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... bulge!!!

Then turn me over and SPANK this Whore! Make me do NAUGHTY, dirty ... we can get the fun started!

OWWwwwww...Spank Me!

She included a couple of pictures – she ... sobbing, she began begging me not to spank her again. Paying no mind, I ordered ... ... Continue»
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CD And Trucker

CD Adventures Truckers Ch. 02a
Part 2A: Portland to Bakersfield
I turned....
At least four things went through my mind the moment I heard Hank ask me to go along with him.
- One my wife was gone for at least 2 weeks so that was no problem.
- Two, with wireless connection and my laptop I could take my job on the road.
- Three, I had hardly any clothes in my bag that I was carrying. All the clothes in the bag were girl
clothes; my boy clothes were in the back seat of my car.
- Four, my ass (oops, my pussy) was on fire and now stinging a bit from Hank's big cock taking my
virginity just moments earlier.
Who's Hank you ask...he's the trucker that just asked me, a somewhat passable CD, to go along with
him on a 'road trip'.
Spinning around to talk to him while thinking about those four situations, I turned right into him.
"I thought I better e****t you to your car, you never know what could happen to a pretty lady like you
all alone at night in a truck stop parking lot."
What a gentleman. He not only makes my first real fuck the best I could have ever hoped for. Now
he's being the perfect date offering to walk me to my car. It's not love I'm feeling here, but a strong
'like'. Could I have got luckier meeting him?
He must have seen the confusion on my face. He stepped back and put his big hands on my shoulders
and looked deeply in my eyes, quietly studying me as I looked up to him. "Baby, you look a little
strange, are you okay?" He asked softly.
Feeling his touch again brought my thoughts back to my tingling and also slightly sore pussy. Actually
thinking of my ass as my pussy, made my spent cock jump a little. 'Could this night get any better'?
Looking up into Hank's eyes reminded me why I wanted to try this 'public dressing thing' in the first
place. My ultimate goal had been to pull off a woman's appearance enough to get a big macho guy like
Hank to just smile at me.
But now, not only had I got that smile; I also got the chance to live out a bunch of my CD fantasies.
Fantasies I never thought possible; but that were turned into reality because I was lucky enough to
hook up with a true bi-sexual like Hank.
"Hank, were you serious?" I asked, staring directly in his deep brown eyes.
"About asking you to join me on my normal run, you bet." He said matter of factly.
"Can we talk about it first before I decide?" I asked.
"Sure, do you want to go back in the bar or what?"
He was dressed in his jeans and a T-shirt. God his arms and chest are huge I thought. I got a little
tingle in my pussy again, recounting the vision of his big body on top of me when we were fucking. "If
it's okay, can we just go back into your truck?"
As he was helping me into the cab on the passenger side, I felt his hand first on my butt, then trailing
down my leg as I got in. Sweet, I thought. I started to get excited all over again. As I settled into the
leather seat and looked down at my stocking covered legs and heels, and still feeling the touch of
Hank's fingers on my legs, I knew right then I was going to do this.
"Hank, I haven't thought this all through yet, but if I join you there's a few things I think we need to
talk about."
"No problem Baby, let's talk, but I gotta be honest, the moment you stop talking I'm going to do my
best to get you back in the sl**per." He smiled teasingly.
I couldn't tell if he was serious or not. By this time, what little makeup I had started the evening with
was almost gone. My wig probably needed some combing. I'm sure I looked half as pretty as when we
first met. But here he was, still making me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. This guy was
Getting my thoughts together, "Alright let me ask a few questions just so I know what's what, okay?"
"Hank, if I do this, can you really get me back here in 5 days?"
"Okay," I said slowly, stalling to ask my next question correctly.
"We both know underneath all the wardrobe I'm a guy. During the 5 days, I think it's going to be
impossible to be a girl for you the whole time."
"That's no problem, if you haven't suspected by now, I'm kind of all over the board when it comes to
"I figured that." I said with a giggle, remembering the expert blowjob he had just given me,
swallowing as well.
I can't believe I just giggled. I guess it's the clothes and being around a bigger and more dominant
man that makes a guy like me think and act like a girl.
"I'll need to go home to get a few things for the trip."
"Are you really joining me?" Hank asked, looking at me like a little boy who's dad just said he could
have a puppy.
I smiled as big as I could and said, "Only if you promise to treat me like you did earlier tonight for the
whole trip." I giggled again when I said this, but on purpose.
"You gotta be k**ding me," he flatly stated. "Baby, you'll be lucky to see anything but the sl**per from
Portland to Bakersfield."
Then he pulled me to him in his driver's seat and kissed me, his tongue desperately seeking mine. My
arms just naturally just went up around his neck. I knew we were going to fuck again.
Some real sexy thoughts ran through my head as we kissed. I let my hand reach down to feel his big
hard cock in his jeans. I could tell it was cramped, but for some reason I wanted to tease Hank a little.
So I only gently trailed my fingers up and down his shaft. I could hear him moan. Our kisses were
getting hotter.
This kissing a guy was real new for me, Hank being my first. It really is something different and more
exciting than I thought it would be. Never before have I been kissed by a person who was so 'in
charge' and 'in control' of my body and mind when I've kissed. It's nothing like kissing a girl. There
have been times in my life when I've kissed aggressive women who were very d***k and horny, and
had nothing on their minds but sex. But even those experiences pale in comparison to kissing a very
large horny man who wants nothing but to fuck you.
While he's kissing you his hands are all over you. His nice caresses soon change into rough groping.
As the kisses get hotter his fingers start twisting your nipples (a personal favorite of mine). Soon he's
forcing his hand between your legs, which isn't really necessary because that's where I want them
My big, black, bisexual Hank, not only gets his hand between my legs, but continues all the way
underneath my balls and works a finger beneath my panties and snakes it into my pussy (way cool).
And all the time this is happening I'm being kissed by what seems like a 'starving man' foraging for
food somewhere in my mouth.
Author Side Note: This kissing thing is so cool you can't really describe it as a writer. My sophomoric
writing here is no comparison for the real thing. I can say this, if you're a CD and you have had
thoughts and desires to actually kiss a guy while you're dressed, don't sit at home masturbating about
it any longer...get out there and go for it.
Back to the truck cab...
Our kisses get more and more intense. Despite the fact that my pussy is still pretty sore from being
fucked by Hank earlier, I know I want to do it again. I know Hank wants to fuck me also.
Am I suppose to play the submissive chick here and wait until my man does the asking or am I
supposed to let him know verbally that I want to get fucked as bad as him?
This being a girl is a little more difficult than being the regular me. As a guy you just go with the flow,
almost always seeming in control of the situation. But I'm real aware that a girl can screw up a
relationship by injuring the sexual ego of her guy.
Whoa...did I just think 'relationship'? What the fuck is happening here?
Hank's finger fucking is starting to hurt a little because I don't have enough lube down there. I think
to myself, it's time to take charge myself. In the past, Kelli has masturbated many times lying on her
bed, dressed, thinking about similar moments just like this one. Sometimes I was the demure woman
being taken by her big strong guy; and other times Kelli was a true slut. I decided to try playing the
slut role, just a little, to see what kind of reaction I got.
I bit down hard, but not too hard, on Hank's big lower lip and also grabbed his 9" bulging cock as hard
as I could through his jeans.
"What the..?"
"Hank, stop for a second please."
He pulled back a little, and in doing so pulled his finger from my pussy.
"No you don't big guy, put that finger back." I said sternly.
As his finger slid back into me, I kissed him on the lips softly to let him know he'd done nothing
"Hank if I'm going on this trip, you need to understand a couple of things about me. First, I told you
before you don't have to treat me like some namby-pamby girlfriend. I want you to always think of
me as your sure-thing fuck. When you get horny and want to fuck then just take me, got it?"
"Got it." He answered slowly.
"Second if I don't please you for some reason, then just pull me over your knees and spank me silly
'til I get it right."
"Really," he said a little sheepishly.
"Yes really," I said directly so he knew I was serious. "I've never had the chance you're giving me to
live out my fantasy to actually be a trucker's woman. You'd ruin it for me if you treated me any
"I think I understand, but you need to know something about me."
"I always treat my lovers with respect. But I can play your game and act 'the big tough trucker' if you
want. I just want you to know it's not really me, but me trying to make it better for you. One thing's
for sure though, there will be times when I'm going to step out of this role you've concocted for me.
And when I do, I want to get what I was hoping for when I asked you to go along with me."
"What were you hoping for, Hank?" I asked curiously, never thinking there could be more than sex he
might want.
"I could tell the moment I saw you and also after our first few kisses you had a real passion inside you
to play the girl for a guy like me. Actually it's got me hot, thinking I was the one to unleash it. I also
know you're not the perfect-passable girl like some of the other girls I've played with."
That stung a little, but I didn't want to interrupt Hank, he seemed on a roll here.
"My hope is that over the next 5 days I get to experience all the passion you got stored up inside you.
But more than that, I'm always intrigued with guys that are bold enough to live out their fantasies to
be girls. It takes a lot of guts to not be the most perfect and walk into a public situation."
"What's your point Hank?"
"Kelli, most of the time I only play with TS's for a short time, never more than a few hours This is
tough to say, and I don't want to scare you off, but I always thought my next long-term relationship
would be with a girl like you. Who knows what can happen after 5 days together?"
Well I didn't see that coming. It was the first time he used my name so I knew he was being sincere. I
couldn't believe it though. Only a few hours ago I was just hoping to get some guy to smile at me;
now it seems all it would take would be a few drinks and a trip across the Nevada State Line and I
could become a bride.
I kissed Hank as nice as I could on the cheek. "Hank, I'm married, no I take that back, I'm happily
"Oh." He said surprised and a little disappointed.
"Yea sorry; maybe it's better if I just head on home."
I could see Hank's mind was working overtime after I laid my marriage status on him. "Kelli, I believe
things happen for a reason..." He started.
"...what if I promise to play the 'big tough trucker' for you for the next 5 days? And in return you
promise that during the trip you open up to me about why you're doing what you're doing.
"Maybe the reason we met tonight is so I can learn from you. Learn and understand what you're
about; which might help me if and when I ever meet the 'TS of my dreams' down the road sometime."
I just looked at him and realized I had a real sensitive guy here. A guy that was willing to help make
my fantasies a reality. And all he wanted in return was to learn what was locked in my CD head. I felt
that was the least I could do.
Without too much thought I answered, "Yes." And then I kissed him real hard to let him know I
thought his idea was going to be good for both of us.
His return kiss was nice, but I could tell this serious conversation had definitely killed our mood. Crap!
I could tell he felt it too.
Then he looked at me with a funny smile on his face, "Baby, would you reach back in the sl**per and
get my hat for me?"
A strange request; but I guess now that we had decided the trip was on, this seemed like as good a
time as any to prove I'd do whatever my man told me to do. So I started crawling back between the
seats and in an instant Hank shoved his meaty arm on the back of my neck and f***ed my face into
the mattress.
He was holding me down with one arm f***efully; and then I felt him lift my skirt and pull down my
'Oh shit I thought'
"Baby, I want you to know that you are never to bite my lip again."
SMACK, SMACK, SMACK..."ow, ow, ow"
My cries of protest were muffled in the mattress. I don't think Hank held back, his spanking really
hurt. After about 15 spanks I felt them. And I couldn't believe it.
Tears were running down my cheeks. Real ones. My man was giving me a spanking for something I
probably deserved. And not only were there tears, but I was also excited. My cock was rock hard.
Here I was, not just play-acting the submissive girl to a guy, I really was one. A dominant and much
bigger guy than me had chosen a spanking to arouse our passion again. But more important than
that, he was making sure I knew my place in our new relationship. And despite the pain and the girlytears
the spankings produced, I was more excited than I had ever been before; knowing I was
actually living out my dream to be a trucker's woman.
The spankings finally stopped, and I was still crying a little. Hank lifted his arm from my neck. I looked
over my shoulder. Shit, he was taking his jeans down and I could see his cock was huge, almost angry
looking. The look in Hank's face was not so much rage, but a ferocity that told me he was not playacting
the 'big tough trucker'. The spankings had got him as hot as they had got me. The look in his
eyes told me there was nothing I could do to stop what was going to happen next.
I quickly looked in the sl**per and found the tube of lube. I sort of tossed it back over my shoulder
and pleaded, "Please honey?"
"Nice ass Nice red ass you got there baby, perfect for fucking."
That's when it hit me. This was not going to be the nice pussy-fuck Hank had shown me before. This
was gong to be a hard ass-pounding that a man gives his naughty bitch when he wants to show her
who's boss.
A little scared, I reached up and grabbed a hold of the sheets and put my face in the mattress. The
phrase 'be careful what you wish for' was running though my head.
I felt a lubed finger being shoved hard in my ass hole; thank you Lord. But there was no tenderness to
it. It wasn't the slow gentle probing he had done earlier when he took my virginity. His pants were
just dropped down to his thighs. I could feel the rough material against the back of my own thighs as
he moved up to his target.
He pulled his finger out and I thought he might add one or two more fingers to stretch me out to
accommodate him, but I somehow knew that wasn't going to happen. That would have lessened my
pain. And causing me some pain was part of his plan and our game.
"Ow, ow, ow, SHIT!!!"
"That's right baby, that's the man cock you feel that's going to be fucking you for the next 5 days."
He pushed hard and bottomed out in seconds. It surprised me, there wasn't as much pain as I
thought. I mean there was pain, but not like a killer-pain. Most of the pain centered around my
He was pumping me hard. I could feel his big balls slapping my balls. His breathing became labored.
Receiving his pounding was almost an out-of-body experience for me. The entrance pain somehow
eventually subsided to just an ache, but the feeling deep inside my bowels went from an achy
weirdness to extreme pressure and then finally to a wonderful feeling of fullness with each added
Hank is a big guy and his hard fucking soon had his big heavy body squashing me against the
mattress. My now somewhat hard cock was being rubbed raw against the bed sheet. His whole weight
was on me. Never had I felt so little and submissive before.
The pounding just kept on and on. I could feel the tears now streaming down my face. I was starting
to get the same thoughts that many women must get when they're in the same situation; when is he
gonna cum so this can end?
He was really breathing hard now and grunting. And it came to me in an instant.
I started begging forgiveness, "Honey, I'm so sorry for biting your lip. Please, please, I promise I'll
never do it again. Please let me make it up to you."
That's all it took. He slowly came out of his 'tough guy' role and started kissing my ear. Thankfully,
the pounding of my ass stopped also.
Luckily, before my ass became mush, I figured out Hank was too sensitive to **** a person's ass and
have an orgasm doing it.
"Oh honey..."
Where did this 'honey thing' come from? I never call my wife honey. I think Hank liked it though, so I
laid it on thick.
"Oh honey, if you get off me, I know I can make it up to you."
He pulled out of me and pushed on his arms to give me some room. I turned over; oh was my ass
going to be sore tomorrow.
I pulled him down to me and we started kissing again. He could tell I had been crying.
"Oh Baby, I'm sorry for hurting you..."
"Hank stop, please don't blow it. It was perfect." And then we started kissing again. The same kind of
kisses that now instantly gets me hard.
"Honey, let me thank you for the spankings." I teased.
He seemed confused. I pulled him in the sl**per. His beautiful 9" cock was still rock hard. God, I can't
believe that whole thing was just inside me. I laid him on his back and admired the beauty of his
cock...long and smooth and as thick as my wrist. He has a mushroom head that has a flange that has
to extend at least a half-inch from his cock.
I laid completely down flat, my own cock rubbing on the scratchy bed sheet. Then I put my whole
mouth around the mushroom and used my tongue to bath the head. I could taste my ass.
I don't have a pierced tongue but I pretended I did and flicked the part right underneath the head
where the flange connects. I love when my wife pays attention to this part, so I focused on it until I
felt Hank push down on my head.
After all that fucking it only took me a few moments to get Hank on the verge of coming. He kept
saying, 'that's it baby...just like that...just like that'...
This was going to be a first for me. My first blowjob on a guy, and the first time I was going to taste a
guy's cum that wasn't mine.
Yea, I admit it, I've tasted my own cum before, lots of times really. There have been many times
when a girlfriend, and later my wife, gave me a blowjob and then kissed me. Also there've been a few
times I've gone down on my wife after I came and I could taste the residual.
But the most recent times have been when I was dressed as Kelli. I'd be lying on my bed after I came
to one fantasy or another. My cum pooling on my stomach. It's become a habit now that I try to
collect as much as I can on my fingers and then lick my fingers clean. I always close my eyes when I
do it, imagining I'm licking up some guy's cum. But this was going to be my first time ever with
another guy. Way cool.
I told myself that whatever happened I was going to swallow Hank's whole load. I could tell he was
close. He stopped talking and got real quiet. His hand was firmly pushing on my head, but not so
much that if I wanted to, I couldn't pull my mouth off. What a gentleman, huh?
It didn't matter. Hand or no hand, I was not letting go of my thick, black prize that my ass and mouth
had worked so hard to prepare. I was now using both my hands on his cock as well as my mouth.
Nine inches is really big.
It was sudden. No warning or 'I'm coming' from Hank. It was just a sudden jerking of Hank's cock and
the next instant a warm, no hot, stream of liquid was being ejected into my mouth. I tried to put my
mouth down further when the cum started coming out. Big mistake. I guess I didn't open my throat
enough and I started to gag. I pulled back a little and while breathing through my nose I just started
swallowing. I couldn't get it all. My cheeks were bulging from the copious amount of Hank's load. Jeez,
he'd cum less than an hour ago and his second load of the night was huge I thought.
I kept using my hands on him and just kept swallowing and swallowing. I remember in my fantasies
that I always looked up into my man's eyes when I gave my blowjob, but I forgot to do that part. No
worries, I knew I'd find myself in this same position a lot during the next five days. I had more time to
practice the perfect blowjob. After I had swallowed all that Hank had to give, I spent some more time
licking up and down his smooth cock, cleaning up any leftover cum slime. Even though I had my wig
on I could feel Hank caressing my head during this whole process. A couple of times his cock jerked
and a little more cum came out (way cool).
Afterwards Hank pulled me up and thanked me with a few more of his kisses as he held me. He
reached down between us, "Did you come Baby?"
Shit, I did? I came when I was giving the blowjob. Oops, at the bottom of the bed sheet there was a
little puddle.
Wow. I came giving a blowjob...too cool.
"Sorry, I'll clean that up." I said guiltily.
"Turn around Baby."
Oh fuck.
It was a light slap but it sill stung my tender-spanked ass.
"From now on all your cream's mine, you understand Baby." Hank said smiling.
"You bet honey." I said, as I reached for a towel and started rubbing the wet spot.
We hung out just holding each other for a while. I was wrong about Hank. After he took my virginity
earlier in the evening, I thought he'd be like most guys and want the girl to disappear right after they
came. When I'm with my wife I'm usually asl**p two minutes after I come.
But Hank I came to learn was different. He liked to hold onto you. Maybe it was because he was
bisexual. I know I loved the feeling also. Maybe I loved it because my girl-personality arose when I
was playing Kelli. No matter what the reason, it was just cool hanging around talking and occasionally
kissing and relaxing as we came down from our intense fuck.
We had a situation though that needed to be dealt with. I had to get home, pack and get back before
Hank had to leave the truck stop to pick up his load, which was only a few hours from now. Also Hank
needed some rest.
So I returned to my car, changed into my guy clothes and drove home. I told Hank rather than bother
his sl**p, I'd try to catch a few hours sl**p myself, and promised to return by 6:00am which gave him
enough time to pick up his load.
I packed two bags. One had all my girl stuff and also my shaving kit and all the makeup I could fit into
the little makeup bag. I took some of my wife's makeup and also some of her lingerie, knowing that I
could get replacements at VC if they got damaged (a lot of my wife's hot lingerie is the generic onesize
I also packed the laptop case and also my cell phone. I don't know why, but I also packed my
passport. Just before I went to bed I noticed the message light blinking on the phone system.
"Kelly, looks like Aunt Steph is going to need me longer than I thought. I already emailed the office
and my boss, who was working late, was great and said to take as long as I needed. Where are you
anyway? Hope you're not being a bad boy? Call me, I miss you."
Interesting. Maybe Hank was right, that all things do happen for a reason.
The next morning I arrived an hour early at the truck stop; I wanted to look the best I could for Hank.
Like the night before, I planned to change in the car before knocking on his cab.
I started with a pair of white, skin-tight Capri length pants. Before I did this though I had to do
something about my cock.
My cock is not a monster like Hank's. It's only 5 inches, but if I push the ruler hard enough at that
point between my stomach and cock when I'm measuring I almost gain another inch. Do all guys do
My problem was in the tight Capri's my cock would look too out of place, so I tucked it. I'd never done
this before. I was amazed at how easy it actually tucked. I didn't have a camel-toe or anything like
that, but even in the early morning light I could tell that it was going to pass.
For my top I chose a cute, cotton, shocking-pink belly shirt with short sleeves. On the front it said,
"He's mine", in the back it said, "Unless you're rich". Like I said, cute.
All CD's are different, I personally reside in the small-breast camp, I'm a size-B. Don't get me wrong I
love huge tits; but for me, a not-perfect CD, pretending to be a girl, who has a thin trim body, I feel
smaller is the better way to go.
I have a bunch of bras, some of them real thin and sexy, others are plainer but more secure. I also
have two types of breast forms. One is soft and squishy and the other is real firm. Depending on what
you wear dictates the combination. Both breast forms have little nipples on them. I've never had the
opportunity to dress for such an extended time. I was anxious to experiment; not only with the
combinations, but also I wanted to see which ones Hank liked the most.
My face was another matter.
I'm not the most proficient with makeup. I've secretly watched my wife put hers on the past few
years. All of my 'dressing' is done on the sly. Usually for only a few hours when I'm lucky to have the
house to myself. Using makeup during these times is not practical for an in-the-closet CD.
So in the car I did the best I could, using most everything I could find in the makeup case I had
packed. I wanted my lips to get there before me, so I chose a hot pink that almost matched my top.
I suddenly realized this was the first time I had ever put on lipstick. Looking in the visor mirror like
girls do, I wet my lips and then opened the lipstick case. I knew enough about it not to unwind the
tube all the way and just use the tip of the stick so you don't break it. Smearing it on was way cool. It
had a feminine smell to it, something I never knew they had until that moment.
I just slid the lipstick on my lower lip and then worked my lips together to cover them completely. This
particular tube of my wife's had sparkles mixed in and it made my lips real shiny. After I was done I
used a tissue to dab my lips a little so when I kissed Hank 'good morning' he wouldn't be wearing half
my lipstick.
I used my car mirror the whole time to get this part of my makeup perfect. I can now see why girls
use those little tiny mirrors when they do this job. The whole time I was applying it my eyes never left
my lips, what a cool focus point. I could feel the pressure in my Capri's. I made a mental note to
someday try masturbating while just applying lipstick. One hand for my cock and one for the lipstick,
all the time just looking at my lips 'til I come. (way cool)
I used the wrong stuff to attach my eyebrows. I didn't read the container until afterwards and
discovered I used a type of glue that was meant for a more permanent placement not temporary. I'd
address that issue when the time came. Makeup it was 'wig time'.
I'd packed 3 wigs. All the wigs I own are made from real hair, expensive but very natural feeling. I
had a Girl Next Door brunette, a California Surfer Girl blond and a sultry Jazz Singer coal black mane.
The brunette wig fell just to my shoulders, the blond wig fell about 3 inches on my back and the sultry
one went all the way to the middle of my back. The night before I went as a brunette.
My guy-side was no secret to Hank, so I saw no pretentiousness, trying to pretend I wasn't what I
really was. I thought the occasional wig change might spice up things. I decided Surfer Girl worked
perfect with the Capri's and pink top.
Swimming competitively has always been a part of my life, even before meeting my wife. I still swim
in an adult program at the Y, so being smooth never seemed weird to her. Using the right dilapitories
and a shaver has always kept me 'baby smooth'. Feeling my smooth calves and feet when I slipped on
my low-heeled sandals was quite the turn on.
The last touch was some perfume of my wife's. It was Paris Hilton's 'Just Me'. Another first for me and
I wasn't quite sure where to put it. I hate women who wear too much, so I gave myself a little squirt
in the air and just kind of moved forward into it. Nice.
Whoa...what a feeling, fully dressed with makeup and perfume about to go meet my new BF. As much
as this seemed too 'out of control', it also seemed like it was something I was supposed to be doing, if
only for a short time.
The whole process took almost the full hour. I told myself I'd never bitch at my wife again when her
getting ready process made us late.
The night before, knowing I was going into a dark bar, I didn't put this much time in making the
change to Kelli. It felt empowering to actually go this far with my transition.
But the sun was definitely on the rise and I didn't want anybody to see me in the light, so I grabbed
my bags and headed over to Hank's rig. Truck stops are always busy and there was a lot of activity
even this early. I just stared at the ground and used my laptop case to cover my face the best I could.
With head down I jogged as quick as I could to Hank's truck.
"Knock, knock Big Boy." I called in the sexiest voice I could imitate.
Hank emerged from the cab looking fresh from a shower. "Right on time." He said as he backed down
from the cab. Then he turned around and got his first glimpse of me...
"Wow, I say Wow!! Baby you are HOT!! I mean Smoking Hot!!" He exclaimed. Then scooped me into
his arms and kissed me like that 'starving man' person again. Nothing like your man's tongue for
breakfast I always
Talk about making my morning. The whole getting-ready process seemed so worth it now. I made a
mental check; from now on when my wife spends a lot of time getting ready I plan to treat her just
like Hank was treating me.
Breaking from each other, he looked at me with kind of a pained look. "I just got bad news Baby," he
said as he shook his head.
I instantly thought, damn, he wasn't going to take me with him. Had this whole thing been some
mean tease. I could feel a little tear forming.
"What's happened Hank?" I managed to say without my voice cracking.
I just got off the phone with my Travel Agent. My easy loop from here has turned into several drops
and picks in Salt Lake, Vegas, Phoenix then back to Bakersfield, before heading back to Portland on
my normal run.
"What that means Baby is that my normal run of 5 days has turned into at least 7 or 8 days before
I'm back in Portland." He said, looking as sad as I did a few minutes ago. It changed quickly though.
I spent the next few minutes telling him the whole 'Aunt Steph Story' and also about my wife's call
saying her time away needed to be extended.
After we both celebrated with a bunch of kisses, this time I definitely played the 'starving girl' role.
Now knowing I had more time with Hank made me so horny I was trying to steer him into the cab for
some hot trucker lovin'. Plus it was really starting to get light out and this 'somewhat passable' CD
was feeling a need for inside-security. Hank had other ideas though.
"Baby, I don't have to pick up my load for another 2 hours. What say I buy my darling breakfast."
('my darling' - way cool)
"Hank do they do take out?" I asked a little nervously.
"Take out, why?"
I spent the next few minutes explaining my nervousness about being seen in public. And how being
Kelli at night was fine, as long as the bar was dark and the patrons d***k. But once the sun came out,
this little CD planned to go into vampire-mode and hide out.
"Baby you gotta be k**ding me. Obviously you've never been in a truck stop diner before. To a trucker
even a half pretty-girl seems like a beauty queen as long as you smile at them." He continued, "But
that's not the situation here. You my darling (there it was again), are about the hottest thing I've ever
laid eyes on, TS or woman."
'Bullshit' I thought. But I liked that he said it.
It took another 5 minutes before Hank convinced me it was going to be okay.
"But before we go, we need to stash your gear. It's not all going to fit in the sl**per. You needed all
this for 5 days?"
"Well in this blue bag are my boy clothes and in the pink bag are my girl clothes. The little black bag is
my laptop and I really need that with me."
"Blue and pink, huh," he said chuckling.
"How about this; we put the laptop and pink bag in the cab and I stash the blue bag in my storage
compartment under the cab. Now don't look so concerned. I promise anytime you need to be a guy I'll
get it for you, okay?"
"Okay, thanks."
The walk across the parking lot as a girl for the first time 'in the light' with my trucker boyfriend was
pretty neat. My clicking low heels were only about 3 inches and I could tell my hips were swaying as I
walked. Every so often Hank's hand would drop down to my ass, but being the perfect gentleman he'd
only leave it there a short time. He has those big hands and he'd squeeze a cheek each time before he
moved it up, like he was showing everyone 'this one's mine, get your own'. I loved every minute of it.
An hour later...
"Oh Hank, keep fucking me..."
We'd left the restaurant and still had some time to kill before picking up the load. Hank, true to his
word, was going to take advantage of his sure-thing fuck slut whenever he could.
Getting into the cab, Hank's helping hand on my ass became a hot grope and he followed me in, easily
shoving me into the sl**per.
I turned around and pulled him in with me, kissing him the whole time. His hand slid down the front of
my skin-tight Capri's.
"Where you stashing that little thing, Baby?"
His hand slipped under my thong panties and his meaty fingers soon found my squashed cock tucked
between my ass and upper thighs. Underneath my tight pants he started stroking my hardening cock.
It was cool seeing the blackness of his hand and wrist next to my very white pants. While he stroked
me, he was also kissing me. I was enjoying the combination of the two to no end.
He finally worked my hard cock out of the confines of the tight Capri's.
Darling, as you know I've been with a few girls like you before, it seems each one has a different
name for this thing. We're going to be together for a while, what do want me to call this?" He said as
he continued to play with me.
Huh? I hadn't thought of this before; I always thought of it as a cock. I know I've read some CD
stories before in Literotica and he was right; there are a lot of names you can call it. I quickly ran
through some of the more popular ones in my head; cockette, girly-cock, and of course, clit. As I've
said before I don't have the biggest piece of equipment, five inches more or less.
Throwing caution to the wind I said, "Hank honey, I think I'll let you name it."
He smiled. "I'll think on it and let you know." Then he dropped his head down and started sucking me.
He'd managed to slip off his shirt by now and it turned me on to look at this giant man's back bent
over me. His blowjob was real gentle which I like, but that wasn't to say ineffective.
I got him to loosen his pants and I reached down his wide back and slipped my hand under the back
of his jeans. He didn't have any underwear on. His ass was as rock-hard as the rest of him. I stretched
as far as I could and trailed a finger down his crack. My arm wasn't long enough to find his hole but
the sweat in the crack was neat to feel as my fingers worked themselves up and down the deep
In no time he had me ready to come.
"Honey please, I don't want to come yet." I knew from personal experience that after I come I tend to
lose my submissive-girl frame of mind.
He backed off and pulled me on top of him. His jeans were open and our cocks were touching. I
moved my hips from side to side to joust our cocks and also tease him. His kisses got hungrier.
"Oh Baby, you're killing me here," he breathed.
His hand tried to slip underneath the back of my Capri's. I could tell he was having a hard time. These
pants are so tight you can't fit a credit card in them once I've got them on. I didn't want him to
stretch them out, so I lowered them and my panties to just under my ass. I could feel the tightness
under my ass cheeks.
Now our cocks were really playing with each other. I could feel the head of my cock slithering in our
pre-cum. WAY, WAY, WAY COOL!!
His hand quickly found my ass. And he slapped it a couple of times lightly, not like when he spanked
me the night before. "All mine for the next week," he said as he snaked a big finger into my pussy.
Man do I love this part, I thought.
"Oh Hank, keep fucking me like that, please."
I quickly learned that a full-time CD like I'd become, should always have her pussy lubed and ready,
because you never know when your BF might get the urge. Before we left the restaurant I made sure
to well lubricate my pussy in case we got to this part. I did it in the women's rest room - a story I'll
tell you about later.
Once he got his finger in me he knew he had me. I think this part is instinctive actually. Anytime a
dominant man gets his finger in your pussy and you don't fight him to get it out, then the Laws of
Nature pretty much says you're his, and you have to do whatever he says from that point on.
I don't know so much from the dominant side. But I can tell you from the submissive side, that once
his finger (or cock) is in me I'm totally like jelly, and being submissive to my man is all I can feel or
think about.
"Come on my cock Baby," he begged as he finger fucked my pussy.
His finger drove real deep and I jammed my tongue down his throat, thinking this could be the coolest
orgasm I've ever had in my life.
His finger was a staccato of motion, in and out, in and out; at such a fast speed it felt like some hound
dog was fucking me. My pussy was tingling from the all the attention.
Then I felt him jam a second meaty finger in my pussy and at the same time he f***ed my tongue
back and totally filled my mouth with his tongue.
Hank's other hand was digging into my ass cheeks and pulling us together hard. My cock rubbing and
sliding against his cock in our combined pre-cums was the neatest feeling. I'm not sure who was
getting the most out of this sensation. I couldn't hear if he was moaning or not because I could only
hear myself whining like a little girl letting him know I was so loving this.
I could feel the sensitive head of my cock riding up against the extended mushroom head of his cock,
and that took me over the top. I started to cum. It was one of those, that you can feel a hot-sensation
way down low and then involuntarily it just starts. Because we were so jammed together I could feel
the individual pumps as the cum came out between our two cocks.
I came almost screaming with the f***e of it, as I shivered through what I'm sure was one of the best
comes of my life. I could feel me bathing his and my cock with my hot cum; it felt like a sopping mess
down there. During my whole orgasm he never stopped fucking me with his fingers.
It took me a while to come down off the rush of the whole thing. Holding onto him, every few seconds,
my cock would emit a little more cum and my hips would grind against Hank's cock enjoying the
sudden sensation.
I wrapped my arms tightly around Hank and buried my face in the side of his neck, kissing him
tenderly. I'm sure I mumbled 'thank you' a few times but I don't remember, that's how out of it the
orgasm left me.
A little time after I'd calmed down, out of the blue, he said, "I think I'll call it Cindy."
"Cindy, I think I'll call that little cock of yours Cindy."
"Why Cindy?"
"Well we truckers always name our rigs after a woman that's special to us."
"Really, I didn't know that? What's the name of your truck Hank?"
"Who was Sheila?" I and asked with a little pang of jealously.
"And why Cindy for fuck sake!" I added sharply wanting to get to the bottom of all these women that
had suddenly entered the picture.
"Hey, watch your language, Baby." He said firmly.
Then he slapped my ass real hard and said, "Now its time to take care of Daddy. You aren't the only
one that gets to come this morning?"
'Daddy?', now it's Daddy I thought.
I knew Hank had dropped into that 'tough trucker' role I was looking for on this trip. I figured I had
the whole next week to get to the bottom of all this name nonsense. I also knew that questioning
Hank now could lead to more spankings. And as much as being spanked seemed cool in fantasy, they
actually hurt like hell in reality.
So I decided to do what was expected, and what I wanted so much to experience. Without any more
questions or conversation I submissively lowered my head like a woman, it was time to get my man
... Continue»
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CD serpilden istekleriniz ne olmalı

