatum movie playing on TV for inspiration. Just as she really started getting into it—one hand inside her panties and the other cupping the breast she'd tugged her top down to expose—Lincoln barged into the apartment rambling about having forgotten something.

He stopped mid-sentence and stared. His mouth opened and closed. Shocked amusement filled his eyes.

Anna recovered first and screamed, "Oh my God, Oh, my God! Get out! Close your eyes! Stay there! Shit. Just GO!" She scrambled to yank up her top and clamped her legs together, throwing the remote at him as a distraction while she sprinted from the room.

Embarrassment swept over her again at the memory and she wondered for about the hundredth time whether she'd ever get over it. Luckily she hadn't been calling out his name at the time. If he'd turned up thirty seconds later it would have been a different story.

She sipped from her can of Pepsi and stirred the brown rice bubbling in the pot on the stove. It was already after seven. He'd be home any minute now.

Her exhibitionist moment had become that elephant in the room no one dared speak about but it was only a matter of time before he cracked and brought up the subject. Since returning from his weekend away three days ago the amused glances he kept sending her way confirmed her hunch; the only reason he held back from talking about it was because it made her uncomfortable. This whole situation had become far too entertaining—for him, at least.

Anna heard the front door open and close. He usually headed down the hall to deposit his work gear in his bedroom before he came looking for her. She took the pot of rice over to the island bench to drain while she waited for him to appear.

Moments later he entered the kitchen, sending her a grin while he strolled across the tiled floor barefoot. She knew—she just knew every time he looked at her now he pictured that scene all over again. "Hey," he said. He wore black athletic shorts and a sleeveless red top that revealed his muscled arms.

"Hi." Anna smiled and met his eyes briefly. "Dinner's almost ready if you want to set the table."

His hair gleamed under the lights. He always looked so healthy and full of life while she was on the skinny side of slim with mostly unremarkable features. Her only saving graces were a plump mouth that according to her last boyfriend looked obscene when she wore red lipstick and a pair of breasts that were a little too big for her frame.

Her job as a columnist for a teen magazine meant she sometimes worked from home so she'd thrown on an old grey t-shirt and navy yoga pants this morning. Her feet were bare and her dark-framed glasses perched on the bridge of her nose. A tortoiseshell clip just barely held her messy blonde bun together at the back of her head.

She left the drained colander in the sink, switched off the burner under the stir fry and went about serving up dinner.

When they were both sitting in the dining room beside the floor-to-ceiling window that showcased the twinkling lights of the city, Anna speared a piece of chicken and shoved it into her mouth. She chewed and swallowed, then quickly replaced it with another to avoid having to talk to him.

She wished things could return to normal between them, that they could go back to sharing their flirty banter and having fun together. They'd clicked from the moment they met. Now it was just awkward and the fault lay entirely with her. He hadn't changed a bit. Her eyes remained directed at her plate. It was only when Lincoln let out a snort of amusement that she raised her head.

"It's natural, you know," he said. His gaze roamed her face, taking everything in. "To want to do it, I mean. Everyone does it."

Anna closed her eyes. "I don't want to talk about it, Lincoln."

"I know."

She opened her eyes and f***ed herself to look at him. "Then why are you bringing it up?"

"We need to talk about it." He balanced his fork on the edge of his plate. "This is serious. The tension around here's putting me off my food."

Although it didn't help at all she still appreciated his attempt to bring humour into the conversation. "Can't we just pretend it never happened?" she said.

"Anna, it did happen and it's not a big deal. You're just turning it into one."

Her eyes widened. "That's easy for you to say. How would you feel if I walked in on you...pleasuring yourself?"

"I don't know because it's never happened to me. I always go somewhere private to...pleasure myself." She heard the humour in his tone. "I've never set up camp on the couch before and just gone for it."

Oh, my God. If the humiliation at hearing his words wasn't enough now she had the image of him all aroused to contend with, too. Anna pushed her plate away and leaned her forehead against the table. "I'm just going to bang my head here until I knock myself out, okay?"

"C'mon." His patient amusement only made the situation that much worse. Why couldn't she be the mature one here?

Chair legs sc****d against tile then his hand wrapped around her upper arm. He tugged her reluctantly into a standing position. Knowing he wanted to talk about it rather than eat his dinner made her realise just how determined he was to fix this problem.

She tilted her head to stare up at him, blown away by the jolt of awareness she experienced whenever she looked into his eyes.

"Why does it bother you so much?" he asked. His brows pulled together as he studied her.

"Is it really that hard to understand? You saw me with my hand in my panties, Lincoln. You saw my boobs, too." She turned her head and stared out the window, wishing she could be anywhere other than here...with him...talking about the first place holder on her list of embarrassing moments.

"One boob," he corrected. "A very...very nice one."

Her eyes flicked back to his to check whether he was making fun of her but his compliment appeared to be sincere. "Thank you," she said.

"No, thank you."

A reluctant smile appeared. She should have talked about it with him when it actually happened instead of leaving it to him to address the issue. It would have been a lot simpler. Still... "It just feels like I'm at a disadvantage. You saw me during a private moment. I can tell you still think it's funny. I don't like you having that over me."

His mouth turned up at one corner. "You want me to jerk off in front of you to make things even?"

Her stomach fluttered at the thought. Anna knew he was joking to lighten the mood but when she opened her mouth to speak the word that wanted to come out was yes. "Umm..." She sent him a tentative smile.

He let out a laughing breath. "Ahh...I can't believe it. You actually want me to jerk off in front of you."

Now that he'd brought up the idea Anna kept her eyes on him and her mouth shut, waiting him out. She refused to get herself in any deeper without some indication that he felt even a tiny portion of the attraction that tormented her on a daily basis.

He watched her and the humour slowly slipped from his expression. The silence stretched on and the strain between them grew until it eventually became unbearable. His gaze dropped to her breasts as they lifted and fell beneath her t-shirt. When his eyes met hers again the intensity in them left her stunned. "If we're doing this I'll need some inspiration."

Her breathing shallowed and her pulse raced. "Like...what?" She could barely get the words out.

"Use your imagination." He grabbed her wrist and led her into the living room where a chocolate brown floor rug and two oversized leather couches filled most of the space. He took her over to the coffee table and urged her to sit on the edge. Lincoln positioned himself on the couch opposite her and relaxed against the back. When his attention returned to her his brows lifted. "When this is over so is all the awkwardness between us. I want the old Anna back."

She swallowed. "Okay." Did he actually intend to go through with this or was he teasing her and making her wait for the moment where he burst into laughter? She went for something safe just to test him. Her fingers reached up to tug at the clip holding her hair in place. She pulled it free and her long blonde hair tumbled over her shoulders. "Does that inspire you?" she asked, already knowing the answer.

He let out an amused breath. "You're gorgeous but I'm going to need more."

She hid her pleasure at his words, at the warmth they encouraged inside her. Anna pinched the temple of her eyeglasses and prepared to take them off.

"Leave 'em on," he said.

Oh, so he liked the glasses? He'd never mentioned that before. She nibbled her lower lip, wondering how far to go next. Affection and tenderness filled his expression. He looked like he wanted her to keep going. The fact that he just sat there patiently waiting, his hands resting on his knees while his gaze swept over her, helped her relax. He didn't push her or tease her so she decided to make the next step more adventurous.

Anna held her breath and gripped the hem of her t-shirt, dragging it over her torso. The bundle dropped from her slackened fingertips and she sat before him wearing only her blue lace bra and navy pants. An intense longing spread through her as she watched him watching her.

"Now we're getting somewhere," he said.

She heard the huskiness in his voice and shivers tickled the surface of her skin. Before she could change her mind Anna stood up and made quick work of removing her pants. "I seem to be the only one who's actually doing anything." She sat back down in her white thong, gripping the edge of the table to keep her trembling fingers steady. "Don't you have a job to do?"

His mouth quirked with the smile she knew and loved. "Why don't you just tell me you want to see my cock?"

Desire swelled inside her, crashing in the pit of her stomach, making her feel as if she'd just lost her footing. She met his eyes and in a voice that had turned surprisingly breathy she said, "I really want to see your cock."

Heat flashed in his eyes. "Keep that up and you'll be doing a lot more than looking." He grabbed his top at the neckline and leaned forward, drawing it over his head to reveal his entire upper body to her for the first time.

He'd never been one for strutting around the apartment half-naked and she regretted that the moment she set eyes on his bare chest. "Amazing." She felt a sudden urge to run her tongue over his abs. "You've got an incredible body, but I still don't see know."

He chuckled then and it thrilled her that they could find time to laugh despite the sensual nature of the moment. "You're a little eager, aren't you? Been a while?"

"Ages." She reached behind her to the clasp on her bra. Anna flicked it open and drew the straps down her arms until they settled at her bent elbows. She kept the cups in place with her hands and sent him an expectant look. The idea of baring herself to him in this way made her heart race. He'd already told her he liked what he saw when he caught her here on the couch. That wasn't the problem. It was being almost naked and sitting just across from him while he...she had to drag in a steadying breath.

He grinned and lifted his hips, shoving at the waistbands of both his shorts and underwear. He lowered them at the same time, stopping just before he got to the good stuff. "You sure you can handle this?"

She watched the ridges in his stomach contract and her mouth went dry. She really wasn't sure of anything right now. "I won't be the one handling it, but I'm sure I'll enjoy watching."

His huffed out a laugh and his thumbs stayed tucked in the top of his shorts, teasing her with the skin he had on display and the mystery of what remained hidden. "There's only one problem," he said.

She clutched her loosened bra to her breasts. "What's that?"

He met her eyes. "I didn't get to see you come."

Her cheeks flushed and a quick thrill ran through her. She knew exactly what he was getting at; she'd have to be content with an unfinished show from him or join in so they could reach that peak together. The thought of him in that moment, watching that look come over his face, she didn't want to miss out on seeing it for real. "You want to watch me?"

He gave her a half-smile. "I'd rather make you come than sit back and watch, but I'll take what I can get."

Her heart slowed to a heavy thud. "What?"

Lincoln shook his head and laughed. "So pretty, yet so dense," he teased. "What do you think all the flirting's been about?"

"I just thought—I thought you flirted with all women like that." Knowing she'd jumped to the wrong conclusion made her happier than she'd thought possible. "You want to have sex with me?" Anna narrowed her eyes, staring at him. He'd better not be joking.

"Hmm, no." His gaze travelled over her, pausing at her mouth before moving slowly down her body. He finally looked her in the eyes. "Having sex sounds so clinical. I want to fuck you."

Ohhhh, my. She let out the breath she'd been holding. A surge of something completely and utterly carnal took hold of her. "I didn't know," she said breathlessly. "I mean, look at you...and...look at me."

He frowned, appearing annoyed by that, as if he couldn't understand why she felt so out of her depth when it came to his physical appeal. "If you don't shut up and come over here I'm going to start wondering why I'm so hopelessly attracted to you."

She couldn't catch her breath. Her fingers tightened around the delicate material of her bra as she took it from her breasts and let it fall to the floor. Anna shook her head slowly. "I still want to watch you," she heard herself saying.

His gaze dropped to her bared breasts and his jaw clenched. "Better lose the panties, then."

The expression on his face made her want to kiss him. A rush of need swept through her. Her nipples tightened into sensitive buds. She pushed herself off the coffee table and slipped her fingers into the waistband of her thong. Lincoln's eyes followed her every movement and as she lowered her panties he pushed his shorts and boxers down his thighs.

She stepped from her underwear just as he revealed his cock, inch by delectable inch. Her pulse raced. She couldn't tear her eyes away from the sight. It was already hard and now she'd just found somewhere else on his body that she wanted to lick.

He kicked his shorts free as Anna sat back down on the table. She perched on the edge, torn between the need to climb over him and straddle his lap or keep her distance for a better view.

"Ladies first," he said. A muscle twitched in his jaw. His eyes burned with need. She'd never seen this side of him before.

She lifted her feet, resting them on tiptoes while she slowly, slowly parted her knees. One hand reached behind her, her palm flattening against the table top for support. The other dipped between her thighs to tease her damp folds. Moisture coated her fingertips. She sighed, wanting to tip her head back but unwilling to lose sight of him for a second.

Lincoln groaned and grabbed hold of his cock, stroking the thick, hard length as he watched her. His eyes slid over every part of her, from her face to her breasts, dropping between her legs like a physical caress. The veins in the back of his hand stood out. The way his fingers gripped his erection made her own move faster over her slick pussy.

She wanted his hands on her, all over her. She wanted to feel the damp heat of his mouth as it travelled across her skin, the rigid length of him as it sank inside her.

"I was thinking about you," she said, struggling to put the words together. "When you walked in on me, I mean." Her fingers slid over her clit, massaging the swollen bud while her gaze meshed with his. She hit a sensitive spot and closed her eyes briefly, swallowing a moan. "I'm always thinking about you."

"Anna." She opened her eyes at the sound of her name. He let out a heavy breath that bordered on a groan, working his cock with increasing speed. The head glistened with moisture. She imagined lapping at it with the tip of her tongue. "C'mere. I want you."

His words gave her a head rush. She drew her legs together and warmth pulsed between her thighs as she rose from her position on the table. She took the two steps that lay between them, leaning over him to bring her mouth into close contact with his. He reached up with one hand and filled his palm with her flesh, massaging her breast, teasing her nipple while his lips brushed hers.

Anna sighed and climbed over him, hovering with her legs spread either side of his thighs. She clasped her hand around his, encouraging him to keep stroking his cock. He groaned and pressed his mouth to hers, taking control, guiding the kiss. He took it deeper, drawing it out with slow sweeps of his tongue, soft nibbles of his lips.

He thumbed her nipple. A whimper sounded in her throat and her hand skated over her belly to delve back between her thighs. She found her wetness, teasing her hidden nub. She moaned and rocked her hips to meet the firm glide of her fingertips. The slick head of his cock bumped against her knuckles as they both pleasured themselves.

Her control faltered and she kissed him harder, thrusting her tongue against his as her desire grew. Her hips jerked. She broke the kiss, her breaths coming heavily as she whispered, "Your cock...I wanna ride it."

He growled and tugged harder at his thick length, using his free hand to grab a fistful of her hair at the back of her head. "Come for me first," he said, "then it's all yours." He used his grip on her hair to hold her right there and crushed his lips to hers.

His tongue plunged into her mouth. A husky moan tore from her and she rubbed her clit, massaging, teasing...pushing herself closer to the edge. Her eyes closed tightly, her only focus to come. She needed him inside her. Now. His hard, wet cock kept sliding against the back of her hand, taunting her, urging her on.

He seemed to sense her impending release. Either that or he was close himself. His mouth grew more demanding, his groans more frequent. Anna's fingertips increased pressure on her clit, slipping back and forth. Her other hand cupped the back of his neck, holding on. Her belly tensed and her hips thrust.

His mouth roamed over hers, his tongue caressed. It only increased her desire, her need for him. His hand in her hair, his body beneath her, she wanted him so much. Anna pulled her mouth free to drag in a shaky breath. Her forehead rested against his. She cried out, shuddering. It flowed through her in a surge of complete bliss. Her moan, when it came, was throaty and full of pleasure. Her fingers kept rubbing, her hips jerking.

While the final tremors still shook her body Lincoln released her hair and clasped her hips. He shoved his cock inside her, pulling her down to deepen the connection. Her back bowed and she let out a garbled sound. He filled her, harsh, fast. Her wet fingers dug into his shoulder, her other hand clutched his hair.
His deep groan against her throat made her shiver. He wrapped his arms tightly around her and fucked her hard. Anna held on, turning her head to press her lips to his temple. Her breasts jolted against his chest. Her stomach quivered as the need built inside her all over again.

His arm tightened around her and he lifted her, still connected with him, lowering her onto her back on the couch. He rested on one elbow, using his other hand to grasp her ass as he took her even harder. His cock plunged inside her, his hips smacking hers. Sweat-slicked skin met sweat-slicked skin. His chest brushed against her taut nipples.

Lincoln looked into her eyes, a glint of something wild in his gaze. His mouth lifted in a half-smile. "You're so fucking hot," he said.

Anna clenched her thighs around him, linking her ankles at the base of his spine. "Shut up and make me come."

He nuzzled her throat and chuckled. Damned if the sound didn't make a shiver pass right through her. His pace increased, growing in intensity until she found herself having a brand new appreciation for athletic men.

She met his thrusts with her bucking hips, tipping her head back and biting her lip. She felt it coming, the throb beginning between her thighs. Lincoln's teeth grazed her throat and it was all she needed to give her that final push. Anna gripped his shoulders and let out a hoarse moan, writhing beneath him. She was still so sensitive from the last effort that she wanted to pull away from him and get closer all at the same time.

