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Can I watch ch.2


... I Watch?

"This looks good," Tom said as he went to the kitchen for breakfast.

She smiled ... I can say is--- wow! You always were a cool mom, but when it came to the magic s-word, I've always ... to sl**p."

"I guess so. But, um, do you think we can finish this conversation another time... Continue»
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... that they were together.....but walking a dozen steps apart. I almost said out loud "can I cum ... and watch"? However, I did not. I stopped and took out my cell phone, ostensibly to make a call. I turned ... back down and I can see cum that has escaped the cocksucker's mouth dribbling down the driver's cock... Continue»
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... fantasized about her son for the very first time in her life.

Can I Watch?

"This looks good," Tom said ... friends for some last minute studying. It's the only way I can be as smart as you right?"

"I'm ... , but it just gets me going. It's the only kink I have really. Your father rarely ever let me watch him... Continue»
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Al the Lust I Can Get Part 2.

... Insatiable Kim - All the lust I can get Pt 2 [part 2 of 2]
By: Friskee_cpl (friskee_cpl ...

Insatiable Kim. All the lust I can get. Part 2
Thanks to you all for the fantastic messages ... know I love watching you do that you fucking slut." He said as he pulled on his cock.

"Cum all... Continue»
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"I think I can"...and I did. Pt. 2

... really controlling people then I have 3 basic questions. 1) How far can I push my ability? 2) How many ... people can I control at one time? And 3) How far can I push them? I wanted to bug the girl next door ... and frustation out. I can buy you new one" She nearly cried "Don't worry about hun. If you hadn't... Continue»
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can I watch?

... watched this and she denied it, but her telling me this story had got me excited and I couldn't imagine ... Years ago I was in the pub. waiting for a mate to come in, (which he never), when in came a woman ... how many girls I'd done, etc.

Angela sat down besides me and started to inquire if I was waiting... Continue»
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You Know I Can See You, Right? 2

... just stood there. She just watched. I slowly brought my hands up, hooked my fingers in the waistband ... spreading her swollen lips. Her clit was hard and poking out. "Right in here sweet lover." I watched ... was watching. She was. Mom had simply turned her head without moving her body. I turned to face her fully... Continue»
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I Watched My Wife Get An Erotic Massage part 2 of

... I Watched My Wife Get An Erotic Massage
Shy But She Did It Part 2
By: Me

Written on May 27th ... while I watched another man enjoy her pussy. Carl decided it was time for him to have his cock sucked ... so I slide off the bed to a chair and watched, it was most incredible watching her, I couldn'nt stand... Continue»
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I Watched My Young Niece Masturbate Part 2

... I Watched My Young Niece Masturbate Part 2

Shy Teen and the Fire Inside

By billy69boy ... .

"Are you okay, Hailey?" I asked quietly.

There was a noticeable pause, perhaps only 1 or 2 ... .

I began to feel much better about everything. I watched her intently as she lowered her legs down... Continue»
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Can I Take You To Bed? Part 2

... The next week passes by at such an excruciatingly slow pace. All I can think about is that night we ... . If not, well maybe I can just tempt you over and over again until you cave in.

Gradually those ... , eyes directly on mine. 'You want me to have sex with you?' you ask.

'If I can be so forward, I... Continue»
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I Like To watch #2

... in the shower with Dan, the guy I had watched her fuck before. I could just barely see through our semi ... with him again knowing how much she liked it before.
I watch through the shower door and rub my ... . Dan moaned as she slowly licked up and down the length of his hard cock. I watched as she\'d tease... Continue»
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I can still see you ( part 2/7)

... and she asked me to taste it for her and describe the taste. She really got off on watching that. I ... I sat down and cooed to her, soothing, calming. Trying to get her to stop. I was really getting ... as sat again in her chair.
"Are you alright?" I asked worriedly. A huge smile came to her face.
"Fine... Continue»
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A Step Mother's Sin - Ch. 2: Mistake Two, I J

... was aroused and knew that, upon going to bed after watching this film, I would masturbate tonight ... and erect.
I watched intently as Robert arched his hips, raising his buttocks off the couch, and pulled ... encountered in mythirty nineyears.
I continued to massage my clitoris with tiny circles was I watched... Continue»
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I can't get enough part 2

... After I had gotten the glory hole slut to take down the sheet, so we could fuck face to face. I ... was Tina; she had some DD sized tits, small waist and a huge ass. When I was younger she would tell me ... how handsome I was and that I was her little boyfriend. I used to spend countless night jacking my... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #8: Blame It On Me #4

... can even put it in my ass if you really want, but I need your cock inside me!"

Freddie slid up her ... iCarly/Victorious: Blame It On Me #4 – The Anniversary 2 – Bath Time Boogaloo

Despite the fact ... for me going down on you, I'm tempted… but I think my jaw is still recovering."

"I'm so sorry... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #6: Power Trip #2

... iCarly/Victorious: Power Trip #2 – Chapter 1

(AU story)
Spun out of last series, this AU story ... in check, so he spent most of his time watching over the others, eager to help if they needed it. Carly ... complications.

"We have to do this fast…" Trina said, reaching her arms out. "I can't really hold... Continue»
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Fiery Heat Chapter 2

... are

you alright.”

“Sure. Peachy. Can I go now? I’ll go through these documents and get back to you ... FIERY HEAT Ch 02

Tristan entered his father’s office after a quick dash to the bathroom ... , turning to give Damon a surprised

“Isn’t that why you called me here? I will handle it.” Tristan said... Continue»
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crackwhoreblues -42%

... not have real silicone breasts But I can suck an awesome dick, I swallow and I love to get face-fucked ... . My ass is amazingly receptive and I can do some pretty neat things with it. I fucking love having ... can charge lonely desperate perverts to watch what you do to me. How far could we take it? A mild... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #2 iCarly/Victorious #5

... shoulder.

This is definitely a friendly gesture, she thought. "Well, is there anything I can do ... to take you to your place, and we can talk tomorrow about all this. It's too much to process and if I ... , but she called to him.

"Can I at least have a hug? I'm in really bad shape right now Freddie... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #8: Blame It On Me #6

... as the first. But on the more pressing matters, you need to watch Firefly, and then I can show you the movie ... advantage of those times we can fool around. I don't regret a bit of it."

"Me either," he said ... want to take that away… I just want a day. Can we go 24 hours without losing ourselves to the passion... Continue»
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