Biliyorum normal bir erkeksin... Kendini gay olarak görmüyorsun. Daha önce CD'lerle, yani kadın kıyafeti giyen feminen erkeklerle beraber oldun ya da olmadın, fark etmiyor... Bunu sadece zevk için, ihtiyacını gidermek için ya da meraktan yapıyorsun. Hepsi olabilir. Ama bunu gerçek bir ilişki olarak görmeyeceksin sonuçta... Tatmin olmak için denediğin bir şey... Sadece cinsel tatmin değil, bir erkek olarak güçlü egonu tatmin etmek de istiyorsun. Ama CD'lerle komplike bir ilişkiye girmek istemiyorsun. İstediğin tek şey feminen bir vücut, itaatkar bir partner ve zevklerinin tatmin olması... Aslında bu düşündüğünden daha kolay ama doğru CD'yi bulman gerek... Bunun yolu da, erkek olarak, şartlarını kendin ortaya koy... Örneğin çoğu erkek aşağıdaki şartlarda ilişkiye girmek ister ve bunları açıkça paylaşmalıdır:

- CD'nizden bütün vücudunun tüylerden / kıllardan arınmış olmasını isteyin. Size uyuyorsa biraz müsamaha gösterebilirsiniz, ama size kalmış.

- CD'niz yalnızken yanınızda hep giyinik olmalı. Size gelirken yolda içine sütyen ve külot giymesini de isteyin. Hatta bunu şart koşun. Yaz aylarında sütyen takamam vb. derse ısrar edin. Bütün kadınlar takıyor deyin. Mutlaka ince çorap da giymeli. İnce çorabın üstüne erkek çorabı giymesine dışarıda bile izin vermeyin. Bu çok önemli. Saklamasını / ayarlamasını bilmeli.

- Sizinle beraberken kesinlikle sertleşmesine ve boşalmasına izin vermeyin. Penisi sizin yanınızdayken hep sönük kalmalı. Bir ilişk**e bir penis olun deyin. Farklı tercih ediyorsa zaten sizin hoşlandığınız türde değildir.

- Dilerseniz ilişki sırasında penisini gizlemesini isteyebilirsiniz. Size kalmış.

- Öpüşmek zorunda değilsiniz. Dilerseniz öpüşmeyin.

- CD'nizi mümkün oldukça kadınsı pozisyonlarda kullanın. Örneğin bacak-omza, misyoner vb. pozisyonlarında içine girerseniz ruhen kendini kadınsılığa daha yakın hissedecektir. Siz onu sikerken gözlerinizin içine baktığında iyice dibe vuracak. Seks sırasında mastürbasyon yapmasına izin vermeyin.

- Anal seksten önce mutlaka anal temizliğini yapmış olmasını isteyin. Bu ikiniz için de iyi olacaktır.

- Seksi erkek başlatır ve erkek bitirir. Tatmin olduktan sonra dilediğiniz zaman gönderin.

- Seks sırasında mutlaka iç giyim adına bir şeyler olmalı üstünde... Aksi takdirde kadınsılık azalır.

- Mutlaka makyajı olmalı ve güzel koku kullanmalı.

- Seks sırasında sert olabilirsiniz. Sado-Mazo beklentileriniz varsa tabi bunları önce CD'nizle paylaşmanız gerekir. Ama seksin normal sertliğine olmasının sakıncası yoktur.

- Sesinden hoşlanmıyorsanız ağzını felan bağlayın. Ya da susmasını söyleyin.

- Seks sırasında içinizden geldiği gibi küfredin.

- Seks dışında da, karakterine göre, CD'nizden evdeyken size hizmet etmesini vb. isteyebilirsiniz.

- Oral seks dilediğinizce yaptırabilirsiniz. Ama sadece oralda bırakmayın. Anal seksin CD'niz üstünde kalıcı etkisi vardır.

- Anal sekste uzun bir ilişki yaşarsanız, ilişk**en sonra size karşı çok daha itaatkar olduğunu göreceksiniz. Tıpkı kadınlarda olduğu gibi CD'ler de kendilerine cinsel güç uygulayan erkeklere karşı zaaf oluşturur. Bu insan doğasından kaynaklanan bir şey...

- Seks sonrasında muhabbet etmek vb. zorunda değilsiniz. İçinizden gelmiyorsa susun, hatta biraz yanınızdan uzaklaşmasını istiyorsanız bir şey isteyip gönderin.

- Boşalmak önemlidir. Boşaldığınızda ona bir şey bahşetmiş gibi davranın: "İşte istediğini aldın!" İçine boşalın ya da hoşlanıyorsa ağzına boşalın ve yutmasını isteyin. Yutmaya henüz hazır değilse, hazır olana kadar, içine boşalmaya çalışın. Spermde beyne sinyaller gönderen kimyasal maddeler vardır ve kadınlarda vajinada olduğu kadar hızlı olmasa da CD'lerde de barsak dokularında aktive olur. CD'lerin feminen eğilimlerini geliştirir.... Continue»
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A Threesome to Remember - 2 CD's

Since I was a young man I was always curious to find out what it would feel like to get fucked by a hard cock while sucking on a cock. It wasn't until I was 20 that I really started to take the steps to make that fantasy a reality. At 20 I had my first gay experience, I got my cock sucked by one of my gay friends from school, but that still didn't satisfy my kinky fantasy, not even close.

After being referred to craigslist - casual encounters, I figured it was worth a try to post my fantasy up
to see if anybody might be interested. I received countless of men interested in helping me fulfill my fantasies, but I was scared, nervous, and ended up flaking like most people do on craigslist. Weeks went by, and I decided to take matters into my own hands. I figured since I want to get fucked, I should buy a dildo:). This dildo was as close as I could get to being fucked. After buying the dildo I wanted to feel submissive and sissy so I decided to shave my entire body. Now i was ready, I had a silky smooth body with a silky smooth ass ready to be penetrated by my dildo. Fucking my ass with the dildo was great practice. I would fuck my ass for hours in my room moaning like a little slut. I would get on all fours and just fuck myself with the dildo deep and hard. After the thrill and excitement of fucking my own ass with a dildo faded, I decided to go back on to craigslist.

This time around I decided just to respond to posts. I came across an
ad that said " CD looking to rim and suck." By this time I was familiar with the craigslist lingo and knew that CD meant cross dresser. I decided to respond, and within 25 minutes the CD messages me asking for a pic. I replied with a cock pic, and body pic, and asked for a pic in return. I opened the pictures and I saw a sexy CD with tan smoothe skin, and nice ass. After exchanging a few emails she asked if I wanted to come over, and I of course said yes. Now, this isn't exactly what I was looking for, but I had never been with a CD, and the thought if it was a real turn on. Plus, getting rimmed and sucked didn't sound like a bad idea either. So, I put lotion on my smoothe body and headed out.

