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... some drinks and Leanne suggested that they begin the game.
Dean shook the highest dice and so he went first, he ... ; agreed Alexis
“Absolutely” Ben confirmed
As the game continued there were little interludes of flirting and erotic touching ... ... Continue»
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the Game. (re-post shortened version )

... chair opposite me. After a "Spin Off" Denise started the game.

The play started out well, with a couple of guessed questions, ... I realized that since stripping wasn't the object of the game, and getting naked wasn't the obvious final goal, then losing an ... ... Continue»
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Mom Sits In The Game

... two about the game." I laughed.

"Well the game starts at seven; you know the routine to set up for the game and ... Mom." I replied getting her a glass.

The game finally got underway and the first hour of it progressed without any major ... ... Continue»
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Victor and "the game" (True Story)

... Victor's employment we were playing a office version of "Gay Chicken" game. The game was not like video alot of you have seen on ... cock down his throat as I came.

We went way beyond the game on this day. Victor's cock went soft in my mouth ... ... Continue»
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Never Saw His Face The Game crossdresser fantasy

... change dont worry about that
and will discuss more on the game when we meet

so i took a few moments thinking to myself ... stopped

right thats far enough i think now we shall discuss the game now

ok as i said as i sense him standing in front ... ... Continue»
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The Game

... asl**p.

I decided to just let her sl**p while we watched the game. I was a little frustrated with her for being so uncooperative ... nice rack," I said. "Don't you think so?" They both nodded. The game was lackluster. We talked and joked through much of it ... ... Continue»
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Role Playing: The Game That Never Ends!

... them quite yet. I started explaining the plot of the game while I slid my sticky fingers up ... button and leaned over and whispered that the game was for him to play not interested ... Peter’s turn to set up the ending of the game. Before his head past mine he ... ... Continue»
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The game is in progress

... notice rises up on his elbow and looking a stolen glance ... the game is in progress!
Take my pants off and show my ... past with a wry smile.
There the Charlottenlund Beach, where the game takes place.
The day after I am back on the beach in hopes more, you ... ... Continue»
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Watching the game with my hot neighbor

... few steps after entering the apartment. As I walked in the living room I saw him going through the channel to find the game and made a ... him.

“Well that’s very nice, I think we could skip the game for tonight, what do you think?” Matt asked me.

“Sound ... ... Continue»
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The game wasn't on the TV

... at a friend's house, drinking beer, watching football, or whatever the game of the season happened to be. We played softball together as well ... were more than making up for me. By halftime, the game was pretty much a blowout and it had turned into a drinking ... ... Continue»
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The Game

... for dad's pleasure. Dad loved to play "the game" every night.

When he told us girls ... was time for the game we would go to the bedroom and see what game he had chose ... and sucking our nipples. I was in the middle and the men would take turns with me. Dad ... ... Continue»
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Cleaning lady 4 – The game goes on

... , please, don’t, I said no touching.”

“Sorry, I didn’t know the game had started and you’re so fucking sexy, I can’t resist ... “No I didn’t and I guess I can’t re-write the rules when the game’s already started right?”

“Right.” And I get closer to her ... ... Continue»
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The Game

... told her "We are going to play a fun game that grownups like to play. It is our ... clothes off and I will show you more about the game." As they both got naked Ray began to ... go for a walk." He then pulled the strings on the top of her bikini and began to suck ... ... Continue»
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The Game (Part 1)

... through me. He's attached it to the rings on the nipple clamps, adding to the stimulation. My nipples are especially sensitive, ... .

"That's enough for now," he said.

This is The Game.

He keeps me constantly stimulated, and so close to release ... ... Continue»
Posted by bennydrake 4 years ago  |  Categories: BDSM  |  Views: 397  |  

The Game

The Game

She loved the way his hands felt on her
Finger ... low sexy moan
She loved this, the attention, the seduction, the heat and the passion
He ran in his hand ...
Her right hand caressed his arm all the way to the hand that was fondling her sex
And ... ... Continue»
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The Game

The Game.

‘Am I awake, or am I sl**ping. I can ... . “Yes Mistress”.

And with that she slid the head of the dildo into my hole and stopped half way. ... hips and as I did, and the bigger the movements, the deeper she pushed the dildo into me. Then she ... ... Continue»
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The Game

The Game.

‘Am I awake, or am I sl**ping. I can ... . “Yes Mistress”.

And with that she slid the head of the dildo into my hole and stopped half way. ... hips and as I did, and the bigger the movements, the deeper she pushed the dildo into me. Then she ... ... Continue»
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My Slut Entertains My Friends During the Game

... of your friends to come over to watch the game. you have me a heads up and ... hard, and its very long! i lick the shaft, feeling the entire length of it... then i stick ... quiver and spasms... i moaned loudly over the ball gag. you pushed down on my lower ... ... Continue»
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After the game..

... sighed and opened the door and the stranger pushed against the door at the same time knocking him in the forehead with the door. She screamed ... with her team jersey on. She must have come from the game. She only came up to his neck in height, maybe ... ... Continue»
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Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss: Tantri

... . When you're ready, the next chapter expands the game to include
maithuna and the prospect of sacred simultaneous orgasm.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003 ... ... Continue»
Posted by DrunkenDiablo 2 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish  |  Views: 19058  |  
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