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Caught in the Act

B7 Chapter 9 Caught In The Act

Chapter 9: Caught In The Act

The Enchantress had had to ... An instant later in the center of the cloud, there appeared the stern visage of the all-father. His ... , you have again seen fit to meddle in the affairs of the mortals."
"But my lord, I can ... ... Continue»
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THE f****y "Caught In The Act"

... ago. He asked her if she enjoyed the
show. Connie didn't know how to act nor did she know what to say ... . Connie's face was suddenly filled with fear. She had been caught
in the one time she was unfaithful to her husband. It was ... ... Continue»
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Caught in the Act

... since, I don't want to get caught, just what I need to be arrested for being in the wrong room. I can hardly take my ... loud I'm sure everyone on the floor can hear. I step back from the bedroom and try and act like I'm working on my ... ... Continue»
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Wet and Wild in the '5th Dimension'

... tension in the room. It was always like this when we were physically in close proximity, but we were both two shy to act ... to take her right here, right now, and be caught in the act by the people we were waiting for, screwing each other's brains out ... ... Continue»
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Caught In The Act (Part 2)

... then told me to leave and come back after the weekend and act as nothing had happened. He would let me know ... had happened that night. I couldn't believe my stupidity at getting caught wanking in the office. But as I recalled what had happened with Peter ... ... Continue»
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Caught In The Act By Daddy

... had a long shaft and had one of those vibrating bullets in the tip of it. She sat on her bed for a moment ... push deeper. Her cheeks burned red with the embarrassment of being caught how could he have been able to sneak up on ... ... Continue»
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Caught in the Act

... they all carried on chatting about exams and the weather. She was so caught up in her fantasy that she didn't even hear ... Willow enter, just the latter part of the sentence she had ... ... Continue»
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We are caught in the act! (bisexual)

... , I realized that I had forgotten to lock the door and between the loud music and getting caught up in the moment, we hadn't heard him knock ... ... Continue»
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Caught in the Act

... blonde bun together at the back of her head.

She left the drained colander in the sink, switched off the burner under the stir fry and ... in this way made her heart race. He'd already told her he liked what he saw when he caught her here on the ... ... Continue»
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... I could
sneak in and...b-blow Jack while he was sl**ping. But he was
turned the other way so caught, that's what ... his puffy anus
again. For a long time, the sounds of slurping were the only
sounds in the room. They were sucking cock and we ... ... Continue»
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iCarly: iGet Caught In The Middle

iCarly: iGet Caught In The Middle

"I can't take you two making out in front of me all the time." Carly said, staring at her ... bathroom to shower together. "But in private, like now, the three of us can act all coupley, or whatever," she said ... ... Continue»
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caught in the act

... late for that as he landed right at the feet of the meanest teacher in the whole school, Gwendolyn Hooks!!!
After finally getting his ... , and he wondered what she had in store for him, but her next question really caught him off guard when she asked ... ... Continue»
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Caught in the act - part 2


She was getting mad now, that I stopped in the middle of her orgasm.

"What do you want ... She fell but I caught her and laid her down on her back on the cold title kitchen ... it was ready for me. I dove all the way in, her lips kissing my base. I sucked ... ... Continue»
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Caught in the act

... mistake," she said. "Am I disturbing anything?"

I tried to look her in the eyes. "Uh, no, not at all. I was just.. uhh.. relaxing ... winked at me. "You're afraid I'll tell everyone what I caught you doing, aren't you? Well, I might, unless you give ... ... Continue»
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Caught In The Act Part 1

... at the boss's secretary's desk. There was a photo there of her and her arsehole of a boyfriend, that always caught my ... gloriously scented chair and perfect sexy image in the photo, along with the thrill of doing it in the empty office that I failed to ... ... Continue»
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Caught In The act (Part 3 - The Task)

... , I was caught by my arsehole of a boss Peter, wanking over the chair of his incredibly sexy secretary in his office, ... evening, it looked quite impressive. It stood in a clearing in the trees at the end of the winding driveway, a large white walled Georgian ... ... Continue»
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Caught in the Act

... day and |I just wanted to strip down and sit in the garden. I let myself in my front door I was feeling more than a little ... I confront them and have a real slagging match with them both?In the end I decided to do a bit of both.
I went back to ... ... Continue»
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Caught in the act

... each other as we kissed.

Suddenly we both heard voices in the distance. Some one was coming.

“Shit get dressed …..Quick ... each others cocks in the 69 position. After we came in each other mouths we simply fell asl**p again in the same position. I ... ... Continue»
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Caught in the act

... others, but a recent poll said that 90% of all the women in the U.S. masturbate and the other 10% are liars! Now, being a very liberated ... have given anything to have been one of the women in the photographs! All the way home she thought about what it would ... ... Continue»
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Caught in the act

... stairs descending into a room below. The man pushed her in the back and, afraid she'd tumble in the dark, Anne started walking down ... seen on the way down the stairs. Made of wood, the horse had a padded surface but was bent in the middle in the shape of an ... ... Continue»
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