On the way there I was shaking with nerves. I considered turning around a few times, but I decided to take a risk. I entered the code to the private community and parked. I was in my car breathing heavily, but oh so eager
to experience a CD. I stepped out of the car, walked to the apartment number and knocked. I anxiously waited for the CD to answer. Once the door opened I saw a sexy passable CD. She was about 5 7, approximately 140lbs, full make up on, and she was wearing some sexy lingerie. I was jealous, I wanted to look like that. She asked me to come in, and as I entered her living room I saw another CD sitting on the couch!!! I thought to myself, " oh my, this is going to be an interesting night."

The CD on the couch aka Jill was similar to Delila, but slightly shorter. I was sitting in between the two of them on them couch excited as can be. "Have you eer been in a threesome," Jill asked. "no i havent, but im open to try." Jill then asked me if I've ever been fucked before. I truthfully answered, "no, but I do fuck myself with my dildo." After saying that I noticed her ear to ear smile. They slowly moved closer and started to touch me all over!! I was in pure ecstasy, and this was only the beginning. I started kissing Jill while Delila fondled me, and then I
started kissing Delila while Jill fondled me. All of our lips eventually locked and we had the sexiest 3 way kiss imaginable. They each started to undress me and within a minute I was fully naked feeling extremely submissive. They moved me to the ground on the living room floor that was covered in blankets. Jill ordered me to get on all fours. Without hesitating I did as she said.

As I stood there on all fours like a submissive slut. Jill moved behind me and began to rim my clean smoothe asshole while gently stroking my cock. Jill would spread my ass wide and slowly kiss, and finger my sexy hole. While Jill was busy with my ass Delila moved to my front and stuck her small 5 inch cut hard cock in front of my face and told me to start sucking. As i continued to suck Delila's stiff cock, Jiill tells me that she's going to fuck me. She puts a rubber on (unfortunately) lubes my smoothe ass, and enters my tight pink asshole. My fantasy officially became a reality!!! For the next 15 minutes I stood on all fours like a good slut taking a hard cock up my ass
while lustfully sucking on another hard cock. As Jill is fucking me hard from behind she continued to stroke my cock. I couldn't resist the urge to cum. I suddenly exploded like never before. As soon as I exploded I couldn't help but pull my head away from Delila's cock I was sucking to tell them that I was cumming. As quickly as I pulled my head back Delila couldn't hold back either and covered my face with her juicy warm cum. After watching myself and Delila cum, Jill couldn't resist the lust to cum. She took off the condom and she came all over my ass cheecks. Jill decided to rub her cum all over my ass, it felt great. She also decided to finger me with some of her cum as well :).

After cleaning ourselves up (mostly me) I couldn't believe what had just happened. My fantasy finally came true!! This experience inspired me to start cross dressing. I still fantasize about being fucked in the ass again while sucking on a hard cock, but now I want this fantasy to become a reality while I'm all dressed up in sexy lingerie.

I was fortunate enough to play with
Delila a few times after, maybe I can share the next encounters. Unfortunately I never saw Jill again, and ended up losing Delila's email, and number, but she will always be remembered.

I hope you enjoyed!

... Continue»
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a real cd explains what cd on cd sex is like

alot of "strait" guys love shemale porn.I was one of them.Pre-internet I discovered shemale porn but it was hard to find.I had girlfriends but the sex was never many i was more concerned with cumming to soon than actually enjoying myself.Plus,as a porn watcher my fav was anal.My girlfriends fav...not so much.after 25 years i realized that i was most unhappy when i had a girlfriend.even then I had bought and worn nylons and enjoyed anal dildo play alone.then came the net.and i bought a wig,shoes, and some makeup.I had wanted to be with a cd.I didn't realize i could be an attractive cd.So I shaved everywhere and took some no face pics and posted a profile at alt.I wasn't looking for guys.I have no interest.Just cd's.I'll never forget my first motel meet.she answered the door dressed and was attractive.After dressing i joined her on the bed.I'll never forget what i thought the first time I deepthraoted a real cock.I wasn't with a guy.I was with a girl with a cock.It wasn't "gay" at all to me.I'm not stupid.I realized I was sucking a cock.All I'm saying is that in my mind,she was a girl.I came prepared and took some action pics i posted.I realized i was an exibitionist slut that night too.Those pics lead to 3ways that gave me someone to take action pics.Which lead to almost monthly always safe amateur cd motel parties that drew as many as 12 attractive handpicked cd's along with the occasional real girl and one memorable married can see my parties at if the pics i uploaded here today aren't there.But i digress.Here's my point.guys want girls.Given the chance guys would do anything.Girls,not so much.You have to proceed with caution.As Paula,I don't worry about when i cum.I can now get fucked like a girl.I can give and recieve.And gods honest truth, in my mind,these are women with cocks.Not guys.These parties allowed me to have sexual experiences that charlie sheen would envy.All you tranny lovers ask if you're gay for liking tranny porn.There's guy/guy gay and there's all tranny gay.Call it looks like a duck gay.Women are beautiful but crazy.An attractive cd is the best of both worlds.In my mind when i'm dressed and with other cd's,I'm a girl and so are they.It's incredibly liberating.And by the way,size does matter. ... Continue»
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Tatilde rastladigim CD

Tatil icin yalniz olarak Bodrum'a gitmistim. Bir arkadasim Golyaka'daki evinin anahtarini vermisti, orada kaliyordum. Gunduzleri plajlari aksamlari da Bodrum'daki bartlari dolasiyordum.

Birgun Bitez'deki plajin barinda 30 yaslarda bir adamla sohbet ettik. Adi Erol'du. Kadinlardan bahsederken bana kendisinin kirmizi ojeli ve ince yuksek topuklu giyen kadinlardan hoslandigini soyledi. Ben de aynisindan hoslandigimi soyleyince, gozlerinin parladigini hissettim. Bana aksamlari gittigi barin adini verdi, beni de oraya cagirir gibi.

Aksam Erol'un tavisye ettigi bara gittim. Biraz sonra Erol'a rastladim. Beraber bara orurup icmeye basladik. Etraf seksi kizlarla doluydu, birkac da travesti kiz vardi. Kirmizi ojeli, ince yuksek topuklu ayakkabi giyen kizlara bakarak hangisinin daha guzel ve seksi oldugundan bahsediyorduk. Bir muddet sonra baska bir bara gitmek uzere disari cikinca Erol beni evine davet etti. Ben de kabul ettim ve evine gittik.

Erol salonun barinda icki hazirlarken ben de muzik CD'lerine bakiyordum ki, bircok CD ve travesti DVD'si gordum. Birtanesi bende de olan cok seksi bir filmdi. Filmde bir CD evine davet ettigi erkeklerle kadin gibi giyinip sevisen cok atesli bir CD idi. Ickileri getiren Erol elimde o DVD'yi gorunce, utangac bir sekilde bu filmin cok guzel oldugunu soyledi ve "Istersen seyredelim" dedi. Ben de kabul ettim. Zaten aylardir bir travesti veya CD ile sevismemistim onun icin bu teklif beni heyecanlandirmisti. Erol'un gizli bir CD oldugunu da anlamistim. Koltuga yan yana oturup filmi seyretmeye basladik. Filmdeki CD hakikaten cok guzel, seksi ve feminendi. Enteresandir, Erol'a da benziyordu.

CD'nin giydigi kiyafetlerden bahsederken Erol hafif bir sesle kendisinde cok daha seksi ic camasirlari ve ayakkabilar oldugunu mirildandi. Ben de bunu firsat bilip gostermesini istedim. Biraz beklememi soyleyip heyecanla iceri gitti. Ben de acayip heyecanlanmistim.

Biraz sonra koirdor tarafindan bir ses dudum. Arkama baktigimda koridorun basinda siyah corapli, dizden kivrilarak hafifce havaya kalkmis bir bacak gordum. Siyah corapliydi ve ayaginda da ince yuksek metal topuklu, ustu tasli, ince batli cok seksi siyah bir ayakkabi vardi. Rujuyla ayni renkde, nar kirmizisi uzun elbisenin bele kadar derin yirtmacindan jartiyeri de gorunuyordu. Duvarin kenarinda da parmak uclari kesik, siyah dantel eldiven icinde bir el vardi. Uzun tirnakli, kirmizi ojeli parmaklari gorunuyordu. Heyecanla ayaga kalktigimda bacak assagiya dogru indi ve one dogru bir adim atti. Gogus dekoltesi derindi. Kahverengi dalgali uzun bir peruk takmisti Erol. Nefis ve seksi agir bir makyaji vardi. Takma kirpikleri ve uzun sallanan kupeleri cok seksi gorunuyordu. Bana dogru zarif bir kac adim atti ve kendi etrafinda dondu. Elbisenin sirti da dekolteydi. Yanimdan gecerken muthis seksi ve feminen parfumu beni iyice delirtmisti. Genis koltuga oturup cantasindan uzun siyah bir agizlik cikartarak sigarasini takti ve suh gozlerle bana bakti. Hemen cakmagimi cikartip sigarasini yaktim. icine cektitgi nefesi yuzume dogru ufledi. Yanina oturdum ve ona cok guzel ve seksi oldugunu soyledim. Tabi kadin haliyle olan adini da ogrenmek istedim. Bana boyle giyindigi zamanlarda adinin Eda oldugunu soyledi. Sehpada duran sarap kadehini uzatip ickilerimizden birer yudum aldik.

Bana aslinda cok cekingen oldugunu ama nedense beraber birkac kadeh ictikten sonra, kendisinin begendigi filmi benim de begendigimi ogrenince bir cilginlik yapmaya karar verdigini soyledi. Ben de cok memnun oldugumu soyledim. Bir muddet seksden ve tecrubelerimizden bahsettik. Ben kadinlarla ve travestilerle sevistigimi, bazi travestilerle pasif de oldugumu anlattim. Eda da kendisinin cok istekli oldugunu ama simdiye kadar sadece kadinlarla sevistigini soyledi. Biraz sonra Eda'nin Bodrum sicaginda bayagi rahatsiz oldugunu farkederek isterse daha rahat yazlik bir sey giymesini tavsiye ettim. Eda da hemen degismek icin iceri gitti.

Dondugunde kivircik sari bir peruk takdigini gordum. Ustunde de gene onu ve arkasi derin dekolte dar beyaz bir mini elbise vardi. Coraplarini cikarttigi icin tamamen puruzsuz ve gunesten yanmis bacaklari harika gorunuyordu. Ayaklarinda da gene ince yuksek metal topuklu, pembe terlik tipi ayakkabilar vardi. El ve ayak tirnaklarinin ojesini bu defa pembe yaptigini gordum. Koltukta sagima oturunca dar elbisesinin etegi neredeyse beline kadar siyrilmisti. Ben iyice tahrik olmustum ve ceketimi cikarttim.

Bu kiyafetin de kendisine cok yakistigini soyleyerek elimi uzatip Eda'nin narin seksi sol elini elime aldim ve hafifce optum. Eda'nin gozleri kapandi ve agzindan cok hafif bir "Ohh" sesi cikti. Hemen elini cevirip avucunu optum, gozlerine bakarak. Karsimda son derece guzel, seksi, feminen, heyecanli ve istekli bir kadin vardi. Elimi uzattim ve Eda'ya sarildim. Boynunu opmeye basladim, arada bir de yaliyordum. Parfumu ten kokusuyla karismisti ve beni delirtiyordu.

Film seyrederkenki sohbetimizde seks sirasinda acik sacik konusmalardan hoslandigini soylemisti. Ama ben, gunduz plaj'da "Erol Bey" diye, aksam barda da "Erol" diye hitap ettigim halde, kadin gibi giyindikten sonra tabi ki "Eda Hanim" diye hitap ediyordum.

Bir elimi bacaklarina goturup oksamaya basladim. Eda da elini pantolonun ustunden sikime atmisti. Ikimiz de birbirimizi istedigimiz icin, sanki uzun zamandir tanisiyormusuz gibi davrnmaya baslamistik.Boynunu opmeyi ve kulak memelerini emmeyi birakip seksi dolgun dudaklarina yapistim ve opusmeye basladik. Agizlarimizin icinde dillerimiz adeta dans ediyordu. Eda'nin dilini emmeye basladim ve elimi iyice bacaklarinin arasina soktum. Eda tam bir hanimefendi gibi bacaklarini sikistirmisti, elim o harika bolgeye gitmiyordu. Kulagina "Birak kendini bana canim, seni sevmek istiyorum" diyince yavasca bacaklarini ayirdi. Elimi uzattim ve dantel oldugunu hissettigim tangasina ulastim. Ooooof, Eda'nin onu ates gibiydi.

Ben iyice delirmistim ve Eda'nin da kendini zor tuttugunu anlamistim. "Harika bir kizsin sen Eda!" diyerek elbisesinin etegini beline dogru siyirdim. Pembe dantel, cok kucuk bir tangasi vardi. O nefis sikini ancak kapatiyordu. Oksamaya baslayinca Eda hafif bir sesle "Istiyorum seni" dedi. Bu beni daha da heyecanlandirdi. Eda'yi koltuga yuzustu yatirdim ve sirtini opup yalamaya basladim. Tangasinin ip seklindeki arka tarafi nefis kalcalarinin arasinda kaybolmustu. Elbisenin fermuarini actim, simdi onumde ciplakti, sadece seksi pembe tangasi vardi. Ayaklarini dizlerinden bukerek havaya kaldirdim ve opmeye basladim. Altini, topuklarini, parmaklarini. Ayak parmaklarini teker teker agzima alip emiyordum. Eda da zevkle inliyordu. Ayaklarina da surdugu belli olan parfumu, deri terliklerinin kokusuyla karismisdi ve cok seksiydi. Arada bir terliklerini de yaliyordum. Bu Eda'nin cok hosuna gitmisti.

Bir taraftan da aceleyle ayakkabilarimi, pantolonumu ve kulotumu cikarttim. Eda'yi kaldirdim, simdi sirti bana donuktu. Ellerim goguslerini kavradi. Cok yumusak takma gogusleri vardi, uclari da sertti. Eda o guzel yuzunu bana dogru cevirdi. Opusmeye basladik. Bana sarilmak istedigini soyleyerek bana dogru dondu. Gogusleri hakikaten muhtesemdi. Bir muddet opustukten sonra yavas yavas boynuna ve goguslerine indim. Koklayarak, emerek, yalayarak opuyordum. Eda'yi koltuga sirtustu yatirdim ve yavasca tangasini cikartmaya basladim. Tanga dizlerine indiginde Eda bacaklarini birlestirerek dizlerini yana dogru kivirdi. Tangayi cikartmistim ama o nefis hazinesi gorunmemisti. Egilerek dudaklarindan opmeye basladim. Ona "Benim bakire sevgilim" diyerek elimi bacaginin arasina attim, bacaklari yavasca acildi. Offff, Eda'nin nefis bir siki vardi. Tamamen tuysuz vucudunda sac, kas ve kirpikler haric, sadece sikinin ustunde kalp seklinde bir bolgede kil vardi. Muhtesem seksi gorunuyordu. Ellerimle biraz oksadiktan sonra egilip opmeye basladim. Eda da seksi elleriyle basimi oksayarak kendine dogru cekiyordu. Pembe sikini ve nefis tasaklarini emmeye basladim. Biraz sonra Eda bana "Ben de seni istiyorum canim" dedi. "Ne istiyorsun" diyince "Seni opmeyi ve emmeyi" dedi. "Neremi?" diye sordum, "Orani" dedi. Tekrar "Neremi?" diye sorunca, utanarak "Sikini" dedi. Hemen Eda'nin agzina yapistim ve eme eme opmeye basladim. Ellerimle de yuzunu oksuyordum.

Koltuga yaslandim, Eda seksi ellerini uzatip sikimi ve tasaklarimi oksamaya basladi. Pembe uzun tirnakli parmaklari muthis seksi gorunuyordu. Sikim tas gibi olmustu zaten deminden beri. Biraz oksadiktan sonra uzerime egilip sikimi emmeye basladi. Ben zevk ve sehvetle inliyordum. Bir taraftan da seksi kalcalarini ve sirtini oksuyordum. Eda'nin seksi agzi ve sehvetli emisleri beni orgazma yaklastirmisti, ama hemen gelmek istemiyordum. Eda'yi sikimden kaldirip sirtustu yatirdim, bacaklarini havaya kaldirdim ve o nefis, seksi, daracik got deligini oksamaya basladim. Parmaklarim Eda'nini deligine degince basini arkaya dogru atti ve yuksek sesle inlemeye basladi. Egilip yalamaya basladim. Inlemeleri siklasti, neredeyse ciglik atacakti. Eda'yi koltukta cevirip domalttim. seksi kalcalarini oksamaya basladim. Arada bir de hafifce isirir gibi yapiyordum. Sonra kalcalarini ellerimle ayirdim ve deligini yalamaya basladim. Ben yaladikca Eda'nin got deligi hafifce kasiliyor, adeta dilimi icine cekmek istiyor gibi titriyordu. Dilimi yavasca Eda'nin nefis got deligine sokmaya basladim. Eda seksi bir edayla "Aaaaaahh" diye ciglik atti. Artik dilim icindeydi. Eda'nini icini yaliyordum. Sicak sicak, islak islak, kipir kipir olan dilim Eda'nin icini oksuyordu.

Sehpanin ustundeki kayganlastiricidan surerek Eda'nin got deligini parmaklamaya basladim. Biraz alisinca iki parmagimi birden soktum. Eda zevkten deliriyordu. Artik dayanamayip "Seni istiyorum Eda, seni sikmek istiyorum sevgilim!" diyince bana. "Sevgilim, bu ilk olacak, lutfen nazik ol" dedi. Merak etmemesini, kadinlarla herzaman nazik oldugumu soyledim. Ona kontrol kendisinde olsun diye, benim ustume oturmasini soyledim ve koltuga uzandim. Eda ayaklariyla koltuga basarak seksi ellerini gogsume dayadi. Ben de kalcalarini kavrayarak iki tarafa dogru actim. Yavasca sikimin ustune oturmaya basladi. Zaten deminden beri kayganlasmis olan deligi sikimi icine almaya basladi. Eda ilk defa sikilmenin, seksi bir kadin olmanin zevkini doyasiya yasamaya baslamisti. Gozleri yari kapali, basini basini arkaya dogru atarak oturuyordu sikime. En nihayet sikimi sonuna kadar icine aldi. Deligi cok dardi, sikimi dar bir yuzuk gibi kavramisti. Ilk defa olmasina ragmen, zevk, sehvet ve istekten dolayi hic zorlanmadigi inlemelerinden ve seksi yuzunden anlasiliyordu.

Eda'nin seksi deligi sikime iyice alisinca domalarak sikilmek istedigini soyledi. Koltuga domaltip sikimi gotune sokmaya basladim. Ellerimle de goguslerini ve her yerini oksuyordum. Biraz sonra bana "Sevgilim, beni kadin siker gibi sik lutfen" dedi. Hemen sirtustu yatirip bacaklarini dizlerinden kivirdim ve havaya kaldirdim. Duadaklarini operek sikimi deligine soktum. Bu defa biraz daha hizli girip cikiyordum. Eda'nin gozlerine bakarak seksi ayaklarini yalamaya basladim. Sikilmenin verdigi zevkle Eda'nin siki de kalkmisti. O nefis siki elime aldim ve 31 cektirmeye basladim. Eda da beni oksuyordu. Aniden bir parmagini benim got deligime soktu. Ben de daha da hizlanip onun dilini emmeye basladim.

Bir muddet inleye inleye sikistikten sonra dayanamayip aniden fiskirmaya basladim. Dollerim Eda'nin daracik, ates gibi gotunun icine sanki patlamis bir su borusundan cikar gibi fiskiriyordu. Ayni anda Eda da fiskirmaya basladi. Sicak, seksi dolleri elime ve ikimizin karnina dogru fiskiriyordu. Orgazm olan Eda'nin got deligi sanki sikimi yudumlar gibi hareket ediyordu ve super bir duyguydu. Benim got deligim de Eda'nin parmagini ayni sekilde yudumlar gibi icine cekiyordu. Orgazmimiz bitince Eda'ya sarildim, opusmeye basladik. Sikim hala icindeydi, nasil olsa yumusayinca kendiliginden cikacakti. Kulagina cok guzel ve seksi bir kiz oldugunu fisildadim, birbirimize sarilarak oylece yatiyorduk.

Aslinda ikimiz de defalarca sikismek, birbirimize doymak istiyorduk ama, hem plajda, hem barda hem de Eda'nin evinde epey icmistik, saat de cok gec olmustu. Ben giyindim ve Eda'yi sehvetle operek ayrildim. Ama ertesi gun devam edecektik. Bu defa bir teknede, yalniz ikimiz, gunesin altinda, cirilciplak!

