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Camping with stepdaughter

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Camping with Stepdaughter 3

While we were cleaning up I asked Lesly if she had always been an exhibitionist. She told me that when she was dancing with her group she often fantasized about being naked in front of other people. She liked the looks that she got from women’s husbands while she was on stage. Her pussy would get wet and tingly and she would have to finger herself to a climax when she got home. She then told me that she had only had sex once before me and that he had not taken off all of her clothes. She had been a virgin until two months before she graduated. She said that she didn’t want to be a virgin when she got out of school.

My wife was very conservative she would never think about showing any skin in public. Once in the bedroom she was a pure slut. Lesly said that she wanted to do things that her mother wouldn’t do for me. I asked her what her limit was and she assured me that anything I wanted to do to her she would go along with. She told me that it really got her hot when the man in the bushes had seen her and watched her getting fucked. I asked if she would flash another man for me. She just got a big grin on her face. I told her that I would like to watch her down by the little stream cleaning the sex from her body. She put on a little short silk robe grabbed a towel and headed to the stream. I saw her fan head that way as well.

I watched as she dropped her robe and step into the stream. Her young body was beautiful. Just up stream I saw the man setting on a rock watching her every move. Lesly splashed water on her breasts and her nipples instantly got hard. She then kneeled down in the water and ran her fingers through her bright red bush and down to her clit. I looked up and the man was closer. She slowly washed every inch of her supple body. I saw her look up on the bank and behind a tree was another man watching her. She turned a let him get a good look as well. She had her hand between her legs and had two fingers buried in her pussy. I could tell by the look on her face she was enjoying what she was doing. She finished and dried off. She picked up her robe and walked back to the van naked for the men to see. When she got in the van she told me about the other man that had seen her. I told her that I had seen him also. She asked if it turned me on to have them look at her. Looking down at my erection gave her the answer.

I asked what she wanted to do the rest of the day. She told me that she would just like to set in camp and play cards. I got out the cards and went to the table. She got dressed and came out of the van. She was wearing a very skimpy mini skirt and white top that she had tied just below her breasts. The material was very sheer and you could clearly see her hard nipples. She sat facing the trail so that anyone that walked by could look up her skirt or look at her full tits. As we played cards the two men kept walking up and down the path. She would give them a show each time they approached. On about the fourth or fifth time the one man had come by I asked if he would like a beer. He said yes and sat down at the table. Lesly went to the cooler and bent over at the waist to get him his drink. She took her time knowing that he was looking at her ass and pussy. She gave him his beer and sat down next to him. She then said you are the one that watched me fuck this morning aren’t you. He stammered out a yes. She asked if he enjoyed it. Once again yes. With that she untied her top and let her breasts out for him to see. All he could do is stare. She then slid her skirt up and gave him a perfect view of her teenaged pussy. She looked at me to see if I was ok with what she was doing. I smiled and nodded my head. She put her hand between her legs and started fingering her pussy. I could see her getting hotter and hotter. My little girl was becoming a lusty little slut. She was letting out all of her pent up sexuality. Her head tilted back and her eyes closed as she went over the edge to one of the most physical orgasms I have ever seen in my life. She almost fainted. The man setting beside her was speechless. His eyes were lock on Lesly’s convulsing body and heaving breasts. When her orgasm had subsided and she caught her breath she excused herself and went to the van. The man asked me where in the hell I had found such a creature. I told him that she was my stepdaughter and that she was obviously coming out of her shell. I told him that I had never seen this side of her before. He told me that I was a very lucky man and then said that he had to get back to his camp. I sure it was to take care of what was in his pants.

I went to the van and Lesly was lying on the bed asl**p. More to come later... Continue»
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Camping with Stepdaughter 11

Let me refresh your memories. Lesly was my 18 year old stepdaughter. She was 5’6” tall, 120 lbs. and 34cc breasts, long red hair and green eyes.Her body was to kill for.

She was still in the van after I had taken her anal virginity and shot my load down her young throat. I was tuning up our mountain bikes, lubing chains, tightening cables and airing up tires. I heard a familiar voice asking if Lesly was around. I turned to see Susan our hot little neighbor. She was in a pair of tiny little shorts and a tube top. She had been on the dance squad with Lesly and also would go with us on mountain biking trips. She came and gave me a hug and I told her that Lesly was in the van. I asked her how she knew where we were. She told me that Lesly had called from a gas station and told her the name of the camp ground we were going to be at. Her father works for the forest service and she had looked it up on one of his maps in his home office. I watched her tiny little ass as she walked to the van. I felt myself starting to get hard. This is the girl that had told Lesly if she didn’t fuck me that she was going to.

Lesly gave out a little screech as Susan poked her head into the van. You’re here, you’re here she yelled. It was quiet for a minute and then I heard Susan yelp no way you didn’t. It was quiet for some time and then they came out. Lesly had changed into her little white shorts and her tank top. Susan gave me a hot little look when she came out. She must have told Susan we were having sex. My cock was now at full attention. I was happy to be setting down at the table. They turned and Lesly showed her the shower. She had obviously told Susan about the showers that she had been taking. They then walked over to the stream. I was going crazy wondering if I was going to get to see them together or if I was going to get to fuck her sweet little friend or was everything going to stop.

Lesly walked back down to Susan’s car with her. When they came back they had a sl**ping bag, a backpack and Susan’s mountain bike. They set the bike by me and Susan’s asked if I would tune hers up as well. I told her I would be glad to. I couldn’t help but notice her hard nipples under her tube top. She caught me looking and looked in my eyes with a very lustful look. I think that at least one of my questions was being answered.

They told me that they were going to go for a walk and would be back shortly. I watched until their tight little asses were out of sight. I was curious where they were going. I went down the trail to just check it out. They were walking through the camp ground. I could see the men watching them as they would walk by. Both girls were smiling and waving. This was an advertisement I thought, there were going to be more men walking up and down the trail when they got back.

When they got back they went into the van and when they came back out they were both in wicked weasel swim suits. They had towels and were headed to the stream. God here were the two hottest girls I had seen and they were all but naked. Susan was 5’4” tall and about 100 lbs. and I would have to say 34b. I watched them go into the stream. Soon there was commotion in the trees around the stream. I was right; they had just got the attention of the whole camp ground. They were splashing water on each other and wrestling around. Lesly reached up and pulled Susan’s top off of her breasts. Oh my god, they were beautiful. Her nipples were hard and darker than Lesly’s. Susan was not going to be the only one with her breasts out and abruptly pulled Lesly’s out. Their areolas were about the same size, but Susan’s nipples were longer than Lesly’s. Lesly whispered something to Susan and they smiled. There were three men in the trees when Lesly pulled down her bottoms. Susan was right behind her. Susan’s little patch was nothing more than a dark narrow line stopping just above her little hood. Her pussy lips were also a dark pink. They removed their tops and threw their suits on to the rocks. They played and touch each other for about twenty minutes before wrapping up in their towels and coming back to camp. As they came up the bank they were laughing about what they had just done. Susan walked up to me and gave me a hug and said that she saw me watching and could not wait for tonight. They were not done yet. They asked me to get the shower ready. I filled the tank for them and lit the burner. They dropped their towels and entered the mesh enclosure together. They sprayed each other of then proceeded to give us all a slow sensual show. They slowly soaped up each others bodies, taking extra time on their breasts and tight young pussies. They rubbed their bodies together in a long embrace. Then they locked into a kiss that seemed to last for minutes. There were now at least 6 or more men in the trees. I could see that some of them had binoculars. I was so hard now it hurt. They sexily rinsed each other off and then walked to the van soaking wet. There they dried each other off and combed out each others hair. They reached into the van and pulled out their shorts and tops and got dressed

They came over to the table I was setting at with huge smiles on their faces. I asked them what they thought they were doing. Susan replied getting ready for tonight. I asked what they were going to do tonight. They looked at each other and replied at the same time that I would just have to wait and see.

More to come.... Continue»
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Camping with Stepdaughter continued

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The next morning I woke up early. I felt guilty for what had gone on the night before until I looked down and saw her lying beside me. She looked so beautiful. As I got out of bed I pulled the covers down so that I could get a full look at her womanly curves. She was no longer my stepdaughter she was my young lover.

I got up and went out to cook breakfast for the two of us. When everything was ready I poked my head into wake her up. She sat up exposing her firm breast and toned stomach. She smiled and said that she would be right out. When she stepped from the van she was wearing one of my wife beater shirts. It hung down about two inches past her dancers’ ass the sides of her firm breast were visible through the sleeve holes. Her nipples got instantly hard as the cool air hit her beautiful skin. Her red hair shined in the morning sun. She walked up to me and threw her arms around my neck pulled her body to mine and we locked in a long passionate kiss. She pressed her body tightly to mine and with a smile she said wow good morning is that for me. I said yes but we had better eat before we get to that. She gave me a little pouty face and grabbed my hard cock that was straining to be free of my shorts. I gave her a swat on her hot little ass and said that we had all day to take care of that.

As we ate breakfast we started to talk. I asked how she had seen her mom and me. She said that she would sneak up from her room and stand in our door way in the shadows. She shocked me when she said that she would slide her hand down her panties and finger her pussy while she watched. She then told me that her friend had come over to watch a movie. They had been going through the tapes and found the one that had no label. They put it in and there was her mom sucking on my hard cock. It was the first that they had seen and they thought that it was huge. I don’t have a monster, but I am hung much better than average. She said that she had fantasized about me from that day on. That she would lie in bed and finger her little pussy and think about me.

Half way through breakfast I dropped my fork. When I bent down to pick it up I saw that Lesly wasn’t wearing any panties. I looked at her pussy and it was open a getting very wet. I was smiling when I came back up. I asked her if she was horny. She said yes very. Right then a man walked by and saw Lesly and his eyes about pop out of his head. My hot little daughter got up and went to the cooler. She bent over at her waist and gave him a perfect view of her tight little ass and her sweet wet pussy. She then turned while still bent over a showed him her tits. She came back to the table and sat next to me. She spread her legs wide to give him another look. I asked her what possessed her to do that. She said that she thought that I would like it. I told her hell yes. I grabbed her hand and we went to the van.

I went in the van first. She stopped just outside the door and got a devilish little look on her face. She looked around and pulled the shirt up over head and threw it into the van. She saw the man again and said that she would be right back. She walked back to the table and got her drink. He walked within twenty feet of her. She said hi to him and all he could do is stammer. She slowly walked back to the van while he watched.

