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Camp chapter 1

Army Boot Camp - BBW STYLE! [Re-post!]

Army Boot Camp - BBW STYLE!
Chapter 1

Back when I was in the army, I spent a few years as a boot camp instructor. It was ... her bra on and masturbated myself to sl**p.

Chapter 3

The Recruits were given weekends off, but had ... ... Continue»
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Body Corporate Chapter 10

2098 words - 1.05

Chapter 10
The Fishing Lodge

The next ... that allowed them to fly direct to their camp after filing a flight plan with the proper ... Natural Resource’s Conservation Officers had checked the camp several times over the years but the girls ... ... Continue»
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... hole? Remember what you were doing when I came home from camp?”
She laughed. “I remember well baby, and it felt ... make for lost time!”
I didn’t think there was another chapter in this story, but I do thank everyone who asked ... ... Continue»
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... have followed this story from the beginning, this chapter starts two weeks after chapter 4 concluded. Thank you for your comments and ... -hole? Remember what you were doing when I came home from camp?”
She laughed. “I remember well baby, and it felt soooo ... ... Continue»
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'little sis' chapter two

... up like he just flunked out of boot camp. But I could see how carrying those ... . Finally, he unleashed the secrets of band camp when he lost his virginity at twelve. I ... lovey than my normal stories. More sex in chapter 3

I post every story twice as a ... ... Continue»
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Body Corporate Chapter 12

2581 - 1.29

Chapter 12
Day of Fun

As Cindi lay ... she was a long way from shore and the camp. The wind was from off shore pushing her further ... her arrival. It was a typical man oriented fishing camp. There were trophies on the walls from past hunting ... ... Continue»
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Auntie’s Naughty Boys chapter 3

... the boys.
"Oh baby! Couldn't we use you back at camp tonight.'" A young Tenderfoot said in a
high-pitched voice.
The girl ... ," Herb said in a low voice. "It's after lights out." The
camp was quiet, except for s**ttered murmurs from the Scouts settling ... ... Continue»
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Moments in Time from My Life: Chapter 2 No Boys Al

... big cock.

Moments in Time from My Life: Chapter 2 No Boys Allowed

The only person I did ... young man on a dirt bike coming up the camp road. The young man gassed the engine and popped ... gone as my aunt and I grabbed the camp cots to lie out in the sun. We ... ... Continue»
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Jenny Becomes a Porn Star Chapter Six

... the year 188. I was what you would call a camp follower for a group of 25 Roman soldiers. I ... on my hands and knees next to a camp fire with a cock inside my mouth and another ... finish of every shooting just like me.

Chapter Seven is in the works.
My only ... ... Continue»
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LOVE HIM Chapter 3 (My Lips on Cody’s Cock)

... of Heart Lake to ourselves looked promising. We set up camp grabbed a change of clothes and headed off to wash ... )

Read the earlier chapters
LOVE HIM Chapter 1 Cody
LOVE HIM Chapter 2 (Hung Like A Bull)
LOVE HIM Chapter 3 (My Lips on Cody’s ... ... Continue»
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Rene & Me Chapter 4

... her wet cunt hole G......Fuck me like I'm a cock I'm a camp ground slut......put your hard cock in my wet hole ... ."

"G.......Rene's at the door....he's here to begin the big camp out!" Mom yelled, snapping me out of my day dream."

... Continue»
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The Slave Girl (Chapter 3)

Chapter 3

Burdett sighed. Casually, he walked to a bush and ... other hand. Out of sight and earshot of the camp, he positioned her, standing, whilst he sat upon ... flesh, and tip-toed to the centre of the camp.

The free, but naked, Miss Corey Gibson had ... ... Continue»
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The Slave Girl (Chapter 5)

Chapter 5

Corey found it pleasanter to march ... that for the night. I'll go back to camp."
"Noooooooooo!" Corey struggled wildly against ... ;

Silently, he untied her, led her back to camp, and padlocked her back in place among the other ... ... Continue»
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Zoe & Cyndi - Chapter 1

- Chapter 1 -

Rustling noise occurred inside the warmth ...

‘Now that’s how you wake up at a camp,’ she whispered to Zoe.

Zoe could only nod her ... ass with lust-filled eyes. She thanked her camp councillor silently for assigning Cyndi as her tent ... ... Continue»
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Separate Lives (Chapter 2)

... club high over the mountains kept me smiling for weeks.

Chapter 6

Melissa's Diary:

I was happy for Ron. After seeing him ... Platoon came by yesterday. They'd been rotated back to a base camp for some R&R before going back out on another assignment. I ... ... Continue»
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The Hostage Chapter Three

... months we want you at the
POW camp. You will conduct questioning in Arabic and ... call him after I have been at the interrogation camp for a few weeks.
I'll tell him I'm planning ... Islam. He'll help
me infiltrate the enemy camp. He'll revel in it. He has ... ... Continue»
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The Bar Pick-up Chapter 2

... are encouraged to read the first chapter, to get a full idea of the beginning of the story, ... trees, spreading it open. All in all, it looked like a camp site. Just one that was used for a long time.
I was ... ... Continue»
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Kinky Vanilla: Chapter 1

... series
Please read the prologue if you haven't already. This chapter starts at the actual beginning of the story and is ... this age but putting her in an anti-boy concentration camp isn't the solution. This shit's a recipe for disaster. Cody's got ... ... Continue»
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Pagan Princess (Chapter Four)

... well into the night, finally just before midnight they made camp. Melissia’s head spun from the buffeting she received whilst laying ... to loud trumpeting sounds coming from the edge of the camp. Bleary-eyed he went outside and was met by his ... ... Continue»
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c*** [Chapter 2]

... an affair she had with her roommate at the cheerleading camp last summer. She was hoping to room with her next ... same look her roommate had given her last year at camp. "OK. I'm in." She said.

"We should have left our cheerleading ... ... Continue»
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