Lady Orospu CD Dilek Gul ... Continue»
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My REAL life as an amateur cd superstar-see profil

Earlier,I wrote about what real cd sex was like.What I'm gonna say now isn't fiction.See my galleries.The turning point for me was my 1st 3some.I met Gloria and she came with a professional makeover.She turned me on to a salon in Staten isl called fairplay that catered exclusively to cd's.I'll never forget when I saw myself for the 1st time when my makeover was done.see my 1st pic in motherload gallery.I was hot!Really hot!When I posted pics from that gettogether with gloria and 2 other gurls my profiles on alt and aff quickly became #1 in the ts/cd category.Over the next years I hosted probably 30 or so motel orgies.Always safe sex and,as you can see from pics,only fem cd's.5 or 6 parties had 10 or more cd's,2 with a couple real girls,and 3 with a memorable cd husband-wife couple.Usually held at a residence inn,my halloween parties are lengendary.Oh the fun we had.These parties developed a reputation for safe sex and laughs all night.Soon,every party would include 3,4,5 repeat cds who would almost instantly make new girls comfortable.We'de start around 7pm and go till 12 or 1am.most times new girls would show up as others had to leave.fresh cock and cum.I would say that 75% of the girls were married and thier wives had no idea,except for that memorable couple.Sorry,no pics of them.I promised them.Anyway,every party was like a porn flic.If you wanted to do something you did it.Especially me,as the host.Newbies would join in at thier pace.My regulars and I would always be doing something and inevitably they would join in.I felt like a sex symbol.And I was a total slut who loved to document these parties with pics,as you can see.So,I write this for all you guys who wonder what it would be like.I've posted pics from my parties.As someone who loves shemale porn I do especially like real cd vids and pics and i've seen them all.I'm confident that my cd pics are the HOTTEST you've seen.I wish they were vids but you can't have everything.Where would you put it?... Continue»
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cd meets another cd

I was contacted by a cd on here but will protect their identity , so they will be called Lisa ..
we spent about 6 weeks talking on here , building a trust and friendship , we sent private photos to eachother and exchanged phone numbers .a strong similar interest started in the idea of two cd,s spending an evening together and that day was this week .
I drove to their house , we agreed to meet as men at the front door . once inside I went to the toilet and got dressed up in blonde wig , red satin blouse , short skirt , stocking suspenders and heels . i walked downstairs to see lisa in black wig , black tight corset fishnet tights and pole dancer high heels . on the tv was a dvd playing a sex film . we sat for a short while watching the film and I started to rub lisa,s stockinged thigh , then my hand moved round the silky black thong to rub her cock . Lisa decided to stand up in front of me then and her cock was right in front of me . I rubbed it again thru the material , and was told to get it out . so slowly I pulled the knickers to one side and a cock getting hard was in front of my face . a small wank started , but it was a very nice , clean , shaved , thick cock and within a minute I put it in my mouth . it was a gorgeous cock to suck on . while sucking I tickled the big shaved balls . I sucked slow and sometimes hard , she placed her hands on my head and groans of delight were expelled . after a few minutes of sucking we decided to change places , so Iisa sat on the sofa , and I stood in front . the skirt was hitched up to expose my lacy knickers , they were pulled down to expose my cock . it wasn't too hard at this point , nerves I guess , but soon in lisas mouth it grew bigger . she was a very good cocksucker. it was a nice feeling looking down and seeing her head bopping up and down . lisa was a hot chick , so I was brave and knelt down and hinted at a kiss . it was accepted and the kissing took place and deep French kisses followed while we wanked eachother off . I was then told to do a 69 ....
lisa laid down on the sofa and I laid on top. soon two cocks and two mouths were working over time . my cock grew bigger as I relaxed a bit more . it was a successful idea , we worked it well , nice rytham and both girls sucking , licking big hard cocks . we separated and kissed again . lisa got on her knees but faced away from me , her arse in front of my face , a tight nice shaped arse covered in the black fishnet material . it was too cute to resist . so I started to kiss and lick it . I was verbally encouraged to go further , so as lisa wanked her cock off I started to spit on her arse so I could rim her .after a while I put my right hand on my cock to toss off and my left hand on her cock to toss off at the same time . it would have made a nice photo . cd on the sofa and cd behind on her knees on the floor ,face in her arse and two cocks being wanked off .
after a while we stopped , lisa sat on the sofa as normal . I said I wanted to do something my wife does to me . I told lisa what I wanted to do , I felt so slaggy . I walked out the room leaving lisa watching the porn video . I then walked in , took my skirt off to show my black stockings and suspenders, then stood in front off lisa and said , just watch the porn ....I then leant in and kissed her hard and deep , while rubbing her cock and balls , I then got down on my knees and took it in my mouth ,,I then placed my finger at the tip of her arsehole and entered it slowly . when I walked in earlier in the evening I had a small hand bag and inside was a tube of lude .I covered lisa,s arse and soon I was sucking her cock and fingering her arse it was great . my wife does it to me a lot , so it felt good to be a naughty girl .
lisa said it was time to cum . she stood up and we swapped places , so I sat on the sofa . she took her cock in hand and wanked it off hard and fast , she said I want to cum on your face .. I said now way .. you deserve a swallow .. she wanked as I played with her balls , soon it was time , a groan said it was time to put it in my mouth again . a massive shot went into my throat , too much , I choked , but still swallowed what I could , there were loads . I normally spit but decided this was worthy of my first swallow . after shooting I gave head again to clean her up . so I sucked a cum covered cock .. yet a another first . lisa collapsed on the sofa and told me to wank over her cock . she laid down and I stood over her tossing off , at one point I turned my body around so my arse was facing her . she rubbed it gently , as I faced the tele I had a cd rubbing my arse and a blonde girl having spunk all over her face , yea I guess this was the time to cum . I turned around and I shot my load all over lisa still hard cock there was loads , I had been saving it . it landed on her legs , hands corset and of course cock, I knelt down and sucked it off again , this time tasting my own cum .
we both felt shattered and both laid on the sofa . it was quite a night with at least 6 firsts in my life . we have spoken since .... dates to be arranged .. and new outfits ... Continue»
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Spank me

Jill loved to be spanked. It made her horny and she loved to fuck afterwards. It started when she was fifteen and her dad stripped her naked and spanked her for being bad. She loved him stripping her and laying her across his lap and spanking her ass with his hand. First his hand rubbed her bare ass before he spanked her. It turned her on to feel her dads hand rub her ass and she then spread her legs.

Dad noticed her wet pussy and would spank her harder with her legs spread. Daily he would take her into the bedroom and strip her and lay her over his lap. He took more time rubbing her ass before he spanked her. he would spread her legs to see if her pussy would get wet. He then found a paddle to spank her with. As he hit her with the paddle her pussy would vibrate and her tits would rub against her dads legs. She started cumming as he paddled her.

One day when he took her to be spanked, he looked at her tits which had grown to a nice full size. Today he was only dressed in his underwear. He layed her naked body across his lap and spread her legs. He could feel her tits on his bare legs. He spent extra time rubbing her ass before he began to spank her. He rubbed down her legs and then the insides of her legs. He was close to her pussy and liked that she kept it shaved. He then spanked her feeling her tits across his legs. This made his cock hard. He noticed her pussy getting wetter and knew she was pulsing as he spanked. He put down the paddle and rubbed her bright red ass. As he rubbed her he spread her ass cheeks and ran his finger over her puckered bud. He played with her ass quite a while before he moved his finger to her wet pussy.

As he found her pussy he then shoved her leg to the floor to spread her wider. He ran a finger over her pussy lips and her clit feeling them and tweaking both of them. She was now squirming loving her dads finger over her pussy. He then found her love hole and circled it with his finger. Soon he had his finger in her fucking his young daughters cunt. It did not take long before he had her moaning and loving her dads finger up her cunt. He pulled her wet finger out and spanked her cunt then began to spank her ass again.

The next night when he stripped her naked, he ran his hands over her naked body before he got ready to spank her. But then he removed his underwear and she saw his hard cock. This time he bent her over the end of the bed and spread her legs wide He stood between her legs and she felt his cock brush her leg. He rubbed her ass and pussy getting ready for the spanking. He propped a pillow under her to raise her ass higher. He got his paddle and began to spank her hard. He watched her ass get redder and redder as he gave her whack after whack. Then he stopped and rubbed her ass and then down to her pussy.

He then rubbed his hard cock over her red ass cheeks. He spread her ass and rubbed the cock down her crack and around her pucker. He saw her cunt hole and aimed his hard cock and pushed into her. As he pushed into her tight hole he began to spank her with the paddle till he got his cock all the way inside her cunt. He looked at her stretched hole and then grapped the strap and as he fucked his daughter he whipped her with the leather strap. As he saw the lashes across her as he fucked harder as the beating was making him so horny. He could feel her cunt pulse and make his cock wet over and over. She was as hot and horny as her dad. He fucked her cunt and beat her ass for almost thiry minutes before he pulled out his cock and covered her ass with his cum.

Now every night he would spank her ass as he fucked her hard. This turned her on as she craved getting her ass spanked and loved her dad fucking her cunt. Sometimes he would put her on her hands and knees and smack her tits as he fucked the horny daughter. When he was ready to cum he would cover the tits with the cum and then he would rub the cum over her tits. One night he spanked her ass and only finger fucked her. He let her cum several times before he turned her to her back and entered her pussy. He fucked her hard pounding her as he twisted her nipples. Tonight when he was ready to cum he covered her face with his cum. Opened her lips and let some go into her sweet mouth. He then closed her mouth so she would have to swallow his cum. He was going to fuck her mouth and cum down her throat.

For several years he would strip her spank her and fuck her different holes. She loved getting the brutal spankings as long as daddy would fuck her hard and deep. He would whip her ass and her tits and her back and legs. She wore huge welts but loved the fucking. Some nights dad would stay in her bed and fuck her sore body all night in every hole. He never got enough of the daughters tight cunt. He taught her to suck his cock and on Saturdays, they would fuck all day between her sucking the huge cock. She was able to get all ten inches down her throat and swallow all his cum. He loved to fuck her mouth before he would fill it with huge loads of cum and then watch her swallow.

She loved fucking her dad and would never lead him even tho some times he was cruel to her with the spankings.... Continue»
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Two hot CD lesbian sluts share an intimate moment

Her name was Kelly, we had met online in one of the gay chat rooms I like to frequent and for the next couple of weeks we had developed a friendship, exchanged pics and fantasies and I was really, really into her. we had a lot in common, more than just the mere fact that we were both gay CD’s with torrid fantasies.

After a few weeks of chatting we had grown comfortable enough with each other that we finally decided to meet in person, I was excited as could be, all I could do was fantasies about what our meeting would be like.

The day finally arrived, it was a warm Saturday in June and Kelly had invited me over to her house, I had nearly packed all of my girl clothes, make up and heels and stopped for a couple of nice bottles of wine. I drove up to Kelly’s house which was surprisingly only a few miles from mine, I was excited and a little nervous from her pictures she was so gorgeous and I could not believe my luck.

I arrived at a nice, modern looking house sheltered at the end of a cul de sac, it was sort of hidden in the woods. got down and rang the bell and to the door came this beautiful, androgynous boy, it was Kelly she waited for me so we could get ready together.

He gave me a warm smile and we hugged, we did not say much just gave each other flirtatious looks and a quick kiss, mmmmm his lips were soft.
He invited me in and helped me with my suitcase and wine, the house was great, nice open living room with wooden floors, big open windows and a nice comfortable atmosphere.

We sat in the kitchen and opened a bottle of wine, we were making small talk, we could feel the tension grow as we sat there flirting with each other. Finally Kelly stood up, smiled and said “I can’t take it anymore, lets get girly” to which I answered with a big smile “lets” I said.

We walked into the bedroom, I laid my suitcase on the floor, opened it and we smiled at each other. we stripped out of our boy clothes only to find that we were both already wearing panties. I had red booty short panties and Kelly had pink lacy boy shorts, we could not stop smiling at each other and looking at the bulge in out panties.

We sat side by side in front of the vanity and like two teenage girls begun putting on our make up, foundation, concelear, eye liner, eye shadow, lipstick. our male faces transforming into elegant looking slutty gurls, we were having a great time, laughing and talking having a lovely time.

When we were finally made up we stood in front of each other and dropped our panties to the floor. we stood smiling, completely naked, two sexy gay boys with cocks hard as rocks and beautifully made faces, we both had long hair that hung on our shoulder, Kelly was a blonde I was a slutty brunette, it was a beautiful sight. we took a step toward each other, grabbed our cocks and kissed as we stroked each other, first a little peck, then another, then a little tongue and our cocks got harder.
I then stopped and said “ we should be good gurls and put our panties on” Kelly laughed and nodded in agreement.

she walked towards her dresser drawer and opened her panty drawer, I reached into my suitcase and picked a golden thong and bra set I had just picked up for this occasion, she picked a red thong and white satin bra. I put on white knee highs and black heels, she put on black thigh highs and red heels.

The light was a little dimmer, we were both buzzed from the wine and horny as hell as we stood looking at one another, smiling, flirting, god she was gorgeous, her white A cup bra smeared across her chest I could see her nipples getting hard, how I love a flat chested CD she was beautiful.

I finally stepped up to her, our hard pantied cocks touched, our hands slipped to grab each other’s ass and we were locked in a passionate gay, CD kiss it was heaven.

Kelly had such soft lips and an expert tongue, we could tell we both had sucked many cocks before and it was excited, we were both two hot sluts, hot for each other.

Kelly pushed me onto the bed and I feel backwards, she fell on top of me, kissed my lips, kissed my neck and worked her way down to my chest, licked my nipples and slowly but expertly worked herself down to my cock, she rubbed her lips, through the fabric against my cock, kissing it, licking it, slowly pulling apart my panties and like only a cock slut can she expertly started sucking and stroking my hard cock, I moaned “mmmmm Kelly”

She sucked my cock so well, up and down my shaft, licking my balls, slobbering all over, stroking it, smiling and periodically stopping to rub my pre cum on her lips and to give me a little kiss, fuck I was turned on. she kept on like this for what seemed an eternity I just could not wait anymore and pulled her by the hair, kissed her hard and bit her lower lip and said “fuck my mouth slut, fuck it now”

She pushed me down on the bed and got on top of me, she sat on my chest and pulled out her hard cock from out of red panties and for a couple of minutes just sat there stroking it, just out of reach, teasing me, just making me want it even more.

Finally she slid her hard cock into my mouth, there is nothing like the feeling of cock entering through your lips, that sweet drop of pre cum on the tip on your tongue and finally feeling the head hit the back of your throat. it is amazing.

Kelly began pumping my mouth like it was a pussy, each stroke of her hips pushing cock into my mouth, sliding between my lips and my tongue would drive me wilder and wilder, fuck how I love to suck cock!!!

Kelly really road my face, it was amazing, I could feel her cock pulsate and throb as she was nearing orgasm, my hand firmly on her ass pushing her deep inside of me until she just pulled out and fell on top of me, gasping. “I don’t want to cum just yet” she said I kissed her “but I want to eat your cum baby” “oh you will you cum slut, you will”
I smiled, held her tight and kissed her.

We laid in bed for a while just kissing, making out, exploring our bodies, both turned on beyond belief, her mouth tasted so good, loved to pinch her nipples through her bra, my flat chested CD slut was so hot for me and I was so hot for me.

Kelly stopped for a second and said “I got a surprise for you” from under the bed she pulled out a double sided dildo, I smiled, she smiled back “you like it?” she asked “I love it” I said

we each took an end and laying next to each other we begun sucking on it furiously, almost trying to out slut each other in a friendly competition of who can suck more cock, we were both experts so we just kissed, sat in the bed facing each other, pulled our panties aside and worked that double sided dildo into our asses. It was wild.

In one of the most erotics moments I ever shared with anybody, me and Kelly laid in bed fucking each other with the double sided dildo, it was amazing, we just kept looking at each other, looking at our beautiful gay bodies in lingerie, sitting up to stroke each other and kiss, stroke each other and kiss.

Finally Kelly held on to me and whispered in my ear, “I don’t think I can hold on much longer” I was about to explode myself, we laid in bed and we sixty nined each other, sucking our hard gay cocks, panties just pulled aside, our cocks where throbbing, pulsating and needless to say it did not take long before we simultaneously started to cum in each other mouths. what a glorious feeling that of your lovers cock exploding with its hot cum in your mouth as you yourself explode in your lovers mouth an absolutely amazing moment.

Cum filled out mouths, we were cumming so much it was hard to keep it in our mouths or swallow fast enough, our bodies convulsing in the pleasure of orgasm, we laid like that for a few minutes, squeezing evert last drop out of our cocks until finally, slowly we sat back in bed, our faces, our chins dripping with cum, it was beautiful, we smiled at each other “you look pretty” Kelly said “So do you Kelly, so do you” we kissed, our cum covered lips made it special, we could not help but smile, we kissed again and again and started to lick the cum of our faces what a beautiful sight two lovely gay CD’s just enjoying an intimate, cum kiss.... Continue»
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My CD / Sissy story and 1st meet humiliation

I recently met up with someone to be a sissy slut for them and wanted to share what happened on my first meet. This is the genuine true story. I use the username indoblu on websites, but my sissy name is Holly so I'll refer to myself from now on as such. I'll mention my history as a sissy before talking about the meet up, skip the first few paragraphs to get to that bit.

I have always known I love girls clothes, lingerie, miniskirts, colourful sheer blouses , anything satin or lace, since a very young age. When I was 18, I finally had a credit card, and bought my own lingerie. I bought clothes off ASOS, packages would have girly clothing inside, but being a unisex shop no one at my home would know. My tight black miniskirt, and the black lingerie with garter belt you see in my profile picture were the first things I bought. It felt amazing, especially as they were all mine to wear whenever I wanted.

The amount of hot CDs / T-girls on the internet increased dramatically around this time, there were hundreds of sissy caption pictures, sissy training videos, hot CD videos and more. Alot of it helped me realise a side of myself that I strongly was. I always saw myself in the girls place watching straight porn, I always wanted to be the dominated twink bottom watching gay porn, and I always wanted to be the passable girl watching TS porn. What started as me expressing femininity turned into me understanding I wanted to be a sissy, and I truly wanted to serve cock.

In my room all dressed up I began pretending I was serving a real man, being on my stocking covered knees and using make shift items as dildos. I came so much faster if I had my panties pulled to the side with something thrusting back and forth in my ass, even though my cock wouldn't be completely hard.

I joined xhamster and many other sites, and shared pictures of myself in my lingerie. I left descriptions here and on sites like CL, saying I was up to meet to be a sissy for someone. I chatted with lots of people, started camming one on one for them and even cammed publicly on xhamster's old cam site. I did all of it with hopes of someone meeting me. It was very exciting, I chatted with many different types of guys.

It can be difficult being a sissy and chatting to guys on these sites. Some think you are a full MTF person, others think you are dressed and smooth 24/7 and some even think you are a real girl!

Out of the ones that understand what a sissy is, you have the married guys, the guys who can barely string a sentence, the ones who log out immediately after a cam session and never chat again until months later, the guys who come off obviously suspicious and of course ...timewasters. The most disappointing though is the overly aggressive Doms, who think being a Dom is about being highly aggressive from the very start, because you know their heart is in the right place, but they are doing it wrong.

If you are a Dom reading this, please understand that a sissy wants to serve you and be degraded by you, but it is something you build up to, let your sissy know you will take charge when the situation is right, not from when you're getting to know each other! Preparing to be a sissy takes alot of time, they can't just cam for you the moment you order, or come round and suck you off the moment you say, although I'm sure any sissy would love to, most times it's just not feasible!

You may think I am picky with guys from those last paragraphs, but I am not. I like hygienic guys with trimmed/smooth cocks is the only thing I look for physically in a man. I am quite a slutty desperate sissy! However, time went by and I couldn't find anyone to meet.

I was finding it hard to balance being me in 'boy mode', and my 'girly sissy mode' Holly. I didn't want to work out too much and lose my girly body, but also wanted to live my normal boy life. At one point 2 years ago, I made the mistake of 'purging' - getting rid of all my sissy stuff,. It is a common thing many sissies go through. I was moving out and it would be difficult to hide my lingerie. I also wanted to get on with being a single straight guy, instead of also being Holly. It was a huge mistake, 4 months later I was buying clothes again, and I still miss so many of my old clothes.

Purging is a common thing sissies do and you don't really hear about anyone who succeeds. It was clear to me that I didn't want to lose my sissy side, that I loved dressing up, and could never live without getting new lingerie. Though I never shared that I was Holly with anyone, I was not in any way personally ashamed of my sissy side. I became very comfortable with being both, although I would not be comfortable sharing it with anyone, simply because they wouldn't understand. It took me long enough to make sense of this side of myself, it would be totally alien to someone not exposed to this world in the slightest (which we can assume most are!).