She stepped into the van and said that she could not believe that she had just totally showed a stranger her naked body. Her body was shaking. Her nipples were hard as rocks and looked like two erasers. I looked down and her pussy was so wet it was running down her thighs. I pulled off my shorts and motioned for her to come over to me. She knelt down between my legs and looked up at me. I put my hand behind her head and pulled her to me. With my other hand I lifted my cock up to her lips. She said that she had never done this before and said that she was afraid that she wouldn’t be any good at it. I told her to do it like she had seen her mom doing it on the video. She grabbed my now aching cock with her hand and began kissing it. She backed of and licked her lips and asked me what was on her lips. I told her that it was pre cum for lubrication. She smiled and told me that it tasted good. She then licked around the head and up and down the shaft from my balls to the tip and back again. It felt like she had been doing it for years. I saw her mouth open and she sucked the head of my cock in. She sc****d me with her teeth and I jumped. I explained to her how to fold her lips over her teeth and she went back at it like a hungry a****l. With each down stoke of her head she would take me in deeper. Soon she was able to take the full length of cock in and down her throat. She now cupped my balls. She stopped and told me that my balls were huge. I asked her if she could swallow my load when I was ready and she said that she would try. I was skeptical when I cum there is a very large volume and it shoots out like a fire hose. She quickened her pace and I could feel my nuts starting to tighten up. I told her I was going to cum. Then I blew my load. She took as much as she could but there was too much. It was oozing out from between her lips and my cock. I pulled back and shot the rest of my load on her face and her beautiful firm breasts. She looked a little shock, but started cleaning off her face and breasts with her fingers and slipping them into her mouth. My little girl was a real little cocksucker. I gave her a towel and she cleaned the rest up.

She looked up at me with a look of satisfaction. She knew that she had pleased me and pleased me well. She sat on the bed next to me and spread her long legs. Her pussy was wet and open. She looked up at me with lust in her eyes and said that she needed my cock in her now. I pulled her off the bed and bent her over. I wanted to look and her tight young ass as I fucked her hot little pussy. I slid my cock between her lips until I was hard again. I positioned it at the opening of her little love hole and had no more than touched it when she thrust back against me. My cock slid four inches into her. She looked back and said it was easier if it went in fast. I grabbed her slim hips and buried my cock clear up to my balls. She said that she wanted me to fuck her hard so that is what she got. I was hitting it hard and fast. I could feel my big balls bouncing off of her belly. I reached up and grabbed her breasts a squeezed as hard as I could. Her juices were squirting out of her with every thrust of my hips. She was screaming and telling me to fuck her like the little slut she was. I looked out of the door and the man was behind a bush watching us fuck. I moved Lesly over so that she was facing out the door. I whispered in her ear that her friend was watching and told her to look over at the bush. She saw him and started slamming back into me harder with ever thrust. She came and came and came. I told her that I was going to cum again. She turned around with her gaping pussy facing the man in the bushes and took me down her throat. I came and filled her mouth again. She then sucked me dry and then turned and smiled at our voyeur and went in to clean herself up

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Camping with Stepdaughter 9

As we sat at the table trying to decide what to do we started to talk. I asked her which one of her friends had watched the movie of her mom and me. She told me that it was Susan our neighbor across our backyard. She is a hot little brunette with small tits probably b cup. I had always thought that she would be one that I wouldn’t mind having my way with. She then asked me if I would be mad if she wasn’t the only one that had seen it. Damn I thought I went from being step dad to porn star. I asked how many had seen it. She told me that her whole dance squad had watched it when they had gone to a state dance meet. They had heard her talking about it with Susan in the locker room after a practice. They had talked her into bringing it with her on their trip. They took turns watching the door of their room to make sure that they wouldn’t get caught. Well this certainly explained the looks that I would get from the girls in her squad when we would go to one of her dance meets. She looked up at me with sad little eyes and asked if I was upset with her. I gave her a hug and said how could I ever be mad at you after all that you have done for me. She put her head on my shoulder and asked me what else she could do for me. She then said that I hadn’t done some things with her that I had done with her mom. I asked like what. Her face turned red and she said that she didn’t know how to ask. I told her just let things progress naturally and they would happen.

I asked her what else went on at these meets away from home. I asked if any of the girls got together. She told me that she knew that two of them had. And she told me their names. I asked if she had done anything with another girl. She blushed and said that she and Susan had practiced kissing with each other. I said that kissing was normal most girls do it when they are young. What else I said. Her face turned very red. I can’t say she replied. I asked her if she had felt Susan up and she nodded her head. Now I was getting some where. Did you let Susan feel you up? Once again she nodded her head. I asked her what else. She said Dad I can’t say it. I said what and rubbed her cheek with my hand. She looked down at the ground and said in almost a whisper we rubbed our pussies together. I told her that there was nothing to be ashamed of and that it turned me on thinking about the two of them together.

We sat there in silence for a while and then Lesly said it was Susan that had finally convinced her to come on this trip and seduce me. Susan said that if Lesly didn’t when she went away to college she was going to do it. Lesly said that she couldn’t bare the thought of Susan making love to me if she hadn’t. I said then you really didn’t want to do this, did you. She said that she had always wanted to, but could never get up enough nerve to do it. She had wanted to many times when we were home alone but would always chicken out and just go to her room and finger herself. She decided that this trip would be the best time to do it. She said that she was shaking when she got in the van after removing her bra in the gas station. She then told me that she had hoped that I would have just grabbed her and fucked her that first night in the van. It took her a long time to build up the nerve to get in bed with me and even more to cuddle up to me with her naked body. I told her that it was a good thing that she had done what she did or nothing would have ever happened but a camping trip

I asked her if she wanted to have sex with any of the men or boys that we had seen. She said no that she was here for only me. I like having them see me naked and I love having them watch as I suck and fuck you. I asked her if she wanted to flash the guys on the bikes when they came back. She told me that she wanted to teach them a lesson for following her up the trail. I said I think you already did. She told me that she wanted to get them hard and send them on there way. With that she went to the van. I followed her and asked her what she was doing. She said you’ll see. She came back out dressed in her short as little skirt and white top that she had warn before. She had on white socks up to mid thigh and cute little sandals. She waited for them to get back to their car and she went back to the restroom. She walked over to them and started to talk. She had only loosely tied her top and it came open exposing her sweet pink nipples. They all looked back up towards our camp. She told them that I would kill them if I caught her talking to them with her tits in full view. She then lifted the hem of her skirt up giving them a close look at her little red muff and he smooth pussy lips. They all kept looking over their shoulders in hopes that they would not see me coming down the hill. She then bent over and lifted her skirt and showed them her ass and just how hot and wet her just fucked pussy was. She ran her fingers through her pussy and put them up to her lips and licked them clean. She then turned and as she walked away said only in your dreams could you have something like this. She came back up to camp with that evil little grin on her face. She told me to wait till they got their bikes loaded and then head down the trail like I wanted to kick their asses. I did and when I got to the lot they were just getting in their car. They saw me and they all had just barely gotten into the car as the driver was getting the hell out of there. When I got back to camp Lesly was laughing her ass off. She said that is so cool. Then she told me what she had told them. I must have scared the shit out of them. She did get what she wanted. What an evil little shit. I wished that I would have known this side of Lesly sooner than I did.

Lesly has been reading your comments and wants to hear more of what you think. And would like to thank you for your votes.... Continue»
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Camping with Stepdaughter 18

I heated up the coffee and poured a cup. I could not help but smile. These girls were possessed. I could not believe some of the things we were doing together. I heard a voice say You’re the Man. I turned and there was a man in his late 50’s or early 60’s. Then two more guys passed and gave me the thumbs up. I guess that in the backs of our male heads we all have a perverted side. I had run into no one that thought what I was doing was wrong. I could see three men on the other side of the stream headed back down towards the camp ground.

Lesly and Susan came out a short time after. I was shocked they were already dressed in their shorts and tube tops. Susan said get up lets go on a hike. I said alright and got my hydration pack and some energy bars and we headed out. We got up to the sign that showed where the trails went and how hard of a climb that they would be. Standing there was blonde woman in her early 30’s. She was about 5’10” tall, slender and looked to have 36d implants. She introduced herself as Bonnie. She asked if we knew anything about the trails and I told her what to expect on each one. Lesly said why you don’t just come with us. She looked at me and said would that be alright. I said sure that it was never a good idea to hike alone. I led off with Bonnie right behind me. Lesly and Susan brought up the rear. I asked if she was up just for the day or if she was camping. She said that she was up with her husband and her two k**s. I asked why she was hiking by herself. She said that her husband was fishing with the k**s and she decided to go for a hike. I asked her husbands name and she said Ben. That was kind of what I had figured because I had seen no other women in the campground.

I could hear Lesly and Susan giggling and hoped that they were going to keep their mouths shut. I didn’t need any trouble. We hiked for about half an hour when we decided to rest. I said that I had to use the rest room and walked a ways into the trees. When I got back they were all really quiet. I noticed Bonnie’s eyes glance down at my crotch as I walked up. She looked up and her face turned red and she turned away. She new that I had caught her. I looked at Lesly and she had that grin on her face again. Now my mind was in high gear. What had they said while I was gone? We went for another hour and the girls said that they were tired and were going to rest, for us to go on. Susan said we will catch up to you in a bit.

Bonnie and I hiked up the trail alone. What were those girls up to? I stopped and turned to ask Bonnie if she needed a drink. She had a big smile on her face. I couldn’t help but notice her nipples straining to get free of her top. She asked me if it was true. I said what. She said are you as big as they say you are. I could feel my face turn red. My cock was starting to grow. She looked down and said my what’s that. She reached out and stroked my cock through my shorts. I reached up and brushed my fingers across her nipples and said looks like were both in about the same condition. I said what about your husband. She said that a woman would have to be stupid to pass up a chance at a nice big cock. She knelt down in front of me and released my now rock hard cock. She looked at it and licked her lips. She looked up at me and said those girls knew what they were talking about. With that she sucked the head into her mouth and started pumping her hand up and down my shaft. I put my hands on the back of her head and drew her to me. I reached down and pulled her top of over her head. She had on a shear white bra. I reached down and unhooked it and she stopped and took it the rest of the way off. Damn, I was right; they stood straight up off of her chest. There was no sag to them at all. I pulled her up and ran my hands through her hair and kissed her. She acked like she was starving for love. I slid my hands up to her tits and pulled on her hard nipples. She let out a loud moan. She looked into my eyes and said I want you. I unbuttoned her shorts and slid them over her hips. This woman was hot. She had on a see thru thong that matched her bra. She slid her panties down to expose a nicely trimmed blonde bush. I smiled and said the collar matches the cuffs. She pulled off my shirt and undid my shorts and pulled them down. I pushed her back up against an aspen tree and lifted her leg. She grabbed my cock and placed it between her lips. As I entered her she grabbed my arms tightly. She looked in my eyes and said fuck me with that big beautiful cock of yours. She was taking everything I had. I slammed into with every muscle in my body. We had fucked for about 20 min when she said OH GOD YOUR GOING TO MAKE ME CUM. I tried to slow down but she grabbed my ass and pulled me into her harder and faster. Her eyes rolled back and her legs got weak and she shuddered. OH GOD YES IM COUMMING. I pumped her hard until my balls exploded. I shot a huge load into her hot pussy. I stayed in her while we kissed. She rubbed my chest and told me that she hadn’t been fucked like that in years. She took her fingers and clean my cum from her legs and pussy. She put her fingers in her mouth and licked them clean. She then knelt down and sucked the rest of my load off of my cock. She said that she was going to go hiking again tomorrow at the same time and hoped that she would run into me again. I told her to feel free to come up to the camp if she wanted. We were just getting dressed when the girls came up the trail. Lesly said oh there you guys are. She walked up to Bonnie and gave her a high five. They both smiled and I now knew what had been going on when I went to take a piss. We hiked back down the trail and when we got to the sign she gave me a kiss and we went our separate ways.

