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Camping Trip part 1

Coed Camping Trip

... always been the outdoorsman. I grew up hunting, fishing, hiking and camping. About a year after recovering from my auto accident, a friend of ... that they all seemed to know but was not part of the camping trip. He refused to answer and it was his turn ... ... Continue»
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mmf camping trip

This is one camping trip im glad i went on... Camping Truth or Dare

Bit about me: I hate camping, i hate outdoors, i hate sl**ping bags ... face.

all in all i think that was a pretty fucking good camping trip! ... Continue»
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Wife and Mother in law camping trip experience par

... wife and her parents went on a camping trip this past weekend. We brought two tents. ... to bed....

--- there is actually a second part to this story but it is getting ... up for work tomorrow morning. Check for a part two shortly it's worth it :) ... ... Continue»
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camping trip

... about three weeks ago while i was camping in the Sequoias. I was on a ten

day camping trip and was on my sixth day there ... camp site and I went to mine. This was the best camping trip

I have ever had, I hope I have more like this.

I hope you ... ... Continue»
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Camping Trip part 1

... am 26 year old white bi sex guy. I usally go camping a couple times a year with some friends which is mostly a drinking ... sex no matter with who.

The first night we where camping we had way to many drinks and the next day ... ... Continue»
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The Camping Trip With Mom

... how sexy she it. Well one summer they were having a camping trip for the scouts which I, Brandon and Micheal were excited for ... at here "Nobody fucks you for the rest of this trip but me, you hear me slut?". "Yes baby" she said ... ... Continue»
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Serenas camping trip

... regularly hang out down the pub decided to go for a camping trip
up wales, its going to be me, adam, john, alex ... ... Continue»
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Road Trip Part II

Road Trip Part II

The rest of the trip was not easy. I wanted to know more about what Becky ... …more teasing. But I knew this would be a large part of the trip before we left. Despite what happened earlier in the ... ... Continue»
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Leaving Chicago for St.Marteen in mid-winter is ... eyes were bright and piercing. A thick, luscious, silver mane with a part on the left, swept back from his forehead over his ... ... Continue»
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Like a gentlemen, Jack opened the door and led me ... adventurous and wicked I turned shuffled my legs making my thighs part and displayed for a few long seconds and went back to ... ... Continue»
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... simmer for about 3 hours, occasionally, pulling it to a cooler part, to keep it from burning, just keeping it hot ... unrolling sl**ping bags, and arranging who slept where. A camping trip for 8 for 3 days takes a good bit of everything, especially ... ... Continue»
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... camping trip takes a turn for the better)

Al was looking forward to leaving on their camping trip as he packed the RV. He and ... shock.

"Well, I can see this is going to be quite a camping trip," Erin said. "Let's go wash up, Sue, then we'd better ... ... Continue»
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Freewill 504: Part 6

... wasn't that I had never slept naked before, but never on a camping trip. My head was pounding as I slowly sat up. I vaguely ... anything else off." I answered, and that was final.

"Are you part of this group?" asked Scott.

"Yes." I answered

"Then you ... ... Continue»
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... forward to leaving on their camping trip as he packed the RV. He and Erin ... .

Boy, was this going to be some camping trip, he thought to himself as he walked ... , I can see this is going to be quite a camping trip," Erin said. "Let's go wash up, Sue, then ... ... Continue»
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... sometimes your buddy’s.

We ended up going camping 5 times a year. The unspoken rule was, outside ... moment of my life. And the funny part was, I don’t know which had a more ... at long last. We had one more camping trip that year, as we took turns fucking ... ... Continue»
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What happens on the island - part 5

... much forgot we were nude. We were just friends on a camping trip, basically. We were so far into the wilderness that we ... our naked bodies and smiling wickedly, obviously guessing at least part of the answer.

Julie explained our arrangement, how we had ... ... Continue»
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A Camping Trip

... go camping in the southern Appalachians

After the weekend on the lake my friends and I organized a camping and fishing trip in ... collapse!

Other than the fun of fishing, camping and hiking the highlights of the trip was the funny loud simultaneous fuck ... ... Continue»
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Coed Camping Day 2

... I quietly talked and came up with an idea. As this camping trip was all related to an ecology course that Tyler taught ... and grabbed my crotch.

I can’t wait for Tyler’s next class camping trip. Now that Tina and I are married, she said she would ... ... Continue»
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Mom-Son Honey Camping 2

Mom-Son Honey Camping
Introduction: Now they have to share a sl**ping bag

Mom ... my quick shower, we spent time like any other f****y on a camping trip. We walked, ate and walked some more. By the time ... ... Continue»
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Camping in Michigan

It was going to be a f****y camping trip to Warren Dunes with two families, but that all changed ... Mouth. That’s when we knew we were up for a good camping trip.
We took off after a couple hours of drinking more beers ... ... Continue»
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