I got much deeper into my sissy side. I fantasised so much more about being a sissy, and especially being humiliated for being a sissy. My online chats became alot more filthy, and I think most guys couldn't keep up with how much of a sissy I was! I also got a lot more turned on by not being able to touch myself, and using ribbons as a chastity. My cock was now my sissy clit, either to be tucked in my panties or dangling out of them, useless and limp. My ass was my sissy pussy, and would be my prime way of feeling sensation when pleasuring myself.

I got a suitable wig, makeup and many more clothes, my favourite outfit was my purple and black lace set, french panties, bra and garter belt. Worn with hold up stockings, a tight black mini skirt and a black satin cami top. The moment I got that purple and black set I cammed to a group of users on xhamster, they made me feel like a filthy slut, carrying out their commands to pose and touch myself for them. They talked among themselves about how much of a slut I was, and how they'd like to use me and leave me coated in their cum. It was one of the hottest experiences ever.

I cammed, chatted and put out adverts because my sole intention now was to find someone to be their fucktoy. I was using Kik now, and chats got alot further towards a meet, but still not the final goal. But finally I met someone who sounded perfect.

From CL, I got talking to a someone who showed a photo that they had been with a crossdresser before. He was 50 years old, experienced, and eager to Dom a sissy. After asking me all about what I wanted, most of which was simply to pleasure him, unlike many other he understood easily. He quickly understood how as a sissy I was a bottom only and craved humiliation for being such a subservient pussy boy, but he didn't go full Dom until we had got to know each other.

When we had got to know each other wants after that hour long chat, he became my master, and from them I would always refer to him as such. We'd chat for over two weeks, me eager to show off how I would serve my master, how girly I was and how I needed to be made a real girl by his cock. Of course I would never be a real girl, but I would become a true sissy, master would remind me. It was important I knew my place, I was a boy who was such a sissy I would serve men without any concern for my own pleasure.

We arranged to meet at a hotel in a city near me. We would both pay for the hotel. The night before I dressed up and sent lots of pictures, master was very excited to use me. It took along time to prepare for the meet, especially getting shaved and smooth. I won't go into detail but it took extremely long and it wasn't pretty!

I got the bus to the city, with a large rucksack full of lingerie on my back. I was very nervous. Would master want me when we met? Would we get to the hotel room discreetly? Not only that but if things did go according to plan, I would soon be sucking a guys cock and being their bitch for the next few hours. It was going to be my first time, and I was slightly tempted to not go, but master had travelled almost an hour to get there, I had been searching for this for too long, and most of all, I truly wanted to do this.

I went to the hotel lobby, I couldn't see master so went to the toilet, he text me describing where he was. I found him and he greeted me with a smile on his face. I smiled too, I was locked in, this was definitely going to happen. We went straight up to the room - a cleaning lady blocked the stairs and took notice of us as we squeezed past her on the stairs. She had the look of someone who suspected our motives for checking into a hotel next to a railway station at 6pm.

Our room had a large double bed but was cramped. We chatted about our history and master poured himself wine. He offered me something to drink but I didn't fancy it. A genuine thought of 'I only want to taste pure cock' crossed my mind. Looking back I laugh at such a weird thought crossing my mind, even for a sissy, but I was in an extremely sissy mood that day.

Master was tall, stocky, with light coloured hair. He was mostly in shape with a slight belly. Overall he looked better than I was expecting from photos. He liked how even my boy hair was 'pretty girly' and looked at me in a way of 'what are we going to do with you then?' He quickly made me feel desired, and wasn't going to go dom until I was dressed.

He made me show him all the lingerie I bought. There was some pieces he liked, and he made me go to the bathroom to try some on. I modelled a set of pink, a pink bra and pink french knickers wearing pink fishnets. Master was excited at how girly my body was. He then made me try a floral blue set with mismatched black garter belt. The set he settled on was the one I mentioned earlier...

I put on my purple and black lace thong, bra and garter belt, which suited my pale skin. With them I wore opaque black stockings almost up my entire long legs, and attached them to my garters. I put my satin cami with spaghetti straps on for my top, and tucked them into a tight black miniskirt that I wore fairly high on my waist, so it only just covered my bum. Next I put on eye shadow rubbing it in to give a smokey, sultry look to my eyes, and added dark red lipstick. I put on my wig, a brunette one, long with bangs for the fringe. I was excited to be fully transformed for someone.

Master liked what he saw. He brought with him a pair of high heels in my size. They were a white/grey snake skin colour, 5 inches, and surprisingly worked with my outfit. I had never worn heels before and instantly it felt amazing, my legs felt so much girly just wearing them. Master made me parade a little for him, I could feel my thong rubbing hard on my panties bulge and my boi pussy as I moved. It was hard to walk, but that didn't matter, as Master gently pushed me to sit on the bed in front of him.

Here I was finally, a sissy slut ready to serve. I couldn't believe it. Outside of being Holly I had such a normal life, no one in my life would suspect me of being this. And yet I had gone to all this effort, put in all this money buying clothes, buying a hotel room, shaving, practicing being girly... all so I could serve a man so much older than me, because I was a true sissy slut. Because I not only dreamed of serving real men, but actually needed to do it. My thoughts were constantly going between my normal mode, and my sissy mode. It was still not as simple as being 100% sissy. It is difficult to explain. But I was going to do this, I was going to be the best slut I could, I would be as girly a I could even though I could only be a sissy.

Master felt up my bra and down to my hips repeatedly. "You've been a good girl to do all this for your master... so smooth", as he felt the small part of my leg not covered in stockings, under my skirt. "The clothes you buy... you really are a slut.. only sluts pick out only clothing like this. Get on your knees". I flipped over on the bed, on my knees, letting my chest go low so my ass was up, I got into a position than was girly as possible. "Good" He said, and lifted my skirt up, until it was like a belt above my garters, my panty clad ass fully on display. He also let my cami top hang off exposing my lace bra.

As he felt my body my bulge was growing in my panties - it felt so good to be like this already! I was tempted to touch myself, as I reached Master put his hand on my wrist, stopping me. "No, sissy's don't pleasure themselves like that. You're getting excited already aren't you slut." He took some ribbons out and used them to tie up my sissy clit quite tight, before placing them back to be trapped in my panties tightly. "Is that better, Holly?", "Yes Master thank you". He smacked my ass making me say thank you each time. Gently he run a finger on the outside of my panties, teasing my hole.

Master went to the other side of the bed. My head was directly in front of his crotch, covered by his boxers. "Pull them off with your teeth" I did as commanded. "Good girl". Here I was, Master's cock in front of my face, there was no going back after this, I would of proved I am a true sissy. On the way here on the bus, I wondered if at this point, where Master's cock was presented, whether I'd lose my nerve and not be able to do so. In reality though, it was the opposite, I found myself straight away taking Master's cock in my mouth, surprising even myself.

Master could tell I was enjoying this moment, "Ha ha, just what you always wanted, isn't it?", I replied with a muffled 'yes Master' as I continued to feel his cock grow in my mouth. When it was full size, master took it out my mouth and slapped my face with it repeatedly. "You've impressed your Master, this is very good for a first timer. Suck on my balls." I licked them and took them fully in my mouth. I didn't choose to be a sissy, but that's what I am, and even though I was all about my Master's pleasure, I was enjoying myself - despite the humiliation that I found cock and balls to taste surprisingly good. I was made to suck much longer, while Master put his hands all over my smooth body. Sometimes he rubbed my tied up clit in panties like it was a real clit.

He was an expert at treating a sissy exactly like how she should be treated.He'd treat me like a girl but remind that I am not one, which is right, a sissy is not a girl. A sissy is far more subservient, and exists only to serve another's pleasure, not their own. Not only that, sissies are not real girls and more importantly, not real men. Master would make sure to remind me of this, laughing at my tiny clit and asking me if I enjoyed serving a real man's cock, which usually I responded to with a muffled 'yes master'. Outside this hotel room, I'd never admit to such, but I was truly loving serving a real man.

At one point Master was feeling my girly body real good, and I said 'mmmm, yes Daddy' instead of Master, he just laughed at me and then spanked me. He took his cock out my mouth, and told me to stay on my knees, keep my ass raised and hold onto the heels of my shoes with my hands. I waited there for ten minutes, while he drank wine and admired my body. I felt both valued and cheap all at once. He then put a collar on me, and held me on a chain leash. "How is that slut?" "Good thank you Master, it makes me feel more like your property". We hadn't mentioned collaring me at all til this point, I guess Master thought it would suit me.

What a pussy I was. People from the rest of my life were going through my mind. I imagined what my Ex would think of me like this. How humiliating to go from normal relationships to being this sissy slave. I had made no efforts to find a new girlfriend, but I had spent hours in chats and on cam to find a cock to serve. Despite my tied up clit I was loving it. All the sissy captions were true, and living them felt amazing and embarrassing all the same time.

Master was behind me now. He pulled the leash and I was f***ed upwards by my neck, I was straight up but on my knees. He felt my body, scrunching my nonexistant boobs through my bra, and letting his hand feel down my stocking clad thighs. "Such a good girl" his finger feeling through my boipussy from the outside of my thong, "so tight", his wet finger pushed into my pussy, and he pushed me back down onto my chest. "Another finger please Master, I can take it", and he did so. Instead of three fingers, he got put a dildo, squirted it with lube and pulled my thong to the side. "Do you want this Holly?" "Yes please Master". It filled me up instantly, after thrusting it a few times he let it stay there and made me suck his cock again. "I bet you would love a couple more guys here, you're a true slut, you'd love to be spitroasted here". He was 100% correct, but I could barely reply, he pulled the collar to f***e my mouth onto his dick. After a few seconds I choked, gagging with tears coming out my eyes, Master just laughed.

He held his cock over my face and looked down on me, admiring his sissy slut, I looked back from underneath the cock, smiling and thanking him, giving it a lick from underneath, base to tip. "You've been a very good girl for you master" he said, while moving behind me and feeling my ass "can you serve your master more?". He was teasing me, he wanted total submission, he wanted me to admit I wanted his cock to fuck my ass. I wiggled my panty wearing bum in the air, my legs spread wider now. "Please fuck me Master, fuck my pussy", "You don't have a pussy, sissy, you have a boipussy" "Master, please make me feel like a real girl, fuck my boipussy please" He held the head of his cock to my tight hole. "Beg for it" he commanded. "Master, please fuck me" but he held it there, "Master please please make me a girl by filling me with your cock" still nothing, "Master I only wish to serve a real man like yourself, all I am is a sissy to serve you" nope, "I love your cock Master, I love all cock, I am a true sissy, thank you for helping me do the only thing I am useful for, I want to do everything to prove how much of a sissy I am, I am so happy serving you Master and you're cock filling me is the only pleasure I need". He laughed, "You really are the most sub sissy I have ever met, you don't have to prove that anymore, just remember where you are right now, how you'll look back on this moment, dressed in lacey lingerie, on your knees, useless dick tied up, collared, serving a real man, admitting how much of a pussy you are, fine sissy, I will fuck you in your boipussy as you desire". "Thank you master, thank you, thank you"

He swiftly pulled my thong down where it stayed suspended between my thighs, "hold your boipussy open sissy", I did so, a cold sensation came over as Master squirted lube on it. "mmm that looks good". It was easy to submit to this after all I'd been through today, I loved the sensation instantly, the slap noise was thrilling to hear as Master pounded me. "That feels good Master, oh my god that feels good", I spread my arms out on the bed and clutched it tight to hold on while Master had his way, pulling my hips to pull me back on his cock. He pulled the collar, him fully inside me, and held me there, upright on his cock. I wiggled on it, I wanted to feel as much of him in me as I could.

He moved under me, and we went from doggy to cowgirl. During the pounding my clit had come loose from the panties, I tucked them back in. The view down to see my bulge in panties while I rode Master was amazing,. I bounced on his cock, it felt so subservient to be the one doing all the work while Master lay on his back. "It feels so good to be your sissy Master, I love serving a real man, thank you, thank you". At this point I heard laughing outside the hotel door, I went silent immediately, whoever it was noticed the change in volume and went away quickly. How embarrassing for someone to hear me like this. My guess was it was the cleaning lady from earlier. Even though I could handle humiliation that was too much for me, to be laughed at while riding and older mans cock really brought me back to reality. I know I mentioned it but this is when I truly realised just how much a sissy I was, I was slightly ashamed. Master offered to take photos of me, but the shame made me say no. I regret that decision.

Master didn't seem bothered by the eavesdropper, but by now he wanted to cum. He pushed me down on my front, held each of my hands down and fucked me fast while lying on top of me. I could only moan in a girly way at this point. I was in sissy heaven. Master was grunting, then flipped me round and took off his condom. He lifted my panties and came all over my ass cheek. He fell onto the bed, letting go off my panties I felt the cum sandwich between the thong strap and my ass cheek. I had done it. I had been the sissy I always needed to be... at least once.

Master wiped up the cum, then made me lie next to him, putting one arm around me like I was a hareem. We chatted normally for awhile after this, about TS/CD experiences and more. He had experience in many fetish scenes and said he was impressed with someone as young as me being so into this kink. We cleaned up, I changed back into my boy clothes but master made me keep on my dirty thong and tied up clit. It was time to say goodbye and catch the bus home. No sign of the cleaner as I left the hotel *phew*

It had been about 4 hours in the hotel room, but there were many people ready to catch the bus. I looked at them wondering if they suspected me in the slightest. I had plenty of time to think on the bus ride home. It was quite a hardcore first time, but very fun. I don;t think I could of had much better experience for my first time sissy serving.

I'd like to try different ways while dressed to, maybe a less sissy more of a loving boyfriend with cd girlfriend relationship where it is less about humiliation, or a hardcore fling but less about the Master / Servant relationship. The ultimate fantasy to live though would be being used and humiliated by a couple. Even though I had fun I still felt some shame, as I mentioned the boy / cd balance is tough for me even after all this, but 2 months later I'm already buying more clothes, thinking about meeting again, and worrying I'll blurt out my secret while d***k. It feels there is still so much of my sissy side to explore still. I also consider less of the sexual side of crossdressing and am thinking about appearing more androgynous in my normal fashion life, but I still doubt I'll do so. Making a cd friend to go out clubbing with would be great.

What I described was the genuine true story. It happened on September 9th 2014. I did this for my own record, for the information of crossdressers, sissies and doms and because sharing it was hot. It's a shame I didn't get pictures, but it really was too much for me at the time with the cleaner listening in, however Im sure many Xhamster users who have chatted to me will know this story is true. I'm interested in everything from friends to more, if you like the sound of me and are a genuine person let me know, if the circumstances are right, maybe we'll make another story! ;)
... Continue»
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Spank me harder, daddy!

"How many times have I told you, Dani, curfew is at midnight!" Terry yelled as he caught his daughter stealthily creeping through the back door at 3 am... again.

"Jesus dad, I'm 18, I think I'm old enough to decide how late I can stay out!"

"Listen to that attitude. What's been getting into you lately? First dressing in all those slutty clothes, then swearing at your mother, and now this! I would say you're grounded, but that hasn't been deterring you at all!"

Dani rolled her eyes. "Look, dad, do whatever the fuck you want. I don't give a shit anymore."

"Jesus, listen to what's coming out of your mouth! Am I going to have to do what I used to when you were little and wash it out with soap."

"Good luck!" She scoffed as she marched down the hall, stilettos clacking on the hardwood. "There's no way in hell I'm gonna let you do that!"

"Maybe I should!" He huffed, following her. He finally caught up with her in the kitchen and grabbed her arm. "Or maybe I should just give you a spanking. That always seemed to work when you were little!"

"Just try it, old man. I'll call c***d services and get your ass arrested for c***d abuse. You need to wise up to the situation. I'm the boss of my own life now and there's nuthin' you can do about it!"

Terry's face went red with anger and he spun her around and bent her over the kitchen table. Her red miniskirt rose up giving him a perfect view of her firm ass. He held her down with one hand and gave her a good smack with the other.

"What the fuck?" She hollered as his hand landed on her cheek.


"Jesus, dad..." She said as he kept spanking her. She'd let her boyfriend slap her ass when they were having sex, but not this hard. As she felt the stinging on her skin, she began to feel a tingle in her pussy. She couldn't believe it. She was actually getting turned on by her daddy spanking her.

"Yeah, how do you like that!" he growled as he smacked her again and again until her cheeks turned as red as her skirt.

She didn't say anything as he kept on. The more she focused on the feeling of his hand hitting her ass, the wetter her pussy got. And the more she reminded herself that this was her dad and not her boyfriend, the more turned on she got. The thought of her daddy giving her a hard spanking was making her pussy ache for a hard cock.

"I said how do you like that!" Terry hissed again. He gave her ass one final, hard slap before resting his hand on her swollen cheek. He ran it down her ass to the crotch of her thong and felt the wet spot. "That wasn't here when I started."

"I know," Dani panted. "Do... do it again."


"Spank me, daddy."

"What... you liked it?"

"Yeah... please, do it again," she begged as she rubbed her ass against his crotch.

He pushed her down harder against the table as he thought for a moment. He hadn't had any pussy in months and he hadn't had a young tight pussy in years. The feeling of his baby girl's ass against his crotch was so good. God, he couldn't imagine how good it would feel to fuck a tight 18 year old pussy. But she was his daughter. He couldn't, could he?

"You want more, Dani?" He said finally.

"Yes, daddy. Spank me, daddy."

He raised his hand and brought it down hard against her ass.

"Oooh!" she gasped as she gripped the sides of the table, bracing for more. "Yeah, daddy."


"Oooh, daddy!"


"Ohh, fuck yeah, Spank me more daddy!"


"Oooohh, yes! Oh that feels so good, daddy!" She moaned rubbing her ass against his crotch, feeling his throbbing dick beneath his pants. It was so big. She knew she had to have it in her pussy.


She couldn't take it any more. "Oh, daddy... fuck me!"

"What did you say, little girl?"

"Fuck me daddy, I want your cock!"

"You dirty little slut! You really like getting your ass slapped, huh?"

"Yeah, daddy. It feels so good when you spank me."

"You fuckin want it... then you're gonna get it." He growled as he unzipped his fly.

He pulled aside her thong and slid his fingers into his daughter's hot pussy. For being such a little slut, it was very tight -- tighter than any pussy he'd ever had.

"Mmmm... yeah fuck me daddy!" She begged.

"Tell me how much you want my cock, you little slut."

"Oh, daddy, I want your cock so bad. I need it! I need to be fucked hard. Please, daddy, give it to me!"

He took out his cock and stroked it a couple times before he slid the head into her cunt.

"Ohhh yeah," he groaned as he slowly pushed his dick deep into his little girl. He knew it was wrong. He knew he was taking advantage of her. But he didn't care. He was going to fuck her little cunt until it was sore.

"Ohh, god, daddy, its so big! Yeah... yeah... oh, it's stretching me out... ohhh daddy!" She had never had a cock this big, and it felt so good. And the image of her daddy mounting her like she was his bitch in heat made her even hotter. She wanted to be used by him. She wanted to be his little slut.

He smacked her ass one more time before he grabbed her tiny waist and started slamming his cock in and out of her. It hurt her a little at first, but after a few strokes, her body got used to his enormous size.

"Oh, you like that you little slut?"

"Yeah, daddy, oh god that feels so good. I'm your little slut, daddy." She said as he pounded her, fucking her so hard the table refused to stay still.

"Yeah, you like being called names?"

"Yeah, daddy, it gets me so hot."


"I bet it does, you little bitch."

He kept smacking her ass as he pounded her little cunt. "God you're so fucking tight."

"Ooooh, yeah, you like tight young pussies, daddy? You like fucking your little girl?"

"Fuck yeah, you little slut!" He growled as he slapped her now bright red ass.

The more he spanked her, the closer she came to cumming. The pain of him spanking her combined with the pleasure of him fucking her was just too much. She gripped the side of the table as the first orgasm of the night hit her.

"Ohhhh, daddy... I'm cumming!!!!!"

He reached up and grabbed her long blonde hair as he felt her muscles contract around his cock. It was almost too much for him, but he managed to hold back. He had many more nasty things planned for her tonight.

"Yeah, cum on my dick you little bitch!"

Finally, after her orgasm subsided he pulled his still hard dick out of her dripping pussy.

He grinned devilishly. "I've got a really filthy idea for you."

"Mmm... what is it, daddy." She said as she turned around and rubbed her clit.

"Not yet... first get on your fucking knees and suck me."