Lesly asked me how she was and I told her that she was great and thank you. She said I just want to make you happy. I asked her just what went on when I went to take a piss. Lesly said that Bonnie was watching my ass as I walked away. She asked her what was up with me. Lesly told her that I was her step dad. She then told her that Susan and she had been fucking me. They told her that I had a big cock and she got a big smile on her face. They told her that if she wanted they would stay behind and let her have a chance with me. I then asked Lesly how she knew that we had sex. She said that Susan and she had watched us from just down the trail while they played with each other. What a daughter, setting her dad up to get laid.

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Camping with stepdaughter

I married a woman that had three daughters. The oldest Lesly is the one that this story is about.

Her senior year in high school she had turned 18. She now had become very hot. She had long curly red hair and green eyes. She was 5’6” tall, 120 lbs and her breasts had filled out to a 34cc. Her body and legs were toned from 3 years of dance and mountain biking. I was going to go for a week camping trip during the summer to get away from it all. The wife had to work and the two younger daughters were in summer activities. I was packing up to go and Tiffany said that she wanted to go with me. I said no, but my wife thought that it would be a good idea. I some how knew that this was going to be trouble, but I agreed to take her along. We just had to pack up her sl**ping bag, a little more food and her mountain bike. She packed her back pack and we were ready.

We got in the van and off we went. It was about a three hour drive to my favorite get away spot. She was wearing a white tank top and a tight pair of shorts that accentuated her young body.

It wasn’t long before she told me that she had to pee. We weren’t far out of the next town so I told her she would have to wait. We stopped at a station and she went in and used the rest room. When she came back out she had a smile on her face and her bra in her hand. Her areolas and erect nipples were visible through the thin material of her top. She climbed back in the van and said that she felt much better. We talked about her going to college in the fall and how she just wanted to spend some time alone with me before she went.

We got to where we were going late and set up camp. I cooked super and we went to bed. We slept in the van. My bed was a fold down in the back and she rolled out her sl**ping bag right next to and below on the floor. She went out to use the rest room so I stripped and got into bed. She came back in, slipped out of her tight little shorts and crawled into her sl**ping bag. With that we said good night. I went to sl**p. It was about an hour later that she tapped me on the shoulder and said that she was cold. I didn’t think and told her to climb in.

She stayed to herself for a while but then cuddle up to my back. I now realized that she had taken off her top and her panties. I felt her firm breasts and hard nipples up against my back and her moist warm pussy against my leg. I asked her if she was aware of what she was doing and she relied yes. She put her arm around me and started rubbing my chest. I told her she was going to get herself into something that she might not want. She just replied that she knew what she was doing. I turned to face her and she gave me a warm kiss and slid her hand down to my rock hard cock. She said that she had often watched her mom and me when we were having sex and had also found a video of us that she and her friend had watched. I asked her just what she wanted and she said everything that I had done to her mom.

I slid my hand under her head and lifted her up and kissed her. Our tongues met and I realized that she had become a woman. I slid my hand across her nipples and she tensed up and her breathing became labored. I moved down and started caressing and suck on her breasts. Down farther and kissed her stomach and licked around her navel. She spread her legs and I moved between them. I again asked her if she was alright with what was happening and that it wasn’t too late to back out. She put her hands behind my head and pulled me into her pussy. She was hot and wet and smelled like heaven. I felt the patch above her pussy then slid my tongue between her bare lips. I slowly teased her lips and stuck my tongue in her tight hole. I then moved up to her clit. I sucked it in between my lips and she jumped and let out a loud moaned. Minutes later she was having her first orgasm. I let her rest for a little while and went down on her again. This time I slid a finger into her tight little hole. I moved it in and out and then went to her G-spot. Her body once again stiffened and began to convulse. She screamed out and pulled me up her body and kissed me deeply. My cock had now slipped between her lips and hit her clit. She came again. She reached down and guided my cock into position and I pressed into her. She was so tight that I could barely get the tip in. I looked into her eyes and could see the pain. I asked her if I should stop. She grabbed my ass and pulled me in. She cried out and I just laid there on top of her. She started moving her hips so I slowly moved in and out. Her finger nails dug into my back. I quickened the pace and soon was pounding into her sweet little pussy with all I had. We fucked for around thirty minutes and she said that she was about to cum. I moved up on her so that my shaft rubbed her clit and also gave me more sensation. I blew a huge load into her pussy which set her off. I stayed in her and we rolled on our sides and hugged and kissed till I went limp and slipped out off her satisfied pussy. We then cuddled and went to sl**p.

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Camping with Stepdaughter 4

When I left after my last post Lesly was in the van sl**ping. I waited about an hour or so and went to check on her. She was awaked but very upset. I asked her what was wrong. She thought that I was mad at her. I asked her why. She said that she thought that she took it to far with the stranger and that she wanted to finger herself for me first. I told her that it was for me and that I was watching her at the same time as the man was. It had turned me on to no extent. I gave her a hug and said lets go for a bike ride. She pulled me close a told me that she was mine and that she meant what she said anything to please me. We fell into a long sensuous kiss. I said get ready and I will get the bikes down.

She came out in a tube top and pair of cut off jean shorts. The crotch was cut very narrow and her outer lips were peeking out. We took off and I let her lead. I just couldn’t get enough of her hot muscular ass. When it comes to being on a mountain bike she has the skills. She could race if she wanted to. We made a little wager the winner to the top of the trail got to tell the other what to do. I am no slouch on a bike either.

We came to a technical area on a steep down hill and her tits popped out of her top. She had to keep her hands on the bars or she would crash. Waiting to come up the hill was a man and his wife. The man turned his head and watched her tits go bouncing by. His wife slapped him a yelled out keep your tits in your top slut. I was laughing so hard I just about crashed. We road for about an hour and yes she won. I asked her what she wanted me to do. She told me that she wanted to watch me jack myself off. She sat down on a log in front of me with her eyes glued to my crotch. I pulled out my cock and started pumping my hand up and down full length of its shaft. She yelled faster. I could tell by the look on her face that she liked being in control of the situation. I did this for about ten minutes and told her I was going to cum. She pulled off her top and told me to cum in her mouth and on her tits. She took the head of my cock in her mouth and ran her tongue under the tip to my sensitive spot. I started shoot and didn’t think I would quit. It was in her mouth all over her face and dripping off of her tits. Once again she cleaned it up with her fingers and swallowed every drop. I sat and rested for just a bit before we road back to camp. I told her that it would be her turn tonight to play with her sweet pussy just for me. To be continued... Continue»
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Camping with stepdaughter 6

I gave Lesly a kiss and got up to cook supper. She said that she would be out in a little while. I was busy cooking and watching numerous men of all ages walking up and down the trail. Our camp was at the far end of the camp ground so there was only one reason for all of the activity (The Red Haired Hotty). I poured myself a glass of wine and continued to prepare supper.

Lesly came out of the van and dropped everything and stared. She had done her hair in braids down behind her ears. Her makeup was done. She had on a long flowered skirt and a peasant blouse. She walked up to me and gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. I told her that she looked stunning. She smiled and told me that she wanted to be just mine tonight. I poured her a glass of wine and we sat down and talked while we waited on supper to cook.

She told me that she was enjoying all of the attention that her body was getting, but that she was afraid that I was going to take it wrong. Lesly told me that she had come on this trip to hopefully seduce me and to be mine before she left for school. She didn’t want me to think that she just wanted to go out and be wild. She wanted to be my lover even if it was only for this week. I assured her that she was not doing anything wrong. I was enjoying watching her discovering her sexuality. I told here that if she was uncomfortable doing the things that she was doing for me that she could quit. She said that she was going to get everything out of her system before she left for school

I noticed that there weren’t as many intruders passing our camp and this made me some what happy. The sun had gone down and dinner was done. We had a fire and a dim lantern on the table. She put a CD in her portable player and the mood was set for a romantic dinner. I poured her another glass of wine and we ate. I hadn’t noticed anyone in some time. When we were finished I started to clean up the dinner mess. She went into the van and grabbed her foam mattress and two blankets. She spread them on the ground next to the fire. She sat down and motioned for me to come over to her. I sat down beside her and she put her arms around me and kissed my neck. She laid down and pulled me down with her. She was so beautiful in the light of the fire. She looked into my eyes and softly asked me to make love to her. I took my time kissing her neck and cheeks. I would give her a soft kiss on her lips. She pulled me on top of her. This was no longer a little girl she had totally become a woman. I gently caressed her firm young breasts and slid my hand down her stomach to the top of her skirt. I slid my hand back up but under her top and to her bare breasts. Her breathing quickened and she started to move to my touch. I pinched her nipples and she started to moan. She whispered that she loved me and I told that I loved her too. I pulled her top down off of her shoulders and exposed her firm breasts. The light from the camp fire flickered on her bare skin. I moved down and licked and sucked her nipples. She shivered and let out a loud sigh. I moved down and kissed her hard stomach. She pushed me down farther. I slid the hem of her skirt up and rubbed her thighs stopping just below of her moist lips. She spread her legs to give me better access. I took my time before I let my fingers slightly brush over her swollen pussy. I moved up above and started kissing her little red patch of hair teasing her even more. She grabbed my head and guided me to where he wanted me. Still I just licked the inside of her thighs. I moved a licked and kissed her outer lips for some time. Her hips were now moving up with every touch of my tongue. Her breathing was heavy and she was moaning loudly. She begged me to give her what she needed. I sucked her inner lips in between my lips and teased them with my tongue. She was pulling my hair and her hips were gyrating wildly. Finally I slid my tongue between her lips and moved up stopping just short of her hard little clit. She was going crazy. Her pussy was swollen open and wetter than I seen it. I moved my tongue up and down always stopping just short. I put my hands under her muscular ass and teased the opening of her tight little hole. I picked her up higher and reamed her puckered little ass hole. She tensed up and then relaxed. Finally I flicked her clit with my tongue. She let out a scream and locked my head in place with her thighs. I thought she was going to crush my head. I sucked on her clit and slid my middle finger into her pussy. I would take her to the edge and then stop. I wanted to build her up to an orgasm that she would never forget. To take her over the edge I inserted two fingers into her pussy and my thumb up her tight little ass. I sucked on her clit hard and fast while pumping my fingers and thumb in and out of her with as much f***e that I could use without hurting her. When my fingers finally hit her G-spot she screamed out OH MY FUCKING GOD. Every muscle in her body jerked uncontrollably. Her pussy and her ass were squeezing my fingers and my thumb. She grabbed the back of my neck and dug her finger nails in deep. When I would see that her orgasm was subsiding I would give her clit another flick of my tongue and away she would go again. When she had finally settled down and could breath again I kissed my way back up her body. She put her arms around me and held me tight. I gently rubbed her hair and kissed her cheeks. She said that she loved me so much it hurt. I told her that she was now totally mine.