Her release only spurred him on. Lincoln's fingers dug into the flesh of her ass, pulling her toward his thrusts. His mouth travelled across her collarbone, moving up to her jaw. He rested his lips there, his warm breaths whispering over her as he reached his peak. Anna held on, bracing herself as he gave a couple of final, f***eful thrusts, letting out a low groan as he came inside her.

She hugged him, her arms and thighs wrapping around him to keep him close. He relaxed against her, his heart thudding hard, his breaths wrenching from him.

Her eyes drifted closed and a smile claimed her features. She relished in the weight of him pressing against her. She couldn't believe how much had changed between them in such a short space of time. From the awkwardness this morning to let out a trembling breath and pressed her cheek to his, closing her eyes to take it all in.

A short while later Lincoln stirred against her and lifted his head. "Hi." He smiled, his eyes heavy-lidded as he lowered his mouth to give her a long, lazy kiss. She lifted her arms above her head, stretching leisurely beneath him and sighing as his lips moved over hers.

He gave her one final soft kiss and pulled back to look her over. "We're going to have to come up with some arrangement here—housemates-with-benefits or something—because I need to do this again."

Anna lowered her arms, hugging his neck as she squeezed her thighs around him. He was still inside her and judging by that look on his face he'd be hard again in no time. "Really? You want to do it again, huh?" She could barely keep the pleasure from her voice.

"Yeah." He slipped his hand over her breast, massaging her flesh. "We were in such a hurry I neglected these. I want to make up for that oversight." Her breath caught and her hips lifted beneath him. He smiled. "You okay with that?" He dipped his head to draw her nipple into his mouth.