She immediately obeyed wondering what the filthy idea was. She dropped down and came eye to eye with his huge prick. She took as much of him into her mouth as she could, tasting her pussy juices that covered him.

"Ohhh, yeah, you little cunt. C'mon take it."

He put his hand on the back of her head and started pushing her down on his cock. He'd always loved getting deep throated, something his wife would never do. He'd always hoped he'd find a young slut to do it. It was quite a surprise, though, to find out that little slut was his little girl.

She slurped on his cock as he pushed her head farther down until the head of his dick was in her throat. She loved the feeling she got whenever she deepthroated a guy. The groans he made as she sucked him and let him use her mouth drove her wild. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter as she finger fucked herself.

He finally let her head go and her lips slid off his slick cock as she gasped for air.

"Oh my god, daddy, your cock tastes so good. Mmmm..." she said as she sucked the head, strings of saliva dripping off of it every time she took her mouth off. "If I had known this, I might have had you spank me sooner."

"Jesus christ, you are a little whore aren't you?" he said stroking her blonde hair as she wrapped her bright red lips around his cock.

"Oh, daddy, you have no idea how dirty I can be."

"We're gonna see about that." He smirked. "Let daddy fuck your little throat, baby girl."

She opened her mouth willingly as he gripped the back of her head once again and started sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. He loved the gagging sounds she made as he humped her little face. He saw her fingering herself into another orgasm as he used her mouth and groaned loudly, still not able to believe what a slut his daughter was.

"Fuck, I'm almost there, bitch!" He groaned as he pulled his cock out of her mouth and aimed it at her face.

"Oh, daddy..." She said as he shot his first stream of semen onto her pretty little face.

She opened her mouth, desperate to taste some of her daddy's cum. He shot some on her tongue, and the rest all over her face covering her with his hot sperm.

"Yeah, you fucking cumslut. Oohh, you love it don't you?" Terry groaned, still in disbelief that he was cumming on his daughter's face.

"Ohh yeah, daddy." She said as she swallowed the cum that was on her tongue. The taste drove her wild; made her want more of her daddy's sperm. She raised her hand to scoop the rest into her mouth, but Terry stopped her.

"Uh-uh, baby girl, I've got other plans."

"Oooh, what daddy?"

"Get on all fours, and put your face right here." He said pointing to the puddle of her juices that was on the floor. "I want you to lick it up, slowly, while I fuck you."

Her eyes sparkled when he told her what to do. She immediately got on all fours and as soon as she looked down at the puddle, her daddy's cum that covered her face began dripping to the floor below.

Terry stroked his cock hard, and after only a minute of looking at his daughter on all fours eating her and his cum off the linoleum, he was rock hard again. He slid his cock inside her pussy only a few times. Just enough to get it nice and slick.

"So tell me, Dani, how much of a slut are you?"

"Oh, I'm really dirty, daddy." She said as she eagerly lapped up the cum like a kitten lapping up warm milk.

"Are you this dirty?" He asked as he slid the head of his cock into her tight asshole.

"Oh, daddy!" She gasped raising her head up. She pushed back on his cock and begged. "Yeah, daddy, I'm that dirty. I'm totally an anal slut. Fuck my ass daddy!"

He mounted her and pushed her head back down into the puddle of cum. "Keep eating it. Clean it all up."

She lapped up another glob of hot cum as she felt him push the rest of his cock into her ass. She wasn't an anal virgin so it slid in nice and easy.

"Ohh yeah," he groaned as he pushed his cock in all the way to the hilt. "I haven't fucked an ass in so long."

"Ohhh, daddy that feels so good. You can fuck my little ass any time." She said as she licked up more of the cum. It tasted so good and felt so warm sliding down her throat and into her tummy. It made her feel like a dirty slut, and she fucking loved it!

He drilled her ass as he held her head to the floor with one hand and spanked her with the other.


"Yeah, you like taking it up your ass?"

"Yeah, daddy! I fucking love it up my ass!"

He watched as she finished eating the rest of their cum off the floor, but kept licking it, desperate to have that bitter taste on her tongue as her daddy fucked her ass.

"Ohh, spank me daddy! Spank me hard!"


"Oh, yeah you fucking bitch!" He growled, shouting every obscenity he could think of at her as he felt her cum again. This time he couldn't hold back. The contractions of her muscles were just too much for him. He grabbed her hips and humped her ass hard.

"You want me to cum in your ass?"

"Yeah, daddy, cum in my ass, please! I want to feel it!"

"Yeah, you little whore, here it is..." He stabbed his cock in one final time, as he pumped more hot cum into his daughter. He let out a devious chuckle as she milked each drop with her muscles. She quivered as her daddy's cum splashed inside her ass. It was so warm and thick. God, it felt so dirty. She loved it.

"Oh, daddy, your cum feels so good in my ass!" She cried as her orgasm subsided.

He pumped the last two spurts into her before he pulled out. "Now come clean it off..."

She quickly got onto her knees and took her daddy's cock into her mouth. He pushed it down her throat as she cleaned it for him.

"Do you like tasting your ass, baby girl?"

"Yeah, daddy," she said as he let her up for air. She kept licking his cock until it was soft then she looked back up at him and said, "I'm gonna be such a good little slut for you, daddy." ... Continue»
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firsts time I'm seen as cd (crossdresser)

From a young age I liked dressing up in womens lingerie and clothing.... as I got older I grew up over weight a little and more so the older I got..... by the time I was I was in my late teens I had nice size breasts....nice enough to fill a bra. So worked up the courage to buy some lingerie online and when I received it in the mail I was so excited. I couldn't wait to try everything on.... I had brought a white lace bra, matching panties and white suspenders and stockings.....I tried them on...they where a perfect fit. Then I brought more and more. I felt so sexy in lingerie and clothes.
Eventually I had a good collection of lingerie and clothes, but I was getting urges.......urges I couldn't control and I had to act on and fulfil..... one of those urges was to meet a guy or a cd online and meet with them in a car the back of my car with me all dressed up as a cd. I had never crossedressed infront of anyone. So I went on craigslist, posted an ad with pics of me dressed up and it wasnt long before I got flooded with replies. One of these was a 24 yr old guy, who had a chubby build and occasionally crossdressed himself. .... the emails went back and forth. I told him no one had ever seen me crossdress.... and that he would be my first encounter as a cd. I was nervous. ....but so was he and he reassured me that we both wanted the same thing and we would enjoy ourselves. So we organised to meet in a car park of a sporting ground. I put on my tan underwear...... a black lace bra, a short denim skirt and a see through black top, I was too scared to drive there dressed as I was so I put on a pair of jeans and a jacket just for the drive. i got in my car and drove to the carpark, I pulled in, parked, switched the car off and looked around and saw him walking towards my car.... my heart wad racing..... I quickly jumped in the back seat of my car and a few seconds later he opened the door on the other side and jumped in. He was also nervous. We said hi to each other and by that point my interior light started to dim and then slowly switch off. There was still light in the car park so we could easily see one another. Once it was off I began to take off my jacket and put in the front seat. By this stage his eyes were glued to me and what I was wearing. I then took my pants off and put the in the front seat also....he then just stared me up and down......we were both nervous and didnt know what to do next. So being 35 yrs old and older than him, I took the initiative and made the first move. I grabbed his hand and placed it on my breasts and started moving his all around my breasts..... he sighed. .... and then muttered the "f#ck yeah..... they feel beautiful".
I then took my hand away anf put my hand between his legs.... I got to his cock and I could already feel his hard c#ck through his jeans. I put my other arm around his neck, pulled his head closer to mine and whispered in his ear " go....put your hands inside my top". He put his hand under my top and started feeling my bra..... by tis point I was also getting very turned on so I pulled his head close to mine and thenn we started kissing. I then un zipped his jeans, pulled them down and pulled his underwear down also and started to play with his c#ck..... it was hard, I couldn't resist...... I leaned foward towards his groin area and started sucking him off......his moaning but I could tell they where enjoyable moans. I wasnt long after he muttered " im goin to cum" so I sucked a little harder..... then soon after his whole body started moving.... then he came. .... I felt all in my mouth and a swallowed every drop. Then I came back up.... he said "WOW" I smiled. He then started to move in towards my face and we started kissing again.....and then he took my top off and I was only wearing the bra on top. We were kissing and touching each others body. .... he then whispered to me " I want to return the favour" I smiled and replied " go for it"..... he lifted my skirt and went to take my stockings off.... I then told him " don't, no need, just tear a hole in them because im not wearing any panties..... so he did and began sucking my cock..... it was long after the I was going to cum..... I told him then I came and he swallowed everything. We had to wrap things up there because I had to go to work.....I pulled my clothes on, we kisses a little and agreed to meet again..... then he left and so did I......and yes, we did meet again and this time we took iit to the next level. ......he f#cked me and it felt amazing..... what was also good was wearing some lingerie too which made it a little more enjoyable. The end... Continue»
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Gramp and the Marine CD: Visit Two By Buck Jones

Gramp and the Marine CD: Visit Two
By Buck Jones
After Visit One, we exchanged a number of e-mails, mostly about getting to know what my bitch boy wants. He wants a wig. He wants an outfit. He wants a bukkake party. I feel the party can happen, but with the second visit, getting a group together is a little too early. I’m still getting used to being a daddy to an outwardly appearing masculine Marine cross dresser. Go figure!
Anyway, I purchase some make-up items and dig up an old black wig. I get a deeper red lipstick, some eye shadow, and eye liner. Also, I get a jar of Pond’s Cold Cream for him to remove everything.
Nick arrives. Things between us are much more relaxed. We sit at the island and talk. He has a bag with him from a local emporium containing a pink lace mesh body shirt, including the matching lace thong. It turns out the included thong is not as comfortable and wearable as the one Nick has left. I bring out the bag with the make-up and the cheval mirror and Nick begins making himself up sitting on the stool at the edge of the island. He puts the blue eye shadow on a bit heavily but within the lines. The eye brow pencil substitutes as the eye liner. With his thick eyebrows there is no need for eyebrow pencil. A good looking young man, a really attractive young lady.
Nick takes out the lace-up-the-back stretchable body shirt. I realize that because of the fullness of his chest, the laces need to be expanded so as not to tear the mesh. After pulling this side and then that side and expanding the distance between the holes, Nick places the item over his head and pulls it down to his groin. The material clings with sufficient resistance. Now we discuss the wig. I explain it is not the best, but he is certainly welcome to it to see how comfortable he is about wearing it. As it turns out, Nick likes it. The transformation is now complete. Before me is a womanly stance and face. I ask Nick if he dances. He doesn’t.
“Why don’t you begin to make Daddy happy?”
Nickie reaches for my box and massages it. She falls to her knees and pulls down my shorts and at first licks my dick, then sucks the head and then goes down more deeply, coming up for air, getting a second wind and going at it again.
“You like sucking Daddy’s cock, don’t you, Bitch Boy?”
Pulling back just long enough to respond. “Yes, Daddy. Yes, Daddy.”
“That’s a good girl. Daddy’s going to be good to his girl. You want to be Daddy’s girl? That’s what you want, isn’t it? You want to be Daddy’s bad little whore slut that Daddy has to punish from time to time, don’t you?”
“Yes, sir, Yes, Daddy, I want to be your bad piece of shit slut girl. But you won’t beat me too bad, will you, Daddy?”
“That depends upon how bad you’ve been. If I find out you’ve been with someone other than my friends, you’ll get really punished. I’ll beat that ass of yours so red, Rudolph will say it glows. You get me, Bitch Boy?”
“Yes, Daddy. I only play with Daddy’s friends.”
“That’s right… cause you don’t know how much shit is out there and Daddy’s looking out for his girl. You, Daddy’s girl?”
“Yes, Daddy, I’m your girl.”
“Make some more love to that meat. I know that’s what you like the most, having a dick in your mouth. You like to suck on dicks, don’t you, you little slut? And the more the better. And Daddy’s going to get you more. And you don’t want little dicks, do you, Nickie? You want fat, thick boners that hit the back of your throat and make you gag. That’s what you want, isn’t it?”
“Oh, Daddy, that’s what I want. That’s what I really want. Give me big, thick dicks to suck… and then they can cum all over my face, all at the same time. All that man juice covering your girl, Daddy. Does it just turn you on?”
“You’re fucking right it turns me on, Bitch, and that’s what we’ll have… but we have to put the right people together for a scene like that… but it will happen. Right now, you have tremendous desire, but you don’t have tremendous experience. We’ll remedy that, however. Each hot scene will be a lesson as we move through this book of fantasy and desire, of the taboo and the forbidden into the land of supernal experience. You’re fucking right, it turns me on. Hot man cocks jacking off all over my girl, giving the whore in her what she wants, making her happy, the happiest of girls because she’s making us the happiest of men.”