I held her in my arms for some time. She slid down and pulled off my shorts. My cock sprang out like a snake and she smiled. She grabbed my cock and slid her lips over the head. She gently moved her head and her hand up and down the entire length of my pulsing member. She took her other hand and cupped my balls. She let lifted up my cock and sucked and licked on my balls. I told her that she needed to quit or I was going to blow my load in her mouth. I laid down on my back and pulled her on top of me. She sat up and grabbed my cock and guided it in to her pussy that was now dripping wet. With one motion I slid all of the way into her. She started moving up until the tip was just in and then all the way down. She was looking intently into my eyes. She put her hands on my chest and I reached up and took both of her breasts into my hands. We stayed like this for a little while then I grabbed her hips and showed her how to move to give us both the best sensations. When she finally found the movement that felt the best to her she moved a little faster. Soon she was fucking me like I have never been fucked before. She was flipping her head from side to side. Her ample breasts were bouncing on her chest. I could feel my climax quickly building and I could tell by her actions and the look on her face that she was close too. She arched her back and started to shake. Her pussy started to convulse which brought me over the edge. She sat down hard and came to a stop when she felt me explode inside of her. She collapsed on my chest and just laid there. I rolled her over on her side and slid my cock out of her. I got up and got a cloth and cleaned her pussy. She looked up and smiled at me. I told her that she was the best that I had ever had. This brought tears to her eyes and she told me that she had never felt so wonderful in her life. That she finally felt like a real woman.

We gathered up our things and went to bed falling asl**p in each others arm.

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Camping with stepdaughter 7

The next morning I decided to surprise Lesly with a hot shower. I knew that I was ready for one, I am sure that she was too. She seemed to be enjoying her times in the stream, but you just can’t beat nice hot water. I slipped out of bed without waking her. I pulled my portable shower out of the back of the van and set it up. You could see it from the trail and from the stream as well. It comes with two different shelters, one that is private and the other that is mesh. I thought about it and put up the mess one so that she would be able to fulfill he exhibitionist side. I put shampoo, conditioner, soap and a wash clothe just inside on the floor. I figured that she would like to listen to some music while she showered so I set up her CD player. I filled up the water container and hooked up the battery, now all I needed to do was wait.

I made coffee and took her a cup when I heard her wake up. I told her that there was a surprise waiting for her. She got all excited and wanted to know what. I told her that she would have to find out for herself or it wouldn’t be a surprise. I went back out to fix breakfast. She put on her little robe and came out. The table was the opposite direction as the shower so she did not see it when she came out and sat down. She was begging for me to tell her and I just said no. Breakfast was ready so we sat down and ate. She was going nuts. She told me that she could not believe how I had treated her last night. I had made her feel very special. When we were done I told her to get me something from the van. She stood up and turned around and let out a little screech. She said is that what I think it is and I said yes. She ran over to it and said no way. She came back and gave me a big hug and a kiss. I told her to go ahead.

She went over to the shower and I showed her how it worked. She took off her robe and handed it to me. I turned on her music. I went back and got in the van. She turned the water on and got all wet. As she bent down to get the shampoo two teenaged boys walked by. They looked to be about 13 or 14 years old. The one yelled wow and Lesly stood up and turned around. She gave them a smile and a wave. I stepped out and they took off. They were only the first of many. She looked so content. Her hips were swaying in time to the music. She seductively soaped up her beautiful body. She rinsed off and asked me to get her a razor and some shaving cream. I took them to her and she told me to look around at all of the guys that were watching her. They were behind everything. I asked her if it was bothering her and she said heck no. She lathered up her legs and took her time shaving each one. She then lathered up her pussy and proceeded to shave it as well. When she rinsed off she ran her hand between her legs to see if she had gotten all of the stubble. I took her a towel and she asked me to make sure she had done a good job. I slid my hand between her legs and gave her a good feel. She put her arms around my neck and started grinding on my hand. She whispered in my ear that she was wanting to give them a good show. I said turn on the shower and dance while you rinse yourself off. She danced until the water ran out. She slowly dried off her body, wrapped up her hair in the towel and once again walked to the van in her birthday suit.

If someone would have told me that Lesly acted this way before now I would have told them that they were full of shit.

I don’t know if it was performing on stage in skimpy outfits that made her so secure with showing off like she had been or if it was that holding in her sexuality all through school so that she would not be labeled a slut. What ever it was I was definitely reaping its benefits.

Once again she sat in the van door while she brushed out her hair and put on her makeup. She got something out of her bag, stood up and sprayed her body from head to toe. She then went in to get dressed. Sorry guys the is show over.

I told Lesly that I have been writing. She is excited and wants to read your comments.... Continue»
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Camping With Stepdaughter 10

What Lesly had said to me got my mind going. What had I done to her mom on the tape that I hadn’t done to Lesly? I was thinking of only one of the episodes on the tape, the first. I got butterflies in my stomach. My little girl had seen and shared the two of us being very kinky. As I had said before my wife was very conservative in public, but she was my whore in the bed room. We had gone through the whole spectrum of sexuality. Did my daughter really want to experience all of this? A light lit up for me, Lesly was dressed perfect and she thought that she had been bad.

I stood up and grabbed her little hand and told her in a stern voice to come with me. I pulled her into the van and back to the bed. She asked me what was wrong. I told that she shouldn’t have shown my private tape to the girls on her dance squad. It was one thing to accidentally watch it with Susan, but to let others see it was wrong. I told her I was going to have to punish her. I pulled her down across my lap. She struggled to get free. I held her tight and lifted the hem of her little short skirt up and across her back. She pleaded with me not to spank her. She squirmed and slid off of my lap and tried to get to the door. I grabbed her by the ankle and pulled her back to me. My cock was getting harder by the second. I pulled her up to my lap again and held her tight. Once again I bared her sweet teenaged ass. She cried no daddy, I am sorry I didn’t mean to do it. With that I gave her firm ass its first of many swats that were to come. I could see the marks that my fingers left and this prodded me on. She put her hands back to try to block my large hand. I grabbed them and held them together in the small of her back. The next stroke was lower and the tips of my fingers landed on her tight little pussy lips. Her whole body tensed up and a sigh slipped from her lips. She begged me not to hit her again but to no avail. She had been bad and she needed to learn her lesson. I continued to punish that sweet little ass. With every stroke it got redder. I noticed that her pussy was starting to open and was becoming very wet. She was becoming very aroused. With that I stopped and slid two fingers in to her little love hole. I roughly slid them in and jerked them out. With every thrust in, her muscular ass would lift up to meet my intrusion. I fucked her with my fingers until she was near completion. I stopped and pull my fingers out this was punishment and she had to realize this. I took my middle finger and placed on the dark little ring of her young ass. With one quick trust I buried my finger in her tight little tunnel. She got one hand free and grabbed my hand. She pleaded with me to stop. I told her that she had no say in the matter and gave her another stern smack on her ass. I retuned my finger to her hot little ass and started ramming it in and out. She was desperately trying to get away, but I held her tight. She was kicking so I locked her legs down with mine and told her the more she struggle the worse her punishment would. She continued so I inserted another finger. By now she was loosening up a bit so I add one more. She now had three of my large fingers in her. I was burying them in her as far as I could and then pulling them all of the way out just to shove them in again.

I felt that she was ready. I pushed her face down on the bed and spread her legs. I still held her hands behind her. With my other hand I undid my shorts and pulled out my hard aching cock. I put it up to her little pucker hole. She begged please don’t you are too big. I told her that she wanted me to do everything that I did to her mother. You watched me on the tape and now you are getting what you wanted. Every time I tried to enter her she would move. I pressed down hard on her back and got the tip of my big cock in her. I moved in father with every thrust of my hips. Soon my little girl was taking every inch. She started moving her toned ass to mine. I slammed into harder and harder. She was screaming almost crying. I reached around her and started roughly rubbing her clit. Moments later her body was going through the throws of her orgasm. I kept pounding until I could feel my own climax. I pulled out of her ass and turned her around. I grabbed her by the hair on the back of her head and f***ed my cock in to her mouth. I fucked her face until I blew my thick load down her throat. She gagged as the first stream entered her. She tried to pull away but I held her head tightly. I released again and again. My cum was running down her chin and onto her firm breasts. I finished and pushed her away. I told her to clean herself up. Put on my pants and left her in the van.

She called for me to come back to the van. When I looked in she reached out and threw both of her arms around my neck pulled me to her. She said that she knew that she had been a bad girl and that she was very sorry. I told her that I wasn’t mad at her at all. I was just doing what she wanted. I said think back at what you had seen on the tape. She sat for a minute and said oh ya. I then asked her if she still wanted me to do everything that she had seen and she smiled and hugged me tight. She bravely said and more.

More to come if you like.... Continue»
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Camping with Stepdaughter 8

I put about cleaning up our camp site while Lesly was in getting dressed. I was wandering what was in store for the day. I knew what we were doing was wrong, but I could not help myself. I convinced myself that it was Lesly not me that had wanted to come on the trip and it was her that had made the first move in the direction that things were heading.

My mind was going a hundred miles an hour. What was she going to come up with today? She came out of the van in the white tank top that left nothing to the imagination, white shorts that did not entirely cover her freshly shaven pussy and a pair of hiking boots. She smiled as she slowly twirled around and asked what I thought. She looked down at the tent that she had once again pitched in my cargo shorts and said well I guess that answers my question. I can’t believe the effect that Lesly was having on me. She had me hard all of the time and she loved. She thanked me for the surprise that I had for her this morning and told me that it felt good to be clean. I told her that there was another shelter for the shower that would give her more privacy and she smiled and told me with a big grin on her face that the one that was up did just fine.

I think that I need to explain how the camp ground was set up so that you can understand that we should have been in a secluded spot. There was a small lane up the middle of the camp ground and on the way in camps 1,2,4, and 5 were along this lane. After you passed these camps it opened into a large parking lot where people could park and go hiking or mountain biking for the day. We had to drive a short distance at the end of the lot to get up to ours. There was only one trail that went past our camp on one side and the stream was on the other. This trail only went a short distance to the stream and stopped. There was no reason for hikers to come by our camp, but someone always seemed to be going by and not coming back for some time.

Lesly said that she was going to go to the restroom and that she would be back shortly. She gave me a hug and a kiss on my cheek and walked to the trail. I watched her tight dancers as sway until she was out of site. She was gone for what seemed like quite a while and I was starting to get worried about her. I walked down the trail a little and could see her talking to three guys that were unloading their mountain bikes. She was smiling and moving around showing off her body to them. She smiled and headed back my way. The three all made obscene gestures as they watched her walking away. I went back to camp and waited for her to return.

