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Camping With Mom - Part 1

Camping With Mom - Part 1

... was hiking and camping in the mountains near our house. Ever since I was born, our f****y would always ... take trips up to the mountains to hunt & fish. We would spend days camped in a tent next to our ... I was depressed because I looked forward to this trip all year. Mom and I have always been very... Continue»
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Camping With Mom - Part 3

... . The good news is that it was still fairly warm out, so I wouldn't freeze tonight.

"Good night mom ... its toll on me, I was exhausted. I quickly drifted off, thinking thoughts of my mom.

Soon I ... was having the most amazing dream. My mom and I were walking on the trail, much like the one earlier. She... Continue»
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Camping With Mom - Part 4

... I am not the Author of this story.

We had dressed ourselves after we arrived back at our camp ... just in case there was someone on the trails who might spot us.

Mom had slipped back into her super ... physically or verbally any more, the sheer illicitness or our affair drove us both onward. Mom had... Continue»
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Camping - Partie 1

... à leurs occupations pour passer une semaine dans un camping, à deux pas de la mer.

Ce soir là, nous sommes rentré ... à travers le tissu de la tente. C'est l'un des avantages de dormir au camping : au moins on fait ... mais nous ressentons l’énorme tension sexuelle qu'il y a entre nous. Nous remontons vers le camping, nos sexes... Continue»
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Camping Trip part 1

... I am 26 year old white bi sex guy. I usally go camping a couple times a year with some friends ... no matter with who.

The first night we where camping we had way to many drinks and the next day ... to a local bar. I decided I would just stay at camp and take a nap to recover from the night before. I... Continue»
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Mom-Son Honey Camping 1


Introduction: Mom and Son go camping and some honey is spilt

I'm an only c***d and I ... at the camp site. There's nothing more I can do here"

"Eweeeeeew!" My mom shouted back at Dad ... but mom is only 37, having had me when she was 19.

My parents met when mom was at college and dad... Continue»
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Mom Tastes The best- Part 1

... I always enjoyed watching my mom's curvy fair body specialy since the age of 15 when I first ... started reading about i****t and mom son sex stories online. I am Rajiv 22yrs old from delhi, my mom's ... and beautiful, but none of them went well for her. My mom has a little aggresive attitude... Continue»
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Mom, Daughter, Teacher - Part 1 of 2 - BBBBTS

... Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

Mom, Daughter, Teacher - part 1 of 2

I wrote my name ... wondered what her Mom looked like. "Are we going to have a problem? For the next few weeks. While I am ... was living with her Mom. They lived a few blocks from the school. Her Mom was 34. Divorced at 18. Made... Continue»
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Sperm storage with mom help part 1

... the glass shooter in my room all the time and I always think about ejaculating for my mother.

End of part 1.

It all started when i was a teen. I was living with my mom and my older s****r in a quiet small ... was jerking 2 or 3 time per day. We lived in a small house but very decent. I and mom got separate room... Continue»
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My Adventures: Mom and Me Part 1

... experience it may not be that great, enjoy.

A little back ground information to start with, my mom ... hard working business man, and he had to go on a 3 week business trip abroad, so me and my mom said ... my mom call me "Breakfast is ready!" I put on some sport shorts and a shirt and head downstairs... Continue»
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... say or do anything to hurt her."

That wasn't part of the plan, and I knew it was mom's one ... either.

And that was something else that irritated me as well. Mom was still a very attractive ... , though again, he could lavish his own daughter with a brand new car, informing mom that he had... Continue»
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... to be around for the most part.
She dresses kinda provocatively some times and sometimes, because of it, Well ... she's barely dressed at all! The worst part is…she finds it amusing when I say something to her ... side of tits; framing them. She didn’t seem to notice. It took little to no effort on my part... Continue»
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Nurse Mom part 1

... , gotten my license, I'd taken mom on her monthly pilgrimage to spend the day visiting with her long ... time friend during the summer months. It wasn't like it was a cross-country trip, but mom hated ... driving on the freeway. And I didn't mind taking her as Valerie; mom's friend had a couple of sweet... Continue»
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Mom, Daughter, Teacher - part 1 of 2 - An Adult St

... Mom, Daughter, Teacher - part 1 of 2

I wrote my name on the chalk board. "Buck Kelly"..."My name ... from Bodacious Magazine or Juggs. I just kept smiling. I wondered what her Mom looked like. "Are we ... down to the principle office. I pulled out Joy's file. She was living with her Mom. They lived a few... Continue»
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Mom Fulfills Son's Desires: Part 1

... Mom Fulfills Son's Desires: Part 1

Tim rolled out of bed, took his shower, and dressed ... of pipe.

"Sorry, mom, I was just trying to slip in and grab the cereal box." He braced himself for her ... was able to say nothing more than,

"Were you able to reach everything?"

"Yeah, thanks, mom, I... Continue»
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Mom Gets In Trouble Part - 1

... of snickered as they both took a swallow from their second beer and he said, "No way mom. Sometimes I'm ... going to miss you when you're gone Jason," she said.

"I'll miss you too mom, but there's still ... a good body, almost as good as yours mom."

She flushed a bit and said, "Oh come on, is that all you... Continue»
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Me and My Mom ~ Part 1

... , when I was 15 I had an amazing time with my mom. My dad was loaded so we lived in a huge house, he ... was always on “business trips” and my mom would stay out with her friends for hours most days ... women), my Mom was out with friends, and my b*****r and s****r where at college. So when I came home... Continue»
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Mom Pays Up (part 1)

... with my mom and my dad, and i don't have a job
But I have made a large amount of money from gambling ... and never had
a problem until recently....)

"Bye mom" I shouted as I closed the door behind ... around and all I could say was "mom? What are you doing here?"
I couldn't believe the woman Ray had... Continue»
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My Mom Is A Slut - Part 1

... Paul is as an only c***d living with his single mom. The two rented a rundown two bedroom unit ... with seeing his mom naked.
During his school holidays in winter Paul wanted to do nothing but stay with his ... mom at all times; shopping, cooking, eating, watching TV, you name it! If his mother was doing... Continue»
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Out Door MOM part 1

... daughter was gazing at her b*****r's cock with smoldering young eyes, her soft lips parted, and her ... was burning up, her cunt on fire, juices soaking into the tight seam of her cutoffs. Ginger parted her legs ... , too," she said, her voice low.

"But, Mom ..." Toby stammered. Unashamedly, Susan unsnapped her... Continue»
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