The girl in the Marine goes back to sucking Daddy. He clasps it with his hand and works his hand while he slowly sucks Daddy’s dick. The head pulsates, his tongue teases and laps. Her head moves up and down as she works the shaft.
“You want another Daddy to suck on?”
“Oh, yes. I’d just love to have another Daddy to please, someone to be on my knees for, someone to suck.”
“You’ll like sucking this cock that’s coming to visit.”
I give Ned the phone call about Ned’s having left his phone at my place.
When Ned arrives after a ten minute interval, the bewigged bitch is in her pink mesh body shirt on all fours sucking my cock.
“Nickie, this is Daddy Ned. He’s here to have some fun. He wants this girl to give up her mouth and pussy to his dick.”
“Can I feel it, Daddy?”
Ned’s dick is pushing at his blue jeans.
“No, not right now. You got to earn the right to feel that cock.”
Ned chimes in, “Well, Gramp, you found a really nice looking young thing.”
“You like the way I look?” Nickie asks.
“Hey, I want to play and play hard. I wouldn’t want to if you didn’t turn me on. You got it going on,” Ned adds as he goes to Nickie’s rear and gives it a hardly slap.”
Nickie winces and continues sucking my dick. Ned caresses her buttocks and massages her ass with one hand, and with the other, goes right for the pussy hole. A master of technique and primal sexual feeling, Ned feels the need in Nickie’s hole as Nickie twists and turns in response to Ned’s pussy exploration. Ned’s innate response to the feelings he’s generating gives him the direction on where to take the stimulation. The boy’s girly body determines the pathway Ned chooses to follow.
“You like Daddy Ned working your pussy hole, you cum sucking slut?”
Backing off my cock just long enough to respond to the question, “I think I’m answering with my pussy. Daddy Ned knows just what drives me crazy.”
“You see, bitch. I told you I wouldn’t bring anyone to you who doesn’t have a strong sexual aspect to their persona. I know you, girl. You want to be turned on every single moment when you have the freedom to express yourself sexually. You want the orgasm, but you really don’t want the stimulation and sexual play to ever end. You’re fucking torn between getting off and fucking loving being on your knees making men feel really good. You’re such a sweet girl and you love to suck cock so much. Fuck, you didn’t even wait to feminize yourself today before you were on your knees sucking on that cock of mine. You’ve come to the right place because orgasm is not always part of the experience. The sex practiced here is pretty closely akin to sexual tantra… the realization that the power of sex is a gateway to the divine. And, girl, when you’re sucking on Daddy’s cock, he is definitely walking that stairway to Heaven.”
Ned holds up two fingers, spits on them gingerly, twists them together and lowers his expanded tool that disappears into Nickie’s pussy. Ned rubs the outside and just merely hits the edge of the hole. He reaches up and starts pulling on Nickie’s clit while rubbing the fingertips ever more deeply into Nickie’s hole.
Nickie is lost in sucking my dick while Ned is working her clit and pussy hole. Ned’s fingering creates a mini rhythm. I look into Ned’s eyes. We smile. Nickie moves forward onto my dick as Ned pushes his two fingers into the hole and begins moving them around and in and out. Nickie now has her hand wrapped around my cock, is sucking the head with abandon, moving in unison with Ned’s fingering her hole.
At the height of this scene, I blurt out, “Daddy Ned, I think it’s time you have some of this hot mouth on your hot cock.”
Ned jumps in, “I can handle that,” all the while working Nickie for all its worth. Nickie is shaking all over.
I step aside and sit down, simply to relax and observe, to watch this hot young CD suck on Ned.
“I want you, you cute little bitch slut, to make love to that cock through his jeans, but don’t you get them wet. You got me. And when Daddy Ned feels so inclined, he’ll let you unbuckle him, unzip him, and expose him. When Daddy Ned says so. You got it, Bitch Boy?”
“Yes, Sir. I’ve got it.”
Ned stands in front of Nickie. His lipstick now gone, there’s no chance of leaving any traces of contact on the front of Ned’s jeans. Nickie starts by brushing his dry lips along the length of the Ned’s outline. She does this several times. Then withdrawing her tongue to the back of her mouth, she begins pressuring the confined sausage with her teeth. She’s not exactly biting, but the pressure of her teeth is highly stimulating. Ned smiles at me as he begins to gyrate into Nickie’s mouth. Ned is about to explode.
Ned looks at me. He looks down at the head in motion. He looks at me and nods. I nod in agreement.
“O.K., you tender sweet little boy whore, you can unbuckle me. But don’t touch the meat until I tell you to. You can pull the pants down. You can pull the drawers down, but don’t you even think about touching the package. You got that?”
Nickie, somewhat dumbfounded but compliant with the command, nods and murmurs, “Yes, Daddy Ned.”
Gently, Nickie finds the belt and figures how to pull it open and apart. The belt falls into two different directions. She unbuttons the top of the jeans. She grasps the zipper and pulls it down. The weight of the belt causes the front flaps to fall away from themselves. The sausage is now confined only by the drawers, held flat by the jeans. Nickie takes hold of the jeans on the sides and pulls them down to below Ned’s knees. The piece of meat is now separated from Nickie’s sight by the thin piece of cotton. Nickie takes hold of the pair of drawers in the same fashion as the jeans, and pulls down.
Nickie sees Daddy Ned’s cock in its full mouth watering and mouth filling glory. A perfect head, a fat shaft and plenty of length. Nickie is now in love with Daddy Ned. This toy could supply her with fantasies forever. Daddy Ned now receives the total attention of the young CD.
“Smell it. You can sniff it, but don’t put your lips on it.”
Nickie brings her nose to the pubic region and then sniffs under the balls. She runs her nose up the underside of the shaft and touches the head with the tip of her nose.
“You can start by sucking my balls. No hands on the cock. Just a mouth and tongue on my balls.”
Nickie looks up. She looks down, and then lowers herself, so her mouth is beneath Ned’s ball sack and nowhere near his throbbing erection. I can tell Ned wants to feel the k**’s mouth all over his cock, but he’s taking it really slowly to give the k** some lessons in love making.
Nickie is totally into the scene. She first kisses the entire area of the ball sac before taking her tongue out. She continues to kiss all over the ball sac but this time her tongue is protruding between her lips ever so slightly. Slowly, her tongue emerges, lubricates, retreats, lubricates more, now licking the wet and juicy ball sac as Daddy Ned’s cock rises to its greatest hardness.
I pull Nickie away from making love to his balls.
“Look at it, you cum sucking bitch. Look at that cock. Study it. Think about how much you want it. Think about how you’re going to remember this moment when you’re pulling on your clit back at the barracks. Pull on your clit and look at that cock and just imagine… just imagine how that fat cock is going to feel pushing open your pussy hole. Look at it. You like that cock, Bitch?”
“Yes, Daddy.”
“You want to suck on that cock? You want to feel that fat thick piece of meat while you pull on your clit? Is that what you want to do, you girly cock sucking slut? Have your pussy filled by a big fat thick cock while you pull on your clit? Is that what you want?”
“Yes, Daddy.”
“Yes, sir. I want to hear ‘Yes, Sir.’”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Say it like you mean it. Stop pulling on your clit. I’m going to suck on it and get it really juicy and lube it up, and then you can pull on it again when you start to lick and suck Daddy Ned’s cock. You want to do that, you little cum eater?”
“Yes, Sir. Yes, Sir!”
“Put your hands at your sides, stand up, and let Gramp suck on that girly clit. I want to pull some pre-cum out of that hole,”
Nickie stands up with her hands at her side.
I tease the head of the clit. My tongue catches some of the silvery pre-cum and stretches it out into a fine silky strand. Now it’s time to lick and kiss the head. I move back, slap the clit a few times, witness Nickie flinching from time to time but holding her ground. I touch the head with the tip of my tongue and lick more pre-cum. I place my lips on the head and tease the hole. Now I engulf the entire clit, feeling it against the back of my mouth. This clit is rock, rock hard with the strength of youth. It is unforgiving and remains rock hard during my entire time moving my lips up and down the shaft and sucking sweetly and sucking more aggressively. I pull back.
“OK, you hard clit little whore, you can hold Daddy Ned in your hand. You can feel what you’re going to be sucking. Grab him around the base. Feel his thickness. You think you can get that thickness at his base down your throat, Bitch Boy?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“When you say ‘Yes,Sir.’ I want to see action. I want to see performance when the time comes. Squeeze him, Sweet Thing, squeeze him. Feel that rock hard meat and know you’re going to be on your knees sucking on that fat sausage. You want to be on your knees sucking on that rod?”
“Yes, Daddy Gramp. I can’t wait until I can suck him.”
Daddy Ned adds to the dialogue, “Turn around, Nickie. I want you to bend over so I can finger your pussy hole some more. I want to get you loosened up. I want to open you slowly, so when I slide in, you’ll be feeling every inch the beautiful girl you have become. You’ll know your pussy hole was made for a man, made for your Daddies and your Granddaddies to fill and fuck. Right, Bitch?”
“Yes, Daddy Ned,” Nickie utters as she turns around and bends over.
Ned spits on two fingers and finds the magic spot. He moves them circularly, pushing inward with each rotation.
I step in front of Nickie. “Make Daddy Gramp feel good.” Immediately, Nickie grabs my cock and starts jacking on it. She spits on her hand and goes back to jacking. She plays with the head while Ned works her pussy hole. Nickie leans forward and begins sucking my cock. “That’s right, Sweet Thing. Suck Daddy Gramp’s cock. I love when the slut in you is totally complete. You’re pulling on your clit while Daddy Ned is opening your pussy and your mouth hole is filled with cock. You’re such a perfect little slut. You’re good because you’re totally into it. You’d like two more Daddies… a dick for each hand. You’d like that, wouldn’t you, you cum sucking slut of a girl?”
Nickie doesn’t even bother to pull back; she nods on my dick, “Yes, yes, yes.” I can feel the answer with the nod of her head and the firmness of her sucking.
Ned smiles at me. He’s now working three fingers, and is easily slipping in a fourth as he opens Nickie’s pussy hole. Nickie is ravishing my cock.
Ned puts a halt to things. “Nickie, get off Gramp’s dick, get on your knees, and get on my dick.”
Nickie complies quickly. Having been with Nickie before Ned arrived, I used this opportunity to be the voyeur. I find a chair in close proximity and sit down, pulling on my meat occasionally as I goad Nickie on while she sucks Daddy Ned.
Ned lets Nickie know exactly what he wants.
“Not so fast. I didn’t say you could touch it yet, did I?”
“No, Sir.”
“First, I want you to put your nose at the base of my dick and take a deep breath, taking in the fragrance of my balls. I want you to do that a couple times on each side. And as you go from left to right, I don’t want to feel your pretty lips on my cockhead. And don’t even think about tonguing it. Just take deep whiffs of my balls and the base of my cock. You try getting in a feel of the cockhead, and you’ll get slapped cross the side of your head. You gotta learn how to be a good girl. You gotta learn how to wait and approach your man the way he wants to be approached. Once more. Take another sniff on each side. That’s right…. Now I want you to slide your closed lips up both sides, up and down, and down and up, but don’t you try copping a feel, or you’ll feel a firm hand up side your head. When do don’t do right, you face the consequences. I figure those older boys got you before you were three, and they didn’t spare the rod, did they? You fuck up with one of them and you got slapped. They were training you, training you right, and when you learned to do it right, they still hit you, didn’t they?”
Nickie is being driven crazy by all the thoughts that trouble her, the memories of her learning time, the time she learned being a girl made the boys happy, even though they had to maintain control, and they used slapping… her face, her head, her butt… they started slapping her butt to let her know they were her masters, and her pussy hole was theirs. They slapped her before they penetrated her, during the act, and afterward before they would let her touch her clit and cum. That’s what Nickie wanted from Daddy Gramp and Daddy Ned. She wanted the control, the control maintained and sustained by being slapped.
Daddy Ned is a pure sexual being; he connects with the sensual reptilian brain in any person, male or female, that he meets.
“Ned, I think this girl needs to have her cheeks reddened. What do you think?”
“I think she misses not feeling a firm hand or hands on her backside, right Sissy Bitch? That’s how they made love to you, isn’t it?
Pulling her smooth lips from the side of Ned’s cock, she looks up at Ned and over at Gramp. “I love being warmed up because I know you care and you’re going to fuck me. I want both of you to fuck me, but I want both of you to cum on my face while I pull on my clit.”
Ned doesn’t miss a beat, “Yeah, sure, we’ll give up our cum on your face, and we’ll watch you wipe it off finger by finger and eat it. Turn around, you little sweet bitch thing. I’m going to warm you up. Let you earn the privilege to suck that cock. I want that butt a rosy red. I want to see some hand prints. You want to feel some hand prints?”
“More than you can know.”
Swat! Ned’s hand lands firmly in the center of Nickie’s right cheek. Ned moves and anticipates the second application. He rears his hand back, drops downward to get the proper angle, then Swat! A moment of rest, and then the paddling begins… two or three rapid short swats followed by a hard landing. More of the tepid slaps and then a heavy handed thwack. This activity goes on for some time, time enough to produce a red ass, a really red ass that glows.
Silence and inactivity for a while. Daddy Ned positions himself over the reddened cheeks and spits on them. He leans over and begins licking the reddened areas, kissing the skin and blowing on the just licked areas. In the sweetness of this afterglow, Ned stands up and out of nowhere, wallops each cheek with a brutal blow.
“Now, you’re ready, Sissy Bitch. You’re ready to be fucked, aren’t you?”
“Yes, sir. I want it more than ever. I want the pain and I want your and I want Daddy Gramp’s cock. Pound and fill that pussy hole.”
“First, you’re going to suck on my dick and lube me up real fine. Then I’ll warm you up again, and I’ll open you up for real, cause it won’t be fingers going inside you, it’s going to be Daddy’s cock filling your pussy hole.”
Nickie moves in front of the standing Daddy Ned.
“Work the head at first and when you are finished with the head, I want you to show me what you can do. And if you don’t show me something new, you’ll feel it aside you head. You gotta be creative, girl. You gotta use those womanly charms your early masters taught you and then some other things you’ve learned along the way. When it comes to sex, I like two things: chemistry and surprises. We’ve got the chemistry. Now, I want to see some surprises. You deliver me some surprises, and I’ll surprise your pussy with a thing or two.”
Nickie drops her arms beside herself, stares straight at Ned’s dickhead, and continues to stare for a while. Nickie moves her mouth close to the head and blows around the head. She extends her tongue and darts it around the piss slit, maneuvering inside its outer edges. When her tongue finds the proper locations, she pushes her tongue deeper into his slit and rubs her tongue over the nearby edge of the head while keeping the tip of her tongue inside the slit. The tongue begins to cover the whole head with juicy saliva. Nickie pulls back and blows on the head again, except this time the feeling is different with the implicit coolness. Nickie opens her mouth, but only touches the head and the top of the shaft with her lips, moving in and out and up and down. The lips position themselves below the glans; Nickie’s tongue begins flicking the wonder of the nerve bundle. Ned flinches.
“Can I hit you beside the head for being so good? Damn, Nickie, you’re a real good cocksucker. A girl who can suck a man’s cock crazy. You learned well. You learned really well. In fact, where did you learn to suck a cock so well? I’m sure you had a teacher.”
Nickie continues to suck, not looking up at Ned.
“Listen, Chick, when Daddy Ned asks you a question, he wants his bitch to answer, and she had better make that answer a good one. You get my drift you cum sucking, dick licking whore of a girl. Daddy Ned’s little whore. You like being Daddy’s little whore, don’t you?”
Looking up, “Yes, sir.”
“Now, tell me where a girl like you learned how to suck a cock so well?”
Nickie looks into Ned’s eyes, “My step dad. The boys came later. Said he wanted a girl and if he couldn’t have a girl, he’d find the girl in a little boy. And, yes, he did slap me if I messed up. I was always on pins and needles, not knowing if my tongue wasn’t doing the right thing or I was going too fast or my teeth scrapped a little too closely. Mom was never around. She was working all the time, so I was alone with my step dad and he liked for me to play make-up. He’d help me turn into a little girl when Mom was at work, and I would suck him for maybe two hours. He’d have me put on more lipstick and he’d finger my pussy hole. He liked to get my pussy really wet and he loved finger fucking me while I sucked his dick. That’s how I learned. Now you know… No one has ever known, but I didn’t want to get hit, but in a way I wanted to get hit because getting hit was such a part of the sex we’d have. He called me his pretty girl bitch, a girl, but a real woman. You don’t know how I would fantasize about our make-up sessions. I couldn’t wait on school nights when Mom would work swing shift, my step dad and I would have the house together by ourselves. He’d always start by asking, “What do you think about becoming Daddy’s little pretty girl bitch?” And I would go over to him and unbuckle his pants and then unzip him. I would pull his dick out and begin sucking. When I got it hard, he would stand up. I would get him rock hard, and when I had him rock hard, he would start running his fingers through my hair. “I want my pretty little girl bitch. I want her to leave a lipstick ring on Daddy’s cock. You want to leave a lipstick ring on Daddy’s cock?” I would answer, “Yes.” Then we would go into the bedroom where we kept everything in places no one looked, and nothing was put in one place. I would start by putting on the lipstick. Eventually, I worked myself into a full face with powder, foundation, rouge, everything. And then one night, I think Mom came home early because she started getting a bit of nausea and needed her medicine and Daddy and I were still playing when she pulled into the driveway. I got everything off in time and into some boy clothes before she saw me, but after that it wasn’t fun to dress up for my step dad… but I still wanted to dress up and put on make-up and suck dicks. Later on, I found the boys who wanted me to be their little girl. So here I am, a pretty little girl bitch sucking Daddy’s cock and loving it.”
“I didn’t think I was going to hear anything like that. Wow! Your own step dad turned out the girl in you and put you in touch with that passive feminine side. Wow! And that’s become the scene, the big scene in your life. That’s cool, ‘cause you do know how to suck dick… In fact, why don’t you pick up where you left off when ‘I had to know’? ”
Nickie kisses the head of Daddy Ned’s cock and descends upon it as if it is the center of the world. Nick places his hands on his hips and just watches as Nickie’s mouth and tongue take him and nurse him like there’s no tomorrow. I’m sitting comfortably, keeping things hard and stimulated.
Ned speaks, “Nickie, you sweet cum loving bitch, I want to turn your ass toward me. I want to open you up. In fact, crawl over to Daddy Gramp and start sucking his cock while I open you up and give you a fucking you’ll jack off to for at least two years… and even longer than that when you think back to this afternoon.”
Nickie moves into position. I relinquish my dick to Nickie’s mouth. Ned smiles at me, lubes up a couple fingers in his mouth, and finds Nickie’s pussy hole, penetrating it in so sensual a manner, Nickie freezes and becomes immobile. Her mouth remains around my cock, but there is no movement with Nickie’s lips or tongue. Nickie moans. “Daddy Ned knows how to make your pussy hole open up without any resistance, doesn’t he?”
“Yes, sir.”
Nickie begins fucking Ned’s two fingers and resumes actively sucking me. Ned pulls out the two, spits on three, and reinserts. Nickie’s ass is gyrating at this point.
“Now’s the time.” Ned removes what turns out to be four fingers and places the head of his cock against the dripping pussy hole and pushes ever so firmly, sliding up into Nickie’s hole with a triumphant ease.
“Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me!”
With those words, Nickie swallows my dick head, opening up the back of his throat, as Ned picks up the pace and fucks him rapidly and thoroughly. Silence prevails except for the “oh, yeses” and “That’s its.” We all at the same moment know that this is how we are going to send ourselves into bliss. Ned fucks, Nickie jacks and sucks. I lie back enjoying the show and feeling a warm body affirming bliss fill me and flow back and forth through me. I’m a happy, happy camper.
“If you keep sucking like that, you’re going to make me cum. Anyone ready to cum?
Ned chimes in with, “I’ve got the build going right now. You all want to cum together? Nickie can pull on her clit while her holes are filled. Nickie, are you close to cumming?”
Nickie pulls back from my cock just long enough to give assent.
The rhythm intensifies. Nickie deep throats me. Ned is giving Nickie’s hole the best fuck she’s ever had, with Ned’s thick base opening Nickie up with each f***eful thrust. Bam! Bam! Bam! All the cylinders are hitting in synch. “Oh, man, I’m going to cum. It’s getting ready to shoot,” I moan. Ned responds, “I can be there in four strokes. You ready you cum sucking, dick loving slut.” “Yes, Daddy, hit me and f***e it out of me.” Ned is telling the truth; one, two, three, four strokes and Ned shakes the world of Nickie’s hole. Nickie shoots a wide spray, and I shoot into Nickie’s mouth while she holds the head in the deepest part of her throat.
Satiation sets in. Slowly, we disentangle ourselves. Ned pulls out, stands up, and heads into the bathroom to wash up and head on down the road. Nickie pulls back and watches that sometimes superfluous residue drip from my dick as a sign of continuing after delight. Ned emerges from the bathroom, makes his good-byes and is out the door.
Nickie gets up and heads into the bathroom Ned just vacated and I head into the other one.
After undressing, creaming her face, and putting back on his street clothes, Nickie becomes Nick, and he, too, has things to do and people to meet.

... Continue»
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Spank me

Sari was a hard c***d to handle. She was both beautiful and sexy. She had no mom, just she and her dad. She loved to use her body for anything she wanted. Guys would give her anything to just get to touch her and sometimes fuck her.

A week ago during the night she had Jim sneak into her bedroom. She undressed him and then she stripped for him. She rubbed her large tits up and down his body making his cock hard. She played with his cock and saw it begin to leak cum which she wiped with her finger and tasted. Then she wiped more and put it in Jim's mouth. She kissed the tip of jim's cock which made him go crazy. He reached for her ass and began to spank her. She got away and layed him on her bed and let him suck her tits. As he was sucking her globes, she was stroking his cock. She didn't tell him but he had a nice big cock. She then told him if he licked her cunt she would let him fuck her. He dove between her legs and started licking ever bit of her enlarged cunt. He sucked her clit and flicked it with his tongue and felt her cum. He then moved to her cunt hole and tongued it licking the cum from it. He tongue fucked her hole til she came several times. He loved the taste of her sweet cum.

He then got on top of her and pushed his large cock into the hole he had just tongue fucked. His cock felt good in her tight cunt and he pushed in and out of her making her cum more than once. Soon he was ready to cum and he filled her cunt with his warm juice. " fuck like a man and you have a huge cock. I want more of you." she told him. "If you can suck my whole cock into your mouth I will fuck you again" he told her. Just then as she was sucking the cock and doing a good job at getting the big member all the way in her mouth, her dad opened the door to her room. He had been watching from the hall. He looked mad and told the boy to take his cock and leave right now or he would beat his ass. The boy wasted no time getting out of the house.

He went to his naked daughter and told her, "you shall be punished for acting like a slut." He then grabbed her and put her over his lap and began to spank her sexy ass. His smacks were hard and meant to punish. He showed no mercy as he spanked her over 20 times. He ass was red and on fire. Just as she thought he was done, he grabbed the paddle he brought with him and started smacking her already sore ass with that. He was a big man and could give vey hard smacks. The daughter was crying with every spank she got. He stopped for just a few minutes and rubbed her sexy red punished ass.

His hands then rubbed her legs and then the insides of her legs as he spread the legs apart. He then touched her pussy which had been fucked tonight by the young cock. One hand rubbed her ass as the other felt her pussy. He then spanked her pussy. She yelled in pain. "Be quiet and take your punishment like any slut." he told her. He switched between spanking her ass and pussy. He kept her legs spread wide to watch his hand smack the young pussy. After several smacks on the ass and pussy, he would then rub both the ass and pussy. His fingers enjoyed touching the pussy more than he expected and he continued to massgae her. She suddenly got turned on and he felt the pussy get wet. He felt the wetness on his finger and tasted it. The young pussy tasted very good. He rubbed over her clit and felt her squirm. He played with the clit between his fingers making her wetter before he then found her nice wet hole. His left hand rubbed her ass as the right hand fingered her hole.

He then felt her moan and cover his finger with her cum. He wiped his wet finger across her red ass and continued to finger her pussy more. Her hips were making a bucking movement as he finger fucked her. He felt her cum many times as he fingered her hole loving how wet she got his finger. He then moved his wet finger to her ass. As he got ready to invade her round bud she yelled,"No daddy, that will hurt me." He told her "Be quiet and take your punishment." At this point he could not stop, He was so wanting to fuck his daughter even if was just a finger this time. "Daddy is going to finger your ass and make you cum." he told her. and then his wet finger entered her hole. He loved the feel of the tight ass around his finger and he fucked it hard holding her down so she could not move. He finger fucked her ass for several minutes before she started to move her hips like she was enjoying his finger. Soon he felt her cum.
"Yes baby girl, I knew you would like your ass fucked by daddy." "Now lay on your bed and spread those legs as daddy is going to fuck that hot cunt and ass with his big cock. You will be my special slut and let daddy fuck you day and night. If you say no, I will take off my belt and spank that sexy ass til you can not sit, alone fuck." And baby girl never had to get any more spankings again. And daddy had his own baby slut.... Continue»
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car-park + cd

If you have been following my stories (true) you will have noticed that i have a habit of going to car-parks, i move from the west of Scotland through to central / east side and found a few me "areas" to explore so here's a one from the Grangemouth area.
This car-park is near a canal but it has a main road right in front of it so not that private, most lunch times you will find a few cars parked that are looking for a bit "fun" so i was heading there about 3 times a week i would drive in and park along side of another car and see if they were open to a bit of cock fun, most days i would have on joggers with a small pair of my wifes knickers on with maybe hold-ups of real stockings with suspenders after sitting for a few mins and judging if the other car was ok i would wank my cock till i was semi-hard then with my cock sticking out i would get out and have a little walk round then maybe bend down near the guys window so that my joggers were down enought to let him see what was underneath, then i would go back into my car and tease him with pulling down the joggers so that i was sitting with stockings and small knickers that were just covering my cock, now if his car was on the same level he would find it hard to see in and i was always good fun watching guys trying to sit up as high as posible to see in this would get the better of them and they would get out to have a good look.
More teasing by me wuold be just letting the tip of my cock show from under the knickers then showing more as they came closer, if they came round to the window i would open it and let them wank me and rub there hands up and down my stocking legs, no remember this was very risky as i said the main road was about 15 / 20 yrds away and cars would come in and out all the time, some times i would get that worked up i would wank off as the guy watched or we would go along to another quite back road where we could wank and suck each other off.
This car-park was the place where i meet a cd one night, i was parked up around midnight and there were lots of cars parked but nobody was out having fun and was about to drive off, when this car came in and had to turn and go back out i left a min later and it was parked at the lay-by just up the raod so slowed down when i went past and touched the brake lights (you all know that sign) and it followed me so i wend up the back road and parked up it drove up and parked behind me so i got out and was adjusting my eyes to the dark when all i could see was this long blonde hair woman in the drivers seat but could not see anyone in the passengers seat anyway she look very very nice so went to her window and we chatted she said are you wanting some fun of course i said yes then and only then she said that she was a cd she was that good i would not have knowen till things had went down to her cock and did i mind not at all.
She got out the car nice top short(ish) skirt stockings and small panties and full make-up god she was nice, we started to kiss and touch each other till she had my cock out and was wanking me then i watched her still with her red lipstick go down and suck my cock after she had stopped i went down on her and sucked her very nice cock then we both wanked each others cock till we both shot lots of cum all over the road, one of the best times i have had at a car-park still gets me hard. ... Continue»
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CD Party

Haven’t been to a CD party, but here’s how I imagine it would go (I hope!)

I’ve been drilled with a strapon plenty of times by the Mrs. while dressed as Frankie and this had the cumulative effect of wanting to share my hobby with other like-minded individuals.

I search Craigslist all the time and of course, most of the posts are hot and right to the point. But one post stood out. A local gurl was trying to arrange a small CD party, with about 4-6 people. The post was actually pretty tasteful for Craigslist and laid out what sounded to be a very nice time. The wife was out West for a few weeks and I was restless.

I responded to the ad and got a nice reply that included the time and place and suggestions for what to bring. Being new to this, I traded another email with our hostess, Julia, asking about etiquette – could I get dressed there, how to respond or not to advances, was safe sex practiced – things like that.

After getting the 411, I started to get really anxious and excited. I pulled out my stash of clothes, shoes, jewelry and lingerie and laid them all over the bed trying to decide what to wear. Luckily, I can fit into a great number of my wife’s things and since I bought most of her lingerie, there was a lot of hot items I could choose from.

In the end, I decided to go with an all-black ensemble. I had my 5” stappy heels, black stockings with lace tops, an eight-strap garter, a black, lacy thong, black bra and a short black mini-dress that stopped just above the stockings. I pulled out my brunette wig, earrings and bracelets and my fake nails. I decided I wouldn’t wear too much makeup but made sure I grabbed my reddest lipstick and gloss.