Lesly walked into camp giggling. I asked what was so funny. She told me that when she came out of the restroom that there were three guys with their bikes. They all about twisted their heads off when they saw her. They motioned for her to come over and she did. She told them that she had a mountain bike and that she loved to ride. They asked if she would like to ride with them. She told them no that she wasn’t alone and didn’t think that it would be right. They asked if she were here with her parents and she told them no. Your boyfriend she said no. Another girl, no. She finally told then she was with her husband. She told them that she had to get back and left. She said that she had moved around sexily and had gotten them all hard before she left.

You could hear them coming up our trail. She looked at me smiled and unzipped my shorts. She reached in and pulled out my rock hard cock. She said I will show them. She slid her top up over her breasts exposing her eraser sized nipples. With one quick motion she slid the entire length of my shaft down her throat. She gagged but just kept going. All of a sudden I heard OH SHIT and then a loud crash. Then another and one last one. The first one had seen Lesly and crashed and the other two ran right into him. I am kind of an opposing man. I stand 6’1” and weigh 195 lbs. I have long hair and a goatee. I work out in the gym three times a week. Lesly stood and turned to face them with my cock still in her hand. They got their bikes pick up and could not get out of there fast enough. Little did they know that they would be coming back the way they had just come. They left and she pulled off her top and went back to pleasuring my man tool. I pulled her up and unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down over her shapely hips exposing the wet folds of her pussy. She has what I like to call an outie, her inner lips protrude from her outer lips. I bent her over the table took her from behind. She let out a loud moan as the head of my large cock penetrated her lips and entered her tight young hole. She knew that in minutes she was going to be seen fucking by the three men that had just left. She started moving her hips back into me with reckless abandoned. Her sweet nectar was running down her legs. I grabbed her hips and pulled her to me to meet my thrusting cock. I turned her so that she would be totally exposed to the three men to come. She arch her back a started yelling Fuck Me, Fuck My Wet Pussy. With that the bikers came back down the trail. She looked up at them licked her lips and said hi boys. They almost had another wreck but made it on by. I continued to slam into her young pussy. I licked my finger and stuck it in her tight little ass. She screamed and grabbed hold of my balls. Her body stiffened as she started to cum. I stopped deep inside her so I could feel her pussy convulsing on my cock. I could hold back no longer I pulled out and turned Lesly around. She took my cock in her mouth and sucked me dry. She licked her lips and said that we really showed them didn’t we. She pulled up her shorts and put on her top and we sat down and laughed and had a cup of coffee. Planning what we would do the rest of the day.

I don’t know where she got the outfits that she had brought with her. All the time that she was at home she had dressed more like her mother. Her tops covered her breasts and any skirts or shorts hit her just above the knee. Everything so far looked like it had come from a stripper’s wardrobe.... Continue»
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Camping with Stepdaughter 12

I continued to work on Susan’s bike while the two sat and talked. Susan stood up and leaned over my shoulder to show me a problem that she had on her bike. I could feel her firm young breasts pressing into my shoulder. Her wet hair hanging down my back made me shiver. She was making my hands shake and I was having a hard time concentrating on her bike. I dropped my allen wrench and quickly turned around. Her breasts were right in my face. I told her that she was lucky that my hands were greasy or I would have a handful. She cut me off and pulled her top down exposing her hard nipple just inches away and said these. She giggled and told me that if I did a good job on her bike that later she would do a job on me. I asked her what k** of a job. She said that I was going to have to wait to get answer to that question.

Men were walking up and down the trail quite regularly now. It was even worse than it was before. Susan sat behind Lesly on the bench and started braiding her hair. Lesly reached behind her and pulled her top down exposing her breasts just as one of the men walked past. Susan dropped Lesly’s hair and said it’s on. She grabbed the straps on Lesly’s shirt and pulled it down to her waist and reached up and grabbed her soft pink nipples and gave them a hard tweak. Lesly let a scream and yelled oh hell no, turned around and reciprocated by grabbing Susan’s nipples and giving them a hard twist. I told them that they needed to save their energy for later.

I asked Susan what she and Lesly had done to each other in the past. Her face turned red and she looked at Lesly. I told her that Lesly had told me that they had felt each other up and about then rubbing pussies together. I asked her if they had only done it on one occasion. Lesly looked and Susan as to say don’t tell him, but she did. She said that they had played quite a few times while they kissed. Two more guys walked past before either of them pulled up their tops.

I was done with the bikes and told them it was time to get dinner on the fire. I built a fire and then washed my hands. The two hot little nymphs looked at each other then looked at me. Susan surprised me as said you are all dirty I think that you need to take a shower. You watched us now it is time for us to watch you. I will even wash your back for you if you want. Lesly piped in and said ya I think it is about time for you to get cleaned up. I new this was going to be a great night.

I filled the water container and lit the burner. I took off my boots and socks. I turned away and let my shorts drop to the ground. Susan said hey that’s not fair. I turned around and her sweet little mouth dropped open as her eyes locked onto my hard cock that was pointing right at her. Lesly said I told you that it was bigger that it looked in the video. I turned on the shower and got wet down. I soaped up and washed my chest and legs. Susan and Lesly came closer. I handed Susan the soap and said you can wash my back. I tuned and as she started to soap up my back and said you have to wash this first and looked down at the rocket that jutted out from between my legs. She just stood there. I said well are you going to wash it or not. Lesly grabbed the soap and went to stoking up and down my shaft. Susan then placed her shaking hand on me and expressed that she had never seen one this size. I told her that there was nothing to be afraid of. With that she started sliding her hands up and down in time with Lesly’s. Men were still walking by in disbelief. How could this man be so lucky? I finished and let them rinse me off. I dried and went to the van. They followed me in and sat on the bed.

I got between Lesly’s legs and removed her top and her shorts and pushed her on her back. I then pulled off Susan’s tube top and pulled down her little shorts. I pushed her on to her back and pulled her to the edge so her pussy was accessible. I slid the tip of my cock between her wet swollen little pussy lips. I moved up and down for a minute. With every stroke she would raise up her hips to meet me. I then moved over to Lesly and gave her the same treatment. I looked at them both and told them that they would have to wait until after supper. That we would come back and I would please them if and only if they would make love while I watched. That meant they each had to get the other one off with their tongue and fingers. I sigh slipped from each of the mouths. Their faces turned red and Lesly said we have never done that before. I looked them in the eyes and said that there is a first time for everything. I slid a finger in to each of their pussies and told them that it would be worth it. I licked my fingers pulled on my shorts and told them to get dressed. With that I walked out to prepare our supper

Once again they came outside to get dressed. Men were falling all over themselves. Lesly put on her little silk robe. Susan saw this and pulled out her robe that was the same style only a different color. They came and helped me cook. Bending over every chance they got to flash their hungry pussies.

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Camping with Stepdaughter 13

During supper both girls faced the trail. I could tell without looking when a man was walking by. Lesly would get a big smile on her face and Susan’s face would turn red. Although Susan had been nude in front of me and most of the men in the camp, she was still shy about exposing herself when she could see where their eyes were looking and the lustful looks they would give her. I noticed as the sun was getting lower Lesly let the front of her robe open so that her breasts were nearly totally exposed. Susan was also starting to relax. When we were about finished I felt a small foot on my crotch. I looked at Susan and she had a naughty little smile on her face. I told them that they needed to clean up and then join me in the van. Before I left I took the ties to both of their robes. As they cleaned men would pause and watch. Lesly was making sure they were getting a good show. She let her robe slip sexily off of her shoulders exposing as much of her lovely body to them as possible. I watched as Susan became bolder and bolder. Occasionally she would reach up and rub one of her breasts. When they were done the came to the van took off their robes and came in.

I had the captains’ seat on the passengers side turned around to face the bed. I told them to kneel in front of me and kiss. Susan put her arms around Lesly’s neck and pulled her to her. They locked into a long sensuous kiss. I watched as their tongues mingled. Lesly slid her hand up to Susan’s breast and started pinching her nipple. Her other hand was caressing Susan’s tight little butt. Susan ran her hand slowly down Lesly’s flat stomach pausing for a moment at the soft patch of hair above her swollen little flower. She moved down and her finger lightly grazed Lesly’s hard pink clit. Lesly stiffened, her eyes closed and a soft moan escaped her lips. Lesly caressed Susan’s tiny little ass and Susan pulled Lesly closer. Her were two beautiful young women their firm breasts pressed together exploring each others bodies for me and who ever else could see them in the door way. I told them to move over to the bed.

I pushed Susan down on her back and spread her legs. I ran my hand up over her soft mound. Her young pussy lips were open and moist. I positioned Lesly between her legs and said isn’t she beautiful. Look at her soft little pussy, look how wet she is for you. Pleasure her. Smell her sweet scent. Susan was breathing hard. Her eyes were closed in anticipation. Lesly looked at me said I don’t know what I am doing. I told her to just do what she would want done to her. With that Lesly bent down, her tongue came out and touched Susan’s swollen clit. Susan’s back arched and she grabbed the covers on the bed. I said see, see what you are doing to your little lover, don’t be afraid. This time she let her tongue slip full length of her lovely pussy. Lesly looked at me and smiled and said she tastes good. I sat back and let nature take its course. Lesly started eating Susan’s pussy with uninhibited lust. You could here when she would suck her lips into her mouth. Susan was raising her hips and grinding into Lesly’s face. Lesly slid one finger and then two into Susan’s tight little hole. She reached up and rolled Susan’s aching nipples between her fingers. Her head started to flip from sided to side; she was breathing hard and moaning loudly. Susan’s whole body tensed up and she yelled I CUMMING, I CUMMING OH GOD EAT MY SWEAT PUSSY. Her body was shaking; she was pulling Lesly’s face into her pussy. I told Lesly to stop and wait for her orgasm to subside then flick her clit again with her tongue. She did and Susan orgasm started up again. When she settled down she pulled Lesly up and held her in her arms and kissed her a long loving kiss.

I didn’t have to tell Susan what to do. She rolled Lesly over on her back, spread her legs and buried her pretty little face in her quivering pussy. Lesly was out of control. Her hips were moving uncontrollably. She had her hand in her mouth and was biting down hard. She reached down and started pulling on her hard tingling nipples. She grabbed her breasts and then would run her hands down her smooth stomach through her soft red bush and up to her breasts again. She grabbed my hands and put them on her heaving breasts. She pulled me to her and ran her tongue down my throat. She was a woman possessed. She told me that she wanted me to fuck her throat. I put the tip of my swollen cock up to her soft lips. She twirled her tongue around over and under my mushroomed head She grabbed my ass and sucked me in clear up to my balls. She was going crazy. She wanted my salty fluid in her mouth and down her throat. She grabbed my cock and firmly stroked it up and down in rhythm with my thrusts. My nuts were tightening and I knew that I was getting close to giving Lesly what she wanted. I saw the familiar signs that she was about to cum. I pulled my cock out and slid my tongue in its place. Her body went rigid; she grabbed her breasts and shook for what seemed like minutes. She reached down and slid her hands down grabbing and pulling on her soaked pussy lips. Susan moved back up onto the bed and put her arms around me and said she wanted me to fuck her. I looked at Lesly and she nodded her approval. Susan laid down in front of me and spread her legs.

