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... I hadn't heard in over five years. It was my <ddd>cousin</ddd> <ddd>Holly</ddd>. After a bit of idle chit chat in which she ... I said in a voice barely above a whisper.
"About what?" <ddd>Holly</ddd> asked, still squeezing my hand affectionately.
"What happened ... ... Continue»
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... .
Once I started fingering both her pussy and asshole simultaneously <ddd>Holly</ddd> was getting a little weak in the knees. I notice her ... belly. My body shook violently for several seconds afterward.
<ddd>Holly</ddd> grabbed my slippery cock and attempted to wring out a ... ... Continue»
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Handjob Holly - Part 3

... and had reached down to touch one of <ddd>Holly</ddd>'s shiny black high heels. <ddd>Holly</ddd> looked down a little confused and saw that ... hips slightly as he watched <ddd>Holly</ddd>'s toes stroking his cock
"Oh <ddd>Holly</ddd>" he groaned. "I can't hold back!"
<ddd>Holly</ddd> wanked Steve fast as she ... ... Continue»
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Handjob Holly - Part 2

... "OOOOHHHH FUUUUUUCK!" he bellowed as a big blast of spunk coated <ddd>Holly</ddd>'s tonsils. She squealed and took his cock out, smiling ... it.
When he'd finally finished, he slumped back with a sigh. <ddd>Holly</ddd> licked her fingers clean again as the cameramen filmed ... ... Continue»
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Handjob Holly - Part 1

... around, looking sheepish and uncomfortable. "I...I'm sorry", he stammered. But <ddd>Holly</ddd> was still squealing with laughter and trying to ... at the embarrassed guy's penis.
"I...I'm...erm" he stuttered, but <ddd>Holly</ddd> placed the tip of her finger on his lips, ... ... Continue»
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... condemn him for masturbating while thinking about his <ddd>cousin</ddd>. After all, even though I wasn’t sure he had noticed ... were drenched!

- Stay tuned for “Seduction of My First <ddd>Cousin</ddd> – <ddd>part</ddd> 5”
- Thanks for reading. Your votes and comments are appreciated ... ... Continue»
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My Cousin Mandy- Part 3

... had started with a shameful display of uncontrolable lust on my <ddd>part</ddd> this morning, rolling around Mandy's bed with her panties ... only seconds before the door opened, revealing my very pretty <ddd>cousin</ddd> standing there. I could see she'd re-touched her make-up ... ... Continue»
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Cousin Sue part 2

... those who encouraged me to write <ddd>part</ddd> 2, hopefully you'll like it just ... 039;d come down here and see how my favorite <ddd>cousin</ddd> is doing.” I was still a bit tense ... up in a sec.” I watched as my <ddd>cousin</ddd> stood up, adjusted her clothes, and looked ... ... Continue»
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Cousin Fill -Part 1

... summer day <ddd>cousin</ddd> Fill showed up at the house, she asked "hey <ddd>cousin</ddd>, wanna go ... the screen door slide back and out walked <ddd>cousin</ddd> Fill, she had found some old jean ... 039;s all she was wearing.

"Hey <ddd>cousin</ddd> I'm ready she says, Jump in! I reply. ... ... Continue»
Posted by teiro 4 years ago  |  Categories: Taboo  |  Views: 1697  |  
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My Cousin Mandy- Part One

... story), but I suppose I shouldn't be thinking these things about my <ddd>cousin</ddd>. I glanced over at Jon who was watching the movie, but ... yet another very intense orgasm, again thinking of my beautiful <ddd>cousin</ddd>. I slowly pulled the handle out, hearing the wetness of ... ... Continue»
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Cousin Fill-Part 2

... mushroom head, just begging to be milked. <ddd>Cousin</ddd> Fill wasted no time in rubbing that ... Here in front of me is my own <ddd>cousin</ddd>, completely nude, I'm feeling horny as hell. ... dripping twat, she began to moan, oh <ddd>cousin</ddd>, don't stop, please don't stop, ... ... Continue»
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My Cousin Mandy- Part 2

... once again behind my sunglasses, staring at my delicious looking <ddd>cousin</ddd> sitting across from me. Today Mandy wore a black two-piece ... trick? No, I had turned her on yesterday. I wasn't the only <ddd>cousin</ddd> having unnatural thoughts. I needed to go for broke here, ... ... Continue»
Posted by jontaric 9 months ago  |  Categories: Lesbian Sex, Masturbation, Taboo  |  Views: 1836  |  
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Cousin Sue part 3

... the long delay. Hope you like it, if not I plan <ddd>part</ddd> four to be better. Enjoy.

I woke up the next morning ... -husband ran off. Needless to say Mrs. Cane was a big <ddd>part</ddd> of my spank-bank.

“How many times do I have to ... ... Continue»
Posted by thejoker376 3 years ago  |  Categories: Masturbation, Taboo  |  Views: 1056  |  
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My Cousin Faith- Part 2

... <ddd>Part</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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My Cousin Sofia

... pussy <ddd>Cousin</ddd> Sofia had! The
fragrance of her secretions made me even more eager to
feast. I used my fingers to <ddd>part</ddd> her ... i****t, butt-fucking, you name it, if it wasn't
invented in "<ddd>Holly</ddd>-weird," it was probably refined and
perfected there." She ... ... Continue»
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For the Love of Holly

... <ddd>Holly</ddd>," I said.

"I had a great time with you, James, both at dinner and afterward."

A <ddd>part</ddd> of me wanted to flee, but a much bigger <ddd>part</ddd> ... ... Continue»
Posted by adel5000 3 years ago  |  Categories: Mature  |  Views: 1416  |  
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Holly Valance – Driving Ms Valance

... No hesitation on my <ddd>part</ddd>… “Of course I will”.

So <ddd>Holly</ddd> lays down on her bed ... <ddd>Holly</ddd>’s hand of course. “Go on then”, I replied and she <ddd>Holly</ddd> began to giggle again.

<ddd>Holly</ddd> ... really really tight and I tried to <ddd>part</ddd> <ddd>Holly</ddd>’s bum cheeks but the hole was still ... ... Continue»
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Freewill 504: Part 6

... I couldn't spend the next two days wearing just my bikini.

"<ddd>Holly</ddd>?" asked Scott


"It's your turn." He answered.

"If ... else off." I answered, and that was final.

"Are you <ddd>part</ddd> of this group?" asked Scott.

"Yes." I answered

"Then you ... ... Continue»
Posted by tzrlvr 1 year ago  |  Categories: BDSM  |  Views: 594  |  

HCC Wifey's First Story Part 2

... HornyCoupleColorado (HCC). This is completely fictional.
This is the second <ddd>part</ddd> of the first story that HCC Wifey wrote to HCC ... crazy slutty but powerful. I yelled at you to pound <ddd>Holly</ddd> harder, <ddd>Holly</ddd> to add another finger and Sir to pull my tits ... ... Continue»
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The Office Slut part two August 2010

... <ddd>part</ddd> two

You may remember my last encounter with ... my throbbing knob.

Let me finish him..said <ddd>Holly</ddd> breathlessly.
<ddd>Holly</ddd> joined Mrs Woods hand ,and now they ... for these women,although I had really enjoyed it.

<ddd>Holly</ddd> then knelt down and proceded to suck ... ... Continue»
Posted by jonnykingdom 3 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Masturbation, Voyeur  |  Views: 547  |  
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