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Carrie Gives an Encore

Carrie Gives an Encore

... , etc. Feel free to email me at


Carrie Underwood stepped backstage after finishing her concert in Boston, MA ... his shoulder and wrapped her arms around him.

“You’re an amazing fucker Jed. Mike never made me feel like that ... ... Continue»
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Carrie Underwood: Breaking the Girl

... it as he waited for Carrie to divulge her detail.

"Hmm, let's see," Carrie said, making him wait an extra moment or two ... a while."

"For the record, she's an idiot," Carrie said as she got out of the car.

"Who's an idiot?" Eric asked as they ... ... Continue»
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Me, My new wife, and an 18 year old

... an option. She was pretty young.

"The girl..." Carrie said. "In the blue dress."

And my eyes opened wide. "Her?"

Carrie nodded.


Carrie ... seconds I was worried she wasn't enjoying herself. But Carrie put an end to that. "Do you like it?" ... ... Continue»
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What to do For an Encore

... TO GO TO ARIZONA! IT'S, IT's . . . IT'S


Cumming up "In Flight Fuck" ... Continue»
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Exhibitionist Wife Lana Gives An

... the umbrella only to fall victim to Lana giving him an Evil Tease! She lays back with her legs wide open ... ... Continue»
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Swimming with Carrie

... and an array of vegetables in front of him. He turned at the sound of Carrie's voice. "Can I help?" she asked. Carrie ... sighed and butted an interjection as her uncle grew wild-eyed and strident. "—it gives me a thrill!" she barked. Carrie's brow crinkled in ... ... Continue»
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Carrie's Kinky Birthday Year begins

... behind then grabs an elbow leading her to another room where Huda sits silently in a hidden corner while Carrie is leaned ageist ... posture and pussy gripping I hold Huda’s breasts and the wife gives the chain stern jerks upward. Each jerk Huda exhales tensing ... ... Continue»
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Wife gives in and loves it

... involve another woman she could go have an affair and tell me about it afterwards. ... lay on the bed her body trembling. Carrie and I hid in another bedroom. The bathroom ... touched her pussy. By now me and Carrie were standing by their bedroom door watching ... ... Continue»
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Carrie and Miranda

... closing his eyes and having what was obviously an orgasm in the singer's mouth. Carrie quietly closed the door and backed away ... started to tense up before exploding in an orgasm that drenched her friend's face.

Carrie closed her eyes and lapped up as ... ... Continue»
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Carrie Fucks if you ask her nicely

... his neck and his hand busy under her blouse. Carrie had drifted into an alcove between file boxes and kept still, ... Carrie over, tapped his shoulder and danced away with Dolores. Gord scooped up Carrie without missing a step and both couples remained in an ... ... Continue»
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Fuck to the Future (Carrie Fisher) Folge 2

... sollte, denn dafür war er auch nicht hier.
Carrie lächelt in an und rutscht näher an ihn, "Sag mal...?! Wenn du schon ... Eichel verschwand zwischen ihren Lippen. Carrie saugte nur leicht an ihr und spielte mit ihrer Zungenspitze an ihr, aber das brachte ... ... Continue»
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Carrie and my Misogynist Ways

... unpacked Carrie sat on the bed and slowly removed her top while I watched her from an easy chair several feet away. Carrie had really big and natural tits that I wanted to slap and tit-fuck.

Then Carrie ... ... Continue»
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How Carrie Got Pregnant

... had been another fairly uneventful, but certainly successful, tour for Carrie Underwood, and, despite the fact that I had made a few ... a weak moment, “how about you? You think I’m pretty, right?”

Carrie, baby, I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off ... ... Continue»
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Carrie's First Black Cock

... black man.

Carrie was a beautiful woman in her early 30’s. She was a shorter girl standing at about 5’4 with an incredibly ... love! It’s probably worth mentioning that she was married. Carrie’s affair with me spanned several years.

As for ... ... Continue»
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Carrie from Ayr part 2

... he was telling me a part he had replaced I stood behind Carrie and started fingering her from behind again. She moved her ... said to Sam. “Don’t you think she has a nice bum?” Carrie never said anything she was standing there shaking a little, it ... ... Continue»
Posted by togsnapper 1 year ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Hardcore  |  Views: 393  |  
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Hike & Shower Bondage & Fuck

... was the photo of Huda flashing a profile, Carrie appeared to be tickling her stomach as ... I could rest before the nights festivities began, Carrie texed that they would be home in ... Carlin said it felt nice just as Carrie took an arm and pinning it on the ... ... Continue»
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Rewritten Sin series

... sing this tortuous song, you know why you gladly sing an encore which only doubles your pain.

Because it will be the ... you can barely breath after you're done. The teal gives your hand a reassuring squeeze. You wonder for a moment if she ... ... Continue»
Posted by Miku-Luka-yuri 2 years ago  |  Categories: Celebrities, Lesbian Sex  |  Views: 208

From J. Joyce

... when I
looked close in the handglass powdering a mirror never gives you the
expression besides scrooching down on me like ... make it double My Ladys Bower is too long for an encore about the
moated grange at twilight and vaulted rooms ... ... Continue»
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The old days

... as she silently nods her head in their direction.

Benjamin gives out a little gulp understanding what Samantha is wanting to do ... that to happen? Oh dear, this may need to have an encore for them…” I said in a teasing voice.

She broke out in ... ... Continue»
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... cock still rammed in her mouth.

"Tiffany gives fantastic head," Dan panted, "I'll be ... with a cheerful demeanour. Grace possessed such an exquisite, angelic prettiness that even men ... get us in the mood for an encore. You wanna join in?"

"I sure do," ... ... Continue»
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