I wouldn’t have to drive far, but I needed to negotiate the neighborhood from my front door to the car. So, I put on everything but my dress, shoes and wig, which were packed into a bag. I threw on a T-shirt, sweat pants and sneakers. I grabbed a bottle of wine and a six-pack of imported beer and headed out the door, practically flying.

Julia’s house was the next town over and was pretty easy to find. It was a nice, single home set back on a quiet street. There was already a couple cars in the driveway. I parked on the street, grabbed my bag and walked up to the front door.
I knocked and Julia answered almost immediately – I guess she saw me pull up. She was dressed in a school gurl skirt and long shirt, with really pretty fake tits jutting out from underneath. Julia had short blond hair (her own) styled really well with a little bow in it. She had a really pretty face, all made up. No stockings but very nice wedges. I’m a big gurl, and even with heels, she was still much shorter than me.
She exclaimed, “Frankie! I’m sooooo glad you could come!” And, she gave me the biggest hug. We kissed on both cheeks and told me to come on in. I walked in and saw three other gurls hanging out by the kitchen breakfast bar. Julia introduced me to Mickey, Barbie and Paula. They were all really friendly.

Julia showed me to her bedroom, which had an en suite bath, and told me I could finish dressing in there. They’d all be waiting for the big reveal, when I was ready. It didn’t take me long to throw my dress on, put on my wig and brush it out, glue on some nails and apply some ruby red lipstick. I slipped my pumps on and walked into the kitchen.

“Well, look at you, honey!” Mickey handed me a glass of wine and put her arm around me, which almost immediately slid down to my ass. I just smiled and took a sip, leaving a lipstick mark on the rim.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed another person had joined us. It was Julia’s boyfriend, Jim, who wasn’t dressed at all. In fact, he was completely naked. About 5’10” with a lean body, ripped abs and a beautiful 7” flaccid cock, which I imagined would grow much bigger if provoked.

The party accelerated quickly. In between Mickey’s gropes, she would put her glass down and start rubbing me on my hips and legs. I started to grow in my panties. I looked over and Julia and Barbie were kissing deeply and Paula got down on her knees and started working Jim’s cock.

I pulled Mickey closer and kissed her. She wrapped one leg around my body and fondled me everywhere. She reached down and grabbed my dick through my dress and led me to the sofa. She turned around and pushed me backwards. I fell on to the couch. She reached up both sides of my legs and quickly pulled my panties off. With one motion, she engulfed my cock and started to give me an earth shattering blow job.

The other four joined us in the living room. Paula left Jim and worked her way behind Mickey, rubbing her ass and pulling on her garters. She stepped out of her blue thong and grabbed some lube from the end table. She worked some into Mickey’s ass and onto her cock, which wasn’t very thick, but was fairly long. She slipped easily into Mickey, who gave a muffled gasp as she expertly worked my cock.

Jim worked his way behind the sofa and as I turned, his magnificent cock was at my mouth’s level. I reached up, cupped his balls and slid him into my mouth. He was quite large, and I tried my best to get as much of him into me as possible. He was warm in my mouth and I could already taste the pre-cum teased to the top by Paula.

Barbie sauntered over in her 5” Mary Jane’s to stand next to Paula, who started to blow Barbie’s 6” uncut cock while fucking Mickey who was blowing me. Even though there was no talking, it was one of the loudest parties I’ve been to, with all the moaning, grunting and dirty talk like, “Fuck me harder, I want to feel your cum in my ass.” There was a lot of "Oh, my God," "Oh, fuck yeah" and "Yeah, baby."

Our host Julia sat in a big, overstuffed chair across from us, whipped out the biggest dick at the party and started jerking herself. Her dick was awesome. It was clearly about 9 or 10 inches, had a great tapered girth and a large mushroom head. She was completely smooth and her ball sac was pulsing in and out. She had a sly smile on her shiny red lips and winked at me. “Having a good time, Frankie?”

I took Jim’s cock out of my mouth and rubbed Mickey’s head, gently pulling it off me. I said to her, “I have to try Julia’s cock, do you mind?” She said, “Of course not, baby,” and moved back into her fuck partner to let me up. As I left the couch, Jim jumped over and took my place. Mickey started sucking Jim’s balls and his shaft, continuing to moan slowly as she was getting fucked.

I got off the couch and crawled over to Julia and started licking her inner thighs, running my tongue along the bottom of her balls. She eased back into the chair and her cock was sticking straight up. I grabbed the base of it with my hand and jerked it as I sucked Julia’s balls. I pulled myself up a little and licked her shaft and flicked my tongue under her cock head. It flinched involuntarily which made my flick faster. As I licked her slit, I could feel the salty taste of pre-cum.

I stood up, walked over and got some lube and applied it to my asshole, fingering myself. I took some more lube and applied it to Julia’s cock. Standing facing the others, I lowered myself onto her, guiding her dick toward me and feeling the massive head on my man-pussy. My ass was quivering as it was trying to grab that dick and pull it in. Finally, the head popped in and it was wonderful. I pushed down, taking the shaft inch by inch. It filled me up so well. I couldn’t believe how great it felt and it seemed like forever before I had her whole cock in my ass. When I got it all, I just held it there. I worked my ass muscles to work her cock without moving. She slid her hands under my ass and guided me up and down and she fucked me.

I looked over to see Barbie’s head roll back as Paula worked her cock. Barbie pulled out of her mouth and jerked her cock to cum all over Paula’s face and onto Mickey’s ass. This made Paula grab Mickey’s hips, and she yelled, “I’m cumming!” and filled her up. She pulled out and continued to cum on Mickey’s ass. The chain reaction continued as Jim, who was face-fucking Mickey, pulled his dick out of her mouth, and came violently on Mickey’s face.

I started to grind on Julia’s cock even more and it grew larger in me. As the other folks were pulling out of each other, wiping their faces and licking each other’s fingers, Julia shouted, “I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum!” I pulled myself off of her, turned around, dropped to my knees and took as much of Julia’s cock as I could into my mouth. She came and came. I swallowed as much as I could but a lot of it spewed from my mouth and onto her cock and thighs. I hoovered every drop I could take and cleaned her up.

I rolled over and sat on the floor with my legs spread. Jim came over, laid on the floor and proceeded to blow me until I came into his mouth.

Sated, we all just laid there spent for a while. We all somehow made our way back into the kitchen, had another drink or two and started up again.
... Continue»
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Tatil koyundeki CD

Gecen yaz Guney'deki tatil koylerinden birine gitmistim. Ertesi sabah odamdan cikarken karsidan 20-25 yaslarinda bir gencin yandaki odaya dogru geldigini gordum. Tam odanin kapisi onunde bavulunun sapi koptu ve esyalari yere dokuldu. Ben de esyalarini toplamasina yardim etmek istedim. O anda, esyalarinin arasinda seksi kadin ic camasirlari, ince yuksek topuklu ayakkabilar ve makyaj malzemeleri oldugunu gordum ve karisinin veya kiz arkadasinin esyalari oldugunu tahmin ettim. Bana tesekkur ederek odasina girdi ama hafifce utandigini farketmistim.

Ogleye dogru plajdaki barda onunla gene karsilastik. Birseyler icerken tanistik, adi Tumay'di. Biraz sonra denize girmek uzere ayrilip plaja giderken Tumay t-shirt'unu cikardi. Dikkat ettim, vucudunda tek bir tuy bile yoktu. Ozaman, bavulunda gordugum esyalarin Tumay'a ait oldugunu anladim. Ve de cok heyecanlandim, cunku CD'lerden hoslanirim.

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Sonra da birbirimize sarilarak uyuduk. Daha sonraki gunlerde de Tumay ve ben her gece ve bazi gunler ogleden sonra da, deliler gibi sikistik.

Lady Orospu CD Dilek Gul ... Continue»
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I have been cross dressing and playing with men for many years now. One of My first experiences being gangbanged by an unknown amount of guys was at a book store. I was about 18 at the time and it kind of traumatized me as it was pretty much a gang fucked. I was dressed up in a white sundress with lace top stockings and white strap on high heeled sandals all borrowed from my older s****r. I had my make up done up just right and looked great. I have long blonde hair and was dressed to kinda sexy and all keyed up being out dressed in public so I decided to go find a guy for some Sexual exploration. I decided to try the adult bookstore. I had gone into a booth in Freehold and was watching a movie. the booth seemed rather large compared to other bookstores. I must not have latched the door right because it swung wide open. A good looking guy came in and pulled out a tasty looking 7 inch cock and held it up to my face. I was very happy at my luck and wrapped my lips around the head and started easing down the shaft towards his balls. Just as I started getting into a good rhythm sucking him, the next thing I know there were several guys with their cocks out surrounding me. I tried to protest but they didn’t care and a couple just laughed as they pulled me off my chair and folded it up against the wall forcing me down on my knees and surrounding me in what now seemed to be a much smaller booth!!! They f***ed me to suck and jack them off to get them all hard making me crawl around on my knees from cock to cock. Then the first guy I had sucked got down behind me and stuck his tongue against my puckered rose bud and ran it all over around and into my anus. It is always the most incredible feeling I just cant get enough of it and I stopped sucking and reveled in this favorite delight. I closed my eyes and arched my back and let out a huge gratifying moan still holding onto 2 nice hard cocks. I heard some one say “block one nostril and inhale deeply through your nose” as I opened my eyes to see a little brown bottle right in front of my nose. I figured what the hell and let go of the cock in my left hand pushed on my nose and inhaled for all I was worth. “Now do the other side I heard” so I switched hands regaining a grip on that nice cock again and inhaled deeply once more. The most incredible euphoria rushed through my head and body just as I felt a large cock rubbing my anus pop inside and slam all the way to the balls in one quick motion. I started to scream out in pain but as my mouth opened a sizeable and long cock slid in and f***ed its way down my throat blocking the scream. The pain pleasure and euphoria mingling in my mind as the cocks started assaulting my now stretched holes. The guy held the bottle to my nose again and I inhaled deeply and started jerking the cocks in my hands as another big cocks slide into my mouth splitting it wide open to accommodate the two man poles. Another wave of euphoria washed over me and I realized at that moment. I was born to please men! ! I had always loved sucking dick and really loved getting fucked by a nice dick but now I realized being a gang bang CD Whore was my true calling in life! I attacked the cocks in my mouth sucking up and down with renewed passion and was rewarded with several thick streams of cum into my mouth that I swirled around then swallowed it down. The brown bottle appeared again and I inhaled deeply again several times. I felt the guy behind me slam into my ass hard and stop all the way in as he pumped stream after stream of hot fresh cum deep inside my ass pussy. I yelled out “I NEED MORE COCK!" The place erupted into joy as the two cocks in my hands moved around and slammed into my mouth and ass and my hands were wrapped around two more hard cocks. he guy in my ass grabbed my hips and started pounding me like there was no tomorrow and several guys started fucking my mouth again. A couple new guys came into view and rubbed their cocks against my cheeks and one shot a nice load across my cheek, nose and mouth as I bobbed vigorously up and down on the hard piece of meat in my mouth. CUM dripped off my upper lip onto the cocks in my mouth giving it a salty flavor and a bit more lube causing me to moan deeply from the taste of more fresh cum. Somebody couldn’t hold out any longer and let a load fly across the back of my sundress and onto my ass. This caused the guy in my mouth to pull back tense up and fill my mouth full of my more cum. I swirled it around and swallowed as another load shot across my forehead and face! Once again the little brown bottle appeared and I inhaled deeply several more times. Another cock slid into my mouth and I began sucking wildly, my tongue running across the hard yet soft fleshy under side on this new assailant of my tonsils. The guy in my pussy ass pulled out and shot stream after stream of hot cum all over my ass and spanked it into my now red glowing cheeks! I heard a couple OOHHS and AAHHS and pulled my mouth off a cock to look back. Standing behind me was a very tall black skinned man fully naked with what looked like a small tree trunk jutting out from his groin! It looked easily 12 inches long and as thick as a beer can with thick veins all over it! I could see them pulsing as he moved towards my ass. The head was about the size of a baseball and at first just wedged between my ass cheeks. He then thrust hard at my pussy ass which refused to allow it access. A couple more guys lost it and shot their loads on my face and back. A large black hand scooped the cum up and rubbed it onto my hole working a couple long thick fingers inside me. The guy I had been sucking worked around to my side and smacked me in the face with his cock several times getting me to open my mouth and return to sucking his well shaped dick. Two guys grabbed my ass cheeks and stretched it apart for his tree trunk and two more guys stepped up and shot their loads into my creak ass giving him more lube to my now gapping hole. He trust again and f***ed his baseball sized head up to my hole stretching it as his 12 inch trunk drove deep inside me. I SCREAMED into the cock in my mouth as his monster pried into my pussy ass, pain shooting through me causing me to scream more and making the cum shoot what seemed like a quart of man juice into my mouth gagging me and forcing me to swallow several times to keep it from spilling out onto my cheeks. “YOUR COCK IS RIPPING ME IN HALF” I scream and three guys move forward hands stroking furiously on their shafts as they aim at my open mouth and release more cum across my face mouth and tongue! That monster black cock pumped into me for an eternity as guy after guy pumped into my mouth shot his load and left. My black cock just kept steadily pumping into my ass a little deeper each stroke until he made his way balls deep into my gaping hole. By this time I was pretty wore out so they pulled the chair out and laid me across the seat and continued to use my mouth shooting their cum across my face. The black cock continued slamming that tree trunk in my ass till no one else was left. Then it pulled out of my ass and told me to wrap my arms around his neck as he lowered me down onto his massive trunk. I used all the strength I had left to hold on as he bounced me up and down on that monster cock. He held me tight bouncing me on his huge cock for quiet a while total ecstasy permeating my limp body. Finally he sat down on the chair still holding me close and grabbed my hips and bounced me vigorously up and down the full length of his 12 inch cock. Faster and faster he pumped my tranny rag doll body up and down his trunk using my gapping hole to jack his cock off inside me as I struggled to hold on. My legs were flying around wildly as he yanked me up and down his cock. He slammed me down to the hilt on that monster and half yelled half moaned as huge cock got bigger and swelled up and twitched inside my pussy ass filling me deeply with his seed Spasm after spasm of cum filled my inner being with sweet bliss as his cock filled me with his man juice. He pulled me off his cock, stood up and sat me on the chair. His cock was still semi hard as he held it to my mouth and had me lick the last of his cum, I managed to crawl over and lock the door right this time before I collapsed onto the cum soaked floor. I laid there not sure whether to cry or laugh as I relived the last couple hours in my mind. I don’t really know for sure how many guys I had that night as I was filled with cocks the whole time and guys were cumming and going the whole time. was, however, changed forever. My girl side was transformed into a total cd cum slut whore that craved gang bangs and strived for more and more dick every time I was out dressed. I was lucky to find a local adult cinema (like a three theater mall cinema) which helped me through my desires cravings. I go there fairly often and get gang banged on a regular basis. I still enjoy being with one guy but I am only truly satiated after being gang fucked by as many guys as I can get my hands mouth and pussy ass on in a night. I went home that night and could barely walk as I made my way to the bathroom to get cleaned up.... Continue»
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Spank Me

He grabbed her arm and asked her "who did you fuck last night you cheap slut?" She answered "Why do you need to know? I fuck any one I want. When you are at work I need cock and I go find it." He ripped her top off showing her bare tits. Then he pulled her pants down. She was now naked and he sat down and pulled her across his lap. He held her down as he began to spank her. He rubbed her naked ass feeling how sexy she was. Then he raised his hand and smacked her ass hard. Her saw the hand print on her cheek. It fascinated him and he smacked the other cheek. He saw that hand print and smiled. She yelled to be let up but he told her "I am going to show you how a dirty slut is punished. I am going to beat your ass till you can not sit." He would give her ten smacks then rub her sore ass then ten more smacks and more rubbing. He could see how red her ass was and how hot it felt as he rubbed it. He spanked her as she cried in pain. When he finally let her up she was sore and not going to be sitting.

He grabbed her hair and pulled her down in front of him. "You like cock so start sucking mine. Take every inch and if you gag I will smack that ass some more. Show me what a dirty nasty slut you can be." She began to lick his cock then suck it. He let her lick for a minute then grabbed the back of her head and pushed her face down all the way on his ten inch cock. She tried not to gag but the cock was too large and she finally gagged. He grabbed her leg and pulled her over his lap and spanked her twenty times on her already sore ass. Then he pushed her back to his cock and held her face over his cock and face fucked her. He was fucking her hard and ramming his cock down her throat till she felt his cum fill her and she began to swallow. He laughed and told her "Now that is how a good slut sucks cock. I may spank your ass every night if it makes you such a great cocksucker. Now lets see that cunt of yours ride my cock." She got up and straddled his cock and began to go up and down on the long shaft. He moaned "Yes, baby. Fuck that cock. Ride me hard. Put that cunt tight on my big cock." As she rode him he reached back and squeezed her sore ass cheeks.

But while he was at work the next day, she went to her stud and fucked him many times. She just got home before her husband walked in the door and he knew she had been fucking some one. He grabbed her arm and told her "You fucking whore. I told you I would beat your ass if you fucked any one again. He ripped her clothes off and took off his belt and pulled her over his lap and began to beat her ass. Every whack of the ass left a welt. She was begging him to stop. He put welt after welt on her ass. He told her "If you are going to act like a cheap whore I will punish you like one. Now keep that ass still or I will double the whipping time." He then stopped smacking her ass and rubbed it which was extremely painful for her. He could see bruises begin to show. She also had welts on her legs as she squirmed and he missed her ass and hit her legs. He then replied "Now my little whore, it is time to suck my cock and do not gag or I will whip you more." He pushed her face to his cock and plunged it in her deep. He face fucked her shoving his long cock down her throat till she gagged.

He then grabbed her and bent her over the bed and used the belt and whipped her ass twenty times on the already bruised ass cheeks. He pulled her by the hair and rammed his cock down her throat again and fucked her till he filled her throat with cum and watched her swallow it. He said to her "Now you are my little cum slut. Tonight I am going to fuck your ass because I know you hate it. Now bend over and spread your ass cheeks. I am going to **** that ass." He then pushed his big cock in her ass and fucked her deep and hard. It took him a while to cum again and so the assault on her ass was a long time.

The next night he came home from work and looked at her and stripped her naked again. He said "I want you naked every night when I come home. I want to see your tits and ass bare." He then reached in the bag he was carrying and pulled out handcuffs and put her hands behind her back and snapped them on her wrists. "I bought some toys to play with tonight my sexy little slut." He then put a gag ball in her mouth and tied it behind her head. He hooked a spreader bar between her ankles with her legs spread wide. He tied a rope around her neck and looped it around a hook in the ceiling. He tightened it so she was standing on her toes. He smiled and told her "Now that is perfect. Are you ready for a good spanking tonight? You are such a nasty whore I have to punish you before I fuck you." He then took a riding crop out and went behind her and looked at her already bruised ass from the last two nights. He smacked each ass cheek and the crop zinged across he ass leaving a deep mark. He gave each ass cheek ten whips and her ass was zig zagged with marks.

He then walked to the front of her and squeezed her cheeks. She had tears running down her face but could not yell with the gag ball in her mouth. He ran his hand over her tits and pinched each nipple and then slid his hand down to her pussy and and pinched her clit and pushed three fingers in her cunt. He felt to her ass and pushed two fingers in her ass. He meant to show her he was in total control. He took the crop and ran it over her tits. She looked scared. He smiled at her then smacked each nipple with the crop making a big welt on them. Then he took his hand and rubbed the nipples and pinched them again. He gave each tit three whacks with the crop. He ran the crop down to her pussy and let it roam over her clit and pussy cheeks. She was spread wide open with the bar between her legs. He smiled again and smacked her pussy with the crop. He then smacked her again and this time against her clit. He gave the clit several more whacks and then felt it to see of it was swollen which it was. He looked at the welts across her tits and ass.

Next he stripped naked and pushed his cock into her cunt and fucked her bumping the sore clit. He told her "I am going to fuck your sore pussy till you cum for me. If you don't cum I will take the crop and give that pussy twenty whacks. I want you to cum like a whore. You are my cum slut. You like to fuck men so now I will punish your fucking cunt." He fucked her for quite a while feeling her cum against his cock.

He then undid her from the ceiling and took her to the bed and tied her there. He told her "I am going to keep you tied here for my pleasure. I have not punished you enough for being a whore. You need to learn that you can not fuck any one but me. I am going to whip and fuck you every night till you can behave. Now I am going to take the gag out and let you feel my cock down your throat. Then I am going to give you cum and piss to swallow. Now open wide slut."... Continue»
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