I put Susan’s legs up over my shoulders and told Lesly to guide me into her friend’s hot little pussy. She placed the tip of my cock at the entrance to Susan’s tight little hole and I pressed my hips towards hers. She put her little hands on my chest and asked me in a soft little voice please go slow. I told her to pull herself on to me. She grabbed my hips and slowly pulled me in a little at a time. She was looking into my eyes looking for my approval as I entered her. She would pull me in a bit more and then stop to let her pussy stretch to accommodate my girth. She did this until my 8 1\2 inches was all of the way in her. Her breathing was labored. I could feel the walls of her tight tunnel quivering trying to adjust to the size of my hard cock. I stayed still until she smiled and I started to slowly pull out. She grabbed my hips and whispered slow. Lesly gave her a kiss and started to suck on her hard nipples while running her hand gently down her stomach. It was almost more that I could take. Two perfect young females touching and kissing in front of me. The hot tight pussy wrapped around my swollen cock. I soon started moving my hips faster, pulling almost all the way out before plunging in until my nuts would smack Susan’s sweet little ass. Soon I was pounding into with my muscular ass. Her firm young breasts were bouncing wildly on her chest. Lesly licked her fingers and started rubbing Susan’s clit. Every time I would f***e my way in she would let out a loud whimper. Then she arched her back and slid over the edge into second orgasm. She held her breath and then let out moan and then just laid there limp and then her whole body would jerk. Her pussy would clamp down on my cock and try to push me out of her soaked little hole. . I took her legs off of my shoulders and looked down at her hot young pussy as pulled out my throbbing cock. Her outer lips were no longer pink, but red and swollen. Her inner lips stretched as the stuck to my cock. Her tight little hole had been stretch and was gaping open, with her thick pussy juice running out and down the crack of her little ass. I bent down crushing her flushed breasts between us. She put her hands around my neck and slid her tongue into my mouth and gave me a very lusty kiss.

Lesly gave me a little smile and kneeled down on the floor, resting her chest on the bed. She reached around with her hands and spread her ass cheeks so I would have access to her young pussy. I moved behind her and slid my cock into her soaking pussy. She was now getting used to my size. I looked at Susan still spread eagle on the bed with her hands cupping her just fucked pussy. She slid her fingers through her swollen pussy and then licked her fingers clean. Lesly looked over her shoulder and told me that she wanted me to fuck her hard. So that is what she got. I grabbed her hair and pulled her chest up off of the bed arching her back. I was slamming into so hard that I was picking her up off of the floor. She yelled OH YES FUCK THAT PUSSY, FUCK YOUR LITTLE GIRL HARD. You could hear her juices gushing out of her steamy pussy with every inward thrush of my fat cock. Susan came down and lay between our legs and started licking Lesly’s pussy as it would fly past her face and rubbing my balls. Lesly started bucking against me as hard as she could. I let go of her hair and grabbed her shapely hips and continued to hit her hard. She let out a scream. I shoved into her deep I could feel the tip of my cock penetrate her cervix. I reached under her and pulled her body up to mine squeezing her breasts. I then slammed into her again and her pussy clenched down on my cock as she started to come. She shook and started to cry. Her pussy felt like a fist clamped around my cock. Squeezing over and over forcing her slick fluid down our legs. When she had finally came back to her senses she lifted herself off of me and turned and told me that she loved me.

It was now my turn. I lay down flat on my back on the bed. Lesly and Susan joined me. Susan put the tip of my aching cock up to her little mouth and licked the head. Lesly grabbed my balls and then licked all the way up my shaft ending with a kiss with Susan. They took turns taking me into their mouths. Lesly took the whole length of me down her throat and then looked up at me and said you like fucking my face don’t you daddy. Susan would try, but would gag. Lesly would show her again. After about three or four times Susan was learning to swallow when it hit the back of the throat. They would stop and both lick the head while their tongues intermingled. I felt myself getting ready to unload and told them. I grabbed Lesly’s hair and fucked her mouth shoving hard down her throat until I started to blow my load. I pulled out and shot some in her mouth and then turned and gave Susan her share. They both had my thick cum dripping off their faces. They licked me clean and then kissed each other and licked the cum off each others faces. We crawled up on the bed with one on either side of me. It was dark by now so we all went out and took a shower together. I looked at these two little beauties and could not believe my luck. I heard a noise in the trees. We had company while the three of us were making love. I wondered what they were thinking. We went back into the van dried each other off and went to bed. I was in heaven sandwiched between my two young lovers.

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Camping with Stepdaughter 14

The next morning I woke up form a wet dream. Well I thought it was a wet dream. It was Susan. She was under the blankets stroking and sucking on my hard cock. I pulled her up on top of me and gave her a kiss and said good morning sunshine. She smiled and said that she had been awake for some time thinking about last night. She wanted to have my cock in her mouth again.

We got out of bed and I sat in the captains’ chair. She kneeled down between my legs and licked the underside of the head and it jumped. She looked up and smiled and asked me what had just happened. I told that she hit just the right spot and that it felt very good. I coached her on just how to suck a mans’ cock. She got rather good at it.

I stopped her and laid her on the floor on her back. Her sweet nectar was running down her ass cheeks. Her young lips were dark pink and swollen. I reached down and lightly touched her clit sending electricity through her fit girlish body. I had dreamed of having her and now here she was in front of me offering me her body to do what I wanted. I knelt down and touched her thigh, once again she jumped. Her breathing became labored. She looked up at me and told me that she was mine and that I could do anything that I wanted to her. I kissed her outer lips and teased the opening of her tight little twat with my finger; just lightly rimming around the outside of her tight little tunnel. I kissed and licked her for some time before I moved up to suck on her swollen clit. She grabbed my hair and pulled me into her. I told her to spread her lips apart for me. With the index fingers on both hands she hooked her inner lips and opened her self up wide. I went to work on her clit and slid my middle finger into her love hole. As her pussy relaxed I used two and then three fingers. She stopped breathing and arched her back as she came. It was so violent that she f***ed my fingers out. I watched as the opening of her pussy clamped down and then relax over and over again.

She told me that she wanted me to take her like I had done Lesly the night before. She got to her knees and pressed her hot pink pussy back to me. I slid up behind her and told her to guide me into her awaiting little hole. The tip of my cock entered her and I grabbed her hips and buried my self in her all the way up to my nuts. She let out a loud moan. I grabbed her by the hair and started fuck her with reckless abandon. She was doing her best to keep quiet so we would not wake up Lesly, she wanted me to herself.

I pulled her up on top of me and showed her how to ride me. She ground her pussy in to my pelvis with every thing she had. I slowed her down and slid a finger into her tight little butt. She looked over her shoulder and asked me what I was doing. I told her getting her ready for tonight when I was going to take her in the ass. She then turned around to face me and fucked me hard. She came and collapsed on my chest.

I rolled over still in her and pushed her feet up to her head bending her double allowing me to penetrate her deeply. I slammed down into her with all of my weight forcing a loud moan out of her with each thrust of my hips. I shot my load into her waiting little pussy. It squirted out around my cock covering my legs and her ass. When she felt the heat from my fluid spray into her she came one more time. I pulled out of her and wiped her young pussy with a towel. I told her that it was time for her to go back to bed and get some rest. I gave her a hug and a kiss and went out and took a shower and got dressed. I stoked up the fire and made a pot of coffee and enjoyed the cool morning. Looking forward to Lesly waking up.

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Camping with Stepdaughter 16

I was on my second cup of coffee when the finally came out of the van. They came out dressed only in their little robes. They both walked up to me and through their arms around me. Lesly looked into my eyes and told me that she loved me then placed a soft kiss on my lips. Susan put her arms around my neck hugged me tight. She whispered in my ear that she had always wanted things to be this way with the three of us. She kissed me and then pulled Lesly into it and we all kissed each other.

We drank our coffee and talked about the night before. As if I didn’t already know the answer to the question I was about to ask. I asked them if they were alright with what we had done. They put their arms around each other and told me that they had always wanted to do that each other, but neither of them could take the initiative.

We finished our coffee and the girls said that they wanted to take a shower before they got ready for the day. I prepared the shower for them while they were getting their towels. They dropped their robes and towels and wet each other down. I still couldn’t believe what was happening to me. A man walked by and saw the girls. I asked him if he wanted a hot cup of coffee. He said yes and came and sat down at the table. He watched as they washed each others bodies and then their hair. He asked me who they were and I told him. He said that they were beautiful. The girls had been so into what they were doing they hadn’t really noticed him. When they did they both smiled at him and waved. He said hey. I asked him where he was from and who he was with. He told me that he was from Yakama Washington and that he was up with his wife and two boys. He asked me if the two of them were always this open with their bodies. I told him yes.

Susan walked over to the van and got the razor and shaving cream and went back and shaved her legs and her pussy. The guy setting with me was having a hard time keeping his mind on our conversation. Susan then knelt down in front of Lesly and trimmed her bush a little thinner. They checked out each others pussies and then rinsed off and dried each other off. They wrapped their hair in towels put on their robes and came over to the table. I introduced Lesly and Susan to the man and then had to ask his name, it was Ben. One sat on each side of me and I poured them a cup of coffee. Ben told them that he thought that they were very beautiful. Susan grinned and said we don’t have our makeup on. Lesly said I feel naked without my makeup. And the both gave out a little laugh.

Susan looked at Ben and asked if he would like a blow job. Both Lesly’s and my heads snapped at the same time and looked at her. She looked back at us and said look at the condition he’s in. She was right he was definitely trying to hide what was in his shorts. He said that’s ok I’ll be alright. She said are you sure and she stood up and let her robe fall open. He looked at me and I said that it was up to her and him. She walked over to him and stood in front of him with her firm young tits right in his face. She said go ahead and feel them I won’t tell. His hands were shaking as he reached up and touched the soft flesh of her breasts. She said you like that don’t you? He muttered out a yes. Do you like my pussy? He looked down at the soft pink folds of flesh between her legs. She said go ahead. He raised his hand up and touched her hot young teenaged pussy.

Lesly know had my cock out and was teasing the tip with her fingers. Susan bent down and unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts and pulled out his cock. Before he could say a word she was on him. Lesly wasn’t going to be out done and slid her lips down over the head of my cock and started bobbing her head up and down. Ben had hold of the table and had a surprised look on his face. To the girls it was a race to see who could get her mouth filled first. Ben shook and he slumped down on the bench. Susan came up with a look of contentment on her face and his cum slipping from her lips. Seeing this set me off and I filled Lesly’s throat with my load. Up she came looking just like Susan. They reached over the table and gave a high five.