Anna let out a sound that couldn't decide if it wanted to be a laugh or a moan. "Yeah, I think I can handle that."
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The hotel ballroom was decorated nicely. Junior Prom. Big
fuckin' deal! Well, it wasn't so bad, I guess. At least I got
Linda Gibson to go with me. She was a hot chick...cheerleader.
Big tits. I doubted I was gonna get any, but it was nice that
she agreed to go with me. I wasn't in the A group, but probably
a B. Then that squirrely Jay Leedle asked to dance with her.
She agreed, politely, and I shrugged and stood back. Jay was a
nerd, and I certainly had nothing to worry about there. He was
a nice enough guy, but probably on the D list. He had this
kinda goofy-looking face. Pleasant, but dopey.
Anyway, while they were dancing, one of Linda's tits popped
out of her gown. Jay's eyes popped out of his head! He stood
there like a dunce, staring at the tit. Linda blushed, and
calmly stuck it back in, ready to resume the dance. Jay gasped,
and ran from the room, brushing right past me, going out onto
the balcony. Some other guy rushed up and took Linda into his
arms for the rest of the dance.
Curious, wondering why Jay had been so embarrassed, I went
out the door to find him. No one else was out there. Then I
heard these squishy sounds and went to investi-gate. There he
was, back behind the palm trees, rapidly beating off! He didn't
see me at first, and I watched him flogging this huge piece of
"OH, SWEET TITS! SWEET TITS!" he was hissing to himself.
Hey, he was talkin' about my girl's tits and jacking off! I
rushed over to him. He saw me, but didn't stop. He had this
glassy look in his eyes and I knew he was beyond it.
"AHHHHH!" He splattered a monstrous load of jizz into the
bushes! I was ready to pop him one, but the sight just held me
mesmerized. His cock was so big and his load so huge, I just
stared at it. Gulping, I backed away and returned to the dance.
I didn't get any from Linda, and I wasn't surprised.
Actually, I didn't much care. For some reason I wanted to get
back home and jack off...thinking about that big cock and the
look in Jay's eyes.
The next year Jay was in my gym period. I hadn't thought
much about that night until I saw him again. After being
dismissed, I rushed into the shower room, waiting for Jay. I
was nervous and didn't know what was happening. All I knew was
that I wanted to see him naked! I wanted to see that big prick
again. I didn't know why. He was a goofy k**. Looked like a
nerd, acted like a nerd, and was treated like a nerd. But when
he walked into that shower room, all eyes seemed to gravitate
to him. Even other guys tried to hide their fascination with
the long thing swinging between his legs. Jay didn't even
notice this. I'd see him take a few quick glances around at
what the other guys had, but mostly he just kept his head down
and soaped himself up. Two guys were playing grabass, reaching
for each other's meat, just being playful. Jay's expression
changed. He watched them, and I could see that the sex play was
making his prick get a bit springy. He quickly turned away and
took his hand away, letting the soap rinse off. He stayed like
that until it went down. It made me wonder. After the way he'd
gotten so excited about seeing a naked tit, why would a couple
of guys futzing around get to him? Maybe the poor k** got
excited at anything.
I felt a disturbing feeling in my own crotch as I watched
him dry off in front of his locker. He lifted his leg onto the
bench, giving me a full view of his hanging cock and balls, and
a peek at his asshole when he bent over. I was starting to get
hard, and had to turn away and get into my shorts quickly! What
the fuck was going on?
I watched him every day. I jacked off over him every night.
I stopped worrying about it so much. Just a thing, I told
myself. Maybe he was just girlish and that was what turned me
on. But I finally had to realized there was nothing girlish
about his big prick...and that was what I fantasized about! I
wanted it in my hand...maybe even my mouth! I started mastur-
bating thinking about sucking on it! I tried to picture him
fucking a girl so I could get some pussy into the picture. But
it wasn't any use. I just couldn't picture him with a girl.
Guys kept coming into my picture. He was fucking guys...he was
fucking me! Other guys were watching and joining in. I rushed
into the shower and got on my knees to suck on his big cock!
I started to stick a finger up my ass while jacking off.
Then two and even three! He started to become an obsession.
Each day I'd stare at him in the showers when I couldn't be
seen. I didn't have to worry about him because he always kept
his eyes down.
But one day he and I were the only ones left and I was
soaping my dick while looking at his. He was flopping it around
and rubbing his balls. I saw it getting harder and lifting up.
Then I happened to glance up to see him looking at me. He
smiled. A BIG smile. That was what was making his dick hard.
Seeing me looking at it. I blushed, wondering what the
expression on my face might have been. I looked down. He walked
over to me, still holding onto his prick, and glancing around.
"Uh, sorry about that time," he said softly.
"Um, what time was that?" I answered gruffly, not looking
him in the eye. I knew precisely what he meant.
"You know. When I saw your girl's tit and went out back and
jerked off like a dumb k**."
"Oh...that. That's okay, she really wasn't my girl anyway."
" didn't slug me or anything. Thanks. I just
couldn't help it, you know. I'd never seen a girl's tit like
that up close."
"Ah, they're no big deal," I blurted, without thinking.
"Yeah, I think that way How come you always look
at me? You never even speak to me."
"What?" I acted defensively, "I don't look at you!"
"Yeah, you do. I've seen ya. You watch me shower and dry
"You're fuckin' nuts, man!" I cried and walked out, hoping
nobody'd heard us, I wrapped my towel tightly, hiding my boner.
He never approached me or spoke to me on the outside when
I'd seen him on campus or between classes. I noticed he didn't
seem so nerdy any more. He started combing his hair differ-
ently, and even dressed more hip. I still glanced at him in the
showers, but made sure he didn't notice me watching.
One day his coach didn't show so our classes were put
together. Luck would have it that we were teamed together for
mat work. We were to hold each other's legs while doing situps.
While he did his, I couldn't help seeing up the slits of his
gym shorts. He didn't wear a jock. I could see his cock and
balls slapping around in there. He knew it, and kept smiling at
me. Not evily, just kinda like a tease. Like he knew something
I didn't. He knew I was looking and even crinkled his eyes
once, encouraging me and spreading his legs a little. I bit my
lip and tried to look around. But my gaze kept going back to
his crotch.
When it was my turn, without being obvious about it, he
kept twisting his head, trying to peek in my shorts! I had on
my jock and knew he couldn't see anything. Besides, he'd seen
it many times before. Now he was either teasing me or making it
plain that he was interested too. I took my shower real quick
that day and got right out. He was just going in, and looked
disappointed that I'd finished already.
The whole thing was disturbing me more and more. On Monday
I grabbed my lunch sack and headed out to the benches...
wondering how I was going to handle gym that afternoon. I
picked out a far bench and wasn't paying attention. Opening my
sack, I looked up. I'd sat right across from Jay Leedle!
Gasping, I started to get up.
"Please don't," he said. "Can't we talk?"
"W-what about?" I asked, extremely nervous. "That stupid
idea of yours again?"
"No, not if you don't want to. About anything. Is there
some reason we can't be friends?"
"I...I guess not. W-why w-would you want to be friends with
"I think you're a cool guy. You're not an asshole like some
guys. You're smart, and you like baseball. So do I."
"How do you know I like baseball?"
He pointed to my notebook with the team decals on it. "And
I know you're smart...cause I asked."
"Asked? Asked who?"
"Around, k**s in your class. Don't worry, I made it sound
"W-why would I worry?"
"Well, you wouldn't want others to think I know
...interested in you, right?"
"Hell no!" I blurted, then lowered my voice. "A-are you? I
"I know what you mean. Yes, I am. Now don't go getting mad.
I, uh, I've changed a bit since the Big Tit fiasco," he
laughed. I had to chuckle too, not sure why. "Like you said
once...they're no big deal."
"I...I just meant...I don't know what I meant," I shrugged.
"I do. But you're not ever gonna admit it."
I let him do it. I gave him the opening. I didn't get up
and leave. "A-admit w-what?" I stammered.
"Uh, listen, I got a great baseball card collection. Would
you consider coming over to my place after school. Nobody'll be
home. We can have a couple of beers and go through them...and
maybe talk some."
"Um...sure, I guess so." I felt jittery, but something
drove me to accept. Things had to come to a point and it was
driving me nuts!
"Great! I'll write down my address."
"That's okay, I know where you live," I said without
"You do?" he looked surprised, then smiled, still writing
it down.
"Um, yeah, you're, ah, just a couple blocks from me...I
think. Lemme see...yeah, that's what I thought."
"How about 4:30?"
He took two cans of beer from the refrigerator and led me
straight to his bedroom. I had to take a big sip right away
because my hand was shaking so much the beer was slopping out!
He reached into a drawer for the cards and we sat on his bed
going over them. Suddenly, he hopped up and took his pants off!
"H-hey, what're you doing?" I squeaked.
"Nothing. Just getting into a pair of shorts. I always wear
shorts around the house. Ain't nothing you haven't seen before,
right?" He didn't draw that out accusingly, he just said it
like a guy would. I relaxed and layed back, going over the
"You don't wear underwear either, hunh?" I asked casually.
"Oh, no, I don't. Sorry about that gym thing. Musta been
distracting but I just can't stand being all bunched up."
"Kinda dangerous not wearing a jock in gym, though," I
said, ignoring our encounter.
"Yeah, but it feels a lot sexier! I like my cock flopping
"You, uh, sure got a big one. I mean...bigger'n most guys,
"Yeah, don't I?! It's great! Sometimes I use two hands to
jack off!"
I blushed furiously, remembering watching him...unable to
"Boy, was I ever embarrassed having you catch me like
"Y-you were?" That made me feel better, having him admit
that he was the one who was embarrassed. "Aw, all guys jerk
"Yeah, but at the Prom behind some bushes just cause I saw
a tit?!"
"I was more embarrassed catching you," I laughed. "I just..."
"Watched me..."
"Yeah," I gulped, not looking at him.
"Boy, was I nerdy back then. Guess...guess I'm still a
nerd, hunh?"
"Naw, you're okay, Jay. I've seen some changes, you know
"Hey, you wanna see some porn mags? I got some great ones."
"Uh...I, I guess so." I was reluctant, but I loved seeing
dirty pictures. Still, I was suspicious at how he maneuvered
things to sex. He reached under the bed and handed me a stack
of them.
"I'm 18. I can go in and buy 'em. I think they're great.
First thing I do is come home and whack my meat! Hey, wanna
jack off together?"
"NO! I don't jack off with guys!" I cried.
"Why not? I do all the time. Have since I was 13. Most guys
do it. Come on, loosen up. I won't....touch ya."
"I...I didn't say you would...I didn't say..."
"I know. But you thought it, didn't you?"
"M-maybe." I said quietly, casually browsing through the
magazines and getting a hardon in spite of my nervousness. They
had some good snatch shots and lots of sucking and fucking. Big
"I wouldn't do that."
"Hunh? What?"
"Uh, books gettin' to ya? I said I wouldn't just, you know
...touch ya...if you didn't want."
"Does that...uh...mean that you want to?" I kept my eyes
"Well, you know. Guess you don't since you never done it.
Some of us guys jerk each other off while we look at pictures.
You know, just tradin' handjobs. Guess it's k** stuff now, but
what the still feels good! Sides, we ain't got no
pussy here, right?"
I'd just opened another book and my eyes were bugging out!
I looked at him. "You don't want pussy. You got a book full of
cocksuckers!" Sure enough, it was full of guys sucking and
fucking other guys. I spread the page and showed it to him...
dumbly, like he didn't know what was in it.
"You gonna run home to Momma now?" he smiled, moving back
I gulped, looking at the pictures again, beginning to
sweat. I wanted to jump up and leave. I ignored his remark. I
wasn't afraid of him...I was afraid of something else. It was
like I couldn't move. I couldn't speak, either. I just flipped
the pages. He kept quiet.
Finally, he half-whispered, "I...I saw that book on the
shelf and...I don't know...the guy...the one on the back
I flipped the magazine closed and turned the magazine over.
A young, beautiful guy with a big cock and the sexiest eyes
leaned back against a railing, totally nude. u*********sly, I
licked my lips. "What...what about him?" I asked. "What do you
...want to do w-with him?"
"Man, anything he wants!" Jay blurted out.
"You serious?" I glanced at him.
"Hell, yes! I think that k**'s so fuckin' hot! I never
really did much but jack a guy off, you know, and it wasn't
really a queer thing. But when I saw that picture, I just had
to buy it. Anything you see in that book...I'd do with him!
"Hunh? And what?"
"And with you," he whispered.
Again I gulped. "Jay..." I shook my head, "I'm not...I
"Okay, how come you got a boner? How come you watch me
naked all the time and rub yourself?"
"J-just soaping up!"
"How come you're here?"
"I don't know." I turned my head away. I layed back,
staring at the ceiling. Was it confession time? Did I really
have anything to confess? Did he know more about me than me?
Was I so bewildered that I didn't realize my laying back like
that made my hard prick more prominent? No. I knew it quite
well. I wanted him to grab it! "Ever since that night I keep
thinking about you...seein' you jack off. big it is.
I don't know what it means. Kinda like that boy on the cover, I
guess. No guy ever made me think about it before. Have you ever
done it...except for messin' with those guys?"
"Given a guy a blowjob? No, I never have. Just thought
about it. I'd sure like to try it, though!"
"Yeah. Can I touch it? Just play with it a little?"
"I guess." I continued to stare at the ceiling. I flinched,
feeling his hand gently rub my crotch and stroke my hard
pecker. It felt good.
"Mmmm, nice! Boy, was I ever a dumb nerd. To think of all
those guys I jacked off and was too stupid to know what I had
hold of!" he giggled. "They'd have probably loved gettin'
sucked off."
"You would've done that?"
"I would now! Want me to do it?"
" better stop squeezin''ll make me come
in my pants! Lemme take 'em off. That don't mean we're gonna do
anything. I just don't wanna get jizz all over inside." I sat
up, undoing my belt, knowing that what I was saying was total
bullshit. I didn't just pull my pants and shorts down...I took
them all the way off! Jay smiled, took off his shirt, and
stepped out of his shorts. His big prick stood right out! I
stared at it, and stared at him.
"You like it enough to jack it for me while I suck you,
don't you?"
I nodded mindlessly...and reached for it. He thrust his
middle forward and let me handle it. My hand shook. It felt so
smooth and so hard. Like I'd never had my hand around a prick
before. As often as I'd pumped my own, I never realized how
neat a cock felt. I stroked it all the way up and down...even
reached up and cupped his hangin' nuts. Man, they really felt
"You ever had a face full of jizz?" he asked me.
"NO!" I cried, alarmed.
"Well, you're gonna get one if you don't stop!" he laughed.
"Let's get all naked, okay? Sixty-nine like in the book, 'cept
you only gotta jack me. I wanna start suckin'!"
We stripped bare, and layed on the bed head to foot. All I
had to do was jerk him off. That'd be alright. Hell, that'd be
fine! I took hold of him again and looked down. He had my prick
in his hand and he was looking at me. He pointed to the head of
my prick. It was leaking. Jay stuck his tongue out and licked
it off! He squeezed more up and licked it again.
"It's good!" he gushed. "I think suckin' you's gonna be
good, too, so don't come too quick, alright?"
"I...I'll try..OH, FUCK!" He put his mouth over my prick
and sucked on my knob. He quickly pulled off and shook his
"I'd let ya do it right now, but I'm afraid you won't hang
around to do it again. Don't watch. I'll just lick it and lick
your balls. You pay attention to mine to take your mind off it,
"Okay." I was hotter'n a firecracker and ready to pop right
then. I tried to do as he suggested, but turning to see his
prick in my face nearly made me come anyway. I leaned up and
licked it! I fuckin' licked his cock! Then I licked it again!
It throbbed in my hand. "J-Jay? When are your folks coming
"Not for hours, why?"
"I think I wanna stick around and do it again...I promise I
will." I reached around and grabbed his ass, pulling him closer
and rubbing our naked bodies together. "Come on, let's do it!"
I put his cock in my mouth and started to suck him! Soon, we
were writhing on the bed, giving our first blowjobs--to each
other. It was so fucking fantastic! I loved his big prick in my
mouth...even though I couldn't take much of it. By the time I
remembered how much I'd seen him shoot into the bushes, it was
too late. Gushes of hot sperm was flooding my mouth and I had
to swallow fast to get it all. I was keenly aware that I was
doing the same. Jay drank it all...just like I did! We were
damned good cocksuckers for our first time! That's then the
door opened!
"Well, and what's the meaning of this?!"
"Uh, hi Mom. Hi Dad!"
"It's, uh, it's all MY fault! It's my fault!" I cried,
being noble and grabbing for my pants. Jay pulled me back onto
the bed.
"Actually, we were studying," he said, feigning calmness.
"Really? Well, this should be interesting!" His father sat
on the other bed while his mother put her hand over her mouth,
looking away from our nudity. I put a pillow over my crotch.
"See, we learned in Sex Education that 60% of guys have
experimented with homosexuality by the time they're 20. Talking
together, we realized we were both in the minority...we'd never
tried it. So we thought we would, and maybe write a report!"
"I see. So I gather you've tried it. What's the verdict?
And wipe your mouth--it's disgusting!"
"Oh, Dad! It was terrible! Wasn't it, Jack?" He nudged me.
"Yeah, yeah. Boy...we'll never do that again!" I assured
"Well, that's something, I suppose," his mom muttered.
"Yes, dear. It's also the biggest crock of bullshit I've
ever heard!"
"Herman! But you heard what they said."
"Un hunh. Look there, Gladys. I don't know about the other
boy, Jack, but your son still has an erection!"
"Well...see...I wasn't satisfied by it!" Jay cried. "That
must count for something, right?"
"Son, you're 18 and gonna graduate soon. You can do what
you want, I guess. Besides, I've seen your schedule and you
don't even have Sex Education this year!"
"OH, MY GOD, THAT'S TRUE!" his mother gasped.
"Oh, relax darling. In my day it was more like 80%. I
wasn't in the minority by the time I was 15."
"Oh, don't worry about it. Most boys do it. I'm sure
they're going to do it a few more times...unless I miss my
guess. Sure didn't stop me from finding and marrying you, my
love! Now let's leave them be."
He paused at the doorway. "Terrible? Yeah, right! What a
"W-was it anybody I knew, dear?" she queried him, going out
"Well, you remember that tennis player you were going with
when we first met...?" He winked at us and closed the door.
"Wow! That was lucky!" I gasped.
"Aw, I wasn't worried," he said, stroking my chest.
"You weren't? Having your folks walk in?"
"Wonder why they came back so soon? Anyway, I wasn't real
worried know the gay mag we looked at? Well, one
night it wasn't there. I figured Mom found it and threw it
away. But the next day it was back at the bottom of my stack.
She wouldn't have done that, so..."
"Your dad!"
"Freaky, hunh? Musta taken it for a jackoff! You heard him.
He knew I didn't think it was terrible. Even admitted he'd done
it...more than once. Say, why don't you spend the night? We can
do anything we want without worrying about being caught."
"Gee, I'd sure like that. You think it'd be alright?"
"Sure, no sweat! Or...maybe lots of sweat!" He kissed me.
I called my parents to let them know. Mom said fine, as
long as I got to school in the morning. She said to be sure and
borrow a pair of fresh underwear...and maybe a clean shirt. I
didn't bother to tell her one of Jay's shirts would go to my
knees...or that I didn't wear underpants any more except to
bed. Nor did I mention that if I got hold of a pair of Jay's
underwear I'd go for a dirty pair just to sniff 'em!
At dinner, his mother was polite but very quiet. I'd catch
her looking at me if sizing me up as a
future daughter-in-law! Hell, we didn't even know who was gonna
be on top yet!
"So..." his father cleared his throat, "you boys plan on a
few more experiments, I gather."
"Now, Gladys, let's be honest here. The boy's a man now and
we haven't been living in a cave. I've explained to you..."
"Oh! But I just can't imagine you...him...putting another
boy's penis in his mouth! Sorry, Jack. I'm sure you're a fine
young man."
"Actually, we weren't thinking about oral things tonight,
"OH, JAY! MY BABY!" she cried.
His father held up a finger in warning. "Spit or lube,
boys. No junk like Vaseline...not good for the insides."
"Herman, you're encouraging them!"
"Just being cautious, dear. They're going to do it no
matter what we say. We just have to accept that." He took a big
mouthful of peas.
"I suppose," she sighed, trying to smile.
"Hey, Pop? You got any other suggestions?" Jay asked
"Well, it's kinda good if you get up and put your..."
"Um, just be careful, boys. Remember that's very tender
tissue in there and go slow cause it'll hurt." Then he
whispered across the table, "But it's worth it!" He chuckled.
His mother slammed her fork down. "Well, Mr. Experienced!
Why don't you just go ahead and tell us all about it here at
the dinner table!"
That made him laugh. "Gladys, you're not a prude--quit
acting like it." Then he got an evil grin on his face and
casually remarked, "I screwed your b*****r once."
"What? My god, w-which one?"
"Ain't gonna tell," he smirked, "I promised."
She looked perplexed, going over in her mind trying to
figure out which one it might have been.
"That's the weirdest dinner I've ever had!" I said once
we'd gotten back to his room.
"Couple of pips, aren't they? So who should go first?"
"Are we really gonna try it?"
"Sure. Why not?"
"Gosh, Jay. I'm not sure about taking that big thing of
"I got a tube of stuff I use to jack off'll work.
But you can stick it in me first if you want."
We layed next to one another, stroking each other's bones.
He grabbed the tube and squirted some on my cock, working me up
harder. He put some more on his finger and lifted his legs,
pushing it up his asshole. Then he layed on his side and
scooted his butt back to me. "Go ahead, put it in. But go
I turned on my side and nudged my knob over his anus,
squishing it around. Then I pushed!
"EEOOWW!" he cried, "take it easy!"
"Sorry. Guess they know we've started!" I chuckled. I just
held still, my knob stuck inside, and let him get used to it.
Before long, he tentatively pushed back, taking a little more,
beginning to move back and forth very slowly.
"Oooh, that feels kinda good." He looked back over his
"Mmmm. You're so hot in there!" I couldn't stay still any
longer. I started to probe deeper and he didn't complain. I
could feel him loosening up. He reached back and pulled his
cheek open.
"Do it, Jackie. Push it all the way in! AHHH!" His head
fell to the side, onto the pillow. "Yeah, screw me!" He worked
his butt back onto my prick until it was completely lodged up
his rectum!
Gasping, I hugged him tightly and really started to fuck
him! He was moaning and jerking and going with it and the bed
was squeaking. We couldn't talk any more. We were both gasping
breathlessly, humping our bodies together in rhythm. After
withdrawing to the tip, I'd thrust back into him just as he'd
arch back to get it all. The only sounds in the room besides
our heavy breathing and the squeaky bed were the squishy noises
coming from his asshole as we fucked!
SQUISH! SQUISH! We didn't need to say a word. It was
obviously the most fantastic thing either of us had ever felt!
I couldn't get any further up his ass, but I sure kept trying!
I was really ramming him and he just layed there, excited gasps
and meanings coming from his lips. I reached over and grabbed
for his huge, stiff cock. He was squeezing it hard so I
flittered my fingers over his knob. Suddenly, my fingers were
wet as globs of warm cream came flowing out! I mooshed it
around his cockhead and shot into his ass!
"OH, JAY!" I cried, jamming in deep and licking his neck.
We layed that way for a long time, catching our breaths.
Neither of us wanted my cock taken out. It came out on its own,
soft and happy. He turned around and we hugged and kissed
softly, over and over. I put my hand back and cupped his ass,
twirling my finger over his gooey hole.
"Mmmm. Keep teasing me like that and I'll let you do it
again." He smiled. "That was great. More than great. I wanted
your cock to stay in me forever!"
"I know, I wanted to keep it there too...and never take it
"Can I fuck you tomorrow?" he asked.
"What's wrong with tonight? I'm ready! Or...I will be in a
"Best do it when you're really horny. I'm kinda big."
"Kinda? Ha! You're gonna choke the back of my throat just
putting it up my ass!"
"Besides, I want you to fuck me again while I'm all
loosened up."
"I'm not gonna say no to that!"
We cuddled some more and played with each other. With a
towel he wiped the grease off of my cock, then leaned over and
took it in his mouth and sucked. I wasn't sure it was clean
enough for that, but he didn't seem to mind. I didn't get hard
right away and he didn't seem to mind that either. He was just
enjoying my cock in his mouth. I urged him to turn around so I
could do the same. Soft, he had a good 6" of meat to mess
around with. I licked away the dried cum he'd never wiped off.
Why not, I'd licked his cream from my fingers after he'd shot
all over them! The rest was a big wet spot on the sheet.
Once I started sucking his meat it didn't take long for
mine to begin growing in his mouth. Soon we were 69ing with
boners again! I pulled his leg up and twiddled at his asshole
again. It was still gooey and I put my finger up to my nose and
smelled it. Nothing. I'd kinda expected it would...maybe even
hoped it would...just a little.
This time he wanted to try it doggie style. He got on all
fours and stuck his butt in the air. I put more grease around
his hole and pushed some in. Then I greased my cock real good,
wiped my fingers off, and stuck it in. He gasped in pain, but
it went away faster than the first time. His legs were so long
that the position wasn't good. I got up on my feet and squatted
behind him. That felt really nasty! I held his buttcheeks and
plowed his ass. I knew then why they called it doggie style...I
felt just like a rutting hound dog! I leaned over and grabbed
his shoulders...using them for leverage.
"Oh, that's it...fuck me, baby! Screw that prick up my ass!
Do it it real hard! Uh uh uh."
This was great...this was great. Jay loved my cock up his
ass as much as I loved stuffing it in there. I pictured some
good fucking from then on! If only I could take his as well.
Hell, half as well.
Jay splattered a load all over the sheets and I filled his
ass up with a powerful eruption! We fell in a heap--satisfied
again beyond our imaginations. I had to pee. Jay followed me
into his bathroom, holding his butt and giggling.
"Pee in the sink. I'm leaking!" He quickly sat down on the
toilet and noisily blustered bubbly farts as he f***ed my
sperm out of his hole! I was embarrassed seeing somebody
sitting on the pot like that, but we both giggled about it. We
were comfort-able with each other. "Come 'ere, sit on my lap
and pee between my legs!" he laughed.
"Heh, wha..."
"Come on, sit on my thighs and push your cock down and
"No! Hell, I'll piss all over your dick!"
"So? Go ahead. I can wash it off. Might feel good!"
"Okay." I grinned and straddled his legs, pushing my soft
pecker down against his. He put his arms around my hips and I
put my hands on his shoulders. We kissed, then I put my face
into his neck and concentrated. Soon, I let my stream go...
pissing warm liquid all over his bush and cock and down over
his balls. It was so strangely erotic him letting me do that!
"Oooh, that's wild!" he cried. "Yeah, piss on me, man!
Damn, we shoulda done this in the shower so you could pee all
over me!"
"Feels weird," I said.
"Feels good," he replied. "Fun and nasty!"
He used a washcloth to clean me up...and himself...also
wiping his ass clean. Then we went to bed, exhausted, laying
like spoons with me behind. I scooched against his body and
dropped off with a smile.
I was dead asl**p and the dream was outrageously erotic!
Feelings of forbidden pleasure washed over me. I knew what it
was...I just couldn't believe someone would do that! But then,
anything can happen in a dream, can't it? I lazily opened my
eyes in my twilight state, half surprised that the sensations
continued. I cuddled my face against Jay's neck. My eyes shot
open! I was totally awake! I froze!
Quietly, very quietly, I whispered into Jay's ear. "Jay,
don't move. Jay, some...somebody's licking my asshole!" The
sheet was pulled up and over my outthrust naked butt and a
tongue was licking me there! "Jay?"
Very slowly he turned his head back to me. "Really? Stay
still." He quietly reached up and turned on the table lamp.
Then he flipped over.
Alarmed, his father jumped up. He was wearing pajamas and
the sudden movement caused his hard prick to spring out of the
flap! It was huge! "Uh, gee, s-sorry, fellas, I...."
"Dad. Wow. Jack said you were...licking his asshole?"
"Yeah, well..." he tried stuffing his prick away, but it
just made his jammies tent out obscenely. He was blushing beet
I sat back against the pillow--astonished. Jay had a
devilish glint in his eye. "We're listening, Pop."
"Uh, guess I'd better go back to bed, hunh? Just forget I
was here."
"Hold on, Dad. You can't leave like that. You gotta
"Well, guess I do owe it to you. I, um, kinda got all riled
up seeing you two and going over my past in my mind. Thought
maybe...I don't know..."
"You swiped my porno book, didn't you?"
"I put it back! Um, yeah, I did." He chuckled. "Had me a
damned good jackoff over it, too! Didn't have nothing like that
when I was young. I heard you guys earlier...fuckin' I guess,
hunh? Anyway, it got me all turned on. Thought maybe I could
sneak in and...b-blow Jack while he was sl**ping. But he was
turned the other way so caught, that's what I did!" He
grinned sheepishly.
"Wow, we haven't even tried that, yet!" I gushed.
"Really? I'm sure you will."
"Me too, after feeling it! I sure see where you get your
big dick, Jay. If...if I can say that."
"What, this old thing?" The man let it poke out of his flap
again, proudly displaying it. He really was horny!
"Dad? You trying to steal my boyfriend?" Jay playfully
"N-no, son. I...I know I'm being outrageous. And you got
every right to tell me to get the fuck out. I just...really
need to get off. Maybe I could just watch you two? Kinda sit
back there and jerk off?"
"Whadda you say, Jack?" Jay grinned at me. "You wanna blow
my dad?"
"Hunh?? B-but he said..."
"I heard him. That's not what he wants. He misses the
action. I sure can't blow him...he's my dad!"
"Yeah, but..." I gulped, staring at the man's large cock.
"Go ahead if you won't matter. Give him a mercy suck!"
"Uh, al...alright."
"Come on, Pop, stick it in his mouth...this'll be wild!"
Eagerly, the man dropped his bottoms and rushed over to the
bed. Jay flung the sheets off of us, showing us with hardons!
He grabbed mine as the man leaned over and grabbed the
headboard, poking his dick down to my face. I opened my mouth
and he stuck it in, letting me suck. Maybe I was dreaming...
this was all too much! Switching hands, Jay reached up and
fondled his dad's balls!
"Got some big knockers on 'im, don't he? I figured Dad had
a big one like mine. Yeah, suck it, Jack! I would if he wasn't
my dad!"
"Ummm. I'd let ya...if you weren't my son. Ohh, that feels
so good! Been a long time since I had a man's lips around my
cock! Guys always were better at it. Play with those balls,
son. That'd be alright."
"Yeah, if you weren't my dad I'd lick 'em. Must weigh a
couple of pounds!"
"Your grandaddy had balls like that, too. That's where we
get our peckers from. Seen 'im once in the shower. Your
buddy'll take care of me up here, son. Why doncha lick his
stuff? I'd like to see that."
"Thought you wanted to do that, Pop?"
"I do. First I wanna see you with a prick in your mouth!"
"That's easily done." He dropped his daddy's nuts and went
for mine. He licked them all over then started sucking my cock.
I was having a good time with the one I was sucking, too. The
man didn't give me more than I could handle, but what I had...I
handled quite well. It was just like sucking Jay's cock--maybe
a bit more grizzly around the edges. I reached up and grabbed
his big balls.
"Heard you boys in here fuckin' your brains out. Both you
fellas take it?"
I slurped off a moment. "I...I fucked Jay...twice."
"Aha! Figured it might be the other way around. You got
scared of that hose of his, hunh? Can't say I blame you."
"No. Savin' it for tomorrow," I grinned up at him.
"Mmm, look at you two go! Couple of real peckerboys! I can
tell, I've seen it before. True cocklovers. You boys won't be
giving it up like I did, though, that's for sure."
"You got that right, Pop!"
"Why don't you boys switch a bit. Let's see you suck my
son's big cock. I think I'd like to lick that ass of yours some
Jay and I moved into a 69. The man took his pajama top off,
then bent over and put his face in my crack, pulling my cheeks
open and again licking me there...even a ways inside! We sucked
eagerly with this new stimulation of having his father watching
us. Well, guess he couldn't really see much since his face was
crammed up my butt! But he did pull away occassionally and
study our cocksucking. He moved around and lifted Jay's leg.
"Here you go, lick his asshole!" he said to me.
"Gee, Dad, maybe he doesn't want to do that," Jay protected me.
"That's okay, I'll do it," I quickly worked my face back. I
knew he was clean why not? It was pretty. I'd fucked
it twice. It was a great source of pleasure to me. I licked it
"Oh, yeah, that's hot! Lick my boy's asshole! Stick your
tongue in there, fella."
IN?? Why not? Worst thing would probably be tasting my own
cream. I pulled his butt apart--like his father had mine--and
pushed my tongue through his asslips, into his mushy rectum.
Like everything else, it was great fun! Suddenly I felt Jay
doing the same...lapping at my hole. I was beginning to like
him even more...if that was possible. He seemed as ready as me
to try new things...even nasty ones. I felt his tongue go up my
"Damn, one day and already you're cocksucking butt-suckers!
You got a pretty ass on you, Jay. Looks like you've found
someone who knows how to appreciate it, right, Jack?"
"Mmmm, yeh, mmmm...I sure do!" All those times I'd seen him
with his leg up on the bench, getting a peek at this spot, I
never imagined I'd some day be licking him here! Some day when
nobody can see, I'm gonna sneak up behind him and quickly lick
up his crack and freak him out!
"Boys, I need to get off before your mom gets antsy and
comes in."
"She...she knows you're in here?!" Jay gasped.
"Course. We were both listening at the wall. She blew me
for a while but when I wouldn't stop talking about sneaking in,
she gave up and said it'd be okay...just for old time's sake...
but I'd best get it out of my system. So give me a cock to
suck! Uh, I mean...Jack, of course!"
Jay was still tonguing my butt and his cock was rock hard.
I suggested he try fucking me while his dad and I blew each
"You sure? Maybe we oughta wait."
"No, this'll be great. I'll be getting sucked at the same
time and have a cock in my mouth. Besides, you got me kinda
"No problem, baby," he sat up and kissed me. "I like the
taste of your butt. Guess Dad does, too! Alright, let me hop
We settled into position on our sides, Herman's big dick in
my face.
"Ahhh, mind if I hold your leg up so I can watch Jay fuck
you?" I didn't answer. I already had his cock in my mouth so I
lifted my leg and brought it over the other side of his head.
He grabbed my prick and started to suck me.
"I'll go real slow," Jay promised, stretching his long body
against my back. "Once I get it in you just scoot back when you
want more, okay? I'll watch you blow Dad!"
I was much too horny to analyze the i****tuousness of it...
even if they didn't hardly touch each other. I was getting a
terrific blowjob from his dad and it was a good thing I'd
already come twice. I'd be able to hold back for a long time. I
only hoped he could.
"Oh! Oh, Jackie, it's slipping in like butter! Wow!"
I guess I wanted it. I could definitely feel it going in,
but so far it wasn't bad...just kinda taking my breath away.
"Ugh, ooooh, mmmm. A little...little slower now." It must have
been halfway in when I suddenly felt some pain. "STOP! Okay,
hold still and lemme suck."
I went back down on the cock and quickly got lost in the 69
again. His father was moaning and rustling with my balls. Being
in control, I didn't fear backing up and taking Jay's cock. It
was becoming a deliciously stuffed feeling. I wanted it all and
kept trying to get it.
"Oh, man, that's good!" Jay gushed into my ear. "Almost
better than getting fucked...almost," he giggled. My thigh was
being lifted more.
"Ah, what a sight!" Herman finally spoke. "Son, you've got
a fine cock for fucking. You've really got that pretty hole
opened wide. He'll let you ram it before long!"
We sucked up a storm and all the time I kept jamming by ass
back until Jay got the idea and started to screw me. He held my
leg up and began to long-dick me, humping his ass ever faster.
His dad was the first to come--shooting bolts of jizz into my
mouth! I gulped it down. It tasted wonderful and there was so
much of it! He continued to suck.
"OH, FUCK ME, JAY! FUCK ME!" I cried, plugging the
man's mouth, not caring about how much noise I was making.
"I'm...I'm puttin' it all in!" Jay gasped.
"No shit!" his father said, "Fuck his ass, son, fuck him
"OH, I'M COMING...I"M COMING!" Jay yelled, gripping
my shoulders. I squirted a big load into his father's mouth.
He swallowed it all.
We rested for a moment, catching our breaths. Then Jay
began to slowly extract his long prick from my bottom. My leg
was still up in the air. The moment his dick squished out, his
father put his mouth on my asshole and began to suck at it!
"MOM! HOLY SHIT....MOM?!!" Jay cried, aghast. We looked
around. His mother was standing in the doorway. She had her
nightie lifted up and she was...she was jacking off a fat
"GLADYS! You shouldn't have...NO!"
"OHHHH, HERMANN!!!" Huge streams of jizz spurted from her
cock! I stared in astonishment...knowing I was dreaming for
sure. She even had a big sack of swinging balls underneath!
"MOMMY!!" Jay slapped his hand over his mouth, his eyes
bugging out.
"Hold on, Son, hold on," his father tried to calm him. "Let
me...let me explain." She dropped her nightie and rushed from
the room, looking embarrassed.
"Dad! She...Mom...she had a COCK!" He shook his head,
disbelieving what he'd seen with his own eyes.
"It's's alright. Calm down."
I just layed there, staring at them. This I had to hear! I
patted Jay on the leg.
"Jay, Gladys is not your real mother. Your real mother died
when you were born. Gladys is my male lover. Has been since you
were little."
"My god! A man! But...she's always been my mother. Why...?"
"Son, things weren't so easy back then. See, your grand-
mother wanted to take you away from me after your mother died.
She suspected what I was, so I had to get married very quickly
to stop her in her tracks. Gladys, uh Hank, was a..."
"HANK?! His name's HANK? Jeez!"
"Anyway, Hank was a dancer and sometimes female imperson-
ator. He was an absolutely gorgeous boy. He's still beautiful.
A little makeup, constant electrolysis, and not even you
suspected all this time."
Jay was sullen, feeling betrayed. "So...why tell me now?
Cause 'Mom' couldn't control her HARD-ON?!"
Herman gritted his teeth. "Yeah, in a way! Your mother, uh,
Hank, never has been able to control that hard prick of his.
Nice one, though, isn't it? Mmmm. that you're a
cocksucker I guess it's alright. You should be able to
understand. Hank really is your mother, you know. After all
these years, there shouldn't be any doubt that he loves you as
I do. There's no deceit in that fact. But before you learned
the joys of cock there was no telling how you would react. We
simply couldn't bear the thought of you turning away from us.
That just wasn't something we could gamble with."
Silence ensued. I felt like a third wheel, but Jay held my
hand for support.
"I guess it woulda been sticky...but I'da never done that."
"We had to be sure. Even now I'm not sure you understand."
"What I don't understand is why you came in here tonight.
You said it was cause you hadn't done it for a long time. But
you were 'doing' it every night!"
"Well, even the same delicious cock gets a little tiresome
after so many years. Listening to you two and...well, Jack's
such a doll, I got so horny! Even Hank's ready to throw his
legs up for him. Care to fuck my wife, Jack?"
"Uh, I...."
"How can you talk sex at a time like this?!" Jay cried.
"Sex is what it's all about, Jay. I wanted a man and I
wanted my lovely son. We're hot for your boyfriend and Hank's
...well, Hank's always been attracted to you, Jay, as more than
just a son. Heh! He used to suck your pecker when you were
little! He'd be changing you and I'd come in and catch him
sucking you and licking your tiny balls. Of course, he had to
stop that. But he'd still like to do it."
"Oh, great! Now you're suggesting I fuck my own mother?!"
"But he's not. You're not even related...except in spirit."
"This is crazy. I...I guess it's not so bad. So I got
really weird parents," he giggled. "Okay, so what'll I do now?"
"Well, I think you should go in and assure your mother...
uh, Hank... that you still love him. I'm sure he's in there
crying right now, thinking he's ruined everything."
"Yeah, and wiping her cock off, no doubt!" Jay giggled.
"Now, you seem to know as well as anyone that a cock has no
conscience. Go on in and cheer him up."
"Well...alright." Nervously, he slunk out of the room.
"Pretty bizarre, hunh?" he asked me.
"No shit! And I thought we were being kinky!" I chuckled,
putting my arm around his shoulder. "I understand why you did
it. It makes sense. But it must be hard for Jay to take all of
a sudden."
"I'm sure it is. Actually, I'm surprised that prick of his
didn't give us away long before this. He's such a horny
"He didn't mind you coming in here...and cheating on him?"
I asked.
"Naw, not after twenty years. We've always gone out for
strange cock on the side. We know we love each other and
nothing will change that."
"That's good."
"Come on, let's go listen at the door!" He pulled me off
the bed.
"But...we shouldn't eavesdrop!"
"Of course we should. It's important for us both to know.
After all, the four of us may be a f****y!"
I gulped. The man already had me married to Jay! I agreed.
"Mom? Uh, H-Hank?" Jay must have been moving slow. He'd
just entered the room and left the door ajar.
"Oh, darling, I'm so sorry! Do you hate me?" He dabbed at
his tears.
"N-no, of course not! Don't cry. Hell, you're still my
mom!" He started to laugh awkwardly and rushed over to hug her.
"OH, JAY! SWEETHEART! 'bout second daddy or
something? I'm dying to get out of these fuckin' women's
clothes after all this years! It was alright on stage but jeez!
Twenty fuckin' years!"
"W-would you...would you do it now?"
"What's that, darling?"
"Take them off. Let me see you as you really are?"
Hank blushed. " already did in a way. Sorry
about that."
"You certainly know how to make an entrance!"
"HA! HA!" They both cracked up at that.
"Alright. You deserve to see me as I am. Not very proper
seeing your mother in the nude, but here goes!" She stripped
into a very slender, handsome man with long hair. "Only thing
good about the whole thing, besides keeping you, was the
constant dieting. I was able to keep my boyish figure!" Then he
took off the wig and flung it aside.
"DAMN!" Jay gasped. "I'd...I'd say Dad's had it pretty good
all these years!"
"Thank you, darling!" He bent over and kissed Jay on the
lips. "More than the deceitful bastard deserves! Just k**ding.
God, I hope I can get my voice back."
"Guess I can talk to you differently now, hunh?" Jay asked.
"You bet! No more secrets. But you're not being fair. I'm
standing here naked and you've got that robe and t-shirt on. I
haven't seen you bare-assed for quite a few years. Let's see
how you've shaped up if that wouldn't embarrass you too much."
He settled onto the couch by the far wall, hoping for a
delicious show.
"Heh! How can I get embarrassed after tonight? I just had a
three-way with Dad! I even felt up his balls! Here, take a
look." Jay threw off the robe.
"Oh, my! I always thought you inherited your father's long
dick. Even young, you had quite a little hang on you. God,
you're beautiful!"
"Thanks.'re getting a boner!" he chuckled.
"Hey, with a naked stud like you in the room? You can stop
calling me 'Mom'?"
"Nope. That's your penance. I'm always gonna call you Mom.
Can I suck it?"
"Jay? Are you serious?"
He stared at the fat cock. "Fuck yes!" He went to his knees
and grabbed it, then looked up and winked. "How many boys get
to blow their mother's cock?"
We both gasped at the door when Jay went down on the huge
knob. Herman turned to me and smiled. "Looks like it's going
pretty well, wouldn't you say?"
"Yeah. Guess I'm gonna have some problems with fidelity,
too." I said. "Gettin' hooked up with a cock-greedy f****y. I
oughta fit in just fine, though. I'm getting another boner like
you are!"
Herman flung open the door. Jay was on his knees blowing
the huge prick energetically and licking Hank's balls. "Mind if
we join in?"
"Oh, Hermie...he still loves me!" Hank gushed.
"Yeah, sure looks that way!"
"Hey, come on in you guys! Everything's great. I'm blowin'
"You have school in the morning, young man!" Herman joked.
"Dad...go fuck yourself!" He dove down onto Hank's cock,
holding his hand out and giving him the finger.
"Heh! Jack? I don't know about you, but I wanna watch
"Me, too," I said, slipping to the floor with him. We sat
against the wall and idly played with each other's stiffened
"Oh, honey, you've sure learned fast," Hank said, stroking
his hair. "You already suck cock as good as your father!"
Jay was going wild, taking the prick halfway. Then he'd
attack the balls, licking all over them while Hank's cock waved
back and forth above his face. The man had a good 8-incher and
it was very thick. I'd had Jay's big one up my ass and I
wondered how something like that would feel. Probably rip my
asshole apart! What a strange day. I sat there playing with
Jay's father, wondering about getting fucked by his mother!
Hank reached over to the bureau and grabbed a hankie. He
wiped the lipstick off with a vengeance and kicked his nightie
into the corner. That was soon followed by his wig. He was
getting more masculine before my eyes. Still, I kinda admired
his shaved legs and feminine smoothness. He lifted Jay to his
"Honey, lay on the bed face down. There's something I've
wanted to do for years!"
Jay sprawled out and stuck his ass up. He looked around
with a lusty gleam on his sexy, goofy face. Hank bent behind
him and started to lick up and down his asscrack!
"Loves to suck an ass!" Herman whispered in my ear. I
stared enviously as Jay got thoroughly rimmed out and started
moaning. His eyelids were fluttering from the sensations.
"How's it going over there, buddy?" Herman asked him.
"Oh, Pop...Mom's got her tongue up my butt!"
"Mighty tasty, too, I'll bet!" he said, betraying his
"Mmmm. Hermie, our son's got a luscious butthole!"
I felt a pang of jealousy, or envy. I got a peek at Hank's
smooth bottom as he squatted there. I could see his asshole,
and noticed it was shaved too! In that position, his anus was
big and poochy and flexed in and out as he noisily tongued Jay.
I ducked my head lower for a better look. Herman whispered in
my ear again.
"Go for it," he said.
"You're dying to do it. Won't find a better one. And he
loves it! Go ahead, crawl right over there and lick him!" He
squeezed my dick.
I licked my lips, hesitating. Hell, why not? I could sure
do anything I wanted with this trio. I scooted over and put my
face down there. I decided to take a sniff first. I certainly
didn't want to lick a dirty asshole! But it was clean with only
the slightest aroma of what buttholes smell like. Even that was
exciting in a strange way. Then I remembered how Herman had
sucked Jay's cum out of my asshole and knew I was just being
silly. I swung onto my back and stuck out my tongue and started
to licked his anus.
"Oooh, yeah!" Hank cried, looking back. "Sweet
I did it. I pushed my face in there and licked all around
it, surprised at how exciting doing such a thing actually was.
Hank reached back and pulled his buttocks apart so I could get
at it all. That turned me on...having him do that. I kissed it
and licked it and even poked my tongue in a little ways. I felt
Herman's hand lifting my butt, and soon felt his face between
my cheeks, licking my crack!
"Ungh!" Jay gasped, glancing in the floor-length mirror on
the closet door. "I'm sure glad you like my boyfriend, Pop!
Lick him out! Lick me out, Mom! Lick me out!" He blabbered on
while the three of us tongued ass.
Hank broke off first, pulling Jay's cock back between his
legs and taking it in his mouth and sucking it.
I was getting a crook in my neck. Herman and I got up on
the bed beside them, arranging ourselves in a 69. Jay groaned,
his face next to where I was sucking his father's cock. I
licked his balls and up and down the long shaft. Totally turned
on, I started feeling devilish. I grabbed the hard prick and
pointed it at Jay.
"Wanna try it?" I asked him.
"Gosh! I...I couldn't do that!" Jay moaned, shaking his
"Don't be silly, darling," Hank said. "We've got no rules.
Suck your Daddy's dick! I'm sure he's gonna suck yours before
the night's over!"
" it OK, Dad?"
"Oh fuck yes! Oh fuck yes! Suck Daddy's dick, baby! Suck
Jay leaned over and put his mouth over the throbbing
cockhead. He licked all over it, then moaned and went down on
it. I crawled off to the side. Hank grabbed Jay's hips and
swung him over Herman's face. The man took his son's cock in
his mouth in an instant!
"Ah, the f****y that sucks together...stays together!" Hank
cried, clapping his hands delightedly, quickly coming around to
my side with a big grin.
"Can...can I do that some more?" I asked.
"What's that, stud?"
"Lick your butt!"
"Oooh, baby, let's do it together!" He straddled my head
and sat down on my face. Then he grabbed my legs and pulled
them back and put his face down between my legs and started to
eat out my asshole!
I fondled his smooth cheeks and licked his puffy anus
again. For a long time, the sounds of slurping were the only
sounds in the room. They were sucking cock and we were sucking
ass. As much as I was enjoying this new activity, I pushed him
up so I could get at his cock. I just had to get a taste of it
and see if I could handle that thick thing. He didn't push
down, knowing I was a novice and couldn't take much of it in my
mouth. He lowered my legs and started to blow me, too.
The other two got louder and louder and more frantic,
humming around each other's big pricks...signaling their
impending orgasms. They were on their sides, pistoning into
each other's mouths and thrusting their asses. Hank and I
stopped and watched them just before they shot globs of cum
down each other's throats! FATHER AND SON GREEDILY BLOWING
EACH OTHER OFF! Even after coming, they continued to lick one
another's genitals clean. Then they turned around and hugged
tightly, smiling. Hank grabbed me by the balls and stroked my
I gazed up at him. "W-would you fuck me?"
"Oh, k**, you sure? I'm pretty thick."
"I fucked him," Jay said. "He can take it. Give us a show!"
"Okay, but it's gonna be hard to top your last performance!
Jack, you tell me if it's too much now," Hank said, lifting my
legs up and moving in between them. I held them back myself,
eager to feel him stuffing me.
Stuff me, he did! Even his fat knob made me gasp. "OH!
OOOH!" I swallowed hard. He eased in, making me grit my teeth.
Then he gave me about three inches.
JUST...LEMME GET USED TO IT." I closed my eyes in pain,
rethinking it.
"Relax that hole, k**," Herman urged. "It'll go in and fit.
Don't you worry. Long dicks are easier, but once you get his
rammer in there you'll really know you're being fucked! Believe
me, it's worth it!"
"I'll...I'll try," I agreed.
"He fucks you, Pop?" Jay asked.
"You k**ding? I love that big log up my ass! I want you to
fuck me sometime, too."
"How 'bout after school?"
"I don't think you boys are gonna make it to school this
morning. How about after lunch?"
"How 'bout after breakfast?" he giggled.
Suddenly, my poophole just fell open. His cock had expanded
my muscles past the point of control. I felt like I was going
to just lay there and shit, but it was just being so loose and
"G-golly...ahhh!" I moaned. "Push. OH, PUSH IT IN! MORE!"
Hank moved up a bit, forcing my legs down, and began to fuck
me. I was deliriously stuffed with cock I started going out of
my mind, begging for more.
"You okay, little buddy?" He asked me.
to toss my head back and forth, writhing and bucking my ass up
to meet his strokes. He was plunging down into me, making the
bed quake. Nothing in the world existed for me but that monster
screwing my asshole! I was repeatedly taking every bloated inch
of his prick. My anus was gripped tightly around it...he must
have been literally pulling my asslips out each time he
withdrew. I didn't care if he ripped it off! I wrapped my arms
around his neck and my legs over his back. Lifting my ass off
the bed, he moved back onto his ankles, sitting me in his lap.
I hugged him tightly and bounced my ass up and down on him,
frantically screwing myself and moaning breathlessly!
"Fuck me," I said more quietly. "I'M COMMMMMING!" I rammed
my ass down hard and squirted all over his chest and belly in a
thunderous orgasm! He continued to fuck. The pain was getting
to me and I fell back onto the bed, complaining. He probably
only needed a few more seconds, but he knew I was hurting. He
slipped his prick out and began to furiously jack off.
Instantly, Herman put his head on my chest and opened his
mouth. Hank squeezed his cock and shot streams of white jizz
all over his face, his tongue and in his mouth! Then Herman put
his mouth over it and sucked on it...RIGHT OUT OF MY ASSHOLE
I stared in astonishment. Jay gasped, having moved up
closer to watch, "DAD! HIS DICK'S DIRTY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"
He slurped off the cock. "You'll learn, son. Nothing tastes
better than a stiff cock fresh out of a young boy's tasty ass!"
Giggling at the compliment, I winked at Jay. He shook his
head at me in mock disgust at my antics. Then he leaned over
and kissed me.
"What a whore!" he whispered loudly.
"Well, it was your big cock that started me!" I shot back.
"Yeah, but are you gonna be satisfied with mine after
"That was great, but you got all the meat I'll ever need!"
I pulled his head down and started kissing him passionately.
"Come on, sugar," Herman said to Hank, "let's throw these
cocksuckers out so we can get some rest!"
They dragged us off the bed and e****ted us to the door.
Just before shoving us out, Herman grabbed Jay and kissed him
lightly on the lips. "Everything's gonna be just fine. Super
"Sure, Pop. Long as you two don't steal my boyfriend!"
... Continue»
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Caught in the act