They walked to the van while Ben and I got ourselves back together. Ben asked me what had just happened. I told him that they were obviously exploring their sexuality. He asked me if they were like that all of the time. I told him that they weren’t, but things had obviously changed. They dropped their robes and brushed out each others hair. Ben asked me not to tell anyone what had just happened to him. I gave him a smile and said what happens in this camp stays in this camp. My wife would kill me if she found out about this he said. I looked at him and said mine would too. Ben finished his coffee and was about to leave, Susan said wait come here. He walked over to the girls and they both gave him a hug and a soft kiss and said that they were happy to meet him. They went back to grooming each other and he turned and walk towards me and the trail. He said thank you, that just made my trip and made his way back down the trail.

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Camping with Stepdaughter 17

Ben disappeared around the bend in the trail. Susan walked up to me her young nude body illuminated by the morning sun. She grabbed my hand and pulled me to the van. Lesly said that she needed my cock in her. I went to go back to the bed but she said right here I want to be watched. She pulled my shirt up over my head and off while Susan was undoing my shorts. My hard cock sprang out and Susan slid her warm moist lips over its head while licking the underside with her tongue. Lesly grabbed my shorts and proceeded to pull them down. I lifted my hips up to help her, forcing my fat cock farther into Susan’s mouth and hitting the back of her throat. Not expecting this sudden movement she gagged. Lesly threw my shorts behind her. She crawled up, kissed me and whispered in my ear I’m going to fuck you good daddy.

She straddled my legs. Susan guided my hard cock into Lesly’s soaked pussy. Lesly looked down and gave me her evil little grin and with one swift motion of her hips impaled herself on my shaft. She let out a loud moan and dug her long finger nails deep into my chest. She kept me in deep while she ground her clit into my pelvis. She was gasping for air. She then slid up until my tip was just barely in her tight little tunnel. Then once again she dropped her tight ass back down completely engulfing my cock again. She repeated this over and over again.

Susan was frantically fingering her clit and sliding two fingers in and out of her wet hole. Lesly reached down and grabbed Susan’s hair and pulled her up into a long kiss. She pulled her over so that she was straddling me and pushed her back onto my face. Susan reached back and spread her ass cheeks. I could smell her musky pussy and see her juices starting to run down her firm thighs. I grabbed her hips and pulled her pussy to my tongue. The folds of her sweet young pussy were open and ready to be taken. I fucked her tight little tunnel with my tongue. She started to shiver as if she was cold, but I knew that wasn’t the reason. She was a girl in heat.

Lesly told Susan that we had company. This only worked Susan up more. She started sliding her wet pussy across my face. I slid two fingers into her pussy and she let out a loud scream. Damn you would think she was being killed. I grabbed her ass and slowed her down to where I could get my finger in her tight little puckered butt. She took a deep breath and slowed her movement down almost to a stop. I worked my finger in and out slowly stretching it getting her ready for what I had told her I was going to do. I then slid in another and then the third. Her breathing was coming in gasps and she was moaning loudly.

Lesly started to recklessly fuck me. I could feel her thighs squeezing my hips. She was grabbing her tits pulling hard on her nipples. Susan was now fingering Lesly’s clit. She was uncontrollable now. She was yelling FUCK ME DADDY, FUCK YOUR LITTLE GIRL. FUCK MY SWEET YOUNG PUSSY. Her head flew back and her whole body was engulfed in her orgasm. Her whole body was jerking. Her pussy was convulsing. Susan kept fingering her clit making her jump. She finally grabbed Susan’s hand and pulled it from her pussy. She took a deep breath and slid off of my cock and told Susan that it was her turn.

I grabbed Susan and placed her in doggy position and moved up behind her. Lesly grabbed my cock and guided me into Susan’s tight little hole. She was hot and ripe for a good fucking. I slid all the way into her with one swift motion. She squealed and turned around and looked at me. She asked me what I was doing. I said fucking your young pussy. She then told me to fuck her in her ass. When she turned back around Lesly had positioned her self spread eagle in front of her.

I pulled out of her sweet little pussy and rubbed my cock over her puckered little butt hole. I pressed the tip in just a bit and she stiffened up. I rubbed her back and told her to relax. Once again I pressed my cock up to Susan’s virgin butt and pressed forward with my hips. This time the head of my cock slipped past her sphincter and I was in. She was hardly breathing. I pressed in a little at a time and would wait. Lesly grabbed her head and pulled Susan’s mouth to her pussy. She stroked her hair and told her that it would be alright that she would get used to it.

I moved in until I was buried up to my nuts in my sweet little lover’s ass. I slowly pulled out and then entered her again. She was so fucking tight that I had to fight not to cum. I quickened the pace and I could hear her muffled moans coming from between Lesly’s legs. Finally I was brutally fucking her tight little as. Shoving her face hard into Lesly’s pussy. Lesly looked into my eyes and told me to cum in Susan’s ass. I reached around and started rubbing her hard little clit. She was driving her ass back into me. I stopped and let her fuck me until I exploded into her tight little tunnel. Feeling my hot load spray into her ass set her off. Her pussy clamped down tight on my throbbing cock and then would relax. This set me off again. Lesly fingered herself to her second orgasm. I pulled out of Susan my load was running out and down through her pussy and starting to drip. Lesly moved between her legs and started to clean her up, taking every drop. When she was done she kissed Susan and shared my cum with her. I looked out of the van and we had an audience. I thing every male in the camp ground was there.

Lesly and Susan had moved to the bed and were holding and rubbing each other. I went over and thanked them. They said no thank you. I gave each a kiss and got dressed and went back outside, leaving them to be alone with each other.

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Camping with Stepdaughter 19

Lesly, Susan and I walked through the edge of the parking lot on our way back to camp. I looked down towards the other camps. I could see Bonnie as her k**s ran out to greet her. She looked back and gave me a smile. I should have felt bad about fucking another man’s wife, but I didn’t. He had just seen two young women naked and had gotten sucked off by Susan’s sweet young mouth. I was wondering if I would get another chance to tap that beautiful ass. I noticed that the men in the other camps were starting to stir as well. My girls had a reputation by now as horny little sluts. I looked back as we walked up the trail. Men were already heading out for walks.

We hadn’t been back to camp for more than a minute when Lesly and Susan were pulling off their clothes. They grabbed their robes and towels and headed to the stream. It wasn’t long before the trees were alive with action.

They kept their robes on for a while. It seemed that they were waiting for the men to arrive. After about 10 minutes of just wading around in their robes Lesly pulled Susan to her and gave her a long hot kiss. Susan slid her hands under the hem of Lesly’s robe and tightly squeezed the firm cheeks of her ass. Lesly pulled Susan’s robe open exposing her beautiful breasts with her dark nipples standing at attention. Lesly cupped her breasts and started alternating between licking and pinching each one. She then moved one hand down Susan’s toned stomach and slipped her fingers into her steamy little pussy. Susan pulled at Lesly’s robe and it fell open. By now I think every man in the campground had taken up a position around the two little lovers. They moved out of the water and slid out of their robes. Lesly knelt down in front of Susan and f***ed her legs apart with her hands. She started to slowly rub her pussy with her fingers. Susan slid her hands into Lesly’s hair and pulled her face to her crotch. Lesly’s tongue teased the sweet folds of flesh between Susan’s legs. As Lesly ate her pussy she grabbed and pulled on her nipples Soon Susan’s hips were moving in slow circles pressing into Lesly’s face. Knowing that she was being watched added to her excitement. She was breathing hard and with every breath she would let out a loud sensual moan. It wasn’t long before she was engulfed with pleasure and her legs started to shake. She grabbed the back of Lesly’s head and pulled her face tightly into her quivering pussy. Her orgasm subsided and now it was her turn to pleasure Lesly.

Lesly sat down on a big rock and spread her legs wide. The sun hit the bright red little patch of hair just above her swollen clit. She took her fingers and spread her lips open giving all that were watching an unobstructed view of her tight little hole. Susan knelt between her legs and slid two fingers into Lesly’s wet pussy. The way that Susan was kneeling exposed her swollen pussy with her nectar running down her legs to the crowd of men. Lesly threw her head back and let out a loud moan. Susan’s fingers were sliding in and out of Lesly at a feverish pace. With every thrust Lesly would raise her hips up off of the rock. Susan then replaced her fingers with her tongue. It only took about 30 seconds for Lesly to be taken over by her orgasm. She shook so hard that if Susan hadn’t grabbed her legs she would have fallen off of the rock. When her body had finally quit shaking she pulled Susan up and gave her a long kiss as she rubbed her little ass.

They then slipped back into their robes and came back up to camp. They dropped their robes and went in and cuddled up on the bed and went to sl**p in each others arms.

I watched as the trees came to life with men heading back to their camps. Even though I had just watched an unbelievable lesbian show, all I could think about was Bonnie. I opened up a beer and started to make ready to cook supper.

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Camping with Stepdaughter 20

While I had been cooking supper Lesly and Susan had been busy in the van. Both girls had on little tank tops that they had cut off just below their firm young breasts. Their nipples were hard and their areolas were clearly visible. They had cut away all the material from the crotches of their little shorts until all that was left was the narrow strip formed by the seam. The seam disappeared into the folds of their smooth young pussies, parting their inner lips and leaving them totally exposed. Lesly set the table and Susan got drinks from the cooler. As usual our trail continued to have traffic up and back, even though it went nowhere at all. The girls made sure to bend over and stretch so that an occasional nipple would pop out from their little tops. There was no way short of covering their pussies with their hands that they were not open for all to see.

Then I heard a familiar voice. Hello Bonnie said. I turned and there she was. She looked at the girls and said so this is what all the commotion is about. She told me that she was headed to the bathroom when she saw different men from around the campground headed up the trail. She said that she was curious and had to find out what was going on. She told me that the men down by her could not take their eyes off of her when she was in her camp. I could see why, she had on a tight pair of white shorts that her thong was clearly visible thru. Her top showed the outline of her low cut bra and her deep cleavage. She looked down at my crotch, smiled and said that it looked like I needed some attention. She told me that she had been thinking about what we had done earlier in the day and couldn’t get how my hard cock had felt inside of her out of her head. Lesly came over and gave her a hug and asked if she was staying for dinner. Bonnie told her no that she had to get back to her husband before he came looking for her.

Bonnie told me that she could not wait until tomorrow and that she would be up later when her husband and k**s were asl**p. She touched my chest and turned and walked back down the trail. I watched her hot ass as she slowly walked away. Just before she went out of sight she turned to see if I was watching and gave me a smile and a wave.

Lesly came up to me and said God she is really hot. Susan I bet that would taste good.

We ate supper and then went to the van. Lesly pulled off Susan’s top and started sucking on her hard nipples. I pulled her shorts down over her hips and slid my hand between her legs to her wet pussy. Her lips were swollen and her little flower was open.Susan pulled off Lesly’s top and unbuttoned her shorts. Lesly set back lifted her hips and pulled them off. I told them I want to watch.