The other day it was unseasonably warm, so I had the doors and windows open to take full advantage of the fresh air. My wife was at work, and having the house to myself I did what I often do - logged into xHamster and began enjoying myself.

About half way through my session, I heard the doorbell ring. With a sudden chill down my spine, I realized that the front door was open with just the screen door locked, and the way I was sitting I had my back to the door. Whoever was there might well have seen everything! Crap!!! Nothing for it but to answer the door, I figured. I pulled my boxer shorts up and adjusted them as well as possible, pulling the front of my t-shirt down to hopefully cover my erection.

As soon as I got up and turned around I realized I was in trouble. It was my neighbor, the talker. She's short and wide, with curly red hair, about 40-45 years old if I had to guess. She was standing there in her blue scrubs holding a package and looking at me wide eyed. "This came to my house by mistake," she said. "Am I disturbing anything?"

I tried to look her in the eyes. "Uh, no, not at all. I was just.. uhh.. relaxing."

"Mind if I come in for a second? Or are you going to leave me standing on the front porch?" I unlocked the screen door and let her in. "You know I saw everything, don't you, honey?" My heart sank and my cheeks flushed. This woman is the neighborhood gossip, and before long everybody - including my wife - would know what she'd seen. She saw me blush, and winked at me. "You're afraid I'll tell everyone what I caught you doing, aren't you? Well, I might, unless you give me a reason not to."

I was scared and thrilled at the same time, and more than a little curious exactly what she meant. "What kind of reason, exactly?"

"Oh, something I couldn't tell my husband about, perhaps. You could start by opening that computer and finishing what you started. I want to watch." As she spoke, she sat down on the couch facing my recliner and motioned me to sit back down. Figuring that I had nothing to lose and a lot to gain, I sat down and opened the computer again. "Now, don't hold back. I want to see it all!"

I pulled my cock out, listening to her moan and sigh a little as I did, then began stroking slowly, getting back into the swing of things. When I looked up from the computer, she was sitting with her knees up, legs spread, feet on the couch, with her hand down the front of her scrub pants. Feeling brave, I said "You know, you're better than any porn on this thing. Want to let me look at you instead?"

I couldn't believe I'd said it, but I was even more shocked when she agreed! She stood up and lifted her top off, then reached behind her and unhooked her bra. Her huge sagging tits fell out, her pale freckled skin making her huge dark aureolas even more noticeable. She slipped her pants and panties down easily, and sat back down on the couch, legs spread wide, fingers in her fiery red hairy pussy. "Okay, here I am. I want to see you cum, young man!"

I looked straight into her eyes and began stroking furiously. In minutes, I blew my load, shooting all over my stomach and chest. "Oh yeah, I love seeing a man blow his load like that. You cum a lot harder than my husband does these days." As she spoke, she walked over and stood in front of me, still naked. She knelt and started to lick the cum from my body, tenderly cleaning my cock and balls, sucking my fingers, and licking my stomach. She crawled onto the recliner with me as she licked my chest, and rubber her pussy against my half-hard cock as she kissed me softly, her huge tits hanging down between us.

"Maybe next time you can stay hard and I can have a proper fuck! But you're done for now, and I've delivered your package." She giggled at her own joke as she put her clothes back on. "There, now it'll be our secret. I don't want a divorce any more than you do. Have a nice day!" She waved as she let herself out. Would would have thought it would get that hot in January?... Continue»
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caught in the act

Mickey glanced up and down the hall checking to make sure that the coast was clear, and when he was satisfied that no one was around, he slipped into the furnace room and made his way over to a step ladder that was leaning against the back wall!!! After making sure that the ladder was in a steady position, he climbed the ladder and peered through a small crack in the cement!!! "Holy cow," he muttered out loud as he pulled his pecker out of his pants and began beating his meat, "this is fucking unbelievable," while ogling the girl's soccer team taking their showers after practice!!! For the next ten minutes Mickey teetered on the second rung of the ladder staring through the tiny opening between the furnace room and the girl's shower room until a harsh voice behind him snapped, "And just what do you think you're doing, young man!?!" Mickey half stumbled and half climbed down the ladder while at the same time trying to shove his hard cock back into his jeans, but it was too late for that as he landed right at the feet of the meanest teacher in the whole school, Gwendolyn Hooks!!!
After finally getting his rapidly deflating dick back inside his fly, the red faced lad stammered, "Well you see, it's like this, I was just checkin' to see, uh, what's up at the top of the ladder!!!" "And what exactly did you discover at the top of the ladder," she asked acidly!?! "Uh, nothing," he replied weakly! "Nothing my foot," she replied harshly, "and your penis out of your pants and angry over nothing!?!" With his head bowed Mickey desperately wished he were any place but in the high school furnace room with Miss Hooks, but unfortunately he was and there wasn't a whole lot he could do about it!!! "I asked you a question," she said, "now answer me!!!" "I-I don't know," he lied, hoping against all hope that she would just drop it!!!" "Hmmmmmmmm, maybe I should climb up there and see what all of the excitement was all about," she opined evenly!!! "Uh no," he quickly retorted, "it's pretty high and you might fall or something!!!" She began tapping her foot in a steady staccato beat that indicated she was less than happy with his responses, and then out of left field she asked, "So, how often do you come in here and watch the girls showering!?!"

"Y-you knew it all the time," he asked softly?!? "Of course I did," she shot back at him, "what do you take me for, a fool!?!" "Oh no,"he replied quickly, "I just didn't know that you knew, that's all!!!" "So answer me, how often do you peek at the girls," she asked!?! Realizing that it was now useless to lie, he answered truthfully, "Mostly just after school when no one's around except for the athletic teams, never during gym class!!!" The tapping of her foot was driving him crazy, and he wondered what she had in store for him, but her next question really caught him off guard when she asked softly, "So tell me, Mickey, what do you see in those skinny eighteen year olds with with their flat chested bodies!?!" "Uh, I don't know," he stammered, "I just like looking at 'em, that's all!!!" "Have you ever seen the body of a real woman," she asked in a husky voice, "I mean a woman with a full figured body, something like mine!?" He stared at her blankly for a moment not quite sure where this line of questioning was leading, but he sense immediately a change in her attitude, so in a steady voice he replied, "No, I've never seen a mature woman's body before, and certainly not one as nice as yours!!! She stared at him for a long minute, seemingly weighing something in her mind, until she finally asked softly, "Would you like to see mine!?!"

His mind was totally areel as he tried to comprehend what Gwendolyn Hooks had just asked him, and in a slow measured voice he replied, "Uh, sure I would, that would really be nice!!!" She eyed him again for a moment, and then replied, "Of course it's a two way street, you'd have to show me your penis and get it hard for me!!!" Gaining more confidence by the second he asked, "Do you like big hard cocks!?!" "Oh yes," she gushed, "especially on young men like you, they stay so stiff and hard!!!" Now growing even bolder he said, "If I did show you my cock, you'd have to suck me off, or it's no deal!!!" After licking her lips in anticipation of what she hoped was to come, she replied in a husky voice, "Of course I'll suck you, Mickey, and I'll even let you cum in my mouth!!!" After acting like he was thinking it over, he finally nodded in agreement and replied, "Okay, it's a deal, so take it off!!!"

Mickey wasn't too good at ages but figured Miss Hooks to be around fifty or so, give or take a few years, but as old as that seemed, he watched in utter fascination as she slowly removed her dress and slip while exposing her full lush body clad in only bra and extra large bikini panties to his youthful eyes!!! "D-do you like it," she asked hopfully while standing there nervously before him, "I think my boobs are my best feature don't you," as she unhooked her bra and let it slip from her shoulders!?!" He was stunned at the size of her chest, and almost automatically reached out and gently brushed his hand over her erect nipples, eliciting a soft sigh from her as she took his hand and pressed tightly between her massive breasts!!! Even though there was more than a thirty year gap in their ages, he was a man and she was a woman, and in some respects nothing ever changes, and his dominance quickly came to the for as he pulled her to him and kissed her hard on the mouth while tugging her panties down over her almost fat bottom!!!

While they lingered over their kiss, Mickey's hands roamed freely over the expansive flesh that was Gwendolyn Hooks body, until she was breathing hard and tugging helplessly at his trousers in an attempt to free his now rock hard erection!!! In a voice that betrayed her urgency, she begged him, "Y-you promised, you've gotta show it to me, I wanna suck it!!!" He wanted to tease her a little by making her wait a little longer, but his own inexperience and desire prodded him into hurriedly undoing his pants, while leaving his briefs on for her to remove herself!!! She quickly slipped to the floor, and after grabbing hold of the elastic waist band with both hands, she took a deep breath and slowly slid his white undershorts down over his thighs, allowing his already erect pecker to pop into view!!! He was a little nervous of her reaction to his teenage dick, but he needn't have worried at all because within a matter of seconds, Gwendolyn Hooks had taken his hardon into her mouth and was greedily sucking it like a baby would a bottle!!!

Even though this was his first blowjob, it was Miss Hooks who seemed most distressed by the situation as she now only sucked on his big cock, she also was furiously frigging her big hairy cunt with her free hand while driving them both towards their orgasms!!! She looked up at him with shining eyes just as his pecker stiffened, sending a torrent of spunk into her throat, nearly gagging her from its profusion!!! Oh god I'm cumming," he gasped as she readjusted his pecker in her mouth, "I don't believe it, I just came in your hot fucking mouth, you suck just like a fucking hot assed whore!!!" How the worm had turned, just minutes before she was upbraiding him for peeking at the naked girls, and now, here she was on the floor sucking his cum like she was a vacuum cleaner, but now that she had gotten a taste of him she wanted more and was about to get it!!!

She stood up quickly, turned away from him, leaned over an old oil drum with her legs spread wide apart, and then with a hither come look over her shoulder ordered, "Okay stud boy, show me what you've got!!!" Even though he had never fucked anyone before, it was more than obvious where his hard pecker was to go, as her dark haired muffy was flushed and open, in obvious need of a hard fucking to satisfy its overwhelming urges!!! He carefully lined up his dick with her drooling slit, and with excrutiating slowness, shoved it in until his abdomen was pressing hard against her fat butt!!! He sighed deeply, savoring the incredible sensation his cock head was feeling for the first time, and only when she began squirming impatiently did he finally begin stroking in and out of her!!! Sex is a funny thing, for the first twenty years or so of your life you're a virgin and totally devoid of sexual experience, but then in a twinkling of an eye you're in the middle of your first fuck and it's like you've been doing it your whole life!!! Mickey took to fucking like a duck to water as he pounded the hairy cunt into submission with a series of vicious thrusts that drove both of them to orgasms that shook them to their very souls, leaving them totally spent as they both slid wobbled unsteadily to the concrete floor next to the furnace!!!

While his cum slowly leaked out of her well fucked pussy, Miss Hooks rolled her head until she was looking directly into Mickey's eyes and offered, "Now, do you still wanna look at skinny little girls!?!" Mickey stared at the huge chest that was still heaving while she tried catching her breath, and almost like the atomic clock his pecker began stiffening as he replied, "Nope, not when I've got the real deal right here!!!"

... Continue»
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Caught in the act - part 2

Author - Anonymous

"You better stop Ty!", Zooey screamed.

I didn't care if she was my s****r or if she didn't want me to fuck her. She has been teasing me for five years and I couldn't take it anymore. My a****l instincts kicked in and all she was to me now was a hot piece ass with a pussy that I had to have. She tried to fight me off but I was to strong for her. I put all my weight on her to keep her pushed over her the counter, I grabbed her wrist and pinned them down above her head. I licked her legs open so I could have access to her cunt.

"I'm your s****r you sick bastard!", She yelled.

I was to far gone to care what she was shouting. I moved my hard dick up and down her slit, till I found the right spot. I pushed my head into her and she couldn't help but let a moan slip put. I pushed further in, having trouble after only 6 inches, with three still out of her. She was so tight, I didn't think I could fit my whole dick in but It wasn't gonna stop me from trying.

"Please stop Ty!....please!", she moaned.

I guess she realized that yelling wasn't helping but her begging didn't sound all the convincing with all that moaning. I pulled a full inches out and plunged back in gaining another inch.

"Your to big for me Ty...Mhmmm....pull it out!", She cried and whimpered.

That just made me want to shove it in her even more. I was gonna stretch her till I her pussy fit my cock like a velvet glove. I pulled out a few inches like last time and thrust into her harder gaining a more of her tight cunt. I repeated this process until my balls were pressed against her ass. When I finally got my full length into her she started breathing heavy and tensed up. I knew what was happening, she was about to have an orgasm. I seized my chance and stopped moving, she tried to wiggle her hips but I held her still.

"Come on Ty", she begged but I wouldn't move. "Fuck me!", she yelled.

She was getting mad now, that I stopped in the middle of her orgasm.

"What do you want me to do?", I asked.

"Stop teasing me Ty and fuck my pussy!", She tried to move her hips again but I held even tighter.

"Sorry s*s, I missed that, could you say it again", I tell her.

She takes a deep breath.

"Will you pretty, pretty, please keep fucking my dirty cunt real hard with your huge cock?", she asked through gritted teeth.

I could tell it was killing her to beg me to please her and that made me it all the better. I starting to hump her from behind again. Almost right away she went rigid again. Her pussy clammed down on my dick, she tried to squeeze he ass close. The she started to cry out in pleasure.

"Yesss, Oh God yesss......ohhhhh.....harder! she moaned

I did as she said and pumped my dick into her as hard as i could. She squirmed and bucked her ass at me. I let go of her wrist and held onto her ass, no longer afraid of her fighting back. Her juices exploded all over my dick, running down her thighs. I pushed a finger my dick and her pussy got it dripping wet with her juices. I liked her of my finger and loved the taste. I wiped some of her thigh and stuck in her mouth, she sucked on it like a dick. loving her own flavor.

Her pussy loosened its grip on my dick and her legs gave out. She fell but I caught her and laid her down on her back on the cold title kitchen floor. Her breaths come to her hard and sharp. She was spread eagle and I just stood there admiring her soaking wet pussy. I got down and on my knees and moved in between her legs.

"No more Ty", she said in a weak voice

I held my dick in my hand stroking it, her juices made it really slippery. I pulled her closer to me so her ass was against me and even though she had said no more she didn't make any move to stop me. I took my dick and slapped it against her slit a couple of times. Then I rubbed my head against her clitoris. That drove my little s****r crazy. She rubbed her breast, and pinched her nipples while i masturbated her off with my throbbing hoe dick. After she got all hot and bothered again, it was time for me to finish it.

I put her long legs up around my shoulders and she locked them into place, this made her pussy even tighter and all the better for fucking. I slid my cock into her pussy and this time it was ready for me. I dove all the way in, her lips kissing my base. I sucked on her legs as I pumped my dick into her. It didn't take long before my balls tightened and I was ready to plant my seed.

"Zooey, I'm gonna cum!", I warned her.

"No, please not in me. You could get me pregnant!", She pleaded with me and she began to struggle but it was no use.

I started shooting deep within her.

"NOOooo.......eeeeeeeeee!" She screamed over and over as she came to for the second time.

Strand after strand of my hot seamen shoot into her. I ran out of steam and my dick softened and fell out of her pussy. Some of my cum dripped out of her. I sat back looking at what I had just did to my little s****r.

"You fucker! I said not to cum in me", She got up and grabbed a dish rag and stared wiping my cum from vagina.

Over the next week we didn't talk or see much of each other. She started dressing around the house. Mostly turtle necks and jeans, which for some reason just turned me on even more than when she did it naked. After a month, I decided to talk to her about what happened. She was in her room one and I walked in. She was holding a pregnancy test in her hands. I was in shock.

"Don't worry its says I'm not" She informs me.

I sit down next to her.

" Then, what’s the matter?", I ask.

"Is it wrong of me that I kind of wanted it to be positive?", She asks me.

"Not at all", I tell her. "We’re the only f****y we have and if we had a k** then our f****y will be bigger".

She lit up like a Christmas tree and attack me. She was on top of me and her sweater was off.

"Let’s get started then", she said between kisses. ... Continue»
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Caught In The Act Part 1

Part true, part imagined...

It had been such a crappy day. Yet again, I was left alone in the office after everyone else had called it a day and I still had an hour's worth of work to get through.

I took a drink of the acrid vending machine coffee and looked out of the office window. The sky was starting to darken as evening was becoming night. My car sat alone in the car park, illuminated by the solitary security light, slowly starting to make an impact in the weakening light. Why was I here working on my own again, on a Friday night? I made a mental note to have a word with the boss on Monday, but in reality I would no doubt let it go again, take the overtime cheque and not rile the already foul tempered manager.

I dropped my drained coffee cup into the bin at the side of my desk, shuffled the pile of papers I'd been diligently working on all day into an ordered stack, pushed my chair back and made my way upstairs to the management suite.

I didn't bother turning the lights on in the upstairs office, there was just enough light to navigate the unmanned desks and cabinets in order to drop my work into the manager's in tray on his over sized dark wood desk. I turned to make my way out of the office, but stopped short at the boss's secretary's desk. There was a photo there of her and her arsehole of a boyfriend, that always caught my eye. She'd been seeing him for a couple of years by now, after getting together just before leaving school and it was fairly common knowledge that he treated her like a doormat and had been with at least a couple of other girls during their time together.

I picked up the photo frame and looked at the image of Julie. She was a slim girl with a very pale complexion and shoulder length straight black hair. In the photo, she was wearing a short, figure hugging black evening dress, black stockings and high heels. The front of the dress plunged deeply, showing Julie's pale chest. Her tits were quite small, but the plunging neckline of the dress and the uplifting bra she wore accentuated her bust perfectly. She was wearing subtle makeup, but her lips were deep red. She had always reminded me of Courtney Cox... Nick the Dick stood next to her, with an arm round her waist but looking away from the camera. "What a wanker" I muttered under my breath. It was well known around the office how much I fancied Julie, but I knew that I would never stand a chance with a girl that hot and that popular.

Not really knowing I was doing it, I moved around her desk and pulled her chair from underneath the desk and turned it 90 degrees so that it faced me. I got down on my knees and started to smell Julie's padded seat. I could smell a musty scent from the fabric, along with a slight hint of her perfume. I could feel my cock starting to stiffen at this sensation and judging that the light such as it was wouldn't allow any one seeing into the office, I unbuckled my belt, undid my trousers and pulled them and my pants down to my knees.

I placed the photo on the back of the chair, placed a post-it note over Nick and stared into Julie's gorgeous green eyes and started to stroke my already hard cock. I lent over the chair and breathed in more of her scent and started wanking furiously. I was so excited by wanking over her gloriously scented chair and perfect sexy image in the photo, along with the thrill of doing it in the empty office that I failed to notice the sound of someone coming up the stairs. With one last smell of Julie's scent I came in a huge explosion of hot, sticky cum into my hand and over her chair - just as the office door swung open.

I looked up with an awful sense of dread and shame and saw Peter, the office manager looking down at me - kneeling at Julie's chair, cum drenched hand wrapped around my throbbing cock, with an incredulous expression on his face. He closed and locked the door and moved to stand directly in front of me. "You and I need to have a little chat, don't you think?"

... Continue»
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Caught In The act (Part 3 - The Task)

My Name is Jimmy, and I'm an idiot. A couple of weeks ago, I was caught by my arsehole of a boss Peter, wanking over the chair of his incredibly sexy secretary in his office, after everyone else had gone home for the weekend. In order to keep this quiet - and no doubt keep my job, he had made me wank him off there and then. This was shocking, but so too was the curious, excited feeling I got when doing it. I had even taken his surprisingly large cock into my mouth and sucked him off, without being told to do so.

Nothing has been mentioned since then and Peter has been his usual bad tempered self. I'd even been able to push the mixture of shame and curiosity to the back of my mind, while I went on with my mundane life. That was until the other day, when I was summoned to Peter's office, late in the afternoon. I climbed the stairs to the management suite with a sense of dread, wondering what the hell he was going ask of me. That night, he had mentioned that the blowjob might not be enough to keep his silence and he might have further tasks for me.

My mind was a mess as I stepped into the office and walked over to Julie's desk. She stopped typing and looked up at me, with a curious look of concern flashing across her perfect face. I took in her silky black hair, porcelain like skin and the deep wells of her gorgeous green eyes. She wore a plain and simple white bra to support her small but perfectly pert tits and this could clearly be seen through the thin, gossamer like material of her blouse. I imagined her beautifully rounded bottom sitting on the slightly stained seat, which was still stained from the cum that I had been unable to remove before she had come back to work. I wondered just how disgusted she would be with me. She brushed an errant strand of hair from her face and said "Peter has asked me to send you straight in. Please close the door after you." She smiled again at me, almost sympathetically, then returned to her typing, red nails a blur across her keyboard.

I mumbled a thanks and entered Peter's office, closing the door behind me as asked. The smell of cigar smoke filled the air and was mixed with the faint odour of sweat. Peter sat behind his over-sized dark wood desk, his ostentatious leather chair barely able to contain his bulk. I went to take a seat, but was stopped in my tracks when he shouted "You'll sit only when told to do so, boy!" a look of contempt flashed across his flabby face.
"Sorry Peter. Of course. You wanted to see me about something?" I said, trying to hide the nervousness in my voice, feeling the rising sense of trepidation as I stood directly in front of his desk, like a naughty schoolboy.

Peter took a half-smoked cigar from an ashtray and raised it to his mouth. After lighting it and taking a mouth full of its smoke, he exhaled directly into my face before saying "Now Jimmy, as I recall from the other night, I mentioned I may have further tasks for you, if you wish to keep your little misdemeanour a secret. As you may be aware, Julie has helped me with my parties on the odd occasion, but for my next one she will not be available. Therefore, I will need you to take her place this coming Saturday at my home, 7:30 on the dot. Julie will give you the address on your way out. Do not be late Jimmy, I have some very important guests coming this weekend."
With that, he waved me away and returned to his work.

I let myself out of his office and went over to Julie once more. She stopped working and wrote Peter's address on a piece of paper. As she handed it to me, the concerned expression returned to her face. "You know you don't have to go there Jimmy" she said, as she passed me the address. Then "Or at least leave when you want". I took the paper and replied "Thanks Julie, I'll be fine" but with little conviction.

So Saturday night had arrived and as I drove out to Peter's house in the countryside just out of town, I reflected on Julie's comments. She had started waitressing for Peter at his little parties he threw now again, in order to make some extra money after her boyfriend Nick had got into debt, gambling and drinking with his mates and their shady associates. Peter had various business friends that he invited over for poker, a film and according to Julie, a lot of whisky. She would never go into too much detail about his parties, saying she just served the drinks and left them to it.

I hoped my evening would be as uneventful as that, as I turned into Peter's drive. He had inherited the house from his wealthy parents and even in the gloom of an early autumn evening, it looked quite impressive. It stood in a clearing in the trees at the end of the winding driveway, a large white walled Georgian style building, with a large adjoining garage. The only light coming from the house was from the large lanterns attached either side of the imposing front door.

I drove up to the house and parked my car next to the row of 5 executive saloons that were already there. I checked my watch. 7:27. Taking a deep breath, I climbed out of my car and made my way across the shingle drive to the porch. As my feet crunched on the stones I heard the trees gently rustle in the light wind that swirled around the massive house. I climbed the steps and rang the door bell. 7:29.

The door swung inwards and Peter stood there, dressed in a smart black suit, white shirt (straining at his belly) and black bow tie. He ushered me in and steered me to a room just off the black and white tiled entrance hall. Switching on the light and closing the door behind him, he gestured for me to take a seat. I did as instructed, sitting on the end of a deeply cushioned sofa. Peter opened a drinks cabinet and poured two drinks, passing a beautiful tumbler to me. It was almost full of Scotch Whisky, which is not my favourite drink. However, feeling slightly intimidated by the whole situation, I took a very large gulp and felt the 25 year old malt burn my stomach, then experienced a burst of the peaty flavour in my mouth. The warmth it filled me with eased my nerves and I sat a little further into the sofa's welcoming cushioning. Peter sat down on the sofa next to me. His bulk pressing slightly against my arm as I turned to face him.

I took another sip from my glass and Peter did the same. He looked at me with a less condescending expression than he had at the office, then placed his glass on the coffee table in front of the sofa. His fleshy hand rested on my thigh and squeezed it very gently. Not for the first time in his company, I felt sweat trickling down my back. He moved his hand a little further up my thigh, but still only lightly pressing into my leg. "Now Jimmy, these parties are very important to me. These are very influential friends I have here tonight and it falls on me to entertain them as they see fit. Julie is a very accomplished waitress and has earned a very good reputation with my guests. However, as she cannot attend tonight, I have had to make certain arrangements." He looked at me and squeezed my thigh, just enough for me to feel a little pain. I took another sip from my glass as he continued "As I have said, if you wish to keep your secret safe with me and to maintain your current standing with your friends and f****y, you will take on Julie's role tonight. If you don't feel you can complete this task for me, then you may leave now, but I will have to make your little secret common knowledge - but first, I will tell Julie's boyfriend Nick of your desires. Do you understand, Jimmy?"
I could feel the whisky start to have an effect on me and I was already starting to feel just a little light headed. I knew I couldn't have anyone know what I'd done - least of all Nick, so I really didn't have a choice. "Yes Peter, I'll take Julie's place tonight and do whatever you need me to do."

Peter's hand left my thigh and went to my face, gently stroking my cheek and then tracing the outline of my lips. He then pushed two of his fingers into my mouth and slowly slid them in and out. I felt his chubby fingers almost fill my mouth, but just sat there and allowed him to toy with me. Then, grinning, he stopped and filled my glass to the brim. "Now Jimmy, I will entertain my friends for the next couple of hours and I will call you when we would like you to attend to us. You may finish this glass, but I'd better take the bottle - we can't have you too pissed, can we? In the suitcase over there, you'll find your uniform. Please ensure you are ready by 11 pm." Peter took his glass and the half empty bottle of scotch. As he got to the door and had opened slightly, he turned round to face me again. "Now, for the rest of your night here Jimmy, you'd better go along with whatever is asked of you - and without question. Is that understood?"
"Yes Peter, I guess so"
"Oh, and two more things before I go - firstly, you will address me tonight as Master and my friends as Sir. Secondly, you will be known as Slut."

With that, Peter closed the door, with the worrying sound of the lock being turned. I took a long gulp of the peaty liquid, starting to enjoy the burning sensation it made from my lips down to my stomach and walked across the plush but old fashioned style room to the case Peter had indicated. I flicked the 2 locks to the side and swung the case open. Inside the case was a mirror and underneath that some clothing, a small bag and a wig. I removed the mirror and pulled out the wig. It was extremely soft to touch and was coloured jet black. It looked to be around shoulder length. I placed this to one side and examined the rest of the contents. A short black skirt, a white blouse, a pair of black hold-ups and high heel shoes. There was also a pair of black lacy panties and a very sexy bra - along with a pair of small breast forms. In the little bag was some blusher and bright red lipstick.

Not only was I going to be Slut for the night, I was also going to be a male version of Julie.