Lesly laid down on her back and spread her legs. Susan straddled her face and bent down into a lusty 69 position. They were gently caressing each others bodies. They were moaning and breathing hard. I sat down behind Susan and watched as Lesly lapped at Susan’s pussy while sliding two fingers into her tight little hole. I moved down with Susan and took turns with her. She had Lesly’s pussy spread out wide with her fingers while she feverishly slid her tongue over her protruding clit. I would slide my tongue through her lips and then Susan’s tongue would dart out and attack her hard little knob. I pulled out my aching cock and held it up to Susan’s mouth. She was now becoming very skilled at sucking a man’s cock. Her tongue traced slow circles around its head and then would flick wildly underneath. I pulled away and she went back to pleasuring Lesly.

I dropped my shorts and moved into position behind Susan’s cute little ass. Her little pussy shined with her juices. What a perfect little target. Lesly grabbed my cock and slid it in between her soft fold and to the entrance oh her love tunnel. I entered Susan with one quick shove of my hips. Susan let out a loud moan and pressed her sweet little ass back to meet me. She looked back at me and said that she thought that I was going to watch. I smiled and said My Bad. Lesly licked and played with my balls as I fucked her little friend. Lesly then started to message Susan’s little nub. Susan stretched out and arched her back. She was becoming accustomed to may large cock, it only hurt a little before she was stretched out and she could get into the pleasure she was receiving. Lesly’s tongue was sliding along the under side of my fat cock. As I would pull out Susan’s sweet nectar would be pumped out and Lesly would catch it with her tongue. Susan’s body was twisting with every thrust. She was raising and lowering her hips, which heightened both our pleasures. She was becoming a very good little lover. I smiled and thought to myself that these girls were going to surprise the boys that they would hookup with after this week. Susan lifted her body off of Lesly and sat straight up on my cock. She Yelled OH GOD YES and surrendered to waves of her orgasm as they pulsed through her body. I pulled on her nipples which added to her pleasure. As Susan came back to reality she turned and kissed me on the cheek and just said WOW! That was awesome.

I pulled out and maneuvered them to where Susan was spread eagle on the bed and Lesly was kneeling in front of her. Lesly started eating Susan’s just fucked pussy. I slid the tip up and down the whole length of her wet little snatch. She pushed back against me trying to get me to enter her. I teased her for a couple of minutes. She looked over her shoulder and commanded JUST STICK THAT BIG FUCKING COCK IN ME AND GET WITH IT. I watched her lips spread to accept the large head of my cock. I grabbed her hips and fucked her tight little pussy hard. I continued for a while and then pulled out and entered her tight ass. As I passed her sphincter she tensed up and screamed. I slid in until I was slapping my nuts against her juicy pussy. Susan’s eyes were closed; she had her hands under her hips lifting her pussy up to meet Lesly’s probing tongue. Lesly was shoving her ass back into me making my nuts slap her pussy even harder. She reached under her and started to rub her swollen little clit. She shuddered and bucked as her orgasm over took her being. I slid my cock in as far as I could and held it there. Her tight ass was convulsing around me. When she had settled back down I pulled out and turned her around. She sucked the head of my cock into her sweet warm mouth. Susan came down and watched. Susan said I want some. Lesly put the tip up to Susan’s mouth and she sucked me all of the way down her throat. Damn I thought to myself I have created two skilled little cock suckers. My balls tightened and I shot my hot load down Susan’s throat. She pulled back and Lesly took the second heavy stream. They took turns until the last drop of my sticky fluid was cleaned up. They looked very content. I pulled them both up and gave them kisses. I could taste a mix of my cum and theirs. They got under the covers and spooned.

I went out to clean up camp and have a rum and coke. Thoughts of Bonnie were going through my head. Would she really come up tonight? How would she be able to sneak away? God what am I doing. I sat and drank and watched the flames of the camp fire. Time was going by slowly. I had been there for what seemed like hours. I went in and checked on the girls and they had fallen asl**p in each others arms. I pulled their covers up and went back out to the fire. There stood Bonnie in a sexy little robe. Her long blonde hair hung down over her breasts. My heart started to raise. I walked over and took her in my arms.

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Camping with Stepdaughter 21

Our lips met and our tongues mingled together. I asked her how she had gotten away from her husband. She told me that she had gotten him d***k and then they went to bed. In that condition nothing would wake him up. She got up and checked to make sure he was out and he was dead to the world. She changed her clothes and came up. She said that she had snuck past the other camps hoping that she would not be caught. When she got so far she just ran.

She looked beautiful in the light of the camp fire. She walked over to the table, untied her robe and let it fall off of her shoulders. I could see the contours of her body through the thin material of her tiny nightie as the fire light flickered behind her. She told me that she had not been with another man other than her husband in 10 years. That up on the trail had felt so very wrong, but so very hot. She had been standing totally exposed to a man that she had just met. It made her feel dirty, but so very alive. She wanted to back out but she had let it go to far. She had to feel her pussy filled to be stretched again like it had before she had c***dren.

She turned to face the fire. I walked up behind her and put my arms around her waist and pulled her into me. I told her that I couldn’t think of anything except her since our time on the trail. My hard cock slid between the shapely cheeks of her ass. She tilted her head back on my shoulder and I reached down and gently kissed her neck behind her ear. She whispered this is so wrong, this is so fucking wrong, but have got to have your beautiful cock in me. I slid my hands up to her breasts and pulled her in tighter. She pressed hard into my aching cock and slid her ass up and down. She pulled away from me and turned to face me. She hooked the straps of her nightie and let it slide off of her firm breasts and over her shapely hips and on to the ground. I pulled her to me and slid my hand down between her legs. She pressed her hips forward to my touch. Her pussy was on fire. She looked into my eyes and said look what you do to me. My pussy is soaked. I tingle all over. You melt me like butter. I am yours.

I ran to the van and got the foam pad and a couple of blankets. I laid them out on top of the table. I slid my hands under the cheeks of Bonnie’s beautiful ass and picked her up. She wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. I carried her over to the table and set her with her legs hanging off the side. I kissed her lovely full lips and teased her with the tip of my tongue. She responding and our tongues mingled together in a long sensuous kiss. She pulled off my shirt and ran her fingers through the hair on my chest and pinched my nipples. I slid my hands up under her firm breasts and gave them a little bounce. She grinned and asked if I was having fun. I told her that she was so perfect that I could not believe my eyes. She grabbed my cock and slipped it between the moist lips of her pussy. I pulled back and said not yet. As I knelt down I let my hands slide down her body. I lifted her legs up and placed them on my shoulders. The fire illuminated her pubes and the moisture on her lips glistened. I parted her lips and she jumped. I could smell her sex, it was intoxicating. Her juices were flowing leaving a little trail down between her cheeks. I licked it and followed it up to its source. She put her hands behind my head and pulled me to her. I teased the outer lips with my tongue and then parted her inner lips and sucked on her clit. Her pussy was quivering with every touch. I lightly twirled my finger around the opening of her warm tunnel. Her breathing was f***ed and she let out a loud sigh whispered Oh Fuck Yes, and pushed her hips up off of the table. I teased her like that for some time. She reached down grabbed my hand and f***ed my fingers all the way into her. I add another and slowly pumped them in and out of her. Her whole body was moving. I found her G-spot and she went wild. I focused all of my attention on her clit as my fingers massaged her G-spot. She took a deep breath and every muscle in her body started to shake. She sat up and jerked my shorts down and grabbed my ass. She said STICK THAT BIG FAT FUCKINF COCK OF YOURS INTO MY HOT PUSSY NOW.

My cock had no more touched her and I was buried nuts deep in her. I grabbed her shapely hips and pulled her right to the edge of the table. I fucked her with everything I had. I was lifting her ass off of the table with every thrust. Her beautiful tits were twirling in circles on her chest. Her back was arched up off of the table. She was pulling her hair as her head tossed from side to side. She was looking at me with lust in her eyes. She said GOD YES FUCK THAT PUSSY. FUCK IT DEEP AND HARD. OH GOD YES. I her pushed her legs up off of my shoulders and placed her feet right up to ears. Her arms were pinned down to her sides. She was totally under my control. I shoved in hard and my cock slid into the opening of her cervix. She let out a painful moan. I started to pull out and she said no. I have never had a cock that deep in me. I slid out and then penetrated her cervix again and again. She screamed out OH GOD YES and slid into an unbelievable orgasm. I could feel the walls of her soaking pussy clamping around my cock. Right behind the head of my cock the opening of her cervix was spasming. I held her down until her climax had subsided and pulled out of her.

I stuck the tip of my pulsated cock up to the opening of her tight little puckered butt hole and started to press against her. She gasped what are you doing. I pressed a little harder and she squirmed to try to get away. She told me that she had never taken a cock in her ass before. I told her to relax and pressed into her harder. I felt her sphincter start to spread and pressed harder. She was moaning with every breath she took. Then the head of my cock was in. She said that she couldn’t believe that she was letting me take her in the ass. I pulled her hips to me and slid the rest of the way in. I bent down and kissed her while she got used to my big cock stuck up her tight little pooper. I slowly move out just an inch or two and then I would press back in. Soon I was pulling all of the way out and then entering her again. She got a lusty look on her face and I started to fuck her hard. She was really getting into it now. Her hips were meeting my every move. She looked up and me and said FUCK MY VIRGIN ASS, FUCK ME, FUCK ME FIL MY ASS WITH YOUR HOT CUM. I started slamming into I felt my nuts tighten and I started shooting stream after stream of hot gooie cum into her tight ass. She started to shake again and her pussy was forcing her thick cum out of her gaping pussy and down onto my cock.

When I was finished I pulled her up to me and we kissed. She told me that she could not believe how hard and how many times that she had just orgasmed. She sat down on the bench and took my cock into her hands and slid her mouth down over it and sucked me dry. She kept sucking until I was hard again. She hold me to lay down on my back on the table. She straddled me and slid down over my cock. She leaned forward and kissed me on the forehead. She slowly started to move her hips, sliding almost all of the way off of my cock and then plunging back down until her clit was grinding on my pubes. She looked and me and said now who is fucking who. I smiled, grabbed her hips and started pounding her sweet pussy again. She only lasted about five minutes before she came again. I kept pounding into her until I was ready to come for my second time. She felt me tense up and knew I was about to shoot another load into her. She clawed at my chest and my nuts exploded deep inside her. She kissed me and climbed off of the table. She cleaned the cum out of her ass and pussy and rubbed it into her breasts. She went to put on her little nightie and robe and I told her no. I want you to walk back to your camp naked. She looked at me and said I will get caught. I told her that if we were to meet tomorrow she had to do what I wished. She looked at me and told me that as long as they were here she was my slut and would do anything to please me. She then told me that she was going for a hike in the morning and expected to see me. She gave me a kiss and left.

I followed her to the end of the trail. I watched as she walked through the lot with her beautiful body exposed and past the other camps and then disappear into hers. I don’t think that she had been seen, but I kind of wished that she had been.

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