To Be Continued...... Continue»
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Caught in the Act

I was let out of work early one day,things had been quiet and my boss was a tight wad who saw his chance to save a few quid.
I was pissed off,I needed the money so me and my boyfriend could go on holiday.
The bus journey home was long and tedious and seem to take forever,it was a lovely warm day and |I just wanted to strip down and sit in the garden. I let myself in my front door I was feeling more than a little angry with the world in general.
I flung off my shoes and marched into the kitchen to put the kettle on.
The kitchen window looked out onto our back garden which was nice and secluded,surrounded by a large hedge all around a real suntrap.
I saw my boyfriend laying naked on his back on the lawn,I was just about to tap on the window and ask him if he wanted a cup of tea when from behind our little shed came my best friend Gemma, she was slim,short blonde bobbed hair,pert little breasts and shocking blue eyes, and now for the first time I saw what she looked like naked, a tight little arse,a snatch that had a runway of hair right up the middle and long legs.
"What the fuck"I almost shouted out but something stopped me instead I moved to the side of the window and peered around the corner to watch what was going to happen.
I was bubbling inside how the fuck could they do this to me,but strangely i also found it slightly erotic and could not take my eyes of them.
She walked over to my boyfriend giggling and stood legs astride him so that he had a great close up view of that tight blonde cunt.
I pissed,she laughed.
Nice he answered let me have a taste then.
The anger was at bursting point and as I was about to storm out the back door to confront them but something stopped me curiousity you may say.
She plopped herself down on his face and he began to munch greedily on her pussy,slurping away like a madman.
The anger was suddenly replaced by something else,excitement,At probably what should have been the worst moment in my life I found myself getting incredibly turned on.
I had my work trousers on and my hand was pulling down my zipper and reaching inside beginning to fumble with the fabric of my skimpy white laced panties.
Out side the action was building up too.
My boyfriend was really giving that bitch a deep tonguing and his hands were all over those tits of hers.
Her head was rolled back and i could see her eyes were closed and she was gasping.
Too bad i thought,if you open your eyes now bitch you will see me watching you fuck him.
But she didnt.Instead he rolled her off his face and pushed her roughly on the ground and began to straddle her .
Both there arses were facing me now and I could see his big cock beginning to push at her pussy lips,she opened her legs wider and in he went nice and easy into that moist hole of hers and he started to fuck her.
But it wasn't the way that me and him fucked,that was hard and short and over in minute or two.
This was slow and sensual and full of passion and now my hand was buried deep in my own pussy and my fingers were sliding over my erect clit and i was begining to feel that warm glow deep inside.
As the action heated up outside the action inside was building too,my trousers some how had found there way around my ankles and my knickers were down around my creamy thighs,both hands were now working furiously at my own cunt.
I had two fingers buried deep inside of myself with one hand the other was twirling feverishly at my clitoris and my legs were shaking uncontrollably.
I was so fucking wet it surprised me, my fingers kept sliding in and out and I had to f***e them in harder.
Outside they had changed position,he now had her on all fours,he was behind her and the bitch of all bitches was letting him fuck her up the arse,something I would never let him do to me.
She was moaning in ecstacy now and he was grunting like a lion on heat,banging away at her tight arse and giving it a slap or two as well.
I could sense the moment was arriving for them and magically it was for me too.
Then he came up her arse it was in a hard heated rush,head thrown back and a silent scream from his throat.for her it was not silent but a loud "YES"repeated again and again.
For me it was intense,silent but much more shattering than theres I felt naughty dirty even,my legs quivered,my whole body was bathed in sweat and my eyes were misty and glazed.It was a total rush of orgasmic joy,the like of which I had never experienced before an almost religious experience that touched every fibre of my being and I glided away like a kite on a breeze.
If there is one moment in my life that I did not ever want to end ,that was the moment.
It was fucking great!!
But soon it began to subside and reality began to crash back around me,I quickly tidied myself up I began to straighten my hair,all the time thinking "what the fuck do i do now".
Should i creep out the front door and pretend I had never been there?Should I confront them and have a real slagging match with them both?In the end I decided to do a bit of both.
I went back to the front door opened it,shut it loudly and shouted out at the top of my voice so that they could not help but hear"Hi".
I made sure i took my time to reach the kitchen this time and slowly sauntered to the back door,as I opened it I saw that they were both now dressed if a little shabbily and smiling awkwardly and a little embarassingly.
"Oh hi gemma what you doing here",I asked,and some little devil deep inside me was chuckling away at the sight of her awkward little leg movements as she struggled to think of some sort of excuse.
Ever the gallant hero my boyfriend came to her rescue.
"Oh she came to help me with the washer,you know me I couldn't figure the damn thing out".
Men I said and laughed and they both laughed with me.
The look of relief on her face was comical,had neither of them realised I had just came from the kitchen and the washer was off,door open an empty.
I kept that to myself though,they had had there fun but unbeknownst to either of them,I had had mine too.
Now every time I have to come home early I always creep in the door hoping to recapture that once in a lifetime feeling once more.... Continue»
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Caught in the act

After my first encounter with John’s dick, I couldn’t get it out of my mind. Two weeks later we met at a friend’s party and we talked about it. He was worried his girl friend might find out. I told him he had noting to worry about as I had as much to lose as he had. But I also said it was the best sex I ever had & wanted a repeat performance. He agreed it was fun but felt to do it again would be risky. I said all we needed was an excuse to go away for the weekend. I told him to leave it to me.

I happen to mention to his girlfriend later that John & I were thinking of going away to see a band in a couple of week’s time. She said great, ill come with you. I almost panicked but recovered by saying I only have two tickets. Close one.

Instead of going to a hotel we decided to go camping instead. We found a quiet local spot to setup and unpacked. I brought two bags. One with necessities such clothes, toothbrush & food. The other was full lingerie. I was going to be the bitch again tonight. We both seemed nervous. I told him we going to get ready.

I entered the tent alone and opened the bag of “goodies”. I striped & picked up a white nightie. I then slipped on white panties. I was trying to resist the temptation of masturbation until I was fully dressed. I then put on white stocking, a mini skirt & a sexy pink top.

Next I applied makeup and my wig. I was now ready to meet my man. I unzipped the tent door am exited. John was lying against a tree. He seemed generally shocked.


I walked up to John & whispered into his ear “So what do you think?”.

“Very sexy”

I kissed him passionately. He put both hands on my bum cheeks pulled me against his hardening dick. We dry humped for ten minutes or so while continuing to kiss. He then led me by the hand to the tent. I entered the tent first on all fours. My innocent white panties were clearly visible as i teased John behind me. Then suddenly John pulled down my panties and started licking my asshole. It felt so good I almost feinted. “ah yea that’s it lick my ass” I demanded. He put his finger in then two. “ It feels so good, lick me again….yea…deeper”

John took his jeans off and gave his dick a couple of stokes quickly before entering my wet ass. I screamed in pain as I hadn’t expected him to be so rough. “Ahh god”. “Are you ok” He said. “Yes keep going” I replied. John didn’t need a second invitation. He started banging me with such ferocity. I really did feel like bitch. It felt great to have his hands on my hips. Pushing me back and fort pushing his dick in my ass as far as it could reach. He would then pull out completely and then push in again. I asked to repeat this again & again. I taught to myself, Ten minutes, a lot longer than the first time. I want it to last as long as possible,

I turned over & pulled my panties back up. I guided his dick in my ass again by pushing my panties to time side. We began to fuck hard while kissing. Although been taken from behind was my favourite position it felt great to look into Johns eyes as I asked him if he enjoyed fucking me.

“Fuck me John.. yea fuck me”

“Yea Im fucking your ass” John said

“Im going to come”

“Come in my ass john”

“Oh god yea”

His cum poured into my ass. I asked John if he would lick me out. He began licking my ass as I tried to push his cum out. Slowly cum began dripping out on to his tongue. After he had taken all the cum, I could muster he began kissing me with my cum in his mouth. It was so kinky.

I now reached over to my bag and handed John sky blue undies & bra. “Put them on” I said. He smiled & began putting them on. On our last encounter I tried my best to fuck John but had to stop as he wasn’t used to it. This time I bought lots of lube to help. I told him to bend over. I began licking his asshole. Then pushing my finger in slowly at first to loosen him up. He seemed to be enjoying it. After a few minutes I lubed up his ass. Very slowly I pushed my dick in his ass. He moaned with a mixture of pain and pleasure. It was a tight fit. Slowly I picked up the speed. He screamed a number of times but every time I stopped to make sure he was ok he simply replied

“Keep going!!!!”

The sight of John in a tong and bra bent over on all fours was driving me wild. I came in his ass for the first time. He moaned with pleasure as my cum entered his ass. We collapsed to the floor of the tent. Our legs wrapped around each other as we kissed.

Suddenly we both heard voices in the distance. Some one was coming.

“Shit get dressed …..Quick” John said

“No time” I reply

“Excuse me, sorry to disturb you but we’re wondering if we could have a word It’s the police” said voice

John took off the bra and panties and put on his trousers. He then unzipped the entrance to the tent “ Hi officer, how can we help?”

“We’re had complaints of screams, taught it was best to check it out” said the police man

“Sorry officer this is kind of embarrassing but my girlfriend & I are having a weekend alone. She got a bit excited. Say hello Rebecca.” John said

“Hi officer” I said with a feminine voice and popped my head out to see two police men.

The police men seemed a little embarrassed. “ Oh em……sorry for disturbing you, just keep the noise down”

“Ok officer ill try” I said with snigger.

John closed the tent and we laughed for hours. I felt so liberated to be seen by people dressed as women. It was hard to say if the officers knew I was a man, if they did they never said.

Soon we were fucking again then fell asl**p. We woke up at 3.00am and began to blowing each others cocks in the 69 position. After we came in each other mouths we simply fell asl**p again in the same position. I woke up with his dick against my face.

What a night. I really was a slut. And we had another night to go.

... Continue»
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Caught in the act - part 1

Author - Anonymous

Our parents died a couple years ago and I adopted my little s****r so she didn't get lost in the system. she was 16 at the time and I was only 21. I had to drop out of college to get a job and take care of her. She took it pretty hard but we got through it together. It had been a year since she had moved in with me and I hadn't had any time for other women in my life. My 16 year old s****rs body started to take the shape of a woman and I couldn't help but notice.

Especially when I had to take her clothes shopping and she would try on bras. She would pile my arms full of sports bras and lacy ones all in her small A cups sizes. She said she had to try on a lot because a girls first bra was very important. After she had picked all the bras she thought she might want she lead me to the dressing room. As we got there she continued in with out taking her bras. I just stood there caller her name, Zooey.

She popped her head back out and told me to come on. I tried to tell her guys aren't allowed back there but the dressing room attendant, a cute red head probably in her 20's, just smiled at me and told me to go head, its a slow day. There wasn't anything I could do so I followed Zooey in. I saw the lady check me out as I went by. When I got into the stall Zooey was already taking her shirt off. She raised her shirt over head and threw it on the bench, not even attempting to hide her perky 38A titties from me. She grabbed a yellow bra with smile faces on each cup and started putting it on.

I cant believe how much the sight of my little s****r's breasts were turning me on. I could feel my tool start to grow with excitement. She hooked the bra shut and looked at herself in the mirror. She scooped up her long black hair and twisted it up so it wouldn't be in the way. She modelled it in the mirror and squeezed her own breasts to test the comfort, she even did a little bounce. She was driving me crazy, my dick was rock hard and was pushing against my pants. The bulge was clearly visible but there was nothing i could do because my hands were full of bras. She asked if I liked this one and she pushed her chest out so I could get a good look.

My eyes were glued to her chest. I told her I liked that one. That made her mind up, she undid it and took it off. She threw it over on top of her discarded shirt, I guess that was the keep pile. She walked back to me and started shifting threw the bras. She told me that that one fit her perfectly, so she didn't need any of the smaller sizes she had picked out. Her soft honey brown nipples would brush against my arms as she looked through the bras and soon they were hard. She let out a soft moan and I instinctively pushed my hips forward so my hard on rubbed against her body. She jumped back in surprise. She asked me if that was my penis as she stared at my huge bulge. I shyly told her it was.

She burst out laughing, so hard that she fell back into the bench. She sat there holding her stomach which pushed her titties together which made them look bigger. I couldn't figure out what she thought was so funny and when I asked her, she pointed to my boner and said she couldn't believe I got hard looking at my little s****r and that I was such a pervert. That’s how she found out that she had a power over me.

Over the years it got worse. As she got older she grew, she is 17 she was only a head shorter than me now with the longest legs I had ever seen, she had amazing 42D ample breasts, and she grew bolder. She would walk around the house in skimpy out fits or just half naked. She never closed a door, whether it was the bathrooms as she showered or took a pee or her bedrooms as she changed or on the rare occasion masturbated. She would ask me to borrow my porn and ask me to buy her vibrators. Every time I tried to tell her to cover up or stop it she tells me that she’s my s****r and it shouldn't matter unless I was some dirty old pervert.

One day I left work early because I wasn't feeling well. All I wanted to do was get home and rest. When I got there though I heard the familiar sounds of my s****r moaning. It couldn't be though cause it was noon and she didn't get out of school till 3:08. Maybe she left one off my Asian pornos on. As I made my way to her bedroom, I poked my head in and the noise wasn't coming from there. It was coming from my room. As I walked closer to my room. It didn't sound like the TV. I could hear a guy moaning too. My door was wide open, guess she didn't think anyone would be coming home early. I peeped in and couldn't believe what I was seeing. My goddess of a little s****r was on my bed and on all fours. There was a young teenage boy on his knees behind her thrusting into her doggy style.

They were facing the opposite way from the door so they couldn't see me. Zooey was crying out just like the Asian girls in my porn movies make. I know its a cliché but that’s really what my little s****r sounded like. My cock was stiff and my stomach pain was gone. Apparently the best medicine for a stomach flu was watching your sexy little s****r get fucked from behind on your bed. I quietly unzipped my pants and pulled out my throbbing dick.

The guy had his hands on her hips was hanging on for dear life. The guy was obviously no where as experienced as my s*s. Her pussy was eating his poor dick. His balls smacked against her harder as she upped her paste. Her large perfectly tanned tits were swinging wildly back an forth as they fucked. She had a great body since she worked out all the time since she was on her high school soccer team and she had a golden light brown tan all over from sunbathing nude by our pool. She even brought some of her beautiful white friends to tan with her sometimes. I loved it when she do that, I would spy and jerk off to them. Zooey knows I'm there but her friends don't or I doubt they would lay out there naked.

It would be an amazing sight, They would all line up on the side of the pool and my s****r would be in the middle. On both sides of her were gorgeous blond girls with little pink nipples, pink pussies, blue eyes, in the middle of them was Zooey with honey brown nipples, light brown skin, and dark pussy lips.

I'm getting away from the story though. The guy was about to cum, I could tell because he doubled over my s****r's body, grabbed her boobs and started shouting “I'm cumming, Oh god I'm cumming!” My s****r looked up and saw me standing there yanking my dick through my dresser mirror. I froze, a look of shock crossed across her face but only for a moment, then she started to have an orgasm. Her body went rigid, then she started bucking her ass. She screamed with pleasure, the guy almost looked scared, guess he never seen a girl have a good orgasm. I wonder if she was taking his cherry.

Zooey bucked him so hard that the fell backwards on their asses. She was still riding his dick. She locked eyes with me as she started to slow her grinding on his pelvis. She shuddered as she finally stopped sliding up and down his cock. She sat up and turned to face us. She reached down and took off the condom. We both watched as she held it up so we could all see his load settling at the bottom. She sucked the outside, so that she could taste her own juices. Then she turned upside down so that his cum fell out into her mouth, down her chin, and in her tits. I shot my load then all over the hallway wall.

His dick was hard again and tried to get back on top of her but the she stopped and perked her head up. “What?” he asked.
“Did you hear that ?“she said.
I ducked out of the hallway and hid in the kitchen. I heard someone get off the bed (its creaky), she used fake surprise and said “Oh my God, my Dad’s home, you have to get out!”
I heard them running around. I heard the front door. I went to the living room and found her watching him run down the street, her cute body still nude. She turned around and smiled at me. “You’re such a perv, jerking to your s****r getting fucked!” she told me, as she walked to my room.

She picked up a long blue tank top and put it on. It didn’t do much since it was so sheer I could still see her titties and dark nipples. “I bet you want to know why I'm not in school today?” she said, as she then walked to the kitchen. I watched her ass as she did.
“I know why you weren't in school, you were busy getting laid in my bed,” I told her. “And why did you tell him your dad was home instead of your b*****r?” I asked. “Because its simpler then telling them the truth, plus I thought you like me calling you daddy. Can you imagine me with my legs in the air screaming, ‘Daddy fuck me harder’ while you pound my tight pussy till you unload deep in me?” she tells me. I couldn't take it any more. I went over to her and bent her over the kitchen counter, I pushed her legs open and pulled my pants down. “Ty you better stop, STOP TY!!!” ... Continue»
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Caught in the Act....

One summer, my cousin Nancy came to stay with us for a while, as her parents had gone away on a cruise trip. At 18 years old, she was a couple of years older than me and in the full bloom of her young womanhood, so to speak. She knew it, too, and it was obvious that she had no problem at all in pulling any guy she wanted. Not only did she look good, but always dressed very sexy, just to make sure…

She was another of these girls I adored during my adolescent years, who LUVed to teeter around perched on very fine pointy hi-heel stilettos, and when she walked, her butt swayed from side to side very provocatively, so as to have even more of the desired effect – which was like WOW !!!

She had the full panoply of sexy garments to go with her stilettos, of which she had a number of pairs. Seamed stockings, sexy lace suspenders, panties and bras, just for starters. And then, of course, all kinds of short skirts and dresses to reveal her gorgeous legs which were even more gorgeous when she wore her stockings as she perched on her mouth-watering sensual hi-heels, which never ceased to have the intended effect on me and my dick every time I saw her dressed this way.

I often fantasised about how nice it would be to try on her stuff, as ever since that day I’d first tried on my s****r’s stockings and stilettos, and jacked myself off over and over, like a crazy BITCH on heat, I was even more hooked on these sensual sexy garments than ever.

One day, the f****y decided to go and spend a day at the beach, but I just didn’t fancy it. So I feigned a poorly stomach that would make me throw up during the car ride, which was enough to persuade them to leave me alone in the house…

But all this was a ruse, of course, because what I wanted more than anything was an opportunity to try on Nancy’s sexy outfits, especially her stockings and heels. So after waiting awhile to make sure they were well and truly clear of the house, I now had plenty of time to prepare myself like the little SLUT I so wanted to be without being disturbed…

I tiptoed into Nancy’s bedroom to have a good rummage through her things, and oh boy was I spoilt for choice !! What a sexy little SLUT she is, my darling cousin. I decided to try on a sexy lace waspie in black with pink edging to clinch my waist nice ‘n tight. Then of course her seamed stockings, but which ones ?? I decided on a pair that she’d been wearing recently in a deep chocolate brown, and as I held the feet points up to my nose I could still smell the delicious odour of her sexy dainty feet, which turned me on even more and made my dick start to get very hard indeed. I chose nice sexy panties to match the waspie and which were big enough to keep my she-dick vertical so that it peeped out over the top.

So far, so good for the undies. Now for the rest. I chose an indecently short miniskirt that was very tight over my ass and emphasised the kind of SLUTTY look that I was hoping to achieve. Now for the bra to match the panties, which I stuffed with rolled up stockings to give me a rough and ready breast form. The silicon titties one can buy now didn’t exist at that time of course and, anyway, there was no way I could have procured any at that age without arousing suspicion. So I just had to make do the best I could and the desired effect wasn’t half bad, as I soon discovered when I looked in the full-length mirror. Finally, a sexy top to complete the ensemble… Now I sat down in front of her dressing table to apply a touch of make-up. As I’m already very feminine in appearance anyway and was even more so at that age, I didn’t need much – just a little blusher on the cheeks and of course the eyes which are always the most difficult part. But anyway, for a first attempt, I didn’t look half bad, even if I say so myself…

But now for the REAL final touch - the sexy sensual hi-heels. I chose a pair of d’Orsay pumps with fine slender heels at around 12 cm or 4 and half inches. And as I slipped my dainty girlie feet into them, I was thrilled to discover that they were a perfect fit. And my she-cock became even more rock-hard ramrod rampant…

Oooooooh WOW !! – Did this feel good or what ?? – I stood in front of the full-length mirror and saw this very sexy sensual creature staring back at me – Sensational !!! – I rubbed my hands over my sexy curves, up and down my nyloned legs which I crossed and uncrossed to feel that electric effect, that only nylons can give, and which ran up and down my spine into the depths of my whole being…

My ass-cunt was on fire now, and I gently caressed the rock-hard stiffness of my throbbing pulsating she-cock. Had to be careful though, ‘cos I didn’t want to CUM just yet – I wanted this to last as long as possible. After all, I had all day and the f****y wouldn’t be back until late evening - so why rush...

I wandered round the house in a state of frenzied sexual arousal – Striking lascivious poses every time I passed by a mirror. Rubbing my legs together as I crossed and uncrossed them – throwing myself into an armchair so as to raise my nyloned legs in the air and get a full view of the sexy stilettos – what a horny whore I’d beCUM and my she-cock was raging on the verge of explosion as I slid my fingers under my panties to finger fuck my ass-pussy which was just begging for that…

It was then that I saw him !! – Gaping through the window – The neighbour’s son !! – Oh shit !!! – How long had he been there ?? – But there he was, gawping at me, clearly very turned on by what he saw as he caressed his barely concealed hard-on through his shorts. I could see the lascivious moisture on his lips as he drooled over what has was seeing…

He was the same age as me and we were classmates in school, so I’d known him for some years. I didn’t know for sure, but I had my suspicions that he might be a bit on the gay side, as he often went with the older boys after school – But this…?

“Well now !!” he said across the window. “I would never have believed that YOU could be SO fucking sexy…”

Shit !!! - What was I to do ?? – Almost in a blind panic, but mostly out of desperation I beckoned to him to CUM round to the back door…

As I opened it, I dragged him in violently and slamming the door behind him, I pulled him on to me and throwing my arms round his neck, I kissed him passionately full on his mouth…

He certainly didn’t resist – on the contrary – As he f***ed his tongue deep into my mouth, I could feel his trembling hands rubbing me up and down frantically. I could feel the heat of his cock through his shorts rubbing up against mine. We were on fire, the two of us, burning with unbridled untamed pulsating passion and delirious desire…

Then I broke away from him and panting with lust, I managed to stammer “U-Upstairs –s”

He didn’t need telling twice and as I led him upstairs, my butt swinging from side to side as we mounted, he fondled my ass-cheeks and ran his still trembling hands up and down the upper inside of my nyloned thighs, which were only too easily accessible.

Once in my bedroom I took down his shorts and there it was – A gorgeous young cock in magnificent erection. I was thrilled, too, to see that he was free of body hair and that his skin was almost as silky smooth and delicate as my own…
His cock was really rampant now and as I sat on the edge of the bed, I took it into my mouth. Oooooohhh !! - How delicious it was, his pre-cum quite abundant with that wonderful sweet, salty, honey taste that I’d enjoyed so often in tasting my own…

I could feel his hand grip the back of my head real tight as he fucked in and out of my greedy girlie gob. I ran my hands up and down his smooth chest occasionally digging in my fingernails which turned him on even more and made him deliriously demented…

I could hear his breathing quicken more and more and I could sense that he was on the verge of shooting his load. But I didn’t want him to CUM just yet, as by now my ass-cunt was on fire and needed to be fucked good ‘n hard desperately.

I managed to break free of the assaults if his rampant red-hot cock to blurt out to him, “Fuck me !! – I want you to fuck me you bastard !!! – FUCK ME !!!!”, I screamed at him…

He didn’t need asking twice and within seconds I was hands and knees on the bed offering him my only too wet ‘n willing ass pussy to take as he wanted

He rammed his throbbing cock all the way in, which made me cry out in pain. But as he got into his rhythm and my anal fuck-tube adjusted itself to this new invasion, the pain eased off and the sheer pleasure of it all took over – Oooooohh – Was it good to be taken like this – To be treated like a SLUT and fucked like a whore in such delirious demented passion…

As his rhythm intensified we yelled insults at each other : “Harder you bastard !!” – “You fucking slut-slag” – “ You filthy faggot” – “You dirty cum-dump tramp…”

Finally it came – He screamed in orgasmic fury as he shot his load deep deep deep right into me – Me too, yelling like the BITCH on heat that I’d beCUM as I felt his powerful jets of jism smash up against the rear wall of my rectum – And Ohhhhh, did that feel soooo fucking goood or what !!!!

Finally we both collapsed alongside each other on the bed to get our breath back but also to have some exchange of sweet tenderness as we kissed and caressed each other, feeling in rapture the sensual softness of our silky smooth skins – so soft – so feminine…

We must have sucked and fucked three or four times that day - He shooting his load into my mouth or my ass-cunt – Me shooting my load into his mouth and every time we did that, we’d kiss and cuddle and share the incomparable taste of sweet, salty, spunky-sperm…

We saw each other many times after that, and long after Nancy had departed. Lesley (for that was his name) would discretely borrow his mothers stuff – Great stuff it was too, as she had impeccable taste as a femme fatale and being divorced, would take great care over her appearance so as to seduce any guy she fancied – And they were many, so it seemed…

Because she was out of the house on the man-hunt quite often, and that gave Lesley and I many opportunities to borrow her stuff, get dressed up like whores, and suck ‘n fuck each other senseless more or less as and when we wanted – Which, I don’t need to tell you was often – very often…

... Continue»
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We all do it, masturbate that is, every day for some, once a month for
others, but a recent poll said that 90% of all the women in the U.S.
masturbate and the other 10% are liars! Now, being a very liberated lady
of the 90's, I admit to having an on going love affair with the middle
finger on my right hand. Unlike the very unpredictable male, my trusty
middle digit is always, ready, it's never tired, it never wants to talk
when it's over, and best of all, it doesn't think of me as a slut, or at
least I think it doesn't! I'm thirty two years old now, but I still manage
to get off with my own hand at least once or twice a week, that's eighteen
years of pleasuring myself when I felt the need arising! What was strange
about this very natural phenomena, was how I learned to do it, or should I
say who taught me how to do it. Back in 1980 I was just an innocent girl
of f******n, and my sexuality was just beginning to emerge, and like most
girls my age, no one had ever taken the time to explain anything about the
feelings that were racing through my body. The only person I could talk to
was my best friend Nancy, and we told each other everything! You could
just about be sure that if Nancy was around, Valerie couldn't be far away!

"Hey Val," Nancy whispered, "I found some of my dad's magazines in the
basement last night, you gotta come over after school and see them, they
show everything!!!" "Really," asked Val, "everything!?!" "Everything,"
Nancy shot back, "meet you at my place at about four o'clock, nobody's
gonna be home then!" For the rest of the day Val thought about the
magazines in Nancy's basement, finally she would get to see what all the
fuss was about! So far she had heard some pretty wild stories, some of
them totally unbelievable, well at least she hoped so! Anyway, today would
be the day she found out for herself, she could hardly wait!!!
Nancy led Val down the narrow stairway into the dark forbidding basement.
Nancy found the light switch, and the large room suddenly was flooded with
bright light from the over head neon fixtures hanging from the ceiling.
"Over here," instructed Nancy, "I found them behind this box of old
National Geographics." Nancy reached over the box and retrieved three
magazines, all of which had pictures of scantily clad women on the covers.
Both girls sat down on an old couch up against the far wall, and settled
down for some serious "reading"!!! Opening the top one, Nancy said, "Get a
load of this Val, they're really doin' it!" Val looked on with wide open
eyes, the bright color pictures showing men and women in various stages of
love making. Val couldn't believe that something as large as a penis would
ever fit in her tight little vagina, but from the looks of the photos, the
women seemed to be more than enjoying themselves! Flipping the page, Nancy
commented, "Get a load of this one Val, this one is sucking on his
thing!!!" Val stared at the picture, what she had heard was more than
true, women actually put hard penis's in their mouths!!! Unreal!!! The
next page was even more bizarre, several women were sitting on the floor
with their legs wide apart, and sticking what could have almost passed as
candles into their vaginas! Even though what she was seeing was shocking,
especially to someone so young, Valerie couldn't help but feel the wetness
forming in her own pussy, and the funny gnawing feeling she was getting in
the pit of her stomach! Even though it looked repulsive, Valerie would
have given anything to have been one of the women in the photographs! All
the way home she thought about what it would feel like to have a man enter
her vagina, her clit was sending out a signal that was impossible to
ignore, she needed to be filled, she just had too!!!
The next day after school, Val wandered about the house, thinking about
the pictures she had seen the day before at Nancy's place. That feeling in
her loins hadn't disappeared, it had grown more insistent by the hour. She
could feel that her vagina was damp, and that her lips were puffy and
distended. She had the house to herself for at least the next hour, so she
decided to do something about it, she would try masturbating like the
woman in the magazine, by sticking something inside her vagina! Val
slipped off her panties, lay down on her bed, and spread her legs wide
apart. Just feeling her vagina being stretched made her let out a soft
moan, her whole being seemed to be wrapped up in her crotch! She hadn't
given much thought on what to use, but the handle of her brush was nice
and smooth, and it wasn't very thick, so it wouldn't cause any pain going
in. Val used her finger to make sure that she was good and lubricated, and
then she slowly inched the brush handle into her steaming little box. My
god, it felt so good to have something inside of her, even if it was just
that skinny little handle! Val was just starting to get into it when a
voice cracked the air like a rifle shot, "Just what do you think you're
doing, Valerie," her mother demanded, "I leave you home for a few hours
and this is how you spend your time?!?" Valerie quickly dislodged the
handle from her pussy, leapt to her feet, smoothed her skirt and
stuttered. "Well, I was just, I was just trying to....." "I know what you
were trying to do," shot back her mom, "the question is, where did you get
such an idea!?!" Valerie had never lied to her mother, and even though she
wanted to, she broke down and told her about the magazines and all of the
pictures depicting all sorts of sexual acts. Her mother, now calming down,
remembered how she as a young girl had also experimented with
masturbation, and that it was almost impossible to resist its temptation!
Her mother walked over to Val, put her arms around her and gave her a bit
hug and said, "I'm sorry I got so excited, what you were doing was
perfectly natural, but using something as sharp as a hair brush handle can
be dangerous, and I don't want you to injure yourself!" She then kissed
her daughter on the cheek and continued, "For that reason, and so you know
what you're doing, for this one time I'm going to show you the proper way
to masturbate!" For several seconds Valerie just stood there, stunned at
what she thought she had heard her mother just say! Nope, she had heard
right, her mother began removing her clothing, and instructed her to do
the same! Valerie's head was indeed spinning!!!
When they were both quite totally naked, Val's mom lay down on the bed and
had her do the same, both mother and daughter side by side and naked on
the bed! "Now, Val," her mother intoned, "I want you to pay attention to
everything that I say, because this is the last time I want to have to
show you this, got it!?!" "Yes, mom," answered a very nervous Valerie!
"Okay then," her mom went on, "first a little history is in order, the
women in our f****y are very sexually adept, and very easily aroused!"
"While sometimes it's a pain in the butt to have your vagina always in
need, it also can be the most wonderful thing in the world!" "Your father
is a wonderful man, and very talented in the love making department, but
he's on the road at least three nights a week, so I still masturbate on
the nights he's not a home." "You will also find out that once you start
having orgasms, they are like the proverbial potato chip, you can't just
have one!!!" "Some days your vagina will have to be taken care of two or
three times, depending on how you feel!" "I'm telling you all of this,
just so you'll know that it's okay to need and have orgasms often!" "Now,"
her mom went on, "as you can see, just from talking about sex, my nipples
have become very hard, and I see that yours have too!" "When I'm
masturbating, I usually like to start with my tits, because a good nipple
twisting really gets your pussy wet and ready to go!" "By the way, from
now on I am going to use street language to describe body parts as well as
sexual acts, because in real life, men and women talk very dirty to each
other in bed, okay?" Valerie, nodded her head and her mother went on,
"Look at how nice and plump are nipples have become, just twist them
lightly, feel your clit twitch with each tug!" "Feel it!?!" "Yes,"
whispered Val, "I can really feel it!" "Well," her mother continued, "I
knew you would, all of the Clark women have very sensitive nipples!" "Do
you feel the dampness in your pussy," asked her mother, "you should be
able to feel it getting very wet by now!" Valerie nodded yes, and her
mother then offered, "Now take you finger and run it up and down your
crack like this," while taking her own finger and sloshing it up and down
her dripping cunt. "Good job, Val, how does that feel?" Valerie could
barely make her mouth work, but she managed to stammer, "Real good, real
good!" "That's my girl," her mom fairly beamed, "I guess we know now that
your clit is working fine!" "I think it's important to note, that you keep
playing with your tits with your free hand, because that just keeps
stirring the pot in your pussy!" "Okay, that's good, twist them harder,
yeah, that's right, do your clit a little harder!!!" Both of them were now
breathing harder, their breaths coming in fits and bursts, coinciding with
the spasms in their vaginas. "Now we get down to some serious stuff, work
you finger in and out of your pussy, finger it hard, and then come back to
your clit every now and then!" "T-that's good, Val," she stammered, "her
own fingers flying over her wide open cunt, I'm getting very close to
cumming, how about you!!!" "Valerie had lost all of her inhibitions and
was now furiously stroking her wet slit, she answered in a thick sounding
voice between deep breaths, "I'm close too, mom, jesus, I'm close!!!" Her
mother continued with some lewd talk, how does it feel to spread your legs
and expose your vagina?!?" "It makes me feel slutty," Valerie panted,
"makes me feel like I want everyone to see how hot I am!!!" "Good girl,"
her mother hissed, "just like all of the Clark women, total sluts in the
bedroom, we know how to satisfy our men, don't we!?!" "Mom," begged
Valerie, "do we put our men's penis's in our mouths and suck them!?!"
"Mmmmmm," her mom moaned, "oh yes, all of the Clark women are born
cocksuckers, we put their pricks in our mouths and let them cum, then we
swallow all of it!!!" "Do you suck daddy," Val panted, now on the edge of
her first climax?!? "Of course dear, your daddy has a lovely cock, it's
very long and thick, and takes very good care of mommy's vagina!!!" "Do
you think my vagina will be as hairy as yours is someday," Valerie asked,
between gasps for air?!? "Of course darling, that's another thing we Clark
women have in common, very hairy pussies, and we love having our men suck
them!!!' "I-I-I"m cumming," stammered Valerie, her hand flying over her
clit at the speed of light!!! "Me too," her mother screamed, "just
thinking of a mouth on my pussy put me over the edge!!!" Both of them
thrashed about the bed, twisting their nipples and fingering their hot
cunts to orgasm! When they were finished, Valerie rolled over and put her
head on her mom's chest and took a nipple into her mouth and sucked it
like a baby! Her mother stroked her hair and cooed what a good little girl
she was!
While they were dressing, Valerie had another question, "Mom, you said
that this would be a one time lesson, but you forgot one thing?" "Oh,"
replied her mom, "and what may I ask was that!?!" "Well," Val offered,
"you showed me how to masturbate using my fingers on my clit, but you
never showed me about using something to fill my pussy!" Her mother
thought for a second, and answered back, "You're right dear, we will have
to have lesson number two!!!"


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